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r-..! tK .y ayiia> *
F th « - glttitmrgh Dal if G*utt«.
executive session.
, WaamsoTow, March 20, ft p. x.
violation taprihl three tiptisand : eopies of
t 6 decision of the Supreme Court, relative to
enugrajjt passengers, Wn» taken up, debated and
. adopted..
The President,pro tempore of, the .Senate an
nounced tho death cd"the Hon. Rudolpb'us Dlcken •
Ma i nieinber of the /ate House o(;&epfesentalivc»
of the'tfnitpd States, and recently'rt-elecied to
that body from' Ohio. !
The customary resolutions relative to its
were adopted, and he Trill bo interred to-morrow.
An eloquenj efitogy upon his- li&afld character
was pronounced in the Senate. . \
A nomination was seat in today for the Gover.
norehip!crf Minesoto, in place of Mr. McGaughy,
rejected- j Tie of the person anhounjed, has
not yet made public.
PuitADiLPaia, March 20, G p. m.
Flour—The market is very quiet/and the ten
dency downward. Small sales are malic at for
mer prides.'
Grain-—The tnaVbct is unchanged, is in'
demand, * >
Groceries—The market is unaltered.
Provisions —Market unchanged.-
There is no change in other articles usually quo
ted in the market, •!_
The Slock Market is unchanged.’^
Mabcii 20, 6 p. T 4.
Flour—Sales of 1500 bhls Howard street at st,-
67 per bbl.
• Grain—Sales of Prime Rid Whe-at at 10301070
coats per ho, according to quality. .Sales of Prime
While Corn at 4,5046 c, and of Yellow at 40c.—
Sales of Gala at 27c.
Sales in bbls nl 23Jc. '
New Yohjc, Match 20,12 to.
- Flour^The market is very ictjrvo and firm,
with solos of 3000 bbb at $5 3'%2p M for Wes.
tent brands.
Graiii—Sales of Prime While Wheat at M 20114
cents perbn: of Prime Red at Solos of
Prime .Whue Corn 0w53054c, and of Prime Yel
low at 59c, to the extent of '4OOO qmi
S Provisions—There is less movement in Pork,
j market being heavy. Sales of§po bbls at pre
vious prices.
Sugar—Sales of2oo hbds OrUtahs at. &1054 Por
to RicO siosjc. *
Coffee—Sales of St. Domingo at;sJc.
Wbißtey,—Sales in bbls at 23c-rtt decline.
March 20—6 P. M.
Cotton—Thero is no new feature to notice.—
The licmattd is fair, and quotations steady.
Flour—Sales of2ooo bbb at S 3 2505 50 per bbt
Grain—Sales of 30,000 bu of Corn at, for White
Me, Prime Yellow 56060 c. Safes' of Prime Red
Wheal nl 1000103 c.
Provisions—Tho market is heavy for Pork, but
I hear dfw> sales. Lower offers would be accept
ed. • ; t
Lead;—Sales at $4 70 per 100.. ;
Groceries—-Large quantities to -land.' Prices
Penney i T «nJa.Ca&al A .BairßoAtTfix.
Packet £iae,
SfeMßU B49Jß|tafc
• _ fKxclaaively for Passerfgcw.)
rpHE public are respectfully Informed ihat ibis Line
A wiu commence running on the ISIS intt, ami con
unne throughout the Season. ' -■
The boats are new, and or a superior class, with en
larged cabins whieh t 'mH gire greatter'eomfort. The
cars are ilie latest construction. •
A boat will always be in port, and-fravelera are re
quested to call and examine (hem before engnving'paa
aa*e elsewhere. >
(Fare «nly*nine dollars through.) One of the boat* of
this Lina will leave the ' nnrfi ’-e (opposite U. 8. Uotcl,
corner of Peon Street and Canal, every night at nine o'
clock .Time 5} day*. For infonn&Ubn. apply at the
Office, Monohgahcln House, or m I>r.y.felK~v Co
mehl7 • '{ Cana! Busin
C&SAL |k : R. ROADS,
, FKOM / ..
PtUrbnrghtq.Philtuielpkio ah&BaJlimore.
IKxeltisbrfelf for PaesengKra.)
THE-jboblie are respectfully informed that thin Line
wi& conunonee jnnning an &lohdhy, l&ih March.
■ The boats of this Line are of a superior class,, with
enlarged cabins* which will give greater comfort to
A boil will alwaya-be in port, and travelers ale re
q nested-to call ftftd examine them before engaging pas
sage by olbejf rentes. 1 They will leare the ianoins, op
poslte the V.'&'Uotel,'eirucr FStui'dfedt and
every Vright atSo'clook. :
*■' . Time— 34 Days. .
For information; apply at the oHh;&, .Moaongishela to / D- LEECH S; Co, Canal Hasin.
N. B,—The proprietors of the abpve tin* are now
building an additional Lino of Packets; to run as above
on or about Jane Ist, in connection with the Pennsyl
vania Bail Bead from Lewistown to Philadelphia. A(
that time a packet will leave every morning and even
tag. T)ine UtrSagh, aj days. • f mchlfl
1849. :. :dKa
Established in IS4DI:
THE Proprietor of this well knowa’Line of Canal
Bbsu. will be jrrepofed on the earliest opening; of
canal navigation, to transport Passion jets and Freight
to all potDtx-on the Erie Extension, New York Canals
and ibc Lakes, ranging in connection'with the Givor
tle steamboat* BEAVER and CALRRCOPB, between
Pituborgh and Bearer; Troy and ADdbifton Lake Boot
Line, on the Nesv York Canal, and M- Reed's Line
of Steamboats and Vessels on the Lakes.
C. M. REED, Proprietor* Erie, Pa.
AGENTS—Bidweil A Brother, Bearer,
i W C Malan, Sharon, i
J E &. G liuil, Sharpsbnrg.
Smith A Downing,
■ 3 B Pltunmer, West Greenville.
Wick, richer A Co, f*
. Wm Henry, Hanstowtk mchia
For the transportation of ilejrfcnaruLxe,
GOODS carried on this -line are. not transhipped
between. PilUbnrgh anijPhiladnlphia, being car
ried inibor section Ponable'Boata over land and wa
ter.—to shippers of merchandize requiring careful
handling, tins is or* importance. •No charge made for
receiving or shipping, or for advancing charges. Ah
goods forwarded with dispatch, dndoO os reasonable
terms as by onyioiher Line.
v Canal Basin, Penn *c. Pittsborgh
227 AlarkettM Commerce st, Plula
. JOHftMr-PADEN'A Co, Forwarding and Commi &•
glon Merchants, Canal Basin, Penn ]*{, Piusburgh-
JriMRS I& DAVIS A Co, Floor FoelprJ and Commis
sion Merchants,2Z7 Market and St Commerce street,
Philadelphia. . ' • marl
■ ILrAdvances made by either of on FJoar,
Wool and other merchandize consigned to them for
saK > - marl 3
I.HA-VEO Marble Monamesu, at my old staltd on
Wood street. She old any person want a Mona*
ment, I will sell at veiy reduced prices, between this
and Ist April, to eve the labor of removing them 10
my new stand at the head of Wood,- on Liberty street,
at the corner of Irwin's alley.
wn. YOUNG i'fco., ‘
Shoe Findings, At, No. 143 liberty streci, have
jast received tbejr SPRING STOCK of .poods, com
prising a large assortment of artirles-in their iibf. to
which the atteation of purchasers it invited.
BBmchld \ •
11.' CHILDS *
WOULD respectfully invite the. ailemJon of mer
chants visilinrthixcity to tlilifverv extensive
r.tock ofSPRINO AND SUMMER |R>OD», Con«J<tirig
tnpartipf - -
corapriimg every variety afrileu’s, Women's, Misses’
and Children’s w««r, of mairy new styles, »ud of supe
rior quljlty,'adapted to conntry anffdfty trade.
A latgo assortment of LADIKS’i BISHEP,
in great variety. Also, ARTIFICIAL PLOW*
Panama and canton hats.
filol Which have been purchase# direct ir*>»n the
manafoctanwaJuid importers, aadselecied w.ih the
atmoet .core,'had which will be sold on each imw as
to ft* interest of Western Merchant* to buy
of • , H CHILDS A fU,
- mchlOalAwtfoS UI Wood street;
B A. FAHNESTOCK A CO.’S Pt*Ctroomc Or Cough
•Balaam Las a great advantage over many other
Goagn.prepar«ioai, as Us pleosaat iaste penahf it to
be tisoa without lneoavenieuee. Bat its value *« a
Balsam cousisti In the- speeduiei* of itresro .We b tve
knowaxoroe of the most desperate eougtis. «. tb* o(
which had been running ..n foy a eoruidersbie length
of Um«i Field almost immediately to its power.
In sOCb weather *.» we have bad darin* the psr|
winter; every one is hable to take etdd, utilvt* *--,i
precautions urrused.- < • •
Wet r«t and undue exposure !o tU' mdemcacy of
the weather often lays ihs fdqiidaomi o( ■ tackier
eoarh, which needs a quick remedy to.pmverit usnou*
We have'nnmerous certificates of cures which it
has performed 4 , many of which are from persons iri Hus
eUv and the neighborhood, and they.* are > Md&cienl
reference wftboat saying another word in tu fsvvr
Prepared and far sale, wholesale abd retail, hr ii a
FAHNESTOCK A Co, corner of Wflod and liuuH
Wood and Oth its. jaarllbdAwrt
~~ S~ THB AHK(>METJ£B- ' “ -
THE attention of the public is regpjfcuuny rolled to
the-foUcnring certiucatcs: /,
Mo. H. Estiss—Having letted amiantity
Wtt <hed by your Areometer, 1 find Itpe result proves
y*w uutrumr.nt correct; and recommend the me of tt
to those going to California, as thu best method for ol>-
real valuo of Gold. Resp.jtouri,
b . J.JB.DUNLIIV< Gold Beater
Pittsburgh, March ft, IMP.
«. _. k _ Pmsatiaair, March 7, lai3.
‘~* R o~Dear Sir Having examined the uArto
swter, maaitiacbtrcd at your romni, Ido not hesiiate
;i lo lie u*.o ol ih(we gelit|emcn Who are
okK>««movintf toCalifornitt hi sesichof Gold.
*P? rQtllll * u,>n V> the xpeelfie travi
** enobhri lU adventurer
to Mcenarn whefthiapiaeer.. v.rlrji..* Gold
. martt ■ Yums, mp-y, J. R^tCUNTocK.
... - ; _
Ahh«s—Doty SO pr. cent
Pow-.-L— --044
Pearl* —6*o
Scotching*-- 3404■
Salrrntu* ' . . 54
Soda Aah 3104|
Ale-jver bbl- --.0,5003,50
Bristle*— Duty fiper.cent.
Aro«)ricah--- >o—
Eagle fiou
Ropb- ±-20x24
Bean*— per buahel.
Small White- 70075
Coramotti. mix'd——o4B—t
Bucket*—? dot
Patdat Beaver -
Beestrax—Duty 20jJr. ct
Tel low 200—
Blooms—? ton.
— -S— 870
B&iler Lump*- - - - ;
Brooms—p dor.
Merchantable 1,25 ®lj37
Shaker 2^6^2,17
Barks —? cord.
Chetnnt Oak 550 8000
Black Oak 484,20
Goal— Duty 00 per ct.
At the river 5 <351
Prota wfgon —•—osj
Cotton —Duty free.
Te.nh. anil Alabama-•• -6 Qo}
Chocolate—p Qj.
Number !-•••• 10011
Cocoa, prepared •-- -. 20022
Caudles— Doty 20 per et.
City dipped 93 —
.Mould--* —010 J
Pittsburgh Star 21 0 —
Cincinnati do-021
Sperm. be&t brands- • -30 832
Castings—y &
Foundry hoi. ware, su'd —33
Kimmctf do 21
Tea-kettles ? doz .. -£507
Wagon boxes ? 100 &• -$2 70
(bnmter.weighu ? *«(•••-40
Sad iron* ? ft uei4----4j&5
Cotton Yarns—p &
Short reel—
No. 5 to No. 10 10
•• 11 to 13-- 17
*• 14 Ifl
Increasing 1 ctper lb toNo2o.
1/Ong reel F doz.
No. 500 09
•* 600— 07
700 - 6|o
“ SCO. 900, 1000 6 0
Covrrlet Yam ? B-- --200
Carpet Chain 200
Colton Twine 200
Candle Wick- —Ol6
Corfefe—Duty ‘.*o per cl
Java, OM whim 13(314
Si. Domi«i?o 0
[.agtiayra- 9 0
Itio 7JO
Ctopper—Duty 20 pr ct: pig
bar and old S pro u old free.
Braziers —•- •• —029
Sheathing —O2B
Old • • ISolfl
In cake and Ingots 10®20
Crirdaga—Duty 20 pr. crtt.
Manilla —0 13
Whherope-- —0 ii
Tarted •—• —0 10
Pack’!* yarn, fine---*—o 9
u common ——O 6
Kemp Bed Crds per doz—
Extra long 3,000150
Long--—• - *—o*l37
Commorf Oi,G9
Plcngh Lines ••6701,00
Manilla Bed Cords—per doz.
40yd. d thread-- —03,50
SO A TO do 1,7502,Ef
do Plough lines 0 87|
Domestic*—per yard,
i Brown Cotton —— 300
t do do 007
PeOH Shl'gs. A No. 1 0 7*
Allegheny D’s —0
Allejg*y I) Plu Mill 0 6J
Oregon D Union Mill - •—o—
Penn Mill-•—0 7
Pittsburgh do
Laurel D —O7l
Savage • —O7l
Powhatan [A —oo*
Lonnae C —O6
Harrison 00
3- brown couou 9011
I Bleached do- .——••• -409
. d 0 d 0 7JOIU
4- Jo do— 710 a
Brown drills- 7*o 9
Bledbhed— — 8010-
| c Ticking* • • • -<HO1 1
| Hamilton - ■ 010?
} Lancaster —ol3*
* Bfowa'u A- C. A • • • • —ol2*
Methuezu —0 ly
No 1 superior • 01C*
Colored Cambrics 4*oo
Konev Print**— • • 3JOII
Fall,River Blue* —0 S ,
Klemmac 010 ;fpFG 5,25 05,50
FnR R. Blue A Orange 9010* , Eagle, 6* lbs 03,00
Vixk Ticks I£4 Do. doz. 1 lb. canist’s— 07,D0
Draff* — perb , ; PFFQ dp , 04,00
Aloes--—••• ••, 14 ®l7 Eagle dP. in papers— 00.00
Alltw -t 3*o 4 Kock powder tLSS 03^
ASatedda —•18 0 25 ; Grain—Duty ffl percent.
Arrow Root 0 12 j Wheat 70®---
AHUilbrUt***** 10 ® 11 ] Rye - —043
1849 I AXn&HAC.
17 Saturday,
I* Sunday,
IP Monday,
20 Tuesday,
21 Wednesday, -
22 ’ftinrsday,
trj Friday,
roa the wekx eronto jlibch 120.
111 reviewing the transactions of the pait week, we
notice few if any importaat change in .-quotations
Bui the wealhor for the most part has beeirfver) p'ea»-
ant, and well soiled to outdoor trance lion*, and l>usi
uess| although mainly confined lo regular general sales
’hat shown inotc activity than any previous week
the season Tim fhrt is owing to tbcMonunuei] hoc
of Uie river m conuectiou Witli Ule opening ot
the iautvl. which has lent u new impetus lo aiiuoni eve"
*ry branch of trade Operations on ihe canal are now
gerilog fairly under way; quite a nutnberof hoati linvt
for the east, nchly freighted with the vanoui
1 productions of the west, mod senrv* of other* arc
neikiy awaiting their turn in the list of departure*; und
as sooh ns time shall have permitted thmr rcturii well
ireighted with die various articles produced in the east', we shall withes* all the acrivin and bus
tle in our city market, which iucreaseu facilities or'
trade cast aud west is so well calculated to bruig a*
*bout. Our.grocers anil dry goods men will then have
. been so amply supplied with all articles in their de
. pertinents of trade that their western cuMoraers need
make no delay in pushing forward ifacir orders, with
full'ussurance of purchasing as good articles, uiid m
bs Ipw rates ns can he hnd m any market west of the
Tp -how tin- extent of the import* river of -otue
of the prmcipul articles of commerce, we >ail.iait the
following tnble which w<- compile Irnm our rctrular
daily li3t> of import*
Moftr. hid*
Har,<>u. hh'U
do b'.-U.
do bole*
do tierce:
Fork, hftd*
do boxes
do tierces
ilo bill* •
do * pcs- •
I.ard bbl»
do keg.
Butter, bbls - •
do lioxes
do ,keg»
'do jar»
Hemp, bis - •
Cotton, t>L
Tullow, bids
ASHES—The market continues very quiet, and nc*
much dorng excepting in Soda Ash. Oi which we note
sale* in three lot* nt 47 casks nt 3|ti>3}c F carih and
unw. Sales of l/e»t kind* arc effected at 4&4J, rn iuo
•leraje quantities Oi other Ashrs, sale* have I*en to
die flitent of same 3U to *25 uni* oi me price* quoted in
above table
Receipts ilurioe the week, numl>er route
000 bblx, mostly m ordinary quali'y We note sale#
on lire wbnrl nt thiifTi, and from store al t-7}(3Sl 35
Al.H—Wc notice no new lenture nt Ibc market A
regular fair busmets i* |.v our brewers at AAO
Cash—-Bi in quality, eaak included.
IJAtXJN—Ax shown in our import table, the recpiolf
of bocM 10,,. ten ~au: 1011, «„ I |.„ iun „„„
or. .tuoi-eJ 0, cool 10U.0 oailtn. lumkew,
boi 00, 10.rt.1, iiolioitb.inniliiiii, „ abuutaiH, .up[.£
" . ■*» .ooianlln, lo uL
S' 2 t . I «l, SU-. s|, o„5 Ham, oi
?(r T ih, r , lblJJ * #Ulrb (ut ,
0,7? ■»‘ l «le» ham boon
regularly etfrdc-J m Liroin] at £, •
HULK FOUR- Reccpi. h,„. uen limited. ft «d w
camreiWfi w* Uwimcuoh* m n, e imi.-U \VV
mb l .iii'jw l^4. ( o*J,ry tluiiiir,,,,, 4c, iiogrouiid
i,t'Utnity oi n»*gh bi n. g|
HI.TTKIi -Ib-.cp.jihjrv. U.i, • 'nnpuraiiv.iy
xml -<tn i.rmi*.) ruppii*. ,u >o,,x. u. e mark,, ,/f.i1..,!
dob. riaio. of fo. m.i| W ,|, JutStac
r.,f ror.»r>u t £i l« l-.i W, n,Ar ..u. .A kr e <„ reu u i,i'
i,»ute<Jpis ui cjw.-rl.- ft e ' ,p K u, »J
<,,t and tl*rj, l#ll rJ
at foil tire qu/ruiiwii
R|.< K>flß Aft l) TUBS Of K.VO.J urt>i, „«• iL'fiupp*) l , wri*i *atr.* of -!
V‘it < ''b» v< Vva il jtU to,le.
tu* 3gl<l **.-1 fcy* Olio to
*-?t,uJl'<*vrnt vfvlj (/oid * toi u,<
cf.-atu 7*". aiiJ f'J* good KoujwMi. R tit h «.
i.RACAI-iltri- Price* or *>. HUi .fiyw ..U
ftullt HUOIVUUHr fcet It 101/iK
V.'.ft'fijfi ■ fixtwpu h*vt ifith. t-ai
iu'Mj* fLc vul*i 01 (Lf ‘O+itoUiiiUii.-i H«. 'ouo y
,dir ot It fti. ll.J' -*.<) 1-- Ui; w
< U>o> V
t - ia.oii.
Co /VJilM'-r • iiKU/*-' t* UA * G.< »,1 -< .• /.I.c,
irti-.ujA 9} Q9t quiu'kiwri.r iu lyJ.'U
COf'Fkal-rri .**)! u* mi.nt-t IH
Uar t vypvt >*&M +*‘ w 44--vi
Irani tbd wori* Jd tUtoiv? i'Ui
•U-tdlßf bn iw £v* t-Sliur# tljt.'?ir t# Iv&'jit. V Il> •
)fal»» ot bnuixr* .opj *l *7t y/ ic
■■To. maH i/I tc<J *d it* V fl
«rv ruh> .-^
foi rorttfi pr««r oi «4 eriUhuc under ILi.- fierw.’ m.c
IMiyjl Kilt IT qincaCAe-t »ov.udv- W
arrive In r.*Cr. *iut tu. i. .« o wti ihu Uiur
ket aeur ui no ,w»*- L-.iiU
eonltrwd to texuiar i<rni.‘.<t » . io/ M"#
Al.Pl t# l-u. it-in quaUij . a.-.t; tu.
DRIED BKKF—<rtod u-e*it, t - uiteS ** lU-.W qvuic
fimiai dc, wiih moderate .*i<,
DRI Gfi, MKlitCtNEs «-.«.,i^,g,-
bovc. will hr toun.l carefully cor Ut
ariit-lcii under tui* head
l-’Gt.rt-• The rrcripli, (,| tg», by. untu I*./* ou*u
l»Khi. wiili *.aJ»» irum first hands m <Um
Borax, refined 19 0 21
Balsam Peru 2XO 02.75
do Copavia . .30 0 371
BrimKone*— 4 0 5
Cftmphofc refined-.-<it> 045
cask 80 7
Chchineal i,*a 01.75
CrewnfTonar .35 0
Copperas- •- • .iUO a
Glue 11 10 11
G»lU 400 50
Gum Arable so 0 70
“ Copili 38 0 50
.? TtagaeiaUi-- 3t 0 271
0 Slreltfte -15 0 1-
u Atautie 01^5
TpeeaeVr 60 01.00
Jttlapf powdered ' so 0 ou
Litharge*... 5(0 oj
Liqiiojricto Raol 7 0 9*
Liquorice Ball 10 0 20
LaeDye 25 0 23
Magnesia Carb-v• • -as 0 35
Madder, Umbro- • - -12 0 14
Madder, Common 0
Myrrh, Turkey 20 0 60
Oil ‘Vitriol 3JO 5
“ Castor- 1.40 01,50
“. Cassia 0,00 0X25
'» Closes - O2XO
“• Lemon 3.00 03xt3
“ Pep'm’i 2.50 00,110
Opium, Turkey 4XO 04,23
Quinine 03,40
Rhubarb, root-•»- 38 0 30
Sal Amonac 15 & 20
Sal Soda 4* 0 5
Senna —i---15 0 20
Tartaric Acid --40 0 30
Vitriol, Blue 11 0 12
Dye 5 p. el.
Camwood OJ
Fustic— l‘--240 3
Logwood, cbrppe,).. 2JO 21
Featne re-duty 23 per. cL
ad val.
Kentucky 52 0 33
QlnoA-Pennsylvs.' 0
Almonds shell'd-•• *3O 0 22
Soil 1C 0 17
Hard-- 11 0 \\
Curranu, Zame— 0 9
Filberts BJO 9
Groundnuts- 1.12 0
Fjg*, Smyrna IS 0 Jl7
Malaga 0 __
RoiainS, Muscat-... 0 _
Hunch 2,00 0
Bloom, old 0 _
Cranberries 32 0
Lemon*. Sicily hi 05X0
Oranges do---- 8325 ? 100
Peaches, dry, bu- • I,oft 01,10
Apples, dry ....55 q _
Apples. Green, bbl- 1,0001,25
Fire Brick—per M
Bolivar- 025,00
Common is 0
Flour—Duty 20 per ceu.
Rltra brands,— i —l76o fj
Superfine :<A2O
Fine 0X23
Rye Flour 3,180
** hlf. bbls - 0
Buckwheat, bulled n&—o 1(
“ hlf. bbls. none.
Feed—per bilshrl.
Bran 110 u
Shorts 18020
Flak—duty on fore'll, can’t
-20 per cent
Mackerel, No. t. 11X00
No. l.hif bbls.-'. 0 0
No. 4, 2XO 0
No. 2,hlf.bbls, .... 0 -
No 3, —05,00
No. I, kitts- —3
Uerrtnr.Nol- 05,00
No. 3 - 0
Salmon, No 1, old 0
Now Usjno 19
Shad*— O
Cod, per dram • »■** 04,60
Red Fox, No 1—•
0 G?i
“ 0
Muskrat 10© ia
Raccoon 0 M
Mink 0 85
Deer Skin per »• U O 15
Black Battles
Quart per gros s*—— 09,00
Pirn, do 07,00
ilad’a trinciuJ so gal— 09,00
Claret per gross-.-- • 09,00
Window Glass, per box—
City brands.
SxlOnet, 84J10
10x12 04,50
12x16 07,00
Patent do , 10x14 to
16X5M 1050015
Country brand*.
SzlO— Vs© 3^o
Gunpowder— Duty 3dpr.
FLOVR—The r»‘«'eij)tsni Flour during thr j»a»i uv.-k
oi the Season The OlUi ir has bent mailed by I|.l
mair.iiai chump: hi prices. uotwiih*l:im!i ng thr gradual
decline in the i-itoi. thi» bid mav accounted for.
however l.\ Die present Ingn ran- o' lirnrnu on Mir
• anal. which is Sld!U t* Tins will ta.isr d«-»i r r«
rather to hoid on than to ship. uuh-*» ih- article -.hall
comt&nfid a higher price »u trie east Tb'- safe- of the
week irniu first hand, aiuuuni in *ojjc KOti hb!< at
P l»bt. >al«.-» from -mre base U-- ti con
tmed to limited loi> at SiLUhd? obi. p
‘ t if
6 10
6 it
5 13
« id
i 14
5 t 5
FREIGHTS—Prom tlu* point to Bahinmre by the
Eclipse tfvo day lint; for heavy gaods. SI .35. tor light.
?I.5U v 100 Return rates by .mu' h-ir tor h'-sw
good*, for light, Sl./aip lt«i
For Canal tpid river freights, m-r geocral.table.
FlSH—Them has been a tmr dem*nd..lbr s ;tfl»Wmd'.
with tegular sales to city consumers aUflfcprictf»*ijuo
ted tn general table “ ?-■ *'•
FEATHERS—Tin- jirr“3’*tii »u|'p[i-M m vtor-- nr- «juit»;
attffirieot to ilir drmartcl. with rtrgidar ol
western at 3J£?34v p &
FRUITS —For correct quoi»tioii> o: ;in,> n-* under
thi* head, see table nl'ov-
FKKD^—The tupplie* or Brmt mu! Short* m- r..m
pnriitively l.gtit w e note .. oi Hfi.u Ir--n. -li-ro al
-arlOc. ami OI Short* m t*- t..i .-«« i-.,ntiti«: i,<
GRAIN—Wr oh-erve no marx-,! ■ i.ant;- m ;-r,
With *mall »n>s from -mre m.i> o—: i.“ir
uip quounonv Wlimi R\-
al W U .*><)«• f* l>u Sai>*» of J IWI i.u (>;»*•»
rroi.i >iur»- m iiri.i-M! ,i.i« i.i ;~ji.
•tort; >:,!»:» of lorn rTi- p l.u-«« 1
t.fUxTF.RIKS— I:% • r - m.i.i; .i.i.i-f U.I. . nn'..n
ol N O r*Ui>Hf a f r>L-'*:nf) S .'|l. . ~l
ini. liy Mid m. ibr r ummo.i !;• iihiuiiui ir ai 1 j.•
t:ur at u. prim*- new rr-p .'»• pr inr. <•.<! ai .>*c V to --
SaW of .**l l.b:, \ 11 s ,1! ion It I m-v,' Rjn rorfi-f! ;il Rf.-ipt- linvo )H-rn
cunbo-il to limited lon toiu tin- inwi-i insrV'i*, .tml
«tspplie» are rath- r litnii--d r note i>( r^ignr
home rrioln*»o« at 40C1/-100 01 ii -ugni ui -ij H ll '
atni 01 Kit*’ hi m t;cree. and 4fr i-i t»i
OLASS-'Vi- uoiirt n« cii.ti *
u'lass. Kor correct <|iiutati-'ii>
glas*. nff "ciivral Uii'ir,
Sale- ol '‘oiinnun •«l-10* . ol • .\*tcrti -of i?
at lair ft, I'V Urn »u.r
HA'i —Regular »ak« Irom wayon at ?? .Via >-..*0 **
ton—Os *n ejuaiuy
IRON AND N.\lL>—l-arye < ( u:.nt.i..-- <.i n,. w.n-
OH* aru< Under Hu* ((••ml are !tuh; (.(upped t't the
ditferi :i tower iiim*ri-i at i;u regniart-, quoted ruir«tn
I.AKD—Thr market ’-nnMiM • •i.cuam Smi -*ie.
linte be'-,, rocthtird to -inun-d lot- un'\ :*i. ior |.ti ; « .'*(
and for key. ti/rOjr p ft
41IM Whiskey, hbls
I.KATUV.R- There i- •« rc.-iilar d.-rt,»„.| tor
all ttrllCiei lltt'lm t)ii- 1.. ml, Wl I; *on..' a.itl!.re UM
New ) or» at.d Bai’.imof so.*\ *e<- <g Vions
I-WII-'niMC iiau'ki-n no re. tor woo-;*in«
timi HUpp'lf- lilVr [...Otljr '.yin Sal.-. Ol pig .!.|H.
nrd lot* at 4J. ami o< > .u at l|o4|r lb.
ol batlcv malt at -HKtf-.V 4> bu.
47 Molasses, do
7tf7 do htf bbis
TiJU Sugar, hhds
-3U do loiaf. hblx
fti Tobacco, Uhda
IUU do bxs- iil
:frci Wool, .ks .ad
fit! Feather*, sks ’•
lft! Soda A*h. cxks •• lOi
tM/74 Alcohol. tibia• • • 104
. 403 Copper. logotA tons- - 191
374 Seeds, clov«r,*bl* •• 60
do nmolity. •• •• 11
I do rlux.«eeo. trc..- JO
- do bids ll
If? <io sk • - SO
fill t>n goods, pkgs •
• 5®7 (iluas, bxs • • • lfe!
t»7 do lilt* bxx - - ••1017
OILS-- Linked i. hr;.l iinn. .ulmm moderate
low attliK- V p |! Sale. ..i I .aril at .'Miami', tor mil
and ~wmi ctct ‘lrani*'-1 Sm-- ot Taarirr * oil at «l?il
Sin **■
J'Ui MKTAL The toilow.ny ;*• -p.r.-U:
rWitJii. II R hard at gv? In do I*l. ut *_r ton*
VeKUTin. at Alui, It mo‘, rn ion- I’m. -, *t (. mo*
and Mah.-onit: t. i.n- m.t mad.- known |
ft-Recninr h*»t (itm.l •»!»•• at
»OaD A Nil CAM>I.K.>-*<nl<* n. a
have 1.-ern m n I'm. CIICDI 111 ({UntatiOU* Ml table
TAl.I.i lW —Our principal roti.timers t»uv
Out 01 111** market, ei>ft«eqti<Mil!v e■■ n i ■ .jijotr no large
(*t«fe«. Tr ft ni <i> tir gi vni a* iJ/i- rulint hgnu-
VINKOAK— .Su.Vf ol good ' "ler vinegar at -l-iiijc
in bhl-
AVHISKKY— Sule» ol reeidtc.i mi i«»t* ol jii i.» *0
bbjH at a* iri «tu&iji>
AVOOI- A good leentu' i- mftnitr-ltd m !!>•• morkfi
tmd quotation* arc yjvrfi u\ at a rate or *.>•'. to Y.Y tor
the various gride*
Itelall Prices In Hie Diamond market
Wednesday Moruuig, Feb. 21
pek 10010 iMuituo 4 0 3
Beef, |*.t cult, p lb 7 0- |o.u, Ip l>u -j&
——Middling 10 5 iOniont, bll' pck •• •—012 J
——Corned- 1 O 5 Pudding Liter, fr lb 4 0—
—Dried ~b 0 leijPork, botcoU 5 St —
Quarter* —0 j Hogs 10U AWit—
l‘Ui'Ch. •• 30 4 iparaaips, $r bunrli • 30 4
Batlef, fr»*h iinnl lb 1-020 Potaloei, | pi, —Ol2
Do do noil ■ - 010 IL-ilj. 0 -
Do Apple,i)l 100 - , Hwtei |k pt. 0 -
Bean* in bull, 4P pk —0 —u'-w, Ip pk .
—ShPfi preen, Ip ql —&— I'eache*, ip pck —o —
Ip head • • 30 3 Dried, £ cjt • • 5 0 G
Carrol*,? bunch •• 30 4 .Pickle*, ip dm • —SIS
Cucumber*, ip iloz. —o ■ Pcjr, in hull, ?pck— 0-
Chicken*, lire, ? |>r —o ISaungei, ?lb • 7 0 3
jclraned- • .'11037 i Meal • • 00?
CheioQti ?ut 100 |— Dried 0-
Comraeal iirfed, bu 43 0— jTomrurj, lieef,green 15 0)d
OherrlfK, fni •• —0- ' Dried • • 3110.37
Curs, (jracfi. ? do* — -0 'Turkey*.lire, each 0
I'urrniil*, upe, $> ijt -0- cleaned - Ut& ?b
Uurki t |i?e, Ip piur -0 .Veal, be>t euU. ip lb -0 f.j
-• rlraned 3705 U iStriia-beirrio —
*■«*».? d<«- •• ... 12013 FISH
Uee**, rleai}, each-- 310 Perrh, ? bunch - -0-
ijt, —o .Salmon —0
llaiA«, fTxrli, /b'
- -Htu.tkni • & Gth • -20 OM
HfcmiUt, f 6 07 KJ.OLK-
I4w**ri ...üb, «Mt> Wl,r*i.loolU U‘? <9
r ~i. ■,*, *»_. ,n„ -£*
.... d, <fr n, o
Siluj..,,. v i,uim:|| y m plnm »
* .(t to> Tomato*, <► i |ik -rf~
••-».. MfilUin- oacli
('little nftrkK.
Ai i.tuiitnr, March in.
Htjrt'.Af Jj,(. j tl , lllJtll|w| (ll | rlr ,t will. miuilllll
•»>>!• * hi stan :*iv H»i mi
— ,o. «n.i ....
vv - *• "*"***••
• JjniiroveuK uu in i> r Mii.i r .
M.. 0 trSXJSMtHf.
itlmWicmr---x.-.-.iu ~,..1
td/Ct* wp(W Sj'UftM'r A'ur-tp.v.i-. .
Xltoifcu. v 'V* w 72: .then. u„ ,„. rv „
*«k.Wv’ >W»f J*nd d v „, mM , lc m
tjflia-. jPs»uriJ >n?&t
JR*l«?.;rO—f JO. ft. F.MMm, F I/. &u>«. ,*i»
j-- —:
29 O 30
. Ui3
£o3 55
IMff Metal—pr uin. C tnos.
_ AlJeffheny.
No. 1. Foandry
Barley •
Mtilt, barley
Glue— per B)
Piusb. Common 110 13
Honey— Duty 30 per cent.
Cuba per jral! 0
Wwiem comb n 8) I. J 21’
Ginseng— boty 3> Pf et
Oloscncj--' 25 m? W
H»y—per ton oi‘ 3*o ib»
Tiaaouiy -.5009,00
Hides—Duty 5 per cr.itt. —
Missouri —& PI
Spanish 0
Ek». salted 0
-Do.JtippspersJun-• 1.00 01.G2
Green ® 4
Hemp— Duty 25 per cenL—
Missouri & Ky
Manilla? B> —
Hops—Duty 30 per rent.
First #p{. Ms- jo® l:*
Xodl go—Duty 10 percent.
Bencnl. Ib I JO 01. no
Spanish 1.00 01.15
(Vtsmlla pa ®UW
Iron—Duty 30 per cent
Unr, Juniata 40 41
“ Common 3 0 3$
Sheet . s*o
Boiler Plates g & Cl
Plough wins* a\<3
„ ‘ . *l«b* 4 0 41
Russia Sheet q j?'
Le»d—Duty per rent
Missouri Pi K 410 _
B-tr'*'*••--••...,..44 0 41
Dif. sires Pipe per ft I*o ’aj
B 0 fij
Leather—Duty 20 nr -■
Sole, Baltimore- •- - ->|
New York-- 1- 0 , a
£ U, " i r d H 0 IS
Slaughter ,19 0
?, klrUn K 21 0 24
Harness, black 19 0 ■»
Bridle-, black, pr dor
_ **«!**• 3n«i 030.00
Russeti do : 18.1*1 042.00
I'pper finished- 20.00 ®«s.on
Kips, finished -• •»4.00 006.00
Calf Skin do- • • 15.00 O*JO,OO
Lace leather - 111,00 ® _
N. Kit*!nn<J Seatins,
No. 1 per doi 45.00 &
Hanging Rock.
No l Foutidrv
' Foret ....
1 ennessee
Mereer fomiiv
Foundry Pig n »i @
ta :r. —a
•'laiioiiinr County, Ohio
Foundry Pig . g$
Forire do a
Pluter Part*—duty tree
Floater Pan* {F luu
Bacon Ham* .. &i
*“ Shoulders- - StAl
“ Sides-- 5
Hoground. city core os'
‘ countrv tin 0 _
Lord No 1. in leg* • • - (, 66*
“ “ in kc«- 0—*
** l.m bl>i* . SJO
" 1. m kr»- >‘6>
~ 1. in roil 10 St Vi
Cheese, W K 5*3 :.}
*' cr-arn <>J® r
Crack's. PitMt \V«fr i
pr. bid. -.<2* 1,00
I>«. Butter • -—vS A “5
Potatoes—per bo»h
Common • • • — i i t ;
Neshanaocks p In M(2T7u i
H*£»—Duty 5 per . --m.
Country miied a*® _
Do {rood wtnia . & 4j
Rife Ai& H
Seeds—duty J.ufceedyOpc.
Timothy (it-l.ini
Flaxseed j»s &
Muslhrtl 3.50 & y.oo [
Spices—per lb.
Cloves o 3i j
C.uisia in Mats -• •. _ 0 35 I
(ling-er 9 & jo
Nutmegs i,as 0 i;tf, |
Pepper ? 0 9 <
Al«pice 0 pjj !
Snakexoot— per lb. I
Virginia - 0 14 '
Scuecca 0 J
So*p— Duty U 0 per eem J
Pitulmwh No. 1 41® 4* i
Cinemnau 4 0 41 )
Lumber -Iwy-JOp r £;,S™.7.'.V.V.'.'.V S U
.n :: SX't ■■::::: S !J
r?.-Tr no |t - %TXU! r l ‘ m ' l,ur E t ' .M»nuf«^l«re
-|S,£^^ r ::...-:g ,g
rom'n •> • i Arafru-aJ! bli.irr-- ■4P 4(
i otn n - • 022.00 . Snmie _ *1 «•
nr s ss! | f
g c ,F"iv,„, ri .P W .„.... 0 ,„
j Rosin per hbl ••. 3.750 ! B*l*—Duty 80 per cent.
Pitch-- 3.25 4? - : No 1. afiwi- 0 155
Tar. Allegheny & : ‘l, in •tore' 0 ijo
“ N. Carolina 4.25 0 Tnb!e jloz. bo* 0
Turpentine, gall- (?) 0 63 Shot—l>uty2o per rent.
Vartu«h. Copal- -175 4?bjyo Per keg 015.50
Sail*—Duty 30 p c-per p, * r ba S <? 1-77*
k«g, ion lb., [casiug nuila Saltpetre—per 6
1 cem advance per Tb.l SnUiwtre sc? 10
lo®*Jod Joniats 4500 3,75 Tobacco-per fi,—j lopcr
80 9d “•• 4000 rt off for rash (nr menufij
(10 7d •• 4500 Tobacco] Duty 4» pr rt.
5m * .... J7SO Cigar l-eaf 4 0 C
! 4(j .... 0500 ' ManuPul do --4 0 7
U *> 6 000 - l-udies’Tvrist——lti+o l-
Sptkes per E> 0 54 ; Plug in kega-~ *® t
" Preased B*o 4 • P'o* m boi«-« 14 0 17
Rollin' Rivet* • 0 7 6Twt*t 50 ?
9*k«Un-per B) r'-Cnvendish 0 ft
Pittsburgh - - 0 S ; 12» Lump m box - 0 ttt|
Oil*—-per rnl 1 1 *« p " W 0 17
Lineped-.. --—ooo “ “ 12 0 14
1 L3rd, City - s<so. i Scotch •null 14 0 Id
Olive i;s>® 150 I tUppcc 0 13
Sperm bleached 0 125 1 Cut * Dry ilb pup 0 25
“ Pnbleachrd - 0 IJO Tea-Duty toper cenL
“ Kali - a 1 Imperial- 85 0 go
Whale 75 0 10fi Gunpowder 45 0 70
Ttutnersper bbl 17,0001000 ' onn ß Hy«ea 30 0 80
Pcmchou* —5O 0 75
Tinplate—Duty 15 pr et
i Banco Block 0
I X 0 10 5U
Tallow—Duty ]u pr cent
Rendered • 70-
Uouch 0 4J
Scar Grease - • :10 ;ij
Vice*—per cor.
Solid boxes 0 ifl
Wince—Doty 40 pr rrm
I, P Madeira- •• • 2,00 ut .;,t«j
l. PTmentfe-••• 1.00 it \U)
Ijsbon ••'75 0 I JU)
Dry Malaga-—— 08 0 ;o
Sweet 50 0 02
Paint*—per Lb
Pru», Blue
Spud, ljsl a
Ctiforac Grcrtt ... ft
" YHloxv No I >1 ST 35
*■ “ No a S 3 ft ss
Brunswick Gre*n Ia O yM
While I,ea<l. dry r-l& fii
Oil. pure keg 1 .Cl) & l.Rii
“ No. 1 • •
Red Lead • -
Y<i!ow Ochre
Ven. Red
m !h- pi u-.-« ai Hint
a.! - re, •moiJo’-v
6t li 'Hucken'
Manailles—- 70 0 73
Port i.oo 0 3.
Calabria ——- Tu 0 7
Wool per &—Duty 3o per c«ni
Fu 1J blood• , 0 37
I blood - 0 xi
i blood 0 •,*-
f and Common 19 0 T,
Tub washed ~ 0 26
WHiafcey— per gallon.
0 _
Raw Monoug&hcia
Zinc—per lb
Sheet 0 w
Slnl» 0 og|
Freight*—per U''
To Cincinnati
Dry Good* -- . -jo® _
Heavy 12015
To l/ouiiiville.
Dry Goods ‘>so
Heavy-- —.... _ 0
FromLonmvillc to ill
Dry Good* •
To St. Uu,*.
To Cleveland and F.rie.
Dry <<ood*
To uml frotu Brown»vil!r
Dry Good* (down)- -0 10
Produce. Hr | U pi 0 _
To Nashville.
. Dry Good* —o'iS
: Heavy w
To Wheeium
Dry Good* --.- .. i«0
Henvy ep _
To Zauc«viiir
Dry Good* ]‘j 0 *ju
Heavy _al
To lleilVef.
Dry Good* - jj *
To New Grit-mu
Henvy Good* 500—
Gla**, A c —o__
i'anai. asd tun.aiut*.
A»he«, Pol arid Pran, - (to
Butler ami Bacon.
Beef, -nlted. .jg g,,
Bnle rope and Bagging do 70
S rr, "'“’ •<«
Bone*. <tt> ?6
Broom*. do
Uier«e, jo 75
•'orn, do jy
lotion j 0 ,- A
Chilled Rnff*r« j 0
Drutr* mid Medicines, do liw
pry Hood*, do 1,00
Dried Fruit j„ 75
Flour, perbbl till 1.20
Fur* und Pclirte*, per 100 lh* | ,011
Featliom, ,| 0 s’yj
Furniture. d 0 j | B ,
Gl.i**ware, jo 7 ,
Gl.v i. Window, per In «t 0
tireriPnnd dry fruit prr IOU lb* 75
Gin*r.ig, p er 109 j*.* so
Groceries. d n uy
Hardware, do 73
Hop*. jo
Hemp. do 70
Hide*, (raw 75e, dry &275) do
leather. j 0 pg
Terad, in p dll in
Lard and Lard Oil, do U*
Oil, Cantor. • jo 75
Linseed Oil. j 0 75
Pori. per t-M do 0 Ki
Ra*'*. per 100 lb*. ca
Rope* and cordage, do 1111
Specie ,i n tK)
Seed*. 70
Skin*. Deer and Buffalo, do 75
Tallow, d 0 (ii
Tobacco, l-caf, r' k , 75
da Mamifacittrt'l, do 75
do 1)0
Woo! doOjS?
Whukry, per bbi gg
No I—Aatici. li«i: p- tt4 j nYJ
Bacon, Butler, Lard,
Cheese, Pork, Tobac
co, Tallow, \v. Glo.**,
and Whisky pr 100 lh« -
Oa»* No 'J—Hemp. Fl» 1
111 bflie* w.
C!b*» No 1— Dried Fruit
Leather, Old Ra*«.
Skina, Seed*, Wool, • -
Cla*» No 4—Beeswax,
Hop*. Md*e. loo«e Flax _
Dlarine Insuraaes,
Rate* of Insurance on cargoes of
steam and keel 1,011 i«
b-m Ihitsb'.rrh tn Wb*e!iair.Vo. J© {
- to and irr-m Cinemnuu. O \& t
" lo 1 4>ui«vil.e, Ky \a |
- lo M. Ixiui», Mo ijaij
*• “ to ] 0 , d
'• to liTriependenee 2
•• la Gatrna. 111. .
•• “ to Memphis, Ten |»|i
“ “ 10 N Grican. U»11
T'rom N 1 Tlrun.J*iu.?.<■ rjh 1 0)1
St la.ui* ... IJOU
Charge* hy grvod Flat Boat. >
to f?ew Orleuii*
T'*" local money in.-irk.-t fta. «. v ,-t undergone no
iii-ii.- nbu uinm. (toil Jhr: ralr. -■! •• idm n,..- raider tli*
to il«-rtin<- 'Hi'- liilmw mg. huwr \c r a/*
‘how r»o < j'«,m
Bt VTS.. Rut
Sfxi,*.. Kai r.
N*w Vu*
i -
l j J*t l.oui*
Bl i :> . R/TT
Kia.v. K*i
Virginia. W tire
1 on | t'o A- City oi.)f r*., 1 on
l Not'"*.
1 l'ettlt«ylvnjuu Co
| New X ork.
• • Mart land, •• ••
" - I New I irlvit.s.
Michigan No., 2,1 »il*on. Beaver.
Bailie. Jacobi, limwiK. die.
Alluiilic. Parkinson. Bruwiisviiic.
• 'lunden, Hendrickson. McK**e»|>or{.
Caleb Co|k\ A. Murdock. Beaver.
Beavrr. Clark. Beaver -i
Wm Ph.ihpv MePhml. Kitlouutng. 7
New England No 2, Dean. Cm
K Wigntman, Wnlliamsun Chrislera LandinS
Brilliant. Graer. Cm.
Zachary Taylor Luca.*, Wheeling
Mul.gan No o, Giivm.
BuLic, Jacob*. Brownsville.
Atlantic. Parkinson, Jirowtwville.
Camden. Hendrickson. MrKec*[>Gr<
Caleb Cope, Murdocn. Benvcr.
leaver. Clark, Beaver.
Wm Pniilips, McPlrial, Kitiannmg
Hibernia. No 2.- Klinefelter, Cm.
St Cloud, (ftirmly. Si Loom.
.1 <2- AJaius, . St Ixium
There were !» (Vet (j niche* fall m t!y* rhaonc‘
bv pier mark, la*l evening m dusk, aud lulling
Cincinnati Packets, 10 A. M.
Brownsville Packets. 10 A. M., and l P M.
Beaver Packet*. 1U A. M . and 1 P M
Si. Ixnii*—Kairmouai
“ • - Su yi k i: i
W abash — l ’olumbian.
Lomsviiic— Hamburg.
Wheeling Zachary Taylor.
i, Shrubbery, Etci-
Tr«ei, Ac* Ac.
THE *ut>»crit>cr offer* fur
«ai*- n lotr* *mi w*tect n«-
• unui<!r.i 01 Plamr. ruiuam
mi; ' uvrr blooming,
vinnug, clutter nr*»l jjsinJ* n
Rii»c. !!..• linc-1 v»nr
iir > , inotiUily Momnmi*
Plain*.for pjanting in \bM»
Ac , in rrilimrd pficr« iiv
llir tlo/mi, , film K ncii.ii
tioowli i nr is (' u r r & n 11.
(■tape Viura. Itliunurt).
f» it r u Ii l.ary,
Simile Tree*, and o i ii e r
(•jaiiln, Duhima ami Flower
Root* in a (,'retl variety—
ai! ki hiu- romiiuou lor
r'lmnp I'iamifig,Order* l»y
mail to I’iitaburirt) l‘os; OiTirr, or l«in m our nand No
Diamond Market, will be <’ur«-fully parked and sor>
warded a* directed.
Order* lor Bouijuel* Mi wnn W T Itown. Frailer
er, Si. Clur JAMES WAKDROI’,
Maurlicatei Nursery
rnr h Ift'd 1 rnAcwJt'S
United SlMri
N..» '252 a.'o Piuxi. sraxKT,
ll5e: vi-ru f'uiioa »trcet and Hurliiuj Slip,)
l N I r K D dTATKf
. 15 TUB ABTirLE O?
WV keep an '■i.d!t-»n vonriy
l ‘ 8.1 fH► M«WT MTES*IVK MA 5T P All I RCM* OT
In Ibe World.
plain and fashionable clothino
wf nil luihlj
Lewis a Hanford.
fi'D* Nos. 'JAJ and USC N V
ifaa Jtrirr Brrramn rao»
And u ni>« ri-rfiviiiß a fine asuciruncai oi'
hi mi. HL-sT qi Ai,rr\ and i.atkst stvucs,
U In !i Im i» prepared io maie id orJer
And i li l li c latest Fa•li » o n »
H. mH* _ . .
Iron nud Nalli.
riMJE acting a* Annul* in lhi» my for
X the Troy itoit Works, we now receiving «uppl‘rs
•ml they wtill.e pleased to execute order* for IKON
and NAILS, on we m»w favorable terms.
Commission Mcrcbaau,
• &E£O&XKI> JF9&.X2UL-.CIZXSBSROB nsn.v/isTrt-yg^
Hinn Scqqql.—Pursuant 10, public notice, an
adjourned meeting was held in the Public School
Hoose of the Fourth Ward, ntyd in the absence of
the chairman, Thomas Rakewell, Esq , was called
upon to preside. Professor Stephens, chairman of
a committee appointed fur that purpose, submitted
the form of the following bill for the action of the
Mr. Smith then moved, that in the discussion of
the bill before the meeting, no j>er‘on shall be nl.
owed to speak more than ten minutes, or tu ice on
the same subject. The first section was then read
and adopted r» kdiows
Be it Enacted— Isl—Tljni on the second Mon
day of June, (it this law be adopted as herein after
provided,) the School Directors of each Ward in
the city ot Pittsburgh, shall select one of the said
Directors, a* Controller of an institution lo be called
the “Public High School of Pittsburgh,” and to be
a body corporate by that name. Said Controllers
shall assembto on the Wednesday succeeding their
election, and at their first meetiDg shnll be divided
into three clasres. The first cia*. shall serve for
one year; the second class, for two years: the third
class, lor three years; so that nt each subsequent
election of Controllers, which shall take piace an
nually. on the first Monday of the pert month
after the regular election of School Directors, there
shall be a third part o'" the whole numl>er ofCon
trollers chosen to serve lor three-years, unless
the term of service of such Controller as School
Director, shall sooner expire, in which event, his
terra of oltice as Controller, shall rI«*o expire, and
the vacancy thus occurring, shull he lilted by an
election of the Director*. of the Ward irom which
said Controller was originally chosen.
The secoud section, after several amendments,
was adopted, as follows: —
Second Szctihs.—P.e it enacted, That the Con
trailers shall perform the following duties.—They
shall purchase, creel, rent, or hire, a suitable build
fog for said school. They shall receive in such
school, such pupils resident in said city, ns are
found, on exuitminiion, properly prepared, and
sue to prosecute n thorough bun ness education in
nrts or sciences, not generally taught in tire Ward
Schools, *>r to qualify themselves tor employment
as teaehern in such school-*. Snid f’l-ntrotlere ►hull
also ezamltjp such persons an shall present them
selves for learhvrH in any of tV p->blic schools of
■aid city, sud it, uj>on snid examination, fouud
worthy. >-hall give rert:fii-ab*s of their qualification
They shall ds«> appoint tin* ieucheru ot the --Public
High School,” and fix and rcgnlnhe the course of
study to he pursued in the said school. They shall
determine what bocks of instruction shall be used
in all the public schools of said city. The sen!
Coutrollers shall nl«jo provide one school or
when necessary, for the separate, education of the
colored children, to be located in a suitable situ
ation,.without reference lo the boundaries of the
The following is the third section
Be it Enac'ed —That all tho expenses incurred
in providing for stud Public High School, shall be
defrayed by an uniform assessment of the same,
on all tho property ot the city, taxable for school
purposes, the rate m be fixed annually by the Con
The following substitute for the third seclirfn
was then offered by Mr. Totten, and after eon
sidrrable discussion, was adopted.
Be it Enacted—That hereafter all cxj>ense* in
curred by the pub''.- M-hoois, :in< 1 those ,unhor:<xd
by this acf. except ine -*( p|tr<-lrt*tnc real
estate, and c:f erecting school fom-e-. n Uic wards,
shall b- pud out of a roimtioii ton.l. raised by a
uniform or rale, upon all tno property
of the city mi able tor school parj*v*cs.
Mr. Bighimi thou offered the lollowra* amend
ment to Mr Totten - substitute .
That the Directors ot all the wards 01 the city,
and the ( ontrollers, shah meet >a joint (inven
tion nnauAily, on the first Monday of May. to dr
lermiue the rale per coat, lobe us»ev-ej lor school
purposes, nud. that -aid schools be entilled to the
same proportions of the annual appropriation ot
the Stale, as if this act find not passed.
Pending ti.e diacusiuoo of this ameudaient. a
motion was made, and carried, to ;td;..urn uulil
Tbur-ditV rvcuifu next.
The Fourth Section, which was not acJcd vj>ca,
Is R* follow, *
That the al-'Vr- law shall be -übni.Ued t<> h vole
of the citizen*, at a ;:i! eicction. to be held on
the first Tuesday "f Juno next nt which, ih-r»e m
lavorol this law oiiail deposit tfo-ir ballots in favor
ol d {’iib-c- High >chooi, and tho-e «..i;nj>t .1. shall
vote for N*> I’ubl.c High Scht<<‘l. and tin- question
I be determined bv a luajontv of tin- v.-tes poll
ed. This elmii-ai shall b«- tield b\ the School Di
rector* ot each Ward.
J 1 1A RPEK. Secretary.
r ty f’a(*cr- Copy.
1 uinng the durussmu winch ernu- d oa tiic
adoption of me at«ivei»di. Mesar*.Smith,Rakewell.
Bighutn, Christy, Hamilton, Be I, McCracken. Mc-
CoUistcr, Stephens, Sherd!, Ltvincslcn, Totten,
Haven-.. Cr.-m, Watson, ami several oth
ers. whose names we d.d not learn, addressed the
meeting It would be well if, on Thursday night:
the ' ten minute rule ’ was more rigorously adhered
to, as wdl a& that limiting each sjsrnker to ten
minutes, since many of the sjieakers ro-e half a
dozen of*time», and the meeting did not adjouru liil
past 11 o clock.
Ri jiglaky.—The grocery store of Mr. Moon, on
Ohio street, in Allegheny town, was entered by
some robber*, on Monday niglu. They effected
their entrance hv knocking iu a (.and of the door,
and succeeded m making thcr escape witli tar
Ioom? ciiange whieii was in llie drawer. They
also carried off some packages ol tea. The rob
bers had «)<mbiie«n l>een disturbed m their nefarious
operntionss nr they would have takeD many articles
ot value which werutn the store.
Akotiiku —The dwelling nouse of .Mr Reynolds
at the corner ol West and Find streets, Ird Ward,
Allegheny city, was broken mto on the above
mght, m all probability by the saute gang of roblters
■which entered Mr. Moon* grocery store. Two
watcemen hearing a noise, repaired to the spot,
when throe men burst out and run oil holly pur
sued by Uio watch. Finding Jhetfieeiv e* closely
pressed, one turned uround and threw a
cabbage at one ol the watchmen. Shortly alter
they threw away some crockery ware, meat, pies.
Ate... which tnev were carrying, and made their
escape. We iuler tnat they w<t>- the -ame persons
who broke into iin- grocery store, they
drop{>ed a puclutge ot tea m tbetr tlight
FrcJ. —There was an alarm of fire tn-On, ol
nlxiit T 2 o’clock, winch was caused by a pot of
varnish taking tire, in the cabinet ware room of
Harbin A: Childs, m Smublield stree*. under the
Fifth Pre«bytenan Church. The tire was extin
guished i*-fi>re the arrival of the engines. When
returning from the tire, the reel of the Vigilant fire
company wa> overturned, without, however, ma
terially injuring it
Mayou s itrncn, Piri'iitßon, Marrb au
Mayor Herron being onweil, Alderman Buck
master attended to his luiMnc-s lor him. Seven
persons tverr brought be fere him, at the mornit g
watch returns, four of whom were committed, und
lhre< discharged. Among the number, were two
young lads, one ot nitom twelve. and the other
sixteen cu seventeen years ot' ag** who had been
arrested m Bailey, Brown A' Oo.'s iron Works.
The only charge brought against them, was that
of vagrancy, and as the poor fellow’s had no money,
no home, und no work, they were discharged.
Distinct Cot’itv. Feb _Uth.—Reiorc his honor
Judge Hepburn.
A verdict oi StU lor the plaintill was rendered
this morning ui the cn-<» of Robert Mncready vs-
Anne HteWart.
Tbo onlv case tru-d to-day was Unit of Malcolm
l„e«*c.h vs. Pitt township. This was an uction <»n
the rase for two warrants on the Treasurer ol Pitt
lownsnip, signed by the supervisors. The amount
ot the claim is $221. Sawyer for plaintiff—Wil
liams and Shinn for defendant.
drunken rowdies on Monday night made an tin
pruvoked ultack on a gentleman, war the Munou
gabcla House, whom tiiey beat very badly. They
then rushed on tin old gentleman, u resident ot Bir
mingham, named N. Baldwin, whom they shame
fully abused Mr. Baldwin to day entered a com
plaint, beiorn Squire Steel, agaiosltwo of bia assail
ants, named Wm. Stiles and lh Lutz.
Aksal'l.t akh Battery. —There were two canes
of assnuii nud battery before Alderman Beckmas
ter to-day In both instances defendnnte gave bmi
tor their appearance.
Mayor s t »mcK, Allegheny, March 20th. —Three
drunkard* Were brought before the Mayor this
morning. Two were committed to jail, and one,
who paid his fine, was discharged.
WiLUJUts.i’i’i Dioiuma of the Bombardment of
Verti Cruz will be exhibited m Philo Hall ibis eve
ning. When we have seen it, we will speak of Us
Thkatbe. —To-night Mr. Crisp will appear in
Katharine and Petrticlno. (and the new fared of
Slasher and Crasher. This is the first night of the
re-engagement of this popular actor.
Pwotje* Lsbus Scuail—Pronarcdby J. WVKeUy,
William itTeet, N. Y~ and for won-by.; *. Jaynes. No
70 Fourth street Tbit will be founia delightful oru
ele of beverage ui familie*, and particularly fur tick
ltAui'n BfutiiA,—A_n improved Chocolate prepara
tion, bejng a ccmhinaiios of Cocoa ituy in accent, iu
vigoreimg and palatable, highly recommended partic
ularly fpr invalids. Prepared byW. Daker, Dorches
ter! Mas*, and for sale by A. JAYNES, at the Pekin
ea gtoye, No. TO FoorUx ctj UtohU
Siucetb* Decdapemati ofths California GcUFgver,
H No. ?s Masset Stsjcet. PmsOTEtm.
A\E resolved on SELLING OFF their large
stock of DRY GOODS—the principal port of
winch have lately been purchased at the naass, Acc
rues Sales in Philadelphia and New York, at a ire
mradon* and unparalleled sacrifice!
'> e have made »uch a largo reduction from oar rrg
utar pnee* tliat we will now sell a large portion of our
goods BELOW COST of importaiiou. The early at
tention of buyers is invited to choice high colored
goods adapted to the California Trade
Plain and figured Cornelian Cashmeres and de Ihines
all prices,
\ cry superior hroctua fig'd Super cloak cloths, all ro
und watered hik silks, tors,
"‘‘““V" dlk>. Frencl, menm.., .11 colors
blk colored, Block bombonneo,
sopor block glow,- Oro dc Crou boned mod tinned
Rlnn .like, olpoc,
Viseite ant. manulla tilki. firocha figHJ and strip'd do,
bc.t quality, Jenu> . *
Pur« satins. Lilt and blue Victoria Lyonese cloths,
hik ssuns, very neb, -
Lamartine «un merino., Co berg cloth* and cameb
>uprr sut warp alpaca an lustre,
Splendid p.aid Inn* chawlsj A few brucha lone khnwio
Splendid u-rkrn ahawla, the fiacat w«- have ever
from N \ ork auction*, brought to tbi* market,
ereat bargain*; I now lo be »old at rreat
Plaiu ami crnbroi'd barraina,
►httwla, all colors. Supertine and common bro-
Silk fringe, remarkably cha wjnare »hawl*-
• beap; . _JSnper cornelian *ilk sbaw’.i
French cloth* from the celebrated “johanr" manu
factory For beauty of finish and permanence of wear,
lb.-*-- cloths have no superior, a few piecei extra fine
jet binclc and olive castor. beaver* and otherheavy
Hollis ior over coals, twilled Preneh cloths, manufac
lured expressly ior cloaks, French and American oae
simerc*. «uper west of Kurland do, saper Freneh sa
un* for vriu'irs, the best frnporiril. Plain and faney
velvet and rnsbmrre vesting*, merino shirts and draw
ers. Italian cravats, linen, cambnc ard silk hdkfi .ho.
jiery and glove*.
Irish linens, best long clotii shirting.muslins, bleach
ed and brown muslins of good quality, remarkably
low; tickings, checks, domestic and imported ging
hams. scarlet. Yellow and white flannels, a large let
very cheap; a large lot of white and crossbarTedetnm
iry flannels, cheap; brown and bleached Bamsby table
linens and table cloths, Russia and Scotch diapers and
towelling*, "atinetts, Kentucky jeans and tweeds.
An usual large stock of blankets, direct from the
some of which are the best ever exhi
biird, all of which will be olosed out at unparalleled
low prices. In addition to the above enumerated
goods, our Mock comprises a very large and complete
assortment of almost every article usually found in s
dry good* store, and as they have been mainly par
chased m the en,*em auctions, heuce the late great re
ilucuon of oner* We are enabled and determined to
•ell them on at great bargains.
Wholesale buyers, country merchants, tailors, and
tha public generally ore respectfully invited to an ear
ly examination. Bargains shall be given.
ALEXANDER A DAY, 75 Market it,
N W comer of the Diamond
do MARKET STKKKT—Have received by re
1* erni impor'aUoiis the following Goods, viz;
Six carto * Thibet Shnwis, of various qualities and
color* Fifty dozen-‘Alexander's’’ best quality Kid
Glove*. together with a good assortment of eol’d silk,
Lisle thread, and • otlon Gloves, for spring trade.
Rich standing, straight turnover Collars; cheap Col
lars. :ukj pur embroidered Cuffs, from 50 eta to $1,23.
jMnunimg Collars in great variety. Demi Lace VttU,
t;:c : grcnicM assortment ever offered by us. French
and English 4-4 Prints; Hoyle's Prints, small figures
and ln*t colors' small plaid French Gingham*; British
Furniture Chintz; white satin Damask Table Cloths;
Linen Damask tt. ? and 10-6; Green Be rages; Gents
black tiros de iClune Silk Cravats, 3a to 4ti inch, the
be*! good* imported; Purse Twist; linen cambnc and
linen cambric Hdkfs, from lo Sk,so; White Goods
*u< h as Jacpneis, Layrns, Mull and Swiss Muslins’
figure-l and plain Laces, wiitte and eol’d Tarlatanes.
Ac Ac
We ur-in the daily receipt of NEW GOODS, nn<f
invite the aiicnuun of purchasers io our extensive
vites ihe fttiention of house keepers and those
about commencing house keeping, to his assortment of
above Good*, such as—
C|uilis and Counterpane*, white and colored;
Ticking* uml pillow-case Muslins,
Sheetings, from one to three yards wide;
Tallin Diapers and Table Cloths;
Towelling, Towels and Napkins,
Furniture Print* and Chintzes,
ScHr-et Oil Chintz, for curtains,
Super pi'iiiH Chinn, for quilts;
Embroidered u: dow curtain Muslin*;
Striped and barred “ “
Bed Blankets. all qualities and sizes;
A supply oi mere Good* is constantly kept on hand,
and will always l>e *old on the most favorable terms;
ni north easi corner lih and Market su. febSM
BLEACHED GOODIE—A. a. Mason A Co, No 60
Market street, have ju*i received the following
well known of Bleached Muslins, viz;
?-■? and 5-1 •James’ Steam Mills;'
5-4 Naumkcag Steam Mills;'
“Mamn. ‘Pokanoket, ‘Carlisle,’Dorchester,''Quin*-
igiunond,' Grnilon A,’ ‘Pittsburgh,’ 'Lawrence,' 'Bos
ton PXow Case. Farnsworth,’ Ac. Ac, all of which,
together with many styles not here mentioned, will be
sold by UfC piece or package ai Eustcrn prices.
fru'Jl r
L 1 vue* me attention of buyers to Im Mock of the
above Goods, oi ail the different qualities, said to be
as unshrinkable a« ibe Welsh, and at much lower pri
ce* Genome Welsh Flannels also constantly on
hand Gauze and silk do, 4-4 and 5-4 do, for £hroud
aP*". home made White Flannels aid Lin»ey», con
• tanUy on hand, ai the north east corner of Fourth and
Market street*. mart!
8 A TIN DAMASK— W M'Cluitock offers to purchas
ers a very handsome uMonmem of rich satin Da
masks for window curtain*. Also, French chintzes,
buflo. linen, transparent shade*, Ac., at his carpet ware
room, 75 Fourth t>: doe 9
Co. iiave added to their former business a de
partment under charge of Mrs. Bigelow of Boston, for
making in order in latest lnfanta’ Wear, Misses
**«•*«, Honk* and Dresses, Ladies and Gents Dressing
(•arnnuits embroidered or stomped for embroidery;
kiutUmr. t-.ciunp. crotchet work,hemBUti:lung and mar
king ii-atiy execaled. novS)
* binding roilur*; merino, silk and wool Vesta; do
do do Drawer?, ink, kid and wool Gloves; merino,
roiton and vwl j llo«r; blk Italian crurau; fine Ze
phyr S. art- dce.l _ F 11 EATON 4. Co
DOMEKIIC VVtxU.i.KN5— Hlankcis. Flannels
1 wr«*d». Ca-sineus, M Cloth ami Cossimeie, by
Uie piece or package, very low tor sale by
CASSI.MKKKS—J rases new style Fancy
. La*»inirrf», bright figure* and Tcry handsome
good-. ;u<t opened by
i'RfeLNVM MKRINOS AT COST—Smiib &'johtuun
•lf> Market street. will sell lor the balance of the
*ea*on ut cpd. their slock of J'rmch Merino*, rompn
«.u;( ib«! iTio»; oboice colors Now 14 yourumetn»e.
rurr Uarpmis decl3
\ • hi. VKTTiIUBONs-Jugi received ui Zcoulon Huji-
V »cy>. f. 7 Market street,
.ju j»* colored V'eivci RiM*on, assorted color*;
•HJ • iiiiu-k
* •• rinkroidery <»ioi[>, 10 pa wide Plain, &.<*
LhVIATHON COL!) I’KNS, h mujtuificeiu and
iao-.i -n-'-iirm pen, ihr first arm to tins
market. i*.r ,:Ue liy ' W W WILSON
rorner market and 4th ms
KII) fi!,«>VK>—2s dot Ladies super Kid Glove*,
10 •• men* white and blk "
6 “ misses colored do
<!•-< •* F H EATON 4 Co
/ I.U.IFi tiIMA PiSTOU—Just received, several
V./ p.ii'r ui \m v y and Dragoon Pistol*. Persons it>-
’'■'iili.ik to vim Calnortm would do well to call ami
esanti.m itnm Ai»c>. fine Wutcne.*. Jewelry, Silver
'Vnre. mii.ury uml buicy Goad*. for sale by
mai l-’ \V W WILSON. 57 market st
FHK.SH aKKIVaL— By Express this day. at W.
M Oiiiitqck's Carpet Warehouse. No 75 Fourth n,
the Richest Pnitrrit* INGRAIN CARPETS,
to which vre nivue ttic aiicutioii or pureharetr*.
phy invite* the attention of buyers to hts very full
assortment uf the above, goods, embracing the various
qaalltu* (row the lowest price to the finest. Also,
Mohair Lustre., very glossy and of rich Pans Mk
Also, u large luanriiuent of fancy Alpacas and Lus
tres. rnnsistu.g o« < tiutii*t m>le. satin striped, sauii and
fancy barred. Juniuik figured. Ac
Mu/an..e Dlur I’nrmoito*—A few pieces of these
desirable snd scar: >• goods oo bund—also. Mazarine
blur Alpacas and Mouse de Lame?, at the north cost
corner of Ftiuriu ami Murkel sis
Wholesale Room* up febl3
1 >L.\ NkKT tA»ATI.NG Drab. Lavender, grey mix-
JL) rd and b-ue. fur »«i e t»y the piece or package, at
maoulm 1,1-rr. prices, by MURPHY A LEE.
:>d> liberty n. opposite ath
('iLOl 11.t —I r»»e hiaek mixed hsnvy costimercs; 2
J do rw.-odv i.mcy eoiors, 1 do fancy cassunere
or salr at-ninjiufaciurers prices, t^y
Canal Boat Furnltnre.
II1 A VL on hand and for sale iow, Bank Frames,, Pillows, Comforts, guilts, Sheets,
Cushion's and Trimming* of all kinds,
tm al4:d3t \VM. NOIILFk Tliird street.
M'tMIUJ a id . wishing to close out thexr stock of
Mull* und Vicloricns tor the season, will sell
the balsncc t-mbrac-mg a good variety of Ltrx and
Fih-ii. as well a* the more common article*,) *t KAS
TLKNjtOST-lo which they would respectfully tnvilc
Ihc aiirjiunti of purchasers. NOW IS THE TIME
FOR BARGAINS. Call at corner Wood and Fifth
North Kavt . ok.vkr 4rii ami* Mxaxrrns., PrrrsncßGU.
PERSONS wanung Dry Goods will pleaso take no
tice 'hat thr above house ha* commenced recei
ving its NEW SPRING GOODS, and invite, thr roll*
of regniur m.inaiers and buyer* generally Goods
will he oil**rr*l ai low price*, and purchaser* will have
a large m d rhciifr assortment to select from
t'ouitiry .Merehunt* and other* urc invited to
examine tb* u-.ortmentin Wholesale Rooms, up stturs.
where n urge u-M>rm»citi of Print*, Gingham*, and
good* generally are now opening mart)
\'F.LLo\V NaNKEKNS—One cute"best"quility
1 loin-dale Nankeen*, just opened by
marPJ SHACKLKTT A WHITE, 96 wood st
LINF.N LLSTKiy—Twoca**;* plain, figured tnd*
luaev I'.aid*, bright color*. fuM received by
MODE COLORED AJ-PACASL—7 cases low priced,
medium and hue Alpaca*, Coburgs and Cash*
mrre*. jusi received by
JujiNsoit, 40 Marset street, are now opeqing their
stock of Spring Bonnots, Ribbons, Silks. Laces, Crepe
Line. Ac Dealers and others are invited to call and
examine them. i ntarl2
WHITF GOODS—Just received at Smith A~Joiis
bom’s. 4rt Market *ireeu a full stock of White
(rood*, comprising every vanety of Jaconet, Cambric
and Swiss Muslin*; check, plaid and figM do, Buhop
Lavro* und Book Muslins; Tarlatans, embroidered
Muslin* lor curtain*, Ac.,' to which they would invito
t „? ,lrrm °" °* dea{c ™ and others. marl'J
THE unde reigned havo erected works m the city of
New ork, tor the purpose of Galvanizing all arti-
Jroi V w “« h “ “»*ie»trahle to PROTF.CT FROM
RUST, «uch a* Tclegroph Wire, Bolt*, Spikes, Nails,
”«e wr Fence*. amfany other article which way b«
required. For Hoop* for Casks, osb substitute for Dole
Rope; lor Clothes Lines. Lightning Rods; and a host of
other applications, it will be found cheap and durable.
.fJP , P anicalar fy call attention to the Galvani
zed Wire for fences; it require* no paint, and will not
rust. .Also to Spikes und Bolts, the preservation of
which is of so macb importance, that it will commend
itself to the notice of all those interested.
GEO. U MORJvWOOP A CO., Patentee*,
oet3o-dAwlyT -14 aud HI Beaver st, N York
INFORM their friends and the public ihailhey have
no longer any connection with their late establish
mrut In Penn street, known a* the Pittsburgh Brewery,
buviu* removed their entire business to the POINT Piu »u«ci myl&d yR
WOOLEN SOCKB—JOO pft for for sale by
Head (loarten for Boot* and Shoe*.
Comer of Fourth and Southfield streets,
___ PmVaumH, P*.
wfil* TROTH A SCOTT having commenced** SR «
AS 9 the centfral Boot and Shoe business, Arltf
r whole sale ana retaiLwould respectfully
nmte tbe attention of their mends and the {mbits gen
erally, to their splendid new stock, consistingof
womens’. boys’, misses’ and childrens wear of every
variety, suitable for the season, and at prices to suit
the timea A* splendid article ofhome made work,
such as gentlemen** fine Boots, ladies, misses and
childrens fine work. Please call and examine far
yourselves. TROTH A SCOTT,
t corner 4th and Southfield su
N. B.—Traveling Trunks, Carpet Bags, Ac. Ac . al
ways on hand and'low for cosh.
Country merchants would find it to tbair interest to
give ns a call when visiting the city. tflehli
GEHERA < f“coamisBl3'N’ MKCHANT,
No. 33 South Water si., (between Chesnul A Market,
’ ITT* Particular attention will be given to sales oi
Flour and Produce; and any purchases in the Phila
delphia market far western account, aud any Produce
or Merchandise sent to htra through Mr. C. H. Grant
of Pittsburgh, will have attcuuon there free of commis
sion for receiving and forwarding. mar7:dtf
sons about to remove, anff wanting their stores or
bonses repaired, counters, shelving, doors, windows,
and hoisting wheels put up; carpenter work of all
kinds done on short notice on reasonable terms; cabi
net work mude to order and furniture neatly repaired
and rornished on reasonable terms, on Fifth street, be
tween Wood and Smithficld street, in the coffin ware*
bouse of John Liggett, late of Wm. Trovillo, opposite
the Allegheny Engine House.
lebla-diAplst JOSEPH PRICE.
AREOMETER. —The undersigned having adapted
an mstrument to the purpose of ascertaining lb*-
spectfic gravity or value at gold, is now prepared to
supply all whose business may require its nse. Ilia
small, convenient, and can be used without difficulty;
a glance being sufficient to show tbe process.
Persons contemplating going to Caufomia t would do
well to call and examine tbe instrument, as it is in ev
ety way calculated to protect them from fraud by ena
bling them at any time to ascertain the value of their
Printed direction* and table* will be supplied graiU'
Uou*ly to purchasers.
SAMUEL F.AKIIfS, Union street,
maO-Uii rear of John li. McFaden's Jewelry »tore
Commission Herchant and Forwarder,
&_/" Particular'attention paid to the purchasing of
of any article of Produce io ihjj market. Alao to the
forwarding of Good* generally. Refer to
Messrs. John Swtuoy k Co.")
“ Martin k Stock-well >Cincifinnh, t>.
S. C. E»q. }
Lippirtcott k Co.
K'ier k Jonea, >Pitlsbaroh, Pa.
English k Bennett, j nutr€:d6ct
No. 18 Cortlandt area, New York,
or*o*m tuiwuiun hotel.
The Croton ISumfoetoiilOff Company’,
(Organized onder the General Manatactonng Law
of the Slate of Now York.)
OFFER at wholesale, in quantities to suit purchas
ers, at raanal&cturers’ lowest price*, for cash or
approved credit—
r*PEa HsHoiitas of every variety of style and price.
Boanxa* io match.
Fire Board Prints in great variety.
Transparent Window Shades
Oil Punted Window r-nadc*, ind
Wide Window Curtmn Papers,
Of the latest styles and superior finish, all of their
own manufacture and importation. As their Stock is
large and entirely new, they invite Merchant*, Book
sellers, and Dealers in these articles, to call and exam
ine their styles and prices whenever they vi*it the
city, Country Merchant* can examine tais Stock
from 6 o'clock in the morning till to o’clock in the
evening. febtS-dlm
AT LOWEST RATES.—Just received, Pari* Fans
of latest styles, Percussion Caps, Teeth Brushes,
German Slates and Pencils, French Perfumery and
Druggists articles, with the most extensive variety o'
Fancy Goods in the eity. Dealers are invited to an
early examination before purchasing their supplies, a*
the goods will be offered at the lowest importation
rates. WM. TILLER, Importer,
NO l_Conmteree «t, Phil r_
ColTer'i Patent Coneave Beater Ohornt
WF. call the attention of the public to the article
heading this advertisement, and invite the enter
prising and curious to call and witness iu operation.
All advertisements in relation to this invention, to the
hundreds who have seen it tested, is supererogation.
Ist. Thu Churn will produce Duller, gathering it in
a mass, from sweet milt, in five to ten minutes! and
from cream prepared, as families usually prepare it, in
three to five minutes'.
!M. The utility of this invention is apparent, as bet
ter Butter can be produced from sweet milk, or cream,
than cream soured in ilio utuaUjvay; nod by means of
this churn, a little girl or hoy can perform, in five trr
ten minutes, what ha* heretofore required the labor of
a woman or man for one or two hours, and sometimes
half a day.
3d. By simply turning a thumb screw, the whole in
side dasher is taken out, leaving nothing but the butler
and milk in the plain wooden box.
4th It is the cheapest chum ever invented, as the
simplicity oi it» construction (though embodying a
great pbilo»ophical principle) makes it but little to
manufacture u.
sth. It is a common-sense chum, as all will admit
who will examine it.
We uivite the public to call and witness its operation
at our o&re in the Diamond, near the Black Bear Ta
vern, Pittsburgh, and at J F. Beckham’s, Federal «t,
(Late John M. Oiem k Co.) 1
N. W coaaxa Mauxt aid Chahlks Strkots,
WOULD inform Merchants and Merchant Tailors,
dial they have fitted up the floors over their Tai
loring and Clothing department, for the sale by the
.piece of Cloths, Cassuncres, Vestings, Tailors' Trim
mings, and all articles adapted to \he trade. The lib
eral patronage bestowed upon them, in this deportment
of their business, has indacod them to enlarge their
warehouse, to enable them fo meet their increased
One of the partners who has had Icing experi
ence in business, will devote his whola time to pur
chasing; and buyers may rely upon finding a large
stock ol whatever is most desimblo of European and
American manufacture, that money can procure.
New Cloth rooms will bo opened on the Ist March.
Entrance bn Charles street. febtsPfcodirra
Notice to Daguerreotype Artiste.
JUST received, a *uutH invoice of VOIUTLAEN
new coiistrucuon. These Insirameut* possess great
advantages over all others ever made, covering a -J.3
sizo Plate, reducing the time of tilting one-half, and
produemg a sharper, clearer and belter dnfiued pic
ture. They, therefore, deserve the attention of all Ar
tist* engaged or intending to engage ui the business.
Pnce for the Tube 3175.
A general assortment of Voigtlaender's justly cele
brated Instruments, of all eixe*. a* well as Daguerreo
type MittenaJ*, at the lowest rate*.
MR. PETER SMITH, Cincinnati. Ohio, •* our au
thorised agent for the sale df the nl>ovt> Instrument*.
A List of Prices can be obiaine*! by address-utg. post
paid. W A F. LANgENHEIM.
Exchange, Philadelphia.
Imponen 01 Daguerreotype Material*, and General
Agent* lor the *ale of Voigtlacmler* Optical Instru
ment*. martiieotlOm
Paper Usnglngs.
HAVING purchased at three of the largest Facto
ries in the East. 1 New ork, Philadelphia nn j
B*l imorc. 1 h large «*»oninent of the newest and most
improved style* of PAPER HANGINGS, BORDERS,
Ac-and made arrangement* by which I will be ena
bled to procure ali new Pattern*, simultaneous with
their appearance tu’he Eu<* rrn market, 1 would in
vite the attention of those desiring to have their house*
papered with the Intent style* of paper, to coll and
examine my slock, before purchasing elsewhere.
&I have now on the way from the East, cJO.OOO piece*
of Gold, jiauti Glazed, and common Paper Hanging*,
which I can self at* ranging from Idj et» to S 2
piece rachls_ S C HILU K 7 wood m
REMOVAL. —We -»ave removed ofir Book Store*
from 5d Market street and 7? Wood »irert, to tiic
house formerly occupied by Messrs. Wiliam Bell A
Son, No. 7y Wood street, bet *reen Fourth aud Dnunotid
alley mart KLUoTT A ENGLISH.
.Manufacio'or and dealer in oil kinds of
AT hi* Old Stand, corner of Smuhhcld street and
Diamond alley, Pittsburgh. Pv. would rr-pectfui
ly call ihs attention of Gountry Merchant.*, Hotel and
Steamnoui Barkeepers, to and Hiipctior aesort
metti of LMINJRTED CIGARS, amur.g which w.II be
found the tallowing brands, viz; Engle. Regalia, Ca»-
tellot, Principe, La Nonnas, Star Branc. .Minerva and
Dollar Regalias, all of which will be sold as low as
can be hod at any other ' >u.*e iu the city.
Al*o. constantly on hand and for sale, a large and
well selected stoii of Virginia, .Missouri.and Fine Cut
Chewing Tobnero
Also, Havana, Cuba and Common Leaf Tobacco,
constantly on hand and for sole. uuv3:dGin
PW.N PING PAFllß—Having tiie excfu»ivo agency
for the sale of the. Mill Grove Ynuttivg Paper, (S.
B. A C P Markle, Proprietors.) we will be constantly
supplied with all tiur-diflcrent size* of saperio'r quality,
wtuuh we offer at the lowest regular pace*. ’
feb'Jt comer Penn and Irwin *t*
rpHE undersigned having removed to Washington
1 city, will intend to the prosecution of claims ou
the Government, and to-any law business before the
Coons of the District, with which he may be entrusted
_de<y*-d3TUs ANDREW WYLIE, Ja.
per/; nit, onrrarr-
Demist Corner ofKourth
iTr*** 1 "><l Decatur, between
Market and Ferry sticeu. wp^-dlyin
INDIA RUBBER PASTE—Just receiving, 2 gross
bottles of Rubber Paste, a supunor anielc, highly
Important to persons that wish to keep their feci dry.
It prevents the leather from cracking, and will take a
polish over it. For sale at the India Rubber Depot.
No 5 Wood Street mart J A H PHILLIPS
PURSE LOST—A Bead Purse, of blur ground, con
taining City Scrip and Silver, was yesterday lost
somewhere between lb« comer of 4th tuul Wood si*,
and Washington and Wylie streets, via Liberty, Se
venth and \V ebster sts. The finder will t>e suitably
rewarded by returning it to the Variety Store of
No. 134 Noam Sbtoxs staxst, PuinxDrtt-ruix,
Manufacturer and importer oi double and
single barrel Shot Guns, Kiflcj- and Pistols, Pow
der Flasks, Shot Bogs, Pouches, Ac Ac.
Also, six barrel Revolving Pistols, and materials for
Qon Makers' use. febld-codGw
‘ tassn'pullil TKAB,
Wholesale and retail, at the
PEKIN TEA STORE, 70 Fourth, street, near Wood.
Pittsburgh.—The subscriber having just returned
from New York, is now receiving a large 101 l supply
of fresh GREEN AND ULAUK TEAS, from the New
York Pekin Tea Company, selected with grcatcarc for
retail sales. Our stock being now heavy we are pre
f>ared to supply Grocers, Hotels, Steamboats und Fatn-
Llm with any quantity and at any price they may wish;
packed In L I and 1 pound packages,'s lb. tin canis
ters, 0 and 13 lb cutty boxes, and in half chests.
Retail Grocer* are invited to call, as We eaa and
will sell better Tea# at lower prices than any other
bouse in Pittsburgh.
Our stork of fine Young Hyson, Gunpowder, and hn
penal Green, mid Oolong Black Tea* are the best in
the American tnuikrt.
levering’* double refined Crushed, nml Pul
verized Sugar*, at retail, or by the barrel.
COFFEES— Mocha, Old Gov. Java, Laguira, St. Do
mingo and Rjo Coffees, •electrd by lire most experien
ced coffee Broker mNew York.
Sweet Spiced Chocolate, Pickled Cucumbers and
Onions, Fresh Peaches, pul up in their own juice.
Malaga Raisins; in 3 lb boxes.
N B.— All Dr. D. Javnc's Family Medicines for sale.
dee9-dAwB A. JAVNE9.
CaJifornla Illflea-
Q/Yfl RIFLES, same finish as the new model per
cusstou Lock Rides, now used br the United
State* GoverninentT • They are stroeg, well Dade, and
•umccoble Gun*,* exactly tbo article for the CaH&r
nia Trade, manufactured and for sale br
No 134 MOTCIx Second street, Philadelphia.
w.,,i. «. .
toikt, •
MA highly eligible Basina** Sum Boon, and
three story Dwelling* MW 4* Canal Bndfe,
Brt ™ l
mch!7:upi i near the premises
niag order, «j inch cylinder, 30 inch stroke?!?®!*
ler 14 feet long, 36 inches in diameter; fly wbeftTa
cWl A No. one lute of shafts, IS feet long, Si fawbfij
in diameter, with drums; one upright saw. EttQW*®«
roartaf MATTHEW SMITH, No. 46 High ft > *
AF ARM situate on the N. W. bank of the OHo riv
er, mite mile* below Pittsburgh, containing CS*
lfttr the property of John lu. Hood, deceased,
and known an ‘•Sale Landing. 3
ileXerrnce to David Hood, on the premises: Wo. M.
Allegheny, and ihe undersigned in tne city of
Philadelphia febl-thaeod CHARLES GILPIN.
A otter* for caie the extensive plantation in Arkas
f?fl_ rae belonging to and occupied by the late
o{ Maryland, and containing twenty
eight hundred and eighty-threat and a half acres of land.
I hi* estate he* in the counties of I’hillipa and Crit
tenden. and m situated in Walnut Bend, on the Missis
sippi nver, twenty-five miles above the town of Hele
na. It is said to be the highest river land in that re
pon of country. iu soil is peculiarly adapted to the
cTowtb of cotton. It* improvements arc an overseer's
hoose, a horse-mill, *everal com houses, and good
quarters for servants. *
Upwards of seven hundred acres of this land have
been cleared and are now cultivated. The rest of it
raav be easily cleared, (the most being already donej
and Ims less timber upon it, and that ohiefty of ash,
which is readily sold at a well located wood yard, in
quantities of several thousand ccnls every year.
Thu plantation is one of great value, and presents a
rare opportunity to the public. In the hands of a good
planter it mpy he easily made of immense annual pro
fit. It* larilmes of intercourse with Now Orleans afc
ford a constant avenue for the disposal of Its product*.
It i* distant about 800 miles from (Nncinnin.S9o
miles from the mouth of the Ohio, and 740 mile* from
.New Orleans.
This property divided into several parta,' If
For lennt, Jkc., apply (post paid) to
Baltimore, Maryland.
905 Acres Coal Land for Sals*
SITUATED on the MofconffabelariTer, about ISmilea
from Pittsburgh and 3 miles above thinl Lock, in
the immediate neighborhood of Messrs. Ltoq A Short),
and Mr. John Herron's purchase. This one body or
Goal will be sold at the low price of s33per sere emo
third in hand, balance in five equal animal payments,
without interest. Title indisputable. Treating very
good— cannot bo surpassed. For ftrrther particulars
enquire ot'S. RALSL&Y, who has a draft of said pro
pel i - ' Residence 2d ft, below Ferry, Mr. Adams*Bow.
N. U. There is another soam of coal on this tnat,
abou' iki feet above the lower, of excellent Quality.
_ gR
It) ' T (is* OF ' HOUND, aimated near the
•'»! «.• :ensbargh Turnpike, 3| miles
trmn the cn,, Via adjoin'iig the Allegheny Cem
etery, on which i? erected c. ;irge and well antshed
twe story' bnck Dwcllnig House, together with stables,
carnage house, &c ThereL* also on the premises a
Inree variety of 'rig; tree*, and a sprinp rftmusoa! ex
cellence cnitiiguoup to the dwelling.
; WM. VOUNO, Is 3 Liberty >t
Valuable Real Bitate ftr Sale*
TITE Truatccs of the Western Theological Seminary
having decided to sell. on perpetual lease, a por
tion of tin.-ir properly m Allegheny city, offei on very
favorable tonus, 3O to SU Lots or different
A warrantee utiq will be Riven: Apian of tire lota can
be »eeu at No. 12D Wood street.
Por particulars, enquire of either of the undersigned
Committee. JOHN T. LOGAN,
Valuable Real Estate for Bala*
THE following property in the city of Pittsburgh,
and uear the borough of .Manchester, on the Ohio <
nver, i< offered for sale on accommodating terms
3 Lon (being sub-division of Lot No 469 in the plan
of the city of Pittsburgh,) having,‘Jo feet fronton Se
venth street, byS3u feet to Strawborry alley, near
Grant street.
10 out acre Lott fronting on an Avenue, 60 feet
ride, running from Beaver road,io the Ohio river, ad*
awing rhiltipK’a Os ! Cloth Factory.
For terms, enquire of CHARMS* B. SCULLY,
Bartel Building, 4th at
Lot on Liberty Street for LeMtt
ONE LOT,4’J fceifiont on Liberty street, by U£ feet
io Brewery alley, nearly opposite Weit street,
and convenient to the Monongahela river, will be l»«t
-ed for r term of years. Enquire of
Burke's Bnildiny, 4th st.
Valuable Property tor 8al«.
enl Lou on Baldwin and Libcny street*, in tie
b'b Whrd, 24 feel by; 100, and adjacent the proposed
depot o:' the Central' Railroad, For terms inquire of
inarll‘:U Barke's Building, 4tb it
MFROM Ist oil April next, qn reasonable terns,
to good it-naimt six romkmaWo two story.JJricK
Dwellings. with cellars; vuulu and back build
ings. situated o.i Rnbin«c*u imtl Craig street*. Allegho
ny city. Enquire oi - SWKJT2RR A REED,
mar-:dtf Otiice Third st, opposjft St Charles Hctpl
ON frvornbte terms—A Lot of (.round on the sooth
side oi Penn street, near the Monougahela river,
tromiit- •*) luet ou !Vi, li-street, and extending 110 feet
in depth io an alley 20 (1 wfllcj a most desirable Idea
tion cither tor private residences or Tor manufactnrinr'
purpo?r«. Enquire of J SCHOONMAKER & Co,
No 24 Wood st
Brick Dwelling, with acres highly improved
Land, rimmed in Oakland, to let from Ist April
_ .. ... . _ 44 Water street
MFOR RENT—For one to three years, from the
hrst of April non. a largo two stoned briek
Dwelling ffoust*, pleasantly situated oitlbe b«"P
ot the Ohio river, Rdjoirung the borough of Monthes]
ter. with about four acres ofland, out buildings, fruit;
trees, Ac. Ac. Apply to
MA LARGE and well finished Room, second
riory, on the corner of Wood and Third streets,
nnnve the Mrrhange office of Wra H WiUliln*.
given immediately. Inquire of
J H -5 M’GILI.S A ROE, 104 Liberty st
For Rent, 1
Min Allegheny city, a pleasant Dwelling House
ami large Garden, oa the second bank.adjoining
Gen. Hogg. For terms, inquire of Mr. Ben).
Giydc 011 the premise*, oral ht# store, No 123 Wood
street; or apply 10 AJ.EX. BRACKENHIDGE.
MTO Ll-rr-A large imek Dwelling 1 House,
suitable idr two families, situated ou Federal
street, Allegheny, above Mr. Graves’ ROTS.
Apply to 11. LEE,
_ f c b-l Liberty at, opposite ith
SJX OUT LOTS?, fa the Reserve, back of Allegheny
a.ul Mancii ester, No*. 19-1. life. IDO, 197, 22§ and
•ill. containing about 10 acre# each. Alio, eleven
contitu >u* 10l- 111 tb« Ninth Ward, 24 feet on Caraon
street ; y )ai hi depth to Patterson's line.
Twj ol* on Liberty rtrecL 24 fc«rt by 100 to Spring
alley. Iltc*e lots are m tfic 9th Warn, near tho lino
of the sdi Ward. Inquire of
M I'WO LOTS Oi. Beaver sireet, in the city of
JusL Allfgftcny. above Hie upper Commons, on which
i* erected a frame building, two stages high, sustubl*
for two small tenement*. ’I he ,ot* are each twenty
lect i.; from by one hundred fret deep, and run back
to a street tort, :ct-t wide Thu building* on the pre.
ini«C3 w id pay u very bundsomc interest on the invest'
uicnt. .ibe »i l! be sold cheap for cosh.
A;ij*-.'toH sproul.t.’lcrk’*office U.S.orto
_ _?*' KaY ACo
F’O ii ' \i KNT.
for rt-i • r or lPrm
■fx couveniem well fin-
-vo,\' • '-vtlb-i icu*e, cnmajrting b rooms
nid i.-.y I**.. 1 t .ot of containing If
m-:;* n; lui*- young irec* f cvcyy kind, stable,
Ac., eoitncfcij with the dotisv To any personwish
;ng a .gnttal residence within a low minutes Tide o<
ttir cay. tan. will be a rare chance. For terms, which
wt:i oc low to* good tenant, inquire of Mr. Jno.
\S r.- a urn me premises, of John Watt, corner U
Hand a id I jherty BUect*,or of
Scotch Bottom Land for Salel
H'r'N M RU'S OK I.aND, situated in Peebles town
1. *iup. ' a the Mono.,gabel 1. three miles from Pin*-
burr’* h> 01*10 huh purchasers. For ftmher partic
ular- vply to Henry Woods, :i*l »u or to
r.ovtrj-mf lih, above rimithfieln rt
A ARfciiioiSL FuKSAIJ-I—The subscriber
tur -ale the thre** story brick Warehouse
i>n NS oo*l street, occupied by R. Tanner A Co.
apn >yM. Jr.
FnRriALK—A I.m of Ground situate on Peon
*lrcrt. l<i»tw« (ui Hay m-d Msrbury *trecta, adjoining
the house ond lot now occupied by Richard Edwards,
having a front of 25 teei, and m dcplli 120 feet, will be
«old on isvorahic term- Title unexceptionable. En
quire m c U l/OO.MIS, 4ih et, ucar Wood,
For .Sale.
ADMIRABLE Building Lot in Aliezbeny cUy, ft
wnii'iiy i»<-n;r<l, in -<ze about half an acre, and
•Atii be mid on ttccoiutnodßiing term*. Inqmreof
fetid J D WILLIA.MB, 110 wood n
I-utR .RENT—A room m the second story. No.
era 'Jtl Wonii struct j 029
For California.
rj* HE > clcbraled Hazard. Rifle Powder, m'kegs, half
J. krg*. quarter* and cons, for *ulc by
J S DILWonTH A CV». 37w00d st
~ Yndepexirletki I*allce Olfice,
VTO. U'-j FOURTH .STHELT —Commuting Magis
i.l trait, Auuttt3Li> STEUh. Chief of Police, Roaxxx
ILurt. jal6-d3m
rrt() rt »I'NTRY MERCHANTS—Smith A Joemoa,
1 4H Market street, win r-ell yoo hosiery cheaper
than the csn replace t'leni—having l>ought them at a
large pu'.’koce sale previous to the advance iu pnce.
rtf.ll sell you Straw bonneu and Vanety Goods
a* cheap a* you can buy then: of Eastsru JohWrs.—
Come and sen mcbls
4 Aft ÜBLS. TANNERS’ OIL, in handsome mail
4UU barrel*.
OlL—Coiuiaialy on hand, bleached and unbteSchJ
r.l winter aad spring Sperm Elephant and Whale Oils!
Ai*o, Lzht co.'orc.j selected N. W. Coast NVhalo Oil,
suitable tor retailing.
PaTl'-NT OIL Foil MACHINERY—The iuboeri
ber* are now prepare*! to -upply 'Devlan’s Patent Oil*
in any quantity: maeiunisu, manufacturers, Ac, ore
request'd to cal I and examine the article. Certificates
0/ it* efficacy and superiority over ail other oils, from
-everai of our roust extensive manufacturers, are in
our po?*-*««un! ALLEN A NEEDLES, Agts,
22 and t O south wharves, near Chesuiut *L,
febid-rodbiu Philadelphia.
h x x:s«i, Bedford, Fn. ioiiv sivmiud, Ind7nnq, p»,
WHOLESALE GROfiEHS, Forwarding and Com
mission Me-Tchaiiu, and dea.rrs m Produce and
Pittsburgh Manufactures, corner of tho Diamond and
Diamond alley, Pittsburgh.
Refbkc*c£»— Dr. P. Shornberger, ) n . .
Richard Bard. j rutaburgh.
Hon. Jo«. Morrinon.)- .
Rich. S. Elliott, K*q. \ 8L Loaxa.
Huaon Dram, Esq., Grecnsburghj
T Gemmill A Co., Philadelphia.' .
J- hURfSen A Sons, Pa. ‘
Mttlhollau A Ray, Ulaimriue.
&p3wA«wfi; ■
iMSM —10 bbis No 1 Mackerel, lor sale by
1 mcblfl 8 F VON BOVNHOttSTACo
I'EA— 12 hf eh.ecis *nr»er:or Tea. Just receivqS.
and for sale by BROWN A CULBERTSON
BUTrER— It bhl* prime Roll Butter, 5 kegv pock’d
do, received and for tain by ■
ArPLES— 40 bbU Rnsse* Apples, fast ree’d and for
sale by mcb« TASSEL A BEST
L liswS .