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, FmuLßit Dailt Gazxttx u published
Daiiy, TO'Wrckly, and Weekly .-rThe Daily u Seven
J\fc.jrs per snnnmj the Tri-Weekly ia Fire Dollar? per
Weekly Is Two Dollars per soman, strictly
n.7"XjJ7SSfISt» ar&'eame*UT reqaettedio hand In
'Jkt' £a«v»> iKjare.& t.x-, ana a» early unhc/Jay a*
prariiftU'.t- A<*vertlacfficnU nottn*e 1 ind torwspeei
CedOute vrUl i*i*anably be charged until ordered out
v»d«rmjf«-ramie anil *Qb*tription* to iheNonh Amer*
Scflu and tolled StaiCsGaxetW, Philadelphia, retorted
and fcrtmnled from ihu ofliee.
-i.-. 111 *♦ • :
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liiuLßOAp novEiaEKTs.
Tho excitement in reference in Railroad* st
poutisj.iresl of the city, is now most intense. N eP<f
hate ire witnessed a greaicr interest
on any subject, than is now exhibited by lb * P* o **
of Ohio and Indiana, who seem
secure at speedily ns possible, access to the « a
cm market. • rt
Among tie projects which will hate*® '^ n .
bearing upon this city, as we may in *‘ me _ j
Heeled with is lh» Mississippi Ohio
road for the construction Ol a «
Cincinnati to Sl Louis. This • company _
ponied by the Stales of Ohio
will, BO doubt, be also by Iffinois, .-^
mg of the Legislature. A "jT. ll on lie con’
eloct has already been ora * n>l counties.
7 r, aggregate, if we
aad individuals, mnoeaW la.
recoiled a right, to over l d by u,e Ohio
the ad of „ m l, or i«d to'
L 7; , 7*; ,^ C 0?0 ld”r;“.sea. are soon to
subscribe SLWOi unction to the measure,
bo called upon tp give their sancuon
■which they will no doubt do.
To coma neiucrhome' The ctbzeu of Sldt>eo.
vdle, add the enemies aad towns w ? .t of them, in
the direction of Colombns, ore argmg
their project, with very praiseworthy seal. Theuf
Corooratum U rtyled the “Sleobeaville and Indiana
Rhilroad Gooipany,” and we understand they have
an excellent charter. They have iuely procured
some supplementary legislntiim, of a very import
suit chnEtcler, which authorises the company u>
construct'n bridge across the Ohß, with the con
sent of Virginia, tor the- putposo of bringing their |
read lo Pittsburgh, andtdso granw sfcme privileges
■ in regard to change of route. U also authorise*
iho Mayor and Town Council of Steubenville, in
Jefferson connty, and all other incorporated townh
through or near which the . road; may be located,
and tho Commissioners of Jefferson, and all othejr
colioticsgtmd the trustees of-tbe aovernl townships
through which , said road tony he localed, each
respectively, to subscribe in the capital slock Of
the company, a sum not exceeding $200,000 on
the part of the counties; and $lOO,OOO on tile part
of the towns and townships. Tbisbapplememary
act places the company at once on vantage ground,
* and it bids fair to be ijorraldable competitor lo the
Viva! routes reeking an eastern terminus through
afld PiUal.urgh Railroad Coin- I u
panv” are pushing Ikeir road ahead wiih remark-1 a
able pcr.nvenmce ipd. rwoldliM- Aboa} one-ball „
the route, fro in Cleveland to lVctlsvdle, ta now I „
under contract; and the reminder ia expected. to
,-be given out llnj' coining *!«'■«• Thls Co “ l ’ a " y I a
' haa also obtained legialalioo anthoriring the county r
: or Portage, and the City of Cleveland to jubaenhe I ■
1 largely to the slock of Ike company, and the ‘|ue;- I ,
i- Bon but bo laid before the people early in April, 1 1
and will, no’ doubt, be answered mfiroiat i vely. Tin. I
■ sroad will cot only connect ns With tile Lakes, bnt 1
with. Cincinnati nbd, by tneaus of the Cleveland I
and Columbus road, which is to be put under con. 1
tract along its whole length, the coming Mason. I
Car friends in Ohio, on the fine of the “Pennsyb I
venia nhd Ohio Railroad," are not. idle, amidrt all
this commepdable inclivity. In Richland county,
legislation has beea obtained,, authorizing a sub-
Knotiin or stock; and in Stark connlyd also, and
flic 'ConmiiesionetS' have noiilled tho people to I
meet mii&otn on Upt subject. In Wnynfc and Cc-1
' lumbiahtt'eminiiesnbe friends of the route sre also
1 active.* • . ; , . 1
Initire midst of alllhis aelWlly, of this earnest el-1
fort, to seenre railroad oonnectiona with thin city,
on the port offlbtt people ofrObio, what’ i» P«t»-
bnrgh doing’ Isghe doing her share-i. t ae true
to berscH to her own inleresis ? Lst onr property
holdets,our monied and taftaenunl men, concur
the question to their own consciences, as they will
bo compelled to do to the whole country, before
Tills extraordinary people, as "ingniar m tiieir
origin, as absurd in their religious opinions, seem
destined to act quite an important part in the stri
king event of the 10th century. After their lerrl
ble persecution and banishment from Nanvoo, and
He death of thdr'Prophel, they gradnully passed
out of public view, .until the late discoveries of gold
in Californio, have again brought them into nelrcc,
and they aro found to be located in the most singu
larly interesting spot on the American Comment,
and notwithstanding all their terrible Inals, mcreatr
ing and nourishing more than ever.
From England and Wales they draw largely u>
fill up, their scattered ranks; snd great accessions
ore expected oeross the Atlantic the approaching
season. Inns . English papers give an account of
n large parly or Welsh Mormons, who ore on their
wny, under the command of a Saint known ns
Capt. Dsn Jones. Among the group worti many
, substantial fanners from ihencighborhoodsofßrech
fa and Uanyhiddcr, Carmarthenshire; and aUhoogh
Hoy were well to do, they disposed of their
possessions to get to California, their New Jcrnsa
Jem, as they deem It, where their fimalictsm teaches
them to believe they will escape from the general
, destruction nod conHagrullonrthal is shortly fr> en
velope the earth. Amongst Ihe number nSe sev|*
ral aged men, from seventy to ninety years of age,
who break up all their old associations, dud brave
the hardships of ths tettihlo journey bejore them,
from attachment to their visionary failbj Besides
Ibosnwbo are coming from Europe, many ofwbonf
will go by the way of Cape Horn, there are seve
ral thousands located in jhe neighborhood of Conn
ed Bluffs, outlie Missouri, who will move ft.,,
spring towards their mountain home ly the Salt
■ jLko la St. Louis, aays tho Ilcpubhcan, there
'• are al present a great number, perhaps one or two
thousand, who will start ns imon a. their clreum-,
stances und the season will permit. Hundreds
are also arriviug every,week in that place, whore
-■ere..,, destination is tho Saull Lake, and among
them- upwards of three hundred English have ar
rived within u.shqlt tithe. The Republican justly
jvtpasks,—thet those who do not Ijtiow thesy peo
ple or have not Ihe means of witnessing tho ex
rent of their proselytism, will be dnrprised at the
number who nre connecting themselves with Ihe
Mormon Church. The persecutions lhay have
met with nave only gilien them rtrelngth, inftuence,
and sympathy; and the; persons who are now join
ing them, are, in-intelligence and property, above
He rank which bus usually been escribed la their
members. , _ _
• .
* ;
Bmmart Doom Maoaetm, fa March,,. «jt c
cxceilentunmier of tot cheap •»■!. P°P atar
zmo. It to mttorop to engnmnpg and u.
manor fa of a Tory attractive chsaeler. Th“
to been .te.dily.impso™*, and fa highly dr r»
ing erf public patronage. ,
A loiter from bhagres, dated February 3d. Mate.,
that the atlmbct of parrangers that have crowed
IhefathmUB at that pointsince the gold excitement
vra. G 69. In addinolt to tbcao there were 148
passenger, at Cbagres preparing to go over.-
Of those who bare creased ever, the H. S. mad
gtmuner California bad taken away 350 to San
Francisco. .
OMBo Bo.imM.-The Louisville Journal
tl,al Ute capital invested la the best das of WeM,
_ m steam bojts fa comparatively
C 6 per coot. fa m'some oos. the me of probj.
..copiew also, and partially endorses, a statemt«l
totalnnmbar of boat, now mamagupon
ii ihe streams emptying into tbo MisslauppM*
oi these tots fa 118,655 tobfe
, .te. fa estimated at SW-W tbe yerf*
*19915,«3, and the annual earoin?*«t
“"if.Cgfo. ’ Tie largest number of >ll tho fato
„ ■og *ia sid, lose money, while the «n
to O-M* Iteto
“ tor banter** subjected to ike
£3S&*i** •«•>— 1 •■*“
,e»tob«P« l! W ii
Greet Flood at Chleatto—l«om **oo,ooo.
Special de.spatck'iaVte Alerts Evening
r 't l3—B *&■
We have been Suited by a terrible
has destroyed an immense jaraoantofprof* 1 '?- *
damage done io/cbmmerre’aloae .»* estimaieo
over $100,000.: ' , j^roy-
Thc following-is a of the ¥ew f 5 T,io this
ed andamaged, aj far as oscettamK
Brig Sl Loqi& sunk, entire fide**i uve
and Diamond broken foidJbng fcu*rj Wbirlwmd.
in and sunk,'landed ■ A.«hlaad and
hides rtoveitt’apd wank- |Tt*£ oibexa bkdlj 4 s *
G*n. Wortl., »<!hr «j,gS?«w ,„nlr.- • '
[K„ a^etM l ' l corttfily
. Jtis impend* m Om vlaiwy.
Hie eft J lll
Picpeflcr* «oike are lying °n 111,1 IO P
inui Mrt^ I “JJjj in «pp*»f 111 111 Ibc “““f 1
ifll »»!«. “"i P«» fea[s nre
Wlll b " mcrc! '”
“‘Xj| lha canal W», «Uh Urn caption of onapr
tw * are entolj or hsve f on ,° *'
X ’ Several JeSHolo have *oue oulaiJe , and are
.31 fke low. One or LWO to. toe
been lost in tfadfcHing of Byars on board of vessels
’io the harbor . , • I
Fl-sttieb We received by last
I night’s m'ni|t the Detroit Advertiser, eontniuing
turther and mbre particular accounts of the flood
at Chicago, involving lo*' of Ufa, and property to
ihe amount Of s2oty)oo'. A gl distance beiow
the city, the river was dammed by the
heavy masses of ice and boatsßmmed io together;
•ad here the* scene wps reprtsenled as a\>palmg
beyond description. At this Joint there were 23
| vessels, two-propelUMs and staamboaU, all
being more or less injured. Several lives Were
Kidd to be lost. A boy wo* crushed to death at |
Randolph street bridge. A little girl was killed
i>y the falling o! a topi mast. A number of men
are reported-ld have been lost; and it was feared
that the loss'of Ufa was much greater than had
been reported.
Muhdeb AMD Attempted Suicide.—The
Orleans papers contain acqpnats of a bloody trags
edy, which occurred. in that city oil the sth insL It
appears Ihol one Joseph Bradly, captain-of the
schooner Friendships and a young woman named
I Daly, alias Fanny Young, scarcely H years of age.
I lured a reom,where they lived as man and wile.
I Bradly being aboul to leave fbr California with his
I Teasel, endeavored to persuade the girl lo accouipa
ay him, which she refused. This caused him lo con-
I templnlo the murder of the girl and his own self
1 destruction, as appears from papers found in hi.
I pocket. In the former he sooeeeded and, although
1 I he cm hfa.own threat, life was not eElinol.and d
1 1 was thought he would recover. Bradly ha. n wits
1 I and family in Msssachuseua
M. Ehreaberg, Bean ol tht, faculty of medicine
of Berlin has addressed lo '.he Academy of Med:
cfne of: Pari., an account of microscope caper,
menu on }he atmosphere, at the time of the obole
ru. Hi 'declares, that he has nude a calalogui
|of upward, of three handled different limns o
corpus*Me., whirl, dual in the upper and lowe
CEeruM.atAN.-We have observed m the pa
,0,, of Idle the deatl.of quite a number ol perren.
who were over one hundred years of ege. One
>f these .’.-.George V««. *•“ ~
„a whs the last remnant ol i.enernl Well a «-
mi al the taking iff Eluebec m IW
At tbit litne of his'dealh 120 years ol age. An
other, who recently died near Months., Penn.,
named John Adams, wa, aged 10. yea.s, and a
soldier in the. Kcolauoa. He was from Mnsea
ohusetts, an#is said to hare been related to the
tans Presidents of his name, s» well as to drew
salipode, Ee Governor lliil, of N H. Heposicss
ed ranch tail#! for wrmng. evea smee h. P*s“ d
I handfr.lifa year.
gorlona Cb»r«e*-Ijoaa of Sbipn.
Wt' iinvs hereluloie n>eul,oned,llle I ■»« ol »
,hj p Knutl,o, ueir Bovine harbor, reeawpanied tv
the deilt of her cnplain and many of Ilia new
The Hewn Traveller of Inal. evening hna Ihe lot
lowing, in.rclirehce in the Frontlin
have been wmewhal
day or two, hy wbuperinga id certain
ariUUtt. « J » Bt \h e scene -o L the Wreck of
I S f ~^
rttocbihc her destination hy running her ashore.
?£rs?scUcrv of course excite# great astoawk-
The w Franklin wns
nl wi nrhitili wo# insured In imt ■<.«>• AI4WIU *
w“«aM°anl» of Ihe wreck,Teeeived nl tbe time
H *‘k. A in M .w: a »r:Lrtro,h^
• i nut! were drowned on their way j
Kk ahorl ’ to remained on the wreck |
saved bat three, who were washed otl and
'■''ylwd.y, ...e of the accnaed partie. was nr
ri2d byihe.l'. S. marahal, aad b»d a
1 SIOdJOO fir bis fotore appearance. lie uUe J ?‘ *
l „L,>e charge,'and sajvf Ml 7 »“■* letter exinu.
Tlie Bastoa.Trao.eri pi goes more into portico-
toe name, at the parties implicated.-
Matolilion to ttie shot. wc learn that too offiooo
oli'J'X »juch
(!SfopVo« r andy>d” d »7“‘Sr“ r - Crafls 15
I Stored., nr South Boston, and ha,
Keen arrested. Mr. Wilson... misMOg- The msu
res!* odlcers too dotormtoed to ferret out tors
“Soto matter, and hn.e employed legal ouneel m
lilitj case.
•The Musirsirr! —High Water. The New
Otienna l'icnyttde of the Bib instant ha. the fellow-
reference to toe recent Hood m the M.mis
l^r„ra IsuroATXO— Creoruu.—The aenmbonl
I CdmbSore Perry, which.arrivcd here last mgbt,
I Wntnowrem , in ns mile#
|irrS g toUhto^^to c ,en,
1 Breacii.— The steam boat Gen., Worth
«bse,ooouy break m tlm letre.
’ toe’ Sdatton will do an rmmense
I 1 d*£l Of injafy to the neighboring plantations-
• The Washington corfespondeul tf the New
iork Express stales that Judge Crunch, Chief Jus
tine of the Circuit and District Court of the District
of Columbia; who has thu' powers to reverse Um
dicisions of the Commissioner of Patente, has dc
cited that both Prof Morso and Mr. Dame nre en
Ulied to patents for the Telegraph, which the,
hove invented. The ground on which he baser
the decision is, that neilhdr a principle nor nn elfet.
esn be'patented: —thnl twJ* methods oi elfectijig
tho same tbiog BS, ench he patented, and that the
two invention, in question are igpicintly dislmct
lo entitle each to a putent- A
. The opinion ot Judge CranchS&ses ns SiUows:
1 am therefore of opinion and so decide, lhal
(Samuel Fi B. Morse is entitled to a patent far the
ComUinntiOo which he ha. invenleTaud claimed
„ Sd described in the specification and drawings.
And tbit Alesander Batae isenuiled lo a patent
■ for the cohibinalion wbieh bo has invented, claims
1 ed and d&ribod in bia specification and drawing,
r f-qrovided they .ball, respectively, have complied
i „Sh nil the requisites of the lew to entlUo them 10
their respective patent*"
This close* the monopolyoflhe Telegraph system
attempted by Kendell & Co., oed places the veri
oua lines built by Mr! O'Reilly la ah independet
position, an he ban secured Bain’s invention lor bis
Sicirttss among EsiGitA.Tra.~Tbo New York
Gourierand Enquirer 'says, that tltere sre'npwardj
oHOO [iatients in the hospital at Bellovue-, and a
mon" them Co’iSales oT typhns lever. Two of the
physicians m downwill, d 1" decease; 0 " d lb,!
prospect forlfc future is not very cheering. The
Marina Hospital nod the Hospitalon Ward's Island
are dlled to oversowing, and the emigrants still
crnto in shoals. It iiestimaled that between now
the lid of May, 30iW0 emigrants will land at
tliis port. ,
Thursday evening last. In Philadelphia, the com
mencement of the Homeopathic Collego,bf Penn
aylvnnia, toot place, and the degree of Doctor of
Medicine was conferred On the following gentle,
moo. »im—H. F- Davis, Ohio; J. K. Clark, Ma*aq
D..R. GarUoner, Fednm; N. S. Eogle, N. J.; fi. B
Hall N. J-; S. O. Scpiler, N. Y. Judge Parsons,
President of the College, upon the presentation of
the diblomas, medo eotneyery. appropriate remarts
aitd ft* nddress was. delivered by Dr. &B. Mat
tlinwh, Professor of Mnterin Medina ioWOpßeg*
& large number of persons were prenentonibeoc
pprg Casai CoMTAiOr.—A an election held al
ithe Canal office in* Erie on the sth inst, the toUow.
v were chosen Directors for the ensn.
i air* 3 * Charles M. 1 Reed, Wo. Kelley, T. G.
Coil, J. A. Trocy, B. B. Vincent, A- W; Brewster,
ofEjie, and M. B. Lowry, of Crawford. Mr. Brews,
ter was chosen in place of John W. Waugh, of
Greeneville; with this exception the board remains
as last year. Wo. Kelley was elected President
and Wra. W. fleed Secretary and Treasurer in
piacc of M. Goodwin. T. G.*Coll wap appointed
Collector at Ertv, and James Mills 'Collector at
Gteeneville, in pToeeW E. Garber, who declined a
The Lexington Observer has an article strongly
combating the position taken in Mr. Clay’a Letter
on Emancipatipn in Kentncky, and concluding
u lf Mr. Clay had been in Kentucky, and folly ap
prised of public feeling upon this subject, as dis
played in the Legislaturennd elsewhere, he would
have made, we think, the concluding part of bis
leuer still stronger, and frankly said at once that be
saw no hope of executing his wishes now, and ad
vised his friends to relinquish an impracticable un
“What effect this document i* to have upon the
country remain* to be seen. We believe the set
tled convictions ofttie public mind on ibis subject
are 100 strong to be shaken by the potent 'Dfluence
ofMr. Clay’s name orthe strength of the arguments
he may adduce."
The Louisville Jourhal confirm* the accuracy
of this reflection of popular sentiment, when it
say*: *•
“We mast reiterate \he expression of our fall
conviction, that there at ibis time the slight
est earthly cbah'te that the Slate Convention, to be
held nexl Dali, wjll incorporate iu the New Coneii
[ tution a provision Cur the emancipation of slaves.
I We do nolbelieve there are ten counties that wiu
send emancipation delegate* to the Convention,
ami our opinion upon Ibis snbjectjms tieen formed
upon free ami carefol.consultation with the most
enlightened men, metober* of the Legislature an
others, from every county in the State,
i We regret jjnueh that such a state of public opm
I ion should exist. We feel sure Kentucky would |
be made happier and more prosperous m every res
peel, by adopting Mr. Clay’s plan. It is a pity so
2l >od an opportunity, as that offered by the meet
mg of a Convention to reform tWs State Constuu.
tion. sliouid be jx-rtilitted to pass, without some
plan, however, prospective, to remove slavery Irotn
the Stale.
Reslrkatioh ok McCu-iTocr Yoftio. The rea
,oo of the rcsignalion by th.a genilemun of the
Chief Clerkship of tie Treasury’ Department, an
office which he hail hehl for upward, of fifteen
yearn, are thus alntetl by Inin in his letter to M
The out crenting (he Department ol the- iDLenor
pfov ides lor the appointment of ho Assistant Secre
tary of the Treasury, prescribes his duties and «pe-
Cities such ns were heretofore performed by me a*
chief clerk, tints Virtually making the office of th.
latter a auborthnalecle, k.htp. Haying keen repea
edly appointed ns the acting head oftho department,
self-respect Kirlnds my oeeopytng aov t“ fr
rior to my recent one, hence the lender of my re
“Twnuhi firm believe, Irom the confidence you
lntve alteady reposed In me, that yon alto would
have made no change if my mofmalious had prompt
ed me to remain
-E,oa>.oirs«u*av.-Tl.e‘ New Yorlf Kspres.
ray, that the salary of the Health Officer ol that
„ly amounts to over thirty thou,and dollar, per
annum—the richest,. tallest 'Miner now ,0 .the
United States- The Kipresa got-* on to *uy
' -l\e Governor of Um Slate. awnre of the mon
strous salary, has recommended a reduction, but
a <3O 000 salaried otfleor is not ra*v U> be nurerd
m any government, certainly not m a Legislature,
when $1 fi.OOO ran go for a lobby and leave a rich
salary behind
STATtmcs os IIfMA, lusu. The dislmgmshed
inraeon, AlcSanderH. New York city,
wccutlv delivered aa address the New
York Stale Society, in vindication ot In,
profession, to which he suhmilted the Mowing
!„, He - -ruled the. ihrongh
cut the civilised world the durauon ol htfoun
|„e ha, increased, and in steadily. increasing
WUh the. ndvaneemenl and diffusion ol medical
“In Uie oily oKJisoeva, in'ihe lfilk century, one
rv onem 31; atfho present lune.oqe m 4b. With
Mtb* wbHalily;i*gnattr. ;! at one in
in .h« iKJnwrtiuli of childhood being larger, and (
childhood being (he period qf the greater ““"‘''B'.
In the British navy, among adalta, none of »hom
sre »err aged, the mortality is only about one in
too. Seventy ydnot ego the mortality in the British
S£yw-ToL’fn cr% ten. In 1803, on. mUurty,
1836 13 810, among 1,000; a diminution to less than
a seventh of thd rate in IHO. In Ibe American
lt m» with a col-ps of mejical othcfra ant excelled
by thil of any other country, the mortality » tth
over one in 300 tier annum. In London the mor
ihty in the middle of the last century tea, one in
’ In the year 1838, the mortality wnsune in 30.
t qoole from the annual report ol Ule
Aral —Within the lasl tweniy years Ihe m»rtaiity
■fllus-ia bus been one in 21; Prussia,!»»«“”'
Trance, one in 39.01; Holland, one in 39; Belgium,
one in 43,01; Ungland, one in ,)3101;. Siedy, one m
32; Greece, oi.e> 30; Philadelphia, one in 42,03,
Boston, one m 45; New Yorfc, one m Tim
imigrunts bavd mnde our mortnhty greater than th«
of oar sister cilies; in other respects* baa dimuh
ished with the advance of medtcal science. These
statistical statements might be multiplied at gre
length bat enough have bren given “ 'how con
clusively ttie prodigious extern to which human
life has s been'lengthened with the '
diffusion of medical science, beyond Ha durnuon
?n SSer periods, ami beV-”* 1 ■“ P"™'
non in Ihd leas enlightened countries of Ei
BATU.ORX tUiuoAD.—The Bolumoro aod Ohio
Railroad Company have issued proposals for ihe
giadnatioa and masonry of the follow,** described
sections of this road—th« eections »’•
mile in length —commencing in the tow:
beri.ndl-SeUtion. 1,2, 6. 7, 6 and 10, will be let,
embracing conaidernble tocit worlt .long -he Polo- |
mac rivet bluff., and the maaonry o' ««">* »"*
gas on section 1«- AUn, .« the ««•«»■ f™» 30
lo 40 inclnaive, (oxcoptiug «cUon. 13 and 41J be
ginning 2S mile, troro Onmbetland, about a mile
below the mouth of Savage river and tenuraatmg
at the romrait ofthe mbunlam. The work upon
Ihce secL.on. «t understand is bevy, containing
much rock acavalioa and two tunnels,each about
GOO feel in length, end n stone bridge of consider*
bie tize- The whole number of eections now to
be let'in 20. In the courve oflhc spring end Som
mer upwards of 30 more heavy aecUon. will be
pot under contract between Cumberland and Three
Fork-creek. The remaining aeclione between
Ihoco points, aid other-work beyond the latter, will
be let apring of 1850. The moat energetic
proKculioriof the coalrocu will be required, and
the paymenta will be made in cash.
Ntw lUtaraninn Ebttrrloa.—The Now Ilamp
abire Patriot (Aem.) baa rclurna from 03 towns, ™
which the Democratic gain on Governor la 1092,
and Dinaniore’a majority in the entire Mate ta eat,-
mated at 3,000.
The Legislature will be alrongly Democratic.
The Patrol concedes the election ol Wilson
, Whig and Free .0,1) in the third Congressional
district aa probable. In the Gra. district, hittredgc
iDem ) ban gamed 405 volcaovcr Tuck.. (Whig and
PVeTrLilHn-went, two towns. Mr. Tnck'a ma
jority in the district in 1547 wn.abott. 1500, and be
ia probably re elected
VD «mrr.-The peopled Verm, n. ha,, Jeter
lamed that no licaaM to aell liquor .b.U be i-aed
10 ihal slate tbr the year to eome
voted the.othef way.
TMBoom. Mtmai.-Tho New York
contain the following notice:
s asgssssss
| on the cpolrary, every by observing
have been extended continue to re
coßtinoal good eolidu !, jjjjenignad consider* il
ceive kindnesses- faC u,
a’duiy.floleMlhWP, the’mischievous con*e
-10 allay ' (4 Q l i^° r !l^c alluded to are calcaia
quence* the articiw iheoeooleofbolh countne**,
myefolme m any ’“°^ n g' Eo . otP^aRT.
nested- , Vice Consul of Mexico.
New York, March _
v—-.iKVHm’M* *» Baxuio. —An invention has
• niade in Glasgow, which promise* lo be
(«»' b f” a ibeTroce.. “f A * "
Ofpeol patMlci, wo are not at Übarty to
*“ " 0l yf dSiliT Soma idea of ita effect. may ,
ealar 111,0 .“'fo t ,oed from the (act, that a little mo
fepwever, be wrro n standing upon a
del, n mew U>y acdoaly half n* wide,
table low Ibao a 0 / fiToor ax ba
» fully labdr is well known
.ker*— ■n. class of J° . The dough is both made
to be none of the 1% ; into loaves of the re
»d moulded b, n “ original mid me
qulred aria and kneading, which
geaiotfjpwcenu!*' barm, the tun
qan be done either with OT r * a .,G ration io “raia
<l lort of weight,'altAtilMl laying in
GU*gw Ctnxsn,
To Editors cf tJu Pittsburgh GtxxrtU' 1
Gctoecbc—>The time is not fir distant when 1
the representatives of tbe 'Whig party wilt aasem* l
hie to nominate candidates for the several eounty
officer. There are so many honest and capable
men in the party, that o( coarse it wilt uot he difii
to It to make selections which will he generally sat
Permit me, through your column., lo offer Joan
Sjuufkw, Eeq- of Mancbenler, a. a very amiable
person lo Jill the office or County Treasurer
Mr. Bampaon baa been a resident ol thu county
for tbe last forty ycara, and it abo a gentleman of
the strictest integrity aud honor. He has been
connected with the Whig party ever since its or
ganixation, and has invariably supported iu nom
ineea. He haa never Bated an office, nor ta it .up.
posed ho note seek, tbe one which la menlu»d
above iu connection with hi. name—but It ln»
lieved he will acquiesce in the deniaion of the del
egate. when —bW in County Co~^
Allegheny, March 19,1849.
Township Election B»«um
Marrh I6lb. IW9
Lemuel Spaiir, 114 1 Wm. N. Burchfield, 90
126 | Thomas Liggett, 11 6
John Patterson,
Darnel Negiey,
Wm N. Burohtield, SS j Geo. G. Negley,
J R. McClmlock. 2 I U lnvin,
T. Aiken, 1 1 T. Daviwn,
74 r R. Baxter.
4S 1 J. Stewart,
S. M. Irwii
T. McCleory,
T. P. Newton,
li‘,9 I S. Crawford, 130
80 I D. Lindsay. W
23 j W. Rougher, 19
166 I John Kolia. 9*
f t 11 I Bernard O’Neil, •'®
40 | Jarnea Craig, 30
W. Wanncasll-
D- Woolslair.
J. F. McCombs
Ales. Gray,
•Johnston Ftnl
Elgin H. Brue
t 120 | Henry Huddle,
Daniel Hummel,
A. Mobler.
102 I L. B. Davison,
1 John F. McCombs,
2 j John Wiia in,
James Clark,
(.1. G. Neglei
John Sunmei
11)9 | L. B. Davison,
23 |
77 |
John Birr,
W. N. Burchfield.
Hajuusburqh, March 10, 18*9.
Petitions and remonstrances were presented.
Reports of Committees.— Mr. Matthias (Corpora,
lions) reported the bill tn inron«rate the Ms.
natawny Manufacturing Company, with amend-
Mr. Smyser ( Agriculture) reported n ' ,|U relative
to the growth and manufacture ol wool.
Bill7r*iud.—\ lull to incorporate ilia Hebrew
Education Society of Philadelphia.
The follewing bills were taken up and
The supplement to the act to incorporate the De
lawaro, LeSlgk. Schuylkill and Susquehanna Rail
road Company. , . ,
Tlie bill to compel the Pennsylvania Railroad
Company to construct roads in certain eases
The bill to incorporate the Paaayunk Railroad
Company was taken up, read a second lime and
ordered to be transcribed lor a third reading. Ad
lonrned till 3 o clock.
The Speaker laid before the Houte the annual
statement ol the Delaware Coal Company and the
annual statement of tho Inspector! of the haiitern
Pe (Jn C SoV of Mr. Carl, the bill 10 eilend the
charter of the Bank u! the Northern LiberUea was
Lakeu up, passed Committee of the Whole, with
amendments, reed a second sad third time, and
uassed —yeas 4'2, nays 14.
I v The speaker laid before Ihe House a oomiuiini
canon from tho Board or Canal Commissioners, ad
rerse lo theclnira of John Miller, for damages on
Ihe Allegheny Portage Railroad.
The bill providing lor Ihe erection of a new
county, oul of parts of Enf, Crawforl and
waa disenased lor Iwo hours, and on second read
ing, laid over for the preaeul.
The bill (wilh House model) lo extend the char
ter of the Coininerrinl Bonk of Philadelphia pus.
sed Commitlee of Ihe Whole end second sud
third readings. On final passage the vote was
4< The bill lo erect a ’new county out of parts of
indiaiaa, OieatfielJ, nnd Jelfers-m. to tie railed Ms
aouning, was dismissed in and taken out of Com
mittee of the Whole, and on second reading dabs
led till 1 o'clock.
The bill h> establish the new county of Mahon
line wu* negatived.
The bill to establish a Geupral Manufacturing
Law. was also negatived by a vole of 30 to J 9.
The bill to incorporate tbeßank of MoBlpuil<s
county, waa taken up and debated until the SdfoutW
Nolle, to the poblto »oJ lollractloo.
to Poitmutarii
Relative to tit* Rating of Jailers. the Return of i
1M Later,. TV anruot thee, papers, and Ote
Vo,tmorL-xng of latter, amveped if the Ur, tut,
a,ul Urated State, hnemananal Matt,.
Hsresflur, when a letter eiceeda na ounce in
weiftht, but tloes not exeeeJ turo ounces, it will bo
rated with four'charjei. o! singio iroalage when it
exceeds two ounces, but docs not exceed three; U
will be rated with six charge* of single postage;
and so OU.Xhere being a single postage for the litst
half ounce, a double charge for the Ural ounce. Hud
two addiuoaal charge* for each succeeding ounce,
or fraction of an ounce, beyoed the first ounces
Tbi* is ordered in virtue of Ibe provisions of an (tot
of Congress approved March 3,1&49. r
And, in pursuance of the same act, it isregutred
that letters which are refused at the office of Jett
very, by tbe partios addressed, and niters which,
for any other cause, cannot be delivered to said
parties, aball be immediately returned fo tho Dead
Letter office in Washington, under address to the
Third Assistant Posimasler General, wtlhoat wait
ing the Ume for adverting, os heretobre requirejj
in relation to this class of dead letters. They *?“*•
in every case be marked in red ink on die fac*,
with an entry showing they ore re,l J 4ed '
coose that prevenu their delivery ulso
with the stamp of office, and, wtibu °
proper adjustment of the axounts,be planed under
poU. bill to the Dead Utter office,
i Transient newspapers (that is, papers not ten
rom the office of publication) will hereafter be wb>
eet in virtue of the ad aforesaid, to the general I
newspaper postage rale ooly; that is, one cent £*
my distance in tho same Stale, and one and a half
cents lor any distance exceeding one hundred
miles, where the newspaper i» sent from one State
jnto another- But postage on snch newspapers H
in all cases to be prepaid, as heretofore. i
In respect to British mails, where the official
postage entries on the letters received are in red
ink, the letter is to be considered as paid, and u |0
be delivered accordingly; where in black ink,B»
unpaid, and the postage uto be collected. PoS
age in such case, is either wholly paid or wholly
unpaid. The postage figure* on such letter* show
on the paid letters, the amount to be credited to UH»J
United States; on the unpaid letters, the a&Q'm!
charged to tbe United States. The postage t* be
collected from unpaid British letters is in ail edaes
I to be, whateverhnay be theircreditor debit figures,
| twenty four cents when single, with an additional
twenty four cents for each additional rate, tthd,
after the first ounce, each letter exceeding that
reighi is to be charged forty eight cents for each
iddiliunul ounce or fraction of on oance.
J. QpLLAMEII, Postmaster General/
Post Office Eeportment, March 15, i&tft.
Lat*b fro* Psrhajwcco.— We learn from Cap
tarn Veacock, of the hnrqne Navarre, at Ihia port
yesterday, Horn Pernambuco, whence he aailed-pn
the Bth ntu, that on the 2d uIU n large body ofjlw
citixena being exasperated, at the suppreasiou/by
< iovemment, of a liberal journal, joined the ip*
sorgents and made a doable attack simultaneously
unon the town—one column, 800 m nomber, ad
vancing on one aide, and another of 3000, on the
other The Government troops were immediately
called oat, and though only 400 in oU, so biiccm*.
fully and holly engaged the insurgents, that alter a
fierce and protracted conteal, in whicli every lueh
of ground waa disputed, the latter were Ulterir
routed 200 were killed in the streets, 400 were
drowned in the river, and 300 were taken prison
era. The overthrow was complete.
Government immediately adopted measures 10
restore tranquillity, and when CapL V. left,buaineM
had renamed Us usual course, and peace prevailed.
—Phil N. Antfr.
Thx Home UcriaTMSKT. — U is understood tbal
Mr Secretary Ewing, of the Homo Department,
has interpreted the law creating his Department, Uj
mean tbal the officers transferred from the other
Department* to tbe Home Department, do not em
brace or include tbe personnel of those offices or
bureaus —that is, that the bureaus are tanuferred
but the clerks are not The latter are men hrum
Untnt until tbe bead of the Department shall reap tbem,' or appoint other men to tberr places.— ,
These bnreaus include the Land Office, tha xen
tion Office, the Patent Office, tbe First Auitors I
I Office, the Fifth Auditor’s Office, the Indian Office,
the Office of Commisaiener of Public Buddings,
I and the Office of Superintendent of the Peoduptu-
The clerks to all of these offices number some
tw or three hundred. The law creating the Home
Department, with a Secretary, atawdary of $6,000,
and a Chief Clark, at a salary of $2OOO, also creates
a Commissioner of-Customs, gt a saUry of *s3ooo,
with a Chief Clerk, at a salary ofllOO, and un As
aiatant Secretary of the Treasury at a salary of
$3OOO, with a Chief£fcrk, at a salary of $1700.-
PhtL Neva.
B v B n arrival from Nera Crux we have received
files of papers to ibe l9Ui ultimo. They are prin
cioally occupy wiib details of the
edio put down ilie insurgents of the Sierra Gordo.
In all the encounters with the rebels, the Govern
ment troops had proved victorious, bot by lt» last
accounts, one Col. Marquea, who commanded a
body of men uoder Bustamenie, had detached him
self from the Government and declared for Bania
Amut. This unexpected event created a great sen
aalion, and Is raid to be the prelude to other and
cnore serious outbreak*. ‘
The Mexican pipers stale American armed
force had taken possession of certain villages aid
towns in the Department of Chihuahua aid
complain of the act as rpoi violation-of the
t»ara of -Guadalupe. We know nothing;cT the
merit! of the aflhir, and the testimony telaoogwd
cornea exclusively Gam
On Taeutai. at <i u'rloek. I* M-, Mi- JoSa
(luo*, aged T7yeaii.
iiis friedd* and the friends of th<- family an- rr
ally invited to attend hi* mnerai on Thursday- the
nsL. ai 2 o’clock, P. M-, from th>* residence of hi' lalll
■r on the East Common. Allegheny i‘ l
South Pm-lmrrh 1 cb •'• '7*.
m» wifr |.«-1— **t«i. r d w,,h, ;- u ; h b ,..
«11 or seven year*; *« *•»*! hrl ' ~ inc .he
CllJl* (In Ohio, where l |f»i ijie rly >'vr*l.l fiiy
had the Con-umpiuin AiW w« t-moved o ‘, llCinr .
I obtained for he. Utnr and “•“'‘•“'“‘l';" Som r .wo
hut they were o! i.o kind oi benefit 10 .. u _j, «*y.
inoalba mice. 1 jiurrhw.d a bottle of > > .
rup. Ihe use ot which ha* done her ' * _,. 0 llsr d
any medicine fhe hu» laie.u *
Seiler.’ Verm.iuEc •» wy
This popular rough remedy P rcp *7e had o?DTug
R E SELLER* 57 Wood at. and may l* *“
giau geoarally. in the two ciUe* nn.i vn.
BILL HEADS, CARDS. ‘ ,K ‘ 7'* K 'Ma«lx
NmfaU, UJU U-Jinf. (.»»»««•. U>r ' la •
H*ai> BILLS. L*BKLB, CltimW IT^U.
tMLIOES. Ar Ac . lh| .
Pruned at <he ehortr-t nottce. at K™' P" r *’
des3» ijar.KTTK Om4£ I BtHb fTSUpr
I AIWTHSR Cbutifu.*tic to the excellence of M l.ane
1 a Co -cennemen. U
ure 1 hwid Uus. V’ Ain Vn. an Worm Spe
,al popularity oi Dr. M U»- * u, L r ''*" *, w „n„.
1 citicj u> your iravclimj rolliml .
l received iro.n ; a itMu{ , 0 lhe
**° n i L°T d I tr.ntv The tminnee l rold .0
“ ln "" aszz’
For *ale ai 'be drug "tore *>l J KIDD A Co.
, ntchlU
2 01)1) PBEMi DM BLINDS,
.. i•> •>; .btii Mirni StSMTi PHILADELPHIA.
\ ' MAM;FACTOBER. (Award., J lh»Al« "4* i y h
, Mra.l. mih- Nrw York. Boluioon- aoJ.l’kllruir -
" ll i ■ _ ..fiiiHiirio m iii« maauluciure,) a*a> Lno at
" ' “ , , .K, ...wli he wii! aell at the loweM raih price*.
, %f.n tr&s. •ssjslsssu
r *Mr Wm Shield*, a respectable farmer of lhi» v» in* 1 ° open iu die evening*. mehSOreodta __
gste*sa^tr?-*r« BHJIKN,r ’
fti l«ul one ilwu-aud worm., a,..! r. » (iUMJ|t . r ,, Biu) | „( n, c c."rl,rn:.d Pr.e.Mi.u, hav. removed iron
«o unproved ui l.ealili »•' >o «• - „. m1 Ur |., , nIJJ j t ,n* Uni'tit and discerning t»ut.lic ever)
ha* been in good h«*:.un * r ’ ,t r ' , , j r ~ ; 1 ~ , ux (l , ns efficacy. and rained it uni
inxue's Vertniiiige and Sanative lid* h • panic l# fl|ll . uie unaatwriieiory result*
Susan of»»un. WM » I «*' .rcaunento/ebroruc
pPJS' m ffiurghni iHe VVKI* TEA *TMK. comp^^M-^;
TOj'earti »ircci, near \Vood l ot Vuieuipd by wh.oh *■> many unfortunate fnfferct*
■r—it.* mix Pai»r*a Mu.w H )•'>« wl»h u> l*e «uc Wlll be IrrPt | from ilieir pan-' and mfimiitie*.
oSI 10 »“>; I e.ul.luh
proper mean*. 1 _ • ye- m« ihr prop- r I w c. cll nan neon comdderatfly enlarged ami im
-s*v£* ... ... brriu.,,,*, i „„„. ...a „ «.p« S or i » now
a ol.“»'S““ar?hw carr, .till ana
r„rrX7,Arr..,.,-,.a y.. wm ..... ,oo 1,.,, «■*«-
?", J
-. i :;r l^;r;d; l“ ih« p..»r»u
FOR HALF.. Per'on. w i*)mig 'o a'’ail Uieiiwe 1 v<‘* of die md v *nla-
THK li«ni drauplit •t'-anie' !•«»' AL h< . f< 0 f1,. r r,1, will please aridfc»* Hi* i.ubycnber
fc| HANNA?wiII Hr - M l, ,; uef . (po.t.paid.l «wung a* near a* po*»»l.le the
||L ■ ■ |Y M , .hr now lici II lilt "liatl njieti , .IT,, r,i«. m or.ler lo decide and ad
-1 jg^&''"|'r,' irnn- fce . «' fr „° l |, Pir fiu.r.. and curut»ilU>' by ibe Hvilropallnr
■"I™"" *V KKKH. 1, » ;v » ' .. . w,U I. ; . = .ry 10, .hrm .0
1 mcli'iltdLn or (. K MIMI. '■ ■ . i a L.<- al«“S' A KK, M-Propn-ior.
‘ " iW 5 *- mu ip.buri. Be-iver « oumy. Pn.
afesa iB4»- j£iL
! «r, r ; iy,!r verv
| »•»*! a.KVKI,AMJ, ~IV p Jte „t rrr rjt.„MO» lahta.&ojn*,#" r ' u, ‘ s -
I tbe Canal and LaA-« . „ M m-. I... .nimbi r. Hoßl WrUutg DeU*.
The luriUlie* oi 1 *»»' Ij"* j " ui **V' ’ <rf niai n> i.KVKKOI' WIIDCUIII IRuN
S.IOIAJ n..a.',. t .nr.i! U*'" l ' ’ ' r I >HK TAULKS i»r «»rr, o'l.r'
31*1 rdicielie) O' Ag«-»" . l|lljllV I J , r kimiii'iw rli»l.l. The, ran be ei
One 80 31 u,, d t» •< ■»•*■« V , 1 vr ' „ rjrP „ty n»r feel, aud wbrn closed
in oiinoecuyn with *'■ .‘inti- | l,ml "i .. . tlr ,i ....uir- iiiry are made vo
p J.AKK F.RIK ANIi MU'MH.AN j in. ‘ Rrr niinnrnbly ..dapieil lor
Ufiwrrii Puiflmig). •*»*! Be:.vrr ; and * ‘M<em n • J | n..d Huge private latinlle*. term-
Steamera, n-d Ve...-,, ...1 ... ' I ~i,.'wn. n eb.-eil a rnmiplele rmlrr lab)e
ui..n I
W H T»' V. mien . aal* r. ("» ‘ p(r , ..nn aparimeiil into a
Prriitir* J<«V. HIM. I lime • , ((P . ~n u' he o}>elied and «hu»
Wm-eiei A I’*-. Akion pariwi <>r *<l ing ' _ i.«, ( .rn*i the bedding i« enclos-
I <r ,c* A t.lithtii. Hutl.Ui. N > rd. A I.relt yu . . (| „| ,„ rC r o( '
I ' JOHN A i'A I'I.HKY. Agetil. «trad» when elo—o lorn
ror W.W. ud sra.U.W.l ""a* T.
" laHSa. .n!TI ‘’'wrTtis/.TiiL-KH Followroonuiijroomj,
TIIANSPOH-TATIOA LINK » ,„. d „„ ,„ 0.0«.c„d...<. n : 11..-
TSoi to -.1.. .I'O”
“ '|»BW DODDS.
■“wJ’.si'.k;''..' "",riVpUr;„ rR H . palmer,
.n 0,..,.. V , K ,. 8 k „«s.i.i, *r v K’2 0 r iS'.'a.»^
«» “"”"%u,'v.7;F\-« P 7o'niJnS .n Efl
on-. ™.L,»;^tKr!v"s:i."';iS
lnW 'n. a itlee J.-nnV I.H'li. I add Roy
,ur> Craitl, U'IMJ Km • j« 'n) »
; Milan edge Hi aid UONNI-T-
Kirh rn-nch
Fancy and plain lump, ««*
Fancy Braid. J*tra«-. le-ghorn, and other Mia
and InlaiiU HATS. Siruw am
I‘amttun. Mam in, 1 i.l n bin*'*
Iber Summer HATS, lor men and boy.
Bonnet and Plain H> 1■ l-
Hannei Silk*. Flower*. Ae A r Ac
Straw Bonnet \Vureb..u»e Uu Market street
-Kl*:d2w -
xbxs&x&zx: s?-**
r r3 gMSKssr
Ufc linl «a»lht •—xii" Whin* Allegheny county
patfntojtOTiHt l " f«. aK kh for u uommu
[ uich'JO^tiAwllM
I' l ®*’* . .* ~, \i . i_-> Mafkfi «ireet,
“BS- »■'; >-- 7" 1
tiilv»ij«-i»« j ~,U rvriy .limlion
Gill# oi l.r*Jmv- toiwafo-u. »•*“ ’
promptly WM. UINtiIIAU,
Adorer*- Mf n l*P . Wnvne «». Pittsburgh.
Canal Bwim cor LrUr y ix>Cj£
No 1--T an<l Market itrwi, Piulada.
J AMK» WIL»<»N. Ageni,
v.i 121 North Howard •tre« , t. Baltimore
No 1° Wei.l street. New V or*
JVo. 47 Market street, 1 **
I WXPECTFULLY announce* 10 hi* irietid" andcu -
!K=2SS£?;HSHE ■
cr» to onll and cxairaue l»»
and Tanner* Scrap.
Th< Urge*. <-'*«,*« «nd W &**
of Good* adapted to Gentlemen 3 Syrtus; and
Hummer Wear, is just receiving at
i.r, liberty street
THE Proprietor of the alxtvc dataWulmieni
rMprctlully inform hi* numerous customer*., $l»»t
ufL irtameU from the K»"«tn c.uc. w., i
mo w-ortmenl of tfood. in Im hne>. cl.nt w«
«»«r braaftbt to this city, eoinpn«njj all U»»i •«
.-..s.nnabfe. eleif*nt and Cheap m Cloth*. Oa**»mrre*.
J?Tv.m«*t£ Dtuii l>e Etc. and every description oi
Mil. linen’ end woollun Mummy * u ,!
Hdkf*, Kcspemler*. Ac., ol llio uew«»t *‘ y ‘ ,J
itfe,“aoior w.lh hr. very larjc
Itoek of ready-made ClotkilM!, be I. prepared In ofcr
“ l ciuS*Mo7ehrm.,Comr*c,on, and a"
»k„. lantoly, *r« particularly mailed in cal' and
.tick, which .. decidedly U.c lurse.i a" 1
r.;u.0„...ic d,o city, .nd
“EE? In 0 E Wo'Thnc '‘"V'"i,“ie.™.u.ns
“eman who has had Krcat . *»»• l * aalerw
tie*, h*' hren " ddcd 10 ,hc
P u " l, . c o ciork V M„ ihe following *lv»i-nl»cd
hC'Ai" wliieii wa< ihc prop«fiy of U.c Ule A»rgh«nypUv.
AU th«. ««nm Lo. or
C I* T Sn\^r«ord o d m. tui K-°rL’* office
P . a »ii hinv rounir in IW«1 Root Vol.tU.l l.ptmning
vl Allcgbew) ... I'arroll »ueci, »l ihu corner
01 ., . J M . t «rurdlv iweiii) led lo lliecoroer of an
?£?Ii3T oilier ,n f ™ The lerm. will be
“ a A d ,; y k, :“ra»“,‘=,rwinl“;:.e„.»-.i...... 7 <*
.„r hiopenr, by
...■■■l. Al.rel.-w JOHN U. DAvjs. Auclio.ieer
i.iuirr.iTe-rol HI TJH DI'FF.i.l Ohio loronebip,
unmialion or Uip *» n, s OHIO.
mcWl.wWI __
O »b)« by
A wV 1C bid* wlnir Urftiui, m »u>f '<» f ale
T ARI) CHl.—'ib t»bl« Conkhut'* !>*»»« No 1 Laid Oil.
L »• """kiSeBS 1 NIEUI.S
Ht'ESS l-ORK-7 t>U> M— > e°” J
’‘beLkllS* NICOI.A
“ ' NOTICE |
TS hc«t>y «iten. lhai Hie whMTiber bu !»*« ou ‘ i
on the K«i»t« “J H ** b I
Klb linin' lale of Ohio Uiwu.liip, drceaied. All pcr
iS. b?;.a7cl.»n,«ra.n.t .aid-..Me,
S pjiSnt Lea for .eulemcnl; and lho« mdrbied will
At the sign of the Sheaf, Penn ittert, one door from .
O’Hara Bireel.
M LEAKY will *eJI KigUl Leave., I lb 9 °* I
. each, or Wi lb». »< w,ule ,rw “ ,hc ,
Hq J the mUeiwiU aflord. lerr«hi and lor ,
»nd .C.U, c» I- »n.«l
iSXtaSin, uir Lo»f, tout IUrwMM.
uy rr - »"•> *»»
Rnnd and freah Ru*fc*, morning nnaaflernoon. °i
£Sfe{£ hi. .ton »h»n lx- attended lo piuioiually.
ioi}ftl9:d3i - V
WATCHES— Gold and kdver of ev«y dsarnpuon
T"“,L e E ts
“• %RjfefiSflE*.
f° mvXTR \ iJTSX
A T*„“ .“A."”.
““'jT, !„,|,| > i„..i, s,„,„e including
Ot i.'.ngnim-. 1.-.W1... 4c„ nnd u>»>“« *»
••luJLunnLiuit m hi* »lOck ... .
Hiiirami- u. Wl.ule*aie Room* ifom Ali strccl
\irANTHU-A *iov Man in » xvbele*d* and re
\\ i^ l ' l l>ry (.uo.US»orr App'i ill tU Market *i
W ANTED, 1 y
BV h .Marn-«1 Man. a >uualic« a- Book Keepet, | ‘ v
Clerk or Saleummi. in * Mt»r- or
Mo*i re»peo«al*Us rrrneiuTt can t»r Vrll ... .
-A H i; GnJeltf elln'r. Uirlia):dJt
A«lmtntat ralora* Notice.
Nurk FUt fri.v i uni !.«-u«r.oi AJm.m.«ira
non hcVuruntrd (•• th.- umler*i«ne<l on tbe
... . . Amlrrw Spruul. lai*- 01 townnhip.
, y ~,) Ui in AH perron* hating
Cisiuti aca.toi il't oiuir of MU. 1 deeded, will prenrnt
tl,rm properly aull.euH. aird lor rolUeraent, a.|d ihtwe
will plen*e »uile immediate payment to
JAMKS M RiV.K. > A dm; nutrators.
rnrnvO.dGi __
(1 *ttUI'TI!NOT tini> ooinmencrd to reentr a
] ‘iJ.V.irm <>l Fancy V aRIKTY GOODS.
.•„»ti«umt .apart ol Artificial*- Ribbon*. Uer*. llo
flovr. Umiie ‘'umbrin, NemiißK, Ijjcc
VvliV MtawKFoajjie Handkerchief., get, Craj.iU,
•nnelmm and eoua.i, corded * km.,
Silk Thread*, Huilon*. Uirab*. Jevrelr). Cut
w 1c Ac. Country and city merchant* are re.-
nr.'milly invited io call and examine hi» %Xoc)t, So
W ,n>d ..reel, corner of Diamond alley. mcl.Al
"AWoIL-llibkiM"'" " nu " eJ Unioll '
lj £&'* ““ 'l.o b,.*i-kbi:kn 1
v/'iv k i 1 \W iiivit 10*1 rtceiYfJ 1 lot of new
l-.n r SBk lldkf,, ha
;&"*• “i.UAcEW'IkWW™. » wood «_
T »■ 1U GLOWS*- '•> carton* LaJici and Lent* polore
»»•££,* *•“*' '‘hiui-kuclt i White
: ARD-—W.I* No t: •-’hnlf.lo. S d‘
A ‘ from nmr Dolph.u; tor a«le by
■ J 7r ,>U ISAIAH mOKKV ht o, >rmu »t
T i.iuK now landing Inna .\nmci
J»»|g ,nl "" •*“ ISAIAH DICKKY ACo_
T-iFVrHBRS-* k ’ Q 1 l ,r ’™ e <l ’*, llU i ; V ' 1 “' 1
r A ...
bbl«; 5 i.ags, now landing from uteiuiu
lj 3" l; '" ,J '" 1 ■SA.AHD.CKKYACc
— 1 Kxtcttor't S'otloe. ..
Ati pcr-ons miJetitfd 10 Hit of Jol*n Ha«uo.
uirLrd -art* rwiueiied «o i»«ke paVineul U> elUi
le,t* »uU ibe.c having rl.umi
fof , Will i»rc.m:ni item for noiUcuioni.
l * w,u,t J ° JOHN <»RAI!AM I eeaw „ :
II CHILD!), { _ . *_
S« su ».i;«- ,4 ''w^s^sV , S8 te
M A S VARNISI,_ °'' "*‘" l ce
iSTJNUKIKS- i• No ' l ;» rd ' - I,alf jj o .?
Sdu do; «»,I.Utirra.«. 1 V.« F
M..rk. Kroner.. MU.
15 M»U do, 37 Las* do. fiLMaHiaus ■»»»“
lia(r , — Ii:K KY c f . F.
WHirK li:ad-iw i ,u,c v ' h “ e I#eßa ’ 1
“‘'il’imvN .v. .:u.m:RTSON
V INFN GOODS-A. A A Co., No.oo Market
Ti.imri hive tr'-ived-1.".™ ldnen
A. i «..r (s .nJ] H [.men Holland*, l.leacbed and
Li ni T ill c»o«hs Kuk.ii nod Scotch Diaper*,
u ">
UOH ol i>urrh:i»ei* - ——
»’ k'liiiiiN *. Co No MtMarkH street, will open
A. th.- G ‘“l;S " v't lil.H - 1j IdiU 'or *ale by
i-itr- iufv\ u»>« Pn: Don, [Bl.ek Fox Furnact
HOPS i» UI- |« i»*. &““•* H “P‘
~.d n» 4 CEI.BERTEON,
K*ecwtor»a Notiea.
A L i> n!*Tc payment
£tJ Jnde,:. Rne d, and Uu»~ bavin* C*a,m e again*!
M,r Wil! UiernW
‘ a SAM'? ROBINSON. Kieeuior.
i'A I HAKINF W Ml KtK'CH, biecuini
marl' ; dAwtftS .. _
:iiee«e. )u.t rec d and U
i 1 KBF.N AIM’I.KS- luu u stood vaiwty, j*
(J U S*,i: V 1 ’’’"'a R MBTMINU* OROZEB
SLNDRIKS-U*' |.a«- laf*-
l'otler, M do Upr
~ t* ’ 1 lUlio J,|,l,r,UO i
|.w mX new . ro|> NO doga».
W.thbN Molos-m *,
•ji .ii. Bui:*r llou’c uo
a i.erre* ifr»h Rirr; 16U bx* Bunch Raisin?;
.L I. l * manufactured Tobai-fo, vrjlou. brand:
Bro r. iwiSl Tobaccoj
1U • 8 Herd*’ “ •* “
io - IMttd'iiff’U plug 1
. >JS h s jo Window Gia«,oO tlo 10x12 ilo,
you fcrir* Nwl.j 1- ‘‘twit* SaTetalu*;
50U0 pound* Colton Yarn, aMdrtud No*.
J£" ,{,,, r with a foil and trenenti aatonment of
1 .... ii.e Grocery tine, on hands miul for *&ie by
* j it R FLOYD. Round Church Building!
Fronting on Libeny, Wood and Sixth
A LI, person* indebted lo the Relate of >
k'ni*hLd*cett**d, o* lo the late firm*
•bt A*Co., Wm. McKuigin & Bon,
without further delay, to.
to pay, witn ROHfcltT M KNIGUT,
:dlm Adnanmialof or W. McKnigbt, deoM
-TL l-kicETO BENT—In second *ior>, No 90 Wat*
O .iet IsAaß DICKKY A Co,
v, mc bld Front ud water »t*
By Jobo D> Ua?la, AitriloaecFi
niturc, kitchen
haute keeping,
hojrany chair*.
ding, spletulul pi
der* and fuc iro
Fitmuxrr h'"'”- iMJtug.
■ y ueXl. •' *• ,u
•x'k, A. M . will
V.rui J .U.-* Y
It M i{,-nAd J- un r-u- ••< •.. li » 1,1
utoi,r r*** r - H,,d 10 ordfr :
r„r*,?h r F ,. : s
k ‘“‘”l,» “ d '“""“‘"'JOHn'd DAVIS, Auft
ExeaUord Sale of a Dry Goods Store.
On Wednesday morning, *l«l in * L at £ i M and 2 \
continuing from day to day, at 10 ° ( ‘l° c • •. ‘ " I
o'clock, f. M., Will be *olJ Without reserve, by order
Of the executors of Wra W Feanis, at tbc
store in the Diamond, the entire large «J** of
floods, many of which are o; the latest sty c* anip«
terns, having been purchased within a ahort u me in the
eastern cities, comprising in pan about 500
per dress silks, mou* de lames, cashmeres. “P» L “i
5000 yds assorted prints, tickings, tickings, checks, j
poned and domestic ginghams, colored
mull, swiss and cambric muslins, barred an
flannels, red flannels, salinetw, jeiuis, collouaderf, blut
drills - utry linen. , ..
,e assortment of lionnet and cap ribbons,
rices, edgings, hosiery, gloves, crape, cas *
.. and silk shawls, sill parasols, linen cambric uud
Ik lulkfs, umbrellas, table cloths, braid and straw
•»cts, spool cotton, patent threads, needies, tape*
••mi*, ladies merino and alpacu cloaks, together
*1 variety of fancy aruc les contained in a
large reuu! more.
Terms, under SO*) cash currency, otct inrcc
month*, arid over SIW) *ix months credit, approred
endorsed paper. iitchl!) JOHN D DAVIS, Auct
First Nitfht of tl>r re-fniragemcnt of MK. CKIBP
::::::: :i"Z
Mix I’ortei
k* rin*.
me . ~, .
Dunce, by MnMcr Woo*».
To t>c lotlowrd l>y li" new Fatrr of
Mr Dimn
‘ r ' ; ; Mrs. Pno'
To conclude wtih tlxe
. , Mr. Dunn
Mr. I’rioi
Mi«« Crui
To-morrow-MR. CRIsM’ w,ll appear
On WVdoeiday Erenlng, tb* »l«t Inst,,
A„J rm y Evmiag ihmghlUmtl. {atlp
Saturday,) vn!l U tahwttw
York, and three week* ». Albany The Diorama <
;h 8 “Stctk ift tub Uuur -r Mexico. M-n oi-wnr,
-Tiers, Tran*port*, «u- , nreVciiAuhtig ah-ng- H>c
Tk ot the ocean. lb<- grac-ful "« Hk v^U.
;»nh o. TUO. which a „-ht, pro, «-l ,
u ll l mey arrive onpo».te the cit> ui vera
ike* tin* U>e most b..nuniul -«•«>"• a «*
any D-uvaroa. .
SPLRNDID DAY VIK'% I* T 1 L , l !, n
Magmficriil night sreue! and arrival ot the Unied
.-iatea brig Corner*, on the blockading wrvicc The
Koehsh Frigate Kndyraion is seen to arrive, cost* an*
' ,d unfurl, her sail*. The Mexican Lrco»-
rough the blockade ami irunits clow lo the cel-
I *ml hitherto impregnable castle oi Fan Juan
i. |.icui Parker, with llyiiron. Roger., ami u
r seen to leave the Pouters and proceed to ibr
uoii—night comes and they row to the Creole—
rcure the crew, then «et the «hip on fite' ,
The drums heat to armv-but too l.«c the gallant |
.mermans liave done their duty too we •*''[ 1 j -
non became enveloped iu flames, and finally bio
p. The »torm then an-cv which ended in '«• ***‘
,ucc.-edPki> reconnottetmg the hartjor.
Ships of war, Transport*, Mcunwni and ( m. BoajV
»re ncll re.,. u, nmve. The !•>•„ are
•nil the IsndlOK nl U» iroop- the, ye hr.
erl hp»n l.y ihr Castle tthd Forty hM P'O'y'* 1 ; '*> '*
discharge of the broadsides of l*rg r vr«d , 'l>e> ar
Ternbc Bombardment from the Land Batteries, f how
mg the effect of the .ImUs noon the city t*y day and
night. The Conflagration in the City, the night previ-
So the surrender »* the most awfully grand repre
iUAu oftS&d**ot ever incoioted.
efficient. of regular, and volunteer, ore seen defiled
ltid taking up their pennon* previous to the‘arrender
>f the color* ami flouting of the American flag, which
• saluted on the entrance of I«EN SCOTT and *unc
into the cur. ,
The whole is the work oi native artist, and arli«nn*,
and i. the largest mechanical exhibtuou ever seen m
the Lotted Slat**- The vessel* iiearvrt the spectator*
are oi great magnitude- The soldier* are larger. fig
area than are usually wrn in a Diorama. Every thmfc
i» moving ms if girted with life.
The New York Evening Mirror,oflUh oi November,
nay. —“The Diorama now exhibiting ai SOt Broad
way i. one of iheiflost uicntinus and extraordinary
work, of the kind over produced in either Europe or
America. MaelxeP. Burning Moscow was Ur inferi
or to it, both in pictorial and mechanical effoot, and ]
the Battle of Bunker Mill was but a specimen of jour
ney work compared with this master-piece of art; the
leasing of the sea. the motion of the »hi ps, the bar
nmg oTlhe Creole in the harbor ot Vcta Crux,the sink
mg of the Somers, the firing from the fort, the landing
of ibe troops, and all the prominent incident* ot the
bombardment are so faithfully represented, Itol il n
difficult to couvin ce our.e Ivcs-of Lite uon-realxt> ot the
,1 article for [>«
Ticket* H cenii* —children half price. Door* op<
i 7 o’clock—curtain me* 74.
An exhibition at *1 o’clock on Saturday afWrnoo
ir Schools and
-\\t \y ha* jum returned from the Ecct-
W • eni Cine* with a large and wcil selected
*wk of Goods in hi* line, to wbieh he respectfully in
vites the attention of hi* customers ami the public gen
erally—comer 4lh and Market sis. mchtfO
JKNVKLRY— A splendid assortment of new ami
-f PROPOSALS will be received a\ the office of the
I' Pittsburgh Water Works mini Tur*dny, 27tli
in*u m 5 o'clock J*. M . lor furnishing Water Pipes a*
follow*, vu:
i:js pipes s m. bore, weight each 400 lbs.
IU» ~ fi‘* " “ “ *»“
MX “ « 190 “
The 9’* ami G'» n> be cn*t on cud in dry Band; the 4’«
may be cant otherwise —Ibe usual complement* t>!
branches lo be furnished mi the same rate.
The a inch pipes to be delivered in April and May
icxt. and the whole omu'tity by the first day ct Joiy
Payments ia b« in Uouds bearing interest,and hav
• 20 >•••' ' to run.
in* 20 years 10 run.
Tesunu and delivering lo be u! ibe ejpoiwe of (be
contricvor. J. H. M’CLELLANU, SspL
meliiflr-did _ _
OPIUM— st» It/' new crop, just rec'd and lor sale by
mchsu t comer Ist and wood »i*
QUININE— 75 ounce# rec'd and lor sale by
C'IOPPEKAP— 150 bbls just rcc'd and fat sale by
MOLASSES- 50 bid# New Orleaus. JBBI lauding
from sunr Monongohela; for #alo by
\*7 HITE HBANS—SO ,or * alu b t
CtORN BROOMS- ISS dox, various qualme*. fur Rule
TTOTATOEB—I**O stt* this day rec’d and for sale by
BULK PORK—a small lot, very good, just tecMand
for *ale by ARMSTRONG & CRO^KU
BACON— UCO pc' city smoked, lor sale by
BUTTER— a l*bU Roll Bullet, just rec'd rutd lor sale
LARD-W kegs No 1, for »■<« by
(Rooms iu Uic (jd Presbyterian Church.)
aMIK system of i»»tnicuon pursued iu tVi* laitlto
uon, will secure lo it* a thorough
EngU*h.and Classical edneauta; also, every opportu
nity is embraced tor tye correct moral
principle*. aod jeapecUuL kind manners.
The Principal is auled in those important duties bv
gentlemen whose literary attainment* eminently ouul
ify Uiem to meet all reasonably expectations ot‘ the
Patron* at >bc School;
When two or mor? nuatf* axe £rou\ the name family
liber*! deduction wul te inode.
U CATON, Principal.
Rev D. H. Riddle, UO. Mr. Rtch&rd Edwards,
a T M’Giil, D. D. *' Luke Loomis,
Hou. A. W. Loomit, *• W. W. Wilson,
Mr. George Aibree, “ Henry Wilketoa
Circular* can be obtained at the Book Store nj
Luke Loomit, No. S 9 Wood street, and al*u si Mcsst
R. H. Beeson A Co’s, No. SO Market street.
AT W. R. MURPHY'S—Just received, an .-.son
ULOVV^j—Ladie* super kid, light and durk colon
men's do; gentleuien’s and ladies Idsle; cotton d<
misses lisle and cotton.
HOSIERY—LadIes couon, lead, Uk, jmxc*l.
and unbleached, tnen'i do; ladia* *uper Kncfuh l'“*‘‘
»pun and hnr Silk; Canhmere, pbun ai>d nt.ned, rial
dren's while and mixed cotton da ....
LACES AND EDGINGS—Thread and bobbing cdf
mgm Lisle and Yiciotine do; Swum and Pnckoud Jo,
Li»le ajid Thread Lace*, Ac.
figured Neiu, for cape* 4*4 <*■»*, n«w njic
large assortment ... M ar kci
(Br The |>W ««n.e> < lb
■IS. WholoflUe Room* up «uur*. .
£>. ueeu eminently suceea«ift»l«‘*J® ,r JJ ! |> J e|W4 BII<J
of Cough*, some of which were o brua»« and “ J c*
long »ia)iduig. Serere pain* » , u fleicr» been
hate yielded lo iu virtue*, #nd
relieved. It* curative lt »* «»»de
tested by a largo which are •mg
wtlh grea; care, and from . ft d* c m>n*.
ly of great benefiun all po u an Almanac
The agent for this PJJf.% d Jore ample delail*.
grulia, in which you wiU &d fal ine§ToCK A Co,
Prepared and cold 1 .uxet*, also, comer Sixth ]
corner of Fw*i »“d Wood «w“» - incUU ,
and \Vood W-
Patent ooia Ajraeheti.
i-’.iifrtmia can be famiihod with
PERSONS Jgjjfjij «oM Washer that haa yet been
A Tto weight, is only Site,
mirodaccdio umi" a iT necessary- - Also,
light Pick* an reasonable terms, at
above will be told on we '“ HA y S k GETTY'S,
No 61 Market it
dSSS Jii, JSifc
Dill v PACKET line.
miU3 well known line.
firn.iied and in miff'd, and nn» and COSV
? ?r rjs'Xtjis.
ter In nil ca« B the pawage- mousy am** be P«« w
*i.> •••
j.j) ..,t »«-*
.•ekit;* i ha.f.
JOHN !• I>.\\ IS Aurt
Tbe 1-SAAC NKWTON. Chptain
leave Pnul.mrh rv-ry SundaynnjmtnS ul WfrClOC*,
Win-elm? evt-n Sunday eve»m|: «l'td r. *•
The MON.»V. A H Ki. A. Capt. »!*»»
burgh ever) Monday morning at ltlo clock, Wheehag
eveiy Monday evening hi U> v *.
The HIBKK.NIA No. X Caj»t. J Kua*ntLTt»j WUI
IravV ftiwhurffh every Tueiday morning at I« oeloel;
Wheeling every Tuesday evening at li> r *.
Tl.« BRII.UANT, GutJ Wl '
buryii every Tburmiay morawif at 100 clorW, Whoeua*
c/cry Thurnduy eveiunj at 10 r. *•
The PKR No.S,CmpL Pu» Do***-. wdllrtva
pm>bnnrh every Friday monungal 10© eloce, Woee»
lm» rvehr Friday evening at 10 p. m.
The WKSSKNOEBNoS, OepuJ?ooDW*«ttw»ll le«r«
Pittsburgh every Saturday mßrning at 10 ocloeti
WheeJini every Saturday evening at 10 r. M.
Ugg& l '“- SjgSrSsm
The NEW ENGLAND Nb 2, C.fL S. Du*, w U
..... ruulnmrti every Wedneedey morm«t M It
etiH-k, Wheeling every Wedneedav evening el 1U r. ■.
(vu GLUGOW,)
Leaves Pittsburgh daily. atonvloch, A. hL, aad ax
nv«-» at Ulasjraw, (mouth ol the Sandy and Beator C4*
rial,) at II o'clock. and New Lisbon al 11, same night.
Leaves New LLUu mGo'ctorfc,
Trip tu ,d u, Uic ..... <ta.u>J iht ...shU Glutfim
ni » o’clock, A. M.. and arrive* at at 3 P.
M (has making n ronumiou*line tot earryingM*-
setic**Jß and freight beiweou New Lisbon and ritU
burgh, in shorter ume and ai less rales than by any
of u.» i*"« n««ff' r !2s”,S£:
(brain? the poi.fc tint they IMJ* ? ne<l »P
C.uifSo«»,f« U» “J
fnoMit lo run iin connection with the well known
steamer* VAlAui COPE and UiIAVEB, and eonueof
ine « (ilaapow, wild the Pittsburgh *nd
nai and other linwof steamer, down the OhU
!£d MiaswipjA river*. The proprietor* P»«*K® *«“•■
fflrr* m spare ao expense o( trouble to mfloxe cop
lori safety and dispatch, and ask of the pttbtioa thar*
1> M. UAKTCN, i Pittsburgh,
». fc \V. HARBAUOIt, S
It QANNA, A Co. { New JaaboA.
myllif J. HAIIBAIIoU A Co. t
NOTICE— The steamer JJEAVER.C. K. Claike, mu
inr will leave ailor this noinic, for WellsriUe pancta
aily, at 0 o'clock in the morning. l* l3
• gin HAS
ViTTSßUftcm *. Orowisviua
Daily PaolMt List.
The following new boats complata
toe line for the present season: ATj
I ANTIC. Oupt J nines
—4l -Tilt OanL A. Jaeobsj and LGUII
M'l vNK Cant Iv MrnnfeO. Tho boots are entirely
new «nd ur «£llM o|’ wiSool resold “
e„ iomiorl X< moner nb procure lb. !>“"
The Horn. will !'•"= U“ Moubiisblre. • Wbalfßotl ■
Jre fool of Urn. <■- I‘h**««<■'.’ will be poncmjl oa
bourn.-lire ■».« Wiu cermnl, >e.*e «
Pied boure, a A. M. end < I «• l*° ,n
Ptttabnrtrb A liOUlarllle Packet Line.
_ _ The splendid new sTeamer
LySSaifetfS Haalep, master, will abov*
intermediate por> wi-Caery Sat
urday, at U> o'clock. ,
f " 01 co. '
ri Tbrnew and fast patten-
S *' r TKLKURAPII No. 'i,
mailer, wilt le&ve (or Cine in
nail mil Ix»auv‘.iie on Smulay, the Wlh iaaL, W 10
D-loak A M. ftcigbi or pusage Of ply ©o ooaro,
rr-j- Peyioim will leave Louinville for New
OtTCu... OU arrival of Tele|tl»pli No A PoiMMjn
cun to direi'i, airll can nave bcrUii secured here If do
Loalavtlle and St. LotU» Packet Uh«.
1849. ” W ‘
The fine fact inmnng pnstenjev
steamer • ATLANTIS*
Geo W. Wicke, master, vriit leave
the above and Intermediate pofy
PTery TuetUar. at lOo’clockv*-*. , •* V
F „, .. srj?3&£. low.':"'
. w The hots fast ninnSng pa**enfrr
, ,** H> tiramer GEN- LANE,
ayfegr<i£?ft A. McPhersoa, master, will leave fbt
ypyagypjiWcrai above and miennediase porta ere
-y Saturday', at 10 o'clock, J*. M.
f " fT ' isti or r Th:
The splendid pasMtnyorateamer
LlrViiPTO Boyil, master, will leave for the ikr«
nn«l intermediate ports this daft (Wed
■■■ in ii ■ ■ Hogda yj at a o’clock, p. M. '(
For freight or passage, apply on hoard. ntargl
~ _ w The new and light drau*hljpa*ten
rer steamer LAMARTINE, Dnncaiu
master, will leave for the above ana
BGSuSSZß&Sinienßeditie ports on Thursday
«d idsL at 2 o'clock, P. M. . .
For freight or passage apply on board, or tft
_ K The splendid steamer
LgfegnfiSjl Green, mastot, will leave for above
intenaediaie ports on Wednesday
2trt inst. at 10 o'clock, a. it.
For freight or pwuigeapplycmboud, or to
iturJO Pbi'flGßKlV A Co, AgU
regular packet for nasuvjllr
.. . The fine light draught steamer
ießflfetSw Hazlett. master, will leave for above
fg£gglEfi3&3Band intermediate ports,on Wednesday
tlio 2l«t Inst, at 4 o'clock, f. m.
*ssr" p ~t vans* * wo. a,™.
v. The *P lr .<ftdid fast running steamer
r ‘Ebban master, will leave for
■EEEscSSBK&ihe above and mlc rate th ate ports on
tins day, at 4 o'clock.
For freight 9t passage apply on board.
. K The splendid new steamer
Caldwell, master, will leave for the
and intermediate porta oo this ' '
day, at.lo o'clock, a. M.
For freight or passage apply on board, or to
icuriSt PKTTIQftEW A Co, AgtflU
jazAjr** k The splendid fast running (leaser
Calboan, master, Will run as a regu-
KQaESS&CVIar packet between Pittsburgh and
Wheeling and Sun£»li, leaving Pittsburgh euery Mon
day for wheeling, and (very Tfaaradayfos Sun&sh.
For freight or passage, apply on board, or to
gr&te-*. m. The splendid fast tanning steamer
Wm. Dean, aiaster, will-leave forth*
SB&ESBHuLovo und intermediate ports this day
4 o’clock, p. it
For freight or passage apply on board, or to
K The splendid Cut running steamer
kSiStCfiMB Williams, toaster, will leavo forth*
■■■SlEsHMabovn and Cnttnnediate pons onula
day, the 10th, ut JO u’oktfk, A. M.
For freight or passage apply on board, or to
.oculO_ _ __ PETTIGREW ACm AgU_
K The Steamer
J. Q. ADAMS, _
Captain Onn, will hire oo Thurt”
the 15th inst., at lOo’elock A* M..
mch ;«0, PETTIGREW A Co., Agents.
PiTraßUiuai t wheeling packet.
. The swift steamer
yfegtettS Webber, master, wiU leave
Whtoliiii, oT.ry Mowl.y, WiJ
neada y and Frid.y, »1 lOo’oOtll
BLeave Wheeling every Tuesday, Tharsday and 34
tnrday, at 7 o’clock, a precisely.
The Consul wiU laM at all the intermediate
Every accomodawathat can bo P"»ur*dfor the ©oOe
I f ,rt tu»d safety c i passengers-ha* Wen provided. The
I boat is al*A provided with a self-aetinff aafeiy
£«««!&«■ "WafiES,?? *
l (?bi ° r Al W. lireer’a, cor. Hmithfleld andWato sta
** RpoUI.AU "wheeling packet.
Vac fine steamer
zachary taylob,
L»rrfeGß l.ocas. masirr, will hereafter ran as *
packet from 4’iuabargh to
Wlicrling.Jeaviog Pittsburghevery Monday, Wednes
day sad Friday. ,
l‘or ireight or pa&»»go apply on board. )034
And H&ckingpprt, and Intermediate landings.
„ The fine steamer .
ieEKKjSßiff Poe, maBler.wU) leave for the above
MMMB&lßrMZports every Tuesday, at 10 o’clock, a.
m. For frejghi or passage apply on board.. dtcgT-Hn
GLASSt-4120 boxea Bxlo Glass; M
do I0)cl4 «lov 26 do 9xt£ do: 30 do ?Z9 dot, in store
and for sale by marit) ' L S WATERMAN
bbls Fluxsecdt 2 do Krjm Ido roil
Buttec ifO doz Zinc Wash Boards, 31 bbis White
Beans; lO iocis Feathers; 0 daa Hickory Brooms, for
»ale by ichSS _J D WILLIAMS
t’RUITB —so (>u*h one»l Peaches; 00 bxa i and £
itu dws Bordeaux Prunes; Brm'rna Figs;-
for sale by ivb2* J D WILLIAMS
BlfriluT' rro-sh Boil BatVef, ToVitaielow by
lebit*. j AMi-a PALZELL
Family n.ouß-vis pbiiup*’ «nra Pusiir
Flour, ;u»i latALuig
Q" 7 ATS—4B jacks Oats just landing.
mars _ J 8 DIL WORTH t Co,
BUTTER —S LM« prime Roll Boner, juit landing,
marf* J S DILWOBTtt fc Co
; , TBSn«flBI VEBVIKGBIt - =v
GRSTB, call tad see iheehoieeitaariwy erero&fuV
e&iand Cametu Crsrats, ai price* ib« : c*n , r
leave tarn. CLorH STORE, Poslhuldiagi, cottar .
Fifth and Wood eta. suial&dl*i ,