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    - i— jf ■ - - |y_
! ' I TUB! PimiH fIGII Mill CtAZETm
I 't
i *|
ABMOTfIQX(; &£RoZsft, CommlMioa Merchant#
uni Dealer* in Prddupi, No. 22 Market street
Pittsburgh- . _
s b.bcthsiicl*. . w. U tUIK.
BURHPIKLD k IIZVBf Wholesale dealer* in Dry
Goods, Oroeerwat BbOt?.' Shoe*, Pittsburgh manu
factured uiuclr*. &r- H&&20 Liberty street, Pitts
burgh \ . )*S
rvia>uurK butrn, ■ * *• ctnaos eettol
Braun k REITER, Wholesale and Retail Drug
e»«u, comer of Liberty (nd St Clair streets, Pitw
burgh, l*a. mnylt
«x'ueia»ua, r ' • jl i. aaovrn.
IJEOWN 4 Wholesale Croce
Jj and Merchant#, No. 145, Liberty >
Pinalmrgh. Pg.J j__ __ dv.Wy
BA. FAHNESTOCK A*Co., Wbolaula a ml" Re
» tart Dmggnmydontgt Wood atul fltb *i*_ jy 1
O—QALEY k SMITH, . Wholesale Grocers, and
.jJL*. gfl Wood street'yittaburgh.
Cl A. MeANULTY A. C - Forwarding amJ Corn
/• mbMioii Metefcanu, Cftnul Basin, Pittsburgh I’u.
_ inch*
* wa. a. English, ■ *T JAtiO j. »m:nu t
Ij'NGIJSH & BEfnferi~ (l»l« KnglMli. Ualluher
li { Oe.) Wholesale Growers, CooDauisjuii and Kor
, Warding McrahsuU, and dealer* in Produce and Pitts
burgh SlairuftieUircs, No.’37 v Wt>od sL, between *d and
M street*. ) i- oetl
GKORGKCOCHRAN,.CUniunisf<toh and Forwarding
Merchant, No.JO myl>
HLER l*ucce*aor \oACwphv A. lAe,) Wool Deal
# er and Commission/Alerrbaji u lor the sale of
; American Wdolett*j Libetts opposite StU *t. fabl?
HARDY. JONES a :Coii' Commission and Fot
warding Merchant*,-have retomed to their old
Aland, Water and Front »treei*, Pitubnrgh. jac
•7--' Baltimore.
■j p- c. ■♦cxjoxog, iQun a. washer. j 11 ao
V TKALP k BUCfcNQR, feWco Cormm M ion Me
JDL Chantf- 41 North i. HI North Whnrre
Phila. ;■ nor.TO-jf
t tsatan stcure, aosutr dick t x, is,
ISAIAH DICKEY A Co., Wholesale Grocers. Com*
mission Merchant#, and deal#a in Produce, N0*.~66
Water, and 107 Fcout mrcgt* t ~piiuburgti. _ nosS
JOHN WATT, (successor "to Bwalf &. Gebb&n.)
Wholesale Grocer and .Commission Merchant,
denier in - Prodace and Pitufiargh Manufactures, cor
' Per of Liberty und Puubnrgh J’a. jalfl
/tames' S MoGDiBE,j/a'p<ili= firm of Algeo and
’tT" MoCafta,} Merch&nt *6ulor, CUarirs Building*.
Tbgd stregt. near Wood, Pitti^uryh.
TAMES a. Co.f-Succe*por* to
V Lewis Hateiiisoa A iCotnimssiou Merchant*,
and Agees of the SL Sugar Ucfmery
Na!4s water and W front itrms, PiusbnrgU.
Jgaaj f_
JR. DILWORTH t Co., "Whole sale Oroeer*. Pro
« dace and Commission Merchant*, and Agcau
for the liatard Powder Co. of N. Y., No 27 Wood s;
i*iuatmrfh> ■ ja2
TOIIN D. MORGAN. Whttlesnlo Druggist, and fieai
i| er in Dy eStnffs, Paints, OiU, Varmshcji, No. Oil
Wood streetrone door Sooth of Diamond Alley, Puu
burgk _ _ j*'
.’TaHFS k Co~ fmcccwor m Joseph G
W_D*»ia,)Shtpdmndlor*,'3o 'Water «reg,t oc3l
JOHN a hCELLOIV “Wholesale and Retail dealer
lit Mtixle and Mnsicul lniUgtmecu, School Boons,
Paper, Slajes, Steel Pena, Obw^Primers' Card*, ami
fltationaty generally, No. Si Wo'od pituburgh
pJ"ibuai bought or taken tn trade? scpll
•T SCHOONMAKER A Cbw,-Wholesale Druirgt.tis,
*y « No. 24 Wood street, Piusbnrgh.
TOHN D. DAVIS, Aucuoneer', corner sth and Wood
Pittsburgh. ' . i ocun
.IfoUNSrON * STOCKTON,' llook.rll ers. Printers
y and Paper Man mac tare ,’jS o. 44 Market st., Pm*-
bttrgfca ini
louit tlotd, - . aictisan slotu.
* T kH. FLOYD, flaie J. Flttyd A Co ,> Wholesale
O • Groefcra, N 0.192 Liberty street. - 1 *c|>s
' TAJUKS Wbolesoie Grocer,.Ccmnui.«i.»n
(# hlhreham, and dealer in- Ihxidace and PUisburgii
lyuxai'aetares. No. 24 Water:*L, Pittsburgh. jaolS
KiER A JONKS, Forwarding and Couunisaiou Met
chants, Dealers m Produce and PiUsburgd manu
factnnfd orueies. Canal Basin, near 7ll> sL d2l
VeinirlaS iron -Works.
tes liar. Sheet, Boiler lrou~ and Nails of the bem
* quality. Warehouse, 64 waier.end lua from u.
LS WATERMAN, Wholesale Grocer, Forward
• ing and Commission Merchant, Dealer iu Pn.f
bargh Manufacture* and Produce, No*. Jl Water *t
aha 02 Front C. j^7
roBM iraiu. ru. d. u'edx. w*:.t>.b t *■-*
McGILLS AILOK, Wliolesaiu Grocers and Conmu«-
«on MerchanL*. No 134 Liberty »t., PiUaburcfl
; J»0
MUBPHk , WILSON k CO- llate Jonea, Murphy 4
Co.J Wholroalr Dealer* ui Dry' Goods, No. 4o
Wood street, Pittsburgh. north!
t aLcan, alxjc. Nutu-a,' ws i ictauca.
ALLEN k Co., CocuaiMton ami Forwarding
9 WerThantA, Water and Front si#- hetweru
■d and Market su». jaat,
■ wm- milui. c w. mcxrrso.i.
Tf ILLER & RICKEESyN. \Vholc*aJt: Grocers and
JJX Commission ilerchaut*, No. 17U, Libertyal, Piu»>
burgh, Psc- __ _ _H J Jtui44
NIIULMEB (t SON, No. 55 Market si., second
• door from corner of Fourth, dealers in Formgn
*Bd Domestic Bill* of Exchange, Certificates of Depos
•tj Bank Notes and Sj«eclc.
ID“ Colleruons mad, on all the principal ciucs
ihroa^Boot.the Bnitcd States . * d«H7
ourxa BLacxacan, ’ «eobok n. jokes.
/7\ BIaCKBCkW A- Co- Wholesale Grocers and
*_/• dealers in Oil*, Boat Store, and I*iU*bhrgh Mon-
Kafhetured articles, barn on hand, avail times, a fall mid
I geuerai-ananmem of goods in tkeiT tuns, Water Hired,
oai Cherry _Allsy, PutabargL oui:'
ROBERT MCXIKK, Wholesaie Grocer, Recufymg
Dtatiller, dealer in Produce, Mauufac
tufe#, aid all'fcnd* of Foreign, and Domestic Wines
*ad Liquora, No. 11 Lihorty sUecL On hand a very
large flock of superior old Mononguhel# wtunkry,
Which. Will be sold low for rash. • B pls iy
aa#LE*T iuiamson, ' simlu. a außi.*!*ix
|> ROBINSON k CO- Wholesale Grocers, Produce
Coouxrauion Merchants, and Dealers ui Piu>*
UUrgH Manufacture a, No. 180 : Liberty #u, PittsbargiL
PA jaalo
•h OBEBT A Co 1 , Wholesale Grocerx.
4X CoOjnussioaisnd Forwarding Merehanu, dralera
inFiodnce and Pittsburgh Mahmacuires, Liberty su’
Pittsburgh, Pa. • tetnM
EOBT a. CUNNINGHAM, Wholesale Grocer.
Dealer in Produce and Pittsburgh Manufacture*,
No. M 4 Liberty st jyu
lb EYNOLDB A BHKE, Forwarding and Commission
£b Merchants, for the Allegheny River Trade, deal
ers ut Groceries, Produce, Pittsburgh Munufaeiur'-t
and Chloride at Lime.
the highest prices, m cash, paid at all times for coun-
T rags. Corner of Pena and Irwin sis, jtuucf
SMITH & JOHNSON, Wholesale and Ketftii praters
w Alitlmcry Ooods, Lacds, Hosiery &sd Fwiry
Afliclei, No- 40 Market street, id door above Third m,
Fituburyh. * , • apty
a. C. aiUCKMCTT,
Til US. ft. WIDTH.
OUACKLLTT fc WHITE, Wholesale Dealer. lu
O Foreign and Domestic Dry Good.. No. Oil Wood n
V. t febl7if
HARBAUGH, wixfi Merchants, Dealers
o in Flour and Produce generally, and Forwarding
ami Commission Mcrctams, #o. S 3 Water si., I’uu.
borgh. : ■ .
oMnu, baoalev * cd, wholesale Grocer*
O Prodaeedeaiera, No.223Narket streeL,between sth
and Olh, North side, Philadelphia.. nave
r. aruJicv rretanan. . j jtmitj kick uns, alAin.-tD.
Sr.l.f,VH>t & NICOLS. Product land General Com
! mission Merchants, No. 17 Liberty »u, Pittsburgh
Sperm, linseed md Lard Oila_
S F. VON BONNIiOBiCr,vdt Co., WuoiesZe Gra
ft cent, Forwarding and'commission Merchants,
DdalßTsin Pittsburgh Manufichirea and Western Pro
b«ve removed to their n&w siaiuij
tunrtf corjcr °f Pront *U anjj Chaucer; Lane.
‘ • J *ora. ‘ t. F. etxrrr
11 A SCO'il, Wholesale and Retail dealer* m
JL Roots, bhoee. Truuks, Carpet Bags, Ac., 8. W.
<U2*f ® f ♦thandfeintthfieUl stf,.Pittsburgh, Ps. ja)
rtIASSKY tt BEST, Wholesale Grocers and Connm«-
JL "On Merchants, and dealers in Product. No. j 5
Wood >l—, Pittsburgh, paJa
•rtTICK *~M’CANDI>ESS t tmceessoraiolTAJD
f'f Wicfc,) Wholesale Crnrers, Forwarding and
Commission Merehanu, dealers iu Iron, Nails, Glass.
Cohen Varna, and Pittsburgh JlaKufaciurcs fceiieraiiy,
of Wood and Water PiusbunHi.
*Vj7fcSJT BOWEN —Commission and Forwarding
nr Merchant, No. 90 Prom sc between Wood and
Mtrket street*. ' ■» febSl
W«W, VVALLACKjMiII IMM and Mitl Furnish
» iug establishment, Liberty sL, near the
canal. _ _ . ;■■, __ mans
Wilson, oJiitrliWvaiciic.. joweirr,
flf Silver Wale, Military Gflbds, Ac., No. 57 Mar
ket »U nov7
WPL . MURPHY, Wkolesite and Retail dealer in
« Foreign and Dpaestic -Dry Goods, north east
coiner of Slarketaad ftfathw.; _ acgvi
w it. tocso. ij-. mo. *,is'ann.
J]k7 RL YOUNG * Co.—Dcalf rsln leutner bides, A<*.
fy 143 liberty Bi. v __ ,*ns-lv
WM. * l ct.tctijco7l- . aon. M'ctijcun's-
W& R. M’CtJTCUBPN, Wfcofcsale Grocer*, dm
• I-r* in Prpduce, iron, Nails, Ulas«« and Pm«.
bahth Manufactures generally, 15a Liberty, st, Pm*-
. burgh. . deea
HJ W. WILSON, lifter W»rr.
Yf » mid Military Goods, corker of Jliiiket and •till
streets. Pittsburgh, Pa. N. IL—- Watches and Clot k«
carefully repaired. _ ' 4- dec*
MAT£n?.ttT WILSON, Portrait tuid MinmiurePain
tar Rooms, comer of Alley und
Fourth street, enuanco*on 4th dear Market.
: deeC dll.
JOHN M. TOWNSEND, Druggist cad Apothecary,
V N 0.45 Market su, three doOrs above Third R. Pitt*-
borgh, %ii! havo eojuaanlJy on hand u well fcieetrd m>-
aoTtmeni <t( Ihe best and freshest.JJcdicinru. whu h Ue
wjU sen on the moft reasorntbltf terms,
•»«ag stdem, will be promptly abended to, and sup
anicles they may m}y Upon as gmulftv
• li-/~ Physicisns PreseriptiOtie <V|il be accurately and
mmtiv prepared from the besi ihatennls, ai any hoar of
th» day or oleht n . ’
Also lor sole, a large sbttDt of fresh afid good l-Vrfu
“WT' . - t ; )anl
I* «.'NwiS io amnufacturo Monnc.rui*, Bur,.ii
\J~ Vttolu. Tombs, Hnnd SULU£»vMame! l'll-cr», tVn-
Utt and Pitr Topa- of foreign imd"dcime»iM uiurlilr, t>.
» and fair price.
. N-IL- Orawipga for monuments, vauiu, «Vc funu«ii
edj of sny description Me solicit* a iluirr of pubnr
$ H* T. ltober«a, ill. D m
I'tVPTIIAI.MIC ptfllG Kt»N, will utteml u. the tr-m.
t>l Oise uses of tile Ki'fc
_Dr H hi< been engaged in this branch m iiir io»<ii
tfl pro/rision for Sisieen years, and has romiunrd an
CilabblhniLnt lot Uic treatment bl di««a»c> ol iiir t )e
• alptte for sn/araJ yenrs.
Owtc* and resident *, rorntfr of f»amlutk> ,t ami
■ BHawlerry alley, Allegheny .city. •> »l i
MfW « , hear Wood—All auniitiue* oi Green niul
■iSjlll Blsih Teas, done Up 1U quarter, bsll. uml
pna poaa l. paekagus, ranging from 5o cl. per pouivd
.. a JAYNKB. Ajft for Pekin r«u < t»
iISHED IS 1786.
C m .... Btuiraisu womu.
OLtaiAN, lIAILMAN i C°. SSm. 10 nmnn
8b«II Iron Sprint ond Am. Hli.irr Sled
? ‘ongb. Fork and Hoe Sled, Blvetn, Spikes and Wro i
“t.fU “SeUior Willi Coieh aid Klipue
Spriof*, hlf P'H, T»per aad common Axle*.
HBTinR reduced tH«* price of Wrobeht Iron .Yai»
enjlae builder* and other* Dung the afude, will Bn.l
it to their tnterect to give thl* new branpti o7l'lUnburgli
majiuuGtarc* their attention,
Wach trimming* and maleable iron 6n liberal term*.
WMthonMjm Water and Fourth febtfMf.
kattubw jcm. t mti,
Jacob rocsa, rzux bob.
tbo*. BOfpaoa. _
MPSON A Co., manufacturers of Vials, Dottles,
and Window Glass, keep constantly on hand a
general assortment of the above articles. Also, mak«
to order a superior article of MinoraLor Sodu* Wain
Uoulea, of colored glass. No. lf> Wood st, Pittsburgh,
Pa. _ _ auf3l*tim
WILLIAM SMITH, Manufacturer of Cotion and
colored Linen, Fringes far Dressda, Ac,; Scwuig
SUk god colored Cotton Fnngc* for silk and gingham
Parasala. Gimp, Mohair, and Silk Ballion Fringe*,
made to order on the shortest notice.
Stubs, comer of Maiden Imue and William, entrance
No 85 Willinra street, third floor, over Aimer k Klgt>
atmo. No 65 MjudenLane New York jy 10 .
MAN UFACTGRKK of Steam Boat and Family Blin*
ket*. Batting, Cotion Mattnuses and Comforts of
all sizes. Warehousa, No. 29 Waier street, Pittsbareh
dec2o B '
“pbss Hti-K.. pi*TBßUß(iii, is —
1/ ENNEDI, CHILDS k CO., Manufhoiurers of very
IV tupenor 4-4 Sheetings, Carpet Chain, Cotton
Twine aad Batting. jauQ-ly
l>aqae*n« Spring Axle t Bt*«i
’ MAILMAN * Co, nLnnafaciOTsrs hi
Aj Coich iuid Elipuc Bprtnga, Hammered Axles,
Spnn* and Plough Sled, Iron, 4c. Warehouse on
\\ ater and Prom streets, Pittsburgh.
Also, dealers w» Coach Trimmings and Malleable
Casun*»_ ocU *
XT BL'CKMASTER, AUmocis—offies, Fourth st_
i.i • third door above Snuthfield, sooth side
Conveyancing of all ktnds done with the greatest
care and legal accuracy. 6 tc * l
Titles te Real Estate examined, 4c.
WA M. MJTCHELTIIEK, Whelcwle Urocen
h»m« CUf V?* P “d 'Vino ami i..quo,
-tuicbonu. Also, lm»orte« of Soda Aohaadßleacli
,n * N °' 100 Cl»°nr street, Pittsburgh, l*a
SHOMB XjKAGUE factory. ’*
Of Hoary
Shirungs, Checks, Ac., Rebecca street, city of
oel3l Na 43 Water strek
S ofm ? UT^AJL raSUttAKCB CO.
j OHN FINNEY , Jr p Agent at Pittsburgh for the Del
a ,*T? n 5i uu “ J Safely Insurance Company m Philo
odeiphia. Fins Risks upon buildings and merchandize
of erery description, and Maxine Risks upon butts or
Sms** ° r ve * scl,, l4keß “P° n »*»* m ®*‘ favorable
iPlCffic- in Warehouse of W. B. Holmes A Bro.
*Vai o V SJ? r ’ “w Market street, Pittsburgh.
W. H-—The success ol ibis Company sinoe the estab
lishment of the Agency in this city, wni» the prompt
ness and tiberaiily with which erery claim upou them
for loss has been adjusted, fully warrant the agent ill
Inviting tbe confidence and patronage of his friends ami
the community at lug* to the Delaware M. ». In*in
ranee Company, while It has the additional advantages
a# an institution among the most flourishing in Philadel
phia—u* haring an ampio piud-irt eaptul, which by Hid
operation of its charter is constantly increasing, as
yielding to each person insured lus due share of u.u
profits of the company, without involrtng him in auv
responsibility whatever, and theretore as possession
d.e .Mutual principle divested of every obnoxious fea.
ture, and m its most attractive form uovj '
qttlE Insurance Company of North America, through
X tt* only authorized Agei*. tbe subscriber, otters w
moke permanent and limited Insurance on property. in
this city and its vicinity, and on shipments by the Cai
nai and Rivers.
Anhur O Coffin, - Charles Taylor,
1 _v' J J “ nca ’ Ambrose White,
Edward Smith Jaoob M.Thomas
John A. Brown, John r Neff
John \N hue, Richard D Wood,
Thomas P. Cope, Wm. Welsh
Samuel K Smut, Frames Uonkcas,
SAinuel Brooks H. Austin Allihoi.r,
~ „ a ARTHUR U. COFFIN. Pro* t.
iianaY D. Shxrbekb, Se<’y
This u ilia oldcKt Ijtsunuut: Company m the Uuurij
States, having been chartered in 17W. lu charter ii
perpdtual, and from its high standing. long experience,
umple means, and avoiding all risk, of as extra. hai£
u.rdou» may be considered us odanng am
ple county to the public. w P JONtl :
A t the Counting Room of Atwood, Jones A Co., W»i
ter streets Pittsburgh. tuayfi
SUBSCRIBER has boen appointed Agent pro
I tew. of (he insurance Company of North America,
ano.wui issue Policies aud attend to the other business
ol Ike Agency, at the warehouse of Atwood. Jours A
Co. *p 12 WM F JoNaUswn .
c. m. bjJUSUV WIL 4 J fciXxLaonju.
No: 59 Sooth Wlinnec :._.J No. 117 Sooth Water *L
T>EGS to inform the imuu ud dealers generally, of
Pittsburgh, that they nave made such arrangements
with the Virjjlma aranuiuctarcrs and the Grow-rn of
the West, West Indict, and olicr placet, u will uiurd
a large and constant supply of the following drscnp
uons of Tobaeeo, which wth bo soM upon a* sodom*
modating terms as nay other house in this city or rise,
where, and all goods'ordered from them wilt be war*
rented equal to representation:
HaVatia; Bu Domingo; Conn.; >
Vara; Porto Klco; PennI*.; 1 *.; >S«etl Lerff lo-
Cahn; Igmni; A Florida; ) haceot
ALSO-Branch’s eelebrmted Artnnatie Stag Caven
dish. with a large assortment of other popaJar brands,
and qualities of pounds, ss. ha, I 2», Ids and 325. Lump:
ss, tt. m and lo» Plug; Ladies’ Twist; Virginia Twtsc
fee., twees and plain, in whole and hall boxes, wood
and tin. together with every vanelj oi article belong,
ing to the trad* jetOdly
j kaxsst. ' x. nuarr. a. asahxiso.t-
Produce, Commission and Porwardtns
No. £2 Nona Whajivks, aad 129 Wat** St.
Ruo ro—John 11. Brown A Co. ]
Robert Bteen A Ce. I , ..
Barer.!*, Beaver t Crr. I Blrrladclphl.
Smith, Bagaley A Co. j
Allen A Paxton, New York.
Walters A Harvey, BeJumoroH
Bagaley A Smith, )
burbndge,Wilson ACo _ .
Bular, lire-an 4. Co. I Pllub » r * l ‘
Kier k. Jones, j
Ipr Liberal cash advances on eormgnmeriis to our
shares*. masStedly
r c. KJ.i.atAsxx. chaalxs ecxt ao*r- watals.
And Gsneral Commission Htrehaiu.
No. 138errH WatoStsitt,
REFERENCES—Henry Groff A Co, Pittsburgh.
Rodgers A Sherlock, ) -i
•8. Sohooley A Son, j Cincinnati
A. M. January, hUysvvNe, j
Charles Basham, Jr, Louisville
Dutilh, Humphrey* A Co. 1
Mercer, Bro. A Co. VPhilads
Reed A Brother, J
•I’Pdlj Duutb A Coutinery, New York
B££il k CD.,
(Successor* u> Reed, Hurd A Co.)
Particular attention paid to the sale of all triads of Pro.
duce, out liberal. Advances made an coiuigumenu.
L. B A Co. Inive leave to refer 1 to—
Messrs K. Robison A Co. 1 , .
•• AlrGill 4 Korr. j PlK ‘ l ‘“'S 1 *-
•' Rrert, Parka A Co., Beaver;
u Lawson A Covode, Wellsvtn*, O
Boswell ftlanh, Esq - Btrubemrille, < i
8. Urudy, Esq. \
W F Peterson, Keq i lm „
Messrs HCrsiifls *Co f WtMl,B *» V »
“ (fill A Stoat, J
“ Rhodes A Ogteby, Bridgeport, 0.
_ dec27-dAwtMaylCS
n ~\ . T. H. ci'VijiWu, " '
Keetinng, Gorwaallagasd General Cominis
sioTf flerebant,
Vrt °£'!“* <:UL Himr, St. Ini-i,, Mrr.
‘V . Wtentlon paid lo orders lor purchasing
this market, and ail business rfromptiy traasaricil
dl33&m Puubu, * b ' Jolm *■ Co. J
uSbuoa cocimiar.
Commission wd forwarding M.reliant.
s 0 ' * Wo<ro ST., mTSSOkeil,
I j «„.. » general Commission Ls*i
•Vi, P°»chase and sale of Amcri
*lld To< * uce > hhd in receiving and
* c ,‘ uu,| * 1 «d to his cure. As Agent for
the Mnmiiaelurrs, he will be constantly supplied with
wte 1 ; I sfs*" Btu,e
arr rr.pee.foliy .X.Sul*
georqe a. berry
Iron, Nolls, Cotton Yarns A Plttsbureh
Dlanafsetam |<n*rallv "
«f» WOOD STRUCT, rtTTsaemiui 'pa
WB. 11. CLARK,
Forwarding Blerchaut, Dkownsvllle, p.
Allri.d* particularly to the Forwarding 0 ( produre*
For any Infomunnn, apply to FORsvtm a. riM
CAN, Water st
Por (he lair of Produce generally.
\TJ k Liberal advance* made oil roiuignmem*.
TransporUtiop to ills
I'oMmiulon and Forwarding Agenlu.
fi. M. JJAKTON, Puubarjfh, wdl receipt Prodvr
non,* t»*t foblSHUffl D & C
MKBCHANDISB tIBOKKR andTeratnlaaion Mer
chant, No. 33 Booth Front *tre*t, feeeoin) «ory.|
Philadelphia. |T7"Oood» purebaaed, parked. inaptcd,
■nd shipped U> order. Wool, Flour, Ofain, Dn*d
Krnlt and f’heese received on conalymnent and s|»»t
age. with insurance obtained
'dTfcl) r J KA<’*'" rr “bush r" lFvak, (c
DRIHi) r'KACHfcU — floo -I Kupc/ior lifti.— , (ot
(cbX _ MWLLS A ROtf
CIHOOOLaTE— oo bxa No 1, IJotlon and Slalutnorr
‘ manufacture, for iaJe by
( i ROUND PKPPKR-lo bi* W
y fcwo Wlgk & N’CANpLKJJf*
|ILOVJ-.R .-J7 Lbl* prime Ohle 8e«d; Itod'ing
\J from Heeinej Uea<r«r, for •*]« by
uid Irma
Butler t Pa
WILL also attend to collection* anti nil ome, i,n*|.
ric*s entrusted to hun in Uuilrr and Aim^inmi
counties. Pa. Refer to *
•JAR- Floyd, Liberty *t \
W. \\ \V allure. do j
„ Jtmo. Wan.lmll d 0 » )
d.y Kaj A Co. Wood *t j jmT
T R SWKITZFR. Attorney ,',i 1,,w. ha
O . opposite St Charles Hotel. IMutureh
aitcmJ promptly io Colleetion«. in Wn«hiM«i..i. 1 n-tr
and Green counties, Pa.
tJ . . w REFER Tu
Biarkmock. Belt A i'o , •)
< - 0r ° a ‘'' r *' Whltshtirglr
D. T Morgan, _ j
EJ. HENRY, Attorney ami C-oun. -.ior ui l.n»v
♦ Cmcmnau. Ohio. Collccnoi.. ,n Sviiui-rm >h o
and in Indiana, and in Kentucky, prnmptiv im.l car.'
fully attended to Commisamner ior ihr Statem iVn:,.
sybruma, for taking Deposition*, urknoivlcdainen;,,
Rxrsa To—lion. Win. Beil A Smt, Cum*. rhurel- A
Carothers. Wm. May*. Esq., \\ illm-s * Davis „»i
. James f. KKmt,
A TTORWY AT LAW. Other reradVoi I . Fourth
ox *tr**t. between Smtthfield and Grim nt.*et
-*^iri£i' ! *x.\ U I 1 UAkRUKIS SKWKJ.t
A SEWKLI.. attoroet at Law. on
J_/ Hnmhfield, benmn 3d and Ith *t»
JOHN 11. RANKIN, Attorney and Counsellor at I.a vi
and Commissioner for the Stale ot Ponn«j vama
9L Loals. Mo., (late o| Pittsburgh.)
Pittsburgh: Hon Forward, Huinn-
IJn* Miller, M'Candlesn 4 M’Clure, John K Pnrku,
Btssell* A Semple. M’Cord A King. jr-Uly
ATT()RNK\ AT LAW. Fourth street, between
Smtthfield and Gram. luld-dtlin *
ATTORNEY AT LAW. Fourth stre-t, near Grant.
WO. H. RoDINSON. Attorney at Law. ba« ro
■ moved bis other to the Exchange iluilitinrs Hi
Uluir ft , lien door to A Idrnnaii Johns. ii|'! 7 v
4 THE subscriber, in addition to bis ovi-n M
manufacturing of liau, has made arrange-AS
meiuswith Messrs Bcbee A Co., nhc raoei®>®
fashionable hauersof the city of New York i for n res
ular supply ofhisextrn fine Silk Hale, and hnvmr nm
received a few case*, goutlemcu e;ui l>e . U ;t<-d »nn |.
very rich and beautlfnVbai by calling at lu» n r w Mat
and Cafr Store, SiwthLeld street, second door south of
Fourth, where may be loundu great variety ui
and Cups of his own manufacture, wholesale ami re
tail. llals made to order on short n«*ticc
JB (Successors to M'Cord A Ktnrl HW
“ Fashionable Ilatt eVa , ' »f*B®
iUtmer af Ww>l an,l Fifth Ftrerts.
PARTICULAR attention paid to our Keiuil Trade.
Gentlemen can rely upon gnttug iiieir Mil* and
Cap* from our i-smblishmrm oi the bkoi xarasiau-i am!
wouMajouir, of the Larurt sttues. im-i h; U.o towr-rr
Country Merchant*, purrhamm; l.y wholesale urr
rcgpecuully invited tu sail and nuium- our Slivi a*
WO can say with .•onfi.l.-mr Utal u., r.-gurd* vcaL-tt
am) raira. it wnl run .uder in u roiupan*on wtm n.,v
house m Philadelphia. triif
or New Wrk. urhoire ansortmeut
ol Hau. C.tps and Muff*. laie*t lanbum*, in great vitne
ty and very chrap, wholesale und retuil.
novl 1 SmnhficU *t. -Jd diu.r south ol Itti
/fflCaltlornia Hats, JU »i teeeiv.-t and r.-r «alr I
M O run h to. ■
_ If 1 ' _ corner sth and Woo-1 *t.
FA9HIbNB _ Fok 1840. '
MtORDiCn wilt introduce on Pmur- B
March 3d. the Spring style or MATH £A
Those m waul oi a neat and superior hat, are invurd
to eaJl at corner of &th and Wood itrent*. ouri
Ur. Uoic'i Celebrated licinnlips.
DR. JACX>H S KOr-K. me di*c„v Cr .rr ami i..
prielor ot these must popular and bcm-lieml nir u
iciiws. and also the inventor oi itie cejrhraird mriru
uiem for uidatitig the Imiig*. in etleci;,.* rufr 0
Chronic disease*, wa* a uudrnt ot ii,ai niu.,,- ,| r,-.-
Doctor Puysui. and i« a gradoair ot ihr l'-i,-Vci.i
lycf Peiiuiylvaata. lu.d for tainv )« «r, i U i* L,„ n
engaged in the investigation or d.*cu»c amt me am> t
catiou of remedies tiicrrio *
Tlirough the use of h.« iu:jc. n |. m| ,| Pl ..
with ui» Propay luetic Hyrup and ntn.-r oi m. mn.-.i r.
he has gained an unparolelted eminence m
those dreadful and ratal maladies. Con”
•anjption. Cancers, Scrolulw. Rhruinan«m A~u.ii-a
Fever and Apt Fever* of ail kind*. Chrome Krymm--
~_~ a * c tin ale disc use*, peculiar ■<* (emstel
Indeed every form of dtseaae vauui.r* under uie b-v
of his remedies, to which humanity n hmr—not itv
a*e of one compound only, for thai i* i*r. M m.t,ii;.le
with Phystoiogtcal Law, bat hv the u*e ..r m» reme
dies, adapted to and prescribed tor each peculiar li.rtn
of disease.
Dr Row’* T6n»r Allrratirr |*n:v whrn i»*ed n * m
variably acknowledged la be k. ai oiurt n »
* W U ‘" or liver pill, ummaurh aa they .r.vr i).r
‘‘•'**l* P<rfecUy free Irons coin <oihs»*. u ,', o , n ,
Uoluen Pill* i« admitted by it, c /acuity hi
liar jiropertie* adapted te female d.»ea*«V but Tri.. c
saliafied that a bare mai i» • tt/Sriem u» r*ial«i*»;i whm
ha» been »aid in the uundt 0/ ihr rao«i *icj>t;rj,:
The articled are invited to rail upon Lhe ~-id
procure (crnuai one or the |>uii..r . t-ampo;,-;. .....
a detailed aecoum o{ each remedy and ii> «i>|.i»«-auo>i
For «aie by the following agent* a» wp<; a -1.1 m**-
throughout the country:
J C l '-hoonHiaker A Co. tf-l Wood %ir«vn. )*ui.„ ur v h
J &J To\ns»eiid. dniegiM. U Market <i
! -ea A lierkham. •• urarUir Ml A.lrtuei.y ,
Joa Barkley. Dariiturum, Beaver countv. I*. '
Jno FUliou, Rnr.ou
T Adarna. lleavrr,
KKD'-U*vui{ a | or , oll< U oie ,^ n itittre-tr-d
■«nin a MTrre p«m m ifc r wile sari n»r« : . B r<-o, tlpll
wuii a dry cough. | wu mdueed. upon .uc uifpm <o i
citation of a friend, to Dr. Tmriorm llm.ini o! la/rr
wort and J ran*t may tin* medicine ham an.wercd i>
purpoia admirably My dimtrew warn prodoced hr a
netere hurt, and wa« *o great that it wu» wun diftcuiiy
Icobid twaiiuw my rood. JndeeJ, J am uui£'<l tint
du«Mo matt have terminated in ContampUou, or wane
faiai diac&ac. had it not been cured by lium jo»iic!ou«
medicine To ail who seek to prolong their .ivem, I
would advi*c the ute of Dr. Taylor ■ Uai.-vra of Liver
"on- _ JAMES OOWA.N, «sd Bowery
Thli mcdict/ie facilitates expectoration. redur-.,' f
ver. restore* strength, and mar be coinmlcred ■ • a >i>
penor preparation for the ran and prevents . ot
dise&set in the ttnest and Lancs, ami mould l« rf»«, i
ed 10, even after these diabase* bsvc r«si,icu ttir um
aJ remedies. In the practice of tin. e.d very rr
►portable physician, this Balsam oi Ijrerwnn >,», ar.
quired an enviable reputation tor n» nnue» »»
nor lo that of ihe abundant no*trnnu of u.r' ,u, «,
Wa» .the character and probity of iu invrniui t u«
o( qdarks and empiric*.
lent cold, used lo cou*!i nolet.ifv' ruo.ii* quaaui.e. w
thick putrid matter. and finally lie rou.d n«n toi.i ov-r
m bed, from veaknna He miuuiMKd r«irv.ym;.-
loa of confirmed consumption Kor »ti year, iir ii.-m
UeetJ subject Ul Uic UU.IIII Mi. ptiv,»r >]«••• r •
Vermoule i. Anderson. sm.l he was iinmraine
must soon die. Vet I»u deirninocd m h®l>r lav
lor> Balsam of Ijverworl. und strange a. u m*, u;>
pear, this medicine nas fully restored hi. hralin
, SOPHIA GALLON, 14 Noilw.k »:rer'
Soli! In Pittsburgh by J D Morgan. »:J Wood «• j
Towtißend. 45 Market *i, H sruywtr. cor Market *.«u
3d tu; Hender*on A Co. 3 Liberty .t rrduero
to HJjQ per bottle.
Salu. Columbiana co . O . Apr. :M, Oil
DB D. JA\ NKS: Dlab Sik,-| (eel bound to you
And Uir aHlicied public, to avau mj fell of tuu, up
portUUitr of girmg publicity to llir cxtrAordinury rtJ.-vt
ofyour KlOerlOfanl»e.r HaTln* been arid, le.i
for Beveral year* with a icmr coog},.
and it* concomitant di»co*ea, and .rented only doomed
to linger out a •Kori but miserable c:ki»trnre, until d>-.
fall of when, l-eing more trvrtr.y nuarkej, and
having reported to all my former rem-dte.. amt thr j-rr
.cription. of two ot the mom rc.pecu.bie pi,y ~, u,,,
the neighborhood without deriving nn, km hi. or 11.
consolation of .urriring but a few day. or we-k- m
farthest—when the lu.t gleam of hope wiu about t..
vum.h, J had recommended to rne your Fapnrinrarn
and tdeaneii try that Being who doe. ml thruc* to in
-0«e of the mean*—and contrary, to die .rpectntn.n. o<
m> pliyai-iati* and friend*. | wm m w trw .lav. rat.c.i
from my bed,and wn enabled by the u**• ot u imttle i..
attend to my baatneaa, enjoying .nice better hrailh iha->
i had for ten year* prtvion*
• Keapertfully vaunt, Ac , J** W J-Vni.t
For »ale in Pittsburgh, at the Pbkin Tea Store. 77
Fourth atrret mars
f~iOCTOtt B. W MORRIS havtaii rreSml y purcti.i*
\J ed the Drugstore formerly owned by Huy. A
Brockway, N.. s Commercial How. Libert/ .tr-n.
Pituburgn, i.tkca ihi- method of mforimiirf h,.
Inend* mid the public m general, that hi* »t><c.
Will «t nd l.flic be auppnrd wilb mi ertei,.,,e ui..J
general a«*oriß.eul or Ditig*. D> c I'amU.Ui-
Vurnj»h**, Perfumery, Coiognr*, and indeed ev-ry ,n
tftde culled lor in a drug siorr. winch »m aiway«i..
aold a* low aa at any other lion.- n, ti, r <-ii>.
■ule or retiui. Hoping to m-tii n vi>r> r • nt tin iinl.i.
patronage, nothing .halt l>u w an Line in t-r. r .
mlarlion to hi* cuHuiuti ji.. vT i a j.] t
tlydropalby, or the Water Cure.
Hydropathy or die VVnirr for- I■ < tiered wi >
di.rase* Allopallnra; . tH.-mri. it i -a.-, w-n l:..
tended U> (iromptiy
•N. II —Dr Morn* tmy i.. ton-uiir.l m i„. |i,
Store, No •JCormiiercuii How. Liberty nn-t .1,,.
liuiiuni hour*, or at ill* r-'Mlener imir>iui K ami rv<
mg. Prntl Mrerc .J door, bnow Irwin > alley
Dr. BloLanc In Ttuumet.
'1 '}fcft ta to certify thai I pun-hated one vial n< Dr
X HcluuieN Worm Specific. mhhc iwn month* ~r „
and gave to Aaon of rainr. •om- .even yr-ur*niil, < + t ,
aaapocna foil, and although the nmnuiit m«v upper
large, yet I have no doubt but ih-rr wa* upward* „(
rwo n octavo wuku* pu*.ed from him. measuring
Tom oe« quarter of an inch to two inebe* long.
Bone‘a Carrol ro Trim . fyec IT7. jslM
O foLtaat*, J«h. ■'ib, 1-1 D
Mr. K, F. Seller*. - Vour Vermifuge ha. »oi«l
and Sa* i.ccn IngUy .poken 01* by ad who hav* u.mi
" From th« *ucce»« «ttendin« the Bilnnni.itatioii ot
your V-rmiiuge in rvery ca«e 1 have beard of. I am
I'unfbJcin I ran »e|| more during the coinmg
tUau 1 did la.t. 1 will i.e glad to receive anolti-r ,uj
ply ol i or 3 grot* l'our>. rr.peciiu ty.
IKxtraei from Inter 1 K t'AKTKR
Prepared andAold by U K SKI.I.KHS. 37 Woo»l «t,
and »old by tlruggui* generndy m I'litdnirgh nnd A;
»E»»d'T |«-rt
H AKH.AHSKs—'jibb.. S H M->..i—c. ,iu> t«
Cr» ceired nnd for «rlp by
bb«l. prime auenr new i top, iu»l ftrr
O Ted and for .»le by
SOAP— 4HI bi* Pilivbargh inunui.wlurcd ■u-t
faecivnl and for «alr |,y
Fi.ODR-wlWl bid. Pnrk.ii.on - * •npermr
J? femily Floor for -a e i,v
riMIK co paiurr-Mhi;. L.M. „ , v „ rl| , I. lil H T STBEKT U A t.T IM O K li'
1 (i) Die liaitii' ci I'iirud, Rj,, * A . Fur.fl AJTD TlirSsT<»!», PBOPEJEroa*
wiw thi» day •U**oivc«l '•> mu’unl i uii.r-m (: r 0 )j)i. >• | Ctt THJS p*x«l»lj«iimciit lonff and widely known at
•* i!l «*tU>* ihr l'U*ino«t of Mir rr n. -rti, (nr ..i»-ii jnir ■ Ejjfl boinp one of the iua«t cowmodiou* in the jcny of
po«r he is nuilmrin'il to u*'* tin* ntm. o< tlir 'mn '**** Haiti morn, bat recently undergone v: v extern
ii;i« li.-rn added, coiitaim tip unninrqiit and airy
I ;i|mnm'*n , v and exten«ive bathing ronma
Tiu« |jnlie»' department bn* alao beam completely
Co«Parli»erali Ip. reon>a!«i nml fined un m a tno«t unique and fieauti-
The »n •«rril>er« have ihi« il»v n««-- i.-tte.j vi .<nm r ; \ <•* 1 * : '• '<• In fa«-( -.he who V armnietnent of the Home
•in H.e name ot lUIK.V. MA 17111-!'\S \ t'n |<.r the i*n* I wen with a unslr eye on the part of
and K«»f war-i' ntj )tu«u<e*>. n: ;it»* -rt ml ,J wfii in 1 ll, * > ' <»ucMa, mid which they cneSilently n««ert wnl
reel'd Rltey & C.i . tvl.-re the. « lii ~,-d HI . < rompft/ifcOll w t in any llouti tn die L’nio:;.
fern tar jin:',. ,| n . i Hie.r in'.'e wi:i alwn ,* '0 »u|:|i ie.! with even *ul>-
nod our friend* »i:i.i>i. iwnt luxury which iltr market nlforda, *erved
February T. I
"> Ulfe j'*<-a»VJrr In ---.numir-I, I, ,1 tn ;; t «. e i ( . fideit' -
■fmir fne,i.!« I,r-.l thn«e of „|. Ilhrv A ouf
me. i-*-..i« iii i Khev. Moutirwi i Co.
WOO Dr l _
r IMIK ru ptinnri p Ucrrioiore 011*110* beCvee'i 'tie
1 n'*er». . 1 ’.tie mine of ConaUbltv Borke 4
r.i ~.1 h 1 - <Jn\ (.V Ilium."! .-Oo»enu Mcwth
Iftiykr 4 Himi'i 11 ««Mtte the bii-nuH* of in«- con
'•Tn. mi which purpo«e they nrc uuthofned '.o >;»«• the
name mme coitcri. NATHA.MKI. OONSTAUI.F.
I'.n.VL Nl> BI'RKF.
The umler»i*ned have lhl« day msoaaled ihcmarlvr*
in the imnic 01 HI. KKK 4 BAKNIX for ihr purpn*e
oftnuiufariurmi; Fire Frooi Sale*. Vault Isonm. Ac
Ac., ai ihr »uiid otilic lute firm of Cotismbio. Utirke
A Co., where inrv wdl be pleated 10 receive ih»- pa
tronage of the customer* 01 that nou*c and Uicir friend*
In rt-::rir-.j: from :n•• !mu <••' Burke ACo .
I wit:i «inrere (>!•■*• ure re-omtnend Mtun. Burke A
Barrie* lo the confidener o> mv m.-inK dud tue pi l.c
Fpt> i» 1-MU ,N A I’ll A ,\! I-. 1. > l^STAlil.i.
1.-l.] I .in
lOIiAN A KF.N.NKDY have Hus day a-'oeiui-'d
j wMiiih-mm vlie Hardware l.umie*., Fiu..p Wil
*oll and F-dward fircflc Tlie *l) 'r of firm n\i; hrre
after In' ! W i «i.n A Co Th.t arriuig.-meM re-i
-drr* ii dr»'.r«:de to eiote the old hii-nirt* s* vxin t<
poimlde AH per«nit« who»e ItnhiMie* hove matured,
are especially requested 10 niabr immediate piiymunt
Jan l. l-4"«
1‘ OOAN, WILSON A CO.-- hnpon*-r« mid
j WnoleKale [Viler* m Foroisu mid Hurd
wure Culler,- Saddiery, A -• 1 iV Wood mre.-!, F.ltr-
now <ut'y prepared wdli a rcc-cmi) inipor
led »in. k ol Hardware. Cutlery, Ac lo offer v. r\ great
coni pet- ,11 price* w ih unv o' me ACiritie e:i,e« a.
«o 00 linlid hu extrusive i,«eor'rnr ill of I’lllsbur-h f lard
ware, vie SuniYls. Spade.. Fork*, iloe«, V,ee.. A<•
pner. '
'•I'UIF Ma-Vner• Ii ;v M, .-."Huf 0,..'e, the firm O'
J. .Mliird .t K-:ii!.w w M niiiim v«.l
On Hie I"1 m.i Tl.e tui-nie.. WMi I.e etone.l ..1 ..Id
that pu>|Mi»e Item- d*-..<ou» ;.i 1 in., r .u: uii" • k.
c .».-U with a* iitlie’ d.
their ai-.-tiu-;. 1
Co-Part ue rati Ip.
JuMN D MTuKU ha-ii <
;.rt..Jir s J .111 r. M i ... I, ..I .1.--
A I n wi!i .-nnti•; j- th.- lliil. Cup
u!l it. vumous l.rmirne*. who..-«:>.e nud retail. t the
Old eorin-r of VV i*nl *i..t jl.'l .I'rcl-. Wli<r« ue f
-.-..wi-d mi th- id.t i». J'tlLN*!!
~i> .'AMI> H M'CmRH
J N reui -.g irotn : nr i-:. 1 *i».l we,i known hrin oi
' H " >r in '’ " II 1) KIN..
r p.--n.-r«„:p o- Ml Ill'll', a t.FI - I,
lare hrin tiV !.e .rtt'-.i H l.e. J K Ml lll’lh
tt.l'ureti. Ja» 31 >1 1.1 K
NUTICF- f!.. U. dC.M«..ed
Partnership \ollr<
’il <' \! A KKN M'P i j
.-AW \ J.K, 01 Mii„
1< "'KI.Su ' .I.A S.'* V.iuiv-erturr >. »«,.] \Vfe<>.<
j ar» iii lottuln ajiJ
AV.--t.-ri> m-r. I'.-.Ur. a...i uf
--tain nr U,« f.n
at No'jyii Iji rm
e' j 10 a n«l 6 r m ot
i’ : .t.j-.-ii ;
•yy-M II ?'■ Ai KF I Arxi\?.*\
'H Ain: 4. ATKIN-' N
A.-.. it»:ir I vtr.iun in; •
«-t W uj H «. r. }
rjMli: rAKTNKRHm* <•
tf>; l-.lefCM or Win H*»«. Jr <}»•-
<:oii*,»Un* or HiUc«. Lrniflrr. c**i»« i»i. A' . ■*
LAL 1• H l.i N \.;i* : .-.m:
f,>c-r, Wt.Jt,
ii "loihM .it :• ■
* Cm
j : 1 ~4-i
CIO-PARTISKHSHIP >\ r: . ..4 « ... r
> d»)‘ »‘Wuii-d wnn Ml in. Jom. R M I'unr. ib
ii'in o' if \o a ..| iu UIi.IJAM I'M N
»'ij JV> H M ' 1 \V
J v >OoK>
H.nof, 4.U., L.v
rx 1.. v o: »(• » \
1 1...*'. Mrui.
**-. i'\ T'i .1
{•r«. K ,
\ I
urrw.i . ... \ ,
U • !!'' ..! * r ;
Mr" r.iini 't-.. J a
l-.l.i.mTr A KM.LI'H T'J W.KV.I
\ M - li. I .1.
- 'vnhaoi K««i
l!«*Ji M.
put. i«liril | 1>! m r
Ill'K ur FKANKUN. I .n.u.ur.i J-,
lfnhnrt m Kic ••w-ia, liirm f> If.rp-rA
Nrw Vof» H.o !.»:r JU-njim- „ J-Xink ...
• I't./ij; ai t.,» u-..i ..
i'U!. .r ir. ..-f >■; y :•. K- : II II ..... . \
m'l Tlw wiMk .. i. 0 ...
t . J . i-
„• ■>.. , r i,: • .....
lllmirdintr I ) altrr |.ji
J< 'II.N- It'S a - Vi u K V
yj a'ai i.a\ - him-uuVmi- r\i . i . \n i
Th* ll.xtory Ai,-.,,:!-
'*> 1
I •
.r Krui.x ... !
■‘r * V> '
1 t» Hi-i.
rol. Am...n
'■* t unn>* - i< - .i - miuilwi .
►VWdia. If.«'*iry i.( f.iijf.-i..,! „j'
MAI'Ai;LA\ > ins niHY nK AM> \ ... II
» hnluirt• I’u.tin,,. \\ ink- V,.' •,
htiuinn • 1..:- 111.,.'im-,l |l m..! 11l
Tt.» Ml*lor\ Hm.iuluj; U,,,
Al>l‘>'H l ,umi.„c«l M.< mu.,. mxl . , tr*
V; : “ * :ul ‘" l "" T ‘‘
M,UV &'i. >rmii ,
.|. >',tu 111 > > |. I,| k .|r ul rM
J„»l rr,-", -.1 i.\
i. l.w
»-W 11.. u -v u. \l n. , i f .
Km,' i n-.ii, . i„. |\,„ L
Jure!. AI ,?«»►: r w,;l,
lii-uu) in lUui,il. u ; ,|,r t .t,U,fl U „M.tii W, Jr«»|.
Ji >ll N*T< >N A -Tui'K I i >N
MAI’ «>l « A 1.l I < iK.S I A ulllMA A n:\A-,
rrm., lh- lNlr.l a u>l„ Tii.r- V.t f«
Mu,-|,*M.. »'i'ii mi n.-ronipnnniM-'K IM» <-rw,ilV••• rij.
K IUH'KIS- AjH.. .. Imimliuip
ufiv'inril ilorumrnlo Krvm.l wul um>mvril unJ",
A ,rw ru|i|r. r>l Uu* luce Bihl <|' .illul
Mnp M.u-OIVOiJ ItlUilay lUlil.luf t,y
Jlitl.Nn 111.\ A sroCKTMV-
NKVV Hook* onto., p-mJ .n
J tjmiin 'llnwiuim. !.,’<■ Ju-iv- ■>
Allirnruj, la.tmilr 11 \\ lit. .1
<■ol,o MINKS <>| I'lilifoTmn. ami oiiirr vsiuuMf nml•
of i'iir ffid On* Mmpruni». uli' W illi i• iu*tfniion*
nml n Diap In tu-i> vtiniino.
Kn|i(iurt, or page* ui iuc Ihk>» "I .in' m I'AMii) l»y
Alpluiiur ilc I .ruint imr, nuilu/r <>f Mu- '•Mi-Ufry nl Uic
ftiroin'm. lVf.«nal .Mrmmr* of tin- I’-nmi. n( |l.n
•"fnin-j, i-ln Ju»l i< tivcO and for iolr
■in.ill I euincr niaiKci mul 1.l . .
FOHTKII It | |:JhNH. -* ,vr nderauon* nnd improv-'inmt*.
J AMI -m \Vui»|i
urn UHKV
i,i v-| v\ >,
>*l> n «u|>*Tinr «!) le, wliile in Uie way of Wme*, Ac,
.nrv will tnv he surpassed
In '•nnciimoti the |>mpnrtor« beg to «af, that nothin*
w j“ I— iin.lou,* on their part, ami on the purtof tlicir
to render tiu« Hotel worthy tho continued
pairumiire of their friend* unit the public *cnertilly.
Hie price* n.r l.oarJ have also been reduced to the
•-'"he* i irtiimtry. 81,75 per day
- 1.50 .
N- H rin* Bnytragr Wagon of the House will ai
wa v • he lound a t a,<» ('nr mid Seambua. landings,
vvlin n will convey huggage lo ami froc lire Hotel, free
"J'Y'ir.r J ...
costas or rass axd at. rra.. furaßcacM. pa.
?ssi The •j!>«rriln , r having assumed ihc manage
£SEj n ’*‘iit of this lon* established and popular Hotel.
/" *’ respectfully announces to Trovcllors and the
Public geiiefaiiy. that be will he al aU limes prepared
U> ncconimodntr lliem m nil things desirable in a well
regulated Hotel The House i« now brine thoroughly
repaired'throughout, and new Kunittam added. and no
pain* wi.l he spared to make the Kiebange one of the
very Iwst Hotel* in the country.
The under*!*tied respectfully solicit* ft conunuance
of uir very l.beral paironage the House has heretofore
Pro P rrtor_
,4sA THK *ubserif»er respcctfullv announce- that
-D“!g ha- n«w oprur-d Ui* new ami rice.lent Hole.
tor ili* aeeomm.MjiU.on oi traveler*, hoarders,
iti'l the put.he generally The house ami furniture
are .mutely new and no pni-i< or expen.c have l>.*eu
• pared to render it one ot the most comfortable and
pr'iisunt llotcln in Hie city
, | Ul ' M ‘" H ’ r “ u^ lt ‘ ru ‘ l " c ' 1 _ -* 1 deserve, and there
u'-tM-dl v JACo/n»on?M. proprietor
r I'HK VIJH.IMa IM >THJ.! on Huiiunorr street. near
JL the Depot, Cumberland. i« now in complete order
for >;ie reception ami accommodation of the public.
I’ervnn in search of ease and comtnri, wifi do well
to patronize 'his establishment they will tied i|| r
• numbers clean ami men, and the Table i ( « well fur
lushed us any m Cumberland, at twenty-Gve rents,
gyarameed u* good a* any thut can he had in the
pmcr, ui hny price, nr no charge. No charge for
ir;i!i-i»onu i . l ii, ot naegnge in and from the cars
oiiciM r Bmnnt.l rutiuxn *m» nrrn nr-
/ \PPvMITK late Hnnk'ot Uie ('tilted States. Phila
\ / driph.a ,M. I‘OI'K MITCHFJ.I,.
. ; oii\ |» M . i iKII.
anil A n t i tj u r Furnitarc,
.r .|\ ‘7 Ml ..-'j
.*ox,sTu'”.\ on hand 'ind iiui.le t.i onler
P’KI pre.ri-t hind ramtol he exceeded by
'!>«'• H Tfi-. Kuflr-t Knt|. -r
I.OUM XJV l'.UiarwUi riia.r
I Fruji r 3 1..r, t
i.«uw \\ ioiß
A U- I *1
ii II 1,.-.
»;i JCNI.N S|
'" ,u
<r. (»Jr r 4 >
ti.» »*•«. „i ) ijii.i.iui)-. d* iuc uw<l rr
.;ru>'-r. .11 vue rat»icris m»J ■-) u.o<i
ftro J|w« M p ul , (l .
b ■■■ th.rfor.l .* Murmr \rw Work. ■
(r* lilt A Hhi-ii-li*/ *l;* Tr.ulilQi V HrU'CllJCr ho - -
i m.,rr a„u Kh if, U.U, <m.» ITAMWITt'UKI) TuBAOCO— Thn «ul*rni>rr
.U.H.K KAkhK. iH>ji’nc*:rf M<i«» 1 w ' iu ”' '' d " * Me •ii«*jiuuu 01 ttir my iradr and
- - y W<l H ‘.I.ALJ '. .V Ant. r-ii'fal'r u» tiir mMowi.-i i,raml» Tobamo*.
Wrought and C«*( Iron Kalllur. ' »>ui in arnvr. wlnrit 1.d.,,. con.ißnmriit* di
*|'Mk »U l -. 1.. - I r} ■ 1 "‘^ l 4 l * l "- ur, ‘ r ’‘' <>c >» r nu!itta 10 1<:;| a: .-an-
HovtiM - r irr Ha "" l '
111 -ItHKi.O A ri.x .
U«h)n(;, Cupping and Di««dli»c,
Kii N'*KHl> 10 \i X |lr,^, :v .
& ,• u k ' r.:ww .. \\
turn R'lrr- • ;i ( , ... *;:» ( ,1 J\;;».u •/;» V t
. .. r .«■ HI, I
u * A R ll* v, b.
-n O- J * Pit \Vi Hin
J - . W 111
lf«norac in Toliarro.
jO ttX'M.-nn A H.-i.-rr, .up.-n.f
•ivT to .ir> it A Hu 'ft h
u .1.) i'lirr .V I[arwoiuj '9
iu j.> ,;.i r-«- a
H .>0 J K/-..
i? n «».. .1..
to 110 do Wni Ih-ruir
- i V\r , ftl .
■I ,>! ill,;-.’
- .1.. H \i •
•« •!<) Ru-flUf
Ju-l .Bi.tiii.f Ifoif. »ir-aii)r.« k.)ii am! r„f , a
HKALD Ul TK.Ni *K A »o,
IM K\ > I - l KKH ft 'H.MI'i I .
A |{. . ; • Mi,
Ju*'t tuinimi; Uimii -i.
n..« ik, oli tt,
ir .r! u - , lt . ■ , V\
VV. J. CLK.V.N. Book hinders.
U..~< t 'l>i n| .irr-ri* rm-hurrh. v% ( ,•
wr A/r |.rf|.ar.-,l u. ,lo »ra "Ufl in nm Ur.- «*iin Jr*,
pa tru . i l'-nl mnm wi.i| pr r-io.iul, y, nnJ «au»-
iJ.I !<rn A hN<il.!fll
jyj AM I aiTI'IIM) f
A.-., i i.u.Hi hii.l Itu.. ' ,
• • < j v. . itu jc ~ r.\
/ IMJ -KIN-- .Hl.lw j ~
V UfU- h- A 1. w .10/rir. I'Ktiu.U.Vll...
s *"" '»•- mm.ii'x. 1..:\ "I II .M C , niv»!or.i
'«-l,iph • - i.tion «•; !.|«. 1 IX HIYIK-.! I«.l
rcpc , J .0.1 ■»< .#l. l.y VV \Ol ,\l. A. . „
l U .ll>rf ly ~
A I U M M i ‘l.l.Vl'i h' K **. No 7ah„«ru,
• * - >• 'I V »uj> 11.., B V. I
i un.l l.n- 1... i:».>i < nr|K-i.. of M .j,
A,,.’ .. n.
| | AVIM; ».)!.! on r „
r.'l-' ,UfV All- * til )S|-
1 H I.HAN I W 1...
K HOI’K I \-
I-.,.,.I II.! I .!
N ,r, ‘ vpvu OUlll
UHM, ASI) II It ASM KO(',V!)in .
I«> .) ir.,l. Al l.
Chur. i. V. .-(••v.-rv -,/r trom l»
ii> 1 !MXm pou "ii< ...»1 I torn in.n.-,,0. ~r ih* m „-i tt.prov.
nl nunlr i• H1..1 win mnlrd t« u,r |h-«i lunirnai*
Mm* 1., i U an i I’ll line.. I Mini tell. Minium, Ac , 10-r-
Dim Milt.. ».•>> vnn-ly ui Mm«* l u.lHit, „ n-Num-d.
lii i'uni Mild tmidn-.l m me nniivi r
A I- .• 1..- *nY |.n.|.ri.-ior o: lUbhtt* Aim Atrfti
rt"S Nl ► I *l.. K.I iU i!iy ,-t M>rai>'«l (nr tilr n-<lu<Mi.iii 111
-iti' - n I'lir Huiri ''oilipiiMlioii
f*n lir 1ia.1.11 li.m ai : t |. jnifli ly
f p***' r tttivme illr exclusive Ai(<'tir> for
1 •< "i < ;w I'nninm oi a new ai.d cjicu.ivr
i>.ißd a :U< tto* (litli-fent hi xu# ©! paper m superior nil ait*
l' wlnrli w r oiler a I Ui» in «v. ■! pure*
Aim tiii- or i|utility ri muitii'turrt! lo onW sit
"Oiit-c. Uf-.> .NoI.DS A SHKK,
corner Irwin
I Mil A tu IJUKU I'l.iinilNCi-Ju.t rrci.ivr.l , l)r ih«
1 * il.nuniu Ivipecliumi. a roiupYlc ataoruncnl oi
V.Tj i^ k '' ,r I”"'' * ranuMg ir.un 14 .Vj ur
?' -d. o. .uniucoiu. n.,1 U. For .air anhc
l.iiiiw Kolitirr LKpoi, N*j A Wood »i
d l py ".._ j a it
JCnT KKCKIVKD-Thrrr ,„or« of iho- «, .u.Hy
celrbrairtl Mnmhuritli I’ltuion, u.«h! euntunuy i«v
lYahiMx »tul otier jreai prrlmnirr., u»cribi*r
WUh a largo aiaortuiniu ut nucwouil ami muliopmiy.
ul iby own mamMaciun- TUr at-ovr niMriimciu. arc
warianlrd 1* |>r. pertrci tti'rfrn iran-ct, nml wif) hr
told low tin ra.h F MUM K.
. deoltl Him liv Wood *t, tM doot trom iiii
l-t.-v I
H Uic* Mlju.'l.
.It.i'iif! m- ml” I •>! Ii
ij.p. liclii. ui-r r. r
An enure new
oHifisrrioN not sn
"• ilfl .vJ tin
* iiiar w t.i|. j»i. -j„
Cbocolttr, (. Ai
- pa'Jl.l’lr.
\ I.AM«t.\r A kVi\
•n- Mi'
v H U> \ \\\
V A e. piur
■ n " ' •>>..: i>.t tuir i, r
HK.M I*. M k.'KNOK A Co,
il S -A....T u,..) lt> N
'in -U
•• I* l»<uii>.-k. M<>
'*'■ ' “ llir
' «tr*. » !u »’ H liiutT with
il' "i.f (t !<• in]n k)J .i .
K<» " I’"IMiK\TKK.
Till'. I‘tiIMiKXTKK.
s. rtr 'Ji v\ '‘"“TTuT 1
'U i r..n: W-.i | u .
" "-.'l i'. ~i i .it.,,,-. ~ .. ,
I l»vr ai»a. . U'i U I.
Bruton Consul Conmanr.
retpeetfully informs the
dealer* and eonsamen of Copper
.»» w i!® u, ' w * ue *. lll *y Pfepaxe u, that their Smelt*
'll ” tt r c BOW in *ucec*jtl operation, and they
m * ko contract* for the delivery of
5aC l r U \ l i lo " B w to wanti B ihxa form; and al*o wagh*
•itkeiQMlieporpMoof rollin*.
r Copper produced from the Mcwiie Mine* of
iJT e r 1 P H’ or ’ ** “o««Maed to be much superior to
CQpp ? r m *e markets,which is Sbuuned
foreign mineral •übttancea. This
l.fcnf). P A rt ’ f nd U 1,01 thMwd bj the pro
m i f nr kit' ln s an< *I,> 1 ,> therefore greatly to he prefer
* . »«ny-other purpose*.
‘‘ ** "®‘ ,h . e intention or wish of ihi* Company
f I fefI k +M for L ,h li? aoufkctare of copper in the
„ WF»l*|,thßyw»rbe happy
\ ( V ofU tn the form at
* c ' 10 who may
wun to embark tn the baaine**.
| be n - c<> ?? er obtained from their mines
will l*elhroughr to Pmsboreh. and larre lupplie* may
‘-“•"•dmiMl 10 C u.tfnn o>
JVT Howx, jo witii nrorapi .mention.
declJ-rflm CHARLES AVERY, Peeiodoni. -
p D p ttow opeiunjra spleadrd lot o
«n—fci»sß P*^ 10 Forte*, from the celebrated firm
I I 0 ITIl ofNann ‘ 4 Clark - N. Y It eon*i*u in
■ * * I 1 1 pan of the following-
Onr elegant Rosewood C* octave Piano, with carved
moaldrng top and plinth, projecting from and carved
gothic tablet*.
One rosewood Piano, C{ octave, elegant and plain,
with Coleman’* celebrated ASolian Auaeunent, a su
penor mstrumouL
One Ro*ewood fl ocuvc, round corners and octagon
leg*. One do do do
/ >«e rosewood Piano, Mjuare eorner* and leg*.
These Plano* have improvements in the mechanism,
in stringing and covering of the hammer*, possessed
by no other* m this country, and are at once the best
a* well as the cheapest Pianos that ean be bought.
ALSO—An elegant lot of Cluekenng’s Pianos, from
i to rt octaves, possessing all the latest improvements,
at reduced prices
A LSO —One elegant rosewood Cabinet Grand Piano,
7 octavt*, a ucw invention. HENRY KLEBER.
fehl-t/ At J \V Woodwell'*,B3 Third si
n JOHN H. MKLLOR, (sole Agent for
HwyMWI Chickering's Piano Forte* for Western
I V 9 f “ft P* n n*ylvania,} No. SI Wood street,
* * •* ■ I ■ Pittsburgh, has received and now open
for «aJc, ih.> following elegant assortment, direct from
the unuimaciory, at Mr. Chiekenng s (Boston) prices.
One Rosewood seven octave Piano Forte, carved tn
the most elegant and rich style of Lonts XIV.
<>ne Kmewood carved seven octave, new and im
proved *<-aji*
One rosewood Piano, 0$ octaves, new scale;
Onr carved, (i - «* “
Iwn *• round corner*. 8 octhve, new scale,
I"" “ pannr.i “ 0 •- •• >•
The hbovc arc all from the manufactory of J. Cuiek
'•ring. Boston, of the latest «tyle* of furniture, and with
the new amt improved scaJe. .
also os juxn a<ni for sals low'
‘7' vot>d 11 octave Pianoa. from the manufactory
■il 11. Uorcester, New York, formerly ol the hrm of
iMoiiari. *> orcester A Durham
V rosewood 0 octave. Gabs A Co , N. Y
1 roiewood ft| ocuvc Piano, made by Bacon A Ra
vrn. New \ urk
1 Mahogany 6 ocuve Piano, made in Baltimore, and with me lo* »ale by the owner, for cash or in ri
change lor Pittnburgh or groerrie* suit!
able tot a country store. Price S3UI ;it :j t)
r FHK Pilver Moon, >!>' Home, my happy Horn
-1 Ti« Uninr where eVr the Mean h;
Jfmiv I.iml Polka,
1 <r n iiic .nowtsau HilU;
Uoku I •rr mid Old l m-lf Ned; Susanna I'o.ko.
(•<> whirr ine mist* are sleeping;
H ... \.... ciiiiif io my meuntiun home,
(tnvr o( IJo apane;
•V. nc er can tt>y home hr nunc;
«■'. Susanna llood-Bre,
Kiiipre.s Ilcnri>iur. W a Jiz ; |^ n Uo ll;
40) » Uiai we vr i.u>inl, Aueui Mavoumrrn,
[.■•uioatin lUir, Ethiopian Dance*
A new edition of HeTrsß'a Pia-io P.uttk lasraccnm,
''r.ii. I- reach am! English Feat, reduced it> ibc follow
)lu»ier h large work, rontainisg V:l pages, (JO
" *mntl •• “ lij t M
narrow * 1 la-iq forie Primer. as
lirtun.' Method for Piano, 3 uu
' urraaci « Guitar Instructor, a U>
Pnnvron'. Vocal Sehoo l . ikj
Uuiiboek * Piano liiMniclor, l ■&
* John h
J AS NH --Tins cernfaea, that immediately ufttr
i'4i. ? .1-. tendril ray l.rouier, who Jn-.d of ronrumptioii
' 'I- 1 h 1 MS. I wi« taken »u-k wnh the Consumption
• ■1 l .». 1 Complaint, and was (educed no low with the
• »r.H.. . wui- ;.ir lour yerr»l u-aa unable to attend to
mu 'mim'i'o rniicr at nome or abroad, bciug for the
" ••'i . me contmed to my Sed. Daring the above pen
mi ... •.J«ir. I had expended for medical anendan-e 0
r-t-. 4f Pu-. aieiaiu and medicine*, to the amount td
x,!, ‘ rer-ivinn al-. Oen.-hl th-refrom Iri
' J ’‘ l - 1 '< Dr Jayjie‘« Med,.
• .li-a id have taiten ihein more or .e»»cver uucr,
• m. u.-.irve inai 1: wa* :.y persevering 111 iheir use,
tl.«: I .-mi now truly Unit J hnvo completely rceo-.
aud'p l'c-unct r : 7 f ‘ rTr •“anaUve Pill*
1 r*:*.ue .n Springfield. Otsego county, N. V.. and
rar:) on n iimai-e n:id machine »aop in that place,
n'id am no l miere«W in any manner m the safe of the
»mn e iiKifui.iic. (uid moAn luu certificate tor the licti
m o- •.h,.«r aSh.-tr-d ELIJAH EATON.
»(»<-.netwid. N N .aept J# 4
l kt i uix R \\ tirrii.naw
i Jume* ila.l.*o:,
I "* MiraOeuu
1 Put a am
■ • i - RoWrw A »s»*«<n &.
• i • llun
I Jol.n« A
- I ~ W»rw;r-k. vupr
1? I Unify A Jaiue.
ll 31,.1 -5.
PHt Machine Works and Foundry.
*ltntrun. p*.
' ,U,J *f f r * ° O, *«■ J* r *P*n-d to t.u,oJ Cotton
If y. H 0...:, Marmacry oUn « { .i„ 5 «. .urh
n- « aniu.c rtpinrun* Frames. Speeders
f.-xm.-s. Khiiwn) UeiuU. Warpers, Spoolers.
} ' mnr • Card (ir.ndcm. Ac Wrought
jr* ,urnr<l ' «“ o« I-.M Iron, Kulhrs .^d
if'.ne a:e.i paiieru*. and hand Lame*,
i . .*• . oi M. kinds ( n.iirtf. of every dejenptMTn
urn,..led »<i»iu>n nouee l’aocru. made u> order A>t
'‘" l * ~o a A, “ ?*‘eam |W ( ot he*:-
'•*'** ' or '‘* t a.i Iron Window Saah and fancy C'»«.
Ui.f. riirrsi;) Orders toft ui me W arehousc of J.
lll*^ nlr, V ' U| , '‘ fly * ;r '‘ rt ' wm save prompt alien-
Refer to Kiacksuxti. Beii A Co.. J K Moorehead *
V,’ . «.* r ,rf ' Jofin U "- n *V s*onv P tt.burrh .U.
i A J H W amor. dieut.enviilr )an|i>
Penn Machine Shop.
HWlon TM A.N -Manufacturer oi ail kind* of cot.
, ion and woollen marainery. ArVghenv cuv. J‘a
i i»e above work* item* now ln full and sore'casTai of >.
■ in. lam perpumi u> execute orJers wuh dispute#
.om.l k.,Ki< of machinery inmylmr .och as willows.
In. set-. spreaders, cards, grinding machines, railways.
rn i«. .|i>>, >,e nr angle tor inerehan; or country work,
ni't ■ .. ’«c.i ». Ac.. *.idr and iiami .nun ami loois in ran.
' A of .nnihiig iiinde monlrr. or plaits et v
v:l 'or ee«i,:.< luelories Or imiis st reasonable charge
K«ru to--Keuurdy.Qi.ids A Co. Bios.'ksloe«, il'cil
•v ' IVtinock A (V.Ja*. A f; rn y
''u.e U H !T K \ L i°k WOUId fe *P rr^l! y inform
. me public that they have erected a shop <m
i ju-ms. between rederai and Sandusky «rreis They
me -low Risk n]g ami arc r.r-pamt to receive orders for
«y. r\ description 01 vehic;es. Coaches. Chariot's, |U
rtiuru. S. Lucies. I’liattous, Ac , which from ;hnr
one '»p. r y,rr in llw uianuUcture of the aliove work
end the lac.unrs they Itare.tbey feci cootdent they are’
r i8i.,.-d u, ,i„ w»r* on the most reasonable terms wnh
dio.e w aii'mg ariiclr. in their line.
I a>mc parin-u nr auniunu to the seicetmn of male
• s.- m,.l -i.t,mg , toms |. u ; . ompetent workmen, Uuty
.it . no 1,--,.-timn pi warranting ihnr work We
tn.-re ore a.i me attention of the pun.,c to m,. matter
n.n.t r.',.«.. ! l " C U ‘" l «•«»*! 00 the
l 1 l ' , ' T lHVl!r * lfte mlouttoii of buyers 10 bncxiei'u,vr
" b " Vc ( <,o,hU i emltmci-n reer> . iU ul,; y
u * *' ' r ' '* r,M rHH.rated uianufuruv
i«- o. Hujkt. uphaaing these good. Irom the
’ 1 " I '7‘ nr tgtnmof tb,. manutuciu
-L h ' r "' ual, ' r,s '» "'ll ihnit m ti>, ptwmbi
-ne« A.-o, ‘*U**«ir««.and.»ivrt.blegrß»n Cloth..
'• “1 1, w***! d)ed blk *ip, iiiul French, Ik-ii«n
...ri Amenenn rAsSIMKRK!*. Mack and (, My:
Hu .dVcrrl^ 1 /" M l ‘“ S k r,N | t V ll, B rr “ lr ‘"*-"'‘ «»k I"** el
f r ’ '*• ‘' ia,k ,t mi fanr V l»nrn pocket
M,UU. ndcr»h»rln, Drawer., Ac .at U,o north eu.t
ioTiici m 4th uni! Market street..
Whole-ale Hoorn. up .lair*. fe'.Sli
monongahaU Ltrcr* .Stable.
«fl_ KOURkt |i. I’A FFKRSON h« opened
/ < 2T^ llk ' "* r K c »n Kir.i .t, runniHir throucti
to sioro.t.l M. between Wood and &mith6eld
" «» .UI lh« rear ot the Mononifuhcla House,
w.tti an entirely new stock ol Horse, and Carnarri of
lh " l,r,t and latest styles. Horses kept at live
rt_m the l.esi manner jyiMl y
W rt.AM IW.IA r i:u »CKS~ Ha vine concluded Id »cll
- ufl vuf >• :i:ire 'luck i>/ KitLt«'» Mamie Timepiece*
we >.AW H lfrr 10 m-II .hem at lower pure, 1l,«n they can
«1 „,n U..U.C or cUcwl.c*,
ea»i ... '»•••! Hen.- U.« mi.y r.MMulid n«rut. t.crc
lor iiietc «*'»<■**. lati;c»i >no tiiirm uiurl
».-lii. iii'iiT, w.- are :iol ut In- miller-.old
UI.AKK A CO.. Market street,
entrancr nn north side ot the Diamond
m CMH spkkl Works and S i*iun«
AM) AXI.F. FAiTom ,UM ‘
JONKS A HUlae/ 0 "" r*niwo
- fAi-ri'KKRS of rprin, and bl,,trr .led
nrKl ' ‘ ir ? l P , “ U K'* coach and oimi
!" “i>imu-. ■» uiiiiffi'd UOM .Ur., and m mall
i.-anlr , Hr,. ltllJl| „ ai)J ~o ;ti, h , n "* “*|a
general.) corner «>i Rom and From «*., Puubu^h,
INDIA Kl HKKK !*IIUKS..j„. 1 r, 1 .., Vr ,| ,nW '
V. Mil rr Depot, the following goods: Gum Klaatie
aitu, Jockey Cop», Camp Blankets, Ufe^Preaervort
IVnf Fu. , *;f * rl,,k ‘ n ? Oapt, Tentt ami
I rr.i I i or-. 4 iplendid article, BejV, Pillow,, Isthmus
Hap. Haversack., Canteens Poodle,, Lorn: 8001,
wt.l innuiic Hoof. 'Hie above good. |« r ~ie «No 5
WooJ . M . „ . **£ JA H PHU.I,IPS
( 1 ANULES— UK) lu* Cincinnati Mould Candle*, on
V> fou«ifninciu und for <ialn by
Mathematical instri* m e.ntb - For Draw
mg—ln Kbotty and Haitwuod cim:., wuh or
without Ani.iV color* For tale l»y
**•'■*l R HOPKINS, Apollo Building,
Jl ST IN TIMK— Another lot of Pistols, .unable for
the California service, ju.t icceived.
A 1.0, to arrive oil thr lAt la m*i.. by Kxpresa. a neat
and bandy article of Portable Hold *eale», which c*-
cry void miner ondil in hrtfr, no.I for .ale by
I, I i c'ni i'.-f 4th and market »t»
i VT«> J and 1 MACKKRKI.- ISO bid, Tor sale iov.
I X , '’lot. i ousiginneni. ■•)
117 ArCLDJTOCK, i* now constantly receiving his
TT • fail stock of CARPRtINGt A&, comp mint*
one of the buses; assortments r*er brought to the mar-,
ket, which have been purchased 'direct fnJtn the la*
porters and Manufacturers, of the tacß and newest
styles, and tower in price than everoflered in this eity,
to which he invites the attention of those wishtartQ
fanush steamboat or houses. before purchasing else*
where. The stock consists in part of the following
variety, vix: ;
Rich Aixmuuai Carpets; Oriental Tapestry Oil Cloth
do Velvet do Plain colored do
do Tapestry do tM feet wide
do Brussels do iM, 7-4,6-1, 4-4 1i ou cioth
Eltra super It ply do Stair Rods
Super do do ItM, P-4 and tW Druggeu
do Ingrain do Suur Linens
Wide do do Rosewood Oil Cloth
Common do do i*romb cloths
4*4, 3-4 A | Damask Embossed Piano covers
Vrnitian do do Table do
4-4, 3-4 A * twIM do do Figured Table Oil rioths
4-4,3-4 4 j plain do do Turkey Red Toiienett
4-4, t, 1.1 k<H cot do Adetaid Mats
tM printed cotton Carpets; Sheep skin da
Extra sup Chenille Rugs; Jute do
do do Tufted do Alieant dof
rae do do Matfllla Hemp
WUton do do Snow drop Napkins
Crimson figM Plush; Diaper Towelling
Plain do Crash
Drab M Cloth P-4 and 6-4 Table Ihnensl^
Bine do, for conch tm’gs; Tianan'nt Window Shades
Carpet Bindings Extra French do do
« o«t'd cards Rich Batin de -Laines for
do Tassels window oarUUDs
Scarlet, blue, crimson, black and drab Damasks;
figured rainbow Damasks; worsted and linen Table
covers; blue, crunsoa, scarlet, green; drab and black
r » 00110,1 Plusheaof all colors, Ac. Ac. Ac.
Also. Otnepurgs and Drillings* for steamboat deck,
and all ether trimming* necessary for outfits tor boats
In our line, to which the especial oueutiou of owner*
i> invited. W. hTCUNTOCK’S Cnrpcl Wareroom,
one door from Wood, on Pourth «L , e p-^
w^ 11l D t i^. a ? a . Ulni and Irish Linens.
Ya/ R. MURPHY invites the particular attrntion of
f J . those wanting the above Goods, to his desirable
stock, consisting of the best make, from the most ap
proved manufacturer*, and the latter warranted pure
bar —He has just received an additional supply, and t*
offering Shirting .Muslins of a superior quality. at a
very.lovr price. Also,
Sheeting and Pillow-case Moahus ;
Diapers and Crash;
Table Cloths, Towels and Napkin* i
Blankets, (guilts. Counterpane*; aod
Housekeeping Dry Goods generally
LADIES* DRESS GOODS—Such as French Merinos,
Parameuos, plain and faney, De Lames, (some new
style* just received;} Alpacas, Ac.
The season being far advanced, nil these Goods will
be sold at price* that cannot fail to please.
(L/ - Wholesale Rooms up *unrs. janls
NO. 60 MARKET STREET, will continue their
great semi-annual sole of DRY GOODS, for 30
day* longer, duruig which time their extensive whole
sale Rooms will be thrown open to their Retail Trade
a* heretofore. A. A. M. A Co., knowing taut they are
selling Dry Goods of every description from ten to fif
teen per cent, k*i than ever before, do invite every
person in want of dry goods, or who may be ui want,
to examine and purchase from our stock, at the lowest
wholesale rates.
Our greui object ut reducing slock it to make room
for Spring Goods, n being ear inieminn in exhibit m
March the lurge«t aud th*- richest stock of Dry Goods
ever offered by any one bouse in America
We t-hnl] continue the sale of our Blenched ami
Brown Muslins. Tickings and oiner Domestic Goods,
ai our former low rales, notwithstanding the recent ad
vance of 15 per cent upon the same in eastern markets
I fobs -< •
tMNK BLACK LUSTRES—W. R. Mcirtrr asks liui
attention of buyers to his exienst ve assortment of
shove goods, including mohair and aipscca Lu«tres,
very fine and glossy; jet black and blue black; also, a
few pieces without lustre, for mourning dresses, also,
a Urge assortment of various colors and style* of satui
striped and brocade Alpaceas, black and fancy co
lors, plain black, invisible green, drab and other col's.
Muxanne Blue Panaettos and Alpaceas—A few pa*
of these scared and desirable good* Intel/ received.
Wholesale Rooms upstairs, north east corner of 4th
and Market sts. ja3i
FOR GENTLEMEN.—W. R. MmgtiT has recently
received a further supply of Gentlemen's Fancy
CRAVATK, including some very handsome. A!»o.
black Italian Cravats, several qualities, and including
some superior. Also, gents Liuen Cambric Uaudkcr
cnicf*. plain and with colored border*, super do.
Undershirt* and Drawer*, merino, «tik and c-ottoa.
some of the former extra -txa. Kspeiuu! atteuuou i«
ahkf-d io Ju« *io-k oi French Broudcloths urn! CM,-d
-incrc*. ol the latter plain mid fancy; Velvet and Jiaifli
Vestings, Ac. At north wiai corner lih and Murkr.
*tr«-»-i* ;*w>
( Mi.IFnR.NJA WaRDROBK—To a7nv7 bf tj-
V_/ press, on Tuesday next. 13th met.—
U S. Dragoon Pistol*, A.n-n'r fi-barrel Revolver*,
risiol and Bhoulder strap«,
Bowie Knives, bra** mounted.
Gold Hags, Blow Pipes;
F«-rket Glasses for examining mmcra.'s. Ac., mul
| for iuie at Ka-tcrn prices, with addition of freight, trv
’ ,H . comer 4lh and market st
il within a tow dav* opened-a supply of black Al
p areas, iow priced; do, utedtara and super do Mohair
Lost res; new style British Prints: do American do,‘
black cloth Shawl*; plaid Jong oo; neat «tyic Mouse
de Lame*, plain lead and drab do, ul H|, ned a vari
ety of other scarce and desirable good*, worthy the
attention of tho»e wudiuig lo buy.
Merchant* will find in the wholesale room* up stutti
a good *tock of desirable rood*. %l low price* jals
RICH DRESS GOOD,-, per foreign steamer Kurona.
A A Mason A Co. No fin Market street, w£]
open this morning. Rich Dress Good*, comprising trte
following style*, vu; Satm plaul Merinos, a new ari
cie, and the nrhr*t good* imported this season; all
WOO, J ,*,a«. high colors and choice styles; ail wool
t.a-hmcres mid Mout do ljune*; fine Coburg and Lyo
nr*c t ;oth« m.y d,••crumble shade and color S*iin
ctnpe'l ttu.nbmrrr*. in great variety. jai.-*
A A MASON A Co .60 Market street, huve just
• received another large invoice of plaid Long
*nd Square Suawt*. bought 25 per cent let* than any
previously received this season.
Gurslock,of Shawl* i« now the largest in the cay
and purchaser* may be certain that our prices from
ume CCRt * eM l * lan at any former
TASSKLjj— U do* mohair Ta*-
v* «e.», a».oricd; 3 do atlk dodo: “do do fine do; I<>
do ,‘ , .° Taaoela, assorted, I do col'd do do.
fl ° i> y?^7' lU dol cJuJdrea - - ’ woolen coats^
6 do do do Cap*. 4 do do common. 10 do* Woolen cotn
rnerc l o/° drf srlUl nn * *• 30 do ladies Ca.»h-
■ I>t'*A',rHKß 1 > t '* A ', rHKR BELTS-.Tt) doa hit Molksjtin Belu; ?u
do »to .Morocco do. ado cold do at
no ' n " . .. ZKBI LON KINHKVS.C7 market «t
I ink lice Demt WiK
XJ 3 p« roPd S..k 'elect*, tfi gro*« blk D»«*y Km
toua; JJ do ciumiijo. la do col'll Flow do. Iff do
do b U.IUM dn. y doi cn.-d fleecy »lk Glove*; 6 do blk
Jenny Und Fringe, la do French silk Ruche*; rccM
Four:h «!
T INKS DIAPJ-.RS—4M. ?4 and Linen TalHe
Aj Utaprr. ol common figured. damask and mow
drjp patterns. A.»o, Ru*»t;i and Scotch Bird Eye Pat
F I.ANN KLs—\V r R Murphy a** on baild
a ru.l assortment oi desirable Goods; also
a uk. assortment of domestic unshrinkable do. andia
foil assortment oi scanet and yellow, oud sooced for
Mirutms* wear.
Houir made Flannels—wtute, fcrown and barred- a
| supply constantly oiv hand. deeJU
! A A. MAgONACo. No. “60 MaikeTaueCtTiiim
J >» ' cceivcd the largest invoice of Linen* ever
offered by them, compr.omg Iwerny different quaJitiw.
to wbien they would mvne the suouuoii ot wholesale
or rcmlc purchasers. f< . h2l
tub secosd 1-siw A?t> fvrPLT or
S ‘ ,;!fi L,,,cn >' ‘'ren, comprising French
Cloths. Cassimcrns and Venting*. of the nevvoni
and most fashionable styles imported
Also, a large qaantnv of Rough and Ready Blanket*
andCoaungv peculiarly adapted to the times and tbo
On hand, the largest, hast manufactured and most
la.h onable atecx ot ready made Cloth,ng ... tlurtiiy.
All orders in Uw Tiuloruig Une cxccutcJ in Utc molt
faslunnalile and durable manner novt4
cr Am> in i *" * "* c - • lrr ”' , d b) laic Me.wn
of Arur n. :ui "> IM
A,.> *-**«-» ■“PI*!
T"” 1 I'*"* , and at loxv pric*«_forquality ,ajO
r Al’K (looDS—Smith A Jouxsox, It.
ii h " Vir cc,vc ‘‘ ° ~p ™rton «r Bm> English tkreld
‘ and edgings; hvc carious loout mode do, tcuTir
tons coiioti do, one do of black silk u f . i >
,r TIT F ?” 1 '
Dealer, and Otheta Will &„u „ for i.eir mieiSTi to
arnnic them before purchasing
XTKW JEWELRY—I dor gold patent Lever \V»i, n
’ « ” ** detached ••
nml To* 0 /,. Vest chains, heavy
Guard chan,», Breast Pins, Finger Rings, 1-b.r K.nes
and a complete assomnem ofodirr jewelry ut K
rt «‘ 6 ZEBULON KINSEY'S. n? market M
•I K 'h ' l * WUM,lln «? of gemfc guard. vest and fob
f chains, keys,seals, pencils, linger rings, br**i p.o»,
V, *’ T' rlUß ‘' •T'UVlets, io-kets, buckle*, slides. Ac
Also, silver combs, card rases, iru.l knives, ihtmhte,.
•hields, peneus, buckles, s.mcs. uh>Ui nd ear pick-
Xc - . WWWILsMN,
„ __ i: market • i, coM.h
/ UIANC.KABI.K silk lor Christina* pfe-
V/ sent' -W. R. Mi yin !•«■• o>. hand a few very
handsome - Uanßcii.i.- Vish«-«. very suitable fr>*
t hnstmas |.re»eiu*. wluen be i* selling at redaced prt-
Al»o, Itiimlsoiiie Dres. Si.k* and tfauiis, luncrtnte
new style Unen rnmlmr Hdkf., Ac Jrrfcj
LACF.<;oOD»- White and black Lace Capos; dm Yd
muslin do; white and luack lace l.'nderslcrves, do
Bertlia*; black do Veils; plain French Work
tMillars, trimmed and uiiinm’d standing do; emh dcufl*
to matra, ladio Itonn cambric hdim;' ccnu do do do,
also, opera u**. head dresses, artificial flowers, Iwtmei
mbs and quilting*; just received and for sale whole
sale and retail, by y H EATON A Co.
<3 '‘ r3 4VJ fourth *t
n»»oru:«l cloak Tu**ets. 5 g.o** figured silk Bind
ing Ado doluohair do. \l dodo drab c 'at do; sdodm I*
overcoal buttons; 4odo line coal button*; IJI lb, be*:
Italiuii sewings, $0 do.ho patent Thread, pahditlg, can.
va*s and other Trimmings, for tailors’ uw, ro-istandy
on hand. deefi F II F.aTON A Co
UOOD^—F 11 hlaron A Co. arc coustAjidy
supplied a large and choice asMirimem of
silk fringes turd gimp*, velvet ribbons and braids, la
ets, edging* and embroideries, gloves and liooiery,
yeui* shiru, suspruders and under garments, Berlin
Zephyr, woolen yarns, needles, pins, button*, tapes
bobbins, Ac.; ail of which they offer at the lowe»Loti.*u
prices to merchants and other*, at their new and cu»n
moeftous warehouse, (tl Fourth si. urar market no'JU
U H. E.4TU.V A CO, Dealers in Trimming* und
X • Hab«:da*nery, have removed from their old
•land to NO. tiff Fol ttlTI STREET, 0 door,
Market street uovtO
LARD OIL —I Winter strained, rec'iF ner tin..
Pennsylvania and for sale by
.ebd JAMKBAmrrciU»QNACa
L'l-DFH • Jt) bbts superCtia FlmTr; 30 do tftra do- - ,
r .lore and for sale by LMWATKRJUAN
‘• bi| J ‘ "«*r tnd« front st
VOL. XVI. NO. 191,
ical purposes, and is the only rtmcTcr kmnaf f°r ®®d
i.r »u«V ippiTMi,, «»id T .S
chhi, i e iS^r."r; t s£X“isi
ssa?Ms^?sb wi,h
Ufa ugponaat apparatus is now highly approved of
by manyjjf the most eminent physician* ofdus cooa
try and Europe, to whom the afflicted and others whoa
it puy concent can be referred. Reference will also
be given to many highly respectable cftUeas, who
been cured by means of this most valuable apparun
of some of the most Ui veto rale nervous disorders which
could not be removed by any other known **tw«
Anjong vadoMi others, U has been wot«T to ho ad*
J^*PF‘ U<, r Jhoc u™ tie foLowing diseases,
and other diseases of the brain.
«.nv« nS* 9 *PP»«ta».oloM that the operator ean
sS“ fltud wiUk e«o and safety to ib#
or care smaarosu; to the ear io
5* n '” jo the tongue tutd other organs, U>
.E lbe wlonapamS So%£ Sr
tie dalourei^^*^ n “ ll4 f’ “ lhm *t ocnialgta, or
Vila’s Jam-eTeDiUiosv*’ or P* I*7’ 1 * 7 ’ /°V» shore* or 9t
dimlesp^lSTm?^" 0 *" *P«M. ««?
lockjaw, etc. etc. contracUon ° { *• Bat*.
also tested for the core of dUeas? 7 ** purchased, and
Full instruction* will be rivenfc. .l ,
cals to he used for various disease*,
uer for operating for the care of J***
m, be fully explained toTho purchaser,^*?' *"*! b *‘:
put into lua hands expressly for t&so Pvr*,J!,. c„m
udly prepared by the patentee. Enquire*? 0 **
ortuMi y 8 ‘WILLIAMS, Vine st, T^ wgkt
Q*v*rtlbl* FUt*rlng Cock^"
Which renders turbid water
/g3¥*fcs removing all enbstancea not solubiata
JWShsSL w oiar. Tho croton water ut N. York,
though clear and pare to the eye. vet
‘‘ passeßsan boor through tit*
filtering cock, shows s large deposit
Impure substances, worms. Ac. This
is the case more or less with all hyarunt water.
The Reversible Filtcrer is ncal and durable, and ta
not mended with the tnoonvtuienee Incident to other .
r titrrers, os it is cleansed without being detached from
the 'voter pipe, l»y merely turning the key or handle
from One side to the other. By this easy process, the
course of water is changed, and all accumulations fo
impure «übstances arc driven off almost instantly,
without unscrewing the Filter, it also poaseaaes the
ndvontagr of being estop cock, and as such in many
ea»<« wi[J be very convenient and economical.
liranbeattached where there u any pressure high
or .ow fh a cask, tank, tub, Ac. with case. To be hod
of the «o!c Agent, . W. W. WILSON,
ocU7 corner of Fourth and Market sts
rAI ** SR MILL, situated at Steuben*
Mile, Ohio, having been enlarged and improved,
«nd at a very great expense added new and the most
unproved kind dT machinery, m now prepared to man*
ufacturc all kinds of Writing. Pruning. Wrapping and
Lotion Yarn Pupera, Bonnet Board*, Ac- equal to suy
u) the Eastern or Western country.
v,T, ~c ' u ,', ~k ■ r * Uf " t ■' 1 havi,, S tie Agency of the above
.Mill, will keep constantly on hand a large supply of
uic different kinds of Paper, and will have any site
made to order at short notice. 8. C. HTLL, -
i a, ’M _ 57 Wood street
ANTED—A partner in the Publishing business,
embracing Stereotyping, Priming and Binding,
in a large w.ih a profitable ruisof wore
to fommrnrc with He must be a man of unitnpeaeb
ed mummy—uncompromising in hi* principles—wil
ling and u:de to control Uie opining departinem at
.?- t ’. a,,d ha ' f,: a ca P‘ ml of &M*»to 810,000. TUeos*
tabiishmeat i* at present m Weeling, Vary but ean o«
removed to Pittsburgh or any other suitable plncfe at
short notn e. For further particulars, coll on ttev. R
llopkiiif, M. h. Book Room, Pittsburgh, Pa- or add ram
v „ *»• if- WOLFF, Wheeling, Vo.
N. if -—stereotyping done at short notice, fcbg-lm
Pine and Cedar Wart fflannfaetorF,
No 87, coax eh Maiurr ajtd Firm Siv PrmtraaQ
r pHK subscriber keeps constantly oa hand, whole-
J. sale and retail, very low for cash—
Wash Tub*, j Barrel Chora*,
Bath Till*, StolT Chum*,
Horse Bucket*, J Half Bushels, &c
All other Irinds Ware to his line made to ordrr
A.J p .“" ’ “
*l I to it ions 31 cuh currency.or 4 tuoa. app’vd biila.
i um* or upward*. 34 do par, G moi do, Lateral nil
dr.. For the superior quality ol thu brand wo refer lo
me (-!;(», uniLaoup matiujaciurera of this city ceaeral
■>• . 'V i. M .MITCIIKLTKEE,
d « c4 lOOjibeny st *
Diaphragm F*Sler, for Hydrant Water.
an THIS is u> certify that ! have *p
-1 g. pointed ltoggen A.Co
HU II iii*^ 1 - A S enu for the tale of Jetimag’s
zF*yH““ s ®Taa:iu DwpraJjrm Filter, for the ct
jFJ uei.of Pittsburgh and Allejrixeny
tor^V alter M Gibson, M9’Broadway,
JS» Oct 10,1343.
‘ »e have been using one of the above articles at the
oc.rr of 'he Novelty Work* for three month*, on trial
amt ice. r>-riectty satisfied that tt it a aaoful invention,’
Ami W-. lake picu»ure ui recommending them a* a a*e-
O ‘ IT'T.r a,l . wb ® p“ re water. Order* will b e
uiunkiuily received and promptly executed. '
I lit, Tiber in offering for aaJe a handsome lot
imr ° f £ Unn ’ A Llark’a, (New York,) and Chicker
iuga llioMun.) Pianos, would direct attention to the
m> i l.iai 111* I, the only place in the West whero the
instruments oi these two maker* can he tried aide by wai , rc V Co,, <«iu*mly, a correct idea of their
.„ U ? *,l? ’i e fonncd The subscriber being anxious
to I. »i ttjfir rrlnt; vr mom*, a „j having for a number of
jfur, piiufin.,: ui-,.!. the J‘iam>n of Nonna 4. Clark,
na» Uiieu into u*e io. ihc iitat twelve months, aCbick
ermg Jiano. ut order te try t t* durability and fiuiet*
as an aci otnpanymeni to the voice. This Piano may
now hr *een and examined ui hit rooms He feels
confident of hi* ability u> give a compeient and relia
ble opinion on the tubjeci.
A handsome lot of new Piano* will be opened in a
! C S? _ At J W Wood well’*
S* p A I Si)R^ J *¥ is - T ? UN ? AN ? w,np man
«7mV// • n i- V - . c ‘“briber takes this method
of informing hi* friends and the public in genera] that
he ba« the larges, .lock of the following Sai£d
,L„. ? w, ‘ f ™ lu,aclure 1,1 Har
*. Trmiks and \\ hips. al. of whteb be wifi warrant
lo made oftnrbct material and by ihe bmt ni™ AJlegiieii) county Being determined to sell
h. inanafiicturc* something lower thuii kas been here
toiore sold by any similar establishment in the city
tic wouid iiiviur person, in need of the above limned i
article io bu warehouse. No. *44 Liberty street, oppo '
wte boventh., bonds made w i?rder for machine.
ry octftMy U . KKRBY
I ’ lnati,utln n, under the
X i arc oi Mr. and Mrs. Goshoen, for the present
a-ademir year, wul commence on the first of &I.™*]
r) licit, m the same buildings. No.dfcJ Libertr *trreL
Arrangeiucuu nave been made by which they wilt
i. ih«‘a> t 0 . rU / rlU ’' ! > ou, ‘S ladies facilities any
in he A mt. for obtaining a thorough English, Classi
cal, utd Umameniai education. A full coarse of Pht
.i-ophniU and ChemicaJ Lectures will be delivered
during Ute winter, illustrated by apparatns The dr
oartraeiiu ofAocui and instrumental .Mnsie, Modern
Dtnvfm * a »iP«»t.«.g, will earh be S3S
S ■ COmpeh! n t Pro "‘ Mr ' By Hose snenbo.i
. PMi.I?' 1 " U . r ,lec ' uuf,al Proveine»tor ihe.r pu
i.s. the- Pruu ipuis hope to merit a continuation of the
nberm! they have hitherto enjoyed. For
%AMllf' irCUlaf ° f P ' y l ° ltte
T&AN.T-lt? tf* oUl "tw bncl,
»“:» M’ANLUrU Co, Cojul
'OJbxs Lamartine 6s; 35 do Mirabean M
uo rutraan 6s and is; au do John Backer ss; lfi Jo Ro
ben, A Msson «do Henry A jam J M
SutwarlT'^‘ d LCW “ l * Ud ° VVurwick ouper UiTbli
The-c Tobaccos, embracing some of the most favor
ne brand*, ou con.igumem. and will be sold low to
ileel* L 5J WATERMAN
1 Sons’ Soj. A.o fo, U„.
ur , ’ an*, no* and will conuno- i o be Urtely «, 1A
pue.l with thu celrbrtitcd brand, wn.rh theyV*lJ J||
" Tnri°m-erTr r iB rl ’I"" '“i f “ hof ‘PProifwlftHlfc
I tip> trier i<> mr ala*« and toap manufacturer! r
u * c *l) jfcneruiiy re»}>ccuiig ibe quality.
100 liberty »t
■ 1 RnS Kul Nmn FUK SALK.—A .null iron Fo«„.
J. dn 111 a licjuruliiug lawn, with I’aucnu, Tool.
\e . .1. re»d>- i.»r (>u»inc.», will be »old on accomm*-'
cliiur.< terms, or exchanteo for hon or itpods
Thu otfei. an excellent opportunity to a youa* man
wnh woall ocapital to commence the Iron Foundry bu
tiiieu. hnqain; of > wu *
. , „ U: near Wood street
M Scales, Cooking Stoves, Grates. *.e
corner Liberty and Wood street*. iQaiiuran *"
iukl odcr tor wue Piauorm. Floor arid Counter «-»i ' l5
of the mo«t improved mraiity; Cookituj Stove* fn»
anj con,, Stove* of various aizeo PnrtA^I*^ 1 *^
common .Hollow Wa«, 4c . **’ Ifi*'
■tamitueture the Knclirn Ilanrc, which ha.
’ f “trany. OCC?7-dtf
of C«mc„ u . A Co?
ijt-'.ure. and superior to a.! others in mST^S 1 ««»«*
ehurvtte«, steamboats, factories, dwelling » P lwd ,0
private baii». ami to all other u* e , «-*,'£*’ and
and bri.nam light >* desirable. 8 * cheap, safe
°** Horn Oto ■'Uo,
T (JUAN. WILSON A ClT^° P ****** ®*«ri
JL Denier* l ? p#rtt,n MIJ Whoiesaia
1-AI Wood street, above Ktrth hav* * nJ ® No
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