The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, January 24, 1849, Image 3

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Exaushtedy far the Pitiaburgh Osman%
!". I 'lak/ 0,0,23 . 13 f 9 ; 7
The 0111041a11;ilatal ; .• elr• - .a *catty Ciado
1 Gl 4 o nington;,etY s l#4 . d
has reneweiAb iewt . -
the tezeittitt,Y44k:.# l o l 4tc r . h ! re qr , : hti NTF,
t h at rtic uatops areeapsgedi add' rim
s t ,,,,,ecol, , sp. ,: rnhiy., , eit!.oeon, who haws
caught Afra,faratOiLiOn, aro „binnin g eominnia, ,
and caalttP4 2 ; l o re P." ( F: l "P at
tr n.q . 4 ; I ...2rT N . T P : *
. W , taxamarcetaan.23;lB46...
The .o;itie - AtAketsssitaibeit.,orcan.
peas re.aarahl , adia the.eapitol bon smelling::: A.
aspenft' ', 4 titrimklv l A ß Y T lv s, P *l l` °'e6n l id ev
atiou afre- , wazFrwai , of tha;CouvimtioNia lien
of Ifr..,;o)4,laht.and of mom conciliatory
and - m jr.wan,rejatted, how.
ever, of 44ehate;and Mr Calheuu a.oLrn address
adopted. , :
t,lxt tail-gas;
At altrernistechal . hellst the Exchange is this
city to Ai ; for saianirds 1400
shares of the stock of the , troatemplated railroad,
i.etwee t ii,tcele ruriillerrhibtieg. . „
PintapaszinA, Jan. 23,18{9.
hPhitilpitrb?r 63neign new.
The ntlistrgeore et which eine.ll4hles have been
Rya ylour—:St4eB at 11.3A11.. .
09,040 i, at 62 , 15 0,9 3- per
Guer—S4l!a , prime red Wheat at 12 _ 213
Ca , *-'4lleitL, :oiyellowat 62e per ba.
Rpatfl9e per .
totieparee'ef 1500 bales at %evil ' , '
Provbrine:—..:Makes of men Park at $l4 and men
beef at 13;54;ri bbL
Sagar--.Sales 2Q p . at4lAll,2lcomera,ned 51
Cufre4.s . ales at Wfcli and 50151051 Vin•
Lagaruay , 2l,. and in exten t to 2606 bags.
W{j} gy--Saleiat 2s ets per rgina
Barman, 3an. 23,1839.
Fir A TM4.e.S. is held at a per bbl, but the price
is abSTrilliWylcirpt of buyes.. City Mills held
hightielliike ' e neglected. .
G.06,1:-.50.0 prime vitals . Wheal at 11.2(fillk
red Vatkr.Pei bashed, with minas antanat of 1000
, .
ats3e ea prime white, and 66 fai,
yeßat4ittlaiitaincanit 3000,bus. .
Ryt-43 . alea a , ' 62a per txt
Oate c •-4ides 'at 32e peiba.
Proviganittere is nal" tutthrity in any uticle--
quotations are many.. .. •
VlbiakeY-' 4 •3aleant.2 , ll vents pat - gallon.
_10& )MLUgi:ET.
New Yoze; 31u1. x 3,1869.
is-Do marked 'change front gee.
terddy, tigrthe tomicet b ff angthiag more active,
and ii,l4l,Kve iiiiounta woo btas elate and
wcsceln .;
Grain - The erl k dr m
os ain is good tutd rawer,
preiiiorim dm . et. • .
Cari--.Szdes of prime yellow at dso per tm.
PetiOtto*-Tbe market's' !margin Pork, but I
illear . fot ea sales..lcrater offers voila be accepted.
L44.45111C., .
pit lb iribbts.
Colton—There is no new feature to =kr-de
manit is Lair.ind quotations steady.
VO:dsltry--.Selecat 21e in hhds, and 24 tin Ibis
P tisership Notice.
THYINAB ICE. NEW, Jr" corner of Wood and tth
street:f t -has this day associated wit bim in the
Loolcinr:Giors and Vatietp business, Air. JOHN U.
A‘V YEE., of hisitiettai Obi& 4 - Thor ton hereafter
gill he liar:alma is Santana. .
SW wurguaidman. , . tonght..linwrin.
.75-741g3IEDTAIV. SLWIEggs
T OtiIIEINGULA Moinfacturers, sod WiLoteasto
We gehlets in.foreiro and dornestio ghtlety Akionth
Western snerolwatsttlars , nog other* st.e_inmoul
to outland examine theorizes end chalky of.onr met,
with ourviewtiactessect &oilmen irt reortatheree•
inn. Ittil.loarthwungrwe think wo tan tea la great
inackpluuttliMrbllyers as 111.11 Y Ottla UM. I.", °the _ .
war,' illtninlirrn;PAßSl3 Co. b aias?
1.4144 avenictr.atata.einiktr6 ,Itelacinots !be
tuelmizori.ll bo - setted - br RAI. Parka or PAIL. 1310,.
4411q`:.°19'Alc, CHAS- - M: HEEDS
Beim& Jan. 8; • Y. IL WM:
Ct. LesPG ect. — e•LiCO4Aitis; late Reed, Putt
FOR mamma ac. co.wassici -
N dtArri4
Aud Agents, for the nitu
PinsOurgh and Cleveland Litre, in Cleveland, O.
Ilatur, Lute, Cleveland, O.
: nuke , Express xeketan:Erie, h rit.
Rotor to Li. M. Herren and Soluile. Cans Pitts
burgh. •
Head Qdressreers for Itootaand shoes,
Corner o'Bz:diddled and Fourth ate,
rtainstraan, Pe.
ig TR
gemZl'L.l.srjr, l b i=troed the
Fantail, weed recreating invite the 'Mention of
then niends and the public generally, to their splendid
new stook just opened, consisting of meals, Women's,
Ikon!. Misses , and children's 'teems of every variety,
suitable for. the seesonitutd prices to nit the line.
Also, n splendid ,artiele of/Retain Gam Shoes, for gen
tlemen and ladies., Please call and examen forgoer.
senes. • ••• -TROTH & SCOTT
Lenver Of Sr:WM."I ,I and 4th It. ,
rrillflL-Travelieg TnlabliemPol Reg., Re, Wens
oninEed Mellow tor imitt. • , -,je3
' -
iistmamignid hiying.rernoiest zi*tiehErtnei
T: wilt - Intend to Me proseeetion.Of claim on
• Govenunetu, , and to 4131 . bostneai Leas the
• CQUm oithe-Distdet,wiCsverbieb he goWtmsted:
stni'DmEtn- -
is 6.. k. Nut tub; 04:' 2, 4 5 5 5
. yl bbls,acoiebed • •
'5 N ciew 0r00;.
i-°-.1.0.b.11'14:4015--14000610; an.,soas.r;il.
• %.. - .. - 14...Cut 'mould candles; .0 bbls .
takegi6 tsviat Tobacco, prlmC.
100 butt closer seed; 10 000=04 dq • . .
L001; . 1111.1 do; on hard and forsV i e4r o r .
for cOsh, by .• • • :4302 TASSEY & ,11
-azuckhni. • exaction
Prer„,„thse uuumer*.•
i; ismin. .sh In ow Mt. each.
mso W n ?., c fisted cl watztxt,
mahte t and am The
nble aeon_ c ana l Battic,
near ._
=Ito!, seventh
• .."111111711% AT. GREAT nancienrst
ir 'CORD a CO, etialona , w close eat tide ruck a
mai and Vietorlena fot .the seaway trill sell
the Wince Ihnittraddir a 'good +min, at Lux and
Farm r o w e l[ as Stature cetukon atueleo al EMI.
TARN COST--to al:dealt:ay orcaddreapeWaSyinvne
• the attention of petehasen. , NOW IS THE. TIME
:FOR senoems. cal •at comer .Wood and Fifth
ANTED—A. large .Neem, well lighted, aiul
'suitable le other 'effects ier the sr-commas.
of a Select Behrl„, EsquisePit this office.
indepenieut:Piacs ogee.,
a : FOUSTII STREDT.—Cceetaithes Magi..
NAcasexasilissais ~Chief of Pollee, Rosso
-- • wit . 0. yarn No. •
Arroto . TT AT :oftW, YonttA street, neat Gran
• • /
CLUGAR-48 Rime 0:'4."01N bblo Loaf, 10-
10 sorted Nos, . ' bib by -
1220 •
- EANE-42 LAD white:Deana, „. \ ba t I l lta. db j.„ l "
J.t enleAr MUD.,
ED LEAD-18 , 1mo' for sale
tiins rig Ira; is
for sahib)! N TT
SWitlitiai—rd Posh prime Clover Seed; do A
:timothy .dm lbs Wertom ReserepEbeere.„ •
imarreeirod.suul (or es,lo, by jaw , ,JoHN
. .
iL ta rboya
In atom - add (Oriole br
yq A , INtiirrEgrocii & co,
corner Ist cod wood OS
i.lll4.—finliblo in morn and for rolo'bi
. -
Ala4D' • d3IL"F6IIN.PST=S. &Co
DtaZkrrant'am,-900 *nth Pesehei; 414 D
gPPkg,;A dmgrecayvoin; for saleby
Tiver i tter i or. , . , 9_f4a , 4oo.o
leo • rPRIEND, JET Ak.'oo
CIASSOEt 011,-15 for ralebf
V:" - - • • FRIEND. HMV &Co
CiG]tßl+ ~
, dee
I'W . giNTED, at &umlaut.
• N 110U/IW/1305S
CI.3 I I:EJ' 51X.8.-+Mbbla and 10 bus strictly wino
,cloycz /pod, in sung and fen sale by
ROllll,-100 blls prime wheat Renzi 23 do sw...s•
Ey. ov, Ivz huaily use, in store and for. tale by
sru. bush Term Pea Nuts, to store and'
h "cairn Moor, Just landlns•aad ley
latu - . 1 8 DILWORTH/1 co
.y \rrrl fdae:?7••••-•-",i 4 bids dee lost ' landing
j es l, 3 P a'all S DIVADISTR d. Co_
JOI and apt. 11a4. -
ilbtik—esMets kir sale
eble Nelidar 7 -kelga dOdoi. di see,
Pladt4L4 F eather
es. t ds
. a y i r
e,. for s p O is 4
dd do
lyblte iVlti4?lBlkibidrcE7
., 0114
v Jot ang, tpol vppr gp . ffre-K5.r. 11 . 4
CillaZP.,-200b.vrprima cram etteeov, m
fOf Palo 19w, o,9r .t gr i lsN*2 7
LpXteRMS:-.1,10 e 0r0m010 , .3 esirskor
cileby . jet J
VIIPPER*.kpESTNTOLO 636 repker; ittdo
rimstais,-.. stpre and (evade •
- - -ANDArkiti
Borah, ratiaihaTl:4l lie W..
19 . 1.!1tt l h P021...3:411,:50505;15--
IC 2IO P S r tu ft ed. v4O 015
Chloridela, east. SAO, 7,
Coeltitutak*,.... v i 1M 02,,0ht
Cream 121,,,..he 5 ....1.,24 0_22
arP.... ..... .. ... ...........
Galls Iso o -isa ,
Guth an* ' . 51 1 070
132213 30 0 50
0 - s'll
i 0. s• klattio... •• • --101,2 5
f ,.„,. „ . .... 50 01, 0 0_:
. 1W 1 1 1 1,114,1o;;,i.. 65-0400
Li1b trja.......31 S'
•Larci, ° E ., ..... .0 0 00
raa ju p ....... - 40 0
- twt. , ..z ta 33
51 •
ea, Marro- •• 41 0 11
Mas2lo,-Costuaoa• .- 0
Oil $1, , ,,
I , , ,, Zrkey ..... 04 5 4 s !' s
" Castor 1,55 01,75
4 Ca uld 410.403,50...,
4 .Clovest- - ....2,55 1 5 4 51
Pep'mo ..... ••.2 t 5O 02,1 x.
Ophtm,Turliey•: , 4,75 esmi
istt .. 0
:-..... 03,
'Rhubarb, ressb - • .32 0 50
...941•Amentato, 10 .0 10 •
VI, ; m 0..... ri:4ol ,111 •
, Dye Ililt 5 Pt It 4
Catttw io ood,t•s.
.• ars r.• 00 0 • r
Loierrood, aimed. • •202 21
Veathers-ftty "RS per. er
SJ pr. cent.
Pots ••t• 41041#
Sale •••••"- -453..
• Ash •
•fiel: • - 17 41117',
Arnetibanet.. 4,.K.1%80r Oat:
Raltint -pet 4•-•
.'lpt6e}r .8011
704175 •
ker4i dor_ -t•A‘."
Pita Heaver'
' HTe sivax-rDury 24r.
Vello Mt&
- 131 zeus-Sr ton. •
Dl $65ObV
Hoge;Lnm p oszto-br doz.
Mere ble 1,95 Kw ,
Shal 2,2592A9
-13 krk-r cord.
Chez ut Oak ..... .s.sooeccr
Mac Oak ...... ~,e7 4 04,50
C -Duty 30- - per ct
At th river--•.r .5 054
Tenn 4 and_Atabams. • • •3101,5,
. ChooolAte-f.
Ntimber 1. i• • - .... 404nt •
• c ot prep.eed
I'eatA i er-rDaty 20 p0r.5.4
btd ' z , 31/101
Mzt.7lib 024'
ti Ott
itpebealge-Irst btunds• ea.
CsbnU lb -
W b a Oa
Corr welsher
sod re ad /rib aes4,L4
C tton Yarzilb-f .94••
N Itto No.lo ...IL.
21 1 4
tee;ixgniittnPdvilEtaN° lB4
ree .1 , 4144 , A ,
. 1.4 •
4 700. .
Vo Ci r ) ll •IP•; ; :•Zi aj li
c1 u dn.e.e.n.1.0•413119,
Cotton Twine MP.
Cobb Wick.-- • • • -015
- -Coth.-DatysB..per
.Tevt, Old ze lM bite , ,,...., - .7110131..
St. Doln1 0 ." tl# l- t , a ' e1 ....
M.^^ ••-4- • . ft
, Copper -D;d7l29Prtnidt.
• Ida andel/ ¢pt . F. old bee.,
.BheiallhE•ytnr. ; t;f 4o7
Idi • • • .....
cake and ;IWO .
Cordagle,DlW 4 Opx:cett..
Manilla • -
Tarred • •-•••....-
hal; pun,. (Lie,- 9
" corozoort* , -0-8..-1
- Hemp Bed. Crisper
1 1=Lina5?..,r ,, 1 8701 4 18
40yd bwgh. 8 .
46 P I S
62 fr. 21:k 62
DizzAsilaberwraiserz, -
1,11/0.111 Oman -
Shfge. d nai.. 4 .. rr a
.Oregon D Union
- Vart il LlD
Lornise C-• , Z. , ...••••••• 1116
I 5-tbraern
, d okeddo• 409.
o do , —•
13 - 46.2
81 10,
-7-7- A. c. A. • • •74212-
'llledrnens :..... .....:-0
td x{o9
f ,
1 1 .11 vet Enna --o tO
gentooky ...... •• • 0 31
cobiok.Peoarylvo.• -- 9
lonondo 04100-2 11
Soft le 0 15
gad ....... ... • 0111
Carron% Unto. • • -1 0 10 11
Filbeol-- alea
Groandenno•- • --- 1,112.0
Turkey- • -• • 1210
- kaa
Mom, eild-•-•ev ;•-• -
[ Cluberries ......
eoz 6.00 ' 0550
Oroa - do. •••10,599_ p too
pploo„ .
tes,oreenA6l. 1,0001,25
nollrav ".• • •• • Use
Cotamba• •• .:-1 5 -
It 1 1 y
9 ' 91
9:50,11o0,110--- 0 4.1 8 . 0450
Sopestaze•-••4,09 Oen
oye ticur..--;-;230
o -
lairaeshead,lo/ 10 1570 -0
.4 ."I"`btatt.„,
Biqa .. ............ 19
north— . 1891-
019k-dal7 tmGotols. coo 3
• 1,, oot "
Nnl,lol. bbla.• •• -0 II
No. 2,• • - 9,900 -
.1 1 ,104 1:0,17151s,•,• • --.0 -
- 0 •••
nerdn6,No , ft• 6,7306,02
0 131 97. . 4 9
Cod i z „ r dram • •-•
' 1 :1 1D ;
Deem s. . - tPei 0 / 9
Stookßoam • *,
im l o 9 a 0 9 0 0
emu 0 9 09
0190.5%.925,90r.....111,01-, 05,05
"Windaw pea box-
City broads., ,
12.r.L9 • • .... - tarp
Palm eto., 1!14 tee
165514 • • ..... —lO 300
Coontry brosea.
..... _ —.4960175
G anima!!! ar--Daty
PFFG 5,25 05,50
Eagie, lbs 03,00
Da. dos. lb. estaises— tirip
E.411.9' e4OO
gook paved= ..... 3 3 M
Grafts—D.4 -20 R. l
RP . ^'T
Blue k Orsago 9010 i
Tack Tick. 101.
-Zia 17
. . -
• ,1?) 12
• 10 ft 11
tutacelda• •
Azzaw Scot
.11.1.11 AMAIN I Banl
sets. Bun
40 Satarday, .......
414 Sunday,
Valh --••••••• ......
1 p•vr ex!. ulie. as 'r -
•-• rose Tut -In= iranso Julius* 23.
The week jpd duped hae•heen one of general
tlelettirencend rio narked change has transpired
in any: branch of iiislizers. The weather has
been' changetible . ; The Rivera; alter attaining a high I
:mark, have graduallfreceded, and from this point
t o ports below' navigation has been free and open
--receipts of groceries and proviWous have been
quite fag, and for the past few days tattiness along
the river and through the city, has aisaiWned some
activity; in the way of general transactions to city
and country trade. We may say then, that els
though in the midst of winter, our tattiness corn.
manly have no came to complain, the more so
from the fact that the river fiem this point West is
free of all obstruction, and unless severe weather
cinattes, the, present partial' reaction in trade
mad izontinue,voth considerable activity is pro.
st o tsions andprodsuer generally.
In reviewing the transactions of the week, we
have no heavy sales to notice, and our exhibit
must,to a greit degree at least, be confined to re(
ale limited or retail transactions.
ASHES—fibs El:attire malntaine as usual
quietness, with tot marked - ablaze in any article.
.poieelide:Of all binds bays been light, end tram
talent limitediat quotations.
APPLlitrOf 'green-.apples, large quantities
oantictue to arrive by river, and the market is
tether ourdmpplied, and dolt The sales of the
Week, in 'regular limited lots, have amounted to
lowa 390 bbis from atom at prices ranging accord
ing to quality from 790 to SIX g bbL
BACON—The receipts of the week base been
Partial,and but little has been done in the way of
aali* l "We give quotations . is table, with small
BULK. PORK—The receipts of the week have
been Bill, but u large quantities of it have been
tanight out of the market, sales have been on a re
'ittikttel [cubs, and the article will not command
over 3i to 40 hoground.
.BUTTER Fatg butter has become scarce, and
:prices base partially advanced since oar last
IPweekly review., For the past few days we note
mdes amounting to some WO kegs at 916910 p
801 l butter is in fair demand, with• regular
sales la bbls at 120139 p th
BROOMS.—Receima have been partial; sup.
plies are Braked, and the demand continues very
g 004., SAM .11/ 44101111 . rii,lisUe been to a fair
extent at quetillota.
BEESWAX—WHIT small suppiLm the market
is quiet, dad very little doing in the way of sales.
We may quote hunted transact ons at 200
BUCKETS AND TUBS—Receipts have been
light;hat !supplies sacra - about raided to the de.
mind, with regular limited ides of the former at
2,25, el the latter at g 9;. doe, (tom store.
. . .
:MIME—Bow smell lets Shave arrived do.
ring the -
week,' but supplies arei limited, end the
Market gain. We sae regular sales of WA in
Waited leis at sliii:s4e, and of cream at 6107. per
I : taiElitalnB-4itodenite sales from tore at
.01,75(ilOgliv ha . Loge lets would fail short of
T ete pgures: &applies OM fair.
. t „„n Mate-Prices remain without change.
er the nunk
foam sla et, m
nre auto iniate•
rate .salos as ..7#' 4 ,„4 0 ,,,
areWhal":43rard' C°i ni,. 4ll:, ...=' 4llji: Sr' fire
Of ccnotit
isdlY al 5050* Of 12 " t s v i rt e sr Gtrd r ra
and sheotinsi, correct quota..
aeuend tables
DRIED FRO ' IT—The receipts by' 4 .!7 wntin '
no.gtille full. and the market is Imo,. . 0 2Piecd ,
and ' , The transactions of the wee' .`
t v m °
wattled by no heavy operations, sales •
'Store being Confined to regular limited tots at,
'peaches $1,1200 1 , 10 , - and for apples at 10, 56,
and 62a bu—ns in qnniity. •
RGGS—Recepts continue light, and sales from
int 'hands' by tihkano box have been effected ta
ree from store at 18018 c per
acting 'the weak.39SA•olosed, gen
eral quietness has prevailed iitthe leaticei. ear.
aiderable quantities have arrived by river, but the
whole amount of sales on wharf.have Illobabli
not exceeded 600 bnlrat 0.0030,96 bbl Bales
from store are confined to regular limited ions at
$ 4 , 4,l2lo4^sesoctiolf filial-
salest:filitalrOGll - gore . at 3210 W bhli
and • Acitimbeat at rp'loo.'r fdrip•
Plies • •
PaG,Yra--Freights very 'twee and ve .
ilhim:°l4.°4tAq -frdeithlit Stint'
~rogolat„pokevVi-euutatl„ .
Pi' h manufasatured t0.1.0c; art
tolOds"2oe - "net' Pretisinsugere taken yirsterday .
farNaahyiUe•akmi.t/rlieavp;:aud 50'o'forlighlif.
and )•few Orleatis at 580 peil.oo.
• Taii%)to -04 1 01e:40 0 ,
Viur.ore.thet • ; ht
Tod'_laaatintir D Leech fi dai I
'rem lwa fialt OW chirps are far heavy
4 - , - Aztrit' - PIittECOMENT,
13 ? "..-4 4............. • • - 24
Barley, „,i5OO 153
• Olste-per hi
PlOsb•Comnsea•-.....• 1 ./ at /3
SO3IOP-„P 01 7 , ?.. 9*-r cent
Cabs per goWd-o ••:r. .., -
' , Western comb p. 3518 - 0
A 2 0
;Cllstassag-Mty Oilpr. ei.
C 336608•••-• 25 . vd
nay-- um 4 0 001 b
,limotby pci -
800 9 , 96 :
11.1dEesDati 5 per evnt-
Missemri•.-413 ti,
Do: ~.,= .... a -
- 0 h. ,, ,
Doi 3 iPPePer skin i'4,00 MP ,
•,,. -.
Green•••o 4`'
Hemp_-Dory 95perceillo7
Missouri ,t.Ky • - • 51.067
M r anillsi 1b... •• • 119,0 - •
Mops-UHT 8) percept.
First spl. 48.•••• • • 100 BP
Bc. lntitcp:9ktty . ...."l.o s Be ci r4: 6 6 o l.
Spanish LW OLIO'
Manilla 13 01,00
t liorh-Bstry 30 per cent
1 4 144 4= 3 4 o e4 11
thief 5lO 7_6
Boiler ?hilts-- • • • 6 0 Ot
Nall.. . • .... -4. - •• 420 6)
Pi o .6 3 mtds • 4ea 6
,4 0 4I
Kon -
ia Sheet gp is
Lead-1I ty 20 per cent.
Missouri Pig •490 -
Bar ..... -...t. •••-• - 0 43
'Die size. Pipe per 11. 440 • 12)
Sheet ..... •• • • - .. • .. 0 0 I 4
Leath - Or-Doty, 20 pr cL
Sole, Baltimore. • • • 'A o'22'
• ' New Yotlct .. . • •• .14 0 11
Rl= - - - - 4 1 2 8 i ril 5:1 4
Skirting ' 10 ' 21
Harness, bliek•-• • .19 0 II
Bridles, lihick,pedos.
sides... • • ••• • MT 039,00
Bassett do 34,00; 042,00
,Upper Ambled. .92,1:0164N)
Xms, finished. • .24,121035 W
Celt Skin d 0... • 15,00 0211,01
Lace. Leathe • • • 18,110 0
No, 1 per dos... '0 -
, No. 9.perdos•••• 0 -
No, 2 per dos.- • 0 20
,Sheep skins ' 2)0 5
Lumber-duty 21 p. c, .d
vaL per M.
Zoe l'r in, pr BL - 0W.,00
CenAt Cl
14 le "
•• - • •- 011,00
ear, "• - 033,00
Owed 11 *••••,•••••=• 0111,50
Clear ' 2 u•-••••-- 044,00
Wekd MT 1 in do , - - 419,21
Ito. common. r•-• - 0 —
Pine ablier 101:02,50 0 3,00
I..aths,uror „ 9,25 0 2,50
'LIT" EIP,o r WO lbs rit,
titeeyes .. ... l-i• 000 4.20
a k...1
91061••••-••---: - 0 30
Cows & Calyes••4o2 010,02
Esbeep. , -..---1,1M6, 9,00
lioLaasei-Daty SO pr. eL
ilmrszhouse•- . 40 e: LS
N.Orleans• .• - • • • 27 0 98
Hlivral Stnvm-Dary We
Rusin per bb1....
"Par, hnellheltY • - 0 - 1
* N. 0u01in5..4,25 0
;NI !petiOng gail• •• 60 0 70
'Varnish, Copal-1,75 0 VP
„Balls-Doty 3:12. 1 % -pet
1, cent ( ma.
Ivance per .1 .
1.00217 d Juniata • • 3500 '3,73
80 941 * 4000
60 7d * 4210 '-•
do ".. .....
13taea per • d*
----• 6+o 6.4
Boner Rivets--• 0 7
00ctusa lb— 0
med WM7
1. 1 4, • • • dbOab
Olive •e-- 101010 1.45 0
Sperm bleached 0 1,3
Unbleackbeel • lAld
I Wheat, • - 75 0 10d
Tanners per bbl. 1.7,00010A0
Palnts—per lb.
iilun• • • • COO to
Lempbbick 510 7
Bps& Whitbig•—•• •Ito
Chrome Or 33 0 65
Yellow No.l 33 0 33
.No.: M 0 t 3
Brunswick Green••l3 0 so
Mite Lend dry• • • 610
Oil, pure eg••1,50 1,04
" No. 1 —0 135
Red Lend o
ceuh YeEdm Ochre.-- -10 3
no_ Vert, Red 1 0 6
0015 Verdigris•— 30 0 0
51.. Z, and for light 51,50 p 100. Return charges Cattle Market.
by same line-heavy goods 52, light 52,50 p 100. Ausatmsy, Jan. 22, 1519.
From this point to Baltimore hy the F•ciipse five B y .EvEs _,
day line; for heavy goods 51,25, for light 51,50 p
100. R eturn
rates by Lyme line, k., b ean 10 ,,,k , yard on Monday, and all taken at 4,5005,5% which
51,371,f0r light 51,50 ip 100. showed an advance of 25c p 100, since last
GRAIN-We nonce nothing new in the mar. week.
'.'Jet Receipts have been moderate, sad supplies, sifiEv_No,•,,, were daft , Good sheep are
with the exception of barley, are limited. Sales
'• _ arit , 2,25 h.
have been confined to limited lots from atom at
the following taker. Wheat 70c, 4.5a50,' 3 ,, BOGS-Sales to • fair extent were effected at
rye 40045, corn 3253, and Ms at per Sip ,100 Lit
bushel. • ' - • - Faso= hi suirrstas-Al the opening of. dal
CROCERTM-Duting the week, cresiderablit - Thum .a marc .
et . f air 1
accessions have been made to the supplies of as. , last evening, there were aCI
gar, molasses, and rice, but so fax as we eon es. attendance of purchasers at the following general
certain, prices generally are about the same as list of pricey
need in our last weekly exhibit. Sales of N 0 su- Retail Prawn to the illhasond Market.
gar in limited lots. amounting in all to about 50 Wedbosday frimning, Jus.ll4
bbd. at 41 to 51, (or fair to prime. Of common ApPlys.arrik 1.0016 ::: .. mi 40 5
old, and of new crop, we may quote rev il er sales B.r.,;•irri4e r. • f r n' 6
iddbaa .1 7 0 C'.. , lr i t r e• p.k . • ••:-... - 3 Ir li
.1 40 for the former , 41 to 41 for the latter - ___E,,,... d ..,_ . •""
3 0 5 Pudding Lines, pa 4 0-
Bales of 200 bbl, N 0 molasses in lota of 10 to 15 —ga, , ,,,,5.........--8 aa litrork.befteria 5 0-
bbls at 27, 2703250 p gas--as in quality. Sugar. --Qs:users • ....- 0- —Hey P ay. •• 4500-
house molasses is in fair request it 400150 p pall, 0 . 0 4 p bnusb• • ... • 30 4 Pwwilaily bosol • • 30 4
or.. .•. 1 . p1a ... -010
in small lots. Regular sales of loaf anger, St Lou I Omgr o r , frlti Me n t . lb .. - e ) ign , : tr2 p.Ard r'
t re.riP
is refined, at prices ranging, according to quality. I D. apytsitt• too-
t nins i t v ph.. O
rr= Bto 10b f 55. Rio coffer is disposed of In i Be et s in halt. p pia -0- h., 0 ph•••• --0-
regular limited lots at 7, 71 to 71c yr 115--as in -851'd grecn, oqi -0- .Valeh•L I Pell- - -.e
quality . Sales of rice in limited lots by tierce at' F....ain•l_P B ch
... 30 1 I,niti ! it 9 1 .•• • , 4 2 1 ..
SC/slc 0 Ri. For prices of other articles under '6... umt ;,.. , 4 ,....
_7,,,L. 1 1 ...tte ir t r veelt _ - ;= - 1
this head. see general table.
Chietuns,lini,gs ps -0- r r aunge.;ls. ••• • 7 0 8
GLASS-The market is quiet, with a fair reg. tiled .... --e• Aillint —Mei 807
War demand for window glass, at potato. ~,,,....,,,, c ' b rereit t,4 h. 4 . 0- ceet...Driel •
Bedortetea --0- 3 018
found in general table. Of ant glass we give the cb,,,,, e , r qt..... .-0- I .—D r ise 014037
following condensed table of prices: C./ . 0, green, f dor-0 - Tiuksys.liritisetr • 0 -
Currants,• rniou Pqt -0- —dewed. •• • 600 75
Plain Tumblers i P 4 from IW. 10 ox eac h, r truck., 4., ip , pbr• -0- Veal, bed sate, 0 lb -0 ni
dos, net, 316)32 _._ c i c ... h 37080
~,.t. ,,,,a w r ri es, P qt -0-
Pressed do l and l pint, tram o,to 10 flute cusp.- ..... 1501 n FISH
do do 6201,23 Gene, dean, elide • 310 . , eti, p beach-•
Decanters, qt, light 2 ring, glass snapper 7y7 Mulberries, IP qt, -0- r ,
do do heavy 2do cork , ni - . • at a aaa.. , .
_ 3,73 _ 1 -tana r a ' in' P -0 61, a 604
do 'do do plain do 2 r. Hominy, lii qi 607 . FLOUR
do do do pillar d 0... •.... ...... ii: g t_t== t , rm. , - 011 Wbga r t., MD Ito .2.00 0-
Wine glasses, plain OP 41-20 0-- .fly. ...... •• • -a
do do pressed 770 Lod, 1.0.4,.. lb. •-0 0 i
. . i Radiehes, •• • -11 , bunch Egg plant • 0
Pitchers, qt, plain 1,87 01 , 70 Iluckleberries leqt- 0- Tamales, p 1 pk • • —O
- do pillar and ribbed 7 9 5 M b ,' Pqt .• • • .-0.• Mellon. each •- •
do Iqt or creams EL...-
Molasses Cana, pt plain 1,25
do do do ribbed 1,57
Plates, 8 in. pressed and fig 75
Castor Bottles, Rated 83
tars, 1 gal, Laquered cover
do gal do do 3,25
HAY-From wagon, wa note regular sales of
. good timothy at 8;4059 r too.
HOPS-We note limited transaction from
stone by bale at 100120 p lb-as in quality.
IRON AND NAILS--Siee quotations in general
71 4 1
791 4 3
791 4 4
7,Z) 4 9
719 4 9
719 4 7
719 5 9
• -•
LARD—Receipts by river have been to a large
extent, and in the way of general sales a lair a
mount of business has been done. By lota of 10,
15, and 20 kegs we note sales at fllo, and by the
bbl id 51 to Oc Ri.
LEAD—Regular sales of pig from store at 41a,
and of bar at oat io lb. Bala of lead pipe at
prices ranging according to quality from 61 to 121
p bat.
LEATHER—With a quiet market, a fair reg•
alas business is doing at quotations.
MALT—We continue to quote sales in a reg.
nlar limited way at 74130 c p hu.
011.8—LSales of linseed at 56(357c, and of lard
at 58060 c, with pay for bbla Sales of Tanner's oil
at $1%419 p bbl. •
PIG METAL—The market has been very dull,
and no sales have come to our knowledge during
the weak. The American reports a sale of 300
tom pig at Hanging Rock furnace landing, at 828
on time.
POTATOES—SaIes of beet quality frcm store
at 51,4081,45 p kb!, and by the sack at 504362 e p
RAGE—We note regale: ealee from arst hands
at 3831 c for mixed.
ROSIN—Soles of N C at 3,25 p Obt
SOAP—Sale. of city and Cincinnati manoke.
tared main at 4, Al to 41—es in quality. Of Vas
negated at 101 c p m, by small lots in boxes.
STARCH—SaIes at 610 p Et.
TAR—We note regular sales of N C at MO
4,25 p bbl.
TALLOW—SaIes in a small way are generally
erected at 7c, p ih,
YINEGAR--Sales of 10 bbl. good cider vine.
gar from store at flBole p gall.
WHISKEY--The market In without any ma.
*aria! change. Sales of recalled at 19(i219k per
WOOL—Receipts have been very light, and
prices from Out hands remain steady at the fol
io...ring quoted rater:
Co,'mon 'W001...
'•,l be:7
1 do..' •
Full do
Our general table zhieh .has been thoroughly
revised an d corrected, w a': Fermat fair quotations
for el articles not dada:wed in Um above review.
• Witutve no changes to notice in the local mon.
key market, unless it be that mosey Is scarce, and
lin'greater . derareL The- kalOwing are the rites
of exchange at the Sinker's bOard:
Selling rain
~m v..:: g reet.' - •
Nwp Yorlr, , i pm,
Philadelphia, . k• " Louisville, L.
Baltimore, k" St LIMAS, "••
- Buyillg WO:.
OhitS ' ' 1 ais. CoacCity orderk, 1 dia.
1.4 i.. .
~., ..•• " Roller Notes, "
ginilic 3 4 , " " " :Xi
r ile Co. " •
'tfinnial 4 4- , •-• ".- '" - NME. q; , " !"
.'d7" 'kneeling -i " . • ' ' "
, , .... , • a :,
r . Tonneeles- --, • 10 " 8 W Chlalas; • , 1
PlO Netal- pr topy.6)oo.L
.No. L Foundry •-- 0
FOrue• •
Mowing Rent.
No. 1 Foundry. - -
'Tennessee 0 -
Metter County.
Fatesdry Pig 11 -
P giloninT County, MO.
E*.4 7 7 FtP• • •-0
" Nailer Parts--do zy -0 , f7;
Destro Paris. • • • 0 10
Been Mims ~.. 85 07
- -0-
" /fides - 005
, lbground, city care 03
connuy do. 0i
•Lard No. 1, In kgs • • - dattof
2, in kits.
" Lin bhls--0
Butter " 1, in kg.. •EL10: Pi
" In roll-10 0 12
'tense, W. B.
810 7 61d2 51
Crack's, Ping). Warr.
DO. gig°. 4,03
..... --0 4,72
Nediannocki p:1;111 1.3701,50
untry 431344
C ,itlial4-141sy 5 per cent.
11Blesepe0.90odwal lb ts -0 4 - 5
Clover,- .L 240 -
Timothy 1,7302,00
Thutseed 03
2,50 0 3,03
Spices-per lb.
Cloves. 99 0 31
Ciunger ria in Zeal. • • • - 0 25
G 9 0
Minna 1,40 0 1, 10 0
PcPPnr- 7 0 9
Elspice• 121
V 11 10 4,1 * - 14
134neem. .... 0
Soap-Duty 30 per sent.
Cilinncinnati sburgitNo. 1•••• 4
4. 4i
Stasi-per IC, Foreign
,Guth Shear-•-•• 16 0 17
.W i ltOarmati 0 13
• • • • • • 0 11
0 16
Pittsburgh Manntaatur4.
Gerouintgeel-• 0 64
blister••• •• 0 11
bUster.• • • 0
6 4 1 4
B Ptt.:" . • . • .. • 5 1‘ ,
iipaaa=cr ran.
• 60 1111 2916-- 1 ::1110 ° 11 f50 °
Ron,..Tamiolth 04,50 0 9591
a. GO • 90
'N 40 0 10
111.4111 . *Daly 30 .. t pr emir.
t' l / 4 9•e n g h4 ) 3
1 , 66)••• • 450
Itriana, whim, lb 9 9/
MUD" lb. 90 SI
Musallea I/ 0 73
:Calabripo e t... a ..... ...... ..... I,cc
69 0 0
' Wool per lb—Duty 33 per emit.
1111.1 . b100d 0 .3)
:I blcod
0 23
mid Common 191 0 4
Tub washed 0 3/
Wldakay--per gallon.
Rectified.-- —0
Raw Monongahela •—• • . —0 20
Zino—per b
nett • • ......... •• • • ..... • 0 10
Slab 021
Preighte—per 100 lbs.
To Cincinnati
Thy Goods • 200
Heavy. ........ .• •• —•-- • 12015
To Lonissille.
Dry Goods.
Froth Louisville to th
Dry Goods 0—
To Bt. Louis.
Dry Goods ........ •• 37
Heavy.. 30 0
7o Cleveland and Erie.
Dry Goods
_ To and front Broom/villa
Dry Goods (down)
Produce, Ike.(up).
To Nashville.
a." .....
To New Orieana
Heavy Goods 600—
Glass, he • —o—
Ashes, Pot and Pearl, 40 45
Butter and Bacon, 45 60
Ileac salted, 45 60
Balm rope and Bagging do 70
Beeswax, do - 62
Bones, do . as
drl 1,60 C0
, 6
do 6 40 0
Co tto do 60
Chilled Rollers ; —
Dregs and bledielen • l,OO
Dry Goods, .
Dried Flail 75
Flour, per bbl. GO 65
Pon and Peltries, per 100 lbs LW
Feadiers, do 1. 0
Furniture, do in
Glassware, do 62
Olga, Window, per be 0 0
Green and dry Iron per 100 Itni 73
Ginseng, per 10 lbs. 60
Groceries, do 00
I Harderare, do 75
BM., do
Damp, 70 1
Ilideagra. 73e; dry 010 do )
Loather, do 00
Lead, do 40
Lard and Lard Oil, do ta
Castor do 75
L oo, Loseed OIL do 75
Port, per bbL do 0 160
Rd" per 100 lbs. 65
Rope 6 and cordage, do 03
Specie do 00
Feeds, do 70
Bluns,Deer and Buffalo, do 75
ass, do 43
Tobacco, Lea, do 60
do Manotaetarad, do 71
NVbsiu, do 0
:key,N.i per bbl doe 67
il_olvetll24l, Pldlad. -- .0 -
21alt-Daty 'Alper won.
No.l, deal. 0 1,15
1, In itere.-- —0 1,50
Tolle, doz. box— • -0 — 212562-Dory to per ma.
Per keg.- 015411
Pet 0 1,572
thaltpotro-por lb.
24122petre•-•••- ••• I 0 10
, Toliarno-por 1:0-410per
, et. ad for cash for orsoutd
Waimea Duty 40 Ft. et.
Ciptletaf— —•• 4 0 6
11010761•16 •• • •••-4 0 7
liedies , Twin--1010 le
Plng•lnkep• 90 0
Plaginbezes-44 0 17
Cavendish— 0 6
[ 193 Lamp in WY. •. 0 lid
114 " `.•.—•19 0 V
lea " "•—•l9 0 14
Pesach' snuff— •• H 0 10
'\ l an a frDra ih pap. • : g
Twa—Duty :0 per cent.
b e ,pedei—• —• •63 0 BO
Gunpowder- --• •43 0 79
strut v
oVeen•-•• 25 0 W
Yes— 30 , 0 7e•
Tin t o— Doty 13 pr. et.
Barns oet-••-• ••• 0 —
. I x• 10 611 :
allaw—Duty I V O pr. emit
Rendered.-- 7 0
Bough-- ..... —— • • 0 41
Soap Grease. •—•• • 30 31
I Vtees—per tem
1 Bad boxes 0 16
Clam, No. I—Aahea, Bah. Pall. N. IT;
Bacon, Boner, Lard,
Owen, Pork, Tobac
co, Tallow, W.Gtaaa,
and Wlthdry prloolb.
Pao No2—ltesap, Flax
in bales
Class Na.3—Driod Fruit
Leather, Old Rage,
- Seeds, Wool,
Chtse No 4—Beenraz,
Feathe m rsat Lbooa.gos n , ,G l =4.
11°P. harlsie Is F%laa
Bates 01
Insaranee on WV= 0
steam and keel boata.
.. ... .. . ,
F'm Pittsburgh to Whalmg,Vo.lo I
. .to oM Crop Cincinnati, 0 0
• " to St. Lonu,' ?do y.
" u m iloonrille,do 1 0
• " tolodepeadonco 202
* " teGolesto.,llL 1101
• "to hlempta,Ten 101
" to N. Orleans 1201
From N. Orleans to Pittsbiugh. •1 01
St. LOSIiill• , I*ol
Cil t = „ bi n rod Flat Komi
.. • •
Ily 40 pr. cent
1 . 1.,010 at NI)
N - E5
1,00 e
•75 1,,T.
&We, Jacobs, Brownsville.
&home, Parkinson, Brownsville.
Caleb Cope, Murdoch, Beaver.
Beaver, Clark, Beaver,
Camden, Hendrickson, McKeesport.
Zachary Taylor, Lucas, Steubenville.
Milian's, Grabill, New Geneva.
Lake Erie, Shales, Beaver. •
Dr. Franklin, McLure, Ctn.
Baltic, Jacobs, Brownsville.
Atlantic, Parkinson, Brownsville.
Beaver, auk, Beaver.
Caleb Cope, A. Murdock, Beaver.
Lake Erie, Sholes..Beaver.
Camden, Hendrickson, McKeesport.
Telegraph, No 1, Hazkip, Louisville.
Germantown, Maclean, St Louis
Then :titters A. (era 0 inches-water in - amine
by pier mark, Mit evening at dusk, and falling.
Cincinnati Packets,lo A. M
Bioarnsailla Panama, 8 A. - M4 and 4P.
B A. m., and AT. M
Looirville--Telegratia No 1. ,
Vacating—Zachary Taylor.
Cincinnati—New England No 2.
St. Loris —NorthMyer.
Fon Wtnamlna—Thei fine •steetner .Zachary
Taylor legless en alio% this day. The Z. T. has
engaged as a omelet:Nibs:sling packet, ea — we
wish Cept Lucas that " . .success width his merits
so richly descrlic.'
Tun Azsourrir,—The Ire was running quite
Gealydo the Allegheny yesterday, but not suts
hciently weighty to be much in the way of steam..
boats' ear-ending the Ohio.
Ciseinnats--Per Dr. Presidio-276.d' lob, 3
A Hachluta & co; 895 pas bulk toito,l , Torier;
& co; 1 9.0 kg. sausage skins, L Bahl; 31M beans,
3 do buckwheat, 1 do lard, 1 do eggs, Church &
Carothers. ' -
Per New Erightbd No 2-195 pkga potatc;es. W
Dyer, 5 hhdgbacoo, W Greer; 1 do- 1 bb
bee& 2
do lard oil, GB. Massey; 1 boa tridseD Leech &
coil do L B-Wateramo; 2 pkga mdse..; Kidd Sr.
La); 92,000 spoil; B Jones & co; 12 hble alcohol, B
A Fahnestock-6: 00.
SrsubionnliclrPer Zachary Taylor--2 has mate,
W Holaiei & WV, 103 bbl. floor, S Lindsay: 3 8
shoulders,ll3 sides bacon, Byrd liarbitugh; 19
sks wool, 1 bbl butter, 5 kgs Oman & ?de.
Grow; 21 sks wool, Win Bllnthain' 818 b
pork, 2 kiro lad, It Doha & co; 17 bilis paper, D
N White & co; 9 do do, B A Fahnestock & co; GO
tibia dour, B A Sampson & cc.
St. Lonis,, lsl9 .
Rtsee News—The weather has been einem°.
ly cold and Very disagreeable Or the past duty
eight boars, sleeting and snowing a greeter portion
of the time. Saturday night It was several de.
green colder than any preceding night this wean,
end ice formed tepidly, during the entire deryess
tridelltehe'rniesses wer&anizy in the river,
and towards evening it ono red lowly, end:from
ippearances was nearly egbbreed both elieke soil
below the city. Melba beMd of Duncan's bawd
A had pearly !armed across the 'channel andtheta shas
tete viete out 1r t'@bets, amusing
anuddele ce from the short:
The clerk of- the :swill *ldea=
Mogan wink above Fort Smhh, on the Arkin.
~ • .
Mum lidtleto*f Steamer 54. Louis,
lad el .:eiders, st. New 0 ens, on the 3d
HAOHTEb TOP. TDH 7117113117M1 DA LT Ga 12117.
[Otot Lit,—We,shall have to ask the indul
gence of one readers Gir akw days; in reference
teens local department,aacrar very efficient reporter
ties been suddenly called away by severe sickness
in his family, and we have not been able to pros
cure a substitute during his absence.]
We understand that AlerranieTitoller, who was
m i l,
go seeerel bapired in the fight ill Manchester, on
Salon;lay I is likely to recover for his wounds.
Tara —Mr. Murdoch taken a benefit this
evening at the Theatre, as Claude, in the play of
Lady of Lyons, supported by Miss Porter as Paul
ine. The cast throughout is a strong one and the
play will doubtless be fairly represented.
Mr and Miss Logan are engaged, and will
shortly appear.
.._. .._
- 370 -
Maroa's Ormcr..—.Nothing --- of rest transpired
at the Mayor's Court yesterday morning. There
were eight eases before his honor ; two ware dm•
charged on paying their fines, the remainder were
sent to the hilL
Many renders, probably, are aware that a claim
has been set up, on the part of Nort i t Carolina, to
the horror of havintursued the first declramtion of
independence, more than a year prior to the ape
pearance of the famous instrument drawn up by
Jefferson, and adopted on the 4th of July, 1776.
This first declaration, it blur been said, wan issued
bd'a meeting in Mecklenburgh county,North Car
chats, in May 1775. It was first made notorious
in 1818, or thereabout, when the Raleigh Register
produced what was alleged to be a copy of it.—
This, however, Mr. Jefferson rareneoaaly declared
----SO 0 ISO
-0 -
to be spnriotos; and the authenticity of the paper
has eat been generally admitted. But it In now
proved to be authentic. The followmg letter from
Mr. Bancroft to D....L. Swain, Esq., a citizen of N.
Carolina, was communicated to the Legislature of
that stale a few days since, in a report from a Se
nate committee,
90 Erroll Squzzz, London, 4th July 1818.
My dear sir: 1 hold it of good augury that
your letter of the 12th of June reached me by
the Hermann, just in time to be answered this
Yon may be sure that I have:spared no pains to
discoveron the British State Paper Office, a copy
of the resolves of the committee of Mecklenburg,
and with entire success. A glance at the map
will show you that, in those days, the tram of that
part of North Catalina took a southerly direction,
and people in Charleston, and sometimes even In
Savannah, knew-what was going on in "Charlotte
Torn," before Governor Martin. The first airs
count of "the extraordinary resolves by the people
in Charlotte Town, Mecklengurg county, was
sent ovor to England by Sir James Wright, then
then governor of Georgia, in a letter date 20th of
Jose, 1715. . .
. ..
The newspaper thus transmitted is still preser.
ved, and is the number 408 of the South Carolina
'Gazette and County Journal, Tuesday, June 13,
1115. 1 reed the resolves, you may be sum, with
reverence, and immediately obtained a copy of
them; thinking myself the sole discoverer. I do
not send you the copy, aa it is identically the same
with the paper which you ceased to me; but I
inward to you a transcript of the entire letter of
Sir James Wright. The newspaper seems to have
retched him after he had finis hiti his dispatch; for
the paragraph relating to is added inpis own hand
writing, the former part of the letter being written
by a secretary or clerk.
I have read a great many papers relating to the
regulator., and am having copies made of a large
number. Your own state ought to have them all,
and the expense would be for the state insignifi
cant, if it does not send an agent on purpose. A
few hundred dollars would copy all you need (rem
the State Paper Oillee, op all North Carolina topics.
The regulatory are, on many accounts, important.
Then complaints were well founded, and were so
acknowledged,though their oppressors were only
seminally punished. They form the connecting
link between resistance to the stamp net and the
movement of ITirr, and they also played n glorious
part In taking possession of the Mississippi valley,
2 ...
toward which they were • d irresistibly by
their love of independence. It • natistake if any
have supposed that the r aga were cowed
down by their defeat at the arses. Like the
mammoth, they shook she twit Otim their brow and
crossed the mountains.
i shall always be glad to hear from you, and to
be of use to you, or your state.
Very truly yews,
D. L. Swam. Eel.
Chapel Hill Nortb Carolina,
The &born linter establishes the fact, beyond MI
question, tAra indmwarimm =afire perielniesed in
Mica:dam.,.. - -•finrs, is lyag, 1775.
The letter of Sir James Wright, referred to by
Mr. Bancroft, closes as Ealkiwai *By the enclosed
paper, your Lordship will lee the exturordinary
resolves of the people of Charlotte Town in Meek
lenbtuftb coundyi and I should not be surprised if
the =DO should be done every where else
A, Fon 21011 r.—We translate hem the New
Orleans - Courier of therad inst., the article that fol.
lows, giving an account of a subterranean canal
that. has been discovered, connecting the Atlantic
and Pacific Oceans. We believe little or nothing
of the whole story ourselves, but Publish it fin the
InGslwation of those who may behave, Many snob
there be, and for the amusement of those who do
sot. It has been got up as a hoax, probably. Here
n is .
4 French physician, established at Vera Pas,
who, besides practising medicine, has the charge
of extensive farming estates, upon making mance.
mentions, undertaken with the view of forming a
canal. through which to carry his produce to the
sea, discovered at the bottom of the bay of Honda•
rasthe cloning of a motermestal canal seventy.
five metres wide, (about two hundred and duty feet)
and running in a straight hne towards the south.
west, its sides being constructed of enormous stones,
rudely cut. The two walls, which continued pa.
marl, had been followed to the distance of several
Having reached the dot of the mountains, where
the volcano of Fuego la now In activity, and having
cut away huge trees that obstructed the entrance,
they passed under a vault of 100 metres in height,
(shout 335 feet.) and of the same width as the canal.
Nothing among the ancient Cyclopean structures
in Greece could give an adequate ides of the tre.
mentions masonry of thenntis of this vault. The
canal was filled with salt water, twenty metres
deep. Our intrepid countryman did not hesitate to
embark with some Indians in a pirogue, which he
caused to be brought to this spot, and eighteen heron
afterwards, (Whig story is to be belleved,) he enter
ed the great ocean, (the Pacific,) between Guate
mala and San Salvador, through an immense natu
ral grotto. called by the (lettermen of that coast the
DeVir. Mouth, which superstition had deterred
them from ever entering. The whole nurlted
part of this superhuman structure was lighted by
shrifts cut through to the surface above, and through
its whole extent it is navigable for the largest
M. Alexander Humboldt had already mentioned
Amercan edifices whose architecture indicated a
very high antiquity, and revealed a peculiar civil.
Cation; but his learned descriptions give us no idea
of the existence of such a monument. What great
people, then, has inhabited these regional Should
this news be confirmed, then a maritime manna
nictation is at once eatablithed between the two
hemispheres, through the centre of the Amen.
can continent, and Europe will have nothing to
do but to cut through the Lightens of Sues.—
Wink Glide.
H. 1101.111
Exchange, 137okers, No. 30 Marker wee's, MIT 4th
1 0 101111111y1WILE11 1 166 Indiana.
Dank of Pitobargh •-•Par ‘ State irk fr. Etranehes•• l
Diehard° Dank Der'SitteSerip • •••• - "
March. tr. Man. Dank • P.I Virginia.
Elks-of Philadelpida• -Par Exchange Ilk. of Vat • • 1
Girard Bank••• •• •• •• •p.r Framers Bk. of Va•-•• ••
Bank of Oennantown •par Ilk. of the Valley,— "
. " Chester County • • •par Bk. of Virginia ..... - 0-,
" Delaware Co.• • gist , 21. k. M. Bk., Wheeling {•
. Montgomery Co. • • par do Morgantown• •• • 1
" Northaurberlaud• •par N. W. Bank Va.-- • I
Columbia Bridge Co... pus do Wellsburg. -• • • 1
lbrylestowa think par du Parkersburg.- "
Farmers' Ilk. Rendipg.par Tennessee.
Paulen' Dir, Backs Co. par Bk. of Tennessee.• • • • 6
Fallen DI Lanearr• par Par. le Merelete Ilk-. "
Innenater Co. Dt.• • • •par Planters , Bk.- ..... •
Laneatter Ilk par Union ilk.•••••---. ti
U. &Me! 1161111•••••••-au allasourl•
ISTOWDSVIIIC Bk par State IlkofEliseouri— 1
Wastungion Ilk.• ••-• • 4 North Carolina.
Dettyaborghl3l. •• • 1 Bk. of Cape Fear...... I
Chatalthrsburg• s• • •••••• • " blerek's Ilk., Newborn. 2
Baaprehroma Co Bk.- 3 State Bank a
Lehigh Co Dank, - Booth Carolina.
Lewistown • - Camden 8k...... •• • • I
Middletown -- • 1 Ilk. of Charieston• • • • • 9
Carbide -• • " Commercial Elk ..... -O .
PM i1k....... • • 030,13 k. of Grooresnms•- ' 2
Fannon. and Drovers' IBkof Hamburg. •• • • • 2
Bank, WaYnesburg• • 1 'Merehant• Bk ..... - 2
Hamadan( - - - " ',Planters eadethrs Bk. I
kloneidale• .-.- • 1,13 k. of Soak Carollea• • I
Lebanon • - • • poi , Blarfland.
Pottsville.-- • • •••-• " Dalumore 13ks.• -••• • • par
Wyoming ....... •• • • • 1 Baltm'e 2co RllBerip •10
York Ilk. .1 Cmaberiand Bk. of lille-
West Branch 131 i. ...... 1 shard ........ ••• •• •
Delia( Notes " iFor. Ilk. of Maryland •
hl Sr 11113 k.• . " Fumers' Ss Mena..
4County Serip•- 1 Bk. Frederick •• •
~,_•• • Ohio. . Frederick Co. 13k.•
asearnad 11ranches I ilagentoornßk•
, MonotPleasent ..... • • " Mineral Bk• ••••
teabensiLle•-••••• • " Pauspleo Elk• -
Fit cuawdib s .- -
. •• " Wasl3k.ofhiptik•-
, Mantua •.--....-- " Wea Doter •
'Newl..labon. •••• -• • " =le lama.
ctustm tth i, Banks " Ilk. op, i r Clats• ••
I Colaminis do•• ••••• • " nk„or ver palace.
~Ctreleville- • •• • " Michigan Inst Co••• •• 5
. z .....„, n , .__ ..... it , par.& Meeks Ilk If
Patnam ----• • • ".. 7 Xlsoonain Tarrley.
IWooster • -----••••• 7101ar.artroln.Co.Mgare s
Massillon - •- I I Canada':
.Sandusky •• • 20 1 kil solvoniDaokp..... ."5
iGegigmy •• - • • • • . 1
10i tlank of Eni l landNbies
ICleyelpitd--•-• • 1 Gold i lipaole Vadat.
'Xittrib - 0 Napoleons ' DAD
;Darnel . - ... --•— • " Ducats.- 4 -••1115•5342 20
tWesteni Reserve. .^ " Dagle,tlid • • •••• es lo 60
lEnutklittl3l Columba/ " Eagle new '••.•' • 10 00
CUlllidithe •-••••••••••-- 7.' _ rikeobrinißplUnsh.l 6 1: 0 3
1 1 i = i !.............. ...... F. rms . y r= .-.---..
133 .
twienthipe ...----10 Guisteruther"-- 600
ikfamilton•-•-• • —l3 deridltnPoll•-••3 7 SO'
; Granville 50 CZ Milers - ••a• 716
IParddra Irk Gan:pa-60. en Guilders •• • • • 760
;Urbana ......60 Lonisdkiia..• • •• • • 160
/fLeratnelrr• 111Rohange.
tElko(Kenuteky 1 Bern Yost ••••••• ••-• rts w
IBLefLonisville " Pluladolpisla •• • --• pim
Nothern/lk. Dentiek_p. t . _l32lthoota •-•- •
Illowlfark-Cuy aim, pas. Wong W)3••-• 1
A. A. MASON & CO.,
•••• - - - -
No. D 3 Mauer moor, Prrrahulb.d ,
most respectfully to announce to their
numerous pattune and the public, that they, in
emmequence of contemplating a change in their barb
neon, propose opening the whole of their extensive
warehouse, ftncluding all their wholesale rocanal for
retailing, and will continue opener:a the firm of Feb
nary, commencing on New Year* day, Mk One
wholesale stork, comprising one of the most extensive
and varied assortments of Fancy and Staple Dry
Goods ever exhibited In the western country, will be
offered at hewer prices than ever before known. Eve
ry ankle, however choice and desirable, will be no
eordregireduced• Upwards of fifty thousand dollars
°four k beebeen recently parches, d the greater
portion which are foreign goods, received 'at New
York bydate European anivals, which from the late
ness of the season, as well as the known pressure in
the money market, were sold at immense sacrifices at
public sales, at 'WV/ varying from twenty-five to fifty
per rent less than similar goods brought the era of the
season. We are therefore confident that one prices for
the time above mentioned will be found to be even
lower than my Eastern wholesale rates.
aniiously invite all persota to visit our estab
lishment, whether they purchase or not, and test the
truth of the above--asimrinu them that they will Incur
nn obligation thereby, hot confer s favor upaa the pro
prietor.. Doe usorunent of Silks, Shawls, and fine
Drees Goods will amply repay one for a visi4 added
to which, an unusually great display of Domestic
Goods will, we hope, induce all to call.
Our systemof one price will be strictly adhered to.
J.,187 A A MASON &Co
_3112 itmilbas and Irish Linens.
WIL MURPHY tes the particular anenllon of
those wanting the above Goods, to his desirable
a wes eonaistieg of the best Make, from the most ap
proved manufacturers, and ohs loner warranted pure
basjeuttneeived an additional supply, and is
ogering Sbicung Mail= of a superior quality, at
very low price.
Sheetingal Pillow eau Muslim;
Diapers and Crash;
Table Cloths, Towels and Napkins;
Blankets, gailr: s lnterpanes; and
Bouukeeptug Goods generally.
LADIES , DRESS GOO anti as French hlennos,
Parametun, plain mid fancy De Wiles, (some new
styles just received;) Alpacas, he.
The season being fat advanced, all these Goods will
be sold at prices that cannot fiat to please.
Err Wholesal e Roams up stabs. •
RM! DRESS GOODS, per foreign steamer Ramp.
—A A kisses fr. Co, No 8G Market street, will
open this morning, Rich Dress Goods, comprising the
following styles, vie: Satin plaid Merinos, a new arti
cle, and the richest goods imported tlas season; nil
wool Plaids, high colon and choice styles; all wool
Cashmeres and Mous do Laines; fine Coburg and Lye
nese Cloths, of any describable shade and col Satin
.tripod Dahmer., in greed variety. balB
A. MASON tc Co, 60 Market street, have Jost
received another large invoice of plaid Long
an Square Shawls, bought i 5 per cent lets than any
previously received this season.
Our stock of Shawls is now the largest in the city,
and parchssent may be certain that our prices from
thin date will be 05 per rent lets them at any former
time. lair
GEN 13' CLOAK TASSELS-9 dos mohair Ts.
sels, assorted; a do Wk dodo; 9do do no do; 10
do do Ladies Tassels, essoned; ' do cold do do.
•" WOOLEN GOODS-10 dos etildren's woolen cows;
0 dodo do Cop.; 4 do do common; 10 dos Woolen corm
lons, assorted, 16 do do with rings; 1.0 do ladies Cosh
mere Glove., ass'd.
LEATHER BELTS-30 doz blk Molkskin Belt.; 20
do do Morocco do, 3do cord do; at
noo9o ZEBULON KINSEY'S. , 07 market .t
within • few daziopened • supply of black Al.
pace's, low priced; medium and caper! do Mohair
Lastres; new style 'Lath Prints; do Anstelcan do;
black cloth Shawls; paid long doe neat style Moose
de Leine.; plain lead and drib do, at 181; and a vari
ety of other scarce and desirable goods, worthy the
attention of those wishing to buy.
Merchants aril find in the wholesale rootasAlf, stain
a good stock of desirable rods, at Owen: jal.3
Mutiny has opened this morning an additional
supply of Goods, embracing many seance and desira
ble articles, and buyers urn invited to call,. they will
find a mach larger stock to select from than is usually
found at this advanced Dart of the season. Among the
goods received, is new style small fig'd Mona do halos,
Terkeri Shawls, tilk 020th do, Ac.
Er Goods at wholesale op stairs. very low. jaB
• -
I JLAID LONG SHAWLS—Alexander & Day, have
L pat received by express, one carton Plaid Long
Sh•orls, some of which are Of the finest quabiy, and
the maven styles imported. and are now uttered at
penes Kready reduced from the raimeobtained early
in Um Se MEW.
• •. • • •• • • .
Also, a lem exit+, fine .'etiene (Jane^ Broctu. Lang
Shawl*. which vrlll be closed et great bargarns. The
ladies are Invited to an early examination.
ALEXANDER & DAY, 75 muket at,
CIAL FLOWERS-Bmltti & Johnson, 40
Market rot, would invite the attention of 'dealers
and others to their extensive stock of French and
Ntrieriean artificial Flowers, which will he oTered
.4111 prices deed'
NCH n'f-1/IS.
1111181C11 TE. r B - 8.811111 811 A Wl-I—teoper Proved
Terkem Shawls, of the latest styles and richest
designs, Just opened and selling at • very.graar redne ,
don from former Mtn.
1,3 standing collars; merino, silk and wool Vests; do
do do Drawers; Wk, kid and woad Glover, =ekes,
cotton and wool Hose; blk Italian cravats; One Ze ,
phyr Beliefs. dees F H EATON & Cce
A XDSINBTETI - (7 , ARPETB--We would Wow: :he
attention of those wishing to furnish houses, to
call and examine our Aximmiter Carpets, arLich or.
Corp nett W style and rotor,. Wareroom, Na 75, ith
st. Pinshursh deep IV lIFCLINTOCII
ATIN DAMASK—W hrCliatimic ofers to purchas•
0 ars &vary handsome asaortmerd of rich satin Ra
mada- for window curtain. Also, French chintzes,
buffs, linen. transparent shades, &e. at his carpet ware
room, 75 Fourth at. deed
Co, have added to their former huhu. • de
partment under charge of Mrs. Brow of Damon, for
making order in latest styles, faun' Wear, Misses
Backs cloaks and Dresses La d. • and. Gents Meaning
Garments elbroldered ar stampettfor merroidtrit
Imitung, netting. crotchet work,hemstitching and mar
kineatly executed._ antra
Ml.PtiSreiiiPlirdt!—Cars y remitting . at
W. kl'Clintock`s,73 Fourth street, every tamely
Carpets, constant*. in pan-o( Aimimteu,of mot
bundle' patterns; Velvets, latest patients Imported,
avery richt lape stry, Brunsby. 3 ply, sup. and 'Venetian,
ll ;which we will sell as low as they can be pub.
c eel in this market Importing nod purchasing from
manufacturers, enables us to compete with the
canteen market. novld
6,3/16.' TRIMMINGS -2doz big Lace Demi Veils,
3ps cord Silk Velvets; 20 gross blk Daisay Col
lo in In do mutillian do; IS do cold Floss do; Id do
do Fantasia do; 9 dos cold fleecy silk Gloves; 6 do blk
Jenny Lind Fringe, Id do French silk Rockies; reed
this day by F II EATON & Co,
decl3.P.m& It
• •
amS - 9:4 — Linen 'Tab!.
Draper, of common figured, damask and ono •
drop pattern. Also, Roma and Seotch Bird Eye Pat
tern, all ACKLETT & t urn.
019 99 wood st
NFOX lIRMAII ?RINI'S, do —W. IL hlurphy has
put received lot of new style brown and white
British Prints, very handsome, arrived by late steam
er. Also, on hand, a large mortment of choice styles
of Atomic. Prints, fast colon and low prices.
Black Cloth Shawls, of various qualtue•—a supply
just received.
Black Alpacas's, low priced and fine—a very full
aupply, and at low prices fm quality. Pith
ON HAND AND FOR BALE-10 pa drab 131. km
.Coatatig; d ps Lavieder do do; 1 ca. Lavinder
1 do grey mixed Cloth; 1 do Army Cloth; 2
do Tweeds, brown, black and gold, lair; 1 do fancy
Cassimerea; 1 bale blue Blanket Cohdng; consigned
direct from Mattitfaerareri and for sale by the package
or piece. dee2o MURPHY & LEE, liberty et
Es Received this day, direct hem the resnuf.turers,
o handsome amooment of extra super sad super three
ply imperial Carpets, of new styles, to which we ask
the attention of thole wishing to furnish houses or
steamboat. Carpet waremom, No 73 Fourth at, Mu deal W rd'CLINTOCK
DOkIESTIC WOOLLENS tthmkets, elatmels
Tweeds, Cassinetts, 14 Cbbth and Cassimete; by
the piece or package, very low; for t s ale by
novie, M COCHRAN
F ANCY CAS9INfIBF~3—R nr: .ry atyte . .
Fanep .
roodt opened by
deell2 811ACKLETT &
40 Market street, will sell for the Indents of the
season attest, their stork of French Merinos, compri
sing the mom choice colors. Now is yourtime to se
cant bargains. deela
A rELV — gt RIEDIONS—Jost rectatved of Ket7ttrnititiTt
serti, 07 Market street,
30 ps colored Velvet Ribbon, assorted
30 . 4 black 4 .
0 embroidery Gimp; Kips wide Plain, rte.
LOVM. AND HOSIERY—Smith Johnson. 40
Market at, would invite the attention of dealers
and others to their choice stock of Bitoo's superior
Kid Gloves, and a greet variety of merino, silk sod
cotton Gloves. A 1.., to - their extensive stock of
worsted, Cashmere, Alpaca, Vigonia and Silk Hese,
Moravian and other style, of cotton hose—logathar
with every style of children's Hose and gentlemen&
half Hose. Jae
5 & soar,
GOLD SPECTACLEd—SLIver do; Steel do; German
: Silverdo. A huge assortment nonstantiy on
hand, and urefally fitted to any age. Concave, con
vex, and cataract spectacle elasa acearairly adjusted
to any vision repotted.
Also, multiply glasses for examining linen, wool,
minerals, bank notes, On., just rood W
W W and for ILSO N, sate by
corner of market and 4th sts
EVIATHON GOLD PENS, a magnificent ao
most excellent pen, being the first sent to thi
kat; for sale by W W WILSON,
1.6 corner market and dth a.
ID GLOVES-25 doe Ladies sup h er Kidb it s; Glove
men, white and "
6 - missed colored do
ArdfilOTH GOLD PENS—e large and beautiful
ten for engrossing, and &tall odier puspose&
so, Premium Gold Pens, large, medium mud small
sites, of the best retaken: foetal° by
BLANKE.7 COATlNO—Dneb,.Lauendarl rail
ed and blue, for sale by the piece or plateau, at
manufacturers prices, by MURPHY ix LEI
/a 6 Übert zt, opposite bet
kILOtITS-1 ease block zoirod bony coositoems;.
do Tweed., futn , colon,l do Coney ea/o=4
forsale n conuolnatureroiolces, by
rfftri.,RDS AND C.liliBlhlBlCEZ-4 cases Bola mix'd
I brown and black Tweeds, I do Fancy Ca...Amer*
Just 1/: cid and for sale at raanotletnrem plum
MURPHY tr. LE.P., liberty rt.
der & Day are selling off at remarkablLl r e i r prices
large usestment °lmpeding Blankets; e domes
to Blitakeu, low priced, a large assortment o colored
Flannels, heavy woolen plaid Long ,Shawls; heavy
Terkeri and blanket Shawls. Jeff
FIISSII A.RFLITAL—W. Ill'Clintoele orers to those
swishing to famish houses, the handsomest assort
ment oreargetingeverbmn&.to thin market, eoln•
i f .
Prising in part the *oaring Varieties, eh style Vel
vet Pile, Axminster Tapestry, grease extra super 3
PIA ..tkgr a of; 1111Perfina and fine , is . CUM..;
ID •Ittlett hei.Mestlespeetfa:ly invites m..fneatts mid
the ppbllo,l6'enit artj examine be( re' perehasing
e.lsea rdeellk hereh ,''W,az , eroete,ltio.l.S . T.irurth it, Pliaburgh.
. _
NEW JEWELRY-1 dos gold patent Lavas Watch
a• - I " " detached "
, 1 " Bilior "
Also, goldpen and pastel' Cases, Vest chains, heavy
Guardehatns,amut.Pins, Finger EattiVAr Bins
and a-complete usortmentof Gabe, lease Y. at
deed • , ZEBULON ION51:1^8, e 7 market st
ranolved Ibis morning by Krim.. • Inv of very
uproar wool Long Shawl., of handsome Mad
Pusan Iliammo—On hand, • good rliwk of thew
goods—olive, Matta* groan, Garnet t maroon, drab,
amulet &r. Also, Palakeitos,of desirable colors.
A taw blob Mabel Long Shawls, af . a good quality,
on bard at north eat earner llit and Marken W.
v_ aw.. o-.~a'Y
MISCELLANEOUS - Kraglneeira & Continuators for
Office fat proeming and defending Patems, imputing
information on Mechanics and the anthem:lon of Sci
ence to the Arts, and on American and Fenian Laws
. of Patents.
TillißOF. WALTER IL JOHNSON, huff of
phis, and Z. C. ROBBLaiS of Washington city,
(to be laded by Hazard Knowles, Esq., late Machinest
of the United States Patent Crlce4 have associated
themselves together for the prosecution of the above*
branches of protessionsl bonne., either in their office,
at the Patent Office, or before the Courts, and will de
vote then. unded attention to forwardlng the inter
est of Inventors and others who =7 consult Mem or
place business in their hands. Zile. Knowles has for
the post twelve years heldthe post of Machiumt its the
United Suites Patent ()ace, and resigns that ablation
to take part I fitness fr.n the p office resent undertakmg. His talents
and peculiar . r the Important oce so long fill
ed by him, have been fully recognised by Invent°r.t
wherever the office itself is known. •
The office of Meters J. ft R. is on Fstreet, opsite
the Patent Office, Wu Washington, D. C., where CO.M po W.i .
cations, post paid, will be promptly attended to; eau.-
(nations made, dmvrings, specifications, and all maul.
Ins paper. prepatod—and models proctored when desi
red—on reasonable terms. Letters of enquiry, expect.
to be answered after examinatiom had, must be ac
companied by a fee of five dollars.
In the duties of the, office which pertains to the Pa
tent Laws, Messrs. J. h IL will be assisted by n legal
gentleman of the highest professional character, and
hilly conversant with Mechanics and other 'Scientific
subjects. mytffed&wlyS
Who S lmutle anl or the
MISEILIN TEA STORE. 70 Fourth street, near Wood,
Pinsbargh—Tbe subscriber baring just returned
from New York. is now receiving a large fall supply
of fresh GREEN AND BLACK TEAS(. from the New
York Pekin Tea Company, selected with great emro (or
retail-sales. Oar stock being now heavy we are pre
pared trl supply Grocers, Hotels, SteamSoadiandFam
dies with any quantity and at my price they may what;
packea in f, and I pound packages, IS lb. do canis
ters, 6 and L 3 lb entry boxes, and in half chests.
Retail Grocers are hooted to call, as we can and
will sell boner Teas at lower prices than any other
house in Pittsburgh.
Our mock of fine Yoang Dyson ' Gunpowder, and Im
perial Green, and Oolong Black Teas are the best in
the Amencan market.
Loveririg's double refined Loaf, Crashed, and Pul
verised Sugars, at retail, or by the barrel.
COFFEE—MoeIm, Old Goy. Java, Legnica, Si. Do.
raingo and Rio Coffees, selected by the most expellee,
ced coffee Broker in New York.
Sweet Spiced Chocolate, Pickled Cucumbers and
Onions, Fresh Peaches, pat up in their own juice.
Malaga Raisins; in 3 lb bores.
N. IL—Ali Ur. D. Jayne'. Family Medicines for sale.
dera.dtrwS A. JAYNFS.
(Successor. to Reed, Bard & C 0.,)
Particular attention paid to the sale of all kinds of Pro
duce, and liberal advances made on consigmnents.
L B. & Co. have leave to refer to—
Messrs R. Robison & Co. /pz c .
" McGill & Roe. $ tosontan.
Reed, Parks & Co., Beaver;
" Leaman k Covode, Wellsville, 0.
Boswell 'Marsh, Rot. Steubenville, 0.
N. Brady, Esp. )
..,W P Pew..., E.I y Wheeling, Va
11. Crangle & Co.
Bill cwi t . Slout,,
Blida - sport, 0.
i twayl6s
l bursts. "
o'clock or
50 pipe., la
733 “ 201
160 . 17
120 a 5
end elms. hi•
propose tom •
tf arty, betty •
ed posinou
all the at et
the whole e
1: Post Es
dole all 'oven;
hove resolve;
•ut the aces!
ans, half c
ai euelle c
N \V ma et the Diamond
An EzPro
house of Jti
Southfield ol
to amar &pa
ad AN . E. He
Ward; DH.
Pena. Ave
. -- BraW , . ,1 “ --- kmis - DOSTOS PLW -- 311. -
JOHN H. 14 . 141.1.911,. No 14 Wood
street, has received invoices of a large
supply of Piano Fortes from th e cele
brated manufactory of t bickering,
Boston, to wive in a few days, of which doe noun
will be the t, varying in price from 11273 to WOO.
Also ire the rnauefactonn of H Worcester, and
Bacon fr. yen. New York, a bandaon. assorrment
of 0, St an 64 octave Plano Force, rosewood and
mahogany rises, of the most elegant description, and
math all the late improvements
The altos m addition to he stock en hand, will
make the I rgast and most desirable selention ever
'fiend fors s in thisnily, ...a will be told in all eases
masa. rs prices, oa accommodating tenns,and
iiteu cantos given with every Piano Forman& :
3011 N Hi MELLO%
for the sale of Chlekering's PlanotFortes, ,
Pensylvania. _
Ag.-61...guaLsid - Tili - Mises;
embers begs(' catlike anendon of Ilallders,
- to and owners of,Boildings, in the Many:
which these eilateWposannewers.ll.-suber ,
• • ..• hitherto used for rooftng, in,' tit
at once the hgbmen of Iran vetthind its
st, having now been (eare d dilr acacia!
' .pitrucalar.both in this !manly audits Err
are less.liable to expansion and tonna,
• t .0 Change of theadmosphere,than coni
es, iron, sine, or any other metal now and
and consequently form a much better and
requiring in, less frequent repairs, whilst.
t no but a mile more.
ply, of nil taus, from 16 to 30 W. 0., cen
t d and for ludo by -
fillX). B. bIOREWOOD tc CO.,
14 and 16 Beaver street, New York.
e t right for this article having been neared
•,,i sl a ms, all parties iafringing thereon,
•• portation or otherwise, will be present.
Ley ppoo
yeah LLI •
tope. rite
One He
One '
CD SPOONS. tte.- ,
1 Aron Silver Plated Batter Knives;
Cain TT Sprits;
" Tirreaded extra heavy . ,
Dessert Spoons,
Table ,
Tobacco Boxes;
" " " Sugar Shovels;
"sail "
" Mustard "
" O. Silver Spec C..; •
" " Specs;
Ass'd col's.
Allen's Potent Revolving PistolL Mat rec'd,at
Z. RINSE:IOB,Q Market st
niusT PitOtiio More.
idersigned have ereeted'work. in the city lof
7arpOse of Galvanizing all atu
de'' 'fable to PROTECT PROM
Iphßrire, Bolts, Spike., Nails,
ly other article which may be
or Cults, as n subsume for bale
Lightning Rods, and a boot of
rill be . foondetmap and durable.
ly call altendomo iherOalvord.
requires no pain; and will not
and Botts, the preservation of
naortance, that it will commend
-IC those interested.
,IREWOOD& CO., Patentees,
14 and 15 Deny. irt, N. Verb.
ta SONS' viatzix4vDA ASII-
tenure:icy, or 4 inos app'ylibllls.
do pax, 6 mos do, interest lad.
quahty ol this brandvie refer to I
mlattnrera of this city g`eneral
tr. Al-1112CRELTREE, •
Ifinliberly it
ffihn - r - 111_ Waldo of Lime.)
obserilient have on hand and will
Iced with Jas. hiuspran d. Sons' gel.
Powder, which they will warrant
ir to aur Imported in the D. Stems;
prepared to feast the lowest roar
er approved bill,
MPCCHELTREE' „NO liberty at
nro now reediting their Fall sock
title, ti4ee vessels, via: the Juniata,
la, having arrived at Philadelphia
two mote, the Stephen Baldwin end
clod; 41 are, therefore, Prepared
to re c eive orders. They Will receive during the win
ter and spring regular supPlfei vie New Orleens.„
novl3 , , . 111 IMITICIIELTRED
0117 - 1).111311T.
Dentist Corner or FOurth 1
and Decatur, between
Market and Ferry meet.' serd.dlyin
rvilE bicetreisluire'irtis day associated them
se •es together for the purpose of transacting
wholesale and retail Dry Coeds and Grocery business,
at No 220 Liberty, opposite Seventh street, under the
stVel and firm of • . BUSHFIELD h HASS.
Filtsburlh, January 1, IND. •
N.D.—Our old customers and the pubhe sue tinned
to ere to meal!.le s _
10113 sac®. 11. D. COOSA/art
NO. 03 TenourrrouLas STRF.ET,
1.1411-46•6m*S. New Orilla*.
GEO. w. warm & co.,
TNFOIII their friends and the Dublin thati
11 hey have
1. no longer any connection with their late esuabli,lli
meat in Penn street, known as the Pittskargh
having removed their entire Mainers to the POIIS - r
1:112F,W+111 V, in No street. cavkird
WFLANNEW il'hiorphy has ark hand
y y • foil assortment all:Lead desirable Goodxl also,
•WI assortment of domestic ulasbrinlable do, int , d
Mil assortment of solute and pillow, and spotted, for
Chrisonas wear.
Homo made Flannels—whirr, brown end barred: a
fly constantly on hand.
f WU', subscribers, sarelvtng mimeo or the Ina of
lAtwood, Jones & Co., will not - doge to nans,ant a
Forwarding and Commission huoinesa k i4der tee sty!.
of Hardy,Jones &Co. AARON A Ff &TIDY,
W ht. P. 40NES.
ttesE LosT:Aviiswiiwif 6 7 • Lndl"lftrWAY
from F.lllotke4lfirn2 h0ec2R7,...,(a0 , d sh to
&owl crimmi4 carir t gr pan% -
with steel bead...containing attlhe M of
Pinalniegh. The finder will he attitably,rawardatt Lp
leaving the same at either of 14440.44,,
THE alatute rib,. having the egehistre Agency for
sailing the Printing Paper arenas, andeltan-sive
paper milt in this viciat7, witito *LI Omar irtetOUp
plied with the daerent totedof.papea ereaporief quell
ty, which we offer at the loyaastregatatPnees: . ; d i i
Arty Mao or quality will be nntantazttrred to at
short notice. REYNOLDS& suer.,
MS Om • corner Penn and trade ats
OAP-26 axe eine
1,7 Odd
.sburgh Water Works.
L.:3 will be received at the office of the
risks, until Monday, the 79th inst., at 5
ishiog Pipes, as follows, to wit
. oh bore, each MI lbs.
" f " 1900 to 015016.
U 0 lbs
u u . 460
complement of branches. All the
h and upwards must be cast on end, and
to have the 6 inch and the 4 inch canon
ere will therefore state in what way they
e these sixes, and the difference in price,
n casting'them on end and on the Wein..
$ t should be kept in view that portions of
ill be required early in the season, and
ber by the first of November next.
be in Bonds bearing interest, and run
gelivering to be at the expenseof the
. .. . . _
ON TILE KNELL.—By Burke tc Co's
ress. at reduced prices.—To ucemmo
i el this delicious luxury, BURKE & Co.
to supply the people regularly thosugh
with the choicest Fresh Oysters in
and shell, at such reduced prices as
fiery family to enjoy this delicacy at their
load will be received daily at the ware-
D. BIDWELL, Water street, between
Grant, twit for sale then e, and et the
• Reis & Borger, corner Smithfield and
mon ' Diamond: A Roesler, Penn at, 6th
hey, foot of Liberty et J Cohort,
ire; Mercer & Robinson, Allegheny city.
cr rent THE
THE subscriber has jeut replenished
e a c , his stock of Pitunia, which for variety
of style and price. has never been sot.-
passed in this City. 1113 t received and
following new Piano..
:nre cabinet grand Piano, an entirely new
ewnoe vi. very elegem :icons k. Clark.
" with Coleman's eele6reted Arai. A
Tele le very .or Fier Pitt
" mrEl 7 .llfr at 1. 4.1 Wooderell'e
Trra i kaF ito tole sale _
NO 011102 ER
Valuable Real E5t41 , 4 , "
/:lIE foltooringdeseribeA Vt 21 .41 11, in tpe.citle. of
Pitaborgh and 4ller.A.enYkl. v/0 1 . 1 71, i. ogru'd
sale on acoommodatuirteratet' k , .7
• CliT I
1 Lot, 42 feet to front Libenyistteet, belly* Mar
buy, by 110 feettol3revrery be_ing . ..pnifof LotNo
139, near the Monongabe.a aver.
Lot No ISO, barring to feet front on Seventh curet by
210 foot to Strawberry alley, near the Vtlylllsl . at 61 , 1211
1 Ijot on Elm street, 70 feet by M.
Lots NO, PS, Lin and 130, on Pint street, between
ROSS nod Try streets, each having 24 feet front on First
rued by 1.0 feet deep.
Lots Nos 1:N, 170 and 140, hating 91 root front on
Third street bY SO feet deep.
Lots !al and 162, having 14 feet front on Thintl -street
by SO feet deep.
LOU Nos 21, 24,18 and At, twenty-five feet on Quar
ry street by GO feet deep.
Two Low, Nos 20 3 . and AB, on Petin Creel, to the 916
ward. 24 feet by Inn feet to Spring alley.
•0 Lots on Penn street, in the 9th Irani, betsvern Bald
win and Morris WerlP, having 24 feet front on Penn.
street by 100 feet to Spring alley.
11 Lau On Butler street, to the 9th Ward, between
Wilkins and Bildwtn streets, near ihe Allegheny river,
24 fret trout by 120 feet deep.
Gota Nos eland 127, haring...3o feel from on Emmet
by 340 to Wet: Common, between Ohio street and
North Common.
Lot. Nos 90 and DI, having CO feet front on Federal
:tree', by ice! to Middle alley, between the Dis-
Pend and North Common.
N 00, having 60 feet on Sand' sky st"b
st y.
&a i r to o Pit:alley, between Ohba street ind Northee2-
nee 10 acre Lots in Reserve township, near the-bo
rough of Manchester, Nos 10 7, 10,4,1119,12 t,
1 ten acre Lot on the Ohio river and the Beaver
road, between the U. S. Marine Hospital Lot and Phil
lips' oil cloth factory—to be sold Inquantities to salt
purchasers. Enquire of CHARLES B. SCUL.Li,
Iterhe'• 4th at.
offers for sate the extensive plantation in Arkan
sas, formerly belonging to and occupied by die law
Governor Kent, of Maryland, and containing twenty.
eight hundre d
estate andeighty- three sod &half .r. of land.
fhis estate h
es in the emottiestif Vhilluis and Crib ,
tendon, and is situated in Walnut Liana, on the Minis.
aippi river, riventy‘e miles above the town of Bele. •
ea. )tit said to be highest river land in that re
gion of country. IL, is peculiarly adapted to the
growth of cotton. Its t)tnprovements are an overseer*
houee, • borne-tall!. several corn houses, and good
quarter* for wrest..
Upwards of seven hundred acres of this land have
been cleated and are now cultivated. The rest of it
may be easily cleared, (the most being already done,)
and hod less timber upon it, and that chiefly of ash,
which is readily sold at a well totaled wood yard, in
quantities of shveral thousand nerds every year.
This plaotktion is one of great value,
sad present!. a
rare °plane:Linty to die public. In the hands of a pad
planter windy be easily made of immense annual pro.
fit Its-facilities of intercourse with New Orleans af
ford a constant ave n ue for the disposal of its products.
It is distant about 00 miles fron, einehmau,l:7o
miles from the month of the Ohio, and 70 miles from
New Orleans.
This property will be divided into errand parts, If
For terms, &0., apply ipT i tt iA3 lo to
now in the occupin of Me. Samuel M. Wick
. anthem, situated in Finn Wand of Alleglen
city. This property Is beautifully located on the hen
of the Ohio, haunt:: n rive}} front of 200 feet, prouichei
by a stone wall, and arthuding hack 348 feet, corn
mending a beautiful view of the city and the rivers.
Them are two steam fen* boat landings within n few
steps of the property, furnishing ecumenical =sew by ! '
steam, at oil times, to the city of Pittsburgh, and Tem-
peranceville on the south Sideotthe
The bonnets a large dootble two sorry brick,firtished
in the latest style, with all the modern conveniences,
and ,rnprorementa,, suitable oat houses, wash lumnie,
stable, carriage house, td &e.
The garden in well supplied with altrubbery, sod
choler (rot trees, Including pears, apples, and peach
.. For terms end other l articulara, apply to
WILLIAM h S ' INN, Mumma at Law.
jafidlm Office • a Su, at, above Smithfield
205 Acres Ca • Land tar Sale,
SITIJATEMon the Mo. • nguhela river, shoat Inmiles
from Pinsbnrigh and amine above third Look, in
the immediate neighborhood of Mawr. Lyon & Shorb,
and Mr. John ilemon's parr-Mute. This fine body of
Coal will be sold at the to r price of 8a per nere—one
third is hood, Maimed: in five equal ,anal payments,
without mum.. Title i disputable. Location very
good , --cannot be surpassed. For further particulars
enquire of S. BALBLEY,:who has a drdft of said pro
perty. Residmee ttd et, below Ferry,Mr. Adams' ROW.
N. 13 There is anotherweam of coal on this tract,
about CO feet above the loWer, of excellent quality.
jr2Sedif g.
Tract. of Isand for Sale.
MBE sabactiber wi11.41 on aceommalating terms, •
valuable tract of uniinproved laud, situate on the
road lending from Brighton to Franklin, about eighteen
miles from l'ittsbutih, and about eight mile. from the
town of freedom on the Ohio river. The tract con
tain. ace. acres,and 20 perches, Rliet mettanos The
Mod ht of an egeellent quality, about 00 acres cleared,
and well artiteredOted will be sold either in whole or
farms of convenient site, toindt paichasers.
For farther particular. enquire of Whl. BOI'D, dn'y
at Law, office or 4th at. above Smithrield, Pittsburgh.
tarlOallcssif T
aicalAdalate u Ohio.
A TRACI °Oland, MI acres, in Hllllll.ll, Portage Co ,
21 on the Cuyahoga river—about.lO acres under Moe
provement. Also two unimproved lots in the village
of Warren, Trumbnll Co. 60 feet by Kt Also, a lot
ground in the centre of Hartford, Trumbull Co, 'rid
fills dwelling honse andtstore—one of the best star
for a merchant on the Western Eleserve. Any or
w. thi rm.f i b p;prany : 17'7 be
I=l D v lGlEV a"44n et a 4 4,
Web:wand Front st
r •
• -,. + .al
rk ea :largeindwefbein Peccary, erected on Rabe. ,
street, Allegheny{ city, by R. S. Gassed Fail- 1 a
o ered for sale or re 0= Abe Ist of Jan. 151 the
lot on which the Fae rr is erected, AOALI 100 feel on
Rebecca street, end s back 110 feet. haPerk street.
The main building is fbriek, three. storicahigh, anti
-60-feiet-loopby trr et,r/dia -Tteatngine Ilounris
large and cornatodio with an engine, libiler,,statk,
ke.. ill in complete er. The property vrill be sold
low, end on adv. ons terms.
Litielre of ' 11011ERTSFILNIGHT, '
0ket..4.4.1m • , Agent'
1. LIP GROUND, situatedar Mo . •
Pittsburgh and Greensburgb Terninke, n it
frorn,The thy, and adjoining the Allegheny Cem
etery, on which is erected a large end well bthhed,
two story brick Dwelling. House, together with stables,
carriage loose, Or. Tiannela also on the premises
huge sanely et fruit trees, and a spring of mumual on
celleneb contigeths to the dwelling.
Also--One three and one two story Mich dwelling,
situated on Liberty street,. between O'Hara :and WO ,
nut streets, eth Ward. Bent moderate. Enquire of
MI. YOUNG, 143 LibetWit
OFFICE. DOOMS near the Post Other. Also,
two small stores 'on Third street. And a L>111(
room on Morkeestreet, third awry. with smaller
room in second story below, formerly occupied as •
Daguerreotype establishment, being well located nod
adapted for that business. k. D GAZZA.3I,
mll-2er Mee, 2d a., over Yhtlo Poll.
E 0332
THE three story prick Dwelling House, for
accepted by the subscriber, on Rebecca
street, to Allegheny mu. JAS. KERR, Jr.
laL=.V No R Water st
A THREE story Dwelling on Fourth, between
ELFerry trod Liberty streets, now occupied by
Absalom Morris. Engtre of
FOR RENT—For one to three years, from the
firat of April next, a largo morn:tried brick
Owellhig House, pleasantly situated on the bank
to theOblo nver,adjoirung the borough of Marmites ,
ter, with about four wires of land, out buildings, fruit
trees, Am. &a. Apply to
jay • JAlllb A HUTCHISON &Co
Pioperty r Sale.
Alleghesittty fo
rubseeibem offer fur sate a number of choice
Luta, shame in the Sono* Ward,froudng on the
Common ground, on easy tenetka..lnquiro of
WO , ll. ROBINSON, Ally-or Law, Si Clairet
• OforIASROBINSON,.OII thopremisna.
To Lot.
A LARGE and well finished Room '
story, an the corner ofWood and Third Clint.,
shove the Exchange Mace of Km H
Peasersiori given immediately. Inquire of
9.9 9PGILLS k Ell 194 Libeny
bk. THE subscriber offers for sale or rent, his real
dence in Allegheny city. POIMMIIiOII can be gi
ven Ist of February; or sooner if necessary, and who.
ever may duel:4ra, might find it advantageousto . re- .
tabs some of the - furniture, Re.., particularly suitellM
the Piurps. jo R. W:POINDMTEJL.
AIVANTED TO RENT—A =al: private duvet- -_.v
kg with not len than four rooms and a kitehon,..
, • wlthin Ave or tea initiates leach of the Diornovi-
Addens, With patticalars, ••13ox No. 216. Pool Otßea..
TG LET.—A Lot .I,3Oyd'e }jilt, suitable for one or
two limit Yards, to let. Apply to
ps4..les /11..8. LCAME, Agent, Wylie et. --.
• ..,-
Af., TWO LoOTS on avet street, in toe of
Allegheny, shore t he oppei Co mete, on vs Melt. t.
to erected a franc budding, two stories high, saleable
for two small lenelpicnta The lots are each twenty
feet in front by one , hmdred feet deep, and ran back
to a street forty feet Wide. The handless on the pre
mises arid pay evcri:andsotne interest on the invest,
mem, and the prope wlll be sold cheap for cash.
Apply to 11. 'Sproul, Clerk's office; V.P.'
KA or to .
nor-A Y . &Co
------- IfiliEbszaa TO Le.T.
THIS delightful Summer Retreat, 4i for
tsumo yen,. pail occupied by Ntr. L. Burch- - 0
Id, is offered for sole or rent on the first • -
o April next. This property has Leon improved by
additional buildings, and a Fiannad stone wan, and'
terrace planted with Evcrgreeps and Fruit Trees. To
a good tenant, capable of conducting the Ketrcio., rk e .
terms will be mountable. GEO COCIIKAN •
Pittsbargh, Dee. D. Agent toe Pri_m_riar, t. •
rOti SENT. -
21 , 16 THE rubscriber often for rent (or the torn .ot:', '
Afitone or more years, a large convenient well . ft*...
,seed two story Dwelling HOU., containing In
and .nartir ,
Kitchen. Them is a lot of grotmd containing. V,
aerate fine young fruit trees of every kind, c a •
fin., eommeted with the house. To my peraonsgiia„ • •
log a delightful resident° within a few umlaute:l ildaot
the city, this will be • rum chance. For tern* which'
will be low to a good meant, inquire of jilt. Joist,
Weight,nem, the premises, of John Watt, earner of ,
Ilmd and Liberlyetreeta,orof •
maa...lf " ' 'THEO. F. AVV.IGHT2
. .... -
— "Heirigainogtosia lisiond for 9nYe.'
iTIEN -AM GS OP LA ND, situated In' Peebles ton e
& .Whoa the goilngethebn, three miles from Pins
burgh—in lots so.,seut purehisseM, For Canker, panic
clan applylo Wary 'Mode, nd et, or to
thosbovelilsrlithfield et
' 'Mae in Ziemer Coast,.
IiLOT,' Storehouse and Dwelling, situate on the
Rue R.treasicaz Canal, in the village of West AI:U
-ses; a desirable location for a merchant • Also, a
Lot aragebd Direlling House wall suited for a.Tavern
Stand; the village of Orangeville, on Stale lino of -
Obis. Tenn easy. NO DICKEY
feble Werra and Front str
CLAUD FOR SAM-Seven acres 'coal land
for sale, situate in bend Mille Monongahela River,
above Strowriaville y Pa-, hiving a 7 foot rell
'Width will be sold to exchange for goods. For persica
nre,apply to [oral WIRARBAI7OII Soontlin,
ti:WIAF.HOU4 E. PiittSALk—Theaobecriboor ,
Sere for. gate the three wary brieh V l *./tog%.,
on %sod aftetoccupLed by R. Tanner 8. Co.,
epl7 '• wIL
. .
. •-• To et.
....Subscribers will tent part of the soul!
boose newer cupied by thoos ' 204 to . , .
, jantS . . OS ors_ ,teestincl:••''
' ITALULBLE REAL •Esvervom ltb‘..l '
T FUR a/dz.—A Lot of Gtound.+66ll26, „ oat
.. Pools
street, boosan tiny - sad. MarborY, dtnot.o.' 4 .4=11 1 1..
I the house u:d lot now ontotOled by Itieltud.Rdoirrds.
having a front of tr. feetesodistdoirth 126 foes.,lnlll2ff
sold onissorablo.tormsrAitlesaitexceptiortablb.,ll6l4,
„d r . g i flo4.olodßit 4 21 o; 00112 W..OW'r .
orrlLdlf . •r - ',Cyr -A s r, , , ~„ . ,
.. •• /ti
~• : ~ ••,A, s., •:. , -,, ;, , „ * ,Z;: t .,, l l;!,'''
‘1.7 2 • , :'
' '...'
'' vi I. '" " l '' ' :
• .