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lAzelaalvoly fry t Inttebstrigh Gazette
Now You, Jam 1, 1849.
We ccnitinne oar extracts from the paper. re.
cawed by the Europa, which are rather favorable
In their ehntactar, in relation to the new' from the
1 1 ,W=11
Thu new Emperor- eras evpected in Vienna on
the 7th, to hold review' and take oaths. He will
retain to Ohnins;arid remove with the Diet to Vi.
erica early in January..
The Hungarian campaign had been postponed
until the troop, had taken the oaths of allegiance
to the Emperor.
A skirmish arm reported to have taken : place at
Bruch, and. thelintniatians beaten. The Rothe.
chdds had advanced one million of Florins for the
use of the army.
The Banda of a Postal Convention has been settled
with the United States: and a tin& of the Conrane
tine sent eta bit. the Europa for ratification by the
United States !Senate,
O'Brien and others, convicted, remain at Bride
well. There was a rumor that the Judges of the
Queen's Bench' were unanimous against the pri.
Boners on Writ of Error, and in case of a decision .
of that Conetli favor of the Crown, the Attorney
Geneitannlt Withhold the requisite sanction for the
prosecathigrati appeal to the House of Com.
A tetter feam Posen, dated December 6th, in the
Coketue Geiettor anYtt—Proseia, on condition that
RUlllia 410 be the established kingdom of Poland,
and the Doke of Lenctonburg placed an King, has
Ceded to Exisitatbat part of the Grand Dric.hy of
Paten which has not been incorporated into Ger.
many. Formal Rail of cession are to take place,
Januarylst. The arrival of the Russian counsel
lor in atliO,atKeili...h, has reference to the execu
tion of thy impelled treaty.
Iltszmoßs, kui. 1, 1819.
This Moritz& the r.abl;thment of the 'Balti
more Pettrim,..passed into the bands of Meseta
John F.o.lilein,.Girmerty one of the clerks, and
Jedatilenei:' The entire esablishment and good
will, hex& 00 0 0-
4BitaDELPHLt !damn.
ftlwrcatu., Jan.l, 1849.
..„ ,
The New Yew, war, has been .regiuded ptin
eipally u iiooliday; ii consequence of ahieh, oor
mitres Wore been nedieeted. l The 63reiga news,
bovine; 61 not'been /6510 VA, the favorable
chtnete . r,cewhiely may tend to estate a vise, so
Cu is blend ands are interested.
rf44o,l.):ADir , flaviwto
Furmt—llossard street Sou, ill held to-day
at $5, Lama advance demmioned by the favorable
aspect oftheirde new.
Glum—Wheat unchanged. Corn,—Sales of
prime White, t 49, and pnme Yana!, at 54c. per .
• Bo atkOzek in other argelei =ally spoken of in
FElfrs -2 °. n'semliartafgrreoby
Alt D-4 btds Just reel nod for gale by
Fivrctr 10 . bil%V•=l,,VZ o b ,/,.,. I , co
LEMONS - 5 bro for We br
decO3 P VON Bcromoitsr & Co
LANNETB-4 ease for sobs by
deb 23 El P YON BONNUORST & Co
CAI.KIAGNESLA-41:0 lbs Sued 'and for sale by
t 197 • I KIDD 3Co
INSENG—Sliseksynnv lambs& for sale by
deaSS ISAIAH DICKEY & Co, front st
sacks now I.ding, for ode try
11 ArOLAPSES-4311.13 Plantation; 5 do Sogarhoaso,
lyl t0d4:151d.i4 1? bY
lITILAPPING PAPElL—etSnis and maw
',crown, drab: amen and medium mapping pa
pa; Gxrsoldrbr
der23 '
„ ~ ~~
L'ADO ND fiUnl.--201) -bushels Tennessee' ;nowt
atm Att tale- by
•dtc 2 rt ? dePANDLE:3B..
VANDLYLOI/11.44 5 bbls Paktalen , s brand Fam
jr: i
%25 reed on pankrabment 111.1111 for sale by
6 %2 5- . WICK erbIVANDIA29
FRESH BOLL DOTTER-2D bbis Plaingen Butter,
landing this day by the Union' Line, sad r r asie
116025 I 1t R FLOYD
awls common Wog, in stare and for
TT sate by J& R FLOYD,
Bound Church Building
ItaIEtLEM 011-36 dar ea bard and for sale by
.1 KIDD it Co
lINTRI bra Mo. Seim 20 do do mould eon
dleg 6 6Ws Alum; .5 do No 6 Loci Sugar, reecived
*L. 10 / Per Issao.Neston, on emudgamero, for rale
low for cub by dead TABBEY & HINT
MbOTATOFS-1 170 'Ads and V) sar is 4ao'd and r•
.ule by - dac2s T Y & B
=Mar a:VT " 134nerlAkZE4k BFI
pr./AWASH-410'mA* m store and fk1i.,:1131.1
ERMAN CLAY-25 casks fun quality, on hand
.ntd fon ate • dee43 • TASSEY & MiZT
MACIZIEL-IZ . bbla NVdaaiitgWess
AMES-113bbloi Raise; rippl7, Oree•
ke.kc .
VMEDAD7I2 bids Cider Vinegar for sale by
-, AIM . . , wicra. IrCANDLESS
: spleadid assortment, !astable for
C. yr.A mGER., ums, for
ask vary .
DA market at
_ _
rIBCALTNIEN-A Inevi Cade, for aledump. Ap
-11 to sce.wt a ATKINSON,
sal IA neat soma a
1)1,Mo-6o mai/edam Moms, for Isla by
JJ der= FORSYTH t. DUN AN first s.t
BOMB-400 lOUS Gtr wk j to at
eril 12 .- e; 4 1 2. bales Tennessee Conan for sale
reasym DUNCAN
dragSEED. -SD bash for sale . by
SBLEBAIDB-17bblepose, for sale by
COMBED BALTS-14 bblo for udo by
deal B 17 VON BONNHORST k Co
L' .•suces—a) bbis for iggiby
ALCOHOL—if bbl/ Inc reel and folrsale by
Flboturieceived sad for sale by
GINSE l&G —a sacks, to outing (of ude
opened by noir=
/110h01008-3:10 daa flaw bright calm, g e i m
NJ.tle Mies, iala opened atradricetliplieva by
worglir liIHACKI &WHITE
-EILAXBEE4W2O bbls Flaxseed, tp
by deel3
APPLES -487 bbls Green Apples,just landing ar
fat aisle b 7
N..121.,1=1:E47.233 bbb, ?dolmans, fro or.
fleet% rwr
BAG& (" in in
kep [Art lb Dbl. White Beano;
lauding and for 'ode by
COl,lllOO big-
by dead All 5 000. JONES & Co
bath Jast reeZ e an w d A fo rg r sa
rt l m e by
31 water and re front rt
QUOAR-75 bbd prime old crop N 0 Soya, reed
k.. 7 on consignment, In note and for sale by
dente yp WATFMIAN
--- • - • • -
SEST IRON-11:0 tons Nos 24 and 4, JunNts, f.
4 . 14 '4 6414' S P VON BONNHORST &Co
CiDER-40 b s erreef Cider, far side by
.deetil VON BONNHORBT 4 co
UTTER-4 4blspnala Ron Boer, reed
and for
•derby dc6l4 W& IL IrCUTCIIEC4_
N wrA.-40.5 kIP, Rotor t. WHichlee Juniata Neils,
reeeieed end for sale by
deoli " W& It WCUTCHEON
rinfinig BOARDS. 4.--6014
60 . Handles Ness, 0 nud .
Hormel asgros% Binder's do, various aura
bc"aVeir" b
oTANOES-100 bblo Pota4o Jut reed and for
sale b dada AIM CROZFIT
MCKWEIRAT FLOUB.-30 sacks very good,
Btray received and fa Aale by
MANTLI-5 bbl, Zama, for ale by
ti dwl
btdEsual trOd and for .ala by
T --- a:tips
rirET . COR
GOMA COMP, just nethred
311 ' 4A ICELUIttATE
and for gale by
'X 071.../STARTAR.4OIbi
on band lei.
JD LIVER 011.- 0 , KI
by_ - dec27 c
R lUii
":c- s 'd o o
rIILES.4O bblb
, n t li ciar .bn I,
•pul for •ala II •
n s , ut s l p
J ANU/Vt 1
30 gals:m.lllY
31 9/and.),
Y Tuesday .
J Wcdnesalty
4 Thunavy .
5 Frlda),
Tuesday Morning, Junuary 2 1 4,.
Yesterday, as usual, was generally observed an
holy-day, consequently notriing was done in the
markets. The weather during the alter part of
the day, was quite moderate, and our streets gen
erally were crowded with persons, all seeming ins
tent open spending the day, being the last of the
holysdaya, as happily as circumstances would ad-
The river is gradually reeecling, wish sumo 7
is channeL Should the weather con.
tinne moderate, however. It will tall very slow.—
The river business continues quite light, but con
sidering the present doll season a fair amount is
Couxuarrav---The B rittrgloa Llawkeye states
that a new counterfeit SUR-bill has mode its ap
pearance at that place. The bill is on the Bank of
Utica, New York, letter 13,N0 671, dated January
1e0846, payable to W H Bolick or bearer; W
Wells, Cashier, T Walker, President, and coon.
tersigned and registered in the Comptroller's office
and numbered by the Comptroller 071. the same
as in the ace of the note. There is a nervous
ness shown in the T in the President's name, the
whole being well executed and calculated to de.
ceive 'he best of judges* unless they are very
well acquainted with the bank paper of the Utica
LAID Bye.—The steamers Hibernia No 2, and
Monongahela, of the Pittsburgh and Ciucinaau
packet line, have ceased to run for the present,
and ens now lying snalgly moored, opposite foot of
Marke street.
Baltimore, Dec. 29, 1548.
Tobitcco--The market has been quiet since our
last report, owing principally to the broken week
by the intervention .of the holidays—the inclem.
ent weather—and the dear proximity of the new
year,—besides which there is no longer any !hip.
ments making, buyers having withdrawn from the
market for the present, preferring to wait for mare
favorable advicestem the other side, and for bet
ter assortments of Tobacco in market from which
to make selections. We have no transactions to
report. The receipts hove been very light, en
shown by the following Inspections, which BMA
up only tOB hhds Maryland, and 9 Ohio—total,lls
hhds. Exported within the same time to foreign
ports, 131 bhds, all of which were to Antwerp—
making the total amount of Maryland and Ohio
Leaf exported toEuropean ports since Jan let to
25th inu, as follows:
To Bremen, hhds
Stock on band, 26th inat, 29,770 hhds .
Wool—Holden are not disposed generally
accept present offers, preferring to wait until March
or April, and take their chance of the then market
There is a fair supply an hand. We note the sale
of several small 10L8 at .late previous prices, and
among them one of about 2000 Ds tub washed, of
excellent quality, at 26c p M. 6 mos.—[Joan.
lan. I, 1849.
- _
Pouts to lennan—The last Vincennes, la., Ga
zette, connive the following paragraph about pork -
Paaa—We saw a drove of 1,000 beautiful port:
en pass along our streets the other day—an hand
some a lot of hogs as we have ever seen Tb
pork packing business has opened with a fair pros
peel of a heavy share being done in this county.
More pork will be purchased in Vincennes th.
present season than was ever brought here hero .
during the same time.
Cattle /Markets.
Baltintore, Dec- 30.--Cattle--The 'Arrivals of
bates have fallen off, and we note an improve ,
moot in prices. Oa Monday there Were brad
offered at the scales, hi which 231 were sold, 61
remained over unsold, and 255 were doyen to
Philadelphia. Prices ranged from 28403,75 per
/OD IN on the hoof, equal to 5,2507,25 net.
Hoge—Sales of live hop are making at 4.75(
Cincinnan—Pet Consignee-260 hbls roolazo.s,
W Holmes & .son; 40 do do, Townsend da Cam
49 do do, J A Hutchison . 23 do do, E Henzeltoo;
30 Ins HaranissrinnipKitiller & Ricketeon; 12 - do
do, C H Grant; 25 bbirlime; Miller; 5 carboys, B
A Italusestock ft:co,
- -
Per Hibernia No 2-16 bbhi whiskey,_R Moore;
10 thls lard oil, Sellers de Nicol 1v bra starch, W
Holmes; 9 Ms cotton, ¢ be feathers, 1 bbl peanuts.
Heazelton; 4 bla cotton, Atwood, Jones & co; 1 bbl
mustard, H Graf dr, co.
Per Monongahela-50 bbls molasses, 13agaley
& Smith; 2 refrigerators, J C Bidwell; 1 bbl sugar.
hill do molasses, H & A Childs; 1 trunk, Church
& Carothers; 15 bbla molasses, S McClurkan; 30
do whiskey, Lambert & Shipton; 29 mks bacon.
Kier & Jones; 2129 pee balk meat, Orum & Me.
Grew - , 32 bbls bladder lard, G B Miltenberger; 23
labds sugar, S & W Harbaogb.
Lo ,ills—Per Telegraph No 1-4 reinsert,
tors, J C Bidwell; 2 bxs mdse-, John Scott; 10 bbl.
flour, J D Wells at co,' 66 bags, 14 bbl. shorts, Sel
lers Ar. Nicole; 1 box books, H Graff k co; 17 bp
femilseis, 1 mk ginseng, Carson S. McKnight; 22
blade tob, Atwood, bones at co.
St. Louis—Per Robt Fulton--29 bble lard, - Jos
Gordon; 7 has 2 bble glass, Writ McCully & co; 5
kgs shot, R Bruce & co; 90 ngs lead, 10 kg. shot,
H C Grant; 2 refrigerators, J C Bidwell; 25 bales
cotton; King, Pennock & co; 105 kgs lard, D Leech
& co.
tr - A cough should never be neglected. It may
appear trifling and unworthy the auenuon at first, but
ft will not remain stationary long, it may progress
slow' at first, and its augmentation may be scarcely
perceptible, yet when it once seises the lungs, all th e
other parts of the body will be sympathetically affect
ed, and • confirmed Consumption and premature death
will be the inevitable result. A little ewe would save
many a life, and the timely use of a proper remedy
might have arrested many a consumption_ Bra many
persons have an invincible repugnance to taking ear
and rather than am the means towards ar
restin ndisease, simply because th e remedy may not
be a p leasant one, would suffer and languish for a long
time, before they would temp to the aid of medicine.
B. A- Fahmstock & Co.'s Cough Balsam hm a great
advantage in this respect over many other Cough pm.
nitration., as its pleasant taste permits it to be used
without laCOOVCatelita. Bat iu value an • Balsam
consist. in the speediness of Its cure. We have known
some of the most desperate coughs, some of which had
been naming on for a considerable length of time,
yield almost immediately to its power.
Prepared and for sale, wholesale and retail, by
novill ear Wood and let, and Wood mud gm sts
Tartrairuaer Tasman , to the value of Dr hl'l,ane's
YerrMifuge. Read, all that deobt.
"A ferret, when placed e 1 the entrance of . rot bole,
enters the aperture, travels along the passage, setzes
'upon the rat, exterminates his existence, and drags the
animal's defunct carcass to the light. And in like
=OM, have 1 found Dr. hVliarte's Affterican Vermi.
foga to operate upon worms, those dreadful and dan
gertma tormentors of children. This remedy, like the
tenet, enters the aperture of the =MAN travels down
the gullet, hunts round the stomach, lays hold of the
worms, shakes the lafe out of the reptiles, sweeps clean
their den, and caries their carcasses clear out of the
System. This at least has been the effect
the venni-
Loge npon my children. WM. ROC LATT
Naples, Jan. W 47."
"Thu is to certify that I hove used Dr. hClArte's Ver.
milers, and have tinted it to operate in like mariner
upon my childien. /OLIN PallitiS.
Naplee, lore, 1g47."
A genuine srtiele of the above valuable medicine can
be had at the drug store of J. Ktdd & Co.. No. to Wood
SUDOt nov27
store and for sa'
Bum' llamal. Cocoa Bracr.—lt has p •
Pittsburgh, Veb. 14th. 1847.
-bly wife has for )ears been subieet
sing cough, accompanied with asthma,
if which she used different cough reine
d the advice of the moat eminent phy Bl
clan. in England, but all wag unavailing icy chance
1 heard of your Imperial Cough tlymp, and was lade
cad to boy a bottle for trial, although I had tin belief
that any thing could remove her complatni.. To my
great nowise, two dose. gave her immediate rebel
She is at times troubled arch a cough, but two (fa.
apoonefal of syrup always mops IL I am samfiml, af
ter a trial of three or four years. that seller.' Cough
•p in the heat cough medicine I have ever Limed, ei
ther to the Old or New World. W. }manor arts,
fieverith Ward, city of Pittsburgh
The above certificate ahould inouee nil who nrc
troubled with cough or asthma, to give the syrup a
trml. 11 may be hied for YS rel. a bottle, et the drug
.tons of ft tt SELLERS'67 NVood •i.
Sold by Dr. Cassel, bib Ward, and I) 111 Corry, Alle•
gheny city. demd2
EL K. fiche
to • to a desire
for the turn 0,
COUGHS AND COLDS—The frequent changer in the
weather at this season of the year, invariably bring
along with them coughr and raid., which by timely
attention are eraily cured by pimple remedies. SEL
for the hut 12 years, and tow gained more reputation
for the core of eboghe loot requiring active inedical
treatment) than any other preparation ever offered to
the chisens of Allegheny county. The lmperlal Coact
Syrup irngry pleatirMt to the Male, and, int this ae
count. le a greardavotite with children. The doses a,
carefully graduated, in the directions., to suit all age.
That this Long tried and highly popular cou gh te r
may be within the reach of pil, if is o the lun
price of 25 cants per bottle.
Prepared end sold by R. F. SELIAERS. 57 Wood
Pitisburgh, D. bl. Curry, Al egheny, and druggist. gt
gushy in both cities. °err
ur The or morbid Oterelloll.ll of bile Is
welt known to cause violent disturbance of d'
art diges
tive organs, and bring on malignant and unmego
hie fevers, which often poi an end to life. The stomach
musilbe cleansed of these foul secretion. and tins can
most readily be accomplished by the am of LI A Fahn
estockis Pills, which area most valuable
family cathartic. They caa ho gmen with !safety at all
times, and Miami relief in a vers . _ short time. ir
Prep.,. nod eold by AFA lINFZTOCK & Co,
comer Ist mid wood, and corner &h and wood et.
end and for ea e by
"'" l °.N76
ICT Ladles who ase Jones , Spanish Lily White, have
Marys a fine %H to transparent skin. Of this n
will mthfY any one, Sold only in Pittsburgh, at dil
Übotty hi navLikiaadwiy
4 fJ a 15
1 40. 7 SO
41 :14
4 42 0 41
4 460 10 47
4 44 11 50
4 45 morn.
Th6 . week. This yerg .
a 092
131 131
bou,lldeLane. bennrit. Drown., .ln.
Atlantic, Park Jaso n.
Nt...11,:an No 2, Crn.oix, Ikla var.
Lake Er,, Z . ' hole,
Gona. Wenner, Wh tt .l. aa .
New Englancl. No 2. Met 'lure. Cm
Weltaville, Barn, Sunti.h.
Geneva, Dean. Na.hville
R Wightman, 'antler a Landlng
Lorna McLane Prenatal. Erdwn-ville
Atlantic, Parlonron, llrtarnavale.
Miclugan No, 2. G.1.0n, I . kaver .
I l lr'avrr , Clark, Wrliavale•
Joe Gordon. Mclaine. Cal
Telegraph, No 1, Hazlet, I.tanvllle.
Inhaence. Watley. Cal
C,111 , 1111. Webber, Wheeling.
R Wiehtman, C7hrislcr's Landoin
At dusk last evening, there were 7 feet inches
ater in the channel, by pier mark, and stand
Cinetnnat, Packets, 10 A. M
Brownsville Pnekets, 5 A. M , and 4 P. M
cull:tau—New England No I.
11 Ivclecoillanco with the provisions of an Act of
the General Assembly of the :hoe of Peonsylvelon.
providtitc, for the ineorporanon of the city of Nos.
burgh. nod of the Supplements to said Act. 1, Gomm.
Mugs, Mayor of rood city, do Issue thin, my Noels
nano, declartng that on the Szctrtt, TITtSIIII . of Jul
io. A D. Isla bang the hilt dny of that mouth, t•the
Cl/ICII of teach word of raid city: . qualified In vote
Dumber. tof the House of Represetittolves of thin
monwcalth, will meet together at the several Pla
r holding clectlons to their resuccove wards, and
v bullut, a cmun of the sod city, qualified to
cal amember of the House of Representatives
mmenonwenllll—io lo Mayor oC said city.
at nit the same day, in couformity to the ho
med nuthortucs, and also to no ordinance of
dioneung sod city, enacted into a law on
HIM day of November, A D. ITV, the cttieena of
First ward will elect by ballot ono Torun to - be a
usher of the Select Council of sand city. and TRHaa
rums to be members of the Common Council of said
v, ot the Second word u person to be a Member
the scam. and Tunes pe e notot to be members of the
motion council, of the Thud want. one person to he
member of the select, 01111 eta personx to be menthe,.
f Me common ccil, sot the Fourth .van). one person
lie a member of the select, and tots.a persons to be
umbers of the common council; of the Filth ward,
me person to be a member of the select_ and larval
2 .. G.01” to he numbers of the common council; of the
Tooth ward, one person to be a m Trotter of the select
and rains persona to he members of the common
council, of the Seventh ward, one person to be a mem
ber of the relent. and rwo persons to be members of
the common conned; of the Eighth ward, one person
to he a member of the select, and rwo persons to be
members of the common council; of the Ninth ward.
One person to he aruember of the select, and iota per
on to a inerntrer of the common council—each of
whom an ill be qualified to serve as a ember of the
joust of Represesitauve• of tthinCoMmo m n wealth.
teen under my hand and s•al of said city of Pots.
burgh, this 30th day of December, A. D. t 'B4r ,
An Ordinate,
the Mayer to 'sow Bomb in the
riamen of Andrew , Patton and John Nheriff p Co.
SFX. 1 —lle It ordained and closeted by the citizens
of Pumburgh, in Select and Common Couneils as
embled, That the Mayor be anti he hereby is author
ised to moue a Bond In the name of Andrew Fulton for
three tiondred,and twenty-eight doll.r• and fifty cents,
being in mil ibr sus s Inch stop corks; also In favor 01
John Sheen' if Co for three hundred mud ten dollars,
being to full for Fire Plans, each bearing interest at the
rate of RIZ per camper annum, payable Nerui.annually
at the Treasurer's Mime of the city of Pittsburgh, and
redeemable in fifteen yeah.
Sec. /l.—Be tt (umbel enacted, am, That the faith.
credit, funds, revenue and corporate property of the
city be and the .area is hereby pledged for the rt-demp-
don of meld Bond.
Ordained and enacted ono a law in Cermet'. Mt
999th day of December A. D le4s.
tAiirge] ROBERT MiCNIOHT, Presi C C., pto tem .
Feed. E Vols.Clk C C.
Jonc M.A.. Clerk ek C. jal-31
Rtraling an 01,11.4.71. , ;awed Derrnaer 4, 1648.
4,2 IX. I.—lle it ordotted and enacted by the citizens
0 of Ptusintrgli. in Selcen and Common Councils as
sembled. That the 11)rittnonen anuned an Ordinance
def . :mine dm laic between the Third and Filih Wards,
Third and Soil, Ward•, nail Second and Eighth
Words. passed the (mirth dor of flecernher A D 1.4,,
toe and t0.r.. ,, ) repen.ed
ted no”oun, d
...W.. IMO La Council, this
Anti of Decent., A I) 1.1,
Are awn - ',CF: . . r 1 . ,•, C C. pro tent
V.,Lk. elk. C. C .
JOHN SIIIFTON. l'renh d. C
Joux Clk S.C.
BAI.ANC Y. 0:1 DEPLISITS. , ,wIor la hOOO Loco 00,-
clanned on. MA, )ear and onward., in the El
change Book of PltNburch:
C. I) Culbormon. irciod're unt'nl Deo 21.1642, C/ 91)
Wm Bran, dO do Oct. 2. - 1, 1645, 100 on
Wm. DUNI, .10 do Auc 9, 1915. EN 011
um! 1131... m. do do Nloy 3,1045. 100 00
I certify Nei the torego., Habanero ace due to the
person. named or Men legal representatives, wluch
have been %mentor, without being interned or dram:r
obed for three years or
upwards, according to the
books (Altos Haul.. THOS. M. HOWE. C.h.
Sworn and subscribed before me. tole tsih day of
December, tots Jain Crurr. Notary Pnblte.
dechn.dalkw les
THE subscriber. to o rt
((4/11/K for sale a handsome la
of Yonne & Clark's, New York.) and Chick,-
rug • (Boston.) Pianos. would direct attention to the
fart that his is the only pinc¢ in the West where the
instruments of these two makers can be tried side by
side, and where, consequently, a correct idea of their
qualities.. be formed. The subscriber being lumina*
(once their relative mento, and having' for • Daintier n(
)ears pec'ormed upon the Pianos of ?farms & Clark.
has laden into use for the last twelve months, a Chick-
enng Piano. to order to try to durability and fitness
as an accompanyment to the voter. Thus Plano may
now be seen and examined at his rooms He feels
confident of his ability to give a competent and relia.
hie opinion on the subject.
A handsome lot of new Piano. beopened in
fear days. II KLEISEH.
dee9 At J NV Woodwelfs
19ureessors to Reed. Fiord &
• . -
Particular attention paid no the sale of all kinds of Pr •
doge, and liberal adv asters made on eumogumeuts
1.. R. & Co. have leave to refer to--
Messrs R Rohm,. &Co 2 pm,burgb
Mel.:111 h Roe.
•` Reed, Parks & Co.. Beaver,
Lawson & Covesle, Wellsville, 0
Roswell Nlassh, F I SteuLenvilly, O.
S. Brady. Frq.
.. . .
W F Peterson, IF:pq ' whc. i ~
Messrs K Crangle &Co ' '.4.
v Gill & e.t.a. /
" ahode .., OgiehY , Wrap port. 0.
deol7-dhwurayl l l.4 .
IVFtW CARPET4—Recerved Uns day three: trout
the manufacturer—
?sew style Tapestry t ply Clasp., extra super,
do do do do super;
do do Brussels Carpets:
do Brussels, very cheap. do
do rich colors super 'nevem do
4-4, 3-4 and S.S heavy Venetian do
4-4.3-4 and 5--, en 111100.3 do do
All of which 1.111 be rapid . • unall advance, and
will guarantee no low o. can be purchased in the east.
e.c.2.5 \V M`CIANTOCK,7.S Fourth st
OURRENCY WANTED, at dixcoont.
dee:lo N HOLMM k ON
HEE&E—lai Lae for sale by
PROUSIS-40Lxplt handl.). for sale by
BUTTER—t , Ws packed, for sale
jur decd) S F VON LIONNIIORST & Co
LEIGH-1 elegant 2 I•orte Sleigh t for sale by
dec3o S VON BONNHORS'F Co & Co
Appi.m___s. bL s Russets, Belieflowers,
sale oy des3o 8 F VON BONN HORST h Co
,CA LED HERRING-20 b. tors 7e V y
BULK PORK—bII,O0 0 asoorted Rams, Sides and
S,oulders, to arnve; for saJc by
deelt/ FRIEND, MIRY & Co
ED LED—I•S half Ws, warranted, per swam.
C°,gab,, for sa:a by
• lb FRIEND, RHEY tr.
bbl. Green Apples; WO hush dried
0 Peaches, 10 do small Mac Beaus; 4 bids Rye; 30
bush dried Apples, fast re c'4 and (or sale by
deelo R ROBISON 2c Co, 102 liberty to
DOLL Burrrit—
for sale by s bdeell2 bln fresh R
Roll B ROBISON Iu tr. Co utler, st reed
lA , and
DM SHOE 4-6 eases (Duo Rustic Shoes, of dtifer•
1.3 eel kinds, which we oder to the retail trade much
lower than any other house in the only. We Invite
customers to came and examine for themselves.
deel3 J A II PIIILLIPS. No 3 Wood et
j J Md. hovering's Double Refined Cool, Crushed and
Pulverised Sugars, just reed and for .ole at the Pelt,
Tea Store, 70 Fourth street,
A J A 1 . 7.:1 , 21
tPA NSF]NITT, ilientone ,-- Ju
re uud for •41e hy de rl6 JOIIN D NIORIIAN
able for over.
Bri'Flß-10 Mph, irevh Roll, 5 keen do, received
Sae dee nod ior null! b)
liven TA SSEY ipwr
C ,
F LAXSFEI. bbl, I keg. In arrtre;
g by front
ale Co,
• .
LLOW-I.{ Mothg
', from Hum Winos
l lA and for IH DILWORTH,
Oaal 27 wood.
,Zri'ib;i l WßG AN
I ROUND US I A RD--1 id.l lor rule to
Idols o d o
I.4ToTok„..vre prim-
s l ri l ek ' : " k ; eLlaes,
peered do: to arrivc and .T role by
deelo BROWN fr. CUl.Hl7.crssiN
Idd• 1.4711141 (ill. I 0 do be. .. • o i ol , L o w
" d, 6 ;t:st received and for solo by
drelg SELLER , '" , NI coLts
E4111 ,, E . 1tt FLAXSEED, &o.—Y, socks ys
lo ng from
...or,. Fort fain
sal: br ."'
It A LSO usT RECEIVED— A 1 00 , 0 101 of =hog.-
or nod rosewood Vette,. .; fee sole.
•• 131.C/41: 14
CHL.)ER—aI b 6l • r Crab Cider, IO do comm. ,
kj do. in store nod lot soje byt. im.wowrit, 27 wood al
F U.S d g— i lubbh. Fur
55AL. 76 ,.. POTASH-Ir , Obis 8 eels; 3 colts
. • sla by C BIDWELL. AO,
dee!, wetter st
DI EACIIk. —23 %licks drted Pooches. for ado by
decls C
UGAR, taw. N U, 00 eonsi6nmenl
l enditr i, s t, ole
by 6:eta Dw
d a ec k- I *- 1 r-t7f4-uTA'S'"-YSE' n Gana end
JACCO-03 keg 6 twrst, prune article, received
.d for .rdk by decil TASSEY & BEST
y i n Iv DOW bl.A9trLlilo by — r e. 110; 75 do lOILT,
iy do 10x14; on hood and Cor We by
decll TeadEti& REST
ENousli niEuR WAGS, —Fn.° n
Zentletnan wh han Ju•t arrtved In our oliT from
Liverlewi we learn lUal swl.,rs eugagew, in .ship.
hat port for A inert, mug agree Ito vova,
and rem vt. th pay thetr rrilan
o Liverfaxd. This Is a very unusual .h•orse--t he
ustotnary method being to pay it sailors on their
meal nt each port—thereby saving to the own•
re or ehartere, of vessels the expense of keeping
heir hands. nail paylng :hoc w isle the vehsel ,
hipping and unshipping her argo We oan
ttuntoute It to no other cause than the tear of the
:ahforn is mania—Which is iv , doubt silently work.
ing effect on the iMpleih dimmicuty—many
.if them believing that when thi , y land in America
they are hall way to the gold regions. England
ion plenty of sailors: and nothing but n dread of
having to pay the tars a little extra wages can
prompt the atup owner. to Iln course. As It is•
however, it in all the better line the yaw fellows—
except that. if they had their wages here, there
many Rile notions to, i i h they can purchase
nudely cheaper in America than in England.
A horn Waa VEAL—A[IIOI,g the many industri
ous citizens of one of our nelghbonng boroughs,
isa fine looking man, apparently about thirty five.
totally blind, who pursues the occupation at
weaver. Though he sees neither warp nor wont . ,
his nimble and skillful lingers still nerve him to
perform his task, and fatthfully and steadily he
toils to weave a subsistence—to 'spin the thread
of hie: 11:s !ace bears no shadow of repining at
his mtslortune—but smilingly, hopefully, he Inborn
on. Night and day are alike to him—no ray of
gladdening sunshine ever breaks the darkness o
610:1.41 sense—but hn spiritual eye sees pleas
ore in the present, and hope in the Cilium of exis
hence while kind friends attend his steps, and
child' leads him abroad when he is called
from his place of abode. We saw them together
on Saturday, and the happy countenances of both
bade us blush for our own tepining and discontent
with the allotments of Fortune.
Ton MAYOR'S OrFinn on the morning of the
New Year gave fair promise of moral amendment
among the alas which usually patronize his hon•
or. There were but four persons brought up--
none of them charged with anything senous. One
only—a blacksmith from Ma•sachusetta—was
committed for twenty four hours.
Otreaug—On Sunday night alsmt nine o'clock.
Mr. Snmuel bi'Clurkati, one of our most estimable
merchante, was knocked down, by one of a gang
of ,radians, while passing quietly along Liberty Si.
nearly oppovite Ilay's Oil mill, above the canal
bridge. Ile pursued the rolling, to the corner of
Laberty - and Grant but could obtain no nssistance
and was compelled to permit their escape One
of Mr. Ca, teeth was knocked out, and hie face
very badly bruised.
FILIGIITORP TO Dzsru.—We see by the last
Cincinnati Commercial, that the case mentioned in
yesterday's Gazette, of the man who was thrown
into convulsions by fnirbt, on board the Wisconsin.
by a collision of that steamer with a floating tree
has proved fatal. He was carried to the Hospital
al Cintunnah. end survived but u short time.
Mrs. Oudy the woman no horribly abused, re
scatty in Manchester, by her drunken husband
was very low yesterday morning and but sligh
hopes were entertained of her recovery
TITTATI.--B6Nitrli or Mr. WlLLiams —Bar.
hey \Villiama Lake. a benefit this eventog..—A
glance at New 7 orb, for the tint time to Poulton - b.
will he plat rd. together with Teddy the Tyler and
IA d e: Ito) A rich httl tor tole evening
nal. niiA
bull 'nu ix,r. 11,,0N RCo
4 .2
111 ki.y"ir t% istil
It (" do K r E l7 r""*I'ER
* 5 " 1;1 ' 1 . .% V1;1 .1 ;;. '.. !7 fa-fool •
4.50 Lol. rat a Four.
B t Hoff Itunyr. for ,
17 , 11 ' .5% fliTti
1,7;1.i% n.. R asoff•, Sl nu, 410..01 1.1.
she.ted Alinoods; .541 do Val.., has. '2 ins sl , o
do: 2 cast , ,cily i.e. 1.1,1 Mason's Illarkin
just recofved and for oai4 by
arca BROWN h Cl' I.IIVIiTsfIIN
TSMOR ti-10 keg' o,soried rer and tor sal,
by den I:• BRAIN a R F:ITER
BIACK LEAD,II.of n superior
quality, rced v.l for sale by
• dont:, DRALN A 11.V.ITF.R
kegs asooried. lust re; tufo for solo by
1 )111 . 1i...4—‘10 his clay Pilo., Coy as/. by
Jectl :f.S, F VON 13ONNIfiill , T A Co
13LK NIXED ti A.RXS-1 , 5 lbslll.l Codnrrr V 0r,,.
reed this dayn nolooKorneni front the Maaal an
turn.. and for sale by the bundle
V II EATON A. Co lib
ULARSI* 511 WA* ifaor \;too f roclYeff
i 1 II do Suga-r lion., in owe,. and tor safe by
dens SELLEID+ \
ILK STRIPED ALI'Af'AS--I rase silk .mood his
0 doffs, putt Jr r'd and for sale lf)
des, 4. wood •i
I J AID , IN K is. lust rc,e vett.
51,•611.1...4 ROE
F.; :t :h l: p l' ..,. —r j ur hes and appteo in SSOLI
dec9 N1(1. ILI. & ROE.
T 0, , , ,, A .r c . f i x,_3 hi, O.m Leaf T0p i 1ac r ,;A. , .; , , , , 0 7 . i , : ,, by
I ."' S • A l it:'l;74tl',7ld;k"L'Z';'z'F.Wd
—164.1•. all
cs. LookL
lard. ell 4ee., 11L. emeh, do do do. Le sinrr. end
(or uer by der L' .1111.L.F.R ItICKFT.rION
TO LITER A. PintE.Nro--.4 , bags Pepper. 111 ilo
j_ Pimento, In AMC aud lor sole by
T,M,OL R-250 I,bb, saperfine Fluor, received pm
r Clipper No 2, for vaie by
dee2l CIIBRIDUE. WILdliN dr Co
T A andils No 1
Lard, %WU kegs do do. ro.
IA reed for sale by I WATERNIAN.
deeTl 31 water and iron;
II DER—I) bids jest recd; Le store and (or •11 , oy
915135. AND RUC) SKTS-04. don Beaver Rackets; 0
I do "Pub.. huge; 4do do Keeler*, in •tore and for
.ale by doltd I. S WATF.RMAN_
DACON-4 tone H aeon Side, in store end fa 00,0
t ry WICK t• I%IVA N
dec2l eorner svond and ale , .•
/100 R srath6 y-10 too India Rubber Door
_LI Springs, psi n e'd and for sale nt lb. India Rub
ber Dopoh No NVo od st 11,4.13 J& II PHILLIPS
JDUTTER- Rd • fresh roll and pocket Henri; also,
4Ukegs Boner; Just received and for nob e by
decil L it'rERNI A
lAN o.t. snouVcandle• on consignment.
for 01:60 by de.9 A RAISTRONG & GROZ ER
15 sacks R
dor k;III . S . ' I LIONG & CRI ER
SOtreo—.4 Cl"""l"R,ZrSlitfiVr4sfidd P1.107.ER
' sec yOA and
Wbales Illinois wool
for sa i. le b R. It S NCo.
I S U s t i! i n p p R i o r S lS er, I s bbln . "‘ D ' ri ll
P ' ea b c. l 7lo4 . , B7 Te g i s n l good
No I, landing fitoin ase.arner L.anwilltten for sate
deco ISAIAH DICKEY & Co. front al
- I, , KATHER 6---660 Ilia prime Idinals, tot aalr 10"
.1.- dealt S F VON aottNIIOILSr hCo
LARD 011. —lO bbla best alma , grained LAM oil.
landing .`roin SM. fileaSellgt , and for sale t. 7
tile..l I • !Art 1.).1..LZEL.16,0ggt0 at
DREAM EF.81 , ; 410 bitt p.m), cretk . rn , e .m beel . .!n y
ntore d for lair low to close
ja c;:ma n T Lzmi
decl I
-•- .
ti (of ode h)
lt • V J;c 7 ,.: lb.g' "'Jog "'.'" }t n 7WHISONA ~
kitri d g „ ter.arit.—aiiese buti;,i,ivoiarri ,
i , , , , , , , , ,) ..,
Nri.L-4 - ? - e=ir,...:•:7,."P''"mo -..-
--• . •
11, I. AX f ikiElt--0 lo blot FlOaPeCa on consignawbt. lor
decd . ve.2 matk et •:
U7S-53 tincksiost ter 'll and (or Swig by
der euy A MOOD JONES k Co, water it
- - _
KN . HMS —7 kegs No I 1.41(1, bbls Roll Dune,
sti ry nice; 4 do dry Peaches. 1101,4 , landing; for a,
ItY &eV INAI AN DICKEY k C „or st eLo _
'ibis eider %iley., for sale by
deell J tl DHAVOR II.I
Et.ol: bbl. extra Family Flour. inv,,,trrer.
IC for sale by SRI} K
Q II 11101.A` slf , --Lo Itbl. Sugar Hour , M. a , "•'•
0 • St Lotne itetmcry, ta storr end for ttatr br
droll MILLER h rucKerson
T)RODUCK--lou burl, Clnveroecd. 10 larpr et‘d
1 Chrenct 211 newt Butter, In *foto and fur .01e by
dec2l 1,111.1.111. th RICKY:I'SW%
RICE- S tie rect. new crop Rite. to more and for rale
by drell h111.1.F.R ft RICKY:NON
LARD Ul L—.s bbls litTikhardt's. for Galt by
der:ll FRIEN 1./. 1111E1) h I,
VI 61.A.515/*/-1.50 bbta new crop taut reed.-for rate
I.U_ by der2l ice to lIIIIISFIIN. Ist and 2.1 ob.
D ROOMS-22 don Corn Broom*, nua rcr'd nod or
1.11 glair by deed) A R.MSTRONG & CROIKR
TO.littF,,C?:;:fOretTahn'o,ol,,,txr,t7.l::,,Tombitrztiraoprr trttl
MI L ta. AN t „4cT—„',"`.',.`4;';„:::,. ':„tP.Nri:',,",.',ol.-"'
drc2l 'WALE:RS rt NICOLS
. . .
iIIiESTNUTS--auu bosh Just ltuidiog end for sale liy
k„,,/ deal J S DILA% 04 . 71J1
OrAM OF AMMONIA-1 euik reed &
RP-Co side
UEATHEILL4—tN sacks now landing from BICS1310(
j: Fort Pilk for sale by
QUNDRI4;I4--le seeks Fentbers; 4 do Ginseng, to ar.
rive; for salt by deelo ISAIA II DICKEY &Co
1,47 ANTED—. 2 Wool !Spinners. Apply 0 .
deelh I klEftli6l, .29 grater .
PRittol;,,„"o'....T,i.,7°'"" porno
W E Chhh.
'AEALE Ie I ao .i d 03 SNI 4L i d a
)ICII foreign per foreig alts__ r Enropa.. Conaul lig EJ:llglptea es & rounsollors for
Lt. --A A Ms.% A Co. No GU Market street-. OW Patentoc•2
lan 7.• 1131,11 . 13.11 Z. HICh Dress hoods, comprising the 1 vu. ~ a 5 and lendinc Patrols. imparting
..2):es is: zsatits plaid Mei.oo, new aril- I n:. Nlerha.ii, and tiro Upp W.lOllOl 5e11.%
l.% and We riche. goods ,mpoeied on, ~a ; all 6.11.1 and Foreien Laves
roel hign colors and rhoice style.. all wool I of Pate.
and Mod. de Cohort and I.yo- 1 - ) ft(lF \I Al.l KR it it Ors, , 01 , i'l.,:ydeb
de•Leribable snadc and color ..Adttoi pnta 5,1 1(.11/01:\Wa•t 1 / 11 4 , ."
nttl,l by )(staid K00W1 , 4, , lOW Machine,.
al the I r,,ned Suile• Pa, Othec.i neu. toted
1 rs FA K dor isaitia/rnrlur av ol the above
,3 ...,: .1 do -.IA do du. 2 dodo fine do, 1. either
pro „
od” ti ssue
oss"ri o d. do coOd do do. at tile Piotnl thfire. or ,riore me Courts. and win de-
mt. , I i• ni rr
. . . .
‘" all ' EN 4. ' 4 ' l) " -- I . ,10, rh ,,d re , " ,...lCU e.., volt . roar unti,..A.lrti arir Wit, 10 for:earthing Me otter
', th' d° d" t' 4 5” . .• 4 do do comm. , 1 0 dos Woo' , . 'O m ' eat of Inventors tad other. moo May consult thorn or
for, assorted. Id do do onut ,tags, 7t do lodtes Castt• piece wen.. ;;; ;a ..., haatth Mr. K " wth , thth 1,
mere t,:oves. u••'d. the past tw..:os yea, hedl th , post of Maehtnest to the
Lob I'll F..Ft sELT,-..r. do: 1.14 Nlmksktn Belts. •Al ; uththd ~ , ,,a th;„ t .. ;th , ;;; ;tthea,
tea gaa that aaaanaa
to do Alorooro 410 .1 tin ro, A do. at to take liar, 111 the U... 4,1 undertakma lit, talents
11:lit lON KINSF:VS. 67 market Al and p,,,,,L. , fil
„ ~ , t h e
n t: , . o 50 long
SI PI - 1111011 1.1/NI: SHAW L , —)V R Morph , hit'' 1' by t""b . "' Yr 'Y ' ..
' r-"g '"' " bY luve"'"
•upr,Lor wool Long Shawls. of handsome or) las. Ine 4' , 1...“, .I 14 R , on F street. opposste
Fox, it Al ants...—tin hood, a good stock of these the Patent t , rhe^• Wosto , cto- D. C.. where cOirlurtilli
loorl•--011,. 11.1ritrit, green, Garnet, maroon. drah ' , c.^ . Po . ' rcd 0, .: ~" Pr ~,,, ptly attended to: room
•earier Sr A so. Prirmerlork, of destrable colors. ! onclons mode dr , , ,,110. ..pecMcatton, and all regkor
A 4-.... Mark Ththet Long Shawls, of o Komi 400101. ' ''' ,'",'" P" , " ' d- ' " l .0.04 ' . Pr.,,r"4 when dr.'
m hand at north east corner 4th and Market sto red --og. reason:l,e terms I,lerr 01 enquiry. <540,1-
deer, 1 cd tr ~.- .0.. n ere.: a".-• , i Lulli.:Mono hod, must he ac
RE - , H ARI2IV M'Cliotork offers to lbw
mwo.l3ing to turnuh houses, the handsomeet usort.
mem Cutreting . irrOUghl no au. market, COM
prientg m port the lollowiati,vartellell , Rich style Vel.
vet rile. A xinin•ter TurestzT, Brussels. extra super 3
ply, serer .1 riv. superfine nod fine Ingram Carpets.
in mill , h he no . . respeettuily invites his Mends and
the ruhio.. to rail and examine before purehesinli whet, ureroota, No 75 Fourth st, Pituburgh
A. MAN k .60 Market street, have Jost
. S O
received auothet large Invoice of plead Long
and Square Shawls, hhught per eent leas than any
pmviou Aly rer,vrtl atim
Our noel of Shawls now the largest in the ray.
slid yard..., may he certain that.r prices nom
tlns date will lie tht per CCIII less titan at any tanner
N _ .
,1t g!ltl d, p m ut c r h nt d l..o7e r
A'...go:d pen anti pram ,, Vest chains, besvy
Board coat.. Breast PIIIS. Fleet, !Legs, tar Kings
and a complete assort:net.; of other jewelry, nt
der:. Kr:Cs,,til , S. 67 market .t
lilµl , :tiC II SIERINt IS AT cowr—sm. &it'll/111011
46 Market .treet. wall sell for the hAlance of the
fo.. at coat, the, stork of French ?germ., romper.
sing the mett onewe eohn• N e w is um, lose.
cure barrel. dre
YELI.' t. r lii 1111 ONS—J usl ,ccetved at Zeouion
se.} , 67 ,furl et street,
31.1 colored Velvet Ril.bon, ..sorted colora;
embroidery linp, 10 ps wide Pll.ll, ekr
DLAID & Day, have
mot rereivrd by express. one earton Plaid Long
Shawl,. S.II/V of which tare of tho finest quality, and
Me newe.t at) le. 1111pOrteil, and are now uttere d at
once, greatly reduced from the rates obtained
ut the ovanon
Anara, a low cabs fine -Chem. Lane" Broclia Loot
whirl, wit. eloard at great bargain, 'I e
ladles me n, riled la an earl)' K 11,11111,1011
• AI.FIXAN DER & DAV, 75 market at.
de,1.3 7*. W cur o f n the Diamond
rhl iO ettket • I rrs o T It t
I the SI
lateA Wl..
,41 ...—Stiper French
ra add rteberd
dement, di.t opened add ,edsug at a very great reduc.
lion irate tardier pnees.
standina c 0.., merino, silk and wool Volts, do
do do Dray:cr., sick, kid and wool Gloves;
cotton and wool llosc; bit Italian cravats; fine 'Le.
Ayr Searle. decS F H EATON & Co
A Si NS'l . l".ll 'A R P EFF.--We would invite th•
attention o; those ...him! to furnish h0t..., to
rail lot, W/1111/e nur r Carpets, which are
very rich In style sod colors. Wareroom, No 7.1, lilt
Fm.ereb decti W SECLINTOCK
Ur-7W Welintoek offer. to purehas.
ers very handsome assortment of rich twin Da
ittaxi.,l for a indow
buff., 10. en n.parent shades, &e.. at his carpet ware
room. Fourth n duet/
fri.F.l, A rove. gold rated
brown and Mock Tweeds, I do Fancy Costumer°
just tec'd and tor sale at manufacturer. price.
MURPHY & LEE, liberty Bt.
der Id opposite sth
Co. have added to their former business a de
pantile., under charge of Mrs. Bigelow of 80,1011, 10
maktrie to order in lute. styles. Infanta' Wear. Misses
Santis . ,0a5. , •...1 ()teases, Ladies and Gen. Dressing
(jarmenta embroidered or stampe4 for embroider,:
talltine netting. erotektot work,hemAitehulg and mar.
king neatly eiceuted. hov29
CARMPA".-:Constanify receiving at
Fourth street. every •anely
ol Carp., roiniisting in pan of AI2OIIIIIIOII. 01010
pa , ter, Velvets. latest patterns imported,
sery n. 'I a; , Ilruns.hy.'l pi y, sup and vin
all of which 1, 1 0111 sell as lose as they ean he par
c.a.,' ih it...plc', Importing nod purchasing from
n i e us to compete with the
.totem market
LA Loll
r., TRIMMINtiIs , --tldoz lace Demi Veils,
1,4 0 d Si:k gross lk Da tsey But
tons. If .1,, do to do col &Floss dn. 11 do
do FILIOO.O I an. 9 dot col'il firer) silk 1.1ove•. ti do till
Jean, Loud F,:nee I/ di, French silk Ruches. ref. d
Utt•da) I' II EATON &
der I ; Fourth
k / 1.1 1 / 7 1 C r- 1-rotodre do dt. , . I ettac Lavoldrr
!Rm.. , 1. I do dre, oozed INDIA. I do Army Cloth, 1
Jo 'l'M e ,w... I .ark Cord rmx I do Tan
ro ey
[ot e ur rototgord
•Rrten .roort olerool, , oreo add uot ‘dir I, the parka.,
or Pete.MURNIV I.FE-11,-010 tit a
I V CtIESTIC Blanket+. Flannels
J Tweed, Cautnett. 3-4 Cloth and CYSIMEIe, b)
the pie, or pw•lttal,r, ',try low, tor sale by
st - rrn 11 , 1. VIZ k.S ENTS --Gems ut Heat.) .
..p I, lilu. for
gs~epaa4e of
n t rd n a , 14 , ~.111,
Chrism.. ;tn. , . for PAU:
111..orns, pp 1.4 p,
atnerenth. a 'I Dean is Remembrance, for 1,649,
The Young Mana °drying.
The Young Lady's Offering, by Mo. Sigourtiey and
oi leaflets of Memory, •uperl, annual (or 1.45'.
The Fair) Rung for 1.40.
The Opal. 0 •ii 010101 010 hook for 1,49,
The 11, acp,ti.. tor 1.49: i NEW YORK AND BOSTON PIANOS ,
The :Wrgellook. for Issin. 101 IN II Al I -3.1.0R. No .1 Wood l
The :885. disk e for 181 n, street, has received tnvoice• of a lane'
l'he'lbsok GI Pearls. l supply of Piano Fortes from the cele-
The Lady Annual. for 1.40; I toasted manufactory . of t hickenne.
The Wooten of the Scriptures. a licautifal work. 1 Boston. 111 et ri, in a new doys. of which due notice
'rho V, ',nth of Friendship. for 1.49, i will be givmk. varying :0 prim o mom $275 to $7OO.
The Christian lie--psake
1-.48; Also item the ninnutactortes of II Worcester. and
Read's Veinal , Posi• of Amrica. containing por- 1 U. ,, th k R.`''' ll. ''''''" York. . h°"" 4.......... `'' 1 '
Waits of Mrs Y. i tore Smith, Mrs. F 8 Osgood, M c , 1 of 6, 65 and el octavo Piano Fortes, rosewood and
I.- II Stkourt ,v . Mrs 5 F Filet, Mrs 5510na C En, mahogany eases. of the most elegant descrmuon, aild
our,. Mr• Amelia II Welby. Mrs. 8 1 Hale. Mrs. F.. , wan slithe late tthPthrethent" .
C knit.- y. 511. s Anna C Lynch, Nliss Sarah J. Clarke. The above, in addition 1.13 he stock en band, will
Itirsee Green w0../.1 i , ' sake the largest and most desirable selecuon ever
. 1." 5 i.,,,. „, is s i s , , s ii,, c “„„ a p 5 ,,,,,,,d : offered (or sale 111 him city, and will he sold to an cases
Works. Prayer Books, Bibles, and other works in at manufacturers prices, on accommodating terms, and
spleinitd style 01 bind,
ngs. suitable tor Christmas and 1 o wrt•Mtt Rita lee 5 1 ". 5 with every Piano Forth sold.
:siew 1 ear's presents. tor mliwat the hookstore of JOAN H. MELLOR.
JOHNSTON & STOCKTON. l Sole Agent for th e sale of Chichering's Plano Fortes,
de c2I corner Market and Ws. (for W'''ter,' /''',.Y105,10 dec2o
. _
sots Aorsr, pox Si NM, at Ct.sks's Cragaasr 111 P1.1,1/11
" a i l IE subserther ha+ just rep,entalled
ht. ,ok Of 1 . 01110, which tor variety
f o rs
style and prices has never Lent uf.
passed m this city Just received and
ope, ed. the following new Pianos.
One' Octave calstnct grand Plano. fill entirely new
One Rosewood 6/. very elegant Nunn & Clark.
One - with Coleman's celebrated -Volum At
tachment. Thu is a very superior Piano.
One a unshogans. Vain, N. & C
non 11l H. MA:B 'R. all W WoodwelPs
Gift Books and Annuals for 1849.
1,,n, .1 the Season. t-. 49. Rack 01 Beauty, 1,19;
1 The ups!. do The Garland, do
Genu of llentily, do The Amaranth. do
du.* hte t-.l.wttla ease. do Chrlodmas Rose., do
Fore nie•Not, do Blossoms. do ,
.10, wht cf. with east:, do Flora's Gents, do
Book of Pearls, do Chrutiaa Keepsake,do
Friendship Intel - mg. do The Snow Flake. do
keepsake of Fr lid,op. do The Gem. do
Excelsior Anuo el. do The !loss Rose do
do. wht et. wth case. du Gin of Frtendahip, do
Pe 11, lUiti Keepsake, do The 1 . 011 . 1, do
l'be Hyaena du The Token, do
Rosary Illustrattons of the Bible;
1.80 nt th Lake. i.lustriihrd.
!Atli% Boot h,
Moore's Poetn.iti Works,
Poets of Connecticut. ph edge.
I,lis' llocticsl Works. morocco,
key. of Sahhatik
Ptelorial Fres k hit mud Napoleon. Or. he .
A law it.s.rtme . t of mmularJuvclALlc Books, molly
of wlttch 00,1051 from the Toy Books wult co-
lured plows Onnie•. he hepress
Just reversed try IL,
press and for sate by LILLIOTS' h. ENGLISH,
dectki wood and market its
• .
11 Willa • Poctiell Work, 11l morocco, illustrated;
Lady of the Lake,
IVo rail of Cowper and Thompson,
and Keats,
Isoldstuttli's Poems, Phompson'• Seasons,
Sacred Mounter:to. Ilethune's Poems,
l.oldamith's Works; The limn of the Season,
The Perpetual Reeftscek;
l'he - Amaruith; The Scrttp Book;
'I he Hyacinth, 'Dm Jewel, The Token.
The Reltatoos`sousentr. Milton mild 1 °nag;
P o e try Philosophy, Poems by AroOdL,
Poetry or now - era and Flowers of Poetry;
I utleu Captur. Parlor Book of Flowers;
Wm-stile of Friendshro, Fairy Tales; Sunny Marc
Select Christian Authors, Horse Paulin.,
Lac days of Kasha, Young Ladies (Menne,
Sliirtt's Interpreter, together with it large sanely or
Juvenile bitt Ihmke ELLarri•
deet.: wood and market sts
-• •
HOLIDAY ILMCNTS-2 splendid Chenc Lane
renl !troche Long Shawls, of n quality usually
„i i i 10 33 in 40 h ollers. bought at Minton in N R York,
v. .01,1 be otif for ISIS each. Also, a few reel chee lone
Bonnierplentlid Camelign Sok Crepe and
'Furst ri Phew:, a Iris - pieces very superior new; tyle
Pilk,und n very large essortroctit ot the newesand
010.1 tire.. goods, now offered at decided
hough , ALIO:AN - DER. & DAY, 75 inarket st,
ilergs N W :turner of the diamond
tO.l 1 IA .00 DS— W W. WI LW, c
J. orner of
1 Market 11111 i .Ith ham benutilul n.sortment of
rich and M.loonsble goad. in hi. Dine, parueularly
Fine Watches and Chafe and rich Jewelry
Gold Pencils, Gold Peas and Pencils. all of the hest
materials, workmanship and pattern., and will)e
low at crtsiern prices. e 25
. _
(11FT 1300K:4—The Women of the lb-
Sble; tle:nnented in n sertro on •kroehent of Yroun•
tonal I ennui,. menonnord 113 Holy Sertinuro—tllastrate4
I.y I , fine meet eneroving.. I vol. Quarto: Turkey gilt
ellgv•—Arnlorminno .ntyle
The Sneed Poet. of Floglntol and Amnnea, for three
I • enturiex EnlOrd by (tutu. \V nnroomald. Illustrated
sonon steel tong ravong.. vol "vo Silk alit nolges.
Fennone Yo ote on Arn , rn , +. 1 . 0-
graphteal 'wore, tool npeconenx on their wriungs.
r II Rend
The Book of n rholee garland of pros, poe
ttry nod art, con:mining 90 hoe Orel engravings; I rot
The Book of Christian Ballads. Illustrated: I vol.
vo. IFOr sale by It HOPKINS,
deal Apollo Buildirife,lth . !l
FIItKeI•ENTS, at 1. radalv . , 67 Market
street—}itt• ng Just received per Keprcsau
large assortment "( Vilnes Goods. he invites the atter"
nod "(purchasers to his very extensive stock or Bead
lime, bead purse, rosewood writing . desks, work
boxes,fornished and uniuriuslied; idiek gammon .nrds.
Jewelry, sod in taet every vattety of Fancy Goods in
Ms line. derZt
--• • - -
THE subscriber respectfully informs the citizens of
Pittsburgh and vicinity. thin hls Toys find Fancy
'owls WO now open. ,n the large room formerly occu
pied is • • lupe( Warehouse by R. D. Thompson.
"litre eau he teen lie large. ..garment of Christrorm
Presents ever offered for sale in the city. All the.t
goods are imported direct Morn Europe by myself, and
will be sold cheaper than any other establishment in
Um city, wholesale and retail. Call and see the floe
assortment. C YEAGER, tae Harket Si.
dect.? Dees Liberty._
Minket street, otter for sale, at reduced prices, a
variety of goods suliable h r Chrism. presents, eon
slain tu part of French worked collars, ehemMette•
muslin and lace ropes, emb. Swiss robes. revier and
emb, linen cambric handkerchiefs, deep corded bor
dozed dei gentlemen's told do; black and fancy siN
cravats end scarfs; inch chameleon silks. engineer.
zed de !aloes, satin sawed mohair, luslrts and erten
lats. deMlO
POTAB-7 casks prune, for sale by - -
...u ll 2tll Si F VON BONNHOBST & Co
rootpangre by
11. , 11111 I.• • I,` r orb,. wntrl, per to the P,
trot Me-.r. J H wtii naelsted by v legal.
vtkaraater, and
o• and nth, Srtontifir
SUbje , to
Modern aud Antique Furuitnre,
-3, That: , Si .I.lor, ell - rem:lton.
X A tarp. tool epiendid
~. .
of Porto are. •••••
euttalde tor SteAruboata.
Hotel. to.d private dwel.
hugs. conatantly on hano and made to order.
'rhe preeent atoek 011 hand cannot be exceeded by
any matto(a,tory to the western country Peraort•
wialnug to pure... would do well to glee me a call,
asl am deteronned my prices nha/I planar Part ol
the Igoe k con•lati al—
Tale a Tete, Barret Etayete; .
I.ut. XIV Chair, queen I•llszabeth clot re;
Teo l'oyxr. I- nut 'rabies,
Toilet Tuble•, Louts XV Commode,
Frew . ll Idehogen y ISed.leacle, Plano Stool.,
ail .oil.. wl,ll 1. , u.,1. and hair-cloth coy erc
fe/ Malo.vol.y lior I: tog Chum,
40 dol. l'erdo
11. • f , ',acy or do
ZI eentre Tabire.
let pm r 1/1.411, 1 panpicr 1 . 1.1.10 A,
Id inert, top Dreeetne Bureaus:
. ..• Wardrobes.. r•lerretartea and Book cuees,
Ninurole top Waatt :fronds;
I potr Illtorrtn,
- pa, taw . ) Work. Stands;
A vony !ft ree lm a•Lor ont of common chair. and other
urntur , tcto rot.• mrlllittil
Gyt Steam Iktut• ttli the ottortest nonce
a”.l Oh the 11111/1 reaonont , he term. dee IS
Whole•n 0 an i retail. al the
T)E1:IN TEA 701 , 00,0. tnr, coat w.„l,
jj Pittsburgh —rho subscriber having Just returned
front Now \wk. .• 110 , , reretvwx u large fall supply
of Ire•h I.HKEN AND IILACX TEAS. !root the New
York Pek in Ica Company . .elected w oh great rare for
retail r ••,,e being COW heavy we are pro.
pared i4l) Gfoer rs. llotela,reurnboata and Fam
ilies with an) quan , rty and al art price they niay with;
purlieu to I. I and I pound packages, 5 lb WI Mi.,
ICIAL. g god 0 , eon) boxes, and to half chests
Relmtli t,rover• - or invited to call." we can and
will •ell bettor ream at lower prices than any other
house 111 I','t-burgh
rut ur hoe Vouog Hywr, Gunpowder, and Int
peri•l Green. anti t , oloiag Mark Teas are the beat In
the MTl^rl , an market.
I.o‘ero.e. doui., relined Loaf. Crushed. and l'ul
vert,il retait,nr by the barrel
0.,F1/ Gov Java. Lego., St. Do.
, a ntl 11.0 I 'oder,. selected by the moat caper ten
red rat , ih•oker to New 1 ork
Swart spirt .1 Choeotate, Pickled Curunthers and
°mow.. Fr•-ti Peaehe , pit up in their own 1111 CG
Ma , aga .n .1 lb boxes.
N it —.4., Ur D Jayrie's Nledielnes for sa:e
der9-daws A JAI NEE.
rro THE ENTER PKISI Nt. —A rare rhanee 1.1 now
prey/lied tor the Kate
to/thegni< 11/ ['acne en.
Urely n e
w. mit adopted
as to the max of extmistae maieureea, yielding a profit
from eamMl and enterprise hey mid nay operation of
the day It in the crimple e monopoly of a ataple arti
cle. absolutely necesaar) and essential to every Man
!), a* well am todispetisahte to Me mechanic, artisan
and role...tonal man To capitalist.. an opportunity
offer. o•mi ior a uerative employment of either large
or stria., -tist,. W . 1.011. 1111011ethaViiild high/ y sausfa c .
tor" worm rho. , de•trous a: embarking nt a pleas
ant. G.r3: r•lo.11:en•. are invited, wall others. to call
at the onhr....i lilt dersigned, examine the article,
and 'arm rodetnent, from the fact, presented.
Han, ;tang, Building*. St. Clair stolen door to
EMplire ±O/111.. °thee CULVER & MYERS.
dr I
- - -
'1, , RE.,11 FROM Tin , . SHELL-11y Rorke & Co's
r I , ..spnvw. at reduced pneea.—To accommo
date all lover, ol thn.deltetous luxury, BURKFI A Co.
have re.olved to .npl,l) roe preple regularly through
out the ea , Lon.. will. .he ll ,h Fresh Oysters In
i ts
hair UlO ai.d at .neti reduced prices as
witt ehable y enio) Win deltency at their
A u r_rpre..n toad will be reserved Judy at the ware
boo., of JNO C. Ell/WELL, W .trees, ater reet, between
Stotmtield end Grab, aad for male the., and at the fol.
lowing &rot, Rau) , tt,rer. corner an
V i,..r , 4-10” lhatnong, A Hoevler. Penn s'. rnit
nre, 110o.tkr , toot 01 , t'o,mrt Jr
Peon ,ter.:er & A 't-,1101,.
fiffiSTINUNNS A ,LAIIK. :Sew 1 ock,
, IlltisElllM Boston.
u Boot,
The totrtvc niter lohn ..ow open end for
~ me. a °on uf roost superior Ittano, sr
reied by look.ell *1 the monotartortrs.
Tl.ey convivt ot Itto.rwood turd Mahogany Piano, of
of l. of and : octave, 01 various styles and price, and
embrae or the ~,-.l,niprurements. Thove of Nana.
& Ctar c t i. Ilor ~nwit ce,ebrated firm he is so,. Aoict - r/
linvo a
n Improved mitt 01 mnitging posseaved by no ,
otner. a1..0 n ouorrwr plan of leathering the hammer,
prearnuog boor 1' Du MALI growing harsh and wltty
after ...our u-e.
Ta r 1 , , 11 „,,, a ,-,,,,ACT1 11g, of winch he has a giver,
or lot. are vent•lded with the Circular Seale, and were
selected fur lute 11101 rum by I. Chicken:4,ot liosfOo.
The a hoy, wo , postoveiy be sold at manufacturers'
pr tees. aii.l on arroutmoduung terms.
The soh•trit,r w1:1 iillartaol) he found at I W
Woodwel , ' , from 11101(1 It A It . art.! loom I to 5 P
M. Mr. W00dv. , .. wi.i 0110114 to the humilev. de ring
the balance et tune 11 KI.F:BER.
°call et 1 W Wnothrell'a. t.:.lThml at
---- Hardware—Cheaper than Evert
LOIIAN. IL.SON CU., Importers and Wholesale
Dealers m Hardware, Cutlery and Saddlery. No
Ign Wood street, above Fifth. have now in store. very
cheap *nil well selected stock of Hardware, trorioned
slime the declineof prices Europe, and which they
*redetermined to sell eorreopundsnaly low. Merchants
who have beet, to the habit of going East are pitrueu
larly requested to call and look through our
stock, as
we confidently beheve they welt save their expenees.
. •
UICEILIENCEIInuIges, on a trial of one and a half
XI =Mous. toter 1-4.5. pronounce this article unsur
passed (or durability ui the construction of nil kinds of
Furnaces. Price 8M1,15 cash for loads of 10 M, guar.
asiteed note mouths use. Orders for a second quality
Callen Cricks 0111 be executed at TN per NI, if so de
nted, wfithout guaraiiiee. A stock of the first quality
a now for sale at the warehouse, 'Stone's Wharf,' Ca
nal Basin, by J SCANT MACLARRNI,
scptiM Kensington Iron Works
PH(RUA FIRR CRICKS The subscribers haring
been appoindeg wit: Agents by the numutacnicers,
for the sale ol the ectebraiedl L'llunnix Bricks," are
now prepared to RI orders tor any quannly, at 5 . 21,
cash. per 1.001 For the construction of furnaces of
1.11 Outdo, these bricks bore been pronounced by tona
-1 nevem Judges. being ',tremor to all other fire bricks
uow in use. C A AI'AISULTy & Co, Canal Basin
Received dos day, t R h
m fIRE E rom them anuflac rs turers,
a handsome essor mem of extra toper and super dirt c
ply imperial Carpet, of new styles, to which we ask
the attention of those wishing to furnish houses or
smaruboaw. Curie wureroom, No 75 Fourth at. Elitis
t/tug h. Breit NV NITLINTOCK
. _
ILITCIIII. it. D. COC.llltAttlx
No. Da Tcliourrna I.AS STREET.
amil±korom., New Orleans.
lagi.inCrai reit & co.,
ItiFoßm their trtfl . ll.. nod the public thatthey hay.
no longer ad) 1.01111,...1,./1 with Mete lam egtabh.h.
mem to Pettit a. do • litudlurgh Brewer),
towing removed dietr • • ourd Ouslltrit• lo the I'ItINT
IMF:Wt.:RV. Piti &trete! -
titY:.l ot:
TH,`,',.."` . ."fhs",7lTik"ir;-;741T0d vTlarl'if,"-:
ONS, as manufactured and and. perfected by Messrs.
Mulch A. What, of Cinetnnatt. The usual compass
and extent homy but four Octaves, MMUS. M. A W.,
in accordance with the general desire and demand,
have extended the estate of these anitruments tO 44 stud
even 5 Octave., thus mating it practicable td perform
upon them any musie written for the l into or Organ
The exterior. also. ho been much improved by placing
I the body or We amtrarneut upona cast on frame
• i beautifully bronzed and ornamented. rendering it at
Aloapriat X & Sans' Rods. Ash. I once a moat elegant and extremely &tamable article.
rikllkt iiiiimeriber. •are DOW receiving their Fall stock I The pace m pat en low as to bring it eetthth the rent
1. in the above entitle, three vi•ssele, via: the Juniata, I al creep one to obtain • perfect ranocal intdrolneni ,
Medallion and Lydia, ha yule nroved at Ptuladelphra ' and, at the same time, a mist elegant ptene of far.'
mad Palliator, and two more, the :Stephen Ilatilwin and nor fur a comporattve tone. 11. KLF.BER ,
loath, shortly expectiol. they are, therefore, prepared At J W Woodwellts
to receive orders They will receive &tong the alit- N. 11.—Call and examine. dec22
tor and *pram, regular ',applies via New Orleans. —_
-- ' ' ' TOR 8 CENT:SI—Hy means of the
,Poelretl EacM
Li l' NDRI ES-5 bats Na I Mackerel ) _L" Wpm, or every one las own Phy omen! tsvenucte
0 3o libla No n one teed; 30 Id do No 2 do; 1 edition. with ups:hard% of e &indeed engravings, show.
Itt do Twitters ilii; : leg private diseases in every shape and. rel., nod Med
-sdo Alum: 3do E Salts, 3do eland logwood l formauon of the generative system. by IV. ArOUNti,
I hi
Nutmegs: ftl bar No I maied Her in Al D. The time has now arrived, that persons sutler-
AP Ito. No a do din 5 do scented Soap; I ing from secret diase, need no more heroine the inc
l. do No 3 Premed do. lit do No 4do do lum of qoackery. as ashy the prescriptions o f in
1 bale tlioves. 10 bags lava i wire. 1 thth book soy one may cure himself. wohout hindrance
50 bhd. petani Nlt sugar; jut: me. i i oo d o tr sole to business. or the knowledge of the most fermate
by deel4 'MOWN A. Pl' ImER tee, t k sr math find wtth CAM tenth
—. . . _ _ :•tion to tne general room , of private di.::e, n,, nt folly
imic" e
ix. D , lt .
c O r .. , IIU ,, N F T: a, d i tz . at s ,
u tkt . e Iq d y l o t
ti,,,, d
‘... k I I
41%. and '..l.kkmattr,r of
oangements which it nevoid not fie proper to 0nnm,,,,,.
Market and Petry 'beets. melt-dicta re the pantie gn..
i Any personsending 23 cep. enclosed in a letter,
A FURTHER REDUCTION , will receive one copy of thus book by mail, or Are ro.
TAS.muspktAn A ~,, , ,m4 pATENT SM./A ASII— ;pp will be mot for one dollar. Address O DR. W.
tp A: to 5 tons 34 ease currency, or 4to apy'vd bills I yOUNO. No 152 Spruce stzetel, Pbilsidelpia,i, it...
A 3 loos Or upwards, al do p., 6 rem do, interest ad- paid.
ded. Eor e superior quality et Wm brand we refer to : W ANTED--Proprtetors of or book Stores, and
the glass and soap manuraeturers of dns city general- pedlars to ev ery town I. the Coiled & atm to art as
W k. Al MITCHEL-TREE, „,,„ u f or We above work. ootl-deod3ist
dec4 IGO liberty st 1
- yrjOOK KEEPING—A person of long expetlience to
Bop Rook Keeping offers km 'services Inthatospacity,
permanently, Cr would for the present devote his time
1 0 ., die a djustment and settlement of books and aCeMAIIIS
The heel of references as to capacity, a.. , will he gi
von Apply at the. store of
deck 2 C A feaucr,
41 voter st
--- -
Blenching Powder, ,Chloride of Lime
RERS.—TIt , nthsentwo , hove on Itand ma tot
onstuillty he supplied onto in. Nio•if rim a. s on , „
chrated Blenching Powder. whfch they soil warn!
equut It not superior to ant tmpurted I the I' Cluny.
and which they are prepared to ccl, a the Ittweet mu
ket price for t. 0•11 hirmed
noot V.' a M Mt 11 . 1a:L1'RF:E, hherty at
rynE underxient,l having removed to Washington
co, a ill oitend l 4) the proseratiou of claims 0,1
I le Govyernin,,,,, and to iwiY , c‘o bonne., before the
Courts of the DIIMICL with which be may be emaciated
dace-33am ANDREW WYLIE, J.,
263 Acres Coot sand for Bale r
Q rrt - AT Fl I) on the Mt/nolo:1)hr rLye, abaht iGnailer
1.2) front Potsuuryh und 3 ones 1.3 :e Ines, it
the troniediate netshuorhood of Nlessra. Lyon a
.cl Mr John Herrons pureba.c. Tho hot body ot
Coal well he .old at the low price of S per ;acre--or
ono! to band. balance in fiveoquat annualirayments
wohout interest Tole Indisputable Loestuon very
c.a.—cannot be surpassed For furthar
11,1quirr ot S. RALSLEY, who has a draft of said pro
perty Residence 2d at. below Ferry, As. Ad.). Row
S B There is another seam of coal on -ibis tract.
61/ feet above the lower, of excellent (polity
y 26.16 R.
floal liCstata in Ohio.
ATRAC'T of band, 90 acres, In Munson. HartnAr
the Cuyahoga river--about 30 .reettudet Iste
proven:teat Also. two utumproved lots in 610
Warren. Trunsbnll Co., GO feet by 00. Alin, lot
r ound In the centre of Hartford, Tro.mballSo., with •
One 3wellots hence and .tore--one of the belt stand.
formerchant on IS/ Wustertt Re.erve sty or all
{11.5 proper, w !••• sold no very °u
toeing 1 -) AlAtl DICIStVI LO Coy
febll) Water and Front sts.
Tract of Land for glatate:
riml-:sabmenl,er wti; w,ll on accommodatipg
an terms. r
j valuable tract of ld, sitalite ou 11r
road leadow from Brighton to Fru:lir:in, oh* eighteen
mini from Pittsburgh, and about eight milart from the
town of Freedom on the ()bin near. Thq tract coo
tarns 4rW acres and no pr. Trim, inner mekattra The
land or of art encodes
trounry. about IM
and writ watered, and wdi be sold miller la whole or
tarn w of coriverucut rune, to salt purchaierr.
Fur further particular , enquiry of AVM. I.IOTD, A
at Law, office on itb at above Bautbaeld, Pittoburgh.
mytkdkvrtiT -
Properly In Allegheny Clay for gale.
THE volmenbersoder for yule a number of ehmet
Lots. situate In the Second Ward, froklUng on the
Common ground, on easy terms. Inquire of
W. WE. ROBINSON, Auy at Law, St Clair at
or of JAS ROUINSO7I. on the premises.
tnyllll.kwtf T
4 ,4, twit lASI'S on Beaver street, tithe Orr . of
114 A ,,,, tneny , above the upper CoMMO[III, On which
ts erected a frame budding, two stories high. suitable
for t snisll mnententa The lute are eSteh twenty
feet In trent by 011 t hundred feet deep. and run back
to street forty feet wide The belldings'On the pre
miss, wt:i pay n very handsome tuts rest nn the Invest.
meet, Katt the property actli `de Fold chearijor cash.
Apply to 11. Spout:. Clerk's office; 1.7. S. or to
novr3i KAY 24 Co
THIs tle.notral :summer Retreat, for
souse years past .cupted by Mr. le,lliurch.
field, is offered ;or sale or rent on fie first
to Apra next. 'Ms property has been approved by
oddlnottal Inuld.nglll,l sullstanttnJ Anise wall, and
terrace planted wall Evergreen. and FrullTree4 To
a goad teortn, capable of conducang tholitette the
tem, will be reasonable. GEO COD URA.
Pittsburgh, Dec Agent lorTroprletor.
&A TiE Bulge niter offers for rent fot . the term of
I One or morn y nark a large conampent well fin•
Wind two story Uweling House, containing is rooms
and Kitchen. There is a lot of ground :p mining
acre, of fine young fruit trees of evert' kind, stable,
tr.c , connected with the house. To any person wish
mg a delightful residence within a few Mthuu. ride at
the city. thin will he a rare chance. Forearms,which
will be low to good tenant, inquire , of r. Jno.
Wrlrtn., near the premises, of John Watts, corner of
Hand and Liberty streets, or of
emote-if THEXt. IFi WRICINT.
- • - ,
Scotch Rations Land for:Sale.
ri , EN OF LAND, summed m Feehles town.
I slop. on the hlonongahela, three miles from Pius
burgh—ln lota to suit porch...ter. For further partic
ulars apply to Henry Woods, 3d at, or 47
ortd.dtf Ith, abovehttnittheld at
Residence In All heny Oity
for Sale.
GUNTESII . I,ATIIVI I removal from Allegheny ea) ,
I offrr my remdence there for sale.. The premise
are ni denghtful order, and every way worthy the at
lention of any person swishingsuch property.
Reuel Nagaat. In Mercer Coataity. .
A Uri, Storehouse and tkrelling, situate on th
15. Erie Extension Cana! , in the village of West Mid
dievez, • desirable Ukeation for a merchant Also,
Lot and good Devoting House well suited fora Tare
Stand, in the village of Orangevfile, ort Stale lino o
Oki* Terms ouoT , ISAIAH DICKEY & Co.
feta° Water trod Front auk.
f 10AI. LAND FOR SALE--Seven ions coal land
1._., for tale. t,mate m bend of the blonongaheht
ootet Rivel
above Brownsville, Po_, having • 7 foot vein of eon
which win be told in exchange for good.. For porde '
art ttop!v to ft S It W.FIARIIMAIH .11arood et
AW A R EH OUSE - FOR BALE.—The aulwribe
Eden (or sale the three story brick Warehonac
on Wood street, occurred by R. Tanner I Co.
17 Wbl. WILSON, Jr.
The subscriber. will rent putt of the ware
house now occupied by them Apply to
1..}.:W15, DAIZELL. to Co,
puit7s4 water wove-
FUR YALE.—A Lot of •Groun , l situate on Penn
street. betwetil Hoy end !Ilarbory street., %dunning
ine hon.,. Anti ien now occupied by Richard gdwitril.,
having a trout of 23 tent, and in depth UPI feet, will 1.0
.oldon hivorable terota. Tale unexceptionable En•
C O. LOOMIS. tin et, near Wood.
quire of
o. t.I 111
A 1 . 2
Vele, above H G ant re. Possriliner Dwelling non g iv e,l on o a
first o( January. I.'o, or %OM., if required. n
For e Itlquire of
~o v7 i BLACKBURN A en. water
8. 110LBIZS 6 SONS,
COLLEGTIONS.—Dratts Notes and Acceptances
payable fn any pa, oC the Utuon, collected on die most
favorable ten..
BM:HAM:hi on New York. Philadelphia and Bab
union, also, Cinema., Louisville, Smut Louts and
New Orleans constantly toi sale.
BANK NOTIlls —Nines on all solvent banks in the
United Biases diseountod at the to eat mum Alk kinds
of Foreign and American Gold and Silver Coin bought
and sold.
Office. No. 55 Nlivket street, between Bd and 4th,
Pinsburgh, Pa. oeM
EIXTSBN.Y, 11 - Al2llll. & 00,
in Foreign and Domestic Exchanza, Certificatet of
Deposne. Bank NOLO, and Specie; Fourth:RE!, near
ly opposite um Bank of Pittsburgh. Current money
received on deposne—Sight Checks for sale, and cob
ileumr made on nearly all the principal points In die
Caned States
The highest premium paid for Foreign and American
Advances matte on canals:magma of Produce, ship
ped Fast. on liberal terms. =hid
B ILLS oa England, Ireland, and Scotism' bought
unt at the Current Rates of Exchange.
Drafts Moo , ft payable in any part of the Old Gauntnuli,
from 11 to 111XX1, at the rate of 85 to the 1 Starting,
without deduction or discount. by JOSHUA 501111%.
SON, European aunt General Agent, wilco sth et one
door west of wood
IDAKKERS and Exchange Brokers, Dealers In F.
eign end Domesue Time and 'Sight Bills of F
Cerufic ates of Deposite, Batik Notes and Co'
No tiki Wood street, do door below 'Fourth, w
_ _-- —
.LL. cagy 7. 1 11..
in Forcirn and Domestic Bills of EC
in, Cer
tificates of Iposite., Rani Nome and Coin, corocr of
3d and Wood streets, directly opposite St. Charles
42a Hu
. ma
Baia Nowt;
parehaned at the lowest Mt., by
septa 35 Market street.
New York.
l'hiladelphia and
Constantly for sale by N. HOLMES tr. SONS.
septa 35 Markel st.
Roollog.—O.lvatalsad TII2 Plates.
H G subscribers beg to call the an.uon of Builders,
Architects and owners of Boilthngs, to the many
advantages which these plates possers over all other
metallic substances hitherto used for woofing, de , .
they possess at once the lightness of iron, without its
liability to rust, having now been tested for several
years to this particular, both is this comtry and In En•
rope. They are less liable to expansion and contr.-
non from sudden change of the atmosphere, than com
mon an plates, mon, sin, or any other metal now used
for roofing, amt consequently forma much better and
tighter roof; requiring (or loss frequent repass, whilst
Me first cost is but a. tulle more.
A full up ply, of all uses, front 16 to 30 W. G., con
stantly ou hand and for sale by
14 and 16 Beaver street, Now York.
The patent right for this article having been secured
for no Untied States, all parties tafringing thereon,
either by importation or otherwise, will be prosecu
ted .13N4licsolyT
THP, underingned have erected works in the city of
New York, or the purpose orGlklymizing all aru•
clot Jr Iron, which it la desirable trk PROTECT FROM
R CST, such 21. Telegraph Wiro, Bolts, Spikes, Nods,
Wire for Fence*, and .y other article which May he
retunid. For Hoop. for Clots, ail eisobatituts for hale
Hope, for Clothes Lichee, Lightning Rods, and &boat of
other uppliststions, it will it found cheap and thimble.
Thstwould pent, ularly cull ulleniton to the Oalvoni-
Led Wire for fences; It requires no pat... will not
root. Also to Sptl es and 8010, the premmation of
wroch it of au mach importance, that it will commend
!twit . to Ilse mimes nl null those internam&
tit - 10 U. ISIOREWLX)D tc CO., Patentees,
oct9/-.l.torlyT 14 imd to }leaver st. N york.
ta THE t /NI V R(:IM nv “.. • -•
ttauou4, "S . 4.. Ott 1. ite
N . e,ocia Trmnot •. \ eura, s 1
Detetenes \r o. ..1 • nen,
of all di...ea that . t •
/.I . IIS.PTI t.
or Full,llg SIC%SIy., II) • ' ma
Aposma. A.c llart wmuid ... , :h. m in d. o f
Me aillmted that the %%gm,- tra,,• tn. only rriti
edy ever itumoverml that c relted mr per
Mahout cure ot thia moat Meadio. of nll in-envs.
Os tendene) Is to msanity. madm , . , and death tro• moat
5F:U.1.1.11. PH YSICI A.\?
of Ku rot., 114 well aa thmm of our own enuntrA n
pit red Fintet/ty oicutalde And is her neen oar
eunaArred ley tn.), until this most Important or a,,
dimmverim was made hy Dr. S. Hard nearly aixtemi
years •,,,ce Manna which Woe it h. been perlontuna
, Mtrte .1 me most
t:1:121.1 ,
upon record, and l" II Etryltred a reputatom wh,ch
time alone con sauce rhystei.• of undoubted atm
and expert
ence. minialem oi taboo. tirOOMIOLL110,),
an solid us hundreds of our moment rinarna. all unite
rocomtum.dolg the um. at th in
eine to their rmlients. ;Marg.-. null inenda, who are ut•
dialed, us the only remedy.
peel by those whit cured by tit:. valuable
toadied: One .ay a. - I have auffered tMyond m) pow.
er ofdeaenptlon, hut I now rrim c :.•• relit
Stored to health and happini , ." Anoth. r •Laya 1
thank God I feel that lam a a,: en, I reM A
my duty to proclaim IL to the ..! 111 , - ',ln`, Mat 1
those siottlarly alhicted may hod ' 0.41 , 01,
(who ban E-MINENT LAWYER sod s . known
till, any) sit' e, -My
has hr. afgt
with Efolopsy. but la now moyteg
the Vegetable Exttact Its taihr." ss I.^ .11011,1
and ought to be sounded to the e..ds o: .‘•
othersays...Language is male& y exprr,
toy grautude to Dr. Hart for Loving dee, the
under the blemtng of God, of renaming me to blur •
meat of good health, alter having been anneted
Ernlersyin Os worst forms form ore than la - 4,1,11re ,
years. and my morning and evening ottlanott ot pra,nn
and thooksatatng shall continue to oort t lld tO lOW dmal
who host offlicted but to make rue wOrtle '
(yrs. .I. Bradley, Ild Orchard steer: Y V .•tnies
she has been subject to Got for many oud nos
been rertored to perMci health tattorev.) ether memot
Dad foleill by the ime of the Vegotoble Est
Or Ctuirlas A. Brown. ot Dover. Rosselt tots
who t• one the boot pid?,dm . on , i , :ttm Sut le,
has been much ...Med by nte use of am
Lie Rimmed and that he uhttemtotingly pre. , ,Me• ti
reef OPOO of Eptiepsy which conms unde: his know!.
t,oass 6. Mayberry, reg. formerly resinous,:
Lone filllbt, Crawford county. Pa, now living to Erre.
county, Pa., statea that for many years past he line
been rarely attlictml with fit, mad ,• now nap', to
state 12111 Et persevering use of Dr Hart • Vegetalde
Extract, h. restored bun to sound health. tieing elute s
ly freed from that worst of all
From the Cincinne Commercial.
,The followmg certificate was giver to \lcsart. Th..-
maut & Doctor Hun's Agehts for the tsks of his
Vegetable Extract, for the mare of Eptlelin • Pot cir
Falling Sickuess. We arc induced to Pt " , it place
in oar editorial columns from the fact that is tileit y
known medictee that will cure Epilepsy. at tee sgma
ante believina alto be one of the greetest d •covertes
In medical scaeuee. Physicians and men Om •ctern,of
all ages have been trying to dtscover rented, for thus ,
disease, but all hos been an cam nub: to , weceiti dss.
eatery of Dr. Hart, and we would 110 W say to Moss
affheted with fits. despair no longer, tor th,re I. hope!
MESSRS. I'IIOIIIAS & no Main ,treet. CI:-
01110, Ageo. for Doctor Marra Vegetable
Fatrael for the cure of Epileptic Vas:
Gentlemen—lt is almost impossible (or Icon:m.6s to
chore withwjst hearifeßtansfacuoti aildrce• Use.
few lines god for the purpose of info:wtng
p ou of
he beneficial results that have hero edoeted
use of Dr. Hart'. Vegetable Emmet.
My son. aged twelve yearn, has been severely af
ducted with Epileptic Fun, and Inch sure severity that
the opinion was, he could not be cured.
In one arias paroxysms he fell nod broke his arm.
lj called in Dr. Mulford, a very excellent physician,:
who rg-set it. He tnformed ma that toy eon's Nervoun
Systeda woe very much derange.d. end that it would be
impowsible to ewe him of Epilepsy. as Epileptic Flts
were almost incurable, and employing phystniarta is
has case would be only throwing money away.
I called upon Dr. Puller; lie Informed tor that the
disease had .sumed a chronic form, and it would take
a long uoie to cure him if he could be cured et 61
He became worse and worse, and 1 brans to think
there wt. no cure for hiM =Ltd I saw thg ndvertise.
went of Dr. Ilart's Vegetab le Entilet It Ono GI our city
h gcrufieates from pongee. woo had Keen atiticted for ten, &Skeep,. twenty,
thirty, and ev-n forty
yean, and restored to health b y t:te use of the ' Valract
I called et yodr store, and after converting with Mr.
Thom., I.corac to the conehnnon to purChlt,, a three
dollar package. It done title Or no semi . I thought I
woufil try another, from the use of whiesi I :is:see:cc,:
roots littic:benefir
Men came at conclueion to purclig•.s a lea dol.
lac box. I found that ti mar of to mug, • .
1 :sus induced to purchase a , Ferontl. _l , td I RIO Irely
thankful that I do , e .o. an by the. t, , it pn.-k a
ges he has been re•derl,l to perfect
rihoul4 any perwn he desires, of seems• lc to. u. at g
certaining farther particular.. I shoryd 10
heatify them by their nelnag on 01 (I,
.nth west corner ot Pouch nod l'ack t•.,teta
eau, Ohio. ISAAC \
Cincuinat, August t.tth.l,l-..
When thaws ads who are now tr. ander the
hand of MIS dreadful diw.c. 41/.11 lOhll c,
attack may prate fatal. will find permit:xi,. re:.rieo4t
restowal to clew naing the eeleraled meth
live one thousand cerithealss hay,. t.<,n re
erived m testimony 0: the beneficial rc•uln, pruduord
by the one of Dr. Han's Vegetable Extra,.
Prepared by es HART, M. IL New lurk
'Nice. one package Rite'
In tour pack ages 10.00
do eight do
THONIAS 1 NIILES. lop Mann star;. CLIICi1111:Il4
Ohio. Cencral.Agents tor Gaited States. Cannot._ and
e.i f stile
1.. IV I LiNIX.. Jr.. cotter of lnumond arid Islarket st n
Agent for Pinultusigh, Pa.
Pay & Killtiourtic. Columbus. Ohio: II & 4 Cnylord,
Cleveland: and tor sale by moo of tie pribtipal drug,
gists and merchants throughout the United Shales
THE folloenne from George F po t o,rps.E,.. the
well known proprietor of Exert... ealt. fur
itself of the importance of We Pam Extractor to every
ErreeT Ossra,
Dat.birr: My Dear Sir—With feCiallgot of a., or
diary pleastwe I address you in relation i o the hr „c fit
have received front your invaluable Pam
Lately, my hale daughter, 6 year.. hed plteber
of boiling water turned into her boa", lire
were dreadful, so that a crowd Ineelntly pale. red ~ lie. .
fore U. ',ate to learn the C¢llllls Orth..l,•loor ecre.nme.
I .rc her -lathes asunder, and anon +I, oat! on lour
- -
and e was carried and laid s lied. tine
usoon relieved from her p.m., and *ass -hie. I feel
1 could lunghi" and war soon in a... et sleep. elle ••
a 'molded to a blotter from the top ro . her shoulder
er more than half her chest, and raand antler tho
me. On the shoulder ond hrenst it wne very drop,
t Mora the firet boor, the complained c•ily when it
The ettee heeled , end there is no
contraction or the murclur.
\ VIM many . I.vir.lic•, my dear St, for your ro •cess in
Um sale of this mighty tinkle.
I am 5 ours. with reiturct.
The genuine Daley. will ever produce ihe .tme
nn.neou3 relief. and tkoothing, coolin4 e30,t00
vere, afaulus,
The Counterfeit.-. no aster under what n-one. they •
may appear-Ida., s irritate, and merest. die p.m.
To TIIE P ÜBLIC.r"'"'""
t 7P...lward P. Holmen, of Chatham. ni rush Bridge, cr.'
Colombia county. N. Y , have twee c M.- onl ash rheu
matism to my breast, feet, end all over my nody, for,
sax years. so that I could not stand, add i.vos cored by ,
three appbcatums of Dailey's M ag A mal Pain Extractor."
EDWARD P. 110L31E.5.,7`
Mr. Dailey: Bir-I cut my finger with a copper nail; ' '
the poisonous nw,atiareofw..kuoihsch.ausfig panes
e n dint,.to p
t s o the wel .
eonsiderabli, th co.
ahoolder. large swelling taking glare at ilia arm
pit, with tnereaung pain, I became fearful of the Lock- '
yaw. In this exuctutty your Pain Extractor was re
commended to me, and which I wan prevailed upon to
try. The consequence was that it afforded me almost'
Instant relief. and to three day. I way completely mr. 4
corner Broome and Sullivan .t., Sept C. teld
NOTICE-li. Daum is the inventor of this invalu
able reme, and never his and never wall mamma-
cote to any y luring msn thig secret of as combination: /
All Extractor, therefore, not made and put op b
him, are base counterfeits ..
Pxormirrox's Dopers-41Z Broadway. New York :
=Chestnut street. Phila.
JOHN D. MORGAN, General Depot, Ito. Mai ..
THORN Agents for Pittsburgh.
s Anarnai Galax:ore Cure• All. -' '''''
• •
Cores humors, spavin, grotto,. grease, poll-evil, •
sores, galls, and brtases. Pamphlets. containing eau .
tateates of respectable parties, maybe had on applied.- ,
non to 101114 D MORDAN , , •
novls dlyia Agent I:manumit , . a
-.4r , : r . 11,No. OS, DIANIOND ALLIii,
.P.;• '. ibm doors below Wood street, In
gr , ''''''- ' DR. BROW( ' baring been'
,_ iegalarly educe teff la. the mewed
' . 14 'l%;
't.54.2.., -el , •.: rOfevaion, sad treed for ..,,. c time
-.--; .....,:. n genera. procure, new confineir
t...ii, '; •i. •', his attention teL the :realnelit of
those private and dedcate tem!
eifir'..' '. ...111111 1 k, plauitv far which his opportansi elei
i;,•• i ,- . ' and expertence pectinorly imal.s'
wyti).• ;.. ,- . row k him. Il years avaduceral) devoted
to study a Westmont off those complaintatdorow whith
time be has hod more
and has caned mote pas
items than cm ever fall to the lot of t any private fir...
Intoner: amply qualifies him to offer assarancy:pf
speedy, permanent, and satisfactory care to all affl, fed
with delleate diseases, and all diseases ariSing there]
DT. Drown would inform those afflicted Intl. private
diseases which have become chronic by tame
or agj,
ooted by the use of any of the counuoil costruma
the day, that their eenrirdaintr en. le , radically add any,
oughlyear.; he havtng given hi i c-retut auenUO, to,
the treatment of Pesch eases, and succeeded on hwrdredit
of irislarrecr in eating pct.,
01 Lt.lamnintion or tlo,
neck of the bladder. told kindred don-arcs wiritf we
result from those ewes wan, other. nave co s 4
them to hopelew despair He pan" marl ,i,y, .., ,
as have been long and annorcesetunt seined hy saints
L,.„ consult kith, when every ututaction will be OM:
them, and thew caeca treated in a careful, thorough arid
tnielligent manner, painted ma liy a tong experir
study, am invesugauon. which It IA impossible fiay ,r 3 , - i
eng „, ei g general practice of rued/elm to gore an,
one Maas of due..
or Rupture -Dr. Brown suo then. Agri
situ aftbeted with Henna to call, as he ha. paid Torso
alar otterillon to Sus disease. . .
SkinCß al. curd.
&wales: also PY a, Paley, etc., specatty cased
Chames very low. •/
;i4 L-Paucuts of with sex henna nt a eastanee..try
mune their disease in writing, glymg all the eyang
toms, can obtain menes With directions the met try
auldresaing T. DROWN, M. D., poor paid, and encl..
inf,let•No. 51, Diamond allej, opposite the .eoely
_ . .
RnzesLuilmr.—Dr. Drown', newly discolored reash
dy for RiieurnatiOn le • spccry and ecru= remcdv for
Makpainful trouble. It never kris I
Office and Private Cons:Ming Snores, No. IP' Ma
mond alley, Pittsburgh, Pa. The Doctor is always at
tEr No cure no pay.
(Mao Of AiMillicrask i Foreign PaTenl! •
JAMES GIUMNODOII, of the him Erns of.rhelbseht
Greenough, combines the intones. of Comrades
Kneinecr and Patent Attorney, et hi. odleolnlbeietlY
of WASIUNOTON. He may be comulted scesbleri
ployed in making examinations on machinery. briike
Patent Office and elsewhere, in fomlibing &Wing*
arid speelfiesuilms of machines, and ailpopersneetem
ry, transfer, amend, re-issue or extend lettere paleetin
the United States OT Ikrope. He elm dm be =exalt
ed professionally on all qurntions of lltigalion.dmhi
ing under th e Patent Law, and wi s . algae
ttons before the Parent Office or en epperilltint;rili
for which his long expenence 1.11 th e Patent GAitelir Er
in his profession, have pecallarly fitted blei:44l#
I fesconal business f th e late Dr. T. T. pstoripil
placed in ins :ands, all Wren on rehire
should be addressed to him post paid. nog' fraLionS
Mar AZ/rinws
N F:( new W Al c O m LA ip S u l i FS--rin .
Mamie No 9, and far sipeDy .
den{ ..lAMM A EIUTCIiLiOti 4.4)