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New Yea's Dav,—Yesterday was a delightful
day for the season, the walking was pretty good, and
the eon, part of the time, shone out very cheerfully.
Our population, having been peat up for weeks
back of the wet weather and muddy walking, was
poured into the Wrests, which presented an ao i.
mated scene of happy faces, and joyous greetings.
It was very pleasant to see so much comfort, DO
much freedom from care, so resolute a determina
tion to forget the anxieties of business, and to enjoy
the profusion of blessings of a gracious Providence.
It to delightful to reflect that there is but little soL.
faring and want among as, and that the great mass
of our population have every thing necessary for
physical comfort, and the heart to enjoy their blew
ings in a rational manner. Ye did not see a per.
sort yesterday that was not comfortably and neatly
dressedovhfle the clean, bright, rosy, happy races
of our thousands of children, presented a spent.
de joyous to behold. There are, no doubt, cases
of suffering among us—quiet, retiring, silent suf
fering, which calls for the prompt relief of the be
nevolent—but they • are exceptions to a general
rile; and will always be 4iund in the most pros
perous communities. May Pittsburgh—may our
happy country—never know a less joyous and
happy New Year, than the rtrw of January, 1849.
. .
The Lancaster, Pa Examiner says; we have
grim plearkure in laying before our readers. the
subloined copy of a letter, recently-addressed by
Gen. Taylor to Thos. E. Franklin, Esg, of this city.
It will be seen, that while the nature of General
T's Private engagements are such as will prevent
him from taking this city on his route to the seat
01Govemneat, he nays that he will endeavor to
visit Lancaster 'on the earliest occasion of relax.
slices from public dories,' after the 4th of March.
There is, therefore, every reason to believe that
the Old Hem will visit us during the ensuing sum
mer, and if he doe. come, we promise to give him
a reception worthy of the Old Guard—worthy of
his own exalted character and worth—such a re.
ception at never before was given to a citizen o
this Republic.
BATON Rows., La. Dec. 9,1 S t&
• Dear Sir,—l have had the pleasure to receive
your letter of. Nov. 22d, which you addressed to
me in behalf of the Whigs of Lancaster county, Pa.
and conveying to me their warm congratulauorm
atthe result of the past election, and their anxious
desire that I would visit Lancaster on my way to
Washington City.
It would afford me the highest Wee-rare to com
ply with your invitation, were it possible to do .1.
but I regret to say that I shall be so long delayed
in the West. in the transaction of isecemary private
business, that I shall not have the time previous to
the 4th of March next I have indicated to Gov.
Johnston, that I shall, on the earliest occasion of
relaxation from public duties, endeavor to visit
Harrisburg. I propose at the same time to visa
Louusasier also. Be assithed that I value highly
this mark of respect from 'the citizens of your
cotutty,sul their attachment to upright and patri•
otio fthitthiples. - Please accept for them at this time
my sincere thanks. I hope, of no distant day, to
express my arose of :heir good will and regard, in
. .
I am, nr, with math rampart and reganl,
Your moat obt.senrant,
Thos. E. Franklin, Esq., Law:alter, Pa.
Interesting Correspondence
Ilazorroaton, Nov. 22, 1818.
Maks. Gs. 7. TAYLOR,
My Dear Sir--The people of Pennsylvania
wonM feel themselves greatly gratified in welcom
ing among them their favorite and successful can
didate for the Presidency.
In their behalf and as their Chief Magistrate, I
tabs unfeigned pleasure in extending to you an
invitation to visit our ancient Commonwealth, dor
tag the 'ensuing winter.
Accept of my congratulations upon the result of
the late elections.
I remain, most aineerely,
• Your Friend,
BATON Rotrcnt, La, Dec. 9, IBM
Dear Ser-1 have received with much pleasure
your letter of the 22d November, extending to me
to behalf of the People of Pennsylvania, a very
kin - a
invitation to visit your State during the win.
Werul to consultniyorn personal inclinations,
1 skald not hesitate to accept your invititien; ,or.
similarly as it comes to me through so distinguished
a source, but my private engagements in the Weal,
,previous to the 4th of Mara, will not permit of
On some fit occasion of relaxation from my put.
din duties at the seat of Government, I shall make
it a mutter of ditty and pleasure to visit you at
Ratriabtug, and greet my fe'low citizens of that
city, and each other 'parts of your State, as may be
within convenient distance of it.
I um, deer air, with much respect and esteem,
Your moat obedient servant,.. .
Elia Excellency, WILE Jornicsrox,
Governtiir of Pcnosylvania
Run 11" • Fataast,—The Boensdale Democrat
gives a long account of a riot at that plate, about •
week ago. A Protestant young man married a
wife whose parents were Catholics. The wire
dying, a disputeotrose as to whether the should be
buried in Protestant or Catholic ground. The
. bushand insisted that sheehoold be buried where
s f e could rest by her side at his death.. The par
ents expressed their fixed determination to have
ter Interred in Catholic ground. Each party
Sought legal advice, which resulted in the decision
that the burirind had the right to direct where biz
wife should be buried. Matters were then corns
promised so that the Catholic IBervicer was allowed
to be performed over the body at the house, and
she was to be buried in Protestant ground, Bat
we the day of the funeral, just as the body woo
placed in the hearse, the Ether came forward and
claimed that the body should at) to Catholic ground.
Thereupon, a fearfdl not etumed, in which a large
number of people participated, and the coffin was
-tossed about catelesisly. The Sherd!' finally quelled
she onlbreak, and the interment took place in Pro.
teatant ground. •
lismaahrry or GOLD Dimwits.—The Washing•
tin Globe has another interesting letter from San
Francisco, confirming the motley, desperate and
careless character of those eoligeted in thitakw
nia gold region. One passage in the letter we have
+read With much regret, which Is:
"Every man engaged in hunting gold, sod every
one that visits the gold region, 'goes armed to the
teeth. Scenes of violence occur: there is no se.
entity for life or property," &c..
Mon no- aLevvintT ansrrisrrs—A meeting of
ears prmelavery men was held at Versailles, Mo o
teoently. The proceedings of the meeting were of
a similar character with those of South Carolina.—
The course of Senator Berlina was atrOngly repro%
and'grent alarm was expreased at the rapid
progress of the abolition moveaaent at the North.
A similar meeting was to have been held et Fay.
ette, Howard CO, an the 234 iad.
extensiTe rolling mill of Mr. Wet.
formerly a citizen ior Washington 00,
fld Gochtand county, was
0 0am
ll ; dptmgod by fire
onSosday ' A g fa, the 2nd
~lltIe" ' b Inzonsce.
The Joss
..1110411' mot !acre is the title of a base Weekly
11i0erjaatratatted in Philadelphia, and edited by
Getinpr Llppard, Pee, Well knoWn as the writer of
tales: Price 82 per vicuna.
PraraMnis hw FiePn /mat one yeafjo thorn.
liteaday In Pulaski C;:aincy, Ill,; for maizelaughter,
IliViga m' died:who va mamil pith small
. .
• A sespectidde female named Leighton, of Greet
Mallen, England, has been sentenced to seven
wart uanva!tation for stealing 'an malgelia.
Correspondinee'ef the Pittsburgh Gazette.
Wasomoton,"Dec. 28.
We have no news of etgusoluence. Both Bee.
ace are gong well whit the pubhe hulloes:L—
in the . Home to dry, Dlr. Pollock of Pennsylvania,
made as u.ileuent speecn upon the tariff question,
the House being in committee on the President's
Message. He lighted upon Mr. Walker's Report
and tore it iider - situill 'slued, nod patches. There
is not: a man' in the House more thoroughly versed
111 all matters pertaining to the finances than Mr.
Mr. Thonipsou of the Erie District made a few
remarks, in which he explained that though oppo.
sed to the tariff of 1816, he was not and had not
declared himself in favor of the thrift of 1812. He
had not been understood in his previous remarks
by those who supposed him to have asserted any
thing contrary to this.
Mr. Gayle, of Alabama, had a little more to roe
on the question of privilege, as concerned in the
charges of extra mileage. He was set down as
having received one hundred and eighty dollars
more than was due. He could inG3rm the hon
orable reporter for the New York Tribune, that he
had not received all the mileage that rie was cribs
tied to, and should apply to the committee on
mileage to have it enlarged.
Mr. Vinton reported the Civil and Diplomatic,
and several other appropriation hills. The House
in committee of the whole passed the remainder
of the day in consideration of the deficiency bill,
as it is called, a bill supplying deficient appropria.
lions for the current year.
The Senate, having a Democratic majority, com
mitted the atrocity of passing a bill chartmng A
coxrarry!--s coaroasnon.l---entitled the Wash..
ingtori, Georgetown, and Alexandria Steam Pack.
et Company Mr. Benton was for it, Mr. Allen
against it. It passed--ages 24: nays 15.
The Senate also passed a joint resolution rector.
mg the tutee of mileage for messengers beanng the
electoral votes for President and Vice President to
Washington. The rate was established in 1825,
at twenty five cents a mile, but was reduced last
year by a proviso in the General Appropriation
Bill, to twelve and a hate cents a mile.
The Senate has come to no determination yet
on the question of confirming any more nomina ,
tions of Mr. Polk, of a character which will throw
upon General Taylor any extraordinary amount of
responsibility in removing the persons whom he
may appoint. The cases of both Major Cass and
Mr. Sevier are of this character. I have seen it
reported that the Senate have established the prin
ciple, or rather confirmed it, at this session, of not
sanctioning nominations made Under these etrco m.
stances. But I believe this is not strictly correct.
I learn the fact to be, that Major Calls' nomination
has been reported upon favorably, while no action
at all has been had upon that of Sevier. The fate
of both of them is very doubtful. There are many
reasons of a public nature against sending any bo
dy to Rome at this time—in fact there is no earth
ly use of keeping up this mission. It was made to
please the Irish Democrats, and now that the elec
non is over, and a vacancy exots, may as well be
chapped. flat an to the boundary commission,
there exist reasons for despatch of considerable
importance. A commission should be rent at
once, but Sevier is personally very objectionable.
A grand inauguration hall has been resolved
upon. A large committee of Taylor men have
been appointed. JUNICS.
From the Eiqtath.
At New Orleans the body of a murdered man
was found in an appaling condition, supposed to
have arnved in the British ship Anon Lancashire
from England. His name was probably Thomas
Moore, and he was evidently murdered for boxy
—The barque Florida, which teak 3.50 volunteers
to Yucatan, has returned to New Orleans. She
left Sisal on the 10th inst. The troops were all
well. and most of them had reached Mend:l
A great victory over the Indians was celebrated
The 21st inst. was celebrated as a thanksgivtag
day et N. Orleans.
Passengers who left Tampico the fah inst. In
form the New Orleans Delta that General Tenor.
with six hundred men and six pieces of antler).
was encamped al old Tampico. awaiting the arri
val of Gen. Ganiere, who was dad► expeeted, a
the head of three hundred men.
General, Penorin and Garniere belong to the
war party, the party opposed to the treaty of pew,
with the 11. States, and without the countenance
of the General Government. They meditate
taking poesesaion of pe city and fort of Tarnpi
Pepin Castello, who oncrunands the National
Guards of Tampico, has hitherto. with his farces.
stesdily sesisteekall attempts to introduce troops in
to the city, but it IS supposed by this time Tennrio
and Gunter,. ore in passesiion of it. as Castillo.
and his assomme leader, Pease Gonzales, have
only five hundred men in the National Guard.
and onlr one hundred and fitly of them armed,
and they had no arulery, the cannon they obtained
varns time ago by force front Mr. Chase, C. S. Con
sul baying been returned to him.
The posession ofTammco by Tenona and Gar.
mere will !rid to events If canting interest in that
quarter, and we shall M: aniconsly fur intell,
genre, for we feel assured that as soon as the news
reaches the interior the people of Tamaulipas
will hasten to the rescue, and in all probability de.
clam their independence of the Republic of Mexico
—an event which ISOLIOC, or later is certain to
happetrigain.y u who may.
- -
The Picayune has dales from the City of Mexico
to the 2d .instant, mid from Vera Cruz to the 4th.
The Mannar Republican devotes a leader to the
threstening aspect of affairs at Tampico. It says
that notwithstanding the protestations ofloysity on
the part of the authorities mid the principal citizens,
there is a aestaf traitors in Tampico whose firstob
ject is to establish a republic Al Sierra Madre and
next to annex the same to the United States. The
• article goes an Marian the government that this
question eoncemathe nationality and integrity of
he Republic. The editor demands energetic efforts,
that the project may be nipped in the bad.
The Tampico papers have no additional news on
the 'abject. The people of Tobaco are petitioning
the government to spare Pane.
There is news from Durango, of terrible ravages
by the Indians.
A Zsipetecas paper has a report that Paredes le
a San ,pat Potosi. It is said that Perdu is pre.
paring a pronancismentn.
f A meeting of the chsinzgats of the Mexican tree.
sissy as called at the Palace on the ith inst.
The papers atilt record many robberies and other
uimea, and accasionally acts of speedy justice.
The National Guard, in the city of MelierS, is re
potted to be totally disorganized.
It is said that Gen. Carrera, Ez.President of Cen
ts* America, has established his residence is a
Mexican State.
Indications are that a revolonon will take place
in Cbeapas,
Dates tattle 25th Oet. have been received from
Guatemala. It is said to be in open war, and troops
have been galled out t7ir to defence. An eogage.
meet took place on the 21.1 at San Andrea, in which
the commander-tn•cbie( and other oilmen were
killed. Punishment (of depth has been decreed
against General Carrera, should he return to
Guatemala, before the re-establishment of the con
stitutional gpvernment.
From—The Capture of Mara-
The report of the capture of the city of Maracas.
ho, by the fnlee of General Peer, which wan pub.
Imbed in thOtmette a short time since, is fully con ,
firmed by Igter arrvals. The following letter to
the New York Herald of Fnday, gives the par.
Pmcwro Csseun, Dec. 2, 15t
We have received official .nkurnation of the capt.
talent:in of the important city of Maracaibo to the
forces of Gen. Pare, commanded by GaL Andrade .
The surrender of this city took place ou the 2211, of
Nov. last, when Col. Andrade entered the town at
the head of 1,5110 men of the constitutional army
The place was taken without striking a blow, and
the cause of its having held out so long, was the de
termination of aoL Andrade to take the city with•
out bloodshed. Col. Caatelli, the commander of the
forces of Manages, is a prisoner of war in the hands
of the constitutionalists, who have oleo captured
a considerable quantity of arms, dc.. The forces
of Gen. Pace are thus in posession of the coy of
Maracaibo and the strong tort of San Carlos, at the
entrance on the lake.
, The Manages fleet in what is called the Saco, or
outer hay, where they suffer much from the expo
sed nature of the place, and the want ofsupplies.—
' The fiefs of fienertd Pees to at anchor made of the
lake. Ere long, the fleet at Menages must attach
the fort of-Sam Carlos, or abandon their present
General Pees is still at Cornecta, and will leave
(or this coast, we are indamed, in the latter pan of
this month, with two steamers and a sloop of war,
to join bin deer, and pat himaelfat t h e head of the
army, which is to restore the constitution and on
der to this oppressed country.
The inhabitants of the„Llanos (the Planes) are up
in arms finical Monagan, said in favor of Pees.—
Mesida,Trilsilloalud Barinas,important movements
have taken place against the government of Mona.
gas, The eastern part of Venexula is oleo much
agitated, but we )tave as yet nothing positive from
that quarter.
The government of Manages has published a
new. tlectee. repealing to part the former one rela
tive to the iuue of treasury bonds. By the first
decrees, these bonds were receivable at par in the
mutru 1109.0 and by the lest decree they are to
he reeelvyd for unl) l'sfper cent, and the balsa.
is 1. , he paid by the government These bonds
were purchased by merchants, chiefiy fereigeera,.
to pay dimes on the faith of the decree, of Mee..
gee; but es the effect of the measure has been t o
deprive um Menages government of the income
denied Iwo) custom;houses, the gevernment have
=de u decree, by which purchasers are deprived
of the benefit. they expected to secure, and are
compelled to become creditors ofthe administration,
to , a l arge anroura, against their will. This will
givesrou in Ides of the financial mate of the ma.
eat gerviemment.
The Milowing abstract' ci(the proceedings in the
Hone, at Washington, on M. Greeley's exposure
concerning mileage, vre take from the Baltimore
American. It will be found interesting:
Mr. Sawyer rose to a question of privilege, and
referred, at some length, to a publication in the New
York Tribune, in which he, among other members,
bad been accused, he said, of charging and receiv
ing illegal mileage. He proceeded to vindicate
bunceit, and to chow that he had received no more
than It had been cuctomaryto allow, and that the
distance had been calculated by the committee on
mileage, in the same way as had been that ..ifother
members from Ohio, and upon the same kind aria.
Mr. Healy and Mr. Green, both of whom have
served upon the commitees on mileage, explained
what had been the practice in calculating the mile
age of members, sod stated that the information
upon which they had acted had been derived, not
from the members, but from the Poet Office Depart
meet, from tine Post Office Sohedale, Guide Books,
&o. No difficulty had hitherto been made in re
ference to this mode of calculating, and ifthere wits
any fault aornwhere, it was not attributable to the
Mr. Turner, of Illinois, one of the members iamb.
cated most seriously by the accusation in the
bone, spoke at considerable length; and with much
severity, upon the course of that paper in this mat.
ter, and pronounced the whole article a tissue of
mierepreventation and falsehood.
At the conclusion of his remarks, Mr. Turner
offered a series of resolutions, instructing the Com
mittee on Mileage to require and report—first,
whether, daring the present Congress, any greater
mileage than usual;has been received by any mem
ber, and, if so, by whom, how, and in who: manner
it has been amputee; in what manner andlry whom
allowed? Secondly. Whether the publication of
the New York Tribune, under the name and au
thority of Horace Greeley, a member of this House,
doee not amount to an allegation of fraud against
most of the members of this House, and (so, whelk,.
er the charge be trite or lids& Thirdly. Authons
mg the committee to send for persona and papers.
Mr. Turner moved the previous question.
Mr. Thompson moved to lay the resolutions on
the table, but this motion was negatived, by yeas
and nays-26 to 128.
Mr. Greeley addressed the House at'some length,
in explanation of the article in the Tribune, the
mode in which the information had been obtained,
and the motives which had induced the publication,
there being:no imputation of illegal charges by the
members made in the article. The argument was,
that the law ought not to be so construed as to
allow mileage for any greater distance than the
shortest mail route, Sc.
Mr Turner inquired whether he (Mr Greeley
was the author of the article?
• .
Mr. Greeley replied that the compiler of the ta
bles published was formerly a clerk in the Post
Office Department, but now employed here for the
Tnbune, and that they had been prepared by his
(Mr. G's)directiona The accompanying remarks
were his own. He had taken the nearest route for
the member' esidencess and calculated the honest
distances by the shortest post routes from thence to
the capitol at Washington. The diferences are
not ststed to arise from a deviation from the legal
route, but from what would be the legal route if
the shortest was adopted.
Mr. King, of Georgia, said that he had always
refused to give any distance, but had left that to the
committee on mileage.
Mr. Greeley made some remark, not distinctly
heard, in regard to the unwillingness of members
to make statements, and the duipowtkin to shrink
from responsibility in the matter.
Mr.Kiog wished to know if that remark was in.
tended to apply to hunt
Mr. Greeley said it was intended to apply to 0.
Mr. King, (very mernly)—Why tlid you en
Mr. Greeley then proceeded to explain, and to
state the object he had in view in the publmstlori.—
The information which he had published had been
obtained from the Post army hooks.
Mr. Turner—Did you not know the fact that the
post office itself did not now use these hooks?
Mr. Sawyer remarked that great injustice had
been done bon by his publication. He had been
scoured of chanriag far :tin utiles further than his
colleagues. Why was this.
Mr Greeley said that his particular case had not
been taken mw consideratton at all. What he desi
red was tbut the true and equitable route should
be tined by law, er that the law should be frurly
Mr. Houston. of Delaware, roan and made a few
remark,. in regard to tns own rase. The usual
route was that . r nab( y tra re!led by bum.
The firer rer.hriton wan then adopted without •
dr vision--the aecond Le. yeas and nays, 100 to 43
and the third ohe'power to send for persons and
Rapers/ was rejerted. Adjourned.
Pao.aucsa or nen Gum, Favra.—The gold fere
has reached Maine. Most of the towns within he
Mhos will each famish its quota to swell the ltd.
of emigration towards the Pacific, and many
farmer will leave his field in order to reap a gold
en harvest elsewhere. Bath and Bangor have 01
ready sent a number, and an enterpn.eig Yank .
has a tine barque of 300 tons burtben, now build
mg, which he h. olartatened "The Gold Hunter;
The Boston Post says
'nor farmers are abaodontag their field; oar me.
chanim their workshops, to go to the gold region,
arid many or the fair stx are waxtng warm k',/ the
land of promise. A new company was firmed in
taut city on Saturday, and over thtrty signers were
immediately obtained. It rain be composed chiefly
of mechanic; and is under the &rectum of Caption
Greene, for several years favorably known in the
b:ast India trade as on intelligent and energetic
non. It is undergo.' that the wives of several of
the signers will accompany them to San FrIIIICISCO
—an excellent arrangement."
The Pottsville (P.] Emponum give. the PlMes
of a drrun intelligent and enterpruung young men
going from that region, and says .
county is likely to be honorably rep.
resented to the gold digmtis of California. Our fel
low townsman, Mr. Alfred Lannon, has mined a
company recently formed in New York, who in.
tend to proceed forthwith to California out Vera
Cruz, city of Mexico. and thence to Acapulco, on
The Amine. The cost of panage from New York
to San Francisco, by this route. is said to be $250,
and the tone necessary to perform itabout-40 days.
W. Ms ur= Castrustuvr.—A number of the
mimeos of Waal:envois gave on Wednesday last,
a complimentary dinner to nparhon of the two
houses of Congress, and Nome other guests. Idea y
toasts were drunk, and there was mach speaking.
Among the proceeding, we find the Wowing
M•. Benton then rose and nod, he evaded ht.
.11 of a momentary pause in the guest-anon of
speaker —a little gap in the Misr while calls were
overcoming modesty—to point mu a gap in the
company—the absence of one who, as an old in
habitant, and no long the associate of the Mayor,
would naturally have been expected to he present.
That gentleman is not here, and to mo his absence
is what it no doubt in to every member of the
company, a disappointment and ■ drawback—the
honorable Secretary of the Treasury, on the right,
will doubtless feel the full force of this term—a
drawback upon the enjoyments of the evening,
His presence would have been most agreeable ;
but his absence lose an advantage—we speak of
him with the less reserve. I have long known
that gentleman—personally for about the time of ■
generation, and through the paper which his name
sends as the first of two that are equal, for nearly
a generation and a halt
I became a subscriber to the National retell,.
fencer kirty.tvvo years ago, and, with the turns
incident to all human things, have been off the list
sometimes, but am now on again. I have been
against the paper, but never against the mon—l
might say nvin—and am now too old, if not too
wise, to mil out with a paper any more, which, in
the midst of puny conffict, still treats me with
civility. II would hove been a great gratification to
me to have met bun here absent, I must give
him a remembrance, and am sure of the concur.
rence of all the company.
Mr. B. then gave—
"Josstru Gsi.m, A man of head And heart
head to grasp the affairs of a nation, heart tba
would fill the universe with ni kmdossa"
Mr Rdisor.—You published a very good eery
from a Hagerstown paper, of two men not known
mg the day of the week. The moral of the gory
was not odd. Here it is In another story which I
send you for the benefit of all pante. smiled) , int
Some years ago, a lady noticing a neighbor o
hers wan not an her seat at church on the Sabbath,
caned on her return home, to inquire what should
detain so punctual n asuendant. On entering the
house she found the family busy at work. She was
surprised when ber friend addressed her—
'Wby lel where have you been to day, dressed
op in you sabboth day clothes , '
'To meeting.'
'Why, what day is it I'
•Sabbath day".
'Sal, stop wroMing M a minute Sabbath day.—
Well, I don't know, for my husband has got so
plaguy stingy he won't take the papers now, and
we know nothing. Well, who preached?'
'Mr. M—;
'What did he preach about?'
'On the death of our saviour.'
'Why, is he dead? Well, well, all creation
might he dead, and we know nothing about it. it
won't do; we most have the newspaper again,
far every thing goes wrong without the neWsPslmm.
Bill has almost lost his rending', and molly has got
mopish again, because she has got no poetry stones
to read. Well, if we have to take a outland of po.
laces and onions to market I not resolved to hove
Moral—Those who da not take it newlipsper.
don't certainly know any thing.
Vuunisto Coot..—ln a speech recently made in
the Virginia Legislature, in favor of a bill to Moor.
pomtethe Virginia Coal Company, Mr. Faulkner,
of Berkeley, elated that the ooal fields of that State
covered 21,000 square mile• out of the total area of
84,000—an extent equal to that of England, het.
land, Scotland and Wale. combined! Caner!, or
purely bitoinualous
.coal droUsida throughout the
basin of the Eanawbai and was au accessible that
a single hand would dig with with ease 200 bush,
per day.
The liarrisburg Telegraph is to be printed Daily
during the session of the Lingisleture—priee taper
seas= We wish Mr. Fenn abundant Waal
lAquislitive Datehassa.
We clip the following from the .. fitaohiogrephy
nfa Travelling Printer,• as published to the N. Y.
Sun :The disciple of Faust was "tramping a"
through Pennsylvania, and late one nighyode up
to a Dutch tavern and opened Hnn's eariltus
. 110, landlord'" Old Dombiethkei%Ounded to
his feet, breaking hus clay chiboque m the demon.
"That was his pipe, l'aupprise," interpolated my
critical cousin.
"That was his pipe," replied L Regarding me
with the, suspicious examination °fan otteer alike
customs, he opened the comer °Chin month and
Mishter Valking Stehich, vat -do you
"Refreshment and repose."
"Supper and lodgmf, I reckon?
•Yes, sir, supper and lodgings."
"Pe you a tam Yankee pedlar, mit chewelry in
your pack to cheat to gals r
"No, sir, no Yankee pedlar."
"A singing teacher, too lazy to York
"No—no singing master."
"A chanted! shoemaker, vat schtays till Satur
daynight, and laysh drungk in the porch ofer Sun.
..110, sir, or I should have mended my hoots be.
fore this. But lam not disposed longer to submit
to thin outlandish inquisition. Can you give The
supper and lodgings?"
"Torekly But vot be your A book achent,tak.
en honest people's money for a little larnin', that
only makes 'em proud and lazy r'
"Try again, your worship."
"A dentist, breaking the people'. chews, at a
collar a schilag, and running off mit old Shantbock's
No, sir; no tooth pedlar:' -- "
"A fernolojous, den, feeling to young folks' bets
like so many cabbttch, and charging twentyntive
cents for telling their fortunes, like a tam Yen.
lees !"
"No—no phrenologist your excellency."
"Veil, den, vot to title are you i Choost tell and
you shall have some of to beat sassage for supper :
and sehtay all night free grattut mitout charging you
a sent, mit a chill of whiskey to start on before
Very well, your honor. To terminate the collo
quy w•thoul farther circumlocution, I am an hum•
ble Mamele of Faust--n profeaaor of the art pro.
servntive of all arts—a typographer, at your nen
"Potash au r
“A printer, sir—a man that prints tooks and
"A man vot brinta nooshepapers ! Oh, yaw'
yaw By Choopiter--eye ! aye ! datch it! a man vot
brintsnooshepapent—yaw ' Valk up, vatic up, Miah•
ter Brinier!Cheemee, take the chentleman's back
ofE Chan, pring some junks to to fire. A man
vot hrinta ncoshepapers. I wish I may pe tam if I
didn't tick you vas a tailor I"
Visousts.—A series of resolutions introduced
into the Legislature of Virginia, by Mr. Floyd,
proposes to declare that the enforcement by Con
gress, of any such law as that embodied in the
Wilmot Proviso, will be resisted by Virginia • to
the last extremity, and by every means which she
can command." The resolutions are in the follow
ing words:—
"l. Resolved, That the ininitution of slavery was
lolly diseased by the Convention which framed
the constitution of the United States, and that the
rights of the alaveholdera were fully recognised
and amply protected by its provisions ; that, with•
out the compromises then solemnly entered into.
the Union of the States never could have been
farmed; that any attempt to abridge the rights of
the slaveholder, or to prohibit his free emigration,
with his slaves, to any portion of any territory of
the United States, acquired by the common blood
d treasure of the whole nation, to a gram and
palpable violation of the Federal Constitution.
2. Resolved, That Virginia cannot, in honor or
'a Justine to herself or to posterity, think far one
moment of a submission to a law of Congress,
having kw it. object an abridgement of the rights
secured by the constitution to the slaveholder and
to the South; and she will regard the passage of
such a law a direct infraction of the Coosututien of
the United States, and:consequently, a subversion
of the equal nghts end benefits secured by that
instrument alike to all portions of the Union.
. .
3. Resolved, That Virginia will resist such
act of aggression to the last extremity, and by every
means which she can command.
4. Resolved, That is the event of the passage,
by Congress, of the Wilrum l'rovian, or any bud
rent measure, whlch can or shall have a practical
operation upon the , ateresis rod nghts of the
States holding slaves, then, and in that case, if the
Legislature shall have &tin:stoned, it shall be the
duoy of the Governor to convene the ileums]
Assembly of this Commonwealth, to take into eon.
sideraoon the said net, so well as the mode and
measure n( redress.
5. Rewired. That the Governor of the Common
wealth be requeated to send a copy of thew revo
lutions to each of the States of obit rateltyatal elan
to our Senetor. in t and each of the tern.
bees of the House of Representative."
Store watt a yea: ago. the Leg - Is:atone of Tin
gone adopted a rettea readout:Asa contamog
the rime of
pwine•ples as no an.
twonred is thew. we have j am gaoled It rm.
then deviated - that under no eirennastances wilt
thin body ,the reetagnias a.
landing any enaeltneat of the Federal Government
which has tar its object, the probitstatti of slavery
to eny terribly, to be sequined either by conquest
or treaty?
Rimain‘ ?if r nom. of high ett•
casement in relation to mineral wealth it may not
uninteremtinc to 4 ale that a gentleman o.lWain/im
ington, I . o4esair W It. Johnson. has recently an.
ceired, by Miler it the lioarine 11 0verninent.
splendid sod valuables eries of minerals of that
country, emlirccing some el the rater varieties tit
mineral cm.. an oriel) as of the rich and valuable
metallic OR,. term widely distant parts of the em
pire The donationundentimal to be •n ac
knowledgment of important assistance rendered
to certain officers i.f the autism° mining corps,
mot out to this country in 4016, to cream:tote the
subject 01 the n, the and am al anthracite and
other coal. Itsn oppropriate cutuplitnettl, nod
ir•s accomp•rtied by letters vetch epeah la the
most unequivocal term• of the high esurnation of
the scientific and sod co-operation of Protium
Johnson (felon.
At a meeting of the citizen, of the Secood
Ward held at the hour of J Murdock, on Satur
day evenusa last, the following ticket was nrre.l
upon for %Yard °thorn.
Se!Arc Cooonti--Ketthen Wire. Jr.
roomy". Corrnraf—Hugn King, Win. it
Howard. Wm. Mtn,.
Jader—John Rms.
/n.,peccor—Menry S. More..
Aues.or —W ITI. lA - Intake,
Aarilirtaxt dtasersor—Andreir Shaar, R G Blocks.
~ r itockt thrersort—S. S. Von fkmottorst, George
i'outa&l.r--Robert Hype.
John 3,1 terclo, Wdharn Whitaker, and ft t;
Brook. were appointed a Committee to procure
The officer" were nothonsed to till ;my vacancy
bat might occur to the ticket
The papers in the eity friendly to the object of
the meeting are requested to publish these pro.
H. A. WrAvs3d.
An a WlLaon, I "'"'`.'
The a:diorama litter !runt Mr. Ilakewed wa
read at the rneetng
S. F. Vas llommoarr ,
- - ,
Deer Nor—liaving been informed that some of
my (needs will probably be demous ornamenting
me as member of the Select Council this evening.
I have to request the favor of your announcing to
the meeting that With a gratetul sense of their past
favors I beg leuve very respectfully to decline the
honor of being • candidate at the present election.
I am, very sincerely,
Your (need, and fellow citigen,
Pittsburgh, Dec. 27, 19th.
71, the &tat." of the Puirhergl. Gazette.
We hope, fur the everlasting credit of the city,
that the next Mayor that goes into office—be he
Democrat or Whig—will use his utmost endeavors
to induce the rouncils to do something to rid the
street. of the superabuudaut filth sedumulated in
Never, since Pittsburgh was a place of any note,
has there been such outrageous delay on the part
of the law milkers to take this subject in hand. It
is treated with the utmost contempt, just as if the
health and mullion of person. who are citizens,
and pay taxes, should not be consulted.
SIAM TELCsarima —we are glad to learn from
a gentlemen in Union County, that Mr. Middles
worth has yielded to the importunity end solfciia
non of his friends no Various parts afthe State, and
consented to be a candidate fur State Treasurer.—
This will be gladly received wherever the sterliag
Integrity, worth and qualifications of Mr. MAddlim
warth an, known, dud will, we think, settle to e
lipletalOrt as to who will be State Treasurer, as no
one will probably net up his cleiine against the old
"Cincionatnis of Union Country."—/farrisburgh
convene on Tuesday next, the 2d inst. Several
members have already arrived in toti.h. Amongst
them ate, Messrs. Intone of Alleghen y ,
and John.
eon of Erie, of the Senate; and Messrs. Packer of
Lycoming, and Hammon, of Erie, of the House.
In the Senate the Whigs will hove a majority of
7, and will conaequently organize without
ty. The House will he a tie-50 Whigs add rat
Locos. The two parties will hove to come to acme
mutual arrangements to effect an organization.
ifurrisburgh Telegraph.
Ibiap SW Nageorrion.—Wit learn from the N.
Y. Courier, that LA. LYaah's reporter his e gr ,k,
tions around the Dead Sea, is in the hands of the
great publisher', the Harper. It will all two vol.
tnes, and will be eagerly sought ewer by thous.
ands of reader.
Tut Msirs.—This,moniing we have dors eastern
mails doe. The late heavy snows at the east have
thrown the mails into great confusion, aod the
mod has done the sßase Or the went.
Mr. Cult flinched Louisville on the 22d inst., in
teamed health. He was to leave on the fallowing
day er New Orleana—azapping et Baton Route, to
pay a visit to Gen. Taylor.
Ware Noaaistratoeu..larblfg
For the outeonstoodatlon of our Whigitarir
seas, are publish the bowing list of nominations
io the several ward*, of candidates to be voted for
at the ensuing election.
&1 Conned—James T. Kincaid.
Common Con noil—B. C. Sawyer, Allen Cordell
Womb. Mason.
Judge—Wm. Gorman.
Inspector—Andrew Humbert.
Aawater--Cbarlea Craig.
Amstant Aasasers--William Algeo, William
&hard lh recto..l--John Sheriff, Rebt. Wightm
Cmstable--Jamel Sharp.
--•- •.
Seker Conned—,4mo Jones.
Common Councrl—W so. I Howard, Sr., Are Li.
bald M'Farland, Henry Woods,
School Directors—Reuben Miller, Jr, Alexander
41.....saar—John M'Kee.
41.nstant Assemors—Robert Marshall, Wd
fudge—Col.John Rom
Iwpm:tor—Geo. Fortune.
CaaJtab/e—Robert Hague.
Med Goan!—Harmon Parry.
Common Council—M W Lewis, Willard Leon
and. Robert J Smith, Edward Gregg, T I Dun . •
William McKee.
Tragr—Andrew McMaster..
hupector—James Galbieatb, Jr.,
School Directors—Joseph W Lewis, Samue
Assassar.—Major. Joseph McCulloch.
Assurant Assessor—William Chapman, and W
rposnm WAIL.
Glee Council—F Lorentz.
Common Council—David Holmes, R NrKnigh
John Willock.
Sthcol Direriora—W W Wallace, R E
elseessor--Reettard H one.
A AISLAN2I",--Calob Lee, Israel Higgins
Judge--0 H Ittp . El.
M White
Slat Costrial—Thom. Hays.
Common Cauncii—Geo. Hamilton, I L Pallet
son, Dr. Robert Haslet, J Allen, Jr, James Craw
fiord Wm. Young, Alexander Bradley.
Seked Direrters—Dr. Corwin and Mr. Revea.
Asst.. —Samuel Taylor.
Assistant Alleuors — Robert Dalzell, Mr. Cowdry
Judge—Samuel Moore.
inspartor—Wm. McKelvy.
Seca Counra—Ceps. W Dawson.
Common Council—Daniel Armstrong, Robert A
Cunningham. Geo. Lamburn.
Sdrant Thrrrior..—L R Livingston John Major.
Assessor--Emsnuel F.eker.
Aitscaans Assesrorg—John Scan , J M Brush.
jia,r.—Thomas A Rowley.
Ivor—Amon Kelly.
Con.nahlr—Wm. H Glenn.
&led Councsi—R. T Friend.
(//nnvion Conned—Robert King, J D WiDk. M Arden..
Annatenu Assessors—Henry Lytle, Henry W
&100 Dirrotarr--Lymati T Childs, Robert Frank
Judge--Robert Artbara.
lo.rpneto,— Robert Gallagher.
Constable—John Graham.
.tisltar Count)—Henry Sum lAn.
Common Council—Jamb lmer, A F Chfrooti
&Axel Arraors-11. F SolAth, Thome. Orno
Jmigr—Thoman Dati.
Inriertor—Clanstten Ku
Asse.s.r—Fleming Morrow.
A., tartAsx.tan.r—John A Sargent, Christlen
Rt og.
rays ociAle—Steurert Dev i.
SINT. trAlln
.tea oruird Hugh Robinson.
'gram.. 'award— /14111<rt Hill.
Aurora-- Ism. 313.1une..
As...raru Auessor Reynold,, if b 11.
. ( u.lge—Menlo Radiants_
/...seem—John httlurge.
Neac o il ihnetoce--C Reynolds, Len (3 Rene
James , ;co Dobbs.
;corps Ik bbs.
21Latyfuta, Bolls Lai-mg. CMOS., LOU , Blaitas
!tatty rill, 1-11tils, rhATIVICATItt. rating,
r”uctts. ate. to
Printr.l thr •horta, worn at low prteec, a 11.
Lk?) thrall., Tama imax.
Noma ,tocond Lentnre before lil.l Young
Mereaot.le Library and lale..banwa . inarnuir.
w Ell lin given on Tbur•day .venln g. Jannar - y •I
00A, Apoin, Hall, by Prole-sant itielnartt Hem)
Sttatc - r.-llatorrahrto and da tendencies
SLof•. hetr,. 3i rent, ad.:nano,a rntlrramin and
boeoznpsn,".g lathe. ra.a.on ticket, One Dollar. to
and at lb. prtonspa. store. •ndat the door
J•ev• aa. Jr
liA SA•111,1. Cloanninne
dr-4/-fit natal. NI %V araanaa.
Q7' Usa rum r•oets Musra.—lt you arta to be sae
peatfu/ I” any oedema/tine, you aivray• 'use the
etot.ey means "rtrevtote. a you have acough. are hr. 4 , 0 Iturcc - roaatrt mud eared, tar it to the proper
toren+ Hove you Awthtua or di ffi culty or beeathlog,
ill, the null efficient means to elate yoo I• to oar
Jayne'. Elp, brunt, ...quell unmedtotely averecune
the vt funk roulette, the dialneter of the tithe.,
and nano. and bring, op the 111113 e. which elog• them
np atatt dittotreno•e• every otuttroetton to . free trap,-
rat:on, .1.4:e at the too, I,oe ail inaammanon la sub
duet:, end o rota ts rerutat to he effected 'love yea
lironettutts. Sottuu, of Blood, Ileartay, effected
feet cr y
Pulmonary Afteetton, then ttue =Joy e'. Ka root
end relter eurtatn. and you wail rind that you have
aued the proper rttee,a,
For sole -a rttlatutegh at the Pekin Tex Store, 71 4th
street neat Wood
.I•raWs Fararrimairr —Pia would call amention to
dos as rolrna remedy for Crotch, Cold, Consumption,
/tonna, tad aTecuora of the Throat and Longa
Having sorer, boars within • few yew n put had men
.; to ma • mt.-do-me ado. km& haeeby
rare tested ;;. csreoeut qualities, and are prepared to
reeorarnerad to others altnisters or other pubtte
simaiters salmon with brim:team' affections will find
great boort; from 11l tom. It is prepared by a ACHIM
-141y.1e11114 and all cloaws will find it • safe and ellS., medicoc to the disease. for ...loch tt a re
coranunded.-IColiantins (Ohm) Came. and Journal.
For tale at Ilse Peltio Te•tilore, No TO Fourth street.
Worms, by their Imitation, augment the seers
bn of mum. or slum in the stemach. In which, al
they involve themselves; and it usasd they feed
upon It, and rt deprived of it they dm. The celebrated
raduse prepared by B. A. rA lINFSTOCIL.
ristabarith, is admirably adapted , e tth
first, to remove the protecting mucus, end theondly, to
expel th e Norm. rendered belplem and tender by 6e.
Ina thee denuded. lit. a remedy in which every con.
thence ran ee pulsed. and that it has answered the
purpose t• ltems the hundreds of eeniheates
gran di its favor
117 . Dysrrems m the bane of many • man's exist
ence No thorn. cad describe the suffering. mai sod
by this distressing disease It unfits man for his sta.
don in life, whatever n may be, and snakes him feel
as Woos ts be would ream! not eaual than endure such
N'et these suffering. are produced in the first
place i derantionent of the sumach, and if this were
met by bsine 11 A Pshnemoeb's And-Bilious
the borreMpould be cleansed, the accumulauon of
bile ester J. and a speedy and sone relief obtained.
Prepared mid told by El A FA HNE-ITOCK & Co
cornerlsi end wood, also comer aw sad wood six
ID- The sod. Alycelie expression of roma Ramie. 1,
grates d w view, while the repulsive, coarse, muddy
yellow aoes of ahem, excites drsguet--vhe r ata .
I.lm Could each people be oidirced to try a crate of
w a , loria.' rniemical Scrip, thew' would be
earaptored wow the chaos They would have a den
tal, clear, wane sato, %. ile every disfigurement or
eruption would he renew- cured.
P. air t u Nat ice.—l'ersonx whu hale bought cheap and imitations of this, and have had no ef
feet proalueed, mu" try the animal hued, ask
fat /one.' rroap. Por .ale at Wat.J•casorea, Übe,-
ty street. marg.'
- -
E rr Dow. ha, a rota] I;,aTh—l( you bare, use a
tWlo Osiling, bottle to: Jon., Anit,rl Tooth Paw.. Tha
.11c:sale our lore. n who, your teeth,
gold at ep 711iNf3vrt y
K'. M. IS M. U., Dentist,
(h.nux urul rc.,Jr nr u n Fourth sisret, opposite the
Ptithburpli Rust. ochre t..m• troth V o'clock 10 IV A
M., and t nom Y o'clock th.l M. serl4ly
Tau rnart eon NAVIGATION •ND rta• lesurunee
CoMratiy —Att r leen ort tor nine Director., to acne foe
tic or,tl be bell et the other et this Coro.
pan ,eG 1.. e fir Joy of January, Ihib, between
the hour. !U A Al ton 1 r
dee littllHßT PINNEY, See'y
I'nu..o 11 cr. Al rr.r•MilLit 1.11 1 .111 A.
Isrrnl - Aregoial Ineollng 01 11, 01emlbers,
for t•11 . ....,1110 .tr. her 1110 c,,,,Lams yea,
will 3/ 1 1411, nn 'rand:kr , veniitic, January
Oth, ,t, K
Died J nuery Ist I•lb Juliet /4 Infant daughter of
Robert lota etsruh I. Warala—The funeral unit leave
the resude nee al Woods on 4th street, thls day. January
ltd at 20 4 e fork, P. Al.
lATIIB subsuriber caters for sale or rent, his IVII•
deuce in Allegheny city. Possession can be gi
ven Ist of February, Or .Gonery, and w a n .
ever may occupy 0, might find it Advantageous to re
tain some of the furniture. Au., particularly aimed to
the place'.it. W POINDP.XTBII.
dournul copy.
aLOVES AND HOSIERY—SoIith John.on, 46
g_g &faulted n, would matte Oa attanuon or drialeni
and abed. to their choice puma ol Bliou'ssuperior
Sid Gloves, and a great variety of manna, silk and
gotton (Dove.. Also, to their extensive Cock of
worsted, Caahmare, Area, and silk Dose;
hforaviao and other st •les of cotton llose—together
with °ye% aurla of children'. Hum and gentleman.'
half Deb.
1 , 41 Made. Cloth*,
Caeittnerea, and very choice Ve•thasa, entll be
ctneed oil •I half price, and Kay 'Fruruninga "mon In.
corner Wood and fifth sta.
EN [MN 1•. AKA 131 AN LANNI ENT, for Spratna, on
LT hand nod for rah, by ja* J KIM) 3Co
E'S LIMO nYRIIP—On hand enul fondl e
by a 2 J KIDD At Co
AVieltl Col:Wound Syrup of Wild Ciaily harid
andlor tale by l a
Ktilb & Co
G vM --.ldo Ibs on h utd and for nal. by
A 2
- - - - J KIDD &Co
EMORY, assorted sires on band and for w. by
11$ J KIDD* Ca.
The Greatest Elfeeoverf et the Awe.
'Pay. Jammer( COUCH BYRUY V the Lees
and morn effectual remedy yet discovered' foe the
core of Coughs, Colds, and diseases of the Chest and
Lange in several cues of violent cough., which
hire recently come under the observadon of the yam ,
primer of this medicine, one or two done has men
Mffiediete relief, after using. without any bencietal
effint, several Lonna or themost popular and
aiv. me Menus o n
f o day That It may be Within the
reach of all, it is pot at the low price of Ti cents. As
an Inducement to the confidence of the mantes' In the
efficacy of this medicine, we say lo all tbo.e who may
porcine° and receive no benefit from it* use in the
above named dinners, your money will be returned.
For sale wholesale nod retail by
R. KIF.IIINEDY, Druggist,
Penn at, Filth word.
Also, for sale at the Drug store of JOEL
earner of Wood mid Filth ere r re/ &ha
DEa ordained and snoeuid by the muter.. of Piau
i) burgh in Select soil Common Councils asserribied,
That toe Mayor be. nod he is hereby autttonseil in sign
• deed convey Inc to ,be Tinstees of the Pittsburgh
Gea COMpally 11,1, .o. e mood note occupied by the
Oar Works, in fuJi,drruilou of the sum of went) ,
eight thousand itibikt iiclars, payable 111 the stock of
sold Company, the pro Eli on which slash begin to ac
crue. on the first do, oi January. I -tit
Ordained and E.... '
.rd inn. , sCouncils, this
2Dth day of Dermot , T. n Ii I
[Attest:? Prest. C. C, pro tern.
Fun. F.. Vd: C,k C. C
JOHN 111..1.1¢, C .
4 t • 2 d•r{
HAVE:I tin. d, y a%•cmmted eelth me m the whole.
sale Grocer,. Produce and Cornroirooon busine.s,
ray brother .Insei,, under the firm of J. S DILWORTH
January I, 1i.19
JS. DILWORTH & Co, Wholesale Grocers, Pre.
. due. and Cornsontsion Illeiehants, and Agents
lot the Hazard Ponder Co of N. Y., No 2: Wood sy
?Huhn h. a 2
LAAD-17 IMIs No I, now laadlng from steamer
Geno& for we by
ISAIAH DICKEY & Co, front .t
I, l EATIlkiRS—gi tack. now landing from mu Genoa;
12 for .ale by ja2 ISAIAH DICKEY' tr, Co
f'l —3
NSENG sacks mw landing from emu Genoa;
Ur for sale by my ISAIAH DICKEY & Co
L. AXSEED —l9 sks now landing from sir Genoa.
far 'mid by jay lAAIAH DICKEY &Co
A!ID AND Fk:ATHERS-17 bbl. Lard; '4 socks
tealher•. tir amen, for sale by
Produce Broker,
Ornox, No WrrEa SnorT, Prrtswoon, P.
HAVANA SF: GARS-1U his oriole Hrt•ana wors
112 ow yonoor Jo &oust meowed per S H Con
sof nec, mod .a:c by C H (;RANT, 44 water la
(TORN MEAL—M.IO for sua, by
R Y} ;; ,}l-°u"—b : " vc .r A i L by NNllOßS'T fr. Co.
se . ; by
14 1. b N y SEED OIL , -;r w i•h is pure, psFrilosea (SON oracle
Ccru-3 t 0,,. reedand (or
sure by drel9 It ROBISON! & Co
OLI, BuTfER— IS bbl. prime Rod Boars, m store
acid lot sale by /AS DALR ELL,
dee2s water .t
ITICLP I 7 ows Loon, - 4. Sacks Feathers; ado
ii.oscog; It/ du Vlassced, to arrive• for sale by
deelh , ISA IA It DICKEY W. Co. from st
1011111ENTi,42/ bugs reed and for sale by
Jocd % i
ALERATI'S—'LI rases Cleveland Balerates, 7 Lb&
1:7 do do: In lies do do, pulverised is papers; 4 casks
do do do. fog...silo by del WICK & A 1 CANDLESB
TIEER HAIR-4 li•les Deer Hair, just reed and for
JJ sale by dec. 8 & W HA RHAUGH
ARD--411bbis No 1 Leaf Lard, on cona3gnment by
NLARD -12 blils an kegs new Lard, this day
reidd on cuusigninent by
7;MIA11/ It —Co ,bl. Flour, just teed and for pale by
WU bush lust reed and for sale by -
eared, prime a: acle (or family are,
vast re.reived and tor sale ay
1 r .,,A 'WEIS eI.tiAKS-24 India Rubber Cloalt•
)usi rrcnud or Fair at the India Rubber Depot,
No 3 Wood .1 dee2g J d H PHILLIPS
I Nlfl A RI mite BANDINU. tor Nlsehtnery—A
lame sseonment Jost reed •d for sae at the India
Rubber Lt•pot. No 5 Wood street demt
Intotong from dmr
dee JAS
U I IlLk
dal sup'r map, hantilr, IU doi ..orn
or se, br
i' s .3,,•V b fi r aior
rb l co.
TAN-141b1,1•N C for sa cby
SAL:(I),,DA—.S easko reed
j lc u e . g , o r; N e s , good .lurT
eureß SN IT—I usre e for sule LL
lARD-51 bbl. new Lull, on consousent, by
pEATHEILS-2 boots on bonoignmem, by
ORI.F.ANS SDI:A R—On hand. JO hhds prone
Si 0 Sugar, old crop, winch anti be soid tour te 1
clew coesignment dee!? 1011 N 111'FADEIN &Co WORCESTER% PIANOS.
-- ECEIVEL, as day, mid for sale at maeufacturez.
40 . I ILIA AlsH—an casks Pod. Ash. 01 a super., goal , , jk, prices, three elegant Rosewood Pianos, read., by
0 op an band and ler sale by 1 H. IS'orreater, N Y. These iestrumeuts WV constder.
eseS7 JOHN M'FADEN &Co 1 sal fully es.!, If not superior,. any now made in N.
loft, haveng as full, round, Mid mciod mss tone; war.
VI ACKER- I.4 " — r . ° '''''. he ' t queJ", large Ne 3 Mackerel, on hand l ranted to wear well and give satisfaction.
11. and Mr sale low by
/lilt% I , I'FA DEN &Co ' The puce o! ''''' s r '' . '?' I. believed 4, h. moth
tower Man any ether manufacturer's in N. Y.
F L . t.!?4 , r : ED— d, b ,.., usb Flazse s e & d i n i s i t A lia . ..l.l A lT , l , ll3, .
01 111 . use
e vir r tostr; i : . : , 7l . I
p o f f e a u rod co r l a n d ,, e d leent
. P . inr e
SOMA'. • - - --- above at Me shore of the subsevbei, where' a large as-
ASll—.2u cask. Sole Ash. .r sale low .. Mrtment of Chiceikring's cetebfated PIS-11011 - Cl/leliwuys
close consignment. by s& Of IiAItLIAL till , he e„em. JOHN U. kl€Ll.oft,
_ _ decZ7 P!. Wood at
- DE A m Ducig—d bale. Bea. Deck. smi reed and FACTORY FOR BALE OR RENT. 1 ,
1...) for sale by deeti P& IV It ARRA Utill ', THE large and well built Fititorg, erected ou Itebcc- '
A. ea strum, Allegheny city, tiy.W. 8. Camila; Ear is
wiered for sale or rant Irma the IM of J.. 1949 . l it he
lot on watch the Factory is erected, (metaloo 6et en
Rebecca sheet, and tuna backlit/ feet to Park Meet. 1
The main building is of brick, three stories play nod
GO fee( lung by 117 feet wide. no roatuae
terse sod eormucidielm, with igt MOW, boiler, stack,
he.. all to coMpleta order. The propertylorill be mlal
low, nod on adrantageotut terms.
Inquire of • ROOIRT riDILNIGHT,
dectielstho Agent
MACKEREL -200 bbl. No 3 !docket-et, mom and
for aola hy deer , Sa W lIA RBAUWI
D VCR %V HEAT FLAW sacks hulleJ Raca
l) wheat Flour. an riles arvele, in store and for sale
by decal S A %V IIARLIAI;611
I) RY A PPLFIa—.3OO bush Dry Appl y s. for salt by
LARD Ib vow No I Lord; IS keg. do do do
II .are u:.l for sale by
A L 1 I—w Ws Alum. rec'd and for sale 62'
dregl I dr. It }LOYD
13'"ISR IIUCKETA—ZO do: Docket: m ware sod
for shle deenl .1 L R FLAJYR
ALEILATUS-2r,((0 lb. w mugs and bra, (or sale
0 by d"i° ROBT DALZELL &
LA ilb-4 kegs to ware ood for sale by
UCK W HEAT FLOUR-73 sank. HW. Plena, In
YIS and 30 lb *anal, Car sale by
(10FLY—Itail bash Corn, in .tore and for male by
TottAcco—oa kap No 1, 0 twist Tobacco, landing
from steamer New England .od for sale
()EARL. ASH-4 casks read and for ..Jr by
1 dean° ROOT DA LZELL t Co, liberty st
CliEb.l9E--301) bmi Western Rexese Cheese, to stare
and for sale by dec2o ROW DALZELL &Co
LILAX SEED-150 bush now iandlng Mom steamer
r Fort PIM for sale by
deold ISAIAH DICKEY & Co, front lit
r bbl. ereth. for sale by
rINFIIAR-20 bbl. purr Ctder Vinegar, for sale by
deela 8 F VON DONNHORST t Co
" d r ee g l4 lik."B lVt i g ot t374;i7lOßST t Co
C 1U d A „. 1. 4 4--10.000 no 14( ')P a t'i : ::,7 c .,:a i l c t:i firr 4 Co
MOLASSES -115 bbls new crop NFI blolamma, lan
ding from stew Hail Columbia and Tor sale by
deel9 J AS DIU ELL, 94 seater st
fIOTTON-30 bales Colt, , to store and for sale by
`AND PAPER, Illornbrnok'si-4
declS o . reams sasprted
a) numbers, received and TBAIIN A REI7'EI
a ( Te N etr RUSHEI6 AII7I;4;O ° 7I7I2()ZIR
whlair We L)T
i'l3 ..a
CI OLD PENS —Jost opened, another calla of sig t endns
IJr gold pens er the best manufacture, and superior to
I.l7 ec h 9 eretottne sold, and warruned
tt , w WILSO N.
Gstrong Buff Paper Boxes, assorted sues, for sale
by doe!) P II EATON &A:*
OLL 131.,TTKR /obis roll butter, fresh, just re-
IX, rowed and for sale by
dreg S A W 11.1811A171111.
II.LWKII irkbal bldr . clover seed lust received
Nj and for sale by
dec9 S A lV H A RBA (;..111
fillEESTl:i='.tleeor. reed %ad roe sale by
V droll IV .k RAt CUTCLIE.WI
. .
BARLEY—I 9 btds Berle), reed and (or sloe by
droll & R N.CCUTCHF.A.IN
LA.II_.6LIS No I Leal Lord; 3: kegs do Jo Jo—
reed aid for satbb,
YOTABII-1 casks prime Potash, for sale by
GINS FI -'"'"i''g*;d and forsie by
i INKS UN Ul=l boob Ctrjn — t . , h -c ic .d , - ns N t
r, dl 4... ;ri tt i 4 iiiir
%,_, b . ,
HICKORY Nt.,, b x hell
e ~;, Al n r g
M ° 'l l iu t ;; " Ott ' rl 4" rata:d b ito n i C ro i' r e s i a n i n u . l!; "*ld
det97 • WICK & 111`CANRLERS
C, 1 i d ' O, E !or - su l lrb I ;
"d'aVe/171 !'l'brii'''&4,4°,:e.',l"tl,:ar
. _
b ag.(,', i ;.":". l :; , "„ , :',EED, , T.,":,`'''Viocyi'..'trti,r Dl - SS "'
1 31. 1,V1T .' -."4
P"' i b Iat7I I IIII Y Y & Co _
F. x6—"L'u P.,. -^ —l.7n kti l' A i tlAil; .l z Co
4 dcci.
CAIPIUIL'-'l' bttir
t'" l'Vit i 4, (c. ilgY b & I. Co
UGAS-02 Mid. Immo N ()Sugar, übm crop;
art do de do old Sustar, real reed
and for sale by 0077_ d W HAW-IMAM
M --- •
ULASBE.B-05 bbia bWlaue . Just landing and for
°Ala by dect7 8 & W HASHAIItIII
fIOFFF.E.-450 bay Dm Cote°. 00 do Layotyra d
V, 50 do 01 Demons°. tot We low to low consign.
moot, by .I°o4 Y M W DASSAUUti
SOAP AN p CANPLtr laioo Ins Cincinnati Moan;
PA do do mould eau lea, do do mar canal., ta g
lan • • . and for axle by act? 8& W ISA FLUAL/011
BY APPLE/3-85 bws Dry Apples; tbdstdo Pesch.
.1,1 es, jest received end for sale by
des27 8 k W lIARDAUGH
I , O BACCO—I3 Mo.lmmo Igs Tobacco, Ng re.
carved acid for Bala by
decl/7 tl t W lIARBAUGH
By Alba D. Ds,ls, A sellaninir.
-- --
Extra Sale of Groan-ice, {t, nn Tuesday afternoon, Jan. Al, at lock at the
Co.mercial Nelee R oom, corner atWood and
lath , sr:11 be void wlth.t reserve on a credit of
mouth. over we
It halt chest* 'Young Hylton rea,
Old, v
2 Impettal
27 lovves and le, Vtrytnta Tobacco,
1 crate assorted quceouware,
I! sacks of Feathers,
14 bbl. No 3 Mackerel,
4 half Obis
With a variety of other Trocencs,
tat JOHN D DAVIS. Auer.
IS paciagew Fey and Sgaplo Dry (Gods.
On Tuesday mornlng. Jan :M. at 10 o'clock,at th e
0 30 ,,n er 6 0 l sales Rooms. castor of Wad and Fifth
meets, will be sold, 'without rmwrve, on a credit of
three months, for approved paper, on all sums over
A large and gem ul assortment of seasonable (alley
and staple dry goods, w/stal have been selected with
great care by a gar Vernon of great expectance, and
must be soli to nose a coca, cn,
Ai 9 o'clock,
GBocuan, Qcwww . MllB Ft+Lairraz, 2ce
ALE o'clock,
. . ,
A large collection of tojacellaneoua book., fancy
article, suited to the season., ready Made clothing.
gold sod *dreg watches, pins, pistols, fine cutlery) Au
ihalliOla Property at Aeolian.
On Tuesday aernumn. Jan.:ld, IRV, at 3 o'clock,
will be sold on the pretense, that very saleable three , brick more house and lot, $111:11111.011 the corner
Cl t e public square and Diamond alley, at preeept
occupied by Matthew Dalsell end whom, which melds
eelnnual rent of gooo—the lot having' ti front of 33
on the Diamond, and extending along Diamond
alley Cal feet. Terms at sale. •
deed JOHN D. DAVIS, And.
VOR THE BENEFIT' or T. 01.1...rir Br. PAr
I: Cticacc, vein be given at the Lafayette Artaemb
fitionas, on Friday evening, February 2,Lb49.
Iron. C. Slut... t ANDIIIM Oran., Emit ,
Josh a Gcniate, 1 .1. 'Locals,
loos LATTO3, T. IV ato,,
W. A. M'Alcu.r.s, Jun" I. Mircircu.,
1-1 /oar., ' .10. SCuIT,
\V at. B. MITC.I.TIOLL, Jr., Head Kurt,
Jou x thiwstsa, A M'Cobbratto,
C. Goccnia•s, M. Dustup.
IJJ Tickets can be anneyed tram the Managers.
No. fto ?datum wrest, Prrtatmeou, Pk.
-En leave most respectfully to ant:ounce to their
numerous patrons and the public, that they, in
consequence of contemprating a change In their bust.
ness, propose opening the whole of their esunsi•e, Uncludinet all their wholesele 1.012111,) for
retailing, and will continuo open until Ike first of Feb
ruary, commencing on New Year. day, 1540. Our
wholesale stock, comprising one oldie most extensive
and varie assortments tie Fanc end Staple ry
Goods ever d
exhibited in the weste r n country, will D be
offered at lower prices than ever before known. Eve.
ry article, however choice sod desirable. will be ac
cordingly reduced. Upwards of filly thousand dollars
of our stock has been recently porches, d, the greeter
portion of winch are foreign goodly received at New
York by late European arrivals, which from the late
ness of the meson, as well as the known pre e . ere i n
the money market, were .old at immense sacrifices at
public tales, at rate, varying from tweets, five to fifty
per cent less than similar goods brought the lint of the
season. We ace therefore confident that our prices for
the time above mentioned will be found to be even
lower than any Eastern orbtaltmale rams.
We enviously invite all persona to bait our estab
lishment, whether they purefinse or not,,end test the
troth of the above--amanne them that they will incur
no obligation thereby, but confer a favdr upon the pro
prietors. Our assortment o( Silks, Shawls, and fine
Drees Goode will amply repay one for • visit; added
to which, an unusually great &play of Domestic
Goods wdl, we hope, induce SS to cell.
Our system of one prior will be strictly adhered to.
/al A A MASON &Co
TAMES M. COOPER, havntg this day associated
web htnt le
8. Lsiwt.r, they mull hereafter
conduct the wholesale Hartigan bustous under the
name and style of COOPER k LAVELY.
The new nr. , respectfully cohort a continuance of
the favor and patronsFe enjoyed by the late concern;
and a• .applies, Foreign and Hogenie, will el
ways be °blamed from hnot hands for cosh only, they
pledge themselves to sell at rates which shall defy the
most rigorous compedou.
_ _
- - _
4 doze. Silver Plated Bader Kiiives;
3 plain Tr. Spoon,
•• '• Threaded extra area)
a i• Dotson Spoon,
" Tobacco Boxes,
I '• Sugar Shave*,
1 .• - oitard
U. Silver epee enselq
" Speer.;
A./0d 'col's.
AtlA.llen's Pawn RlZ:l6l;l4,l4:4;smref'.dt
Mar Boa Francisco, California, fro
laThe fine and well known ship PYLON
Captato C Millington, ltarrels Lunen w "rift
ill sail about 10th IMh January. and has
specion• wtd very superior accoramodatiOns between
decks for
This ship oder. aupenor ad
antages to those /wog ouk Cobs. pulsation 411da% be
tween deck...roil N•ry calico., $M For passage
apply on !ward at BELL'S WHARF, Fell's Point, or
to Messrs. J. HENDERSON & Co,
dea7stiler• 77 Pratt at, Baltimore.
Receiring, Forwarding and General Commie
don Merchant,
CoammovaL &roar, Po. Loom, Pao.
N. R.—Nutet attention pant to order for posebtiain,
in lila market, and all taunt.. promptly martsAmml.
Reliance al rinaloirgh, John ArFaden & Co.
lourreror .10a. C. roar{, SllO, OSAIMIS, I
-. I • ..•
BIRCEIANICP (mass Ivonirt:----
° rers of Vials, 'Bottles, and Window Glass, keep
ConStantly Oa 110.13 d a general uso rt ment of Ike above
articles. Also, make to order a toperm aniela of
Mineral or Soda-Water llopics.ofealdrod No.
IC Wood sr. adj3l-feii
UST flffCk.:lVED—Two splendid new Piano fortes,
from the celebrated factory.' Noon. I Clark, N.
O .
an (4 octave Piano, rosewood, with elegant car-
.in one 6i octave, wait Co/01.12'11 ZEOlitin At. C h.
These eery superior Pianos Will he sold al ...Wee
wren fleet. 11 KLEUER,
Sole Age for Nene, it Clark
. _
galls natural col d NVlUtjt Spertxialli
0 11. - -- tato
AO do 'ileac Led do do do
MO do do do Whale do
500 do N W•coaat crude do do
S Itthls Not Lard do
3 do Linseed, vrary,apred puss, do
20 do Eltratt's Tsia2err., erar'nol gen'e, do
In store and for talc tag
WEL.4II FLANNEL...4—W ft Ittutpity has on hand
• full usortment of Mew demfable Goods; also,
• full assortment of domestic adatuinkable do. and a
fall assortment of scaner and yeEosir, and spotted, for
Christmas wear.
Home made Flannels—waste, tarovn and barred: a
supply constantly on baud. ' demat
pasee4 Tapestry 3 ply Imperial Carpets; metered
dos day and for 111a4 at reduced prices, at the carpet
vrareroom of %V M'ULINTUCK,
dee3o 75 fourth at
URSE LOST—Wes dropped by a Lady an he; way
I from Elmo d Enghsb's book are Wignl st, to
Eaton's tom:rung mons, a purple 8 1k4
. t . tate, walked
with steel beads, eonts.m.l ethnott the Hank of
Putsburgh. The finder vr. theitably rewarded by
leeTtht the lame •; Pititer ( above named stores.
ARTIY/CLAL FLOWERS—Smith 11%Y...a rd
Markel In, would Invite the attentmwa Of dealers
and when to their extensive wcok of French and
amenean manta] Flowers, weden will be offered at
eastern anent a
titFOR RENT—The Dwelling Haase °erupted
by the subscriber; situate on Second meet, a
bove Cherry ailuy• Tlss ho use
t is very c
nie fora small family. Nt of o Furniture can be
had on very Gary 14114 a. Vossession eao be had im
mediately. 11 OEO COCHRAN.
WANTED TO RENT—A mail privat a e
tug with not lam than four rooms sad '
within five or ten minutes reach of „,,,chs.,
Address, with particulars, "Box No. Vic,. thamc,",t.
tat.p.E od,„
Two mu . Roo. 110.., the irj ,
Two :lisle Ron
VO-3 ,
able Sheep
Weired .0 for .1a by
1" . ARD-10 Ws No I Lord; bbl, pence Roll Doi
I_4 lar i lutt received sod for saki by
deeo7 8 11( RA88411441
IfTS-10 bbls Chemin:its
If fast landing and
Cloy able by dealt') 84w ARRA Aili
W IIITP: afiatli--83
N bbls — Widin loans, Toed and
tor sale 4y &ail 8, HARBALIti II
BORAX -12 kegs Refined Borax, for side by
DON' HERRING—I:3his Scarab HerrinF . , for sale
DOLL BUTTER—SW/Is fresh Roll Balser, fee'd arid
.1.1.• for sale by deal? WICK hr. III'CANDLESS
PACKED Burl ER-1e kegs ret'd and fat sale by
I Aill) L.oulaing's bast, winter strain
eti,;ust meerved and fur sale by
7,V1-01:11.-9-50 bbls extra family flour, R. H,„1",,,,
r brand, just received owl for sale by
dery 9 t W HARBAUGH.
- ALES 90 boxes rve.'
vide •
I'I.. PP -- lOU g do do.
Juin landulg from Comm, and Glir : ol6l4 '
MEAL.-0 tan. oil meal As.
s ad for
ale by (dee9) & HARnuog.
BARLEY.-399 boatels barioy1 0 31hmding Croak ate
.Ut Comm, aod for solo by
CHEESE—SD box. cream cbeeq, extni, loading
from lake Erie, mid for sal. by
deera a ‘v wuttuiroa.
LeILIS well known One of splendid passenger Steam.
is n now composed of the largest. scrinnt, bee
od and turn:shed, miscast punish:a bean on the
waters of the West. livery necommodarion and Geis
fon that money ran procure, has been provided Papas.
engem The Line has beau in opossums for fiTO mu"
—has earned a million of people without the least inju
ry to then persons. The bolts wall be al the Coca of
Wood street the day previous to stoning, Tor the Meg.
non of freight and the entry of pursuers on the mt.
ter. In .jr cues the passage money mast be paid in
The ISAAC NEWTON, Capt A. O. Mum; ar4l
leave Pittabargh every Sunday morning It 10 o'eloelq
Whi'cltnir every Sunday evening at 10 T.
hday 1e47.
The MONONGAHELA, Capt. Stave, will leave SW*
burgh every Monday morning at l 0 o eh:raj Wheolins
every Monday evening at IV d. st.
. -
The HIBERNIACapt. J. Kurn,reresa, Will
leave Pittsburgbevery Tiresday morning at 10 o'clock;
Wheeling every Tumid." evening at 10 r.
The NEW ENGLAND No, Y, Capt. S. DLLS, will
leave Pittsburgh every Wednesday morning at Ia
o'clock, - Wheeling every Wednesday evening at 10 P.
The BRILLIANT, Cape G.., will leave PIM.
burgh every Thursday Morning at lOo'eleek; Means
every Thursday evening as 10r. u.
The CLIPPER No. V, Capt Crone, will Have Pins.
burgh every Fnday morning at 10 o'clook; Wheeling
every Friday evening at 10 P.O.
The MESSENOI.II, Copt. S. Run„ will leave Path
burgh every Saturday morning et 10 o'clock Wheelies
every Saturday evening at 10 r. a.
I 4 .
(via suscartv,)
Leaves Pittabargh daily, at o'clock, A. and at.
rives al GLUM., Month of dm Bandy and Beaver Ca
nal,) at 3 o'clock. and New Lisbon at 14 santenigil
Leaves New Lisbon ate eelock, AL, (making Ike
trap canal to the rive, during the night.) and G
at 9 o'clock, A. hi., and ern,es at rltisharghtf7
hl.—thus making • continuona tine for entry
imagers and freight between Now Lisbon and ansc
burgh, in shorter time and at less rates than by any
other mote.
The groprietors of this Lute have the pleasure or in.
forming the public, that they have fitted up two first clam
Canal Boats, for the acennunalstion of passengers mut
freight, to run in eon , — etion with the well known
steamers CALEB COI,: and BEAVER, nod monneete
lag, at Glasgow,. with the Pittsburgh and dada.
Ilan End other daily lines of steamers down the ado
and Mississippi riven. The proprierors pledge thaw
selves to spasm no expense or trouble to inane emu
fort, safety and dispatch, nod ask of the public a sitars
of etc patroness,.
S. tr. W. HARBAUGS, Pin..bunh.
myna( J &Co. i ll. "' 'Ligben.
NOTICE—The steamer BEAVER C. E Clarke, lass.
ter, will leave after tills notice, for Wellsville paacta.
ally, at 9 o'clock the momialt,_ lOl3
1848. 1841
Dail Packet I.lnet
FEBRUARY let, 1848 FEBRUARY 1 184
The following near boats complain
toe line for the present seasons AT.
LANTIC, Capt. James Par=
TIC, CapL A. Jacob and
WL&NE, Capt E. Bennett. Tins boats are minty
cry cd WV fitted up without regard to expense. Es.
omforto that money can procure has beta provided.
The Dents will leave the Monongahela Wharf Boat al
the foot of Ross st. Pmsengers will be punctual on
hoard, as the boats will certainly leave at the wryer,
wee hour., n A. M. and 4 P. IL Jan3l
The splendid and fast running atm,
: W
as ,
0 Elbert, miner, will Mara km
e above and intermediate non. on
T00...T..1.0. id, at 10 o'clock, A. m
For french* or passage, apply on board
No 53 W . 0c0.1 streo
And Hockinvort, and interme d iate Modtogs.
The fine steamer
Poe, Roomer, will leave ter the above
pore every Tuesday, au lb o'clock, s.
.. For (might oryaseakre apply on Imesd. decd?-Im
_ . ...
The aidekohd I.:meager steamer
Jevons, MIMI,. OS CO
will E,
leave for above
d intermediate ports One day.
For freight or paesage apply so board. deeZl
The splendid new
i 1,
/Inslep, master, will lemma tor above
41El , 10 o'cloc
ad i k ntertonliate porn 6o Saturday,
For freight or paaaage applr on board, or to
• _ The bee roomer
Capt. Twill sus regalaaly in
ate:Nude, ieaving Ilusbuzgh.
every Wednesday. and Sun ay evening, at 4 o'clock,
P. 1111.
For freight or
~,,,,,,.... The splendid new saute,
will !cave Hasleti,master, will !care for th e
hove and Intermediate ports to-day
For freight or Jawing% apply on board. dull
The fine new liht drught steamier
Incas, master,will leaire for the
bore and satermediate porn this day
For fre — titit .. s_,r psamage, ap .. y on board. dealt
The mirth steamer
im aLVebber, muter, will ma
or Wheeling, every 111;;c1la n r=
nesday and Friday, at 10 o'clock precisely.
Leave Wheeling every Tuesday, Thursday and Ba
melay, al7 o'clock, a m., precisely.
The Consul will !arid a all the inuirmediate
Every sceemodation that can be procured for t sra l.--. onai
fon and safety of passengera has buss provided.. The
boot is also provided with ei selfacting safety guard to
=17:1W51.02. For Ite D ig A h4 gaiimery eV
febe eikrner of In and Smithfield mina.'
maimaThe noir - andeplendid mamas
D a P Kinney, master, will ran as Irreg.
r pocket between Pittabmgh sat
Wheeling, leaving this city every! Tuesday, Ttruniday
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'Water street, Pine/tomb.
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Apply to WM. kl/ND HAM,
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