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    , ALtrAniX xKoVERNI_;7'
CONSU--VMPT/VES, Odis N - YOUR. ciumwl .
mr.cietemmarearena . .
entlntrulntion, dovehe Colds, Asthma, Bronchitis,lii;
e' Co p lint; Spltnng Blood, Difficulty of .lireath
lag7l. in the Side and Breast. PalpnatiOn of ~
the Heart, Influenza, Crony, Broken Con-
stitudoo, Sore Then, NerronS Deblli-
. . . .
ty, And all Dammed of the Throat,
Breast and Longeqthemosteff
retold and speedy cure .
. •
ever known tog any of • •
the atones,e diseas--
DR. 'EtWATNIfifI3 , •
Compound syreirp elf Wild Okserkyt ~
This =calcine is nolonger , , &moo g those of doubtful
utility.. It hummed &war front the thousands daily
launced upon the tide broxpattnew, d nOw stands
higher In reputation, and is becoming moven-W.-
1y used than mymber prepuation a medicine ever
produced for the relief °reoffering DIM
Muss been introduced *err genentlly through the
United States slid Europe, and there are few town. of
importance but what mated, some remarkable eli
de= of its good 'effects. Former Mete foregoing
statements, and of the value and efficacy otqlog =C
elle, the proptielor will insert d few of the Mot thou
send monomials which have been musented to him by
aten of the first respectebility—men who have higher
views of moral responsibility end justice, than toter.
tl4 to lacts,.becaUse had!' do another la neer, end
themselves. no ininstice. Serb testimony proves ec.-
elizitively, dist Its surpriainX excellence is established
by its intrinsic merits, and the unquestionable =Mon
ty of-.public opinion. The - instantaneous relief it of.
folds, and the soothinginfluence diffused enough the
Mode_ frame by Its use, renders it • most agreeable
remedy lot the afflicted. '
nWhen men, acting from conscientious umulses,
voluntarily bear testimony to the mob of a dung, or
parueulaz fart, such Menai:My, being contrary to then
worldly interests and purposes, coerces cormlctiOn of
Its truth, and commends itself In • special manner to.
universal credence.”—ollognn'm Moral Maxim.
' Brno Adenine Ceng or PeLMOSALST MOSMMITZMn—
There never was a rentedrthm km Men damccessful
in deetorens cases of Consumption, as Dr. Elleayne f s
Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry, It strengthens the
SpIIOM. and spl=ays to heal the Mcers On the tangs,
ereathqt. new and deb blood; power pooessed by no
other medicine.
Carr= Co., April Mb, 1848.
Do. Swayner—Dear Sir: I verily believe year. Corn.
pound Syr, of Wild Chen has been the means id
saving my life. I caught • severe cold, which grad..
dry gnwe worse, attended with • severe cough, that
resisted all the remedies which I had recommit still
Increasing until My Cara exhaited all the rynadonmof
Polonium Constution. Eveyy thing-I tried: seemed
to haw no effect and my complandinereased
hoofly the frMnds as well as myself, pee rip el of
my recovery. At this dine !was req.mendea to cry
your lorratuattle medicine: I did so with the most hap
py results 'The firm bottle bad the effect to loosen Ma
tough, causing me to eipectonde freely; and by the
dee litany-4 slx.lnitdelyl was entirelyerelksed
now ex beam a men as I ever was in my life, and
wee cue. d be hippy le re any informationres=v e
that °Wei MlletarS May derive the
which lam so grateful. For the uuth - othe above
statement, I refer yea to Peter Rush, C oamer, West
Chester, Pa., of whom I purchased th eme mediclue.
icipectrolly yours, Macaws
WOrearfal Care oitrehedUtllistaiter.
I..liewayne—Dear Sir. I feel &debt Ofgratiladathre
toyon--mid a dray to the afflicted generally, to Offer
my humble testimony in raver sr year Oortmoand Sy
rup of Wild Cherry. 80Ma. three Teen eiace.l was
violently attacked with cold and inflammation of the
Lunge, which was acetruMenieJwith a dimirening
cough, pain in the breast and head, a very consider,
ble discharge defensive mum:tern= the lungs,estie.
-roily upon charm, of vseather,' however ellrid. At
-Ent I (city alarm shoot my_conditien, but ems pretty
soon convinced that/ roue rapidly going into el:4==p.
dna I grew daily weaker, and at length was scarce
ly able to walkabout, ad above•
•whir Per, such
arts dm exceeding weakness or toy lungs Dtdag this
time I had triedvarletts preparations and prescriptions,
but found oorelier—growurg all the time worse. Just
here I erns advised and persoaded by a dear friend in
Wilmington to make trial of your Syrup of Wild Cher
ry, I must coofew that previously I had been preju
diced aged* patent-medminer, and I am still against
those coating out oldie hands of imperies, bat index.
standing your claims to die profession end practice of
medicine, and having implicit faith In the saying army
friends, I forthwith purchased or Dr. Shaw, Ore oryour
arms, a few bottles, wad commenced its use. My dis
ease was at that time of Wor months' standing, con
sequently it was deeply seated. I found, however,
considerable relief from the de did first four or five
bottles But being a public speaker, I frequently at.
tempted to preach with my increming menet. h, and
thereby ruptured those vessels that had already fiege m
to heel; in des way. doubtless my core was greatly
retarded. In consequence of acting then itopmdently,
I had to use twelve or fine. bottles before I was per
fectly restored. have no question, Murk smaller
number of bottles would have made me sound, but for
the above indiscretion. The Syrup allayed the 'fever
ish habit. took sway the distreraing cough, put a stop
to the &reduce of matter from the lungs, end - gave
them and the rode system good health. have defer
red eXerthg der
troll now, fm the purpda
of being perfectly satisfied wall the permanency of the
cure, and nom Mall feel perfectly well I offer it with
pleaame Ker. J. P. /cranes.
Dublin county, N. C
Important Caution--Rweßead ,
There is butane genuine preparation of Wild Cherry,
and that in Dr. Swarms's, the first ever offered to the
public, which bas been wld largely throughout the
United States and some parts of Europe, and ail pro
w-anions milled by the name of Wild Cherry have
been pot out since this, Under cover of some deceptive
circumstance, In order milieu currency to their sales.
Rya little obserrmion, no person 1.4.1 mistake the
genuine from the Each bottle of the genuine is
enveloped with a laantiful steel engraving, with the
Likeness ofWilliana Perm there= Also, Dr. Sway.%
signature: and as further security, the portrait of Dr.
Swayoe vinil be added hereafter so as to dial:lnger.
his preparation from ell others. Now, if it was not foe
the great curative properne.s and known vine. of Dr.
filwayness Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry, person.
would not be end.voring to Ore currency W their
_.fledtions nmusuas" by the name of Wild
Cherry. Remember, always bean in mind the moon
of Dr. Swayne, and be not deeeived.
PrinairellUffice, corner of Eighth and Race steeet,
Phii Ltge w bi'
F hol.a.le and retail by OGDEN fr. SNOW'
DEN, cur MI and Woodsts; 13 APA 3'
Co, cur Ist and Wood, and 6th and Wood stw WM
THORN. 53 Mar*. nu 9 JONES, ISO Liberty. au 3AB
A JONES, cor Hand end roan sltS JOHN lIHTCH
ELL, Allegheny dry, and by all respectable dealers in
medicine. • octl3
A. Pahnestook's 3.111.331110 us Pills.
liso Cathartic compound combines .mallow of
• bulk with efficiency and comparative mildness of
purgauve action, and having a pecanar tendency to
the biller y organs, is extremely nimble in this coun
try, in which bilious fevers and other complaints, at
tended with congestion of the limr, so mach abound--
They have now stood the test Of 99 years, and experi
ence has proved them to be a safe and valnable remedy
Sn Intermittern, Remittent and Mons Fevers; Jam
8i1i0410,110 ; indigestion; Drops, Bromitag
Bilious Vomiting.; Colds. and all complaints of m ln
flartunntory chancier_ The complete and =nerve]
satisfaction which has been given hy thesepill. to all
who have once used them, tendon the paainum of
thannmerom certificates In their favor unnecessary.
To prevent countedeiting they me now put op in •
red xylograplearrapper.
Price :Scents for n be.itontabAng 30 pills.
Prepared and sold by
B A F.
_ bSTOCK it Co
corm lot and wood,;zul also comer litik and woodfl
Pocorcrros, Va., Oct 14,1E49.
Mr. R. E. Sallee:—One of oar physicians, whose
practice a very extensive, told me thin morning of •
ens In arldcFnno via!-of your Vern:Ouse brought
away slurs Ett worms; and • guano.n in an , nnign
borhood said that leu than half a vial named the cha
tting", of neer 60 large wry= from One of his chit:
drub • Very many of such Instances might be stated.
It tiara known shoat here, and almost all prefer tun
any other. Send ate hi dozen and oblige
!Yours,. J. hL WILSON.
Parents who& not wifh to yid& with thiir children,"
should rise Schen' Ventifttga
Prepared and sold hi E SIILLERS,S7 Wood sE,
sold by Dreossel, Ilk Want; h 1 Caul, Allegheny.
noel •
fes i v i i trNl A It at JAYNE'S . Et
Droaehilis Area*, sad othei Pdmo
wry "is tluit the same perked erho eotemeoeed the
CM Odin their Avant= Tars prefer it to All
other ethe r kind; sad when toy lino lionaiodoeled
o try other preferebotui ,they hive good. ireerfahir boor
&RIPE. tea reetg Iheloioefit which veu reseeosbly
atheipeesil front th hg pralies bestowed bythe proprietors,
revival tot e
he vs* of raItaItILMOTOWIT, as
II rooted, that h near failed to Rhos , and which
re hem had its equal la dame.
Prepared only by Dr D. Jerro:rhi ifim.tud 14 ".
"I rerAlkird • ! 711Foarill at
PAIN EXTRACTOR wilt in five min
tl)'T'Eler r'3 l
(mm thetblie of.its application, remove the
pains (mm the savant bums, seals or blisters,
ea tumiannunii, *leen and sores of any kind
without sear. This valuable Pain EltraMOT Co be
had of JCIELY D IdORCIAN, Drolly*,
sdiv aeon for Wester oodrum!,
FEW lassevOus of toy ehildten, aged about
five peen, was unwell for several days, end the
Increased, so alarmingly • thm I lama& death
would be the result. 11404 6eanl of the good effects
of alowstock's Vermiftige when eulminhdered to the
children of toy eeighboro, and thinking my child ought
have worms, from some °Oho symptoms, I gave It one
and a half, teaspoonfuls of the Vermirage,and to my
at astonishment it almost immediately discharged
between 9 and 260 large warms. Its health was soon
'restored, and it le now-remarkably welL Previous to
inkling the Vermiihge, the worms would occasionally
dwells its, throat, anal often Stated it would die from
strangulatton. MS. O. DAWSON.
Montana, Vet:tango ert, Pa., April 3, 49. 103
L onmilvr is the most elfeets i al re p Iy h befe E rt
the public for the mare of tatter, belt, dry and watery
platples.of the lace, neck antibody, scaly eruptions,
and all other diseases of the skin. This Ointment to
warranted free from mercury, is perfectly safe, and
may be coed at all doses and coder all circumstances.
A flesh supply of this valuable remedy received and
for gulag B A PAHNEZTOCK Co,
isomer of tst and wood; also, comer of 6th and wood
stmts. tel
SOELLERS' OE—." No finally ahoold bo
without it le
- Looatr, C. H, V , nag. 96, WI.
Ma. B. 8 Eittlast I thee:fully certify that I hive
for some year; past used your Vern:dingo in my family,
sod imirerially with recces, I decidedly prefer it to
any otheepreparadon I have used—monger these may
be nomod the celebrated medicine called Deadshot,
Fithstestoak's Permiftrge, anda preparation culled
Worm Tea. In a recent case a single dose brought
from my little boy one hundred and der large warms
No family certainly ought to be without it. Yours ice
Prepared and sold by R. E. Sellon,lio. 07 Wood I t
and sold by Droggiol• plurally in bath cities. gook)
A Pine let of Testis for A 8 Canto.
yand untssalthY teeth, alto he-
Rag. Me* or Mee cleaned with Jones' Amber Tooth
Panto; have the appearance of the most beautiful leery,
sad at the same tone his so perfectly Moceat and ox,
calmly bac, that its corumat =Brum is highly ad
vaittageenas, even to those teeth theta= in a good =a-,
alga, giving them a beardilni polish, and preventing a!
• ,l ow be olt:tag=o decay, Thal t o sadzdscalr g ed eb it s freveul t :
eastingloosa, and by perseverance it Will tender the
• hales: teeth' delicately while; and make the breath do
, Helanisty =nen Sold by WhL JACKSON, dd Liberty
IL A. PaIUIZIMCII - . A . H: lgetz., N. Y. My.
11. L.F.taasaroes, Pittsburgh.
' CL. W. ...
WNIIoIeWO ,Store be , Cho . !bit, of
. Now 'York. ..
ire cx id ettilM 2 i are .oaXledaiirely :engaged i n The
Wholesale 'Ooziness et No. lit lib - risme; in
or eV of New York, oak are prepsred to supply
Dramas and- eannuy Morebanu With DruiP, Paints,
OW, /looted, Veneer' and Arnerieeir t,m oihnutry,,
Wader, Weaver/a klindeesChep*O4 l 4 of their OVA
itoporteden). and all oda: ankles - in their tirade ,
ma,. tif.e sepriOr quality as tord.astlksy . can boyar.
4: . „i,,,er.i .2 thli r any e elly.
~ 2 1, i inr le:., : rebid 11. A. PAHNUartruAl Os.
~ ~' ~---
• , ........;,i,..,N,...,g3,:ti...,:„...
.....,...,.,J.......#. ..
11. er .11,11.
t ,E.
1 l il W r , .
.1 ,. ; 1:!;iie ey •A`
I HI Jit'- , it- ,- ._.:0_,4 •
.... z----,---,e=—;-,r.... .••••-• - ; '''. 1 , •
via. vestige's D tit
Wesseidsui Wanfrig 4.1" tia
TW 1310.1t;o mind:Wiry. w.rid
Viir A:straw& OW op 6fissat Bottle". it 4.4 ,
thwamprr, prinimateimad earr.stsd
;view to my,itelit. It =no without
.ronateNramilspr, sitheckw
rrisif the
• Palfpit.
The Pest beauty aid ottporbortty of WAS
oror OD other medleina Lb nut while It wank=
etas 4in viporems the body. DU one alto moo boat
Ceer known- it not saly omens the whole rpur6l4.4
menet.* thbSelfttlibM thertasesete,wereAs4,eka
Mod: • power Reamed try no olio mio nod lo
taL ItestM trend seem aim wombed mo It bas
performed within the bus two yam. more lb .. 10:000
cora of savero nom ofdsem a lout 15,000 were
considered Iscoradm It kJ eared the, lives of more
than 1113.000 children dabs the two put Wan. ,
10,000 cues rat Genared Debility and
want of Nervous Energy.
Dr: Townsend's Barreparille invigorate. the whole
• wn.nneetbr. To thaw who have lost their
=sealereast°. by the ewes of medicine or hunger.
tioa o. mmlla yowl, or the !tank todulnoteo of
the passions. and bronghtelt_ Potosi PuTowe Prom.
ilea of the nervous mut". laWtstda, Went of ambition,
&toting =mations, pre:advise decay eadderlina haste.
leg toward. that Wel disease, Coosnoptioot len be me
titily fawned by thin *awn noddy. This Som.
' , multi is far eepetior to any
; invigorntiag Cordial,
As it renew. and invigorates the sYsterty give. estiviry
to the limb., and unearth lo the =seder sittsutt, to s
mast extraordlury degree.
IloM,l 3l Ption CR.I4.
Olespus out Stsawasa amiosorjskss4srs asset
Sim Ossis Lissr Nap Was Os Us.
(Mask CliyAm, idt. law qf tans,
Urals a isika OW!, Rudy As* Arks
Irma; DWI* yr
, rstions4.eis Ss tlis i X H =
,Ssit sad CSJI Is wit
exiirritia inmost. .
. .
2fre Teri,
film Airrl2ll ll Slrtalrxr Tani balsa don
at Wax the mesas. tiavagh 'wallas, of
arses , I lave Orr areal pent ad • tra Cases 7 t
ti=teau .d ntra Utah narriZqantl
atek had alikt ram sad am delta
teal of I I. relsood, Led du an nail l bars
oily alai parlinsaparak a den ttm., ad this. ha
a astlaiii amp beam wisited b MOW Oh
I.ata MI air dot ettr. I eta is Wad, ad sty
a•Aft Ise bit hi Tea m wtll toarilas that I .a
thaahl rar that eentits.
, WU. lIIMLL, tB Cittleriast
Dr.? e ta ls a onstep as!ln .
are DIN Straxera
Utsii, r artist W Cattra_sts, PlerTE;
anima. or nik almond. Of . Melat Ifoootroo.
ton, Incontboroco of Mtn; Or bindasaa dbeturgo
11..4 ord ft* es sward proetalea at tits mam—
a raw 'easel& asaeoltatiairess caw or cam.,
prodo4o4 by bindle:4y, Ono or matador& liothlog
earl bo mane imptdm Die lavigaran steer
on tho Maw Dean Yuma 4 la asa al loW.
tot* from tokhof hod ono burs rebut opd AO of
ooman Mwwlh.. h hostodlataty cOluttorarts
urndososaartita Alma tram xida tbr rat
rase d Itamates, it rOl ea itaxxtd xr I.
ran of so dame.. masa, to aM6I =Maxus
rm. palatal bat a. as is... th• Metel that
boodrodroforaos bugbear imparted to tra . Tanana
of ales ,bar e railla lest,. boa vitae eblldroo,
.It.: • Aor USW id tile Urania atitata
ears 6.nbteaed with AIM bully arnsizi•
To Maims cod tillaredod ILadties.
aztrie/Oramp.T. lote boo. esVolf Pro
pene:l la rtibresaa to Mate etooplalata Ido ( s ad
who ho roams to ampere elm topproachies that
aided period, • eaten qf ebeeld whet to
take sa it Is preventive Dm any of the
6 arateroon and horrible dams to width futalse are
'lkea .1 this dote of lift. Tbie period emy ha 4•
loyal fir aura years by why the sterficiaa. Nor
le it !so tremble for dram who an approaching ow
manhood, am la le calmdarati to mist alsare, by quick.
entag the blood tad , oradng roma Indeed,
thia medleinals foe all the delicate diem
scs arida aroma are subject.
is brace. the whale sync". renew. pennantratly the
erten:Mr, by removal , the imperial:a of the
body. ante° fez aimelittag ne to pooh./ onbeewaew ,
miens:hut which is theme edema medicines taken fel
female weakneo and disease. By ming few tmales at
an medicine, many wren end Wnt'W magma opal..
Lion. may be prevented.
Crean sleeting to Mothers and Children.
It b dna Whet mil mu effectual nondicins few per*.
In; the and naming ilk anflierinvl ansedent
, tt i r =wear dtaeorereaL, It stnuartbem both
pelmets jolt and &wean In
ereasse and estrinhentlet food. rho e who hare meet it
thick it taludispe It In Way melnl both before
and eller ettutlamsnat to It permit. names anemia.
upen etattdrth--la Cted.ivennan , Swan .
Inr of the FeetDer n.. , Heartburn, Vornitter. In the Back and Feb. Paine Heutoralter•
and ip refulallad lb. and stimtlabur the eta
&Atha et Ilia DO agnal The pas of ebb
neatiebnaks. It b limp urn sad the man d llditn
It met succesolUi, very tro easa main my other
mndleWe, It man • linin Cutter 011 or Magnetda, la
eyeful. Km-Mein the man dr, and light thud with
Has exadidswanthl .le.p mare a mfmnal may ten.
Beauty 11Feel*.
Cannetke, Clielh, and mitity of preraradente C.
rally In me, When applied to the flum my woe .poll It
of tie beauty. ?boy Om the men of the sad
cher..h the circobcdoa, which, wham ammo is not therm
cd by dimes or powder, or the thin - thdmod by the
alltallee used Mews, Melilla the ovre moductian U
the • loom face Diviner m well as In the garden of
nth and delicately tinted lOW redeemed gO.Orl. •
fine, active and heathy MacMillan of the Enid... , the
waMmg of the put rich bleed co the extrendthse, is
Wm wWch paint. the countenance to the users
- beauty. hie this which Impart. the indescribable
Melee and Illealthe of loveliness that aU admire, bat
nem m Menthe Tide beam Is the offsprtm se.
tere—notofproder ...toy. If there Is net a free and
healthy atheistic; there ie no beauty. If the lady is
kir as driven enser, If abe paint and m C• 31611.1.
nod Lb. lased is thlch MI and ths le sot
10 If she he boom n or yam, and thme is pm and
mire blood, It yine • rich blooto to the Make and a
brilllancy to their eyes that Is
Tide le why the southion, aisr ft 7=lty the Ilpm
lob bales, are no an tell Laths In th e mob
who take
Mae 42.27Ci5e. 07 aeo n e& te ekes
room, re base maned their complexio by the appli
cation of delatarises
if they wish to I.
fainaution7 &stip, buoyant Writs, simulate's eyes
szsd beatddlid complaximmthey shield use Dr. Tower
g....p er in e . names& who Me tried it, are
went than Mated, are delighted. Ladle. of every
nation crowd our dive dilly.
Thew= Wads Dr. Teemed's SaraapatiDa, have
• Mutably caned that attar • grad belay /be Fe
sera; he, t., .ad have out Ma and clrerdaro
endch Mame to the coorplairdaairman. our I for wori
-other ion oho pot ay median. bare gram the grew
amass aDa Towered'. complabto
Mideat to Boa*.= ar the elemie_pro
vlanaar *pia aset. • weber elem. Mk
raftlions to=i they ailments
and ttederalls• the Dr. Teemed'. b the
only Auld beat nosed, Dv du magma tamale cola
plairds—it rarely,Lf ever fat effe • pomace
me. It can ho tam by the met d famine
b 7 *on
to become mother;
with the meat adtvonego, as II If the munia
sad prevents pft, or chador,.ad - mmagehens both
mother sad eM Be wu tilt. pi the maize
Scream CluressiL
Tb eartifiats ecaselusissil th" 5...
peas has perfect totrtral osact otertinau di*
use" of 'Maki Thee perms eared ens how.
is troprecildinstsd.
Three Children.
Ds. Tatinaso—Dess Hirt I Ism the tf.
Loforlyea tha2 tiros of ray obildla baesr oared
°Ube Scrofula by W nee of your eseall v ent roarlierno.
They wars aitletad vary wand) aith bad Sam bare
{ e ke. oeay Nor bottle.: It rook .b.. ...1, for .bleb
I fal moral( nod.r peal obligator..
18.1,A n Tr24:AIN, 108 Warta...
Ophalmis of Physicians.
Dr-Tawasand i. alsmod clail th reer l ytog orlon den
tlelocittled.pbl 4l4l4l4
of tbe City of Albany, hare ba waterour rams prowl!.
ed Dr. Towasearra Sarrapariale. aod belays to be
one °fibs stmt valo,ble prep ./aria= in the market.
B.a. Baitic% . D.
!Maly, April 1,1847. P. E. • ELM:MOORS, a. D
• Owint to Os great enemas and lawnetwa sal* of Do.
Town:meg Elarsapargls, • number of men who won
formerly oar Agents, hero eel:Lammed making !lamp.
rate &lima Ellyn,Merl, It:meteor Yellow Dock,
They purely path up In the ewe shaped bote
Jon sad enamor them hare owls =I copied oar Rarer.
ti.emente—they'are wrothleis Ltnitathme, and
should be avoided.
Pried an ormi, LIB FULTON Stale, Beth Sandlot,
N. Y.; gadding & Co. S State Boma; ,DYhtt
onna 132 North Plecoad theca akhla ; S. S.
liggee, &runlet. &althorn; Y. M. CohrnCtooderten;
Wright & Co, 151 Chartios Street, 15. 04 . 105 Booth
Pear/ Swot; Atte.); and b, princlpal Drn;
eett and lidereharn genetthy thrnighoot the United
4 ,.tag. Wed hollet and the Canada.
N. R.—Persons inquiring for this medicine, should
not be indoced to take any other. Druggists put up
Sarsaparillas, and of triune prefer selling their own.
Do oat be deceived by anpoquire for Dr: Town
send'a and take no other. Remember the genu
ine -Towntend's lianspruil a." sold by the sole agents.
R. R. SE.R..LERS, General Wholesidatt Retell Agent,
No. by Wood meet, and D. hi. CURE% Pilleghony
city. uit '
EVICOPErdIi sitildll4ft,
For the Reeovery of Dormant and !oper?) , With•
Bement and Arbitration of Commere al, Trading. and
other Debug Securing Patents for Inventions in Great
Britain, Ireland, and the Colon'. and Dependencies
therounto belonjping, and Negotiating for the Poe.
chase or Sale of the came.
REFERENCE may be tad on application free of
charge, (provided the motive is not that of mere
curiositya to a List comprising seeds of 15,000
nemesia which vnelaimed property Is standing.
Also, an Indict to our 10.000 advetilrementa which
have appearedlor the past Ed yeas, in various Srittsb
newspapers, culdraued to Heirs at Law and next of
kin. Communications by totter arerequested to he
post-paid. BENTHAhI FABIAN,
39 Broadway, New York.
Roferences are permitted to Hon. Charles P. Daly,
lodge Court of Common Pleas, New York.
Freeland, Stuart& Co.
Chas. Card*. a. Co.
W. & J.T. Torun..
O. IL A. Ricketts, Esq.
Edward Schroder, Ohio.
A.:Putchin,'Esq., President • Pueblo Hulk, Dutralet
Th. Allaiheur Comet
AVls anneal m eo ne! of the Carps
the alh imp" the &abusing person
nrausly re-elected Managers for the cm
1. FMXtri INOtentary
The annul rtaterneal presented the affairs of the
Company in a'rary prosperous condition. ' Their office
hrtMe eitylitticaZtWater urea. Jou
%Jr 174 APPS ICbb'sT ßA UssoHr DZEY
b r C oae
*ll§o3B--100 bo In store .ad fore_AT_
God ta&L&li & Co
Nodes is the Ladies.
irporadirx, held op
ns wens Omani
1 4 " Vst r In nl:
TiLliEßPseanser of Pena and Bt. Olum streets,
.atlmatts the Elchange lintel, elltrollee Perm street,
reepeetfnity inform their frirada and Pm thai
tit•lie Y rep nred to frmnish and attend to everythsag
Imo at Undertaker, Alvvays on hand n large as
somment of ready made Coffins, ecreered, ltnnt and fin-
Shed in the very best manner all sort s and sixes ready
dude Shrouds of gaunt!, Cartlnttalr sad ....h., and•ni ,
aims made to approved males. We keep a tarring
prlmenr of softie and blank. COI:on, la and kid Gloves
Mr& fer pall bearers and mourners, drape, saps, tai.
lan, and every thing IIeCeISSEIT for dreSSlllg the dead.
and on rensonabk term. as we purchase all our good.
at the Eastern eaten. Also. lilac, plaice for engraving
the name and age. We have a splotolidi new hearse cad
horse., and any camber of the best carriages. Every
thing attended to promptly and panetaaily. octal y
Birmingham, (near Plttsburgh,l P.
.ihrrehouze, No. 137, Wood street, Pittsburgh.
WILL cormtantly keep ea hand a good moon
• • met's at %le are, of OP( owe MOLOOCItifV, and
superlorqualit). Wholesale and country Mer
chants aro rerpectfully invited to call MOO to
amine for themselves, as we are determined to cell
r eaper than has ever before been offered to the pal,
EP' Orders cent by mail, accompanied by the cash o
<lcy reference, mull be promptly attended to. k 1,25
,P. JI CAM& hi, Lua;
'ItifULVANY tr. L.KOLIE manallumare sad ke e p nor--
IU. startup . on band Cut, aloutded and Pisan Finn
0111SIFWISC, l/1111(its vanetma, at their WRIVitOM tort,
ner of Market streets? Pdlaberet. --
Our Works co n ti nue r n to full operatian, malice:4ft
coon.,ty adding to dor stack, which enables no Lo
orders with promptness. Purchasers art Ma/moth:di'
solleited to call and examine prices and terms.
FROM the nos) ROOM! encourage
st . " t Otratthe enbsen tier has received rune
rra Ito has located himself in Allegheny
'hijmil .--' • • has Indianan tom to takes tense, for
norm of years. on the progeny he npp
occuptes; in Beaver street. immediately beet& •hi
Presbytenanehltreh From the long expeneuce in ito
above Witness and • desire to please, he hopes to ter r
It and receive a share of public pouonogr
Nov on hand and hourlong to order, Rookruivey Our
f : i=en and top Buggies, and every description o
s made to order, from seventy-five dollars i
sorhthertisret Isephtoltil 101 IN into nit
HEALD,DUCNNODA Co, 41 north water •t, and
16 N. wharves, Phil', °Ear for sale. on accommodating
torma,6o6apkgagtruniftietamd Tobaccorconmating of
pounds, half {wand, s', B', 164, 18'. and
lamps;6's arid 64k plag, and t3'a Ladies' Twist, in
whole and half boxes, of die fallowing approved brands,
James II Grans, Osborn trßraggi
Grant & Wlllinms, A Cabantss,
8 louts & Son, hl'Donald,
Wishner Old, J Thomson,
James Thomas, Jr. A II Armistead,
J Thomas & Son, Landhorri & Armistead,
J P Comes J N Cobbs,
Gentry & Relater, C A C loy,
M A Butler,
Dress Hail, Wm Damon,
Pearl & Norwood, J 8 Blackwood,
Neat Page,
Wll Venni:inn, Keystone,
liklmund Henry,
Portia. Robinson, Rnsuall & Robins. 4
lie., Robinson &Co Seth Battey,
R Metculf, John kinder,
Lassen. Loftier, l Robinson,
Gray & Gray, D B Turner,
II Jamieson, York White,
I) N Branch. —ALSO—
Havana Leaf Tobacco, wrappers and fillers
Yarn do do do
Cienfuegos do do do
Sr Jago do Cuba do do do
St Domingo do do do
Iquria & Gulden do, part fine, do
M eyvville do de do
Kentucky various grades do do
Virginia Leaf. .iruble for manufacturing nod export;
Skirmish Seed Loaf. Perm', Connoeucut and Ohio.
Vieginia Sgraps, street; German Pipes Pipe 11.5.14 C
Scotch Snuff' (loose and bladders;) Marron. Ricoh
T onnun Deans. Havana b.s Otto Ross Bervunoi,
Cambria Liquorice; Patent Cavendish Knives, envois.
T hi. Old gland, comb , of SiniitidoLd insect' and
Diamond alley, Pittsburgh. Pa., would respectfui.
t the attention of Country Merchants; Hotel and
large ItOdwayetdioe assoc.-
encet of tm rommu CIO ABS, ensuing 'witch tent ter
found the following brands. ~. Esate, Reatta, Cris
ten," Principe. La Norman. Pita Brand. M iner,. and
Dollar Regattas, all of which soli lie sold as ba as can
be had as any - other trams in-theretry. -
Also, constantly on hand and for sale, a large and
wed selected stock of Vwginis kluisoon. and Foss Cut
Chewing Tobacen
Also, 11,1..8, Cuba and Common Leaf Tabu,
.randy oir hand and for We. nov3-dam
lint7tl W. FIELD offero mr gole at the lon.
111.0(aetarers' priers. a very evert:llre Olio,
Af...4t of PAPER. rompoeing eoer7 t0:1461e •nnet
a.d4pLed 10 tho wants Or OOOMOOr re it all tret/ons of
coorW7. Paper of all kends made to order at eh•
ldestock of PFLINTING PAPER is unestisßy ;ALI V
a psrt of srlochss of very superior uoulay
of every description, imported nod keptconstenti) on
hen- vie: Pe. W ire Cloth, Fouydruster
Blextel Felting, ,
ing Powder, Blue ntramazint,Twisie, gee , dr
Cluyass,Biale Rope, Grass Rope, /Jiggling ; . e.,
puert:l.nd, for which the highest price to Cosh wit ho
pud Irmy New York, lent IMO.
be. _---mado on the moat approved Eastern plam—
and mom fashionable Eastern patterns and colors. Also
or made Warder of all sizes, and at all prices.
Country Merchants and others are Invited to call and
elandne the above for thelmelreit, as all will be sold
wholeattle or 'mall, and a liberal deduction made to
orludeanle purchasers.
pHs undersigned acre for sale a superior vdele
of beget for building, made by his gleam Press,
improved machine, for which ha has obtained a patent
and agrees to give purchasers • written guarantee that
they are stronger, and will resist frost and wee weath
er and imbibe lees matantre or dampness than any oth
er brick, possessing greater body and superior legume
and muck more durable in every respect, each brick
Min% rubjected to a pressure of several tone, and pop
sesetng a handsome smooth wartime and even edges,
they make a front equal to the best from brick.
They have given the greatest mnsfastion to wr who
have purchased d kiln can be seen at my work., and
specimen at the Gazette office.
Thom haring supplied themselves for their buildir
and oriahing . handsome front brick, or opener hand
and solid paving brick, can obtain them.
Birmingham, June MBAR tf
• ' TAR:WHIM method to inform his Mends
and the public at large that hie Factory la
now in full operation, on the-west side of.
the Diamond, Allegheny, where a eon
stud supply of Blindsiof various colors
and quabtics, are constantly kept oil hand;
.1.0, at Ne 5 Wood at, Pittaburgh,.at J&
•—" II Phillips'oll cloth wareroom.
Veltman Shutters made to order hi the best style.'
Blinds repaired at be shortest notice.
N. D.—Btu Blinds will be put up without s t rij addl.
nal <zebu.- - they min be removed its a to.
r washing, and without the aid
TDB autuotiber is pro
pored to furnish Bouquets
for Weddings, - .Balls and
Purdes, composed bf rich
fragrant Floweri. Orders
left with W. T. Hewn, Jr,
fit. Clair Street, or through
the Pail Ogle°, veils he de•
livered promptly
Manchester Nursery.
ILfit Proprietor orthiswellknown place of resort has
ths pleasure of informing the peddle that his cantb
ent having been thoroughly refitted and repaired,
and the grounds elegantly laid oat and decorated, is
now open for teen accommodation, and he
self that those who may' favor Min with theii patron
age will find all that they desire, provided in the best
style end on reasonable terms. .He Is determined to
spare no expense In making his establishment worthy
of public patronage. He by accommodations for
boarding a few families. Ice Cream,,and all refresh
ments suitable to the mason, constan on hand
Monongahela !tome Tailoring Raab.
lIrSAAC WILLIAMS, per and Tailor, begs to In;
form the citirens of Pittsburgh and others, that he
Is now opento at his rooms on Smithfield street, un
der the above Hotel, a large and beautiful lullonolent
ofc loges, cassimerez, Satins Silks, and other Vesting*,
together with inch other articles as are required for
gentlemen's wean, Ilia goods have been earefitll7 se
lected, and 'are of the newest and most fashionable
smle, as well as of superior quality. His customers
depend open having their clothes mode op tin a
Manner which candor flu!' o gratify the taste of the
most fastidlon• •,92411y
*. . Ed7TltitE .N AN UFiCVTOI IIati VNIIANLDMrh r M inds o the d ifferent Hines colors
are kept on hand or made to order alto
the latest and most approved Eastern lmb.
i,,,at the shortest notice and on the mos
cesonahle tonna •
. .
Also, tha cheap Rostne tall or split Mind •Transpa
,,,, raper centrals of all tbe different sites and,
pattern., on band and for sale low for each. Old Veni. ,
nan Minds painted over and repaired, or taken In part
payment fat neva. , RBI WESTER VELT, Pro'pr.
N. B —All work done 1•1111 the best material and
workntmsNq and warranted to please the most far
tidams. , noglfadly
Allegheny city, Ana. 10, 1668.
mribera Oder to Fell one•thdre of th e two ferry
boats, Goo Scott md Gen. Muth, now mooing from
the foot of Peon street tO..sllw.Milli Van, sou to mats
it a profitable ierveatanynt for'espititiista, or any who
ma lire %cuffs to Me Int ire MM
Jyt . P 0 4 04Z0.114k. CO, Water a
Maa, i .,glik_hm
I r lng Var Oar LINZ
ati t imi 1848.
W. T. ALernea, Pittsburgh;
RIM), Panes & Ca, Detoeri
Cirawsono & Crummy; Ckmeland
THE above Line Is now prepared to trainman freight
and parisengers from Pittsburgh and Cleveland, or
any point on the Canals and Lakes.
One boas leaves Pittsburgh and Clevelabd MD
einK in connection with the steamboats lake Fare and
itim:bigau, between Pittsburgh and Beam, and a line
of! rst alum steamboats, propellers, brigs and setuxei
ers on lakes Erie, Huron arm EUettigau.
Property forwarded to any pan of the Delon with
dispatch, by Wilt T. 'BATHER_, or
ear Water and Smithfield no, pinshm. g h,
AGENTS:—Reed, Parks & Co, Beaver;
B G Parks, & Co, Youngstown, Ck
E W Cotes& Co, Warren;
D Bostwick & Co, Bmedporn
A & N Clark, Newton Palls,
F I.4ll4o=y,campbensimr4
frillide, Ravenna;
Ilite . 3 9./ITKIIVe', Fr" 9 4 1..h .. kii :8. ; Nl*
Co, Alio . 11;
p . n . l.lr77 .. ._Tbfix Co, .Jattazkri
Wotall'l's rc Engle, foledo;
6 Maims tr. Co, Detroit, Meta
ILl ^ Clore o Williams, Milwaukit, MO
. H J Winslow, Chicago, m. apl.4
MEEM. IB4B . ftLitia
rot ritAINISPORIUSION Olt 2111:1101.111LLIS
rintE Proprietors of tins old established and first
1 Portable Boat Line, having removed th e ir de
pot in Philadelphia, to a mach larger Warehouse
on Markel et_, than they formerly occupted,F d also in
creased their room for storage at Pittsbar , are now wader much greater faci li ties to eh' Mends
61X.d0 carried by this line are not tranShipped be
tween Pittsburgh and Philadelpb* being carried en
tirely to Sortable Section Boats. To shippers ofdour
and other goods requiring carelbl handljng, this is of
importance. No charge made for receiving or shipping
goods, or &dynamite charges. All goads forwarded
promptly, sod upon to reasonable terms no by any oth
er line.
Cerml Basle, Perm st., Pittsburgh.
M. DAVIS e. Co,
4.D . Market & M Commerce st., PhDs
_ _
JOAN Maid:lßV k Co., Forwarding and Corms.
.ion Mem-hams, Canal Basin; NMI ac, Pigaborgh..
JAMES M. DAVIS re Co, Flour Factors and Commit..
&ion Merchants, 5.1 Market, and 64 Commerce It"
Philadelphia. thbai
Dr"Advaneca made by either of the above on Flour,
Wool and other de aeripuona of Merehandire conligned
to them. fetal
VOTICE—The subscribers have disposed of their In•
tercet In the Form n and Ohio Line to CLARKE &
TH ty AW, of Pituburgh, and JOSEPH S LEWIS, of this
ci . willTh7continuo to transact business for the line,
at their Warehouse an Brood street, as wand, and be
speak for it a continuariee of lured. . jiAcietn e m . of their
& Co.
Phitadelrons, Marsh nth, ISLA
Pm's. and Ohio Trona [ion: Co.
DouNe Dai/y Lou of
191.1,119 . TO TSAMPOBT 0001,0 .ILTWILIZI •r.
CLARKE & 14AW, Canal B;;10. Ploahargh.
LEWIS A BUTLER, 219 Markel at, Philadelphia.
JAB. STEEL & CO., Ara Broad street.
. El 2 CLARKE A Co. 7S North at., Dolt
W PORKICK, Art., 12 'Mem street, Near York.
TIME subscribers have Nu day aim:witted therisalves
I together autdar the style of IGer & Jones, for the
parpaso of eontnining the business fortnorly carting on
by Samuel al. bier, and when n contitutanee of the lib
eral patronage bertitofoni extended to the house.
8.131CF1. !IL KtEIL,
Ptosb are., March I, WU.
1-: aro pm-pored to race,. and forward Ercieti to
the abort, au, intermediate place. woh ad much
doepatth, and at ea low noes. a. auy oiler tespontuble
The attention or shstypers wishsne to scud Pork or B.
on to list - tuna. to balk, is parocularly requested, in.
asnaoch •or nogeracots ett3Llo al to carry such
articles thrnoeh arr
ord, than arq other
h JONES, Proplra
eon al Bassi, near 7th at
Plttsburth. March I, 1e.17
lull', t irno_
K. W en k tst l d ' = " 7 ' nral:ra nd tr
Soft. roduce, ice
I„..Orral malt odraocra conugomesda. =art.(
_ _
LLaaaiBlx/ft, X 0 DUTIt.O , •RD Va. lICXI4I‘I .1
rmsbursh. Phlladelphia:
To PM p a an a mar.-
HENR V GRAFT & Co, rtanal Pane, Pirwborala
DUTII..II, HUMPHREYS & Co, No. te, M t, Plat.
O. lt. Kooas, eorwrt North & flasfirtja rta Bali
Jona F. Clarke, No 11, Old Slip, New tai, "6-"".
NHTICE—The style af l
oat' firins will n . known tr.=
and alter this date, at Pittsburgh, Henry Graf
, antlyat Philaitelphits, a* Do nth Iltunihretys Cia.
id:Nat GRAFF.
CHAS HUMPHREYS, L . Ph"lkil'ht.
GRAFF, Plusintrg marILIV
1848.151 M
For as Tranisputtistsun of Freted to essitth
YORK_ 130.STON. kr.
- - - .
Bamako: ik ease. Pailaitelphist
T..111t & Cr Costive, Mit bomb.
PM@ old ordahlwhed Lana being now in full mpera
1. nn. he proprietor. have made extensive M.P.'
atente o
to Corseted emod• .and produce with illeapateh r and
on Mr moat Isvonible terms They confidently hope
tli;r well known promptness to del .nit( goode--fro
mow safety in mode of carrying—capacious wurhon
.esm each port. atiorthite itecominothanons to shipper.
and owner. of produce--together with their Imys
nem, and artrectmoug •nentioti to business. will secure
to them • conunnuoms of that liberal patronage they
hereby grawfolly acknowledge.
All conslgnments by aml for thm 1/mo reeerred, char
ges vete. and forwarded to any requtred duvenone free
of charge for comma...oil, advancing or storage.
No tnterest directly or indirectly, in ineempiiam.
All communications promptly attended won applica
tion to the following agents,
BOR.BIDGE k CASH, 2,91.artel Philadelphia.
TAAFFE k O'CONNOR, Canal Basta, Pittsburgh.
CrCONNORS A. Co, North at, 13slurriore.
WTI. D. WILSON, 93 Cedar st, New Yolk. aps
o at ,
'LH.I9 well known Litz, composed of ateawboam
Lake E3lO end Michigan, between Pittillnirgb and
IM', and freight rind paarenger Canal BOEI be
tween Beaver and Erie, and C ht Reed's Ilnet of Ern
claw steamboats, propeller. and vessel. on the Lakes,
Is prepared to carry freight and passengers to all points
on the Erin Canal, and Lakes Erie, Huron and Michi
revery facility for conveying freight and pas.
aeogers e and dispatch, the promito
and agents respectfully s and s
from their friends a eon -t/moot. of their p
C R [TM:Proprietor.
REM, PlatICS &. Lc
Agentaver , , Agents.
apl4 nor Water and SmlthSeldsts, Pittsburgh.
MIA 1848.
To and from the Eastern cities is Cumberland.
TUE propnetare of this popular line, haseNdnee their
re.orporisatiern largely increased their facilities 10
meet the wishes of ehippers; and are now prepared 1111
forward a greater meant by the FIVE DAY •LdNE,
as also by additional regular wagon. at low rates.
This fins will ton throughout the year, delivering
roods thee ,It the , c , its In Baltimore and Pittsburgh
to owner. and co s at specified rates and time.
Shipment& from P ladelphia for the line etrould be
marked "Coro, .1 D Robinson, Baltimore..
The only agents are
S Chine. st, Baltinsona.
EDGERTON b. Co,' Cumberland.
0 W CARR Browneville.
feb4 J C RID .1. Pltrborlrh.
Mag . MEW
of r b rs
p. I3IIT I LTMS , tritEl o, — .
Agency at Cumbulasid Sam =mu af4ildrlX a s Ma
rile. to Mai of Edgerton te, Co.
Pittabarits amd mate. merchants an ratified Mat Bay.
ty Rahman. No Oa Sooth Charles at. Haldeman, h Om oolp
authorized aft./ of Lim in the Easton dam
noway mantas ana
J C BIDWELL, Pittsburgh,
0 W °Leff Broarttnills,
ED 0 A PITON ¢¢ C.a Cmbarimd,
derail B ROBINSON, Baltimore.
ta Th a i • • station Company.
& co , s IppAO
Old Established Lines 1110.-140
ARE premed to trunspon good s and produce to and
Rom the obi re eldes on &tearable wrens. Ad
111"..tEgefr / y et ' , Canal Basin, Pittsbur gh.
EU, No. L 3 & 15 Solh Third it, Phil
I. TAYLOR, SON Ape, Not 4, Mb Howard it, Balt.
A. ABBOTT, Agt, 710 7 West street, New York,
Pittsburgh, Match 10th. 1040. mane
Ilerobantainicransportation Llne.
inkgal 1848.
GOODS eanalgned to our ear* will be !crowded
without delay at the lowest derma ratea
Canal Basin. Pone at, Pltwburah.
Y 7•2 and 563 Market .4 Phil's.
Je29 smith's wharf, Bald=
1848 . njila
aZD. TYO.lroarnayaawoaravtbatnwatsatiPav
IMVEEN Pittsburgh, Blaimillo, Johnstown, U.
lidaystnirgli,Weter Meet, (Huntingdon Co gad PP
This Line was formed exelosivida (or the epeeini en.
emmoodation of the way bselnesa. The Proprietors,
thankful for the very Bonn patronage they keve re.
eetved during the Wit Me yeon, .001 d regpsetray
form their fnends and the public that th ey ere, po wE iti
better prepared to deliver goods in any. point on tn a
Canal and Rail Reads, witk promptaen and dtspetek.
& Woods, johastawn.
John Hollidarlorgh.
0 A APAmltpd:Cq cam' && 0 4P0 1, 6111&
Rxrutsoix—EoAboxib.. Smith & J & J
MADarau; 0 tr. .1 R tßidenbalaß E ItablAsO*Jioo;
B•RaMY & !Ma* Jab& Mani Wm Leklair
Or, Dr-P nhoanbeArar.
BOOKS,' ifirSid
- PIANO moirmas.
"JOHN IL ?4NLI/3 . No. st W 6 ed
erreet, hair rlcrir reeetveor s fell assert.
meat of. Piano. Fortes, selected from
the following manufactories in Boston
and Netwitork. to which Mb attention of purchuers is
respectfully invited. Those from Kr. chtekerint, l
die sale of which lie I s Agent In Western Penn
sylvania) have what Is terreadtheNew Circular Heap
being en improvement recently made, and
a decided arlvainage fn 'fewer and equality of sine
over any cabers' The Collowingeso the patterns and
styles of Chickering's:
No. I.' RosesroOd, oerves, finished beck do front, 114 W
"2. " 66 " richly carved " " •S/41)
3. „ 4 , 4 1 N3
" g 6/ " carved mouldings, ' SOO
" 6 . " el " (wished back mid 1 '...0t,• 8750
" 6. " 6l 83311
7 . o U
,"& " 6 " "," "
" " 6 projecting front,
" 10. 7 nobly carvedatyle of Louis lath.
" " 6 hollow corners and hollow cor
nered legs, second hand, cost originally $4.65, and will
be wild at a very reduced price •
No. 11 Rosewood, mundcomer, very elegantly fin
ished; 5275. No 13 Rosewood, rotted eemer, very el. ,
egatuly Einiahed, $276.
1 ke above arc manufactured by H. Worcester, N.
Y., well known as being connected formerly with
Messrs *ward, Worcester a. Dunham, N. Y,
No. 13. Rosewood, 61, carved moulding, made by the"
Manhattan Company, N. Y. 81175
N e t4t, Rosewo od carved,: octres, Gala , & SeS i gi o
V 'Plc, 16, lies i eWea n r i .i n tand Piano, made by Henri
Hera, Perla
No 17, Mahogany,a octaves, second hand, price 875.
Old Pumas talrenin part payment - for new ones.
Role Agent for Chickeringl (irand and Square Piano
Fortes, for Western Penuarivania. oetl7
A SPLENDID assortment of Mahe
r iffilill
gany and Rosewood Pismo., jest dn.
whed. These instrument. are made of
the latest pattern and best material.
and will be sold low. for cosh by
P. BLUME 119 Wood street
lid doorabove Fifth.
N. 13.—Those who are in arum of a good instrument,
UV respectfullyinvit-d to exionirie these before pur
chasing elsewhere, as they cannot be excelled by any
in the country, and will be sold lower then any brought
from the East Atrojust received, two pganosof Ram
burgh inumfacture, warranted to be superior to any
ever sold in this cotmtry. argil P. D.
Ur has met received from Europe, and (or sale, an
entirely new invention of Piano Porte, called the CAB
INET PIANO PORTE, which poweendermore power
and sweetness than the square Piano, occupies hot one
fourth as much room, end is a much more showy and
handsomerplece:or Main:lie. It is particularly desira
ble whepi the saving of space is an ohroot, being ex
ceedinglYmeat and compact, utd occeprinty no more
room than s small side table. The subsenber has la
hand a testimonial of its superiority from the celebra
ted pianist, Moschelles, in his own hand writing,whieh
may benwpected. H. KLEBER,
Atl W WoodwelPs
AnCitgiN A •1 7. 1 7 A13
RECEIVED and fnr sato, a lot of-choice Pianos, with
.0 without Coleman's Aohan Attachment. by
Mons A. auk, N T. Ono of Nunn. k Clark's Pianos,
with the Attachment, won taken to Eoglaml by Mr
Coleman, .0 among many other tootionoroolo of ad
miration for tbu elegant specimen of Amerieaa shill
and Ingenuity, elicited the following remarks from
B. Thalberg, the greatest Partin hew.
Lennon/an IS, IBS&
My Dear Bir—ln enclosing a letter. to my.fn.d, Mr
Erand, Pans, I cannot refrain from again exprearing
to you bow much I was pleased with your a.Eollan
Attachment," which leonsidet as a great musical tro
proverneni. I can assure you that on MT part I shall
09th great pleasure do my utmost to make your tonne
bon known. For sale by ft /MEIJER,
teal As Woodaren's furniture rooms, 3d at
Blltegita--Htuory of We Urcel at" ,
IJ olation, and of Me wan and campaigns arimng
from the atruggles of Ma lireek Payton in Emancm.
tom their country from the Toclush Ypkel—in two vet
amea—apieneid copy with numerous -soaps and engr•-
Lenora' Illoairsorro of Me reign of %Vattern 111, from
la' to INE-14 ith portmite, cola.
Comennien to the erode of the holy eariptures.
Ilarry dlonuray, thriling romance, troth Su morn-
f our ret Inc Hey Land, Franck Stage, and Sketchers
lb Ones Joel reed and for nit by
W market street
Illeitalle * Pram. Piano.
hripfA SPLIADID Imsortmeot of Rose
anal Mallogany grand ammo Pt
.\ 110• ;U. Lmahed an 1 rot sale.
Alto, Iwo spleodal FLoserrood "alma,
With Coleman's eelearatedattaehment,6lnseed
On Me moat modern style, 4.dfor aale at
te= lILU 1 , 111,119 Wood Si
IMAM, P• 11-11.8 & Co.. PACKET LIFE.
iS:=Zra' 1848 .
Canal Po c net— et Vl , ALLOW, L Ford.
t /CLAN. Capt. Waiters.
=el " A r e7rt'et"r'reelkat7treeerY
St erten bete they connect With the Mad Stage. for
Akron and Cleveland, arming each
bettor. tught (hie of the itankets leave Warren daily,
ma 0 P. it. and arnve •I Renee. to note to take the
for Pdtsbnegh.
At LI TWYLOR, „ Prsrprttra
TIM.. to TIM tat it 111 ,Dart 110C1i.
Clam/ Parker — PhmsoLossis, Capt. /retrie k
• Lass Estm, Troby;
. " " PsTrolls, • Brown;
• Patornos, " Sayer.
The above new and splendid Peasenger Pastels have
comm.:need running betsveea BEAVER AND ,ERIE,
and relit run regurally during the season—one tow
lea. tog Erie every =wrung at h oVelewls, and one leav
ing Helmer every evening, unmehliatidy attar the arri
val of the steamboat Michiran from Pittsburgh.
'llls hoots are new and comfortably furnished, and
ori run through in forty hours Passengers to any
point on the Lases. or to Niagara Palls well and this
room the most comfortable and expeditious. Tickets
through to all ports on the Lake can be procured by
applying to the propnetont.
REBA PARES & Co, Beaver.
JOHN A. CAW:MEV, Atm. Attsburgh,
ear W.
and Smithfield us.
AG C Hammon, Hudak', N V.
C hf Reed, Erie, Pa.
C C Wiek,Greenulle, P.
APParland and King, Big Bend, Pa;
Bar. & Piatab, Sharpsbargh, Pa;
W C Malau,Sharon, Pa;
1), .?vA th l'"="til•P t Pa. jyl
Pennsylvania Canal da — Raillto - anlairm
pressyast Packet Una.
-.:7=- -- ;. -- -i-m4FD„ 1 8 48. Anita
(Excloalvely for Pusengens)
, ITF: pubbe are respectfully informed that akis
A. rill commence rnA g n the 921 lost, madeo
tame throughout the Beeson.
, .
The boats are new, and or • superior class, with e
larged cabins, which will 11,0 greater comfort. Th
curs arc the latest construction.
A boat will always be In pan., and travelers are re e aeste lsewher d to call and email:to them before engaging pa.
iFara only nine dollars through.) Otut °fate boats of
this Line will leave the laurlig loppoatta U. S. Hotel,
earner of Tenn street and Can every night at nine
clock Tune 31 1 days. For onnation,apply at the
Odic°, Monongahela Rousts, or to D LEECH co
ley Canal Basin.
HARNDEN k co'.
Plummier and Remittance One..
AuItFIAIVEUMS k CO. continue to brinAs . snitimi er
from any part of England, Ir-land.
Wales, upon the most liberm ones, with Melt
usual punetoahty and attention to the wants and eon.
fort of ereadigrdnu We do not allow empanel:mem to
be robbed by the swim:tang scampi that Infest the sea.
ports, as we take charge of them the moment they 11.
port themselves, and see to their well being, and de.
'patch them without any detention by the first ships.—
We say this fearlessly, an we defy one of our outsets.
gen to show that they were detained 48 hears by no in
Liverpool, whilst Monsamis of others were detained
months, until they could be seat in some old end% at •
p rate, which too frequently proved their oeffos.
'We Wend to perform on, contracts honorably, env
what it may, and not not *Ann the ease last season,
with other odleers,—who either performed not all, Or
when it suited their COLl•Ctliallea.
iralb. drawn at Pittebargh Cot any ,am *am II to
i t . lrg=l , n ik a o t ti ano a cile4r . ci e. vinclal EWA, In Ir.
n/Mt n .mlJ6."L'id
00Sewell Patent Cones.. Seater Churn!
TrrE call the attenuon of the public to the article
IT heeding thle advertisement, and invite the en
terprisV and merinos to call and wit... its Opera
don. advertitemants In relation to this Invention,
to the hundreds who have seen It tested, is taperer°.
This (Mum will produce Sutter, gathering kin
• man, from sweet edit, In Ave to ten minutes! and
from ammo prepared, as WOWes usually prepare It,
in three 10 Bye minutes!
2d. au til ity of thlr Wrestlers le apparent, u bet
ter Butter can be produced from meet milk, or cream,
than cream mural in the usual ways and by means of
al. chum, a littlegirl or boy ran perin.a, In hoe or
ten minutes, what bas heretofore required the labor of
• woman or mast foveae or two boars; ind sometimes
hairs day. •
Si. qjttyy simply turninga thumb screw, the whole
aide Mabel hi taken out, leaving nothing but the butter
and milk lit the plain wooden box.
4thAt is the cheapest ehuno 0.111 invested, av the
WM:41011y of its coaitivedon (though .embodying •
great phiforop Meal principle) nudicia It but little to
manufacture IL
6th. it I. • common-sense churn, as all will admit ICI
who will examine IL
IV- We hare purchased the monopoly of this salea
ble improvement from blesses. Celsar I blyera the
patentees. We are now offering the complete mono
poly °finis styled &niche foe the &sumo( Owe, Palm
eylvaele, New York, New Jersey, ?dant/end and Del
aware, which will Mean, certain and lame profits to
the manufacturer, and • speedy mum of mvestmeut.
The public are Invited to call and grimes. Its 0P0114ti.14
at our dike, in Prtteburalkoseryday,al4 o'clock, e. a.
J. H. CLAYTON b. Co, Propeietors.
° ES .T e o b hr s e l t
' rr
ASID-1 b °gi I
ascreadhlustaginceal, .
nos 4 JO DidozdAy-
'11.1 6211 4P ! ,
1 01,fttit ez i - R L
AND OR THEtruilippr,„, Coot or 4,
' - '7 14 1114•11.7 1 7 ' ulna co y
sau•iglia 0111011110 " 00crif e AA , 11).
001 %MESS " 1
t og now eiy i , " 0 4
0 WO was 0r i .. P4 %
41. 1, " gong • .
Tv[ Proprietors have aped urea thee
this pies:mad= of 5 nUatialLLL. ;
, "eat lama of perfection I, mai Use sapeolishee
.mte ' 2 ,aia has hununed theel the mg at ° P -
P ' mmi ll!„ 4 72l.ttumimioosimmi, the Visages wifteft ft •
is recomasepooo, aoa,
adapt thly Mg, ~atef god cue. .111.,
thrnt"h° Wt'h "7 t Medicine am hilted to ev• u".014,23214att54
,themedT.s s 01 its go i .dor ! , cd the ambargii proseity vommic• l n U tln g
lmptvred The _r“"to boos adizgikt to told OlaretAßT. *inn , lb
formpneent u `s datm bi thessir sad actukar ittefteto• of
I ' B th° fwn `• has attained, ameba Snood tvi /tan 121) 0 at tots
and owes; that mad litodrottiv for tba barattll..p3tomft wAY
the haven of health.
.....,...,,.. "I"°ll"lmg .., ii i t,,,,..._ m C°L8 ;,......" ,, r, • geishas= of high staaftng strathesuas
- ---• a ' Way appointed Coosa to New Cranial;
Kam L. a a D. a..:—
Glarnzam—liatin g coed, and .ntota vt. ,,,_ ...„„,.. o f=r 4 ' ‘; Ha '
of ammatilla cm Meant perscuo m ",„. ---- 4 di - twawn t.
Picgtrds, Louisiana, Team and Match 4:,, „„.„,, , i n ia m b, a.., blo
=memtartainad of its groat medicinal • . - 17 4--„ owl cue I L s aw almost
altiarnt, morning speedily the erierni&- I n ii s ii.... — ...a m aw & to
the mat agreeable manner , a tonic and
Your flanaparilla is hy4porosed taulS. ~..d . ~i, th„ O. ga........a5y
to /Liam sod my mato, 4.. ZACHAR Y qv * ". for
. 1 ., . 4 ' 0 1 7 .
been to the habit of ;Wog a, and mammas:de SW ~ . y e ...a main eargyted the
article a the am time, tad It is now considered f'ij...., aidup . bia .,.... h . .
to the why. In eooeluolop 1 would ea, that the , S i . b . b....... 1 ... 2 ,1141,4
Waal he prhotand loud 'ha, ha Itawsta will mate it gwerally
Man throughout the length and breadth of ohr ..... W",....,....5.a ema a m
Yours vary respienfoliy,
.. . S. 61, TAYLOR.
- " 1 11 to haw Oressids.
, .
oft. /.... r .wpfa
Kama laws ameo-Sympally fa ho
was me te MMIW We
of the masstab sageabated_ by you ifaMorills la 10, ..0 4 ... wii ,. l a .
Wlll seemly @Shwa with Me maids cm ahem% parts of a... dy 51.. 5 i . .../. of
el allat was gradry carpet, and bar tabs mash mean. ~ ....2 , 1 70.
m, ilad Inane no relief from the mitedin g e the . lad
he oupparated. , Her phyaidan It id=4, 1 5 1m4 al* • woo
dam WS Wallop ay , mamma beach. Waal= We . 61tv
BtO 121 . alins S a IIII PSAUL The trittotlONLowit.• T r" swim
a7:l.l. h `firra l .l=== a b' I zl a bar? ' i tl a s.,.. ers
Math gultearawed. It fa row over a year seat the sum war ,' . - ..7.1 -- ,
Walsh mega pod, ahlreter the dime* war tiototokle, .
_. erediested • • VOA=
Oar 01111110111 ft are ell blowing to these fats, Imd Mot Basin' • •....4 .. ore
Mato( to the age. Taws wtth same, JO 7 •• itif
linnet Cam a later reatived from Mr. N. Walsh* • patlemsa t ri * t .
Ili sway, w ith 1 ham and s maga boy ef Moo ahlt War
aladial &holt La and a • meltdoin Maly. Tears nab
Judo..lea,rm., July 17, IMO • W. W. 11.."'
The hallowing tatimoay from Ha. Jan Grigg, late Nectar of the Clara of I,
Crthaxion to fhb ally, mimosa& Wolf to oa =What of th e alliated Ammo&
eatillistes of omen of vicious awns efecled by this milida ars almost daily
swerved,- . ~ •
llaars. Imo ,-4 mamba of my Way has taw makable latemerilla far
it amt. strettbas Wham, to with the wita Daaahafal, erect ratattog hoax tii
toll. /1 &Iva nu nory trus prams tote:cad ray Malmay to Wolf oily am
sad Mat others may to broad to lulu • trial of tr.
Nst trZ' lait, .. , JOHN QBl6lO.
Nam 1 D. & D. lam :-
l iu :: 4 2, Y. Oct. 1 1647
Gawnwass-Teelhop of Andras tau tamale a 116 eamawlodgment
of ma bast lam dal from Me use of your 11 I have for arena
yam Wen a:llsta wile scrofulous soralhp in ay bawd, Width at lima would
=el dlachage a wry th row wee, la
4am and it ellen wet= break oat In
faro amy face cod head. Tar mhessad anal my Shwa, face and
bead were almoa we ample* sore, sad for a lang time 1 wu so home lita It wax
with he camoltat I could
d = „.. abo7=ar i - hustle this duo I had
soma alma of and other airmul t Arceasha dud
UNA various N ees sto bowel until 1 commenced your' Ilars•-
/ m mow an al haled, and 1 attrflnge the result entirely
&•er Whim of Ivor valuable medic:Um.
Yours, with suspect sad gratitude, PLUM CAHOON.
Beteg penonally acqualutia with the maces aboarnamed. 1 ahem her staionat
to be maim. .11.1lia St. D. CARR, Justice of Ma Pam.. ' ',.
A. B. dc D. SANDS, Dinroareme AND Cerium,
100 Feirott-ts., coma or Wu.unn, New You.
gold also by Druggists *enmity throastunit the United Stales and Canada.
Price SI pot Beale; Stogies for $5
Pndit:rut, wbole•ale and ratul, by B. A i'AIINEI , IO , K. CO, corner ut runt Front
of Sratb and Wood alai by L. WiI.COX. Jr , corner of Smithfield bud Fourth um., and &No
at and Na Drumm also, by EDWARD FENDERICIL co, filonoligulaDove. no'-9n
. .
7 ADW.S Who U. Common Prem.. Chalk, am SALTER'S
is often last aware how frightfully merlons t is to
rough, the skin! how wane, hour ugh, hew .110., )451Inve
and achealthy the atm appears after using p.p.. GINSENG PANACEA!
chalk! Hendee, it n injurious, cotooningalarge quasi . I LUNGS—The unprecedented success winch has
my of lead. We have prepared a beantifut vegetable ttet , ded 1.. the
W HITES; It la perfectly Innacent. being plothettof all n all the various forms which Irritatiou of the burgs al.
Jeletertedsmsehmo and it Imparts to She One a nate. own.. h. }educed the proprietor agaiirmeallune.
rat. healthy, atalaster, hear, living white, at the same i tam to this .
semis as a eosaletie .1 the ekity making it 5011 WOND PREPARATION.
and =oak. , ' The changable weedier which marks out lUD and
Dr. Juirei Atidisireat, Practical Chemist of Mtaswiartmareartiths, Is always e Weal soureerof
ebaseux Sayst ''Anar analysing Jones's Spanish Late COLDS AND COUGHS.
Whan s l Ind It pomessea the me-t beatniful sad nom. These, If neglected, are bat the precursors of that fell
cal, at the same time .400 Cent mote I ever la.. 1 destvom,
certaittut recorsonead its use to all ! COSUMPTION.
whoseb re/mires h./airy:es , I The swat., then, how shall,e nip the destroyer um
IllibtrPocc. ES cents a box. . ' the bed! how shall we get clear of oni coughs and
atOrliela by WM. JAMISON, at his Boot and Shoe olds - to of vital Importance to the public. ,
Stare, 0 pastry street, head of Wood, at the sign of 1 THE GREAT AND ONLY REMEDY
the Big Not 103 j will be found to the Ginseng P.... Id proof of this
. Ladles, ladles, Pm amonished, we have from tune to tune pahlithed the terrifies , . of
When MI gnaw that you are,prearased I &wens of our best known citizens, whohaye expeti.
A amoral, life-like, snowy white, I criced its curative powers. These, with e mass of tea
That yea will shit ere sionanon chalk, , clammy hem all parts of the counuy,—frrim
And look a deathly yellow fhght, MEDICAL IWO, OP THE FIRST STANDING,
The theme of !masher and of talk, , , M' nisters of the Gospel, tesi., together with copious no)
If yea eroeld use a Iron of JONES Lally-white, It ~, „ tram th e
woulelgive your skin an Cert.:xi; yet mutual what, I JOURNALS OF 'THE DAY,
and at the sane time clear and improve it. Sold at ; we have embodied in pamphlet lone, and may be bad
JACIL4OWS, Kr Liberty in. Prate 0 cents per b e . . i liens of any of imr agentarM u ref.T.
SCRO G F s t . .ILA 11: 1 1) .
I. SCr
i F ts Ul..o .. US lie r f 0 E1.1., : 1:m.45 . 4re used h . : ti A lt i e i tt& , , ENS
.rnai jaAr •
whether ill that aline. Evil, enlargements o the 1 llo'''''''em'w the United SW" and e. ' " ' 4"d; we eat
glands or bates, Goitre, White Swellings, Cnrostir 1 n" any=ht. point out a fIINGLE INSTANCE,
Rheumatism, Censer, &teases spittle Sktn or Spine,' , „eke, ,r1,,du1g.y..e.e....0g tp diremio., nee b e ,.
or of Pulmonary Consumption, emanate from one e
ve the Mega h os t beware Waif, illsolgeauted, It h.
and the lame cause, which as a poisonous, prinetple ' ever failed to
more in lea inherent in the Mimeo system. There, ; EFFECT A PERFECT CURE.
fore. maces this prinetple can be dertroyed,eo radi.' may, , Sant :teed the alicted hesitate! WAy aeon to
the mew-raffle nostrums, Ott. up bye. , otenthillvid
cal cure can bo elected, but if to ponciple upon
~,,, the 0 . n . 0 ., 00 ,,,,,,, of „ e „,,,...„...„,
which the disease depeeds, ith mitered, a cure ' , 00,,,,,, and p„oye e t L e e, ,ftrit.ty by . ,nific.,,, . ~ ' , : g:
mustol necessity follow, ander what form I so. equally artkutrice Whilst a medicine el
the disease thauld mantle:iv itself. This, therefore; UNPAITALLELED EFFICACY •
m the reason wiry J•Ta ea ALThRATITE I. so uni I la to be had, whew vouchers he . houtee-ottr neigh.
vervally eacceadhl in nemovieg mummy malignant ~.,- - - . .1 of wk.m it h.
dieceural. It deltroya SNATCHED FROM THE OR AVE.
the 'true et. Princi p le from
I In order that this inmastabla medicine may boPideed'
wined those dimes. have their eriipn, by mitering , ert
pot e,de
mach of the p e e, „ , ,,,,u thoei e .lo„,,heeo
to the
into the circulation, and with the blood is convey the rateeteri fibre, ramming every particle el ONLY IiFICIPTY 0
disease. from thaeystem. Prepared and cold at No.; lest one half the usual con of go i nVa l =thses., nta
8 South Third Street, Philadelphia. I for sale by OUT meats in nearly every tome and village
Sold at the Pekin 'Pea Store, No. 72 Fourth Ores . , Ova, the west, who a. pre_ p a red IgZt NI le.e..
Pittsburgh inch,, i don relative to it
Bri SALTER, hopTietar
ativaay, Cinitecerl MM.
ruauta,mrot. EDWARD A CM= c oon
lis i, `"ar or re , .
H .1.1 turning his thud. to Isis Wen. sod . the pi:l6Ra
, for the extensive petro stage be has maim), and .tie
foaming them th at he has lately elected a large and
, well
buddi detfor Ida hedlesthe P.R.*.
! of his WATER CURE I trITABLISHIMENT, at pis aid
locanoa, at Phillipsburgh. Pa., On the Ohio river, oppo
site the steamboall.dlng At
the mekleaveroisheret ready
; to Mehra patients as boarder., and treat on lip
; dropathle 'linnet*. In =Widen to bit long experi
, ence, and the great mecere watch has befetofore at.
I mmied hie treatment of patients ; committed ts his care,
I he has now the addiUmtal hull' ides afforded by an ex . -
/teatime braining erected espreelly for th e purport , ' eon.
tabling elammodMas and &try lyOlitti
_and fated up with
every necessary append. for bathing, altd timid. ,
teriog the treatment to the lIIGIOCI benefit and comfort
of the reheat. Phillipshurgh U tnostdelightful end
he:l un
tendie, ,,, e h ar of access by stassothoa ts, and if.
lords fin e waters. ale Acker snares
those afflicted persons who may ;plaso themselves Mir
ider hi. care that every attention. shair be paid le their'
comforr, anA . an ...nee oft he eubathttiel benefiti
to be derived, he points with confident. to the hen.
drea • who have been penewn.tly cured at Ls eetab.
lishosent. The Water Care lavea no itch hoes effects
behired, as is too often the case with those who have
; been treated on the old ay..., It removes! the dla.:
ease, inv*orates the system, protects from the dangers
' incid ant to diale, of the wealhor,'; creates a path.'
and active appetite, and impartsvigor lathe; digotolVe
pow en. Tema of treatment amtboardirty'reasonctilo.
For iilllthet partioulare Inquire et the establishment, or. •
Puldstas the propnmor al Pldllipsbnrgh.! ' '
fr HER underlie, ned has long bean convinced of the
neeessity for some medicine adapted to the use of
Children and Infants to supertonic the use of all these
medicines which contain opium, and has u ength me.
seeded in preparing and offermg to the nab!!e a mos&
eine tally answering every purpose for alias...or use
bowel*, without the um ot that deletenorts drug, eerl
other calculated to mime u: the 411/1. The In tuit Plu3l ,
lera has been folly meted .0 uteri the last twelve ;
menthe, by numerous persona and too. to 110MeM all I
the extraordinary /MUM and to produce all the won
lekingeffeete as eat lone on the bill at threctiona. Di-
arrhasa, Vominng, Chaim Griping, Pains, Sickness and
Duos es milting from TmthMg, acting immediately
without disturbmg any of the functions of the body, I
poulmung the happiest and most pleasant transition
Gam violent pain In • tranquil and Joyous state of feel
ing in the link sufferer.
To be had wholesale and retail, of the Ploprietor, Dr.
JOHN SARGANT, Dmggist and Apotticeary; John
Elliott dr Beckham, and most other D d. ru , gyni
e Alitibeny and Pittsburgh. Cl3_
VT.P. - liiand , a Premium #laster.
TIM. W. P. INLAND, of the Medical College Of Phil.
adelphie, now offers to the public his Indian Veg.
etahle Premium Plaster, the qualities of which, after
long and tried experience, hat; been mulsfactorily
tabliskied. To a ll women who rimy he alllicted with
Pulleys. Maria or Fallen Womb, he reeOLLlMend/ his
plaster, guaranteeing core and speedy cure in that
short space of from two to thee weeks, if applied with
care and rest—diseardmg all the coontlese instrumetus
and expensive bandages so long in use. Thus he fee
eonmientious in steered, inasmuch as he has not failed
in one essa oat of three hundred and fifty-three pa. I
Also fer Rheumatism and Weak Breast or Back, at
tended with pain, there to nothing to excel this Flamer
in affording Tonere; effecting • core. For 'ale by
L Wiltox, corner of Dituaond and Market sr
Maim Rdter,"" Liberty and St_ Clair ow
Dr .1 Sargent " Federal at and Diamond, Alle
gheny alt.,
Jacques Co, u Denman and Diamond Birming
_ _
ThinPAIINIS Cathartic compound combinessmalln se of
XI with efficiency and comparative mildness of pn r
wive talon, and having a peculiar tendency to the
Mindy mgans, Is extremely valmstil• In ibis Country,
in which bilious fevers and other complamta attended
with congestion of the Liver. so much abound. They
hue Ow stood-the test of ttu years, and experience
has proved there to be s safe and saleable remedy In
Intermittent, Remittent and Bilious Fever; Jaundice,
Billons-colic, Indigestion, Dropsy, Dysentery, Bin a ,.
Voraidep, cold} and an complaints clan iiilletrunato.
ry °banister. The complete and universal sedsfire.
Uon which has been given by these pill, to all who
have used them, renders the publishing of the sumer
*ne certif . :lode. in their favor unnecessary. To pre.
vent counterfeiting they are now put op In • red ay'.
graphic Wrapper.
Pries g 3 rents for a box containing 30 pill. •
Prepared and weld by
Comer let and wood, and also earner nth and-11
strata. sea=
- m•ro. CC. Wood street, one door south of Diamond
nltel, Pittsburgh, Pa, offers for sale a law, lot of
Drop, PItdiCLDOS, CBI& Paints, Varidads, eaten:
nod - Perihmery, Pomp, and Domestic, to leh he
calls the attention ofd nnglists,
chants slitting das m city, eis determined to sell at
very low prices, and give general suldaetion. Goods
warranted and cheap. Varnish No. I and g, N. Tort
....resume; also Japan and Black Leather Varnish
es, of euperior quality. Also, White and Bed Lead at
prices lower than heretofore offered. 3. a gy_ si so
...desutres Morgan% celebrated Cough Byre - me/nob
has given retard satisfaction to all in the tilling of
coughs, Cattle, kinarilencsa, int/MU/4 Wet/Opt cough,
a u; pee 23 cede per Louie. Also, rgans
Jodi Liner Pills, a certain cure for liver complaint.
diskache, and all bilious complaints. Price chi
NM boy seprie
WLLSIN.L. nornotuco.
mee at the 1 1 :1xehaage, Baltimore.
YJNICED 6ATIZII,--The charges have been reds
eed email *allege' to o from nayrnc, l`nts
burgh or Wbep and a coneapattatng ndcetion
made onlil tale o &When fartrarded from 84-
Limon Ne a t of ttatrargla,
Um—The charge for a telegraph despatch to or
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We have been unarmed to Mrs Row Of • care par
formed °niter by Dr. Jayne's . /I.lteratlvo, soled,
pros, a sq, anperiority over erety'titherremedy of the
kind She ho. been elated for the test sixteen years
viral" NECROSES°, WItITESWELL,IPtUS, intended
was ulcerations and eutfolladonaCkaneas banes, do
ring Plods thee many pieteshavelthen discharged from
the metal bone of the eramtrinlttote betirber Mina,
wris It and bands, and from both legrilturd from the left
femoral. Mee, and from the Dant knee, beanies palatal
eke, on other perm of her person, admit have baffles
that idiot a number of the most eminent physmiansoi
our .nit.—during most of the time her sullerings have
been es eruieLng and deplorable , About - three month,
since she was thdoced to try Dr; Jayne% Alteranvo
as has ha 4 airmiteasolungly. happy dtfeet aporrheo:
try memoir's all own and swelling and canning the
Weans to beat, south lathe same time ber general health
hoe bieome tored ro that r an.“....
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she did before ,
the commented use
of the use
of thie ,rely saleable prepatem.—{sal Kan Peet.
For farther information, worthy of Mrs. Em,e,.No•
Vainest at,,Pthladelp/tua
For sale in Pittsburgh,
it the PEKIN l'En STORE,
it Fourth it. near-Wood. /Y. 5
to ih• World.
ENTY-EIVF. DOLLARS will be paid to anyone
who prOdhch • spot of patnt, areal or drY, OW
cannot he ortraeted with Roll , . losprotred Chem/col
Soap. I have the satisfaction of saying to the pantie - at
this pitee,that Min article, by my own unpoosemeat on
rma Mande unrivalled to due Ceenfrf re , amrsetioll
grease, tar, pitch oil, paint, or en y other greasy non
stance, from all kinds of gendernen's or clothing,
nartfets, table mod., merino shawls, Ladies' bonnets,
&a, without Jointing anything that Para watt, will not
lore. More than one lhopu.d. patelnka -in different
parts at the country have told rise they *Mild net be
Petheellti If coot one dollar per mite. In trying this
Map on mare than 300 sulkies of light Milts, lad., al.
Parma*, and calicoes, I hava only found three maces of
silk, two of alpsee•, and Poor of calico, 00 which It
'changed the color; therefore before:patting It on Labs
drum try a sample of th e dress first. I Maio this beeeelle
'l ant determined not to recommend it any Stronger than
I know m be *trimly trwl.
•••_. J.lll lore.
'Owned os
i Litt NOY:ND - it tiAiLS.C.cidiZeit
1) just received of Dr. Townsondh arillo, the.
most extraordinary medicine in the world: 1 Thiu
ael is pet up its quenhoul en It is six deco cheaper,
pleasanter, and warranted superior to nor aced,,
mires disease without Combing, pirate/Pi dealktUngb or
debierners Me patient. • •
Lou. cos inss berressese.—Urgrincistedpelsons bare,
copied oar int.* and. Poi oP.
reaped bottle, tee that nimble:Qs ban the ratan a,
amaze of S. P. Townsend.'
R. B. SELLERS, Drebia,Sl-wooditren, between
Slant and Eras* Fs Dr. PornscAPa .
and mall no= roCrit*ogrOr Og:
article can be bad.. •
D. M. Carry has been atinTed'llWeekigens For
Attester" of whom 'pada° lOW* can be
ljnisiTWlr MILDIEINEARIMT/OKSfor sale by.
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Compbeilli 1:61 11la i LTit; bare warmed War* muduad
many =doom oh Wilma I paid dumb omit Jimia
noitelionttEep4al elmootto domk
reheated 5 or 6 alma, oad dullymma ono lateuabla:'
1850-71 , 0 rm alteMed tajahrLfra PBLOMIIBOONOOT
WSLL. Om km at wAtl, iumnals,Muttoloopootelear
prim la the side; acid as tie ohm , 'symptoms; tbrieflaut
16 6.66/111. Tilthq 9 / 1 161.661 6661202616th1LL11N6i
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Said by lacCase,4lfiliD ?it bens, Magian,
Tellbm actalesi 4'l•oolloo34.eand• Prahthria
IDIFECKIEIepin PARNIA, how in una
. the, kinapindil
I..L'Asylema, and the pbtMd estabinh luid
rectimmendad Dy , maw of dm moat do
an article of diet (Ore
and Invalids, ranch rtiperiar to moor root, aatof
car mare innurnbelr, &amnia the umte, up ow
ordigestion m M lb: boxes or !MU lb=r, „
each accompanied with printed threctionfor
Liable', in his Agricultural attemiairy, p. Pitienaf t
. .
, „
"Children fed upon arrow-rock salep ; or iniltmd any
kmd of emylalaeitoris fad. ashlehdoes.eoner='
diem. Iliad. for the formation of bonen and sr
become fat, and acquire notch InumiXroori ban limbs
apiteat fa, but they" - dinot tnirlfo' ettengib; fttligair•
thew orgya property da•elopedY „
In the anat,ysts the Mina made ti* 'Piot Itetkof
New Yadk i n:non attura ocarthumite,'Maigiatir Myer
rent of glow= and albumen; end remark! that ilia
things o! the Faiths upon the Medical Probation and
the public. wiareahopmr creidatuing, larthe Oda=
end amain enina- bin
bodies not' ama &Ceram root 'Or unifier anon,
and which modern chemistry hag pointed Obi ia.beto g
necemary to the fermatiostof human fibre, and by
Asteans q [. which, name =kat aP for the c o nt
reliant that taken
place humeri tnily.Atit tale
adroterale 01...mm1h-try as. ...#=:
ergs*, Zsaigljeks *handy.
'OOll. BOVA Colds, Ala= and Clomuniptiont' The
jI BIWA' ..6ND ONLY BVII fat tholuniotats
above diseases, Is the H UNGARIAN BALSAM tIP
LIFE; thaouvriMil , by the • eelebitated DrAtooliall, of
London, Euglaod,Aa ddntro4oeadiuto the United EMU
ander the laimentabs suporintendeueo orate Inventorial
The imultonlittary =Meat of els modichre,-tartK
extra of Pulmonary diseases, orarnious tho Amin:loan
Agenda molieitingfor traumata - the moist pouibla - ea.
seethe* eon be found la thiPeounmetdrpeasestlitiosak
mad In vain horn any . of Ohs common remedies. 9C gm
day, 11:7 , ==fliy the most ig e n=
Salsimhas earr4 andbutt Mira *smite
bobeases. It is no tinting latultrum, • multadhat
medicine, of auburn mad estahlishod. efulimy., -
Every family in the. United emu . .. eltould be sopplleal,
with Boohon's Llta4cdan Balsam of Life, no bs, ta
eounterain the eonsumptive tondo et km ehmot,
bat to be need as • prevoadive mediclue ht all wag of
told', coughs; .pitting of blood, pain in the ifida mid
chest, irritation and minium of the hugs, broeldils,
=d or b''th de g egt7 i' oli f ga,7rt=ns i.
Sold in large bonlet, gl per borne, with feII illzeo-
Ina for thatesandion of health.
a VamDbteta, containing a mass of Engliab and Azaeri•
cenifmaies, soul 'other evidence, showing' the un
.l•lled. merits of Min giutiEngliatt Ibuntely, may be
°Yihed of the Agen o‘ ii j & izt uoin
by WA 00.,.corner of
ood and W andetitsm. • ~ maid
ktcy 10A a ',alai:loam and pop
omen oftheProtestant MethorartChurch
.d`mignetthivrag beenafflinteddaringtltepast
...ow* with disease of to stomacttoometimes pro
d...MS Poll girths the Mantech for tenor twelve boars
. 01 ..._ottoMrrhaion, end alter hiving tried various
m ass ..., "'id. Wedeet, isms farnithed with a bottle
oft) , JaYthes,csuminative it-0t.e ,,, Thisbe need ac
th°_,.",,linns, and fiend invariably that tw
to abate term or Invariably .
and *uytor twenty' tatantrdeVer). nen.)
."'""in° .6 'ottle led The mcdiner
isrsrardsoss'd w hiney, ndiention, of the nyptona:. •.:
P d a s y" . ?? .. “".. l, ‘'.unepana sone thereby prevent.
ed He connected to mop e m
g edicine every evening
and moment.. in the a nd so a t aaa .
" a " was i's C a r i"mT" 'tat ente re tone reties
ed from a targe itenoinf 05 ot,, c „i, p at e. vC
petrel:lee, the Ware. lee CILIS men,
Jay Carratuatise
tor diseases et the mu... , end a. •s;
For dam rinsuargh 4...40 1.4,J.,44 TEA drill
72 •Fsm , it s 4 1 . 1 • 11 ut4,tro •5 theDrng
"Store of 44 -44 '444.11W ARTS Federal
• Por/1171311.
M ruck "VpUreleiii—lTN's 'lXledsely•Xed..ted
with • scrothions complaint in co itki.A. 04Aan
I for some months order the Mateo! Omaha. •
said my cake *as 41411111 .itutztrable,spd he
but little fmme. I was nearlihelPloss, bat a im th e
aid . Graiches Mrlthtdhlicnlty get about. .‘ m a y
ism Ipurchasede y pu, and cceastarme asinEtara•
rcuM I.s.vssvaatu.s... After the use nan d
n' bottles tha,
mires commenced hisallng rand I laidawahrzny dram.
tra atm Gull nano: with my man,
at the and of dm fintrilyints so well as Io Wirt .11 e.. 4
in Messing cheep. In all, I need fimothatilea./ Tie
aonsfhla and sem have all,healetan. and einee teat
donnaer /. have Seen •neappearanee of theditleam, bet
have continued, and am' ow 'lndus monpeldbet health/
I state with confidence, hopi n g that otheriMarbe ben
name in. the way, the Sarsaparilla mid by
yu, has been the mem:wind theettly moans of awl,
telt Menem• . CORNELIUS J. ROSE.
For alp wholesale Mad retail, by •
dim • it: A. IrAHAMTOCEA Co
Macre', for ihrbilthZ
Crehni aril Hose, Ibr Lubin;
Akhonde Cream; do • ~
Ifslerfine bbritge,on.PorerlailiOubbr t
scab,. bap. partnered irbtrLiriretziddr, Aber,
Lem Wel;
D.C4Latillt powder pude, Of 'Mara.;
Erabbeiedl dad' boxes, to ntainittrfrairaihr extreme
for the hartorketilttefi a swat 64,arui1oalet roam bur.
ebbs for rehrees .„ l.t . „,..
Peralan, az
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Neapsoil, ti.r:rnseY or easmna4"ufTers; Wad
oaas, amc:rgyzapha-P: itha'Z,"l"i•
torthez • great
of fine Jan reaWredi for sale b
11 A FAuN & co
HEIiD riam ra.Elt-1 feel It
Mows so 'esplitlkno extraturemn stare d.t
more respecting your notable Som e thing
, turllajmum
Sine I first used into Bans" elan yens ago,
ficslappy effect of which lAn gave an =want I
Mtn nut Itettralsaven compleinta and Mien . ks at my
lapse, one a fed der shite, and in evert Intent.,
bare cued the Saimaa elan with comuleteend perfect
mecca. It has canted relief and cure la a very few
days. It lacertatulya safe reedielrict I do not know
Merit Will curia fixed etesmnittLeni bat I Mellen it
will be In many VIM a prennova, arid prevention is
bent Wm. mini/ fee
fa: Alp love of
t rj .. 6:4.
low man, earnestly the age of thls
lb all plummy, rewplcint. lam Mintuitdiir that It
has beau the mesa. ot pr.ser=lacTo day.
Boston Bios •. BEN TABBONN I
POI sale by B A Talmesutck, fr earner first ea
wood and alter corner wood and fah.
or.E.Liar3,lmpEaut. comm. forattr,-iiir,
-prices maim! Prrrasmreu, Fob. 14, 1347.
11. & fiximmv—kly wife has for years been subject
idburessingiough, acemaripudert with aithari rot
die care
had the adv of *Ma Msf
fused different cougleituredial,
ice o Mem =lac& Pb23ildlic
•Eugland, wu, unavailing. By •.hir• I
oi your Ithparial Cough Syrup, and vraloldeie to buy
olde tor Lthd, sithaaglx 1 had bele durhloff
mime km complaint...To my mit immuncd,
two Mom gave bur killnediale. MEd. Sherik at dram
mudded sub • coagh, brit twolempoonsful of Bymp
always stops it. Lam sod, after a trial of three or
Y eti thM Fuller's Cough liVrep la thiamin cough
medicine I have ever tried either in
World. the Old ier New
• Wa. Farkactiam,
HetrentliVirrird, city of Pittsburgh.
The above -cenifteete shim& loduee Who are
troubled with cough oursthms, to give the Syvap • trl
- It may be had for 23 cents . a bottle; Id the drug
14m• of E MAME& 67 wood
Bold by Err Casiel;Stli wird, tad H &qr . /. An.
d M
ur! O% hum
EWL,r /AIDENTED—,Dor retie:and Perm....
Ptent Block 19 pilau Truss,
-curent usarde or aul ruaz. teek4 to nu
superior elands of thus Truss MOM in the cow
'ArctiverausaWith Urkoch may be swim . pedal
lace being neatly balanced oh springs, pelt to Ka
on CI) Pm of and, theroughly adtip itself to
any movement made by the wearer. It art be wore
anlnotlt i l l.Zll•llssma, mtli•Care la <fretted. :rho sat,
telu.erit have made arranuemento Or the nue erne taro
these valuable Trusres, • rapsnerriyieon Pnily
&Imo., and heve,them now for dilo at their ?Nice, No.
/throated it. that etith, Patsba4h.
ELLERN VERALIPUCiE.—"&apener to any I bee.
b,7 aver need-'• '
Dimon Tr., Fayette county, Pe., Muth 4, '4b.
Or. R. Saxxxxe-4 hereby reel* that I bare cued
you , Vermlfaire id ray faintly, and believe II squal, tf
not d.ifidded ID any I bave.eeer need. . I gave to one of
myctuldrea can dcx , Ofhlell expelled abon . t aroma.
Ear E'reason.
Prepared and sold by N. E, BELLE:1180R wwd yi
Sold by Dr Cases!, bdt Ware' Do ht Carry, apetrbenyi
W J Teraperaneerdlei and P brav aw
leneerwe Jaye
S T B ILINCW--An ar7 3. =ant Jail teerfac free.a.l
.pycLuiliso DAILY, TRl , WRittl„rol. WEEALY
amtflosomtluitdiom, ad a. moor Ito
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Oamosortion of 1: lines, or homy.... ,
,F 0 50
TommortioM withoulalteratiorte,... 018
Three , "
011.0 Week • _
Wanks f' ' .. . .
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Three tt llr,. 300
Oed Meetly ' . 4 - 400
Two m ••••••"'•
Three 6 Its
o:rtmlgor ithertisomants in sum propb ,o "•
thum1 q 410 4 6,0 0 , 4414 without, auemup , ,.... I° 00
- lb 00
0Eick. 6 . 3 341,421 square (orb months, ..... • 600
,44, . • 12- to 00
0 1 01 04023hOths, renewable at 4 4 / 1 444. 447 , 16 0 0
. 00
itachailditional strum for 12 meethe.....4.. 10 00
Ttiro amwa, 6 smiths, setwohle nipt- , h, 30 00
'wick itinnal square, 6 months, 0 00
'WU/LT sus TAIL-11,1OILLT to 0111.0
o i lo4 mittarc.3issenions...• —SI 60
m risa , driddltionatiaser 4 ol3..U.... 37
• unman nasal.
rob lines or tom one you, 600
6 00
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.11 months!. 00
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