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' ' •• ; -.DR.
vthketkaletStiontur goo
Consumption. Coughs, Colds,
Bwinchitis, Liv
er Complaint, Spitung Blood, Dillies:dry of Brea th -
Mg; Pain in the Sldeand Ithused, Palpitation of
the Heart, Influenza, Croup, Broken Con
. Milano. Sore Iftireat,NervoneDebili
. ty, and Diseakes of the Throat,
- Breast mid Lungs; theater ef.
fecund and 'speedy Cure
ever knereen for any of
- the above diseas
es, is
Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry!
' Thin medicine is no longer Mang those of doubtful
utility. It hem posted away f ro m the thousands daily
launched upon the tide of experiment, and now stands
higher us reputation. and Is becoming moro eXtensive•
ly nsed than any other preparation of medicine ever
produced for tb.. relief of suffering man.
It has been it trodueed very genernlly through the
United States end Europe, end them are few towns of
importance but what eontain same remarkable
dence of_j,t,s good effects. For proof of the foregoing
a tmethems, and of the value and elLeacy of this medi
cine, the proprietor will insert ferw of the mac y thou.
sand testimonials which have bees presented to him by
Men of the first respeetabllity—men who have higher
views of moral mnponsibility and justice, than to emir
tify facts, because it will do another • favor. and
themselves no injustiee. Such testimony pro con-
clusively, than Its surprising excellenee is
established ished
by its intrinsic merits, mid the unquestionable million ,
ty of public opinion. The inmantenemth relief it at.
fords, nod the soothing influence diffused through die
whole frame by in use, rendres it • most agreenbte
remedy for the edilleted.
°When men, noting from conscientious empulses
voluntarily bear testimony to the truth of • Ming. or
particular fact, such testimony. being contrary to OW
worldly interests and porpmes, eoerres conviction in
its truth, and commends itself in_a_spectal manner to
universal creden•--O'llogan's hlorel Mastitis.
firth. ANOTuEII COM or PrMionally Coasuierrienc,.
There never was n remedy that lem been as mccemful
desperate cases of Comoimption, as Dr. dwn)
Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry, It strengthens the
apemen, and appears to blot the ulcers on the lungs
creating new and rich blood; power possessed by on
other medicine.
Capri Co., April:SW, Pied.
Dr. Swayne--Dear verily belteve your Com.
pound Syrup of Wild Cherry has been the memo of
saving my life. I caught a severe cold, which grad
ally grew worse, attended with • severe trought that
remitted all the remedies which I had recourse to, suit
Inceensing emu! my Care exhibited all the symploint of
Pulmonary Consumption.. Every thing I tried wanted
to have no effect, and my coraphuut increased so rapid
ly that frieeds as well s ues self, gave up all hopes of
my recovery. At this I was recommended to my
your invaluable medicine; I did so with the most hap
py results. The first bottle had the effect to loosen the
nOrtgle, eattaing Me to expectorate freely; mid by th e
time I,pid awl sty bottles,' Walt entirely Welt, and sin
d-DeadnMany a Man as ever wax in my lifu, and
I,.ppy to give airy information respeettng my
ease, that edger sufferers sexy derive the benefit for
which lam so gratethl. For the truth of the above
!Sidemen, I refer you to Peter Rush, Grocer ; Went
Chester, Pa of whom I purchased the medicine,
Rupectially yours, Jhazs Itiosuami
Winulafid Cure oliiiiiktetkodid Minasser.
11Pr. Swarm —Dear Sir. I feel a debt of gratitude due
yu--and • duty to the afflicted generally, to offer
my humble testimony in favor of year Compound Sy
rup of Wild Cherry. Some throe years Mace I wss
violently attacked with cold and inflammation of the
Ll:mi., which was accompanied with dtattesslng
sou , In pain the breast and head, a very emoodera
hie "scharge of offensive mucus from the lungs, e s p.-
Molly upon chmtge of weather, however thglit. At
fast I felt co alarm shoat my condition, but wet pretty
soon convinced that I srit rapidly going into eatisump
don. I grew daily weaker, and at length was scarce
ly able to walk about, or *peak above a whisper. such
was the exceeding weakness of mytangs. During this
time I had tried various prepared...and prescriptions,
bat found no relief—growiug all the time worse Just
here I was admsed and persuaded by a dear Mend in
Wilmington to otreke mil of your Syrup of Wild Cher
ry. I most confess that previously I had been prem
(heed against patent medicine, and I am still against
atom commg out of the hands of eraperics. bed node,-
standing your e to to the profession and practice of
medicine, and having °stollen faith in the saying of my
friends, I forthwith purchased of Dr. Shaw, one of your
agents. • few bottles. and commenced its nee. 1
g, des
ease was at that Moe of 20 or V 5 months' standin con
sequently awns deeply seated. I toned, however,
considerable relict from the use of the first four or five
bottles. t o being public speaker, I frequenny at
tempted to preach with my increasing strength, and
i n
this those doubt less,
that had already begun
me heel; in this way. doubtless, my cure orns gree nty
retarded. In consrimencs of noun: this imprudently.
I had to um. streive or fineen bottles br fon. I wasp er
fectly remored I have no via mach manlier
manlier of bottles would have made me mood, hut in,
the above outtsc tenon. The Syrup allayed the fever.
• Ish baba, sook annoy the distressing cough, put a Flop
to the desehlirge of Matt, from the lung, and gave
them and the elinfe.l4),,,ill good health I have deter
red offering this certificate anal now. for the uurpo,f
of being perfectly minified with the permsomicy of the
eure, and now mat feel perfecti v well l offer it w ith
plc sure. itcy 1 P. Juts . .
Dublin county. N C.
retpireront caution—rsearit Read!
There is but one eremite preparation on of Id Cherry.
and that SWAT:IW , the first e•er offered to the
public, which hoe been sold largely throughout the
Rutted Suites And .ine part. at Europe; and SO pre.
routine. carted by ttie name of Wild Cherry have
been put out since under erisve - of sorer t lecept...•
circumstance,. at cirder ofte current.. to thor
genuine little observation, person need mistake tthr
from the raise Ethrli bottle of the genuine
enveloped with a beautiful ...el engravlng. with the
likeness of William Penn thereon.
Dr. Syr aysieb.
aignitnre , end'. farther security, Me portrait of ltr.
swap will be added berearter, so as to ilisungwah
Ware Issurcallothers. Noss, if it K. not for
the great curative ;uroperties star [nos. vre.....nt
Swarm's Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry, person- ,
Clnot lie endeavoring to give curency to their
..fiell(10. nostrums' . by stealing the n name of Wad
oCfli,;7l;,,,,,,Rycntrtt.rir,:,anlv,:taTi:,bee,ayrdin mind the name
Principal Other, corner etc Eighth and Race stereo.,
For mile wholesale and read by (10DEN SNOW•
DETI ; car Srl anal 3Vood SIN: B A FA UNIT, rOCK
Co, cor Ist and Wood, and 6th and Wood sm. WNI
THORN. 53 Market ro; S JON FR, 1,0 Lawler,. .t,
A JONES, cony arid Penn et. JOHN MITCH-
Allegheny city end by all r v.inetirtge denier: 111
medicine. 001 l
B. A. VAhnestock,s Anti—B(llov. Pills.
Ti, Cathartic coanmund combine* smallness 01
1. bulk with efficiency and comparative mildneo 64-
gon, and haying a peculiar tendency to
the binary organs, m extremely valuable this coun
try, in which Aliens (even. and other complaints. at
tended with congeoion of the liver.. much abound.—
They have now stood the test years. and expert.
core has proved them to be n safe and vainchle remedy
in intermittent, Rement and Billous Fevers. Jaun
dice; Color; hefts ; Lthopey ;HY , etimcY
Bilious Vomiting.; COllll. told all complamth of In
flammatory character. The complete and utuversel
h av en which has been green try these pills to all
who have once treed them, readers tlm pribnshing oi
the numerous! ceruficates at their favor antrecessary.
To prevent counterheiting they are now put up In
end Zylograpte. wiapper.
Price 24 rents for a bog containing 30 palls.
Prepared and sold by
corner In and woost,.‘Palsa comer 6th end ood,l
LEZOCOTON. Vu. Ott. 12. lets
DU. EL F. Seller* : —Oue of our physicians, whose
practice is very extensive, told me this corning
Or 3
WO in which one vial of your Vermifuge Moog In
away abase BO worms; nod gentleman so the neigh.
bolhood said that less than half a vial caumd the du
charge of near GO large worms from one of his chit ,
Very mmuy of such instances might be stated
Is well known about here. and almost all prefer It to
any other. Send roe 1.0 dozen and oblice
Yours, J. WILSON
Parents who do not ssi•h to tntle onth their chadr
should use Sellers' Vermifuge.
Prepared and wild by K KSELLIIRS.,S7 Wood
sold by Dr Cassel, sth Ward; 13 M Curry, Allegien)
YECTODANTT is ettperler to •11 other veloulie.
Chstell...„tlnunption, Broad:Mu, Aukons.and other Palm,
Is thrt tho same
g oporou who eaeueured the
me of it in thou booth. tea year. o Will prefer It to all
abort rionedin orthe bond; =Aut..' my b. , e
to try other preprreborts they hme olmot Lorariabty been
disappointed to receive.; Ne
d ment whieb reudahly
satioirned fr om du WO prate but
by the For ietutm,
WI have volumed t o the me of Extecrozetrr.
rowdy that ha. tleThr railed to tette. theta
probohty haler had eqml errestieg polormaryduesem
Pommel arty by Dr D. toyer ytolselelphte, sad odd co
711 FOhnlk et
DALLEIT'S PAIN F—XTRACTOR will, in five - Tan.
nte• from the nine of its application, remove the
pains from theseverest burns, acalds or blisiers,
and will heal wounds, ulcers and sores or any hind
without miff. This valtuable Pain Extractor can he
had of JOHN I) MORGAN, Dragrio.
No 93{ Wood sweet.
neap Agentioe Wooster Penne-
AFEW weeks mace, one duty children, aged shout
fire year. ...well kir several days, and the
increased to alarminy that I feared death
would be this maul. Having heard attic gaol effects
of Fahnesurees Veraufuge when mini inistered to th e
acplasaa ofmy nmghbors, and thinking my child might
have worms, from some °Otte symptoms, I gave it one
and a half teaspoonfuls of the Vermilhge, and to my
mlonishment it almost tamiedintely 6.l:target!
...areen La) mid 260 large worm. its health virtu moo
reauded, and it is now remarkably well. Pre/oafs to
Wa ng the V,.gifusr, the worms would occasionally
rise in its throat, mud I often feared t ould die from
Mminfittitaion. JAS I
Tionesta, Venango co, Pa, Aprd 3, apl3
LOINTMENT is the taunt effectual remedy before
the pub' for the cure of letter, itch, dry and watery
pimpled of the tact, neck and body,. scaly eruptions,
and all other diseases of the skin. fins Otuttocut
warrarfla free front mercury. is perfectly safe, and
may be lased at ell limns and under all circummaiteus.
A fresh supply of this valuable remedyreceived and
for sale by B A I'AIiIdESTOCK Co,
corner of Ist and wood; elm, corner of Gth and wood
• -- - • -
SQELLEES' VERMIRIGE-- - No family should he
without it!"
Loess, C. IL, Va., Md. 24 0".
Ma. R. E. Sumas: I cheerfully cenify that I have
for some years part need your Verrnifuge in my dually,
and universally with cocoon I decidedly prefer it to
say other Preparation I hare used—amongst these may
be nalned the celebrated crembetne called Deadshot,
Palutestock`e Vern:dap, and a preparation called
Worm Tea. in a recent ease a single dose brought
(rani my little boy one hundred and six large worms
No family certainly ought to be without tt. Yours Le
Prepared mid sold by It. K Seller., No. 57 Wood sr
sad sold by Druggi.o generally in both tides. sepal
- -
♦ frisselet of Teeth for A 5 Ceuta,.
GlThlB.—Yellow and unhealthy meth, after be
ing ones or twice cleaned wlth Jones' Amber Tooth
Paste, have the appearance of the most healthful ivyry,
MI at the same Moe ti is no perfectly mutorient
soJ e.
grdeitelpflart, that its constant daily use is highly ad
arintagewns, even to those teeth that are in a good core
dision, great/ them • beautiful polish, and preventing •
decay. Those already decayed it plv yea.
twin beCOMing worse—it also fastens such St are be
mann loose, and by perseverance it will render the
foulest teeth delicately white and makeihe Meath de-
Iledooaly sweet. siol by %N M. J ACKSoN, efi Liberty
itmet. meta
B. A. FAmsaroce,} A. B. ttN.l., N. Y. City.
B. FA.extrext, pittsburgh.
G.W. Fetutnte
litirkolessle Drug Store In the City of
New York.
crolersitned are extensively engaged in the
trilihalesalero_ g business at No. 0 John street, In
the shy of New York,
_and are prepared te supply
Drmrests and mann Merchants with Drags, Paints,
01* V 7.42,61 Romp end American Planatery,
shoolortWearer Ss hleadoth Chemicals, (ot their own
troportanon) earl a
qua I articles in then lute et ban.
, r ....,of a of ty a. low as they eau beim.
c s,.•. , ... IhYrai - Ony eastern chip: ,
ni. • . Fel.l•P IS A. PAHNENTOCX& Os. i
. .
courocarp Ins - nue , 0.
~ .tel i.•..,-Nt' ..W.F 1,1 , 11 . 1. tt - I'l Hl.i. -; , CEis.,NETT &... BROTHER,
Wader arid Blcuise of tkr Ag L. lt:lrratlysgt.e,.. •tswor Piti015i...qh, , 1•.,.,
The moot use., Sawl.tOn . tt , w•.0.1' , ".''''' ',,,-, ,\ •• 1 W.,rf / , trrrt, Pittensrg , ..
7 .,,... E. ,", ii y e ., np so goOrf Bottlu. au a, ', l ) l'. 11.1. r 0.,..4..1., 1..,r, Li. 2 4.2 It! .2 r2t..: ,t • 2.• .
bows ektoptr, piens...4r, and inswrantrd ...
1.1: 1,. %., 3, , :.ter 10,1 121..i . /.:4. .il II UP..
perm to or/ led. It cores without (Ili`, .l.t ~I 1,: ‘V fi.i . ..l‘. .4.... ,, ,r , , IL .,
— torsi/fag, isr4flrte, nohsaine 1
er-tialoaatattag Us
TR. great beauty *ad .poriority a this S•roapwllla ~.
0,2,.r a
„, ,, , ,,,,,, L , iiane . b .. th.t what, It,., I t :, 1, .1.. :• -rn, . • utr , •••• ~4 ... DA' . Le. I V ••'. i Pl , .' ~.
.., it t os t aoratas the body. It Is out of tho, 1. , . , . ..•••.: • .2: : .
1. .. , . . .....,,,• .. , ,
le,arr hl o oro; tt not only purifies the .. holt tt .1.. to no I , ' ....• • ' "... 7 JAN,. i t , 11l
ri,.,:r: .. 1 " " ye th f . ; P rAsetss ''''' e b tl '‘ by " ' o:Otho .'""l' M 51 .1 :1.7.. '' ;:t.:l ", :. ' : It , I *. I. S N . ' , . 7 . ',. 1 " l A ' 7.1 5 -1 11 : I l l ', ''' ,,,.. r ... A ... U 1, 1 :..!”...1. 1 :E7.1 '‘ li : . l' .. i ' . ll ::n e.
ar. Ise s tits growl secretof ita vitoderrol 10na... I. h t . , •,' 1 ~ , , , or .. ,t.., 1,.: •!.....i..1 no. 1 , J.,. r a.
..rfortneEl wattin the hut two room tnoro than )0.1,...., , t••:.•.,...... t , . „. ~t
~,: t„ t, , t
.., „
:..r...1 a sovero cases of /hoots.; at law 150‘. ,, ~,-.,. ', ~, . o % ~,,.. „.,.., ~ ~. f
,t ' ... .. ~
~1 :
roomier...l incurable. It has rand do. Imo. of ow., I 2 , . •.• .L.,.. ,- , ... ~..,..ow a '22 ...? 1,
and 10.000 childraot during the tore Put ecatant
10,000 can. of General Debility laud
_ant of Nerv•a• Energy.
11r. Toernsend'• Samep.tllsi ineigorates the
q.t..= permanently. To those who have hut their
me eel. energy by the affects of =edict.. loth, re.
wt committed in yenta or the excerave indulgence 0 ;
the passions, .d brought oa a general pity ticel pr.trn
tun, of the nervous systam. lantlude, east of e m bui,i.
tainting elmsatioa., preamtuse decay and dealtdo, but.,
Mg towards that fatal dia... Contninption. can lm en
urely restored by this pleasant remedy. This Ser.-
penile is far onperior to .y
Invigorating Cordial,
At it meagre and inmoratea the sync t, gtru ectivity
tut. limbs. and strenedi to the muscular spin, in s
straordinery decree,
lOonenalption Cured.
Cleanse mad Streartaan. Cmanomptiox tan Ae ruse!
Bresmaitu. Consumptions, Lion Comp 17,.:a,
Omtarrh. Canarbm sham. Srittiv of 111.411,
Soreness an tha Odss4 OAR no' , N'ark ,
9wasetta. Difinatt Prefut trpartm
ration., Peu is lag au. /re., Lsce
loss mal us Is cowl.
arm - rime BLOOD.
/fro Yarn, Ap,l UAW,.
Da Tairstereno-1 verity believe lLat you. Parseite.
rIII bm been the smock through Providence, of mown
my lOs. I lass fin wand Tsars had • bed Coaet. 11
hutment Ilene and swot. At Int I raised lam quasi.
Lis. algid, had slekt twesta mud ti asstlY debt:-
toted vii rsdscsd, sal did no ezpscs m 111 I no,
only soil year Samaras m dart lima =I tts , s ,
was ilith I abacish..a stretightinlas. I its sow
to wail error th e airy. I rare so blood, and et,
costes Iss m.. Yea csa (=arse that I &It
0321011 hr Una* nobs.
Y., 0b17,,. 117,.,,u, O.S Lail:mita •
Foul. rdarecirte,
- . -
Tearewoul'.34l.l2.l.lle sweerstra and speedy
for Inera Cialefflla tlesreenes. rreleart
ag of the Womb. Ctn....
carrhsra, or Whltea, ebrasetad az titlerett - elrestr.s.
uu. Inereatlttentre at Uri., ar theelaratay aireltart ,
ti-ereof, and the the general premed. or the system—
us waster whether the Tenth of Whereat cause r reu.. r.
produced by billelhhaity, Ohre n .aaLleart.
eta he more easprtsirs than In
ue the ht. s hew. ?0000 el weakness Lod ,r,t
;ed. frt. teklar It, at owe Imre. relest rat fun , t
~•rry weler tat Woes. It helialeattey toe races
the menace:menet. tematerlaress, whirls is ass
muse el liurtnato. It .el set ...peruse rs
rens of 110 detteate a wt... ssehWi ...Seat , . et
rote. peribuseed het we mere the atllictesl. that
uttedresteefawe hen ben reported tow. Thatuw is
or caws here WADa hove bee. .about ebb
efter a Yeer bona of WA law... eu:lc:as.
ea. beets With toe, healthy aaspring.
To nothors and Alm,loll LaAirs.
This Extract of BAllliparthla how boon srpressiv pre.
pared is mammas to koala otanaplaluts Nu fem.!,
o has reason to supposes he to approaettiot taw
*nasal period. The tar-a f - should vett.. as
asks It, as It Isibastain psoveatirs for any or tLe
sanaerous and Mirada •
&seam to width ferns's , ars
subott at this time of Una This period sari, le de.
ILusel for neared reuse by asisag• tloa ouniscane.
IL at !ass valuable foe dam: who 301 approachati
aanbood, as at is ulnas's , ' to Lona arose by gaud .
en , ng ob blood bad lamina...lnt M. system.
nLo medicine ia invaluable for Ol lila delicate dn..
,• to ...latch women are subject.
It hmee• the whole system, receerl permacently tb•
salenertnee. renan•lor the ~ .00 • IbIe. 01 ',II ,
I•eay. not bo far simulating as to preelme runtaques•
setatamen abash Is the case oft:lost ecledsclues asks.
lemon. awake...and disease. Rs ualog • fr. b••ttle.
this madame orally severe stx, painful sue, .1 eper•
uon.enay prosenioLt.
Groan liiirosing to Mothers wad fp, Id r.
It ts the walk. had moat effectual tvedtetue G.r pusti
tar the arrtetn, and relicetn, the euffertup atuutttat.l
mu= tharltbtrtit ever dutcovetcul. It •trenoti, ha.
the mother .ad chiht. •...I 4.••
and chrtthes the !nal. Out., who hut ,
thrukff trultepunsable. It Is ht,lsly useful Icttu In.,
•0.1 Our roafiatnent. es It prevent. dle,tert
utau childhlrth—ut Cu.ttluers. 1•11.• I:notp..
that a the Feat Dettpatleucv lleuctltutt. b•tuuttuc
Pere la the Bhek *n.l horath t a
wad ko ettgpakhal the evarlatshaa ho,leettlahiang the tit
latiulai thy awklugl 1 . 13.• nut beana• nf !Mt
nneetichae la. it am .fears ofh, had the mast akirate ucc
a min voccesehally. ear, f e st , r hh ee an
v nth,
rtlAitte t th amts a !Ma Castor gall.
mutt Eleteles kirt , ape' um
th. agellietra, allway. eahara a wife had raty tnu
Beauty and Stealth.
osmetics. Cindit. and a
of preparations gene
rally in um. when •pplied to the face, eery soon 1
of beauty. They close the pores of the skin, end
•heck the circulation which. *rhea meter , is not thwart
by dime. or powder. or the skin inflamed hy lh -
.1k nlie• used ni •
eoeps, beautifies in owep p roduction
her - human face Dina," as well m tn. e garden. .1
nch and delicately Mated end sane:sued Ih..c t
(rye. m tire and healthy circulation of the fluids, or the
coursing of the pore, rich Sevin to the rlttrcattle..
lhal which paint. the counce in the loom eau,
ado beauty. Ilia that which imps. the indeserihab ,
•Itaidee and Bashes of lovelier.. that all admire but
uoasi ea. describe This beauty .the oreprins of ne
ners—vot ofPleemler ea reap. If the le not • fr.. •El.l
carcalatloa. there no Mn If the lady ta
fair as drives
new. if she paint. ear . ' at commence,
end the bleed le thick, eekl and impure eh , . is not hese.
tiful. If she he brews se yellow, and there Is pore and
mina blood. t Oyes • rick bloom to the cheeks, end a
lerilliaucy to their eymi that is fueinating
This fa 'why the southern, sod especudl
so y the Ppan. ladle; ars we nauch admired. I.adiet the Dome
mho take bet Sale exercike, or are coadesl iu close
rooms. or hese spoiled their complexion by the epidi
sloe of deleterious mixtures. if they
rain elasticity of step. buoyant spirit.. sparkling • es
awl beautiful complexions they ghoul.] use ow,
miss Sam Thousands who-hev• eeltri it. are
more then manfird. are delighted. Ladies of err,
elation crowd our ofbni daily
Notice to the
Those 5050 imitent Dr Toarimentry Senseperilla hsr•
Insatiably called their muff re sat Relsaely for Fe
emsdes, it-, fr., sod here coped mar bills and circa'.,
loch relates to the complelnta of women won I f or
--ther cram who put up medicine, have, once the Veen
soreme of Dr. Townsend'. Sarsaparilla in romplands
n...lent to females. 10.111DILlad.1 theirs, dinouch ,r
mously they did not • member of tint." Mixtures, P.l1 e ,
arempinows feud.. m thee iscrisr•se d
mid and the C011•21.1t1012, Dr. Tournsen.f is the
noir and beet miedy for the numerous female emu
~Late.—it rarely. if ever fail. of atomize a permanent
...r, it can be taken by the Meal delicate fe c
in any m., uor by those eapesting be kwnt r ome
• islethe greatest denoting., .5 h propene the system
nd prevenie pain or denpr, and Artrenrti.,:s looth
oi.dher end child. Be careful to get the Roston.
Serregiales egged.
Th. 2 certificate concluaivaly proves that th.• Serve
parilla has perfect °num.. over tia toast obetioate dis
of the Blood. Three peraom cored re ooe boo.a
se unprecodeuted.
Three Children.
Towersgarn—Deer 61.; I have the pleasure to
„,form you that three of toy children have been cared
the ikrofula by the use of poet excellent
They ever* .glinted vary severely ...sib had Sore.. her•
take° only four bottle.; It took theta away, for which
I teal myself under great obligati°.
Yon' reirpcafelly,
lILLAC W. CRAIN, 104 AN °cons,.
Oploioo• of Phyoiclaas.
'lir Townsend is almost daily recesving orders from
P,VSICI•III6 to different pasta of the UlllOll.
'KM bi to Certify that we, the undersigned. Pb y Ociots
of the City of Albany, have in tremorous cases pees< rib.
r.l Dv. Townsend's Neranparalla, and behave It to b.
one of the most valuable prapars.n. tu the LLLLL •
Albany. Apvil I. 1441. P. E. ELNENDORY, M. D
to ths groat mrces. .Ad IMMO.. ROI. of flf.
Tt•vroxnutt's Sarasparstlx,• nornhor ntro who 'were
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and stnnenf Ltpust have ,toln c:ntnnd
tortnnnt.—they •re only •ortlarto 1.041
•ttnottl Ins 'peopled.
Prtodival (1111 re. 121; PO I.TON Stre.t. Boa 11.1/14.1.
Krt,ldttkg 6. Co. e Ntotd rtreau Bolton: Dyent
Sow.. 132 North Nocottd street rhilaticlploa F, h.
II o. DrureiYt. Daltonort., P. ft Cohoo. Charl..tru , ,
r.,111 A. Co. Chadurs Street N C) 1.6 ~L toNt
tore, llttany, , and lty lr'd,
11—Persona inqulrlng for this methrow.
not be todured Ink.. nny Drueg.At• pni
Sarsaparlltak. 01. 11 of prefer
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and lake on oilto.r. WI 0,11,
..Townso.nd's Sersr.pnrtlls. ^ wld
11. L. sh:LI.ER.4. fiene rnl Wbot,kir 5. R.-toil Age.,
Nn 57 tVood street. and I). NI rUltliV.
For The Recovery of Dormant awl Improperly Wolt•
dement rind A ilium ion of Conon , rend,
other Delit.r..Seeorine.Pntente 11/
Brown. Ireland, and flit Cmioniee nod
there.. .alp belonging. 11/111 Negoontine wr tio INT
thaw. Or tlal.. of the .nnic.
I)EFERENC:E may be I ad im aion'oi 1110 P free of
chore, (provided them om ate not tom of nitre
rornenty.) in a Lim prionna ~ • • Art:, of 15 trio
nam•s in whinh properni t..wtoting
Also. nn index to our 10.000 too,. whirl,
have appeared for dm past 50 years in varmint Brinell
siddreseed to lieu. of Law an I next of
kin. Communications by let 10/1/Itt.l ni It
post pat.!, kiFNter am
TIIA 51 VA te
!0 , Broadway, New ork
References are permitted to lion. Chorlee P Dnly,
Judge Court of Common (lean, New York.
Freeland. Stuart 5 Co
CLao. Carilidge k Co.
%V &J. T. Tamcon,
(i fL A. FL[(l(etra,
1(41(tInnl Schroder. EA.I.•
A_.Patetszn. PrelidrAl Pstenen 14.4.
/Allegheny Cemetery,
A T dro menial mecum ol pur to
the Stb inst., the forlovons ~,,
imutly ot-elected ?dimmers for inn ein•Urns
THOMAS hi lION't 1. , Pr,ltlrm
J NeeretseyuT r
fin mans! presented
the strains of the
Cormany in every prorperous condition. Their orfive
in thesrly Is No. 37 Weser street • Jeld
GREEN AfPl."ES=it esmitid told.. for tale
bin to store and 7:l 7 liiiile by
dec9 dee9 ISAIAH DICK k Co
WAS. AL-5c..14N11). _
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rtrArnr ruutl St. CIA,
rsint,r E.l.ctrung.• on
•.11tortt: r Cr.fiLLIS 304 r.ot • 0 .1
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Lot I.oc 'a I ..ticrinkr,. A "od '
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Carriage.; mad. ta or•l , r ripm fr. t.• • •
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1142 yr, I J. (UT • I
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I,— • purn.....: A kiln rn. no a. goy work.. mod
••, b: 11, Gazette 0/1.1,
r.o, tbentmelv.. tor ..r bunldnba.c. •
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VENITI A 'sr HIEN! , VAC Ft r ILI • Ta
JOHN A. Tit r. prop n.s.r.. ~ r n
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liF.Stlnt• nroomeml Innform 1./ II trici,ds
r .. 5 '• I for mol a grew. amount 15, the FIVE DA EINE,
0p , 50110 11 . 011 thr. wrno rob. ~„
lbsimond. Adeghen, Sm re a r
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nod 10544150. .re 001.051510 pt on hand. ton
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I.' v,. , age,. are,
1111nr. repuirwit at tbo •nortewt nourr J U ROBINS. IN.
• II -Ills Wind% wlll be i•II, up watu;i.t an, oul.l.- ; P./ :1 ellorles It. 14alormorr
.1" ,,, . ......c) t... 1 1.0 remove , l ~, a IRO" F.INiERTON & Co. t moorland.
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FLOW ERN 1 Oitr o t io. Wilatiaik.
, r:!V! Proprietor of Ilos 1.0,1, Oar.. of fe.orlltak
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1.1 . :Vi Ifi.IO•IIFIEI.D_
frlonongsthels - House Tailoring
•• •
k A l/rupor and Tailor Iroge to In
1 !semi Inv intent tor Ihunburnli noel whom Ow ler
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filtod• of toe ,lOrerrot ~orc t ,mi color
~r, kepi Do hood or noolr to ovier one
the too,o nod n0..1 :approved En+teot lush
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A rolt or .pot bud Trn“..pti
rone • uthl Paperol 30; th. dider• 1.11.1
,111 ,le rim, MI [MOW .1111., inw en.i t 111,1
11/111 lihnds piloiled over awl or ink on 111 pun
purl:foliar new. R M %V Kwr r. l'
N. El —All work don. vra ihn
orkroonsaup, nod .v.rraut.d to pies., ~,,nI h.,
Allegheny coy, Aug. 10,
offer to I•er, we-fourtß The h
of tho two 1.-rty t,
60 .8, 1.1,1 z , colt auil 1:I n. WOrth, runn,,,, Iron ,
firofooi orl'cun canct h. ~ n wlt Run, 9.0 az to mak,
rn prcofreoble invostrunnt fur capooliwo, or any who
wish tn< in ho bowie...
for fa rthor ionmeoltra. Inquire of
wrgYl4l 1. ULACKlliniff tc Co, Wider ot
• 1848 -
w. T. 51 .110:11, , l'itubprgit;
Bea.. r; YroNies.
t•aawro.a. :1,..13 ,d
rr uhovr Lilac .- now prtintr,d trln..port fr,ight
1. uod I.,,, , cagrt- from P“t•lscirgii and tivveland.
y 4.0... i titc t'3,131- and Lilt,
Clue t•oat and dAllr rum-
LI 4 w.III .I , hinl.a. Luke Etir am!
l'ot-hiliet‘ and and n
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lxkr. kr., I lu •
anal !Michigan
Property fora n rdol Inuny pun of the Union with
1 , 1 MATIIEIi. or
cor ;Vat, and Snii.hfold
AGENTS. --Herd, Piirk. A CO. licaver,
R V. Park • A 11,1, l'ottagsto ,
F.w(,„S tIV arren,
II 11.4.. twirl A Co. 1; , ...,1p0rn,
A A Nlark N , 4101.
J M R Mr) Co n~.Lrllepnrp
J Nl'lir,tlr,
M I II Krid.,
r a 'ruffle, C4,l.llngn Falls;
1,, A r u. AL ran;
I wtroil. NI/
A \\ ark... IV,
II J .
itrT 111'1 , 1.1 :0.11 Nit 1 . 1111. A 911.1 . 111 A
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I k.l rt.Lna.,,l the,
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„„„ ~,•• a, not trltt..,:eped Lo
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( . 1.1, mad...F . I rVill'ule, .•1 Comptiur
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J.\ \ll%, I§\\' V , .\ Co,
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1, I ha. ju.t ... Pe. va.l for ...le, an
rrlt.lll/, .01101 VIII /11/ 1:04,.1,1/1,1i the 'A8.....
..... me more power
Man •Im Ihlo.ommine...o one
ioarth It• mat h rmmt. m.,1 is a homh more •Iturve) eml
hnwhorne o:nr mmiture It partleulurly ,lestra•
Irl+whe•,. .1”‘ le of ..imer I. an °Meet. heang ce
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.I‘l 01 )1( It Itand....c ron.lened • K1.E14.R
4 , 11 N NI. I . \ PEN X C., ,r,,rwarthug alll.l COMMIS
,TL 4 :41,4; renn , t., l'a:•burgn
A M is<M DA VI: , ‘'[.. 11.4 r Par tors 31.1 Comm,'
M0r.•, 2.'7 rtrt, w,W it COnlinert.r .1
to I,W-4
T 1; 1 , 1 . I:IH AN% . .
1 :.4.1 . 11 L.l
n ••nn• c Ive,
I . W:“ nott. , 1 . ., ad rt. tlld
: , ,ta r . , .fir per,,gr 01 Welt
1 111 :"TEgia
p...a Uhr, IN
PenWa. mod Ohio Tran•portatlon Co.
.161 Mink
FIRS I - \V 1:0,11 , iND CARS,
I . L.AR la A I IL) , t Plusburgh
\ I, A 1,1 I i.I
tik kg.• I4rn:W
1.47 , 4 CLA IthE 7- :North .11th_
W Pi.ltiticK. , .91\..;arrcc, N. Yolk
mat 15
/Mll:.u , ser rs 0.., n• , onAMini Itoon.r.v••
co, ..Long carrtrd on
c,:i lo•lt,oa o !to. tOOO,
F JANI•2 , ,
Nlatell I 1-1-
C, IN, p I • ; ,ptz sS,
t4.‘l , - I ~ F. Pllll k1 , 11.1111A ANL)
Il.\ \.•tri
M s TT=T • -••• -ad leltraotor,
1•11. — , it N . 1,1: • •• • 4 '.tka
1.1 rll.ll 111 NIPIII:1,1 • •• IV: Ph.
II 1•••••• ,;•r ; \ •• "KA., Mail l
Nr.• r.);•I ••••,. Ara, I"- •
~~. i~~~h ^, T;
\D , I 1 , 1 Tll.ll
t II s , 111 N11 . 111,1',
II! N mar tJt!
Oa- def-
1 . 111 , 4:1 1,11. Al. 1.1 . 111 k H.\
Ii01:1111,1' A A.II 17- Alnrlt, a.
ri's 0NN.1µ,.. A ,rtn at
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1 •II~• , . w., 1...
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REEI. I Alt's , A. 1'".14,,e, Az
Ji/lIN A CAC 'WI . ) Cg
epll cot %Vetter e z•mitt.t, •'• I'.lt•
I he 1.1.,...thr• ut th • popular 1.. ne have chewed the
Agent, at umheriand than the house of .llrKmg Ma
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111, \%.1 . Jr . ; ly ttoh newt Au Irg tieutil, I harks ft. Ilaltiathre r• Our .1)
... err . oriLrnugnmeth., red agent of th.• Low .0 the I;:gatten they
are Putt I Wire v.,. he Ile The unit at,. [Os axe
hvered BID Vt' Kl.t.,Pttlabuegh,
J A SIF•I it moo. I, CA` S Brown, Ile,
Stun , treater Pi tthaer). MAC/ A ItTON 4. en l'untbarland,
url.l ; arettli I B ROBINSON, thaltunora.
Western Transportation Company.
TO NO LA 143.1'11 lA. liA I,TI MORT b. NEW 11 ,Eli
vrA recrr, re 44,l.4.,,Pri.r./110 RAIL IIiPA I+ A ll
ARE preparl trunpr0r“,44,4144 4444.114r4441444, 1.11.1
Irma the Riot •r• citr.4• 00111,10 Penn. Ad.
drrr• 44r apply Per
11 1.14;E4 II ~11111 l 111344101,
/IA lOUS a I.EVA 11, Nr444 ERA 15 5044111 . n.., , i 441.1 . 101
1 'FA 1 WE A SITS N.. 1I Sir,
A Allll(rrE„Agn. Na 7 441 nal 444,441 Nrw 1 mil
1•411.41eur04. drool, linip 1 , 114 mar?.
Merchant. , Transport•l lon Line.
1 ` 18 . -aLikla
111 IDS rem./Kriell I•..rt. v,ll 1., forwarded
j,b.i.r vorr,“ rut.,
I‘. l'o,
•Z:l7 and market et,
I-3111.117 h Co,
SiniM'a 'mbar!, Baltimore.
I , - •
.•••• =M: ‘.i4B IMAia
r.1.1.1170V1ti /MI Tli iii,NAronl All 0/ WAY MOW In
o ' w jt tl 'h o " L n ini;d7e l =
rrvi , tanOt
Th.. lane ww• foresord eAclu.ively for the .peetnl mr
-114000 01 the v. humnof. The Proprietors,
thenkno tor 'he ver)
w ee
(n pallonaive thl y haVe re
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Iwo plar, re . l . eelfully
form 110 - w 1(0, no 01.10011bc pablir that 11, y a r .101
I.r r prrpa rra 10 deliver good. “ ,, y potnt on the
I . onol an.l (tail liond•, Ivy!, prompllter* and dixpatelt
NI !VC W oltrif h WouW, /AMIN A LORE.
I',, k worth te. Woodp., Ju
John Mdler. Holltilayobargh.
if A !l'Anulty k C-111crmel bum, Pittsl•urgh.
R xr—Pilto.urgh—.9.mith tr. Sulehur, & J
NrlM•viu; /J & J R ' et. Co; R
Moor. Ragelry k Smith; Join Puller, W.
Co, El; 1' Shoonberget.
air.nt. hat now rec.-turd a toll unto. ,
!Uri! or Piano Votnet. tnlecird ~,,,
Jollownt, .11,1E1111 . 4r lorwa it, 110-.EO.
nA V., n . tinitninnitpon pnrchnut, J•
rdtpentlJellv in.ard Tin., non: Alt
431. ol 1.1,11 AZ,LI Wetiern
havd wznt: J. ittrned °Le New Or ruler
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.nr an. od o.osynn, mut the Pd' , d"''
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I 11•111 1.11.11 F
At.12 , 1a•
NI I T.r Iht rn,
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la nay I vaiall• Canal it Rail Road i 13.•
Freas.East Packer Line, I:7l,..natialm.t:ant
7..%;.a..14ER IS-I.IWARL
or ol
„, I 111 0.1 t.II 111 l'llll/AMILPIIIA A HAL- t "
1.1 , 111,03 And
lima. '.O
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pro,ertme from. 8111
"m .• ro urvrd •11 le of I.nuir 11th
" 11 • r. irdlo% orner• and halloo r.~r
nrred hand nrioinully and
sold n us redurrd pro r
NO IL 11...r0.0nd room! E . lTiiker, very eleif %at: y h.
Nn 1.1 Ho-rwoo.l. round corn,. yen el.
1.11010..1. 1,77,
Thr 111.1 , 1ulai wred by II %Vorre.u.r. N
1 well Lon, • 1r nr,rll , nonorly 0 .11.
r Inlnhow N
No 1 wo,„: r vo, nooodool made by ihr
Nj.,01.,01.0 till/11,1
No 14. Kn-. /ay., 110 , N
No 17 Inver tr...ourl hand, pr.,. E - ..".•
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1 . L., r;rarld no•l,4olltre WO
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g.h2v 31AI IZ .... .woo.l 1.11110, ,0•1 1.
1.11,1 T1.^.... , •IfIllileiil• nre 1.1.11 e
Ihr ...., pa,rl 111111 1....1 111f....1,
311.] Vt I:i 1... POld 10. 1,1,10, t.'
I' l;1.1M1 NVood
.hl. h.or aye... I
wh.k ur , , h wa 01
re t ~/ •iJ 11^10,.. par•
her, a. va-aot excelled hy
31 331f 33 033331 3 11.113. 1 3 3133 33. 33, thait brougl,
ruw iii 1 . ...! A : oo.n pun nt lintn
urge .num, arroiar,l I, tuprilor nto
.cr re.., 0,. F 11
ItEi•}lVEO ! o t, ~ h o,k , P OOOO , , woh
nod o olono r., t., Ao,lknoott.
No." , At' N I) •nos & ~'lark'• l l'n:
wolt , to. A one, .t, I . " lake rl to Enctand by,Nll
n nlil 4 y er 14,:onfoon GI x:l 'l, .1111 •ye an , of A inerscuo •nJtl
1.0,0 ,0 ,16 M 1. 4 , 1.45
1 , —1• ,, ne10.u., a Icticr to suy !mend. Mr
F:ru.l. P.n. I reftllll irom agnla r xpre,•.ng
OU 1•OW SVII. oiraftral arab your . '.}.r'
.. I u• a atrul 113.11.1,41
NC/Vein , I , I con -ure )ou ma; o,n sny pnrs I .na..
g rev Wra•ara 3. otron,t tor
near your on-
Ho, 0,0 1,, II I:
(tiraliture rooms. 31.1.1
L‘flitildl4ll BOOKS-11..1.y of the I.rer, 11400-
.111orut on. nod or tire wan. rriml nurrpaigns 3.1
frour •rrurr Vet rrt ho Ir raltint• a F.I:DArlf pm.
the r r•rulrl, :• rub % , n VOIr
rtr , r,• — •Nclir: J co., nun rxr.ol 11:11p, arid rnrtr,r
u.;,, •r , Ir., of W.... 1.1 ill. Illyar• • I lo.y rum•
11..10 Slow kry c roman,. ...11l Su coca-
tI• [Anti I:rc.leh Sts{r. and Sloclle
rt..' .3 •9
ALI) 10:1"....ON
A r.1 . 1.1.N1011 1 a “orniur r Roar
‘a ea .maa - a'a, a'' attnctunc , “
3110, r‘t it" ui V ti lor
111 A; won:. at
N 45.
S •:,r•
i • Mr 4\,• yew.. 1% r crr .111.11
ay.. a M.. ahl)y t
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Tlbr .Pove n•w an.. vi , ••••,.1..1 l'u•venee. Yee tete have
••! rwinleg 'he:ave.*, 1 , 19.. a YEW A .111,1K.Itili
• Iht. , tee,. .8 ••• e .• • :V•,11'1!
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Joils• t" \ I \ 1. . , ••"'. 0.
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tort ol renintpetie ‘l. r elo not allow out passengers to
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improvement trout Alenar• Wet A. Myer.. lb..
patentee. IVe are now orb-ring the complex. MUM,
poly of tin: atyled smote for the Statea
of Ohio, Penn
„jaunt, New York, New Jerw.y, Maryland and Del
aware. which will maitre certain and latre profits to
the otanttfacturer, .001 a speedy return of orrea.cin
The pubbeare invited to call end wititea• tl•
OUT other, In rittaborgh,every day.•l o'clock. r v.
1 II VI.AirrON & Vo . Proprietors
Office, lachangn Butldittgs. Clotr street, nest Jour
to I.:Noire Johns' office
lip{ OPT AILD —4 01 god tilustigatcfu,
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if I themselves of its superiority. and the Invaluable prOpilty it posses•Wert t .
, and curing disease The bottle has been crilatited to hold 01405.14,113./kl7.,,aPa_,_ht its
1 .. present lbe . Improved form may tri th a: f aaf:ly ,t c h lei . m . r .f. tl the
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and cures, that stand so landmarks and beacons for the taratd, gedrikingllie tr."' 4,
II the haven of health.
, . .. I; t
1 . Th e fullovvuts ts from Col. S. G. Taylor, a gentleman of high standing . indexteirviv
: acquaintance ut the Southern states, arid lately ►ppoisted (basil to Neer Glithade:
se .1 1 . ' _., 1 1.! ` _... S r1 " 4 " uS;cl, and altneasted the effects oryWr Y elterttilr Wy 4 7 s '' 4 1 W ,"..
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n o . e . en .m tertatn m ed ,, o n f It. s great . Ir! mined value. 1p thy sown cue. 1L.4 , -"rt
1 111 VIIIIIk ,
niat h t • abl g s peedily
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Li the agree e Mannar, II MC an In gl2lldlng I U Tree.
111 I Your Sarsapartlla to highly app pd ad exaea.raly used tr, the U;.,Statal,erni
;j, "e In ldealeo, and my cousin. GEN: ZACHARY TAYLOR, has, for the pout Ave ye
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.1 been in the hetet of µMg it, and recommends the moue the bed Sleet( pelt
•~t~ . rtt c . j :ar " m th y e . t h a Teo " n u elWr ' on d l ' :Ou n i.rser, Tht e t r h ed e [te 'a rTt 9 i . s t it=t=,...._Hr r A u t4t
i ' It will be puled, and I trust th at Ila hcalth-reittortng miens will roglarit ge.sers4
i!!!09„ ' known throughout the length and breadth of ott; widely-extended 9 , 10%0'1. .
1001% Toon very reettectfully, TAYLOR, '
U. I. °onset to Ness Oniazdak 1
Patst.urg. whole•a , nAI ram, t.y If. A A ilNi,crocK. A CO, rorthr al% uoti and Front
tter of S,lll and Wood I. If . F•taal 1,1. and also
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ES Who Lae Common rtepared Chalk, ate "•
not aware how trigtn'oy tut, ; .• . GINSENG PANACEA!
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t,e 1•01,10 / I .llq tde Zr yea.. I 1.1 NI - "rto• unprecedented steeds winch has
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Dr ante.A A udenton. Practice: Mir duel of Massa- o ..,ter month;. is always a fruited therms of
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i r 0, question, then. boor shall we.- rap the destroyer ni
mid' how ahall we get nicer ral our coughs and
rrSo d In kt ti i n t - Knt iN at h • Itopt and Shot ,;:tree ~ of twin tinportance to the ppublic. ,
oton-,ter I. teddy .tree.. ^red w. Lb , t an of 'nit: GREAT AND ONLY REHEDA
hr It of ft"! w,!, be found in the lit n.eng Panacea. In penal . of ch.
leaddea ladtet, anten..ned, we have tram tore. to time pullbsbed the certficatca rof
it, 1,11 TOY o'loo .ha; ea are pr0...4 .rate el our best known citrons., Who have corri.
A ~.ura, I,le L. 1,, snour , t . curative powers These, with a Ina , . 01 ter
1 ,• , w I ',Mattel! tummy tram all gm". of the cpuntry,---frota _
1,,01 s den, y.•,.nw iti,Dit'A I. NIEN OF THE FIRST STANDINtb
Ph- the.. dinalort 11110 of tail NI ot the (loser:, &c. together with comm. owl
I , r.t. s o JON I,nly wit.. ,rem trait, t h e
ern, hi anti to +int lin ad. , yr, natural wits, 101•SNALS OF TIIE DAT, • ,
"." "" oil love I •I ore has e embodied m pamphlet form, may be hat.
A clisr ,N L ••erti st f . r•re ih gnuper IPOI g MP* nriy of our ages. throughast the country. '
mph ' lIUNLIR.P.Pet. UP E.OTTLEn
t'ltOn't'LA AND Se K 01.111,01 ti SWELL U a “ tt;) " &i.`Nia TIIOL'SAIODII
INOS.—tverntula in all Its multiplied forme i
...bother to that of la tug's Evil, onlarrmenve o the Crat ed
m i" o „, .
late , e nd (bnada , cad we eb_
4 - or b00t... Goal, W •••
hate wcillngs. Corner, "”en ‘ SINOLE INSTANCE
-ar • d..en 're . el the Stir or Spine , ' ••1 which, when taken according la directoms. and
Com:mole., emanate from one Yon- the lungs had bemake fatally disorganned, it ha.
tame caner. winch es a polemic,. annulate tot r lane , / to A
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the titimasc.outt menden( itttelt. This, therefore I":..IPARALI.F III . I) PaPPICACY
is tee reason why Jut lith's ALTEIIITIV In at Ulu 1. to be had, whedieVolleileTa are at home.,—one naugh
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In the unr.otest fibre, removing every part... , of ONLY FIFTY CEINTIN
:run the syitoin. Preparel add roil at No. lost 011. 1 11. 11 . 1 ( the WOOL CfAnG,Of tooth rnetttelnea nis
yt.J.h ht . d `treet, t at sa l e by our menu in nearly eadry town and village
the weal, se'llo are prepared to Fre full inform.-
the Pekin 7.1 Fn tirlh althe h• • --- T. g A iftbft , p rom. k .,„
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to , Broadway, Quesanah, Ohm.
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l.l•litiren an. 11.1:1.• lo . 111111-CTTCIIO 10T non of 0.11 {WY b e las late l y eyra ,a a large and
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eeeded P r `P ar '''' a " I "ern.; to the e db " e ate dl- of Ins WA'rElt PSTABLaaHmENT.. his Ind
c'''" full ^".`.`"n rn. P"n e " "'r all " tea "' e" " e location, at Plullipeburgh,Pa., w Ohio river,oppo
tn•"‘"": "'""'" II en •01 th at dennenen. drn 6' n ' site Litt steamboat Landing al Itesteer, where he is ready
ether " nenta ' d "D • t ne "• its 11° lofant P va to nlelve
as bearders, and treat them on Dy
e"' ' ea been "I'Y fleeted at " " ten. the Id." tins Igo
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an principles. In addittort to hos long expert
e""te.• h lame i te "''' . l and wont rove. and the great anceer• which has heretofore wt-'
v """ pr'iu" this leaded KM treatment of patent. ennuanuod ts his Caro,
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be has now the additional ...tee afforded by ao tit
e' Yet dog. ti "'"s,l 6 "l n e' Patna ' Intettee" and ta m es building erected enpreaaltfor the patio.,
''''' atn'ne from """ne• acting " ene.dtated, • thing commodious and airy rooms, roil lined up with
wlthout disturbing ally of the !unctions of she bMIT, e ery necesaary apparatus fotbithu, and driminss
n'ed"t"e th e na Pe nn ' t and me " P leannnt "' nat.. " thnitg the treatment to th e utmost ben efit and comfort
from ...dent pent to a tranquil and layout stet. fee. a l um patient. Phillanaburnti is a most delightful and
ing in the Into sufferer.
To be had retail.
of the Proprietor . Dr - hi . e ia ld .ih z u l i l .l l; age , w c hsur y.k . o o f matz e w s a st e b ry st r,, earn
Attar auure•
JOHN SARGANT. Druggist and Apothecary; John . those afflicted persons who may place theraselvea un
klitebell, futon & Beckham, odd most ether Druggtste der b,. care that every atteauaty shall be pa i d to tae t t .
a Allegheny and Putsburgh, dee c IJ omfort; anti as an assurance ofthesulowantialbenelits
Dr. P. Premium Plaster. •
10 be denood, he points with confidence to the hen
.' it IV, P INI,AN 11, of the Medical Cohner bi Phil- tree , who Lava been ae riaan e n t at cared hi. aato l o
h' • 'Titan V ef. - /alone. 'rho Water Cure leave, no iniurioa• effects
retie Premium Plaster. the qunhhes o toilet, after : ha to d, a. ta too o ft e r e m with o no ,. who hunt
end opted erPorihh ,. . ht. been , iutl.hrtordY teen treated on the old system.., It removes the dth
thlorahed To all women who may be an/fated with eaan , i o eig i nnaioa the .y bony pongee,. from the dangers
Prrilnpao. OT Fallen Womb. he recommentle int . tt i en t e b artg ee of the woollier, ereae. e t
platter, guaranteeing • sure and speedy . cure th e and 11,CLIVE appetite, and tropertaalgor to , the digeauve
•hori apace of from two to thee weeks, it ap p lied wits power. Terms or oatmeal witT Mottling ren tenable.
rare and rest—dweatting an the coUntles. matt Untlelll% p tt u ter p ur ncuiers ntrimre at the easold t ahmei i i, or
and expetnove baud:teen *OlOllll 111 uxe. This he feels , ri ou ww , ,he p r oprietor at Plidlipsliorgh.
ronacnerit t nu. in oanng 11110011 Y eh as he has not tithed I e e tr ao t t
111 line Orion out of throe hundred aid fifty'-three pa-
ell. I,
II c vn
..... DK_ .1 AY Iq kr9 ALTERATIVE.
Alm for and Wet ,k Ilreast or Rack - , at. We have teen Informed by Mrs. Rose of a cure per
tended until p.m, the - re is nothing to excel hat. P. .ter l for. .d orilser by Dr. JayneratAlLeratAVe r whteb
to edentate rettef or eireentm a cum For ram by r en ure. gps mpe•riOnty race ovary other remedy of th e
I. Wtteol. co roce of lhomund and ht arlet In ! bad Dm hot le-m adlicted for die Fast et xieen years
Braun & React Idl , erty and Si COO,. to • ~, Ni..-ctkosh:s. or IV /Imp: .4 W ELLI NGS, attended
lie J Sargent - Federal it and Damned, All, I et , I t narration. -ad enfolmlion o( motous betteo.4
ghee y any rtite which tune many ptewes base been dacha...gee from
-largo*. A Cot ' 1,,,,,,,,,, n °., rh°,..", , Din ning- e the frontal bone of 11th eraniunlefrom both boa arm.,
horn. _
... . I N l wrists and bander, and Irani both Dimmed from the left
! "roolos ANTI-Ml.lbl S I'll.l S. _ i hunt/rat bone. and from the lAD bane, besides painful
I 3 1-‘ iki t . sA ll 4 a . l 4 h f a ' ; ', . coo/pound eontloner .maline., f t Moon on other parts of her poranil, which have hurtled
balk. with clErtruej and emnparatme tontines. or . :,. I the Ft ill of a number of the most moment playstc tens of
1,-gliVe action, and having • peenllar tendency lc 'the , cit e --der mg cotter at the tune her suffennto bore
Wintry organ., . extremely t it:noble in Mir ern ttat . s .
• been exec - among and deplOsablet About three month.
i h Intent h e w,. t e mr . en , n a te , etetep t e ,„,„ es,
toed'e entre she wm induced ID try Dr.Jayno's Altera:or,
wall eunermttri ni me la, er. KO loaf II abou n d. liter I wnieb has had an otooo , •ttiogiy happy effort upon bee,
hove oow . f
ond the 10-, 01 Ott tears, and ea, ,„,„„ ity ...owing all polo and Melling*, and cmuiring the
prayed theta to he u .ste and valwiale r• ~,„1,..„ ale,' lo heal, while iit the MM e time her general health
Intermit:mat, Ernoi tent and Hilo.. Fever, j. ,„„ j„. r. roan hecoo.e rOrnpretely manned, to that the now weigh ,
1.t11071n role, I Ildlgt,lloll. 1111,1. V. Ds cc.., , i t a tee , is u.. turn= than she did before the commenced the a.e
\'onsyloo,., cold., nod all r ~,,, loam., at ea t lair loos„„, ,, of dt. truly •olnable,prepamori-r-{out Eve ro.t. -
ry charseler .rl,, ~.gni • tetv ,et too , era , 1 , n ,,,, 00 . I l'io Walter tatormatlun,nupbra of Mrs. Rare, No. It,
11011 whirl. In/. been given by %be. .I. to t „ te ,,,, Filltett or, Plntadelphta.
Ira ored Men , rem , . t- me publ.hine of t h e „ tote , I . For sate in Elltshumh, at the rEKIN TEA r(TORE,
nt. rertilie t atete m the. 100111 unoree..n ~, TO p„ jre Foorth .1. near Wood. rya
``” `" ° " . ' l "'"' ,. "'", '" now P" "P ' ~• • re. , •Ytr - t ..
- A (.11nalloojo to idio world.
graph". wrepper
l'rlra 23 eents for a I.or, ea:llT ~,,, rag Xi pale , 1 TIVENTY-FIVE DOLLAlthlartli he pod
0. till ',.1/_e.
F.-pared and ...c1 by I I who 'valor-o.loer atom oiplUnt. gree • 1.-1 'el.!
wall ram to p linpro•cd CI" tnmal
" A VA
" IWK k (.° I gone. Ilta a ve L frie satiefactron Of toying te rue people ea
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" n'on
''"°" . t , 7 , I th,..placc t that this ert.ele,by MY own 00r.....-nt 011
"P'-- ~, now stands unrivalled in thia i s lot extracting
JOHN V. Mont./ .is , grmt.e, tar, pile& Ohl, pun,, or toy . outer trr , a.Y , ao „ b"
X" , t) p.ll Wood street, one door t ~,,,,,, 1),„„„.„1 ( manor, frOrn All kind. 01 gentlemen or la.bete , lz b , , ,,, ,,
11l alley, I' ,it.,e4rgli, Pa.. offers lot tale e b ag , h e to i r mite., table roahs, Menne MK .. . ''',''.. „,,, , ,T n ;,;
Drat.. hiedic,llo.. 011, NI II 1.. Y er „,,b,, , i t , t.,to tit he. ern/tout injuring lth/th.i.K flint p are ' 2 „ - `„ . ,,i - ,i,„,
not l't•rfume It, Formen end kett
.." to .. tr, which i te I Mtn, More than ano d,...V. son s ,n matt.
oil` ~" ....t.°'' al drug ... ,ray &lOLA o. and mar I part. of the comtl li noon ~, .. , '''''Y t -- a tt .
atoll. yttlllull the ' , Y... ''' .l tietertnmed to sell a t tet ttlonit It, tl' n coat cne dollar permit , o try i ng .
eem low (nee.. Oil K t , " . et t enor itun.fnetion. timid. 1 Secap on more than 30 p armlet at light wit, eat... e a , .
w " rr•l '''' ''''' '''''",- V s'enits No. I and 1!, N. York I prroex., and caltroett,l hare only (Mlnd three Mere!
nsnoulaelore; nine inpu• a,,,it, Black Lootoor vo. „„ iit i
tilt. Iwo , alpaca mil ford et ...hen. cm ,,, writull . ,
o ' . ' '''''"" qu"” r' A tse, 11'llite :Ind Red Lead let changed the rotor; that - alum be ti k-Ife int ,,, , V o /I .e t te t i t: a ll: 0
Pr.'''. I.'''. than " re t ofore tnfered J. D. Al.
i t df ea , try • ".('''' ''' the dfr l . et : r t it nay ....nitr
inanolres emelt . r e iehroted Cough Sy rueritieh Ima detente: lied nos to teem
_. .
b •• 31 . '"" K el ' er•l . , 1. ellOn to all nt the eating of I know to be weretly true, .
0. . l' 4 o l e t ,
oughs, cold., It , mattettee,totoahe meek I p r 0..., mk et. per cats. 50.0
F . 1,..L.F.:1t5,t0i l
creep, me. Pftee 'in erm 1. per bottle. .-11.... Morcott'. I I.- 57 ar.not st
I lIIIIIM laver PO ot. e
... nee
re et , t . ' v , ...,.
Tr! compintot.
.04 headache. sod all ' ..hou• eorepleotts Pro e 7.-5 , • ' i n • ~, ...^. D . , A'A' KS - ATAfill.l.A 3 . .S 0 dozen
per Ito.. •
. ' 1 . 1 .' • • 11 of 1/r. Townsend's Sumapneilla, the
teed, pi. re,• , tve
AEI E11. 1. 4.1AN TR; GEGRAPIII COMP AN V , t -, ~-.1,1,0,..,.'Y ‘0 , .h....' ~.. w ` trld ' Tu. K.-
• , „, , ~,,,, „,, 111 swirl bottle* 'lt„ .ti useeseheaper,
te xristorm. rte rename em witaammt. , ~t ee. „‘ „ ,,,, en d warratitml mperthr to any told It
"' E crnit N LINE - ,t • wt witheut vortiltme t .purging , webearng or
OM.. .1 the : e.x.ohange, Baltimore. ••••." -.'"°
II I elrUtllll KA l'E g._•r„, ,„„„„ 1,„,., ~,,„ ~„,„ dent itattog 1ue1 ., .•r , 0 n, t.. e ! . .. p . . .
1 1., era ou 'I h it !anemia. persons have
0 ' I ` . ai:•• tu 0 , fr om RM. ~,,, re- Pei.. lo". ''''''
71 eke, and put up, ,triethebto it, the same
b la h ''
' 'nd '.
" ' "N'uding ' d'"'"' ' ' Treat ' rot ' lk. See am each bottle has the • written ug
'' r. O . I V.P . t ic despatehe• forwarded nom Rol- ~ ,,.. ..., e
01 5.1 „ . . r ,,,,,,,,,,,d .
0... w.., or rit h ere ,h , lt e.
. R. E. SELLERS, lietilltaa, 67 Mood meet. botareea
K"" i„ -Th' 'I"
'l' (or . Id W' s p h d '"' l ' h ' ' I TI rd end Fourth. tall.
,_ Only WlMP:awe
r '''''',', ' l t - -...., Fi r . turgli and \ reline, .IS rent. ll e.,.._,_ . e, .._,.._,__ , ,
' ''' " r. '''. w '''' .1., and 3 cents for each addlllollll ." "t" agent far r‘ . ' ~ ..:. .. 8.1.41:11
WIIIII , &MO.. can be herd.
' D. hl. Curry boo been appOinted the sole asset for
il - i - Ni. charge IS UMW 1131 . the ItildrVall and sig.oo.
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pprierglft MititiciNKllikiwftiWictoi it
' "-''. tentphis t 'lhcort., to New Orleans, des-
P° .( '' . "' e ./ 6 'ln .warded to Memphis by nut Mu. , •td I deer 4 SCHOCNILM.AYER &' .
united for New,
,M00r,., lei/
4 00 71911
to o Ul..Elts
0 - 1 vaUlli
. o' '. o. 10111.
. •
deesleid•L'OeM., mast t;'1801.
Mean. Saxon :--fernitlemen—Aympathy for the afflicted Imamate ma Ite MU'M
of the remarkable core effected by r.. B ...with , I. the ehhe of
tel wa im
wan severely afflicted with the gondola on Claimed pane or the betty i dm
the inch were tinny emlaresd, and her Hmho much swollen. Agnakedn4"4r.'
rear, and Ending no relief from the feniediel the , cm. .I,
Waver the knee mppriza.ted. Her phyrdelan . thal.
18:4r n .WWL.
done, btu without any 2erman eat bandit. situation we and
Waved to nee detroli Ha . The lint bottle it de cad -
OM efflecterehertni her more than may preterinim had irim tatame=il
elm had taped cm bottlm it the astoniatunant and deli& of ler khis, die h
health grate restored. It to now over a yur dada the tram ens eeePid4.o6ll h
health t,nri good, ehowhe the dlseaae wee tioneghly eradicated tom:ens al
Oar neiiiMre MI all Imovrang to these fa end ' fuse hereentithe it
bleadme to the 4s. . Yours min raped, Jva.rocimi,s ,
Itsam nom • lener receiTsd from Wr. ff. W. Harris, • meanie wial
Leann comity, Yit I hays cored • negro boy ef mine with rant
who was snacked with Sorokin and of • torofolons family. Trout trey,
linebrieb HA, Te, My 17, Nan" • N. WALS "1
Tbe followinn testimony from nes. John Otiu, late Rector of the Church Of the
Cradle:lon In this city, commend. need to the attention °tithe WIDOW Wonternstie
certilloMee of cares of venotte diseases effected by WI medicine am shawl daily
Men limns member of ay Mmll7 hat tams yaw valstablii (or
• won liontaLona efactlan, to. wits 'the moo besselleilkl afoot f d ha
use. It pina me ring . reat pleasure t& record se7 Ontlancry balsa Itrtite
and ir. =z,
184L oitteas stay be winced to Mal • Vial of 11.
loam. A. B. tD. &Arm . Nenewl, Y.0c141
G. 11171. Ferollngs of gratitude Da Is me me make a lin asks mat
'of the 'benefit I hare danced from tla use q yaw I bars rend
Yeas been salami wan serofulom madame In my awl, which at thiMA broad
and discharge at my Lana so r.
, mw, /yairs, andel other. 'mold , brut ad in
=ol rya of toy fare and head. Those Manned mita my throe.; IVA, and
head were almost one somp/sts sore, and for a Lug time I was a hoarse tluil It Was
with the utmost difficulty that I could s at atioa a whisper. garlagthhellatt I had
sesmal attacks of phlox* and other I Nonrated dl bnot ebYlbkaaa and
Cried rano. ram ..ies, bat reeelved no benefit may I coansiscred
r ade
lam now well the sores are all healed, , std I Mama the entirely
la Ws effects of your valuable toed Into.. •
Pours, with respset and gratings, PHEBE CAHOON.
cornett.nally arquanted with the
A.pM.erson aboa Mosel, I
hat stetement
to be JE2I N. D. CiR.ll, Jusrise of Ms Peace.
11.21,11.11) MOD MOLD, artunlioLZ MID tl.ruy IT
A. B. & D. SANDS, DR.troaterra AY) Ceavairre,
Icy FOLTOII-1,., coarra or Wzl.l-lort. Nnory.s..
Sold ativr by Brewers generelty throughout the thllted NUM and Cantu.
Brtee .1 per Bottle , su Bottles for Be
CIELEATCOILE, perEhrminirlat th. ortorallami
a llamrtrat= leiretrilli 'Mar% nag mid by lb E hEL.,
Komar , fragmlay„Mmanorttand
July 19th,
Id. It le S'aßen.'—'ll leder am., to you amt the aftheted
;educe, tog Weald-pay hatable taittmony lame or 7....ju.1)
relibrile.l Leer • f hate deferred doing at tor you.,
adlimum to Dewy Crorketth mum, 'ab sere yoa an neat,
then go ahued." Mmt altar many renewal:ions of emportes
od„ ell to the skim, tar aank tam abloom smog
iVaP l L,TjYr b till harettrin deVred Id the iwboe. and, gadmd,
behere they anti t•raketvi them all," m they are past art..
reprment theta to be I ham been aglicted with Li...
Catlplaihi flan .7 ybelhl haste tattered much, saaplo)ed
many etutaratmena, to artrom I patd mach money; ham
aloaallegraml pb,melted alnamilo death,
ealtrated sor 6 .mm, and Ewell, alma up at traviable. In
'4 ' l'4 '"'°"4l.trz Narits.:
rat tat', so° pi 001.
at.L. One boa at artichttnout amat to keep me cow
tamp in thlaindr, and all the other s)iaptonaa tor at lea. ,
II month. tliour Ala are also the to , tatlaartie leave toed,
being mai, IkeitErrtipeeerraqg much mak... at Dm au..-
.a, hut pre inasmuch rebel . I Lam kept thus,. my store
4,r 6 or 7 years; .old hundred. of b.aes, and hare never
;',card •”ingie complaom mimed ay ;any am who boa need
them. They ham raperetded menet .•ry other pal na tho
amghlaushood, and in a abort tame arm bunola them all
earnestly recommend them to all pemoaa needing ploy.',,
eriartherfo. Liver tlanaplamt or BMW. Jffeetama I coo
ad. them Mr superior to Calomel or see Blum Pdl.
yowl J L sloants
CAUT/ON—Aa them are other I . llb before the publie
Liter PtW , perm.. oho o.ut tl.e. uEN UIN E should
ma for and tabs another than lboe. prepared Lod bold by FL
i SELLEHJ3, Nu 57 Mod et between Thud and ?mirth
Plaldby 'Dr. CMS., rtllh Ward, D 11 Crane, Alleghory
To the Eledivel Protes•lon .od Public.
j 1:0i1...WS FAH ftiA,at me. Ilooptt•la
th,ritml, othrt pus.ll% r•tat,!l.ltiveltka, It 11,i
cospogroded by soinc , ai liltotoni d,o , ligusabetl poy.
man and chem., 11. au silly le .rt .1,1 for childrro
InvaPda, uluca 'superior to arroNv root. sago etc ,
r more strctu;dociiimp. to tnr
. 1 4S , .toti. ho up ^u ti hoses of half lb pop.nrs,
eb acrolispatiscd will, prtuird lleNts lob 000kiog,
maim, WM* Agiieultural Chemistry. p. MI
..42hikiren upon arrovr•rnot su'rp, or indeed any
1,,m1 of mnylslueeous mott, wlncla doe. column Lngrc•
Me m, Ivied IM We torpiellol Of nslti muscles,
tweroan• fat, and acquire won heir Mnba
appear full. hot they Ldo not arquare grength, nor tad
0.44 organs. pperly dove loped:'
In the analysis of die FIITIIM made 1•). Prof. Reid of
Now York, among other eons - omen., he pane. 15 per
rent o( Flatten and albumen, anti remarks that the
elatnts o( the Manna noon the Itled,ra: F'roression and
the. public stilt real upon It. <tantalum% the glutton
and albumen, vegetable &wt.. Will other nitrogen:2.nd
bodies tot found tri arrow root or ...tartar inloatanoot
and which modem chemistry has puteird OUT as being
treceasmy to the formation of human fibre,
Means of -which nature makes up ior the constant
waste that takes place in the huoinn bodyy. For .ale
wholesale or retal, by R E SELLERS,
scald 37 wood at
Great English Remedy.
TOR Coughs, Colds,Awbutta and Consumption! The
r GREAT AND ONLY REAIED N . for the cure of the
Above diseases, the HUNGARIAN DALSAM OF
disedvered by the celebrated Dr. Buchan, of
London, fi:nglund, and Introduced non the United States
under the tanned.. aupenntende nee of the inventor,
The extruordmery success of dos medicine, in th,
cure of Pulmonary diseases, warrants the American
Agent m soliciting for 15011.111.111 the worst possible ca
ws that can be Wand in the community es that seek
relief In vain treads any'of the common remedies of the
don and have been given up by the most dmungutsidd
phystaians as confirmed and incurable. The !temp.-t
-an Bli.iloOlhas cured, and will cure, tee moot desyrontm
of cases. It ti no quack nostrum. but e standard Eng
lish medicine. of 10111.911 end enablobed efficary.
Livery farm' yin the hooted States should be supplted
with Buchan 'e llmgenieo Rids= of lair, not ouly to
counteram the consumptive tendencies of the cltmete,
but to be need es prevenytve med.:tic meases of
criflda coughs, spitting of blood, pent In the sole and
elms; ontellort and soreness of dio- lungs, ['tonna.,
dilliculty of hressing, hectic fever, sweuts. emaci
ation and general debility, asthma, influenza, whooping
cough anti croup.
Bold In large bolder. at SI per boofe, with Intl dime
noon for the restoration of health.
ranwitlete, eouieudng n suss. or ilnewls and Amen
certificates, and other eettlete e. showing the ed.
equalksi men), of his great Regime Reseed), may be
obtemed of the Agenyretudously
For sale by U A trim Kk. ruc Co., corner of
st and Wood sand W mid fah 1114 more
L. FLOM the
lire ASA 611L,N. a mi.:jams/it mid pop
ular Limp man of the Prot att. Metric:Wirt Church
The undersigned ha •Ingheen alit :cted during the Nut
winter with a dwe.c at the stomach. sometimes pro
duesg great pain in the itomath for ti nor twelve hours
without intermivion, and after having tried various
remedies with hale elect, Was furnshed with a bottle
of Or D dayne's Carmine:ire Hal .am. rats be nand ac
cording to the directions, arid found invent:l4;y that thts
mrdwine caused the pain to sh)te w three or tour 11110
and in fifteen or twenty in An: tee every s at sensation wan entirely quieted. he mune,. we,. at whenever ,inneat,oin oi the apple/telt of
pamwereperce.Yeil and the pain wh: thereh, p,event.
cu eO/3 united to use the IttrAllC.te eTerY
and •001011010/110 Mr 1001,1111, 11/111 LI, • rear week •
hehlth we... far re•tored, hit -hart , r wt. renc•
ad tram a large amount ni °opt . pail, Front ex
perler , . e, therc(ore, ht .411 eon fi tent.) lc rotrano•A I)
1) la ylir , Carintnunve +inn. . .al medic to
Ga dlbtll,oll 0: it. 51onic h sad Iwwt... ASIUN jl U
For se, In nslmrgh at the t') , :h In TKa STOR
tnbbmha(e<l. 00t1 0114, and .150 at the Drug
abi,n , Fr.ittr.l. *l,Ol Allmon.) ,
Purify Your Blood.
K" and
r„.;r •ICt
wlt, a seninlous contr.. in My legs, and had been
for write months under the cam of physicians. They
,mid my ca , , Walt ninnwt icurable, and they could do
lan It tor roe I wa• nearly helpless, but 00M 0111
/101 at crutches could wall duhoulty get shout. In Mae
I purchased of you, and commenced using Bus
rot, 511,141.1,1111.1., Alter the oat of Two bottles, dm
sores commenced hesJuig, and 1 latd amde my crutch
,. us i
ng only a mute 1 - dispenesd with my OSO, and
at the end of the fourth, was so well aa to s_wist all day
in sneering sheep. lu alt. d five The
serofula and woo have all healed op, and since las+
7:770.12.7-11.%1 A° ati Ant
1 L.. 3 00100011014010,. t hoping that others may be nen
anted 10 the same way, that the Ifirirsorparilla mid by
yon. has been the mean and the onl . means of erten,
114 t 1140 roe? CORNELIUS J. 11.023 -
For sate wholesale and retail, ny
or ROW r wood lac ft also corner wood h
I,•t NK PlilltlallfrlEßY—
r ilrewo ire Amanda Amer ,for araying,
cienin a la flow, sor shaving.
Atwood.: Cream, do,
Superfine Kong, on laoreelarn atom*
Elegant want bags, pertained wish Lavender, Angle
tette libel,
Mandrel powder pads, of all patterns;
LinUovsed terns Coo tuning 'refrain extracts
for .it handlitichrefl a stemeurl•aerl soap , roll ,
able tor presents.
Ferran., or Cline.< Down.:
Inman regeUtrile boa
Ile ar's oil, in fancy or common wrappers, (row scent.
Jones' Soap; Nymph ...bap; Rose f,:p salve;
'Mn 7 4; = d rl7::4 " '- ''''
ofhtpel =ec:Tl
lAFA Eert,i t CO
:Iv 16 nos rish woo4l sts
Pulmonary lialsam.
g &MRS. HERD .te CUTLPAI—I feel it a duty I
ILL owe to my Maw creatures, to sate some,filni!
.pawn your Vegnahle Pulmonary Balsam.
gin. , I first need the Metain, &boat eleven 'ears a,go
U. happy affect of which 1 ten gave an account oi. ,
hare bad several severe complaints and attacks at my
longs, one • few day, Mom, and to every ;nuance I
have mad the Balsam alone with complete mil ported
success. 14, has effected relief and cure in a very l e n.
days. It is certainly a sate medicine. I do not know
that it will cure a fixed censor:onion, but I belleve It
will be ht many eonsa preveneve, and prevention to
better than curet I do thereaare, br the love tit my tal
low amt. earnestly recommend the use of this Balsam,
in all pulmonary complaint. I ain confident that It
has been the means of preservi n g or life to thin day.
Ifinston Jane 16, BEN RUIN PA2w/le:S.4i
For sale by 13 g Fahnestock, tr. to, comer trot and
wood sod also corner wood and 6th. pilb
power to cure! ?irreverent, Feb. IL 1v47.
R. F. SetLieion—My with has for ythni been subject
to a distrenung cough, accompolued lea .thme. for
the care of winch she used &Univ. cough resnethee,
and had the advice of the most eminent pigment. in
EN:010d, but all was imavailing. by chanie I beard
of your Imperial Cough Syrup. and was ininnthd to buy
• bottle for But although I hail no belief the. anything
could remove her compleant. To my great surprise,
two doses pea her unmethete relief. She so at umee
troubled with a cough, but two tenspoonsful ol• Syne
always stops n. I ate witisfied, after a trial of three or
tour years, that Seller's Cough Syrup IS the best tough
medicine I here ever tried either in the Old •r Now
World. WY. I•'.i aaocavß
Seventh Ward, etly of l'itialiargl
The akeero coruficute Would induce all woo are
troindleil with cough or asthma, to glee the :tyre', • in
tl. Il may lie hail for 2.5 rents a bout,. at the drug
.tone of R SEILLEILA. $7 w ood at.
ndid by Dr Cassel, 3th nraul, and D it Curry, Ade•
gbonty city. Ann
Patent Blook Bprlug Tr use.
I:IYLY V ENTFl—Forllt, rellnfasid
LI Cum of I ERNLA . Kc rrcab. Is. tO all
Ybe clvontv of find rani: convict al tlac corn
31trauve ,11111. y. be evirsill. rho pador
wand bri Ws neatly balance.' on army, wide to pr..
awe ou buy inart of .1, .1.14t1 ti.roucely adapt. qv., to
Ley niovereeet made by lb^ .curiir can iir .ofll
nialiout lutcynnavion, until a curt" ntivintcd. tic f uN
let.l.ers have tnn. arrangool.t , for the na•iltodctitra
at Tru.-cii. in • vo.r.r iv•
find ha•c obou 10c.,. at Lt.,' oda. No
77. elet.thk...l.l azar
e; F:0 17. A 7 7
ePI ,
VERNIIITGE--Surerter to
rver u , ed "
loroutax Tr. , F.,,rttr ( . 011111y. f. Mar, I 44
Mr. R. I.: herein cort, 11.. ~.c.l
Tour Vrnwrogo iltsllll . . ve
aut wuprztot toy I t..r .o‘l I 4.1 tie to toot ot
cloOtttca Ulle ao,r, All,cll u
.nd .^ l4l by R E V.
:+..t CU.. tVuni,al
V. .1 :44.14, Trmperatt,ville Iltsv to I.sw
reteevt,le, nky
Y lUNGE -Au uarAmtcut p.w.t euut go,
1.3 J MIDI,
PU 1t1.1:..11KD DAILY. TRI-VVEV.XI.I" b. %V
As th• till.. Brildlirssrs, 3d s., was u. Po3l , Tirs.
One "'ecru°o of hoes, or 1eer.,...
Two t oeertious wllhoutAlter3Uone,..
Three •
• •
One Week
Two Weeks
Three • • • • •-... ..... 3 (xi
One Mouth, • •
Two '• it
Three " 7SO
Ty Longer advertniernenta In tome ioroporli ,, n
Ono,6 months, without silt-ration ... 10 , k/
14eb additlonsel square for 6
••• • It • 111 I.l One winare, fi months, renew ,bl.• , (4.1
Ear h additional .guar, for IT. mm.l, 111 (A 1
Two oquarek;t; ing.anth.. re'w xblt. taw .10 1111
Each additional •4.0.0.• . fi nt ,, tith6. r tai
W1R61.1 na TR,I-4/...RL1 IR i.u•■
One .quare. 3 Insertit.i., SI fAI
.• " eaelt .1441Lirinal inacrtn~n p 7
BUSINT-Is c • Yee.
Vise lines or less, one year. . ...... 6 Is,
og g. Months sOn
,# one year,dally es weekly, IU (s.
MI Id " MIL. months
..... rissalas-ra girt/ALT ..... .
Yee so knee, or leis, 01111 Imprison, ........ so
n 4. o o
• " " ........1 o
.., 44 4. Thrall months, 30.5
• _• • ,
Twain .1 mregpmelg