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    laklPo &TB& £ TrimaßaPnx&
italmatvotir &or tau Panel:m:lok OaSetto;
Ncor You', Nov. 13,184 d.
'By an arrival at this port, we have late and
impottrrturt Intelligence foam South America, with
dates la September. The exciting and tumble
mime qiestions with Buenos Ayres still rematnytm
••serded Commerce Is perfectly inactive—we may
any Shoos: paralysed.
Equador Iv already 011 the civil war. A combine.
nation had been discovered between certain Equa •
dor exsts in New Grenada and Peru, to unite and
Equadar, and revolutionize the whole
• country.'This design, however, was partially
frustrated by the Peruvian Government, while the
Gretradeau exiles under Guerro passed the North
ers frontier, but were vanquished.
Salvia is in a very precarious situation, on a,
want of a disputed boundary with Peru. The
Cabinet are at perfect variance, while all eyes are
'directed to Gen. Santa Cruz as the fittest man to
oecupy the executive chair.
Alderman- Maedermot, of the Mb ward of this
lailVdiad.yesterday, morning, of an appoplectie fit.
Prousisesula, Dec. 11, ISIS.
,-Maw—Sales of 300 barrels at SS, and 1000 et
jape per bbl.
Grain—Wheat— Sales of prime white at 1120
use, mad rod at 106 to 108 c per burbel7—marabt
Porir—Market dull—some new brought 52 coos
per bushel.
Ptaliisim►—Thera is no activity in the Provis.on
Merkel, and prices are as lam quoted.
Gracmies—The market for groceries is unchnu
sed; bath ta price and demand.
Gattaa--The market is Arm.
_ . .
Whiskey--Seles of 100 barrels at Vi c ams per
, .
Nrw You, Dec. 11, 1849.
„Vloai—The market is toady, but not active--
4„500 barrels Gramma, and other State
brands at $5 woo 31 per bbL
ChLidar—Wheat—The supply to good and rather
preezieg On themarket.
Eana-vSalss of now at 60.ets for white, and 70e
ay.8(1,1.01 . 9000 bushels at 61e per bushel.
Laid—Ralea Of 200 barrels neW at 71271 per lb.
The Markets geuerally are without change in
any pardcular.
sezeite:—Bawhe are extremely bnoyant, and all
kik& bare experienced an advance.
Barrtmoari, Dec. 11, 1518.
Floor--There are buyers but rat sellers, at $4 874 ;
ktlittut*asir 33 kir Howard street.
ale Fkittr—Bales at 63 WM 931. Cornmeal
' it 162 75M2 871.
' 6000 ba prime White and Red
Wheal at 1120115 c the White, and 106 c an Red.
Cona--Bales 25000 ba at tEictor Prime White, and
tiMs IN Yellow. Oath Salesat 27029 c, and Ry e
at Mile& per btz.
Provhalone—There is no activity in any article
quotations are steady.
Groceries—Sugars are in fair demand; Coffee
ud Molasses ate without change-
Whiskey--Bales at 25c per grill.
84L21.11017, .ThCC. 12, 1643.
Mar—Sales of 500 barrels Howard Street at
S 5, and WO barrels City Mills at the more figures.
Grain—Sales of 60,000 bushels prime red Wheal
at 1050206 e per bushel
Beef Cattle—Sales on hoof at 52 OrwWl 25 cis,
sad dressed SI 50 to $6 56 per 100 Its nett, as to
Vial!, sad sales to extent of 1,300 bead.
of live at $4 50, and butchered at
n fi g ri ln3i per 100 lbs, net.
THE CAN, of superior quality, at low prices.
at up by the extbsenbere expressly for the use of
s - and parties, eats be procured at the Restau
rants to this and Allegheny cities, at the store of R.
VAX, 4th West, Pittsburgh, M. Jenkins , store, Alle
gheny city, and at We Olretar Depot, St. Charles Hotel,
Wood ot. nertal•dlm BOLT fr. MALTBY
"D -000 ptp 14.1, Just reedarid for sale by
RUM PEACHES-67zacke just ree d and tor =le
kr arm _ RIMY &Co
17BILTHERS-94 aanksjaat yvenived and far utla by
mall FRIEND. R HEY b. Co
GILMENO—U auks now landing, Co r sale by
*ma fIAIAR DICKEY & Co, front .t
i g Z ONakelto7:l4l,Commtinion Mamba..
sod Dashers to Products, No. to Market street,
MO LA bble Sugar Rouse Molasses, just
'rod and for sala by
Awe ARMSTRONG & CROZER, market .t
y2noultuto bbl. Sztertoar, ruperier ram
, 3 fast received and for sale by
RYE -12 stag aye, Gar Mil, by
117A.MILY FLOUR--30 bbl. reed and for uln by
A:. dee. WICK s-M'CANDLt.IO
saoko Feathers. 16 do Ginseng:4
do; 1 bbl Lan d ; 37 sack ' s Goober reao—to
arrive; lb: aa4 by ISAIAH DICKWr. & Co,
der.B • (rout st
WIL.SON, Watches, Jewelry, Silver War.,
Minn. ry Onodd, corner of Market and rte
=Pittsburgh, Pa. N. B.—Watches and Cloak•
y repaired. drel
AELEMPAIIILLA-400 lbs Ilondaras, nut rec'el mud
Baia by mov22 B A FAHNESTOCK kCo
OVPD Cl/BESS-1 ease jag reed and for We by
WTTE BEANS-6 bbl. for sale try
navZ3 9 F VON BONN HORST it co
jAt4. 01L-10 bbl., to prime order, past re t'd
tut for,sale by noirY3 R E SELLERS
TIL .0 I:I= OIL—W bblajusi reed awl /Of We by
• TOMPIEPID3—tOO b. &on. Pipes , bandwmcly
e iced,just received and for ssde
+C It GRANT, 41 water at
MOLA BBO3,-50 bias 0..? <Top) N 0 M01N.., in
go,44l7;t•LaCitr or de r, "71'111'7170'1',DTel--
116.14 Ronal Chum]. Buildings
eSTAVEILOKED-10 bbbe Clever Seed, reed this day
L by SIAU Dibgenee, and for sate by
slet4 J & R FLOYD
CrXN FLANNKLii—Three bales heavy
teked Cantata,' am received b
nrogla sitAcitiz."4
Sooms—ao 6... (P01...d) 8.C...y. I" ..d fo ,
sal* , nov27 ik a FLE.YD
TrRV DEED-7 bbts good Timo th y Seed, reed
cloud boat dottland Furnace cot for oats by
1171IIITE BEANS-10 bbln Annel Whim Beam, in
•V Mon wad for ale by nov-A J Jr. R FLOYD
CF er& TURPENTINE-0 bbla jaat reed uld for
nla norn J KIDD Co
SAGEIODA-150D lb. jest reed and for sale by
koe27 7 KIDD & Co
-r-XEATHER VARDIIBI4--filways on band and Cor
We by furrlfl R T LEECLI, Jr
IWI —8 bbls No 1 Solimn; 1 cask Codfish; 1 do
.Wldlsilish; Ido smoked Elodlibut; No L I sod 3
431' ;Ws , by iso•l7 I D WILLIAIIII
. •
.• } •:l=2o—‘2o dos , B it er ) ;? A in c st u re rtN e , d 4 4: ?, ,,d itit io n.sf r y, an .t io
/Vass Orbs obgwo work for bale by
—Rlbbls in oars and a l es by
GREASE- 0 MIL. now landiegjor, nlet by
1 LALVOlL—lebbis Coaling'', best a sa b inter strained
: Lard 01,1guit aseAsived wad . full y
' ..
Aar& s ir
- AIITLEB-0 11 gds in SUM sod far sale by
OCHRE-4 cask frord. bY li
quuk-4 mar abasu Y H Tsa, . conatlp..l
,11. ule by novl7 BORT A CUNISINOR PA
bbl. No tb ; : 7 ", in Wire barrel.
order, for.ale
co111 g:HIIES-9 Ws Dry relatileli 3 do Flaxseed;
. _ h. sgs, non, landing from manner Cumberland.
_nornt ISAIAH DICKEY k. Co
7D CHESTNUTS-0 bay Kant'y
vapAcns, A ,
rys, A , A ., Chestnuts; landing from stin, J
!Atm; far .1. b y ;deal HAG ALEY Sr. SMITH
r Star , In bhla and hhds,
• Ainaaashalpaocra, for sll ale
&et A p.,LHNE6TOCK &Co
SVISAC— , SitiI7, in bags, nein reed yvd (5 , , ,
Arum AmmortaA—wo lb. in jars, loot toed bad
V (wools by aA FAIINEarOCK I Co,
bet cow lot and wood ow
• EPSOIt lILLTIS--to e.t.a Baitaore, jag received
utd forma.
• . .dace
s SPOHL = CM , O9I 4 — d 2:t do: coati'ata' do beat
• yd 40 cell do; received thia y day and for aye by the
pat • altallefil prtu.. F H EATON k Co,
09 fourth at
: • .1p . 512154358 DOUBLE REPINED. Bt.:GARB-7D
, • I•• li, ZOlrarinee Doable Reload Loaf, Crushed and
,i, r . t .i itai ii*ara, Just rro'd sad for Ws at th e Pal
..sup a r jroarth ammo, by
i dir oco lcUCOA, in— W Baker's No I Cho.
. 1 . 4 ' , me. Coca& Paste, No l Norfolk ecanty
• hand and for sale by
Cieseil“.• " aigmglY " trAOALEY I E.MITH,
AO ar W Ibler, Dorehastor, Idarm
• TEACHER, Ite.-00 baba P , eacbo a, a bbis
wia. B . ; 13 , do toxwerj, 1.111011 Irma Mr
Como% for sale by doel BAMALZY it. SMITH
'GWIS-100 boxes 'Studies:Ps 2sysue" axio.
01 , 120 " s " 10x12,
100 0 10s14;
10 " lexlo,
szlSoesale by-Sse2l 8 F VON BONNHOB.9T 6 Co
'l7t7trsoroi guar 4 co
• I f . r;linapar ch-te sacks for ale by
*wt. • akar , F VON BoNNNORST t Co
411 irjallEß9-414 /INAMTMAT HI V rco
aheas—Dary 20 pr. cent.
Pots /0 -
Pearl.., ' SOP
Scorchino WO
Selena. - 2}
Soda Ash' 31,031
Ale—parl;2ll• • • -• • 01171
Brlstles--Duty 6 pet cent.
American 0
Batting—per lb
Eyrie ROLL
eems--per beeher
Smell What. 70075
Common & mix'd 620
Buckets-4e doe_
Patent !leaver
Beeswax — Dary 2l 2llrr,e4.
Yellow • 1•90 O
Blooms-1p ton,
Blooms MOTO
Bader Lumps ..... • •15:90--
Broom•—; dot;
Merchantable• • •-I,l2idkl,:b
Shaker.. ..... 1,1510RL7r
Barks---f cord
Chesnut Oak 530013 M
Block Oak 4844 U
Hemlock 3.0004,00
Coal—Duty 30 per ct .
At the river • • .S 05f
From wagon
Cotton—Duty free.
Tenn. and Alabama ••
Number 10011
Cocoa. prepared 0.1022
Candler—Doty Wrier et.
City dipped 90—
Mould 0/0i
Pitteburgh Star 2l 02'
el11(.111114U do o`2l
Sperm, best brands • •30 QUI
Casein/0-1P lb
Foundry hot. ware, afd-03
Fern ace do • • • U
Tea kettles IF dor . =97
‘Vagon boxes" 100 Illt• • P7O
Counter weights f set• • • 40
Sad irons f nett. • • .4103
Cotton Yarns
Sbort reel
N0..5 to No. ID
Lon e ast
reef V , doz.g et per lb to No 20.
GOO 1107
71X1 60
900,p55, IIIK)• • • -610
Coverlet Vara 40 lh • . 900
Carpet Chant 1110
Cotton Twine 200
Candle Wet ••• .....' -015
Coffee—Doty S.) per et.
Java. Old while 12014
St. Domingo
Lagnagra a 0
Rto 740 74
(topper —Mar-4)pr et: pig
bar and old 5 pr et: old free.
Draxiers 0 7111183
Sheathing —1147
Old• • • • .......... • •• • 10810
Ma Cor
nilldag•—Dory pr en. a —0 13
Whim rope 0 II
Tarred —• • —io 10
Pnek'g yarn, fute• • • --0
common. •• ••• -0 9
Hemp Bed Cr& per don-.
Etra long 3,0003.30
Long. -02.37
Common • - ..... _01.62
Plough Linr-s e7oLoo
Manilla Bed Cords--per don
40 yd. 6 rheeed• • • .-.0340
00 & 30 do •• • • • • • -1,:000,63
do Plough ling. 0 C7i
DOnneltine-per ptrd.
Brown Cotton •- • • • 306
I do
Penn ShVgA A No.l • • - 0 7
Allegheay-Crs• • • •• • • -0 -
Alleg'y D Pill Mill. •• -0 71
Oregon D Union Mill. • -0-
Nottatook Perm Mill • • •-0 6!
Pituburgh do
Laurel D•-•-• • • —• • --en}
Savage..---. • • --07 f
Poleh i man :et
Lomme C-- -- • • •-06
Harmon -- • —• • • —ea
5-4 brownco —• 9011
Ido do— 7 101,
4-4 do do-- "iOF"
Brown drills- • •—• 709 9
Bleached • 6010
e Tiatnirs • ...twi
ll Hamilton— • —Ol9l
I Laneuitsr.— •• • •--9/13!
Broeem's A. C. A • • • .-012!
Methuen -014!
No 1 superior • • •-016 1
Colored (Notaries 444110
Fancy ?rum • - • • 31011
Fall Hover Mae • -- -• •-0
Fall B. Blue le Orange 9014
York 'Deka ....... ••• • • 101
Drageo—per 10
Aloes /1 0 17
Alum 3;0 4
Junketed. ...... • • • • le & 115
A quefortia- 10 0 11
Pot TEM Win MONO DECE:111112 1 2
In reviewing the ma•ket for the week Just end
ed, we have nothing new or interesting to notice,
Business generally has been very quiet, and In al ,
most every respect, quotations show no important I
The weather . has been very annealed , we have
had abundant rains, and high waters, notwith- .
standing which, the river trade n romper..
atively light, freights being scarcelg,
In a commercial point of view to steam
er's news was of very little ;'•rtance, The
eastern markets therefore, show bid little chance,'
unless it be a further decline in breadstuff. Tne
same may be raid of our market. Flour and other
breadstuf have been attended by a msrrespondmg
deehne, but owing to the very limited demand, lit
tle has been done in the way of sales.
ASHES—We find no important change in the
various articles under this head. Rcceipts of all
tends have been quite full, and the market is well
impplied. We notice sales in a regular way to ihe
trade, at the quotations found iu general table .
ALE—The market continues without change.
A fair amount of sales have been etrected Ly our
brewers at the usual rates, eta —s7 or good com
mon, and 89 for XX, cask included.
APPLES—The nrrivala of green apple. during
the week have been to a fair extent, and the mar
ket is abundantly supplied. Sales have been con
fined-to limited lots at 75 to n 7 from first hands ,
and cats' ,25 from store.
BACON—The market is unusually dull, and ve
ry little has been done under this head. Supplies
are light, and the demand limited.. In limited lots
we may quote sales of western cured at the.fol•
lowing rates:—Shoulders 3iale, bides 4 lit Mi.,
and bama el %We, aevoeding to quality. Conrad
enable quantities of pork have already arrived, and
someAsar dealers have been busily engaged in
BUTTER—The receipts by river bays been to
a fair extent, and notwithstanding 11b4ral ship
ments east, the supplies in market are altogether
sufficient to the demand. We quota regular lira•
ited sides of keg butter at 96331, and of good roll
in bbls at 10312 c according to quality.
BUCKWHEAT FLOUR—Of this article, re.
ceipte have been to a fair extent, but sup hex are
not more than adequate to the demand. We note
regular-vales in limited lots from store at $1,121 sr
sack of 50 lbs.
BUCKETS- . —Tliere is a fair demand for patent
Beaver, wish regular sales to the trade at 52,25 p
BRICKS—SaIes of fire bricks from store at $l5
p M; pavir.g from yard at 5,50056; pressed, de
livered,--at $l2, and common Irma yard at 4,500
$5 p M.
BATTING--Regular sales at manufacturers
priests, which range from 9 to 12 as In quality.
of no sales to any considerable amount. Saras7o
gr-ton are about the ruling prices.
BEANS—Satea of clear white,. at 702175 e, and
, 1 aimed quality at 62c p ba. -4
CHEESE—Rempts have been partial. but sup.
plies in store continue quite fair. Sales of 300 bsa
to various 1 . 01 '..l 5 10 5 1 for good common W R,
and 64, 6107 c for cream.
CRACKERS--Yriees under this bead remain
unchanged, with a steady business doing as SA*
CRACKERS—No change in pncsta - ; mph.. salsa
are effected at the tbilowlng usual rates:
Water Crackers 84,00 ♦ bbl.
Butter do 475
Pika—B—resul 3,50 "
Dyspeptic... •• • • • • • • . ...... 4,00
Sugar dr Sods Crackers..... • 7c Is
DRIED FRUlT—Owing to the abundance and
cheapness of green apples, dned fruan continue
quite dull, and but lithe has been done in The way
of sales. small sale. 01 peaches line been ethecl•
ed from store et 81.20 p ou ; large sales however,
would fall short of that figure. Sales of dr ie d s p•
plea in limited lot. at 500.621 e p be. Receipts
have been full, and supplies are large.
F,GOS—Salps of 300 don on the wharf at 1210
p doe.
FLOUR—The sale. of the week have been un•
u li g ht, the market being dull. Receipt.
have al :Y
not exceeded 800 bbls, and sales in limited
lots have been made bum first bands at 03,80a53,
61 p bbl- Sales from store have been confined to
regular dray load-lots et 4,10014,12 i bbL Retail
price 4,25a4,31. Prices are declining.
FISH—The market is fairly supplied with all
kinds, excepting shad, and wales to the trade have
been to B fair EMOUIII at the following quoted rates
Salmon 18,502319;111ackerel No 1'11.501412. No
2 9,50, and No 3 5,75(//30, Herring 5,75(336 p bbl,
and Codfish at 4,50 p drum.
`FEATHERS—Large quantities continue to ar
mee by river, bet they are mostly deatigOed for
alaipment east. Oar market is well stocked with
the article, with regular sales in 'gaited lota at 3'2
033 c go IX -•
Fgfp—The market is witliorearty toaterial
change. We quote sales of brim from atom at 10
012 c, aad shorts at prices sanging, na in quality,
from 14 to 20 and 22c p hu.
FRUITS—For prices of the various kinds of
tropical and other fruits, bet general table of quo.
ME4QI - 174--From tins point west, Geis:as are
ICOMe, prima aril 'altogether nom ital, and we
matt quotations.
Dor= refined.,... 42e-25
8ah..2;, Peru 2.50 02,75
crti ICOpavis ~ 3 0 0 . 371
Brlmmorm 4 0 5
Camphor, telmede-40 0. 45
Cillorillii Lime inik au 7
Goetatical• ....... las etto "
°team Tamar s 0 ...&
Copperas 40 2
,Glue 1110 13
IGulls 500 60
'Gum Arabic••• •• • • .0 0 70
" Copal 3 4 0 50
Tragaelath-•••31 0 371
" Shellac IS 0 18
Outs 21 0 30
Barley 570 58
blab. bsrley . 700 bo
Pittsb. Common •• • 11 GP 13
R/5511,1—nuty 30 per tent
Cuba per gull. •..
Western comb p, lb 18 0 241
Ginseng—Doty 20 or cl
!Ginseng ..... 00
lisly—per ton of WOO lbs
Tim O MY 7.50 09.40
fildeof—Duty 5 per cent
340.sourt —4:l 1.4
Do salted ..... 0
Do ktpps per skut • • 1.00 01.002
Green 4
„ L nerssis—Dtity 25 per rent
• . " . ""' ur ‘ • • • 1250130
Mantlla ptb I CI 01_10
HepS—Dury 20 per cent
First Pp!. '4O 8 0 IU
17 .811g0--Dury 1U per cent.
BcOC4l. lb.
• . 140 01.011
SP.C. S, ..... • • 1.00 01,01
Mand1,......•. 65 01.00
Ma me ---01,275
Ipecac -0 61,00
Idelep, powdered • • '-5 01,00
'Antrim sin 6 9
Liquonee Root 7 0 9
Laciquorice Ball I' 0
2S 20
8ye..... • • •
Magnesia Cu),C•rb •• • 25 0 35
!Madder, _Umbra/ 11 014
Madder, Common • 0
- Myrrh. Turkey • • _{t 0 50
Oil Vitri01.. . . . .. • • 110 5
" Castor 131.5 01.75
“ Cassia 500 03.50
" Cloves .• • • • .2.10 03,00
" Lemon 3.25 011.511
o Perrn'l ••• • • -.2.1Al cam
Opium, Turkey • • • 4.75 05.0 U
tu a
b i e n trb. root - 7>: g a t .1
Sal Amomae IS 0 40
Sal Soda 4j 0 5
Smola 1. 0 20
'Darlene Aetd 40 0 50
Vsnol. Blue 1110 12
Dye Wood-lhoy 5 p et.
Ciamomori • • ..... 40 7
Basta , • - • .. 40 3
Logan - Jo& ehmped• • 10 2/
Feathers-Mary 20 per. et.
30 per rent.
Uar, Juniata.. ... 4 0 41
Common 3 0 31
Sheet 510 7
Boiler Plates •• • • .6 0 6 1
Nall& 340 64
Plough wings 410 6
Slabs. •••• • • • 4 0 41
Russia Shest •••.• • • 015
Lead—Duty 20 per cent
Masotti, Pig— 410
Bur 0 44
161 sixes Pipe per ft 610 LB
Sheet 6 0 111
Leather—Duty 20 pr. or.
Sole. Baltimore• • • • 0 el
New York 14 0 17
Damaged •• • •12 0 14
Slain:liter . 14 0 go
Skirting 21 0 24
Haines's, Mark • .111
Bridles. black. pr doz.
nide* •• • • • 30.0 u ifinfon
Ruswti do • • aLuo 042,(1)
Upper finished .23,00 0)1,110
Kips. finished • 24.12 exte
Calf Skin do • • • 14.0 P 029,01
Lace Leather- In,PO 14
N England Seating,
No 1 per dos • • •43100 0
Kentucky ..... • • 0 39
Ohio Et Pennityl•• • 0 --
Almond. shell`d •• • to 0 25
Soft•! It; at le
(1ard...... . . 011/
Currants. Bunt, • 1.010 II
Pllnert* 'tat 9
Groundnut. 1,12 6
Figs, Turkey 1.11
Iluisins, Muse, • • 0
Bunch ^ tal
Bloom. old
I Cranbernes
Sietly b 1 S././ 03.50
Oranges do - 05.51
Peaches, dry. nu. • 1.12 01.95
Apples, dry 'si 0 d.l
A l i C r sV i r t e;e i n .; b I . p.. 0;1 1,1 1111 7S
Bolivar 0%50
Common... IS 0—
Flour—Dory 51/ per eent
Extra brand.,. •• • • • 4.1504,141
Pupetßne• • • • • • • • 4.10 04,10
Fme 04,51
nye Floor 3,210
het Wilt -- 0
Buckwheat, pr m. • • • —0 9
" 41f. none
Peed—per bushel,
Bran• • IU 0 P.?
Shoot. 1405/
Fish—duty on foren. caul
20 per cent
Mackerel. No 112,000
No.l, hlf bbla • • • 0 a
No. ...... • • 0.50 010
No. 1, bit Ras, •• • 0
No. a, • • • 5.752/6,00
Ilerrmy, No 5, 7 109,00
Salmon, No. I, old. -- 0
New 19.0169
Cod, per drum 6420
Red fox, No. 1. • 7 62/
No. 1 per doz • . • .32,0 ,1*
No a per dor • . :WM 0 30
Sheep skins • . —2lO 5
Lumber- dory e. ad
vnl per
Pine. rPr. ur. pr 51 OY , W
Common 0211.00
clear, II ^ 0:0,00
Comln 11 '•..... 016 . 5 0
Clear. 1 " 044,00
Corn'n 2 " 211122,20
W r'kd bl g I m do atom
1 in eoinntion• •• • •
Oak do do 010,00
Pine shng's p 0.002,60 0 3,00
Laths, sawed, 0
L hr• StOCk.--pt 100 lb. nt.
Beeves...... • • 3.000 4,60
Hog% 2225
Cows & Catvee • ..6,00 01800 !moo
u llgolastio•—Duty 30 0
pr. rt.
Sarhunno 40 45
N. Orleans• • • • ... 0 0
Nmvinl littorifs—Duty
Room pot bhl. 3500 4, 0
3.50 0 4.111
Tor. Allegheny.. 0
N. C.rolinn .4.00 0
Turpenune, gall. • 00 0 70
Vn h. Priphl, .1,73 0;00
kcg, 1001bn. loosing ails
.dO. n
100204 Juniata • • 9300 3,73
50 Od .......4990
CHB ld 4360
So 4750
45 l'• . 0 3,0
35 0.000
Spikes per b• •--• • 0 5I
Proosed•— • 640 64
Boiler Rmets• • 0 '
Omkmos—per lb—
Pittoborgh• • • • • • •
Oils—per gar
Lard. Guy— 55060
Olive ... • ...._..1.30 0 lAn
Sperm bleached 0 1.43
r4olcaclard B 1.00
Muskrat 10 0
Raccoon-- 0
Mink • 0
DeeiSkin per r• • • •14
Black Bottles
Quart per gnsa • s• 09,00
Pit, do- ..... —•— 07,00
!dad'a seine.S.6 a gal— erS,UU
Claret pee grass• • • • 4E10,00
Window Glass, per box
City brands.
9:10 net,•
10012. • •
Whale ..... 75 0 1 ,0
Tanner, per bbl 17.0,01900
P2Llnts--per lb
Pm, Blue • ••• 70 0 00
Lampblack • - 340 7
Spa& %Whams-- 120 2
Chrome Greet. •• • 1-• 0 55
Yellow No I TI 0 33
Coontry br.m.
10:12 3.501r1,75
Gunpowder—Dm VAlpir.
" Noloo
Firuuserlrk Green IV 0 V.,
While Le•d dry 610 6i
041 pre keg LW 0 1.621
Red Lead 610
Yellow Ochre •.. 210 3
Yen Red ..... • •410 6
Verdlgns ...... .30 O 1Y
FFEO 5.2 S 05.50
Eagle. E 4 Ihrs ..... • • 0.1,00
Do dos I lb candies— 07.00
FEES./ do. • • • • id 4,00
Eagle do in paper, 2141.050
Rock powder • 1,3 a/50
20 per cent.
T. 50,0
, To Phdadelptua by D Leech 5t wig tive ti•v et
. press wagon line. the charges are fitr heavy good..
hhd Inr light 5150 p 100. Return charges
by same line--heavy goods 52, light 52.50 p
Prow tins point to Ita!whore by the Eclipse tive
day Ile, Atr heavy goods 51,25, kw light $1,50 p
100. Return rates by same hat, tot heavy goods.
.51.371, for light 51,50 p 100
GROCERIES—Of sugar and molaretes we nave
. had ',vend arrivals from the lower markets, and
pools have partially declined Some lots of new
crop anger have been received Operations un
der tin", bend have been fight, being entirely cone
, fined to the regular iitty trade. The following wi
res may be relied on n• correct —N V wear
01 LOMA refined loaf Slit*. N
Gliallc, Sugar house tacareel 4(415, no in quality.
Rio coffee ranges from 7to as in qual i ty, Rue
by tierce. rani; c For the venous other nal.
eien under thus head, see general table .
GRAIN—The market contidue• very quiet. sod
sales have been limited We malty quote nominal
ly from More as tollowii.—W beat Rye , l'Oirt:te
Raney 57058. Corn 33(035, and oats at '..cigo:ak
GLASS—The demand fur all kinds cif Window
glass, particularly of the smaller size, continues
good, with regular sales train store at quotations
(If the pricer of hat glass the hallowing I. coil
cleaned lul—
Plain Tumbler% 1 pt. trots 5 1., 10 oz each. p
doa, nrt, 11
Prea‘ed do and I pro. nor 6to 10 Mae
do do
Decanter., qt. light 2 ring. plan stopper
do do heavy '! do
do do do plain do
do do do pillar do
Wine glare,.. plain
do do pre•oied
Piteher. qt. plain
do do pillar nail
do 14t or (Team.
Moline. Catts, pt plain
do do do ebbed...
Plato*, n in. prox.ed and rig
Jan, I gal, Laquered ~uver
do gal do do..
HEMP—Very hula a done in dos loathe.. in
the tray of sales, end quotation• therefore are
together nominal. We may quote in a smell way
at 31252'5130 p ton.
HOPS—Limited sales by the bale hors store •1
9 0 9 C ♦ 10
}UV—Rep]la' tales hum wagon at 7.54:16,19 to
tan as in quality.
HONEY—Suppli. ere binned, mita moderate
afore sales in boxy. et I Si ;IP I.
IRON AND NAILS—For correct prices of aft
articles under this head, see general table.
LEATHER—We find no changes under this
head. A fair regular business is doing at quota.
LUMBER—The supplies of seasoned lumber
are limited, but prices generally are unchanged.—
The recent general nee in the Allegheny and Its
tributanee, has brought down large supplies 01 lum
ber, BS to the actual amount, however, no adequate
idea can be formed until it is drawn out and menu.
LEAD--Itepslar sales of Mssuntri pg are ef
feeled in limited lots at 41041, and of bar at 4la
LEA L) PlPE—Prices are unchanged, end range
according to aize from 61 to 121 c ip foot.
MEAL—Supple. of corn meal ere rather
with regular store sales at 50c per sack, or buahrl.
MALT-50c for barley, and 70e fur rye malt, are
about the ruling tigure• from *tun, with small
OlL—Moderate sale. of linseed a snr. of lord
5.5 c Gtr No 2, and GOc for No I, per gall. Fur Tan
rter's oil, 517914119 per bbl, are fair quotations.
PEANUTS—Receipts of Tennessee have Bern
liberal, and supplies are full. Soles from store at
$1,121 per bu.
ROSlN—Sales of N C at 3,500114 f bbl,
cording to finality.
RAGS—The prices usually paid for good clean
mined, is 3c per RI.
PIG METAL—By the late full rise in the Alles!
gheny, largo quantities of metal have been broughtl
to market, but as the iron men are just in, but few!
sales have been effected as yet. The shipping of!
metal by the present rise, we regret to learn, has
been attended by serious los to the owners. We
learn that no less than fifteen boats hare sunk, be.
tween this point and the iron regions, which will
materially lessen the receipts by the present rise.
The only sale of consequence we hear of is 350.
tons Helen furnace tit $3O, 0 mo., subject to the
market. Of Hanging Kock metal, considerable
quantities have arrived by river, and sales are re
ported to us of 100 ton. Pennsylvania furnace,
(Ky.) h b at 527, 6 mos; and 38 tons Pine Grove h
b at 329, 0 mos; 50 tons Ohio metal were sold al
The American reports a further sale of 250 tons
Eagle furnace at 4 326, 6 moo
ItOtllN—Suk• of N C at 3,50.6 - rll q obl
SEEDS--The market for timothy and clover is
dull, with light eale• of the former at $1,15052,
and " 11. I."' al 3.,621.1.7 5 p bu. Sale, of dal.
wed et Si ,00, and of mustard al 52,7:4053 per
SALT Salesflou t store at 51 ,30 er bbl.
(SOAP—Soles of Pittsburgh town at 4le
and of variegated nt 101111 e p ID.
TAR—Regular eaten of N C at $404,2:. per
VINEGAR—Regular sides of cider at 9c per
WOOL—No change in prices. The following
prices are about the rates paid by our houses
Common Wool 20
bk." 24
de 27
Full do .1
MPagV Nei l—pc ton, 6 mos.
No I I ' o ' u n „ ) :„
7,0 11 a, tr . tg o goj. k.
T t • eZUree.
Mars.lle. 70 0 75
Pori 1,00 0 3.50
Calabria .. ... 6.5 0, 77
Wool per Itb—Duty 30 per cent
Full blood a 3.)
I blood ........... • ••• . • • a 27
I blood —0 10
I and Common 19 0 22
Tub washed ...... .. .... —a. uu
Whiskey -I.r gallon.
Rectified —0 91
Raw Monongahela —0 110
Zino—per lb
a -
Mercer County
Foundry Ptg o D - 0
Forge .... • • —
( • hontng County, Ohio
Foundry Pre
Forge do _ _
Masi er Parts—elory free
Planer P•rt.. .. • 35 IP 10,
Pro - riga owl—
Baron HIM.
•• Should.. t •
llogroand. et v rum
Sheet 0 I n
Slab EP 061
Freights—per 100 lbot.
Dry Goods
'l7:Lows,lle. 1510—
Dry Goods 370
ProntLoutsville to th
Nom Olory do. --ea
Lord I. to - 1071
Hutt, 1, or kr. le. P 1
. I. o, roll Igll II
Choexo, W ...• 5153
Dry Goods
11 7.75, 1.u,,
Dry Goal. .37
Heavy .... .......
To Cleveland and Kra
" une •• lien 7
Creek's, 'r Ititt•ti iVat'r
.4 blot
.t , ^ri • • • -41-0
P ******* -per bush
Neahannocksp bGI -411.50
Rags-piny 5 per cent.
Country iniacil • • • • . 30
RboOOper lh
Hoods-duty Linseed:CO p c.
Timothy •• • • • 1.7.502.00
Flalseed• • •• • 0.5 01.00
Mustard• • . . 2.50 0 3,00
Spices- per tb
Clove.. •• • :el 0 31
C.sirt in 01111 N • - 0 t,
tilnger• - 0 CO
Nutmegs . • 140 3 LIU
Pepper - 7 0 it
Snakeroot--per lb
Virginia .• • • • - id 14
Boap-Dutv 'P per mint
Pittsburgh Nit I • • -0 44
Cincinnati • • - . .-0 4i
Steel-per m Foresn
Cast ft 81.-
- •
Dry Goods - •
Finny y
To and from BrovroavOle
. . ,
Dry Goods (down) 6
Produce. tec• (up) CI
To Noshedlo
Dry Goods
Heavy ........... • • • • • • • • —0
To %%gleelint
Dry Goods ...• • to
To Zone•vLllo
Dry Goods ......... •• • • 0 15
Heavv 0
To ileaver.
Dry Goods ...... • • •—• • 0 le
To New Orleans
Hear. Goods
Sairt• 01 11/11[1011, ON TIIZ rannan.v•
CA:IAL AND .11...4.11
Ashes, Pot and Pe•rl, 40 45
Boner and Baron, 45 to
Be(.e .ailed, 45 SO
Bela rope and Bagglng do l'U
Bee•wax, do 01
Bones, do 0.5
Broom., do 1110
Cherac, do 40
Jost it Shear. ••, • 16 ...• 17 I Corn, do 50
Do sangle •• • • 0 Id Cotton, do 50
Ben Merman 0 la 1 Chtllrd Rollers do --
" Eagle •• • . • •• • 0 IL ' Drugs and Medieinee, do 1.00
" Hoop I. • - • • 0 15 ! Dryrie flood., do 1.60
Pittabu WI Alartufacture Dd Fruit do 75
liernsao Steel •• • •• a 61' Flour, per 1.61 00 05
&relish blister •-. • - 0 12 Furs and Peltnes, per 100 lb. IX
Aurneari bli.ter . • 0 411 Prattler..
.._.. do I.'o
Spring .. - 5 10 511 Furniture, do 1171
101014-per gallon. 1 lilassware, do 05
Brandy, Bord 4 • • 1,50 0 2.50 , Glass, Window, per be 60 0
Rochelle ••• • • 2,50 is 3,50 timea and dry fruit per 100 It.. 75
Rum,..Jam'a 4th pl-1,50 0 2.65 I Ginseng. per 100 lba 20
~ 60 090 1 Gruen..., do 00
N.--.. ••40 0 511 l Hardware, do 7S
Gin, Holland• • 1,25 0 1,76 I Hops, do
fleagew--Dory 30 per rent ' Henry, do
N o..pnme. hod • .---410 51 Hides. Hz* 711., dry 11051 do
" Isar, bid ••• • • • 0 l bratber, do 00
Havant, erbne. lb 9 0 911 1,...d. do Ots
'lron , " lb 9 0 9 11 Lard and Lard okl, do 50
Pulverized. PI01•11 ...0 121 Oil. Castot, do 75
Belt-flutyßelt-fluty 20 per cent. ! 1,..".' (1,1, do 75
No 1, afloat , , 1.•25 , frk, per bbl do 0 150
. Rae
"1. in .tore ----IF 1,30 ! n _g • . per 10016. IN
Table, dos. boo ••. -. 0— I ^. P ... .. .°l.d°o°, do OU
Shot.- WI, 1.1/ per rent. l FPoerr do 00
Per keg •. • • 015,50 ' '4'4'l do 70
, aow
r"r Lag --"'
• ° 1'37* I Skins. Deer and Buffalo, do 73
Sal tpotr• -per el • do II
9. n , ' Tobacco,
Lear, do 50
1 417; ...
b " ..,;__ p - ;; . b___ l 9 0 ,,,,,,, Atanutantured, do 75
et. off for rub for ananufd , '7l. do 00
Tobacco 1 Duty 40 pr. et. N' 1, do • F 7
Ctgar 1.,,a---.... •4 0 6 "h.bk°T, per bbl 150
Ilisnerbl do -••- -4 0 7 to eal urn. eta troalossautt.• vast
Ladaes . Ter. . 1010 19 w•ral..
Plug in kegs 90 5 Clue, No 1- Pt".bes• Dolt NV.
Plug in boars. --• 14 0 Ii Duo, S t o o l, Lard,
6 Twist ..... •• - - 50 7 , (Meese, Pork. Tobao-
Cavendith ••• • • 0 G l u., Tallow, W Glass,
10 Lamp lo boo - - 0 121' land Whisky pr 100 lbs -
Ye - " ••.- -Iv 0 17 Class Noy--Hemp. Flag
Id. " - -.- .16 0 14 i t , b a l es
Frotcb .nod,.. -- • 14 0 16 Claes No X-Drred Fruit
Rapper - •' ' • 0 13 Lea th er, Old HMV' ,
Co , 41 MY Ilb Pop 0 t s Skins. Seed., Wool, - -
Tom- Mt) S./ per cent. C 1... N o 4-iku seng ,
Impertat -•- • ••55 0 60 Fe•trwr.,Furt.(7analig,
1. 1 u 0 P 0, ^ 1 . , •-•-• 45 le 70 Hops. Mdse. loose Flu - - -
Young /Ir.,— 20 0 140: elwrlne Isszlewneo.
P 0 .45 00 •"- 5 9 0 75 Rates of Insurance on care.. of
&ILO , -Dacriti pr Cu steam and keel boats
Bans :twit 0
Pm Pauburgh to Wberting.Yo 10 I
IX• •• • -.• . 0 10 75 -- to and from Ciorinnlau I/ 10 I
low-DutyTal - -to loui•ville. K 1" la 1
Rendered - - • 7 0 . ..
.. SI lour., blo - 11011
R 0.1 41- • 0 4 1 - -to Houle 10 1
'{', Q
0.. .. , 30 31 -- to Indrprodvora
•• - is (Ulu,. Li 1 011
Doted boar. • 0 16 •• •• to Nternjon. Ten le) , /
Wilaaa-- Doty 49 yr rem ' to N Orlra.• 1 1 stll
1. P blade, ra Xl7O 0 200 r,„„,, s I ~,... , 0 p,,,,,,,,,, ,di
I. 1 1 Tr M. role I.on O ,
.50 ~I
Lisloou. 73 0 150 cr,srgr• L., rood F.— u.. , . •
Dry 51•1 0 40- ' 5" 0 in , to New °deans
Sweet • -.- • 5.5 062 !
WHISKEY—Sit,. rectified ni ,0,a21 rents
sp gnIL
For nil ert.cles not contatned IhJs !..t, see
general table above
Exchange Mark•ts
We notice nothlng Dew in the local money max
kel The killoiring are the rates of exchange at
the Broker's board
New York. rat' t
I,iacine n s u i:; . 4
r ate l d...
Philadelphia. ! t -
Baltimore, I - I
Buymg rate. rste,L
/ d,. C...kl . 4tyurders I dm.
••ftel,rl NoVti " '
• ,Pronoylvnuia
• Sew lorl, ' "
' . M ary land.
OrtranA, I -
Jo Wheeling
HEF:VI-I. , —Tne marked on Monday was tronl
attended, and wa•al caule were •ery m.aree
N brill •olohty al 4 :Al per 1,, tbl n.r 0r41,41•ry
Ih m; -, —The ollertngs Mere pre- y i...r
•L• et 11
, iILF I'
brad we, 1..41 za ! awes mug og
In. SI to earn ek..,/tchag us, tiunlty
Fa. I , :t.o.urah
We. the undersigned, who raffle passengers on
the packet Ilnllfant—yesterday Inuit Liscinnau—
thus publicly return our sincere than k• to Capt
. trace, and officers. for the,: assiduous, kind. and
strict attention to all our condone. and do moat
cordially and earnestly recommend all those who
have oceltuon to go up or down the river. Iff ens
deavor to meet this splendid .teener, knowing that
her accommodntions for comfort, speed and
are onsurpawed by any boat taloa.
Although our try was accomplished in the un
precedented short blue of 46 hours and 46 nun•
flies, even this is not a fair test of the great stwed
of fuegnificenf boat. as we witnessed the tact
iff the ecguterer being obliged, frequently, to make
Ina lifernen desist firing up, and run the twat slow.
in order to get a head of water, the pumps hying
too small !hint' their respective offices which re
tarded ow progress several hours. But if you de.
sire to travel fast and safely, and fare sumptuously.
look out for the Brillaant.-
Jas A Penh.' y Wm 11 Sierling
E Buchanan, Jas J Thomson,
lon A MoLoughltn, N Campbell,
I li Brown, 1 FL Stool',
Iltam Ford
FJi F Lereor,
C T Lodge,
umo from Como - moth to Plitstomgh, 45
hours 48 :outmost, .topped 4 Omen, leer 3; boors
with pomp..
fortn• us that be has now under contract a new
act of pumps of large size, and that they wdl he
ready for use this week
The Brithant has heretofore labored under greet
disadvantage on account of the small size of her
pumps, and this improvement cannot fail to add
much to the speed as well no to the safety of this
line steamer. When this improvement is supplied
she will then fully display her admirable running
Tale.—Thelttncr fine steamer Telegraph No
2, Capt. Mason, made the time through nn her taut
up trip, in 44 hours and 47 minutes, from
nab to this city.
The steamer Idfisronain, in 1 , 47, made the nip
through from cliemnnati to this city in 47 hours
and 15 min, which was the quickest trip ever
known, until the appearance of the rival simmers.
Brilliant and Telegraph No. 2.
We congratulate our good friends, Copts. Munich
and Grace. upon the respective speed of their no.
hte steamers, and feel sure that Mew well known
expenence and prudence as commanders. will se
cure to them a corresponding share of public MP
LouisMcLane, Bennett, Brownsville
Antoine, Parkinson, Brownsville.,
Michigan No 2, Gilson, Bearer.
Lake Erie, Sholea. Beaver.
I:lording., bulled, Beaver.
Brilliant, Crace, Cot.
Telegraph, No 2, Macon, Louisville
New England, No. 2 MuClare, Co,
Caledonia, Cincinnati.
Pacific, Campbell, Louisville.
Diligent, Worley, On.
Columbian, -,
Louis McLane Bennett, Brownsville.
Atlantic, Parkinson, Brownsville.
Michigan No., 2, Gilson, Beaver.
Ceroline,Lashel, Beaver.
Arrow, Gordon, Brownsville.
Arrowline, Morris, Brownsville.
Hibernia No. 2, Klioofelter,
Pioneer, Forsyth, St. Louis.
Vermont, Hazlett, Louisville.
Lamertine, (new) shipyard.
Baltic, Jacobs, Brownsville.
Skipper, Stoops, Hockingport.
At dusk list evening, there were I I feet 0 inches
water in the channel, by pier mark, and at •
ad rEa Or . BLICUIJ PIT-I...IJARk.k7P EL 131
Exchange Brokers, :K. 65 Market Week, near Ca st
Pennsylvania. Indiana.
Bank of Pittaburgh ...-par. Sine Blk . & Branebet.• I
Exchange Beak Par Bateacrsp • • • ... l•
Mos 6. & Man. Bank -Par, Virginia.
Ilk sof Phdade lonia • • •Potr-F•xchange Bk. of Va.. l
(..,,,,d Bank parFisrosers Bk. of Va• -- • • ••
Bank of Germantown • par'llk. or the Valley,— "
" Chester County • • •par,lik of Vteginta• •••• - • "
Delaware C 0..• • pnr'M. & 31. BE., Whaeillng i
" Montgomery Co. • -par ; ' do Mori an town •• • • I
" Northumberland. -per N. W. Bank Va— • k
Coltuallna Badge Co_. • pari do W ellebarg •• -- I
Doylestown Rank pall do Parkersho rg• --
Fanners' Ilk Reading• par' TOII3I
Punters' Bk Bucks Co. pot, Bk. of Tennessee •• • • . 5
Fat triers B'k Lancu'r • pui Far. & klerch'ts Bk • -• "
Lancaster Co. Bk.• • • •petriPlanterr Bk,---..... "
Lancaster Bk. I/aril/mon Ilk
E. State, Bank •-- - -30 i tiluonri.
Brownsville Bk. par State Bk of Missouri— 1
Washington lig• ••- • •I North Carolina.
Getty .burgh Ilk, -. • I Ilk. of Cape Fent I
Chant hersburg • • • -.• • . March'. Bk., Newt/ern. 3
Stl 7 (lushanna Co. Ilk • 3 I(.3Ln:a Bank II
1 , 441 , Co Bank,-i South Carolina.
Lc , - •town •. • ...- • - .Ca.milen Bk ...... •• • • 2
Maldistown —. 1 'Bk. of Charleston• •• • • 2
. Vs.:lnnen .a: Bk 1
I .- c Bit :4/03 3 Bs. of Georgetown. • • •
Fariiii•re and Drovers , 'Elko( Flunburg• •• • • • 2
Haul, W uyitesbarg.. 1 Merchants Bk 2
11.1.561 as " Planters &Nlecha's Bk 0
lloarsd isle .... - • 1 Ilk u( South Carol i its • - t
La...mai -• • ........p er Mar land.
W youting ....... .. .. i Baltni'e &0 RR Scrip .10
York Ilk. . I 'Cumberland Ilk of Alla-
Ws, Braii - ell Bk. 1 khany ,• 1
Belie( Notes- . Far Bk. or Alaryland• • •'
M& 91 Ilk. Pins do• " irarrocrs' b. Nlechanics "
City &County scrip•-- 1 Bk. Frederick "
Ohio. Frederick Co 11l • -• . 'll
State Bk. end Br•nehes I , Bakerstown Ilk
Mount Pleasant ..... • • •• 'Mineral Bk• • - ----. 1
Strulien 031 Ir • " I' Quire° Ilk • - ....... • • 1
at t lair - 11,1;r . Wastililran Bs • •-•••....-• • "
hi .net, - " Ilk .of Vi ....master •• • • '•
Now• ": !Michigan.
Cincinnatt Hanka ~ lit. a ~,, 1:1., --
Colunii.u• do. " Ilk of River liaisen••--
Circleeille •• •. • •• - Michigan In. Co• •• •• 5
Kailas...lle ••. • ...---. ii i or. & Mcch'• lik 5
Putnam • - . Wiscou•ln Territ'y
Wimat, •• • - • •-• Co Alar.irire Iu Co liliirs'e 5
Massillon I Canted...
?boldest y . 4 All solventßanks•••••• 3
Lemurs •.• • • • • • . 1 (lank or I.:1,11111t1 Notes
Norwalk . 5 -• --Ili 70 ip r ate.
Clevel•tul.---.... I Gold*, Specie V•lne
g,,,,....._.. ..... . c 'Napoleons ..... •• 3BU
D4Y11.10 ..... .... . . n ~,..,,
3 15 • 690
Western Reserve • - " Eagle, old • •• • • 10 60
Frankba Ilk t womb.. " 1 . :11 , ... neer •• • • • 10 00
Chill roths -• •• • •• . " Doh b loons, gpsti.sli 10 00
Lake brie .• • • - •• " IN, Patriot -. I 3 :Al
&iota • • . 'lovers isns 4 al
Lancaster ID Ils hea. 5 00
tk an‘i h on ....... . ... (3 Fesuleiiiiksd'ors -- • $7 r 0
iiranvile • • • • •• • . 50 'Pen Thalcrs • • • • • 7.0
Form', Irk 1 . .4111011 --NJ Ten t. it Mars • . • 4ao
Urban. • • • • .•• .- So Loniadors• • • • 4 iti
Kentucky. Exchange.
Bit of Keutucky
Otto! Louisit lls •-• • • .' POl•deiptiia . •• • k roe
`Sosicsii Ilk licritu . k .. ilalt.mas. - . - • I plus
11•41, Hanks, par Interior Bra - • I
Colver'• Patent Con Beater Churn!
tj xtrrEit 11V1-1 MINCTEte
terpristnK att.! rurtuu• to e• anti "woe.% tt•
boo. A •alveritvetneht• retahott :ht. lave:nano,
to the hundred.who have at-el rt no is auperaro
lu Thoi Churn pontur . Boner. frothern, it In
• r 134••. 'root sonet If. by, nlen enntates' and
!tont •reorn proporrti :•11.” Ito Loma !, prnpoto
to throe to tit, toonno•
24.1 fhr
r r 1..
Ore char., a lrit.r. r, or I,ov mrtorm ti Ore or
rev =nor., wl.r• h r • hprriorate reourrod the largr
• Imennarr or 11,4/1,- ortc r , r liver hoar, •:rd soluetrure•
nrrlf • d•y.
H, ounar..y turn., a•bumb
Hale vlsb.her ;• outiz,ng but Um Litt er iuud cut. in HH• is
Hon,T3 .it
an It eLe•gse•l ettlarTl reef ittreilletl a• the
ottetp.tettt et( .A ettn, urt.n.t ttiottett ern,othinf
I.. , ,narror,r , • nmf 'f,ver t V.f•r. fbe
1 , 1•11,1 7•••••• oft ififf.l 11,1
aware atm, fat., afffl profit. ik
martoNetorrr. • ap.od,of VC.11,1
TMor, fnvtfrft fo •rfd W14, - 6 4 111 , oncruunto
Stour ofhe, o. row urkif flay of 4 o f
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cte reerneed Ine Ohre
S EM t ' e t lr i cT:l ' v P. C ' t S tco ' c ' n . laconet• „tic noon o, rearst
dm, lath dot co lareeenttnr heat tor the tolloacong
aorta. to he dune ort the putt, atonal:lt •t New I ours
Ilona. act
T• 111 LA( Inr r and coping It the ierrattewalla
on Filth •ireet. and r•piiat tng the afoot. on new •iln,
lard Anent tantitg down and replaring
reAlt, down the ;• reClo,. Filth •tret.
oto mu, h •,..•• .11 on Itt•nt 11141 /togs •trovis no the
otem....n•r• may
••ttn, founli•tmn Lhrer /eel prnsent
g ade . pet cui.• l / 1 4.1.110/1 0( w•Ile treiove !he
prr perrn dolor Ire!, ar•los at.<l•ol
o•yrresent to he rut work or the warn. No p :t
:Ler [MI, Of 2 , rotor oret— thr valor :0 he three 6,1,
ut rorelr ltor koala. a. the eornintoonteert may dlrrel
Add....: ate. of rtri 00or a: a•.some ars
the reser, per arstrerfirial fool Any underpoortros
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or the 1adrun......1 a Ao nor.erral ore ..... y lor the
arroyo ape. Ifird .VOlO to lor .ornrshrd I.y the tootrad•
tor •nd in tre •roproyerl try a contorrent app.,
.0 try the Corrosorroonera. trodrr who.< super...,
fiance are who. work done Bolden. wril er•
so elate whar rum V. 1.1 a.row or matt,. ro pre ,
scot walls
n.e work $o Le vonamenr 0.1 n th• ensum, aprina. at
•ur a tune •s Ifia l'omtoi••,orwr• ma) ~,ant rue, AL-
No I.lth wt.. to. lor any port
tob other than
lila *noir ot the wora sat oper , ned to be Jobe
itit4:1•111 MARKS.
11/11M A$ PER NINS. Cottaintgatoners.
M . M BEN,. IN
C 0111.1111111.1. Ilartcc Novetnber Al, 1.41 -eittl
,e4rricr. litde for the .Lave work.lOr latrnr off
the tag and capon, troi•Mng the same. and
e 1.., down and rep:•eing gate., wtt. he recelvel
eeparate from •lone work /Inkier. *tate bow
much pi, Wol •uperfielat lor • ut. and per p.errh (Or
rtnigh •tune, Ur, virM arrioiN 'or mate rraill m pre•ent
w 111 J./Si:HIT MARLS,
Commi•eloner'• Odic, IN, 0 . 194.
item BurbndV,
(' arackenrulge
Is Given,
)ATENT ,it)LA R LA RD LAM Ytt--Ari extensivis
11.1.0 r mem oft ornelius & Co's celebrated m•nts.
Nom, and superior mall others in use, adapted to
churches. eieainWaata,lartoriea. dwalltriga, public and
;memo halls. nod to all other uses arbors a cheap, safe
and brilliant 1101. le damnable.
Also,litrandolem. Ball Lanterns, Candelabramlilobe,
Shade*. W tote. Clonitoem. Cans, Trimmer, ate Also,
Liu Chandeliers, ft 0133 sue to four lights.
dees WILS, TN, ad market al
LA CE G(H)D.S—White and black Lave t'.p., einb'd
muslin do, white sod black lace Ctidersleeves, do
Laze Benham, black do Vett., plain French Work
Collar., mooned and untrirsCd standtog do, eroli'd cuffs
to match,ladies linen cambric hdk Is, gs do do do.
also, opera ors. head thee... •riibetal do am wers, bonnet
Mae and quilungs, reeepred and for sale whole•
sale and mall, by EATON & Co.
deco 69 fourth st
110 AT AND CIAIAK TR151511N05 , -25 dor gents
assorted cloak Tassels, 5 grass figured silk Dind•
ing . sdo do mohair do. do do drab COS t do. sdo drab
overcoat buttons, 40 do tine coat buttons, Die lb. best
Italian seventies, 50 do do [wee:llllmnd, padding, can.
V••• lint other Trimming, fur tailors' use, constantly
on hand decs 5' II EATON
GlioDS—F II Esvon •re constantly
If supplied vote a large and c home assortment of
silk fringes and grim, velvet ribbons and braids. la
ce, <denies and einbrottlerms, gloves •nd hosiery,
Zants shirts, Ftlapt Ude. and {Md. garments, Berlin
ephyr, woolen yarns, n•edlea, pins. tltltloll9.
bobbin,.,; all sr sobtek they offer at the lowest rash
priers to merchants and others; at their new and cont.
modlons warehouse, 02 Fourth st, near market. no9V
CIE:VT& CLOAK TASSEL:4-2 don mohair Tax
k_A sets. aaaaa tad. 5 do silk do do. 2do do fine do. 10
do do Ladree 'fissects. assorted, do cord do do .
WOOLEN lit IOW: Itt dor children's wmalen roans,
ri do do do C. 0., 4 Jo do common. ludo. %Voolon corn.
Orly, escorted. I-. do do with rings, 56 do ladles Cast,
mein (doves. sse'd
LF:ATIIER AO dot bllr Molk akin Holt., 21
do do Morocco do, .1 do cord do. at
no+Z) 11.:131. !AIN KINSEY'S, 67 market at
• .
. •
In •
ENTLEAIb:N, look ,as the enure stock of cord
1.3 . Cths, Heaver., !wt.] Cassimares, and those ex
tra ch oice Cashmeres and Silk Vesting.,must posi
tively be closed out try l 1.1 February.
CO" All the (bin 6i,1 super French black Cloths at
Importer. cos , Wier which the store wtil be opened in
snow, t vim CLOTH erruttE,
dee2-Vw Pont LLurldiug., roc aun and stood es
- LI II FUTON Pc CO, Dealers in Tone/mugs and
1:• !haberdashery, have removed front their old
and to No. Lei FOURTH STREFI% 6 doors from
Market wart
A A PIANO fl to, hal Market .tree I, have
recehrrd another Isola theoace au plaid Long
and §quara ghavr,, bought VA per rent (e.. than any
prerhaa•ly received iht. season
Our stock of shawlsis now the largest ni the Ally.
•nd purettaaers may he certain that cur prices nom this data will be d. 5 per rent le.e. than soy former
mArritcw WILSON, Portrist and MtutaturePain
ter. Roos., corner of Post Office Alley and
Fourth street, entrance on 4th near Market.
AS. hi L'ISPILAT,r 80:421' PA' ENTMa/A ASH
-5 I to 5 tons a rub curcent y, or 4 11101. app . vd tolls
tons or Ilfraelatdil, 34 do par, d mos do, interest ad
ded For tie smartor quality of this brand we reicr to
the glees and seep or
DI this any general
Mica 160 Marty sl
CASSIMEILLI4-1. ease striped easst . osereg9l
do .Owl mud Duclalon doi Jam roe'd and for role
Iry dad/ MURPHY, WILSON 3 Co
Txc MA MEN COMIT.—Lo accordance with on
prediction, yesterday morning, his honor, the May.
or, had an overflowing house, comprising every
•ariety of character, from the learned pedagogue to
the illiterate mud scraper, or the fashionable dandy
to the veriest tatterdemalion—all "acknowledging
the corn."
First, a colored man and his wife, named James
and Salina Jackson, being in Doherty's Row. The
complaint against the husband wan that be had
turned his wife octal doors on the previous night.
for which Service his landlady—a dark amazon—
gave him sundry blows and wounds, one of which
he exhibited to the view of his honor, and which
argued eloquently in favor of , the length of his
landlady's nails. Salina admitted that she inter.
freed to save her lord front any further disasters;
and averred that, though James had turned her out
of doors, he had not beaten her. Fined each a
dollar and costs, and tor want of the "needful - were
committed 45 hours.
Next came James Makin who tad been found
drunk in Liberty street. Fined 67 cents, or com
mitted 24 hours.
Fourth, appeared Peter Hughes, a boy of about
12 years of nate, who had gone to the watch house.
the previous evening, because he had no other
place to go to. lie waa a bad boy, and his moth
er, a widow, had been oliltged to leave hon. on ac
count of his naughty conduct. A tem, days ago, a
countryman altered to take him home with limo
and provide for him iliirmg the winter fir such
work as he might be able to do, but Peter l'ileclins
ed the invitabon, - notwithstanding it avus urgently
backed by his honor. It in always best, at least to
be nt.ll, (we don't know how to be pooh", nod for
this very uncivil conduct, added to the fact of lit
ter's having no honor provided bun with
one on the hill, fort ys, expreaning a hope
that bread and water, might give loin a better,n
tine for - country air.-
Filth and Sixth cases.—John Dunally and Mike
McCullough,the former a keeper bin small groggery
on Liberty at—the latter a bright eyed, good lin
mored fellow front Philadelphia who had looted it all
the way from the marble the regions of smoke
in search of •inployment. Being abort of funds, he
had sold his shirts and coat, and the last remnant
tit n shirt which he carried on his back, momenta
ray threatened to take its departure Viet., meal.—
The derendants, in company wan others. had been
teating their strength at lifting weights. and cram
tins more disturbance• than was agreeable to the
nightly cones-remora of the ps:inie, they were arres
ted. Mike was tined a dollar and mists or to he
committed '/?-1 hours I humlly, two dollars and
eosta, wloch be paid grudgingly, observing that had
he kept a Urger establishment lie would certainly
have gone -scot free.
Seventh—Mr William Riley—who had the pre.
suniptton to place himself between two watchmen
who were sitting together on the hill, and author.
natively demand of them which of the two had
the au d acity to take Mr Addams to the watch
house Tata demand did not nit very well on the
atotnachs of the night men.--one of happen-
ed, by a singular coincidedee. to be tire very offen•
der. Words ensued—not verf complimentary we
were assured—and Riley, who had been three
years a soldier. and bud found his way hither hl3lll
Mundell/In a. en route for Portsmouth, was etvilly
conducted to the watch house, lie protested that
that was Ina first appearrsucis on the range of any
civil tribunal, and with ex cessions of deep sorrow
vowed it should be the last. Puled a dollar and /
costs, which
prompt/ paid.
Eighth and Ninth—.l }Lee and Jno. Wood,
brick layers, were emu of /Mutating rather more
loudly than was agreealil to delicate ears, at an
unneasonable hour. IL declared he had done
nothing, and ventured toelspress an opinion. that
as thus was a free country/ a man certainly had a
right to speak. The Mayor—certainly but you
must speak at proper times, and in proper place,
and :n a proper lone of voice. 'Och' an i cii,! . nt
!peke 63 I.JUd Said Rice. who from his ~e , n .:e
we should lodge ve, .1 recent •tup•Friation trout rte
land of pfltal,e,
The Mayor—Ltt y tout' rough to ttott,ty peace
able people
Rice—An sure, yrr du, I dbl'nt :Alm! no
The Mayor--Vt'tty, y,ttittcertt t t.,tve t„ttcuttel
be watchmen n y
t. .1 tIO I.
The M r — Wr:. 11,1 again you
perils!. dud that ne • is Ili
The deteadnot. err then tined esoll a dollar
and pant 11,1 tine 14,011111 t a demur.
but tl,er rad , ..ted t l lnt wool,: noar
re looney t, , al, ati, hollst• ler he
wasac o.lainted th — eopee,,ll!y as 1. , • turol.l,rd
111.•11 [N ,or
Tenth—A dart, won.. wan 4.•,molaJne,l agAnka
by Thorn., m
blicae. :snot Itnebt for It .rrow mg
a dress. the pr .penny of a kett,e w.ottan %n L.
bath law. web„ It she du; not return aceortitna
to agreement. The dress demanded la
the fair owner, was remised by the dark coots
plegtoned lady, and words ensuing, the Lute,
was given into custody —Uteri:tamed.
Eleventh—Fred. Thionaa. drunk and incapable
Fined o 7 rents. No toads communed far ni eniv
four hours, to help hunt to keep sober
Tarellils—Thotnas Pierce, LP/Merly a baker in
th:s roc. had boarded lately at the house nil Mrs
Swartworr rano thane in liquor, in hale behire
dusk, the to.eviiitot evening. and not finding his
woe ealetly where he Wanted her. made sundry
disturtianetot—such an ,lemming floors and using
ungentlemanly language. At length, finding his
wile in her own room. who, in, the evtat!nee of
Mrs. SW:I/MO/1 proved. was very civil to 111,11
began no alma, and bent her. Thin son, intolerable,
and a officer was neeordinglv sent lor taindurt
Pierce to other quarters, and give bon an ops
portunny eKureoung his li.t. against the iron
ban of tan tombs: if Ste :night Ire! so disposed
Fined SS and roars, and, in default of payment.
committed tor ten days.
Twelfth—A ndrew 'ossgrotip, a I tutchiann. web
beard enough to 'Rusty any ten ancients. and locks
which might almost obms competition with more
at Smarm, was charged with being dinink in the
street. Ile sported a large red dower above his
right rye, which. by the way, was pretty well ins
darned. tin bring asked, through an interpretor,
how be came by these ornaments, he replied that
he pavement dew np and struck hint on the nit.,
head; but, being assured that that was impossible,
he corrected his statement, by declaring that he
laid down and kissed the pavement—a mode of
accounting much more probable. Not being able
to pay the usual tine, lie was told that be must
lodge in the big house on the hill liar twenty four
hours, at Which he very dubiously shook Inn bend.
Thateentli—John Wdbions, a cripple, formerly
from Philndelphta, more recently from New or.
leans, was found drunk on fifth street. On prom
ising to leave the city lintnerlottely he Was dtscher
ed. This last was the hardest looking ease of all,
and the stories be told tn accounting far himself
were contradicted by some of the watchmen who
knew better. It appeared he had been in the Flab
it of lodging three nights in the week in the watch
house of Philadelphm. It is honor mule hint
fair promise of thirty days on hie next appear.
Finally— . Protean,' 'Twining —a respectably
debased In•hool master, who had been' abroad' on
Monday night, ' dttfusing kttowledge: awl win
oentrating ruttier more whiskey Ago one stomach
tlitot it could conveniently contain, without n pars
till derangement of the upper story—wan charged
with the Mien.: already apt...rifled.
The Mayor—What are you doing here. Mr.
Twining ,
Mr. Twiniug—(a little conftlied)-oh, 1 seat a
men for seine Manilla rope.
The Mayor—What did you want with a rope]
Mr. T.—Well, I have to be hanged any how,
and I wan afraid the kllow would bring an hemp.
The Mayor—(Lauglung)--But that's not the
Mr. T.—Well, they only hang Irl.hrnen o Ith
hemp, and tt your honor tu ab o ut t o that
dignity upon toe, I would n Lttle preter the Mau
illu —lron ewed laughter.)
The hlayor--Ilul whet hour you got nay au.
Mt. Twithatt—il , eriouhlyl—Thot all I have co
The:Mayor—lluw .hd you route here ,
Mr. Twanna.—v.i l . attle here by the power 01
JIMM Sod the lorve eirerine.dr. net,.
The Mayor—lint IA hy did you conic ,
Mr. Twining—tpoutting to a watch mans— \ a n
must nab the pilot there. I can't tell--iroarn of
The Mayor—Well, I shall tine you sixty seven
cents and Costa, and it you do'nt pay it, I shall
commit you for twenty lour hours.
Mr. Twining—Well, if a rope should come. I
hope your honor will tads large of u. 0, hp the
way, what news did the Britannia bring aver ,
The Maya The last news to that you must
eit M ‘ r r . * ta y •it t i h n e g i i i - ' -(l 'o u ' rn ". ignogi'' fail.hi sback to its honor , —
I see him Arta.
This wound up the morning's visits, and his
honor 1.11 the ehskr,rimid the laughing oyes end
merry tunes of the crowd.
For the Recovery of Dormant and Impriverly with
held REAL AND PERSONAL F, To the Se,
Clement and Arbitration of Commercial,Trad.ins,gi,s
other Debts; Securing Patent. for Inventions in
Irritant, Ireland, cud the Colonies and Dependeneiri
tbervuuto belonsing, and Negotiating for the Pu r•
chase or Sale of the same.
11,1-WERE:NCR may he bad on appltcalbut free of
charge, (provided the mourn is not that of wee
I otiosity.) to a Lret comprtiung u • vards of 15,M.0
names an which unclaimed property ts •landuig.
Also, an Index to our 10,0b11 isden t —temente whir
have appeared for We past CO years In various Min. ,
newspac.r... addressed to Horn at Law and neat .
hut. Cednmuctertuorts by leiter are regaested to titt
post-paid. BENTHAM FABIAN,
38 Broadway, New York
Referenee• are permitted to Hon. Chaffee P. Daly
Judge Coon of Common Pleas, New York.
Freeland, Stuart tr. Co.
Chan Cartl,dgs k Co.
W. k J. T Tapseott.
G. R. A Ricketts, Esq.
Edward Schroder. Essi-Cinctnnat.t, Ohio.
A. Patchin. Esq , President Patehm Hank, Buffalo
nov . ,2l.dern
Rooling•—Galvanlsed Tln 19at•s.
TII V. subscribers beg to can the attennoti of Sadder,
A rchstect• and owners of }holdings, to the man)
advantaguu whim these platen possess over all other
metallic n 11 1 111.11 ,, hitherto used for roofing, At,
they po „ at once the lightness of i with.. its
liabdity 10 rust, having now been tested ron,.
for several
years in this partteular, both in this eountrrand in Eu
rope They ere leas liable to erpansion and contrac
tion from sudden change of the atmosphere, than eon,
mon tut platen, Iron, sine. or any other metal now used
for rooting, sod ronsequently form • much better and
tighter requrrlng (St lest frequent repairs, whilst
the first most in but a tries more
A full Rupply. of all urea, from 16 1031.1 W. G., e•n
•I•oll) on band and for sale by
((FA) Li MORI4WoOD /4 Ca,
(4 and 10 'tearer street, New York
The patent right for •rtmle having been secured
for Inc l'noed Stales. all parties tetritignig thereon.
either I. t . Importation or othersetae, will GO prosecu
ted oet.ltt-dtt. yr I yT
ii - PriilDlD LOT or NEW PtANCill.
„m illi A I'AiNS Jr CLARK, New York,
C II IC K ERIN( :, Rocon;
The Au bse ri her her now open and for
saoe. a loz of most %opener Pianos, se
1,...0ni by !masc.!! at she maoutar tonna.
• .
They ronstst oi nos-wood and Mahogany Planos, ui
of 0, 61 cl 7 octave', of •anous n yleo and prices, /Lod
embrace al! t h e latest improvements Thou. of Nam"
A Clark's, 'wt. which celebrated firm he is tout Aosarri
b•ve Erupt ore aa, 01 etrln tog poesteed by va
other, slat aupe d
rtor plan of lea g
thermg the sts hammers,
preventtng three Pianos from growing harsh and 1113 rt.)
aner come e.
The Pll.Oll 01 l'lnekertog, of which he h.. a Rupert
or lot, are preinled with the ei molar Seale, and were
Teted for him woh rare by .1 Chnlictrusg, of Boston
The above all! posit. l be sold at Mar....tare's'
Fleet. and ant •erommodanne terms
The subs,.rther will tovariably be found at I IV
Woedwell s, trona II to to 11A. m , and fro 1 to 51'
M HI. Waxlverll vent attend to the business durnlK
the balance of ume H. KLAIBER,
00110 at J W Woodwell's.a3Thtrd et
You flounce /OR NCH3S k CLAW. CRLZRUTID F . 1.110,
frii9llll THE subscriber imi roil replenished
ins stock of Plan. which for vain,
of style and prices has never been
peeved al tine city. Jinn reeerred alio
opened. the fallowing new Pianos
ins* 7 OV .s•.. ra ho lel grand Piano, tit entirely new
I Ravowood GI, very elegant Norms k Clark.
t /tie with Colrman'v relebratrd Irut AI
tar higt , .nl Dnata a vet . ) .I , erior Plano. •
One • rnahogiuqplan, N& C
ovll H Rl.l-,BER, •t W WocalwrlP•
ItIATINt.S To ARRIVE—I cave grry rtaxed bre.o.
I vase Lavender Blankets,
1 I , aJe Lavender Blanket roaring,
do drab do
dd bine do
Cohaignment from F.lsatern mandfacturerz, and tor
sale at eastern p wtth ear age added.
nov?-1 MURPHY rIces,
HY & LEE. !theny at, loot 51h
PRONI Tin.: SHELL—By Burke & Co
I Faffit Express, at reduced prices— To acconupo
d•te all lover. of Lill. de'leJous aunry. BURKE k Co
13•• r reaolvea to •upp;y the people rxgularly throual,
out the *ea.., with .hc choice. Fro,ll Oysters in
a.: half cat. and elicit. Of aucti uced prices a.
'cut,, every family to enjoy tilt. delicacy at then.
An Express ioad n 11: t. rreel red da3'y .t the ware•
house nf JNI. C BIDWELL. Water street, between
sidnfie.d and Grant. axd I, a the• •nd at the I'm.
owing tfinpol. !Ferrer. ("OM, .Smithfield and
2d so, b. Ilea.,eton. Diamond. A Ifoevler. Penns'.
Ward. D Ilandhey. Wm Idbert) st. J Coltart,
Pcml'a Avenue. Nlereer k Robin.oo, Allegheny mty.
OTICF. leetors 4utd other miy offices, are
rmiu r rrr m their re.pec,ve account.. Ln
•tate preparluon to be AuMted Thumtlay even
21. t .at b o',ork. at which ume tit under
,;I;mummer of rmitwito, elected for that purpose,
wt:, time:l mr Mayor • ()Mee
roilrotors are parttoutarly roquired to
woh Ihr t . oty Trea.urrr. a:ot havo thetr duplicates .1,1
a••. °oh?. rrody t ,otneat at that tune. '
. .. .
s C HILL. )
S ST( IN E it, } Auditing Corn
1 )1 eOI.LISTER, ) .
r -.J,1
j•Hr..l,..gned haat., ',moved to IV...lnagua,.
0 .. aarad to au of cattalo 011
I.oNrrarorz., n ILI to any law .I\lllM/ behare • the
• t.r laa . urt, aiaeh he may be entrosatal
IR.IN FDI \ Folt. Iron Foon•
dry in • tinurtsoots to ettalt Patterns, Tools.
Are teeth for toustness 1,1 be sold on aecontrnot
oat, g term, or r
ettartt !or Iron or geode.
I W. nfreis •ese noportuttits to a young Man
with small cap,. tt , commence the /ion Fom.dry bu•
to efts Ett,,,trt
lc near Wood street
ware ,
and exceedingly vaJoalil•
I. Read. ina beau.
n n.grs Il contains ate reeoen
vnrnlrlarevinen of tine city, diff..r.
dee In one irrex 400 copier bave
Lt.., low,' Lhe 11. y of I'Llt.burglt anel ' inabLet.a. IL L.
• hook for ,k-ry For eby
P. If LL•ILINS Apollo at Huildtugy,4Lh
\ lit .! .10 4 .The Woman of Oa
Idr. •er.e.: .ketehe. from, y
fine •ter, rimr‘ving• I vol quarto Turkey Kilt
ddget— et. /e
I ntland And Ame.ira, for three
...1..., FAR,. to Hulun 4111.atrale41
eler dn.rrn. os, vol St'a gilt edge.
rhe F•cluk, of Awe,. 1.11,
rrai.b ßend ltoure.. and ...ertmeu• tne6r wrillng• 11
roar Is •gar!and or prose, poe
ry ron , • , ..,ar e tilit steti enKravingo. I .0,
the Hook- oc Chcooto Ita,ada. Ihuatratert, I vat
I or •me ht R /101 . KINe,
Mo. I Aporo folinstas..4o,o
iimong•h•ln N•vigatlep
trl'll•F n Wklhn.oll
k.,4 „,
,1 the arylaten. of t hurler of incerpOtatiOn. Ihr
merlias o' the Sleet ItokJert a: the Nlonottgoom
o held co. Monde'', the
J,nar, 1.40 (km., tho first ((Dolt
tor mootn al ot Ha. 'i Company. .
c it ty
t kloon .0114, Four, ....rm. Poi a sto d
urek. et 1! to lot h ,
the aor .mon ior the purpoo. of Merton, olfieero .or
111 rdrai ;Q year t% I , A Soo 'y
aav CH 11, It
RIIII . 2+S (:0111/0 per mreoo orattirr k.uropa
--A A MAso• S. Co. No OU Nlarkot Mreet. omit
,Too motto,. Rich Inem tomtla. rotapronng the
iMoomno ms Salto plani NIMIIIOI, a neW
•mi the nohro imported nok aemoom all
no! 1 . 10.11, 11144 %Mora and oho., .tyriea; all wool
am: nou• Icomot. hoe Coburg' and Lym
nroo noy dracokoMe .hmle and color Main
wpm! CmOttnere. ol green vanmy our,
French Merinoal French 11feria:Leer
H NI CH Yll has openeJ WIIiIIII • frIN day. a
1 lame n,ortmant •urrtor Freuch Mertns,
enturriattig .htfereht •Itaoes orNial'uott. Barnet. Straw.ero'. Scarlet, l'herry. laght Blur. Brown, and
Mararttle ltue, alas, vartosot qualittes oiloissek Aiso.
PA ISNIrr o r,4
ni mli the trailing colors. incluthog n few pieces of vary
super..! hisses
BEI.TINGS--Alaxanne Btu, 1.0,00, Brown. Ac
1 . 1. A IN I'ArgINIERF-4--Iklaroon. tiArnot, Brown.
Drub. Berk A..
I.\lllfit /11W.IIED CASIIM ERKS— Plain and primrd
‘l,,u. de pnntrd ex•timeres, Lamar,. Stru.e,
• /sew orßrie .or ladies dre•seo. Sr. sinped Alpee•s
/U . , o, have added to their former business de
partment under charge of \ Ira Htgeln.. of Boston. for
Ittastng to order 14 latest .tyies, lama. Wear. sltsses
uw a s ,
cloak. and Dresses. Lailtea and Dents Dressing
I..arments embroidered or 1..114,1 for ambrotdery
Iteitting. netting. crotchet wort.hotaxtitching.and to.;
Lug nest:y executed. floors
V V ATCIIES. of a very dna qualliy, end beaatitul
paler.. saneetell ex prep.) , Int retail tale, made
.v Cooper. Tohiae Johnvon. L Ciertand. Davie. dr. Co.
Iteraley.aud other Qenuuie and approved manufactu
in Eepand
F.ll;ewelled 10 carat Gold POA[III Lever Watches.
no iow no 9.3.. (inner. at v•rious prices, according to
ww:ht. Ac, varying Irmo 1140 to Yl6O.
711 a, t n Icne. in great varvety, horn SS tOlOO All
v•r 1610 warranted Levers as low as 161 S
W W V. 11..50N. 67 market st, cot lib
N ECTS,I I I,I I, —C, e.opedia of Moral and Religious
£ Anecdotes collection of oclrtral thousand Facts
Inehenoi, hart•uvro. Elernple nod 'Testimonies, oil,
bracing, toc boot ot the kind lit 010.1 Minter collections,
and son,- bond, •. n addition. orlginal and' ,elected.
Ine airs eed •n.l elm.. fird on new plan, wllll
Aow... top! u ands ct - route! indele.i Her R.
rvin.. A M.. 1'..101 of the Providcoce Church. New
York, with an In.roduetion by Hcv I,eo. H. Cheever,
I) O. Just pubniil.ool.
Tba ~ tul a um . .. 4. of new and valuable pub
'n wood ol
Biome'slog Powder, tehiorld• of Lime.)
KKR' , —The sol,serlt.ers have nn hand End wtll
constnntly be Repotted ve , th Jut Muslim! Afton.` eel
ebt•ted 11,..sehttte whteh they will warrant
rquelsuperior to soy Lmportrd to the U Stites,
end wlntrh tl•ey ere prepnred in sell it the lowest mar
k., pm, Jur owit or appro••,l
601 . 1 W MMI rcliELTit ER 160 liberly...l
RUST PROOF 111.0?1
undervo,ned have ervered worti in the city of
for \. tor the porno,. of I.alv•nlmna all wit
ch., o F.f
Irn. w loro it le near ash, to r iturEc r FROM
It I'ST. .o-h IR Telegraph wire. Rift, Sptirea, Nails.
wtre for Fenee, aid any other mo, ie wlttehmay be
required For 11.1i.t for esprit, s sobstltutc for bale
Rope to Clothes t.ines. Lighnolog Rode. and a host of
other spy lealloll4. vat.l iFrond cheap and datable.
•I hey wou.d parttcm•rly ea:l suarition to the Galvanir
red tor te.rex. it require• no paint, and will not
rush Alio to Philtre and Bolts. the p 000000 mum Of
01• O may}, tmportanco, teat it will commend
r..elt orihre or all '..nos itoaed.
t;F.It .111 IR F NVuOD k.CO, ratehteet.
art'. dbwllT 11 and Id Ike,. st.N
nuapriatt 4 Sou. , Soda Aakti
runt:reitzrtitterr are now rrcrevir g 1/101( Fall moth
yte,tallthe ahnve urhrtr,ihrrr vrerriv. viz: thr Juti.ata.
nil du, Lentor , yr.! at Philadelphia
• tit Ihrlunsorr, eh.] Inn usury. the iti.plmin Baldwin dud
I wila vloortly extterted: ihr ere, turrefolrr, prepared
order. IN, urn, rreetyr during the
retr: , •: I.ritartz.
ut,r, NI allT 1 111.:1 TRF:r.
i.13:1131111 DR. D. MIXT,
yr Donnn• Corner of teltrth
and 1/cellar, berlvrcen
Marker and Ferry sn tern ggpldl7rn
_ .
EIOR S A 1.1 , ,--thre pair second Aand Algitgs, in good
P rr pair. now runiung, no/awning 312 spindlso cant,
/11[ Cep NV Jude, contuniirg 60 nprodlen, girriabla for
wool,. manufacturer,.
Pm Conon tn. Nov , Y2lHH.l.ellyr
Tweed.. nevem.., 2I Cloth and Cremator, by
the n oon
or peek wire, very low, for sale by:
S UUA K io hhd• ;mole
s % 4..% . 111,7r title
novle front N, ni4r *4,d
465 Acre. Land forßale,
ATTrID on the Monongahela river. shoat 16 notes
from Pittsburgh and 3 miles above third Lock,
the immediate neighborhood of Mean. Lyon & Shorb,
and Mt. John Herron's purchase fine ivory
Cea will be .01.1 nt ttoe low price of Stt per acre—one
third ot hand. balance in hoe equal annual payments,
without !Mere,- Title indisputable. Location very
good—ea - nnot he surpassed. For bother panculara
enquire of S LIA 1 Sl.l-:1% who ha. • draft of said
pert) Re.idenee 1..41 at. below Ferry. Mr Adams' Rove,
11 There is ...ober seam of coal ou this tract,
about It reel above the Lower, of excellent quality
/Y36 . dtf 13,
- -
TRACT of lane. 9rl acme, m Harrison, Portage Co ,
the Cuyahoga river—abaut 30 scree under
provAlso. two unimproved lots in the village
of Warren, Trumbnll Co.. 60 feet by 90 b a lot of
re ' 71W ' I In the ' n ' o n ti ' s " e a . n l ,l ' !‘ " o rthn'L ne of the ' hen panda
for a on the Western Reserve Any or all
1/us property t will cold on very accommodating
_kiln Water and Front MA
rrDE large and well built Factory, erected oil Reber
ea I , u - eel., Allegheny city, by R_ y. Cnsamt. F
odered for sale at
is a bargain, and on easy terms. Pb.
lot on which the FacJory erected. fronts 100 feet on
Robrt . ..tree, and runs back 110 feet to Park street
The e 111./I building I. of brick, three stories high and
60 feet long by 17 feet wide 'llle Engine /louse II
large and eonaniodrous, with an engine, boiler, stack,
h.c.. Allin complete order The propeny will be cold
low, and on ad tag terms.
For price, terms, /cc . ..enquire at this odic,
A 4, TWO LOTS on Beaver etre,. In the cit y 0 (
la Allegheny, above the upper Commons, on winch
ill erected • 'rater building, two stories hush, suitable
for e two small tenements. The lots ere earl, twenty
feet in front by one hundred feet deep. end run bark
to • street forty tees wide. The buildings on the pre
ises will pay a very handsome 111, rext on the , iireet.
ment. and Inc proper, will he sold cheap Mr cash
Apply to 11 Sproul. rierlt, other, C s or m
norgi KAY A Co
Country Residence for Rent.
j a . THEdelightful country sent of Rev Dr
}.„,. note below Manchester, contain
mg about:l acres of Ground, with about IVO
choice fruit trees and great variety of rare tinwenng
shrubs. ala in a goon ...tool coloration The locanon
taan elevation immediately above the Alorine
t. sow in progress of errs oott, 1 . 0• 1 1,0 , 1011 given at
any , 11111 . desired. Apply to John Swop... r..4q., Man.
shc•ter. or John Damien a. Co.. 'AI Street, Ptiochorah
TIIIS deltghttul Summer Retreat, for 4 .,
solve years past occupied by Mr L itureh•
field. is odered tor Bale or rent on the first
of April next T hie property has been improved by
additional buildings, and a ant:manila! stonewall. and
terrace planted tvith Evergreens 11.114 Fran Trre• To
a good tenant, capable of conducting the Retreat. the
term. veld he reason•ble lib:0 001711 RA hi,
Pittsburgh, Dee P Agent tor Propnetor
. . .
Asit, subscriber oilers for reat for the term of
jjkone or more years. a large entiventent well fin
tailed two story Dwelling House, containing room,
and liftrhett There is a lot of ground containing If
.crewt fine young fruit tree .er r every kind, stable,
nected with the bowie. o any per.on wodo
Nig a delightful residence within a few minutes ride of
the city. this will be a rare chance. For terms. which
*ill be low to a good tenant, 111qUirr ot Mr Jno
Wright, MCA! the prertuaes, of John W.. corner of
Hand and liberty etrecta, or of
_ .
Tract of Land for Sole.
ft , HE patocri be r 'mlll.lloll accommodating terms. a
valuable tract of untroproved land, anuete on the
road lead(ng frorn linghton a FrankJin, about mahie-n
Miles from Pitt , burabf and about eight milt, from the
town of Freedom Mt the Ohio river. The tract con
tains 4 rr.! •crea and %.1( oorchea. strwt meaxure The land la of MI exrellent gualtty. about 1.(0 acres cleared,
and will watered. and will be sold either in whole or
in farms of convenient erne. to sun purcliaww.
For further particulars enquire of IV NI 11(0 D. Att
at Law, otter on 4th et. above ..?tuttatield. Pitieborgh.
Onerd.l.-xti T
Scotch Bottom Land for Baia.
rpi:Nr A i'DFl+ t.F LAND, mtuntmi w I . ..rbie• town
.trip. on the MonororMiela. three nuiett from Felt.
borKb—to lota to mit purchaser. For lorther paroc
dist, apply to Honr,, Woods. 34 at. or to
4th. sboveSuuthfield et
- "Property In City for Solos
rpm.: 4ulto.ertber, oder for salr s punaLwr of arbows
Lot., cu - . • in Ihr Second frontsog on tho
C 013110.1 round. on enny terms. Impure ol
%V 011 ROBINSON. Ann at Low. St ClEur st
or of JAS RUBINSON.on theorem....
Valuable flo•idenee In Allegheny City
for Sole.
tIONTEM PLATING • rerna••l from Allegheny rim
I offer nay reanlenee there for .ale. The prertuaes
are Ln kaghtiui order, and every way worthy the at
tenuon of any peraon again:lg aurh property
!s. al =taste In Elorcor County.
LOT. Storehouse and Dwelling. situate on the
Erse Ext
desirable location a
Lot and good Dwelling Douro well suited for a Tavern
Aland. in Lae village of Orangevnle. on State line 01
Ohie.Terms easy. ISAIAH DICKEY tCo.
reblo Water and Front .I.s.
/AL LAND IOR SA acres goal land
lOr 5m.... s:tuate in bend of the Monongahela River,
aouve Ilro.n..vid•. Pa. having a 7 fool vein of coal
whichhe .441 it exchange I'm. goods. Pot partieu
ar• APP;, in , 24j HA RRA XI IsTod 1.1
W Hl.llot SE FOR RALF: —The slitiseriber
offers tor saie the there story brick Warehouse
on Wood etre,. occupied by R. Tier &
W W /a 4 J
The •üb.erll,, wsll rent part or we are
hou•et /lOW oerupled by then. Apply to
1001 1 3 51 water eruct.
v FOR ,AL.F . , —A Lot nt liroond .Ittlate nu Pe...
awe., between Hay mud Marlonridlarnma
the how.r. and Int now or outue.l blttrhar.l Falvrard,
haythe a troll/ 012.5 feet, and :it depth 1:1, lee, will b..
aold lavorable TRW hrtelecptionab/r
quire o; C O. LOOMIS ta at. near Wn,a ,
jaLTWO ROOMS formerly oerapwd a. a Da
everrroopr eat•Dliahmeol. Leine wrll adapt.,
for Mat bustor, The second story room" , a
Imat office. am.l tar :had story. along room sttlieno.t
light. Eztrctre on Market at. between 11 xnJ lth
n0 , r1,02•2w D
A THREE story Brlek Dsrelhng How , . on
Muer. ahoy, l;rxttt strrpt. p ... . pyrn
the first of January le4D, or or , :wr requlred
For term., tnquirr 01
nov7 BLACKBURN It Co. water at
Itank•r•, Exchange Broker.
.I)i.i.v4 - rit,N, —Dra.. Note% rind A, r.
puyelole 1.1 Z/I) yore. mon...lirried nn inr 11.1.-1
lurorahlr ternt•
l'll Mil-. ea Near hurt . I . lll.adelpl3/a nati -
lanore. etar,anat). Luuls nad
uli.ran ity ire sale
BANK \l, Note* on all 1101,,0l Look. 1.1 It,
United 0n..., do...mooed .t Inc lowest talc. A:1 toot.
of Foreol(11 Cold •nd SL:lot COM 1.101.1,/lt
and •old
Office No SS Thirket street. brtween 3d rend 4th
Pitipburgh. l'a.
It 3
• •
Hosszr, RANI A t Co.; --
j r .)n Foretro and Domestic Exebithra, Certificates ot
Depogne. Blank Notes. and Specie; Board, zthe:.. nos,.
If opposite me Ilona ot Pitiaburgh. Curiont money
reemved on depoith—Sight Cheeks for sate, and rim
luctiona made on nearly all the principal points in Um
United States
The highest premium paid for Foreogn and An:ence.
Advances made on conatgnenenm of Produce. shtp.
nt Eas. nn Itneral terms melts
BILLS on Koolau& Ireland. and Scotland Lough:
any amount at the Current Rates of Eochange
Al.o. Drafts payable In any part of the Old Coat Ones,
from .£1 to 21n00, at the tam of S 5 to the 1 Sterling,
withont deduenon or dtacocnt. by JOSHUA RUBIS.
SI /N. ono Lieneral Agent, offrce lith at one
door est of wood. octl,
Miaice w u. mu____ C agar
DANWERS nod F:zetton;e Brokers, Dealers lit For
eign. 1111 Dornesue Time Sight 31111 s of L'..l
ehanF_e. Otottfiestes or Deposit, Bank Notes utd Coto.
No gs Wood street. third door below Fourth. west
side tOttra u
ILLLY muisit i ll.
HER & RAHDII rr"".° "
p in romp, and Domestic Rill. of Exchange, Cm
uficates of Deposite, Bank Notes and Coin. corner of
3d and Wood streets, directly opposite St. Charles Hu.
lel moics,dly
winvorican FUNDS—
Hank Notes,
perehased at the lowest rates, by
N. /101.51aa ISONS
sepl3 35 Market street.
DI LLS OF EXCIIANGE-4+!4111 Checks on
New York,
l'lttladelitt..a, and
N. 1101..kikk4 & FON ,
15 Market
Cons.laly for sale br
j ab , Ott the ttUth cetatter, I. A I 14011 %am,
.trunthip MrlCl4l,
&ham commander, , .lll mit as ftiml, on nc
about the _fah proinno
Thl• 1. , 101.1 ,s bark rtgavd, with two full decks, nn,
has atm stab room necocumodations for eteht) pas-eu
.gars She i• staunelt .11,atrung Abu., about mut
'years old. and on: be especially fitted for the voya s ,
She .111 take freight to the extent or 20011 bld. tt'od.r
rd in season V., iretal, or patty, e applz to
7:1 Cams. st, New Ltrleniu ,
/. C. 01 rksasoe.
ht the after cab i n . .
In the forward cabin .. •
ID — Steers+, paaserwers will not be taken.
(lON-MISSION MERCHANTS, No. Whiajtot sTrrl
Putsbutgb, Po., will attendpritittptly to the AA , et
every description of Western Produce, and other er
toles entrusted to their care.
Benno, Ilueeey A. Co rolseurgh, (..ahem
& Co. New Luton. 0, Mer,hants generally,
lone, 0., Rhode. & ne , elly. tinkerer, it, A lbeh
ordeon & Bre Cineinneo. 1 C Howard, Low , . o ,
Ky. thole & Dorwort, I.ots, 11 Boy!, Sleet.< ten.
- -
INI PO ILTED R VAT r Ilt ;NI 1'11I:.11hYIL
RERS —The mlmermerk hems the exclusm• o
Porten of Jam... Ninsprall & Soda Ash lot inn
market. am now sod 0111 continue to he largely .ur
, with thi•eclelorntrd brand. which they will
al die lowest usseket priee for or appres.
They rethr th the glass and soap niminitheturers o
thts city generally tespeelms the tthltty.
evl 150
idiNfr — StlA N , ‘S' K ' h.r T dr i " .4
1,3 racciactrlbts Inorning by Iltprets, a c. very
BUperlOr wool LongSbwl, hand-nine sty lg.!
eardscli Itlamtans—Oa nand. • good stoc„lr The..
goods—olive, invisttsla. green, fiarnal,,lna . rpon. dran,
Ac Ala°, Para:woo., et dcatrabie colors.
A few black Ti met 1..0na rhawls, o( • good qua.l2t,
on band at north east Via ikCr gab and Mortct .ln.
VIANt;FheTI'IiED TonAcro_
ai 70 1 his Litinertine 5.; 3.5 dq, Miralwau 2- ,
do Putman S. and I. tt/ do John lidt-•er Tcdo Ein
bents & Sisson ss; 4b do Henry k Jame. atirsia; In
do Joh. and Low.' 1.. 3 do Warwi;lt Sapdr
Steward da
. _
These Tobaccos, embracing some ofttm mem /haw.
tie brands, on cormkgmuent, sad ..tpo i dtl4: 4.4 .
eter br dccil s