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warding Merchants, have returned to their old
nand, Water and Front greets, Pinabo ocs2l
RAUN Wholesale and Retail Drug
. darner of Liberty and St. Clair streela, Pllll-
birsicibi st, eb K. a. irzawm.
"OWN lt.. CULBEJITSON, Wltoteszle **cars,
and Cirtnideidan Alerrckazazt No. 145, Liberty et.,
nsbergh.bVe. "
BTo A. FAHNIMTMIC k Co., Wholesale us.
. Druggists, so . .Wootl sad 6th sts.
13ACIALEF re MINH, Wholesale Groers, Id and
Id Wei/dismalPittsburgh.
MeANULTY A Co., Forararding and Con
. mission 'piercing% Carialllasin, Pittsburgh r..
17.:iWAL17. " rota 118.11.117.=.
rITALT & GIUSHART, Wholesale Onimers, deal
ers In Produce and, Pittsburgh Mannfantares, ern.
_ of Laborty and Hood eta) Vituturgh, Pa. 181,17
'll7/L 11.DGWW7. 111777117 R.
'UNGLUE l i t e t EriNSTT, Gate Eintliah, Gallagher
t Co.) Wholesale Unseen, Communion and Poe.
w rdingt Merchnnts, and dealer in Produce and Pitts
burgh mires, N 0.27 Wood st., between ad and
.111 street. 0011
111 , 111.1.1 D , RHEY & Co., Rrholesata Groom and
Commission Morahanta, and Agents for 13sisMson
Yawl, Nos. 67 Water, and Itt nous Ens, Pat.
transit, Pa, fete
PALL/11121E14 MILIA:11, Bell and Brave
Founders and en RUM, 100 Front, between
eed and Braidelekl streets, Pittsburgh, P.
Ilighut pima even for old Copper sad Drama.
riECIRCIECOC COMml asion and Fora-ardin
141" Merchant, No. 20 Wood moat. Pittsburgh. oyl
U. alum, Baltimore.
D. C. 111 . 00111101400*0. worms,
Iptr EALIDA , 111.10MOR, Tobacco Commission Me
JUI ebahlii,lll North Water al,* 16 North Man es,
HMARY lIRRNOT, 'Man awl Red Lead 'Vena
tanner, Paint and Oil Merchant, corner of Lin
. • and Misr& Plash° je ts
MNORSYTH Ss DONCAN,Forsraidisr said Commis
glaii:Prehintil, No. 37 First attest, Pittsburgh.
'••••. • • ,
rALAII lIISCICZY & Co., Wholesale Grocers. Cam
ml and deafen in Pralone, N0n..66
ater. sad 107.Frept streeu, finstesser. nave
TOHN H. HAMM, Mummy and Coonse/lor at Law
eJ and Commissioner for thefts= of Peatwylvazna
BL Lode, Ho., (lam of Pitmbarel..)
Sumacas—Piesbursle Hon NV' Forwent, Hamp
ton & AMeedles. & &Mute, John E. Poeta,
Bleeella & Semple, Areord &
TOHN SCOTT & Co., Wholesale Grocers, Forward
!) Mg and Commission Wareham", Dealen in Pre.
dnee and Mahwah adansitamotas, Nei Commereml
Row, Libertyameel, neat the Caney Pinsburgh, Pa.
i" . A ((late o the o Alga. uld
Methtle,) Merchant Tailor, 8t Cherlea ThOdings,
wee near Wood Pittabo •
TAMES A. MITCRIBON, A r cooe o , 00 n o to
Lewis kienchlson & Co. , Commission Mere:moss
am Agents or the Bt. Lows Steam Suva &gallery.
No. U riser and ter. from streets, Pittsburgh.
OHN• & DILWORTH—WhoIenIe Omer, Pro
duce and Conuntastan Merchant, No. 27, Wood rt,
Otiabor b Ana
iOHN A IHOHOILN, Wholambi Druggist, and deal
er In Dye Staffs, Palnts,.oils, vendebes, ea. N 0.93
ood tarot, one door Beath of Dimmed Alley, Pim
TAMES KERB., Jr., & 0., intecesaor to Joseph O.
V tseia,Ohip fhr , + , m•rs, 2% Water anent. neat
TORN IL hIELLOH, Wholesale and Retail 'dealer
in Male and lias/eat losttaments, School Boom,
aper, Slates, Steel Pens, abilths, Printers' Can* and
Stationary generally,No. SI Waldo., Pluabargh.
' bo • . • or oakeo intrude. septa
SCIIOONALAKER'd. Ca Wholesale Drogpsts,
54 Wood stressijrusabor..
77 OUN. A DAMS, Ano.tionoor, corner Bab and Wood
IP waft .Pitudosh.
rellhicitlN tr. STOCKTON, Ikookseners, Printers
U laud Papo . st bieumfacturars, N 0.44 Market .t., Pi u
. 6. ' • led
01 - 11 WM% Wtusbnals tirocet, (Water Pro.
g 1 de, Pittsburgh Mal autares, 1' Plats% te• ac.
N • thrtaba • Mush lard
J ° .R.
gIIZZJYD,AIato 3. VlOyd Cp.,) Lolesale
ft/ • Grocany No .ln Liberty Street top
DALZEI.L, Wbolcsalodniocer.ecouonaion
.41,110oselsnt, and denier in inodoes and Poisburgb
Ina...Loran N 0.14 Water go-, Pintbargn igun6_
lEHR JONES4ntwardiir and Cosamirsiort Bar
I aunts,. Dealers in Prodno• and Piusbargh mane
awed uncles, Canal Basin, near 7111 at
- r EMS, DALZELL le Co, marinfsensvers of id] si
1, year Bit Sheet, Boiler but grid Nail. of the but
, it „,u, v. Warehouse, 64 water and 106 front sa
its •
viten:am^ Hilualesals Grocer, Forward.
r...loritCornesissont Merchant, Dealer in Yin.
,ipjf,,,v.factrcers end .Prodnest, Noe 3i Water it,
arid 112 From 'tr.-
r• N, Witolesale Grocer., For
Wood at., P4tstarr. , l l2 . • Cs=
DRPII_,Y WG.WN & Gate Jonas, Mosplay.&
/NJ. GcsloWholasslO Dialers at Dry Goods, no. 43
Wood streit, Pittsbur.tb- norlig
Wer".l Cammtutoo
111. Marched., for slot • sole of American Wooden
(foods, Liberty sureel,o9 , 9roite FM& 00 , 23.1 Y
Mei7l,TaffrritBli l3 krGsT.,*Coraridssron Mar
ows, Phdadelphis, for Ors solo of prod..> go,
=rear Liberal advances mods od consisvonsonts.
MCGILL & ROE, Vilolegate Grocer* and Comaex
gjon LJinv•lh• nt. No. 04 Liberty rt., riusburgb.
Ind Market sus u be'
Raoa and
pd, - ER RjoRETRON, WhotZe Grocers sod
Conimisaion Merchants, N 0.170, Liberty,st, Fins
pa 3.014
& BON, No. 56 Marken at., second
eicattr from comer of Poona, dealers in Foreign
and - Destie bills of Exchange, Certificates of Depo•
it, Rink Z.loutaand Specie.
G:r Co Ileet i Ow. mad on all the principal cities
righout the United State.. deet7
OIfEIXT MOORE, Wholesale Grocer, Readying
,Distlller, dealer in s
tans, Led all kinds of Foreign Doonsidie Wince
sad Linearly No.ll Liberty street- On hazel • very
duty stock of superior old Mon o nga h ela whiskey,
hich trill be sad tow for task. apt&l7._
• -
Art maxal, Jr., importer awl Dealer In
Foreign and Domestic baddlFry Hard.rue
• sip Thw.Mings, of audetsorpatorts, No. 151 Wood
riusburigh. arrJs
RtcuwßU Whokoala me Retail Dealer in
Leath. Mososso, Stioemakare TO. Ind Find
mgr, T.mers , .M Callen" Pools. and Tumors' Oil,
No. lOa Woad .., PiusborgL . . 12
Wl= LOSLEIOI/4 IMMIXL L 11.0121005.
1101111:130N k Co,Vilteksale Grocers, Prodnee
. mad Commission Merchants, mai Deler, Pius
kiturtketare, 1 6 6 Liberty at, l'ittsbeyb.
gsgr a ,..7,DALZgt.L. k Wholesale Grocery ,
o . 4 ..siust and Porwardwg Merchants, dea/arn
n it rodue ...,o Pittsburgh Manataetures, Liberty .1.
IF* Pa- felt%
zir. C OPIIIiGIIAM, Wholesale Grocer,
Dente, p todu `Ce and Pittsburgh Manufserstrea
'4.l44Liberty at. tyttl
-11EYNOLDS*.ISHEF, g s stremrdirtg mtd Cenunission
„D, Maralumpy for iheWo hirer Trade, deal•
en in Grocenn, Produce, Pi mb Manufacture.
and Chloride of Lima.
Thahlgltem pikes, Su coneb,pald Chimes fur costa
rs, rags.. Comer of Penn anitnrin ata jar.
8 . ..!..1ti1-D--Wrirderuie dealer 111 &Wads,
5-booo, shoes, Pittsburgh Jr =2Wwed
ankle.; Ike:4 Sue turest, Putsburgh, sap/
thins& JoassoN,sv&amk..l Retail Dealer.
(sooda, Lace!, Mmlerg tad nate y .
lrrlalaar NO. 48 Market street, 3a door above Thud at,
• • erM
& e sit•csomer,
§III:ACVJLEIT & WHIM Vilsolesste Dealers Is
iv i gn ..a Donatsde Pry Goods. No.D9 Wood st.
ritvitußuAium , W
oe Mosebzot, De;lets
Osaloit.t intd.Produce gounrey . , and Forwarding
114111,1 MOrehidip,_ No. &I Wales sj.., Pitts.
. __
------------ .
QUM 12--..-118 ALLEY & Co., Inolcsals tamers stud
1.2 Psoduu dew
woe 1, between 60
WI Iths North Sids, Philadelphia., _ uovil
ipl iI & MAS A ' tic Nwri dt l iberaf Gi.iti:
.12,4141011 Mellalla., No. 17 li berty st., Pittsburgh.
1711.1sizumodsuul Lord. Oils .
. 'YON .110 NHOESTi Co., yVholissido ()Tit
• owl, POPISbr&dS_Mi.. Cosatiastott. ftlersheists,
tuntbibbllti Mundtsetures atislAgfestern Pro
dolairesessustroal tiiiidintor 41011Slitesitold 71 .ddl
NiNe emir of Pram in. and drancerYlAsta.
wiwle Gn/.. aad
i.r ~ dr ib elati n ls,:uul dealers in nyducs.
p z i4 3 s
E9/STY&Alre:s Atexuazi deldwro and
fir. - g aidi Z
ii t th tlzokm: b o . f r r.A.V..u s ;
v efw ar_ren!
. ral laud die° at 'Washington, will wend
n'''""kallffroslaiexpenewic k ,appli cauui.
to L. 7c ; DAVID lIVADDIX.S .
II " . w u Z , I i i t - 1N D 1 .
~.7%."4„ 11511:, jareTe lb t ni l d l.
J.Y.7.&„ eta nentketne, dakers Waren, Naas, lies,
. ~....... . nu, sad Amber& ktanufacutrea psnernUYl
.7`,...„ Wed and Wale, -trews, POLborab• ~
10 - WiThk.-Cansewaioa ea Forwaretnt
ger A ot . . No. 00 Fytmt ac between Wood and
kat atiturta. , (ebb& i
rv . W - A, /AGE, /di 111011 awi MI Funnel*
~..t hs ... b , Vona, X°. Mt Liberty st, neat I.IW
eastaL arl%
*i, Dry 7.---"-airt"
licexte, b
n0r1341, 7
,_''''. _,... ,
W WILSON, 1. ' Wat.h., /ewelT/,
yT I, Silver Ware, Mile T 4 41 : 11 ., ie., pie. ra jo.,
iivi el.
ti-F7C-4-010111' hia . i .-6.- •ialliv -'- iiETe
• .II ' Ram and basun& it'l 400 4 wink arm
, 11.111rof Market pad north as 1 aysll.
•11S. rso. 1 Yana
'lilliSl7MNlll.Ge.—Dealers la Willwr have, kr ,
14a Liberty sit. , piaill•lf,
1 ,lk surciangazs—va tobut.H. t0....47 ,
virilrsetifyivii Dstillirs, wild ISleie as d
111.4.1aP0111* of Soda /Wird D.'
Portia, a. toe Marty ot. Putsteuerh, Pi. lea -. 4
lama sAccaon,_ crass n
ItifefriSClED. URN k Wholavaids
Is I. Oki lioat Eitose, and inksb.rt
artieka, hare on band, at an tinte_ a d
„ pperaisnagtassint et goods in &cis WO , ' Wsse.
ligrObar7 aft. 1111166106
-l• - _
. , . .
... .
~..,... .. H
...:a., .-.: '
. .
TORN N. TOWNSEND, Druggist mid Apothecary.
No. 4.3 Market st three dOors above Third et. Pitts
burgh, will have constantly on hand a well selected vs
torment of the best and freshest Medicines, which he
will sell en the most reasonable harms. Physicians
seladhag orders, will be promptly avended to, and sup
plied with articles they may rely upon as genuine.
nelqiPhysicist,. Prescrtptiom wih be accurately and
prepared from the best materials, at any hear of
the .klao y fo or r sal ht
large stock of fresh and good Perna.
M elOgrit.r. higustint.,„,.d
ff .., the large stable on First at, running through
P A to Second st, between Wood and Snitthheld
ma, in the rear of the Monongahela Home.
with an entirely new stock of Horses and Carriages ot
the best qualify and latest styles. Hones kept at live
ry in the best rummer. hubby
nONTINUES to manufacture Monuments, Burial
Vaults, Tombs, Head Stone., Mantel Pieces, Cen
tre and Pier Tops of foreign and domestic marble, at
a regular and fur price.
N. H.—Drawings for monuments, vaults. the furnish
ed, of any demnpuon. He solicits a share of public
patronage migh-dtf
'IX TILLIAM SMITH, hlanuforturer of Cotton and
yy colored Lome, FrinKes for Dresses, &e.; s eorog
Bak and colored Cotton Frlnges for silk and {lngham
PIIT•SOI• (Amp, Mohair. and Silk Bullion Fringes,
made to artier ort the shortest nonce.
. • •
Stuns, comer of Maiden Lane and William, entracte
No tiS William street, third floor, over Abner tf. Fly:
store, No G 5 ?deaden Lan , Now York jyto
ZONVII.II. Jo*. 0. 00000, 11 10101,210., Jr.
)mesa ourn, FUJI 601; /AIM It. ULM.,
71,1 CM. 01110E01.
SIPSON, I.F.AKE, STANIiER & mannfactu.
kets of Philo, 110111 es, arid Wtndow Glass, keep
constantly on bond a general assortment of the above
articles. Also make to order a superior mile!. of
Mineral or Sod ' s-Water Bottle. of colored glass. No.
lti Wood at. Pcubunah, P.
11.0011/1 ARO 0041.10 11
Sadden. Ironmongery, Ilarnese and Coach.
Illoss, Deer flair, Varnish, 114,1 R. &0.,
jyll No. 1:11W000 So. Prroutooox.
PEKIN TEA. BTI3R.E.—No. n Fourth
O st,„ near Wood—A.ll quanuties of Breen and
Black Tenn, dons up m quarter, half, and
one pound packages, raaging from 50 cm per pound
glfill. jy.. A. IA VNES, Act for l'eltin rev Co
Ditquesno'Bpring, - Azi.s. Steel and - lrou
C Work..
OLEALVN, IiAILBIAN k Co. manucturers of
Coach and Eliptie Springs, tistamered Arles,
Firing and Plough Steel, Iron, ke. Warehouse on
%Voter and Front streets, Pittsburgh.
Also, dealers co Coach Trimmings and Malleable
BUCKDJAerrER, Atammum—Offiev., Fourth
11 • third door above timithbold, south Rae.
Conveyancing orall kinds done yeah the greatest
care and legal accuracy.
Titles to Beal Estate cromined, On.
& IiIITOILELTREE, Wholesale Grocers
IU .
Rectifying Instillers, and Wine and Lipm,
Merohants. Also. Importers of Soda Ash and Bleach
.r Powder, No. 160 Liberty street, Putsborgh, Fa.
j URN FINNEY, J r Jr,,v at Pittsburgh for the On avrare Mutual gaiety Insurance Coenpany of PULL
&dolphin. nor Brats upon buildiuga and merehandite
of every- deseripboo, and !Janne Risks upon hulls or
cargoes of vessels, ttteu upon the moat Namable
p- Office in the Warehouth of V B Holmes & Bro,
N 0.37 Water, near Market street Pittsburgh.
N. B—The uccess of this Company since the estab
bailment of the Agency in this city, with the prompt
ness and liberality with which every chum upon them
for loss has been adjusted, hilly warrant the agent
inviting the confidence and patronage it his (prod, and
the community at Large to the Delawue M. N. luso
untie Company, while.% has the addiaional advantages
as an institution amongthe joust floarmiungin Philude
phis--as baying axt ample paid-in capital. ortucla by he
operation of La chance is conatantlyincreuthg, as
yielding to each person unwed his due .Aare of the
profits or the company, without Involving tam to any
responsibility whatever, and therefore as possessing
the Mutual principle divested ot every obnoxious fea
ture, and in its modlanutetilae form. none
map. Insnruice Com - parry of North America, mrough
as duly authorised Agent, the eubsenber, offers to
Make . permanent and limited litsuninee on property. in
this city and itirvieinity, and on shipments by the Ca
nal and Rivera.
Arthur G Coffin, Chula Taylor,
Simi W. Jon., Ambrose White,
Edward Smith Jacob a Thomas.,
John A. Brown, John R. Neff,
John Wk., Richard D. Wood,
Thomas P. Cope, Wm. Welsh,
SISIIIIIGi F. Smith, Franz. lloskens,
Samuel Brooks, H. Awn. Allthone,
Rencez A See=_, Pree'y.
This is the oldest Lumen. Company in the United
Stoma, hay.: been cluuterml in 171:4. ha charter u
perpetaidomad from ita high .144114U14, lOU/ expenence,
ample 114,1112, mad avoidiag alt rm. of au extra haz
ard°. &Papule:, it may he considered as °tiering am
ple ecennty to the petilin. W. I'. JONES.
At the Comtung Room of Atwood, Jones a. Co., m.-
ter and Front streets Piusbutgli. may 3
PHANELLIN vino itzesco.e.scs co.
_ . • •
TULE Franklin Fire Insurance Company, of Pluladel
phla,,xlll make Iniutrance;permanent uld limited
on every description of properly, in Piusburgh and the
surrounding country, en favorable term.. 'Phis coin
tupy..ihm, a perpetual Munn,
SIU0,001) paid in.
Connugent, Fund Pa 1.1,000
other rerun in Third and Market streets, Plusburgh.
• • • • • •
MILE undervigned, duly authorised Agent okie Amer
anJ.. Fire inhumane Company of kliMudelphia,
continues to effect insurance against loss or damage
age/nu Fire, on buildings, merchandise, furniture and
property, uut extra hazardous, pa Mu city ued,vicinsty.
sul4 (W.O et•Cli RAN. in Istruel it
tith; SIithiCkLIIINIL has been appouned Age. pTo
I tem. of the lasereurce Company of North America,
and will issue Politax *ad attend to the otherdrusiness
of the Agency, at Ma orarehomm of Atwood,Jonm It
Co. apt 2 WA!. P. JONES. Water et
No. W South Wharves, n.. 4 No. 117 South Water st
EGS to inform the nod dealers generally, of
Piusburgh, that they .4, rondo such arradgements
wah the Vlrginia Marturne:tireil and the Growers of
the West, Vein ladle.; J.:.0 ether places, es wit/ itzum
a large and constant suppry of the followine deser.p.
none of Tobacco, which mill be sold upon as secure-
Modating terms as any other house to Ihn coy or else
where, and all goods ordered from them anti lbe war.
rented equal to reposetrtatlan:
Havana, Sr. Domingo; Conn.;
Yara Porte Eke; Peon's.; Seed Leaf to-
Cu* 'pint; & Florida; bacco;
ALSO—Branch's celebrated Aromatic Stag Coven
lab, with a large ASSOTUIerIt of ether popular brands.
and qualities of pounds, 6s, ea 1318, IN and gthr, Lamp,
He, 6, es and IN Ladies ' Twist Virginia Twist,
&e., sweet and plain, in whole and hall tuts!", wood
and dn, together with every variety of article belcmg.
ing to the trade. le.l6dly
J A. amnanna7....
Produce, Commission and Forwarding
No. IN Norms Wasarra, AZD I/9 Warn ; N.v.
Ilzrzavo—John IL Brown &Co.
Robert Steen & Co.
• Barcroft, Beaver & Co.
Smith, Bagsiloy &Co.
Allen As Paxton ' New )(ark.
Welters & flanrey„ Balumora
Bagel)) &Knuth,
Burbridge,Wilson &Col
BWoy, Brown & Pittsburgh.
Kier & Jones,
Jalpr Liberal cash advances on coasigouseecs to our
address. etsrMt_,__dlY
I", C. ILLZIAZZI. MM. Zeit. icir.
And 0 ***** I Commission Alsroliants,
Igo. 13 Soma %VAT= Snucrt,
REFIERENCFS—II enry Graff h Co, Putsbargt.
Rodgers A. Sherlock, j
B. Schooley A Son, 5
A. M. Janaary, Maysville.
Charles Bambara Jr., Louisellle.
Donk Humphreys & Co. •
Mercer, Bro. &Co. Ptillad'a
Reed & Brother
" "di D.." A COOMitry, New drk.
• •
J•Kaa P. Llamas, caesura W. — e . caeca
cria k 8 now sr, stove lananwar, Ctectmla,hl, onto.
------ anorraircommAN. •-•
Commission and Worwarding
eo. 20 goon ors.,amaarlaost, j
nONTINUEB Miami a ,encral Comml;Mort
nest, especially in tha purchase and sale it Amen
con Manufactures , and Produce, and in meet ing and
forwarding Goods !Obeli/I'M' te Mt. care. AA gent for
the ManuMetures,,he Will hewnstantly supp ed with
the principal amides of Pittsburgh list ofams eat the
lowest wholesale. prices. Orders and canal melds
arc res tah.lly termite& • 4 , 7'
Salle, Cotton Yarn. & Pittsimrgb
Ilanufaeinres generally, I
So. 10 woon mama, erriMMecke,_eiL.
VI if: if: '
Vorwarding !Merchant, Bross 311.• 4e, Pa.„
:attends parties arty to the Forwardtng of 'roduee,
ha. AO.
thithmatjoa, apply to FORSYTIIi & CUN
CAN, Water st.
N 05.104 and 1W Settles Wuetor
iikurritchti., up.
Rxrcuscla—MerebsAts of Pittsburgh,
It'lleelme. Cranubsk Zoo inar2n•allie
E taken,auoiLca immodistely opposite
r blunt warehouse, for the present, Where w
. en i tiranintietbilsiustais De duel, until new Mouse es
be erected, unmet:emits havoig already been mad
for that purpose. Boats will always be in readiness a
oar other( wearies ft.:iglu.
C Until Basin, II'ANULTYLiteCo, st
5P4 rty
1101arlailrairrig. WANT&
Pattealsr atlongl9susid.te the =leo( Wool,land
mli4e on eeturigamtAlL ;
Butter, PO
WILL alvi attend to aillections and all other bat,
nets entenstod to hint in Butler and Armstrong
counties, Pa. Refer to
].3 R. Floyd, Libetty st.
W. W. Wallace '
James Marsha do Pittsburgh.
dly Kay g Co, Wood st. J tan?
Ta SWEITZER, Attorney at Law, °thee ad sr.
• opposite Sr Charles Hotel, Pittsburgh, will also
attend promptly to Collecuomi, iu Washington, Fayette
and Green counties, Pa..
Blackatock, Ball is Co.,
Church k Carothers, }Putsburgh.
11 T. Morgan, racladly
El J. HENRY. Attorney and Councellor atLaw,
1,11• Cincionnu, Ohio. Collections in Southern Ohio.
and in Indiana, and in Kentucky, promptly and care
fully attended to. Commissioner for the State of Penn
sylvania, for Inking Depogitions, acknowledgment.,
kr. krt.
Rim ao—lion., Wm. Bell k Son, Curtis, Church &
Carothers, Wm. Hays, r;.§. & .as
IXTILLIANITA. SIUNN, (successors to Lowrie and
" Attorneys and Counsellors at haw
Office North ante ot'Fourth street, ahoy., Southfield.
- -
TANIF34 F. KERR, Attorney at Lave. Mattawan's
Budd tug. I; rent street, nearly opposite the Court
. _Ronee. ans9-ffin
- -
TIEN LOP Et SEWELL, attorney at Law, Office. on
Srualffield, between 3d an d
_4th sta.
_ .
L' Law, have removed their office to the South side o
Fourth st., between Cherry Alley and Grant street.
lir O. H. ROBINSON, Attorney at Law, ham re
- moved ht offiee to the Exchange Ilatldnign, tlt
at, next door to Alderman John.. apl7ly
SA NI BEL W. 'BLACK, Attorney at Law. Ultra on
Fourth .tract, near Grxnt, PittalturglL
ATHE subscnber, In addtuon to Ina own
msaufacw ring of Hap, has made •rrange•A
ments math Messrs Bete e h. Co., lthe mom
fashionable hatters of the coy of New York.) for a reg
ular supply of his extra hoe Silk Hata. and having mat
received a few ria,eit, gentlemen ran be muted with a
very nob and beautifu that by calling at his new Hat
and Cap Store, SnuthLeld street, second door south of
Fourth. where may be found a great varier*. of Hats
and Caps of hi* own manufacture. wholesale and re
tad. Hats made to order on short notice.
(Successors to M'Cord & hint)
Corner of Wood and Fifth Stroeso.
DARTICI:LAR attention paid to our Retail Trade.
Gentlemen ran rely upon getung then. Hats and
Cape from our establishment of the sa•t neeaataLs and
wonaatamottr. of the Wier urnsn, and at the itiorarr
Country Merchant, purchasing by wholesale, are
respeetfully invited to sall and examts, our Stock, as
we raw
say with confidence that as regards ogairrs
and rate, it will nor suffer of a comparison with any
❑ouae sitPhiladelphm feta:
HATS. CAI`S AN 1/ NI I` Frri— The a
Asubsenber is now recetvtag from the
eny NGINI rlnk, choice assortment
of Ilms, Caps and Muth, In fashion, in groat •one
ty and very cheap, wholesale and retail
Fralthfield rt. Yd door south of 4th
Pali Fashions for 18.4...
(Lan De
t CCULD & moo.)
NV I KII ' sWr i e I ' l It 'u re 'd er ' 7;red ' i ' r g er N ?sr ' o t r h k o .
Thos. io want of a neat hod bertirOfill hat are invited
io call at their nom toner of Fifth and Wood street..
hug:!4 _ _
... .
.t.HEALERS we i n to examtne R. H.
PALMER'S stock of al Straw Goods, of the
sprtna style,romposed IR part of
RONNKTt , —Ploretkee 13ra,d: F.,'livh Don
stable do; Atneriean do do, Ctmo.a. Pearl do. Cot IIrK do;
Rot/and do, French Lace; Faaey ciunp. Ac an.
kiATS—begnorts. Palm Leaf. Pan... Fancy Straw,
do Brut], Rutland Braid. Pedal do
Alim. Artificial Flower", NAM... .4c Strew Bon
net Warehou.e. 95 market .1. mem,
To Coo...lazy nierohAnt•.
A LARGE ...crOtIC of t‘choot Boot g, Paper,
Kim on
ary, a, !notably for country gales; among orb mil
Wnung Paperatorfine, medium and common qu'lt's
Letter Paper de do do do
Nom Paper ,do do do do
Note and Letter Envelopes,
Slaw. Pen.* Wales., Qatlls and Steal Pens;
Wlndow Paper (yard wide) plain and printed,
Bonnet Bomds, different qualtnas;
Blank Books, Ifl great variety;
Family. School and Pocket Bible.
• _
Crown. medium, and double crown wrapping paper
McGolfin's Eclectic. Spellers and ReaderN
Ray's Eclectic Antbrueurs:
Cobb's Primers, Spellers and Readers;
Sanders* do do do
Arittuneucs, by Adams, Darts,Colnum, Smith. Srock
•a, Emerson, and others.
Ge0awa......, by Whetted, Olney, Bend% blores„Good
nek. P-a.fley, , and other..
Grammar., by Smith, Kirkham. Bathos., Weld, and
• there For aide at low prices, by
- -
hl mood •t. 5 door• abevr. 4th
The highest wallet price purl for goal mixed rapr,
to cash. apt,
lar ex7wosition or the mat thscovenr• and thoes
oes of modem ...whammy, by 0 M. Mitchell. • o. lA.
rector of the CSR./M.l observatory.
Headley's Italy. Alps and Rhane.—Letters frorn
the Alps and the Rhine. by 1 T Headley, author of Na•
poleon and [us Marshal* Washlngton and bin Gene,
sit, !se. New and revlsed edinon.
- .
Statistics of Coal.-The Geographical and Geologt.
cal dwuncuous of Mineral Combustibles or fossil we:,
ncluding . also. notices and local:nes of the various
mineral 01021I1111101111.1.1blitallet• employed In arts and
manufactures. tllustrated by Maps and Dtarrarns; ae
compained by nearly 400 statwucal table, and I 101 l en
my sea of none ral combustible, he; prepared by Rich
ard Crowding Taylor.
Just received a few copies of each of the above worka
—for sale by JOHNSTON Jr. STOCKTON.
H" , lkwkwllent roe market & 1J sta.
by J. A. U. P. JAMES, thrwinnati, the billowing
new and valuable Works—*
Doniplan's Expeditions—Contiwang a .ketch of the
life of Col. A. W. Donaphan; the Conquest of N...
Mexico Gem. Kearney'. Overland Kapedinon to Cali
fornia; Doulphan'a Campaign againsi the Natrtio.. and
hi. unparaKeled March upon Chihuahua and Durango.
and the Operations of Gen. Erma at Santa Fe; was a
Slap and Eugrayings, by John T Hughes. A the
let Floginient of Minoan Cavalry
Ifistory of Kentucky—lts Anhquities end Natural
Conch:hes, Geographical Stausucid and Geologicid
deecriptions; with nneodotes of Pioneers Life. and more
then one hundred Biographical hiketc hew of distinguish
ed Pioneers, Soldiers, Statesmen, itansts, Lawyers Ih
vines, Lc.; dlustrated with forty engravings, by Lewis
Collans,l vaL octavo.
The Twelve Months' Volunteer, or Journal of a Pr,
rata to the Tennessee Rognoent of t:avalry, the
count l
o q. of Mame°, durtug eon atomic sot an•
the March of the Ream:mut to Vera Cruz, a
dewnpuon of the Country passed over; manner., cus
tom., Ma of the people; Sketches of Camp Ltle. ae
emuns of all the atruona of other Volunteer Itagtmenta,
and a full Ihnory of the Mexican Wen Ism of ~.e Kil
led and Wounded, ho; illustrated by a large numlxr of
eons. mews and plum; by Coo. C Punter, 1 volume
mum°. dee l
Sew - Paper and Book JEsiabllaihntant,
78 Wow) Sr, lowan Vourrm too Dumosu Auer.
stand, ato gB abck of Vhf met
iea ruled
plan white and ulna Writing and Latter Paper, col
mernial arid packet post Flat Cup, domy •nd medium
arming papers, for blank books; medium and royal ese
lored Printing Papers, =edam. demy and sup Day
Books sod Ledgers, ropertor paper and best hosteru
hmding; School Books of all kinds, standard works ni
Theology and Selenees, Cloth., gold and steel l'cn..
Maine', W., Bill Files, die. !se.
Blank Books of all loses ruled to pattern, and hound
in the most substantial manner.
Country Merchants supplied at lowest wholesale pri
es for cash, or rags al call price,
JOUPRINTING.—HavIng a Joh office in connection
with oar etoublohment, we ate propvect to execute all
order. Mr plain and fancy Printing—hook., pamphlet..
circulars, business card., bills of lushog, ho., with dee
patch and at low poem. ELLIErrr & ENOLI24II.
mpg 7fc wood et, between 4th nod diamond alley.
llilNACts - L - lxie of erorowell,by rfireedley
11 Power or the Pulpit. by Gardiner spring, U. D
Bethel Flag, do do
Jacobus on Gospels, Matthew, with Harmony;
Lectures oit Phnimeare, vole; .
Path of Lite, or tikehhes of me Way to tilury •tl
Fooutepa of hleamah,
The Cottvem; by author of Kohool Litt! 111 Prance;
Now atul Then, by Warren,
tfattehes of Lemons, on Parables end Nbraelevi
Ireland's Welcome to the avengeri
Heaven upon Carib;
flawkaton, a tale of and for F t Land: 2 volt,
For sale by E1.1./titT d fiNitl.lSll,
)210 72 wood and 66 ftfaravt sit
NEW BOOKE—Just reeci•ed from the publisher,
and for male at the hiethinlist book Store, OW at.
near Wood. Topper's Proverbial Philosophy, to three
styles of binding, • beaultiol book for n presota.
Preparation for the Pulpit_
Skatches of Sermons on the Parables and Ulrike's,
of Christ, by the author of the Pulpit Cyclopedia-500
sketches, Ike. The Fdiglosh Pulpit; collection of ser
mons by the roost eminent livoug dtvutes of Englatid.
Dlssavora You.—Doing Good, Clidsusio Lore, Lov theu roe, Sacred Meditations. nw24
riellE PATRIARCHAL AI.F.; or the History and
Iteligton of Mankind Mont the Creauon to the
death of Isaac: Deduced from the wriungs of Moses,
and other Inspired author; and illustrated by eoptolis
references to the acciant record; ...1it..., and my•
thology of the Heathen World—by Goo Smith, F. A.
1 vol., octavo.
Chan. and Counter-Charms, by Miss M'lntmh. A
fresh supply of this very popular Mile work.
Orators 01 the Amerman Rzeolutmn, by E. L. Ma
goon, with Fortran; l vol, IY 610.. •
Parlay'. Ca/anal Library, for families or whoolts al
volumes, 111 mo, with engraving. This tr a new work.
For wale by U 1101' KIPP&
Apollo Building's, 4th st
I,l 7 ja v ti — liffr AN —110.111 r the tnlted rukuTt.
11 north of Virginia; coomnsang dose npuous of the
flowertng Lad frnolike plants hnharto found' n thou.
Staten; arrattgru recording to tha natural system.
With • synopst• of tee Umtata according to slra
t.p system • wrack of We rudiment, of homy, and
a glossary of terms: by Lewd o. Dena, Af. H., Prof.
Shatrurtry nod Natural iliztory in Rutger's College,
Now Jarsay, true. &o. Second edition, wormed and en
larged. For sale by
T A MARTIN EIS iilßONDitTS—History of the Ot
is rondists; or, Penroosi Memoirs of the Patriots of
the French ne•Pilltio.-410111 unpublished soureer. by
Alphonse de Lamartane. Complete in three volumes:
Hydes mosslstkt. A fresh amply of thu papules
wor k reeeiund this day NAd tot sale b
JOHNSTON is rrocritui,
sopitt HOuldelbeits, ear ntsrkut end ad go
L .
GOAN Ps KENNEDY have this day associated
with them in ths Hardware business, Philip Wil
son and Edward Gregg, The style of firm will here
after be Log.. Wilson It Co. Thu arrangement ren
ders it desirable to close the old business as soon ss
possible. All persons whose liabilities matured,
are especially requested to make immediate payment.
Pittsburgh, Jan 1, IE4B.
T OGAN, WILSON & CO.—ltnportnra and
Wnolesale De•lent in Foreign and D01.1.111C Hard
leans, Cutlery. Saddlery, kn.. 129, Wow:tweet. Pitts
burgh4a re 1111 W fully prepared with a recently impor
ted inock of Hardware. Cutlery. Se . to offer •ery great
tadpeernents to cermet-a buyers, being &remitted to
compete in price• with any of the Atlantic cue. Al
' a n heed es oateistuc• worm. utofht ts b rsll Hard
ware' V ia B hovoliS Spadini,- Forks, Hoot, Vices, he .
all of which orth be sold at Van lowest m ourfacturer's
priceit. Jaal
SSIaI o.
• . _. .... • .
• THIt subsenbers hav trig recently encored Into
pannershlp under the name of Gel•agher, long,
fr. Miller, for the panto. Of earry•ing on Me Bell
and itram Founding and O. Fitung buten,. to
all its liranch•s, have taken the • smnd formerly occu-
Wd by 11. Gallagher, No. 109 Prom street, between
ood and Smitbfirld sts., where !the • are prepared to
execute all orders tor Belle. liras. Lasting., of every
description, and llas ratings with neatness and des
patch. Steamboat lobbing promptly attended to.
S. A. !AM:.
' '
N. B —Tbe atiention ofMachuu.o and I.:castteen t.
to tied to our anu.attractloll metal. fora reduced pr..,
whieh hut been pronounced superior to Babint . • by
nutohewt who hear trod both Stearnho•t builders and
the publte, generally, are al‘o roqueated to call and al
=me our tinpertor double henna Force rumps for
ateuelhout and demesne urn.
desl7 . dly
THE tiartnerahip a tinder the fine or
MNArd do King, consent dissolved
on the Ist inst. The eon will ha eirmed at the old
.rand either of cof, uotnit theciatno of the firm la.
that pdrpose. Bong deurons to .00 our bumf....
closert Watt az bole delay as pnestble are eroold re.
apeetitally rtquo.t those indebted to call and souls
TOIIN D. MTORD having aaanenited yeah him hie
brother James hl'Cord. ander the style of Nl`Gord
& Co . continue the Hat, 1.. p and For lousiness in
all its •artous branches, wholetale sod re.l. at the
old stand, corner or Wood and oth streets, whore they
when a eourinuation of the patronage Co liberally be
stowed on the ofd firm. JOHN D NUCOR')
JAMES tl. hrtioßD.
rearing from the old and well known firm of
I tire.Snl h Komi I most respect:illy moon:mend to
the patronage of the public my successo, Messrs.
lil'eord deo
jit2it I) rs KlNti.
04.Partne rehip Not.le•
- 17 W STErkit'..NB of Wheeling, F. F Stwenberger
Ki s of Jauuu, and J. A. Stockton of Pinshorglii, have
Ow. day entered Into< ewpartnorstup ander styli, and
firm of Stephen•. Shoenbarfer A. CO., at the Anchor
iron works. Wheeling. V. for the purpose of manu
facturing won and nuts of ever) desenpuou
MCMINN 1 • 1110011101141. I 1•0111• On.
ilr'ketasng, Va.
Mu actare all kind orboder. sheet, bar iron and
flail, A. inf
D. steel ehpue springs and Bile. Beill4 e
a 1 on
ileet, watt Zthoeubergers Juniata works. we van
odor an article of inmate iron threaded Shoenborger,
equal to any made in the country. Alt' of watch will
be .oid at the Plusburah pnces Warermast of the
work. corner of Monroe and Water at..
ISSOLUTioN—The partnerotip hitherto erlot-
Erma aander the style and hero oi %%tabu:olio & Dai
ren. to tins day 111.14o:ors) by mums! consent, John 1)01-
roll having ttutpoard of Ins enure tutor,. to 11 NVreh,
roan The business of the ate hero will be tertiir.ll by
11. Vfghtnean. woo t.•othortzed to use the nof die
late firm one th at norm:we 11 Wit:DT ame
opt=d3or poly I'4ll J DAI.ZELL.
THE SuPseriber I. now preparnal to manufacture all
kinds of - Conon and Woolen 1l nehmen., ac he ahorte.
notice Orders !ell at R Wi,tionstM kname shop, cor
ner I,Perty and Wator street, will meet with prompt
attention wicarrNtAN,
10• P ARTS! EELS II tP— loung ii&V I elg :Ws
1._, , kitty s....,ciattul watt Wu, .101411 four. the a
-11, 1 , 0.11,5. .1.1 berrancr ,-00,Jur.ed uu Arr lb.
!mu o: Win Vow:, 4. l'o \VILMA M lIC
Tlita preoured accord:rig ve pro.
coned from a very me 1111 i ,In nen t hyssr n. who
e Ito...teem/red int proem, the want or s ',sired,' to
DISEASEN LUNOS. upon winch reliance
vould be placed by the public—wforh Induced laln,
after matured tests in numerous eases of Putrnonar)
Complattits. w ogler this prepay .oft It hos been thos
roughly toed by hundreds, now in good health, who
..y that they owe their presets...too from on early
grove. to rhease of medieshe
Conn - atrium awn Lie. Cc...Lamm—Fur 14/114 tune
*uttered with Meae di..., and was Ihe snore alarm
ed as I bad lost a soother , two brothers. and two sis
ters. with the consUmption I had the heel meslteal *d r
vire in ram every remedy woo trted without elect,
and I woe ',moot in drape., I was waeung away,
very nervous. had n had cough. loss of strength, sod
many other dangerous tf, mum... At length I tried
Dr. Taylor's Balsam of Lseerwort. and I Must .17, rho.
soundieWlelsweed me like a ehaem. enems.s.
,A,wera should be mane known
lIOLDRIDCE Y.:14 Sprint .
Ratan. or litcooo —rw• th.,ct 44- II • .I{li V r u•e*l ip y
the proper medic., Mr :•sewburj I:sower), used
to rattle blood in large quantttles. both by day an
night, beattles ibis, he I•sd n severe • nag+. nod yam in
the brew.: yet alter •ising every other mecticzn, he wt.,
cured by Dr TE,lnr • Balsam of Lsverwort Thls roan
I. a eartma mod iet aii others WWI afford to be
Idle tollos. h i. ezatot,Je. I( they are •,r Y. and use :Ina
medico, It mill resore th•eases: Lung • and Liver
Inn .Mort time
To persons of n disordered nerves, si stern. or those
who sire unable us rest ascii ut this medicine is
emphatically rreommeniled, st. the •übsertlier 001,
witnessed its exunordomry virtue 01 his own roily.
one of the menthe', been nit:wiled -a e•
vere oughnig. violent roll. •pitung proluse
swesta,thsturtsed re, Irrituti“ity with Mi
tts-011y ot and Yea. cured by one bottle
of this Unisain
Sold et Plttsborgh Lp l I 1 Morren. 0.1 Wood .1,
Toveneend, 45 Market as II Smyser. cor Market and
id dee. Henderson Jr. C.. Lauerty st Pr,cc reduced
to A 1.511 per bottle. in I
Dr. Rim's Celebrated Remedies.
%it JACOB S. RUSE, the dtacoverer and mole pro
prlntor of these moat popular and benefirtal lazed
fo mud also the Inventor of the celebrated instru
ment r Inflating the Lung.. In effecting a cure of
Chronir dtaenaes. was a student of that eminent phy.,-
elan, Doctor Yhystc. end ts a graduate of the l'ruverst
ty of Pettinolvatna, and for tinny year...irk, heti been
engaged to the InvesUgataon of dtsease and the applb.
eats°. of rentethaa thereto
Through the use of km inflating tube. in connection
with his Privity laeOe Syrup and other of Ins remedies.
:1e nu gamed an unparalelled eminence in corms
those dreadful mid fatal maladtes, Tubercular Con.
Cancers, Scrofula hheumationi. Astilms,
Fever and AVM. Fevers of all k Intl, Chronte Frystp,
ias, .d all those ohstniate diseases perultar to female.
Indeed every tom of disease •anishe• under the use
of his which humanity is heir—not by the
use of one compound only. (or that • meow/iane
with Physici/ogical Law. but by the use el his r -
if,e., adapted to and prescribed for each peetinat form
of disease .
Dr. Hose's Tome Alterative PM, when used are to.
variably acknowledged to be superior to all other, as
a purgative or liver pill, inatimoeh as they leave the
bowel. perfectly free irons eosti•eueac as also los
Golden NIL. is .Mooted by the faculty to possess pees,
liar properties adapted to 1121111110 111.11. Leung
moaned mat a bare toil 1. sufficient to •StabliSh what
has been mid to the moods of um must skeptical.
The athicted are invited to call upon the wet_ and
procure (grans} one of the Doctor's pamphlets. giving
Jowled account clench remedy and its application
For sale by the fol'owing agents, no well as by civil
Druggist. throughout be country.
J *Moslem:taker at Go, CI Wood street, Pitwborgb,
Townsend, drugs - n. 1,0 Market at
Lea A Beckham, near Me P 0 Allegheny rots.
Jus Barkley, Darlington, Beaver county. IN
Jno Elliott, Eamon Valley,
T Adams, Beaver, .".
Jaynes , Expectorant
SAL.. Collllnioloill Co .11, Apr. .44, leD
\R. D JAYNE.S. Da.ta Six —I tnel bound no you
.I_7 and the afflicted public, t avail to toll of !hit op-
portunity or grrlngpotilietty to the extraordatery edects
of your Expeetorant on myself Hayti, been etflicted
for severet years with m a
severe beetle fever
and as concomitant dowser., and seemed only doomed
to !miser out • short but miserable existence, until the
tail of I&M. when. being noire severely attacked, and
Iteifin; resorted to all my former retard,,., and the pre
scripuoim o sorf
two of the most respectable ph yet omas In
the neighborhood without denvaig any Leticia. or the
coneolatton of surviving but a few days or weeks at
farthest—when the lion steam of hope was about to
vanish, I had recommended to me your Expechiran.--
and blessed by that Being who does all things in the
use alb. means—nod contilvy to the expectations of
physiet•ris end frtends. I was in s few days raised
ltom MY bed, sod was enabled by the use of a bottle, to
attend to nay business, etito)ing since better health 01.11
I had for I, years prey ton,
Respectfully yours. he. lea W. Ern.-
For sale in rataburgh, at the Erktn Tea Store, 72
Fourth street. merit/
n ("croft B. \V. 11UI4MIS having'wre y purchu
-11 ad the Drug Stone formerly owned by II•ys
Broekway, No a Comrneralal Row, Ltherit street,
Pinstfolyfh, takes this method of inlortmlig till
friends mid the public in general, that his store
will at all times hr supplied with an ememove and
general aa•ortmeitt of Drugs. Dye 6tufrs Peoll , t tile.
Vartushm, Perfumery, Colognes, and indeed every ar
ticle called Sur to a drug stole, which will elves) s
sold as lowai any other house in city, whole
sale or retell as
Hoping to merit a •hare ot Me. public
patronage, nothing shall Se want.), 10 give entire enl
ist...on lo kus customers. nov7.t•Pf
- - fly - drop...thy, or tile IN eater Grara.
tJCPOR BENJAMIN W. MORRIS, still continues
LI to practice the safe and popular remedy called
Hydropathy or the Watet Core. and if desired will treat
dtheases Allopatlocally. ltheutocal casee.l.i ha at
tended to promptly.
N. 13.—Dr Morrie may he consulted at his Dr..
Store, No. a Comarneretal Row, Liberty street, during
busmen boon, or at his residence, morning and e van
lag, Penn street, 3 doors below Irwin's alley
V. - TtOViit., H. 13.,
OPTLIAL.MIO SUP.CiEON will attend to th e treat.
went of Disc.. of the t o e
Dz. R. btu been engaged In t le branch of the mad,
cal profession for siiteen years, and has Condi:m.l.l
establishment fur the treatment of dtwasos of the eye
alone for scram/years
Orethe and reeldence, corner of Sandusky st and
Strawberry alley, Allegbetry nip eetll
Dr. Allol.naao In Tonnejiae.
THIS w to eanify that I purchased 'one vial of Dr.
A 110Lnumi Worm Spoethe, wane two month. ago
lad ;are to a son of mice , Dome seven years old, two
unmywatm• fall, and although die .moan may appear
nig% yet I have no doubt but than veu upwards of
Or* ttoonato moans passed from kum, uarity
Yom elete quasar of an Inch in two mates long.
None Ask. Corral eo. Tem,. Dee 97.1847 ).14
EVRIM- - Superioe Preoe - h:n . •;orTiainTei;
Past scoured tad for oak by
/0410 .oro THCBSTON, raormgro
s TIIIB establishment long and w lux
idely known as
being one of the most commodious in the city of
Baltimore, Um recently undergone very ellen
sive alterations and impnrcememts. An entire new
wing has been added, containing nun:lemma and airy
sleeping apartments, and extensive bathing. rooms.
The Lashes' department has Mao been compbnely
rem:gum gyle med and fitted up in a most unique and Lear
ful byes. ns
has r
em n fort thel e a a . rran e ge c tn y e e n t o op , I::
pan i lou
t of
he proprietors, Tyumen. the comfort and pleasure of
sh a l l Guests, unit which they confulerntly assert will
challenge eoropanson with any Waal in the Union.
Their table n n always lie supplied with every sub
tler:Ml and 'every whir
ma t-marke affords, served
op in • superior style; while in the yof \Vines, ho,
they mull not lie surpassed
In conclusion the proprietors begin say, that nothing
will be left undone on their par, an,. on the part of their
ssistant, to render thin Hotel worthy the continued
pambnage of their friends and the public generally.
The prices for board hare also been reduced to the
following remit,
Ladies' Ordinary, 81,75 per day.
Gentlemen's •• L. 511
N. li.—The Regime Wagon of the Honse will al
ornys be found at tin Car and Steamboat Landings,
which will convey baggage to and from the Hotel. free
of charte istayinf
Wants or man mot ar. msaut T., ITITIBC/011, rs.
The subscriber haying assumed the manage
ment el this long established and popular Howl,
respectfully Antonio,. to Travellers and the
Pubhe generally. th•t he will be at all tones prepared
to accommodate them In all thingt desirable in a well
regulated Hotel. the House is now being thoroughly
mowed throughout. and new Pureitum added. and no
puns will a spared to maks the Exchange O. of the
elbest Niels in the country
e understatted respeetfully wheits a contintowee
of the wry bberal patronaae the 'louse has heretofore
MUM{ 1/001t111 AND GUM"aT yiio. PIiTIPC.IIII.
inkTHE siihscrther respectfully announee• that
be has nose opened his new and excellent hotel
for the accommodation of tr•velers. hoarders.
and the public generally The house anti furniture
aro entirely nese and no pants or expense hare been
apared torender it one of the most sortable end
pleasant !tote's 1,3 sl etry
The sobsenber ui determined to deserve, and than
fore solicits, a than 01 public patron.,
.114-dly JACt lB FIOCCIII Proprietor
(muds That he is again Moore of Me tiAL't
1101:SK, gy . where he hopes to meet
all hes old friends. assuring them sod the pubile. that
no effort shall bo spared to make all comfortable who
favor boo WWI the, patronage 11101141 y
sT •1TY,..C.111,00 . ‘TP aen nrrn 117
PYI)SITE tette Bank 01 the ruled States, Phtla
delpton 11 POPE MITCHELL
moral l'ro new,
Chocolate, Cocoa, at.
W linker'. Amer, an and Fennell rfinuolate. Prepar
ed Cocoa Coons Puma. Brom., Cocoa Sheila Ap
rpo merchants and row-twat., who would purehnac
the beat products of ra.ron. tram irons ado:tetanal:.
MO IT tonnuona than ma or rodeo. and m anent) usu,
paasnd. author rows - ret.ommend. the above arti n cle,
Hl.utm :tired In honoell. and Camped milk name.
Brom& and Cocoa Paste, as drltrate palututtLe.
and salto•ty druito tor tnealida evaleseenta and
ether, are pronounced by Me moat eminent pity uctatt•
supertor In any other preparanona Ills manufactures
are a:w•ya no sale. in any qu•Mttv by the most re.
sportable Fencer. to ate outern clues. and by Meat
agent. , liana Gray ro of 4001011. Jame+ 11 Bun,
Conn. Ilusary & Murray, New \net.
Grant A Sim, 1 . 12/1.1,11 .101. 1 . 110 M” V Itrundalr.lSal•
maw, and & Bennett. t'ineittnnu, Mut
WALrEn BAKER, Dorchester Ida.
For sate by aug3l HAGALEY A. SMITH, Arta
- •
wif BRA aIKS. & CU. would rairpect ( ully in.
eut tbe pub:, that they bay. , erected n shop on
L.aeork. between Federal npd Nantinalry streets Thee
am nose malt, and err prepved to recrivo order. tor
every rle.eription ill 11111,0. l ' onrlie. Chariot', lia•
rouche• Morley. Minium,. tar, , die . winch from their
long e•perieliee in file matuumuure ihe shove uurk.
noel the Ismutiea the) 0111 e Itiel lee! confide nt they •re
enabled to do work the most reasonable term. wt.
the, wanting arfiCico their rltt•
Pe) 4lkg particular 311,1fion to the ftel..etloo or
ley and having none hut etimpetent worklueu they
have 110 ficaltattOn 1.11 Wattant.llll( Mel r I rk
therrfore nak the attention a the pututeUn till. matter
N Repairing me fir, irfitrii.elr. tud on the
most mitaotthble t e rm , ti
Wrought and Coat Iron Rolling.
Tag, iiiihadriners :ea... to innirrn the that
they hare obtained nolo the Eit•l •Ii tate and
fashionable dean,. fid Iron Hailing. Linn for hour,.
and co...tette. wishing to procure hadd
soma pattern. p.eirid can and traininc.•fid Judge
(dr rbomagigna iL' ;Amish,' at the sliort•
eat nor',. and t theneti manner at
the corner of
Craig and Rainicr • rterlit, city
aufrigl—dtr A LANioNT & KNOX
J)R111.'1 ,! 1 11R Nl/114u rr•porou..
ly annoosices to :he roar... of l'otabutg4 Lod
cinity, ii.a. Lt. 1,./1 rwornenced ,t 11.; tootrucoon
the P 1•140 11.... J 0. •sy.
adapt/4 to I .1, very •burt He Lopes
by son,. anrot.on Io uo. 9/Iti rrlacotaolo
pccoa, 10 teem a .110 re 01 Ito. puo ,•ronairc. 'rho.<
*Wong to boor boo p.Ol • e lo.ord .roye the.,
litras, iffittt ter tortn, at
- litlelat (4Mo 1 11ollor or .101 Itlotne.
Leeching, Cupping /find Bleeding.
II NORRIS. iSup.r.or to M. FL hearty
No 65 Fifth writ, between Wood and Smith -
field Fresh Ter,ved mouth y—ittiendaner ell
boon. Relvrenee. pli).iciiins of rlttsburigh. Alie
cheity and litrnutigham
I most rheerloilr re end 16 the phynelani.
MCI end ll2l in, former (re nd. and patio.. Mr. K If
Norets . bette thoroughly acquainted with MO
aqd worth) et pattounige.
19 hi do Pro, tr. 11arwrw,l's 5
al do do do
ZS do do Pearl dr. Harwood &
14 do .1 ROLIII•asi/
57 hi do do
12 do W3n Dawson
T Wrlcbt's
17. do 1, Anderson
0 do I. T Dade ,
5 do It Macon'.
9 do Rairldf
Just lending from stramer and rackets. and for sale
by Iik:ALD. CKNOR hr. Go.
41 north water so sod 111 north wharves,
J`. 4 Philadelphs•
`{n\l;/I.IACCO-11, 1.1. i la 5 'Jones
tc Son's Roper,' r sweet lb lumps
73 hall 1,. Wens., cold cup...nor swOet 4 lumps
Laverenre [Antler 3,
" Gentry d Ruvwer •' 31 tr.•• 10
•'Dupont “le In kiure) " As ••
6S " Lawrenre NAN plug
Ju.t landing from ...Imre, and for .ale by
41 N venter st and lON wharves,
W. &Y. OLIPTK, -Book—Binders;
are soil •ngaged in the above b100m..., earner
or Wood and TII rd streets. l'inaborgh, where
we are prepared to do any work in our line wall des
patch. We attend to our work lieraonally. and sails
action will lie given In regard to ILO neatness and du.
Blank Hooka ruledln any pattern and hound guh•
manually Books tn nutnher. or old lio.its hound eare-
Ildly or reputed Narne• i.ul nn hooka in gilt letters
'now , that have work In on, Itne are 111V11,i to call
Prices low. myncti
W ti v i r :iCII inir per dr hi
SCAIFE ATKINSON. mid letA • carry on the Ti hnn
Popper, end Sheet Iron %Vert. manufactory
A 1.,,. tilnek.roithtsig to all It• liratirhes, at the old
stand of Wet H. Scade, First strert. near Wood
Particular attention ghee to steamboat work
cl 2
41 k 4 iITUS Rio , bags lyquera e`oTor.
rlf do St. Domingo do. 481 boo 0-10 glass, HIS do
10-19 do; 15 do 7-0 do 25 do 10-14 do, Si hints N V.
Sugar ;'lll blile N. 3 mackerel. 191/ Like room.oa No
1 llk/ do dapped candle., 115 do Cinein aa n mould
received on consignment and tor sale by
UST R) -t giVI.:D-:A lance and splendid risSoron'ent
tl 011.'10410. Casstineres, coatings. Cravats. dc, and
lOT sale by 1. WII.I.IASIS. Nlrreent
ross. under Monongahela House, sontbfield
11613172 f.:
Three Line Drought Horses (or sale. sutta
ki:c\ble for dray ing, ,ke Ir:inquire of
augl7 tl,l basin. liberty at
CA , L . I: y S
.7 91 00 11: s A c ri t i o t t w ii
, 9 1 : : :Lii . o m h
h nk e n ; •
Skins, 'loin the manufactory 11i H 3,1 Crawforit to
which we Pi 00. makers is invited, Just
received and for silo to) \V YOUNG k Co,
jet,' 143 Idteriv st
A•rw. A'fi'S, No 7s F'ourtb great.
can he sent, n •plendtil varlet) , of sup /loyal Vol
ve, and Tapestry Carpets. latnsi styles. Also, Bros.
sells, 3 ptys and sup and fine Ingrain Carpets, of sup
sLyles and dualities, and to connection can always be
found Table Linens, Crashes, Diapers, Damasks, 2110-
'erns, Oil Clod., kr . , to all of which rye stall the
*11613.11 of the public aurri
alu.ingcr n o . :Tr , ! i v;re u ; , To n .
heel Dor I.lLat the pu , rounge, or al old ,
our "lend. end cu.-
tome:. RD W POINDEXTV:I4.,
Ptuaburgh, Aug 4th, 1,4,.
(I II GRANT, IV ho , eattlr Grocer, Commumon and
Forwnr.ling Merchant, No 41 Wetter sl aula
ICC*. Viand OS Front street. Hell Foundry* and man.
utacturers of all kinds of Finings for I
sod Water. have Always nn hand Wrought Iron Wel
ded Pipe fur!steam, gas, IMl‘i AIWA', trout g tu. to tn.
diameter Brass Castle,. made to order Also,
.N.: a...unmet, of Uri!. and blushed lirmia Wort to
arhtelt the attention of Plumbers and Engine Flanders
IS particularly dimmed.
61uz.2.15rVt 456b — glitb — itai
VrISITEItS Tl l THIS BF:Pith:AT rest be furnished
y ‘•-,c• • Lunch At all hour. ot the diry, also, lee
CteatnA Fruit Confeetlonary, tee The .teamertireen
worel makes her regular trips es tuuM ) leavoug ner l'itt
street lantituy, at et A. M And At hell pest earth hour
texeept lit Auld 101 P hl —lrsving the Garden Ai lo
P 51 for her last trip In the cm , .
A moonlight mew et the liarden is indescribable in
ITTSBURGH, OCTOBER 26, 1.2 —We ere now
In receipt of I bales find rate 1549 Western
New York and Meseseholious Prune lions, and an
nivreys reeet•ing regular supplies. We an prepared
to sell at lowest rams, Offire, Pin sm. Allegheny
rise , oct2o CEO. W. &MTH & Co.
HAILMILN * Co., have removed to the
Warehouse, 3 drs west of the Monongahela
Osee, On Water and oo
Front PITVe..
FOR RENT—The Warehouse No. 43 Weed
eon, Poet sous.
11510141—A ®all Tot pnme . dfdes.
,U) ant WALL. & ROE
. .
(Late J Strickler & Col
ANUFACTURF.R9 of Pheenis fire P.. ( . ' f ""
south side, seeortd st W
reet. between ood arid
lighLeld Pittsburgh J Sznekler having des" .^...t
and the surviving partner Mr 104 Lppe/icot
.. haying
toted himself with Nlr Wm C Barr. the business
will hereaAer be conducted under the style of Lippea
eon& Barr
Trial of a safe in Cut tau, 0 —We, the undersign
ed Were present at the testing of one of I S Strickler tr.
Co's improved Plimnix fire-proof safes The safe was
placed ton furnace au the public landing. and atibieeted
to the intense heat of a stone real fire for more than
three hours. Jr. one hour and half the safe e to
a bright red heat; the door of the farms, . . then
closed, which canned an thcreased and steady heat tor
the balance of the time, until Use cast iron wheel• were
partially melted Mr, the furnace was then thrown doyen
d the safe cooled and opened The money. papers
and books which it contained werepocket an when
placed the,. the landing truly of the Imoks being i
loretl by the water in enelnio the cafe. We have uo
hesitation in recommetahng it te the public
superior to any we have ever •een tested. and Usher,
that it will stand any hint which might he produced.
xcept n heat whielt would melt it ton solid mass
. . ." .•
Sprenger .4 Whaman, I, Wor.:2lc.n. Kellogg tr.
K 01111,4 13an1. Unter. W P Fireeevt. Slums tine W. T
S Dung. /r. Cn. Stddnl., Mayard & Co, \V Manx,
Sicadh Wingtor.
We, the andermgnea, mlemed the safe mote, of
aborts, from a lot in the more of Truk, Sr. A abet]. the
. .
Rakr to Cook k Ilsrri•. Brokers. Pluniturtth;
Hussey Banda & Co. do do tce3dAwlyS
urrattcorr ttois it %volt L- t 1101.1•
MA WPM: CURERS of Htunmered .d Cast Steel
Shovels and Spades. Alen mud Hatchet, Minn. X
Cut, C.reolar and t ;In Saws. Hay and Manure Forks.
Hoe, Mattocks, P, k , ke..havting rompleted all their
arrangements In the ennstmetion of new machinery,and in Kceuring the hest workmen from the moo eel,
braced establishments of the Kam are now Millialirtur
..R an dwill keep constantly nnhand and for role ail
the abn•e antelea. havlM, ',RAW thernaelvea of the
latest improvemmis, nnd are dentrlntried that ifi work
manship and materiel they will not be excelled They
promise to produce rime equal. a no. superior in
any that can be h.... the F.aa. They in•i{e the atten
tion of dealers ir, a .ion of their Mock before
purehasin, elsewhere no they are enninteed that they
wall he able in fill a . ; orders ui their linaterihe enure
aanafaeuon of port-Misers Warehouse. Water street,
4 doors West Nlimnsigan em
:•.1 II —Persons hay., business w‘th Wm Lippon
on & Son tell please call on Lippencolt tr. Co.
siMA iatge anti eplehtl d a•aortment of Fun,
tre. tuant.'e for Steamthtuht, Hate, and In
v-ate d wllltta, conetatthy on hand and
made to °Net
The present stock on hand cannot to earorelcel by
any manufactory he the western rotoi.ry Persona
...hots he iihertiaoe dJo eve.' to give my se all.
as lam determined •ma prises shall pienser Part M
the stork C 011.11.1
s..(il• With Ph/ •ft noel If airic.otli rovers;
iher Nlnhogiaily Nurser t . turs,
II pair P 1...
I/ in: 6.i. initiokgany Chairs;
IY nennottany Work Stands,
3 doe malsogany Rocking t'bettrk;
I , r top Irronoq Bureaus,
peter Irma:am,
.eh.. top Work Stands,
I- e.lterni feta Stands.
Mahogany. Maple Cherry, and Poplar 11 , 411.•/eels el
atl elasertpuon.. and ninree ar-orstneeli of rommoti
Inc niture noel chat,. too numerous to noittioll
. . . . . .
/ 11 0 1
w t. w , a , r a e r. n r ow ,,n t:i a to ll t u t: h i ty h t , i , i . j . : r . t a ti i ti. ,
low ml nribeitHir me •litti nripestrt•tter name prepay.
pared rtia... Beside. tt i1i,11.1,41,1.1 , 11.1111.4 .arer
tionittity ot
We Itnr• prepared n reerintile art, te.
which we mitt it rit wi(rrE
I. tior.fii .1 et deleterious
ton.ihr, and it Imparts to the skin r tourist, Itca.tity
iiiniiit•tet, whiw. at the •anir *run,
•a coameth. the ak.3. mat .nit it .00 and smooth.
Dr James Anderwei. Prnerieat Chetntst of Masse'
iILIV-11114 sayr. ••AtWr anal, ting I.iiy
Whitt, I find it potisesnet the mutil t and nut,
rat. and at the carne time innocent t
ht waul ttu ever nun , I
rt.rtato:) row rt , o•t- t..ottet; I rreoeumetto It• u•te to 11.1
whose: skin rt-- Iteauttiying I'm., 25 rent. •
Cox tt) M / AtAt. -LI:, tt , rtt 4t 11111
Pitt IfAchin•Viforksnitt M. unAry
TOFIN WRIIr lIT 00_ a, prepare,llo hail) Colton
ti and \Tom., 3lnelonet, or r vers devrrlption. nuctl
. Cardrsig Mactr,,, ;v1010111: Frame*. Speeder
Draws.; Fratnra. we Warpera, spool /erg..
121 re. rrnm,. Card r.. he. rona,i
Iron Stkano.g ;Ornr.l. 5r..... 01 Ca.L Iron. Pu• oi and
and too. aoola L'ararnas oi nven da•u'rliroon
rurnl•hetl on •00r1 nolde td order ior
M.II I.eanng Iron 1tn.0.0 A. ;
Irlirnln hr. Pa
lIIR Factor,. aro Iron Woolow and Iluley
I /ikirr• tell HI 1110 urrtillusr ol
rah., .kCo. I.Jbeniy ttrrrt. nvlll Lane proturn
Refer o 111Ark/10.../. 1/ Co Nlionr.-/oned k
('o.. 1. I'. %Varner. John Iron.. R Sons. I .
C a J II V. arnor. Nettorovoo.. ,011.1
New hardware
ood sod ;it •ts , I . tusburgh las •
ISn. at e r \l"...mtv.e" Ist nt January. 1.47. I
tate pleasure In snonuatel to, tr.ends I/1 the et,
and oountr). that I I.l‘. ooeded .... .tors 31111 C
anove named p.a. , /1n...., r0t...ha...A Inv stants tor
c,•a. and made arr....Kest...pd. thanutacturcr• .11
thla country and to ritrnoe in he enestnotly spplool.
I tin fully prep4re H
d ,rot•tt ardware nt •.. kinds,
no as goo.l term.. :. rd. as ON a• an) Idpu.ds Las;
West Nleretod• and• o••perodl.,
to call and examine .nt to-ton
where 'l't., lo,lovt ids pert .. •
Stemt.on I and r !IA rd, eon
files. NnO,d, •tr.... dupery. titre too,. vtce
lora, latches se)u,s, tall s . •.•rews. l'a.
tot . planes. *Root reit/1,0 4 n, so,r , • snd veneers. at.
all othcr.arilt•les aected !ware 100,
110 •SI
tt.l-: toe, leave P.O ~orto trt• eL:i/eog o( Pr
s lough and •los4 tn.; to. ha. otsro tne Deo.,
rutin Rpm. lately t., 11r Potter TL,
Ile a attattreit mat a. :Le ~oe marrovrotews ore
red, fe d
wtlt tootacht coo orwratino !Mr II•ce.
who hat , heed a contdadti t ope start: O. art was
first discovered Eon, Ikao , netoot•cuarsloeed tr.
an who rosy heron.. pntrons Mr II strut reter
with ple••ure to Mr Porter. /I bore ti
hen operated for the la..t tAelvd otontlia Pmen:y Por.
trans. Ettgr•vitt,, thicuttrrctotypea. heaccurately
copied. ldieste.tneta taken tit an) uemiter. and act .11
lockeu. ttreart puw. ttaaes and fradtte•
ittatrudttont. given zn every hunch of the art. and ap
paratus formatted. _
Penn — Machine Shop.
HWIG lITMA N —Matrulartur, of all kinds to rot.
. ton and worriont rrinctiotery. A.ic4ricsi) oii) . Pit
The above..or.. tieing 110 W jrl ttii; and novel...nil op.
erutool. prepared to rxrerne order. mitt drupodelt
for •Il knot. or norolunery in nip .rne, eaten as wiliow.,
picker.,tplCad,A.l L etrA, ~iding innehoirs. ruziwir,•.
drawtng from,.. ~leeilerit, laanri, woliien
c.v.!, double or ornizic. kor inercliaro or rouniry wrk,.
muies,pre.• he ~...1.. ivid hiriol 1nt1... ipd tools in con
ern; All knot. of •hwiling inniir iv ord., or ;1:11.• gIV.
en for iges.xlitrz idetorien or to. at re...unable 1 . 11µ,V
Rriiiira ro— Kentleo Clio,. dr i t . dllnelmork. Re..
dr. l'o , King. Pennock .k. Co . is. A t.rity
jiA FULTON, Herr end Urn.. Founder. loot r..
built and rionmonord butiliets at rus old carol.
where tie wio lie p.ear.eil to we In. old cordon,
err nod IriClit,
Chureh.Srearrubour, and cvory wt.. !torn 10
to 10.000 1.111.1.. Ca, Irrnn rat,rus on he mord epprne•
nirniele, and warranted le .re or the beet nrelertrot
Ntinerai Water 001....uuu:ar.. rn,e
tiler with neer) rur er) lire.. Ceetine.. :1 required.
turned end rntreired neeiran manner
A F oulle sum propriclur tri Altit-Artn:
1, 0 % A 1.., ,4•1:) irl.rated rrdurt..,
martttl,r cr
TN., 1301 e, and 2umpos,/ort
can hod nth.° tit .1 :turn. al I,
Plough•, Plough Caatlng•, *agora"
tu lol y l
HA q L u L u oti n U a t n r
• 2r l
Lrmtll A:V )1,1,1
on LKurt, A.c nt. of Ihr I,ev•r
rearcre - 1. Illtncn., and oti., i• ough, Ow intent and
beatpalterns nooinw.r.
Werehu All lAA.Ty W...., oppo•
thr )14.7 S., I', A Heinen) .•Ity, Itcar we
Colton rector) n, Co
. - •
Ortica NaIIiVILLY lAD CII• 11,31 x. A R. R
N n•I vt-e, Tenn . Nov
Ir) will Ise at tbos oo the
20111 December nelt iur the 1,1.11141m0 and Me
avar- ot luny :Ink, . Cr,,,!. ~ ,41
n Nash•ille. ten note. crossoto the Harrell tort
Duckneer. to kleMordTenni...see sail ten
marls On the North West . v ideo( Ti,'.'. river,
Jackson couo.y. Alabama
Profiles and plans may be seen at rho. other n' , or
the l'ith December
Hy order of the Boat -
C F M tie\ RNI7I - 1 Enetnr, r
N B.—Twent% five nolna to - rnnd lineoldnie tile T..
and •h 1 nok... 'wary .01111.11,1 work, arc under
contract. :barn hundrr.l .ut.orera err reword
contractor, noval dl ot•
uwllse ,
c 1 a 1:
u nder s
F nende tare t
poroapr sred d
to b y il ord ~ .
s iota
q ua nnt t Afoo',itarrids.ofssuror
tart Mm ,r: tuna
make t uo te r ,Oi", orehsni• who
bay la n ge])
on Mho erist•t s• rtiey ran order the.. tiari
rats shipped to any pixolA13011lIkg.) tout' dame, winch
•h• 11 be attended to without...on iihurtze
111111111 I
A ANuricri Fait, •rt., and Nutter steel.
.pleugl, *trot, glee, p:ough w.tqa, coach anti enp,, rOII NIA , . and dealer. ,n mal
leable r stung, fire e n iste nmpo. and remelt Intl/111/111,R
amorally, corner of Rosa and From Ma., PttOkls44
(3 .
PUMA? r .41[411..1( T. BOUM .11M. INS
No 3 Cose_aatre svaanr,
Rcreuzatas -Church, Carothers &Co.,
Mexander Lanehhn.
John Goer. nnvl Jun
1)1,A7,111.11',. arriu-• add
I ) otbrrn vrantmg aboy will
th. • larKe as ...milled! has atril te.i r•Crz , , , al.
quaitilea, Including acorno.,,, .ar,e. oup..rte..
the dry goals house o! K MI ftl'lll
tio,ll V I-: earner ith c•
Ar c; Ist of
Allegheny. n0v1.5...11, •
TEAM IioAT A li k. S
Ovvtua Asovz NI A
.131 . tin V/ Wislet stre•t
VrANIIPACTURED to order sod !unheated short
nouet t with the nom, of use boot to .1100 14.01-
" , t A 4.0, Cotton and Huse Mott luade In Th.
best mammy, for avery lover pnca by I 11ERAISY.
novlC.dly W.rchnuz., yD Waltz .1
corner - if the lhamond. very large anti itritenditi cock
01 101 l end wt.., Dry timid, to winch they mould re•
k nown li!) m. 0., We attention of the public. It is well
k to a!most every one that the present season
one thatinguisfied for its low prices of Dry. Goods, anti
it affords us great pleasure 01 00101 i aisle to state that
owing to our great facilities for 0101 purpose, (0:10 ot
the arm residing in Philadelphta i l we
been eat
bled to purchase our present stock at a considerable
reduction Iran the usual
e na ble n cheap ea they
are. and..e are therefore enabled to sell al correepon
doLgly tower than the usual prices We would there
fore inv., all rash buyers by wholesale or retail, to
give us a call, and lay out their Feeney to the best ad'
The Ladies should call and examine one stook Oei
Prints, Gingham., de ',eines, Casitmeses. Alpnestail
Menne, S. , kr llombarines, Pints, and rvanous other,
styles of fashionable Drais Goods, of which we have
tvery hoc :..ortment. including every ileacription oil
hou gruid• In the market. •
mums AND cAssINEERE.S--To !Materna ,
we would recommend our mock °teepee French
./011 English. French and. Anienclut Cashmeres • •
(JUR STOCK OF SHAWLS i. veryMe, cams
roo, etlnto.t -very variety of style and qnSlity.
SATTINFITsI—L)(..vhich we havo an Clnellont
Itortinonn nrid of all vogue..
FLANNELS-11nd. whits and yellow ITlinntels of all
and pones.
0 K k a k u .
j o a rt im ra e
a lll
rlns nirnroi every drnertpuon of the abase goods, in
cision/ Sheettnua of all aridtkra.
AL.SO—A 4ce- aloe k of bann Veatlngs, gilt and Cot
ton Velvets, both p: stn and figured. Iser4tr Jo-ans ,
plod Lmys, pliod and fancy ftgrarni Clo ing and
-look Loo.t, hirottotl and unbleached Table Doper,
both linen and eottall. Idasehed and uubleruched Table
troth+. Ineached and unbleached Cantrin Flannelt,
cold dodo, Iron net, and Bonnet fUnbon,lalt. and cord
.0k f . IltYlll, Ladle. rteorf• and cravats, Glove. and
Hosiery of all kinds Suspenders, Iroh Llneto Linen
Loren, Linen Ildkin. bilk In. Mk taro Vgil, Lova to
and HdAf.. 0,1 l'hlntres, Canna and Scoter, Doper,
era.. moan. plant auved and barred .ladonel, Cara
t", and SW.. MIWIIII. Vielona Lawns, Groan Base-
KC*. n-c
Mernha.lll. me nay for the purpn:mo of laying
Oln their .uppllcs. .000ld not Intl to in•o?Is Mil,
Only vrtll find our ,00ds md price. cich 115 C* 11110 t fad
their p.m.. , ALEXANDER k, DAY,
sepi, 75 market N%V otir DIEZ110111:1
The New Golden Bee Hive )14.1n.
Nun Poll and Mau., Dry Guuda.
I USTreceived and now opening at the sign tit the
al Dia Dna on Market silo., between Third and
Foam streets. one of the largest, cheapest and beat
n•mortnl clock. of Fail and Winter Dry t.pod, ever of
fermi Ihnsburah, to which the attention of our nu
merous customers and the publicgenerald, renpect.
y invited, as the •übsortber i• confident that be tan
offer such bargain. 111 Dry (Mods as cannot be sur
passed 1, any other noose In thorny
A. n 0.... good., hone been purchased at prince fat
In non . nano . of any intl.+, .*neon, they will be wild al
greittiy reduced rams
Amon, :los 'are* and splendid mock will be found
any choice and dmurniile roods at extremely low
Very Filet, and most fashionable drew silk.: Pimd end
Ccled black .4141., striped and plaid plain black
. gios” ,ro ole plan black rich lustre: lo w
ntr vtarttrit, inuntiilaa and caper! at very low
prnies, avowal thotigns and latest slyirnti cashrtiOroh;
Wain nntl anon .tripect cashmere, very cheap,
merino 011 rotors; de ,aings. pia. and tlfureilnd want
striped. nt great rotlornon on former prices, gala, Cal.
dorms unit iia•limere plaids. mohair and Monterey
p.aids al: Cparean. all gualtueS and colors,
from 11a to 75 vents per yard
Fine terkerte and broche shawls
War k enitiroolered cashmere and de lelite shawl.;
Fate n,•-, and lain* do
Fine biack and co.urad cloth do
Floe noa.iii. .onc. very cheap do
din lark and plaid silk. very cheap do
A Inny 111 I , nod blanket shawl. from 7.1 cents to $3,
nil woo,
booed dark ralinti from 'I to 6 cis yrr yard;
heal yuanly dark calico trunk 6 to In cents;
1 aril wide purple do. IN
boot t ard wide hiencued musna 4 to 61,
Bed Bello y and eller". ail rte.,.
Wont ,n• trout ron,• ,r•T qualoy, very cheap;
.1 fun 4t of red. white and lalltivii
n..nnon, e .son men
itur Jean., Kersey, Linsey.,etc etc 11.t1 RI!! t.< sold at reduced at
No ill Market 0 1. syn. , WM. I. litlisZ4ELL._
m , 1•12111' ,, CK ,• now roti•tahtly rereivtng his
stock oi Rl'l7ltioits, Ac. compristrig
oil, the ,argriit aworiments ever brought to the mar
t, III", I.<<ll nurelaiicil direct from the Int.
port,. and hl, e ,
ot the latest and newest
er psi, e tinin r. odrred to tins city.
•i ne -• ilie thoi.e wooing to
or nouse•. noloot purch nw tng
tytn . rr. n, •10. io, part of the tollowing
KWh A. xstilmsn'arprt
Tx,ory Jh
Oneutai Tape.try Oa Cloth
rolorid do
24 ixtdo
74.3-4,4-4 k l oil cloth
Staaß 1.
1.-1. '"4 Druggett
1,1 , 0
Ruueweed Chi cloth
do do
dry logy .1.,
\l'.d. do 110
- •
roconom r rook!. cholin
I 1. .4 1 Do.uxur• FAll•ormod Pia
V,ll l / 1 1/1 do Ts 64 do
14. 4:-.1.14 1 do do F , gored Tsq/le l 01 cloths
plal,t do do Turkey Red Toileded
4-4. 1, 1. 1 & 43-4 col do Ado/old MA's
do Au Tut vd itoALrnnl 'Au
1: :% ' " " 17:nr1
rnl•on Gr d Tkmecillng
M C , oth and G-4 'rabic Limon..
Ith, do.lor eon., g., Tran.p n. V:todow St des
rt lA, .g. Fronch do do
fLon Saud .le Lames for
w 111154,, CUR./ QS
,rar tp r rdator I :art and dead, Damask.;
Ite.urel rann.ow ',lnuits: worsted and late,. Table
•stienson •ruro.t, g, Vll, drab and b . dtek
M..resn, 1 . , sne• of al colors./te &. km.
A'.n. thnietpunr• and IMl.lngs (or steamboat deck.
s.. other :rattan,. n,re•sary (or tnstflts (or boats
nor 111, II) for espe,al sltention of owners
mvued Warerooin,
oils door 110111 Wood. on Fourta st ter;el
1,11 nave ,us.. re...elven a lino
11. assortment ot tohosang de.Y.F. , en of ...on'
.e good, Inc gr,ater ',Amon of vrturs gave been
uoug , at A art:on. and I.e ..old at great bargains.
FLANNF.I,—Eted. van. and yellow Flannels, a
er cnnip.e.e an.ortinent, and ‘ery. cheap.
`CATTLNIFTS--A very large .ot °I blue, buck, Pik
In.s. grey and go,l tn. r ,al:Jneta, a: very low prtees.
A1..1 . A CAS-- :..1 Alpaca, plant and striped do,
p and •trlpen do. <beeper than ever.
FANCY A apletninl assortment or rich
yttaogralde St: k a, limn plan and fie d, o(P.i111011( every
SHAWLS—A very superior asl+nrimetH of ater
lirorhe. Van. pmited. Trrkert. and C..bmere Shadla,
at far ne:ow Lim orthliar) rate*
a largeassortment' 01 EngliHt Merinox, Cash•
mere. aud t.tHe blue. I.:0 and grey
overeuat..llk Ca.tmeres, ..eatonllemsak, Laien
d.., Kanlar y Jean•. kr ice, to a:i of yehich we Inrite
the aurniton of tar ;woke.
ALEXANDER k DA V. 75 market 01.
ner.l.s N Wrnr #t . the .I:amoad
_ .
F:ATI. , si A. Co. v Inc remoJed from hinrket
rirert tu Om, new Store. No le:Fourth cznet, be
teen Wm.' andnrket. ore DOW openutir their Plt:I
ur k of Trani:lingo 34.1.1 Vane, Good, among which
are—C,,ll.llt: Ihr-• 1 . '1'1., 5 of al: land.;
Fduld - tdro 101 d C,Vel,
En.l.roidery \ oodir Work,
r udd ddpo.o wor,ood Chellifle
Itid, and Purge., Sterd Tottolotlg.,
I dko,os Mr. and o nod Ilocery,
Chdd .° r , n. Mat .o.,
~ Wove% rind Flonlerr
Sh.ri, I aderstilrla. Drawer.. Dr...lug Gown.
rtoittrett.' ot 1,11,11 rotten's, whteh they of
ut tow 'truces bout and retatl nets
r. II Earom
)4 • L 17 : 1411" .: 411 . ' e n l. " :111V4 ' 1.1 .' „ ' 1, " :i r l 4 :0 (
041414. 11.11111,1 140114 Ihe 1101.11 approved tuunimictodn,
Lunt ha VC 1,,11 Weird 101 . duraaon) fi!lir, and do-,
Taposto Velvai Carprtlng;
do Brut., 4 .10
Itro•aels rarpatzlit. Extra ,nansile ktugsi .
Kt,. (op 1 p.i Jo Tuned do
, up 1001.1.1 do Wiilon do •
kirnsacli do
C0.....a0, .10 do
Maelufarturrd a 1101., 1 nv patanna; adapted ho
p.. lora. 1...clooto• anti altambar..
fluted u C.D... for dining rooms, gontnes, veiti
Atraw itlntung, Stsur Winder,' Shade. urd
Conn and Wooden Baking. tram ono thud to three
Verde wide Door Mot, !cc.. .Ye., to WiXICh the alien
to al purella.:•, At end rrtatl rtimie,t•
Jed \ .trrtooot oett door tram Wood it
. _
I )LACK ALPACAS— W K Murphy ITIVIte• the por•
1) neuter :ottenoon ot hose. to Ws ni,ortinont
at,ove (;ooda.lotving nr . ..,..trt.1 then, wall great cam to
reierroce to their g.uapy and Rand l•ody for oil:,
ler nu- A:Ro
NIMIAJR ,ommon, medium and .ape,
bac que.tries. ni , ludkne a frw plebes. et black, adapted
for moorninK purposos Ai..
FANCY ALPACAS Ask I.usTREb. a OW , vo•
of earth siripec pion', and brin some o(
volloth are eery superior A. I hi.. ,Othill beer been
bottgin direedy Iroo liorsotter, they emu be sold at the
er perisd.l.- prices
To he hen also the pine,. In Wm:desalt, Rootms
cam , . at a very auved advance on coat. 0e1.2
I Rl:, , s Gl h)D, , —We have ',calved a lull Cock
of line.. aont aqt , Vb m.y found—
Pula black and figure rn d Alpaca,
Colored I.lli owe) road do
trrgott. gone., /rleen• 1-11 I.4ovbertline
Plitld, phase s colored and (ignited Cweloneroa,
de Larne;
Stlk 'raman and p.a.d ra•hmurra, rogrWer Tr'lL •
a•aartnwoot other rlrca• gor•1•. a.! a which trill
.04 , 11.1 W ,Ile ?we,. Or k age
o-r, !411AKE.F7rT 99 wood All
ItEoffIVPS) AT WoLlN'ffiii:s+ eery..
h .16 r 75 Four th sq.,—
p. 0-4 rm•evron• Oil Cloth.,
Tire novo., trre r vorpcfri, rrort:l'y n;••nnity
o. on raOrrt ' , twi o rl for role,' Anti 1.1.4J1g nor
torronoro rounter and tall.< cave' no Oc.ll/
, • •
AIME :11.1'1 . 1.Y OF NV: \V t.ta,Dst
1, st C LYDA IsDow oponmg u‘s SF.CI) \ Si. 1 . 11. N•
of \'‘ I,ocr I,oods. Ineladwg a varrvt> shadvi of
Or.t , French 11Iennna
varrry. •n• 1 other lvvh colored Menlo:Mir,
Maa•wstr b u. do, t , roWtt do
Also I'A of same colors, Alpaca., ike.,
wttlt ruauy other dewraldc goods that are eery - scarce,
a.I of whlch b. sold very cheap, at north earn ern
net of dth and Mart., sta. 0dt.17
NM/tit: IIA!isgERT:tI I kV:4-811111/1A
John.on. J 6 Ntarket stro.. would mans
1011 .1 , deniers and ot bon to their chOMO arote of
Cauthrte Ild noel, a{,Nliat no
frorn 6} els op on 4.2,60
Lil nig every V a, ICI) of tape ',ordered, heurited, ratitnei,
clear :moo, with deep corded borders, R a ej.,,,, m u r .,..
dered and oolorod Onrderod
'•. 014, -
rrrIPTZITINIVI-40 61,1 s fin. Torintiassiln car r•
I der. loot reeenred MAO for solo ,
VOL. XVI. NO: 108
• Patent Graduated Goloanse Battery and Patna
Imettbsted Poles for Medical and eclair purparea
rrt MS to the onlylnstrument of the tend teat has ever
hero presented to the. °punter or Europe for med
al purposes. and IL the only one ever known to man,
by which Me galvanic dant can be conveyed to the hu
man eye, the ear, the brain, or to my part of the body,
either externally or intelki p ol a li, In
. 4t , defin ite Ile
' Vnl ' o ' l ' l . e 7 / 1 11M I ,h e a k plit e est edects.." per fect
impOrtalit apparatus is now highly approved of
by many of tee most eminent phylimms or this coon.
try and Europe, to whom the aillieted andothera whom
it may concern can he referred. Reference will also
be given to many highly rearmablo citizens, who have
been cured by means of Os s moil trainable apparent,
of some of the most Inveterate nervortsdieordera which
could not be removed by any other g m ",
Among cocoas others, it has been proved to be ad
numbly adapted for the cure of the following diseases,
vim nervous heikditche and other diseases of the brain.
it M with this Imend.. Mode that the oar can
convey the magn p etic fluid with ease end Jett'
to the
sight," Or core ornatirosasi to the eat to
rectohearing", to the tOrtrie and other organ, In re
store cell; and to the various pant of the body, for
the cure of chronic rheuntatiam, asthma, neuralgia. or
tic dolourcul, pamlvais, or palsy, FOWL, chorea or Its
Vim's dance. epilepsy, we.h treat mem", soma
dioceses pecuitar to females, contraction of the limbs,
lockjaw, etc. eta
flights for surrounding counties of Western l's, and
pnwileges, with the inatrumenL may be purchased, sad
also tested for the cure of dim....
- • . . •
Full instructions will be given for the venous chemi
cals to be used for various disease*, and the hest man
ner for operating for the cure of those diseases will al
so be fully explained. the purchaser. and a pamphlet
put into his hand. expressly for these purposes, cart
fell by_thkat_aptes_._ F ,upnce h
13,2 . 1 ) tit,Eittuierx .
- -
co.xx.mrr's nwrivarro v...onsos.
TORN H. MELLOR, No 81 Wood street, is the wile
agmu for Cuhart's Patent Melodeon, a new and
beautiful instrument, exceedingly well adapted for
small churches or timely worship.
For the benefit of those residing at a distance. and
consequently unable to inspect the Melodeon before
purchasing, the followmg duct:gluon is given:
The cues au made o(rosewood, and are as hand
somely finished es s Plano Bonn The key-hood Is
precisely the sum as the piano or organ and the tone,
lertuch u very beautiful,) olosely resembles that of the
flute stop of an organ. The instrument can be imme
diately made portable without detaching any part, the
bellows receding into the body of the instrument, and
he legs folding under, Maytag the whole in acompaat
form. Each instrument has a packing case, and the
whole when packed weighs only 46 pounds. The Vol
um. of tone is equl to Ow of a small organ, and
at means of the swell may he increased or diminished at
pleasure; it is utlimently loud for small churches, and
is well calculated for • parlor inatruntent.
Jut received, a supply of the above: price, with
caw and Instruction Book, 850. omb
Reversible Filtering Cook,
Which renders turbid water pure by
„e 04 . -;,.. removing all substances not soluble la
water. The crown water t N York,
tlio4h Oielar and pure to the eye, yet
when it passes u hour through tius
filtering auk, shows a large delnut
impure substances, worn., tic This
is the ease more or less with all hydrant water.
The Reversible Filierer ts neat and durable, and
not attended with the inconvenience incident to other
Ftharers. as it is cleansed without being detached from
Me water pipe, by merely inkling the key or handle
from one side to the other. By Nis ouy process, the
course of seater is changed, and all acousuultwo. of
impure subsunees are drivenoff almost instantly,
without u.crewing the Filter It also pus... the
advantage of being a uop rock, and as suck in many
cases will be very convenient and economical
!lean be attached where there it any preasure by/
or low to a Trask, tank, tab, ke. Wail came. To be bad
of the sole Agent, W. W. IVTL.,ON.
octl7 corner of Fourth and Market she
Diaphragm Filter, for Hydrant Water.
tlitiiiiillTHlS d is to certify th at I have ap
pointe Lthuthloa, Roggen Co
Sole Agents for e the sale of Denning'.
Patent Ellaprahgen Filter, for the et
ttes of Piusburgh and Allegheny.
for Walter M. Gibson, 34u Broml way,
N. T.
Oct. 10.
one 1,4 e.
We have Innen acne of the above etudes at me
off, of the Novelty Works for three months, oh In,.
tel perfectly sausfied that it Is a useful in
a vention nd .
we take pleasure in reeommending them al a use
lul article to all who lova pure water. Orders wtil be
thankfully received and pretapdy executed.
ket street. corner of Third.
Vanity For. a novel wallout a Hato. by Win. II
/*.dionird Veinaiht My Conn
's Story: by F- V. Child•
Nary Howitt • Tranalauon of the Peasant and his
Capt. Marryatt's Children alba New Forest.
The Bachelor of the Albany.
Old Hicks the Guide. by Welawr.
Mary Grover; or, the Truattng Wit, by Chas. Bur•
lVuth•rma Krighta by the armor of - Jane Era
roe Tenant of Vidalia Hall: by the author 01 ' . ./tioc
Ey re."
The Image of hie Father; Illustrated: by the Brother..
Nlay hew
The Dow iptine o( litre
Three Ulmer. and Threc Fortune, or Rot., Blanche.
end Wioletti by G H. fonares.
Thirty Years Sthee. by G. V H. Jame, E.q
- •
, f 1111 S Involution, under the tare of Mr. and Mt..
J_ (imam., will re-open for the weepuon of pupils,
so the Ofso r tSepl ould/opa.
r. N0..1a Laden; street. on the Ist
Monday esnbe
A rrangetaisola have been made by which they will
1.0 aide to furnish young ladies facilities costal to any
In the \Vert, for obtaining • thorough English. C/1i.4.•
ealeatail Ornamental education. A full course of Phi.
Itsoplocal and Chemical Lectures will be delivered
ituring the winter. tllustramd by apparatus. The de
trtments of Vocal and Instrumental Music, Modern
Anguages, Drawing and Painting, will each he under
the care of a competent Professor. By close attention
to the morel and intellectual Improvement of their pu
pils. the Principals hope to went a conttnnation of the
liberal patronage they have hitherto enjoyed. For
terms, we circUar or apply 10 the Principals.
s A L p E p A LM I NCHZ,
informing Ills friends nod the public in general :list
he has the largest stook of the following named a
ries 00 his own manufacture in this eity—Saildles, flat
ness. Trunks and %Vag., of which he win warrant
to be made pram. best
and by the best meeh
•bies in Allegheny county Being determined to null
hi• manufaetures something lower than Mn. been here
tofore sold by any similar
of in the nosy,
he would invite persons in tiled of the above named
.niece to lug warehouse, N0r24.1 Liberty street_ oppo
site Seventh_ Also. bands made to order for machine
y: 0m.30-ly G. KERBY.
Cooper Duplex and Lever Watches.
JLST recanted and for sale at
greatly reduced prices, five genu
ine P. Cooper, 8 Calrhorpe ctrl,
Liray's Inn, Road London," Du
plex and einem Laver Watches, cased in It , km et
gold. and full Jewelled, with Chronometer balances.
Those are now the finest watches made, being supen
or in finish and accuracy to the M. J. Tobias, Joseph
Johnson. or any other make. Those in want o(a very
fine watch are invited to call and examine this lot.
Also, a large assortment of Gold and Silver Watches,
✓ Chsans,,lcals, Keys, tre.
Fine Watches repaired In the best manner.
earner ith li Market al
Xenophon's Alemorabilla of Socrates, sr. Eng
lish notes, critical and explanatory. the prolegomena
of Kalmar, \Vigger's life of Socrates, etc: by Charles
anthon, L L. D., Proie•sor olds< Lireek,and Latin lan
guages in Columbia College, New York. and Rector of
the crammer School Just reed and for sale by
octal Booksellers, cor .311 and Market
- tit
-0 &c.—H. NVlt.r.unl hs opened a Night
School in his school room, corner of 4th and Ferry sta.
entrance on Fourth. where he will be happy to Impart
mots/anon in the arts of Rending, Peanbanship, Aral,
mette,Book Keeping, Phonography, is ort.s4:nu
`' , TEAM BOAT CLOCKS--Flamng concluded to sell
olf our enure sleek of Ktrke's Marine Timepiece*,
we now oiler to set/ diem allow., prices than they can
be bought at any h t Putehorgh or elwwhew,
east or west. 13eing the only estahlished agents here
for these cloekawe have the largest and finest assort-
Mmit othe city. Call and see.
Remember, we are not to lie undersold.
_ - E
BLAK & CO., Merket street,
0rt.30 entrance on north side of the Diamond
Eomaes;Coolitng Stov.s Grat - aa, &a.
r., manafacu re
and offer for sale Platform. F and 7oor d l s7iil l'ounter `close
01 the moot improved quality, Cool ta,t wow'
and coal; For Stover/ or nor .m. ..tes., Parlor and
common Grates. Hollow Ac. They also
a...facture the finch,. R., ige. which has gmci, sueli
general sauterne-non to those henna it in Us, to all of
whirl ] tliej- would te.peetrull, tovite the anentlen of
She ClUirns and the pantie generally. oenr•altr
WaLehes, Jewelry.
Cranks or Ma.. Ann Focarit srances. Prrrsacaon
,flll , l: „. : . u , n p it o e n rl i e g r a ha la s m ee e tu a r , :;•d c. f ... ro , in o, t i tl y n . tas c, t. m an . d
he in Ine line lir - annul toe past ItheraJ petrol,
age. he hopes to sent a continuance thereof, by Mll in business, and keeping Me .sest usortsent,
and at tne mo‘t reasonable prices Friends, custom
ers, and !Or public gencralty--partleularly sojourner.
',rung the city from • thstancei,ate invited to call and
.asame lut iarge stuck of goods.
" ON Db.RFel. ARRIVAL—D. ToWttiMari
bottles of M. great fall and
otter mcilivole, Just received and for mile by R.
SILLERS. Sole Agent for Pittsburgh, of whom/he
genuine arusic can be bad.
- -
CAI ELASTIC CLOTIII?4G-114 doe Gum Dann,
U overcome. odo Jackets; ado pairs Paola: 6do
leggings, of 4 different kinds, 10 do storm Haw 2
d o t o p oa , with and without sleevesi just received by
press and for tale vrlsolesaie and retail, at the East•
ern owes Ve wish it to be undermood that purchas
rs sre buying from first handa, that buy et the India
tier Depot. No 5 Wood street.
- .Li AND INVALIDS.—Dr. blaming's - - Common
Sense"' on Health, Pkystcal Education. nod Ha m an Voice. as based upon the mechanical plulosopby of
(non's ph y•tc al Donal..lon. tieing the substance of hie
1 1 , lnte• on lac above selbjefle recently delivered in
‘,/,. sky For sale be R HOPKINS,
°edit Apollo lituldtm t 4th
PEELSON with a Wien MILLI, aequainted
./1. with the business, to take an interest in an Don
Foundry. to be iorated on the Portage Rulmad. Ap
ply at the office of Friend Rhey it Co.
- • • •
elifygrs• 4 r i titPET7 o . l .—Hamn.Jl2.ll4 feral from one
msnuliketunar threat, a sp:audad Am annular Car.
rt, of morn beautiful colors and ...ding; and' any on•
Yo of
parlors mrosdrl do trail by .:.mating our
.took,** wa are sallm; •er,
110.16 NV 111 1 CLENTOOK. 73 Fonnbst
0:03h,4, SHOVELS. de —4O dos 87Mdes and Sho
t:" val., 40 do Manure Forks, 103 do Grain Itaborala,
do tioeket do, rboo., Hatchet,, Mattocks and Picks,
liMlours, Vice., hr. . for sale ou manufacturer. pnras,
b'y mat. f. 71.0 COCiIBAN, t mood
pRINTINC, 113—An roaortmqifrir
dcari SCHOONuAng 4,44