The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, December 11, 1848, Image 1

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LPH , TritltAr
et I r 11 - ,T, -1
A Woo. eenttentssum and YOF
,hterehosts, he.. returned to theis old
nee Trent streets, .Inttsbu .b. co=
intizsztts 111.1 " 30.2 ) Wlxolcule and
n itetail eu, lM :
unr os,...eormyr of Libe rt y sod St. Clai rtra
CULBLtirESON, Wholesale Grocers,
R and Commission Iderobatda, No. 145, Liberty st_,
Piuslough. Pa.
TD •d FAIDITSTOCII ea, Wholesale and Re
/le lall'lllruegista, totner Wood and Osh sts. jyl
BAG A LEV W. taunt, Wholeasle Grocers, 18 and
SO Wood street Pittsburgh.
A.:ifidNITLTY ik CO., Forwardingand Com.
1 4...1. salmon Merchants, Canal Bruin, Pittsinugh
- • inctal
yLiWAX.T. k..GEBILART, Wholesale Groce.. deal.
actin Pmdaeo and Pluab . trgl) Mitunf.turu, cur•
of benr ' , and et, 'Weir' Pt. Idol?
Y and Hand eta, 1713.1rarit
AIL 11. LTOtun, Wl= J. WINSITT.
ENUJASH et [JENNE*, (late English, Gallagher
Cre)Whial.ale Unions, Coramustan and Par-
Warding Merchants, and dealers in Produce and Pius
trargh Manufactures, No. 37 Wood at, between vd and
3d streets. oat
r 1 . 0 RIMY & Co., Wholesale °rovers and
,omtamion Merchants, and Agents for !Ingham
n Yams, No. 67 Water, and lOn Front sta., Pnts...
tomb, Pa- !eh.)
9/ntLABILEiI., LONO lc KILLER, 13011 and Braes
Pounders and U. Fitters, lUD Pront, beta een
sod and Smithfield streets, Ptusbusgh, Pa.
;1 , ,, , : - , Arr.,Fpfliesr snipe given for old Copper sad Rh..
CIEOROE COCHRAN_ ,Cecomaission 'and Foiirs" ..
NZ" Merehaal, No. 2I) Wood street Pianburgh. my
• 111/I.IIIALD, Haltiroore.
:A. 3. 1=2103, IDWAILD lULALD phil a tr a ,
D. C. DeCllll3lO3l, iCILLA WASID/1,
• IIDrEALD & DUCKNOR, Tobacco Cosomisaion Ma
JLL chants, 41 North IV star .t, k 16 North Whary
YYYhita. n0v3641
acriLARY MUNDT, Mite and Red Lead Alma
faetarer, Para an d Oil Alerebanx, center of Lit,
and O'Hara au. Pinsbarab. jela_
F. 11.1111111311,11 ,
OIWYTH k DUNCAN, Forsvordi.;iii4 - Co - clinn,
Rion klerchents, No. 31 Fiat meet, Patabragh,
rAR DICKEY & On, PTholirtale Grocers. Com
tniAJssion Iderchnnts, end dealers in Produce, NO.. SG
otter. and lin Front streets. PlUsburgit. novS
TULIN U. RANKJN, 'tummy and Counsellor at Law
and Commissioner for the State of Pennsylvania
81.Lbois, No., (lazi at Piusbrugh.)
Rxrintaaras.—Pinsburgh: lion tV Forward, Homy-
Inn & hillier, WCandless tr. 111 , Clara, John E. Parke,
Bissells N Semple, M'Cord& King. jel•ttly
!Out scovr & Co, Wiwi/W
al e Grocers, For word
jog and Commission Mcrehonte, Deers to V
, two and Piltsbargh Manufactures, No, 7 tbecooerete
' _deco
Woe!, near the exusol, Puisburglt, Po.
- - - -- - -
=Bars 8 .MeGUIRE, iltdo of tho firm of AA. wtd
MeGuire,) blerchant Tailor, IR. Chain. Raiding.,
Third , - • near W. • • Pitutburgh.
TAMES A . livrcillsom Co.—Sozeresors
44/ Lewis Ilutehleon CO Commission Alerchtmts.
'dad:Agents of the SL Gni* Thema Sugar
Eito..;lll water andOS Sent rueere,Pitiebnith.
OLIN 8. DlELWOBM—Wbolasale Grocer, •
i •
e.od Commission Mc ta o. ant; No. v, Wood a
Itatourrh. iaat
LOHN D. fdORGAN, Wholesale Draggist, road deal
er ia_Dye Staffs, Paults,.oils, Varrushes,/se., No. oa
ured, one door South of Diamond Alley, Pius.
TAMES KERB, Jr, & Co., (successor to Joseph
22 . :32aldsiEttup Chandie_sr 36 Water street. .31
TWIN 21. =Lo, WhOleiale'and Ratairdcaler
411. in Atosio and Mud.' Instruments, School ltoo.,
Paper, Slates, Steel Pe., Quills, Printers' Cards, and
Stationary generally,No. 91 Wood Pittstrorgh.
IV:EDP bought or taken is trade. sepl3
SCHOONMAXER fr. Co., Vl7.lusale Druggista,
No: 24 Wood street, Pittshrilait.
1011 N DA/dViS, dheihmeee, comer sth and Woo./
11 wow, Puslari.d.
I 1 - 01511 4 T0N d. STOCICTON, Booksellers, emmers
111/1 tad Paper thmufeetwers; No. 44 Markat .1., M.
4. . h. JO
in Pro-
duce, Pittsburgl V ldanufaltn " ree,;l 4 ;l ai jes T
art y No. Putsburg poiS
.102111•110 TD,
yFLOYD,FIoyd fr. el;ly) Whol er a
• Grocers, No. WI Liberty street. sra
ieAMR; DALZELL, Wholesale Grocer, Commission
illerchani,and dealer in Produce and Pursburgh
strthrerermi. N 0.34 Water at-, Pittsburgh. Isola
t /DMZ, Porwasding and Commission Nor
Lca chanty Dealers in Pembina wad Pituburgh mann
tared articles, Canal Basin, near 7th at.' thU
estualELLlVisullassZre. of
all .1.
IZAWRar, Sheer, Boiler Inn of the Luna
guilty. Wanton., S 4 wean end LOS from s+.
Tsla. •
iSt4VATEBSI.,S.N_ Wissleasiles Groecr,Feneerd.
alsekas blerahanNAsaler to
' 1.417er of a,?1,1°.1.ric.".
/EMI aalom, am 112117003.
i_i" — arelie,lM. harro_,N wba,..1.7 —. l / 2 - poe.
wantmg and Commission blerclimus, dealers in
rodeos and Pitishiugh lianalletarea r .Nom 0 and WS
i r oodimr.ridithdOth• febMi.
MGRPHY, WILSON & CO., (lane Jones, Murphy &
' Co . ) Wholesale Dealers in Dry Goods, Do. 4a
Wandmsest r Prigsburgh. norms
IiarURPRY a LID.;Wir - arilers and doo - 7 - 1 'mtuuTia
.1.1.1; Morehmts Dr the sale of AJllttie. Wooden
Goode, Liberty street, apposite Fifth. . novaS 1y _
MLIES - WDTIIERS tr. C0., - Cmaininsion tiler
okanis, Philadelphia, for th e sale of produse ge
I. . Mend advances made on cormignments.
eall. D. 1t 3 011.1.. 117#.1..= C. WI.
[COLL& ROE, Wholesale Greeerierul Comma
luau blossbattlx, No. 194 liberty st., Piusburgb_
AS. 1010411., EICOCK.
& Commission and Forward/n6, iVater and Front am, bottreen
boa and Martel .to. find
ILL/11. i. 123
RIOXETBON, Makkah, Onsects u .41
L Ccalmission Plarchants, I.2ll,Libertnat..,
BO +- & SON, No. 55 Market st., second
door from center of Fourth, dealers in Foreign
and Domenic Bills of Fachange, Certificsaesof Depos
it, Bank Notes and Specie.
irrVollections mad on all the principal utics
' • • bout the United States. dect7
101:1EIST 1.10 • Wholesale Grocer Rectifying
Died*, dealer Produce, Pinatrorilt Manufac
tures, and all kinds of Foreign' and ..Dornutie Wines
aadtkoon,Tio. II liberty' creel. ,On band a very
vrilibboosof super io r
old-Mon o f r oreia I. rilwia -a/1&17.
Kr51.4.14,D T. I... Mat, Jr., importer sad Dealer m
esa4n and Domain Saddlery Hardware and
Trimmings, of ell deseriptians, No. alt Wood
Pittsbargh. mr.r,
111CLIARD BARD, Wholcoalo and , Rclail Dealer in
a Loather, Morocco, Shoeinokeri' Tooio And Find
gop, Tau/sere anti Cullers'Tools, acid Torino& Oil,
No. 100 Wood It; Pittsburgh.. scpl2
CAN • Id IL 404 -
WALINSOI . I 4t. Co,Wloluale Grocers, Produce
aid Couusituieu Mershatuss audDeurers to Pius-
Pa 11 ittsnufattures, No. tthi Liberty at, Pittsburgh..
n •I' LIALZELL ft Co, Wholesale Grocers,
Coningssion and Forwarding Merchants, dealeg
Praline* and Final/arab Maindaelarea, E bony tr.
h, Fa. , feb34
A. $ ' IQ' ' .oleaala , 7ocer,
I Dub= is Puodnee anal Plasataarghllaliassutres,
o.l44.Libeny jyl9
!sr:louts, J.
EYNOLDSEISITEM; Twirlinglnrand Commies/on
Alervhents, for the Allegheny River Trade, deal
.'.:egyfilsk-Groecriers, Produce, Iltlabtugh Matutfactura.
- . listiOlilorighl of LIMO.
Thelighciitpricen, cask ped at all tines for coon
4: Corner of Peon awllrmo at. jan2l
gt„ Huhn ISM '"bal dealer In dry goods
1.0 • . & Wood% hoots t sboes, Pittsburgh reseal . .tared
041tALittrtnIt . lusltegb ._!_t pc s
SWholesale aud Retail Howlers
Lis atilliutur hoods, Lases, Hosiery awl Fancy
.drdele No. 46 Markel woe; hi door above Thild
hittsbu k. KAN
1..; mUcluariT, • • vi100..2.• worm
ZA: stu LEITT h. WHITE, Wialesale Dealer. In
and Doutestio Dry Ci0n4t.,180.90 Wood st.
IL&RBAUGH, Wool Merellanta,
10/. lu Flour and Pmcloce generally, and Forwarding
eac h Ooandssion Moroloutts, No. SI Water Pas.
Ilargb. • . _
Wasiak. times:, mad
eth, ;Trill side, Philadelphia.
7 / 4117 ~/IblNlcOL&Pioaagi, com.
- - judgaii.t.bAnb,,pip.:o - . ..4,Arni at., Pitthburgh.
O BONNBORST, & Co., • sleuths um-
Mier rh&Whili sint Commission hierchurts,
ht Pittsburgh hittg_
snolletures mai 'Maoist Pm.
amSuiveresucired Ortimirmois witreloonse, ( old sued)
Nu corm of Front st and obuisery Lane.
& . , " • Grocery end I.4.ruros
slat ideretiatUto, sad dealer. la Produce: No. 24
'eatet: Pittibartk. ps.l3
Vtaac h austerim Amu 71taturtut whiten. and
ptoatria~ass, at the saes of Wm- E. Ants
Mist • Whams, Uh s Pitttbargk. My NM
land othesias W rplitttend to
are free of stpsztee.
raCrikleCANP. LEW, tetteeessoro to I ar:J. A
'Wlek,LVirioNsak Wooers, Forwarding and
Ottotidesicla itioratoutta, dealers in iron, Nada, Gl.o
. , bolo* Tnts,oad Pittsburgh hiarturacturee giolorallYs
, 01.140. Of Woad sad .Watet .tirtels, Plusbuot o
Adarsiato, No. p 0 From st. between! 'Woodtab%
Nr.V. wail-Lam, /du vo. • • Mal .1 , ..1.
. kw sotablishatsati No.llo LLhelte st, utte r the
ClUtal. • =alga
‘NT hi OARKA — kb, Neale' It. Pam, Old simple
T y pkg , Quads, No. Pr Market strut, Pizabargh.
TNT • W WILSON, kasha. In Watchas, Jewelry,
TT (Lunar Weis, Military Goods, Ile, No, uWm
ASS st. " nsn7
R. irtaPHY,Wboo4uie Zanta — atilsiliTrin
yocsiga I Pomo* Dry Gdodghottli out
. honor of Matta and Youth us;
,mo dstL
asst.ache, _ M. a. ihtsont.
C YOUNG 00 , 4 141 001 in Ihuhhr hid" kr.
,10hAbarty . .
, I tito . •7.N .24 '• 'Muth,
C. Wholesale Oreliiesa sad
11011=1 in Oils, Boat Store, arid - Manila Mau
i, , asdidas, have on Mad, st tims, • full and
Palma niscollusin lf=thdif Yin, Water sice;
iffigAcrx, aat
_ .
~,............,...—_,-,..,.......-,,,,i,,,,---"--3.,,Fmmt---.......,..Ftp,,,-.m.v.'4,.....--,,,tAcs.----,....,----------------------:- ------"'" ------ - -t'"----- '''''-'"-"'"'-''''''''---'—r'—'"-----"'—'"'"---
Y .;' I ;!..,.:4,1t.., ,i li'jt _ • : .—, ~.------ ''. ".:""'. •,••• - '''' 3 " ''. 4.— ' - i -, '''
ir ' .....,....,..
~ t •, , N
. ...: „.
... . ; .
. .... .
~.,,,, ~
JalllY hl. TONIMBEND, Draggiat wad Apothecary.
No. 0.5 - Market at., throe doors above Thirdet. Pitts
burgh, will have constantly on hand a well selected as.
sortment of the best and freshet' bfedloineswideb he
will sell on the mob renammble terms. Playsieteb.
sending order., will be promptly emended to, and sup
plied with articles they
cPmayrelyzen enufrr.Pl4cdtm ft tht te ' l, ". rlti ..e
pae io at rlaatlur
the day or night
Also for sale, a bugs stock of (rah sod good Perin.
mery. }ant
Monongahela Livery Stable.
HOHF.HT H. PA'rrEILSON has opened
- jai% the larga noble on First st, running through
SR& to Seconds:, between Wood and Southfield
aka., in the rear of the Monongahela House,
with an entirely new stock of Horse. and Carnage* of
the best quality and latest styles. Horses kept at hve
ry io the qeat =outer. lymly
ha.1111. - E - WORKS o i WWI/ sT., rirrSHUHlikl.
. .
E.. WLIALI2II4I, . .
CeIIit7I.NI.TFS to manufacture Monumente, Burial
Vaults, Tombs, Head SUincs, Mantel Pieces, Cen
tre and rrei . ors of foreign and domestic marble, at
• regular and fate pries.
N. IL- Drawimre for utonumeute, vaults, /re. famish
ed, of any descoption. He solicit, a share of,publie
patronage — attgAdif
- --
WILLIAM SMITH, Manufacturer of - Cotten and
colored Linen, Fringes for Dretses, Sc., Setring
Silk and colored Cotton Fringes for silk and goigham
Pararolo Rimy, Mohair, and Silk Bullion Fringes.
made to order on the shortest notice.
Stoat corner of Maiden Lena and William. entrance
No SS William salves. third door, over Abner & My.
store. No G 5 Maiden Lan. New Vora)!('
XATTItIA• C ow. r. recut, nine warm.. sr
1.1.0011 recta, raua WM. JIXI3II. LIJA;
.. • ..
c thIPSON,LEAKK STANGER k. manufacto•
re of Vista Bottles, and Window Glass, keep
constantly on ban d a general assortment of the above
articles. Also, make to order a superior B/llClet of
Mineral or Soda-Water Bottles, of colored glass. No.
16 Wood st. Pittsbarah, Pa. augfll•ent
Baddlere tronmongerf, llamas and Coach
Noss, Door Hair, Varnish, to. to.,
}VII No. 11r.1 WOOO P 177101310.
, .I_, near Wood—All quantities of Green and
c Mack Teas, done up In quarter, halt nod
na pound packages, reefing from IN eta. per pound
SEUL al A. JAYNES., Agt for Pekin 'ren Co.
Dtigneasse — fipalwg.:lLWlii, — iiiiel and lion
COLEMAN, HAILMAN Ir. Co, manufacturers of
. Coach and Eliptic Springs, hammered Axles,
Spnog and Plough Steel, Roo, ho. 'razed.. on
Winer and Flout streets, Pittsburgh.
Also, dealers in; Coach Trimmings and Malleable
Castings. octl2
"kt BLCKMAKVER, A tna.asta sr—Othcc„ Fourth or.,
11third door above Striithbeld, south side.
Cr:noeyenetng of all kinds done with the greatest
care an d legal accuracy.
to Real listate examined, &c
{IT a,. M. MITCI46I.TREE, Wholesale Grocers
Rectifying Distillers, and Wine and Lgue,
Morehalos. Also, Importers or nods Ash and Bleach
ing Boarder, No. 160 Liberty sieve., Pittsburgh, Ps.
TOtIN FINNEY, Jr., Apia et Pmahargh (or the Dol
t! airtime Alumni Safety Insurauct Company of Phila.
adolphm. Fare Etat. upon buddings and marchandrse
or mery description, and Marine Risk. upon hulls or
cargoes of vessel., Laken upon the most favorable
DU— Office In the Warehouse of W. B Roams h. Bro.,
N 0.37 Wane, veer Market street, haat - alga.
N. EL—The Wee!. of thin I:0111par! VALIte the mad,-
lishfocut of the Agency in thu coy, with the prompt
ness and liberality with ostach every clean upon them
for lom haa been adjusted, fully warrant the agent in
Malang the confidence mat patronage of his friends and
the communtty at large to the Delaware N. S. Insu
rance Company, sable a has the additainal advantages
at an instintuon among the mom dourtstimg in
plan—as hartug an ample paulaa capital, wtuch by the
Opera.= of itschance is comm.:My incretuung. m
yielding to each perwm mewed his dud share Cl the
profd• of the company, without tOrolvlng bun In any
respoinubi a lig 'slimmer, and thererbre as poamming
the Mutul prinerple divested of every ohnostous ma
ntis, and in its roost attrar.tive form. Inon4
ruts D MARIA 311 - 1311171rd - 11i C
liE. Inastranee Company of North Antenna, uarough
as duly authorized Agent, the aubmnbez, °dere
make an and limited lm uraucc 014 property. to
this city and its aiming, and an shipments by the Ca
nal and Rivers.
11.nhur G Coffin,
Saat'l W. Jones,
Jacob tiLThonitaa
John R. Ned,
ktichard U. 'Wood,
Wm. Welsh,
S. /cumin alliboue,
REMIT D. Sroximuni,
This is the oldest Insurance Company in the United
States, having been chartered in 1794. Its charter is
perpetual, and froso its high standing, long experience,
ample mesas,and avoiding all risks of an extra has.
anions character, it may be 'considered as °daring =-
pit security to the public. W. P. JON - 1:.
At thetomtidg Room of Atwood, Jones a 'Co., %Vo
ter and. Front streets Putabargh. onsyS
John A. Brown,
John White,
Thanes P. Cpe,
Samuel F. Smith,
Simnel Brooks,
vasarsz.ut PULE 12181MANCE CO.
HE Franklin Ma Insurance Company, of Philnstal
-1 phis, s on n
Insurance, permanent and litented
on every deseripunn of property, tn Futaburpfh and the
iv:mounding cannily., en favorable terms. am com
pany has a perpetual Mumer.
Capttal, 1,100,000 paid in.
Contingent Fund 11-50U,uUD '
Office come, of Third arid:Market rtreers, l'ltucburgh.
apllllU WARRICK ALARTIN, Agettt.
. ..
TIE undersigned, duly authorised Agent orthe Muer
lean Fire insurance company of Pluladelpiiis,
qyqontinnes in effect insurance against loss or damage
dgainai lire, on buildings, merchandiza, furniture and
p operiy, not extra bar-anions, in this city and vicinity
ap44 tIEU COCtlx_AN. 0, ~.-...i•t
r Low boon appointed Agent pro
tem. Maio insurance Company oi North Airier. a,
and grill issue Policia. Aid attend to the other ',ad.,- is
of the Agency, at the warahowo of Atwood, Jon... A
tiNz api2 IYDL P Jr/NY:P. axvr .t
tio,ftsSosnto .:..1 Yo. 117 Sala Water 't
BEMS to iota= the • risita cud deders generally, of
Pitistaregtt,thattbey base made stub arrangemente
anti? . the V isigsnia manaracturere and: the growers of
the West, Wes. 10de.., 0101 caber places, no will Insure
• large and constant dimity of the following delwrip
tions of Tobacco, which win be sold upon as accom
modating tams its au) other Imo.< In this city or else
where, wed all gasada ordered iron. them will be P.-
rented equal to representation:
Haven't St. Doentogo; Cam.:
Yarn; Porto Rico; Pentia; Seed Leaf to.
Cabs; !gains; & Florida; inter.;
ALSO—Branch's celebrated Aromatic Slag Caves.
dish, with a large assortment of ether popular brands,
and qualities orpOands, ss, Pa, Ws, In. aid .c.s. , Lump;
54, 6, es and las Plum . Ladies , Twist, V legman Taut,
&e., sweet and in whole and haltboses, wood
and tin, together with every Timmy of article ',long
ing to the trade. • jell by
- -
Produce,. couucaudou and Forvar&rding
No- 02 Noma WrisAvzs, Ann 12D Vt'srrs Sr ,
Rem To—John lL BroSrn & Co.
Robes Steen & Co.
Bereroft, Reeve, k Co.
Smith, Bagaley & Co. PhiLLlelphie.
Allen & Parton, New York.
Walters & Hervey, Bellmore.
Llagsiey &Sminti,
Barbridge,Wilson &Cu , mborgh.
Badey, Brown & Co.
Kier & Jones,
Jg.. liberal cash advanc e,on eonsigrern sr z t to s one
And alumna Commission Merchants,
N. 13 Berm Warn Seam.,
REFERENCES—Henry Graff & Co, Ptabergh.
, Rodman b. Shellock,
S. Schooley & Son,
A. M. January, Ideyardle.
Chatlea Bashona, Jr., Loairrille. •
Dunn., Humphreys & Co.
Mercer, Jiro. &1.70. Phl•lorPla
Reed & Brother,
aptdly Man & Consinery, New "wt.
/ADM D. mantsts., casuals WTD.TODWWD.
7 48 88 .51 it, Satirs saclanarar, ctunanart, yfno.
--- mnraz -
c0..1.10. and Forwarding Merchant.
so. % WOOD tr., errenscass,
rIONTINUFN to transact a general Commission bun
k/ new, especially In the purchase and sane Amen.
can IdenuOntares and Produce, and in receiving and
forwarding Geodreensignedlojils care. As Agent for
the 7darteseptict, he 'will he eahstantly supplied with
the principal !uncles of Pittsburgh Mannfiwinre al the
lowest Wholesale prices. Orders and cOnsarrintenis
ate respeatfally solicited. 107
Iron, lIaIL, Cotton yarns & Pittsburgh
Diennibeiterse generally,
se. 10 iriXtD ..1171X17, 111113 tiles, rA.
Forwarding Inert bunt, Browas, l lle, Pa.
tit-Attends ptre4ruly to the Po prrardrog of Produce,
tr.e. ar
For, any in&aforatiOlir ./t/T to FORSYTH & CON.
CAN, Water .119
Noa tOS and 1117 SaterilsWeirst,
Rkrammcers—hierellants of Pittsburg&
Wheeling, Vae—lL Crangle & Co, markr-nam
E big takau as aline immediately opposite to
oar burnt warekonse, for the present, where We
tnauet bllibleSS ul/511•1, Oath6lloll house eau
beinedied, arrangemenus haeug already been made
for dump:wpm &ran . will always be La readiness at
ear wharf to memo fregta
apt Canal liasakillowve sl
• =cation patti 'its the sale e(hVoid, and liber
al advances nada on comegnmenul.
Corner f Wood Iva Flft/t Streets.
D ARTICIII.AR attention paid w our Revel Trade.
I Gentlemen r an rely upon getung their Item and
Caps from oar esmolialonent of the Baal 11.11talau and
ani.lo4.oanattr, of the urns STYLES, and at the LOWEST
Country Merchants. purchasing loy wholesale. are
respectfully invited to aail and examine our Stock, as
we can say synch confidence tha t as regards quia,a,
nod ram, a will not surfer in a romparmon with any
inure in Philmlelplua. feta:
subscriber is now reet•ing from the
city of New York , a rho., asrtment
of Dais, Caps and Muff... latest (mations, great varie
ty and vary cheap, wholesale and retail.
4 roll Fashions for 1848.
41. 1
ItIeCORD & Co• •
ILATtt Woo., & tagJ
.„ Saturday. Angulo 'Ma., th.
tdY ,OO, Sant, lust redetved from New York
Thow in want or a neat and beautiful hat. are invited
ro call at their met., corner ot Fifth and Wood streets.
. . .
DRALRRS are touted wt e..raottoa R It.
PAL:ik:IPS stock of Straw lioods, of thy
stable do; Autorkean do do.
Pearl do, toburg do;
Rutland do, French Pace; Face{ ke
H A TS—Leg horn, Palm Leaf. Paouna, Your,. Straw,
do Brud. Rolland thud, Pedal do.
Also, Artifietal Flowers. Rtbhons, &re. Struve Ikon.
tiet Warehnocc.% market .t. opal-
Chula, Tsylot,
Ambrose Whoe
To Country Itorohaato.
A LARGE STOCK of School Book*, Paper, Statsou
ary, .ouoblo for country taloa; among winch
Wriung Papers, of him, medium and common quit . .
Letter Paper dap ' do di,
Nob do do
Nau L Letter Envelopes; do do
Slates. Pencils. W afer,Aguills and Steel Peas;
Window Paper Iyard wide) plain and pnwnd:
Bonnet Rourd, of different qualities,
Blank Books, in great variety;
Rich.] and Pocket Bibles;
UrOVI/13, median, and double crown wrapping paper,
blefinte's Eclectic Spellers and Reeder,
Ray's kklectie Andustetiy,
Cadib , s Primers, !Vellum and Readers;
Sanders' do do do
Arithmetic, by Adams., Buviii,Colburn, Smith, Stock
ton. Emerson. and others.
rieT,°lliTgVdYolietnich'lL Obey,
Sm" 4,
Grammars, by Smith, Kirkham. Bullion, Weld, and
others. For laze at low mins, by
II Mk:Ll.oa,
SI wood et, 3 doors above, IM
lughest market prae-e paid for good muted rage
m rash.
PLANFfrARV a SiTPLI.Act WOD.L.D . 3.—A Repo
lar exposition of the yeti dist-overt.. and theo
nes of modern utrononsyi by 0 M Mitchell, a s Di
rector of the lUtionnou Dithers-story.
Headley's Italy. Alps and Rl:enc.—Letters from Italy.
the Alps sod the Rhine. by J T ilaailley, &ether of Na
poleon and hi. Marshall, Wardoomon and Ins Lieu,-
ath, In. Ness and revised editron.
liirattaties of Coal —The Geographical Lod Geo
cal &muumu. of Mineral Combustible• or fotn tool,
uicluding also. Soiree. luabues of the rano.
minend bitummious anhatrumes employed in aroi and
mannfacrurea, illustrated by Mapa end Magnolia; ac
companied by nearly SW manatical tables, and 1.100 an
alyses of utnieral combo/nil/lea, /cc prepared by Ruth.
ud Crawling Taylor.
Jun received a few copies acerb of dm above work..
,for vale by JOHIiSIVJN k STocim".
/Y 8 Bookaallere ear market d.. 11 at,.
.1.1 by J. A. lc U. P. JAMES, Cominnew, the following
new and valuable Works--:
Dortiphan's Expoddion--Co' otanunF a Werth of the
life of C01.•A.. W. Letuphani, Letruineat to Nev.
Mexico, Gee. Koarney'a Overland Erpethtion to Ott,
Conriai Dontphants Campanro agatnal the Nan uor, and
Ina par al leled March upon Chihuahua and Oorntt-o.
and the Oporanons of Oen. I,fnea !Noma Fe, wan .
yj::lrynT I lugho c.
A " "
let liegioeot of Minoan Ca
History of Kentucky—lts Antiquities and Niltarsi
Curuntutes, Geographical Statistical and Geological
descriptions with anecdotes of PiunceiaLife, and more
than u to hundred Biographies/ Sketches of distinguish.
ed Pioneers, Soldiers, Statesmen, Jurists, Lawyers, La
vin's, he., illustrated with (tiny env:wit:lir, by Lewis
Collura, I vol. octavo.
The Twelve Months' Volunteer, or Journal of • Pri
vate m the Tenuesisee !regiment of 'avalrv, in the
Campaign of dlegico, during 1b46-47,ena amine WI ac
count et the March of the Hegtment to Vera Crus, •
downpuon of the Country pw•ed over; manners, cur.
tom., he. of the people; Sketehes of Camp Lac; lie
counts of all the scubas of:other Voiantees Regtoiriont,
and a full Hlstory of the AUX.. War; List , ho
led and Wounded, he; illustrated by . l a , r. n..thor of
entOtttmeet vte~s Col PinnlU by rho. C. Fortier, I volume
octavo. dee!
Blow Papas mad Boo.k — EstaWfisbaiont; -
70 Woos. So. arrwixa Fount. Aso) Hu.wtrou
subscrtbers have just opened, at the above
1. • need, ge lar stark of dafercut qualities ruled and
plain white andblua Writing and Letter Paper, com
mercial and paeket post Plot Cap, demy •ad medium
wsiting papers, far blank books; medium and royal co
lored Prlnting Papers; medium, demy sad cap Lay
Books had Ledgers ' supertor paper and best Eutern
binding; School Hoalts of all kinds; standard works in
Theology and Sciences, 1,A11111., gold and steel Pens.
Wafers, Wag, Bill Files, he. he.
Blink Books of attains ruled to pattern, homed
in the most substantial manner.
. .
Countrylferchants supplied at lowest wholesale prt•
ens for cult, or rags at cash prices.
/Olt PRINTING.—Having •Job oftlee In connection
with oar establutheneht, we are prepared to execute all
orders for plain and limey Printing—hooka, pamphlets,
circulars, business cards, bills *finding, fee. with des
patch and at low pnees. ELLUYTT & I . :N(11.18N;
.yS to wood b etween 411 aired diamond alley.
VEW 0 - 110 - WZlYeoe - Cromwell, by )71' lleidley
„IS Power of the Pulpit, by Gardiner Spying, D D.
Bethel Plug, do do
Jacobus on Gospel., Matthew, with Harmony;
Lee... Skakepeare, vo le;
Path of Life, or Sketches of the Way to Glory sod
Footsteps of Ildes•whi
The Convent; by author of School Girl in Ponce;
Now and Then, by Wsrren,
fiketches le mane, on Parablnn and Alone lent;
lielstoro Waltman to the tqrangeri
Heaven upon Earth;
Hawkaton, a tala er and for England: 2 vole.
Fur rule I,y
IVEW LIOGIGS—Juat received worn tho poblirher,
11 end for .In at the Melamb. Boos Store, 4th ta,
near Wood. Tupper. Prorerbtal I'hio ophy. tn three
styles of binding; 0 beautaul book Mr a present.
Preparation for 'herniae..
Sketches of Sermons on the Parables and Miracles
of Christ, by the author of the ,l'ulptt Cyclopedia-3m
sketch. ' The English Pulpit; collection of ser
mons by the moat eminent living divine* of England.
Altsuaruse Vota.—Doing Good, Chianti Lore, Lov
e.t thou me, Sacred ?decimate... myth
iyH th
E PATRIARCHAL ADE; or e History and
Religion of Mankind, isoht the Creation to the
eath of lwac: Deduced from the wriungs Mows,
cud other inspired authors; and illustrated by copious
reference. to the evtleitt records, traditions, and my-
Otology °film Heathen World—by (eo eolith, F. D.A.
Charms and Counter-Charms, by Miss hrintosh. A
fresh supply of tlus rery . pogular little work.
Orators of the American Revolution, by F. L. Ma
goon, with Portraits: I eoi, 14 mo.
Parley'. Cabling Library, for families or reboots. tk
volumes, It rno, with espionage. Tide is a new work.
For sale by it HOPKINS, -
sepia Apollo Buildings, 4th st
Jikh:K'S 111.71'AN V —Heftily of the United States
north of Vignola. comprising deseripuons of the
dowenitg and fcro-like piano. hitherto found in those
rimer, arranged mucording to the untund system.
Walt • synopsts of the Genets aceotdms to the Lill
mean system; a si etch of the rudiments of Iditasy t and
a glossary of toner by Lewis C. Heck, tI. D., ?ro(
Chemistry and Natural History in Ituiser's
New Jersey, in. ie. Second edition, reaised and en
larged. For sale by
AISLARTINE7B UlRONDWTS—flisiory.of the Ga
il rondlata; or, •Pareord klenrolra of the Patriots ot
'ad Prenth ReNrofeitton—fro m tuipublishoNS simmer: by
Alphay. de 1.11031V11111. Complete in dame volumes: ,
, Lnintillitloll. A fresh , supply .of,thie popular
work reeeried fhb, day and for sile •
JOHNSTON A. mica - run.
Bookman., ear imaket sautAimas
- -
Blain., Pa
couniies, Pa. Refer to
J. & R. Floyd, Liberty et.
W. W. Wallace, do
Morahan do Pittabarah.
dly y ts Co., Wood st. j sanl
• - • - ' -"'
T B. BWEITZLR. Attorney at I.ese, Mace 3d st..
e opposite Sq. Charles Hovel. Plushorgh, ortll 611.0
attend promptly to Collections, 111 IVuhington, Payette
(;nett counties, P.
Blaekonek. & Co.,
Church & Carothers,} TO
D T, Morgan, tan4lig
J. 11P.NRY, Attorne)• and Coancellor uYaw,
Cineinnuti, Ohio. Collerttons in Southern Odin
and in Indiana, and in Kentucky, promptly and eare•
fully attended to. 'Commissioner for the State of Penn.
)Iyanin, for taking Depotitions, acknowledgment..
foe. &c.
TO—llon. Wm. Bell & Ron, Curtis Chorea d
Carothent, Wm. liars, Esq. ' lock & David 415
H. W. WILLIAMS, WW. stun&
WILLIANIS & (aneeessors to Lowrie and
NVlllinmg.) Attorneys and Counsellors lat L.
Office ‘orrh aide of Fourth street, above itatithfirld.
JAIF- , F. KERR, Attorney at Lew. Bakevedll'e
Building. Brunt street. neatly oppoette the Vaunt
. augh
1 imam. sawitm.
TIL'ALOP k SEWELL, attorney at Law, Others on
Smithfield, between Id and_ath
- - ,
°AWARD S NVARTZWV:LBER, Attorneys a r '
Law. have removed their other to the South side o'
Fourth at., between Cherry Alley and Brant street
O. 11. ROBINSON. Attorney at Low. has re-
T - moved his office to the Exchange lituldmats St.
eluded next door to Alderman Johns. apt 7ty
SAMUEI. W. BLACK. Attorney at Law. °Mee on
Fourth street, near Grant, Pittsburgh.
-41 THE subscriber, in addition to his own
maitufnetanng of Hats has made arrange
111.• with M Daiwa 1. Co. like moot
fashion .lo able hatters of the oily of New Co. ,
(Of a reg•
alas supply °ibis extra fine Silk Hata. and havinajust
received a few easen, gentlemen can be soiled with a
very neh and benuttici‘bat by railing at ids new Mm
sad Cap Store, timithLeld .11.051, second done south of
Fourth, where may be found a areakvariety Of Hata
and Caps of his own manufaciuse, oWesale and rev
tail. Hats made to outer on short under.
Fa(Soceesior. to NECoril King r )
shionable Hatte's,
t•ttruth field xt, tld door south ot Le
muurr &
7s Wood end 66 warn. sis
LOGAPI & ..lEp-NNEDY have this day associated
with them in the Hardware business, Philip Nal
, son and Edward Gregg. The sty le of firm will here
after be Logan, Wilson & Co. This arrangement ren
ders It desirable to close the old basinel• as soon so
possible. MI persona whose liabilities have ofmturwl,
are especially requested to =lre immediate payment .
Pittsbarah, Jan 1, 1848.
r OGAN, Wll.llOB & CO.—lmporter. and
_kJ Wholestde Dealers in Foreign and Domestic Hard
ware, Cutlery, Suldlery, /cc., 199, Wood street, Pitov
lturgh,gatc now fully prepared with arecenUr impor
ted stock of Hardware, Cutlery, Ac.. to otter very great
inducements to western Mayers, being disco:mined to
compete in prices lysh any of the Atlantic eines. Al
so on band au extenalde assortment of Pittaburph Hard
ware, viz: Shovel., Spades. Forks, Hoe., Vie, de.
all or winch will he sold at the lowest truwolbeturer.s
prne.. Ant
00-PA • Al • Rg.-..
ALTHE mbscr.bers having recent; i entered Into
par - owning, under the name of Gal aglicr. 100 g.
& Miller, fest the purpose of carrying on the Bell
mid Urns. Founding and Om Fitting busmees in
all us brunches, hove taken the stand formerly oven.
pied by H. Gallagher, Nu. 109 Front street, between
Wood and SmitlaGeld stn., whore they are prepared to
.ecuts all orders tor Bells, Brass Lading., of every
desenrettin, and Ga. P.ltings with neatness and des
patch. Steamboat robbing promptly attended to.
P. H. mir.Lim_
. .
. and
N. 11.—The attention Nlachtutstsengineers i*
Invited to our anti-attraction metal, for a reduced price.
winch hoe been pronounced superior td Bobbie&My
numbers who have u*ed both. Steamboat budder* ind
the public, generally, are al.o requested to tall and ex
atMlie or
suportor double hetion Force Pump*.:for
steamboat and domestic um.
partnership under the hrtw of
liCorti h. King, consent dissotied
on the Ist not. The hess be closed en the hid
.turd 14, either of ~ using the nettle of the brio for
that purpose. !king desirous to have our bustn?ss
closed with as dole delay o. poinottle we wonid co.
.11pectfully request those todetned to rah and settle
their accounts. JOHN D. Nucutill.
ia29 H. Lt
JOIN D. NICORD having asnooneed with hint his
brother James hl`Cont. under the style of filiCord
k. Co.. will eouunu, the Hat, Cup and Fur busmen. an
all tie verious branches. wholesale and retail, at the
aid mend, corner of \Vood and Sth streets, where they
itcheh a continuation of the patronage be libeniliy ba
stowed on the o. firm. JOHN 1) IAVOILD.
jaitts JAMES S. API - ORD.:
11rourtng from the oid and well known firm. of
NlVord ft King, I most respoettlly recommend to
the patronage of the public nay succesaors, Messrs
Nl:cord &Co. mdfi- It. D.
Co—Ports. catnip Notice. . _
NV. STEPHENS of Wheeling, F. F. Shiteuberger
of Juniata, and J A. Stoekton of Pittsburgh, have
thia day entered nine co-partneratup under style Sod
firm of Stephens, Shoenberger A. Co, at the Anchor
iron works, Wheeling. V. . tor the purpose of manu
facturing iron and nails of every description.
W RTZPRENS., R.■ Sno6RIZROZIA 1 A wrtwrrort.
wrzpur.lss. Buoranuratoza s co.
Whitehttg, Va.
blanuforture all kind abater, sheet, bar Iron and
nal,. A 11. steel eltpne .prings and sites Ruing rout
nerred watt Shoenbergers old Jammu works. we ram
odor sit article of Jut/tots i ron thrstoted ShoettbmgeO
equal to any made in thecountry. All of which will
no sold RI the Piusborgh pries,. Warehouse of the
works Oollner or Monroe and t. met las will
- _
IRSOLOTION—Tha partnershm hitherto exist
iog under the style and firm of IVishonan A. Ded
uct], ,o this day dissolved by mutual consent. John Da/-
sell having disposed of ht. entire interest to 11. Wish,
man. The bourne., of the late firm will be .erred by
U. Wichtultm. who is sothortsed to use the name of the
late firm Inc that purpose R. Wit iIITSLAN
spaDditss Duly I '471 J. DALZ
TIIE Siihsesther i• now prepared to manufacture all
kinds of C.enton and Woolen Machinery, at the •hortes
nonce. Orders lest at FL Wightstrisinhi k.stgins Shop, cor.
nerbevy and Water .1 eels, will meet with pr
111100.1i011. II WIGIYINA N. p
Leante at, betweea Federal and Sanduaay ,
.poludly Allegheny coy.
CO.PART N IP —Wm. Young Laria t ( this
day a••ociated with him. John II 111 - Ctine the lea
ther Lustne7. hereafter he conducted alOti, the
lirm tr: Win. VOW-, N. Co W11.1.1A31 Ylll NC.,
!:1113 R IE.
Lir ruts unlcie sa prepared accordsoK 111 111 . 01 1 1po pro
cured from a vett old and eminent ph y 01 , 1.11, VP'llO h.
riperienenced in Ins practice the want of a manly Mr
DISEASE'S OF THE LUNGS, upon winch reliance
could be placed by the public—which induced him,
oiler matured tests in numerous , an. of Pulmonary
Compntints, to offer this preparation It ho been rho.
roughly teed by hundred, now to goad health, who
all say that :hey owe tbsnr wr early
grave, to the nor of nos medienie.
• •
Cossosterttee AND Lists Coarbstas —For a long time
/ suffered with these diseases, and was the more alaa
ed as I had lost a mother. tern brothers, and two As
ter, with t h e cot...rap:tun I bad the belt mettles: tia•
rtce in rain; every remedy was tried art•bont driet,
sad I was almost
,itt despair. I WAS wantraty aty.
very nervosa itml A bad cough , toss of strength, and
many other dungen/1. symptoms At length I tried
Dr Taylor's lialum of IJ• eraser, and /mast say tins
medicine cured me she • charm. Its great restorative
powers should be mute known
W 1101.DRIDG wr., Spring si
Rani/x.3 Iva BLOOD —Thy. disease i• easily a ar e ,' Ly
tlie proper medicine Mr Ne vr bury, :../6 flowery, used
to ratite Lined in large quantii... Loth 1..". d•,, end
he had 'ever, cough. and lent in
the breu•t; yet aner a.ingee•ry ether locales., he was
cared hy Dr ay tor'. livltern et Liverwort Thta man
le a carman, and I.t all other. who cannot afford to Le
Idle follow h 6 example. if they ere sick, and nye ihis
medicine. It will restore diveawd Lung. and Lam
in a anon tune
To persons of e disordered nervous system, or those
who are unable to rein well sr men. Ihr. niedirme so
emphatically recommended, RS the subscriber once
witnessed its ectraordtn•ry etrtue hr• ono (rand),
one ail, member. havtng been a. s, .1 a dr. •K.
yore coughing. vioicart cold, spntrog or idned. oroluse
night sweats,thstarbed rest, great war dd . .
lieulty of breathing, Ate.. and was cured I,y one bottle
of this Balsam
Sold In l'ittworgh by J D !Homan.. 1,13".5'00d .11,
rowneettd, 4 Markrt et; 14 Snly•er, cot Market end
3.1 els; Ilenderoon h. Co. 5 Laren). at l'nee rrilored
to 51.54) per bottle.
Dr. Rou's Celebrated Remedies.
Ir,R JAC.,LI $ RUSK the discoverer and tole pro.
Li panto, of these moat popular and beneficial med•
mines, and alto the inventor of the celebrated metre
naent tor iodating the Lungs, in effecting • cure of
Chronic diseases, was • student of that eminent physi
cian. Doctor Physic, and iS a graduate of the l'itiversi.
ty of Ponneylvmna, and (or !bitty yeeze mace Ims been
engaged to the trivesuganon of di . and the appli
cation of remedtea thereto.
Through the use of his inflating tube, in connection
with his Prophylactic $} run and other of WO remedies,
he ties gained an unparalelled eminence in curing
those dreadful and fatal maludiet, Tubercular Con•
sot:option, Cancers, Scrofula. Rhettrnatteon, Asthma.
Fever and Ague. Fevers anti Fulda. Chronic Erystpe.
lu, and all those °lntimate disease. preultar to fr !nal,.
Indeed every lone of disease vanishes under the usc
of his remedtes. to which humanity te heir—no: 1. - , the
use of one compound only. for thitt Is ineompatitila
With rhyluoingteal LAM. but toy the use ot his rr
dies, adapted to and prescribed for ear h peculiar torte
f disease
Reme's Tome A Iterettve Pills, when used are in
variably acknowledged to be superior no •11 other, as
a purgative or liver pill. inasmuch as they leave the
bowel. perfectly tree from comi•eness,ithlo hi.
Golden Pills is admitted by the faculty to pie
I erne
liar properties adapted to mmale dimues, but lmins
salpified that a bare trial asudicient in whet
has been said in the minds of the most skeptimii
The altbeted are invited In mill 1211011 the agent. and
Procure (gratis) one of the Doctors paphlet% giving
lailetailed account of each remedy and I m ts application
For sale tie fol 'owing agents. as well as by most
Druggists throughout the country:
J eetinonataker A Co, ti Wood street, Pittsburgh.
.1 Al Townsend, druggist. SS Market at
Lea A Beckham, " itc•r the P tl Alleaham city;
Jos Barkley, Darlington, Deliver county, Pa.
Juo Elliott, Elll.ll Valley, ••
T Adam., Beaver,
' novlvally
SALltlil, Columbiana c0..0.. Apr. t+-41
TAR. Lk JAYNES: Uwe fret bound to you
j and the afflicted public, to •••31 myself of thos op.
PM - Malty of giving publicity to the ego... Money effects
of your Mapectorant on h
no wit' Having been afflicted
for several years wit • severe cough, beetle fever
and 11.1.COnle0M11/1/11 dioceses, and ;mewed only doomed
to linger out a .111011 but nwerrible egistenc, until the
fall ofleCtg, when, being more wverely attacked. and
haat iesoeted to all toy former remedies, and the pre
sonpuons of two of the most respectable payment. to
the neighborhood without deriving vny benefit, or the
consolation of surviving but a feu , days or wee]s at
farthest—when the lust gleam of hope was about to
Imasoh, I had reeommended to me your Expectorant—
and bleated by that Being who does all things in the
use of theme¢lo•o contrary 10 the •ypeelettenv of
my &trio.. and (mods I was in o few days mired
from my bed, and was eollllled by the we of a bottle, to
attend to my 101,111esot, en)oylng toner better health then
I had Mr ten years previous.
Respectfully yours, ti.r. ' Jas. W. Firm,
For sale in Pittsburgh, at No T. !Store, 'PI
Fourth street. murN
DOCTOR N. W. MORRIE; hartng recently porches
tid the Drug Store formerly owned by Days 14.
Dyockway, No o Commermid fiCO fAileft street,
Ptitsburgh, takes this method oI M,
informing his
friend. and the public in general, thnt his more
will at all times he supplted sloth an extensive and
general assortment of Drug, Dye P
Alaffl., O.
0.. Oa.
Varnishes, Perfumery, INllogneti, and indeed e•ery ar
ticle milled tof in a drug store, which will always be
sold as lowas at any other house in the city. wnole
sale or retail. Doping to tent a share of the public
patronage, nothing shall he wanting to pre entire sat
isfaction to his motomer. ncre7-tspl4
- "llidiroi•Oihy; or th• Wirosor — Ciaro•
_LP to praeuee the safe and popular remedy called
Ilyaropathy or the Water Cure. and if desired will treat
diseases Allopathiettlly. Obnitrical case@ will Ise at-
N. 2. n' itCo ' r ? ;is may he consulmd at his Drug
Store, No. 2 Commercial Row. Liberty street, during
business boors, or at his rendetiee.mornlng nod earn
ing, Penn slrezt, doors below Irwm's alley
H. T.Aob.ri•, H. 35.,
CIPTRALMIC HUH , / KON, Riii Attend to the woe,
toem of Diatiows oI the Eye
Dr. It. haw been engaged In this Mauch 01 the med.
eat profession for sixteen I ears. mud bits ...looted au
eetattlislutioni fro Mc trelllloolll 01 d..1 . •.e• uI Ibe Otte
alone for several years.
Orison and reAidento, corner of st and
Ilitrawbarry Allegheny city. eOll3
Dr. 1101.3 a• let Tonnes"...
Isms i. tocertify that I purchased one vial of Do.
/doLatio's Worm Spec/tic, some two months ago
and pea to a son of mine, some amen years old, two
dlelepOOrte toll, and although the asnouot may emcee
line, yet I have no doubt but there was operands of
two 1110CSAXP mums passed from him.. measuring
Yogi =aquatics of m Inch to two inchall ILO dff . •
Itcmort Creak. Carry! cojetnn
V oft recdved d (or lENN—KupertorEt
P T Aieuvrocx a co
soma •s runsarrots,
THIS establi o shment lo and widely known as
being one of the most commodious in the city of
recently undergone Terr exten
sive alterations and improvements. An entue new
setng has been added, cornaining at/microns and alry
4 7P e i.lsSlulmenta. and extenalve bathing rooms
Ladies' department has also been completely
reorganised and lined up in a most unique and Dewitt
' ILI style. In fact the whole arrangement of the House
bus been remodeled, with a . a ngle eye on the part of
the proprietors, towards the comfort and pleasure of
their Guests, and which they confidently assert will
Challenge eamparimii with any Hotel in the Union.
Their table will always be supplied with every sub.
menial and luxury which the market afford., served
op in • supenor style; while in We way of Wince, Ac.,
they will not be stirpassed
lit conclusion the Proprietors bog to say, that nothing
will be led undone. on their part, and on the part of their
assistants, to render this Hotel worthy the continued
patronage of their f riends and the public generally.
folloThepnces for hoard have also ,seen rationed to the
wtng num
ladies' Ordinary,
81,75 per day.
Gentlemen's 1.50
N. IL—The Baggage Wagon of the House will 01-
ways be found at the Car and Steamboat landins
which will convey baggage to and from the Hotel, free
of elms:pi._ mayaf
cotton Or rola Ono R. Cl. Ant stn., prmairystS, PA.
The subsentier harms .surned the manage-
Went of this long established and popular lion I,
respectfully announces to Travellers andlke
Pub generally , that he will be at all tunes preparkd
to accommodate them I// all things desirable in a Well
regulated Hotel. The Hon. 18 now Leung thoroughly
fopolred throughout, and new Furniture added , an d no
pains will hr spared to make the Exchange one of the
very best Hotels in the country.
The undenugued reNpectially solicits n continuance
of the vary liberal patronage li2C House has heretofore
itkcolt*. or rLA
riAND GRANT unarm, rammeraen
T HEE subscber respectfully announces that
he has now opened his new and excellent Hotel
for the accommodation of traveler, boarder.,
and the public genera Hy. The house and (creature
aro entirely new, and no pains or expense here been
spared to render it one of the most comfortable nrfd
pleatant Hotels in the city
The subsonlier is determined to deserve. and there
fore solicits, a shun of public patronage.
1A00(3 IlfWoll, Piprietor
Tit ROC itDIOII — TON iCGT - 11011.T.ik
LiA RI . k.stoirroN begs to anquaint h •
friends that he is again lessee of the (iAI. •
II( lI'S Louisville. y.. when, he hopes to me t
all his old friend, assuring theta and the public, th t
no Ur,' shell be spared to make all comfortable w
favor min wmb them patronage leelidly
-- r litrtn
sT . e rrwlcor Forrrx et NOnrret ST. t
Pl'usslTF '.cite Hank of the tinned State,
M. POPE mrreliFlLL.
mirnf Proprietor
Chocolate, Cocoa, Ea.
W. Hakor's American and French Chocolate, Prep..
ed Cocoa, Cocoa Paste. Brom. Coot. Shells. kr
fru merchants slid consumers. who would purchase
Jl, the Or., product. Of Coot, free Inns adulteration,
more nutritious. than tea or coffee. and in quality unsur
passed. the runwnlier reconintrada Om above article,
mnoufactured by tuniself and .tamped with his name.
Broom and t7ocua Paste. us delicate, palatali/e,
and salutary drinks for invalids, convalescent*. and
whom an prynuanced by the snost eminent physicians
superior to say other preparations Ilts naanufacture•
an always on .le. in any quantity, by lbe most re.
apeetobla grocers the eastern rine, and b) th‘ti
wpm, Hawes. Ura y es .of Boston, James 51 [tune,
& ru. Butturd, Conn, (loom, d Murray. New York,
Uraio & Stone. rhdadelphic 'Noma. V Brundice, Bal.
nruore and Kellogg & Bennett. Cincinnati, Ohio
WAIsfrER BAKER, Dorchester Mum.
For ••io by aira2l BAG ALF:V to A.
---•• . .
IIITI•:. lithx , Ktt 8. Co.. would respectfully
W t•
farm the fa the NM,. A that the, heve erected a.holyc
Laeoc It, between Federal and Sanduxky street. lhe y
. 1.1111 . 11103 T institute and Cr. prepared to remove orders lOr
every desenpuon en relocles. Coaches. Chariot's, Ila.
much., Buctrscs. Pittman.. 8 r . kr . which tram their,
thugexpermnre in Mr tuattunerture of Ow law, work,l
and the ladiittees the, ha re. they feel rorthdent they Ire
enabled to do work on the moot re...lnutile terms with ,
those wanuns steles In their tine
Pa ping particular ...mum to the selection ni the
nal., and harm n
s nun but etempetent workmen, the,
hr.v. no L.11.3E1011 In warranting the, work
thro-futt ask tha attettoun of the public. to 'hie maer
S B Repairmg dune tit the heatll/114111., 41111 all the
most reasonett, terra+. jr:ltt
llWrought •nd Cart Iron flatting.
1 / 1 1.: etubsenber• beg ;ea"... to totornt the public that
they have obtained Intr. the Last •11 the late mall,
faxtuattable dee m.• i• t trot. Rat.ttig. Wilt fur bousesl
and centexerms Per... wt.ttmc to Procure hand ,
f l
acme patterns vet, Memo. etttl sod exanone. and judge
G 3? themselves. ot ill tee !tarnished m the short •
est notice, mof to the be•i mxtmer at the corner a
Haig and Rebecea street, .k.iechette co)
anekl.dtc I I..kIIONT k 1011/X.
I) ktIiFIMSPI It Cil HI taTI N I;j117;;;T;;;:tetliti- i
L ly anuouncea Inn coPtrotta to rittsbotiztt tool
1 , 1.1111 T. that hns kv,:ng instfurtion
11,1 , Plano Ilt• notaod Potrue,ll(
god adopted to I tiro in a very .hurt ton. Ile Poprol
attootton to Pot tot•olcaa, and by rastattablp
rnocat to merit a attar, oftpe itutttte pattottyto Tho•ot
•PtoPttuF In Pear Pon pot, ate .I , ltral It, leave Wet
carat. won Ote tune Loon •utted Intui t et PPP Musil
Stotts of Mr Met.ot or Mr Warne
Raxes.caa—.l li Mellor . Fug Fredenek Blame.
Esti , ' , actor Senn, lionkwlJer. nowll.dlat•
Looefitng, Cupping and - Bleeding. -
v.B. NORRIS. iSUCCVAIOUr M Delany y—
, No :4 nun street, between Wood oud Swab
iflcicl Fresh loeettes r , weprecl month ly-- mtenclanee all
Soar. Refewner. the royale... of l'lttaborg .1. Alle
gheny and Birmntgbatn
I moat cherriudy re end tan rhyme.... rant.
Norand all nay former (r tends and patrons, Mr
Norris SA hem{ thoroughly lacunas:l,d with the busy.
nos. and worthy of patronage.
mare-IT M It. DELA ANY
111 do do do
25 do do Pearl k Harwood .• 5 d Ib'•
14 do / Robinson
5: hid° do
do do Win Ihseson
T 1 do T 'Vrlgur'.
27 do li Anderson
6 do I. T Dade's
5 do it Nlooon's
do Koichi(
Just landing Rein .tenmer and rackets, and for sale
by lit ctiNott fr. Co,
44 north water .1 .114 16 north whorl...
1'64 Philadelphia
VI ANL FACIT RED Tottnec(l—ou ua hf s
131 superto r sweet lb Imps
70 half bits lVvb.ter Old superior sweet S lumps
36 1.0 wrenre [Anther 51
ientry dr Rovsier " 34 ft 6.
211 " Dupont Ode I. E 4110) 0 d. 0
Id McLeod
E.nerrrneo Lottirt Su &du Out
landing horn .termer. sod for tale by
N water st mud 16 N urbervea,
any3l Philadelphia
a r N Y :m il aj " efrl g iq; nr',l`.. h t%:, b r; `Z`,",Z
ua, aro prrpared wilco any work no our lone waft dom.
patrh Wo attend no our work iersonnally, And A.I•
11.11011 be given In
,and to nounnea. nod du
Blank Books ruled to any pattern and bound nub•
oaual,y Book Inaumber. or old bootgloolnd cam
dil) or repatrdd. 7 , 1•0101 k plll 011 boo, In gilt lour,.
rho." iltat hare wort to our low are Lnyited to call
Priers low fordtktf
NI- H All' nud coin JANIKS ATKINsUN
burr entered into caneralup. under Mr firm of
41'IFK k. ATKINSON. and will carry 011 the Tin,
Cw., and Sheet Iron IVere manufactory.
Alm. Mac Itarnalung m all nu I.raochea. at the old
Hand 01 Wto II Sca/fe, Ftrat .trees, near Wood
Particular attention given io•I;b111 . 11b0Ill work
4iTVI,I Rio Cotrec Al Imp Lyquara Coifce,
do Si. Domingo do; 42 . Ibis N 10 ghoul, 125 do
11F1.3 do. 3.5 do 7-9 do, 2.3 do 10-14 do, 13 bbd. N II
Sugar, INI tails No. niackarel , 190 bits roan .on No
1, WO do !Loped candle., lOU do Cincinnati mould do,
ree-oived on conaignmant and for We by
xerd4 S k W 11M111111,011
JCST fIKCEIVEI.I—A large add spinThulassonment
of Cloths, Caul mere., V wings, Cray am, &r., and
tor sale by L WILLIA Merre
Inn+ antler Nfononothela House. amithfield
.. tll - 1a7. - PiNk TifIATONT
e /lAse ‘ Three fine Draught Hones for sale, note.
ble tor dray tog, tke. Enquire of
aug47 canal basin, hbeny st
IA LP' .4K F , 14-4 , dos genuine Franc) Cali' Skins, •
very fine rticle. A few dozens Philadelphia
Skins. from the a manufactory to 11 NI Crawford to
which the inieution Or how makers Is invited. Jun
received and for sale Ity IV YOUNG 1 Co,
143 liberty st
AT NI 51'CLINTOCVS, No 75 Fourth error.
an be .0011 a splendid rpriely of sup Royal Vela
et and Tapestry Carpets, latest styles. Also, Um,
la, 3 ply• mid sup and hoe Ingrain Carpets, of .up
Ilesand qualities; and in connection call always ee
nod 'ruble 1,11112111, Crashes, Diaper.. Damasks, hlo•
•ns, Oil Cloths, he !sc., to all et which we call the
10/311011 Or the public. isurn
• - •
H AVING sold .r enure mock to C with
to r to ong our old humor... we hereby so.
eit for hurt the lisiruuagn ut ail our friend• uul cue
. biter , HO. (V POINI)FATER,
Pittsburgh, Aug. 4th, 19411
1 R. GRANT, NVholesale Grocer, Commission and
l/. Forwarding Alorchani, No 41 Water .t.
VOA. D 3 and hi From street. Bell Founder, and man.
AI ammo.. nil kinds of Fittings for Gas, Strain
and Water, hare always on hand Wroaght Iron Wel•
dind Yip. (or steno. ono, and water, tem II in. to
In diameter. Brass Casting• made to order. Al., a
largo assortment of Bells and finished Br.. Work to
which the attention of Plumbers .d Builders
is parueularly directed.
G. Plains put up promptly and on reasonable
tertUS. serdkkelnen
°REES - WOOD 0 &rabic Pi s.
THIS nr:ru.E.AT rail he tarnished
ode • Lunch al all hours of the day; also, toe
Creme's. Fruit Confectionary, be The steamer 6 men,.
Wood makes her regular trips as usual, leaving her PM
street landing at ei A. NI., end at hall past each hour
( 0 . 0 . , P , lii tune IS{ P SI —leaving the Enricoat LU
P. AL for hits last trip to the r ity
A moonlight stew of the (Janice to todaaeribable in
IV beauty. JYI3
Y7IItRURGH, OCTOBE R nth I Eren.—NYe are now
in receipt of *eyelet' bales first rate ISSi Western
New York and filuseachusents Prune HOPS, end eYn
always reeeivnig regular seephres , are Prepared
to sell at lowest rates. Office, street. Allegheny
OLEM.I4 — `, itAlbelAN k Co , have removed to the
Warehouse. 3 door. west of the Monougahela
1 1 1
n WaLer and Front atree
RENT—The Warehouse ta.
No. 43 Weed R.
Ilene Poracopy.
Ii iot prime
. . .
.ILate S de, & rl.)
of Phienix C fire proof mfrs.
1.77711 south cute, second street. between Wood mid
Smithfield Pittsburgh. JIS Fursekler having deceased
and the surviving partner Mr. Jos Lippennott, busing
associated himself with Mr. Wm C Burr. the Fastness
will hereafter he conducted under the style of Lippea
colt& Barr.
Trio/ of a safe in Cincinnati. 0 —we, the undersign
ed were present at the testlng of one of .1 S Stneklet k
Co's unproved Photos fire-proof tike. The safe erne
placed to a (unlace an the public londitur. and subjected
to the intense heat Of a stone con; fire for more that,
three hours. In one hour and a half the safe coma to
a bright red heat; the door of the (ornate was then
closed. which caused an Increased and steady teat for
the balance of the note, until the cast iron wheels were
partially melted od the furnace was then thrown down
and the safe cooled and opened The money, paper.
and books which it contained were n• perfect as when
[tlaced there. the londnic only of the books being
ired by the water to cooling the safe. We have no
eshation in recommending it to the public as a sale
superior to any we have ever aeon tested, and believe
that it will stand any heat which might be produced.
Seept a heat which would men It to • solid moss.
. . .
Springer & Whitman, L Worthington, Kennel &
Kenner. Beni. Urner, W G P Breese. Murus Smith. T
S Dungan & Co, Stufaun, Klayard & Cs, Win Mw n.e,
Mead & Winewr.
We, the undersigned, selected the safe spoken of
above, from a lot In the store of Trotter Cs. Aultery, the
Agents C G SPRriGER,
aJ Kt.:l.ldnl.
Refer to Cook k Harris, Brokers, {lnshore,:
Hussey Ilnlnth & Co, do do Ifelhlnse . lyll
_ .
1-IPPXXINTIT 10H, D. NICK. X .otta•11
M .• • - • - • •
ANUFACITTRERS of Hammered and Cad Steel
Shovel. and Smtdes. Azes stud flambe., Mill. se.
Cut, Circular and Gon Sawa. Hay and Manure Forks.
Hoek Mattocks, Picks, kc., having completed all them
arrwigernenta in the construction of new machinery,
and incuring the best workmen from the most tele
brated establishmenu of the F:ast are now mmitifitetur
mg and will keep et:instantly on hand and for onto ail
the above emelt,. having rivalled themselveis of the
latest tmprovements. and are determined that itt work
manship and nuttertel titer well lint lie exmlied. They
promise to protium, strtsc , es equal. a not superior. to
misty that can be had in the gas They invite the attoti
lion of dealers to an esamination of their stock before
purehitiong eltewhere. as they err ritevinced that they
will he chile to fill nil orders to Inca time to the entire
smisfaction of parchiuors Warehouse, Water stream,
4 doors West Monongahela House. Pittsburgh, Plk
N. if—Person. havine with Wet. Lippain
cot: A Sun tv;l please call no I.sprweecit' ft Co.
Pittsburgla Furniture WarW 9ODWEI.L.s Rooms,
XA large a ,
finials nd nplentltd ss•sortment of . Purr,
tor...callable for Steambontnials and prl
ante dwellings,enn.tantly on hand tool
made to order
Tho pre.ent amok on hand cannot he exeeedod by
any man...tory 11/ the e.tern enu,ry P , r,...
matung to purchase would te do toed: t, , op, me , t vrt , l.
11. 1 ion determined my prier. 01.11 p:. 3,. Poni o 4
the ntock ron.ost• n
BO aois• with Plunk and Hair-plot[ rovers;
2 dos Alahoanny Nur, Ch..,
14 puir Divan.,
I:I .lot tine mahogany Chalra,
I/ mahogany Work Stone,
1 doz mahogany fiorkong Chaim
IS marl.. top llreaaing Dorm.,
, pair Ottoman.,
mart, • lop Wnrk Stand,
1. cherry kl ork Stands,
Maltogany..ll‘ple. , herry..llll Pop!, r Find-t,1.1. of
all de•erlption• n. 1,1 a larva n.t.oroor,tl ot eononop
furniture and elot/r•. too 11111111,00• 1(1 thr ...11.
rpHEY arenot awn, ttow irtglostoly trt,t.tou. tr
J. Ow ak to— how roar., how trowle. `tow, .ntlow. vet
low nod Loot., 4,14.44 app. 1,44 atlrt too, prcpar.
pare.l , hrt 14' 14.•1dra u .rourtou.,roattattt.tog large
WM:101y al
e Mn.e ',report, tt .111111111 ostele.
whtett ett;, lt t'tt I ,11.‘ NILI IA X tt
tot:tour*: 61 n Import. to the. •kto tt Itaturat. Iseattto
etenr. !AVMs W117,.111/1e torte aeon,
a eo•Inotto tto the ot. notkt., tt attt nod gloom!,
Dr hut.. Antirroon. CitrII:1•1 of
chtoo-ott. I,a). - .I e., Loy
NVlnte. I oo ..... the otoect toenuttiol tat /14•31,
rat. anal ai the .utnr tone lotito,els :VII, I over ..t.tte I
reruntl) reit .•tot-otrzotoost, recto - ono tot tt tote to
qt... *km reto.r... Pru,
. Snul by V 6 AI . -to LH ti .
Pitt 21•ehlne Work. and Foundry.
IlltrllTkCo., Pre prermonl w Omni Cotton
'Worm, nt'ev..r dererlim.n..mett
Cartfing Frame.
Dro.nng Frame.., arper...4solers
Dregong Crunle• t'aol Gond,. r.. ft. IN maga,
Iron 7rantenng tC:• 01 Ca., Iron. l'a .. • a J
ilmognro la.m•t ~.titera• -Jar Lana
and took ut Caam.g• -sorY
fuennotgel ../.ort an , l'attern. made to oroer for
trearing, DWI .•. `man. Pm , Mr Imut•
larlorteg. l'art Sn.ll gall rangy Ca..-
trnr. generally Orders cell at tag IVareinon,e or J.
Co, Labeit) ~ r. e.. ..t. Imve prompt atten•
Ref', to Illackstnek. Hell k t`o. J k Moorehead :t
ro.. I; P. Warner. John Irwin &Sono. Pat..l , llMh: t;
C /kJ H Warner. St.-üben, lc. )3.19
New H*rdwarr House.
. .
s E 14 I j i \S
.1 A 14*..2 11' tnr. '"4, .. n ' a ' l ‘" l ro?at "' tl ' a r e g ' Et rat r" ;
11 at er nod Wundne.' mr In of January. I-47. I
take pleacare in •41/11AO lir 1.0 any 'nand.; au the oily
and countr. Ma: I have opened any nen. more at the
above named Mare !tarn, pun nneed nay owls for
tkl.above and made arranermentn wtth mannlacturer+
.miry nod I . .unme con.zantly suppltrd,
I am 'oily Ilerdnrare trie;i etude,
nn ernal term, an, tua as tnly bon.. ratal nr
Wein Merrha.m. and wort, err reepecuully Iv.nni
In call amt L ekarann•&loch, purrlmo.olg el.e•
when. (ol.on. m e
pun ni his stock.
Steamboat end •tl.4.lpei :I•rdnnre, Gun , nturntrac...
filre. Neylor'e' meet. t•ut:ery t 0.1.. any.. O l in,.
looks, Intebes. Iteythrek. butt !lA:Tr...crow+, l'ar •
tory plane.. &awe. ntalaacw.y 2 0 041 r•• • end vean.e. end
miler artnica aer w,th in. hardy. lan n non.
City D ague rrian Gallery.
Noeft K. ,114,1,1.1
HOGE I wq• lease to intorm the ...Lett. of Pins.
• tourvh and rimi4y. tone Ims iteil the Daguer
r,. Room. [suety pied Mr Porrer The pot ,
Ite are assured that al. the late Improvements arc scen
ted, and will he brought into operation by Mr flee,
hoeho has hero a constant operator since the can eras
hrat thsecrered. Entire •aUst•rtlon guarenteed . to
101 take may become hi. patrons Mr ell! rater
ith pleasure to Mr Port, to whose ettalth r ilurietu he
ha. operated fur the lasi twelve months 'Parni.y Por
traits, Engravings, lhauuerreotypes, he, accurately
eopied lAkettesses taken 111 •
any weather. and set to
lockets, bre•st p, u, veers and trained,
, .
Instructions Oven in every branch of the art, and ap
paraius furnished. ifoJ
Poon — M - Oehhae Shop.
WICIfTMA N —Manufacturer of aJI kinds of cot
ho . lOU ti inn ntwehin.,ry, Allegheny city: I'u
11.1. re works being now 1.11 111 and successful op
erimon,l am prepared to execute orders with dispatch
fur all kinds of machinery in my line. such as willows,
pickers. spreaders. rant., grinding machine, ranws)s,
ding frames, spwders. thrown!, looms. woolen
Ards, double orn gle, for merchant or country work.
mults,Jack 4.. 1 / 4 ., wide and hand lathes and mod. in gen
eral. All kinds of shallots triode to order, orpinalS giv
en for gearing fa,,ories or ini:ls a treasonsble charge.
Kress TO— Kranedy. Childs . Illackstock, Neil
tlO , King, Pennock A Co.. Jas A. isray,
Amind:AND BRAss XPOIJNIDRY -- - A FL'I..TONI, Bell nod Brass Founder. has r
bum awl commenced 10..... et h. old .and.
where he swat be to see h. 0.1 custom•
el. and Olen..
Chorch,Stemnbonl. and R. o( ever , ' sire iron, 111
10.01,11 r 11.1111,1111. tier. of the approv•
<d mode., wurrattze..l to in. ut hest innterinin
Alinerni Went', ?dm.. 7 0,114 tern. . nn..
tiler at nv•r C.411:4.1,, 11 rotrulrr.d.
turned and finti ,
lted .r$ marr,
L* the At'ir proprietor 11.11e'rr . Avrl. Artiu
j hirr•f.lrbrutrd lor the re4lu, let.° of
um, 111.11111. r) I lie Boar. nod ' umpos
1,1,0 had of itini 4130 . 'll )I '
Ploughs. Plough - Cw•tings, - Wigioli
tione•, sc.c.
HOHERT HALL, of the old
firm of It A S. !1011, I. omourne•
luring large clu aat tlt es of
" ploogiot,l . .ongh Ca. 1.1170., Wag
on boxes, hc, wait the 11111 7,1 0, 11 111...1. 01 the Leav e r
Peacock. /1111101, aaA oth, Plough*, of the Wort ml
beet patterns now 111 1.1.1/.
Warehoutr. IN !abort) . curet, Ptaborgb, oppmme
the Ifey Seel, Fnetory.n A'lrgheny city, near thr
Cotton Factory of 3,4 r..,. Bleck clock. Bel, A. Co.
Orvi NAIIIVILLN•Nio 1:11•1,,04.1k 11
Neshvillr, Trnn., Nov. v,
ROPOIAI.B yell! he reertved et dna eau, 0
11thP 0
0 1110
December lots tot the teradanuon and Ma•
Wary or cony 01 road. roe . 2tl Mire neat
to Nes/ile, ten miles cro.eing thr Barren fork 01
Dock nye, in Bedford county. Trinteseee, and ten
miles on the North West Altif of Tonne,meo river, in
litckrott oonn , y, Alabama.
Profiles anal oleos nay be semi at llos odor, crier
the 12t6 December .
lly order of the Roan)
C ht IiARNETT. Chset
N. 13.—Torents•fivemlna of road, tilteludlng the Tun.
Orl. and...l onnuatuth ork,t hr.. under
Hornet. :Lovett hundred laborer.. arc ve e red by the
1:10111.111W1.01,.. nortn .d I nt•
F: undersigned nre prepared to fill order. for .1 ,
A 141111111111 13(t:V pre. Moleases 'tem.', or a surto,.
or qualit), delt•e”hle to order at any time. by Iftrong
OA • lew days Beta, at our Wharf Host. We lblll.
1,11 make if the Interest of those merehant• who
buy largely nuthe conei, aa theneau order their bar.
n I. stopped to any pinlllalloll the y may desire. which
'Mali be attended to without extra charge
ATTS, 1.11 VEN k Co
I Parlucah. KY . Ott 2.15. 1 , 1 , -Zota
11000 lone, 20101 r. tiCloo.
1, ANUFA (71 r
1; HERS of ' , ota tad bltator steel,
Uo Ai plough stvel, awe! pions wlngs, roar h n.od clip.
tiesprtngn hammered iron axle, and dealer!. in mal
leable easungs. lire copse lampa.aud conch trmanumga
generally, VOTIIPT of M.o. nod rota BM, P 111.6111101,
auur r
em eta. T. Papeler /Cul.
No. 3 . 6: , ;.. u.i5cie moor,
Re> tn.rts—Chu rch, r arottlere & CoLCINIORF
Ale 'Ander 1.14
John liner.
tlaai large itswrtmatit
queltUrs. citubllg *on"- vvry Intge auti rtrp.rinr,
ill. dry goods house 01 %'. HtllltYHt .
• tame! • YF: rorarr 4111 n.
HAMILTON STEIN'ART. atanufar,a, of Ileav y
fittinatirs, Cheeks, Ac., Rebecca stn., ray of
Allegheny..._ ., •
PRTTIGREW & CO., 1 . '..jW " ... ••1 STEAM BOAT AGENrs
Ornc. ABOVZ M. A Ll.tra dr Co.
oet7l No 01 Water street
. . _
NI:PACTI.1111-in to order and formatted at short
MI. notice, wttl, the name of the boat ot etch
kin. Also, Cotton and Hunt Illattraaw• made to we
best Manner, for keery low pr.:, by I. ,
• nokl.o-dly Warehouse, 116. Water at
- - -
I; ST beta; zweetvell and now opening it AliriXAN•
DER b. MAY'S, No 7D Market Wean. Aorthiseio
eorner °ram Dtamond, a very large andsplendld
o( and virtnter Dry Good., ;to which they vrould tr•
spectfully invite the attention of the public. It le well
known to almost every one that the present .11.101, 1 •
one theunguished (or its low prices or Diy Goods, and
it affords us great pleasure In being oblei to state that
owing so our great fect/ines for that purpose, (One et
the Erni residing so Philadelphia, we have been toe
bled to purchase our present stock it t considerable
reduction trout the usual market rates, cheap as bier
tee, and we are therefore enabled to selbilt eorresran•
dinglv lower than the tonna pores. Walrould there.
Into tonne all coals buyers by wholesale or reblul, to
give us a eall, and lay nut their nseitey tu the best ad
d witage.
The Ladies should call and examine , our stock of
Punts, Gingham, de Loins, Cashmere, Alpaca,
Merino, Silks. Bombazines, Plaid, and venous other
styles of fashionable LW... Cowls. of which we have a
.n- flue assortoonit, including every iloseription of
mow goods in [he mocker
CLOTHS AND CASSIMERFri—,To tie geoile.e,,
we would recommend our stock of super French Cloths
nod English, Preach and Amerw.,aus,Casillneres.
. . .
.v ‘ e a ry qu rf , ge, ,y. arab:.
SATTINFTS--Of which emgdmo revery variety
ore have an excellent
eortinent. and of all qualities.
FLANNELS—Red. wlute atiti yellow Flannels of all
qualities and pneee.
'CIL:KJ:SUS AND CIIECKS-4-A superior auordnent
of Ttelon,as (Wall grades, and Shorting Cheeks in great
v B ety
vine eltnost every deeeription of the above gcexds t ln
elution; Sheetnige of all widths;
ALSO—A kite stock of Saiiir Vesungs, Silk and Cot
ton Velvets, both plain and figured, Kentucky Jean,
plaid Linsey., plaid tind fancy figured Croaking and
cloak latonev, bleached nod unbleached Table Deeper.
how linen and cotton, bleached and unbleached Table
cloths. blenched and unbleached Canton Flannels,
rola dodo, Bonnets and Bontnd Ribbons, Elk and ,dl'd
silk cravats, Ixtdirs Scarfs and cravats, Gloves land
Hosiery of all kinds, Suspenders, huh Iddens, I4nen
',WWI, linen Hal., Silk do. ilk Lace Veils, LOIM do
and Ildkfs. Oil Chintzes, Russia and Scotch Diaper.
tr.sla, Ltnen, plant striped and barred Jacitibets, Cam-
brio and dyne filuslini. Victoria Lawns, green Bare.
gee, the
slerelaants smiting the env for the purptsSe of laying
in thenr supplies, should not fail to give tlf a era, as
they taut find our goods and gnus, such as cannot fail
to sad thou purpose ALEXANDER le PAY,
sep4 75 market st, N W not Diamond
The New Oold•n Bee Hive Alain.
New Fall awl ran Dry Gerd.. "
CST received and now °pontos, at the - sign of the
of Dm Bet Dire, on Market ...Wel, between Third and
Fourth street*, one of the largest, cheapestarel i best
assorted stocks of Fall and Winter Dry litairds ev r of
fered to PittAburgh, to winch the attention of oar nu.
e wot
llier. nod the public get rally" Is regime,
fatly incur-it, wg the rubliertber is confidenrthat he rat.
offer •uch bergnine in Dry Goods ae cannot be rut
passed by any other hence in the city. • ,
An throe' roods boor been purchased at pee... fur
beinwli3o.• nf any loaner 4.ermot, they will he sold at
grestit reduced rater.
Among this hog, nod %plendol stank will be found
runny rhowo nr.d drAirable goods at' extrirtaely low
Very rtch and most flultsonable drnse atlks;'lpdaid and
stripdd k eat', .tripod and plald 'tints" 0.1. black
very glossy aro dr Stun, plan black. rich lustre; De•-
Irma -Jilt inandlin• and ears at very low
priers, newest anti,. And klieg styles cashmeres . ,
platn and naUli striped cashmere, very chew, French
Intro/. ail colors, de WI., plant and ll . ,eurtletand aitin
strißed, at great reduction on former pnecarldlo, Cal
drlde end caehincre ' , IRAs, mohair and Idootetey
I laid.. all puddles. aipaccrw, ally ualities And colors.
from 121 to 7:1 cc... per yard. .
- . • .. .
Finecaa. terlterie and broohe shawl. Hiatt k r tnhrnerelt roidrrmt cashmere and de taint shawls;
hoc 'filtt, and Jc lying do
Fine bark and ordered.. loch do
Fotc quality long, very cheap do
Plata black amt plaid .ilk. very cheap do
A lard,. lot plaid Itiankrt ' , hawk from 75 coma to 33,
all wool
ioo.l dark cal.., from 3 to der. ye r yardf
Beat quality dark calico (ram u w 10 cenl4
and vccle ,pl.. do. 121
,nod y nrd wide blear lied 4 to Ok;
Red oekines nod cher prices,
inei. roar., to brni quality, very cheap.
11,1 00 .01011 0 01 Of red. white and yelloVe Ilannelr
Kcnturk) Jr.4ot, he ,eye Lin.cye. ese.
te it,l 01 whirh Oro.l rold at reduced rate., at
No NI a rite. rt. .era. \VM. RUSSELL
. . •
W .`"ont i r `..T•i;
I , r at Lt•Aortillenla ever lyroughtio the mar
k, Arise I , en porch/LA,' direet froth hr Ihl.
porter.. and \ of the Ink,. arid LLeLveLt
.f...•• and iosver in pare than ever thfdrocl
211t1114011 0, those Irriihrriir to
10r..0.11 Itill or, belore pUrettrisiN
Tue moc ll k coomst, in port of the tothmtltg
riet). • Lc
lit,•1; A limor t Garrets; one nta I Tapestry Oil Cloth
do Vrivet fe Plan colored do
Jo Topeatry do 21 fret Wide
do lirus.wie do .4, 74..54, 44 ,1.1 al cloth
Extra roper j ply do Stair Rod.
Jo IJ-4, 2-1 Dra gger[
do Star Idhatot • •
do Kos.. wood all Cloth
lk m< do
. . .
Como.", do do crumb clod.
& 1 Dumas& Ent 'Kissed Piano covers
N. do 'fable' do
4-4. 3-4 & 1 Essl'd do do Focurod Table //11-clothe
4.4. IA f plug do do Turkey Red Toilenett
(.4. 4,4, i& 04 rot do Adehud Male
primed eotton Carpels, Sheep aktO dO
Chent:le Rugs, Jobe do
do do Toned do A licant do
Floe do do Manfila Hemp -
\ Vtlom do do Pillow drop Nlpkins
Crlnon fiv'd Plush, thsper Towelling.
Phu ss do Crash
I , lt. do, 1.,
NVo•Vil cord•
-4 and G-4 Table paces
ouch .171 . g.; Tra.p . nt Windola Shades
Plana Feeneh do do
'Leh S.n da Opines for
anode. , coma.
- • • •
Scarlet, blur, enwmor.. black and drab tlanaukal
heured nonto,w Damask.: worsted and horn Tablet
rover, Liu•. cronaon, send._ green, drab and black
NI omens. Colloll rlushes of all colors, .k.c..k.e;eco.
- • • •- •- , • ••
Also, thoottorgs Z111.11)1111Arkgs for steamboat deck,
and all other trournotas necessary for °unite Ibr boats
In our no, trh.etr the especial at amtion of ownerl4 welted W .111'CLIN"VOCK't.i Carpet Wararomm
to door from Wood. on I•Ourth st. e • Sept.
LP—KANDER & DAY have jugt received • fine
1 assortment ot the following deaenpuonor..mon
aole goods, the greater porvien of which have been
nought at A UCIIOI. and x,ll he mkt at great' bargains.
FLANNEI—n—Red, white and yellow Flannels,
Very large and complete assortment, and vetT cheap.
AATTINFI'S—A very large lot of blue, Mark, bib
grey and gold enix..hattment, at very low price..
AI.PACAA--Plant bit Alpaca, plard and striped do,
tanmy lout atriped do, cheaper that ever,
FANCI SILK'S— A splendid mtaortmeng. of dolt
chargeable Ada...both plain and ag'd, of almost every
SHAWLS—A very ouperior alsortnitent elf super
Itroche, Part. printed, Terkeri, and Cashmere Shawl.,
at prices far below the ordinary [lsles.
Abut, it large a”ortntent oC English Merinos, Cush
inert,. and (tat Plaids, blue, hlk and grey Piled Clothe,
for overran., bik eassuriescs, matron Demsrik„ldnen
do, Kentucky Jeans, ter. tee; to all of which we invite
the attunuou thepublic.
ALEXANDF:R h DAN, 75 market st,
°cold N W eve of the diamond
PATON ,k Co, havihg removed froni Market
street 10 IN NI . new Store. No el Fourth Street. be
twen Wood and Market. are now opening their Pall
stoe e l, Trunnutiga and Variety . Goods among which
ate—Cloak old Diego Fringes m all kinds;kds,
Embroidery (imps and Velvets,
klintiroidery nod Needle Work;
Zephyr and Turiestry worsted flherulle Floes,
Steel Hee • and Purses. Steel Trimming.,
Idolles Merino end Silk Viiins,antl ktiosicryl:
Cniiit eualb. (inners, Mitts, Gloves andllostery;
i.e.. Sorts. udersitt rt., Drawers, Dreseing Gowns,
Wool and Cotton Yarn;' Un. y in latest pattern, which they of.
trr at lova rtne Loth wltutettale and rruall. • oct.l
1-'. 11.1 a :a rota W ! 1' Max ?,.Id..
NI , I's Focarn :tram. •
() N e%lTl'h h l o 'l t 7 ): : lnat h' ice m t. " e i rtrb h nse7l n lg • Trl k tt
usual yoniales from the most aprrovort manalarnorros,
that how ta.en tested (or durabrlny fularte and uto o.
rapestr, Velvet rurpetlng,
do Ilruisala do
Itroaare'r. rarrvetlog Emna troonille Raga,
Kura .app I ply do Curled do
' F r do
' „ ' n h "
m do Ivdron do
Bracco]. do
ommon do do
1 , 1111,1 f to order to new Mamas, adapted to
pro arra bowmenla and chamber.
.•• • .
Panned Ott Cloths, (or tinting rooms, entries, •esu
knettens, &e.
Straw Matting, Stair R. 13, Window Shade. and
Potion and Woollen Docking, froth one thlrd to three
yerdo wide liner Mai, kr, kr, 10 which the attee
mu. of perch• ai whole.ale and retail it re `peel.
any invited Warerooin. one door from Wood..t
aurtM sper.m-rock.
ACK AM' ACAS—NV R liirllhy Invitee the par.
cular uttrilhon of buyer. to, Ma alsvortment of
above o Goodm, Intvlng eeleeted them With great rare, in
reference to ihr tt gloaay ft malt nod ifood body for tan
ter use Also,
NIOIIAIR common, median] nlid super
fine qualilled. lIIr kniong a lew pier c,let black, adaptcd
for mous - mug purpores
FANCY ALPACAS AND LusTilr_q, in great va
riety of .atin •tripe•, plaid., and fro. nat.., name of
ernieb are very %upertor As Ilieeßeamvda have been
bought direeily from Itopottera,they'van be said at the
lowest posaible prinee
To no had also by the place, o Nlliolesele Rooms up
.111,. at very *mall harshen on cost oet2
11RESS—)Ve lies , ' Tree) ed a 4:11 smolt
1/ of Drew. Uoods, among which may be found—
Plata Week and figured Alpaca.;
Colored and fancy plaid do
Oregon, CuWorms, queen, Orleans eed lownberdln•
Fields; plain, cowered and figured Cephuseresi
St:k. Tartan and pishl esahmeree; together emit •
let geassortment el other dress good., &A 01 vettidbwill
tot 1101 It iotv I.y the ;were or peekams:
ivelP :+ll..,exLET•r IVfIITF. Ot7 wood st
) ECFI v Pb At W. :%t•ci.ii.:Tiiirg's
JCL. hope, 75 Fourth .brat--
: p` rt-4 rosewood cord Table (1,1 Cloths;
The al POVe tar of supenor quality; •lasunily ui he.
lau. of Igoe( beat:tool eolors and satdtitg. ottendod fat
turnout..., counter and tattle coverutg. moat
Mutton, a now ope,lnig bas Sit,t't USD SUPPLY
01 IV hoer Goods, titeludhic • atiliett of ihtude• of
Ural, French Merinos.
arlet. cherry. and other high er/ored Mathew sr
Magartme boo do, broom do
Also. PA RNlh7rl'AS of .acne eoloYa. Alpacitas.
orttl, many other desirable good. that ate yety scarce,
oil of which oath ho sold very etreapl et rehrtheasa oat
nor of h and Market .rc ' •
"r" - E37 - ..N - tT.VNTRRITF N DKERCIIIEFS.—N' midi St
John.nn. 40 Markel street, wool illy - ricotta aired:
11011 01 dealers and others to thou . Chatoe .crock ec Linen
durnbrle Ildk 1., all linen. from di of{ap to ii2,lllVided ,
ing overy onToety of tape bordered,dremreed,:stireo44,
.seat lawn, with drop corded bordeca, Recta,
detod and coinrod bordered. - '" 0013
1 , 111: - Nrr INK---lobbls %pt. WIWI:Lille, Ina ur.
I der, mat recasvcd and tor male
VOL. XVI. NO. 107
pPatent Gra:Juarez! Gaisenzu, Barren awl Nous
li T iniaLarad POl.O for Mecticol cad aft rth.ptgatt,,.
Teen ' sp'hreesec'nttiTo‘ this e sTo o n f try or ' lliroPe
teal purposes, and is the only one ever known to aria
by which the galvanic dual can be “gtveyel to the ha
, man eye, the ear, the bran, or to any poet ' , rem b ' N 'T.
t either externally et internally in • definite prate
stream. wlta stioeks or pays—meth perfect gaiety—
mid often at happiest effects.
This Important apparatus is now highly approved of
by tawny Of the most eminent physicians of thia co
try and hkrope, tow hom th e afflicted and others whte-4-
ti may conrern can he referrevL Reference will also
be given to many highly resptietable maze., who hAve
been cured by means of this most 'saleable ape...,
of some of the most inveterate nervous disorders which
could not be removed by any other known means.
Among ranous others, it h. been pnived to be ad
mirablyadaptiul for the cure of the following diseases,
no: aerie. headache and other disease. of the brain.
It in winvlits apparatus alone that the operator can
convey t e magnetic flui
dd with ea. and safety to the
eye, to restore night, o cre arnaures.; to the ear to
restore heating; to the tongue and other organs, to re
store speech: and to the various parts of the body for
the cure of :and
rheumatism, astha, neuralgia_ or
tic doloureux, paralysis , or palsy, ge nt, chorea
dance, epilepsy, weakness from sprains, tone
diseases peculiar to females, contraction of the li mbs,
lockjaw, etc. etc.
Rights for surrounding counties of Western Pa, and
pnvileges, .with the instrument, may be purchased, and
also tested far the cure of diseases.
Foil instraecons will be given for the varletus citron.
eats to he used for various disease, and the best matt.
ner for operating . for the cure of those diseases will al
so be fully .plin .d to the purchaser, and a pamphlet
put into his hands for these pas Fityuien
hilly care
n'llytr,f'"4y "v•ith e
vftle.r=s, Altat'togh
JOHN 11. AIF.LLOR, No al Wood street, is the solo
agent for Carbon's Patent Melodeon, a new and
beautiful instrument, exceedingly well adapted for
small church. or family worship.
Fin the benefit of those residing at a distance, and
consequently .able to inspect the Melodeon before
purchasing, the following description is given:
The cues are made of rosewood, and are as hand
somely finished as a Piano Forte. The Troy-board .
precisely the same as the piano or organ, and the tone,
(which is very be.tiful,) closely resembles that of the
dote stop of. organ. The Instrumini can be home
d...lY Made portable without detaching any path the
bellows receding un der, into the body of dm tostnimenh and
the legs fol ding leaving the whofe ma comport
form. Each Instrument has a packing .4e, .cl the
whole when packed weighs only 45 pounds. The vol
tune of tone is equal to that of a small organ, and by
means of the swell may be unrelated or ditinniabed
pleasure; It is sufficiently loud for small a:lurches, and
is well calculated tor a parlor instrument,
Jam received, s supply of the above: price...sslti
ease and instruction Rook, SRL
'versatile PI/tering Coals,
I Which renders turbid water pure by
„gr.! removing all substances notssgtthle
44e; Wore, The crown water in N. York,
though clear and pure to the eye. yvt
i,st,,,g when at passes an boor through ding
hhering conk, shame a largo Serve
'distances, ITI, oho. Ms
is the case more or less with ail hydrant water.
The Reversible Filterer is neat and durable, and is
nut attended with the inconvenience incident to other
' , Sharers, as it is elan:wed withept being detached from
the water pipe, by merely naming the key Or handle
from one side to the other. By dde easy process, the
course of water le changed, mid all accumulations of
impure 'tautened are driven off almost ...instantly,
without unscrewing the Filter. It also ',owes!. the
ed Vtuttne of being a stop rook, and as such in. many
roses will be very convenient and economical.
It can be attached where there is any pressure high
or low to a cask, tank, tub, /Cc. with ease. To be had
of the eole Again, W. W. WILSON,
cell/ corner of Fourth and Market ma
Diaphragm Filter s for Iljrdraot Water.
THIS Is to ereUfy that I have ap
pointed Living toff Roggen dt Co.
Sole Agents for the sale of Jenning'a
Il te ,,, n e t pi Di n.b trp . ra rg h h gna ..a Fi A lte m. ,r
gu. for th y o el
for Walter INI Gibson. 3.19 Broadway,
N. Y.
OC L 10, ISt&
IVe have bean tising one of the above articles at the
ii e laim
°thee of the Novelty Works for three naonthr, . trial,
and leel perfectly sunstled that it is a useful invention.
and we take pleasure in recommentling them as a use
ful exude to all who love pore water. Orders will he
thankfully received and promptly eSeethed.
Jr tot tercel. corner of Third.
Vanity Fait a novel without a Hero: by Wm. H.
Thank cry.
Mtwara/ Vernon: Sty Cousin's Story: by R V. Childe.
Mary klowitt's Trunslanon of the Peasant and his
I .andlord.
I.7apt. Afarryatea Children orate New Forest
The Bachelor oi Mc Albany.
Old Hicks th e Guide, Ity Nt'ebber.
Mary (drover; or, the lYnsting Wife: by Choy Bur •
Jett. .
Wutbering Heights, by the author Eyre
Toe Tenant of Wildfell Hall: by the a ut ho r r of "Jlllle
The image of his Father, Illustrated: - by the Brothers
The Disciplsne of Li fe.
Three Sister. and Three Fortunes; or Rose, Blanche,
mud Vlolett by G. H. Lewes.
Thirty Years Suter: by G. P. R. James, Fay.
'PHIS Institut/on, muter the Clue of blr. and 31rc.
Cosmos.; will re-open for the reeepuon of pupils,
in the um, buildings, No. 52 Liberty street, on the lot
.llonday of September.
Arrangements have been made by which they will
be able to furnish young ladies facilities 09001 to any
it the West, for,obtaioing a thorough Engllsh,
eel, and Orintroollrtal education. A fall counie of Phi.
Ithophical and Chemical Lectures will be delivered
danng the winter, illustrated by apparatus. The de
partments of Vocal and Instrumental Mottle, Modern
Languageo, Drawing and Painting, will etmh be under
the cane of a competent Professor. Ily close attention
to the moral and intellectual improvement of their pu
pils. tha Pro:impala hop. to merit a MintllleatiOn of the
liberal patronage they have hitherto enjoyed. For
terms, see circular or apply to the Principal..
EFACTORY.—The subscriber takes this method
mbit-ening nghis friends and Me public
named)genera thnt
has the largest stock of the (allowing arti
cles of his own 'manufacture in this city—bleddlcs, Bus
tle, Trunks and Whips, all of winch be will warrant
In. made of the best material and by the heat meeti
•ines in Allegheny county. Being dom.:need to well
his manufactures something lower than been here
tofore sold by any similar establishment itt the city,
be would invite persons in need of the above ntuned
anteing to Lim warehouse, N 0.214 Liberty Mreet. oppo
site Seventh. Also, bands made to order for machine
ry. ac t. 71-17 G. BERRY.
Cooper Duplex and Lever Walsh*.
JUST received and for sale at
• lit— greatly roducesrprices, five gear
ue T. F. Cooper, 6 Cahhorpe stet,
Oray's Rawl don," Du
plex and Patent Laver Watehea cored iv le karat
gold, and
nowt with Chnsnomater balances.
These are the finest watches made, being sopen.
or in finish and accuracy to the AL J. Tobin*, Joseph
Johnson, or any other make. Thosein want of a very
fine watch are Invited to call and examine this lot_
Also, a large assortment of Gold end Silver Watdhos,
ChirAtte Watches repaired in the bow manner.
,xual corner 4th and Meeker eta.
Xelloph on's Illemorabilia of Socrates, with
lon note., enticed and explanaLory, the prolegomena
at Kramer, Wigger'a Life of Socrates, etc by Charm
&name, I. L D., Professor oldie Greek'and Lane lan
guage. an Colombia College, Now York, and Rector of
We sinsourtar SchooL Jost reed and for sale by
Booksellers. cos XI and Market ins
I - 30.1
-11 PRN, &c. /I. W 111.141113 be. opened a Night
School ut hu school roam, COMET Ut 4th and Ferry sit.,
entrance on Fourth, where lte will be happy ID IMP.-n
instruction in the arise( Reading, Penmaaahtp. Amin
titettc.,Rook Keeping, Phonography, be. omb-dern
CLOCKS--Ilaving concluded to roll
oiff our entire stock of Kirke . . htreine Ilmegieces
we now offer 10.1.11 them at lower once, thou they non
he, bought at arty house in Putsburgh or elmwtere,
cast or west. Being the only establothed agents here
(or these cloeka, we knee the largest Auld 111 . 0•1 assort
ment in the city. Call and see.
Remember, we are not to be undersold.
Liwarx.t CO., Market street,
oct3D entrance en notth side orthe Diamond
Seatleas — Cooltletg Stoves, denten,
11\T A RSIIALL, WALLACEh. CO-, Round Church,
ill. comer Liberty and Wood streets, mulallseture
and offer for sale Platform, Floor and COlLlster Scales.
orate moetireprovedqualuyi Cooking Store., for wood
and coat; Egg Stores 01 . ca roo.s sixes, parlor and
common Orwell, Hollow Ve oos, Sr. Se. They also
saltuuntelare the Knche., wine/111as e'en such
pinery! .n113(0011011 10 On,a having if in are, 10 .11 of
which they undid re •pectrully invite the attention of
the ettiactu and the public . generally : 0ett7.41(
Wailehee, Jewelii; 1 --
, oasnit Or Mannar non Folllrlllllrlinr,
rp Ilk: subscriber has returned from the East, and is
110 or opt-lung a lure and carefully selected stock
or Geode in hi. line. Gratatal for past litietal patron
age, he hope. to inerst a conttnuance thereof, by din
genet. in ballits, tied keeping die rear &nommen!,
and at the most reasonable pnce. Friends, custom
ers, and tbe public gencrally—parnenieyh, of
Visiting the ray from a distance are invited to call and
ex•inlne my large stock 01.
eon , W. W. WILSON.
° • N sr li st a U .
L AZORiblog;l'f.thTi'irrerfZt
satister m 1 end
esheme. rust received and for ads by FL E.
SELLERS, Porn Agent foe Pittabargh, of whom the
rename •rticle can be had. , oratt
tivereciatai ti do Fuchsia; ado ?am PA.t.i 6 do
do Leggings, of 4 afferent kinds, 10 do storm Hats 6
do Capes, with usd without sleeve.; lust received by
,Erpres• and for salts wholessue and cowl, at the East
ern prices. We wish it to be understood that paellas
err are buying from firm bands, that bay nt the ladm
Rubber Dad., No 5 Wood •IfeeL
001551 k PHILLIPS
t 1 AND INvAI 4 UXI. Dr. Banning's "Common
:sense on llealth,"ffrhystcal Education, and Homan
Voice, a based upon the meehameal philosophy of
mates phymeal ammitution , bang the subssagsee hat iectures on the above sabjects recently delivered in
ibis env For sale b v R HOPRINR,
ortiii Apollo BuildnE 4th SI
t I . k.RFON with a slush capital. and acquainted
Sl woh the Lamina., to take, . interest to an Iron
Foundry, to be located an the Portago Rod... Ap
ply at tho ottoo Pnonsl ahoy to Co.
. . .
rciaP-14.1"111! CA/WE'ragt—Haanigatmiade'd from tba
%j manufacturer -- .. antenatal &antitumor Car
go, of moat bead mina; and any ona
Mrntabing par , .1 by ciamming our
amok, m vm
nnote iTOCK,I3 Pouni st
s P v t S I Simi. am! stb,
• 40d, SO
du sOsket do; db1".44. sbovalN
!knows, Vices, .Itc, ' fin , sale - Ed
by uoviS GEO cocaRAN --.1
26 "'"
rufTrati . . "
23.11t6Ctit b