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vikaiu mum nucovicnorr'
ras WM= Tot
Consumption, Courhs,Coldsi Antitrust Bronchitis, Li , -
en Complaint, Spitung Bleed, Dilleolty of Breath-
Uni, ruin itt the Side a Psipibttion of
the Heart, Loftiness, CrocekokenCon
stitution, Sore Throsisliervons Debili
ty, and all Diseues of th,Throst,
- Breast mid Longs; thorn ost ef
fectual and sore ,
ever knownWany of
the above dinar
as 1 1
Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry'
This medicine Is uo longer among those of doubtful
. 1 :BHP. It her passed away from lin doe o f
lannehed upon the tide of experirinint, and now stands
higher in repullon, end ia head:tang mare extensive
than an other prepare
tion of mmilcine ever
produced the the relief of saffenag men.
It ban been introduced very generally through the
United States and Europe, anti Were are fear towns of
importance but what contain some remarkable evi
dence of its good "Tema For proof of the foregoing
statements, and of the value and efficacy of this med.-
eine, the. proprietor will insert &few of the Ma/ thou
sand tesiimeniels which have been presented to baby:
Alen of the first respectability—men who have higher ,
views of moral responsibility and justice, than to ter.'
tify to facts, because it will do another a favor, and;
themselves no injustice. Stich tostnny proves con
clusively. that Ile sorpnsing excellant io e is established .
by its intrinsic Merits, and the unquestionable" suthori-.
ty of online opinion. The instantaneous relief it af
fords, and the soothing influence diffused through the
whole frame by ma renders it • most agreeable
remedy for the slllicted.
nWhen men, ucting from conscientious impulses;
voluntarily bear tesUmony to the troth of a thing, or
particular fact, each testimony, being
o f to their
worldly interests sad porpoises, coerces coeriction of
cial manner to
Its truth, and commends itself in • ape
universal eredencao—Crliogen's Moral Maxims
Simi Avernus Cue , or PetaIO3.4IICONSCIIPTIoni
There never wee a remedy that btu hone as successful
in desperate easel of Consumption, as Dr. go sa p, o .,
Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry, It strengthens the
newappea to heal the ulcers on th e hmgs,
creating end rich blood; power possessed by no
other medicine.
Comma Co., April Dlii, ISIS.
Dr. SWayne—Dear Sill I verily believe your Com
pound Syrup of Wild Cherry has been the means or
saving my life. I caught a severe sold, which gradu
ally grew worse, attended with a severe cough,Ohat
restated all the remedies which I had recourseloirtikill
increasing omit my case exhibited all the symptoms of
Pulmounry Consumption. Every thing I tried seemed
to h ove no effect, and m ycomplatatinereased so rapid
ly that friends Si myself, gave up all bop. o f
my joc osery. At this Moe I was recommended to try
your invaluable medicine: I did so with the Most hap
py resnlts. The fast bottle had the effect to loosen the
cough, causing me to eZpitteurrate freely, and by the
time I bad used all bottles,' was entirely vrell,and not
Pow as hearty e. man us I ever wok in my life and
would be happy to free any Mr...Stn. respecting my
caw, that other sufferers may derive the benefit for
which 1 em so grateful. For the truth of the above
Maternent. I refer you to Peter Rush, Groom, West
Chester, Pri„of whom I purchued the medicine.
Resynctfall urs, y yo isms Monett
Wowierfhl Core of a Miterluxiist Minorter.
e• Dr. Swayoe—Dear Sim I filet et debt of iMilimde due
to you--and .a duty to this .Meted generally, to e y e ,
my humble testimony in favor of year OhlFigioarld Sy
rap of Wild Cherry. Some throe years elate I 011.
violently attacked with cold and Milammation of the
Longs, strlacla was accompanied with a distressing
eough, pain in the breast and head, a very eonaldera•
bee diecherge of offensive mums from the larns, espe
cially upon change of weather, however slight. At
first felt Co alarm about my vindiuon, but was pretty
soon convineed w ea ras rapidly going into tonerunp
don. I grew dotty ker, and at length was seams
ly tole walk about, or speak above &whisper, sach
eee ., the ek ceeding oreakuessof ray lungh D
er this
time I had tried virinuipreps and erth s
here I was advised and persuaded by a deer End
Wilmington to make trial of your Syrup of Wild Cher
ry. I molt COlliG. that previously I had been
these sooting patent medicine, and I am still against
those cooling out of the hands of <metrics, but under
standing your claims to the profession and muctme of
medicine, and haring implien faith in die saying of my
friends, I forthwith purchased of Di. Shaw, one of your
agents, a few bottle.. and cornmeneed Its use. hly dis
ease was in that lime of Wor 25 months' stending, con
seijuently it was deeply seauni. I found, however,
considerable relief from the use of the ft fr eque n tl yve
b o oth.. Bet homy n pntofie veaker, I at
tempted to t preuen with my increatung streLtrh, and
=emery ed those vessels that had Lire y berm
Ib t ites in this woy. doubtless, my cure was greatly
rtiarded. colt' of acting thas imprademiy.
hod team tweivs or fifteen looks before 1 was per:
intaercr store d .
w h o7ii ' d ohotaaunm o or, ru e n h a, s n ' t L 7,
she above indiscretion. The Syrup allayed the fever
ish hardy tuck away the distressing rough, put a stop
to the discharge of matter from the lungs, -and gave
them and the cadre to Intr. gon d health. I have defer
red otiertng flits certificate unul now, for the porpos
of being perfectly satisfied with she pernthueney of tbe
cure, and now that I feel pen'esitly welt I oder it with
Di easure Ilse. 1 P. Jotwids.
Dublin county, N. C.
Cautiow—litaa' Reusa^
here so isotope genuine preparation of Wild merry,
and rum is Ur. Swartz's, the first ever pained to the
pato., welch bits been ssolg largely throo . ri the
United States ova some parts vi Europe: all pre.
paretic , . evC,ol by the name of Wild Cherry have
been put oat lance 0.. under cover of some decepuve
eatunleigneet, tit order to gave currency to their sales.
By a little ohnervation, no person need mistake the
genuine from we Wise. Mach bottle of the genuine Is
enveloped wish a beautiful steel engraving, with the
likeness of William Penn thereon; also, Dr. Swayne's
stgnature: and as further security, the portrait of Dr.
Swayne will be added hereafter, so as to distrugunth
his preparation from all others. Now, if it was not for
the great corauve properties and known virtu. of Dr.
Swap:Ws Compouud Syrup of Wild Cherry, parson.
would not he euneavortrag to give currency to these
`ltch... nostrums' by stealing the name of Wild
Cherry. Remember, always bear in mind the name
of Dr. Sorlyne. and be not deceived.
Ranmpal Office, corner of Eighth and Raze deer.,
For sale wholesale and retail by OGDEN ft SNOW.
DE.N. ;or and Wood sue A PARNIESTOCK te
Co, itt and \Vood,
aSO liberty at; JAS
A JON Ea:, cot Hand and Penn mak .10101 MITCH
ELL, Allegheny City. and by all respectable `hersde in
medicine. _ _ _
B. A. Psittriestook's Aisticßillous Pals.
Thie Cathartic compound combines smallness of
bulk with efficiency .nti comparative mildness of
purgattve action, and haling a pecultar tendency to
the binary organs, is extremely valuable in this coun
try, in mrhtell inhous fevers and other complaints, at
tended with connection of the Liver, so much abound.—
They have now stood the test of an years, and experi
ence has proved them to be safe and valuable remedy
in Intermittent, gennuent and Mho. Felon; Jean
; Who,. colic ; Indigestion BroPla DYsentarY
Bilious Vominngs ; Colds. and all complaints of an in
flammatory. character. The complete and universal
...faction which has been even by these pills to all
who have once used them, renders the publlshlng of
the numerous certificates in their favor annecewary,
To prevent coutiterfiesung they are now put up in • •
red ryit.„-rapic wrapper
Price i 0 cents for a box containing 3n pills.
Prepared mind sold by
od'oner Ist nod wood, and also comer 6th and wood
Laxorarort, Oct. 12.1643.
Mr. R. E. Sellers: —One of our physietana whose
practice avery extensive, told me this morrang of a
ease In which one vial of your Venuifuge 1 brought
away above 80 worms and a gentleman in le net
charged said that less than half a vial caused he dia.
charge of near 60 large worm. from one of is c
dren. Very many of such inotancea might he stated.
It Is well known about here, and almost all point, it to
any other. Send me IS dozen and oblige
Yours. J. M. WILSON
Parents who do not wish ID trine with their children,
should nee Seller,' Verrnifrige.
Prepared and cold by R SELLERS, :a Wood .3.
sold by Dr Carael, sth Ward, D hi Cam, Allegheny
APECTORANT it euptarr to all oiler remedies for
Coughs Corisuniptkin, EtronchAiss A rthina,and other Palm
" aarj eSmitions, is that the same turbots who crennieneed the
me of it in their furulim too year ego dill pre4r it to all
other reesurdita of the kind; and where any bare been induced
to try o th er preparatuat they hart almost invariably been
diesppointed to 'retiring the hare& which ti reasonably
anticipated from the high u se
bestenredby the proprieton,
sad bare returned the ute of Jarsaa' EscriCTolla NT, u
• mbar that has over failed to teßere them. and which
prob•bly utter had ita eine! in discates
Pre uey pared wily by Dr U. Jane ti=l whim&
deritidfrArtf 7'J Fount st
DALLEY'S PAIN EXTRACrORtvIiI , in five min
ums from the time of its application, remove the
pins from the savviest borne, scalds or blister
d will heal 'rounds, ulcers and sores of any kin
'cilium scar. This valuable Paill'ESltatten• Can be
had of JOLIN D MOROAN, Druggist,
• No WHOM street,
ant. blent (Of Westeni Pone
„FEW weeks Mee, ono of my children, aged about
ve years., Was unwell for mend days, and the
ss increased to alarmingly that I feared death
/ would be the result. Having heard of the good egens
ofFahnestock's Vermange when administered to the
children of my neighbor., and thinking my child might
have worms, from some ofthe symptom, I gave it one
and a half teaspoonfuls of the Vermiloge, and to my
wrest astonishment if almost immediately discharged
between 250 and 300 large worms. lm health was soon
restored, and it is now remarkably well. Previous to
taking the Verrotfuge, the worm, would occasionally
rise to its throat, and I often feared it would die from
Tionesta, Vennngo co, Pa., April 3, '49. apl3
OINTMENT Is the mon effectual remedy before
public (or the cure of toner ' itch, dry and watery
pimples of the lace, neck and body,scaly eruptions,
and all other discuses of the akin. This Ointment is
vassranted free from mercury, is perfectly rile, and
may be used at all times and under all circtionsumnes.
A fresh supply of this valuable remedy received and
for sate by • 13 A FAHNE,...TOCK. it Co,
comer of and wood; also, corner of 6th and wood
enacts. 01
SELLEBIO VERMIPUGE—. O No fatally should be
without me
Lassa, C. 0..11.u.vA% I
24 '4B '
Ma. P.. E. Stamm.: 1 cheerfally certify at have
for some year. put used your Verrailuge in my fatally,
end universally with mecum I decidedly prefer it to
wry other preparation 1 have used—artiongm there may
:t be DUD , ' the celebrated medicine called Deadstiot,
Fahneetock . • Vermifuge, and a preparation called
Worm Tea. In a recent case a stogie dose broAght
from my httle boy one hundred and six large anima
No family certainly ought to be without it. Yours &o
4V:f r ," JAS. LAW-40N
• Prepared and sold by R. E. Beim, No. 57 Wood s t.
and sold by Druggists generally in both rine. .epl.l
A Flee litet.of Tooth ter 23 Ceuta.
RITE TEETIII, FOUL BREATH, HEALTHY TGUhLS.—VeIIow and unhealthy teeth, altar be
ing once or twice cleaned with Jones' Anther Tooth
have the appearance of the most beautiful ism,
and at the dame tune nu so perfectly innocent and ea
obi:Daly fine; Matte constant daily wort is ideal, ad
centavo., even to those teeth that an in a geed Con.
dition, giving diem a beautiful polish, and preventing •
=rardecay,. Those already decayed it prevent.
er oming worse—it also fastens rueh as are be-
Weans loose, and by persoveranee It will render die
tendon meth delicately white., and make the breath de.
linionsly meet Sold by WM. JACKSON, eil LAboesy
street '11419
.73. A. Famintrocc, ii. B Hinz, N. Y. City.
B. ii,Fastantrom,}Piusb.rgh.
U. wcircantrroc
.ilannthe Urns Star* On the City of
i ..,.,. Aa Nevi e T zit ,
,;• 7 ',,,,,.
_Virdtataatiki nh . s l s at I:o 1Y . 49 7 Ar d
etr i eein:
ihily at Nevi 'yti and a re prepared to supply
01(1 . s....itocitniter Orehents with limn, Paung,
~..10 ' 4 .' ''' Firman and Amenean p0,y..7,
Weirnarglander's Chemicals, (of their own
n) and all other unties initial: line et basP
y ws. of a etyperka quality as law as they ems bolter
p.., •In alai or lay eastern city.
• .. . Veloth it. A. FAllniv.""--
. I *ime,"
1 • -- - I- : lii j .-ii,%- tf...cirfintg
1_ iEt''' .-
.1..,_ "•-.--: , : t--77 4
~ - i f.l
1;i'211 - 4i71111i IA .
---....- .: 14 _ i ______.,.... ,_,,.. r .
,-,:._ , -- .. - zz.;. - t;. - 7.. - .F. - r:.,: - -' 1, :‘ , . , •:-‘4 1,.
SAR eeder SAPARILLA. EIsmstp mid iqf
The ;nest W
extraordinary Medial. n J
the World
Mr Emma Is put .p In Quart Baths, U is sr
p/spostsr, d mar rooted .n.
?pis, to omy sau.. it CUM 11111.1.4
or drhilantraz
The peat beauty end superfluity of this Sarsaparilla
mer ae other msdkinee IMM while herudlttates the the
man, it favidorutos the body. It Is one of du very best
Ever known, it not only purifiet the whohs system, ani
areouthens the pawn but h
n th.crea new, pure and rick
I load • pow. poesmsed by to er muildne, At
he. dte mud secret atm weraderhil Mecum. It has
performed within the
two years, more thso 100.000
rdres of severe caw of Deem.; at least 15,000 were
considered incurebln 11 ham saved the lives of more
pme 10.000 children dosing the MS put mamma
10,000 cams of General Debility ,and'i
_ .
was of Nerreas Energy.
Dr. Townsend'. Bareepals invigorates the whole
syst e m permanently. To at
those who have lost their
muscular marry Vile effects of medielne or Misers
{tun eommined I. yowl, or the 0.0.1•1111.04111 gene• of
thr pmiona, end brought on • general physical penult
ben attic nervous system, huMnde, rio t ambition,
feuding semolows, premature decay and decline, h......
towmis that Sant dieters, Cetteuteption. eon be ea.
tinily restored by this pleasant rmhdy. This Semi
parills l far reperior trt any
Invigorating Cordial,
A. it renews and inagoratet the mum, Oen activity
to the limbs, cod eterneth to the muscular system, I. •
mod extraordinary dares.
It.:onansirption Cored.
Obesant ant Strengthen. Onisv2q,Nal tax. ba caret.
itnnehitta. Couetaption, Liver Oosplaist. Colds.
Oodarre, Awls, 41111.2, Spitting el mood,
Seauentsi the Malt Hunt Meek Irypit
Swats, Difficult er Preffitee Suiten.
radon, Patin *u s bass
. . . .
Ms Yu April
D. 15irtnuadms—.1 rutty bathos .
Sot YearM l / 2
rilla km tout the aux. threMth Pmi , blehe.b 01 mi
my Ilts. 1 bus Its =vend Tura basl • bad mongh.
Inert l s rep mud vusk Al lon I Need .rye quail
tiweilfbal, Lad ales Otrubt, sad Imo greatly data.
mod Mil raduitd, earl Aid an upset to lira I Use
telly led pm Sarsaparilla • Skirt des., and tlm-• bas
• srelibialti chugs bus instiht la la. I ire and
tc vial/ lity. nein blend, sad my
rush Ito ma. Yea mu Ira base., that I an
tbubfl I (Sr thaw elmeta.
Taft ebaikrat
WIL =LUGS Ciagataeltt
TrWassasre thstaspthiCia Is•osthreiga am speedy
sue thr thei4ot Coostotpdaa Bunyan." Pavia's..
Uteri, as F atlas Watt* Castleman, FU. Lea.
thrrhoth, or hitsra obstractsd ar Meet Ithustraw
Cos, Ithectithatth Urine, as Llkettioathry discharge
thereof. atutihr ths gaund pmenzglisra at thesynth:w—
-oo mattes salted= Ithsrout =MOT C. 211.5.
produced by ithegtiarity. Inn nor sessidert. Mathis(
b. man reorysisiag than lu Inalgthc - dtht gnats
en the human hat.. Pena= aUwoabest and Lath
be.. takl.(tl al oath theta= robust thd Usti of
essay:, undo. m tatiothus. It itastrialstely theaters..
the thrrelaccathe of the heals froths, which tis great
theseot Barrefiatha. It .fI l aat be ctied of u.,
e t.
wes of so datum a maw% aasththU oethillesthe
par mod bat we es ammo tbs adlietad, that
huudrode of CMS have boos enacted to to Tiroutands
or asses where thadlies three thew without thildthca
after thing a to. bottle. of this lasothable cothiciada
Woe both bitothd with lasi thatthy arsiniag.
T. Mosher* toad Marriedldle..
Tbl. Extract agar...gases boo hot. onPuttvt4 Pro
wl.' la refer.ea to tomato complaint. Ma tamale
who hay rearm to salvo= oho is approaching thou
critical parboil. Tao ma's of iifa; should
mile il no it is oixertailn primacies for any of the
immoral:o and horrible diseases to which females are
oubtom at this time or lit. Thin period oug to de
layed/or mead year: by wing this mastic-Cu Nor
la it Ire valuable. far them who are approaching ar>
manhood. as it I. calculated to maim nature, by quick.
man the blood ond hioixorming the aystem. lead e.L
tLis to Invaluable for all the delicate discs
ere to which women are subject.
It braces the whole rpm,. renal. permanently the
trti enercim, by removing the impunties of the
bedy, not so far schnoladeit ma to produce onimeioen.
relaxation. which is the mho , ohmo.t nrelternas taken foe
felnala areaknese sad disease. By alum a fee beat, of
thee mailable, many Leven and painful survical opera
bola may be prevented
Great Blazing to Mother. and Children.
It is the eafest and most effectual medicine for purify
ing the aystern and relieving thestiffen., attendant
upon child-birth ever discovered. strengthens both
the .ether and child. prevents pain said disea.e, in•
ere.. and enriches the food. three alio have need it
thnik it is indispensable. It Is highlyuseful 6.411 befure
and after confinement as it prover. diseses attendant
upon childbirth—an Convicts-es, Piles, Cramps Snell
lug of the Feet. Despondency, Heartburn. Vomittur.
Pain in the Back and Loins, 1 - I!se PLO Heniorrhege
end in resthlating the secretions and equalizing the coe
tt has no equal The greet beauty of. obis
medicine is. it is alreaye trek and the most delicaa use
k most succeasfully, very fee eases require iirty other
methane, fa some • little COMM Otl, a Herne. , aorta. Stomas* in the apes ate, and light feed wan
this neelleine, •Iway• Immure • safe and easy eon.
Beauty and
Coonthica Chalk, end • variety of preparations re ne
rally Co nee, when applied to the face, very soon Aped It
of to beauty. They cloth the pores of the skin and
check the circulation, which, when nature to not thwart.
141 A, disease or powder, or the skin inflamed by the
alkellee meal in scope, heathlike its own productton
the human het Mein," thwell i. in the garden of
nett and &Mawr,' tithed and rthissathd flowers. A
See, active nod healthy circulative of the fluids. or the
courshq of the pare, rich blood to the extremities, i.
lb.! Winch paints the countenance in the momthem ,
site beauty. It Is that which =paint the indeseribabie
shades and Cubes of loveliness that all odour, hot
none can describe. This heauvy is the offspring of as ha-re--not of pthethr or seep. If thaw Is nor free and
healthy circulation there hs tio beauty. If the lady
Cur es driven mow, if the paint, and on commtion
arid the
that is fascinating. bloadis thick, add and imp.* he is not been
ttfol. If efts be brown or yellow, and there is pure and
active blood. ti in the a rich bloom to the cheeks, and a
brilliancy Co theeyes cinating.
This is why the soubent end thlthethlif the Span
ish ledlth ate so much admired. Lath. In the north
who mks but titilo ththelth, or the emitted cleth
rooms. et hare spoiled their camped.= by the twit. ,
cwt. of deleterious nsithunta, of they with to re
gain elasticity of step, buoyant apirfu, sparkling eyes
and thatnifei complex:Wm dayeltonld the Dr. Towo
send's Sarsaparilla- Thothands who e
have trid it, are
thart satisfied, are delighted. Ladies of •vorry
usu., crowd our office daily
Those in. imitate Dr. Toeratrend's S.saparills, have
vviablY .Thad their ruff. (Tea Rmarsty for Fe
soles, he-. &e.,, sad have added our WM .4 circular.
which relates to the complatata 0br0.61.13.001. I for Ivor,
—other men oho p. up medicine, Lava ateco the mai of Dr. Torresetora Sarsaparilla la complaints
..Meat to Retake ncoatesended, Milmoth pre
vroosly they did not. A umber of these Mixtures Pins
As., are injurious to fund., . ther ajar.... a 1. .,
and undermine the constitution. Dv. Toormtudh. I. the
Duly end toss remedy for thenumerous female mon.
plaints—it rarely, ever fails of reset* a permanent
It can bo taken by Me mast deli.. females,
In any use, or by Mo.e expecting se become mourn,
with ths greatest advantaaart, as it prepares the system
and prevents pals or dearer, and envoy.. both
mother sad chiLL Be careful to gat the pewee.
Thu cortifieate conclusively pram that the! Pas.,
eardla kw rfect control over tha aunt obsuns.
of 60 pe Masi. Three persons eared oo• house
r. unprecedented.
Three Children.
Towaronrco—Daar Sir I have Gas pleasure to
Inform you Mal Gnaw ef my children have immcured
of the Scrofula by Um use of year a:collets medwine
l'hey were afflicted vary severely with bad Sores bare
tua,:a eel? fear bade.: it took them away, for which
I Del myself trader great obligation.
1,13117 Vt 101 Woomera.
Opinions ofPhyskinm.
De. Townsend ts almost daily receivina ordain from
Phylociatts to different pens of the Union
Thu is to certify that we, the underAread. Phydsiana
of the City of Albany, have la nomeroom eases preurltv
mvi Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla and believe It to be
one of the mom valuable prep bona la the market
J. WILSON, I t. D.
Allwny, April 1.1847. P. E. ELMENDOBV, tl. D
Own,' to the mat success nod itmootmo sale of Dr.
Townsead's Samaparilla. a number of moo who were
formerly our Agnate, have commincod matted Barmpa•
rill Extremes Elle/rs, Muer. Estrada of Yellow Dock,
k r They gaterally pat it up to the same shaped bet.
and sotmn of them ham, stole mad copied our ads'',
to.ementa—ehey ant oda' wortblem imitations, and
shoeld be avoided.
Pnacipal Office, WS PTILTON Street, Suu Satlairce
N V.; Redding & Co. 8 Stale street, Boston; [teeth k
Soot, 132 North Second street, Philadalphie; B. B.
Hance, Drusiod. Baltimore ; P. M. Co.han Charleston ;
1,V,111 k Co., 151 Chartres Street. N. 0 105 South
1...r1 Street, Albany and be th e principal Drur.
tor. sod Ilerchouto generaliy throughout the Cooed
Were Imhes *DJ the Canada..
N. 8.--Persons inquiring for this medicine, should
not lie induced to take any other. Druggists put up
Sarsaparillas, and of course prefer selling their own.
Do not be deeetyed byenv-inquire for Dr. 'Town
send* and take no other. r Remember the gene.
ine -- Townsend's Sarauparil a.e sold by the sole agents
R. E SELLERS, General Wholesale 5. Retail Acesa.
No. 57 Wood street., and D. M. CURRY, Allegheny
city. ki,Vl
nor in x.llOO,
TUE undersigned has long been convllifed of the
ff. nece.sity for some medicum adapted to the rase of
Children and Infants to supereede ro ore atl nil those
medicines which contain opium, and bas at .ength sec- Nicmomllfmlliteisi - Rowan Tailoring Eal.l.
needed in preparing and offenng to the pert. • meth. Ilahraant.
eine fully answering every pumime tor a li d r s ease . o f r a . TSA AC WILLIAhIS, Draper and Tailor, begs to in
berm:lm without the um. of that deleterious drug, or any , 1 form the rider,,. of Pittsburgh and others, that he
other calculated to utrote in the east The Infant Paul . ix now opining at hi. rooms on Smithfield street, un
aces has been fully tested are tried. the last twelve I der the above Hotel. a large and beautiful assortment
months, by numerougparsecs, and mina to possess all of Cloth, Carrslmerex, Satins. Silks, and other Vestings;
the egu-sordinary virtues. and to mina
all the amen- i writhe.' with such other articles es are required for
idling effects as set loch on the hill of thermion'. B. g & ..(10.No• occur • Hi. good. hone been carefully se
aminess, Vomiting, Cholut,Orlying, Pains, Sickness and rect. end ere of the newest and most ferlummble
Diseases arising from Teething acting immediately , Mile, on well as of supenor quality. lit. monomers
without disturbing any of the functions of the body, mut depend upon having their clothes made up to •
producing the happiest and most pleasant transidon I manner which cannot fall to gratify the taste of the
from violent pain to a tranquil and joyous state of feel- , most fastidious up24:lY
mg In the little sufferer. I •
To be kad wholesale and retail, of the Proprietor Dr.
N BAIWARIT, Druggist and Apothecary J ohn , ‘• ENITIAN BLIND ALAN UFACTORY
Mitchell, Elliott k Beckham, and most other Druggists i boat side of the Diamond, where Venni.
a Allegheny and Pittsburgh. .dee 13 ' Blinds of all the different sites and color.
are kept on hand or made to order albs
pll. - TOWNISEND'S SARSAPARILLA. -60 dozen the latest and most approved Eastern full.
lust received of Dr. Townsend'. Sursapanlls, the ions, at the shortest notice nod on the num
mon extractothistry medicine In the world: This Er-reasonable terms.
tract in pat up In quart bottles. It hi air times cheaper, Alio. the cheap Boston roll or split Mind Tramp..
P 1 "... 1 ..., r and :Warranted soperior to any sold. It rime y and Paper Curtain. Mall the different sixes and
' Ult. ...". 942=1 vomiting. purging, sickening or patterns, on hand and for sale low for cull. Old Veld.
debilitating thelmtlent. halt Blinds Sainted once and repaired, ar taken in part
Loom oda adalsteragurma—Unprincipled persons have payment for new. Rlll W4:BTER %V ELT, Fropr.
..... "P6 ' 4 .--• esr . h an. , 11 . 2 d - Ina op atedheim l 0,1 . b....." N. B —All work done with the best material and
vs , vroa boUki Sea that each bottle has Me smitten erg- 'workmanship, and unstained to please the most his.
nature of S. -Tovreacort.
R. E. SRl—l:von admin.. angto-dly
Th ,.„ .. I — F 74;Dru%st. 57 Wood street, betweed Allegheny city, Aug. 10, INS
kr, is Dr. crartmendis only 'wholesale
TEAM FERRY BOATS FOR filiLF;- - The itth
erni mall agent for Frusbargh, of whom the genuine
amnia eau be bad. , 0 scribers offer to sell one-fourth of the two' ferry
boats, Gen Scott and Oen. Worth, nose miming from
D. M. Oirri has been appointed the mile agent f
Allegheny city, of where t i, ~,,,in e ~,,J e, ~..,.' r the foot of Perm street to Elm Mili Run, so as to make
kad. -",;.„, ' it a profitable investnient for eapitallats, or arty who
.- - ''''' * may wish to engage In the boainess.
rklAPFJAS—Russia, Scotch, Damask and flannwa For further particular., inquire of
.1./ T•bi., Oa: • good assortment matt by , nova tf - 0 RLAC,UURN k Co, Water M
003:13 lIIIACIELErp A warn '
Ia , TAKERS, comer of Penn and St. Cloth streets,
r-posite the Exchange lintel, PIPIII.IIOO 011 Penn street,
refir , RallY Inform their fnrnds and the public, that
they are prepared to furnish and attend to everything in
the line of Undertakers. Always on hand a lam me
sorunent of ready made Corms, covered, lined and fin
ished to the eery hest manner, all aorta and sizes rely
'nude Shreed. of Ha IMP Cambeck and ma'am, and Ai
write in approved styles. We keep a large as
41 110,1,11 i of tam card black, cotton, ark and kid Gloves.
.able Inc pall beaten and mourners, crape, caps, pl
iant, and every thing necessr.ry for dressing the dead.
and on rc pentible. terms. as we purchase all our goods
le the Easter, eines. Also, nicer plates for engraving
,he name and sgr. We !nee a SpllooOld POW beanie and
bone- And arty number of the beat carnage,. Every
thmg attended to promptly and panotaally. catty
Birmingham, 'hear Pittsburgh,' Pa.
Piarehotte, No. 137, Wood street, Pittsburgh.
• of WILL
coAuatly keep on hand a good assort-
Ware, of our own manufacture, and
auperioroplity. Wholpale and country Mer
chants are respectfully invited to call and es for themeelvP. as we are determined to Sell
cheaper than has ever before bees offered to the pub.
RD- Orders sent by mail, aocompania by the cash or
referenve.wlll be promptly acceded to. feb4
JAX. E LzroLut
NI L :L V e
t A
y N i o iLD
lded cud r to gem. ,
Glassware in allits "'enemas, at their Warehouse =a ,
ner of Market and Water streets, Pilwburfth.
Our W orbs continue in full operation. and we are
eonstan ly editing to our flock. which enables as to fill
alert with prompters. Purohafers are rerpeetfel y
tr. net trd to call and examine prices and terms.
rifled! y
FROM the very liberal encourage
s =entitle subscriber has received since
•Sit;Fil. he has located himself in Allegheny,
,svjgragiti has induced him to take a lease, for a
term of years, on the property U: now
°couples, in Beaver street, immediately beside the
Pre/My - Ler= Church Prom the long sap is nee In the
above bareness end a desire to please, he hoperixo mer
it and receive a share of public patronage.
Now on hand and finishing to oNcr,Rockawey Bug
gies, open and top Buggies, and every description of
Carriages made to order, from seventy-five dollars to
eighteenmos (sepk-clul JOHN SOUTH
NA`lnuTadeDlFt rTOlACCO— l4,liu..,;4intwr.,..d
to N. char,. Phl'a odor
for sole on accommodating
term, MOO pkg. Manufactured Tobiteco, consisting of
pounds, half pounds, .s's, a - s, ld'a, DJ's, 18's and ml'.,
lumps; s's.
al and B's plug. and Cl's Ladies' Twist, in
whole and ball boxes, of the following approved brands,
1 tzmerll Grant, Osborn A Brno,'
Grunt A Williams, A Cabanas,
S Jones A don, M'Douald,
NA ebster Old, 1 Thomson,
James Thom... Jr. A II Armistead,
J 'Phonate A Son, Landhorn A AroustsaA,
1 F Cocoa, J NI Cobbs,
Gentry A Royater, J A Clay,
61 A Bader,C A Hall,
Green Hal, Wm Dawson,
Pearl A Norwood, J S Blackwood,
Nml, Page, Keystone,
tt II Vaughan, Edmund Henry,
Porno. Robruson Russell A Robinson"
K -.lri. Robinson ACe Seth liaise),
B. Nlrt.rall, John Ender,
Locrence Loner, J Robinson,
ay k Gray, D B Turner,
R Jameson, York White,
II Id Branch. —ALSO—
Havana Leaf Tobacco, MTUrpers and fillers,
Yard to do
Co -.faecal do do do
Si J ago de Cuba do do do
St Dorarno du do do
led:ii, A rruidea dn, part fine, do
It ... YVI:i, do do do
K, . ' , ark y various grades do do
V ~.. 1.. c.!. nable for manufacturing and export;
Sp•ndah Seed Leaf, Penn', Coimectieut and Ohio.
N ,• ~f,ri S, mod •weer, German Pipes. Pioe bed,*
Cs .• 011 Sliud (loose and bladders.) slacrouba Meal,
T..., Ina Ileans. Havana boss, Otto Rose; Bergamot;
i'd:abr, Locon. e, Patent C•vendtsh Knives, Spunk,
- - --
VlTt"2:tr of g
Pr ' iar th o fi ti e , i d d rt " :;e 6 c ' t7o n : t
altll.o Or Country Merchant., 11 . 1011 Altd
,•,, ivertr, .0 tk large and impart*, a...M.
tr. 4.1 nu) et 6 A HS, among v.bncla will hr
t, brand, vtx Ftegalin, Co., ',runs. S., Brand Mt Ile,. and
Bo or Regilo... 50! 01 WA/c• wall be sold as low an ran
he had at any other house in the coy.
conalantly ot, hand and for sale, • lyre a nd
.Circled vork of VlFvrtia; Nl:moan. and Fine
t tog Tobacco.
A.., Bav•na, Cubo od C 61.000 Leaf Tobacco,
c0..ta , ,,, on hood .d for nate, or:flea-darn
W FIELD ottcro for ule at the lower
• hianast.-tnrers' pr.ces. a very extensive a.-crt
Iv •t of PAPER. cornor:r.op every poschle vartrty,
pted wants of tonsonocro in all seenons n
t:y Paper of a:: kids made to order at .4nn
1., cock of PRINTING PAPER is oat:Luta:lr lora,
a par: o: "'Loh ,s of eery suporor
of e%O ,:cker:pbou. ,mpol tod nod kept colonel:WI- o
or r
ono . : Poltava, W,re Cloth. Pourdrinier W:re,
81e0e1,..g Powder, Blue raroanne, Terme, no , no
Co none.. Bale Rope. Gress Rope, Degree, , c
purrilocaed. (or which the highest price Cash er .11 be
peal War New York, Jelyi 1640.
at) , e,
1 before—made on the 001 U approved Eartern plans—
ano. most Nithlollab lc EasternEtatterns and colors. Also
THE CHEAP ROLL. ar DOS pm BLIND, on hand
or made to order of all saes, and at all privet.
Country Merehant• and others are inotted in call and
esti-bine the above for themselves. as all will Le sold
wbuierole or rein: and a liberal deduction made
TICE undersigned offers for •ale • superior smelt.
of brtek Mr building. made by lire Stearn Press.
improved machine, for which he has obtained • patent,
agree c• To give purchasers • written guarantee that
t.te . are .tronger. and will resist frost and wet weath
er imbibe less moisture or dampness than arty Mb-
er t•,lck. ormaeae.nlgre•ter Lott) and oopenor texture
inurh more narable m every renpeet, each brick
her auteerted to a pm-genre of acre's] terra, and pos..
ae•• mg a handsome smooth !nurse° and even edge.,
make a front ego.: to the heat front brick
Ivy hnve can the create.t aattafarnon to all who
bar e purchased. A tutu ran I.e seen at my work., and
y urn at the Garotte Write.
'l . m se [toying supplied themselves for their loldings.
orianing handsome front bock, or supenor Itycl
•nd 'did paving brick, MU obtain them.
Ifirmingbam, June 111.51. tf
- - - - - - -
TA BIZ this method to inform ht. !Sends
and the public at large that Ins Factory a
now in full operation. on the went stde of
the Diamond, Allegheny, where a eon.
pun supply of Blinds, of various colors
and qualities, are constantly kept on hand;
•1., at No 5 Wood st. Pittsburgh. at J &
II Phillips' oil cloth wsrertaani.
Venn.. Shutters made to order in the beat style.
Blindsrepaired at the shortest notice.
4N. li.--kits Blmds will be put up without any addi
tional expen...that they can be removed in a mo
m-lit tit case of fire OT for washink, and without the and
of it .erew driver. al-dlyikvrtamlytt
HE sobsctitier is pro.
pared to furnish Bouquets
for Weddings, /tells end
Parties, composed of rich
fregrant Flowers. Orders
leo with W. T. Bolan, Jr,
Si. Clair Street, or ihrough
the l'int Office, will he de
r ;i 4 l flrio7J3l)ROPio
Manchester Nursery
not'a dint.
I IP Proprietor pith. welt known place of resort has
it,. plea mac of utformnig the public that his estab
irrhment itavoig been thoroughly refined and repaired.
and the grounds elegantly laid out and decoramd, is
Pow open for term accommodation, and he Batten him
elf that itiOaa who may favor ham with their patron.
are will Lod all that they desire, provided In the best
and on reasonable tenns. He to determined to
.pure tic expense making his estahlishmeat worthy
0. palate patronage He has accommodauona for
boarding a few famdrea Ice Creams, and allrafrash
menta mumble to the season, constantly Oil hand
1848 .
W. T. Monza. Pittsburgh,
REMo r, Prope&
Puts & CO. Beave
Covernen & Coassatraun. Cleveland }
H a l L po n Lin n
grr 3 ' l nom o :vi prepare d
ttsl g it 'aL a tZve r l t an fr d, o h ;
any point on the Canals and Lakes.
One boar leaves Pal a / a rch and Cleveland daily . , run
ning in connection with the steamboats lake Erie and
Michigan, between Pitudargh and Beaver, and a line
of first ciao steamboats, propellers, brigs and schoon.
gr. on Lake. Erie, Huron Lad Michigan_
Properry forwarded many past of the Union with
dispatch, by WE. T. MATHER. or
car Water and Smithfield stii, Pni g h cc o .
AGENTS,—Recd, Parks & Co t Beaver;
R G Parks & Co, loungatowm 0;
E W Cotes & Co, Warren;
D Bostwick & Co, Breadporg
A& N Clark, Newton Falls;
_ .
F Leo,, Newport;
J & E M Wluttlesey, Campbel!sport;
J M'Untie, Ravenna;
M k C H Kent. Frank.:
Mier & Tuttle, Cuyahoga Falls 4
‘Vbeeler k Co, Ak ton;
Sarney, Gibbs & Co, Sandusky; "
Watkins & Toledo;
I: & Co, Detroit, 'Slick;
Nprture & kVilltams, klihriukte, Wiz,
H J Winslow, Chicago, In. apt!
1848, la
FOR TlLA.NerolrratlMl or limacli•NDlZi
Proprnetor, of . this old established and first
Portable Boat baying removed their de
pot in Philadelphia. to much larger Warehouse
on Market rt.. than they formerly occupied, arid al. tn
creased their room (or storage at Pittsburgh, are nom
prepared to oder much greater facilities to their friends
Sild patron..
Goods carried by this Zinc are not transhipped be.
tween Putsburgh and rh dvipin being earned en
tirely In Portable kre“ion Boats. To shippers of door
and other goods requiring careful handling, this fa of
importance No charge made (or receiving or shipping
goods, or advancing charges. All goods forwarded
promptly, and upon as reasonable terms as by, any oth
er line.
Canal Bain, Penn al., Putsborgh.
227 Mnrket &SI Conlatorco at., Phila.
JOHN MeFADEN dc Co., Forovardnog and Comnin.
&ion Merchant., Canal Dann; Penn n, Huabarga.
JAMES M. DAVIS & Co, Flour Factors and Commis
sion Merchants, tna7 Market, and 63 Commerce .t,
Phil363lolm_ fcb24
gjAdynnees made by ei Merlhe above on Four,
IA not and other dmmripttons of ehandt. constsned
to them. &Ws{
xrcrrlCE—The subscriber, have deposed of their to
il wrest in the Penn& and Ohio Lane CLARKR &
THAW, of Pittsburgh, and JOSEPH 8 LEWIS, orthts
The t , 1•111 continue to transacr butane. tor the line.
at Wet, Warehouse on Broad street. as usual, and be.
speak for n continuance of the patronage of thou
Philadolpnia, March sth, 1,18.
Ponaoa. Audi Ohio Trans ortotlon Co.
Datt tin Daily Lane of
TO TILL:O,u at plan. BITWIX,
AND LAM'S. mica.
CLARKE Zs THAW. Canal Itasca, Pittsburgh
LEWIS kr urri.En 219 Market at., Philadetphia
JAS. eruu. . Agts, Broad street.
CCIWDEIk, CLARKE A. Co . 7. North at., Balt.
W ?ORRICK. Agt , 12 West street, New York.
marl 3
pICE aubaenbera have thta day ...elated th, hae la e .
I together under th , Aiyir of liter k /ones. for the
rpo account.), me [matra. formerly earned on
by Burnett M. Kier, and aottett a ronttnattnee of the Ith•
aryl patronage betetofere extended to the Noun,
BBI JO ht BIF.h,
nttsborgh, Much I, 1t4.9
WE are prrparr,l. end ,r‘riard LrcLgtit io
Re aliovr aria lizierthed,ute (nave, With a.l mutts
devyateb, and at u low totes. it, any other respon.ible
Theanentlon of shippers oetstong to Fend Pork oi Ba
con to /Iron:110re w hu!k. porLeularly requested. to,
astnuch vour arrnogrmerts roat,e us to csr.) suet,
aroeleg throutrhoin better order t!olo on) 0. her hoc.
MLR h JONES, Prop's.,
tar 71n it.
HOohort a. arch 1.1417 .
11•111 .4 JUNES-- and !Or Y
coon,. nod Wholesale Dea.ers Aron. 11:«nar
1 4 o1.1 . rodure Ar
I aLe rnl 14•4 advaorea oo ed.] Alcnlnenut marts!
TIVIRT onr-Lrt, cuvn I,lall. larwo
To Philady pit a annAll
1, 7.•1, • 11_1<c
HF.NRY GRAFF A C . '. 11, Al,
DUTH..H. HL AII9IIIEI ACo No IV Markel se,
C. H. Koons. corner North A ,aratogy Batt /
JOHN F. Clarke, No 13. 0;d Shp. New 1 cat, (
NOTICE—The style al l our firms *lll be known from
and after tlos date, at l'lnsburek. sa Henry Graff
A. Co., andiat Philadelptua, eta Dutilb, Hdrorrisrry•JsC.1 . 1.
• ' •
CHAS H PH KEN S. , 1 " 4 "• 1 .F' , .. ,
HEN Hl' HA IT. I•`Ltuburir Innr.t4tf
nidEgi 1848 -
Traß.Tertatlon of FI flgOt ru and `.w
Bow.. C.a. 1 ' 11.11We:ohm •
“Yr11..1 acCigmon.. Pattsburgh
pins old established Igor twang now in toll open,
uon. the propnetors nave made e: rosier arrange
cnents to forward goods and produce with J.-spate h. and
on the most favorttl..e terms Thry VOIIIIII,IIIV Lope
th...p known prompinc*. in den venue gooda--pe.
en nor safety an mode of corm ink—capacious warehou
*ea at each port, nalfording accomenodauonn to stoppers
and owner% of produce—together with mete' long ...krr.
tient, End noremlnlng•itentama to uuslness, wad secure
to them • continua/we of that hberal patronage tory
hereby gratefully acknowledge
All consomme,. to anal tor tine lane received, iliac
gra paid, and forwarded to aoy required dtrections free
of charge toga or storage
No interest, directly or todarecia), tat steamboats.
All come/mineral°. prompt) y atmaided to on appltea.
non to the following mesas:
RORBIIXiE t CASH. 97, Market st, Phtladelphat,
TAA & O'CONNOR, Enna) BUM l'itUburgli
O'CONNOR.. & Co. North st. Baltimore.
WM. B WILSON. re Cedar oh. New York ap3 -
1848 .
THIS well known Line. composed of mearnhoms
Lake Erie and Nltelmean, between Pittsburgh and
Deaver. and freight and pimaeneer Canal Boats be
tween Beaver and Erie, and C In
Reed's ic of Int
et... steamboats, pump }I •nd vessels on the [Ake',
I. prepared to carry freight and passengers to pooda
on me Fine Canal, and Lakes Eric, Huron mat Mich..
Romp every . Untidy for eons, freicht and p
sengers with promptness arid dispatch, the propriet
and .gene respectfully solicit from their frleltd4 acol
Unnance of their patronage
C 51R REY:D, Psoprirtor.
REED, PARKS h Co, Beaver, Agents
/01151 A. CA 1:(111EV. Agent,
apla cor {Yaw and Stnnhfieldsis. l'ltubutzh
To and from the Eastern mum, via Cumberland.
TIRE proprietors of this popular nue% havesniee duds
re-orgammuott largely Increased their (octanes to
meet the wishes of slimpenn and are note proposed to
forward • greater amount by the FIVE DAY LINE,
m also by additional regular wagons at low rams.
This line will run throughout the year. debtiering
goods through the agents in Baltimore and Pittaburgh
to owners sad consignees at specified rows and time.
Shipments from Philadelphia for the line Moald be
marked .oare. J B Robinson, Balumore.”
The only agenw are,.
82 8 Charles., Bahiewere
EDGERTON & Co, Cumberland.
CI W CABB, Brownsville.
h J C BIDWEEL, Pittsburgh.
The Proprietors of rhos popular Lana hare chanted th
Ar-ocy at Cumberland from the hones of :11cKati 4 M
rime to that of Edpruns es Co.
Ptttsborgh and witOrnt merchants an notified that J 0.
ty Robinson. \092 Routh Charles et, Dahomey . the oo
andutrund agent of this Line to th. Emtern
The on/y errata an
C BIDWELL, ritisborgh,
O W CAriB Brownsville,
EDOAIITON CoCronberlond
I 0 ROBINSON, Balognors.
W n Truss rtation Compstg Ati . -- .
1848. Old E
A, 1848,
aIIRE prepared la Ira Wort good. and prodUra to and
SAM the obi re cities on favorable terms. M
s or spply to
D. LEECH &Co, Cimal Rosin, Pittsburgh.
HARRIS & LEIA:11, Nos. 13 & IS South Third at. Phil.
I. TAYLOR& SON, ATM, No 14, N'th Ileuranl it, Bak
A. Atinurr, Ago, No 7 %Vest street, New York .
Pittsburgh. March 101 h. 1448. 010120
• Miiiihante Tranaportaii7m - Liia . i.
eaM 1848 . M 44141
OODS conslgned to our care t!' be forwarded
k.T without delay art!'
at the lowest current rate,.
C A hIcANULTY ft Co.,
C•ntd Bassin, Penn at Pittsburgh.
YTS and .163 Market et, Phil'a.
dell Smith'. wharf, Baltimore.
EWA 1848 . Mliat.
iSCIOSITCLT Vol rnazuapoatenoa OF Wet rateroint
vpHTWEEPI Pittsburgh, Itlausville, Johnstowti, Hot.
lidaYrhunh,Witer ante; (Huntingdon Co) and Pe,
This Line was formed exclusively for th e sp,, L )
commodatton of the way business. The Proprietors,
thmakful for the very liberal patronage they have re.
attired during the last two years, would ntspectfully In
form their friends and the public th at they err near still
batter prepared to deltver goods at any point GO the
Canal and Rail Roads, With promptness and dispatch_
• Pickmorth & Woods, Johnsumn.
John Miller, Hollidaysburg&
C A Id'Annlty k Co, o. basin, Pittsburgh.
• Rimmuramm—Pinsburgh—auddi & 810 lolr , J & J
Idellovitn 0 k.l H fibminbargar, 1/ Robinson &
Cq; P
k. Smi th ; John Pulsar; Wm LLB
r &
BORK muffe, ke.
PLINO roars
• • .. .
liffillii JOILY U. NIELLO. No ll l Wood
teen. has 110 W received a fu cuscort
em of Ptano Forte, . o, eeteti (".
Lite following manufactories 111 Boston
nod New York. to %situ,' the attention of purchaser..
re.pectially i•ir,ted Those from Mr. Ch‘ckerme. in,
th- -s , e Of N . 111,1 he laa Agent in We•tern Penn
f, trania.) ha ve wt.. termed the New Circular Seale.
to, tug 0111111 pro,mels1 recently made. and giving them
tt drelded 1, 1 ,1:11., 1.1 po,,er and equably of tone
over oily other. rite ioilowing are Ine patterns and
xi, les 01 1:1ne1.,, mg.
NI I lioAc wood. 7 oc'ves. fintshed back h. front. MCP
ricaly carved '•
" 10412. ,
4.raryttd rnouldinga, ' Non
5. Ge " fonahed back and $350
" 13.723
•' 6 projecting front, &lOU
IU. 7 ne My carved. style of Louis 14th.
11. 6 hollow corners and hollow con
noted legs. second hand, coot originally $4 . 25, and will
be oohs ni • very reduced pnce.
No 12. Rosewood, and corner, very ale/truly fin
mhed. 11173 No 13 Rosewood, round corner. very el
egantly finished. gh7U.
The above are mann factored by H. NVoreester, N.
V.. well known Its being connected formerly with
Mew. *ward. Worcester k. Dunham, N. V.
No 1.1. carved mouldilt, made by the
Mariliatinn Company, N. Y. 8675.
No 14. ho.wood earyed. 6 °entre., Gale ik Co'.. N.
Y, Ette• No. 17 •• p;al n " &LSO
No 16, Roeewood (,rand Piano, made by Henn
Hera. Perm
No 17, Nlallogarty. G octaves, recond hand, price 873.
Old l't ano,uk en in pang pay Tent for now one•
JOHN II .1E1.1.011,
Sole Agent for Chic k ering's Wand and bkluart Piano
Fun, for %Vestern rk,i
"V"F.OV BOOKS —Loom r` Eseioentso'
jal —Elements of plain and superficial Trigononse
isy with their application. to Nlensoraiion, Surveying
soil Nnvigrinot by Slas Loomis, A M.
- .
A Nu.. Book in Greek; containing a full slew of the
fo.m of words, With vocabularies arid copious es,.
ct•es on the method of oonstuit Imitation and , epetl.
11011 . L. Jowl D D.. Professor • f La nso a
res. •11 . d ro-oree R Vrooets. A. Al Adjunct Professor
of Languages of Dickinson College
Cpham's Life of Madame Carharina Adorns., 3d edi.
A new novel—The Discipline of Life.
Yam f, IU acid II of Harper k Brothers' splendid
lustrutedednon oldie Arabian Night' Entertainments
The above works received this day by exppre. and
for sale by JOHNSTON & SIOCKTON,
liovl3 cor 3d and market et.
TV employ the beat workmen to be found, tsgsther
with a large and complete shock of fine tools and ma
chinery, adapted to complicated work, and making
with accuracy aud factlity new pieces, customersenay
depend on IntlaraeUon, and at about the same prices
they pay in Many shops for imperfect work, and arm..
ny Ca,/ fir pos:u ye inuary done to their watches All
irkou usw rrantad in perform well.
5 Il —llavi,,g reduced my businees to a each sys
tem I em determined to se): its low as the lowest regu
lar prices., east or west mod customers may be assured
that they ran make their purchases in this line as
cheap us m the eastern cities. thereby eneouraging
home trade and industry. W W WILSON
"VEW VVOltlits—Crolowell's Speeches, ac—Other
Cromwell'. I.,tter. and Speeches, ncludmg the
suepletornt to the first ethiton: With elocidanonot Ily
Thomas Cptl)!e. to 2 oats, 12tno. Clo h.
• .
Kentucky.—lliatotical Skald:me of Ken
tucky, embracing its boacily, antiquay, and natural
curiosities, geograpical, otatostical and Aeological dr•
sicripouna with anecdote. of Pioneer life, and more
than ono hundred loogruphic al sketches; of dialuinuoib•
ed p•oncerasoldier., and lanteannen: June., lin+Yrr" ,
divine, etc illocritted by forty engraving.. By
Iswiti Coll ilia.
- -
Ft...). ate. and Legends of many Nanotts—Select
eat. newly toed. stal translated. By C. N. Durlshardt
flesunfully Illustrated.
The krabinn dent.—Tbe Thousand and One Nzghta;
nr. the Arabian Nlghta'Wertatntoenia: translated and
arranged for lanu/y reading—artth explanatory note,
XV Lane.Froto the second London edi
tion n[J.llated 'Arab Orlo Wood cola by limirsey, and
dluntinateil title* byl,wen lone. Comp,. in 11:
pa,. paper, or 2 vol.. 1 . 2.1 in. Cloth—thit.
Tae above books J vf, an
ust rr,ril d for sale by
JOIINS7I , a .roe 6ruN, Beek.eller,
vu42.5 mark• ror Fl.r
A 51 . 1.1.:\ DID aseartment of Mahe.
hrt9ll vuty a , ,rl Ita.ewood P n
iao, plot ha
tabed. Thane ma at. are made of
the Lalr•l paarra beat malena,s
aold low ior rasa by
I.II.t • NIE. 11l Wood
N LI —Those who a, 111 WWII 0( • good Lostrutnent.
ary tespectiaNY tors,' m elanune these before pur.
eLastog they ran.ot be excelied by any
country, and so,d inset, than any braucht
Irovt the ha. t .1,not•: reeeived. two piano. ol II aro
twee,. taanuracturv, warranted in be superior to any
e•er mold in ',ls errantry octet F
itE AT NOVELTy—Tb , .tut..ertber
na,recePred from Europe. and for sa.e, att
ro e:y ne55...1%.• ~ o,tof Elan° Forte, called the CAB
IN r 'lt rE..Airh po”es•o, more power
• !, ••• • ;no the square I.,ano,necup.r. Lott one
•wool. room, and toa much more alto, y and
nt particular , y dept.,
111• ..vtug r n ay.., Is ao obp-to. Leong ex
rer.' ..tatipoet. and oceup)111, 110 more
• solo tab, The Auomentrer ha. to
11.1 4 4 1 :• . 41,10 4 141 It•.upertorltT (rout thee,ebta•
V.n• nuown nand wrlttitgwhich
m+. be lo•pe, tod H KLEHP.R.
ot A , 1 NV W "0411% .11 s
• • •
' -4.131.1 " :70.1 P‘ e7.171.
& (the of N units & Clark • Plant".
sr, •hr wee Inken F.nelath.l hy Mr
ao •.hu men) . luehrhongs.• of ad
uhr.c..... hot h.. elegant specs of A:yet-wan •tlll
and erauUy. e.teilmi the hulourohig remarks from
N.T the greatest Ihttrunt Itetue.
Lannon, Jan, IS, 1n45.
My Dear Str—ln eneleweig • letter to my friend. Mr
Kra , nl r•ric I cannot refrain from age. eipreastng
lot, how mach I was pleased with your - .fallen
which I consider ail a treat mosical
prlAernent I ran assure Ton that on my part I shall
wish great inearure do air utmost to materour Luse..
t.n known For sale ipy II L.Euk:R.
At , Verodwell's fitesnture roosot:3d
_ .
ISII 1300111.4--litstory of the Greek Itev•
E./ 0 eed of the vela,. and eitrnpaLgns analog
from we rus.g.e.of the Greek Paine. to I•
.-:pvoet,ey tram the 'roam': Voke—in two vol.
r e • d eot. wan .tnero. map. end engem-
di Aatrattoe of the reign of Wtlltans 111, from
Ik I. to e 11 , ` , .--tatitt fine port nY voitt.
companion in the I.liV Or a... Holy scrotums
Hurry Apoothray, thr.llng romance, With 50 cogra
IP, to tr. Ihny Lend. French Stage, and Sketches
I'tnlta (or rrc d nod for wale by
V _ make t street
I ); and as consequences.
lard %1y Consl's Story. by F. V Chtsals.
"ry of the Yellin.:lar War: by General Charles
\l `..n Van.. Nlarquis of Londonderry. C R., G
t' II oi 11,1.1 Reg't Lae Guards.
. . . .
f. , e eon, e work. rect ised O. day and for wale by
k 1
A l' LIP Ph:N NS 1 . 1.9 A NlA—Constructed from the
.k 1 County .Surrey. au thon red by the State, and oth
er I.,,leinto documents Revised and improved under
L kvpervislon or Wm. K Monies Civil Engineer, upon
d. 5.., procured in each county, under authonty of the
Le; ...He ~ A leo , copies of Hits large and splendid
kikp received this day and for sale by
Booksellers roe market and At 1
Blatant, Pranae — Pianc ------
A SPLENDID eau:lnn:lent of Rose
-10011 wood and Mahogany grand acuou Pt
ans.ju•t finished and for sale
Also. two splendid Rosewood Pianos.
with COietti•lt's oelel,rsied .t hats attachment, finished
in the most modern style, and for sale at
P BLUME'S. 119 wood at
Err:Ml 1848.
Canal Packet—SWALLOW, Capt. Ford.
OCEAN, Capt. NA attars
0 N I
Lo f the o e b a o c e elite r k aTiii l' a . r7ive ß 7e7t r m e o v r e rln d g " a;
Warren, where they connect with the Mail Stage. for
Akron and Cleveland, arriving at each of Acne placer
before night. One of the Packets leave Warren daily,
at 5 P. M., and arrive at Beaver in time to take the
MOT Illtir vteamboat for Pitmburgh.
M B TAYLOR, „ Proprit`rs.
TII*OOOII TO Tna 41L. 111 TORII 600 IL.
Canal Packet—Priorsahvalsta, Capt. Jeffnea;
" Tahnoaarn, " Pollock; Ems, Traby;
" Perrone, " Brown;
The above new and aplendid Passenger Packets have
commenced runiung between BEAVER AND J.:RI
and wilt ruu regularly during the season—one boat
leaning Erie every morning at 8 o'clock, and one lea..
mg Beaver every evening, Immediately after the arri
val attic steamboat Michigan from Pittsburgh.
The boats are new find comfortably furnished, and
will run throughin forty hours. Passengers to any
point on the Lakes. or to Niagara Falls, Nat'l find this
route the most comfortable and expeditious. Tickets
thrinich to all porui OA the Lake can be procured by
sop; ytng to thin proprietors.
REIM, PARRS & Co, Beaver.
JOIIN A. CAL/OBEY, Art. Pittsburgh.
eor. Water and Smithfield sta.
AGENTS:—Jas C Harrison, Buffalo, N Y.
C M Reed. Ene, Pa.
Wick Urrenville, Py
M`Parlantl and King, Big Bend, Pa,
Ilay• & Plumb, Sharosburgh,
W C Nolan, Sharon, Pt,
D C Mathews, POlaskt, Pa.
wCumustahrun, New dastle, Pa. jyl
Pennsylvanl• Canal & Rail Raul 'C.c.
press. Fast Packet lane,
1848: int jert
(Fselustvely for Pugraengees.)
l iIIR public are re.pectfully informed that this Line
will eoinmenee running on the 2.1r1 lust, and con
tome throughout the Beak,.
Tien boats arenew, and o(. euperior eines, with eh.
lewd cabins, which will give greater cernfort. The
01.. are the latest construction.
A boat will alwaya be an port, and traveler. are ac
tleesed to call and examine alarm before engarng pow
t ape el Be where
(Fare only vane dollar% thromph.) One tithe boats of
tine Line wall leave the landing loppoalte U. 8. Hotel.
corner of PCIIP meet and Canal, every night at Mayo'.
clock Time 3i days. For Information, apply at the
Office, Monongahela House, or to D &Co
peAt Canal Bum.
Paes i le , :fr t ri ntri ant
CO. lirtttanoe Office.
, from any part of lkagi'antid",7r-IWanbrir.i:foraLl4c:
Wales, upon the most liberal terms, WWI then
float p.ountlity and attention to the wants and corn
fort kkremungrants We do ant allow o. gus t ers to
be rubbed by the swtcdhstg scamps the Infes the sea
ports as we take charge of theta the moment they re.
port Atemselves, and see to their well being, or k d d o .
•iwatch them without any detention by the first ships.—
e coy this fearlessly, as wke defy one of our passen
ger. in show the they were detarned 48 hours by in
Liverpool, whilst thousands of Other, were detained
months olio) they cold be .ant to some old °rail, at •
ch ; p rate, wink-n too frequently proved heir codes.
Wr intend ID perform ear ...tree. honorably, for.
What II may, and not ..s as was the ease last ..ri ots with other olfikeers,—whe either perforrned not all, et
when A suited their conTealence.
Arens drawn at Pittsburgh for . 7 sum Poem II to
LlN: i yable sc a o t u az d t , tr v tovinetal Berri, 121 Ire.
&trope= and General Agent,
4At am:atone dear helms Wend.
VtUSTARD-1 bbl froaadlifirdukikkfot sale b
aovil /ORD D moattAN
, 1 11 . SARatlktrillak i;
( 1 ~.: :5- . .. '> .• ,-" AtAltrtf i g,i'll 1 tker its ; ;43; --- N ...
Al' ,D , •._._, -
.... • - .
9 4 , CURE OF
VmprimpopPlor Livca co up
•'' MIIIIIIIIIO DRona,„,,"4'
.1 5, II!. 00 Nsu kp i . •
); di / 11 \ minx c o 10 -
ith t4 ''
voila 0P 44 . 0 4 1)..
DEB 4, 4 4 .
11. 4
---. to
11 , 10-A
i AM"
Taa proprietors have spent much time
Cringing Oust preparation of B.I4IMAILLA
to its present state of perfection; and the exparlene4
of fourteen years has furnished them the most lilitlidoiciP -
Mitionl to study, in their earfooa forms, the diseases for Which It
i recommended, and to adapt it exactly to their relief, add cum Pa
tient. who wash a ISALS, 000 n Methane are invited to give lta CM!, andladdaff
themselves of its nnaenonty, and the invaluable property It poises= or onenta".
and corm` dtsease. The bottle has been enlarged to hold ONEZULT, and In On
present improved form may safely claim to be the cue Rol o UT Malebo of
the age. Its program to the fame it has &owned may be mood by ii kin lite of fun;
end cam, that stand IL landmark. and beanorn for the &mild, pointing the way to
the haven of health.
The following!! from Col. S. G. Taylor, a gentleman of high standing nnwcric.."ro
acquaintance in the Southern states, and lately appointed Consul to New Granada.
Messrs. A. B. Ss D. banns Neis'Ywk, J....4;7, OWL
GIUMMIro-1111•114 used, end witnessed the effects of year excellent preparation
of Sarsaparilla on different persons In various parts of the southern coUntrY, rix ,
Virginia, Louisiana, Team, end Mexico, I feel much pleasure in stating the high
pinto en t ertained its great
the szl i ui . s t .. E ln o ;n t l e own iry. case
, Lacg itirg alftwet .
the mast agreeable manner, a tome and invigorating influence.
Your Sarsaparilla is highly approved end extensively used by the States army
in Mexico, and my cousin, DER. ZACHARY TAYLOR, tent for the pseTSoe years
been In the habit of using It, and recommends the came ; he and myself adopted the
article at the same time, and It Is now mouldered an almost , indisperisable requisite
In the army. In conclution I would my, that the better it is known the more highly
It will be priced, and I tenet that its health -neared virtues will make Ikgemeralty
known throughout the length and breadth of one widely-extended country. ,
Yours fiery reepectfully, 5..0. TAYLOt n.a.. .
U. S. Consul to New
Maras. damn :—Geratlernen-Bymmethy far the allicted "W"i tedn' C.... 'oes mt j'"' llet to rat il lon .
of the remarkable cure effected by your barimmuille ha *onus et at nth, be
was severely afflicted with the Scrot an &relent parts of the !tidy ; tine ghat& of
the neck were greatly enlarged, sad her limbs muck nnalbm. Atter awe a
year, and ending no relief from the remedies_ pad., Qs diet.* an d one eg, and
below the lame suppurated. Her phyttedan eittßeol it alunabe Iss i tt i Marht& lOU
done, but without any rmanent benefit. In thla ell i ell • .and want
Induced to use hunt/ The belfl bottle h ' aad. fano ,
Ole effect relieving her mare than lily preacttption ID hid ever asthma t and hence
she had used six Winn. to the astantshmard - gee cbellett of her binds, shar toting her
health calla restored. It is now draw year V ore was ettectatk, and fiat_
health nmaios good, thawing the amass teas tllt3_ e abed front Ulu sista=
Our rteightleZra am all knowing to theel f facts io it h el ,".4. l 8
jt ersmirt , a r atalt
W e
to Um age.
Extract from a latter received twin Mr. N. W HUMS, a /Callao= wall
Louisa county, R:—"I have mod I risare te ty with your idahlais,
who waa snacked with Botola , and of a once tta IsMily. Yonn tral
Poolonleto Sae, Va., ./sty 17, 1843.• • N. A. 4?
Th. fallowing tattimony from Roy. John Mtn, bits IlsottPr of ths CD trey of the
Crocarion to NIL city, commands ittsif to Ms attention of do N
of cones of diseases greeted by this =aid= us alit=
M _
ews. Sayros mmabor of my family 111 taken valuabls flantajaul.lla for
a army acrofoloaa affactlaa, *a. 1.1111 the =at tamahtal. afoot from Ito
um. It Oven ma vary groat Mamma to nand my tatilmomy behalfonto •tytoa
and that other. may b. tailor-ad to maka • trial o ft t
N dtVIZ . M 111 , 172, tare. JOHN 6411130.
MOMS. •B.k D. Sallee Y., Oa. Diet
°Renews's—Feellnp of gratitude induce km to make a Ile aclmowledgMent ,
of the helmet 1 have derived from the nu of yOhr I hay* f l .natal
years been afflicted with scrofulous "treillage to my head, which at times woad
Sather and discharge at my throat, nowt, and eara and at 'Mem would break out in
afferent patty of my fats and head. These contlaMid natli to throat, ryes, and
head were almost one complete sore, and for a long {lmo I irate° house th at It wit with the utmost dataculty that I could ak above a whisper. Dazing We Who I had
several Macke of pleurisy and other disuses . I consulted dearest phydclens, ekul
tried venous remeMes. but received no benefit until I coomeeneed using your
parilla lam low well the sores and all healed, and I attrflaite the result entirely
to the effects of you valuable meacuse.
Yours, with respect and gratitude, ?HAHN CAITON.
keine personalty at:gnawed with the_ person shove named, I believe her etitemeal
to ho correct- IMES M. D. CARP., Judea of Ito Peace.
100 Fm.roer-.r., court. or WILLIAM: N.'," Vots.
Sold also , by Druggists generally throughout the Vatted aisles arid Cansaal.
Pm< $1 per Bottle au Bottles for •S
ErFor •al..
•ILO, COr.,
ei trboloorta:e and re•ool. by B. A FAHNEFTOCK. ft Co 0., GOTIIf rof Wood and Front
Or und Wood .is, by L WILCOX, Jr corner of donothroold and Fourth eta mod shoo
Pt 8111 i the Dturnond. &Aro. by EDWARD FF.NDERICIL .T Monougala Dons, not,Ral
,1114PskiC Sian, L. VEa C rt.;
D R EDWARD ACEa:I2; takes M. sienna of re.
loa mange to his friens'• and the PubliS
for the extemOve pane nap Ito hats rt delved, and orlo
n:II-ming Mein that he has lately net , cted .a large and
we, con.leiCted bad ding, for the el elusive purposes
at In. WATER CURS; ESTABLISH/ IF:NT, at his old
lodattoa, I . l.llspsbu relit, Pa., On the .Obto river, sapper
site the steamboat lending at Reny...A - bete he is ready
to receive pauerd• as hoarders. and Detail/tern on Up
dropathicprtneiples. In addition to In'stilena'
ester, and the great success which has heretofore at.
tended his treatment of puients conmsittcd to his care,
he has now the additional fealties alfortlit d by an eg•
1 tenatve built/t gcted expressly for the ptuulinuut, unitr
COSUMPTION. outing eminmodtoua and wry rooms, and Wolf up with
The question, then. how shad we mys the destroyer In every necessary %peanuts for bathing, and ddminin
the bud! how shall we get clear ol one noughts and tering the treatment to the amasser tversefit and comfort
old.' is of vital importance to the pointy. of the pattern. Plaintrowor g e w a mast sigllghtfal mad
TILE GREAT AND ONLY REMEDY I senility ealy of arenas by steamboats, and
be foetid in the Ginseng l'aiihrea. In pram( of thts I ( o p& gn,c and whoksogs. wear,. Dr. poker Wuros
we have from ums to unto pubusheel the cern/canesthose alliteled persons who may place thertuudves ere
donee. of our best knownll/ xe., who have; iperi, der his care that every attention at tall be paid to their
cored its curative powers. These. with a masof mg ; comfort; and as an aitsurance ofth e r obamottal benefits
timoay from all parts of the countro.—from to be deemed, he pointS with mond donee pa the bun.
MEDICAL MEN OF THE FIRST STANDING, area. who have been permanently cured IR losiestatn
/Insisters of the Ciospei, . together with copious no lishment. The Water Care learn no inlOgiOUS edema
wee from the nehtad, a, t. no often the ease wi th thostilwhd have
JOURNAIno OF THE DAY been treated On the old spare e- I t I,3lolrea the din
we have embodied in pamphlet form. nod may he had, ease, invigorates m. system, protest ts frotretbe dangers
grans of any of out Kea. throughout the country. incident to changes of the weather . eremite a natural
HUNDREDS OF 130TFLLS and active anaemia and imparts at, gor to Mindigesuve
have been used in to. city. power.. Terms of treatment and be 'larding inaaonable.
THOUSANDS AND TENS OF THOUSANDS For further perorate.. taquire al e establishment, or
throughout the United States and Canada, and net chi address the proprietor at Phdlipalm rgh. '
lenge any Man 10 . p . C11 , nt out a augarid
t.—The unprecedented success witch hu
use m the
nous form. wt.-to :rrit nu= of th e lungs .
..talonedd the proprietor again to call titan-
I ' L T 4f.t4 L'
tt ,Ind the
II the an
suu es has
4o 1 te, tills
_ .
able weather er Mob marl. our fall and
the, le &holey,. n frodful eonree of
, -
' We
by Mr .
1 ATIVE.Io.. taro
averwhich, when take., oeording to directions. and be.
Ire the lungs had become fatally disorganized , it has 1 ( 0 ,,, w ,a 0 . 1 ,„ by Dr . j..‘yee.e. Al ~.,...e u ms . Ve h
over felled to
EFFECT A PERFECT CURE. proves its superiority over every w her remedy of tht
kind She has been sffiteted for the Lot sigteen
Why s then. need the artheted hesitate! lb by resort to
with NECROSES of WHITE SWIi LLINHS, attended
me...ruble nocrums, gotten up by an. o individ. wn
do someowith ulcerations and enfohation of varlOtta besets do
ails o le , the sssemed tams °,' '`eatc i Phi' . , notoriety „ ,,, , e,,,se,me many pieces have bit en diseharged (mai
titan- and puffed into by eertificata • c. p e r -
- ; the mental hone of the cranium, fa nil boat bee urns.sone moistly unknown' Whlist a medicine at
EN PA RA LL ELED EFFICACY i wnsts end hands, and Irma both leap ,aadLrom the kill
neigh. le.r.oral bone and from the right k• et, besides palatal
b150%°,,,,,,...nbe bed, whose h a, ” are at '' ' ''' ' —°4r '''''.-- ulcers on other parts of hex person, • kWh hate horned
SNATCHED FROM THE GB AVE. , the skill of a number of the moist a Mot physicia.nsol
In order that this invaluable medicine may he plaited . ..__,._ r _ n _`:±2 . .,ing__
__ • ,.... i i_ o f,_?_,lLdni,
.. her' L
_.....,,frcaws_n n_n.7.e
within the reach of the poor es well the etch, we have
.7.,"`: h l` n w m a ` . . d it o r oc 7P‘ w %tmn try m pr irm y. l- . , , r11.7 . 1. , ....
pot the pnee at
ONLY FIFTY CENTS which has had an ammo Mutely hop. iy Onset Opou her,
last one half the usual rest of cough medicine. li is ,by "'"'" all pain • ad n'g d I and nndn _n h 'i c e _.. lhe .,
, ..Cl , llto hell, While at the lame MO moors.. mu.
lor sOe by oar opens in nearly every town and villain' • has become comploten restored, so us ai she new ...tiled'
over the west, who ore prvared to lave full and
lbs more Man she dud before she o namotted Na orc
don whaler to it.
~,„,..,,S n_ .L „ T nnk ,„P ' ,..d . dn , ,',,,o f ',„ of this truly valuable pr.poson.--ima t Eva, Po". ...,
--....-*" --..'''-' —..... For fur th er Inform stkon, inquire of I Ira. Rose., Nd. ,- Im
Filbert et, Phlindeir in a. •
For sate h hits , .urgh, at the PIM. thi T EL STORE,
72 Fourth at near Wood. /id
ear.tratorr. erraseruiii Are mmesuleo.
OMe• et the Exchange. Baltimore.
'Elo EDI RATEIt.-11e charmss have been redo
ced on all Messages to or from Bellmore. NI ts..
burgh or Wheeling. and a correspond.' redaction
made on allielerrophic despatches forwarded from Bal
timore Vest at Pittsburgh,
WATIM.—The charge for o. telegraph despatch to or
from Baltimore. Pdtsburgt and %If heeling, we 45 rents
for the hrst ten words, and 3 cents for each addaloual
1 . 13 No charge La made for the address and ugna
Until the completion of the South Western Line of
Telegraph from Memphts. Tenn., to New Orleans, des.
patches can he forwarded to Aleuts/Ms by this route, and
mailed for New Orleans fell
A Challenge to the World.
riIWENTY•FIVE: DULL A Rci will be pod to any one
A who will produce • spot of paint, greet: or dry, that
cannot be soractml with Itoit's Improved Chemical
Soap. I have the sauslaction of saying to toe people of
this place, that skis article, by nay ownlmprovement on
now stands unrivalled in ilid country for extracting
grease, tat, pitch, oil, paint, or any other greney sub-;
stance, front all kinds of gentlemen's or ladies. clothing,
carpets, table cloths, merino shawls, ladles' bonnets,
itc, without Winning anything that pure water will not.
injure. More M. one thoosund persons in different
paws of the country have told me they would not t az
wohout It, if It cost one dollar pet rake. In trying thn
lloap on more than WO anted, of light silks. sauna, A
pnoeas, and calicoes, I have only found three pieces of
silk, two or alpaca, and four of calico. 011 whirl, it
changed the color; therefore before potting it nn a 1 t i
dress try a sample of we dress first I lodic this into itu
am determined not In recommend Wally wronger dr n
I know to tie strictly true N II
• -
Price, 1n eta per cafe. Sold, wholesale and reti JI
by 11 E BELLES 3,
dealt 37 woad le
Th•.!Lllegheny Com eeeee .
AT the anneal rorrung or the Corporator*, held on
the 3th inst. the following persons were alio ni•
moody re - elected Manegers for the ensuing year:
THOMAS M..114W E, Presiderd •
J. Finn, Jr, Secretary and Tretuurer.
The annual statement presentee' the affairs of the
Company in • very prosperous condition. Their • ace
in the city u N 0.37 Cater meek • cot
DAILLin I.:1' LIBRARY, for Sebum
Fannlies.— cs.. of twenty to. unics.
and emitanns five hundred diffe on rent sub,oeu, inns tutted
with SW engravings. It isenti
an rely original sertes,
merrily written and completeil• by S li (Morin eh. au
thor of Peter Parley's Talcs, and is designed ti 3 exhi
bit, to a popular form, Select Biographic anon tilt and
modern; the wonder. and ruriurs of .,
Disbar y, Na.
tare, Art, Science. and Philokophy, itie with the pi action!
duties of life
The pore pet Vol. is 70 cents, each contain.r g about
30V pages. 19 reoi or 61u p si. For sale by
nevi It 1101•KIN6 er ,
Apollo Buildings. 9th
Ilarghwgre—Cfmaper Chian Kyoga - 7
LOUAN, WILSON a CO Importers and W mlearde
Dealers in Hardware, Cutlery and Saddl toy No
1.9 Wood street, above ritik, have noteto . tor Cu very
cheap and well selected rota of Hardware, iauported
since the decline of pores in Etoope, and wilsich t h ey
arc detennined toren correspondingly low. b l ierchants
who have been in the habit of going Fgort. Me partici,
larly requested to tAll and look through our vtock, es
we confidently believe they will save their c.w.0..
XI'h:II.IENCED judges, on * inn] of role and a half
milhous, *ince lo4i, pronounce thi• article mom,
clawed for durubdity In the construction of all kinds of
?nee a52,,3 cash for loath. of Hi M. guar
artreed mile mouthsuse. Orders fora second qual,ty
B o livar Books will he executed at I'm par M, if so de.
tired, without Kuaroolee. A stock of the brat qualityis .w lor sale at the wurehouw, •Slouna Wharf' Ca
nal Liamn, by J SHAW ALACLAREN,
stria-Al Kensington Iron Works I
PICEN IX FIRE BRICKS—The suMerthera hemp
Lee n appututed role Agents by the manufacturer.
fur the sale of the eetehreted “Phrente links." are
p ew prepared to fill orders for any quanuty, at SM.
cash,per I,tan. For the cowmen°n of tomato. cm
all lunds, these bneks have been prononneed by com
petent judges as being supcnot to all other fire bock.
tow m ow. C A fiCANI:Lrti et Co, Canal Bann.
my7o . .
lientlemeas' Boots, just reed end for sale to the
a Hobbes Depot, No 6 Wood street
wasl63 J t LI PHILLIPS
7-, 5. : i".:
INGS.—.Sr rolula in all an multiplied forme
whether in %hat of King's Evil, enlargements the
glands or bone „ Goitre, White 'Swellings, Cornett
Rheematisim, a ,enter, diseases of the Shur or Spiny,
or of Pulmoni.ry Consumption, emanate from woe
and the same cause, which hi a poissatitur principle
more or less inherent in the human system. 7.`beres
fore, unless tins principle con be desuoyed,oo mdl'
cal cure can be edected, but if tho prodiple upon
which the • disease depends, a removed, a curb
muste.l necessity follow, no matter uhdeewbs t form
the d iseme should manliest itsoll. This, the refer•
is 11 s mason why JAYS ALTERATIYIS is no um
Teri ally successlul in rolnDring , :so many cash pant
die Jasea. It destroys the virus or principle from
wl acts those diseases have their origin, by ant, 'ring
in to the circulation, and with the blood is conweyed
U I the minutest fibre, removing every .particle of
i.trease from the system. Prepared and sold ra No.
a South 'third Street, Philadelphia.
I Sold at the Pekin Tea Store, No. 71. Fourth, tree.
!Pittsburgh met 131
LADIES Who Use Coalmen Prepared Chalk, are
often not aware how frightfully Injurhete i• to
the skin how coarse, how rough, how sallnw, tiel em
and unhealthy the Ph 01 appear* alter oeng prepared
chain [kande., it is jejune., connoning *large quart
'iv of lead. We have prepared benne:hi vegetable
Wartcle, which we call JONLWiI srerilsit Lu..Y
inTE . 2 le perfectly innocern,beitijpinfted•oi oil
daleterious qua lit:esi and It ifh!Piell In the Ilklo natu
ral, healthy, alabilisler, Clear , being white, 'alarm maw
hale meting a. a ehalheLe 011 the ohm, caking neon
and smooth.
Dr. James A.nuerson Practical Chemist of ALISEI•
chut. sas: . 'Aster ; Jones's Spanish LBO
White, I hod it possesses the most beautiful and naua
ral, at the same time innocent white I ever saw. I
certainly eau conretenuotoly reeenti trend its too owl
whose .ktu require. beanufying."
Arica Y 5 cents a box.
old by W 31. JACKPOIY, at his Boot and Shoe
ett r ,,, go Liberty street, head Of Weed r at the sign of
the Itty Boat. PO3
Ladles. ladles, Pm astonished,
When you knew that you areproott. mad
A natural, life-like, snowy *hue,
That you will still use eosnmon chalk;
And look a deathly yellow fright,
The theme of laughter and of talk.
yea would tise a box ofJONE'S l illy white, h
wouli give your skin an ttlabetater yet n stars I white,
and at the tame time clear and unprov s it. Sold at
JACKSON'S, ED Liberty st. Poles 25 c.c.s per trop.
JOHN . D. MORGAN. - - ---
VII 931 Wood street, one door sofa of DiantOnd
/1 alley, Pittsburgh, Pa , &Seth for sale • large lot at
thugs, Medicine., Uils. Parntai Vends tea, Dyesnitta
and Verntinery, Foreign and I.loines4c,, to which hk ,
call, the attention of drugglstiti pity atel Ina and mer
chants slatting the city. as he it, datonni och to sell at
very low pnces, and give general awatilnictiois. Otwail*
warranted owl cheap. Varnish No . 1 and .3 N. Volt
ninnatucture, also laptut and lilacs Leather-Varnish
ea of superior y wain y Also, White and Rod dal
prices lower titan heretofore altered J. lh M. also
blorgon's celobratcd Coo& Syrup ,which
ha. given general satisfaenon to all to the ea ring of
coughs, colds,, influenast. whooping rough,
croup. etc; price 23 cents per bottle. Also, Ato wal l a
Indian Liver Pills, a coniun cure for liver coma MUM,
sick headache, and all b 1.033111 e011317110.331..11, Priee 23 ell
per box. serf
Dr. W. P. Inlisuadra Premium Pies ts Ir.
T It. W. P. INLAND, of the Medical College tifPhll-
41 ndelphla, now offer, to th e public his ad=. , e(.
Duthie Premium Plaster, We outline. pC m hich, &ahoy
lona and tried .sperteneo, has been mtima ClOrny
tablooled. To all wool Nat, may laassi jai
Proln pan. Utena or Fallen en
Womb, he reton Immo& ,his
planter, guarst.steeLag a aura and speedy spa In the
abort .pane of ruin two to thee weeks, if applied with
Cain. and r..•t—di•Ciartiing all are' eoaallella i aataaraOtil
and elpeo•oie bandages long in use. 'This he feeh s l
eollocsonitoub m alatal.g, inasmuch as be Das . not fades'
in one case out of three hundred and Entyi.three' pa..
Also for Rhonmansos Cad Weak Brawn oi • Bask, at
toodett wah pain there is nothing to ravel e oil Piaster
in sin'ordmg rebef or effecting • ears, Por t tale by
Wilcox, corner of Diamond said Marks 1 at
Braun & Reiter, " Liberty and 84 -.Ciair era
Dr i Sargent 0 Federal 111 and DMA Pond, Allo ,
ebony city
bant. •
Jacque & Co, Dmman Doi Ditemetr: Mooing,
• '
W 211!
S Sal ti Splacyir s z tz, 71.2
UCitlabre,tp ra&m4o n n e t n atlaa caadiz ~sse ia lan mok
NT•Stf , edS
r J.1,11.7 4 UN1
Scam a-4 sum of duty yoth end the
andiron ow to add oaf tiamble teakecellit give errhi,j.d.
ethrbraid Lithe Pill.. I lath dam red doing mke yowl.
circuity to Dewy Crock:Ws marina, eat you Ms eiglso,
than go .had.. Most of the many prepanitione of thaw.
.aid queclut s hided toMe laths, [sew made into ablistriumwe
your Liver NM hare been offered to th e pebaciond, indeed.
I believe duty will ',swath them ma they VW jail 640
you represent them ha be. / have birth afflicted with Liao
Complaint from my youth; both suffered made estipkspid
many thawed ptiyausews,th whom pail moth mown Maw
Loot moch bloods berm riamited and la/waded almost to &saki
caseated sar 6 tants, end finally gersnnapma inenzahlm la
1,360.7 I was induced to t 0 year Lirer PUS, and SOON GOT
te ELL. twos hoe so wnich ianthretafehadtoierpowelses
of pain us the ed., and all the other symptom, fa at lest
s 2 month. Your Pam are elso thetteialsamici was um*
b :dt f t s , w t d , i's,: " Tarel g t Verl :re leapt, esoatty=
Mr 0 or 7 years; mkt huadreds of bum, end haws mem
beard a Wo. complaint attend by may ow who he sad
them. They have capers-cud almost every ostler in MS
oeighborboad, and .0 short aerie will beads them all.
mencetly escommend them to
pawns needing physic,
whether Car Liver Complete' or Billions ArAteticas, I eon
rider them far superior to Osicosel orthoßthafill. anpset..
.1 L fflolthis
R Y AMN—Se there are other P o Was tun ppnnooLLee
CALL.. Lithe Sill.s, persons who went the OENVINEabouIa
ask for mid take mother than thwe prepared end sold by
E SELLERS, No 57 Woods between Third and Pam&
Reid by Dr. Cum., YR% Ward, DM Crum, ADqholy
To the Ll.Alcel Prolamines and P fi;
HECKER'S FARINA, now in ow at Una liOspitahl
Asylums, and other public establishmenu, End
recommended by ammo of the moo distinguished,pay
stelaas and chemists, as,ast emote of diet for children
and invalids, much superior to arrow root, sago, en,
far more strenvhetung, pleasant to the taste, and easy
or digestion. Put up in 25 R. boxes of half lb. papers,
each accompanied with printed directions forcooni,
Wiling, in kas Agricultural Chemistry, p. 49, PWL ed.
-Children fed upon arrow -root, sslcp, or indeed say
html of amylalaccous food, which does contain 4re
dtents fitted for the formation of bones and titui , a,
[mutate fat, and acquire much icesuhronir, their limbs
appear full, but they do not acquire strength, nor see
their organs properly developed.”
In the analysis at the Facto, made by Prof. Reld of
New York, among Other eortstilltelltr, he gives ia per
ant ofOutten end albutueni and remarks that the
awnsof the Farina upon the bledtcal Profession and
the public will rest upon td contaitnng in the 'hub=
slat albumen, vegetable fibrina and usher introgunisad
bodies not found lb arrow root or sired. suostanceal,
and wiucti modest, chemistry haa potated oat as hem(
necessary to the formation or buman fibre, and by
manna of which stature makes up for the constant
note that takes place ins Wt. human body For
wholesale or retail, by E SELLE RS, sepI6 67 wood ar
Great. En;lleh Remedy
FOR Coughs, Colds, Asthma and Consumption! The
GREAT AND ONLY REMEDY for the cute of t h e
Wove diseases, is dm HUNGARIAN SAI q• M OP
UPC, discovered by the celebrated Dr. Dachau, of
London, khalmid. and introduced mm the United Stelae
under the immediate soperintendence of the inventoral
The extraordinary success of this medicine, In tg.
earn of Pulmonary diseases, , OITHMS the Amnia.
Agent in soltentrig for treat:mem the worst possible ea.
sea that can be found in the community-eases that soak
relief in vain from any of she common remedies of the
day, and nave been given up by the most diatingniahed
physicians so confirmed and incurable. The Harimiri
an Balsam has cured, and will n Ute, the most deverale
of cans. It is no yank nostrum, but a standard Rog-
Usti medicine, of known and ntablishedelikaey.
Every family in die United States should be supplied
with Dacha's 11.garian Balsam of Ltfe, not only to
counteract the consumptive tendencies of the eilmnn,
but to ha and as a movemive medicine in all eases of
colds, coughs, spitting of blood, pain in the side and
chest, irritation and soreness of the Image, brochitis,
didionity of breatung, hectic fever, night swam, mad
anon and general debility, asthma, ma n umit, whooping
cough and croup.
Sold in largo bottle., at II per bottle, with fell dime
nous for the restoration of health.
Pamphlets, containing a mass of English and Ameri
can certificates, and other evidence,
Mowing the un
equalled merits of this great English Remedy, may be
obtained of the Agey li naßously.
For r ale by BA . tkktrOCE: Cu., earner of
ci and Wood and and MI stir mitre
L ROM the Rev ASA SHINN, a %rents:man and pop
aloe Cie-Romano! the Prommenthlediodist Church
The undersigned having been adhe ted during thepast
winter with a disease of th e stomach, sometimes pro
ducing great pain in the stornett (*richer twelve hones
without mtermission, and aster having tried cartons
remedies with lade effect, was flarnished with a bottle
of Dr D acmes Gatenactative Balsa. Matte used ac
cording to therdireetions, and found invariably that this
mediator caused the pain to abate in three or four ram
ores, and in fifteen or twenty minutes every uneasy
sensation was entisely quieted. 't he medicine was vf
terwardsused whenever indicant/use( the approach of
pahmirete perceived, and the pain was triereby prevent
ed• lie continued to use the medicine every heel aig
and sometimes to the morning. end in a few weeks
health was so far retuned, that the *utterer was relies
ed from a large amount of oppreative puns. Frost as
penitence, therefore. hit winfulently recomma.d
D Jayne's laYrentnauve Balsam, tie a 'Watery medic in
for it.aeases of the stornarai sad bona , . 1 hit N
teg heaycoy ~
For rule in Ptusturgh at Um N TEA. STOtt
24 Emma street, near Wood, nod oleo at itteDrug
Store of II I. W• 11 fZ. Federal ' , MU.. Manumit.,
Purl 7 iron! Blood.
.Nr i ns o l,3 . l ; e7re n v i lo E us — tin D 7ie T r d r was se . verelg/te d te ' d
a scrofulous cplaint in my leg. and had been
for some month, or der the mire of physician. They
said to cox was almost incurable, and they could do
but little for me. I was nearly. helpless, her with the
aid of crutches could nub difficulty get about. In Maylnn,
hilt, I purchased of you, and commenced using Bets
sores Ssamsrasinto. After the ase ewe bottles, the
sores couonencert healing and I laid aside my crumb
es, using only a cane. I dispensed watt my sane, and
at the end of the fourth, armi so well as to assist all day
attextring sheep. In all, I used fi ve bottles. The
scrofula and sores have ail healed up, and since lest
summer I have sees no appearance of the disease, but
have uutinued, and am now in the most perfect health'
I state with confidence, taming that others may be ben
dined In the swag way, that the Sarsaparilla sold by
you. has bean the means and the only means of effeet
For sale wholesale and retail, by
thkw B A. FA111.4.7/ts.7lC I Co
our, front P wood es, & also comr wood tr. Gnuu
VCream de' Amanda Amete', for shaving;
Cream a la Rase, tor shaving.;
Almonds Cream, do;
Superfine Rouge, on Porcelain stand.;
I...ccant scent Dap, perfumed with La...der, Anglo
term Alieli
Beautiful powder pada, of all patterns;
Embossed toilet boxes, containing, fragrant extracts
far the handkcrelneft a scent bag. and toilet soaps, snit
able for prevents.
Parlntim, or Chinese powder:
vingetante im.r oil,
oil, to fancy or comma wrappers, (roan mem.
e lones' Soap; Nymph tamp; Roes Lip salve;
Shell war dada mtapi togetherMlA a great •artety
ofhme perfumery: rust received; for sale by
Dell cot 6.• Awool am
Pulmonary Balmer.
IUT FSSR.S. REED & CUTLER—I feu , it a duty 1
yyl. owe to my fellow eremitic., In two something
more respecting your Vegetable PalMoaary
Rothe I Ent sued the Holum, .0m eleven years ago,
the y ho.ppy effect of which accusal
then gave KOf, I
ha • had several severe complesuts and aitaC Its at my
thugs, one a few day. mince, and in every instance I
have used the Balsam alone with complete and perfect
seeress. It ho. effected relief and cure to a very few
days, It is certainly a sale medicine. I do not know
that it will cure a fixed consumption, but I believe it
will be in army eases • preverrove, and prevention is
better than curt; I do therefore, for the love of my fel
low melt, earnestly recommend the, use of this Balsam,
nil indiounnry complaints. I am confideat that it
has been the mecum of premertifig my life to this day.
Boston Jane I4YO. IiENJ AFL IN PARSON 5.,1
For sale by B Fahoestock, & Cu, comer hat and
wood and also corner wood and Gut thl9
toyoter to cure! Prrnoczott, Feb 14, LOU.
R. N. Settentx—My wife has for years beer. sulueet
to a dram...tog cough, accompanied with asthma, for
the core creel - rich ate used dularent cough remedies,
and had the mince of the moat emictentpnystetans in
Faightod, but all Was unavailing. lip chmce I heard
at Yob , ImPv , m , ebbe , sad was taduced to buy
bottle for trial, although I had an belief that imp - dung
doold remove her complaint. To my great surprise,
'vim doses gave her ummediate relief. She is at uses
roubled with • cough, but two waspoopalin of Syrup
storeys stops a. lam satisfied, after a tnal of three or
our years., that Seller's Cough Syrup is the best cough
medium,' I have ever toted either in um Old er New
World, Ww. F 4111.0.012,
Seventh Ward, est) , of Pittsburgh.
The above certificate should induce all who are
troubled with rough or asthma, to give the Syrup • W.
al. Itm
R ay be had for 2b cents a bottle, at the drag
stele of asmog
Sold by Dr Cassel, othh wLd, and I) I Corry, sale.
&any city. pia
Patent. Moot epriag Tease,
MEWL V VENTED—FO: th e rellefaud Yetnt.ent
LI Caro of HERNIA or KUPTUKE. I/lotted to all
ita superior elanne of this Trost consist in the corn.
oaratire can with which it may be worn. 'The pad of
wood being neatly balanced on sunup, yields to pre..
sum on any pan of 11, and thoroughly adapts itself to
507 taiiireMerit mode by the Wearer., It eau t.e worn
•IlboilllaterMbisloa, Mail* Cara is effeeted. The sob
let. ben hare made erring an an the reanninctars
51 valuable 'Trusses, in a superior style, to
Setputn, and Pave them now for sale at their °thee, No
77, etre:M:ld at. none aunt, Pittsburgh.
ELLER.S' VER34l}.lGlE—.Supenor lo any 1 have
ever used..
6 Ti, Fayette eouuty, March 4, '4e
Mr.l47l:!ements-1 nereby certify that I have wog
your Verretfuge in my funny, mut believc it opal, If
not lillpellOr to any I totve ever used. 1 gave to one of
my centime tole dome, which ex - peke hbout to worms.
- -
Prepared and sold by R E SELLERS, 57 Wood 31
Sold by Dr Cauel.6an Ward; D 111 Cary, Allegheny
J nrona, l'emperaryeevalle; and I' bravo, Lev•
SYnRIY NGIFS—An u . so y nneni jug: reojd )u a i t
As sAa Unzan li.ildwv, Jd ea, guar aka pm qui..
I .) ' ' . ro t 't ,
1... A .2
"T r
ta ' i 'l.7' of
7.L 6 - 2:barAa I't eDOr arVtsl '''''''o su 'lt, :I:. : ............ VI
Three • ' " .... ...... 100
One Week .'4l • 1
Two Weeks •'" •
2 50
Three " " .t....
3 0p
One Month, ". 400
Two " •t..• 600
Three .. •.....„, 760
Oa' Longer advertisements In same pt o l l ° /0°1 ....' u o
One sonare,6 month., without altetation.••"' - ' `"'
..1.15 00
Each additionaal agnate for 6 month., ...... 500
16 " ...... 10 00
One equate 6 months ' nine:rale at pleasure. 16 00
‘. .. 6 ..
Each additional square for 18 moathe.• ••—• • 10 00
Two squares, 6 month., ro'Dabia al pleasure, 30 00
Each additional eqe.e., 6 muoth., El 00
WEISEL! OR TRI-W ..... Is 6a11.7 SASSILS.
Op@ square ...{ itutertsuca, St 60
" " est?, aticAtional tosortioa 37
Fire sloes or laist,otto year. 6 00
"' " "
it. months - 6 00
" " " one year, daily dr. weekly, 10 00
" " " ail months " . " 00
asirsrri tit wszicior SAJPII.
Ye/ 20 Imes, or les., OISOiRSCICIOD, •••• ....Sp 60
Tin!, .
Tbree, _
• " Three mouths,
• " 131 X • 4...4... 600
Twelve 4 .wwwwelle 841
0 70
....... 100