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colvsumemEs, BE ON YOUR OfrABIY
Consumption, Couita,, Aathms, Bronchitis, Liv
cr Complaint, Spnting Blood, Ditßealty of Breath
ing,Vaiii tit the Bide and Brent, Palpitation of
the lieut. Influenza, Croup, Woken Con-
stnithan. Sere Throat, Nervous Debili
and all Disc.. of the Throat,
Brent and Longs; the moat ef
fectual and speedy care
=ever knawnka may of
the above <listen
es, Is
Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry!
This medicine is no longer anion those of doubtful
utility. It h. passed away from the thousands daily
launched upon the tide of expeximont, and nor stands
hi g h er in T episouion, and is becoming more extensive
ly owed than tiny other preparation of medicine ever
produced for the relief of suffering =B.
It ha, heen introduced very generally through the
United States and Fairope, and there aft few towns of
importance but what contain some remarkable evi
dence of as good clients. For proof of the foregoing
...mem, and of the value and efficacy of this meth-
Cam the proprietor will insert • few of the malty thou
sand teshinom al, which have been presented to biro by
men of the fired respectability—Men who have higher
mCWIL of ml reeponaitolity tad than to gee.
tify to fact o. re because It will do another a favor, and
themselves no liquallee. Such testimony proves con
clusively, that ho surprising excellence Is established
by us tiitnnste merits, and the unquestionable authori
ty of public opinion. The Mmaotancons relief it af
fords. and the Soothing Influence diffused through the
whole frame by ids use, renden at • most agreeable
remedy for the afflicted.
"When men. timing from COO.SOICOLIOUT - LOVOLIZICS,
voluntartly bear testimony to the truth of a thing, or
parucular fact, !Loch testimony, being contrary to their
worldly . interests and purposes, Coerces conviction of
its truth.,"and commends itself in a special manner LO
LoOvervai c red, no --O'HogeLo'• Moral Maxims.
STILL tfournta Cute or Puusiottsts Comnitsularti—
There never wins a remedy that has bean as suceculul
In deepens. cotes of Consamytion, u Dr. Swaynebi
Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry, It strengthens the
system, and appears to heal the ulcers on the hinge,
creating new and rich blood; power fibesetmed by no
other medicine.
Course Co., April filth, 1848.
Dr. Svenyne—Dear Sir: I verily belie. your Corn.
pound Syrup of Wild Cherry has been the means of
saving my Mc. I caught a severe cold, which gradu
ally grew worse, encoded with a severe cough, they
resisted all the remedies which I had recommit to, mill
increastug until my ease exhibited all the symptom* of
Pulmonary Consumpuon. Every thing I tried seemed
to hare no e [feet, and my complaint uncrossed so rapid
ly that friends as well as myself, gave op all hopes of
my recovery. At this time I was recommended to try
your invaluable medicine: I did so with the most hap
py resul.. The first bottle had the effect to loosen the
couch, causing me to expectorate freely; and by the
time I had ne edaiX hOrtles,l was entirely well mod am
now as hearty a Matt ma! e rWU in my fife, and
would he happy 10 give any Information respecting - my
case. that other sufferers may derive the benefit for
winch I am sit grateful. For the truth of the above
statement. I refer you to Peter Rush, Greece, West
Chester, Pa. of whom I purchased the medicine.
Respectfully yours, Jam "Sawa&
ES7: . Ilrouderfu/ Cure 44 11 1 Afinuter.
Dr. Swayne--Dear Sin. I feel a debt of grialtade due
to you—and a duty to the afflicted generally, to offer
my humble testimony in favor of poor Compound Sy
rup of Wild Cherry. Some throe years since I was
violently attacked with cold arid inflammation of the
ge. winch was accompanied with a distressing
cough. pain the breast and head, ',very considera-
Meal'scharge of offensive Mae. from the lungs, espe
cially upon abuse of weather, however Wight. At
first I felt r o alarm about my condition, but was pretty
soon conmneed that I was rapidly going intro Collllllo2p
hon. I grew daily weaker, and at length was scarce
ly aide to walk about, or speak above • whisper, such
war the exceeding we
of ray lungs. During this
tone I had tried various preparations
aim prescriptions,
but found no tie d all the e worse. Jun
here I was add
and persuaded by a dear friend
Within-lama to make trial of your Syrup of Wild Cher
ry I tau. confess that premously I had been preju
diced against o ut
as mediethes, and lam still against
thou coining out as the hands of enaperica hot nude,-
standing your claims to the profeuion and practice of
medicine, and having faith in the saying of my
friend, forthwith purchased of Dr. Shaw, one of your
agents, a few bottles, and earatheineeditsitlie. My dis
ci., was at Mat nine of Moe 2:5 months' •thuding, con
sequently it Wt. deeply seated. I found, hovrevet,
considerable relief from the use of the first four or five
bottles But brine a publinspeaker, I frequently at
tempted to preach with my Increasing strength, and
thereby ruptured those vessels that had alre ady begun
to heal: ..+ :Ma sway , doubtless, my mire was greatly
retarded. In consequence of acting thus impudently,
I had to use twelve or fifteen bottles beflwa llama per
number I have no question, a much smaller
bof bottles would have made me mined, bat for
the above induarettoo. The Syrup allayed the fever
ish habil. took away the dirmeasing cough, pot a stop
to the discharge of matter from the Imag.s, and gave
them and the entire system good health - T - 1 have defer
red offering this certificate until now, for the purpose
of being perfectly swished with the permanency of the
cure, and now that I feel perfectly well I oder wi th
"pleasure Rxv J. P. 1011:111.
Dulthu county, N. C.
Important caution—Read' Read)
There w but one genuine preparation ofWildCben7,
and toot is Dr. the first ever offered to the
plic. winch has been sold largely throughout the
C oded States nod some parts of Eamon; and all pre
parnuons called by the flume of Wild Cherry have
been put out S l ice this. under cover of some deceptive
circumstances. In order to give currency to th eir sales.
By a little observation, uo person need mistake the
genuine from the false. Each bottle of the genuine is
enveloped with a boatload steel engraving, with the
likeness of William Penn thereon; also, Dr. Sorayne;a
signature: and 111% further meanly, the portrait of Dr.
Svtayue will be added bereafter,so as to distinguishlns preparation from all others. Now, if it wan not for
the great curative properties and known virtues of Dr.
Sway tie's Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry, persons
would not be endeavortng to Five currency to their
“fiCtIUMIA nomnarro n by stealing the name of Wild
Cherry. Remember, alwaystbear in mind the name
of Dr. Swayne. and be not deceived.
Pnocipel Ghee., corner of Eighth and Bade. slocels,
For sale wholesale and mail by OGDEV& SNOW
DEN. car ad and Wood sus; B A FAHNESTOCR &
Co, cot let and Wood, and 6th and Wood sts; Whl
THORN. ft Market st. B JONES, 180 Liberty_ sg_JAB
A JONES cot Hand and Penn its; JOEI .NCH
ELL., Allegheny city and by all respectable dealers in
medicine octl3
A Alsz....cHayr OF THIS CITY,
ye. had been
ted wah mon= TOT TOUT , ma taken
almost every rung His phymetarts constantly atten
ded hum. and he had expended over two thousand dol
lar.. Ile never believed to advertised medicines, hilt
considered them all humbugs. At last he tad Dc
Tap lor's Bal.. of Liverwort, from 73 Beekman street,
New York. and in six weeks was entirely cored, hav
ing taken only three Moles. This is only one of many
ease. where ono:vinery objections to a patent medicine
have prevented persons from toting this medicine, who
have expended handrails of &14m to their physicians
in vain—and in the end owe their recovery to the infal
lible etEcac - i of tam purely vegetable preparation.
There is no WM... that this medicine is superior to
any remedy preatribed by medical advisers. This
medicine bus taken 10 yea." to timittre, and is the an
rest remedy for diseases ever introduced to the public.
linarxianc Patna Cora., san 81xottarnass in thou.
Ctrarol—Suffiering for a longtime with these complains,
I had given op all hope of being cured. I had month
ed the botanic and boa epothie doctors in vain. I had
used many articles advertised, bat found no relief. In
despair I had given up the use of allmediclnes. Hear
ing of the great virtues of Dr. Taylor's Balm= of Liver.
wort, and the great mires it had perform., lade.ed
me to try a, and to my great joy and astonishment, I
was better dolly. I coOttlalled its one, also his Sugar.
Coated Pills. until lam entirely , cured. On. Taylor's
Balsam of Liverwort ts the best ‘ tlicine in the world
for thew complaints, and eril s lery one afflicted.
rB, N
. Captain of the Nancy, of New York.
amines Creen—l hare suffered from the Asthma a
very long Mee, and have used every medicine I could
obtain for as curt in vain, until I tried Dr. Taylor's
Dal samir Liverwort. This medicine Sias afforded me
most miehifest benefit, and is, at an opinion, &Cale for
this drstreraing disease; more especially, as I know of
many case., among my friends, where it has been high
ly maimedful. Persons interested are invited to call
at my residence for further Information.
MRS. S. RUTON, 219 Laurens st.
Sold in Pll.burgh by J D Marg. 93 Wood sr; J
Townsend, 45 Market au H }draper, rot Market and
3d last; Henderson k Co, 5 Liberty et Price reduced
to 11,513 per bottle. je23
B. A. Fahnestosk , s Asai..Balosns Pals.
Ttik'.:l' — effc,cfeno - cr:l combin". - 117...0f
purgative action, and having • peculiar ' tendency to
the Wis.)y organs, is extremely valuable in this coun
try, to which Lulus. forma and other complaints, at
tended with congestion of the Liver,. much abound.—
They Mum now stood
be of 20 years, and experi
ence has proved them to be suds and
valuable remedy
in bitermitteni, Remittent and Bilious Fevers; Jaun
dice; Hiltons Colic ; Indigestion ,• Dropsy ; Dysentery;
Vonsoungs ; Colds. and all complaints of . In
flammatory distracter. The complete .4 .iver.l
satisfaction which has been given by these pills to all
who ha•e once toed them, renders the publishing of
thenamerons certificate. in their favor unneeemary.
To prevent countertimming they arenssms pat up in a
red xylogruptc swapper.
Price 23 cents for a box containing 30 pill..
Prepared and sold by
corner 1.1 and wood, and elan corner fah and wood
1.02101 . 0:1, Va., Oct. 12, ISO.
Mr. R. F.. Sellers:—One of our physicians whom
practice is very extensive, told me this morning or a
case on which one vial of your Vermin:4th brought
away above eo worms; and a gentleomor in the neigh
borhood said that leas than half a vial caused the dt.
charge of near 60 large worms from one of his chil
dren. Very many of such instances might be stated.
It is well known about here, and almost all prefer it to
any other. Send ma In dozen and oblige
Yours, J. M. WILSON.
Parents who do not with to side wit/other children,
should use Sellers , Vermifogo.
Prepared and sold. L T A E SLIALEDS, 57 Wood at.,
sold by Dr Cassel, sth Ward; D M Curry, Allegheny.
MORGAN'S COUGH SYRUF—It peeved to be Me
UR great Panacea m curing my child's disarming
From the Temperance Harmer,ov 31847.
Conon Smter.—We are not in th e habit of puffing,
mach less taking patent medicines, but we feel du - posed
to recommend Morgan's Syrup to those who are afflict
ed with a cough. After baying tried the usual reme
dies ta remove n constant and distressin,c 6 cought that
had Inc several days afflicted one of our e with
out success, we were induced to try Morgan's cough
syrup, and by It rebel was obtained m a few hours. It
proved to be the panacea in nos ease at least
Prepared wholesale and mud by the proprietor,
JOHN D bIORG/tfi, Druggist,
kb7 wood at. 1 door below chamond alley.
ECTORA NT is superior to ail niter remedies for
Cou g hsy Consumption, Bronchitis, A ed.", and other Poirot.
nary *Sections, is that the semi, pinions 'rho coonnenced the
we of it is their frosilles tea years ego, till pettier it to all
other remulict of du kind; and arbor. tiny hare been Indoced
to try other preparations they lune almost lorarlalidy ban
ditappointodm mei** Wilton:St which... room:ably
antimpated Gun the high proles battened by the puopriators,
and hare returned to the oast of Jens.' Exrscrowis, ati
• ronsedy that has term Called to rebore amma sod testah
probably on ly
its caul to arras:on. pokamarythosasee
Preparedonly Dr D. Jayne PhiradelOS. and RSA au
derS3daertf '22 fourth si
_D utes from PAIN
of its spplic a
pains from the SEVereSt burns, rmalds or blisters,
and will heal wounds, ulcers and sores of any kind
Dadsear. This valuable Pain Extractor can be
Dad of .1010/ D MORGAN, Droggigi,
Na noiWoodittem.
41.'4. *gent for W.o= PIM=
rIARRIAGE CLOTH—Jun received, places lads
qj Rubber Carriage Cloth, from to
very 4 6 quarters tel
perfectly water proo, and a durable
gale at the India Rub f ber Depot, ?io 5 Wood artitle. Who
0011 f ES4XI bads lib,,CoFMl9rZcally'ai'oE
OORETHING NEW—lndia Rubber Drinking up.
1 - " 4 7mr roastved, 2 dasludia Rubber Drbaktug Cups
7 1. at article, far a a • Indiaub
Rber Dep.
sal H
' f..V.T.371 44 ,441
n q• 1-e- A-p i . -. ',74 , P,1
ii 1 ,14 toti , 4,
- . -- -i- -- ":77. - 7---%
..: • TO I A -1114 A 111 . 0 1.111
=vocal, =Tian OF
Wonder cad Eltsp al Aja.
The moat extraordienry /Redlining In the World
771 s 'lames Is pat up Ss @aft I.
t is rre:
Nom chsaper, phoessente wad .6 emsnosted er
prier es op sad/ It mew stand
...daßr t effelf..kunue
The great beauty end =psi.*
ever ell other medlelmse Lytham stalely eseufamnm a'r" Ves.
cue, it soratae the body It is one of the very bort
Ever known ; It not only punt..i the Whole system, and
strengthens the plik bot it mates ens, pew ad d l e rh
food : a power emsed by no saber medicine. An
mis lies the grand secret elite woodeefel memos It has
serformed within the lam two pan, mere thaw 100,000
of severe eases of disease ; at Isar 15.0N1 were
considered inestrabla. It kas
Na lives of num
toms 10.000 &Skim during the two peat Kamm
10,000 omen of Genera Debility and
want of Nervous Energy.
Dr. Townsend'. Sarsaparilla Luriumme the whole
.)atom permanently . To those rho bare let their
mamma" mew by the erect. of MidiChllll or Maur
tioa eamenimd is youth, CT the emotive induipme of
the pctions, and Moat one mend physical worm
uon orate nervons mica. Isesituda, want of vothltion,
Wain ...view, premature deny end declinn buten.
tng towards tbst4W disease, Censcepdon, out be so
ores)) remand by this pkraut mandy. This bum
•patilLs i. far ..pll6O/ to any
Invigorating Cordial,
A. it renews and icigerattas the ifyit.l. 110. eollritY
to the limbs, and strength to the muscular syntax in s
moat extraordinary bye.
Consumption Coved.
°lssue sad Stretyrtim me It caned.
Etenathicle, Oommijildos, Lis7 ' e ' r ' Ve ' plaist. Colds.
Oster.* cresdhs, Anima, SpittOty of
Snot ws& to ad Matt, Ilhalc
Seam, Micah sr Preflus raper:ro
ma.ei. be M, Ps Sid; Ire, leas
.lore awl mos is ova.
As lira, MrrCl 118, 1841.
D. raliorausa—A uarDy
asa, Me balm
prongd ar. Ye. , R..
th. mV , a.
116. I bass far mars! yor. bad • bad•
Sanaa} Tana wed warm At Wm I raised I. quasi.
es. of had slits sad vas crassly 4. 0111.
Wad u. named, sad W ast napasa to 11.. I base
only q r war Bassaparias awl day tad tlmr. hn.
a ...aural abs... boo .n it la ma I® urs abls
o.• .11 di ths thy. I rani broad, sad my
...All I pe laft sent. T. an Vol taut. that I an
tl.lllll tar Ohs. mat=
Tour obidlut Wank
WV. IVUILI, C 5 Oultufais.
C R2:'r'~_J^
....... .... ..-...
Di. Twatmerefaraparfaa la awareip aplatendy
Li V ial
urn fbr Jai Canaria. Lanantra
Med ar T
W. Comethana. PiL• C:.!
runback a obaradai or dtfled•llanstarar
eon, Ineadthanaa o Ude% or Mary dlatura.
target ad far the rani aomendiaa .f the nese.—
er =lnn winuther Una reset erftelarluasamo ar mon;
prodaeed by hainbaitr, atm or itheidat !fables
ran b• caw sarpri , tax ta larigerdare arsets
on the hunna tram. Pin. a nation gm! tasel.
Lau fro= tatter li, 0 eau Imam read 4,611 Pin al
cnerry cedar a leywo• It hondbarly death
the arta bade !ma whirl a the greet
teas at Banana •It wig let innin.Old of a/a
rues al re della'. • wan, te ahM ardiledee et
ram paibrond but we as warn the ahead, duo
hadmie anon an boa ...ported to a Takao&
If am where florilla ban bee. adman chain.;
Oa oda • am baths of dd. terdselde tallela
hen boa blamed with Ana kalthy offspring.
Tw 1110 theme mad Elarniad Ladles.
Tffi lutmci of haa boo. P”-
passd la Wawa to Damahl anaptalma No tamale
'lt. Ws MIMI to WM= atm 6 appramblag that
critical parted, • Tits boa of BA" =add •aglatt
mks it, as It to • ante= provantive On say of ho
nen:mom andbertfkl• dims, to whichflambe an
Entdest u thio tim• of life. This period wry ha ds
laystlfte swami yarns by Neat tkis mutisiss. Nor
b It lase =halals (a awe Ida en
approaching tar
mewed, as a la calonalaned to amist wawa, by =lira
ening the blood mad Magorathog wawa Woad,
=la medial= N Lwalaabla lbr all Me delicate Masa
tn. to which was= are subject.
It One= the .bete wale" ream permanently tb.
natural musts.. by rwmaing the =pastes@ of dm
body, not as to. almalath* as to pada= nabsequent
relazatlna which I. the ease of mast madnittes taken to,
fent*. weakest= and dim.. By asin4 • fa. bathe at
this inadiatne, =Mina oPstr.
tow may be prayer:led
Groat Blowing to !Mother. mad Children.
It la the cafe= and most effectual modicum for parity
hie the imeteem mid relieving Me rufferhip atmeadato
up= eldid-birlh ever diemevared. It area:them both
the =Met msd tMld, =anemia pain and dime= la
ctose= and earleherthe food, thane who ha= used
Mink kis ludispetumble. It t. htgfily =Mill both before.
and after coiffluemeant, ea it prevents dim e.= attendant
on= childbirth-4a Com:ironer. Pile. Cramps, Swell.
:me of the Feet Des . ilearibora, Vomiting.
Pam I. the Back and lamina, PWa Paine, Hottorrhort
.0.1 haunt the sectudo= and =palming the dr
calation it ho. no equal The great beauty ef thie
medicine le. it la ahem= oh, mrl the mom &Dm= me
it most sumessfully, very fee. cases =quire any =bet
umdlokno, in =me • little Color 011, ot Magnesia, is
maid. Extrtehe In tke opal sir, and light Dead with
this medicine, will away. mum • safe mid =ay rota
Beauty sad Heald.
Coaxed.. Chalk, end coley of preparations gar.
rely In use, term applied to the Da, very mos .pod it
of its beauty. They dote lb. pone of the his, and
chock the chrolatlon, which, when eaters is not thwart.
cal by disease or powder, or the akin inflamed by the
olbaile weed In beast:o6e Its own production lo
the benten Dee " wad as to the garden of
rich end dallentelytned and ..rued towage. A
co r 'trss h pore, rich blood to the extresoldea
thateh pees the countenance in the most exqte.
site ban". lib that which imparts the indaerrilole
diodes and dashes of lovelboom that all admire, hot
not. can describe. fithl beeti7 6 the offspring of se.
tave—not ofpnetcr ortiov. If them Is not • free and
nestay Omelettes, than it no been", if lb. lady
fair as drivon now, if she pent, and use unonotitta
nod the blood 6 thick. mold tad impart, she is oat Imes.
oral. If she Im brown or sad thee 6 pore and
cease blood, It gives • deb bloom to the cheeks, and •
bollisog , to their eyws that Is fecteati
This 6 why the mobesta end oopedW7 the Spas
Dh an to mach adowd. Ladle in the earth
who take bat little exeretee, or are confined la clot
more, or have spoiled their complexion by the appla
cation of deleterious nilstente, if they wish to no
ado eleseuty of Orp, buoyant spiriu, twitting eyes
sod beendfal complexes. they dared toe Dr. Town
soon, Elarsaparills. Thousand. who have tried t 4 to
more than saddled are delighted Ladles of every
Dation, crowd our office doily.
Nod. to the Ladles.
. .
Those that imitate Dr. Townsend'. lihmapthilla. berg
'invariably ailed emir stela gess. Remaly /be Fe
mate, 4_, fax., and bare oop.d oar bit. am( circular.
which Metes to the consplainu am...0r.! for word
—other meg Who put op medicine, have, since tb• great
success of Dr. Tawmenti's Seiesparilla in complaint+
..cidtht to female., theimi tu nnhongh_pre
riously 'her did eat throb. of th ese tuna
dr.., are la 13140615 to firmalea. they diththe,
end miens.. the consaltation Dr. orresend'a t. the
only nod henthatedy Coo the name oat lama. co.
rarily, flavor falls of effectthg a permanent
rure. /I nu be taken by to. moo de... female.,
In thy case, or by th ose expecting to become moth.*
+AA the adrentaget, as it prepare. die .then
and prev ent.da o. danger, amd strengthens both
...other and chia Be =rehab get the met..
This certificate conclosively proves thet this Berea.
psrille has perrfact control over the met etatinete
ease/ of the Blood. Time persons eared in one tome
i. odpreeedetded.
Three Children
Tomo:amp—Mar Blr I have the pleasant to
h,forat you thol thaw Mealy children have Wan cored
(the gondola by the ow of your aseelloot taseticiva.
They were afflicted 'rely severely with bad Sores; have
often only four bottle. ; it took them away, for wide!,
I fool myself uaday groat ohligothm.
IBAA m MtAIN, 10S Woosterve.
plom, oFPltydriams.
D. Townsend I . almost d.lty waiving ardent Oo
Physicians in dillbrent pate of the Union.
This is to certify that we, the endereigned, Physician.
ord. City of Albany, have le tonnemse eases preeerilo
ed Dr. Townstaers Elarseparilla sad believeit to be
000 of maw vshieble prep vaticar is the =maim;
Albany, Apiil 1, IBC. P. E. ELM ENDOW', IL
Owing to ths great anseens and Munrooe ads of Di.
Town end's Sarsaparilla, a nambas of moo who wen
formerly our Asianla, have commesmad malting Bump.
lLa Extra., Blttan, Estracts of Yellow Donk,
That moray pot h ny In the tams shaped lan
d, sadsoma of them hare nolo and copied our adv..
tommeosw—tbay an only worthless Imitations, and
rimohl he avoided.
Prieslgal Ore., 10 FULTON Street, ilms Bella Lug.
N. Y.; Redding k Co, B State street. Beaton; Elgott
erne, 132 North Second sum; Philadelphia: 8. 8.
Benue. Omahas Baltimore • P. Cohen. Cheriemon ;
Wrsght L.. Co., 151 Chartres Strom, N. O. IBS Botta
puurt Street, Albany: and by JI the principal Drug.
res. awl Merchants generally throughout the Uottai
We. Indies and the Canada.
N. R—Persons inguirtng for this medicine, should
not be induced to take any other. Druggists put up
Sarsaparillas, and of course prefer selling their 03.1.
Do eel be deceived by mapingrdre for Dr. Town
send's, and take no other. Remember the genu
ine “Townsend's Sorseparil an sold by the soleants.
R. E SELLERS, General Wbolesate & Retail ant,
No. Si Wood street, and D. AL CURRY. Alle g h eny
ion re 11013:1c0,
HE underugned has longbeen convinced of th e
necessity for some medicine adapted to the use of ,
'ids and Wants to medic ine
Me use of all those t
medicines which contain opium, and has at iength sue. 1
ended in prepering and offering to the public • niedi.
• clue fully answerting every purpose for all &mums., toe Dlonotagaikela Howe Tailoring Eaton.
bo-vela, without the use of that dolmen°us dims, m any 1 Hahn:tent.
other celculated to amuse nn .
an . the man The Intent Pang i gBA AC WILLIAMS, Draper and 'Tailor, begs min.
aces has been fully tested a med. the last twelve iJ. form the silicon, of Pittsburgh and others, tkat he
months, by numerous perstsmt, and tonel iopossese all I is now opening at kit rooms On Smithfield area, un
ties extraordinary ' , MOM and to pnduceall the Won- 1 der the above Hotel, a Imp and beuttiful meortment
felting effects Sc set lone on the bill of duecuons. Di. 1 of Cloths, Castimeres, Satins, Silks, and tuber Yestin9
asthma, Vomiting, Cholip Griping, Pains, &slums and I together with such other articles as are mqulred .15 .
Di. "'" ''':644 from '''''''''4l actin[ inunotlimely gentlemen's wear. Ills goods have been carefully se
without disturbing any of the. sanctions of the body, leered, and are of the newest sod most fashionable
Producing the happiest and most element transition styleous well as of superior quality. His cm..."
from violent pain to a tranq , ttil and Joyous sate of feel- may depend upon having Mar clothes made up in •
lug In the Rule sufferer. ' mariner which cannot fad to gratify the taste of the
To be had wholesale and retail, of the Reprise., Dr. , mem fastidious. . _R sl 97._
JOHN SARGN, rum& and Apothecary; Job e , r. , ,,,,,_, ~,,,-Bmnii,&iN ,tams' i s .
watcheil, Elliott h. Beckham, and most other Dzi e
i i
9 do do do extra pounds;
11Alleglieriy and Pittsburgh.
Met received of Dr. Towusend's SarsaParilla th e 1, le do Pgh Cavendish:
most extreardlnary medicine m the wand: This Fs- lt d a o rs No II ten d s; It'
5 de do Plug;
[Ma iii pert up tn quart bottles. It is sin times cheaper, mbl do Segars;
pleasanter and warranted superior to any sold. /1 IS do half Seamen do, for sale by
cures dleeim With= vomiting, purging, sickening or _ rhjh . _
Qh I OKE — HO — US - E-41aving yarn 11. large " d c ''''''
debilltating l UV
1. 4r 1 .4 0"
1... t. --A IRM—V nr " l " 6l ? j ' a PT!" " e ° t... 7 moshous Smoke House and Bacon Storehotute ad-
Ou r -- our , ...., put up medicine .. me sum 1,3w.,,,,,,,,,w,,,, a ,,,,,,..„., d,,, Canal Rada we are pre.
AuPed bath% See Mat each bottle has the winters sag. pared to smoke mid store bacon on remottablo Lerma
nature of S. P. Trna
R . E . m,„16 ~. bruin. 57 Wood nreet. between ICIER Si JONES,
Canal basin, mount. st.
Thin! sold Fourth, 6 DEVlntrriessniihr only wholonie m-
end retail agent for.Pineburgh, of wham the motile EIMOITY-T-m-JOHN GiiiiNCY ADAMS--Delivered
, Lni •D' . lity. c urs be
I t r i` iss . h.en appointed th e mile agent Mr : Ward tha'lll44B4B"7ll'3lB.4h"lkilcV the
' 317 i
' Allegheny city, fit whom the genuine ankle can be Ntb .4, " by JOE k STOO ? I t " d f°7
kale { n ,,, _ sale by all the BOokseff en in the city. 1,3
- _
JAPERS—Russia, Scotch, Damask and towed "DAILLEY 11ALT-600 bash near bgattAarsak •by
Talk km a good assortment reed by JOI oat% BROWN k CITh.ThOI , 4
. r.
TAKEItS, corner of Perm and Et. CLIII streets,
tarpovite the Exchange Hotel, entrance en Perm street,
reSpeerfully inform their triads and tim public, that
Ib•Y lee Matted to furnish and ahead to everything in
the linear Undertakers. /away* on hand a large as
sorunent of ready made Gifts, eovered, and fill
lobed in the very best manner, all sort. and sixes ready
made Shrouds of fla mod, Can:brick and muslin, and ail
sixes mode in approved styles. We keep a large as
sone:Met of while and black, cotton, silk and kid Gloves,
sable for pal I hearers and mourners, mope, laps, cel
lars, and every thing oecessery for dressing Me deed.
and on re,mortabh, tenets, no we purchase all our good.
in the Eastern eines. Also, Silver plate. kir engraste;
Me name and age. We bare a did new hearse and
horses, and any number or the best carnage. Every
dung attended to promptly and penekodly. ne ttrly
Blestalikgrhiken, [tsetse Plttallsurghd Pa.
Wardsoriae, No. 137, Wood aired, Pittsburet.
WILL constantly keep on hand a good amen
ment or Ware, of one awn manufacture, and
superior quality. Wholesale and country Iddr
chants are resp,
e as we ctfully inted to call and ea
amine for themsclees are vi determined to sell
cheaper than has ever bean been olfeftd to the put.
p:7 Orders lent by mall,aocontpanied by the cub or
etty reference. will be promptly attend e d to. feb2s
JLI ---
M ULVAN Y a LEDLIE wont:minx/a and keep con
sumuly on band Cus Moulded and Plain Mtn
Glassware, in all its can..., at theft Warehouse ear
ner of Market and Was. meet., Pittsburgh.
Our Works continue to full operation, and we are
mutant ly lidding to our clock, which enables us to fill
orders with promptness. Purchasers are respectfully
eoltrited to outland examine prices and terms.
C 0
FROM the voty encourage
• meat the subscriber has receiied since
s• he has located himself in Allegheny,
: has indexed hmt to take • lease, for •
term of years, oa the property he now
oeenpies, in Beaver street, immediately beside the
PreabyterianChtimh. From the king eaperisnee to the
above bemoan and a dcske to please, he hopes to mer
it and receive a share of public patronage.
Now on hand and limatilng to order, Rockaway Hog.
open and top Buggies, and every description of
es made to order, from seven) gee dollars to
inghthamiret Nietst-chfl JOHN SOUTH.
auk. H ,4° Ll) 4lll,Tociear'L'or.J. l .7 l h.c, — ..ttir.:
~..I .6 ooh o j fk g . Ma d nufactrd jobig p T l e tr o . nalsrl i of
irn n pig d'. nod 5% pia Laidics'
whole and ask.lf bore., of Ilia fo Boom( approved brands,
James H Gram, Osborn A Bragga
Grant & Williams, A Cabanisa,
8 Jones A Son, hi'Donald,
Webster Old, J Thomson,
James Thomas, Jr. A H Armistead,
J Thomas A Son, Landhorn A Armistead,
I P Coates, , Jhi Cobb.,
rAltutie a' r ''''
' J Cl.,
Green Hall, Woe Dawson,
Pearl & Norwood, I S Blackwood,
Nath P Kaymone,
W H Vangban, Edmond Henry,
Portion: Robinson, Russell A Robinson,'
Heim, Robinson ACe Scut Halsey,
Raliernelf, Jobs Ruder,
Lawrence Lanier, ] Robinson,
Gray A (hay. D B Tarner '
R Jamieson, York White,
D M Branch. —Al.BO—
arena Leaf Tobacco, wrappers and fillers;
Yam do do do
Cienfteems do
St !ago de Cuba do do
do do
St Do® iago do do do
'dun& A Grude• de, part fine, do
filayirrille do do do
Kentucky .memos.. pades do do
Virginia Lae, suitable far manufacturing and eipora
Spainsh Heed Leaf, Nan* Connecneut and Ohio;
1, Immo Slaps, sweet; German Pipes; Pipe beads;
Scotch Snuff (loose and bladders) Mane:alba Meal;
Tongs. Beans, Harass bass; Ono Rata Bergamot;
Calsbna Liquorice; Patera Cavendish Rnives,Bpank,
beferercertade on the most approved Eastern plans—
and mast fealsonabte Easters patterns and colon. Also
or made to Order of all saes, and at all prices.
Country Merottents sad others are !p ried to tall and
ex ammo the above far themselves .all will be sold
wholesale or rely!, wrd a Ilbara/ Mutton made is
wholesale purchasers.
aoldl y
u:stramso side, maw Irma.
ir EL'S W FIELD °fere for sale at the lowest
1. • Manofoetenera , prices, a very extensere anon
of PAPER, comp:Wog every Kairible variety,
dupted to the wants of etateaman mall settles& artily
*11.7 Paper of all kin& =ado to order at then
1 he 'lock of PRINTING PAPER is ananaßy lalla
"'of vb:eiisitalaz ror PAPERI
of every description, ird Cloth,
and kept eenalat=
hen—, via: Faunas, Wire Foutariniu
Bleaching Pearder,Blao Uluazasztrze,Terineote.,/ee
Capri:3.4ll.k Rope, Grnu ROPe, Barg, 4a,
perehued, for which the highest Flu Cult will Itt,
paid IrttY • Na. York, IntrilN4
H E undersigned offers for sale a superior article
of brick for building, made by his Steam Press,
improved machine, for winch be has obtained a patent,
and stereo. to give purchasers a written guarantee that
they are stronger, antlV e imst &Can ist et ree,....t
brink", peskissaing greater bet;trooperror tertian
and much more durable to every respect, each brick
beteg subretesi to a pressure of several lona and pee
ns a handsome .mooch surface and even edges,
they make a front equal to the best front knelt.
They have given the greatest aatialection to all , lab°
have purchased. A kiln can be seen al my works, and
apeetmen at the Gazette ogee .
Those having supplied We for their Moldings.
and 'aping handsome front bock, or mpenor hard
and solid paring brick, can obis. them.
TAKES this method to inform kW friends
wo . d t theablic at large that hl ,. ..F t acut I.
rho Di....=.llnifbnttYl th e we s t
side a
stunt supply of Blinds, or various colors
and qualities, are constantly kept on hand;
e.t.a, at Nq 5 Wood at. Pittsburgh, at
H Phillips' oil cloth wureroom.
esuttan Hutton made to order in the hest style.
Blinds repaired at the shortest ounce
N. fl.-1111 Blinds will be put up without any sekh
tional expense, so that they can he removed in a mee
ment m case or fire or for washing, and without the aid
of • screw driver -d1 ylewl aml y5l
LEGANT PERFIThiRRY, Ad—Hauer,. Eau D. Ede Vern., for rendering the skin soft and beautiful.
Haul's celebrated Nympth Boap.
Hmiel'i Jodi. Vegetable Hair Oil, for gradually
darkening the hair, and promoung as growth.
Haners Liquid Hair Dye, for changlng red or gray
hair to a beautiful hrown black or chestnut color
Hauer, Lad Lustral Hair Restorative, for producing
; usurnemt growth of hut,
Hauel's Curling Fluid.
Hauer!. Depilatory Powder, for removing =per/to
o. hair.
Hanel', Rose Tooth Poste.
Hauer Unnralled Sharing Cream.
Hanel's elegant Extracts of variants fragrant throe
or the hmtdkerchtea together with a large asaoruna
•1 fine Perfumery, Just meld and Orr sale by
septa eor let k wood, also eor lath /k wood rta
East side of the Dimond, where 'Yunnan
Blinds of all the different sizes and colors
are kept on hand or made to order atm
the latest sod most approved Eastern (ash.
lona, at the shortest notice and on the moo
reasonable terms.
Also, the cheap Boston roll or split Htlnd Tramp.
crony and Paper Oro.. of all the different sixes and
patterns, on hand and for sale low for cash. Old Vent-
Min Minds ;mated over and repaired Or 161[00 ill part
payment for new. FL hi WEMERVELT, Pro l pr.
N. B —All work done with the best material and
workmanship, and warranted to please the most fas
odious. aoglo-dly
Allegheny coy. Aug. 10, IMO.
Tll3 110/711 ••• • c n Wean Mei /ACTOR, or 'rm.
=tow, ?I.
SINORR, JOHN 8.. MORRISON, having as
satiated themselves together under the style and title
of &holey, Ryan & C. 0.., for the manufacture of Wood
Type, sad as their type to altogether made by machi
nery, the Invention of Isaac M. Singer, one of the fron,
they feel confident that they offer • more perfect anti.,
of type, and at mach lower rates than any heretofore
offered in the Unite:v. States, and are now ready to fill
orders for the same.
M .
I orders addressed to &holey, ken It Co., at
them office is Diamond alley, between Wood mid
Smithfield streets, will be punctually attended to.
127 Proprietors of newspapent, on copying thiuttd
rertisement 3 months, and sending os their paper, will
be molded to receive their pay in type, on purchming
three times the MOPIII of their bill fix advertising.
T6l7pleasureProprietor of this well known place of has
the pleasure of informing the public that Ms ertab.
Its cut having been thoroughly refined and repaired,
and the pounds elegantly laid oat and decorated, ut
now open for tacit accommodation, and ha fetters boo
ted that those who may favor him with their patron
age will find all that they desire, provided in the best
style and on reasonable terms. He m determined In
spare no expense in making Ms establishment worthy
ol' public patronage. He hee accommodations for
boarding a few families. lee Cumin., and ail refmah
ments suitable to the season, constantly militia.
OODS conaigned to our care will be forwarded
,without delay at the lowest corrent rate.
Canal Rosin. Penn st, Pitts rgbu
279 and MS Market et, PMPA
Jag Smith's wharf, Baluntons.
1848 . _ftlia
efV - kl4 Pittsburgh , Se
lideTabmih, W nerettnet, (Huntingdon Co) and Pe
ie=e eras formed ezehnively fo r the !medal ao
commodanon of the army badness. I • iss
thankful inr the very liberal patrOnage they here
efed during the last omns years, entreld respectrally in
form their (floods and the pablie that they are new 'till
better prerred delner koods at any mot on th e
Canal an Rail Roads, witA pmmptneu stud dispatch.
Haworth & Woods, Johnstown.
johnMil Ahr nanda =art,Co,
McDevitt; 0 b. I H Shoenberger, It Robinson & Ces
Moan; 131=l w elakte John Parker, W. Leases, &
Oro Dr P JaIY
ITHik V 31041 LINZ-
W. T. haniorz, Pittsburgh;
Rem, Paull A Co, Ikacer, propPa
C 11.0.170111, ClL4.ll2l.llll.l3l'Clev e t u d
fr HE above Line is now_preptand to trio/sport freight
I and passengers front Etwburgli and . Cleveland, or
any point on the Canals aud Lakes.
One boat leaves Pittsburgh and Cleveland daily, win
ning IA connection with the gl.lll9bOlits Lake Erie and
Michigan, between Pittsburgh and Beaker, and ei line
of awl class awarnboata, propellers, brigs and schoon
er. on lakes Ene. Huron and Michigan.
Property forwarded to .11Y part of the Union with
diapatch, by WM. T. hIATHEIL or
one Water and Smitlißeld sta. Pittsburgh.
AGENTS:—Reed , Parks & Bearer,
R °farts & Co, Xfottrstown,
Ea= 1848-
g 64; ies iVT'Uzen;
D Bostwick &So, Dretipgrt;
A &11 . C11.r . k, fitTi•To..
F Lewin, Netoel;
J& EMW ei ese7, CaeaPbeltWort
J Arßride, Ravenna;
M k C H Kern, Frank4n;
Millevic Tuttle, Cuyahoga Fall;
Wheeler k. co; Akre
Barrtey, Gibbo & Co 4andosti
• _
Wukle's I. Eagle, ioledo,
G & Co, Demoil.,
bl'Clure k Wi %Via;
II J Winlow, Chicago, ILL 4114
1848, ftitia
100 Tturarroirveloo Or Idtommyperell
MBE Proprietors of this old establishedand first
j Portable Dow Line, having removed their de
pot in Philadelphia, to a much larger Warehouse
on Market rt, than they formerly occupied, and also in
creased their room for enrage at Pittsburgh, are now
t rejiare , d to oder much greater facilitims to their friends
Delo ' dr:Lied by this line are not transhipped be
tween Pittsburgh snd Philadelpina, being camed ca
nnily In Drawable becnon Boats To shippers of flow
and other goods requinng careful handling, this is of
importance. No aharge merle for receiving or shipping
goods, or advancing charges. All 1.6 forwarded
Prtld.PdY, and upon no reasonable terms as by any oth
er line.
Canal Had,,
_Penn et., httebtirgh.
telt.44 227 Market & M Commerce st, Phil&
JOHN MoFADEN & Co, Forwarding and Conan.-
Marohants, Canal Basle; roan .I_, Piusbank.
JAM} M. DAVIS A. Co, Flour Femora put Commis
non klerehara, Yfl Market, and M Commerce
Philadelphia. leb2d
Dlla T ' zrfob e e . r . dr. d gpt y ..ogi o Lft e .t. " o7.7.-Vd
toot,— kb.9l
-/fICE--nits subscribers lUosc disposed of their in
.& West in the Penn'a and Ohio Line to CLARKE
THAW, of Pittsburgh, and JOSEPH 3 LEWIS, dads
' inty will continue to rouser baxiseas for the Una,
at diets Warehony on Brook ore., usaeL and be
speak for 11 a nonunuance oi the patronage of Stolz
friends. JAMES STEEL .1. Co.
Plribuialpnla, Merck ue, 184 H.
Posa4.. sad Ohio Trans ortstges Co.
Double Dully LIMO of
PII.I7MD To 1 . 1.1417.1 n coot. MWLCI SrmaStati
- • -
CLARKE t THAW. Canal Bann, PurablZk i
en n.,LEWIS & BUTLER, 219 Mark, 77 J & CO., Agra Broad wort
OOWDEN, CLARKE & Co, Td North at, Bah
W. PORFUCX, Agt., r 2 Wert wool, No. York.
rtuts subseribem have this day associated MemosPrez
1. together ocular the style of Kier k. Jews, for the
purpose of sonunuing the business formerly carried on
by liamuel M. Kier, and solicit a continuance of the lib
eral patronage heretofore egtended to the house.
E. P. JON}2,.
Pittsburgh, Mareh 1, 1848.
prepared to receive and forward freight ea
W E lha above alld intermediate places with as nix
t espatek and at as law rates, as any other reeponsible
The 111161111011 ore:rippers ormhing io rend Pork or Ba
ena to Baltimore in bull, to parncularly redwood, to
mulch aa our arrangement. enable u to carry each
andoles through In better order than any other hne.
KIER b.. JONES. Prophrc
Canal Boom, near 7th X.
Pittsburgh, March I, IBM.
anal. X gm.
JONES—Comocusioo sad fo aler
e n,. chards, and Waeluale Dealers la ilol7,tota.
Salt Produce. ke
Lineral each advances on constirarnenta gnarl
lIINAT 0407, t 0 DCIIIOI, AND nua. 110XTEM rt
Putsbargt, Philladelphia
To P e p an more,
11.0, ULNA. ASP
HENRY GRAY) , d. Co, canal Bartn, Parabursh.
DUTII./1, 111: NIP H HEYS b. Co. No 147 Market et, Phil
Kan.. corner North a Samna SU Bail.
JOll2l F. Clarke, No 13, Old Slip, New 1 er,,
CE—The atylef our fame w known from
1T :Tad after tha date, e at Ponsborgh,ill be
as Henry Graf
&Co., ini4lai Philadelphia, as Llu•ill: Humphreys &Ca
rsrpv MID 0 DUTILII,
HENRY GRAFF, Pittsburg) Philadel
, maralf
1848. •
,14,110P11-7„ er rvgla to mute,.
&rm.. & Cage, nliadelphia
Tahirra & Ottosiona, Pomborgh.
Tll.lBnolLepstaroblgtd.lir.,,,bmeia n,oz.l.nvele.ll,opera
menu to &navy:good. and produce era de.patch, sad
on the most favorable terms. They confide l A=
mfr well known pr e in delivering
caber safety in mode of m esa
warchne- I
sc ut rash port, affording aecommodaboin to shippers
and owner. of prodace--rogether both their long espe
nonce and unreouning &newton to business. will meow
thern a cononuance of that liberal patronage they
hereby gratefully acknowledge.
All consignments by and for this Bee received, char
ge. paid, and forwarden In any required direcoons free
of charge for commission advancing or swage.
No interest, directly or indirectly. to ocambogla.
All emoroomcauormprompily attended to on applies
nen to the following ;genic
BORIIIDGE A CA9N, k7n Marker as. Pram:l4lga.
TAAFFE &, O'CONNOR, Cattal Drain. Pittsburgh.
O'CONNOR/3 A Co, North mi. Baltmore
WM. 8. IVTLION, d Cedar et, New York.
Miami 1848.
frIBS well known LOIN composed of steamboat.
1 Lake Erie and Michigan, between Putstnagh and
Beaver, and freight and passenge
Canal Bows be.
Mimeo Bearer and Ene and C Reed's of Best
class steamboats, propellers and vessel. en the Lakes,
is prepared to tarry freight and passenger t .11 p.m.
on the Erne Canal, and lakes Erie, Huron and nimbi
Having every fazility for conveviwy freight and pas
sengers with wampumse sad disiatelt, the proprietor
and agents respectfully solicit from then friends • eon•
annulus of tell; 3 t tLegt C . T. p. .
'own,PABLH & Beaver, Agent..
ILO! roe Water and Snalthbeid sm. Pittsburgh._
Mhia . 1848. akiEnt.
To and from the Eektern clues, via Cumberland.
MILE proprietors of this popular line, !lards/nee their
re-organization largely increased their facilities to
meet the wishes of shippers; and are now prepared to
forward a greater •1111311/1t by the FIVE DAY LINE,
as also by additional regular wagon, at low rates.
Thin line will ray througboot the year, delivering
goods through the genus In Baltimore and Pittsburgh
to imam and conatees at upecifted rates and time.
tiMpments nom PUladalphis for the line &mild be
marked "Care, J B Robinson, Balumore.”
The only agent, are,
998 Charles et, Baltintore.
HDOERTON I Co, Cumberland.
feb4 J O C BIDWF., Pitt
ECLtrBE litttatt.
Th. Prgrineon of r 07 .61 1,. LINE— s
e►mgnd ~
Agrney at Ceraberhoul fromMtoll3o of hießti g k
glum hi that of Edgerton I Co.
Pittsbargh and onnern merchants an aotified that .1 Bay ,
ly Bobniscat. No South Charles it, Baltimore. Is the tody
andiaroad agent of thi. Lino In di. Ender. deck
Tbs only agents Lre
C BlDWELL,Plethurgh,
O W CABS. Brownsville,
EDGARTON # Oneamberland,
dee= ROBINSON, Baltimore.
Western T trttLMom COlZrit
1848 mriflltEahtdcill. 848
YLL /1131111111 . 1.1,011.• AND 01110 taxi. MI/11,41.
ARE prepared to 1/11/111P111/ goods and produce to and
horn the shire nine. ou favorable terms. Ad-
EI " KECI P I Y G:., Canal Buts, Pitteburglk
HARRIS & LIMON,South Third at, phd
J. TAYLOR& SON, Agra, No 14,11Pth Howard st, Balt.
ABBOTT,A. Agt, No 7 Weal street, New York.
Pittsburgh, March Ilhb, 1848. male]
its. Transportantloix
BOOKS, 111781 C, itch
Wks:able sad Aktasetive Sew Basks.
T ANARTINE'S lEstory of tho Girondists, 3 0015,19
itenots' Life of Chevalior Bayard; 12 ma.
G. F. R. Junco' Life of Henry the Fourth, of France,
vole.-12 mo.
Smith's Consoler Cities of China; la mo.
Neander's Late of Jesus Christ, 8 co. muslin;
Merver*Forsh tilearunas; or a neat Shoal' from the
.Id field. of Continental &troy,
Capt. Hem - ye Sketchy* o(the Menlo. War: 12 me.
Glues Story of the Battle of Waterloo; 12 zoo.
A Summer in Scotland, by Jacob Abbots In me.
Sitimondi's Literature of the South of Europe; 2 vela
2 mo.
Ruzion's Advontures in Meade. and the Rooky
Mountains; Limo,
Posthumous Works of Rev Thos. Chalmers, 1). D.,
The Practical Astronomer, by Thos. Dank, LD.
Life of Jeremy Belknap, D. D., Historian of Near
Luther and the Reformation, by John Scott, M. A,
The Middle Kingdom, with a new map oldie Empire;
byWilliams, vole, 12 mo.
The Power of the Pulpit, by Gardiner Swing, D. D.,
19 mo.
The Bethel Flag, by Gardiner Spring, D. D' 12 mo.
Teaching a Science, the Teacher an Allig F. by Rev.
B. B. Hall.
Tte Czar, his Court and People; by John Et Maxwell.
Lectures on Shakspeere, by R. N. Hudson.
The Artiste of America—lllustrated with nine engra
vings on steel, and containing sketches of the lives of
Allston, Inman, West, Stuart, Trumbull, Da Vet=
Rembrandt Peale sod Thos. Crawford; 1 vol, 13 yo.
The Orators of France; containing sketches of the
lives of bamarune, Thiera Napoleon, Harlon, Mira
bean, Goliol and others, with portruias of each.
Headley's Napoleon and Marshals; 9 vole, 12 mo.
Headley's Wuhington and his Generale; 9 vats, Lam
Headley', Sacred Mountain..
The above, together nob a large collection of Stand
ard Works, Cluetcal and School Book., for sale by
lei corner market and 3d .to
lent works, 4 vols.
Cholmor.' Daily Berina. Reading;
Memoir of the Life of Mrs. Fry, Ind ' , el:
The Convent,hy the author of li.ehoolgul in France.'
LaM. dy
A. Mary, or Not alba World, by Rev C B Tay
tlANTlrtlto"rothoer P th ' elerehant's Clerk,
Life of .thor of "Course of Tune;"
The Lmtener by Caroline Fry;
LEMMA on Bhakspeare, by II N Hodson:
Life or Oliva Cromwell, by J T Headley;
Napoleon and his Marshals do
Washington and his Generale, do
Power oft. Pulpit, by Gardiner Spring, D D
Bethel PI., do do
Religion Teaching by Example,
Pulpit Orators of France, by Turnbull;
Genius of Scotl.d, do
Life of Rowland Hill; Free Church Pulpit, 3 rots
Orators of France, Now and Then, Bethune'. Poem.
?Id= l on i" Mt e ttl ' ew, adapted to Unton
Arthur's Popular Tates—.lisches In the World,'
"Making Haste to h. "Riches have Wm's,.
.Keeping np Appear...," "Debtor and Creditor. '
sale by ELLIOTT fr. ENGLISH,
78 wood and .56 market ot
. _
. . . .
A BFLEN DID assortment fRp of Mate, 1p (any and Rosewood Plano+, gust fin
tithed. Them tnsunmears are made of
the latest pattern and best materials
and will be sold low for rub by
F. BLUME, 112 Wood etre Fa et,
door above
N. R.—Those Elm are in want H of a good instrument,
are respectfully Ninrited to examine these before por
ch/Lung elsewhere as they cannot be excelled by tans
m lb. aclutgltY , and will be sold lower than say brought
from the Ea.. Alsolum reeeived, two pianosof Ham
burg% manufacture, warranted to be evertor to any
•VOT sold m due country. man F. B.
ECF2VED and far aale, • lot ef choice Pianos, with
and without CoJamul's .Folian Attachment, by
Norma It Clark, N T. Otte of Newts & Clark's Pianos,
with the Attachment, wet taken to b3tgland by kit
Coleman, and anon many other tesumonial• of ad
miration for di...Elegant apectmen of American still
and ingenuity, elictmd the following remark, from
El. Thalberg, the greatest Pianist hrnig.
Loam:lt, Jam. 18, 1843.
My DC•I . Btr-1n enclosing • letter to my friend, Mr
Erand, Paris. I cannot refrain from again expreselng
In yen bow touch I was pleued with your . .Eolian
Attachnient," win. I cont... a great =Weal ILO
provemeut I ean ...are yon that on toy pan I .hall
with great pleasured° my utmost to make your Inven
tion known. For sale by ICLEBER,
ie23 At Wocalwell's furniture rooms, 3d at
NEW IlooKS.—Lottenng• In Europe ; or Sketches
of Travel in France. Belgium, Switzerland, Italy,
Austria, Prussia, Orem Britain and Ireland, with an
apperidik, containing observations on Etwo_pean chan
ties and medical institution. By John IVrson,lll D
Angela, • navel. By the author of uErnilla Wynd.
ham," 'Two Old Men's Toles," etc.
Self-Control, a novel By Mary Bru.nton, auditor of
Vol. 111. Deily !4rfpo,ol Roadines. By the late
Thomas Chalmers, D. D . L L.l)
:an 4. Thn Thousand and One !Dena Itarpers' Il
lustrated edition.
William the Cottager, a book for children. By the
anther of `Klee Herbert," /kr.
'rise above works received M. day and for ule by
NYEW ROOKS--ILemanals of the Introduction of
Methodism into the Eastern States. coo:inflating
biographica notices of u. early preachers, skembes of
Its firs churches, and retnintscences olio early cragJus -
ties ard reecearies, by Rs,. A Stevens, A. M. t
Memoir of Rev David Abeet. D. D. Missionary to Clone by his nephew. Rev OR IS • lllurmson.
Mark Milan. the Merchant's Clerk by Rev Charles
B Taylor. M A author of "Records of a Good Man's
Life," "Lady Mary,' "Margaret, or the Pearl." ke Ise
The above. crab a large assortment of new hooks, on
baud &adjust reeetirmg ELLIOTT & ENGLISH,
ap2l 50 market st
BOOKS—fluory of the Greek Sew °baton, and_ of the wets and eampalirts arum(
from the struggles of the Greek Parnot. in Emenerps.
zing [betr rennin from the Terktok Yoke—in rare kW
amen—Splendid copy keth rturkercuas maps and mire-
Letters' I Data-atom of the regn of Witham 111 , from
108 to l7C9—entli fine portrattson h vols.
Compan ton to the toady of the Holy Senptures,
Harry Alowbnty, thrlllng rnmaeee. 'rah An
1. the Holy land, Emmett Stage, and Sketches
to Chin Just reed and for Sala by
turn rg market street
STEW NOVELS—A Whim, and its consequence.:
.1.1 by I) 1' FL Janet, }:ott
Vaulty Fur, a novel wuttout Hero by Witham
akepeace Thackery with ttlustrations.
Eclttr•rd Vernon; My COll.ll/1'• Story: by E V Childa
S . t, 0 , tioo itemtin. me W., by eneral Charles
Witham Vane. Martin of Londonde G rry G. C. IL, U.
C ft, Colonel of Me lid Reel Late Guards.
The above works ...toed Min day and for sale by
AP OP PEN NM' L.VANIA--Construclui from the
LVI County Haney& unharmed by the &tate, and oat&
Cr original documents. Roused and improved tinder
the supervision of Wm. E Metric , Civil Engineer, apon
di= r u . red .%
of thin fLan ge tii .. 7 l l7 pi o: the
Ha d nf
p reeemed thin day and for sale by
Booksellers car market and 3d at.
/TIDE K CONCORDAT. Englishman's
Gunk Concordance of the Neu Testament; b
an artentpt at a verbal connectson between the Greek
and the English Tests—including a concordance to the
Proper Names, In d& indege. . Greak-Engliab, and Eng-
Im&Greet Just received and for seleßy
JOHNSTON & sToceroN,
atigid Booksellen, car market and 3d ats
net*Flo Frame Pllll.llo* -
'ftA SPLEZIT' D/D assortment of Rose,
'...1 and 3 h-balffifil fraud stencil Pi
anos, just fienthed and (or sale.
Also, two splendid Resewood,Piarim
with Coleman's celebrated ;Pollan attachment, finished
In the West modem style, and for sale at
efitt F PLUME'S, 112 wood st
ahMa 1848 .
Caul Packet-IWALLOW, Capt. Ford.
• " OCF-IN, Capt. Waiter..
oNE of Ste above Packets leave Beaver every day,
(Sunday. excepted) and amyl. nazi morning at
afraa. where they connect with the Mad Stave. for
Akron and Cleveland. artwing at each of theta places
before night. One ofthe Packets Leave Wm.n daily,
at. P.M. and arrive at Beaver in time to take the
olornAle Ir . Lama for Mtalt. w
B TAYLOR, Pmyr,Vr.
Inunren ro 11111.,11a1 UV MICR earn
Canal Packet—rrlATl.V•3l., Capt. Jaffna.;
" Tkosau.nt, " Pollock;
" "
Pa r-man, MU; " Traby;
" Brow n;Sayer.
Tire above new and splendid Pusartger Packets have
commenced miming between BEAVER AND 'ERIE,
and will ran regularly daring the season—one boat
leaving Erie every morning at 8 teolook, and one lean.
:T er sta e" l ' ani 2 , '" fct a` 4 y r ''l ! '
The rats an now cmonabl ; Atr urg ed,
will run through in forty hours. Pauengen to any
pointon the Lakes, ar to Niagara Falls, will And this
route Ma tout comfortable and expeditions Ileketz
through to all ports on the Lake can be procured by
applying to the propnators.
REED, PARKS Co, Beaver .
JOHN A. CA COHEN% Pittsburgh
eor. Water mid
AOMITS:—Jas C Harrison, Buiralo, NSmithfield-
C id Reed, Erie, P.
C C Wick, Greenville Psi
Wirarland and King, Rig 13. pg, Pa;
Hays I Plumb, Sharps burgh,
W C Malan, Sharon Pa:
- •
[I )P New OasU q Pa . jyt
Pennsylvania Canal 6 Rail geed 74 7 4 Packet Line,
! SEIM 1845.
. . .
(Exc'naively for Paintertgen.)
TRE public an respectfully informed that this Lino
wII commence (11111litlig on the Zad ins , an d COA.
Unite throughout the Season.
The boats are new, and of a superior elates, with eh
larged cabin., which will give greater eon:iron. The
Mr. the latest construction.
A boat will always be in port, and travelers are 11,
pawed to call and C2/331A110 dam befwee tan,gaging paw
sage eieewhere.
Yana only nine dollars through.) O ne of the boats
Ibis Line will leave the landing I opposite Q. ll Hotel,
cornet of Penn street and Fvevl e mery gi g h, gt g i ne .%
clock Time SI days, For taw...14,m pply oy the
Office, Monongahela House, or D DFIXM tCo
Canal Basin.
Psuominagor and kliesattltasseie 0111tok,
jettrANKLIEN & commie to Omni poems=
rem any pan of Ragland,
liberal)llrAand. Semisolid or
Wales, upon the most =mu, with Melt
mud ponetuality and mention to the went* and Com.
fort of monograms . We do not allow our pmssong en
be robbed by the swim:lli:4 scum*lnfest that the sea m .
po as we take ebargo of then the =anew they re
ft Ives and me to their well being, and do.
patch them srahout any detenutor by the first Mips.—
We say this fearlessly, no we defy one of oar passers.
or* to show that they were detained 48 hoar by es
Liverpool, whilst thousands of others wens detained
mouths, anal they could be sent in some oid *rail, at a
eh e p rate, which too frequently proved their coll..
Ws Intend to perform our contract* Lainerably, can
what it may, and not act as wee the caws last seaso wits n,
ether 0/beam—who either performed not all, or
when It licked their converneneo.
Moho drown at rtitlebtligh for any inere froal
Sc of *ot:mina:al Banks In Ira
land, hi nd, cot land and Wain.
Earopean Ind GROotrutmlAgelit,
;aid _ MI% mamma doer Ulm Woad'
MOBLVID-1 yowl Mustard, far truri—rr
let? 1,
•Ropf eio
MULE c eyn.
con or;21
Tee Proprietors hare spent much time
in bringing this preparation of flastsaraattr.s.
to Its present state of perfection; and the experience
of fourteen years has furnished them the most ample op
/ porn:oily to study, In their various forma, the dime.. for which It
( is recommended, sod to adapt it exactly to their relief and cure. Pa
tients who wish a testae noon Medicine are invited to give It a trial, and Widish
themselves of its supenority, and the invaluable Property it poSsesses of wearing
and curing disease. The bottle has been enlarged to hold ONE QUART, and tn Its
present improved term may safely claim to be the sash and muter Medicine of
the age. Its progrese to the fame it has sauteed may be traced by a long lbw of facts
and cures, that stand Is landmarks and beacons for the invalid, pointing the way
the haven of health.
The following to from Col. S. G. Taylor, a gentleman of high standhogind extertalve
acquaintance in the Southern strum, and lately appointed Consul to New Granada t
Mama A. B. & D. Sasns:— No Yore, Amory 7, 1848.
Gesyterteri,—Having used, mod witnessed the effects of your monad p"
of Samaparilla on different persona In venous puts of the SouthernSoutherncoung r ,l4.. n
Vlrginia, Lot:alarm, Texas, and Mexico, I feel much pleasure In stating the high
topinton entertained of ita great medicinal mhos. In my own cam It acted almost
like a charm, removing speedily the enerrated state of the spree; and exciting, to
the met agreeable manner, a tonic in,go ra iie g tuGuen Your Sarsaparilla is highly approved and massively wed by the U. State. army
liesico, and my comae, GEN. ZACHARY TAYLOR, has for the put five years
been in the IhWt of ming It, sad recommends the same ; he and myself adopted the
article at thame time, and It Is now considered an about Indispensable
In the army. In conclusion I would my, that the better it Is known the mars highly
It will be prised, and I train that its health- rinses will make It generally
known throughout the length and breadth of our ety.estemded COUlAry.
You very respe c tfully. S. 0. TAYLOR,
U. S. Coma to New Granada
Sowapors, Cam, Amoy I. 16115.
Nears. Burin :—Gentlemsa—Bympuhy for Ms ataltsted and me to Worm you
of ths remarkable cure effected by your Itaresouilla in the cue of my wife, She
was severely manned with the Scrofula en dlintrent pares of the body i glands of
thesuck were greatly enlarged, and her Mate caul males. Alter =rent= over •
year, and Lading no relief from the nimedles . esed, the diesels eltuked ceselet, and
below the knee suppurated. Her phydelsa seletwell II should be ht i lmwma wu
done, but thoet any permanent bowel la Ildi attention o and ware
induced to use Suns . ftruparille. The AM Weis goodsoed and furor.
ebbs ellecteweilering her more than soy presertplitm oh. had ever taken: still before
she had used en battles, to the utonlskratint end dined of hat MAMA, ohs fOO2Ol her
health quite rettored. is now over • yew eh= the was:eted, and her
health good, showing the disease wag from the when
Our re are all knowing to these *eta, end' nurinf
bless:Leg to the age. Yam with Ripon, .11 158 1
Nelsen from a Utter received from Ns. N. W. Nerds, a seistientur well known in
Lenin county, Va. I hare cured a awn tiny of mine with your B a reeparille
who wee attacked with acrofula, and et a stwoftdette Way. Toot tale
hisisrakr Bea, re., Air 17, 18411.. • N. W. User? e "
The testimony rum Barr. John arta; lase Rector of UM Church of the
Crucifixion in city, commesoLl Itself to tho attention of Cu affiloted Numerous
eartincelas of cures of various dimasso allantst by title madisino ere alma daily
moefred !
Mesa s. astros —A member of my lariat has Man sabsable Bentmaritia for
a loran wrath:au affection, Am. with affect from Us
oh. It WiVell me boureet pleasure to resami my Metimoup In behalf lia virtue
!rq to lBm others may be Manned lb make • tetal of It.
Mears. L B. It D. Born :
1. 7 .4. N. T., O. 4, 1847.
Oterrtzstea—leeltztp of ',anti& induce ma. a make • Ile acketneledgment
of the borsht I hare derived from the um of yew I boos for wend
yars been sfilicted moth soroinlons nestlings hi my NW, .bleb al times mount
t ROST and discharge at my throat, ame, and ems, end at .sus would break outln
&Calms pots of my face and head. These rondlused meal my throat, hoe, and
head were almost one complete env, and dor a loo( time I Inn so Wane that It ern
with the utmost cina= i that I could speak above a whisper. During Ws time I had
anent =tat of p and other sin. I eaturulted efferent phyddam, and
trgod varicsts remMiett, but received no benefit until I conummced your Um
partlla lam now well ; the owns are ell healed, and I attribute the result entirely
to the effects of your valuable mechnine.
Yours, with respect and gratitude, PHBEE CAHOON.
}Ming personally acquainted with the pmeon aborts nanwd,llwllet. her statement
to be correct.
lAMBI M. D. CARR, Justice of the Peseta
100 Fuorox-rr., ward or WsLtual, Nsw You.
Sold al. by 'Smogiota generally throughout the Untied State* and Conadas.
Price 111 par Bottle; six Bottles (or its
us Pittsburgh, wholesale and moll by B. A. FAILNa4II.)CX, & CO, corner of Wood and Fro
er S i xth and Wood star, by 1.. WILCOX. Jr . corner of Southfield and Fourth mu. and al
et st and the Diamond; also, by EDWARD FENDERICII, our Mortongals House. no:. •
. _
LUNGS.—The unprecedented sucosts which has
vended the use of the
n ell the mmtous forms Which =actor of the lungs as
mimes, has tridurest the proprietor again to cull anea-
Lon to that
The calm/able WONDE RFUL
winch marks our fall and
winter untutths, is always a fruitful source of
These, If neglected, are hat the precursor. of that fell
The gneraton, Men, how shan alp We destroyer m
We bad? how shall we get dear of oar none. and
olds! to of vital importance to the public.
Wno ml .".. oates el
dosons el our best 'known citizens, who have ezpaii
awed its curative powers. These. with • mass a les
downy from all parts of the eountry,—hom
Ministers of the Gospel, to., together with copious noi
hies from the
we have embodied in pamphlet o.mi. and may be 6.1
glans of any of our amaggeenta t`troughinu the country.
have been need in thin oily.
throughout the United States and Canada, and we ah•
lenge any nowt to point out •
e which, when taken according to directions, and be-
Cue the lung. had become fatally diseigantzed, It Ilea
seer Coiled to
Why, then, need the afflicted beatate! resort
by to
the smseraile nostrunia, gotten op by an k • own individ
male o ler the assumed mane of some co •I.rated phy
ician, and puffed into notoriety by eertificstos e, m
oons equally urdrnownl WhUst • medicine of
I. to be had, whom, vouchers are at home,--eur neigh
bors,—rnany of whom It has
•• • •
In older thu luable medicine may be placed
within Ma reach of the poor as well the rich, we have
pat the priee at
lan one half the usual cost of cough medicines. at ts
tor Bele by our agents in nearly every morn and village
over the west, who are prepared to give full Wins.-
don relative to it. T. SALTER, Proprietor,
&mahatma, tarreansou amo orttesarao.
OMee the Exchange, Balumor e.
DEDUCED RATES.—The charges have been redo
ced on all Messages to or from Baltimore, Pitta
burgh or Wheeling, and a eormsponding reduotion
made on all telegrephte despatches forwarded from
thrum West of Pittsburgh, Pa.
Rua—The charge for a telegraph despatch to , or
from Baltimore, Pittsburgh and Wheeling, M 4.5 re ots
for the first ten wont; eud 2 cents (or each addusco tal
tu Q]' No charge la mode for Um address and arma
Until the completion of the Booth Western Line a ,
forwarded to T e . no., to New Orleans, des-
Memphis by thts route, and
mailed for New Orleans, jell
A Challenge to the mrcgriit.
TWENTY-rivt: Do - LL A Rtl will be paid to any one
who w produce a spot of paint, greet. og dry, that
eemmt be ill
attracted with Improved Chemical
Som. I have the amafacuon allaying to um people el
Rile Pince that this aniele, by my own tmprovement on
It, now stand. mnvalled In this comity for extracting
g rease, tar, pitch, oil, paint or any other greasy std.
ammy from all kind. agencies:me , . or elothmg,
carpets, table cloths, merino Mewls, ladies' bonnets,
• tre, srobeut
mythm that re wa will not
Mani. More than one thou g
.and pu
persons ter
in different ---
pan. of the country have told me, they would not be y ADZES Who Use Common Prepared Chalk, al,
without it; if It cost one dollar per rake. In trying this 1.. r often oat aware how fnghtfolly mamas t to
Soap on more than 300 articles of light silks, mum, al. the skin! how comae, how rough, how sallow,
ilk, 'chow,
pace., and c al icoes , found three macre or I and unhealthy the akin appear. after oases prepare d
• two of alpacm, and four of calico, on which it chalk! Beside., als Injuncno, Containingatarge gam
changed the mason therefore before patting it on a light tlty of lead. Wc have prepared a beaunful vegetable
• drms try • sareple of the diem first. I state this became strode, which we earl JONES'S SPANISH LILY
1 am determined not to recommend it any this
than WHITE It is perfectly Innocent, helm pungedrof all
I know to be strictly true. N H Holt. deletenoue qailines; and it Imparts to the skin a lant.
Pima, 12F co per cake. Sold, wholesale mud retail ral, healthy, alabaster, Blear , living white, at the same
by E sELLEEE, utm acting as rag it soft a commit on the akin, making
deal 17 wood st and smooth.
- Th. „1140,e.y cemetery. •-- Dr. James Anderson, Practical Chemist of Maw.
AT Om an nual meeting of the Corporator., hold on c_hamitaear. Amer " einilYsiag Jones's Spanish L il ly
theth jue, th e refiewieg p n. re uttau- writhe,' and it pomesms the most beautiful and nava
mainly re-Mame-a Managers for die ensuing year rat, at the mine nine innocent White I 0va1...M.
THOMAS M. HOWE, Prestdem certainly can conscienumuly recommend It. use to all
whose skin req _
JESFiE CAROTHERS, 110"Priee 23 cents a box.
NATHANIEL HOLMPA MIP . SoId by WM. JACKSON, at hi. Boot and Sox
WILSON IaVCAND LDSS RGIIIi, R the Big r0r0,8 9 Lib
t. erty street, Dead of Wood, at the stgn of
Ladles, ladies, Pm astonbilt.di
J. Form', Jr., Secretary and Treasurer, When you know that you are promised
The annual statement presented the affairs of the, A mbrali lire - Wro. snow] While,
Company in a very prosperous condition. Theo Mime ' Th An al loo T• k u: d i . ll n y t k„. eanzlXn3 o‘... chalk,
in the city I. Na. 37 Water street. 1012
IDA RLEY 'ZA 131 N ET LIBR A , tor schools mid ona t ik.
Painless—This work commas of twenty volumes, e.,e/rJdosVj:r2,:ti:f:ik:Mt.
am . Ib o we f JO r N y El e,
stn whe t i
and contents five hundred diderent subject., illustrated and at the same time clear and improve it. hue
Sold •
with am mirrovialla t• 0 .5.' 1 "'. 6 . JACKSON'S, E 9 Liberty Et. Puce 26 cents per beg.
recently wntten and completed by t , G Noodnch. au
thor of Peter Parley's Talcs and Ls designed to exhi
bit, m a popular form, Select Biognapittes, metant and
modern; the wonder. and nee of History, Na
ture, An, Science, and Philosophy, with the practical
dunes of life.
The price per Vol. .7t. cents each containing about
320 pages, 12030' or 510 per at. For sale by
oral A HOARINS, Apollo Buildings, 4th.
Hardware—Cheaper than Evert
L ORAN, WILSON a CO., Importers and Wholesale Dealers in Hardware, Cutlery and Saddlery, No
PO Wood street, abase Filth, have now in store • very
cheap and well selected stock of Hardware, linpnled
once the decline ofprices in Europe, •nd which they
are determined to sell correspondingly low. klarchants
who have been in the habit of going East, are peruen
lerly requested to call and lark through our stork, aa
we confidently believe they will save their expences
muoinstia. 4BOLIVAR nartaxs. , -
IDIPERJENCED Judge., on • trial of ono and a half
millions, since 184 pronounce this article =sur
passed tor durability in the construction of all kind* of
}' rnaeea Price $m,7.5 cash for loads 0(10 u , punt
=lord nine months use. Orders for • second quality
Bolivar Brinks will be =united so al pet LI, if so de
sired, without patentee. A sleek of the first eosin) ,
Is now for sale at the warehouse, Illoan's Wharf' ca
nal Resin, by !SHAW MACLAIiEI4,
repeal Kensingt on Iron Woers
EIHOINIX FIRE BRICKS—The subscribers KO ring
tie= appointed sole Agents by Ms nuirmfecir.rers,
for the side of the eelebrated "Yhorms Bric" era
now prepared to fill olden for any quanthy, ni An,
cash, per 1,010. For the einistrucuon of fun,aces 01
WI kinds, Mesa bricks have bean pronounced by corn.
potent mires aslmlni t supenor M all other bre bricks
now to use. 0 A 'APIBJLTY & Co, Clienal Bann
nt •
- -
Genliemena , Boon, pazt ree'd and for ale at the
Robber Depot, No /I Wood street.
901113 J b b Pti aLLIPIII
DEDWARD ACKER, takes this means of re
turning his thank, to his friends and the public
for the extensive patronage he has received, and of in
forming them that he has lately. erected • large and
a 11 constructed building, for the exclusive purpose.
of hi. WATER CURE ESTABLidHhIENT, at his old
location, at Phillipsburgh, Pa., on the Obio river, app.-
. site tip steamboat landing at Beaver, where hew ready
to YODOICe patients as warders, and treat them on kly
dropathm principles. In addition to his long expert
core, and the great meccas which has heretofore at
tended his treatment of patient. eonindtted is his ram,
he has now the additional facilities afforded by an ca
tenarn buileing erected exprewly for the ptupose, eon
-7.--'-e c SW7 0., and dm ta
", Loy , fittel d up
terirg the treatment to the
of the patient. Phillipsburgb Is • most dligtiffuraid
healthy village, easy of acmes* pry iscroaomse,coul.
fords fine and wholesome water. Dr. Acker umrk•
Mo.. afflicted persons who may place thentselew un
der his care, that every attention shall be paid to their
comfort; and a. an assurance of the substantial benefits
to be derived, he points with confidence to the him
dreda who- Th ee been permanently cured at ht. wtab
liehment. e Water Cure leaves no Injurious effects
behind, as Is too often the ewe whit Mow who have
been treated on the old systest. It removes the dis
ease, invigorates the system, protects hem the dangers
incident to
of the weather, creates a natural
and seuve appeute, and imparts vigor to the digestive
power., Terms of tremmem and banding rewouable.
For further particulars universal the establishment, or
addrew the proprustor at Phillipsburgh
We have been informed by Mrs. Rom of a erne per.
Gamed on her by Dr. Jaynes Alterative, which
proves as superiority over 0,017 other remedy of the
kind. She has been afflicted for the Mat sixteen years
with NECROSEEoe W HITE iSW ELLESOS, attended
•Witi ulceration, and enfolizalein of curium bones, do
nag which time many pieces have been discharged from
the frontal krone or the cranium, from both her arms,
111ITis.1 and hand., and horn both legs, and from the 101 l
Moor id bone, and foam the right knee, ballades pinata
ulcers en other parts of her person, which have baffled
the idkill or a umber of the moat eminent physicians of
our elti, --daring moot of the time her Buttering. have
beenaxenuaung and deplorable. About three months
since Me was induced in try Dr. ayneis Alterative
which has had an astonishingly happy elect upon her,
by removing all Pain and swrollings, and calming the
ulcers to heal, while at dos same Wee her general health
has become completely motored, no that she now weighs
05 lbs more than she did before he commented the Use
of this truly valuable prepation.—(Sat Eve. Post.
For further information, inquire of Mrs. Rose, No. IV
Filbert st, Philadelphia.
For tale m Plusburgb, at the PE6IN TEA STORE,
72 Fourth at. near Wood.
A 7 INGS.—Scrofula in all its multiplied form
whether in that of King'. Evil, enlargements o the
glands or bones, Goitre, White Swelling., Corona
Rheumatism, Canter, diseases of the Skin or Spine,
or of Pulmonary Consumption, emanate from one
and the lame cause, which is a poisonous principle
more or less inherent in the human system. There•
fore, unless this principle can be destroyed, no rah.
cal cure can be effected, but If the principle span
which the disease depend., is removed, a curs
I mint of necessity follow, no matter under what torn
' the di.ease Should manifest itself. This, therefore
i. the reason why J•l'lf ALTIRATIVI i• 10 um
venally zuccesslul in removing so maoy malignaut
diseases. It destroys the virus or principle from
'rhino those disco.s have their origin, by entering
into the circulation, and with the blood is conveyed
to the nueutest fibre, removing every particle of
disease front the aymem. Prepared and sold at No.
8 South Third Street, Philadelphia.
Sold at the Pekin Tea Store, No. 72 Fourth .tree,
Plttatitugh meh3l
kra 03/, Wood street, one door swan of Diamond
1.1 alley, Fittsburgh,Fa, eters for sale s Is.K lot of
Medicines, Oils Paints, V a rnishes, Dyestuffs
an d Perfumer Foreign Foreign and Domestic, to w oh be
cs l is the attention ofd psts, physicians and mar
ch, wits visiting the city, mg h e determined to sellat
yes r low prices, and give general satisfaction. bloods
vvno tuned and cheap. Varnish No. and a, N. York
manigacture; also Japan sad Mack Leather Varnish
es, of aufmnor quality. Also, White and lied Lead no
prices: lower alai bermotore ottered. 1. D. AL also
Manuinottums Morgan's celebrated Conch SyruP,whielt
h co=otirs, lloarse " rees, ''u in c lue w itsa,. al s?hinap th e i;c7lU
crimp, tits; price tents per bottle. Also, morgsu s
Indian Liver Pills, •c sewn cure for liver complaint,
etch headache, and all binous complaints. Price meet
per box. sepal
1 Dr. W. P. Inslassilia Premium Plaster.
!. P. INLAND, oldie Medical College b(
adelplua, now offers to the puhlie his Indian Veg.
atable Premium Plaster, the qualities of which, after
long and tried expenence, has been sausfactonly ea.
I tabruheel. To all women lobo may be ammf ed
Prolapsua Uteria or Fallen Womb, he recommends his
Neater, guaranteeing a sere and apeedy cure In ate
short apace of from two to thee weeks, if applied with
tre and rest--diseardicig all the eourities• tristruniento
an erpetinve bandages so lung inUse. Thu. h e
couseientions staurig,lnaseittieh as he has not potted
oins eaase out of three hundred and hay-three pa_
Also for Kbeurnatinn and Weak Breastor Bank, at
tended with pun, there is nothing axecl this Planer
n , affording relief or effecting a sure. For sale by
L Wilcaaearner of Diamond and Market n
Brant & Behar, " Liberty and Sr. Clair an
Dr J &anent " Alduv or and Diamond, Aau,
gheny city
au &Cq 1 , Hunan sad thainoad
A GILEAT CURL, performed by the ortglaudato
tiara gamine Liver Pill, prepared thd sold by a t &151. 4
hlonath' Patrons, Westmoreland Cs, Pa..?
July 69th, 1r47.
Mr. R. E. &Mrs 11.151* ofdoty Jon and Ge Mewl
induce:row to add my humble testawroy in favor of youelosay
celebrated Lave. Pills. I have deterred doing so for pain,
sewing to Davy Crockstar mum, "be sure you are right,
then go aloud." Mow of the many preparations of worm.
.11 gawks, lauded to the aim, have sunk into arab= ante
Toth Liver Pi Ls haw beta offered to the pealle, and, nuked,
I Whew they wall 1 -. move theist all, l l as they aro just what
you represent them to be. I have been afflicted oral/ Liver
Compliant (to.. my . youth; how waived mach; employed
=Ay eminth_ t physicians, to wham I paid Data money; haw
lost moat b/oodi been vomi t ed and phystekarf almost to death;
Wanted sor aod knally given up as incurable. In
1833-71 was indthed totry your Liver Pills aad &MIN GOT
WELL, Ow boa of which boort, thrfrese , nt ba keepeaselate
of pain ix the rid., tad all the other symptom. for 61661
12 mooch.. Yoar Pills areal. tha beast...tiara* I to.. lard;
being mild, not griping or giving mcch sickliest 81 the am
lreo gin me much bed I hare kept them is my awe
fore sr 7 year, sold ro
hundreds of bows, and hare vent
heard • aingie complaint uttered by any ono who has mid
theta. They have reperceded abnast every other ph to thse
thighborhood, and tn • althrt time will banish them sit.
thruway rococanthad them 16 all perm weeding physie,
whether for Law Complaint or &Wroth Aifeet6626. 60th
rider that% far superiorto Cabana or W. Bine PilL Rethset-
J L Mouth
JAiarg —AA thew the othtr Pill. befiare the poblie
C 6.16.66 Liwr Pill.. perthrot who wont the GENUINE asould
oak far aid haemostat, than Utose prepared and sold by tt
& SELLERS, No 57 Woail-.t bailee. Third thd Yowl%
got by Dr. C.a., Fifth Ward, D M emus, Allimissny
0 1 5
To Pr olosil on .
ECRIEWS FARINA, now to use at the Il thitals
LI, Asylums, and other public establistimenza, and
recommended by some of the moot dt.ung-nathed pay
side. and enemata, a an smelt of Met fqr children
and invalids, mash supenor to arrow root. dago, etc..
far more strengthening, pleasant to the taw a n ea.,
of digestion. Pat up in Id lb latices of half I,
t, papier.,
each accompanied with pruned ddreettons for cooking,
Ltebig, in his Agetmthured Chemistry, p. 1c PhiL ed.,
"Children fed upon arrow -toot, mien, or indeed any
trod of amylalimeous loud, winch does contain ingre
dients fitted for the formation of bones and mnecles,
become fat, and acquire much .1.31.01:11", their Itmbs
appear frill, but they do not acquire strength, nor Ore
their organs properly developed. ,
In the analysis of the Fume made by Prof. Reid of
New York, among other constituents, he met IS per
cent of 'lnnen and albumen; and remark. that the
claims of the Faeioa upon the Aletheal Yrofgasion and
the public will real upon lta cementing in die glotten
and albumen, vegetable Shrine and other niirogentaed
bodice not fortrid in arrow root or similar substancea,
and which modem chemistry has pointed out as being
necessary to the formation of human um and by
means of which nattire makes lip for constant
waste that takes place in the human body. For sale
wholeaale or retail, by R E SELLERS,
seplB 57 wood in
Great English 111,metly. --
VOll Coughs. Colda Asaune and Consumption! The
GREAT AND ONLY REMEDY for the core of the
above slums., m the HUNGARIAN BALSAM OP
LIFE, dmeovered by thecelebrated Dr. Esteban, of
London, England, and introduced sato the United States
under the immethate superintendence oldie inventor";
The extraordinary success of this medicine, ut
our, or Pulmonary diseases, warrants the Amenean
Agent to solminng for treatment the wont possible ea
ses that ono be found in the community--cuee that seek
relief to vain from any of the common remedial of the
day, and have been given op by We most dtstmgnisbed
physicians as confirmed and incurable. The Hunger/.
an Ha's= has eared, and wtl I owe. the most de ram
of cassia It is no smack nostrum bet • standard Eng
lish medicine, of known and estabintited etheacy s
Every family to the United Swat aboadd be warred
with Bachnn's Hunga ri an Baisans of Life, not on to
.castanet th• tonnouptive tendencies of the olintate,
but to housed xs a movenfive Inatome in all ease. of
colds, coughs, spirting of blood, pain in the side and
chest, irritation and soreness of the lungs, brochitla,
difficulty of breathag n
, hena fever, night sweats, einerti
anon and general debility, asthma, induct:lca, whoeng
rough and croup.
field in large bottles, at it per bottle, with full dims
tions for the rextoration of health.
Pamphlets, containing a mono( English and Ameri
can certifatates, and other evidence,
showing the no
&palled merits of this great Itmlishllemedy, may be
obtained of the i r l
For sale by B A IPIES_ 'OCK & Co., osrmer of
st said Wood end Woo d d oth ma mare
DD../AYsets calunirewnvr. BILLBAJI
FROM the (ley ASA SHIN N, a wellknown and pop
/' tiler Clergyman of the Protestant Methodist Chum/
The nedersigned havinbeen afflicted during the past
winr with a disease etthe inennaelt, sometimes pm.
dicing great pain in the =math for tin or twelve hoar.
without ettermusion, and after having tried various
remedies with little effect, was furnished with a bottle
of Dr D Jayne's Carminative Balsam. This ho rued ac
cording to the directions, and found invariably that thin
medicine ceased the pain to abate in three or roar min
utes, and in fifteen or twenty minutes every uneasy
sensation was entirely quieted. Tne medicine ern• wit I_
tcrentrdstuted whenever indications of the app.:tech of
pate Were perceived, and the pain was thereby prevent
ed. He continued to use the medicine every evening
and sometimes in the mornine. end in a few week.
health was so far restored, that the taQ ta; was Riley
ed from a large amount of oppressive pain. From el
perienee therefore, he can confidently recommend D
D Jaynes Carminative lialsam, as a sal eiartrnedte
for diseases of the Mi
nneen and towels. A bHINND
For salt in PimaLo Allegheny any,
rgb at the PEKIN PHA ItITOR
71 Fourth meet, near Wool, was also at tbeLtrug
Store of It F SCHWARTZ. Federal went. Allegheny
Purify lima, Blood.
mit. 0. E. B IBLEI —Dear file. Last Spring, and de
nng previa. winter, IMU severeyCttld
with a scrota/mu complaint in my legs, and had been
for some months ander the cart of physicians. They
sul my case was almost incumble, end they could do
but Little for me. I Wan ucOrly helpless, bat with the
aid of crutches could with difficulty get about. In May
last, I purthued of you, and commenced ruing Hara
re:Ws Saturattn.u. Alter the use of two bottles, the
sores commenced healing, and I laid aside my stretch
es, using anly a Calle. Idispensed with my cue, and
at the eud of the fourth, was so well as to assist all day
in shearing sheep. In all, I used five bottles. The
scrofula and wires have all healed up, and since Jut
summer I have seen no appearance of the disease, but
have condoned, and am uow, m the moat perfect health)
I • state with confidence, hopmg that others may be ben
o ttlabit . llUntetiii;
E. i l'or sale wholesale and retail, by
_ .
cor. hoot P wood sta, /c also corner wood k elthsw
rCream de' Amanda mane% br Miasma
Cream a la Ito. , for attavingi
Almonde Cream, do,
Mtperfille Bengie,cmi Portals. stand%
Elegant scent baga, perl'amen with lavender, Anal.
term Met;
Lowlife powder puffs, of all patterns, •
Emit..sed toilet boxes, commuting f ra grant extracts
tot tits trandkerehtet ; a scent bag, and toilet rasps, suit
able for pteseols.
Fran., or Qumran powder;
inSlan vegetable hair oti,
Burs Oil, in fancy or cormnon wrappers, (rose scent
ohne Soap; Nymph Soap; Rose Ltp 81111 Fr
Shell mp; soda map; together an. a great va ried
fina tam reemved; ter .ale by
nal° ror eta A wood .m
Pulmonary _ l!talsara. —
MBAS. REED to cuTLER-1 feel It • dory I
2 owe to my fellow creatures, to state something
more respecting yam Vegetable Pulmonary Balsam.
Since I first used the Balsam, &bust eleven year. ago,
the effect of which 1 then gave an or 1
hove bad several severe eoroplanits and attacks at tar
lung., one a few doss since, and in every instance I
have used the Balsam alone whit complete aiel perfect
success. It has effected relief end cure in a very few
days. It Is certainly aWs medicine. I do not know
that it will cure a fixed cansureptiou, but I believe it
11 be in many cases a psi:nem/ye and prevention is
be., than cure; I do therefore, for the love ofmatt
low men, earnestly tecomi. M
ud the use of s
In a/1 pulmonary complaints. I ant confideut that It
bas been the me•ne of preserving my life to this day.
For a r
sale by 13 nal Juno Id,
AB BEN/ fthllN PA R- fins anti
, & en, curnri
wood and also corner wood and nth_ J a il
- -
S• - - -
powes to curet Pirrsocum, Feb. 1.4,1b47.
R. E. Saaczam—My en& tins for years bean unseen
to a distresamg cough, accompanied with twsou, for
the cure of which aim used different cough th •
anJ had the advice of the roost moment pliyuctans in
England, hot all was unavosling. ay chance I heard
or lour altrcvia , Cvnnth EYrort, tiod was
to bay
• bottle ibr anal, although I had no belief auything
could remove her complaint. Tomy great surprise.,
two doses gave her immediate relief. She is at tomes
troubled with a cough, but two tuupoonsiut of Syrup
always atop lam eatutfical, atter a trial of hree or
our years, that Sellers Cough Syrup to Um hoo t cough
medicine I have ever toted either in the Old or New
World. Was, Faumourtau,
S Ward, c o
The above eared:male event s hould uldu ity
ce f
all who g
troubled with cough or asthma, to glee the Syrup a an
al. It may be had for 2.5 centsa bottle, mle, drag
LW. of E SELLER D, 57 wood al.
Sold by Dr Costal, sth ward, nod D I! Curry,
jimmy city. lona
Patent mach Sprtag Tradm,
NEWLY INVENTED—FertiIe relic r and Permanent
Core of HERNIA or It PTU RE. (801.1 to all
the evertor clammy of that Truss consist te the rum-
Paeltnee rasa with which it may be wor:. I pad of
wood being neatly be/kneed en sprang, y,e.d• to pre.-
.ota on any part of it, and thoraughty adact• ,loch( to
Loy movement made by the wearcr. It can Do wont
without intenrusstoo, until. core is etreeced. The sub
whbera have made arrongetoctita fur Memamma:urn
at these Val nabla Treaties, n a superior sty le. in rata'
ieytieaVh7edemoow t uthre, No. n : em,a4idxe.t,.th
ago. V% Arr
)a7O ry. UFhl.i.N.
Q EJ..LERS VEIISIIFI t.1.1- - Superaor le any I have
1..7 ever used."
Giallalf , Fayette county, Pa., March 4, '4y.
Itlr E. 6.l.llota—lnerelq certify Nat I neve used
your Vernmlare ur ley taffy, and belle', It equal, II
net supenor to any I Lave ever used I gave to one or
my eaddren one dose, winch expelled .bow en worms.
Prepared and sold by ESELL.F.R.-1, 57 Wood sr.
Sold by Cassel. nth Want 1./ 51 curry, adeghenyi
W J Liman, Tentperancevtlie; and I' Lao vo, Law ,
narmerdle. my,/
SV ISIGE":—.I4I Szta pi.
digit Clasau Bulldog/lA, ad 0., nwor W. Pow Off..
GOO Insortlon of It hoc., or 1e55,....,,,.. .3050
Two insortiono without a 1t0rau0n0,.......... 0 75
Tbroo •
I 00
One Week
E 0
Tho Wool. • . 150
Ii 00
One Month
Three "
TX Longer ildvertiscacutime In same prnt"t'°.•
Uric square,6 months, without tlteratto n..• • 10 °LI
" " 12 •• •• IS 00
Each additioaaal square for 6 month•, 5 DO
10 00
One square t 6 months , renewable at plea•n•e, 15 00
6 • •• ••
eoch additional square for 12 month. 10 00
Two *quart", 6 months, re'rraLle 30 00
Each additional square, 6 month, ... 8 011
Oao square, 3 InaCrilorta, • • • •
SI be
" " each widitiunal 37
I , ore lines Dr 1e.., one year, 6 00
months a 01.1
•• • •• one year, daily ric week I y, 10 00
•• sir montnr " 00
For 20 linew, or les., Ono maw - lion, $o .!,0
• " Twa.
" Threa ateSo
• •• Su ........ 6 00