The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, November 25, 1848, Image 1

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w r iu34s4El, IN : 1786
A• VUu UAL2S • ••,.. • , And ir c ,
wanting Merchants, have retuned to their old
• • • Water and Fiona Areas, - ".... •• . eau
um= aztos, . ' imams Ea= '
MIEN a =TEEL Wholesale and Mail Drug%
comer of Liberty and St. Clair street% Pius;
..gyrFa. mare. '
, CIILIZEISON . lit. D. 31110 WA.
ArrWN . CULIMEM3O ' nr, olessle Grocers
nd Oanunission lideratuotts, N 145, Liberty it,
usbonit Pa. dallly.
A. MINIMUM & Co,' Wholesale and Re.l).
taß Dogging (=ran Wood and ath w. Jyt
AGALSITAIr. 8/111T14:Pirkolcsale Grocers, IS and
10 Wood meet Pttsburgh;
et A. ft Ca; Porrisidlurr and Com
lae mission gcfretuuds, Citnal - Pasin, Pittsburgh PE'
rash 2 •
WALT DI • • : men, • n -
• nit in y• •N t e pithbvpqrh M• • Way,
m.. Pit " • fe car
en'Ll • liim
rris. I. unman, rawer r. ascriernt •
LINGLISH & BENNETT, ( late Mulish, Gallen/her
.. .19L i t Gni Whedesslararoeers, el: .ind p ar .,
Merchants, and dealers in Prodnen mad Pits
-I.;;Wasnolactures, No. 37 "Wood st, betreeired and .
Id arms. Oar , •
T. S. 014. MM. 241311:1 WaST.
14 1 1 13 / 24 4 &BE V & Co., Wha °roma tit
C mut so on Merchants, and Agents SST Brighton.
Ocaton.Yaras, Now St Water, and 108 From ids, Puts.
9ALLAGRISR, LONG & PR r and B mg .
Fodder' and Gas Rasta 109 Prow, between
said and emir:Meld scrams, Pittsburgh, Ps.
Meisst- atvea far old Coppeaaard Brass.
41= 1 W11%.
• It BRIONOT WWu ani Had Lead Mann
1110031001118184 11 • , 1083 or. DIIIIILM,
L I CaLSYTII it =CAN, Forwarding sad i Commi .
Zdarchiseu, No. First strew, Pouburgh.
, DIMLY 11..C0, Malan% G
Ittnithants, and - dealers in Prodne:N, Coda:
eta. ead.lo7 From meet., rimbumk. nave
TORNS:ILLIBLIN,Attomay and Counsellor at Law
ayi and Cannalialoner for the State of Pennsylvania
Bt. Lads, Mo.; (late at
Ralmilmoma—Plilliburgin Hon W Forward, Ramp.
unia Miller, ?Mundial* k'firClicre, Parkei
Sfunple, EMont & King. ja14:11
O IN fICOTT.Ie Co., Wholesale Grocer., Forward
ing and Commission Mennhants, Dealers in
dooeand. Pltteborgh Msantaetures, No, 7 Commercial
marilM .l Liar,the Canal, Pittsburgh, Pa.
CS McOUIRE,Atate of the Ann of Algeo and
IlaGuire,) Moreau Tailor, St. Charles Itaildlngs,
Erse war W•• • Pi• • . . •
TAMS EZTCHISON. & Sca—Saccenora • fo
U Lewis Ihrtehbon t Co. Cameriesion Merchant.,
sad Agents :a, the St, Louis Steam Stew Belnery.
No, 411 warar LAN front caeca, Plusburgh.
.~ n' tt 1
OM 8 DEENOPZIS—WhoIanaIe Grocer,' Pio.
duo and Cloaadadmi Ditachasu, N 0.21, Wood a.,
• .. . . 'sot
OHN IL NOROAN, Vitholosalad deal
or is Els Soits,Patouyollo, V • N 0.93
ood streo; an door Sea, of Diamond y,
burgh. •
LOFIN IL MILLLOIL 'Wholesale sad' Retail dealer
w Nude audaltutical Lortrameau, , Schaal Boots,
r, Mama, Steel Peas, galels, Plias:err Cards; 'gad
Biallaaary geaendly, No. 81 Woad et, Plaabarst.
Bap bought or taken la trade. sepia
MIN. D. Ds' IS, taludiamer, corner Cdh and Wood
es aQee oeS
OLINSTON k. STOCK ON Saab:seller* Primers
Jsod Palau klazalacuirars, No. 41 Market .t, Pitt.
. je6
TOkei GRUA Vihnlanais Grocer dealer b, P.
slues Pittsburgh Manufactures, Tin Plans, fru. &a.
No. gig • Pinsk! • • - inn 3
ototo;ateaaza stout
' & S. FLOYD,
_pion J. Floyd r. C 0.4 VaddeS2l6
U. (Noce., No. tntolartraneet sepi
TAM:3 Fld 2 F* Virlicdroala Gnocar,Cormaxission
Morahan; and daslar In Produce and Pivabmh
twos. No. d 4 Water at, huabozgit
7 4 114 JOlNffi, Flues:en
emu, Deal.. in Procincs and Pinsburgn man.
Cagsl nee 7111 it. ea
Vesuvius Iron Works.
t WALMIL & Co., r==s i (
h elti-
TWO): Warehouse, MI mum Llldlos
• „Unit,
kII WATERMAN, Wardeade Groecr,Yerward
ted maid lannabacia alerehani,Dalerves Mas
& ~earatents end fteditse, has: :1' Wear at,
IMF ..."....,_ _ _ - . rads imam
h d Tkirr & SaIWTON, Waialeale Gram, For.
• war&a: ma Cerstassisa idarebams, dealers a
aaa Manna Elsentzetaxes, lass. 13 ead LW
Wood ta.alusharyth.
LUCIALUCIA katcrra&as & co, comabwo. Mar
chat L e llitedelphts, for the eels Cl predate sea
le r
itt itthrensee nude on twasiguantaa.
11. ' " 7, L. monICI., L'lOl3l:3F,
MA LT rl , l Ir. Ca, Commission and Forwarding
biarehmots, Water and Front cm, dame.
od and Market a. road
i d.63 ‘13 ". c BICKEIBON, PThobitcala Grxers an
Com PL talsaipa Merchauts,-No.l7o,l4erty,A, Pitts
• lanl4
1 IV. W.. o . , it, second
/oar ifelD corner of Founh, dealers Foreign and Dwaine •Bill* of Exclunspi, Certificates of Depos
1, Bank Notes and Specie.
,Signal Dellec
the tions United S mad
ham on a
all the princi padeel.7l cirin
luutsrarktucnce, Wholesale Grocer, Bensfying
AS, Distiller, dealer in Produce, Piusborgb Idanufee.
tares, and all kinds of Foritgn and Domestic Winn'
and Llgacolici.ll Liberty streek On band a very
lam stock of wiper:cc old blonongeheLewhiskey,
widen will be sold low for cash.
E:veLaJiti T. Lisbniti, Importer
an - a Dealer in
reignFn and Domestic Saddlery Hardware and.
at, Pittsburgh of all desemitions, No-137 Wood
131ClialtD BABA Wholesale and B sull 1
Dealer in
ZS Leather, Morocco, Shoemakers' Tools and Vmd
sip, Tanners' and . Cutlers , Tools, and Tanana' Oil,
No.IIXI Wood et, Pittebusgb- septa
111031117 suocuocor,, reorms, anuroorec:
4:110/11NSON tr. Cerbaktude Grocers, Produce
mad Curzudedou rehears, end Dealers In Pins+
. I)hundactores, No. 120 Liberty it, Pittsburgh:
Ca&ELT DALZbI.I. & Co, Wholesale Omer%
Ccautd.slion sad Forwarding Merchant& dealers
ft:4Ru mad nubaset 11.11aafinecor.5; Liberty .t.
• ll,-P&
`l`l .r. A p
S. Z.
erw.Ain.litd - Cfrattab
.., R.Weets, k etfkiLlO TAiree Arr4l.ldeal.
- 1171111 ttnStaiet..PrOduCe, 4 . 4110 . F1X Isl,t4istraetuie
gird Chieddiat Utua.
Tbahkihett Filly ) hi au= all tE7 Var.
• 4112 • 'WK. .1. awn . • good
Watk .shosa, Pltisbargh •• • • •
agtiilm,itmoci.S 2 l,Liberparood,ritubalgli-oop9
.• WITH &SVEN/30N, Wkolltiale ad Retail Delia
Adillinarr 1 , 00d6 Lace Hodaty P •
X 11222 MIL 3. WIWI
Vt. LAM=!/ V ALITE , W 2 .4.9* Meet* In
1 .7 75=_ 111 4 1) 5.
. 433 e1w _WGoads.ho49
W. ELABBAUOII, Weal Merchnnu, Dealem.
Pao in Mow and Produce gancsally, and Perwanting
and Colundasion Ilercluunk No. 63 Water na., Pin"
UM, a&OALEY & Co, 'Mcleod. Osumi sod
ICP Produce dealanyNaZt3Mourkantoo;bconvonath
*sad Ithakatlizi46, Pldhuistada. ' suned
Ng 0164 lansiga/V and Caanalaaina litarchano,
in Ti nabargh Maagea, and Westarn Pro
emakava rasained th at airw aratabadia,(old nand)
kka gainer al Pram it. and Chancery Lana.
ri:Ezt• • &.rrn mean and
:slam literehardijaad dealers hi Preduei. No. OS
an• Maxie idle and
''-- Pd.
a -}V4 Anal e alths ....Tv?. E7A
)1X 1.4 an
z iji PaneanatildingN 4th in t pinsburgli. l plinon
ea al Waantwononsunttend . ur
Utensil= airplane to annalists. •
IN rex. 11 joseeessone to L. &I.)]*
lesale raters, Forwarding and
Coloadadaa erehions, &Wu* in Iraq: 4 4 l p G_,,iarh
Wow& Yaros, and Yinetrarghlinnotacturea. gaker.A.7,
rtearoWerWood aod Wales mate: Finshonth.'
Was n No. 90 Ft= st.
riat between,. odd
oameal. .
} 1 ~ ........ i~ ....~. .... .}I}I -Z, f}.
en/ AL GABILLIU; Aoki in Fancy aid 'Staple
Dry Goods, N 0.79 Minket stpx; Piustnnsk
_-m . .
wasoN Dater tri Watellec. 3aWarry,
TV ltwarwat , Pf 3441,10 :•1 4 0 1 4716 1 , '
°, - -
• .1 411 l kana Retail deileifin
rw,Forgip, and I :=Aonif Goabhnonl&-cul
• •Of Nezketand sts4 •
t , ••ent. Toes% • ma.
imp& YOUNG & Co.--Dniders la tenihnirldden, &A.
. 2dITCHELVIZE—MoIauIa 'Omen,
• Inatlllers, and tialnet and Liquor
rs of &As dub usLiThrischrag
- curia reaczetsz -. , ..- L !mom I. 703121.
t ow
'' -.',III.ACIOEMIN At Co 4 Wholesale Illsotesh Nat
*lingers In OW, floatlikamikarrnannei Ain
.?.-.. szlielsklziva nn han4 lain timesol tall and
- -.7 I u n ar tmou m axon& in. their itne,Wnakannen v
~.. .
MEMBELYBEF.-•Wholettla: - proper,
o Rctlyin ! c 7e att1 7 ':.nW.ia ...: lgn
1 'Fl' .. h V a i
a l 4 7 = —"!!?°144114;,
Tom nr. TOWNSENAlieuggist aid A*b.,"Y,
No. 4.s.ldarket st, dune doors above Third .t.burghowill have constantly on hand a well selected a.
sonotent Of the Demand freshest difedieines, which he
will sell Lon the naval' reasonable terms Ptessicinns
sending orders; will'be prompt'' , at ended to, and sup
plied with"article. they may tell , upon as genuine.
pi" Physicians Ptescripuons will be ncennuely wad
newi4Ptelitare-d from the best materials, at any heat of
th AllO Y ersale, t limp stock of flesh and good P.*"
31° 10l i tePtf, Pilgattfl b lt i as ' opened
Jai the l} rge stable on V 10044. nuuting through
• Pts% tO &Wad ay bOTWOOD Wood and- Smithfield
sta, in the rear of the Monongahela House,
with an entirety new meek of Hones end
in the elfli/1(011
tha beat quality a Ituesr rtyles. Hones kept at boa
ry best manner. Wails
fi:fh•HUIVORTS ON WOOD sr., Pirrasußtiki,
CONTINUES to manufacture Momunents, Banal
Veldts, Tombr, Head Stones, Memel Pieces, Oen
tte and Pier Tope of foreign and domestic marble, at
a regular wed fair mice.
N. lit—Drawttera for monuments, tranlta,der furnish.
ed. of any description. He solicits a Mara of public
patronage augd.dtf
WiftM SKIM Manufacturer of Cotton and
d Linen, Fringes fox Dresses,6l.; Smear
k and colored Cotton Fringes for silk and Einshant
Parasols.. Gimp, Mohair, and. Silk Bullion /Mops,
made to order on the chariest notice.
Sons corner of Maiden Lane and William, entrance
No de Witham street, third floor, over Abner & Sips'
more, No 6S Maiden Law New 'ork j 10
01 - UPSON, I.P.s ErgANG ES A Co., manufacto
-13 sera of Vials, Bottles, and Window Glau,Acep
constantly on hand a general essorunent of the above
crliclea aloha to °nice a enyierio, article of
blinexalwesoon-Waser Bottles, of colored glue. .ticr.
16 Wood at Pittsburgh Pa. ang3l43m
MIME= /LSD 13811.13 rn
kidders' Ironmongery, Harness and Coach
Dose, Deer Flair. Varnish, ace.
N0..131 Woon Se. Pgresatison.
near Stood—ALL Fourth
Mack „. of Green and
Iran par.knge, mto,,,,(fromm 4 1 f, and
jya A:JAYNES, Agri_ for Pekin !ca r Pa.u°
bisquetame Sprlnttar k. ..llo Steel wind'lran
COLEMAN, HAILMAN & Co, tuannfacumers of
Coach and Elliptic Springs, Hammered .a.slee,
Spring and Plough Steel, Iron, &o. Warehouse on
Water and Front streets, Pittsburgh.
Also, dealers in. Coach Trimming. and Malleable
NBUCEILLASTER, Ar.romsts.,-43ffic e , I. st.,
athird door abort Smithfield, south side.
uveyanclug of all kinds .done with the gnatest
care and legal accuracy.
Titles to Real Estate exa.mmed,&c. oct3o-ly
~ ~i:~l
JOIIN FINNEY, .Ir.,.,atit u Piusburgli Gar the W
*Orarsldnlnal Safety /WO/ WIC* Company of Phila.
wirdphia. . Fire Risks upon buildings and inerebandise
Or every• desoription, and Marituatiskil upon bulls-or
Cargoes of versals, liken upon , the noun favorable
len= •
1137. Mee id the Warehouse of Flames a ßro.,
N 0.2: Water, near Market strew, Pittsburgh.
N. B.—The surceu of this Company since the estab
nehmen. of the Agency in this coy, with the prompt
etemand Liberality with which every chtun upon them
(orlon has been adjusted, (ally warrant rho agent in
Inviting the confidence and puronage of his friends and
,thrt community ,at large to the Delaware AL Passe
ranee Company, while it has the additional advantages
s. ameng the most Boob...tang in Phila.'.
=as having an capital, which by the
Operation of its charter to constantly mereaaing,
gl,..hori g to each pers. meared :Ms d. sham al the
omits of the company, without involving him to any
responsibility whatever, and therefore u possessing
the Blume! principle divested of every obnozious (ma
ntra,. and In its most =active them. soy(
BULK AND /14118.131 M usartuilscs.
ofNorth datums, oisongb
Co duly dgen the suhscciber, oda, to
makeipernieneat end lieabod e an property,
this coy end its srizinfry, and on abipmeets by the Ca
eca aM Myer&
Arthur Ci Can, Charles Taylor,
Small W. Jones, . Jembrose White,
: Edw.! Smith Jacob AL Thomas,
i John. A. Brown, John R. Neff,
Jiaba, White, Richard It Wood,
. Dams P. Cope,
.. Wm. W
• Sensual F. Smith, Fannies
Samitelßtooks, B. Austin A tiil...e
Emir ,
• D. Saxaszan, Seel.
This is the oldest In..nce Company in the United
Biala, kunrx be. charter. In 1794. Its charter is
perpetual, afilllll its high standing-, tong experience,
envie meMS, and asoidutg al, ri sks of an toms has
sedans character, it ma y be considered us °Seeing am
ple security to the paid.. W. P. JONLD..
,At the Coonti..g Room of Arwood, Jones A Co., Ws.,
ter arid From streets Pinebaigh. arays
oliladBßl.l3 /PULE _tolunazeor. co.
yinEF peirmasat altdl.llZated
on every deirsiplian of property e to EiMbrulLt ord the
soavoxualing coman7, ea favorable term. %Ws cora-1
petoy bag a pupetaal ehaner.
Capual,, paid in.,
Cootlagent; Read •
C 0 4 ,0 1. pf.Thild miMulcustreing.rilt4,l4ll.'
• Istataranget77,__
rfrunderrigned,daiy anttuniaidAgentefaioXlmer
aa Vire :Insurance Company; of ThAlaitfelpina,
continues to effect insurance anntnat loss 122' damage.
against Me, en buildings, mercnandirk' itiminue and property, not extra hazardous to this eitrandt
alma 61,1) tX wit RAN. zatzeraX
dtareanklEtt nan [men appothied:dgent pro
tem. (Atha Laurtmee Compeny °Monti Amerten,
mid mill Imes Polteten and eilr-64 b tilt 1:441,4
of , the Agency, at dm ontrebome o 4 Atntoed,Jonen
Co. ntdd WM /ONMveatetat
FORWARDING &COliirils6lo.
c oassasown; J. 510411:00 4111 i.
. TOBACCO CoßilußAoll 118501111118,
lirt. W Saab Mame, No. Ira South Waxer st.
rths to /atoms the tows and dealers generally, of
Pittsburgh, that they base nude ci ch arrang curds
Ur e Virginia manetocLurers and the Growers of
the W.:ooYearlndies, ano teller places, as will bum
S 'large said cormaat weedy of the following &scrip.
Lions of .Tabacco, whi win be .old open as &cont.
a:Miming tersas so any OM. /Wise in Ws city or tlAe•
where, and all goods ordered from lit= wl.l ha war.
rented areal to representanont
Havana; -OP Donitaira; ' Centro
Yore; - Porto Rico; • Peon's; }Seed Leaf to.
Cabo; Wird; & Florida; bunts,
• ALSO—Dranch's celebrated Antailltie Bug Cavon•
iblh, with a large assoment of ether popular lnanda,
and nasal& al pounds, Ss, Saell4 and 28, Lamp,
6,4 g, a. and 11:4 Plugi Ladies , Tarish Virginia Twi c. l
Se., sweat and plain, in whole and half honey w
and lin, together with every variety of article Wok
ing tollie trade. jeladly
321212. z. otturriia.
Produea,CenznlisaLora ward Narmazdlng
No. a NOMMlVautna, Alm I.ZI 2022 a 22.
Itivza war-Sohn IL Brown & Co.
Robert Mesa a. Co.
8uc. ,011 , Beaver &.Co. Ph"de/Phla
Smith, Bagaley & Co. '
Allen &Paxton, New - York.
%Vahan & Hervey,, Bagaleyarginith, .
Thwtaidge,Wilson &Co nt . b . rgh.
B Net wk B Ca
kJonesi • •
ad iLLOreral each advances on consignmentsto obr
112.11222211. MIL= 20ZZ. WALLA.
Ail& Glonsral C.01M1111.1011 Blortthastry,
112FSBENCEZ—Henry Gnat & Co, Pursburgh.
Badvn o & Blterkek, ( CinefvaLL
S. &lo
A. AL Jan k), userr o ltlaysnlie.
Charles Bambara, Jr., Louisville.
C at Humphrey Co.
Mercer, Bro. & kalsa 's
Reed & Brother,
Dutilh & Cousinery, Near ork.
rests?r,s. Faun, aims& vr, kNOIMICCI.
en. 7 t 8 flan Q, aßoraintoa.toras, coinnexeir, Oar-
CAW/Wirt 0011ILLN.
VOlanallniderreand Vororarellisig Merchants
- • Ile Wooers', rtnrin3l.oa,
nowortrEs to transact a general CeimmlealOn bald•
c . k e i beig lge P gre fidi s Yaizl egitarrirereelL=
Goods owed ass care. AaAgent to,
thb HanaGenires,lte WM be constantly supplied - with
this piinclpal articles or Pituilnuigh Idardlsetniss the
lateen wboleodes slices., Orders and conslctreehls
• ' G HOUL W e a"ALCI
Sally Colton Varna Pittsburgh
, • alansursetares generally,
w. j.O. wr-^
Foray aidliiHirnere Mints ammigvillo, Pa.
r ub inuttentarli do the Porwording of Produce,
V r itatfii‘caticlon; &pity to FORSYTH tr. CON
• CAN,. Waltz la. • A «to,
Gakaillissam C01LU111.1119101%
10%103 and UM Elamtnla Wound , -
lltaieLantsp_ifit= ll,:44lo.
• Whedi n .w.Va.--11. Crimpy Co. iitosti-dOm .
,2401 1 1051 TO
b *hue taken; 'Mama Mobedlately opilmide to
~ one Mutt mareboase; tortbd pram, where me
mooed bnaintas ariumat, anti anaw time can
be erected, anansements banns' already been made
ki t that purpose. Boats will always be in /odium. at
oar wharf to receive freight:
Canal Basin. LOMO M .
WI i I
(*mewl" In Reed, Ifeed & Cc,)
?atWcnlar =enemapaid to the sale of Wool, and Übe?
y a
rt dvstmel made an eantigennents.
- • 840, 104.2 and 1.011 arusdors glass
, • tostualf borslaamar ArrosrA and (or Inds by
Butiar, Pa
WILL 'La attind collection and all other lanai.
ss entrusted to him in Butler and Armstrong
counties, Pa, Beier to
3. &Floyd, Liberty at.
W. W. Wallace, do.
James Marahall do Pittsburgh.
dly 'Ray Co., Wood at. ) pin 7
T B. tiw k.n2t21., Attorney at Law, office 3d st.,
. °ppm.* !IL Charles Pbro4, Pittsburgh, will also
attend promptly to enit.etiona, is Washington, Fayette
and Gteen counties, Pa.
Blackstook, Bell Co, TO
Church tc Cazothera, }PtuAburgh.
mom., itectnai
J. HENRY, Attorney and Cooneellor at Law,
• Cincinnati Ohio. Collectiona in Southern Ohio,
sad in ladinna, and in Kentucky, promptly and cam.
folly attended to. Conunimioner foram Stain of.Perin
xylvards, for taking Depositions, aelmnarledgmenna,
&e. &e.
Ram ro—llon. Wm. Bell & Bon, Corde r Church &
C": 41 ,... Wm. MY., & Dams at*
w.VWelr, •.• • wat. M. MUM.
. -
Wn'LLAMS k SHINN, (successors ro Lowrie and
Williams.) Attorneys mod Counsellor. u Law.
°Zee North side of Fourth street, above frarithield.
t jAAIW P. KERR, Attorney at Lear, 13akewell'a
liou lEtall.ding ., , Grant meet, nearly opposite the Conn
Sniithfiebt betwei.-6:4"w"erY Lo,kw, Office. or
Dand 4th
Law, have removed their Mhos to the Hooch aide o
roar* booveen Cherry Alley and Grant street.
Yjro. IL ROBINSON, Attorney at Law, has re,
• moved his Mace to the Exchange Buildings, St.
r nart door to Alderman Johns. apl7ly
QAMUEL W. BLACK, Attorney at Law. °Rea on
Fourth Meet, neat Grant, Piutbargh.
To Coont.!7 ‘. alpro4auts.
A LARGi. 01 . 0.10731L;z1., Paper, Station
am ary, he., suitable for ecantry sales; among which
Writing Papers, of fine, medians and earns. quet's
Letter Paper do do do do
Note raper do do do do
Note and Letter Envekipem
Slates, Pencils, Wafers, Chtills and Steel P.m
Window Paper (yar d wide) plain and printed;
Sonnet Boards, of different qualittaiii
Blank floats, In great variety,
Family, School and Pocket Biblem
4 , C a r c o G, tryldatt . wfd dlble c
er a lo d la th l u vra r tfing paper;
Cobb , . Primers, Spellers and Readers;
Sander. , do do do
nrithmetles, by Adams, Davis,Colbam, Smish,Stook
utEmerson, and alb - era.
ta= y inea, dliteholl, °boy, Smith, filo ne,Good
rith, , surd other.
Grammars, by Smith, Kirkham, Bunions, Weld, and
other., Far sale at low prisms, by
Ell weed st, S doors above
• The highest marked price paid for good meted / rags, rags,
in cash. mita
-4. tar exposition of the great dluoveries end the.
nes of modem astronomy; by 0 hi Mitchell, • is, Di
tor of do Cincinnati Obaeriratory.
dandier. Italy. Alps and Bitine.—Letter from Italy.
!Alps and the Rhine; by J T Headley, author of Ma
lawi and his Marshall., Washington and his Getter
he. New rind revised edition.
Itansties af CoaL—The Geographical and Geologi-
J distinctions of Mineral Comhaiiibles or fossil fuel,
Actuating also, tactices and localities of the. vallons
Mineral bnominio. substances employed in arts and
manufactures, illustrated by Maps and liag•tams; ac
companied by nearly 400 statioleal cables, and Mean
alyses of mineral combustibles, /gni prepared by High
ard Crawling Taylor.
Just received a few copies of glebe( the above works
./YO Booksellers, core market I .11 so.
by and
valuable W Y. JAMIA Cincinnati, th e following
Donipluolls Expediuon—Cantatnlng &ketch of the
life of Col. A. W. Hawaiian; the Conquest of New
hlegic=. Kearners Overlain! Evp•s.litiall to Cali
fornia; hares Campaign against the rid
D o e and
his unparalleled March upon Chihuahua and Hwang,
d the oPciellinis of by puc e .t Manta Fe, wall •
.anE Hag:ravings, by John T Hughea, A n the
tat Homan of Minoan Cavalry
Himory of Keno:ay—lts Antkpluirs and Natural
Curiosities; Geographical 812ktis r UC al and Geological
descriptiona with aireadonts of Pioneers Life, and more
than one hundred Biographical riteetim of chstinghtsh
tayPionecra,Boldiets, Statesmen, J Imam Lawyers, A.
roma /cc.; illustrated with forty erugravtogr, by Lewis
CoMas,l voi. octave.
The Twelve Mccithe Volunteer or Joornal of • Pri
vate, in the Tennessee flegincea:t or I ayany, in the
Cernpurn of Mexico, donna Le 46-47, ataing an ac
count of the March of the Hegimient to V cra Cron, •
deseoption of the Oonetry passed on manners, cps.
icons, &a. of the people; Sketches of Camp k thn
counts of the fol.= drab. liftbiltteoef Rain
ferraninVoVinied, tw. illustrated by • Isii-ißcuarnixr of
comet vierint and p l ' an by Geo. C. Fortier, 1 volume
. _
New Popsy wad Book liistabllskivastet,
78 Waco Bv, *overawe Panora saoliltsi= 614XT.
WILE sabsorstrers Earn joss opened, at duo above
rand, • largo smolt of &forum alkaline. ruled and
plod:lathe endbloe Wrdingatut Loner Paper, comb
mama] .d packet peon Flat Cap, decoy and medstno
• ' papers, (or blank bool4 medium and royal en
lonnd Papers; medium, delay and cap Day
Books and Ledgers, superior paper .d best s...stern
binding; &hod Books of all kinds; standard storks ut
Theology and Screnees, Quills, gold mat steel Fen.,
Wafers, %V, Dill Flies, loc. tcre.
01. k Books of all sires rated to pattern, .d bound
in the moss aubtuardal mama,
..... •- .
Cromtry Mereltents supplied at lowest wholesale pri
ces for cam, or rags al cash pones.
JOB PRINTINCi.—Nainng a Job office in connection
with our mtabLishment, we are prepared to execute all
orders for plain end fancy Pnraing—books, pamphlet.,
dreams, brotiness cart* bill. ladmg, the. won des.
patch and at low ones E1LJ..1017 A ENULIBII,
my: 78 wood st. I:modem:I 4th and diamond alloy.
NEW W08349.—V - adliy Fur, a riii - reriiirto - st •
Here by William Makepeace Thackery— wit h
Mastro:kw by the anther.
The Tenant of %Pad/ell Hell: by Acorn Bell, whirr
of 'Wuthering Height ,
The Young Sehoolmirdcm: by Joseph Alden, D. D.
Pan 6, of Harpers' Illustrated eilmon of the Antoine
Nights' Entertainments. New demist/on, army! erl
for family reading, with explanatory notes: by F.I.V.
Lime, Esq.
Lootrds'Logaridurt.—Tables of Logarithms ammo,.
Da and sips and Tangents for *very tan seconds cif
tue Qicundtant, withother amid tables: by nias Lanai'
A. /IL, Plot hlathernatics and Natural Philosophy JO
the University of New York, author of a i•Treetuto on
A t i er=orri k' rks received tlos day farsal b
scab% Booksellers, cot. market told 3d am
Blew IPublicatlons.
HISTORY OP CONGREBS, litographical and Poll
yll deal, comprising memoir. Of the members of the
Coopers of the U.S.: By H 0 18/heeler. Rimmed
by lumen:um steel portraits, lea, the. Vol. I, octave.
The Writings of C. IL Clay; including speeches and
addresses, with steel portraits. Edited by H tyreely.
'n =rl Saw In Califorma: By Edwin Bryant_
Buries' Notes, Vol. 10, on James, Peter, Jan and'
Charms and Counter-Charms: By Mies !Wittman, an
ther of "To loom and to be," "Conquest," &e- &e.
Burdett. Mary Grover, a Demean° Temperance Tale: By C
Kulp strut Queeria, or Life in the Palace; consisuag
of historical sketch. of late and reigning sovereigns:
By J.B. C. Abbon.
A First Book in Spanish, or a practical lausalaction
to the study of tha Spanish Languis; Hy „1 Balkeld.
This Dying Robin and other West Rae. Dr. Alden
Just gecid - by R . °PUNS,
Apollo Bonding*, 4i.h st,
atigi lSticcessor to J. L. Bead.)
EW 1: Life of Oronrwell, by JT Headley
.1.1 Pomo:
Fl of the Pulpit, by Gardtner Bona do & D D.
Bethel , do
Jacobtis ag Gospe/a Matthew with Harmony;
Lectures On Shakopeant, 9 voiN v
Path ofLife, or Sketch. of the ay to Glory and
F nortaßryi
oounepg of Lresslith,•
'no Convent; by author of School Girl in France;
Now and Then, by Warren;
Sketches of Lemons, on Parables and Miracles,.
Ireland Welcome to the Stranger;
Heaven upon barth;
Hawkston, a tale °rand for England: 9 vols.
For sale by ELLIOTT fic ENGLISH,
lob) 78 wood and 60 Inartat so
NEW BOOKB—Just recessed f ro m the publish e r,
and for malls su :he methodist Book Store,. st,
near Wood . Topper's Proverbial Philosophy, lettuce
of binding;
Pulpit beantiol book for a present.
_Bk.:mhos of Sermons on the Parables and Miracles
of Chris, by the author o( the Pulpit Cyclopodia—Mq
sketches, .k.e. The pagllith Palpln collection of ter •
mono by the Most =nom liming Mainea of blend.
IlliztartaA Yam—Doing Good, Cheat s
'est thollose; Peered Modiunloom. mrdl
PATRIARCHAL ACE; or the Muter, and
• Religion of Mankind kern she Creeds:m.lo the
cab of Isaac; Deduced from the writ/ego of !doses,
sad other inspired anthem and illustrated by cophais
references to the n- clout record., traditions, sod my
thology of the Ilea Men World—by Deo &nab, F. & A.
Charms and Counter-Charms, by Miss hyrsto,i,„ A
Seib Mop)) , antis very poplar little week.
Orutori of the American Revolution, by E. L Ma
goon, with Pownim. 1 vol, 12 mo.
Parley's cabinet Library, for families or school., CO
volumes, 1S recharithetagrachtp. This is a newwork.
For sale by Ft HOPKINS,
mimeo Apolha Buildings, ish et
gjEtK'S I.loTANY—Boustiy, of the United ielate•
JO north of Illigirde, comprising descriptions of the
flowering and fern-like plants hitherto found In those
ftlathri arranged accenting to the natural system.
With • synopsis of the Genera *coo, ding to the Litt
man systems a Hutch of the rudiments of botany and
• glossary of terms: by Lewis C. Beek, Sf. Frof.
Chemistry and Natural History in Rutgers College,
New Jersey, Sc. the. Second edition, revised and en
binged. For sale by
roadlstr, or, Personal Memoirs of rho Patriots of
the Preach Hevolurion—from unpublished sources: by
Alphonse de Lamartime. Complaw in three volumes:
ityd:Ps translation. A fresh supph of :kW PP"r
work rec.:red . :his day mud for sale by
Booksellers, cos smarter and 3d sts
kodiITERINGS IN EUROPE; a? skeane* of travel
In Fianna, taltyntm, Austria, Saritzartiond,
ua ltrel o a b lin .rv aad Gya . at Britain; with an arenclitia
.1:lea !titivation= by TobT M
I,M A ckW AL/ " A'
low copies blesala by
T OUR STORE on Market street, No GS, between
and eth keep at ad times be found- • largo
amekorTheOlogulal sad Miseelleneous Booka, New
books received es soon as published, and' sold= low
est prlcea The publications Mem American Sunday
School Unice .slul Maisaehneetta Sabbath- Bawl So.
ciaty; 'always. on hand. Catalenes famished on sp.
.sikashm. ELLl=.dr EN
LM-VedrthNEALdt4 glinot:PrllfpciN'e
son end Edward Oren. • The. myle of firm will here
after be Logan, Wilson & Co. Thls arrangement re.
dere 1 de an mle to close the gild badness on won as
possible.. persons whose Nobilities have mowed,
are especially molestedto mike immediate payment.
Pittsbarsh, J. 1, 1848.
LOGAN, WILSON t oo.—lmponers and
'Wholesale Dealers in Foreign and Domestic Hard.
woni, Cutlery.- Saddlery, &c.„ 129, Wood arm.; Pin.
-borithlore now holly Prepared with a recently impor
ted-Meek ofklardware, cutlery, &e.,to offer very gram
imbacementa m woaLeill bnyers, being determined to
compete in prices wth any °Me &aortic aides. AI
AO on hand an exteiniveassonment of Pionlmr Rani-
Zlr r O?w o l i tfch s tgr e itLriritlVl, '°°- ' V ienn a %
prices. mat
ATHE subsor bets having recently entered into
pannerehip under Menem. of Gal &ghee,
A Miller, for the purpose of cerrying on the Bell
nod Itrass'FotteMeg end Gis Fining busmen in
all ill branebea, have taken she stand formerly occu
pied by H. Gallagher. No. le9 Front street, between
Wood and Smithfield sta., where they are prepared to
execute allensten tor Hells, Brass Castings, of every
description, and Gas Fauns with neatness and dew
patch. Steamboat jobbing promptly attended to.
e. H. Pantha.
N. 13.—The attention of /Slachiniata and Engineers Is
Invited to our anti-ettraetion metal, for a redneed pries,
which tins been prontruneed superior to Ilabtdt's by
nmaben who haveused both. Steamboat builders end ,
the public, generu ll y, are al.o requested to eel l add ex- ,
amine' our superior double bellon Force Symms for
steamboat and domestic toe.
THE partnership so long existing under the firm of
hrCord & King, was by mutual consent dissolved
on the Ist but Tim business will be closed u the old
stand hp . either of tuy using the name of the !that for
that purpose. Being desirous to hare out Imams'
ckned with no liul• delay as possible. we would re
spectliilly request Mow indebted to cull and tete.
their account. JOHN D. M'CORD.
Mad H. D. KING.
TOHN D. &MORD having assoctated with him his
brother James M'Cord, ander the style of &Mord
& Co, will contiane the Hat, Cop and Fur Omni., la
all Its cartons branches, wholesale and retail, at the
old . stand, corner of Wool and 4th Strooll, where they
scholia conummunn of the patronage so liberally ba
stowed on the old Ann. JOHN D 211'02111D.
N retiring from the old and well known firm of
ErCord & Xing, I most respect/Hy recommend to
the patronage of the paling, my nu:remora Messrs.
ilcord & Co. H. D. KING.
CEo-Parana gabtp Notice.
W. STEPHENS ofWhaelin.g, E. P. Sheenberger
e Of Juniata, and J. A. Stockton of Pittsburgh, have
thin day entered intoe ft.-partnership loader style and
Ilren of Steelier* Shoonberger & Co, u the Anchor
von work., Wheeling, Va., for the porpou of mann
&coating him and nails of um desesiption.
I. W. 11. ts.., F. SWWWWCWII3., 3. A. rraernins
Whcelins, V
Manufacture all kind of boiler, sheet, bar Son and
nail., A. B: steel ell ptlo springs and cob. Being eon.
meted wish Shocoer's old Jimmie works, we can
offer an artiele of Juniata lion (branded %mid:wiser)
equal to any made to the country. 611 of which will
be sold at the Pittsburgh prisms Wa . of the
work. corner of Monroe and Water eta own
D1110101.V'TIOIXTbi; parmershicritteiiiie
Ing under the style and hem of Wight.. lc Dal.
cell, is thin day dissolved by mutual consent, John Del.
cell having disposed of his enure unerest to R. Wright
man. The bosiness of the late firm sinll be settled by
Wighonan. who is aothonsed to Ilse the name of the
late arm kW tbasporpose. Il
apt9M3w Duty 1 , 171 J DA.LZELL.
THE Babserzber Le now prepared to manufaentre all
kinds of Conn and Woolen Ateetunery. at the abottew
nonce. Orders left at B. Wightntan'a &glue Shop,eor
net Liberty and Water sti.ll, Win 61.1 with lamp
mention. ti. WIG
Leaeol la, between Federal and Saoduaky ate,
antaDdly Allegheny ray.
- - - -
6 .PARTNICRiII,IIP—Wm. Young havi•T this
day aesontamd wuit him, John R.
ond APCtuae, the lea.
thee tltlltil4.o wilt hereafter beconducted under the
firm orli'm Young it Co. WILLIAM vorma,
J.-% /NO R wrttNß
an TO [neat
Bloth•r, Wife •nd Danght•r
LATHE UN I TEDSTATE-S—Ttosubseriber teepee.
I fully calla your attecoloo to Dr asalorrea Gasa
aim; expressly intended for the pre.rradon of the
bean), of both scree—whether it ans. Rom Irmiptem
Phallus, or many CronSTUSTIIO3I, Detithy of the
Bronchial Affeetiona Pleurirr, Deranged
Disordered state of am Liner, Spleen or Kidneys, D.
eased Spine, Clualle„ tryspepsao Patna.. of the
Heart, Loss andouille.. or Nen... Potior, E.. foe.
CL B. awßarrre GUARDLAN comes to the
unittediate relief of Female suffering from Irregulari
ties, aid all other Ugning diEculti. and diseases inel
without the nu ofneffieine: u the most delicate and
matinee lady .n at say moment apply, a m herself
withoot the poszibillty of tnearriag any nsk or danger,
or any unpleasant hanks artiung from it, and with she
corlajoty of otitanungaironedtate red.
Dr Barretes Guardian It no mach-penny, or one of
We many humbegs of the day lint it wan nutria:real
made upon strictly scientific pnamples, in accordance
with the lays of Eleetneity .d Galvanism: and for
.autews dntuit!) . and effuse', hanky surpasses
everything ...he hold ever before offered to the public
for the relief of disease and. la the language of om of
the OM. enlightened men or the day, ni prormune w l is
be -the greatest discovery of the age
by Dr.
jr: I ; J o: of u no to irs thir g fr e t zer titne
tao w
nate of perfection uring veld. time It Las teen la
the hands of same of the moo, eminent phyans or
Me North and South, . well as to the dwelling. of nu
n, families mho have used it tor ell of tbo e.pove
pantos., with the moat perfect soceuts,•ad woo have
cheerfully given their unquaified approbation of its
efficacy and value, as ran be wen by
re referring to the
Manual Of InStinetions a.ompanytur u.
Dr. C. B. /11ITTIVT Guar.. it secured from unova.
dons by • patent from the Proud State, Potent Men,
and be had either moth or rm.. fit. MeilicoElecue
The hledico-EleetroGal•anorneter, In point of bean
y, workmanehip, durability and power, cannot be sur
passed or even equalled, and the subscriber feels that
he !swards nothing mate laiNertlOA that it will be found
W anre "o mgcurordi=s, ' ' 441 1' 471.M and treatment
Sthan any other instrument, either in the United
tates or Ectroin. The Medieo-Eleetro Galvanometer
is warranted 10 every respect, and with common ordl
way cam will last a life-te, and is by far the cheap
em,, bewares the best, Instrument ever offered to ttheplic. A mantel accompamea them, giving Meanest
ample Icutructlons, of practical expenenee, so that It
a readil y intelligible to the mind of every one, while
the •w • • try of arrangement is such that a child may
. ---Assatio with IL
Any Infonuation gratuitously given, .d all comma.
nicaUons cheerfully answered per mall, either in rela
tion to the Electrct-Cialranntneter or Onamlt..
Medical men are invited to call and examine Dr Bar
rett's Guardian, and test its efficticy.
• For sale by IL RICHARDSON, sole Agent, 71 Mar.
net at, Pinsburgh. avl9:dtf
Y V though Dr. Taylor% Haltomof Liverwort has
found hundreds of advocate( and has produced a Large
number of testimonials in its favor, I cannot withhold
cal small mend of praise. Being predisposed to con.
gumption, both from pec ev uliar formation, and heredit heredi tar y transmits:km, I triedevery means to cheek this dis
ease, and strengthen a naturally weak constantion, I
spent two years at Pisa, one at Rome, two in Florence.
and another in the Booth of France, seeking, mean
time, the advice of the best physician.. Two peen
elect I rammed in this country, tn about the same
nation as when I Intl it. had wen in the reading
MM. it, Europe much said in favor of Dr. Taylor's
Balsam of Liverwort, and es soon am I arrived in this
eity, I used it, and in th roe months I eras no well con.
eluded I could safely pam the winter hero, and did so.
I have need oecaaionally a bottle now and then during
this time, but am now In as good health as Is possible,
My cough bag wholly ceased, and my longs have ever;
ry feeling of health. De. G. Smith, and Dr. Post, of this
m elly i, u. s 4re rig physicians, and now saythey) ES believed
commonCourlandt et, N.l'.
Liverwort, even In the way of pre panties
is universally known tut. heat article for disease. o
the Lungs ever discovered; end it is obvious that a
highly concentrated preparation, securing die whole
virtu of this inestimable herb, most be invaluable.
Moreover, this medicine contains the medical proper
ties emits" roots and he he. Such has been the sac •
cess of this Balsam, that it is warranted. being inca
pable of ;traducing, in any instance, injurious effects.
Within the last few years the calls for this sovereign
remedy , have been immense, beyond precedent; and as
reputation combed from Maine to Mobile, thus pro
ving Me confidence bestowed upon a simple medical
re ration, purely vegetable, and the ..nal Raton.
erect attending its use. Physicians too, trout a
eons ellen of Its mildness, safety and success, employ
It in their piattlee, eeeommead at to their patients, and
deem this medicine safe and invaluable; particularly
as It does not luterfem with any other medicine patients
may be taking at the same time, nor rennet them to
any peculiarity of diet, confinement, An., thus enabling
ponces to receive the full benefit of this medicate, and
follow at the same time, If they wish, the advise of
their physician.
Bold In Pittsburgh by J D Morgan, 03 Wood et; I
Townsend, 43 Market ; H Pmyser, cot Market and
3d sit • Henderson k. Co, 6 Liberty aL Price reduced
to 111.0 per bottle. cede
'Dr. hoee's Celebrated hemedlea.
RR. JACOB 8 RUSE, the discoverer and role pro.
prhethr of these moat popular .4 beneficial med.
es, end also the inventor of the celebrated instru
ment, for inflating the Lungs, Inerecting a cure of
Chronie disease( was a student of that eminent phyei
clan, Doctor Phyme, and H a groduateof the Universi
ty of Pennsylvania, and for thirty yenta since has been
engaged In the invesugation of disease, and the &poll
canoe of remedies thereto.
Through Um use of his Inflating tube, in connection
with Mg Prophylactic Syrup and other of Ma remedies,
he has - gained an unpiralelled eminence in canna
those dreadful and fatal maladlee, 'Tubercular COn
iniMptien, Cancan, Scrofula, Rhenniatlem, Asthma,
Paver and Arse, Peron of all kinds, Chrome &yelp*.
las, and all those obstinate diastases pecuhar to females.
lodeed Every form of disease vanishes under the use
of his remedies, to withal humanity is heir—not by the
use ar
foie compound only, for that is mcompatitde
with P,hysiorogleal. Lott', but hy the use of his rem.
dissr adapted to and prescribed for each peculiar form
Dr. Knee , . Tollit Alterative Pills, wheat used are in.
v 001 ), imkrunirledgad to he superior to all other, us
• Putatiyet kte liver pill, ittasatuch es they leave the
boom perfectly free from COSll•OLletili 1110 his '
GaidCA Is admitted_ by the faculty to Pesmal me* .
liar prOportial edained:tO .lermalo diseases, but being
setts' Bed that a bare triad is sufficient to establish *hat
hai been said in the minds of the 1111311/ skeptical.
The ainleuid ate invited to mill upon the mem; and
procure (antis) ma of the Doctor's pamphlet.,. BM./
a detailed account erotical remedy and its application.
For sale by the fel'ourlng agents, as well as by Meet
Druggists throughout the costatry;
J Below:maker & Co, dl Wood street, ffirlslarreli
J 111Toorusetid, druggist, 43111arket at
.14t• A
6= %QC Beckham, near the P. O. Allegheny. city)
A3EJoaßarkkey Darlington, Belie, entraty, lea. •, -
111011, "
IWaminee!", ~
4 rifq„
10 TEL
tome axnettrumro4s
RTHIS establishment long and nx wirrie Plutown as
being one of the moot notnitiodione oily of
BabuttorA Ims, !vocally ; undergone tutl'f'x'aff
sive -alterations anti . implovensenta. An entue new
son luu been added, tantalite:lf numerous mul dry
Bl egz . armennymnd extensive bashing room.- .
' department luuralso been ctrinpletely
reorganised and tau:dap In it mom endive. andleaull
hal style,. In fact the whole arrangententpf the Bane.
has been remodeled, with a 'tingle eye . ron• the part of
theproprietor.. turani. the comfort had pleasure, f
their Guests, and which they confidently omen will
eltallettge cOothathon with any Hotel brthe
Thenr table lull always be supplied Withauel7 sub'
stanial and lonely which the marketeifords, served
op in a ripener virle; white the way of Moe., kn.,
they willeout be eurpamml.
In cmichuion the proprietor. begio my, that nothing
will be len undone on their put. mien the put of Meth
aselstanta, to render this Hotel worthy the confirmed
patronage of
for their friends and the poblee generall
The pd
num es
board have also bean reduced to the
tng ;
Ladies' Ordinary, 10,75 per day.
Gentlemen's " 1,50
N. 11.—ne Baggage Wagon of the House will al
way. be found at the Car and Steamboat' Landing.,
which will convey baggage to and from the Hotel, free
of ch
COIXIII m lrra AND h. CLAIX trc, rrersauso Ps.
subscriberThsubscriber having assumed Me minage•
ment of this long established and popular Hotel,
respectfully announce. to Trevellers and
trey the
Public geeerally, Mu he will be at all Mors
to accommodate them In all things desirable In a well
regulated Hotel. The Homo Is now being thonal
remaired throughout, end new Fortnum addW, P
poUs will be spared to make the Exchange one of the
very best Hotels In the country.
The undersigned resPectfully solicits a continuance'
of the verfliberalpurneur the Homo hu heretofore retteived. HOMAS OWSTON,
(abash( .Pro
commit OF .01,11711 AZED aluirlnum. mrmatramt.
aTHE subscriber respectfully aonoonces Met
lto hu now opened his new and exeellern Hotel
or the eccommodation of traveler. boarders,
mid the public generally. The house and furniture
are untidy new, and no pains*, expense have been
Spared to •render it one of the most comfortable and
pleasant Hotels in the city.
The mbscriber Is determined to deserve, sad there.
fore solicits, a sham of public patronaga
ociladly JACOB HOUGH, Proprietor,.
THILOCIaIigettTONTiI (SALT 110001 Y.,
ARIS TllRC " oall ' Of u lM r ibegs to acquaint his
Mends that he Is again lessee of the GALT
NOUS., Louisville Ey, where he hopes to meet
all his old Mends, surtritig them and the public-, that
no effort shall be spared to make all comfortable who
favor him wroth their augur. lantldly
CMS= IT, SIM.= ronllll 1430 Tina OM
OPPMITE late Rata of the United States, Phila.
mead Proprietor.
Chocolate, Cocoa, Re.
W. Baker.. American end French Chocolate, Prepar
Cocoa, Cocoa Pane, Broom, Comm Shells, Ac.
To metalling and consumers, who would purchase
the bat products of Cocoa, free from adulteration,
more nutritious than after coffee, and in quality mime
passed, the subsenber recommends the above articles,
manufactured by himself and stamped with his name.
His Broom and Cocoa Pane, as delicate, palatable
and statuary drinks for invalids, eonealitecenta cod
ethers, are pronounced by the most eminent physicians
superior to any other preparattons. Rte manufutures
are always on We, In any quantity by the most re
epectable grocer. In the eastern cities, and by their
agents, FlaurecOnty A no, of Boston; James lit nonce
A en, Hanford, Conn; Hussey & loamy, New York;
Grant& Stone, Philadelphia: Thomas V Elrunthge,
tmmre; and Kellogg A Bennett, Cincianan, Ohio.
WALTER BAKER, Dorchester Maya
For sale by ang2ln. BAGALEV A. SMITH, Arts
BROOKS k 00, would respeedally
fa the public that they have areched a shop on
Lacock, between Federal and Randuaky strews. They
every making and are jtrcpared to receive orders for
escripuon of vehicles, Coaches, Chariot's, Eta
roa, Buggies, Ilona:ow, Ac, Au, which from their
expert and the i v i tee i i t h w eT the b. man .e nfacto hey n.ret=ehes-o, era
enabled en do work on the mat reuanahlo terms with
thaws twenties articles in their line.
Paying particular attention to the selection of mate.
vials, and hash,/ none but competent workmen, they
have on helltauon in warranting their work. We
therefore auk the attention of the public to litts matter.
N. IL Repairing done In the best manner, and on the
mom reasonable terms. 103-ti
rtM7 - a i r
HE T attbacobera beg leave to inform the public that
they have obtained fermi the Ram all the late land
fashionable des go. for loan Ratting, both tot - bonaes
and cemeteries Pennon enalitag to procure hand
some patients will please call and examine, and ledge
(or themselves. Railing will be furnished at the short
est none, and to the beat manner, at the come, of
Craig and Rebecca streets, Allegheny city.
-11211- 716 - 11 - keru r- Potte Soda - A
ob. -
puE subscribers intone their mummers nod dealers
I generally. that their first ahmment (or t h e fail hat
amass taritsUove article, has arrived at Philadelphia
pee ship JAptata., Street from Me manufacturers to
Ms: per dope Aladallion and 146 a, are warty dea—
thly am [herniate pvepstred to raceme order.
bonder large o uanuttes they have coming to the
mutant es Ito be torwarded here by renal) they wait
reeeiva runt the wintor and spring, regular own.'
ma Neer Elrieuts W & ht MITCLIELTILES.
Leaciting, Cuppling a d Elluesthair s
FIL MURILIS. Macy:wear to hi. R. Delany }—
s No Meet, between Wood and Smith.
Fresh lerecitea received inoollity—artendanee all
home. Reference, the phyalciarts of Phtlburgh, Alle
gheny and lhemtogham.
I most ebearfully recommend to the phyalciana, (am.
Wes and all my (01121. &tends and patrons. Me. 11.. R.
Sorra ea being thoroughly acquainted with the bant
ams and worthy of pain:inert.
glanufackurea Tobaceo. ------ -
RES Gentry fr, Soysters superior sweet 5 Ina
25 do 5.1 • Miler's " Lb
19 hf do Price it, Ilanwood's " 5 "
21 do do do
55 do do Pearl a Harwood " 5a lb "
11 do .1 Robinson "
57 lir do do " 5
13 do do Wm Dasrecin " 5 "
33 do T Wight's " g "
37 do 0 Anderson
11 do L T Dade's " 8 "
5 do R Macon's " " g "
9 do Retellif " lb
Just landing fren steamer and parkets, and for sale
41 north water at and 16 north wharros,
le% Philadelphia
t i- g.ic. , : 7o ßetell.fiairrlVELAGGO. - - - 112 - hi - RS
Son's superior sweet lb Maps.
75 half bra Webster Old superior sweet& hoops
35 Lawrcace Looter •he ••"
(sentry A Rower " 3.k 55
" 5014 Lamont W
Ida la Lore) " 58 0
ID "
" Lawrence Louie r 1 all plug
Jun landing from steamer, and for tale by
41 N water st and IS N 'wharves,
my3l Philadelphia:
-- W761, J. CitAt-hiNakst— d--airisdera.
IfillgrE am will angsmd in the abovelnioness, wrier
TV of Wood and llird streets, Pittsburgh, wham
we are prepared to do any work In our line with der
patch. We attend to our work nominally. and astir
faction will be given to regard to as neatnem and du
Wank Books wiled to any pattern and bound sub
stantially. Books to numbers *told book. bound care
fully or repaired. Names put on books In gilt letter.
Those that hare work in our line are invited to call.
Prices low. ertylAmf
have entered into partnership, under the firm of
n: It ATKIN/30N, and will carry on the Tin,
Copper, stad Sheet Iran Wine . manuractory.
Also, Illackamithing in all in branches, at the old
stand of Win B. Senile, Pim ore's, near %Vcod.
Particular attention givehwoateamboat work.
40f •1. I• 1 Lonaara
„ Bilit - Rio Coffee ;00 bags LVeltio73ol
Itl-1 do Si. Domingo doi 4:21 bn 840'1 125 do
1042 do; 25 do 7-0 do US do 10-14 do; 35 hholsN.O.
Sugar • bbl. No. 3mackarel ; 100 bay rosin amp No.
11 1 0 1 l ' do dipped candles ; 14S do Cincinnati mould do,
received on consignment and for tale by
sept 4 8 tc W HARBHUGII
BT - E.WIRIEX - rargo apiec:lid assortment
of Cloths, Cassimeree r Ventage, Cravats, tce,, and
or ax le by L WILLIAMS, fitment Tailor,
myB under Monongahela House, maithfieldat
DOW: PINE DiullTder tioitam
2ENThree fine Draught Horses fet sale, soli.
ble for droving, he, Enquire of
canal bean libertyst
CIA,Ler Conch C
zen. palhflZkins,
Skins, Im o la ra c ant;fa tory w of 0,,,wr
which the attention of fac tory
makers is invited! mat
comved and for sale by W YOUNG h Co,
iett7 443 liberty at
AA T W. ht. ItI'OCINTOCIP9 Fatuth . dreet,
can be oleo • splendid variety of , sap Royai,Vel.
vet and Tapestry, Cerpets_, latest styles. Also, Brus
sels, 3 ply• and sup and fine Ingrain Cmpets, - Of sup
etyles sad qualities; and in comedian can alone be
found Tabla Linens, Crashes, Divers. Damasks, hie
teens, 011 Cloths, Ac. ate., to all of which we call the
&mama of the poblui. aural
AWN° sold Our eujre stock to C MOW.; with
view to elolng OUT Oht belelee. We hereby .0.
tit for him the powonairo of all our floods arid elas
Pittsburgh, dug. 4th, 1848.
CH. GRANT, Wholesale Grocer, Commission and
Forwardmg Mennen', He. 4i Water et. enIV
— JOU • 111611.1171 P CO:r"
NOS. 93 and 94 Front street, Founders and =m
ofteturors of all kinds of Fitnrip tar Gas, Steam
end Water, bars always all band Wrought Iron %Voi
ded Pipe for steam, gas, and water, from 21n to j on.
m diameter. Brass Castings made to order. Also, a
large assortment or Bell. and finished Brass Work le
which ins attendee et Plumbers and Begun, 13uilders
in particularly directed.
Ga. Faunas pat up promptly and on reasonable
ten.. .tpl3o4flm
"ITISITEFIS TC, THLS ems be (unasked
V with a Lunch at all bournof the dally also, Ice.
Creams, Fruit Colifeenoussy,&e. The steamer Green
wood mak e . her regular nip. iss wont, leaving her Pin
street lanais at Eli A. M., end so hall past rash hour
(except anal Lei P. M.—letthisag the Garden at 10
F. m. (or her !esteem to the oily.
eneenlOt view of the Garden is Indescribable in
its bawdy: gra
in recap el severa ut l bales East rate 11149 Westersi
Wave York cud Blawotuowtto Plil/10 AMPS, 111:nd are
always Teething regular supplies. %sere, prepared
to sell at lowest raw. (Mee, Pln rtnsei..Allesbeny
riser. acts IV AMU= Co.
kit°LEMAN, ItAILIWI k. Co4have removed to the
Wirntrity 3 doom west of the. Idortomakela
; YO lENT e L t Tre t Wate No. 113 Niootist.
- MILO 'WE:.
atcovr i aiitit.
2,wash ..ide,,Truit..&n:ms4.l74o4,.t2rckph.iiierbett...Coikpurttr.n.
lint eld Pittsburgh. J 8 liknekler grime ased
and the surviving twiner Hr. Jos Wpm:icon, hintlilig
associated himself with. Jdr. CB a
aro business
• will hereafter be conducted ander the 112710 of Lippen•
enn& Barr.
Trial of a Safe in Cinclemall, o.—We, the undendlPs•
ed mere present at the 4estlng of 'one of-J 8 Strickler
• Cols improved Phenols ilre•proof mem. . The safe
placed in a (arnica imam public landing, and sukitinnnn
to the intenseheat of *stone coal ,ire for mote than
three hours. In one hour and a half the wife came to
.114 red beat; the Moor of the femme was than
el which cringed an increased and steady Mat tor
the ante of the time, until the can Won wheels ware
partially malted offf therfurnsco W. then thrown down
mei fie, aafe coaled and opened. The money,
and books which'it. conlideuxl were as perfect as=
Flaced there, thd bindltig drily of the books being in
ed by the .water to codling the safe. We base to
nation 1u recommending It to the public, as a ea&
=Porker to any rro.hate nrcuseen tested,. and belieke
that ft will stand my hat Which might' be *duce&
reePt a heat which would melt ft to a solid mass.
Springer & Whimmtu, WO
Keenan, Ben). Weer SVOGI P Fketo, th runs
8 Dun I , v. Co, rkedecian, I,lsynoi & Co, Win Mime,,
We, the undersigned, selected the safespoken of
from a lot in the store of Timber &
14rent. 99 INQ,
8_; vztoo ---
Fie. to Cook & Brnieln,
Roomy Hanna & Co, do _
isiLdegarlorr. :one n. amt. L. a. reinica
li/rANUFAC TIMERS et Hanimered end Cast,filleel
al. Shovels and gpadel, Axe* nod klatclieds,
On., Circular and Gin a. aws, Hay and Manure Parka,
floes, Matlock% Pick% haling completed . 11 their
arrangements in the eopstrgetio. of mew nnwhhwirt
and In sacoring the bed enerkown from the moss tele—
tinted establishmente of thereat are now =teatime/c
-log and will keepeonstandy on hand and for sale all
the ' L bw'' , wneke, having availed theraselvea or Au
latest improvements, and are determined thatin work
numbly and materiel they will not be excelled; They
promise to produce ardente equal, if not .superions
any that can be !eider the East. They ladle the atten
don of dealers toan examination of their stock, Before
purchindug elsewhere, as they are convinced that theywill hf able to fill all orders in their line tethe entire I
and/faction of yureltuers. Warehouse, Wader shot,
4 doom Weat blanontralurla Roam, Pittsburgh, Fa.
N. El—Persona having baldness with Wm. Lippen
eon & Bon .11 please call on Lippeneon & Co.
Pittsburg h
FurnitureWm Boom,
IA TELL, .Tear.
.A . luzeattd r rendid assortment a=
. wellins, comatly on dud and
Me to order.
'Pile present stock on hand cannot be exceeded by
any manufactory In the western country. Prima
snaking to purchese would do well to gins ow a call,
as lam determined cry prices shall *sae. Part ad
the stock. consists to
-60 eau with Flush and Hair-cloth coven*
1 dos Mahogany Nurse Chairs;
11 pair Divarm
ll do: fine mahogany Chairu
12 mahogany Work taltandl hium
3 dos mahogany Booking
18 marble top Dressing Bantam*
BP6' ti C l au l
S near op 1 ork Stands;
IS <leery_ Work Stands;
I lthelWl7lMtiliat QUIT, and Boole, Bedstead* ot
illi de.enpuolo, and fl large moment of 00/922011
Amin= andel:min, too numerous to mention.
are not aware bow :eighth:l4 inhtrion. to /a te
r r ir tl iW icatln—now ocane tl how tough, bow yet
low ad unhealthy the ak appear& alter man; Maar
pared chalk' Resides is ninnow, contadolng a large
wianilty of lead.
We bac prepared a .beautiful etable train,
which we call JONES` §P A NIS/I LILY WHITE Ii
ta pathetic innoumt, beteg ponfied of all deletarlow
quantimr, and it Imparts to the akin • natural, healthy.
Cabaster, clew. Ilehrt at the same Wu actin
a emanate on the making it aft and smooth.
Dr. Jame. Anderson. deal Chemin of
cheat.. soya: unite: aalyring Jones' Lily
White, I find it pewiewas the most be and natu
ral, and at the name time Innocent white Lever saw.
eartandy ea coeurcientionaly recommend It. we to all
whoa able requires beatify tng." Price, 23 cents •
box. Sold by WM JACKSO N Liberty eh warn
Pitt Mae • • e Warta an • - m •
JTORN WRIGHT Co., are prepared to Mead Cotton
and Woblen Machinery of ever. desenpoon, such
as Carding Machines, Spioning Framer, Briers
D.wng Railway liew=:rpers, peelers,
Oremeng Prunes , Leonia Ca. , Wrought
Iron 8 earned; all sixes of Cast Iron, Punt. and
HangeThe latest patterns. slide mid haod Lathe.,
and tools of all kinds . Castings of every desernetkin
farmstead on short adder.. Patterns made to melee for
Mill Gearing, Iron Railing, he. Steam Pipe for heat.
ing Factories, Cast Iron Window
Sash and Laney Cast
unga genertdly. Orders 'IA at the Warehouse of J.
Palmer & Co, Liberty street,street,will have prompt atten.
Refer to Blackstock, Bell & Co., J. K. Moorehead &
Co, 0. E Warner, John Irwin & Som., Pomburgb G.
C. *A. Warne:. Steubenville. ye n ta
— Now linii4rWrai - eTiljziaTe: -
• „ Wood end Rd ate, Pumburgh.
In; withdrawn from the Rea at
take please. to announcing to my friends in the city
and country, that I base opened my new sutra at the
above named place. Haring purchased my goods for
...h. and made arrangements with manufachwars in
des country and in Europe to be constantly shoplift;
lam fully prepared to furnish Hardware of ell kind;
on as good terms and as low no any Douse Ell/1 oe
West orchards and other. are respectfully' iterated
to cell Sheamine my stock, before mothesingelses
where. following comprises • part of his stock
Steamboat and saddlery hardware, gm niairmagei
Elea, Naylor's meet, cutlery, edge 1001.14 anvils, sm.,
leeks, latches, se ylle=telt cocoon, Union ,
tory pleura, saws,
• many boarda and veneers and
oil ode. aerie/. cot
• erected with the hardware hue/.
City. Dagmerrlan Oa fiery.
11132 r Ireltelle, Pare erns d:CTLAINa.
HOGE begs leave to inform the Muse. of Pina
a. burgh and vicinity,,
that he h. taken the Davaer
'ism Rooms lately commied by Mr. Porter. The pub
lic an assured that all the lam improseenente 11-rea
red, and will be brought into operation by Mr. Hoge,
who hat be.. a columns operator since the an was
Ern chscovened &air, Sallaiaraaa is gnarameed to
all who may become hes patrons. Mr. H. will refer
with pleasure to Mr. Porter, in whose establlshm.t he
ha. operated for the !eel twelve months. Family Por
traits, Engraving., Degnerteotypee, hat. , accurately
copied. Likenesses taken in any oresuher, and set in
lockets, breast Rum, Mien and frames.
Instruc.os riven is orcry branch of the art. and .4. - -
panuus furnished.
• sum Machina Shop.
yg WlGHTMAN—Manntactarer °foal kinds of cot-
JUL. ton and woollen machinery, Allegheny city, Pa
The above works being now In full and succpsfol op
%Tian, I am prepared es caseate orders with dispatch
f all lunds of machinery In my line, such as willows,
pickers, spreaders, cards, grinding machines, milways,
c d a " rou r broisi " le,ng d o r' r 'mthre't=orl°'"c was te,
mulenjack &&; shoe and hand lathes and tools in pm.
eraL all kinds of shafting made to order, orga
en for gearing factories or mills al reasonable charge.
Rana t—Kennedy, Childs & Co., Blackstock,
& Co., ring, Pennock it Co., Jas. A. Gray.
• tk •
a, A FULTON, Bell and Brims Founder, has re
built and eornmenceti bus/noes at his old stand,
where he will be pleased to see his old custom
ers and friends.
Church,Bteamboat, and Bells of every wire, from 10
to 10,0IXI pounds, cast from pattern. of the mproed models, and warranted to be of the bestm ater s.ia/
Memel Waxer Pumps, Counter., Railing, kn., toge
ther with every rvar.ety of Brass Castings, if required,
turned and finished in the neatest manner.
A. F. is the sole proprietor of Busres Arrn-Arrai
non Miter., so Justly celebrated for the reduction of
Motion iii machinery. The Boxes and Composition
can he had of him at all Unto.
• Ploughtii - Vidirk as t • gs, t• &gala
BOZO/. 11.0.
ROBF.RT HALL, of the old
firm of R. &
on B. HRH' manufan
trinith.l. m ir y anti II e4 iir o . f
boxes, &e., with the improve:nem of tho jelAVer.
peacock, Illinois, amlother Plough, ache Wait mad
but patterns now IA WM. ,
Toe Liberty Weer, Plttibrath, opposite
the Hay &Mei Factory, in Allegheny city, [ICU the
Coupe Factory of Messrs. Hleckatoek, Bel, lc Co.
enership heretotore or:Lanus between
John wren and Samuel Mittman, under the
name ofJ hn F atten A le thistday deselect! by mu
tual The basinem of tho late firm will be set
tled lry.John Parrett et the warehouse ofthe Boatmen's
The business of the Boatmen's Line will hereafter be
conducted by Fereen & Lowry, at the am= ;dose...—
Thankful for pan favors, we solicit a continuance of
the same. JOHN FARREN
steamer hilchlgan, 6 btle Mineral Point. The ar.
tide is worthy of the consideretton of all painters for
It is of a stone color, and can be added with any other
color withoto changing the shade matenelly. It is a
great saving and w• en appl ed to wood it will turn the
paint to a perfect stoo orface in the coarse of tome
or 6 weeks Also, it is a complete fire proof—the ar
ticle has been fully tested for ate year. by the proprie
tors before they 4w.kl offer it ibr.aate. Any person will Oct be deceived in the article. A lap
quuttiti will be kept on hand at all time., at the Inca
Robber and Oil cloth Depot. IA H PHILLIPS,
0004 . Agu for the company, Nob wood et
and Mr sale, wholesale or mull:
x:lndies Poem Hazel cm Oil Salmi
Pt:Ill:come; A lea:lade Oil, II , I 114.1;
Comp l / 4 1 Ux Marrow; W 1 .6 BtIIIII Hranaptrenty
Almond Oneslng Cream; Hears 014
Bean Oro:ate;
Taylor's Perfume; Palm Omnibus Soap;
Cologne, 3 sizes,
Jenny Lind Pomade,. Amaudlne.
octal • ICE SELLERS, No 57 %roast.
H. T. stooerta M.
PTHAIN IC SURGEON, Will alma to the treat
memo( Diseases of th e eLye.
DT. R. has been engaged In this branch of the medi
cal profeaslou for astern year., sad lies conducted an
estabbshment for the treatment of diseases of the aye
alone for maim! year..
Omen and madame, _comer of Sanduak7 a and
Strawberry alley, Allegheny cap. aell3
HoLane In Tonseaseo.
I'HHI II certifY that purchased one vial of Dr.
DeLine4 Worm Stiseite, stoma two mundle ago.
and ;era to a win of numb aorta ocean yeam old, two
leasiamona nill, and although the amount may appfts
lava, an I have no doubt but Mare sty upwar of
Sten utomaann Fouts passed from hhisimeunting
Irian cast quasar of en loth to two mania
Q, W HOy A.T.
Ronal Creak, Canal co. Tenn., Die 47, '
ud-=1:= " 4:r4,7 maleuul / 2 ,by "7 recd
• 4312.113Ri
N. a—AA R. 8.13.4* Dr. Townasad , s way min t
futsbaritb v smout t urom t o tt x Owl!. Oe 44.04,
No 67 Woad strut •-° I • • •.• •
Li 46 Market Erect, would Invit4, 011101
buyers uytheirsteekvit Faunas =albs Ltd
alsts"numes, fancy cautme
.13(14.1 ,
Mbe received andnow, veva; a/AL}IXAN.
S A. DArs, No 73 Market street, uhrtherest
comer of the Diamond, everylarge amt. epleadid sunk
of &liana winter lllTOrrods, to which they would
speetdilly invite the attentimi of fhb pablin. Ti he Well
known to almost every one that the Present sermonic
one diatingnishod for in low prices of Dry Goods, and
affords no great pleasure in being able in statathas
oaring-Mow at facilitiee that 0 1:
the firm residing Fe in Philadelp for likti we have b een <Ma.
bled to parclume our present smelt hr a considerable
'reduction from the usual market rams, cheap as they
lice, and we are therefore enabled to sell at eorrespon.
din* lower than the tonal prices. We unread theta.
foie invite Id rash buyers by wholesale or retail, to
'Ore us a call, and lay oat their money to the best ad-
The Ladies ahould call sad exasorno oar stook of
Drina, Masbate de Lair.* Cashmeres, Alpacas,
a=Mika Dmannea, Plaids, and remons other
fesitionablis Dnu Goods, of which we have •
very fine assortment inch** army desoription of
ll=Mae market
AND CLASiDlifilltES.--To the gentles=
ere would recommend bur stock chive, French Chubs
and ••glish, Pfernah led American Oassimems.
OURNTOCKOI? SHAWLS Is very laws, maitre
eiraabitost every variety of style and quahry.
which wither. an excellent se.
soint&i i id p HAualitices •
white and yellow Flannels ofall
sulf as! arid_ rices.
T/CSINGS AND CHED63,-A =Mini assortment
of Ticking. of all grades, and Ellurti4Checks in great
. 1. 9111 D AND BROWN
every eescriptloa f 11 . 1=3- ,
goods, lo-
olthlhectings of all widths.
A fine arab of Satin Vestinim, Bark and Cii•
Om Wren, both plain and figured, Ifentacky ferias,
platd Limey"
_plaid and Omer figured Main! sod
took Linings, blearthed and anbleachel Table Thaper,
both linen mild coma, blenebsdand embleselted Table
elosint,bleashed and unbleached Cowan
toi'd do do, *rine% and Bonnet Ribbons, blk• and c6l'd
Plk cravats, Ladies Sues and manta Glares and
bloomy of all kinds, Suspender., Irish Limas, Linen
Learn, Linen
Oil Hdlrfs, do, Mk Lao* Veils, Lova ilo
end Mikis, chintzes, Ramis Ind Scotch Dmillf,
truhr Lihvrlr Pls. *Wired and barred 4aconets, Cam
tin lad Bon. Muslins, Victoria Lawns, Green Bare
114"eirants viaiting the city for the pSepse of Laying
to their supplies, should not fail to sire ups eal4 so
May willfindrmr goods act prima mediae cement AS
to mut their purpose ALUA.PMEII t DAY,
sep2Cl 75 market st, N Wear Diamond
The Mew Chasten Bee /Uwe *gain.
Neu Fall nod Marge. Dry; Goods.
TusT received and now operuog, at the siv . of the
el Bus Etas Mrs, on Barbet artistry betweert Thil4 and
Fourth streets, one of the lerieu, cheapest and best
assorted weeks of and Winter Dvrdtloods lever of In Fhttsburgh, to which the atterditut of our nu.
morons eustortisrs sad the public generally, la respect
hilly invited, as the subscriber Is deaden( Oar ha C•l2
offer such bargains in Dry Goods as winos be sur
passed by any cults/ house in the el
As these scuds. have bean puratased at prices far
beloerthose of any former wawa, they will be sold at
greatly reduced num
Among this lame and splendid stook will be found
many chides and drithle goods at exumionly low
yr huh and most fashionable diens/all Plaid and
wzmU black sat* striped and plaid .Uke pbtin blank
very glossy pa de Shine; plain black rich bullet tur
for Tisanes, month's.. and eapm at very law
priemq newest designs and Wm
*ohm :auburn:A
plain and satin mimed ustunere, very ehev, French
merino all Plain lad rad and lann
suipeil, at great indueGon on Ruler p slu Gab
&nil, and euhmere plaidm mohair and Mo ,
plaids. all guiltiest alpacas, all qualities and emigre,
(mu ibl mto d i°s! r r - •
In i l it tr i za tAwisa
Me cubs:Lem, taken., amd broths atMorls
Black embroidered eaahmere and de Woe thaw*
PineTibbm and de lain. do
fine gia - jur co — loieTcloth do
Floe quality long, very chimp • do
Plano black and plaid al e lkg . nry ohesp . i , do
♦larr lot plaidblank ode tents to 63,
DomEsrm °pops, MUCH BELoW FORMER
Good dark calico hams to 6 ats yea yes*
Best titulary dark calico front 6 to 10 come;
Yard pride parole do, LEI me;
Good yard wide bleached muslin 4 to 61i
Bed Settings and cheeks, all pricer,
Mankent, from mane to best quality, very clump; I
A fall amonment of ra,4 white mid yellow damichnl
Saroteue, Kentucky Jeans, Kersey', Linsey., etc
N o, ere, all of which will be sold at redacted tate; at.
No 62 Martel at. .ep6/ • Wld L. RUSSELL.
wM'CLINTOCti. La now conetantly receiving his
fall stock of CARPETING, fko, oompneing
one of the largest assonmonts ever brought to the mar
ket which have been purchased direct from the lm.
pone:. and Martufacuirere, of the latest hod newest
styles, and lower in price than ever offered to this city,
to winch he Menu the mormion of those . to
fortash steamboats or homes, before patetismo e
where. The stock commis in pan of the
ariety, vim
Rich &minim Carpets; Oriental TapastryGil Cloth
do Velvet do Plain calmed
do Tapestry do In feet wide
do Brussels do 8-4, 74,3-4, 44 &k od cloth
Extra super 3 ply do Stair Rode
Ingrain do do ISA P-4 and 44
men do Stair Warm
Wide do do Rosewood Oil Cloth
Common do do crumb cloths
4-4, 3-4 6.4 Damask Embossed PlarictOcivere
do do 'Tabte do
44,344 • owtwoe di - " Toil• Oil choke
1•-• • plain do do Turkey easel 'acalooon
44, LI,I & 114 em. do Astclard Mass
14-4 printed cotton Carpets; Sheep skin do
Extra ems Chenille Rams Joie
do do Tufted do Ali ant do
Pine do do Manias Hemp
Wilton do do Buoy drop Napkins
Crimean fig'4 Plush; Duper Toweling
Cm do Crash
Drab fit Cloth 0-4 and 6-4 Table Linens
Moe do, for coach un'irw Transpent Window Shades
Carpet Bindings Extra Fremb do do
Woard cords Rich Satin do Lanus for
do Tassels window
Scarlet, bins, crimson black and drabernaekx
figured rainbow Damaair worsted and linen Table
covert,blue, crimson, scarlet, green, drab and blank
M A *em; Plashes of all colors, Ac. &h&c.
burgs and Drilling, 037 steamboat deer,
sad all other trimmiage necessary for outfits for boats
m oor lien, to which the canoeist attention of wax;
Isinvited. W. Nrcuisrmcvs Carpet Ware
one door from Wood, on Fourth et .4,23
jiLka..APIDE.II k DAY bare Mat received a ISAI nh
LMMDZI aide following deseription of Nemo fi +
able goods, the greater portion of which hire is both
botelF i,,, n oNi.etron E l,s. gadad
very e and complete assortment, and very cheap.
.SATT PfSM—A very larmslot of blue, black, blg
' t.S 7llo Z s i g t i lit m elk S :l ra p "ft ' Lplaran loq d
lacy plaid and striped do, cheaper than ever,,
RANGY 81LK...4—.4 splendid assortment of rich
changeable Silts, both plan and HO, of *lama every
EIHAWLB—A very superior assortment t 4 mip4r
Bloch., Parts prin..Terlteri, and rash:nem ribsarht,
area far below the ordinary rates.
mcnitlame assortment of rling lia Merinos, Cass.
ial Oida Plaids, bl , bit and grey MN Cloth/.
for overcoats; bit Canberra, conon Damask Lana.
do, Kentucky Jeans, te. &o i to all of *lnch vr , e Main
AL= l rEll & DAY, 73 market at,
oet2rs N NV Mr of the diamond,
EATON 4C A having removed from Mar t
. street to their new Store, No OS Fourth street.
ranee Wood and Market, are now opening their I
stock of Trimming. and Variety Goods, among told b
ar—Cloak mid Dress Fringes. of .11 kiwis
Finbroidery Gimps and Velvets;
Erobroiden and Needle Wor
Zephyr mid Tapestry wonted Chenille Floes
Steel liege and PursesBteel Trimmings
LaMes Merino mid Silk Vestsand Hosierr;
CMl&em , Costs, (Mn,lle Mos, Gloves and Hosiery;
kn. Game &din, Undershirt., Drawers, Dressing Govros,
Wool and Comm Yarn;
Childrena , Dynan, of Inem patterns, which they Of
fer at lour pinto bath wholesale and retaiL Joel
F. IL &roe W. P. efasturair
No. 75 Tonna Braun.
ONT. of. dm tartan and the mon chide* rioeh,ol
CARPETING In the market, embraeint Me
mill qualities from dm moot approved man,atoris,
that have bean tooted for durability lo fabrin sod eco
Tapestry Volvo Carpothup
do Eimmels do
Brasses earpetlog; Extra tomnille Rota;
Extra sap 3 ply do
Pup bigrain do Tufted
Wilton do .
ruse do do Braun" dq dO
Common do do
blanufamared to order In new patterrun adapted to
par lon, bowman. and chambers.
Pointed Oil Omits, for dining roam, nail% Irani•
boles, kitchens, ha.
Straw Matting, Stair Rods, Window flltodoa Ind
Conon and Woollen Rocking, from one third to three
yards wide. Door Mats, &a. he., to which tho &Mtn,
don of purchaser+ at wholesale and •rotall moppet.'
fatly O,Oed. Wareroom, one door from WoodOt g
- -
JinnilL(Milli= Of buyers to his auotiment ol
above Goods, having selected them end, treat Mcm, in
manna to theli glossy Stan and toad body for est.
ter use. Also,
MOHAIR LUSTRE& enamor', medium stainer.
De qualities, bedding a
Abnlber piens pet blackeldspliel
font anne, pmporea
riety sd Ann stripes, plaid., and brocades, nom of
wa s h pds very impeder. At these - pods hate&ten
bomb. directly Annifitipenterrs, dory tante stddal the
lotion possible
To be tradAlsoley the piece, in .Wholoude /Innis tip fain, stain, eta vary =nil Z4Vnaleo Oa Con. .0,72
rIRESS GOODS—We have relented • toil stook
If of Dress Gads, anoontwhln may be fond—
Plain blank and dosed Alpaca.%
Catered and Toney plaid do
Cem., California, Queen, °donned Lambiutina
Inalthi; pla s n, colored nod timed Calkomes;
Silk, Tartan and plaidnehmen; lag g
largo assorroseaL orotliet4te.. Pods, lard? etiottedu
be, Ind low by the ;nee or pans..
0C Carpet'. are
no hosier, 73 Fcmrtb cuein—
g ps 64 rosewood solid Table W Cloth,;3 64
s s u deb dsr , k "
s le 0, II
Tho aims us of =pedlar nudity., elasticity of fin
ish, of mon beautifid maims and shadow, intended for
funks" coroner and table sound& •
Taßos - suppyv Ofi - NtW 056171_37.
Aftrassnis now lus SECOND. SUPPLa
of Winn CASodsoAsir.disfi 7.4 41 1 . 61 . snide. br
DAM Pensa '
89*, therrr, ta'athit 110 enfold °
• ms=tharrrAs aim!,
with Emmy ten desirable gm* rAss, rid ArineA •
et who* will 111 nanh.tin
k LbiareiCAMßsion ai.."A i er Ee e - -
tkit:4:7l4,ulll=iu'fict,igtte• alO C a
Cleat itif4.4l, . fausc4v, r,
4.llmgßgiett; ''''''''
1 ~._
Ytv bit alr bbl e .,
norkr- Ted litt • r r. -
i sciroosiiit er
.1 LI
, V Li• XV la ' 4 0 ,2 4: -. ! , "
- -LT 4 -11,4.1R - 1 ire
4 friss
. . -
COAXIM ~.,,t -. ~..t , rr trif
Pantie.(Mnehostaaf 41atsass Amor sad maggstar,
Ihuuka.t PotnitrAtedicaimatatimir
riliti bithei wily knamunetmoy_therkimit=libkN
been-peumw &WOO, cinamy ar EtcMpatem ieltehtiltil
imti pupaunoknd /A the only dbeeirarktanuctre_hplolu:-.1.1
by sonuchtioeutlveala dab! (mate coneetodt. tolkihn-mt
m m,
ers, the ear, the brain, or to any pan of thetbadifie ne
Mates externallY ov Ihteniatiy,. In s pan
r24ldumb or nian-,,witltnermittlithir--e-a
1,0„;,,,,, , , , ,,,r e , t i - —.. 4,.., 1418
TigeOttpii,ell,oPPAXatintitikevhfrlat *Dili4lreirTl
by ment4 , k. Meet Ent inent_go t adeivey 11.14 etia""
ay and to wham the •ted and cetera ...ham
ft ensfibitherntialyba titerecesce atillmtleta
ba given ce mtitY KIN) mepeatahle citizen& mho bun
beememsteLitia stmenuMfahtlamettattitaaO, 1:11, ^.O
amen eine ;0941 inveterate nervous anti eni
cad& netta removed bymhy othtigttowea maim mac'
Amur mtvianit 0 0.114 4.00 u b aajno , p4, to 1 ). ad , ,,,,
monthly adapted tv the cure orthifollovtint dfieama, -
U vim vieieems beaniehe Intlielet ditteacpu h-tralu
is with j tintr. agpmrame„alum,that, Abe orhuantr sea
convey Ike magnetic fluid with cue ma safety to
eye, to tettoreughM,;ar etreennemassu ealhe ezesselli
restore hetet* to the mcv. sad 011ier orgin, te r l ;. -
.0 et 4 and to the varlodrparel Of the - bear fblz , ml
the cremef obverdeliassauelsaa.asit mat ... r o gy ," ,
tie dolooreht.pontivai,, ot Paieh &MOS chore!, or Sl. '
Vinea device, trtiteptY; weakness from aptetinv i ft g,,,,i
di-.0.,c, filiwas.contraction Mr. 404 .111 .1
too hjam, ctn. etee
R.Sar surrounding , coahtlei cif WeMeme. Ph-Vith e 4
prim 'mit tholutmantahmai ha Phl.chkeetmkl.4
alma mate for the cruchadtscaua.
. Fall Mort:mime-anti *glum for theorariona dtasideat
cab to ho lased fee Ve trinpe,seas.ekan(le , -, tuu mul l
ner for opera ti ng for the core lit these desest *aid
so be: terthepateidt h sr: and alss)lephu t a j
pot tato has bands erpreatly Gov el p u p ..... .., - caos„,
htti k.e y ym Pu di oav y ed . by s: th w e ruc h
tuus mem iihni i. m i re c L t ...
.., 7
aniatisTusicka.!.insurratramarm, io
otes,ol7. MILIOP
TORN . MELLOR. No •81'WOod street As the .ter'
agent COT Carhari l s Patent Melodeon. e.nesftllSSlT
ufal instrnmsol, exceedingly, well adapted for
Small churches or !family siniship.
For the benefit of thel6 saddler ussetsteliesolfid
onsbetiendy mable to lespem,thn ldelodeort,,ll.9
parehosing, the followlng deemptionli • 1
The eases are mideefeaseanoct, and ens eUtodil-
Lkai,ply gashed. m pion:D.4 oe , The kel,board,lsi
eidaly the same es the'pfute or oven, and die nine,
which is very beautiful,) closely resembles thak:eilltera
:stop of. omen._ The inswentenl nsistbsi k tmm.
iiiantly made portable anthomdmichfug .217 pergilee •
Pellows receding into the body of tholtintresema. Mt d
Me lags folding coder, leaving the whole to • cotepsnt
:form Each enurement bind picking emsoi.Mthe
whole when peeked weighs, onlydig mu ds,
!tutte of tone is equal to that of a small organ, irprgy
ad...well may be increased OP dmdlettieflit
Timers; kits widgpienify loud for small Munetew,gted
webs calcolateiffor a parlor illuminant
est received, it of this Mown Mee, w}thd
Reversible Filtering Co,ak
PURlfyinfo vyAtv;
'Which renders turbid' emir &re' by
• removing all sutartaame eat aMIII
~/r/), 4. rah r. Tho (tiOt.42 water b, N: . ,yorg
i;,L „a theash Mem and pure to thi tyvo,lyrt
al en Is parte ih sta thsest Oda
iinTami nni ett "e bettnee r lt °'" a nes, ulE LM e l.. Vlt
lo &teethe more or lesswith b t water.
• Tbeneversible Filterar is neat and datable,
soil:traded withlithlueinvemencelackientrie Odor.
Iltelrers, as lc is cleansed *Mira% belng deutsbed Coln,
the rater 4dpe, by merely tambig e a keyor UM,I6
umo. sale to the other. Ely Ms easy Mettit
coarse of Water changed, and, all accumulations qf
=pare substance s are driven 'otr' almost lastanily,'
without Moellering`e' Filter.. alio ponenea des
advantage or Ming top cool. mai os such in many,
oases rill be very cenvenient awl econoatiesd. '
Item be attached whew there Ls lay message 441,
or bow tea cask, tank, tab, to. witbrase To be had
at the sole 4ent, W, W.
out? corner of •Fomth end hlaihel
Diaphragm Mier, tbr 13 pgraaltWahrid
MIT.? it.l:= ithto7iLlcA''.
'tole Agents tar the sale ofJennineel
went p;
.Diser Filter, for the
des of ?imam aad eider/W:4 , r' •
or Walter /4 album, 30 Broadway
N. Y.
yet. 10,1518
We have been ulna one of die dame artidu a _at di
oaken of the Novelty Walkl kir three wOmata dn'artie,
and fool Far/wily mulled that it is. neefel•uwendo%
.o.fp tilLI, pleasure in reeounnending them u a un
'el Male to all/wbo love meander Orden will'
thankfally received and areaway ernetued. be
oetl9 , LIYINGSrotc . 4OGOI6; & Ca-.
pzirTearracia sniumezz INATITIITY
VHIB 'antiunion, elides: the of Atr. led 'ld&
;ot°canoe% wiltre-opro for the reception of PoPiles
arol bt
Arrangements have been made by
zrrich theyLVAl
lo be tt i {V S % f,.70*.t = l ll= }`:;,;*
eat, andlhnsmfenml edanation. A fall come of•Wd•
Usophiesi and Chemical Lemares will be dallier&
dialog the winter, illnitrated by ipparatut • Thtf en ahl
&Nona' and lastramental Abisto„ Alspiarp,
Waw,ing nd Painting, will each leS nilder
the Care oft eompetaM a t Professor. By close anteriffoh
La die morale& intellectual improvamen; Pr thcilvir
pile, the Principals hope to meet eornidulttrindf
liberal patronage Thor hove hitherto-enjoyed..-. terms, ase.strealar at apply to the, Prinetpa/s.
_Tal All/kleliFlT4o4—o-,---ss•s,
WaiiMinda which eatmos kr MOM
g. tablialunentorrnasmfactones o(Wool, Cotton, iron,
Lila% or antother !easiness requiring oal: "te is lid
reinunr, my rim "Harlan; en the hlononghtteis Jincr
Mere Is ereeted on the lot a large Building, Id rhicit
is erected a stem engine OILS Ina ey Under; 'three
boilerata, a ll,and a, small pair orpsil4 female
(he ratteray Gom m coal mme passes within re leer
yards. I myna persons one Passes to engage 'ln mans,
ntslantog t to riot the place :
and examine us adganu,
Ka I will sell it at a low Mel or if Anltablelerrtfiers
aronld cdrer, would be willinrto par Ma pnstrarrY idle
ghat la some joint concern. „LC Luther ut formation, }r
dewed by any one,lt may be luid by"ntiplylnelfelmlY
mli, Th. IL - Baird, Jr. et linriemoo,fall.. Parlaon,
Wood Acres, Jlnabanglt, or to ,mysel4 in the, lame
otick baildingtaßert "The' attend Corner'," Wanfifarg
.oin Pa. is ~ n ew*llimerls , :TH., H. BA , 1
_ _ ..
S 9rl ite
f Informing hie friends . The anbectibet takee-U. .trestUd
and the Droning geimgaithat
. h. the hugest .took of Me following named acti.
cl. of his own marinfaintiebv this eity—fteddleaMar
e.e, Tare. myd Whips, all of wirers he milk Svarram
to he made of the best material and by the best Mee,
ankle ill Allegheny county. Being dawn:Owl tarell
his eaanafactuesamanthing lowor than kasheenhalv"
Worn sold by any waif. establishment lii.theatry,
he woald invite persons in need of lie andrevriensed
articles to his warehomm, N 0.544 Liken/ ErcetrOePo•
rite Seventh. Also, bends made Warder far 1111lithi. -
tl. . op:1m, •
_ - • 'll., _natty.
Cooper /hoplex i'cid Lever Whes.
JUST reetiVed and. 'for ttalo at
, • weedy reduced oges. dr& pm
ine T. F: Cooper, FiXthepentrt,
Cirarn Inn, ftrierk ItethdoneNDe
plem and Path:a /aver Watches, cased to 18 krnat
ofd, and thit Jewelled, With' Chronornoter Name.
Thu. are now the finest to ulade,eing;Wqrs
ox in finithstod &mentor to the td J. Tabun, Joseph
Johnson, or . anr . other make.' Thole in' untie oihr eery'
dm match assortment call and examiste...,_llt4 :km
Also, a large of Gold and &leer Wittchla,
Chamousesa., Keys, dc.
1:). Fints Watches repaired in the beat manner. ,
canter 4th and fdatketK.
A NTHON's XENot truce
Ximopban.a ktotoortbdia orSockmeavisitdodag
nko roues, mitlead and.explaniumi, IpTalelnelena
of Kalmar, %Trigger% Lila of Sborates, etc: Hy ettallos
OntbonL L. U., Prollassor °Um Glatt and don.
CUP* Colombia College,,New York, tad Rector of
the unumnar School. Jou reed and for tali br ,
Booksellers. ca N r
3d &S and filarka,
BYE T ~K: m.
-1) PIIY,—kJ. Virtugsma. has *poised a.Pfighs
"Sohool la Ids school room, romer °Mb add 'Parry ita,
nntazieb es Fourth. sultans be mi/1 ba,lumpY.toitaPan
lastraction in the anaofßeading, Pe AMC,
soc____to.jr Keeping , Phrlitogcaphy, tkr.. - r.a.c. - gnu
~:l TEAM RtrAT CLOCICX4fimor eonebidl
'FI., of oar addra stock of Ilatkala Wart= Timapigoos,
a tiow arm to gel: 114 at lower prices ilsau Mir can
si, bought at Mit ho th Pittsburg* or almumsu o s.
~ .tor- mut a astir smaattsbod.agggp4cro
ar them:laths, we the hugest load unam ;Mon
man In the city. • 'Call and Sao
tbrsocuthar, we are cot w beexeien,ol. ,
B.LIIIEd CO, Market stroel,
abarauee Oaf:loft this°, UslrVitosoact
DA 1 , It;i ./ : LARD LAldPft—lit i it e t u • a
a assortmental Omahas a (VG celebrate 4 Anna.
,fact ra, astnd Li tier to oil others in har k .adapted to
`church/a, ts' &arnica, dwellin g s,. pdiard'and
cud Willo
prime sal* aretto.all.Other gaci.whera 111 C a.%
w and
is dearablo, hetah
AhaiNliondoln Hall Lantaniares,
'Made; irks ' Qimiulas Cans, Tflottos. #4,4*
octli Amm Eband, MLR one in Cow lag
..._,......_ ' W W WlLaulli, 40 atitriii at
Illestiers ten, 4ilaiLtaisolba.
, AA aftalIALL, WALLACE a ts•a,tSiggrt
hEL earner Liberty and Wood scree
ind offer tbr sale Platform,. Maas sock
of the moat improved rlosailT Co4loo filtO"A.r4'
and coal; Egg ow. or virloiitraiiett,' Pit and
common Orates, Holl ow Ware, la &a 11.7 al!?
Aanffture tbe Kitchen Range, which haalken...
gtlianti satlzfattar' a talliose hiving, Ititruarto all of
rthiell lhalitocuill respacthilly.larits litailitl,cgtlia of
be citizens arid the public generillY. ' tteLlf
Watebe., Jew" dlitr:'•""
mint ow td.uun t r ann Vocrien acultayeeconrica.
'Pt Eio=ilir..4llTl:::p..dratA4ftti;
0, Gnat in do Imo uratenn for panklaanalt4lm.,,kek hopes to intuit • continuance thereoc` by dili
gence bastursa, • aad k“ping .11tan.seaUseruneut,
and .tnaat reationable MU**,
17,4 "%ti oroxic k -P kte .n1 37 1 4., to call and
ocen tv AVn.soN.
utif./NDP:Rflit, Oh Toorairao , ..
latailauk,-0011 ; bra, af greaciall rad
bu'fb=ra Jam re 6 rod WI fat raldbrit
SELLERS, 8010 Aim, for Piusbargh, of the
-, rrias artiOlomari do hat mut
Iliad 131,44/74k DIATDIP—IkdoaDT4.
‘- 11 01 .4c9 1 4zS ci do Janke* Ifddpairs'Pan 6do
do , LdegettrAz 4 dArerenr kin* le•dceseares iN 2
do 'Ailea SPA 2r . 21222% alcove% :inn mewed by
Expreu and l'oe aide w holesale andlel.4l - at de Ent.
ern otitis. We vine it to beranditeload WO pierehe....
ens ars tatykor fkonafint 41 4 45 ,444aY r uu t"'" n
Dabber Depot, No 5 Wood etreet.' " '' "' "' ,
taels . - - . ~, td:, ELEILLISAPS
04. AND LNYO , Banoßo, •IGgx,otoco.
oq Phyocal Edu o
to 46*. 21.5 , ..=r x
~.v.phy.i.lmmoNg"kmuw a itif f " 9+-j
lestorto on the above sobjects. teat!! ItvGvUlz.,
Abbrelty.-FbeatrOby OEMS,
...:15T4XT14% csu
.Pf.apN . 7rigt ',spier cap *AitLdkred
tr ttrtit4ll , 2 an Iron
to be lamed an tbo Portage R 22614,
e t Agnrtf.f2PAPC74• C h bibi ,
gWW artcsrt ram &. '-lavxxriboNstalriul; it
ntatinumtamODPAM jalatati
, ftf#F B b 2 r ia"l I iV
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