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ST LTSHFD IN ' 1786.
A 1' WiYOJA iottES too. . Common= mot tear-
J - 1,. *ardor 31Orettions, hare .returned to that old
stood, Witter In PIM mews, Pit:Am:ugh. , 0021
Itrallolll atm'
WIDI3tICE mutt ,
BAUS ,RE175114, , Wholettle and Email An
v, corm's of Lthttty wit St. Clair ititcts, Pius 7,
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ansunesot, ' ' 'c 1: row's.
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P l)ommissibtodereWth NIN AS• : 14i1 , .. 11Y
W burth: .
. WI Dirmrisc., coma Wood 'Math N. .
A ! Ate
weoasueztritubsio. - •
IeANULT" Co y ` FoisveroEntrand • Cam.
• MiE2lOll Merehidts, Canal Bulk Pittibtaghya.
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• • ' 3033 0
OV.fc'T•Vjfa'HlAlt? 010=01.'
'hiPitithiell and Pitistimb hlatcifaermis, car
net...Dr Liberty and Band sts, Pittabz-. ti
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EaNGLIFSH /a/WA - NEM Oita: Eagnhio l,ll ighei
KJ Co.) Wholesale tilneess,Comtelsahso and roe
ware log Mere hsa , s, and dealers ice Preatutaaad Phu
burgh Malmfactuersafia.n-Welall , „eiral?enj+ehh Yd and
P. ' azix- int_ ' woroxioon.
I.IIIEND, .RHEI & - Wilde/ale Orpoers And
Commission, Merelianl& B 6 Eht.'
Couocaucttg, NoC9Y:SV!itst, "ndlati rfOlitlll., PIUS
CI ALLAGHER, LONG .Ik.AM.LEG, - Bat land Grass
VG Fausilerrs,spil Gas Fltranr, 101) Prouti betweenVritia'shd 84:thlideptsrareassiPiustnnth, Pal
Br High es t grivan Air-of/copper and
d B
MGEVOCHILIN. Commission arta Pclintrar4
ilaintMi."%t Wood strew- / 7 ;
asumoreri,l'ault ari4:oll MereltiA tvilq . a tab
imy and truatwalusb.rgh- -- ' lets
7721310Vt1f & 1711N6AN, Forwskioiaa
Ado Morchantl, No. 37.11r5t moat, Pinstougb.:
Ceirry •.• • - .
L 4• • ....MN D I CK S ,
BAIAII DICKE, 86 . Co, INFYiniMle Giocerp, Cow.
=Wens Alerchapts, and detlbrs Produce,. NoE.
and 107 Propt
OPZIAN 4LlCOnafkAitenhey Counselloi iota
awl Posunalefieeer for the
igh.i__ to Verehtstivanr;
SuLekeisille,;(bee et rittebn
Rxnll.4ecim—ritiebatgli: Out w Femme ;
taNhilitle:ollVandlea Sehn Pex
ii444;46#,Aso4th'incol ", ietuy
Tom Wholesale Grocer. Forward.
Mg and, Ccomaission Dieic nu,,
daeo and Pittebersh IdeicafaeturtarNO, 7 Commercial
RAViberryoucel, neat the 914ali.fhtylkilnb. P.
JAM , 8 hleGiandbqe albs firm of Algeo and
McGuire') hirschlds bBt. Charles Buildings;
rand *zee near I,V• • Pinsh •
Hutchison Ir. co., Commission-hlartherus,
eiiir= a of the St. Louie St Sager Itefklmry.
NUelll2-tehtittreetcratibmit.: ,
t "DlACK;ittnitant.taikrt, Exetatigeßali
Gait oL, P/Bllbtrial• iulOu
TORN 11:21XLIVORTit—liTholuala Grocer
ULdur.o cm:algid= Zercium, No. V, Vif-Oott
011N , D.1.101WAN 7 dokanle
"Er 'tnge Star*, Painu 7W eolls, Vardshis,
Ziptikollus door. South of , Disanmui Allay, gas-
411 4 8 , .mx,l„ t. co, J. 4„,, 0.
a)....4B4ltiliChandlarire ater meet. oc,ll
TO - ONAtZACEILOII, Wholeutle and Retail defier
tf Musk addidwdeil istarrameati, School Boots,
rap...ollam., Sort ram, Quills, Printers! Card., to a d
aszWa 4 U taatialty,lio. di Woad a14,41.10ur... • 4
l Arr Pada Lomeli at takerria trade. -42.--z - pepl3-:.
K ISAVatd`
kvitcamia mugglift
el C avert, Piddat h.
17 - 6TensMl 't.'sTockroN; Priaars.
*ad ttaftef4ctut:eni, No 7 44 Market
. 414 Pia.-
your* GRlEROVbolesale Grocer, dealer in Pro
Zaarinfecuute,llll Pier esobe. arc.
an.; birLie.o be st,l'insbri b.. • • lasi
30[13 WLOTD, _ • =MID 11.441 D.
J& FL01141,-Olaa J. Floyd & co4ritolema
. Groat" Nei Litman. street. . tepk,
/Nit*, JONES; Fenn:dins ansi Commission M
seisms, Dealers in fraines and Pinabtustuanan
fisinzefl muck., enna.ll3azin, near 7th st.. dYI .
Vesuvius Iron Works.
irt,tlVll3, Dal avr.La Coy scranefactonna of all ai•
Bars Sheet,Eloiler Inn mad Nails of the hear
11 1 Pall • Yabartause,fri water and 105 front .t.
. viTE9.341.4
y. .11,14 Coakaision Aterchaut : ticaler 1A Pitt.
dub ..fiLocuis and- kmduco;4ol, 31 Water rt 4
anTIZI PrOak.
r .4; •Peodvie
aVirmynn.lli Pin , pre, ht"
aomrxh. mdseuarea, Nos.l3 aad 13
Iif.:HCCE„ & Co, Commission Met-
Pleadelphis, for the , see of produce guy
alita4Cl Made eousiguaseaus.
• .
1 ROE, WltAgesale GmeetiandCo mmlF
sion Elarehanua, No. 04 Liberty st,'Pitubargh:
ALUM, 13 , 1 K.
41, AI , XIV& Co, Coronalseion :maul Forwarding
'.slerrnanta, Water and Flynt' ma., "between
noir and Market Inn Wel
g i - 14 1.LLE11.&• lIICKETSON, Wholesils Grocers md
, torsosisaioalderchsros, 17t; Labertystairrs
HO& & SON, No. SS Martel Ist; second dam
of 'Fenn dealers nt Foreign
and lkonestle Exclumga, Ceni fi cams of Drpos
seilankilotenaadflpecie. •
ID - Collections :deed- on all tho Principal -eines
throughout Ow Uniud Mmes. _ deel7
MOVIt Wholesale limeer . , - . Reestryuig.
• ' Dislll.lmVslesiler m ?rodnee, PitistmistrEblienc,
trues, and all-kinds of2Frirenris micliDoinestie Wines
and Unwire, No. 11 Liber
r ty d skr i een. Muse
. a .. very
l=i 4 meek t :f. enochi... p m/S i tsr,:
- 1111) importer atol
areige . ‘and Domestic SadHery • Hardware and
Mee Trimmings, °tall descriplunts, No. Lill - Wood;
Pinsbrargb.- • spZ
- L3 ICIL% lthr DAlLth.Wholeaale au d'llerail Dealer is
Leather, Morocco; Shoeseakeni , Toole and
Tanners .sad Caere' Tools, ana-Tizthem , oll,
100 Wood M.; Piceaugh. - ' • '
HOLUSSI3. t Co, Wholesale
lDealenk Grocers, Produce
and Cortuaiaslou Merchants, azuin Pine-
Alaustfacturec, No. iler Liberty er.,
Ito• TDs I.Zyt I & Co, Whole-oda Grocers,
Commisdmraad Pmsearducy Merchants, dealers
Produce end Pluabuigh Maztaftentres, Liberty at
OBT A: CUNNINGHAM, Wholesale Grocer,
DeliHain Piodnee and Pittsbtdgli
• l44l,lben y
O:YNOLIA tal3lll±, Portraidina and Omahalan
LI. Merchants, tar the anealaw Kiva? Trude, &W
-ats ia arhaeratatgro al aca, PiaAargb Matattaltures
and CMotide
TlN:thigh= rico, al) ettak, paid at altitiaea *levant
'Tr/ Mt' Cantarall'ann mai bwiafstd.'-:--,"IaaSV
B. BUSHIPIP.I.I.I—Ir lea e doter In dryloot,
g rocerier; beau,shm, Pittsbrrilb
artiely ice„ 1' . tatty httabuzgl. scia
5 fig111293 ,, 043V2gesale itly4=Di r sieni
lataeein,No. latarket sliteu,l door 10cm,,.71,i47,
C.AMenrri• - • • MIL} Imam •
iiaHETT WilltrOVlieniale Deal In
. 115111= and pomade In 7 Goods No. 9134. 1 1
L..a W:HABBANGII; Wool' BDCreturit.i.
V. in Flour and Produce generally; and Perwardieg
and Comuuttems *stamina,. I r , f cr. ad Waxer Mt, Pima
, 11,11111113.11AGAL.E.Y & Ca, Whokaete Groans la.
47 Producedssa,N.l23dlszkeS ateet,lzetweent
sea ask, Mob side. Phdidelphia:' , ;.... f,aass ,
& 141COW4Prodoee atui 'General Cato
.• solurion Inerehants,Fie. I.7jAtrzit.illusbtugh.
• ':istialnial add tard - Oils. . .
• V.N . • tilAritSV. •. 1 ko
- Pl*
ta bor
border arronist 7 cut arleal UDC.
114%88E7 Wholesale liegeerimid Commis
' don Merchants, &WU-dealers in Prodace. No. 45
V ,1.1./ErEll, Agent lot Mexican soldiers and
„ • tlnbealithepennests, at the office of Wm. E. nat
at, Ihnstnusit dly ont
• assipl office at.Washingua t noll amend In
Mk omen them *omit expence 1 . 4 I .
• tenon •
.littlbles allumus e Grocers,
COMMIIIMUI lam dealers /a LeollAribri Wei
l letta s tNartaisattPinsbargli 2dadarsettunc t identallyi
e.eireetlf Wooe'en4.lVmet meets. Outman. -
between Wow
steno: and thlitillsreads:
,entohnelurel f Emelt Welty et, neat the
Intr: 41..VartE.A.tuvelar la Panel - and Staple
040 Prno. Muhl 'urger ? tlitilb'aterr
VILSON,' Witeht., Jesclryi
491 her mil hyl63,"irrVKnovj
pKllii t ivu l cult 10, lidA l 4. dpleiin
, • ono l?gc A mente Dry b eady north sass
A,APsnis Saad Fourth. . arty
Is'Avivr. •
"CA CarDealcrslu !satyr htlst
tin4: 4l4 bt'Bflllte u TßEE—Wholitss2ei groe
si irlh
;.; rateedrique v and W. d' Utot
a.% impede:2s et of Soda Ash ine sad ai ßlegesios
, Attiodes. .I.6Blllswi k staiushorsh, Pa. •
Vl ° t) ll' t si rb;isgrid
iskitcOilz;BciatSwie, allttilmagn 'Mut
tillelat haws on basll ,e Ada tad
risme/normals ofpx4s - ' lb" 4 1,144 ,-
ellt.Cherrp Alley r Pivabcrib.
. •
44CHIaLTRW,,;Vitholustri a Or.e r.;
t aaectirging• ; sm1 ; ; Mos Am& Urlior
114 1 n 0 .1 1 .1renercIsteO...ftshaotlaica0 114
PitA i rw i tthi NOJSCIOrtrry.. UngiVPilutratithart
Ll ,- .1 SI tit: •1_••• , -.1 •.2 •2ib.• V 2. .;:f ) •
........_ _ . _
.......g..,,,,0tt.5erp...,..,a,..... , 0. ,. ...r- - 1,.................—.,,,,,,,
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..: :. ...
1: ' - • !..Z '
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7 , , T.:
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I 2 t li V - I.' 1 ,
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• • , 3 , , t. , I
~,, „,, , .
- ' `•••••=••••••••
TOUN M. TOWNSEND, Druggist aid 4 02 ...73
• NO. 45 Motet et., tluee doors %bore ThirJ et. Pitts
burgh, =II biro cculyantly collard a wen selected Ls
of Me .hest and freshest Medielnes..hi.,_ he
• will WI qn the. must *amoebic terms. rhylk-•
simding orders, will:be prouiptly at to, cad piled,sillt articles they mayrely upon es wane.
ED" Physicians Preserionsou will be securately and
4 . 1 ' 1 7 Prbpa f
l edftere the bee =aerie., ea boor of
thiaz fo yo r r
largo stock of fresh and good Perfu
me .
_ _
Rleseuettithela Lierecylitable.
k t ROBERT H. PATTERSON hes opened
he large stable oo First...mooing through
&FA, to Second at, between Wood and .thnithfield
. rear of tlm h.r....ph_9 1 1.119...,
I° 4 . oar/Wisely new mock of Horses eta uarnages
, ttls beatOtuality end iatess Style. Horses kept at bee
n,' in the best manner. ITSSII
..riONTINI3ES to manufacuira hlonuments, Burial
Vault... Tombs, Head Strines„Mantel Pieces, Cen
tre and.. Pier Taps orlon:1ga and domestic marble, at
a segular and fair price.
.N. il—Drawingsfor monuments. vaults, ka. furnish
ed, of ins . description. Ile solicits a share of public
patronage , sugd-dtf
yTLLIAM ShRTII, Manufacturer of Cotton and
colored Mien, Fringes'for Dresses, &c.; Seems'
Silk indealerettCenon Fringes for silk and in am
PariCiOit.'293ll4c — MobsDir and Silt Hnillen•
mode to order on the shortest nonce:
Soma corner ofllaiden liana ind entrant
N,, meet, don' floor over Abner tr. Ely,
.ton, No 65 Hoiden Lan • New Vogt jyto
Ur= .10C131,
Win. - Y:..."
Jox.c. roc.. knoaleraaotio.
inure:Oa, Minn. LW.;
-13 ma of Vials,..l.katlea.. and Windovr Oars, keep
eonstunly on band a general aseortment of the above
;uncle. Abna,.maket to order a eupertor article: of
Mineral or Soda-Water Boni., of colored giant No.
11l Wood at. ritabuftb. Pt nog,ll.•Gen
Saddlenc , lnnunongery, llamas and Coact
2tioits, Doer Sidi, Varnish, &o. a.,
:IT it No. Lla WOOD Sr. Perrsuraon.
-IN TEA STORE.—no. 7`.! Fourth
Wpud,—.V}, quaunues of preen and
—.aka ulhet ,Teen, done up in quarter, half, and
Stpot 114,Peekhget„ranFing from 50 eta p_er pound
5,1,A • ..JIL"'.11: lATNES" AirL rot•Paiii "I'e , Co
Duquesne Spring s Axle Steel and Iron
nn e d Coach and Malin Springs, druarnered Ail Spring and /gonna Steel,.lron., en. Warehouse 0, ,
Water and Front meets, Pinstngh.
Also, deniers in, Caael! Ttimaung. and EalleiAlo
Castings" ° octl2
DELAWARE attuvu issvu.tarcE CO
OfilS FINNEY. Jr.; Agent at l'inslmrgh for dui Del
O aware Attune! Safetylnsurance Gimpany of Ithila
Fireßiyks upon buildings and marchandis
01 every description, and Marina - ILista upon hulls o
cum,. of vessels, ink ru upon the intim favorsbl -
_teV - -- OM. in th e Warehouse of W. B.lionnes & Bro.
Na.W Wetter, .rix hi:LA.4lre. Pittsburgh.
N.B.—The careen of this Company since the comb.
liahment of the Agency as this city, with the prompt
ltvw and liberality with which every chat= upon them
for loss hes been atimsted, fully warrant the agent in
limning the confidence undpauunage of his friends and
the community al fame to the Delaware 111. S. Lama
r.. Company, whiten has the addniopl advanes
us an institution among the moat deurtstung in Plated tag .-
ptua—na having an amplepuid-m capttel, winch by the
operation of its charter Is constantly increasing, as
yteldlng to each person punted his due share of the
profits of - the company; without involving be., in any
yesponsibllay . whatever, and therefore as pouessing
the Mental pr inciple divested of every obnoxious ten
lore, and in its most attractive form nova
pal?. AND .mAularg iissunAnct.
lentatanee Company at North America, utranigh
na Maly mithariled Airent, autiaeriber, oder. to
Make permanent and limited Insurance on property, in
Ws city and ita visMity, and on shipment, by the Ca
nal and Rivers. _
Arthur G CoHa, Charles Tylor,
Sorel W. Jones, AinMose Whit.
Edward Smith Jacob M. Thomas,
John A. Brown, John R. Neff,
John White, Richaro D. Wood,
Thomas P. Cope, Wm. Welsh,
Samuel F. South, Fealties Iliens,
Samuel areas, 8. Austin Allibone,
Hrurra. SintahraAßTHUß G. COFFIN, Freer.
n, Seely.
This is the oldest Insurance Company in the United
States, having been chartered in Hull. Its charter m
perpetual, aM hem its high standing, long experience,
ample means., andavolding all risks of nu extra hiay
aided. ohmmeter, it may be considered as offering am
ple security to thepribbe. W. P. JONill.
At the Counting Room of Atwood, Jones fr Co., Wa
ter and From streets PittabOrgh. mord
THE Freaklin Fire Lawrence Company, of PMlailel
phia, aIII make Jneu ranee.peronment and hunted
on every deseripurei Of property, m PimMurFtl .1 the
safroundimg mammy, err 111 TO Alble Tlon com
pany has a perpetual thaner.
Cepm.ll, 84110,0Xliiaidl
Conungent, Fend 113000003-;
(Mice .mer of Thad and Market streets., Mitibutgla
• • • • • • • • -•
kiEandonignorf,duly outtionaerlligemoillro Amor.
Man Fire !morocco Company of Philadelphia,
=Mums to effect imusarxe opmst loos or damage
against Fire, cm laciclangs, membruchze, 11.1191111 TC and
properly, not extraltruortioco, is this city and virrorry.
r. 1 1 ,41 COClllt 1 N sererra et
blittSCHllika gent ass been appouited A pro
1. tad Insarance Company of North America,
and .U 1 issue Policies awl attend to the other business
of the Agency, at the 'warehouse of Atwood, Jones &
Co. spin WM. P. JONIL . ..s. water
. _
D 11.1‘.4.1....1114011L.
No. 69Sitetb Wharves, 7. A No. II South Water at.
13EGS to inforiathalr NA, anddealers generally, of
Pstutburgbohnithey hat/erne& such arrangement'
_1631111 the Vimmth maturecturem and the Growers of
=the West, West ladies, anu other places, as armitnre
ar. large and constant moots of th e following &scrip.
lions of Tohaceo, which 'tem herald upon as a t
criodming terms no any o th er house in this city at else.
wlwre,aud all goods ordered tram them will be war.
rented-equal to name, mono=
Havana; . SL Dcanutgot Conn. 4
n Porto ViCoi Pewee.; eed Loaf to.
Igetten; Florida; ) baceo;
ALSO—Branch , . celebrated dramatic Stag CATCI3.
disk with a large assointern of ether popular brands,
and qualities/a( pounds, .ss, es, 12s, las andaht, Lamp;
Zs, 6, es an she d Plar„Ladies , Milt, Virgule Twist,
4e., sweet pthin, in whole and half boret,wood
and tin, toge th er wi th every variety of article belong.
lag to the made.
• jelodly
j. Itunorr. A. AhA AM Z. GAILI=IIO,I.
BARNET, BINSWIT & oanar.Teolsr,
,Produae;, Commteston and Forwarding
Iti is ft U.II Al T 8,.
No. 152 Nona Wirairna Jinn 129 warn SZ,
• .. •12", i• , (1 , PHU. 41n1L.P111A.
antratvo—John B. Brown k Co.
Bohm &ten k Co.
Barman, Beaver k Co. Phil.kl.Pitnt.
Smith, Bromley Co.
Alba & Paxton . New York.
Walters tr. Bar - 4y, Baltimore.
r• ..Bagaleq Smilb,
Bn Mason &Co
' ' "ilalia i . SZKIIV&T•IZ Brn i t " u g h *
na tcier it , Joncts,
_ R.: Drie . , eas
. 'etivatieer on emmigr . enn di m y Mor
°-‘ ,4214 5 4 -Luy czwumg sat. 101 K.
.Anil... Ra iteichantr,
- 13 Bacrn Maim swim -
ILEFIaiNCEiI--BeniiGied &Co, P usher*.
.„, Mers„&-Bherlocky,jicinci,..u.
hooley & Sou,
Jumary, Ala
Charles Baaham, Jr., I:oelsville.,
Dotilh,ll =ohms & Co. '
Mercer, Bro. & Co. PWlad's
. Reed &Brollies
MAW& COusinery, Now 'ork.
_ _ cussuse w. AIIOIDO].
sac 7 b amnia, areva IsiOaDWAT, cnicaarall, oar,.
C auntarlott antl Forwarding Merchant.
ko. 21 WOOD or., rrnanzaatt,
C o , l 3 l l:l i ttract a general Coattails tat-
Ylcarlt=:=lnd sal e
tarwataing Goods ecneared to hr. care. Al Arun for
me B l 4. 2l fr4Wril Lo - will be coma,* roßplied with
the pfirClllM.anklea of riutborgh alelnactarettith.
lowate *attest:lle miter, 'Orden and easslttacan
arc reapeettally_ talititcd, - •
vlntoLusaairi onocuusi
r o g l7 . lollo LA A VELoraugbios.,ndenat
Oattoat I r n , fit PlUaintigh
• lannufaotures genera :Iy,
• wpm, Arourrei Murton va.
• , WET:II.
Porwir.dhaglierchaut. Drowyksym„, p,
Auendo tO Lao Forwardilig . or Yrodiaeo,
For any Inforiti4an, .PPIT to FOILIVTI/ g' OUN
CIANOViacr -
. .oEssoms..• COBMISSION =ExtoI:UST,
`,FOR TilltB6l.P. OP PRODUCE & PR(iVistotes,
antiby Piarnli Wawa,
• - • - RALTIbIORE,
Raaa aa—Dlereha¢ sof Pittsburgh.
Wheeliegda.—.B. Crimea & Ca. . magriehlm
••, qmosfolVtiFitiliEsk.W ,
wlir,: have taken an Oleo Immediately apposito
oar brtml-seltrebetteei tor thepresent, Where w.
(name* Incanemwensual,•utall a new boom mot
be eroded, arrangements having already' been male
fax the; purpose,- Penns wilintwiti:eke• m"i . r" l
644 4.1114.19 Feecl'ieficlB4' 6. klqiiniffrir bits
st. 4 abenT_st
Y , M A N ~ F L, E - E 'D‘cdc' -c '9 . 1
(Bateessois to Reed Mud k C 0.,)
GAREIiAIr COlllllBSloti 11131ICILINT8,
I".eylleolat attatgLin paid to the Ode of Wool, ao4 Met
' i0i1kej,:t1,1474"," mnnt s On',OnlignMenli: •
C)(1 , =S as, prima article ; d 012., do ; 12 o as
dt ‘' ; 40do•oll c t r3 10 lg l aVl q r -14° 4 ! do '
org o iey
o;BLACtwoslix Co
g:1111:13 boo 01,9,44;4•110DT0A• slaso
LX••• dud. tod'i,oss ougoloorArrowboo.. 'lore ab by
v0y1.3 FORMIT/ 4 ♦AVNCLN ,
-- - .
NitTRAV BOOKS—Just recerred nom the publi.lier,
and Ger wile at the eletbodist Book Store, 4th in,
nee. Wood. Tupper , . Proverbial Philosophy, in three
styles of binding; a beautiful book for a present.
Prepamtion bertha Pulptt.
Sketches of Sermons on the Parables and Miracles
(Christ, by the author of the Pulpit Cyckipedisi—doe
sketches, &e. The English Pulpit; collection of ser
mons by the most eminent living divines of England.
itindnrces Votes—Doing (iced, Chnulun Love, Lo,
est !boa me. Sacred Pleditonons. m 4
wI YA.'ral.AlteltAl, AGE.; or the History itnd
Religion of Maukind from the Creation to the
vale of Isaac: Deduced from the writing* of bloses,
and other inspired authors; and illinarated by copious
references to the a-cient records, intditimos t and my
tbotos7 11. then World—by Deo Smith, P. S.A.
I SOl., octavo. ,
Charms and Cormier-Charm, by MI., lor'intosh . . A
fresh amply of this sarYPortilsr hale wd,k.
Orators of the American Revolution, by E. L. Ma
goon,vlth•Porttaits. 11 , 01,12 , m0. .
Parley's Cabinet Library, for families or schools,
volumes, 12 mo, with engrave:lgs. This is a new verb.
For solo by . . It LIOPKINS,
septa) Apollo Buildings, 46 in
1./SCS'et'BOT tarry of the 'n ted Sizes
LP north of Virginia; tomprising descriptions of the
flowering and Son-like plaids hitherto found le, those
Suttesi arranged according to the natural eimem.
With a synopsis of the Genera according to the Lie
:tame system; a sketch of the rudiments of Lousy, sod
a glossary alarms: by Lewis C. Beek, N. p; Prof .
Chmstry_ end Newel History In Reiser's' College,
Ne's Jersey, Etc, de. Second edition, revised and Ort-
Lsrgerl. For sale by
. r 011IONOISTS—History of' the 01.
14 ranches, or, Petricca] Memoirs of the Patient, of
itia,Frenett Revolution—from unpabludedd ocrtorces: by
Alphonse de Lama:tine. Complete in three volumes:
Rydes trenslation.
A fruit supply of this popular
work received this *My and ferule by
klookaellers, cot market and 3d or.
Yrussia, Ireland and farm Britahri with
containiny observations on European chuineo aad
medical test Mato= by John W Camas ...
rearropies for:sale by
AT OUR STORE o - 011ireket t reat, No SO, bemoan
3d and lth may at CI ti mes he (mud i huge
- melt of TheoloFlcal sod. hllsoollaamouailooke. Now
'btx,ke reeelied torn as published, sod. sold* low
est prices. The publications of the American Sunday,
'School Unite:rod htlesaettosetta Sabbath . School Se.
eletytildaritYllta Mpg. CaUglinmourfundilledi.
Weed's. • ELLIorr a ENOUSIIi r,
, 1Let79 4 39014 ri
But4r, Pa
"WILL also attend to Collections and all other brisi
gg.. noes entnrsted tohim in Butler and Armstrongcounties, Pa. Beer to,
J.& IL Floyd, Marty at.
W. NV. Wallasa, do
James Marshall do Pittsburgh.
dly . Kay &Cop., Wood st. jan7
B. 15WEITZPIt, Attorney at Lam, office 3d IL,
opposite Charles Hool, Piusbnigh, will also
and Gre
attend p en coun romptly
tie to s, Pa Collections, in Washington, Fayette
Eauck.tock. Etc!' &C FE .,
Church & Camber.
D T. Mu }—tt.bunh.
E J. HENRYrney and Conncellor at Law,
Cincinnati. Ohio. Collections in Southern Ohio
and M Indiana, and in Kentucky promptly and care
(ally attended to. Commissioner ( or the Stale of Penn
sylvania, for taking Depositions, acknowledgments,
Rzrus uc.—Hun. Wm Beu & Sun, Curds, Church
14 . Th, WsCock 1c Davie.
WICITATE9 .7 & BATNN , (suceessors to Lowrij . uu vs d
lliants4 Atiornev• and Gnomelion at .
Mace Wi North side of Fourth street, above Batithfi d.
7 - 2.24,Es XEltit, AU.. .5r . 1 Law. 13akedrell'i
Building, Gant street, nearly opposite the Conn
UNLOP SENVIQ.L, cnorney at Law, Offices on
• Smithfield, bertreen 311 end 4th su.
V in., ORWARD BWAFITZWELDER, Attontey; - 4
Low,have removed their office to the South stde
Fourth between Chem Alley gold Grant greet o
Tr O. IL ROBINSON , Attorney at Law. has se...
TT - flawed his office to the Exchange Bantling; St.
Clair .t, nen door to Alderman John!, apllly
AhIUEL W. BLACK, Attorney at Law. Mee on
0 Fourth , etreet, near Grant, Pittsburgh.
To Country Merchants.
A LARGE STOCK of School Rooks, Paper, Station
ary, Ac., imitable Wes; among which
Wrijing Papers, of fins, medium and common gull's
Letter Paper do do do do
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Arithmetic., by Adams, Dasis,Colbam, Smith, Stock
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Geographies, by Mitchell., Olney, Smith, Morse,Good ,
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The highest market price paid for good mixed rags,
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101L,A.NETARY pain:
lar esimenion of the great discoveries and thee
rice of modern isarronomy,• by 0 51 Mitchell, it a, Di
rector of the Cincinnati Obserratiny.
Headley'. Inly, Alps and Rhine.—Omen from Italy,
the Alps and the Rhine; by J T Headley, author of Na
poleon his ilareballa, Weshington and his (i,ener
ale, ac. New and revised edition.
Statistic* of Ci'nl—Tbe Geographical and Geologi
cal distinctions of ?diners/ Coministibles or foaail furl;
muluding . also, notices and localities of the various
=oval butunittiona substitutes employed to arta and
manufacturea,i.U.rnued by Maps arid Diagratoaste
eompanied by ninny 400 statislical tables, and lltitian
' alyses of mitieral.cominumbles, Ac; prepared by Mob.
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IA by J. A. 1 17. P. JAMES, Cincinnati, the following
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Doniplian'e EReilltion--Conmaning a sketch of the
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Mexico; Geri Kearney's Overland Expedition to Cali
fornia; Darol:lan's Campaign avian the Nantes, ant
his unparalleled March upon C av ian
and Durango,
and the Operations of Gen Price m Santa Fe; vita
Map and Engravings, by John 1' Hughes. Art the
In Regiment of Allmon Cavalry
History of Kentuckylts Amiga/ties land Nam.
Curiovities; Geographical Statisneal and Genlope&
desenptions, with anecdotes of Pioneers Life, mid mot.
than one hundred krtograpideal Sketches of duthignieh
eel Pioneers, Soldiers, Statesmen, Jurists, Lavryen, Ut
vines, with forty engravings, by Levin
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The Twelve Months' Volanteer. or Journal of • Ps
vote in the Tennessee Regi ot cavalry, In the
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7, csa ainmg an se.
eoum of the Atareb of the Regiment so Vera CMS. a
description of the Country passed over manners, en.
Loma &o. of the people; Sketches of bun. Lee:. ae
counts of MI the actions of other Volunteer Regt nen.,
and a full History of the Mex.. War; List of ...c ton.
bid and Wounded ‘ &et ilinstrated by a large number ot
elawc•l and pions; by Geo. C. Porner,l vottone
00th.. deed
MAW:Paper and Beek lOati.bllshmsealt,
7e Wool , St, man= Foto= um Lasnotro Atha-v.
TIE Iti,abscriberthakvoedicittt opeued. ,., ol a a bove
plain rshite=liat Welting ani 7 l n i , %:; . ;a * Fier: com
mercial and packet post Flat Cap, decoy find medium
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JOB PRINIIINA—Havang .Job odin a gentleman
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INJ SW W -6 / 1 ./.4--Vanity Pau, a novel win. - la
II Herm by Witham Makepeace Thackery--
nintration by the aothor.
Th e Temnn of Wildfell Hall: by hen= Bell, truth..
of "%Pothering ',eight -
The Young Schnolmistres= by Joseph Alneit, A B.
Penh, of Harpers' Illustrated edition of the Arannui '
Nights' Entertainments. New translation, arranged
for family rtadtag, with explanatory notes: by E. W.
Lane, Eaq.
loomu. Logarithms—Tables of Logarithms of am
ben atid signs and 'Peugeots for *very ten seconds of
me 14dadrant, will other useful table= by Elin Loomis,
A. AL, Prof. Mathecuattes mai Natural Phdosophy la
the UtUretZity OrNeP York, oath°, of . Treause on
Alachua , 00. Ste.
nut above works received tins day and for sale by
nogl6 Bookseller; ear market and .ad .to
Brow Publications. _
HISTORY OF CONGRESS, Biographical and NU
LL neat, eomprising menuaus of the members ors.,
totigrass oldie U. S. By H B Wheeler. Illusuated
by .12.111. meet portraits, &a. &e. VoL 1 , 0C4.1/0.
The Wrmogs of C. M. Clay; including speed:amend
atir:sses, with =eel portraits: Edited by It Greedy. I
e What 1 Saw In Califon - it= By Eillna Bryant.
Banns' Notes, Vol. 10, Ott armo, Peter, Jobe and
Charms and Counter-Charm= By Miss att.
thor of "To seem and to be," I• Conotteol,” &a. ike.
Mary Grover, A Domnue Temper... Tale: By C.
Kuntz and Queens, or Life in the Palate; consisting
of historical sketch.. of late and relining acwarelgas:
By J. 8. C. Abbott.
Afloat Book. Spanish, or a practical introduction
to the only of the Spanish Language: By .1
The Dreg Rob. and other tale= Hy BAY. Dr. Alden
Just reetof by R. HOPKINS,
Apollo Baildinga 4th at,
{Successor to J. (. Read.)
'MEW t KNo-- - Life of Cmanwell.l7 JTffeedloy
Poore:of the Pulpit, by Gardiner Spring, U G.
Bethel Flag, do do
Jacob. on Gospels, Illsothenr, with Harmony;
Lecture. on Shakspeare, 2 vols;
Path of Life, of,Skatehoe of the Way to Glory and
Footsteps of neuithi
The Convent; by manor of School Girl in France;
Now and Then, by Warren;
Sketches ottomans, Ott Pa rables and hltraeles;
Ireland's Welcome to the Stranger;
Heaven upon Ear*
Ilawksum, a tale of and for Etiglmth vols.
For sale by ELmorra ENGLISH,
iota 78 wood and Gil uwire' we
431 4111. T ---
OGAN & KENNEDY have li rus a; associated
NOM - them in the 'Huila - are hinsiness, Philip VITII- 1 '
son and Edward Gregg. The style of hno will here,
after be Logan, Wilson & Co. This arrangement ren
ders it desliabler to tinge thaeld tesuuss as sewn as
pomade. .11./L persona whom liabilities have matured,
Jate especially requested to mmke Immediate payment.
Pinallurghir lan L,lBlB.
T osmar, WILSON &
.0 'Wholesale Denim in Foreign end Demesne Hard
ware, Cutler,' Saddler'', de: 12e, Wood meet, Pitts
borghjare now fully preparid with a recently impor
ted mock of Hardware, Cutlery, ke.,to oiler very great
indneements to western buyer, being determined to
compete in prices with any of the Adatitie eines. Al
m on hand an extension asamtment of Pittsburgh Hard
ware,Shovels, Spades, Forint, H.., Vices, an,
all of which will be sold at the lowest manutheturees
si.THE Ruiner bees having recently entered into
partnership under the name of Gal Raker, /DU&
ot Miller, for the purpose of carrying on the Sell
nod Slint. Founding and Gas Fitting business in
all its branches, have taken the stand formerly occu
pied by H. Gallagher, No. 109 Front street, between
Wood and Smithfield ma., where they are prepared to
execute all orders tor Bells, Hums Castings, of every
devvipuon, and On. Futings with neatness and des
patch. Steamboat jobbing promptly attended to.
P. H. hi.Ml-
N. 11.—The attention of Machinists and ll E n
- ineers is
invited to nor anti-attraction metal, for • tethered price,
which has been pronounced superior so Hobbit's by
numbers who have used broth. Sterunboatbnilden and
thejorMlio, generally, are al.o requested to call end er
mine our superior doable betion Ririe Ptmps for
steamboat and domestic ii.e.
. .
THE partnership so tong easing under the firm of
AVCord & King, was by mutual consent dissolved
on the ist inst. The business will be closed at the old
and ), either M us, using the name of the firm for
that purpose.• Deng desirous to have our Moines.
closed s'n'h " hits delay u Posolde lye would re
spectfully request Mole Indebted to call and settle
their accounts. JOHN D. III'CORD,
jrdlti It D. JUNO
JOAN D. hrOOILD basing sasomuted with him ha
brother lames ender No style of &Motd
k. Co, will cantinas the Hat, Cup and Fur business in
Ile Valioll. - branches, wholesale nod retail, of the
old stand, eorner *Mood and Mb creme, whore they
Wien a contimmtion of the patronage eo liberally he
stowed on theold firm- JOHN D hI'CORD
laSn JAMES EL nrcoßio.
IN retiring from the old end well known Arm of
M`Cord It King, I most respect/11y recommend to
the patroaage of the pablie my successons, Messrs.
Mooed tr. CO. ra2B IL D. KING
'PRE copartnership heretofore exisUng betwead the
I subscribers, ender the style of WOOL Restateld &
Roe, expired this day by limitation. The Imates* of
the firm mill be settled by MORI & Roe.
Pinsburgh, Day IP, IS 4A
The undersigned trill continue the VVlteleenle One
re ty smd CostatoJewett bounces, ;alder the Ann of !WOW
4.1 Roe, at their old sand, No. 194 Liberty ureter
Having sold my Ai - items% in Me firm of 18'f/ill, Binh
field & Roe to my former partnere, srchn a. Roe, I take
plemiata 1n recommendlng them to my friends and the
tituLL_ lyPu 8. B. BUSHPLF.I.D.
Es. STEPHENS of Wheenng, E. F. Shcenberger
ofiudiam, and J. A. Stockton of Pittsburgh, have
This day entered 112100 CO-paitiltrthip Under style and
ban of Stephens, Shoenberger & Co., at the Anchor
foe vrorkB4 Wheeling. V., for the purpose of mono
-12.111,1/g i'on and nails of every desenpuon.
1 Mr. 51r1P82 , 13, •. anorauctora, IL. •TOCITOIS.
OTEPIU' S, otiogrianaacaza dc CO.
Wheeling, Va.
hlunutneture all kind of boiler, sheet. her iron and
nails, A. B. steel springs an d Bouts con
nected with Shoetikeryter . • old Juniata work., we eaa
offer an arttete of Ju.nutto Iron (branded Shoenbergen
equal to any mule to the country. Al! of watch will
told at the Proatorgh We/Lotion/a. of the
work• corner of :11c lroe and Water at.. nryll
TAISSOLUTIO/J—The punnendup Umberto enter-
J_/ nig under Mt stylemu/ Ann of Wagbunan y. bal.
to thts day diewlyed by mania/ coneent, John Ma
te!! having dup.:teed of his enure interest to it. Wight
now The bonne.* of t rte 1610 Ann will be settled by
IL Wightottos, who a Kola oriud to use Mr name of the
Into Ann for that purpose. WlGirrstAN.
intitykOw ljuly In J. DALZELL.
' THE &Inscriber is none prepared to mann facture all
kin& Of Cotton and Woolen Machnt 7, at the .honest
notice. Unice, le& at IL Wlittcoman's ~ . .agme shop, cor
ner liberty and W Met area., will meet with prompt
attention H. vIGHTEL&N,
Leaeok between Federat aad Ntaadusky .to,
spcnsby &Be cherry etty.
I ` J IO.P AUTNEIIIIIIIP—Wm. Youn v barlnTiras
day ossoctaten with him, John R. JU', the lea
ther burittess will hereafter be condoeted• under the
Gnu of Wm. Young & Co WILLIAM YOUNG,
1i /NO. H. AMEN&
BU & Co. have assousted with
rjr ‘l. l D tent linMN oit
their Tobacco and Coantatsaion barite.,
1,4 ward Heald, Hans of Jacob Heald & Co. Baltimore,)
David C. bleCammon and John A W mid
8.41, Caitlin:tin.. co.. U s Apr. 24. /WI
TAIL D. JA 2/21S: base Sits—l feel boned to 'on
X/ and the &Mimed poMbe, to scud meson* of ties op.
postuisaLc4r vlngpschnetty to the meraordursuT sleets
of your morsel on myself. =been sawted
ler !severs years with a
sang heecic lever
load its conconutent disease. oust only aloM
to lancer out short bat suawrubl
e verietenc, dl the
101 l of lAN. when, beteg more sely attacked. used
I smarmy weaned to all my tomer remedies, .out afar pie
. Teat of toro of dm mast 'esp.... tat he p“rocaans In
tne emghborhood without demoniac any lartnefa, or the
costeolatton survivang but a lots days or weeks at
nothest—when the mat gleam of hope was about to
vanish. I bed recommended to me poor Repectonant
and Llewed by that &nog who does all Vangs an the
use of the meams.--a,d contrary to the •ipectanow of
rny phystmens and (needs, I to.. In a fee• days raised
from my bed, and was enabled by the use of a bottle, to enjoying Cove better health than
bad (or ten years previous.
Respectfully yours, atc., lss. &lux..
Foe wade in Pittsburgh, at the Pelun Tea Store, 72
Fourth street. mug?
Lis 1111.1 Cintharlat compound cornbutes weal/new of
bulk with ethcieney and eramparative rnildnew of pur
gative acuon, sod Wenn a pecan. tendency to the
binary orgens, as extremely esluable tra this country,
wp which baton. fevers and other complaints attended
with congestion of the Liver, so =O4 abound. They
hove now stood the test of SW eon, and experi
has proved them to be a safe a n d 'namable rennedyence an
Intermittent, Remittent and Bilious Fever, Jautadtce,
Bilious robe, Indigesnon, Dropsy, Dysentery, Bawls
Votnllbigs , colds, end all comp/aants of an indanuatato•
y chasten', The complete and unwerearl gantlets
don which has been given by these pins to BJI who
have rued them, tandemthe pabliehum of the numer
ous cenideates in their favor unnecessary. To pre
vent conatterfetting they are now pot up an a red x
graphs, wrapper.
?nice Weems for • box containing Jr pill.
Prepared and sold by
corner Ist and wood, and also earner Mt and wood
D. A. Fans manor, A_ D. Hem, N Y. City.
O. W. Fornwoo;
Who/Guile Drug Store In oho Cloy of
Now York.
12LiHE underalgned too xtonsively engaged In the
Wholesale Drug - tniminess at No. 19 John street, In
e city of New York, and am prepared to s apply
Druggists and comity Iderehaima with Drugs, Nuns,
Oda, Dye-oafs, Forel° and kasenean Pmfamary,
blonder, Waiver k Mandoes Chemical., Of their own
importation) and all mbar articles in Mew line of bust.
nom, of a inipeolor quality as low as thay can be•pur.
chased in this or any eastern city.
New York, Fabl6 B. A. FAHNFATOCK k Co.
IttaVoltai 3 O . Obrome Green.
'KPAINT .0t4.% BLIND 6LIKERB., .ko—We, the
understsned, Pointers tes ted, lind Makers, of the est y
Of 'ew York, have eked and and are now using
■ new article of Chnime Green, numufamured by Geo.
K. Member, of tbis ally, and And it to work well, pro•
during a tine brinitmt Paris Orem oppoorance, with
ry superior body, and recommend ft to our brethren
u. the trade as in every particular the best Chrome
Green we have ever need. New York, June 1, '47.
Signed by 24 Krms Of proetteal pototere of the city of
New York. mu unequalied Chrome Green may be
nod of BELL6IIII, No 67 Wood Street, who has
the exclusive agency for Its sole in Pittsburgh. noul3
t4LEILB' VER.I.I.IFUGIB—'. No family should ha
Without It
Loosp, C. 11., Aug. 24,
Ma IL E. Smaxess I cheerfully certify Mat I have
for same yews pan need your Vertmfuge to my fatally,
and universally with success deeidedly prefer It to
anrother preparation I have oserl—amongst these may
be nam , d the celebrated medicine called Deadtbot,
YaintestoelOs Yermettge, and a preparation called
Wore Tea. In •• recent case a asngle dose brought
'from nry little boy one. hundred and nix large worm.
No faintly certainly ought to be without It. Yours he
Prepared and auld by R.. E. Se ll ers, No. 67 Wood a t.
nod sold by bruntists generally lit both M ll es. scull
A Fine get or Teeth for AO Cents.
yr GUMS.—Yellow and unhealthy teeth, after be
ing one, of twice cleaned with Janes , AntberTooth
• Pane, have the appearance of the most Penticiful ivory,
mid at the name time it is an perfectly Innocent and ex,
quishely flue, that Its Comitant daily nee le highly ad.
vane/Botta, even to Mon teeth that are In a good eon-
Milan, giving them a beautiful polleh, end preventing •
premature decay. Time already decayed It prevents
from becoming worse—lt also fastens such as are be
coming d e ll by •persereranca It will render the
Mitten teetately white and make Me breath de
ficit:4l2ly sweet. Sold by V/M. JACKSON, try Libeny
Area. m,r29
D. A. FAHHESTOCIVS vgamirtoz.
A • PEW weeks since, ono army children, aged about
re yearn, was Unwell for several day., and the
/duels Increased so 'alarmingly that I teased death
would he the result. Having heard of We good effects
of Patutestock's Vermlfoge when administered to the
childlcd or .7 tunghbots, and thinking my child aught
have worms,from wend oftbe symptom., I gave it one
and a half teaspoonfuls of the Vermicage,aud to my
great mtonishment it almost immediaWy discharged
Letereen add tit large worms, bahealth was won
reMored,juld It I. ease remarkably well. Portions to
tokiiirtiMArmaafuge, the worms would oeculottally,
rise is its throat, an d I often feared it woad die from
straosalalloii. JAb. O. DAWSON, -
Wawa, Venter
• mil 3, '4B. apt 3
.o , to, Pa, Afi
OINTMENT is the most etfeemal remedy beftire
n public for the core of tenor Itch, ih7 nod watery
pimples or the lace nook extebosly, may eruptions,
emi.ell.othor discus:e of tha skin. This Ointmene
- • •
streamed .free from mercury, is perfectly safe, and
may. be used at all times and under all circumstances.
-A fresh • supply, of this,ratuablo remedy . recakeed earl
for salebr • • II A FAIINFZTOCIi tr. Co,
• carrier of heard wood also, comer of 6 1 / 1 Mal wood
GOYS COPAL-4 mos toyelyed 41*i by
. ag*Vii f4,-*WejL
ctfiltElM hf a ;donei
LU & Sows Anemia, meet lb lump..
1,6)( b 6 4, Webster Old superior Mee/9.
36 L create Lou., " 54 "
99 "uentry & Roviner " 3u& as "
20 nom Ida La Euro) U tis •
10 " htei ood " Os "
9h . L o ss, epee Lottier " Lis &Os plug
Jeer landurg from 71 ,•,...awi 1 t u k clA tty,
41 N waterer and 10 N wharves,
my3l Philadelphia:
IF. are .ill engaged in the above comer
TV of Wood and non! streets. Pittatiurgb, where
we are prepared to do any wort to our line with qtew
pateli. We attend to oar work p.m:wally, and ash..
Mellon will be given in regard to Its usameu and du
Bleak Books ruled to airy pattern and hound sub
stantially. Books In numbers or old bodks bourn/ care
fully or repaired. Names pot on book. In gilt letter..
Those dim hue work In our line are invited to ea/l.
Pricer low. myth:kV
YrM.O. ge, A irrE ee e Caps. JA tarot ATKINSON
have entered into partners, under the firm of
IFE & ATKINSON. and wlffl carry on the Tin,
Copper, and Sheet Iron Ware manufactory.
Also, illacksatithing hr all its branches, at the old
stand of Wet B. theatre, First street, near Wood.
Particular attention given to steamboat work.
4141 - 1308 Bio ; baggyMM do St. Domino do ,• 411 boo 9.10 gloss 125 do
14)-12 do 25 do 71) do 25 do 1044 do; 05 bbd. N. 0.
Se•gor ; 2i bbb No. 3 =Mom! 190 boo rdido snap No.
1; WO do dipped candles • 125 do Cuicinsuuti mold do,
roe rived on cousigornerti 'and for sale by
scplll 8 & W HAROHUOII
tve itgai iaragilerudrossaiiinein
of Cloths, Cassia:hem, Vestings, Cravats, &o, and
for mile by L WlLLlA3ll3,ldereant Tailor,
nt7 B under Monongahela House. sadtbfield It
l'ilitiallNEDiltAlThilt librlOce
Three fine Draught Koreas for aate,autta.
•bit for dray ing ere Enquire Of,
ivniusuconti &
.107 canal hada, liberty id
dosu dos
%.." very fine uncle. A few dozens Philadiclphia
Stier., from the manufactory of If fif Creurdird
watch the atteanon of boot =
ken is invited. Just
received and for sale by W YOUNCI k Co,
ied7 143 liberty et
AT W. id. APCLINTOCK'S No. 75 PoOrtb street,
ean be seen a splendid variety of sup Royal Vel
vet 0 . 1 'Aram carpets, latest styles. Also, Bro.
Bela 3 ply. and sup• std fins Lorain Carpet., of sop
styles and Qualities; 'and in coonsesion sate always, be
Coned Table Linens, a:rashes, Diapers, Ltaiwts, blo.
:noes, NI Cloths, fie. /Se:, to all of which be , W,l rho
attendee of the publie.
cadre stock to O. IL Oasts!, with
11. view eloting our old bushiest. wa lultreby so
hen the tuns tha patroness of all our friends and on.-
touters. RO. W. ?OM DEXTER,
CaII. GRANT, Wholesale Grocer, Csanmiesion sad
_Ft!nrarthug AlereitYl4 NO. 41 Water IL nal
NOS: DI and 94 Front street, Bell FOurildre and man
ufacturers of ell kinds of Faun'. loran, Steam
an Water, have shay. on hand Wrought . Gott Wed.
dad Pit* for steam, go, ard eruct, frota, him to it 111.
m diameter. Rm. truant/ made cutler: Atno
Vlop . ' tta
rrlrhate cr i gam a'a lm ih rs =a Malin
is particularly directed.
13. Malaga pm up promptly end on
terms peptiAdieu
azigifittivirOl) °suasive.
PSITE.IIB TO Ti 11.9 RETHEAT turbo famished
watt a Loath at all hoar. of the day{ &IA lon
Creams, dolt Caufeetiottary, he. The deamer Green
wood makes her regular tripe on meal, leaehigher Vitt
Bend Laudiegat be A. AL, and at hearten eackhout
(czecP l II) WWI 14 P. IL—leaving the 'Unlink u4lO
Y. M. for her hut um to thedry.
A marital& stew of tho Garden is indeeertleabla fa
in beauty, i . $lO
/050 AND 1103120031, 7111:1111=17114.
aTHIS establishment L.. 4 and widely lia "" "
being cue of the most corerriodiom in the city of
Bellmore, bus recently undergone eery erten
sire alterations and improremelits. An 611111, new wing has been added, eontainiug nemintom "a air,
.1e,g14.4 .Vtrtments, and extensive bathing rooms.
ast' department has alas been completely
:reorganized and fined tip In a meet unique and bend-
ful atyle. In fact the whole enlargement of the Home
has been remodeled, with a single eye on the part of
the Month/am awards the comfort mad pleas:own,
'their Oneida, and which they eonfidently smart will
;challenge comparisen whit any Hotel in the Union.
Their table wW always be sapplled with every tab.
'atheist and Inertly which the market arced., caned
op in
will tinperim style; while in the way of Winer', lee.,
they not be tuarpaued.
In conclu s ion the proprietors begot say, that nothi
will he 101 l widen:ton their pan, and on part of their
assistants, to render this Hotel worthy the continued
patronage Of their friends and the public generally.
fallow The pn cestan tor board have also been reduced to the
mg titer.
Ladles' Ordin
Gentlemen's " l ary, I SIMI Per day.
N. Snoop ,so W
• of the House will al
way he foetid at the Car end Steamboat Landings,
which will "cover • • to and from the Hotel, free
comma or rams Ana sr. mare eta, orrnunriton, The subscriber having, assumed the
Mont adds long established and popular
respectfully announce. to Travellers and the
Public generally, dint he will be at all times prepared
atecommodato them in au thins desirable to a well
regulated Hotel. The House i 11710.7 being thoroughly
repaired thronhout, aad new Purrumre added, and 00
pains will be spared to make the Exchange one of the
my best Hotels In the country.
The andettrigned respectfully solicits a cent er:twee
rg=r , e i x y 'liberal patterml3se Hoe
MAS ne. heretofore
00111 =ilk 07 700{70 AND aSSAIT STSITSII7, PTITSOOIIOB. THE subscriber respectfully immuneee that
he has now opened his new and excellent Hotel
for the accommodation of traveler., boardera,
mak the public merely. The house and furniture
areentirely new, and no palms or expellee hare been
wired to render It one of the most comfortable and
yderisant Hotels in the city.
The subscriber is determined to deserre, and there
fore solicits, a share of public peril:nine.
attl4-dly !ACM{ liC2l. l l,ll,yroprietor.
ARIS THROCKMOnON beg. to ampudni his friends that he is again leesee of the GALT
110U8e, Lordevilla KY, whom Ito hope. to meet
ail his old Mends. amming Meru and the public, that
Da effort shall be spa r ed to make all comfortable who
fa , Lor him with Mel .. rcEin. jjanlidly
CH.M. ST, S7IV77111701711:171 slut inn% out
OOPPOSITE late Bank of the United States, Phila.
dolphin. M. POPE MITCHELL.,
mann( Proprietor.
Chou&Hite, Cocoa, Co. W. Baker's American and Pelt Chocolateli:repar
ed Cocoa, Comm Parts, Brom& Cocoa She ila, Le.
TIO merchant. and consumers ' who would purchase
He best products of Coco b Bee from adulteration,
MOM than tea of COE., and in us ury 1311•311 ,
paued ; the mhscriber recommend. the above articles,
manufattured by hhmelf, and stamped with his name.
Ills Moms and Cocoa Paste, as delicate.' Paltuabla r
and salutary dnnko foe invalids, convalescents, and
ethers, are pronounced by the most eminent physicians
superior to any other preparations. Bin manufmturce
are always on sale, to any quantity, by the most re-
Ipectable grocer. tti the eastern due*, and by Men
agents, linerekOrity & eo, of BOSIOn; James M Boone
& no,Hartford, Coon; limey & Murray, New York;
Grant & Stone, Philadelphia; Thomas V Bruudige, Bal
timore; and Kellrlet & Bennett,Cincianati, Ohio.
WALrEa BAKU, Dorchester Mass.
For sale by atiel RAGALEY & smiTn, A/rt.
"arum, BROOKSa:CO., ould respectfully in
, form the public that they have erected a shay On
lecock, between Federal and Sandusky sweets. They
are non making end are prepared to receive orders for
every decennium of vehicles, Catcher, Chants, Ha,
touches, Boggles, Photos., tke., which from Mew
, long expenence In the manufaenue of the above work,
and the famlntes they have, they feel confident they are
enabled to do work on the most reasonable terms with
those wanung articles to their lute.
Paying particular attention to the selection of math.
natty and asides norm but competent workmen, they
have no hesitation in warranting their work .
therefore ask the attention of the public to this manse.
N. R. Repairing done in the best manner, and on the
most reasonable terllll. Jattf
Vlirinight and Cast Iron Honing.
fit HE rtrbsenbera beg leave to info.m the public that
j dui have °burned from the East all the late and
fashionable deep's for Iron Railing, both She houses
and cemeteries Persons wishing to procure hand
some patterns will please call and egarrune, and judge
for themselves. Raihng will he furuaahed at the short.
eat, notice, and In dm best manner, at the corner of
Craig and Rebecca meets, Alleghey city.
arui2i-dd A. LAMONT CCOX_
• Ili vesperal - 4illeiets' - Patent - Soda; Ash. -
TILE subscribers Inform their customers and dealers
generally, that their first shim:nen. for the fall On.
antamof the above article, has arrived at Philadelphia
per ship Juniata, direct from the Manufacturer. an
Liserpool, and will be here m • few dam. They have
savereLother Meinutems on the say—vwoof inch,
per shins Aledellion and Lydia, are nealy
theyerefem prepared to MCI. orders.
the law quantities they have coating to the
serum rides (to be forwarded here by mural) they wok
creole. Spring the winter and apnea regains supplies
van Near Mewls, W Al hiITeIiELTE.
— Ateney truss, fresh from Entretp• — : - 7 -
7Mb: enattrubere M. now in store • nary Wetzel'e
amoranenl at Pure for ladles wear, which M.
been parchment in grope by me of the Arm, at very
low prices' allying the monetary cmes succeeding the
French Resolutton!
Thu advantage, which that possess over any other
house to (tie Md.:Wenn 0.61 e them to Oen 11, Ter, ex
cellent article much below the market price.
ET Merchants mul others will advance their own
interests by examining this extensive usortmeni.
SOLIS, BROTHERS, tmporters,
' "'
PIS A . l=3 (Pilalbrlrj) between tl I;nd 44..t.ceieta,
Leechlog, Gapping and Bleeding. —
IL NORRIS, Iftecessor to Al. R. Delany I--
. No SS Filth meat, between Wood and Smith-
Id. Preah leeches received monthly—amendmee all
hours. Reference, the physicians of Pittsburgh, Alle
gheny amd Birmingham.
I most ebeertuilp recommend to the phyricianu fam
ines and all my former friends and patrons, Mr. A_ IL
Borne as trews thoroughly acuminated with the boat ,
new and worthy or patronage.
aeuzi-iy ht. R. DELANY.
7an ntactora • Tobacco.
'Bl - 1.3 23 do ha AGe
ler`a ntry S. /Mystery superior sweat
tto 5 Ipat
.t " "
L 3 bf do him* & Ilardrood'o " 5 "
21 do do do " Id
25 do do Pearl do ILarwood " ft& lb "
14 do .1 Robunwo Ws
57 hf do do " d "
23 do do Wm Dawson - 3 "
33 do T Wnght's " " $ "
37 do D Anderson "
0 do L T Dudes " 8
3 do R blonoti. "
.1 do Ralehtl " lb "
Just h dubng from steamer and panYets, and for yob,
41 north water it and 16 north whined
real . _ . ___ .__ PldLadolphm
Plttsbariti, Auz, 4tb, 1848
,T 06033 L0PM05031..,- 0
istroPaiecolur BAH% . •
_item Jr 3 Strickler, k
ICANCTAMTRERS of Fhmnix fire proof safes,
Somb aide,eimontrenntet, between Wood and
PanithfieldPlttsbUrgic. J Brilwiekler havingdeecesed
anti the Arriving partner Biz.' Jot LappencatL. baying
associated Maar with Mr, Wra C Ban, Me bnaine"
will hereafter,be condamd muter the !style of Litre
conk Bart,
Trial of ■ safe to andel:WA 0.--we, the undersign
ed were present at the mantra one al 8 Swiekleg es.
C°'.th r ^ra finoinemf Albs. The safe .was
planed a (Unitive am Moymblio landing, and subjected
tattle intense hem a ketone coal fire Mr mem than
three houra "biota hour and a bell the Ale tame to
a i b o 4u red beat the 'door' of A* furnace war then
e which caused an Increased and steady beat for
the mace oCthe tinta, until the east iron wheels were
P 4 1 414 melted 4 tike furnace was then 'hewn down
and the sate cooled and opened. The money, papers
and books which It remained were as perfect so when
placed there, the binding only of the boots being to
tmed by the water to moling the safe. We have no
esitation in recommending hto the politic as a safe
superior to any we have ever seen tested, and believe
that it will stand any heat which might be produced.
reept a heat Wtuchwoald malt It toe solid alma
K. SP .: thir" .t4 U W m him L Tr, Bree pe, W rmua K enti ell T T 4
St:Asm, Mayard Co, Wm Manse,
We, the arelentigaed, bleated the sacs
above, from a lot la the more of haber A:tq t t : he i
Adat.t 4 C SPRING
. _
Refer to Cook & Harr* Broken, Pirtstr • • • •
• .
MANUFAC I USERS of Hammered and Cut Steel
Shovels and Spadea,axes and Hate-haul, Mil, /4
Cm, Circular and Gin Saws, Hay and Manure Perk.,
Noes, Mattocks, Mks, ac., having completed all th eir
IMangementsin thitrentiftrUetiOU of new machinery,
and in .earing the hest workmen from the most cede,
heated astablishmenth of the East are now manufactur
lug and will keep constantly on hand and for sale all
the above articles, haring rivalled themselves of the
latest Improvements, end an determined that'll work•
mans* and material they will not be excelled. They
promise to produce erticles equal„ if not superior, to
any that can ba hadin the ELI. They Invite the atten
tion of dealers to au examination oftheir stock before
purchasing elsewhere, as they are convinced that they
will be able to fill all orders in their tine to the entire
satisfaction of purchasers. Warehouse Water street,
4 doors West Monongahela Haase, Pitt sburgh, Pa.
N. a—Persons having business with Wm. Lippen
eon /c Son wit please call on Uppencou & Co.
Pittsburgh Furniture Wars flotsam,
85, 111311, maim.
A Large and splendid assortment of Furni
ture, mutable for Steamboats, Hotels and pri
vate dwellings, constantly on hand and
made to order.
The present stock on hand cannot be exceeded by
any mwmfactory in the western conntry. Persons,
wishing to purchase would do well to give toe a calq",
am detellailled my
Prices shall plearo. Part of
the stook consists in—
GO sofas with Plush and Hair-cloth covers,
S dor Mahogany Nurse Chairs;
glt e l ", ro v riactgany Chairs;
12 mahogany Work Stands;
3 dot mahogany Rocking Chaur,
15 marble top Dressing , Thareang
8 pair Ottomans;
9 marble top Work Stands;
IS cherry Work Stands;
Mahogany, Maple, Cherry, and Poplar Bedsteads of
all descriptions, and a large assorunent of common
furniture and chairs, too numerous to mention.
THEY are not manse bow friabtfuily pitapat:a is to
the ikin-1,0 to course how tough, how sallow, yel
low and anheapltS the WWI appears abet using papas
pared chalk' Ile emus. containtoga lame
We have nrafaird a heaso•Mt TeaThabl• rads,
which we nail JONEs ttVA isll LILY WHITE. II
is perfectly itinocrel. beum thrd of all dolomiteus
qualities; and it imparts to the skis a natural, healthy,
alabawer, clear, living white; at the same time acting
as • cosmetic on the skin- making it son and smooth.
Dr. James Anderson, Practical Chemist a( hissan.
chuseus, nays: "APer analyzum Joins' Spiptiah Llly
Whit, I bad a possesses the moat beandfal and natm
re, and at the same time innocent titbits, I ever sawt
certainly can consciarrtionaly recommend its seek to ail
whose skin requires beautifying." Tama cotta •
box. Sold by WM. JACJLSON. PO Liberty sx snartAl
- Pitt Mathias — Works and Veanary.
TOHN WRIGHT& Co., are prepared to braid Cotton
gi and Woolen blechmery of ever. desertpuon, such
as Carding Machines. Spinrung Frames, speeders
Drawing Frames, Railway Heads, Warpers,
Dressing Frames, L ooms,L Card Gruiders, at. Wrought
Iron Sharimg sues of Cast Iron, Peale. and
Hangers of the latest patterns, slide and hand Lathes
and tools of all roads. Casual!. of every description
furnished on short notice. Patterns made to order for
ADII Gearing, Iron Railing. de. Steam Pipe for heat
ing Factories, Cast Iron Wmdow Sash soul Homy Can.
pop generally. ratters left to the Warehouse of
Palmer I Co., Liberty meet, will have prompt attea
Refer to Dlackatoek, Hell &Co , Moorehead &
Co. G. E. Warner, John Immo & Sons, Pambargh ; G
C. & J. H. Warner. Steubenville. bulb
New itaraarare Haase.
Wood and lid sta., Putatut.-gb Rae
mg wtt.hdrawn from the firm of
%%. ler Woes/well, on theist of January, I
take pleantre In announcing to my (mends in the city
and country, that I here opened my new store at the
shove named place'Leung purchased my good. for
I cosh, and made arrangements with manufacturers In
ads annoy and in Parope to be constantly supplied,
I am daily prepared to lumen Hardware of all kind.,
on as good terms and as low as ally holes,. East or
West. Murchison& and others are respectfully It
to call and examine rny stock, before purchasing eke
where The follow - tile comprise. a part of hie atock
Steamboat and udebery henbinue, gun trtmanntu,
files, Naylor's steel, cutlery. edre tool., amllit,
locks, !welts, scythes, butt hinges, screws, Calm i .e.
tory Plarms, saws, mahoguybeards ud veneere, and
all other uncles connected with the hardware hue,
- C - 117 Iffnata.eirlan Gallery.
Tottle entree rear OVILDITZL.
NOG begs leave to in the moults of Pol.-
. burgh and netudy, that he ha. taken the Unguer
rtan Rot. lately ocwpmd by Mr. Porter. The pub
lic an assured that all the late improvements are stee
red, and will he boperationht inte operaon by Mr Hoge,
who h as been a constaut operator since the en was
first discovered. Entire sumo/et:on guaranued is
all who may become tua patrous. Mr H.will refer
Porter, in whose camboalunent he
has operated for the tut twelve months Family Per
treats, Engraving., Daguerreotypes, tar., acurately
copied. Likenewte• taken an any weather, a n d sene
lockets, breast pins, eases and frame..
113Blittet10111 given la every branch of the art, and ap
puma. furnished.
Cl= alssolane Shop.
'IQ WlGHTMAN—Manufactuner °fell kind. of cot.
The aton and woollen machinery, Allegheny city, P.
boveo works being now in Mil and succeutul *n
umb:ay' am prepared to execute toilers with dispatch
for all kinds of machinery in my lure, such as willows,
pickers, spreaders, <anis, grinding machines, railways,
drawing frames, speeders, thresh's, looms, woolen
cards, double or mingle, kw merebun or country wink,
muleajacks,&e.; slide and band When and tools in gen.
eral. All kinds of slotiling made to order, orplans ,p,
en for gearing factories or nulls at reasonable charge
Iles. to—liconcily Child. & Co, Illackstock, Bell
& Co, Ki ng, Pennock c Co., Jas. A. Gray.
- - nsaa. - Aartrun - Avalro - usronw - -
AA FULTON, Bell nod Brau Founder, has re
tinal and commenced Lamest! at his old stand,
where he will be pleased to see tus old custom
ers and friends.
Citurch,Sthemboat,and Bells of every sire, from to
to 10,000 pound., awn from patterns Male most approv
e,' models, and warranted to be ante best alumna's.
Mineral Water Pumps,Countera, Railing. &e., toge
ther with every 'rarely of Brass C. 111141,1, if required,
utmed and finished in the neatest manner.
A. F. is the sole proprietor of Wharfs Jorn-Arnci
clue Alersx„ air justly celebrated for the reduction of
friotion in machinery. The Bores and Composition
can be had of him at all tames. allAy_
Ploughs, Plough Camellias - go, W — migo ra
~ Bognii, m aso.
. ItOk: f LlT & l4.Akh a ,
i o n (
m the old .
taring lactic quantities of
Ploughs, Pkingh Casting., Wag
on bodes, &e, with the improvements of the LA aver.
Peacock, Moots. and other Ploughs, of the latest and
bout patterns now in use.
Warehouse, 100 Liberty street, Pittsburgh, opposite
the Hay Scale; Factory, In Allegheny etty, near the
Cotton Factory of Wawa Illackstock, Belt & Co.
T R Pohrg .m'" rren 2 ' i l iN P h aor '' unr fkigrunan u 7 ini b ile ` f7h:
name ofJohn Prices & Co., ts th is day deunsed by mu
tual consent_ The business of the late firm will be set
tled bisJObli Porten at the warehouse oldie Boatmen's
The business of Me Boatmen's Line will hereafter be
conducted by Farrell & Lowry, as lAA impe 111Am
-712=1.f1d for pail favors, we solicit a conthinunde of
the same. JOHN PABREN
se •13 L 1. LOWRY
steamse 11 el igdh , 3 !this Mineral Paint. The ar
tick Is worthy of the consideration of all painter* for
It Is of a stone color, and can be added with any other
nolo, without changing the shade materially. It le a
great waving. and wren eppbeil to wood it will torn the
paint to • perfect mane surface In the course of three
4or 5 week. Also, IL Is • emninnte g,rerproof—the ar
ticle has been fully tested for ink year. the propel,
tors before they emelt' offer it for sale. Any person
punclriplog will not be deceived w the article. A lar&e
quannly will IS kept on hand at all times, at the India
Robber and Oil 41th I:knob .1 AII PHILLIPS
[Patti Ag"lbril‘P company, No 6 wood'et
D 0U881.1.11t4 FINE PERFUhlElii:YuSireeevred
jua, Ita4 for We, wholesale or retail
Ainiuldna+ ,50 , 1 , Haul cut Oil Soap;
Phil come; alelbinde Oil, S /uses;
Consp'd Ox Nsurovr/ WOO) Ball . , /transparent)
Ahnoull Sharing dream; Morn B s;
Bean Bea Orease. Pal% opubas -,, p•
Taylor's rerf:uue;
C.loltne; 3. sued. ' '
Jenny Lind Pomade, amandlne.
cleat lt E SELLERS, No 57 wood st,
11. T. Roberta, M. D.,
1:11177ALB110 SURGEON, will &nem t o the treat
memo( aiseases Orate Rya,
. It has been fairlitythis band, or the medi
cal prareamou for sixteen vsta, and has aouducted all
establishment rot the nes hat or dliaases at the eye
alone Mt stoma! yenta
°Faux and residence, comer of Sandusky st amt stomnerry alley, Allegheny city. *nun
Dr. 1, !..P Z itD4roso.
• an d lll3 18 to e eril y Rug putunese one vial of Dr .
McLane's W Roca e, same twin Meanie ago
an Ro
ter a {O at Mute, eau. Nev. year. old, two
maapeette Poly and although . the anunmt may appeu
larae, 1 ft • 7-teavo no doubt • but Mere seu upward, of
two: tacmgaim moats Fumed from him, measuring
tranaal 991Irtal Or an inch to non Nelms long.
g Iff not4JDAY-
HoinCs emelt, Carrpl ego. Tram, um 117, 1.847. Jane
IrpNINEENDS saseNtiLL.C--30i Le.
. or
great spring and summer medicine, this day reed
aaut lot Sale reitelesale and entail, by _ _ _
. .
N. B .—y . 11. E. R . 44 Ih.Tovroseal's on S
ly ageetior
fhtedeugh, ate rumba estinie be bed et
No 07 Wood Mut. itira
t i OrniVAND' i d.O . SIMERES-Bmhb
Nj El :MURIA Wee, weak! (mew the enearetek
buyeremhetr sleek o(Frorash Cloths and aweeeereim
eßlei,exteaske fancy Ceie , es,l3etque L. Tweedy
SUR -Yealep, Tip!! .!ngwpily
IiarAVING just waived hLi Supply of Fancy
.11 Trimmings and Variety ood4; he invites the
attention of cotton:tits to tus venr•extensive .stock,
Consisting to part orate following Goods:
12 do: fine steel bead bags;
tl do do velvet., do do
do do noel.n gib bead pa n
t do finest embroidered d ,
4 do assorted rolatwood work bal.,
Ido do finest -do furnished,
Ido do writing dub,
Ido do drestiog cases, gentr,?
do fine inlaid Moms aceordectirti
I do plain do do
0 do common do
ECG bunches 'stool beads;
40 do assorted steel 4..ssels;"
lit do steel parse sings; •
101 do gilt beathg
too do . -
IS do: Jean blasiOraritios Cologne;
10 routs back gaortelon boards, assorted;
40 setts assorted dOkalnos;
1 dos fine wad onSps,•assorted;
12 do glass fancy boxes;
10 gross visiting tints, assorted;
12 dos aegar cases,. do
30 do plain and shaded spool twist}
A, do assorted chirdrmantel ornentouts,
do ivory acrewpin cushions;
do stool do do do •
do wood do -do do • •
do plain silk purses, assorted;
IoD dtdd"ddoooolase"."nia4:lWdoilirted..i,f7l:::lowe:plerge'd4turffsf.nNdted:"lmie:':-:4lrs;rd:7"'":
do boys do gaiters;
2do ass'd bays do capr
10 dos ladies fleecy lined kilt gloves;
el do gents do do do
60 do fancy top otahmore do
1.5 do plain do , do do
12 do gents do do de
15 do do Berlin ;Mod do
10 do do book ' do do
'X, do children. meetings, assorted;
30 do do gloves and minens, owned;
22 do ladies blk cashmere hose, do
30 do do and gents kid gloves do, cheap;
al do denscoarse yarn do do
la do do do mittens do
10 do bays do • do do
24 do children,. Orlean and Albert boots;
3do fins zephyr open worked do
25 pieces blk embeindery gimp;
15 do do plain do
to do cold embroidery do
to do plain do do
Id do Mk mohair fringe;
15 do m,l'd do do
50 do blk cot silk do, all prices;
A very extensive assortment of colors of ell widths
end r des
40 setts graduated buoy bubo. fox dresses;
rat do plans do do do
203 peas ess'd col's silk do do
10 dos ladies cloak Mauls, ass'd col% and bit
12 do gents do do do '
40 gross common gilt buttons; .
50 do fine do do, snorted;
12 pieces heavy cloth fringes, do
300 lbs cold and worste Y d
skein cOODS. oven;
100 do Tinley's patent thread;
55 do common der do
1.000 MO percussion caps, at all prices; .•
150 packs timeliest' puss, ass'd No 01,
lOU dos 'Tally lie" mots, warrante d;
12 gross ;soonest lather brusheg
Su dos hair do
Ai do tooth do, assorted;
30 do rasor strops;
ao do cotton genets:
.5 do fine eluoc silk;
Wil s d° fiat assortme dok n i tti every thin; In the satiorf
Ear nogs, Liget. rim, breast pins, mit:damp, ease; 1
gold chains arid gold crutches lc every variety.
TEST Ming received and now opening MALEXAN
s, DER & DAY'S, 'No 75 Market streeti northwest
corner of the Diamond; a very large and aPloodid Cook
of fall and winter Dry Goods, to which they would re
speetfully win th e atteutlon of the public. It isartilt
known to almost every one that the present season is
one distinpished for Its low mime of Dry Goods, and
it affords its great pleasant to being able to Mate that
owing to our peal facilities for that purpose,(one of
firm nn residing Philadelphia„) we hove been ena
bird to purchase our present stock et • considerable
reduction froth the usual marke, rates.Elicap as they
are, and we are therefore enabled to sell at corresypern.
ding), lower than the usual Twice.. We Would On Ire
ton invite all cash buyers by wholesale or retail., to
glee us a call, end lay oat their meney to the best ad
The Ladies should call and 0.101110 our stock of
Prints, Gingham,. de Lathes, Cashmeres, Alpaca
Merinos. Silks, Bombazines, Plaids. and lance oda r
styles of futuonable Dress Goode, of which we here!, t
I very fine assortment, including every deseription o f
those goods in the market.
we would recommend our stock ofeuper French Cloths
and English, French and Amer.. Cusitherea
OUR STOCK OF SHAWLS is very lorue,.embra
cing almost every variety of style and quality.
SATTIETS-i-OM which we have an eteellent as.
so t, and otell qoalities.
FLANNELS—Red. white sod tell.< Moos's...ran HAVEStaite which etothot bautpaand, for the r,
I qualities end prices. .1
tablisimentof thanuftwones of Wool, WIWI, Iron,
Timms AND CHEEKS—A koperior ' imortment joh „ , or Am , ot h er b us i ness reoo i r o tt , coal. Duo.
of Tmka , a , of rods.; sod Sbtroolf Modes rm.' Wag. my Wth.. - Harleutron We Monongahela ay',
o f
'Where is erected on the lot a large Building, in whir b
BLEACHED AND BROWN MURLINS—Embnt. A erected &atheist engine so inch cylinder, slur.
°"'Y description the f . bQ°6 bailer., k.c., I we - IMB, and 5 small pairaf mitt stone.
cloning Sheetings of all widths.
t radwAy from my coal thine passes within a few
ALSO -A fine stock of Satin Vestinp, Silk and Co' yee .d. T invite tenth ,bour,
a s
Sue ot. mono ,
tot 'Moen, Mob Olen end fi g ured, hen.t, lean tutoring, to visit the plows sad examine Hs attracts.
Mud idosors, Mud nod fancy gas twill sell it at a low rate; or t he paiturn
lock bleached nod .°""" r i Would offer, would be willing to put the property. to a.
both linen and cation. bleached and unbleached Tab le
kin some joint concern. If further information ts
Moths, bleached sod cebleuhed Canton 'Flannel., stoc k
bruit an one, it may be had by DOIVIIIII LO
cord do do, Bonnets and Bonnet Ribbons, blk and sel'd Baird, Jr. at Tr ork 3` . -R . - pz o r rro .; . .
silk cravats, Ladies Scarfs and cravats, (Doves wit
kd etreet, pi tte h or e h or to m, oyoer to the ;erg,.
Hosiery of all Stud., Suspenders, Irish Llnetn, Linen' brick building called slits Romd Corner," Washing
Lawns, Lthen Hdkfs, bib Lam Veil*, Lou do. t ton, pn TB. ii. Hata r.
and HMOs, 011 Clunnes, Russia and Settle& Diaper,. a
crash, Lawn. plain striped and barred Jaconets, Cam- ;'
brie and Swiss Muslim, Victoria LAMM, Green Bare
gm, &c..
kluchants noting the city for the purpose"( laying
tu their supplies, should not fail to pre us a cult, es
they will find our goods and prices such as cannot fail
to sot their purpose ALEXANDER to DAY,
sewn 75 market a, N W cor Diamond
The Neer Golden Bea Hive Appals.
Nine Fail dud Mater Dry Goody.
TV ST received and now opening at the eign ot tear
el Bra 800 Dm; on Market anent, between Third and
Fourth wee., sue of the largest, cheuet_ 'and beat.
assorted stocks of Fall and Winter Dry .11/411 ever of.
fered in Pittsburgh, to which the anentiowef 'On" no.
mesons ctistotuers end the public generally, Israelis
fully invited, ea the subscriber is confident shalt' y. y•
oiler such bargains in Dry Goods as cannot 'be
passed by nay other house to the city.
As these goods have bean putehond at Pewee I far
below those of any former season, they will 'hi .00 at
rre Anto tiT n red ic thr d hype and splendid .rock ad'Al bi foe and
[Lwy ehotee and desirab
le goOdeal as.lreently 1 ow
Very rich and most fashionable dress silks; plaid and
striped blink men; striped and plaid silks; plain
very glossy gross Shine; plain black rich (intro; I mi
nute, silk for vites, nuoidilai rind ave.., cony I ow
prices; newest designs and latest styles eashmen
plum and satin sniped cuiihmeni, very Cheap; Pros me
merino all colors; de !eines, plain and firmed soda tin
striped, at great reduction...l former pracea; ants , C al.
forma and cashmere plaids; atutour and ey
platds, all qua li ties, alp can, all qualities eutectic re,
trolls 14 to s 5 cents NlT peeL
SHAWLS so d S!
Fine cashmere, terkerieroehe thavete
Black embroidered cashmere and de bunevegsweek ;
Fine Tibbet end de labia do
Fula blank and colored cloth
Fine quality long, very cheap do
Plum black and plaid silk, very cheap do •
A Ir , ze lot plaid blanket shawl" from 73 cents to 83,
Good dark calico from 310 a ctli pee 77.7di
Best quality dark calico from s;
to 10 eete
Vend wide purple do, 1724 eta; •
Good yard wide bleached maslin 4to elf; • •
Hod tiekiugs cheek% ill prices;
Illimkets, from coarse to best quality, very cheap;
full assortment of roil, white and yellow alosnelig
Smitten', Kentoety Jeans, ) (orlon., Until" ; etc,
me, etc, all of which will be sold at redueeil flies, at
N 062 Market st. riepthil WM. L. RUSSELL.
PALL lipooL
w, tell nosh of
one o i the largest aniartmenta eller althen t Wee ;Mr
ket. which have been purehaud direct from the im.
pollen and Manufacturers, of the lawn and 1121.115• I
eqle e , ise d Were,' in price then everoffered in this city,
to which he unites the annatton of dune wrisblite to
furnish ateamboan or houses, before purchasing Woe
where The stook conant, pgri Of the 104'04
itYcirX i iilifinist Carl o n; At Oil Clothdo Velvet
do Tapextry do di feet Nettle
do Brussels do B 4 74, 4- 4.41 & H alp
Extra super 3 ply do Stair Rods
Pe do do do .1-;; I 44 a t
54 Ornstein
do ingtalu do t r Limas
Wale lio do Rosewood Oil Cloth
Common do do crlunb cloths
4-4, 3-4 & Tkonask Emboned Piano calor,"
Vetulten do dp reatife do •
4-4, 34 sr. 1 twPd do di' Pigored Table Oil cloths
4-4, 34 a I plain do do Turkey Red Totlenett
4-4, LI, k & 4-4 rot do Adelatd Alats
64 pruned cotton Can.t., B±.=e A= do
Extra sup Chenille Rugs, jute
do do Toiled do Allow do
Find io 40 Pierfilh Romp'
Wilton do det amow drop Napkins •
Phdn fig.d Plusht getptig Towolllng
Drab Al Cloth P-4 and 84 Table Linens
Blue do, for coach =Cgs, Trant Whitlow Shades
Nona onto, 'tra Fre nch do do
Rich iln de Ulnas for
do Tenets window tannins '
Scarlet, blue, crimson, black and drab .11ainehte
figured rainbow Unmasks wonted and haen Table
coven, blue, arlinsoo, scarlet , green, drab and black
iforeena cotton Plashes atoll colon, .ke &e
Also, Cancburgs and [lnnings (be steambect dont,
and all other tnmmtng3 ncousitry to, tattlin Dn . boats
in our hoe, to arcieh the candela] attention of owners
is bivuod. W. hPCLINTOCK , S Carpet Wareroota,
cbs door from Wood, on Fourth at. song
Ng. TS pointed Set{ r .
ONg o r the )erireet and ilia robotchola, cock of
CARPETING In the market, embniteutg all lin
own, qualities from the most approved manufinoriee,
dist have hoen tested for darabliny
at Wide and
Tapestry Velvet Carpeting;
do Brunel. do
Rdose g ls cylitylotato W.,4 won:dile Ban
1 ' ..4 . in=0 Wilton dq
Fine do do }lnsoles
Common do do
Manufamared to rink. new Pettesm; adapted OS
p.t om eyeethele an d ealSElDeee
Palmed oil Cloths, for dining roans, armies, veal.
babes, kir., 4, -
F S au ro.
trw ailing, Stair Rode,' Window Shales Ind'
• ,1 , 1
c o ui on and Melillo Docking, from one tlif%o three,
"rd. wide. DD.( Ite. to ...blob anon- ,
dop orpurikasen vitadoania and matt la Mam
my - invited. Waterman, ono doot haat W a, ood st.
anal W Iint4ATIOCK
VOL. XVI. NO. 87,
Patent Graduated Gaharare 'Battery. and Patna
I n/wed Polsaloyeadotfer
ITIMS Is the only inseximeat of the kiadat u ever
I been presented in this Country oe EfiroPc forMed
mei purposes, and, its the °Wynne ever known to Ma '
by which ,he galvanic end cae r be conveyed to the be
.. eye, the ear, the brain s or to any parlor the body,
either externally or internally, in .a definite pone Cream, stresm, suitors shocks or pon—with perfect safety—
and odes
.416 llhattspmeakeEsfita
Thor important appunde noW highly o
appreved f
by many of the most emlnengthysictans of this coon
trylusel Eu concern rop•m can i ginsmreferitima.fteMuttidalsd inhere whom.
IL MI, be
be given to many highly rfiepreilibla chirens. who have
been cored by grieuusof wafters valuable genuine;
of some of the MOO inveterate MITOSIS el.Ofeell watch
timid not be removed by any other knowm means.
among various others, It .us boos snored to be ads
minshm adapted for Ma cure of the following disteuet;
vim nervous headache and ether diseases or the brain .
Ii is with this apparatus gnome that the operator can
convey she magnetic flaid with cue and safety to die
eye, to restore eight, or core sonatingesw to the ear to,
restore hearing; to the tongue and other organs, to re
wore speech; and to the venous parts of the bes'a g r, for
the co of chronic rhenmallam, Lama, aural a, or
tic dolouleux, t.rer..* or foe; chores or M.-
Vital. dance, epilepsy, weakness rota tprainti, romp
diseascs.pecuber to inmates, contraction of thelintbs,
lockjaw, eta, ale.
p Nits for surroortang counties of Western Pa, and
ri imem
for the Lo r =osent, may be =chased, and
Fall instruotiou will be given for the venous ehetni
eats to he used for voodoos diseases, and the beat man.
ner for operating for the cure of Mom diseases willul ;
so be fully sktied to the purchuer, and a pamphlet
put into his b do expressly thr Mar 'purposes, cam,
folly mewed the pataatus En' more
octlfidly ffII.LL&MS, Vine at, Plttsburgh.
NiCidfsztrfincaur. zarsTir,tratwarii.
csanstres museum sweroorna. '
yowl a MELIAMIIPM fil -Wood, atreet, at 4.1./..
ta agent for Carbon's Patent Melodeon, a new sold
beartufol instrument, exceedingly well adapted 'len
small churches or family worship,
Flu the benefit of thou minding at a distance, end
consequently enable o inspect the Melodeon bakes,'
perchance the following description to given:
The cams sten:ads of rosewood, and ale as hands
measly finlehed as a Piano Font. The hey-boanl
precisely the 1141215.411 the piano or organ, and the tone.
(which to very beautiful,) closely resetabies that of the
flute stop ofso organ. The Instrument can be amine ,
distely made portable without detaching any part, the
bellows weeding ante tha body of the instrument, end
the top folding under, leaving the whole so a. compact
form. Each (agnomen, has a packing ease nod the
whole when packed weighs only 45 pounds. 'The tot.
moo of tone Isamel to that of a small ocean and by
means of the swell may be increased or dimisuahed et
it is sufficiently loud forgmall churches, and
is well csiculated for a patter Instrument.
Jett received, a supply of the above. prier with
ease and Instruction Book, %30.
Iteireielble 'kneeling Cook - ,
1 Which renders turbid water ter pate by .
r=2 . °
7 be'CtCmn water in Y. YorYi
4f `...)fr ;V " " a s p th'
eye 'rir
St% saes air hour through
Shoring cock. shows • large depotpi
impure substance., Aroma !cc. This
is the ease more or less with all hydrant water.
The Reversible Fliterer is neat and durable, and is
not attended with the inconvenience incident to other
Filterers, as it is cleansed without being detached loan
the water pipe, by merely turning the key or handle
from our able to the other. By this easy process, the
course *fleeter is changed, and all neconsulations of
Impure nthatances are driven off almost instantly.
without unscrewing the Filter. It also poasesiei the
advantage of being a stop cock, and es meth in many
cases be very convenient imd economical.
It can he attached where there is any presmre high
or low tea cask, tank, tub, ,ke. with ease. I:tr be had
of the sole Agent, W, W. WILSON,
oetl7 corner of Fourth and Marketatni
Diaphragm Filter, for Hydrant VlT.ter.
tigs THIS Is to certify that I have ap
pointed Livings:too, Roggen ,b co. .
Sole Agents for the sale ofletinlng.
Patent Diaprehgra Filter, for the et.
ties of Pittsburgh and Allegheny.
• , er Walter 111 Gibson, 349 Broadway,
Oct. ID, 1849,
pt,h a have been nainvmeof the above uncles at. the
oglee of the Novelty 'Vora. for three months, on trial.
andfqq,j perfectly satisfied that It is a usefut invention
and we take pleasure in reeommendiag, them as a use
NI article to all who lova pare over. Orders will be
thuntofully received and promptly exceuted.
oettfl • LIVINGSTON. ROGGEN . 1 / 4 Ca
Hi institution, under. the care of Mr. d 51r.. c,„,..., a lit re-open for the raceptimi‘of pupas.
in the same boildiurs, No, h.l Liberty street, on nip Ist
Monday of September.
Arrangements hove been made by which they tvl.l
trouble to •firmish young lodic. facitiuce equal to and
~, the West, tbr obtanung a !borough English, Cies.,
eel, and Ornamental education. A full court. 011 Th
lisophical and Chemical Lectures will he del/ vrml
daring the winter, illustrated by apparatua. Tb 4, de•
paruneum of Vocal and Instrumental 151114 i, Modem
Language, Drawing and Patnting, will each he ander
the care ore competent Professor. By clone attention
to the moral and intolleomal improvement of their pu
pils, the Principals hope to meat a continuation of toll.
liberal patronage they have hitherto enjoyed. POI
terma..see cireWar or apply to the Principals.
- -
DPAHTOBY.—The sobserib.rtnkm the unethou
°Neon:sting his friends and theblic in general that
t..h the largest stock of the fo pu llowing named Arti
cles of hi. own mantifietnre in this eity—Saddles,
Truiika and Wimps, all of winch be will warrant
to be made of dm Lest material and by the best meat
antes in Allegheny county. Being deternimoi to Intl:
his manufactures something lover than has been here
tofore sold by any similar establishment in thi coy.
he woald invite persons in need of the above nutrust
.yfiei t y. to hi. vrisrphonse, No.ita Liberty streeL oppo
situ Seventh. Also, Lancia made to order for Machu.-
ociDisly O. KERBY.
Cooper Duplex and Lever Watches:
•... JUST received and for sale at
greatly reduced prices, five genu s
•ne 'T. F. Groper, a Caltherre
Gray's Inn, Road London," Co
pled anti Patent Leneer Watches, eased in 10 tore:
and Jewelled, tvith. Chronameier balance.
These are sow ouches mad, being .open
Join finish and anent.). to the AL Tobias, Jedept,
Johnson, or any other make. Those In want of a vory
:no watch axe 'invited Co roll and eramine Ohio
tier • luxe =torment of Gold and Saver Watei.o.,
ch.........11tea15, Keys, au
ir ,.. 1? -Nei Watches repaired no the best wanner
mai corner tth and Market ,u.
-Box's UM. •bilia of Socretnar such 1"...
the prolegomena
Xanoplion's Almon., nalqrf. et,...-tt• chests.
Orlla ' rt:e ' ; c t r {; t i i"l. fl d eXPI ' "s- t;'et itStd &tin lan.
Anthon t I.:L. Itgr,f e t r ' "P"th -h ; ttrtd ..., i ''', ''''''
guatms in Columbia 'Coll '°r° fiet'es'yo .."-.. '.
the Orammar SchooL J ust We'd and for ~,Asts
•E_loLelotellerateee and Mara
---- M - Itilligi g
Scho l ol in LP:C.I7 W m, co . rnar f eireitft•eltyNigh,c
entrance OR FORrib, where he War be):4pz
..- to itunTrt,
hutment:tans theansofßeadth, Penmanship, Anth
melk_ x'o./D44,Phop_oorrapf_rya.t. stelS•dtat
QTRAALBOAT CLOCIRS-glaWns ,1 eluds4l7ell
IJ off our entire stook of Rieke% marine
can we able odes
to &all Mem at Mwer Nines than May can
be bought at any'hOolte in Pittsburgh or elsewhre.
east or west. Being the only establiehed agent. hew
for these Wales, taw have the !avow mid fines t wren
meat in the cup. eel and sea:
Remember, we are not te be rizientea •
BLAKE*. CO, Market meet,
ocelo entrance au rinith aide of the Ihuteto• d
---------___ - ----- • -
.1. c e ment asso of Come/lua d,Cleva celebrated 311.1%,
facture perior to all others in awe adapted n'
&torch., itteambitaw Commies, dwellings, üblic' ond
ortvate hall; and to all other user where • eheap, sue
and brilliant Nat al deuraak.
AlsotOirondoiestifitli Lanternareundelain;Globes,
Shades, Irma; iiaaies, Cana Tema. At. • Also
Gas Chandeliers, Irma one to
halms. ''''
• .
...._____Th_oetZt - •- • Nbr W denniiket 04
~,„o twng 5wite....... a Crites,
. ho e .
Aill" . .SwarAe, WA-46ACR & CO., Bsomil. rch.
'earner Lieerty .1.14 wood street; iatuntlictu re
• and offer for we Plotbeon t Meer and'Coanter Scale;
of the Most ttwovedualit;
,Cooking,Slores, for wood
and COM alg Stoves of various 11F, Yrtr/or and
cowman Orate; Hallow Witt; .le. Thhy such
t manufacture the Xltehen Range, whin has given such
emirs! eallefution to those haying it in nu, to all of
which they
world sec t eetfully mete the 'attention of
the dawns and ho pia gri5„,„,,,c,27.,iti
----watob.., Jallrary. Ate . - 7 --
rueAp,,,tig op Maklar am PoOIOW ariatrVi;ansoit.
aubscriber. has monied from the, Eue t ,,, 0 ,2 to
110 N• opeuing • large and carofttßy. selected. mach
ot Goode in his lnc (hateful for Veit h 7 cif, patron
„rot h e hopes to email a corillananue•theraof, , by dili
gence In boomers, and geoeing the way assortment,
sod at the most reasonable 'petrel(' ds, enstone
err, and 14E4;4, IMMtdit-Pattlentarly sojourners
v 44 4 1, the cur' from a thstance, are invited to tall aud
examine my large stock of goods,
Iv. Iv- WILSON .
. 133, =Wit e nt=7 . :ltat d
13 4 1 K 8 3--3010 Agent- for Plusbargb,Vvram the
gelatine article can bo had.
u m
on re 3;
a...A- Overcoats; huisetg odo poit3l'Prt4 13 do
" L.C15511,45 4 damsat !Pads, liNto au.. at.,
do Cap% w arid artthout ol ea; jam reoosved by
‘4pr,Otit a 0 0 for sualas hcattnatecedietni4at she F..
We wish it nit Aseszoderatood 0;441401a5.
era eiu
malt:tying from first hands, that bop as the loth.
Rubber Depot, No 5 Wood WOOL •
Jk U F1111431P'4
AWOK FOR , PAR _ usy.)
MO LNVALIDS.— Cs. Bandore
we" on Heal Common
th,' Phyaintßaleciften • end ...
Yoko, .baned.Apon m entooneeloOtti .
=Ws physisal cOrkalltution, being the enetneeee to - ht.
lettere.. 'Prt the 'tabor' 'abject. titeemlttlleGeeted to
Ude City.°call lot sale by , . WAWA E l l
Apollo Ontldin .
yy t
PEttSCitt with emeir elpitl, end' iikiaiotett
11.•-•trtarthe baninese,stotitte strlesereet Ostia Iroo he located on the romp
ply ant& ofke - or Friend &Co. •
.COTTON t,Y..1111114- acemialo: lo .olPClAloCiltra, r
sppqnl nomabersi IMbalgkag r .mt F. le
IVii.V:bareile'at barest' ista