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liilibrtinOsi of Sattirikar, however, tiiii`vetetan
Winces axange pities, and he despairingly ex..
wire haste struggted to the Tut; But we or. afraid
seg akar iatientsby haw to Om sop the ship.—
We to Neon Catalina yesterday, 'according to
the bulletinof out friend Holdet, of, the -Raleigh
Standard. Be estimates this jineyarity Of Gen. Tay.
lot at about 1,000. Tbegame has in all pre
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against: uN but we bad cull some glompses of
bops yenemby weemleg.'
Aftergleing emne returns, end nigh:sr to gather
a Inn hopeotrhich only appears to deepen his de.
spair,the Irani gins up the strokes in the ad.
towing wourefal paragraph • "
awanze, therefore, for the sake of the argu.
meet; as sad so on anotontfifo4., oftho_ne
now th enidazo; THAT .C 4 DR.M.LE ZAMART
OP-THE UNITED STATES loaner:ranch% this
ensehleitto, we mutt, of come, conceal our die.
suranuttend and on min. Our friends in Satins
Entailing bran. nMnt-ht in thelf calculations—
Tlty ken dasivedcw,isid kaa. &viva aka.
Tbe*dip gwe their tritllaph, in fact to ft Ateenal.
na effective 9ratern of organlculon, which has
daratendeaf toping geed doeticilerory visit% 'whilst
the denunitheinfiding too much in their strength.
Wrenn exerted the necessioyenergy to dower
act User effects It Is net to be concealed, Onthat
they had that tellitnytiogied swell which genies
away nniyof the people. It was supposed that
ennuis= was so mach abated as not tet:wicite
any's:Maus fan.' In addition-to these causes,
there were ICIUDIOMII apOr tUltiell which brus con
trammod en swell the whis rate inland =Welton
--innutiery means, the induaran oftatang cap.
Units and mainfinning monopobstsci:,Butit
musecanstry ikhr den to -Wftclut- Serious
tins ousel which torn loa to - eittraent.•
TOsibn exultant. up thotooniont,'Fiaboilixonn.
ix id:atilt UN 01,1,4 inbuiddto s ep*ra the newt&
ainiumstion, Us measure, and the parer which
awns them! Well, Awe is anthinvery fright.
fel to that. His support:could not be endured;
his. be anidedly tornalciaL He
nye:- ,
'We Assz we are Itiontkinate an attempt to re
state the American system—a pnitestivelariff—
the abolition of the - enunituthmal beasur-die
eaddishment of ti natioual bank—an extrermmat
system or internal kapenremee* am, doo, -We
wal wow all than sosensra and the pony. Who
seemed dim: We dudran, only kr support ofthe
gad principles of th e republimn party. We yo for
, eollretiom oPpositionact we feu antsdercaumely
thre,that the party who surround the new Petah
will him Wollner mum= or if he retam
the y inoilivey" which he has pound!).
supfeseed,tluit his whiz friends will pros themup
on Congneas. Should they pursue a different pd
icy—fend we scorcely daze to hope it}-should
they dentine to revive the promotive trine", the
bank, and their old hoped of fiver= measures, we
abut that wanks not because it is their
course, been= it is the amuse demanded by
intereits of am country; sad *carman is de.
mended by the constilottion.°
Nam }litchis is correct in anticipating the res.
Mei= Of the "American system—a protective
heir the abolition of the sub tomsory—a iodi
c** not "earecoguat" system of "internal im.
prove Mena" as far as rivers and helixes are con.
maned; *all them mamma were directly before
the people, and liono'been voted *and approved,
andif :Bather Ittichie opposes them, he will oppose
the will of the people as cane:notionally =mewed.
As to the "erathlishateut of aNstnitud Bank"—that
*shear 'so long med to frighten timid people, with
Mach waxes--the editat of the Bohm need not
lay the flattering maroon to his wed" that such a
thing will be attempted, Much less carried opt. As
tkr as ire know the footing of the Whig party, it
is urbollt oppeled to any such measure, and a pro.
*rot that kind, if serioudy proposed will meet
with as Wong an appoint= from the Whig party
as the Beimocustic. Wer, are aware that nothing
could give the editor of the Thoirm, and the leaden
of his party more delight, thin for the Whig party
to make such an attempt, but it is a vain hope. It
may seem cruel to deprive the old gentleman of the
only light spot in the dark vista of his political ho
rizon, but. we must mum him that his hopes and
. ;wisher a National Bank are fable. That is
one. of. the anestions which the people have not
decided far. 'lt was not before them and the
Whig patty . are too faithful to the empress= wish'
af.the to meddle with it.
ammo* a Bosoms.—ln the days of our boy.
hood, we audio hare ram sport in chasing the
hdrdt throtigh the meadows. Seldom did we suc
ceed in Catching one, bat we often came woesr it
that it withuntetto nearly the same thing. We
numstoloW how eagerly 110 cowl to pursue the
chattering Bohalink—whenjust upon the point of
havisig him, away 'he would go, sending forth a
*feta ittioin of rigmarole, as much as to say
you miss is r We used to wonder wheth
er it did not thus acijnot to make fun of us. But
maaikst4 and bobolinks have long since passed
lb= . ortir Mindiand we do not know we should
ever haveolvnita of them again, had we not met
with thObßowing sprightly account of an attempt
to ohmic mut "etYliess kit:wino birds
Tbs aciallede hos an instinctive honor for cold
lesd,szukthe faculty of dodging out ofits way, which
mo other bird, so far as our ornithological know
-ledge ea each, L possessed of Frequently have
we crept directly under Slow ash or alder, opou
the top of which, one of ' these chatterers was
Perched,Ultingdelliatrato aim, our musket charged
with about six inches of powder, and blued away.
Down the bled would come all but to the ground,
and, when we thought we had him seams, ofl he
would fly. After patenting. divers fantastic gym.
times, Dad Tapping hitt wings to convinde us that
we tad amt wounded him, be would suddenly stop
still in the **perk knowingly and wickedly in OW
face, and ha the joyousness of his exuberant fancy,
would open with s sang of his can compo
sition, the burden of which sounded to us like the
'De ha, ha, ha-don't you wish you could ?
Glick, bug! Wasn't I off in season? Fria loi
dink. 'Put in more powder, Chidoulee,de,
You can't come it. Didn't' yon think you had me?
Bin 3Traidift though. (hilt oto mrrow—al.
ways find me at home. Chic Wee—tip, wheat!
Never felt so well in milk. Desit you feel cheap?
Dipaidady ! Catch • bobolink asleep !
VDU wheat! Tint meths greatest Doll ever saw.
Licksio Split! Give my +meets to your snot—
licintreor mat Takes ran Hip! zip! retie.
hang! Hs, he, ha! stew ,
Atterindniging in this Id of extemporaneous
Whey, laughing all the time-ewe could fairly see
hiss laugh- , the boUlink would tum and fly off to
the next bush, leaving us to Iced, creep up, and
bog noway again or not, to mit our own fancy
Piluttelletay; noisy, witty Allows are these bobs.
hub-the Etercutios and Gossamers of the fealty
lead tdbo--but they never meddle with cadet—
Tee Pea seems to think that the vitapentumn
tjtih ittodulged In tamely before the election,
stilixtecessey. One would think that the cm.
*lto nice Mite people, spoken in the late elecs
dou r might have taught the editor some ditimscr.•
&talks greedesi about deception, dupes, dm,
be Mire redly beim, the "Maxi -
_Wigan." had any
Ching to do wi th the late etechou, he is the greatest
'amps walkers of. We ate happy to tallest) that
de violent tome of the Post is not generally appro.,
" m r o y by - the party ft represents, and we are of
opitOmis the its sherd chine, and hiving epp n
Witeemelfettotelhoted in a omosidenbki degree
tomitteetretekteig neettly in Ms amity.
A ccifragrA_dr= =WO that some measures
eembi :to be WOW . fee °glorious inanikation: of
,o sc r who begot Ties* mildewed Who:Whig
• pop - • itro_ta.s taterlY oppxott to 11l mob pro.
caiselheir. &Ideal kir 9iiiithe vckay nom
likciare ilefeased, are OW fel ow cithiao; homed
toot k%atusplip4 tkrs • The eriseetpeor es de.
tO ; kW lintr*Ct the Oast laessasta of the
We feel Do , to
'game crier them, bat rather to bespeak for the
eressareo, of the 'Max achohlidestkete which is
11601/ 1 to ware tow pirwer,ihe kind led =did eon•
shilistatkas to which it is =Wed, sal wbiek-19 ea.
sweekrito mom .
FololClit NEVIS
sr mits.sweimi.-
• _totrisa;Ott:7l;lBlB.
- ,- .4llboagh-istibe dueotary last hater mike( the
4,ti OFS of Eatope stemmed on the stir of new
vials them is at present no champs of importance
1 0" }FA* Lombardy, Naples and
- - Asuneis
• , ee teecull the panti °Mite/ouch= ion Our
exceplicuithai racier, look rube; more: Palo* in
the fficamed counter,qte irturtilktg uncertain.
ty Lena grants ever."
The Viennese Still stand upon the defensive. The
Emperor is at CHmulz, a town of some 90,000 in.
habitants, about 90 miles North of rieniza,celebrat.
ea for its fortress, and in the direction of Prague.
.A deputation from the Diet is there also, so that a
sort of couvatuis kept up between the Em.
peror and the revolted citizens, the nature of which
seems to indicate on- both aides a disposition to
irroid extremities. At Vienna the Diet meets dal
and in factexercise sovereign authority, the on
one of the Emperor's Ministers remaining at h
, post being M. Erma, of the finance department.
The banicades in the interior of the city are all re.
moved, but at the gams and on the rampartsevray
precaution is 011 upheld. Most of the shops have
recommenced business and Me Boone also open,
I but nothing whatever is done, the majority of [hal
merchants having fled. Bach sales of the national
15 per cent stock as have taken, place have been at
about 67, the mice before the outbreak having stood
at 76. Notwithstanding the flight of the wealthy'
classes, however, arid the fact of about 30,000 or
40,000 of the lab4ring people being in arms, proper
ty has op to the present time been rigidly reaped
ed. All the efforts of the Diet have evidentlybeen
exerted in thin direction. They hays succeeded
at the same time in moderating the aggressive ten
deucies of the population, so as to prevent any rash
I Waal on the snrrounding troops, and in all their
measures they have studiously professed Co mante
-1 taro the authority ofithemonarch. Having among
their other proceedings established a Garde Mobile,
they required from each Min Members an oath of a.
delity to the people and Ukelele:l.lo the constitution.
1281 throne. Acting moreover in the spirit of a
communication conveyed to themby the Emperor,
that the Imperial troops in the neighborhood ofthe
city, under Auenmerg and Jellachich, would not
act upon the offensive, they In torn issued a pro.
donation to the national guards, reminding them
that defence and not attack was the object of the ,
Diet. These proceedings having been communi.:
cared to the Emperor he notified to the deputation
at Olmuts his satie. , tion that the Diet ware exert
ing themselves to prevent anarchy, and that aa long
as they continued in that coursethey might depend
on his approval and rapport.
"in playing this part, however, the Diet are not,
exercising more caution than is absolutely neon- I
sary. The Emperor's troops, steadily concentrat
ing in the vicinity of the city, are expected shortly,
to amount to 100,000, and the provincial population,
it is believed, are generally in favor of the Royal
cause. Tlie,city has so real means of prolonged
I defence, and has only enough of tool for 10 days.
Its subjugation therefore seems itaminentokw
the Hungarian army has advanced sufficiently near
to be within summons, there seems little probabili
ty of its strength being such as to cope with the
formidable and to a great extent well provided
now waiting lather receive them.—
I With such a prospect, therefore, it would be little
short of madam's on the part of the Diet, who are
sun to be held responsible for all that happens, to
commit themselves to unequivocal treason. On
the other hand, the Emperor also has good grounds
I to avoid using the strong hand, even with the mo
, mentary certainty of omens Wholesale *laugh.
to in a city is never forgotten, and the macarch
who holds Ida throne at such a cost seems ever af
terward to wear a pall instead of a robe. Such is
the case at this moment with the Icing of 'Naples,
and it is the consciousness that, although answer
ing its purpose for the moment, a dynasty may be
come doomed through such an event, which ope
rates in many caseass In that probably of Louis
Philippe in February, and the Mato!' Prussia in
March—to prevent a persistence in vigorous men.
sores of repression. Lookers on can criticise with
complacency the weakness of monarchs who, to
pat down all opposition, had only to give their
troops unlimitedlcense but the question is bow
long would they have reigned afterward. A rears
lion would have come, and by the knee of a uni
versal sentiment of humanity they would evento.
any have fallen.
Apart from merely political considerations, how.
ever, it is commonly admitted that the Emperor of
Austria is areally humane man, although feeble
and stupid in all that pertains to the duties of goy.
moment. A farther reason to prompt a pacific, ad.
jumment lies in the present position of the Italian
question, and when we bear in mind that the-bat
influence and authority of the Federal Executive
at Frankfort, centered in the person of the Arch
Duke John, the uncle of the Emperor, will be ex.
arcked to promote • reasonable compromise be
careen the parties, it will
be hard indeed if - all
chance of a serious catastrophe be not avoided.
It is a remarkable and satisiamory cueumeance
that even at the present moment all the advice.
received from the leading people in Amgen, to
matter of what party, are said to show not only a
total absence of regret for Metternich, but .general
sense Girth° justness of his fate. He is seldom
mentioned or thought of but whenever anlal n
eon to him is made, it is usually with ,
ledgment that any state of things is better than that
which prevailed under his sway.
The long domination enemata bit this man must
be taken into account in all our judgments eon
the present contact of the Austrian pea.
pile. have been kept for • generation in •
State of the most demoralizing, because easy and
sensual, bondage, and thermust long stagger in at
tempting to walk alone. The French cannot plead
a like excuse. Abet ample experience of the fol.
lies of war and revolution, they enjoyed 18 yeses
of rational freedom, during which it now appears
they have learned nothing.
Since writing the above I find we have news of
a manifesto issued by this Emperor on the 23d of
October. He says that in leaving Vienne on the
6th he did so with the full expectation that the bet
ter part of the inhabitants would idcm bring the
rebels to condignpnnishment and succeed in surto
zing order; but that, having been disappointed, and
the city having become the scene of an act of hor
ror—the murder of the war minister, Count La.
tour—which has •hot one parallel in history,'—the
parallel intended being probably the previous mar.
der of Count Lambert; at Pealti—he had resolved
to oppose the insurrection by force of arras until it
should be entirely quelledouid the murderers ales
servants given over to the 'avenging hands of
justice.' With this Mew he appoints Prince Win
dischgratz—the old 'soldier whose wife was shot.
some few mouths back, in the riots at Prague, and
' who was himself 62r some moments in the hands
of the mob—commander in chief of all the lame
rig troops, with the exception of those in Italy un
der Count Radetzky. The Emperor adds that
' when peace shall be restored, it will be kV his Pdr-
Meters and the Diet to curb by proper laws, with.
out infringing liberty, the licentiousness of the preen,
and the rights of association and popular armament.
The advice& which bring this manifesto also assert
that a considerable defection had taken place in the
Hungarian army, its cavalry having gone over to
the forces of the Emperor; that all control over the
Viennese mob had been lost by the Diet, and that •
speedy capitulation was inevitable. It is likewise
alleged that plunder had at length been committed.
The panting hatred between the Neapolitans and
Sicilians is still only restrained by the strong grasp
of the big powers that have temlly stepped in
between them. France and England, in order to
prevent waste of life in useless akirmishes_pending
the efforts at mediation, have arranged for the es
tablishment of a neutral ground, to consist of a
belt of twenty miles in width, between Messina,
now under Neapolitan control, and the rest of the
Island. To this the Sicilians have consented, but
it is at the sane time understood that their deter
mination to insist upon the complete indepeadence
of the Island, even Of they should concede the ap
pedatment or some member of the family of this
King of Naples to its throne, is altogether cutctm
ged. The King of Naples on the other bend a al
leged to stabutzieldingly upon his 'rights,' and
hence the y
of anedjustment seems more
doubtful ever. It Metaled that several vu.
blithers from France have arrived to the aid of the
Sicilians, whose military experience may prove
valuable. A house at Pans also has agreed:to furs
nish a loan to the provisional Government of 1,-
500,000 ounces (about 63,750,000,1 on a 5 per cent
stock at 60;to be redeemable in 25 years
It appears tbst the Sardinian Ch unbent have vo•
red, by a large maJorlty, for a renewal of the ar
mistice with F.A.rslry, which was about to ezpire.
The general accounts, however, tend to allow a
constant preparation for war, coupled with the
hope that the present internal embarrassments of
Austria may speedily lead to a crisis, in which a
sudden assault upon her by the Dalian population
may again be euccessfally attempted.
• From France me learn that, according to a bill
which has just been presented to the Netiotud
sembly, the Presidential election is proposed to
take place on the lath .f December. Gen. Cay.
aignac's chance seems diV t rbecome weaker,
and Some changes in his have tended to
damage him. Among th ese is the resignation of
WliGondchaux. who possessed to a considerable
degree the coadense of the monied cbusisa He j
Will also now be subjected to the attacks of a new
andand active OOponent in the National Assembly, Id,
File de Girazdin, the editor of the Pogue, having
been chosen a representative for the colony of Seo.
You will observe Gem the papers that the Gov
ernor of Moultau, in Lahore, is still holding out
within the walls ofthe city. His destruction, how.
ever, is certain.-60 that there is no chance of a pro.
longed Indian war arising out of this affair. At the
Cape of Geed Hope new troubles have arisen from
a revolt of a pont= of the Dutch settlers in the
district ofhiatal, to whom our rule is distasteful.
They have been effectually put dowu by the Gower
nor, Sir Harry Smith, but not until an engagement
had taken piece, involving a lose of eight killed
and thiztrnine wounded on our ride, and forty.
ding left dead on the Hold on, the aide of the teen.
rata Thus it will be wen 'the Bed* epidemic
is mill ping its wands and penetrwing all sorts of
countries.le your case most likely the virus eftto.
taatly discharged itmlf in Mexico.
The acconFr Irehuul this week virtually
conclude the of the rebellba. hi 4 Mesib*
er, avian Waal the earpeelettons wen draw
les thee la mother cases,,haa been bind guilty,
Iva" recotarnengui os to mercy, on, aceolault of
his youth and in other sentence he. been
passed on all the winners— her, Mohlantis
jaunted tdl
sad Mon= minor trials have been ad.
and it has at length been
anthcattadvely announoed that the lives dell par.
tile mill be card
fro priiiiinWilitirwrinain kir trial *Oda.
104 M Decreadmv, smi(he Forest clrisi:'lt is
std fume biliviliitiemted to them thd, if they
would plaid rifts abed punishmeillonly
baadnudeal to them,but they declined todoser,say
fag that they would ehue the Attunes of the gen
tlemen,- Au *seine mDablin is twar about to 0301 p
mace, at which Mr. Garvin Dad will be tried
under the ffimy ass. He was charged, it w il l be
remembered, dm the same time with Mitchell
And ahem - As As, howsmtr, as public interest is
concerned, the Erb Witness is now at an end..—
To day it has been announced that the two men
, who refused to give evidence against O'Brien are
of to =.£lo.largos Yeat'annOwan'mar and to pay
I a tin
liastoeaw of every description remain' as dull as
ever. The gloom maned by the continued depree
sion of railway shares was, duri4the any pan of
the week, more severe than ever, and the share,
of the London and North Western Company,
which is the leading line, were done at t disaamt.
About two years back they were 11160'premium.
Yesterday and to-days reaction Phu boa:awed, and
they are now at 8 premium. ' Oaring to the glut of
money and the primped of a speedy setiktment at
Vienna, Conjoin also have advanced 'then 841. at
which they stood buit week, to 851. The me of
ditcount kat. the best paper Is now not mom than
km 2to 24 cent. - In the min market there
haw been continued fin?nees, but no alteration in
prices. The duty has risen is. end now stands at
ss. per glower. Lt if expected to remain st this
point by a week or two and then again decline to
4 stullinga
Nana*. Loco. Taylor. Whig
I. Levin. Flormwo.Brown. Stale
Southwark & Pam.
punk, 2501 1807 52 67
Moyamenaing 1025 1523 28 3
Cedar Ward 396 253 6 7
Lombard 304 171 27 1
§prace 280 191 34 3
New Market........ 389 340 11 14
4995 4226 158 95
Levin, majority; 670.
IL Chandler, (W.) Van Dyke,(D.
City of Ptuladelphia,ev
cept the lour wards in
the First Dbailet...... 6.556 3574
Chandler'. majority, 2752
M. M OO1 0. (W.} Fla&mall, (L.
Spring Cowden 4068 31.32
Northam Lilmties 2814 2962
6862 6097
MOM'S majority, 765
IV. Linea, (W.) Robbins, (L.
Kensington. ....... ...... 2682 23:52
Unbrourp'd N Liberties— 162 187
Rachmond 151 406
North and Stands Penn.... 296 1118
BlocklaT ........ ........ 309 274
Kinaestung 64 162
Germantown 648 461
Racbceongb 223 231
Meta 165 150
Oxford 141 199
Fmnkford 369 292
Lower Dublin 249 317
Bybeny and Moreland.... 124 103
s d 464 Yunk 385 468
8281 6681
Robbia'a majority, 410.
V. RvedlVW.) Ma* evegL
Montgomery • • ....... 4585 5184
6655 6471
Frostier, majority, 119
Ta .s y i k 6 )t o , (W.) 1t057,4
Rose midcwitY. 321
O iledVll. Dickey, (W.) Hemp sl6o (L
= 5786
Dicker" majority % 626.
Siemr.) ShaafferAL
Stevsaut =wilily, 4101
Addiu44, (W.) &roam (L)
4014 802
Stmog's crtajoritg,443B.
X. Wheeler. (W.) Dinuniek, (L.
Nortbampore 2270' 3410
Monroe 389 1515
Carbon 743 1006
Pike........ ....... ... 101 528
Wayne 935 1235
4444 164
Dinamick's majority, 3320.
WIUT, Loco, Izm i r
XL Bader Weight
Enos ........7929 2343 1 . 43 a
Columbia 2005 25N WI
Wyoming 9S
5032 4899 1939
antler' a majority over Wright, 131
XU. Free Sail Loco. Case Loco. Wbig
Wilmot Brewiass. Tracy
Bradford ..........4175 215 2590
Boaquchanoa 2730 67 1170
Tiop 1714 640 1023
8619 922
Wilmot's majority over Tracy, 3846.
Cues , g) Petnlen, (L
.....1585 2018
2921 1594
798 985
O ' Ot x tl aninir iamberiMa
Casey's mitiority,223.
Pitc= l ,(W.) Dock 1L)
...4911 3395
10,203 1369
- Pitman's majority 2835.
Nen,W, Demer, L.,
r::', M
Ness' majority, 610.
Brady, W, McLaughs& L,
3693 3042
8015 8182
NlcLaaahan's trAjority, 167.
Calvin, W, Parize,
Centre ....
2262 1883
2335 1378
6012 5948
Calvin's oxinarity,64.
Ogle, W,, Damon, L,
...2813 1.042
6962 6649
0 11 18 , 1 MAjerity, 233.
XUL Livergaoci, W, Mann, L,
Weitmonilzad ..........5711 4894
Bedford ................5389 • 2176
Cambria. 1050 1473
6330 9143
Mann's majority, '2813.
XX. Whig, Loco,kins. Fru
Clar Soil
Bin Hopk.
Washington 3841 d. 4013 173
Beaver 2570 230
6118 8359
Reed'a majority, 68.
Ha Whig. Loco. Native.
mpton Black Jacbon
Allqrluany 7668 8613 549 259
Hampton's majority, 1053.
XXIL Howe, W, McFarland, L
Venango 1023 1474
Mercer.... ...... 3821 3018
Crawford 2865 2674
Bawds majanty, 343.
xxIIL Quabea, W. Thompson, Le
Erie ... • • .. ...... 1410
Warren 918 1131
Miami 357 2160
Potter 253 619
Elk 159
Jeftarson ... ...... 703 927
4931 5110
Thompscm's msjorfty, 419.
E 7 v. Whfig. Loco. Pres Soil.
Smith Gilman,. bletenghllz
2361 121
Arm5tm0g....16913 2340
aeareald 596 1115
bulimia. 2263 1541 93
6959 • nao
aftmes mitiority, 501,
The rain of Sat u rday night ono' Sunday boo on`
limed badness in. U. natibtorint od of the
The Woad barns, me) hone, ato, malty to
PolooMosupplytko kaTIO2COnnUT Oda Pkiabalitt
amoloon . soes end Bittabingfi oonb i " " 42
boos Mee' are bony as osElins
042 m EssotT.
ay smug.
We have rearlllllllol 217 taws in Maui, give
laithe fidlcnitag emit
Majantylit INaz
• •
TIM is ■ gain fic Taylce of 4,421 aver the rote
of September lag. Vim Berea also received ■
considerable no.
Returns from tbis Sum corniatte to sham Tap.
kxr to be afluddarably atind of both Can and Van
V rizOr.OI:I2MDI w i
Returns from 291 towns—oeuly ;be what ,
&ss, foot up ss
Taylor. Casa. V. a
08,141 340:65 37,118
291 towns,
Vote 03r Qua and Van Baran,
" Taykn,
Cass and Van Buren over Taylor,
There to en choice of electors by the peoph buf
it will be seen that there is a noble plurality is t fa.
'oar ofGen. Taylor. The Whig elect= will 3111 b.
mitely be chosen through the action of the Levis-
The complete mums in this State Mot tip as in'
Tailor. Calf; V .v . 3 ;1 Clay. 1.116%
Plurality for Taylor, 3059. Taylor's majority,
2381. The vote for Van Bursa in this State Is ve
ry smalL
The Hartford Courant haa remits from all the
towns but eighteen in the State. Taylor's plurali
ty is nearly 4,000.
Thirty counties in New York sum up a s fol.
Taylor. .
76,599 30,616
Clay. Polk.
138,798 L 40,086
Taylor's majority over Ceu and Van
Buren, in 30 counties 1..
PoWm nuuority over Clay, in same .
The New York Tribune, orThuraday, aap .
"It la still doubtful whether Yin Bores or Cass
stands mooed best in this State, thoogh we think
Can does. In moat of the great central Counties,
Qum is lowest. We presume Taykrea majority
over the next man is over 50,000, find it may ex
ceed the vote for loth opponents, lint we think It
will not."
The Albany Journal says that the majority (or
TAYLOR and Filmic= over Casa and Butler will
be from *evenly to eighty thousand R
The majorities for State °Moore are egad!), des
stairs. That excellent gentlenten.."Hexu.eos Fun,
is the Governor elect, and Guam W. Parrylel
the Lieutenant Governor.
It is not unlikely that thirty W hig members Of
Ccmgreas ate eleeted ! This, if eo, will settle the
complexion of the neat House of ReFeree
Of the twitters of ductal:4v, three-iambs, at
least, ate Whig ; and this will give the State of
New York ks Aral Whig Coker 1 States Senator.
T.T1.41 has beaten M, . Van Baren in his
own town. Einderhook, the t ote standing, Taylor
295, Van Buren 244, Cass lin to 1844 ths town
gave a majority of 75 for Pon S.
NEW Mann.
we have full returns fiven the State ofNew Jer
aey,the majorities of Which frot up as Moor--
Taylor 2.325
Casa. ................ ....2,TJ2
Taylni's majority
Qay's majority in 1834
The Legislature stands thus—Senate, Whip:
IS, Demands, 6. House, Whip, 39; Ttensomms,
Is. Whig majority cm joint ballot, 21.
Neer/may has elected to the next Coupon
6311, Whip and one Demon Ili% as kollowit
1. Camden, deo And sew K. Hay, Whig.
2. Kenner, dto We L. A. Newell, Whig.
a Sasser, .3to Ins e \MICA, Dem.
1. kftddlasex, Zre...lote a 'Vandyke, Whig.
5. Essex, 6se it. ,es 0. King, Whig.
Titylat's °facial to sjoi ay is 555.
Alleirbany • • 10112 6591 719 8856
Arinatecmg 2629 2126 141 2094
Beaver, 2825 2203 530 3784
Bedford .... 21316 2838 1 2813
Barka 5073 9490 42 4207 'slll
Blair 1039 • •.. • 2293 1427
Brad4ad ... 1719 1092 602 3211 3748
Books. ..... 217 .... 5054 5245
Butler 300 •. • . •• • . 2310 2308
Csadnia• •.• • • 161 .... 1151 1121
Carb0n.........300 .... 768 996
Cantle, .... 750 .. . • 1849 2544
Cheater.... 580 •• • • •• .. 5695 5710
Clarion .... 1371 2306 33 1255 =313
Clinton..... 167 .... 808 2004
.. • . 110 .. • • 630 1113
Colombia, .... 1098 •. • • 1990 3157
- .
Cumberland 101 •• • • 2989 3069
Delaware. 1939 1290 61 1975 1500
Erie 1396 .. .. •• • • 3300 2097
Fayette .... 3015 3441 15 2770 3240
Huntingdon. 615 .. .. •. • • 2259 1871
Indiana.... 2410 1544 204 2371 1568
lonian 33 .. .. • • • 1103 1201
Lancaster . 5339 .... •• • • 9721 5314
Lebanon ... 1100 • . •• • • 2697 1890
Luserne 810 .. • • 2967 3785
Lying .. • • 399 .- • • 1850 2299
Me rear .... .• • • 131 •- • • 3843 3109
Main 1183 1215 3 1443 1591
Montgomery • 596 —• • 4645 5218
Northumbld. 515 .... 1548 2124
Northampton .... 1060 • • 2551 3476
Perry....... 727 .. • . 1339 2064
Phila. city —10655 5285 309 8963 4972
C0...20393 16042 602 16998 16029
Pike ..... .... 557 .... 128 812
Potter ...... 219 627
Be.huylki9 1253 .. • . •• • • 4264 3538
Bouteract• . • 1857 .... •• • • 7755 1103
Elusquebanna •• • • 700 • • 1597 2416
Tioga ...... •• • • •• • • •• • • 1219 2071
union, 1413 .... •• • • 2997 1686
Voulrliro •••• • • • •• • • •• • • 988 1532
Westmosell 3124 5197 122 2856 4955
Washington 112 •• • • 4065 3949
Wyoming 79 • 790 948
York, .... . ... • 527 .. • • 4162 4345
Total 84,744 72,494 163,523 168,221
72,494 169,221
14,230 302
The unofficial mammas from every county in the
Ewa, foot up as tallowy.
Taylor. Can. Clay. Polk.
17,079 13,693 12,671 9,368
Taylor's majority "1,326; Clay's majority was
Van Bantu received 3 vines in Allegany county
1 in Wuhington county, 4 Jo Baltimore county, 23
° Frederick, and "12 in Baltimore city.
The Warne hem seventrona counties, foot up
ea Mow':
Taylor. Cus. Clay. poll,
7,925 7,025 0 ,639 7,804
7,025 0,639
In the above seventpone counties the Baltimore
Sun makes the gain for 0011. Taylor 2,065, is
compared with the last Presidential election, when
Polka. majority In the State was 5,993, There i s
sail 59 counties in the State to hear from.
Ream from 15 counties toots Ibilows:
Taylor. t Casa Clay Polk.
4395 5424 0448
4995 9428
Taylor's gain, 708
In 1844, Clay's majority was 3945, At tltu ,„"
tia, TKO:tea make* will be Mike lane.
Moat tiro-tdiedo of the Maus beard from; Tay
lor's majority will be from 2000 to 3000.
Cau has matted the State, and the 4gighittlTO
i;alss Democratic In the second Cleitire atonal
disvict, Rev. Watlam Bprzipm, a Meitiodid 01 • ITT
man, and a hamcdl Whig, has beei elected to
Caogros• over C. E. Stewart, the extent Qum
member, a Democncie loss.
.4* - 14biii s i,
The .giesinfOl revo u inn hue been filly acvi
compllehed, and to day has been spent in mutual
ecargratulation upon theglarions reset!. Vermont♦
Massaclutletts, ponnecticu; Rhode bland, New
York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, hferylead, and
Delaware, make. it morally certain that Zachary,
Taylor, on the 4th of March, 1819, will be the Pre.
aident of the Republic. Never was triumph more
sweeping. Seventy thousand plurality for Taylor's
Almost the entire Congress ticket, and the Aram.
bly, with scarce Locafocas enough in it for an op.
position, and a Whig Governor. The Locokaos
are so badly beaten that they have actually stop.
ped figuring, even to Malty or mystify the retains,
and mutter 10,000 for Taylor in New York city, the
head quarters of patronage. The greatest uncut..
tens was felt last night about Pennsylvania; but
when Allegheny county claimed as her, share 3,500
Taylor, and all the other counties along the Cent.
are of the State proclaimed their gains over Johns.
ton's vote, despondency gave way to the most
hearty congratulations, and cheer oiler cheer made
the city ring, to show the delight of the Whigs of
New York.
Stocks have acquired new firmness upon the re.
salt of the election, and are held at an advance, in
consequence of the general feeling that the dark
days are numbered, and the government soon to
take its stand in favor of 'Home Labor,' and full
protection to the great Interests of the country, now
suffering under the policy of the present disgraced
administration. After all our congratulations, it is
hard to realize that we must still wait, and that
many month. must elapse before the energy of a ,
Whig Administration can be brought to bear up.
and remedy the errors of the commercial policy
of the country, under which we now labor. The
administration of Mr. Polk has nailed the tariff of
1846 to the mast, and the black flag must go down
with the deserted craft that now bears It aka, ID
. .
its disgrace—but the Annie is full of hope. The
Europa, which left us to day,will tell the inn mss
tem of England, and her cotton spinners, that the
tabors of Americans will man inipply the iron and
cotton goods, that now keep their furnace' busy,
and make their spindles so musical. The day for
idle experiments to over, to be succeeded by a pe
riod in which common sense shall govern our ex
nasal policy—keep our resources at home employ
ed, and enrich the nation and individual enter ,
The remittance by the steamer to day was quite
large, and the closing rate 100, which is quite an
advance over last packet day. This rise,however,
is In part speculative, and has been caused by the
purchase of all h e remiturittes created by the sale
of government stock. The buyers are Messrs.
Brown, Brothers & Co, who are thus enabled to
raise the rata and make a profit. Our exports are,
however, much less than our imports, and no re
duction in the rate of bilis can be looked for at pre
sent. Treasury Notes clam at 1031, and 74 for
Pennsylvania Ts, on credit; Obittr l tY", 1001, and
about 1051(31 for United States 6's. There are
more sellers of stocks than buyers, except for long
investments. Parties who are able to hold years,
feel sanguine of large profits, while the buyers up
on short time, think with reason, that a lams rise
cannot take pine in the present condition of the
money market.
A delegation of Pittaburghen re here upon boar
ness connected with the magnerip telegraph, and
an attempt is to be made to make the lines 'con
nect' from one end of the continent to the other, a
result much to be wished.
On 'Change, polities had rather the advantage,
and a mall Imams/ was done, walkout churn in
pee& that require remuk. The demand for dour
to export to Europa hen almost ceased, and km
grain the inquiry a, manifestly less. C.
Local natters.
ILEKM7II9 Ma THI en - mutat' pact Warn&
COVET 07 Q 111771 711 811231073.—The Oe7l COMO ta•
ken up on Monday tooreing, was that of Cam. vs.
David M'Kelvy, accused of riot, committed at the
house of John M'Cture, inlestappy city, on the
23d of August. The riot consisted in a ilsintbanee,
throwing stones, doe., at the time of a wedding in
in Bretons's holm. It did not appear that M'Kel
vy had taken a direct part in the victimize, nor that
he even came to the ground till alter the email
violent doings had closed, hut he was considered
to be a partaker, a he made mute musical demon
strations with rather unmusical instruments, and
did not appear to have attempted to pat down the
riot. The jury brought in a verdict of guilty.
John Chandler, convicted of assault and battery
on Hutchinson. and adjudged to the payment of
cods to the mil instigated by him against Hutch.
hugm, was sentenced to 450 One, costs in both
gaits, and one month's Imprisonment in county
Clare was
Philip He, convicted of an assault and bauery
an Geo. Snyder, was sentenced to 620 tine and
costs of prosecution.
The next caw taken op eras that of Com. vs.
Robert Lowry, charged with an attempted rape on
Mrs. Margaret Wright. A number of witnesses,
highly respectable, testified that Lowry had here
triple tome an exestlent character. The cue
Neu 'tin on hand when tke Court adjourned to SS
o'clock this morning.
61 03
Tan ram or Ausoccerr.—The whole vote o
this county at the Presidential election, an Tan
day last, eras seventeen thou And, four hundred
and eighty nine. Of thew, Taylor received 10,112;
Casa, 6,591; Van Buren 779; Gerritt Smith 7. The
seven votes for Gerritt Smith OW/ east in the Ist
ward of Allegheny city. The vote Cog at the
Presidential, is a Little over 2,400 greater than that
ea% at the last Gabernmorial election. The total
vote cut at the Presidential election in 1844, was
14,201,—C1ay received, 8,,08.9, Polk, 5,740; Sauey,
435. At the Presidential election in 1840, the to.
tal vote of the county was 12,193—0 f which Har
rison received 7,62Cq Van Buren, 4,573. The in
crease from 1810 to 1844, was 2,078, from 1844 to
1848, it was 3,285—0 r 1,210 greater than the in.
creme from 1840 to 1814.
Racrr.—iludge Patton expressed the opinion pes
terday, that any noisy and tumultuous assemblage,
which tended to alarm Faecal:4i cttisena vras a
riot. The mw meetings may hereafter be set
davits as riotoms, when they produce alarm in the
ranks of opponents. General Cass inigke prefer
several bills of indictment against the Whigs
Tux &linen Atore—We understand that affi
davits are being prepared for publication, which
will place the whole matter in regard to the riots
alleged to have been perpetrated In the vicinity of
Pittsburgh, truly and properly before the public—
until which time it would be well to kern no opin
ion in the miner.
lidaroa'a OrrtcsLLlenry Smith, • German, was
brought tip mann* morning, charged with steal•
ing three watches at ■ home on Marbtuy meet,
during Sunday night, or Monday morning. The
watches were taken (mm Wm. Rinehart, Joseph
Lear, and Jacob Mown—all lodging In the acme
)UW3O. Alter a hearing, Smith was committed.
Tun Mama RAILWAT...-rhale Wele two boa
on the railway yesterday together, undergoing
pairs It mill accommodate three or four boat, at a
time--u great unprovement on the floating dock.
Incazeir.—Taking the vole of thispounty u
criterion, her population in 1850 win true tacrou
ed more than fifty per cent. over that of 1840.
Puna H... —The concerto ofinane' Opera
Troupe continue to attract full and eighty delighted
audiences. They prevent a good bill for to-stight.
See advertisement and bias of the day.
Ov Don't have a Foul Itreath—lf you have, use
two shilling bottle of Jones' Amber Tooth Paste. Th
wo make your breath sweet, whiten your teeth, he.
Bold at Bk Liberty es Irlikdkerty
W. M. Wright, M. D., DenMit,
On= and residence on Fonnit aueot , ammo the
PlMamma Bank. Mae hon. from 9 o'clock to 19 •
M., and from I o'clock to 6 P. M. sepl4.l y
Yocird Mm' Idaaaar.—An adjourned meeting
the members will be held on Tuesday everung, No
Ilth, 1848, at 7 o'clock.
Wino Rucertve CourrreA—A meeting of the Ex
ecutive Committee of the "Rough end Ready Club."
will be held at the usual place, on Wednesday evening
next, 16th inst. A full attendance L. requested.
By order of the President.
novl4-2t R. R. R. DUMARS, Secretary
On Sunday evening, 121 h inst., Csrusansa, relict
the late Henry Heldship, Esquire, in the 74th year
her Bp.
The funeral Will proceed to Trinity Church yard, at
n o'clock, p. hl. on Tuesday, (this day,) from the
donee of her son4n-law, Jonah Krug, Isabella street,
Allegheny, near the north end of the Hand Street
TNVITE Country Merchants and others to an exual-
J. nation of their stook which is one of the largest
to be found In any establishment In the eountry, and
casuists of very desirable and seasonable goods. ex.
pre .„t y adapted Os to size and qtmlity) to Weatern
sales. vtiees will compete favorably with those adze
East. Tema liberal. notev-dim
'Dr 0. 0. /teams. Dentist,
OFFICE u Miss Heilek , s, on Fourth street, a kw
doors about Wood meet, until the completion of
the houe nearly oppoaite. Teeth in blocks, with art.
Will runs, after Ow manner now universally prear
....l to the east, =undulated to nit each parde, t i..
Tooth, From a (1111 sat down to a single ban, in
serted on a suction plate, thus avoiding info t h.
itatotal teeth. Specimens cd of e
at the Alm
All operations incident to the pudletsion partovniad
with can and fidilialtwso Lama=
. -,-,~.
101, 4***Tii4filiteciiitiiripit USW.
SmPPERs• -and of 'Ma 1316:Wined dad WS , Una
mamma to rah daily. Prodaee and merehandire
meirled for EyFIYS DAY LINE and' straw war
oat, at 10P rates .ad weilled Lime.
.1 0 (DWELL, Pinsbuygh; .
BOBINSON & BOEHM, Baltimore.
rIQ 61:COSIDiLkiliZA1W
21 T BIGHT'S, Lid Libetty street, compriting French
Cloths, Casslmeres end. Vesting., of the newest
end most fashionable styli/ Imparted.
AIBO, a large quantity stye
Roogh and Ready Blankets
and Coatings, peculiarly adapted to the times and the
On hand, the largest, best suntafaatured and most
fashionable lunch of ready made Clothing in ChM thy.
All orders In the Tailoring lime:seated in the most
fashionable and durable mantle novl4
—Omen, dtasszine Blue, and Cherry Silk Velvets;
do do Cotton do
BELTING& all colon.
FRENCH MERINOS--Scarlet. Cherry; Strawberry
and other colon.
PARMETTOS—Marwine bloc, drab, maroon, gar
net and other colon.
CHANGEABLE MOH AlRS—with silk stripe.
Black Velvet Ribbons, for trimming.
And a very large stock of other new and desirable
, B ltran a willi r le:se ,
... call and hear mites, at N
Goods low at wholesale, up stair.
13 EXPRESS--A A Mason k Co, 00 Market street,
have received, Jenny Lind Fringes, rich Mame
lion do, heavy black do, Jenny Lind Bono., Daisy
and Gimp, tftether with many varieties Fanny Trim
mings not to be found elsewhere. oovl4
FRENCH EMBROIDERY, Received per Express—
A A Mason & Co, 60 Market st, have Embroider
ed Lace Capes, embroidered muslin dm 30 do: straight
Collars; 25 do muslin do, 50 do crochet do, 5 do mourn
ing do. Also, embroidered Muslin Cuffs, new patterns.
received a splendid lot of manure Clue and
scarlet Bonnet Velvets, and matarine blue, cherry and
drab Bonnet Sauna. Also, cherry colored and blue
Florelmes. ALEXANDER ft DAY, 73 market at
novl4 N Weor of the diamond
very ANDSOME ORLEAN PLAIDS—Just received,
sVe ll
largo lot of rich changeable Orleat Plaids, a
at article,
low be
prices. im o handsome imitation of silk
FANCY SHAWLS—A splendid assortment of all
wool fall and winter Shawls, Just received and
selling at the very lowest
slt ir o .,, am .. A LPAC A B-4 ,...
r ust recd,
and colored. n0v . 4 4 "71 ..1.w..8 A1 ALEX ANDER a DAY
'DRENCH MERINOS--Smith & Johnson, 46 Market
r sweet, have received another tel of those cheap
French !Merinos. Also, a lot of plain double width
Ceshmeres, comprising the most choice colon. nol4
IMPS ANDFRINGFR—Smitb& Johnson,4o Mar-
V3l - ket st, have received a choice lot of Ginaps and
Fringes; also, a lot of Velvet Ribbons and Silk Cord..
OPS—'n bal. prime Eastern (1 431 110 P., jam re
ceived and (or see by
VrOLASSEB-100 bbls prime N 0 Molasses, land
,LT.l ing from 51C1111.J.7 Crittenden: for We by
GREEN APPLES-14 tibLs alma varieties, in nom
and for sale by ISAIAH DICKEY & Co
novl4 Gana it
oacko, best qualify for sok by
novl4 FRIBA, fumy a co
FEATHERS -20 sacks for solo by
oovl4 FR 51 . 01 D , RHEY & Co
1010 METAL-60 tons No 1 Foundry; GO do cold
Blast, for sale by novl4 FRIEND, RHEY & Co
LARD OIL - 11.? (V' LArddo w'
10 do No 9 do
For alio by ooyl4 BELLFAS NIOCILS
Ofle-44 pura l ia l iftoidßilli Mae
IA by
SOAP -100 bot Cinekumul No I Soap for .ale by
11i - Ow BOCKINQSO-250 pm 94 Cot BeTeking ,
7 v 7 V 511 . 1 nV 10 per 84 and 214 all wool da vary
sap; for sale at W WCLINTOCKIS,
novl4 75 Fbarth et
811097 —A splendid assortment of Bags ean
he seen, very cheap. at
novl4 W LECLINTOCE 4 B, 75 Comet at
S&Lin:FRE-10 bble for sale by
novll I 1501BOOLIMA CER & Co
riIANNERS' OIL-'11661• for tale by
.g. novt4 J SCEIOONALLRM. & co
GEHMAN. English and American Blank Lead and
116Bleb Ltmtre, for sale by
novll J SC ! .N Ed AKER &Co
ANNATTO-4 Deakins for sale by
novl4 J SCHOONIRAECR e Co, St wood it
VirPgwooD MORTARS—I cask, containing 77
to nirs of awitifiep sizes, warranted acid proof,
just reed and for sale by F, 5R1.4.F.R8,
nosl4 SY wawa
OHANOI; PEEL—I bale reed and r t7 ; ns ale ti
WHITE SQUILLS--e tad reed and for sale by
nay g g SETAE La
GROUND TURMERIC- I b I reed and for sole by
noel 4 E E SFI I FRS
ALES BEllo4—{ °oak recd and for gale by
ncerl4 I SELLE/419
A LUPO SCAIRMONY-1 dm.ib;vaperior qbabry,
Lbr sale by b. 14 RE EIEUER.9
BUCKWHEAT PLODS—eD sacks bulled, for sal
by rloyll 8 P VON BONVHORST & Co
CUFF:3E-400 Oro IV I, Or Ws by
LARIVOIL-100 bbl. No & for sale by
noell 8 F VON BONNHORST & Co
138.1C1i.-10,000 for sale hy
OOLI Wool.!:—The aiariet price in
cash will be paid far 111.11 different of
Wool, by .. 8 & ILARILKErI, °
I Si water and 101 from st
ErrOWE'b CREAM CREME—A fem box. very
Trim' Crsam ir,..VrArgAuGH
S OAP boxes aciaaarigoaP h ili.{
for We by bcprlO S WiIAILDAUtiH
T UST RECEIVED, a large mock of Liam and Cot
t/ too Duper. n 0.9 A A MASON & Co
UNDRIES—I cut Baca= 9 bza do; 4 ma* Fell,
than; Obla Flamed, jam reed .4 for sale by
ooTil C d ORANT 1 41 water si
... ---
COTTON- T . 4 bales bafirior Cotton , to • ore and for
solo-very low to eicsr, by
.79 wiwroN BOWEN 90 front et
LARD 01L-1.9 bush Whits, Lard Oil, jog ree'd and
for solo by BUR/MIDGE, WILSON & Co,
0009 W a in It
TIRIED PELMIES--4:59 busb just t 0,451 lost for loin
VOUN DR V PIO MEAL - 19 was cape nor Foundry
` Maud, from Canon furnacs, Hunuturdon county,
Ye, for sale by nary KIER I JONES, Canal Bastn
P3lf, BACON SIDES-0 casks Bsecia Side fur
sah, by sorb _ BMA tc JUNKS._
VORGE h11.711, 2 :3 143 as FOR, *ow, f or sale by
cost OM* JONFM
I\TALL.9-61:10 kegs Nails, ass SI sizes, for sale low by
nell JAIIIkZ DALZEL.I I 24 water st
YHODLICE—MAI huh Oami 25 keg, Butter; 1 bele
Hot Batter, 20 bbla Flour, landing from Lake Eric
aml Michigan Line, and for sale low to alms consign
AIL-2003Maitilth Catnaps Tar, in large barrel T and gMet 'order, for ails t
GERMAN CLAY-40 b. Germs& Clay will be sold
low lo close o consignment, by
to d
P %t n .! e A ty l—P 'n'Ot' pr le
litle.l) AreLt.ts AND YEACIA.*-400 ETA Dried
A..." Peaches, 550 do do Apples, reed .d for Ude by
LEAD -1.2C0 pigs Galena Lead, from stair Rose.
Gar tale by noe7 FRIEND, RHEY & Co
VNATREILS-13 b.., per Yankee, (or male by
rev? MEN ABBY &Co
Ti ICE-8 tiereerewe rood, end or calm b
noel R ROBISON & Co, 199 liberry at.
IRON AND NAILS--25 tone moiled bar Imo; . i . s
kegs awed Nails; NO tons Pig Iron, for sale by
oven R ROBISON & Co
.1 4 A fo r2fi b 4 .. U11,—.50.tls i Insalt's
HOPS -51 bales prime Ohio, yovnh 194 0 , Jug roe -
d and for sale by nov4 C H GRANT
POWD JALAP-2 eases Nat reed and for sale by
Dory R E SELLERS, 67 wood at
FOZ: L0 ) RIEWBAIII3-41 oases for ; t at
1 1;y 1.
wv4 Dl COPAYIA.—in lb. Ig. Salo b
ROSE I'INK-3 bbl. tor sale by
iIUAI SHELLAC-2 cues Jut recil zit , for .de bypoi/
ARLEht OIL.-7 pos. for sale by
ADDER-2 easksjust recd anti for sale by
uov44 E SELIxR4
SH. MOLASSES-100 Ibis St Louis Sum House
s !Holum, Ibr sale by
EFINED SUGARS-420 Obis mall Loaf, Nos 1, It,
XL 0 and 7; no bbi. Crushed; 110 do Clarified, for .1.
Agents St Louis me= Refinery,
nova 13 orator and IN front st
R. PINNEY, Sec'y
GOLDEN ell - RUP—lo bbl., bdfbbla, and 10 gallon
kor tale by
L VISA es/okt—So casks 2oda Ash: m.stfae
one, los sale, to &oleo {it
DOVI FOR) YIN & DUNCAN, 37 firs t st
APPLES-40 bbl. Green Apple., "Gates, isnot reed
and for We by nova S& W }URSA UGH
CIOPA.L VARNISH-10 bins Furniture Varnith, of
%,./ the hem quality, for sale by
SASGPAP&B, ASSORTGD—RU reams Wheeling,
Smith's, and a new article, recommended as almo
ner to any before in the market.
OLDER-80 Ws Cider, jean landing and for uda by
'ha AC/Mak:L-4W We /to 3 rdlOcerecaiidieand
01, for oda by dO , O 0 It W • - Rpeuou
SuA ASH-20 casks Sods fisly , 4114m,yrj(1,,,,„
GLA/13-300 els assorted Window GI in mare
nr/ it umd for sale by no IV vuu
l y M011.:-10 bbl. Lammed CA 'Ztew Castle
ea a an E
est received and for sale by
FFLOUR - 6 3 bbl. Fine Mot, • good aniolo
r jost rocolved aud for ludo ilsg
BdCON~ZU Caaka Haeon Hams 711 do Bidoa, la non
and for axle 6 novf
AND SOAP-60 nts conald Candles; ICO
V do &Tii, in sons and Ca staz Erts
& coNILA
S' ALMON-15 btili NOY Salmon; • fear hairdo No I
Mactortl, for family um, Just lan • • and for oafs
•••• nool 0 BLACKBURN k • MMS( SA
001J1-63 Ad. prboo N 0 Bow, Ld ow. Loaf do,
roe'd dad for rato by tort 8 ROBISON ICo
w ~c+.,X` -ins ~:Yl-^z: - '*ttt~° P^ ,e°^.,,.
- 'BY 4.11.1aga D. Mortis, A.164161061.60re
P=l.o Staple . rtd FLhi~r Dry Goods:
Go Iluaniday
._tadming, Nov. 11,41 10o1elbek, at the
Cammarelat Galen Hoorn, tome; of Wood and, nth
stream. will be soil, on a creditritgOdays oar align=
.... 11 / 0 .. Mr approved endorsed .ItOtes, an estcatha
uwirmsent of fresh and wasonnble foreign and Do.
meetly Thy Goods, among whleb ate 20 prides extra
superfine wool dyed black cloths, 66 pm. English and
Amide... 3 easel...en* =pea sande% Mina. eO l . lO ,
31 pee red, yellow, green, brawn lad white flannels,
10 pall 10-4 blankets, 17 pea Prittelt and Manchester
ainginns, 62.3 super French linen cambric. bdkfa, eto
white, damask, scarlet and bib sllk hdlifs, 201 oil color
Turkey red sad Madras's ties barred und
plain eamtne demean Un a table diaper, Irish
upon% splendid silk poplin, dross silk., bli Allt sent. ,
silk and wool vemuig, gala plaid:, alpacas, merinos,
de !alas, cashmeres, black &tie Sets, superb scarlet
merino shawls, woolen sad Conan do,
woollen com
forts, Daniell, gloves, sbining, Wailes, check., tick
ing., calicoes, Me.
- Also, 65 gungbam and cambric ambrellas.
Al 6 o'clock,_,
Groceria, Qualm-mom Firrnirocv,: gr.
Tene.ltoods, ready made clothing, gold And silver
watches, fine mole sod pocket cutlery, Getman fancy,
goods, be. • novl4 • •
Fatily Banntehe aC,lnction. '
Oa Wednesday afiersurin, Not-Ibth,at 3icelock,M s
front *Me Commercial Ulm mem, win be sold and
very good and substantial family barouch, with foiling
tap endl4 iron axle.
JOHN D nevi, Anct
Catodoruo of Clothing, al AsiutUin.
On Tuesday rooming, Nov. 44, at 10 o'clock, will be
sold *Abaci reserve, on is credit cifoo days On all stuns
over ISICO, a large invoice of fashionable and seasona
ble clothing, by catalogue, eoninSting of 46 dozen fine
shirts, linen besoms, collars, &e1...L 0 des aim O il " with
fancy bosoms; 13 do blue stripe niers/mac shirtg 7 do
assorted fancy do; 20 do heavy hickory dor 5 do twll.
led flannel din 4 do do striped dtaweN .2 do Canton
flannel do; 91 pea super fancy Calsiniere pants; 42 do
gold mint summit do; 104 do limey itathilattdm Alea,*
dress and frock coats, heavy Over coats,,vests, tsc,
which can be essatincd on maiden of sale.'
Boots, Shoes, Robbers and Brogans at Auttion.
On Tuesday afternoon, 14th lust, at 3 &block, will
be sold withom reserve, it ease, laps, brogans and
robbers, vur 34 pro awns prime. Naliolead kip boobs
48 do do do kip boots; SS do do fine-sewed calf do; 36
do do comae fines do;
GO do do kfp brogawi,6o donde:.
set leather hest 711 do women' prune robber over
shoes; 44 do children,' leather oboes; f, do womens'
patent gums; 80 do children,' dot 31 do Bored gam.,
assorted. - noel I JOHN D DAVIS, Anti
1 . 5 . 1 - Street Prve.ity ea Auctum.
Ott / I " , rwittY, November 116 t h at 3 o'clock, P. M.,
will be sold on the premises, two very valuable Itnitd•
ing Lots, .mate on the north aide of Liberty meet, at
the comer of Hay et, having each a front of 24 foot on
Liberty street, and extending bock 100 feet, to an alley
20 feet we. This property is the- most desirable (or
either private dwellings or business purposes of any
now to be had in that beam/rut pert of the city. Terms
at sale. novto JOIIND DAVIS, Suet
The Orlaws! Sable Harmanlntern
exhibit at Panto Ham, EVERY:EVE:NINO
THIS WEEK, on which occasion will be prodn•
eed a series of Entertainments hitherto unsurpassed or
equalled, for talent, refinement,: originality and encl.
lence--coutsting of selections from the mom celebra
SOIINAMBULA, au.; and an entire new. selection of
Pieces, Songs, Deena, Glees, Cholas* and beandful
Ethiopian Melodies---Introduing the foilowing end
--N. Fcsu
P.iramier7 the great Priniik Accotileonint and
Baritone, (Hauges.) •
Professor Kneass, the celebrated Comptiier and Pi
anist, (blindest Director.)
Herr Oalsiano, the wonderful Tyrolean Warbler sad
Doable Bus;
W. Boast, the uriyalled performer on the Bones;
P. H. Keenan, the estrurdnuiry and i.nucmalled
HM ois
r. Farrell, the accomplished lout beautiful Vieth:l
Mt. T. Warlike, renowned as a False-nosed
Mr. J. Waddee, the beautiful Tenor andOontraoltes
Mr. Campbell, celebrated as • Soprano end Buffo.
All of whom will appear in the above Hall In a se
ries of tutegnalled performances.'
03 lintels of •dmisslon, 60 cents.
ci g Doors open at 7 o'clock; commences at 71 Pre-
For particulars, see programmes of the diy. novl4
I _
NSW BOOKS--Loom.' EleoCrltllorTrigonaineu7.
—Elements of plain and armada:dal yrigonornw
my r ri i thLhol . r eesnons m.lleam
A. te
stifftt, Sartoying
A m c•msoina • fall akar cattle
form of words, with voe,Abalanes toad ecgdoss exor
cisms dd tha tOslkad of oortstrou, Imitadoa and repel ,
tin. by Mtn arClintoek, D. D. I , rotessor of Langua
ges, and George IL Crowds, A. U., Adianot Professor
of Languages In Diekinson College.
U os. Upham's Life QC Madams Ostlyartne Adorns, 3d edi.
A new novel—TheDiscipline of Life.
Parts e, to and 11 of Harper A' Brothers , splendid il
lustrates edition of the Arabian Nights' Entertainments.
The above works received ibis day by express and
for sale by JOHNSTON le ErIVCWTON,
aovl3 • tor ad and market sts
Y employ the best urprkineu to be fogad, together
with a large and complete stork- of firm toots and ma
chinery, adapted In complicated work,' had making
with accuracy and facility new pieces, castomers may
depend op sapsfaction, and at stout theatune prices
May pay ill many !hops roc Imperfect Work, and to ma
op c 0. ., ate tamale Injury done to their watches All
nor work Is warranted to perform well.
N. B.—Having reduced my haziness to a cash eye.
t eat detennined to .41 aer LOW 11l the hornet mo
lar paces, east pr west, and easterners may be am red
that they can make their purchases in this line as
cheap as I. the eastern cities, thereby encouraging
home trade arid indestry. W W WILSON
... . . .
So. Anaticv sna Nunes it CLAWS 0=1142. Puna
Eppii i THlG subs c riber has jut replenished
hie stank of Pianos, which for variety
of Style and prices has never been sat
passed in this city. J, of ciiceived and
opened, the thalpyruts row iti....4
One? &mire cabinet !rand Plano, an entirely new
O. fleseerood 61, very elegem Nanns k.
One " 0,
Onewith Coletosn's e*lebrated Molina At
mein.. This is • eery superior Pi..
One '' Eneitra t t E h, Ni
novt3 H. 4, al ooderelPs
suppniz. anvicirruzitiewr.
ly announces to the citizens of Pittsburgh and
vicinity, that he Mu commenced eying Instruction on
the Piano. Nis method of instrombhts very easy.
and adapted I. aro in a very dam 1. 6e hopes
by strict attendee to his busi;iess, an reasonable
prices, to otetit a sham of gm public patronage, Those
a-taloa - to hem him play, are Melted tO leave their
etude, with the tone best waited to theca, at thellusic
Storm of Mr. Mellor or Mr. Blume.
Rerrammes—.l. 11. Mellor, Esq., Frederick Blame,
Esq., Victor Scribe, Bookseller. tioall-dtme
I)THE CAN, of supetioy iwality, at lowsprlees.
pop op
b y Roe for the tare of
btes in pubes, ean. be procured at the Resta o•
rants in iota and Allegheny cities, at thaAtoreof R.
Knag, Ith street. Pinsborgh, PP. genkineatont, Alle
gheny city, and at the Oyster Depot, St. Ottarleallotel,
Wood et novtl,llm HOLT ehtALTBY
anbseribet is pow receiving, frotte_t:Ae
of iiiLIC I TS tafehfthWarir'e=e
iy en very cheerios, eagle and retail.
n0v1.3 Smithfield at, Ildiloor Korth ot'llih
5E42 Fair I iipt; sdo bollow
. ma Papto;
19 do Golden o g itagiiv•
N 111 8 .:= Nev England and tarsal° by
Gentlam:mos Til t agralshisig Cieroda.
SMITH & JOHNSON, 4 Market street, base just
received a large sleek of akin; 'drawers,COilapl
wanks, (army and black silk crams, sea*, beam
rY, baton ktdd glove M s, &e. Geritimort .ay. invited
utIS arid o.B{aul ° eet, las Way are supposed to be
Baum Prey=Tian, 2
THB, lbt.S.
President ami Ammon N
of this ovember
Sank have L
day declared a dividend of Poor per cent for the
last six enondis, payable to Stockholders or tbielr legal
representatives forthwith.
notqd PUN D.NYDE ,Caohfer.
Exceascut Bartz orPtetearreatt, /
November 71E48. f
THIS Bank du thia day deelared a divutend of Foe
per cent. on ha Capital &act, out of they
_rofus o
o ULM alx =nabs, payable on or after the r i b ban.
novB-dtd THOS. N. lilaNYVe Cashier.
• .
November 7th, 1848.
TE Merchants , and Manafacturers' Hank has laLs
c dz a dealared a dividend of Four per Cent. on the
k, out of the prelim for theiut air. mouth.
novd W. H. DENNY, Dasher.
iluspratt t Bons* Soda As h.
are now receiving their nin stock
1 alba above article, three yynals,aialihelanui. 4
pit Snd lattrs' I Vore ng , the , rdtepat Phil"l'LlldwiniPandhis
Leila, shortly expected; they are, thereto*
I. receive orders.
will ,00ierlong the via.
tar and apring reprint supplies eta Naw Orissa.
it,ruspeArr & SONS? BLEAcertig pownEa_
ITA A superb"; artied? Vp - ort hilha for sale at
.13.14 SAY knY Pre. ,
DOV P 7 it El AllitgaLTßEE
k ACKEREL-21 bbl w s km MA E jo 848
r at'd E, and
WI. far We by
:ICOLlbertr ot
- .
W HISZY-300 bbl. SWIM, "ir 1461117.
Irby the- °M- , -- er nd b e l . q . obe ' tilles tOetra M lee " t ' a r V., *
by no• 13 W & ffi NITCHMTREE
COONLAC BRANDY-- 1 0torn, Donny k Co, end J.
J. Danny k WO for We lanai( pip., or , inanntio.
to son purobanars 03 , W MITCHL LTILLF.
HOLLAND ODY, N. E. RUM' and •11. assortment
of Domenic Litinore, for side in nuantities to milt
Perobenem, by novl.l W& hl iarrearamtEE
pOTATOES—S3 baxea Sweet Petunesi
331) bble Potatoer, last re E
cV to pr
order and for sale by WhIKHAR, ime
000 / 1- ht . corner Smithfield and Second no
FRENCH CLOAKS— Rich embroidered French
Cloaks, }net Imported and for sale al the cheap
one price Um, No 60 Market emelt •
novlo A A MASON & Co
TW ORLEANS SUGAR—Si) 61)6 Xi) Sugar, a
an saperiot article, far sale by
. 10420 D T
a ORGAN la Co
SCABCE tiOolni—tdasarina Wl. Patineuni— •
ft AIi:MUM aid% cast onrneviilt and hiarkat ma,
has an aacortmeni Of theca oar= and deetabla pod.
Cherry Crape and CncpeLiae--Maaarina blue, paper
..Pd Cambric% tke. novl2
TuvELE NCERT.—Tbs tau in ihe
/itzaNThlurgh CO
kluajcal &quintal, Juvenile
will give.their quar
terly concert at the Apollo. oci Taaiday evening nazi,
at 7 o'clock. Adel:Weald!, Orilla
rovld do ELL, MOW/.
bbla Loutreine Wbits • for we by
1 novla 81.111111 U .14 .• Maar et
• -
.....m.,................... •
-- • -
TWICE'S COUGH CANDY—A (yeah atiglyAnst M
calved and formae by wen J lIIDDA Co
ALIVE on— sso ipauju A co and IbttalO by
novbl Y WED A Co
CHIP'D LOGWOOD-1,5 bbla just l'Oo'd and 6 " axle
by no• 1 3 7 - EIDO R Co
H ANIS AND SrlliEß-34 hbda Macon Me 'ES do
do Hama, pnina Cincinnati, in store and for sato
S CASES Barrow's rs Tobacco, Jon too - ;1 and tor
sale by nern BROWN & CULBERTSON
...._ _
;: ~~
BLS welt knemin line of splendid pissentee Steam.
en is now unopened of tbelergest, mental. bers
and famished, and man powarful boats as the
mamma' she Wen. Even, armosnatabnionemd atm—
ton that money am procure, boo been provided for paa
anima The Id= hen beets opent ferias years
—has carried • million of people yeah= ami hint bfit
ry to that parnine. Th. Imam win be at the foot at
Wood' meet the day previous to startin, for the fetep
than of freight and the entry ye
passengers on the
ter. In all uses' the passage money aunt be pai In
Th. ISAAC NEWTO. Capt. A. 0. Kum, via
leave Pinaburatt every Sunday manic; 10 ascloalt
Waealinftevaty Sunday etrerang at 1.0 .
May 291E17. • - - •
the itONOCIARIZA, Capt. excaaawillieave.Mtte.
burgh every Monday atamiug• at to certarazt Wheal
every Monday evenmg at 111 e. x .
Tor PACKi.
No. It, a pt 3.
E Mam•rarn will
leave Pittaburgh rem Tuesday wanting at 10 &docks
Wheeling every Tuesday everung at 10 r. se.
This MY =OLAND No. 4, Capt. t 3. Dams, will
leave Pittsburgh every Wednesday morning at 10
o'clock; Wh.,.ng every Wednesday evening at /0 e.ll.
. .
The BRILLIANT, Cara. Carer, wilts leave Pitts.
burgh every Thursday awming at la ;
burghp vexung at la r,.
The CLIPPLII. No. 9, Qv. Make
burgh every Friday morning at 10 o'clock; Wheeling
°eery Friday evening at 10 P. at
• • - • - •
The MESSENGER, Net. S. Roo, win leave Pia&
blush every Saturday Rumens et 10 Weltteh Wheelies
every Saturday eeetias at 10 e. et.
m ai 1 4 91. Est=lll
• ins osernow,) ,„
Leaves Pittsburgh daily, at 9 o'clock, A. AI, and npi
rives at Glasgow, (Mouth of the Sandy and BUM C J ..
nal,) at 2 o'clock,
LisbonNewListron at 11, same alsr. ; ; ;L .
Leaves NrSor at 0 o'clock, P. M., pnaltr4 t h e
trip canal to the river during the nigh/ and 'ellargest
allo'clock, A. hi., and armee at g p;
M.—thus making a continuous line fore nrnrine as
sengers and fretgla between New tttF
burgh, in shorter time and at lase n to a Lban by any
other rani.
The proprietors of Ole laneb• avc th..t emu . dir t .
Sited tlp two lint elan
Canal nra,for tha ILLYOUtr"uu.. avi.seeeemung
trelgky to ran in ecauW Ann with the well' hems
steamels COP S and BEATEN, and connect*
. .., ; _ 4, 01.7 . 3,.rith the Pittsburgh and , Crurein
"' `'"....".17 lines or steemers' down the Ohio
eee Bliedgelni hem The proprietor, Pledge - 12 nrIn•
ssaw. W sPr're nn se or trouble to insurocaus
fort, and dispa tch,nd Zak of thlipulle eite ,
0. hl.. HeRTCN,
B. HANNA, & Co.
w.,1101 J. RelinteUGH &Co. New /Jib"'
NOTICE—The moaner =AVM, C. l& Clarke, inch
tor, will leave after this notice, for Wellsville puma.
ally, at It o'clock in the raominrr.
1 8411.
111 Ra
PITTIBURGH & nuoisrarimnizar :
Dally Packet Lino.
• (*Mewing new beats eaniplets
i , tee Me The
the preset* season:AT*
..-4,,,,1•1t : LANTIC, Capt. Jamas Par
TIC, Capt. A. Ineobw, andlll
&PLANE, Capt. E. Bennett. The Down are =idle
new and are fitted op with= regard to expense. Er.
try enimfort Mat mainly GOSI procure hay been provide&
The Boats will leave the Menaugahola Wharf Boat al
the foot of Ross et. Passengers will be panetnal on
beard, so the beats will errunaly leave at the advisee
tilted houredli A. ht. and 4 P. Id isiga
I , The swift manna
Do sey P Sumer, muter, will lett*
for Ilr, Mown%
Wedwaday and - day, a% 10 o'cloc.k elin pracise on ly.
Lave Wheeling every Tneaday, Thenday and Hi*
uuday, at 7 o'clock, a to, preelaelt t.dim
The Consul onll land at all the
Dam acconsodatbm that can be pound
Con and safety of mawngara bag Inca provided. The
boat to also pron&d lank a sell-anung safaty Fiord to%
pnnent explons. For freight at paa i mgol, ow
bout Or to DAVID C
Cal corner of In and Exoltbfield set
The nese and splendid fast passers
.tro.iy.::'• TELEGRAPH lb. 2,
• •• • NIBM:113, master, will leave for Oneida'
road and Louisville on Thassday, th e lath last, al .10
&clack, A. H. Poe freight= passage apply on board.,
The neat em substantial utearnew
Andrew Poe,master WI perform.
regular 'lips berrieeri Pitutarek
and Bridpport She will leave Pittsburgh on Non ,
days and Thursdays.
For roddhl or p o oge, apply on board, or to
novlo DWILEINS, Agn •
AND GEORGETOWN, mid •ll trunrmedialn Land
ings oa the Mississippi and 1 , ..d Rivera'
The stew beta draught and sabosz
.:=:;tl;-...-i; maater, add lea.. abater
- - • Thursday, the lgth ma at lad. YE
FOT height or pu b apply on baud. Onto • .
novlo GEOS muarsaattors., Agent,
pans M
Irwin, muter, orill PeXL far LADY•
nuediara da y.
Far Oaf& or pausge ta , ap•l art baud. . rode
4iollThe splendid simmer
braid, sanzenoillleavo for the gore
interrneelans ports Ws day.
Fp; ght or paesage, apply on board.. molt
Tke ligto.Acc,ht -mum
komoco BMWS, will leave for lyet:
at 10 o'clock. act ttad icier rontlicus paha
, - •
Pbr nolgtti a IMIIMIZO llpply cm board. MM.:
FOR ST. LOCILS, • • ~, ,•
Tha B. near and adadantild aela
mainer VERNON., 1
IL. Koonu, , matter, moll m 00 ,
dm &loan and immediate polls om
Oda dart at 4 0 ot loCk,
Fortraight or pump mg,. on board, milt
The caMdid and Cut naming mai
h. 1 ITChuh, mama,. will lems-fat
aboTh and istemmlime•ports an
d.Y..Bth inn,. at ID o'claeh, M
For Cre ighton pusaith imOy bpaid. :Kra
Cope muter ma leave- In ekeele
coclock uM
. . .. . .... .
The fine now kith dranightstearoar
Capt. War, will team for Ike ilicrie
to o'clock, A,. AL
d all Inuinatadiato porta Ws dot=
For fr_..9L.._..__ltis w sum% pp Iy on board.. .:,p o rk
PoSR aNttnINTLTI. •-•- . -
1 '
m a t The splendid Lt
agas minamir
mister, will leave fee;
at 10 o'clock, A. above and intermediate paten this' M.
For (taigas or pawn
•ly on:board.
REGULAR unnsvitax PACKET..
The aplenilld new steamer ,
Wm Huhu, roamer, wil lava Order,
ve and fotenmeeilu ports oi-day
Far IteMbt_or temostroLpply on board. ' rem*
The spleld A rg r r , rrthir *Stamm'
C. S. Kendrick, toaster, ;eV leave Gar
above and bilenzialeto to:triton
Itiesday, the 31st inst., es 10 o'clock, A It.
For freight or passage applr m board .. or "lei-
RE " 11)3
rosi 81`. 10 — GlS—
m'..oa nu fl fl
Ca Tam Dean. will Lava for abana
All 400=041114 'amid& =a&
10 Welock, A. !U.
S,Tho cohnelideadrast nuushairsrak-
• , "!4 SkraCosner, will leave tor the
abovo u td' intermediate partook Than
day, Mg hut, at 10 o'clock, A. LL• •••
• Gel66t coLp!.__ualomtppl toctie
. , The Loa Learner
Parke:se. d F , m IG
aw, will lease hia the
• al• Wane, Andy .2 board, • Oat
MBE Proprie tors of tuts Line Blimp:Ron Niiesge,
am prepared to forward - Packages of sp de
acriptioas d. 4, at the loam- 4 me &
Water area, rtnaborpki..
92 South Marta saidmoro.
seeriaoel' recta
W IlLatrer" itrof°l.."4-wMeanerhaVatis7,
sdap:illag dilfarees anat. of Canes, Elms,-
bers7, Serles, Cherry, Drab, Llgka 'Slug %OWN 'and
mewl. Blue; also, various qualliles of Week, . Also,
°rands° =Lig cot., ieelud/eg a few pasta. aers.
00 MINGS-4. I Blue Itioim
PLAIN v.asr=sl4., &row,. g.'"'•
Drab, Black, be.
Moos de Wes, printed Cashmere', Laniards!,
a near article for Rubes dresinsiSaiin sloped 21 -0 1 ...•
jalnaDltle.s-4yl bap We cork, a pdp.
103 pkg. Y P and 01aek Teas;
80 Dia Tobacco, la 8 and Phto
10 bays Pepper; 5 da Abblosi
10 bbli Naval. and-3111aelsent
6 ° . 40 ' 01 1Aled lierriem to datielucee •
10 divas todOck 1 C. 4 f44 d d V"
10 bbbi clapped Lecwooeb icemen Indigo;
Casi t a Sada AA; reeewlay wad for sale by
0c.1.31 134
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