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pat,gee zt page Car Telegraphic News.
rather Bitable takes It.
We opened the Washington Union of Saturday
mooing midi no link curiosity, and found the ye.
teen editor whistling mast furiously to keep he
mirage up. Alhoughhe evidently regards Camas a
gone cue, yet be professes to madder the election
doubtful, in order to let his renders down as easy
as he can. At the mime time he prepares them kr
the final catastiophe, by inch remarks as the U
- 'lf compelled to yield to the superior power of
numbers, and General Taylor Is actually the Pre.
sident of the Milted States, our defeat will neither
threw us into e fit of the blue devils, nor lessen our
reimhztion and - seal 'still to_prr.aa on the good old
democratic bark until she eights again, and is trim.
mad and fitted for another voyage.'
"The democracy maybe beaten, bat they can.
not stay beaten. We made the name remark in
ISM we prepared at once toretrfine our fortunes.
We predicted a reverse to 1844, end the prediction
which we expressed was made good by the event.'
We harbor no X7l borebodings; have no depres.
aion of spirits; tint teal, and Maly, u buoyant and
resolute as we did when the meta waxed warm.
eat around as. •
The Union instill safe, and the flag of our Union
yet waves triumphant in defiance of every Ex—
Cheer up, friends, never despair. Ifvictorious,
ter us be , coot; if beaten, let us bear up manfully
'Other days. are coming. Other conflicts are in
embryo. The ark of the constitution .sell stand.
• firm amid the storm, nor can the dashing floods
thatbeat harmless around it, loosen a single plank
flora tts deep Exudation. Cheer up, we say. Let
thivictors mak in their glary, if they have it. It
vtllbebuta short. lived success; while we can
stied' hi. and make merry over the delusion Mat
haaproducid our temporary prosintiort. We await
- .with all.beoarning patience those further returns
which will settle the contest'
' The Moon is MA sate,' 'the ark of the coon
ration snll stands trot,' says father Ritchie. H.
mould hardly have admitted thus much before th,
ehertoo, in the event of General Taylor's succe..
We are glad he is coming to his senses.
Thisquestion may be more curious than practi•
cal. Yet every question, the dimmed= of which
tends to throw light upon spiritual existences, mtmt
be of more oLleas impottance. Wan animal is to
be judged by the same standard as man, we con
see no reason Why the possession of mind should
be denied to ix It certainly haii a' will—it has
memory—it has reason, and it has judgment. It
exercises these facaltienjest as human beings do.
We know that it is often said that animals are
governed by instinct, but we can see no difference
between instinct in them and mind in man. They
operate in the same way, and lead to the mane re•
sorts, Man combines means for an end. Me
gathers the materials and builds a house. This
ae call operation of an intelligent mind. The
bird gathers materials and builds a nest, and this
we call instinct. What is the difference between
them? :There thoughts have been suggested by
the incident narrated below:
Camba• Pidellty
From the Hem Mon (Canada West] Spectator.
On Saturday night a man residing in East Mar,
ket str eet , band in that part of the dry called
Moue , Survey, a child of six or eight years of
age, sitting on the road side crying bitterly. The
' child was attended by a Newfoundland dog, which
attempted to pacify its companion by lying beside
him and licking his fate. The man took the child
in his arms and brought him to the engine house,
thinking that the parents would be more likely to
hear of their child than any other place. The dog
&Sowed quietly, and upon Me Rylmaan, whose ho-
comity and care am well known, making a bed
for the chdd, the dog Wolfed its delight by jump.
tag about the room and licking the hog and child
alternately. The ley being comfortably becklei,
kw t h e night, the dog took his past betide him, and
could not be coaxed from the spot.
Daring the night, Mr. Eykmiut had occasion to
go into the room, but me moment he crossed the
threshhold, the dog, which was so duels when he
became furiously enraged, and actually drove
bins out of the room. Neither coaxing nor scold
tag had the slightest effect upon the faithful ani.
mash he bad taken the child under his protection,
and appeared determined to perform his duty.—
Esaiy in the molding, another of the family, who
was not aware that they had visitors, went lam
the room, but had hardly placed a ism inside,
when he was furiously attacked by the dog, and
compelled to decamp. Before doing to, however,
he seised a chair to defend himself, and broke . it to
pieces over the dog, without producing any ooh
er effect than rendering it more savage and de
termined than before.
Finding ii impossible either to get into his room
_or coax the dog out of it, or awaken the child, Mr.
Eykrean-procured assistance, end ea entry was
abated sunultineouly by the door and window.
the'dog remained resolute • he would permit
no one to approach the child, and it was actually
necesury to beat him serverly with elate ere he
could be driven out of the house. This being at
last effected 'the dog started off as rapidly as it
could, and in the course oft couple °rho= neturn.
ed, aommpanied by the child's rusher, jumped
into the room and began licking and fondling its
little =worded! Even then it was with difficuky
that the woman could prevent the dog from Hying
at those who hoc been compelled, in self-defence,
to beat and drive him from the house. The wo.
man meld she had been in search of the child all
night without access, and Malin crossing the corn
0 . 3011 neatrlandartiothe saw the dog Gglowing her at
the top of its speed.
Upon reaching its mistress the faithful animal
immediately caught her by her dress and began
pulling her in the direction of the town. The we.
man, aware of the intelligence of the animal, and
knowing that it had accompanied the boy when
he strayed from home, followed, in thb certainty
that abe would be taken to bee Mind, whether dead
°relive. Nor wusbedisappouned. The woman
lives on a point beyond the mush, at least two
mffealroutsbe.lown, and she thinks that the dog,
on leaving the 'mine boom, went straight borne,
and finding* mistress absent, got upon her track
and kficareditiunil he brand her.—Not the lean
interim:mg ism that we have to narrate, in thin
-rambling sketeti is, dad the moment the woman arid
child lea the honse,the dog became perfectly quiet,
and even made advances toward a reconciliation
with: these he had so savagely assailed • few hours
, •
Tax Taws Quiernrat..—Wet copy a judicious
article from the North American, in relation to tie
repealer the Millet 1E46. Pennsylvania has, to
the late election, decided most emphatically against
the 'Tariff Ant of 1846, and the political swindles
and the swindles that caused her to throw her vote
fist Poll - , in 1e44. This cannot be disputed.
neediest° the cardinal principle that the will of the
;peditle, when clearly *wined, shall be the rale
'of action rp all legislators, the Tariff ot 1816 ought
to be repealed at once, and a system of revenue,
from . importations' inuoded otl vecijk dunes, be
sulanitituted Ex it. We are no sticklers for the
precise details of the Tariff 1.84.2; it is probable
some of Ahem might be changed to advantage; but
Los , the peat principle of that Act, sjosetto dutier; .
we do and shall ever contend while car domestic
marinfietem need any protection.
Orrus—Now thm the Whig victory is assurvd,
there will doataleasbe many applicants far the va•
rims cakes in the gill of the Government in this
amain and our citizens, it is possible, will be ear-
ly solicited for their respective taxmen. On this
edged we would num that pester justice will
peobably be done by remaining muirely quanta.
mined, far some time to come—perhaps till the
announcement of General Taylor's Cabinet Let .
as wait until we can survey the whole geld, and
shitin act an our prefinences and judgment may
A Non.= Itsrairtum—Struve, who makesch
a Ague la German anus, as detailed in tea ;a t i
Lilt papers, ithmkaf muse, will my the nrors of
him, üby birth e Buil= fie is opposed to the
Anti of animal. 64, and monad a woioll2l of the
Mem kw the puree of reelaimint her. For
snail. yearn be wan the - editor of a paper at
Mannheim. Suave - wan lately made a prwooer
'"at a small village' ad the name of Baden. but was
bloated bya patty' beaded by a• priest named
Soe be Erm.wild accompanied hko mMa exciu,
4 Wp r :: 61 4 monied min. looking br his
• ear tibia wain bed,nbave • lace for
all Skop, and yozi; tdkacns IV' "-Tea,* gays
she,. "1 Tat* to know . be you imp:your late
• ' • ; - • ' ,
Iklds'" Dollar! liragssise, fm rinransber, is a
vary 6ne number et that remarkably cheap puWi
mania It contain; tee a Dander of enparinp,
end recall any escuaringr end pataresting mailer.
)) rr 4'
~ ~ tom:'
9tiglati '1:7;
irrr:Told, NoiAlB4B.
1 :!.'9401, 141.111 up* Maainaing
vergAilli,aritine4.gliasaste rrinre cafe
sl.4*.n 410 probabilities of the election
of Gan. Taidor, Man in making Wes of - goods,
and wean expect no change until the result is
The eomnierctel
pipinitfetiictureng show a
date • of earn that explain the cable of the wealth
of New. York, and the reason of its pre.eminence
as a- commereial'elty; The arrivals reported are
one hundred and seven Ma. One Ocein steam'
ships, twenty twoaips, twenty two barks, eighteen
brigs and kitty three schooners. The record of
their arrival oompies a whole column of the "Ga.
zeite" and the passengers and importations, a apace
no lea comprehensive. To discriminate among
the Het of imports is the readiest way to show the
amount of the whole, and I select from the moan•
min of goods kneeing their cargoes the article of
iron and find
Railway bars 2,725 1 000 pounds.
Pig iron 795 tons.
Merchant iron bars 1 7,21 5
tons 216
Hoop and bundle iron 2 ,4 89 paclmgea
The friends of free trade may not acknowledge
that this immense maw of goods denotes our ten
ding, bat such is the hint. and a few months will
bring us to the point when this conclusion will be
irresistible, if exports of coin and ruined merchants
can learn us anything.
Commercial affairs are much less buoyant since
the arrival of the steamer, and lower praxes have
been accepted for cotton and provisions, with a
greater readiness to sell flour and grain on easier
terms. 'The spinners of Greet Britain have made
up their minds that they can name their own price
for cotton, a position our large crop fully sustains.
The continental troubles have disarranged all their
calculations and so far from buying large mocks
of cotton, we shall see them buying •from hand to
mouth," the price all the while ailing from the et
jects of an accumulating stock and a decreased
consumption. Under the operation of the present
swindling tariff, the United States market offers
the best returns to British manufacturers, And we
shall have the pleasure of seeing British goods
sweep our own manufactures from existence, re
ducing us to a vassaloge we resisted even by a
The number ospassengers that have arrived in
the last two days ,six thousand and over, chiefly
from the "fairest gem of the sea." No reason ex.
ists why we should not give a warm welcome to
these strangers who in their muscular limbs and
stalwart forms, bring the only element of ma•
tional wealth—labor. Centuries must pass before
the fertile soil of our country refuses to yield an
abundant return to all, who seek on our shores, a
refuge from political oppression, and famine. It is
a wise policy for us to import the people of Europe,
but it is oar imperative duty, at the lame time to
exclude the products of foreign labor. .t „,
In monetary affairs th ere i s not much activity.—
The price of mond atceks does not -vary and
Treasury notes may be quoted 102{0103 and Uni.
ted States 6a of 1665„ at 10513105 h Ohio 6's of
1850 100, and Penn's. s's 73103731; with a very
moderate business doing. Some desire is shown
to buy stock, =rime, but nether, are not found.—
,Should Gen. Taylor be elected, confidence will at
once revive, and higher prices be harked for in all
kinds of securities. On the other hand a fall of
stocks and a farther dimunitlon of confidence is
as ewe to follow the election of Gen. Casa as the
stun is to rise after its setting to night. In a few
weeks-eve shall have the annual report of the
Treasury Department, to dampen the spina of
commercial men by the announcement that an.
caber loan is wanted. The friends of the Admrn
istrauon are clamorous in saying the Treasury is
full, but it is the misfortune of the Secretary of the
Treasury not tcrfind some one to put the receipts
and expenses together, in such a way as to make
loans necessary to balance them.
The Venerable Albert Gallatin is tying at the
point of death, and can hardly survive the night.
He needs no eulogy. His life has been devoted to
his adopted country, in the cabinet and as a dip
lomatist, rendering in both capacitiesgervices that
should and wills ensure him a name among pa
In markets, the business is not large. Ashes
$13,25,t,60r both meta. Cotton bas fallen 1 cent with
more sellers than buyers Flour ts cheaper with
sales of good slipping Wands at 55,31. Many or
ders have been withdrawn by the last ship. Gen.
twee Wheat 125 but hard to get, and 1090110 for
Ohio, which is two cents cheaper. Corn 1 cent
cheaper, western mixed 66057 and 72 for choice
round yellow. Eye 65037. Barley no sale.—
Whiskey; Ohio, 231 and sales! 200 bbls, crude
whale oil 33; Plumel and bleached sperm 51,21101,-
25. Sperm candles 33e; Otl Cake us* per ton,
and 120 c a bus for flaxseed- Pork is stiff at $g
and Beef 59.11-1310 fin meth and $5,25 for prime.
Lard, bbls, 7071; Cheese large asks at 6071;
ter dull and drooping. Freights to laverpcsn lid
in grain, Id far r-. ton and 2s 3d for dam
8167P113A.L• OP THIL Teary, OP 1840.
Immediately after the passage of the Tariff of
1818, this piper was the very fort to raise the cry I
of 'Repeal Experience bad convinced as that tail
ad rtiwi principle adapted by that till, must be
fraught with Leal injury to the welfare of Penn.'
Sylvania and all the States interested in the gees.
this of protection. Two years have passed since
then and the results have been even mote injure.
ons than we at that time anticipated. Our predie.
Liana have not only been fulfilled, bat, the failure of
many of the largest factories, rolling mills and
Canaries, bear witness to the desolating effects of
a system which was thrust upon the country, to
secure the political favor of the South. The act
of 1142 was erieken from the statue book, not
because it tolled to realize any of the expectations
of its friends or to produce abundance of revenue
—for in both these respects, n far exceeded ail es.
timatcs—but, beau:: it protected free Tabor and
- because it was supposed, that a system of low
duties would appreciate the Mine of Southern
etsples. It was assailed on political and sectional
round., and there were men in the North Loot,
sng this purpose, base enough to betray the inter
ests of the people by whom they were elected, and
one of them sufficiently treacherous, to give a
casting vote, in the Lace of praessiona of his whole
life, against the State of his nativity and the pokey
which ha knew to be that beat calculated to ad
vance the great interests of the whole country.—
The experiment, besides prostrating Feminism.,
has been equally disastrous in its effect. upon the
South, for cotton is now lower by 50 per cent, than
it was under the act of 181 thereby demonism..
Wig the truth and force of the Whig theory, that
no market is so good, because none is seaure and
steady, as the home market.
This. Bill of 1846 having, therefore, disappointed
all the ends for which it was foamed has no longer
any claim upon public toleration. Owing to the
immense rush of foreign manufactures under the
attraction of a low scale of duties and the chance
of falso invoice., end to the vita Increase in the
foreign importations, which have been dricen into
our markets by the foreign revolutions, to be sold
against gin domestic manufactures al whatever
price they would bring; the revenue 6r the aut.
rent year will exceed, by several millions, the fair
averagesit the Bill. The inducement to purchase
foreign fabrics, which was occasioned by the high
prices and large demand for our produce during lb e
famine, has already disappeared, and the specie
which we then obtained is rapidly going back, to
pay for luxuries not needed, and for manufactures
which, by this competition, have mined Masan&
aC our most enterprising artisans and maim:Tart
Within the last year as much as twenty millions of
specie have been shipped to Europe. The causes
for excessive importations having abated, the rave-
nue, as a natural consequence, mast fall, and even
if it could maintain its present maximum—which ,
every practical man knows it cannot—it would
no be sufficient to cover the orthavy expenditures
of the government, including the Interest on the
public debt already funded, to any nothing of the
proroectire loans which are demanded by the ne
cassias or the Treasury.
The appropriations for the present fiscal year at
the last session, amounted to forty gegen and a half
rniffirrra, and we venture to predict, that even this
eaormotis sum, will not liquidate the actual de.
mends upon the government during this period.—
If there. is not an application from the Secretary of
the Treasury, at the meeting of Congress, for seat.
end milboos of deficiency, we shell confess our
selves greatly surprised, and certainly Inch an
omission would be in opposition to the practice of
Mr. Walker, for at the last session, his eftp - eit
amounted to more than fifteen millions!
' , allege various and obvious reasons, we feel
it our duty to renew the cry of "Repeal of the
Tarif f of 1816." Our opposition to thisexperiment,
,was not founded on considerations of party, but,
because'we knew it must be attended with the
man ruinous renege cps to our labor. At the
time of this writing, the result of the Presidential
election Is out known; bat whatever may be that
result, we shall not cease in our efforts to strike
from the statute book, a measure which has spread
desalstian and ruin over thy land, The Tariff
quest act, is no political apeculaidla, and wo shall
urge the repeal of the gritig Bill Which now
oppresses every interest of Pennargyanie. with as
much zeal and determination under one President
u another.. Let our friends therefore prepare for
" repent" at the meeting of Congress. We have
the power in the Rouse to pass a Bill recognizing
specific dunes and just protection, and more than
this, we ben the power to prevent appropriations
until the bemdisixr 'majority in the Senate shall
listen to the voice ofjOstlea end the wrongs of oP
petered labor. Ma ch aat deppagyag 'na b a re
sort under ordinary 'clrentaStalt" j eArds a
remedy, and if air influence can prevail, 4 shall be
exercised... North AeleTieet4
Romulus Weizman re fir. Lopta—Two horrid
murders were committed at 91. Lards during the
week ending the 29th alt. On the latter, infat ,
minion was given that a man named Hilburn had
just killed his wife. An el= went and found
him sat* in a chair, 'swiping bitterly, and the
=tree of his wife lying on the door., her back
broken ha two places, one of her temples broken
in, bee *sly black and blue from bruises, and
her .id ea; presenting the appearance of baring
been bested with the handle of an axe. Hilburn
,tiociated bad no knowledge of bow his wife
came to Lei death.
In another case, • man inn quarreldress a bide
.and cut his antagonist In the abdomen, initiMing
barrible t gish, from which his bowels &II to the
'km, and Itbe roan Instasuly esnired.
Prom 1110 naltheirritAtlerksa.
s.. Iferpesol.
ied itpiiagraph from the London Giobd
taut 04*w . ..she appearance of a: huge! Bed
serpent tn,jaersons on board the British legate
...tesialud.' The isllossing oAcinl annanneenteat
th Hi e factbernia: is copied from a late paper brought by the
Hex Moan's Sow Dseasuni,
Hamoaxe, Oct. 11.
Sic In reply to your letter of this day's date, re..
quiring reformation as to the truth of • inatenmet
published In the Globe newspaper ,of a lea serpent
of extraordinary dimensions having been seen
from her Majesty's ship Deaths, under my com
mend, as her pssage from the East Indies, I have
the honor to acquailt you, for the information of
my lords commisioners of the admiralty, that at 5
o'clock, p. in., on the Bth of August last, in latitude
24 deg. 44 mitt. 9, and longtitude 9 deg. 22 min.
E, the weather dark and cloudy, wind fresh from
the NW, with a long ocean swell from the SW,
the ship on the port tack heading NE by N, some.
thing very unusual wag seen by Mr. 9antoria, mid.
ahipman rapidly approaching the ship from before
the beam. The circumstance was immediately
reported by him to the officer of the watch, Lieu.
tenant Edgar Drummond, with whom, and Mr.
Wm. Barrett, the master, I was at the time walk
the:quarter deck. The ship', company were
at supper.
On our attention being called to the object, it
was discovered to be en enormous serpent, with
head and shoulders kept about four feet constantly
above the surface of the sea, and as nearly as we
could approximate, by comparing it with the
length of what our maintopsail putt would show
in the water, there was at the very least 80 feet of
the animal altar dam, no portion of which was,
to oar perception, used in propelling it through the
water, either by vertical or horizontal undula
It passed tepidly, but so non under oar lee
ginner, that had it been a man of my acquaintance,
I should have easily recognised his *scares with
the naked eye, and it did not, either in approach
ing the ship or after it had pained our wake, devi
ate in the slightest degree from its course to the
SW., which It held on at the pace of from 12 to 15
miles an hour, apparently on some determined
The diameter dale serpent was, about 15 or 16
inches behind the head, which was, without any
doubt, that of • snake, and never, during the twee.
ty minutes that it continued in sight of our glasses,
was below the water; its color a dark brown, with
yellowiah white about the throat It had no fins,
but something like the mane of • horse, or rather
a bunch of sea weed washed shoot its back. It
was seen by the quartermaster, the boatswam's
mate, and the man at the wheel, in addition to
myself and officers above mentioned.
I KM having a drawing of the serpent made from
• sketch taken immediately after it was seen
which I hope to have ready for transmission to my
Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty by to mor
n:lw'. poet.
I have &c.,
PETER Id'QUHAE, Captain.
The New Orleans Delta gives the following sc.
count of an amorphous 'title' under which Gene.
ral Taylor shades his knowledge box:
Germaxt. T•rwa.—The distinguished candidate
of the Whigs takes matters quite easily, at his pies ,
sant residence in the barracks of Baton Rouge.—
We saw him walking about town, chatting very
familiarly with the citizens, and wearing that same
old immense boat shaped hat sent him by some
friends in Tennessee. By the by, we are puzzled
to divine what motives could have prompted the
Tennessecans to bestow such a gift upon the old
General, who certainly, however people may dif
fer upon his political qualifications. has deserved
better treatment than to be condemned to wear
this misshapen, heavy, uncomfortable, and un
grateful chapeau. Had this hat been sent to Gen.
Taylor after the battle of the Salt and 9th of May,
be would never have bad any reason to complain
of the absence of a pontoon train—for he might
hive converted this wonderful production of Ten
nessee skill into a boat of sufficient dimensions to
transport a whole regiment at once across the Rio
Grande. We were amused at the dry response of
a citizen of Baton Rouge, of whom we made le
query where the General was to be Sound. You
lee that big white thing looming out down there on
the levee," Yes." Well, that's old Zechariah's
hat, and you'll find the old chap some where in the
The general takes a deep interest in all political
movements, and is quite free and unreserved in the
expression of his opinions. He is particularly con
ciliatory to his opponents, and with great good sense
never fails to curb those of his friends who to his
presence indulge in strong manifestations of party
seal There never &myn a steamboat at Baton
Rouge tbatthe general is not among the first on the
wharf to get a newspaper, awl he may be seen at
almost every hour of the day -waddling,' (by leave
of the Washlngtoo Unions with • package of dace
meats under boa arm, up the steep banks towards
the barracks.
The general's military family embraces three of
the most stodioua and {in:musing officers in our ar.
my CoL Blinn , his inseparable associate in all
his battles, in the same renting, medicos, thought
ful investigative gentleman as when, a few years
ago, ha filled with no lea efficiency, and perh ap s
no less glory, the post of instructor of the youthful
Major Eaton, the chief of Gen. Taylor's tors
graphical st.ff is a keen, vagarious, active, ener.
gene man, of well trained mind, and greet dein
don to the comprehensive science of earneeeng.
Major Gernert is an accomplished, elegant man
of the world, and en excellent officer. His literary
attainments ate eg•al if not superior, to those of
the other °Moen of Gen. Taylor's Oad while to
the ways of the world, and in pm-weal address, he
is certainly the most unprem. eve of the three. Ma.
jor Garnett is snapected of being a axing Demo.
cent, CoL Bliss is a Whig, and.. Major Eaton is •
voldier. By the by, speaking of politics and
dier reminds no of the result Moor inquiries into
the political tendencies of the soldiers of the gani.
ran. We found that they were nearlyall demo
crats, bat, as, under a very objectionable restric
tion of oar new consittuthan, privates in our army
are not permitted to vote, their opinions see of bat
little importance in the present rate of the content
Athol* the Mize. of Baton Rouge tha party
Goer are drawn as closely as in any part of our
country. It is • striking proof of the curdy polo.
Ural indepentleticeof our potpie, that they can rise
superior to personal kelings and intimate eocial re
lation; to the eternise of that duty which aborikl
be directed by the commence and judgment, to
thcr than by the feelings and affections.
A New RIDIZZIT ton DiseAset.—The Pena
correspondent of the Courtier des Dab has the
bikrwing account of a new School of Medicine.
If the art of healing has made little progress
since Hippocrates, who lived twenty three centu
ries since. It must be attributed to the obstinacy
of nature, but it is not all the fault of the doctors,
who is all times have accomplished prodigies of
imagination in opening new paths by which to
reach the end of knowledge. Our epoch, more
than any other has been Genital in original syn•
tents in the medical domain. Germany has seat
us a new one which is called Isopathy. Isopathy
001,1111111 in applying to the diseased organ the same
borrowed from an animal in full health. Examples
well reader the definition more clear. II the die.
ease bon the leap, the lungs of a sheep am pieced
on the breast of the patient, if it is the liver or
heart which suffers, they place on the diseased
part a heart or liver of an oa; if the hearing Is affect
ed, Isopathy makes you • night cap trimmed with
the ears of a calf'
This may at first seem angular, and yet nothing
ie more real than this system! it has teen mouth
talked about, me has selsed upon it, the learned
discuss it, the academies examine it, numerous
experiments of it have made in Germany, and an
there is always (mind in Paris, in professions, a
crowd of ambitious met who hold themselves up.
oo the watch filr discoveries, with the hope of
making, by the aid of new systems, a fortune
which they have not been able to realise by the
old methods, we number already several Parts
doctors, who have hastened to proclaim themselves
From the New York herald.
Member. of Congrame In New York.
We believe, from present appeanumes, that the
following have been elected:
Ist District—John A King, Whig gain.
2d " David A Bokee, Whig gain.
3d " J Philips Plum:, Whig gain.
4th " Walter Underhill, Whig gain.
lib " George Nips, Whig.
13th " -.James Blocks, Whig
" - Home Qreeley, Whig pin, to all
7th " - William Nelson, Whlg.
6th " R Halkrway, Whig.
9th " Thomas 1611cRessoch, Whig, proba
10th " Herman D Gould, Whig.
11th C R Sylvester, Whig.
12th " Gideon 0 Reynolds, Whig.
13th " - John L 8cloolcral; Whig.
14th " George R Andrews, Whig.
15th " JR Thurman, Wbig gain.
181 h " Hugh White, Whig.
17th B P Alazander Whig pin, prob'ly.
1683 " -Preston King, Free SolL
49th " Charles E Clark, Whig.
20th " El Mattison, Whig pith
21st iii Tbo im s Rtnith, Whig gain.
224 " Henry Btimdtt, Whig, gain.
234 " • William Duer, Whig.
24th " Daniel Gob, Whig.
25th " Herman S. Conger, Whig.
281 h " W. T. Jackson, Wbig, probably.
27th " W. A. Sackett, Whig.
28th " A. M. Sishermerhorne, Whig.
29th " Robert L Rase, Whig.
30th " David Ramsey, Whig.
31st " LatitleYi
324 " 41.4tdiq.
334 " n
4 ej PYows, T V a l"
34th " a
WhiB gain, 10.
Laconia Oarrourpondiukos
WAsunorrox, Nov. 7, 184 S.
Sta—On behalf of the Demooyaery, I have the
honor to raped your pomace at the White
Hattie on the Oho/ Mateh.
With high oonaderation,
Sta—l thank you rot your polite letter inviting
no to visit the White House on the 41th of March
nem, and regret to say that aIIantISTANCIES
will prevent my being present cat that occanhan.
Ra"c l=tAl323.
—aoudad Herald.
otite. WE 'it ixauwakaficia
tberYben_ ke °ember,
yelanenthe muumnanaittote tket late Mr. Wirt.
ou..faTAlung la 'tart °femme.,
. • . 4 .thippl e n t weld AWNiviakbata win
&midi* m men et to Mr. Rity,Mithe other side.
Ida' titbit wily - Oa:der had fihirget his gentles
man on the bornacif &Aerates, saidassephnding
with him in his 9iri_Wahar i,irixV great
eniesimumt all present and 1111
Warden, ( an old Scotch lawyer Me lhaourn at the
who was aviciernli ear Abetment with
gum; when, observing that wight's expressive
countenance be, wrote the following lines on a
small Up of paper and handed them to him.
Wickham trait Hey l& Open court,
On a dilemma's bores for sport
Jock, full of earth end humor td t,
'Criew, %abet Amon come:
!Upon which, we are told, that the maid Sick
could contain himself no longer, but bunt out into
a loud. laugh that made the room ring. This rata
wed the COUlt., who seemed disposed to complain
of the Meech of order; but Mr. Wardeo rising to
a p 3logize, gravely presents d the billet to the judges,
I who reading it rertatess, readily comprehended the
case, end very good humoredly accepted Ibexes
HAIM= to rmt hiramutie firers.--This (says
Alston) can only be obtained foam the most coins
plate congeniality of disposition, and =Mt almilari•
ty of habits and pursuits. No two penions can be
entirely of the same mind and disposition, habits
and pursuits, unless after the moat Intimate and
early association. It is in youth only that the mind
receiVes the complexion we would give it. It is
then only that our habits are moulded or our pnr.
suits directed as we please. As — we advance in
life our habits and pursuits govern us. Is it not,
therefore, better to marry young?
Trunk knit with trunk, and branch with branch en.
Advancing still, more closely they are joined;
At length, full grown, no dillercnce we see,
But, stead of two, behold I a single tree. •
It it in youth we are best fitted to enjoy that ex•
ouisite happiness which the married state Is caps.
hie of affording, and the remembrance fines a
pleasing link in theehain of friendship, that binds
together any number of years.
The man who does not love till thirty will never
love. He will be too selfish—fges Any* dlstne•
leasers to .Theadatin Burr.
A SINGULAR STORT.—Tba last Glasgow News
tellr us a !grange tale of one of the erwlf settlers
of Sabine county, Mo. He WU a Frenchman,
who, about twenty years ego, became dissaftsiled
with the prospects before him, left his wife and
daughter, to seek other means of mending his for
— For several years, the wife and daughter await
his return, even affection compelled them to
believe him dead. They struggled along in pov
erty, nail tha daughter grew to womanhood, and
married, as did also the mother—both of them re
mnining in straitened circumstances Lest week,
however, an old gray headed man went to the
bumble dwelling of the daughter, and alter survey
ing ber with deep emotion for a Gm moments,
said: .Do you know the name of your falser I"
To which she replied by giving IL *Then? said
he. am your father." Lifter their mutual greet
ings,:he brought in two hags of gold, containing
$40,000, and gave them to his daughter, and offer
ed her husband the best farm he could find 1p the
neighborhood. He knew his daughter by id scar
on her forehead, from a wound received when a
Tux Ticumaarn Lung between Reacting, Phila
delphia end Pottsville, has been doing. very suc
cemful busmen. On Wednesday evening, the Ist
instant, the Managers declared a dividend of 6 per
cola, out of the profits for the tut gig months, which
Is at the rate of twelve per cent. per 110=103. The
establishment of a Telegraph Line between Read
ing and Harrisbargh Is contemplated by the mem.
hers of the Philadelphia, Reading and Pottsville
Company. The charter to be applied for near win.
ter.—Pfut. Lae,
Local natters
1.12031113 roll Tilt IOTTSIMIIa II DOLT 0/t2TrIT.
Cotner °etiquette:a Sonets, &c.-00 Bunn
day morning, the jury in the ease ofCommonarealth
vs. David Lane and James Hooter, amused of
melding a quantity of fresh fish, acquitted Hunter
—he having merely Rotated In telling the fish, and
knowing nothing of Mew harms been stobser—and
con ratted Lane on both indictment*. He was
mnteuced on one indictment to IS montha—on
the other, to one year's imprtsonment in the Wes.
tern Penitentiary.
Henry Robtrinon, John Taylor, and James Onikr,
(all colored meal mere teed 031 nesting a clink
from Letitia Morgiontem, Ckuhier, Water Street,
Robinson and Bailer were acquitted—Taylor cons
Tinted, and sentenced to 111 months' imprisonment
in the Penitentiary.
The following sentence* were pronounced:—
John Chapman, ahem Jahn Hunter, convicted dui :
tag tall term, of sealing elothingoess sentenced to
18 months' unprionnamm m the ?enact:Mary.
IShohari O'Shea, convicted of stealing two es pe—
sentenced to tut months to the County Jail
John Ferry, coortmetl of wealout a 520 note Dorn
Jae. Rytte—wittenced to eighteen months In the
John Dunlap, convicted of fleabag an overcoat
bat recommended to [nervy by the turf--semen
ced to stx months :a the County haL
James Borne convicted of conspartng to deffend
Benjamin Baer—sentenced to t I manta. imprmon
moat in the Penitentiary.
James Rot:wean, convicted of roslicions mis
chief, in setting tire to Folbssabee k Hayward . .
atom was mote:lced to pay a floe of 000 to tie
commonwealth. and to be imprisoned :a the coun
ty pal (or three yearn. The Coon expressed Aare. ,
gret, that the law did not allow of his being lent to
the Penitentiary.
Sarah Perry we. newel:wed to pay the now u
the tells of indictment Instigated by her wpm
Llespla and ELS. Flower—both the bill
having been ing - nored by the Grand Jury.
The Court then adjourned, to 10 o'clock On 340
day morning
I's AGAIN. — Our friend Kerby, of 224 Libo;rty
Street, whose saddle, harness, and trunk maau(ac.
tory, was so senously damaged by the Ire on the
electson night, has •gain put thing, to rights, and is
in full epertuion. Such a man will won repair los
lama. Mr. K. thinks like the true (need of the
mad Duke of Surgundy,that 'the best knight may
be unhorsed, but be is but a laggard who lies roll
ing in the sazdsof the bets'
A meeting in behalf of Sunday Schools, will be
held this evening, at 7 o'clock, in the Lutheran
Church, Seventh street, (Itev. W. A. Paasarant's
All the trends of the Sunday School cause are in
vited to attend. The Rev. B. W. Chidlaw, Miss
aionary of the American Sunday School Union,
and others, will address the meeting. ft to hoped
a large atteadahee will be secured, and a new ima
pulse given to the Sunday
.School enterprise in
our city.
Tusssits.—The benefit of Mr. D. Marble comes
otT to-might. Den personates the diameter o
Josh Sims, in the prise Comedy of "Family Ties,"
of Canis Chunk, in "Our hided's*" and Philip,
in "Luke the Lehman" The bill is a rich one, nod
will draw a fall hoe..
Ala—Gaily ad Troubadour.
Brightly the Tsruna STAR
Beams der Oui land,
Shedding its radiance
On every hand;
Kind are itsbountertus rays,
Chasing our fears—
Taylor Star! Taylor Star
Give it three cheer.
Richly it brings us, too,
Promise of peace—
Giving, from Pottery,
Joyful release.
Tidings of triumph it
Brings to our ears—
Taylor Star I Taylor Star I
Give it three chews.
They whom the Loco tole
Turned oat of door,
Wino. will, in firlysnine,
Shelter once more,
The White 1-I.ouse, in proopeet,
Brightly appears,
For old "Rough and Ready"—
Give him three ebbe?...
They who "the atom's spoil"
Claimed as their own,
Shall this year, their power see
Full o'er thrown,
Ruttrr shall prevail over
telisrule orpare
-0.0 g h o, ugh and *eady,'
ctims gm Ten cheery.
Mechanics and FIMIOTII, all,
Welcome the day
A Whig Tariff gives them
(hod price. =1 may.
Brightly the Taylor Star
O'er us appears—
OLD Zack "Rough and Ready,'
Give 1* three cheers.
AA dell nano
Lend!! the ghoulne in,
The Peoria win Able, When
The Loan are out.
When Con to defunct, nor
Yap mappens—
For " OLD Zees," as Prendent.
Tam 'rim THUII CIEWs I
awl* Vb:ll3,
we . Kidd *Mak. Virekurfstres blank o% nnu
Sr mid ill °I . YOR VA* iiipeeilin lon tett sib
at,7. e *wish. Foe us send udsotne ntore mai
4dble,est it husiven item staifsetion hare. We
btremany conifer It since we Int eat of the ankle.
Was succeeded et otker preparatams io this scanty,
and for ads reason we mW to keep a supliine_ hood
. k
The above bi one 'brats ß hoodteds of similar eonstna•
deadens which the proprietors of this meditate are
daily moivion. Where alas been introduced a has
become ate elm popular remedy in ese. •
For sale at the drug store aff KIDD & Co, GO Wood
rt. nort3
[Or Usa TO. Peoria hismes-1f you wish to he sue
posed in any undertaking, you noun always use the
=per means. , Theremw pro have a eough, use
Jane's Eirscroasarr and be cured, for it in No Pro Per
MEW. Have you Asthma or difficulty of breathing,
then the only efficient means to Mire you is to use
Jaynes Expectorant, which will inunediately overeisme
the spasm which contracts the diameter of the tubes,
and loweas and brings up the mucus which clop them
up, aid tans removes every obstrucdon to a free respi
ration, while at the same nme all inflammation is sub-
Mind, and a care is certain to be effected Have you
Brunchitisd3ffining of. Blood, Plenritry, Or in fact any
Pffimonery Affection, then use Jayne'. Expectorant
arri relief is Ce 1121.114 and you will find have
used the proper means.
For sale in Pinsburgh at the Pekin WA Stuns, 72 4th
Moot near
JAVrea Rxrxerneasuo—We would call summon to
this extellemxemedy for Coughs, Colds, Consumption,
Asthma, and all affeetions o the Thom and Lunge.
Having several times within a few years past had occa
sion to use a medicine of kind, we capers
cane tested its excellent qualities, and are prepared to
recommend it to others. Ministers or other public
speakers afflicted with bronchial affections will find
great bencfit from ifs use. It la prepared by a scienti
fic physician and all classes will find It a safe and effi
cacious medicine in the d i seases for which it is re
commedaded.--{Columbas (Ohio) Cross and Journal.
For sale at the Pekin Tea Store, No. 7b Fourth street.
Cottons au Ceuta—The frequent changes in the
weather at this season of the year, invariably bring
along with them coughs and colds, which by timely
attention are easily cored by simple remediets. SRL
for the last 15 years, and has gained more reputation
(or the cure of coughs (nos requiring ac tive medical
treatment) theta any other preparatian ever odered to
the also. of Allegheny county. The imperial Cough
Syrup is very pleasant to the taste, and, on' this
count. is is great favorite with children. The doses are
carefally graduated, in the directions, to salt all ages.
That this long tried and highly popular cough remedy
may be within the reach of all, it is sold at the low
mice of 23 cent. per bottle.
Prepared and gold by R. E SELLERS, 57 Wood st,
Piusturgh, D. M. Curry, Al egheny, and druggists gen
erally In both cities. oer2
V . Tarr:mon, in favor of Dr. llPLeates Liver Pills.
wonld be easy In a yokune with certilleates of
the eracelleuce of this medicine. Wherever it has had
a trial it has made itself popular. We have in our post
session hundreds of orders like the following :
Tsar/acme, N. V., Deo. 10, 1847.
Mamas. KIDD kCo t Tour travelling agent left with
ate a short time Mice, a quantity of 10PLem's Liver
Pill. The whole lot sold very rapidly, and gave the
highest satisfaction. Indeed it is considered the best
medicine of the kind ever offered for sale. Please send
me mother supply as soon so possible.
A genuine snicle of the above valuable medicine ban
be had al the drug snore oil. Kuhl & Co, No. OU Wood
stmt. • •
Rhien never attempt to counlerten . worthless
e, hence valuable medtemea are impend)! inma
te& Tha knave who counterfeits • medicine commit.
as gram it mime air it were • bunk note or the coin
of the United Mame. U st. Fahnesiock's Verminage,
which i• the only safe and certain cure for worme, has
OP. Counterfeited in many sections ethos country, mid
persons should be on their guard when purchasing to
get the genuine article, prepared el Pittsburgh, Pa.
"That wbner skin of ben, than mow,
And pure as monumental alabaster .^
All females have akin like the above, who sae Jones
Vlrw i tte Li . ly trlldiWat.R7"Lirrekrt'yd'srt'reureet.sno.", pet nerd
Ex Don't have yellow dark Teeth—they can ha
toasts pearly White by one oleo wing a boa of Jones
Amber Tends Paste tit hardens the Gams, meeteoa the
breath, &a. gold as Liberty at. sloe Iliktaerl7lll
Don't have ■ Find Breath-1( you have, use
tedi shilling brads of Jones' Tooth Nate, The
vont mate goer breath meet, wham your teeth,
Bold at aLI [Ahem st ilhidavelLy
W. 1ne.19, right. D. D.. Dam Oat.
Onrice and residonca on Fourth amok oppoono the
Piusborwh Bank. Wee hours from 9 o'clock to Of A
M., sod Mak f o'clock and P.
Porno Mn? Luaus.—An adstomed meeung
the members *lll be held no Tneeday eye mug, Ni
14th, le4l, at 7 o'clock
Oe Seastd•y. the Ilth tttsb, atm Maim, conger, o
Aleg. Itatrerty, 111 the Wm testa her age.
Ilerfastenal will lake place title warning at lgo'elreek
Com the rash:knee of her Lather, Joeeph Porter, above
the Ilaedtltteet Linage, Alleghtuy.
. .
INVITE Country Merchants end o th er. to an • zar
nation of than stook, Which Is one of the largest
to be faunal in any establuthaunt in thecountry. and
coasters of sery desirable sod Lewin:table goods, a nd
prosely adapted la. In we and quality) to Waster s
sales. r noes will rampant faronthly with those of the
Mast Terms tannin no•S-da.
Orr 0. 0. Stennhh, o.llllllont a
OFFICE 41 Mw Houck% =Fourth Meet. a &rar
doers above hit'leact mea. twill thet othoSeuoo of
boom awl? eaSpeeite, Teeth balgooko, with aru
alai alter the manner woe tourantlly potter
red mate emi t Intoofteutred to an .deb parueloot
eue. Teeth; into,. htll set doyen to a aingie one, to
senoolou seoettoa Lbw soohlint Ovary to the
natural lee*. SpeeChena of btboka ol nabwa pLate
may be exam*.a Al dm once.
All operations tneldeart to the prohmaioa pereonsed
with care and fatattattens alta=-2.n
"Be not the boo by venom the new are men,
Nor yet Us lust to lay dm old as
following. advanavies—The oven la eonstantly
=lv Peri wuk l :et as wb hot a cti f, d7swe la =k ove n. f‘fk°°
It has • Chamber tuclostroly fur Roaming meals
wok a spit, ItOw doing away with all the rosisung at
urfman. in be shape of vun kitchens."
II has a large <oolong capacity, wok an unobstrstri.
ed dot autfisce oo tu01.09, writelt all bouskeepars can
Itwset up wohroat 1121"4111 work, in say manna
. ry ere-place, or in the room as • stove; enabling. those
who occupy Istrod house* to have the advalitage of •
range at the two of • sloe.. And lastly,
It 4WDt Ins coal than artyothcr cooking apparatus,
not excepting. the Employ Coo k ing. Mose, which ts also
for sale at woolcsale or retail, at
(lILBERTS Empire Mast Depot,
Ile Market unrest, Guard Row,
Extract front • ntsteronendatiou from u n
ityfe B elphiaach
man, Esq..= Market street --..You can see no terms
m recommendation of it. which I will not endorse If
refernxt " uovLSoleodtDeelhenfoas
-• • -•
ikvEW BOORE—Loom a' Moments or Totnoettetry
—Mennen. of plain and auparadal Thgenome.
try, with their applleations Menstuition, Sarreylng
and Navigation: by MIAs Loomis, A. UL
A Pint Rook in Greek; containing • fill view of the
form of words, wall vocabalarLes and ectpioas axe,
ewes an the method of constant itanadon and repeti.
non byslottn APCllntock, D. Pr:prewar of Langua
ges, and George R. Croovia A. k , Ad : intim Professor
of Langoages In Diektnson College
Uphantht Life of Madame Catkartne Adorns, 3d ch.
A new novel—The Diannal. of Life.
Darla 2, to and 11 of Harper k. Brother.' apiendid a
leatreled salmon of the Arabian Nights' &tettainmeia
The above works received ibl. day by expanse and
neyl3 oor 3d and market or.
W - . •
employ the best workmen to be found, together
Tenn a large and complete stack of hos teals and ms•
elonery, adapted to complicated work. and making
with aectiracy and facility new pieces, Customers may
depend on setisfactton, and at thorn the sacme prices
they pay to many shops fdr Impegeet work; add to m•
ny cases for peewee &wary done to their watches All
our work ;a warmoted to perform * well.
N. B.—flaying induced my bob... to a Cash sr..
tem.! am depirooned to sell as low? as the lowest rega
le, prices, cast or west, and customer. may be assured
that they can make their purchases to this line as
cheap as 1.11 the eastern cities, thee/ aoep aryr ,"
home trade and wanetry. IV WILSON
Sate Aosstry roe linens •'s Conamoym
THE subscriber has ,icur replenished
his stock of Pianos, which for variety
f style and prices has never been sm.
passed rn this city. Just received and
opened, e following now Pianos,
Ono 1 Deter., cabinet grand Piano, an entirely new
OOne d ne Rosewood OS, very elegant Noon . k
Oct with Coleman's celebrated ..Vodkas At.
tachmein. Tkis is a very superior Plana
One • matuogany plain, 11. & C
novl3 H. RUCHE J W WoodwvlP.
enbectlber is now receiving Mon the
city of New York, • choice enactment
or Hats, Cape and Muffs, latent %Alone, In peal varie
ty and very cheep, wholesale and retail.
.11.ffidAfleld ttf dok acuth.of Ith
OCARCF, GOODS—M.earlne Blue rianettes— W
ie Plutphy, dorth east eranes SIB and Market ate,
his an assortment of these scar e and deatrable 'goods.
Chevy Crap! and Crape 11.111tatarlue %lan, paper
muslin, cola Canine., _
IVVEN/LE CONCR4bo haventla ip tat.
al Pittsburgh Musical t‘esidciai, give their eau-
MIT concert e ibe Apollo, on Tueets, eranigg nimt,
at 7 o'clock. Admission t cents.
no• 13,111 it, 4 BING4I/04.
II3IE—IOO bbl. Louisville Wh
ceived and for allia b no
OLIVE OIL-2.50 galls just roc'd sod for We by
00ir13 J KIDD Jr Co
CMP'D LOOWOOD-75 obls just reed sod for sale
b sovl3 J ICIDD.& Co
COD LIVER OIL -30 gall, just nso'd and ll:maths by
nowla J KIDD:it Co
JCT. Lociwoop, alanford'sfr.-820 lbs jail - ma i d
arid for We by , 116•12 '_ J ,llDDits Co
ODLD CANDLES-30 lailo store and for Bale by
nosta • . SELLERS -t MOMS
_ _... . .. _--.
"Itiff AMS AND 51DK5....33 hods Batson &lost 23 do
US . do Hoots, plisse Ciocinasti,in Bloft sod for set.
b sterl3 SELLERS Alr. NICOLS
UOAR—.7lhhds prime N Othrr l ( mule ja• naot3 a pv
LOAP SUGAR-11 bblb, mall loaveb x lge ialerbY
novl3 • W 8 8.1 bl.l7__
.......___ . . ....... -,.-
0 ALTPSTRK-71 bag. email Sallpetle, la store wd
/..7 lot sale by ISAIAH rticzpv t Co,
REtlll APPLIII-88 b?lb
,1118! 9 ! ”. Oles,
buGt recelvati and Ibr!q.e j. F,
183 13 Afl • tb l C..4bl l l:' 8
vA , 3 9 , lit ste c kE zer
- F6IIINCI-140 bag Dry Flerdag, Joel lewd and nu
II sale by n0e1.2 WICK & DAVANDLESK
CREAM .CLIKEZIE-19 bi. last reoi tn.
E X (in. t .ale by boyl3 .IVIMIC 6 bI'CANDLESS
W bss jut rbo'ICK d Cu br
m $
(111000LATZ-90 b;. fresh Cbqgb lyy billitived
ki and for bath • 7 bovl3 %ICI artiaNDLESB
MILOVIt—bO bbbinub yhabity_Fknu., jtun red — b - 2 . 211
byr sale by bong WICK • breaywyggs
or**.attaikaidaikl& .I„.thtriA mania
tasahaenbere are DP.* nYt "•,,i tt the halo"
: - .of the above artlete,thren ideptaa
bleddliC4l.nd Lydia, Laving anieed
and habanotaiandtarn mareObe 5h9 1 . 4 ".!
the: chore.: P
shanty etpetted; they the— ar i a
to receive orders. They will :ave.° '
tar and erring regniato :applies wa Now r
_Lc:7ld VY a. naIITCRELTHEZ_
JALans , alperior tinkle always on band and kabala in
nnericelly low price, by
kIACKERF bbis large No 3, (1915) recd and
al. for raie by W ACM 3311VIIEL:THEE,
rorl3 160 Liberty at
WHISK.F:Y—agio bbEs Whblkey, for sala b
W IN.--Port., Madeira and Sweet Malaga, for WV
We east, or in quanutie• to iait paths/UM
CGNIAC BELANDY—{Chard, Dupoy & Co, and J.
J. Drolly & Co,) for sale in !tailpipes, or quantitien
to snit purchasers by W & bIITCHELTHEE
UrOLLAND IJN. N. L. VLSI, and an assortment
Domesue Liquors, for sale in nonntides to nun
purobatern by novl7 W& N MITCHELTREE
POTATOF—Zia boxes Sweet Potatoes; --
bbls Potatoes; just reed in prime
order and for sale by WM KHAIdEIt,
nortletn. comer Smithfield and Second . 0 13 LOOMS—ILO tons lasuara Blaomasale by—
FLOUR -33 bbl. extra Family Floor. landing from
steamer Consul and (or sale by
Q MOLASSES-4d bbl. H Mc!uses, In store
1...)• and for sale low to close consignment, by
CREAM CHEESE—ROO bas in store and for wile by
bbls extra Family, for sale by
BUCKWHEAT FLOUR-20 sacks hulled, for tals
by Do. It 9I" VON BONNIIOI39IT &Co
IHEJSEI-400 bls tV R, for role by
L A R . ? , nll,-
11 M "Llfia,`,°l,;',4°.bilo...
FIRE BRICK-10,000 for sale by
oovO 8 P VON 130NNHORST & Co
FRENCH CLOAKS—Rich embroidered Freeeh
CloMta, met Imported and for mile at the cheap
one price more, No ou Market mem.
nova/ A A MASON &Co
NEW ORLEANS SUGAR-60 hbilv N O Sugar, a
very superior •rtiele, for sale by
ovi&itlia D T bIOIWAN & Co
WOOL' WOOD:—The highest market price in
cash will be paid Mr he different grades of
Wool, by o & W RBA COM
nevi!, 63 water and IW front st
HOWE'S CREAM CHEESE—A few boxes very
ertperior Cream Cheese, feat received by
burin v A W EARBAUGH
S -
OAP-100 boxes Colennsati Soap, past landing and
for sale by oval S tiARJUIIGH
JUST RECEI V k:D, a large stock of Cot-
Duper. nOO9 A A MASON & Co
SUNDRIES—I cask Bacon; 2 Las do; 4 sacks Fea
thers, 4 bbl. Flaxseed, lust recd and (or sale by
now/ C B GRANT, 4t water st
. _
eIOTTON—IM bales inferior Cotton, in s ore and for
sal• very low In clog& by
dove t WEOTON BOWEN, 00 front •I_.
LA RD Of L—l 2 bash Winter Lard Oil, NW lucid mad
far sale by EIIMBRIDOE, WILSON & Co,
0009 water st
TA HIED PF.AC/1.1.--2.50 buil/int reed and for sale
j_./ by now BROWN a. CULBERTSON'
IX/I:NI/RV PIO METAL-12 loos superior Foundry
.1` Metal. from Union furnace, Huntingdon county,
ra.,lor sale by oars KIER &JONES, Canal Basin
DORIaIE lIACON SIDES-6 cask. Bacon Sides, (or
sale by 0000 KIER & JONES
F OILLIE. O ; METAL-3 loos Forge Ldea,ifielosisiatisby
AIL—cOU kegs Nails, ased use., for male low by
LA nave JAMES DaLZt:LL, roarer st
YiiiiiitiCe—eso boil - 3
Oats; Y., kegs Butte r, 4 Dbl.
Roil &suer, 4U bbl. Flour, lancing from Lake Erse
and Maisano Line, and Mr sale low to close consign
ment, by nowt /A +3M DALZELL
11~AA mu
ibls Non!, Carolina La large ban
and good order, for .ale by
GERMAN CLAY--341 b. Gelman Clay will be mid
low to close • conalgument, by
EARL cask& pnrenru 10 store and
inr We OV3 TASSEY &#E2sr
,nice ArEi.Enn AND PEACHES-3001mb Dried
jJ Peithe, IVO do do Apple; need and for nate by
I kAD-11b1X. pig" lialena Lead, flow *tear Roscoe
k i far. sale by 1.0 FII.IKNII, RIMY CO
U ta EAT/lESIS—ZI bags, pec Yankee, for We by
I) IC E-1 uere'ne — Rtee reed, and for tale by
ji.l o novl U 1101.1180 N & Co, MI liberty it.
OLL RUTIER— A fele bbl. treat, Ann reed and
jR, tor We by littoell R ROBISON k. Co.
DAYER—Foolecep tout Letter, for wale W
AAA MAGNENIA—I cbee reed add for sale by
411AIkil SALT S--1 caber hal reed an
reed te le
by 1.117 JOHN D MORGAN
IJ6A.R-4 tattle smarty prime N Saw, km sale
►by ed 3) DADALEY
(IUFFSH. PEPPER., ter.-1190 b3Y. j/lot Cater4,llo
‘..) do Black Pepper; Itltlo'lltdeuto, Lot jilt. by
-- - --
(ZOLIA . .11111—tb oigko reo'd .4 for itsk - by -
0 .1.74 TASSEY ft BEFIT
W .
ANTO. O. Coop er ortisi o. Mi. - Kirk Itor•
rola, to . doom llta ricer—stady gong god
good onljf.s. apply to
illto,iiii — NlFLO—til tons snorted b. haw WO
...ell Notts; WO too, CI loon, for talc bi
nova It ROBISON k. Co
COD:rb—lt maks pd""41(1111::17C:VT:Dly.t.8.4
NEED-1: bbls just reed and for Kale by
I.II D b WK. for .ale
IT k:rd
Leal Lard, rtenred by sub,
___obi %ICY af 11CCANDLLISS
GIBBEID ILES/ONG-13 Lads pm men .4 fpr .le
by bwidd WICK 4 Pa'CANDLE.2. , .6
LbLA-IClbtaEn r FLA...CH—SU .k. ballad, lust reed
Kg, and for sale by
eand d b' VON BONN IiORIST A Co
xeetvee et the DU be." Hot. a
_ -
rra.NNERS' 011.--61;kbbls 8 - tildes land . tag asal
st let sale by sera J0L1111.1. - Ll.l,
0113-2 bales prove Ohm, growth 104, Jam reed
asal me sale Dy ime4 C H ORAN
D°w'D JA LAP -2 eyes BAH reed and for rale by
Lov4 R E SELLER!, 57 wood at
POVPD RHUBARB-0 cases for sale by
n 0, 4 H E da../..ERS
BALSAMCOPAVIA-WO lba for sole by
05E4.1:2K-2 bbis for sale by
LICH SHELLAC-2 bares past ree l / s i: og i brr we by
IT ARLEN OIL-7 gross for sale by
VI ADDER-9 casks loa reed and for sate by
111. noo4 R E SELLERS
- • •
LARD OIL-10 bbl. mom No 1 Lard Chi. y,. reed
nod (or gals by nova SELLERS & NICULS
LINSEED UIL-25 sbbls Linseed 0,1, j.. 1 reedand
for sale by 00.3 SELLERS lb NICOLS
-20,000 the Buda Sides inn:Wandfora;
t rl y
doei korner wood and water eta
1 .A AR ,.. t0 kegs just reedeaJor , by c.A,
eitiEzTrwrs-4 . 3 bushels jostroe'd and for sale by
nova WWI.. rcANT,Lhbs
UTTER--Y kegs azoved .d for sole by
. 10,3 WICK k Al,cA'NoLess
QALERATUFS—Ie eases (or sale by
1.3 nov3 WICK & M`CANDLMS
PTASH-3 eaeks for sale by
SCORCIIINOS-4 bole for sale,by
FLOUR-16 bbl. importer Funny Floor,
r (or al. by bov3 WICK & arcANDLEZS
UKATIIERS-3leal lb. Ky Feathers, rood and for
mic by nova /AS A HUTCIIIBON & Co
'ky 0. SUOAR-304 MM. N 0 Sugar, for sale by
nov3 !AS A HU NHISON & Co
11. 010LASSM —I NI !Mho St Louts Sugar Boom
O. Molasses, Mr sale by
nerd JAS 4 11k1rNISON & Co
D WINED SWAM-4110 We small Loaf, Nos 1,1,
11, Band 7; nOlubls Cenalied; 110 do Clarified, for rate
Ageuts St Lotus Meant Raiment,
nova 40 Water and lattront at
OLDEN SYRUP—In bbl., half tans, and 10 gallon
14 - tap, tor 'Me by -
noyll ' .l4§ A lIUTC:IRSON S. Co
(„„IIIUA Anlll—du casks Soda Ash, Steele's manufae.
13 tare, tar sale, to arrive by
001 FO' ' I • C N, 37 first st
tr0 W. 0 4 , 1 , 7 3 u tgs spap. f4r...a1. try
t:lu tuns Ttri DUNCAN
VAFLIMIATED SOAP --ol lb. In box, plat mold tnd
for sale by oct97 JOHN D AIOHDd.II
INO. COAR—do Wads pains, in store and for sale
.at the lowest market pr al TC
ice, for cash or
ILk.E, approved
Inns, by W MIHELT
rooted 160 Liberty at
APPL}..9-60 bbl. Green Apple., "Oates," just reed
and for male by nova & iIARB&UUH
- -•-
VAR.NIBII-10 bbl. Fulettere Vurdeh, s t f
ki the best quality, for min by
0 SnAde., andla new simi le, reooottueuded as sopa
nar to limy beton the m otet.
I bbls Cast, just landing' and for sake by
,/ novB 8 fr. L iimuumk.
rro 3 alaciaslVlTtiliaind
,11, for sale by no A ITANBAU(111
SOl4 L9O swag &dd. Ash, Juts nod for
--• - _
LASS- &e boo' assorted Window Glau tut,
atul for lisle by nov:I 8& W Jag&
L INMED OIL-10 lib's LvdpseVi a l la lV i rr Castle
• 'oprd Mat
ttosd .:t l 8 A NCOI.B
. - -
nA,3044-110 casks llason Hams; 14.1 do Slides, In .tore
~13 and for sale b bon 81,/..1,4tts er.NICOLIS
C ANDLIOALND BOAP-60 tiro mould Candice; led do Boap, in Mono and for We b y
nov9 8 tr. NICOL§ 1
STILTe N n —I6
l oa d tno . lin i a‘ t a 1t i*. 0 . 9.
.-. no , y9 Ait
water .t•
, 0.0 Dried
RIO do,
Doffaillpt, I Z' x - V3 cwt., lamling and tots sole by
nerd &MILL d ROK, liberty as
A•• —A mall lot piiitises.
00,1 !MILL k ROE
AucTioN - aliFf
Ey Jabs, D. Davis, AllOttolalmisi.
Caiaiogus of Clalarig jjl AstitiOL.
TR.da, morning, Nov. I.lfdelcmg, will be
*old O without reserve, on a *redo MOO days on all au=
C o ls a 11100 , • those invoice of h ktohionab and as ammo,
thing, by catalogue, consisting of 40 dozen fine
abina, ham boom.* collars, dc; a doz Mut shins with
fancy bosoms; 13 do blue stripe Menthol° shirts; 7 do
assorted fancy do; MI do heavy hickory do; do ma.
led gannallto; 4 do do anOed, dniertrr,;e do,,catzten
flannel do, pn super fancy eassimbropants; 49 do
gold mitt aminett do; 104 do fancy satinet; do. Also,
dream and frock coats, heavy over roan, veva, Ad,
wind; can be azatruned Ott morning of md•
• arran
. . D Auer
Baas, 'Alsocs,..Ru.s6cra and 13 • • ut Auction.
- Tottedas allernoon, 14th taw, at S. oteJoek, will
be old withoat mane, all easel boots,: ',moms and
,ob ses , via: 94 pee awns prime Napoloon kip boots
48 do dodo kip boom; le do do Anti alerted call dm 30
do do coarse Ineadot 60 do do kip breittnai (Odom!.
sea leather See; Te do woman' , prime nether over
shoes; 44 do children. , leather anew 411 do lIMIXICII.IO
patent tom; .30 do Whim.' do; 31 dolgured soma,
assorted. onall JOHN DDia Vl9, /met
Larg...Staiif ,Staplo and Fancy Rey Goode
On Monday morning, Nor. 12, at /oenlock, at. the
Commercial. Bales Enemy corner of Wearrand . Fifth
streets, will bossild, without reserire, ifOrgash,Mri in
tensive usortmeni of fall and winter stare and fancy
Dry Goods, consisting of superfine Landau l•roal dyed
black cloths English, French and Arrierterm cant
meres, •AtiAOUA, 'Oates red, yellow, and green flan
nels, 104 blankets, miler rich atylr, gualliams,
block satin, satin and mantas rib ands, sewing silk,
silk hdkls, shawls in great Variely„Liona damask, table
cloths, hosiery, glom, cheeks, nelinp, bleactad and
brown =mhos, ac.
At 1 o'clock.
Groan's., chnnnnnara, Amin' in., it.
A amAlilY of /I tea hf chests and bozos, with
other irnmerias,4ll his VA manufainined Tabu.",
regalia segant, welfirig and wrapping.papur, ut . eig
Arare. Cbias and. .glassarare, =Mal CIOCKA,
g asses, Iliape, window blinds, Labia Wire. and (irks,
..UM.,tinware, he. •
A MUM! LLSOillnAllt of aew modhouse
hold and kitchen furniture, from • &Amur removing
from the city.
At 6 i o'clock .
Roady made clothing, boots and shoot. gold and •d.
goowatches, Aso cutlery, shot to plsugs, trartstY
d.. 3e. . • aOll.O
Ltberty Etreet Property at Auitiaa.
Oo Tho”dty, hOVember 16th, al .2 &Mock, P,111.,
will be .old on the premises, two very valuable Hand
ing Lots, situate on the north side of Liberty street, at
the corner of Hay it, baying each a front or 24 feel
Liberty street, gad extending back 100 Net, to an alley
xo fa-t wide. Tbls prepeny Is the Mott desirable for
either envale dwellings or heathen putooses or toy
tow toe , hid la that ocatulful pin of this city.' Terms
at .ale. novlo JOHN D DAVIS, skeet
MR. D. Benefit Beefit shd Monica
Last Appesonco.
Novssmas la, will be prerrente&•ll pn
Comedy called FAMILY TIES. •
Josh Sims - 1 , 1, Marble.
Comic Boma—AL. Walters sod My. Goodwin.
o be followed with a new Farce called
Cetus Chunk My Marble.
Sailor's Hornpipe Master Woorl s
IT° cone lade with
LUKE THE LalloitF.R.
Alr. Marble.
' E r a Xwt . fil ' p b pro n i fa a3 dt li . V..‘211 '
ABONNAFEON M respectfully Worths the citizens
. of Pittsburgh and Allegheny etticit, that he colt
open his school on Friday, the 1 7 th 1:4, at tho new
room, Washingum,Hall, t 341 W street, alone
This room 'ill combine beauty, splendor, com
fort and caaveniegee, being in the eecatui story, and
fitted up with taselkand sty/e, th e proprietor, Mr. Fitz
simmons, having .spared no expenso to Make it surpass
all others In the etty. The days and. honors of hutiop
will be so fixitowst every Friday and Baltuday of each
week, at 3 o'clock, P. M. for youngLadic.r, at 6
P. M. for Masters,' and et 8 for Chatham,.
References will be required from applicants tuthnosso
to A- B. For term. and panicalars. apply at A. R's
reMdenee, Market street, near Thud, or at the Hall,
on dm above days and hours. n0v10.31
Aas Ordinance
duarririsin,fy the Connate" CM Streffs, Grading
Paeisrg,aad to Confront with hitri 3 Orraiurypierisf
GrantsOurgh Tampa, RomiCompesp. .
SEC. I. Be it ordained and enacted by th e citizen.
of Pinabargh In Select and Capiftua Councils m
rambled, That the .
Committee on Strains, Grading and
Paving be, and they are hereby anthOnsed, to conclude
and execute for the city of •Pitisinrarai usand Wi th the
Pre mien; Mecum* and Ccanpany of the Pinshargh
and Cheembergb Turnpike Road the Wowing agree
ment, vim
"Articles of Agreement between the Mayor, Alder
men, and citizens of Pittsburgh, tthrolrah the Corn
mmea oa Streets, Gradingand Paving,rand the Pres
ident, Memory and Company of Pittsburgh and
Greensburgh Terapthe Road.
The said Mayor, Aldermen arid earns of Pima burgh tome ao grade cud pave, or Meiptiansite that
part of Penn street in the ninth Ward which, presto.
to the admiasion of said Ward into the city, fotmed a
pan of the seat Tampa., Road, bet which is now •
street of the city of Pluaburgin Provided,' the said COM.
patsy remove the present Ton Owe
_beyond the city
Mime. And the raid city flanker agrees and contracts
to keep that part of the said road witichby them mil
d. Is mimed cod gyro ep intim city to so goodor
der and condition so the said to•ipally now bound
to do by the provisions of the Atter the Oemral As
mutiny of the Commonwealth et Pennsylvania, incor
porating said Company: And the saidady further stip
Mares and enc./nits to and with the said Company, to
make entrant, instead ofgutters, on drat part of the
said wad or street hereby raUgned to mid ctry.:
Sm. 11.—Se it further ordained, in, that an much
teeny Ordinance pa, conflicts with.thialmnialods of
,this Ordinance be,and the MUM le hereby repealed.
Ordathed and enacted toto • lair to Councala, this
Min day of October, A. A 2848
R_ Biome Roses" Clk C. C.
Aura Manua, Clk S. C.
Dr. loses Celebrated kemedles.
R. JACOB EL ROSE, the discoverer and sole pro-
JJ primer of these most popular andbeneiletal teed.
thinee, and aim the inventor of the celebrated inure
ment for infLating the Lunge In effecting • rare of
Chronic diseases, was • student of that mettle:it physi-
Mats, Doctor Physic, and itia grade/deo( the Unrrarsi.
ty of Pennsihrutia, and for tturry yea/stance has been
engaged te the invesugatron of disease, and the appb
call. of remedies thereto_
Through the use a( his inflating tube. in comedian
with Ins Prophylmbe Syropp and other onus resandles,
he has gimbal an gape ulellad . entimmee m coons
those dreadful sod fatal
. ;itla.dtes; Tubercular Cou
somption, Caned., Serof klbeturearitsm,. Asthma.
Fever and Ague, Fevers of kutda, (thrum° Erysipe
las, and ail obstinate diseases ria - cultax io females.
Indeed every form of disease vanishes wader the liar
of his remedies, to which humanity Is heir—not by the
me of arm ceathound only, far tact is Incompatible
with Physiological Law, bathy the sole of his reme
dies, adapted to and prescribed for each paeans; form
of disease,
Tomo Alterative Pills,. Alma mod are in
'tenably ackrrowletiled to be superior to all eater, as
a purgm/ve or lire; Full inasmuch - as they Mare the
bovrefs perfeotly free from costiveness; as also his
Golden Palls is admitted by the faculty to posses/sped,
It., properties adapted to female diseases, but being
mugged that a bare trial is sullielent to establish that
has been said In the minds of the most skeptical.
The alilieted are Issued to call upon the agent, and
procure (grans; one of the Doctor's pamphlets. giving
• deisuled amount attach remedy and its application.
For sale by the falnowing agents, is well as by Karst
Drumsts throuhout the moot
Sehoontosie g r I Co, 14 W ood street, kaufliissrPhi
J al Townsend, druggist, di Ma set al
Lea ABeckham , nett Ms A.D. Allegheny city,
Jo. Barkley, Ethillon,kkaver county', P.
Joo Elliott., Cowie alley, '•
T Adams, Beaver, ••
17 OTII Ears,—
lacatas, Cqt. LY, 164 i.
Mr. IL E. Sellers : —Chiii Of our physician, whose
practice is very extenalve. told me this motaing of •
case m which one vial or your yermlibge brought
gvray sdpVe wonnsi alai gentleman in the neigh
borhood said that leas than half a vial
of the ow
charge of near 60 large worms burg nue of dm chil
dren. Very many et snob inatzneag mlgal re staled.
Is is well known abbot here, and, alutost prefer it to
any other. dead Ole 19 diMen owur.
Parents who do trot wi ih to tride witys thus children,
should %WE-alleys' Vegra4laga.
Prepared and sold by A E dELLIF2L9,67 Wood n., sold by Dr Cassel, 40i Ward; // hi Curry, Allegheny.
rg HOPI-80R CHRISTIAN NOTH most respectltib
ty announce+ to the chino. of Pittsburgh and
vicinity, that he has commenced giving instrocuon pn
the Piano. His method of instructing as vt. cosy,
sod adapted to arti In vary shock 11.111.1 N. hope.
by strict attention to his bounces, and by reasonable
prices, to merit a share of the KLIMA Pairwtage. Those
wishing to hear him ;iay,"ii, invited to leave their
ands, with the %oaten kilted to them, at the Mimic
Stores of Me: Mellor or Mr. Shane.
Pmressoces—J. H. Mellor, Rog , Pm/erica 131111ne,
Eat., Victor Scribe., Rocikeeller.
Bypor, HopEbCyt,.ofbscus..2ri„;::cmprite:,,
families and
.. tytt z lao . V.7 i p.toct! e r ! h a: the ,,, Re c lu i
I p lll street, Pitt=rgii.,`htlenklus.sickte,, 4,110-
o e` oLi!t b r i ' " vi I°,
GREEriA=4:4`l6lt.arn-itr ,I 8".
4 Ws Flll PI pydn; 6 do beam. tored,Pippin;
Id do Golden do 3do Lontribland cf
d c,
4 do flidumnbuvr, I do Mammoth'
Now landing Run KM! NOW ftA.,,d imd (0, eale by
Atte t v l EW -IL VAUt — COunineteg traaThe
°MOO dosm.";,syrtMbildito RA* a n d o th.
LW= c F. arl,chtntrrd
hi.r,....4.,,LOnrchicyogoi7,cedlbrge°l4rpretullf L' 4l °
IOHNSTO% & erTOCtTfra,
1 1 11.._ 30 WW l ': and ad .t.
• • 3 ' ' I ;.abb.l , 4T—tfary-at ova
Sailor ma y 'rho.. Carlyle; MTV."'
ono volume. Just reved and for ev; hy___
novit 1911#1•911#
tvb- tormareamer Euro4
clPea aria Let: lerDress 6 tooda k e . orn " ptr4 the
styles, era: Sarin plaid Merinos, knew , are
ate and the richest goods imparted dui sestronl mtl
wool Plaids, high colors aryl choice styles; all wool
Cashmeres and Mons de Wires; end Coburg and Lir.
nese Cloths, of arty dewribehla shade aad color.
mei • • Cashmeres, I mat urea, earl
CIAPISV I IV I NTrarri:, hay; lust
113, maimd a large stock of Ads:, LAMM 5t. 11 4%
stocks, fancy and battik esi t raii t LW*, hosts ,
'l t kftth ?Cc : cleagethea at. Limited
to call nod coattail. th.tit VI they =I sappastd to ba
. . _ - - _IPP.IIS
- -
Ram as Mamma,
November 7, tali.
Praideoi mug gareotors of this /Mak have LA
Orky docketed • divideod of Four per corm for the
St llz gloom.. parable to Stockholders or their legal
vq:lenttives borteorith.
JOHN SNYDER, pashora,
lizaluoux Bono al loatOrt,ij
2: MS Bank has this day derjan.= o o of on .
per cent. on Its Coptial Stock, onto( thiPpnylini - a
test siz moogyi. ptysfirgpliOr Oar the ANki lon,
nov9-414 Ti'• Ak• UOWA Csoier.
_ ____
Z 44- 71t a'
aetansal,l Dank has
31. 45,ialaidsadaf Pear react It.
BpQ 013 Wa sit taaaah.s.
nava w H. DENNY, Dasher.
ien Spann and Wluda Od, bleached and
unbleached, in non and for sahib?
444.440,5 t NaQUIA
0 A - Mv .- Frit'olC - E'T - L - UN
crs or
th E--..-
IT6HIS bas .„ sin,j enfendid qr &nue
~..,.-e,f.lsnegart, passe swiftest, ben
n bed mad f ead - mag powirtlal boats an the
wa ter}Wen.h s wery seceassusrodation and eons
fan tha sway prociare,leabeenprovidesf IWO*.
&engem The hes tLizeens ns °man= far five years
—ass earned scnaillisn ar xscise vritbor4th , I ° l3 ' JAN'
ry shen persona -The bona will be at gee tot Weed nreet the day inwrioas In starting, far the
clan of fan& and the erdryf passe:men en she
ter. In all C 124 th e passage stomp mast be in
advance. •
The Ingo NEWTONilhipt A. G. * Mem% allsl
leave Pittsburgh every Sund!iy morning 1110 otlool4
Wheeling every Sunday eventhg r atlO P. IL
Mar 2V0847. .
The MONONOARI24, ego. Rum, wi ll lasieirdor•
broth every Monday searnagryingt wetoelk3 Wheeling
every Rowley CIitIIIIIIr4t7O . P. PC
leave Pinsharer every Toesrlay IMO . 11ff at 10 OC
Vi r beellng every Toed* eventerr at 10 ir et.
- - -
The NEW ENGLAND No. 2, Mot, S. Di A N . n u
leave Pittsburgh every Wedeeedey me ndas at
o'clock; every Weeloce4T e►eda/ / el Ult. ie.
The EIRMLIANT, C-apt. Guar, swill • tears Ms
bust ever) ThezedaT moraine alp o'clock; Witeeitig
etery Thereday evening et 10 v. te...
TMAILIPPEII. No.)l,Capt. Camas. will 44as Pk .
burgh 000, 7 Friday Awe...o at 10 attack; Wheeling
aw 16.1 l 7 F. avcalnir all!) r. w.
Se id.IMENGEB., C. 8. Etazaa, mil leans Pima
e trg Cja . SrdaY m_...3 . 4aig at in o'clock Wheeling
.1 48.
, eagin
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freight, to 11211 in connection with' the = Anima
steamers - CATES COPE and WAVER, and minim,
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of them patronage.
0. BL IiARTLIST, r• ^
B. HANNA & Co.
myltal J. HARlthltoll &Co.
NOTICE—The steamier IIEAVM,,, E.Chltki My
ter, will leave agcy this Douce, thy Wellsville
ally, at 9 o'clock In Wemotoind,' • .
ISGB. , 1614
Daily Paaket Li
The following new, boats nenOtta
tee line for •
the present •
LAISTIC, .Capt. • /Meg Fulham:
ALTPC, Capt. A. Jaeobq and LOUIS
hPLAISE, Capt.. E. -Berman„ The, boats ara Entirety
new, and see P-• op vidsml regard to enema,
err easafarlthas pawcarspnsenre has beets provided
Toßo teassYthe ftletnestgabela Wharf Boat al
the feat ofitass sz. Passenger. will be paneled M
board, as the boats will eestandi leave al !heather.
deed boutatfi'A, NI and 4 P. Pl
inatiadau YlTTBlatiaki & sw W ia ll=e.hagazti ,
posy P Kbu=er, loth law
ly, Coe ea Monday,
Wedneada= l day, at le delpekpreelsely.-
Leave every Tuesday, .sdiiy slut lia.
turday, at 7 o'eloe , am, yreetsely.
Th.Consid hued at all the, uderatedlate
Elan' acecumdatiou that eau be procured forbps—
fort and safety of paaireaers has barn provuted. TM
boat ts also providedritr, seitTacthzy safety gosyd to
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MID Ma Pi i. r "
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The nett and sabaandalatelurter
Andrea. Poe, maser, 4411 perform
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and Bridgman She anal leave Fulabiugh <of Han,
days and Taya.. - - ', - -
regkeight (Taman, apply oa • • • am ,- ,_ ,
Mit D CDORGMDVN, and elf in lend
lags on die stissestppi rind Pearl Rivets
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,Thasiemrhghsiloseght Lod *ahem
nal Bremer nOttA,, ,
Jenkins, mastery siDl leave si 41MS
a This:ale , the lath mai, ar. AA, M.
For freight or passage •• • 021 Board, or to -.
'FOIL NF._Vtr ORLEA.N' 8, • r '
The tee neer and saVsttiatiatihsat
- et IVANkIOI4"
?Jerk Stetlittg, .rai legve,4 3 r
a shore 4 11, ittpe,d1411. Porte an
this ay, at 10 11004 A. •
F'or height/3r pisa=.
The fan rew i s o a r saener
Gray, muter, will to for threithose
beenoediate ports this day.
apply oit board. novlo
FOR BT. Louill —
The spleuidakm e sse o ler staassit
Jeoreos, master, still leave an above
d isearmediate poets tlds .
. day.'
FOT freight or passages apply on board. prist,
. The splendid and fast remain stea
A J DrChoe„ messes, will leave We
shove and intrimediate ports se.
this day, Sib inn, at 10 o'clock, A. bl
For freight or passage eppty on board ova
FOR CrrielliNll 1. — 7" ----
catime,The olendid:.e...,
Cano n waster. will leave /be above
ID o'clock A. M. and to ermednue pans Ws day, at
Tlo fine app Relitamass
81. Was, ad/Ileac for the Waiver
10 o'clock, 4• an intermediate ports this dew as
ZE.AOIx. Ca se Pl 7 0. bdidds neve_
FOR ON cINSCAT _t - --
A witai The zplentar
Wit v irsight steentnen
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waster, will kayo lbg the
abort, awl inter ate pasts this d7at 10 o'clock, A. Itl.
For freight a, passa g e vpiy onboard. nerve
The splendor new steamer •
jakVat asslett, master, will leave Rot the
bore and intermediate parts 10-daY-
For freighter peonage, apply nn hoard. Dern
FOR ST. LOUIS. ---------
..,... The splendid tau Tannins ammo
IAMB,, .: ,
l S. Fendrielt,mm ßlA ter, Willleate for
the shove•and intermediate poria on.
Tuesday, the Me inn., at 10oleleek, A 11.- •
For freight or passage apply °aboard, arta
tos3o FOISVTII k , Co
FOR ST. LOTI;i9. - • - . - : -
mil ~00 The new and lemma 'amour
. - MORTH'If
Captain. Mers , orill leave- r anew.
=A ;Owen!" 5 dime ports this day al
10 o'clock A. M
Matt The splendid s p ud tut tanliulus..."
. .
_ Mm
, Puler win leave Car . dm.
Ae , . mu eedime minim Thum
day, 40thtast., at to 0 , 01001, A. M.
For Irs.. breudt
The Mae steamer
Parkinson HI,
mama HL ; will re ,
eve 40
Ire yid lotithirdilth, ports RlNdsor
• For (Might or plaan o , apply'. board.
fit riaLiklgr,/, • run CINcINNATI.
• tom and fanystaasner
• Bames,ananter, wHI Inure . 10r above
all inusrandisto portabn Wednso
dare and Saunnlay. of *AO week. For traded or pan,
sap apply on baud ar m
_ ____ _
Butts la 430.8 FAST FAXPILIMI
THE Proprietors adds Ilse hare put ostllfit4 Stock,
and me prepared to forward path of all de
enptions dally, at the lawns nun. .
Watp lV s street, Pitta h.
litaal a BCIEII
Er 2 &WA LtAt/i. N
„pr..” Atortims:
lA, R. MURPHY hiss opined within • Gar days a
hap assortment or superior French Merino%
~m3l,olslna dilremnt Abases otalteroort.,Garemilderaw.
berry, Scarlet, Chcmy.-Drah, Light Bine. Brown, awl
kfararine Blasi also, Various qualities ondae.
oral! the ledinaeolora,lochtdin d a Mir pieces,
superior black.
BELTlNGl—Mararino Blue,,,Green,
PLAIN O ASIIMERFS—.II.Iaronn, Oar' "'"'
-net, Brown.
Drab. Mack. ise.
Moos de Lens, primed Cashmeres
a new article for ladies are ' LnmarCvd Stripes.
oorl .6'
A 7 IW i i - 3:111! a Cob., a M alta.lo
so P and Black Teas;
PaPPor , 6/0 8 rail P
iW .b 4 P
bbla No* S "
fl ier 3 u n .i e ",
,0 do .ed Herring; ID d ' sat.. -
IIQ druy, cool* euk madder. n.
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/mach C aabaares Vasdaya .
...CLOTH IMRE, Past I:Wading* camat Pleb anell
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01.usarai ALUM* CS,
ocdt N 0.42 Waun street
- -"' •
1. Rubber Breast Pipet, a splendid ardelni.' 1 what
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