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• • Parmaromnna, Nov:9, 1848.
• . Bradford .9ounty, in 17 ,dialch:dsogives Taylor a
Inainirt of 1.130.
A letter Glitha Diaz' Couotyd_o_ this, paper, given
the nthjority id 330. Well dorthirdiimi • _
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1,857 thsjority 6:17 Taylor-foe} town.
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'• SONEther, tiov. 0, 1137,13-:3 e.
Editor' oj,qrs=rsrr.--Sir-- The retire= as far
received, show an increase over Johnston's majo
rity of 205. The townships to hear from may in
crease their Vosjoritice ■ liar bat, leaving there at
the former rtde,-TaylF's tnajority_wfil be 1857.
It is the general ppituorof the however,
that Taytat'i eirdarity not, be, less that 1875,
• litri4xlsram. Nov. 10,1131 a
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Ncw N0v..9, 1868. •
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Plealon Mag.
New Yost, Nem. 9, 7 P. M.
Taylor. .Caaa, V. B
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_ 11 may be thought early to talk of a second road
from Cleveland to Columbus, but it may be well to
I tao.likli6AtilltPetlerahlna to
lug traorformed :Kapidll into oue vait'apot," We'
Marg=o. l V-, lo # PrUnialOptrCa4 l 3 hem, where
ao_Attlitotionipi ollimereed In groin* business,
the superiolferulittggit,has great ad , annt•
gee . overthrXest, The.:We l* Chip, in seeking
tageti • Quill from - the Lake to the river, in 1824,
abandoned wharves a Ant choice of mute on nos
doted" a deficienelef Inter. A second route
for similar reairins wee given up. Much expense
was incurred,great herd:Mips endured in a sickly
season, and death of engineers suffered before a fi
nal route, the present location, was adopted. The
great disideratum f3t the Canal, erns water for the
summit--that Or the Beihuads is an easy grade.
The territory lying between the Ohio Canal and
the Sandusky and Mad River Railroad would have
been divided about centrally, had the "Eastern
Route," as it Was termed, been adopted. For the
sake of distiaction,,,the mad now advOcated, we
shall call the Eastern marl, and the one- now con
situating, the Western. The latter is parallel with
the Sandusky and Mad River Road, aria distance
of 25 to 35 miles cant, and the Eastern road would
be some 30 miles still further east. The Eastern
road would have-a larger tributary territory and
in other reasons a larger busineu than the West.
em. On the unction of parallel roads,'we remark
that from Burlington there are two rondo building
through, Vermont, in the di:tuition of, Boston, 20
miles asunder and on that portion F.:lasing through
New Hampshire, the dietetic° apart 'is 40
while the menu.disiauce asunder, the whole length
of 240 milane'd?es dot exceed 20 to 25 miles. 13e •
wean the Radon and Connecticut rivers there
are five or air parallel toads, built mild building,
in a breadth of 60 orbs.' So also betiveen Roch-
car: and Syracu s e, a distance cf SO miles, ame
oad road ie building 10 miles from the coat, and
immediately on he line of the canal. . .
The Eastern road now proposed, passesin a di
rect line from Clerielandthrongh Berea to Black
river, in the town' of ;Penfield, thence ascending
that stream to Harriavllle totemic thence down
the valley; of the Killbeek, through Wooster to the
Walhonding river, some' 6 miles west of Roscoe,
thence up that river to Mt. Vernon, thence wind
ing op in &southerly. and Westerly direction, (key.
ing Granville a little to the left) to Columbus.
For more converdenoe we have giver a table of '
elevation, in feet, of several points, above Lake
-Erie. The table is trade up from Canal suroeya
Mad Railroad surveys in 18(6.
Harrifiville Summit.... 339
Ridge fivesMfies easterly of Harrieville
nut *93
, •
Ridge five m il es westerly of Hirrisville
sununit 723
Killbuck, at Wooster 260
do Oxford, 25 miles below Woos.
ter 225
Ohio Canal at Roscoe-- 187
The Plains ittsmtion of Kilbuck and
handing': .. .. . ........ ~..225
Mount Vernon 416
• Pond m Mnaltinguta, at Zanesville 118
Zanesville, Maio] Street, about 130
Licking Summit,' Ohio Canal 320
Ilacoon.Creek, at Glanville 330
Columbus. 142
' Height of land between Mt. Vernon and
Columbus • - 600
Galleon Summit of Western [toad 600
Owl Creek, near its source • 70S
Head of Big Black Walnut Creek... •....606
Sleek Walnut 6 miles froM C01umbu5....230
Abate Creek 206
ML Tern= is above Licking Summit.... 96
'Licking Summit is above Columbus IEO
Zanesville below Hanisvilbs Summit....2o9
There is est/ilia' , feature in the Harnsville
Summit, not only as passing the great dividing
ridge between the Lake and the Ohio River at
the lowest point, but the pass itself is a deep ravine,
the eastern bank within five miles, being nearly
200 feet, and the western, within same distance,
nestly•4o6feetSibost the bottom of the ravine,—
Some AuFthat nt warmer period the whole
country,. the Alleghenies, extending northerly
towardswitsm's - I:fay,.nrris teetered with water
In the surstrling nE the Tamil when this dividing
ridge became visible, a vessel -willingly= the lake
baain to the Ohio basin at this point, the top of her
coast being 100 *et:,bigh, - would have been on a
a leveltsith the GialleonStuncnit.while abe yet had
150 feet depth of water.% The Galleon Summit of
the western road isWOket above Rarriaville Sum
mit.. Afsergaioiiig the top of the lake bank, some
120 feet in throe .miles from. Cleteland, we have.
bating •el ghtdetireatio * at Rocky River, a rite
to the Hdtristrille Sutrimitof 220 feet 40 miles, or
It feet rise per mile._ Then parsing down the
Killback, as far as.OXford : villege 42 miles is a
descent of 115 feet; Mr 204 9 inches per 11114 C.••—
FlOOl Oxhardi tef , the',,Walhouiuliria, 12 miles i,
level. Thence dewier:ding the , Walbonding, 35
miles to Idt-TereeespitiBet.of:l93 feet, or 51 feet
Per mile, Betweet(4lkLreftlim Mid the lake the
route is tinnsnally, leAtfAti:Jo' grade- Erom Mt
Vernon to Colratabint4l4 direct line,ie more did.
Ault, as the retied *oat a« ft/awe the fanner,
sand 450.fixt - 'sbovia . thit, hiimw. place, making Mai
pelt 30 40 fiternee,ini7e:.=, Now; instead of going
aver tbe propOsei4ipe tonna it, and rust
ahig her elervauca' than Mt. Vernon.
Thatthis'ean be donts'aria infer from the (tow
ing reasons: The diuiding ride or backbone be
tween the waters of the Muskingum and those of
the Sirocco, has a high elevation at the nonh,lrt
declines aS it runs south. About the head water
of Owl and Black Walnut Creeki it is about WO h.
above Lake Erik. On the line of Sumter , between
Montt Vernon and Columbus, it is gloat 600 feet.
while eagle Ohio Canal the crown of the ridge at
'that paint, is 350 furt above Lake Erie, showing a
deri 'inn of 250 feet Crony } h e line of surveys—
between Mount Vernon and Columbus--and the
Ohio CAnaL Then, if we go from Columb is in an
easterly direction toward. Granville, some twenty
miles, we attain the height of the ridge at about
200 feet above Columbus, or 19 11l rise per mile.—
Then turning north, towards Mt. Vernon, on the
camera ride or face of the ridge, we have to gain a
further rise of only some 60 ft. to reach Mt. Vei
-1 non. Tito a continued descent from Mt. Ver
'non ausx 4e obtained, we remark that the
Coital Goestmosimmers is cresting about to find we
ftfibuiCti ply the Y..icking Summit, in their report
, in 1821, Imie the following
staiet — ftent To caniciet these waters into the Sum
mit Pond, a feederofB or 9 miles, from Owl Creek
to the North Fork of Licking, will be required—
the waters of Owl Creek will then mingle with
those of the north branch of Licking, and together
proceed to Waggoner'. Mill Pond, from whence
they would be taken. and by a feeder of '7 miles,
conducted ipso the Summit Pond.' The point on
Owl Creek, from Whence to take the waters of that
stream, was in the vicinity of Mount Vernon, and
the route CT conducting them would cross the
Pacoon Creek at or near Granville. Other mean.
were Cusepplying the Licking Summit without re.
sorting to Owl Creek, but it was demonstrated that
those waters weld he used, and the demonstration
equally favors the feasibility for a rail road on
eemtinued &emit from Mt. Vernon southerly.
The distance between Mt. Vernon and Colum
bus, on a direct line, being 40 mikes the route now
proposed, is about 45 miles; bat es we save an as .
cent of 200 ft., and twenty feet rise being equal to
one mile distance, we save ten miles, making the
running time between the two places but thirty five
miles. We thus establish the proposition of a max•
imam grade of 10 ft, per mile form Columbus to
Cleveland, while seven eighths dthe route is much
easier. Aaide from the depression at Alum, Wel
not, end Racoon Creeks, the total ascent is 532 IL
and the docent 359 IL, making a total of 921.
The teital ascent and descent on the western road,
is 1439 ft. On our proposed eastern road, we have
sc'y'the allowing gradient.,
20 Miles' at 10 feet.
77 ' 51
67 ' 21 '
12 ' level.
Oyer a road of each easy grade, the produce of
the country beyond Columbus, including much of
the valley of the Little Miami. would be brought
to Ethisethod during tho period of lake navigation.
Thiele manger; from the relative state of the mar
kets at Cincinnati anti ,Cleavaland. The outward
tonnage beyana Collunlani would be twenty per
motor that coming this side of that poilit. Which
is - the most important to Cleveland,
warehouses, or overiloiving hotels) With the
I tern road, she would assuredly. have the former.
The_branch to Zanesville would strike oWon to
the lower pats( the Kilback, missing Rescue, cros
sing the .skingum at Chostrocton, and continue
down the left bank. The distance would be about
BD 7711 hrs, and the remarkable easy grade of the
Enntek mats* of 2i feet per mile. The dis
, ince ftom Cleivlsad .0 Zanesville would be 135
miles. On thin milli socks the sour from the lot
'..ter weld be brought over this road. li is now
transported by canal 165 males, at po cents per liar.;
rel, much of it being reshipped al Amami- The
Albany and Boston road carries flour through at
30 cents per barrel, the distance being 200 miler; ,
land the flour from Zanesville ought to be brought
for the same prices over the proposed road.
But we have a further and most powerful tugs,
meat for oar road as being a part or link of the
y Pittsburgh and Cinannaft Railroad.
That I conanotion between these large calm
binianrit Will Is made, no one can doubt- A
_route an the easfaia'ofthe - OiPo,th impracticable
me sho rt ening the benzine Mitch . if guy by th;
river. It is doubtful whether alrouth can be fioutid
on 'axii west side of the river, except to go so far
west as to 50 round the hills. A route has just
been surveyed leading from Pittsburgh west then'
Wooster 10 Mansfield. Viotti Pil4bergfi te Woos
ter is 122 =kat—A ha maximum gentle 7.4Beavnr, ga
ing west. is forty (eat, generally not over 15 tee per
mile. The highest summit is 526 feet above the
Ohio river at Beaver, or 653 fost - abore Lake Erie.
At Wooster would be the interstate= finin geave,
land to Columbus. From Cincinnati to Xenia, 65
miles, Is over the Little Miama railroad, thence to
Colombus, 51 miles, • railroad is building.
From Cincinnati to Columbus ........166 miles
^ Columbus to W005ter..........122
" Wooster to Pittsburgh.......... 122
.147 maj.6os Casa
187 do
794 do
Taylor. CUL
From-Cincinnati to Pittsburgh by the river 455
A mad connecting Pittsburgh , with. Quell:man
;nay be considered, u to the oAio Kier, a parallel
road; and a road from the laker to St. Louis may
be matted in the same lift& We have then the
entire length . of the Oldo river i pantile rail 'Dad.
Are rondo, anAthialchog on the banks of
tbe Iderrinilel4 . thetanneettent.from Hartford to
the Canal line; the Hudson Wool New York to
Whitehall. Stock Is being taken Ara road from
=to the month of theOttio, which will be par
the Nl:lazisaircd, and its continuance is pro
moted Waugh the interior of Illinois to Galena.—
That Ram& running parallel with rest ateem
bout thorn:Ohm con be trastatiusd, is well nigh
!- • -
tlettionstreed int*case of the Hu.-- • OM road;
- Thrs' road is cOrestriticting along the-east bank ,
ate'ever, Whertithire is the beta steamboat nevi- •
gadon on LhOonfitinent, and where 1,500,000 pas.
aengens are transported during the Beaton, ofberitut
fifty cents from Albany to New York
The engineer of Ms - Rail road, in his report of
May 31, 1848, anticipates an objection that the
boats may put down the fare to ope shilling to get
the travel from the road. His answer is, "on this
point t am of the opinion the Rail road will do
handsome business even though the Steam boats
run for nothing." Hence this road•isbeing plashed
forward with the greatest energy, several thousand
men being at work, notwithstanding its emu will a.
bout S50000:a mile. The argument fare parallel road
on the Hudson will generally apply onthe Lakes
and rivers of the West. When the Ohio is low a
steamboat in live or six days going from Cincinna.
ti to Pittsburgh. With a road between these cities
and from the latter to Phdadelphis, two persons
leaving Cincinnati at the iamb time nee by Rail
road the other by steamboat, the will be in
Philadelphia as soon as the other will have are.
vedirt Wheeling. What say Cincinnatian to this!
A writer in a late Pala. paper, speaking of the
mad building from Phan. to PittsbMgh and that
it will be complete within 70 miles of the latter
place, by the end of 1819, says, "still the imperative
necessity of an immediate extension pars passe
of the road westward, to intersect the rail made
from Cincinnati to the Lakes, is most manifest."
Another argnment far our eastern road is, that it
opens into an extensive coal region on and near
the Walhonding. This will give access to the ci
ties of Columbus and Cincinnati, and all the inter.
mediate country, at all seasons to this invaluable
mineral. Coal at the present time, in Cincinnati,
is worth from 14 to 15 cents a bushel on account of
low water in the Ohio,—usually it is from 10 to
12 cents. This coal region iv nearer to Cincinnati
than any other.
, We remark that the water power on and near
he ;maim road as many fold greater than on the
extern road.
In the construction of the eastern road we enlist
a large interest, for we command directly the aid
of the cities of Pirtsbumb and Cincinnati.
The line of oar road would occupy nearly the
same ground from Cleveland to Black river, as the
lino oftbe westem road; and this company is more.
over authorised to make a branch to Wooster.
A. P.
The American Colentsatttin Society In
need of Sundt.
Coxamsanois Rams,
Wasunerrotr, November 1, 1848.
The peculiar condition in which we find our.
selves now placed induces us to make an earnest
appeal to all our friends, and to a benevolent pub.
tic generaly, for assistance.
Our last annual report closed with the Viewing
paragraph: "$12,500 is the lowest possible estimate
of the means indispensable to meet our present
engagements. To prosecute vigorously and with
advantage our operations during the year upon
which we now enter, and not incur a heavy debt,
wilrtberefore require at least 550,000. °
The first of the above estimate wait based neon
the het that we were then $9,500 in debt, and had
engaged to send 310 emigrants to Liberia. The
last, upon the probability that many others would
want to go, and ought to be sent.
Since that time we have actually seat 443 erne.
grants to Liberia, and have received applications
to send from Baltimore 95 more, and front New
Orleans 4722 If we had the meal to dispatch these
567 now waiting for a passage, it would make the
number sent within the year 1,010.
It therefore appears that the estimate which we
made at the beginning of the year was much too
low. Allowing $5O to pay for the transportation
and support six months in Liberia °leach emigrant,
it would acquire '550,500 for this single item.—
The estimate of $50,000, therefore, does not cover
simply the transportation and support of emigrants,
leaving oat of view entirely the other expenses
of the Society in this country and in Merin
Let as now look a moment at our receipts thus
far. Ten months of the year are now past. The
total amount of our receipts ti $30,601,98. This'
1 is much below the proportion of,the, estimate $50.-
1000. Unless,ttheretbre, our leceipts are greatly
increased during the remaining two months, we
shall at the those of the year' fall abort of that esti.
mate, which itacllfeils immensely short of our real
[ The relative condition of ow treasury now . Is bet., l
I ter than it was at the beginning of the year, that is
to say, we then estimated that 542,500 would pay '
the liabilities of the Society then due, and the exsl
penises of 300 emigrants. We have paid those
debts, sent out 443 emigrants, and our liabilities
are now $2,543,3% which is only a fraction above
what they were at the beginning of the year while
our receipts are $11,698,02 below the estimate
This, we think, is sufficient to show that the af.
fairs of the Society have, during the year thus far.
been carried on with some energy and great era],
eau. Our trends, who have coaributed to our
funds, may therefore feel assured that their gifts
have not been wasted or squandered in vain ex.
We now coma to the burden of this appeal.— I
From various sources we had been assured that
sooner would be raised sufficient to transport ;II
the emigrants who should desire to go to Liberia.
On this baste we encouraged the spirit of emigre-
lion, and request.' all who are anxious on the
subject to apply to as. The exatsequence Is, that.
lifter haring sent thiy year 44; there are now 587
waiting for a passage. We ere tinder *Ape to
famish them use. They am all anxious to he oll;
many of them impatient They are needed to
Liberia. They ought not to be detained in this
Bre tor hem KO got the arecee to /11141 tkeva.—
Unless, therefore, OUT friends came immediately to
our help, whlr can we do? The present debts of 1
the Society must be met. Allow $5O to pay the
expenses of each of the 567 emigrants, and it
makes 52e,250. Where shall this amount In ob..
mined 1
Of these persons, 152 are free; of whom, 8 reside
in Connecticut; 6ln New Yor k ; lin this city; le in
.4 ; ism South Carolina t 27 m Indiana; 39
in 'sksuis; 33 in Tennessee; 2 M Ohio; and Bin
- Thiessen
How easy it would be for a few Individuals to
each of those States to assume the reapensibility or
sending the emigrants from their own Skate'
The remaining 415 are slaves, the freedom of
most of whom depends upon their etnigration to
Here la a field for the exercise of benevoleoce
anti philanthropy upon the largest scale.
Great and important as Ibis work is. we cannot
go forward in it without means. We therefore
present this statement of the case to our friends
and the public generally, praying them to come
at once, in their greatest liberahty to our Gatl3-
Whatever funds are contributed, or can be rats
ed, should be sent to us immediately, in order to
secure the desired result.
In behalf of the society
W. hicLALS, Secretary.
P. S. Papers friendly to the cause will please
Arrival of the Steamship Washington
The steamship Wathungton, Capt. Cnabtee, ant v.
ed at New York on Sunday night. She lett South.
tampion on the 21 at ultimo, before the arrival of I
the London train, and consequently Wags no later
advice. than the British steamer which toiled fern !
Liverpool on the same day.
She brings one hundred and live passengers and
a large amount of freight. AmOng the passengers
are leo. Glenn, Jr., Mrs. H. L Glenn, and Miss
Mary Glenn, of Baltimore.
The rumor of a fresh insurrection in Berlin, ap..
pears to be contimied by an article in the Lon
don atandard, of the evening of the 20th ulumo.
All Germany, north and .oath is in the agonrof
a terrible and bloody revelation, and Europe on
the verge ofgeneral war, and awful convulsion of
every element of society.
On the evening of the 12th, a public dinner was
given at Bremen, to Captain Paulding. of the U. S.
frigate Si. Larvreorm, sad his officers in their honor,
at which a large oompthy sat:down, composed of
the officers of the St. Lawrenbe, the liinerican lea
captains in port, the commander: of the steamer
Washington, the Senators and officers of the Bee.
men government, and the principal merchants of
the city, nunabering,:in all, 300 persons.
The dinner was worthy of those wbo gave it,
and was magnificently served. The best of
humor and good feeling prevailed on this occa
In Hahlbunt . , 2,500 enses:of cholera have been
reponetl-I.obo bdbiog prokf.4 ate!, t9q4 mc" -
erect, and the nett were ender !heaths.; treounctic
Lams Parrarrs's Pacirszre—Rurrusx serwact
mit f.n. Gutzon—Mr. Gaillardet, Into editor of the
N. Y. Courtier des Etats Ems, in writing to that
journal from Paris, than speaks of the late King of
the French and his family:
certain letters may be credited, the enwoyal
leanly suffers under the pressure of a poverty which
seizes IA be unquestionable, after the report of M.
Berryer to the onmrnitteb 'of fidanne; on the prepo
sition of M. Fevre relative to the ootiliscituon of
the private property belonging to the house. of Or
leans. The report is against the confiscation, and
recommends that the domain be continued under
sequestration, its revenues being applied to the pay.
mean of the numerous creditors. It proposes that
the personal effects of the Princes be restored to
them, and that an annual allowance be provided
for l b.. yntil the liquidation, to which they have
all consented, be compete. It W.CD II that stung
4tth of February the entire revenue from the fatal.
fy domain 4aa been only 1,900,0011 frqrips, Tha
debts amminaolo,ooQ AO, and litheellectiovhiat
cm estimated not to niceed 50,Qh0:000 id falnet,
were sold, the proceeds would scarcely be alifilPient
to pay the creditors. Boob is the nano! 'dilution
of that colossal fortune which the ei•&ing wassaid
to have amassed.
"The pinching poverty of the ex. royal famliy is
made more painful, it is said, by indulgence in per
;later.] recrimination., which have brought about a
total rupture between the King and his former Mint
inter, M. Guisot. The latter has suffered also the
withdrawal of other attachments, the ingratitude of
which bits effected him more deeply than the loss
of his sovereign's favor. In ■ letter to one of his
friends he says that since the 24th of February,' he
ban not bad a single line, in taken of remembarance,
from M. Genie, his quondam conflenual seen.
A leimmaxes Smiummv.—qt would be a cam.
fortable thing ill knowed just where I was hound
for. Up street's got mixed with down street, and
them's no such thing as cram street at all., The
moon'icnusid, andlieeps tarinldn' and b4tildn'
as if she had her eyes full at Macaboy. Now,
what am Itodo t 11l stand still there's a very
pleasant chums of going to Bleep standmg. If I
goes to stir, hang me if I know which way I am
twatte.sfrigric Titmemint.
Carnayoluipme a the PLisbuttti Uneus.
st. Penanicustia, Nov.
In New York the Whip have every Congress.
man in the Stale, except one—Hon. Welded King,
who is claimed by the Fieesoilera
In gew Jersey, the Whigs have elected par
Congressmen, tied the Democrat. one.
From Georgia, we have returns tram 16 coon.
ties—Taylor gains 600 over last Congress voter
when the total Democrallo majority was 07.
We have nothing definite from Virginia or North
no South Carolina Legislature stood, on the
vote for Presidential Electors—Cass 129—Tay.
for 25.
Pananar.anus., Nov. 9, ll} v. at.
New Orleans, 1091 mai kor Taylor.
Tbe State of Maine has gone for Gass by pleray-
Walden Hooker is cleated to Congress in the
21st District of New York.
PUILADEIMELt, Nov. 9,10 r. a.
Despatches from the Macon Journal, dated Bth,
say Georgia is safe far Taylor.
Ohio City
The fallowing letter has been handed to no for
publication. It is from a gentbeman of Baum, well
acquainted with the location and advantages of
Ohio city. It will doubtless interest luny of our
Dun Sur.—When I last met you in the West,
you desired me to eon:momenta my views and Im
pressions of the Mississippi Valley to you, on my
return home. And you particularly desired my
views in regard to the importance of Ohio city--a
town recently sprung Into existence at the junction
of the two great rivers--the Mississippi and Ohio.
In my presecd, communication, I propose to con.
fine my remarks to the importance of the month of
the Ohio; and id subitaquetit letters, I will give you
In detail, my general impressions is regard to the
other strihingfeatures Ot the great West.
My first sensation on reaching the junction of
the Ohio and Mississippi, was otter asmelshment
to see the continence of the two mightiest riven
in the world, bringing together navigable waters
of 6,500 miles it extent,olipost wholly unimproved:
It seems incredible that cities numbering hundreds
of thousands should have been built up in this corrm
try, whilst th e most central point in the very heart
of the fertile valley of the M is sissippi, with a navi
gation of over 6,500 miles cm:arcing at it—bringing
the trade of eleven of, the richest states In the
union together at this point; and carrying the com
merce to supply directly more than 5,000,000 of
inhabitants should have retained nearly In a state
of nature. If there were any great physical causes
to prevent the growth of a city, at the mouth of the
Ohio, then it would be a different thing; but there
is at least upon the Missouri side afihe present
site of Ohio City, as gOod ground above the reach
of the highest goods as,could be desired fora great
town; and the country for more than a hundred
miles back of it, is rich in agriculmal and mineral
products, as the most favored part of the great
valley of the West.
Besides the great extent of navigation centering
at this point. you are aware that plans are on foot
for constructing railroads, from Chicago, Charles•
ban, Mobile, and Independence, all to terminate at
this point. From the favorable disposition, mania
feet by the last Congress, there min be little or no
doubt, but that at the ensuing session, large grants
of public land will be made for the construction of
most, if not all these roads. When completed, and
they are certain to be In a very few yearn, Warta.
road will open to this point 2.500 miles of trade in
addition to the MOO miles of river trade now in unfit.
lance. There are 1206 staamboatnd 4000, keel boats
now employed in this unde, carrying an aggregate
annual tonnage of 10.22,160. The value of this
tonnage is .14.141.51,24 0, nearly double tke raloe
of the whole foreign commerce of the United
The character of tbo navigation changes near the
continence of the Mississippi and Ohio, which ren
der it impossible Mr the huger class of boats trading
from below to run any oonsiderable portion of the
year above the month of the Ohio. This will lead
to the establiiMment of separate Imes to run at the
lower Mississippi, the Ohio, and the upper Mimi.
sippi, to intersect at the mouth of the Ohio. It on
ly requires the nem:assist facilities in wiring and
trans-shipping toceacantraro the immense tr ade of
the great Valley &the Mississippi at the mouth of
the Ohio.
In view of these facts, I regard the junction of
the Ohio and Ituumisippi as the retain important in.
tend point Upon the Amencao contittem. That ■
great My Meet. by the force of carcounstances, alone
aptly intg esimeace at this point, no ass coo doubt
who has molted it. And that the present aite of
Ohm City from veriou. considerations, Moat to , the
poled, I think is equally certain. As this point is
never otntrucied stab ice, and as the connectio
with !the Gulf o open at all seasons, it minders It
the moot proper and desirable bastion far the wee
tern armory.
The present ute selected kw the armory is abut
up a part of the year inth lea and aw water,
and tbneornattreta tag* narMetthatlt regale
utmost totpcntmuSelti - 44 - fhltwalatotr4txpoint
aceesaible at all masons of the year. In Cat; Ml*
point is the proper one for a general depot Moll
United States Mres to mpply.the interior. This
should be made by the General Government the
general head quartets horn which they could
tabour! : at all times, without delay or hindrance,
men,. and the munztimut of war, to and port of the
Linton where they might ho required.
Truly yours.
&army Tummy Atransts.--1, litykt.dful
affray took place in Yellville, Marion county. ikr%
lions., on tbe I.Sab ultimo, in which three men
were killed aud several wounded. The Bates
ville Eagle of the UM furnisher the following a.,
count of a .
The town of Yellville, in Marion county, was on
last Monday week the scent, of one date most
frightful and dtsgraceful remora,ea that we have
ever known. We would premise that for Many
year. there bas been waged between the Tutu
and their friends, on the one part, and the Zeta:.
and their friends on the other, a Rag deadly kud.
The war between the Montague, atid Ciptaletsdul
not begin to equal it. It seems that a emu named
Mooney, who belongs to the Everett wing, was
badly beaten some three or four meek,!duce, and
that the Everitt' and Mammy got tip a Clad of a ,
greemeneutiong themselves by which May ittidllie
adherents formed themselves inlo• regulating pee
ty, and declared that the Kings,Shah., Whams, and
Hampton Tau most leave the county, On hitieday
they all met at Yellville. Hampton Tontine *store
there, and was prudent enough to keep ant of the
way. lie knew that a row would be raised, and
that they would, if possible, kill him. S. Turner,
Esq. spoke there that day, and after the speaking,
the two parnes. armed to the teeth, had entne4words
and drew up in battle array, MO the matter ura•
quieted and no outbreak look place. Towards
evening, and when the peoplebed prettygermrally
left for tome, theta - tit commeneed it Man By the
name of Wilkins, of tbe L'vererparty, Au, down
Jack King. Qt the same time, Sim. Ferrell bred
st Sewla ir and missed bon. Sinclair mooed the
shot, mortally wounding Everett. Lees brother
was shot at by Bartlett Everett, the /Wing he
*boulder he, in turn, shot Bartlett Ever* dead in
his tracks. After Sim. Everett watt stiot,thgatber.
et, a rock and pursued Sinclair; but BIWA* King,
who had been shot in the beginning of, ftht, be
turned on him and mashed his skull in nitMcking
trimmer, and expired while in the let. Skis lived
until morning. Wilkie was badly beauya. He
was taken into custody, but made his esespe th at
night. It is to be hoped that the people ciliation
will unite in putting down these deedsof blood.
We fegr, bow,ever, that tbe mapes l ps AI an
Avuomoux—The Coinwerrio dal klata*Moo•
tevideo, gives the &flowing revolting ac§orint of
the execution ofen Irish priest and a yuturit woman
whom he had seduced: :
"A priest named Gutierrez, ex. of the
parishof Socorro', in Buenos . Ayres, ' aced a
young girl of twenty-two, named Ca (Mors
matr,tho deenlilej of fezP , OFlklF,kil.V.F4 6, .4 ci ed
With he r in disgtese to the orttroazo 01. ilkeaaaa,
where they remained engaged in lettaltall rolooo o l
until discovered and denounced byruz Irbil,: pried
f re
named Gannon. Outlines was Ita : 17 oon
domed, together with the yawl , , ' 'Goya
to Rosario, In a semi hound to end 01. re•
mining theta Mr a few days, exposed ill the
r i el a
malice awl calumny and insult, were : ti ght be
fore Roses, and both condemned to death,
"Finding that Camilla was enciskand , will.
Mg to stpona liar exectition aim eh r ott , tli, o
vas offored that tie child aboard be hip 'aild
themrder waroaecempathed•bylkittidel , 4 irit
of mockbryi holy water ilochr lhao, tota,hers titteat:
.4i Ocp Warn friao tako. Ng OW, ilisit
daged, to the place ofesecation, i gi ugg
who was walking at glean* 44 ag0..4 lied.
'lt Is I—my child has been chlistened, ' OI am
now content to die. Do not orforO far to
Bo great was the horror felt a tho impels ...
trace, that oven the soldieno ac.
coiled ae the order to tire upon the tab Was
given. One of the executioners fidated,Unasuoth-
T__ j et while aiming Comilla, turned aside hi bead.
rey were adiged to fire three dlschargeS before
tin; not wns.fu4 consihrtauded. itt - the t the
°wawa wee unsogehed, tiS this: seciao ab a was
only slightly wounded, and at the thud. ablate&
"What moat have been the feelings of thi rather
of the wretohed girl, and the Irish priest gannott,
the former of whom had informed Rosa* of his
daughter's light Immediately on its disebvegy, and
had procured a search to be -instituted for `{fie
. _
"Camilla crGorman, who, had she lired,f would
now have ;Accomplished her twenty:lbn year,
was an excellent pianist end *utast Vbeizeon.
lion wok place on Friday,Angtutlfitb, At 101'
and the bodies of the lovers were placed a box
made km Wie purpose. 7 " c
Vna,ancous.,...The telegraptsposts thietode of
Bedford, 63r the space of haLf a mile, Wire out
down, on Wednesday night, and the *lre eleapped
to piecea This is the third timein isinanypights.
This is a malicious .villainy which otlghi to•bo
,verely punished. . ,
CERCI/CULTI AW Prtvasanton.--The artiele we
give usday,Trom the Cleveland Herald, in Uneaten
to a Balm] from Pittsburgh to Cincinnati, is of
much importance, and ought to be of great lames
to oar citizens.
sistmcca rar. nor iimsemitivi minx cultism
COI:2r or 4 ::Lt4iTtli Bamoins. • Pio' Tee'
terday, in the case of Cotnih. vs. Midi and Terry,
acquitted Davis, end convicted
The case next taken up waa that of Conith. vs'
Andrew Rimini' and Gangs Robinson, charged
with stealing a watch from Norton, now a prisoner
in jail,rintiting sentence. The watch arm alleged
to have been taken from Norton's cell by
Shams, and by him given to Robinson.—
All the material witnesses are now in jail, or out
on bail, awaiting sentence for offences. The jury
acquitted both the accused.
John ionea„rVirm. Jones. Jas. Irwin and Jahn Ne
son, & miserable, sickly looking set of mere boys
charged with rape, were discharged by proclama ,
Lion—the jury havingignored indictment.
The case of (~meth. vs. Michael O'Shea, an old
offender, now indicted for stealing caps from Henry
Pratt and Win. Illginbotham, Of Allegheny city, was
next tried. O'Shea was acquitted on the charge of
stealing a cap front Pratt--convietedofsterdirg two
foam High:l6°6am.
The next case wee that of Conetti. ms. Heap
Gatemen and F. Kraus, Indicted for annuli and
battery on Leonard Smith: The Matins were all
Ditch, the witnesses of the same. class, and the
witnesses seemed to be unable to understand the
hard words used by the Attorneys. The case was
not concluded when the Court adjourned.
Pirtto:Hsta.—The performance of Knead Op.
era Troupe at Philo Hall, last night, WWI a display
of musical talent rarely to be met with. Mr.
Kneen in an old favoziti here, and be brings with
tum a strength of musical talent that must secure
hint popular favor wherever he goes. They per.
Gana at the Hall again this evening and to-morrow
evening. See advertisement
ASSAD= AND BAIIIIX CAMS wimpy too much
of the time of our Criminal Court. They should be
decided before a Mayor's Court, and the pities
be compelled to pay all the costs, in all cases.
lice would be as wall served—the people would
save expense, and the number of suits would be
A Gams, amouating almost to it riot, occurred
yesterday, on Wood, near Second street, owing to
an attempt on the part of some cronies of s drun
ken fellow to prevent officer Wallace from taking
him to the Mayor's cells.
Mary Delimy mas informed against yesterday,
4.r keeping a disorderly house. Officer Hague
brought her befits Alderman bteele. She proaur -
ed bail
Alleighesay Cemetery
nib Edam of de Pittsburgh Gazatc •
In reply to "Downright," allow me to say that his
wishes relative ton receiving vault will, without
delay, be attended mu.
The Managers ,did contract for the erection of
one within the limits Of the city, bat their wishes
were frustrated by an apprehension, upon the port
of the Trustees of Ithe Flint Presbytenan Church,
that in periods of epidemic It might be deleterious
to the health of those residing la the neighborhood
I concur with your correspondent in his views
of expensive Mama* and so fir as the managers
can, they will earictivor to correct the evil.
Mr Cm rue Pura Musaa—!f you with to be ne
er-meet la ony undertaking, yen mein always 'use the
comer reran.' Therefore, If you have • covet, um
Jerior• Ezriteronarr and be cured, in it Is the proper
meatus. Have you Astrous or dim.ohy a breathing,
then the only egiebeer !means to ease pre to to use
Jayne'. Repectoranyiehleb will immediatelyovercome
the which contracts the diameter of the tubes,
Lod 10c0.,,. and Wimp op th e mucus wine-ti clogs them
op, &lid than removes srvery obstruction 10 a tree reepi-
Mum. while at the senor time all inianunation is sub
dued, and . core nyectutin to be effected. Have you
Bpi Bronchitis, Bpi of Blood, Pleartity, ar to fact any
Pulmonary Adm. ei, th en us Jayus% Expectorant
and relief is ce a. anti you will ,irili that you have
used the proper m s„
For eAde Le :ugh u the Pelrip Toe Bum, 72 th
street near Wood. 1= 77 1 I
Comas two di:sum—The frequent changes In the
weather at tits mama at the year, invariably brag
along with Mem roughs and cold', which by timely
attentson an easily eared b simple seassalies 8/11,
LEAS' th1PE11.1.4.1. COUGH SYRUP hns bean in me
for the last kg year., and ha gainssrl mann reputation
for the ease of cough* leo. mammas active medical
treatment) than any other preparation over offered to
the Mumma of Allegheny commis The imperial cou g h
Srup la very pleasant to the tames cud, as Mt. or.
unt. is peat (+yenta with cluldran. doses are
carefully gresioated, la the thrections, to sum alt ages.
Tint the leas alit and hithltP.Vtlif cough comedy
may be .rutati the math of out, it is sold at the leer
pace of 25 scats per bold.. . . .
Prepared sod sold try R. F. 37 Rood
riusburgto D. M. Curry, !tinhorn', and MMisul P.
luil7 b` 2o .' 40 4 .• °col
/Arxrs Far=owrz—Virii weal! can mama ur
We excellent rusted} tin Coughs, Ws* Cooneroptiiiii,
awbnia, and all aSeetloci. of tlw Throat and Laura
Raring several dons within a few year, put bed eerie
elon m rule • medicine edible kind, we keive;by experi
ence wend as excellent qualities, and ate prepared to
recommend it to meets- Ministers or oilier piabile
gaiety,* afflicted with brand:nal adectioas will find
gm, benefit from Its arta It is prepared by a serienn.
Lc pbyelcian, and all amuses will find it • note and eik.
cation• medicine in the Mecums for winch It a re
coormended.--{Colombas (Ohio) Crow and ]onrnag
Fur sale al the Pekin Tea Buena No, TO Poona Wag.
MP The oat., AngoLo expreurpn of some ferq..._
grateful to mew, while the reßlOva, coarse, Mir
yellow feet* of ethers, cicitey diagest--Me {rube mi.
mules. Cquld atoll persple=mtuend tO try cake of
the true Joss' I tan M. Scrap, May would Ise
enraptured with the change. They *road have a doh
cam, clear, white skin, addle every. disfigureeneurvor
orepison would be removed endeared.
Faanceuvr Sinumr—Fermas who have bought sheep
counterfert. and Mambo= of this, and have had no ef
feet produced, must try this, the original.Nord, ask
for Jo e.' 9oap. For sale at Wm. JamsoM, Ere Lrber
ty StrGel. mare*
Ile .IPLartai linnet Razor roe en. Lula Con
sumes—The prop:hams of W. celebrated medmine
ate in daily veceipt of the most eratlfying tecomoniath
as to the excellence of this, a remedy Dr. IdtLenets
Live: 1.111, in case. which had been 'von op as incu
rable by the runt akilfel physicians, ve been eared
Immediately, do .non Si these Pills wens adettnisterrd_
These eertilleatea bare been publisMW ‘ _and base been
SO URIOCITOiII, that It Ls now an esteblished fact that
fiFLanVe Liver Pills an the best medicine ever offered
tot the ewe of Hepatic datRIVIMIGIII. lase RO time,
therefore, ye that seder ondee that worst of motarigea,
the UK, Complaint, bat hasten to parchase and use
them Pill.. For lathe at the Deng blocs of
nowt I JUDD k Co, 00 wood at
[ll7 . DR1.71. S the bans of many a man's exist
ence. No tongue can describe the seemly. ceased
by this distressing disease. It nat ma (or his sts
unit in life, whatever-it may be, and make him Rol
14.11 though be would rather not es:Lathan endure such
minert'. Yet these sabrinp ars ptortneed in the first
place by derangement of t h e stomach, ar.4 tf:1411 sees.
met by siting li . Falinesteers Anti-BAlions PURI,
the bowels wriald be shun:watt, aeustmlation o f
bile carried ofr. and a speedy and mire rant obtained.
Prepsted and sold by EL A. FAIINESTOCK & Co,
cornet Ist and wood, also comer fhb and wood sts.
Woz, SPIMITC.-51'Lane's Vamlfogel— This Meal
noble remedy for worms, is mildly supplanting all
°thers in public estimation. Whom it Is used n has
produced the ban effects, and driven out all tither rem
edit► ult is the best they have ever men," is the re
mark of oil who have ever used it in their families
'Teas Bramos, Einem Co. Than. /
eb. Iflth, 184 d.
9. Kidd received a lot F of Itri f one's Vomit
ing° from your agent lasts ring, whteh tepid. bill
one wpeg.,
to INeo d /Aye wild one thousand
bred. , by this llole• it . coal hate gos It, but not know.
•I hate to gat it, I had lb wan until yens agent eat.
amend. Every promo that has tried M.Manes Venia
lness, tell rue it Ls the beat they ham ever seen. In font
it is impossible for any one to oy ten much in flan
of Hulse 'a Et
Verimfoge. W. R. ROBB
A genuine article of the above valuable me th ne
can be had at the drag store of
acid° I KIDD &Co, 60 wood It
V . TIVIMONT an farm Of p.. hPLesn's liver t i lls.
It would be may to 511 a 'solo:ll . 64Mb ueirusti, o f
Ms ezeollesiee of this tatbdloifter: WhMeyetiOttis .
SUM! iiiii+VmdAo ;Melt Popolur. WO Imo mom pus
tetepa itultdritli otiaderslle titp nartmitni;
YeSSl9;ussoli. N. ~ DCC. lik, 1647.
Menus Bum Ico a lOW trl•Cl njlage at /Mt midi
me s short liar sine*, a quandry llPLean.s Lluer
Pills. The witote lot sold very rep 1 7 , Ilipd Save the
highosistatientotlon. indeed his considsmed the best
modicum of the kind over oferredfor MM. Please send
me another supply as soon as possible.
• .
A genuine snick of thccabove valoabla rckclicino can
be had ac the dreg more cf.! Kidd tato., No. 61 . Nvnla
.12zet.' stPtl,
13e esressrve lie - rtc t a...4 10b0. of btlq la
venal:loam w cause vielet v l4birOpri tAto dleti•
Live aso LIN 1 .4 l UMMU'inet
ble Ocia, yilOch aim pot an an pi iv:, The stomach
Will be Ckcansda of thole foul nacre and ibis can
gold readily ba accomplished by rho use oar A Paha
attack's Anllrliblioas P/la tableh aro • most valuable
family cathartic. The au, be wen *lb peaty at all
times, and afford retie in a very short Was.
Prepared and sold by D A PAIIISIISPPOCK d. Co,
corner Ist sod wood, and corner 4.lth and wood sts.
DWI Witte yelloof task Can •
mida petaly white. by one urns asinli ► box of Jones
Amber 'roods Paste It horde.. the gun, raceme. the
ercady Iso. • Bold at EIS [ahem n . earllklkorlya
' , That whiter alawathewb=47,
Antl pqty giOniuritinal
All (Imam have nkin Abaft W Axe Ames
fly Lily AVAAA.
per* snowy, yea Amu
ally whit. Hold al AA Liberty WAAL jyly
W. Pi. Weight, N. D. Dentist,
0771C2 end residence on Fonts Ern; opposite the
Pitlabod taw 9 o lgh Buck
'. Mee b P. oors food 9 o'clock to 12 A
At, a aclock to 5 M. see iy
R. TANNER 00.,
yor r r co.pv ate:data and Viele se ao
g orm gr Om; Welk W 144 is one of gie, Wog
to found In aergablirborai the a:malty, and
eoasiru or. vat? awl seasearible aped., ex
praasiy omp,esi (as Is size sad okoolir to Weetere
cake. ' :ices will compare fasanply
Fiat. Terms liberal. porbow
Dr 0. 0. Stemma. DougLrt,
rand& at Dim lietick's, on Fourth enect, mais
V doors dome Wood =met, 00111 the moping= or
the bonze nearly opposite. Teeth he Moelts, mo
p a w samsOular Ma gunner war tralrersally prel.r.
red at thseast, omonfaetased to .0 =oh p •
a.= Teeth, From a fall set down to. sins o = ,
sated= a notion pima thug avoiding In
natural teeth.. Specimens of blocks of gamma plow
may be tzsgesned at tbe r
Au opegetleMg incident te. th. Preession paten.'
loth can end thithetheees. aseYlNho
. , .
nOost — iraiirtki*.ditalt . - 1 1 1 ..wilicrg
- Jr. adifilehttialpi lomat&
A. Loos S. ROSE, diediseorarer and role pre.
p n.
Priates of
most meat awl beaeleiat med
ia alio Abe inventos. of the eeleisided i n stre.
meet or inflating the i.e..m in effeeting , ease of
Chronic diseases, eras a mannt of that enanant phssi
eisn. Doctor Phrie, ladle • gradersteof the thrusressi
-17 of Perussylvanta, and for thirty sears gone has been
enosed in the invesuration of dimise, and the appli
cation of remedies- thereto. . .
I hrou6the Me of hisMdating tube, in collnettiOrt
with rdsPrWrylaette Syrup and °there( Ms tausedYres
he has gained an anparalelhul eminence in curing
show dreadful and fatal maltitlies, Tubercular Con
sumption, Cancers, lterofala, Ebeirmatism, Asthma,
Parer and Ague , Fevers of all kinds, Chrome Erysipe
las, end all thom obstinate diseases peculiar to kniales.
Indeed every farm of disease vanishes under the use
of his remedies, to which humanity I. heir—not by the
use of one compound only, for that is tneartutatsble
with Physiological Lam, but by the use of his reme
dies, adapted to and prescribed for each pecaLiar loom
of disease.
Dr. Rose's Tonic Alterative Pine, when used ve in.
variably acknowledged to be superior to all other, as
a purgative or liver pill, litumuih as they Icave the
bowels perfectly free from costiveness; as also his
Golden Piths is admitted by the faculty to possess pecu
liar properties adapted to remitle diseases, but being
aatisfled that • bare trial is andlcient to establish what
has been said in the minds of the most skeptical.
The afflicted are Invited to call upon the agent, and
procure (penis) one of the Doctor's , :i4
&detailed aecaunt °teach remedy and its appucauma.
Pm sale by the foltowing agents, as well as by most
Druggints throughout the countqi
J Bchoonmaker & Co, 24 Wood street, Pittsburgh;
5.1 Townsend, druggist, 45 Market at "
Lea A Beckham, near the P. O. Allegheny city;
Jos Barkley, Darlington, Beaver minty, Ps...
Jon Elliott, Ennon Valley, "
T Adams, Beaver, "
novlo4l ly
A BONNAFFON respectfully informs the citizens
jok e of Pittsburgh and Allegheny sines, that he will
open his school on Friday, the 17th lost, at the new
room, Washington Hall, No. 135 Wood street, above
Flab. This room will combine beauty, splendor,
fort and convenience, being in the second story, and '
fated up with taste and style, the proprietor, Mr. Fur- 1
Simmons, having spared no to make it corpus
all others In the city. The days and boors of iniuso
will be as follows, every Friday and Saturday of each
w, at a o'clock, P. AL for young Ladies; at 6 dell,
P.M.. for Masters, and at B for Gentlemen.
/inferences sill be required/tom applicants unknown
to A. B. For terms and panic:tiers apply at A. B.'s
residence, Market street, near Third, or at the Hall.
on the above dais and hours. novlo-3 ,
LOST—A Letter, between nFtfth street and the Post
Office, yesterday near ld o'clock, addressed "Ev
erett A Engles, Philadelphia,. containing a Note drawn
by I. Williams for S3OO, dated October Pay
of same Ls stopped, and purchase» are eantioned
from la= the same.
ROBINSON, Full. at .
SCAROB GOODS—Magazine Sloe Parmettos—W
Ft Murphy, north cast corner 4th and Market as,
has au assortment of these scarce and desirable goods.
ClmaY Crape and Crape Use —Magasine blue, paper
amblin, kyb dad Gemini», de. novlo
FT:NCH CLOAKS— mob embroidered French
Climbs, just imponed and for sale at the cheap
one price more, No Go
Minket street
NEW ORLEANS SUGAR-84 hhd. N 0 Bug.;
vary supeio, ankle, for We by
ocrylo4ll3l. DT AIORCiAN & Co
WL' WOOL!!— The Wilmot market pia m
h will be paid far iba different grades of
NVool, S k tl7 IiARBAUOII,
naviO 63 wager and 104 front it
11.°"'k713 CRLIAIid CHEESE—A few boxes very
superior Cream Cheese, just received by
OAP-811 Wins Cincinnati Soap, fust Wading and
1..7 for able by novlo 8 k W ILAILBAUGH_
FOUND—A Pockat Book containing • sum of money,
which the owner can have by calling at W. T.
kPCLURCPB, :No l 0 Liberty strrct, provisot property
and paying for Ws notice. watt-dal
JUST RECEI V F.D, • large stock of Ulf. mod Cot
tab Diaper. novit A A MASON Oo
SUNDRIEL4=I cut Bacon; f bss do; 4 sacks Fea
thers.; 4 bb. Flaxseed, mot rest/ and for sale by
nosti C H GILM4T,4t water st
C10 . 1"J . 0 , 1 4 -I .w lbelesinforior Cotton, (o
m, m • ore end r
nior9 arPr b dYii BOWEN, 90 front et
ABU 01L-12 boob Winter Lard Oib just reed j4 (or role by BUR /MIDGE. Nll ON CO &
004 water 0
DRIED 11 ACHi 2bush just reed and for sale
OUNDRV 110 METAL—I 2 tom superior Foundry
frees lon furnace, Ilanungdon county,
Pa., for .ale OX, Dave KIER JON ES, Canal Burp
111 ME BACON SIDES-0 caul. Bacon Sider, bar
vale by ovtl WEB A NE
LIDItiIE METAL-6 ton. Forge Metal, for sale by
E twee BIER re JONES
te l 7s y
YRODUCE—bUD !web Oatsi IC/ kegs Bauer, 4 bbl.
Roll Bauer, 20 bbl. Flour , loodukg from Like Rne
owl LOko, .pd (or sale low to close ewowlro
mew., by 000 d JAM E$ DILLZEI4._
pAR-21V bbl. North Carolina Tar, 4‘ large barrel
j nod good order, for by
GERMAN CLAY—aI bm German Clay mill be sold
lor• m elosa a conmiromem, by
PEARL ASH-1S east., pure article, in snare and
tot aide by nal,. TA.YiNtiIY tr. ausT
Ukttliatil•PlAilis AN 0 t'il,—allibutb Dneil
Ll Peaches; Ina do do Apples; reed and for sale by
non. TASSEY . it BEST
LEAD-mw pig Galena Lead, from star Roscoe
for ule by nov7 FRIkND EWEN & Co
begs, pea . Yankee, for sale by
Johl nov7 R ROBISON k Ca, Hnt amity vt.
ROLL DLTTER—A fear bbl. fresh, just reed IQ
by fnov7l R ROBISON a. Co.
pAPEß—Foolavy and Loner, for sale by
jnIA63. MAUNESIA—I c-000 )( 3 N
atiN i c; sole ri by
• --- -
SALTS—I cue jun rec'd and for ante
1-.1 by _
Md. stnetly 1:41/90 N odour, for 011 - 16
oby Aro= EtAtiALpY 9241111
PE4trtili, hill, Rio Coffee; 110
do Black Pepper, 33 do Pimeutp, Cat. Ude by
SODA - AAA-13 casks reed and for sale by
«c 24 TASSKY
‘B7 A.tiTiO—A Cooper who een matte For!gar
rets, to go down the river—steady work and
good wage. Apply to
IRUS l) NAIL-o 5 tons Warted billion;SOO
logs lined Nails, too lona Pig Iron, for solo by
nob R ROBISON k Co
lODFISH-2 caak■ prison Cod Ash, for slate by
BEED—I7 bbd last m'trand for We by
T ARlr—t7 keg* No 1 Leal Lard, received by Rua
Michirso and for .ate by
GIBBED HEARING-15 just nro'd and for
h r megi WICK d. hirCANDLESS
Pluto-'scat. ti. 11. 1 - - rceNl
LI and for sale by
• • - - - - - • -
reCared at the Dry Goods House of' •
0c1.25 •W R MURPHY
rrANNEFIik VIL-60 bids StraiVe Oil, landing and
hr .ale by itori JASpazia.z.
11'0P&-2 bake pnine Ohio, growth NO, recd
and for sale toy ellit C
pai h rjl , /AL4P-2 curia just reed anti for anic by
R E SELLERS, 67 wood or
. _
DOW'D RHURARD —6 ea.• for sale by
DAD3AM COPAVIA-200 lb. for wale by
DOSE PINK-3 bbl. (3t by
GUM 13114LAC-3 cues pa Lec'd and for able by
TI ARLELY OIL--; gross for sale' by
M AX . ? , —2 tubs just sec% and
i ftr is s i : . etry
LARD 011-10 bbli prune No I Lard Oil, Ju n
and for Sale by nova SELLERS b. NICOL.a
LINSEED OlL—ad bbl. Linseed Oil, jam ree'd and
for sale by nov3 SELLERS & tiII3OLS
ICON -40,000 lb. BacW/CKon Sides,
4.3 in sliand lok sale
y tvg .
novil iaarrr Wand als
T. A tiE.--% kWilon m011941°1 . mite by
OkiiSTNUTS-31 bindiele reo'd and for sale by
BuTrEli-2 kegs arrived and for We by
QALERATUP-18 casks for solo by
TOOTASH—S cask! fq. '
LIMLCHINGS-4 Ws for kite by
, astf 3 _ • • •,•
FMOLY moll 41111 al.spuip; remull flour,
rcTs•lß.bt _ T.ka, Wielx ArCANDLESS
Ibs !Cy Feathers, recd sod for
•ale h mor3 /AS A HUTCHISON A Co
NO. SUGAR-300 bbd. N 0 Sugar, tbr sale by
Q H. 310LAESSOS—I00 bbla St Louis SUpll
!Molasses, for sale by
nos 3 JAS A NUTC.GON 4 Co
AEFINED !WC! ..F . —.4;14 otai tiodll Loaf, No. 4, I,
0 and 1:i CMaSeit 110 do Clarified, for sale
Agents Si Louis Steam Helinery,
nov3 ______4lvrater and IN front at
CIOLDEN SYRUP—In bbl., b.lfbbl., and 40 gall.
kegs, tootle by
bovS 448 A Vrcjwy #. Co
CIODK:M3II4 tasVa soda flt,oete'a I:banana.
447 turd Ity Ale, to aritlaa,
Fourres DUNCAN IT first .t
SOAP-4eobu Soap, tn.tore and for .ale by
WrARIEOATED ki.lo-26 lb. I. box, jitarree'd and
V foe sale by inet27 JOHN 1) hlO/I.OAN
0. SUO4R-60 htids Prime, to store and for tale
. at the lowest market pnee, for cash or arrayed
Ws, by W Id IifITCHELT)LbE,
want 16U Ltbnin at
A PPLIZ-60 bbl. OrseA l'iastAVl Just Sec\
4 wiar_q t ....v, lox ! !6_4. - gru.A.4. l kA_poki .
tiorm;vAtiNitm—to bblu Fttuattre 14434,
%,/ ihelteoftetalftyr
0 AND PAYED, ADVATED-1.00 mune Whceintg
lilmtilre k and &WM ankle, recommended ..upc•
libr 4) WI Won: , b/ the market
LAMP BLACK-4 esak. jut reedandfor - i•is
T AHD 011,—Wiszlin strained - , — tar sale ni — rYibil by
jj amt. lOfIH D MODDeN
GARDEN BETIA ebolce .opply of tomb Garden
Seeds eine, Yei 1819, Just reeki and for sal* by
_ _
HSTAHLI-1. bbl gronadllintard, for nay by
jli nov6 JOHN U MOlbuAra
GLUE -3XO lbs J'""""4
"1 ;
a ,Tone D. Davila, Am icti
Idsrgs Stock of Staple andFO if d.. 1.
On Monday morning, N0..11, jig Ifickel
Commercial Palos Room. Corner of., Wag.
mem', will be sold, withotn res . erre, for e
tensile Issonnient of fall and lender mac
Dry Goals, co nalstlog of soperfine Lando
black cloths French sod run s
=l:,,rl=ets, llPerlergally r and
black satin, satin and magma ribands,
sill hdkfs, shawls in gitzusszlosy, Hoc. 4 1
cloths, hosiery, cloves, cheeks, sicking', DI
brown mnslins,7hc.
At 9 de:ock.
A quan G-rocer tity o a f
1r H r, chownsiv
111 r., Forniton,
tea m chests and hese* w'sh
other groceries, le b. Va comnifaentrmi
pi a "Rhin and "Rapping paper, VlSCner
eking and glassware, samatel cloaks, lewkint
girs's*, lamps, window blinds, tablevas and forks,
waiters, tinware, de
A general assortment of new and me d hand home
bald and kitchen fornitore, trona a removing
from the city.
AL 6 1,k
Ready made etotklng. bdots an d Yana., gold and .11-
ver watches, fine, cutlery, allot tuna, pistols, valley
goods, Ate. =ale
Last and aoririg 244 o f Brat
On Saturday evening, Nov. 11, at 6 cealock, al the
Commercial Sales Roma, comas of Wood and Fifth
streets, mill be sold, a large collection of new Backs,
embracing a general asaqrtmetlt in the 'various de
departments ofliMrotam mad anien.. Splendid an
nuals I. rich bindings, finsilf r .and pocket blblet in
great variety, bias* booksi letter and cap 'uniting pa
per of fine quality, Bard 16,112%46er4 gold pent.
Sale posture, to close a conuticnt•
novlo J JIN DDA 18, Anct.
Label-1y Stme Proprrigt at Amnon.
On Thursday, November 10th, at 3 o'clock, I'. hl.,
will be sold on the premise., two very .
Lou, ODIIIDO on the ninth aide of idoerty meet, at
the corner of Hay st, having each a front 0(94 feet on
Liberty stre et, and extending bank 300 feet, to an alley
VD feet wide. This property alba most desirable for
either private dwellings or bwilneas porpMes of any
now to be had in that beautiful part of the may. Terms
al oovlo . J(111. 5 4 D DAYLI, Awn
As.rigneiJ Sala at 1U6.-704
On smuni•Y. N.. t owoce, P. At.: will be sold
by ord. of Alex. WUht , Esg,Assigsea
doe'd, at the point in dm borough of litliKeesport,
in sight of the pmt/e., the klliounng desirable pro
perty, which is considered worth 816,11,1) 10 113333 A
consisting of 43 a.O of excellent Coal, with the pri
vilege its a larger want adjoinixig, and oboist 49 acres
of land on widen is erected Ibitor U dweiting
two coat rail roads and other improvement. NT carry
ing ea the coal business at she least expense and most
profitable manner. •
.. ..... .
The above property is wonky the attention of rapt
llilsts wishing to make n Safe
.and very profitable in
vestment, as well se those wislong to engage in th
coal beanie., as it must be sold to order to close th.
tollennt. ~ .
Term•, which are liberal, veill be made karma a
'ales. bor7 JOHN DUAVIB , Anat.
The Original Ilakr/ii Illeruschalatallt
lA, ILL exhibit at Patio Hsu" on THURSDAY,
VT FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, ath, 10th and 11th
of November, on which ohcision WIR be :produced a
series of Entensinments hitherto unsurpassed or
equalled, for talent, refits meat, originality and excel
lence—eonststmg of selehttone from the most celebra
SONINAMBULA, ne.; and tut entire neWselection of
Piecea, Songs, Duette Glens, phantasms, and beautiful
Elkton!. Melodies—lntroducing the following emi
nent performers:
M. Fournier, the great FFAch Aetna:Geier And
Barlione, (Manager.)
ProfessorKneus, the ealebtated HOcupOier Sod Pi
anist, (Musical Director.) ' •
Herr Gaigano, the wooderßtl Tyrolean Warbler And
Double Bak
, W. Roark, the unrivalled performer on the Baser,
P. IL Keenan, the extraordinary and , custualled
Mr. Farrell, the accomplished god basinful Viollr t
Me. T. Waddee, renowned u antigens; and Bas.'
Mr. J. Waddee, the beintihd Tenor and Contraelte;
Mr. Campbell, celebrated a tropran&and Buffo.
All of whom writ appear to the above Mall in • se
ttee of unequalled performance.-
Er Tickets of edmisalTatceote
c,;y Doom open at 7 o.c , commence at pee-
For particulars, see propuibmes of the day. norS
AliD..-Nevainbiar Rah, 18419.
W --
R bIITHPH_,V Oartkiast turner Ath and Mar
y . bet arena rinaburgb, lam now Completed the
opening of a second large supply of Dry Hoods for the
114.044, and can oder to buyers an assorMsent to select
from, rarely to be found at Wain:Named pan of the
mason. Pardendae ationdocriseakedin his largastoek
French. EegUsh and Antetica, of alLdesirable co
lors, suitable for dress coats and cloaks; also, Coast
mons. • lane. Mortreourat, including wool dye and
French block; Doeskin; Fancy do, from the
low pnee of eta (all wool) up to th e anon qualities alto. fiend., a large stook of Bannon;
COVE.. and Under s hot. ti n e d Drawm,
LADiEtil 1111h1i3 000DS, In ati their variety.
Cowan' Merchants and Merchant Taira are illTi
ted m osaamis his wink, in Wholesale Rooms, second
r) ICH DRESS GOODS, pee I'cent:tempt Ear*.
It, —A A. no. Co, No al kat steeet, vlll
open Chi, In.rhiell, Slab Deep :60011s, dßoprisirli the
followlpg styles, Os: Satin plaid WI Inca, a tense arti
cle,and ;he richest goods imported thy; swat; ell
wool Plaid., hig h eolosb and clinics styls, cll wool
Caahmerqs and Mona dALdillold .11ne Coburg sod Lto.
Cloths, of any deeeritichle evade arid color. Sum
stssped Cashmeres, in anxiety. posh
14 Co, 613 Market ay have Just.rec'd pre Wert torpor ,
tenons, ED dos Long and Squire Shairls, inctudiog
plaid Loris Shawls, of the rlehert colori and choicest
patter.. Comfortable Wool M BbArrla of every decetip,
lion .ad at uniformly to ir em. • bora
To raw.._ •
A CONVENIENT two. Amy Mick Dwelling
M..liettse, on Ross street , Eaqaire of:
Wood load as ou
fIREErAPPra t t
1-11 - 5 bbl. NI Pippin; 5 do hollow ;mid Pippin;
12 do Golden do 3dO Lancialuta Woo
4 dp Sytheaborgi 1 do Itlatcoopth
Now 1 .3. 1 .3 a 132121,244 illwifornie by
falrpollyncile Viirittellang Goods: —
Strrn Jammu" 45 - Market meat, have just
received a largo stock of skins, ongspwcon
stocks, fancy and black silk cravats, ?mark haste
ry, llama bad gloat's,. lee, Gentlemen an urriten
to call and examme Meta as they an supposed to be
cheap. _
Bin, ger Primps & L
•• Novemberl, gths.
TPresident and Dliceicse 41 . 014 break have 'a
1. day &eland a dividend st pap', per cant. foe the
Wt .to months, payable t Slgglatoldets,or their legal
representalives . ity4,i4;b_
Exmairos Baas or E . 1:1=1=11)
: a November?, W4B. rrHIS Beek h. thi s day declared • divulcad of our
1 per card on m Capual Stocky out ofithe prod. of
the last .Is MOBBee, payable on Of adarlhe 12th lost
noredtd THOS., ht. HONE, V.=
Nom 7 PmU l len 6
rrIlE &Umbel:us' an 4 14.1afaelttrece Munk has L
day declared a .I.trAenol or Mr pa! cent. on the
Capital Slock,oul of tab *aster tne, Lest di ties
aor.3 • W. R. r.
TNRIE.I) FRUIT-42Q bush D r eA4 Pe4Ayam, IpU do
LA Dried Apples, now aop, tulkng and Coe ash bv,
novl .ra t of, 4111Trl,t
DACON —A sm . Al,l . flo4o tholes, •
' WGTIJ . lc ROB
LORI = RAISINS—WO buII: 04 .0 4. ; fS gr
do do; )ml tocelved and for tale by
kr rye by c - titiAVNL.ti*,zw T' d
nov I
ALUM—Io 1114T41W
E r.3°. ‘ l 141k.isli /red Od fig unie
receibed tt. bn .S.QinFd Omit. insists s. t To.
butt:, 'rut wad RiN.
5 i t o a stt r rePtog Tobaseo I,jure r
antf,c,iovl _ _ _ LRowr a cuLinurraoN
5 -
CASES Burrow's Ws TobacOo, just;rwe'd sad 63 ,
sole toy port BRQSVN tr, CULBERTSON
I ALcORKS-Icl pose justiced
I( IRON-100 wn~ NA t y: u n it ) had
fill g y el ls,a um sec'sl s li ef Wa i l V' ir l' onds.,
los rted .- eipre!s .' ly for my Wail
n or 4 W Nii WILSON
G ONER PE d Ar-- or :.: I ne y ky:la.edag if i n'et , ea te r 0..
074 1 ° " • I - *ell it
NC. TAR-60 bbl. Tio4, 4.12.1 foe anle
. In /4/.74,14•
O COTCP VI/kX-1 Uorce OldieWe Plujadelnh,
jest rCgoi‘tl: Thr tiy • • -- • - •wor,
cm 4 '" /0111TD410 •t .
SIJOAR AND MOLASSely+OO_ bble I.4af Sugars,
owd Noe; 20e do S Melenee, Cot ale by
oetao , BAOALS Y k MIRA_
tp; Au;
- ter. tannt
- -
S UOAR-63 blois pfttia.l;l,BairaA 18bbsLaaf do,
teed ond fnr ettott'S4o6 It ROBISON &Co
Y k io b tit i S s ibto2lo sl4C
h ' y lesel; qr bbls No
mor6 k noulsori & cv
"DOWDER—IOD kap gook Pointer, for silo 4Y
JF wev6 ; intoia . A44, 4Cq
LARD 01L-Bbbt, Coatahe. ; ? ...4
Aut receiv.d pne, , r 9 s,*,. td
L •
__z ,11/11%.1.4R14 wow
u4att—s3 hn*b(Q yr , .trueyprimamstore
" 4. 4, 44 , 2 Vat qualm 344 tij
ACING :3l water and tri front
Mbbla harp NO 3 Mackerel, Rortoo
Inspection, in more and for We by
nori 1. 8 WATERMAN
TOBACCO -616 bra Marapatorad Tobacco,
cialy some of the mar poPt.t bnatdS.4 l 4f , `A B .r
on co . aurcromt and for slab :
Ay/ . 351.66AN_
SUNDRIES-1113 1. bW n *0E9666 0 1
bb es iiitilTSol34ol:o2poVrter,
• Irmo* and IRack Taos,
r 13 bola reppor;B da AbFRICOI; 40 web Costa;
bak No .1 C 1106141116. otora and for sale by
lIKA.NS — SI bbl. Whits Beaus, for sale by
L'NSF:ED OW-10 bbly 14bancil Oil, juxt tee' c." 73
A. sal, by .W/037 . 0.1 ; b101V:t,i,
nova :00 from sa
C ,
IGARS—WIX*H.r. LAW.. 'fltitona bruld h m
w Btoro and for sea by
'TURPENTINE—SO bbls Sittersurandrie • trt B
I der, just received and for We
Dolt Bab r• • SISIL ato,
UI4DRIES-6 bbls ebb boat*.
eicadd Candles? 6 wk. prinul - F 6 6166TA 041 VW 4
and for We by bar/ C GRANT
T AV) OIL—Of the beM pality-10 Obis jest r,
and fin .ale by I SCROONILUCEO, k Co,
novt 14 ' , Mod In
, , . •
Wi le • it the
1.. •: I 6 45
] gbama
, • silk,
• • table
A 4 r . L I ft E.,
knoinditie et ?Wenger Steam.
' ers nrivr'eessepoted‘of did largeint trt.ilbvtl, but
and furnished, and most ?overfill Ul•
ant., of hr'
Wear.- lEiverseaosianandeoin.
fon that money,can procare, has beenprotuled for pao.
seiner. The Xine has bog. Oarintln thr five pears
has carried anlillieto peophi valiant the least Wa
ry to their perm. Tim boats till be at the Gan of
Wood street the day ?visiono to starting,
on int tint reeep.
tion of freight and the entry of passestgovi the mita
tar. ln elf cues the passage money mum be is
• ISAAC NEWTON, Cot. A. 0. Ewer, "id
• Pmabaugh every Sunday morning at 10 eValt.el;
y lrff . Sunday evening at 10 P. *.
. i
'0 Nave Pttta-
Tke 1110:VONGAHELA, caw- Saw.,
but evert Blonday ectortung at 10 o'clock, wa edivs
AretzT MoUdti arezunt •[ toe. IL
The ETIBELLNIA Na 2, Ow_ J. Ichmenn _*ID
leave Piaabarga every Yaerday zooming al 10 0 '0 1 03 1 5
lineeliair every Tuesday even./ allO r. at.
The NEW ENGLAND No. 0, Copt. S. Dna; still
ease Pinsburth
.errery Wednesday snotaleg it 10
wheatereary Wednesday Crit.llfitir u Mi. it.
- -
The BRILLIANT, Cap, Omen; will leave Pia.
burgh every Thursday moruiug 11 Wyk-lock; Wtwai ag
every Thursday °reruns at 10 r. it.
The CLIPPER No. 8, Capt. Clams, .rill leave Pk*
burgh every Friday month at 10 o'cleeki Whodlag
every Friday evening . at 10 v. a.
. -
The MSENGE.Ii, Capt.& Itcro, will knee Pen.
burgh every Saturday morulag et le o'clock Vilma*
every Suarday evealay u le r. a.
jai l 188 8. atigoll
• Ara abassow,) • . ,
Lamm. Pittsburgh -datiy,ai 6 o'eloeh, A. MANI sr
ri-she at Gins6nse, lenontitofthe BantkandSeirtf-Ca.
nal,) asilo'ciack, and Now Lisbon at IL hiusithhilit.
Loaves New Llshon at 6 o'eloet',- I..;Wilnisiklngthe
trip canal to the rivet thhinte,the nickblaird Gnaw.,
at 9 o'cloeV, A. M. and amiss ahrlStrabergh at. P.
M.--tins =slung a schthninsts foe eatrflna oar
swanand [retain between New Liabou ani rns•
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other mesh
The Pronzistant adds Liao bads she plessore.e4
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reight, to roe in women= with well khpwa
steamers CALEB COPE and BEAVER. slid eonasers.
leg, , . at
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awn 4.,incia
and Mississippi risen,. The • proprietors pledge_ thew.
sews to spare no expense or trouble to Gouda et=
= few and dopsoeb, and ask of the piddles !ham
&W. HARILtUalti Fewl " l *
R. HAMA.. k, Ock.
. J. aAasevast New yaw_
T4u,,-11w swami BEAV22I,C. FiClar44l,www
let, will leave alter this mice, ftwVolll b ta.
ally, pal/ delock in the warain I • 12
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Daily Packet
• • The fallawhog new boats atuabless
tao line fbr the bream .anode AT.
LANTIC, Capt. James
TIC, Capt. A. /ace* e i ran
lir Capt. E. Bennett. The Dons are entirely
now, sad an Rued op without regard to expense: Ev
ery comfort thatreeney Glll panne has been provided.
The Boats will leave the hisuungshola Wharf Bon 1113
the foot of Ross at pause:neer. will be penman wi
board, as the boats will ennead) leave at the aMn
deed boon, 8 A. M. and t P. BI
The swirl steamer
Tinny P ffizatey, master, will tam
ly Er Wheeling, au Illoaday,
Werbinday and Friday, atlo eekelt 7 =l.
Leave Wheeling emery Tuesday, and S.
ontLay, at 7 o'clent, am, prensely.
The Consul will land at aB the Intentonlate pen.—
Every anemodation Qat can be proccued for the now
fon and saferth=asseogers has been preened., The
boat nab* with a sell-acting safety guard us
co-n e tt! tone. For fre; 2 t ri o i r , telt:many on
Rb 4 earner of Ist and SurithSeld as.
The new and substantial steamer
Andrew to., limiter, will per,o r .'"
er regular trips between INPA . ,gb
and Bridgeport She wW lame Pittsburgh on ?don
daya and Thursday,
Fo , Reigln m pusNra vply on bc — kixt, o
navlO D wu.KIN a, Aso
nsw ORLEANS COLEY:MA, momrscina.c•
AND GEORGETOIVN, and tat intermedialo land
tn. on Lt4our.iy,,cp_i rettr.tEtvers.
and Altman-
Jakina toaster, will leave aeabovo
Thursday, the littl toot, at MA.
For littigki or itame Mltly , t , :tt_bOard, or to.
oovlo ' GEO D ALILW..r.MMGER., Apar.
FOR Nsvrow.t.i & • '.
. ~ . .
Till Inatisvp&c.da_dgdisado..-
14 .a.k SuniirC Ma4OTI S aIR-Idwoo far
dd. da .bdwe M. dm Imettinedlidiixab an.
y all 10 o'igoot, A.
For Hei g ht or pauses op;dy on baud.
FOR ST. LOUIS exiiiis.76iiiii , ea:
The tut manird, owner
Gray, moster, will kayo follbs above
Dt or d Intermedude ports this-day.- Far fireigusdise, apple o boad. '- POTIO
The sideddld pear striunsr.
Java n', mats; will leave ro t ; be, s
intermediate ports this d„.y.
For freight-or purism!: nptdy on boor& .nova
.. .
The splendid 5ad ta ....... kat rimming stea
mer NEW ri,G A N i
L 2i.' J ArElmei wefts, will Ore for
nt.'se and intermediate pore on
this day, Bth ftt.L, at 10 cOnidie.i., A. 111
For freight Of para!da W. 4 onboard. . , Anal
&The siolantbd,steaum
Oppo mac. .111 Leave for mews
szut Ineemitsue port. 11114 fi.q.
10cOckna4 noril
- WU OaVINNAWITUnTrom-T-12----
= M I
The Mae new bght •drutert aradoner
Capt. Millar, WILL leave fay the above
10 d'tdook, A. AL
d all Intermediate pans this . day at
F9i rcelisips apply On DoYtt4 ippy4
_ .
The splendid light draught 'team..
•Wilkins, taster, will lease for the
above sod intermediate port' this day
at ,I 0 o'clock, A. M.
For (night et mange a,
The splendid Dew gems,
mallowdL3, glarded,assaar L arill lease for b
and ranossediaaaposta to-day.
Far freight as passage, applr oa board • arra
~ ,
.p n i.vii . LO d U r a . .
r. ---r- nim --- r
matioth CLA/Ifital.,1 1 /.A
C. S. Kendrick, suastae, siillkrave forte above and Wenzel:We porn Or.
Tuesday, :he diet lust, at 10 o'clock,* I. ,
For oc fret
tOD& or passage apply on boarAirt 6:.;
TORsYnta co
FOR ST. =MS. .e•
The neat oad Ilast , ronatifit steamer
• Doto3, soßt.tosto, of aboott
10 o'clock • „ muiS
. •
.. FOR BT. Louts. 7.. ,_,.- .
Jai..fie elonglid and Lams/Lai u....""
tr..> .. ....! FARIS, •
_roils . master, sill limit- Or lis
._ . !mama slid tassiiiiiiiiirtikati Thus
d lg t. att e l I_ ,,
~yd. :
. 111 4•11110.Ui iaght.willlehvehe the
re hhd brisrebenliaraP4nl4Cdoltay
Or apply. on'beard.
-77 . 1 91: 1 .Yabb
' The new UK fiat steamer
~ ppd Earuesoraccr, will lembilat above ,
diltdeortandiabbliCadarnl Wadilth.
eV/ and Sturadaya of.bach mock.- Par !tele& or pao,
uge apply on board or'
tv MODPIIY kab carencd br'W drys •
V • larte".rvor,4ot of supetior,Frandi Molina a,
aamPriliag diCa.A 4 at Nba 4 cl Of brarpba, Darnel. Par.-
be:7 , Elfae Zorn,
• fa Alta, various qualities oftilack i,
y gggklE
of Lib lexttiareolona incladim it few= of Thy
!igurilar black.
UELT/NGS—blizarine AllbovareAra, Drawn, he.
OASlBLE. o .lb•Alpxoaa,tirtauft, Brown,.
Drab, Mac/tat. , •
RAlBROl D K lDRAWlbli 2 FS—Plainamipnuu s a.
Mo. de LAW. pawed Caskaacnes,Lionartarrairribarir
•newmilt . ia for ladies drams, Saba suwe..l4lp,acir
1411.11L12,4k. COM IPAWSIXOTairi"--
EASTERN. 5ME377" . / 311) T HE
rpm Proprietors or this Linhlig ra
I and are prepared to ilmorara pack* 4. New Btoei.
wripUoner daily, at the
"Bmw , r
id Booth Gina ,
m at. Baltimore.
IItDBIEB 14 bap io
• prbna•ruel•
SO P IEO pkirY H. kap'l, Ac., k Tya,s
as Totiliceo, os,
10 basil Pepper,. 6 0 4 _ Plop
160 bbl a New an 4. ? . .p.A
ao do Gabbed /14
10 labla eh drum t
7 Co- 410,/
cmk 11.144,.
33 wk.
od ; 1 carom; rialtgo;
Sada Air ° r.a ~May and for sale by
LUNI 4 /hcf .u H :Tcm A n hi y ,.
pit.;?_,...Vo*_,l‘ll•-i °p a w., a n ay
,Eximem, • freak
Mealy MEM, 01110., Yrra own
.1111tre• and Ve r‘Sktr•
CLOTH' wroRE, Post Bottemg 0, mama rink and
Woad far
- - nrrist4w
401 1 0 8 T.S AAI SOA RJrnr ENTS
Oanc•a•or•ALl.4l t•k Co,
No.dzyr.tor street.
r SOU IaNISkAt - BREAW PPE'S—A few hadia
1 nubbin Einsal Piper, a 'splendid ► NCO, nut what
.sand kerb IMO*/ been' nmeb e mared atm 11
the sniels tabu, we will tear • large!napply on band
AatiortWood Jock:bk., 4.4e.TIPAIILLITS
. _
LTALIC RUBBER OVE Mittgd—Just ree'd,
al. ease', saatoles, of Pi Malls Om Mamie Over
sim, which ere as to the I rade 4d irety krer mtre,
ether by the dozen or ens e. We can famish any
m= that Indy be wanted ; short I twice.