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    BY tifirffltMlTZEMMl:*
aspowrzii Eli Tilt'
Iftebunviar *ll2llLPittalmsgh Gamin
7slabs Ainn,iis constable charged with the mur
der of luung , Coleetaniyalt brought behre Judge
•Pirpons.thiim opium wit of //oleos mrpor,
end littera ltearieg,:adzated to had.
• .641,4 Meader, Iteener of an oyster and eating
hixii i ,,,,A k retedsigtotO r iationnitratted IA Moyamen.
slug• this exputag,*bharged; with others, math as..
Qapeheart, a returned volunteer,
Tbo Vas - So tligid(ter - abused,. that he b not ex.
pededip 'twelve. .
Paciosuems, Nov. 7,194&
The seoerabk Albert Gallatin Is lying alarming.
~‘... . ..,
ly iliOsNoCir tot*.
. .
rEtieceimta,Banmukone laden to England,
bat :etroeted a settlement of the dildeulties exists
ingAsitikeit this.county and England, in regard
tatbol'ostsl reciprocity. -
_ ,
VOnt Sorra Canoicts.-,Frout au' able
editorial hathe.Chatheston Courier of the 31st
written as we tindentand,hy - one of the beat inns.
consult, of the South—the electoral vote of South
Carolina Is 'greenly embarrassed for want of oomph.
ance,with the act of Congres s ,
a directing • l uniform tlay of •elielion , Tneaday, 7th of Noveniber
titonhout the Union. The governor has auctopt
ed to overcome the difilcultY, by convening the
Legislature on the 6th - instanq but it is contended
that even tf that body bad timb—whieh it cannot
have—three dna being required to pass
will sot bare courtilutiooal tuthority to appoint
electors, there being no existing law to that edict.
If theta , ingestions are correct, South Carolina
will stand as a nullity in the Electoral College,
which Wal dohs he reduced nine votes, leaving 141
ro'rsaistitute a majority. In such an event Owe.
4111 Taylor could he elected without the vote of
441ther Pennsylvania or Ohlo, both of which he will
certainly receive .— N ett. Amer,
MutanzassrDrottraxn.—The Louoiville ;canal
wsysl ,-- We understand that O'Rielly's time of tele.
Irapb,;l)etietiOltis any and . Pittsburgh, divides
.arc*per ;0046;4 the ctatikhntders for the last
:Area months; notwithstanding thetset. that.during
4 12 pso,ooolam been expended in potting up
wire' between Pittsburgh ant ariefeeall.
0 entpenses daring the year have been heavy,
rta'aliata always be the case in the undertaking of
new enterprises, the Ps49lPutuzia uP the mast. the ejaerl4ol2 of (kW wir scram the. Ohio liver
end **ming the. lent al= ttrcgoi mugs • few
unattlis - ago wu.very great, and yet the dividends
fiarthe year inICRInt to 12 - percent. . The regular
divide ik b wiener csapot be !mitten 15per cent.
7.par, annacaOutd we , presume they will be twins..
.CleasehMins Rat eon & Counsellors for
, mtng sad Wenag *teas, hulmla 1
es and e application of -
.eneatethea cu ris, and =American and Foreign Laws
or iihnentu
IibbhICIF.NALTEE B. JOHNSON, late of Philadel
arid.. Z . C. ROSBENS of IVaahingtan city,
(to beaided by Bayard Knowles, Esq., late • Nit
the United Stales. Patent 011icej .vit associated
donaseires together for the pcosectalon or the. above
....bleaches cep:corned:mat Duiaass, either in their office,
-at thie Patent ClEtce, or before the Courts; sad will de
theitandividolettention forwarding the inter
. uieLleflorectote and. others who may &milt them or
place business in their Wanda Mr. Knowles has for
Mie put twelve years held the pow. of Machinart in the
United Stites Patent Cliftce.aud .zesigns that sittocion
4,4.0.. he put in the present undertaking. Ills talent.
sad peculletliness fin the imponam °Mee &long 0-
by.him, have been folly. recognised by. Inventors
wherever the Mace itselfis knows.
The orrice of Werra J. et R. is on P Mem; opposite
the Patent Office, Washington, IL C., where commurii
cashew, poet paid, will be promptly attended to; exam
leethrisurtade, drawings, specificatinna and all main
papetspreps. models procured when; desi
rethron reasonable tams. letters of ealry, &pea
beensWered after egandnations b.s4 mom be ae
;,compamedbits fee
i t
o h s dollars.
the dlities of their *Nee which pertains to the Pa
teptlatis,. ?Jessie J EL will be aseisted by *legal
.gentlemen Melte highest professiceual 'character, and
onlcec ......bilycorivaniant, with 2.1.0 - itee - ni and other iklantifte
• -."" gMle not tie firm by whams the new are trtea,
Nor get the last laythenbt aside." •
T. ,
UE •
Sollowing lubrointsger—Ttte aeon is eanmently
,alga:darn pore-hot ski -rindering the operation of
*sting asperfeevas when done in aback assn.
• 111113 1 Chamber exelurively far-Roasting meats
sPlt;tln r adollig away with all the roaming
aaehtoeataln the stave of.= kitchens."
• it has a lugs booking esplairy, with an unebutznet
',..wittetarritua orrUattop, all housekeepers can
Tian beset toithout mason work , in soicudine
vglre,plater, or the room as a stoset , enabling those
Wks mem kited houses to have the advantage of A
maga at the east of a Stove. And bully,
It barns lassettal than airathar eoolong
notate -bg EmpontookingStave,w al=
- • GILBERT'S Empire Rove Deot,_
- • . 4111. Market onto, Girard R7r bi
....Estraetfrom reeoluoicadation from Fl Eth
eury Hach
quin,Esq.42lMarkerstreetv—Yrra can mute n
• Dania eounneadation of it, whirl . will not endorse if
veering • • •
, samratiewi c festo
- TM Plates.
fli saattunbcrs bevel call the attention ofEhlliders,
drshiteeta and owners of - Buildings, to the many
ottranlspes whielt.these plates possess, our all- other
, switallla atabstatieu halbert° used for Mang, to , as
'the ual OO bgtMOO Or 1=;!Iltal
oily to (114tzow tieea tax;Or sr=
~„ years in this particular, both in this country and anEct
,, rope.. They =Jars:Tubb to expatiation and untrue
dui trout Wan
,Chalage Or dor sooooPhoro,thonM
'moo tin pilau, (rou;aine, or any otherV now used
for ;opium angconsogueolty faros re math better and
rood requiring - far leu frequent repairs, whihrt
Ent eat is Wes trills nire. '
A fail sapply, of all sires, . Qom .16 to 3tl W. O, eon
study on hand and for sale by
14 and IS Hum street, New York.
•ri.e patent right for this ankle haring been secured
• . gar - the. Vatted HMCO, all- parties fanning thereon,
either by importation or otherwise, will be prosw•
• --
AT the Fairview Nurseries, Efoorestovm, Hor
lmgtom maary, N- J. 40 varieties of the
best maculated Fruit, of the hugest tam finest
, vrtrieties,ripening's= Oa in of July ma the Ist of
'October, besides other fruit trees of the following
Weide Apples, Pena, nuns, Apricots, Nectarines,
Ch min, sffi • large quantity of Orssmerttal Meer of
the usual variety. Aerosol wishing to older Imes for
sitim,•,by sending their order accompanied
•• with the e.Wior satisfactory reference, will be tamp.
malty attended to Persons =bong trees who are
unacensinteel 'with to verintleyeatt depend ou the bat
' ' lbf Mirk& or family. Trees will be carefully packed
is mars and moss, (or which 60 cents per buncUo will
' —be charged. Orders sent direct by strait or otherwise
to Our Nursery, mill be ittmetually attended to. De.
' ' seriptive eatalogoes, with prices attached, datithed
:Irene arpostrid apothems,
',eq. JOHN DEMONS, Propriemr.
• Sktorisditra, N. 3, 00 , 21,124 341 . 1 wAw 2 ref
• • Oe.c. sst Arilitriellat i lAtrelsile Patents.
IfAILES OREF.sIOIIOJii of the lam arm of Haler
, ;-*A. Greenough, conduttes the badness of Consulting
'Mies= and PM& Attorney. at bin *Pee In the city
WAHNINGTON. ...He may, be ;candled and eta
• • adoyedln making eximinstions Is menhinery in the
.t Ittelas Wire sad elsawbele, to fornishhts drawings
• and gswAsvitious of machines, and eilpapers menus
milefef.-e.illeild, re-issue or extend /wen patent to
• United &Meow Home. Hevan also be conned.
eed professantally on all question. of litheation
• *tog wider Pat, nt.lAwv PA -will wires
uons , befive the-Patent °Mee or lii appeal therefrom,
tor utdek his long cannier= in the Pater °Dee and
„(n his profeutiondiave peculiarly Stied him. The pro
' ' iesalazial business of the tale, T,,P. Jones having
teenplazed in his Made, Mien Its relation thereto
'Wald be addressed to him tag Ptiti....oo3o4tWeltdl
Tgum now receiving th eir Fail welt
aftheisthuve g ar4, ' three Vesselsivis: the Jutuata,
itudsllieu mud Lydia, fuming arrived at ThiladelPtila
end Italtiothre, sedum mare, Ma liitephea Baldwinaed
Lilly shortly espededi they tae , dissetar. prepared
to =Alva order.. They will receive daring the min
ter and "Meg regales supplies sad New Oaten.. '
oteld - _ tP as M lIIITCELEVIREE
' • Ennui= ttnstr. osrnssmms,
for , == = u lrdzi r lf. aie
on Monday, N.:member 20th.:18113, between the hours
off) 6.111. ea 3 P.M.
oraldtd , THOMAS M. HOWE, Ciihier.
• • -, • T =IMMO 1 4 .211
,Ottthet 20,1_ ..845
eleaknifew thirteen I:bee - tors ands Ilank, l
the • - aiisidng year, will be bald at the Bankin " g
. Barns en bionday, ihekahay alloveaber
tren93-dut W. kI.DENNY, Cagi er.
BAT= 00 Parrsit
, , • October 111, leold:
Anti Meat" for %Nate= Direenirs of Ole Hank km
J411...aa •••_:eadatilVfax, will be Judd at tie Banking
House as danaay, the twennisifj•day of Noasinat,
". • awn. B L esabier.
1 - iTai.VHArla
Dirscsnoerldr article always on band and for Wen
smannatigirlar price, by W . •
-- --- T - Agzd2eArouzik
'l3CTlClUMEg izmithiod. with 4
4. 1 , th i ' d a° " 4 7.1 dons .with the imam
:4 1 " 1 IV,.
S 4.) ,Bitgairghare;a nd,L E T o e Lfgra . , DpNCAII
1 et61A14.116f010 N 0, jut omit
'la sad for isle. by
bids moo stu — laders; ggiao nAdes,z
`„. -do ilasts, AI of znixaoV4fiLtolffeft_nß.F ot
oett7 - BELLY:fait fiti:44
Croderolla;l3. co mm ui sro!
4 a • Oda • . emu=
7"alla—°L`'7mA A tfro. 4 m ,Vl," 'i n wats
tot fale 1/Y• I 4 • h. wurT ,
• ItakiQND WATER moot? piarr—to_e_b!9_ol3! :
harin g from steamer
om - ISAIAH DICKEY k'CM frown
. SP L ES4A bbla Gromo Ap ros'd
XL lAA trommopy rumr2 ti e.NBAHHAIIah
ER—a iLisl3.ler, just H
ng&i V7 nK *ad for
Po b:
nand 8 & ARRAU
Ca° l
teODA ASII-93 casks Soda Aik reed and for.
001818'natY W li4g.pAUGll,
G 11114R-44Higal:ry " V:4 4 l o arzaa. -
L itanz nanafA imr,t rievri,Le4ays.ala.,ma Cu
_ • w
, .
• argurig Er.oug-o.bto Fate Flou r a good snide,
t jug voFeived idt!
Am, ng3gtft.Urati'
'l7 V 4-015 " it, aW -" r IiaI IIERS k Niaol.S
ape= and Wdale Warhol and
,y• O li tate4 la 4 0 " . ar " k zfiCOLS
t;t ""W ' -1264 0 N—bi bbl No t Bakooni I,T , w Witt
Hi 4
1 f
AND as 1 tivlLtanno arsvassroz, murroall, J I • •
Ilsbes.—Dory 20 pr. cent.
Pots 4}
-Pearls 400
4 04
Baleratos, ...... •• •
Sod* #sh 40 1 4
A .. ...
B=l.—Daty 5 pm cent.
American. •• • • .....
4 ,3 t tan g _pe, &
6oilmon;c mird
Duokets—p doz. " -
Patent Beaver - 2250
Yellow ....... • • ••-• • • -20421 -
Bloroscul•—•P ton.
Blooms WOO—
Bader Lumps ..... 4700,
Merchantable lit2iol t
Sh aker 1,7502,25
Barks-1/ cord.
Chesnut Oak .
Black Oak - 404,50
Hemlock " 3,5004,00
00•2—Duty 30 per et.
At the over. • • 5 06f
From *arm —O5
Orsiton—Doty free.
Tent and AlabaMa• • • .5 Hai
Choeolato-.4 m.
Number 1 lOOll
Cocoa,prepared . ..l....2 o oM
Candles—Duty 20 Fr...L.
City dipped
Mould 10 27.--
Pittsburgh Star. ..... 21 00
Cincinnati do. .. .. 031
-Sperm, limit brands , • .30 032
Castings—, 1b',1.-723
Foundry boil . awe, as
Wagonttle p 2.307
boxoll , 100 lb• •S 2 70
Counter meiglOs p sea- • - .40
Cotit U. .14- • • 4505
on Itaras—P 111
Short reel—.
No. sus No.lo ,
11 to 13 18.
"14 • 17
Iperehring.l etper lb to No PO.
Long leer, dos.
No. NV 708
" 600. - 4107
........ • • • • 48
" SOO, pO6, 186 600
Coverlet Yarn .p lb— • .200
Cava Chain 100
COMIII Twine 88
Candle Wick
Coffee—Duty 26-per .
Java, Old white 12014
Bt. Domingo , • 0
/416" Tm• 8 0
Rio 1/ 9
Copper—Duiy2opr ct plg
bat andolds pr et old hex.
Brasiers 8015
Sheathing - —027
Old•-• • ......... • • • 18010
mortgagn--Dity RI pr. mt.
Shunlla, —0 13
Whim rope:- •-- .... . —0
1 11
Tarred D
Parl'g yarn, .fitie----0 9
" etmnan•--- --0 8
Iletnp Bed Cris per dim—
Extralang•• .....
NaVa L l i 3ati 'ft egads--pe ' l dt ') r.
40 yd. thread —423A0
20 & 30 40 47 3 03,63
do Plough lime 0 EMI
Domaatlo•—par yard.
Brown COl
--- .6 07 • -•- • 306
eartShVga. A No.l-- 0 7.
eg'yDPutMdl••••-0 70
D Union JAW• —o—
rautelsnamt—••---- 7
Bammts------ • • • • —072
Putohatan —4724
Lerman C•.•-------. —OO
lierrizon-----—• • —698
34 brown eonoro
14Ettesabed cl . o. • •:4119_
do do—
do do—" 4lon -
Brawn drills. —• 9
•• • 8010 s
c Tieldags --- • • • .69_61
Lancaster— • • •-81
e ats 6G •
No 1 superior —OlOl
Colored Cambric&
Fancy --• • itell
Fall Weer --ID B
Merrimac— --MP
Fall B. Blue & Orange mot
York Ticino _ 101
_Drage—per CI
Aloes 14 0 17
Alma ..... 310 4
Asstouido.—...,..— • 11 0=
Arrow Rool•• • ..... 0n
Aousiortio—•—• • • • 10 0 11
the — — siii - Te 5lOOO
NOVEMBER- rises. I sus. 1 715 ea.
Wiiiingiiciirel -5 ' - 17 -- -- 5 - 4 5 .
5 Snaday, 651 5 8 7
0 3107:919, 653 5 7 834
7 'Tuesday, 056 6 6 841
8 Wednesday, 659 3 1 10 47
9 Thutsday, 667 5 3 11 90
10 Friday, 6 59 . 5 9 mom..
COMLIIITE you Novrareit
vas vas wen mom novertnim 7.
The operations of the merket dating the pm'
week have presented' nothing new. The near
approach of the eleimien seems so far to have ab
sorbed the attention of ell dines as to render bu
siness a secondary matter. In the way of gen'
mid sales however, a fair amount hat; been done,
with no very important change in quotations. ' GLASS—The market for all sizes window glass
T he river h na conf i rme d i n d na navigable order continues very firm, with an increased demand
for the huger class of one steamers, nod business the the smaller size. We Alec a sorted lee of .
all kinds in our miscellaneous table. The killos,
on the wharf continues quite lively. ing is a correct list of the prices of flint glass
ASEITS-The market has continued steady. but Pl a inTmblers 1 pt, from sto 10 oz each, p
not active, and prices of all kind. Show little if d o., net, 31032
any variation from our hut quotations. Regular Pressed do 1 and i pint, from 6to 10 flute
limited transactions have occurred at quotations do do 6201,25
APPLES-The receipts of green :apples by ri • Deca d r'' TO I L= 2' glace "'Per 177
vy do cork 3,70
vet have beel . unusually large, and notwithstand- do do do plain do 2.55
fag considerable quantities have gone east, the do do do pillar do 9 55'
market generally is fully supplied. Bales at the W ine glass" , plain 54 Lel; 5
do do premed 1 'lO
river have amounted to some Mils at prices . p itcher , lain
qt, p 1,8701,70' 1
ranging seconding to quality from 82 to $1,37 ip I do do pillar and ribbed 755
bbl. Sales fenin Mere have bees to 's fair extent 1 do Or cream. 95 '
ai 75c(d51,50 ar bbl, as in quality. Molasses
i Cans, Or
rat ain 1,25
do do do ribbed 1871
ALE-We have nothing new to notice in the Plates, 8 i n. pressed and fig 75
market $7 'cult included, continues to be the Castor Bottles, fluted 63
ruling figure of the market, with small sales. Jar., 1 gal, Levered cover '2,50
BACON-The receipts of the week have been do do do 3,25
to alto, extent, and " no o k .. goite witf i etwet GROCERIES-We notice no marked change
to the demand. Sales kr the past few days have of the various articles under this head, even ,
shown a slight falling' off in prices from our bur thing remaining quite firm at the prices quoted in
tettekv report , We note t w ee o f 10 casks wen . our last general review. Sales of N 0 sugar in
em sides at 41011 c. Sales of sides and hams limited lots by the hhda at 59, 51 to 51c p lb, a. in
have been to a fair amount. but in limited kits at quality- 1,00 mtgar may be *dr i ll quoted at •
41041, for Sides, and 81361 for ham. range of Bto Ile plt Sates of 0 molasses m 1
31e p gall. Rio coffee remains firm, with a rcgu .
MlTTER ae it e q ua u tittel h av e arr ived hY lac ma of sales to the trade at an mare of 70
riper. being' mainly Intended , Wwever , for ship" plb Sales of rice by the tierce at 51.051 a p Di.
meat east. id adende Wes of keg ar e effec t ed Vor other articles under this head, see general ta.
from MOO al SOAR, and of roll in Mils at 90111 e Me.
PM__ HEMP -Receipts have been light, and our
• BESS' WAX-Moderate sales tram store at 21 plies are limited. We may quote 120(11101111y from
322 a p A. mare at the rates of $l2O p ton.
BLOGMS'AND BOILER LUMPS-No sales HAY-From wagon we note regu lar eeiee to
worthy of report; correct quotations tin table. prices ranging according to quality from 87 to 8,50
BUtltil. AND TUBS.-Nothing new in the p ton.
market. Receipts have been to a fair extent, and HOPS -,gales by the bale at 7090 p lb.
supplies are about equal to the demand, with rep.
War sales of the former at 2,25, and of the latter at HONEY-Sales from store in boxes at 18020 c
$309,50 es doz. . P lik
BEANS-The market is dull, with regular sales IRON AND NAILS-We have no changes to
in a small way . at 8837013 p bu. notice under this head, a fair baldness has been
doing at the prices quoted In general table.
CHEESE...Receipts hare been less abundant,
bot . gooof i es getiortf ir e , see qu i te f o n t w i th om it. LEATHER AND HIDES-She market re.
sales Of V 7 R at 3}, A} and 6, sir In a s In gn a t , mains very steady, with regular.sales at quotations
Sales of cream cheese al 6137 c tp tb. • see quotations.
COTTON, COTTON YARNS, lee-For prices LUMBER-The market continues quiet, with
regular sales at quotations. During the low stage
of cotton, and cotton products, ace general table.
of water in the Allegheny, prices have been grad
'We have heard 0 no sales of cotton during the
artily decreasing, with, bow ever, but little if any
pastweek, very little is coming in at present, and
supplies in porn Er n very Hoy venation in prices.
I i CORDAGE-Por correct quotations of the va- LEAD-Some, additions have been made to
-nous trtithea coder this bead, see general table. supplies, but prices remain without change. Sales
eltxtrmatjuss _ wits limited
appliesit, of bar at 41, and of pig et 41c p lb.
mom we note small sales by the bbl at $1,50 to LEAD PIPE-Prices range according to size,
$1,75 rp by. from 61 to 12te p bat.
CORN MEAL-Very little is coming in at pre- MALT-Sales of barley at
C IP ho.
sent. Supplies arn ig n i te d, with min i... o f...f ro m OILS-Sales of linseed if 61:032o, of No I lard
lame at 45e p be. at 60c, and of No 2 at 55a p gull.
CRACKERS-Regular sales as !allows: ROSIN-Salese of NCat 3 17(83,50 p bbl. i
Water Cracker, . $4,00 p bbl. ILAGS--No change is p-.,
rices; see general ta
-4,75 " hie.
. Pilot Bread 3,50 " I
SALT-Sales ore regularly effected from store
Dyspeptic. 4,00 " at $1,30 re bbl.
Sugar te Soda Crackers . 2, 9 Ts TARS-Sales of N 0 from OW/0 at 1101,25 per
DRIED Elpurr--soppiies have increased roma' barrel.
w h et , 4 0 4 thp nbundepee and cheapness of green
fruit reader tho nisiket for dried, (MIL We note VI P IEG , i w ay e A s it-s we lj ain d t g rn s 'i bi ol i der vin"g" 41
lip:aerate sales of peaches at ,$1,2501,fiy, and of IP ffa " D 1 ' .
If apples at 158 to 624 p ba, as in quality. WHISKEY-The market la quiet, with regular
DRIP BEF,F,is e o., we s from more
el se piles of rectified at 210'220 p gall,
IP WOOL-The market Is without change. Reg
pesiontit'7"".. T h e re bruh e e m"ke cli t ri k ers be ce e'' u i r eti lastZe a k n l d y ."63117"Pninregbratucess'ale rocking
exhibit. ceipts have surpassed in amou Co m mon Wee " • '
those irr the previous week, bat as the larger 1 b100d....
tion or the article was designed for the :eau, alit i do: .• •
Plies show hilt We 'increase. We note 'ale. in. I do..
regular limited lots Nei first hands during the first Fall do.
few days at 4,12104.L834,20, Mut from store 0 1 l
-dityload lots at 4,260137.0 bbl.
' FISH-Tbe supplies of the market at present ,
op quite full e with.resuleu,sales 1p the trade in I
tipped huts at the '
. fattening rates-Salmon 1110,
Mackerel No 1.112; No 2 $lO, and No 35,50056
Rd rring 11,6 . fr hid, end ccidlish at 4,50 per
' 'PEATIMIS - "ltuuelpth have been hhere4, and
;Sapp Uea " 1 fa 'VP co te roles of 2000 hi at 33
Wite gra.
PREIGEITS- , The rates (rout this point west,
owing .to ' the abundance of water In the river;
show a further derithe,.'end owing to the large
number of boats engaged in the trade, prices be.
Visrue'entiraly naming.
.. , Tits BaldroureAmerican furnishes the following
Rat of charges from that point west •
The changes an the Baltimore and Ohio Bail
,lilosidfines this city to Cutotethind as, as Mawr.
• on mild
Borax. relata;•,..• Mr. f/ts' .
BalittoPera;; .
—aro 37i
ndolence.. -.... 4 0 4
CColamPoridcor'lLie- ...
aleffeuk"46: .
Cmlliat ' ll ' , ;'• - • ..OR 02,00
Creaz Tartar • ar
ie sa
Glue 11 50
10 / 3
Gum Arable••• ' 55 070
..... as 0 50
.‘s ritb-•••51 0 27i
ftee;.. ..... 15 0 18
" Mastic —01,2 3
80 01,00
l• slap, poordered• • 85 01,00
' • ,So sio 6 1
Utiitonee Root 7 0
L ae
Dye iooriee Ball ...... 18 0 20
L '2B
Maamesia Garb 25 0 35
Mader, Umbro• • • -13 0 14
Mader, Cornatort•
Mylrrh, TVitrio urkey 20410 0 50
Dl 5
" Castor 01,75
Malt. barley
Oluro—per 1b
Common• •• • 11 0 13 1
Illoney—Dory 30 per cant
Cuba per gall
Wertern comb p. 81 18 0 20
Glesseng—Duty 53 pr. ct.
77 2B
dinaen y g
too of M lbs.—
_7,50 08,50
111dea—Duty 5 per cent.—
Missou .....•—• •• —0 Ft
Spanish 0
Do. salted
Do. kippliper skin• •1,00 o,el
Green 0 4
Ft itectp—tkity 25 per cm:M.—
3714,mm & Ky' • • • • 11115013:1
Manilla IP tb 1010
Hops—Duty 03 per tent.
First tpL 46. • • ..... B 0 10
1,60 cent.
Spanish 1,10 01,..%
Nanilla 06 01,00
foe--Duty 30 per cent
Bar, Juniata 4 0 41
Common 3 0 31
Sheet MO 71
Boiler Plates 6 0 64
Node 310 6*
Plough wings 410 6
Slabs• •••• • • • 4 0 41
Rinds, Sheet 0 is
Lead—Doty 9.0 per cent
Missouri Pig 0 41
DIE sloes Pipe per 4 14 7 iL i t
Sheet 6 0
Loaithar—Duty 03 pr. Cl.
Sole, Baltimore. ••• 91 0 IN
Nem York 14 0 17
17 0 14
SlanNt e e d r 16 0 110
Skirting. M 0 54
Hamlets, black L 9 0 0.
Bridles, black, pr. doe
sides 33,0 026 4 00
Rumen do 36,00 0494130
Upper finished• •27,00 026,00
Kips, ki n • •94,00 036,00
Calf Skin do• • • • 154 M 0:41,110
Lace Leather• • • 10,0 0
N. England Seating,
No.l per dos• • • .400 0
N . o. per dos• • —35.00 0
N 0.3 p ains a• • 25,130 0 23
Sheeps 210 5
Lamber—doty p. ad
not per M.
6;431 , 1 • •• • .3.00 03,03
c Lemon 2,23 03,50
Peplsh 3,00 04,00
OpturaTurkey• • • .4,50 05,00
,ftrolue 3,00 0345
Rhubarb, root 38 0 30
Sal rituottao' 18 0 22
Sal Soda 44 0 5
Bewur • -18 0 20
Tartaric Acid 40 0 50
Vitriol, Blue 1140 12
Dye Wood—Dory' 3 p. et.
tumwood 510 7
Punic 210 3
Logwood. chipped. • -210 24
Feathers-duty 23 per. et.
ad vol.
Kentucky al 0 3.1
Ohfo3Pennsylva• 0
Almonds shelPd••••3l 23
Soft 18 0 18
Hard 0121
Currants, Zante• • • • 140 11
Filberts 810 P
Groundnuts 1,25 01,53
Figs, Turkey 1210
hiel .
Raisins ogo , Mcciem•-• • 0
Bunch ...... • • • -.2,0U 0
Bloom, old
Cranberries 7 S I --
Lemons, Bicily bo qOO DUO
Oranges do 03,30
Peaches, dry, In, • 1,23 0—
A A 3 PP le r l" l,:Z r rl i t;r: , , k bb_ ve l • 717
Bolivar 02410
Common —l3 0—
Plgnizte••••Dury BP per rent .
Extrabnuids, 4,370
Bye_ Thor . 3,370
Buckwheat, pr ti• • • • —Ol
" hIC hbis. none.
Pine, &Pr, In. yr M. — 04(1,00
Common " 1911,00
Clear, I " ..... .• 030,00
Coni'n 1+ ..... 015,50
Clear 9 " 040,00
Com'. ileM),oo
I WM 61%1 In do. 019,00
ln. common 0
Oak do do 019,00
Pine skiers p 10002,75 0 3,00
Laths, sawed, 2,.,W 0 2,50
Live Sloe k..—pr 100Ibs nt
Beeves 3,500 4,25
Bogs 3,00 0 3.25
Cows & Calves. • •6,00 016,00
Sheep 1.00 0 1,50
Bielaassa—Dory 30 pr. et
Sugarhonse 40 0 45
Feed—Or bzuhra.
10 0 11
132 mus.— 14018
Pink•—anty on Core a.caul
Seper cent
Macteral,-.N. l 111,000
No.l, bit --0 6
No. 100
No. 51 01E64, ...• • 0
N.Orleans so 0 30
Na al Illeares—Dary soc
Rosin per bbl- •• • SADO 3.45
. .
Tar, talegberry • • 0
N. carob...-4,00 0 —
Turpentine, Fall ••• 40 0 70
Varerab, Copal • •1,73 0 4,00
Mello—Duty 30 p. c.—per
• No. 3, 03,0006,23
• Ng i kitta. —••— 0
He , No. I.• • 6,7506,00
Salmon, No. 1, old•.— 0
• New • • • • ....... • 12,1210
Shed— 7,500 8.00
Cob per dram 03,00
Ited Fox, No. 1 O 621
" I 0 371
Iduskret 10 0 12
leak Reseoon-••----- 0 =
Deer Skia per 6• —•l4 0 U
100 11., leasing malls
1 cant adeareee per lb.]
10090 d Juniata • • 3300 3,73
80 9d " 4000
60 7d ". • • • • • 4500
So 4750
3d axon
is•--• 0
" Pressed-- • • 00
Boiler Rivets.-- • 0
Plnsbargh 0 8
01119—per gal.
or, 65069
bias ....... . 10, 0
Sperm bleached — 0 1;23
" Unbleached 0 1,20
" Fall— • • 0
75 0 106
Tanners per bbl' 17,00019,00
Plabsta—per lb.
Prns, Blue 76 0 90
Sp Whning—•••l 0
Chrome Green 38 0 55
,Blseir Horde.
ign per gros•s• • - 09 07 ,00
do 0
Mad' 0rine,6,6941d asp ,o
Claret per grass 09,00
Window Maas, per box—
City braluis.
0/10 net,.----.
Patent do 4 toxl4 to
Country brands.
Gunpowder—Duty RD pr.
No. 9 22
Bronswir-k Green • 42- 20
White Lead• dry • • • 610 69
•' Oil. pore keg • • loso 0 13 3 1
Nix I 1 . 36
Red Lead 6121 B
Yellow Ochre- -- • • .29 if 3
Yen. Red 410 6
Verdigris 30 0 38
4,75 05,50
Eagle, 63 Glib • • • 03,00
Do. doz I lb. enimbi— 07,00
.FFFQ do - 84,110
Eagle do. in paper. • 00. 0 3
Rock powder• • • • •3.,45 MAO
Grab:it—Duty per nem..
Wheal 800-
- Rye 50E1—
Hats, Boots, Bonnet. and Medicines, 35c per 100
lbs Dry Goods, Groceries, Queenssrare, Tobacco
25c per 100 lbs. Coffee, Salt, and Fish, 20c per
Freights to Pittsburgh by the Susquebanna
road and Pennzyttania Canal, are as follows, vir
Thy Goods, Hats, Shoes end Bonnets, 85e- Bales
Dornersies, 75e. Leather, Groceries and Hard.
ware 70c each. Queensware, Coffee, 50e.
Mackerel and Shad per bhl, .41,2.5, and Herrings,
By O'Connor's Line, Thy Goods, itc, 73c; Hard
ware and Groceries, 624 q Queensware and Tobac.
e 0,60; Tin Plate and Copper, 45; Coffee, Tar, Full.
ike, 45.
I Iffemeg
Freights by Oiler, Gelston & Co's bur day line
to Wheeling 810131,121 ♦ 100 the kir ordinary
Freights by Frailey & Harshall'a "Pioneer" five
day Line w Pittsburgh, Wheeling and the West.
(via Baltimore and Ohio Railroad) SO to 90e gi 100
Be for ordinary goods.
GRAIN—The market is without any material
change, and transactirms generally light, with mod•
mate sales from wore at the following rater—
Wheat 800,
,barley 550600 as in q..lay. eye 50 0
550, oats 25630 c, and corn at .97635 c Im.
Sae general table (or all Building not mainland
In this list.
PIG METAL—:labs of 100 tone Vesuvius h
at 00, and 100 tons same at 5200, d ma& Sale
of 15 tons HRob at 830. 6 11102.
BgEVES—The offerings at the yard on Mon
day were very full, and the larger portion Were
0W0 , 44 1 of at mast p 100 ttle net, for ordinary
- to good, Which is a decline from lest week's qoo•
lEREEP—A. moderate number were offered,
With sales at 81 ar2 each.
HOGS—Saks to e moderate extent Id 3 4 50
100 St
Pig netal—pt bijOntk. , -
o. 1. Poundry• •
Forge • •
No ll .lVeindry. k :
Tennessee •
- 0 -
-0 -
Mercer County.
Toondry Pig n
F M.niug County Ohio.
Foundry pig
Fe gllut d er Park--dory free
Mater Parir• •• • 55 it' ICC
Bacon Hams-.... •• • 6i en
Shoulders • • • • • -- —Ol
H? ' groond, city runt —O4
country do• —0
Lard No. 1, !ri kgs —8 09
" 2 in kgs- •211
I, in bble • •-20 8
rkS: . 1 2S It
Cheese, NI/. m il NO 51
Goshen —0
Creek's, Pitub. Wa
Do. Butter —0 4,00
—0 4,75
- .
Neabannocksp. hu 51.0
Eistips—Dnry 5 per cent.
Country mixed 30 3/
Do. good white 0 4/
WeeOper lb
Rice 5 0 5}
Seeds—duty Linseed 20p c.
Clover 3,9704,00
Timothy 3,3702,50
Flaxseed 95 0
Mustard... .... . 2,50 gs 3,00
Spices—per b.
Cloves si
Cush. in hilts.•••-0
Ginger 9 0 10
Nutmegs 1,40 0 1.50
Pepper 7 0 9
Alamos 0 13/
Smateroot--per R.
Virginia 0 14
Seneca • • •
Soap—Duty 30 per rent.
Pittsburgh No. 1. • —0 44
Cincinnati —0 4i
' Steel—per
R. Foreign
Cut & Shear...—. • •10 0 17
Do. single• • • • • • • 0 le
Rest German • • • 0 13
" Eagle • 0 11
" /loop L• • • ..... 0 15 -
Pittsburgh Manufacture.
Germ. Steel. • • 0 9
English blister• • —• • • 0 13
American blister• • • • 0 4
Ws/as—per gall . 5 1? 64
Etrandy,Pord'x• •1,50 0 2,50
Rochelle ..... • 4,50 0 3,50
Rum,Jam'a ,50 0
pf-1 0 2.25
N.,• 50 9O
" N.,. 40 0 50
City HolLand 1,85 0 1,70
avagar—Daty 30 per yea.
N., Ilhd • —6lO Al
" fair, hhd. 0
Havana, white, 1b..0 0 91
Braul" lb. 90 91
Pulverised, Phoad• • • .0 121
Belt—Hwy ED per cent.
No. I, afford...... • • • • 01,83
Shot—Dar), SI per cent
Per keg.- owe
Per bag— • • • • 0 1.37 i
Saltpetre. • - 9 0 lOg
Tobacco—per 19—(10per
og for cosh for mauled
Tobacco.] Dory 40 pram.
Clox Loaf-- . • • 4 0 6
Alnanfld do • • • ••• • 4 0 7
Logi& Twist-10W 18
Mg in kegs. •- ..... 80 9
Plug 03 boxes•-14 0 17
oTorist•—• • 60 7
Cavenol,l3• 0 6
' 14. Lamp 03. box • • 0 12i
"•--•L11 0 17
Scotch mai.— —l4 0 10
ammo 0 13
I Cut fr. Dry f Ittpap•• • 0 63
Taw—Doty taper cora.
Goopoarter• ••--• • 43 0 70
;oong Hymen--• 3D 0 PC!
cache? •• • --- 30 0 73
Tha ata—Dory 13 pr. et
Baca ock o—l
X 0 1003
Tallow—Arty 10 pr. eent
Rendered •-- 7 0
Rough 0 lii
Soap Grease 30 31
Vloan—par bog.
- -
Wines—Duty 40 pr. cent
L P liladelra• • • • 2,03 0 3,00
L P Tenertffe• • • • LOO 0 1,30
Lisbon 75 0 1,50
Dry Mmaga• •• •• •0 0 70
Sweet 86 067
Oaring to the continued dullnims in trade, noth
ing near has transpired in the local money mar
The 6lloanng axe the rates of ezetriagew
Selling rate. Baying rate. ,
Near York, t prn.lCineinnau, It du.
Philadelphia, I " L.uierdle, " "
Baltimore, I " St Loci., .1 41
. . .. _
do Wheeling
to Stocks there in not ranch doing, and the fan
cies are heavy. There is a great want of hie.—
There was a fair demand for Government stocks,
and the loans of 1867 and 1868 *old at 5 per Cr.,
Treasury Notes were 21, which is a little lower.
la Sterling the Mennen is limited, hut holders
are firm, and leading names are firm at bi pra
mime. Franca are 5 22105 20, BA Whin raw
75, Guilders 408401, Marks Banco 3581335/ . .
There has been considerable activity in Freights
to day. Some ship owners have endeavored to
get rates up to day, but we beard of no eagate
i meats at any advance,. Two or *limey...els were
taken up for Liverpool, one kir Ireland at 91, and
ocome for Live rp ool to load Cotton at 7-16 d at
[Charleston. The engagemlints were at 5-32 d for
Cotton,'2.lo2.s 3d for Flom, 78714 for Grain, 25s
030. for heavy freighx.
The amount of the Mexican indemnity already
paid oat of the SubTreasureda cake in this City
is $715,000, leaving 585,000 yet to be paid. The
amount of coin in the SubTreasory to day is SI,
The Bane packet to day took 1103,794 in coin.
It consisted of 0,120 in French gold. 149 , 461 in
stranc pieces, and 539,223 Mexican dollart—lTri
New York, Nov. 3.
Treas. Notes 10 3 I
I.'. S. Co '67, 1044'
Ohio 6s 1560, 100
IIL food bonds, 91 1
Kentuelry , Ps '7l, —1
Penna. s's
Louis McLane Bennett, Brownsville..
. • AOADlie, Parkinson, Brownsville. •
Camden,. Hendrickson, Beaver.
Caroline; Day, Beaver.
Michigan No, 2, Gilson, Beaver.
Beaver, Clark, Wellsville.
Lake Erie, Sholca,Beaver.
Diligence, Worley, Cin.
Ludlow,,— Zanesville.
Ciuderilla, Calhoun, Wheeling.
Wellsville. 882115, CM.
Hudson, Poe, Bridgeport.
Yankee, Cin.
Arrowline,Morris, Brownsville.
Arrow, G ordon, Brownsville.
Hibernia No. 2, Klinefirlter, Cin.
At dusk last evening, there were 6 feet 0 locates
water in the channel, by pier mark, and rising.
UT Massa norm PLatac—lf you wiab to be floc ,
paean' in any undenaking, lost most always 'utie the
aroper means,' Therefore, if you have a cough, um
20505's Harseromm and be cared, for it ia the pproNppeee
means. Have you Asthma or difficulty of brentang,
then lite only efficient rooms to care, yea le to um
loyeetsllipecutrant, which willimmediandla ,,, come
the mann which contracts the diameter of the tube.,
end loosens and brings up the mucus *Platelets dem
up, Wad thus namems every obitmetle9jOialieo
ration, while at the same time ill InilanniM•ithltis Is sub
dued, and a acre is certain to be effected.' Hive you
bronchitis, dpittlng of Bledd, Pletarisy, or in feet any
Pulmonary Affection, then me Juynch Expectorant
and relief Is certain, and you will dud that you hove
tied the proper mewls.
Yoe sae In Pittsburgh at the Pekin Tea Blinn, 7 4th
street near Wood. lall I
Auxowonr, Nov. U, ISIS.
.. .. ... 7ci• ff
Port 1 4: 0 0 2 4 2 '
Calabria.— ••• • • .......... 63 0 77
Word per Ih—Dury 30 per cent.
Prime 0 35
Full blood 0 53
rood 0 27
blood 0 Srd
nd Common 19 0 V
Fob waahed 0
Whls 0
tey—per gallon.
Rectified. —0
91./ Monongahela —0 20
Zleio—per lb
Sheet 0 10
Slab 0 001
Frelibta—per 10 lb..
TO Cincinnati.
Dry Goods 250
To Louisville.
Dry Goods ......... —• • •-• • 370
Heavy 0—
FraniLouisville to Ili
Dry Goods 0--
To St. Louis. 0 —
Dry Goods —0 37
50 0
To and Erie.
Dry Goods . 0
Heavy ........ ...... . ...... ...-0
To end from aroornsville.
Dry Goods (down) 0
Produce, Yu. (up) 0
To Nuhville.
Dry Gouts 0
To Wheeling. —0
Dry Goods 0 10
11' 4 .1 :1,. urine
Dry Gras 0 15
Heavy 0
v Goods —. 0 0
To. 0
Henry Goods a
Ohm, Us —O
- 07 MEOW ON TEI P 1711171.011
Ashea, Pot and Pearl, 40 45
Butter and Baton, 45 50
Beef, salted, 45 50
Bale rope and Baning do 70
Beeman', do 52
Bones, do al
Broome, do 1,50
Cheese, do 40
Corn, do 50
Coutin, do 50
Chilled Ronan do
- • -• . •
Drags •
and Mdicines, 1,151
Dry Chfinis, do 1,03
Dried Fruit do 73
Floor per bbl. GO 63
Fors iind Peltttes, per 100 lb. 1,00
Futhen, do Lt 0
Furniture, do 67 4
0h,....A, do 69
Glass, Window, per bz 60 0
Green and dry fruit per NO lbs 75
Oilmen, per 100 lbs. PO
Grocenes, do 00
Hardware, do 75 -
Hop., do
Hemp, do 70
Ibid., Ines 73e; dry WO) do •
Lead, do do
4 60 0
Lard and Lard on, do 60
Oil, Castor, do 75
Linseed Oil, do 73
Pork, per Dbl. do • 130
Raga per 110 lbs. 0.1
Ropes and cordage, do 00
Specie do CO
Seeds, do 70
Skins,Dear and Itafalo, do 75
Tallow, do 45
Tobaceo, Leaf, do 30
do Marialamared, do 73
Wheat, do 00
Wool do • 67
Whiskey, per bbl HO
Oa., No. I—Ashes, Bat. Pla N. Y.
Baron, Muer, Lard,
Cheese, Pork, Tame
to, Tallow, W. Ma..,
"'S N Whi VEf
Clasae 9-I p, Flu
In bales
No.3—Drkd Frolt
Lauber ' Old Ram
Skins, Beads, Waa4
laa. No 4—lfeenraz,
Hops, Woo, loess Flax
Martina Insaraase.
Rues of Inasaraneo on cargoes of
lama and tad boats.
. .
Plm Plttaborgh to Whealletg, l 7B. 40 I
. . to and from Cinelanati, 0 0 1
Louisville, Ky. 4 0 1
" " lo En. Louis., Mo 111 G
" “ to Boonenlado 1 0 a
" " to independence 9 Mk
'• "t Galena. 11l 140111
`• " mMentpliia.Ten 10 (
to N. Orleans 11011
Free N. Gee., to Pinstanerb• • 1 01
S, i
Louis 14011
Chfc . buotai ... flat Boats i
.. • •
Buytag rate. Baying rates.
I dislCo City order. 1 dis.
“ • Relief Notei,
Pennsylvania Co. a•
• Nerkr York,
5 • New Orleans, •
Mon.'', Stooks and Badness.
New York, Na,. '2, 180.
PRICES Or rtocias
Philadelphia, Nov
U. S. 6 ai ct '67 105
do do do 712 1031
Pittsburgh 6a '5l 68
'Ch. 6. '5O 88
Tette 56 '7l 76
Parma. s's 731
e 1 t I I a ' ' I i : D ,
Louie.McLane, Bennett; Brownsville
Ariantic, Parkinson, Brownsville.,
;engine, I y, Beaver.
Camden, Hendrickson, Beaver.
Michigan No 2, Gilson, Beaver.
Lake Erie, Shales. Beaver.
Beaver, Clark, We llavJle.
Mary Ann, Ihscan, Madison.
America, De Camp, Cin.
Cashier„ Cin.
irony Lind, -,Zanesville.
m•Tnes FIITILL - colLorr.—We would call allentlOn t o
this excellent remedy for Coughs, Colds, Consampdon,
Asthma, and all alreetions or the Throat and Lames.
ILaving several times within a few yearspast had otos
sine to use 'medicine of the kind, we have,by aspen
rose tested lie excellent qualides, and are prepared to
recommend it to others. Ministers or other public
speakers adlieted with bronchial strewth:me will bud
great benefit from as use. It is prepared by a scienti
tile physician and all classes will find Co safe and effi
cacious Met/J fi re In the diseases the which It is re.
commeuded..—iCnltunbus (Ohio) Cross and Journal.
Fot isle &fine Pekin Tea Blare, N 0.70 Fourth street
irr Th. son, engohc expresnon of some am &luta
grateful to view, while this repulsive, coarse, randdr
yellow faces of ethers, excites 4P.M -0 M some
mules. Could such people be induced to try a cake of
the MAC Jew' hall. Chemical Soap, they would be
e c u at " e r =tr 'd , wi wate th is e kfu h =le Th eve y ry=Un d t ' o ll ;
erlition would be removed and cured.
antamsiNcmen—Persons who hiva bought cheap
couptetfeits itu4 imitations of this, and have had no ef
f"rlibbelit mam try this, th e odsma. mitl4, ft A k
'CM Apes' Soap. For sale at Ww. facutin's, Oh Libor,
ty street • • • . Pltaaf
QT Donn have yellow dart Teetbey can be
made pearly. while by one wee with s boa or Jones
amber Tomb Paste It bantam thrlpl_reu,neWnne the
breath. tea Bold IQ Libe rt y -
a 011 ANT otrans7.
C o ro ,
aun bags 1110 coffee,
400 de blk Peppin;
70 skis /4, P sad ha
pesial. Teas;
30 Mils ersabed sad pal
.velisinl Sews;
97 do Noh 6,7 k B Lasts°.
2 casks Madder,
4 sale ase iteceeyeeleping
23 tin frunra
S do Hahn& rlai
25 rearm .Tao Wrapping
150 do rms.
50 dos Hemp cords;
21 eoils manilla Rope;
. 4000 Ib, cotton Yatue;
3,930 lb. No 1 & 2 Ratting;
53 b. Rosin Soap;
10 do rare do;
39 bbls Rosin;
93 ea.. Termants double
2 nelsons Indigo,
In gto and Pepper
1 casks E Salts,
5 bags lace Ginger,
d do Allspice,
refined Soda Ash;
22 his 10211 Glum:
04 do SAN do;
Ie do pint Flasks;
IS do y do do;
14 dogmata Bottles,
130 bbls Lime,
115 kg, Beatty's Ride Pow
109 do do Roek do;
14 bdles No 24 Sheet Iron;
10 Peacock and Patent
Lever Pl• Da se •
ED awls .ciartaxacen,
bss Is, 6t, Be and I2s
Tobateo, various bits
and qualities;
10 kap Carolito. and V.
twist Tobneco
60 bbls No 3 Lane mack
75 Mitts N 0 Bugs;
359 keg. (pure) whim Lead
1 cask Lamp Black;
2,231 IbsAß,k B 6 .3 east
MHE subscribers are now
j st losir ratescs folio
85 hf cheats Y 1 Impetiol,
0 P and bik mu •
BO bra ' do do
400 bap Ilio mad Lasratra
15 ban Old Gov lava do
150 boa manufsentred To
bacco, ss, 12s, Ills, 325.
Ilb and lb lump; 16s
and 5. Span do
400 MOW Cassia
►hbl Nutmep
23 bap Pepper
t moons Indigo
10 bags Pimento
2 bales Cloves;
15 bbls cbip'd Logwood
2 casks ?dodder
IP biro No 1 Chocolate
2 easkrEpsom Solos
20 bbls Tanners' Oil
5 cask. Lamp Oil
IS boa Sperm Carulles
43bso White Pipes
O euks Bice
37 bags Dairy Solt
20 bbl. relined Sugar
W bbl. No 3 Mackerel
half bbla do.
75 bp white Brasil Sugar
150 bxs Herring, No 1
15 bls Bordeaux Almonds
35 E Walnuts
35 " Filberis
30 " Brazil Nuts
3O " Tann Ord Nuts
IWO 6.. W It Raiticus
00 eases Tomato Catsup
60 drams rigs
7 mats Data
19 cask. Zoete Comore
211 ban Shelled Almonds
5 case. Liquorice
YD b. Rook Candy
75 " Fire crackers
9 " spiced Chocolate
I cues Primes
YS bas Lemon Syrup
1 ease pramild Ginger
7 gross Wanking
10,000 Principe, Regalia,
Cailolo, and Havana
opposite St Charles Howl
/so., Lo.
37 Wood at,..
- -
bads Rio and yngnl
100 grds N. 0. sumo
150 bbl. " mole
100 bar assortedtotu
300 sides N. Y. sole I
kgs rock powder
300 0010111 wrapping
50 " foolscap ;
50 Dbl., Na 3 largo mackerel ;
50 " North Carolina tar ;
55 " snorted loaf sugar ;
50 " chID dogwood ;
25 " rustic
10 " ground to,
bit& prime madder ;
-r g caroms S. P. indigo
bbls copperas;
15 " alum ;
10 " salami:a ;
75 dos bed cord.;
with a general assortment of Pittsburgh manufactures
receiving and (or sale on accommodating terms by
Round Charch
To Western Morohanto
TASSET k PIEST offer for tale at IA Wood street
Fitlaborgb., on Recommodning terms
033 pok. Y. H, Imp'! and G. Powder Teas ;
30C1 bp Rio Coffee ;
10 " Pepper;
6 11 /ine. ;
100 be* I
lb Lump, 0. and Bs Tobacco ;
20 kg. twist;
10 6hd. N. 0 Koirar ;
110 bbl.
73 " No. 2 and 3 Alackarel ;
20 6•Jr do do
60 bbl. N. C. Tar;
10 " TU ;
basChaeoluk ;
00 " Henan.
22 • White Pippecs ;
MO • • Ass'd Made." Glass from SS to 011.30;
20 mks Soda AM ;
30 bbl. S. Salts ;
to mks
Iv “ Salerams
30 • German Clay ;
kga AssM nails, with a general u•onsnent of
all usee of milt. sup Pitiaburgh mannfaetured articles
al low prima,
Groceries, Go•
36(1 DOS Green_BM 02ffee ;
" O 100 t,6a. l..o l .ltltlLes; ImPen'd
OD!Mils N. 0. Sugar
ISO lois Manufactured Tobacco, 55., Ss, GS Ms
and 1 pound lump
30 bp Pepper;
100 Mats Cassia ;
23 bbls L Sugar •
2 Caracas S. F. ;
I !Mil Madder;
83 bbl. N.O Tar •
30 " No. 2 La rne Mackerel ,
20 boo No. 2 Chocolate ;
DM Seams Wrappthis Paper;
22 toe While Rues;
enas I.lquortm
With • general usorunent of Pittsburgh M.afecturest
reed and for sale by GEO. A BETSY,
sepl2 II wont at
street, has now received • fall assort
ment of Piano Pones, selected from I
the following manufwmories in Boston
and New York, to which the mention of purchasers is
respectfully invited. Thaw from Mr Chlekerms, (for
the we of which he Is sole Agent in Western Penn
pay Ivania,l have what is termed the New Circular Settle;
übs au improvement weernlyintule, and giving thew
• decided advantage to power and etinsfity of tone
over say others. Th. following are the patterns and
styles of Chickering's.
No. L flaieweend, f caves, finished back It front, We
t 66 richly carved " 64ke
el " " " " " blue
4. "gy " carved mouldings, " 6/m "
S. " " finished beck and front, &MD
" 6. " " taw
" tam
a. o 6 " " 1:12Z
" t - 6 protecting front, ISSM
• 10. 7 nehly carved, uryle of Louts 14M.
" 11. 6 hollow come. and hollow cor
nered lege, second hand, cost onpuelly 15425, and will
be HMI at a very reduced pnce.
N 0.12. Rosewood. round corner, eery elegantly flu-
Übe* 1275 No 1.1 Rosewood, mood corner, very el
egantly anted., VIM
The above are maoufecturod by H. Wortrater, N.
V., well known as beteg connected fomterly ernh
Meas. Sonard, Worcester fr. Denham, N. 1.
Na 11 Rosewood, ttl, carved moulding, made by the
Manhattan Company, N. T. MO&
No 14, Rosewood carved, 0 omas., GM. do Co's, N.
Vs2sa. No. 15 " Maul 6 " -1,5 n
No Id, Rosewood Grand Piano, made by Mont
8e.., Paris.
Nol7, Mahogany 6 octaves, second hood, puce 675-
Old Pram. 'Oaten in part payment for new ones.
Sole Agent for Chic kering's Grand nod Square Plano
Fon., for Wemern Penn. team. 00117
- -
ovitMINNS & CLARK, New York;
The imbscriber has now open and for
isle, • lot of most superior ?moos, so•
levied by himself at the manufactories.
They consist of Rosewood and Mahogany Pianos, of
of 5, 61. end 7 octave., of various miles andpricea and
embrace all the latest improvemente._ Thoesof Mums
& Club's, (for which celebrated OM he is seta AOSTIT)
have an improved way of stringing possessed by no
other; also, • snootier pits of leathering the hammers,
preventing these Piano s f ro m growing harsh and imy
alter Dome am.
The Mahe of Chickering of which he bus ettgeri..
or lot, am pm • Med with the Circular Scale, and were
elected for him with care by .1. Chickering, of Boston.
The shove 101 l positively be sold at mumfactarers'
prices, and in eccoromodating berms.
The subscriber will invariably be foond atJ W
WooderelPs, from II to to 12 A. hi and from Itos P.
M. Mr. Woodwell will attend to tha business during
the balance of ume. IL KLEBER,
Octlo at J W WooderelPs. 63 Third to
hat just received from Europe, and for sale an
etuirely new invention of Sumo Fon; called the CWI3-
INET PIANO FORTE, which pouesaing more power
and mammas than the square Piano, occupies but one
fourth au much room, and ts n much mute showy end
Madonna piece:of funsitura It is paniculasly desira
ble where the saving of space is en object, being ex
ceedingly neat and compact, and occupying no more
room than a small aide table. The subsenber ha. in
hand a testimonial of ha superiority from the celebra
ted pianist,ldoachelles, in his own hand wrltingegrhlch
may be anspected. 8. KLEB6R,
00t27 At .1 \V Wood 'a
Iffiivi A SPLENDID assortment of Moho
pay end Rosewood Plan., last
abed. These lnotnmeot. are made a(
the later pattern and best materials
andorill be sold low for cash by
F. BLUME, 112 Wood street.
. - -
ad door above RAIL
N.-ll—Those who are In want of a good tegument.
are respectfully invited to examine these before pur.
abasing elsrethere as they cannot hoeticelled by any
la dta coattuii anlwlLL.bafold lower than say brought
from titer East.. Alsojust rereiTed, tortiplartd. or Ham
hush manatactera he - inriktior to any
ever sold in this connU7. oed2
eTLIR andOlsigned have erected works in the city of
New York, for the purpose of Galvaniumg all ard
a of hen, which it is &unable to PROM= r FROM
RUST, such a Telegraph Wire, Bolts, Spikes, Nada,
Wire for Fences, and any other article which may be
required. For Hoop. for Ceske, as a substitute for bale
Ropet br Clothes Lines, Lightning Rods, and a host of
other appticatione, it will be found cheep.and durable.
They would particularly call attention to the Oalvani..
hed WicClor fence.; h retinaeea no paltm and will not
mt. Al* to Spikes aid-Bolt, the preservadoe of
which is of sumach importande t : OW it will cobmend
Itself %ash. mule° of all tilk4ls Interested. , --' .--'--
OEO.- a:CO., Patentees,
oct334lfriarl T and la Reaves et,N Vint.
GEO. w. lAZITB 6 CO,
TNPORM melt friend, and the public that they have
L uo looter any connection with their late eslublish•
pent hi Penn streei, known as the Pittsburgh Brewery,
lottani_rinnoireal their entire basilicas to the POINT
VILEW Dela, In Pitt. lama ntylthd vi'
so. 93 TcuourrrouLAß STREET,
New Orleans.
11.98991) Ci.l9ll9.lCS—Vor Mang—for - eloaka,
4, of valioaa colon, lately ree , d at the dry goods
'1 ousa of octi4 %V &MURPHY
and for .ale b
oella Cl Fourth at, near Market
INISS.VoII. bble jaat landing g from eamer
,J and for wile by
W lIARBAL:t.7 11,
ocLLI 53 water and 101 front w
bozos sole byIStZkN4
NIOLA&BEfiI b d b a la ife . , 141r4 Fr o
; tune and for sate by
WHITE GLUE-1 bbl No 1 extra, Jost ree'd and to
We by ocoll BE SELLERS
PClikBll-29 sacks Dried Pesehea landing and
for aide by • J C BLDW ELL. ,Agt,
_ 4 _9ttz water BI
IIALK 7 Iton Jam reed and for fd-Oridd,...±.
CORUB-1000 Bro. Jost reait-sad - fetitte Dy
oell7 • 1 KIDD& Co •
PlO IRON-1.00 tons Annihnuir ths. Ito on hand
and fin Ws by octl7 I k ThOYD
Destnible Lptis i itabm
TEfE ruitscriber la. laid :out eleven Lots on the
•Scrtith aide of the Fourth Street lined, and about
two and one gagster mike from into - Coen Boom.
These lots enntaineach from ma to two and a half
acres of land, and will he sold on maaonable and ae
counntidating term. It is deemedanneeespry to en
ter into any expliumtion of the advamageb of these
lota' nail-vicinity to this city, and to the line of the
Central Rai} Road, ,eeommend them strongly as eery
desirable coming residences.
The mbseriber also offer. for sale about wren bun
dled acres of land in Franklin sownehip, Allegheny
enmity, about earetneen miles from Pittsburgh. Also,
nine building Lots In the boroudnf LLE ßinningham.
oetf CRAIG.
THAT property lately occupied by IL Nixon,
willCr treet, near Robinson, Allegheny
city, be sold on accommodating term. The
lot is 33 feet 4 inches on Craig Omsk running through
to the Canal 130 feet. There is a good two story frame
dwelling house on the premises, lately built, and the lot
is wall improved, containing a variety of awl., hull
trees, Krum, shrubbery, Ea. Thisproperty is consenl
ently mutated for persons dung business in either Pitts
burgh or Allegheny, and Is a &-drable residence. lit/e
indisputable. For terms apply to WEL BOYD, Attor
ney at La
-d w, odic° 00 Fourth street, abovel3mithßali
SITUATED on the Mononpthela river, about le milea
from Pittsburgh and 3 mile, above third Lack, in
the immediate neighborhood oLMessrs. Lyoo b. Sborb,
and Mr. John Herron'. purchase. This fine body of
Coal will be ,old at the law price of 633 per acre—one
third in band, balance in eve equal mutual payments,
without interest Tale Ledlsputabla Location very
good—cannot besenesssed. Foe farther partienlars
nquire or.s, BALEILE` . f, who tau • draft of said pro.
perry. Residence st, below Ferry, Mr. Adams. Mow.
N. 11. There is anotler seam of coal on this tract,
about 60 feet above the lower, of excellent quality.
17.26:dtf 8. B.
7R ~1 - titaiti (-12-1
A TRACT of land, 90 acres, in northern, Portage
A Co.,
on Me Cuyahoga riverboat 30 urea undef im
provement Also, two unimproved lots in the village
of Warren, Trumbull Co, 60 feet by 90. Also, a lot of
ground in the centre of Hartford, Trumbull Co, with a
fine dwelling holm and store—one of the but muds
for a merchant on the Western Reserve. Any. or all
We property will be sold on very ascommodating
arms. IBAIAH DICM , k. Co.,
feblo Water and Front sta.
:IAR large and well built Factory, erected on Rebec
ca street, Allegheny city, by R. B. CUSALCI, Esq., is
end for sale at a bargain, and on easy teems The
lot on which the Factory is erected, fronts 1% feet on
Rebecca Sweet, and roes back 110 feet to Park street_
The main building is of brick, three stories high. and
60 feel long by 27 feet wide. The Engine Ronne is
large and eoroluodions, with an engine, - boiler, atack,
all in complete order. The property win be sold
to and on advantageous tem.
For arms, beyenquire at this office.
e RTIIE subscriber Wren for rent for the term of
one or more yeses, a large convenient well fin
two story Dwelling Noose, containing 8 rooms
and Kitchen. There is a lot of grocnd containing 14
acres of fine young fruit tree. of every klind, stable,
rec., connected with the hottest. To any person wish
ing a delightful residence within a few minors ride of
the city, tins will be a rare chance. For terms, which
will be low to a good tenant, inquire of Mr. Jno.
Wflabt, near the premises, of John Watt, corner of
Ilsnd and Liberty streets, or of
.1.9-tf THEO. F. WRIGHT.
rpm sabscnber will sob on accommodating Scrms, a
valuable tract of unimproved land, situate on the
road leading from Brighton to Franklin, about eighteen
miles from Pitt.burgh, and about eight miles from the
town of Freedom on the Ohio river. The tract con
tains 40 acre* and 20 peaches, strict measure The
lend is of an excellent quality, about 90 acres cleaned,
and well watered, and will be sold either In whole or
in farms of convenient site, to salt purchasers.
For further particulars enquire of WkL BOTA Any
at Law. °dice on 4th at. above Sialthneld, Pinsbungh.
targhdisurtf T
Property Allogbook, City for 8010.
xr:LE aubscribers otter for sale • number •of choice
Lou, situate in the Second Ward, fronting on the
mon ground, on easy watt Impure of
W. 0 , 11. ROBINSON, Amy at Lam St Clair st
or of JAS ROBINSON, on the pr , malaes.
raylfalfrAnf T
FOR SALE—A Lot of Ground sitaate on Penn
greet, between Hay and Alarbury etreets, adioioing
the house and lot maw occupied by Richard Edwards,
banal a from 0t43 feet, and in depth IVO feel, Irdl be
sold on favorable tea= Tido unexceptionable. En
quire of C. 0. LOOMS, iB at, near Wood.
Valuable Basldeeseur V Anegheny City
Car Hale.
CONTEMPLATING a removal from Allegheny city,
I odor my residence there for We. The premises
are in delightful order, and every way worthy the at
tention of any person wishinlsneh property
br 26
iliraTllstate lifircer °meaty.
ALCIr, Storehouse and Dwelling, situate on the
kMe Ertenmen Caner, In the Milne of West Mid
dlesex; a desirable location fora merehant Alm, a
Lot and good Dwelling House well suited fora Tavern
Stand, in the village of OrangevAle, on Stars lints of
QM*. Terms easy. ISAIAII DICKEY & Co.
febro Water and Front Ms.
COAL LAND FOR SALE—Seven acres coal lend
for sale, situate lit bend of the Monongahela River '
above Droonisville, Pa, having a 7 foot vent of coal
which mill be sold to exchange for goods. For portico
s apple to Ineidl S & MPH& RIIA MN Manual at
IntWAS.EttitUSE FOR BALE. The subscribe,
act, for sale the three story brick Warehouse
on Wood street, occupied by R. Turner & Co.
apl7 WM. WILSON, Jr.
72‘0 subscribers will rota part of Ito .
borne near occopled by them. Apply to
loan 84 "MOT garret
N. 1101.21M11
Banker*, Exchange Broker•
ASI) .411111
- .
COLLECTIONS.—Drafts. Notes and Aeeeptanees
payable In any part of the Llama, collected on the most
tavorable terra.
. •
EXCHANGE on New York, Philadelphia and Bal
timore; also, Cincinnati, Louisville, Saint Louis and
New Orleans, constantly for sale.
BANN NOTES.—Notes on all solvent banks in the
United States discounted at dm lowest rates. All kinds
of Foreign and ninencan Gold and Silver Coin bought
and sold.
Office No. SS Market street, between 3d mtd 411
Pittsburgh, P. 0025
JD in Potence and Domestic Exchange, Certificates of
Depose., Dank Notes, and Specie; Fourth stn.; near
ly opposite me Bank of Du/Munch. Current money
received on demesne—Sight Meals for sale, and col
lections made on nearly all the principal points In the
United Slams
Advannes , made on consignment. of Freda., ship
ped Enc.. 00 Ilbend terms. inotab
VD): 11, 41 , 1:11"4 01:VVItY1
Bon England, Ireland, and Scotland bought
my amount at the Current Rates of Exchange.
Also, Drafts payable in any part of the Old Commies,
Gout II to 11000, at the rate of SA to the i Sterling,
without deduction or discount, by JOSHUA ROHM
SON, Eompean and General Agent, Wane 6th sa one
door west of wood. oc.USO
Bank Note
purchased at the lowest rates, by
N. 140LbtS3 /a BONS,
sepl3 33 Market street.
BANHRRB and change Broken, Deaden in Pa
eige and Domestic Time and Bight Bills of Ex
change, Certificates of Deposits', Bank Notes mid Coin .
No i 3 Wood street, third door below Fourth, wes
side. =Aid
sums [trim K k Amen
RAu rrsia Lutz
In Foreign and Domenic Bills of I . chan4re, Cer
omes of Dep.ite, Bank Notes and Coin, comer of
11 and Wood streets, directly opposite 80. Charles Ho
tel. may2Bdl
S OF 11110011A90E--Bight Cheeks on
New York,
Philadelphia, uld
Constantly for sale by N. HOLMEZ & SONS.
mpl3 35 Market st.
NJ payable in the Western clues, eollecmd on th
most favorable teems by
mole N 1101.11F/3 & SONS
5: 7 4 NEWNOR for sale
1.3 "Intl N HOLMES d SONS
ALTHE subscriber, in addition to hi. own
manufacturing of Hats, has made arrange
ments with Henri. &bee tr. Co, (the most
fashionable hatters of the city of New York,) fora reg
ular supply of his extra fine Silk Hats, and having just
received a few cases,lentlemen can be rutted with a
very rich and buutlinvbat by calling at his new Hat
and Car. Store, SmittiLold street, second door south of
Fourth, where may be found a peat variety of Hats
and Cap. of his own manufacture, wholesale and re
taiL Ham =de to order on abort notice.
(Sacee.sorm W &Mord & King)
• • •
Corner of Wood and Fifth Strata.
PARTICULAR attention paid to ow Retail
X Gentlemen can rely upon getting their Hats and
Caps from oar establishment of the tsar sastrauls nod
wentotwantr, of the Lam= muss, and at the 14Was
re=Merchants, purchasing by wholessJe, tire
ly melted to sail and examine our Stock; as
we can say with confidence that as regards Q
and Use's., n will not suffer in a comparison with any
hot= in Philadelphia feta?
p.m r....ka0., gon• 1548.
nocoao 4 co.,
ft.eri st'coar, & ago,)
ILL introduce on Saturday, August 2 6 th, the
EFall style of Hats,jcutt received from New 4 York.
n in want of a neat and haunt:Old bat, are invited
to call at their store, corner of Fifth and Wood streets.
toDEALERS are Invited to ekaralne R. R.
PALMER'S stockof Straw Goods, of the
spring style, composed in pan of
BONNETS --Florence Braid; English Bun
stable do; American do do China Pearl do; Coburg do;
Rutland do; French Lame; Fancy Gimp, &e. &o.
HATS—Leghorn, Palm Leaf, Panama, Fancy Straw,
do Braid, Rutland Braid, Pedal do.
Also, Artificial Flowers, Ribbons, An. Straw Bon
net Warehouse, 05 market st, maritS
TE undersigned are prepared to fill order. for ally
quantity of Cypress Notarise. Garrets, of a suocri
or qurdlry, deliverable to order at any nu m, by giving
us • few day. notice, at our Wharf Emu. W. thins
we can make it the inmrest of those merchant. who
boy largely on the coast, as they can order their boa
rd. 'hipped to coy plantation they may desire, which
.hall be attended to without tura charge , .
Paducah, Ey., Oct. 23, 1648,310 _
TWO 1011324 MM. 1. Q 9104
JONES ac quma,
vrAMIPACTURERS of apring tuld blister anal,
111. plant marl
ult , atrel . plough w . ttls, mi u d nrett arKi
i l i n e abr is ' fur e d ng ' iflatapt. and coan 'a i l t er uiz a lings .
Manny, tomer of Rosa and Front at., PittAtuntn,
Pa- sep.4
liall4lAN a Co, harorentoseito to
Warehouse, 3 doors west of the lionoosuhel
House on Water and Front streets.
FOR , RENT—m. Warehouse No. 43 Wood st.
Yon dopy _ .
JIM ble Moody Rif Epileptic Fhts or Pallher Sickness
Coovehions, /3paszes, ie. Ilia weal known, that from
time immemorial, ploridzians have proaceneed
tie ills 6u arable. It lass baffled alltheir skill, and the
boasted power of ell medicine, end sionsetpumtly thou
tends have snared through • miserable existence; and
as last yielded cm their lives on MO after of insanity.
With defeuentee however,. to the opinion. of tits
great Feed, we wy_that ft bait been cured
For sixteen year., has been ursteCby many persona
who have suffered with this dreadful disease, and in
every pus where it hat bed • ihir trial, hat enacted a
pernument cam
nu of Ey Teen and 6 months, owed . by the use et
this traly avonderfal medicine
Read the following remarkable -ease of the son in
Wm_ &core Esq., of Philadelphisisilfimed with Ent.
Jayne 27 yeam and 6 months, Alter travelin n. throngEn gland, Scculand,Germany and France, eon.
taking the most eminent physicians, and expending tot
medicine, medical treatment and advice , . dime thou.
sand dollars, reunited with his me to this e.antry is 1
November last, without receiving any benefit what.
er, and was cured by using
HARTS vearrams Erersecr.
Mr. William Secore's Letter be TAW Ivan and Ham
I have spent over three theasatortdollars for mod..
clue and medical ettendance. I was advised to take s
tour to Emope with him, art eh I did. I first Malted
Englani. I consulted the most eminent phyMedarte
them in respect to his ewer, they examined him and
prescribed accordingly. I remained three months
without perm:brunt any change for= the better, which
cost me about two hundred and fillY dolls,, poeketisit,
by theryvicians, and the most that I received wax
their o pini on that my eon'. ease was hopeless and posi
tively entitle. I accordingly left England, and tree ;
oiled through &mhos& Germany and France, and reti
tamed home In the month of November lam, with my
son as far-loom being cured as wheel left. I saw Tout
advertisement in one of the New :York papers, and
concluded to try Han's Vegetable Extract, seems you,
statements and certificates of so many cures, some al
twenty and thirty
, years' mending, and l can aurae yoa
I am not scary I did so, as by the use of Ilatt's Verret:4
hie Extract alone, he was restored. to perfeet health
Hui reason , which was so far goneas to unfit him (or
business, I. entirely restored, with.the prospect now
before him, of life, health and useNness. lie Is now
IN years of age, and r years and 6 months of that
time hat been .filleted with this moat dreadful of Its.
eases, but thank God he is now enjoying good health.
Now, gentlemen, faith without works I don't believe
In. To any that I chat' be ever grate Von is out
thing, and I here enclose you one h dollers,.l
have no doubt but that you will think • I. a*ther
and to a differentthing. The debt of gratiMda
mill ewe you, but eam to accept the Dreamt UM=
as interest on the debt in advance
Yours very respacM um
One of the proprion, rs of this invaluable medician
was afflicted f r several ycan with Epileptic Pits.
The disease had produced the srefrst eCom m ion
ystem, vie Lo.. Of memory, irnh.rity n .„4
perfect prostration of the stemma: aystem. e had
tried the skill of the best physicians for wven years,
and grew worse under their treatment, end ho knew
that this medicine was his only Ilene for health and
tied was thersitre detorMood to gore lt • his truth
and to persevere in its use, which het did, and the mai.
was • perfect restoration to health, which was ` o 4`
red mutter:opted for nearly sisidenyems.
We world refer to the foil parsons who hens
been oared by wing Ilse. Vegetable Emmet
Col EDe Blow's daughter was Maimed Edna yam
resides at Yonkers, New York.
W Bennet, Moe yea., 171 onm tt
1 Ellsworth, emelt years, 19 Dover et.; k.
Joseph Mee yeari, East Brooklyn, Y.
W Smith, New York Casio House:
Kel twenty years, Stns. bland.
Masa K twenty years, Yorkville.
Illam P. Cr.., twelve yearn, 112-Eisatuenly r.
Wm II Parsed, terenipthree_years, 73 Nolk
Jacob Perry, four years, 174 at
Philo Jo hnso minty- eight years, Greatteaslle, Pe
Judge Randall, 94 Eta Broadway, Na.. York, t
Thames ft Jones, of the 17 8 Navy. •
Cape Wm Leanings, Brats an Itridpport, Cb
istmenee also made to
Dr W L Monroe, Gailfrod, 0. •
Rev Richard Taggett, Weil DIVIIVIPOZOI T 1
Ileref L Bushnell, Balanarre, am- -
Ur Jcneeph Ilaskery US Oard et, N
C H Houghton, 202 rch 44 N Y. Y. , -
Kra looms Berrholl, Chesty, con 4 p, a.. m T.
Jahn Faber, 178 lillimboth In, . do
D A litlehton,11:1B Delaney 4 . 4
Jan= Smi th , 130 &dolt et, 4.
Charles Brown, lad Water in, ._ do
All of winch may be called apoo, or addresaut, pia
NerwMr Prvrlvred by Dr B Heaa, Nee 144 • MIN
O P i 11051.68 di Co, 148 M.l.a at, bemoan 3d and
en, sad 150 Maio et, basemen 4th .ad sth meats,
Cinctortati, Ohio, erholeeahe and faun wrote tor 44
L WILCOX, Jr, corner of kLCrket et and the Dia
mond. only go Pittsb* JaZtlavels
Sioth•r, Wits aatt:Dang . ht•r
N THE UNITED STATEE—The subscriber respect
gait,, calls yourattention to Dr 13Amres GpAz-
DIAN, expressly intended for the 'preservation of the
health of both sarea—orliether it anon from Incipient
Plithisia or early consumpuon, Debility of the
Bronchial affecuona Asthma, Pleurisy, Dereinfeln
Disordered state of the Liver, Spleen, or Irubseys.Mis..
eased debut, Cholie, Dyspepsia, Palpitation of the
Hear, Loss of MUSCISM ofNervotts Power, fte. ke.
immediate relief of Females suffering from Irscgalari
ties, and all other Uterine difficultiei and diseases incl.
dental to woman., whether occasioned by cold, wet
feet, or any similar injudicious exposure, and al this
without the use of medicine; no the most delicatogend
sensitive lady can at any momenfapply it to hefself
without the possibility of incurring any risk or danger,
or any unpleasant results arising from It, and with the
certainty of obtaining immediate
Dr. Barren's Guardian is no eatehlienny, or one of
the many humbugs of the day; but it is an instrument
made upon strictly scientific pririciides, in aft_ordance
with the laws of Electricity alvartirm4 fpr
meanness. durability and efficacy, infinitely
everything of the kind ever before offered to the public
for the relief ofdisense, and, in the 'assuage of one of ,
the mom enlightened steno( the day, is pmnotefted be
be "the greatest discovery of the age."
by A i r of n im less than fierLears ard has bees oceitpied
state of perfeet=agg ' which time IT LI . rc:en ''' ili t
the heads ail= of the moot emineatXy4Lans or
the North and South, as well as in the d of nu
merous families, who have used It for all of e \hove
purposes, with the most perfect success, and who have
thee:fairy riven their unqualified approbation of its
esseacy andvalue, ft can be seen by referring to the
Manual of Ifttructioris accompanying It.
Dr. C. B. Barren's Guardian is secured hem homy.
dons by • noted from the United Buttes Parent Office,
and be had either with or without his Medico-after°
.. . .
The Me dico-Hieetro Galvanometer, in point if beau
ty, vrorinnattship, durability and power, cannot be nu ,
or even equalled, and the aubscriber feels that
he ‘ tlartla nothing in the assertion that It will a nd
' ss more power and efficacy in the ent
and adieus:es, by Galvanism and }De %rid
ty, than any other instrument, either in the United
Butes or Europe. The Ifedieo-Electro Galvanometer
- . . .
is warranted in every . respect, and with common ordi
nary cum ilat • .I.lld is by far the cheap
est, because the beat, inntrament ever offered p the
public. A manual accompanies them, giving advt.*
ample instructions, of practical experience, so that it
ts nubbly intelligible to the mind of every 011 e while
the •w• dy of arrangement is such that a el4l may
. ..—wausw with it.
Any information gnatuitortaly given and all cotton.-
nienuons cheartally answered per min, either in rela
tion to the EJectro-Galvanonseter or Guardian.
Medical teen an invited to c.d.! and examine Dr Bar
ren's Gearthan, and test to efficacy.
For sale by H. RICHAADSON, sole Agent, 7i Mar
bet at, Pittsburgh. apfDidtt
AI few door, below Wood street, to
•. Dll. snowy, having been
• . regularly educated to the medical
• profession, and been Mr sole time
••' in general practice, now condo.
.• his attention to the treatment 01
• those prhrate and delicate cam!
• . •sak‘ plaints for which his oppormnitier
and experience peculiarly alb
• ' him. II years usidaunaly 4voted
to study • treatment of those compleintsAdurnigerhlch
time he has had more essence and hen crawl more pa.
dents than ran ever fall to the lot of any private' pr.-
titioner) amply vanes him to oder ass - ono:cell of
speedy, permanent, end satisfactory mire to all afflicted
with delicate diseases, and all diseases arising noire
I)li. Brown would inform three diti ' eted with prints
diseases which have become chronic by thee or as;
Framed by the use of any of the common nostrum of
the day, that their coml.:as can be radically and thor
oughly cured; he having given hie careful attention to
the treatment of such eases, and succeeded In hundreds
of instances in eating persons of inflammation of the
neat of the bladder, and kindred area.. which often
result from those eases where others have consigned
them to hopeless despair. He particularly Invites such
as have been long and unseeceuftilly treated by others
to consult him, when every satisfaction will be given
them, and their cues trained In n careful, thorough and
intelligent manneropentred out by • lonsmenenee,
and Investigation, which it Is Immo le•lor those
engaged In general mantas of =theism to give my
He of disease
irrlitemia or Repture.—Dr. Mean also Invites per.
sons afflicted with Hernia to call, at he has paid pace.
onentioll to this disease.
diseaser, also Pi' s, Palsy, ate., speedily cowed
Charges eery low.
N. B. —Patients of eith sex Itviagat a dlasnee,
Eating their disease in writing, yrwmg el the sympi
tans, eta obtain medicines with directions tor ow, by
addressing T. BROWN, IC D, post paid, and end..
OAco 1.. K a the.
No. QS , Disinend alley , apposite be arm',
Ituarstansta—Dr.Brownts newly discovered reale.
dy for Rheumatism le a spedftand certain reknedy for
that painful trouble. It
Office and Private Consulting Reams, No. 65 Dia.
mood alley, Pinsborgh, Pa The Doctor Is always al
135, - No cum no pay. deal,
though Dr. Taylor's Balsam of Liverwort has
found hundreds of ..dvoentes, and has produced a large
number of testimonials to its favor, I cannotwithhold
my small raced of praise. Being predisposed to con
sumption, both from peculiar formatio andl ry
transmission, I tried wetly mcana -to n, cheek this die.
ease, and strengthen • naturally weak cementation, I
spent two years at Pisa, one at ROI., Iwo hi Florence,
and mother in the South of France, seeklng, mete
time, the advice of the best phyisiman. Taro years
saw. I returned to this country in about the same
nation an when I left it. I had seen in the reading
moms in Europe ranch said In limps of Dr. Taylor's
Balsam of Liverwort, and as won MI I arrived In this
city, I used it, and in three months I was en well I con
cluded I could safely pass the winter here, and did so.
I have used occwionally a bottle now and than during
this time, but are now in us good health a. is possible
My rough his wholly ceased, and my lungs have eve
ry feeling of heahh. Dr. 0. Smith, and Dr. Poet, of this
city, were MT physicians, and now say they M a bellaved
me incurable. JAES ILL..
Western 14014 Connie:antat,
Liverwort, even in the common eray of pruparaticr
is universally known - as the best article for damnses o
the Lung. ever discovered; and it is obvidus that Is
highly concentrated preparation,sectirinf the whole
virtue of this inestimable herb, must be inveleahle.
Moreover, this medicine contains the mall* proper.
ties of many roots and he hs. Seel has been the thr
ees. of this Balsam, that it is warranted as being inca
pable of producing, In any instance, Injurious effects.
Within the last few yews the calls for Ibis eovereip
remedy have been immense, beyond preeslent and na
reputation sustained Irons Milne to Mobile; that, pro
ving 'be confidence bestowed Opo d tvt simple w nsedtcal
Crog v ' tte ° :i its pub unut°' and the
tram a
conviction of its mildness, safety end MIMIC", employ
it in their preen., recommend It to Weir patients, and
deem ~..r d iarie safe and invalaabei.particidarty
as it does not interfere with mil other medicine patients
unty be taking at the same time, nor MOM to
of dim, coninement a., gm en
poisons to r ac ve the full be of this thedietne, and
inflow at the same time, they wish, the
their physleisa
Bold to pasherth by .1 D Morgan, oinve,,xt
45 M arket st HI • Striper, edi Market and
3d .cwt enderson Ss Co, ' 5 Liberty aPrice reduced
to SLSO P. ,
on, D. HUNT,
"Whim v" • Demist Niter cr . =
sad Die slPr id ira --
Marko{ sad Fury meets.
- - -
• spg e rSigggi STOCK OF PAIL GOOLMI,
WimallassLe and BAWL
1101 r AVE received more than one thousand Cases and
PaekigeaorEbreiguand Bareteetie Goods mat
te( onto( the moil ezl6oolee tuatUnbatb In the COUll
tty, embracing the latest,richem end mom eashionebte
stylesof Impanel and American Goode, purchased in
entire package* Gym the importers,matmfacturersand
large Auction sales, by on. aline Ann residing in New
York, Who is constantly sending no the newest and
most desirable goods In the Eastern markets, which
will be ollhred as low as 01 any establishment in the
United steles, and lower than could possibly be offer
ed by .7 Hon. in the West We enumerate the
eases rich changeable, awned,
plaid and brocade Gm de Affrie, Gee do Perlin; Oro de
dwiee; Glro de Algiers, Glacier,black Oro dr Rhine.
Talfaus fina
Po in , Pkrrence of heelers. he. Se. Al
eestlil4tAVseirsebof all color., every lance stock.
Goo DS, vu: cases extra rich
satin stripedCaahmeretdo do do printed dodo; do small
figured Esighab de Leiner, do Clonence Plaids, striped
Onmilebs, atc.
s alsa, SO cases Alpaccasi St) ease , etch
striped and phut Lyamse,. 24 Taman Plaid f. 1.1 Silk
Tuslh M cashmeres and Grandilla Finds. .
FRENCH MEIHNOSA fuU assortment of black,
mode, ...Set, Moms; Naaarine, blue, purple and eth
er colors, of the ben nuomfactura
7200 SHAWLS—Cotriprising the most extensive as.
sonment over offered in this essy, embracing long end
meant Cashmere
and 'array plaid Shawls, Maude,
Branswiek, Finland, Jenny land, Lamanine, and "oth
er Shawls.
Lace cape, collars, cuffs, collars, chemirene" •
Also, linen cambric end lawn H Laces and Edg
bm, Ben Ribbons, Hosiery of all kindr, Glares do.
amortment of the
HOUSE fashionable miles
Irish Linen, best manufecture, Linen Sheeting. end
ease Linene, Table Damask and Diaper, tan
Table cloths and Napkins, Heckel:nick. Ros
si., and Bird's Eye Diaper. Flannels—ore, 100:1 ps of
every •ariety. Bleached and Brown blu..—snore
than 15,12*/ ps 011111 the well known makes
RIBBONS—Atom than Hal Cartons entirely new fall
and winter Ribbons, very choke styles.
French Cloths, CBMilltiffe• and Doeskins, In pest
variety; Vesting', Scarf., craven' and Hdkfs.
Wiens Goode of every description, together with e -
' The . fiVlVarit t' ng f4 end
an bt in vote of dry T7t mat
received, with the mice annexed:
10 bales and arid wile Flannels, all wool, for lee
7 eases blue and orange Prints,
10 do Calicoes, 33 =for 100
12 do fast colored
17 do Bleached Marlins, (4 1
4 do Mimesis Lobo, 124
7 do real Scotch. Gingbana, 12i
Also, 60 bales 4-4 Brown Muslin, 44
All of uthich, connection...rids those above men
tioned, will be altered mime prizes than can be afford
ed by art other catabUslonent In th is city. The ONE
PRICE which lamas Justice and fatmem
to all, will be strictly observed. Any article pch
ed at thie eetablishment found to be above the geal
market price, elMmsertnenl rediletirmarlil most willing , .
ly hammea epee tincireumarandes being made known
to the Proorielis, it being their desire that all goods
shell be end re.fAir and honorable terms. All persons
are nmpeatfollY Stinted to 0.111.131i110 our assortment
without feeling the least obligation to purchase.
New, Fathsonalle, and Para.-Wm* Cheap Goods
jugs arrived at
mast cum moremo mots, no. 136 unary arum.
rProprietor of the above estahllaMnent would
r E espetfully inform his-rremennis friends and custo
mers, that he has Ma received his firm ropply of fall
rod winter goods which its usual comprises everything
that is new, tuition... Die, handsome and good. adapted
to gentlemen's wear ; and as ho has been particularly
fortunate in making purchases, he is determined to of
fee everything in hm brie of traumas much cheaper than
was ever offered in Pittsburgh before • and as some are
very hard to conduce, Mat Pittsbu rgh manufactures
can go ahead of the Eastent chic?, he world Invite all
euchre examine the following list of price rod then
et:alba:id see ho stock, after dams which, be feels con
fident they will have their doubts removed, as well no
some of Moir money:
Good cloth come, cations whirs, from 110 00
Good fashionable easaimere pants, from 500
Cloth and over coats 7 60
Vests in peal 2232217 75ma
Grodeutene cloth cloaks, large Mu 60
Ladies' cloaks,
patterns 3 00
Tweed sack coats 2 50
Plumbing over Coils 2 50
Blanket over coats 3 IM
Avery large stook of shirts, under shirts and draw
ers; silk handkerchiefs, cravat, , suspenders, ke. th
em in the Tailoring line executed in the best manner
and at the shortest notice scpl4-dMno
ALEXANDER & DAY have mat received a fine
assortment of the Collaring description of seal oa
ab‘lisEnals, the greats.; portion of which have been
bo tat Anetton, and will be sold at great bargains.
F NNELS—lied, white and yellow Flannels, a
very lap_ soul complete assortment, and vary cheap.
inATTOMTS—A very large lot of blue, black, ma;
m trrctl— p er.nk s fpft,p'O r L4Tri=
away plaid and striped do, cheaper than ever.
'ANCY SILKS—A spleedid assortment of nob
changeable Silks, both plain and fled, of almost every
SHAWLS—A very stwrior assortment of toper
Brache, Paris printed, Tallied, and Cashmere Shawls,
at paces far below the ordmaLrates.
Also, • large assortment-of gliah Merinos, Cash
meres and Gala Plaids, blue, bib and grey Pilot Cloths,
for overcoats; blk Casahneres, anon Damask, Lan
do, Kentucky Jeans, At. 114; to all of which we invite
the anenuon of the public,
ALEXANDER & DAY, 75 market ea.
N W roe of the diamond
IL EATON er. Co, having removed from Market
greet to their new Store, No Cl Fourth rued. be
[mecca Wood and Market, are now opening their Fall
stock of Trimeainga and Variety Goods, among which
are—Cloak and Dress Fringes of all !Orals,
Embroidery Gimpsand Velvets;
Embroidery and Needle Work;
Zephyr and Tapestry wonted Chenille Flocs;
- - •
Bteel Dogs end Purses, Steel Trimmings;
Lakes Memo and 811 k Valise, end Hoeiery;
• .Ctiildnene. C0.,,t Gaiters, 31ists, Gloves end !Vie,
Gears ehirn, Unilarshists, Drawers, Dreesing 'owto
Wool and Couon Year
Chibirensi . Dresses, of later piumrins, mbieh they of
for at low mum both wholesale and retniL octi
P. H. W. P. Mamma...
.1..) Ocular attention of borers to hoe summoner
abase Goods., Wising' selected them with pent cue, oi
reference to thew glossy finish and good body .r soh,
ter ow. Also,
MOHAIR LUSTRIBi, comma,,, medium mulattoes
fine qualities, including a few pieces jet block, adapted
for mournlng_purposea Also,
riety of satin stripes, plaids, and brocades, soros et
which are very superior. As these goods have been
bought directly f ro m Important, they can be sold at the
loosest possible prices.
To be had also by the piece, In Wholesale Room up
stair, at 11l very small advance on cost. oer.:
'VeIITH &JOHNSON, 40 Market street, would un...
the attentiOn of Country Merehmitd to their nuses
of New Fall good,, purchuell for cash. of the New
York importing and auction houses, and will be .add • t
eastern lobbing prices. The stock <amoral. n pent
variety of Dress Goods, chameleon and black Silk,
.ilk and cotton warp Alpacas, real Meets Lustre.,
fancy chameleon and plaid do; satin • nped Chleutuk.
French and English Merinoes, Mougclin 1.11311 end
Cliatl6lolT., squa re and long Shawl,, Gloves and Ho.
slery,l3onnet Ribbetss foam 75 cents • piece up; bonct.l
Silks, Artifictal Flowers, Linen cambric ildkft. It;
cartons Thread . Laces sad Edgings; 16 canons cotton Combs,
do; Combs, Buttons, Thremi, Needles, Pins, Az., i n
every variety. Wholesale Rooms at hone. sep26
DRESS GOODS—We have received a fan store
Of Drees Good., among which may be found—
Plain Meet and figured Alpacas;
Colored aosl bacy plaid do
Oregon, California, Cpmen, (Mean. and Lomberdine
Plaids; plain, colored and figured Cashmere.;
a a.
de I tine;
SiDt,TartaAsed plaid <estimates; together with n
large ISSOrttliellloforher dress ponds, all of which mtli
be sold low by Umpteen or package.
oet9 BRACH:LEM & PP woad
ECEIVEDe W . EIPTEITPDC6 ,4 3 Carpet Ware
Sthp= 75
woad eaPd Table Od Cloths;
3 " 64 nch dark " "
The above are of superior quality, elasticity of n•
ish, of most beautiful salon and shading, intended for
thmiturv i _conourr and table tovairg _ non
Moirrirr is now opening his SECOND SUPPLY
of Winter Goods, including a variety of shades of
Drab French Merinos;
Snarler, cherry, arid other high colored Merinocg
Magazine b awdo; brown do
AIso,PARMEPP.4.B of sane colors, Alpacas.; tr.c.,
with unsay other desirable goods dun are very scarce,
all of winch will be sold vary cheap, at north east cor
ner of 4th and Market ma.
Johnson, 40 ?Juliet street, avoid inure the sr-tee
n/in of dealers and othersu their choice meeker
Cambric Mktg, all linen, from %caw to too t lulu
dins every variety of tape bordered, &enured, stitched,
Bleu Liao, with deep carded borders, lerier,embro,-
dered and colored bordered- actin
SANDJEANS—W II Morph, hie now
open a large =poly of Plain Dlael Satinets, satin
stripe do, satin - ban do, plant blued*, Livid* grey
d 4 cadet mixed do, gold stunted do, Oxford . Mixed do:
d endotind gold mixed Jeans, at lots prier-1..4 tho
piece Of yard. Wholesale Roma I.lp . .ta li.. tl
DRIM GOODS—Smith & Johnson, SO Market st
have reoeived &choice stock of Dress Goods, con
sisting in part of rich Chamelion Silks, asek do, son.
striped Cuhtneres and Orientals,pillie Chameleon end
plan Alpaca, ratio sniped do; sins Ware, sal tool A.
pace Loaves, Printed hluslin de WOO and Ctuhroarra .
French and glish Merinos, real Scotch C.tneharn ,
from 12k ets up to the forest qualm Calico from 4 et.
to il* neh Eine. Muslin 8.0. for everting dre544...,
&e, to which they would particularly otv the au,.
tion of .urehesen. oct.s
W. B. alorphy hai now open a si:lpp I y of
goods, and invites especially- dos ottenuoo of 1;oulry
Merchants, to the low prices at winch these and lAN
other kinds of winter woollens are now offered.
heP l4
--- is ea — liCsiii — ifiiiaihti.g ttowds.
&MTH 6 JOHNSON, 4G Market street, base lust
~,c 4i ,,,d .hrts stock orshlrls, dooms, collar,
d black silk Crams, tenth, home
351%,frgadlloves, hc. Gentlemen are 'nwited
to call and arum° them, as they mit supposed to be
'4'-'54------ "
MITH & JOHNSON, 416 i Market st., hats Jac re •
eased by earths, a splendid many:mut Or fall
§b4., w WI tea they would particularly luhlts ,he
auentlan at purchasers.
b LACK AND rANov SILKS —W K asurabi — hiT,
od band 1111 asseawnent *fewer Watered and Ls
raask figured black and bloc black Drew Silks, sato,
striped mad plaid do; also, a gram variety of . Ckihge.,
ble, damask *wed, sad striped do—they wall by *old
I TCS gLOVES—..last received, • fad usorrosent of
anntleme., and misses ilidGforres, of Ita•
oo'siaer . r metro. SMITH & /0/INS4OII,
ocrtl46 dthrher:st
EVENING 08FS9ISZ—'1V R Klazphy has lately re
eeived embroidered Molina and other styles et
goods of styles for Keening Drew. ovals
FWFUNCEI MERINO! S—Smith Se Johltsma 46 , ar •
kat st, would invite the atteadoa of boron to shets
chola., stools of French Merinos, comp:tuna dm hest
shades or dr . t maroone, purple, broom, searleVinee.
aline Woe, Ideas. - 0031
reed, • large supply cattle above article, for goof
and other purposes. We eanntedenonextzhe shove
e Proof Mod, far von have bean wing iti futile.
(oar yeas, and Imovr limbo a good ankh!, .
mild J & II PRIWPS, No d'venda et
. „
534 taleerhear.
km price for sorb or approved bills, .....
Wkt M=CH ELTitfara,
act.° SCOLD*/ st
%..) CLOTH—Jost received, qpittee'S ladle
Robbor Canine Cloth, from to 6 9 6 6,thibat‘vide s
perfectly Crater prod", and a very derabiewtbe, t . g o r
sole ots India Robber Depot, No 5 Moridot;
00131-• it! VIDILI Pat
C OPITt!? . bap Ipp e t , far=:a:ioz