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TO TILE • PROFESSORS:AN t_libM-:i' l o. ll l. i _lßPfiirfillf;
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...„. s xpres.lrintowl4' for the priseyyrulittn. Okthe'
• hashhofbotissexca,-sebothrir Ironsert An. m,luelpieni
• yhthisbi, *really consumpueo,DehilitY of MO:tangs,
.13rouchiat.itiffections, - Asthom,PleuDeMa,„ ° tif and
Disordand State of the Liyer,Spleen. or iyDia
- eased Epine,t ,Dyspepsin, Valpitatton of - .la.t
licartelmis oftll mentor or Nervous Power, U . "' ,te.„ •
immedianivelief of Fesnu(es suffering, from . ltregti . lori.
ties, sod another Uterive diffileithies and di se,ants.utcV
dental to woman, whedior-oeCisionml WM'
feel, or any annuat in 4 .01 e - x*OT°l . 00 d'•oll'
without the use of medicine( anilm most: delicate" end
sconinve lady Can at aut . .mtimont apply ns . •i mme j
without the possibility . v . meTt nnyrlslc or tiat(gei,
.O.T:f. 7 °ll=rnginunt i Ltgrac, " uth
Do. Barrett's Guardian As naem4ll-pertny,.iir one of •
the many humbugs, of, the. daY;_bat' an Instrument
made upon stiietry scientific pimei'ples, 'octordance
with the laws of -Mectrielty and..Galtranirm,• told for'
omoness,• durability uncloffinany, infutitelitiMpassei
everythingtof the ti me.
mid i Oared toMeiroblic
forth, relief ofd iseme. mid, in the lump:age' of one of
Ina moessolislacuennien , o(the day, in
. pronoaticed to
be °the gremesttlimovery o(the ay..;
A penod erne less than fouryears Inn been OCnaptid . 1
by Dr. Darren inbringing Me (Mardian to 'lli present'
aline of perfixtion—durum .which Smelt Las been In
the hotels of some of the molt ,em t h e physielani of
the North and South, 11.3 wen is the dwellings of nu
merous families', who have feud it Inc all of the Shore
purposes, with the roost perfect parents, and whn have
cheerfully given rhea unqualified ripprobsuMO of its
efficacy and value, os eon be seen by referring to the
Manual of inktraclions rtecattipanying It.
Dr. C. EL Barrenis Guardian is securcdfrom ,innovv
dons by a potent from the Mnitsd States Patent Office,
and be had either with or without hL Medico-pectro
The Medico-Eicetro Galvamometer,ist point ef beau
• ty,•vrorktrumship, durability and power, cannot be nu,.
pnVied or even equalled, and the subscriber feels th at
he hazards. nothing In the ailertion that it will be found
to possess more power and efficacy in the treatment
and removal of diseases, by Golyantsm and kanCthri
tr, than anY other
Instrument, either in the United
butes or Europe. The MediewEleetro Galvanometer
is warranted In every respect, and with common Deli •
nary cam will lest a life-time, and baby far the rhea
est, becausethe best, instrument ever adored to the
public. A manual accompanies them, giving themes&
emplainewuntions, of practiral experience, so that it
as readily intelligible to the meld of every one, while
the ray ,I , Ary , at arrintgement is such that a add may .
,innate with it.. '
' -Any Onstrisly given, and all comma
nleattoutithedrudly answered per mail, either in relit
, dente ihrtillecutit-Galveometer or Goan/inn.
'fileditalsocn are invite to mill and examine Dr Dar
ren!Ottani ink end testnsefftotry:
For sale bYTCRIC HARDSON, sole Agent, 71Alar
ket st, - Plintbabilli. • up:kW
LUNGS;r-• :Thia,uaPirOented success which ham
uendedthettka Of the •
77.111.044NXAN.A 0 ,4...
pall thevarionalbrets%welen trulation OT the lunge as
mobs, hastinpetidttlerpitOpPlettisitgliti to COL an..
Sion tc „hl, , .
The &ratable weallteri:Whitit Aloft* oar fall and
'winter months, inalwaySaftnitfolnource of
Those, If neglected,are - bathe precursors of that fell
destroyer, • CCallfMl4loN.
The question, then.; how shall wont the destroyer m
the bud' how shall we gel clear of oar coughs and
olds? is of vital imponn ooo to the blic •
will be Grand in the Ginseng Panacea to proof of this
we have hone nate toilette pal:dished the certificates of
dozens of our best known citizens, who a have experi
enced its curative powers. Tann, wi masa of tea
timouy froarall pens of the country,_—(reel
Ministers of the thwpel, tra.,bagenter with cepious noi
uees from the
we hove e mbodied. irspyrllptaCl rOllll, and may be had
grads of any of oar nvents throughout the ionntri.
have been tivatin this city.
throughout the Untied States and Canada, and ore a bs
lenge any man to point out
n which, when taken accenting to directions. and be
fore the lungs had become fatally am:gamed, Id has
ever failed
Why,then, need the afilleted hesitate? ,s by
the MI•^11a11,E FIOSIVIGILS goaen up by net own individ
uals o Icethn .3“ttled neundbf wain Ce , I•Mtorri rhp.
simian, and puCelloto notoritityby certiliewn• r. rem
seas equally unknownl"Whilst *medicine of •
Is to be had, whore vouchersurr at bonic,—ear neigh
biltEr-11111111 of whom it has
orderzhat this invalOable medicine may be-placed
within the rei c hof the poor no well the rich, we have
pat rye price
half, the usual MO of cough medicines
. for sale by ouragerits in nearly every , town and village
over Oa emit, Who ere prepared m per. fall inform.
don teltaive to it. T. SALTER, Proprietor.
Broadway, Cincinnati, Ohio
A_ MERCHANT OE TIDS CITY, who had been
dietedwith the ueihnsa for four years, had taken
alined every Ming Did physicians constantly seen •,
ded aim, and he - ,id expended over two limlualid t 101:
lars.. Ho never believed in edvernsed medicines, but
considered limps all humbug. M rout ha tttcd Dr_
Taylor , . Balsam of Liverwor, Eosin Beekman su e ,,
New York, and in sic weeks woo entirely cured, hav
ing taken only three battles. • This le redyeee ofmany. ,
eases where imaginary objections to &patent medicine
have prevented persons from using, this medirine, who
have expended hundreds of dollars us their physicians
fn vain--and in the end owe their recovery to thumb -
lible efficacy , of lids pointy vr'Vlthie PreldtrStion-.
Thermic„that diii. ineMmit. ciis super= to.
any remedy prescnbed by medical advise-re. -This
medicine has taken di yetirato mature, and is the su
rest remedy for diseases ever imroduced to the eahhe_
Ruardarto Panty Cocoa, sari Snort's.. or Entaara
Cmanot-,Sufering for a long time widitheseeomplainv,
1 hid given op di hope of being cured.:
i 1 had consult
ed the botanic and hotmendhitydactors n dun. / had
used many articles advertised, tsar •founti no relief. In
despair I had given up the use of alit:medicines. Rent.
of the great virtues oftfr.Taylor l s Balsam of Live
won, and the great eares it had performed, induced
itte to uy it, and to my xtt . joy and nanntishment, I.
was better daily. Ico its rote elm his Seger-
Coated Pillyintil Tam entirely cored. Dr. Taylor's
Balsam of Laverwort is the. bott Medielms in the world
Ai, these complaints, ears, every one afflicted.
Cuptabi of the Nancy, of New York.
Anglia have suffered from the Asthma a
very long time, and have Wed every medicine I mild
obtain for Its cure iu vain, until I tried Dr. 'Taylor%
Balsam of Liverwort., This medicine has afforded
mom manifest benefit, and is, in guy opinion a cure for
this distressing diseuse;• more esPeniallYr ekl }tow of
many awes among my friends,.witem it has been high-,
ly mocusethl. Permits interested , are Malted to call
at my reddened for furdierinformatim.
MRS, /LUTON, ;lis Lastrens 111..
Sold In Entsbargli , by J , D Morgart 93 Ward on
Tosinisend, 4.s.Morket El. Smyser, nor Market mid
3d as; Henderson & Co, 3.Liberty at Price redact,/
ILAD per bottle. leer
B. A. ratiiseatordWa Aral3eßalosta .
'cattodo coMpomid combines maallncs• of
bulk with' eiZciencr and comparative mildnas of
plug ative:ection; andhaVing opacalier tendency to
the biliary organe, , ls - exttemely valuable. in this coon
try, in which bilious , fevers and , ether complaints, at
tended with cringestion of the liver. so mach abound:
They have .now Mood isTlTl•years, and experi
ence ha proved diem to boa safe and valuable remedy
in Laternuttent, Iternittent , and Maces - Pavers; hum.
dice; Bilious Colic;
Indigestion; Dropsy ; Dysentery;
Ilflious Vomiunge iCodds, andalleomplaints of an in
flammatory character. The - complete and. isniventat
satisfaction which ban been Oven, bytiMiSe pills to all
who have once used them, renders thePablishing of
the numerous certificates in Ail* favor unnecessary.
To prevent coanterfteiling they. are now Put tip in
red xylograple wrapper, ;„ •
Price ari cents fora has mental/4 30 pint. •
tY .ti FAlll` Jr. Co -
cornet in Una 7 00 ' 3 3 ' l O, ~°!l7,'!lYrt.erGilt and wood
sepl2 :
MORGAN'S COUGIi, blattlP—lt prcreco to he the
peat PanaCed r Chtin,torchild's distressing
From ttifiTemiScrance Ranieri Noire 21227.
Comm Srum—Vre are not in the habit of pules,
twitch talritit,patent medicines, bat rye reelthsposed
so recommend -MotMetht Syrup to thmeerho ate afflict
ed with st cough. - -After hameg tried "the daunt reme
dies to remove a constant and cough, Mat
had foe Several days ttatetedcme of_our childrenswith,
osn. meet's., vre dune induced to try Morgues cough
and by It obtained in a row hoard It
proved to be the panacea in this ease at team.
Prepared wholesale antfreistillty_dus_p ro pnetut,
.. • . .10/31212-AIOROANi Doggie;
feta'..wood at, I door belaw - dtarecnid alley.
Fur or. NT in' imeilor to *Walser ransolies
Caters.Coisaaption, Pronebitr, Atabosta,cod other PEW.-
arty effeelioes; a that the Name persons orbowoweneed the
me of it to their Gaol - ires tea 1.21' still prear it to all
other rwatiesEttbe klad; aad lute my hare heat indoeid
to try other plEpaistAims they tam *boar Owlishly ham
diErmauka la icier . * the WWI srbiett ow reasonably
=WOW From &it bgb males bedwor by the propyietalEs
and fen retarard to tEh wco444:austarterroasrr,
• ratietly thallas•Eater Gated to TiliNTO theni, and so:orb
portably twee tad It:knout I, in ormdiag pobetwary dhow.
•Parra oaly by Dr Tr: Jayne Philadelphia, and Waal
away by , • , i•V NE:d
deradtortr • • . Fourth a
RALLt."Vii.TAIN EXILLACTOR Will, iu firs min
mos from th e this'olitsi - ainilidationr, remove the
fpm tho scrota( thumr, -scalds or bliaten,
'-r sad , will heal wounds, ulcers and soma of any kind
without sear. 'This . wilt:able Pain Extractor tan /JO
'N.:: . bad of • : 401 IND MORGAN, Drank..
• • ' '
No alii oVood street,
;-., . ~, ~,otiis oessrfor.Weatarn Palm.
, •
ircu - NTocKs,7
rpm,*"" -brood • •
,vary gleali.`'.lq°
CADDLE It&G:+-4cusi . zec'd, Udmurt bilis Rubber
thildicßuirs,:utaixtrior =deity at the India Rub-
Oer DePet, Nal 5 woaa vv. °eel A:ll PRILLIPS
,e4ses brume Ye llow far
sale by ` _ ocre • .• ••-,• -JbEIN DZORO&N
numuCE.—ti bi, fresh Roll Rutter; 81l kegs and.lo
bbl. Packed dm 17.rszks auley; 25 las waft:am
ool, storeruad fur.sule by J R FLOYD,'
oca . Church Bar=
IINTINDOW ULA.3t I .-.161.1 1 / I c* in gore and (or sale by
ivy . yoresrruk DUNCAN:TT Fiat
iTLALts—,wl;bx, Viiitiroar fienaitr
13 brand, to arrive; Sot ale by
oat° - • --
BUTTE B --- •
R -,23 k eg s jost received; for solo by
as.% , • WGILL k HOIr
his Smoked t iferri_ogjust reed did r
ule by_ se . 2lc± - WICK & ALVAN 01,1 , 9
r3i - 19 - lidds No 31,ifOekesel.ilbdOd CO bill do Ni
do, Ifold; - 0) do do No 9 do ded joss soled and for
RiOX-100 tat, for Wei by
oed . WIER/11SOR &
miTANTED,ImbtroIATLR.Y.-Ri lon/Lef Tunotqr
VT Seed, - R T LEECH, Wood •
STYLE SHAWLS—Jast recta, seplendtd let
l i of ate new style Parte Printed Shawls, , allercol.
to which we write the *tendon of the ladle.% L , •
OUR tiuco LsMToA,cei head cud Cie
Bale by ,3olovalasLunt,
ENETIANJIED.44Itiks for saletry"
V — romp nuriiiAN
Tvw.-14ions, fi,, t and - bx redd
S Ortsale by - oct4 ETBTDALZBLL Co& -
• e-le- far We Iril - - A
Ra-li "W I " tut' JOHN.DIbIaRb N
15 adIC LK X: 4 ' WI"ialo • JoliN Dat
- 111 " °LI3 i';,-'''Xinenclulr Va b ly kCIRGAN'„:
. ~,,H-41 .1:._;1:-
ßN r,..4 bblin
A 4:0 Naw Itatk
' PAL V - -- i r .dc, by
";,", , 012 L: 21 •
sfr.i.c.eff - Aje:
The Most eitreetilMatf Iledietatria the Wink! I
Thie Ettrort iopst ap , ,tra Quart 'Betatoi it 4'ar
Plow diaper, yttssaster, cd starketed os•
prior to sopeolA. ./t. - arta eielorci
or att tik4.
. ,
The giant beauty tuid mparlotiry areas earaapariTta
ever oiler oweiketnee that while Is enkrila the
ease; atireratee the body. kir ate thi eeri best
• Ever knows it get ad paritleo the wheleeptem...and
men:the& the Orem but It matte isle, pyr teed Pith
aloof petierpeasessed by no &bar reedlehte. /led In
this fin the greed socret Oita 3•011412A1412.11.8. It his
performed within the lotto* you*. Ewe thti c roAXI
eerieterve tutu of disease; at leiet I were
amddered tameable. • bea.eawed ef mere
thu, 10.00 eltliktrea dmiria the two Past aestaeta
10,000 edicts el' odiated Debility iaooi
wail* et Neiman Euerol•
Dr. Taarnaandi Sampardls I n atome. the whole
,permanently. To than .to kart loci
mmular ettaraT Ma affects of omdldoe or barer
don malralded. In youth. in tha aztesda• tadilaanes of
tho panto., and brouldd'Oalanerd
don allot nervous ardara. lammdo; wint ofidabldno,
r o j a d a g pramum decay and decline, tourom
log towards dm - fatal diatioo, Conu emption. cob an.
tirely - matored by - this plasm rimed!, nda 11ina•
yaillm d thr sapador - lo any '
'invigorating Cordial,
ii reMaa and Mrkoratea the system, the malady
to the. tiottot. Wed drew*: Soikalammdra aratara, ra.
moot extraordinary &von.
Comumption eared.
Oleos and ,Strotirtima. Oaassoopms cam he eared.
Broactight, Goluaniptiort, Liner Onacciniaa. Colds.
Ondma. doogka Anasaa, SpittAir ar edam
&mugs IA as Chat/lama flaak RigY
Swats, Difficadt or Prof.. Evans*.
ratios, Para id tita aids, K. ban
been and ca la ova
New reek April 03, 1.847.
Toentemeo—l verily believe that year Saran.
Hlta him been the me.; through Providence, of serinx
my lira. I have thr reveralyeeo bed a bad Cough Is
bershie worse mid worm Al lest I 'shied lane titian.
lies offload, bad night. await; and was greatly detail
tari end reduced, - and Mil not expect to live. I here
only weed your BaraisparCila a sheet thee, and there has
n stotitlerthl obehrehenwrotsitit In me. Ism now able
Itiwidlt all over - the lay: I raise est blood, mid my
maxi has left MIL irate eau well beqtrie that I en
th•okful for Mega remits:
-• • - -
Your *bedlam
WJL 11,1 C • • •
Female Illidless.
Dr. Tosrmend'efivseparillaataramign egret,
rem for Inc/Mem Consumption, Derrennem.
(hart. or Plane' allay Womb, Cositeeinna lges.
corrlmes.-er Whites °Detracted or Miceli Kendra.
ties. Incoodueoco of Urine, or involuntary discharge
kliervof. and for the general peadratban Of the vaunt.—
c , l matter whedher the melt of Inherent vitae erf GLOW,
poroluml by irregularity; ilinese or amides& Nothing
cm be mere temprlainir than its Invigorating ahem
de the human frame. Persona ell weakness and les&
from taint Itod Gem become robust and fug of
otorgy under its inductee. It iminadiesely counteracts
the *linoleum:eat the femato from., which le the great
rinse of Barnmurem It mill not be matted of w, In
rams of so delicate Is nature, to rabbit 'cortifimmes el
rates performed but werhan more the afflicted, that
a oinked. of eases hare been repotted to as. TbouroWs
of caws where families him been without children,
after twin a few bottles of Ws tamable medicine,
bare been Waned with doe, healthy °Mining.
To Thither. sod Dlarrted
This Extract of Barn parinshoc heed u n ready pro
pared in recreant! to femolo complointe. lima.
ho her reason to anappOse she Is approach** Wet
critical period, "Tao torn of Ws," .Meld negloct to
take ig•aa it to la mutate ground.e ft* any of the
numanannt•god horralite disteum to othkb haulm on
labject at this time of Ufa This period suy b. le.
ays/Pr autrei year• b arbor tide meatidne. Na.
it it lea voluble fen them who are appninehing ors
manhood. os it la caleniated to assist wank by qukl,
roing the blood sad invigorating the spurn Indeed.
able medicine I. fooloble for a/1 the Colinas* dim*
ie. to which 'women areubject
It braces the whole •oymenk rev us permanently the
,;rturel nuaroira. 'by mooring the impogiet Iti the
body, per to far stimulatiag to to produce [absent...
which theuse aunt menh taken fin
female weakness and dile.. By amiug a for bonito CA
title inedietne, many semi and painful surgical opera
dont may be prevented.
(hint Bleenhagg is Mothers and Children.
his the urea and most effectual medlehaefor parity
hg the "este= end relieving tiesuffering/ ettondept
upcni chill.larth ever disearerell. h streurhers both
the mother prerecrts pale and dim., In.
rroaaes end enriches the Cued, Chose who hate used tt
think it is ulispen•lble. h r blihlpuseful Nath
and .ter confinement, as It prevents diaimukus eatendmaa
epos ebiLibirtb—lu Ccultrinde, hretape, Bsselh
'leg is( the Fan.. Despondency. Firmtbera, Venation.
Nils in the Deck .ad Loins, Palm Paine, Hemorrhage.
.ad in regulating the secretions and equalising the el
culattire it bee an Neel 'The treat beauty of this
atedking la, It is shrays see, and the mon dedicste use
a most .417. Di. rases require any ether
nsedleine, I. some a Unlit Caner Oil, or ilapintia. i.
usefoL Ezeiehis fe lihroppa ale, and rood with
thie tosdicine, will always nonce a Wilmot aag eed
Density . end Hoelti;
Cement; Chalk, ends variety of praparatioe pm
golly ht use, when applied to the bum eery eon van
of It. beauty. The ewe the pored* the Ala and
check the crenate. which; when nature is earthiew
eel by disease or powder; onaenaltia fattened b the
ethane% teed in map; belittle its own in
the 0 home Gee Donne.° as welt es the gede of
ebb and delicately dead and varieunitel Sower; A
he, acne and healthy elements* of ohs Said; or
miming' of the - pm; rich blood to the extremities."
than which' panne the minuteinaisco in the=
the beauty. It le that which tepee the
leeks and Beim of lantheat that all *dam but
none es datriba This beauty L the offsprie of No
eare—oet elpeidar eye soca • If there is enna nos and
heathy eirealation, thee le no beauty. If the lady is
air •ss drfen new. if ale paint. and use omelette;
and the bled Is thick.eld and trope; she be not bees
diet. If elute brown or yellow, and thee Upon and
aellie blood, it give * rieb bloom to the cheek; and a
brilfeney to their aye that iefeselnating..
This is why the smithere,'and etpeetatly the Spas
lab Winos* ao neck anated. Ladle In the north
who take but little eterch; or O. maned in elose
MOM; or bee spoiled their' cerplexion by oh. .NIB.
CaiDe of deleerien teeters, if they *lab to to
rale elutioty of step. buoyahteparlditr=
ed'beautiftil emplesion=should •Dr.'s Sarsaparilla. Th who hate tried it. are
' wenn the waisted, CO dellibtal Ladies of eery
/node; crowd our office day,
Rodeo to the Ladles.
Those boat Imitate Dr. Torrarentri BersaparEas, hart
invviably <alba their staffs .at grapy for F.
010, gte, to, and hare mpW est bills and cirrlrlaro
',web re.ato.tha compl.bas of secoen.sor I for n'
otcoerho pot op rotolictne, ho.; alace the grew
rousts Dr, Tannecter• Bataapatilla in eorophdoir
ir.eirirot to &nab% reecoomended theirs, although pre
rioted" they did out. • umber ache. Ylonunr,
dm., are injurious to tereales, ea they aggravate &ware,
indermine the spoilt Woo. Dr. Tavresezuge is the
cody ea& blurt moody Dr the. nnosereas female mos.
p4lote—lt rarely, if ever bar of effecting • pernanew
cora It ran be taken by the wort dace= retooled;
in oaf case, or by lbws expecting to become =ocher,
sob =earnest adrantagn, sale prepares tho eyrie=
and prevent. polo or danger, sad ateasertbane both
moiler and t Be meal to, get the pooh=
pe r :. if'e'lfes
071.7 the moot anti a die
5... e! of thel3lood. Three pen= ennui In 0.. boa.
Three Children.. .
. . . .
Di_ Turrabro—Dear Bb: /ha. am'
inn.ho on Nat three of cry children hare=e:l
•ro.BcrdolabJlhe nu a year uteri.% medkina.
-lrboy were aglicsedvary with badlier.; hart
asly four Inuits ; i; took them my, Cu which
L isal myself undergtest ohligatina.
respeorf ally,
ISAAC.W. ams. INWoostmii.
Opinion, of Pbrileirisisr
1 4. Tu. need le Unmet daily receiving enters. Due
P 4,aintano le giirserni ports of the Udoe..
Tint I. to certify inure, the widen/pet Physicians
of, Chy of Albany', ban. In macro. cues prawn.
nl D. Tonsure. S arsaparilla and • believe it tole,
on. erthe emu saleable preparations in the.niusi.
11. P. PUUNO IL D.
• N.B. muds, D.
Ooloa to the front recent rod unmoor solo of Dr.
woornd'e Serroporille, Darner of aro wbo wone
intoirtiy our Adorns, hare cornrornaldt4 eirueP.
rllo'fir mote, Eiluirs,Bittero. Earner o Yellow Dart,
r 4
Thoy prank,' pot it op in the erne dumped boo.
.sione eiders lire atole mud coined au Wm
mowwitte—they re only warthlar hairithoo. Rod
.hoeht no
Nitta/pal &Gee, ua PIILTON &rock flan Italldtar.
N.Y.; IWd4tir do Coy 8 State allnet,Zastatt• Dints*
Soot, IM North &mom! street. Philadelphia • EL ff.
De tat, Baltiraians •P. JL Cbahrstan ;•
'is dant &Ca., IS! Chartres Street. CM Saadi &rect. always arid by all the principal Drat
-4, ts nrat Marchanta
.ecacrally, s hoot the Milted
WVII , I Lunn bud llte'CalmAmi.
N. 11.—#eraima inquiring for thismedlilne should
not be induced to take any
. otbcr. Druggists' pet up
sanuiparillas, and of comae prefer selling their own;
Do not be 'deceived by on i i— r i th ngeire for Dr. Town.
send , ig and take no other. Remember e genu
ine u 'YoUrniend's Sartapaiil by the sole agenla
IL F. EIELLERS, General Wholesale&Retail Agent,
No. 57 Wood street; and'll-11. C ORBY, Allegheny
city. je•al
• - tttll 15 312.11 G,
, eirr.mEvmtv miyrnFirs
r THE onderslined . has lour been .contioced of Ma
,. necessity, or ninon mobeine.adsPled to the taw of
Chlldwu and Infants o° superessin toe ate of all Mom
medic [nee whickoolnoto Input?, and 1111/ at month saes
cowed M:pnectong o d orrenng to the public a meth.
chin fully answertng oveny porposn f4tpltdisety c;ol }be
bowels, withOin the toe of 1 bat lifor4ll2ltol3lldrag, or "ay
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Cosa has• been folly tented Ana tried. therlut twolve
Etlo.loll, by =somas pa rows, and Mond to sew all
ths exonordinary V/Itues, boil pos
to produce all the *ton.
'fishing e:Teals as set bond on the at direetn not„ Di.
arrhren, Vomiting, Cholio,Doping, /5011,Bailtdeu and
Diseases arising from •TMthrdt,' al g
Ing htunediately
without disturinng- any , of O nniction of the body,'
prob:tin the happiest and mosrpicasant transition
from violent p alate • trittiptit and joyous Stabs bf feel.
[twin the Ruhr orl erer.
To lso hod,wholorttle aid retail. of the Proprietor Dr.
4011 V . 4ATIGAZIT, „Dniggild and ..,ripadisoam John
AC , r; , :lfl , 2llOtt4h Dedham, and mete Pillen - DTanisla
I ) - I ! ' tL r tt l e V ei 4 r B enn 3 r.; A o lWA se j t3s M li L f4
az — sa;tuiU -6O d a,itl
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..This ag,f
tt l 4 Wapiti wort bottles:. i‘ls six Paden cheaper;
Plossolnat;;and.wannantetr sapariOr to lug: sold. It
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tintute'oi lELP. Townsend.
R. SKIJAIRS,Dnweist, 57 - IVcorl'iriger, between'
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hrtiele!etth - -
A. 51. Casty ..hah been arv.thica 1103 soleramet Ton
4 Deghtwr c i t y! Of s qooll the genuine trolled* can be I
invites . h =cotton of bayou to now supply of
stove mask or newest Ws cod very low. myft
iESSiannoter of renegeMl .6e.Cleck 'greets,
he Eschaturellenel,entraneel onnt'tun Atrett o
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Pt mticaskers" olstwaya op- haze glance act
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bc very hem manner , all tallt and lima read y ,
Dudsfiaancl, tbanabrmit and nrualtn, and al
tin anti:rm.:l Ryles. We keep a largo at
(whits ragbhrek,corton a lilk attil.ktdbibstres,
pa{ 1 bestnatt an mower" cram caPa t colt
cam them teeestet7 for dressing the dead,
terms ~eyurehasc all oar a
and Any. Webs aargcndid new hearse aa4
td any number or the best camases. Eaery
rotted wpromptly end punctually. oetkly
N N ETT - 4:15 ROTH ER;
4 /FrAcsovl4l4 NAMlnin
Etirmtngtum,l acar,Plttalbursh.l
Pare: - owe, 151.1a7, .11 , 0.1 street, PalsburgA.
WiZattaineutatty keep on hand a good ssson
,, 7 raallltT.3Vlllll,4llF OUT owe stinnaine , nre and
superior quake)... , Wholcselts and c 0 bier.anti7 '
Cheat/,am lespectkilbt Invititria enll awl us
amine for thelasevas, as we art deternatned ID sell
cheaper thertboti ever before been offered to the pal.-
ib. Ortaysgelfby =oat, accompanied by the cash or
ettY reference.. will be promptly amended to., (chti
P. hi ai.vaar. huts E. !nom
voruLvAri 4 G LEDLIE rummfacture itatkeep cern
tlaseset"%ftitTll k iVitri ° eV l :t u a l rV I;tie4tht Fhnt
us or
er of blaram and Water streets, Pittsbilrgh.
Our Works eontinne In all operation. and we are
Consumly adding m our stock, *lack enables us to fill
orders with promptness. Pumhusers are respectfully
solicited to call and examine uric= and terms.
tcylndl y
7/10fit the very liberal encourage
en.hsenber has received SHIM
located himself in Allegheny,
.i . .i . jesoftyf.` "tag ',traced him to take a lease, for a
term of years, on the property he now
penalties, is Bedvet street, tremedtately beside the
PreabyterlanChuteb. From the long experience In the
above business and a desire te please, he hopes to mer
it and:receive a share Of public patronnge..
Now on band and finishing to order, Rockaway Bur
a. Open and top Burgles. and every description or
meet° order, frau, seventr.five dollar, to
eight lumertm • f 5ep.1.11.(1 .101 IN SOUTH
..M. MEALD,RUCKNOR& Co, 41 north water st,..a
16 N. wharves, Phil's., offer for side on accommodating
i'rMs,6otal pkg. Alanuftictured Tobacco, consisting of
pottads half pounds, s',, N's, lTs, Rrs, le's and hi'.,
lompm 's's, Nag and 13's Ladies' Twist, in
whole and half boxes, of the following approved brands,
James 11 Grant, Osborn & Bragg,:
Grant &. lir/Ilium., A Cabnulss,
S Jones & Soh, 11I'Donald,
Webstar Old, J Thomson,
Jame. Thom., Jr. : . All Armistead,
J Thorn. & Jon,, Landhorn & Arnaistond,
J P Coates, J Al Cobb.,
Gentry & Roystor, J A Cl.
UA Duller, C.A Dail,
Owen Hall, Wm Dawson,
Pearl & Norwood, J 8 Blackwood,
Nat& Page, Keystone
' W H Vaughan, b. , dmund Reary,
Portia. Robinson. Russell & Robtlison,
' Reim, Robinsou &Co Beih Halsey,
R. Metcalf, John Ender,
Lawrenco Loftier, J Robiuson,
Gravy & Dray, D B Turner,
11 Jamieson, York White,
• D 511/ranch. —A LSO.—
Hav ac
ana Leaf Tobco, wrappbrs and fillers;
• Yarn do do do
Cienflicgos do du do
St J ago de Cuba do do do
81 Domingo do do do
louria & Oradea do, pan fine, do
Maysville do - • do do
litinualry various gradcs do to
\Braman Lea(, imitable , for manufactunng and export;
Spanish Seed Leaf. Pean'n, Commeticut sod Otim.
'Vitamin 8. - raps, sirect,• German Pipes; Pipe heads,
Scotch Snuff tn., nod bladder...) filacconbu Mee);
Teoeea Beam, Have- base "ito . 110.) . Rea—
and;;;TaZrptV.Taanctit3Lep,p..Elns lur's Also
CIIKAP 11.01.1, or 120.,P1ni ELINII, on band
or wade to order Cl all sire. and et ell prier.
, Cwantry dlerebanis end where a•e .noted w roll and
examine the alone for thin:melees,. ail win Le toe d
wholesale or retail, and a .Lberal deitwoor, made to
arholearile perelaseta.
acidly A W P.titTritVli:LT
Proprintor or this well known [dare of resort ha
the pleasure ei infountog the paid.° dm h. estalr.
lialorneut have ng twee thoroughly rrhtted and rep red.
mod the grounds elegantly lard oat sod decorated. l•
00•11 EY( CC.' ceoutmodatn, and be flatters
art: tha: tlrose orLo !ma) vor torn setth theft looren nod al, that t boy it..,,. gr.,' Bled ii the i.e.
etrie end im tenimitable' tiratm He is determined ID
1/1:111.! 110 Clp , r'll.< making his establisho ent worthy
pulilic patronage. Ile has arcommadations
Loud:lntr . a law famittes. lea Cream , and al{ termer
meta+ stumble tri the m3BOll, mr.strunly on band
Monongahela 13013.116 Tailoring Estatr.
InAAC tt7lLt.ldhla lhaper and 'Naar. he in in
form the comen. of Pittsburgh and others, that he
is row openiug at his ,Doan on Smithfield tzget, un
der the above Hotel, is large and beautiful assormseut
of Cloths, Cassimeres. unua., Silks, and other Vcatieg.;
together with such other articles as are required tor
15•1151CMC114 wear lim goods have been carefully se
lected, and are of the newest and most fashionable
'style. as sell ma of superior quality. ills customers
may depend upon Laving their clothes made up U 5 •
manner whieh cantina fail to gratify the testa of the
moo fisinidina. watt v
11011ACCO-10 Ls. Urtneb a Watkuts' s.
2 do do do es to pounds
3 do do do LS mod Ids;
10 kegs No L d mist:
5 do do Plug;
20 NI do Perusal
20 do half Spunisla do; for salalq
ji 2 C 4 l . ll: , —Lay .. inti ta ak i ln tt:
e !arge t z:d:o;: l
siTl%°''\lT'"": the C
par sno:attbacn on re %.„, term.
marl Canal boon. now 71. h mt.
and Jno AMerson`s;- Jou reed rd fo
.de by REAI.D, 11UCKNOR 6. Co,
41 north voter .4 16 north
yA b RA TOIJA MO bales Les t fToa
cub, jnyt lanlrg r iiabb Irel ' g P ro " : tleue. "' fo - Tr iL Yale by
AN PI3S--434 ass n od 3 gross German
CPipes, medium bowls, just IsodinF from Intl and
for sale by let( HEALS, III.H.KNOR a Co
_F l°
Cniso, Bellmore, 31.1., will be glad to
F hare orders from hi. friend. In PiusborAh snd
elsewhere, for theist...mho. of Shad and Ileffings &t
-rio; the season. Orders executed with despatch, and
at torecstrates. Charges for porcbasufg bght. martl3
fit rITON YARNS, ere —4o,otal Ins assorted No., C
kJ Yarn, Carpet Cbant, Candle Wick. and Cottnit
Twine, INA bales Rutting, for sale ai manufaraurers ,
lowest prices, by PRIRND, RHIN A Co,
amttr, agent, for manufacturer,
TEST received at tho nonbeast corner of 4th and
0 Market .mots, Needle Worked Cella., Wrookbi
Bonnet Ribbon., very cheap.
I"•=nectlzlng.,} l , l 7:bri- -, G""P'.
BeroWrt deLßEarsoN,
_ HS liberty ot
casks Shoulders, leading from steamer
AD Pioneer and for sale by
null . ROBERTSON k REPPERT, Ito second at
• • -
tr French Reenlinlon—A History: by Thom. Car
lyle. In two volume.-cloth. Por male by
riIOBACCO—:A ban Ira Hunt Us Honey Tobacco, re
f. celaing from carnal end for sale by
JAMES DALZELI 31 water 0
IVI ACKI 7 .IIEL-:ltai bbls No 3 'Mackerel, Mended
j large, in store and for sale by
V.A TII EILS ID balm Feathers, for sale by
L ODISVILLE LlSlE—CotendY onL.' ho_
sale by attala 11 GRANT
SI)ROSIN--Dbids for sale by
/SFFKI , --ito sags cases Use, to *tore slid fur sale to
lose eanassautteitt, by
noulti St d. VI If A RIIAUUU
TALA.S.4 I - • bss Slid lUa I 2
just reed per stmr Louts M'Latte, and for sale by
asul9 S
WIy e E b LIMANS.-40 LON small White Beans, for
itikliGl4l-14 bags on band., and for sale very low by
awgl4 C II GRANT
FIS.F..BRICK-18,000 now on the wharf; for ado
!nl b,
14 ISAIAH DICKEY & Co, fronts
L AW OIL-Borkb u str ug itr i s best, just re . n.l o a s nA :T . le
fIOPFFir.-1.10 bags prune Rio; 20 do do Legusyra;
V lb do old Gov. Java; for sole by
Q(N)AI bbd. pn'cnei N 0: 0 bbl. elonrifind; odd
'kJ crushed and pulverised; a do aasoned Leap for
sale by *51121 J D WILLIAMS
griCi-Mtegs l'lmanto; 5 doPeppir;l Chi Olives;
2do pore Ginger,Pluelard, s tied Wow
!sous Casslat I keg M11e..; ground Apices in groat
'orb -Ty; fOT sale by ably2l 1 G WILLIAMS •
.1 3
iliXlll--larllicifett l iistoto and Air anleTii -"'
) k
15111lRrnakillirlit - a prime ertiriei;;;TOsTfil
1 1 , wale by -- Intl- TA:I6Sr tr. BEST
ri I X4.I,OW-1 LW recUlruid.for,`.
A. ll , rityl- TAEWISW
CIPILN MEAL—Zo bbls Gun Meal, C PATult
kr.brand, teed per sunrCeMpanioo and for sale by
uglo ti & W HARBAUCIII
W b ilTIN'S GUITARS--A supply onitanin;'• cer,
1 ruted Spanlsk Cullers,just meld an for sole by
an HN JO If ME re
81 wood of
-- - _
ita L M-10 bbl. Alum, Jost reed and for .010 by
. tolglEt - A 2.4 wood
0 „-- blyr — i . WEtotliTSCiiITRiitltiliClovicrdb,for
sale by „a .1 J & R FLOYD
.t.IIIIISIDDII-10 ettils clear Sides, just reo'd and
. . ..,,,,,. l44libcny 51_
0, PIII.M. OlL —Wanahled Pl1;0-.4 -^ .caek• for sal* by
/...) amgll3 J SCHOONMAKER A Co
;fir ind Relived. *add yy
TT wag t3CHOONIIAI4EA tr. Co
LAQD kegs No 1 List Laid, ju_st for
slsle IsT aurZl • WICY & BITANDLEIS
MIEATHERS--300 lint Prim. Keutue&Y F..thear.
.4 1 6 by tup2P VICE & INIVANDL •
E O., 11,101 T—A commodious Duce gory Thick
rikrehous, on kdstreck Possession given bane
% el)", For terms apply's', L - '
nu Q kff'GRANT, 1 water a
-•-- '
'LI• • LLY PEOUR—Kcps cormintly as band and Gki
, 0• b) 00014_BOWN Jk CULBERTSON
o , 9 PORN—Just reed sad far sale by ,
Twateitutitiins. 1:
1.11 r" .21E.Art ALE
simvstav mlinutca AND CLtVF.46II/I
W. T. MA:pm, Ptusburgh;
Hism,VotatiZe Co, Bearer; thopr.e.
• Casten:uakonzum, Cleveland •
riMIE above Liesni now prepared to transport freight
and passengers from Putsburgh and Cleveland, or
any point on the Crania and Lakes.
One boat leaves Pittsburgh and Cledeland daily, run
ning mammon with the steamboats Ink.. Erin and
.filiehigum between Pittsburgh stud !knee., and a luta
'of first elan steamboats, propellers. brigs and schoon
ers ea lakes Ene,Thsrobattdallekugan.
Propeny forwarded to may pan of the Union w i th
dispatch, by WM. T. filATiffilt. tir
or Water and Smithfield sus. Pittsburgh.
AGENTS:—Reed, Parke Go. Deaver
G Parks & Co. Vousstattran, 13,
E W Cotes ft Co. Warren;
D Bostwick Jc Co, llreaApon;
A N Clark, Nelleuat
P Lew* Newport;
J & E M Matthaei, Campbelleport;
nyer . 6: 7 . ut , 1 , 1e, Cuyahoga Falls;
Wheeler er. Co, Akron;
Barney, Glbb. & Co. Sandusky;
Watkins &Eagle Tokdo;
6 1760-:
hreliire &IVilliams, PiHim6ukce:,
H J Chicago, lii.
ritHE Proprietors of dos old established and ft”l
1 Portable Bout Line, having removed tbetr de
pot in Philadelphia. tos much larersir NVarehodse
on Market et., than they formerly occupied. mud also In
creased their etioin for storage at Pittalourgli are now
prepared to offermuch greater farelities to their friends
Nti patrons.
Good. carried by thir bar are not transhipped he
tureen Pittsburgh and Philadelpnn. huinguarn g d en
.urely In Itortablu seen°. floats. To shipper. of lift ,
end other good. requirtng careful huldling,Ous ir o
Importance. No charge made (or reeeislng or shtppin
goods, or advanemg charge.. &tl gaxls forararde
promptly, and 1.1p01.1 16 reasonable term. 06 by any oth
or line.
.10H,\ & Co., ,
Canal Rests, l'cnn al.. Pitialmrth.
JAAII.). , M. DA VlB & Co.,
n 27 Altai et & Commerce
JOHN ideFADEN & Ca, Forwnnignit and Comm.
pion Merelllllll3, Canal, Crow a., Pauburgh.
SAM M. DAVIS & Co. Flour Factor. and Commis
pion Merchants, 227 Market, and 91 Commerce
Philadelphia. fehld
irrAdvances tnade by eitheMenuhe above on 100,
AN cool and other deteriplions of u:lndite entengned
to them. feb2.l
XTOTICF.:.- - ilemire rib:. nave &spotted of their
wrest to the Pentt . a and oltio lino to CIA RXE
THAW, of Patsburgii, and JOSEPH 9 LEWIS, of that
Thep urtll conttrate to tmneart hasinetr for the line.
al that, Warehouse ott Broad street. us usual, and be
speak for a a continuance of ate patronait. of their
friends. JAMFS STEKI. & Co
Ptdia 4 vlllata, Mare!, sth,
Penn's. and Ohso Tr 1•11 ortallon Co.
Douldn Thzely Line of -
raEroaXD n. TILLNItroNT cioo. uerwexl Imsccir6
41,11 elltra
CLARKE. & Cat.ul stn, Pittsburgh.
I.EWIS & BUTLER.I.I9 Alnrkeu st . Philudr , plu
JAM. STEEL & Aou, Broad strut....
t'LARAE & Nunli C. Bait.
W PORRIUA, Al..g \VC.lstrect, Ncsv York
Cceep art-re e relief p.
I"' tutteenbc rs c
together under the •ttyle et liter EC lop.— thr th
<red patronage herctoferc extended to the hoe.*
iittabwrgh, Muth 1, 1,49.
SECTION UOAN, FIAR 1111.1.A1/t:1-1111A AND
NVE pi , rarrd rreci yr un•l fOrtYnrd treighi in
Ike aborcwith inuch
despatch, and at at low :tie t. hit t . odirt
Tim &noun.° of rliipinirs scirinns soo4 Pork or
con io Baltimore 111 bulk, is {rano:wilily requeocil, in
asmuch aa our accansinnonts us Ig] curry
aruelts through in better order than any other IL
KlElt k JriNEY.t.
Canal lla.uL , nceir 7:11
POrabarthi Bl•rch 1,1347.
ausl. W LIM R. Inv
V /ER & lOND , - Clnm/111 , 141/011 421.1 formrar.lln, Mr,
n char mod Whoitsaic Liraler• ta Iron. Ittoon.
'SAIL Produce, he
Liberal rO.ll okly onor on COR•,lllf,cl.. marl
77777 1. Y. 131/1 . 1.1.t1 ANL. ellA.
• tle',4;:t • ••••k_._
To P411,.A 11a a an 50...Am0 re.
CALL RD harknoknn
116. - NIELIi GRAFT s. Co_ Cane, 1te..41. I . ll.Sargh.
DUTILII, d 01. NO 11; MarketPhrl
C. 11. &Coon, corner North h Sertrantra re IRA
JOU,. Y. Clarke, No 13, 01.1 nark New t or., Agtr
NOTICF ,— Th. ( ‘YlaOf our lama .111 as known (ram
anti alter *hal date, at PanaurFa. as Hear) . Lima
4t Co., andiat Plala4elpLia. an Dual& I lastylarey• S. Co.
HENRY GRAFF, httalatrgn.
^ • Cr.V. IS4 C 4
For aul Traaeportatt. Frnght w and pun
prrystiv ROIL UALTIMuRF, N
lloaulaca & Cron. ChouArlptua.
T•at via tltosaoa. l'otaburltt.
Told estal.haned twoor 11C.Pa in AO opera•
j non. the propnciors have mod,' ex wawa,' arranye.
morns who-ward good. alit: prod..- with deapoicti, tl
on the nowi favorable tett.. The) coandeotty aopc
to it knownprompoccoa in deltveranv
Waal) 11l ILIOde att f•f t) lila.— daft/410Y, warehoa •
sea at each port. aCrentura arconatoodationa to 441,1,
and owner. of prodoce--together with their loon cope
oroce and ourrnatintig at:en:ion no looonc.s. .came
to them a continuance of that larcral patronage they
hereby gmeitill) norredo
All consignment. by and for thin Hoe received, char
ge.. paid. and forwarded in any required dtrvetions free
of charge far coinmoonon. aor aorong or atoracc
No illtartta• direeNy w au:torn), to a. C.rlll.lllA.
All COVlll3l.lClllllotlSpratillptly attended to On applica
tion to the following
BORIIIINIE A CASIL 27 , Market at. Philadelphia.
TA A FTC. h O'CONNOR., Canal Roam. husburgit.
ITCA)NNOILS A Co, North at, Etaitnn ore ,
WM. U. WILSON, 41 Cedar at, New York. •p 3
Lnke Erie and ~e
Deaver, and fretsht and paes<oger Cana: Boats
thorn Roarer Heaver sod Erte, and M Reed's hoe of first
chow steamboat., propellers and vessels on the Lakes.
Is prepared to andig sod passengers to ell pole.
on the EneCanal, Lakes Erie, Huron sad Mtehe.
Haying every facility for eonseytne freight mid p
senders Irish promptness and thapoteit. the proper
and agents respeetfully molten from their friends e •
tiIIIMICA: of their patronage.
0 M rt REED, Proprietor.
REED, PARhae a. en, Ilsestry, Agents.
.04 roe \Vows aid Srotthfiel,fets. Pittsbureit
To and from the Eastern ether, via Comberland.
TLR propneton of Una popolor line. have•hore theft
re-orgarnmtion largely trierrased their facilities to
DWI the wishes of shippenr, tout are now prepares/ to
forward • greater amount {,+ t he FIVE DA V LINE,
as also by addmonal regular wagons to low mina
TM* lint will run throughout the year. delivering
goods threats h the spina in Boluntor e and Pittsburgh
to owners and commie. at specified hors and time.
Shipments from Philadelphia for the line should he
marked "Care, J li-Rolnusoir,
The only agents me,
99 tl Chitties st Bathroom.
ETIGERTON it CO, Cootherbsott
O W CASS, Brownsville.
fel.l J C Pittsburgh.
getOji wtiOlUttNialk .
Eolez;air...z n a oer . l7l. T 2:7
*p.m, al Cumberland from P le home of Ille;f h aZ i ll Nee
gars In that of Edgerton A Co.
Pittsburgh and western inerrhinor sa l iva that J Ilay•
ly Robinson. Nein &Mb Charles it, Baltimore. is the only
authorised new of this Luta in the Eastern LW",
Them:lly agents are . . .
J C BIDW ELL,Pinthargh,
W OtWS Druwowille,
ELRIA /TON 4. CAC:m.47llnd,
detIPPS J D ROBINSON, Baltimore.
— Weisilern Transportation Cesstpso47
1848. 012 . E L st i ffi li sist C o . ltles /88,
VlArartaerhvaate AND 01110 aah. toot..
ARE prepared to transport goods and prodnen to and
from the al.. ve clues on favorable term, Ad.
Omni or apply to
Llk LEECH & Co, Canal Darin, b ,
HARRIS & LEELII, Not. Is & 15 South Third st, PhD.
.1. TAYLOR & SON, Ave, No 11, Howard et, Bah.
A. ABBOTT Agt. No 7 NI, yet weal, New York.
Pittaborgh, March IDtb. IMe. mar%
— ll!terolisinsittsi Transportation'
1848 . mliat
GOODDremained to our care will he forwarded
without delay at the lowest current rates.
Canal Baal& Penn at, Patabtlh.
272 and =Market et, Phil a.
timith'il wharf, Baltimore.
MSS 1848.
HIPPER 3 and °Mors a» informed Mat dna ban
1,3 will continuo to run= out the year. lonvutg
daily. Produce and mer e 'sa taken ut low rate..
Merchandiao from Baltimore brought ow at Coral
rates. Time, five days. J C BIDWELL, Ap, •
Bluer at, doon above Monett, Howie Pittabargh. -
myl7 92 South Cbarloast, !Ultimata
aitari4MlB4B • Mi t a
Er Time, d days. .zo
Mareltandlse Hanspnrlnd at Canal rates.
FOW‘ t7H A DUNCAN,Agenta
*Wamr time Pinabanh.
WO , 47 Light greet, at.
BOOL3, 4lsratCL).
. -
Veiltumble a nd : Atitsmattmaelifikw sook*.
yAnktpu •
rsillstory tholnrondista, a vols, 12
MO: .
Rimiest - I.Rn ofChevalier Raw.* 19 mo.
G. P. IL Jame.' Life of Henry the Fourth, of France,
vol 9-19 mm
Smith's Consoler Cams of China; 12mo.
'Meander's Lite of Jesus Chnst; 9 vo, muslin;
bleireel'a Fresh Glettistrutm or a nem Sheaf from the
old fields of Continental Et' Lrope.
Capt. Ifenry's Sketehes of dm illexienn Wan 19 mo.
Glelg's Story of the Rattle of Waterloo; 12 ino.
. A Summer In Smitten& I, Jacob Abbott; 1100.
Smmotub's Lnerature of the South of Europe; 2 vole
12 mo.
Ravine. Adventures In Mexico and the Rocky
Mountains; 12 :no. muslin.
Poialmininni Works of Rev. Thos. Chalmers, D. D.,
The Practical Astronomer; by Thos. Dick, L. L D.
Lae of Jeremy liellinap, D. D., historian or New re
Luther and the Reformation, by John Soot; M, A,
The Middle Kingdom, with a new map of the Empire,
by S W. Willmm, 2 vol., 12 mo.
The Power of the Pulpit, by Ciardiner Spring, D. D,
Thu Bethel Flog. by Gardmet Spring, D. D' 19 ma.
Teaching a litelenee, the 'reacher an Artist by Rev.
D. 5. 11011.
The Coon, him Court and People; by John S. Maxwell.
Lectures on Shalt/Team, by li. N. Hudson.
Tile Arun. of America—lllustrated with nine engra
vings on steel, and controlling sketches of the bees of
Allston, Inman. Went. Swan, Trumbull, De Vet art
Rembrandt Fettle and 'rhos. (Crawford; 1 vol, 2 vo. '
The Undo. of France; containing sketches of the
I4as of Lormartine. Thiers, Napoleon, Dorton, Mira
r, I Atinot •oil other, with portraits of each.
, codley'n Napoleon and hlarshalz; 2 vols. 19 mo.
' 11 ( endley's hh'estilligton and Ids Generals; 2 volt, 19ro
~liendley, ;Sacred Atouniui.
The nbov eJtoevsher with a large collection of
and %York, Clansrcal and Sehool Rooks for sale by
JOHNSTON & STOCK'rON, Boriktelleri, '`'''
jes corner market and &I .is_
NAND ATTRAcrIVELIOOKS--Chalmers' tfro'
lest works, 4 volt.
Chalmers' Doily Se nfoture Reuling,
Memoir of the Lli, of Mrs. Fry, tad vol;
The thanvent,by the author of ',Schoolgirl in Frrmee.'
Lady Mary, or Not of She World, by Rev C 13 Tay
lor. M. A.
Margaret. or the Pearl, do
!tiara Cid:flora, or the Merchant's Clerk, do
Lilo of Pollok. author of 'Course of 'rune' '
The listener by Caroline Fry;
Lectures co Sliskopeare, by II N Hudson;
I,ifc of Olis er Cromwell. I; y J 'l' Headley;
' Napoleon and his hlarthals do
Washinguitt and los r ienernhs, do
Pirarer of Pu:liii. by Lardmer Spring, D D
Bathe! Flog, do do
Ration Teaching try Ellumple;
Pulpit Orators mFrance, by Turnbull.
Genius of Swot:Aid. do
Life of Rowland Ild!. Free tThurcli Pa Ipth. 3 volt
4 ' ,, .....eFr0nne; Now and Then, Delirium's Poems:
Margaret Merrier.
Jacobus on Alettheor, iniapted to Union lineations;
Anbur's Popular Tale.--Riche. in tin ‘Vorld,"
"Tai log Moto to inn RIC II ~.11 - Richt, hove Wings,"
ußeeping up Appearance," . ..I.tor and Creditor."
For tole by 11.1.1(rrr & ENGLISH,
Jet:. 7-; wool odd 1,11 market of
Nouns A Cheri, V V. ot Num.& /
tvtth Ihr Att.-Muria. w• to Yen to F.oglund
Colesan,and u ~,,, tou3 u y other toottmoutalo
n t'or .lean. .pevonen of America
mud ito{eoult).pio.rted the following remark
a. Thalberg. the :creme., l'iato et ',mg.
, to
?Dr Dear S.r el - I.°w' a letteroauoa to / lay hie l
Emma. pan,. Iraolsot rerrato from ap4III
to you how rstueh I Wlan p,eaw,l watl ?Our
Aztnetonent" who'll e.m.oler sex • great amour
provement. I eau ax•ore 01.1 /II toy part
walt great 1. 1, .00040 tn, unno.t to make your
n koowu For •ale I, II KI.EJ;I:
Al Woodwell'• turouure rooms, •
I-tV -I.norrin k • I.oronon.: or Sk .nrlno•
al TIIIVT , n FILIIIte. a !goon, switarlhool. Only,
.kaurno. Prnt••nnt, Linnonon and Ireinno.l. o. not
14110010 a • 0 1001101, 01,0 011411011 S 00 El l roonnonn barn.
tne • tool ne C lneaJ onononoon'k It) /oho W Carom 111 D.
Attnrlnn. no•el 11, the annOnor on ••/...oulto 'yin&
horn '`•.'l'ono Nienn' s Tale," rie.
S,f.-Corn.rol. 1.1.,..1 Andry !Ironton, outfit, of
- Iherinotnne
Vol 111. 1/n.;) Serinninrul firathogs. It, the lain
Tlnonino•Culsner, In In. I. I. I•
Pnrt 1, The l'lonu•nond .1111 (lOC Nigh's. ll•rnnet.'
no•irnalen/ r(1.1/0.1
, , 001 p. -'onager, a book nor clol•Irrn 11) . the
non :nor no - 14,0 Ilenhart, - Fr.
annosr nor In* reeeniro•l LI.. day kllti for .1.• by
nn-21 JOHN: 1 1'0:1a s'na-KII,N
IVI -W BOOKS---Mrotonala 13( Ow Introglu , itua o(
31rIbou.•14th. Eu.lero tkate, rumptisme
r•phtr, itrr I) prrachr .Iric Lc.
ftrrt httr• !,.••• 5.....e•cr.,er. of .1..-0) wog •
uad pore -•, I) It,: A stnv..n., Just
Alraltur Abed D D. lac , Nliartunary
to ..1../tn: I.) ..• ot.i.:wv. Fir %. I. II ‘V.....xe55...00t
Mari. Cita HA, Chuck,.
'l'n, Int, .% ....1A.... 01 OW, cil u Alan's
- Nl....ger, Of the I . r.arl &c kn
Iran, hook., ux.
ht.... 1 Anil ju.t Ei.t.iorr H. 1 . ...5i1r1.1511.
pt2i no wnrtm Al
IfCi4lBll 11()OILL1-11.a..o.y of tuc Gavot Roo
onj o• the o umpom• ar,smg
P r
, 01100.M.1 SO 11w • 1.:01% .ii 11.11
1 0 01.00, With SU olkgr•
e I loi L-and. Fri.. h Stage, and Slclebta
Lij CLL, , a 1 a•l r. d 4z-A lor aa,
Mt DONALD & nErs.4:3NT
markr I strert
v Nt S 41111, And o• vona , nkunor.a.
1, 1 1 by R 1 . 40... FAQ
I,aoy FI,. a novel wilt... a Royce by IViMani
lbscaery. wan 11lo.tratuona t Vernon, Ly,1 "nor): by E V Childs.
.gtory of we ar by linnetal Charles
NS .n.. 11 Van... Mar.:, of Londonderry, ill C. LL, U.
C C.Roorl 0(.b.. yd Reg% I.oe t.uarda.
. •
Tileatermedro. e works termed . clay sod for sale by
It EI. k Cl/7 1 .(1./lIIIAN4 I. —Th.. F:no,,tnan.,
'reek Cancor.lancr thr Neer Tektament, 14 tax
•taaaknl nt a req.. ckuncrtiok between the Greek
tha Lay. 14.4
Pra?4, Nuke. with Irk', Greek •1114Imh, and Fn,.
has I.llvek Jwt received nad rnr •alr by
Buoi,caera cur market and 3d sty
A SPLENUID ..ortment of Rose
ffffi woad and Manogany grand .coon Po
ft3loo...rwt fur.iw d d a.. for tab. ,
Also, two relendri Rowerowl Plano..
it), Coleman', celetwaw‘l Awl:an attachment, finrned
00Ialodern style, and far wre al
I , 111.1:••Fr. 11/ wow! 0
. -
Canal Var. 1.1-I—rt WALLOW. Capt Ford. -
•• 1,4:13.% Capt.Watley,
r \ ,;l:. of the al,ove l'ae kets leave Beaver everyday,
Vl %Sunda) , exc-pted J :god Alf., next mot-tong at
Warren, v. lat.!". Ihr, C I .IO, O IIWMII the. Matt Stages for
Akron and 01r, ylug at each of tbe..e
before nip 11 , 00 01 the l'ariet• leave Warren daily,
at 3 I . NI., and arrive•t Heaver in urn* to take the
toortilitz SWOIOI.OOI for i'llt•l•urgh
erEs h 1.1.111 Ma WELL. Warren,
M TAILOR, Proprtera
.11,01 , 1111 , 111-114 (..A. IN 1,11, 11.01.
tlanal Parket Pan,. t'apt Jedries,
TaLums en, Pollock,
.• I . aaa F.r.i Train,
•• Par TON.. Drown,
1 .. 11111110'c Sayer
Tire above near and aplendul Parreltaer Packet. have
moonfaced rulattug between HEAVER AND
arra wall run regularly during the twaroo—wne boat
len•lng biso every urarnlog at W o'clock, and one leav
ing Denver every everting'. bnalethasely tiller the arta
val of the steunbont Michinsin from Putsbureh
The boats are new rod COOlfOrlllbiy furnished, and
will run threueh fon). hours
to any
n orm On the I.kes. or to Niacara Falls, will find thts
noire the MO. rOOltoriPhle arid eipeditious. Tlckets
through to all port• on the Lake Carl be procured by
apply rag to the proprietors
REED. PARKS & Ver. Renate.
/MIN A i'AII:IIP,Y, ARt Put.horgh,
cur Water and Southfield at..
At. ENTS. —Jos Iturrison, firufalo. NY.
t! heed, Erie, to
i• WIrk.GIV,I , IIi), Pa;
M'Farland and King, II fond.
Ilay & Plumb, Sharp.burgh, Pa,
C Malan, Sharon, Pa;
D C Nlathews. l`td+Da./.
R V. Cunningham. New Castle, Pn. jyt
1848. ntQ„,
red IL
B ETWEPitt.burgh. lllntr.adlr , Johnotown, 110
mrcet, (Ilonungtion Colored P
Th. Neu urns formed et rloaively for the specurl ac
connrsodanon of the way halt/MUM Thu I l ropnclora
thankful for the very [then. patronnge they have w
enved drawl the lam Iwo years, would respectfully in
(own Sliest (nendo and thy public that they are now .011
betlef preparnd 10 dell %Tr F 000• 03 any point on th.
Cosa) and Hail Read., artth promptnes• and dispatch
Piekoronh & Wood., Jonnct o w n ,
John /Milo,. llollidayithurgh.
(' A 51'41;811(y & Co. rnrml linAitt,
Rxr.x(tcci—l'ittAbrtml(--Sinlth & sislrlaor; J & J
hlrDev(ili (3 &J II SlionnlmrCer, Holmium & It
Moor,'; Bag/tier A Smith; John Parlor; IV:n Lchmet /c
Co; 1/e , P Shoonbenicr. jell)
Penn.,lrani.. Canal & hall /loads:T.
preaayalot Packet Line.
F 11 l'lTTrillUoll TO PIiLIMIN.L.Fnii . UAL,
(Exclusively (or Pessengers.)
public are respectfully iiiionticsl that this line
vnll CUIUMCIICO runutng on the titdl Lust, and con.
Unto: throughout lie Beason.
The Irons ate new, and or a superior elan, with Jet,
!urged cabins, which will glee greeter comfort. Th.
cars are the Mint construcuon.
A hoot will always be In port, and traveler. are Ic
ques,otl to call and examine them before engaging pas
Pa ' r i gronl wh ;l dollar* through.) One of the boat/ of
Ws Line leave the tangling loppothe U.S. Hotel,
coiner of Penn Street and Canal, every night at nine o'.
clock Time 3•1 day.. For information, apply at the
Ogler, Monongahela House, or to U LEECH it Co
)ICM • Canal Basin.
Passigagar and nowslatangio ORlee.
to CO. aentontic to bring
Prow any part of England, (timid. &online at
JJ Wale., open the molt liberni ocrom, with t h e ,,
`Usual punctuality and attention to the manta and Coln.
MiA 0 r erne:Minim. We do not allow our pease tica ra to
be tabbed by the awn:riling acoenno that loofeso the-acit.
ports, co unman or th em the omen th ey re”
port themaelv., said ace to their well being, me d e .
wealth th em without any detention by the drat China.—
We any this fearlessly, an we defy one of our passen
gers to show that they were detained 48 hours by ono in
Liverpool, Whilst thousands of other, were detained
menthe, until they could be sent in some old craft, at e
ehg,p retei which too frequently proved their Man/.
We intend 10 perform our contracts honorably, cost
what It may, and not oat as was tha case last season,
With a,ffieere,—OrtiO either performed not or
when It suited their convenience., ,
Oman drawn Lt.Plyttaalritctrir..aur.inuln from
Ban Slll,lO
1 41 paya ble
Scotland and Ikea e.
Ekropean and General Agent,
fabl SW air" owadoor below Woo,
7_ A L : '
MILVIOJI4.eIifiIIIO4 , ICIAL 001nr , •
•• - Zgdf 66, DIAMOND
- . *: - Ont doctrn balm Wood mast, tzi
.s...;., ' '''-''
r , Dn. sacrum, wing=
?;. , •••;:,. 1 !;;;!.,,,, T :"esndarlyednrated' to the'
,5,1,. 7.. .;- . ,41...; .phtfeudati, and bceior.aort=
~, - t r.;. ' : 7. .:', .., :, ' , . ul
genem 4 . "1"6" :,a .. tm t 01
i .... ... •:.:....' '. ' ' throe privat n e ba Ind thi delicale " cooll
t . ... , ;!'... r '4'7 plaint. for which Ithrapporramitia
gi!...,gt' . ',..7.!.- r t, ' and experience peculiarly qualify
- -- 0.- s him. 11 yearn maidnonsly &veto'
to sindy-ledreatment of those complainte,OMMlCWillia. ,
time, he has hod more prectiee said has eared innropos
near than an ever fell to the lot of any pirate peso.
tnionerl amply , qualifies him to oder essarencen 01
speedy, permanent, and mnixfactory °are to all tainted
with delicate disease*, and all diseases mains there
14r. Brown would Inform those afflicted with . prime
diseases which ham become chronic by dine or es
greened by the am of any of the common nostrums of
the day, that their complaints can be radically and thor
oughly cured; he having given hi. comfitl atteeffort to
the treatment of such cases, and anceeedmi In headrests
of instances in curing permas of inflammation of the
neck of the bladder, and kindred dimeses which often
result from those cases where others have consigned
them to howl., despair. Ire particularly Mynas such
es have been long and unsuccessfully treated by other.
to consult hint, when every satisfaction will 1 .1 ilven
them,and their case. [reared in a emend, Moro mad
intelligent manner, pointed out by • long e nee,
study, and investigation, which it is imposaible for those
in general practice of medicine to give any
claw of disease.
=Hernia or &opium—Dr. Brown aloe Invites pan
sons afflicted with Hernia to cad, as he has paid pante.
elm attention to this disease.
Skin diaesaest also Pi' %Palsy, ete,
Charges very low.
N. D.—Paeans of call' sett living at adi tame, _
stating their disease in writing, giving all the m. 4
toms, con obtain medicines with directions for use, by
addresaing T. BROWN, M. D., post paid, and ender.
tag R fee.
Office No. ay Diamond alley, oppoalta the IA seedy
fininisieviast—Dr. Brownie newly discovered re
dy for Rheumatism is a speedy and certain remedy r.
that painful trouble. It never fails.
Office and Private Consulting Rooms, No. OS Di
mood alley, Pittsburgh, Pu. The Doctor is always
it=rY?eum , EP!lt
1 and . po l b h lro M arl th af "i ge k3 l.lL 'f t * l ' Ll' l :e fri to% , Is
now in full orratioa b on the west side of
the stat itupply n ' ofltritd ' s,7l e w a hre usee7l o oZ
t and qualities, aro coon:aid kept unhand;
also, at No 5 Wood st, Pittsburgh, al 1 lc
If Phillips' oil cloth wareroorn.
ensti•n Shutters made to order in the best style.
Blinds repaired at the shortest notice.
N. B.—IL. Blinds will be put up without any addl.
!tonal expense, so that they can be removed In a mo.
mem an ease of fire or for washing, and without the alti
of a .crew driver. aldly/coriamlyB
LEO A NT PERM/MERV, de—Hanel', Eau DITi6O
/ de Venn. for rendering the .kin .on and beautiful.
Hanel'. celebrated Nympth hoop.
Hatters Indian Vegetable Hair Oil, Mr gradually
darkening the hair, and promoung as growth.
Haney. Ltquld Hair Dye, for changing red or gray
lint too beautiful broom, black or chestnut enter.
Hauer. Rao, Lonna Hair Itestorauve, for producing
• las orient growth or hair.
Hauer. Curling
Ikon's Depilatory Powder, for removing =podiu
m. hlllf
Hauer. Rose Tooth Paste.
Hatters Chinese or Pentan Toilet Powder.
Hatters Unrivalled Shaving Cream.
'lases elegant LYtmets of various fragrant flowers,
for the handkerchief; together with a large asitortmr --
of fine Perfumery, Just meld and for sale by
rot let I. wood. also car eak fr. wood et,
...East side of the Ihnniand, where Vennirat
Blinds of all the different sines end colors
erc krpt on hand or mode to order ate
the !roast end most opproved Eastern flub.
ions, at the shortest nonce and on the loos
- .
A 1,00, the cheap Boston roll or split Blind Transpa
rency and Paper Curtains of all the different sixes and
Patterns, on hand and for sale lows for euh. Old Win
ne, Minds painted over and repored, or taken In pan
pa vototo for new II hl WISTERVELT, Yrotpr.
N 13—All work done with the best material and
w ,, rl , ,rianship, and warranted to please the most Pse
udo's, vatirnt-dly
Allegheny city, Aug. 10, 184 d.
RD; W. FIELD offers for sale at the krereal
• hi...f t ...tante priers, a very elleasive smart.
tot 91 of PAPER. cornpronng every pouible variety,
atl•p tett w the wants of eon amen is all aeetioaa of the
country. Paper of all undo made to order at darn
9. ,•e.
• • .
R Ile &tack of PRINTING PAPER Is semifinal) , lama
pert of which is of very superior quality.
of every deieriptioe, imported sod kept wnsiainly so
b e e 01 Felts age, Wlre Cloth, Fourdrituer Wire.
illeaching Powder, Eue Ultramarine, Twine, ate., kc
Genesee, Rale Rope_ limos Rape, Samna, e. , e.,
purekswil, for ',bleb 'the togliast price in Calla will tie
pew New York, Jttlya
nint.rogoed mires sin sale • superior article
I to la to-k tor building, made by Ills kites. Press,
sone/nue. mr be Inas obtained • patent,
and agrees so give purchasers a wrillaix jgoatantse that
they arestrunges, and will resist frost and war
!I' and imbibe less moisture or dampness than anY ago
et bock, possessing greater body and snpenor tester.
and numb more durable In every respect, each brick
being subjected to a pressure of several ton., and pea-
Roamed a handsome snuasth surface and even edges,
Tmale a front Neal to the best front brick.
They lance given the greatest satisfaction to all arho
bon. Pitrehtssed, .4k kiln Can be seen at my marks, and
specimen at the Oasetta office. . . . .
h 4".. oboe themselves for their bniktings,
e ortart ' lge " lsonnt front brictior roper,. hard
nd mint paring brick, can ohnt. L i b s e m. Aac
Ogeseta..farli;ll ,, la
TY SINt Ell JOHN MOHIIISON, having as.
sociated themselves together under the style and title
of Seholey. Ryan & Co,, for the manufacture of Wood
Type, and us their type is altogether made by macids
they .
fe Me l
c in o v n e f n i t e i u on t
t o hus l s
M °E .
eSr i•n m o
p n e e r offc thae
os type, and at much lower rates than any heretofore
odered in the United States, and are now ready to fill
orders for the same.
Asl orders addressed to Seholey, Ryan & Co., at
their other in Diamond alley, between Wood and
Stain:held streets, will be punctually attended to.
Irjr Proprietor. of newspapers, on copying this ad
vertisement 3 months., and sending as their paper, will
bo canned to freeCiTe their pay 111 type, on purchasing
three Ohms the amount of their bill for advertising.
otne• at the Exchange, 13althstare.
Knuctar RATFIS.—Teg charges trey. been red--
cod Metatagea to or from Baltimore, Pala
:Me' all Pt .t rica 'btt itt 't d d cle7,• P rTet tg led t rOm " it
hewn, * t‘ert r o . l 7 ettlibu r rgr. ra t
liarta—The charge for a teleph desaateh to or
from Baltmtre. Pituatorgo awl Wreellitg, is 43 coma
for the prat tau word., and 3 cents for each addaional
1,13 - No charge Is made for the *Mine* and zign
Intel the completion of the South Western Luta of
Telegraph from Memphis, Tenn, to New la., des
pate hes can be forwarded to Memphis by this mete, and
marled fur New Orleans. jell
T6i Allegheny Camel
A T: theh Th7Viot: g e t . C .,o2,"
nniosly re-elected Managers lot Me c ca . :
J liven. Jr.. Secretary and Treasurer.
The annual statement presented the affairs o(1k:
Company in a eery prooperous condition. Their tiNei
te the coy is No. 37 Winer sure. • Jail
'A MAO 'S CABIN Et L188,A14.F,. toe
Faintbes.—Tlus work consists of twenty 'minute.,
and columns bye hundred different subjects, illmtrated
with SE engravings. It is an entirely onermal series,
recently written and completed by S G Goodrich, Ko
nica of Peter Parley's Tales, and is designed to exhit
Ina popular form, Select Biographies, ancient and
modern the wonders and euriosnim of History, Na
e. Art, Science, and Phdosophy, with the practical
en . life.
The price per Vol. is 73 nettle, each containing about
320 loge., lumo, or $lO per st. For sale by
ocul R 110PKINt1 Apollo nalldlogt,4ll.s
ilardwire—Cheaper than Evert
I MOAN, WILSON & LYI. Import/ire and Wholesale
Dealers in Ilardware, llutlery and Saddlery, No
129 Woad .greet, above 1.11111, have now in more., very
cheap md well selected stock of Hardware, imported
mice the decline of pewee in Europe, and winch they
are determined to sell correrponitingly low. Merchants
who have been in the habit of going East. am pertlea
hotly to mall and look through our stock, m
we confidently believe they will save their stock,
J 7 UST RKI:EIk ED at W. figulintoek's., No. 75 Fourth
street, end for sale cheep:
3 ps ea Cup Zphy carpet, new style ,
to do do fine log. do do, some very elegant
3 do do do do do do
5 do cot. do do do as low as 20 cents;
S do do Ven. do etch style;
I ease of Thompeonville Tugs, umorpassed in style
Perrone purchasing for darelltngs, hotel. and steam
boats would do well by calling and esaminlng our
meek before parehassng elsewhere. styli
LASPERIENCED judges,. a trial of one and a half
1.:1 'million.; since Irita proliootice this uncle unsur
passed for durability in the ceastroction of all kinds of
Furaces. lirice 81A75 cash for loads of to M, guar
anteeß tans suouths ow. Ureter. for. second quality
Bolivar Rucks will ho! at CP/ per M, if as de
sired, without 1155.511ce. A stock of the first quality
I. now fur sale at the warehouse,"tiloates=f ' Ca
nal Recto by J .tW am;
Kensington iron
I,IIOENIX FIRE. BRICKS--The subscribers havritit
been appotnted sole Agents by the manufacturer*,
for the wle of the celebrated urlacenut Bricks . ' are
now prepared to WI orders for any ijumdly, at V.ltt,
per lOW. For the construction Of ftimacce of
all kinds. thew bucks have been prouounced by Com
petent Judges 55 Iwiug superior to all other fire bricks
now in use. C A M'A3ULTY & Co, Canal Bast.
131 ORTABLE FOKtiblt—A eery comer-meat *nick.
L /fellows and •Il the few ean be CartlCti by ambito
dles Iwo theu. A few that recd and for tale by
41.• 4 MR
May 11th, lean, at the School House of the Sixth
Ward, Pittsburgh: By IL M. Breeketuldge.
Published by JOHNSTON I STOCKTON, and for
sale by all the Booksellers in the city.
Slib; MIES-30U bags prlmo Caffeet
luO hail chests Y It Teat •
lb do t. P do
Lat do thank do
VW boo b., Ida bud lb lump, James litter Tobacco;
an bag, l'appert
13 do Allspice;
• .310 bbla Tau°en oit•
kJ do large Nod Mackerel, together *lb or,
anal assortment of NUJ:quill monufaztabled artlelta,
to antra and for sale by RIII3T D.U.2b3.,L & Co,
clear Liberty at
fIARIL bIACINESLA-3 cues Just i t al , : tiguld ula
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, by in
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DL 8.,•=5 MODEL hi Mo.
mann ear&
esn'tsi cat ely cued by a frac an ol,Dti'
lihreeteeth Panacea. •
Caw* or ematinialad, :which, If lregleen ,
terminate ill Consaniptien, is effectually relieved' •
cured by Dr. thsvelsee . armament
154011Cliitis, If encam.. mak +rill era:minty loser to'
Broncidal DonsuppuerUbut a Maris on of Dr Sweet
sees NM.ea will care h
lullainmstlen of the Dyads or Sore nroirt.—Thlt
disease ohm le* to Repna consequences non new
beet, such as Oen:Amon of the throat Ou Out fin! aynV
tams, DT: Swansea Paineu should be proeutiad
ased Greedy.
WWI" re
and Colds . Da scronebri reasedy'Vß
Bereerter'S Panacea. •
Pneurnimla Notlim.4 very fatal dieetise,. htstihhit
bun a violentcoug h and cold ort a armilitatal of bro•
tea dawn coanitationt tied person% are aubjeet I,—
pi r ar tr eu Panacea; should be used on tha 11.1,1ri
symptoms, orttleii.are n couch or eel&
Night pietalltalltuf complaint arlp meet
with a timely cheek, Waring Dr. fil"ntelserl mane".
Conmulption.- , 4f ea the bra apt:Penance aeonsEntp•
liVa symptoms, which Ate a p up id the Lade snd buts!,
&Lae =Pane"' is ..
taco the n ilnir Lo
s, the Windpipe, ot Bronchi at 11.6 m.
became nlogged,up wi th Alegre so as to Impede te l
maim at breathing' , Dti - Pwoomes Pan ,
• PrtmerOl Repetrionintishauld be take,, accosqm
IR dinette.. •
Influensa..—'rhis dented* eiddeatle, so Pre•Welli la
our climate, Is speedllybunt4 by. D r . Sarenserls Pans.'
hies Sipae bottle, oils bauberfor VS
For oda by . WM. JApCSON, 80, Mott/ MI giC 3 0
be big n0v2017
sixedlly oared
To the Redhead Profanelon. rued Fushun.
n'ECKSHIS FARM), nose in awe at-the liaapitiiht
Aerie:ma, and ohne public establishments, and
recommended try some of the moat distinguished ptrg.
etch= and °hernias, at anartiole of diet fire ehildten
and invalids, much superb= to SM.. toot, olio,
far more strengthaninerpleasant to the 45.01, sad 0001
of digestion. Put up !bpi lb. boxes of half ih. - pappra r
each accompanied with printed directions fbrecoring,
. .
Litchis, in his Agricalitiral Chemistry, p. 49, Ptul
"Children fed upon 14101.-0130 t, salep, or indeed any
kind of amylalaczons food,. which does adman Ingre
dients fitted for the knead. of harms and.mosalea,
become fat, and acquini touch samosrourn thole limbs
appear hall, but they do n0t 101191112 strength, 1101 , 1130
the organs properly drialoyietio
In the•mialysts of thet.Partne made by Prof. Reid of
New York, among otheireentstitnents, ha gives - IS r
cent of flume suul alhattien; and 1,1921*1 that the
claims of the Patios open th e Ideolical Prole.. - d
the public will rest updti Its containing in the , gl
and albumen, rogotablifilnine and other Wimps
bodies not found In urine root or similar substan es,
and which modern ellemistry ham pointed out as being
to the forreation of human fibre end by
n in e = which =nth make. up for the fibre
La that Labels placeln the hum. body. For axle
wholesale or rm., by , R E SELLERS,
septa 67 wood et
, .
TT is a great satisfaction tom to be able thus publicly
to announce, that the great demand for our superior
and splendid preparations of opr "FAMILY hIEDI
CLNE fax exceedi our moat tangalue expee
partienl ,"
arly one Eapeclomat and Corrota
Carminativettalaf li which for beauty of appearance,
uperiority off tents, and the compounding or
them, together wi the intamase disparity in the she
of our bottler over any Urtheri—thoLteautiful and ornet
mental engravirtgaand the Matidisplayed in the put-
ting of them up, m a (twitter incitement in the mirelms•
es dud as many of my old friendswho kiwi , rue
("B. Grum LOTIVICRaIWheIIi in the employment of Dr.
D. Jayne, I now beg leave respectfully to inform them
that I ant one of the flu i
d s ; et LOUDMOI & Cu , No. SI
Arch street, below Thi Ponsimr.seite, whereJahall
be happy to me them; Who, nided by bin ...her, V
regular graduate of this.lehiladelphla College of nu
many,” make, pat ap, , and compound, with Oa own
handa every atticie• croMprishig our “F`amlly Medt
me viz
led= EX/insane.. Compound Carmiatz
urn Hal/11131 Coropdand Tonle Vermilage, West Indian
PliV s., l r 3d Oriental Hair TOW.- „ '
We farther leave'. remark, (and do it with
• confidence that enema be shaken,' that we havedis
covered and made an improvement on oar Oriental
Heir Tonle, that far areeeds any thing ever offered - to
the public. Oise aeall at No. 114 ARCH street
Our terms alone are an inducement, and we are sere
of the result ataltdat
remussacaint l ccavan CO en. •
EDWARD ACRY takes this mans of re
rning his thsetkeqo It • friends and. the stabile
tu lm extensive patronage he lownseeived, and of in
formitur them that he Ma lately erected • large tad
all minstructin budding, for the exclusive purposes
location,. Phillipaburgh, Fa., on the Ohio nverompo
site the steamboat Wadi. Beaver, where hats ready
to receive patients as boarders, and treat Were on. Hy
&Malta. PritsciPlea be addition to his long *nowt-.
sad the great: awn. which, has her at
tended his treatment ofpatients itotaminad mats ease,
be has now the additionrl facilities afforded by an ex.
tem.a hulloing preppose,catt,
raining emodioirs cod rooms, andfittmi up 'Fhb
every eeetwsmq Sprat.. for bathing, and &bai r n.
tering the treatment Whet utmost heoefit and e 0.311.11.
of the pationt. Yltillipewirgh la a most delightful and
healthy village, easy not access by steamboats, and ad,
fords floe and wbMesente vrater4Dr. Sicker wares
Mow alt feted perm. who ways plane vt•-•e , ..e'ves Ro
der his care, that every attention shall be paid to their
comforn mad as an assaititeenfthemitistantialberefits
to be derived, he points with confidence to the Man
dredi who have been aconsinentlyattred at his
nehmen!, The Water Care leaves no Injurious effects
behind, as is too caleri- the ease . With these who •haVe
twee treated on the old system/ It newssrs the din.
Zer.4 . 1, 414i o gz ,v . ., : p l . =l,. .. e from te theadangenatuAsi
and acuretsmarnms, and Imparts vier to go Amu.:
powers. Terms of treatment and boanfing reaeopaiste.
Nor (nether particalerlinqatre at the establishment,.
address th e proprietor it Fhdlipshuggh.
. _
We have been Informed by Mrs. aose:of • sure pct.
.tbrated on bet by . Dift Ortyvaa.• Algetatlm which
Nelms Its supertorny over everg.ottgr remedy of the
PIM She Inn been adtinteil atithd biataizteen years
11614 aleeradoutotodiltthra of itane.t. bnnt:ld.•
ringyritiel apt Many _ beendlichtiged tout
the Inordal hantiof el etsctnem, fawn beth.trr arms,
wring and hands, and Own both le p, and froui the 4ft
(cameral bone, and frongthe right It - nee, bealde•
eternal other gam other ;tenon, winch have baffled
the skill of a somber of the mouton:Out-at physisiansof
our eitv—donert meat of the time bet stidnage have
been enenuallog and deglotat4e. *boat throe months
sole* alto Ins indeeed miry Dr. Jaynes Alterative,
sitialt bar had an astoalshiersty Illapyryelfeetaponlierf
hymnal:tug all Qua ohm weiiaipb Aml.p.fackir th e.
ulcers to heal, white 0114$ tame time heigeneral health .
boa beentaetentpletely itstered,eo Itnol ate nawlireighs
b mon than she did, Wont sbenotentmend the aso
a( this truly valuable pre n.-14111. Eve. Post
For further infortnanat, tequila of Um Now, No. Us
Fdbel t at Phltadelpin a..
For sale to Pittsburgh; tribe TEN. !MORE,
N Fourth at. near Wood, ,
ENGS.--13crobilvin UI itit malt* d form
whetherin that of Ain's 6riy enlasrielein ci the
glands or beam, Goitre, Whim Seeellings, citrons
Rheumatism, Cattier, diseaseiettlalSittn &SAW,
Of of Pulmonary Comemplion, eminelerromc one
and the same Cailn% nnfiniC4 is i puipaseues 1061:419s.
more or less inherent intim harm spurn, There.
fore. corletethis bedat.thYed, bd 'UN
cal cunt tribe effect/mei but it the principle Om
winch the &acne depeeds, is removed, ri con
=mot neeessity follow so matter under what lorm
the disease should.mieeitesl Swell. This, therefore
IA the reason Why bath t's Avithesithe in so tuil
venally imethruditi hi retesting id caddy thaligaide
diseases. It destroys the virus or prineiple has
wined those diseases havetheiresigin,hy antenna
into the cirmelatio,le and with the blood is conshied
to the etimutert hbet,lvemiving every partiellfat
disease from the system. Peepers:el sod sold at No.
o South Third Street, Philadethbia.
Sold Cl the Pekin Tea Suite, No. Ii Fourth surer, Pittsburgh mcb.3l
1 1!,Igsln i
T ADIIOI Who Via Illamoton Pre,panta Chalk, Chalk, 13 often oot aware him letgattally I tallintit CO
the skin! how coarse,how tooth, how tallow, hellow,.•
and unhealthy the skin appetite M c[ hutng synnaead
chalk! Hendee, It Is iatutetta‘entilaintetek large nelUI
dry of le. We ave OW JO masted behatlfttf remade
anialther ad hiete we h IYIEWS etPalllll3ll-GILY"
WEIRDIII H patently /amount, being porifitchat of t
dektuanat hat e% and imparts to the Ulm awe.
tat, Itealthy, al anhe,ateif, With white, dilettante
was Wing at a exteinet.v latish =Cal WWI
and man& .• • •• —.•
Dr. Jamea Annemen. PrseCoal Chemin M. Maria
damns. Jaya "Abair analrengJouestflpanish Lally
Whim, I find it poateiaes the mom liaantiral and Data
ral, at the *ante time in, eei•nt white I ever saw. I
certainly ean conscientiously temmunead its ma to all
whose akin requires beautifying..
DT Price 33 cents • boa. .
U. — Sold by WM. JACKSON, at his Doot and Shoe
Store,® Liberty street, head or Wood, at the sign of
the Rig Bash . Ne
Ladles, ladles, Paz italtinbated.
When you knearthat you arapromis•d
A mural, life-Illre t snowy aelinte,
That yea wet millmetemnien chalk,
And look a deathly leiktar
The theme Of I fleshier and oUtalk.
11 yoo Weald tree - a bog of JONIS.'S Lilly•whlte, It
veinal give you skin-en utalratitee yet wheal White,
and at the same same clear and bamova it. - stoM at
JACKSON'S, es Liberty at. Pnee 33 cents per box.
_ .
. .
th: I"! ly i r bu strrl. s tsirk e dottr47 s th e
Drugs, kedichrea nf a.., AdnuT .11eatafrs
end Perfumery, Ftscs4l momesao, to sr eh be
calls th e 14UnIti42
. l usgss 64 *. ~rrr
chants visiting the ell', as 4 viranwaracp 4.4ey A t
very tow paces, andlive general amisatetion. Goods
arraotsd and cheap: Varnish'lro. F soul g, N: York
muleteer:um; also lap. and Black Leather Varelal.
es,of superior qua li ty. Also, White mid Wed Lead at
prices losses Wanberetufons offered....L' D. M. also
manufactures Dorgan's celebrated Ccraghßyren,eildeb
hasPrert general satisfaction to the curing_ of
couAs, colds, boarsenesi, Inffuelma, Mhooping cough,'
ere; price IS cents per battle. etorgios'•
lathers boar Pins, 44064.4 k man ; for liver eomplunt,
sick headache, and bilious complaint& trim 23 GUI
per ba.X. . . 14p2/
Dr. W. P. lialluxd'• Prillttstrant Parseirwr.
yvt. W.T. INLAND, the Medical College hf
adelphia, now Mien to the public his Indian Veg.
triable Premium Plastor,thet qualities of 'ortticatter
long and tried eapetience. halt been .metidococdiy es.
tablished. TO all women who may be lig r.d wire
Prolapses Merin or Fallen Womb, he remmuntends his
plaster, guarameeint s sere and irpeedy 04/0 in the
short space of from Iwo to the. weeks, if applied with
Care sod rest— ewbis c an darding all We eonsoles• Mammals
espensidages so long in
The he reel.
coaseimlleu Its , inamtmaie as be has not failed
In one case. out of shtoe hundred and MT-Wm, Pe.
Also for filtelamattreeluld Wea 7 rHtcau or Rack, at
tended with pale, there I. nothing to extol Mb, Plaster
la offonllag..rdWor effeetisar a cam For sale by
I. Wilcox, comer of Ilialsoad Mid Market at
Dram & Reier, ° 'LibrarraniTe. its
Dr J Banont Federal t and Diamond,
Jae lth q e uer " no, • De warn *4 Dian:wadi Illtselegt
haw. leg
A ChAllsaiM • W o r ld.
=l;inid - ' .
DULLARaatIf bd paida lay MA
war produce aspen of paint, gram or drbajaa
CA not be ostracled arab lloa's Improved Chemical
hoop. 1 kH. We tatithestiot w tit? .mm um t.ef Wit
this place, dial tau artielc,kr say Or! approseacat ea,
.1, rwur ,* masa:lca to ass anaa fr.lolcdpg.
Immo, laa,v,ach, on, inane br Miji Find.
sumac, Croatia:l awls of phitlmaea% ortid &Abide
carpets, bible Oaths, ate vikatiloy, Wan) hennas,
wehmlneseng anyth u szoi weesionlleibt
Mare taut .oart. Pavan: al diersnat
pans or th e enamel 'Mon told ba they woaht net be
Bo..umat le frit eelase Galt
of per tap.
&we ea mad than Sob ride flea la j
~,,,,..ondoelipoos, I halo only lownd threelneeei OS
nit, two a alpees a A a lfiger of metal), on whisk ti
&ewe tenant& re More men It ea a whim
inco try • mule of the Ant. i cams ihit *ern*
&tenter:aim to irvo,..spnnytehracrooF ,
I know to Wallet], We:. It[ eel.
pm; eti per oat. k ni
FLOUR-10U bbl. osus PumayllneeMen awed eat
fas . ato by . • JOHIII DiVi1.:9;294
___--- •••—_ •
•-elNATl MUL , itaio l4 7 4lo .. l ... l ".lit'
• sad gamin tea avowed ad . plitA . ' '
-• • ' - kin oh. Focurgr,Watl ON fti, 1- • •
-•M.IL I. allost.P. moo ofkdg gOOOO4 htothhil
Et t=tittorhl47l=M:,
rnbond' MD* ht.dkothiattate'ho w.1....= •
tboo go abeid.*: -Idosi only Osioy propOolitiot or
Aid Vi t ... hohlto a. a kr, ben mak tato aeltotiloA":
rtilo hosloorogind tO Ittoriddh, mot 42
ram Cor horn ao,it as airy serr',h7ot
pro norm* Woo %GU. , 1 Im o to. wept Wit lhOsi
tkosphint from •afrsoth; how od i d or' n
ing& ottcwogh/W1
oimpradnes .. t Eirp*amold air* I S Wm •
.....kolli e jk is poud doled* MIN
Wasted 3 or 6 Itsoehai evneinaiii.‘ h
M-2 I was Wood ott . , gm, sag BOOHOO/
WgLL. Otto boa ' bow othipeotthf
. t omth Vt i t i o n lo th oLt= e t i t
hohtft . ..illat ..!Vithrhitith-g oreelt tiololoofil !hit*.
art, ess sumo% Met - I him kepi iba k Ix 'mg *Mr
kw IS on 7riarq .iiitt. Iniatridsjimrasomih hew rata
.1 . 01 • WOW gnome wbo hal_ mg -
74 . ..2T.. hAP.../. 1 om.yothoptUalltio:
and a • thott tion will lottitil his o' '
ooroally mamma Cow iti all ...Wig. plry
Ithiltor for Um. Complaint at glitothist la.;
, dim , era aursamier toCalowl or thoghttill. Nowt- •
hi &Gitri;4, ihro ' s . ro . Abor Pao 1.41! . t a rroliii?' .
...Liao Lhot Pillo, pomp who loaattha TUlWhom=
oolr kor tottau booth:hot Wu NA OW WS
A BELLER/3,8a /0 Rhol-ot. Immo., TOW lit Pm&
seta 17 DC.Casses, Bun rrut,o ciar,alllo.4.
MiTtlthy OP .this Water Clutece.
i t
ENJ. V. AID mum his Lucia's
4.) t eary aksi the eitisexut of and Allegkar
arty for Metal supped arid
.hu received wuldnidni lastals. mamba, this Wa
ter cure &said acquire such eidebtity,- - tudiiiip
strange normysearions,whati feeonaidaredhirwjpisOt
a number of cues of every variety of disdain,' hoe
mate and ehnirde,bare twat eased bye ludickatisia
oat. In Ciermeny, *hem It originiued, alg
oldie wonn easy- that were glees up by the toad*.
ful ?brad= of peasro IncuLableL were, (sired 01
Inimmortal Pries:MlA tbe fonder of thcrWateragna
In Entdand, France and 'arairricis thousand* of barow
lees Wawa have been cured by i .td the nurotir
Hydropathio establishment, sow in
La opera.
the Dribeid Btu ., speak evidence. La favor of ths
blur* having Pantries:4ly esiabllibsd Wawa,
In the coy of Pi l l.b.inia . dirter•docifgatialledrat of Ir.
womb alley. on Peinc asset, is noargiriv *DU
number of besides, and vast Mid
those who prefer being treated at their own'
will be punt ally and faithfally attended. flisfiX
axnutited ria his dace friss I welded Wl? ll.11d.j: and
from 7 to 10 in the evening.
N-1 IL—Diary variety of baths nada Loa st
Water cum both for ladid and genihmice; etit beak.
mined at the ether:mans, os Liberty areet,wharidury
bevel been recently emoted for th e anima ag.
droprithic patient., end where every attranion mill be
given by the polite and anemias prowl:nom
Great Eng/lah Rostodra
,- GIOB Coughs, Colds, Asthma and Coustungedold Th.
..rabov GREAT AND ONLY REMEDY Or thump of a
o ru by the UNGARIAN' SA lAMBI Or
L. s• disc th e celebrated • Df. 3 Eda ef
Landon, England and introduced Writhe Valtdd Mandl
touter the intmedute superintendence of do Invistorip
Ortnscadioory . SUM= of thin - inadh 4 ea"ltl 11W
cute of Pula:maw, discuasi arsoranse Via Cldaf
Age I in soliching:Gu treatment the aroma passible ca
ws can be finand in the counnunity—caus shuns* •
real in vain from of Alva cottintoo.reica?dielsolf dt•
day, and hate bh'lll 10,2..4 4'0041144=
phy Clans Oa confirmed and in=oole,.. ,Tlio .
rat r iZarn ga t s . cuiv..d, anitrill Otitis the glo it U=l ,
Sod a
rife fish Otekieine, orkslowakandValished eZesair. •
Eviery fondly in tbe United Sums should hte. Xod
'with , Buchan's Hungarian .Balsam of Life,nol AO,
coatheract the oonsumptive tendencies' of, tha . amok
bpi to be aced as • preventive medicine In all
A dige :of
colds, coughs, spitung of blood, polo In the able and .
chest, Urination and soreness of the lungs, Inockitli,
dilhadty of breating, hectic fever, night insu= san utigh
=Lod azir oval debility, utbnua, &O. rpef
—4d in i.„,„.e...., . it per bottle; With !fill, diSii•
rictus for the restoration of health. ' .
Pamphlets, G0.11.11i31i116 a MLA of English and Amer.
eWq cateates, and other evidence, shoiringtheiso,
menu of this great English Remedy, im be
ob ed of the AVIA), grand elyton
Par sale by B A FAI L k CO" eeklattet
al aqa Wood and Wood and 6th stA
„. Mad
DLL's JAYNE'S ClLlMlNATlWifilifiliaiLik,
I,lilubt the Rev OA stun tt, a**ll known I=
r h iss clo - ft elan PrOtarnuntdethodlit
Tip undar..d among tmenaraicteddnring timpani
Wi4r with a disease of Ms stonissinwaltatimes pro
anhi g great pain in the montathfor telinaweivehocun.,
w nt intenrawkahanfl after_ hammy laird. venom"
rem dies with litneeffeet,waef..mi,.. laths- bow.
ef thl DJaytm's Carminative ilaiman Thlaiwatoadae
awa rig to the direct:tone, and fitenduttrarlalitythiltkim
=dome ceased the pain lo abate in thz u m inirsirt.
via and in fi ft een or twenty n_tinates •-stneasy.
tine was entirely claimed. The. ire walk&
te need whenever indicationaoftha.apprtinah of
pate ere pemeived, and the onto twat thermhyprglrent.
..ed e continued to tom the medicine may. ..mlaninn
and metimes a, the morning, andki 'a late amen
heal, was so far restored:ail theanderenf was mile.
od Om • iwite =trhet. von:wave • pain... Slow ex
aloe%therefore, tronfuleatiy , Macomonind i D
for O j eltases fth Carminative
h an u .d= alB:M" . .11:11111.111N21
.illositenv cilia
pr, 4,,pii.bmiklL.ih; pgaN irs-t ,
're r untb onset, near Wood, and also at the Dee
Btu of II k' SCIIWARTZ. Pectoral Meet, Ailealhou
PWJ — WY.,Otir. iiketoll... ,
MF: 0. E. SOLt.,sy'Dlit'Strt X.ltttitptingiitt
nag the pristriani Winter, I wag sivorelystaiefOik .
wart scrofulous complaint in my leriond,hafi limn,
for Tie months under the care of pysitlee!..l.2hey
said use was almost incrinlnmand thayormin, do
' bat i a for me. I was , herutrioaSeallut with 1 4 •
aid qcrutches could with &Scilly get about, lxix Map
eve leo, I=med of pea l and
th. mmoncarced IV %So,
, , commeneed hoeing, and I laid ealdsorymandO
as, god y a nano. - favensed _grill! my yana Z .
'at end ante a. In atald,
in shlmiting sheep. In an, I wed five_hottitta.„,;2**,_,:o
rrofttla and sores have all heatedap, rou=4•aa
uoartmer I have Deco no appearatter, nub* . hog %
have continued, madam now, lathe thestnitifen4
I nettle with confidence, hoping that others may peen ~
Mined in the game way, thatthe nantamtenta wild if
coo, Iwo been the meant and the only means rearmed:
Isr me cum CORIM..I. Mil. ROM
v, sale wtrolanala and mad,' by
.F 1.4. rnartesrocx. t co
. ..,:teineitdorner wood &Mita
ream di' merplAm Ovum
CUM 11l rit . !Min
It "Val item c k . :, w,, i 1,,, ,, ,d - ....*
.. 11,,,,,
, K, m y ,t! ..l e mud Lavender. Angle.
I s i f . i . :,:drdeil y Pa* eI •14eeeli
We[ tm•fek, ennutwog (swam extracts
m lee handkareldell a semi; bag, and cedes maps.mus ,
hie or emsents.
P Lan, or Chleeseponvdex.
In tan meanie hair od,
Banes mt, ne fancy or ammo wrappers, (reme seem
locm' Beass Nyetpb likati %me Lip save;
Riau • Soda map, tosetter mati • dram variat7
, Anie Dorf • last received; lbe sale bv
41 A tram :MOCK .t. (XI
eor MA A mood sta
Pul ß4/17 ' —I Mal Is
' ""rplo mow areamma r to masa ZipgVni i r
• reWOCU.g YORY Vag< tahill Pulmonary Daimon.
IV l p f refr i el oreohleh ß.l.." l tea game el'nuL an meeemat Tem od, 'lB°'
Lay nod aoyeralifeeell eacuylalou and smuts at tar
/nog one a leer dm Ike% and in emery kilmeme L
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