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dhdolly criti your mention' to Dr.- thisiere. Ch/1.1:
De ut, expressly intended 'for tbe presermia. of the
health of Loth rexes—Witether it armee from Inethient
Pinkish, or early consumption!, Debility of the Lang{
um.aka Affections, Asthma, Pleurisy, Deranged end
Driorderedotate of the Liver, PPieem or iDdosir, D.
eased Pose,Cbolie, Palpitation of t 4
(lean, Loss offfflusealar or 'Nervous Power, fee. ,
immediate relief of Female. wafering from Irregulari
ties, and all other Uterine diffigultzmand diseases trig
dental to women h whether oectiriened by cola, w ,„,
feet, Or nay mmilor itffoliklondexpisidttalad'ill this
without the use of otedicing at the Moat deliceSe and
sensitive 134 y Can . 1 ././... , ..tfaPP 1 9 4 it to 'herself
. .,p t h out et incurring any risk or dauget,
. De nny unpleasant' resallearlsing from undwrith the
certainty of obtaining Immediate relief.
Dr,,,lthromea Guardian is no carat-penny, or one Of
lA. many humbegs of , the den but it is an macrame*
made apou strictly seitatifie principles, by ticeordunce
with the laws of Electricity and Gal.:dna; and for
netanest, durability and efficaey, inlinitelyearpassets
everything of the hinderer before offered to the public
for the relief ofdiecati;dod, the language of one of
the swat enlightened roenollhe day, is pronoaneed fa
booths greatest discoVety ofthe trge." • ••
ed t
by A lrlr d e of tffn ie.- ,rt th ' an g f eet r 4=l -r 1:e4.0- 4 1 ,
oh perfecdon b Tdum n tg which time it t la been di
dushands of setae of the ost eminent pbyrielans
the North and South, me w elt .in thedwellinge °lea
rner*. families, who have used it tor all of the also.
parposee, with the utost perfect rinceess, and who have
cheerfully given their nequalided epproban. of tie
effieaer anti value, art can luf see. by referring to the
blanualof botructions accompanying it.
De. C. B. Barrett's t he iisecored from innova
ti by a
frout the United.Stetes ParentOthee.
n od ed bri had either with or without hts hlmiteaElnetro
Tip hleilicp-pettrii Galvanometer, In point of beau-
IY, workmanship, durability and power, emotes be roe-
Cr ed i o ks C .72, , ,rag .`","2.,11"..1= b Z1itt.":4
to. poamss mole power rout g i e n the and treatment i.
ty, than. any other inatmracaL either in the United
States or Europa 'The Iffediee-Electro Galvanometer
is warranted in every teopeet, and with common oral
nary care will law it iifonme, and is by far theeat-0g
at, become the best, !ointment ever offered to tie
padic. ' A manual accompanies th . p giving the most
ample instrucns, ofpructical e ence, to that 0
readdy . lutelligible tonal mind o every one, while
the •wr •up s,f arrangement is suctrihrit a rind may
Any information gratuitous) given, end all comma.
Moutons cheerfully answered per matt, either to rela
tion to the Vecria-Galranometer or Guardian.
MedinaLiten are invited to call and examine Dr Itay.
rett's Guardian, and ten to efficacy.
For sale by H. RICHARDSON, sole Agent, 71 Mar.
ket at, Pittsburgh._ „
LUNGS.-The unpreecdentid gIICCCII3 'Which Ixos
'tended On nig, of Inst.
12 0.11 the vnrloas forms which.lrritntion of the longs
names, has induced Om proprietor again to tall anon
tion to this
Thu anangablo wenthar which marks ow WI and
winter maths, is alwayaa &riitisl Kano or
These, tf negiected,-aro bat the preempts of that kW
The question, then. hour shall aro niithe destroyer to
the bud? 'hose shall *a ;et clear of - sYu coughs and
olds? is of vim) freportancs to the public.' •
twill be foimiitke Ginseng Panacea- proof of His
' have from Moe to unte pohlialmitthe certificates of
&meal- of ter lien • known' eiiimus, who balm cop ed.
cheed its
li Cura ti emiave powers.. .Tisese, tty with a mau of tea
enWir froze anL
'M of thisewanm
krutiatersof thEtiospet, de., together with copious oii
Saes from' the • _ . .
we hove entimilledin pamphlet form, !mot may be had
,tratHiof nity l MAn i szents DS , t 3 hou ta=eounity.
have been nsed in ibis city.
throughout the United States end Canada, and we e lia
lenge imrininin point out a
n middy swollen tairen.accordwg to directions, nod b,
fore the loop bad become family disorgamzed, It b ys
ever foiled to
r;vvr,cr a rilliFarr CURE
Why, then, need ilto etliond hesitate? wt by aunt
the rulo•Inblo nottrans, gotten Kt bpon oatt to
nein. ler the 11....111:1MIP6 Of anon ce eunnol phy.
Wein; and tonfred into notoriety by ranifinnta• r. net
equity unknown? AVlLulstanondicine
It to be dna; whose vouchers are el home, -oe, nee,.
ban,—.o.r of ahem it has
_ .
order that this invaluable medicine may be placed
within the reach of :banner as well the rich, we have
pat the ;nice at
lent pne , hzlf thr . 1.1.111e... of eongh media - tick.
fee rale by Our aroma in neatly every town and village
crier elb RCM, Who WC prepared to give fall informa
tion relative to it Y. SALTER, Proprietor,
➢roadway, Cincinnati, Ohio
T l ;"':'T 6iIISCIPw" been af-
A for on; yeah, hadt
- a il7lon every thine ,His pityaicierseerstantlyatten
dui him, and Le bird
criamded over two thousand dol
lar.. Ho to, or lailievid in adereased I.Plned, but
considered Mein ell humbugs. Al last 41
he tried Hr.
Taylor's IMtsain of Liverwo, Prow fl Heckman Street.
'New York, and in nix wee rt ks was entirely cured, hue,
• lug taken only three rendes. This is only envoi many
• eases where imaginary objectionSto pment medicine
hove prevented permits', fr om using this medicine, who
- have expended hundreds of dbilltrs testicle physteiamt
to v the endowe their recoiwiyvotheinfal
tibia ethency ,of this pat h is table .prepagathim
There is no mute s c, this to dine is superior to
any remedy prescribed by medical advise.. This
medicine Atm taken M) yenta to mantra, - and is the so
rest reinedy for direnics ever therpublit,
R.III2IIMATIO Pans. Corral, ann Suorrnms cm Eunice
C h a ng msm!— > Sudering for a longtime with-them complain.
.41 a iven ttp.alilinpriofleiingeured. 1 had consill
ed the balms nod Loguipathie tfoeterith 'aid: 1 had
mad mstryiartielei adverb but found no relief. In
despair L had given on the use of eitmeines
ing of the grunt Mauer of DeiTitylor'sUalmm orLiver
wort, and the groat corm It hadpeg laleam otLiner
wott, pegformed, induced
IRO to try itjoy ,lutd astonishment,
-, better daily:"....ircusnlintind trse,'elen:bla Sugar
,Coated ra k uuta °arta:- '.lXr7Tny lore
Balsam Of Liverwortis the bent niedichutittthe world
6r these coMplaints, told.willcure.Orepgrine Inflicted
swrit 'LAWRENCE,
.Captain or ho Nine y, of Nevi York.
A s sn's, Comm„-l..havosnifered from the Asthma a
very Wog time, and have used every medicine' I could
obtain for .its cure in vaitt,inntil I . ttied Dr. Taylor's
Balsam of Liverwort This medicinal:as afforded me
most munilito, henefit,,and is, In try opinion, Is tare for
We distressing disesise.;'lnors especially, nal knots of
=mycoses among my friends, where leiter been high
ly mccessfuL., rcrsons trderested ere leveed to call,
at my residence for farther Information. • •
• MRS. S. /LUTON, 40 Laurens st. :
Sold let Pliiilutgh by I D Morgan Pl.:Wood it; I
Townsend : 4s; llSnryser, 'mar Market , and
311 stN Ilenderson &CO, .5 'Mem- st ' Price reduced
$1,50 per troult. '
B. A. PahriestetelOa Asatt-Billosta eala.
PHIS Cathartic "eontPp.d. 'combine. unallneis of
A., balk with 'eat ieney 'and rparative. trtildnese of
rtgsuive action; - and linable at peculiar. tendency to
he Inbar exttemgy valuable in this coun
try, in Which bilions - fiVers and other somplainta at
tended with codemitro ter: to mash abounds—
They have tripod the leaf of•Al .."nua experi
ence ha, pr.ved thew isle, baste andblet remedy' .
In 101eututtent,Besuir.enr.d Bdiaae Pews.; Joon.
di.; Moat Colitt DYsnu. , T;
Birioasiroutitiega anstan complaints of an le
ftist:nanny .eharneter, The rompieto and universal
satisfaction Which has.. tivl an by throe pills to ail
who. havainice , nrd iberp; tender the publishing of
tan nate.i.s . certificate. in their fawn: unnecessary.
prreat cetf r t a er p teiti
ng'thiy are row pat ap to
. edxylog t apidiv Pir pe.
Prpe:iceno sox
containing '3O
Prepared and' old by
Cotner lit Anil `cool, and alto eon:etre& and wood
• 5P,. / F
iIROANS OARS tt SYROP—It ptorra bo she
great' Pallatalf Cana; my child'. distressing
Promtlur Temperance:Banner, Nov h art 1847.
(km= Su:F. 7 -We unapt In the aof ,pattEng
Mach Issulottmg isatent•metlichics, but are reel dmposed
reeommend Momon's Syrnp to those 'who are oleic:
elderith n cough., Alter havingrned the astral rem,:
dies ro reaurre mamma and distressing cough, that:
had log several 4.34 afflicted 0114 of oar children, sailb
oat sac —ems, Wo wen indite-Mt try 'Mor g an'. cough
syrup, sod by it rend wasobtairted to a fess hours- It
proved to be IharLasea2 al tall atiat tit least
Prejsatted iebolesale and retail by_the proptupr,
, II MORGAN, DreWtst,
- -Tomo or.lOobrlxtorr dtomofid
• JCL PEOWISAPrfb .er ne( el-other Tenn:dies Wt
Doeq.*.,Creenanyett,l4o.4.l44,4sdeeta.eatteeltar Polak.
*ay effatanm, What Ile mart perreurraboteemeneeJ the
we or it in tlaCr trasLO.,tala you ego'. ICU pewter. it to Al
otherromediee orDkat hied: and tabare soy km been la* need
to by ollativevapatnbona they bare WalesaMariably been
ittemottntesi riatieint the both which Ira* rononnbly ,
saltifistedfrom ar. high praises bellowed bythepsoprinors,
adhere volumed the ti.4l ofJame'r.aracreaur,•ti•
* moody that,lpaa opyrSailed to piliere dm. ztal *bids
probably. bte 4 u.r, Willrbsiona ry
Porpatred only. Dr„ Jayne Pbt elphice, .64.01 d co
DLLEPNPAIN EXTRACTOR will, in five min
were fib& itiesilae of its, einifiestida,..reinore
pains fauna - 141111),. SOMA or bliaters,
and willittabwaidds,alcent end Hues of ,aity kind
with/nit am?. Tido valuable Pain Eitractot eau be
had of • ' .JOHRLITAIOROAN; Druggist,
• -;• •• 11i0,14 1 / I "Oloodineet,
tent kw Western Tenn.
iUttT AT.W.ILL'CIiC7' 7 3 - 7 piece•
tVtanale,lery rich colors isu4 good pattern., and
very erreep.,lVerMErkerth er. gad
AIIPTA7346S4jitii lEdOzep ban Robber
8 • 4 414 iaperio, the-11611in Reb-
Ca .11'oirl al. • • . • LUMP •
'Vella* for
C l l l 7 3 b i r. !-El , — .
sarriorChroisa Gre4p,
fa'''' grftibil , s7r i e 2r rli - floll . B ° Oite.r; l> 'l4l. 3l lfeip ßl3 a A nd ' jtf;
bb.Packed drr lor-Barlerr 15 , mkg tramosr.
tidalrteretedArorild'llr A
dal ' "•' Hound aura -
__.—_ •
WNDON G I.ANS.-I:4ltra lla 216:1 tad for file by
"oei6, , FORSYTH &DUNCAN. 77 .
GLAttr — sK 6 ' .4 .iiNfiln . dairriiriow
braid.artave; tor sale Lr'•'l , • 0 •-l—
ostel • YONSYND & DuNCAN
11OUTTRR— kogsjisslet 'Ssiiijo;7l : 6irsile by
D 0e
.. • 2srotta. t ROE
ING-1;t1 las Stunted ll;ftinc feat ireAi
roe sale by se WICK evrecAxoLizi
ar4.91 bbisgio 3Slackers!, (184&) 00 bait rid'
ado, !5.14•4 do d 0 No do doj teed I •
',lle tonal= viletry : -
.N I I , lAI. • • bumbelehramby.
804 . 4 .-/q ' -. • 4.T. 1 4:ftc!N #.,!? 3 ,NP0 , A "
XTEWETISX.E 2.11A1V.5-s,ost roo , d, iplonOi4 lot
j 1 - of fine zoo/ ttylgl'arisEnnied *ooL
w mpl i we-wit/to : the ottentlon - iet
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oetlr - I/A
FAft, - l itriThWbfrANos otttatutood far
- 4iJoby . JOHN II VELUM,
ENETLAN RE D -9 Oulco for oh by •
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lef l7c~-ilionß,7ne BT D o L Z W ~ee•J.niid,
(7 Wfrale 6j --~ xN , AOSI DAL'LELLb Lo.,
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. 4
~I . RftA FuPer .: , , 101 TIN DMORG N !
jy.k ocik• • „ Let . f, 6----7:r ..
~L c• ' k • iiiii;-114,1 for sal,,iti D'idoßGApi_
-?.D. , °m3 2 `;:: ',.cliul, °' • T:ROAN
Nrilahritl.i I, - ' ..71;,,,,, , l e
Ibutiy;llll,, 49.kilii.
0 orkv 4" lved j l ' ' 1
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...;.: . Oa'
~~~'~-fi^ P 'we.~~;.t ~»a;5,aR:.~'.i..^...,.~".:.c:~a,w.,,;i+z:~.5~.a...
p .. 1 . .
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, . . I . 1 ill 17ri 61774'
Lill 1.1.4., ,t1"1, , ./j.1PAih.r..,....1%0 •. t' fii r „ .e5i., , 4.3 e, . • , 1
, •, . IV• •Trtf,7,;vll7l ,
. - 4
, ..,..i.,:ii ..1: Z.': :11 1 tt . .. ' ;
— ,l: 14 . I 01, ,i 1114.1 1
'.:.'±..-"i" '... s ...L.•!. k''!•.
'•-•. ••.' " ' f i ;,• 1:—..... . .. rtv -••;• -; ' : '.17:,1,
DU. oir,=. RD'.
.fit metentreadinely. 'tom intr., l Q Word
Ranker ft in
time acept.; pkaitancr amtnerrnetted
pertur tt, err saL le newe r ofamet
ifeNig the
The pew balmy end euparlerity. of thleateseparills
ever all otherniedhinetiAlhatnhlle liCeradlcateethedhi.
ewe; Incinerat. the body. It
the noty be*
IRver henna ; It net mar parlAte the whole
tT OntreZl
•lagthelri the perms, but it mute. cnni
Rood: umber permrld by mother cm And in
teleholb. grandennee stirs wcaniarAd wenn It hen
nernienent within the hist two .yeern cent. Wen /00PLP
cures of , ameare atm:tar dbututt u. loam 15,000 wen
eansidered• ineurahla D,lten stud the Jinn of morn
;Imo 1.1000 children during the Iwo put seaman
10,000 awes or Geareal Debility
Willa; or Nervous Energy.
• • Townsend's Sammie...Ma lovioratoo the. askr,,,
Ay stem perummtly. To those who hare lon thok
ocular energy by LW otritets of ittwitt*l•Or=so.
tion tundowl In youth. or the entomb* Ind
the passions, and brought one Lateral Avila' roma
tlw, of the smuts Osten; . 11. 1 =tblio. seem erstobbiot‘-
faintlos sensations, promoters diletyntol. h e tog that Awl &VW. CPF , _+retpditA„ .‘ „ . tin he el.
rarely stored by, Alt pagan roaroy. - Two eau,4
• parilla is tar superior to 'any • • '
la It renews =I to rsgoratoi the 'Osten, Oros model
to tl,o asul,struswth :to the muscular siagalar
moo extragorliquirdweq.
weaare and Stracithea. Cesaspiphqu' Uag. agnipi.
Broaditis, Cootnuoptiots, Lisa ongtbsint. Col&
Cereal, Oneka..daiar. spittiv of Rum..
soreaese i . Ms Oisn,..Hectie rink Aria
Slnsts, Difficat Artikso Xract . e.
ratios, Psetsto IL 1q4.11a.,
este eat can /It cora
SPIT Tin/. 8L00D..•
New York AtyrU2S, 180.'
Da. Towenemo—.l eautlY believe that your Pump.
rilhi has ben Me mama through Printdence, of ming
my life. I have tbr emend yeerehed a had Cough. It
beaume worse and worm At last I raked large qo ult/.
des of blood, had night Irtua, totwilt greedy &till.
tatad and radon.; end dld'oot expect to live, I hare
poly used your flanameillt musket time, and there Lim
• e tronderfel dump hem erromitt gm- lam mow able
to" Irak ord the city.' 'Y rube o.bkmd, and my .
rough bee left me. Yon can ll beagles dam am
thankful for then ameba. we
Tom ebedient
Wit EMLL, 3 Cathertneet.
Vouralei fleollehte.
Dr. Towneend'eknaparblateenteraigneg=
more Inciplutt'Conetr Burennem
1.71 0 ,1, er aka/ Weida, Ceetkuresu
eorhmh or With. obstructed or dfflicull lecestrue
ties. Inemtinenee of Drink or bnotuntirt Obehette
shearer end for the general promrettau of the Uarms—
no muter whether the made oflument dun or ease;
emelt:cad by Irregularity, fllnem are accident. • Nothing
me he Mere wrprisiqr Dem Inelpritthig *feria
on the human Dame. Pone. an wra and had. '
Ludo. frent,taking it, at once become robust end Mid
many nMer Its intinence. It introodlately connteratte
the riervelemeeortifthe female frame, ankh lath. peat
rause of Datieuneas. ' It will not ber,evererd of as, in
sum of so delimite nature, to athkit certificate. el
cone performed suss • emote moue the s 0 -4 that
e.On:riser as bem reported to ea Tkesanda
f =IS. when Amain hare bees without 'children,
a am r
b m b hs fa u t erwhtl * m ofh e M h y nk parbnl medicine,
To .llethere and rftrarried "duties.
This Esuaet of Bareeparilla ham bout uptssody pre.
p ared la reference to female complaint:a Pfd ferule
ho hes reuse to suppou she la approaching du
'roicri Period. ". The berak of tifia" she* negieat.
take k. se it is a certain prevantive fre any of the
enemas Dad horrible diseases to vadat fatalesenbject at shim due of lira This period asap U.
laytrifirr gamma par, ay urine this muticiat. flee
i it ler valaable feu than who an apposed:dm era
esenbrui, a ills calezdatod to asein WO" by Oda
rain she Meal and Levigeratiag th e syrteu Weed.
this medicine Is Invaluable for en the dalbsua diem
ars to Vidal •
braces; the - whole eutara vitae penntently
,atnral. energies, by removing th e imp hritles 14 the
WO,. Sot me far Slizintating a to predoie enheApteee
ode's:lima latch le the ease amnia molleinesukee fos
female lecke:eft and douse. By longaf w hornet et
this medial; many severe end pair lb 7 efugiral posits
lions may be prevented.
Great lillesoinit to Tethers Mid Childress
h is the eaten andmud effectual medicine for purify
ing the system, and relieving' th e eufferitiam nnendaut
epon child , birth ever dienovermi. ft otrenethene both
the niseheatid child, premeds pain end disease, is ,
menses mid enriches the food, thine who have need it
think it is Indispensable. It ishighly metal heat hen...
sod idler emitoienieui, as it prisreuti duitnitea atten:int
epee Cinstivenese Pfle Crimp...
Painor the Pena Despondency. ilsnritorni
Pain in thn Back end Le. Fah*, Cairo all ono sr her a
and in
the mined.* and eqsior the co
nihilism it los no equal The great beauty of this
...Dein b. it. I. .lingo elk sad tea most delhot•
one require may whir
medicine. in moos . ons tastes SA or Naomi% la
-useful Exercise in the open air , end light food - With
this medicine, mill always earn., • safe end easy eon
doesiees !
Elmoty wad .11Lciatlit.
Comet... Chant, gad a varictl of puparatkaggue.
- rally to oat, when applied yetis face. verruca von it
to beauty. They duce the pores of the Al., hod
check the circa:hake. which, alien ..duvets not thewr
by) disease or.powder, oy.lke skis. Infisined by the
alkalies' used la taiica beautifies its on. productioa in
the bone. toes Dieter." as well in the pod.. of
rich and delicately fluted and uriegatiat flower. A
fret active uul healthy , thud:ulna of the dela, or the
coursing of tha pare. rkh Mead to tbauluschica as
that which mint. the coneitursue in ths mkt esqu
kite bendy. :It le that which imputed:le indescribable
flatlet and bathes af lova/him that all admire, but
fano can desgriLe. Thlsifianty le the offspring of as
isc*-oot ofyleafier Otacky. !Musa is not • free And
healthy circulation 'acre ill no beauty. •. If the Italy Is
fair at dtivent 1110111, if she paint, and ass
sail the blogette thick, cold nod impure, tho entot beat..
Ulla. 'Webb be brown or yellow, and there to pure and
active bleed, kgsgpf •rickblooto he the cheekLatid. a
brilikuoy to War eye % that irfueMatleig.
Thin Is ajtj; the. seuthent, espmiatly the Bp.-
Cab halles, are at. ankh itdWred. Ladles in the tenth
who µlea bad utui er are maned he glom
room, pr bag* veiled their coin._ -Soden by tke
tation,pf delegations tedstunni, if they wish to rr
gain elitifica,* of step, buoyautapirlm varkling ay.
end hematite Couiplesions , they eboodd us Sr. Towr
vent' ensuparilla Tbounads who have tried It, us
niorelhan' lativfied, are delighted. Ladies of every
station, crowd our office
Notice le the Ladlee.
Thome teat Imitate Dr. Townsend% DareapartUd hare
hoidiably called 'their muff grant Re se Pc
VOLD', ltd, ht, and bare .pthd ono bias med thanks,
whinb rekataa to the etanyheints af wonted trot 1 for war,
~ - -ather rota who "putwp medicine, have, fine. th• yreao
stets of Dr:Tow:nand% Baseaparllta atanyhdoti
haldentle Dedahts, menannatsthst thatraLthlwath 'Pro
rionaly they did van. • number Ogle* Minter.,
dr.„, are Utinridn• =they Impetrate disease,
and stadermina.the Tawasaoda ls the
only and bun rannetly Or the numerous female tom
nisints—lt randy, If over tails of adedieg a permanent
yarn It ® ha. taken by tie room delicate thestake,
111 (Pi Ole. or by those espeetths to bantam mothers, '
w oat the frames wireetagte, n it proper. th• syktem
and prevents pats or damn, and strengthens both
soother and dad. Be carethlto gel the geuedud
derieredet Cured. '
Thlszertilkato ceneluslrely
prone dot tble Buss
wino Imperfect einem, over rho mart otoolnato
the Mad. Time perm= cured In ono benne
na Three Children.
Yorostszens—.D e ar Mr: Inn dm pleura. to
enter= you that Amer of toy albinos boys beim mod
okbo Scrofula by the we of yaw oreellont reedlelne.
They were sabsod verysesaroly erllbbeadfkoie; bare
mean ontyrbor bottles ; took thern.assy, for Irklei
I fool mpall under gnat obbirstion.
Otr.lone of PhiplfeDm*.
Virtue almost &Dr wanting order. Dos
Pbrairiana In different parte of the Union. i
is to 'certify "erre, the undendpael, Phyalefaas
of the City Of Atbasy; [mato atone,' came. men&
,41 Dt. Trarneend'e DireaparMa, and lamp ft to be
..“0 alba' wog valuable preparationa is the =aka
R. R . RRIDDS, N. D.
alLanj, April I, fiset • B. ELIIENDORP, IL D
• • " 43Avvionr. •
Hering tither fifties/ice= and Immense .ale s of Dr.
Tos-Fuend'e Rereernrillo.a molter of men who were
rprolorly one Agana. ho”earoneerterA making ilansaps
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tree,and eeneenr there bare tole tad copied evradver
userocute—thery sr. only
. norehlese itaittione,, end
•Ilneld be avoided.. • . • -
prioelpsi Office, 128 PLILTON Etna,. Bien take.
N. Y.; Redding d: Co. 8 Sudo Stf1,4111:11i011; ate&
84. as, LTI - North...Sesend Mee; Philadelphia; N.
iinnee,Drayriet. Call/more • P. 5. Cokes; Charleston •
, o 1 151 ehaztr o e4Eligee, 51. r. 1 . :.11 ;, , ,h 1 p rej tot?:
fore and hlerebatits yeoerelly throughout the'ilolted
e..;e n Weer Indies and - tiro Caned..
N. 11 .- -, PertilutiOquirlng for this' medicine, ithitiold
nor be Ladacett to take any other. Dragging - put , up
Daraa . ptuillas, tad Otectaree prefer yietling their
'Do - net : be kiecelyed by anfinq elm for Dr. Town
acird'arsikd take poi other. Remember the gene
'ihnetieufea Bersuparil .old by the sole nu.
R. E.SELMERER Gekeral Roleeal to Retail 47e
No. 57 - Wood greet, and D . DE CURRY,' Allighe4 '
clO. •
plastair. PICACIM I I
frilf:.andersiamed thus. long been ronvinced of the
A • heceultvfor some mcdreine adapted to Ilia slant Children and Infrotu to supersede Me use of all those
medicines whieh'enetain *am; and has at length sue.
curled jtkptcpllVAr and, ominrartheinatthr a condi-
Lcine fully earkerunteierYperpose for alldhamachor /he
:ho-vela, without the Minot that de lelettous drum he any
other calculated id injure ta the zest. „ The(lnfant.Par
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en hod tested and 'Dot 1/tcr lest tartly°.
roolutis; by numerous persona, and 1011Mil.poosein ail
the extrnonliall7"Mulikahlind to produce all the'
As liti,,..
king edemas' act fOrthan tie bill sat Ihreettoult... Dt.-
tenure, thir a lt har , Cholie.Ctrithsgailps,B4lthdss and .
Diseases arrest Atna ,Thethitm,ardim InunedtelY
without disturbothlhsy ides thiftstass of th ts: body,
ens' fog the heppiest Mid most pleasant kansillou
from violexVn gil t ! aggqij and Joyous mats If kel- .
1 14Pill x i t i ir r buirlaTe.a.mii.itp - jig,.„ Ali
4) , 1N:,4 II :ANT, Drugg is t ' 'li ON oohs
, t,t.-s- d i otion A Itheh hard, and other Urn . .. , . 5 1,,..., 7 _,..1 I t :tubs:o: , ,•:_ .... - .7Y ::. .L . den? .
.11 , i i :T.liViltillit.hßla.i ' PAßlLLatr v —'.so driseir
x hod 'kietved of Ik. Tosensentee'Sariaparilla, the
.>..i... r . esnaordlnary..nitedicine in the Mark/ . - Tttis Kr.
t net to put mph, gene bottles: it 111. air dathisches^
:ptsstsistor , Add Warranted superior; us ant sold. : 14'
.:ie ' ttt * ittrr u tn *7i •bgl -. .1 41 4 1 ' ,. P 1 n 417 " 1 ' ''fint. or
Usti duissabroitiostc—ththringe*"
cooled our labels; tut& pot p ine
'to eine at
b colon
shstxdbolde. * &oast each _bottle boo the nifil..l4-
.IW* of 8. ft:Tostrnsend.
7i l i f;', E. W i E/I-Sr.Druigist, 457 Wood qtrad, butionien
4.l. ' l4744l.egeghiertor tbn '"''d •"""'"" g eilmi°
'article chtt be had. 'B
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whom hg
, . 1 7 , ,,Atticopw_Avi .biql Appoimei the sole tit for
klioskdol'i , or` the photo° :article sate
,t o ri l s•4 I.TL._ , -
.10u3t.wr MOIY7tAP -1 4 - WSION - 3 t ,
1., 'over. Mb •ILennOta of bastes tes - new ply of
•have sonde. ornewest 1410 and vary low. m ylet
• -.T.iN7I-77,7".
D • IdDiti UNDER,
V eql/Er."RE tean V
PA d i allUtOVOtaft ken o .
plat./ far
i = d tt patZ g
, Alwayapa hood a lane kr
O ftu ' r w„ a ", 1 1 M d, MatSeektrkar cf. annisiined And Ea
*Fr, best thanner,al.l wane and Ns, n. 4 y
Mac blf taker Rawl, Cambsek andsmalm, and ail
eller guide In approved Lyles. We keep, ato sa
sosment of ware mad blank.sedlantsilk &OJO tre e,
S Uelt,
snide for,pallltspars and =Warm, crape, cape, cot
tars, and evayAmr, neves:day M , reavasole dm. man& the d
on eloA
'Elden terms,. ire purchase all our pod.
at the Folitern Mies. Alma, stleer Plass fos emsastna
Me mink, and age_ Weimar asp - festal nem harass-cad
harms. and any mantes of the last earilapes. Every
thing amended in promptly and ptmetually. oenklX
13 EN Isl ETT 811.0TH.ER,
gussatalsgbarn,4ltear Pittabstaskt s ] Pas
Warehouse No, ,Aa7, Wood WM, ritgshtvgh,
ioraltainly hero paisad - a good assoSt
11,1;at of Wale; of ott own maparacture, aad
.perbartscrahty. Wholesale to:Aram:yr NM,
_OM , * axe xxxPeClfully tnandd to nall and amino' tot Mensaelsea,'lla de ire determined to sell
amen fo r
Ir:salsa, ever bane beta °Serail to the put.
Ordeni sent by elan, at eon:pealed by the cash or
mty refezesee, wII he promptly attended tn. fehE
P. Mpa rear. R
FLINTGLASS EsTaniasitruzimu.
ULVANY a LESLIE maaelacture aad keep con-
LTA =nattyin a on n
Land CI; Motitated mad M main Sli
Glassware, as varieties, ullbeir
't Wareho use car
' Our-
and Water streets; entrant:Th.
Our Works contame to full operettas and we are
eanitately adding to our mei, which enables oe m fin
arh...with prompose.. Parehasers are respectfully
lialiefted to call and examine once. sad terms
• FROM,the eery ahem! eneotna,ge
,• Meat the sahseriberhas 'received since
• bas located himself In' Allegheny,
, Wsissah• • "UN ladetell bite to take a leave, for a
terin , or year*, on the property he now
oe_ Fumes, Beaver street, Immediately beside the
fahthMialetaheett. From the banglanperienee to the
abfriebasiness and a deniret• please, be hopes to moo
ir-I.6elroValuire of ptibliepetrotlege.
NW" ellhalalla finishing to order, Wookirmar B
Mpti tundhop'thiggies, tend every description. of
„ et
0 44 4 4 . clio,QUrce ,rveStirstoall.w.
- HEALD, BUCHNOR & Co, 41 rtonh water .t, and
16 N. whams, Phil%, offer far urla oa accommodating
term4dOplokga Manafaetured Tobacco, conaiating of
MThalf pounds, ffa, 6 , 11, 12. a., lid o, ld'a and 3 3'.,
,N EN and EPs plug, and LT. Ladies , Tonal, in
whoLe and half boxes, ofthe following approved brand.,
Janes /I Grant, • Oabom & Bragg,l
Grant & Williams, • A Cabinda,
S Jones & Son, kl'Donald,
Webster Old, J Thomson,
James Thomas, Jr. A H Armistead,
J Thomas & Sou, Landhorn & Ammotad,
J P Coates, J ed Cobb.,
Gently & Roader, J A Clay,
ed A Butler, C A. Hall,
Green Hall, Wm Dawson,
Pearl et Norwood, JXI Blackwood,
Rath Page, Keystone,
Carona Henry,
• W H Ya_ngban,
• Pon:lank Robinain, Russell & Liobiuson,
Kelm, Robinson &Co Bell Halsey,
R Metcalf, John 'bler,
Lawrence Lander, J Robinson,
Gray & Gray, D B Turner,
R Jamieson, York White,
D M thumb. —ALSO.—
Havana Leaf Tobacco, wrap pers and fillers;
Yam dodd do
Cienfuegos do do do
StJago de Cuba do' do do
Domingo do do do
& Guidon. do, pan fine,
i hr l y:ville do do do
Kermacky various grata do do
Virginia Leaf, suitable for manufacturing and export
Spanish Seed Lea, Penn* Connecticut and Ohio,
Virginia Scrap., mreek German Pipes; Pipe heads;
Scotch Snuff (loose and blisddeny) blaccalha Meal;
1 lingua Deans, Havana bass; Otto Rose; Bergamot.
Calabria Liquorice; Patent Cavendish liniscanpuuk
&o. ilkc.• PIHLADRLPHLA, myth
Tmistreateatand best variety °veva/fared In this sty
before—tuada on the mom approved Eastern piaaa—
aad nut fashionable Eamorn pattern. and colors lino
=EMMY ROlrtsi or .1108 rim BLIND, on hand
remade to order of all sixes and at all penes.
Country Merchants and othem are invited La call and
alumina the above for themselves, as all will be sold
wholesale or revall, and a liberal dedaeiiaa rout
wholesale purchasers.
ROSA:DALE umurnars,
Miff: Propriezor or thi. well known piece of resort h.
I the plea.eitro of intorunmg tie public thin los coda.
...oleot having been thoroughly refitted end rep - r
td ihr ground. ries-m.O laid out and decorated.
ove.. lot fmtr MCC011., cud he flatten him
itoo ho ino) luvur bun .ab ihrir portou
Lioi all 11,:al the, denim , provtdr4 i f the
• • - - •' '
%le and rea/ouolale :ern, Ile le Jeteriedurtl
oaro no expeareo au mallauqj eatablobuient worth)
poialto peorunage. Ile lama ateconinaodaldon. fan
;leading a hoe bundles. lee Cuomo., nod nll ten
ma Imitable to dm sca.on, esnelautly ontand
ISAAC WILLIAIIII*, Draper and Tailor, begs to to
form the eitlons of Plnsborgb and othere, that he
I. now °Trento at Ens rooms on Smithfield street, un
der the above Hotel, a large And beantillti osonnent
of Cloth. Cassitaeres, Satins, Silk., and other Veining.
together with much other stories as aro required for
Cntleebbe wear. ALA goods base been carefully se.
oed, rn nod are of the newest and most Cobol:able
style, as well o of soperior quality. His crooners
may depend open baying their clothes made o In a
manner which cannot fad to gratify the tawsof th e
11101/4 totabons atObly
rp T 11
OISACCO-1bo• Draw-b & Wean.' 5.
:! do do do out. pound&
sdo do do Lb and lb.;
' to kegs No 1.6 Ono
1,10 Pgb Cavendtsh;
s do do Ping
60 NI do tiepin
at do half Spanish ,'
do; for rale by
. _
S — -
8111K1i /It /USE—liriving takeu the large and ea..
lumbar. Smote House nod Baron Storehouse ad
Joining our Warehouse, on the Canal Basin, we are Pre
pared in smoke end sum hmou on reasonable teem
marl Canal bass. near 7th at
12 Miller's and /no Atuletwo's, Just rrt and lc
.ale by HEALD, BLICENOR 6. Co,
41 north water and 16 with wharves.
VARA LEAF TOBACCO 99ahales Yam Leaf To
il bocce '
ry, lerappe, and mipenor quality—L and
3 cuo—Yoat lo;ding &am big Anthracite; for ea& by
GfIEICSLaN PIPE-9-954 ha* and gm „ German
Pipes, medium bowls, mst lunches from pkt and
for sale by tcut FIKALD, BUCKNOR & Co
VlM—lsaac Cruse, lialdmore, ha, will he glnd to
1.• &aye orders from his friends in Pittsburgh and
lsewhere, fin Me purchase of Shad and Herrusg•
ring the mason. Orders executed with despetch, and
at lowest-rues. Charges for purchasing mart?
fIOTTON VAR/Cie Ac.-40,000 lbs, usorted N. C
Yarn. Corp. Chain, emote Wick, alEld Cotton
Tad.; WU bales Batting, Ibr cols at manufacturers'
lowan prices, by FRIEND, RILEY A. Co.
norki violist - or warninictitters
TT ST at the northeast corner of 4th and
f i t ,,net rec., Needle Worked Collars, Wrought
Ribbon, •cry p.
rpIEA9-200 pk. Voting Hylton Imperial, G '
j der said Black Tess for sale by
/I 143.1ibenr.
ESAcolst—to casks Phoolders, landing from steamer
Pioneer smiler .ale by
. t . t7. lIIMERTSON Is REPPERT, ICO second sr
Frermhllevolatton,—A Moor), by Thomas Car.
lyle. to mol yolumei—cloth: Per sale by
ISACCO-99bis Ira HUM 4s ilrazoi Tolmao,
eciTin; koatutaal and, for sale by
aug94 JAM DALZELL, 91 vrlliltir 51
Mlarge, In mom and for sale by
VATiiERSLItTi,ais Feathers,
n0g9.9 J991E9 DALZELL
.I.4QUISVILLE: LlME—Constantly on ha n
_41,e1.1! nagl4 C II
13 0: 4 1N--39 bbls for solo by
11, riugli
reel, Me, au store 411 - 41707 411 E 10
Clo•o COnsigtillient, by
avgl4 8 & IV liAR8111.1(711f
jLAB:4--21 bye ex IS .od 10010 Window,
VT Just reed per aunt Lou,, lll'Lene, said (or Ook by
abylb 8 & NV lIARHAthail
- - -
WHITE HEANS-40 bbl. small IVbita r.
ula by aug7 WICK la M'CANDLESH
pEP u Pg 4 t-74 bogs on hand, and for te t ier ui ri t Ar T by
IGS ''/ILDCPS-1 new eiitre - I,Tf,aro, for ale b
A! I ;t4cl4 ISAIAH DICKEY & Co, frontal'
T All.3oll.,—Hurkhardes best, Just reed and for sale
.IJ "bY • angle .1 KIDD &Co
POPFEE-110 bags prime La. 20 Jodi. Isigisyra;
a.) 10 do old Gov. Jams; for selv by
s ilJ , VAlt i ti htidAit sv irliz e l ; 0 . ; 4 6r. cl o zrjfied;
e tt r d o o ,
sale by ang2l Jl.: WIIJJASIS
gl'lo3--45 bags Pimento; 5 do Pepper; I bbl Cloves;
2do pure Ginger; 0 eases Mustard, assorted urn
00 , mena Cassia; I keg Mace; ground Spices in grew
veriet_iiLer sale by atiggi J DWLLLIAMS
wry __..a gggi&S; ,-i 111 3 . lo ffriakii ' ll2ls - 6 - Y -
PTr. l .:i. A t," - . 1 .14? PI T, II "-- 541. 1 71T.t3T 4
_ .
H41.4)w—1 bbl reed and for subs by
!mall TASS.EY &
Crn ili l l 4 4 L - H4 l- bbliern IdpactLY Astutht
bno , toed per still voartnforr' Ord fra Gala by
Airrops GUITARS—A supply of Muttb7iit , le..
LTA branul spartimb Guitar., just read and for sale by
4, 3g1f , • • • JOHNMr44,OR, at wood
A LUM -2 U bbl, Alum, rustren , ,iaud for saiely
• J 1 3C1100NAIAKER & Co,
PI wood .1
SEED.-:63 bags Titanifii Sea : , - 33111TC10 - rerdo• for
bale by augl " J & frPLOI6
I ILXARSIMC3-10 exakaelaar Sidea,jusi rasa and
I_l for Pala by ROUT A CUNNINGHAM, •."
lA a a l44 Ilbany at
Cr - PF 2211 OIL— Warranted pate— , s casks for axle 4
0 aUglt.
OlL—Credo astd Rafted. for sale
• 7 , y
kep No.l Leaf Lord, lost ree'd rod for
Id =Le by Aura
prime K en
augl9 WICK &
r., RENT—A corahuallorrs three, .Wry ßrick
Warehouse, on *I arreet • Potacssion given Ozone
.rely: For teifms apply
C a GIANT ) 41.walar at .
7 "r iioniZirien tuind lint! for
_ /`
jiff ESB - 14:111R--Jus ree'd ud for Ikea
Dl ange9 WlOll & kre&NDLIKap
, Acr.41.014-..t:
W. T. Mawr., Plush argh;
Nag R.uura lc Co,.Heaver, Propr'a.
Camino/to & Crtamatoma, Cleveland}
TTE above Li n is nom prepared to t transport freight
. and passeugers from Pmsburgh and Cleyelmd, or
my pointon the Canals agd Lakes.
oLUfloe Mat tem& PktabahmatitdmaeLelond.dVl., mod-
IT, betwee. un
nTabirgh ' iturrleaver, and a
Ent elms steamboat*, propellem, Mg. md
t,,.t a k a dr Hmsd Hama sad.hlicluglos.
Property forwarded to my ! of
mit the Union with
dispatch, by • Mal. T. hIATHEIL or
corn Waterand Senithflald ma. Pataburga
ALIFIVTik—Reed, Parka & Co. Beaver
R Parka $ Co. TomemMtro,O;
W Cotes & Co, Warren;
D Hostartek & Co, Ilreadport;
A & N Clark . Newton Falls
V Lewis, Newport;
& E hl Whittlemy, Campbellsport;
Miller & Tuttle, Cuyahoga "Fall
Wheeler & Co, Akron;
Barney; Gibbs A Sandusky;
Waoltms & Eagle, Toledo;
G IYillinme te Co, Detroit, Mich;
NI - Vlore &
II J Winslow, Chicago, itt. apil
184 s. ftilla
TOR illiliffSPOZl,l3ll,l Or MICSO-uShrit6S
91AM Proprietors of this old eatablished and first
1 Portables Boat Lino, having removed their de
pot in Philadelphia, to a much larger Warebouve
ou ?docket in, Limo they formerly °eclipsed, and also in
creased their room for storage at Pots . bargh,. sim . now
:7i p a . rc m gl to . offor much greater facilitie to their friend s
Goods °orris! byfildt hoe ore not tntualtipped be
tween Pittsburgh sold Philadelplria, In:doge:wined our
In Portable Section Boats. To shipper ur
and other goods reloinng careful 'handling, t easof
ihipOrWICO. No chatge made for feCeiVilig Of rhspping
goods, or advancing charges. All good. forwarded
ifornPUY, and sport rte reasonable throe oa by any oth
er Iliac.
Canal Hasin, lIISP
Pe A n nit Pittsburgh.
.1.1111133 Al. DAVI& & Co
kb% Market & 34 tiommerre et., ,
JOHN McFADEN & Co., Forwarding and Co.otaxes
atom Merchants, Canal Bastin Penn st.., Pittsburgh,
JAMES M. DAVIS & Co, Flour Factors and Commis.
obau Merchants, en Market, and 1 , 1 Commerce in.,
_DI - Advances made by either of the above coo n Flour,
Wool and other deseripuona of Marchand!. aigned
to them.
NOTICE—The subscribers have disposed or their it in the Penn'a and Ohio !Aim to CLARKE A a/Pittsburgh, and JOSEPHS LEWIS, of this
" lie, will continue to transact boldness for the line,
at their
it on thand sweet, as osunl, and be
speak for it a continuance of the patrol:life of their
friends. JAMES STEEL ,k Co.
Philadelphia, March dth, 11118.
and Ohio Trans station Co.
Dm/We Daily Lena of •
/AD Canal
CLARKE A. THA W, Dania Piunbusgh
LEWIS & BUTLER, so Market st., Fluladetpkia.
JAS. STEEL & Av.., Brawl woos.
COWDEN, CLARICE A Co., 7o Norsk n., 801 l
W. PORRICK, Age. , DJ Wog &treat, New Yolk.
p subscribers have tin day to , c,Ated thelves
together under th e style of Kier & Jon.., for the
of eordinumn the busloete formerly eurird
by Samuel M. Kier, mid iolimt rontinuante of the 1,6-
eral patronage heretofore entendmi to the house.
11. F. JUNI4t.
Pittsburgh, blareb I, 1,48.
UTE ate prepared to reeetve and fon:ward freight ta
TV the above and unertnediate piaci, with as much
despatch, and at we low rates, as a.) other reepottobie
The attention of shippers anshiog to send Pork or Rh.
eon to Baltimore In bulk. is parneularly requested. in
s/tench nun; arranged:mins enable us to can, such
articks through a better order an than ) other line.
KIER & Jt/NF:S, Prop Yrs.
Canal Bum, near Ore at
sastl_ at MIL
11. t. Awn.,
K ,— i - JOND--Comnazavion and tow n
chants. and Maul...ate Ikalera /n Ira. B Cuero
dolt, Produce..4c
Idberul csub advance• on ran.trumenta marls/
"or allair•
Prtistm rg h
'eV' • ii•L ?rtIrt•••••
.1-"••••••••,. •
To Philade ipts aan as. more,
ticAssts AND 111.•11.1.•1..
FIENIIS GRAFT & Co., Canal Burt, Prtultorgh.
IXTILIf,IWAIPURKYS &Co. No 1.17 MArket *l,llO.
C. It KOONS. comer North A Saratoga sts Bart
,lour F. Clarke, Nol3, OW shp, New lost,
ATOTICE—The style of ourfn. will try known from
end aft. thin Jaw. ni Pittsburgh. n. Fleury Gr.
L Ca., .14st Ptulattelphus, d DunLL Humphreys A Co.
CHAS. inzwuniam‘.& PkftaJeipkii
JUNKY URA rF, Pittsburg .
1848. AVM
For roe Tramrporratron fof Frenght to and film
PURR. ite
Iktaatooe a Cu. Innlndelphi.
'hot & Pi...burgh.
old estahludard Line hemp, now to full opera.
n. the pro bane Muds es leuurte Strung,
ifourard goods and produce with demnten, and
nom favorable tem.. TM , y canduleuntr hope
eel known promptnes s in deltvenita goods-- ia••
.0 safety In mode of carrying—capacious warelion
.at each port, affording accommodabou shimews
.nd owner. of produce—mgethcr with their long eilw
rien d auremming attention in business. will secure
to th e m e continuance, of that liberal patronage they
hereby gratefully acknowledge.
All consignments byand for this line recanted, char
ges paid, and forwarded many required direettnnu free
of charm' (or 11003M5.11011, advancing or storage
No interem, directly or indirectly, in steamboat.
Allconammlicauons promptly attended to on appli.• si.
don to the follnaking agents:
BORBIDGE. & CASH. VS Market st. Philadelphia.
TAAPTE & O'CONNOR. Canal Damn. Pittsburgh.
O'CONNORS & Co, North st. /Intorn o ,
MIL B. WILSON, 60 Cedar st. Note York. •p 3
1848, mai,
rilke — Fl k annor;fici•tni g ie
Beare. and fremht and paueriger Cana n , between Pk l
Boats and
rween'Beaver and Erne, and C Reed's line of fast
chus steamboats, propellers and eructs an the Lake.
a prepared to curry freight and plumage's mall poinn
••the Erie Canal, and Lakes Ene, Huron and Acta
ev eryev fcleility for ronve nig freight .d pi
Ana '
promptess and dispatch. die psoprio
and agent. rupectAttly stcligit frt. their friends a es
tineance of their patronage.
C M R ter.Enriviprictor.
REED, PA FIK ' S Ss Co, Craver, Agent..
apl4 ear Watar and Smithfield sts, Pittsburgh.
Ilat 1848. na _i,
To whirr= the Eastern cities, via Cumberland.
mire proprietors of MD patellar hue, have...stare their
re-orpdazation largely Increased their facilities to
meet the orphes of shippers; and are now prepared to
firms! a greater 1111110Ulli by the FIVE DAY LINE.
ea also by additional replier wagons al low rates.
This has willnan throughout the year, delivering
goods [timid - eh the agents in Baltimore and Pittsburgh
to owner. and sonsmnees at specified rote. area time.
Shipments from Philmlelphla fur the IMO should be
marked *Care, J 11 Robinson, Baltustore."
The only ammo are,
In 8 Charles st, Baltimore.
EDGERTON & Co, Curhhlmimtal•
U IV CASE, Brownsville.
foist J 0 LIIDSVF:EL, nudist*.
4=e, Cambarlsed from tre ds h r otwr
pare changed tb.
Curs to that of Edgerton a
of Alelaig a Ms
Pnedeught and western merchant, ere notified tbat J Bey
ly Robniaces No IM Smith Gearh• rt. Baltimore, is the .4
aullvortad agent of this Llw la the Eastern rites.
This only gents ars
.1 C BIDWELL, Pittston/ I ,
0 W CABS. Brownsville,
9.00 A HTO.II # CoCumberlmd,
_ J B ROBINSON, Baltimore.
W la Trams elation Comps
illatEM .
1848, 012 . 1.11121% Ceit.... 1848,
it RE prepa red to unmoor. goods and produce to and
from the above clue, on favorable terms. Ad-
Iror_ a pply in
. rEiECI & Co. Canal Basin, Pittsb ur gh , HAßßlS A LEEUR, Nos. 13 & IS tic nag 'Third at, Phil
J. TAYLOR A 8019, Agt. l No 11, Nib Howard at, Balt.
A. ABBOTT, Agt, No 7 V. eat street, New York.
Pittsburgh, March loth, 1040. r • .. N ,,
Merchant., TrataaprieiatteTs Lite.--
1848. ftlia' ,
G OODS consigned to our care will he forwarded
;without delay at Mio weteirrenci cAhclv k ilk7.c.. l a.dn,.pop.:7,. h. bLtisElmastal
279 and 362 Markel et, Pl . ilts
. ROSE, /filEaßrrr & Co,
jel2 Smith', wharf, BaItimore.I9247I.IPSitTikitANSPORTATIOX LIME,
SLIM 1848: i 7 ^ ,. ;•• , ~
7,'. '" , ,,,.,
QIHII'PkIRS and oUters are Informed that this
.t..) will continue to run dironghoht Me' year, leaving
daily. Produce and merchandise taken at Itiw rams.
Alerchandlte from Baltimore brought out re Canal
rate. Time, five days. J C BIDWELL, Agt,
Water .t, 2 doors above Moor e& House, Pittsburgh.
_rep! _ 22 South Cherie. at, Ilaitimore,
pmcn. ThAISSPORTAitaa ilia,
aligiza 1848. ajla t
gr Time, &
• Altrekandisn trinspertar day.
*ftnal nue..
.. • ~. . . .
AFtr Mem; pittsbur g h.
... -., PRAILRY
,ALIIAALL, dpni....,
AIM 47 la street, Baltimore,
t . Drat° '
N. 11,11_111.
/.16AWE.. Cl.O
.. 0311.1.11
1'1114b51 LIN E.
H I: i I. CONII,H DA NrE..—Thet goettehmett'.
of the N..,e Te•olteette. b
et, ettetnktt et • rebut , bett•ern the I:reek
and thr Leglt•lt rosteorttence to the
I'mper Name, Irtth lutteer.. l l•rt - elt•Ettelottl e , end Keg,
It.h.lir,et Jim received anti tor .ttte ht'
Iltookeelle, For tnerltrt and Id et.
Zielettle Pram. Plano.
. -• • .
A SPLENDID ...mole,. of Ro
wood and Alultogany grand action I
moo, No,l and fat sale
Also, two sell-101d Roseweod Ponn.
wlth Col. -man'. eelehrated h.ohan attarlootAfttusli,
f.l the Most modern style, and for sale at •,' _.
,e•LI F RIX , I E - S, 11/ wood Ai
43/32Z ' IS4B
• '
Canal Poe ket—SW.L 1.1,11 W, v.`, Ford.
OCF.AN. Copt lt suer..
r I YE of the shove Lets leave Deaver every day,
/ Ittundays exeerned) and arrive next morning at
Warren, where the) CO, with the Mail Stages for
Akron and Cleveland. aro at earh of the. planes
before night. One oft. Parket. leave Warred daily,
at 3 P. M., and arrive a; Denver in lune tu lake the
morning steamboat for Pittsburgh.
COTE:ti k \WELL, Warren,
Al It TAYLOR., Prowlers.
• ni'aeon To THY WIZ to "Marl 110 C.
Canal Pneket—rimmtv Leroux, Capt. /ethic.;
Tut honk•• Pollock;
Latta Eva. “ *hub),
" Brown;
Patdmoo, Sayer
The above new and splendid Pa.ttenger Packets have
romnienced running between BEAVER AND,ERI E
and will run 'eagerly danng the season—one boat
leartng ove n every merman, at A o'cloek , and one lear•
tog Beaver every evening. Immediately after the arn
mil of the steamboat kliellogom (tom Pittsburgh.
The bouts ate new and comfortably furnished, and
will run tbrOtlgh in forty hours. Passengers to any
pennon the Ixtkes. or to !Cedars will find this
route the most comfortable and expediuou. Tickets
through to all ports on the Lake can be procured b
applying to the proprtetora. y
REED, PARKS A Co, Beaver.
JOIIN A. CAL:GREY, Adt. Pittsburgh,
cox Water and Smithfield
.—JunC N V.
C M Reed, Erie, Pa.
C C Wick, Greenville. Pa;
kl . Parltuill and Kmg, Big Bend, Pa;
Hays & Plumb, Shurpnburgb, Pa,
W C file/an, Sharon ' pa,
D C Mathew. Pulaaki, Pa;
R Cunningham, New Castle, Pa. HI
ElEtEmi 1848, 4141
ZicIATS9E.. Ton nix litattatoort,,ton or WaT
ETWEEN Pittsburgh, Blairsville, Johnstown, Hal
lidayshorgh, Water street, (Huntingdon Co) and Pe
This Ginn cool formed exclusively for the specie/ ac
commodation of Mevray business. The Proprietors,
thankful for the very liberal patrons they have re
ceived during Me last Bra years, Wou lde
respectfully in
form their (Bandit and the public that they are now
better prepared In denim, goods at any point on the
Cana/ and at Bonds, with promptness and dl.po,eh
AG Eirrs.
p.k.orlh.& Mimi, Johnstown.
John Mailer. Itolittlaytthuralt.
C A AVAnillty & ('a. ennui basin, Pittsburgh.
Ravinsumni—Pittstiurgh--rinntl i 2c Kmelmr , J & J
ktgon,th 0 JII Shoeulnirser, It Itolotticoto CO;
lion,.', [Healey & Smith; John Parker; Wm Lebiner &
ea; Dr I' Shoridierger.
Pennsylvania Canal & Rail Road Ex
pre..Pleat Packet Litt.,
akimi 1848. ftft
cluswel y for Passengers.)
al11P: public are respectfully informed that tkis Low
wrill commence running on the C.MI mot, and eon
none throughout the &mean.
The boats are new, and Ma superior elms , with
barged cabins, which will give greater eumlurl . The
cars are the latest construction.
A boat will always be In port, and Iravelere are
quested to to call And 'eganune them before engaging par
sage elsewhere.
(Bare only nine dollars through.). Chu, of the boats of
this Lane will leave the landing loppositeHotel
corner of Penn Street and Canal, every night al nine Ee
elect 'Tune 31 days. For information, apply at the
Office, Monongahela lion.; or to D LEECH Co
Canal Basin.
Passenger and Remittance °Mem.
H ANSOM It ca eanunne to bung person. trom any part of England, Ir-huid. illeoth l / 1 4 01
welea, upon the MOO Ithena tetras, smut then
usualinunetual4 cud attention the wants and Puna.
fart hi enmugrants We do net cur he robbed by the awyedling scamps that lIIICM the sea.
as we t a k e charge of them the moment they re•
port Mernselves, and see to their well being, and d e .
snatch theta without any detention by the first ships.—
We say this fearlessly, as we delY one of our passe.
oot . o to C how than they were detained 4h hours by
o n in
tivoirpoolawklist theusands of others were detained
mouth., omit they could Its sent 111•061 e old eridt„ at
eh" p rate, whiehrotrfrequently proved their eotfuta
blood to engem. Mu comment honorably, elm
*hut it 6tAy, and nOt net as 04.11 the ease Into season,
w i t h ether Offieers,—Whd either performed not all, or
when it suited their entmtMlence.
,Th'il.p.dyTri: e a t t
C1 1 ; 11Wwg of tho hprtrireutly Cmilanf'kswinllirr
wrhoginnd,tleodatnland Wales.
• 1111(pran and Gancal Aget,
fabl VIM street, not dote lmir Wnood,
1360i8,1 NM; &ch
'rlrintostihand Attractfirsperw
.4MARTIALE7B Insiog ofth6Oirciadist., 3 vela, 12
of Chelrillerniyurl;
mo. Ulm.
Jam.' Likoftlextry the Roush, of Frazee,
v 01..— 12
Smith's Consular Clties of Chitutt
Aleastiler's Lite of Jesus Chnst; 8 vo. muslin;
M 4.16 or Continentalarvel's Fresh GleaniEurongs;
pe or s ne Sheaf from the
Capt. Heury's 84et8ties of the Mexican War lt mo.
Weirs Stott: of the Bank of Waterloo; IS mu.
A Stonintr in Sleolland, by Jacob Abbott.; 12 ma.
Stsimuudia Loco:mire of tho South of Europe; p vole
IS mo.
Huron's Adventures In Mexico and the Rocky
MoPos th uton..., nt mo,
umoos W u ks s
of Rev. Thos. Chalmers, D. D.,
L L 1).
The Practical issiconomer; by Thins Dick, I. D.
lan of Jeremy Belknap, D. D., of New
Luther and the Reformation, by Joh
vols. n Scot; M. A,
, • .
Thefilidille Kingdom, with a new map of the Ficipire;
by S 'W IV mo.
The Power orate Pul vols,
pit, by Gardiner Spring, D. D.,
PI ma.
aniine ch,
rSp r ring, D. Ri limo.
R. " • no
Ar'"U by
The Czar; hi. Conn and People; by John S. Maxwell.
l.ecture.w, Sbak speure, by U. N. Hudson.
Tho Artists of Anwrica—lllustrated with nine engra
vings on steel, and contsuung sketches of the lives of
Allston himan, West, Stnurt. Trumbull, De Vet tu
ELC(10171;11dl Peale and Thos. Crawford; I vo.
live.o Orator, of Francei cormuning sketches of the
lAmartine, Thiers. Napoleon, Danon,
bean, liolgot and others, with portrails of each.
Headley's Napoleon and Marshals; 2 vols. Pl cm.
IVashingto n and his Generals; 2 vols., Lila
Headle)'attacred Mountains.
The above. together with a large reflection of Stand
ard %Yorks. Classical and School Books, for sale by
JOHNSTON it liooksellent,
f ey
cornet market and 3d sui
LT Wm works. d vols.
Chalmers' Daily Scripture Reading;
!Kenton of tho Life of Mrs. Pry, 2nd mob
,Con vent,b) the author at •Schoolprl in Prance.'
Lady Mary, or Not of the %Vend, by Rev C II Tut -
lon, M. A.
Margaret. or the Pearl, do
Mari Chaim or the Merehaturs'Olerk, do
!Mb of Pollak ' authoeof "Course of 'Time,"
The Listener. by Caroline Fr r,
.I.entires on Shakspeare, by II N Hudson;
Life of Oliver Cromwell, by .1 'T Headley;
- I . 4apelleon mid his Marshals do
Washington ambit. Generals, do
Power of the Pulpit,'hy Gardiner Spring, D I/
Bethel Flag, do
Religion l'earliing by Example. do
Pulpit Orators of France, by Turnbull;
Getnus of Scotleild do
Life Of Rowland Hill; Free Church Pulpit, d vol.
omtd.; Now uud Then; 1.0(1714
IrcTuirolutiT'lla7tiew adapted to Union (tueatioee:
Arthur's Popular Tillek- - Itielies in Me World,"
:Inking Haste to be Rich," "Riches have Wings,"
hseptag up Appearance s " .Debtor turd Creditor."
For sale by ti.t.torr & !LNG LISA,
79 Wood and 56 market xt
---- - • -
'DECEIVED and tor u? , it lot ot elmme Piano, with
IN and without Coleman's _Cohan Atmehment, by
Nunn, & Clark. VV. One - of Ntinits & Clark's Pomo,
with the Attacinent was taken to England Ing Mr
Coleman, and among many other testimonials of:ad
miration or this rlegtatit specimen of American skill
and lop:nutty, clirited Me following remarks from
N. ilialberg. ilitstreatent Plums! Irving.
Lomosia, Jan. Id, 1845.
My Dear Sir—ln Aleloolng a letter to my friend, Mr
Etrand, Part, I cannot refrain, from again erpowsing
to you how touch I was pleased fro m
your n Ablolimi
Attachment:* bob I consider it great amines! Ml
provemem. I ran assure you 'that on my port I shall
with great pleasure dn utmost to make your ingen
ue!, known For sale by II KI-1 - 11Eft.
Al Woodmen's furniture mom, tld 81
N EW )3 1 1010C—Loller mg . in EuroPei or Saatehe
Aust ri etTravel in Fruiter iletetion, Switzerland. Italy•la, a. Pruennu, fireat ' Brnain and Ireland, with nii
appendix.. containing observations on European chart.
110* mid Medical institutions By Julio l'arron„ll LI
Angela, n Iws el. Ilv then ahoy of “Einilta ynd•
horn.' - Two Ind Mete. Talcs. et,
Self-Control, u tier vet. By I tory Brunton, author of
" I low mime ''
Vol 111, Daily Scriptura Readings By the late
Thomas Chaltners, D. It. 1, I, It
Part 4. Th. Thousand and One Nights. Harpers' 11.
lu•ttoted ednion.
William the Cottager, a book (or children. By the
author el ... Ellen Herbert," .ke.
The shove rocks reecivell in, any and for svle by
r 24 JOIINnTIoN A Srock . roN
N • •
EiVßUOKS—lllemonals of the Intrudiarlion of
1 1 1ethoth.sli into the Eastern States. comprising
biographical noires of its early preacher a, sketches of
tart chute hr. and rernini.cenre• air. early torug•
stieve.....e., I.y Rev A Steven., A.lll Just
N atum( of Rev. Davnl Abeel.l) 4. late Mpslonasy
to ehll/1‘ I, log oephtn. Rev ti R intr...on
Nlstrk All ion Mr Mere haat • t 'lett b) Rev eharle•
11 Tylr. M A . author of - Record. al a Man's
Lase," Alaty. • Nlargarrt. the he Se
above AAh a In r,r.s.nturett or neer books. on
hand and in., rect....Jana Etziorr
Y. market st
" -
HOOKS-11s.utfy ot 4..rert Het-
Glutton. and of thet wary n Iva rarnpu ...nig
toe •I.“Ir• ol the I.l.rrrl, l'airwta
th... 'fount rV from N. root •e. Into—to tUrn
wtth nun, rap.o nod
01 111 fn . ..
om,,,nan. I, Ind, inures
'fery Alow..a), ihr:Ung fannanca, nAlb dO nava
v•Vnat . thr linly Land. Pr•oc. Stair, and Sketehel
n Ctn.+. Jual rve'd and for We by
Mr DUNA 1.1) k 11 ERSVN
M marker arm
N,,ovy..j_,—& lon, awl its root•rquenros:
A 1 I.y 1: K Kol
Vaulty Fm., 1.,i 1 :110111 4 Ile. I\ Moron
s 1, , ,0u t 0 'I soot, illostrattoos
C.sto unl Vont., Al,. Cons.'s Stows by I: V Childs
0 , ,I,r nr t.enorul t'Auou..•
WolOnuo• 31u ,Jot. fuooloondorry, ti. C. LL.
t •
II . CoFonol vlth. ,S,l Her, litionis
The shoat works tortogol tioolgo, and tor solo toy
tour:, 1 0 1INNTON & STOCK ON
• -
stitoicumAAßEstaxim. osnos
'firsr demo bele* Wood Weed, tit
Da. DROWN, having been
,tnntlarly educated to the medical
- .; Orofeuion, and been me some nom
i• , general practiee, nom confines
.• • his attention to the treatment ot
private and delicate copal
r„ 1•.• • • \ater. far . ohieh hi.°Rona:noel
and ernence peculiarly mtahlY
I yams aaaidommly devoted
to study tt treatment of those complointaddunnp width
time he has had more practice and has eared mote pa
tients than can ever fall to the lot of any private prat
inionen amply no'llllll. him to offer assonances et
speedy, pc anent. and satisfactory care to all arffictoi
with delicate &sauce.. and all diseases arising there
Dr. Brown wooed inform those aellicted with plicate
diseases winch have become chronic by time or eg
5 std by the Ole of any of the common nostrums Of
the day, that their complaints can be radically and thor
oughly cutest, he having given his careful attention te
the treatment of such mums, and succeeded in Madras
of leonines in curing persons of indaramatim of the
neck of the bladder, and kindred dimeses which often
result from Mose.cases where others have consigned
them to hopeless despair. He particularly thanes ouch
as have been long and unmecemfaily treated by others
to consult hin t when every satitharl will be tiven
them, and their CU. treated in • e al, thormig and
intelligent manner, pointed oat by a long experience,
study, and incmtiganon, which his impossible for Moss
engaged in general practice of medicine to give any
one clam of disease.
=3"klerma or Ruptam—Dr. Brown also facilely per.
W. afflicted with Hernia to call, as be has paid panne.
dm attention to this disease.
Skin diseases; also Pi . t, Palsy, etc., speedily cured
Charges very low.
N. B.—Patients of cab sex living at • distance, by
mating their disease ill writing, giving all the syjsrp;
tom., ran obtain medicines with directions for use, by
nddressing T. BROWN, AL D., post paid, and amities
ing n fee.
Office No. 65, Diamond alley, opposite the 14 seedy
Riniewsnam—Dr. OroWWII newly discovered rem
dy for Rheumatism is a speedy and certain remedy
that paintul trouble. It never fails.
Office and Private Consulting Rooms, No. 65 Di
mond alloy, Ptusburgh, Is. The Doctor a always
1.0 - No cure nopaL
iIITAKEp this method to Inform his friends
and the public at large that his Factory la
now in full operation, on tbe west side of
the Diamond, Allegheny, where a con
stant supply of Blinds, or various color.
and qualities , are constantly kept on hand;
also, at Nos Wood st. Pittsburgh, at J &
II Phillip.' oil cloth wareroom.
motion Shutters made to order in the beat siltyle• '
Blinds repaired at the shortest notice.
N. I3—His Blinds will be put up without any addi
tional expense, so that they can be removed in a mo
ment in ease of fire or for washing. and without the aid
of n screw chive, jyt-s1 I ydwi emlyS
-- .- •
LLM A NT PERFUMERY. Sec—Hatters Eau DlVllle
de Venna, for rendering the skin sod and beautiful.
Nauells celebrated Nympth Soap.
Hostel's endears Vegetable Ilan Oil, (or gradually
darkening the hair, and promo ti ng its growth.
Mauer* Liquid Hair Dye, for changuig red or gray
haw to a beautiful brown. black or chestnut color.
limier. lino, Lastral flair Restorative, for producing
a luxuriant growth of bow.
Iltolelki Curling Fluid.
Ihmells Depilatory Powder, for removing superflu
ous hair.
Hauel's Rote Tooth Paste.
_ . ...• • .
Ileuena Chuieee or Persian Toilet Powder.
panel's Unrivalled Shaving Cream.
Hanel's elegant Extracts of earn:sus fragrant flowers
for the handkerchief; together with a large araortmon
a fine Perfurnery, just reed and for 16[1/0 try
sesta or Ist & wood, elari ear GM & wood its
FAA aide of the Di where Venitian
_Blinds of all the &derma aides and colors
are kept on hand or made to order alio
me lawst nod roost approved Eastern fish. We shortest notice and no the moo
• -
Also, the cheap Boston roll or split Blind Transpa
rency and Paper Comma oral' the different sizes and
patterns, on hand and for sale Low for cash. Old VO iki.
nen Blinds panned over and repaired, or taken in pan
payment for new R Al IVEALTA:RVELT, Nrop
N 11—All work dime the Wet material and
workmanship, avid warranted to please the Man fa..
toihou• auglO-dly
-Allegheny city. Aug 10, 184e1,
W Oren for sale at the lowest
• klanufaciorers' price., a very extensive aason
i•••ii oi PAPktit. toropriving every possible variety,
du pied toter wants of consumers in all aeetions of rim
nullity Piper of all kinds made to order •t Shun
a Cse +toe Igo( PRINTINI: PA
R PRI! il tili onualsally large
pat. vrhiett as of very Auperlor
of every desenpuolnlnspotted and kept eonstandy ,
ban-, vti : Felungs, 're Cloth, Fourdrinser Wm,
filosonink Powder , Blue Llinnonuooe, Tari ee ,
Canvass, Bale Rope, Grass Rope, Garsglans,e. ,
pumbased, for which the ittirhest price 10 Cash will be
pow I TM') N. York, Jety,lltiyil.
'VIII: tinder nuns,' oder. tor a superior article
j ot tor building. made by het Swum Pres..
~,,, e•'lu.hir which has obtained • ptent.
unit t s gI yr ithrt.thther• wrEtunt guarantee that
they ure struii•er, und will restst frost and wet weath
er sod imbibe lest moisture or duropro-sa than any oth
r brick. poswittitic greater body and superior texture
taint touch more durable an every respect, euh bnck
belog subjected to a pressure of several tons, and pos.
sousing a handsome smooth tariare and even edge",
they make a front equal to the host front brick.
Tithy have Ktheti the greatest totwlietion to all who
have pare,ated. kiln ran be seen at my works, and
seinrinteri t It. tiarctie other.
. .
Those having supplied theinseire• tor :heir buildings.
011k1 wishing handarmar from Wick, or superior hard
and Wild paving tirick•an obtain than.
ISAAC 1.:11E4341.
/llnninghanu r Jour 1i.11.15. tf
nix NO6III • MIL.. Wiwi: , nfl xicroci.
W •• •- •
SINt ;Eft JOHN li. MORRISON, haying as.
mutated the/mime,. together under the sty le and bile
ot Scholey, H) •II k CO., for the suenutacture of Wood
Type. Rod as their type, is altogether mule by maeht
ttery. the invention of Isaac M, Snorer, one, of the firm,
they (eel confident that they offer a more perfect article
of ype. and at much lower rateswan any heretofore
°demi to the United Sin" mid now ready to fill
order, for the same.
All orders addressed to Schalk). Ryan I cm,ofli at
iheir re In thamond alley, between %Vocal and
Sonthfield streets, will be punctually attended to.
Proprietors of newspapers,on copying this Ml
lrerliecnteut 3 month., and sending us their paper will
Le eagiileil to receive theta pay in type, on pareldLuig
three units the amount of their bill for advertising.
miromdm 1T11.014111 •01:1
Ocoee at the Exchange, Baltimore.
ji EDUCED RATES.—The Manes Moe been min
ed on all Messages lo or from Baltimore, Prow
burgh or Wheeling and • corresponshorl d redgemm
wl ot, , is o l r l n te o lmaln . c ,x tvi .. teties forwards from Bal
front BairrnoThree,=:kri an'ifili=ingalnr,SheWenotsr
for roe first ten wonla and 3 cent• for each additional
t No charge is made for she address said signa
th. completion of the South 'Western Liiie of
Telegraph from Memphis, Tema, to New Chicane, des.
01111 Ice Consented to Memphia,by this route, and
mailed for Now Orleans.
Th• Allegheny Cemetery.
AT the annual meoung of the Corporators, held
the 3th cat., the following persons . were =um
unnisly re-elected 11.1r=uktilit.MULe,..1....
J. FIXNYT, Jr., Secretary and Treasurer.
The annual statement presented the affairs of the
Company in • very prosperouslloiL Their office
in the city Is No. 37 Water st reet, iota
13A RLEV'S CA PNET - 1.1 - BitAkt tor Schools end
Famthea—This wort conlists of twenty volumes,
and contains five hundred different pubmcw,lllustrated
with SOO engravings. It t • an entirely onfutal aeries,
recently avntwa and co4leted by S (modrich, an
ther of Peter Parley's Tales, and is designed to exhi
bit_ in n popular ram; Select /lir/mph/es, ancient end
ntodern; the wonders arid eunosmes of History, Na
ture, An, Science, and Philosophy, with the practical
duties of life.
The once per Vol. is 73 cent., each containing aboln
WO pages, 12 Me; or 1110 per St. Por sale by
0012 II HOPKINS, Apollo Buildings, 4th in
iii-Ciaereee...Cheaper then avert
r DOAN, WILSON ts. CO, Importers and Wholesale
X/ Dealers In Hardware,
and Saddlry, No
PM Wood street, above Fifth, have now in store • very
cheap and well selected stoc k of Hardware, imported
stisee the decline of prices to Europe, and which they
are demmuned to ml/ correspondingly low. Merchants
who iklive been In the habit of 8010 g East, are paruca.
arty reqUe•led to call and look through our stock. As
re confidently believe they will save their expem
ju;;R4F.:Cl.,ll6,V,F;l:jr,{hVe..Apl:Clintock`a, N 0.75 Fourth
3 p.
ex sup Zphy carpet, new style ,
IP do do fine by. do do, lune ve d ry elegant
5 do do do do do o
5 do cot. do do do us low .. 21) cents{
S do do Von. do nob style;
I rase of Thotnpsonulle rugs, unsurpassed in style
Fenno. purehawng for dwellings, hotels and sta..
buns would do well by rolling and examintng our
meek before pure Analog elsewhere.
vxrEfuttNpEo judges, on a teal of one and a half
.121 sultans, since IMA pronounce Was article unsur
passed for durabiltty in the construction of MI kinds of
Furnace.. Price gd7,75 cosh for loads of In Al, guar
anteed bum months use. Order. for n second quality
Bolivar Bricks will be excelled at to per M, if so de
sired, without guarantee. A stock of the first quality
is now for.ale at the warehouse, 'Sloan'sWhatf ' Ca
nal Heron, by J ABA tV KIACLAJLE,
sersktf Kensiugton Iron Works
JiILENIX BRICKS -- The y subscribers baemg
A been . al e
sole Agents by Om manufacturer;
for We .ttle of' the celebrated "Phrents Brick.," are
now prrpored to fill order. for any yummy, at *Br
roott, per 1,0011. For the eonstruelloo of furnaces of
all kind., these beteks have been prormunced by cora
pment ludgc. as loottprtosperior to all cutter fire brinks
now 111 ate. C A IiI'ANULTY & Co, Banal Rush.
DORTAIILF: Ft-Mt:EA—A very converneot ankle.
A. Bellows and all the knee can be C 201104 by Ibo Itan.
dlo. tw two taco. A law Ana reed and for sale by
W t a rwr
MA/6 Y UN JOHN LiliINC Y ADAMS .-. Delivered E May Hth, Iri4S, at the Schad House of the Sixth
Ward, Pittsburgh: Hy H. M. Breekestnego.
Pabbahed by .1011N8ToN A trrocK,ToN, antl for
sale by all the Booksellers In the my. In
LI UN DID ES--30i" .1 bags prime Rio cetree;
0 Dei halt cheats 1' ki Tea;
13 do li I' du
dir do Mack do
WO b.s. ss, Ids and lb lump, James River Tobacco:
311 bee• Pepper;
16 du Allspice;
Ai bbl. Tanners' Oil;
SU do large NoX Mackerel; (*team} with asn•
oral assortment of Pittsburgh nuundamismedarticles,
In slum and for .. le by Run DAL 21,24.. a Co,
Liberty si_
—.— —,-
fIA PE. MAGNESIA -5 eases lust reed and for ale
CAUD ?I'M - IN kIA—W cases ram ived muffin sabe
byoct9 It E sELLEas_
.. . .
0 otl9 NUM-100 1b.10., reed and for ale bi uxits
--- . R F
dm just received mid for sale by
oct9 J KIDD la Co
. .
A ff&x° qw Ti ' llt d by a; °Fllll"27Ml— e .
tual of the nir oulit izr
jog suffocation. D the
I L=l
.epre. .8
lea be entirely eared by a &seised Dr.
flsrattler's leaner
Camp* or emarnin eold, which, If aelflooted will
lemmata la Consaniptlen, efferfinally relieved and
cured by DrAihreetsertslPeaseerr
EironeitirL, if entehieked, will el:remarry lead to
Branehlal Commode*, Ma a timely are of Dr. Sweet
ser's Panacea will alfgmu s g y Can It.
lathunatarioa of the. Tomes or Yore Thrush—Thls
disease' often fetch re xenon. consequences from neg
lect, each as tgoemtion or the guest. On dm firs:ley-mu
rmas, Dr. Bs Panacea should be procured and
used freely. • • Coughs —.-
and CM& dad a emereign monedY
gerecters Paaaaea
PELOURILMiI NOthaA very fade disease, rdtalling
from a Violent cough and cold on debi li tated or bro.
tea deem
,efutstitatroN Aged perm. me saltiest to IL—
Dr. Sehtelees Panneea should be seed 'ea rho DV
0,441 are IL Cough or cold.
complaint will meet
with a Offa I*l using Dr. Fweetcril•Parureert.
o s a e e h
tont first appertatoof Trump.
`raii =m a lrf k bkoed..Vaeers e 4 it:I r lt
- fry dangeriMed be apprebenjed.
Wh the ' L ' arup,thre Windpipe, or Elronehlal Tithes
bectorl: dogged up with phlegm so al ID lavede reset.
quo. 07 breathing Dr. Sweetser's Panacea, winch Is
cpowecrut Expeetaranrohould be taken denuding to
the dirt:ethane . t
Influenra.—Thli dis . - irsising epidemic, so prevalent Is
our azure, Is speedily: erred by Dr. Bweetseioe Pana.
Price mper bottle,,ai ii= bogie for O.
For We by WEL XACKSONi ES Liberty sy dign trz
be his boot. , , ' .notNe/Y.
- To the Medical Profession *MIL Plialtlle.
HECRER"d FARINA, now in use at the Hospital,
harms, mid othet public establishinints, old
mera mmendedhYaame of ft EnDoopialr4"4"-
sicians and enemies, ai an article o tile! or children
and invalid., tuna superior to arrow mot:, 41 4-,
f e ar more stngthe P ning, pleasant to the Wife. and easy
f digestion. re u t up m:l4 lb. boxes of halflb. paper.,
each accompanied with printed directions for cooking,
I . 4 ehig, in hi. Agricultural Chemistry, p. 49, Phil. ed,
"Children fed upon arrow -root, seep, or Indeed any
kind of 11 Mylsdaileons food, which doe, contain ingre
dients fitted for too formatipu of bones and mnseles,
become fat, and acquire much ttaritoneorter; th eir limbs
appear fall, bet they donot acquire strength, nor are
their omens pruporly developed."
In the ouritlyms oldie Farina mode by Prof. Reid of
New York, among mime constituents, he givesbb per
cent of glutton and albumen and remark. that th e
claims of the Farina upon the Medical Prothetion and
the public upon Its containing halm glutton
and albumen, vegetable fibrine and other nitrogetnied
bodies not fennel In arrow root or Shriller substances,
and which modem eliensisuy.ltaa pointed out as being
necessary to the formation of human fibre, and by
means cd which nature makes up (or the coristant
waste that takes place In the human Cody,2 For ride
wholesale or rebel, by R E SELLERS,
sapid 57 wood
T at tria—
Tis a great mstufacuoli IL ke
to be aide th us pabliely
I. to announce, that thegreat demand for oar sopertor
and splendid preparations of our “PAAIILY AIEDI
CINI,n far exceeds one most sanguine expectation.,
particularly one Indian Expectorant and , .ftmpbund
Carminative Balsam, whkh for beauty of appearance,
superiority of togreibente, and the compounding of
them, together with the immense disparity ie Mae
of our bottles over any others—the beautiful and or
m .
mental engravings, and the tame displayed in the pu
ang of Meta op, Is a fare* incitement to the
er. And ai many of my old friends who kneW rue
GeahaLoalunwhen in the e mployment of Dart. D. i Yre nowt g aci %" i " that one oft ler'o7rOrDlkC. No.
Archie:omit below Mardi P where Isbell
be happy to see them; wain, aided by is brother, a
reviler graduate ohne "Philadelphia Co/lege of Pl:tar
mac • ,: t . ,` 4 ' make, put up, and compound, with oar awn
hart every article • minpriaing "Ferully
tTnes, Indian Expectorant. Compound Cannthe
re Hallam, Compound Tonle Vern:dregs, West Indian
Smative Nis,. and Oriental Hair Tunica
We farther beg leave to remark, (nod we do it W ith
• confidence that cannot be shaken,) that we have is
covered and mule an Improvement en. our. Orre tal
Heir Tante, that farexceeds any thing ever *bred to
the pdblic. Give us • ca ll at No. 54 ARCH street. Our terms alone are an inducement, and we are one
rake result
Rlt EDWARD ACKU., takes this means or re.
ferules hls thanks to his fnends stud the public
s extensive patronage he hat received, and of in
rename. them that he hoe lately erected • large and
well constnreted building, for the exclusive perigees
/Ocatiop,lll,Phillipsbucah, rho Ohio n ear, oppo
site the steamboat landing • aver, where he is reedy
to reeMye patients as boarders, and treatthem on Hy,
dropattue principles. ition to his long eXph en
eitee, and the great sinew add
which ha heretoforei at
tended has treatment anathema corentittattts his ease,
he has now thy additional lierhties allorfied by. sa;ex
mnsive bailouts erected expressly for the purpose, Con
mining commodious and airy rooms, and tiled up with
every necessary apparatus fee bathing, and d e m o n.- terieg the treatment to the utamat benefit and congest
of the patient. rbillipaburgii is a moat delightful and
healthy yaw., easy ohms... by steamboats, mull af
fords :me .1d wade:bate, water. Dt.•Ackes /urea
Rose alliteted persons whd may place tbeenteltes un
der has cave, that every mammon Hiatt be paid to heir
comfort mud a, an assurance of the !substantial heuefira
to be dented, he points with confidence to the 4up
dretla who bare been permanently cured at ht. estat.-
he The Water Cure leaves no htinplous
!wham!, as is too onen lbercaso with those who Save
lwen treated int the OM ryitelm Itremoves the d..
caw. inv murales the system, protects from We tlanien
lociden to change. of lte Weather, create,
and acute appetite, and impart, vigor to the digetuvc
powers. Terms of treatment andhoarding evasonubl.
For fushor particulars inquire at the establishment,
address the proprietor al Iltalipsburgh.
We have been Informed by Mrs, ROM 01 ear:Fr.
formed on her Jayttes A lterattvti. h
Droves its sapertority 01/Cf every other remedy o , the
kind. She has been alliimed for the last trateen years
woh 14k.VH08E23 or WHITE EWELLIARig, Amended
with ulcerations and enrol hulas of various bones. du
rum which Mae many pieces have been d.eharged from
the trtmtal *too of the ftrahlkon. auto how kee ,artas,
welts and hoods and from both leo, and from t he Sea
rmsoni honerknd Lent Ea light 'mak boo,Jes painfal
ulcers on other parts of her person, which have lodged
the skill ef • number of the most airdnent physicians of
our enr--detring most of We time her mailings have
been ezenriallog and deplonade. About three the
since she was induced to lart DAt
r. ywattr
has had ate estoelehßtly happy effect upon her,
by removing all pat and swellings, and mason% the
ulcer. to heal, whole nide, same time hessrenethl health
be. beep,,,eeompletelymsnuedso Mat she MISS weighs
t 3 lba more than the Ed before she commeneed the me
of dee truly vajaable pregatioii—lirat Pont.
For further Informatien,inipPre of Mee hose, No. WE
Filbert st, Philadelphia.
For sale in Plattsburgh, at the FEICINTEA sztris,
70 Foarth st hew Wood.
;4 7----- L . R , " I
..i INGB,--Scrolida In SW if. intiltiplied foymi
whether in that of law. 'Kid, eau/meta in 1 the
glands or bonen, Ool:i white. sive - ' , Corinne
itheamatisia, Carmel', wagerer the Skin Or 8 ine;
or of Pulmonary Co caption, emagate hop one
and the =he came, whictriss poise:Mb. pnn iple
more or lee, inherent ii the human spite= There.
fore, tinier this prieelphinne bedestroyed,do tad,-
cat cure ma be eilectell, but if the principle epos
which the disease depends, in • removed, a cure
mulled necessity renew, no butter under what form
the disease should manifest itself. This, therefore
is the reason eh Jeset's Atmmitsvers m so eel
venally eaeeem ul in 'inflating so =my malignant
diseases. It destroys the' elms or principlefrom
whmn those diseases imve their origin, by entering
into the ciirelation, mut with the Stood is conveyed
to the minutest fibre, removing- every particle of
disease from the system. ' Prepared and sold s/ No.
8 South Third Street,Yhiladelphia.
Pittsbu Sold srght. the Pekin Tea Store, No. 78 jaunt. alter
j ADI 7 -
—ASS Who Use Common Prepared are
often not aware how frightfully summits t us tO
the skin! how coarse, how rough, bow sallow, )eilw,
and onhetatihe akin appears after mar prepuce'
chant, it i• Merlons, Sonzwinnporan• gem
My of lead. d have preputt) bemanti.witable
asuelw which we cell JONES,II LILY
WHITE! It to poilectly innoCoboMa Plirigedior
dcletennos qualities; End it Imparts to th e a natu
ral, healthy, Wallower, Weer, Irani, white, tithe same
and boo time awing u S couosetw on the sale, =Mini It soil
Dr. James Aniteronn, Practieal Chemin of Kama
chosen. saya: "After analytic; loom'. Spanish Lille
White, I and It possesaes the moot beaunfol and nat.
ral, at the rame m e innocent white eveltSim
eartanity min emummulmoely retehrtmead its use in all
whose Mos recasts beautifying."
Oaf 'Price 114 cents a box.
MO lsw"Sold by W7I.*CaIISOP at tub Dow and Shoe
ND Liberty street, head of Wood, at the Sign of
the B Bow.
Ladles, ladien,lbo assonlibea,
Whet yea tatty Sul you areprontliwd
A amoral, llfalite , man " th lw.
That yen will still mew:minion chalk,
And look • deathly yellow
The theme of laughter ortalt
If you would use • bog or JUNIIS Lilly-artute, it
weidd give veer skin an alabaster yet natural white,
wad at the same tin e clear arid improve n Sold at
JAMISON'S, di Liberty al ' PnoeSl-0 as
per hoz.
`14.0. Sai Wood street, our, doot south of Diamond
alley, Pittsburgh, Pa___, often for sale.tabu lot or
Drugs, bledlcines, Oil., Poirds,_ Varnistree, este&
and Perfumery, .Forer+l DOlue ,___ etle, to which he
calls the attention of , tr 19..... and me r.
amine rinbeg the COY, es is renamed to sell at
very low peen, sad give general satisfaction. Goode
warrardW and cheap. Varnish No. 1 and it, N. York
manufacture* also Japan led Black Leather Varnish.
es, oral:Merlyn. quality. Ain!, White and. Red Lead at
price. lower
Was -heretofore odbred. J. D. M. oleo
manuneteres Morglin'selebracdoghtilyrup,whieh
has given general satinacilint to Oil In tke curing of
coughs, hoarseness, influence, whoopirtg emille,
croup, ,colds, c IS' emits per bottle. Aloo, hlorgans
Indian Layer Pali, a eertaß core for liver complaint.
sink headache; end all bilks= enanalatlll. Price 1 Cl.
per box.
Dr. W.P. Iniguirrs 7Pr emham Planter.
rl R. W. P. INLAND, oldie Medical College bf PAU-
L/ aslelphia, saw Deers to Republic tin IndLu Veg
etable Premium Planer, the qualities of whic h . after
long and tried experience, has been esundteterdy es
tablished. To ail women who may he adliesed with
ProlapsesP literhaor Pullen Plomb,.he recommend* hi.
abort guanine:Wei a4llll, and speedy cure In Re
cane and space of from two to thee weeks, if applied with
rat—diedatding all the countless instrumenta
suni expemive bandages so long e feel.
ounecientleas in stedasoineh as be has n o t failed
R.. one case mu of. hundred and Ofty-three pa.
Alio for Rheamausm and Weak Breast or Back, at
tended with pain, there is nothing to creel dna Planer
let affording relief or affeeting • cam For sale GT
L Wilcox, corner or is and Marketsi
Braun & Reiter, " Liberty and Si. Clair sta
Dr J Sargent " Fedoral st and Diamond, Alle
gheny city
Jaegoes & Co, • Demi. and Diamonkttirming
- -
A Mud Semis to WOliVezeid.
laßr6hrir.Fl VII DOLLARS will be paid to ay , one
who will produce • wee petn4 preen me dry, thus
cannot be astreeted with lloiVe Improved Etwatiall.
nate. 1 base rho asiiitactlea sttirdte:i the emplo el
stu. place, lbu this tinkle, by op 0.1•13 imerovemeet on
non Condo annyalled In Mit reentry ter oltOliCtinit
oteuo, (21, pitch, oil, Paint. or,,ia wher . pretia sag
nanny, Iron oil Wads on anthata'S ladles" 01Xinost
e Labia maths, menu& alteWIATIatEl, beismeta;
we, tolarmE attlthimi dun ppm strata will lea
Ware. Mare than an thousand .ms= dirEnna
pans or as weary knee tedd,eme the/ 0 010 not he
It, if It ton oat dollar per MEWL I n Imes this
Soap on more than MO articles 0-1 /oallithie aati•A
paecas, and calicoes, I have only band Wee
al, two of alpacas:, and fore a Calico, 00 Pleas is I t
chang the anon
bekle put•at • 04 • light
dreas ryi a sample of the dreariest. II ate ads beeline
I me determined col 10 Feed sinul
I know to be strictly Inta Item
bl Pner, tYI eta par vain Bold, ao B
E hnahe emu
- [orda by b° 4 974 - farcUridizat-''
A iliagEAT CURE, by yea ____---
, ereleithr tn.*
nad rand= Lim ' , prepared end told liy il, silt
WWI' lithirtheArrehf, Wmthoittlited Cs.. V.,
July I.9th; Mgt
Mr. D. /f. Er some edit, leyonmeil ttliallieted
indseraino resold sly &sahib teethethatla &Tar ofyoerjrusty
celebrated 'Lim rah. 1 Ury deferred dabs se the years,
Whoring to awry CeoclmPs sunciat,,abasere Zoe ere right,
thet gs elread,'' . Mose Oft& easy pre ( mss
mid embalm, widm I. the slier, have iattrehltrametem
year Litt:alai him bees tittered to Lim patille,atad, Weed
I bilthre they nral i vsnins them all,” a e they are last Xis:
The to leettmet them le he, LI ham been adlicrad - with Liver
Complaint hout .1 . loatr, hare suPared iierlu eraployee
may unlined ph pima, to whose I paid meth sarearnhare
Imt owl Mood, aeon remised end physicked aid*. dm*
nitrated 3or Strietes, end bellygtron op es
103-7 I war isatieelstyyyourthm.P6bosed 80Cnt GOT
WELL. Onelata et whithla now.fdcieet ha koispipeleer
of pain to the side r ead 4 the other symtaine the at law
tit moths. :Year Ithe earth* the besteathertie lair lipbti
ael b i d gto PPt emi g Titi 7 in ' ltil rat 4k". alai.=
Cor 6 or ? younq sal hundrede of hob:and tia:reemr
henell e othil• o•thitbite, 44 ...4 . .11 iny an who Nei wed
thopt„ , ,
,Tttry hare amenieded amod every other de this
sthighbotriteed, end On a abort time still health them tal
amenity reconamemt times ot all pumas iteetiag phyaie s
' . .h.ther ibt . ' t i '•' 9eatPhild or mak. Allketicemi4...o.-
Oder than Az superior teEnloutelor the Blue Pith
VAWItiN—As them arti o th er 'Pills Mtn .the
th.mLiver Me przettee who weld the ODNLllNgslioeld
alb for and taktreo other dui thosepared and sold by a
a MUMS, No 5 7 Wood-se bre am, Third sad Porch
'II by Dr. Caws, PM Ward, D DI CMS; Adighimy
I '
11lth -----tx_____V
pa p, P e - as ter w Cameo
BENJ. W. O /WA ate
warn. hi _
e µown,
thank. to the chime of Pinthunthi and Allegheny
city for th e very libelist support mid eutmengernew he
has received ' , rigida the last Lis mumbs, That thelVe.
Apr care should . acquire Duch celebrity, Is neither
sithottPS Mr lugatertour,when it is considered btrw great
a amber of eases ef every vaty of diseases, both
acute and chronie,hasre been c or ed by in imitating me •
of it- In Germany, where it origirugml, six thousand
Of the Went c that were Firm up by the utoslatib
611 physicians of as Incurable wen blued by
the immortal Pricentua, th e foamier mike Water Cum
In Dagland, Prance and. America, thiusamla of, hop.
Illea althea have been cured by it, and the,bruate
ydropalbic establiat.,,nts sow In suicereful ePera•
_Mb inho UnimdStates, speak volonthath fascia( the
Dr. Morrie hams, permanently esiablithed hist . mall
N the city of Pittnbuigh, three doors southarturt of Ir.
WWI alley, on Penn sucect-ta now prepertut to tithe •
number of boaH.r• a.d.tisltlithm, al has hhase .....„l._ sad
Wow who prefer being hula! 'al their own d
will ho punctually and thitbfally attended, Ile - ii — =
estimated Xr• his ogled from A o`tioch tll,l 3 P. M., enil
from 7 to le in the evening. • .
N. IL—Drery varteq: of bathe made ate of is he
Water cure, both thrlathes and gentlemax earl be ob
tained at the Atheneum, on Liberty street, when they
have been recently erected (or his express use of Hy
dropethic patients, and where every emotion will be
given by the polite and attentive propriems.
three& EssirLlstt Remedy.
UDR Coughs, Colds, Awl= and Consumption! The
X GREAT AND ONLY REMEDY for the etue of the
above diseases, Is the HUNGARIAN 'BALSAM OF
LIFT, Macerated by the celebrated Dr. Buchan,of
London, England, and Introduced into the tinned Bums
under the immediate superintendence of the inventor&
The extraordinary *access of this Medicine, in tg
cure o
f Pulmonary diseases, warrants the American
Agn t h atn soliciting Mr treatment the worst poulble n
oes ean be forted in the community-eiMes that seek
relief in vailifronfeny of the common mittediee "Of the
day, and have been pven op by titemost
physicians tie confirmed and incurable.TlM
an Bahamian cstredf and vril/ cure, the most de rate
of caeca It is no quack nostrum. bug n ,Eng
bob medi c ine, of known and ester efiletteTli
Every family In the United &awn be. supplied
with BuchtuOi Dungen. Balsam e Bet only to
counteract th e consumptive tendenci of ibe climate,
but to be used as a preventive toctlici in all cue* of
cello, cement, spitting of blood, in the side and
hest, irritation and soreness of brochhis,
difficulty of brewing, hectic fever, mesas, emeoi
-1111011 and general debility, asthma,' whooping
cough and croup.
Sold in Lugo bottles, at $I per bottle, with Atli direc
tions for the restoration of health.
Pompidou, comoming a mass of Eqglish and A 612111.
certificates, end other evidence, showing the un
:led merits of this great English Remedy, may I*
of the Agents, gratuitously.
IF' or sale by B A PAUNEWOCK & Co., corner of
and Wood and Wood and 6111 miss mug
DIL.JAVNR'S cAanuumeTivEnaLasia
1, , ROM the Rev ASA SHINN, a well known and pop
.I` Clergvman of thaProtestainAlethodht Church
The anden4ned Mtn. been adlkteddadngthe past
winter with a disease dues cowlick sanitellmea ro
ducing g ro at pain in the stomach for tenor twelve ho P s.
anthem tntermission, and alter having( tried irmioas
remedies with little erect; was Ruttish-id with ■ bottle
of Dr DJayne's Olontinanve Hallam Thiq be ailed ac
cording to the direetiona, and foamd tannish() that This
medicine reused the pain to abate in three or foto min
utes, and in fifteen or twenty mlnuteseverY tomml
seimadon was entirely quieted. The medinitio was af
terwards used whenever indicatlonsof the approach of
pain were perceived, and the patn was thereby prevent
ed. lie continued to me the medielne every ci=
and sometimes in the moraine, tad lo • (kw
health was so far restored, that the (offerer was mile,
pod from a large Meant of oppressive pain. Front ex
D serienee, therefore, he eanamfidently recommend D
er therefore,
Carminative Relearn, as a mtkol 7 7 medMio
for diseases of the momach and boweels.gheny A SHINND
For sale in Pittsburgh at the PEKIN TEA BTOR
79 Foenh street, near Wood, and also •t the Drag
Surreal' 1' ettIeIWARTZ. Peden! street, Amon,'
Purity 'fourood,
IN mug Rte provious Emithir and do
with a scrofulous lens
in m y.le=tall_heert
t sou see
for some menthe antler the ram of ph Catty
gaud my Crum, Pram
incetheAlis smith. boahl do
but little Mr me. I was nearlytelpies hat whit the
aid of crutches could with difficulty get la Mar
/net, I purehued of you, and c swing Rats.
rote Ssaasesanda. Alter the use of haulm, th•
acre* einnineneed healing, and I laid •my crutch
es. Clang only IL Cane. I disperwed piths. Ce anti
at the end of the Marsh, was so well. to *PM a l l day
in +hearing sheep. lit all, I used. fi: since lam
p bottles. Tha
scrofula and mores have all inealedu and
sumer I have wen no appeamuce thredises
have continued, andsm thet=m perfe se, bat ct headd•l
I crate con.64eney, lotimegthat othersteay Imbue
Mined in the sante way, that tha,/liarsaperala sold by
you, has been the means and iheartly means of effect.
mg the care. ODILNE/4118J. ROSE.
Der sale wholesale and retail, by
daw R. e.FAllltibsatA4 & Co
run front P wood ins. A also corner wood &nth..
cr Cream de' Amanda Aincre, for ettavirqG
Cream elk Rose, Inc sharing;
Atutende Cream, do;
Owe nd, Mr asinp,sin Porcelain mantic
mPrile pint
Lent Liam, pt perfumed with Lavemon, Angle
term Lent
l esetiful Powder pats of all patterns
Endmased toilet bone., COrnarreng feageant extrema
Mr the handkerchief ; a semi bag,and toilet soaps, sun
aide for proem..
Persian, or Chinese powder;
Indian - vegetable pair oil,
near% oil, in fancy or common wrapperslrow seem
eel; _
Soap; Nymph Soap; Base Lip maven
eal amp; Soda soap; weather with a peat variety
perfumery: just 'reared; for male km
ear eth & armed ..
ATESSRS: REE &D CLITLER—I feel It a duty 1
~Lpg ewe to. to y fellow creatures, to mate something
I . more respechlw.your Vegetable Pulmonary Ralston
Since I Inn coed the Balsam, about eleven year, ago.
I die happy effect of which I lA.. wan an account o 4 I
' here bad several wveoecomphts and attacks at coy
lung., one • few days since, mad In every instance I
hare used Me Unloose idtrem with complete and perfect
aureate. It has erected relief and care fan very few
day. It is certainly a sale sztedkine. I do pot know
that f ed t will cure a fined consumption, but 'I bonen. it
'4/4 r in Mancases a preventive, and provednon is
bene than cure r Ido therefore, for the love of my kl
loweren, commits' ieentattnatili the use or this
pulmonary, co:plat:no. I am confident thas it
his been, tbk.mean. of pmseryptg my life to this day.
Reship .ItaterlB, ) 1& 131 Pit 4615101 PARSONS. 4 1
- rlir. sale by /1 A Fahnestock, & Co, corneffiist and
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1.3 power to cure! Prrintimanis Feb:- 14j 1.847.
R. E. &rums—My wife has for years been subject
to a dlstreuLng cough, accompanied• with as th ma, for
the care of which she used ffiferent cough remedies,
and bad the advice of the most ernment physicians in
England, but all was unavailing. Hy chance I heard
b Tone tle Imperial Cough Syrup, arid urns induced to boy
• ot trial, although I hart no belief that . anything
could remove her eOniplinnt. To tny great surprise,
tiro doses gave her immediate relief. She is at times
trundled with cough, but two tempos:matte! Of Syrup
always stops h. lam satisfied, atler It trialof /three or
lour years, that Settees' Cough Syrup is the test cough
medicine I have ever tried either tu the Old or New
World. Wel- PetillionanA
Seventh Ward, city of Pittsburg/I
nc above certificate shoals truktee all who are
tombled with cough or asthma, to give the Syrnp •
al. It may be had foe LS cams a bottle, at the dreg
more of
woad 11 E SELLER/ LB' dat
Sold by Dr Cassel, .Sth ward, and 1) li Cent, Alle
gb?"7 6 _7.
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Caro of IIF Par the relie ( and Permanent
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Parative eiwa with which tt may be worn. The pad of
synod being neatly balanced on springs, yields to pies
anfe 00 ley pan of lb and thoroughly adaptsd to
iself y auwontent made by toe metrer. It can be worn
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CE bete have made meamyseueub for Mie manoluel ura
the valuable Trumea, a ItYpencer style tn Penal'
delptiia, and have them now far we at thew ;Ace, No.
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talt). WATT,
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Cr ELLERS' VERMIFUCIE—"Supeaor to 44 1 have
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GUM. Tr, Payette couniy, Pa, MARVA, 4b.
Mr. R. K Sataxa—l hereby evrufy that !have used
Too r Penmen.' 0:ly aud ,
nen roperior h, any I have ever UlGd. I goaelO one of
my elutdren cue dose, which expelled about 6U worms.
Prepared arid sold by R S6I,L.ERS, 37 IV ood
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P 1 J Smith, Ter operarmovillo: and r war., L..-
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Two 4 00
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Two .1 070
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