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• • • • Whig Nowastioas,
Timms M. T. ME.Ectua of Washington.
Jam P. flastranon, of Lebanon.
P. Sosepho.6pr6a - o,
It John P. Weniterill, M. Witham Colder, Sr.
& James M. Dwris, V7lMain klllvaine,
4. Tim. W. DaMeld, 10. Charles W. Flaw,
I. Daniel 0. Hitrorr, 17. Andrew O. Carlin,
& /Denim, la Thos., B. Davidson,
7. Jo 11 Steele, Ilk Jose Markle,
S. JohniAndsa,
P. Amish Sehsmeker, 21. Artdraw A Lettmis,
IS. Ch arl es Snyder, N. Masud Irwin,
11. William 0. Hurler, 41 mama Sill,
M Francis Tyler, 114. Same A. Parminee.
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0 do. .......•.497 40 40 458 416 494
449 do -373 163 332 US 20D 197
Mb do .449 ZS MS 93 MO 414
Mb do MO 02 304 197 976 MO
7th do ........•• 70 0 71 W . 72
eh do. US 116 164 113 144 07
649 ...... 0 114 W 113 0
-40/ 137 370 133 347 182
• 497 121 in 120 112/ 149
• -318 204 Ell ZS 355 1911
• 4513 CZ 371 233 333 408
•• 81 01 77 47 . 18 57
• 4CI 119 SO LIS 293 150
• 410 315 997 115 9.17 IE3
I.t Ward,
•t do •• •
4th do. • •
.171 . 'l6 177 147 170 160
Vanillas 431 117 129 Up 124 123
Ellsabeak Tp al 157 XS 154 .1513 100
Mann 102 54 103 ES 00 Ed
Sandell •••• • • • .1111 48 113 48 101) 59
knells 111 165 157 157 102 141
Baldwin. ...... 431 71 131 70 in 74
Unat Clau• -• V 94 99 84 03 IN
Lower St Clair. -339 291 345 29 VI 391
206111999 .116 131 111 139 101 140
North Fawn ••• • VI 139 90 133 86 144
BanFasna- -um 70 vn 70 no n
runny 1.14 un un La 1
reCCI9 E 0 04 LV 138
Ohio ......... E 5 137 a LV 01
Q 1 96 64 97 63
-116 116 113 118 106 1 1
Bhaler• • • 113 67 06 63 93 67
West Dear 130 39 181 el us .7.1
Ent Deer 297 111 1% 141 123 122
19ahn/ 12.5 101 103 109 143 123
Sharyabm7h• •• • • 123 33 113 34 112 31
Lairreve.rille• •• • 9£l 129 91 129 87 133
Manchnaer 186 101 92 121 90 1141
Banth Iltubargh• 432 139 121- 129 13/ 133
Birmingham 217 198 218 193 ZS 201
619114•42wri 123 f6l 120 W 113 89
Ws Nixabeih- •• 97 27 37 47 sea
tior.of2lsAbeth••l27 83 191 61 U 7 121
frsll 6164 6244,61.10 7650 ana
Jahn/totes tasi. 2692
•Whlsl t Locoloor, S
. Fme 4139. r ;
The above are the iint(ris leitatua arrGoverwor,
Ownd Commtasionelr, and,Ganiretta,rwith the ex
iwytiod of the vote Wire. ;.
The following is the - C6)6:4lagiregste vote of
each candidate, in this ooanty, at the late election.
We will publish the otlimai r . table, in 614 41 our
mama convenience. The late hoar at which the
indgeslnished their scrutiny of the returns, ren
dered it imposaible for no to publish the whole to
day, with any degree of accuracy:
Govxmata--Jolussnm .............8856
Lai:gamin 64
Gassant [F. 9.].. ... .. 23
Joinaton's martyr 2692.
C. Gitemascomua—bEddleiwarth (W.)...8914
• . . Painter 114..........6130
_ • .•• • Humphraya,(N.)..... 348
Iftddlewarerth's majority 2114.
0 : 0 700 1 0 0-41491 iitun , r1 "
61 7666
-";" ••• ......
1104i0467% 1053.
Pled! an ahead of his ticket, taking the
Amen* average as a criterion, 542 rota.
41,0*3--rara Noble ! 7474
&drew 7855
Swartzirelder 7770
.... ........
Snowden, ...... • .6053
Miller ..............6037
Dave, 929
• '[N4 Mut, .. 418
..... . 359
. 403
Nacho- Fns Sell a 758
ii 403
••• Whig nmarity, 1650
1774 • .
togbezty .: :
Nieces megaity,. ; .2116.
Esatsna7f, Wl3cott, 7925
[D. MCorkle, 6026
' [19.13. Davison 668
(41. Dabarry • 353
&Ws majMity, . • 1689.
CL6616. lite Coram•-•W00rdy.(W.)..7952
• Willem, (). • —6007
8etba,(9.13.) .. 659
• Davi5,(01)..... 340
breanly's tosjatity r
Conietamoram--Besson, (W.) ..
Whew M.) •
•.• - - Dickson, (9.9.) •
• / 0 9 4 / 14 , .).
Samoa's majorlty,..... • •
Unita— atm,
Bums, (9.
Verner's ' majoetty, .
. 1 .......2083..
The majorities we bare given are over the De.
utsenstio candidates.
.Tharwholet vote in thin county
13. 1944, items.
Increase Only ............ ........... 672
.li' 1940, the whole veto Onts 12,193, showing an
:4112 . r235 CVO 1E40,0t 2153. It cannot be possible
that"tilt die voters of the county have not increased
I=tre than 672 in font years. The voters could DOA
Oil have been oat, and this fat shows that there is
• it pot deid of prnfitabla work to be done, before
the Ith of Novembili. - AB the increase there is, is
in the aria. The townships hams not been as
ropy organized, and as mach awake to the impor.
tow onto, election as they ought to be. Let them
be ready by November, lidesperate battle has to
be fought in this State vel,bettne Lucofocoism is
coStpletely conquered, end we cannot spare a sin.
es Whig vote.
OUR 1710'X'011.Y.
Got. Johnston's majatlty wilt tango from four t o
d,, thoqazid. -
It is highly probable that we have carried Ner
Mbldielartattkibr Oinal Claeuzdadoner.
We lave elected a :very eonolderthle majority
of theauenthers of cloven., though the 'rotifer
dose lose= ado Diooleth, Ma we shall nor be
Citiii . ,#'44lll4 &thole* or th e Coll malt, until
We eaoed . two &won, and*robably three.
. • ,
Wfillerte Mewed a nzejutity in the Assemtgy,
ned , eenesqoantlyiher ebeetion , ernliThig member
Maw an MAT MgrOBS rualts.
js snorted thapnode, Whqr, Es e u c t e a to
1202302213,6aziiiireaccarchnd -ma Somerset
Maley (.1.. pile is elected:Sam the Somerset
Bidden by eimM 200 eigicaity.
endased Tbe &Oka 4
0 =
=Mi 4 the W1114114t"
1 .
ndy Whrs isGoat the ISM
A telegraphic Despatch in- the Untoalowil Dem;
Mat, Ora Cangiorl: Fia, says dud Ogles iztaiorili
in eozoonetils 9200 r.
itivisetudgm, Loam% iseieded MarFoc
Babfluota tr7l3B6=l** overGolll,
-Thomas Swan bets= President dike lieltinitre
and Ohio &greed, in plus anomie hie Lens, re
mise, 1.
X A M / 12 0 1410 1 11 1 1 . 114 rif
111 , ...
t --- " --- % ( ---A---- %
194g5491 , ;:i..::: - ..- ...- 4093 , —,...... 2242 ---.....
losikstrom ~•
7 47 ... .... 579
'Beaver,: ' "• 494 '::i..' r,697 ....
Bedford,. 100 101 ..,
Balm.: .......... •0 , •• • • - • 4376 '' • ''' 4.4°°
Blair, , 900 .... pew county
Bucks, . ..... . . .... 200 ..-.. 302
Butler .. ..... ...... 100 .. • • 143 . ..
Carbon 208 .. . 331
Chester,. 997 ~.. 651 ..,.
CUOMO, ........ ...... .... 150 .... 181
I Clarion ......... ...... .... SOO .... 1098
Crawkad, .... ....... .. .... 250 .... 810
Cumberland 16 ... 37
Dauphin 972 .... iot .....
Delaware 493 .... 568 ...,
Fayette, 510 - . . 489
Franklin • 830
Indiana, Bll 3 llll •• • •
G .. reene, .... .... iOii ~ , . 830
Lancuter 4221 .... 4981 ....
Leban0n,........ ..... 850 .. • . 730 ....
Lucerne, 800 .. • • 1053'
1, 450.... 655
Ncmhumberland, ...... .... 450 .... 886
Para • •••• • • ....... • • 470 ... an
P101444V0n city, 3£19 . 1 .... iota ....
do. county.— • 1070 .... 1938 ....
Somerset, 1850 ...:. 1538 •. • •
Sullivan ..... ... —..• • .. 180 new county
Tlinps,- .
Venango . 450 300
Wayne 500 .... 742
Westmoreland, 2150 .... 1926
Wyoming,— ..... .... ... , 100
A WhltO'llan Sold too Negro!
OpreAnox or Gam. Cisab War= SLAVIET
While Governor or iffichigan, Gen. Coss urged
through and sanctioned a law, prosistin,g for th.
sods of white man, convicted of idleness, disorderly
conduct, arc. By turning to VoL XXI. of Niles'
Register, page 212, we find a very practical
tretion of the operation of this benevolent law of
Gen. Cats. It dates that a whits man, convicted
of disorderly conduct, was actually hired by one
of Gen. Cass' constables, to a negro, who more ho.
mane than the lawgivers, amt his beau= free.
The thieving is the exnxct as pnblished in Niles'
Register at the time—
A White Man old to a Nem.
'rim Tax= Tinterri—Under this head we no
tice a case that recently occurred at DalMit.—
'Mere is a law in this Territory that provide* far
the eethng of idle and dissolute persons at public
auction. At one cilium sales, a negro bought •
whits wan and ordered him to /When , his mister,
and the order was obeyed. But the boor blank
took his servant to the steamboat, and paid his
passage and resumed him to hisfreedom—satisfied
with sending him out of the Territory!,
Thu law having become obsolete, its early chem•
pion is turning his attention to the best mode or
extending the market for black slaves. Under the
plea of the necessity of "diffusion," he gins with
Calhoun to transform the free territories of New
Mexico and Calibre's into slave markets. The
Loco Foco propagandists, North and South, insist
own their right to go thither with their property ;
and Gen. Cass, who was willing idle white men
should be sold Iwo Slavery, tells his political friends
and all others who are willing talisteteto him, that
rt isn't ; worth while to refuse this inlpudeni de
mend. because the South will made a "muss" tf
they don't have their wain way in the wetter! Rat
Coss will bid that it is not as easy either to sell or
humbug white men as it used to be, —Allarry
Evening Journal.
South-Cartomas Poursca—Hon Daniel E Ho.
ger, of South .Camlina, bee addressed a long let
ter to the Charleston (8. C.) Cosier, in which he
developers his own views of duty in reference to
the Presidential election, and probably the views
of large numbers of Desecrate in South Carolina
and the whole month= section of the Union.—
The position be. takes , is this: Although General
Taylor tin better. mind= General Gus Err Pees
ident, the Denumrstio gedyessicatonsistantlY go
over to the
. Whigs a "I party atideld in electing
Gen. Tayice,lsecause, it deleted, hb will be our..
rounded by Whig commences and directed by the
Whig party; whose wbole policy is dinmetchcany
opposed to South Carolina and Southern interests
generally.. The Northern Whigs, says.• have
no sympathy with the South; but the Northern De..
mends heyeoutd therefse should receive the
support ci the Bomb.
21* 41aviv 40 ZYttstiergA Gds.
hai been italill44.sittoei the result of oar
election;' twertrixoy`a ;majority in both Boum of
the lagiggereitbaileioftre in dozy bound tocon.
cede the .&thinet to the &dem District of
Peaaativania ;Pbe;4ine, we rePladilds any such
dostriess. , . , ,Ver bale a leg Senator from the Wee,
is ereic-betite consider the incathibeney, so far
us relate,to lidm, • cypher. We bad better be
without any, and therefore,as present political ends
are to be 'meowed, look upon Mafia/a u without
a nquesentative at la hit, we, then, runt= te
suggest the name done emoted and mat worthy
citmenni a proper Reprelenuativeofthis pea State
in the - councils of the Nation, and when one who
has done equal or greater service in the
campaign, or one ulnae identity with the 4=f
1689 is more cloudy connected, or whose talents or
abilities is a Suuesuour are superior in any re.
sped, can be presented, we will yield Oar claims
to any other section of the State, and [Ahoy caned
famish such a one, then we claim the election of
Wetzel. Foawszo. •
111 r. Quo Johnston% Ilanagemuat.
The reel:laws= and imbecility'. of the present
head of the Pow OdleeDepattment inmost extract
dinaryl• Were it not (W the telegraph, we abould
toll be without news from Philadelphia, in relation
to the election last Tuesday! Oar latest Pluladel
phis paper is dated op Monday, and oar bleat N.
Yeah paper, on Buriday last. We now receive in
telligence from Ph.dadelphia and Now ,Tork, by
mail, by the Baltimore papers, two !lapilli advance
of the papers of those cites: NY theo t lite anitage.
meat of our ,enterPriring General,
Philadelphia and New Yorkvigers . anipatlered
about useless Cu u neF.o.4.eoPeem 4 ; th•
petters of our correspondent art nearly a week old
before we receive them-
FLosiea..—We have at lanai a tow mums
romFklritla, which we annex, la commie= with
the vote of 18I6:
180. 1818.
Whig.' Pan. Whig. Drat.
Duval, 27 40
St. John's— 90 20
Name 8 18
Santa Rosa— 35 89
'lO 08 t 147 20
Democielic majority hi 18115,..i.t 26
Whig majwity now
Wldilign 133
ascribe maul gioention. •
-.11 nor oa.lo-0 P. M.,
The !Mame from 84 Ccatittlei of t*Sanbrhavar
been venereal, which atnew.atelladd
gain on the Governor's lattveiitua
Demociratio majgrity. on the pointlav vote will be
abont 4 l,4oli' In MS . Vecond VIM,* 'Welborn°,
(dem.) has a majority abama 4 208 over Calhoun
(arlds)42v Coogreanlii -
From Western Florida - *knee's am retnnut.
Pensacola gives Brown (oridg) kn. (vitamin 274
and Duvall (dem) 368., Boo* caning gives' re..
bell (whip) 266, and DovellkBein.) 177.'
Ida. auk= Was= of Siiingtteld, Misia c h 4 .
was; has patented an Lever:diem tai mune; stone
which bkls Ilair to eifeetwoodensin:tbe process—
One of the mach*, Loot/ to operStion at New
Hawn, (Conn) when the LoWabdoos may at any
day view it dressing Owlish= et assault, of •
vinare Riot in one or two minitek sat with two,
attitaanta oho- and iNakise4, =Mat at *team
p ow er,. doing the haw Of intan than a hundred
oien. 'There; is man* be po agitate in the thing;
ana,it Ed, txrcathiesio 'puke arose anpenobs
bride lad nwndtaionim entirely Our rooks of build
ing. )•
Vneormo,—The Ninths ol
thel*Wallabolll3ydril;daya;eitlethin in`rugicia
the premed year. According!" an opinion of the
Attcanory throand, which hip med widi no oppcsi.
den, so dtr en we learn, ilos electiOirrm Mains to
TD Exr *sidem mid !lie President Wfthetinited
Stei'ee emit, eettordbdr tel the 'we Mr CeePeee.' be
hold opni the Tuesday' oda dheirsi Monday
November, (7th Ncmd01441848,) and 'upon that
dap only. Therefore like nonce, mul, min or
{o tothe Pepe
r „. ,. _ Ileassit Itharrrinethlitablii; -- i-il,". ` /Math gair7Tartfras Cita& pert
=Peat res Pea fi4 Ibik ' ;'_11 1 ( 111 Pilkilani. Y4heret r ,* ,, Al o l inata wort an object of deeigit:
la . tbs. all other nthrir'fioasetimeitOget fily tbaiii:ioros44 41. - 4 We .3o not mettiOr
tiiii*Adinarim, thin "lualigni is ttit! beat*. '.01 , 1•1114';-01.& selti;iiiii:•Sinuise it ..n.ot iiiiiii
V4)Plierfilitivtation thrown fa* eastifif itStrig- lir, thiMgit iriateg. -1 &Wien one is an obje4S4
lastryir lei swerve from laid iffetitodis itiesimry- - afigui4= 'liitisalimeith . ntheWl io k sows no es 0(64
• - • =Alma firwaro able to metathesis.— Bat . of halrte--ttene af The aympeades of itind
do not believe there is a single branch arintmen„lieu th py i ... 7e y er vh, the h ea th has keep saddened by
pursuit where unbending honesty is ec'th:Cre of iii . ailtge6g end riegleet. , Ms 'nett 'an one there is
IgiU 011 .4.!!!!!" es in the practicen(lay._ id thattgag-brigtdor.basntiful in the world. It playa
who glans the reputation of isboraig to promote not—it laugles apt, became the fountain of its joys
strict joitice between man and man is sure of the has been dried up; ItS heart is all desolate and
confidence of the community—and this confidence lad beca it has home, frie n ds ear th.
, lll9 • no , no on
walthecessarily secure rite beta legal business.— We cannot better express our Wings on this to.
The honest lawyer may not become rich at once plc, than lathe words of the following touching de.
—no, as B°M Perhaps as the knave, but he will scription of an incident in the city of New York:
succeed in the end, and always with his success ." We have often been tempted to try our hand
there will be the feeling of conscious rectitude, at describing scenes which meet oar eyes in a city,
which of itself; is a Wool,. fi nnan ,. We give a bat no scenic representation, much less nay nen ,
shortcan adequately give to a strange, r a true idea of
story below, which will illustrate the truth
of what we have said—
e variety of fortunes and fechngs which mark a
dense population. It is ti Wee idea that the poor
It is now five years same the widow Side s can. suffer vastly more in winter than in the summer—
ed on me one morning before breakfast, and asked We are satisfied of this. . Fresh air is s blessing
me to recommend her to some lawyer, as she from God, and thousands diem cities for the want
thought her friend Stubbs was less correct than he of it
might be. I asked her to step into the parlor and We were passing along E— street, in N.4yr
went myself to my breakfast and my wife, whose York, one summer's day, end saw is child sittleg
advice I always asked on such point& We had on the door step of a hovel. Illaybap, he hid
known MIL Stiles many year. ; her husband ivg, known the trials of three yeari—he certainly had
a great land owner in a goodly town of the west. known but kw of their joys. The heat was intense.
ern country, and with a disinterested love that de. although the son had lell the pavement, and the
served some better flan, ever premed It on hi. little fellow was evidently longing for pure, cool
helpmate, as the first rule of life, to get all she air. He had a mild blue eye, add one of those fit.
mild, and keep all she got. He died, and Mrs. ces that always wins you to stop and look at it..-
Stiles became mom and more religions and alma- but all about him indicated the extremes' poverty.
giving, but also mare and more fond &wealth, and He was a sufferer. His pule neck and the sides
sensible of the admirable advice which her bus.. of his head were bound op in a large poultice, and
band had given her. the hotalr was sadly annoying. We stopped and
I stated the forts to my wife, and waited her looked in his face. lle raised his eyes to us.--sad
opinion. Well, Williams," said she, oiler drinking a world of sorrow looked out of those blue win.
a cup of coff ee pp, n m y story, "I fear th e o ld l a dy dome. His expression was one of perfect hope•
has some money getting claim in view; you know leasuees—absolute despair. It was a panditl sight
she has of late given all her affections to getting to see a young bean so crushed—the lightsome
more wealth. I would therefore recommend her heart of childhood, oat of which life was wholly
to the most honest and conscientious lawyer in sone. As we paused, he looked up feebly, but did
town, en d not to t h e must acute en d tho roug h one , not smile; there was no change of expression, nor
She eties on your judgment; use it, not for her look of interest. A merry group was sporting in
seeming but her real good." the street. His gaze wandered vacantly towards
I counted my legal acquaintances user--twice them, and then away again. The slow movement
aver, before I hit theme answering the term 'hone of his eyes, from object to object, was inexpressa
est and canscientlons,' in the sense which I knew bly mournful His mother came to the door. He
04 -n used them: at length I band him and taking half turned to her, and lifted up S tiny hand, as if
ply hat walked with the widow to his once. to ask her to take him in her arms, bat dropped it
e found Mr. Sawyer at his desk,• he rose and again slowly and sorrowfully into his lap, and
gave us chairs, and awaited Mra. gal fa state. ed that vacant but unchanging gaze of sadness on
meet. Bet before Igo on in thi s Do ha, l e t me sa y her ace! At length be buried his little fist in his
a few w or d s &this pheeththertheolds man w ith hi s cheek, and with hitelhow on his knee, turned his
head under his lellarm close to his heart—this hon. eyes 'towarditthe cloud. that were drifting across
est lawyer, in the broadest, highest sense of the the MVP& strip of blue above him, and then we
term. He was a man of thirty five; he had studied fancied we saw a smile flitting around his lip; bat
law because he liked the study, and began the se we watched, it was pus, and only that lone.
poetize bemuse he dad to get a living, end now he Some look of agonyiernained. An hour afterwards
continued In the profession, in spite of bad Opp°. we had forgotten him, far these changing scenes
fleets end bad courts—because he thought he had efface each other's impression. swifilr
claw, and might yet do much geed by his labors; But a few days afterwards, we passed down
not alone by saving the innocent and needy from B-- street again, end now three carriages
the throng and cruel, hut preventing strife, putting standing before the door at which the boy had
a stop to knavish practices, and dissuading men been sitting. Tao poorest of the Isiah poor find
and women foam unjust auks, and passion rousing means to have carriages at their funerals.
quarrels. Mr. Sawyer thought it not only proper Oar little sufferer was doubtlesa dead. The bro
fiAra to refuse acting for those whose claims he ken heart bad stoong to life again.
'ht dishonest, but he counted it also a duty and Haw miserable life has become when death is so
,privilege, nay a tame daintiest character to strive actual relief! And yet, thousands there long in
to' inilitUade them to forget such claims. He snob a relief — worn old men, RS well as sad eyed
sought fame sad extensive practice as a means Wye
whereby to exert a thorn/ influence over the cons
manor be thought • lawyer bound to serve, not
his client only, but his God and country, and look
ed on him, who for gain would prosecute a suit
which be thougt unfair, as a traitor to his country,
and his relation in a rt , whatever he might be In
intention, la ;bon, as Bill Blunt said, 'Sawyer is
such a hanged bet as to think it an attorney's ha.
sines& to help the parson to make men good dais
AGsjorities' . Majorities.
180) 1814.
24682 17,613 21,9E9 24,(33
17613 • 21,989
;And now we &hall kt b a Stiles date her bold.
nese It seems that ber huablad had sold and
conveyed several lots, which her father had left in
trod for her, and in sorb form that the, meaning to
release . her fee in the lot., bad, in terms. merely
released right of dowry—these :ors she understood
shecould get back.
'Did you ever receive the money 13r them!' said
Mr. Sawyer.
Certainly, sir.'
'Was it a fair, full price for tbe.landr
it was all we Slaked,
'Did you sign the deed willingly?
'Of course, do you think Jared would have dew.
en me to do itt'
'Old id
you mean to convey a fall title in fee, Mrs.
'Beyond doubt; but ss we didn't, they tell me
the land never passed.'
'Suppose, Mrs. Stiles, the money had been paid
before you had drawn the deed, shoal you have
thought a honest, after getting the money, to refuse
to give the deed?'
'Why, lawyer, that would have been thieving,
right down'
•Well, Mrs. Stiles, you have not yet given the
deed, shah I draw one for you to sign r
'Why bless your soul, Sawyer, that is the deed
you have got in your hand.'
'Mrs. Stiles, if you bad given the man, when he
paid you the money kw the has, a sheet of blank
paper, and he had not looked at it , would that have
been a deed?'
"Of course not."
"But you meant to give a MI title in fee r
"-Well this is tun . snob atille ally more than
sheet of blank paper; yon torte not Istrgiventire
. deed, Shall I draw a quit claim for you to sign 1"
'Mn. Stiles looked at me, and lonkedat animist.
day, tanked very marl pusaled, end somewhat
slushed. At hut she said, "Bat don't the law say
- the tend is mine, Smiler • •
"Mn can't tell that" said Mr. Sawyer, "till the
awe is tried. First, let es get things straight,. and
have the bargain complete, and then, if you please,
we will go to law atom it"
The widow was fairy caught in the corner.—
At length, with a gawp, she asked how much he
world charge tor • quit claim deed; thia charm
tho attorney told ber, the other pasty wculd willitg
ly pay, be had so doubt, and taking down a blank
proceeded to fill it. Refine we let the bargain
was complete, the deed was signed, witnessed and
"And pray," said the widow, as we walked
Mane, "what scut of a lawyer do you call this man
I verily believe that he has cheated me out of all
them I have a great mind to go back and tear
that dee all to diadem"
I assured her that not only was it too late, but
that she had done the proper thing under the
_and advised her in future, to employ
no-ane but Mr. Sawyer. Much to my surprise, she
took nip advice, and that gentleman was henceforth
her cattnaelkir and solicitor.
Len week the widow Stiles died, leaving me
bey executor. After the funeral, we opened the
will, and band it, to our astonishment, is her own
%now all men, it began, "that whereas I'm going
to glee something to my attorney, I write this my_
self--that is, I, Jane, relict of Jerel Stiles, being of
sound mind and body—know all men, that, where.
as, said attorney, to wit, videlicet James Sawyer,
of this said town that I'm of, namely, the town of
Jackson, whereas, I say, first led me to see the
folly of giving my old age to the heaping rap of filthy
lucre, and caused me to turn aside from a counsel
that was, as I have since seen, wholly wrong, for
which he be blessed in this life and fimwer. There.
COM know ye, that as a small token of respect and
love for said attorney, to wit, mamely,Jemes Saw.
yer, who has, of late, been unfortunate. rind much
la worldly matters, I do hereby, by these
press gi v e, bequeath, will, leave, transfer, make
over, an pass moods* aforesaid Sawyer every cent
I've got in the world; goods, chattel*, land, monies,
books, dress and jewel', far hfs and hi. heirs' good,
leaving it to bim'to give to my several friends, such
articles es are marked with tWrnemea. Witness
My hand and seal, Nov. 20111,1836.
Jans Straw."
Snowing, as I did, Mr. Sawyer's troubles in these I
hard timm, I shack his hand most joyfully.
"It is • fm, my friend," satdltie,.ther,l moat thank I
your for.
.She mum leave $31:1.000," T replied.
"I was thinking." answered he, "not of the moo*
ey, but the change of life end heart; that is the fee
I prima"
Live Facruan—do editor tells a good story of
ptreguinations "down South." He was a young
larsyer, in auendance upon the Court, and the
loge the court was held was thronged to
.nyjmildwing. Having, withisome difficulty, how%
mid; procured s bed, he jumped into it—but be
was nut again in ahnOst ?no time.'
"What IgDd of s bed do On call this?" taidPle to
the negro Who officiated as master of the ecremo.
*Father bed, maim"
Feethers----.1 should think it contained .e
tiro edickene
. Can't be dat are fifty doll'r nigger, Sam, pow de
chimers in r murmured the waiter, dubicrusly, as be
=to insinuate his band Into tbir course
wt. "Squint' if be babel tho' raid he,
as helled . kath • potty plated rooster. "I tole
ge t i sa sta m ped picletbehd dis morn, when he was
n, obichns fins dinner to empty de feathers
fa de fuss clue beds to prove de kerwality; and
de blind bat oberlook de clilok'o! In de hurry ob
business, mania" be continued, in apologetic 1000,
bent little imeidum's can't alwis be avtded.
We bab a dozen bigger. trimmin' chielens all de
time, and 'cuannally a hot or head 1103 oberlook.
ml in de kddises when we put 'urn Way in de beds,
but dls 'enrare de fast time I eber found a bull
Comm Marrnmerra,,The decision of
Judge Edmonds, adverse to the Methodist Cente
nary Chnich in Bnxiklytt, and reautrimt them to
receive Ma preacher appointed by the General Con
ference; Induced a large portion of its members to
relinquish the property and tbrm Samba and an
independent society with the muter of theirchoice.
Several other MettinsitakEydscripal °bombes have
filsotseently established or declaradtheii Indepen.
dance; tire believe two more in Brcoklyn, one le
Ncw York, three In Philadelphia, gladsome is other
tithe counts). A conveatkin of ;ignitors and
those in themethiee Chien and their
met a short Unmake in Philadelphia,
intend what they call the "Brookfyn Assoc's
tion of the Pastors lad Delegates of rise Conger.
wiped Cbuith." Theittirat regular meeting will
heldiau the seat Wethiesdaytu Deeeofibea tutu,
Broolaym—N. Y. leer.
Ms= Etioncut—Complets retains Nava bees
INS:sive:a of the elation in this Eltsto—wkish am u
Govarios—Dirs, 39,17; Hamliu,24A
Fees. Bail, 11865. BrIATE-11 1 estocrats-3
Whigs. Hotats-85 Dessxisso—.s6 Whip-10
Ate Mem
A nem and important discovery in regard to the
Magnetic .Telegraph in thus described iu the Be
more Clipper
We have been shown at the Instrument Factory
of Mr. James Green, an Improved Telegraph, in.
vented by Mr. George Mathiot k of this city. This
invention mainly consists of an improvement on
the receiving magnet invented by Professor Morse,
by which the operator is enabled to work either
one or two independent and distinct engines or
machines at a distant station, using at the same
time but a single wire between the two plat:et—
a result which has hitherto been supposed
impossible to be obtained eneept by the use
of two wires. One of the applications which
Mr. Mathiot has made of bin invention is the work.
mg of two pens on Morse's instrument, by which it
ii enabled to write nearly twice es fast ae with one
peel and instead of the alphabet consisting of dots,
lines and spaces, as used by Profteaor Morse, a
symbolical alphabet is farmed quite as distinct and
varied as the common Engluth alphabet. There
are two writing keys used, and the letters being
farmed by one or both keys, the keeping of time on
working by Morse's instrument, is, by this arrange
meat, done away with; so that any person of or capability, might Ivan the telegraphic read.
ing and writing in the course of a day.
Not only does this improved telegraph write
twice ait fast as Mr. Mone's, but we saw it work.
leg successfully with a battery so small that when
One of Mr. Move's receiving magnets, with the
same quantity of rnuloplyths wire coda, tau put
in the same orlon, it would vat show the least sign
of magnetism—neither would the same electric
current suffice, to slain the paper used by Mr. Bain
in his English telegraph; yet, when Mr. Mathial in
crewed the quantity of electricity an as to work
Kr. Morse's magnet, then it readily stained the
chemical paper of Mr. Bain—but then be had to
restrain the force of his own magnet by a strong
Mr. M. informed no that he had now working
on the Baltimore and Lancaster Telegraph, one of
his improved reeeiving magnets; and that work., idu 1.3 y gs . pacq ail, wtstifkr
sret the mme magnet, upon Mona s pleb,
with tweltreertmehowe no sign al magnetism.
tritei:eit bytiletecopei- adveeetaing magnet. This,
ilibertrakase,ltelhiehemillisthat 150 letters per into.
tuele*.lretiy type, 4',the4lie wheel and print
ing worwlttlie electrical payer,
and thlemachine, he tam - cannot adapting that the
letter with:Arts leached at-the transmuting =mon
nitut be printed atihe exerting. station. H' 0we...-
or, he does net cooaidei that any Printing Tele
graph, though it might print 1000 letters per min
ote, as being eral to the simple method invented
bthe .t original inventor of the reemding telegraphs
Morse. This plan, as modified by his
two pen wringer:beet, he thinks, most ultimately
sapersedeall others.
Mr. K informs as that he made them discover.
ten full six years since; but as this system of tele
graphing requires a penetrating battery at each sta
tion, he deemed it uselees, undev the expense and
trouble of the batteries, to pa:sent—he has there.
fine applied his whole attention for two years to
the battery, and has at tut succeeded in constmet
ing a battery which will endure for months or even
years. It Eaten no lon or deterioration when not
to nee and will cost only two cents a day to work
100 miles of wire: The only attention luscious.
is mkt is does. Ala receiving magnet min, how
ever, take the place of Morse's, with all the nr
remanent, as used at present, and operate with a
much weaker battery. Ws improvement, will, of
come, be patented, and deserves to be examined
and considered by those who are engaged in the
basiress of telegraphing. It may he seen at the
Instrument Factory of Mr. James Green, 53 South
From the Ind.= Suttee Journal.
All Ye Ilienter4 of Kratnely.
Ye Parrrgas of the Franklin stamp,
And Guttenberg deseension,
I know your hearts will jump
When General ZACI I mention.
Ye love the "shooting tree trade,
And those who well pursue it.
You love superior might displayed,
And those who nobly show it.
0, Zara Tayrua,
The glory of the nation.
Ye boldly rushed to "ehmtr" the foe,
To make the "fire irapreaxioni"
/tad uprear'd" him hard to let him knot,
A 'proof " of printers' fashion.
On the Rio Grande, by Taylor led,
Uprose your • • • of glory
To give another "page' of deeds
To shine to future story.
0, Zack Taylor,
The glory of the Dation.
Throughout the southern war ye shone,
The glorious "Aar while "reirliug."
"Insprintine on your "marPorten done,
An Wit:pre-re wide controlling,
Your noble "born" beheld with pride
His "copy" how you followed,
While "battered/ems" on every side
Told how the greasers bellowed.
0, Zack Taylor,
The glory of the nation.
What can't those do with sword and pen,
Or vote, while Zack'. commanding,
Who like the famous Datchman's bee;
Can fairly ...a o 'landing"
Ye patriot printers of the land,
The matchless came
Your 'liner duping" with heart and band,
To give the lbea a dressing.
0, Zeck Taylor,
The glory of the nation.
Away with .rrus" in public ranks,
Such "rots" as Cass and Butler
Who grab the "quoins" from out Butler,
As greedy as a Sutler.
Away with such and knock to ' , pi
Those me : yar" of every e v i l,
Who our fame, in News" high,
As "Meek" as "Printers' Dm!"
0, Zack Taylcir,
The glory of the nation.
Herta for Zeck, whose "ruw" is good,
And "out of sorts" is never
Whose manly "form" has nobly stood
His country's champion ever.
Humes fbr Zack, whose "parallel" .
We rarely can discover,
And let the next November tell
That Cross has gado to clover !
0, Zack Taylor,
The glory of the nation.
4unicart Horny Lancaster, 0.
SHOCIONG a17.411T/LOPILL—The late Dr. Clj 1.
mere, onEteotland, being interrogated by an old Milts,.
I gis n of hi s congre gation. a. to whet be meats( 111
o 'catastrophe, 'of which Itte had! spoken 70 much the presume sabbath, explained, the teem in
her as meaning Vie tarter and efetthing."—wridi
unified ;We old woman, who thoUght - ate ,might,
note satelrinheduceno doe a eottuoto - bieow n
vocabulary. It let happened that ihk:doceat bad
to pan the old woman's house that - wine evening;
Ina being buried 11l deeP thought. as he rode alon
had been
Ate dld .not ! aliment that 'a huge thorn
Fastened to his !torso's tell oath hb came *=-
the house and beard her shouting,sAh'
d'ye tsti see that big thorn at yet estsarro.
k"Rtall4g. E4DIJ9r-.0071/1-7:411'11
thlY Yeafalk liii'imeureiVin gdrep eiler.
fdaiii tz4
,Adamo#4oidiaokii,p kk ", Texoon WNeh
4 4 .ferkgra.kiiiiiimomi , .bm the .eci.i.itent
a:mama of slavery were discussed; and in Ibis
crieneilmi, Mr. Adams, on page 4, spiral, of Mr
VanElpen as followa : We especially commend
his remit to those free soil Whip, if any there
are. who contemplate voting for Van Buren and
"There are many ways in America to arrive at
the same result. Hone fails, another will be tried.
Money, promise., bribes, threats, will be used, bar
gains will be made, and the end of it will be, that,
unless they interfere with a voiceof thunder to pre.
vent it, the people of the free States will be sold,
and Teta* will be bought for the bitable of the
"Even now there is living on the banks of the
Hudson riveren individual, the chief merit of whose
politiesl life is - to be found in the fact that he as
President of the United States, refused to negotiate
a treaty like that which John Tyler now proposed.
The recollection of that act; at that time, weighs
heavily against him and his hopes of again reaching
the station which he lost. He has through his
friends, bargained away much that the free States
deem valuable, the right of petition, the protection
of home industry, the freedom of speech, and indeed
utmost every other security to liberty fur the sake
or assuring himself of the support of the Southern
States. They are not yet unshed. They required
the surrender of all opposition to Texas, and it is
to be feared that this also will be saanticed to them.
For instead of mooting half way the generous feel.
logs of fatiefifths of the people of the f States,
ill t
indignant et this secret manreuvre of Joh Tyler's,
the J..gislattires of at least three States r • ndly to
Mr. Van Buren have coolly determined to await in
silence the result. We were not disapp fated in
tins result, for we know the calculating hey of
that gentleman. The principles of liberty are
never safe in the Landis of men who make a trade
of public affairs. Mr. Van Buren must be judged
by his preceding course, taken as a whole ; and let
no man delude himself with the belief that he is
hand to anything but his own interest."
Coreespcmdenee of the Plusburett Gazette.
The whole Whig ticket is elected by a huge
majority. The following in the vote of all our
(county, except one tcrwriship, which usually is a
Governor—Johnston 2319
' Longstreth, ........ ...... 1516
Johmooa's majority, 51:13
C. CfMntitriOner--Mtddleswarth, ....2121
Majority 6.1 Middleawarth, 822
Congres.r—SimilJ, 2155
Gilmore, 1439
Mejority (or Smith, 716
Sherif—Sutton, 2112
Clark ' 1251
Km:4r; 360
Molority fur Sutton over both,.. 501
Auernbly--Evann, ........ 2032
Lawson, 1325
Majority for Evans 707
Your'a respectfully,
Indiana, Oct. 11, 16t0.
ANIITDOTII or Jon, JACOB Aaron .—' Do you ever
trust, Mr. Astor , Inqulred Mr. K."I do not trust
strangers sir." was the reply, -unless they furnish
satisfactory city reference" "Then' quoth Mr
K., "the skins I have selected most suffice for this
time," and paying for the same he departed. In
the afternoon of this same day, Just beture the sail
ing of the New Bedford pocket, the young trader
returned toe his lot of Puts. Throwing the whole
pack on his bock, he left the store, but had not pro.
treaded. dozen yards from the store when Mr. A.
called his name, bidding him come back. "Sir."
said Mr., A. "you can have credit for any amount of
goody you require, provided they are to be found
in my store" 'But,' stammered Mr. K., "but, my
dear sir, I can give you no city references.--I (IM a
stranger hem." "I ask no recommendation," re
sponded the rich merchant, "than that already fur
nished by }ourself The man who is not above
his business need never hesitate to apply to John
Jacob Astor for credit." Thus commenced n
trade between two merchants, which was contin
ued to the mutual satisfaction and advantage of
both for a long term of years, Mr. K. is now one
of the moot eminent capitalists in New Bedford.
Wasuiscrron, Oct. 10, 1848.
sae peopu..als for Ihstiam &vent, Cutters,
4e, were opened at the Treasury Delmar-Linen( to.
day, when it area aseertaumd that t ut every thing
With° hulls, the lowest bids are from Baltimore, as
Messrs. John S. Brown & Co, large cutter., $7,
500; small cutters. SUM.
Joiner's work : Mr. Wm. H. Hooper, E 695 each.
Said, Mr. Thos. H. Lambdin, $306 each for the
large, small $3451'
The lowest bidder for the beau la G. B. Smith of
Stoningtatt; Conn.
~' PIM woo great communal:olml I understand.
itOme of the bids ran op to $15,000.
An 1.1172G--zs7 alpir•
God bleu oar native land '
Prosper the tolling band
Of every clime !
Bid all good efforts speed,
Whether by word or deed,
Till all mankind are freed.
From want and crime
Oh ! it to earth is given
One certain type of Heaven
One sacred sre,
' rt. when the kindling sign
01 - Chanty divine
Glow. to inspire'
Than, Lord, our hdher's Lord
The wrecious accord,
Thy spirit send'
Quicken our faltering seal,
May we, in wo or weal,
For others' suffering feel,—
Feel, and befriend'
We of ourselves are weak,
But in thy love we seek
Wisdom and might
All that is good in An
Thou end thy works impart;
Grateful be every heart!
God speed the Right !
Ty. Use rue Parente MI.MI3.—U you wish to be .c
-pessful in any undertaking : you tout always 'WO the
eloper means.' Tbereforeof you have a rough, tiro
JATIVII Errs:a-router and be cured, (or it is the proper
means. Have you Asthma or difficulty of breathing,
then the only efficient means to cure you is to use
J•yee'e Expectorant, which will IMlTtediately OVCITOM•
the spasm which contracts the diameter of the tubes,
and Icemens and brings op the mucus which clogs them
up, tad thus removes every obstmction to a free respi.
mum, while at the saute owe all lIMIXIM2.IiOII is sub
teeth and • can la outgun to be effected. Have you
Bronchitis, Spitting of Blood, Pleurisy, or in fact any
Pulmouary .kffiection, then ase Jaynes Expeetorans
and relief I. certain, and you will find that you have
rued the proper mane
For side io Pittabuggh at thy Pekte Tea Store, %I Ilat
street etas Wend.
A Peva Orr ov Tara roe 23 Cant—Yellow
ar sr. enhealthy Teeth, after being once or twice cleat
ed with mono.' Amber Tooth Paste, have the look and
color of Ivory, and at the same time Is so iILIOCOUL sod
One, that its daily use Is advantageouseven to those
teeth that are In a good coodition, givuag them a how
led polish and preventing dopey. Those decayed it
polreals from tutwommg worse—o also fastens snob
as are becoming loose, ant will render the foulest
teeth delicately white, and make the breath debt-lenity
sweat. Price rZ OT VICTIMS It box.
Par sole by WM. JACKSON, t 9 I.4berry street, ago
of the Big Boot. tepid
Dr . Tcenuouv m favor of Dr. hPLcati's Liver Pills.
would be easy to 811 a volume with certitieue• of
the excellence of this medisine. Wherever it has bad
I trial h has made Itself popular. We have in our po.
session hundreds of orders like the following
VAITSZIMIA, N. V., Dee. la, 1547.
Awn &Co Your trlL•ellitlg_asent left with
me a short time since, a imaxity oPPLeroiN I.,Pfge
Pills. The whole lot sold very rap idly, and gave the
higiteel rrtVirfeetiou. Indeed it is considered the best
ramiltille of the kind ever o ff ered for sale. Please send
are another supply no soon a. possible.
A genuine snide 9f the above valuable medicine can
De had at the drug atom ofJ Kidd A Co, C,e. 60 Wood
Ds. 1111—a', Wuex altat.l . -1111,ane's Vernange
has long been admitted to be the beet medicine ever
dtheosered for ettpellieg worms from ehilqrtu. Tjte
following perugcate speaks volume; In 11.1IIIVOI,
!atthauto, Warne Co N. Y. j
June 211, 1647 6
"I sentry 10211 hare used til'lnne's Vernefuge, and
foetid at all that it Isrecommended to be, and have
sold It, and have In all canes found at to i n ell effectual
otter. . . "
..le .t the Drug kttore of!. Kilda Co, W wood
Ittreet. war
_ _
W. M. Wright. M. D., Delatiat,
Owns and 'voidance on Fourth street, opposite the
Pittsburgh Bank. Office hours from ti u'ukint to 12 A
U., and from I o'clock Lob P. M. sapil-ty
in' Be,. Dr. Levinits, Financial Secretary of
tics American Bible Society. will preach to the Liberty
Street dr E. Chusch, as Sabbath ito-morrow) martins,
allo+ efelock. A collection will be taken in behalf of
the Bib'amma octl4
On thelQth larL, Aire. pr,uno, in the AV year of her
The friends oldie family are Invited to attend her fu
ming this day, at 4 o'clock, from her We residence on
Federal oral. Allegheny.
Do yestrtday, at 10 o'clock, JICISZ BOWIDOZ, aged
ee years..
The ftliD4. of the family .r relippctfqiir in•lu4 to
ttiebd hi. Amoral on tlundliy olosnlng at SI o'clook,
liSnn his lite leslAcnoo oo nigh groat, non, %V) no.
, • /olt O.
0. Stearns, Dentist,
riFFICE at Miss Heikki, oat Fourth meet, • few,
. doors above Wood sueet, tunti the completion of
, the bomstiatearly opposite, Teeth In blocks, with &rd.
irotaa after the manned now naiversalty mal
ted attheiltut, manullenued to reit each nieutat
ciao, Teeth, f rom •MI set dawn to a sing le
,sertedon a section plate, thus avoiding, uunvy to th e
mend teeth. Specimens of blocks of ineUels,plae
eney be examinee at the office.
nlwtationa Maidens to the profession perfsdindl
With tarliandlidablniness, ang2b3m.
108A.TiiERS—III steki now landing from &A am
Binglact Pr bf
ondo • ' DICKEY k. Co, h ont.t
. •
IrNift• '
-ypA• •••••.„
- Hientabillhateas Datfre
.ii o niikien go Sammie ' ler, Wide", .s.
einlitretiatafheirs atlimmots dee d,
late ofgenn eonnty, to wit All th e eight, title, 'Merest
.and Marmot Wes-floswinr,e the atmairt of -his admin..
Estrum, Thom. WI, with notice to Gertrude Hoevter,
and nelnin ge, Dominic., Clarissa and Eras
' 1 " . nOo*Jeri. Children and heirs at taw of saki Wm
Hoevler, deed, of,in and to all those two p:ceie or
parcels of land altualeitatultanamwaship,„derung of
! Allegheny and Stine of Peaasylverus, the one bounded
and deseaibed as &Howe; vim Beginning at • Chestnut
oak and mating by lot No ab, north tiny-three perch
es and lone tenths of a perch to a while conk; theme
east two hundred perches to a white oak; thence south
sirrpthree perches and fourtendis of a perch IP a
black oak; thence west two hundred perebes to the
place of beginning—containing seventy-five acres and
allowance of sin per cent for roads, he The other
beginning at a post on thenorth line of said above de
scribed piece; donee tear Ulm-three perches to •ilog
egdood; thence by LW of John Cochran rth fifteen
rees, west thirty-one perches to a dead no white I
thence by land of said c..bran smith sixty-three de
grees, west thirty-sin perched to a black oak; thence
by land of amid Cochran south thirty- ix degrees, want
twenty-eight perches and a half perch to the place of,
berming—containing eight acme and one hundred
an thirty-six perches, strict measure; the firm descri
bed Piece being the same which James bee and wife
conveyed to John McMullen, who, with wife, Weer? ,
ed nee same to William Howler, and the hut descri
bed piece being the same which Thomas Blob and
wife conveyed to John McMullen, who, with wife,
eonveyed the same to William Hoosier. Belted and
taken Inexecution as the property of William Hoevler.
deed, In the hands of his administrator, Thomas Den,
with notice to the widow and heirs of said Hassler. at
the mit of John Mlidullen—which yon took and which
remains in your hands for want of buyers, as you re,
tamed to our Jed 4, at Pittsburgh, you expose to sale,
sad the money teereof, untounung to Fourteen Hun
dred Dollars, lawf I money of Pennsylvania, you have
before our Judge at Pittsburgh, at our District Court
Were to be held, for the county afereasid, the fourth
Monday of Hoven ber neat, to render to John
len. for hot debt and cost and charges or hint about Ms
sun in that behsHiszpended, whereof the said Thomas
Daft, mhairdstratot et. 01. are convict, as appears of re
cord, Se. And hove you then there this writ.
Wane., the Hon. Hopewell Hepburn, Esquire, Pres
ident of our maid Court, at Fumburgh, this thirtieth day
ofA c trt, A.. 11.1848. HIRAM HOLTZ,
Col2lll‘ 0/ 1 . 01111311 AND ORABIR •21[13:11,
THE eubscriber respecthdly announces that
he has now opened his new and excellent Hotel
for the accommodation of travelers, boarders,
and the public generally. The Louse and furniture
are entirely new, and no pains or expense have Leen
tender it one of the most comfortable and
7.T d b. iint Hotels in the city.
The oabseriber Is determined to deserve, and there
fore solicits, a .hero of public patronage.
JACOI.I HOUGH, Proprietor.
steamer Michigan, 5 bids Mineral Paint. The ar
ticle is worthy of the consideration of ell painters, for
it is of a atone color, and can be added with any other
color without changing the shade materially. It is •
great saving, and win, appl ed to wood it will turn the
paie to a perfect stone surface in the coarse of some
4or I sweets. Also, it is acomplete fire proof—the er
uct., has Leen fully tested for six years by the proprie
tors before they would offer it for sale. Any person
purchnoing will not Le deceived in the &aisle. A luxe
quanuty will he kept on hand at all ti at the Wile
Robber and 0,1 cloth Repot. J& H mes,
.114 Agts for the company, Nob wood at
CIAUTION TO THE PUBLIC—The public is caw
k...) tinned to pay no mono /m Recount, withemt
our written authority, to an person, except Mr. John
F. Cole or Wm. H. Bartell.
oct.s-tf L IN J,I`P "
DACON BIDES—A kw casks good quality Baena
I) aides, lam landing tad fax sale by
oell4 easel basin, perm at
TMPRESSED ChhIBRICS—For luting for cloaka,
J. &c, of variotu color., lately ree'd at the dry goods
bowie of octl4 \V
Dlt gives nonce to the afflicted tau ha
elates hi. office for consultation ui reference to
his -Body Brace," at 4 o'clock ou Wednesday, the Ltith
num. that those who *stall to apply the Brace may mire
application within that time. ca-114
BOARD WANTED-With two rooms for • gent and
wife, (preferred in n private family.) where a Pi
ano will be no obiectiou. A front and back chamber,
or a bock parlor with a email chamber will be agreea
ble. Terms moderate, and references exchanged. Ad.
dress Box 3J5, Pittsburgh Post Office. ocill-dat
open a large supply of Plain Black Satinets, satin
stripe do, mutt barred do, plate blue do, invisible gree
do, cadet mixed do, gold mixed do, Oxford mixed do ;
and cadet and gold mixed Jeans, at low prices, by the
piece or yard. Wboksale Rooms up sums. omit
ALCOHOL -9 bbls just reed and for mile by
octil R E SELLERS,67 woed st
FLAxrEED 011..-e bolt mat reed and for sale by
octli -
RE AEI 1 P 124
PO- --
W'D ELM BA R K-1 bbl past reed and for .ale
by octl4 - RE SELLERS
Q WAIN'S PAN ACRA-7 dos just ree'd 4.1 II; able
0 by oetl4 R R Sal
0 Wit N'S DOWN for Isis:ming dreue s, with tippets
1.. D and cods of the slonc, for Bale by
F EATON di Co,'
.01 62 Peunk et, near Market
CREBE—W Ors prime Western Reserve Cheese,
to store nod for sole by GEO O BERRY,
oral 111 wood n
_ .
DnoDuey.- 15 sock• new slued Peadsts, —
Applcs; 21) b bl. Rye, in morn and for sale I,y
I\I4.CKEREL-2u bbl. No 10 hf bbl, & bbl,
lij No 0, in store and ter sale by
F_FATHERS -90. 00 lbs prime Feathers, just landing
end (or .ale by 00114 JNO 8 DILWORTEI
DOTASH-4 oasis us Or 8.1 for sac by
lDE6—ta bbla new Sweet Cider. landing and for
octl4 7 C BIDWELL,
na Art. weber et
1,/ by
um. , 1 11 prim l* e
and Air side
S.- -
BALTS—XO Ws print Bala, ia gam and torahby coil! J C BIDWLLL
"V-FtV RIODONS—VeIvet Ribbons of ell colon,
6T de and narrow, have been received by Enna,
nt the Trimming ewe of F H EATON &, Co,
.111 G 2 Mart it er
T,) OLL BRIMSTONE-9 bbla for sato by
ALUM -2D bbl. for sate by
MOLACK WADDING-100 do s extra, Deasy lane,
mat reed by sii&ciaarrr &
wood at
DLANNEIs9—Io bale. common, meditun mad fine,
J. plain and tarfiled, red, green and whuo Matruh,
jest opened and for *de by
Du:lifts—eau* Seolsb. Damask and figured
Table, .ke, a good amornmeal tec'd by
DRO. HOLLAND 3-3 rases prod quality, opened
,L) and for sale by sattcluz-rr
• .
_ •
C ILMII 3 -41. bale csedinzAblegdalWHlTE
',HINTED FLANNELS—One nue ma ll Illynrea
L red, .vide and then., )nea opened by
F L O3 "—a'C oo " tg r tIPNI3 . 3II . VOWtt
B RUCl ocr -30 dot
" trent
we h ' av i ri r clog lot h ° l t e a t a tf g reat sacrifice, an Pre le Ci an ° therefore
sell them at such low prices as to be quite an induce.
mem to persons in want of goods of that kind.
Bucicw !EAT FLOUR-40 sacks belled Bock
wheat, for sale by . . .
01IN .MEAL-20 uclics to; solo by
octil e F VON BONNHORST & Co
- XTRA FAMILY FLOUR—II/Ws for ode by
CHESSE-160 bre Waste= Reserve for sale by
CREAM NU I LI-6 rack. just mkt and for sale by
SEGARS-910 bon of the folioarom etalca
La Napoleon, La Prtmavora, Steamboat, Joao
Soor, Principe, Regalia. mat rec'd .4 for sale by
MA OCEREL-143 bbla No 3 largo,lB4B, on hand and
for .ole by 0019 WICK hi'CANDLESS
MESS PORK—Jou read and for sale by
R ; ItERRINI-140 bozo.nreed and for Db .9l a k r
by oet9 Al. • a. co
DRY ArPLES-4 bb. Dry Penetts, just mired
and for sale by WICK & hSCANDLINS
byIN:3AR HOUSE MOLASSES-50 bbl. Jame.
poreocn.ll Sow Rous e ROUT DALZE Molasses , .ll. &Co, bberly la store sad far sale
10 SACKS hulled Buckwheat: 10 do Corn Meal, in
sale by oell l .1 D WILLIA
CIANDLIIIj-3J bs. Sicapw, 4 Kip by
nErss—,lo b. cream, for mitt by
ILjAi3ONL4A hhtls limns, al Ito ShitoWan, teitS itiec'es
Sides,just reczived and for lode by
ILS-10 bbts Linseed la do No II Lard day for
we by octll SELLERS . N CVLS
m m o da y . l. l., D in eA fia N . D . LlS— L,
, :a c AT ? ex !again Can
SOAro-- - 2Uti bso No I Rotin Soop, for We by
KAD-6W pigs Galena Lead, to for sato by
oottt FRIEND, RIMY A. Co, water et
Patent soda Ash.
534 Svi.,, - ... Zjt:lttliriusveP,'llrn low ' A:4
kat pma for ankh or ape rovedi?gior:
\y'4l ,l Aurviim , Time, .
"c 0 _ 100 Laxity at
LARS-1000 lb. keg, for kale by
LINSEED OIL-16 bbl. pore Linseed Oil, (Gris
wold%) just landing and for sale by
oet7 U SLACKBURN & Co, water .1
CHE.E2E—ItI cuts W 8 Clkdege; Ai boxed
cream Cbeddd, b 3 do V. ao, iy.trre'd and dor
We by oda, u&!.!erapiA...l. ,
Q S. ALMONDS—at daekd 9 9 Almonds, lust ree'd
DP and An ate 14 ocl7 WICK*. SMANDLESS
FILBERTS -1 ssaltai Filberts, lan reed and lb, nie
by oci7 WIUK .1/4MCANDLESS
lIITE b1,4C1.14....4-Ibbt jun reel and for we by
AD V ALERAIN—dO7 Wilford reo'd odd for sale by
oard R 14 SFJA,RRB
earDOUIAC-1 bbl but tact and farad. by
0:417 REtIfiLLERS
MtlEft.-4 bbl Just inaq and for .141:k by
OCC it E SEI 1 WM. to wood 111
RNE -a tierces fresh Blob, in store and Ibr We by
. °eV JAB FLOYD, Roiled Crumb Building
UTFER--3 bbl. fresh Roll BMW, lo atoTa . 33 b.'
solo by oci: J & R FWYD
5 7 -7 - AU
4 7, By Jebai 'gl.
Fm.c, 44` t 4
A.," - •
Monday mon
R awsdig, Onialik at
icial Salm k, daniits CM
unseti, will be .1,1, midland
°Mildwham drigiar'
clin m
ha, ishnerca, salaams, timed*, emaniky
leant: Stamm* blanket', merimall,, ani..4l.
ihm• Mishima, lawns, calinom diPulk.4
black aatia and =Loam ribbnads, aearing 'attk,
. auced iu , A 2 aulaipcsatrutasy..kzektiamsa
homam Myna, - docks, nab ya, bliatkaid'and
brown innalsnsate.
6.4"-•4.4 Qual
m:any Fund:urn, te.
quantity of pored* antis, gin* 'and quonixo,
ward, Isar t*oft. and onto, hardware, mantel elooka
looking window banda Franklin and cooking
a t e vfal hartot ak tent=antLeofon4 bond hour;
cases boots snd sloe; Usenet 7 lie fins quatity
..takeeeeed tobseeca g We Isle fish
At a deletel
Entail stock of fancy nod
i mtis dry. 0066 midi
made cleat fibs daft., and tatitlt
Oven', fine cutlery, saddles, Wilily, telly.; =lion!
=memos, Gartman fmto goods, ho. aria
leca , b,hi cataiai, at .4sFaink
On Saturday evening,Vm. U s at dii. alexia so L b.
Commercial Salsa Room, -cannot of Wobriiistd Fifth
. mt . , w ill b e b an...A Jane collection of mineable
miscellaneous Books, etaboaellas ThoolOgy Maori,
14.4 1.,..
Poetry, the Drama Sandy andpocketni ihnelllns.-
crated worts in splandid , bindiuds alum* blank
Cooks, letteramt nap Wit4llSPlegtled.4. P.
calla . JOON IA Ma num
. . ,
5 / 4 " 4I4I :P^IPOY . Tra3 l . o 'A.cturn
n Tuesday aria lerieber27th, at 3 o'clock,
Lill be sold on the that barge and veritable ,
Lot of Ground, at the corner* Herm* and
Hay meets, haring a front of 120 fungal Dangiesoe
Way, and extending along Hay meet 19( feet Hi Inch.
ea, nhiett to the privilege of x Ikea Oettilley in the
thereog being the most derivable prillierty now
fer ale in that basatikrigtart of the city, and may be
divided into smaller - bus if desired by Wriggler.
octl2 • JOHN DUIVI& Ant.
C. S. PORTER Idaluau.
SATURDAY EVENIN .IT,Leritt be presented
IMO Rip ,
Bing Lear Mr. Adam,. -
FArrar M.r. Oelay.
Cordell. Wu Porter.
Rev , Mre Prior.
Mu !Wilton and Mr Goodwin.
_ , . ... ... .. , .... ...
The whole io conclude. with
Diekery .. M. Dann.
Lavine Mrs. Prim.
Aztdrinwar Mails lalowa, Weald Iltrai t.
ROUD of the cordial peering of 011 n one thousand
friends, and the unerampled Wrenn* bestowed
[man us sines ant mi-anumed the Wen d t ds mud.
lishment, we beg liras. to inform ou and Pa.
trans that no exertion wilt be spared to pride:undo, earn ,
fort, pleasure and hilarity of war visitors, and to make
the `Old Eagle", timid foremost, andlesilidlall similar
establistunents in the west lee main, (=rivalled)
p e .a.., *ya m season„
with All ollutede ll eacies
will be Gaud .at this estabffshMerit, and seiSed up in
a umnaer without pruedenL Balls and Dairies Mr
inabed as tisoal. b. ANDREW&
,NUNNB &CLARK, New York;
19/19 1 1 The su bee Mira haa now and for
a loco( mat superior mna,
lected by /Masai at the manufactories.
They consist of Rosewood audblehimarry Pianos, of
ef o, ► itt and 7 Dense., of serious MIMI prices, and
mbrace Mt the latest improvercema Thereof Nunes
& Clark's, Boor which celebrated arm lie to SOLa &Gall
have en Improved way of stringingpa . oseed by no
other; also, a superior plan of lead:at/Fs the hammers,
pfte r roves/dog these Pianos from gtowirig and witty
a some me.
The Piano. of Clattering, of *WA sowerf.
or lot, Ore provided with the Circular Mae. and went
selected for him with care by J. ring, of Bosuns
The above will positively behold at monufseturers'
plias, and on awraowtstiug tame.
The subscriber will Mr ab i li_ l be found at J
Wardwell's, from 11 to to, I 2 A. and from Itob P.
AL Mr. Wood well will attend to e bush:rem dodos
the balance of LIMO. 31.. %LEBER,
octlO al W Wardwell's, kilThird st
A Classical owl Cowartlal BurdingSchoo for Boys,
on the Beaver Road. Grantee miles from Pittsburgh.
RA.. Jowl& 11,Travelltila. liic PrinctiNALl
THE WINTER REBSION will comstieneoen
=OAF, Noveruberl,ll34.9.
Two—Boarding, Tuition, Washing, Fuel, Lighu,
he, per swipe pf tore months, STS—one half payable
in misuses; the balance es the close Of the session.
Arrangements hove bean made for scenting the ser
vices amt. Rodolphe Kerwin Piotrowski as teacher
at the Preach language. Those taking French lowans
will be charged RIO per session extra.
Books and Stationery furnished, whenriaested,
the expense of the pupiL ALL CLOTHING , TO BE
DISTINCTLY MARKED. • Pupil* furnish their own
Mina. It ill very desirabie that all should be present
on the firn day of the session.
For Rinker particulars enquire of the Principal, at
the besides's'', or of Menu. John Irwin &Bon, No. II
Water strech.patsbrigli. Costa-Ws
• - .
ri -1 11E' WINTER BFABION or. this Institution will
cosantenee ou Wednesday, Nov.l, lain. It Is very
desirable that a pupils should be present on the arst
d2:f 11: Irv% ses s i on
at:will be taogbt Rodol-
Pho Nonce, Fiotroindu.
'For Wass and toter particulars, see dream at
Messrs. Jobe Irwin 3 zoo's. 11 Water strectiand J. a
Nevin Fo, US Liberty Streeosll.4turgh.
octl2-aw rh ENV/IN, Principal
New paored Mule Hook.
tin of Psalm and Hymn Rang, Ambents,Ohanta,
and set pieces, byLoarellldame and Geo-Ju. Masom
This new eallmtion.iapon which much time ant Ht.
bor has been bestowed, contains Ibmides tient pro
ponion of those oidaaddindan inn whin harcreet
Wadi bag confirmed firermja==riuni
original music, Annuls* try and
cants= ahomany Mao moat popular
and • rich variety of anthems and cloamsca, adap It onp'e t
boat to choir practice and church semen.
3:0 capita of the above made hook received and for
tale int oublialtera prices; by JOHN H MELLOR;
omit St WoodAt
D _
L BANNING tuopeetfullphophos *awhile, Ow
eny Abdominal orepinal gay ,anon hiring el-.
lb= dare_ .4 fron P O l l 4 l WA , itifietrgt4lhogPstuti et
utY, FoIOVOI P=Oe or seas , is taboutiorzgltr
on Utr ecru= ,aad that any maker, render or
..Carer Pi such irittimpteut, rettportatte Wm for
I urke of hie y-Ereee, the Nue e as though
thrj th. i ta purchased it Also, that the tiger of the Itw
will be pothlvely put Intone against sup nth holt,-
None are the we "Body-Brees,n , but krrolh. Ban.
veers "Poems Laze? Pa Ap. o.'+e, etezepettor 4 ll6s
H. T. Roberta. X.. 11.,
grPTICAL I C BURGEON, will assead to ihe [sear
meat of Diseases of tea Eye.
• B. Asa bean Log pd in ;ast hma. of the teedi.
eel profession for sawn yeast, and ha. earuineindan
es...A for the treatment of diseases of the ey e
alone for wean! years.
OMR and resadenee comae of Sandusky it and
Strawberry !Ole • .1411 of . 00113
Slngfmgc School.
PROPESSOR BINGHAM Will open a Singing
School, in the basement of the nem !Methodist
Episcopal Church, corner of Smithfield and tfievesith
streets, on Thursday evening n at 7 VeloeL
Terms—One Wimp. schol ar , for each quartet.
OCIT—A.' Pio:dewy Note, &teens by • Leans Dal
sall Co, payable to the order of James Niers,
land eadanW by bite,) deued lastauy 114,048, at IV
months, Cot Seventeen Hundred and sqty-th-r= 30100
Dollars--bas been kat firto4Ll44., person at
caationed no to receive th e tame, as its papaw has
b een "e'Ped• • • se JAbSt.
AN ELEGANT Rosewood Second
/111N41 . Hand Piano, In perfect order, made br
Chlckeriag and &Lackeys, Boston; cost
originally 3145-will be sold at a ver7
reduced prima Also, a second hand eis °GUM Piano,
price 575 For We by JOHN H
Delta di wood . et
re. • largo supply atlas aboyouriolo for Roof.
o j g )
and s e pupae. We ran reoomatencethe above
Fl - re Pwor Valo, hot wo ha” been neing h for near
Lour yearkalkd )(pow h to be *lota aidele.
au; L i k. LITHILLIPS, Nob wood
FANCiVilti2r(4-50 Pases ' neir fail tyke Dark
• Printe;froin all the celebrated manufactories, jmt
open tO ed and for sale reduced rates, by
QEGAILICI Principe Be-gm; 5 40 1 4. 4%0 1 .4%
4, Just received 'Adios sale low by
rwll2 MEND, RIAE^{ tr, Co, .57 'miner ri
PRINTING INK—lust rccoive4 • freAl of
Front'. PrinOik Ink, kt ape Pekin Store, No 70
LIMA= 43.11.—i EEL Ault landing tram Weaker
Michisea, end for sate by
84 W 11411.8418 CM,
oetn • 41 water eadlol (tootle;
M:;t i -2;N 3 z ielfz, for sale ty=trat
OTAI3II-4 eaas Pow& tine r 504 1 .1.24 iag 11 4 bY
W1,10_& APCAND.I=I.9
DRY AMM -7 1 3 0, 1 1 Sit 4eced azd totia&o
jr_f melt & IPCANDLOIS
BEANS—lfibbb Whit. Beim, ivied and far Ws by
OOLLEN IBOCHB-46 dal teed and for tale by
octl / & B FiAcky.p
rigvERRIE3-10, and
!-/ aale b 7 oaf
W_A-NTE o m b 12
, c , 61 3,141_, V7 pais o-- ♦AnZ a at'
HI C SOLV ,C0,19,Z1i7N0 75 Rn.h
isd Stair
ElL.Ersu-1 mad for sale by
'WAR DICKEY at Co, trout .
VEATILEKSr-090,1ttskOstsiiso; for salsify_
J: octl ISALUY /DOW &O ,
GlN o ligiNG-9 sacks to tttel
W i ltirW4 4l .bbla in atm; for de by
CliaNo , 4oo dot blind's Blinksng. red ad
WU" bi «or /OM Dmoauer
N• Q. 81.1UAR—s60 hhits prima N 0 Buisg,o More
&MI tas sale by
Pet' RaWaXY want
10 COPTEE-1174 bwailinea &dee, now Ina=
Gana nasal and kaput. by
God. asciALEir* Burnt
was—eo b 41 1 .8410 Glasif. U 34010114 4g 4040
9 43 do; XI do MI 4c4 SO do 1¢414 do; lendbyy
for We by ocr3 S t W HABBAIHIEI
PHOM SALTS-3 bbls reed and for We by -
oehl JOHN. 11 MORGAN
RED INK , - %%femme.] French, and • superior
etc, received and . for solg by
r . /Olin Liehlthla&N
i,l EITB-Lo loo'd on consignment:and fat
solo by osoi • • '.I4#I2FLAND
ARD-4 MA/ and 9 kap Inns 'Lard, jiwre sad
for eale by bed I 91 - R FIAM,
INBEED ou—a bbls jut medial ter bT 14 (.2a Rosso it,Co
Na SUGLIt-78- lit:bpi= NO emu , lonic.
. by *eta Rowe :co
Atm/Am-60a) lb. Elaterstos Wails
oet9 RROBIPION'ai3I;
POWDLVECAC-4 cabo./am voila brats . IS"
'Douro EntaimeB-43eaaca just teed and for oda
by 0.14 E PRI Lima
? I 'w UrNAALINPDMrpI auLYlne
r 1 , .84 8. nami l
..t.a.”::: •
_. .
--tanspiloggspthaky.sawack v 6.lB, and az
riven ai Glargow, tumult of th o Sandy and Hearer Ca.
tatINT4 t 42 04 dir7Vo rth Utta
tlip mud to the deer daring indS and ala.doer
AU adelocle,, A..34.and,..wyak,at_nuenargb u a P.
making a et:Jam:mons Ime for
seams add" IVeribr between rimy Lisbon ai mi' ullM
bandy aboruer irtao sad id Ina rates than by may
other yenta
The proprinters of this Loa hart thapleessre ens
tufting the yablis that they law Sued "BM:4M 61818 ,
Canal lior the aeirommentation etpainernere"..
&eight, to run in - eminent:in with the well known
acumen CALEB COPE and BEAVIBL • end =neer
'lnd et Bilteipray, with the littehorth Cineia•
anti and other ditty Unita of steamers daiM tba Ohio
and llinainsiy,pi mars. The proprietors Wedge then.
wives to vary soexpense or trouble, to insure corn
fit i rfery and sal anh of the Wait a share
ul'am Maatuzga Aat . rett.' '
a. & HARBAVOIL rinsk ""g h *
ft FIANNA & Co.
sunlit( J. mum/akin a co. I N'51"1444
NOTICE—The steamer BFAVER ‘ C. S &the, mar
ter, win !errs after this swiss, (or Wellsville parters•
at 0 osrlost in the miming. 1013
1111411. 184$
mittrAßy j i !aar
Packet Vine.
FEllaliAllY Isl. 184
The following new bean complete
tae line far the meant warm. AT.
LANT7C, Capt. Jaime ,Parkixonni
TIC, Capt. A. Jacobs; and LOUIE
hPLANP,' Capt. E. Bennett T o boats am entirety
now, mad am Aced ap without regrind to expense. Ev
ery comfort thrum:may can mecum ban been molded.
Tb.. Boats will leave Me. bionangeheln
'f Beat al
the !Mt ofßoss ant Passengenf wi ll be
board, S. the. boats will cerminly ate at the miner.
Med bow., 8 A. M. soil 4 P. hl is=
Th ""nft «Thxdui,
Dorsey P titnmt mammy will leave
W 5n4 ~ for '' ' V ticit ling 'et t al l akma".
Lean iiTheebnieval`Tßoy, Trilday7lind
tardii. *I 7 o'clock, m, preeimly.
Th e cee.l 1.04 at all the Iniennedilitii
Every' meamodation.thai can be Rowell fog f=i-
Ort and mterty of gets has boon ptod. The
boat to a l to od lota o ooll.ooloto Wog , solot to
r en o t r e i tp one. For fre r ah , 6 m i r y 0 .
(chi Mona, of Ist and Sialthfold sto
The aplandid E r i dring* naamar
mairratiw, mlef lb ;4lesa i ti f the
anon, and Inferainfrunci pftrfa lb% day
Fo ° :a w gti otptgasi _ apply '
0 4 b° 34 . ';
. .__.
' The splendid stitsiney i
Div's, inesteL l WZ i da; for tle
.b 6
at 10 o'clock A 81.. " "d
°Mi l e ? 1 1 l
im agai n
thaLt., The &mud steamer ' • ~
1124.1te1l will lalT, formes Lbws
Intennednind ports thls tley. 10 su
Fel Ore ht of Fauns, •PP I 7, de Itallzd• 1 0,501
The am and
Atallaad lisn" Vall tet e edl r ' ' a
day. NM taatardaya areach weak.
saga apply an baud as
l'ha splendid a • •
ler P
•r. ::, Marotta, matter,
E 10 o'clock, A. M.
For fratight or passage, apply OEI
• •A and
' usage, app
For freight or
The new suntan • •• • .al meamer
A Q Kennett, me, er, w3II 'hare for
above andintenne • .. • pormort Saw ,
: . • day, dualth lor, at 10 o'clock', A. M
For frei
Dery ght orfp g voi , on boarA,
M gle ,
clriclNNAlrr PAC
Molina steatict
Parkinson master, grill leare foe tau
blimaad ' intaratediata Dona lids day.
For freight or pumps appl,y on Mani. Oetta
Foittnicnown Arco - sr. wine -
T4Oprealpil hew metimek,
mama, will !cafe CM above
nermadatei pbit. 111111 day, at
•PSY ea:board
FOE ClNCtlllan
The splenrat dcankit steamer
Boyd, tauter, WIT !stip' toi Obey.
IC o'clock. For freight or pouNpawr en
bsbusaedaata •
• freight 0, Passim aiViTab
4 Y; ,- Tmii,Xisfitiliic OP • Azzi 9 001 i 1 .
i i .
- •'''it A." 1 7 - & - :to. - ,_rwrsaintor,.. A.,
AVE received mare - than 01.11131 . 01001333 and
mgrmeluuneiseirrosien e r...p..,,,,,,,,-
try, bracing the latest, richest-and most le
styles Imported and dineilest Goods," ' 01
entire pokiest. from the importers, Muds and
large Amnion sake, by one of the fun reaidingla New
Yink,who is onnanntly sending es MAN and
cum devisable goods in the . Eastersi which
will be offered es low as si imparts/I in cher
United States, and lower than weld posilily offer
qz Hems In the Weil. We t eye the loa
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3S CASES DRESS GOODS, vim cases , extra rich
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FRENCH hIERINOS—A nil assortment of black,
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32170 SEAWLS—OOMpriaing* a 3O / ac 4 100 • 0 .."
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square' Cashmere and Tattle/ plaid Shaw ' Maude,
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10 hales of red and white Flannels. all wool.for Ide
7 cues bine and orange Prints, . . , 8
10 do Calkom.33 M6ar - _ , tOD
12 do Out 'colored ek
17 do Bleached Muslim, w' 4
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are respectfully 10•1133 10 crumbs • 031,10100,131=11
without teeing the least obligation to porelime.
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Myer orders to thepraprioterra at Plnhuinlphia, or
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