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Only bar wingtikig to iive as a corderity le the
Akio% wblcb we shall pate* gel from tie
Omieceletice still to ow=
: The &mute will etind 12 to 21,—ehe Whigs
gained two enetebese, one in Washingtoa,
exyl Ger philidelpis. A vacancy trill be pro.
' diced m do /memo Didriet by the eleelloo- of
Mignon tide win lean 12 to 20,1nuil the 'recency
bifida ' •
Thins& macros nt a WA:Taws mAjority
Om)* togloi,u4 rw tralzed Stades &war,
di phew olOrmetou Otd Panateraas r •ever
abovaditerat redeem!, dincamak-d.
city—Jos R. Qum
' -
• • n• IlbettieHi la Spring Gip
.jii•;..4l/sni D. awns, Whtg, elected, s pin.
a-MO(4-40mm and MoOomery cotinft
AMA**, Whig. elected .,
- ,l`.:lol4.**Ciarigas comar4ises C. Dicloy,
4/41r .I:ti4riete—Ltnessuer—Thaddeue &evens,
9(44;lfitrite—Bergs—Wm. &row, Mamma,
1611,D01ma.--Liccente, Caere, end Wyo.
- ' sifte - ^ Choset Diger, whir, dewed.
• ••• • Nand. U.
ihirOggiVrOrd CtiJitait—ireph Cary, Whig,
. l ;: AsRu--Daor 4 Lebanon andSibuyl.
'WI Wbig, ideated.
and Mains—HanaT Na,
ATigre sad Greene—
Andras Laglek.Wlds,
.I:l4friet—rWastmarelano. Bedford& Cam.
bda—Yob Thsciixrd, elected.
Jiata:Diarice—Waddagtos sad Baaver—a. IL
`, 1 4 11 4 1 / 4 V4, 4 aLlegl.
• tlat
Vol DistAi—Matar, enwforS and Venst
tokSW. WS*: Twig mod Frew so, waxed.
, ka , ,piadok-Buticr,;Ansiax*, taboo 1 4d
W. awttb,Wldmedested.
Apnoea Whip sad two Dessectes, 112 (Sr as
tra3efabaiti from
liPirsehat dr Moir* it. ems:rah* the
• to thingthalassAmetiesa.
&amass OCRIATZ—Ia the awn of Pettimle,
• takiikalt**.lobastan th e Whir eaadi
lbeacrvenex haaa itatica4 of 518—beutg a
" v " • Vaigiaittei2eB.
Yaw Covartf—Mse moray& tia Heavy Nes,
the Whig aralidite Sr Cleagtems, over Teel
• rated* Lexabeo iimptclot, la the *ion&
et dal, a no hear/ 'Whig Ws.
The The
,ratram Dora the ThheiCompearienal Dr..
nis i is theialletel Ormammelly Chu.
' 'LMMILMOhow the dation of Hoary D.
~' itm*lilVltit ;try s maereitedie majority.
... *mime tritiVre.Hampel.
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4...10wa_ is less 6 =
...„„,.... - g d o jositt is leas sham too
' fig
•'' ',,,,,-. -: '7 l au d F f eei3oo, *elated $e Cbutress
liiiibe liiiiic4 4 2 / 1 4 11 1 3 siistr.
Ii Mime, ow Wbig awl aw Democrat we
'viewed to the L , a aa the Whi l e have
.c.irrisa the etevastda pi' tba,ttekel, Shoff. Pro.
. - ab-fotasy, Regis:skim
4 ti
Purr(VraltrA 0,4 t: va t "'
gi lampumh - 183.nasiontpl
o , .
Igl - 1111 the Whitaterilr efeciod.
ine, both the Ntbig members we elected.
PIMJD . E.PIIIA, Oct. 12
7 ThAfOlowipg counti ef t iT;pnioditrit - iriiliod•
dirk& t t
Adams County gives Weller 230 mtg.
Highland county gives Ford 30 maj.
. Free 84 vote InHainilton comity 2000.
Thisty.nine comitien in shim a Whig loss of
2000 compared with Clay's vote in '44.
The 2d, 3d, 4th, 86,1201,14 th, and 10th Districts
:sleet Whig: Congressmen. The Ist, sth, 9th and
10th, penmen". The two latter a Democratic
Clerensodleoenty gives Weller 550 majority.
heinegeing to press;hutt night, we melt.
erl the Ortkraring telegraphic; despatch trim Cincia•
mut, which changes materially the news received
at an earlier bone.)
Cumniav, Oct 1$181&
In Delman!' county a Waig Rapresevative
eleoed by a =lan* of
bditirare anti Franklin have elected a Whig
wilegite. Their Neve conceded tolhernemoetwn
is now probable le Whlgii have the gimee.
At swain a the Strudtholdeet of the 8 e 11 3.-
Mere iutd'Ohfo
. Rail Road Compost,. bold in that
city, oa Monday 'morning Ipt, the ettBdal Repeat
of the hidden; and DiVenbnrs was made. The
syrcasvidranueti 111e..compauy, during the past
.year is abown to have been $1,213,761 57, bring
inmassa of . $111,727 90 over the gros• receipts
of the pseeinnayear, and the net revenue has ox.
seeded that of the year ending on the 30th Sep.
tember, 180, by $10,45041
The net revenue of the company, for the year
ending on the 30th of Septetiber,lB4B, metaled in
the report to be $551,558 07, a sum equal to about
eight per cent. on the witolecapital of the company.
For the reasons, however, Which arersatedln der.
tail in the report, no dividend is declared in ino.
ney, bat a dividend in the dock of the company is
authorized to be made to each stockholder—thus
incressiog the capital dock of the company to the
amount of the dividend.
• 4
I" •
The electum for Directors'resulted initl6e re eke
tiou of the old Board, with the exception of Wm.
H. Matrix; Esq., arhs was anceeeiled by Andrew
Gregg, Esq. As bad been previously announced,
Mr. McLane closed his labors as President of the
compariy, and, we presume, the Board of Directors
will, at an early day, select a competent successor.
The following gentle men : comprise the Board of
Dixclort, as elected for the ensuing year Thomas
Swan, John Hopkins, Samuel Hoffman, William
McKim, Jacob Albert . &heard Patterson, F. La.
cas, Jr James Swazi, Richard L=0448.1=101 W.
Smith, John I. Donaldson, Andrew Gregg.
The (allowing extract from the report, in Mlition
loam extension of the road to the Ohio River will
be Inteneatieg to oar readers,:
2,200 • 1,926
100 161
1007. 37
.4.. 1,853
. 200
in 2):a.
The difficulties of part of the smite which form.
ed the =trot
P of the roPort, and of Ito entire
country is IM Cheat and TA•gart valley lie.
en, Induced the Board ;to call in two consulting
engineers to confer with the Chief Engineer upon
the location of this important section of the road
Frieda purpose the seminal or Jonathan Knight,
of Pennsylvania, and: /oh Childe, of blanachn.
e ms, were secured , and ' in the month of Jane the
Board of Engineers, thus constituted, examined
the ecarnmpibisragiedosith cue, and deeded upon
at do lines it would he apedientio trio; in order
to leave= roonakaipmairm Met ihe entire ground
been iuTolifirotecl with the satiscet Portion.
The. netatant engineer, having the
their western sarreim were imineeirtica=
red spin to the regale between Cumberland and
' the Cheat River and base since been laboriously
inignied In running the lines so Unheated. They
have nose Marty completed the surveys ant of
Cheat River, and two afthe parties have moved
Mthemound bet w een that and therTygarfs Val.
My River.
With the present namber of parties the survey
of the label° mate guru Me prevent road to the
Ohio tit Whetting- may be oamptided before the
coming mituer, auditor bum- will ham leen traced
with s weat amolney ••tory estimates
of distauctread , . MS, although for antral con
temn:thin without a revision beibeit details—ex.
eeptiag the mangel paid of the mule upm. the firm
fay miles, which, if the tims bated ins ye ar
should be ultimately adopted ' s:mid be made ready
for contract in a very short time. The report of
E mu& Latrobe Enigld,• and Chad, embracing
ahem the firm 27 miles of the extensioe, was not
completed and- entrunued to thee'Bomd until their
meeting en the 13th day of September.
It presents at least three points on the me se n t
toad, fano either of which the extension may be
commenced, and also the same number of mutes,
varying more or less Gum each other, on which the
mad may be advantageoaate
. conimacted; and it
commas set ebdiorate diseases& -of the estimates
and cotuddentions by which, 'was/if/hamar the
mmineers, - the choice among all the motto M the .
option of the company should be determined—
The choice between the points indicated in this
smart, endthe interline it may be proper b. make
of the mate as far asthe mouth (argentite, involves
questions of net less importance than any that
would be likely to occur upon aßy partof ausentin I
liorrand as the facts upon which these mold be I,
satisfactorily decided required to be tborocighly sod
'minutely examined lad digested, and as the deela ICI
ion chin:lately to be made mighputotudy affect the
Wrests of =pedant seething of this state, the
board deemed it their duty„%in the' first instance,
to refer them?* to theirmounittee, in order that
any militional 'lnkintiathre, not embraced it the
report, but necessary to a safeties! armed conch'?
aims apps the whole subject, agents fatty gave:
Maud Investigated, and sabotaged is a pstspics.
cos and ulldfactory gem lo•thg board ofdireeoss.
• The committee d coustmetien nudes mimetic
doe, to wham them:l4sta has bora refezied,Mompt
ly engaged in IS investigailers,stul way be expec
ted to submit their report as swam mem v res.
pen M its Importance mid to the coonderations
involyed in the eohnect, will admit.' ft may ,be
,prep@tem pthery4 .in the meantime, that of the
pa th eethgjey:ertroddet the, gond to Wheeling,
with grades perfectly 'within tireAsefal available
•• • of the locomotive maim, Wad nrepenasp*
gem partl9l get Mahe mite, there anew,
to he no dmbt tanner in the naiads of the ern.
, Meet maglaters aliandy mentioned. The selection.
therefore, between rages each baeing.peenbar ad-
Miramar, wilt. be onsef the earliest . subjects for
Claremont eousiderationof the Bond of/.:tucimcs.
By ceder tithe Bend,
• :-.LOMS„IdeLANE, Presiden t.
Ofileeof theßalt.llo Ohio B. IL Ce./
' • , October 91241P18.1.
eeetlePoadancibt the Flashier' Guam.
AftIitITIZONO comm.
;DairBht—l trenialt Ton the result of the elec.
tion In the amity. a' aseaqilined op to the close
'tithe ,
Gonutole"Johnston • ' tE4IO
'!'Lonstetit 160'
Threadipiets to b ate heatdfietn, which wall give
about n° souxityse Loagstneh.
Pwirsonosans—kieredtth'a (W) dedodly
CleilaWsrill be over 600. -
*inter laistrelatioth (W.) ey a =Aft
Coestess—thlteeee's iestgaiti• I think :v lll
.cesslCktointisionees VOW Wesulkeiewdy , ..
fed to ion "an; estititate—enns efeuir many with
&fifth and Graltoam'avote. •
The Whip look upon this temp most ow&
dost foe Johnston. If the rest of the State has
done la's° well, he iseleeted.
Young, with • hank!
- 41,741_
The q.frehholders are already avant that autho
rity has been obtained Crean the State of Virginia
for the purpose, on ten= satisfactory to the am .
touring the last year the . aurreye Of the various
mates hare been diligently prosecuted. They
were entered upon as early as about the tint of
July, 1E47, with two parties of engineers, winch
by the first of August fallowing was increased to
Wee.. There was at that time, and for souse nate
entmegitant, & difficulty in procuring the menaces
of competent arid ezpoienced assistants, or the
number ri pastes %sight have been enlarged, to
order, as we earl:malt tkrieuff•loPre.. on the ...-
Ter& with the greatest ticapolet,,}o urgent was
this wish that the basic° of the mote, esLis seen,
was begun some weeks before the neneLasece of
the Vinous law conferring the right of Waitrilbut
Statd, god before the company was pmsnitierrto
&draws beyuka the boundary ofldstryland.' With.
in the limns of this State; thereto* the surveys
were coastal esta the middle of October- -
Itarangitteers =Maned uniatemaptedly in the
tield'defiest the entire &lga, awl having extend.
ed theu{inesnepoonone robin saffro.4tau River
by the rat they stele i m Xcalgrea
to the Ticirthy of the obey and'weAa'rostafird til at;
to the end of - May in executing the exten td
comdtettlatein of miteire =essay Ire Iteholits
of tones beton= the mouth of Piles rot*: oiltuf•
fib Creek szeiNfheelirig, The anima= of 'east
up= the treaueserveyee the prevent. year Gum
Cionberiand tO • 1:00 OM lily Wien Ittrefivo ,
in the glades, were as ranch delsyed by the neces
sity at removing the patties to the wmtward and
ownthew there With new troth, Mat the
' ;coal not present his report upon
those estimates until the Oh of int April.
Gen. Cass and hi, JSRAptlioras
, Allowiurims.7g
Tb‘611,444 later (tom thg l
w4lirrixtliiirdser of Congress from Wotan Pentisyl
'llo,LlWlttM in its true light the characte
the cages tßamones claimed biand paid to Gen.
C•witt, while in the service ofthe General Govern.
mane Mr. gtrivis : i makes these statements on.
der his own proper name, and gives the offioiral eat
deuce on which they are based.
To tlis Editor oftko National Inrelligonerr.
' ' Urn:arrows, (Pa.) Sept. 29, ISIS.
Gmertintav: My attention hasjust been called to
imolai° numbers of the "Unionnin which the ediurr
has devoted ten columns, with the promise of more,
to the examination of my late speech in relation to
Gen. Cam's extra pay. This is a compliment I
hardly expected from the editor of the - Union and
am exceedingly sorry that I have given hint so
much trouble and uneasiness.
, I have not time just now to read, much less to
comment on these ten columns's:if editorial ribus
_hut since Mr. Ritchie questions the truth of my
statements in regard to Mr. Can's extra pay, I will
refer him to an authority, of which he seems to be
ignorant, but will not dam to controvert. I refer
him to President Polka message of 11th August
last, (Executive doe. No. 86J printed since the ad.
jottrumant. Now; charged Gen. Cass with taking,
while Governor cf Michigan and ex.orticlo Super.
intendent of Indian Affairs, $64,505 46 extra pap,
over and above the amount of his legal and fixed
salary of 52,000 a year. Now, 1 assert that thin
message, sent m by President Polk in obedience to
a resolution of the House, with the documents
appended, sustain and establish every dollar and
cent I have charged against Gen. Casa They do
more; they show that Gen. Cass received as Marshal
of Ohio nod Minister of France 1526,708 65 over sod
above the amount of his salaries and his outfit and
ettaa, which, regarded as extra, will make his
extra pay 391,574 11 and hisregular and extra pay,
together, 5231, 231.49. Now, if my chaigingGen.
Cass with taking $131,16546 extra pay is justly
denounced by Mr. Ritchie and his other venal
followers as "vilification and slander" of Mr. Cans,
what will they now say of Mr. Polk, who makes it
'much worse than I did? What will they any of
GOT. Marcy, Secretary of War, D. Graham, RAs.
tiiratforthe Treasury, P. Hagner, and John M. Mc
a,,Second and Third Auditors who sustain by
their official signatures these statements thus "vitt.
Ming and slandering" Mr. Cass, and rendering him,
if true, (as has been said by his friends) "unworthy
the support ofhay honest man?" These "outrage
taus' charges being estaldiabed by Air own frisn4b,
what will ay vilify.= and sianderers now say
The president message and docitments sustain.
leg these charges are in the hands of every mem.
her of Congress, where they may be seen; and, to
facilitate the examination,l will refer the etqui.
rer to pages 2,3, 5, 40, 47, 50, 159, 160, 2."4, and
234. •
It fartbermore appears by these official documents
that Gan. Cam charged and received as Governor
of Michigan more than do:A!, the amonat of extra
pay received try al/ the other Governors Mall the
Territories of the United States from the finindation
of the Government up to the year 1E43. This re.
markable fact at established by these records. Can
'aisles right! Can Mr. Ritchie satisfy the people of
this country that Lewis Cass, while Governor of
Michigan, sans justly entitled to double ea much as
all the rest of the Governors of oil the other twelve
or fifteen territories of the Vaned States And it
also appears that a great port of the extra pay al•
lowed to the caber Governors was allowed by Gen.
Cass himself, while be was Secretary of War, and
based upon his arms extra alletearce.
These documents show also that Lewis Cass
received, in addition to hie regular salary of E 2,000
a year, $1,500 a year fur fuel, office rent, ke., SIAM)
a year fur eervices beyond the territorial lines of
Michigan, and alas, at the calm time, ES per day
and 40 cents per mlle i for making treallea with the
Indians, amounting alone fur part of the time, to
113,000 a year, and making with-ht regular anhtry
ind extrn allo6roneeS,.B%ooo n'yenri instead ofB 2 ,
0120—ngse than $2O a day, when thalaw gave him
-iesntium 56.. Ilat natsatisfied with all this, it ups
pears that Gen. Cass charged and received fur
several years, while Governor edMichigan, the pay
and Otani:mats of a captain and quartermaster in
the regular Army, amounting toupwards of 8900
per year more, and charged and received at one
ruse 86,610 kiyrations, as well as several thousand
dollars Sc settling his accounts and assisting to
kern ma Indian code, while in the receipt of all his
salaries, regular and cam, above mentioned. And
what is worse than all ibis, in July, 114 a year
eller Gen. Cass war appointed Secretary of War,
he produced an account against the GoVernmenl,
canton Wing to er13,1.94, Err alleged aver -payment.,
running barb ten or twelve years; Efi311.1.5 in IS
-20 fur /adieu annuities; 510,1.13131, an indefinite
charge^forlndian Department puerto 1620," which,
if right, he could have retained in any of his *mu
tely settlements made daring these tea or twelve
years, producing a balance in his taro: of E 35,075.
For this alleilged bedew, a relay:hoe was drawn
(No 21)041 by John Robb, acting Secretory of War.
in favor of Lewis Cass, thee IgnnSelf Secretary of
War, on the Treasury, cud the money being paid
thew:dement sued suspended dll when it
was closed by Wm. B. Lewis.—(See pages 232 and
2334 Worse still: An allowance appears to have
been illida.Wyn Gov. Cass was Secretaty of War,
to Win. Wood ridge, we:lw of the Territory,
acting as Governor cf Michigan, of ;Imo a year
for three years and twenty ties days, the thicieGov.
Cass was employed in netotia' tiogueitiesomoun
into 54, 02 . 71 ; for'fireL Otnee rent, bee. between
the years 1815 and 1927 Botha, theGovertunent
was thug made to pay 53,00 a year extra for fuel,
cauvrenl,Ax.„ for the territory of Michigan; 51.500
0:0130 Cut, and 51,51:010• soh. "lq; Governor
IVcrodkftdge l 11.0 sametitne. If Mr. Woodlisidgel
ißalintitled to thk 11,44)tional extra allowance of
.51,500 a year, Wk did he not apply fry re.
imitre it atthetime ! Becuseltov. Can received it.
Why wait twelve or fifteen years, till Gov. Cass is
Secretary of War? And why is this allowed by
"John Robb, acting Secretary of Was," while the
allowance of 51,37501 immediately preceding to
G. B. over, Governor of Michigan, and of 51,000
lo T. Mune. awing Governor of Michigan, im
mediately followipg, are "mad hp Gem Cass. Su-
Mary ofWer ri-Wor this auge we page 50)
When Mr. Ritchie explains awe mystrriss, he will ,
perhaps hear from me again.
In conalmion, het me suggest to Mr. Ritchie the
propriety of now turning Ma battery of billitippte
end abase from me upon President Polk and the
officer. ofthe Treasury and Weir Departments, who
have taken the bulk of sustaining thew charges
against Gen. Cass oft my shoulders. Will he do a!
I venture the prediction that he will hereafter be
'Rent on this subject.
"Nous venom."
Scum Cazoaraii n ras Ficua—ThhegalLant State,
always ready to play the beroie part, with or with
out occasion, is preparing with pest dignity in view
of the coming electbpn, to do nothing, and to tnnlie
her action felt- Bat South Carolina looks beyond
the coming election, and like the fair Tilbarina sees
thin which are not in sight. The ➢conk Greene.
Volunteer, so renowned in the distortions of
,Punch" was not more quick to perceiv.
proach of danger, nor mere prompt in making to
the penman Therm:Tyke, than that devoted suite
which to eyey ready for Liberty or Detth—with a
Prekrenoe hapreyes, (or the former.
Mr. Barnwell Rhea has been assitiq s 'Teeth
in Clurneston, and Gen. Illundtcut bashes% writiog
• letter; and by startling coincidence., at Miser ism,
bra she speech and the letter terminate in tire anus
and hint darkly of gore. The Wilmot Proviso is
to be encountered oa horseback; and Soutli.c.iiiu.
lina, mounted on a mug ang, rs to Acii4 ip the attach
Her weapon is the rifle.
Use. Flarnilton declares that if the North carries
OW Its purpose cd admitting no more slave territory
into the Union, the &ern will be "essentially ebb
wlal In all her ignornioiou. subialsipois " Th.
thine maw be resisted; it eau never be sulimlupd to
-say s the F riaaral, "hy opeople as essentially military
"in their instincts as pay that God has ever created
"with all the aptitudes for war—who find n safe
"seat on the beck of the wildest horse at 16e prai.
"rie, and In whose hands the deadly ride . never
"commits one error or mistake."
As a sore mode of bringing the matter to a &M. ,
sire ims, Mr. Rbctt advises as follows:
"Sow you have this great question of slavery
upon you; antl tor counsel ie, as of yore—meet the
question atones, and forever. Mire no more talk
in Congress by your Representatives; but bring
your power to bear directly on the question—not
thcwtgh a Southern convention,whieh you cannot
get, (and which, if you get, may only breed condi.
sion andfureakr„ess in the &raj but by the States
—the parties to the coastitutionel compact, and its
legitimate guardituts by the theory of the constito•
lion itself. Let the Southern Stoats manta their
Senators, and request the Representatives, to franc
their math in Congress ionnethzudy and return
'hone, should abolition, to any of it. farsv, prevail
Congrea—mintier in our terra.
vier, as /Adria of Columba or slanseas the Slaty.
Let theilopth take this position—let but Awn Suites
in the Bodleian this petition—lel but two Stakes
Virginiaagd thopth•Gafedina, takethls position and
maintain it, and theSquthis safe. If drivei to an.
dos. by the anew= cram Path i/3 Congress,
all other steps which the honor ad intends of the
South shall demand will be easily gemmed. But
Vag South still Bleep In active submission to ass
gressions—if no other State will maintain her dtg,
nity and her rights under the , • tow is this
great question, let South C • unaided and
atoms, meet the contest. She can force every State
in the Union to take sides for or against her. She
can compel the alternative—that the rights of the
South be respected, or the :Union :be dissolved,
This in qui humble opinion, is tho only course by
which ted Onion can be preserved, or be worth
preserving; and let the result he what it may we
will at taut have the conseiatia claiming made
Mgt bravejongoirong effort, to save ourselves froth
Ignominious and dishonorable ruin.'
Now whether the wolf larceny roaming this time
. -
or oat oar feeders may judge far thanterly• We
• -
shall no t camels any opiniog omit it, 4s?►
or, lithe animal ; comes, he will be !try Brace, or
whether he findThgly atusrp to' deal; b
Bet opcm another point we may 'junk freelyeand
that 4 to express the orinaO test N the nampitati.
mom Btate of Beath Caralinase it bps WU' Ufa;
dose wane whenever Mr. Whoa* takes intutr,
that distinguished gentleman has upon thin war
ion taken a pretty large pinch.—Bah. Aar,
en TfO rnnin nee o linaftnabanla Gannanst
:t l Pnelailfto.ll3l{..
An; Yogi, Oct. 7, lSafi4
Mont bf the StaMiiil has at. last wake*
doubt dun:: Mr. COrcon llama= to EatAttlit
aid Mae f no quail/on that he has succcedisitts
negotiating a loan of firs millions. of Magus frog.
various pa rt ies. A letter to ghat effect van rand at
the Stock Exchange; this sforenoon, by M"m"
Camnaanu fle Whitehouse, from Mr. Corcoran ,
which created a great fluttering among the bre.
ken. The sales of fancy stocks on specalation
were very large, at. irregular prices, Government
lone being affected slightly. The haste to make
the announcement of this loon public, p.m, room
to Inspect that a secret reason exists in the minds
of some parties that the loan le not quite consum
mated, and makes people cautious.
A large robbery was committed last night, at Par
terson, upon the person of the confidential clerk of
Meseta Drew,Robituon, dc Co. According to cue
tom, he went with funds to the factories to pay off
the hands, and left a package of 31500 is one
place, and was on his way to another fienthry ,
when he was seised by two men, knocked down
.gagged, and robbed 0(39,500. He was lel senses
less, but managed, after hip recovery, to give an
alarm, but no trace has been finind of the money.
The particulars of thin failure cf Messrs. Waters
man dalargesa, at Providente, are now given, and
the loss is less than at first stated. The cost of
their works, as they now stand, is $500„ and
theymare 3130,000. The reason of their ilure is
the high rale of discount, sad they say on and a
half per cent a month is the beat that can dope.
Low duties and an excessive importation goods
made with cheap labor, boa made sad ha with
the manufactories of the United States, and better
times cannot be hoped for unul the Adminildration
is completely changed. .
The primary meetings to choose delegates to
one various Conventions to make nominations,
were held last night, and attended more Susie.
rously than has been known far years. For Con
gren, in the city districts, the nomination will fall
upon the Hon. J. P. Phenix, an erdmember, and
James Brooks, ot the Express newspaper, who may
be considered as good as elected. Have no (cars
of New York. In one month from this day, she
will give Zachary Taylor' and his stall' of Whig
nominees a round majority, and not the meagre
plarality, that will secure their election.
Speculators in Cora and Cotton have been de
feated In their intentions by the Captains of the
Cuattrd boat,. It appears that they hove been in
the habit of going on board at Halifax with a
box of pigeons, (carriers) and a hand case of
type, and after taking n statement, get oat an
mare upon tissue paper, containing all the news
This, when within four hour, sail of Boston, IS fan. tened to the birds, mho reach town before he ship
is telegraphed, enabling the spa. Slaters to send the
news 'South and West, to the ruin of many mer
chants not so sharp. The C614.1/11, to stop this.
charge a very heavy price for the passage of
"pigeons," and havu rather broken the litheness
Iwo the gratification of merchants.
Saturday Evening.—Mr. Corcoran has obtained
near six millions of dollars, of which two millions
and some hundred were by the sale of U. S.
Loan, and the rest borrowed. He has with him
one million of dollars in stock, and will, it is
said, bring back coin for it. The money has been
raised from eminent houses, and a part taken for
investment. This irides of money must hare a
temporary beneficent effect 'moo our market; but
as no one ever got rich, so shall we continue
poor, as king as we buy more than we can pay
Since the news Cotton has alkm fr Fluor Is
per bbl.; and Corn 2c the bushel, closing very
dull, woh large receipts, and an inobnation to
sell. c.
The following article in reference to Penneylv._
sin although Written with a mom Spacial view to
the Governor's election, is no less applicable to the
more important election still to take place. The
situation of Pennsylvania is truly Imposing in the
political contests of the present campaign. She is
awaking from her long slumber to a sense of her
own dignity rind interests, nod is slinking oil
cukvoisin as the cacrescnere which has so deformed
her beauty, wasted her substance, polalited her
industry, mid frittered away her italbenee in the
National Councils In plane of being the park.
brine of a emotions Deosomacy,--tlie Patient J o.
coils.° donkey—she is taking her appropnato wind
in the front wink of Whig States, and in the pent
work of electing a Why; President. Her position
is truly glorious.
Penstayiennia Election
To Mr Rliror of the Prart.4o, .lan neat
It seems to me that Iles apProcebing lubernate
riat and Presidential elections in Pennsylrauia are
attemled with imposing and most peculiar circum.
stances. Her great interests are esceedingly de
pressed—large masses of her laborer. ate out of
employment; and the tires of many of her numer
ous fumed nod - fames ore extinguished... The
question arises, how does all this happen in a State
of such boundless resources and of such inex
haustible, undeveloped mineral wealth as Penns
sylvont• ! The history of her piesimit calamities
is short, and the causes are quite obvious
Under the mid of 1812, the men and the inter
ems of Pouroylvania glow ppnnnnprttma , 4a s '
fires of a thousand furrumerlit sip flit 3r. fEp2alq'
aide, opt of which her hardy sons tore the ore.
more , istuable, fin all useful purposes, than was
ever dug from the richest mine. of Iklealca.. Her
laboring men were all employed at generous! j re
munerating wages, business tieurilated, the mes
were pod, and contentment and happiness reign
ed throughout her borders. Tina stare of things
continued op to rho fall of 1814, when the last
election of President took place- The honest men
of that great State advised the moues of her peo
ple the proper course for Penhiylvania to pursue
topreaarve her...pVasperity and continue the rob
fruits of that patriotic policy which pigtail. boom
&tor against the ruinous competition of the labor
of other testa favored lands. They adviacil them
to rally around the great champion of the protons
tire yailloy, Henry Clay, and stand firmly try the
tariff of 1642, which was showering such benefits
upon all interests snd all departments of industry
in Permaylvania. But the Latafocia leaders, falsely
pretending to favor that policy to which they knew
that lames K. Polk was mast deadly opposed, got
op the Kane letterjuggle, and deceptively placed
on th eir banuers,"Polit, Dallas, and the Tariff of
1612F' They succeeded by thtseattrocionaly des
ceptive devices in humbugging and cheating MO
honest portions of the Democracy of that great
Stop out of a fair and Just expreanon of their
opituona upon ilia protective whey I:_ta , vote of
Pennsylvania was given to Jams K. Polk as the
&lend and advocate of the tariff of 1812! And
about the first legislative mat Which was consum.
Mated under the Adanniatrafioa of Polk and
Dallas, was the destruction of the MAR of 1842,'
and the substitution of the free trade tari ff ot
I appeal In every intelligent men in the country*
4.1 r the truth of the. facts. They constitute n part
of the history of the last Mar years. Well, what
has hcen the result of these deceptions and petit
ical cheats by the Demeantia lenders, upon the
• substantial interests of that•great State. Immense
foreign importations have &nee flooded the coun
try. The protincts of pauper Inbor have rushed
in upon us, under the low free trade tantr enacted
by Yolk, Dallas, Buchanan Sr Co:, nod ovenyhelm•
ed the independent and well paid working men of
the United States. British imported coal Is nos
depressing the price and to a considerable extent
supplying the place of the anthracite coal of Penn.
sylvania. British Iron is now being tninepon.
ted over the Iron ruourdains of Pennsylvania, and
by the very doors of ber silent and I.lGBtrWd fun..
cis into the State of Ohio Her 'lnherent see snE
fining for want of work, and the cry of distress
and hard times rings from one end of the State to
the other. Will the working men, the honest Dem.
octalc maws of Pennsylvania' stand this misers
able game any longerl
Will they longer tnffe oath dick dearest liners
Cgs for the benefit of each ungrincipled political
leaders? Will they spin, themselves to be led
again by diose same perfidious leaden, bliniliblded
Um" the support of Lewis] Oho, the mass bitter en
emy in the country to the policy of protection to
Amos /odor, who voted in 1046, in the United States
Senate, against even considering or treating with
ordinary respect the petitions of the Democrus of
Pennsylvania against the repeal of the tariff of '42
—who, by adopting the Baltimore resolutions,
stands pledged to the free trade policy--who is
open and undisguised in his telentlesa opposition
to all the interests of Pennsylvania—is man who
his sold himself to the South fore ' mess of pot.
tags wbloh ho will never taste—a troitor--an sum
blushing and bloated to the:interests of the free
States? There should be smile limit topublic wrong
There should be some bounds to'pubfic endurance.
The public indignation canto In ispected always
to sleep. The suffering working meh of Peon s,
who were so grossly, intentionally, and cruelly de
ceived by that, insiders, at the last Presidential also
Clan, have shown great finbagnmeo in keeping their
hands off tho perfidious political wretches who
are the reed authors of their present calamities.- 7
nolo are no marks of contempt do insulting tnr
these poor and abused men to visit any attempt by
their burner betrayers to again hood wink and chest
them into an abandonmentof their true interests.
Should any one of the political leaders who
were concerned in tho contemptible political
swindle of ltitaignin approach these betrayed
and suffering fors of Pennsylvania wi th new
Ilia and new trio to:sws thew ant of their
honest opinions and cherished interests, they
ahmdd be made to (eel the indignant scorn of the
midedrhom they so shamelblly duped, end whom
they reduced rain. n condition of high pros
perity to want and rain.
1 canteen' not it were one of thnt large minis o
honest, Demosratio lahming men of Penngivanin,
whom thou priratlcal leaders cheated so basaly fo
180, by %Warm Mt to them the false flag of .Polk.
Da Una and him Tariff of /41,' into the support of
an administration which has 'deolned my means
of subsistence, and in comermenre of 'a, kicking..
ale and inbludennt deception, I wee thrown out of
.employment, with' a latpfamtly of balsams chit.
d m mina to me to Vattt for brand, I do not say
Oat Pavia' vtlll upon thgla Perfidious leadyss
pgnmi chastisement, stamper* I met them; bat
I dour that. it womb! require very great self :e
-er:dot and- my extrabrdieary kithestance in um,
to refrain fpxn lapwing upon them snob • rebuke,
as &jug and"tighteonainftnation would seem to
prgrant4 Min Injured, insulted; deceived masses
xre.",p,.. should raise such a worm of In.
the ears of their p6ljtical beirlWas•
Si shag make them cry to the rocks and ms
_ i
•t., .
'l l, an 201 ! ". e
reePiabfrold/qtnilds.. - -* '". wail datuty. sale
ra a t theastheoheriee tiliarthe mit cow"
4 PPernfilrek the ;id of present
comae. die avoid laiwerght in the' male of
CassattAcrertradr, and her voice should decade the
elettims, nanortileglight will break upon the dark
ness 6 , luett now broods over tither grecs nameata
for the etztifour year& Ifs.* goes itriohnston to
Governar, kir Taylor and a protective tend; a
bright end ontiouded future opens at mice to 'taw
'Vexed , win again ream to gladden the heart,
of paver°, and generous wager will toward the
labor, of all her workingmen- Should every true.
honest and panicle° man in Pertasylvan" devote
his w*ole time and his best, undivided li ons for
the next th irty days to a consummation devout.
Isr to hie wished by every real friend of r great
tulsrean, it would be the best, and in the end the
most *Stable month', work they ever engaged to.
Let them think well of this before it is too late
Therd es no time to be lost. The eyes of die
wholi American people arm now fixed upon Penn..
sylvaida. • The friends of protection to Amerman
labor*l other Stale now expect Pennsylvania to
F iu
do h uty. Let her but be true to herself uand
own interests, and she cannot then be &lee
to a at her ruler Stores. FeAssue.
Groans of the Instaa,tad
While, our Loookmo fellow citizens take their
dedrai t iti , this State with' a slegree of equaldroiry
ilidtZSeasithendable, the editor age) . Post makes
t .
Weise — if idienlotur by theirage and malice he man
igisti 'ss the 'Whig party. 114 even descends
to th lowest vituperation, na a Means of giving
vent his disappaintmerd. limm him:
" opponents have carte d their eptire ticket
is a c ounty , namight 'have been etpected: Ma in
doi io, they have gained nothing in character,
eft r fur honer'. Or hOnesty. —ln their etrows to
syr the 'veld for Governor, they have km gle
tip Ida ifffirmotis Mar...Va.:fords and paleicel Mask
fegictitithe mat e end there is no as ajewo muss
whiekt Myatt. in their power to perform, that has
nuteen , seeomplished.,Their money has beet,
free! e x pended; to order te , prine and theatres all
ki iof lies 'I:60111 0m Democratic cenclidater and
We 'hive hoard of 040 poor wretch, who ha:pre
f.:hied to he a Democrat, who has been under pay,
it 415 a week, to even his inflamer among the
washing men ra Gast* of Wm: F. Johnston."
To any not3iigUf the bad taste of all this, it in
gnaiudy =ilia, and highly libellous on an burnoose
majority of the citi zens of th,is county. What 'in
&wafture blacirgunnts' and 'political blank legs' have
beep' .botlight cipl , To whom dues the splenetic
eilltiar Tres? And what 'lies have been printed
circulated about the Democratio candidates ,
It iiioStOrious in this community that the only at.
tackl which have been made on the State and
COMO , candidates, have graced the columns of
the ?oat. While the leading Whig papers have
studiously' avoided raising any personal issues—
leseknnt the corniest to be decided on the question of
priulipie alone, the Past has teemed with moat
bitteb unjust, end ungenerous attacks upon Mr.
.1o1uwl:an nod Mr. Hampton. And now the poor
esl-hre ban the effrontery to lay the canse of the
Wderloo defeat hts party has sustained upon the
',cireulation of hen about Democratic candidates.'
We have n better opinion of the Democratic
party of this county than to suppose Mal they ap
prove of web iiiholerde charges by the Poet, or
that they at all sanction them. They know that
the wiliest wu condi:toted with remarkabb GM
peas, by all concerned, except the Port itself, which
daily teemed with concentrated bitterness against
the Whig candidates.
Il is certainly corm modest in so new an tropor.
latinn es the cditor`nf the Post, to charge, upon his
(plow townsmen, with whom he expects to hire,
and among whom he makes his tieing, the 6 ”3 ,, nit
op ut ' infamous blackguards, Pad . • political black
legs,' and with 'freely expending' then mosey to
'circulate lies.'
To the &hien of she Putellergh Gaon.
Ma. Wurra:—Being up somewhat late last night,
to hear the cheering election news that continued
to arrive trom the Wards and townships, =noun,
ring ..totinvion's majoriti.," I tall ram a sound
sleep—mad dreamed—and is the dream the
tor of ltm "Moruirqt Post," shut up in his sanctum,
Was revealed—giving utterance to the folk:mug
.We are terribly licked that's certnin,nred sore
ly lwaten. mot and why! A lb! that'. the rob. la
Free `skid no tench loved in thin, the land orPenn ,
Ito Irish, Dutch, tlse Webb:arid Scottiala clan, with
one voice vote (or freedom's man' (th, no, it
eau% be no. Am I nt, too, an Irishman, and yet I
pat away Johnston and Lis soil—l go lon Cosa end
Slavery !!!
Then why, I ask, why are we beaten so! I long
the canoe to know. Hold there—a thought—ah,
yes, me, this head is full of thoughts this morning;
thoughts, that if Improved, might • world create.—
I feel then, inner upon the vasty deep of ray poor
brain, and conjure spirits up' . Election news by
Timmeartt—souree of infamy and falsehood -7
heavens, lightning ru,k, if it declares that Johnston
is elect---should it persist in with it declaration,
I forthwith charge the .Morning Post" to oped hat-
Aoki vide, with "shell and grape,' upon electric+.
•iy itaelt .2sla aUsaaph7 We ce say Airtne ynge,
can long withstand my ire and vret6 wises mot
ed. Annihilation" Yes, that's the word—and
that alone shall be the doom—of O'Reilly, and his
director board—his poets and his woes, and all the
lying elan of clerks and writers, all corobined,-our
party to deanery !'
Here his raving became y 0 pea that I awoke
and the newsboy pat into my hand she "Morning
Pont," containing an article headed "Tim Kw
arm Trasomtra,"--to - it I refer your readers far
the sequel... , • !.441..varitior.
Local Mattes.
azroareD rug Tat PITIM32OII DAUS GUMMI.
&acmes Rxresera—All parties were kept in
a stale Or provoking anxiety, yesterday by contra
.dimory remora got op Mr sport by some misetile
vomi scamp. We consider the election of lobo
ston absolutely certain, and made some effort to
convince the doubting--but Whigs thought the
new. 'too good to be true,' and Democrats Wired
about ifs as it they thought it impossible that 'such
sad nears' could be reliable. Even figures would
not convince either party—dpres would they
said, and the Telegraph couldn't be depended on.
The general determination among the Whip ap.
peered to be to 'writ till they were out ofthe woods
befit:re they hollowed'. The I.)einociata, seemed
to 'expect nothing, end they not gw'nn to be dis.
Surma or Pucntu•—The Blue. ender the con•
mend of Captain A. Hay celebrated the aneiversa.
ry of the siege of Puebla yesterday by a parade
mitt dram mud fife.
Slaz roe retiree 111:mot —lf you wish to be lum
p...Ml to any truslettaklng yoo Must storeys Mae the
mope, means.' Therefore, f you have' a cough, use
J . ligra-qoaaor and be cured for it im the proper
means. ilityr Yrni Aattnicia . or difficulty of breathing,
Men the only clEpient ;macs to cure you to to use
Jayne. Expectorlpit, Which yrol Irucq2qately overcome
the apaaria whicd
bru h coqtructs the &Clete . * the tube.,
and Women. anm Wee qp i• tnuaus which clogs them
up, slid thua removes every ulistnaCtiOn to a free matu
ration, while at am tune all ilidamoutuon is sub
dued, and a cure is certain to be effected. Have you
Bronebitia, Suede& of Blood, ['Jemmy, or in fuel any
Pulmonary Affection, Men use ley ne's Expectorant
and relief in certain, and you eftil fled that Yee bun.
." the proper Means.
For ale in rittaborin at We Foam Tea Brom, 7146
111.01 Des! Wood. /0017
Et F rV ar*v"e—Vt tatt t aly Tooth, offer being once totee:le
ed with
/ones' Antler Tooth Paste, have the look and
Color of ivory, and at the same lime is so innocent acid
bet. its daily use is advantageoas even to the.
teeth t are in a gpsnl codattion, giving teem a ',eau.
tiro! po tsh and preventlog decoy Those derayed it
prevents from becoming rrorse—it also (sames mach
as, see becoming loose, and till render the fitmleat
teeth delicately white, and make the breath deliriously
sweat Fries TS or 371 rents a box.
For male by %YU JACKSON, IV Liberty street, lush
of the big ltoLpt. s.eptO
Vi . Ttsvostotor In Dv. of Dr. kllsean's a Pills.
—lt wonld be easy to fill a volume walk cm Amite, of
the excellence of this medicine. Wherever it has had
a trial it has nude itself popular We havoln our pos
session hundreds of orders like the follovrin
Vsavicaction, N. Y., Dee. Ik. 1847.
Musks. Am; & Co: Your travelling agent left with
me a short time since, a inanity of lidiLean's I.yr
Pills. Tbe whole Int sold very rapidly, and *imp the
highest satisleution Indeed Ii is coomidered the best
medicine of the kind ever uttered for sale. Ile.e send
me another supply as soon ss possible.
A genuine snicle of the above valuable medicine can
be had at the drug sta., of J. Kuhl & Co., No. GU IVotsl
street. sepll
Laxit'a Wows R2.ll.l . —lNTanai Yertatfuge
has long been admitted to be the beet medicine ever
discovered fqr doelling worths from childten. The
following certificate stiesli• volume. in Its foyer.
.Efaltaileo, W 000: Co N. Y.
June :Mt, 1E47.
"I certify that 1 hove um! hi'Lasse's Yermlfuge, and
foond It all that It is recommended to be, and have
sold 11, CO have lu all eases found it to be an effectual
cure. 8. Cairene/L."
For sole at the Deg Siqre of J. pill 11. co, 00 wood
street. ply
IN, IF. Wright, 111. D., Dentist,
Stems an residence on Found weed opposite the
Pittsburgh Beck. Office hours from hi o ' clock to 19 A
91., and from 9 o'clock to 5 P. M. aspl449
(IX The Fseeutore Committee of the "ttough and
Ready Club" mill meet ibis evening, th room ad
)olniug tit? Dace.
octl3 • 1- J. B101(411.Cbm.
Nolace.—Thc usual coune or Fre? Lecture. in the
Sixth Ward School 1t0..., VIII commcno. on this (Fri.
day; evening, at but/ past 7 o'clock. Subject: Okte..-
siii—by S. Williams. 0,4.3
.Dr Gt. Q. !Kimono, Den sssss
S TFICE !dilictiers, on Founh siren, a fow
doors above Wood siren. Until the completion of
the Wein nearly opposite. Teeth to blocks, vhh g s t.
wet icons, after the manner now universally preGsr
red at the east, manufactured to snit each paint:be
ow. Teeth, from • (ea set down to • single one, In
serted on • section plane, that avoiding injury to the
natural. teeth. Specimens of blocks of uction plan
May be examined at the ether.
.411 operations ineident to the profession perfor t po
with etas and fauldulnesa. I ' aagt„,,yo,
` , :' - :'Zz . •;, ,, ,f'T ; :j,' , ;:-; ,, ' , ..'; 4 c , '" , ;::44::!;7,1,,..:
. ViCta
- - , obib
sznal YWIL
.C!aosusnelti-_INNEWCobis, Asthma; Ther.hilis,
fa .fin
r i na r tt i al. DiZely F wtan t Bos:h..
We noen, &Ins, kok l e ' n Con
ty..nd all Mau. of the Throat,
Breast sad tangs; the moot ef
fectual and speedy CUM
ever known tor any of
es, la
Compound lyrup of Wild Chorcr:
This medicine in no longer among those of doubtful
utility. It has puled away from the Maenads daily
launched upon the tide of experiment, and now stands
higher m repa ra tion, and is becoming more extensive
ly used than any other preparation of medicine ever
produced for the relief of suffering man
It has been introduced very generally through the
United State. and Europe, and there are few towns of
importance bat what conadn some remarkable evi
dence if its gore/ effects. For proof of the foregoing
statements, surd of the value and efficacy of tha meth
snarl tttip.roprincutowrzltl. bean
b allar p of t ted e mr,rdtmho4
men of the first respecuthairy—men who have higher
views of moral responsibility and justice, than to cer
tify to !sera, because It will do another a favor, and
themselvra no injustice. Snob testimony proves coo.
elusively, that its surprising excellence is establithed
by Its Intrinsic merits, and the unquestionable unitari
ly of publics opinion. The inetantancous relief it af
ftrds, and the soothing influence diffused through the
whole frame by its use, render* it a moot agreeable
remedy for the afflicted.
"When awn, acting inanictrrtse tenuous impulses,
voluntarily bear tramway to the truth of thanl or
purucular fact, such tewinumy, being contrary to their
worldly interests sad purpose!, coerces conviction
its troth, and commends itself in a special manner in
aniveassd credence.n—CPHogan's Motel hlsairns.
Baud. Amara. Coat or Pumeossar - Corommerron:—
There never was a remedy that ha. been as aueeessfel
in desperate eases of Co.stroption, a. Dr. &mune.
Compound Syrup of WWI Cherry, It strengthens the
apneas, and appear to heal the nteery on the Imtga,
cresting new and rich blood; power possessed by uo
other medicine.
Coat= Co., April 2Sth, MPS
Dr. flerayne—Dear Six I verily believe your Com
ore:lnd Elyrup of Wild Cherry has been the means of
saving my life. I caught a severe cold, which made
atir=warse, attended with a severe cough, that
rests hire remedies which I had recourse to, still
'accenting until my case exhibited all the symptom of
Pulmonary Consumption. Every thing I tried seemed
to bans no erect, and my compiMul iacreased so rapid
ly that friends as well as myself, gave op all hopes of
my recovery. At this time 1 was recommended to try
your Invaluable medicine: 1 did or with the most hap
py remits. The first bottle had the erect to loosen the
cough, causing me to expectorate freely, and by the
time I had used ate bootee, I was entirely well, and mu
new as
any man as I ever was in my life, and
would be happy tojive any tuformatton respecting my
case, that o r • erera may derive the benefit for
which I run so grateful. For the troth of the above
staternern, I !CCM' you to Peter Ruh. Clearer, West
(Amster, Pa, of whore I purchased the medicine.
Respectfully yours, Jamas Moses.
Dr. Swayno--Dear Sir. I reel a debt of gratitude due
to you—and a duty to the afflicted generally, to offer
my bumble testimony in favor of your Compound Sy
rup at Wild Cherry. Memo three years •iare I was
violently attacked arah cold and intatureanon of the
lung•, which was accompanted with a distressing
ouglff pant in the breast and head, a very madden
ble discharge of OfferdiTC. mucus from the lung•, espe
cially option change of weather, however slight. At
tint I felt ro alum *bout ray condition, bat was pretty
soon convinced that I was rapidly going into conscautt,
don. I grew dells weaker, and at length was scam..
ly able to walk about, or speak above o whisper, each
teas the exceeding weakness of my lungs. During o s,
P I had tried vinous preparations sold prescriptions,
ton found no relief—grow tug all the time worse. Just
bent I was advised sad pustulated by • dear friend in
Wilmington to make twat of your Syrup of ld Cher
ry. I maw conk-. that previously I had hero mein
diced against patent medic-mu. and I am still outlast
thove coming out of the hands of emperies, bat under
standing your claims to rho profewien and practice of
medicine, and having unpile:l fanh in the saying of my
friendo. I forthwith
a n d of DT. Shaw. mica your
&gede a few Wale*, and communed its ore. Illy di.
ease was at that 111110 1:d 2U Or LI 610111.611' wandlog, eon
requently it was deeply seated. I found, however,
considerable rebel from the une of the first Mar or Ave
bootee Dot being a public speaker, I frequently at
tempted to
with my increasing strenath, end
thereby ruptured Mose .verwls that hail already begun
re heal; in thw way, doublicas, toy cure was greatly
reweded. In consedeuice of actin thus imprudently,
I had 0, use MCP/0 or fifteen brutes before I was per
fectly restored. I have no (swollen, a much smaller
number of bottles would have made me sound. but for
the abeam. netts...bah The Syrup allayed the aver
trh habit. took away the distressing cough, put a atop
in the dd.-barge of matter from the lunge, and gave
Mint and the edam syttem Bond brads. I have defer
red oaf - jog this certificate until now, kir the purpwse
01 bemg rfectiy satiofied with Me permauncy of the
cure, tual inns- that I feel perfectly well offer it with
plewure. It•v. J. P. Joules. ,
Dublin county, N. C.
Moon. Poo/m.04.11,15M
forpurtaut Caution --Read! Read'
There is but one genumo preparatioe of Wild Cherry,
and that Is Dv lilies, toes, the first ever offered to the
public. whirls has been sold largely throughout the
tinned Stales and some parts of Europe; and all pro•
nitrations called by tho name of Wild Cherry have
been put out duce this, ender cover of some deceptive
eirctun.ranee., In order waive correney w their sales.
By a little observation, no person need atistaki the
genuine from the false. Each bottle of the genuine is
enveloped with a bestauful steel engraving, with the
likeness ofWilliam Penn thereon; also, Dr. Sorayne's
siceatorei 'and as Mabee secunty. the portrait of Dr.
Swayue will he added hereafter. so as to distinguish
Lis preparation from allotbcns Now. if it was not for
the great costive properties and known virtues of Dr.
Swayer's Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry, persons
world not be endenvonng to Flee etlTreitcy to them
fictitious nostrums" by stealing tbe nat. of Wild
Chem. lieutember, always'bea.r in mind the name
of Dr. awe) na and be not deceived.
Principal Oce, comer of Eighth sad Rare ateeets,
For sale wholesale and retail by OGDEN & SNOW
DEN, roe 2d gad Wood nisi 0 A FAIINhis. TOOK &
Co, roe Ist and Wood, and Ilth and Wood nr, WM
THORN, 33 Market at; 8 JONES, 180 liberty or; JAS
A JONES, roe Hand and Peon stsf JOHN MITCH
ELL, Allegheny city, and by all respectable dealers in
medicine. coed&
Potent Grails:ilea Gates= Beirut+, anzt Taxi /1i
In.suktfrd Pam,* Modiati and ether purposes.
Mills is the only Instrument of the kind that Jou ercr
been presented in this country or Europe for med
ical purposes, and Is the only one ever known to man,
by which the galvanic fold can be conveyed to the hu
man eye, the ear, the brats, Cle to any part of tbe body,
either externally or internally, in a definite gentle
stream, without shook. or path—with perfect safety—
and often with the happiest eine ta.
This important apparatus is now highly approved of
by many of the most eminent physicians of this coun
try sad kkrope, to Wheat the afflicted and others whom
it may concern can be referred. Iteferenee will also
be given to many highly respectable citizens, who have
been cored by means of thu most valuable amiantus
Of some of the most inveterate nervous disorders winch
could not be removed by soy other known mesas.
among various other, it has been proved to be ad
mirably adopted foe the cma of the following diseases,
via- nervous headache and other dixases elate brain.
It is with this gemming alone that the operator can
convey the magnetic fluid with ease and safety to the
eye, to restore right.,or cure =sures.; to the mu to
restore hearing" to the tongue and other organ% to fe
mere speech; and to the mums parts of the body. for
the one. of chronic rheumatism, sathms, netualgp. or
tie dot u:, paralysis or pwrr,.scl i cs . tee k be Et.
Vito's dance, epilepsy, weaknets• *mins, some
diseases peculiar to Females, t oars of ohs Mobs,
Ix kjaw, etc. eta.
fur sorrounduir retinues isf Wmaam Pa., and
privileges, with the instrament, may be purehased, and
also tested for the core of diseases.
Fall inansonsus will be given for the various ehemi
mils to he used for vaelbos diseases, and the best man
ner for operating for the core of those diseases will al
so be folly explained to the purchaser, sad a pamphlet
put tnto his hands expressly for these purposes, Cafe
prepared by the patentee. Enquire of
outl3.4ty W ILLIAMS, Vise so, Pittsburgh.
R. T. Roberts, M. D.,
QPTIIALkiIiVSUROF.ON, will attend to the treat
ment of Ilse.. of the Eye.
T. R. has been engaged in this branch of the mesh
cal profession for eixteen years.
has conducted an
establtshment for the treatment of diseues of the eye
alone for several years.
Unica and reudence comer of Sandasky st and
Strawberry alley, Allegherff ciy, swtl3
Singing School.
OFESI. 30R BINGHAM well open ,a Singing PSchool. in the basement of the new htetbodtat
Episcopal Church, corner of Smithfield and Seventh
streets, on Thursday evening next, at 7 o'clock.
Terms—One Dollar per scholar, for each cleaner.
y ogr—A Protorseory Note, drawn by Loo utt Dal.
IA sell &Co, payable to the order °f lames O'Hara,
laud endorsed by tomb) dated January lat, IM S., at la
months, ter Seventeen thanked and oily-three 301110
Defiers—has been lost or mislaid. All persons •re
cannoned pot to receive the Moe, u Its payment has
heolo .lopped. °cal-dist JAAII33 O,IIAILI.
AN ELECIaIaNT Rosewood Second
Iland Piano. in perfect order, made by
Clackering Maekeys, Doman; cost
originally V.l, will by sold at a very
reduced price. Also, • wood liand au octave Piano,
price VS. For spb, by JOHN If MELLOR,
°old Ed wood at
reohl, a law supply of the above article, for Roof
sland other purpose. We can recommend the above
Fort Proof Paint, for toe have been doing 4 for neon
four year., and know it to be • good article.
- II PHILLIPS, No b wood at
BLACK WADDING—IOU Ito: extra, heavy, large,
last reed by SHACKLE:IT a
ocil3 99 'rood at
- I,ILANNELS-10 balee common, =edit= and fine,
JC plain and twilled, red, green and white Flannels,
lust opened and fur sale by
octla EDIAPICIXDF & wnrre.
Eteetelt, Damask end figured
Table, tte, tegood assortment teed by
1101.LANLIS--3 eases goal epdny, opened
.1) and for ude by SIIACKLETT WHITI3
CIRASII—Qie bale medium, Om 01 _ee
.11!‘i by
oell3 suAclthurr IF WHITE
j3RINTED FLANNELS—Hue euo small figured
red, wide and elmap,mm opened by
F i ey ult--.l.a ct b j; Family
I)800.118-...8.4.1ozjnal arrived wl far tale by
octl3 ./MIN 8 DLLW‘qt.:l3l
- IDNULISII AND FR} Cilcl-DlTlaS—juld
JD a Ines., let Pt4llErtOrh Mid French Cloths hick
Ve inure Impala 01 a great sacrifice, and can therefore
soil Sham at slltb low once, as la be quite en induce
ment to pennons in want of goods of that kind.
B UCKWHEAT FLOUR-50 sack. bullnl . Buek wheat, for sale by
CORN MEAL-21 sacks for sale by
oet9 9 P voqyptioclsT a Co
'VITRA FAMILY PLOIllt —4O bbis for sole by
lrf tret9 S F VON BONNIIORST &Co
1(1llEESE-150 hos Wettern Rezone, for sale by
CREAM NUTS-6 sack . jam !veil and for gale by
.. . . .
LIE:GARS-240 Las of the fopck*piiihokca brawl.—
aWleat, Jas .0
la La Napoleon, Ain rsorm;
Meat, PrinVP 6 slingillK, au all tee' aad for sale by
MACRIMEL-145 bbla No 31arge, 180, ma band and
tot WO by oetio WICK tr. 111 VANDLESS
PORK—Just cre'd and for We by ,
DILYTHERRILIF`. 4 "°\fft,r.V.,Ktrca "a°
INBEN(i AND FLANSEED—Landsng and for sale
J by nen) Al ALLEN A. Co
AUCTION t 4Aati,..,
Dr Seam D:11,1144/1210011100.'"
Fear:peed the'
Monday tairrdrtir; Omit, atiireelmek,_
Liamniereial saki Remy eomier of
Ftrieta, Will be erad,witbontresente," Et Moshe ate
earn:hew wof fall and mixer dri. Go944earmietiall
rfine mailman, =teens, tweedi, Rennie-kr
jans, flannels, blankets, mottoes, Opecae, ramie de
giegbania, Wants, eaficocia. gal silks.
block satin, aann and maxima in, illiberal., sawing silk,
silk /Aka, shawls in peat variety, /WWI damask Labia
ninths, hosiery, eaves, chicle, tacking*, blesehed imd
brown muslin., i.e.
AI 0 o'clock.
Grocerids, Queenrwarr, Furniture, tr.
A quantity of groceriel, GUM gleam, and queens
owe, table knives and farts, bazdirare y mantel clocks.
100kintrglassel, window blimia, FranYlm and cooking
A &extend anortment of new and second hand house
hold mmitnia, kitchen mensila, help 9 saw aak'n....i 3
cam boot. ahaca, assorted; 7. boa tL:to quality va.
mameactured tobacco; 8 bbla lake fiah.
• At IS} cdelock4
Retail stock of fanny and staple dry gond., mOY
mods eloildng, flue duns, gol4 and •dvar armnbea,
jewelry, fine ender", Daddies, brid les, whips, musical
inausuanntOarman Caney goothyße. ontl3
itooks,by Catalogue, at Auction.
On Saturday evening, oer. 14, at, We,lock,nt tha
Commercial Sala Room, cOrner of Wood nod Fifth
greets, mill be sold—A, largo colleation of valuable,
miscellamoim Booka embracmg Theology, History,
Poetry, tbe Drama, runny mid pocket tables, fine OM.
timed arenas in s*ndid bindingotratialsi oleo blank
Loo k., Inner and ci p wooing pape,' OH k.
octl3 JOHN D DAVIS, Anal .
Tba third tale of W A M'Clarr %leek of DGoods
will be combatted ob Friday tatorabig, the I,lth inn, at
10 o'clock. .All parsons probating good* ore request
ed to wend; as bargains will be sold.
oetl3 • JOHN D DAVIS, A act
SPfr.dia Properiyi ou Duquerrs'&lWay at ductton.
On Tuesday ailarnoon, Octobeil7th, at 3 o'clock,
arill be sell on the premises. that largo and
Lot of Ground, at the 0017100 of Destoems Way and
Hay meets, : having • front of 140 feel on Duquesne
Way, end extending alms . flay mmet 144 feet 71 inch
es, bled to the privilege of ORO feet alley in the
rear thereof: being the most d esirable
sirable prOperty now
for sale in that beautiful pan of the City, and may be
divided into =alter lots if desired- by purchasers.
oetl2 JOHN 13:DAVIS, AueL
FRIDAY EVENING. OCT. 13, will be presented
Cassio •• 'Mr. Prior y .
Desdernons Miss Porter.
Amelia Mrs. Mattison.
To conclado with
Myst b—Miss Cruise"!
Mr. Archer./
Aso:trews. Eagle Saloon. Wood Street.
PllOUllof the contial greeting of Ores one thousand
friends, and the unexampled - pm/new bestowed
upon ma since we re-astromed the control of this cunt..
bailment, we beg leave to inform ontiriends and pa
trona that no exertion will be spared to prommerthe com
fort, pleasnre and hilarity clam visitors, and to male
the .• Old Eagle" fund foremost, and lead of all shnllar
establishmenu in the west. lee cream, (enlivened)
peaches, oysters.. In 'carton . , with all other delicacies
will be found at this establishment, and served op In
a mariner without preeedem. Bans and parties fur-
Malted as usual. . sep4 ANDREw.
NIINNS & CLA , New York;
The knbscriber bastion* open and for
sale, a lot of most superior Pianos, se
lected by himself at the manufactorien
Theyconsist of Rosewood and Mahogany Mums, of
of of and 7 °Matins, of Talons style, and prices, and
mbrace all the latest improvement.." Thome( Moans
& Clark's, (for which celebrated Orm he to eota Amami
have an improved way of winging pomessed by no
other, also, a superior plan of lentheringibe liamasem,
preventing these Flaws from greeting hunt, and wirey
alter acme use.
The Pianos of Chteketing, of which ha has is superi
or lot, are provided with the Circular Scale, and ware
selected for him With care by J. Chichering, of klostpn.
The obove will positively be said at manufsr.turerst
prices, and on accornmodatins terms.
The subscriber will invanably be found at J W
WoodwelPs, (rote II to t 0,12 A. M., and from to SP.
M. Mr. Wooderell will attend to the beam.s during
the balance of tmse. JL KLF.B EH,
00110 maJ W WoodweiP KlThird at
WILL attend to the collection of Notes and Ac
counts 111 the elate of Texas, the cola of Good.
on toasi g nosetn, ~purchase of Pcoduee, receivin g and
Corteardt ag . of Str i kandiae, and to that of a General
Contsoisstoo Mamie.
flarkagacas to, Naw Yosc.—BloscaTaylor, } Ed
ward El:callus, k'rq; &Ilea &-Paaruni . Tarrant Pal
ow., Egg: Robt C Wetmore &Co; FS & Latkrort;
G Dudley & Garlock, Corlie4 & Co; lidward G
Faild & Co; Wisner% k Gale; Wolter it.Toarmend &
Cci A.& Trippe.
Ilawascas lalkstos—Henshate,Ward &Ea; Proc
tor & Bader, Fullerton & Gamma
Rs:lnoue= ca Raw Oatsana—M7Dowell Peek; .1
0 Wo od Ojl tliekle. AL Co- N eiSuIIIKATL—BiIIIC/ it Walker; Jai
Johnston in Co.
Communications may be add:eased to I. Al. 'Luria
Cutlet, Merchants Hotel, or to th e can of Meson At
Allen & Co, or to Messrs Coon &Sargent Battlots,
Pittsbusch. • Oeu3-d.tne •
SEWICKLEY sea]learv,
A Classical and Commercial BoardingSchoot d3r Boys,
on the Beaver Bead, fourteen miles teem Pittsburgh.
Rev. Joseph S. Trav eat, A. DS. Princlpall
ftEINTSS SESSION will coondence on Wed
rtesday, November I 1379.,
Boarding, Tuition, W ashi ng, Flue!, Lighte,'
&a., per session of nye months, 875,0tte half - payable
in auvancei the balance at the close aflhelsessron.
Arrangements have been inane for wearies the soy
vices of alr.ltodolphe liorwin Piotrowski as teaelik
of the Fres3lngnage. Those takingFreneit lessons
will be e ISpcsetwalent ems.
• IM°6 134 . 4044 K 4 aSItihallyrItexyettisested, at
the ottlse papal.; ALL %.0 , 1101;3V
DISMNM.MIont, Rol. (Walsh theli own
towels. Die Ven , det treble that all sluntid be present
oa the East day Of the Session.
For author paruculars enquire of the IPrinelpal, at
the Academy, or of Noun. John Irwin & Sem, No. It
Watersneet, Pittsburgh. Wet/Saw..
IiDGEWORTU LADIES' 5E2118111.7/7
TILE WINTER SESSION of this Institution will
cm:macaw; on Wednesday, Noy: 1,1818. vary
desirable that all pupils should bo present on the Arm
day of the session.
The Reach • language will be taught by his. Rodol
phe Korwin Piotrowski.
For terms and further particulars, see circulars et
Messrs. John Irwin & klon`a, II Water street, and J. IL
Nevin &. Co. 128 Liberty meet, Pittsburgh.
settg-dner D. E. NEVIN, Pri,neit
New Sacred — lnwirly Dock,
TILE NATIONAL PSALMIST w extenalve copra
don of Psalm lisWi} Tunes, Anthems, Chants,
and set pieces; by Lowell Mason and Gen J. Mason.
This sew prllpcllol, upon IthiCh stuck lime sad la
bor hal been bkstowed„, contains (besides • large pro
portion of those old and stauderd tunes which have met
continued favor,) • luso variety of new and
o mask, tarnished by disnognished foreign and
ns se composers, making the work one of the most
complete collections of Psalmody ever published. It
contains also many of the mostpopuliw English chant.,
and a rich variety of anthems std • choruses, adapted
both to choirpractice and chard, sennee.
300 copies of the above meek book reeekveci and for
We at publishers prices, by JOHN UM'S 1. 1 .08;
et wood st
4 oaxtb.
respectfully notifies the public, thut
X/ any ibdominal or Spinal Rupporters having ci.
titer three odour Dorsal pails, of any areangcusont, or
any pan of it composed of nous, le an pa:111101i=
on his Porn? amen and that any rusher, vender, or
wearer of such infringement, th rearannble to him - fo
the full pnce of his Body-Brace. the same as though
they had inwanmed, it. Also, that the rigor of the law
wilt be positively put in twee ageism any such Mirin
Nona are the. true "Body-Brace," but have Dr, Ban
ning's "Patent Lace,* Ap. it, NIS, stamped upon the
meet. new-if
A Sincere Appeal.
PEEL thanhfol the the return af my official seal, ma
Ohio Commissioner, which I received through the
Post office, nod which was within my small cabinet
writing desk Mat was carried from my table in Mr.
Aiglostols office on 4th st, on t h e Cab or lath list.
the parson who conferred the favor will hen kind
m tie op the other contents of tha desk, =mug which
was a smell key, and otherffileirs of value to me, mid
will leave them addressed m we in the sod office, or at
he door, or any place so Om I man get them, he will
•ch oblige me, and aa he has taken e (gluey for the
desk he ma y
keep it octil-Yt AL D. LOWRIF...
7IVANDY PRINTS-60 ease. new fall styles Dark
Prune, from all the celebrated mumfactorice, , Mal
opened and, for sale at reduced rate., by
MAR • OW Prmeipo began . , SO,OUO Regatta do,
~oat mooned and for sale km by
coin FRIEND, RUBY Ir, Co, 57 water
I ' 1 t I`• oat reeai - • fresh supply of
anti st
PnroVr Printing ink, at the Petra tiiors, Dia Ili
I .•nn p.. 11.1 !cm tooozer
fillebboul, sod for ILlab by •
nNV AlAigidUall,
oelil.+ • ao4lo4,franiss
rwome..-.4 4
' ~sxlAH~tlICtCBYt~ . or gale bJ
from a
WI CK & A ocacu A,ill-11.mks Po
WI iro,e , dould foe aide by
KY A PPLM4,-7 sacks Am *eV' and for aalo by
*oat WICK & 11PCON/4.149i
DRY APPLF.I3-4 libla Dry YSelirv. hod arrived
and for vale by WlCli (A. *CANDLE3I4.
UOAR HOUSE 21.10 E 3,60 bblo St James
lo pure flq • ; # 6 4lseldotestes; Inioote end for sale
y ant . ROBT DALZ ELI; & Co, liberty
ÜBACID3 bulled Buckwheat lo 'do Com Mod, 6u
.ale bp octil J D WILLIAMS.
CANDLE - du &wine, for ..lo 1 , 1
CHEESE—Zat has magi. fas sato lys_
.4.44 evddSEI .J
b4im e an
& Nr-
OILS -10 bbl,Linseed OR 18 do No s tool do, for
"Io by octil SELLERS a ritcoto
VrOULDCANDLEN-73 bz. mannot ilml4 Cm
117711 dim in fine coder, Isr mi n o , Vli
SOAP -7m b.Ks No. k VOW, *VAS for Wet by
L E 2 - 11 66) pap VE I L; Wil; ti t :4V/ f°' wa of
534 n,II3KgS du,“,‘l MW•p,
Ilti& Bona ' Bo4,
leer price for Clah Or ""
1 410keill="4
erpers4 6.11 A .y
•?(At ((I'ItikiFLTRF6,
R o g- 10 .1000 lbs keg, for sale ""
I: o f ti n'sgoidi tw *L. ”dmg
D 31/1LL1A,,,,,,
UGAR-2 Ude chunked, for solo
TADDING -2XI 091 b 144 4 .•
. 30 tIT -1 0 diWUT OT,
a stiata—tuo bhda. In
• by ootto Ron DAWadai-a),
TbpNckg ritorra.-200 p., ssrVllas size end No.-
i te
r ms In .ale .110 ' oAnsumnicor
_ ....
vitnitm Sawing Bilk and B all** Fring e . reed
jL. and for min cistll C AIUtigTHNOT
V•; 4 ' 4 , ax . ,
mainl ti 4 ill . Mitzi
(von oinsoovea
Lames Pittsburgh daily at p o'clock, A. hi., 1,44
rives at Gleagew, mouth of the Sandy and Beaver
un&yal 3 detach, and Newrin MAI. alone ttlgtu..
&Mica Nee Listam de' WIN, P. id, (making this
nip canal the river duri e WIN,
and Gianni
at 9 ettioch„ A. M n
ho arra. at (o
r nebrugh at h
h.t.thus 'niaking • hantittuses line fo
senders acaltrnaght between New Littb=
bbang& In shorter time and at less rates Moray as
other roam
The proprietors adds Lute have the pleasure of in
forming the public that they have fined up tufo first elan
Canal Boat., for the accommodation of passengeni and
freight, to run In connectors with the well known
manners CALEB COPE and BEA VIM,' and eannect
ing, at Glasgow. with - the PittsburghwadCincin
nati and other daily Elms of rummers down . the Ohio
and Itlnaisaippi rivers. -The proprietors pledge them
y and as th alatt slims
se o_ i•tml spare and erpe .l. morn
k trouble iru c ur: cc m
f of their patronage.
O. ht.IiARTGN,
EL A. W. HARBAUGH, Pittrbkllrt.
It HANNA, &Co.
mita! J. ILARRAILIGH & Co. No. Lab...
NOTICE—The swimmer BEAVER, C. E. Clarke, mas
ter, will leave alter this uotlee, for panete_
ally, at 9 We -leek in the mamma.. 013
przuranvnon & nnOwNsviusi
Daily Packs.. LW. . •
FEBHUARY Lit , 1944 FEBRUARY 1 194
The Pillaring new boats amides
one line for the present masa AT
LANTIC, Cam_ James Pahl:nom
LTIC, Capt. A. Jacobc and LOUIS
hPLANE Capt. E. Emmett. The bolls are entirely
new, and am fitted op without regard to experum. Ev
ery comfort that money can procure tuts been provided.
The Beats will leave the Monongahela Wharf Boat al
the foot of Ross at. Passengers will bet punctual on
board, as the boats will certainty leave at the adver
tised boars, S A. M. and 4 r. Muhl
The arid Manley
siali a Dopey P Kinney, master, will lava
party for Wheeling, on Monday,
wednoada Leave
IN T I V FindaeTey,v=lroc,
So. y and
lordly at 7 ohltic,o ca, pmciaely.
The Canal will land at all the intermediate • porta—
Every acomodation tram an be procured for es com
fort and safely of passengers has been provided. The
boat ta also provided wits a self.acting safety `Hard to
percent explosion. For freight or palate aply on
board Or ID DAVID C BERM ,
corner of rat and Smithfield ma
mi t The splendid light &en& steamer
Wilkins, master, will pone Cot the
above nod intermaliess pone this day
at 10o'clock, A. M. • •
For freight or pafiax . npkty on board.
go. The splendid steamer
igialLtris, muter, will lease for Ma
e and intermediate ports this day
at 10 Weloek AM. Oet 11
The elegant 'ILIUM'
Cope, master, will leave kit the above
aod intermeduna ports this de), 10 am
)For freight or paauge, apply on beard. Oet 11
Tha new and fast sleazier
Baran, maser, will leave for stove
d a 0 iinermedinte_porw on twines•
days and franndays of each week. For freight or paa.j,
sage apply on board or to
- •
The splendid and fast ranting steam
cagmfljlarattn; ntaster, Ar etTleave for the
abova and intermediate ports this day
allO o'clock, A. M.
For haled or passage, apply on board. oct9
mail.Thesplmdtd new steamer
Wm Ifaslett,maste r,will leave for the
bove and intennediate porta to-day.
For freight or pmsage, apply on board. onto
. . . . . ~.
The new and stadar:aim! steamer
A Q Kennett, master, will leave for
above and intermediate p ort oa Satur
day, the 7th Imo, at 10 o'clock, A. AI
For freighter passage apply on hoard, or to
___ lama 'NEWTON JONES, Alon'ita Homo ,
. ..
The fine steamer
LParkinson, master will leave for the
vend intermediate port. this day.
For freight or passage, apply on oard.
w ilE t.
cairn The splendid new stetting
Jacobs, mutter, will knee for above
and Intermedinto ports this day, ai
UP °Wank A. St.
For ([right or passage, apply on loam clatto
The splendidarWragght •steamer
Berl, master, will leave for above
4 Inteemodaato ports as tsj m ai
10 &cheek. For freight cm passage apply eel
FOR ST. L 01.119.
I •
The splendid steamer
,72:14:11tiS isrart, master, lease for the slaver
and intermediateports this day.
For freialit or passage, apply on board. • cuts
Wholesale and
VAVE reccind xlcuaAnn.o2l. thorium] Case. andl
Packages of Fumigant/Daman Goods, mak.
piaterthe most e Menne Examtmats in the con-
Ary, evincing the hum richeakandand Loshionable
say of Inverted and Amerierfilll In
entire packages Deco she terporters=rlr s l and
WT. Ando. Eldees, by'one of the firm residing in New
York, who I. constantly seeding us and
most desirable goon m the Easternmarket which.
will be offered en low ell at any establishment in the.
United States, and lower than could.peasibly be offer
ed by any House in the West.. We enumerate the Cow
lowing articles—
DRESS , • BILES-0 cases rich changeable, sniped,
plaid and brocade Lire de Affrie,Gro de Berlin, Gee de
Sarin, Oro de Algiers, Ginner, black. Gm de Rhine,
Tains, thee Satin, Florence clan colors, &e. be. Al
so, Silk Velvet atoll colors, a very large sunk.
25 CASES DRIBS GOODS, mm ewes extra rich
gaited Cashmerindo dodo primed dodo; do small
figured hessian do Leine; do Clemence Plaids, striped
Orientals, /he Also, 50 cases Alper.; 211 cans rich
striped and plain Lyonese; 6.4-Tarten Plaid and Silk
TeDI; 5-4 eashmeres and Grannie Plaids.
FR/iNCH MERINOS—A flit[ assortment of black,
mode, markt, Morton, Naratine, Mum purple end oth
er colors, of Ma best manctfacture.
2200 SHAWLS—Compriang the mom extensive n
sortment ever offered in that roy, embraaing long end
square Cashmere and Tanen plaid Shawls, Mann,
Brutunnek, Finland, Jenny Larnevtims, and oth
er Snarls.
Lan caps, tonere, cuts, swun collars, enactment,
Also, linen wane and Lawn.Hg
kfs, Laces and Edg
lots 3 ,4Ribbona, Hoelery of all Shear, Gloves do.
FRING eUe, CORDS, BRAIDS, ie.—Ai fult
assortmeat of the mom faxbimmble myies.
!risk Linen, best manufacture, Liner. Sheeting% and
p_illow one Linen, Table Damask nod Ittaper, Satin
Damask Table clo th e end Napkins, Huckaback, Res
. six, and Bird's Eye Mint. Plane —Per 1000 ps of
15,vau0Driet ps y. Illeachi.W and Brown Abashes—more
then of all M a n ell canon . es.
RIBBONS—Mo le 100 entirely new fall
and winter Ribbons, very choice styles.
French Cloths, Catenates and Omni., in greet
variety; Vuoings. Scarfs, cravats end Mika.
White Goods of every deeeriptiorta together with
ery_artiele neatly fond in • drygooda stem.
The following m as invoice of M cases goods last
received, with the pone annexed:
10 bale. of red and white Flannels, all wool, forint.
7 cases blue and orange Prima 8
10 do Caiimen, 30 Lamb , for 100
19 do fast colored evieta
17 do Bleubed Moabite.,
4 do Mon de Leine, Ix
7 do real Scotch. Gingham,
Also, 10 bales 4-4 Bravo Mealiar/
All of which, in connection with those above men
tined, will be offered at leas prices Manes° be Afford
ed by any other establishment in tech city. ONE
PRICE SYSTE.II, 'which insures Mena end Wk..
to all, will be strictly observed. Any ankle parches
oil at this ekabliidultent found to be above the general
market prier, aecnacquent redaction winners, willing-
Iy be. maelmeman the etrennatences beingmede tonne
to the Proprimon, it being their denim that all goods
shall be chid en fifr and bow:gable terms: All Sermon
. 00 reeM~tfouy innted to ,cumin, nor .a.nrvaent
• .14
ants. RI. at, noorsum,
Na 4. FT. CLAM mete, 4,
OULD In her essumnessand the
public list she has just retuned truss slid East with
splendid essonasset of MILUNERY.and FANCY
60ifkini, widen she hes selected I...Shim:it care, end
will sell ist exceedingly low point. • se
N. 1.1.--Sicsar and Braid wash done •in the neaten
and best mums, eelr.tbts
MORNS G Co,. of Philadelphia, conUuna to
tuanafactute Caitined Phister,ol the whitest and
tinest quality that atm Nb produced, at the low rate of
81.374. Poly pa barrel, freakily pat up in eacellent
shippaug eundidon. •
Alamo tbereotype Plaster at Ineo, and Quad Plaster
at PP Gaol 2 per td.
Direct order. to the proprietors at •Plaindelphin or
to John Ceverusaugh, thaw agent at New Orleans.
ieensirylvaula UAW Road Compasky.
100TIVE ts Denby Own that the Bum, liareelieldee
Di o f me Dollars per sho re oatbe Depths/ Stork or
this Company Is required to ba paid on or before the
hoot day of November next Instalments not paid
nominall as
y be sun.* to the penalty:of one per cent
per month. HOEo.
GEO V. lIACON f reasurer.
N. B.—lnstalments viral be received W. ITL
at the Merh Nov ants' is illanntletthrs
e , Bank, Pittsburgh
Lip kisspny..—ft It/musks' hut Opened • Night
Sebes) La school mew, corner of 4111 and Fowl att ,
entrance on Fourth, where he will bell:Levy to trepan
tetantenan in the ander Reading, Peerannalne, era
tuelle,Baok Keeping, Phonomphp, any,
ItECEIVFX AT TirTill'ClAbiTtEelilrearpe r t Want
house, 75 Fourth street--
pl -"
04 • wwwitwod tall Table 011 clo th . ;
rich dark c "
3 u c
The above an ofkaperior quality, elas.tcity of &f
-ish, <dawn Iseantlfal colors and tbadibi t , wended for .
furniture, Counter and table coven% .! min
D 9 Gc.c.)s—w.hooc eeerved a fall mac 6
of Dress Goods, among vt inch may hr
Plant black and figured &mace* •
Colored and fancy plaid do
...,Otegen, Californi a p lus
chicane acs rdlidei eolore,a t
,• T• nitrtedlA plaid cashmeres; Until. w i th
••tge encikrusieui of other dm. gemdsred et which will
bo sedditilf bp Mogilev, or package.
neal lilleClCLrirr a WHIM, 09 N• 13011 Ul
COLEMAN, HALLMAN h Co., him, remove./ to the
Wetehoose. 3 doors wort of . the Idonongeeeen
[louse, on Water awl Float stte. O L.
Mt RENT—The Warehon, Na 43 Wood sr.
0.19 Post eopy.
- -
." - actatia• Spring. Ali tltae
OISAIAN,HIAILMAN & Co,. inanufaettna r .
Coach and Eliptic 9p rings, Ilarnmered
Arl on
ptirring and Plansh Ste. 4 &e. Warehouae
Water and Flynt rillabargh. -
Casll •
Alan, dealer Coach Trimming. and MalleableMalleablel4ll.