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C OSA= orma I.
• .I,4T;i:orit
400 do Mk Pepper,
noel - 54 r and Ira
—penal Tang
' 30 bats emitted 114 Poi"
117.1.5 No. 3,7 A ianfdai
Semaka Ataddsrt ,
".11 caroms DIME°.
'lO bce frond re/Rer , . -
1 easksE SW*
5 balff gm= Okgiire
.5 _do _ •
marts cinnam on.
has in, Up and 125
• , Tobacco, Vatia.l. bra
t sad quainter,
• 10 Ws Carolina an d•Vm
al. No 3 logs rasa
••`:., .75 bads NOSnar
350 keaeligar Lead
cssic Alma;
..,14031 lba A. 13, 13 and c
ril tab: subscribers am now receiving and orterior sale .1
lat low rate l ys 621 Tim
4 hfchests Y Imperial, 60 bbl . No 3 Maetarel •
G P and Mk Seas half IMO do
so bus do do 76 be white Rrezilliagar
- 061 6 4 2 Rio and - Zuguira MI but Henley, Nol
116bIs Bordeaux Atrzionds
-.MS bgs Old Ga. Jae do . 32. "F. Walnuts
ISO bus manufactured To. 25 ° Filberts .
Dacus fis, 120 , 100, 395. 30 " Brazil Nuts • :
• . -1 lb and 2.1 b kept Ws 36 "Tenn Grd Non
,audio. Span do MO bus IV R Raisins •
am Ewa Cisala St e
il ases Tomato Catsup
•:. Chbl-Nutoutga ' • rams Figs
25 begs• Pepper 7 mats Data
2 eeroons • indigo 12 cuts:Tante Currants
''lo butt Pimento
2 bate. Elcute. 96bu Shelled Almonds
15 cases Lb: melee
...IS bhis 0101 Logerood 20 his Rock Candy
Reale Madder 70 bus' Sardines
.20 bus No I.Choeoles 72 0 Ile ewers
- AteasheEpsom Sults' 8 ° spiced Chocolate
' SI bbl Tanners , Oil 9 cases Prunes
6 auks lamp Oil 4, tas Lau. B a it,.
. 15 hie Sperm Candles . 1 cue peered Gilmer
: 43 Ms White Pipes o ,
j 7 : Es Waking
6 casks - Rica . 1 - Principe, •filiclerM
. 27 bags Dairy Salt tele, and Ilene
.• 1/111i
':•bis refined Sugar agars •
, stu23o --- 37 Wood st,c mßt Cbstiee ilmel
... - . , Groceries to, Lee
s n nil hags Rio end Laguira code ; . .
• VIA/ - 150 tke Y. 11., G. P. and Imperial tea s ,
120 bbls 0 '
100 be assorted settee::
: • -300 sides N. Y. sole loather:
. 100 kg. rook powder;
303 roams anapplus paper;
50 " firolsesP ; .
60, bbbt No. 31arge mackerel; •
50 " North Carolina tar;
25 " esserusi leaf sugar;
60 " ch .. f
ip logrood;
26 " ,
.., 10 , ground camwood;
Ihialsprime redder ;
Seem= S. P. indigo;
20 bbls copperas;
. •
is " alum;
115 " salerams ;
75 doz bed cords; ,s
with a general assortment of Pittsburgh manufacture
terodring and far nee on uconunoditang ten= by
- sipll Round Charch
To Western fierehozsta.
RE O. BEST offer for sale at 25 Wood street
Mimes, on
an Gun
VA r i r. It_i.,lntpl and Gun Powder Teas,
300 Rio coffee ;
" Al
10 Peppeie • •
r ;
5 c
100 he 1 lb tp lcutp,fis and Eis Tobacco;
20 hp G team ; • •
90 bads N. 0 Sugar;
100bhls Molasses • •
• 75
helf °
d N 0.20
do ane3 tilsokuel ;
60 Mi ls N. C. Tor;
10 Tonnes OW;
25 his Chocolate;
60 0 Raisins;
w " White Pipes;
10S0 Wrndow Glass from 60 to 94-30;
0 csks Soda Ash
35 Ms 8. Salts •
10 esks Pearl Ash;
19 " Balataial
31 " Ghent= C lay;
600 kits 6.'4 nails, with a general assortment of
alt sizes of lion, and Pittsburgh mamtfatared articles
ulow prices. sepl2
Groceries, &a
350200bb1s N. G., a P. am il 808 Green Eio Coffee •
1W kgs Y. H. blmperilTeas ;
' Wt....,
60 hlsds N. O. Sugar;
120 his blanufaetnred Tobacco, 6s, 6s, 12s Ws
and I pound lump ;
11 3 1 b ias P f. T I;
Canons Sr. F. Indigo
- 1 Mid Madder
bbls N. C. Tar:
30 "No.S Large
.to; ;
VD bra No. 2. Chocolate •
s 100 Hearts Wrapping Piper
W to White Pipes;
eases Lkmorme
With a general asserunatt of PtAsburgh bisnufseuares,
reed and for sale by GEO. A BEERY,
sapid 19 mood st
CIBOCEBBB-3 00 begs superior Bo Coffee
la 110 Mamas Y
do 8, 0 P, and Imperial TIM;
60 cad do do do
160 bbls N 0 Molasses
131 Ws do Sugar
ao bus Havana do
bbls Loaf do, 4 7 and s
110 boa Tobseeo, 1 lb, 41! and te
kegs twist
113) mass Cassia
60 bids No 3 large Mackerel
2 bhds Madder
3 caroms SP Indigo
25 hogs Pepper
10 60 11 06101 Booboo, No 1,1 and
- 6sgs Colton Yam, 5 to 10
60 has white and Mono Pipes
10 bbls Tar
06 11 0 Himenbergersa WISCOnIa
40 du good Wham Hu.
60 Dm 0.10 and 1043 Olus
00 dot Buckets
CI do Tubs
- Also, Pittsburgh manufactured articles of all kinds,
for sale low by — JOHN S HILWORTH,_
septa weed
l I 4I'F PLP'"or"rll2,j(lgalt=s Co
3 " 4 " Pine, Castillen &Co
12 wanes Rochelln do A fieignette
4 pipes Holland Gini
qr elm saw pale Wry Wine, DA Gordon & Co
- " Beigider
10 a ° Madeira do
10 ° 1. P Ternerille do
40 a " Oporto Wine, enigma=
.20 0 laelion do "
10 lihds
20 hflibds }Hun &Memo Wines
ID bids
101Mds Bordeaux Claret, Monderand
15 do !Homilies do &MAU
15 baskets Champagne Wine, Heddseick
15 .do do do P A Mown& Ca
10 do do do Jagniman & SOUS
60 enses Claret of mionsgeade&impled in Donley
10 basket. Bordeaux Olive Oil, eroplB4S, Dom&
sdo Bordeaux. ° ° latoime
9:1 do Marano "
-- -,tort received and for sale by
lINDRII7-7 5 dos Com aroonnq 10 kep Mikes
S6lolantes;.6 o bra 10000 Soap; 60 kegs aged Nadr,
Strew Wrappmg Fs*, cottafirsriheuLditelek,
env 11:3 dos Ihrekeu; sdo Tobq 50 gross PlaskL
30 bids ruler; 15 h,rak Sst e star Candler,
Fil:=4P i letsppeso f & des Z S= alre" c halk-
copperas and dlnos; in Tr : o No tn i d s r a sale Law
17 Wood st, opposite St Charles Hotel
FRESH TEAS—e 33 obesta,wry superior , •
Young Hyson,
Eynon kikin,
and Mule,
Now landing and for gala by
vncK ft •DvcANDLEss,
+.2-• comer wood and wafer It
racoctsov,. bla Con ba [Amp, Hasse I
90 bona C°6lrrtm 6",lmalP, Sam Myers
0 plug. mac ese
6 " earn ts lump, Sam Bly Ma ura
6 " =per Ls
cue dwarf bozos lump " *Mau
1S w f " super
nutp23 111.1=TICKETI3ON
• • .
TEIL 3-40 kuulobi r es, eamimang
Young Hisao ells, half chests and cony boxes;
Gunpowder do do do et.
/unumiul do do do do
Souebog and Poureboug, In bolt chests, of various
qualities and Isle bapcessoorm, in man and (or sale
sug23 BAOALEY & warm
19 esd2o wood et
R EFINED SUOAR.-10 bu D. R. large loaf oeger,
Lb& nos 4, R 6, 7 and 8 ornall do
RIO do embed
do do.
SOO do - pow
.. ISO doclarified dered do
pea and for by
1° "-- - Pan , AA ve N TC
Lo SO aR & f ie C
in ENDS. N. O. Sugar So elm
No, 3 oneketel, so half bbls =ebt 3 =.
15 bbls House molasses. 150 Das window glass, ased
o 'l=l4 . b a xs...
,I r s t Y. IcliaTess,
01145-3 M— L7 -I—a-led Whale Oil;
111174;1.E.tiwis= do
sdo Wawa Tannins do
sdo Spirits Taspern*ai in N OM k and
DEFINED SUGARS-4- bzi DR Lugo Log 6co I
111, bbl. 4,6, 11, 7 and Small do; ED do trashed; 180 i
do pow dared; in J AM Saor VA' I
A MON & Co,
DS___4_,_,_,A_ltearo Re1 ... _ ... !0 _
lika'lll-40 hf emus rad bra too w eXtrA Y. Hysooi
o u uo w , . r ;
....10 6
'''. 1 " Forrebour,
For We by J D Wimulas, 110 wood et
:.: sarll
& M. MUTHELMS, Moira& Grocers,
W Reallying DWI and Wino and Liquor
mblmls, Also, roponere of Bodo Ash rusd Mesa.
tog Pow . Cor, N 0.160 Libeliy street, Pu.sargb, Pa
GROCERIES -34 hhds prints N OSugar
40 bbls Loaf Sugar, Nos 2,0 sad?
" Prime NO Wilma/ ,
18 " Rep' Ilcntse "
100 bags prase Ilia Coffee
ht chests Y II Tea
CO has 0 and 12 lb do arid O P
18 " Virginia Tobaces,ll.
l bbl. largo! No 3 Mackerel (1840)
Per *slob — W t M AMTCII2I.TILET,
1130 liberty sa
lic - .013-30 - uses Win Wine
M do Sweeties's(' do
10 do Madelyn
_4O, far salejg___
ordil W LH MUCIIELWi.Miv
denpafr — TfirPla
A waappeerior article shims on hand and forme
sn iy tow price, by
, •
. r merurrelylVlllßlCE m Y at of o
=polio, qualify., with
xi ,.... u0 e0 of A .U.dWade Upon,
"d far
" tV I U mercimuntrE
ALCL, !always on hand and for We try
sepint w a M macitimainx.
SOAP AND CANDIAA af:iitrenn/ Pit&Pgritareds,
for sale at cobnulikatztengyie • by
& =emu , / 60 lbw, st
TWL—ei bbls N C Ta,Jasi ne'd ir c l ou r A ss ails
ries 6
29 bra
d Multi, Mod; , :
3 o llolmas do; ;
35 ream Trior Virraitokag
Paper, •
1540 ruoor dodo;
SO dna !lamp eon*
13 mils roanilla,Ropel.
400030 ccottin Yarns;
3,631ba No 1 109 3 , 113013
Sibs Rosid Soap;
10,40 taro do;
caskiTconoars double
nd Soda A*
31=0311 Glom
64 do 4110 d%
131 do pia Flukc
15 do do do;
14 do goon Bottles,
130 bbls Llama,
115 kr Beatty* Rifts Pao
-110 "drl r s,2 Thick do;
14 bdles No 24.81 teed Iroa;
•40 Peacock Ltd Puma
Lever P • • be. •1
1.8118 .I thinTh gni
• OCTOBER. rises. I sat,
- 7
9 Adanday,
10 Tuesday,
11 Modasiday,
19 Thursday,
13 Friday,
The weather yesterday was pleasant to out
'door business; but owing to the general excite
ment which proiaded among all parties in refer
sure. in the elections, served as a draw back to
business generally, consequently quotations are
The river continues gradually to recede at this
point, and freight on dry goods to Cincinnati is up
to 75e to 61 fp LOO, and passenger fore to 87.
MAUR—Seward considerable lots arrived by
rives, but, as usual, it was moWly on coocignaent
for eastern shipment, and the quantity on sale from
first hands was limited, end ranged' in small lots
from 4,62 to 4,69 a. bbL Small sales are regularly
effected from store at 4,79 to 4137.
GRAIN—The market is unchanged, and small
sales only are effected at privious rates.
GROCEION3 -6 alee of 20 bbds sugar in dif
kraut lota at 521J1c. p Di, short time. Sales
of N 0 molasses at 299330 c, and of sugar house
at 40015., as is quality. Sales of prime Rio cob
fee at Be. go RI, and of rice by tierce ea 52351 c P
BACON—The market is quiet and very little
doing. With limited supplies in store, prices con
tinue very firm as last quoted.
LARD--Small sales at 71017,10 p
ICTIEESE—SaIes of good W B. are tolerably
brisk at 52351 u p
I BUTTEEL—Sa ea of keg at 909ic go lb.
Movistsarr ov ThswervutTs — The receipts down
the Hudson at New York since the opening of
river navigation up to the dth October, are th
given in the Shipping List
1848. 1841.
Wheat dour, bbla 1,101,301 2,127.497
Corn meal, 2,847 101,765
Wheat, bit 519,839 1,461,404
Corn, 1,395,711 3,080,682
Rye, 230,396 218,135
The exports at the tame place from the Ist to
the 30th of September were as Gallows
1848. 1847.
406,739 51,465
1,04032 23,672
156,1 ,9 03 91.901
none 9,490
4,540 7,674
1,538 14450
6,109 5.24.1
18,703 9,891
Wheat flour, bbla
Rye,. 3.
Beet bbla
lard, Imp
. •
-.....-- —..-
Caw. Tatts—Amotutt of tolls received on all
the Nam York State Canals in each of the follow •
log years, during the third week in Sept., and the
totals up to the 22d of Septemlwr.
4th week in Sept. Total to Oct. 1.
1840, 1179859 60 51,185,260 03
1641, 85,345 25 1,432,493 13
1842 75,644 28 1,170,548 01
1843, 97,759 43 I 444,835 87
1844, • 86,872 49 1,757672 52
1815, 113,178 02 1,753100 25
1846, 113,941 74 1,691,164 72
1847, 126,042 46 2,661,2 56 06
1818, 162,001 52 2,175,575 62
The receipts of the 4th week itr. September, this
year, compared with last, show an increase of
1 1• 36 : 958 06, and a total decrease thus far for the
year of $491,680 21.
C01C1112171 ar PH1L4D12.42114 Comparative
monthly Statement of the Cash Ditties received at
this port during the past three yearn
1948. 1317. 1916.
January, sncsn 98 9:1181829 49 5223,161 61
February, 291,911 50 210,410 10 211,794 17
March, 247,991 98 237,457 81 937030 13
itpr 249,779 48 275,196 77 312,593 18
may 179,909 79 212273 51
483,090 00
June, 111,117 SS 161,364 77
July, 311,421 19 389,315 85 1E4,353 85
August, 371,920 75 466,635 14 250,660 69
September, 222„061 15 260,999 41 176,605 62
15tal. $2,3 A n, 6 " 7032, 462 , 482 9 /9 2 , 079 J 33 36
—(Cam. 14,1.
Cory= Satz iT .A-11311144,441—Th4 kiikrari ng is
the result of the great Collee mile of the Dutch
Trading Company of Aitbsterdarn_, September 411
risen I. plasos.
:4 4 6t6
6 40 8 34
6 39 9 41
63 6 10 47
6 3 11 66
636 morn
6 19
*6 93
1 6 94
I 616
ONITCZ Prennmtan Garzrrc
Tlmrndny Morning, October 12, 1818.1
}3nlea Ql6tY.P rice.
2, 130 0 yencrar and brown, at 2511127 c
2,000 yellowilh, . e
24,700 geed cm:limy, I 214 S(3180
53,300 ordinary at good on green, 17017 in
34,700 good and fine ord green, 18010 e
10100 ordinary good mid green, 20fifao
755 fine mid green, 25te
6,351 Sumatra, 1510160
131,113 bales sad.
131,278 withdrawn.
Theauction to take place on tle 7th 611:raring..
at Rotterdam„ it was supposed, would bring the
same price; if not, a greater proportion would
be withdrawn.—{Lyfonts Price Correct.
lLtrswn trote—Tbo receipts of the L. N.
flathead for the mouth of September. ISM are
given-below. Compared with *hosed the cones
pending month law year they show that gle busi
ness on lids road increases even more mph ily than
its ardent sapped= geserally expected
- - •
Remiss for Passengers,
!tempts for Freights,
The bind River and Little Miami Radioed C om -
Emmy, have recently concluded a contract with
Hec!<-doPavenport. foe (height and passenger es us
to the amount of $lO,OOO. This looks as thou) th
some things can be done as well as others.--(0. a.
!dews= Pour-131r. P. Bennet will to day, at
3 o'clock. P.M., pat in openttfca, on board the
steamer Cumberland Valley., lying or the got of
Florida street, opposite Walsh's dour add, his new
ly invented patent pump, emus-meted on scienti
fic principles, without sales or piston, and calcu
lated for freeing sunken boats firm water. This
pump throws up the astonishing quantity of ooe
thousand barrels of water per ininma--USt. Louts
Correspondence of the Coureterciel Liet.
Liveirpcol, 9th September, 1848.
Since the sth inst.; the Iron market has present
ed very little calling for remark. The demand for
all description! of Manufactured bat continued
active, and prices have been maintained with
great firmness, whilst upon some kinds of Stafford.
shire Iron rather higher rates am obtained. A
partial manakin in wages only having advanced
since quarter day, the prices of Iron fixed then
are very , uatemunerating to the maker, and either
redaction IA wages, Fig Iron and Coal, most
take plate, or m advance be made op Matta fee.
tared Iron. h air being the state of affairs, the
makers will os, take Coders to s very limited ex
tent; II Some 1:114llifeell subject to the next quarter
day's prices. Welsh Iron Is less affected by the
causes referral to, sad ihopeehabilitl that the
present will continue to be lIDGUI the rues during
the fall of the year. There is mom activity in the
Scotch Pig Iron market and an advance of . a 6tlo
2.s Cal erten ill obtained. Very heavy contracts
are now being entered into for Cat Iron Pipes
Mpwards of 30,000 tons for Liverpool skate) which
wittra very rod demand, may lead to a further
rise, abbot; we do not look this year km any con.
amble advance.
NO 1 Scotch rig, at
Giar LiverKol, .£.2 I by Ody too cash
" " . gow • E 2 716 d 0 0
Raisin Wale', .E 6 10a Od 0 "
Bar Iton, £1 WAX, 2S •
Freights to Philadelphia, Ifs ed " “
Is7olrl Exturicaturt—We surold call anent= to
Ibis execileniremedy for Coombe, Colds, Comumptb
AMIMIa, Sod "all abeetions of the Throat and Lim gs
Haring @OTC'S times within a few years past had oe ca
tion to ass a medicine of that kind, ere cap mi
mics tested Its excellent qualities, and are (impart d to
recommend it 'to other*. Ministers or other p. !bite
speakers Calmed with bronchial adection•witt hod
at benefit from iu one. It (*prepared by a*a
ptryaleitui; and all deuce will find it a safe an d elS
eseloaslardielue in the diseases for which e. is 00.
lermanindefe—iCeliimbes (Ohio) Croat and lone
For late tithe Pekin Tea Mora, N 0.70 Parinb street
Mr - Does
lt h your
it hair tan off, do esmpy,ay lOU nun SroY
Uarsh, is , OT dirty,l
Inji thus, you can make soil, silky end flue,
Dark and hmiltby, and beauteous as this beh of mind
And to novo this. You have but three shillinp to give
Fora battle o( Janet' Hair flatorathie.
Reader, it you have had hair yon would rosily be ad
thailbedst the Wilily effect' a three alining bottle o
joneeboral Hair Ilertoratith has on it; It uneds but one
. triaL MP) them rt. novladknrly .
tar Sall tkhonm, &atm, Old Sores Erya!poles
heti, amps, &Jo, Heads, Borelleards, rim
lkoap lensed b p many physcian* in this
in caring the abOTe, •ee would not cons
sell Mlles/ arts knew 'n lobo all we slaw.
Al a Vevalette,' tb e Rae Jones' Soap is perhaps the
cal, 'snob every that resumed impurities and
cleated ilia ihat the akin, making It toff,dear,
smooth and Immo ea en WOW. Sold by W m OK
SON, 199 Merl; stmt.
QT Fnu num Wows, inneddeinizeoe—Pis.:
der—the teal quality of 3s. bonle of Jon& C, wet
Hair Restorative Is no force the bole to glow on the
head. or 4dn-01 wherever Milne° Intended hair to
Vow: •
For We by WU JACKSON, No ES Liberty e;
ego of the Boot. soleMa
ID" Don't Myer yellow dark I t teth—they can b
madapearly whit/. by ona tout daing a box of J
Amber Tooth Pasta It hardens th o garas,awecutos apes
brealboto. Bold at ED Liberty .1. novit.lllr.rlY
sig.L.ulles who ass Jones' Spas Ash km"
Lm whits' unnsparent vkin. Of this 1 trinl
.nll indeY ~ .n7 r e. sold Doty Malnught &OP
Liberty es , non9dandr7
LondaMeleine.rtletinell, Brown Willa
Atlantic, Parkinson, Brownsville.
Cansline, Da, Beaver.
Hendrickson, Beaver.
Michigan No 2, Gilson. Beaver.
Lake Erie, Many, Beaver.
Beaver, Clark, Wellsville.
Cashier„ Wheiaing.
Wand Packet, -, Wheeling.
Arrovrline, Morris, BroWnsville.
Arrow, Gordon, Brownsville.
Louie McLane Bennett, Brownsville.
Atlantic, Parkinson, Brownsville.
Camden, Hendrickson, Beaver.
Caroline, Day, Beaver.
Beaver, Clark, Wellsville.
Lake Erie, Murry, Beaver.
America, De Camp, Cin.
Friendship Davis, Cin.
Skipper, Stoops, Marietta.
At dusk last evening, there were 2 feet 8 inches
water in the channel, and falling slowly.
IV7serleng—Per Slar-20 bbl. hour, Oruro &
McGrew; 3416 do dilameshlcCully; bp COMO
yarn, Basraley & Sridth, 143 bb l dour, owner
Bamer—Per keelboat has cheese,
1 A Csughey; 14 Mils paper. R M Riddle; 112 has
cheese, I thckey & co 97 do do, R Dalmsll & co;
12 Mils paper, L Loomis; 35 ban cheese, F Dravo;
5 slat wool, S McClutkan; 13 empty boo, G W
Smith; 60 bbls flour, II Graft; 7 bbls salerntus, 213
has cheese, S F Von Snanhorst.
Per•Lnke Erie-6 pcs grave stone, J A Ceti
gimp; 2 csks wire, 12 bills do, Townsend; IQ tibia
green apples, Brown & broi 69 boo cheese, I Dick
ey & cm 159 do do, J C Bidwell; 7 mks ailerons,
Bagaley & Smith, 5 Mils seed, J & Ii Phillips, 2
ban cloth, J A Caoghey 37 do cheese, Tassey &
Beat; 37 do do, W & MrCutcbeon; 863 ban
cheese, McFarirto&
Am Ordinance,
Atithoridng the Mager to sign ttoo Deed.. for the
Old Water Work* ;Late.
Q EC. 1.-13 e it ordainedand enacted by the etn..
0 of Pittsburgh, in Select and Common Councils as
'ambled, That the Mayor be and he is hereby authori
zed to sign a deed, and afix the seal of the city thereto,
conveying to Alexander Killer the lot of ground on the
east aids of Cecil's alley, at the corner of Duquesne
Way, the said lot being fifty feet in width by one Min
deed-sod ten feet In depth,_ (more or 1e.,) for and in
consideration of the ram o !
six thousand dollars, to be
paid in the following ten., vim Flve Hundred Dollars
in cash on delivery of the deed, Eighteen Hundred and
Thirty-Three Dollars and thirty-three cents in three
years, Eighteen Hundred and thirty-three Dollars and
thirty-three cents in six years,and thence", Hundred
and thirty-three Dollars and thirty-Moe cents in nine
years from the date of this Ordinance, the whole to he
secured by bond or mortgage on the premises, and to
bear interest at the rate ell per rent per anntim,which
shall be payable seunoallounlly, on the Gest day of Jan
uary. and July, at the office of the City Treasurer. The
Engine House on this lot is reserved, and possession
retained until such utne as it can be reoloved.
Sac-11.—And be it further ordained nod enacted by
the authority aforesaid . , That the Mayor be and he t
ti s
hereby au th orized to e a deed, and affix the seal of
the city thereto, conveying to Joseph Tomlinson the
lot of ground on the West side of Cecil's alley, at the
corner of Due.. Way, the said lot being one hun
dred mid twenty feet in width, to two hundred and
thirty feet m depth, more or !coal for and in conride.
ranee of the sum of Eighteen Thousand Dollars, to be
paid on the following terms, viz One Thousand Dol
lars in cash on delivery of the deed, Fifty-six hundred
and sixty-six dollars and sixty-au cents In four years,
Filiporix bundled Lad sixty-ax dollars and aixty -seven
roots in eight years, and Pity-six hundred and sixty
six dollar. and sow-Berea tents in twelve years from
the date of this Ordinance, the whole to be secured by
bond sod mortgage on the premiaes, soul In bear in
anestaz the rem of us per cent per annam, which s
payable eetni-atutually on the lest days of Jmuary
and July, at the office of the City Treasurer.
Oniamed and enacted into a law in Coypcd,
Sd day of OctoLer,A- D. IMP.
R. BOW. Roans., Clk C. C.
Jon , M•ios, Clk S. C: Oth
Conseilnew Engineers& Poulin.Morn for
011er for procuring and defending Psychs, imparting
iniOritanoin on Mechanics mid the application of Sci
ence to the Arm, and on Amencan and Foreign Lamm
of Patents.
phia, and Z. C. ROBBINS of Waahrngton eny .
(to aided by Huard Knowles, hsq., late actoiatrnest
of the United States Patent Clea,) have assocd
tionnsetires together for the promentiou pf the above
b esn eh.e.s of professional business, either In Weir odic,
at the paom Ogee, or before the Coat % and wilt de
vote their undivided mention to forwarding the inter.
eof Inventors sod others -M nuy consult them or
place business is their hands. Idr, Knowles
Rankine. her for
the pan twelve years held the post of in the
United States ratan °flee, and resigns th.i situation
to take pan in the present ander - mho*. His minute
and pecan. fitness few the tenme'roint tame oolong fill
ed by brio, have been hilly nersegnmed by Inventors
wherever the office town,/ kmeew
The alike of Messrs. J. Jr. R. is on F opposite
the Patent Ofh., Washington,. D. C. when ismsonu n i.
canons, post paid., will be pront; 4l i attended, lei ea".
inations muds, drawing, speciftei`Ltrow, sine eo Mtn ,
ite papers prepared—and models pt'sfewte t whet. °er
red—on ressonnble terms. Letters et ..q.ur ,
ed to he stammered atter examinanotu ha.... Main be ac.
composted by a fee °this dollars.
In the duties of their office which pertains the Pa
tent Low., M.... J. & R. will be mststed by Z• legal
gentleman of the highest reolissaionsi character. NO
fully conversant with Itleclanics and other Seisrinfo.'
mthleeta myllndharlyS
NEW YORE , may be eonoolted, grat
F ,
for • few days, at the Exchange Hotel, to refer
once to the application of lids"Daly- Brave, ' fot the re
lief of Chronic Weakness in mend, Debilitated public
speakers, Palmonio Dysiwpues, weak acid delicate la
dies and children, and those with weak mdste, and one
prominent hip and shoauder vrill find immediate com
fort by the application of this perfectly easy applica
tion, wideb sa a mlnainite for the corset, and acts no
like other mappens) by auppowting the small of the buk,
and and not “....P=.4.11 the muskets abdoimeal
lly expandia.g.tdhecocbesZougp the warn
by balancing d ' at= iss axis, sifd not by refinucT
ing the monism of the aboaldere Idleswill be faied
by Mn Carosnglit, No. SKI Wood street, or waned ng a c e hones , t 0 to tx
; the bledical Profeamon are matted to call and ex-
Prnmarsan., May PI, 194 d.
We, the uraderaighea, having used in our practice,
"Banning 's Patent Lave,.' for the relief of cues of sun ,
plc Prelims. Uteri, cheerfully testify to its bcirm the
beet instrament ere have met with to fulfil all the oudi•
canons Immured in the ease, which can be required
Gum an external sapport.
A. N. PPDOWW... to. D.
T. P. DALE, Id- D.
seplAdtf JMI. P. GAZZAM, D.
20424 22
11,230 54
1131,6 a 16
rILEGANT PERFUMERY, de—Hanel , ' L....a lAI , IIII
KA de Venus , for rendering the skin mil and beauttful.
Hanel , celebrated Nymph Soap.
Hanel'. Indian Vegetable Heir Ott, for gre d u a lly
darkening the hair, and promoting na growth.
Hanel , " Liquid Hair Dye, for cheeping red ar gray
hair to • beautiful brown. black or ehestola color.
Hailers Eau, Lanza) Hair Restorative, (or prodOmug
• luxuriant growth of hale.
Emelt. Carlin Fluid.
Ilaueli Depilatory Powder, for removing impede.
ems hair.
Hasters Row Tooth Paste.
Hauer. Chinese OT Persian Toilet Powder
Ranee Unrivalled Shaving Create.
Hauera elegant EXlnteto fr.ant flowers.
6.. n • the hwdkerchleA together with • large Vr aworiznerd
of filletPerfnOlery, jun rec'd mid for sale by_
twvX coo In tk wood, alw con 6th fr. wood W.
FUR 25 CENTS!—Uy means of the Paste E•es
bcpi, or every one hie own Physician! twentieth
edition, with upwards of a hundred engraving., show.
ing priv ate diseasee in every shape and form,
YOUNG end 1111i
f6e..yiest of the generative system. by W. ,
AL D. 'n, e time has 110 e. strived, that persons seller.
log from .6 MI dile/se, need nO snore become the mr.
dm of queue ay, as by the preserimions contained 3n
this book aey• one may cure dither f.
without hindrance
U. business, o r !the knowledge of the 610.1 eittleate
triend, and wibb one tenth the usual expense. In ad
rttion to the getout/ routine of private &same, it fully
deplains the cause of manhood" early decline, with
OhaerllltiOtlf on ,it many other de.
°ointments which , it woad not be proper to enumerate
re the public prints.
I Any person sarniteg XS cents inclosed in a letter,
mill receive ona copy of this book, by mall, or Ste e. 3..
pies will ha sent fat! one dotler. Address "DU W.
YOUNG, No UN Spn.tce Street, Philadelphia," post
'lN A NTED—p,rs of ding or book more., and
pediare, in every town in the United Statct7es, teod3 o artin es
er tuts for the above wort. 0.. d
_ _
°Be not the first by whew the new . arr trice,
Non t t he tasty/ lay the olitasiOe.”
EMPIRE COuoolo KAriub possesses th e
following vantages: ante oven to constainly
'pried with pure hot air, rendering the operation of
haking as perfect as when done in a buck oven.
.as a Chamber exclusively for Roasting meats
1 h
vel All a 'pit thus doieg away with all the ro.ung at
chinents in the shape of .ltin kitchens ^
It has a large cooking capacity, with en mukstrort .
I fist surface on the top, winch all housekeepers cac
a ciate.
It eau be set up without mason work, in any ordina
ry Bre-place, or to the room es • stove; enabling thaw
who occupy hired houses to have the advantage of a
range at the cost of a stove. And lastly,
It borne less coal than any other cooking appeal.,
not excepting the Entail , . Cooking Stove, which Is also
for *ale at wholesale Or reel, at
GILBERT'S Empire Stove Depot,
415 Market meet, Girard Row.:
Fatr.t front a recommeddation from Henry Bach
man, Faq., Xr.i Placket street — , You can u se no
in recommendation of it, which I will not endorse if
referred to.” oetit-deodtDec2hbfonw
Familles.—This work coattail of twenty volumes,
and comains five hundred different nab Blustrated
with 600 engravings. It is an entirely orienal
recently written and completed by 8 Goodrich, au
thor of Peter Parley , . Tales. and is designed to exhi
bit, in a popular form, Select 13iographies, ancient end
modern: the vronders and cariositiee of History,• Se
ntra, Art, Science, and Philotophy, with Me practice
I duties of life.
The price per Vol. is 73 cents, each coutairder about
12mo; or $lO per st. Foe sale .
ace HOPHaltlB, Apollo Buildings, lth st
UNDRIES —5OO bags p ri me Rio Coffee;
SIN) hal( chests l'ea;
lb do do 4 •
20 do Black do
Z:10 ban 5.,12s and lb lump, lames River Tate.
30 bags Pepper,
15 do Altsplee,•
20 bbls Tanners' 011,•
50 do large No 3 Mackerel; IJ:washer with • g
end !assortment of Pittsburgh manufactured artlel
to store and for sale by DORT DALZELL & Co,
Libeny s
-5O boxes euperior lunar;
30 t- Is
so " Ids "
The above numbers form verychoice brands, to
which the auention of the trade is partial:twit invited
Dentin. Cornet Of Fourth
T and Decauw, between
Market awl Flury meets.
Exu, Fo uit sAd.B—An excellent Pi
4 .. popt9
Comm cart set Tavissarrar.-Tbe wit Adaer
tiaer has no doubt but Genesee County, Michigan,
wdl•east her vote is Taylor. The Whigs are
actively at work there. They have formed several
, . •
Rough awl Beady Clubs, and the work goes ,
bravely on. Old Zack's "volunteer' force is lucre'',
sing by whole townships. Read the following
from thepenesee Herald at Flint.
A report was circulated here on Saturday last
that all of the locos in Mundy bad bolted, and
many were going for old Zack, and the balance for
'Many,' leaving Cam entirely out of the question.
It produced great condernadou in the Hunker
camp, and immediately a three of tour, consisting
of the Republican man, Gov. Fenton, would-be
member of Congress Thompson, and counsellor
Bump, were detailed and lent in pursuit of the
deserters They met them at the red schoolhouse,
and endeavored, first by menaces and threats and
then by the most tender and pathetic appeals, to
induce them to return, and try to revive the droop
ing spirits of the Cass army Counsellor Bump,
(says a-friend who was present) portrayed, in glow
ing colors. the brilliant exploits Dribs hero of Dock
Creek, and closed by giving a pathetic description
of the breaking of THAT sword over a stump ! A
vote was then taken, to ascertain the number who
hod been reclaimed, and resulted ns followe—Casa •
2, Van Buren 15, Taylor 35!' This was a poser'
The Gov., who sat near the door, seized hs hat
and lantern and sloped, amid deafening shouts
for Old Zacl:! The rest of the company noon fol
lowed, and arrived in this place about 9 o'clock on
Sunday morning, with the candle still burning in
the lantern, they not being conscious that it wan
daylight !
- -
very satisfactorily ascertained that the nnthrtunate
man who met so sudden and awful death at the
Fella on Sunday afternoon was Richard Leedom,
of this city. We understand that he owned about
on the river answering the description of the one
which went over the Falls, which he frequently
used in fishing and sailing. He has not been seen
or heard from since Saturday, on which day he
borrowed a rifle, and snip he wits going down the
river hunting, and there is every reason to believe
that it was he who was seen go over the falls.—
He was a shoemaker by trade—about 35 yearn of
age, without a family.—Buffials Cam. Adv. of Wed
- -•
To Flint Glass M•2IIIII.4AVIS*K.• • !
A GERMAN, FR years of age,) who fins been env
ged as manager during 8 years in two of the most
extensive glass houses in Bohemia, and in the like ca
pacity two yelsr• m England, where he introduced the
celebrated Bohemian colored Ohms, vrtshes m fibs'
a similar mmation in an American glass manufactory.
The perfect knowledge of the technical part ot making
glase which ihe advertiser possesses. coyer.
Refer- to
render his services profitable to his employer. Refer
ences of the highest respectaluhty ran be given For
particulars please address, post paid. CIIARLF-4
STROBEL, No. 257 Broadway, N. Y. sep27-eitstrw
QILK FRINGES—A very large meortmeni of black
ICI MIX Frniges , of latest styles. Also, blk bilk L.Me•
of valiom stile. and prices, Pot reed at
tibl TRACACANTH-1. case Teed mud for
Gby arpl.2 BRAUN & REITER
- .
CM ARABIC (Turkey)—l ease reed and for sale
by sepi2_ BRAUN A. REITER
1 N DI A RUBBER GOOCOI—Just received, the follow
1. •rueles: Teething Rings, Unsung, Life WOW' ,
yen, Gun covers, Doper holden. Tobareo Wallets,
Alt and Solid ludo ftubber all (or sale at lb.
loth& Robber Depot, No b Wood st
(2..hD111.14 HALs—Just recd. 1 duce India Rubber
0 Saddle Hag., • superior article, et the India Rub
ber Depot, No 5 Wood m. oetO J& II PHILLIPS
YELLHW-3 eases Chrome Yellow, for
sale by omit JOHN 17 MORGAN
CHROME: tiItHEN-1 case awns; Chrome
or sale by met JOHN DIIOtIDAN
tibia Isiah Roll Butter, Niirepiud tO
!ibis Puked do; 17 earl. Harley; IS aka common
Wool, to Imre nnil for sine by J& R FLO% D,
and Chnseh littulduto
1:0 4 141I) 011.—t5 Wk. pure lAnseed Otl,
j„, sepia's.) past latulsnrc and for sale LT
co.] 0 LILACICHIJRN & Co, water
CHF:ENE—Ih cock. prime W R. Cheese. 41 bola
cream Cheese,
ado W R do. ism reed and lo
Bale by al ; WICK' t ACCII.I4DLEE9,
_ _
M.NIONDS-8 sack; S S Almanac Jost ree'd
S • and for tale by oct7 WICK & WCANDLESS
FILIIERTS sack. Frlberta. rust recd and for tale
by ' ort7 WICK & &ITANIDUKSS
w 441 reeit;l::!ltte by
A/7.,,,A.LEILAt --1.#7 last re ;l ir t ..,.by
R AS O 2) tit; lAA —I 441 just ree aildt.f.:ll.!ft.i.l/,',1
jThIBED-4 Uhl Am, reed old for ...le by
IJ 0.7 RIR SEILLEILS, 37 wood 61
j)ICE-10 tierces fre ;b. Rt... 4, In slore Ind )br BOY by
- J & R FLOYD. Rocalultl&urch libilifing
-- -
L - FFIER—Y OM& fresh Rd i Btauxt. &I *vivo and jot
BR Yale by obt7 1 & R FLOPD
- -. ...
EAis_yo &LL, %%lute Beans, raed u& for sale by
Ll_tiu 0011 . ....12ii SOCES-70 dos iee'd . Kilt f 2 .1 1L:K . 1,1 , 6y
' .lilF . 2ll_
CIRANBEARILK---P lint. Cranberttes. in •tor• 11.11 d
%.../for 'stony .0 J h II moll)
W°Z7l-p -A y ear • old Ap t y w ai
- DECEIVED, xi W .11•Cnistank's, Nan Ecninti . t
VI and for sale, 4 ps Elastic l`rimed Sun, Cloth,
.„,,,teltuns new_,_do IlaNpa; dn Linen nal
FA_:.IEPID—e wee and we sale KT 18}1A11 DICKEY' it Co, Mint id
F EAT""" --4.:°
tarA nn l ' l nnr DrClEVi a ca
and) ...
( - t INSENti— 9 sacks to anise; (or sals by
k «to ISAIAH DICKEY is. Co
WIII.IIOI.IANS--; !Aar score, for sale
, by
O. 81:0 Aft—t.V.P Wats pas. 0 Sugar.= state
ant .ale by
.ct AGAIICI C.lllrll
'Esk 10 COFFEE-67a bags Greco Rto Car., tam lan.
11 ding from car. sad for mt. by
octa BACALEY k 531711
LASS-20 ban nilo Glaarn 151, do 10212 du{ 4 0 do
13 9212 do, 35 do 729 do; 50 do 10214 do; Pr.. Larartnrif
and for ale by o<C7 SA W 11A/111AU011
UPSON! SALTS-5 tr .cad for calm try
Li` oal3 prIIN D MORGAN
R ED INK —W atrarand reach, and superror cru
de received and for tarn by
13LAN rlerni-1 ew mesaon cortugonsern and fon
sale by oet3 1 k R FLOYD
LARD -3 bbl and 3 kegs fresh Lard, In store so&
for tele by oak ) & R FLOYD
LINSKVID OIL-6 bbla ;nes ree'd and tor galk by
or . B 110131 SON It Co
0 UAR-73hicis la'
nate N 0 Sugat,fo r sale
N a . '''ti
by o<l'i H ROBISON /aea
SALERATCI3-50 30 Ibs Nalerasos, for sale by
fxkl R ROBISON& Co
1303 VD 114313 C-1 moo pun ere's! d for sale by
1. °eta it K orl
pO , 3 y 3"D RIIIIIIA . B c 1) - 0 -4 cases Just !ae , ‘,l , 4f_raflja! sele
R a t4.l"_ 4
ACON 31 tsereca Sugar cured Room 0 'AA. plow
J ) .l do do; a do Shoulders, bright end dry, lust Mt or.
Ted and for sale by oeo BELLER& er. NICOLki
CODA ANN-10 easke gods Ark, orsi recoNora
conlognmeot and lor sale e a ,
11 A
K .
and 146 . 1 N b o y 3 Mackerel, lest received;
cret3 S A W HARD/a:Gil
1yr 1. ( A ., N . P , ..:ii:
~ 'y E lthl I F1.0,c113.E-300 groraptillc,,nd
3,ltf.dEcoL -- -T,:tb,,`" %lt7r.; ,4 `;:,lal , it a '•
ors) In and 20 wood at
. .
LARD 011,--15 bins In store, and will be sold low to
close consignment.
. seri__ ISAIAH DICKEY &Co
i'" r OLDEN SYRIA` —lO bbls golden ryrup 1 ID
by 1,3 do do do; Al has do do In store and for rale by
trnps ? airs St. lards Red one
LEAD -41X''ng;A116'..1:11117V.IrS1/7':'dkloLa.i'
rw. o natter and G.
rrEAoS-20 heir choirs 0 Powder Tea; 11l do Pow-
I irtal do . 00 do do Y
lb do, Id do do shong da ;Ho, P.l lb and olb rams, of superior goal.
sir, (or family use, to store mud for sale by
on . hand and for
...pi 0 LILAC/CHURN i Cay .
BACaON-7,: lt a prune entele,
le by
____ 5_ . .121.J !,9""r4T
Green Apples In more d
"".. & ir , r 1 lt
snot(' d 1 SCHOONMAKER &Co
NlOLAl=3rls:ngsr jouse Motu.,
sepl6 DROWN bar
SALERATUN-13 was In casks sod boxes In .tor
sod for sale by aouarr DAL.ZELL & Co.
ssol4 _ I,l , borly street
rifIKESE,-eU blr prima Western 11.0sernr,reot And
V for rota by sopla WICK & AI'CirNDLKSS•
. ,
"DICKKEL—A bins pram , and fresh, jog reed
d j.. for rale by uplir WICK tr, M'CANDLESn
-NEE9E-161;x, \V li CiAreso, for robby _
- -
QALERATUB-13 outs end boxer, for sale by
LECTILICITY—A Manual to rxecoloparly Make's
entrance N side o f die Diamond
(I ,N . Ci t . I R-1 bbl Oroond Gloat
j r , Zsrlbar aciAN.
V.. 2 _
MUSD—I bbl White M
TARD SEEusbird Seed, for
PEPPER ANDA LSPidi;—'ffi iT3gs
. Pepper, ii do
Alspice. acid 5,1 , 6H,1. t ROL
B R V: IFV-15u dos Browns (00
" t`OiLL a ROE
BACON — — ll C057-7A — ;mall . :,1 Prods HWY lo ni,,,,,.
octs _ M'GILL k ROE
TEST at.veiviiiiAT Ni.bramcrocirs,7 pieces
i/ Drone., very rich colors and good pillory, and
very chscp. No 75 Ponith sL octs
WINDOW GL;ABEI-150bdCor sale by
octs FORSYTHIc DIJNOAN O 37 First at
GLAISS-00 bee Window Class, New 0..„,.
brand, to arrive; for sale by_
DUITER-35 kelp jest received; for sale try
1., se t a ISIVILL ROE
LI ERRING—L3S bill Smoked Honing, jut rood and
JUR for solo by_ 50r2.3
OSII—IO7 bbl. No 3 Mackerel. 11&48 GO bait do No
F 3 do, ISO; ...13 do do No I do do . jost reed os:i r o ,
solo by saw_ _ MILLER ' & RICRETSON
. _
PIE) lIRON-40 0 toes for solo by R '
oer3 ROBISON & Co
WANTED IMMEDIATELY -35 bushels Timothy
,2444, by la T LEECH, Jr, ,171 Wood at
173 Wood a
Dad/able, Lots for Sale. -
THE subscriber Its. laid out eleven Lou on the
.1. South aide of the Fourth Street Bond, and about
two and one panes miles from the Roue.
These lots comma each from one to two add a half
acres of Wad, and will be old OD reasonable and ac
commodating terms. his deemed unnecessary to en •
ter into any explanation of the advantages of these
iota. Their vicinity to this city, and to the line of the
Central Bail Road, recommend them strongly as very
desirable country residencu.
The subscriber also offers for wale about seven hun
dred acres of land in Franklin township, Allegheny
county, about seventeen mile. from Pittsburgh. A 1..,
nine building Lots In the borough of Birounithem.
Dwelling Rouse end Lot for Sale.
&LA LARGE and excellent three story brick
Dwelling House. containing eleven rooms, on
a corner of Third street and Cherry alley,orith
the Lot on which it stands, is offered for sale on enc.,-
modating terms. The house hu been built since the
grenc a
e, fire, and the title vr is perfect. The size, conveni
and excellent orkma.hip oldie house, and the
pleas.tness oldie location, renders it one of the most
desirable residences in Pictsbargh. Enquire of
oct4-46t at his office on eth st, near Grant
TAVERN STAND and Store Boone, with about
1.5 acres of good Land, one third meadow. The
tavern and store will be rented separate from the
land, or altogether, as may suit. The property is 10
miles from Pittsburgh,. the Butler Pike, in Bakers
town, Allegheny county, Pa. Po.ession given name.;
diate, or the Ist of
WM. [MICHELL, on the premises; WM. P. BAUM,
bead of Wood street sep2D-tilw
THAT properly lately occupied by H. Nixon,
Esq., on OrMgstreet, near Robinson, Allegheny
city, will be sold on accommodating teems. The
lot is 33 feet 4 inches on Craig street, rimming through
to the Canal ISO feet. There is stood two story frame
dwelling house on the premises, Lately built and the lot
is well improved, containing a variety of choice fruit
tree., grape, ehrubbery, Ac. This property is conveni
ently situated for persons dome business in either Pine
burgh or Allegheny, and is a desirable residence. Title
indisputable. For terms apply to WM. BOYD,
ney at Law, ogee on Fourth strived, above Smithfield.
--- 41145• Coal ILsocii• - g - a - e,
SITUATED on the Monongahela river, about 16miles
from Pittsburgh and 3 miles above third Lock, m
the immediate neighborhood of Messrs. Lyon A Shorb,
and Mr. John Heinous purchase. This fine body of
Coal will be sold at the low price of $33 per sere—one
third In hand, balance in five equal annual payment,,
without interest Tide indisputable. Loeation very
good—cannot be surpassed. For further partiettlars
enquire of Et. BALSLEY, who has • draft of mud pro
perry. Residence 24 st, below Ferry, 111, Adam.' Row.
N. B. There is another seem of coal on this tract,
about 60 feet above the lower, of excellent quality.
jr26ollf B.
Portyß Coy
ATRACT of land, DO stems, In Harrison,
on the Cuyahoga aver—about 33 mires under im
provement. Also, two unimproved lot. In the village
of Warren, Trumbull Co., DO feet by DO. Also, a lot of
pound to the centre of Hartford, Trumbull Co., with a
fine dwelling hope and more—one of the best stands
for a merchant on
be Weawrn Reserve. Any oaunr all
Wm p ro perty artll sold on very imeommodg
term. ISAIAH DICKEY & Co.,
feblo Water and Front sts.
rbiElaro and verb bulk FactotT, erected on Rebec
ea street, Allegheny city, by FL easusu. Emi..
alined for sale at • bargain. and on easy terms. Thu
lot on which the Factory is erected, fronts 100 feet On
Rebecca street. and runs bark 110 feel to Park street.
Tile main budding is of bock, threestones !ugh and
BO feet long by 27 feet wide. The Engine lionise is
large arid commodious, with an engine, otler. star k,
kr.. all in complete ruder. The property will be sold
loaf, and on advantageous term.
For u p=ernu, At
.., moue s
al this office.
- -
- .
Tract of L..nd for Sole.
MHE subsessiser will sell on accommodaung terms, a
valuable tract of ununprovcd and, situate on the
rood leading fnun itrigbbin to Franklin, about eighteen
miles from Pittsburgh, and about eight miles from the
town of Freedom on the Ohio nver. The tract com
11111. 402 acres and l 3 perches, strict measure The
land is of an excellent quality, about 00 acres cleared,
and well watered, and will he sold either in whole or
ip farms of eouventent GUS, to soil ittrehasurs.
Foi Cotter panic Wars enquire of WM. BOYD, An'y
at Law, office on 44,k at. above FamthaeLL Plusbargh.
mrdldtwil T
Property in Allegheny City for gale.
rpm: suhsenbers veer lot wale • number of ebotee
1 Lots, situate In the Second W ard, fronting on the
Common !mend, on fumy memo Inquiet, of
W. 011. ROBINSON, Any a Lew, Si MO sl
or of ROBINSON. on Use premises.
. . .
untliniturtf T
THAT commodious brick dwelling house and
large lot, the residence of eons Jane agee, on
Webster meet,eet, rear gl
the head of Seventh street,
on whieh are • stable and carriage bone n, out houses,
bake oven, and • vartety of shrub• sod grape ranee.
Emigration will be 'prey on the tot of Ortotter, or soon
er if rointred. Enquire on the premises, or on Wylie,
near Be utungtho street, of hl B LOWRIE
Valuable Property for Nile-
rpur. subsen oder. for sale sto rm o story Bnek
J, House and Lo t, on eth street, I Smithfield
street and Cherry alley—lot 2u feet on eth st n ramang
back lOU feet to a2O bet ley.
Also, the beat:mint re-Ode/the be occupws to Alleghe
ny city. en feet front on the canal, by 273 to Liberty, al.
mon one-third of an acre, on which Is erected a three
two story double house, finished to good style. Eor
price and terms inquire of J KIDD,
teEl-dlm corner 4th and sts
_ _
Por Ittput.
A THREE story Brick Dwelling House, on
Water, above Grant Street 1.0•1.1•10 U green
111 0,
n the let of Janney, 1149, or sooner If required.
'or terms, LINSILI• of
oce7 0 BLACKBURN tr. Co, water of
Lets ill 5 • Pittsburgh and Hirininghasa.
NV LLII., Fu4 Fourth wash near heath.
. held. will continue to sell those L. pitul • suf.
number eds disposal or, when tt.lee
ser9-tan 0. 0. GREGG.
Valuable 161.11•14:1 tor 80310111
al in Allheny Clay
eg •
CiONTrAIPLATIND a removal from Allegheny city,
Li I offer my residence them for sale. The preansea
are in delightful order, and every may worthy the ai
_A W
n( any person wishing inch properly.
. .
lima* Macias ► la Iderovr Cleans) ,
itLOT, ettorelmatte arid Dan:lung, situate on the
Feu Extent.. Canal, to the villag4 of West Hid
= • dostraltle location for • merchant Alao, •
Lot and good Dwelling Daum well muted fora laver
Stand, In the village of Orange... Ole, on Star. line
Ohm. Teams cup. MAUD DICKEY I Co.
4,h10 Water and Flow
To Lit.
Rimmed on 4th street
f nu h Al
canal bride, 6. osl 0, tu •
••• • !Ma 70 by ID tent, A =s . agratl" ,
ye.: on deb .1., near woo&
ten, movies, wig; an sere of pound
4, eneloeod and ander
eulteennon, 'IMAM, Obio lane,
J nt , o a w ciz i c 4A if Alimg.eike
,,,x. Inquire of
janß 110 crpod atroot
roa BALE oa RENT. the Pittabumb Brew
my, with all us brewing apparatus, ammo or,
Farm ;Mel and Barker's allayasull now oecup:ad
by Cita. W. Smith k. Co. Powasaa even on tba first
day o( April eastuag. Foy term., kr. enquire of
Wail! J4."4'.'°M
OAL LAND FOR SALF..--geotto terra coal land
Cfin sale situate In bend of the Monongahela River,
above Broonasville, Pa-, haying 7 foot vein of coal
which trill be sold in eleattage_far gooda
EMIT to 10 , 11/1 Rit Wt DA RK Vitt 1 = 6 17 -
FOR BALI. Ibe.nb.crll>cr
ittoiair-H4't three awr7 brick W
op " furp, 9PF404 1 OP 0. Tsnner aco.
It roan nosy for WOW pot Tegj.
ant? WM. WILSON, Jr.
- -
The subscribers will rent part of the wan,
hownt now occupied bT them. Apply to
LENVUt, DA.L.ZMU le Co.,
,S 4 water meet,
IaTHE three story Dwelling House ligtelq .e •
pied by Oa subscriber in Allegheny city, on B
beee• street POSIIMI2OO FlVenOn lit
Enqnwe of JAtltlti BERK, Ir,
set26.lw 36 Water it
— For Root.
Ad, THE large Ms peso( warehouse, 24 feet front
XeL6O feel ditep, on second at, near wood. Rent ....
into. 1114111rO 01 J SCIBBEiIitAKER A Co.,
del6ln wood st
Vol Rent.
itak.A Smoke flonlte, situated Plum Riley, f.
rent Inquire of ROBERT DALZELL
Liberty street d& Cet
- - -
1317111111 T, HANNA • 00.,
In Foreign and Domestic Exchange, Canilicates of
posito, Bank Soma and Specie; Fourth street, near
ly opposite the Bank of Piusburgls. Current money
reeabied on deposlw--Sight Cheats for rule, and col
!cations madeno nearly all the principal points in the
United States.
The highest Nunn= paid for Foreign and American
Advances merle on conuttutneuts of Produce, ship
ped East, on them] tem., mehl6
11. 01111411 4NO 1,
MPANKEREI an ll d Dealers In Rsobange, Cole and
MI Hank Notes, No. b 6, Market greet, Pittsburgh.
Selling Rates. Exchange. Buying Rates
Neat York, i dis
1 pr N o Wlelit,
Philadelphia, 4 do
Dann:nom do 81. Lolls, 8 do
=log RAW, D 4
di t NZ? .
4:44,4 =Rates
Inditina, :: go Relief Notes, "do
Kentucky, "
Vo Ve rn' er VP' Cl . "do
do Wheeling, ido Neer leans, "do
Tennesece, tdo Maryland, " do'
81 ,
111011 ANGE .•
TILLS on England, Ireland, and Scotland bought
any 1111101101 at the Carnal Rates of Exchange.
D jl payable In any pelt of Ile Old Countrieo,
to 11000, at the m e of Sn to the ,L Sterling,
0p14,1144 . 00 1 1 or ductrunt, by JOSHUA. ROBIN.
.V, Roecpean sad general Agent, office sth et ant
a lied of te*.i. ocUßnj
- - -
Hank Nava;
purchased at the lowest rav,
i tiE wEs
3.3 Market area.
iwvu - e. uud.. . • .
BILL 4 CritßY,
13ANKERS and Fschange Brokers, Dealers In F •
alga and Domestic lime and Sight Uill. of it
change, Certificates or Deposite, Bank Notes and cot
No 45 Wood street, third door below Fourth, we
--- --
*Liao will&
AMUR 4 13 in lir"D "I"'
Ni is GE RS AND EXCHAN 1111011ERS, dealer.
Pin Foreign and Donnwic Ina. of Weenie, Cgr.
elts, of Deposits, Bank Noes and Coin, comer of
gg ami Wood gine% directly, ogoposite Bt. Mu
O les lio•
lel. =D:lig
B ILL/ OP OICSA3OI 6 - 81 ght Cheeks on
New York, ,
Philadetphts, and
Constantly for sale by N. H01LM.33 SON 3.
sept 2 'J3 Market sr.
004LECTIONS—Notes, Drafts and Acceptances
V payable In the Western eines, collected on. We
most favorable tenets by
1011 T CHF,CILS ON NNW YOK for sea
• N... N R
,RAFTS. ON PILILL6DMPRHIA, in sums to suit,
coca , N OLUM er. SONS
1. .
for ula
CTRAW BOARDS-4 mos, different Nos, As
la from Clismberthossin
sepll BROWN & C
beina_reoeived and now opening et ALETAN
JDER & veva, No 75 Market street, northwest
corner of the Usmond, a very Inge end aplendidennik
of fell end winter Dry Goods, to which they would re
spectfully Invite the attention of the public.. well
known to almost every one that the present Senionis
one distinguished for its low prices of Dry Goods. end
it affords us great pleasure to being able to cute that
owing to oar jrreat facilities for that FilpOSC. AO= of
the firm residing in Philadelphiej we lava been.ona
bled to purchase oar present stock at la considerable
d ra weereductio from the urinal market mks, cheep alt , Rtey
are, one therefore ensibled to sell at earrespoe
ding!), lower than the usual takes. We would there
fore el cask buyers rwholesole or retail, to
give us Lean, and lay out their Memel to the ben ad.
The Lodire should call and 0211111140 our stook of
Prints, Gingham,. de W.., • -,..nres, &Vane.,
Merino., silk. Ilombaxines, snit various other
styles of fiishic;n•hh, Dress Goods, ofgeh have •
very floe 11.011:135.1131, inehtdin ev description of
those goods the market
HS AND CASSIMERgit—Ti; the limnintnett
we would recommend our stoekofini=Chnhs
and English. French and Amerkan
OUR STOCK OF SHAWLS is serf lerder =lire'
clog almost every variety of style and .#.thrY.
SATTINDPS—Of which we have 1111 excellent as.
'eminent, and of all qualities
FLANNELS—Red, white sad yellow Flannels of all
qualities and prices
TICKLNGS AND CIIECKS—A. superior assortment
of 'pickings of all grades, and Shirting Cheeks in great
bilinalmost every description of the awn, goods, ist
'" widths
ALIC!h-ettetings .
stoc o" k n ot Vestinp„ Silk and Cot
ton VOIV6II, both plain and figured, Kenmcky meanly
plaid Limeys, plant and Macy figured Cloaking and
cloak Linings, bleached and unbleached Table Mapes,
both linen and cotton, bleached and unbleached Table
.ths, bleached andunbleached Cant. Flames,
Pd do do, 13onnets aiLd Bonnet Ribbons, bik and ool'd
silk cravats, Ladies Scarfs and murals, Gloves and
Hosiery of all kindly Suspenders, Irish Linens,Linen
Lawns, Linen Hdkfs, Silk do, blk Lace Veils, Lore do
and Hdkfs, Oil Chintzes, Russia and Scotch Diaper,
mash, Linen, plain sulped and barred Jaconets, Can.
brie and Swiss Muslin., Victoria Lawns, Green Ban.
gra, rec.
Merchants visiting the city for the purpose of laying
in their supplies, should not fail to give us E. call, as
they will find our goods and prices such as cannot fail
to allit th eir purpose 75 ALFY A NIDE/ & DAY,
sop market st„ N cot Diamond
The New Golden Bee Hl,' A
New Fall awl Wallin Dry
JUST received and now opening, as the sign oi the
Bun Bea Hr., on Market srleet,Letween Third and
Fourth streets, one of the largest, chea pes t and best
assorted stocks of Fall and Winter Dry ods ever of
fered in Pittsburgh, to which the trunnion of our nu
merous customers and the public generally, is respect
fully invited, so the subscr i be is confident that he ean
offer such bargains in Dry Goods as cannot he sur
passed by any other house in the city.
As these goods have been purchased at prices Mr
below those of any former season, they will be sold at
greatly reduced rate.
Among this large and splendid sli.k will be found
many choice and desirable goods at extremely low
Very neh sod most fastuonable dress subs; plaid and
triped black soon; enped and plald al.; plain black
eery glossy gro de Shine; plasn black rich lustre; Ms
trigg, snk for +lrene*, mannilas and capes at very low
prices; newest designs and latest styles cashmere;
plat* and .nun stnried cintanere, very cheap; French
manna all rotor+ de ;Macs, plain and figured and nun
striped, at great reduction on former pnces; gala, Cal
ifornia and e•shmere plaids; mohair and Monterey
plaids, all qualities, alpaccas, all quaintes and colon,
from IA to ---•- • r yard.
XWI . 4 " ;BA
Vint _. ashen e, ierkepe and broth° shawls
Black embroidered cashmere maids lame shawls;
Rae Tibbet and de lame do
Fine black and colored cloth do
Fine quality long, very cheap do
Plum black and plant silk, very cheap de
A loran lot plaid blanket shawls from 75 emits to $3,
Good dark calico from 3 to 6 as Ter yard;
Best quality dark cahco from 6 to Id cents;
Yen' wale purple do, 134 eta;
Good yasd wide bleached muslin 4 to rit;
Bed tiekings and checks, all prices;
Blankets, from coarse to best quality, very cheap;
A full assormitent of red, white and yellow flannelig
astinens, Kentacky Jeans, KerfOje, Linsey*, ett,
etc, etc, all of which wi ll be sold at reduced rates, at
No 02Market verde WM. L. RUSSELL
MULINTOCIL, is now ectrwcarnlY receiving his
. fall stock of CARPETING, &A, comprising
one of the largest usoriments corer bt.t to the Mar
kn. which have been purchased direct from the Im
OD". and MtiottlacUtretai Of {he latest nod newest
styles, and lower In price than ever offered in this city,
to which he invites tile attention of those wisharg to
furnish steamboats or houses, before purchasing lse.
where The stock consists to part of the roWwing
variety, via-.
Bach Ammirdst Carpets; Oriental Tapestry Oil Cloth
do Velvet do Plain colored . do
do Tapestry do 21 feet wide
do Bssels do h-4, 7-4.6.4, 44 & 1 oil sloth
Rum super 3 ply do Saar Rods
Pups r do do 12-4, and 2-4 Droggett
do Ingrain do Irma Lumens
Wide do do Rosewood Oil Cloth
Common do do crumb cloths
4-4, 3-4 & Damask Embossed Piano coven
Wadiaa do do Table dp
4-1, 3-4 & word do do Figured Tattle Oil cloths
4-4, 3-4 & 1 plaio do do Turkey Red Toilenett
4-4, LI,I & 24 cot do Adellud Mats
5-4 pnoted coma Carpets; Sheep skin do
Law sap Chenille Rags; Jute do
do do Tubed do &imam do
Floe do do Manilla Hein?
Wilton do do /now drop Napktds
Crimson fied Plush, Diaper Towelling
Plain do Crash
Drab M Cloth F-4 and 6-4 Table Linens
Blue do, for conch We're, Transrent Window Shade,
Carpet Balthus Extra French do do '
Wost'd cords Rich Nadn de Lainas for
do Tassels wmdow cortaino
Scarlet, blue, criterion. black and drab Damasks;
figured rambow Damasks , worsted and Run Table
covers; blur. enouon, ecarlet green, drab and black
Aloreeita conou Plus bes of all colors, au. dc. tee.
Also. Oanehurge and
w Unitroirs for eteamboat deck,
and all
l ino, othe to r trinn hi um as necessary far outfits (or boats
to our which the especial auoution of army
Invited. W 51 , CLINTV/CE'S Carpet Wayward,
one door from Wood. on Fourth st. sepal
To Country Merck...l4h
SSIITH k. JOHNSON, 40 Moak. sleet, Unald barite
the ...ion of Country Merchants to their stock
of New Fall Buds, purchased far cuh, of the New
Took importing and arteuon hours,and will be sold at
cavern jobtung pnces. The stock eompries a great
canny of lhou Goods, chameleon and black Salk.,
sdk and cotton warp
real Alpaca Dates,
fancy chameleon and plaid do, saun griped Orientals;
Faeneh sod English Mennoes, Mooselin de Lain and
Cashmerea, equate and long Shawls, Gloved and Re
very, Bonnet Ribbon. from 75 00010*r:one cir i bonnet
Silks, A ruhmal Flowers, Limn cambric Hdkfs; 10
camas Thread Lace. add Raping; 13 carton. cotton
do, Combs, Dalton,, Thread, Noodles, Ms, rec., to
every inanely. Wholesale abound 161 toor sep'
H. EATON olt Co, havoth removed from Market
street to their new Store, No Qy rounh street, be
tween Wood and Market, are now opening their Fall
stock of Trimmings and Variety Goods, among which
are—Cloak and Dress Fringe s of .11 lurid.;
EFgnbroldery Gimps and Velvets;
Embroidery nod Needle Work;
Zsgbyr and Tapestry Ranted rbembv Vibe.;
Bleel Wigs and Samoa, Pool Trimmings
hashes Henna and Silk Vests,and Hosiery;
Ctindrens` Coats, Gaiters, Mitts, Gloves and Hsstetry;
Gents Sbtrt.. Undershirts, Drawers, Dressmg (lowa',
Wool and Cotton Yarn;
Children.' Dresses, of latest patterns, which they
Of et low prices both wholesale and retail. octil
F. li. Eaton. W. P. Alums.-
_ _
TrACli ALPACAS —W R Murphy invites the par
itteducto of buyers tb his assowinent o
above Goods, having selectedthem with great ca., to
reference to their glossy finish and good Wdy fOr Orin.
terns. Moo,
MOHAIR LURTRES, common, medium and super
fine qualmos, Including a few pieces let blank, adapted
for mourning purpose._ Also,
riety of sum stones _ plaid. and bnwados, me of
which are very superior. As these goods have been
bought directly from Importers, they can be sold at the
lowest possible prteu.
To be had also by the piece, to Wholesiike Rooms up
stunt, at a very small advance on cost. oonil
FOR COLD WEATUEN—W it Murphy mums ab
notion to hoi excellent ripply of Horne made
Blankets; Eastern do do. very superior, home made
Flannels,• Eastern do do; Twilled Flannels, red and
white; Welsh Flannels. unshrmkable; Canton Plan-
Is; Undershirt., suk, cotton and Merin Alpaca and
Fleecy Stlk How: Lams do, • *uproar article; at low
prices—at north cast corner fm and Market sit. MUes C l un fro y om ' To rs ' t ' ory, ll set l e e rrgoOds 'e a m na b so " ld h a b' t
prices that wilt please. eeplEl
lbli etiEETIN6P,I-11LANiitITS, tic —W R
yy Murphy „ bas recently teceived a full supply of
above goods, from one to three yards wide, bleached
and unbleached. Also, Pillow Case Muslim, of rati
on, widths and qualities. Also, SUPERIOR BLAN•
KETS, of eastern and domestic manufacture. Also
Table Diapers and Table Cloths, Crash, Diapers, ht.
fur houseltecong purposes, all of which will be sold at
lowest possible prices, at nodicest corner fith and Mar
ket 111.6.. 0017
RRRS GOODS—South Jc Johesien, 46 Market et
have censored a choice week of Dressfilowds, con
meting to part of rich Chalmette° Silks, black do, satin
striped Cashmeres and Orientals, plain Chameleon and
plain Alpaca, satin s: i ti f f i ed i i:n d silk kVaryi d ae
i r ‘ eal Al.
priced aid 6ngltah Mert u. sio ' s ‘ . *real Leine
Glag n' t7ams
from We ots up to the finest quality; Calico from 4 au to In; rid% hhub. Muslin Reties for evening dresses,
An, to which they would particularly invite the atten
tion of purchasers. °ere
W. Ft. ttlurphy has novr open a supply of.these
goods, end toritc• expoctally the latentiOn of Country
Merchant. to the love prices at which these and all
other kinds of winter wwallens are now offered.
1.9' 14
Gonilornenfi Pitiskishistiiboods
KAI . sso •,
SIiI'NisJOHNSON, 46 Market ;ireet, have just
received a large Flack of shirts, drawers, collar+,
mock., fumy .a black silk cravats, scarfs, hosle
-17. and kohl gloves, Au. Gendemen are invited
to call and esamine them, as they are supposed lo be
New Pali lUbboina. _
r§MITI( Ir. JOHNSON, 46; Market st.„ have jut re.
valved by express, a splendid assortment of fall
bons, to w fah they would particularly invite the
attention of norchaser+ sep4
rtA.P6 AND — ZOLLARS—A A Mason It Co. nave
kJ just reekl 600 more &those very cheap Wrooght
Collars, at 1644; WO Mourning do, new *tyre; 301)Wrk
Standing do, soon, very superior; also, 60 Wrought
capes of vartOUS once..
Duspratt & Sons , Sods Ash.
rpUE subscribers am now receiving their Fall staek
att. above article, three veuela, vial the Jutuats,
e dallion and Lydia, having arrived at Philadelphia
and Bultimorti,end two mere, the Stephen Baldwin and
shonlyespected; they are, therefore, prepared
to receive orders. .They will receive during the win
ter and spring regular supplies vin New Orleans.
sep2l NV o hi hIFTCHELTREE_
SHE partnership heretofore existing under the style
of TINtilP. .. & SUODKN, in the manufaeture of
i e. and Cast Steel, Is, by mutual consent, tide day
dissolved, Amos Tingle having sold his entire In
the late
flew will be settle&ty James rlugden, who Is authoris
ed to use the name of the firm forAthat
M purpose.
pt 27, 1842._ _
Reserve rp. Alle
600 8168 Rio Coffee, 50 hi chesty Y H and G P
Teas, IN/ hbds Sugar, 200 bbl N 0 Molasses,
00 do 8 H Molasses, 60 boo Tobacco, 60 kep Hamrafry
Twist, GO bags Pepper, 5 do All4pica, 21:0 mauaCassiff,
40 owls Loaf Sugar, 2.1%) km• Nadu, whit • general as•
scortment of Groceries and Pittsburgh manufactured
article*. for sale low by
N H0L2031 fr. SONS
/M. luiCati. D CoCHIRILAIL
auxll.l , kw6in • S A•W Orleasu.
ICL.- 4 10 tierces N C Bus, fern
okoort a co
P1MM11161.161 MAI= 61i M.
B. EDWARD AC takes *s mean. of re
mota:lg his flanks to has Meetly and ft John.
the eitenebre marota he has ree•ived, of ih
formintihem that he Weir Greeted • large and
well conatrutted buil for the exellmi e P
of his WATER CURE Alll.lBlthrw.4 i r=
w i t...
locationi at Phalipsburg Pa, entre Ohio Aver, oppo
ite the steamboat at neaverovhere
on reedy
to receive patimateas to tied meat them on Hy
dropathie prmeiples. addition wads long expert
.," end great success whith hae heretofore at-
tended his treatment of mutants emu:anted is his care,
be has nowilutadditioaal Wades &forded by an ex-
mom building erected expressly for the ramose, with
'..a.lwataini eiry moms, end fimd up with
every tiemessary.ayparanm t o bathing, and ddminis.
toning the 66116626 t to the utmst berieht and comfort
of the Petlent. PlolliPabsugh is a mom delightful and
healthy village, easy of accea by steamboats, and af
fords fine and wholesome water. 14. Acker ssmates
those afflicted persons who may place themselves un
der Ms care, that every anendon shall be paid to their
I comforti and as au assurance of the substantial benefits
to be derived, he points with confidence to the hun
dreds who have been permanently cured at hit estab
lishment. The Water Cure leaves no injurious effect.
behind, asis too often the ease with -those who here
been treated on the old system. It removes the dis
ease, invigorates the system, protects from the dangers
incident to changes of the weather, creates a natural
and tredve appetite, and impart* vigor to the digestive
powers, Terms of treatment and boarding reasonable.
For further particulars inquire it the establishment, or
addresithe proprietor at Phillipshumb. .
Neto, Fadiumobie, and Parmularly Cheap Goode
jure arrived at .
crass man currnuro max, no. 138'usairrt nun.
THE Proprietor of the above establishment would
tespetfally inform his numerous Wends and mum.
mars, that he has lust received hi. first supply of fall
and winter goods, which es usual com Prises everything
that is neve, fashionable, hmiden....A good. 10n...
to gentlemen:a wear; and as he has been particularly
fortunate in making purchues, he is determinvi to of.
CST everything in his line of basineu mach cheaper than
was everoffered Pittsburgh before; and as seam are
very hard to convince. that Pittsburgh manufactures
If. ahead of the Eastern cities, he ,woald invite all
such to examine the following list of price.. and then
all and see ins stove, after doing which, he feels con
fident they have their doubts removed, as well as
GGoodtheir money:
od cloth coals; various colon, from 166 CO
Good fashionable cassimere pants, from 5 50
Cloth and over emus 7 00
Vests in grea t variety 75 ets
Gentlemen. cloth cloaks, large aim: 8 00
Ladies: cloaks, splendid patterns 3 OD
Tweed sack coats 2 to
Flashing over Coats
Blanket over costs
A very Lo ge stock of nuns, under *hien and draw
en; silk handkerchiefs, cravats, suspenders, &o. Or
den In the Tailoring line executed nithe best manner
and at the shorten notice . sepl‘dgeno
Eut side of the Diamond, where Vennian
Blinds eel the differecirsims and colors
are kept on hand or mat to order afte
the latest and most approved Eutern fash
ions, at the shortest noted and on the mos
recto Ia terms.
Also, the cheap Bottum roll or split Blind Transpa
rency and Paper Curtains of all the different sizes and
patterns,. bawl and for sale low [occult. Old Veni
nu Blinds painted over and repaitred,4tr taken T in part
pa r
Lnt for
w w c:rk de i te M o i n ' th the heet lL ie P rranall
workmanship, and wuranted to please the moot fu
ddle.. engin-alp
Allegheny city, Aug. 10, led&
HIS Institution, under the °area Mr. Mrs.
Deartoza, will re-open for the recepuon o
in the mane buildings, No. y! Liberty street, on the Lt
hlonday of September.
Arrangements have been made by which they will
be able to furnish yornig ladies facades equal to any
to the West, for obtaining a thorough English, Classi
cal, and Ornamental education dcfall emir* of Phi
lisaphical and Chemical Lectures . Will be delivered
during the winter, illustrated by apparams. The de
f=ts of Vocal and instrumental Music. Modern
pa, Drawing and Patnting,,rill each be under
the care of a competent Professor.. By close attention
to the moral and intellectual improvement of their pu
pils, the Principals hope to ment a continuation of the
liberal patronage they have hitherto conned. For
terns, see ciredar or apply to the rrincipals.
Ocoee of Amertain i Foreign Patents.
TAISIR3 GRELTiOUGIII, of the Tate firm of Keller &
Greenough, continues the badness of Consulting
Engineer and Patent Attorney, at his obioe in the city
of WASHINGTON. He may be consulted andem
ployed in making examinations in machinery in the
tentPa Office and elsewhere, in burnishing drawings
and speeifiesoions of multiuse, and all papers WICISOII.
ry, transfer, amend, miss= or extend letters patent in
the United States or Europe. Henan also be consult
amendery on all questions of litigation aris
ing Me Patent Law, and will argue gun
lions before the Patent Mos or an appeal therefrom.
for which his longexperience in the Patent Office and
Ins pecnlitalyttted him. The pro
fessional business of the late Ur. T. P. Jones having
been placed in his hands, all letters in relation thereto
should be addressed to hum post paid. ung3o-d&wfitnE
Mint. JOHN 4. pprivar,. •
TAKElthis omitted to infortallstriehda
and the public of large that his Factory le
now in full operation, on the west aide of
the ihaosood, Allegheny, where • eons
maul st . srly of Bliuds, of valions Colors
'""t also, g at Ntriood "''"'a st. Pl i tts=a h t sud' lts
H Fliiillips' oil cloth wareroom.
Shut tare made to order io the but atylo.
Minds lapelled at the shortest:notice.
N. IL—Hts Blinds will
pui up without any addi
tional iv:pease. so that they can In removed in a mo
ment louse of fire or for wishing, and without the aid
of • screw driver. . tyl-dly•eriamtetS
T"o en-pannere hip hereto:are exuti n ng ben
John Fence and Samhel .Wightm, undue
mune of John Fume h C 0.,! this day desohied by mu
tual consent. The bee:inert of the law firm *ill be se i
t** by John FUT= 61 the warehouse of the Bottoms'.
The bustees. of the Boatmen) Live hereafter be
coodueted by Farrett & Lowry, at the same place.—
Thaakfal for past Pavan, Re solicit a continuance of
the same. L JOHN FARREN Y
mac roan, mar a. Qtrle.
JONES t. ckvicia,
vi - ANUFACTURERS of sprang and blister areal,
In Ploalh awe, stool Plrnir wioira, coach ..d elip
tic sprang., larm.mered ire rt mica, aod deale In and.
%cable cuuogs,fire engine laartak, and coacH trhomini
....rally, corner alms and Front sta. Pictabo
. B. 0..CA1F6 and Capt. /ARUM ATKINSON
n ot
WEenteral two panuership, under the finn of
E ATKINSON. and will cam on the
Copper, and Shed Iron Ware Manufactory.
Also, Blaeksmithingm all lts branches, at the old
stand of Wm Et. Scalia, First itreo, hear Wood.
Particular attention giveh steamboat work.
ocel •
wars --Cheaper *km* Effort
LOGAN, WILSON & Ca, Importers and Wholesale
Dealers in Hardware, Cutlery and Saddlery, No
1, Wpod spec, above Fifili,have now in store • very
cheap and well selected stock of Hardware, imported
since the decline of prices in.khtrope, and whech they
are determined to sell eoivespondingty low. Merchants
who have been in the habit of going gest, are garnet,
tarty requested to call and look through our stock, as
we confidently believe they will save their expeneco.
JUST RECEIVED a 1 VV: 61 , Clodoers,NorT5Faia
street, end for sale cheap:
3 ps ex op ZpbT carpet, now Milo
IQ do, do fine Ing. do do, some very elegant
5 do do do do , do do
6 do toe do do do as loss .1 50 cents;
5 do do Vet. do . rich style;
I ease of ThompsonvAle rags, unsurpassed to style
Pomona purchasing for detailing', bottle and steam
boats would do well by' eating and examining our
meek befote, purchuing else Where. sepll
TED.—The public is Motioned to pay no money
:or our account, without our written authority, to any
persoooncept Mr. John F. Cole or Wtn. 11. Barker.
WANTED—An active steady Clerk competent to
collect bills and make settlements. Nom other need
apply. oct•k•tf 1 r6O krFADEN A co
Fourth st, and for sale cheap, viz:
pa plain crimson M"usk, nets shade;
I 2 `• Ned "
" Daub cloth, for coach trimmings;
EMMA. •`
6 " crimson and scarlet Duitasks;
I bale of those unsurpassed Rugs. oct7
ELECTRIC MACHINES, at from ESto 111 Cg Sectro-
Magnetic Machines, Rota different eastern manu
facturers; Marine Clocks. for steam boats, canal boats
and factories. Also, Chemicals,Thermometers, An.,
for sale by BLAKE. fr. Co,
corner Market st and the diamond
N. B.—Electricity of either kind administered at the
direction of physietens. . sepO)
TV .
hL brCLINTOCS, No. In Fourth street,
A ,
ean be seen a splendid variety of sop Royal Vel
vet and Tapestry Comma, latest styles. Also, Bt.-
sets, 3 ply. sod sop and lee Ingrain Carpets, of sup
styles and qualities; and In connection eau always be
found Table Linens,, Diapers, Damasks, !de
mons, Oil Cloths, An. ego, to all of which we call the
attention of the public-,
. .
NOS. MI and 94 Front street, Bell Founders and man
ufacturers of all kinds of Fittings for Gas, Stea
and Water, have alwayion hand Wrought Iron Wel
ded Pipe for steam, gas,. and water, from 11 in. to i to
in diameter. Brass Castings made to order. Also,
large auororent of Bells and finished Bran Work. 0.
wkAck the attention of Plumbers told Engine Builder
Is particularly directed. •
Gas Fittings put up promptly and on reasonabl
Pittsburgh atadilide Royale Copper Blau
lug pompatay.
rPHE Trustees of Me Pittsburgh and We Royale Cop
1. per Mtning Company have this day ordered it•
asaesament of tvrentprom cents per chafe, payable •
Joan Irwin Jr., Trti{lantf, on or before the sth day o
October next By eater J A FORSYTH;
OZO. W. CO.,
TNFORId • their Mends and the public that they bre
L no longer any connection North the, late establish
ment to Perot strew, kncearn as the husbecrgh Brewery,
having remo d their *mire business to the POINT
ÜBEWERY • Pitt "met my/Sal
nal• *house.
T HE Wiliest price in cub paid O. good clew
also, canvass, bale rope; ga. rope;
nk ot.
bagyag, woof
ea rags, &A, by
aye ..;sairoa her Peas k
APERSON with a.nrciall capital, and sieqnsinte d
with the businese; to tale lat interest in an Iron
oundry, to be locidet . n the Poring. , Railroad. Sp,
ply the office of
}they Co,
s GE O)
IllirreWag Bale.
FINE FAMILY HORSE Gar rale.° years old and
d gentle. Enquire Of JOHN S DIL WORTH
iNo trY wood et
11kAr YERW AROMATIC—IO cue. Myers' superior
In Aromatic Tot/swim:Oust reed and for sale by
CILD2 superior Idustanc?resb ged.
171 for.
i mr c
hrcmsm ..
. .
0 sob for ley.
T n. hurt.. market rico will
be paid in rub. for
go od merchantable Oarteydilivernel 1
our wore
boos.' JOHN ISYFADEI & do,
.025-dtlkwitT ; canal basin, Patunistroot
belly CO,
"4;• 8 751=t : 1 1:11INO AN, Forantrang and mmis•
X ion Blerchanti,l;io. 31 First meet, Fituanarg3:.
NJ 1 1 Cheesei 84 4xs: bb s Merlons, lauding from
steamer Caroline IMA.for We by
on 114%14
nu l l for aleooCJ I KIDD
001-4 acts Wool, Jou m'a and fm sale
:.-, !, i_! - .!: - . , " , : , ,:;7*;; --,- _..-
bi e reme dy for Epileptic Vim or Falling Sickness
Cormulsions, Spasms, de. It la well known, that trout
Um Immemorial, pliyaiciana have proncianeed Epilep
tic Fits incurable. In has babel all their skill, and the
boasted power of all medicine, and wooer-elev.-Or thoo-i
sands have suffered through • miserable eximenw, audi
at last yielded up their lives on the altar of insaility.
With all deference, however, to the opinions of Mai
crest and learned, re say that it hat bees cured.
For sixteen years, has been tested by many persona
who have sneered with this dreadful disease, and in
every case where it has bad a fair trial, lins idiom.' a
permanent cum.
Fits of 13 years and 8 months, cured by the are of
this truly wonderfal medicine.
Read the following remarkable case of the son of
Won. Seeof., Bag., of Philadelphia, afflicted with Epi
leptic nu 27 years and 6 months . . After travelling'
through England, Scotland, Germany and France, eon:
tubing the most eminent physicians, arid upending for:
medicine, medical treatment and advice, shoe thou.
sand dollars, returned with his son to M/ c emu m i
November last, without mute ing any benefit whets.
m, mid was cured by using
Mr. Wllliam Secoree Letter to Dee. leans and Hart
I have spent aver three thousand dollars for met&
eine and medical attendaue. 1 was advised to take a
tour to Europe with him, wi eh I did. I firm visited
England. I conmlted the most eminent physiMana
there in respect to his cam; they examined Mat and
presonbed accordingly. I remained three months
without perceiving any change for the better, which
cost me about two kindred and fifty dollen procketed
by the physicians, and the most that I received was
theiranion that my son's case was hopelus and posi..l
lively incurable. I accordingly left gland, and oar.
cited through Scotland. Germany and ?num. end re ,
reread bonze in the month of November lut, with my
son aa m eat being cored as when York I use your
adreni in one of the New papers, and
concluded to try Ham'. Vegetable Extract, seeing your
malements and certificates of so many cures. some of
twenty and thirty years' standing, and I can usure you
I . 0 , not carry I del eo, as by the use of Ham's Yews.;
bit Extract alone, he was restored to perfect health
His reason, which was so far gone as to unfit him for
Monetize, is entirely restored, with the prospect now
before hue, of life, health and meatus. Ile is now
28 years of age, and 27 years and months of this
been aMicted with this most dreadful of dt.
eame but thank God he is now enjoying good health.
Now, gentlemen, faith without works I don't believe
in. To gay that I dell be ever grateful to you is one
thing, and as I here enclose you one hundred dollars, I
have no doubt but that you will think this is another
and quite a different thing. The debt of gratitude I
still ewe yea, la accept the present 611101111
10 interest on the brie advance.
Years very respectfully,
One of the proptietors of this invaluable methelne"
was afflicted for several yearn with Epileptic Fits.
The disease had produced the worst effect upon hie
system, vim Loss of memory, imbecility of mind, and a
perfect prostration of the mum. system. Ile had
tried the skill of the best physicians for &eVen
rid grow worse under th eir treatment, and ho Sneer
that this medicine was his only hope for health and
life, and was therefore determined to give Its fair mall
anal en persevere In its one. which he did mid the recta
woo n perfect restoration to health, which was mono: '
tied uninterrupted for nearly sateen years.
We would refer to the following person. who have
been cared by using Hen's Vegetable Emmet
Col &Deadeyes daughter was afflicted Mill years,
resides at Yonkers, Now York.
W Bennet, ohm years, 171 Grand at.
J Ellsworth, seven yams, 12 Dover 54
Joseph 14PDougal, tune years, East Brook: ye, L:I
II W SSmith, New York Custom Moan.
13 Kelly, twenty years, Stll.ll,llllMit
Eld'Ecefi tweet/ Years, Yorludisl,
Mitt E Crartsprwelve yea., 112 Haturce.,o, 04 4
Wm H Purcell twenty-threereum,73 igorfolityri
Jacob Petty, four y ems, 174 D...ay
Plato Johnson, twenty- eight years, tireen‘..c., re
Judge Randall, 24East Broadivey, New York •
Thomas R Jones, of the U S Nem
Copt Wet Jennings, &ma et. Bridgeport, in
Reference also made to
Dr W L Menu.", Railford,
Rev Mallard Daggett, West Daveepott ift
Roy T It Bushnell, Baltimore, MO
Mr Joae Baltimore,ph Bradley, 115 Orehard NY.
O H Doughton, Si Eighteenth NY:
Mee James
aftuter, Orange is. NC.
John Faber, 178 Elizabeth st,
D A Richton, 2113 Delaney et, do
James Smith, 138 Suffolk at, do
o,barlee Brown, 100 Water sr, do
All of which may be called apart, ay add - easeil, pot
Tr Prattled by Dr El Ilea, Oats leans di Hart s l
New York.
0 F THOMAS to Co, 144 Main it. between ad and
4th its, and 188 Main et, between 4th and ask sinew,
Cincumad, Ohlo, wholesale and retail news 11,14
south and west.
.Cvvii,COX, Jr, corner of Mo.riet and the Mel
mood, only art In Pinsb'g P. Jo.22davrly
. . . . . .... .
~- r • .- No. 05, DIAMOND ALLEY,•
,•••,,,,_'.... :'-'", Few doom below Wood inset, to
.'...-•, ~.',.. market
:- •' •
••. ;'Alt . DR. BROWN, having been 1
...' •
.....„-..:',,,, ..• regularly educated to the medical ,
-.1;., profession, and been for some time
- in general procure, now confines
fi.l. '•• • • ' .- • his attention to the treatment of
(... . ' . •4 4 those private and delicate coma
11;" .. ... ' . \ plaints for which his opportunities
t.,.. . , •• 7 , ‘ nod e xp erience peculiarly gstalify
''.V ears armdeously devoted .
to am. • fir, treatment of those compinintsfiluruse which
'time - ho tmelsad, more practice and has cored more pa- •
dont* than can ever fall to the lot of any private prae-
Iltioner) empty qualifies him to offer assurances of I
or., and satisfactory core to all afflicted
wia ll;''' = "= diseases, and nil diseases arising there,' .
Ni& 10 / 0 ?-L &
Dr. Brown would inform those afflicted with private
disease. which have become chronic by time or ag '
graveled 6T0...5e of .y of the common nostrums of
the day, thoitheir complamts ran be radically and thor
oughly cured; he having given his careful attention to
the treatment of such eases, and succeeded in hundreds
of instances in truing persons of inflammation of the
neck of the bladder, and kindred diseases which often,
result from those cases where others have consigned i
them to hopeless despair. He particularly invites such
as have been long and unsuccessfully treated by others!
to eormult him, when every satisfaction will be givmt
them, and their ours treated in a ecreful, thorough and
intelligent manner, pointed out by a long erperience,
study, and investigation, which it is Impossible tor those.
cn l. ed 1 &aerial practice of medicine to give eery
="trilernia or Ruptiere,--Dr. Brown .1. invites per.l
sons afflicted with Hernia to call, as he has paid palms.
Wax mtention to this disease.
Skin diseisses; also Pi' s, Palsy, etc., speedily eared
Chaexesvery low.
N. B.—Patients of euh sex living at a distan.,
stating Moir disease in writing, giving all the sympf
toms, Goa obtain medicines with directions for use, by
addressing T. BROWN, hi. D., post paid, and encl...
too fee
No. 65, Diamond alley, opposite the overly
RIIIVALVII3I. —Dr. Brown's newly discovered reme
dy for Rheumatism is a speedy and tens. remedy for'
that painful trouble. It never fails\ . ,
Office and Private Consithing R v No. 6,5 Dia
mond alley, Pinsbuigh, Pa. The Doctl is always att,
irr No core_no pay.
C. if deaf..
A— ,
This dise.e is caused by a paroxysmal coolant,'
don of the tor cells; it to very deinlitating almost cans
logsnffocattori DR. 13WW. TREWS PANACEA la this .
onl klis:nwnirs c
can . e coa be entirely cured by a free ate of Dr.
Sweesser's Pommes.
Catarrh, or common cold, which, if neglectcdt will
terminate in Consmaption, elifectually relieved nn&
eared by Dr. Sweetser's Panacea.
Bronchitis, if unchecked, will effectually lead WI
Bronchial Consumption, but a timely use of Dr. Sweet
sires Panacea will effectually cure IL
hillonarnation of the Toned. or Sore Throvi--Thisi
disease o ft en leads to serious consequence. from mg-.
tees, such as ulceration of the throat. On the first oyairi-1
tome, Dr. Sweemer's Panacea should be procured and!
used freely.
Coughs and Colds find a sovereign remedy
Sweeter's Panacea.
Pneumonia Notha—ft very fatal diseouren re:salting!
hem a violent cough and cold on a debilitated or hr.!
ken down constitution; aged persons are subject to
Dr. Sweeter's Panacea should be used on the firm!
symptom., which are a cough oreold
Night Sweats—This debilitating complaint will meek
with a timely check, by using Dr. Sweetser's Panacea!,
Consamploon.—lf on the firstappearance of connunpn,
doe symptoms, which are a pain in the aide and breast,
doo or spitting of blood, if Dr. Sweetser's Pommes is
Neely used, no danger need be apprehended.
When the Lungs, the Windpipe, or 13ronchial. Tube*
become clogged up with phlegm so az to impede fespi. ,
ration or brearlung, Dr. Sweetsert. Panacea, which IX
a powerthl Expectorant, should be taken according tr
the directions.
Influmma—This distwasing epidemic, so prevalent
oar climate, V speedily cared by Dr. Sweet:Fees Pane.
Price Slper bottle, or sly bottles fonts.
For sale by WhL JAC/MON, Bp Liberty EL, sign ei
big boot. norSioly
To the Bledlead Profession and Public
HECKER"S FARINA, now in use at th e Hospital
and other public establishment s, ani i ,
re commended by some of the most distinguished pixy
lithium and chemists, as an article of diet for ehiliret
and invalids, much superior to arrow root. sago, etel
far more streamhening, pleasant ID the Mate, and ens
of digestion. Pat up In 24 lb. boxea of half lb. papere
each accompanied with printed direenons for cookioq
Idebig, in his Agricultural Cherainry, p. 4n, Phil. eili
"Children fed upon arrow-mot, sake, or nuked an.
kind of maybe... feed, which does contain maw.
diems fitted for the thresatioa of bones and muscle qqqqqq
became fat, and acquire mach tothaveuerr, their lan
app . ear full, but they do not acquire strength, nor or
their organs properly develop-W.."
In the analyais of the Farina made by Prof- Reid
New York, among other coasrtenn, be gives 13 pe;
cent of glutton and albu th men; and remarks that thi
claims or the lining upon the hledical Peofession an
De public will lent upon itscontainingin the glutux
and a lbumen, vegetable fibrine and other nitrogen,.
Niches not found in assess root or iietttlee •11011teltee
and which modern chemistry has pointed out as Into
mary to the formation of Inman fibre, and b
'O means of which nature makes up for the consult
waste that taker place in the human body. For au./
wholesale or retail, by R E SELLERS,
eePli 57 wool at
------- Itifilltnnilln Parves.
jT L a great satisfaction to us to be able nuts pablic
t o announce, that the great demand for oar soperl
~,,d splendid preparations of one "FAMILY 11Wi.D
cr.; sliD„," far exceeds our most sanguine expecuulont
particularly our Indian Barte-etomat and Complain,
Carminative Balsam, which for beauty of apnea
superiority of ingredients, and the compounding .
them, together with the immense disparity m the
of onr bottles over any others—the benatitni and o
mental engravings, and the taste displayed in the pa
sing of them op, is a farther incitement to the porch
cr. And as many of my-old friends who knew
("B. Gass. LOIMILetI when In the employment of Di
D. Jane, I now beg leave resperthilly to inform thei
that Tam one of the firm of LOUDEN ir. Co., No. el
Arch street, below Third, Pansusznus, where I thil
be happy to see them; who, aided by lAA brother,
regular graduate o(the "Philadelphia College of Ph. ;
macy," make, put op, and compound, with oar owl
Molds, every article comprising our "Family M edj
ones," viz: Indian Expectant:M. Compound Cara=
doe Balsam, Compound Twine Vernrifage, West Indi
-Sanative Pille, and Oriental Hale Tames.
We farther beg leave to remark, (mail. do It wi
a confidence that cannot be shakes,) that we have d
covered and made an improvement on one Orient
Hair Tonic, that far exceeds any thing ever offered'
the public. Give as a call at No. 84 ARCU attest
Oar terms alone are au Mincemeat, and we ere mili
of the result atiglain
.TO. Eli Wood street, one door south of Diamm 0
alley, Pittsburgh, Pa., offers!. sale • tar lot 4
Drugs, Medicines, Oda Paints, Varnishes, es
arid Perfumery, Foreign and Domestic, to w el " ill
calls the attention of druggises, physicians and me,..
chants visiting the city, ax he Ls determined to se ll 5
very low prices, and give general satisfaction. 000
warranted and cheap. Varnish. No. I nod 2, N. Yo'
manufacture; also Japan and Black Leather Varnit4
ehofauperior quality. Also,- White and Red Lead
prices lower than heretofore offered. J. D. hil. ad
manufactureahlorgan's celebrated Cough Syrup.whi
has given gentilaksatisaction'. to all in th e curing
- cough., colds, hoarseness, influenza, whooping co .
,ceoup, me; price 25 ;cenaLor beetle. Al., Morgai
Indian Liver Pills. •ce . cure for liver complei
sick headache, edit us complaints. Price Ni t r
- *ISM. OcrA .11
~.r ..., <~.'