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Advertisements and Subscriptions Who North Alum
east and United Staten Gazette, Philadelphia, received
and forwarded from this aka.
We will receive sad forwar XPRESS d free of expense, sa
sestisemonts and subscriptions for this men
Elobseripthans tothis valuable paper will be received
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Grrrni en11.1716H DAILT GSZI7III is published
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iss uslesesca
diErf A aLrs beihre n le,rb, " = a7=y (I.. d y M k'
practicable. Adverbs:name rum inserted for • web
(rd date will invariably be charged [Wail ordered out.
Democratic Whig Nombaatioas,
1 . 11014.11 M. T. IVICENA*Ii, of Wuhington.
Jong P. SAM I:605, of Lebanon.
1. Joseph G. Clarkson, ta. Henry Johnson,
2. John P. Wetherill, 14. WilUim Colder, Br.
2. James hL Davis, IA William hllllvam.
4. Thos. W. Duffield, 16. etudes W. Fisher,
6. Daniel 0. Rimer, 19. Andrew G. Cantu,
Joahna Dungan, 12. nos R. Davidson,
7. John 1). Steele,
20. ID. trlli Markle,
It. John Landes., low,
9. Joseph Sehmucker, ill. 11.ddrovr A g Loornts4
10. Charles Snyder, ZL Blichand Irwin,
11. IViniani G. Harley, =. Thomas II Sill,
12 Ft. cis Tyler. 24. Buial A. Pannone.
• • -
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Antimasente wad Whlf 4s :omtsatiolai.
::11001138 ONa
Vol •111/IBILX•11r.
LEWIS C. J. NOBLF, a India=
M. SWARTZWELDRIL of riusburprh:.
ITEZEKIAEI N& l 4: 4 l= 3l Erf ovror St. Char.
JOHN scow, of R 01.1.14.
DANIFI. D.DURDY, of Blluatroth Borough.
.1/ 110-01111111q=0"10,
WILLIAM BENSON, of Allegheny city.
JOHN H. FOSTER, or Baldwin,
Taylor, & Johnston Meeting.
The friends of Taylor, Fillmore, and Johnston, and
the Tariff of OYU, and Free Soil, will me. at Benja
min Sarver's, Franklin tow.hip, on Saturday, Oet. 7,
at 6 O'clock, P. M.
MORA meeting ; of the immix of TAYLOR, FILL-
E and JOHNDTON, will be held at TARENTUM,
Is the Public Reboot Raise, on Tuesday, Oct. 3d, at it
seekick, P. M. RALLY, BOYZI, RALLY.
Addresses may be expected from Moses Hampton.
uag., Geo. Borate, and others. Hy order of the Exemt
five Com. I'. A. MADEIRA, Preset.
P. 11-111. r. Hampton ova. pt./vented by sickness fro..
attending the lost meeting, but is extremely anxious t.
visit his friends to last Doer on next Tuesday.
Whig Rielsting—aVECeesport.
On the 7th of October, the Whigs el M'Keesport will
hold a Taylor and Johnstonmeeting, at 1 o'clock, P.
M. Torn out—turn out—one and all, and prepare to
Bee aext page act Telegraphic Nears.
An attentive observer will not fail to have per
ceived a sensible deterioration in public morals,
since the last French Revolution. The wild, sub.
veraive,and atrocious doctrines, engendered by in
fidelity, which then broke loose, have invaded us,
and have already done more mischief than the at
mast,- military power of France could have inflicted
in the.same period. tradet guise of a thin philan
thropy and an extreme anxiety for the rights of
labor, public speakers, and the public puns, boldly
pat kith sentiments, which, before the revolution
we speak of, were never heard of; and which, if
carried out, would lend not merely to barbarism,
but to a state-no better than the most savage and
rink, in which the species him ever been found to
mist We might multiply instances, but the one
beforens, and which we have accidently met with,
will suffice for the present- It is from the :Phila
delphia Leger, a paper of immense cimulraion,
obtained partly by its °Limpness, and partly we
fear, from its canstant habit of pandering to all base
panic= and prejudices, to hatred, malice and all
unclutritahliriess. In a leading editorial article of
that paper of the 6th instant, entitled 'The Rights
of Labor," we find the following:—
"The merchant creates nothing. He neither
raises nor makes any article which he boys or sells,
nor builds, nor loads and unloads, nor navigates,
the shiptabich carries bra merchandise, nor builds
the storehouse which contain it. A merchant ect
poets flour, and shoes, and imports silks. The
wheat is raised by the farmer, and ground by the
miller, and transported by the teamster or boatman,
and stowed by the stevedore and sailors, and the
'bon made by the mechanic are transported by
the same persons; and the silk, raised and mann
factored bytpeasantry and mechanics,is transported
by laborers. The whole business of creation, trans.
portation, and distribution is performed by labor, in
no part of which does the merchant raise a finger.
• *, • • • • • • A manufacturer or
mill owner, and a banker or financier, are in the
name condition with the merchant doing nothing,
and resolving largely the fruits raised and gather.
ed by others.ffNobility and landed aristocracy oc
cupy the same position, receiving much and doing
nothing. Yet are all countries, our own not ex
cepted, governed by the receiving, and riot by the
producing classes."
We might qnote more to the same purpose, in
which the merchant is clamed with the °robbing
class," bat the above a sufficient. Can any one
for. a moment suppose that it is dictated by any sic.
core desire to promote the "rights of labor," or with
any cat of respect for the intelligence of laborers.
Not stall. The object is to encourage false and
vain hopes, to stimulate the hatred of the rich by
the poor which a certain class, of politicians, prom
inept among which is the Ledger, think it their in.
terest to encourage and (aster. The Ledger prate.
about °governing classes," but if the producing
clsaaes had not more votes, as well as more cop.
pens, in the aggregate, than the non•producers, we
should have less of this aimolated sympathy.
The Ledger instances the case of the farmer and
shoemaker. We should like to know how they
can interchange their products,—the one living in
Massachusetts end the other in Ohio,--without the
Intervention of the merchant! He erects the ex.
change for them at less expense than they could
- do ft fin' themselves, and fairly nowt and deserves
something, for his risk and trouble. This is one of
the beneficient opeantionsofrociay and visa..., time
which our modern progreseret would subvert, by
making every mechanic and farmer, his own trans
porter, menehmo,lce. Therebf - striking at another
important and beneficent effect of cis ilicatiothdieie.
son of motor, by which more, infinitely more, is pro
duced than could be if each man manufactured and
carried and did all for himself ,and nothing by way
of elettemge kir his neighbor. Again, the old sys
tem—which the modern reformers would have as
believe new—is totally ineinmpauble with any ex
cellence or perfection of workmanship. The
beautiful things which add to much to oar comfort
and pleasure, are the result of exclusive devotion
tonne objeszt. But we need not pursue - this subject
It has occurred to us that if both parties in this
controversy, both the rich and the poor, would
think and talk leas oftheir rights and more of their
darter, it would be better for each. Our riekts ore,
for anything we can see, sufficiently provided for
by our lowa and constitution. Let these be anima
ed and little would be left, we think, in this respect
to desire. For the due fulfilment of our, rathr, we
are amenable to a higher power. We are exhorted
and commanded to brotherly love, to charity, to do
unto others anwe would that they should do unto
as, to beirindly affectioned one to another, &c., in
abort to be Christians in immix as well as in deed.
Were we more generally so, it woald be the beat
antidote to the French phikaophy that could be pos.
sibly devised. The poison would then fall com
paratively harmles& -
A very Interesting Whig meeting was held in
East biberty, on Friday evening last, which was
addressed by Hon. Wainor FOZWAID, and ,Ozo.
Darans4Esq. Mr. Forward's speech was a most
effective and eloquent vindication of himself from
the attache of the Locefocce, in reference to the
veto power, in which he depicted the difference be
ta:vent constitotioual use, and the these of
poiver. Mr. Danne's apnea was one of the most
eloquent end matoody, of the campaign, and did
him greathonar. Oar cause lockawell inresbles
tionnship, and we may lark for our usual, if not en
increased majority, In thin old autitighold °lcor.
'Tax Buxom kassces' is the - title of n Witig
paper, Pet touted in Bridgeport, Belmont County,
Ohio, by G. D. Ball, Ego. It strives Taylor and
- The Erin nib of GenerelTartior
.lately held nßasbacue at Pass Christian, *Web
was attended by thousands' upon thousands of the
friends of the Old Hero. General Taylor was pm
sent, and was welcomed by John Henderson Esq.
11 behalf of the people of Harrison county to the
hospitalities of the day in an eloquent and appro
priate address. General Taylor replied in the fol•
lowing happy and modest speech, which will reach
the hearts of every man not Closed by — pother,
It is with emotions of no ordinary embarrass.
ment, Mr. Speaker, that I find myself called upon
to respond to the cordial reception with which I
have just been met by the authorities ofPaas Chris.
tiati and the citizens of Harrison county. I can.
not indeed, expect to do justice to the occasion,
and Mel especially less able to Mier in adequate
terms my acknowledgments for the very flatten
tag language in which this greeting has been ten.
dered by the talented citizen who has just addres
aed me. 1 can only, therefore, offer you my wars
meat thanks, and assure you that the styleot my
reception here is particularly grateful to my feel.
logs. This simple and republican manner of meet
ing my fellow citizens carries me back to the pleas.
ant scenes of my early life. I was reared from
infancy to early manhood in the West—among
men of the most prunitive tastes and republican
simplicity. We there frequently met on occasions
like this. to exchange freely our opinions on Na
tional and State affairs, and to devise measures
Mr the defence of our borders, which at that day
the General Goveaument was sometimes unable to
protect. On these occasions were often collected,
too, those men of lion beans and iron nerves who
had not only aided the father of our Country in
achieving oltr independence, and Mood by his aide
in many of his hard fought battles, but who after
wards filled, with honor to our country, commie..
anus pl . tr e in our legislative bodies, both National
and Sr I have been educated in the simple
and republican babas so happily illustrated in this
scene, and do not expect to change them in my
old days. You will then understand me when I
assure you again, that the manner of my reception
here is more agreeable to my Meting, and tastes
them could be all the pomp and pageantry of a re.
°melon at the most splendid Court of Europe.
The complimentary language in which you have
been pleased to allude to my military services,
which now embrace a period of more than forty
yearn, and especially to the actions in which I have
been engaged daring that time, commencing with
the defence of Fort Harrison, in 1812, and ending
with the battle of Buena Vista, has awakened in
me the most grateful emotions. I feel particularly
gratified at the just tribute of praise which you
have paid, io speaking of these services, to the gal
lant men whom I commanded on those occasions,
and to whom I feel deeply indebted for our success
I claim nothing save the plod fortune of being the
leader of loch men on the occasions referred to ;
and to their seal in sustaining me, and to their
bold hearts and strong arms, are we indebted for
our victones. The manner in which you have al -
haled to my being stripped of my troops on the Rio
Grande, and to my being left, as it might seem, at
the mercy of the enemy, just before the battle of
Buena Vista, renders it proper, probably, that I '
should make n few remarks in relation to that mat.
ter. I received at Victoria, while on my way to
Tampico—a movement which I had advised the
War Department [should make, for certain reasons
—an order from the of the army.
stripping me of the greater portion of my command,
and particularly of regular troops and volunteers
well instructed- This order was received by me
with much surprise, and, I most confess, produced
the strongest feelings of regret, mortification and
disappointment, as I knew that Gen. Santa Aana
was with striking distance of my line, with an army
of 25,000, probably the beat appointed men ever
collected in Mexico. After potting most of the
troops then with ire at Victoria en route (or Tam
pico—the larger portion of the commands at Mon-
terey and Saltine" having been already withdrawn
for the sa MO ultimate destination—l was instructed
to return to the former place, where it was rupee
tad I would remain on the defensive, with the small
(arse then under my orders. A few days after
reaching that point I learned that the greatest alarm
prevailed among the advance at Sakai°, in conse
quence of the capture at Encarnacion of Majors
Borland and Gaines, with their party of about eighty
picked men from the Arkansas and Kentucky cav
alry—followed a few days afterwards by the cap
tun of a detachment of picked men under Ceps
Heady, also of the Kentucky cavalry.
About the same time I received a communica
tion from General Wool, then commanding a Sal
tillo, urging me to join him with all the troops at
my disposed, stating that General Santa Anna was
at least preparing,-if he was not already C7ll mate,
to strike n blow at Sandhi! I immediately joined
General Wool with 700 or 800 men, and a few
days afterwards concentrated all the troops, which
were generally encamped by regiments, and took
may position at Agun - Neuva, in order that all the
officers might become better acquainted with each
other and their duty, and that generally a more Cho-
rough system of discipline and instruction could
be adopted to prepare all hands for service. \Wide
here, I was advised by the War Department as the
General m Chief to occupy Monterey. This ad
vice I believed then, as I do now, was given at hex.
ard, and in ignorance of my situation, and that of
the enemy, and of the country. I declined to adopt
it, and determined to fight the Mexican General
immediately after ho crowed thetAirsett count ry
which lay Jew in my front, exeditefore be could
have time to refresh and treOrganize his army,
which I knew would be tench worn out and dis
ordered by a. march of 150 miles acme this des
ert without sufficient provisions and supplies, and
with a great scarcity of water. In this determine
non, so far sal know, I wasmost cordially sustain
ed by the officers of my command.
About two weeks after taking my position at
Agora Nueva, it was ascertained by my advanced
parties, that Santa Anna was at hand with his ar
my. We then fell back to Baena Vista, a ranch
some six miles in front of Saltillo, where we took
a strong potion:s and where we could easily com
municate with our depot in the latter place. Upon
this ground I determined to give bottle. The en.
emy arrived in our front on the morning of the 22d,
and summoned me to surrender at discretion about
1 o'clock• of the same day. The commons was
declined, and about 4 o'clock on that day the battle
of Buena Vista commenced. The Tenet of that
affair u known,to you nil, and I shall not, there,
fore, trouble you with its details. All tried to dia.
charge their duty to their country on that occasion,
and some even did more than their duty. It would
then perhaps be invidious to draw comparisons, but
I meat be permitted to say that, led on by their shis
tinguished commander, the gallant Mississippi Vol
unteers, of whom you have just spoken so highly
and so Justly. performed well their part. They
were the only volunteer, with the who her] met
the enemy befote—having acted as would become
veteran troops, in the conflicts about Monterey. I
therefore calculated much upon their assistance on
that eventful day, and I am happy here to say that
my expectations were fully realized. Their ranks
thinned ,by the enemy's bullets are much more
conclusive as to their good conduct than any thing
that I could now say.
The battle of Buena Vista, under the circum
stances under which it was fought, was one of the
most trying occasions in which a soldier can he
placed. I my, indeed, that I fought that battle with
o halter about my neck. I had been advised to
fell back and occupy Monterey, which, as before
stated, I declined, end had I been unsuccessful,
this advice would have been brought up in judg
ment against me. I declined that advice because
I believed the result would have been as dimustums
as n defeat. fled I fallen back to Monterey, the
whole country about me, upon which I was great
ly dependent for forage, would have flown to arms.
Once confined in Monterey, the volunteers, to my
nothing of the effects of the retreat upon theta.
would have become sickly and dtspirited, and de
prived of ell means of obudning supplies, and pen
ticularly Garage/I should soon have not had a dra
goon or artillery horse in my commend, and would
therefore have been compelled ultimately to snn
render, unless the wig° could have been raised by
G ee . Scott, from Vern Crux, with the troops under
his commend.
The battle of Buena Vista was knight :en our
side by about 450 regular troops and something
upwards of 4500 volunteers, while they Were
opposed by at least 20000 of the enemy; and had
we lost the day, I feel that the whole responsibility
of the misfortune would have fallen upon my
shoulders. Yet Ibe 110.W4111 here to °ensure those
who placed us in that entiell situation: whlther
they deserve blame or not I leave for others to
determine. Those who had control over my fate in
due transaction may have friends here present in
whose good opinion I would not harm them. For
my own part, I tun satisfied to hope and believe that
It was all the result of accident ember than of de.
ago on their pert
la conchtsion4 beg to return to you, to my
low citizens of Harrison county, and particularly to
m fair country women here assembled, my hear.
felt thanks for the cordial reception which they
this day extended to me.
The destructive influence of the odious Tariff of
'4B is slowly, but surely destroying the manufactu.
tang intermits or*" State. This the leaders of the
Locatoro petty are aware of A letter from one of
some note in the eastern part of the State, to his
friend in this city, says the State, he thinks, is sure
Inc Cass by some 5 or 6000 majority, bat he cannot
tell bow long it will remain Bo r as the diessteerre if
jects of rho Tariff of' 46 haw areas& reaclutel certain
e l ee em_oend its afro moutha they will ninth duper"
pi e ! How coolly do the leaden contemplate the
future dirties, of the poople;:while they aid in de
ceiving them to their own certain destruction.
But we can tell them falseoheaned men, that
they may be mistaken in their calculations. mat
people are beginning to feel this effect of the Tariff
sooner then they desired, the fallowing, which we
copy from the Philadelphia Inquirer, will show: '1
Mere Democrats Oat for Taylor—The
Working Men Mortal.
A friend has bent us a placard containing a call
for • meeting of the Working Men of PheenLaville„
Pa, who are favorable to the election of Taylor,
Fdlmore and Jobashai. The Meeting is to be
held on Saturday evening next, at 6 o'clock. The
call is sigoed by upwards of ONE HUNDRED
AND THIRTY Individnalo—yrackflers,Asatwa, roll
rrs, spas wittersprisiarsasuf othersnamed is the
iron works, as wet as skormakm,hieliagerz, ear.
imam ft, gc; and Gastrin& in as that one.
of h e names am those of D i
emocrats, who
have determined to go for Taylor, Fillmore and
Johnston. This is a significant Inge of the times.
The working men of Pennsylvania are moving,
and in the right spirit.
iesalintax HAIL ROAD.
The iglowellifie this Report laid before the Board
of Trade, on Thum* evening, by the Piesident
of the Pennsylvania *ill Road Company:
OSIFICE 07 Pretrnown• Ran. ROAD Co.l
Philadelphia, Sept. 16th, 1648.
To the Stotkhdd,4 e of the Pentuyhronto Boa Bead
Creep :ter
By instruction of the Directors, I nand you here
with the Report of the Chief Engineer detailing the
progress of the work, and animates of the mat.
In transmitting this document, I ask for it ap at_
tentive perusal, and beg to call your attention to
the prospects, condition, and wants of the com
When, in 18113, you subscribed to the Stock, it
was done, not so much with the hope of direct pro.
fit, as with a patriotic intent to save the trade of the
great West to Pennsylvanbt, for alfficiagh the Sc- I
rive promoters of the work foresaw in its comple.
lion ample returns for the capital invented, you for
the moat part subscribed for the sake of public im
provement and the advance of general prosperity,
rather than with a hope of great dividends.
Ever) , step taken since the organisation of the
company has encouraged perseverance—not only
have the motives for prosecuting the work for pith
lic good been strengthened, but the prospects of an
advantageous employment of the capital invested
has been rendered certain, while no doubt exists
that the result of your undertaking, instead of in.
jury to your State Works, will add to the revenues
of the Commonweatth, and relieve the burden of
taxatiim. Every motive exists, therefore, for an
united effort to finish your undertaking, as speedi
ly at sound economy will permit.
To secure your object, the Capital of the comps.
ny mast now be filled up. The first subscription
wan to organize—the next will be to finish. Then
you subscribed with hope, now with certainty of
morass. The condition of the work has been sta
ted to you by Mr. Thompson. The progress to this
time renders it certain that the road from Harris
burg to Lewistiwn will be in active operation in
May next, when yon will begin to reap the fruits
of your enterprise. In December following, it will
be ready to Huntingdon, at which point it will take
a large thereof Western trade and travel. 111 May
Mowing, it will be open to Hollidaysburg, and in
connection with the Portage, there wilt be a roe-
Moto. tine of rail way extending from Philadel.
phia two hundred and eighty seven miles, out of
three hundred and fifty, carrying, in conjunction
with the canal, the whole of your trade in suin.
mer, and affording the cheapest winter conveyance
between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.
A strong effort will he made to open to Ilolli.
dayaburg, by the close of 1849, with good prospects
of success.
These are the prospects on the East side of the
mountains—on the West, Allegheny has nobly
coma op to the work, and subscnbed a million in
her corporate capacity. Her citizens will do their
part, and swell the amount. On the disposition of
the Allegheny Bonds---measures for which will be
taken as souti as they can he moved—the Western
aide will be put under contract, to be finished in
the same year as the Eastern. To enable the
Board to do this, they most he certain of their re•
sources. This work shall not be swamped in debt
or ruined by improvident management.
The money is not yet wanted, but we must know
where it is to come from, when it is wanted. No
one need be deterred from subscribing by the pre
sent scarcity of money. One instalment now paid
to secure the subscription, Is all that is required.—
No instalments will be called in bekire next June,
and the remainder will be spread over eighteen
months—all that is now required is security that
the funds will be forthcoming in due season, to en
able the Board to pecan the work with increased
The absolute necesaity of this road to the trade
of Philadelphia is universally acknowledged. The
Completion of the Cincinnati and Sandusky Road
brings that city within three days ride of N. York,
for eight months in the year.
The trade of the Ohio River, which once he
longed exclusively to Philadelphia is now divert
ed to New York by this uew channel of the Lake.
Hundreds ofpassengers tinily pass over that
road to New York—where the travel goes, there
goes the trade.
You are engaged in a greet struggle for the tmde
of the West—to obtain it a portion of your earn
ings must be devoted to open the highway. Once
open, it will maintain and enlarge itself
The amount of funds required for this purpose
as stated by the Chief Engineer, is $6,520,000
°furbish there is secured by public
and private subscription, 5,250,000
Leaving to be provided, 1,270,000
Add to Stock the road with cars and
locomotives, 1,310,003
Total to be mise,l
Can Philadelphia fornush such an amount—sup
pose it to be a total Instil—Philadelphia has ex
pended millions in reaching the coal and iron from
the neighboring countie. Not one orthosie improve
ments pays a dividend. Ilas this expenditure made
her poorer? Let any man who can remember
Philadelphia an it was twenty years ago take a
view of the Improvements which have sprung up
within its borders!
Where did this immense increase come from , —
The answer is, your intereatimprovements. The
capital spent in reaching your coal and Won, and
in bringing the Western Trade is not lost. It has
loitered your manufactures—it has increased your
busineas—it has enhanced the value of your real
estate—it has stimulated industry. It him made
you what you are—the second city in the Union;
and If you do not halt in your onward course of
improvement, it will make you the first.
But I need not reiterate the opinion that the
Pennsylvania Rail Road will pay. Let us avoid
debt and usurious interest, and it cannot fad to pay.
The trade is made to our 61mile—sufficient to
give en interest on both lines of canal and rail
road, if the profits are not divided with othlara—
and on opening the road an immense increase of
trade and travel may be anticipated.
Rail roads and canals have built up New York,
and so well convinced are the citizens of their va
lue, that they are now making a third avenue to
the Lakes--both the others being crowded with
Burton bas been built up by the same means.
and if we expect to maintain our positron, we
must follow their example. Our local position fa
vors the enterprise. The shortest mute, and the
route that must secure the bulk of the trade and
travel from the western waters, passes through
Pennsylvania, and hence we can command the
trade, if we have sufficient energy and enterprise
promptly to complete our road.
The Arectnn will not consent to build on bor•
rowed money or posh the work faster than money
is furnished.
They cannot consent to enter into obligations
without knowing hoar they me to he met, and on
ions the Mock is filled up, they must wmt with pa
tience until you are convinced of the necessity of
furnishing the means to complete it.
The Books are now open at the ollice of the
Company, and you are respectfully in•ited to add
to you rsubscription,and induce such of your friends
as may be disposed to do the same.
Very Respectfully,
President of Pertnsylvanta Ra!road Co.
The Explosion on Board the Concordia.
The N. Orleen' Delia of the 19th.has the particular.
&the explosion of the steamer Concordia, et Pla
quemine, Oil the 17th last. Among the passengers
were the son and daughter of General Taykir, who
escaped unhurt.
Pxscrinecure, Bo nday Morning, Sept. 17, 1919.
Eds.' Delia—l hasten to inform you of tbe panic
niers of a dreadful catastrophe which has rust hap
petted at our lending. The fine packet Concordia
burst two of her boilers at 5 o'clock this morning,
tearing her boiler deck, part of her mho, and the
front pert of her humane roof literally to atoms
I have ascertained from Mr. Spencer Tibbetts,
her head pilot, theparuculan of the melancholy
affair. The number killed and wounded are as fol
lows: Cap. Pease, scalded badly; he had, at the
moment of the explosion, entered his state room,
and gnu precipitated to the main deck by the floor
of his room Galling through, and fell among the
Wham by which both his logs were slightly imared,
and his hands and (ace and body badly burned.—
The second clerk, Mosby, is badly scalded! first
engineer, severely scald d ; bar keeper, one hand
scalded badly; one yeomener whose name 1 could
nut learn, is slightly scalded; a young roan, named
Klein, was thrown overboard, and rescued from
shore, after being in the water nearly half au hour;
seven negro., five deck hands and two cabin-boys
me scalded badly; two deck hands mat dead; two
supposed to be drowned. These are all knowd
to be wounded. The boat is now lying at our land
ing, grafting for the Magnolia, to tow her to New
Orleans, Every assistance our phyucians and ci
tizens could render was promptly offered, and ene•
ry one as properly cared for en cocumatanon
would permit- The condition of the wounded is be
lieved to be dangerone—the captain will recover,
though he is badly scaled , he is now nay and COW
verses freely.
The explosion is o matter of surprise to every
one. The engineer tells me that she was not
crowded in speed; but thinks age must be the
cause of the bode,. bunting. She bad stopped here
to pot out passengers, and bad got about one han
dfed yard. from s ho re when the crash took place.
The Delta adds: -Copt. Pease has aloe been
brought home, and in a very low condition. We
have been verbally informed, that some of those
mentioned our correspondent as having been
seriously scded, have sin. died. The engineer
on duty at the time of the catastrophe b. abscond
ed. having
boilers of the Concordia were five years
old, having been in the previous steamer of that
name. The way things are managed now, there
is absolutely Imo risk incurred In crossing the At.
lantln, than then is in going in one of our steamers
up the coast.
The foregoing was in type when we received
from the clerk of tbp Concordia the Mowing. He
requests us, in the meantime, to date, that a bond
of trogirreers will be as soon as possible, appointed
to inquire into the cause of the catastrophe; nod that
they will make a full and impartial report of their
W. McDowell,assisiant clerk; Mich
ael McQuade, deck hand ; Jordon, (colored] tire
man; one fireman (colored) missing, Bob and Ed
ward Davis, (colored) cabin boys
Jladly &oldsd.--Cept. H. Pease; ;lobe F. Mosby,
assistant clerk; Take* (colored) fireman.
S.Arktly SealdaL—John Lsatii la engineer, F.
V. Celle*, barkeeper, BUM!, (colored) fireman.
Three boilers exploded. No rs injured
Freight and letters all saved, and will herd..
ed by steamer Magnolia this evening.
'The Fhlholatphia Ledger la mistaken in gating
that the Whigs have two candidates for member
of Congress in this county. Geo.W. Jaelmon, Eaq.,
is the Free &alcandidate, and hat kerne* belong
ed to the Locate° party.
Leer iKmalaria
mama Vol rai nrnmami •
Notarithstanding the severe inclemency of the
weather, the Mess Meeting at McFaden's Wane.
house, on Saturday night, was no mean show of
the true Whig Democracy of the city of Pittsburgh,
and oar mind naturally reverted hack to the time
when, in 1514, this same old Hall was made to
ring with peals of eloquence in behalf of the Sage
of Ashland, a name, the very sound of which fills
the heart of every true patriot with feelings of FIT
fond admiration.
Long before the 630/ in speaking had arrived,
the room was fairly crowded, and a general feeling
of enthusiasm waned to prevail throughout the
vast assemblage.
A kw minutes before 8 o'clock, the Ron. John J.
Pearson, of Mercer county, was introduced to the
meeting, and acquitted himself by the delivery of
an address, which, to judge from the frequent
burst, of applause from all pans of the house, must
have had a favorable influence upon the hearts of
all present.
The Hon. Andrew Stewart, of Fayaue county,
was very unexpectedly present, and at the very
announcement of his name, was bailed as the
great advocate of Pennsylvania's favorite treasure,
—a Protective Tariff; and the long and loud rings
of applause which greeted his ears, showd him of
what material the vast assemblage was composed,
—that the hard fisted mechanic. and manufsctu•
rers were there, that the iron working district.
were fully represented, and the general sentiment
of all present was—give us the Tariff of '42 orgive
us none. Mr. Stewart's qualifications as enable
and eloquent expounder of the great principles of
true and genuine Whig Democracy, is too well
known, and too highly valued, to need eulogy at
our hands, even were our time and space sufficient
to allow it; suffice it to say that he was most en•
thustastically received, and we believe that M.
speech was not without Its most happy influence
upon all who heard it.
Circumstances beyond our control compelled
us to leave bekore the conclusion of Mr. Stewart's
speech, and we are usable to give as extended a
report of the protmedings of the meeting as we
shonid otherwise have done.
sedation have moved their Library to their splen
did Hall on Fourth, near Market Street, and we
had the honor of an invitation to taken look at their
arrangements, on Saturday. The lower room oc
copied by the Library, is very commodious, well
lighted, and is being tastefully finished and fur
nished, in all respect. The upper room—also
very large--is designed, we understand, to be used
as a lecture roam. The Association have jest
nicest! their first year of existence, and have pro.
greased admirably. The number of members in
already large-300 and upward—and additions
are constantly being made. They hove SOO vol.
umes of books—it large portion highly valuable
work. A mineral and geological cabinet, em
bracing 300 specimens, magazines, newspapers, of
all kinds, and embracing all subjects. The Asso
ciation is out of debt, nod hove abundant means is
hand to defray all the expenses of the improve
ment and fitting up of the new moms, and hope
still further to increase the inducement to support
from their &Ilow citizen.
Nl.ll-10.CE — Conwlaint was made by one of
the butchers, on Saturday, against the persons con
cerned In grading Fifth Street, for their gross negh
■ence in not putting up barriers to prevent vehicles
from falling into the excavation. The butcher's
can, cotmng down Wylie Street, had been oven
turned on Saturday morning, bekon daylight, in the
deep gully now called Fifth Street. This IS the
second vehicle winch ha. been overturned them,
and one of the watchmen kirtnnately arrested a
stage full of passengers, which was Just about to
plunge into the abyss. A lady on that, w•os also on
the point of stepping over, some nights ago. The
street is in a very dangerous condition, and we
understand that both the Street Commtmionere—
and the contractors on the work have been warn
net] to SCOWe the liven and property of the CIIIZEIIII,
by erecting proper barriers, but have neglected to
do so—owing to some ditrieifty between them.—
Each contend that a is the duty of the other to put
up the barriers, and strait while, the citizens may
take cans of their necks, if they can.
Se 110.000
Fait—Messrs. Hampton and Swartawelder,
(Whigs) left this city on Thursday, in a buggy, to
attend a Whig meeting. When about half
their place of destination, the tire of one of
wheels came off, and the Iwo candidates got out
to secure it with urine, hanlkerchiefl &o While
thus engaged, Messrs. Sawyer and Kent, (Dem..
mats) passing by in another buggy, on their way to
a Democratic gathering, made men-y over the
plight of the opposition gentlemen, and rattled on
quite gaily—bat before they reached the place of
meeting, the horse ran otf, broke the buggy to
"small bits," and the two Democratic gentlemen
Dust saved their necks by Jumping from the buggy,
while in full career. We were unite amused with
Mr. Serattawelder's account of the whir. Mr.
Sawyer admits the facts, so far as we have mated
them—but denies offering "aid and tomPirt to the
enemy," which Mr. Swartamelder also charges
Hun or Nsuoavooa.—The weana boat Sea
mate that they have had more Mt:11.11y during all
the low water this season in getting over the bars
below Wheeling than above that village. While
they could come op or demiernd to Whetltrig with.
out wtung a spar, they are compelled to lighten
and spar, and weary both their passengers sad
themnelvea to get along between Wheeling and
Ca2CMI3OI. antrington's bar lima been the wont
place this beftSol:l—even caption being eclipsed.
The Baltimore rod road people should bear 11. fart
in mind.
Tonto LIGIIT —The Whig Torch
Light Proseaston too:one off oo Wednesday night
nest, promises to he a gram! affair. We counted
fitly one haudsoinsly got op transparence. It Ow
meeting on Saturday evening, and the toys said
that was only & begtoning.
Srritntx C over , Sept. 29, 194&
Smith e Mice—Flew to tha Court of
Common Pia. of Eno coonty. Argued by Mr.
Walker, and Mr. Galbraith, hrr Phil's in Error, and
by Mr. Babbitt and Mr. Marshall lot IA in Error.
Junes vs Raymond--Error to the Court of Com.
mon Musa of Erie county. Argued by Mr. Babbitt
for Plain F.rror, and by Mr. Walker and Mr. Gal.
braith for Dll in Error.
Dayton Trosa' Admr—Error to the Court of
Common Plea. of Eno county. Arwood by Ma
Rabbit 6r Pita in Error, and by Mr. Walker for
ia Error.
Lowry rs Coulter & Co.—Error to the Court of
Common Pleas o(Venango Comity. Argued by.
Mr. Pearson and Mr. Riddle 6r Mt( in Error, Mr
Brown 6r1)11 in Error.
To Cortaxaranomors.—We frequently receive
communications which are inoportune--w loch are
not of rudidient interest to deserve, an insertion,
and some which are unfit for insertion, and can
subserve no good purpose. We do not damn it
necessary to announce the (actin every instance,
presuming the writers will understand, by their ars
tide. not appeisnog, that they Ira rejected. No
disrespect us intended towards the writers, but we
sit as the caterer for the appetite, of thousands of
renders, and must be left to the decision of our
own judgment.
'Barman' co,nplaina because we could not find
room for his communication during these exciting
times, and in his charges makes an injurious
nation, lad it ever occur to him that he had not
manifested sufficient confidence in us to entrant to
us hi. named
The Poo is laboring to show that Gen. Taylor
has received pay for extra services. The editor's
object, we presume, is to withdraw attention from
the enormous amounts Can has received, and
pocketed u But, unfortunately for the
truth oldie Pida's statement, we have that of Pred.
dent Polk, on the 11th day of August, 1818, in
which he says, that Gee. Taylor, for fang years' set
vices, had received 593,421 61—" ALL AS RE,
GOLAR PAY' Now, if Mr. Polk, under ■ reso
lution of Congrees, so late as list August, was
compelled by the truth, to make this statement,
what will any honed man think of such charges as
the Post has trumped up.
The last Clay meeting hu taken place in New
York, and the !cedars of the movement, to
obedience to the request of Mr Clay, have
abandoned their intention of setting op another
electoral ticket. Mr. Botts addreued the meeting
and avowed has intention of voting for General
Taylor. Most of the malcomonta, we premium
will,do likawine. The Tribune will from beam.
forth, daring the campaign, battle In the regular
Whig ranks.
Hunt. Jane Fly him been renominated ka
Campine In the Fifth District by the Whigs of
Montgomery county. Either Gen. JAMS FIT or
Ammon= IdsKerma, it believed wilC be the
Lowfwo wmusee
PI2IIOIX4YANIA. ,The kb:maw list a the
candidata iir 03agresa bilks Stile, as fir as U.
I. alikratierl4,lke. David P. Broom, Thoe B. Florence
9. aPhil• 4 DY• • • -J. R Moodier, Jos C Vandyke.
uNrn. Lib. ke. • John 8 Lade. Wm 8 Hallowell.
4. Keresrom ke.• • Henry D Moore, John Robbins, Jr.
s. Montgorey, k.c. John Preedley,
6. Bucks Co.
7. eChester Jesse C Dickey, Joseph Hemphill.
L. eLaireaster •.• •Thad. Stevens, Emanuel Shaeffer
9. Berks Peter Adams, *William Strong.
to. Noethlon,/se• • Earl Wheeler, 111 hl Dnamiek.
11 . I . o oo iika•-• ••Chester Butler, Head. B Wright.
Samuel P
11 £ Bowman.
/"." 41 :.rth he. • ..Ben •W Tracy, •David
Jonah Brewster.
13. Lyooming. in • -Joseph Casey, Wm A Petnken.
14. aDanphin. ice W Pitman,
15. York, in •Dr Henry Nes,
16. Perry. dee •J E Brady, 8 111aLanahan.
17. aCentre,ke . • . •liamnel Calvin, Andrew, Parker.
Id. alireerie, An.. • .Andes I Ogle, John I. Dawson.
19. Westland, Zee • P Liverrecrod, Job Mann.
20 aßeaver. • Robi @ Reed, Wm Hopkins.
21. aAllegheny •• • - 0 51 Hampton, Sand NV Mark.
113 w Jackson,
2. Crawford, Ad • • J w Howe, J E McFarland.
Z Clarion, An •• • .J.. Campbell, o .las Thompson.
24. oAnnstlis. tse • • .0 W Smith, Alfred Gilmore.
"'Members of the present House.
Gave nussorlties for Clay in '44, akasrcic the rest fo
Polk, TIMMY., IFree Sod.
A Goon Ines.—We hear through channels that
enable us to state with confidence that the leading
Hunkers of our State meditate the withdrawal of
their Electoral Ticket at the polls in favor of that at
the Regular Democracy, which is pledged to Van
Beam and Anson, thus ceasing to distract the
Democratic party, so the as the Presidency in con
cerned. This is the most sensible scheme that
bat entered their heads this season. If they will
Just make a clean thing of it, by pitching over their
spavined State Ticket as well, and giving us a fair,
old-fashioned fight between Fist! and Dix, Ps,
TIERSON and Gorse, they will make the contest
close enough to be interesting and bring out the
voters. As they know by this time that the Peo
ple won't vote for Cass, and their only chance is in
the liouse they may as well stop their thsorgatax..
ing, third party nonsense in Massaaliusetts and
Vermont also, making over their scattering yeses
to the Free Soil Democracy and thus partially con.
canting their weakness. The game is a good one,
but unless played boldly and thoroughly t i will
fell—N. I. Tribune.
lows.—Poth parties tried hard to obtsia the vote
oldie Mormon fugitives from Nauvoo and vicinity
who have temporarily halted on the unsold prairie
lands within the Slate of lowa, and near its west.
ern limit. The Whigs were successful. The Loco
Form, who had organized a Young distract express
ly the the Mormons, have stolen the returns, so that
the votes cannot he counted. Ily this felony, Dan
iel F. Miller, Whig, has lost the return, and Wm!
Thompson, the present Cane Member, is said to he
re.elected. Mr. Miller will or course contest the
l'robably on the acceptance or rejection of tY
Mormon rote will depend the Electoral vole of th.
Warn Fisz is Citzsmat.—A letter from the office
of the Record, states that the Mass Meeting held
in the borough of West Chester, on the 2egh of
September, was an imniense affair. Thousands
and thousands were in attendance. The stalwart
(ameba and mechanics of Chester county turned
out in goodly numbers, all burning with zeal and
enthusiasm far the success of Whig men and Whig
principles. Delegations fimm various townships
came in procession, hearing banners, flags, &c.
During the day, long and loud were the cheers giv.
ea for Old Zech, Fillmore end Johnston, animating
the bosom of every Whig, and discouremag our
pohhoal opponents, who have been ',monism that
the Whig fettling was down in old Chester.
tint readers will see that Dr. Banning at the re
quest of several of our respectable citizens, has
consented to deliver • series of free lectures du-
ring this week, on the important subject of Orr.
lest education. The Lecture for thin evening will
be, "on the Philosophy of the human voice, as re
lates to as power, melody, and the diseases 'net
dent to public speakers and singers:'
Bamturo,—Drar 6'r . —Having heard of the
very favorable reception of the short course of lec
tures recently delivered by you in the Hall of the
University, and being Oestrous that so important and
interesting a brunch of practical Science should be
more widely spread, the undersigned will invite you
to deliver a course of lectures on the Physical Seim,
ovs, as relates to Health, ".Physical Education, and
the human voice." at inch time as will best sun your
convemenoe, and fir which purpose the Plithi Hall
will he procured,--should you tind it compatible
with your feelings and arruagements to comply.
Should you comply, such is the intrinsic interest of
your subject, and the location of the Hall so central
for the accommodation of the citizens of both city
and suburb*, that we doubt not much good may be
amiomphslied. Most R.espeetfullyyou..
Mn... Kea. D. H. Ittnoct.
Wm. Pgarrom,
H. Lion..
ago. I 'Prose.
O. attar,
L. Srtencw—.'Grut/entra —Plettae
accept my acknowledgments ko the honor you do
me in tattling me to lecture on certain. lopnx, In
Pinto 11.14 also, my encellill neooptance with that
invitation. Accordingly, I will Lecture gratuitous/y,
ku ladies and gentlemen, on Monday, Tuesday,
Tliondey and Ends► mngs of next week, at
Naas 1611, at 71 o'clock P. M.
Most Respectfully,
Your Obedient Servant,
Pittsburgh, Sep., 29th, ISt&
A Cen• in MtLe Lao—larstnerrino en roe Lamm
Lontarillr, Clay county. 111 , Nov. A P. 17 —I cerrtfy
that I have 'wen afflicted for ten years with what la
commonly rolled NEI! ISPyr. and after trylng many
menthe. and physicians. without relief. I at length re
verted to DR. JAYNE rt SANATIVE PILL,S and AL
TERATIVE. I took in all two hones of the Pine and
seven bootee of the Alterative. My ankle began to
abow wane of tretaiion in two or three days after to
nyi the Alwrauve. and appeared to get worm for aorrie
time. The medicine appeered to throw all the disease
on, to the surface My fingers at length .hawed the
iniseoce of the mediesne to them very ends, but now I
believe it has effectually cured inne. My ankle has
completely healed, and I ran walk u wen a. ever I
Poe mkt at the PEKIN TEA STORE, 10 Fourth at.
cr La m a P oo.a. hl MA= yoo wish to be me
pelletal to any mulertalng, you most alsmys •use the
°roper means ' Therefore, a you ha Ire • rough, use
Famst-roaawr told be cured, for it to Me proper
means Have you Asthma or dttileulty of brmobtog,
San S. only erhetent means he core you tit to use
Jayne'. Kapeetorant, which onntesbatel, overcome
t=l.7fo l" fd b b "u"' ... e ttp " th do e ' tu d u ' eu. ' ve ' lLe o h el h o e ies t the: .
op, aid tiots remove. ovary obstruettoo to . free crop
while at tho mow ow n
indarematum Is sub
dued, tool • Mr. re tarn to be efli.eted Have Too
Brotrehoot, flpt_rmys of litoml, Ileurmy, or to fart my
Paltaimary Affeeton, then use Jayne's Krpeutomot
and reltef IS VeflAM. and yea gni! dud that you have
Mood the preps. means.
Par sok to Pittsburgh st to Pekin Tett Stare, 72 ith
Muni ow/ Wood. jut!,
o ... Torunev ta favor of Dr M . Leans Liver PIN
ld e.ty 10411 a volume with ettrralieatee of
Site tUeelkeneeltthedlema Whe re vow bee had
a trial a has make It popular We have wow
Mame hundreds of °Mara hke the following
Varutrage. N V. We, 10, 1047.
Massa [we kCo Your travelhug agent leg anth
cal a abort me siert', a guannty 61'Leatee layer
Pill. The whole lot void very rapidly, and gave the
higheat earasfaelton Indeed it is considered the beat
leedloine of the kind ever offered for sale. Please .end
me another supply*. eactu as prase:llle
A Remain much of the above valuable medicine can
be had al the drug atom ofJ Kohl at Co , No au Wood
street. reel I
- _
Cousin see COLM—The frequent changes in the
weather at this season of die yew, invartably bring
along with them coughs and cold; which by timely
attention are easily cured 47 simple remedies. SEL
LERS' OSPKILIAL LX/D(111 SYRUP has been to nee
for the lain Ii years, and has gained more reputation
for the Dore of cousin (not requoing artier medical
ireaunenif than any other preparsuon ever offered to
the eilitenao( Allegheny county. The Imperial Cough
Syrup Is very pleasant to the taste, and, on this as
onnaL le • great (swarm with children. The doses are
carefully graduated, In die directions, to .till all ages.
That this long tried and highly populw cough remedy
may be within the reach of all, it is sold at the lour
price of ii cents per botde.
Prepared and Id by it. E. SELLERS, 47 Wood at,
Dittsburgh, D. 41. Curry, Al.egheny, and &Uganda gen
erally in both music now
De li'Lsna's Wpm RlM.T . —WlL.ane's Varmints.e
has long been admitted to be the best medicine ever
discovered for expelling W 0,113. hero ehtldren The
following ceruficata speak, volumes in its favor
.Mseaeoo, Wats. Co N Y. /
June •Nsi, 1817
"I certify that I have used Vemnifoge, nail
foiend it all that It in recommended to be, and have
sold It, and have in all cases found it to he an effectual
care. WM. to Faticumo
• .
Por sate at the Drug Store of .1. KIDD & Co, Se wood
Wee. oet2
W. M. Wright, X. 11., Dentist,
0., and residence on Fourth street, opposite the
Pittsburgh Bank. (hee hours from U o'clock to 19 A.
M., and from 9 o'clock to 5 P. kJ. scpl4-17
Dr. 0. 0. Stearns, Dentin., ---
at Miss Hence, on Fourth meet, • few
doors above Wood meek until the completion of
the house nearly opposite. Teeth in blocks, with arti.
fiend FMB, after the manner now snorer.Hy prefer
nod at the cast, manafactared to sun each pmneolar
amuse. Tenth, from a Ihll set down to • single one, la
mmed on a outdo. plate, thy. avoiding Injury to the
Wand teeth. npecimene of blocks of metaors plate
may be a:mined •t the office.
All operation. incident to the profession performed
with care and faithiantem.
, A regular romting of the ?dedicat Society of Al/e, Coin.), Pa. will ha held as the Court House on
iooaday, the lid day of (10106, at It o'clock, A. M.
O.D. llithCE,
sesoo-dkwlt A. M. POLLOCK,
LARD 01L--A lot on band in I bbls, will be sold low
to close consignment by
wed 1 KIDD k. Co
js/.91-ANWS VERMIFUGE—aIu gross on baud a.l
tor ads by .t 9 J KIDD & Co
it 'LANE'S LIVES PuLs—am grow. on hand and
AL far sale by ottll 1 KIDD & c.
D R by orpld lED APPLES—A T I
M . C ast rsedANDLL tad fo &
444 . 11441/14 kat
Ha yet the !tr i a G d* G E
. 04 je
Felled wits pme l air rando rbe' ' tha t' 4if
''' uanria perfect as het:dans in risk am.,
It hats a Chamber esoluaively for Roestincsneau
with a spit, thus doing away Ira all the roasting
taehmeota in the shape of "tin kitchens."
It has a large cooking capacity, with an untibStruct
ed fiat surface on the top, 'which all toimekeepers can
It ran be set up without mason work, in any ordina
ry fireplace, or in the room as • Wove; enabling those
who occupy hired houses to have the advantage of
ranee at the cost of a stove. And lam4i
It burns less coal than any other cooing eppeminur
not eiCeptlng the Empire Cooking Stove, widen Malmo
for sale at wholesale or retail, at
GILBERTS Empire Move Depoy
411 Market street, Girard Now
Extract front a recommendation from Henry Bach-
Man, F:sq , a3s Market atreen.—"You ran use no terms
in recolnmeadattoa of it, which I will not endorse If
referred to." oedidecaltDemeAbfoaw
lust received a supply of tone excellent Pena.
Their superionty eons.. in the Protector, and import
ant Improvement which glees them the following ad
-711?-151etItatartu the nib and prevents the crossing of
the two parts of which it is composed, by maintaining
a perfect parallelism between them..
MI. It retains a much larger qnantity of ink W. oth
er gold pens.
141. h prevents .11 dropping or spattering of the ink.
t thus obmates every objectton which can be urged
against ordinary gold gene. to addition w Chit, the
workmanahip is stierior to that of any pens of dome.-
ti.manufacture. They will make as fine a bait mark
as the finest steel pen, while they have all the elastici
ty of the quill. They have given sattafaction in every
instanceut which they have been tried.
A.O. Bayley's large, medium and small PenL Levi
Brown's Premium Fermi The Congress Pen. The La
dies Pen; 'Mr Richelieu Premium Pen; for sale at man
ufacturers' prices, by
_ .
occl Martel st, cornier or 34
Port, Chronicle, anienoan and Journal copy.
MACK ALPACAS—W R Murphy invites the par-
L.) neuter attention of buyers to his assortment of
above floods, having selected them with great care, in
relevance to their glossy finish and good body for ortu•
ter use. Also,
MOHAIR LUSTRES,common, medium sad roper
fine quoin...including a few pieces we black, adopted
for mourning purposes. Also
not), of satin stripe. plaids, and brocades, some of
which ace very superior. As these goods have been
bought directly from Importers, they can be sold at the
lowest possible prices.
To be bail also by the wee. to Wholesale Rooms up
suits, at a serf small advance on coat. oet2
IA !ILF:rI3 CABINFT LIBRARY, for Reboots and
Families—This work consists of twenty volumes,
and contains five hundred different sobwebs, illuatrated
with 500 engra•mgs. It is an entirelyorigmel series,
recently written and completed by BGI Goodrich, au
thor of Peter Parley's Talcs, and is designed to exhi
bit, In a popular form, Select Biographies,cient and
modern; the wonders and eurmaituca of History, Na
tore. Art, Science, end Philosophy, with the practical
duties of Ido.
The prier per Vol. to 75 cents, each coma:rang abort.
3.20 pages, Umo; or MU per a. For sae by
orel 11. HOPKINS, Apollo kkaildings,4th
T H .747g7i,VZ ' AZZ7. ` i ' ,, Th " „ g . " — d Ur. th ce,.."Yo k f
Files and Cast Steel, ts, by mutual consent, Ibis day
dissolved. A mos Tingle busing sold his entire interest
in turd firm In James Stagden. The 'swine.of the We
firm be settled by James Sagden, "rho is anthoris.
ed to oar the name or the firm for that purpose.
oetd.d3os JAMFS SIJODFS.
Reserve tp. Allegheny co. Sept 07, 194.9.
have entered into parmerslup, under the gun of
AIFE Z ATICINSON. and will carry on the Tin,
Copper, and Sheet Iron Ware manufactory.
Alan. Slackstuttlung no all its branches, at the old
stand of Wee a Beetle, First street, near Wood.
Estnicalar attenuon given to steamboat work.
illeppii SCALE PIANO FY RTEss.—Eight neer
Piano Ponca. from the eelebrated man
ufactory of Chickering, Boston, with
the new improved circular scale, just reed and now
open for sale at Me. Chlckenng's Feetory pnces, by
JOHN H MELLOR. 51 wood at, Pittsburgh,
hold Agent for Chickering, Druid snd SGmare Pi
anos (or Western Penneyiyania.oet2
—.- --
T NDIA RUBBER GOODS--Jun received, the follow
',mg articles: Teething Rinse, Elastics, Life Preser•
•ers, Gun cover., Paper holder., Tobacco Wallets,
Air and Solid !tuba Rubber Balls, all for sale at the
India Robber Depot, No 5 Wood st.
oct2 1 & H PHILLIPS
SADDLE llAtin--Jont reel, I dozen India Rubber
Saddle Sags, a superior article, al the India Ran
h, Depoi, No - 5
'Wood at. 0001 J& H PHILLIPS
I,ne VOW TV, it /01111 W. WWW.J.X.
FORSYTIi a DUNCAN, Forwarding and Catorow.
sin" Merehants, No. 37 First street, Pittsburgh.
ment (4 be.. two moue& tastruments, just reed
thin day Also. Dame Reales, for sale by
vent 1 11 MELLOR, In wood st
SVANISH BROWN—I cask for sale by
se.l JOHN D MOHOAN / Drogipst
VI:NS:TIAN RED—least. for sale by
. 131. k tC . ICINIVIsl to w s
~21 Hasoe's
J 1 : 1 , 1 1 1;f i k micrftet'4lAlrkgnd
INGF:R—I bbll•round Ganger, for rile by
1.1 o‘-r2 JOHN D hIORGAN
114 USTARD SE ED—I bbl White Mustard Heed, fo
*lab by .14 JOHN D MORAJAN
CHROME YELLOW—. 3 eases Quotas Yellow, fo
salel7 octt JOHN MORG4N
(111,R034E GREEN-1 case mazr i tr i Shir n a ti G i Lln
and Ckraniela espy.
PRODUCE—eI bbl, fresh Pall Balser; o kegsano 10
bbl. Packed do; IT sock. Barley; 15 dm common
Wool. us store and toe we J kRFLAYD,
nett Round Chinch Building
BLANKETS -1 cue re Ger:ed on consignment and fo
sale by J l R FLOYD
LARD -6 bids and 3 kegs freak Lard. In store a. d
for weir by nerd J L 6 FLOYD
I INSE.I.:D OIL-3 bbl. )no'se'd end Gar sale by
oet3 R ROBISON k. Co
N. R-7e
ü bbde prune 44ilrieo-Sarcifiwf:re7l
SALATS—fariu lb. Balelau... for .ale by
ewia R ROBISON & Co
acmes N C Rice, far rale by
11, act/ R ROBISON &Co
DIU IRON-100 taus for sate by
__ea R ROBISON k Co
7c• 0. SUGAR—VW bads pnsna N U Sagas, in more
.11 • alai for We by
I . ) 10 COFFEE-6N bags Uses. Rao Ccdee, no. lan
-111, ding from awl and for sale by
1.11.:Et4E. AND SALF:RATUS-4912 tam prima qoali-
NJ sr Omer, el bat, el Ws lialerassa, Imaging from
.f mar Careltne and far sale by
EUVE AND DUNE LI NIAIF.AIT-70 pdsi on hand
11 and for sale ocra I KIDD ICo
W or b lL—O ueta Wool, V eFd ll7lldtrgji3l743by
vf A C MEL—MO bbl . No 3 large afackeral, land
at rag and for sale by 13 , AGALICVt &KITH
ortt Id and a/ wood n
L HOULDER lIRACI—tI doe Shoulder Itracee,
splendsd ItfUtle, rust reerdved by Repreas and for
ewe at the (Al cloW and India Rubber Depot, No 3
Wood u. oc Fen J t II PHILLIPS
1005 SPRINGS—I dor. Door Sprott., just reed
JO eapressa, and for axle at the ItUil• Robber De
e.. No 6 Wood so seee6 Ja II PHILLIPS
k IR 011ettlICIISS—I dos Asr CII•1110II/, jest ree'd by
11. express and for axle at the ladle Robber Depot,
No Wood et. . essoN .1 it 11 PHILLIPS
'L.III—ICJ bele both No 3 Mackerel, lb h( DW4 do
do. .op' MX/ILL ROE '
1 , 01 ., A 12 71 ,. 3-75 a,, ba d .pctsacc.b.ra nds
epm iip.ocuad
wINDOW-80 boa GOO Window Glass.
sepll9 APIJILL.A.
TARNERS' beds superait quality.
ECONOMY BIANKKES—We have Just reCetved
oar Fall supply of 1-4 and 10-4 Economy Blankets,
welch we offer to the wade et a small ulvmee oa man
ufactumrs. prirea
semte-et SHEA & PENNOCK
DOMIZTIC PLAN N ye brown, Was, svints
aud plate! 4-4 Commute tlennels, •ribura L Ilna's
manufacture. jam received and for sale by
sap2,4l SHEA k PENNOCK
TVmmi FLANNELS—Porolmems will MW M
SM. & Penneek'n a MU swirly or real Wo
Flannel, aloe, Hedger.' 4-4 mishriukable Mimicls.
e l t l y 4l4r ce l Ft ". F R Z7Prit i IT4WI7 "
kMXk Co
CRANBERRIES- 0 bids ins, landing and for sale by
SAL .. EILATUS—IO c r ps v faligai uto
1)1UX419-10 doe gilt handled, for gale by
HERILINOB-10 bbl. for We by
FEATHERS -9:9 lba Feather., for sale by
"DILICNT COUUN CANDY-10 pass ilia lea4l and
(orals by J KIDD b. Co
ip MOM SALTS-.-f .0 lb. just reed baol fr Wm by
1:4 .apse J KIDD it Co
Al.OOlll/L-10 bbl• far sale by
sepia! J KIDD Ss Co
fIOPPERAS-10 bbls Just reed uld for sale by
p *spa J KIDD& Co
GUM SHELLAC-3 eases just reed and for sale by
aspalr H H SELLERS, 67 grocer st
UIII. PEPPERMINT—I t muster par reed and for
sale by BeplS H SELLERS
1 . .)0W , D ANTIMONY—I ease just rood and for sale
4 =4 ly sereM R E SELLERS
O IL m U v III I GAN UM-1 ease ASI 11 6 11 (or sa . le by
OIL WINTERORIREN—I eats jaw recd and for solo
. . . .
eonst -134 pieces Bacon Bides, for sale low to
1) close guarern, by
BRAZIL SUGAR-42 bags Whim Brazil Nagar, re
ecirod arid ior tale by
EFINED BORAX—IS kegs Relined Hoag, Jam
11 receiving and for We h
fIAhIPHOR—I bbl Chun Ciampbor,just Ine'd and Stu
ll .tee by „,,a 7 wax a. M'CAND4I.I33
C LUVM" bbk""h
,topertar W Chem
( . :bee.., just received and tot We by
,e 1417 WICK t 11IVANDLESS
(00DA easit i oara i tyy, jag reed and
1,7 for sale by I`4 & REPPERT
ALAIIITI..--30 tors fresh eboeolate,Jasl reed and
U e by
ou WOOD-43 Ws clopped Loprood, for We by
WICK &NAN 0Lk.Z,19
AA bbls &hub, for Pala by
..Pts • _WICK &
riOOOA--W bre superior Cocoa, erarreuted
%,./ ball received and f sale by
- $° , ..R g.',AttfrioN SAT)' P'
D. Davis,
Largo Sob of Bob.
This re =beton et o'clock. at the Cammereial Sebes
Rain, coroar pf Wood and Plith its, will be .old with
out nweree, • collection alabaster new istiacalls.
two. Book, atrch have been selected at - StanalY
this market. entlnaeing standard library calutanst, and
sineneid illuanated works in the ninon. d
of science and literature; Also , Blank 87,r, 3' •Jel
Pans, Late.. 4 Cap Wnviag aper, an
octa TORN 1.1 DAVIS, Anet
Ertrerrire Reed Stock of Dry Good., tr. •
On Friday snormng, October nth, at 10 o'clock, at the
Cornatercial Sales Soon; corner of Wood and Fifth
mama, will be sold without reserve, for email, par
mud., by order of John Forsyth, Fig. Shera—
The entire .lock of an extenstve retail store, com
prising a general assortment of fancy and staple for
= sad dancesuc Dry Goods, among which are about
POD pieces assorted mamma, silk, sadn and bonnet rib
At 2 o'clock, Y. M.
3 half chests Y II Tea, carenthsh tobacco, R bag
pepper, b bbl. beans, 3 bags peaches, barrel loaf su
gar. I box ItllBl . lao, ale wick; a large quaeuty o
sale?, At, arlacb may be exmatnell pro
•tO4ll. tike
Ceti JOHN D DAVIS, duct
anm.itkild Furniture u Auction.
Oo Tuesday twining, October 3d, at 10 o'clock, •t
the dwelling house of P. H. Stroroberg, on the east
side of Smdhgeld street, between Third and Fourth
suss., will be sold without loom, for cash curren
cy, his entire mock of household and kitchen turniture,
among winch are—one splendid rosewood spring seat
billet/Ills, book C 0.., mahogany and common
chairs, settee, mahogany Mlles, bedsteads , carpeting,
oil floor cloths, looking grnmes, Coo
den, fire irons, china, glass and queens ware, cooking
nose, and a general rneortment of cooking utensils
sepal JOHN D DAVIS, Auet
The balance of W A 111`Clarg's stock of Dry floods
will be .old at his store, No 6 Wood sk by Me sub
scriber, on Tuesday morning next, at 10 o'clock.
To /aerobes. desiring to replenish, or lay in a fresh
stack of goods, such an opportunity of doing so at their
owe prices is not often offered, mid all snob would do
Cowall call awl examine the large stock which will be
exposed to sale ou Tuesday next. The goods ire all
freak and seasonable, having o
bese cosaugned from the
east for Fall maim
h roll be unnecessary to enumerate any of the arti
cles, as the goods will be arranged to hass through the
room and numbered, on the day preriom to the sale,
shortthey caa be eitemined, cod are all warranted
and and perfect.
• The folkisruig liberal tenos are offered: For oil sums
over 0100, 3 um credit for approved endorsed mites;
IMO, 4 mos; and over Oat, mos. sep3o
Prremprory Safe of Dry Goals.
lan Monday monung, Oct. 2d, at HI o'clock, at the
Commercial gales Room, corner of Wood and Fifth
streets, will be sold, without reserve, for cash curren
cy, an extensive assortment of fancy and staple foreign
and dameetic Dry Goods, co.isting of a great variety
of super rich style priors, Manchester gingham's, alpa
cas, moos de lain., dress silks, black satin, botabaltaa,
damask lines table cloths, merino nod terkarie shawls,
sib hdkfs, per cloths, ressimeres, .atrocity Her
tacky leans, white and red flannels, nekiogs, blenched
and brown meshes, chocks, woollen and cotton hosie
ry, Oxen, dm.
At 2 o'clock.
Grouriat, Queonrwant, Furniture, fa
20 his find lb lamp Y. romufammed tobacco. 6hf
chests Y II tea
A quantity of groceries, china, glass and queens
'nue, • patent assortment of new and second hand
household !manure, among arluch ate mahogany
dressing busman, hair spring mat sofas, teams, chairs,
tables, bedsteads, book cases, trim:km blinds, feather
beds, looking glasses in great variety, Ike. sep29
Adjourned Sale 17e Acres Coal, •
Will take place on Saturday looming Sept. .10th, at
II o'clock, at the Commercial Sales Rooms,. corner o
Wood and Fifth streets. Sale poutive, winch twill af
ford • good opportunity to dealers to that very desira
ble &mete to obtain • great bargain, the coal being 0
excellent quality. and lying within about three miles
of the city, on the Coal Hill and Upper St. Clair Tarn
pate Road. Term. 0 sale.
seipt29 JOHN D DAVIS, Anct
C- .9. PORTER Meneara.
MONDAY EVENING, OCT. 2, will be acted a play
in fr acia, called the .
Muter Wafted - - -
Mr Oxley.
I t : rn m or ' .
Sir Thomas
Julia Miss Porter.
Rohm Mies Cruise.
Como-Daskee •• • ..... Muter-a W. &F. Wood.
To conclude with that
Haftal Jack
Wadilleum •
IHE SABLE BROTHIRS respectfully inform the
eintens of Pittsburgh, that they will give three of
n chaste vocal and instrumental concerts on Thurs
day, ay and Saturday evenings, the Mitt, PM and
TO mut, at the APOLLO HALL, Fourth smirch The
eracrtarnmenm will consist in part of their own Songs,
Parodres, Conundrums, Saymga and Doings, An An.
Also, new Negro Statu ary. Doors *pan at 7 o'clock—concert to commence at 7i
o'clock. rickets of admlsstori 0 rents, to be bad at
the music stores and at the dom. ve • MI
via Anntritan &co's arscsiozunr.
. - :,* . j. )' .. .•,,: ...; • At',
t. , : o f ~....' i, - - '.,........ ,•• 7: ,
.t.:-..... • . . •. ',
, .. Y. .'4.: , ,., , ,,i
...,:„. • ..... ... • :.1
. , '
.. • I . .i, 5` . . 1 4
- ....`,..;.. , 2 . :
• . . . * ':.-
. .
. t -1,--4":."--r-
WILL be exhibited in PITTSBURG% on Peon at,
TT on MONDAY and TUESDAY, the Oth arellOth
41,61 o . Loet ow ober, for TWO DAYS ONLY.
and ef toe in the evening. Admission wants. Chil
dren under years of age, half price.
The Prorewaton of Carriages, he, drill enter the
above town from Butler, at II o'clock on the above
nwrnit , preceded by the colossal •
oz Gums Sam Cithmeoa
Noted and gilded in the m es
on grorgeous style, contain
uthPost`e famous New York Wass Band.
e Carriage. and Cage. am all new, (built by the
a snechnalcs In New York,) highly finished, painted
red decorated; am drawn by a troupe of . 100 dapple
grey_ Hones, the finen and ever colleemd together.
TEM CAVALCADE will pea through the pnricipel
wreets of the town (advertised for exhibition) to the
spasm=s Pavilion, wrested for the exhibition of this
collection of animals, where the public May have en
o.pportanity of beholding the thrill= rforenancea of
MISS B. CALUOUN and MR. BROOIM., who togeth
er, will give an interesting fflustration of the ascendan
cy of intellect over the wild tenants of the forest.
See large bills at the principal hotel.
The sane will be exhibited at New Castle the lA,
Centreville the Inh, and Bader the 7th Oct. scp2l
Eagle salami, Wood Strewn
.l3ROUDof the eatdial greeting <dovetails thonsand
friend., sod the unexampled patronage bestowed
upon lie voce IVO le•eellaelletl the control of ibis estab
lishment, we beg leave to inform our Mends and pa
trons that no mania all be spared to promotethe caut
ion, pleasure and hilarl ty of our 'Mani, and to snake
the '• Old Eagle" wand amnia, and lead °R ill antler
establishments m the Veen. lee create, {unrivalled)
peaches, oysters in mesa ath all other delleamus
will be rand at this establishment, and served up in
manner wtthout precedent. Bath andparties far
rushed as anal. m • ANDREWS.
Amur/Toot, is now coostantirreceiving his
. fail stock of CARPETING, kA, composing
ow of the largest assortments ever brought to the mu.
ket, which have been parchased direct from the len•
potters and Mundicturen, of the latest and rerwest
style, and lower to ponce than ever offered In this city,
to which ho Invites the attention of those wialtifig to
furnish steasehosts or houses, before putebuing else
here. The work CMillits to part of the following
variety, vim
Rich Amminist Carpets; Oriental Tapestly 011 Cloth
do Velvet do Plain colored do
do Tapesuy do 94 feet wide
do Brume!. do 8.4, I-4,3-4, & 1 oil cloth
Extra super 3 ply do BOLL
8a t 4. do 1 , 4 and 9-4 Druograt
do State lint y Wide do do Rosewood Oil Cloth
Common do do crumb cloths •
4-4, 3-4 k. f Dames! Dammed Piano cow.
Veultiu do do Table do
4-4, 3-4 a f twl'd do de Figured Table Od cloths
1t! do do Turkey Red Tolleneu
4-4, j, 4 114 em. do Adelaul ?date
41.4 printed rotten Cageetsi Sheep slim do
Extra Bap Chenille Rags; Jute do do do Tailed do Alicant do
Pine do do Manilla Hemp
Wilton do do Roos drop Napkins
Crimson fird Plash: Diaper Towelhng
Plain do Creak
Drab M Cloth P. 4 and &a Table Listens
Blue do, for coach lin'gs; Tramynt Window Shade.
Carpet n:dings lltralFralch do do
Wost'd cords Rich Satin de. Wats for
do Tussle window curtains
Scarlet, blue, crimson, black and drab Damaska;
Aimed rainbow Demena worsted and linen Table
covers; Woe, oriautoo, scarlet, green, drab, and black
klo m. ntemco . rn m P . hasb d cs l3 4 , : i lf c . ohitra,.&:„&e.
and all oilier trinsmiti n ga necessary o fii ' r outfits for boat ambou ;
in out line, to which inuefipecisi amnion or VIM.
Is tufted W. III'CLIK'I3 Carpet Woo
one door from Woad on north at se ,Z
iILESKR,No 83Third wrest, would respectful
ttzma ay Pittabar~h and ' a ‘ ti c trer
gent lot of Piano FortrA l ealected by him .nth great
care Poe this market, d long nay in the -
era cities. U. Lhu made this busluess to examase
elosely into the most of the different Plano lunatic:D
ries, and can confidently amen that the Pianos offered
by him for sale are the very best make in the comtry.
N. B.—Pereona wishing to boy a Plum will find a
to their advantage ttl ealrand seamy etock before bay
ing elsewhere, RS my artangelostos with the manage
tomes will enable me lo sell as low, if not lower, than
any other dealer. sep3o
kissable Lela for Maks.
II)YILL be roll at low prices and on tnng time, 811
LOTH on Wylie mina, above Logan, fronting
eet on Wylie sinew, and extending back 181 feet to
age feet alloy Tbs rapid improvements la that part
of the city, and the terms upon which the Lints will be
rood, rsbder title property worthy the auentlon of those
assixoss of purohaslng real estate. Inemdre of
TODD kSMITH,nep3O-1w gth, above Smithfield et
HAMS-370 Woollen and Tuber,
._ toe'd and for
ade by wade C A lIBUTHNOT, ei wood in
TABLld&Ala—lo bar dist ireo`tl nod for nal; hy
nape aPC'ANDLeSS
13111.VERISED LERATUS 7 A superior nmni.,
r tor eaten' lute, on band aud tot tale by
giCORCHINGbbb‘ for sale by
sep2ol WICK 4. arCAiIDLESII3
lir HITE BEANS-93 br
WICK it WCAas met rehire,
NCLESS for Imlo by
TT mos
IGO saansted aixe lumps, of md
FERWM .414! tacciby
SUGAIL HOUSE MOLASSES-10D b7si sugar house
allICIIWV• io ware sad for sale by
1 I . MA=
(Ica otAncosc,)
Loaves Pirobargh dW y, sag o'clock, A. Id, and ao
rites at Oh. l lto'r, Month of the Sandy and Deaver es.
sal,) at 3 o'clock, and Now Lisboa at li, same WO,
LeavooNcor Lisbon at ko'clool, P. At, (making the
trip canal to the river during the Died.) sad
at 9 o'clock, A. AI., and arrives at PittsburgittY7.,
hl.—thus Mlallie a continuous
semen aad hevitht between Neer
burgh, in shorter time and at less mom Inca by any
other mute.
ogm and
(might, to ran in connection with the well known
suave. CALEB COPE and BEAVER, and commai.
Gleagow, with the Pittsburgh and Gacia
tion and other doily limo of cteausers down the Otto
and Idisoissippi neer. The propnewro Fdedo dam
wives to span, no expense or trouble to avant cm
AN, sahay and dispatch, and oat the public • than
mil la( J. 11ABBAUGH &Co. I N " . "ben.
NOTICE—The steamer BEAVER, C. K Chute, mas
ter, will leave alter this notice, tot WellavUle ;einem
ally, at II o'clock in the morning. 1.1.3
18411. 11141
Daily Packet Lbte.
FEBRUARY 15t,184.8 FEBRUARY tat, 194
The following new boats complete
tee line for the present wasom AT.
TIC, Capt. James Par
TIC, Capt. A. Jacobs; and
hPLANE, Caps E. Helmets The boats PTO mullet,
new, and are fined,p without regard to expense. Es.
cry comfort that money ran procure bat been provided.
The Boats will leave the Monongahela Wharf Dom at
the foot of Rom at. Passengers will be Ptteshmi an
board, as the boats will certainly leave at the adv.
tined hoots, 8 A. M. and 4 P. M Isa3l
pErnaTuliiiil - & - Wifilkin - iiii PAC1261%;7 -
gaino Milt IfiCIMIOI
Dorsey P lUmmy, muter, will leave
gularly for Wheeling, on Monday,
Wednesday and P`riday, at to o'clock precise
Leave Wheeling every Tuesday, Thursday nod Sa
turday, at 7 o'eloeh. • at, precisely.
The Consul will land at all the intermediate port
Every accomodanon that can be procured for ties abill•
fort and safety o f pas.ngen has deco ~,,,v,.... Th .
boat in al. pr , ided wnh_a self a cting ufety guard te
t...Z.'".‘,.':l°"'". Fo r " DAVID nrXEIPI7,I7 an
1.4 corner of In and Smithfield sta.
-- rag daWINITR_ _
The splendid light draught mama
s alßoyd, tauter, will lease for altos
d int ermethate ports on Una day a
10 o'clock. For freight or passage apply on bawd.
„ n ag.,
la The fine steamer
Parkinson, master, will leave for the
bows and intermediate ports Ihie day.
For freight or passage, apply on board. seperY
pon - MaNx.ori.
The splendid steamer
imaiLDavis, master, will leave for the
bore and Intermediate posts this day
at 10 o'clock A AL WOW
FORWNCINNATI AND ST. - 1 - 25 - 0 - 1r5. -
The elegant steamer
Cope, muter, will leave (or the above
d uddnatultata ports this day. athuil
Tor freight or passage, app/y on board. RemS3
The splendid new steamer
Jacobs, muter, will leave (or above
and Intermediate ports this day, at
10 o'clock A. IL
For freigto
•aaarjr,apply on board.
jEitirp The new and subsunial sum=
wilt ran during the low water between
nuburgh and the above plue, har
draught being so ligh4assengers way rely upon beim
earned through without delay. She will leave fin Cin
amnati this day at 12 o'eleek IL
For (might or pauage, apply onboard, or to
A. A. Huhu & Co C. L.Arnotay I CO.
_. .
Pittsbh New York
No. 60 Maria; &sawn Third and Fourth street",
Putsburgh, Pa.
T NYTTES the anenuou of all Merchants to their ca
. stock, (compiling more them Sig. Hundred
Peckageo 1.1 Fall and Winter Goods, which will be
offered by the piece or package, at the lowest Eastern
Wholesale press. Etecehing the greater portion of
our Domestic Goods, ou conslgnment from the Manu
facturers, and being possemed of every faculty apd
tage through our New York House, we feel =mired
that we shall be enabled to fully compete vilh say
House to the Country. our stock be part consists of
30 Cases Cashmters and De Leis&
75 - Calicos and Clitighattis;
54 Alpaeeas and I , yonese Cloths;
• 23 Bales Red, White and Yellow Flannels;
" Tehings ;
" Brown Mmilins;
175 Cams Bleached "
10 " °dared Cambric',
" Apron and Shirting Cheeks;
" Cotton Fianna/a;
St" Cloths, Caseimer and Saninetts;
" Tweeds and Jeacts;
TOGETHER with • general usancorm at Mess and
Mot Goods, Bilks and fatittele Ribbons sad
Fancy Conde, Trlmmiug; h.c., he. Making In an, am
of the most complete, tut well an OZIGUALV. meta Id
be found in the coutnry.
Wo will be constantly in receipt of the latest Idyls
of Goods, many of which we shall be able (by harms
them on commussioni loofas, at better adventage, than
could possibly be afforded by Eastern Jobbat. Mer
chants purchasing East, are solicited to examine oar
a1a0r1331.1. and leant the low area of our geode.
ont AA MASON E. Co
Peepers -to whom this is sent marked, will copy
an take out farmer adverdsemeni •
Mr Dunn
Mr. Amber
Mr.. Plier .
CV NEW TORE, may be consulted, gransiteusly,
kj fora few days, at the Exchange Hotel, in refer
mite to the applicanon of his "Body-Briee," for the re
lief of Chronic Weakness in general, Debilitated public
speakers, Pannonia Ityypepucs, weak and delimit la
dies mid cidldran, and du= with weak tch and one
prominent kip and shouider, will find touneshate com
fort by the application of this perfectly easy applica
tion, which is a submit= for the menet, and nets (un
like other mmortm by supporting the small of the back,
and lifti n and not compressum the sunken abdominal
ly expanding the chest throe gh the support
Ortrna7mal organs, correcting a stooping. Dins
by bahmaing the body on its ante, and not by restrain
ing the motions of the shoulders. Indica will be Iced
by Mna,
.Drirtrift i t, No. NI Wood street, or waited
litint 4m4 4 ;re m. ngs. Office boon, from 10 Ml 2 A..
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Pirmetritan, May 29,1946
We, the undersigned
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Patent Lace,.' the relief of eases of am,
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PEHFUMERY, &c—Hartel's Ear Divine
ji de Verner, for rendering the skin soil and beautiful.
nosh celebrated Nymyth Soap.
Haul's Italian Vegetable Harr Oil, for gradually
darireming the hair, and promoting no growth.
Hanethr Liqtdd Halr Dye, for chamong red or gray
hair to a beautiful brown, bleak or chestnut color.
Hutel's Eau Lama/ Hair Restorative, for producing
• luxuriant growth of bloc
Haul's Curling Fluid.
Hanel'. Depilatory Powder, for retUrriog Superaii
owl hair.
Hamill Bose Too& Paste.
lieue.P. Cloacae or Persian Toilet Powder.
Harrelh Unrivalled Shaving Cream.
Haul's elegem Extracts or various Unreal lawara,
for the handkerchief, together whit a large assortmens
of Ben Perfumery, pot reed and for gala In
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Om E.., CnT Or LiannEtri, nro doom
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...11 commence her Poll Bessioth On MONDAY, TSB
Al DAY OR OCTOBER. Iler_lterms vary, In the di
(Cram !mulches of • thorough English Edueation, the.
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deems it unnecessary to give referenees. Her untner
one patrons, and the progress other pupae, an Bloody
guarantees she presentS to the public. scp49.llse
A. TAVERN STAND and Mose House, with allow
23 acres of good Land, one third antidote.
tavern and storewill be rented separate from the land, or elhigether, Rs mar suit. The properly I.
teller' front Pittsburgh, on the Saler Tike, an Baken..:,
lowa, Alleghnny comm.. Possesuon given insu A
dinte i r the lit of April.
%V . BRICKELL, on the premien% W)L P. BAUM,.
heed et %Vood street eel:OS-dew
A MAX ENGLSE niru horse poorer, with boi—
e.c., will be sold on very low tax , : lb,
tnanainetory of Mews J J Smith, on
between Wilts meet and the Fount. .tenet
ANDlatElvF ( l* "'"G
JONES IL %vice,
Vi'ANVFACTURERS of spring and blister steel,
In, plough stool, steel plough wings, roach and ties pm
hue iron axles, and dealers ip
Invade castings, ire engine lanaps 2 and coach I
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changeable, etriped and Spired.
SILK vELver SIIA WLS—A few of these scum.
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P O 3SAI.h—An excellent Firpay Bono.
Enoturo of
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soda Ash.
PUP. mbscheers me now rdr eiving th Vail stook
.10f Om above article, three reese/s, viz. the /moats,
Medallion and Lydia, having ...rived al Philadelphia
and lialtlmore, and two more, the Slacken Baldwin and
Ledai shortly expected; they ere, therefore, preparsd
toe and cluing regal. supplies Al Neer Orleans.
Clash forarloy. Illarloy.
THliarbest maker pore will be paid in mutt for
Liiad merchantable Harley, delivered ai our ware
hour JOHN 1117 ADEN & co,
saptidiltbarniT canal basin, Penn street
0,.0AP- dO ten Cnunpton ik ed. Fi1m, 0616 iliac;
uto d a caddis, 0111 do Castile, h/ der Abroad, t
do Vansiabsd; 10 des White Windsor for
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QTALICH—A boo Pearl, for sale by
T. F. DALE, Al. D.
JC.P.i. P. GA.ZZAEd, M. D.
at '..F.IX/I, Jr,
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