The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, October 02, 1848, Image 1

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T I\o'4tU
IN '1.186.
W. I. WM/MA Co.—Ride and Leather Dea-
Aers,2arerry d, hew fork.
Rairoess-4olro • Grier Pittsburgh' Lyric& el
CO. PtliiioOlphia.
criolgiurrents Of vir<stere Umber solicited, sad lib.
end tolrafic ii frbred Ldtha
A 'MOOD, Coramtuum their or ll..v entrding Merchants, have remrnerl to old
stareLAVaressad Front Wee., Pillaharll6
VWD53.3../fratrX. 0310101 f wham
BRAUN & ELEITFA, Wholesale and Beta Drug
gistar. ma eorner of I.4boni and Si, Clair cireeu, Pitti•
bands. Payl4
• Y. 1111101 , 3.
n , 1 ,7 1 C0L6L1 E nsoisr, , NVlaolcude Grocers,
D i rrur Colinission Merchants, No. ISA Larly. y ak .
Pulaboratt. Pa.
PAPN: 1.1, Er Cg tt CoS, Wholcude and Re
1.II• tail Dadggiata, corner Wood add Iltb au.' lyt
.M3ATXY k SMITH, Wholesale Grocer*, 18 and
2t/ Woo.rateerrinstattic • , - •
Or IIIn.A7I;IULTVan and C.Oll,
Cansinan Merelnicna, Canal liasia,..Pinnbargh Pa.
VW2l.llrlt GMHART, Wbolessle OrOs.c . ra, deal,
d1:704-.l.4.ri;dduce slid Fhttabnrgb)lannfacUlzps,
oer LlbEitzliud Hand Pittsbagh, ,
ENGIASIi a. , BENNETT, (late En4li3L, Gallanhet
WhatesairiGnacers,Conunutoon and For
wardnrwiderraants, and dealers in Produr-e and Pitts
borgh'hisaufar tams, No. 37 Wood at., between tal and
r. a. ratsrivi ' aso. um, _ • MOM WOOD
I,WEIKND, RILEY & Co., . Wholesale Ostmera ae qqdd
. V Commission Merehanisomd Age is Coillnghtola
Cotarisms','Nos. 57 Waxer, and 108 Front fix, BMW
horn ; Pi. •
LUNG h4ILLLER, Bell awl Om.
9Foundersend Finery,, 109 Front, bounce
9ed and fi muhficld curets, kqubargb,
Mr Highest price given for old, Capper and Bro.
OOCIDEUN, efelltalliart and Finvionding
G "clOuiliThi-S2 Wood sucet. Pitubnrgb.
11R13110T,White and lied Lead Moe
AA. foamier, Paint and Oil Merchant comer of Lab
eqy andlPilara gui.,Pittanaub. _rtri
ntatan vox., aortas =ZIT, rep
DICILLT 4L. Sio., whole.o Gmeemcma
triission iiterobanto,and iltalcio In Prodact;No.:34 -
Wauer, and le Pont meets, Pittatioralt: noon
OHN 11.1LNK1N. Attorney awl Cot . timellor
JCommisakoner for aao State of Pelmsylimnia
Ht. 14.HL Pinsbergh.)
fiznasacCkr-Piusbuigin Han W Forward,. Hump
too hre.di.... Wane, J01uk.46, partp.
Hawn** , 82mpleb ElVord iel4:l3i
Joury SCOIFT Medrodelitovers,
ing and Co Merchants, Denier, in ro
&len and riusburgit Manufnetares, No, Cninmertial
}tow, Liberttstreel, near 1103 Canal, Pinnnnify rn.• ••-;
AYLEI3 O,.IIIeOUIY4E, (late of the Emma Algeo and
MeGaireVilereinuu Tailor, ht. Charles thaldings,
Thud gruel. nrar WOod, Pittsburgh.
O Wolin Hotehizoo Co., •Commission , M2Ottoolii,
of the Si. Loads Strom B,oca. Refinery.
No. 42 vratovand 02 trsmt sutras, Piusbargb.
!owl •
.M. m., mrehant Tailor, Eichimms Bail-,
%. s. ding , - ChM Phlsbnrgh.
- . /111.1311.:=
1011 N P. DILIVORTII—WaoIessIe Graces ' Pro:
ti damp Pnd Commission dieser:on, No. V, Wo od m.,
. . jsix.l
\%.l3olesak Droggist,and deal
er io Dye Stu Ks.. v..u.hc,&..e., N 0.93
Woeoi stranlyorcedrogr South of Loreinoiol. AlO Pituo,,
TAMS MIL Jr., A. Co., (snneessor to Joseph O.
1:11rill ShrO Chandlers. Waif sweet. pc=
TOLIN H. MF.L.1,011, Wholesale - and , ILatall dealer.
s.l in ?Maid and Musical Instruments, School Booss,
Paper, Stains, Steel Pens, 4r 16, Yrinum.' Cards, thd
lisatieherrstnerelly;lCWSl Wood rc, - riltstirret:
[Or Rags boanist or token in mule. ; ..prs
JBqool, • • .Co., Wholesale, Wows%
. N • • - Pittsbet:
TOHN D. next, Attetiooser,corsterdth and Wood
t streets, Pittsburgh., • • , oete
sToc &vox, Boakneitces, Prints.
tradliapte Manufacture., ria.44 Market at, Pitt.
bunch, 1 ice
Tokix:ortual, wboia.aii Grocer, dealer in Pas
t/ dace, Yin:thumb Mannfeeturns, Tia Vales Az.
aa, Na 2 Libeny n, rittebargh. jans
pnotrum), ItICAAILD 11.0T11
a - D. FLOYD, (Ws 3. Floyd k C 0.,) Wholesale
• Omests,'No..l92 Liberty street. ' seps
TAKES DALZELL, WlsofesalaGrocer,Ceramissian
0 Merchant, and dealer in Produce and Mediate,
Mantitaenura N 0.24 Water st., Pivaburgh. jaultl
17 LER a. JONES . Forsiarding and Commission Mar.
XL chants, Dealers in Nude. and Pittsburgh mane
t.,.tared articles, Canal Basin, near 7th
\Tonna,lns iron Works.
Co., ausonfactarsos of .H id
:es Bar, Slisst., /3oiles boa and Nails of the best
Quality. Wvehouse, f. 4 antler and bunt sr.
bll VIATEILIIAN, Wholclude Grocer, Foreruad.
t lag 44 Couirgsaloo Meschesl 7 Defiler iu Pius
ryrU nuaductures and Produce, Nos. 31 Vat= M.,
and Cl Fragl ST-
1„631131387 t. teals Grocon4For•
ward anti Comm:do:Lon . hierehants, desks.
nadwe waing,
rinstutrigh blanewlass, Nos. 13 smEL - 132
Wodt ZlWarrigb. WAD
11LEERt13413UOTOE.118 k Co, Cqtemfailail Mer
in threw, Philadelphia, for the wig ck! produee
Derally. Liberal &avulse. made an emaigurrmite.
feb3-m .
- - -
110 E, Wholesale Grocers sad Commis.
171 ion .ISleretusas, O. 114 Liberty L, Ou.bargh•
- -
/7 21
X. RILE ' aner&, WM. L RM.&
& Co.. Commusion and Forwarding
si Merchants, Wale, and Ftton sta., between
Nod and,Marke sts. Jana
,„,.. •
=.91,',.7.72 6
75 . tt7St,
- ROMER & SON, No. 55 Market 11, second
.11 • door trend corner of Fourth, dealers Foreign
and , DoMestle Bill. of Exchange, (.ortificateeof
a, Bank Notes and Specie.
Colletlloo3 mad' on all the principal rain
throughout the'llnited States. deel7
RROBERT MOORF., Wholesale Grocer, Rectifying
Diwiller, dealer its Produce, Pittsburgh Manufac
ture., and all buds. of Foreign and Domestic Wines
and Liquors, No.ll Liberty street. On haat • very
large cock of supersor old Mortorsihela 'whiskey,
tueh will be 'told low for cash. aplEely
IFiIARD T . and Dealer In
Foreign and Domestic lieddlry 'MOO:rare and
Carriage Trimmings, of all descriptions, No. IA Wood
st.., Finsbury), _ _ W 25
- y.) &CHARD BARD, Wholesale sad Retail Dealer in
XI, Leather, Morocco Shoemakers'i L oois ink Pled-
Inge, Tinton' and Cullers'Tools, sad Tinto.' Oil,
No. Ire Wood st., Pittsburgh. top=
lOW= 110.0.1113, _ 151111.1 M 110113003.
&ROIANSO2 , I & Co, Wholesale Gram, Prods=
mai Oarroaissiou Merchant", sail Dealer. in Pius-
Aimpfocutres, No. Lea Liberty
Pa. jar&
;R OBERT DALZELL it Co., 'Musically Owen, Cinumbraion and Porsvardiag Idarcharna, dealers
LI Produce and Pittsburgh hianufacutres, Litany st
Pittsburgh, Pa Eb y
OUT. A. CUNNINOEth2d, Who Jeanie Grocer,
Venice: in Produce and Pittsburgh hlannitienues,
o. It 4 Liberty FL • 1112
it E ;Y : ot .:07r1 Efi Funs
I a ' Are rd C*lDmisaioo
14 ‘
ors in Groceriso,rooLoo. cog; Atiomfootureo
and Cblondo of Loos..
ThibOsboonniecs, in tub, paid at &I time:afar coun
try rocs. Comer of Poost sad Irvin 10023
S De f elreM ELD— vdts,. Wb° l4tb a uss u r d i=
as4l . j6#31., N 0.193 , Laertm ... 1
. .ree_J&abuigh. 202
CI WM 4t. JOHNSON, WbaJesale luid Retail Dealers
0, ktindmy boob, Laces, Hosiery sad Fancy
Astides,No. o.iderket slava, ad door above 'Third at,
Pinsba . gal
'i tti l:Lagqrrnk wmare, wt.)=lZ" .
F nttd Domestia Dry Goods. N 0.90 Wa t i n t
. . . febritf
Q .&,.. w.ILARHAUGH, Wool Marchams, g g.
6 , Pg in Floor and Produce generally, and Forwarding.
aid Gonanlssion Merchants, No. 63 Water it,.Pins.
QIUTLI,:,BAGIALSY & co., Wholesale . atiMill And
IJI Pladudeldalers,N. -N3 Mai kat aueet,Ocasasii zah 1
sad ado. Nona lade. Philadelphia.
l:- .--
ELLE+ii7( itarrarcraan. ma alma& &amain
& NICOLS„Pmduca and General Cam:
S &imam Meacham., No. Ty toyeati .t., riusb.rgb.
Nor% Linseed and Lad Oils. • . _
Er.r: :VON BONNII OREM, CO,& :Mx/kook Giro.
anrs,i.FargrariLing aod. Coromotaion Marahaida
in Pinsburgli hivinfactoral and Western Pro
aino removed to their notrnannonpalold. land)
N iiatriar nll o 'oll% sr tad Chanel:27 /...4.1
_MIST tc' LIPJT, 1 balimaln (imam. owl Comma
eion IdercbantS, itagl dealeti in Finance. No. 20
aty Fituanmiti pc22
Mica arid
Wk. U. POSTER, AV.'S% Ate A rm, E. A.
l''‘ Vl Tirrltti r =,th Piuminirsii. My son
Ads so I lao t add at Waatdogniw il l attend
trutmt.adtare fr. ;:f expel:we w VP . c10wi4.41,
roan • DAVID
"L;ANDLEFA (locoman to L. 4J. D.
Wholnsnie Grocer., Fomenting anti
Con Alereisine dealers -In Iron, Nails, Wass,
urnoolinins, and Fitunusg6 hinteneettires georrally,
nocw of Wood ood •treete.-Pingew.n.
WEST BOWEN--ramarsassips wat F.
itteraisset, N 0.90 Prom at between Weed
Market streets.
W. IVALLACF, min faiu nantav
vvbwimabli.bast os,No. 144 Libcrit
".. 11 •
W' )1. OARBJUIA-Dealer In Fancy and Staple
W .fify,tiOods, do.7D Marker sum, Parabinsh.
no 13. 41 Y. _
WWWILSON, Realer xx, Watches, Jetseitii
. sari , wars, laduary bloods, as, N 0.67 Mi
kin st. • . • •
B- MURPLIN, Wholegal uul Ynap
v • /MAIM awl Damesti 114 4edmin
....IiTOCJII•rket and Amnia :tai
!A."10/6 G
‘ &.. Dealers In leather hidn,.
14.7.1Abert)751:. 045.17
k M. ktrreFIELTRES--Wbalesak• Grams,
Lattedlykiß Dittplen, Rad Wino Rad ~
aza% also, Importer. of Soda Ash Rad Rteading
Powder, No. 160 Libea Pk •• . PA- isa.idir
BLICILIWITcrt Ak Co., WWl.da Urow an d
- &Wass in Oda, lawn Stare, and PluabOogkAlu.
‘rii6" Lava o ►t alt
traterak bsiOrttoont o • t ;Mr
mar Chem FITT.W.I I4 Nit a '
. ..
. . •
• OA •
• 40 111
—.._.:___.....—.7.,--,,,-er5r.51,41--,,,,,K.,,,,11`Fr--,',7,..,:.7,1,77,..,,,,,,,Ye.12,,,,,,,- .. •
.. ....- - .
j 'f' 11..?, Atm'
:, SR
. 1i ' ', ''', . '",
~,- . ):. 6.7 0,11 .• . / . . .
~,,:!. i . . a : A ~..,,"
1 .
. .
y:. ; • ,ai 7 /SG .0 In • , -.... ;• r , .
I. 11, trl :MIT T. .
,P, ,,. i! ..
. ~. :
• R.:, - ....;:,'.: . : ~. . , .
. • , -.., . •,-,
i ' 1--,-
. s
, f ' 2.: , ,LI ! ,- . i! et ~ i,. t • ,
'•. . .
, I
j - trai M TOWNSENAD '
ragbtt4 Apotheear;
No. f 5 hfarkei u., throe doors abose Thin) al. rina
boarM, will ]ye constantly onhand well selected
vestment of Me best and freshest .likedirdoes, which he
will sell on this Most reasonable terms. Physicians
seeding order,, Will" be promptly Emula to, and.op
pied with articles they may rely apoo as genuine.
DV' PhyaitlanaPresetipuons willbe accurately and
. neatly prepared from the best Materials, .t any hoar of
the day or night.
Alm for sale,. If largi Eat of fresh and Good, ocht.
mery od
. .
- th large stall O PA M
N °Pe'''4l
• pi. Pint W ' cZ:1111 vol t r_Nei t' t
ts., in tini eels' of the hicer=shete
'4 eherety•Stele etoek Horses Cersieges
the best quality end latat styles. Horses kept at In.
ry kn the beim 021.131101.
CONTINUES to moat facture Ildonomenta, Burial
Vaults, ToreMs, Bead Blame; Martel Pieces,
tro and Pier Tops of Ibireigo wed domestic marble, at
• regular and fait priem • •
N. B.— Drairint* for nomormr , , 71110. &o. farrilsil
cpd.,thmof Kay des, lion. le soli to abate:o4m
ILLIAM SAllTll,.ltlmufiteturer of Cotton and
v. colored Linen, Fr:l%ot for Droplet, do.; Soaring
s,lk►udo.olomd Cotton Erusgoa for talc d gulgham
Pamatoß, Gimp, Mohair,. awl Silk Bullion FOnges,
made to order on.the thartestutitice„
Broas,oanterpf Maiden Lano and William, entrance
N o es.Witliam . street, tiara: floor, over Abner fr. Elytt
tuve,P,Tolts;lllltiden Moo York jit 10
ALLTrinlir Thar. Olrats,lr.
MO. - TOME, • IL. so; 3slinS st LOOKS,
~Jl ronl of Oriole, llmtlne, end Window
eoartantly. on hand a general mennmeta of the above
.Aleo, make , to order a , superior article of
Mineral or Soda-Water Bottles, of colored glaas.
16 !Wood ¢ Pinalnagla nagal-Cm
_ _
orroscuT,42R Tua.s. ra
!ladders' Ironmongery, Harness and Coach
Trlmmiagr, ' •
50.., Dee; flesh, Variatili; 4e. 4•3.,
j 11 No. IT3 Woonl3f. Prrraniraos.
if: EATON, Dealer to Trimmings and Variety
Goods, Tomas Ivarr and' Horn Canbs,
VOolen Yams and Worsteds,' Ihrttolia Needles, Pins,
75.pes, Stades, tee, No.© Market Greer, betaree *
otoad sad 4th st4lPMsbargb.
PESIDI.TEA MTOUL.-.. 72._Foarth
. st.,,neat Woad—All, quanuties of Green and
Black Tens, done up in quarter, Ina, and
... pound packages, ranging Erconen eta. per pound
iya A. .1./iINF4 Agt.•forPakin Tea Co.
I MN .
FINNEY, .17,Agnal at Pittsburgh for the Del
i". aware Mutual tWetylesuranceConspany of Mia
mi dphla Mire Rlsktrupon buildings and merehdadire
of every description,and Marine Risks upon hulls or
cargoes of vessels, aken'upon the most favorable
, Veratm
IWr . Office in the Warehouse of W. B. Holmes fr. Bro.,
I , td. 37 Water, near Market street, Pinsborgh.
. B.—The enemas of this Comermy since the emit,.
lis meat of the Agency r
in this ear, with th e prompt ,
ne andltherality with vthieh every claim upset them
,for ling km bees - attested, array warrant the agent la
' inning the coa4denee and patronage of his friends and
the comiunlty *time so the Delaware M. S. Insa
ne.: Commagrovhilo it . madditteand
as au institution among th morn,4ourishieg=rs el
phie—as harms istrirMplutidiktattiB4o4l, Which by the
open:tun of its cliaiker ri eOristimUy , lemming, as
voiding to each: person moore d hiadue share of the
"profits of the company, With at intro/ilea tom at any
responsibility Whatever, and therefore on possmidng
thr4 . Montel prieMple divested or every obnoxious M
ut , and In as most nurstrive f0nt...... nova '•
IRE sap ictimrir..firsunaiscar..
HIV. Insurance Company of North Amens , tinsmith
- i duly archarized Agm, the sabsenbtr,odent to
m e penmen% sold litalwri-insuranee. on posperty, m
th 4 city and ha airtinity, and on shipments by th e C.
el end Rivera' • •
Arthur G Cor6a, Cherie,
Whi r,t
Hanel W. Joaes, Ambrone te,
Edtrant Smith Jacob M. Thomas,
John A. Brown, . John R..Neff,
ludo White Rtehard D. Wood,
•Wsn. Wel t
:3opoel P. Smith, Funks Ht
Baronet Brooks, , S. Austin Allibone,
Elsa= D. 13Atesszo,lieel.
This 1. the oldest Insurance Compao in the Untied
BMWs, intninsg been eherstred In UW. It. ehatter in
pelves/na . audition its high wassii.og, long expenenee.,
umpple means, and ay.:solute ell mks of on quire has
sniotti chuseter, st only be considered as offering KM*
old security to the pasha W. P. JUA'. f.
At the Con/ming Iloom of - Atwood, moves & Co., Ws.
teeend =eats „ /soya - sfiatiF
,uraciumcir. co.
- ph., Ilutonweittliam=k-shaliiift. 1
ou amort.wrotrtovotrisCOUNkutetin4
ddtrommiingir. • rd.." td,./eblrxdobbf..-
P....hY 1.4.11101.6 11,.
4,p w, Odin
4..augarty Fp:4i
Other arget/010A iddXsistetetedi,Tinrsoldh.
• • ' 91 ., ' LW A RBI CXAMF. •
ilitsllllll.ilWes , ~, ,„
m.4, pft, Ipatauce. _ riat - M.4404101,
.attnues Ixt trlet , , koll&SA dtalage
ktimv Etter ' . , .“.„...... :tldittl itto r
I"'''''llg"r ec , AGECi Ttriegtkihmt 1.
.1118 llESiglintatiL'bitini* ro
tem..liftheisivarapallocwarj onion644 l ql
wlii liauerobeitoaapTatignale , llo is* b.'s
of th. AADCY,,4lvlvjiritelksagooVAtatiol,-Am...,
C. IL 2.113•11)0 WEL.
0 RAU D'a" Nr4S DANENHOldflift & co.
No. 371 Sooth Wharves, P
?. isE No. 1
L l 7 South Water at.
b to .s gorut
i th h e e ;r i tt e andLe a ol u e e t t a , geaeral t ly, of
onth the Vitglnia truirudevdrers and Orowirs of
the West, V. eat Indies, it other pleas, as will town
a large and eortLwx, suripti of the following descrip.
Was of Tobacco, which said be sold upon aa ateom
eruededing terms as any other house in t&a CUT brew ,
where, and ell goods ordered team thaw will be war.
Navaequal to repreaentadon:
Navaho; St-Domingo; Conn;
bete; Porto Mho, Peon's; Seed Leaf to
Wald; & Florida; hard);
,u_so_ontheitys celebrated drennade Stag Olven.
dish, with a large asaorantent Of ether popular breeds,
and qaulitlea of pounds, Si, ha, ps, 10. 11/14 2.7l,'LUmp;
ea, a, es and ldi Plur, Ladies' TwialS VlretnL ?wt.!,
sweet andplaln,lu whole and half boos, wood
and do, together with every variety of artlehr belong
ing to the Irada.
a &masr, NESBIT dr. 13AARICTSONI
Produce, Conuednitcro and Far* wrding
No. 49 Naas Weaxvss,..aro 119 WILT= Or,
6..Erga so—John H. Broom &Co.
Bohan Sumo &C.o.
• Baresoil, Beaver t Co., P/4 " 410. '"
Smith, Bamtley & Co
Atka& razion • Near Volk.
Walters & Baltimore.
Elagaley*Badlh, •‘ , •
BorbridgeNilson &Co
--- Bailey, &roam & Co. • '"*."'•'"."'
Kier it ' Saues,
ig•libural+ sash' advalmee erooslgnmenta m to y wr
ELI-MAKER, E KV 4 00.,
• vi.otrit vmprossj_
I liad General Copassaissleak 'merchants,
No. Whin& lAraesa Mink
RE.FERFSCEI—Heary Grad & Co, Rexburg&
Radial's i, licheriack,
8. Sehmley & Sou
A. U. hiniakty, /*mita
Marks [Wham, ]l., Loci )
Ladd Ilarephreya & Co.
Mercer, Bra & Co. Phihris
—Reed & Bradter,
Ihkalh &Cousisterr, New 'MIL
Alps D. MENU. • ..1 ,24 * w• =KIRKS.
7 8 B ' B 7 n ij a M 6 , _ 1 9' 6 9'";; cuo , "!* klit .nux
.0.E08013, COCHBAN." I
.6anamliallon of VOlrlyarding 11111,150.0.1116
leratkine sT.,*rioseloth
flONTlNUEEltoltattaactit genattlett.i.
NJ aces, venally tats parchase and tade of atitee!..
ehat Mama... Wren cud Peodeich, and In tecelv inee
r loterardzna Goods- conaignael to Ida case. A. t Gal
the Ittamfacree, he•idll be constantly sitypW
tbn ifinnipal•atticlea of Piustaargh lliannfaetnre at the
knees" wheatmeal* Order. - and contaminats
• 1011110AgiallALk14/110011:11.15,
AND Di7.l .
istut. Cottou.liathitolli Pittsburgh
,WOOD alldtCri 12r1111=p3s, •
• •wnt. li. PLUM,
a ia m .".ging uerilaiva' t,BriattrassElleiPit.
Attends 1.4.. 1 04 10, 4 Yon...ling of rrwc , ..,
1,0 , 0 , ony 0" . .,411.'0,:ipp1y roas rzu cuN
CAN, st. . r
asTEitAL. owinussung nmacniurr
nuaTugge.txov paoDucz rsoviSioNs,
Na. idsaird itn tOrrnee Warn,
rtimaca-aindh®u Pitbfrostfry
— Leoliq • Va,...-11. Cr lk.ngio Co. omes.itlin
Tromso TO
'Tpirto taken Fa dace laxmcdietoly
sar bum praretualse, (or th e yreeedt, 'Arbon, `i.k
ttankiel tkapkk , as tUkiJ, k }WM Can
Ile erected, inangemeate har t 'already been Made
rlhat puma/ 1308;...r111.heny•bd readineis
,Okr whorrtfrteceiyo (med.
Cfr. rd'ANULTV C,o,
- •
I to Aced 'Hord & C 0.,)
UNREAL', v 00101162 111ERCHANM
Cuticular ideation paid prase gala or Wool, cod 11111-
al advances made os ts
njl IMlert'" tts:V:r=risd7l-16i. dd ; : • 12 do bei
aolsoArfelperi trk'stAil en a
1 2`L.c
0.1..A8U-4131.xe !Led 1044 lelndrir..
Pummel per 'vetoer Arto*lires,iaild-100 eele'Vf
-vpußoller; 'Pn
ut, sloe ausnd to collections wad allotLer bami
‘ ay. cutruswi m him is Bade: and Arm.trong
eouzoies,Ps.. Rohs to
J.*. R. Floyd, Libeny st.
W. W. Wall‘ce, do
.loadtt Marshall do • Pitted. rgh.
dly . Kay kCo., Wood at. ) - jan7
T SWEJTZEB. AlimonyooLever,office 1d at.
• opposite St. Cbarlee Hotel, Rookery In. will oleo
attend pronealy io Collection. in %Violably.. Fayette
aral.tirceo counties, P.
I 4 4i,1
tilackstock, Bell - dt. Co.,
Church h Carothers, IPntsburgh.
D T. hf °Tan, iantadil
E . J. HENRY , Attorney and Coattr+:ll6r at taw,
. Cincinnati, Ohlo. Ctdlecilons iuttoutbern Ohio,
anW in in/Liana, and in 'Unlucky, promndy and care
fully attended to. Commissioner for the State of Penn
asivanla, for taking Depositions, acknowledgments,
Jr.a. kc. '
Ants Rm. a n & Son, Curtis, Chursh &
Carotheta, Wm. Rays, rag, & Davis. Ints
5H11 , 61,
, v Wglusroa.) 03 .^. ,110, s
Office .Norsh aids of FOllOll street, above Ssothbeld.
leht,tlStwly ..
TAMES F. KERB. Ataerury et Law,Bakeerell's
tP IkuWang, Gram street, ueurly pppoetle the Court
}lleac. augi/-.1.
... ...
7&M101 ureter, I. 11•110.1110, ISZOIRIS.
. • •
UUN LOP & SEWELL, attorney at Law, Offices ort
Smithfield, between :Id and 4th los'
17 EAR. hare rum:toed thstrofte to the South atde o
Fourth at.., between Cherry AttnY and Grant
WO. H. ROBINHON, 'Attorney at Law, hag re
,. moved Mime to the Richt,le Hai St.
Clair at nazi doed. to Alderman Johns, ont7tv
To Country Merchants.
A LARGESTOCX of Sehoorßoolot, Paper, &cation•
ary, Ise., suitable Mr country sales; among which
Wrifing Papers, of fine, medium and common gull's
d do
L.ettn Paper Paper d
do o
Note mid Letter Envelopes;
Slates, Pencils, Wafers, ljuilla and Reel Pens;
NVindow Paper (yard aide) plain and printed;
Bonnet Boards, of direrent qualities;
'book Books, in great variety;
Family, School and Pocket Biblroi
Crown. medium, and double erosive wrapping paper;
McGurn's Eclectic Spellers and Readers;
Ray'. Eclectic.
Cobb's Prudery Spellers and Readers;
Randers' do do do
A rithnamies, by Adams, Davis. Col Du rn, ban k
ton, Einisrmn, std other.
Geographies, by bliteholi 3 Oluoy, Soith,
rich, Parley, and others.
113razamar by &die, Rirktieni, Dathermr, Weld, and
Miler. For ,
ode at low prices, by
ill weed in, 5 door. above 4th. ' i
Tbe highest market price paid for good cased raga
in cask.
lee exposition of the great discoveries and theo
ries of modern astronomy; by U M Mitchell. • o. th
ree= of the Ciecinaluribenantary.
dieaddeY 4 Italy, Alps anallhine.—Letters from Ivey,
the Alpaand the Rhine by J T Headley, anther of Pin
p4eon and his idarahalls, %Vashingion and hi. Gener
al*, Ja. New and revised edition.
Sanaa of Coal—The 44eeoogg and °conici
ty] distal:nous of Mineral eourbirables or fossil too;
including also, notices and locelitie• of the modus
mtneral bite: melons substance* employed in arts and
manufactures, intimated by daps and Diagrams an
ecimpanied by nearly 4On antiwar.' vables, and MP an
alyses Wainer.' eombustiblea An; prepared by it...b
ard Crowding Taylor.
fat received a few copies of rah ofthe above works
y• Booksellers, no market & 3d at.
1,11 by J. Cineinenti, the followmg
near end yak:Able 7 {Vo.ts--„,
dkmipban'aEtapedition—Co' ntanung • sketch of the
lilt of eol. A. IV. Doliiphoo; the Couquest of New
blexkco; Gat Kearney's Overland Expedition to Cali
foal& Domphina Campaign against as N 111,0114 and
ha unparalleled March upon Cailmolkoa sod Durango,
aW rho Dwain:ins of lien. W i tz .. p i ran k :: F:i p erita aos -a
Map and
oalltrolat i Ctoro.try o
ilionory of Kentrteky—lts Antigenic. and Thom.'
Cdreidnew Geographical Stailatteal and teemomeal
deseritsions; with ...lot= of litoseers Lite, and mom
Shan tete bundled Biographical Sketches of daunt/moll
ed notieera. Soldiers, Statesmen. lon., I &vilurs, th
ymic, ko.; Ohistrawd with forty encraviagr, by Leans
Cdnua,l vol. octavo.
, irhe Twelve Melaka' Volunteer. or Joarnal of • lin
vine di - the Tennessee libeginneut of I. avniFy. in Ore
CEpar =Memel& derma 18W-/],ere =mug aoLue-
C urban
h e Of t
,7 iraglahall la Vera Car. a
d urban crf the Cnutrirr parch mem, madam, ~..._
3., ay. of hen people; Sketches of Camp Life; iiie
e na or all the asthma Mother Volunteer ROO.Onal.
• full Mato= of the Mexican War, Lass of ~.e igii
lv4and-Wastadediduei iligswatesi by • large number oi
e I vicars and plata; by Gea C. Pother, I volume
to. __ dent
keg tepee an k igatablllsesit.
7 Wawa Sr., &tram= Fact= 5-10 likarlOSD ALL.Xt.
pi.r , LIE .Mete ben hove pal opened, at the above
Wand s 0. Mulesillektardigfesiaut quietist= ruled and
while &tidbit= Writing and Letar Oyer,goal
m real aalpacket post Flat Cep, delay and media=
Islam= papers ; for blank books; medium soul toyed eh.
loged Pranst. Papier& med." decoy wed cap Day
Soak. aad Ledgers,supenor paper and best Lime=
Widow; Schaal Book. or all kinds, standard work* In
Theology and Stirocesi Quint, gold and steel Tens.
Nfers, Wax, Bill Kies, kn. hr. lllmtk Lbw= of ail ay. ruled to pattern, and bound
=the most subanuntal manner.
Country Merchants sanded at lower wholesale pet
I,L r i ;MAW e lfri. t h ng p : i 7o . l.i . office in connection
ar our establisionwn, we are prepared to 0000ula 01
a (a for plant and fancy Proning—leaoka, pampaleo.
et elan, butane. cards, bill. of lading, ttr . mlth drr
h and at low pnecs. ELLIOrg & MliltiGlSll,
loyal Tr , woed a, Itessmen Orb and Mammal alley.
.T.ig.k.4.—)raully dovel without
Hero: Alekerseace Thackery—with
tilharrations by the author.
Whe Tenant of Wildfell Hall. by ACIOII Bell, author
O .Watiteirmg
A re Voon=oonintatreas: by /morph Aldan, D D
• art 6, of ual Illastramd edition of Arabian
N gigs' FALLerlaturoelats. New tradialauan, arwredreil
rot Madly madidig, WMa explartatory notes: by F-
Lane. Emu
Loam& l&garntdmi—Tables of Logarithms of min,
blot and arras and Tang.ts for every Lou wcooda oi
the Quadrant, with other useful table.- by blla. Loomis.
Al AIL, Prof. klartittuatim and Natural Skulosoptiy u,
the Vitivenuty of New 'York, author of • 'Treatise on
A hitc.
HI. above work. received this day and fur sale by
litookaelJere, eor market and 3d at.
ISTORV OF CONGHNISIS, Biographical awl P&(.
deal, onstprodahr mesootre of the members of the
l.thugmss Mme U. flt By II Wheeler Illostrettni
bl A d e e ri umood ;
e s W s, r u W t•tadbro. m
sttelpottrihr PAlmd by II
Whirl( Saw in Calbtornin By Iblertn Bryant_
Lames' Nowt, Vol. 111. on James, Peter, Jobs and
Chadds and ColOter•Clirsos:
Burr 0(“To seem soda be - -Conquest,' he
ram fanner, • Domen ic Tokopersnoe:ralet Ily C
'orltand Quern., or Lao to tile Paloc coorisuog
rotielatkkolatits of lna and reigtoog sovereigns.
By J. S. C. Abbott.
A Yirsi Book In Satzakuh.. or • pkaottikst ancrodookom
to. - 11te study of lke Langurote. By J Salkeld.
The Dying Kabul mil inking Wok lay Rery. utAldr.
Just grid ay U. 110PKINs,
Apollo lioildlng 4th .1,
=al • ( .lood.asol lo J. s, 4
-- _ -
• .
:W.T.loolZ—Life of ComorolL by 1 T Mosaic?
Vila:or of the Pulpit, by flardiner Spring, D. L.
that Flag, do do ac4A4l. ad Gospels, Matthew, woks Harmony;
au shaktrpeare, vo lt
Pattltof Life, willtetobea of the Way to Glory .tJ
la adortaisty,
Footstool of Merit*
the Convool by nathor of Pebool tfpl to Pt awe;
Vow sad The., by Warteni
Ithetelies of Lemma. oa Parables and Mthaeles,
IrelendY Weleothe to the Stranger;
Heaven upon Partb4
Haveiritort, • ta/a of and for &Ilan& 2 rat.
For bale lir • tir,Ll(lll E 201.12411,
72 wood arid 66 maul at.
DOORI4--iriat received from the publisher,
and for male at the Methoeito, Book More, 4th .t,
volar Wood; , roppel'• Preemie., Pinlosophy, in three,
eltien of bunting; • beautiful book fora present.
P re p al•lama Gar the Polyp.
3kotatiet of Sersabas oe the resahlea and Miracle.
pi:Christ, by the author abbe Pulpit Llyeloyethis--taeb
• oketebes,..... The English POO; eolleetion of oar. ,
',.pen. by the moot eminent living ail/neap! kloalaant.
hlunavout Vac—Dome Good, Cbratian Love. Loy.
eat 800 me. Ostred MSedHalforu. .9.11
am PATRIARCHAL AWL; or no TIO - airry are
• ' Religion cri , hieultind from the Crn &Ono to the
enth of Inn: Reduced Dont the among. of Hon&
other lurpind milbOrr, end illuminated by copious
re mo tercneet to the svmenl record, trod/omm, v end leay•
thOlogy of the Heathen World-by Geo nuts {., V. M. A.
S. tol., octavo.
L,,blirnas nod Counter.Ch•rme, by Nose NVlntost. A
fresh supply of' Ode very point." Ihne work
Orators Of the American Revolou ~,,, by E I. Ho.
Ootai, with Parnell& I aid, Id no.
• earlenCe Cabinet Library, for families or sr boot, yo
ValMelen, 12 mo, with engrairinge. ilos is a new work.
• Parsala by It HOPKINS,
aeplll A . &_ltt Iluildine, Ilth el
pRCKI.I BOTANY -1/olany .r - cii., 1).4 blew.
tionn of Ylimirsi' coanyrtsinx dna notions of 1114
mureriey and torn-li k e e
plants hitherto Found in those
Siam& kurrenjtad seeming to the natural y a wn.
With a arhopals of the Cienera necoeduut us lk. lens
11M110. ardent, a sketch Of 1110 rudiments of h0w..,, ail
A nit:Henry of ternar by Levu. C. Deck, h 1 R. l'ru .
Chebilstry and Natural History in Rotger's college,
New Jersey, Ae. ax. &gond otlitiou, revised and mo
letged. For aisle by
1 1 AN/000BH ItIRONDISTS--Newry of ihe lib
.k_s toadish, or, personal hletunirs of len I'a , ewe of
the French St,volnuoto-from. ...published sou
au by
.Alphonse de•rOne. Coruplete In Itnert volume.
kale's iranetation A fresh supply of Ilk,. popelar
work received this day and for eels by
nole Rookeellen, cot narked and Al .1.
- . •!--- —...... ..- • • -- - ----•--
J.,OITKIIINOS IN EUROPE, or uks' l .Ku* of cac ti
In Prance, Bely,tunt, Austria, Swinerland, Italy,
nissia, IrelsoulasOreat Britain; with an eppendlX
containing obsereatlons on bkiropeno charities and
Fulloal Instruetionw by John W. Canon, hi. D. A
*cool. for",anitt by
A T OUR STORE on Market aunt, No 1,0 1 1 .' ,.... .
" 0 .21. 3, / ,e 4 Alhi nay at A p umes he fonnd a Inge
Mack cdTheologleal and Othscellanntus Bunks. New
booW received ea non Republished, and sold at low
,' hat price& 'The ptittleatlorW'of the Ameriean Punday
I Union, and. llitassaehunite Sabbath School
- i l ,ty ak tgalays kin bend.
E alti . Voce .t. fu r r lN tu ( s i lmd ill ajb
-VI I- "' ' AS mtirktri st., betwee n :W and 416
Gvmsolium (Turkay)-74 yap ace and km sale
br _. • 'auPLI ' ' BRAUN k RE/ITER
L - --•
OGAN lialhittElDT h av e this day asserinted
tII them Aa the Hardware bustmess, Philip Wil
son end Valward Gregg. The styte of ban wilt here
fter be Logulk, Wilson k CO. Thu us:mammon. ren
ders it dossruble [otiose the old hosiaess as .on as
posieble. All parsons Whose a.thititfta tame mewed,
arr espectefly requested to make immetbate ;etymons
PinstiurAh, Jan 1, 1t49.
L°GAN, WILSON C.-CO--Importers and
Weeleenlc Dealers in Fore.lsm well Domeeite Herd
were, Cutlery, Saddlery, &e, 100, Weal street. 1 . 110.:
Intreh e lare now telly prepared with a receudy tutporr
red stock of Illeolvare, Cutlery, &c., m oder very 'trent
inducement* to western buyers. being determined to
eueepee, to oncee with any of the Atlantic cones. Al
ea on heed en renew, leoortment reteleurgra- {lard
were.. VII: SiII,VOMI, Spade., Forks. I Inc', Vies. do • '
ell M whirr, will be .Itl u die lowest mettinecturcre
Prices jant
. .
.. .
diaTIIN solos-vise rs having nasally entered into
partnerianp under the name of rail aghor, long.
& Miller, for the purpose of carrying on the Bell
cud linos Founding acrd (:as Fining business in
all as branches, hunt taken the stand formerly oceu.
pied by It. Gallagher. No. 109 Front. street, lirtween
Wuxi and Sinithfield us., where they are prepared to
Skeoute alt orders tor Beth, Brass Ciunngs, of every
der..notion, end On. Filings with 'teeniest. and dee
ouch. Pteutnhout ioblitug promptly attended to
• •
• P. 11. Itlll.l.kß.
N. B —The &creation of Machinists ant linginvers is
trivnest to out anusinuantion arena, for a reduced price,
rehab bus been pronounced superior to Bublat'•
numberswho have used lath. Steamboat builders nod
dm matte, generally, ore ul , o requested to rail and es - -
amine our superior double tattoo Force Pumps for
steamboat and domestic use.
iIea pilly . . . . .
on the 1-t inst bumuene will be Hotted at thr ..,,Istand lir either of us, sung the Dents sit the firm tor
that purpose, Drug desirous to bane i , ur !fumes.
'closed with us little delay as possible. we would re
spectfully request those indebted to eel & anal settle
their accounts. JOHN D. APCOILD.
jab 11. D KING
JORN D. 11PCORD haying and with him hts
brother Junto-Vont, wider the st)le of AtCord
ie.. Co.. will eminent the lin, Cap and Fur bowies* in
ell tls various branches. wholesale end retell, in the
old and . corner w Wood sod sth nivel", where they
aolieit s continuation of the ni liberally let
noised on the old firm. .10101 D lirCORD.
)In. J AXES h. iII`CORD.
T N retiring from thr old rind wall known firm or
ACCoril k Kmg. I moin re.proftly moommend to
the patronage of the public my suceenrors, Meson.
M'cord fr. Ca
erl . lF::. 6 e .4 eti:Lro r t , :te:a r lt t e b r . e:‘ , T , rejt l l , italv o w .h r i a d th e‘ e
Kee, expired this day by Ittettauon. Tbe benneu of
the firm otth be settled by WWI tr. for
JANDItt D 111'6111.,
ri B.
Pittsburgh. July 19, Itit.
The undersigned eanttaue the Wholelmle Ifirtt
eety and Got. ))))) 1110011 bustoe“, under the tam of
and Roe, at weir old stand, No. WA I..lberly street
IvetTlia 0 ROE-
Having told toy interert In the firm of M hll, Banta
field & Hoe to In) !Pouter planners, & Hoe, k Lake
pitaaure to recommendutg them to my friends and the
ivvu s. li BUSIIMIKI.D.
co-Paurtne rekklp
W pi Whedling, h Y Shreutterger
aof Junta). and I Sloe awn Pittattergh. have
thia day entered mtoe ro-partoeratup under etyle and
anon of Stephen, Shueithe,rger & the Anchor
iron work., Wheeimg, Yo, tor the purroae pt mat.,
faCturing iron and natl. of every dear ripaton.
•NV lerlirllZA. fIii , VOIKKG•it. 2' 11 , 11,011
lIITEPLIENS. sooacaosir.austo. & co.
blatinfitetnre all kind of boiler. short nar iron and
nath, A. IL ateel elipue opeing, sod axles- Iletng con
.n,a-ted with Shnentierder - . 1,1 Jo we ran
*Orr an & mole a Jau.lita Iron Ihroo n..
ded Shoenl.rnrrtp
<qua: to coy wade t., the t-outitty Ali of which will
be Rohl ai the l'li••' , urgh Wa.rrhonwr of the
Works corner of roe add %t *tor an. to, II
nniSOIL UTION —The I , o...reship hunerto
LYlng under the sit le and hoot cn 1l ti.;lnionts k Ital
teil. is this day dissoive.l conse.,.. John 1)01-
jell Boomg th•pow..: of 11: ,, ron re "neer. to 11 When,
ow, the homer.o or the , tate firm will Lr aottleAl I.y
11. Whghtman. who is udhonze.l to tmrnemo 01 the
lan. hoot for that num..' /1 ,tII,III'NIAN.
opr.:lldher uul) I'J:] J. DA1...2.11—L.
TILE Sahserib, now prrpar...l to Inanefactare aii
Ittada at tlotton and Woe,' Nl.ratnt.rv, at tbe ohortrat
balmy thltrra ion as it %\ tabiztt.. gnautr Snap. ear
twr IScrny and q ater wl,l turct I,th prompt
I.lenLiork II ‘VIO irrstA s,
Iravek sr, betwarn rezirral and Samtu.lry
apatally Alirewny Cle
- .
WT. th.
otate tuna Joan It MA:am, ter 1...
they Louver. harem
l coadoeted tea
Gnat at Wm. lmaag a t:o. %%11...L1.C. l t/1.N4.;,
VE.ALL), ItUeli NOR S. CU. hire norath
term an tecc Tobacco and c00:mu...v.,
1. and fluid. Ozte, of Jaool, Itcald b. Co, Itaimoorc,l
114,141 C laleti,Loarnms.l.64 MS. A. W.anier soval
Ilnapratt 4 bona , Pat•nt Soda Asti.
• TIII ruhrertitomtiocom to tt e.o.m. nod dentor.
Jaynee Erpertorant.
,a, gene rah) mat tut. boa umpoirni o ute ht. 1.1-,
".• I kal I • DID A ..1 ro 0 Apr CI 1 , 41 • tao. of the abort. sr., he. rrnsr.l al l l.l, Inab Mina 1
. 1 y .,, r ,i)
, J ,,, ,, 1, , ,, , , , ,,, i ;. ., ,,:: , ,, ,, , ,..— ., / ,.. ,, , , ,n 1 y i .,a „ L ,, , ~ , , i ,
u .. , . j. .. , 0 p ti pio.,r,..?sp
1 , i , rt, , , : ,. tr , 0 , rn
, if : ro .,.. a , n , otat i t , .. „ re , ra ,,, tf: , /1
porta...) of air tog pub.] i) to the extreord , t owl ode,.. .. ~oral, o . t „ h , e , r . sti . rp , :itt , tt , l a s
.. un d tl i t.
d 0r , :.. „. 17: .. 0 , 1
) , .. , ;Li . c . h.
DI )oor }-ilwrio..l4, VII ml self liavtog wen a . , ... re y NI I ... , ,
Inr sever-el )ear, Orlll, a ocier• coach hootie (ever I the) aro thrrofore pro,tarod to rerotvo ordor•
mot n• concomitant, dinars. and owned oat) doomed liottider the Inert n00n... tliry hare rote., to ,hr
to linger 0.11 short but uttoorntste ettf.untro .1.11 tho ear cruel.. Ito ho tortaarded nen ' ) r.D. , 1 “ , ) ..., i
1 , 111 at 1318. , a, Len, Lwing more t.voreit .t t. ~. ...1 re.-tvr 11Ortng lSr AII Irr and •prote r. go sr •trp l• .
tug PrDuDrlrd 11., all ta) tonne, rt rm. • .od tn. pie via Nr. Orleans W& 11 NIITt 11b1.TRPL.
pr plpll.olls of lulrD o f the MD, ten. t.ll le pIip•IVIDIA• ID opt
li. to ne.ablorniaood Without deny:. any heistfn. or the 1 - - Pun ..., "rm..- fro.. (..... E .... en.
contodation ot •orr.•lng but it low day. or week.. at I T ,,,.,„,„,„,„, ; ,,,,,„„,,„,,,,,„,,.,,„„,,,,
t stitir•l—DrlD, tho test glean. ol hope war about to , ... one ... . un h „ none e , ,eor, o oth , , hoe .
ventral I had tecommended to no yttor I r,ortoront . hne , ; , oreho . e ., ~, hero , t t tote
tt , ne tteto
or ore,
0.01 .1,r...e1l
by lb .1 Belt,. 01. 0... I too. ID ,D,,ow price• the hake) c rt. , •no t ed..; th e '
tl••• ot the menna—stid co it , „ t „, tt R e , othotto
Inv pni ...etude and I. - 1 ..t• . • irue Sir, rila.D.ll D oe xp ett i ontrot , o,tte, then N.,..,.. over .il , .., ,„ I
( non m; bed• and vflar • d 'n it) bur o'te"' . '"d“. h, hot. to tor tradv fund anal,. Iltrin to 10.1 av. r, et
sin nd to , b....ea , eto")to4 ....c , ' ',,., ~..... Wan c•16•DIPII/Ple IllarL 101.• the market me
I Sod f or . o Ira.. pron.... (Cr Merchant. and other• will .Ivan., their own 1
li capateltutly yours tie. J.. W lh'enhh - baercou I.) evarnitong trim it xicti•tre ••••irtment
For Ole an Ibtiehortrib at Use roinit fee :note, 72 ncrt.l 4 11111 , 7111 Rif torpor, r•
i tar Mb street marl .1 A atm (Mulberry) ) boleros. At .td Id intr.,.
B A. FAIiftE.eTtICKP ONTI MUM • 1.11.1, •mer...t.fot l'ltoade that
. Ilort Can.. , eompoond• snmileena nf -=--- -
Dr. McLane In Ten
balk with of n
etheroneL and ornament.... runt... of par rl. HIS I.rant!)nn. th. i pore hon ., e ,
~, en .
K . '" ° " tk " . * *lo ' deter * P. ' * " *r "" d ''''' ' i'.. ' ,I, *eland'. Worm Sperthe none to. mt... ago
binary Mfr., I, oetratnely rahmhte in trot rime.), ..„ ~... th , ..., , noon. ~ the tern , ee
o „ , _
lit winch balm.. ft rent and other etvroptainm attended
,t ram yet
fun, ..„ . thenoh the
ttoottoo t'
t ; ` , : tt
.itl :;2;
.ohCnn e s".... Ph' lanti. .o
...' 010-"."' n 'Y brae, yet I hare no doubt hot there war upward. of
have "ow .rood lb. ' rot ` 4- ..1) '.... and "?' r ' ..* ' .* MO ivorurD hyaena pitied
Rom hat, meruuratig
bra proved them to I. oat, out r•ldable ',Met', 111 „ etm
ett thett to toe . totr•hettt ono
Ittleroottent. Remitteot and Moon. I-t ter Janitotart, la 11 , 11.1,116 A?
Dd.... ~ .ac, ind.g , -.^. , 1,,, -.1- , 111.,.t0 r 7 I ' '''' "‘ Rohe. r reef. Carrot no Toon . Ike r 14I' ia24
It otottinov., coidr, and ell compla.t. of an indadortaio
f f cherartor The comptoto ...I oto vem. L•eoltlearlf • Cupping land Bleeding.
not tot Itteh ha. het,' grion t v t, .• to a witti IT U. Nttllliltr, titrue.e•ntr to Al It le tatty i—
bovc cad 1... , under'. Ihe rohnenbid b , 'he nuo , f „ r ,iIL. No 53 1 itlo .ireet lot .... en It 0.1 01,J . 4111111
rDth rrfipp, ,n• their t aco , t . n eoe,. /i t ) r,. ~. 6.1 d Froth leech , . FOP riVr,l DK.. ) --witeollatara sad
tern coo...lung they are tiow pat up toe rod r) lot. hour. lieterance the ph).o tans oi Ptitaitruta, Ade
Kr.phic wrapper (hear and Iltrinotighanz
frier Orem, tor a box ennimmtic "ii pills 1 moot
ahem)cortorly recommond to the physic... faro-
Preparon and so.d by titer aid former 1f501.14 ..I petruin Mr h II
11 A ', kil n:y... l 'lb l( & re Norrl• no ID,3lll.oroDgh ) 1, qullllll.l molt 110 I D,
corner In and wood, anti also rot., hth and woo.) no.. mod worth) 01 patronage
streets aep23 on.lll 1 y NI R IJI. I ANO
. _
II A. FA.IMPIIAL2, A II 11u1-t., N 1 La) Manufactured Tobacco.
II L. falterwrwm,lrittaboralt.i i .0 11XS .:entry A Romeo's nipteton .0,, 3 Ip.
it ... W } Lunar..., tO tri do Id A Butler'. . - Ili
14 , 00105010 Drug Store in flto Clip of 11) hf do Pnee A 11aruoml • 3
Now York. It du do do
25 do do Pearl it Harwood
rfl,l:,'.':::KL,-)L,,°,,-..„-.,.."-.'.7....,1i.:1ng.,-:‘,"net:bi: 14 do J Robinson
the city of New 1 irk and err pr.-pared to bouvply 57 hf do do
Vairip.t. and country Merehant. mom Ifrog. Patior ...-1 do do \Vat Dawson
lA, Dytertatutfit t Yore gn and Auterteun Poitansery, TI do T NI. right a
Meader, W etter 8 Mander a, tor Moir own 37 do U Aldersonraportaliont an all other article, la tiled Imo of boat_ It do I. T Dude v
tutu of • evertor quality an low a• they ran be..pur• 3 do R Man
In... Led u, tr. or uiy eastern etty 5 dolint, Itif
New fort, PebtO R. A b AIINESTOCK &Co must lantlmg from steamer and pocket. end for reio
b) Ilf—NI.D. lit ChNOR & L.
41 =nth water al sod 10 north where,
Marcher's Chrome Green
ad Now boor Wltti and tooted, oral are ' now toissig
• new oracle cif Chrome Greco, manufactured by 4.0.
It Marcher, of thin city. nod find a to worlr well, pro
dartng n firm lirilltant Paris lireeii appe•ronec, a
eery supcnor body, and recommead it in our brethren
111111 a &roast as in every portii•titar the best Chorine
("men we boon over cased. New Viol, June '47.
6.lP.'d lit 24 firms or practical gnawers oi the city al
Now This unequalled Chrome Greeu t ray
trod Of U.. Pit titILLPHS, No 57 Wood street., who Liu
exclustva mgcur y for sale 00 ritratiurgh snorl3
1,1 PILLIIII4' VERAIIPUOII-- . No fondly should he
4.3 without It ."
• !Amax, C 11., %fa , Aug 74,'40 .
fill R. Ps Sat.firass I ebrerfully eerfify that I hove
for some yours put used your Ye rroilage an lay family,
'nod untversolly with success I decidedly prefer it to
wry other preparation I hoer used —rimitogst these may
lie nanval the celebrated meringue called Dcodshot,
VolinestnelN Vennllogr, nod n preparotion rolled
Worm 'Pro In orecent cue a stogie dose brought
frwn atop mile boy one hundred and no to worms
NO Monty eertnonly ought to be without It Yours tic
Prepored and sold by It E. Scllern, No 57 Wood n
ad sunitty Irrogists generally in both ewes. nepll
A. Vino Not of Tooth for SD Contr.
vt)ui. /IEALTIII
til.44.l.—Yellovir and unhealthy teeth, alter Ira.
hi. untie or twice r.lstailed math Jaime' Amber r..t,
have the appearance of the 'no.. ovitut/11$1 Ivor),
ind 0(1110 salme tuun it,. to perfectly tanocent and ea,
nulusely hoe, that ill constant daily use it highly ad-
Vaptageous. elm ato those teeth that arc In good cop
ilotig, giving them a beautiful nod penting a
immature decay. 'Plume already decayed e s
Clola tm.Normag woroc—U alto fattens melt w tarc
eidrimu 104,60, and by perseverance II moll render the
Ipulett meth deltuately white, aud make the breath de
ll/ SWIML bold by WM. JACKbUN, Mt Lhen y
stove!, marwal._
• - -
MI A. li'•111NICHT00111.'14 VERNIFVOIit•
YEW weol• mire, nue vii my children, aged about
rive I ant; wns poison for MP ron.l day, and the
no:reused so alarmingly that I leered death
Second be the result. Having twortl of the good effects
r.littemonk • Vonnilage When administered to the
Wren of my neighbors, mid dunking my child nimbi
ye wernu.lrao wmet ui the •Y proms, I gave it one
and a ball maspomituls of Ilia Vnrmtluge, end to my
great astonishment it almost tanneshately discharged
In:Onion ion end ittki large worm. Im health was soon
eSdiored, and it is now remarkably welL Picini,ua to
taking the Vomiting, the worms would occasionally
elm in to threat, and 1 mien feared it would die from
suatigulalion . JAVI. O. DAW6ON,
Tionesta, Vonango ea, Pa.; April !tea
twortzrr is the meet citectual remedy before
We public for the cure of tinter, itch, dry mid watery
amples of die loon, nk aed . body, waly eruptions,
till Omer AiI.eIISCS o oor we skin. 'nn.
warranted free from mercury, is perieetly safe, and
anty be used id all times and undbr wl eireuntstaucoa.
A fresh supply oi this valualdo remedy mewed and
for solo by 1.1 A FAIIN FISTOCK & Co,
Curlier of Ist and 'oval; also, corner 01 GM and wood
.111cete. tel .
U IP A 1.-case. req., 1 v tar sale by
sapia /MAHN & RE/Treß
POGO ASO 211131,1011. OilOPlOll,Oll
71113 establiSturtinii lung and widely known as
being one of the most commodious in the city of
Baltimore, has recently undergone very caten
ates alterations and improents. An enure Hew
wing hark been added. containi vem ng numerous and airy
penmen, and extensive bathing rooms.
les department has also been completely
reorgeetoed and fitted up In a moat Ufilljne and brutal
ful style. In fact the whole arrangement of the House
Las het, remodeled. with a single eyeon the port of
die proprietors, towards the comfort and pleasure nf
then . Guests„ and which they confidentlyassert will
challenge compari.n with any Hotel in the Untion.
Their table will always be noppltrd with every ebb.
Camel and luxury which the mark, affords. served
up in a supertor style. while in the way of Wines, hr,
they will not be surpassed.
In conch
u . the proprietors hog to say, that nothing
will he led undone
one on their part. und nn the port of their
assistants. to render dux Hotel worthy the cow:need
patronage of thou friends and the nerally.
The prices for board have elan been reduced to the
following rat.
Ladies' Ordinary, 51,75 per day.
lientirmeni LSD
N. B.—The Baggage Wagon of the Noose will al
ways be found at the Car atni steamboat Lantfittp,
whlgh NOB eonaeq baggage to and from the lintei. fate
of charge. QM rat
corr. or rx..Nri Voz. rr. chit PITTKIIVILGO, ran
The subscriber having II.SLIMMII the manage
. nitent of this long ostablmbed turd popular Itotel,
respectfully announdes to Travellers and lilt.
Public generally. Mat he 1.1 . 111 lie at all omen prepared
to accommodate them to all things desirable it a well
nighlared Hotel. The hoax I. 130 W being thoroughly
repaired throughout_ and new Punuture added, alai no
pains will Ire spared to make the 1 - :ichange one of the
very best Hotels in the couhrry.
The hmtermatted relpectrully willeit• a conuntrance
of the very liberal patronage the Untrue lie• heretofore
nleived. Tuom A 9 ()WIATON,
klntritf Proprietor.
- - • -
ARISTIIRWKNIORTON low, to aequaint hi%
(mods doe he is mg.!. iC4+lO, of the IiALT
1101: SF. I Annoy,lle. K where he hope. to meet
ad hi. old (mends, honoring thorn nod the puhlie, thnt
nootifort shall lot vi3nrod to mato all ronafortuble who
favor boo wall their patronage 10.111.111
C 1101,11., BIITWICEN metro "MTH ISTIt.
()ppostrE late Hank of the United Sotto.. Phan
delplua. N. POPE Mr rum:Lt.,
mart , f Proortetor
Chocolate, Cocoa, tsc
NV. Baker's Auterlenn and I.'relach Choc° Preirat
. .
ed Cocoa, Cocoa Prate. Bonne, Cocoa Shelia, he.
TO merchants •atd eonsumers. who would purchase
the best productsut Coemy free from •dulmmtion,
more nutribou• Wan tea or coffee, and in quality unsur•
passed, the subleriber recommends the above nnieles,
manalaeured by biros.! at stamped with bi• name.
His WORM and COCOA Paste, a delicate, palatable.
and aalutary drinks for invalids, cony - 0.1(.1.m5. and
others, arc pronounced by the most cmorent ph) sleuths
superior to any other preparations. lits manufactures
are always on ale, in any quanuty, by the moo re.
'peeled° grocers to the eastern mire, and by then
eves, Ilawea Gray & co llostou. Jame• 11 BIM,
& co, Hartford. Court: Mauer) . & Murray. New York;
Grant & Stone, Philadelphia. Proton* V Itrumtrgia.
lnoom; and Kellogg it !Sennett. rtneinnati. (Hon
• • •
WALTEIIi liAKKR Liorrbester Mau.
For saie by augal HAGALEY A. SMITH, A
BROOKS wwithl respowthilly
forth the that they have ere a salt on
k. between reilera: and Sa Rita iitreet• y
art, now tookitia and are prepared to reerive onier• in
Carry dr.cription rehidir, Concur... Char it', Ha.
.ebb., Dante, Phanons. to., to, rob, II wool their
io n experience in the Inattutiwture of the n 1.41 %, .ork,
lad the :twilit.. the) here. they feel eotitote of they nor
ettahloti to ilia work on the amid reuortalrie terms with
thaw, omitting aracic• in their line
Paytng p•hieulsr artenonn to the seleetiem of mote
rush., and havtoF none but competent .oriantett,
hove h 0 heallatiOu an srorraiittn, thelr o..rh N% e
therefore ask the atteutton of the polite to this omit,
IL Repsanag dour to the .at atnastker, od ou tit
most ressonettie term..
MAKE NOTICE Thatlbato 114,fpnlIng(21" of my
alp of PiitsburiEL, Loyd. to.en appoi.ded lasimtvlo
or Floor hr the Oovernor the Commooo.,olll, ult,
iLe Aet of Assembly of din 13th day rd 1-4 S.
and for the city of Pittsburgh, nod Inc coubbe. of A.:e
'bray, Westmoreland, %Vashitieton. I.•t.
Jegrernaso, Aram - trona. Buller. Heaver NI.,
eel. Crawford, P.rie. Wurreh and V.,,sdeo
day enter upon de dimes of hi+ nth , . under A, r . .bn
1144.41 , 13.
lie may he lounri at )11 IN I.frri, • 10, cnt
yr of Water sod ?olohbohl sept..llnl
riNILE InAboe,tber hamtog taken poi r• of A doom.-
Baton upon the cat.Atr and .t Coale. Itro
too, notirt hereby gt•ro ai. tho., ha. mg
pneeehtstah of his pntiperty rder. or °then.. .an to do-
Itterlbent to the Adtmoo•trutor mod, owl, to.
or tstering . Onto.. upon sold e•lntr to 'pt..... th,.1.!,,
ly antheehrated. Jthellt,h Itt tll A.ltn,
.thee /'the .1 pet.,
llrronighl and Cart Iran nailing.
ri , ll4naboretr‘rre Imre leave to in,...
the poidn - that
L, OW hare fl
from tee Inat eu the lan. end
taelalointhie dee, a• snr Iron Retinte I..ea ior aou.•
.ndle:iirrte. V. - tonne ...tune . P r. .. , " t , eed •
ene, qn Ili• anti inearr raA and e .I.llkirn . 11....: lodge
in_ ~.ed ine:eco linittng wil ... fu rnok,Al al the •.„,I.
it.os . ~ and va the neat, tatatnner, at the corner of
Crete and iirbtera -trerta, Allea hen, rtte
sur29-eltf A LAM . . tict a KNOX
A N - rt 'LED Tr rISACCI -20 ha hi N si..trys
Jll x Son's superror swrrn lh wrap.
73 half bls Webster r 114 onpt.nor sweet Ss hoops
30 " Lawmen,. lArtier 5s
25 " lo.ortry I, Ito% s.r r •• Ira "
411 " Dupont We la Eural " 6. "
lu '• Aleloo.l
t'S " Lanarenre Lorner tt Gm plug
Just lamb rig fromshaanirr, and for sale by
IIIALI), Ill • CKNOR h ro,
41 N water at and 11l N whurveo,
MY3I Philadelphia:
• . . .
13 APIKK—MINI hits Straw Wrapping Paper, all us.,
L4th team. ruled Cop Wriong P 4 r ,,
310/ ruled and plain letter do, ullqualitten,
1101 - Flat Curl
2511 "modium rra raper,
159 crow whiir and Woe & white Rom. Hoard,
Ilu reign. Alardlla I,l,elope Paper,
Sit Hardware Palo, ree d and for
sale low by RI-1 NI iI.DS & MIII4E.
my:lntim corner 11,111 and trwin
It /1 ANUFAcru KED Tt/lIACCI mot, and to nr•
rive, the follonotiq hinntln on Tolaineo. euinoiro
mein. from manufacturer. of tilehmoutl and 1.1 twin
burg, whirl, will i. old to the trade at reduced lute.,
73 hi•l.mnit mite 5.,
00 do JOllll Hurker I.
110 do flew, & /amen 1.. 1.•
J 1 do I. Janie. ss,
10 do It. 11. IN'arn. Irk ant
19 do J. Stearn/d5. and nn;
17 do J une. Malin,. 5. 1. ATI:It MAN
angl 31 w 'tier runt 01 Iron, Inv
13 - 0:1A1.4. lIIA DBIIi A . De ulla 1.
OFNICF: on Smithfield street, 'hi door
.. 17 " r north of Third ~rent. Dr. !dude,. rr•
apeetful:y nder. Is. profewoollol arr.
--"" vines to the te ctittens Pitinburgh, Al.
legheni and vicinity
Itrwcualcoxs—Dr. A N. McDowell;
1111 F: solomill/or ollera for role x fall hromrtment or
Stow,. Patent Block, Shore, he, adolorol to
tlor mole AI., complete ...tits of Mock, oilapted to
rebel. of Joey m.llOOlll, pro op nod forwarded to mil
part of Union, mothout delay and oho laweet prn
ees. LIONU:11 lot rale in ;mental. to ma
purehimen. GEO NV STAPLES.
tiriAnettearTAS 76 Hearne Slip, New Yore
1 great spring and summer medine, this day reed
mad for sale wholesale and retail ic
, by
N. —la FL E. S. is Dr. Townsend" only agent for
Pittsburgh, the genuine article may alwaYs lw had at
No 57 Wood street. ntyl3
4.( )0 41t4?8'Lliat(4:10tairo I V4l,l l :, 7 : 2" lll ar‘ gleu e Z a 7 7 2 do ho
1012 do 4o :Li do ,25 do 1814 441, 35 Ithds N. D.
Sugar ; 01141410 No 3 inackarel ; ISO has rosin •oap No.
1 ; lull do dipped Candles ; 125 do Cancumatt mould, dm'
seteiverl oa emissgnment nod fur sale toy
3,cora-c urcslccocr cc", C
ILate J S Strickler a. CA)
MANUFACTURERS of Phsertir Are proof safes,
LIJL th side. seeond ' , Urea, between Wood and
Smithfield Pinshurnh. J 9 Strickler having deceased
and the surviving partner Mr. Jog Lippeneott, having
assoeinicil hinaseif with Mr. Wm C Barr. the become
will tierce/ler be conducted under the sty'. e{ LIPP.. -
.at fr. Barr.
Trial of a safe in Cincinnati, o.—We the Undersign
ed were present at the testing of one WI tr Ertriekier &
Co's improved P.n.: fire-proof safes. The safe was
placed to a furnace on the publte 1 ding and althiefil.i
to the intense heat of a stone coal fire for .more than
Mere hours. In one hour and n half the safe came to
a bright red heat; the door of the furnace was then
closed, which ranged an Increased and steady heat for
the balance of the tame. until the east iron wheels were
partially melted oSr. the furnace urns then thrown down
nod tic safe cooled and opened. The money, papers
and hooks which it Contained were nia perfect an when
placed there. the handing only of the books being In
lured by the water in cooling the safe. We have uo
hesitation to recommending it to the public a. a sails
superior to arty we have ever wan tested, and IlleheVe
that a will stand any hem which might be produced,
zeept a heat which would melt it to a solid Mts.
Springer & Whitman, L Worthington, Kellogg &
Kennett. Ilenj. Prue, W 0 P Wee., Mures Smith, T
S Dangan & Co, Stedman, NI ayard Zs Co, Wes Manse,
Mend !LW aunor.
W. the undersigned. eternal the safe spoken of
shore. from • lot In the ,tors of Trotter & AnherT, the
Agents C (i SPFUNtilat,
it J KELLOG. -
Refer to (look A tiaras, Brokers, Ihtmbortf&
Hussey Banns & C., do do fe.?d&sel.7l3
Is. LIPTENCOTT .1011711. WWI- 1.. Z. YOIGV
•. . .
Iki",i'bou,},trnr,STA:..^:,l l :. - - - .lreitat,c . ., V.74'
Cot, Comlar uttd Oct Saws, Hay and Matinee Forks,
floes, Mattocks, Picks, &c., having completed all their
arrangements in the construction of new machinery,
arid in securing the best workmen from the moat cele
brated entablishmenni of the East nee now manufactur
ing and will keep constantly an hand and for sale all
lhv above arncles, having availed themselves of the
latest tinprovemenm, and are del ,rained that in work
manship and materinl they will n e excelled. They
promise to produce entries equal. if notsuperior, to
any that ran b.. had in the Cast. The melte the atten
tion of dealers to an examination of y
their stack before
purebriame elsewhere, so they are convinced that they
writ be able to fill all orders ut then line to the entire
.1.1•111ction of purchasers Warehouse, Water street,
4 doors West Monongahela House, Pittsburgh, Pa.
N. IL—Persons hem., .businem with Wm..l , PPlen
con & Son all please roll on Lappeticon & C 0..,
. .
XA large and splendid assortment of Fnmi
tore, enunble for Steamboat', lloteltand pri
vate dwelling, constantly on hand and
mode no order.
. .
The present sock Olt band cannot be exceeded by
any manufactory in the western] country. Persons
wisbing In purr! as would do well to give ma a call,
a.. 6ISI determined my priers shall please. Part o f
the mark eusnosts in—
merry Work Stand.
Stethoettoy. Stool, Cherry. and Pop[ sr Bedsteads of
all deseripuons. and rt larxo no.ortment of comottoo
fondture mut mo numerous to todnUOrt.
fINIEY, are not asrart how I rl;htful ly in:amain it is 14
1. the skio—how coaree,ilow rough, how enllow. yet.
lo l a aid onhealthy the skin appears after using prepay
pared chalk! Besides out outman., contacting Llano
quantity of lead!
We have proper a beautiful vegetable article,
wretch we tan JONalr fIPAIIISH LILY WRITE It
c perfectly ituemient, being purified of all deleterious
quaLtietir, end it Imparts to the iiktu a natural, healthy.
alabaster, clear, keine white: at the none time &cues
n• cosmetic on the ithut, making tt soft and smooth.
It, James Ahtleraon. Prhetical Chem. of Maser
rlitooitt, an) • -All., unnlyxtrh, Jones' Spanish Lity
bb lute. I find n the moot beautlful nod natu
ral. at the ...oar hati• 111110CCUL while I ever caw I
vertu:4ly ca.n recommend eta use to ail
hrbene .tip ~,hore• brethil)ksig '• Price, c.c.s a
bo} . toot by lb M JACKS( !Ahem) mart!)
Pitt lll•ehtne Work• and Wooandry.
tI IY W RIG irr a • 'rr -rr prepared to build Cotton
osou Wooten .t 3cm. irer) o(ever. derienprion. such
ii• :vowing Frames. Speeders.
Ru. wir) Head.. Witrprrs,Spooleria
Drear.tito Pram., Loma-. Curd Ir finders, k.c. Wrought
In on r.iiiartrila turned. ail tri , arit Iron. Pulltertund
II weer• ot the tate.: patterns_ and hand Lath.,
arid wia• of an Uttar C0....0f1r. of very
niorfo..l off roof, noltor. Vattern. wade onler for
Mill 1,...,1.1a Iron itniiiria ii ,icarn Pipe for beak
int Far. tort-.. ,'a ri Wirlox ' , aria and (aye) Ca..
..n r. , r• ffl the Warehnuaa.
I . .dmor lirtrrrt) weal- will have prompt atten
Itr , r In &ark 14.1 ‘loorchnad dr.
E. Warner Jot. It A. tytuirgh (..
New Hardware none.. _
rnenaurr .0 III) bread. in the city
end aoonnx.hat I I, tve n;annal iny neve an•re at the
nen% e natund ptme, roreltuand. my good. for
•I, anal teenier ~,,, antneynnnortrn toarnitartunnt an
thss ion, and tat l,alroin. to Iv, conatantly .uppia.d,
I ana prepa•en In liardw•ra sad funds,
nn ,(1.41 , IFII• a:..! rt• .•••• na any lunsan Ea. or
IX en Menlan,. AI, ..01, I nr. re•pnctiull, Invtled
tn ca:. and exalt:ten.- to• •ten. In,oxe pnernaantx
r on.lnartng romp/i.e. a part of hi. stock:
Xltentntnal and •add‘cra laar•lnalrn gun Crtntmatiga,
El ea 7ax,ne • •I-r, cu,ra. ecl4r tw i t nvi/a, atOxltt•
Ink.. lan In-• an, the• la,. ann.:a...cre., Canon rac
") plane, •••••• nuthogan• boards and vineers. and
other 4711(14, I,IIIIKIV4i with the hardarure hu•t•
Q . I
L I. 4.1. toar. a-nst to tern ...Leon of
“rlrb 4 , nr. tarn' tor , nor taken ttn. latent' ora.u.ned '1 Mt Porter Thc pub
!, are nr.urral Ow All ttre anprovrlnnnn. arc Venn
rr.l. and Mr“l be brougni opernuon toy Mt Hon,.
Las Lc..,, a coastant an , ennor sauce the an was
• th•rw.c red Kann. satlaracuon w guarantee. to
• wh., luny 1.-con, paint.. M, 11. seal mu,
rrlesrurr. 1,, Mr I•nrier..:l ho.o rstaldorlanent he
LISS .nr twrlte month, gamily 1 . 0
Eogr av DaguerrryllN I,s r areurataly
l-krneows mien ut any weatner. turd set at
,ru er, br tun n 011110 an. and ay.
• 10h..1 irPAI
Penn Machine Slsole.
IL 71-
Tar . .el , n; now in lull ands uceestnil op
rratu.. I o'o ,r• ,are,l to execute order, with dutelt
tcr ! maelnuety nt, tine, such as ar ir‘p
lu,,fierr.•,.readr•ra card, grtgultug tnactuttra. rattways,
1, a tug Itatncs. thrortstl, looms, woolen
✓tur sue reit gun or country work.
• jn. • • A. nikd nand lathes rind tools in Ken-
In. Robert Simi...ow
amcs S. Craft, o s 4
Pittabozgil FuridtereWare RoomstV
Hi Rat. wort Plash and Nair-cloth Governs:
dos Mahogany Nurse Chairs;
11 ;tau Dtrans;
12 dor fine mahogany Chairs;
mahogany Work Stands;
3 dos mahogany Reektng Chasm
15 marble top Dressing 13uneurta;
pat, 1 tuotnaro.;
Fearblv lop Work Stands;
r•tl:1 . 11 ror ner n(
„t 3 Vtot.l ontl,l.t. l'lttoburgh I Ittv
• 11g..1 . 11,4,11 trona the um of
t . ••L 111 W
1.1 01 January, 1e.47. 1
City Daerixerri•ia Gallery
/.13“1/ of arattlsog Maar to order.or m. gav
e t tor ct,r)ttg tarLortt, r‘ . 34ol,oa•i r e thargr
R Clikul. A I .4,ll:nekstock, Ikil
A t . /as A torikV.
AA Fri. It I \ 14, a:al Itin..s Foundlcr. ha/
bot sod r011111,11 , ,i tquooeen al Ids old stand,
o Itert ht. ~,,. 1,1 , mA...ea to are Iva old euidoso
- Itt•:ol•
chore h. SteAszt , ont.rt , t.l of every vie. from 10
L." I ta.4..1 pounds. coal trout pattern, of thn moat upprov•
e. 11110 4 ,1.. and Ulu - 1 . .1,rd lte ti thenest snatertals
Nlinernt tuer . tope. L., ever) ‘ar et, ut Brass Cuftunge. U requae.d,
UirMl.o.l aud Ml:tithed tn the newt.. manner.
A F thc •dic provr,lor ot thnutr's Amm-Arrrd
rior PotrrAt- rook' celebrated for the reduction of
motion in ginenincry 'nor Ito to. and l'omrso*ition
can I.eload anon nt ail limns ally
Ploughs, Plough C••tlngs • Wagon
Unita ? so.
111..11T lIALI., of the old
hrto of H. & S losll, is ntenufet•
luring trp go snit as of
Ploughs. Plough Castings. Wag.
on kozes, urtth the uoproveineo.ts of the Leaver.
Peacock, and other PLougha, of the latest wid
Lest yallrrtoi now lik 1.1•••
Worehoure. ItKll,ll,ertv wee!, Pittsburgh, opposite
the Ili) t•tesl, onegheny city, near the
Cotton Factory of Messrs Itlsehstoek, Rel.& Co.
tie 1-tly
1. ! I l u t.:...:lut:.e , r , t , tr .
~o , n e lr u n , d :
Mmoon., aod ot size, \line • Porter ens
u.etal %Voter I.l.ottle, and ail kind. of Druggist.'
1313(6V. and \'‘.l.s. &r . 01nrh they 0111 sell at the Iow••
pn Orders writ meet wttlt prompt ntlen.o,
if addresaml
lILN N EILB. 8M i'l'l I S. C AM P BEI. L..
B..nit Front street,
sr p14411n1 I.l.lodelp4la
W. & J. ULICti N, Book llinde.
I.: nre ., dlllene iced in the above husoncot. corner
TY ol NVood 11101 Th rd where
AC are prepared 10.10 ark sn OUT line wdh dew.
nutunt to our work pen t e 1 and sails
mein, o t:1 C. truard da neutne.s and du.
fllnnk to any pattern nod boned •ditt
st.taddtnr •ti It 01111. • ., Of I.ooka Unsold earn
lu yor repaired .Nante.t put on I.cutlitt in gilt letters.
1 no. • chat have o nett to 001 are Invited to cal!.
Pr. c,
Isrri.K.. tin, it KricLa Cll./1 lurntabod
V .Ith a Lunch ai alt hue., of the day, al., Ire
rr num Fruit Conferuonnry. &r. The Wainer Green:
00.1 %Drat,. har regular vivo , as tonal, leavingher Pitt
10.11 , 1 lamtsng A. M. ll.t hal( Nut each hoar
%ev.ept Itl until lot I'. 31 —lenetng the Garden at
I' M tor her last trip tot he city.
A on.onllght vicw 01 the Garden is indearrtbable in
I , eaety.
, 7‘1 , 1 ,,, i e , 0 t u t r n n ,;u i r r e•l a m b .
u k D ,L. II
w E e : tt i az i; i y t
ttott lot bun tie outronage of allr friend, and rut. RD. %V ou POINDEXTER,
Pot t•horglt, Arta 4th. 149.
IcAtAsT. ;rarer, l'orpetamona wd
g FOTWIIIII.III, Merelarr4 7 Na. 41 Water rt. 0011
ic.igt.e for - WO:"
t. la A nn p an i lt ^wl i . yr i no , ta l h ill , It!
lark on bh-avor.' A °r eit%
y I ;ST It Eri'YJ V laL , --A large mad .plandsd *until:nem
Oath., Ca..tande. Vnaunga, Cravats, &a, and
wr Aube by kVILILYAIS, Mercoat Tunn y
moo untie, Alananothela Ilou.e. rtaninfield
iIHON—IIkt tan, Onto Furnace Hot Illnevitrn•
1, erne Par Rini/Bold; be tone Brooklyn Furnace,
Co. Pik) Hat Blast, (o Kale by
irig cater et
TIMM'. FINK DRAI.IIIH7' 11011148 e,
Aitthrets hue Draught Home for sale, sail.
hie for dray log, ke. Enquire of
Ai:ALUM/MUD /t. C.,
renal basin, liberty I._
iALF SKINS 3J thix eenuene French Calf Skit.,
Nj very fine arucle. A lew dozens Plulalhto
Skillet, (DIM the natutufackety of Crawfonl, to
which the attention of lmot ruslinss is invited. on
trealsed and tot vale by W YOUNG & Co,
143 Merry st
The. :Basikere Magazine..
Register, devoted .to the • dissemin on of Bonk
Statistics, word principle of Banking, [Sky and pin
uples of Life Insmance sad Sayings Banks, Sunfish
and American Lass Decisions in reamer. m rho hos. -
nem of Ranks end Bankers, de. Balked, by .1. smith
Particular attention will be given at hdretofore to the
ecanpilation Of recent decisions respecting Baeka
kers, "Bills of Exchtoge, Promissory Notes, Usury,
Bends„ Nomriea, D 9,1311411.1, be.. in the Beasts of Alaw
wichuscus, Connect:oat Now York, ,Pyansylvanta,
kiaryhted, Virgittia., South Cmo li tta„ Ohio, Loaisiena,
Tennemeo, and other States. This stiff be one of do
most imporumt features adowork t arid will in itself
claim the attention of Presidents, Otobiera.
Notaries end enema Among Wm:donde of import
ance to bankers and whom, thassork will contain sta
tistics of the Banks in every State et tbe• Union{ bio
cophieal sketches or prominent Motet} of 'ECIMPO
and America; °diced Tante. showing the debts, host
nook, expenditures, and financial carattioll of Me wow.
Soles of the Union.
Published monthly, 61 pars octavo, at Three Dol.
Agents for Banked' Alagestne.
Bhao° 14 Scribner's Publliationts.
TIRE subscribers having blen appointed agents for
JL the sale of the pablieußoffs of the' above well
known publishing house, hallo a full supply of their
boob OTI band, 'O. they ems sell at the eastern pri
ces, wholesale o o d scot. Among the works which
have been recently Issued by therm which have been
highly recommended es exceediegly Interesting .d
valuable, may be found—The Caur, - bis Cdurt end Pee
pla Ireland's I A - elcome to the Stranger, Bethel Inn,
by Dr. Soon; Nare.leon end his Marshalm Weehing.
ton stud his Genera.; The Stirred Alonntauts; Orators
of France; Teaching a °ciente, the LCIICor eo Artist;
Charlene Plirabeth's Uniform 'Works. .S. Arilmes
Making Haste to be Rieb, Riches hove Wings, Keeping
op Appearances, Debtor and Creditor, ie. tee.
Also, the work. from the press of Robert Cart., the
character of whose publican°. is usellimown. Tur
letl.'s Theology, in 4 role; Haldane on Romans; Mc-
Chr yne's works; 'The C 0..; by amber of School (Arl
to Prance, Re. As. New books received as soon en
eo published. ELLIOTT le ENGLISH,
;..Vg 7° wood and Cie market me
*JEW BOOKS—History of Compressi—Bkigraphleal
11 and Political, comprising Memoirs of Alembers of
the Congres• et the United States, drawn from authen
tic sources; embracing the prominent events of their
lives, and their connection with the political history of
the timer by Henry O. Wheeler. Illustrated ay un
meaning steel pitmans and faammila autographs.
Kings and 1. ovens; or, Life in the Palace--corisimlng
of Historical Sketches of Josephine and Maria Louisa,
Louis Philippe, Fealinand of Austria, Nicholtu, Isabel
la 11, Leopold, ararVietoric by John SO Abbott.
Barnes Notes on James, Peter. John and Jade:—
Notes, explanatory and practical, on the general epis
tles of James, Peter, John and Juilm brAloart Barnet.
Mary Grover, or, the Trusting Wife 1 a
Temperance Tale: by Charles Burdett, author of the
'Convict'. Child,' &a.
Harold, the Last of the Saxon Kings: by Sir Edward
Bulsrer Lytton, Bart. Complete in two parts.
Part V. Harper's Illustrated Edition of the Arabian
Ni ftr . a l ly ' e r warks ' re ' Teived this da and for tal
jylo Booksellers, roe Market and ad.ta
NEW BOOKS—The Writings of CasstL. Marcell.
Clay, including Speeches and Addreixa Edited,
math a preface and memoir, by Horace Orenly.
The Find Book us Spanish; or, practical Introduc
tion to the study of the Spam. Language: containing
full instrucuons inpronuncinuon, a grammar, exorcis
es on the 011endorff metbal or constant Imitation .d
wpetition, reading lessons, and a votabulary. The
hole adapted for the use of private learners, or for
rismes under an instructor. By Joseph Satheld, A.
NI., author of -A Compel/do:on of Classical Antrim..
ties " etc.
drothers and Sisters, atale of doinastie life; by
F'redenka Bremer. Translated from the original un
published manusenpt. by Mary Hosea&
The Dy Rohm, nod other tales. By Joseph Alden,
D I). Just reviewed and for sale by
- -
110 , 01L-h—Lartorea ou She/Lapeer°, by 11 N
Iludut, ut wo volumes.
The Power of the Pulpit, or plain thoughts addressed
tot:hriatian min...rm. and those Iran beer them, on the
isifinence 01 a preached Gospel, by :he Rev. Gardiner
Smug, D. D.
The Peasant and his Lamdlort. by the Ilaroness
Knomnu. Tnsualated by Mary liovritt.
Lanattrune'L Girondl‘t& Vol 111. Ilittory of the
or personal memoir of the path. , of the French
{(evolution, horn unpublished sources—by A. Or
A tear copies."( each of die alnsse vans)" received
:nig day and for sale by.
JOHNSTON Si FrocrroN. Bicinkseders.
ti yl corner market and eta
PTl :Y at E r E it!ti l l t i t i t ; 4. 1? n ß o ' l : die ' IT ' V a a?l c 7. 'a°n•trt‘lienci the
settlement of the Northwest Terrdory. chit, Cly from
original manuarrypt ; containing the. pope, of Mr.
(.....rge Alone., those of Judge Bark, the dmrtes of Jo
seph Hued and John Mnlthew, the. treorik or the
Ohio Company. An.. Ac, web numerous plates and
maps. Ily S. l'
Orators of The .k mertcan Revolutioh, by E. 1.. May
roon With portraits of Sum: Atiann• Jas. Warren r
Patrick Henry. Alen. Hamilton, Flatter Ames and Jobs
Randolph. I col. cloth.
Retiring from Maine., or The Mel Maas Error,
ay T a Arthur
A freeeopies of each of the above works received
this day and for sale by
scp4 bookaelters, car ntarkat and Third
J by E L Magoon, plaw, of Cont.
.Adatnn, Jotaph
Wurrets, Patrick Honey, Ale._ Itvuiltoa, Fisnet Ato
and John Randolph; dedicated to students who are not
drone, Chrism,. who are not Ingots. and eiiirens who
are not demos-meow.
Rrormg iron:, Rusin, or Mc Rich Alan'. Error, by
S Arthur E , r sale uy
Book. 1 Book* 7 I
lANIARTINE'S GIaoNDISTS, eornple , c,
Wendell's Frlacksfanes Commentartes,
Whst I saw in Oshtemo. be Bryant.
The Csar has court and people, includrng • tear to
Noraray and Swedes, By Magoon.
Retmna trout 'lawless, or the arch Mall . . Error.
T S. Arthur.
The Rattle of Mena Vista. By Capt. Carleton.
Spencer's Caesar. 'Tyler's Tar ties. Schram's Home.
A general asaortnient of School and College text
books for sale by R HOPKINS;
set , / Apollo bluddlocs, Fourth st. near 'A opt.
BOOKS!•-1.erture* on Theology. by the
late Flo-v. John U ct. D. D., published under the
.upertotendenee. , ht. son. with a btop,raplueal intro.
duelpou by au Arnartcun editor—complete in one vol-
theighl'a Theology, 4 go/.
Edward'. Works, 4 vol..
eander Church likatory,lm nzul %I vols.
111:wco ou the Types of Chrluhlium puldtsbed
Al., a Ire and well selected mock of Throloglral.
Miscellancou*, and School Ilook•, for sale low by
7e wood maul 60 market ms
F.W MUSIC-011 Susannah: Hasa Lee; Uncle
Ned; Whet musts Fairy Dream be; The'Weteh
cr, due°, Itoratmen Lhture. Blurt Jutuate; Harmon,
out, Carolina Melodies, G Non; Life ts but a Sink. The
t tenant is rash The Mountain Mald's Ilmtation; Sleep
;,,lf I dreamed. Idtve; Agenam liniekstep, Ilayeaux
t tote k step, May t„tucen, complete. quaker Hal Spring
%Vent, Jenny land's Songs. Alveradoldutchstcp; I've
Kennon to lie Sad, Ethiopian Advt. vanabutts; Hours
to Leisure, Sy Ipb Quadrllles, hylf alder, Kate O'Shea,.
Ho Kind to Farb ot.hcr, be no Subsmostve Wife; re
ceived by Express end tor sale by
1 II MELLOR, wood at
t A hand and for sole, the iollowing
pima, Forma threat from the manufac
turer and at Eastern ' , noes:
No s, 1
An elegtuit two - wood, sin or
uvrs iron framed Piano Forte,:mule by l'hiekering.
Itomon. 1527.5
Pin. 2. Same as the above.
•• 3. No. wood, Chtekermg
" Gals k Co. ..
" " Cleckenng, 4
- It " Alonitattatt tlompany, •
"10 " Grunt Mersa • 41
11 " Second Plano, Heim,
Old I.ooins taken in part payment for sny of th
Loess by JOHN 11. NIELLAJFC, 01 Wood st.
:Sole Agent for Chtelennes Pitiko FOrle., for West
so Prittlaylvanix. autril
Splendid New Planes.
fenspTH F: subscriber, pievious to leaving
for the Kam to replenish hoi stock, will
thsposs of the balance of hi. stock on
hand at reduced price., and on favor.-
We terms. It roosts. of a chince selection of Pianos
triads by Nouns C Clark, N. T., and Jonas Chtekenng,
m How'n. More., of from ti to 7 octaves., of rosewood
and mahogany, of dnirerent stylca and once.
It. Klik:Blijit,
gI At Woodwelhi, d Third et
kN EN ZACHARY TATLOlL—Pittetratt of Gen. Z.
J T.) tor. by N Corley: antler the tenmetholc super
intendence and directions of the under - styled officer"...
trout an ortintal aketch token frorn•hic, at Carnsugo,
Capnlit. Eaton. AI) C.
D Connor. S Nev y. Georg , . A kl'eatl, A (It George
Lteui Topographical Incleigin harry Inger- .
I s ettl liook.ellers ror AI and market eta
loVERS SONGS—Watch you pill by Daylight!
Widow Mae hree, Roo O'Alurej billow Summer,
`slit) ing the Deer, GOndOilt, Row; The Two 1111,11,
Fairy thy, Anti me MA what I mg Thinking; low
Banked Car; My Ittotber Deer, Oda not toy Rowe
thee not; Forgive, but don't Forget, The Cynmelion;
Angel. Whomer, Morning Dream; Sweet Jess. was
1 (rung and Steeple; The Northland. for Met Molly
Sawn For sale by JOHN II NIELLOR,
jell Cl wood at
UST PUBLISIIRD--An illustrution of the Types,
Allegones and Prophecies of B. Old Testament:
By William hrEwen,ininis.r of did Gospel at Dundee_
The above popular work, winch Hens of the Typical
Persons, Things and Plugea of the Old Tequunerth
which hos been out of print for tome time, and fot
whirl, them has been a great demand, we have lust
republished in a neat Ityle—P,lB pages, e mo. Price
5b cents. tc ENGLISH,
align Bs wood 01ZI 56 market n . -
11KW WORK 11l HEADLEY...The Life of 013.,
Cromwell, by J T Headley, author of sNripoleou
and his hlarshals," "The Sacred Mountains. , ~ ,l gach.
tumor. and hes G m
enerals," e. e- Received doe day
tell Booksellers, cormnrket and Ail et.
1; II A NCE—Outlines of the History of Franco. from
too earliest times to ilia Revolution of lato—tor
families—with koala mifamilies—with Lumen). engraving*, and
hoextions for Ilia examination of Rapt),
jr •-% X011.1•STON a. STOCKTON
/ 1 MINTING HOCSK BAND-430 foz is atom and
by ..011 Rlll5l/i.01.1)34101}1E_
- •
ID INN gIiILZED SALKII.A.TUS—i4 lA., • very az
porior otlicle, packed In podod and bolt pond
p0i..., for rowing, for axle by
su z 311 • CANDIMS
poutor znielo,pw reed zo6l lei sole by
31 *di .1r urnlllll from zt
• •
mein An
par°s" --3 """.47 9 °" 4 "1M-Lovp
W. by
TOL. : XVI. NO. 48.
ALTHE subscribitu_zrtum to his own
manufacturing of ILLS made arrange-
amnia with Melina; & Co, (the most
fashionable hatte a of theinityisf New Yorkd for a reg
al,. etatriP of lan ant" IlArt SUb Ham, and harm; rust
rrindled ° few eases, gala/ram can be suited web a
eery rlch and benutifu‘hai by calling at he new Hat
and Cap Store, SmithLeld street, second door south of
Fourth, where may be found a great variety of Hats
and Cups of his awn manzinsentre, wholesale and re
tail. Hats made to order on Ham retire.
aryl ' I.IihIFS WILSON.
111PCOltD L CO4
A L (St:memoirs to NTCord &IRV
Fashionable /tat4ara.l lll ll ll ll ,
Grow of Wood and `Fifth &n-,a..
ARTICULAR attention paid to oar flellid 'Rode.
0 . s ( f i n7m tk o m ur en eata eo b n lith " me ly :l P° o4h V e extr ifi" lta the itat i" l l .L " vat
or, matasuarts, of the isrsa aura and halo u,,rs,rr
=try Merchants, purchasing by wholesale, are
respectfully invited to mill and examine our Stock; a.
red can say with confidence that as regards carsarrr
and ram; it will not suffer in o comparison with any
hopse in Philadelphia fetal I
mFall Fashions for 1848. Li
IIeCORD & Co..
Curs NM. & [mod
W ll . L .il yk
o u r c il e
. clit ta t arn ,v r e ilv4 d A l a r las te t so titt s„ th l , rk is
Those in want of a neat and beautiful hat, are invited
to call at their store, corner of Meth and Wood streets,
DF.ALERS nre ieeued to examine FL II
PALMER'S stock of Straw Hoods, of the
'T'r M= T lre ' n d e i e n C ' d „I tsh Du n -
1 ble do; American do do; China Pearl do; 'Coburg dn,
timid Ore French Lass; Fancy Gimp, &a &e.
HATS--Leghorn. Palm Leaf, Panama, Fancy Straw,
deißraid, Rutland Braid, Pedal do.
&Ito. Artificial Flowers, Ribbons, &c. Straw Bon
ne! Warehouse. 95 market sr msr.:4
CHEAPEST Fashionable Hanes M
14Pinsburgh. Principal Store, 72 Fourth
meet. Manniaertrring and accommodation Store, co,
urir of Wood street and Wrgin alley. Highest price.
always paid for shipping Fors. myti.l y
• • . . .. .
ONE of the largest and the most choke mock of
CAIWE:TIM) in the market, embracing all the
Ostia! qualities from the most approved manufactory.,
Mat have been tested for dananlity to Milne and re
ripestry Velvet Carpeting;
I do do
Drumls carpeting; Extra Chenille Rugs.
Extra sap? ply do Taftod do
Pp ingrain do Wilton do
Fine do do Brussels do
Common do do
o,lam:tinctured to order in new patterns; adapted to
par tors, basements and chambers.
p.inted Oil Cloths, for dimng rooms, entries, vesti
pin Jes, kitchen!.
- • •
, • n and Woollen Hoehn:lg, from one third to three
zigirls wide. Door Max., tee. Le., to which the aut.-
acist of purchasers at wholesale •nd retail is respect
fully invited. IVareroom, one door from Wood es.
FaII Dry Good.
Iltmoklett 6 IRMIte.
No. 99 WOOO 9u.stre,
VITE. 9 the ;meatiest of Weston/ Itierehants their
Merge end freaks stock of '
- -
w • ich they are now receiving direct from the Eastern
illinufacturcrs and Importers, and which they will sell
ME-astern Jobbing pric.
Having every facili ty for the purchase pf good• to
the bee advantage, and the lowest possible mice, thy
confidently mere Merchants to examine the qualities
anti prince of their goods,feeling swished they can com
mic favorably with any market either East or Rest.
Their stock Will comprise • full assortment of all
gotnis usually kept in Dry Goods Houses, and tell be
emismnily iccetving additions of all the new and dee •
ratite styles of goods of domestic or foreign manufac,
tote. and will only require an examination to ho up
setuted. repli
NEW andsplendid variety, to
IdleToveT NVorehes; 4° silve
lever watches, Eneltahr le silver detached lever welch
21) silver Lne vetches;23 *liver quarto,
watches; la fine cold chains: I dos new style ens rowel
3 otr.i piaci gold hoop nova: ri dos assorted node; 2 mu
dual irate, praying a vanety or popular ors; 19 gross
sued slides, all lizets.
5 dox fine Fll4l, silk and paper; 50 dos common Fans;
11 dux fine velvet bead bags. new styles; 10 do: hoe
crotch. bead bngs, new stylesi 5 dos. fine crotchet
name, new styles; 25 do: fine paragon...assorted, Stars,
tassels, trmges. allt and silver, Mr regattas; 10 del hire
dower oases, no.surterli 1 dos Elite steel serew put eatls
1111A4 I do: fine ivory wrew pin CUllhions; I dot line
stood screw pm stallion. A fine assortment of new
M. YOUNG lc Co., 14:1 Liberty attn., invite at
tentron to Writ very extensive stock on Sole Lem.
ihtr. Nloroeco.'ranner's brine Threed,A.c. comm.
rouse,a very general assortment of goods it their line
of lotomms; nit an/bleb has been selected with great
care un We Eastern cities, and is now offered to per
ate nners at reduced prices. An eaurtination or their
stork is reopecinnly solicited.
Dry Goods .t Wholanai
R. Ml . RPM' informs his regal:cosi f
6 7 , ; . mn g eneral ly; that be ht., now open I
solly and in it s Mew examination of hi,
- • .. . •
oc 6. He is determined to offer Ms goods LOW, and
present every Inducement buyen the wa y o
errs and ebotee of good.. to
Waoleralc rooms cur.
and Market sin, MI story, entrance from worth.
W.R MURPHY hes opened Mu onn
ram Umbmllns, including American and tlenich
emelt., cotton and steel frame gingham.
One ruse Perusals, including green satin Turk, blk
tulli and brown silk, of ante sizes.
Also, 011 C case blenched Drills; also, Manton Rib
bons, black and colored; white Satin do. Linen Ging-
Lams, and various styles of summer Coeds, selling at
reducedpriers. A lot of gaper Manchester (iinghatno,
good styles, also lately receetl.
BUNNETS—A lot of braid and other Bon
net. to(lmit svantries shapes; sellugg off at from 37ie to
PI, at the corner of 4th and Market sts.
Wliolead• rooms on 2d storyA-enUance from at.
D F.RAG &C.—Alexander k Day have now open
1) a beautiful satin striped and plaid Deng., of the
fluent jualitie• and newest style, importesb also, splett
dni plain and brooha blank Denise. and Palatal,
spkildid French Lawns, Linen Lustres and Gingham*,
u full assortment bit, plain and mein stripe de Lames
anti fine &Apnoeas.
All these goods have been purchased at the late per
emptory &iterate wiles in New York and Philadelphia
& will he sold at a great redaction from regular prices.
tny4 corner diamond and market st
WrATctiFsh JEINFJ.RY—Just received at No
67 Market street, UOhJ Lever Watcbes; Sh
it:inched do; 6 do Lepine; IY Silver Patent Lever do;
no do detached do; 6 do Lepino do; Is Bold Guard
Chni as, best qualtty.
Ak.o. a good assortment of Breast No., Bar
nage, Mugs, (Sold Pons and Pencils.
The above goods have been received with the last
lot weds, and will be .old at reduced prices. Per
sots wishing io purchue a good and cheap Welch,
would do well to call previous topurchiuing
- - -
VVr R MUR.I . III", northeast corner of Fourth and
. Market stii i is now opesung hie early fall stock
co American and Imported Dry Goods. Buyers will
please look before making their pure-base.
(Men t Ins morning, a beautiful assortment of Plain
Flack Alpacas, aop'r limeade do, do antis striped do.
du barred do. Bestdm a large assortment of newt.t
style prints gmgh•ens„mushne, Irish bonito, he., very
QT Wholesale moms on second story. Goods to
cash buyers at about Eastern prices. Merchants will
do well to call. crp4
TORN IF.LLY k (successors to Rabb, Wino
brener it Co.) MCRCHANT TAILOIL , t, Ile Chest
nut street, Philadelphia, beg leave to inform the fweltds
Kati patron. of the late finn, and strangers visiting ties
city, that they are now in receipt oldie Spring and
Summer Fashions. Also a choice and select assort
ment of Weat of England and French Cloths, Caen
nitres and Velaings, to which they respectfully invite
the.r attention. aP(23:ileta
FA.)4R4 IA - 14 &.c Wig urp by his . with
ia a few days received an additional supply of
Lansdale Nanking, (Old style,) fine bleastied Drilla,
ropinoli do, unbleached do, floe Long Cloth Shirting+,
Irish Linen. ' leery low,) white Cotton Hose lead cora
do, l'aper Cttrahnes, &e., at the Dry Goods Ilettee, N
corner 4th end Market streets.
aj- Wholesale Rooms up stair. lens
fIF'.Di Cll INlEBlNoB.—Sarrit & lounging, No, 4h
K , Market street have this day opened a cue of
French Mena. of all color., also Lyonege cloths, al.
PM. , oriental do, muhmere a, mous de lions, gilt plaids
and woollen do, which will he mold exueniely low.
Fancy Dress Goods.
1t 1 , , ,, 1 , E r 1 k V17.D .,,,, tht e 5 c ttxr p ti . ul pe ttl n A... A r ... , 11 . a50 td n e.,. /5a ,.. .,40 .
ant moue da lames, 10 pi nob mohair lustre., and ono
dot embroidered dresses of most elegant style.
it Tt rN or Market T lt S a O ro g e?os 'A t l t : t i g e4 o l d I. a - I -A
... aim.; at fully hone. used price --good (not co
lrird Prints at 64e. tug?
IALUE AND ORANGE PRINTS, and blue ?Wei-W . -
onk do, constantly cm hand at lowest prices, at
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