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ro THE.raorEssiiis AiglildttaßEHSOr.:lllB
-itn a
PI to tat e fre Dasth`,t l o r
111 THE UPlll7dDSTATEDc—Thekohicrtherreifec4.
.1. (idly calls your attention to De..lll.lXXerhi Game
moo, e.tpressly intended for the preservadou of the
health of both sexes—whether It arises from In=
Pllusis, or early consumPtionDebility "or
Bronchus! Affections. Asthma, nmliss • Delalul
Disorderedmate of the Liver, Spleen, or Kidneye i
esed opine, Cholic, Ihrlphatiets of the
Heart, Lose of Muscular or Nervous POWS/ &O. &O.
DE. C. B. 13AERF.Trd GUARDIAN (Moms to the
immediate relief of Females suffering DebDrtifulan
tits, and all other Uterine difficulties and diseases incl•
dental to women, whether, ocemtiousd by cold, err
feet, or any similar iniudieloaseSpanare, and all Mu
witbom We use of atedies th most delicate aud
sensitive lady can It any momeol apply it to herself
without the passibility onneuning any risk or danger,
or any unpleasant results mixing from it, and with the
certainty °rebirth:tine immediate relieL
Dr. flarretCaGnaian Is no catch-penny, or one of
the many bionlings of the day; but it Is an instmment
made upon saintly scientific principles, in acermiance
withthe lares.of neemeity and Galvanism; and fr
neateas, dorabillty. and efficacy, infinitely surpaises
everything of the ktnd ever before offered to Me ',labile
for the re lief of disease. al., in the Language of one of
the most edlightened menet the day, is pronmumed to
.he "the greatest discovery of the age.. • .
A nod of unless than four pure haebeen occupied
by Be. Barrett Milner* the Guard= to as present
-.mate of perfectioi,duraig which time it has been m
ilte hands of so ma of the most eminent phyarcians of
Om North end &nub,. well as in thedwelllngs of nu
, morons familms, who have used it fossil of thenbove
Purposes, with the most perfect streams, arid who have
eheerirdly given their unqualified approbation of Ms
efficacy and value. as can be UV. by marring
m the
Manual abstraction.% acoompanying It.
DT. C. B. liarreWs Guarduszt is. secured from Inners
dons by a patent from the United &mei Patent Office,
Mid be had eat= with or without his Medico-Electra '
"Galvanometer. -
The Medico—Electra Galvanometer, In point of beau-
ty, ororlintanahip.drizability.and power, cannot he
passed or even equalled,
amt the antweriber feels that
he harards nothing in the user s tian due be fraud
to an infer mom
isdh=s, ra gGalTanism o an e d.Elestrtet
ty, than any other lustre's:tent, either In the United
Bums or Earope. The tiledico"Ektulan Galveetinimer
is warranted in every
_respect, and with gommon otdl
car et
w in
b e e a life-Unter iePY
an, because the t, instmment ever offered to
cablfa. A Enamel addompania them, giving the most
maple Inntruerious, of practimd experience, so that it
m readdyintelligible tothe soma of every nue, while
the •
• try of arrangement is suck that a chi
with it.
Any lufonuatiori gramitaraty given, and all COMMO.
niemions cheerfully answered per mall, either in rela
tion to the Meetro-Galvenemeter or Guardian.
Medical men are invited to call and 0000001 Dr Du
ren's Clueraian, and test an efficacy.
For sale by H. RICHABDSON, sole Agent, 71 Mar
ket at, Fiusbaigh. npMldtf
Ovr.a , • 0
0 PERSONS la Philadelphia
alone, can [m . ak to the wonderful efficacy of that
powerful reined) . . •
In Pulmonary Consamption, Chronic Bronchitis and
Sore Throat,, Asthma, Chronic sftiorrh, Spitting of
---Blood Pain In the bide and Breast, Thfficulty of
Breathing, Whooping Cough, Croup, Week Nerves
and Nervous Trenton, Palpitation of the Fleury also,
Liver Complaint and
of the Kidneys.
This medicine, the invention of a moo who gave the
saltiest of Pahnonasyißtonclnal and Pectoral &muses
the most rigid exontunarton, has now been before the
public near to
year.. Dating . this period It has per
formed some of the most remarkable cures on co? dof
Pnbnonery Coastunprion—sceamd the reeommenda
don and am of physicians In their practice, and the
warmest approval of thousands
persons In ordinary ,
and severe Colds, Coogan, in Hoarseness, Spitting -
Wood, Ac.
About four years since I was attacked with Typhus
Paver, which left me la a miserable stabs of health, In
extreme debility with ageneral prostration of the aye
tem„.with violent pains In the breast and loss of appe
tite, In consequence of which 1 was unable to attend to
My usual Imatness, or perform any kind of work. 1
typed to several physicians and Toed various reme
dies, but without nay benefit, and had despaired of ever
obtaining a recovery of my former health. But some
time lest June I Ns...ideated to try Thomson's Com
pound Syrup of Tar and Wood fdaptha, and Incredible
NS it may appear, by the time I bad taken three bottles
the debility, pant and every sense of suffering were
completely removed, and Ivas able to attend with re
stored health in toy coal avocado..
or Dirkicanti tooniship, Curoberiond co.
P.esd %Lc tonovolog testimony from a respectable
Membt r of the scam of Prfends, in Poughkeepsie. N.
"This may certify Mat in the spring of 1846, my
health ;was very feeble; I was afflicted 1111 pain Bch
lade. With otter alarming rymptoimo, and snared
from great debility. At thou time I pi:unbiased from
Moses I.:4Me two bodies of Thousson's C 0111 round Sy.
rap of 'far and Wood Naptffli, from which expenen.
tied great tieuens lily health being, now good; nod I
cheerfully meinnaieng the artielc to all persons who
may be suffering, with racial debility, with sympotas
of a declino. AILA.ILAM wiursia
. . .
Ponglikrepae, Mard. 15,1 , 47. - •
.Prepared only by /orange to.. Durnson, at the N. E.
corner of Filth end Spruce streets. Phila.
-Sold by 1.. W!LCOX, Pinsburet; and by
generally Price ann., or One Dollar per L l M '''.
LUNGS—TiIt unprecedented 'access which has
winded the use of the
all the 'twig:am Corms which irritation of the lungs as-
SlDats, has induced the proprietor again In call alien.
Lion to ths
The eheng - nble weitthr which marts oar fa/1 and
winter months, is always a fruitful source. of
These, If negiecual. are but the precursors of that fell
The question, then, bow are nip the destroyer m
the bud? bows hall we get Meat of out coughs and
olds! is of anal Importance to the public.
will be frond on the Ginseng Panacea. In proof of this
we have front man to ume,putillshed the certificates of
discos nSpur best known mimeos, who have experi
enced its curative powers. These, with a mass of is limey from all parts of the country,—trom
Id - misters of the tßisp.t , ke . together with copious no:
rises from the
we have embodied in pamphlet form, and m be had
vans of any or OUT ;Sena thr trg=cotu ay
have been media this city.
throughout the Gutted Sun. and Canada, and we cbs
lenge any man to 1401 int OM
a which, schen taken accent:Wu; to dimrtions, and be
fore the lungs lied become fatally disorganised, fr hsa
ever failed to
Why, then, aced the alflicted hesitate it hy men
sherant•raitle uostrartm, gotten ap by a• 4 Owe inailria.
a ler the assumed name of goons es itirsud php
meian, and puffed into notoriety by certifier , pm ,
sons equally tutknownt Whilst a comileine of
Is to be, had, whose vouchers are al home r --our este*
pons,-many of whom it has
In order that this invaluable medicine may be placed
amble _Me reach of the poor a. well the rich, we have
pus the price en
jIIII 000 half she tumid cost of cough asedtemea
for sale by our agenda in nearly every . town and village
over the west,tsito artfprepared to gyve fall Worms.
lion relative to it. der, Cincinnati,
Broadway, Cineimsati, Ohio
MERCHANT OF THIS CITY, who had been af.
.111. acted with the asthma for four years, had taken
almost every thing DM physicians constantly Ikrten
ded,hita, and he had expended over two thicusand dol
len:. He never believed in advertised Medicines, bat
considered them all humbugs. At last he tried Do.
Taylor's Balsam of Liverwort, from 73 Beekman street.,
New York, and in stx weeks arm retire!) , cared, hav
ing taken only three bottles. This is only one of many
cases where Imaginary objections to a patent medicine
have prevented persons from acing this medicine, mho
have expended hundreds of dollars to their phruicians
In vain—and in the end ore their recovery bathe mial
lible efficacy of this purely vegetable preparation.
Them is no Mistake, am this medicine is saperior to
any. remedy prescribed by medical advisent This
Medicine has taken 20 yearn to mature, and is the {U
rea remedy for diseases ever introduced bo the public.
Nmarstsvni Yams, Coven, ox' Seeman. or Baum
Cesztd—Suffering for &longtime with these complain.,
I kid given
. up all hope of behtg cured. I had mural.
ad die botanlopd honnepathie doctors in vain. I had
Med many articles advertised, hat found no relief. In
data& I had given op the ose of all medicine .. He.
irgor the great virtues of Dr. Taylor's Balsam °Mire,-
von, tad the at emus it had performed, induced
me to try it,awl to my great joy and utonishment, I
was batter daily. I continued its use, also his Sour.
Coated Pills, until lam entirely cared. Dr. Tayliies
Balsam of Liverwort ts the but meclleino .in dm world
forthem complaints, mid will ewe every one afflicted.
Captain of the rimier, of New York.
Ant= CL - 1119.—1 have suffered from the Asthma a
vary long time, and have used every medicine I could
obtain for It. Me in vain, until I tried Dr. Taylor's
Balsam of Liverwort. Tide medicine has afforded me
most manifest benefit, and is, in toy opinion, • cum for
Ms distressing disease; more especially, as I know of
many MI. among my friends, where IL 6a.• been high
ly saccessful. Parmas interested are Molted to call
at my residence for further Informatina.
MRS. S. RI/TON, 210 !amens st
Sold in Pittsburgh by .1 D •Morgon 03 Wood sic J
Townsend, 40 Market st; H &user. cos Market and
Td .1..5; Hendettlou h Co, S Liberty stPrice redned
to MP Per boitlei jeTt
B. A. Paltusestock l a Antit.Billown
111/118 Cattier.. compound combines smallness of
1 balk with efficiency and comparative mildness of
c if:pee action, and having ame . u .t t
i t o eig i e s n , c , l u m ‘
try,. in . 'fl e ' vli o ch g nets " fevers and other complaints, at
tended with congestion of the liver, so much abound:—
Tb.l have now stood the test of 20 years, and experi
ence ban proved theta to he a safe and valuable remedy
in I.W...urn* Etta:lucid and Ltdions Fevers; Jaun
dice; Bilious colic ; Inigetion; Dropsy ; Dysentery ;
Vomug, Colds, and ell co
te of ma In
flaternamry character. 'filo complete add universal
aatisfasuon which has been given by these pills to an
who have once used mem . , renders the publishing of
the tallaafaat cemfmates in their favor untteeewary.
To prevent counterfletung they O. now mat UP 113 a
ICd xylograpie wrapper.
Pesos VA cents for • box containing 30 pill.
Prepared and sold by
cored lit and wood, and'also comer 6th and wood
ORG ea to be the
or taring my Mold's distressing
From the Temperance thumer, Noe 3 ISO.
Coosa Sams—We me not in the habit or puffing,
=ables, waling patent medicines, but we feel disposed
Norman's Syrup to those who am afflict
ed .f t h,. After hasuis tried the usual reme
dies to remora a constant and distressing cough, that
lad (or several days sfflietal one of oar children, with
out =CM% IWO were induced to try Morgan's rough
syrup, sad by It Raid was obtained in a fp,
proved to be the panacea in this ease et least
Prepared wholesale and retail by the proprietor,
JOHN 1) MORGAN Dinggist,
6b7 Waal st, 1 door below diamond Lies
PUTOpotsiT it Pepe rior to all ether remake kr
Clecehe}Cattsomptioe, Dronehitie, A when, wed other Takeo.
ekeeticesa,te that the pftsoo3 Igh01:016.60.41 the
rf it icf.thelr tea yeas qo. Mill prekr it l all
Othirrezediesofthe hied; end where where* Wee fadeout
. *try othocr FY...prat:mu they bete almost inverfably hem
Or reemerew the hmeet which was resecoably
ine:l6e high pri mesbutowaYbythe proprietors,
awl ben returned to the wee of Jaw' Eusoseaasrr, se
a remedy ilea kw wed Dem bie r* 'N them eritieb
pottatty *am had ts ovalikki°
he ane re piloweeuT
Pleptitta m 1 by i Dr D. Jape Phikdelphie, Wad seam
—7 - ALEX. Jit
etr 9
mar riff irlsrE - WiliCT oll will, In flea
from the time of it* applloallon, remora the
from the severest barna, seeds 6r blisters,
and will heal wounds, Weer. end Fist of say Watt
sdthoot seer. This valuable Pain Eamon otto be
isad JOHN D MORGAN, ttalfiliit,
No 936WOolUstraat,
~. • gent For WeikettiPeraut. •
e'. 141!:1,11,411- I.i-,:17:,
• - ) 1 ~ t 6 ,4 1 . , .1 .J.4 , ..1'' ' :`,-;, 'i . i
1 I i.. 1
, - i ritAilr
Enr ii 4
I' , . :;-.. :,. ,- ;174:1 1
1 , 111: . ; - 1 - 1.1t - Titi
tIcL, r. •-_, , , J Lk-- -I' . l'
. - '-
h .• 4 1' 4 1 . 1 til . :,/ iti i! 1 iiI:1 I
_ trtr.:. -:. •" , — - L'•::---1:•-kft, t r I -, ••1 -- •
7 ~*t amp.O. gy .:Vir ri lYle
_Wittig? au! Monty itf tio Arc
The roost extriardhary liadlodoe to a. Vio4d i
Tki. tarsals port cs is Quart &Mk, it 4.i
ow, Owe., plumate,. oil carious/ ou.
porter to my sold. It ewes isitknO
s* iaaiWise as
i=esee " e m r7V 1 2 3
e t ns ,tels I eka
a M m t
st iV i alsatl. F . a voi best
Ever lino.* It not onlatrlies the whole ayarent, „ the permit; it mars* Salk pilaf of
46.1,•paves paseand by no other medicine Alai Is
tete flee pond scent Otte Vapour/id swam has
performed within di. Int nro yea" dare than Moon
corn. of acre» macs a Damn ; bust 15,000 were
conaidered incumbla It Ma Bared the Ines of more
than 1.0.000 Mdlaran bung the two put soma=
110,600 eases of General Debility lad
wait of Nervann Eseargre
Dr. Toorruendst Satetaliarilla Invigorates tha whole
eystem permanently. TO Mom who bare lost tar
too snumsdar marry . by the arena of medicine or Wane
~,„„,, youth, or the moans Indultnnee of
.tbe plosion= and braved one farad phyal penes
e a
on che nervous mama lam. moot of =Nth*
Innen am:Mtge. premature decay ant deellne blase
log tower& that fatal Cense Connunptlon, can be an
enly restored by an pleasant remedy. Tub Ban.
mills Is far raped°, to any
invigorating Cordial,
be it renews and Utalsombaa the Mama gi...thitif
to the limbo, and atrangth to the muscular aystem, In •
moat astraonlinary degree.
Canealartios Cared.
Mesas end Sereigebto. Oesameartios ea= be corsg.
Brow-line, nsionoartios e Liver Csagairin. Cads
Oman* CoNoks, Artham dying, of atoo4
Sweats la Ms Mast, Hootiolrhigs, Med
&mate, DifimaLt trr Prefam
ratios, Pols de Side, br..., S =
lien sad rat Is aid.
• • . New.Te* 28, UV.
Da Towaruarn-4 verily balms that your
haa bra ; We mew . throne/ Provide al=
tny Ilia I bove hr mowed years bad • bad II
Name wane end worm. At last I raised lone quad
ties of Woad, bad a& 8.. i., and was greatly data
rated and reduced and did mt upset to Iva I ham
only need mar aassaymilla a abort time, and Um bay
woodartal amigo bus err/ought In 028, lam now able
to walk all OM tho alp. I miss no blood, and ray
cough Um left me. Toe eat wall imagine that I ma
timakfal for them remita
Yoga obwituu
WM. BXMIILL, 65 Cada/aim..
Feaude 11 edidwa
Dr. Townaendl Barsaparilla la a sewerage ca
sere fee hag Constuoptlau, Barrattneen,
Uteri. or F of the Womb, Coativenetss, PtLy
obat; abstracted or difficult Kenai..
tion locoatineo. of Urine. discharp
thereof, and for the generd proetraMte of the eyrie.—
. t.tter n both. the nonsh of Inhana cum m quo.,
odated by irregularity, Canso aecident. Nothi.
0 be more ...reelable than he ist*ae.g alba.
en the human frame. Fawns all and lase.
bide. from taking I; at atm became rob.. and MU of
rangy maw be helms. it imetediady coonterame
the nernimenem of lb. female frame. which is the /root
came of Barren.. It will eat of na, in
eases of ao delicate a ware, to ek ...Icv of
carts perfamed but *a on emote the aimed, that
bundle& ef cams ben been reported in eta Thotmoda
of cam • hero demillee ban bona without children
after aging a 6r bade. of Ude intralnablainedichea
tome been blessed eritb doe. healthy droning.
T. neater. mid Mewled Ladles.
Thie Eared of tu...pui!i. hu boon
pared in Warm. to 11.111. colopleinen. No amide
ho ha reason to suppose eke G approach/1g Nod
critical period." Tie turn of kV thtudd millket
take it. so it la • certain prerninthm kw may at the
110.6,011 i and horrible &mum to which fantala are
subject at this time of lira This period may be de.
Leyed/br amoral yearn by mini this mreficlas. Nor
Ls It lea makable to. Mom wise are approaching was
manhood, ex it Ls calculated to mist Ratan,. by quick
ening the blood and larei the .pat m. Indeed,
lb. medicine is tercalitabla On all the belicate dame.
ae• to which women me nablect
It brand, the •hole aystent. I.9lllPri , permanently the
natural deddem by raneoling the impart:id qf the
body. ant to far antnalatiag as d pnednee waded:dee
rebid:ache& which 4 the to.. adman 11.6613. takoo ft ,
(male matinee and dined fly midi . Poe bottle. .t
Ws medicine, may Nedra and palatal =wide epee.
Lions may be predated.
Great Inesatog to Mothers and Children.
It ia the ..f.. and mon effectual mod cantor purify
ing the systivon and relierios the tufferimp attendant
open child-birth em disc:mend. Itetrengthens both
the mother and child., prevents pain and disease, in.
mum. and enriches the food, those oho here rued it
Mink It is Indispensable. It is highly useful both before
and alive confinement, as it prevent. &erase. stined:mt
upon childbirtb—le Contreass, Mee Cramps, Medi-
Vu In the Bak and Loins, Paha Paths, Ihrtoorthele
and le melba:Ms the aeredone and equalizing the ese
culation n has a aqua' The teat beauty of this
roediebto is always safe. and th e mat delicate Ina
most eaceastally, my he caw require L es other
inedldm, Nate a Hole Cum Oil, or Ihroada,
sada Exerciae te the era an, and light hod lath
this atietielen tall demon aims a NA and any eon
Bemmity mad Umiak.
Comnecks, Call, and • variety of rempatatious gem,
telly bas, when applied to W. ihmk ver7 .non spoil il
of a beauty. They Dom the perm of the skin, eth
cheek the thaniatkett which, wilco nature I. aot tinsell
ed by dams. or pother, or the skin inflamed by the
IkatW.• wad in soaps. beauties Its oat prceltection is
the berth faca Caine." ato well aI. the gamlan of
rich Mid delicately timed mid renegued dowers. A
hre, active end healthy circulation of the gads, or the
rooming of tha pure, rich bleed to the antretaties, i.
that which palm the cometautha in the oace
ea beauty. le that which imparts the
thades and Mahn of loudinat that ell admire, but
mond cattlimmia. This beauty I. the sawing of ee
tare—eiit °lmam Drool". U there I. net • fat mad
healthy chanties:len, there in no beauty. If the lady Is
fah se driven mow, if ohe paint, and vas emmeatick
and the blood Is [Wei, cold end impure, sbe b me han
dful. If she be brows to yellow, sad them is and
amN.. blotel, It gam • Deb the= to the and a
brilliancy to tbsdr eye. that te thacthatieg.
Thie is why the seertheth, and espeein- Ily the (pas
tel, billet ens eo moth abused. Ladle* la the mirth
who take boa little ..vets, or are misdeed In close
realm, Or her= their complexion by the appli.
cation of dal 6112.1.1, if they wish to re
gain elastlaty of step, buoyant spirits, sparkling oyes
sad beaniffhl completions, they gimlet the Dr. Town
tengs flartaparilla Thetteauds who hare triad it, are
more than' misted, are delighted. Ladies of wavy
mutant crowd otm dike &By.
Modes to the Ladle.
Thom thed imitate Dr. Townsend's Berraparilit, has.
laudably called their staff •:rut Rena, for F.
algaloo, ke,,/te., and hare copW ow bills and chador
whith mkt. to the complaints of .o
watt for wort'
—other of who pot up wedivirsa, bark slime the great
maims of Dr. Townsend'. .0.M.1 I. complaint.
incident to female; no , Lain,
_akhough pre
ninthly they did not. ♦•nosobar of them Niamm, Pat,
kn., are thintions to Azad" as they Barnes. dim.,
end sedermine the centaltsolett Do. Townsend's is the
only and best remedy, DR the 01,061.6111 felnala
plaint. -4 rarely, If am WI. of perOlOnerrt
cure It an be mks. by the =than fonsslet
In thy cm., Or by those expecting to bemoan mothers,
with the mama adantagea,th It peewee thealment
stul prernm , te ppm err danger, esti etatagthees both
mother end o Be cared to get dm swathe.
This elirtilicab wittlitair•ly pram that this Bans
pariW has pr rtici cantata over the men °halm. di,
es..en claim BLoad. Tim* muma c.Find it me Niue
ToMiersmitte—Liear hare the plean to
Inform you that three of my children have bean cored
of the Dunkin by the me of your median% medicine.
They. wma eallieted tray tamely with Lead Elora; hem
taken only lb.. bottle: It took them away, for .bleb
I Lal myself cinder great obligation.
Opinions of Pin... Law.
Dr. Townsend L. almost daily . mealriag order. froze
Physician. in different parts dabs Link.
TM. Ls to CI. tilY tball we, the undenigned, Physician.
or the City of Alhatry, hate he numerous cues preeerib
od Dr. Townsend'. Paropmilla and beim* It to bo
war artier; mon minable preparations in ths marltat
Altana April I, DM. P. E...EILMF2iDORY, i D
• . •
Ow* m the mut sauces. and immense sate of D.
Toweecod's Hempellb, a number of men who were
formerly our Agents, have commeoced making Damp*
nlis Extract* Elixirs, Disler* Entracte of Yellow Dock,
he. They generally put it op In the =no .duped bov
les, and some of them bare stole sad copied our adver•
uscessem—they sn ordy worthies. bawled* and
should be avoided.
Principal 0810.. IU/ FULTON Stseet, Nee NO
N. Y.; Beading & Co, 8 State street, Bones; Dyou &
Suns, :32 North Second street, Philadelphia; S. B.
Hanes. Druggist, Baltimore; P. M. Cohen, Cliviestoe
Wrishi it Co, 151 Chartres Street N. 0. 105 South
Pensl titres!, Albsusy ; and by all the principal Brut
srul I/encl./mu seturally throughout the Board
isirts, Wert Imams sod the Canmiss.
' N. FL—Persons inquiring for this medicine, should
not be induced to take any other. Drugging put up
Sarsaparillas, and of course prefer telling their own.
Do not be deceived byanpinquire for Dr. Town
end'., and take no other. Remember the genu
ine "Townsend's Sarseparil ' sold by the solo agents.
E SELLERS, General Wholesale & Row] agent
No. 57 Wood street, and D. Al. CURRY. Allegheny
city. matt
rvr [r Kairoo,
1118 undersigned has long been convinced of the
neceasity for some medicine adapted to the use of
ichen and Infants to amerced. me ow. of all those
medicines which contain opiant, and has ,ength 'Or.
needed in preparing and offering to the public a meth.
eine fully answering every purpow for all diseases tit toe
bowels, without the use of that deleterious drug, or any
ha ted to innate in the east. The Inatni Pun]
M. has been fully tested arm tried, the last twelve
months, by nornerOut perows, and warn truism.. all
the extraordinary attains, and to produce all the aston
ishing effects as set forth on the btll of dueehmu. In.
trams, Vomiting, Mahe, Griping, Pains, Sick - nes. and
Diseases arising from Teethtnir, acting Immediately
trillion* disturbing any of the functions of the body,
producing the 'nippiest and most pleasant transition
from violent pain to a tranquil and joyous state of feel.
Ina in the little atiferer.•
To be had wholesale and retail, of the Propstarot, Dr.
JOHN SABGANT, Druggist and Apothecary; John
Ilteltell, Mott & Beckham, and most other Druggists
n Allegheny and Pittsburgh. decl3
1 - 11t.TO WNS MD'S S A PISA PA rtiLLe— ~so do a
Inn received of De. Townsend'. Sarsaparilla, the
emu extraordinary mullein° in the world: This Fs
t, act is Put up In quell bottles. It is Cis 111=0s cheaper,
pleasanter and warranted superior to any sold. It
Cores dise ase without vomiting, purging, sickening or
debilitating the patient.
Loos OPT um Iterramons.—Unprincipled pereons have
copied our labels, and pm up medicine in the same
shaped bottle. See thou each bottle has the written sig
nature of & P. Townsend.
E. E. BELLERlS,progedst, 57 Wood SIMI, between
Mini and Prato, 11 Df:T . ouresetite only wholesale
and retail agent for Pittsburgh, of whom the gentdne
articlocao be bad.
AL Curry has been appointed dm role agent for
Allegheny eityi of whom lie genuine article can be
~~ .il~:~I~?~~
CAP satillh
aril; — 4° 4 I M EB = RI-4 " ' L I b y
was. okuraivaillts and tin t o
V i vis er - WICK k lIMANDLE*B
W.,..,.A.7.41GX.AP1DE11. b SONS,
TAKERS, earner of Penn and Si. Clam streets,
sesposita the E.rebange lintel, entriaie en Penn atr ..
respectfully inform their (rands and the patine thaf
they are prepared to (undid Ind attend to everything in
the tree of I, ndertakers. Alvreys on hand a lane ai
sornned of ready made Coffins, covered, lined and fits..
abed in the very beet manner, all sorts and sizes ready
made Phroods of do rzel,Cembrick and muslin, and all
sixes made in approved styles. We keep a
kid tilos.,
sable tbr pat I bearers and mourners, crape, raps, c o t.
ler.; and every thing neeesstry for dressing the dead,
and on reasonable terms, a we purchase all one vide
lathe Emmert enter. Alm, silver plates for emsrav tag
the imam and age. We bavt , a splendid new hearse aid
kernel, and any number of the best carriages Every
Ming attendril to promptly end punctually. reality
• - . -
Sissmingbrams., (mama Pittaburgh 9 1 P..
VigrehM l3 e, No. 13 7, Wood street, Pittsburgh.
WILL constantly k eep•on hand n good covert
men( of Ware, or oar own manufacture, and
anPeriorCunitry. Wholesale and canary Met
' chant. are respectfully mvited to call and ex
maim' tot' Ltiemsclves. as we are determined to sell
cheaper than has CV= before bee. cillercd to the pub
j„V - Orders scot by mail, accompanied by the east, or
CRY reference. will be promptly amended Or. feb23
P. •b.IO.I.VANT. Amu E. Limos
MULVANY d. LEDLIE pa.lifaCtara and keep ton.
neatly 011 hand Cut, Ploatded and Plain Plan
OLotswetre, in all ita vaneties, u their kV aseb..c ear
net of Atarket and Wawa streets, Piusbnryth.
Our Works continue in fall operation. and we Ste
COUStalr ly eddlog to our stock, which enables us to fill
orders with promptaws. Purchaser. are respectfully
mliened to call and eon:rune prina, and locos.
FROM the very liberal emotings
count the has received since
he has locatrd himself In Allegheny,
•• hors induced him to rake a Inf., (Or e
tremor years, on the property he non
emotes, in Deaver street, connediately beside the
PrinritytertanClinrah• Rem the long experience in the
above bannessond a desires. pleue, he hopes to leer.
it llrd twelve s shore of poblia pouonage.
Now on band and finishing to order, Rockaway Bag
pea, open and top Boum, and every description of
Images mode to order, from seventy-five dollars to
sightlimurea. Isep,l4ltf/ . JOIN SOUTH.
.14 HEALD, DUCKNOR & Co, 41 north water sk, soul
15 . wharves, Phil's, afar for sale on accommodating
terni.l 6 sooo pkp Manufactured Tobacco, consisting of
half pounds, 54, S's, Dr a, 10's, 18's and Us,
(Ps and IP. plug, and lTs Ladies' Twist, in
whole and half loans, of Me following approved bond.,
• in:
James H Grant, Osborn & Bragg,
Grant & Williams, A Cabsnisa,
8 Jones A Son, hYDonald,
Webster Old, 1 Thomson,'
3Jamel Thom., Jr. A H Armistead,
J Thomas & Son, Landborn & Armistead,
• I P Coates, J NI Cobbs,
tfttly &
er, Rayner, J C
A Clayell,,
Green Hall, Wm Dawson,
Pearl & Norwood, J 5 Blackwooda
Nath Page, Heymann,
W H Vaughan, Edmund Henry,
Portiarta Robinson, Ruasell & Robtnaori,
Reim, Robinson & Co. Seth Halsey,
R Metcalf, Jahn Ender,
Lawrence Lome[, J Robinson,
Gray & Way, D 11 Tunic',
R Jamieson, York White,
D hi Branch. - , —ALSO—
Havana Leaf Tobnodo, wrappers end fillers;
Yarn do do doi
Cienfuegos do do do 3
St Jag° de Cuba do do dro
St Domingo do do do
imam & Goidea do,part fine, do
tisaysville do do do
Kentucky various-grades do do
Virginia Leaf, suitable for mennfacturuzg and export;
Spanish Seed Leaf, Pertn'a, Connecticut and Ohio,
Virginia Scraps, meet; Gentian Pipes; Pipe heads,
Scotch Snuff Oman and bladders,) hlacconba Meal;
Tongue Beans, Havana balm: Quo Roan; Norpotot;
Calabria Liquorice; Patent Cavendish Knives, Sputa ;
, ___
tad moat fashionable Eastern pattern. and color. Also
Of made to order of nil size., and or all priens
Country Merchants and miters arc Invited to call and
examine the above for themselves. as all will be sold
wholesale or retail, and a liberal deduction made to
wholesale purchaser.
• -
srE Proprietor otitis well known place of resort los
pletmore of Informing the public that his estate
lishment having been Morooghly refuted and repaired
and the grounds elegantly laid out and decorated, is
now open tor weir accommodation, and he dotter. him
self that those ho may Moor him with their patron
ri,e 1,11 God n., that Mee desire. promded to the best
style and on reosonahle terms. He is determined to
more no expense to making his estahltehmeni worthy
of public patronage. H. has neCOMMOdaI3OII. for
hoarding a few families. leo Creams. and ell ft:Erman
meow suitable to the acolOtt, cansmsaly on hand
Monongahela Mouse Tailoring Estale.
lAA WILLIAISIS, Draper and Tailor, begs to in
form the eaue . of Pittsburgh tind others, Mat he
4- now opening at Ins rooms on Smithfield street, un
der the starve lioici, a large and beautiful assortment
of Cloths. Cassimurs. Sauna, Silks. and other Vesting.;
together with such other armies uare required for
gentlemen's wear Ilia Good. hove been carefull a,
looted, and are of the newer and most fashionable
style, as well as of supenor quality. His customers
may depend upon having their clothes made up in a.
manner which cannot foil to gratify the taste of the
mast tutidnitis ap'd:ty
OVACCO-10 b. Braneb d Waskuss . 5,
2 do do do exits pounds;
5 do do do • 1. and Ids;
10 kegs No 1, 0 Twist,
10 do Fgb Cavendish;
5 do do Plog;
20 NI do dleidassa
20 do b,l(Spantsb do: for sale by
S3IOKE 110USE—..lanng taken the huge and cow
=Wow Smoke Howe end flacon Storehoww
loaning our Warehouse. on the Con.! Bunn, we are pre
pared to smoke sod store baton on rosnonenle term.
ward Canal hewn, near 7kb at
lad Jno Anderson's.fuel reed and f.
we by 11E.ALD, licoccon &
41 north water and 18 north ethane..
ASA LEAF TOBACCO-393 bales Sara Leaf To-
Lace°,, orrappery, and superior quality-1. 3 and
3 cuts—jug landing from brig Andiracim, for sale by
EFLNIAN boo and 3 gross German
Pipes, medium bowls. psi landing from plt and
for sole by ie.4 HEALD, 1112CKNOR & Co
VlSH—lsau Cruse, Bait:snore, &Id, will be glad to
12 have orders from his (needs in Pittsburgh and
elsewhere, for the purchase of Shod and Herrings die
ring the season. Orders executed with despatch, and
at lowest rote*. Charges for purchasing light. Mang
eitIYILIN YARNS, &.c.-10.1.100 Mis t auorted Nos, C
Yarn. Carpet Chain, Candle 134.1 t, and Cotton
'twine; 200 bales Wining, for sale at nituafaetarenS
lowest pores, by FRIEND. RHEY k Co,
aug26 agents for manufacturers
UST received sit the northeart corner of Ith and
bl.kel atreell, Needle Worked Collars, Wrought
Bonnet Ribbons, very cheap. •ugak
p &-AO glee Young 11yeon Impend!, Gunpo
1 der and Black Teas. for aide by
nag% 145 liberty et
I3ACON-10 trial. Shoulder', landing from Inman
Pioneerand for .ale by
_one ROBERTSON tr. REPPETIT. II seeond m
FRE. A NC; I I , II OO R ry I4V .
t ? y LL'Tl . o . .N..—CTlreFrench ar
lyle. In Iwo volnmes--eloth. Forsale by
nrOIIACCO--50 Irks Ira Hunt 5a Honey Tobacco, re
l. earning from canal end for sale by
eugn4 JAMES DALZELL, 94 water st
j~lbbls 3 b Mackerel, branded
2. ,In store and for sale y
ii EATHERS—IO bags Feathers, for sale by
.. 11 24 .l AMES DALZELL
LOUISVILLE LlME—Cons t antly on ha n
sale try angle C H GRANT
I 1 OS IN —4l / bids for sale by
1, engll C II GRANT
O. hall, .od Wain Waldo , . Maas,
put reed per aunt Louts arLono, and for male by
WlirTE Bb:ANS-70 bbl. .mall White Deem., to
sale by aug7 WICK & INTANDLB
IDEPPER-14 bap on band, end for sale very low by
augl4 C H °RANT
ILMRE BR.IDEZI2,OIiO now on We wharf; for Dale b
r augla ISAIAH DICKEY & Co, front in
LARD OlL—Durklianit's best, mat reed and for sale
by augl4 J MD A Co .
IOFF EF;-110 bags p ri me RIO; dl do do Loguitro,
10 do old Don. Java; for sale IDb
4;11. idols prime N 6 bbi, elearlfled; 6do
U crushed and pulverized, 20 do assorted Loaf for
* 2l, ' by aug2l J LI WILLIAMS
QPICa4-5 bags Pimento; I do Pepper; I bbl Cloves;
U 2do pure Danger, 6 eases Mustard, ;usnrted sizes
00 Mon. Cassia.; I keg Macs; ground Since. in great
veriety; for sale by aura J II NVILLIAMS
13 ACON-2/M Sides, in store ti
aogn ;Asdlow;Heklirn......„
I)LARL ASii---WAI lbs. aTri'orne article, l, ore and
for sole by aug2l TAMEN" & HEST
41lAl.WW-1 bbl riteA and for sale by
CIORN Corn Meal, C P Anahuo
brand, reed per stmr Companion and for sale by
anti/ K & 1V HA RBA UGH
MARTINS OTATARS—A supply orMirtinbi eeie
broted Spanish Our." sale ,pist rse'd and for le by
.. jrugl2 JOHN
I 1 MELLOR, SI wood st
A LUM -7o bbl. A 1063, gizt H ree r i „ : i nA m r , o F r l ileLiy
augl2 24 wood st
EED-23 bags Timothy Seed, 20 bills Clover do; for
mole by anal a. R FLOYD
I make clear Sides, jun reed nod
(or sale by ROUT A CUNNINGHAM,
!?g" • 144 libeny
I.II . FIRM 011,—WarrAtned pure--41 casks for eels by
•ogle J 13C110ONSI AKER & Ca
WHALE OIL.--Crude and Retioed. for sale, )7
- -
T ARD—st legs No I Leaf Lard, pm reed and for
salt by angttu WICK a M'CANDLESS
FEttrilEll£l--300 lbs prima Kentucky Feathers, for
role by asup4 WICK & St CANDLE/18
.ELDR RENT—A commorliona three story Brick
Warehouse, on ltd weer. Possession given 'tame
ly. For Lenets apply to
sogit3 C H GRANT, 41 water at
FAMILY FLOUR—Kept eonnanny on hind sad toe
ANIMA 1848 .
W.?. Mamma, Pittsburgh;
HUD, Prise & Co, C
AWlDBeaver, }Prop".
?FM above Line i. now prepared to transport freight
1 and passengers from Pittsburgh and Cleveland, or
auy point on the Canals end Lake.
One bast leaves Pittsburgh and Cleveland daily, mi
ning in connection with the steamboats Lake Erie and
iffichigan, between Pittsburgh and Bearer ' and • line
of first class steamboats, propellers, brigs arid schoon
er. on lakes Eno, Huron arid Ariehiip no .
Property forwarded to any part of the Union with
dispatch, by WM. T. IHAT,IIER, or
car Water and Smithfield Gs, Pittaburgh,
AGENTS:—Rood. Parks & Co Beaver,
R G Parks & Co, Toungetown,
E W. Cotes & Co, Warm. ;
D Bostwick & Co, Breadpork
A & N Clark, Newton Palls;
. F Lew* Newport;
J & E M Whinlesey, Campbellspork
.1 G hiliride, Ravenna;
M & C H Kent, Pranklim
Niue &Tonle, Cayenne Palls;
Wheeler & Co, AAlon;
Barney, Gibbs & Co, Sandusky;
. Watkins & Eagle:l,l'rd.*
G WiWnm. & Ce, Detroit, Mich;
hf`Clure & William. , hfilwankte,
H I Whielow, Chicago, ILL apl4
°. 1848.
FOX ras.stroarsrunn or lateen-ern=
rpm , . Prapnetors of this old established and first
Portable Boat Line, haring 'moved their de
pot in khiladelphia, to a much larger Warehonse
an Market rt., than they formerly cweitputd, armlets° In
creased their room for storage at Pittsburgh, are now
prepared to offer muck gloater facilities to their friends
d patrons.
Goods carried by this line are not umashippscd
tureen Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, being carried era
dryly to Portable Seed. Boats. To shi pen of flour
and other goods requinng careful handling,lua is of
importance. No charge mule Mr receiving Of sbipp
goods, or advancing charge. All goods forvrard b ei
promptly, and upon as nmsonable no by any oth
r line.
Canal Bainng . na , !4,:t e a 4 b , urga.
lab% 2/7_ Ala.. ' ken & Comnanna inila
JOHN 24eFADEN & Co. , Forwarding and Con..
Una Marchants, Canal Bali* Penn Pittsburgh.
JAMES M. DAVIS & Co, Floor FiClOl3 and Commie.
sion Merchants, 1W Market, and 64 Cconmeme at,
Philadelphia tab 64
1 -. Advarioes made by either of the above on Flour,
Wool and o th er deacriptions Morehandise consigned
to thom. feb24
IiOTICE—The subscribers have disposed of their in
terest in the Penn'a and Ohio Line to CLARKE tr.
T W, of Pittsburgh, and JOSEPH 8 LEWIS, of this
They will condone to transact business for the line
at km
It on Broad street, so usual, and bel
speak kr oortunnance of Al mire of their
hiends. J
Philadelpaia, ?starch 6th, 1848.
Pitzuea. and Ohio Tram ortattoa Co.
Doublaltraily Luso to
Toatro.lxo To TiuniatOla GOODS =MI= IniTarroall
- - -
CLARKE & YHANY, Canal Basin, Pittebaqh.
LEWIS & BUTLER, 219 Market et, Philadelphia.
JAR. STEEL & Agts, Braid street
COWDEN CLARK Co, 78 North et, Balt
W. PORHICK, /wt., 12 West street, New York.
mix Li
ruitE .obscaibers have this day sesnelated themselves
together ender the style of Kier k Jones, for the
Dotpooo of continuing the business formerly carried on
by l&v.muel M. Kier, and soLten • eentuntanee of the, lib
end patronage heretofore attended to the house.
Pittsburgh, Marsh 1,1818.
WIITE are prepared to receive urd forward freight to
y the above ud intermediate places arith as mach
despatch, sad u low rates, as artrother reepoosibto
The attenuon shipper, limning to tend Pork or Ba.
eon to Baltimore in hulk, is particularly requested, In
asmuch as ear arrangenten. enable m carry mak
moles thsaugh in boner order than any other !ins.
KIER te JOhi Proplas.
Canal Basta, near 7th at
Pingmlth. March 1. 1817.
.l.ll'l. Y. I. B. T. roin„
JED & JONES—Conusussion and forwarding Sr,
hants, and Wholesale Dealers In Iron. B l oom..
Produ fr.c.
liberal cash ce,
advances ors coungareents. merle
11.1 ti 0./T, ta. P1r11.21, • ND Cll/./.. 1.1.6711•1
Plnsburgh, l'ln/adelpkua_
,•-: '"
Phila a WT . :I,' an --'
1147; r---
•• ore,
HINIIT GRAFT' kc Co., Canal Bulb, Roxburgh.
DUTILII, HUM PII,ItHYS k Co, No le :Hark. ttk ROI
C. H. Hoot,, corner North k. Saratoga .ti Bolt. l
/oleo F. Clarke, No 13, Old Sip, Next tiorx,
XTOTICY—The .tyke of our firma will be known fro n 3
and after Hiis date. at Pmsburgb, Henry Oral
6 Co., and,st Pal Indelpho, as Null,. Humphreys& Co.
HENRY. 11.M.A.vv, rlnsbel Nunn=
Foe tko Trout.rfoortation of Fresght to and from
Romanis A Cam, Philadelphia.
Tss coo & O'Comon. Potsburgh.
gnus old areabh4l.ll Line Mtn; now in full *pers-
LIG.. the proprietor. have made extensive arrange.
silents to forward goods and produce with despatch and
on the mom favorable !emu Theyconfidently bops
th.vr well known promptness in delivering gonds—pc.
molar safety in mode 01 carrying—newtons warehou
a ow
each port. affording accommodations to stoppers
of produer—wretbar with their long expe
rience and unremitting atteuuon to business. will secure
to them a connnuane• of that liberal patronage they
hereby gratefully acknowledge.
All consignments by and for this line received., char.
ges paid, and forwarded in any remored dirvetions fret
or charge for commismon advanclng or storage.
No interest, directly or indirectly, to steamboats.
All eommunicationsproroptly attended to on applica
tion to the following ageina
BORBIDCiE & CASH, TIV Market at, Philadelphia.
TAAFFE A O'CONNOR, Canal Basin. Pittsburgh.
OrCONNORS & Co, North at, Baltnnore.
alkiM 1848 .
IIBS Well known Line, composed of steamboats
Lake Erie and Alichigan, between Pinaborgh and
aver, and freight an d passenger Canal Boam
mreen Beare d Erie, and C Reed's Igoe of first
class mascot= propellers and vessels an the Lakes,
Is prepared to cam. &engin and passengers I all posnts
on the Erie Canal, and Lakes Ens, Huron and hint.
Haying every facility for rcerre, tag freight and p
sengen with precipices. and dupateh, the groyne,
and agents reeler:A(.lly .elicit from their fristuls a• •
&Thume of their patronage_
C hl R REM, Proprietor.
REED, FARM & Co Beaver, Arun.
JOHN A. CAI:Clan Agent'
cor Wafer and Eretthfield eta, pirtebergh.
Milla r . 1848.
To and from the Eastern ettles, ma Cumberland.
TILE proprietors of this popular hoe, havel'ainee their
re-orgammoon largely nureased than facibties to
meet the wiaites of shippers; and are now prepated to
Mtwara a greater emount by the FIVE DAY UNE,
as also by addtuotal regular wagons Cl low rate,
nue line will run throughout the year. deltrering
goods *mush the agents In Baltimore and Pitwburgb
to owners and consignees at epeclaml rates and tuns.
Stuprnents from Philadelphia for the hoe should be
marked J Robinson, Ilaltanore."
The only agents are
S Charles st, Baltimore.
EDGERTON & Co, tbisoberland.
O W CABS, Brownsville.
C BIDWEFJ., Pittsburgh.
aN a L II It—
Avncy Cumberland from =owe 1lcka1g "g r111:
glum lo that of Edgertm & Co.
Pittsburgh and western merchants an noelaul that I Bay •
cm South (Myles 41. Ilalteeem. le the *sty
authermed agent of this Lum to lb. Emden citin.
Tb. only agent. are
J C BID W ELL, Pittsburgh,
U W CABS. Bromunlle,
EDO A k TON k Cumberland.
J B ROBINSON, Baltimore.
• •••••••••=latt
18 , 48 mi'lattilti can • s / 4 8
VIA YtNNSTLVAALA •80 01110 NAM Loam.
A."" prepared to tr.:a:Tor:goody and produce to and
from the sheer clues on favorable term.. Ad.
dress or apply to
D. LEECH k Co, Canal Basin, Pittsburgh.
HARRIS es LEF.1.31, Nos. 13 A 13 South Third st, PhIL
J. TAYLOR! BON, Am No 14, Nht: Howard yt, Dan.
A. ADDOW, Agt, No 7 West street, New York.
PiththuTlrk nuro, 15th. le4o. mar2o
- 111•Fifiiisiii - Yr - aresportattons Lima.
GGODS consigned to our ears will be %monied
althorn delay at the lowest current rates.
C A kIe&NULTY & Co.,
Cum] Basin, Penn et, Pittsbßh.
272 and MD Market et, Phil a.
ROS mmittrr k Co,
Smith's wharf, Baltimore.
Min 1848. m ag i
daily. Produce and merchanune take, at tow rates.
Aferebaudin (rout Bald/here bnutgla out at Canal
rates. Time, dye days. JOWDMLL, Am,
Water st, g doors alw. Mame. Hauge Pittsburgh.
J B acialtiscv horazd,
earl' In Booth Measles. Dahlman.
1:17 Throe, 6 day. jai
biarelisadise ntAim tran yo r eimi ne a d w atC m al utt rate A L Avrik;
tniettsurs .
Valubl• and Attractive New Books.
LMRTINE's IliWary of the Girondists, 3 vole, 13
Shams' Life of Chevalier Bayard; 12 mo.
0. P. R. /mom' Life of Henry the Fourth, of France,
2.01.-19 ma.
Smith's Conmlar Cities of Chin 12 too.
Neauder's Uttar Jesus Chnst Fvo, ...lot:
Marvel s Fresh Gleaninew, or a new Sheaf from the
old bolds of Continental Europe.
Capt. Henry's Sketches of the Memo. War: 12 mo.
Gism's Story of the Houle of Waterloo; 19 mo.
A Summer m Scotland, by laced" Abbott 12 am
Sismondi. Literature of the South of Europe; 2 vol.
12 mo.
Buxton's Adventure* to Mexico and the Rocky
Mountame IX ma, muslin.
Posthumous Works of Rev Thos. Chalmers, D..D.,
The Practical Astronomer, by Thos. Dick, L L. D.
Life of Jeremy Belknap , D., Historian of New
Lather and the Reformation, by John Scott, M. A,
V mtdit.
The Middle Kingdom, with a new map of the Empire;
VS Po we rilliams, 2 rola 12 too.
The of Me Palm by Gardiner Spring, D. D.,
Ig rao.
The Bethel Flag, by Gardiner Spring, D. DJ 19 mo.
Teaching • Science, the Teacher nn Artist by Rev.
B. R. Hall.
The Cate, hi. Court and People; by John S. Maivrell.
Leen:arson Shakspeare, by H N. Hudson.
The Arnow of America—lllustrated with nine nog-m
-iring* on steel. and contatning sketches of the lives of
Albion Inman, West, sw.n, Truro/1011. De Vet iga
Rernbrathlt Peale and Thos. Crawford; 1 vol, vo. ,
The Orators of Frantic; containing sketches of the
hues of Lamarune, Thera, Napoleon, Damn, Mita
beau. Guam and other, with portrait. of each.
Headley'. Napoleon and Marshals; It vols. 12 ma
kleadlaya Wulungton and his Generals; It v 01.., IKro
Headley's Sacred Mountains
The above, together with a large collection of /Baud.
and %Yorks, Classical and School Books, for sale by
/AS corner market and 3d .t
leet works, 4 vols.
Chalmers' Daily Scripture Rending;
Memoir of the Life of Mrs_ Fry, ilnd col;
The Coll veta,by Me author of 'Schoolgirl in France.'
Lady Mary, or Not of the World, by Rev C B Tay
lor, M. A.
?de et, or the Pearl, do
Mark Chdlon, or the hlerchant's Clerk do
Life of Pollok, author of "Course of Time,'
The Listener, by Caroline Fry;
Leenrres on Shakspeare, by H N Hudson;
Life of Oliver Cromwell, by J T Headley;
Napoleon and his Marshals do
Wuhington and his Generals, do
Power of the Pulpit, by Gardiner Spring, D D
Bethel Flag, do do
Religion Teaching by Example;
Pulpit Orators of France, by Turnbull;
Genius o4Scodand, do
Life of Rowland Hill; Free Church Pulpit, 3 rots
Orators of France; Now and Then; Bethune's Poems:
Margaret Mercer,
Jacobuson Matthew, adapted to Union Question&
Arthur's Popular Tale.--Riches In the World,"
"Making Haste to be Rich," "Riches have Winn,"
"Keeping up Appearance s," "Debtor and Creditor "
For sale by ELLIOTT & ENGLISH,
jels 78 wood and 36 market n
ECEIVED and for sale, a briar choice Hamm, with
and without Coleman's Eallan Attachment, by
& Clark, NY. One of Nunns & Clark's PiellOS,
with tits Attachment, was taken to England by Mr
Coleman, and among many other testimonials of ad
miration for this elegant specimen of American skill
and ingenuity, elicited the following remarks from
S. Thalberg, the greatest Pianist living.
Lomma, Jan. IS, ISE.
My Dear Sir—ln enclosing a lawn' to my friend, MT
Brand, Pans, I cannot refrain from again expressing
to you how much I was pleased with your "Eoliem
Attachment," shuck I consider as a great musical Im
provement. I can assure you Mat on my part I shall
with great pleasure do my utmost to make your ittreo.
iron known. Foosle ,by KLEBER.
)eta At Woodwell's furniture rooms, 3d st
XTEW BOOKS.—Lotteringa in Europe; or Sketches
of Travel in France, Beigium, Switterland. Italy,
Austria. Prussia, Great BTII4I/1 and Ireland, with an
appendix, contammc observations on European
ties and medical insutotiona. By John \V Carson. hl D
Angela, nirreL By the author of ..Ernilia Wynd
ham," Two Old Men's Tales." etc
Self-Control, a novel. By Mary Brunton, author of
Vol. ❑I. Daily Scriptural Readings. Hy the lam
Thomas Chalmers, D. D. L L. D.
- .
Part 4, The Thousand anU na Ntghts. Ilarirs' Il
lustrated edition.
William Me Cottager, a book for children. By the
author of 'Ellen Herbert," &r.
The above works received this day and (or sale by
BOOKS—Memonals of the introduetton of
1.1 Methodism into Um Emmet. Smut., cornpnaing
Ott/graphical notices of it. early preacher., sketches of
Its first churches- and remittimenee. of its early strug
gle. nod sucemme, by Rev. A Stevens, A. M. Just
Memoir of Rev. David Abeel, 13 D.. late Metsionary
to Crone, by his nephew. Rev ci R
Mark M.lton, be Merchant's Clerk. by Rev Charles
Taylor. author of "Records of • Good Man's
Life," - Lady Mary,' - .Margaret, or the Pearl." he he.
The above, with a large assortment of new boots, oe
hand and eve reeves - tog. ka.uoTT h ENGLISH,
UNGILIBII BOOKS-113stor of the Groot Rev
olutmin, and of We wars an d campaigns arising
from Mu, smuggle• of the tirrot mamma in Kinancipsa
ring Weir countr) from the 'faikinb lolce—ln two vol..
nows--eptcnilid rop) with mum-rout snaps and cnigra-
lsarrr ilhas[rat,e nr .13r r,rl W,lltom 111. from
128 to I]‘l , —t•Als fiat- portroti, m t vots
Companion to the .utiv of usc h oly :cr , pmrea
Harry Mowlaay, nhn,la romance, ` , ..h 5 0 .T 41,1.
lour 10 the Holy Land. French Stage, and Sketches
.0 Jutr rced sod for sale by
market street
EW NOVELS—A Whim, end t consequences.
by G I' R James. Esc
Vann,. F/Ilf, a novel antbout • Hero: by
Makepeace Thselery, grub illostrattona
Llvrard V• 111011. My 0001101 . 11 Story• by E V Childs
Story of the y Peninsular \Var. by Oeneral Caarles
William Vane, Nlarquts of Londonderry, 6 C. H., G.
C H , Colonel 011ie Al Rag% Life Hoards.
The above ...mks received Inas day and bar sale by
Lure, JOHNNTON a snack-11)N
I REEK CONCOR.DA-NCK.—The Englishman's
tireek Concordance th, New Testament. b hid
an auctrie, at • verbal connection betweett the I.treelt
and the 6ngitsh Terth—ute,odteg aordauee to the
Proper Name, with Inderee. ft rer k• ronc Knehrh. and Eng.
lisik-Greek.Just reeelved and tot este by
Bookseller, eor market sod 3d eta
?MITIA SPLKNIRD usortment of Rue
wsud and Mahogany grand action P.
anon, mat fttushed mat for sale.
Also, two splendid Rosewood Pianos,
wall Coleman's celebrated :Rotten attachment, finbalted
la the most modern style, and for .ale at
tetS F RIX n I:':+, : II wood et
atatMli 1848.
Canal Packet—SWALLOW, Capt. Ford.
OCEAN, Capt. Wuters.
PNE of the above Packets leave Beaver every day,
(Sundays excepted) and antra neat morning. al
ante, where they connect with the Mail Stages for
Akron and Cleveland. arriving at awls althea, places
before nig& One of the Packets leave Warren daily,
at 5 P. M., and arrive at Deaver in time to take the
mor &l4lZ.VPINL I T ' arViumo
„ Propnt.ra.
trinnuralt ro rna wiz or MITI 1102,13.
Canal Parker—rum arrears, Capt. lafflef;
•. Pollock;
Laze Ewa Traby;
Prrriona, . Brown;
Famines, " Sayer
The above new and splendid Passenger Peeken have
cosiusieneed running between BEAVER AND ,ERIE,
and will run regularly during the mason—one boat
leaning Erie every morning at 8 o'clock, end one lea,
ivnz f the rate= e
oat ag im . rn fi e . d . l a 11 , 1 j. after thea rri -
The boats am new and comfortably furnished, and
will ran through in forty horn. Passengers to any
point on the Lakes, or to Niagara Falls, will findnits
route the morn comfortable and expeditious. Ticket,
through to all ports an the Lake ran be procured by
applying to the proprietor..
REED, PARKS & Co Beaver;
JOHN A CAI:OBEY, Art. Pnwburgh,
cot Water and Southfield sta.
AGENTS:—Jas C Harrison, Buffalo, N Y.
C M Reed, Ezie, P.
C C Wtek, flreenville, Pa;
M'Fartand and King, Rig Rend. P.:
Hayek Plumb, Shanisbargh, Pa;
W C Malatlar, Pa;
D C Maths( —ash, Pa
R W Cunningham, New Curie, Pa. lyl
aftEgli /848 . MAR& . 1411RIBPORTATIoll Or W• 7
BETWEEN Pittsburgh, Blairsville, Johnstown, Hot
lidayMurgh,Water .toner, (Huntingdon Col and
This Line was formed excluOvely for the special ac
commodation of the way business. The Proprietors,
thankfal for the very liberal paining.* they have re
ceived during the last two years, week' respectfully in.
form their friends and the rank that they are now still
better prepared todelmer goods a, any point an the
Canal and Rail Road, with prompums& and dispatch.
Plckworth & Woods, Johnstown_
John Miller. Hollidaysburgh.
C A M'Anulty & Co, canal basin, Pittabargh.
Boonowies—Pittabergb—Smoh lc Sinclair J& J
McDevitt; 0 & I H Shoenberger; R Rolnumn '&
Co; K
Moore( Bagaley & Smith; John Parker; IVto Lehner &
Co; Dr P Shoenberger. nra
P•nninylvanla Canal da Rail Road -
pres..linal Packet Line,
Mg= 1848 .
(Fdtolusively for Pmsengers.)
ri tint public are respectfully informed that this Line
will coninience running on the niki lost , and con
untie throughout the Beason.
The boats are new, and of a superior elms, with or,.
hirged cabins, which will give greater comfort. The
ears are the lama, construction.
A boat will always be In port, and travelers me t.-
quested to call and examine them before engaging Na
sal; elsewhe r e.
rare only nine dollars through.) One of the hums of
th s Line will leave the landing loppmite U. 8. Hotel,
caner of Penn street and Canal, every eight at :lim o,- look Time days. For information, apply at the
OCT?, MOLlangrakela Home, or to D LEECH &Co
Jo= Canal Dawn.
Passenger nod Remittance Odle*.
isHANRDEN & CO. continue to bring person,
from any part of England, ir-land. Scotland of
Wales upon the most liberal terms, with themusual punctuality and attention to the want. nod con,
Fort of esernigrams We do not allow our passengers to
to robbed by the etawdling waseps Met infeet thew*.
pore, as we take charge of them the moment they re•
port themselves, and we to their well being, and d e ,
s i r . h y th t e i l d si s zi.ehoefzy...deten en .t i lx by the host
no of our cameo.
s hp w that they were detained 48 bows by Os I.
Li‘ en ..l s whilst thousands of others were detained
mouths, mill they could be sent in tome old end, ate
eh&p Whlnk too frequently proved their coffins.
We intend to perform our contracts honorably, cost
what It may and not set es was the ease last season,
with ether olicors,—who either performed not all, or
when it suited their convenience.
... ..
.... .
Drafts drawn at Pittsbarytt for any a= from Si to
MOOS pa la SI any of the provincial Bank. in Inr•
land, , ftilsallr 110 "/"d and WS
/011litl ROBINSON,
nunpenn General Arcot
Mlnth snie; dont bekrw iv.'Gay
mtd . ouS.
For the Recovery of Dormant and Improperly With
held Reel and Personal Hatt•—ahe Scsktnent and
Arbitration of Otenniereial, Trading and other Betas;
Secunng Patent• for Invcations m Great Britain,
Ireland, and the Colonies and DependeStitles thereon.
to Belonging, .od Negotiating for the POrehase or
Sale of the sante.
THE Oonelpal same
In the estahllahmant of this
Agency is to sat a tto the moat satisfactory
and economi c al .....1 le, the nammous claims
for properly which chi the United States really
Rave, or imago. they in England and elm
• -
The effort. of designing .d unsentpulons men have
been acutely engaged in influencing a belief on this
subject in many quarters, with a view to petty jfeculs
non, nod evidences of the fact have been so frequently
brought to light as to render n urgently...miry that
an office be established having for its object the satis
faction of those who have been deluded, and to estab
lish th e claims of such . are the rightful heirs to doubt
ful property, or that which is impropevy withheld.
Articles to the leading mans. to the principal cities
of the Union are frequently appearing, headed "Town
ley Ea..," "A Great Fortune for Somebody,. "Meet
ings of the Houghton's at Worcester," "Chase Meet
ings," the. the , the authors of which arc generally law
yers seeking practice, or adventurers whose only ob
ject is to feed upon public credulity, by producing an
excitement which may realise for themselves immedi
ate gains, and who are generally speaking, without
the slightest knowledge of the subjects they put forth.
The evidences of this being a fact are every where
apparem, as In no one single instal.e have their ill
founded expectations been realized; and it is with a
view to the correction of this evil that the subscriber.
has effected the most extensive arrangements to satisfy
the iuqutnng, or well as to satisfy the curiosity cdtbose
who, Influenced by family connection or otherwise,
wish to pursue the investigation of ma.n often invol
ving results of the most stupendous magnitude
As regards real estate in England, the balk of It t•
subject to the laws of Email and Primogeniture; sod
ever since the revolution to 11188, the principal estates
have been subjected to the changes which always en
sue on revolution, confusion, and change of dynasty;
and although there have been special laws peesed for
particular purposes s all those which have reference to
this subject. and which were named subsequent there
to, are still available in eases of legitimate right. It is
not, however, intended In this advertisement to refer
anteeedently to the Amer.. revolution of 1776, at
which period, a great number of persons entitled in va
rious ways to property, abandon. the same by jong
the revolutionary party. This act. In eras suthr.
cient to lead to confiscation where it was directly held
by such individuals; bat when those abandoning the
same were next to succession to the than possessors,
the case became altered; and alienation from home and
firstly were made the barriers to tightfid Inheritance.
Another frontal wines of ni•esugetiou is found in
the Unclaimed Dividend Book of the Bank. of England,
and this, fornialang it does, each English name Uses
h. ever exist. as aolder of funded property, is the
mica reliance of the .principled traders in public
The modes of investment are exceedingly runiterom
in all parts of Europe, but to England panicularly
and them ber in prepared to show the facilities
which he po.esses, for an investigalion in any of the
means above alluded to. Berm. all these, there is
property posiuvely be and which, In conse
quence of the absence of the
to whom demised,
become. Involved in and subJeal to the laws of the
Court of Chancery.
In all eases, even, of supposed family connexion, the
most positive ands...tory informatiou can be aEtors
ded al to the facts connected with the members of ram
di., on matter how remote the date d : seemingly dif.
ficult the investigationi and where case has alrea
dy been undertaken by any of the numerous per..
who pretend to a knowledge of this business, and who
have altoge th er failed in obtaining, or omitted to afford
the information sought by the vie.o of their specious
ness and delusm, the matter is dill more readily under
teken, because of the greater satisf.non in aiding
where the pretences of others have Obtained so mach
anmented confidence.
In the wulement of Commercial, Tradthg and other
Debts, the necessary legal and mercantile ‘071111.C1
will be brought to bear, inexperience of Italia centre
ry m this paruculnr branch, is the best evidence that
man be afforded of the ttlity that will be bestowed on
auers coming under thw
Inventors and others requinng Patent rights secured
in any or all pans of Europe, can have the smite effect
ed at a very militia charge over sod above the usual
fee. required in any given country. Every informa
tion r.pecung the probable expenses, and the modus
operands will at all times be cheerfully afforded; and
the factitties, particularly in England, for dizposmg of
the right. Sc., are of the most extensive character.
troductlons are also offered to men of 'width and high
respectability. Whatever belong, to this department
is ample The ',merman, therefore, of the public in gen
eral is particularly soneited to thw branch of the Agen
cy, Conanthincetions by letter are requested to be pan
91 Water street. New York.
Hon. Chas. P. Daly, Judge Cl.. Consmou Pleas, N. Y.
Chu. Cardidge /a Co. .
W. A J. T. Tapscou,
U. R. A. Ftieketts, hall. "
Edward Schroder, Esc Cincinnati, Ohio.
A. Patchin, Esq. Piesil Buchan Bank, Buffalo.
j y4Atawdoutob.=
THE underaigned offers for salea superior article
of bock for made by hts &emu Prom,
improved machine, for which he hasnlitained a patent,
slid agrees to give purchasers a written guarantee that
they are stronger, and will resist frost and wet weath
er and timbilm less motature or dampnem than any oth
er brick, possesamg greater body and supenor texture
and much more durable iu every respect, each brick
being subjected to a pressure of several tons, and pos
sesstng • handsome smooth surface and even edges,
they make a front equal to die best front brick.
lacy have given the greatest satmfactlon to all who
hove purchased. A kiln can be area at my works, and
apl,lllloll at the Gazette office.
56 market si
Thor, 4.1. V supplied themselves for their buthitngt,
and ....hung hautionne hoot brick, or superior bard
and solid paving Lorick, can obtain them.
- - • - - -
14m...sham, June 12.1242.
I[l.oll, A.
soclated themselves together under the style and title
of Scholey, an ta Co., for the manufactory of Wood
Type, and a• thew type is altogether made by machi
nery, the mammon of Isaac M. Singer. one of the firm,
they feel confident that they oder • more perfect article
of type, and at mach lower Imes than any heretofore
offered tu the Ctuted stales, and are now ready to fill
orders for the woe.
An MI arias. at Etettoley, Ryan d Co, al
Wets office in Diamond alley, hetween Wood and
Smithfield streets. sett be punctually attended tn.
11J Proptletcrrt of newspapers, on copytng this ad
vent... 3 mon ha, and sending us Wets paper, will
enutled to reoe,ve their pay in type, on pwratiostng
titres woes the amount of their bill for advent...
Ocoee .t the e.Balthstore
1)11.://liefil RA.TIS4, Ile charges have been min•
ced on all Messages to ur from lialarnote,
nurgh or WbeeWig, and a corresponding mlaction
made on all telegraph= despatches forwarded from Bat
tonere West of Ktiaborgh, Pa.
Rare:—The charge for a telegraph despatch to or
front !Signature, husbargts and Wheeling,is 45 ecru.
for the first ten words, and 3 Nolte for each additiorod
Irr No charge is made for dm address and siva-
Cola the completion of the South Western Line of
Telegraph from Mempate, Term., to New Orleans, des
patches can I. forwarded to Memphis by this Tonle, amil
marled for New Orleans.
. . y
The C emeteryAlleghen.
A T the anntien meett7 of the Corporator*, held o •
11.. the dth ruse.. the fo oaring petsons were tinani
showily re-elected htanatters for the ensuing year.
THOMAS M. HOWE, President
- - -
J. Fmrrrr, Jr, Secretary and Treasurer.
The annual statement presented the again of tke
Company us a very prosperous condition. Thar office
in the city Is No. 37 Waier street. jell
EX PNIU KNCED lo4es, on a trial of oua and a half
millions, since l pronounce this article CAM , -
passed for durability in We construedoa o( aB kinds of
Furnaces. Price 5W,75 cash for loads 0(20 hi, par
wleed mne mouths ow. enters fora second qualny
Bolivar Brinks will he eximated at KM per Id, if “ de
sired, without guarantee. A stock of the and quality
m now for sale at the warehouse,Elis en's Wharf,' Ca
nal Basin, by J SH-AW MACLARBKR
sapktl Kensington Iron Works
DHLENIX FIRE BRICKS—The subscribers having
11 been appointed sole Agents by the manufacturers,
for the tale of the celebrated veto:raiz Bricks,• are
now prepared to till orders for any quantity, at
cash, per IMO,. For We construeunn of furnaces of
all kinds, thew bricks have been pronounced by com
petent judges as beteg %opener to all other fire bricks
oder to use, C A SEANTILTY & Co, Canal Basin.
toys' _ .
• - - •
pORTAIILE FURtre-Y—A very convvoreso article.
Bellows and all the row can be earned by the ban.
diet by roe wee. A few Mar reed and for .ale by
new .Vail..ll4ll,lPar
May 11th, HMS,at the School House of the !bath
Wnl kiturbarght Hy H. M. Lireckeloprio.
Pabliahed by JOHNSTON k !KLOCK:ION, and for
gala by all the Booksellers in the city. /11
INES-4U qr casks and 80 lid. bbts Port, Sweat
Malaga, and Madeira comprising some
very choice and superior brands, received and, for sale
on acc al:woodman terms, by
tnytt W a
LARD oIL-60 Gbls superior, iturekbardS. brand,
owl received and for sale by
J J KIDD & Co, 60 wood et
OATS -60 socks superior 0011, roo'd per stonabor
Ihroyoura wort for sale by
jao) i & R FLUVD, around Church Bur Wrap
WET MALAGA WINE-20 qr casks sweet Male
0 iya Wlne,just reeeseed and for sale by
WEST INDIA lIONEV-3 'Ads Intl landing and
for sans by JAAIk.23 LIALZELA.,
;eta 2d water at
WINDOW ULASS--3ou by. B.l(l4 . l6rTuatTbi
1811 s VON BONNIIUItzfr
SHEET - IRUS 7 -10 tons N - oti 134 and Id, Juniata; tor
sale by jyll N F VtiN btONNHOIIST &Co
D EIW-9 bbl. Footled; IMO lb. dried; for sale by
ACKEREL—No 9 and 3, to half and qr bbl.; for
.LU .ale by jyll N F FUN RUNNRORST &Co
dun c large g. . Broorna; do
Rochester do, Yd do Corn do; for sale by
NIACKFIREL-30 bbl. new No 3, teed and for We
by jy II
!E..r.usicusis—au lb. forsale low to close consign
ment. Jyl.4 FRIE.NA HUEY a Co
NATIIIIIIS—I7 sack. Feathers, rest landiog and
for sale by wEsros BOW EN,
/Tl 3 NI front at
A FILEY-:S . sick:
for we by
Ai PPLEt+-45 bbis juai recd and for We by
11 suet , WICK h hi'CA.NOLF:i3B
DIRD PEPPERS--Ol :bp just received and for We
.D by LI A PA lIN I , TOOK & Co,
_ augl9 corner lai and wood sta
I i D. SIENNA-300 lb. jolt reed and far aale by
f l . . avgly LIA FAHN&Iii:rocK &co
...1 liaillit—bs hhil. plane N 0 Sugnr, in •lotli mud for
1.3 hale by aug lb S h W HARNALiaII
EINSEEJ) OIL--ailibbls Linseed 011, bi .Lore and for auglO S & W HAKIMU(iII
LINSEED OIL-12 bbls for tele bl
suetßßAE* 4 torrEs
. .
ARD Olt-10 bbls and fießbbls, — ta stare sad to
1.4 sale by ant° DROWN t CULBERTSON
DACON SHOULDERS:3—LO cask. pat lac/ and for
.0 sale by .used BROWN fr. CULJ3ERTI3Ori
COFTER—XIa sacks Rio Coffee, a prime article just
received =ld for sale by
angle WICK a 111,CANDLESS
81-MMBI. POTASII-600 lb. just me d •=1 rot
sale by 13 A pettraarocK A CA
_ I AI I6 swim las soll Mod as
tat ~__ — .. HFDICAL
Asthma, Bronchi COES tis, Spl i ht the Sid' •
and 8i00.54, Sark Throat, p.=o,
Verso n
Die:ased SI%
cured or •
Dr. dorapuen Compound ay - rap of Wild
his mild and pkmant to the taste, perfectly aid and
aerial.. in as operations, andyet 4 es one of the most
m ,
e: ialand certain remediailor Conan of the
son., u
Coirtp,thent, mis the Side pr Smut, sad genera!
De b.ht7 of the Orinnitaion, that way ever invented by
the skit of mare for the relief of the afflicted pnhha
Certificates and evidences arts wonderful curative
powers are daily received (role allanarters. It is im•
possible to conceive the aggregate uf Buttering and mi.
ell that has berm ranter Wor oantahlal by not can
we calculate the immense benefit that emit ace roe from
it hereafter. All ages, sexes, and consthouons an
alike affectod by it, and the diseased, eradicated from
onwitution malted, and health rer•
to t, 7= '
e use of Da. SIWATIft'll Courouvo. 91111 P
wars Carom How many warmer. do we daily be.
h o ld poprogeldet an Ilryested, nitric
bloom of youth, m their millilitres and fncents,
eft with *aria* malady, CONSUMPTION, which
waste, the cuiscrehle sufferer .until he es beyond the
power of human skill. If with sufferers would only
make • trial of Der. Serwyne'slenociumund Syrup of Wild
Cherry, they wouldfind thee:o.'4loes metier relieved
than by gulping the variousineffective remedies' with
which our newspaper. abound{ this 'Vegetable Remo•
dy' heals the ulcerated lung* stopping profuse 'night
meats, at the same three induMng a natural and healthy
expectoration. and the panatella soon find himself in
the enjoyment of comfortable health. The public should
bear I. mind that Dr. Swarm is • regular practising
physiciart, and has had year. of cape dense in dermas..
of the
Chest, he. Tbe
ine Dit ' MYV ' Ogro:
f s thahiladelphia.
Of all the cares bar bas evef bean recorded . , we may
Wei; say the emu. oft:um/bum cannot famish Pea to
mrpass this, which now stand* ac a living proof of the
curability of masumption, even when We had been
despaired of Dr. Swarm's/ Compound Syrup of „Wild
Cherry is all It ember. to be; the greatest medlaine
in the known world.
The Truo Shier o Jiofe is Node&
Da. Swarm—Dear,Sir —For the good of the public, I
feel =mar la duty tamed to toady to the great core
whisk your Composed Syrup of Wild Cherry parfono
ed on Inc. Pb, par, I feel as If every body Oug.
so know it. I wee atikicted with a violate cough, smi
ting of blood, night swamis, housemen, and mind of
the voice Molleating abuening state of the db..;
y appetite wee sone, and my- suength had so Cattail
i'sd me bet my Hien. and physician were persuedul I
weld not survive many days. My aster, who onu my
anxious eareasitdr. made inquiry when she would be
likely to procure the most earnest relief. She was told
that if Dr. ftwayne's Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry
failed in the eunirju life was ben hopde. Your
medicine ately procured., and the fast bol
t] gave nelleg by the time I had commenced the
silsh benne. my it had leftme and m strenatit was
mach improved. In short It ham made 3. peeled c
of me, end I mu at this presenstime as :any • Man am
I melt and have good mason to believe that the use of
your medicine has saved
from a premlurnm
I shall be pleased to give any. information respeetbm
my case. I fd Iteemm.
39 cheerer to, between nice and vine stn,
Censuraptivas, Read: Ikeda Dr. Sway.% Compound
Syrup of Wild awry.
In about the year 1937, Ifeatnel It taseemary In my
probational mai. compeund • medicinal prepar
ation kw diseases of 12ta chest and longs. possessing
more powerful healing properties than any other - hitt,
arm known for such &masa. In my MI.M.PCIUND
SYRUP OPWILD CHERRY . / I hive been very sue
easeful. The truly astonishing ewen elreetcti by my
medicine Mon spread its fame abroad; for it owes none
of its moms to utumfacturestriewmaper puffs Or for
ged esnificeses—the real innimie Omens of my emu
pound is the only cause of itspopoluity. Its eatermive
sale soon metited the envy ofoertain meaulatere in be
aMictione of his fellow clean:RN_ .0 =dal that. i• •
few years frtun th e time that my maparation ereslatro-
Muted to the public end in great .mand, a lino hi lids
city, finding that my preparaliou had gained a high
repotanon loran curative properties, came out
hat bey called Dr. Wistar's Hakim of Wild Cherry.
This respectable and popular phydedut had no :more
to do with the uncle than poor Sam Patch. The name
of Dr Wisuir in attached to make it appear tharthis ear
bent practitioner was the original invewor of the pro
pane.; each is not the fact .The above firm, the re
nt Inventor, sold the recipe and right to manufacture to
mme pawn medicine dealem in Cineinnati for the
West and South, and another in New York for the Eno,
who afterwards, it is awned., sold oat to a druggist m
Bosun—so the number of hands into which limey have
changed Is at enigma.
In soma pluses they amen It emanated from a pity
dui. In in Phlladelplea; ot=rm a physician in
esser-Musette So it has f and stratagem
stamped in imam feature.
There have been a number of other prepares:lo. par
porcbg to contain Wildeerry put ant Yams, from the
panda of inexperience, ich the pub. should guard
age.; am they rOntlfin norm of the virus. of disionm
nal and only genuine preparation, which bean the *q
ualm", of Dr. Swayne on etch bottle. The present
manufactarers of their puffs and false certificates'have
the dating effrontery to caution the pablie against pat
e/lawny my medley., the ontrunly genuine and origi
nal preparation of Wad Cherry before the nab.,
which is proved saustactorily by the pub li c moot. o f
the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, a. well as ,Vari
us other edlicial documents. . DR. H. SWAYjNE,
Inventor and sole Proprietor of the genuine Com
pound Syrup of Whlld Cherry, comer of Eighth WO
Rom streets, Philadelphia
Parripidets can be obtained grade, seeing forth us
arrayof testimony that will convince the most /skepti
cal of the wonderful vines ofDr Steeple's Compound
Syrup of Wild Cherry. Call hod get one, that all may
read. Purchase the inediemoi soul na cam.
For sale, whoknale and retail. hy the Agents.
Wild rtlutm,si Mutiet ms OGDEN*. SNOWDEN,
corner Wood aid Lilian slsl S JONES, LAI liberty
sO kl A FARNESTOCK &., .Co, corner of Firit end
Wood and Sixth Ind Wood, JA Eb A. JONES, thug
-o. corner Penn and Hand sta and JOHN MITCH
ELL, Allegheny city. mart
. .
Vie have been informed try ILI rt. Rose of a etreper
formed maker by De. Jaymo's Altaratlven Which
proves us superaorny over every other remedy of the
kind. She ho. b een omitted
. tr the last sixteen years
with an NEGRO:ISA or W ti urt.,•sW FLU:SU, attended
with olcemtiont and enfoltatkm of venous bones, do.
nag arbors time sonny pones have been discharged from
the anentl bone of the crania., rem both her arms,
wrists and hands, us! Inma both legs, and from the loft
(canner hone. and flews st.• right knee ent.teret
u teem on other parts of her penson,vrhich have narked
the skill of a aumbor of the men eminent phyaterans of
our city—.none 0.41 of the rime her indent:ea have
been exerataung and deplorable About three *mate
since she was unlaced to try ffl.Jnynets Alutontvc,
which boo had au asiontehingly happy effect upon bar,
by removing all pant anaswelling. and causal, the
nieces W heal, while mth e mute time her general heikeh
has beeoale completely restored, so Mat the war weighs
lba.usera than she dad before she commeneed the use
of thus truly valualdsprepuunlX—ibta Eve-
For further informattonoaq.m of hits. Rase, No. 129
Albert st, PhlladelpMa
For we In Pisbargh, al the PERIN TEA STIME,
72 Fourth at new Wood. I
INOS.—Scirotula to all its multiplied forms
whether in that of King's etll , enlargemenN the
(leads or bases, Goitre, Whits Swellings, Chronic
Rheumatism, Calmer, dummies or the Skin or Spine,
or al Pulmonary Consumption, emanate nom' Oriel
and the same mum, which ie a polsononi. principle
more or leis inherent in the human system. Teem.
Core, unless this principle can be destroyed, no rail.
cal cure can be effected, but if the principle npon
which the disease depends., is removed, a .cure
amidst necessity follow, no Matter seder • hatform
the disease should manifest itself. This, therefore
is the reason why JAIWei ALT ilinvivz is id uni
venally MUCCONIIII in removing so many malignant
diseases. It destroys the vireo or principle iftom
when those diseases have their *Agin, by esthete
into the mrculauen, and with the blood is conveyed
to the =ambit able, removing °rely particle of
disease from the smuts. Prepared and sold'et No.
8 South Third Street, Philadelphia. ..iii ,•
Sold at the Pekin Tea Stony lieLTliaciertbstree.
L -
as Who Use Common Prepare 4 thalk) are
ellen net aware how fryghtfolly it:domes I Is to
the Wet boar tow., keys roast, how sallow,
and altheahhi the .km appears after astng prepared
chalk! Baud. ) It I lalanoes, eenuieinialarse goon
do , of lead. We have a baulk !. setretable
article, which we ea/1 .19P110313 trenisit ./.4
W Hirst It la p.teetly thnoteat, being all
dektarou qtaalities, and it imparts to the sktn • bal.
r. 4 ho hyf ttitthtettartolltat,ll.4er salute, at the game
=at=au cos.= ea. the skip, matins soft
Dr. James Andaman, Patellae Chendm of Mama
_myx "After analysing Jonesittpanish Liit
whited dad it possesses the Yeast beamianl and nat.
ml, at the MSC tit. inill.Slll wbito I OVIZIT la..
certainly eon conscientiously yeecannend it( use to all
wham akin requmes beaaufying. o
DiCrPnee 23 coca a box.
isW•So -
Id by WM. JACKBQN, at his Boot and Shoe
Blare, Liberty street, head of Wood, at the can of
tha BYE
Dom. AS3
Ladles, ladiea,Pm asandahed,
When yaw Mims Ant yon
A natural,, moms; who*,
That yes will still use mammon Chalk,
Aad look deathly yell...fright,
The theme of laminar and oft
If you wank! 11141 a box al JONVA
wouM give yom skin 011 IdabiSter in natural white,
aad nt OM MIN UM. clear and Improee IL &Ad at
JADBBOWILta Liberty m. Prose id emits pet bal.
NO. 9.1311111.11110 81.aP, NSW YORK.
I e IfMS HW. LIEU) offers for vale at the Intent
V hfainfutineve , pine, Y vin enetnive anon.
anon PAPYR, eatosinautuevery possible variety,
noted to the wants of nasal:en in all .cottons of the
marry. Papa of all Emit made to order at then
/ YR RlXlkof PRINTING PAPISR la enuateally lute
• pertpetjteli rioarlizajuki.s
of every description, imported =I kept eahstudif
has., Peluso, ite POrthivhher
Bleacting Powder, Blue Ultra.marie,Tertne. to., Ss
Onevtae,l3ale Rope, Grass Rape, Rantiza, e. e.,
purchased, for which the highest pike ta Cosh will be
pod IY I 3Y New Pork, Jetrel 1801.
Dr. W. P. In!Mari *Malin= Plainer.
D R. W.f. INLAND, orthalldedical College bf
adelphia, now otbss to Ike public his Indien Veg
etable Pm:alum Plaster, lino lanoline& of which, alter
long and tried organelles., has Ewen suiefacuoily es
tabalsod. TO all women who ay be adhered with Uteri& m Fallen Wom b, he recommends kill
pluses, IplalAnt.6.ll adore .and speedy cure to the
short spats or (torn two to thee week., if nPPllod with
cue and root--dhicarling attl the cooauess instruments
artd expensive bsuolaget so long in use. This he teals
cornelensions istlnannuch as he has not failed
in one ease out of three hundred and hlty.three Pa
lbr Itheomatton and Weak Breut or Back, at
tended arab pain, them is notaing to tune/ this Plaster
In adordini relief or eSecting a care. For mac by
L corner of Dmorond and Market at
Brawl t Ratter, " Libettjand Bt. Clair rut
Dr J Salient Fedand to and Diamond, aUe
'Ferny city
karts Jques D. Co, " Demon and Diamond., Binning.
A Mull to-she World.
Y•FIVIS DU Eli will be paid ta any one
who wtli prodace a mot of pure, peen cer dry, that
cannel be auracted with Hoe's Improved Chemical
Soap. I hove the eatisiemion pf saying to me people at
this ptace, that thia male le, by my own Improvement on
it, now Panda corralled to that country Par extracting
gamic, tar, p.*o. palm. at any other grouy Mit.
mance, from all lundeofgentlegion'e ladle.'
ca , pel., table cloths, glienritrAtaleas, 0012atts,
.t o ne Waring anything:lAm pare meter Intl pot
mean. Mo m than one tboatned peaces et different
wia of the comfy have 1401 MC thily .9014 601 be
wahoat if LI tam am dallariat cats. tryum.thia
Soap oe mare th an OM aztlelemed satin y Ad
mires., and calicoes, I Dan cagy band three preen of
.115, two of Klemm, and ken M 'Alice on whhilt it
c h imp e imam thanstoto baton pamai ham ►l4Ol
dna try a motele of Mo diem am I mate thie became
1 am determined net to reaamaymdiz may meager Ikaa
I know to be entetly wet N
Pee; fin eat par eats. eat wholesale tad retall
by K
half ehmstelf HZ* ao 110 do logionial
7odo do Govoiniaz i r do do blook do; 23 oa4
za.Ckaparia, sad It imam and ibr sale
oac.cmtraz, performal by the orybodend
Jame* mains Liver prepared eta mid lry X DU I
dmam , Pamper, Wintrannthind
July 19th, .
If,. B. S. SeDerm—A mew oldery icy*. mid theallaw.e
Mimeses. mold my humbte tedievany is Woe eflearleasy
mktosted Lime Paha I dam deterred dearic ere thr
adhering to Davy CrackerFs lamina, Re arm yea ez i v t.
Una co Mead.. Mod of the many prepenish*s of
and oath, heeled to die skim, ham rut late obliviambere
!Mi l = 'ff tb "‘d ese I , l " .. tre P terierisse hae 4
Mrepresot then to be I ham born an d loth liver
ptaint finer my youth; has saffentd moan Wapikepeil
whom I paid mica s wats tam
------ nk.Viteen Tenanted md e hytielkai Amite &lulu
sahvated 5 or 0 than, met
Amdlygrven up as biennia.. la
tb.l9-7 I was iodised to to . your Ltap•Pilboad 500 N 00T
X.LL. Ono b... 4 abide is now sulfseimat to keep VIM eimr
of path in the side, and all the ether Tasman, fin id lease
tit months. Tour Pens menthe the besteatbrrea I erves. ma;
being mild, sot galidag or cieincentelt rialoome at the Wm
ech,liet gin mennech wef l hem kept them is my Wore
for 6 or 7 years; told hundreds aflame and hose &Mr
beard a sieve compLaint uttered by my one who Ites weed
thrtm They Mee sapumeded almest emry other pW is this
micbbertioad, and is • shots time mil Maide them
camestly rem/mead theta to all poems espolbec
whether kg Linz Contend or BUlieets Affsetims. 1 eas
eider dim far superior toCaloadm the IllesePill. Bersjaers
ft'UJAMN-As there me other Mb twit ”tlelrablie
cause Ltser MA poems who mmtthe blZNlNNEshriaid
too add lake no other dna them prepared red mid by
X ZIELLX2XB, No 57 Wood-et between Third aral Feast!
eitySend by Dr. Casam, Fifth Wird, D 2.1 C 0..., droglmay
soya or or the
DFOR BENJ. W. NORRIS morns his sincere
thanks to the citizens of Pittsburgh and Allegheny
eity for the very liberal eapport and mconragemam
has received wuhin the last air mouths. Tharthe Wa
ter mre should angnire each celebrity, ie neither
armee nor ere ctos,w .on considered haw great
a number of ' of every ety of disemes, - both
met, and chniedc, hem been cured by • Mdloloos
ef it- In Germany, where it originated, six thousand
ordeal wormeasea, that were given op by the mom skis.
fed physicians of pe e auros Incurable, were oared by
the dummied Prinemns, th founder alba Water ClUal.
10 Eviand, France and America, thomatuts of hope.
have been cured by I . and the numoroas
Hydropatlith establishments w surreal/hi opera
tion in the United States, soma volnmes favor of the
Dr. Mortis havusg permanently established himself
to rho city of Pittsburgh, Ume doors southoren of ir
win's alley, on Penn strut, to now prepared to take a
number of boarders and treat them at pat bonny and
those who prefer being treated at their owe darelltnra,
will be puentally and faithfolly attended. He may be
consoked at his Waco from I o'clock till 3 P. M., and
from I to 10 in the evening.
N. a—Every unsq . of baths made are of la .he
Water cure, both for ladid and gentlemen, can ts.
tatned at the Atbemenno, oa Liberty suet, where they
have been recently erected for the expren use of Hy
dropathie patient., and where every attention will be
given by the polite and attentive proprietors-
Great EsseLeh Remedy.,
'AZIft,C4/VALY REAIED Aetbma and I'Proraure' The
of F the
above &theses, le the HUNGARIAN RALBAJII OF
LIFE, discovered by the celebrated Dr. 'Buchan, of
London, England, and ititnntincth into the United &rasa
ander the immedtme superionsndence oldie inventorp
The extraordinary suceths of this medicine, In tr
cure of Pulmonary diseases, warrants the Anierthth
Agent in soliciting for treatment the worn possible ea
the that can be found In the community--cases that teak
relief in thin from any of the common remedies of the
day, and have been given up by the moot distinguished
physicians as confirmed and Incurable. The Hosiguri.
an Balsam has cared, and *ill sure,the most d ray
of e th er. It is no muck nostrum, hole Eng
lish medicine, of known and established efficacy. ,
Every family in the United States should be supplied
with Buchan's Hunger!. Balsam of Life, not Only to
counteract the consumptive tendencies of the caber.
but to be used as a prevenpve medicine in all asses ,
colds, coughs, spicing of blood, pain in the aide and
chest, irritation and soreness of the lungs, brochitis,
difficulty of bleating, hectic fever, night mead
anon and general debility, utile., ithaensa„
cough and croup.
bold in large bottles, at SI per bottle, with MI dime
noth for the restorauou of health.
Pamphlets, remaining a mass of English and Ameri
can certificates, and other evidence , showing die un
equalled merits of this great English' Remedy, may be
o b psi .
e n e s d ol o e f 11 , 1 ye Agenda,.A7= if k
Coo., tourer of
st and Wood and Wood and 6th sta. , mare
1, , KOhl dm Rev ASA SHINN, a well known and pop
.E` elm Clerrman of the Protestant Methodist Church
The anderameed name been alDicted daring the past
wittier with a disease of the stomach, smnethnes pm-
Mating great pain hi the stomach for ten or maidenhairs
without Intermiulon, and after having tried various
remedies with little effect, wan fmmishod with a beetle
of Dr 1) Jayne'. Carminative Balsams. This he aced ac
cording to the direetimas, and Mond invariably thalthis
medicine ceased the pain to slime in three or four min
utes, and in lines Aar twenty aqautcsevery uneasy
wu entirely quieted. The medicine was af
tetwards used whenever indicationsof the approanh of
pain wetc perceived, and the pate west/tetchy prevent
ed He continued to am the medicine every evening
and sometimes in the morning. end In a few weeks
health was se far restored, that the sole rer was ether
e 4 from a large amount of oppressive pain. From as
perienee, therefore, he can amfidently recommend D
1) Jayne. Cariamatiss Datum, as a salutary medicin
for dioceses of the stotaseti and bowels.
heny A 811INND
Alleg eityl
t.'or sale in Pitudiurgh at the PEIsIN TEA ST OR
7 . 1 roach street oear Waod, and olaw at tbsDrog
Alum of schwkwrz.. Vederal omit. Allegheny
Purtr7 Your Blood.
ICFR 0. E. BlBLE'.—Ecav Sth Last Spring, and Mi
lli. ring the previous in.:. 1 was .merely afffictad
with a scrofulous complatht in my lega l and bulb..
for some months ander the can in physician. They
co d my ease was athaost incumthia and die7sould do
but little for me. Iwas nearfrhelpless, bat with th e
aid of crutches could wi th difficulty gat about. In May
last, I purchased of you, and anismenced using Bars.
rows Escascutht.. After the use of two bathes, tha
sores commenced healing, and 1 laid aside my crutch only a cane. 1 dispensed with ay cane, and
the end of the fourth, was m, well as to assist all day
th shearing sheep. In all, I used five bottle. The
scrofula and sores have MI healed up, since lam
bmale , / hoc net no appearance of th e disease, bat
are condnuea, ana un now, la the moat perfect health"
I suite with confidence, hoping that whets may be ben
dined in the same way, that the Sarsaparilla sold by
yoa hos been the means and the in E al moons of edam,
um the cars. J .
'or sale wholesale and reTill " , b " BOBS
daw IL k. Co
_ . .
front P .004 .u,—it.-ii:o73;;;;7;;;F.Cati..
Cream de' Amanda Amore', for sham;;
Cream a la Rose, tor shaving;
Almoode Cream, do;
Nocaoa ft.op,oo korcelam Modal
.L.l er v aceat Dana, perfumed with Lavender, Anglo
licaatifol powder pate, of all pad...,
Embossed wiles boxes, coommirm fragrant extracts
for be hood kirehief ; a scoot bag, cad matt soaps, sod
able fat pm....
?embus, or Chinese ponder;
Irbliaa vegetable hair on.
Bear* od, m fumy or common wrappers, (ram mont
'd Jortes , Soso; Nymph :bap; Rose Lip salver
Shell soap; Soda soap, together matt a great variety
of him perfumery: Me teemed; (or We bg
[MI6 car edt A. mood eta
Pialosessary Salaam.
its PSBR. atzD & CUTLER—I feel It a duty I
AXL owe to my fellow creatures, to stare something
more respecting your Vegetable Pulmonary Balsam.
Same I firm used the Ralsam, about eleven yearn a I
the hamy erect of which I then gave an account of,
Lave had veral severe complaints and attacks at my
lungs, one a few days dace, end In every instance I
have used the Balsam alone with complete and perfect
success. It has erected relief and cure in a very few
days. It Is certainly a sale medicine. I do not know
that it will care a fixed consumption, .but I belie** it
will be In many cases • preventive, and prevention is
better am cum, I do therefore for the love of my .. fe ., t;
law men, eamestlV recommend the me of this BO
In all pamoitary complaints. I amconfident that it
has been the means of preserve:4 my life to this day.
Boston June la, 'M. REX/AMIN PARSONS.,
For sale by B A Falanestoek, & Co, corner first and
wood and also corner wood and alls
power to ears! Prresamon, Feb. µk1917.
Rduh Sittits:—lily wife has foe years been &abject
t k h ' e n ctireof i= n ' teTgrete . nt .vi co d' ogirr a" l ' die r 7,
mid bad the advice of the most eminent phyeicoute in
England, but all was unavailing. By chance I heard
o r your Imperial Cough Syrup, and was induced to boy
bottle for um!, although I had no belief thee anything
mold remove bercomplaint. To my great surposs,
two do gave her immediate relief. She is at twice
troubled with • cough, but two teaspoomful of filymP
always dope it lem satisfied, alter a trial of three or
lour years, that Seller's Cough Syrup is the best cough
medicone I have ever tried either In the Old or New
Wor:d. WitF.simotams,
Seventh Ward, city of Pittsbargh
The above certificate should induce all who are
unubled with cough or asthma, to live theSyrap • tri
al. It may be had for S 5 rents a bona, at the drug
Nate of R E SELLERS, 17 wog at
Sold by Dr Cassel, 6th ward, and 1) H COOT, Alb.
gbeny city. Amid
Patent Block 19prl As Teem,
M WLY IPS VENTED—For Led relief end Permanent:
I. Care of HERNIA or RUPTURE. (Salted to sib
uses )
Poe superior claims of tem Trues consist the com
emotive esso.with which it may be wore The pad or
wood lielngneatly balanced on springs, yields to area-
Sete on any part of a, and thoroughly utopia itself se
my movement made by the ecister. It MI be worn
simians intermission, until a cure a erected. llte sub
ecLbera have made arrangensetio Inc the manometer.
It these valuabie Trusses, th • saperior Otyieou Prow
demote., and bare them now Inc sale at thou came, No.
twithfinkt et near liisinitinfio w efit A t• Tr,
SELLERS' VER3LIFUGE ,4 Baponar to any 1 have
ever used."
Gamma Ts., Payette emnty, Pa, Marsh 4,4 x.
Mt. R. & SaLeas-1 hereby certify that t have used
your Vern:Whip m my fa y, and believe it equal, if
not anpcnor to my I have ever used. I gave to doe of
my children am dose ; 'delimit expelled about on worms_
idxs Evattloa.
Prepared and mild by SELLERXI' 37 Wood sit.
Flielthby Dr Cassel, Sda Ward; D 1t Curry, Allegheny;
W J Smith, Tamperaammille; and P Drava, Lam
reneavele. uty4
Sl' RL4062/—Art assortment mat mod and PM aal
bymrJ J KIDD & Co
Al A. liez.o.Ploddaers, 3d ~L, wow De Pow (Ora
One imertion of Mimes, or less, 50 50
Two Meer to. without a 1terati0n5,.......... 0 / 8
Three " " "
.... .... . . I CO
Om Week If 111
I 60
Two Weeks
.... ...... I 60
Three " " " ..... 300
One Month, ii .....
Two ir ,1 ...... ova
00 1X1
Three " .. 750
.... .....
r r Longer advertisements is mule proportion. ,„
Doe winere,6 month., +about alLeraDen,..• I .„ ' ""
..' PS 0 .
k:ach additionasl square for 6 month, ..... . 50 0
11 " it, 00
One etiaere - 4 latolltha ;enema Lau at Ora/001, L , 00
.. .. 1 2 ' „ .• o :o 00
Each additional 'genre or I% month. t it , 00
Two aginares,6 lateatba, re'vrable at pleas:mi. 30 00
It. BB b additional priane,6 months, .... ...... 8 00
WitaXii az in DAILY earzas.
One Urn:m.3 insertions, .....................$ 160
" " each additional in5erti0n,......i.... 31
Fire lines se lea., one year, 600
six months, . 6 00
" " " one year, daily & , weekly 'lO IXI
o o 0 nix months •• .,
For = lines, or less, One insertion, ..: ...sake 50
no, " .......:. 075
a ' Three, " /WW
gienthi, 410
Sir •" 60
" Twee* ?• 1 3. insurer►O.