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A NEON LAPHAM & Co.—Hide and Leather Dee
rs.. Fe at New York.
ohe Grier Mai:wet, & 16 .viek k
Cornigrimente of Weawm.Leather solicited, and lib.
eref advances wade if required.; ; febtailito
. A TWOOD, JONES t Cu'_ - Com - mmelon and r.
warding Merchants, hays retuned to their old
stand. Water and Front streets, . h, ("cal
pa4..u.N.-&-REdER 0
, Wholesale and Retail Drag
ands, comet of Liberty gad s t. Clair streets, Pit
urge. Pa. mane
DROWN 4. CULEIERTSON,,WhoIiszaIe Grocers,
IA and Commission Nlerehants,,No. 143, Liberty st.,
Pittsburgh. Pa. - y.
D A. FAHNIZTOCK k. Ca., %nob:male and Re
.UPO WI Druggists, tamer Wood and dth at.. 13,1
AOALIiY & SMITH, Wholesale Grocers, 18 and
9 lb Wood street Plush. . •
p McANU and
. tti Pu
wa. noun" lona I. 13=34 rex W. aturaras.
CIOLFALAN BAUMAN & Co, libunshaturers of
Canine oy and Axles, A. B. and spring
steel, sad de afen In Coach Trimming. of onsry
seription, mannfaeust7 on St Clair st Warehouse 43
Wood nt. opposite Bt Charles Reset lasr.29.
WALT ar holeule n • • •
L deal
Ean In 9.11 and Pettalirgit Man t;f - ac cor:
aer of Liberty and Hand sta, Pinabsrgh, Pa. tebl7
WIL & . 1, sAapm! L WWI&
MINGLIEITnENNEI% Algae 'Extoishi .thalllgher
.E, ta re Co.) Wholesa le OIXICel& Connuadon and Fo
ward Elehauna, and dealt. In Prainea and Pitts
burgh anatantarea, N. 37 Wood at, Common td and
3d meow. Dad
.1. 111.1 MID, O. ROM, MOS wool,
11.PRIEND, RHEY In Co., Wholesale Orgasm and
.A.:Commission Merchants, and Agents Mr Wignion
Canna Yam; Nos. 57 Water, and MI Front scs., Fitts.
C felaS
ALLADLIER, LONG & =LER, Bell and Brass
es Fitters, 109 Front, between
sod and Smithf i
eldstreets, Pittsburg*, Pa.
Ur Highest price emu for old Copper and Ihmta
FORGE OlXlMN,Camndulon and
GMerchant, No. 40 Wood strew. Pivabargh. myl7
liteY WIUTIOT, White and Had Lead num.
twer, Paint an d Oil Merchant, edam of Wi
en and (Mara■ Piusb .6. 6,0
113611.11 DI Co, Wlndeaale Grocers, Coto
;,L plod= Marehants, and dealers Prodaee, Noe. 511
Water, and 107 Front streets, Pittsburgh. noes
TORN H. RANKIN, Attorney and Colcuseltor ar t
k) and Commissioner ter the Stata of Noonlewd&
St. Louis, Mo, (late of limbo :rata
Rwronanaco—Pituborgke Hon 'OF Foreword, Hemp
am & Millet, 31`Condloss tr. M'Clare, John h. Parke,
Basalt. & &erupts, M'Cord & Khrg.
LOLIN SCOTS a Co, Whobwile Grooora, Forward.
ing and Conunisston Merchants, De go" in Pro.
e and Pittsburgh blanufactures, No, T Coreassareial
Row, Liberty creel, near the Canal, Pittsburgh, Pa.
T BRYAN, Rectify Mg Distiller, and Wholesale
ep dealer in Foreign and Demesne Winne and lA
aeon, No. 114 Liberty street, and 53 Diamond Alley
Pittsburgh, Pa.
TAMO3 B MeGUIRE, (late of the &o of Alpo and
ler McGuire ' ) Merchant - Tailor, Bt. Mathes Biuldiap,
Third street, near Wood, 'fluidic ,h.
JAMES A. HUTCHISON, It Co. —ritueeessurs
Lewis Hutchison A_,Co. Commission Merehents,
and Agents of the Si. boats Steam Sugar Refinery.
No. 45 water 0=199 front streets, Pittsburgh.
TBLACK, kterchumt Teller ; Exchange
U . din Elt.l2leir • rinernzglc JelOn
TORN 6., DlLWORTH—Whotessds Grocer, Pro-
feJ dodo sod . Colussiodart Moretuttn, Na gr, Wood ot,
irOHN D. MORGAN, Win:amide Dranisi,end deal
er In Dye Stuffs, Pionts.,.ofis, Vernisfies, &r, No. i 3
ood street, one door Hawk of DiSmood Alley, Pith.
burgk. jani
. • successor to • •• • t.
Da ) Stu •a• ladle • Water street. . oe3l
TOHN H. MELLOR, Who!nabs and Retail dealer
in Mune and hlosieal Instrunienta School
Paper, Slues, Steel Pea s, Quills, Prilatill' Cads, 3 =
Stationary vsnerally,No. SI Wood at, Piusbumh.
1:17 . Raga bought or taken in trade. liege
T SCHOONMAKIER & Ca, Wholesale Druggists,
U . No. 84 Wood street, Piusbargh. -
TORN D. DAVIS, Auctioneer, comer Oh and Wood
el iarretyliusburgh. occ9
"f WINSTON & STOCKTON, Booksell e rs, Printers
t/ and Paper Menefee:mere, No. {4 Bturket st, Pius
o h. • ic6
TWIN GREED, Wholesale Grocer, dealer ill Pro
t, doze, Pouburge Manufactures, Tot Plates, &c. tee.
Ate No. ER Elbert • at, Pitutm h. -aus
M & D &
FLOYD, (leoz , 1. Floyd Co.a Wholesale
wr • Grocer No. 11/2 Liberty .veep seps
giTAMES t Wholesale-Grocer, Cerantissian
Merchant, and dcalar in Product, and Pittsburgh
atinfacuircs. No. V Water st-, Pntsburgh. jazne
'lle . IF:fa JOINIIi.4, — ,Poi - vrarding and COMMiStiOrl Mer•
chants, Dealers in Nadu. nod Pittsburgh aunts
isduired arueles, Canal Basin, near tat at. 021
• Vesuvius Iron Works.
T EWIS, I • /4 Co., roaunfaemress o( ill d
r. ens liar, Meet, kknler iron and Neils of the. beat
cloudily.. Warehouse, 34 orator and 103 front at '
• isuag
j 8 AVATEBIL&N, Whoresalu Grocer, Forward
lug and C0.1164i0n Ekrchmy Dealer in Pius
lanoulikeuuns and hoduce, Nos. 31 %clue: et,
and CY Prom E.
od AI:LIPTON, Wholesale Grams, Fos-
Ml=2.Piusbessh aler4l l,r' L i l l
WOW Pistskurga feria
MGM, BROTHERS & Co., Canualsalan Mor
al chants, PlaLadalpbia for the sale of produce g 4
me= Liberal advances mad* an comiawneats.
MoGILL & ROE, Wholesale Greece and Commis
sloe Iderebseis, No. 194 Liberty st, Pittsburgh.
AL. E 3, ALEX. max; 'WEL .
r r.Swi Co.. Commission and Forwardmg
s Merchants, Water and Prom sta., between
Nod and Market am Mae
, 9 :1 '• • ala a r gwara . •
Marchoults, N. 1713, Liberty Pitt.
• • , Pa. janl4
, eCORD &
garnet of RING, Wholesale .at/ Retail Hal and
Cap Wood and Fifth sta. anatactarea atal dealers in Fanny Furs,
an 2
NHOLMES & SON, Na 65 Market at, second
LI, door from corner of Fourth, dealer. in Foreign
and Domestic Villa of Ezet , "go, esrufiegesof Dep..
-.11, Sank Notes and Spec!.
QT Collections mad on all the , principal cities
thto ...mai the United States. dm:l7
, ThODERT tdoolll., Wholesale Grocer, Rectifying
Mb, Distiller, dealer In Produce, Pittsburgh Manufac
ture", and lath:hid. of Foreign wad Domestic Wines
sad Liquors, Pio. II li . itierty street. On hand a . yery
Uhrill k betistnr7or *ld e. ol . "' " .hat. =LP
EI:AHD T. LEECH, Jr., Impartar and Dealer In
Forman and Dowtude Sad dlery Hardware wet
dmaday, at 211 descriptions, No. 123 Wood
W., Pittsburgh. dPSH
ID mates) URA Wholesale awl Betel! Dealer hs
LAlaoss - Aloroose, abocazakers.Tools and Rod
rags, Tanners' and Galore Tools, tad 'rumen , Oil,
W• • s • • septa
imam imams, WM= I. ilowasas.
flattllit3ON Co.,WholnaleGrocarti Pmdnea
and Commission Merchant., and Dealers in Pin.
Pa. idanafaestoce, No. NO Liberty et., Plug/auk.
ORM 'LL Co, Wiselauds Omen,
Commission and Forwardsng Mutant% deaden
duce and Pittsburgh Manufactures, Liberty.. an
Pirtabargh tent/
#OBT. A. CUNNINGHAM,- VVbotade Dealer Pledgee Led Patrbargb filansfutarer,
e.. 141.4 Liberty a. nay
I. O. 1127730110, • 3. L. UM.
1 j EYN OLDS & BEEF, Forwarding and Cerinaiseson
XS, Merchants, for the Allegheny River Trade, deal
ers in Orme:tea, Produce, Pittsburgh mmur,, t ,„.„
and Chloride of Lime.
The highest prices, in cash, *d at all detester erne
trg rags. Comer of Penn end Irwin ste. lam
. 13, BUSH FlELD—Wholesale dealer In dry gcs:;,d s ,
43, groceries, boots, shoes, Pillsbury' b znanatteurred
&c., No. tab Liberty woe; ptisburgh.
Q - 11111TH & JOHNSON, Wholesaleissidllensll Dealers
1.7 in Millinery oods, Laces, Hosiery sad Fancy
Azdeles,No. 40 Market street, 3d door stars Thitd
,Pitisbargh. ,gel
t .
• tuacig.grr & mous, Oninteirlo — Darersln
' 'oreign and Dornesue Dry Goods. N 0.99 Wood st.
• burgh. &Witt
(„").6. NV. HARRAUGH, Wool Merchant., Dealer.
, in Flour and Produce gcneratly, and Forwarding
and Coin Merchants, No. 63 Waterat., Pius.
BAGALEIFI Grocer• and
0.3 Prod.., dasuenk, N0.2Z1 Abrant alizat, between 6th
Ty nth. Nonb aide, Philadelphia. I.IOVB
rrrnuir sou. JOHN rumors, iss/TLAND.
NICOLJ Produce ond General Com
p mission Mereh.. No. 17 Liberty It., Pittsburgh.
Phrts, Lowed .d Lord Oils.
VDN DONNIIORST, & Co., 'Wholesale tiro
mor.. FAA an u d i Coconnsaioa w Me t. r m ahrts,
&abase tee n 'c gro m iraro m honso7old stand)
IVA.; no , nor of Front to ut.
sad Chancery bum
%SS' &BUST, w• c (irtreers Coostd6-
.ion Merchant, and dealers in Prodded. N. 33
"ood Pittsburgh. paW
N. a kOtrrVill i Again to Manican moldier, and
Tv pr
oeurmg r. tam, at the office oriiren. Aos•
t. Bark's buildings, 4th at, ittaborgh, My wa
land °Tee at Ntiaabiaron, will Wend to
gey.baatnetw there irisn ni expenee to applicants.
MCI D. WIRt 1 .41/1D IMAM:WM
ICB & AMA/. MAN% (sneoessors ta. h. J. D.
111 Wlek,) Wholesale Grocers. ~d i „
com.dwoo—hlerchants, dealers in Iron, Nails, lans,
ALAMOS Yarns, and Pittsburgh Manufaelares aenerally,
soma. of Wood and Ws , -l• mem. Phtsbuna,
EBT hleTchau l t, No. PO Front a:bear... 14d
o F vT x , d
ket menu. ' toMs
109 T W. WALLACE,XIII Mae 999 emu
Tv . Ing essablishmoul, No. 944 Merry el, nest th.
mina 119919
TU": M. :GARRARD, Denial 12, Failey pad &w e
*Ty. Dry (Urals, No. 79 Market great, PAlablusi.
seovrAdly ,
W WILSON DmJar Witelkon, Jeweby
u ! no 7 Goals, &a, No. SI Mar
WEL MURPHY., Wholaula and Retail dealer 14 -
• Foreign mi Domenic Da elooda, nth* east
gamer of Mutat sad Poltava sagal
lATM. votnyo & i 3 l.'""B
ars a leather bides, &a
Y 143 Liberty it ,any-ly
- -
& M. MITCHELTRRE—WhoIesaIe Grocers,
R o airfilT sad Wine and I.lqmor
YeK also, Importer. of Soda A•h and Vesehin g
Powder, N 0.160 Liberty n. Piusbnrgth P. isnsdlT
QBLACKBURN & CO, Wholesale Grocers and
e • Oils, Boat Store, and Plusbergh Mn
tared articles, have on band, at WI times, • fall and
general assortment of goods in their line, Water steels,
near Cherry Alley Pittsburgh. 0113
JOHN M. TOWNSEND, Druggist sad Apothecary,
No, 43 Market at., three doors above Third et_ Pitts
burgh, will have comtantly on hand a well selected as
-sonment of the best and freshest hledieineth which he
will .11 on the most reasonable terms. Physmoms
sending orders, will be promptly at ended to, and sup
plied with astmles_they.may rely upon sui genuine.
e ta' Physi r erizn f LP . ret t r e rto t tis willbe accurately uLa y te k Lan o d f
the lay l T:ight.
Also for sure, a large stock of fresh and good Perfu
me .
. .
licoionvehela Livery Stable.
J.% the large stable on Flrst st, running through
a FA , to Second at, between Wood arid Southfield
sts,.,ln the rear of the Monongahela House,
with ut entirely WM stock of Horses and Carriages of
the but quality and lawn styles. Horses kept at twe
rp in the best maim, irmtr
1311.081101 AND PM=
Saddlers' Ironmongery, Harness and Coach
Doss, Deer Hair, Verinish., to. &0.,
jyll No. 133 WOOO 81.. Prrrsacaou.
FIL EATON Dealer in Trimmings . and Variety
a Goods, Tortois Ivory and Horn Combs,
Woolen Yams and Worsteds, Barton; Needles, Pins,
Tape; lElmules, &0., No. M Market street, bntwen Dia
mond and 4th ac , Piusburgh. blactlY
•• • -
. ....
nuc numot Soma r. emu.
JONES & Q,13100,
11L/ANITFACWHESS of sprunt and blister meal,
411 plugh steel, semi plough snags, coach asd clip
tie eptuga, hammered iron arles, and dealers in mal
leable euungs, fire engine lamps, and coach 41.111[11 1 / 4 11
Generally, corner of Boss and Front sta., Passbulh,
"Ey,: at., near Wood—All quanutim of Green and
Black This, done up in quarter, half, and
owe potnal packages, 'analog . from 6U eta pet pound
111,141. 474 A. JAYNIS, Aft. for Pekin 'Pea co.
OHN PINNt I.Jt,Arent at Piusbargh for the Del
ammo hlutuniety Dunn:ince Company of Pinta
adelphia. Elm Disks upon boildiaga and merchandm
at every description, and hlarino Disks upon hull. o
le rms.
mimes of vessels, taken upon the most fuvornbl.
_Dcr Office in the 'Mamie:use of W. B. Holmes 4. Bro.,
N 0.37 Water, near Market street., Pittsburgh.
N. B.—The cocoon of this Company since the estab
lishment of the Agency in this cap, with the pronvt
nen sad Liberality with which every chum upon them
for lon has been adjusted, fully warmed the agent to
inviting the confidence .dpacronage of his friends and
the comoiDotty at largo to the Delaware M. S. lumi
nance Cos/many, while it has the additional ailnunages
as an institution among the most flourishing in Pbosd
phis—as having an ample paid-in capital, which by the
optimism of tts Muster ts constantly increasing, as
yielding ID each person insured his due shun 01 the
profits of the company, without involving loot in any
rawponsibilny whatever, and therefore as possessing
the Mumsi principle divested of every obnoxious fea
ture, and in its most attractive form. nova
mak. Lostanwee Company of North Aroenea, mrough
U. duly ataborixesl Agora, the suttee:l6er, otters to
pormutera bad Waited Ineararree oa property. to
..' cit y
d ity sod U. eicmiry,and on stupmeras by the ca-
Arthur. fi Cahn, Charles Taylor,
Sairil W. Jones, Ambrose Winos,
.Edward Smith JudoMM. Thomas,
John A. Brown., John R. Ned,
Jahn White, lbeltard L. Wahl,
Thomas F. Cope, Wm. Welsh,
Samuel F. [Muth, Frames Houten*,
Samuel Brooks, N. Austin Anstionc,
Hann D. Santuman, Seel.
This is the otdest hisneshce Company In the Caned
States, having been chartered in 1104. Its charter in
perpetual, and from its high standing, long expenence,
ample means, and avoiding al. nuts of an ezwa haz
ardous character, it may be considered as odenng
pie secunty to the pubhc. W. P. JO:NP/Z
At the Conning /loom of Atwood, Jones I Co, %V a
lin and From street. Fmanurgh. mays
Tim Fran Min Fire Insurance Company, of Pluladcl
phis, trill snake Insu ranee, permanent and Waned
011 every description of property, Pntsburfh and the
surrounding country, on favorable terms. flat com
pany has a perpetual charter.
Captusl, 11400,070 paid. tn.
Counn gencomer t, Fond 6500,000
WIC at Tht ' d and Market streets, Vtusburgh.
apll9ll WA RICK AIAiIrL.N,
1 iEnadendgmod, dray auttortsed Agent of Me Amer
icon Fire Insurance Company of Phtladelptua
CWlti.ll6o.l to effect insurance agmast loss or damage
against Fire, on braidings, mercaandize, furniture and
property, not extra hazardous, in Una city and vtcnuty
apt 4 NEU COCHRAN, 211 wood st.
THE SUBSCRIBER has been appointed Agent pro
J. tem. of me Insurance Company of North America,
and will tune Policies and attend to the other busluess
of the Agency, at the warehouse of Atwood, Joum a
Co. &pia P JONES. water •1
C. IL 1 : 1 J. ALDO •ABL.
CE " Lib/MM. lb •zanowEß & co.
No. di South Whames, No. 117 Booth Water st
BEGS ion the rot and dealers generally, of
Pivabstt they ease made such asrazzlements
with the Virginia coasudamorers and the Growers of
the West, West bathes, eon tuber places, so will insure
• large and constant soppy of the following descrip
tions of Tobacco, which snit be sold upon az accom
iziodatizzy tenms a. any other house in this city or else
where, and 111 goods ordered from them will be we..
rented equal to representation:
Havana; Fit Lsamlngo, Conn.,
Yam; Porto limo; Penn's{ }Seed Leaf to.
A Florida; )Cuba; lguini; bar-err,
A/SO—Branch's celebrated dramatic Stag Caven
dish, with a large manumit of
I r a ethe popular brands,
and qualities of pounds, Ss,. da, 12, and Us, Lump;
frs, 6, Ss and Iris Plu g , Lathes' Twist; Virgrius Twist,
he., sweet and plain, in whole and half bases, wood
and tin, together with every variety of article belong
ing to the trade. jel6dly
J. aaanlT. L. NUJIT. Z. 1LL81117103.
BARBET, 354133.1 T 4 GARBONTBO3,
Proclaim, COMMilllfolll =4 Parwardlng
No. at N ' avan Wan Eva., aim US Warn Sr,
Ewa to—John IL Brown k Co.
Robert Steen k Co.
Bueroil, Beaver k Co. Philadelphia
Smith, Hairaley & Co.
Allen & Paxton, New York.
Walters & Harvey, Baltimore.
Bagalay& Smith,
BorbridgaWilson & Co
rat'T.lgnea, & C 4.
JR... Liberal cash advances on eostaignmenta moo di to y our
Amd General Conantlusloss erchantsx,
Ne. 13 Senn Worn Ormtn,
SPERENCPS—Menry Graf Co, Ptuburgii.
&Agars & Sherlauk, !Cincinnati.
S. Schooley Son,
A. M. January, Maysville.
Char!. Saxhorn, Jr., LouumWe.
DEMI; Humphrey. & Co.
Mercer, Sm. & Co. ).Philadn
Heed & Brattier,
Smith & Cortainery, New
00131E121111,106 and Voris erMtni 'Merchant.
so. VS nows R., srrrsassoa,
CONTINUEB to transact a general Goannission boar.
nasa, especially ID the purchase and sala of Amen
can blanufacturts awl Produca, and to iseesaing sod
forwarding Goods coungand to bit care. A. Again for
the Manufactures, be wall be constantly supplied with
the pnuci w pal articles of Pittsburgh Ittanufacinre at the
ierweel holesale price. Orden; and cormignments
are reapee_dulleited
Late o ff (
'whorl/A, PP. Late of Nwholle, Tenn.
_Refer tofSerebawagenerally, to Pntsbotgh. 108
wawa; mai
iron. Nall', COLLO= Yettea & Plttaboargh
Maw ttfaet 'are. g ..... lly,
TO. 10 WOOD MUST, 11 1711117ackn, PA.
n. °LAMM,
Forwarding Merchant, Brow n•v 111 e, Pa.
Attends posucularli fe tilt Forwardtrig of Pruduea,
Ac. Ac.
Por any information, •PViy to FORSYTH b. CUR
CAN, Water m. netts
N 03.103 pod 1117 111111111
•Merehonts of Pilotoarel.
.—R. Crangle dg Co. mar Fa-dam
. .
13 have taken an office immediately opposite to
our burnt warehouse, (or the present, where we
transact bit 444 u caul, a new house can
be erected, arrangements having almmly been made
(or that purpose: BOWS will islwaysbe in readmestlet
ear wharf to naiheive (might.
Cl A krANI.ILTY it Co,
ape Canal Basin. Liberty s 1
(Successor. to Rued, HuEISSCOrd & Co„)
Pentads" attention pall to tho Bala of Wool, and liber
Id advances made on conatgantenta
QELLEII3 NICOI,B have removed to N. LS, oar
I, door above tludr old stoma. Jrii
ACHOICE morasses% of Manufactured Toboeso,
eomprlalatitupall & Hob&wares dai Webster old
el . 107 Li Otani s &N Price & Harwood's 614 Harrows'
fa, dad Warr popular brands, Just rood and for sale by
tttbyl BEOWN t CULBERTSON, 14111 ON) , a
Rutter, Pa
WILL also attend to collection. and all other bast
ness entrusted to him in Butler and Armstrong
counties, PA Refer to
J. & FL Floyd. Liberty st.
W. W. Wallace, do
James !gumboil do Pittsburgh.
dip Kay & Co. Wood at. j ion,
• -
TR SWMTTZF.R, Attorneyat Law, office .141 Bt.,
opposite St. Charles Hotel, Pittsburgh, .11 also
attend promptly to Collections, in Washington, Puy ear
and Green counties, Pa.
Blackstock, Bella Co,
Church le Carothers, Inusburgh.
1) T. Morgan, fee tfldly
LI J. HENRY, Attorney and Counsellor at Law
14' ~ Cincinnati Ohio. Collections in Southern Ohio
and in Indiana, and in Kentucky, promptly and care
fully attended to. Commissioner for the State of Penn
sylvania for taking Depositions, imknowledgments
Bnu ro—Hon. Wm. 801 l I Son, Curtis, Church tr.
thoothms, Wm. Hays, Esq., Will.k a Doris. oSS
W. W. K.
W '. 47.1 "A3.18
""4 k HENN, (successors to Lowrie
I Wilh s.) intomers and Counsellors at La
Office North aide of Fourth street, shove Smithfield.
JAMES F. KERR, Attorney at Lava, Bakewell's
uilding, Grant street, nearly opposite the Coon
House. auggain
hams tnnaw, 1. ILIAILDION KS.=
DUN lA)P & SEWELL, anoroey at Law, Mee. on
Smithfield, between ad and 4th ins.
Law, have removed their office to the South sole o'
Fourth st., betweer Cherry Alley and Grant street.
-urr 0. H. ROBINSON, Attorney at Law, has re
. moved to the .Erchange Buildings, St.
Clair at ne.t door to Alderman Johns . and Ylv
To Country Merchants.
A LARGE STOCK of School Book ., Paper , Station
ary. hc. , suitable for country sales; among which
Writing Papers, of fine, medium and common qu'lt's
Letter Paper de do do do
Note; Paper do do do do
Note and Letter Envelopes;
Slates, Pencils, Wafers, Quills and Steel Pens;
Window Paper (yard wide) plain and pruned;
Bonnet Boards, of different qualities;
Bleak Books, to great •anetyi
Pv.M/Y, School and Pocket Bibles;
Crow,, medium, and double crown wrapping paper;
hieGufae's Eclectic Speller. and Renders;
R.r. Eclectic Arithenetick
Cobb's Pnmers, Spellers and Readers;
Sanders' do do do
Ayittneues, by Adam*, Davis,Colintrn, Smith, Stook
ton, klaeroon, and others.
Geograpities, by hide hod, Olney, Smith, Morse,Good
rich. Parley, and other.
Grammars, by Smith, 'Graham, Bunions, Weld, and
others. For sale at low price., by
• - -
81 wood at, I doors above eta
The higiteet market price paid for good mixed nags,
is each. _
New Publications.
M ll eZo N nith7Pltoil.' - or:.`enl - mbHn'aro'n',,.7l
• memoir, mid critical remarks on his genius and wri
tngs, by Banes Montgomery; and one hundred and
wenty engravings horn drawings by Witham Harvey.
In two ninnies.
Srinna's Garin Taneuwwer.—The four Gospels and
Arts of the Apostles, In Greek, with English notes,
p.losophthal, and exegetical, maps, indexes,
etc., together with the Eptstles and apocalypse; the
whale forming the New Testasent—lor the use of
Schools, Colleges, and Th.:Appeal Senunanes. By
Rev. .I. A. Spencer, A. M.
A Nov hove,—Midsummer's Eva—A fairy tale of
love. By Mrs. S. C. Hall.
. .
Hrn IV.—The life 01 Henry o Fourth
king of France sad Navarre, By G. P. B. James.
Complete in four parts. paper, 2 vols. cloth
Jima Bookseller. corner of rowan and .11 sta
for exposition of the great discoveries and th •
nes of modern astronomy, by 0 M Mitchell, a a. Di
rector of the Cincinnau rvatory.
Wadley's Italy, Alps and Rhine —Letters from Italy
the Alps and the Flinn. by J Handley, author of Na
poleon and his Marshall., Washington and his Getter
als,&c. Rem and revised minion_
• • • •
Statistics of coe.—Tbc Geographical and Geologi•
al dts.ettous of Mineral Chambusni bles or fossil foe!:
neluding also, nonce, and localities of the cartons
nem! bituminious substances employed In arts and
annfacturea illuatrated by Maps and Maginot., an•
*mutinied by nearly 401 statistical tablea, and I lb° an•
.cs of nuneral combustible., he, prepared by Rich.
111 Crow ling Taylor.
Ju.t met, vet' a trw' ropies area& atm, a►ore work
—for sale by JOHNSTON &
JTy Booksellers, cor market & &I sta.
by!. A. It U. I'. !tall:*
new and valuable Works—.
DoruphanS Expediaort—Coooousag a Munch of Me
life of Cot A. W. liomphan, no Commis. of New
Merle% lieu. gearaey's Overland Expedamo io Cali
fornia; Wolohan s Cuapotgn gaunt lee Navy°, and
his unparalleled March upon Chihuahua mid Durango.
and the Operauom of lieu Vice al Santa Fe; with a
Map and Engravings, by n T Hughes. A R e• th e
Ist Regiment of Minoan Cavalry
History of Kentucky—lts Antiquities and Natural
CU/.IIIM, GCOgraplucal Sisavoical and Geological
desenpOisse; with anecdotes of Pioneers Life. and more
than one hundred Biographical Simplifies of distinguotb.
ed Pioneers, Soldiers. ..Statesmen, Junto, Lawyers. Di.
a,• 2..4 illustrated mob forty cog - runner, by Lewis
Collies, I voL octavo
The Twelve Months' Volunteer. or Journal of a Pe
te to the Tennessee treatment or c aver ry, n the
Canmaiwn, dormg 1. 4 40-47,c-krattuog an ac
count of the March of the Ream:mot to Vera Crux, a
desenption of the Country passed over; manners, ens
toms, 3c. or th e people, Sketches of Camp Life, k
emu. of all the acuorma of odAr Volunteer nog, nen..
and a full liktory of Me Adextc. War., Lk' 0(,..0 K.L•
led and Wounded, dccl dluatrated by a large number or
correct views and plansi by (ko. C. Funk', I•volunk
taco. decl
New Paper and Hook Natildllahrnant,
75 Wool, ST., IS W CMS Founu •ND Drmscom A LAX.
rrHE muscromrs have Just opened, ar lie above
I.nand, • large Hoek of dttierestr qualities ruled and
piton whits and bine Wriwtg and Leuer Paper, eon,.
mereial and packet post Flat Cap, demy and methom
rorer 4 l7gra r P Paper.; k ra t UlT k.' , m r d
d m ' ran ' tl d e n rD c a ' y
Book. and Ledgers, soperror paper and best Lament
tundimv; School Books oral' kinds; standvd sorts in
Theology and !Soreness; goals, gold and Heel Pena,
Wafers, Was, BW Files, &A. /se.
Country Merchants supplied at lowest wholcsait pa.
ccs (or cash, or raifs at cash oncost.
JOB PRLNTINL.—Having a Job office In connection
with our establishment, we are prepared us execute all
orders (orphan and fancy P . rinung--books, pamphlets,
p ci a re: h laa bus . mes s caLils, L; . ti l dladin OrF z k v a. w l 4l:l l dee.
my. Je s l eVe n t, c bcdereen Ith and diem ' ond alley.
AT OUR STORE on Market street, No bin , between
Si and 4th, nosy at all tunes be found a large
cock of Theological and Allscellanems Bouts. New
books received as soon as published, and sold at low.
est price.. The publications of the American Sunday
School Union and klass.hmetts Sabbath School So
ciety, always on band. Catalogues forawhed on ap
plication_ su.kfrr A ENGLISH,
wk. 04 market st, between 11 and 4th
alyw of Wallop Butler's Analogy of Relmion, Na
tural and Revealed, to the minentution and worth of
nature, with notch Also, Cranfurd's questions for ex
amination; revised mid adapted to the use of schools,
by Charles E. West, Pranethal of Ringers bismuth tu
the city of New York.
fr.c.—The de Senectute, de Amucluas, Paradox,., and
Somnismo impious of Cleella, and the Life of Atom.,
LIT Cornelius Nepoh with English Noses, Crtheal sand
baillanabary, by Charles Antrim., L. L. D.
IHE BOY'S SPfUNCI BOOS—Demnptlon of the
Seasons, Scenery, Rural Lie, and Country Amuse.
by Thomas Mills,; with 3LI allusion°.
A u NO BY KARR YATT—The Genera.. of the
New Forest; by Capt. Illarryatt, R. N.
by U. P. R. James.
The above works received this day, and for sale by
myth Booksellers, ter 'motet and 311 via
NEW WORKS.—vantty Fair, a nerd without a
Hero: by Vt I/ hant .Ntaltetteare Thaekety—with
thuattattotta by the author.
'ha Tauant of Wadiell lia/: by Acton Ha, author
'Wothcrtug Haig
The soung rkboolturaitreme: by Joseph Alden, b.
Pan o,of Harpers' Mariried edriroo ol tiro Arabian
Nights' Eaten..nen.. New translation, arranged
(or family reading, with explanatory timer by K. W.
Lane, Esq.
Loomis' Logarithms—Tables of Logarithms of 1111 m•
beta and aign• and fangsnts for every ten seconds of
toe Quadrant, with other 0.0101 tables.. by Elio. Loomis,
A. AL, Prof Al/memoir.. awl Neural Philosophy in
We University of New lorb, author of a - "Prontrur on
Algebra," Asc. !he.
'be above work+ recevred thu. day end fur sale by
JOtifslaTON & rfIOCHTUN,
llooltardera, cur market and id or,
New Pnbllle•tions.
LI 'STORY ur cuNour;e , ri, Lthmtaplneel awl Pols.
Ucal, eowprlwry trrarranrs ut the weathers of the
...Ongresa of the L ti UY 110 \\ neck, Illustrated
by numerous steel ['unsung, he he. Vol. 1, octavo.
Tu. Writings of M Clay, o,eluding speeches and
addresses., wolf steel srarfrallo gdflesl
•1, vo
What I Saw In Colifornm: fly COoqn Bryant
Charms and Counts,Charms . Ify Allot slolosh, au
thor of ..To twain and to In,” DINCC•I," &C ht
Mary trrover, a Douteaua 'I[IIIpGIIIIIre ' l ' xic Hy C
Krugs and Queens, or Lire re, the Palace, entrosting
of tasronear sketches of lute sod rrtgruirg sorerangns,
By J. tl. C. Abbtor.
A Van Book oi rrystrisli, or • pructreal ouroduelion
the etudyof the nposoxh Language . By bulteld
The Ilytnie ROlnn and Other taloa. Ily lice. Dr. Aide.
Just reed toy N. 110) . KINN
Apollo Hof /doer, 4th et,
eugL [hurecswr w J L head.)
VEW BOOKS—labs of Cromwell, by T /lesol/•y
11 rower of the Polon, by linriftner Spring,
Bethel Flag, gin do
Jacobus on Gospels, Matthew, with Iforrourty,
Lector. on !Masora., u vole;
Path of Life. or naetehe. of the IVAG to lalory and
Footsteps of Airmail,
The Convent, by author in Sebool twri ni France,
Now and Then, by N mom,
Sketches of Lemons, on ralkthi. and Miracles,
Ireland . . Welcome to the Stranger,
Heaven upon Earth;
Haerkmon, a W. of and (or England: V cols
For sale by ELLEYI7 & ENt.I.ISII,
jelo 721 wood and 60 111.1.111U1
xr'EW BOOKl3—Just rod from the publisher,
11 and for sale at Me teathodic:mirest Book Store, Orb at,
near Wood. Topper'. Proverbial Philosophy, or three
elites of Modinc, a beauultd boob for a present.
Preparation for the Pulpit.
.• Sketches olden:mons on the Payables and Miracle.
of Chriat, by the author of the Pulpit Cyclopedia—WU
aketohey k. The English Pulpn; collection of gar-
mono by the most eminent living divines of Englaod.
hthcu.nya You—Doing flood, Chesnut Lore, 1,..
est Mon ma, Sacred Meditation. mill
LOOAN & KENNEDY have this day associated
with them in the Hardware business, Philip Wil
son and Edward Gregg. The style of firm will here
after be Logan, Wilson & Co. This arrangement ren
ders it desirable to close the old business as soon as
possible. All persons whose liabilities have matured,
are especially requested to make immediate payment.
Pltuburglt, Jan 1, lead.
T OGAN, WILSON A. CO.—lmporters and
Wholesale Dealers m Famish and Domestic Hard
re, Cutlery, Saddlery, tee , 129, Wood street, Pins
burgh,lare now fully prepared with arccently impor
ted stock of Hardware, Cutlery, offer very great
inducements to western buyers, being detenruned to
compete in prices wdb any of the Atlantic eines. Al
so on hand an extensive assortment of Pithibursh Hard
ware, viz: Shovels, Spades, Forks, Hoe., Vices, Be.,
MI of which wilt he sold at the lowest manufacturer's
prices. lain
... . .....
THE. BY bscnbers having recently entered into
pawnership under the name of Gal agher, long,
& Miller, for the purpose of carrying on the Bell
sod Brass Founding and Gas Fitting business in
all its branches, hove taken the stand formerly occu
pied by H. Gallagher, No. l Front street, between
Wood and Smithfield sts., where they are prepared to
execute all orders tor Bells, Brass Castings of every
dew ripuon, and Gar Foungs with neatness and des
patch. Steamboat jobbing promptly attended IV.
P H.
B.—The attention of Machinists and Engineers Is
invited to our anti-attraction metal, for a reduced price,
which him been pronounced supenor to Ratihn's by
numben who have used both. Steamboat budder. and
the public, generally, are .1.0 requested to call and en.
amine our supenor double Mason Force Pumps for
steamboat and domestic use.
I ===!
. . .
MILE pertnerstop .o long exasung under the firm 01
11BCord tk King, vvaa by mound co rent dissolved
on the Ist inst. The business will be closed at the old
stand by either of tas, using the moue of the firm ii.
that purpoee. Being desiroue to have our business
closed troth as [rule delay as poestble. me mould re
epectfully reqtwst those indebted to cull and genie
their accounts. JOHN D. M'CORD,
1529 H. D. KING
TOHN D. &MORD havingassociated Ituth him Ws
Hbrother James M'Cord, under the style of &Mord
& Co., will coutinuc the Hat, Cap crul For business in
all or. yam. bnincbes, wholesale and 'mad, at the
old stand, corner of Wood and sth streets, whom they
solicit • continuation of the patronage so liberallyy be
stowed on the old firm. JOHN D M'CORD
1027 J AMES a. M'CORD.
N retring from Ms old and well known firm of
M'Cord & King, most respectilly recommend to
the patronage of the public my succeuora, Messrs.
Mooed & Co. filief H. D. KING.
THE enfrannerslup heretofore eromng between the
ettbseribers, under the style n( Bushfield k
the firm anll he sett
Roe, expired Ws da le y d
by hllllll &by lummoon.
Roe The business of
Pittsburgh, July IY , 1948.
_ -
The undersigned ertll continue the Rib°lassie Gro
cery and Commies:on bustnesa under the firsn of M'thll
and Roe, u tact, old !nand, No. 194 Liberty street_
li•vang sold my interest an the firm of hll.llll, Bash.
field & Rem to my former partners, & Roe, I take
pleasure in recommending them to my fnend• .nd the
EW. STEPHKNS of 'Wheenng, II F. tilmannerger
. of inmate. and J. A. Stockmn of Potaborgh, hove
this day entered tome co-partnership under scyla and
firm of Stephens, Shoenberger h. Co.. at the Anchor
Iron works, lVheettng, Va-, for the purpose of manu
facturing iron and nada of every dessnpav,
W. Fri"lit., t V WIOI3II.[WW3L. ROCRO.
heding, V 4.
Manufacture all kind of boiler, shwa, bar iron and
al., A B meet springsand axles. Hoag con
nected vrlth Shoonbegfor's obi haat& works, we r.
ode r an erne. or Juniata tern tbranded Baocultercert
equal to any made in the country All of web wit/
be sold at the Pt,tsburgh prices. Wacohou. of the
works corner of 111 troe and Water s.. myll
TAISSOL VTIL:.II—The partnership Lutherto
logunder the ,t le and ttrin or Wighttaan lk
eell, dos d•y dtmolved by mutual catmint, John LW
having dtspom-d of lus enure Interest to H. W4lll
- The butane. of the late firms vtll be nettled by
II Wideman., who is authonced to use the nada.. of the
la. firm tor that purpose. IL WltiliThLtfq
spkastlaw (poly 1171 I DAI.ZELL.
THE Subscnber is now prepared to marnafacture aLL
kinds of Cotton and Woolen 51,tedinet7, nt the abortest
nottee ranters left at IL Wlghlsn.ils Uvula Shop, or.
ner Latterly and bVtter wools, volt cent anth prompt
attention H viactrrtuoi,
Leacok st, between Federal and Sandasay sta.,
apwaldly Allegheny any.
oTicE—J atm..* Unreal:ie./11 has a...interest an Um
110 lioods busuleas cund.fc-ed nu thcname of Lb*
u uder , ug ol : , a and dulcet4ta, Hu
uurats, commencing Fri , 4, Iv, The [mamas* for the
pre.ent wtll Ie conducted under me former atria of.
mem R
I , IIPAIITNEILSHIP—Wm Young havlnir Una
4.../ day aaaocukted with haus. John R. Al'Cune, the lea
ther bustnea. will hereafter be conducted under the
horn of Wm. Vous,: a. Co WILLIAM Vt
laft.3 /NO
Jayla?•• ExPectorant
ti. Rata, Coitunt,,llita co 0. Apr 24, IMI
"FIR D. JAYNES: 1./Y.l SUL—i icel bound to you
-L I and the fidhoted Pubtic-, to avail inyealt or this op
portunity of giving publicaty to LUI extraordinary edema
of your Expectorant en rot self. li•elbeen addicted
for se•ers.l years with a severe cam, beetle fevet
and eta col/el:Mtn... clueases, and seem only doomed
to linger out a short but miserable existence. anti; the
full of IY.N, when, lientx more , Non ir and
Laving resorted to all nty tomer ( . C . 14 aim. lac pre
scriptions of taro of the most in physteians
the nelghborhood without den•g any benefit, or the
consolabou of surrtving but a few days or weeks at
farthest—when the list gleam of hope was about to
vomit, I had recomnactided me your Expectorant
and blessed by that Wing who does all things to the
use of the tocans--and contrary to the expectations of
physicians and (need..l in a few days raised
from toy bed, and was enabled by the use of a bottle, to
attend to toy havoc., ernoynag since better health than
I had for ten years prevtous
Fleapeetfully yours, he., lag W. Firm,
For sale to Pittsburgh, at the Pekin Tea Store, 72
Fourth street. roamil
A..l.4.biaLt., Y. 1 City.
LI L. F.MilanoClL,}Pittsburgh.
G. W. Faux arroc_,
Wholesale Dra g glare Is the City of
Blew York.
H W E undersigned •re extensively engaged In the
holesale Drag busoness at No 49 John street. in
chy of New 1 ork and are prepared to supply
Drug - guts and country hterettants with Drugs, Paula,
Dye-smtlfs, Fore go and Atuencan De.tumery,
Vander, Weaver d. :Dander's Chemicals, (althea own
insportauom and all other •micles lit thmr line at bate
nese, odf
ill a serener qualittern y as low as they can beinbegu n hase dim or anlm city.
New York, Febl6y c
M►ral.ei a Chrome Groan. -
rro .n LA r lNT , E d it.p2 , I.:LND .nd I i tKAS, k dc—We, e
Cl New Yrrt, ha use ' d . and teased, e ale . now ustrig
a new oracle of Chrome Green, manututured by Geo.
K. klarchet, of Mt. any, and find it to work well, pro
ducing a Mrs brilliant l'ana Green appearance. with
very supenor body, and reconunerul it to our brethren
11l the trade u le every peenenlar the best Chrome
Green we have ever used. New lock, June 1, '47.
Signed by 24 firms of praescal punters of the eny of
New York. Thi. unetinahed Chrome Green may be
had of a. E. SELLFES, No 57 Wood street, who has
the eielouve agency for Pa sale in Psushurgh. marl 3
A Vim. Bet at Teeth for 211 Cents.
y y 141;518.—fellow and unhealthy teeth, suer be
ing ones or twice gleaned with /donee . Amber 1 oath
'Paste, have the appearance of the most uanutul ivory,
and at the same tune nut so perfectly Innocent and e/
mussely fine, that its constant daily use la highly ad•
vaillaivemia, even to those Mein that me in a good ren
dition, giving them a beautiful polish, and prevenung a
premature decay Those !weedy decayed tt prevents
D becomnui se—tl
also fastens such as ars be
countig loose. and by persverance it will render the
foulest teeth delicately wh im, and make the breath de
liciously sweet. Sold by WM. JACKSON, rig I..tberly
street. mnr&
A PE%I, sweets SMCC, one of children, aged snout
1 - I.five years, was unwell for several days, told the
unless increased ws alarmingly that I mitred death
would'be the result. Having ueard or the good egrets
of Fahriestock 'a Vermituge when administered to the
children of my ne.ghbors, and thinknig tny child ought
rave worms, (root some of the symptoms, gavo it one
and a hull teaspoonfuls of the Versalluge, and to my
great &summit:neat it almost immediately discharged
between atat and :MU large worms. Its health was soon
restored, and ots now remarkably well. Previous to
taking the Vermittige, thew orms would occasioned)
rise ut its throat, and I often feared it would die trom
strangulation. JAS. 0. DAWSON
Ttonesta, Venango co, Pa., Aprtl 3, '4O. apl3
L OOK lIERK—Need the following certifthate.
61`Conaritarthha Ohio. ?day u, 1 , 48.
Th. I. to ccrttly that my tams daughter was *Meted
with worms, and that I tried severaJ remediea tut rol
led, without any apparent effect. Using informed by
the agent in this place u( the success of Sellers' Venat
ion, I with Induced to gwe It it total. Alger swim(
low dose., according to directions, my daughter was
relieved I Italie no 'monition in giving it as my omit
ton, that Sellers' Verniiitige a the ttiC•l
Prepared and sold by 1L b Sellers, N 0.57 Wood at.,
Sold also by Or. Couch 6th Ward, U. AL Curry, Alle
gheny, and Wm. J. Smith, Tethpermicoville.
Popular, bees - use °Omll
Coos. Sracto, Jetferstin Co, Pa, March I, PAS.
It IL SkiILLEILS-1 have nearly sold all the Vrr•
mffuge and Cough Syrup you me. Your Ver
Is without exception the best ever offered in Um
neighborho.l, basing proved rood wherever used.—
'Ms Cough Syrup told Liver Pills have also given sat.
islaebon Your ob't servt. 1 scurr, Postmaster.
Prepared and sold by B. F. SELLERS, 57 Wood st.,
sold by Dr Cassel, bffi Ward, U M Curry, Allegheny, &
W Smith, Temperaneeville. ma
utrermENT ,s the most effectual remedy before
We public fur the cure of tetter, itch, dry and watery
samples of the iamb sleek and body, scaly erupttons,
mid oh other aseaoes of the tan. This Ointment is
nonagon! (roe from mercury. is portonlY mar, and
may be used al an lianas and ander oil eneldrananoes.
A flesh amply of this volaible remedy received and
for son by 13 A FAHIOESTOCK & Co,
corner of Ist and wood; igloo, comer of 6th and wood
~L" row Root Rusk Powder, • delicious end highly
nutritious food, which never turns acid an the stomach,
stud to now ourrersaliy recommended by the faculty in
preference to Wont, Sago, Tapioca, or plain Arrow
Root, se better suited to the dobilnated atontack of u.
valid*, and a more strengthening and wholesome food
for For sale by H kIISMILSOS,
ibeasel S 7 wood it
ar i HE midersigned haring beerrapyadraeo oat ,
for the wile of llurekhardt B Co'• superior LAM
, will keep constantly on hand a large supply,which
Umy will tarnish to dealer. at the lowest market price
far sail. Joao J KIDD*. Co.
- - -
TIPS estab li shment long and widely known as
being one of the meat commodious in the city of Bairn..., has recently undergonevery ezten
sive alterations and improvements An enure new
wing hiu been added, containing numerous and airy
sleeping apartments, and eztensive bathing rooms.
The Ladies' department has also been completely
rerganized and fitted ep in • most unique and beauti
fulo style. In fact the whole arrangement of the House
has been remodeled, with a single eye on the part of
the proprietors, .wads the conafon and pleasure of
their Guest., and wthcli they confidently wen will
challenge comparison with any Hotel in the Union.
Their table will always be supplied with every sub
stantal sod luxury which the market adonis served
up in a superior style ; while in the way of Wines, &e.,
they will not be mapused.
In conclusion the proprietors beg to say, that nothing
will be left undone bridle.. part, nod on the part of their
11.1a/S.lll/1, to render this Hotel wonby the continued
patronage of their friends and the public generally.
'The prices for board have also been reduced to the
following rate.
Ladies' Ordinary, g 1,73 per day.
Gentlemen's 140
N. B.—The Baggage Wagon of the House will al
ways be found as the Car and Steamboat Landings,
which will convey baggage to and from the Hotel, free
of charge. merAf
The übscriber having assumed the manage.
meat of this long estahltshed and popular Hotel,
respectfully 81”1011¢Pow to Travellers and th e
Public generally, that he will be at all antes prepared
to accommodate them ig all things desirable in a well
regulated Hotel. The Howe Is now being thoroughly
repaired throughout, and new Furniture added, and no
pains will be spared to make the Exchange one of the
very best Hotels in the country.
The undenigned respectfully solicits a conunhance
of theevery liberal patronage the Howe has heretofore
received. THOMAS OWSTON,
ARIS TIIROCKSIORTON beg. o acquaint his
friends that he is again leseee of the GALT
iL HOUSF. Lout..lle, Ry.,lther. he hopes to meet
all bre old &lends, muting them and the publab dust
no etTort shall he spared to make all comfortable who
favor hum with thear . Eurronarre. lutlld lT
O .... P d POS, 2h y I E late Bank of the United States, Phil.
inTE, BROOKS & CO, would mspectfully In
form the public that they have erected • shop onn
Ltteock. between Federal and Sandusky streets. They
are now making and aro prepared to receive orders for
tz o erut•s iug rilt i o r a ofr c hes „ ,..2.l7 .r otta Bo-
lon g exponents in them anufacture of the shore work,
and the facilities they have, they feel confident they are
enabled to do work on the most reasonable terms with
those wanting &melee to their lane.
Payingparticular aUention to the selection of mate
rials, and haricot none but competent workmen, they
have no hesitation in warranting their work. We
thereMre ask the attention of the public to this natter
N. B. Repairing done to the best rammer. and on the
most reasonable terms.
•tockholders.".kke Notice,
E Stockriolders in the 1 oughmeheny Navigation
Company are hereby notified and required to pay
to 6lr. James Hamilton, the Treasurer of Me Company,
the sum of Ten per cent_ on each share of their stock,
on or before the 12th day of July next. and a further
sum of T per cent. on or before the 12th day of An
neaten next en
The stockholder. will atho takenone, that
lam authorises the collection of One per rent per
month, on tusthimenti not punctually made, which, if
found necessag, be enforced. By order of the
Hoard. ALEX PLUMES. Pre.
1 B Orden, Seel, iel.
WATCHFS k. JEWELRY—Just received at No
67 Market street, lid Gold Le•er W•tehes; ;A do
.detached dot 6do Lepine; 79 Silver Pme•t Lever do.
• do detached do; 6do Lepine do; th Gold Guard
'Chums, beat quality.
Al.o. • good assorrlent of Breast Pins. Ear Hinge,
l' a r : t aboet ' good a s l h o a ' :: L ' tn i' re c ee7ved tth the last
five weeks, and will he .old reduced prices P.
sous orlalugur to purchase • good and cheep Watch,
would do well to call previous to purchasing
/PO zEttuuth hINSEV
GDORGIA RAMO:ilk !he R Murphy has svah
in • few days received an addtoonsl supply of
Lonadale Naultina lold style.) fine Neushed
do, unbleached do, fine Long t'lmb
Irish Ltnens, (very low ) whtt< Comm Hose. lead coed
do. Paper Camhrma, &c.. at the Dry Goods lions, N
E corner 4th and Mlarkct streets.
[Cr Wholesale Roorn• up .taurs
Dr. McLane In Tennessee
1 - • • •• •
1 418 ia to eetufy Mal purchased one vial of Dr.
Lanai Worm egtootito.“tow two toottow .4.
and pea to • oeu of mme some seven years. old. two
seaman fall, and althongli tits amouut way appear
rn yet I nave nod ou but there was upwards of
mo Tom.. woo= passed from hho, Ineasuniss.
tom Me quarter of an met to two moll. long.
..Roca rrKt . Carrot co. Te. , Dec V, N 7 ,a,ll
Lannitaidg, °lapwing and Bleeding.
V R. NORRIS, (Successor to AI it Delany i---
PL• N. AS Filth street. between 15 ood and :Noah
held. Fresh leeches tor-elval moullOy—anciLduace nil
hours. Reference, the physicist. of Pitt.tntrgh,
gbeay nod itaroungbara
I mom cheerfuil) recommend Uy the physicians fain
dies and all my former (mend. and patrons. (Cr A B
Norns as being thoroughly acquainted witty the twa
t... mud worthy of patronage
mart:- I y Al R. DELANI'.
48 113.6 Gentry & Rol aer s superiot suect 5 :I , N.
25 do NI A Butler • Ip
19 hi do Price & Harwood'. 6
21 do do do lri
25 do do Pearl & Harwood `. l• 5 &
14 do J Robinson
S 7 hf do do
kJ do do Wm Dawson
33 do T V right • " "
37 do 0 Anderson
9 do L T DuAle's
5 do R .Macon'.
9 do Raticitif
Just lumbar; from steamer and packets, anti for sale
41 north water .t and 16 north wharves,
rekt Philadelphia
xiA :sr t:Fecrt:RED TOBACCO— hi Of S sJones
k done supenor sweet lb lumps.
75 half boo Webster Old supenor sweet Se lumps
36 " Lawrence Lotuer Ss
25 " Gentry & Roysler - 3.0 6. "
30 " Dopont (de la Enrol
10 " McLeod
25 " Lawrence Looter ris &6s plug
Just landing from summer, and for sale by
1111ALD, BUCKNOR & Co,
41 N water at and 16 N wharves,
my3l Philadelphia:
'D A PER —WAM bets Straw Wrappolg Paper, all saes;
ream. im led Cap Writing Paper.
300 ruled and Maui leuer do, all qualities,
100 Flat Cara
230 " medium Fen Paper,
150 grow ',hart and blue & white Bonnet Boards,
lOU mono.. Alamlla }lmrelope Paper,
50 " Hardware Paper, juin rec'd and for
sale low by REYNOL.DB k SHER,
erly3ul4in come r peon and 11 - Wol au
saNtIFACTI7RETIi TOBACCO—In more mid to ar•
nee, the following. brands of Tobacco. consign
nunts from manofacturera of Richmond and Lynch
burii7whhoi.eti wtl . l „ ll , e ,,e sod o, thstrade at reduced rates
GO do John Rocker So;
110 do Hentry & James Is, de and ier,
31 do L intact sii;
10 do R. B. Warwick Am
19 do N. Stewa rd and tr,
V do James hladison Jo. L 8 WATERMAN
Ink! 31 water and 61 front on.
DIL:W. — J. MADEIRA, Dentl•t.
OFFICE on Smabfield creet, 'tal door
north of Third street Dr. Matte•rs re ,:
I la
aa a :r:st ii lhe ' eltte " n h a " orPtltTr7h L ,
telLeny a
acand c viet7 A,
Dv P Fahnestock,
Dr Robert Stmpson,
James 8. Craft, Esq.
• hlr. Will taro Thorn,
mr. Bea,. Weaver.
'Fire subscriber offers for sale a full us/anemia of
his Ships' Patent Blocks. Shires, Ac., adapted to
the trade. Also, comp/eta setts of Blocks, adapted to
vessels of any capacity, pot up and forwarded to any
part of Eaton without delay and at the lowest po-
em, LNUNIWIT..: foe sole in quAnuues to suit
purchasers 1.:E0 W STAPLES,
ing Slip, Now York
Patent Soda Ash
A A CASKS /as. Muspratt & don's brands, Just load
mg from steamer Northam. light, and for sale try
W tr. Al arreH El. mu:,
myln lOO horny et
Bluepratt's Patent soda Ash
•_), CASKS just lead's( t rum me.mer Nor th Carsll-
0 na, tusl for sale by
160 liberty preen
i, great spring and summer medicine, this day reed
ud (or sale wholesale nod retail, by
N. B—As E. K. S. is Dr. Townsend's only agent for
l'lttsburgh. the genume amen, may always he had at
No 67 Wood street nlyld
DI:Mt/NI FOR LAUIEW' DREBB4S, of the tollow
.o kada, vad---Stlk gradtatted leaf plop button.,
Brandenbourgh do; Paula( do, Cuttllan do. 'Vessel
ad Drop do; Nett and Plata do, to other wah white
ad cola Linen, for sale at F H LATON & Co'.
10717 Trimming Store, 03 market 01
I.' .U AAA Ressellte & Robinson's to lump
fobaccer, IS do Myera do do do,• 10 do Ira Hurts
do do do; 20 do Myer's lb do do, 23 do &dont' honey.
dew 5s plug; 12 cases, 20 dwarf box. klyer's superior
Aromatic do; a, do, 40 do do Thorn.' Nectar Leaf do,
rust received and for ale by
100 HOZ Com Ramos( 4 cuts Pot Ash, 60 dor
Tow Yarni 122 Bo.wax; Ml bx sNo 1 Soap,
RI do War Candles; IS do Pint Floods, 20 bbls aged
Noe Loaf Balm for We by
— o2;'Petrtretsrohlp Notice.
LI BAIA BUCKNOR & W. have associated with
-ILL them or their Tobacco and Cowmanun bustnea,
bdward Heald, (late of Jg.cob Heald & Co, lialtunore,)
David C. MeCantroorband John k rayl3
lOL'D MANTA U R 1131.10— NS—An agendum of blk
%..„/ and cold Manta and Salm R.tbboas, opened yes.
torday, and offered low by the
W piece, at wholesale
roams of R MURPHY,
1781 =abeam cor 4011 and market it. WI story
BACON -10 Ude yellow eanvessed Ham.; 11l do
SideL SS do Shoulders, all of prune quality
Ulla AND PRIME PORE-10 Ws Mess Pm* 6
al, do puma do; -Runde by
rrAJITARIC ACID-4 lbs, of a saperior quality, re.
1. calved nod for gala by
titan fine muster Wyoming for solo on wawa.
coodming owns For pollinators enquire of
air a WaLer tad jrnat sta
LIP sec .y wy C PAM
lLatc J S Strickler & Co.)
iii odl AZU . R e I; : RS of Manta fiee e., P N 79 O / , .. 1 . 1t
Smithfield Pittsburgh.ol l . :7lgi ' eltler deceased
and the sui-viving partner Mr. Jos Lippinno,", having
wvll assomated himself with Mr. Wm C Bale, the business
hereaimr be conducted limier the style of LiPPei ,
eau & Barr .
Trial of a safe in Cincinnati, o.—We, the tlefic*la
ed ware present at the tenting of one of / S Strickler &
Coss improved Phenix fire-rrnof Aires. The safe was
placed in a furnace on the public 'lading, mid subjected
to the intense heat of a stone coal fire for more tbsn
three hours. In one hour and a half the safe can. to
• bright red heat; the door of the furnace was then
closed, which caused an increased and steady heat for
the balance of the time, until the cut iron wheels were I
partially melted off; the furnace was then thrown down
and the safe cooled and opened. The money, papers
and books which it contained were as perfect as when
placed there, the binding only of the books being in
jured by the water in cooling the safe. We have no
hesitation in recommending it to the public as a safe
superior to any we have ever seen tested, and Relieve
that it will stand any beat which might be produced,
wept • beat which would melt it to a solid mass.
Spnnger & Whitman, L Worthington, Kellogg &
Kennett, Hem. timer, W G P Breese, Munn T
S Dungan & Co. Stedman, Mayard & Co, Wm Manse,
Mead & Wioetoe
We, the undersigned, se lected the cafe spoken of
abort, from n lot m the store of Trober b /Lubeck, the
h uts C O SPRINGER.,
• - -
' Refer to Cook & Harris. Brokers, Pittsburgh;
linsmy Hanna & Co, do do lfald&orlyS
_ _
1 1 64 - ANI/FACFURERS of Hammeredand Cast Steel
Shovels and Spades, Axes nod Hatchets, Mill, tq
Cut. Circular and (Bn MaDrIL, Hay and Memo, Forks.
Hoes, Mattocks, Picks, &A., having completed all their
arrangements in the construcuon of new machinery,
and In secunng the best workmen from the most cele
brated esmblishments of the East are now manafamur
mg and will keep constantly on hand and for sale all
the above articles, having availed themselves of the
latest Improvements, and are determined that In work
manship and [emend they will not be excelled. They
promise coproduce articles equal, if not superior, to
any that can be had to the FA, They invite the atten
tion of dealers to an examination ortheir stock before
purehasnig elsewhere,. they are convinced that they
will be •ble to 611 all orders to their line to the entire
satisfaction of purchase.. Warehouse, Water street,
4 doors West Slonongahela House, Pittsburgh, Pa
N. It—Persons having businens with Wet. Wpm
eon tc Soti sell please call on Lippencon & Co.
Parnitu WOODWELLre Vitas, Rooms,
55, rm. simmer.
A large and splendid assortment of Furni
ture. salable for Steamboats, Hotels and pri
vate dwellings, constantly on hand and
made to order.
The pragem stock on hand cannot be exceeded by
any nutnufactory in the" western country. Pr rums
wishing to purchase would do well to give me a call,
as I am determined my pores shall please. Part of
the stock cone.. in—
60 mfr. with Plush and Hair-cloth etreens
- S dor Mahogany Norm Chum;
14 pair Ilmana
IS dor fine mahogany Chun;
15 mahogany Work Stands,
3 dor mahogany Rocking Chain;
15 marine top Dreemitg Bureaus;
pair / 1 .11.119:
b macho. lop Work Stands;
15 cherry Work Stands;
Mahogany, Maple. Cherry - . and Poplar Bedsteads of
all de rriptiorm. and a large as-ortment of common
furniture ano claim, too !maker°. to mention.
r r HEY arc not aware how frightfully injurious it Is to
1 the sktn—howt coat., how rough, how sallow, yel
low and unhealthy the skin appears after using prep.-
pared chalk! Besides it is lament., mantaining alarge
anuty of lead!
We have prepared • beanuful vegetable article,
I. perfectly innocent, being purthed or all deleterious
goal:nee; and it Imparts to the ttlitu a natural, healthy,
alabaster, clear, hying white, at the same time acting
en • C.o.llellr on the stmt. making It •Ofl •41d 11.1000 L
Dr June. Anderson. Pt - acne:lJ Chem. or Massa
rhusetts. says, - After analyzing .1011.1 . Spismsh Lily
White. I find it p the most beauttfut and nem
ral. and at the acme time innocent white I eves Baw. I
certainly can couscoenuously recommend its use m all
who. *lnn quirem beautnying Pnee. cents a
Imz Sold by JACK,ttiN. Liberty .t. mar/J
Pitt asehlne Worlu and Fonadry.
ore prepared to build Cotton
W and oo.eit Ntuctuncry 4:Weyer, deacrtptron. such
• Carding NIMCIIHITO, B l pitstung Frame, Speeders
Drawl, Prem., Railway Ileads. Warper,Spoolen,
Wessling Frame.. booms. Curd (hinder, &e. Wroueln
Iron Snalling torned. a.l sloes of Coat Iron. Pulite. and
li•nzers of the latest patterns. slide and band Lathe«.
and too.. of a., it.ods ,:a.. of every de.cription
furinshed on soon :lour, Patterns shade to order fo .irli r
GeOTIIIK. Iron Rai.ine. he `cream Pipe (or heat
ng Factories. Cast Iron \ oidow Sash and fancy Cas
t..., gorier.aly Orders ,ett at the Warehouse of J.
Palmer & , I -Merry street, will Ita•e prompt attea,
Refer to thacatoonk, & Co, J K. Moorehead &
Co., (i E. Warner. John Jr'.'... & S.Olll. N .tt burgh .
C & J 11 . Warner. Slennens,
I Dt , (O.•ISNE ------
. Spring, Amle, Steel and Iron Works.
( lt•LhisAN. 1tA11, , 1.k.\ A. t o , having computed
! X.)
their new works, are no, prepared to to every dr-ler:mom ui Coach .d Eltptic springs.
, Iron Axles Amer. , . Blister. sprtng and Plough
I Steel.and all cc. 01 total 'tonere and round Iron.
hirn they all
tor sate on .itteral berms. •t their ware
, house, Nu 4J Wood street, where they also keep on
hand a erimplete and Ostithome assortment or Coach
rrontrungs. Carr - mare Hardware, Malleable Cutinga
Nails and Iro
C, II k Co. n
have u. tde arrange Men. with Me•ara
Da) A Cron, m.u.,•.at lure,. tit how:et...Spades, Forks,
5.. , and ...I keep , to.stant.y . hand every article
made n) theta Demers are respectiully solicited to
•.I as prices and term. will he made libcral V 2.5
New Hardware Hoc...
%% I ra/DWELL. corner of
. 5 . ,11,5„...:..i./......., Wood and 2d sts . Pntsburgh hay
,.:' .* ~' ing withdrawn from the Emu or
k% alter antl Voodwetl. 011111 e !11l or January, 1.4:, I
take pleasure m announcing to ni) friends in me city
and country, that I have opened m) new store at the
above named place Ilanne purchased my goods fur
cash. and made arrangerin•ins with manufacturers in
this to 3ntry and in Europe to he constantly supplied,
I am Tully prepared to limo. hardware Of ml km.,
un as good terms and . .oss as an) house East or
West M.rchatt. and other. are respectfully invited
rail and examine my mock, netore purchasing else
where rhe following comprise. • part of his coca
Steamboat and saddlery hard ware. gun trunrrungs,
file, \a) lot s steel, cutter), edge touts, atistla viers
locks, latches. ac)thes, butt hinges. .crew's. l'ntoa Fac
tory planes, saw, inunogany boards and veneers and
all other articles connected with the hardware boat
City B•gr10 miss Gallery.—
am, Si... rota .rues ALLLIONO.
C . .. /10(4.: begs leave to inform the citizens of Puts
°, burgh and •icitilty, that ne ha. taken the Daguer•
ruin Root. law.) °erpted b) Mr Port The lic •re assured that all u
the late improvements .
are c•
red, and will lie brought ono operation by Mr hog,
who has hran a constant operator ranCe the art wait
hrst dote°, steal Fdittre satisfacnon is guaranteed to
an who m pate may become lug patn. Mr H will reler
hashwlt pleasure to Mr Porter, in whose establishment he
pe tor the ta•t twelve months. Paintly Por
traits, Engravniga • Doguerreot)p., be , accurately
copied Likenesses talien Ili an) weather, and set in
locket., bre.t pina. rases and names
last is given in every branch or the anti ap
paratus turnohed p-9,11
rc :D}, ,i, i
m 1.f .. 0 1 k J , 17 4 .. .% „ 1 ,, k: „ }:C r I I r, A c ;s1;f:-- 6
r A . s
. A ,, N o lim e s
a t
pruned law - ti. and Musdits,^ case•
of Ferliell do, of
every variety of st) le In rases of good st)le t.
hams, 4 do new style Pro. 4 do blur and orange Ca1..10
..10 du bleached Nleoln, all *tilt. Also, cases
bleached, brown and blue Drills. Cottoned.. Cheeks. I
Gingham, &c Ac . all of which will be offered at the
lowest Eastern wholesale price, m)22
Penn - Machine Shop.
.1/ W16111•%1 A N—Mfoluffteluf er at all kinds of cot
. ton and wo...ert lenellolCe) Allegheny Cl 4, Pa
The noose works benur now in tu./ and succes•tui up-
erotism, I ant prepared to execute orders with dispatch
lof all kinds in machinery In in) low, such as walows. !
pcker, spreaders , arils c tooling mac hmes, mils.) a t
drawing frame.. .p..etier•, torus,ila Loom; Woolen
cards, dot tile wiste. Oa merchant or country work,
nules.ini k• ti,.lade .std 11 tools di gen- '
ccal. All kinds of shuntitg mode to oedce or plans giv
en for gearlag lettories or mills at reasonable charge.
Rem to—Kennedy Childs A Co, Blacksunk, Hell
& Co., king. Pennock A Co. doe A Grey
4 • 6
A I'LL N, lied and bra. lounger, h.
Pula and commenced twat:teas at his sal .maid, i
where tie .111 Ire plegued la ace b. old cualont-
and Mend*
Church, hicrunz , uut, and /lc I:• of c vcry .tze. rem 1U
to tutu) w
puuacs, cast Truro putterile of the orto ,, t app,,,,-
ed and errouted to Or ot the beat muter.,,,.
Almond NN ate, ?mop., ahattng, he tog
ther wall every you oly hrs. C•sungn, It reqUlred,
Lurukul sod limsurd La the !teal,. thanuer.
• •
.1 F.' I. the .ole pr.relete, of liansic a ANTl•Arrai-
Thre ao '11,1) celebrated tor the redueuoa of
tetottun 111 nac M tehortery. The Boxes aid , 2,oznpueluon
Gen had of utat all war. 411.1y_
Ploughs, Plough Castangs; — W•Tgiaik —
Oozes, so.
Hulif.H.l . HALL, or the old
Grin ei It S. J. is manufac
turing :Krim quantities ol
Houghs. Plough Ctuttugs, ave r .
on lanes., he., witn the improvement. of the L.,eaver
Peacock, and other Peougha, of the and
hest patterns .1010 in use
Wttrenouie. It. Libert) me, rittslturgh, opposite
the Huy Sculc, Factory. in
lll n c k .locO, legheny city, loot the
Conn ei i, Bel. h Co.
tic l mil!
w W.
oft. J. ULK2IIIIIi, Hook Binder..
stt. are report' to do any St urlt our line with deo
rateli. anrod to out wow pet - Ito:tally, and sou...
taction win he givrii ni regard to and du-
Boma Book. ruled to an) pattern and Lound sub
.tanually Itoolg.• nurither, or uid book, bound care
lull) or rtpatr , ..l Norne• put on Look.oi gill Intern.
Tlioa, mat hove work In our Itne are 10111 ed to call. . ..l}.lf
Mundy and B
T'', l ;.Sniguaci . ),"a'cre7e o ;ebUrnoS 4 titieddYl:Ldina 3 eVlre'cri.ioCnulbair
Luca... of said Cognpany ho holden on Weds..
day, the Mb tiny of Auguat next. altige Canal Office, in
New Lisbon. gnu, tselstrati toe boors 0(10 o'clock, A
)t., and 4 gkeiock, M., di said day.
,cretary S&P C Co
Cast •nd %Vrottght Iron Railing.
T ill ;;. " v b o k‘ ial:l ' el7er o l r :l2 . l r o7: r je d ry to ::::; " lgo7 d l
!twang. Getgioncrics ChurcheA Ott: I
jeAlat3in Craig al, Alleghouy city
To Contractors and Baliders.
boon, of supenor tutiontuture. Apply to
CON esTA ttLE, BURKE /4 Cb.,
dd •r. Do door from wood
UST fLECHIVEIf—A loop wad splendid sasottment
of Cloths, Ca./mere.,
Voshogs, Cravats, and
for sale by I. WILLIAA, ?derma Tailor,
soya ender Mottongehola Ifouso, suitthlisad at
IRON—IOS tons, Ohio Port.. Hot Elul., ash
itiffinTge,„.p.okr,a_Harbt. 60 0, tor . k.trooklyo Famous
a co,
11 19 VOLUM SI
Th. Bankers' Magazine.
THE BANKF.RS' hIAGAZINE, and State Financial
Register, devoted to the dusertunation of Bank
Suumties, sound pnnetples of Banking, utility and prin
ciples of Life Insurance end Sowings Ranks.
and Amenean Law Decisions in reference to t,.- busi•
I:mM of Ranks and Bankers. An. Edited by J Smith
Particular intention will be given as heretofore to the
compilation or recent dectsibns respectiog Banks. tiro.
ken, Bills of Exchange. Promimary Notes, Usury,
Bond; Notaries, Damages, ar.c.,in the Cowan of Mos
sachuriens, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylsanin,
Maryland, Vignola, :tooth Carolina, °hitt, Loutmaria,
Tennessee, and other States. This will lie one M tie
most important features of the work, and will ur itself
claim the attention of Presidents, Cashiers, Tellers,
Notaries and others. Among other details of imp°,
ance to bankers and others, the work will contain sta.
hams of the Banks in every State of the Union; b u n
graphical sketches or prominent Bankers of Europe
and America; Official 'tables showing the debts. busi
ness. expenditures, and financial condition of the seve
ral States of the Union.
Published monthly, 64 pages octavo, at Three Dol
an per DJIMIX/1
ELLIOTT tr. ENGLISH, 76 'Wood st.
Agents for Sulkers' 31agnstne
Baker & Sertbrker's Publications.
ri , REsubsenee l e having been appointed agents for
1. the sale of the publications of the above well
n o n
house, have a full supply of their
boo h . on hand, %hitch they can sell at the eastern pi,
yes, wholesale and retail Among the works which
have been recently tainted by them, which have been
highly recommended as exceedingly
valuable, may be found—The Czar, Ms (: Duncan Pao
ple, Ireland's Welcome to the Sulutger; Fla,
by Dr. Spring; Napoleon and his Marshals, Washington and his Generals; The Sacred Mountains; Orators
of France; Teaching a Science, the teacher an Artist,
Charlotte Lli”beth's Uniform Work, T. 8. Arlbur - 1
Making Haste to be Rich, Riches have Wings, Keeping
up Appearance, Debtor and Creditor, We. he..
Also, the works from the press of Robert Carter, the
character of whose publications is Well known. 1-ni
rvana's Theology, to 4 vols.; Haldane on Romans; Plc-
Cheyne's works; The Commn, by anther of School Girl
in France, ke ho. New books received as soon as
as published. ELLacrrr KNULISII,
_ mph 7e wood and 65 market ste
XTEW BOOKS— History of Congress—Biographical
VI and Political, comprising hlemoi. of Members or
tie Congress of the Untied States, drawn l'rum anther,
tic sources; embracing the prominent even. Of thorn
lives, and their connecuon with the political history of
the tunes: by Henry G. Wheeler. Illustrated by it.
memos steel Truths arid fac•sistule autograph.
Kings end nem.; or,Ltfe au the ralace--constmin g
of Himont-id ketches or Josephine and 3larta Louisa,
Loots Philippe, Ferdinand of A worth, Nieholas,lsaber•
la 11, Leopold, and thetortn: by Joan 8 C Abbott.
Barnes Notes on Jame, Peter, John and Jude—
Notes, explanatory and practical. on the general epis
tles of James, Peter, John and Jude: by Alsert Barnes.
Mary Grover. or, the Trusting Wile—a Domestic
Temperance Tale: by Charles Burdett, author of the
'Convicts Child,' he.
Harold, the Last of the Saxon King.: by Sir Edward
&Hever Lytton, Hart. Complete at two pans.
Part V. Harper'. Wasteland Edfoon of the Arabian
The above works reeetved this day, and for sale:by
_2'l o Booksellers. cor Market and lelets
NEW lENJES—The Wriungs of C as s Marnefins
Clay. including Speeches and Addreshes. Edited,
nth a preface and memoir. by Horace Comely.,
The ?trot Book in Spantsh, or, a practical introduc
tion to the study of We Spanish Language: containing
full instructions of ron pp grammar, curets.
oil the Mends/rd . method of constant imitation and
wpetition. reading lessons, and a vocabulary. lice
hole adapted or the use of private learners,or for
alums under 1111 instructor. Ily Joseph t+e!t - ettl. A.
M., author of -A or Classiral Antiqu,
hem, - etc.
Brothers and Sister. a tale of domes. Ole; by
Frederika Bremer. Translated iron/ the oriii alai
pulluhcd inanuscnpt. by Mory
The Dying Robin, and other talon By Alden,
D. 0. Just received and for sole by
-11111.7 , 0.+T0N STI iCKTON
:1-.w BOOKS—Loctuois . Shairapeare. by H N
111 Huck., to two volume,
-.•• • • .
The Power of the Puipa, ot piton t: ugh tt add ri,oted
o Chnuunn town, and thoue he theta. on the
nfluenee of pre.hed Gc..pel. by e Rev (Jurrroter
pong, D. IJ.
The Ptnotant Ind hi. la nd:or i, by the Barone..
Knormg. Translated loy Mary hlovrttl.
LetnerUnc hlrondlAt, Vot 111. I Innory of the (.1-
rondm. or per•onal memoir of the pat of of :hr French
lievo.utton. nom unpounxbed wurces-1,7 A de 1.2-
A trw roptcs of earlt of the above worts reee.ved
Wu day and for sale Oy
Joiv,sTu.N s, ~ r ocicroN. 800/soder.,
m3'3O eon., nuorket and Jd Fos
DION lIISTI,III . an aceo.t r of the
first el...num:lu °CM , . Inn° Vulley../,he
settlement of the Northwest Terrltory. etue(l) from
ongma: manmiertpt • COIII/11111%,: the pttp..r4 Mr.
George Morgan. thane of Jud, Burl, the Manes of Jo..
seph Buell .d John Matthew•. the records of the
Otuo Company, he.. wtth minter°. platea and
maps. By S. P liildreth.
Limon of The ?inter,. Revothilon. by F. 1.. Ma
goon With portraits or dasol. Adama Joii. Warren,
Patrick Henry, Ale o. II MIOIIIOII, Fisher Am. and John
Randolph. I ord. cloth.
Retiring unto Ithatneix. or Tl.c Rich Man', Varor,
by T S Arthur.
A rein cop ,es of each of the above works received
wee day md for sale ay
repi cor Market and Third
by E. 1.. Magoon, p.otr• 01 Stu:. Adam, Joaerh
Warren, Pamck ilenry. Alex. Flon,lion. Fi.hcr Amca
and John Randolph. drd.c 'tiedo .tdent• who are not
drone., Chrta law. who arc not bigot.. and rltizen. Who
are not detnoTaguen
Reurlng from !insane... or Tht Rich Man'e Error; by
T Arthur. For rah" by
7- wood. and stl Markel 14
_ •
Book.? Books I
Bluckstoues Commentaries,
What I saw m Caltiorina. by Boma.
The Cutr hot court .d people. Including a tour In
Norway and Sweden. By]lagoon.
Rattrtug I rOgn or the Rich ]lan.ByArthurError.
The Bathe or Buena l'hoa Hy Copt Curl,.
Spencer r On.. 1') tec. Tar Iles Schmitz's Rome.
A general assortment of &hoot and College teat
tah.ks for sale by R. lit , PKINS:
sep2 Apollo Bus.clings. Fourth Cr near Wood.
801 /KS' BOOK,: —Lecture, on Theolog) b!, the
late Rev John Lhek. I, D. publi%hed under the
ouperlntendence. ul his MO:I. ,th a blograpluchl tniro•
duction b) Aniertemi cittor—,outpie. to one to..
Dvalght's Theology. 4 vo!s
Edward's Works. 4 vols.
Charmers' Works, 4 vols.
Meander. Church History. Ist and 2rl
)'Ewen on the Types of eh - rtst.uust pulthshed
Also, a large and well selected .rock of Theo'opcal
Mtscellaneous, and School Books, for sale low by
wood and 54 marker eta
VKW NII'SIC-1111 Susannah. Rosa Lee; t'i'le
1. Ned, What MY. a Fa, t v Dream try, The Watch
r, duets. Boatmen Dunce. Was Juniata, Ilarnione
on's Carohon Melodies, 6 Nos, Life is but a Artie. The
Dream is Past; The Mouton-, Maol's Invitatibn, smep
ing I dreamed, Love, Ag.osto Quickstep; Hal , •41i.t
4inekstep, May quern. complete; 4unser 11131 i•prin{
Walt, Jenny Land's ' , Oils!, Alvarado t/tocks , tep, I've
Beason to be Sad, Ethiopian Air, vartattotts,
I..eisure, Sylph goalie - tiles, by Hunter. Kale ()'Shane;
Be Kind to l-kich other, he no Wile. re
ceived by Express nod for sale toy
•urJ4 J ELLOR. Nl wood st
ON hand and for sale. the following
ffiffill Ptano Fortes, dtrect trout we plant....
toren, and at k...t•tern prices:
No 1 An eleg, a. rosewood. 00 oc
taves arm framed I'llino Forte, wade by Chlctertag,
Boston, *VA
No 2. Same es the above. p 75
:1. Rosewood. l'alckertng. 3:..0
" NI a:,Uattaa Compaay auo
IU - (.nito , Vera.,4uu
ll' ',con.' hum, Herz, '..0
OIL Pianos tatett Lo part P...ygnent (or any of the
above. by .11/kIN II Alk:Ll.oli. -I Wood at.
~,,, Age!, lor Cutcterlag's I'llw° Fara:, fur 1 , . or,
ern Pent.•ylvan.a. . au,.!l
BpleTiisl New Plant.
- • .
Tilt: muu-erther. Tres . .., In lenvulq
ffiiirill ior the k..Lud iu rep/cu.:4 ut. stuck, will ul the laithlice ut huk .tu, k on
:uxud at reduced pnce, and On 10..1,-
rill* It C. 111 , 41. ot a came e..eettott of
11141, It) NW.. & oak. N 1 .att)l.lo.l/1 l'hicatertaa.
ot I:ontott. 3i..,. of from ti to 7 oc•as en of ro)e)euaal
and niaooga,ly. or dufere int ten •:til prier:
11 I.
A: \ 00.1 's. l'6:n4
F.\ ZACILARN lAI LOlt.—Purtrati of Get, Y.,
Taylor, b) CoitY) u,idrr Lae isoinedlute ~ u per• nodd.rret.on• of UV underwlgned or. nr•.
!rum an orty,inaL
.L:t . /Al
by Captn. A I) C
Ut2u,,aor, l Nay), lseorge A .I,lVa,t. A Ci,
MesL,l. 1./rut Topograp.,,, Hatt) Itigef
mak. ,ft/CKTI,N,
\k nu' h wi:l 1,, 1,4,00,
Wt.low (i.Nlorc 11.:10,11 5411.11i,r.
,Jaimg I.o:woner 'n... Iwo
Fuar) '11o),, lue Iltil naL 1 on, 1,01,1104.
10,111.e.11:0,. My N1.0,,e, not
I. not. 10,1 duo I Furgrt, fn" Cea,[0:1100.
\ Alurtlo,4
10001 0,01 1110 N !or ,11. 11011,
10,00 rot JOHN If
127 wtwa st
- •
11 ST PLIII.C3HEH--Ail tou•traaon the T% pc•
La and Popne Old Temainent.
Hy William 31 Ewell. rummer ot om, at Comic,
rne aoo r re popular work. wh treats of the') pica:
Per,ot., now. Dad Clacen we Old Tr•tameot.
wa,co r hea Leen um of pri., tor and for
watell there 1A.1,...,1 a Kr., demand..osup
weutile have toot
repuhltalted 111 4 Ur 41. nl).e . -269 page. . • tao Price
augll :a wood and 46 market al
XTF:W WORK DV HKAHL.P.I—The late ot torvor
11 Cromwell. 13y J T Headley, author of - Nopuleon
rad hut Matrattula." - The Sacred Mottnuom.,. Wstah
logtou and W. General.," c
etc Oda da)
ono for rule hI . JON:4I'I/N Sr STOCKTON,
feu Hooktellrra, cur market and .14.1 air -
1 , , I 1:: t i f , ‘ ,. .: 0 2 2 , 2 0 i. F u r p
noois and iumtltr.—vilh nuinertno eugravl u/.,4
buestscult tor the 014.1111./11.1olt 01 pup.
Ji,tIN,ION slocKToN.
IiUUSI dus tu stare and
tur sale by auga4 REYNOLDS & SURE
k parlor article, packed in pound and s,
half N . iad
papers, for reta/bag, for a‘la by
- r_ . 3ULYEINSINU SALERATUS—a casks& very su
.E parlor article, lasi mord and for sale by
raja and rbr .alebO
orator and IN front at
OTABII-30 earls putt rioutat comiltatnent for
sale by septl n i J t R 'fi.OVD
VOL. XVI. NO. 35
BEltiti desrrous redumng their stock prevtous
the commencement of the Full Trade, will S.
their extenetve and fashionable assortment for • fe
weeks. at greatly reduced prices. Amongst their
sortment Ins y' he found excellent style. of
teg.,77.l)m'e's"Sir;',6l:ri'at"'„di's an'ThlPuVli'n)s*V.Z.,P°
of which arc reduced in prier fully one third.
Their stock of Shawls Is very exthrunve, and et,
prises every known style. A few mato. of crape an
silk Shawls that received will be sold extremely lo •
4 rases real Scotch Gingham, will he sold at Ili c
usual pelt, 25 cents, good English Calicoes 10c: Arne
icon do as low as 3 arid 40; wrought Coll.. the; Mu
Ito dr Lathes 124 c, good Alpacca Irk; Bonnet R.
Lone 12c.
Their stock of dark green pure Satin Parasols an
Parasniettes, comprising upwards of SOU, of every styl
and quasar, will he offered at very low races.
Brood Cloths, essiumeres and Vesnngs, also, al
kinds of summer studs and Cononadcg.
Housekeeping and doinunc Goods of every descn .
Memel:coos will always find at oar Wholesale moo
as large and desirable an assortment of goods as
nasally found in eastern houses, and at equally lo
Only one price, from which no derlanon coo
made. jr4
. . . .
wE are now opening • fine stock of fresh Stunto.•
Goode direct from the New York and Philadel
;AU* Auctions, where they have been purchased with
111 the last two weeks, at a very grant sacrifice Cher.
naveabg a, to oder far better mentio n • .
ever done before In calling the of the
et:icons of Pittsburgh and its vicinity toour user.
mant, we do so a-oh the confidence at our pnces being
such a.. trail ensure perfect ...sfacuon; and to all buy
ers, either by wholesale or retail, • fine chance is now
adored forprocuring great bargains. Among those
just received ar
A lot of very cheap cold and blk fic'd4strip'd Silks
Light and dark was,
" " (Anglian.;
" of extra fine blk fired and striped Barege, which
are a ve-y great bargain.
A lot at handsome Cote Pnllye. for Indies dresus;
do light colored and black. Barest', vary cheap;
dow style silk Vesting do
do very liandmote Douse Shawls;
do very Cheap bib do do
do fine ilk silk Mantilla Scarfs,
do handsome Parasols and Parasolens,
do do Artificial Flowery:
do very cheap Linen Lames,
ALSO --.1 fine stock of super French Cloths and Cas
sinter, white and colored Linen Drillings, Cashnier.
eta*, Summer Casiumeres. Drap d' Fee, Ir.e &a. A
Checks Mustins, &0 ., to which, as well as other aril
-6.1 an our line, we invite the special anention f cash
buyers.. ALI•IXA_NDFR & DAY,
teat 75 market at, N 'IV cor of the diamond
NEW end spleadul variety. at
ZEBULON KINSEY'S., 67 kluket
atnxa .so gold levet Watches; 48 silver
lever ovntehen, Englfsb; Ina silver detached lever Watch
fun 20 solver L'Epfne swatches; 65 silver quaruer
watch e 4; 12 fine gold chunk; 1 dos new et le ear nags;
5 dor plant gold hoop rings; 6 dos easorted rings; 2=-
use/ sli steal s o
re.,4re play variety varte of popular airsrout 12 grout nil Flues.
S doe fine Fans. silk and paper, 50 doaccumnon Fans;
6 dere fine velvet Lead bags, new styles; Di dos fine
crotchet bead hags, now styles; 5 do: fine crotchet
purse, new styles; 25 don fine parasols, assorted. Stara
ousels. fringes. pit ond ilver, tor regalia.; 10 dox fine
flower tusorted; Ido. fine steel rerew pun cush
ion,. I doe fine ivory sere,. pin cushions. I doe fine
wood arrew et.loons. A fine assortairat of new
arket stret, hove rust
1,3 received, and will be constant) receivlng through
the season, row the East, a general assetruncal of Sta
ple and Fancy Dry hoods and 51111irtery articles, adap
ted to the fall and winter trade, to which they would
particularly invite the attention of purchuera
A variety of Scotch Gun/Lams; Twilled dot French
do; palm aud fancy cora Alpacas, cotton and silk
warp do• hior and Oriental do; Cabe.. of every
oie, dot linen cambric litikfa clear lawn do, Re
vette do, col'd bordtir do; 5 cartons thread l,aces, some
as low es 01 eta to do cotton dot French work capes
soil collars, do do oanding do; Mourning dot crochet
do, 10 canals ladies and gents Limon Kid Gloves, 25
dot lathes silk lisle thread and cotton do; lOU do do
cotton Hose. an colors,
do do white and blk stilt do,
sit, do gems do. v i
be Rattans, Threads, to, to great
variety, which ten] be sold extremely low. aug2sll
It All:12111Y has opened due morning. one
V T . r iker lon ', II le u ding Amerman and Scotch
gingham rat., and steel name gingham.
Out e, ,' , a mots, including. green satin 'Park, lilt
•t''s .std' row. eq, of extra sites.
Also. one . use bleached Drillsi also, Manton Rib
...a. • I and colored, white Senn do !Aiwa G
cams, and and
st) irs or summer Goals, selhng at
reduced prier A tht of super 3lanchesthr (iinghattia,
food styles. a s so tate!) ved.
CHEAP Bi iN.NETt , —A la of braid and other Bon
nets tot ,ast wthar's .shapes) sett mg otT at from 37e•
SI, at the corner of 4th and AI arket tbs.
%Molecule rooms on al story—entrance from 4th at.
D ERAcitz &C.—Aleinstder & H¢ ---_ y
have now open
a beaut:ful satin striped and plaid Being a, of the
finest qualities an styles, imported; also splen
did plsm and brocha black kterages and Vultteart,
splendid French lawn, I.usen Lames and Ginglirma,
• full ne.nrvueel bth, plats and satin stripe de Lattice
and line Alpaccas.
All these 7.04,i6 have been purchased at the late per.
tmptory our WWI ',dr+ le New York and Philadelphia,
wnt be sad a. a great reduction thorn regular prices.
mr4 corner Mama. ad ma- to O
CE C.APS—A A %tooth & Co Lave Jo.: r ,'ll
L .
that Ladles Lace Caps, lee, new styles Chen
.., Wrought Cape*. Head Dresses, Ladles Ileitis , to.
/ 27
.I.A. Market et. are closing out • large lot ot remnants
t_aticoes. at to C)' nth: me usual price—goal last co
ored d-ic magi
D 1,IA: AND ORANGE PRINTS, and blue %tem
p meek sio, constantly on hand at lowest prices, at
.vitoiesii.e room of W It MURPHY
cor .1112 and atnr...e . .sTs.l;;;o ' ry
. . .
ji3 „„.kin. ,re.,,,,N —A ~ ...,„ „ v, ~..-.
tot ..t. have Just opened 5 more canes .1i m very [clenched Muslin, nt Alto. i !non or
1., 4,c do. Ali. „rower lorge lot or the rcum.lmt-s of
, a ..,... et hie
_ . _ ... _ augl4
NV FATE PORC . FT . AI:I LIE , '..) , LDS o -..-" c r o hc.. ,
j oub , c.jnber
%V 1.. te & (..,'"..411'/;7l't‘e7Gu'o':.';'o-otb.t.MCo?al rood'lscW7:
,latoc, teem. moiler DetilittLs'.lpecial nuenOcen.
... .. ......
' ''
JoLL DruggLit and Ar:otheeary,
coo wood and Sth st.
t„2 'I Go tot teel Fla; Otter.. the SU( enaciii
t„) 1/11.11 • tn toe coy, c , teel beads, do Bag Tunele, do
Vor, Pt,. litngs, do do Clasps; do Shdes do
Key , do lop Contbe, Just tech at the new Fnocy
:more. Ott ]luaci street_
W lI . E „ G n CX , 4II ,i , a p v l s . o e rtm en e d nz
boki prldatjTccohnke'urd,
awn. and Scotch Mud, Hasa: Muslins, Mahe, Lawns,
Nintsookv, .hoard NLutiv. Victoria Lawns, Tarleton
togetner with a lull asaortment of Bonnie.,
~nntt and mn,) Nett, Laces, Edglngs, Unworn/ma, as.
ot wheh have just arrived fresh from the im
porters, and at 'rue low In me trade, by
(nctti I . :HANDING—We nave now on hand a
ril tall assortment 01 Valcaamed Intha Robber Ma
, bane Heading, all width., from 1i inches to 16 inches
wid•h, which we will sell. mahuracturers prices,
and carriage saved to the purchaser, ar.No 5 Wood st.
.1 ' tr. It PHILLIPS
k ..,.—.. —.MI'S AND FAINLiES—Just reed at Zebu.
0 lon Mosey's. No 67 Market street.
21 dos yards black cat Stilt Fringe, of various undths,
pwhen. and prices, suetable for Ntnaullas, &c.
I . - dos yards_ erunp, all widths and styles, for cape ek.c.
44 pea Itterd seek coal Bend/erg. aug..l
-1 The subscraters beater desirous of closing out
tame present stock of 'I eueututeus and Fancy Omura
trefore reemoveler to there new store. well sell there large
nsrotuncut oi huts at cost, enrol and after this date.
I he uswortalent cut upnfier . .orneeny[tOrrellt styles,
and at prices trom 4 cur to $3 each.
JF.‘VELRI (•Oili :thatatare Cue, do du Lock
eta IM 11a1r. do do tiren.t Pm, do do Ens Itlngs,
.1,• do drger King, do do hoard Chaute; do do Fot,
do Jo l'eucos and Pen, do du Bracelet. and
t •orjor Thu- , m want of hue Jeweiry wrh do well to
• us begot,. vorehastng
ut, Id & PLNUX. market at
R )I.urphy has
Open :hie rooming u tortber .apply or those vcrY
/...0114 ,ntroz4; 5100, hnh
lasii.halo on, nod has t.yutt hand au •-•..ort
.tpup Ul c:er;. • grade or qualir). ut low cash prices.
llso In.ll Linen. nor ‘lorrow• oral ut.,
s. aurn Op, at ”or Until., punter of ILL P
trroo.. jell
it t LP k / . I.\ Day
hart Lo•r free, v•nrl it Vcr) .ape nor usoroneor ul
.1.1. :• 10111.1r....h0c,/ hbecusigs, on Luc loont celebrated
mrid qualities. .1.. 4lellChed
11111 r o ~.. acrtinyn. or tarn ouu.sto.s, Sir per yard,
I IPA L.\\% VE.RI •idurphy
•71 Curl.l,of 4:11 and market 36U, bat re
ar,t .lo• i.d wn, to et, per ynel, Ibere u,
at ...goet ....LnuAndr Idoods generally
uf , d 4 , , r1 ,^• _ _ Jyls
, 11 1 .1t:k td A Mason Co, are
ock or loshiondble Dreu
<.oods a, •11.1 [Nrll,l econeed conntstmg of
°moues. Pod de Cbeve,
I.ovn, and Mtl,ll/1, Inuck elid fancy edka, &e.
X j I
31. 9' 6 • '
- - “r 4 -t Luce, 1)4 d
96 C S• Id, !or 51o.lutto Jr,.a 11our cpesl and
lie y H rtIN4. Co
L , RI Yotrtliet A:ND It lAt PS--A A Alegre Ac
St. ha, ,tleo (CC 0 41. dee of fug Lik end cad
l'oroore. coo ell width*. Ale. Gimp. °felonry re
oelo bad c 0..,
usT ak:envED-400 "
~sd Ceepeeo Prozors,.of very derogate Pyles.
uorort4 A.1 , 14,150N it Co_
U L.A tOo NEI Brown god RedPlasonsiNgroconsoorn
rlll.o ILO4 bIIC by
augICI ( , ICI COCHRAN, .4 iroott tt
t;.... Co. Co. are uover openlngll macs 343,
.Zl. 3-4 anu ttheetuagv. very desimlie forhusuly
( ,01. 1 t r u:72 , 1317c . ei ved, of
aurae . AFCLINTOt3i'S, 73 Fourth et
t A. MASON re Co, have Joel received another
Vs large assortment of those cheap Bleached Muss
.•, . ri, h and 7 rfutts. .kfsrt, 3 eases of those very
styerior Bleached Ilusitrot, at x etas augofd
LACE OAPS- —A A Mason & Co. GO Margot street,
L14.,0 Just Upellea Ilk Lave Caps u(•arloirs pnees.
A.., a large assortment 01 assorted Wreaths, Corm:e
llen Head !Pease, Riltbou Rosetta, he. he. sug3o
•-• IMPS AND FRI A Alason & Co. have
j just reed per V.:pres., Mau doe of the meat rash
tottablestyles of (limps an d Erthses, of vezioo2 Nrdtha
nod colors.
OM E-MADE FLAN N ELB--W 11 Mar has e-
liome-Made ceised n kw pieces white, brown and bit'd
Flanneis. A be, Home -Made BL
K Krs, a goal article, and ea a lois ;rhea AN
,hi notthesir
corner Atli and Markets „
;ETV FALL GOODS— Mason Ceof/Inagrket
.!do6me.liitiliesAri m e ta ases p 4 a B L ieli Vas of