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DOLIOICAL SOClNeThefeet ...: t• ~
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f Man d Di* serge tgam
ri tii e TECS l a-
•UffitTliWerli3;-.Theehhettibef Ittethi,
iam moos: us Dt.liirmhthrea Guam;
.1 !GIGY nor ~a a for the preservation La tixi
ezpresaly int end e .
c holer a ans. Dena' brniciist
- -41 M"" t " Nh ""..--- tat Debi li ty of the
'''"umittutt' Nleutisy, Dena=
Bronchial Affections, A. 6,
1)11"1".ed ""f tie. thc 1:17111"."."' 9-1 2a, lee lhe n' e Pita lli titn -D te
te"aa,.....,.,_?,..„,Pim'arpr Mar orWervona Power, I
--,n—Efairr.Trs GUARDIAN com se ottlitt.
- Mhe el Females safferi Gem Int - - I
~.ell other Uterine dilliculu..4and &sena=
-- --- ------essint., whether occasioned by cold i wet I
derma m
o r a ny similar iniudiciertis exposure, and el . this
;;Iti.tth use of medicine; as the lietat deli... eeff '
intuitive lady ten at soy moment apply. to ...elf
wide/Mt. consiteilly of inctrenng any tisk or dingo?,
or any unplestsant tesults arising from it, and the
ernuanty of obtentietkontediste rani
TOL Eiartelfill Guardian ii no catch-Penny. or one of
the many humbug. of the day; bit it ts . an mourn.*
mute upon strictly scientific principles, in accord..
with the laws of filee_oleby and G ia.they alventinsu rup and i . e fo:
wanes& &stability -, 41.. 9,
treerothing,of the ki.eves before offered to the o f
ter the relief of disesse, and, in the longings of ogxee'
the ectomenliglaeoadmenofthe day, is peonies.. to
diecomey of em agi."
beethe V T.= t ua ,thart post y earn liss beenoecupind
- Ae°` 'e beingial the Giaribut to at present
by - Barrett *.- • a, i ontr Wasp lime it trnabeen in
Mate of perceetiOD-.. -7- 5...., omission p4ians of
the hands of some of the a - iragar of ini
the North and South, as well as , - .ii e r - ib". 1
moons families, wbo have used It in,... -..i.psuime
papoose, wi th the most perfect enema
lesion a s-, anci .---- ..,,
cheerfelly given thug unqualified spillrs:
efficacy and value, as canoe men by tethering to the
Manual of bummed., aceompanylng lt. ,
Dr. C. B. Barreiro Gaarcllart ie seenrcafroos innornii
dans by a pateut Rout the. United Sloths 8M.% Office,
sod be other with or Without his Medico-F.1.m0
211., Medico-Electro Galvanometer, In e
s paint of bean
,setpehmanship, durebillry end power•
m. be art
ptp meed o: even equalled , and the subecnber feels Met
be hamrds nothing lithe amertion that it will be found I
to pm.. .0.-13.pOINGT 11111 d efficacy in the , UmMient
and dal ssiiiiseatics, byGalvanism
n aild Mectriel- i
t a, t h an any aka :ststrinnent, either the United
Ames or E a mes. gyr Medico-Eleatro Ualeassometer
is warranted in every roaDett, and with common /mill
nary care will last a licerjend is by fee the eheapl
_ ' ert, because tbebeas, hula'- Veer eghied_t e the
- public. A manned accompatußS thets, , ff . leihtt tee,thelt
ample instructions,. of ical exTeh est it' i t e a t ,
ts readatintelligibla tithe o te mind of evely O CUB
om s ... 'cry of artungentecit is such that al doom
Ite....menue with it.
- Any information gratuitouly pima, and el cominn
caunes cheerfully enswered per mail, either In rela
tione. iiinuo-Galranometer or Guardian.
Ma men me invited mull and examineDr Das*
m eia G ua rdan, and test as am..
F or u p, b, M. siCatABDSON, solo Agent, 71 Mar-
T teso IXIXSO NS Philadelphia Philadelphi a
altme, can tify to the wonderful efficacy of that
In Pulmonary ConsuniptVlonic Bronctdris mad
Sem Throat, pwarrh itting of
Pain In th e Ride arid lireasi4lubry of
=deg, Whooping ,Cough, Crag!, tak
and NervonsTremors,Pianantien of thrf 1 1k 1 Mli
Liver Complaint end Affection of the Kidney!. •
ml. medicine, the invention ofa men who gave the
=bit,. of Ptdmonary,Bronehml and Pectoral dimes.
the most tied exatraruntan,baa now been berme the
public mar four years. During this period It has per
formed some of the most remarkable cwta ou reconl of
Pulmonary Consumption—secured the reeommertelai
tan and use of phyaicians La their prima., and the
warmest approval oldie...oda of pe
. trari In ardllitt7
mad wane Colds, Coulim4 i n Iltmrmenen , l OPitd.B et .
Blood, dn.
.Aboat hum years since I was attacked with Typh.
Fever which MR roe in a miserable state or health, in
el ver,
debility with a general prostration orate sys
erso„ witheiniem pnias m the breast told lots of appe-.
tins, in ennacepunce of which I was unable to attend to
cry usual batmen, or peplum any that tif work. I
z.le o d to several phymmane and used various reme
r e c d any benefit, clad had despalredof ever
tab ing • recovery of icy fanner health. Bat some
y ou last Jane I woo mimed to the,Tbote Com
pound Syrnp °Mar mid Wood N and mcredible
us It may , Lope., by Ma ame 1 hail token ihree boat.
the debility, pain and uvory settee of maiming were
etnapletnly 'removed, mod I was able to attend with re
inured .alth to my itsual avocations.
Of Dickinson township, Cumberland co.
Read the following testimony Cram a revertant,'
somber of the Society of Friends, in Poughkeepeie, N.
f•This miry certify that the spring of ISRI, my
health was very feeble; I was afftleted with pale mike
side. with other alermargsymptoma and suffered mach
Sven great debility. At that oboe I paretrased from
Moses Dame two bottle. of Th01333013'11 Compound Sy
rep of Tel and Wood Nepauti Com Which I experiee
cod great benefit, my health being nowloodi and - I
cheerfully recommend the article to. all pelsona who
any be tittering tech general dehility, gnat 0700 p
of a decline ABARAId WILTSLE.
Poughkeepsie, March LI,
Prepared only by AMIN= LC Dawns,
at the N. B.
runner of Fifth and Spruce streets, Phila.
Sold by L. WILCOX, Piciabmo; and by druggists
generally. Price to cents, or One Dollar per bock.
LUNGS.—The unprecedented metes , which hos
itunted the mut of the
n all the traria. Amos which Irdudirm order lunge es.
somes,,Jus tedneed the proprietor again to call anen.
tton to this
zee...Ma yrcadter . which marks our fall sod
W The harf =MOS, LS SIVISPOILI- --•
These, If neglected, are but the precnrsors of that fell
The question, them, hoer shall wa nip
oor ILSITOyet M
• the bud? bow Mal ere get clear of coughs and
olds] rs of vital importance to the public.
will be found plte A
Gi REHED Y nseng Panama In proof ofthls
we have from cane to toms peblished the certificates of.
demons of our best known citimos, win; been experi
enced Re curative power* These, with amass of tea
17,DraL L 'IV' f the raqi' f al NDIN 0,
BrOZWUM• of the to gether with eePiem
Uses from the
we have embodied in pamphlet form, and may be had
gouts of anytt,rmtarassnegrlrSti,ri.xin92; cuntry.
have been used ANDap.
throughout the Untied Stales and Canada, and we elm
lenge any man toE,&olnard&
n wbish, when token Wording ta direOlimea end be
nne the lungs had become fondly disorganized, i t h..
eve, fhiled to
Why, Men, need the alts ed hesitate! oby resort
the one-rable oastrexer, god op bye- s
aalae for the assumed name or some es d Phy
and paired into notonety by certifier ,
sons Y
equally unknown? WNW medial:Do of •
Is to be had, whose vouchers are at hanta,—oar Del/b
-low-man of wham it has
1 - In order that Wei:minable medielnesawy be placed
within the reach of the poor sts well the rtalt, we have
pm the price at
ONLY Furri °sass,
Run cos half the usual ems of tough medseines. m
for sale by oar agents in nearly every town and village
ever the west, who are ptepared to give foil Inferno
den relative wit. _SAIR, Proprietor,
linestlerey, tor,
Pt ERCHANT OF THIS crrY, who bad been et-
A fumed with the mtlimafor four yaws, had taken
almost every thing. physician constantly &nee
ded him, and be
expended over two thousand dol
len. lie never believedinedverrised medicates, but
conakiered than all 'Lumbago. At Imulte tried Dr.
Tayko's Bale= of Liverwort, from 73 Beekman west.
New York, andin six weeks was entirely. mired, hav
ing taken only dare bade. This is only one of many
pl. where ACIMAArf ObICCIIOI2X to a patent medicine
base prevented persons sofa this medicine, wh •
ban expendoi hundreddram to their phymcisns
IA man—endlui the end owe their recovery unbends!.
lible efficscy of this purely vegetable fireparatand.
There is uo tnistake, that this medicine is irapsdor to
any remedy gresetibeA by medical advisers. , This
has when Sl Years to mature,'• and la the ea
red remedy for diseasesever introduced to the emblic.
orsmg—sa.ivg IbT &longtime whit Mem et:enplane,
I had riven up all hope abettor cured I had commit
ad the hotanic and bonmepathim &mots in vain. I had
used many h ad
advertised, but found no relief. In
• demair I had giver_ up used altmedicinee. Hear
ing of the great virtues of Dr. Taylor's Balsam of Laces
-11014 and 7 the great auras it . bad performed, induced
sne in il, lo aw
edStrY and amonishrneni,
woe better daily. I eorianu its use, also his Sugar-
Coated rale, until I am' entirely cured. Dr. Taylor's
Balsam of lA verammt is the AAA medicine in the world
for those complaints, and will core every one
SETH 1../itVRM. CE,
Caputo of the Haney, of New York.
.esnou Crign—lhAte suffered from the Asthma a
wry long time, and have med every medicine I could
obtain for its cure hstrainosinil
meine Dr. Taylor's
--- Balsam of Liverwort. 'This has afforded cm
most manifest benefit, and le, in my opinion, a core for
this distressing disease{ more especially, ea l know of
many eases among myfriends, when, II has been high
ly succesaftd. Persons interested are invited to call
at soy residence for further Information.
MRS. RUTON, 919 Laurens st
Sold to Plualnicah by I 13 Morgan 93 Weed st; J
_{s7darket su SLATSCI . , coo Merkel and
2d or, denon Co a ft Liberty st Price reduced
to RUB per bottle. 1e93
MORGAN'S COl.lOll SYRUP—It proved w he lip
great Pnne. In curing my child's distressing
• cold&
Prom the Temperanee Banner, Nos 31817.
Cooonßlnure—We are cot in Use habit ofpotang
much lets takielpatent inedielocs, Vat we feel dwposeu
d ot is Brrop to those who are inflict
ed wish a cough. alter baring tried the input rem:
Mello moon a eatudant and distreseng cough, that
had for Wend days afillnadaoe of Oar children,
Mt pwe warn iladllClNl 10 try Monson's
try It relief ,wea °hulloed. a taw hours
proved to be the panacea in thi It
s case es east.
Prepared wholesale and retail hy the l
Ban wood 11;1 door Selene dole Way.
------ -------
A ITRONO 111,I1,ENCZ that Dr JAYNE'S 11X-
A nen:lamer sapariorUl all odor remedies kw
BrooehliAltheea,aad other rel
soal "tt°Ee awl the same mi., who eamaleacett the
a as h. thels Amino tear4r ... er etil I
other remedies of the hih•;' eni hoe besstindoced
Y try other F"P"."Ov thrl he,. Oast hmahatly ken
tu , ma' Irbich was miserably
Eros the high prune beetoved bate=^
eei hem returned to the nu er Jews'
• wooly th at bee VMI Ailed to relieve theoi. sod lea
preliebay seem bad its mod ht arreoth. ooNtoon &seem
11 .1. 04 .4 by D , D. Igoe iialilphk, end sold=
dserladtwt! - 751 Foal* a
TAINIVIS GAM 1; s pan gran grads •
J ,
lialmageollOy prcoattoo. tab. what ttproGa ,
a•-4.. Out ankle, watant coy omptice, 00, form.
oninestkon aoll vrownlboo of UN. ham 6W.ko,n,
of mosso= mango ,iiirlcrokote Ism be. natured to hew&
yid* Web* bad kw rim aid on ik4k Intaaioot do
anstarhwor tbak to rearommi to all our roadui who kr
Wing akar Mk, to oaks a trial of thirTaohtlasmodistoll
Ike asp. h Mb** st !h. Halos 14.711
-- ,
MORGANS WORM KILLER is fat Mortar to .11
Wigs seraadlaa tat Worms.
' -• .1
Jim i1t)41845.
This wig liertifilbas I f Fws
u w two of mt cadre:4
Wee and Rest leers al, ioponfula of Morgw•
Warm NNW, to swab o {beet the imigest owed
shop we=sitta? atullesieboll rot bameairostwOo
Ws LW eeettilbeoes. 'The Wow ;wed so, hose •
samba' that we mail= to corm them I bare
Wed aft the • Poradu , Wore the public for
esomst bat east say with wOw eouseisazes Margate.
=la is far superlcA mall, woo before the ptlb
-41160 - BA•11/111•JOILNISTOPL,
Eakarsurwn, Oble•bwireortoll•
Parsored awl sole wholesale Lad retail by the pro
peisms, JOHN D MORGAN = ri.
PM Weed dm%
,"±>, ~ ..
.• on. 'l' 0 arzar. D , B
Mateo and blettely dm Adra.
Tb. met extmmthenv Inetlfelet Ihmool4l7R
Thu Zama te ,ent try Qatel Hoak. ff.A.121
thnot dummy plitatenter, moi - remented ,
parior esgoold. It .no **Just • ''"
The gran WWI ate •ivaiwlty athbeenaperMa
woo ell othanthildnote. &MA& ihotinnO t . th•
ems, It twAgaratnotho bati.._4„ka s t r garNia .
se ' AND 111/1.
Ewe, Ware.; Itnat estemo 6 .
""r"fil. pee Mbar ateMe7Andlt
,Ilea ' , Jan; Ax,,eorthlattecess. Ulm
t 5 =f 1 =17,,,,,,„ m mom thsa 111:000
—o_,u±V mire mom of distant' FA hest Won
hmarebta. It hat Nivel the Dm of mare
wad.- -alio; the JIM pad gemons.
than co*
Gone - rid 'llelsilitl sad
10,000 ewer • •
weer of Nervous Energy.
kr•Sbm wormsboosly. To escom mba Aare 1.. t ttisq
abets of smodlebto br
alb, or dm rostra laskiamf of:
ii;s-Ts !mien set: Pb, 40 4=1
don ado norms gum; Inas bf
f p mpsellell3lthili, palSaillts dory
ist isorbrils !ism Gaul dim" Csnsrampslao. bon bit .
tire!, mamma try Übr pMusat somody. Thte Ace*
rati!.l._l46.""W to SAY
Ai is r os;Ssi rfoumh 441111 I
to the limbs, and ststl. l4 $ 9 ”tho., 1 !
aims sztraordiamy &ire.
Consumption Cared. -n•
01114F+1 mut Mamie/so; Coussaytims rem ho coml.
limorkilio, OSHFIZarb, Livia Comptast. Oslo ablarri,;_CssU. 4ribmio. sTAIVSY illood,
b am& Us CteetHe prbee fag^ Arbs
e.ste, DiFsbar Prsfisrs mar
im!isb, P.M Us Silt,
Yes ma an be era
der Trrk a rin mit
war barn Tour
Ana boo Moo thermoses, Wink riorlolerow. otrit
cont. I ham (be se years hod IL bad Cough. t
became worse sad .at.. .Atltio Imbed largo moan.
dos otblood, bad night e.aa. sod woo'mtally
toted and widowed. and did Doi Moved to Um. I bare
only and your Elarooparillo • dont dm., mid More Imo
a ontdorfel edam Moo oth 1 oto tooti oblo
month all ored , tho city. I Mee ro• blood sad my ,
elmob boo telt ism You me wen Italirboo that I am
&Lomita} tot bum molt.
• ; Tom °boleti 1a711.M.
,seal ave e ll uFatholisers)
Dr. SimmsesilBarsapatillo la o atoMetlro sod
nom do Inelplool thenoweptimi. liarramma, to.
Uteri, or Pontos ditto Womb. Codboomm.
cord:ma, or Whites, obsommod a a 4lbleostreew
Um. loroontomite of Uri" or lo • discherp
thereof. sad do
moral prommios gloom—
. maw wttetbor tfie matt orinhar.µ ewe or won,
prodmied by irregodorit7, atoms wweittood. Notbloo
sot be more earpridag Masi 1.11..daj amt.
cm the bloom Ikawo. Paws* al orie sad lani
bide, hoot tatting boa mow botomo nibmt sad fin of
romp wider Ito Whams It bromosibookr aroatierticte
the oterroloomem of th e Amato frame, which to tin great
at Barromom It will oat be e_ottod of mkt*
tam of so delleole • roam, to macaws ol
corm peettircied boo me cato swore tbe ofillmod.llmt
hondredsof moo bombe. roported to wo. Tboinando
of mum Mien Wane. tore bows without childroo,
After a few Whir at this tundsoble a.d
ham beiscbromoil TO lisobby talbprioo.
Thb getreefof Nuentominn ig t=r i ar
pared to reference to female entoplakta No anode
who Mt mere to suppose oh. o ar.proaridas Ora(
Zllnnind. • The tere eg ti/k• &ma .4. d
ne SS ts • eat* preventive tbr any et Ors
=MOW Pa *MO* akeitiei to mbirittemala are
subject al abb time ofi , Thla pared bey de ebr
Lard fir emend jeere ertni gregy:ba. Nes
b leer nimble re
=Wood, nit I, enterdatid toinatat mum by quiet
ening Ake blood' met b:ArMALthe puma Indeed.
tLia Istedkins tont 'for be debate dime
see to ebbh women are bled.
It braces t h e whole mum. norm permanmely tbe
no.ovel enirrtee, by removing the imporirim of the
lady, mt so
preb 11 ' 4 '64 :4 2 w
female 'Worse end drama By eabi a fa. bottles al
dim medlee. Few perm cm! paella manrieal %non
time may be prevented.
Great Bleendoig o DitwelffeWs and Wltibisslab
• It I. the sato and most effectual medicine for purify.
hi the synth,* .d relieving the refferiage wends..
1311.2 chaddrirth ever dbeavereoL 4 strengthens
dm motherend child, prevents pain sad &mesa hv
emus and eurietent the food. thwee• who Ism nerd it
'oink t. hviispwroeble. It u highly useful both before
end after asit prerests dbethes ettendwa
span eldhilarths—th CoWveness, Pike. Censor.. Swa
bs et the Peek Despondency, lleerthern, Voopitiag.
Poto ht th e Dank end Loins, False Palm, tlenvarrhaget
V. the. an
la It is shwas sobvvng 167 --T.L.I
malt ddie.n
it met medlet
sunnewlklD, wwy 113. •
010d1.13. MOO • nta. ca'avil4a-gatiS
neefuL gnientbe la the eyes nit, end light food with
thle weedldne, ww &helm mare safe end wery vas
Beauty ate. [leant.
Coomsta, Chalk, awl a urety of preps e.
/sky in use, when applied to the bee. ray nem qui it
of it. busty. They close the poem of the akiawart.
beak oputrumtlo which, oh . nat J aie
is 1104 th
by n,
discus orpowder, u skin Whetted by the
=don to
used s tl owa
Use stoma Cum Diviner ss Iv& Yip tVgardes of
del .4 eadicusty dated and earbsinend lowers. A
fue, amiss ual lasedity circulation of des Asada or ohs
rental:mg teethe pera liCk blood tar the extunalties, le
that which paten the usteumcell io the mot h
cite beury. hie aka which imparts the
shades and team of Webs= that ell admire, ton
eons ran describe. This busty babe p 1.14 of aw
lare—ect of pewrise req. If titers is sot s lee mad
hellthy attest:ion, there is so heady. If dm Indy is
!kir es driven mem, If dice paint, mad tow comosties,
and the Bled is thick.ceid mad
the le dot bust
If If dubs brows et ud there is pars
actin blood. St One • rich bloom to doschosks, sad •
inelleacy to theirs:roe that Is flociandam.
Tide la wly the surbm mot esperuay the Spew
lob bathe% am math. Ladle in the north
who malts
tem WU triad" or ors conduit la clew
musk or btu spoiled their comedubm by the sppik
cation of delsteriests mimares, If they wish to re.
elseticay of sup, bmoyeat spirits, spesidiny eyes
ead busaild caothieziona they shouldMe Dr.
send' s Sersgarills. Thonmads who have mind It are
mars then padded. are defighted Ladimi,of every
assioa crowd us oftdat
Nadu Aes,elhar Ladles.
Thom UM T‘llrllUMrs Sa2llll4Ml l / 1 1,
b...nagy theist:off zeta Rued/ lhv
tuba, *a &a, essi Imre cop6d me Fat
bike ud
which relates to dm cmaydahattof lemma Ina I for .or/
—other of ober P.O op atedkau, Waste.= the grew
somas of Dr. Towasend's n•Ba ba comptsbui
tuidest to desseles,r - oO. meadu deka satitutkh
they did mak • umber dam. Itsw. Tillk
due, ere Warless ta fool. ei they unseats disuse,
sal maleratlee the coestiltmiu 7 '
Dr. .t'ait's b the
only sod beet eseCfne the ousereso anstale crew
ptalate—dt be
ever ham eirbal=nassams
c orm. It em be by the must d ibms/e•
111 =TAM, all/ thou espectise b 6tenme mar. n,
.iii the pasta& edrastairea es proper. the symos
mai mutate - pats or demur, ud mrsurthese both
mother &ad &ILL Se him pa the isusina
liceetiels Clued.
This meditate conclusiesly.proves doe Otis Barra
pulls has perfect rammed our the meet d
ohnistata die
al the Blood. Three parsecs core ose hoe.
as unpuctsimetel.
Tkree Children.
Ua Toutomatra—lltu Sir I I have the plums to
inform yen that throe of my &Urea hare - been rowel
of the .Soefols by the us of your swell..[ isedUchw.
They Luau aimed wry sturdy with bed Bev.;hue
Luke. only four bottles; 11
took them swey, foe hich
I feel myself seder great obtigathsa
Tann, reepomfely,
BMW W. CRAM 11111Wseemees.
. OpWoos of Pkireletsas.
Tovanad le almost daily nxotehil V1bi..6110
Physicists Isidifferenti peu doe Union.
We to to caM*thet we, the enderdinsd, Physicians
Chy of Aftey. hhoo DLenecesens mem meads
se D. To larstruhta and batiste it be
elm alba moo minable ytepotatkato to the eaten .
vnusori, N. D. D.
R. & 111149% _IL D.
Alhatty, April 1.1847 . P. & EL=DDORP, LL D
Oldtif 10 the great sienna and Lamm ads of Dr.
Townswad's Issaapsrilla, a :Tuber of menwho won
fonneMy Agellt4 C 0116.14,4 Ilarsips
nila Entrants, Elis.hrs, 81mra Muses of Tallow Donk,
he nosy irewerally pat it op in ths 1 , 1.• shaped hos
dm, and maw of Sham hays 10.1,141 and copied onsoniven
dsessents—ehsy are only womtdesir insimOnsm, mad
.bold to avoids&
Priselva, 0111c4 126 FULTON Fltnani
N. Y. lieddbay Co.& 6 Stata anan.2l.44u; 12 7 011
Bons, 132 North &mond Mee. Phit.d.lphi , B.
!Inane, flaltbsora P. Cabe& Cbarkann ;
Wright & Co, 131 Channel Street N. 0.; 11 Bondi
Pearl Street Albany ; by
aft tie prior-Tel Drug
( Pearl
and lfferehasts yanaeally tbrollyboat lb. Caned
avea. West bullet and Oa Canad
N. B.—Persons ingalrtug tor this medicine, dortild
not be lodoeed to take any other. Druggists pot up
Sarsaparillas, and of course prefer selling their own.
Do vat' be deceived by anv r •inquire for Dr. Timm
sdnits, and take no other. Remember the gent"-
toe "'Townsend's Sarum:oil a." sold by the role agents.
R. E. RICLI.ERS, General Wholesale & Retail Agent,
No. 17. Wood sutra, and D . hi. CURRY,
thy. Allegheny
HE undersigned has long been co= th e
n“zsaity Inc some medicine adapted to the tile of
Children end Infants to sopetcede the me of all thom
amdielnes which tomato opium, and bas at length suc
ceeded In prepuing and offering to the publta a medi
cine lolly answering every put*. fossil disease. or ure
bowels, without the uo dl that detetenous drug or my
other eraleolated to boom u, the 01.11. The Mani Pro 4
area has been fully mated arm med. do Into Manisa
months, by numerous persers, and Moan fomeat all
the extraordinary Tartan. Slid to produce a ll the aston
ishing dhoti ea net Mirth on the bill or direetmorus M
ershon, Vomiting, eh 'l3lriping, Pains, Sickness and
plena... arising from. acting immediately
without disturbing any ' the unctions of the body,
13104.dinj the happiest moat dement transition
Rpm violent pain to a franc d my°us state of feel-
Ton the bald caterer.
be had wholesale end re f the Proprietor Dr.
JOHN SA.ROSPIT. Dinairt and ApotheesqL.Lt
Mitchell, Elliott k Beckham, and rood ether
kileghenelnd Pitlebargh •
t o wNSENDIf BARSAPARILIaIa.-150 donut
_lf Jest received of Dr. Toweeend's Sarsaparilla, the
most extraordinary median* in the world! This Bl
oom i. put up Inapannbolden It O. 4il times
plesoa t or. and ~wad .panot dio . ao . ch rTi
ens,. dieasaa *Mead so:edam 9.10.n6, 0 *
the padart.
Loos ars unpner . yersona have
=pied Mlla bels, sod •pra UP th e is
ulturod bottle. See that each brittle the mitten
isanan or & P.Tainaend.
R. finadiain, $7 Wood meet, between
Third and Pomp, Darnimd , s only waler:Lie
a odd 'at agent ter pimbegh, of wham the genuine
atomic CU be - hid. ".•
D. It. cam bia been AvVointed tha ohs Nona ta;
Yaks 6 tkr . 12 1, o , ftitosi ife outdo ant. itutrod
Emq . I . • . iro • •
molt*" the stow:too 0ft...11m w onew slowly of
6 00 4 almwast smoio rad vary low. 871:1
. .
1'......„ ff .. w . NUIi .'.ae : TORIES. •
Emma — ALS 1 4`101/3ICR 4 SONS
- - k" ' -- ' 4I I X . ",... . a AND FURNISHING tlNDEß
#4i;l44llb*Eud. ,
•+;r of l'e&& lud . a. Clam streets,
...,,, && &.1 4 1 1 .= fb . l k r T it " 7/,,,
...... are e.diar ..., - ,17. &i n lay ' , and attend tO - rale&
, jos bd Cat '• jr - efitakera Always cal hand a eat
' i' ..d.tractr made Coln; compel, lined and fin
v belt manner; all aorta arid shuts ready
• rAde f Am.& of damsel, Cambriek Illtid mann, and all
' ' l l_,* l made In appnrred styles. We - keep a lime es
vs. men, of and e and blank, Corn; silk and kid Glum,
=-4,_ - , le - for pall bearers and mournerA crape, capt, col.
.. ... lt,lind every thing nerreastal for dressing the dead,
- *vat on reummbk tern:tails we purchase all Our goods
r 'like *Astern mums • Also, ether plates for engraving
' • t, the name tad ign. We have &splendid ne . hearse and
homes, and any munber a the heat carnage*. Every
lianganended to jyrounnly and punctually. mutt y
.7-r- -- - - -
_44.YEzNalveke hie/wpm:lT R.KR.1,4 .
.., [near Pittsburgh,' Ps.
Ikfirriwure, No. 137 i• Wood street, Pittsburgh.
WILL constantly keep bn'hand a good assort.
61.1210 i Warbiut Ovum:on manufacture, and
.saperktrinnalu). Wholesale and ommry ale,
Chants sea respeetibtly invited to call and ea
:amnia for thin:attires, as we are determined to sell
dm:qv than heaters before bees offered to the pub-
UP. Orders sew by atalltaccompartied by the sash or
toy mien:nee, will be piamptly attended In. lebt,
. ---
lameans. Ames E. LiroLla
VLI2sT GLASS seSTAßLlsiinzrr.
MULTAN Y LEDLIE atisurtfachne and keep con
.l.Ta Map! on band Cal, Aloulded and Plain
Glassware, In an Its earlettes,atilteir W erelong., cor
ner of Markel and Water streets, Pittsburgh.
Our Works continue in full operation, and we ens
coastal:Ay adding to oar nook. which enables us to fill
With promptnesa. Farthssers Ito respectfully
4941Ififi Wantland eifififine prme% and tem.
*Net' •
• • FROM the very llberal encoornge
=lathe subscriber has received 'Luce
:" he hog located himself In Allegheny,
t ' y g elttilllio;e i rtr
Dot 'McAteer ' meet, Immediately bes 43 the
Pmbytetign, Chardh. Ifitna* n
Ibnregpeeopetn the
1 1 ° /*MP, WWI/ tit pleu
ite, hr hope. to mer
and lopedirp tKrVolnio
Nowonhand nut4lng ttiorder, Rockaway Bug.
09 0 4 atid top Snipes, evgry description of
Cantegas madam order, kom seventy-Svc dollars to
eighthsoarev. . (cep.l4lll /Of IN SOUTH.
HEALD, IRICKNOR &Co, al nor th water at, and
t 6
. ' X "' T'Lli an."
foo d
1: P''
i r . o 4 2lT 4'g f
ekgs isn facture ha c , e , a,, a
w po=a, hall pow* !Fs, b's, IPs, Ira, lti'a and TY:I,
rIMI aWalf . bt a ze d' aVtPe g iorav i ins 3'. . l'4 „roled f =,
• ir
James H Gram, Osborn A Braga,
Grant &Williams, A Cubism.,
Simms & Son, WDonald,
Webster Old, J Thomson,'
Jame. 'Thomas, Jr. A H Araustead, ""
.1 Thomas & Son, Landhom & Armistead,
.1 P Coates, , J M Cobbs,
• a o l lr itute a'r r . '''
' t A A
C H:it,
Green Halt; Wm Dawson,
Pearl & Norwood, J II Black woodZ;
Huth Par, Keystone,
W H V Edmund Henry,
Portlattx . Vrt ' inson, Husaren & Robtoson,
JUBA, Robinson & Co.
John Seth Halsey,
R Metcalf, Ender,
Lawrence Lottler, J. Robinpon.
Orly & Oray, DB Tomer,
R Jamieson, York Mow,
D M Broach. —ALSO—
Havana Leaf Tobacco, wrappers and Alters;
Van do do do.
Cleltepe - de dd a tio I
Si l Joao de Luba db
0. 311 i
?Tarts &
2, part fine, dO
Kentucky mis s do do do
Kentucky vomits grades de 4o
Minas Last, suns'''. (or siondßaltdota and allPott:
. SlRPnah i t e. ....,,...... Co nn ec thmt and ob,o,
Vuainla -raps, sweat; German Pipes; Pipe heads;
Scotch Snuff (loose and bladders; Maceoulta Meal;
lonnal Beans, Havana batc Ono Rose; Bergamot;
, CalabriaL/oprictr,PatenrCiSerldlslll(nivas, Spank,
, . 80. &e. . PonavußipA, my is
b g r - -TeoMade on the moeialmed Eastern p
and meat Cantatmable &seem patterns end colors. Alm
or made warder of all saes, and at all priers
Camay Merchant. and others are tented to call and
examine the above for themselves, as all nail be sold
wholesale or retest and a liberal dednetton made to
wholesale parches!.
- -
A Proprietor ofthis well finnan pace of resort has
as pleasure of Informing the public that ha can.
Itstaneut haste( been thoroughly refined and repaired,
and the grounds elegantly lard out and decorated is
now open rut ant arconnotalatton, sod he lotion barn.
sell that Mow woo may tarot has wttatbstr patron
age will find ell that they desire, provided In Me ben
style and on reasonable terms lie ts determined to
spare no expense in manng ha nablahment wonby
of public patronage. lie has accommtehmone for
twarduur a few tarrullea Ice Creams and all refresh
ments suitable to Um ...sow
orr. ..10/111115
ISAAC Will TAMS, Drapei and Tailor. begs to in
JL form the citizens of Flushurgh and others, Mat he
is now openutg Ms roans on Smohfisld wee. ors
der the above Note!, a large dud beautiful Eason:mut
of Cloths, Cassia:term, Satins links. and other gestate;
together with such other arucies es me required or
gentlemen's wear. His goods have been trustfully so.
'acted, and are of the newest and most tastuouable
styli, as well as or superior quality. klo COMOMere
may dend upon having thou clothes made up in a
manner which cannot flial to gratify Me tame of Me
must (umbras. le r M
TOBACCO -1 0 liss Brunch & Watkins'
ado do do ex.. powad.,
0o do do IM and 16;
'Pt kap No 1,0 two;
° 5
d o o P ea '
SD M do bega n
do ImlCElpanish do;
WILLIAfor sale byMS
_ D
S— Aartng Wm. the
modicum Smoke !Vase and flacon Storehouse *S
hutting our NV arehouse,on the Csuaal IOW& we are pre
pared to smote Lad store he On memmalde terms
SECOND HAND PIANO, coo onginally
A and has I.e.n to use about fittio 7,21, pone; now
111,75, Col tow II MF , ci JOHN R,
wood elfert
r 1.3 - .. -
NTO. suueii—a Ws& prone for wale low to <lase
iN • Cruisigument, by _ S ,WM 1 - 1" BOWEN,
PM :V trout .t
Ar ' ius et G°9 ” isa A o A sit of kit A t v ir ÜbOd
pruoo,l Mull, Byrum, Book, Plaid awl Burunet Mlurbool,
of ovol7 ouriely milfO
ISICr.aIrIITO NETZL,W.7..bave jus i t io ofr
g o u. nd a s ti torge
restmalmbly cheap. jag AL;.I..Z'SDIER it DA Y_
CIOTTON-27 balm to arn.s for solo by
ItgrAtAll DICKEY a Co
i'IIIEEME-4M boxes nom landing; for We by
AIL ROAD GLIDE--Doggest's Roll Rand Gunk
jA, and Essatteer for I MS, tomb Sectional Map. of
the great roams of travel. A fat wri k es received and
fit! Ws J.V.IIMSTO
IVITON-40 boles Teriangsee GUop:k n store •nd
for W. by mro WEMY LEAVEN, 90 front st
1000TAR11—O ranks extra Potash, mat reserved on
1. consignment and for sole by
DRABLDRAB FRUIT-12 ease. choice Brandy Fran.
Y Art moved and fur sale by
CRAB CIDER--ab bbl. Erononry Crab Cider. b.
Peed:lived arid for sale
LI,NSKED OIL-20 bbla Linseed (MI, n Bne rhipinng
order .rar received sad or t safe by
lASTLLk: suea—cuo Ito on 1111.1 and for rale
%-/ /71 1 KID!),& Co, OD wood si
HOSE 110SE!-7 110 feet I inch 3 Orr Ho.;
3 '
003 .11 "
" 3
30C " If "
Jain received by D. Leach & Co'. Line, and for dale
at the Indra Dabber Depot ; No. 3 Wood et
.120 1 I 11 PHILLIPS
AC DV E--3 bbl. pove'd,pisi teed and f0r114.10 by
(111111/31E 111111EN-14 cues just •• • e
VI by augla B A lAIINESTI-ICK &Cu
ItYE../Fli gale by
f J U
tllrtlt wood at
1i.71-TON YARN AND lib. Cotton
4,„/ Yam, ased Nos; 100 inale• Selma: Ibrsale by
augl7 JUICY ullAvofrru
ONEY IN THE COMB—la cues of very superior
/I. quality, for gala by
ISAIAH DICKEY& Co, trout st
p WE'D CHALK —I cr.:: Astiiir„oel EB l andlol .ate by
Ist and wood sts
VEATFIERS - 3 lucks but ree'd and for .o.le by
.1` &1417 WICK & .WC AN DLESS
PIIOSPROILUS—ke lbs Jan ren l / 4 1 and for sale , by
amyl! IS A FAIINItti I OCK & Co
CIIEEBE-400 boo Cream Ghee., putt reed nod for
No. SUOAR-0 blots various grades, for sal , by
• 20
. . .
Hl2O OPS— bale. prima In Kin Eastern and Western
Near York Bops, • fresh .apply, lust teed and
tor sale very low by
and for sae by auglo ORO COCHRAN
OCIIN bIEAL-40 bbls Corn Mama, C P landaus
brand, just reed and fur sale by
aujo.o 5 & W fiARBA UGH
jjlltRIN6-15 MEI No I Herring, in more mil for
.11. sole Vr., saga_ J c ppwew., Ar
CIIEEI3V-4.5 ass large mem Cheese,)usr received
and for sale by
. P4ORIC-15 u b i t;l u s /dem
Ire:WT.:IA .od
FLOUR SULPHUR-4 bbls jam road and for ads
• .16 cur la and voodsis
u - -
OTTEN EITONE—I easirJort reed sod for ..Ie by
kik angle. B A FAHNOISTOCK &Co
YTMETIAN RED—IO bbl. Bog. Venetian Rod, for
uJel by nap J SCHOONMAKER & Co ..
WHITE BEANS-110 bble„omoli, for men by
s I ,
'CORR VINEADAR-16 tibia for Balo by
augs , FRIEND, RIMY &Co, 57 'rater at
EER EININI3-3:6 lbs for sale by
S . E :.=:rat i l:6 v. 2 l / C fi h' 6K InfICANDP;
AVA COPVS—tibsp_
sii .%)an it e m rnm mAsp e — Eit Jt Ess va
foe, .als by ARO
1848 .
W. T. Mamma, Pittsburgh;
RUA P.m & Co, Beaver; Prop.'s.
CIVAIVILD & Cossoncema, Cleveland
MHE above Late is new prepared to &simian freight
1. and passengers from Potsburgh and Cleveland, or
soy point 09 the Canals and Lakes.
One boat leaves Roxburgh and Cleveland daily, run
ning in connection with the steamboat! Lake line and
Michigan, between Pittsburgh and Beaver. and a line
of first elan steamboat., propellent, brigs and schoon
ers on lakes Ern, Huron and Michigan.
Properly forwarded to any pm of the Union with
&Hegel, hj WM. T. MATHER. or
cot Water and Smithfield sta, Pittsburgh.
AGENTS. Heed, Parks & Co, Beaver;
Parks G & Co, Youngstown. 0,
E W COW. & CO, Warren;
D Bosterlek . & Cq Breadport;
A & N Clark, Newton Kiln;
F Lewis, Newport;
J & E M Wruolesey, Campbellsporl;
.! U Arklride, Ravem.llt
M_h CH Reuti Franklin;,
15 - heeler & Co: Ak
Barney. Gibbs & Co, Sandaskr
Toi do;
C; Williams & Cs, Detroit, Mich,
MClure & Milsasiatie, WiL
II I Winslow, Chicago, 111, apla
1848. Attliklar,
raa rassseo.artos oa stadissoirs
THE Proprietors of this old established d first
Portable Boat Line, having removed thor de
pot in Ptulridelphta, to a much larger Warehouse
on Market st., than they formerly occupied, and al. to.
creased their room for storage at Putaburgh, r are now
prepared atron to offer ranch greater Mediu. t o Mal friends
Uoods earned by 00 lyre are not transhipped
lweaa Putahurgb and Philadelphis, being earned en
il,4ll, In Portable Seeman Boats. To shippers of boor
and other goods requinng careful handling, this Is of
Importance. No charge made for receiving or shippum
goods, or advancing charge. All ges fortirankd
promptly, and upon anreasonable terms as by any din
er line.
JOHN 1313PADEN 34 Co,
Canal Basin P[...4 at. Fatal:duet.
JirttlPid itr. DAVI§ a Co.
ibboi 9::1 Market & 54 Coemerce at, Pnila.
JQW_IT MeFAMEN & Co., Forwarding and Odium.
don Merchants , Canal Bub"; Penn a 4. Piturrarga.
JAMES M. DAVIS A Co, Vic= photon and Commix
sion Merehanta Z 7 Market, and 64 Commerce st.,
Phtlatielphia itch%
iir - Adrances made by either of the above art Ebutr,
WeWI and other descriptions of Merchandise consigned
to them. feb%
NOTICE—The aultsenbers have disposedTaftnetr in-
Wien in the Pennh and Ohio Line to CLARICE do
THAW, of Pittsburgh, and JOSEPH 8 LEWIS, of tins
wtil continue to transact business for the line,
at their Warehouse on Broad street, as usual, and br
mat.for u a continuance ol;Ze iz ; , 4au s h r n i vi dim
Phlladelpnia, March sth, 1948.
PermOa. and A sus.. don Co.
Dorstle Dat4 Lgrse of
TOTAL= ,13. T1L.161 , 011T WOW 1 1 21 . 11 , 14T,X zerralwaes
am C.l , Tilt.l CULL,
CLARKE B 'MAW, Carat Ukkih, Pinkbumh.
LEWISA KIULER. WS Mulct at, rtulwielptoo.
4.4B.STEEL A CO , AV., *owl aro..
WDEN_ , CLARKE tr. Co , 7S Nardi a., Bah
W. IVRELICK. Agt, 1k West arm, New Yolk.
7 0-partners p.
rrnME sehaertbera have Mk day associated themselves
1 . together ender the mle of Kter & Jones, for the
t=re f l Titer, el e so b llC L i i t n e eo r :unolu d i r ee c of L d
end patronage heretofore extended to the hoe.
• 13 F . .10f.21
Pittsburgh, Math 1,1843
EMI'S roarklii.s. 110 AT LINZ.
aE err prepared to reo.ire anirtditrird height to
the above andtaterrasitate place. with an touch
atch, and at a low rates, or any other responsible
The nitration orikupprri wishing to send Pork or Ba
con to Baltimore in bulk, u particularly requented, in
asmuch as nor arrangements euable on to carry ouch
articles Waugh in betterrder than any other hue.
GIME BAWL, I.kt 7113 at.
Pittsburgh. March 1, 1417
k JONEME—Commisaion .d Mr...anima Mr.
chants, and Wholesale Dealers m Iron. Blooms.
Liberal cash advances no cocaina... mar LI
"tipa a amd a ma".
PIA e•!.. 4.
IfECRY GRAFF h Co. C anal a Basin. Pittsburgh
01.711Ltt, lIVNINIREYS lt Co. No 147 M•fltr. n tltgl
IVOTICE—Ta atyte pat n.—. _,„
alter din data, at Patsburia as Ifenn - ter.
b. Co-, satt:al Platadelplua. as Daulh, Ilumpary)s & Co
ND , I nib G GUT LIE
HENRY GRAFF, Foul.; . muCnf
Far tA. Tramaportorwm of Freaght w and fn...
... ,
YORIC. 210, , T0 \
T a U'Lostosa l'ittynoren
Tins old etstabltaked Low bents now . ottera
Um, Itot pop.or•
l 0 forward gouds and produce with deepatek oral
on the mow favorable to The) e s hope
thQr well ki.own promploce• in debt, .g good•—ae
etioar safely to mode of carry Ing--o•par touy wary/you
yea at each port alfordong aced rrartalattotty to stoppers
and women. of produce—together Yana Utetr long lope--
rum. and cact:lining .u(1..11 to bus...era, vett: secure
them • coolostrance of that libels! polypi...(, the)
beret., gratefitl I) acknowledge .
Alt riovignmenty ity awl for Um ine meaty rd. char
gee pastr.aawd Yorwartted ra any requtrad &tycoon. free
of <barge for C001111.410[1, advaiteing or moragy
Notn.,. directly Or 1111.11,1,cl.! y WAWA txualll
A.I follllllUnir 146ns. ,143.011 y amended to on aophc•
eon to the follownor ayent•
a CASK 1171 Market al, ru3 huielpb at.
TAAYFF. a OVONNOR., Canal Sane httsburg•
0 CONNOELY gr. 00, Noril sty Baltimore
{1714 kt WILSON re Cedar st, New York ILO
EagMi 184 S• 14EL
Tum grail knows, Lane. composed of steemboats
Lake Erre and }Babuyan, between PetsburgA and
Deaver. and freerkt end "mower Canal Boa. tele
tureen Beaver and Erre, and C AI Reed+ ime of bra
<las steamboats propellers end Tessa+ an the Laker
Ls prepared to carry Inerght and pusengers ail pourt
on h o Em Canal, arid Label Ere, Huron glad Mehl
Having every &AIM. Or curve , ing Nigbi and par
unions with prompter. and dispatch. be propreeto
ud agents respectfully soiree Amu urea (needs cot,
.karma of their patronage
C M R REED, Proprietor.
RELIIi, PARKS II Le, Deaver, Agents
apt{ Woltallind Mauthfield tire. Pitiabegh
To and from the Eastern emu, era Curnouratur
THE proprietors of at. popular ens. ha•chlOre 1.1101
re-orgsatratron largely recreated more tulle.* •
the wishes of stepper+, and are now prepared Lin
forwent • greater amour by the FIVE DAY LLNE,
as al.o by addittonal regular wagons at low rams
Tres lon, will nut throughout the year. delliretlnf
goods throusk the apses in Baltimore no Pittsburgh
to owners and conognees at speeth.l non and time
Shipments from Pheadelphla for the tine &odd be
muted "Care, 1 II Robinam,llalutuorrs"
Th. only wow ar.,
vi s Charles st, Baltimore.
EDUERTON fr. Co, Cumberlan.
W CASE, Brownsville.
relA -
J C BILTWERIa Pittsburgh.
fiNktaal •
..., •
'I ha Propnators of tht. popnLar Law ham ehaurd
AgcneJ . Cumberland Gam the home of AURA.* kAh
you to that of Edgerton h Co.
Pataburgh ud armurn in...that& art notarod that J Dat
ly Robinson ho Booth Combo Ilahttoom as Lim 00l
antborrad nem of dim Lot m th. Eurant amt.
Th. only gem. art
1 C, SID W ELL, Pittsburgh,
O W C.C.S Ilnsmemmli.,
B.DOAIITON # CoCumberiaad,
B ROBINSON, Bahimaor,
wur,zs . et0; , 11 tozpnEss
ron .111.1111...1111, .1.11210.,
pea, OW nod o lWTO " M ' er " s ' atiti r n7goods ” a 3 re c otta
ed that this is the fastest, safest, and moot expe-
Ans Line going Emu connecting with Mama& Cq's
Express daily, •t Baltimore.
Through receipts will ho Given teeny of the above
places. Merchandise and packages of any sue or
weight forwarded.
Ekren closes diary at 3 p. u.
it U VICKERY, AgeSti
nod Fit Charles Hotel Buildings, wood st
- I.Vi - eitarn - ifionailitii Company.
K l L d
- -
Ina rrorsysvaars eke MOO 1.4.11. LOADS.
RE prepared to transom - , goods and produce to and
from the ohs re cicias on favorable Warts. Ad
. or apply to
D. LEFLII & Co, Canal Ruin, Pleliburgh.
HARMS & LEEUH, Nos. 13 &lb bomb Third st, Phu
J. TAYLOR &BON, Ars, No 14, Mb Howard .t, Balt
A. ABBOTT, .41, No Y West nivel, New York.
Pittsburgh, March 11311, 1448. mango
Passenger and Remlttanste 0111oe.
HANRDEN k CO. coomme to bring pergola
intfroe any Port of &Wood, Ir•land. Scotland or
Wales, upon the most liberal term.% wait then
usual punctuality and Mientlon to the want, and com
fort of emmigrants We do npt oor tigers to
be robbed by the swim/nag inampe that totem the sew
porta es we take charge of them the moment they ra
port themselves, and me to their well being, end de.
snatch them wltbOat any detention by the first daps.—
We Bay this femlenly, as we defy one of outpassen.
rem to show that they were detained 48 boon by as in
.Liverpool, whilst thonitande of others were detained
menthe/ until that' model be seat in some old era& at a
ch:p rate, which too frequently proved their coMne.
We intend to perform nor contracts honorably, coot
what it may and trot set ae was the ease last season,
with ether oldlsseme—who either performed not all, or
when It wilt& their convenience.
Linda drawn at Pittsburgh for any son from ti to
nocpayable lastly of the psovincial Banks in Ire-
Llang, England, Scotland and-Welea.
Ettropean and General Agent,
kb/ Fifth eneet, cm door below lgood.
Valuable and /Musette . . New Books.
L AIWARTENE'S History of the Gironduts, 3 V01A, 12
Simma' Life of Chevalier Bayer* 19 mo.
(1. P. R James' Life orHerITT the Fourth, of France.
m 3--12
South's Consalar Citi. of China; 12 mo.
Neimder'a Life of Jesus Chnst.; a ws. muslin;
klarvai's Fresh Weeping.; or a new Sheaf from the
old fields of Comities.' Europe.
Copt Henry's Sketches of Me Mexican War. 19 mo
Meta'. story of the Wattle of Waterloo; 19 too
A Summer w Scotland. by Jacob Abbott, 12 mo.
Siarnanch's Literature of the South of Europe, 9 cols
12 ma
Ruiion , Adventures in Mexico mud the Rocky
NIOULIM1112; 12mo, muslin.
Lde of JueremncalyA lielkonp, D. D. Historian of Now
Luther and the Reformanon, by John 'ott, M. A.
The ?diddle Kingdom, with a new map of the Empire
by S W. Williams, g volx, L 2 mo .
The Power of the Pulp.; by Gardiner Spring, a D.
Bethel Flag, by Garduier Epring, D D 111 mo.
clung a Science, the Teacher an Art.: by Bre.
The era, hit Court and People; by John B. Maxwell.
Lectures on Shakspeare. by H. N.
'llse Mous of America—lllustrated with nine engra
vings on steel, and cortianning sketches of the live, of
Allston, Inman, West, Stuart, Truss . .. Loll, Ile Yet (14
Rembrandt Peale mod Thos. Crawford; I vol. tl vo
Ise Orators of France; contanung sketches of the
lives of Lunarnne, Thies, Napoleon,. Dorton. NI.,
beau. Comm and others, with portrasts of each.
Headley's Napoleon and Marshals; i vols. IY mo.
Headley't ‘Voshington end his Oeneralsu 2 vole, Isha
Ileud ley's Sacred 4qua tante.
The above, togethePwith a large collection of Stand
ard Works, Classical and School Books, for tale by
JOHNSTON & KrtancroN, Booksellers.
je3 corner market and 3d ant
RAVE BOOKS—Chnuners` S.e
IA leot works. 4 vols.
Chalmers' Daily Scripture Reading;
Memoir of the Life of Mrs. Fry, 2nd vol;
The Convent,by the author of 'Schoolgirl In France.'
Lady Mary, or Not of die World, by Rev C B Tay
lot, M. A.
Macy t, or the Pearl, do
Mark Chinon, or the Merchant's Clerk, do
Lifts of Pollok, author of "Course at Tune."
The Listeuer, by Caroline Fry;
Lectures Shakspeare, by N N Hudson,
Life of Olivet CTOMWVII. by J T Headley;
Napoleon and ha Marshals do
Wuhington and his Generals, do
Power of the Pulpit, by Ourthner Sprang, D
Bethel Flag, do do
Ballston 'reaching by Example,
Puling Orators of France, by Turnbull;
Genius of Scotland. do
Life of Rowland Hill, Free C'liurrh Pulpit, 3 vols
(Hawn of Fretless, Now and Then. 6 , 111L1110N Poem:
filar ores Mererr,
Jacob. on Matthew, adopted to Union Questions;
Arthur'. Popular Tales—"lisches In the World,"
"Making Baste to be Rich." -Riches have Wings,"
“Reeptng up Appearances,' •• Debtor and Creditor "
For sale by ru.Liorr a ENOLISH,
jels 1 , 1 wood sod 56 market st .
_ • • .
RECE.I with
V KU and for sale, a lot of chums Pianos,
and witbout Coleman's .rgoltali Attachment, by
humus & Clark. N Y. One of Nunns I Clark's PLllLling,
with the Almaac/it, seas taken 111 Fhgland by hit
Cgleinait, and among otbei telbsuisnosis of ad
miration for Ibis elegant specimen Of American skill
and Ingenuity. eliened the maiming ;remark* irons
S. 'lsaltierg. the greenest Pinnut llcmg
lAsanoll. Jan le', VAS.
• • ^.
Ail AMY Sir—Lu enclosing a letter to my Mend, Mr
Er.and, Pax., I caustot retrain from again expressing
o yo u how much I. was pleased amtlk ).our
Attachment," which I rounder as a lyre. tumor,' on
provrment. I eon assure you that on my pun I shall
with cram pleasure do no utmost tonoti, your Invests
uop known. For sale by II KI.h:BEEL
trY.`s Al , Vo.n.lwrli•. furniture towns. &Ist
V LSI Loitcringt in Europe, or Sket,la;
.1,1 of Travel in Frulre, Nelßiu Switteirlaud, It ly,
Aulgirta. (:realLiMaiu and Ireland, with on
apptindLix, coo...mtg obwrviaisoitii u,t Fatrour...t chart-
tw• mid traidwal °wow.. By Joh; V," COrwit. TI L)
11 novel lit th- col., of "Kiniliet
I.ollµ'' - Two Otil M,o .'{`lll6,"
••.• • • •
VoL ILL Daily Sierynural Reading. Dy the late
Thomas Chalmers. D. I), I. L D
Part 4. The Thousand and One Yiyhu Ilazpecir 11.
loutroimi edition
It Wham the Cottaaer. a bolt fa. eetsdren lly the
author Os ••Ellen Ilerbert.'s Jt
T" abuve ...4 I s cet&ve4 thas day and for +tale by
kW BOOKS—Nlernonals of the Introdaeh.3n of
hlettnedeam two the Esateru State, eoruprteditt
ban raptoe•l tkoure• ol Its early preacher.. aketehaa of
its Stet elitttebea. and retntla.ceucee ita eat., saute
glee sad .uree•.e'. 807 A stereet, A. duet
MentOtt ht Rev Dared D, ls Stmatortary
to China. by too r,,;,..ew. Rev Cr R %Vahan:lwo,
blurt Itl.tton, We Merchant'. Clerk: by Rev Charles
6FV U 't. A.• author of - Iterord• cd a Goad Man'.
' Mar)." - Nlarattret, OIL. Pearl," oke Ate.
The above with a larva uateottotent of new boots. on
hand and jam reee,,vtu, 1.1.L%(1Th ENGLISH,
apYt Id market it
ENt TEIUHDIKS If tstor>> of lot lic•-
01111 tan, and
Greeknd eampalant arming
from the cronies o f 1 .1 1 ,f.01 in Kroancloa.
wq weir country from the 'l' ult.!, 1 oite—at two vol
orne.—rplendid Copy with nameroui maps and corn.
I,e ter.' .ittlol,lllVe of the teten r '.,sra. 111. from
U, •..1. • • a...
Ihrly klownray, tarot,: 1.4.114 t, V•O3 :40 awn
-1 rlkeor !And. French Stage, and Sketches
.n t J•• 1 ree'd and inr sale by
Iat"ALD & klEk..'4ON
•I• Yt 'at mark e I meet_
Trazoo' Plano.
Immo scum) n-
Tnnflarl rust liwaised arld tor *tar
Alr.u. IWO .plendol Hooey)... Pianos,
I.llh crolernz., ee..-oraned .Consan 11.111 tow,. has•lled
most modarn .1) aoo or We •1
/. - 13 F DLL lit wood
0 A RAID AN Nl6ll d..1r 11 .d tar 1 .. -
r”-ading. to evoriaor of public). by Harper . Bro
ther.. %rim lora To top compirt.4l tweJ or part.
Part I red and for rat.. :I
raptor marker nod :LI
Canal Past.— SW A Mk/W. Car Ford
- °CEA-N.O4A •ner.
( ) .‘ V: of the abcrr• Pac hem tome Ile **** ',cry day,
tS t attday • and atrtve or. morning at
WWI'S, arlter• they ,onsacet with the Man Stages for
At ma and Cleveland. arnving at each of these nbsees
betore night One of the Packets (tote Warren daily,
or S St.. and arrive u healer to mar to take the
mamma steamboat for illtsborgh
Cr 1 1 ,2. LEEVINtiWELL. Warren.
St Itt TAYLOR. Prop rinm.
rneXlVell Se
Canal Packers --Paaeam J
, Capt ednea.
ru, • Polloot.
'• Traby,
Parrovta. Weer,
raLCIIION, " Sayer
TT, tame. new an.: .plendoi Pauenger Parkets have
conameared running between HEAVER AND .ERIE,
and nil ma regularly Burma ihr aea.aun - one boat
laavfog Pen. very morning at tivilWt. and one lea,
fug lhavet e•ery re•ning. Inunc4tately after the ten.
TS, Of the ateasaboal Mmlngan (torn Pmanurgh
rbe built mincer and comfortably turn...bed, and
will run through to lorry hoar. Pa..enarra to any
go.o on the Laies, or to Niagara Ptcl.. win and tht•
Mule the moat comfortable and cap...boons Ticket.
through to all porta on the lAlte rain be procured by
apply nig to th• propnetora.
REED, PARKS& Co, Heaver
JOIEY A CAUCCHEY, Aet fhttOiurgh,
cur Water and Sm!thiteld eta
AGE'VTS —Jar I' Dam., Butram N
C hi tired. En., Pa
C C Wtelr.tereenvtlle. Pa,
all'ariand and Kin.. Mg Rana. Pa;
Hays & Plumb, Sharyaburgh, Pa:
W C Nial.,Sh•ron, Pa;
D C Mathews, ihilaski, Pa,
W Cunningham, New Castle, Pa. iyl
• ....
ETW13 , 2.4 Pittsburgh, Morsrtlle, Johnstown, Hol
p I iday %burg b. \Y ate r street, t Huntingdon Co) .n 4 Pe
Tins Line sea formed eachturely for the .pedal ac•
commutation of the way buuneu Tlte Pro pneton,
thankful tor the very liberal patronage they hare re
leleed during the lase two year., wouldrespectfully in
tern, their friends and the public Ono they are now still
better prepared to deliver goods •I any palm on the
Canal and Rail Russia with promptness end dispatch
Plot worth & Woods, Johnstown.
John Miller. Hollidaysburg&
Li A M'Andhy & Co, canal Isamu, Pinsburgh
Err allot & Soirlarr, J &
Mr Deem, &J H Shcieliborger E itobitioni & 0.1;
Moore: Hafalay & Smith; John Parker; %Tin liehruar ta
Dr ahranilier , er. gin)
Penneyivania Canal & Rail Road Eli
press Past Packet Line,
-"k ",:a"
(Ezelumvely for Pssmengers.)
.I , IIE public we respectfully 11110Mled that this lJn.
A will commence running on the tun mot, and roll
Mine throughout the Seaeon.
The heats are new, and of a mpenar class, with en
forged cahitu, which will ;pre greater comfort. Th
cars •re the latest construction
A boat twill arwaya be in port, and travelers are IT
guested to call and ex .:tine thew before engaging p.
" rave 'l" onl h iTlne dollars through.) One °Nile boots
tins Line ertll leave the landing 'opposite 1' S !tote
corner of Penn street and Canal, every togLt at nine to
clock 'rime 31 Jaye For information, apply IL
Mee, Monongahela lloutte, or to It LEFA:II ik Co
ieted Coital !Insist
Dlrrohantr' Trom•portailon
-„ z IS4 8 . , n 4 t 34.
G°OBS consigned To out core will La forwarded
eritbout delay at the lowest current rates.
C A kIeANIM.TY & Co.,
Canal Damn, Penn st, Pittsburgh.
272 and 365 Market at, Phil'.
wit Smith , %stut, Baltimore.
MAU. 1848
• ....
•ud others are informed that !AOC
will ectliilitlC la run throughout thu your. imtviug
daily. Produce and wort:hands.. taken at low rule,
filerehaudrve from Baimport brought out a 1 Usual
rates. Time, five days. J C BIDWEILL, Agt,
Water Cl, Ildoora abort /Bought. House, Putsburgit.
myt7 99 South Charles at, Baltimore.
1848. Mt.lia
Timr, 5 dam zu
" F= " l4l7 t & c t ' L ' l l i r eTkl:
%Vster atom, ilsLeburvh
iat4 47 1.44{ meet, B4lu.ore
For the Recovery of Dormant and improperly With
held Real and Personal Enate—the Settlement and
Arbitration of Commercial, Trading and other Debts;
Securing Patent. for Inventions m Great Britain,
Ireland, and the Colonies and Dependencies thereon
o belonging, and Negotiating for the Purchase or
Sale of the same.
rpliE prtuctpal object in the establishment of this
1 Agency is to set at rest in the robot saciatisetory
and economical mann, possible, the narnerous claims
tor property wluen muse. of the United States really
b•ve, or magine they possess In England and else
'lle efforts of designing Mad tlnSeentelloo3 Men have
been actively engaged to influencing a belief on this
•object in many I,ll,laelees, with a view to petty pecula
tion; grad evidences of the fact have been so freqnentlY
brought to light as to render it a:gently necessary that
ell . olftee be established having for Its object the satis
faction of those who have been deluded, and to estab
lish the claims of such as are the rightful heors to doubt
ful property, or that which is unpropeny withheld.
Articles to the leading journals to the principal exam.
of ;be Union are frequently appearing, headed "'Coven
ley khans:l 'A Great Fortune for Somebody, - -Meet.
tugs of the Houghton's at Worcester," -Chase Meet
ings,' to to , the arnhon of which are generally law
yers seeking practice, or adventurers, whose only ob
ject is to feed upon public credulity, by producing an
exenement Which may realize for themselves immedi
ate pin., sod who are generally speaking. Without
the slightest knowledge of the subj.ta they put forth,
The mdences of this being • lint are every where
apparent, are in noone single Instance have their ill
founded expectations been realised; .d it ts„,with a
view to the cOrteetion of this evil that the snMentier
has etrecleal the most extensive arrmigetnenix to satisfy
the inrsturtng, as well as to satwfy the curiosity of those
who, influenced by family coneeetiou or otherwise.
wish to paeans the ntrutixallon of Matters often nivel.
mg results of the most stupendous magnitude
As regards real estate in England, the bulk of It is
%abject to the laws of Entail and Primogeniture: and
ever since the revolution in tOOs, the poncipal estates
have been subjected to the changes which always en
s. int revolution, confumon, and change of dynasty;
and although there have been special laws passed for
particular purposes, all those which have reference to
this subject, and which were passed subsequent there
to, are mad available in cases of legitimate nght. It is
out, however, intended hi this adventiement, to refer
antecedently to the American revolution of 1776, at
which period, a great number of persons entitled sates.
nous ways to property, abandoned the same by joining
the revolutionary party. This act, in itself, was end
cient uo lead to confiscation where it was directly bent
by such individuals; but when those abandoning the
mune were nail in syeeesSloll to the then possemrs,
die ease became alleged: and alienation from home and
family were made the barriers to rightful inheritance,
Another fruitful source of invesUgation is found in
the Unclaimed Dividend Book of the Bank of England,
and this, furnishing as it does, cab Eoglisb earne that
has ever existed as a holder of funded property, is the
moo relitioce of the unprincipled traders to public
The moiler. of investment arc exceedingly numerous
in all pans of Europe, but in England particularly so;
and the subsantter is prepared to show the tnetlnte•
which he possenws, for an Investigation in any of the
means above alluded to. Besides all these, there
property posaseely bequeathed, and which, in conse
quence of the absence of the parties to whom demised,
becomes meolved in and subject to the laws of the
Coon of Chancery.
lu all eases, even, Of supposed faintly ronnevon, the
most positive and minsfactory Jugnmation can he alfors
tied as to the facts connected with the members of fam
ilies. no mutter bow remote the date, or seemingly dlf
finch the nivesugauon; and where the can has alrea
dy been undertaken by any of the numerous permute
who pretend to a knowledge of this business, and who
here altogether failed in obtaining, or omitted to afford
the information sought by the victims of their specious
and delusion. ate mutter is the more readily under
taken, because of the greater satisfaction In aiding
where the pretences of others have olmstiteg, so much
nnmented confidence.
. .
In the setdemerit of Oantaternal, Trading and other
Debts, the necessary legal anti mercantile annum
will be brought to hear, an experience of half • centu
ry in this particular branch, is the best evidence that
cult be afforded of the ahilliN that will be bestowed uu
matters coming under this he id.
Inventors and others requiring Patent rights secured
in any or all ports of Europe, can have the mune effeet
ut a very trifling charge over and above the usu•l
fees required in any oven country. Every informa
tion respecting the probable expenses, and the mode•
operandi will at all nines he cheerfully afforded, and
the tecilittea paruculerly //1 England, for disposing of
the right, 40, are of the most extensive chanicter. In
fra...m.lois are siso infereil to men of wealth and high
respectability %Vl...ever belongs to this department
is ample The attention, therefore, of the public in gen
eral is particularly solicit...l to this brunch of the Agen
cy Communic4tmins by tenter are requested to be post
Ron Ch. k . D.y, Judge CI. Common Pleas, N V
Chas. Cartlid. A Co.
W r J •r Tapeeoo,
O. R. A 'beach., Eq.
Edward Schroder, Eq. Cole omen, Ohio .
A P.a.'s. Ewi. Pewit. Pwehoi Haut. BolTalo
tI'IIF. undersigned oilers ler sale • superior article
of Lirick for building . , Made Ly his Steam Press,
unproved machine, Inc which be has ohlarned it patent,
and •grees to give ;inrehasers t wrlneu guarantee that
they ars stronger, and will resist frost and wet weath
er and urdithe less immature or dampness than any oth
er limit, posse...rig greater body and superior texture
and much more durable in every respect, each brink
Laing subieeted to a pressure of several num and pc.-
..414g a Lan/some smooth surface and even edges,
they nuke a from equal to the Lest and
They have given the gre satisfaction to all who
hare purchased. A kiln ra n ho
he seen at ray works, and
stn,nien at the Garen.- office
having supplied meut-elve•tor their bstidlngs,
a”.i uisn, , 0.0 lit,, suisrrsot liatd
.01,1 rating u I 3 ea, eau ohlain thew
ri PEGG.
Batniughan),intie 11, I,i-tn.._
ot ot r an tr. Co . tor IgiEay,,;,= 7
Typs, and as last, type is attagetnes taa.U.Ssct
no, +. the triveohoot of Isaac Stuger, one of die firm.
Ilwy feel confident that :nry offs, • MOP, perfect arfic
ot if pr. and at Muth 101..11 rate. than any ...galore
offered in the Untied Stale. and are now ready to fit/
orders for the ma.
. .
All orders addressed to Schley, Ryan & Co.. at
their QM.* in Laaonsud alley, between Wood and
Southfield Wee., seta be punctually attended to.
rroprtroors of newspapers, on copytug tutu ad
nerusentent 3 months, and senthug us Inca paper, will
b. enn Ord to meets. %ea pay in type, on pureho.our
tar. , tones the asuottut of Urea bill for ode erustng.
Ocoee •t the Exchange r Daltitoore.
I,I F-UCCEL) an.rm.— the churges base Oran redo,
cell on ad hicuaga•to or mom liaJusuore, Pou.
or W Lemnos. and correspondlng reduchon
'node on all teiegrapbec despothae•lorwartled tnon
utoore %Vett ot Patten-ugh. Pa.
Hama.— rho charge tor • telegraph despatch to or
front BaJthotors. Pitutstrgh and W beating, ot 4d cents
tor the first ten word. and 1 cents for each aildtnottal
Lir No charge o made (Or too address and squa
out the eocnplesou of the South Western Lute of
Telegraph tom Mentptus, Tenn , to New Urbeans, dea
pate tee can tea forwarded to Memptos by this mote, and
maned for New Oriel.. jell
The Alleghoin e y
AT the 111114.1.0 rnecung of the Coryaetan, held on
ter Jte .tost the toßowtoe Pod.'" "'d"
rao•.1) re-elected Managers tor toe eumung year:
THOMAS HOW E r Preaiden:
JESSE Ca Furrit ERS,
. .
/ Ft xsze. Jr . :ra-cretary and Treasure,
The annum.] •tamtuent preeentrel the offers of the
Cotupauy to a •ery prosperous conditton Thetr pare
,11 We coy Is No 37 \ cer etrect 01%
XPE:IIII.:ACED irides, on • tnal of Doe and • hall
_CA oulhona mucus Lola prvuourn:e tots snuck! unsur
pas...l tur durst.uhly Ita the cunotrucuuls ol all Itroda of
FFurnaces Vrice ICAL:S casts for loads of 10 PI, rum,
/Lowed nine tooradm use urders for • second quality
Bone. I.lnrk• artil be aiorated at SN per St, II to de
bcr.d. gu•rantee. A sure tof tAe first usably
ta now for sale at the warehouse, 'Sloan's Wharf,' Ca
rrot Ilaslet, by SILAW MACLAREN„
011,6-11 geu•inflon Iron Wort.
lIIKENix FIRE lIRICKI,V—Ttu , subaerlbers Uselag
Ueen appointed sole Agent. by the tO.Oliettirerl,
tor the sale 01 lb° celettraleat - Phan. Bricks,. Cr,
now prepared ur till orders for ton guanury, at VAIL
casts. per 1,101 For the coostructiou of (unmet, oi
ail kmds, th ese beleta hare beets proooloiced by cola.
pelent ,udge• as being( superior to all other fire bricks
now to use. C A tiI'ANC I.T /1. Co. Canal Uagnu.
URTABLS. FOKUSS — A very enurement arbele.
1 Delivers and •b toe mese can Let...eked by toe ban
dice by 'admen. A tee. nerd ar4d,tr.aajr.b.y..„..
.12,4 May lid, 14 , at the School noose ut the Mutat
Ward, roasburgh. ' Hy If. M. lireelrenrolfre.
rpuhdred by JOHNSTON & S K FUN. mu' for
*ale by all the ttooksallen to the nty ITI
WINKS -10 yr coats and YU Ind bbl.Yort Sveee ,
Malaga, and Madeira Nl'ine, eoutprimng mama
er, elsoiec and •upenor brand, received and lor sale
ou accommodating terms, by
ml it %V a Al Illurrty sr
LAN.D Oil. —5O lads superior. Ilurclihardfr Irraud
iosi received and for sale by
-1 Kilai k l'o, al wood at
rack* supenor Oats, teed per steamer
lhagent e sad far sale Loy
reed J e. H YLUVI), Ramat Church Buildings
4;2 WELT MALAGA WINE-21/ qr ca.t sweet Mal.
fru Wtne.,ust reee/ved laud lur sale by
Alr twr INDIA lIONEV-2 oast laralltner and y
y fur sule by JAMES DALZELL,
/el 2 21 water st
WILITI.K/W GLASS--Su' ILts eAtU, lot .ale by
10 t
s or
VU 11....1,41;,1i
13E12E-2 bbis lurk led, lAA, lb. &led; (Of sale by
A ACKFIREI.—N. 2 and .1, la half cud yr bblr, fo
in *ale Ly j) I I +Y VU lIONNIIORST aCo
Dltou.Nit+- ,t 5 do, extra large g. h. Browns; 20 do
Itocaoster do, .1, do Corn do, tor ude by
andACK"RE : "'P It ' r!I V o
by 4 II2INLt Y TC
lb. lur sale lew_na 65 , 0. comp.
I,IEATIMILY-17 ',Lek' , Feathers, just lanthog and
I t tor sale by W F-ITON BOW EN,
Iyl3 70 front at
IjAHLP , V: 4 sacksilarle‘. for sole by
- -
APPLES --5 bbls Just tee'll and for sale by
BIRD PEIBPS:RS—OO4 :Lapel resolved and fur sale
XIII by B A FAIIN I ,"11)CS: b. Co,
augl9 conger Ist and wood sts
bIENNA--300 tu.t reed and for ule by
lohglb 13 A FAIINESTUCK I Co
_ .
Ilhd . o u n i or N IJ;k ae s i
L` b y
l'— a
/ Ul f g g b lo 4 1-4' tg tilrAlTll7llllO'
INSEED OIL.-111 We for sale by iirma
. .14 anti DRAIN &
LARD 0117-:11) al; and 4 half !AA', tn store sod to
”le b • nu; BROWN & CLILHERTbON_
D ACON SItOOLRERS-10 clubs lost reed and for
I) rola by soglil BROWN a CULBERTSON
COFFEE--I:NJ fur. k• Rto Codee, a prime use'. putt
received nod for rule by
alugl? W ICK & M'C ANDLESS
BUORROM POTASH—OW lb: just rec'd nod for
sale by B A FAIL EOCK
&ILO, corner lit sod Wood Ca
Asthma, Bit:matins, Spitttt%/ . Llcirbi, Pain In t h e Side
and Bream, Bore navel,
Mille Heart, Wbooping b, Cron
Nervous Tremors, Liver end
Diseased Kidneys, are. Bally
eared by ;
Dr. Seroyineos CompouniLayrnp of Wild
it amild and pleasant to the Male, perketly tare and
harmless to its operations, and yet it Is one of the most
powerfhl and certain *mete' for'Cousuramion of the
fn up, Coughs, Colds,the Asthma, Spitting M ood, Beer
SOntplaint., PULLS at . Solo or .Bressi, mid general
DcLailtr of the Constitution that alas ever unmated by
the skill of man for the relief of the, afflicted public.
Certificates and evidences of tea woridernal curative
powers are daily received from all quarters It is im
possible to concmve the registd ot stuffentig sad mis
ery dun has been t eller 6anished by in tsar MI
we calculate theta:roan= benefu Mat shall aoerns from
it hereafter. All ages, Ream, RIM constitutions aro
alike affected by it, and the disease is eradicated from
wedthe nyermn, 0.... _ .
0 , u ,14.9,nn renal*, and health r a t
h=ars W71...S S d ne,
.0 . /1
lß r
i w yy
e y
m e
i a
aQ/d approaching ai an unconely
bloom of yuth, from their relatives and (firma', afflic
that Anal mnimalf CONSUMPTIDN, which
armies the miserable inter. until ha la kayoed the
power of tinm. skin. If melt MruStrers would only
mate a trial Whir. SWAY... Contamad
Cherry, they would
find thenoonves stoner relieved
than by gulping the rations ibeffikum
which oar mawspispefili abound; this IVegembh,
ly' heals the ulcerated inhVi t stOPPing Profuse s4tlt
sweats, al the SIMS tinte intinemg a natural Nd healthy
expectoration, and the patient and soon find himself in
the enjoyment of corosbnable health. The public should
bear i s mind that Dri Swart. reguMr practising
physician, and has had years acenerienne dise. s e.
of the Lune, Chest, ft,c. Thelenglnal amt
me article Is n B DK. SWAYNIN w
4N all the cares Math. trot been recorded, we may
safely say the wards of medicine gamma furnish ono to
surpass this, which Oise stands at a living proof of in.
curabdity of musumption, area: when life had been
despaired of Dr. Svrayuch Compound Syrup me of Wild
sall professes to be, the greatest dioine
knownm the
The True Riehha of Life Health.
Da. Surarna—Dearlear,—FM the good of the public, 1
ltd myself in duty tamed to Ms* to the great cure
which yew Compound Syenpof hi/ Cherry perform
ed un me. For my pen, I feel as, if eVery body ought
to know it_
was Mitered with violem coutte
tin voice lod night meals, [mamma, and Of
the mt.e.wig ets Mmehtig PAM a Um dime=
my appedte was gone, and my strength had eo far fail
ed me that my friends and pharaaman were persuaded I
could not survive many days. Hy luster, who was my
anxious cam-taker made inquirr where she would be
ukely io procure the mom cantata relief. She was told
that if Dr. Sweyne's Compouml Syrup of Wild Cherry
foiled in the cure, my life teas then hopeless. Yam'
medicine was untocifilately procured, and the first Ws
de gave rebel, and by the time 'had ccrameneed the
sloth bottle. my cough hod leftmeead my suer was
much improved. In short, it has ramie • per ect core
of me, end I am at this present- time so hearty a man a.
I wish, and have good :vaunt to believe that theme of
your medicine has saved me froze a premature grave.
I shall be pleased ID dive cry bWrmetioo respecting
my ease. I AI Haar%
39 chaster St, between race and vine us, Mina
Consampuvea, Reath Reed!! Dr. bwayne's Compound
Syrup of Wild Cherry . .
In Mann the year lan?, I found it necessary In my
prof...mai preview* compound a medminal preps..
anon ror diseases of the cheat and lanes, pissesemg
more powerful healitig propettimituut any other hith
ertoknown for each Mamma. la my sitkPOLND
SYRUP OF WILD CHERRY, I hey. bellulferl Ma ,
ceasful. ,The truly astortiablileares effectild 117
m uni
med awn spread Its fame road; for it owes none
of its success to matulfactured neirspaper pure or for
ged certificates—the teal burinehi -.merits of at 7 ,
pound la the only cause of Itsjimpulanty. eeteastve
sale moo excited the envy en certain speculators . ill the
&Nimbius of his fellow creamy', so much no that in •
mw years from the Who that nly preparation was intr.
duced to the public mai m gredldamand, a firm la duo
city, finding that my, preparation had gained • high
reputation or ns curative prownes, eerie Ma with
what they called Dr. Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry.
This respectable and popular pliHtiemo odd 00 more
to do with the article than poor Salt Pinch. The mime
f Dr Wistar u attached to make ft appear that Me em
inent practitioner was the original inventor of the pt.
paranoia inch is not the fact. The above firm, the re
al meenlor, sold the recipe andrAjMt to latilliOdaelMe m
soma patent modicine dealers Ciamunau for the
West and South, end another In New York for the East,
who afterwards, it is asserted, sold ono to a druggist in
Etomma—rat the number of hands into which it may have
charmed is an enigma.
In some place• they assert It einanated from a phy
sic.. in PhiladelphUn in others; - nom a phyaician m
Mammilasetut. So it has falsehood and stratagem
Bumped in every telltale.
There bare been *number of miter prepanuions pat ,
porting ta comae Wild Cherry pirt oat mace, from the
hands of inerpenencm which the pubileahould gm=
&gun.; as they Mnltalln noon of the virtues or the ot
nal and only genuine preperaumar which bean the -
Wean of Dr Swarm on o=lo bottle. The preset,'
monafacturers of their pugs sad Mae certificrum have
the daring cemetery. ad cantiOa Um public soma mar.
chasing my Medmine_, the only tulip genuine andsuili.
cal prepwridhou of Wild Cherry. before dal Writes
whirl is proved sausfactordeby the public records ,o 1
the ComMenwealle 04 Pennsylvania, as well as ran
o other odtmal documents, DR. H. SWAYNE,
Inventor midsole Proprietor of the genuine Com
pound Syrup of Wield Chatty, Corner of Eighth and
Race streets, Philauielptua
Pamphlea can he !attained gratis, seuing forth au
array ut lettustatiT that ttnalrinao the meal akeph
cal of the acondemal virtues of Dr.Swayuc'a Compound
Syrup of Wild Cherry: CRS sod get o n e, that all may
read. Purchasethe medicine, mid ea coast.
For isle, astolemilepud the AKents.
W 01 Tllol.\, .l hharools4 UIiDEN A-SNOWDEN,
roster l% uod a. 4 !Arany .t.:S JUNES, trAJ Llberty
a, 11 A rAIINENTLICK ea Co, corner of Fire and
Wood and Math and Wood; mid JOILN MITCHELL,
Al trebeity city. Marra
We have been infornsed by yrs. Rime of • core mar—,
blawd antler by Dir. JArite Alterative, •••P
, 8 vex it; saperioht rposestrAltry
woe tatiiAtice7 — rs and infolihrieo.of rihriesTaiones, de
nag which time moo fleece b. - Tribe= discharged fmm
the items' bane of the erableseb from both her are.,
WM. mod hands, and from both Lege, and from the left
rel oral tope, and from the right: knee besides phials!
lee,. on other pans of her perrop, which have traded"
We ;01l of a somber of the mom eminent physiortuteet
our ca. —durong Irma Of she time hei satferings have
been exerundarg end diiptorstble.- Ahern three months
otnee and ora• tridilerit to try Dr-Jajneso Alleratrte,
which !Lai had an ardorsushihrs/y (sappy effect upon her,
by rrinnwag all pens hod hurts/lingo, and clalltag the
errs is, Seal, whflif at the throe time bier general health
hal become eatepletely esstOteti, So that she how weighs
A lb* more than sae dul bedire she COUtaaaLLOad the use
of this tr•ty valttabis grsepsttoss—qtot. Eye. Po.
For further uvormatna,mquiro of hlts. Iteee,Ptia.l2:l
For hale in Plostkirgif, at, the PEKIN TEA STAtlitE,
7i Forme Ilea, Weed.
FJ tb.S.—Screlide in All its Inaltlplisil loans
wNether in that of King's Rvit,enbizsmests the
glands or hones, Lte .Whitts lags, enrol.
Rheumatism, Conser,Wisoases of the Skm or Spine,
or of ruliaunary Chni.Sitinptiort, °female from use
and the same cause, which is a poison°us principle.
morn or less inherent in the homes system. Thin.
fore. unless this prioeiple.ean be destroyed, no indh
cal cure eau be cfiected, bet it Use principle open
which the disease depends, la removed, a cure
west. of heceraity Follow, no matter ander shallot=
the disease should manliest hied. This, therefore
Is the reason why J Alines AC TTTTT LYE is so um
versa!, successlol in removing so many malignant
diseases. it destroys the virus or pin:kelpie from
stilm those demesne trays their drigm,by entering
into the circumuon, and with the blood is conveyed
to the monies% here, remoeing , every pothole of
disesso hem the system. ' Prepared and sold at No.
8 booth third strest,Thileilelphis.
Stud st the Pekin 'lea Shire, N 0.72 Fourth wrens
IA Dike a Who U,b Coos:lob Plegarad Qttaa are
1-4 °net: tuta aware haw lite/ 4olly µvinous t is to
the alai! 10.•/ tonne, troy rough, haw sallow, ,allow,
Said unhealthy the said appears after using prepared
chalk, ilesubs, tt itlfunalla, e 0131411114 &large VIM
LAI) et Iced. e bard preparetla bauutitel vegetable
article, which we call JOZ I II4I'S. dPAtWStk LILY
iirre It to perfeelly turtoectht. helug purified of all
deletenoas gaalltieslland tt mipietti tin the skin a Oath
rat, healthy, alahaacrieleae, tiding: white, al the same
note acing as a east:tune On the skin, waking it eon
and =watt,
Dr James Armen4o, Freon:L.l Chemist of Aiwa
c husetts any. 'Anti analys,,N; Jones's Spanish Lilly
W one, l bad tt possrancs the must beat...Cul and oann
nil, at the mote time totweent white I aver Law. I
certainly can coßscientendyllCOJlLLnend me roan
whose skin requires tinasta i
y ns."
1 M
aori, at his Boot d oboe
Store,tli Liberty street. head of Wood , at th e .Li d
the Dom. •
Lathes, lathes, I'M unntished,
When you km's, that yea areproottssd
A natural, Ulla-like, towel' white,
That you wilt still use common chalk,
And look adeathly yellow trMiht,
Tat Mame laughter undo( talk.
Ifyou would L.. :a not(Oh/NV:4 Lilly-white, It
would give your skin Inn•lldsASler.yet natural white,
and at the date clear and koPlose tL ttuld al
JACKSON'S, MO Liberty at= h , es cert. per Pot
P W A.A.E 11.91JS E.
I VDUS Mt FIELD Wren for sine ai. the town
Mansineiurers.priees, a very extensive it.trtl
meut of PS PER. astopsising eirecy possible variety,
ildeptx4 Mina roams of ponsaaterarn all section. alba
eaniary. Paper of kind* ma to order 11.11
Unstuck of PRINTING' PAPER is iransunal large
sirrsTira L l is: k ir i aßtr i l i nki,AZ AlALs
of livery ...Nilo., inrported eornit i l i r
e a
b., rte: /shins., W
Clatlii,lPOinthrictior 1 itp
Bleaching PinsithriPthe it ringine,Tnritie, a e., !se
Canvass, We Rair,Ginntitin, Bagging, V. 0.,
putissedoor orkiir toe 110iSt price m C ot, NM be
paid y . York, Je!yjlS4o,
Dr. W. P. latal.d.aVa•min... Plmasar.
DR. W. F. LILAND, LheAledical College ( Phd-
atielphia, nod often tO-tkistpithlte !us twit.. Vet
table Premium Plaster, the mis.Qatet of which, after
long and tried experience, Ilea Leen satisfactorily et
utbUtlieid. To Mil 'mum who timy be adlimed with
Prolapse,. Merin he recommends hit
gnarardeelng a sore kind sitealy core the
taint apace of (rout tiro to thee
11 applied with
care ead rest---disearding all the counileutostritmenta
and expensive baddages so Mug in use. Thu, he feels
conscientious lo attains, mattutich as he has not failed
in one case out of three hundred and fitly-duca pa
Also for RheneWn sin sal Waal, Brews or Bank, at
tended with psis then • nothwir to excel tint Plaster
in affording relief°, effectiug • can. For sale by
L Wilcox, corner of lliantond end Market It
w enn & Thaw; Liberty and St- Clair sts
Dr i °organ Federal st and Diamond, Alla
ghesay M'
Diamond, I:firming
- A O F Vlealp. tet the World.
rrIWE.NTY- Alls will be paid to my one
I wbo well predate fir pl,nt. green or &yob.%
cAnnot bare trael WI lie.ol, hammed Qtenteml
Soap. I the =Wee al mum to me people ol
an, place, drat Mc &Wilk, byr my ormlaprorement on
at a ,,,ja eurrrellml l 0 o.le conger, Mr exereeting
pease, tar, tackti oil, paten; et tiny mbar grenai epb-
Sloane, Imo dl hind% blgonillelbeb • orlarkes' e t =
ww o, obi,: pled.; ottruMfattavrta, Moms'
ha, without rrdorkog tont:Wog that pare water will am
mime. More Min op. Mom.. poison.
puts of the 000)001 have _;old- me they amid .1 be
anthoot It; if IlOord One &Uttar aloe la wpm Wb
Yaw on more than 900 artattii or light allke. away u s.
peteaa, and calicoes, I hate Olt bend three piano 0 1
ult, two of alpteett, wad ftair•o( oailimon which It
chanted the colon 44n:Nz*.beGm Puha' 4.0 a light
dram try oomph OfDr:geetii MM. 1 cub Ws became
I am determined not to rem:Ohm:4 tt any sunitear *ea
Mom to be aril:lly true. N
.11 lion.
Pnee, iYi ou.-a eats. Bold, whole:tido cad • It E SELLERS.
deal V mood el
rIIEAS-30 asliabesis Y UT.: du MI Imperial do.
3340 miGampimilar do do black dix 30 eat;
ty bre lamp... .4 Y Mauna mid for eale
ielto B le CULLIER7BI3I.;
~ s _ ~~.
AnitinkZ=ltivt i vriz
Moms' Inorary, Waterxdoill Go_ i ., I
nth, Igegi
Seikrwr*Lopso orderly uly
to r. thlmairo n ,
tauter tooth my lanais tatimosi is foor of
eckluata Live, MIL 14r. derma dotes
selleriog to Derry Cocketti arm* °to em yea a t e
tita go .bed. '" Meet ditto new preperstims of map..
and q=, landed to the skim, ham .oak into obrolothisce
Piste have born offered to tho pobllo .41
Trelien tiny rail ',entry them .5," as they an I .
yoe rrpressat them to be. 1 hen Mao .dieted with Ulm
Complaint Croce my yoottt; have maned nosh; omploy a a
corny ania.atpho,fc to whose I othl loth ban
km moth •bo vomit:Mud pkgmelned SUNNI to 16.04
nitrated 6or 6 Imsesoad drolly givea op es hound& le
Ita67 I wee inbreed to tD , your Liner - Pills, and SOON GOT
WELL. Om box ef is essersefSeitst to keep ese ether
of ply is the eidelood all the other symptom, kw at hoot I
le menthe. Toot Tilts melee the best eallortir I ever modi
Wog Gild. act griping or globe; mesh Sumo at the now t
ark, bet goe ose moth relief I have kept theca In my mom
bra es 7 pan; wad kondreds of boles, and hare enter
beard ..lost. oresphisit awed by any me who ha red
tam. They ban tothereedeel alms man other pill is this
asighborhordood ix • short time will banish them all.
ornanly rerommod them to LI mown osedurg
whether ibr Liver Colophon or &dims /Schou. plma
dder tbes far raporior b Wowi or thte Elba rill &gen-
(W &MII—As then ether Pills bef!r! . i ttr ' pabass .
causo Lime Ptilla, penom who mat thetoT,Ntille &koala
ark kr and tan mother thea than mewed mad odd by ft •
SILLLEBS, Po 57 Wood-et booms Ttdrd end roar&
aeldby 1)e-. Cosa, Filth Ware, Et M Coiov, albite=
or tLm
TIOCITOIII. W. MORRPS reutres his sincere
thanks to the Citi.ll. of Pittsburgh and alleghtmy
for the very Liberal sum= end encouragement he
has received =dun the that ea months. That the Wa
ter care should apeolre such celebrity, is meld=
strange nor etysterstmewhen it is consideredbriegram
• numb& of C•SeS of every variety of diseases, Oath
acute and chronic, have been cured by • italic/ma ass
of it. In Germany, where It origltuded, thousaad
of the wont eas= theta.= given op by the most skit
fol physicians a / , '•eps aa, incurable, wen =red by
the =mortal Priesailtr, the founder of the Water Cure.
le Engiand. France and America, thousands of hope-
less cases have been eared by - tr, and the namerees •
Hydropethic sitabfishments sow to successful opera-
don bathe UMW States, speak vo/nmes to favor of tL
Dr. Monis having permanently established hintmlf
in t= city of Pittsburgh, three doom southwest air.
win's alley, On Penn meet, la now prepared to take a
somber of boarders mod treat them at lug housiLasid
those whopeefer being treated Co their own awe
eel be punctually and faithfully attended. He may
consulted at hie =ice from 1 o'clock till 3 P M., end ;
from 0 to 10 lo the evening.
N. 11.--Every variety of baths made use of In Is
Water cure, both for lathes and - gentlemen, can be oh- ••
Mined rut= etherierum, on Liberty street, where they
have been recently erected for thee/ones. use of Hy-
dropathic patients, and where every aueetioe wo be
!riven by the polite and attentive proprietors.
0r..1 English a.m.ny.
FFORCougha, Colds, Asthma and Consumpuim Th e ,
GREAT - AND ONLY REMEDY for the ma oldie
above diseases, is the /fUNOAMAN BALSAM OF
LIFE, discovered by the celebrated De. Buchan, of
London, kligland, and tritoiduced Into the United Stales
order the immediate mperintendence of the inventmas
The extraordinary mecca. of this medicine In
cure of Pulmonary dlitemes, w orients the nineties& 1 . 1
Agent la adicning for treatment the worst possilde ea
ses that eau be found in the community—eases that seek
relief In vain Gorr any of the common rentediee of the
day, and have been given Rib) themost
physicians so confirmed and meursible. Tlai di =
en Balsas has cured, and will cure, the meg desperate 4
pf cases. It to no quail nostrum, but a standard ling- p,
inedicinh of known and einablished efficacy.
Every Ninny In the United States should be
with Unchan's Hungarian Balsam of Life, nor= I
counteract the consumpure tendencies of the Maass,
but to be mad as • preventive inefficitte to all cues of Fi
colds, coughs, spirting of blood, pain us the side and
chest, Irritation and somnens of the lungs, brae-bins,
difficulty of bleating, hectic fever, nit sumts, motet
anon and general debility, asthma Litenza, who opl a{
cough and croup.
Sold in Wko bottles, at 11l per bottle, with lbS
nona for this restoration of health
Pamphlets, containing • 113.3. of T..
can certificates, and other evidence,.
equalled melts of this green Feels! : r t.
°bowled of the Agents, gratuitecaly.
For sale by B A FAHN - MiTOCK t Co., corned of
It and Wood sod Wood and 6th 104. marl
Lt HUM the Rae ASA Sill reN,• well known M
ar Clergyman of the Pnatestenthlethodlat
The undersigned lama beenalaleted during Me put I
winter with • lilac .e °film steouteli, sometimes pto
diming gram pain la the atomectifttrtes or twelve/roan Y.
vinthDlaantenalzeloo, and atter Parma tried veriois
remedies with Little effec t ,, was famished with a bottle
ofDr Jayne's Carminative Balsa This he esed es
=to Um dlreetions„ and dread navarlably that the t ,
caused the paha to abate In throe or fear ans•
ores, utd in fifteen or twenty Mimi. alsry
mensarka was entirely quieted. The medicine was
-taretardsosed whenever iridicaribniar the approach of
pats were perceived, aed the pate seta thereby Prima- .1
ed. He combatted to sae the medicine every no=
and noontime.j.he morning, and in • few
health au tou r teetered, that dm aalferer was mks,
ed from • large amount of oppmadve pain. From ex
patience, theretbre, he ean confidently recommend D
1) Jarne's Carummdve Balm.; as a .dowry medloin
for diseases of themomach end bowels. A SIIINND
1.1 key cityA3l ;"/
For sale in riusbargh as the LINN EA
72 Fourth street, near Wood, and atop at theDmi
eta, of If P MARTZ, Yederel steel. A leeway
Parity Your Mood.
Ua.o. E. SLBLEI —Dees Sirs Last Spring, .4 de- 7,
at. rum the previous severely maim. 2
with a mntrulom complaint in esp. legs, end kailleen
for some months under the must et ; phmicians +do/
said uty case was almost incurable, .dte , „ Id could do
but hide be me. 1 w. nestriy heple. , 4 °di
with W
aid of matches could wish di ooh lu me/
and i laid aside my many /
m, mug only a ca.. idth my cane, and
I. the end ofthe fourth, was oo otolLas to amiss all tier
In shearing he. In an, I tut& five horde.
mrofina and soma hamr 41-hailed top, and .mss hest
41=0 I' I have seen adalppeinsum of the discs., bet ).
hams continued, and am now,lnattamost perfect heath. t
.tau with confidence, hoytingthitz others may be tem C
caned in the mums stray, th at theAlarsaparilla .old kir
you, ha Mon the mesa .d the only 171-041.11 of die.,
tug the cure. COB. US J. MS& :f
lot µla wholesale and retail, by
dam B. A. PARIPM , I•OCE h. Co
aor. front P wood W k Woe.;nun wood k
1: Cream de' Amanda Amara', ter shavarm
Cream • la Remo, for a/mettle,
Almornle Cream, dm
bt.overfine Bo on Poroelairtabanda
baegant stem bags, performed wvO . Lavender, Anglo-- ,
t e rra NMI;
Itesotifol powder parrs, o( all
,patterns; ,
Enesosaed totlet boxes, emnarnour fragrant cane. .
for die hmtditoraluef; • scent bag, and loan sou vs, mu. : ,i ",
able tor parsama.
. .
PetsLan., or Chinese powder& . ].
bon= vegetable hat, nI, ~,
bear.. od, In fancy or emozoon 'mappers, Croft seem-
. 41 ,,, i
Soap: Nymph Pow Valk Lip salve; • 7.1'
t . hen Map &eta map; together arab a groat variety ` : of bac purse:wry: rust reetovedicar tale by '.,'
avlo_ ear Mb & wood stn :,
_. _
fe el '
. du ct I
M. owe to my fellow oreamms, to statemehinty
Sinee fizen
mete empee
thed the tusg your V
Balsam, etieueb about eleven le PubutharrHalsess m, .
the hap elect of which I them save an account oc I
have bad seemed severe compLatats and attacks at etT
lungs, one • few dap. since, an& in every instance I W
have used the Balsam Linn. with complete end perfect. it
µteems. It haa 'affected relief and cure in a very few
days. IT is certainly • safe medicine. I do nut know
that it will care a hoed consumption, but I believe is r
ill /.43 in many cares • penantive, and preventwa I.
Wiser than cam I do thentam, far the love of my 114
low men, earnestly recomowo4 the use of this Belem&
in all mona/Tcomplaint.' lam confident dem It
has been the means of mese:type my life to th sa dry„
Bolton Jane lA, kid. BENJAMIN PAID .ONlt.iftt
For sale by B A ' , Naum:ink, fr. Co, comer a re , Led
wood and aim corner wood and ath. MS
0 pourer town! IFTracapaso, Let leg. 9
R. S. terioater—My wife has hn years bean sabest
to • di/magma unigh, acoomputi . . ed fi n
the cure of which de oaed thatyaa agh mimeos,
and had the utvica of the mote atairea Ohysacaara lf
Englund, but all unta anaVaßlag. etyma, I be
of Your ImParod SinlPt wea induced to toY .
■ bottle for ova, although 1 bad no b. ,11,1 that
could remove ber aomplablL To my great aurpaON
two done gave her bomottiati- tetteL g.he i• as area t
isootned with a cough, but two tuutc oooe f e t at Syrup
taws> • stops It. lam Ilatiehodgler a trial of three or P,
too, yew., that Seller's Cotigtiftrup 1. rha Luc
autbeltte I have ever tried m the Old or Pew t:
Wore, , nomarana,
BOTVWI Ward, tety of Plustaarga.
The above centAcate, ahoohl. aldose ell who,
troubled with cough Oiamitata, If.* ItYruiwirt- 4
al. It may be bad fat t% cease a botOteou the droll
ooze of RE SELLERI I . wood
So4l try Do Canalidth woad, and P, A Carry, Ala- 3
Patina Block Ifni. sir Trusis s
M EWLY INVENTED—Fort/ e retie/send Perris:era 1 3
Cite of HERNIA or Mira U RE. iguileo tr
the superior clams.' e.os Ti... consist in die can
with sense". it oiny b e wo n,. Th e pal
Wdod deldg neatly Weinced 05 ponds, yields t, Fes- 24
Mite id& day pan a{ i, uid.litorousbly adapts n.el ii
uesseirieni ...ifs by We swears, It eon t.r
witnest internOVison, nuul a care is elected. I tie
terbers have 'olds trtaa u lur We Man,. feLIPIII
.1 Oa to Teaesea,to l eillyeriuy Ayle elute w
dess, yrd hay o them now for pito< at deer Lite.e, , L 1
n, at lieu Stith, Piedberge.
Pal D. W. KAuFktes
VERMlPUtiC—pertor to any
.rea narrd.”
bleawas TT, Fayette courtly, Pa., Mande l a.
13..4taa-1 hereby eeruty Om I 1
yens Vennianps ram, family, and belle•e r
not superm to any I have ere. used. I c.„, ai
my eluldien one dose, which aTpelled abor
. E
VI ood
Prepared and sold by H EIIfELLER.s
Bold 4y Dr Camel, 61h Work hl Car,, 67 VI
W J Sundt, Ternpenneenrdlg sad I• j aL „„ . t
hQu y
14 y 4
1.3 by tuy3 , D D Ac Co
P: B e UO
Pt; ut.ISIIED DAILY, TIII-D" ELOCLY w)161CI.; Osztur Seiktheip„ NA t
Oue toserrion of Wheel, 00ess, ..... ....• $ 0 aj
inuertioeu withoutelterationu,. ......... 0
Three • '• . I
Out; Week ....
Two Weeks 16
Three ••
Chau Month,
Tato "
Three "
0:7 Loner advertion - mentain mote propoo . on.
One .quate,s vaciatha, wittona aitcration... 10 CI
" -•• " • 16 t
Each additioa.sal ovary fore months 5
1." 10 C,
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