The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, August 19, 1848, Image 1

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A ssoN, LAPILkaI Co.—Hide and Leather Deal
-2,11„ ers,Ski Perry st. Nem York.
Fterstarkne.Nolt rimer Pittsburgh, E. ',trick lk
Co Phittalelphis.
Consignments of 'Western Leather holeited. and lai
r:Ml advanectmndo, if required. (cbl:dr,m
ATWOOD, JONFZ d. Co.. Comm.-ton Ta
tra/Ming Merchants, have reconed to tbeir old
steed, %Votes and Rout streets. Pittsburgh. octnl
.?RAUIV k REITER, Who;egale an' Retail Drug
rt.., center ca Liberty uud s. El al t xtreell. Yals
burg , Pa. saayl4
ROWN + CULBERTSON, Wlao!ramie Wotan,
and Commissurn au
Merabts, No. 145, Liberty pt.,
haLuzEIL Pa. 11c:114i.
BA. VAILNESTUCK & Co., Wh01e...110 mod Re
. lull nruggisla, corner Wood and bo. no Ly I
DAGALEY tr. SMITH, Wholnnate iit.ara, Id and
S/ Wood went Putaborgh.
C. A : ' ti U tUtgf '"d t: l : ''-
maioeno ;atad„,g.,g,Sa
Va. COUty./113, .11X r. .1111315a, !as. W. 11/.11...e.N.
'IOLEBIA.N, ItAII.hIAN. h Co., ManufacUiiers ut
Carrino Sitriurt and Axle, A. 13 tual 4411. g
Steel, and dealers in Coach Truntutuv of carry de
aunt:titan, tnauutuntory on St. Clot, 43 ‘Vacchoutte 43
Wood at.. oppowite at . Charles Hot ,
EI WALT GEBfifr Kr, Wholesale tirocerb, debt
ere in Produce and Paw...rear Mantnecture.,
ner of Liberty and Hand xis., Pa. te!..:
N 4 . L .01.35 u, l e/ F].l 1. ISM.= I'
& BENNETT, Clare Enghell, Gallagher
rg 4. Co.) Wl:ol.min Groeara, thununearon and For
&antral 51er - chants, and dealers in Produce and Nth,
burgh Illannfacturea, No. 37 WOO 3 at., between 1
33 street& oaU
rams.,JAM= MU.
i d iPaHNLIN . RUM( tr. Co., Wholekale °rovers nut!
Ontastailib.-Illeramsas, sod Agent.. tor Lirtil4p
Cotton boron, Nos. 57 Water, and ion Front sm. u
WV., Pe. teat.
F BLH-m t ,, Plat* Forte Manunvtur
,r taut demle r
• Ipt At., near snti
cALLMILIEII. lA)NO & 1:r11 uud
Pounder. ad. tins Fitter., From,
Dud and Smithfield Wee., Pau...burgh, Pe
highest price given for old Cupprr aitl Bre,.
ilerelmo, Na. 01 Viroal Piro, l'itwourgo.
'LARY . URUNOT, White and 14 , 1 Lend Manu
facturer, Mint and Oil Mete comer of
Cu And as., Pit.lough. gel:.
reatan cacco, taunt 11.1., LI,
&MAU ,DiCKET & Co, Wholesale Croce-OR, Coos
saissiaa/derohnate, and dealers is Produce, \o. linter, and 107 Front streets, PaLslaugh. not:,,
J011:4 H. RANK! Pi, Attorney end Counsellor m [kw
and Commiagioner or die :rate of Pen.n.sylvanin
St. (tote of Pittsburgh.)
Rksklikers.—Einsburgh: Eon W Forward,
ten k Ardler, AlCandlesa A ItEClurg, loon E Parke,
Dwells k. 6empin, AECtad s Kmg. jetAly
iouN 'scow & Co., Wholesale Grocers, Forward.
lag pad. Comaassion Merchanth, bustlers in Pro
ee luta' Piaaorgh , , No. 7 Commercial
Raw, Ltherryistrael, near the Patirburga, Pa.
Rectifying Distiller, and Wholesale
dealer in Foreign and Domestic Wines and Ll
guars, Na 1.14 Liberty street, 111 d ::1 Disdnond Alley
PiUstimgh,Pa. iy 17-41 y
Jia"L' 8 M.61;181,1 Owe of the Lnn of AlKen and
Mcrinire,) Merchant Tailor, 51. Chuir ,
Thad .trent, near Wood, rittAlmr,rh.
JAIiFS A. HUTCHISON, & Co.—.Succussors w
11.9 Lewis Hutchison & Co, Cortuntrutoo Altirchttat,
and Agents of the St. Lout , Stearn Curti Itchacry.
ha 15 waists slut 92 front sucets, l'oszbui;
MACK. Idercarti Tailor, Exchange Buil
J. St. Clair at., Pitiaboret. ;atm,
- _
1011 N, 8. DLLWORTII--Whalezale. brocer, Pro
t) due.: arA Commiuion.. hlerchsum, N o. Ir.', Wo od
Pittsb . h. Atu4
TOLINI.I. MORGAN, Wholesale Druggist, ond
ex in yy so,, runts,.odt, Varuishes.lte., No. SJ
Wood sine., oue'door South of Dlumond
bur L. ,usql
AdIES MLR, Co traccessor JosephD•rbso amp Jr., Wadlen t li Water street.
JOM U. MELLOR, Wholesale and /Celan dealer
in Music arid Musical Instruments, School Boos.,
Payer, Simms, Steel Pens, gatlls, Pruners' Cards. mai
geltendly,No.. a Wood st, PM-laugh.
[IX Rags bought or taken la trade. seuls
JSCHOONIIL&ILLI & Co., Wholesale Druggass,
. No. IN Wood street, Pittsburgh.
TORN D. DAVIS, Aueurineer, corner Nh.aus.l Wood
streett, Putsburgh. oats
TOIINSTON & STOCKTON, Booksellers, PruAers
mud Paper Maoufastarers, No. 44 Market 8., Plus-
T L. MAWS. Book Store 4th, near Market street,
CLeasical, Theological, Store,
senora. 51.4cel
laroaa, and Meitiodi. Baoka and Statiannry.
T W. ROBERTSON A. Co .t 1..1e1,11.4
u r art' sold ..1.1 Nicteuialit
"7.4t10k ~ bUfg , I 4.
noted si the ush.el rams.
TOIIN MUER, Wholesale Grocer, dealer re Pro
sa arra Plst:alma dburufacturce, Ttn Moo., dc. de.
&a, '2Y Lawny sr_. Prosburgh. Tura
36UN rhosp, NICK... musts
44..PL4.41 - D, Oats) I. Floyd Or. Co .) %Choicest<
J. lirocers, No. tgett Liberty. surer. • setei
Jell 1] AL.Z4.11.4, Wholesele tirocier, Cean:moon
Merchant, nod dealer Produce sod Pittsburgh
Absoutactittres. N 0.24 Witter et., rithiburgh. yaolG
Vesuvius Irons Works.
LEWIS, DA.L.ZELL & Cu., inausiseuaters 01 all sp.
ja sea liar, sheet, Hotter iron tad Nails of the nest
quality. %V areluntse, 4.1 w.afer sad WO front ti.
bSi WATERMAN, ‘Vindearda ureter, Forward
tag tutu COILIZILLS4OOII Merchant 7 Dealer nt Pnts
ah Manufactures and Produce. Non. 31 Water st.
and es Front s:. pa
Win 1.101.5.,ME, 41.11201.
O asst* KT & - Wholesale Grocery, For,
warding and C 010.111•4011 Merchants, dealers us
en nod Panaborgh Marnunctures, N4r3. 1J sold 133
Wood at, Puratturgh. fetal
)3ROTHEktS & Ceuta:nation Met
al. chant; Philadelphia, for the sale co produce gel
Liberaludvanees made un coasiguinents.
VicMIX & ROE, Nirbalesale limners anal Coulanna
ai. &c.a. blerchants, No. !vl-lino l'altabtargb.
, , ALLEN Coma."lion and Forarudlng
I , Alarretanu, Ater and Yrout between
" • • • and Mark= ens. And
- -
Wll. 111131.1.14 C W. ILICILLIIIO.II.
ILLEB. & HICKETSONWhoIesaIe Grocers end
11 tomadasion raerctunds, N a N DC, Liberty o n Pitts
,. Pss:. junl4
_.____ ...
'IUrcCORD & KING, Wholesale and Retail Hat and
AL Cop blauataetures, gaol dealers in Fancy Far.,
*MU at Wood and Fifth sia luny
EILOLId.V3 /a EON, No. 55 !Jacket at, second
!door horn corner of Fourth, dealers in Foreign.
Domestin -Bills of E.:change, Cerufiesica orDepos-
Id, Bank Notes and Epecie.
UX. Collections mad on all the principal cities
three. •t tton.United bums. ' deal
10 ORM MORE, 'Wholesale Grocer Recufying
Jai Distiller, dealer m Produce, Pittsburgh blunufac-
Mrss,and LIAM& of Foreign and Domestic WiLles
, and Ugric% tio. 'liberty Foreig n
On band a very
atio-ulDek Of comma: old Zmccoirahela whickey,
vsluelt silllbe seloiloor for cub. • spl.kty
#Ol/ERTBON & &EPPF-HT, ;plum Dea.lara and
CaamtWork tine Warns, NQ. &coati meet,
gl: g r x. ---- tiARD - T. LEECH, Jr, I.enro nor and Dealer In
foreigp Dolmans idada , ry Hardware and
kiuslmozOn6a,al all docriptions, No. 1.33 Wood
TevICALAILDTIAIID, Wholesale sad BeadDealerha
jests, Morocco, Shoemakers , Tools and Pied
osgs, ,Tescoess , and Cedars' Tools, and
Natal/Wood si.,Pinstiorgh. -
=SW SOZINION, imam I. .111003.
ROBINSON dr. Co.,Wholesale Grocers, Produce
and Commits= Merchants, and Dealers in Pins.
burgh Mannlhitures, No. 810 liberty n, PlusZha u h.
PA , 7 R" I Co, Wholesale Omen,
CAuattissiou wad F'orarardutg Merchant. dealers
'and Pittsburgh Manufactures, Libhrty st.
Piusbuzgh, P. fel=
FHRIT. 6. CUNNINGHAM, Wholesale Grocer,
Caller In . ~ :Prod and Pittsburgh Manotaeouts,
Ii " E ' OLDS SIJEE, Forwarding and C01211111611i0 •
_rehanta, fur tho Allegheny /Over Trade, deal
as Profiled, Plitsburgh Manufacture
and Chloride of Lime:
Thshlglealpriees, to each, paid at all nines fur man
try ta=p. Cornet or Penn and Wein sta. jater.l
warrak.,TOIINSON, Wholesal_e_gind He ma Dealt 'a
la lo 04341., Laces, Hosiery .4 Fancy
Anides, N. 40 Alarkat Meet, 3d door al.ore 1111441
§/lACXLETT k WHIFF, Wholesale Dealers in
Forel aml Dui:Dent. Lary Goods. No. V 9 Wood at.
itl 7-11, W. ItARB/litl, Wool Merchants, Dealer.
U _" .
91Fk...9 Proadee geiterall), and Forwarding
and Cklauttimon Mare awns, No. Yi Waier
BAUALEY teCioITNI - Tbesiettala Cron,' and
Ytoduee Yemen, No.= Market sent, be twee n SW
and di* Neal side, Plaladelpht. nove
ITMIIIIIII4III. tuna $1.104"11•111 ....BD
NICOL.,‘ Produce and lie,ral Com-
S wielicee Me:thaws. ISo. VA Lawny AL, Pruburgh
psn, lauedeel And Lard OilL
EtF. VON BONNIPSISP a. Co., Wholesule Cil,
coif, F0r..r 6 45 .4 CCUIZEtlidaO/1 alerchanta,
no in Piraborgir ala nabaturea am Weabern Pro
ggcsyare.moved to weaning.' warchoosatol4 stand'
Mc arena a From •I. eta Chancery Lane.
P •
FUM! IE - 11. Kik,a. FORMI/L.....4 .
~ t , Wider In Produce and Pittsburgh numb
litaCanal actinlaa, Caidu dastn, near 7tlt et_ dal
ra H EST, V tOkt •ln Wm* . awl 6......-
mrinsburgbgynhants, a I dealers in Produce. No. 36
taal ni.. . asatt
B. FOSTEII, Agent for Mena. . o ng;;;=.,
gaming peasant., at the aka of W.F. A 7;
ankle buildings, , Ith st,Pittentrga M 1 aon
an the general land offno at Wasidaganorill attend to
ay Imam there free of expellee to applicant.-
WICK.a. M`CANDILD3d, 1.1“..... to h-t 4 ,1• D.
Wink,) Wholesale firma's, Fonrardlny and
Canindaidau Merchants, dealers in Inn, Nails., Masa,
Ulnas Yam, and Pittsburgh Maradantuzes teneTallT,
*On.? Or Weal and Wattn -veers, Pit:abuts/.
BOWEN—Come....ion Forvrosths
Wtin k rdere.l.alf No. W Front 111 WOW
THE. PITTNIITIGII..:- R-7,,,.(.:--i...:.Elii-.....-G.AZ-ETTE6-.
V" NV WALLACE:. Mill nohe and Mal Fum.b.
I • mg enut•ltstunciii, No. 2:4 Liberty at., Ile, the
anal n1,•3'5
'1)(7. M. GARRARD. Delver inFortry nod r -tplr
V Dry Goods. No. ;V Market street. Pitteltut..ll.
oovttl-d1 y
l xr {V Wils4.oN, Dealer ull,V;totio-,
y , Nther are, tilllitary Uoot.. ac., No .0,
per la.
%R. NIURPII Wholesale and Arlan deal, in
s Foreign and Lamest, [lry Goods, north east
.orner of Market and Fourth art. nary
NIT hl 43 Y l. o , 4'N n t: &-co —Dealcra Iratbei
el. laiis ly
_ .
I . I IT & 11. 1111TICHF:LTREE—Wh,!lemile
Reeufpug Lhsuilera, und ttml
lovorto. ofYaalu Ash mud Illeaclimg
I owdet, No. lOU Lihrsty st. Pitublttglt, ityl.s4lly
- e -
11. BLACKBURN & Co., Wholesale liroeers add
deuces ta OA, NOM and PittsburghMatt
o i'amured articles. have on hand, at all times, a full and
eetieral .ssortment of goods in their tine, Water street,
11 , or Cherry Alley. Pittsburgh. anti
UHN NSKND, thugost had Apothecurt
a) No. 15 Mork,er sh, three doors above 'l - had at. Pats-
Psrgh, will have constantly un baud a well selected os.
,nment of the best and treshest Medicates, sr hurl, Ito
.11 on the mast rearotiable term. Pity steiatin
sending oaten.. will I. promptly at ended to, and sup•
1.. led with arneles they nmy rely upon as genuine.
PI/pumas Pres.criptions will he accurately and prepared (Mn the be•t materials.. any hoot of
day or amt.
Also for sale, a long. stock of fresh and good Perm
-, tarn Cotton Yarn, Camila Wick, !twang, Twine,
Coverlet Yarn, Carpet.Clite, Warp,. &,. Ac•
RlNtt, .CK 2: Co
\ 1.1-:DCHIX I Co., No. '7 Canal street, New Ur
.lli leans, Ageuts for J. B. Armours Extensive:llcent
L,4611/ Refinery. Always on hand a large stock at
oaf , Powdemil,Croshed.Clantiril and ilvsta.rd Savors,
i.i Torre. nod Barrels. Also, Sugar House filolioves.
Prices liberal, and a fair allowance wade on all sales
re or above .5.1 barrels. wehll
Monongahela Liver) , Stable.
. 1, al/Ht.:KT H. PATTRRSON ha. opened
the large stable on First at running through
to Second at . between %Vood end running
sts.,ht the rear of the Allonougalirla Huns,
with on entirely new stock of Horses and Cnmages 01
the tre , ,t yttaill) end latest styles. Hers, kept at lir e
t) to the llelq UlRlllter It . .,1/ r
Saddler►' Ironmongery, Harness and foach
Mos., V.rnl.h, 6.e.
.vll No. ISt Wooto Sr.l'lrrsto. moo.
1, , IL. EATON, Ilesder in Trlcemen:A nllll Variety
, Goods, Tortdl., Shell. Ivor) rod 'lore h0 0 d...
N 1 hotel) Yen. and Vorlleile.. liuLLona, Neeale,
T. pct, Diodes. &c.. No. t 4 :Meeker street, betwes.
mond wd 4th, at., Putstmrgil y
pirrstsu 126F1 S'I'EEL
ISAAC MN.,/MIN F. ut . i..o
JONES ti (21,1.714.441,
:1112:t u toT pony
.121prmea hammered trot le., and denim mai
casunga arc mslue .
comer ui and Front P 2 .1. 2, 2.21
near Wm...l—Ail 141.1.1111., rrt, and
Black *res., done up :0 quarter, hot:. 11,1.1
poural package, runglng truth 5o et per :43011
1/31.50. jy: A. JAYNI., A,.-1 for Vekin feat u.
Butler, P,
alAo attend to collection: , and other
bied to bun to Butler n:01 A r
coon, eillt tl ßeter to
J. & FL Floyd, tAlleriv
. IV &mice, du
.lames Marna., .4, rg It
ha) tr. Cu , 11'.4 st. 1
I 11. \VE/TZEIL Atturno, ot Law. ofttor .t. claurie• Ilu.e 1. rotsour. u. w..:
atto tot promptly to uoltoctlouo. to %I .1..tt0tg0..., Eto en,
orcett couottoo. Fa.
t:lackstnek, Ileil & Co ,
hutch d Cur.licm. 11 . ttint , ur,;1.
1+ T. Morgan.
I,` J. HENRI% A llatOr y U.111,14./1 .
Oh,o. Co,et , oitn in S.o \ll/1,111/1/10
aotl Indiana, and /11 KCIIILICK4 1 , ./11p1.) .114 arr •
tiny attended to, Cogittonstuner lot atc t•utte Yr,' •
sy; a. lot faking Depc.tiut. • , ILI.. way:4w
. .
Ear. ‘ViLL Yell S. N.. Curt+. Cituruil
Cit. - olltrts, Wm. Huy,
11.1.1A3Dt S'.ll •II
Olt•c 111, c vi I t -tt•
it 1.17.1.,N4
I.3i,NLES F. KERR, Athorias Low, FiLtewell'ii
Husidisig, limit street, ueudy opposite the Coon
anur..ry Otheet on
,tnethlteld. trelwcrn and
- • •
- •
`LA MAR!, 24 :41% AIiTZWELDER. Amma), a'
11 au, have rernovthei of, tbr ,oath aule
houtill M., between Cher, Altr) 4•1 -.lrert
'(4' U. IL itOIIINNUI. Atter°. j. 4 t..ate. La. re
ly . moved lu. other W We lf,teleetg. Building I, Si
Carr st_, next deur tto Alderman Joel.. apriy
titiN FINNEY. Jr , ,Airennae Pittaburgh tor in , la.
imure Mutual' Safety Insurance Company or Ft.iu
eurriplun Fire Risks upon building, and inerenandrze
or avery deacopuon. and Marine itieta upon nulls or
of ve”els, taken uputi savor inn
j' Udiec is the Warehouse of 11 It 'Want, tiro ,
Nu. X ater, twat Nlarket street, Vlttanurgh
—The succeatt of UM. saa, tt,r ....un
tied/tact. of the Agent" sit this with I/le prompt
nett, and Ilberality which every cladu opt,a theta
for loss has been adjusted, wilysr arrytt Et, agent tit
my Mug the confidence and palronag , at. irienar and
dtc Canarlallaty al large la the Duldteure hl. r. 111+u-
Mat,. Company, 'oriole it has the artolourome adrantage.
ati institution urinous; Me most tiourouun,
having VII ample ronalsou capita:, st hose I r :lac
operation of Oa charter 10. tocrenatug, 1.1
yielding re each pursuit insured hit tint slmte rot tuo
prelim et the corneae). without levet. mg imn .11 any
(cap... Unlit ). whatever, and mortar.-. pnane, .o)
.Ilutual principle divested on cyst ohnua.eue
tare, wad in its Wall attractive tern, hos i
Insurdned — Company of NOll/1 nun.: (it 3..sin.uo
I it. duly authorilekLAgent. the sur,suriakr. w
make permanent and tamtett I.ol.Lec Ott pz.yrsi,.n,
ttos ctly and tt. viemay, and oil to la-
Ital and Rive.. •
Arthur 6 Cwt.. Claria., ,o,
Sam? Jane.. Awlausc
Ed Ward Smut, Jaroo
John A. Brown, •
Joint Wliiie, Rotortol 1 ) \\ lY)1/.
Thomas Y. Cnipe, NV En ‘Vc.i.
Samuel F. Smith, .-- Fran.. 31 Ilo•kelot.
Samuel Brooks, S. Ato.utt A1M...-.
ARTHUR G. et...FI IN, l're., t.
HAMM D. tiossasso, Seel.
'nos is the olden insurance Company in We L triad
Sates, havw been ebanosed ul 17P4. Its charter „
perpetual, and from its high standing, long experience,
~ple means, and avoiding all risks of tur ear. nod
anions character, it may be considered as catering line
pia 'wearily la the pubia. W. P. J07..1..
At the Counting Hoom of Atwood, Jones A Co., We
ter and Front street . Fillsbargti. tray.s
17 WE Franklin Fire losunsuce Company, of Phittulel
.l pin., will make I" mace, permanent told tainted
on every description of property, an VILL•LIZZOI and the
surrounding country, on favorubie Imam Pltis Cool
parry haa a perpetual charter.
Capital, ifittO,Ukt paid in.
Contingent, Fond IafiN4JOU
Mee corner of Third and Market streets, Pittsburgh.
Lusa anee
THE undertugued, duty authuessed Agent 44 the Ann r•
Mall rife Inaunuice Company of PlLelatir,plita
COIMILIPCS to etlect inisurnuce quaint fuss Ur I.ll.lrAft
against Mire, uu utulthiiss, inerchaudisc, furniture sad
D ,,, Pcsty, not extra lisizurduuli, ist thus city nuif vicinity .
•pl 4 CUCHII4.ti, =1,40.1 et.
11 , 11 E, 3.UItSI.III.IISER lies been ppointod Agent pro
ieln. Onto lususanee Gouipeo) of Aurlli Amen.,
abd willissuc Policies aial ellesiti Io Wn other wa..i,cws
Agoi.ey, the w6ickiouse ol A twood. Jur, •a.
I%IL P JUN E.,t,
1.1501 A lIUDIIEii U( r 013.5.
LUST TLECIIVED, per Kapresa, a large assortment
ca liuLo Ratans boode, romprooaa
-2 doe Otheera lama, I dot "I'.;avcloae Hug,
4 ,:u1• ?awe',
4 " Pea do, I "
2 geeing Jeclels, c ue o,” e ,
I '• " Log I . IWKIVCI
(30(ants of 4-4 Carnage hull,, hoe 2111C1C,
y 4 4 0 1 pall Leggings, on delete, o.
" Capes, WOO sleeves;
e Without do,
I (iuo Corers, all 01 wloee w,Il Le .old (-hely
for east, wholesale or reltol, as No L NV ooa ore,
stiea, .1 3. Il 1 . 1111 .L11Y1
on. W.. 1. BIAD.
. .
UNFICF. ostStannfte id etrect,•a door
north of 'late d 101,4,1. D r .
opeottully tendon, Ls+ r'.
VICeS to the CIS./1.. 1 . 111.4.1. " r7: ' h ' ,7ji . .
lee:Logy and vicont7.
Netelannew..--r. A. N McDowell,
D. V. Fahnestodk,
Ur. Robert,
J.ntoS. eflall, Loa.
Mr. Wituazu Thorn,
Mr. Boot. Weaver. noll•do
IALF SKIAr6--3.1 dor. genuine Fr chch Call Sint, 11
‘.../ very fine article. A few Ilium, rhilruleli.Liv
rom the manufactory ul 11 Al Crawiora,
which the intention ui bout tank era to umitcd.
reetivetl and for sale by O. 14/LIO a Lo t
m 47 143 Itbert)
1 N4A RAIRRIii UAt4 deceit eo ltd hub.. Rub
ber Ibute, of dirlerent colt .rs Weran iuraoth !Ate
article to merchants at very lute prices, to large goat,
Wee, at the loam Rubber I) coot, No .b wood at.
suardmass corner of 4 trt and otarints lat. hoe react.
'Ord a large lot ofLowns to 14 cis par yard, 01..0,
fore sold at higher pricer 4 Samoa Good), geueraily
• also opening at reduced laic.,
11,1 0 SLICITO LACY:. -41,H yiodo bouoy Loco, 1/.4 and
. 66 <0 route, 11 .1 blompoto lb., now op.:n and
tol oalo by 1Y oil H EATON d Co
VAIINDow GI.AS Us u ALIO; UM Jo 10s1=.
do 4u 11‘. 12210, 71, do I I a IS,
JO do tor tale 'uy
ITU 3 F VON 1302INHORS'r & Co
To Coontry Dlorehants.
A LARGE STUCK of tte hoot Llooke, Paper, Suit..m
/1_ ary, he.. suitable fur country sales; among which
%V Bung Papers, of fine, medium and common qu'it's
Letter Paper do do do do
Note Paper do do do do
Note and Letter Floorippes;
slates. Pcjicils. afers, Quills and Steel Pens,
i% endow Paper (yard ole) plain and punted:
Bonnet Ruardo. of dirrcrent tioolittes,
Blank Books. to great rerun),
Settool and k'ocket Bublew
Crown, medmm, mid double crown wrappang paper;
Nlelsorlie's Euler. Spellers and Reader,
Ray's Eclectic Arabsoetits,
Cobb's Pnaters, Spellers and Readers:
Sondes' do do du
A roltmenen. by Adam', Davot,Coltiont,South.Stock.
ton, Poisson. nod others.
, /eograpmes. by Nine he Olue y. Struth, Morse,Good
tn. h. Parte) , and rakers.
MM., D) Smith, Kirkham, Bunions, Weld, and
cabers For sale at low farces, by
' •
wood 645 doors above 411.
The LiF hr., marker price paid !or good roiled rug&
cud, oplt,
New Publications
the r° l l. ;isenl
r eal l i. i v u o .i rllt '" ol . Johi l lMto r. n. NV; t 'w h
inemoir. and critical emsehe on his gemus and ran
ting., hi Janie% Montgomery; and one hundred and
tiirelity engravings from dmniums by IVilltain Ilarcey.
In two
i, , easa . sUmix• Tammilmer.—The four Gospels and
Acei at the Apostles, in Greek, with Fglisli MAC,
critical. plalomphietd, and exegetical; maps, Indexes,
. together wait the Eputlei. and apocalypse, .the
whole forming the New Testainent—For the use 01
Schools. Colleges, and Theologloal Sea:unarms Ily
Rey J. A. eipenear, A. hi.
A New Novia.—.Midsinenier'e Eve—A (wry tale of
love Hy Mrs. S. C. Nall. •
JAM.' Itattar I V.—Tlte Ida of Henry the Fourth,
kung of Pruner and N&Varr, By 11. P. EL Jame.
COMplele /0 luar parts, paper, It robs cloth.
I lot po•it ton of the great dtscorerteft and then.
re- , of zttodern n•trononty, by I) :11 :Rachel', ~a
a. Di.
rector at the Uillevuum ul.mervuLory. . . .
I kin, y hal). Alp. and ILlutte.—Lettert from Italy
the Alps and lilt' Mane: by I 'P Handley. author of Ha
Ninon and his Alur,hnllti Wanhtagtna and Ih+
al, Ac. New and rcvland edition.
iutio•tics of Cool —The ueosrupliscal and Geologi•
cal distiactious of MineraJeurnboardrles or tosail
invludrognotice. and I.aliires of the various
almond I.lo.lllltotous elliplOyed in arts and
manufactures. illustrated by Mops and Magnin.; ac•
cornpao Led by nearly 400 stairaural tables, and I an
ly rev of niineral combustible., dre;'prepared by
'row hug Tat or.
lira; rt . rrl ed a Sew copies °reach of We above works
cor market
1)04 00 4 —At dm Apollo But!drag...Fourth atreek near
%Voutl trerelat , IN'eleoure to the Stranger;
The Cram, Itte Court and People, by .1 H mei
The trraior, or Prater,
The of the All by itacon;
The Pentane and their Principles, by F. Hall;
The Constitutions and tianons of the Holy Apostle,
with n Price Easay:
Alitut's Lilt of the Duke of MarlhorOugh;
;Scantier, live DI Chnst, in its histoneal connection
and historical deysilopement;
Harper', "and Appleton's publications generally.
:Schou! Ikroks. Paper, Stationary. Ac
8.A./1:S at the Apollo Bialthotth. 4th 4thoet.—
/I The 31441thry 14fo ot John, Dote 4,1 Nlarlbotough,
with cothregl mop, try A Allthon
Soeond Vol Chalmers' t'oethuMous Worke—Senp.
lure Hendulgo
Th.. Life Je•ue Chnet, to I. histormal COMIC(' tlOrt
uml htslonral developernent, .I.uguatus
Truntimed mum 11.. tab I.meman etlAtion My John Me- Bit the., If. Blumenthal, Professors to Lhet
lulu! College.
Fourth Vol Fictortal Itstory of England.
Now and Then. by Dr 1% Ivrea, author of Ten
Thousand aTeur. and others too numerous to mention.
Call and see. apt 9 J READ.
r l ti N i llt.T:uT„ u u ' r ' 3::is Tut open r W u r . Te"'rec'enpoufotN Ir and
pan, and will be contained at we srune place on Libeny
street. In coanienuence al some changes having token
pine, taw vacsounea have occurred, and those deur.
ons c ot placing their daughters under their care, would
do wen to 'italic an corny application. For terms see
veular. or apply to the l'flacipal. spa
No 59 eou,ll Wham, rind No 119 :bulb Wt.., Pt
1•1111.411/E1.1 . 11LA
I) !worm tut Irate .Al dealer, generally. of
1) hitskuNh, that they h., sonde such arrange r.
wiat VLruintn maoucut n.ttl the Grower..
Itw en, We-t uod other place*, a• will insure
iurge wrtil ctn./Lot .apply th , followtog Je,croin
wbieh wdl i.e. sold upon or. nee..
ruo.laung Lem- u. an) tiouac city or elw.
where. 1.1.1 good• ordered from We will be war.
rented elpAul W reprewntsnon:
Huy un, L Domingo,
Porto ILIC,
Ig 4.11
Pena a.,F. , ,-ed Leaf to-
Flortd. bacm
zca AroutAtir 'tug Ccarrti
..... otter
rtmi 011,,..t1n. J , . 12, 16m> .and Lump,
and lu. Loud", T.l3t, Viroma Tvrtsl,
A..g0.%.,e1 and , aim.ita sad boll Woes, wood
and dn. urgetl3., wtila aver) varlet) 01 erotic Leiong•
••• iue 'Ade -
e•MVICt • 111.K.1T. 42•
Profiler, Commission and Porseardlog
No tU Num Wu•aves, .re.
K./22 H firown A. Co 1
Ruben AA.c4, & Co
Lorcruil, k o a '
r.,:nith.,l3agaiey a CO
ADC!, at Palm.. 1 New VotA
%% all,. Rarvr), lialon:ora
ISuglic) a A•lst,,,
liorirriOgr,Wt,ou At
Brown ACo / „
, I.
Ljr . I ALwrat vast advano.r• on eon:lto:new, toour
ALtOrevi um:3o4lg_
111.1. WM WATAIN
No 13 SOLTII NV•rto eo - or.r:
RI •llrelry I. rod Co, Pol.toiro
Schi...,,c) S SUII,
A M Jr).ailwa Ole
Cloirle* linsanto, Jr., lAruarslle
a Co
NI , r. Itro A. Co.
Reed a lirotacr.
Coustuery. New lurk
Commission and Forwarding Merchant
•us cis iraneact a general C0ma:n..141.2 Lim.
A.,_) esperoall) In the purchase and sale ut Amer,
3laaufat lar• e and Produce. and nr teerieun, and
ior , eard..:g (Joe.. cu wooed UP his care A. Agent wt
.11astularturr, lie Will be constantly supplied wall
the prntc.paiameirs Fie.sburgh Manur.zure al the
booeta, p”,•,• Onirrs and otusignmeru
art terin,lult) .olictleaLll7
a. I _L c
• .
Otno La... unworn and Forwarding
Mervin.. 6/..! Broduce Dealers—also attend to
to, Pureuarc. Bale and Nininnont ul !'kg Iron, Coal. ate.
Brown, Elualey a Co.;
Henry Gra,
U. Leech S. Co.,
Claske a Tlzaw.
wood. /one. & Co.,
Gran. &
I,you. Shorts &
G. W. •011....031.
Lau of Nashvglle,l'ean.
u .11.111.614
Isrc o! r Matrurgh,
30 auNt £S e, lIWSOWAT, C 11.3.1,1, moo.
Ruler ito NiercLusuis general!), in Pittsburgh spa%
110 Y ,
MI II 01./C.S , 6 ► a:u,
frau, giallo, Cutlass Turns Ss Pittsburgh
litanufat tuseagenerally,
I 0 Wool) trout, rrrruivasAu.,
trier to sell at ettleer establtelouent, all kinds 01 Mer.
eltstodow, at the lowest rates ol Cs' onntisanta, and are
al wa) prepared to make advances. Ile beet of ref,
rer* given of required hets addressed to
Louww, will be pram:gll). auende ett d n'Anly
st. itotuce turc t. Ye tete IL e , /LCILI I TO
Produce and Commlaslon Merehaula,
No. 5, Mottos's Row, I,..aeltuoge 13•Lmtoaa.
Ils.ralsto—Levalmin, Satule” & Co, Juan at. Iteedel,
Ilukn Jenkoa, Indloucce, B. Allen &Cu, Sellers &
litotiptue, Stotalt & Shaeltlett A White, Pah
-1...,;11. A V • hrri..r. "I' i) Ntauguttnetsey & Co. Cinciu
oua idly
..I.sellualeamet, 11/ 1,..1411141-
CO Az M ad M
Ma S u s fac o tu N r er M s
No. 01 Columbia street,
C/1 , d1ee1.4 110,0.
) Iy / plod lot Flaxaced _t_ll
Forw•rdlntr, Marc Want, ltrozoneet/le, Pa
Allende 'outwit:art, no the Fut,. attling of Prod°,
Cl., anyit, 11/11,51 & CUN
N, el. OVI/•
ater mERC
ttttt tHANTS
Mo. Wt ,•
Ma Louis, Mo.
NVIII give prueolar a.m.° to dot s'ellutg on Pr.
duce, sad to orders fur purchatung
liar ea To—George Morgan & Co, Pittsburgh. In.
magi I
mind 107 1V..,
or Pal•burtilt.
\ —IL Cr.” 161. &. mart,alelm
uitusuct tmaineis as usu.!, until II new house eat
be erected, timing...tits having already been mud.
tor Witt purpose Bouts will always be in readiness a
our *bait to ree,ve freight
C A !WAN et Co,
ape Custel fluetu, Liberty el
tSUccessOro. to Herd, Hurd ,)
I • aruwulur Siteolloll paul to the sale el %I'oul, and lib
al adv.ces mode on t Ol / 1 101,14r1.1
nayl6 kiLewly
. 4-
L°GAN & KENNEDY have Sus day associated LI G FIT STREET BALTIMORE.
with them in the liardwurn buainess, Philpp Wil- AND 7000 tnue.o.. ..1., PionricralM
sou and Edward Gregg. The style of firm will here- 2 T1119 establishment long and widely known as
attar be lowan. Wilson e. Co Tins arrangement ren- i being one of the most commodious in the city' of
lets it desinabie to close the old business /1. soon as Baltimore, has recently undergone very eaten
[Kimble All persons whose hatolities have mntured,ein a
e alterationsand improvements. An enure new
are especially requested to mute immediate payment.
wing has been added, containing num.°us and airy
Pittsburih, Jan I. OA", sleeping immune:us, and extensive bathing moms.
The Ladies department has also been completely
reorganised and fitted op in a most unique and batman
siTla. In fact the whole arrangement of the House
has been remodeled, with a tingle eye on the Pen of
the proprietors, towards the comfort and pleasure of
their Cursor, and which they confidently assert will
challenge domperissn with any Hotel in the union.
Their tattle will always be supplied with every sub
and luxury which the market affords, served
up in a superior styles while in the wolf of Wine., Ac,
they will not be surpassed.
colclusion the proprietory begin may, that nothini
will be leiliundons on their pan. and on the paw of their
assistanw, to render this Hotel worthy the emititmed
patronage of their Mends and the public generally.
The yowls for board have al. been reduced io the
Ladles. Ordinary, 11,75 per day.
UentleinenSt 1.511
N. B.—The Baggage Wagon of the House will al
ways be found at the Cur and Steamboat Landings,
which will convey baggage to and from the Hotel, free
of Omar,
OOAN, WILSON & CO.—lmporters and
I.Vuuleuale Dealers in Foreign and Donteuttte liard•
mar, Cutlery. :saddlery, 129, Wood .treat,
~h4are now luny 'lmputed watt a recently intim,-
vd Cork of I lardware, Cutlery, Ae ,to offer very great
.oluertneut• to western Icing deternoned to
•Onapete 111 prices w , lll any 0( the Atlantic etties. Al
on haunt au extrautve tuutorntaela of Pittsburgh Hard
wan-. y it• ShovelA, Spode*, Forult. Vteest, e..
all of wlnen Will Inc BOW at the lowest nutnotarturer't
rive. gaol.
THE .uhadr.bere having recently entered lobo
partner.bipunder Me name of fiat uglier, long.
& 31iller. tor tbe purpose of carrytng on the Ile/ 1
and Hero. Pounding and (isa Fitting Imminent. in
all Ito bredielner. have taken the .and formerly oeca
toed by II tlnllttelter, No. I(H front lomat, between
Wood and Smithfield sr, , where they are prepared to
c zeror all order. tor Ilene. Bre.. eluding., of every
detertpuou. and liu• F.tung• wnit neatne.. and den
putdh nteamboat Jobbing promptly attended to
S A. [AIM:.
N It —The attention of Machos.. and Enatneers Is
melted to our 111111-liitraf 11011 metal, for .. reduced pnee.,
winch ha. been pebnoustred supertor to Llubta. by
number. WhO have ...Led both. Ste:unbent builders and
the public, ge II( tell y, are al to remae.ted to call and cr
etonne our .turenor double betton Force Panty , tub
meauthout Ind dome... u-e
1111 , . partnership so longextAting under the arra of
Nl'Cord .1 King, wan by mutual IL.sol red
the Isl twit bustne. willclosed at the
nd by punter of us, using thenato , 01 the Item
tat purpose Being dew°. to b.e uur bulun.•
yard with or little delay as po*Atble t‘o ould to
etfully thote indebted to call end settle
Jill l\ I 1 Nl'etlllll,
Jail,. II D KlNti
Co-P utne p.
lOILY D M'COILD having tatth Ltm hut
brother Jame, 111'k:oral, under the style of M'Con/
24 Co, n,ii comma- the flat, Cap and F • ur bounce , . In
:I Iln venous branches, wholesale uud wolf, at the
Id stand, corner of Wood .d fah flrr<ls where they
hell u CO.illillaalloo 0( t h e patronage so Itheruily be
owed on the old firth. 1011,4 U 111VORD
)alts J.,111. AreLlita
rsUnng from the old utak well known finu of
NlVord fig . I mon reveettlly renomuteud to
the imtrortage of the public nteeesuora, Mesars.
hreord I'. taz, H. U. KING.
, lIE eopurtnerAhip lierctuture a 1 tug between the
m.l.erttrent. under the ,a,;e
elptredl4. day by Issunanon. Ti..e Intranet. el
hrtn wth be nettled by Nl'Lrul h flue
JAMI-IS U. M1i11.1..
S. R. 111 . :011-11;1.1),
Plu•burgh. July 19, Ir.
Tlm understgued n,u rotund. the Wholesale Grp-
Al and Comm...lnn bus mess, under the tint of WWII
d Rue., at ihrir old stand. No. 194 Ltherty meet
J Ail U
Raving sold my intertnt m the firm or Bush.
field & Rue lu no former partners, & Roe, I take
pleasure nn reiromuseutrusig thew top cicada and the
pulifir WA. I.l su Lit tri1i , 11.11.1.).
Co-Partne ratkip Notice.
- 1, , W. $ FKPIi ENS on %% heeling, E. t. fihornberger
ofJunrata, and J. A. idtockton or Pittsburgh, Lave
this day entered Woe eo•parmeriitup under style and
hem of ettephena, Shorn!writer & Co.. at the Anchor
iron works, Wheeling, Vs., 'or the purpose of manu
facturing iron and nails °revery devenpuoi,
z s srumn, rrIORNIIIMIL74 I STOCII . O3
Eft 6 CO.
Manufacture atl kind of lioilrr, sneer, bar /rot and
ada, A 11 steel altpoc aprinasand attas. ideing
rtetied wildnnic.enlierser's old Juniata work., we con
oder an article o(.111/Wkla !run I.r.l,11:0.1 Sloirettliergnrl
equal to any aad6 tit the folilltrj oiwheb will
be 'old at the tittt.borgh pricer iCarehouw ul thr
work s corner of Monroe and Water mi.
- MEWL UTION—Tbe partnerahip lotlicrto calm
under We .)Ic bin i V Lglinnun
eil. dm day diasolvcd I.) mulau: Dul•
ell Inning dnyosed at Ins enure Were. to I. Wigtn
aan buinnea4 of tic .utu 14:m w.. 1 LK: OeIIICLA Ir,
‘VighLmon.wbo I. au:bortze.l ILc name ot tic
le time u , r tttat purpo,
.plaltl.lw Jul) 1'4::
THE Subv.t.toor i. now preprtr.•l w tn.4,tulmr,ure nil
ki •als Wel/UW.O,lld .; at the ........
iu•ure Order, lea at R t , nop. eor.
/la r 1.-11..rty and V% ate, street,. a , L,J coact at prompt
..11.1.111 II WIi,IITMAN.
Lencok at, bctareep redrrai .saladu,,a) aut.,
IVCMCK..- 51. Barcutsrld ha. •.,
1.1 Dry Good. Ita-Inru , ctu,dtteiud wt.
gg b. c;1(14111,1..., F'rn 1. I I I .e
Louthielc.ll,...l 10/!•SC
tan r2t.
'JO- A ail t. 1 (og havi..g thin
duy toksorinied with him. Jousi All'ug.e. the ten
th, Luning.. will botruiter be , condur:ed uudrr the
Lam l%m You, k Cis VIII 1t VINE.
J \
Jay ase•' Kipectorstsall.
Salaths. Colommunn co .lt Apr 21. 101 l
1)It Lk JAI DV.A O. S:11. - 11 , 1 1.0 \lnd 10 )011
.10 in, ...if t., 1.
I Linn V Of p•Illn ntlbtlent to Om este:madam/1 ed....-.
at tout ilzpertumat en In. sell 11011.5 helm allta led
it, several
to ara with a aevrtv evagh. beet.. levet
and its maneoutstunt disease, and aeethed only do.oac4
uut a Moil um ortalhe ehtateller, until Ihr
Intl or IKEA. hettm mote arvetela 'utmelted. and
nu;rto atl Int torn., tmumhea anti Ihr pre.
.nript,ou• tra'n the 1110111 revectalite i.h,m-datts
the ur.ghtauchmal uttitoui der. 311, heneol. or the
C011m3,110111.11 mayo. - Fug lnd a Jew da)• vr sweet • al
torthest—vvhca the last gleam of about to
atiall. I liad reconuoeuded ID your Lavaca...on
aud Idepard by that Being who does all thsnga In the
uae tat the throtta.--and cootran to the •ipec.athots of
tot irh,kliflatl• 011tt Mends, WO• 111 k (OW dot • 3,...,1
!mut toy Led, awl area nbled I.) the uaa• us ohms!, to
attend to Iny onto) log once better health Wan
haat tot mu rmrs previotta
ltevettlully your*. e. Jas ft EcOILO
for •,:e Pittaida, h. at the ream Teat- ote,
Fourth *meet not mar
Li a F•11:06 - rotA. 11 N Cit).
L k'Am.artucz..thltaLsargh.
1. \t' F....t0c,
Wholutalo Drug Storm In the CIO , of
r(44 orHle<.rgn<d •rc <tl<ir.:v.iy <nK ab<d in the
\\'hole Je Drub Lu.ur<.. ut ~u I'J Jahn .Ir<ee, ur
cityuf New Nu., sad a. prepar..l nu .iquy
Ilruggt.t• aud r - atuttry Merchant.* watt Drugs. l ' utota.
011., Dyr.stad, l ' ae goumu . r).
Maud,. NVeaver S hander• Clu . nor.ul. It t thrtr OrWll
lulorutroul and ad oth. arucl.llll..,llle
ul a swantur quality &a e au, 1,11 1/r pun
cimued 111 thus of any easternetir.
. .
New 1 ork. FeOI. 11. A FAICSKIWI'OCK & Co.
Marcher's Chrome Urcen.
uluierssgord, and Igsl4l.llaxers, of We city
Neu, Yuri, leave used awl ic.orol. and ore now clans
• . - -
al new aratcte or Chrome Green, meow...lured
Nlarcher, of due coy, and iILI4I 11 to work wed, pro
eturtag a Oct brilltarit Puns Green alive...owe, with a
very wpector body, mod recut:towed it W. our brethren
,o the trade as ot every paroculskr the best Chrome
Signed by:A 1/(M4 of practicel painters a 111 C city of
Neer York Tam uuequatred Chrome Cacao may 1.0
aul did. E. SELLFES, No 57 Wood rtrect, who Oar
the excareive agency for us sale In Potsburlia tour1:1
W y •
c,Lms.—Yellow and unhealthy Meth, after ba
n ly once or twice cleaned with Jones' Amite, Tooth
Lode, nave the appearance of most unautitul Ivor) ?
w t
at the same nine II IS so perfectly In nod ex'
qviiitte/y bite, that do constant daily use noc
ts Ingbly ad-
Vs utAgeolls, even to those teeth Not are Ina good con
ch-tint, go - mg them • beauttful ponsh. and pre venung a
plague:ore decay Those already decayed it prevents
front bacon tang worse—tt also boleti. such as are be
ing loosand by perseverance it will render the
foulest teeth .e.
leitcate/y white and snake the breath de
liciously swetl. Sold by vihl. JAL:ASC./IN, no Liberty
Street. month
b. A. FAH NAESTOCIVA Vie.lollollo - 17 . ..
ArEsv weeks s;ncr, one of my children, aged about
Live yam.,
s yow, U for several s, and the
Incremed o aderi.` , / , gly 11101 I tearsd denth
wouid be the result. Having heard 01 Mr good clfaeu
Fahnestock.• Vertu 'fogs whe's ins
MUldren of 110 . .1.0a...0r5, and atm ' , Sang my child ought
have worms, from some o(the sy rapt "mt. , I gave
and • Mar teaspoonfo le of the Venn aud my
great mtoniskinsin a almost lentnedim , Y d-u."rg.d
between and MO large worm.
restored, and d is now rem orknbly wet.
%airing the Vsrmalige, the Wan. would ovt r wally
rise oi as throat, and I often feared a would ,- .10 (010
. .
TlOneeta, Venango co, Pe., April 3, la. aptd
LOOK liblaK—ltetull the 101lovvitig certiftcale:
liPeornorlductiddr. Mho, May
Thin it to ee arty that soy little daughter was attlieted
with w and that I tried se li ostat remedies, ao cot'
led, withoutorms,
auy uppercut egret. Boithic . Informed by
the avid in tint place of the racers. to :toilette heml
ine, I war induced In give II a Mal. Mirt glansg a
tew doter, to directiot, sty daughter Waa
relieved I hove no herniatott tit living{ it a• myopia.
toil, that :tellers . Ve,Mallge is the I-al
Prepared .d sold by' H. E ririserr., Nu 57 P. tranl
Sol, also by Carssl, .511 k I. Curry, Alic
and Win. J. Sint WI, Tanrperanecville.
• -
C.u.s. braiao, Jederson Co, Pu, Marc. I,
R bu•e nearly sold all dm Ver.
ILL soilage and Cough Sy rap )uu.enlme four Ver.
mirage without eacepuo, the best ever ollcred in %Ins
neighlmrlascal, lauving proved good why:over usaLl
The Cough !Syrup and !Aver Pilis have also given ..-
.faction ltour ob t .1 SCUT T , Postmaster.
Prepared and sold by ICE SELLEID, hi II .
IVlay Dr Cassel, 3111 I Van!, Li 111 Curry, Allegheny, g.
IV J Smith, 'remperancevllle
OINTIIIEN'F is the reo... rilevi 001 relitedy beloro
Me public for the. cure ul truer, Lieu, dry •nd walrry
pimples 01. the lace, are• and body , my erupno•.
and rill other the skin Thor , , L holOirld tr.
veafristOrd Imo inn., inerLol), I • p•rier iy 10/.., and
May he us,l aCull u nd under all
•in ..nnaunstaiirea
Afresh supply ui dn. v tornado. rted, mved lld
Mr sale by 14 A I- A lIN E.srEtrijti m Oa,
corner of Ist arid wood, also, corner cal nib and wool
weeks. Ia
12011. INVALIDS AND iNI' ,&N ~— r. woos)'.Ai
-1; row Rout Rusk l'owder, a delicious nod Ingldy
nutritious food, which 11 , ve r lorns sent on the strunarth.
nod is now unaversal.y recommended by the homily In
=, " it ' s 'bet tot
sUu'lute'cl'i:trdell:7lPit'rlen or plulll Arrow
VOUS, Maid V. =Ore strengthening and w 1101040.00 rood
For sale by E AFJ.LEIC4,
tope', A 7 wood at
T'L"r 117:,,,1n0,.bz . h0.:LP,g,""zp - or l oo,°gleadg
1411, will keep
to on baud a large supply.,whir
they will Itirrusli to dealers at the lowest market price
LOT Cash. jetia .1 KiDf) O. Co
OURRICII OW ramt axe ST. c, ~ a m., PIITIPI7B2II, rag
The subscnber hay.% assumed the manage
ment of Hilt long established and popular Hose!,
respectfully announces to Traveller". and the
Public generally, that he will be at all times prepared
w accommodate them ta all things desirable in a well
regulated Hotel. The House is now being thoroughly
repaired throughout. and new Furniture added, and no
stains will be spared to make the Exchange one of the
very best Hotels in the country.
The undemigneil respectfully solicits • commaanCe
of the very liberal patronage the House has hammier°
febildtf Propretor.
OALT /101.113 X,
2A MS Tyr niii•t.N begs to acquaint hts
eet (nasls that he t• again lessee of the 1/ALT
110LISF.L00110flitt, Ky., where he hopes to meet
all his old friends. utauntig them and the public, that
110 effort shall be spared to make all comfortable who
favor him willt their patronage. tatilldl y_
— ll Nrfkai 9TATIdd HNC-$i
()PPITE Isle
EiSiii llt r . ( l477 "il,
0 p
CU,er Id re .ctfully in-
W i lo n.E. M 3 e ß publi KB r that they have erected is shop on
Lacock, between Federal mad Sandusky streets. They
are cow mulin.4 mid tire prepared to receive orders tor
every dew rip...a ot vehicles, Coaches Chariot', Ils
couches Huggins, Ploctons, he, he., which from their
long experiencethe manufacture of the shove work,
sod the modules they have, they feel confident.they are
enabled to do work on the most reasonable terms with
those wanting articles an their line.
Paring particular attention to the 'electron of mate
rials, and hastog none but competent workmen, they
have no hesitation in warranting their work. e
therefore ask the attention of the public to thus matter.
N. B. Repairing done in tire beat =tuner, nod on the
moat reasonable tenon jeatti
E StoektuAders in the Youghiogheny \ari;uton
Company are hereby notified and rem.nred to pat
to Mr. James llanniton, the Treasurer of the Coltman),
the sum of Ten per cem on reek share of trilttr atne t,
on or before the 12th day of July next. and a further
sum of Teu per cent. on or before the 12th day of Au
gnat next. The atockbolden will elan take nonce, that
the late authortsm the collecuon of (hie per cent. per
mouth. Oil instalment, not punctually made, which. if
found um-rosary, will be enforced. By order of the
Board. ALEX YLUAIER, Preat.
1 LI Ousta, See'T. Jett
. _ _
ATCHES t JEWELRY-Just received et No
07 Market sneer lb Gold Lever Watches; 00 do
detached do; odo Lepinc, It Silver Patent lever do,
30 do detached do; 0 do Lupine do: IC Gold Guard
Chains, best quality.
Also, • good assortment of Breast Pins. Ear Bangs.
}lnger Ewa., Gold Pens and Pencils.
The "ove goods have been received with Inc lasi
Ars week, and will he sold at redoced prices Per
ons wishing to purchase a good and cheap Welch,
wcanould do well to c, previous to purchasing.
( . 711 , AIRGIA NANNY:IS, Ac --W R Murphy has with
\,T In a lea days received an addlnotml supply ni
Lon-dale Nanklus. told styin,) fins bleached Drllls.
e:molt do, unbleached do, has long Cloth t4ntruugr.
I Lassen., I very tusr.) white Cotten liose, lend cul'd
do. ..per Caruhrtes, ,At the Ilry Ciuuda
l: corner 4tu and Market street,
Ruunts up •zur• )s-ti
41 I'M A N
Dr. flleLaate In Tenn
( .11 8 ollo t e o `s ' i l s ' pe ot e l ttl i c7 b 7 ' e ''' iu ' O i l n o l h o . 4 ld h O
and rave to a eio net woe, some ser e rears old, two
assepticeis full, end although the amount may appear
'arge, yet I have no doubt but Mere was upward• of
floe =MYm wears passed than him, measuntor
Tom ate quarter of an tnch to two inehet long.
U 1101,1-IDA V.
Race, Carrol co Tenn , Dee V.l-47
Leeching, Capping and Bleeding.
U. Poili.BlS.,Seecessor to NI R. Drina) - -
ja.. No :CA Filth street, between NV INA and ,noth•
'Deus Fresh leeches received mouth'y—ottendanet ell
hours Reference, the phymetaus of Flttsburgh, Alle
gheny and Birmingham.
1 molt chcertutly re end to the physician. Min
dtrloaner• end all my !et Me comm nds and patron's, bit 11
orbs as toeing thoroughly acquainted with the Into
ne... aml worthy of patronage
umenell DI R. DELANV
elm tafae Tobac co
I'_ lo
11. Al Jo llrice A Harwood'.
II do du Pearl d. Harwood +h IA
II do I H0t....
2: 111 do .10
Jo do W. Ihtwaon
T Wright. . .
o Jo I. T Dadr ,
O Jo K Macon.
du Rate lid
J u lauding :son steamer and e ackel•, and fur dale
41 north water st and 113 north wharves.
ANL:PM - TV RED Tl/11ACCO—Sl be hi S slotted
IV& h Son's superior puree: lb lumps
lialt bos Old superior sweep. lump,
.53 "(a renee Lother 5s ••
tdentry h Reviver •• 3s &Ss
Dupostt tile la Eurel S.
lu MeLeud h.
I..awrente Lather Ss has plug
Just landing from dmatner, and fur sale by
11F-ALI/. RUCKNOI2 /t. Co.
41 N water et and 16 N wh
my:11 Pluladelphia.
1 )
A PER—twO bolls Straw Wrapping Paper, all uses;
WI reams ruled Cap ‘Yriting
nu Paper,
30t1 l• led and plain letter do, all qualmea,
IW • flat Cap,
medium Tea Paper,
(Al gross white and blue h white Bonnet Hoard,;
Rat reign. Mandla Envelope Paper;
In 11.ardurare Paper; lust reed and for
dale ',ow by REYNOLDS_ et tillEE,
toy:LA.lm corner peon and vertu sta
I AN UTACTURED TOR A CCO--In store. and to or•
IVA me, We tollowme brands or Tobacco, consign
ments (mom manufacturers of' Richmondsant Litich•
burg detach will be sold to the trade at reduced rates.
73 bad Lamarn ne St;
DO do Jot. Rucker Do,
110.10 Fleury is Juana la 5s and et,
al do L. /aloe. sd;
lb do R. R. Warwick ha,
It do J. Al. Swarard 5s and .44,
07 do James Madison 6.. L S WATF.RMAN
augl 31 water and ttS trout sid
submnber ode. Mr sale a full movement of
j. Ms Snips' Patent Blocks, Slimes, do, adapted to
tut node. dam, complete sett. of Simko, adapted to
ceased. of any capacity, put up and forwarded to any
pan of Litton, wi th out delay and at the lowest pri
ces. LIUNUNI VITA: Mr sale in quanuties to sun
apidnutumoTiSl‘ !MAPLES,
N Burling Slip, New York
. .
44 C u 1k g ...1 u 6: “ ? . . , 5 . :1 ‘ u .. 7 . 11 , 1 , :.: , :iia trandl,l6l6
M MITCHTIT ° I26 '. I. 's
u/yl4 16U llbarty sl
DitITANNIA METAL WARE—Jun receseed Nom
1) the manutaetory, Branum& Coif. Pola; do Tea
du, do Sugar Howls and Cream Cup; do Slop do; do
large Pitchers, with ltds, du Mulooms dodo; do Cohen
with lamp.. For sale at low priest
res _ GILL A ur , :rn, Sign Big Pitcher
ansprait'• Patent Soda Ash
_/,r, CASKS psi hunting from meamer North Castle
els , ha, awl lot sale by
Idd lli Ira direct
1 byeai swing and soodiner medico., thu day reed
dad lot said wbolooale aod retall, by
N U —A. H. E. 8 ~ Dr. Townsend . * only agent for
Pattburglt, the genuine article may always be had at
No 57 Woad street. nlyEl
irrrONS FOR LAIJIYW DRESSES, o( the follow
.ll tag kande, itti,—Blik graduated lea! gaup bulttort;
Brandeabourgh do; Fantautel do, Castilian do, Taowl
a ad beep du; Neu and Plain do, together with wane
I enthl Luton, lot side at FII LATON
{I 017 Tritterting Store, ea mark et .t
i 7Cks& boo & Iloblown's 5% loop
Toltiaddo; 15 Ju hlye roe+ do Jo do; 1U do Ito I lut ot•
Jo do 2U do Nlyur's 111 du do, 11.5 do Kodors' hooey
dew a m u , caser,Uo dwarl Itoire Myer's •opetar
t o t oot t o o r % w ,'u, 4U du au 'l'humgui Nectar 1.551
too received and it,' rule l'Y
Jols 1111 I 1 . 11 ItICHET:O./N
11111, LII2 C orn 8, L ,„.11., 4 cask. l'ut Atli,. aU ; dot
}'on,; 1W Ib+ ttorawur, 500 It.r. Nu I Soup,
Di do slue Candles; I:. du : 0051 Fl s .d s i lU 15,1. coo 'd
NO, I...dol . :14111ot, for .ale by
, _OlOlO gNi, , LISII 8. LIEN NKrr
Co-Partner•lalp Nollee•
LIUCKNUIR & CO. have associated wait
Al. them at their r f
oliacco and Coon-Ramon Imeincv,
Edward (kohl, (late or Ja . cori Heald & Co, lie .1
David C 31eCeminoti, unit John A. Warner nay is
VOit STE.A.‘IIII.(ATS I/ rll-3,4 ehav on
2 ham( a Mete nanortloortt llron otone 1 % . ner..ust
Weft mr etellite/thlthl ~ml Mach, which we 11
OW & taa•cy,
nig it at the 1.14( Pitcher, woo) At
j '0 , 1.'14 MAN 'AU KIIILIONS.- -An aaguranent of tat
4..1 col J AlAnt.ta alert , at.a Ittlants. opene.l ,e
s.'");o4etc.l hl the 1000 e, at wholvsal•
rooms uf W MURPHY.
northeast ear 4th *ad market a 414.1 story
BAWN-iU 'aids yellow canvassed HAM.; 10 do
gide., 25 do 4Lwlder•, all auction quality .
I do prune doi icor by
lI;ARTARIC ACID-4 lb., of • doyen°, yosloy, te•
oelyed not (or .ale by
BRAUN Et itEri:a
`TEAM BOAT orrELF- - rr FOR SAltli—Doe half
0 of the hoe rtectort 4Vyotroug for auto on aecono
I:lodating tetra, Dos pattleolm• anymult as
•A 3 Water aralfroat era
Earcarr • BASS,
s Strickler & Co.)
.4.1 , 11./1 0 ACTURF,RS falcandx" Srs Free We}
south sideorsotal serer., between Wood Ottd
Smithfield Pittsburgh. J i Strickler harlot, deceased
and the surviving snore } IN. Jo. Lippeoeot; having
associated himself with Mr. Wox C Wlr r the bminen
will hereafter be conduct./ under the style of Llppell
con at Barr,
Trial of wean in Cincinnati, o.—We, the undeMigu
ed were pnbent at the meting of one or/ 8 Strickler it
Co'. lm coded Phenix fire•proornfes. 7W Ma was
placed in aft:mace on the public landincand zubjected
to Me i/Itenie heat of a stone cord fire for more than
three hot"' In one hour ind a half the aafe came to
a bright red beat; the door of the (mbar. was then
closed, which caused en increued and steady beat for
the balanevor the time, until the can iron wheels were
min/ally melted MT; the furnace was Men thrown dawn
and the .0i cooled and opened. The money, papers
and hooks which it contented were as perfect es when
placed there, the binding only of the books being in
jured by the water ht cooling the safe. We been no
hesitation f 0 recommending it te ale public as a saki
superior to nay we have ever wen tested, and believe
that it writ nand any heat *tech might be prodeced,
scent n heat which would melt it tea mild mass.
Spnriger .a, Wham., L Worthington, Kellogg ik
Kennett, Benj. Unter, W d P Breese, Items Smith, 'T
H Dungan 6 Co, Stedman, klayard S Co, Wm Mince,
Mead h Winter.
We, the Auttlerancned, selected the safe spoken of
above, front a Lot in the store of Trobet & &obeli, the
8 J
Hofer to Cook fr. Harris, Broken, Pittsburgh'
Hussey Ilauna 8. Co, do do (feidfrwlyS
LIPMTCOTT 5010(0. WICI. L. a. Minutia.
mANUFAC MINERS of Hammered and Cast Steel
Shovels mid Stand., Axes aad Hatchets. Mill, se
Cat, Circular and ritsi Saws, Hay and Manure Forks,
I toes, Mattocks, Picks, ifrd.;having completed all their
arrangeents tn the construction of new'rnachinery,
and us se m curing the best workmen from the most cele
brated establishments of the East are now manufitcrur.
tag and will keep constantly on hand and for sale all
the above articles, having , availed themselves of the
latest improvements. and are determined that in work•
manship and material they will not be axeoSed., They
prointse to produce ante es equal. If not superior, to
city that ran he bud In the Masi. They Invite the atten
tion °ldeate,* kr an ataraluation of dteir stock before
purchasing elsewhere, as they are convinced that they
will be able to fill all enters in their line to the enure
ransfactiott of purchasers. , Warehouse, Water street,
4 doers Went Slonotigahlln House, Pittsburgh, Ps.
N. B.—Persons hevin bustness with Who. Lippen
ton fr. Pun all pleats.. e an Lappencou k Co.
orindly _ _
Pittsburgh PnrnlluH W.*; H.obans,
iljE. , a
.. .. .
A large and splendid sitsortment of Furni
ture, sunablo for Steamboats, Hotels and pri
vate dwellings, constantly on hand and
Wade to order
The present stock on band cannot be exceeded by
toy manufactory the western country. Pt none
wishing to pored:me would do well to give tae • call,
ee Inu determoted lay pncee shad please. Plan of
the stock coneinis
50 mores en. Plush and Ilalr-cloth case.:
2 dot Altrhogatty Nur. Chatrs,
II pair Dlr..:
12 dor. fin, IFtslogany Chairs;
12 mahogany Work Starlet;
3 dor mahogany Rocking Chairs;
- 15 marble top Dressing Barest.;
• 'MK Ottoznastsi
tl marble top Work Stands;
18 cherry Work Stands;
filahogatty, Staple, Cherry, assd Poplar Bedsteads of
all de -ertpuons. nod a large of common
funuture and chat., too aamerous to suattgan.
- - .
rIVII EY are not aware how fnehtfully untaions it is to
1. the akitt--how coarse, how rough, how sallow, yel
low and unhealthy tile skid appears ales using prepar
pared chalk' Rendes ass injurious, containing a large
quiumty of lead!
W. have prepared a beaunall vegetable ankle,
a perfectly innocent, being purified of all deleterious
imalitiew ad a imparts to the skin a natural, healthy.
alabaster, clear, living white; at the same time acting
us a sonnet.,' on the aim. making a sort and smooth.
Dr. James Anderson, Prsenced Chemist of plasm
chaser., says: "-After aunty situ; Jones' Spanish Lay
White, I find it possesses the eosin beautiful and aun
ts'. and at lilt same nine imsocent white I ever saw. /
et-nattily can ciiusetentionale recommend to use to all
whose shin requires beautifying.' Pnee, C• 141. •
boa Sold by WdIJACKSON. mr Liberty at. niartig
Pitt Works a•
rrrrlßuncla, rA
JOIIN, IV alt• la h. Co., are prepared to band Cotton
11,1 lVnulen 1l ur htnep of evert description, such
as Cardini Machines, :spinning Frames, speeders.
Ltra.vitig 1-rantes, lta.lcoy licutts, Waryers, hipatolent,
Itressoig F'rnts I. Looms. Card I.:solders, he. NVrought
Iron Strut! mg tarried, ail 4501 01 Ca.. Iron. Pulltes uad
Ilanger• ai ale latest patterns, slide and hand Lathes,
and tools of a!I t Inds Ct.trna, or every deserytton
•itr,t noner. Vxtter. made to order for
1,1,11 ricotta, I..rn ttaning, hneurn Pare for beat
ing Fin - torr..•. Cast !roll tVindow Suah and fancy Cos
tints Orders lot or the Warehouse of J.
i . 2,01“.1 Ca , L.hLerq stre,n, ow hsys remapr
heir, lo 14.11 tc. Co ...I K. Alwrehead &
Co. t. E. 1% arttcr. John Irwto tr. sutv+, YUsnurgh: U.
A.. II Waruer, )8019
Spring, Azle. Steel and Iron Works.
101.1-.4A N IiAII.NIAN A Co . baring completed
\J heir new work*, are now prepared to manufac
ture ever) dosonpriurt or Coach nod Springs,
Iron A.,. Arrwrian. Slitter. Spring and Plough
Steel. and all rue. or sornii. aware and round Imo,
which May oder tor ...le on ltnern/ tonna, at their warm
Mtn, No 4.1 Wood weer; where they also keep on
hand a complete ami handaorne nasortment of Couch
Trommi,gs. Carriage Hardware, Alalleuble Causing.,
Naat a al 11-011.
II & Co . helve made arrangements with Messrs.
tOm v & rani, want...tura. of Shovels, Spades, Forks,
Se . and v'ill rep enn.tanny on hand every article
wade ny them 13r•k-rs a respecrtolly solicited lo
a.'. Nice s and to rina will re
I.< wade liberal. ir4
JOSF:111 WOODWELL. cornor of
• • • •
Wood and 211 sta.. Pnabargh.
tag wandraten trona the firm
eta f
aoter and WoodWril. 011 11,i• 01 January,
as. pieftsure In on to my meads in the city
and country. that I Mit, opened nty new store M the
abase named puree Ilanne; purchased my goals for
cash - tad made arrangetumna wnh manufacturers in
tuts eosittry and in Europe to he constantly supplied,
I um tally prepared to cartoon H kinds, ardware of all kinds,
good terms and us low as any house EM/tt or
est Mere/tants and LodlcTs are respectfully invited
to call and ..11/0/1111e my stuck, helot, purchasing else
where The following' comprises a part of Ms stock:
and sad/Mary hardware. gu amtrigs,
Pies. Naylor'. •teel, cutlery, edge tools, treads, etc. , .
locks, Int/Mrs. scythes. bun hinges, screws. Union Far ,
toryphotos. sows, mahogany hoards and veneers, and
all other articles connected with the hardware bum
ns. mchlttf
City Osigtierri•n
1 - 11111 D STU., rollt 0/11/11CI
6.1 .111.X1E liege leave to intone the eitasens of Pola
k.). burgh. and an:tatty, that he nits taken th e Daguer.
nail !towns lately occupied by Mr. Porter. The put,-
Ile air inured that all the hoe improvements are sec.
reel. and will be brought Into operation by Mr. Hoge,
who has been ta constant operator some the art was
(vet ihseoverad. Enure sattsfacuon is guarantee.] to
all who way heroine has patrons. tile. H. will rater
won pleasure to .11r. Porter, to whose establwitutern he
operated Inc the lust twelve months. Family Por
su.. Kugravtngl. Daguerreotypes, itc., accurately
copied. taken in any weather, and set In
lac eu, breast pins, C.C. and Dunes.
. • • • .
Instructions given m every branch of the art, sod ap•
pailailsjurttalleiL ielbtf
ll 'i isr '" ke LY6 t st, ' lt C re " cei N vTd 4 6
e A as A estf cheat '
prtnted Lawns and Sluelms, 6 eases of French do, of
every vancly of style, Ili cases of good style Ging
ham., 4do ne w st) le Printsi 4 do blue and orange Cal
icoes, Aldo bleanhed Mutants all widtha. Also, cases
bleached, brown and bineCOLlolladel, Checks,
liinghents, he. ho., 041 of which will be offered at the
lowest Faster, wholearde prices. myth
Penn Illicialne Shop.
Will It I'M AN—Atanulacturer Of all trod) of ems
_U. lon 41,41 woollen machtnery, Allegheny city, Pa
'rho above works being now in toll sod successiul op
eration, I an prepared to execute onion with dispatch
fur ail kuids l nOnettintry on my line, such as willow.,
ptr kera spreaders, cards, grinding machines, railways,
drawing frames, speeders, ihnualls, looms, woolen
cards, double or angle, for member. or country work,
inules, lack, hc, slide and band lathes and tools in gen
eral All kind. of snarling made to order, or plane giv
en tor gearing raMorles or faille at reasonable charge.
Ilvu to—Kennedy, Childs A. Co-,l3lar_kstock, lkll
A. Co , King. Pennock b. Co., Ja. A. Gray .
ALA FULTON, Bell /mil Ilreds Founder, has
ill re
he inn/ commenced heftiness al hie old stand
where he .11 be pleased to see his old custom
cr. *hid mends.
Cherub, Steamboat, and Bells of every emu, from to
to 1 ,, ,U01 1 • pound., 0001 from gotten. of the most aeons,.
e d model., and warranted NI be or die beat nottertals.
Nlseerat Water Pump& Counters, Ratting, Re., toge
ther sc t Oi every cashew of firers Luattigs, it required,
turned had finished at the neatest
AF is rite %ow proprialo, linc/cr's Ant-Anal
., 010101. PO justly celebrated for the reduction of
Ironton In ntartonery the Boxes and Compostoon
nn Le had ter him al all Loots.01:11
Plough., Plough Coatings, - Wagon
IIOCEICC IiAI.L, of the old
firm ul IL n S. /WI, Js .I.l.lll2C
lartog large go unit it es of
Plonttm, hough CallulgS, NVeg-
Olt lit 11111.111VOIllall. of the Leaver.
Peaeo,l, Intout, and other Ploughs, of the latest and
hem pane ro• Ito). n one.
Ill.therty street, Pittsburgh, oppoana
the 11a) otatc, ac wry, in Allegbelly City, eel)! the
r:ur tai, ocloi ) or . .loloot• iiiceLcuck, Belt & Co.
%V. &J. Lll{ N, 'Book Binders.
Vv •tit abuvu buriness, corns
\ out! I'h nl *inst., Pittsburgh, where
.trtt i.rt pane.) Ludt. sit) work to our Into With Jut
Ip re u
u uu st,l iv
work persuta o l u ly, .d
1.1 ie giv ell o l
IrgArd to 11. t.n
od du tl, rune
11.sik rh;cd kl any pattern and bumsl sub
in it or oldbooks bound care
loll) ur trusir,..l ;taint , put Oil boot, gilt letters
'I 1t • last bay,: 11,k no our low use ttivitscl 10 call
1•I1, InfAlaf
. bowers of the Sandy and Beaver Canal
urn hereto, ttootled that on Inhalant tor
One , s of sun Company will he landau on Wt 411.01-
430) , nib day of August neat, at the Canal Often, ut
Ns a i.wiwn,.lllllo, between the hours of IU o'clock, A.
/ AI., of said day.
A:1115. U. iIOSTFITER t
- .sccruury V (.
iePst and NV niugllt Iron Hailing.
..nip t ' n ' n " i ' in P a r o ' r P : 7e ' ry ' d ° ::::; u tp ' uora " ..1 ' Iran u
for L:rul A ctez ., l3. l , o ,; i lt r ,ztl i m6ki ; at:
Cm% et, Allegtelty "r•
To Contr.! Lore and • Wader*.
,A Yet) lOW, to close the of all
late holt or Vorrhroble i Stnek ler, 3 pair or Vaul
0r50n.,..a :open°, auctrulertrunr. Apply to
AS I.t door trem wood
JL ti Hi lt: F:1 V ED—A law and vplendid anon/Haul
w l eattugs, Cravatv, dr.G., utd
wr ,Lll/. L WILI.IAMS, Ntereant T.lltir
no m under Movoittpum.ll. Ituu.e, sauthtuelial
1)10 IRON -MI to.. Foroaco Hol Ilan, .n 4
014; per Elattgguld. 61.1 woo orooklyn Fortia,
lOWhut Lb Va.) H. Moo, tor male Ly
Water la
THE sobscriber nerpeetlhily =guests the attention of
the owners and captains of boats, citizens and
strangers visiting noshing* to his large and splendid
stock of carpeting, now for sale at his new nor,. lth
street. They column of every satiety of the latent end
most fashionable style. of Camets,Oil Cloths, So.. over
brought to the Western market. The store, has been
bat expressly air the carpet Ousters', and has, aegard
less of expense,) been hoed op to the mortmsg . nineeto
modern style.
The carpets receiving are of
the richest and mom hollissit
They comprise, in part. of the
Setio r Tapestry, a new iv—
EnlisEnh and American Sou.
treat Ingrain, new she-
Elna , rior Ingrain; new de.
Vine Ingrain;
Common do
Plant and twilled Venitisa;
L at y rz szer cord twilled do;
Sheep Pah;
do do
2 do do
4 do do
ds do
Conon, List, rag and hemp carpet, common ell cloth,
oil cloth table coven, wonted and IDIOM table coven,
window shades, colored and plain matilng stair rods,
trimmings, carpet bindings, and all other goods usually
kept in mooed stores, all of %Thick, will be sold so as
reasonable moms as any m the city. Having made ar
magnums with one of the largest manafactarers in the
east, orders (awry style of carpet will be promptly for
warded by telegraph, and delivered to one neck, at a
small advance of the manufacturer's price.
Purchasers are parucularly requested to call before
purchasing elsewhere, as we feel confident we can sell
at cheap as they ran be purchased in the eastern must
marls if. W. LYND.
NEW and splendid variety, at
50 gold lever Watches; 48 silver
Haver watches, khtglmln Lti @Hwy dowelled lever swatch
es; 0/ silver L'l,pute watches; *1 silver gnarlier
watches- 12 foto gold chat.; I doz nowstyle ear ring.
5 doa pla in gold hoop nap; 0 dos @warted rings, n too
local boxes, playing a vanoty of popular attic 12 grow
steel slides, all sizes.
--•-- • .
3 dos fine Fans, Wk and paper; 50doientrimon rue;
don fine velvet bead bage, new styles; 10 dos fine
crotchet bead bags, new styles; 5 don fine crotchet
purses, new styles; 25 doz fine ovations sssorterb,Stant,
tassels, fringes, and silver, for regniins; 10 doz Pim
flower vases, assoned4 1 dos hue steel screw pin ens It
ions; 1 dns fine ivory screw pin cultions; I do z fine
wood screw pin cushions. A fine usortment of new
Toys, in. in. mus
srius - o - karrfiviiiiinrafttoope
a A. num, & C. k. co.,
Pittsburgh. New Tort.
A. A. ?Lwow% & Co,
O. 80 Market street, between 3d and lth sts, Pitts-
VI beret Pa., bans recently opened their new and
elegant nom, with an extensive stock OF nob nProtg
and Summar Goods, compnamg upwards of three hun
dred packagas, of the latest • and most futuortable
styles. blerchuta throughout the country see panden
lady moiled to call sod exannne our Bloch. as U our
Intention to offer our goods at the lowest Eastern
wholesale Kites. One of the firm residing to
York, wnl be constantly sending us fresh supplies of
the most desirable goods, thereby giving us every fa
entry to the trmnuuoo o: odr bustuesa that could be
possessed by Easter:: Houses. Prices arc therefore
guaranmed to be as low us the lowest Now York tad
Philastelptua monk apl
WHITE GOODS FOR DIt.& , S&S.--.Opiete this morn
nig, at W R MURINLY'S Dry lands House
north east corner Wash aid Markel ins, a full anon
mess of white Gaels tar donna such as I
twits Mas-
Im., plaza sod fig'd' Mull Mull do. barred Dakotan;
slam Malls and Jnltoneta Als o, inflow t styles of
goods sot Eanung Dresses, including a few senores of
enure sew styles Smurotdered Muslin 80b.,,.
DJ' New goods will he receiving daily fo r •week
to some, including newest styles Dread Goo ds, Linen
and French Gingham, Pruns and Chintzes, very low.
Merchants are invitee to examine the gout 11 nil Pri
ces m wholnale rooms, up mans. The a Assn.:tit
large and one. very law. aPd
pny iuvden attention to Ins assortment .01 above
goods, of various shades and quanuesi also. da.vak,
n4urad Linen Lustre, for Ladies' Dresses. A large a. -
uonment ut tine Easision, Monebetier, and Ft each
(istigbants, of newest style , also. iloyl's Prin. —a lull
3....1(.011l of done very styles;
goods, ni lulling
lank, t, lac , btrremind double pique, of new and I .eautt-
MI patterns.
F. reach them Lawns—Fmk, blue, lilac, brow n and
Ina", nevreet alsoorua sold toga 0..,....1ea...Ur, 'a do
fur intent. Also, Bri thanitn es, of large and mai I fig
ures, for ladies' and infants' dresses.
Embroidered Serie. dress patterns, (Or evening A
sea, new silica; colored damask tarlenuns, do; ant.
assopment of trauma, bern,ges, grcoadlues, era ^•
shawls, &c., at the northeast come, ui Fourth and Ile r
Yet streets_
TORN KELLY i Co., (successors M . Robb, Wine
breuer & Co.) SIKRAIIIANT TAILORS, lot Chest
nut Artici, Phtadelphts, beg leave to .nform the friends
and patrons of the late Inn, and strangers visiting this
city, that they are now In receipt of the Spring and
Summer Fashions. Also a choice select lustier
meat of West of England and Irene Cloths, Cats,
metes and Yearangs, to wtrict they respectfully HlVlter
the r attenuon. apmtultlnt
HACKLE Tr k WHITE, No. 99 Wend street, to
otvtag a very large and extolls.° stock of CRAP Spring reee Dry liooda, or very recent purchave, and bought
under the most tavorattle etrenntataneek and which
tuey are prepared, and snit nen to merchants, at a very
email advance on the eastern colt
. .
We would request all merchants visitor( our city lir
give our stock a lair examination, and we teal coull
dem they will be entirely .usfice M the ch.pac of
our stock. apl . 7
Yk3TINGS—Sup French lig'd sad., Silks, Cash
metes, and whue Maraca:es. CLOTHS—Sap
French, fresh imported, all colors, qualmre and prices.
CASSIAIERi. in every style and quality. CASkI
NIERI:rIS—Sup silk warp. Queen's Cloth, Sommer
Cloth, and desirable coatinv for gents' wear, at prices
below any" in the city litt/ISINSON'S Cloth were,
apt:corner Cell and wood sts
WHOLEMA.Lk. Drthl...l.llS IN MAY 6MS:hi, No.
y yw Wood street, have on hand, and are coastal.
ly receNurg daring the butanes, Seasona largo and
extensure assortment of DRY IiOOLYS, wluch tney M
ier to merchants at low pr.., and reasonable terms.
Salleving that they eau give can. .h.sfaction, they
confidently invite all merchants matting the city to give
Mein a cad.
A. MASON & Co., GU !latter sute — bare opening
21 au .Xionarta atuarunent ccl Dress 0..* tast re
ceiscd pet
shuck 0 1
t he
and most
Inatuonabla stuck Dresa Gouts to be found lit this
ally —aunsixtun 14 41.11 we tnenuoa 4u pe extra 0011 blu
nts/minted Pod de Chaste, a ucla wads, and tae won
cleanable goods to O. market; also, intim stripe Cant
icles, ttere,es.,Tuatusa, n 40111,.. Stripe, FronelllACClLlclt,
se. &c.
lil/ODS.—A A.4 1 )1"i k Co, Market
L/street, nave A./ reed a endal assortment of
Akre. ciouals, among v. lock may Un found—Ftgared,
pawl, {thud aod roved lierage of all ogaddica .1k
beaus, mind, 'Owes, CirelaLdiers, sad" stripe de
Lames, plats do equal, Si Chula., tansy rids, French
.I.codelok Lta. Sc. aplk
Uk:ll,Alsik., &C.—Ale-x.l.d. 4. Day Lave now open
Jj a beautslul sat. ..tined and plaid kleragcs, ui We
hueat guallue•asul illeNte. styles, inverted; also, splen
did plain and nivel. blank astasjes awl 1 . 14111,...,
bplel44llll French Lawns, I.s.n Lustros and (stag Lams,
a tall usoruneui blt, plaits and - saun sumps di !sines
and bus 4.lpaccaa.
NI these goods have been purchased at the late per
emptory atansou sales in sew Yutkaarl Pad.le/prus
wul lie sold at a great reduction wont regular prices
lay 4
coracle Mao:total and market st
11A Whtf--Alciander & lkay hart 'cowed street
Item coo Unpurtcl In Ne.r York, WI 0,1000 can of
Kellum° Canton Crap,: Shawls, coutoOtiog a comploOi
uneortinool al atoortoderea and plata spowls, ul oil CO
lon maid qul.lll.le*, Irvin O-lo lo es, /to lathes ore re.-
ourilrul la e.t.a. Lhasa elaivels, he/teeny
Lutit ...mac of new are eoperlor to nay hewn: offered no
no. Quartet. They wan Inc sold retuarkailii) cheap.
Alau, Silk Ttutict and Berage Shawls and Scarfs LL
nan tauOrillteat,al reurtarktuaiy my 4
g ree k ez e ve ' d Ve N eole didulick i l trawro b t . . C lo n n i g
tie re Co • Plate, blum, fleet, Molar and lthecuspi
datoca Teeth, to ileNikeitaaks' special ailaaluau.
.11/Kl.. llragglet and Apolareary,
apl 7 cor wood and but ate
. .
(111././VES—A good arisonutent of ladles and gera
black, whs., and colored tklutliu Lisle, Thread,
ma arid Thlbet leloves, large else..e.lso, black aud
colored French Kid tab 00., an ell:a/lent article, and
large uses; Just °pelting by
opal SHACK/it:lT h. WHITE, kV wood et
LOVES AND HOSIFULY---Just reed, NM do: La-
VT dies Wank, wenn', brown and slate Cotton diem,
from 6.1 cents per pair up ttio finest quality. Also, 1W
dot 15015 Colton Half Hurd, 1W do: lisle, thread, silk
and mien blooms, also, la cartons Ladies Hap. Kid
(doves. DeoJars and ethers that wish baron., in the
above articles, will alibi Meta at
aptl smrrit.v. JOHNSON'S, murk..
JUU doe Hodt and !Mil li.e, iar eon, women and
wtdrt with a largo lot ul silk, cotton and lute thread
(doves and Alms, jam received trord dm importers and
lot sale wholesale and retrul, by
S T l ' it L t I ° ll ‘j u U lo • S ' re ' tll a ge t' o l d7,7•YitgTL: 4 B .7 ". L .
rune do; do eurso Kung.; do du Gloops; do Shdoo; do
lion Wogs du Top OoLubs rued at uow Fancy
Vie. in Moakel rare..
. .
W111'11: iilsoninern of plain, ehera
and united Camni tes s plaut and etterd Jacouew,
Swiss and lOctoch Hun , Book 41.1ths, Bishop Lawn*,
Nanaotas, spotted awns, Vithoritt Lawns, Tarlatan
Mosints, together with • toll rthaortlonnt of Llobinetta,
plant and fancy Newt Lanes, h;cl,gurga, thserungs,
ae., all of which ththe rust arheed leash from the un
pow., and ior onto low to the'ttade, bl
JEWE:LAY—Fn. Gold Mutllium enact.; du du 1.40.
rte for,r do do breast E..; do do o.sur ktauEl,
uo du Fdlger Mang"; du do Guard %Amon, id, du i'ut,
Jo, du do Youctia and OM.; du do ii,avelrh dud
Those w vraul a hue .113WCI ry uu "CU to
call on ua bolero purcntwag.
myld K11461:1' lc KNOX, market at
A: op. Wu mornings flanbcr supply of dm. Very
supenur lsrt4eh Loal; Oath 3 1 uruoiWinn, ouzo, fine
Lansdale do, and Liu comnfriuytuui,4
Went •of over) , 'rule oi SPaulY• Al low each pmts.
Also, l a sh lAncud atialungil hod bosoms, of pule
!ILE, and Very cheap, • non:wad corer of 4 th and
01.10etimets 4
have Jon teem ved ti Valliroperiar assorimmi of
brown anithlescbodlibeethiza,-oi the L otost.celchnued
wadable we, 01 all Widths gad qualluea also, bleached
awt brovni Sh.tllllalhbf I llr qualltlem, at ate per yard.
• •
VOL. XVI. NO. 11.
by J. A. & U. P. JAM:MI, Cineinnsui, the following
new and valuable Worke—
L '
Doniphanie Expedittoo—Ccnnaining a sketch of the
life of Col. A W. Minolta% the
_Conquest of New
Gtu. Keaton'. Oreerbuid Expeftion to 041-
4. rein, antiphon's Campaign against the Nov es, and
hot unparalleled Marsh upon Chihottme and DerFtfoi
and the Operation. of Rea Voce at Santa Fe.,_WIRL/1—
rsan and Engraving% by 76Ibn T Eliagt me , Alio{ the
t Regiment of Rimer' C.ivalrgl.
the latest design, with
11latory of Bariumlsp—rts Antiquities 'arid Natant!
c u H o .w ec tkomphieW Suai.Oced and Omlogimal
deiteriptionsink6 annodotes of Pioneers Life, and mars
Nan eon in:indeed Biographical Bketchas of tisilard.b.
cal Pioneer", Soldier; Stamm:m, latices, Ulm., 1)6
inst., /to; Illustrated with forty engravengia by I...pedi
Callum, vol. octavo.
• •
The 1 . 11/el7O Months' Volunteer, or It:carnal of • Pri
vate in the Tennessee Regiment or Carer,, in dos
CantruiP or ldo.ico, during 1.94/1-47, e.trairung an sea
count of the March of the Regiment to Vera Cm; a
deseription of the Country passed aver, mamma, mu
tants, /so. of the people; Sketches of bant• We; se.
counts of all the actions amber Volunteer Bectosettra.
and a full History of the Meade. 'War Liu of tree Mil
led and Wounded, ice; illustrated by a&ousabey of
correct ricers and plans, by Geo. C. , I volurne
octavo. doe
J Door rota.
New Popov and Book Eistablialumerag s
7d WOOD Sr., serwata Pon= asp Musa= ALLZT.
r BB subscritears have jum opened, at the above
11„ stand, a large stock of different qualities ruled and
plain white undue Writing and Letter Paper, eam
mercial and pwket post Flat Cap, dewy and medians
writing papers, for blank book.; medium and royal co.
lured Priming Papers; nudism, delay and elm Day
Rooks and Ledgers, auperior,:paper and best Friars
binding; School Book. of all kink , standard work in
Theologyand Sciences; <Olds, gold and steel Pow,
W., Wan, Bill Ries, &a. rte.
Blank Books of nil sizes ruled to patters, add bound
in the most substantial emulate.
OU ClothZ4
Country Merchants supplied at loom wholesale pri
em for comb, or rags at cash prices.
JOB PRlNTlN.G—BariagraJob OtUCCI in connection
with our establishment, We ate prepared to execrate all
enters for plain and fancy Periwig—books, pamphlets,
irculant, business cards, bills of holing, h.., wi th des
patch end at low prices. ELLIOTT & ESOLISFL,
• toys 75 wood at, between 4th and dais:Livid arlej.
T OUR STORE on Market strew, No Wp, Won=
34 and 4th, may at all times be Consul a kelps
Aof Theological and Alisaellsiseous Books. New
books received as soon as published, and sold at km ,
est price. The publications Mao Amalgam Sudsy
School Union and litaasachusetts Sabbath School So
ciety, always on hand. Caalognes famished on ap
plication. ELLJOTT & ViOLJSR,
my!_ S 6 market between 3d and ith
HOBART'S BUTLER'S ANALOG', — Hoban', Cysts of Mahon Bailer's Analogy of ReihriON Na
turist and Revealed; to the consumer, and course of
nature,. wan mates. Also, Cranford', Question. for ex.
ethitthuon; revised and adapted to the use of school;
by Cherie. E. West, Principal of Exam'. barium In
the city of New York.
he.—The de Sencoste, de Ausiniath, Pared
Surinam Scipio. ofd th e Life of
b 7 Cornelius Nepos, dish Notcs, Critil no
Explanatory, by Charles Anthem, 41. D.
THE BOY'S SPRING BOOK—Dascripdee of the
Serums, Scenery, Rural Life, and Country Amuse.
them, by Thomas Miler; with 3S illestothona
A NOVEL BY MARRYATT—Tne Children of the
.New Forest( by Capt. Atarrym R. N.
SIIcTiLLADORE paouuwort, or Lam! Water;
by O. P. Ft. Irma
The above works received this day, and for wt. by
myth Boolthellers, car. mates and ad sts
Baker & 8434.11basex PubLiavatass.
Mac sublicnbers having been appointed agents for
the sale of the pablications of the alum well
known publishing house, have a full supply of their
kooks on hand, which they can sell at the eastern ..
_ prl
ees, wholesale and retail. -Among the works which
have been recently issued -by them, which have been
highly recommended as exceedingly Intereating awl
valuable, may be found—The Czar, his Court and Pea
ple, Ireland'. Welcome to the Stranger; Bethel Ayr,
by Dr. Spring; Napolectu and his Marehelsj Washing
ton and his Generals; The Sacred hteitmuntist Orators
of France; Teaching a Science the teacher an Artist;
Charlotte k2irabeih's Uniform Works; T. S.-Arlbaris
Slaking flees to be Rich, Richis have Wings, Keeping
op Appearances, Debtor and Creditor, he. he.
Also, the works front the press of Robert Carter the
charecter of whose publican*. swell known. Ta
re/16V'. Theology, in 4 vols.; Haldane 013 Bomar, 111 -
Cheyne's works, The Convent, by anther of School Old
in Prance, he. to. New book. received as soca as
as published. ELLIOVT & ENGLISH,
78 wood and 58 market stn
NEW FrnuinEs—Life of Cromwell, by J T Headley
Power of the Pulpit, by Ciordiner Spnog, D. I).
Bethel Flog, ‘, do do
J11.301213S on GoSpela, Matthew, with Hammon
Lectures on Shokspeore, eels;
Patin of Lite, or Sketches of the Way to Glory and
Footstep. of Messiah;
The COIIIOIII, by outhor of School Girl In Franca:
Now and 'Phen. by Warren;
Skatches of 1,00116, on Pulnies and Abrader,
Welcome to 016 nget-,
1/6116eu upon Eurtt
Hawkston, a tale on and (or England: 2 vols.
For sale by ELLIO rr a ENGLISH,
"el° 711 wood and HI market NI
STEW BOOKS--Just received at the Apollo Build
mgt. Jth street. end for sale by J. 1... Ha
mance of the theta ry of Lotus:tam; &genes o[Ltettues,
by C. Lioye.he.
A discourse on the life ; character and public ami
nes ofJatnes Xent. lam Chancellor ofthe Mime of Neter
York, delivered before the Judiciary and bar of the
nay and name of Neva York, by John Duet.
history of England, from the Invasion of Joints Cm
; ar brie reign of Victoria, by Mr. Markham; a neer
11110, revised and enlarged, limb quudoos; by Elise
IL 3btala.
EtV BOOKS—Lectures on Shakeouts'., by R N
li114•0/1, /41 two POill(1102.
r , to Power at the. Futon, ar plain litrlighta attliliessiod
oCL nalian raimsters, sod Uinta was bear Main, on the
o oi tto bee cifn preached Gospel, by at Rev. Giantism
, t3Pnot,
To o Peasant and has Landlord. by the Baroatli
*b ozo "... Tranalated by Mary__Howat
L otto ,. -line's Gtrondlata, Vol. lift. History orthat
randist. r Personal memoir of the mummer the French
c; front unpubltatted soureca—by A. de La•
. .
Afe co pler of each of the above works recaived
nut day am I for ehle by
JOk INSTON a STOCKTON, Bookseller.,
my= corner market and 3d len
I. • TublEt. ' ON SHAKSPEATIES Life and CEat ,
b,„ Cheatrieal labor, tus Poems, Sonnets,
ac., by liN Ha
p ow „ nie Pulpit, or thoughts addressed
and Muse who hear them, by Gar&
lwr U . D.
, ractice Condensed, or the Family
e scientific system of medicine, on
, i - iples , for ell oluscs, by'W Beach, M.
D. I. orELLiorr & ENGLISH,
a . I and 4th, and 79 wood BA, bec gth
and diamond sae). nty3o
TT ISTORIES—Robert RoUV.; GibbOn'a, Rua-
Moo. ]trope, 'nercou'• fdatim 3 s P.m; aaj
enelet's France, amok, -6
Rome, Harper'. Pi c torial
Niel:mire Rome, IL Rlmae UoneMariana! Flier 4
y Arnold'. l a er ROM. Commantornalth;
tichour's Run., Burners its, ory ofhi. own rimy with
notes, Hallam'. Mrddle Ages; , URN Crusades sad Cbilt
mn,, Hwwmogl thatory or IX o Ihfue.wft Thieurs
litstormel Works; Nears Moor 'rat ta• Pnritartai Thlars
French Rev; Taylor's Manual of 4't and Mrret. RUM
ry ; Intruder non to the History of . the Churth• by lan*
itightley's Rome .41 kkglead; u‘k 6,6 , P ope,.
above, entil rawly Miter valuablearks, foray
mart J L azar
U 0 CARPENTERS AND sacHramers—... rt. aw
-1 der's Guide, a pracueal treatise md
Homan Architecture, together with six =mem of the
Gothic style. Also, Prucucal Treatises 0. Geillhetry,
Decimal ersatiouu, Mensuration, Mir
CILIpe man . and Joinery, embracing a ll Wier susee
ileturis, mud particularly adapted to the *mats of, do
less .Icparienced. By Chester HHla,praeacld crchiteeL
Humeri and unproved, watt adduinnsar V7IL and
School House Arcbuer tare, by'llitectoiad
Barnard, Boq. Second mused edition. Pat sale by
4e2ti J L READ, Apollo Bolldinga.4th
7EW BOOKS —Jost reeenrod from the publisher,
VI and for side at the Methodist Book Stea, 4th in,
r.r. Wood, Topper's Proverbial Philosophy,.ln throe
styles of tendinsi a beantihd book fart meant .
eraparaLLOak tor the Pulpit-
Sketches of Semitone ou the Parables and hntaeles -
of chnst, by the author of the Pulpit CLelopedit-401:1
AlcaLchr.4, lee. The Enithsh Pulpit; co emion of ser.
mons by the most eminent living dish:riot Eileen&
M mare VoistDoing Goal, Chnuista Love, Lor
en thou me, Sacred Meditations. my*
S SONGS—Watch you will by Dayngtiti
-I_4 ° ‘ Vat Vidater . Alachree; Hon , abloori balata - DIIiWIWrL
staying the Deer, Gondoher Row; The Two ilk*;
Ferry Son Ask we not what I am Thinking; Low
/leased eat; lily Mother Dear; odo not say 1 low
unto uot; Forgive, tint don't Forget;_ The Centelion;
...Cop.'s Whisper; Morning Drawn; Sweet Jessie was
Vining sad Sim lr The Northland for Me; Molly
Liao H. For sale by JOHN H MELLOR,
icsq . 81 wood nl
I_J " : 2II I . Ta R M V ( KL- Mw j erl, " :, o ' n " Olil! "ZP"a'
Faith and Os Effects; or Frogoooms (mm my POll
Folio: by Mr. Palmer. •
!Lobes! of times; linen. Life, by Upham, Life a
.uh, ny Upham; !Memorials of Method/am, by Rev, A,
Me sena Tbe English Pulpit, a colleen.oa o lenlittes
I.y um most eminent itrmg dal., or England; neut.
en Of Sennu. ou the Parables and MinsesnVeandlees
Mie of MluilL .1 y
LIEN. zAcilnitl"rAYLoß—Yortrait of Gen Z.
‘_A Taylor, by SCoffe): ander the' unmsdize wpm
tuttndtauce and direction. of the luidepignal a ga mt ,
lions an original sketch taken from lea, a °maxim
by Captain rAlun, A D C.
DConnor, Li S Navy; i. i .t i nitreutief3; Gangs
pietll Topographlcar [MC r HMI Inger
ti s Navy. JOiiNSTO & sToorroN,
r-2.1 Lk3okitilent, ear aad =Act sts
CIONSTIPATION, (CosuvenesA) oared wigwag
%,/ otedleinis injections,or baths, by the ''New and
improved WHARTON'S iVALETSTA," a mad pal ,
.Inabie ud udittotts vegetable food. Also, W
tou's ceitibrated r Treatise on Coastipatton, and the ow nod value oClho Stralenta. , Sold Only at the Apotio
bud jel4 ditopt, 4A meet, aces Wood, by
_ _ •
lVotA ll l l ooEd—Lecters from Italy, a now and tOl
'disc edition: by 1 T HeodloT. I • . •
TIM Plonotory ono Stalinr WOrklei a lopac,agpw•
sidan of Ito groat Otscovence and diet:lna of modems'
aiLtonom•m, I. a sone. of ten locum= by ofd Mitch;
an, A, N., pirector of the Cincinnali Obacroaanry.
ale swore worrsjusi moot mod for solo by
7a wood and 21 oaarlosta
• &>> OKK HY HEADLEY—The LK* Of Ob./
.. 4 I Cromer., py .1 T Ireadley, andhor or
end lass Mannale," "The Sacred Alennatains, ll WWaab
uagtou and his I..cousasel ate. etc. Keeeited this dRY •
and tor sale ny JOHNSTON & STOCKTON >
/e-1 1 ktooksorlara, cor market end ad saa_
weer or the Ilirtory or Praneelfrora
the earl:oat Um. to tic ItoVolittiao.ol /1:1413.441;
noel and taseultes—with ntuaenrar engravings, call
queatrona for no> elanunouon or pupas.
ICI jullptiriON a trrocRTON.,
V1ACK1:37.14.-611 MA, No 3 Aliekeirt,l3 store bakt
for able by Jr& b & W iLSISILLUGH
CORN -4W [nb YoHaw Com, us stora
sk. aluralAUGtl
by jyala
VEATH.F.ES-17 uteks row laudin r, An sale by
Apollolduigit - , 4th girOet