The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, August 16, 1848, Image 1

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A NOWN, l'llAOt & Co—Hole tool Leather Deal
ort...h Ferry nt. New N'ork.
KIV/Itoill ex►—John (:per rittoburgh F. Lovlrk h
Co. PlolittlelplOyc
6.onsigume.Bl4 of Western Leather sokrited. and hb.
ertd advsners made, if required. feh :ddin
ATWOOD JONES Is Co.. Communion and For.
warthog Merchants, htteo_,Jeturoed to On= old
stand. Water end Ptont streets, Ptitsburch. octal
. iItILIMICK Stacy.ll.•4o.lL P. 102-
RAUN It REITER, Wholesale and Roma! Drug.
J J pots, router of Liberty luta St. Clairsore,. Pou
burga. Pa.. . mayl4
.1) mod Comm...ion Merehoub., No. 14S. Libeny tt.,
DAunt.t..Y 13511'11i, Wholesale t; racers. Its and
IJ SIJ t 1 ood street Pittsburgh.
gr I A. Me&NULTY & Co, Forwarding and Com.
Morahan.. Ceunl Bruhn. Pntsburgh Pa
<l^,t. 4000 7. Issrsmon, lAt w, ttatLauv
C/1, Co. Alandruclutors of
Carnage Spnoce nod Axle, A. It. and Sonug
Steel, add demrrn to Coach runtruatt, oi carry dr
scrlpliots, Incononclory ott St. Com •1. Warehou.e 4..
Wood at. OpEIORSC. St. CliorienHOlnt, par-
. -
LeWALT k GEHHART, Who Sessile s_sweere, deal
_LA ere us l'roduer
and l'assourgis Massufacsure, essr•
sterol Lase*, cud Hand ate Putelrergu, Pa it
WM.. IL Mann, JJI.I3S J. 1LE.,1117.
dc BENNETT, Once ..Egloa Nallesher
Mi.* 44 Wholesale cisme., Catlirilia./. and tor
eratguicalerehocus, and dealers in hale= and Pius
butgh hisouseetures, No. 37 Wood sc., l.coseen d and
pa gleerni coati
r. atm. sum; Jan WOOD.
Hi IWIEY In Co., Wholesale firocers and
Cortroinstent Merehrutta, and Age.* for Brlh.”
Cotten It 4 J." rue, Nos. 57 Water, end 1,•h• Front w'• • ",
r .
Da t_2221.._ reh•••
Ll LILUbIE. Nano Forte Alanot.returer and dealer
X Mrsareni inarninenta, Lit Wood 5,.1 neat
=ll,l ,
irkilslLLAGlllll, (,0:G & 11111,1-ER, Bell and Urns
Founders and Gas Fitters, tint Front, between
Rood and &triads: streets, Pin...burgh. Pa.
Pa. Highest price given for old Copper sad Brox.
CILIJRGE COCHRAN, Communion and Forwarding
Merchant, No. 20 Wood etrcrt. Ynvhungh. myr;
l I LLALRY LIRRNOT, White will Red Lead Mann-
Newer, !'attar and Oil ,Merchant, c...rncr oi
(Ylarw nit.. Pittsburgh.
ratan d . •
ISALMI I.IICh.EY & Co., Whole.ale Ltroccre. enro
minion Merchants, and dealer. 1/I Produce, No. ,tt
Water. and 107 Front streets, Pntsburgh 110 V,
Jl.lbN H. RANKIN, Attorney and Coonaellor at Law
aud,Commuslouer for the State of Pennsylvania
Si. Loma, No., (late 01 Pt!tsbutgh.}
aiNEESACE.—Ytusburo: Don Sr Forward, Pomp
ton te MtLer, APEandless A hUClure, John E Parke.
Semple, Aft.and fr. rung. _ lair:ly
1011 N scarf' & Co" Whalesale trineers, Forward
() lag sad Commission Merchants, Dealers in Pro
duce and Pius-burgh rdiumfaciures, No. 7 Cojameretal
Bow, Liherry Creel, near the Canal, Pmabusgh,
my RI) •
BRYAN, Reetifying Dutiller t and Wholesale
dealanru Foreign and Domestic Wanes and Li.
ql.Oll, No. 114 Liberty- wear, and Dmmoull Alley
Pittahurgh, Pa.
1 A/11 Ell 8 bIot:LIRE. Oros of the fine Algro and
111 MeGuire,l Slerehant Tailor, St Charier Loading.
Third meet. near Wood, Siusburgh.
- -
1.4,11E43 A. HUTCHISON, k Co.—Sacco:morn to
Le.wis Hutchison tr. Co, Coancoimono3 .L•erehonb.
and Agents of the St. Loup Stearn Sofar Re nary.
No. 45 water and 99 front watts, nnaborr,h.
B. BLACK, Merchant Tailor, Mae Lange Buil
din 81 elate at, Yiusbarge. jetuu
JOllBl 8. DlLWORTLl—Whotesale (inner., Pro
dubb Old COMITIi.3/011 Merchant, No. 27, Wood rL
Piusburgh. 7an4
gOHN A DWROAN, Wholesale Druggiet, and deal
er in Dye:Nu:lk, Pautts,.Oila, Wane &e., No. 8:1
ood UNA one door South of Diamond e:,
....Hey, nto
bargh. jam I
A.IIWS Jr., & Co., Hneceseor to Joseph G.
DairiaLhop Champ:Um:lo6 W atm sneer. oe-il
JOHN H. MELLOR, Wholesale and Retell dealer
haPldasie and plaasseal Mout:mm.4 School boom.
Paper, Ohm., oteel Pees, I.ratila, Printer.' Cools, had
Brauonary geaerallY, No. [ll food Pm:dough.
UP Haas ion.ghe or taken to mule. up 11
SCHUONAteIiER & Co., Wholesale Drugs...,
. No. 04 Wand mem, Pauburge.
1011 N IA LA V Illy !mewl:wet, corner sth andi{ood
Iti str_systisbursh. oess
IOHNSTON L KIOCKTON, Bookse/lers, Pruitt,.
la anal raper Memo Dictum., No. 44 Market at.., ens..
Ls /et
1 L. BEAU'S book amore, 4121, attar Mark sure,-
U. Clasatew, 'I hcotogicat, kilaton Seboot, 510 , ce1.
4111euys, and Meinuthal nook. mad e.tuumaary.
JW. ROVAERTSUN & Oh. than:era atal Exchange
BruiLara, center of SS col and :of t•ICLAlizt s
tiOle 1.111/1116. Incas niriO, Pa.
Csirruscy saran:ma of ido LLOOd r.iei. .tll
lOn t. uttrEft, Wholesale (;racer, gloater in Pnag
ILI dote, rguaborgh bouggorwtores. Tan Yla es, he. tro
i.e., No.= Liberty a.. Plusbargb. tao.s_
lOUS VW., 111.11.10 11.0111.
& IL SIA/YD, (less .1. Floyd & 1V soielwie
. towers, &&_llo2 . Libeny street. geld.
Wholeaaldliimeer, Ceiermsaloa
daerelmet, mud dealer LA rttalue< wal Pu.burgb
ullketurcs. No. :A N eder sl. , Pilubure,tt. JwLLU
Vesuvius Iron Works.
Del-..1A... 1,0, 1113•IMIsinu re re of all ea
j4 las tar, bat., Bauer Iron and hags of dm DC.t
quauty. 11 arelamac t a.. 1 water and Ital trout It.
B WATERMAN, Wholesale Grocer, Forward
► uog.r 1..0
uid uluo sass Merck:so .1./
u rAiler rol,
bitgkiStkkuulncLures and Pr.lore. Nos. 31 Water it.
and Ws FN. al
• • •
A&&I3I,J&T & :sairroN, Wikolege& liroce rs, For.
wint&te e.nd I.ollUpisaitill merchants, in
roduces&O ?Inaba%lt &i.u&u&A., &Wm., Not. IA 1.1411 16,
11 LRCM, bßherliklEtri to Co, Coconsisaion Ater
ITJ. Chantey Plutanolpleta. tor the pate os prtedoee
Dcrinily. Liberal attattaces sonde on eontaastoteuts.
IILI dial:Lk ROE, Wholesale Isoprene teed Comaipe
saPh Illetettenes, leeo. 1114 Liberty at., riusleurgle
IL 4.1445, ALZL RIZJ i WII
NALLEN & Go., Castoun.axion awl For uranliog
4erauw is, \I, ader and From a.a, beta ccu
lA4 And liar act Vt. Jana
ir/L C. W. 6.ICCITSON.
ILLER k MCKETSON Wholesale (Avec. and
ISNonalsation Merchants, No. 1:11, Liheny sue, Ymr
riibt Ya. 0.1.4
aeI.MD & ELNG, Wholesale and Retell Hat and
ail Cap Manufacture., and dealers or Fancy num,
Wear at Wood and F 1 sm. 1000
NHOLMES & SUN, No. SS Market at, second
• Iloor from corner at Fourth, dealers in Foreign
moo bbinesuc bills at Exchange, of Dep.-
0, bank Notes and Specie
ILD ballectiona mad on all the principal cities
throughout the United Mama deel7
.li t tla "rr i td , defile; or W l 'i Llee l l' 6 l;u6u7gb
tales, kinds in Foreign andlloinenfte Wow*
and ho. Lawny went: lin axon a very
large stork of super,. old Monongahela wlnsitc)„
which wall be scud um lorea.h . apiS: y
d°2ll lUir4ScikcoWn:"tr
nevi ari l d
fil ,
ICAIARD LM:./1, Jr.,. linponc7 and m
torinsu and Lannes. ry Hardware and
Cansaga 7'runaanags, of all doacnptiao, No. l .Gl Wood
Pinsbaran apns
BARD, iVholesale and Retell Dealer in
JLA, Leather, Atosuceo,_thloctuakere Too,. sad Find
“Se,l4 Tamers' iltla Cutlers , Toads, anct Taluter.' Osi,
N. ILO Wood rittaCergh. septa
Loam 'ILIMUNIN, &UMW, 4 1031N505.
) FLOWN:NM d Co, Wbo'aside broeers, k'rocluee
1111 d C 011.11•61013 Merrilllista, and ikalqr. iis Miva
Infh Idatoopetures, No. MI LawnyWpeturee, et., Potodngh.
Pa. Ault)
rebmu jee7.,
ereal.* and Pittsburgh ALintilbeturee, Liberty tot
riltsbargb, feted
lt TgatlcNCillA wd ktbWhgohlezi:mitrret,
K . 0.144 Libany iyl2
; 68 di 14 Forwarding d CoMMlidlißM
.1.16 1 1 5 41a1.111*, 10l the Allehmi • and
Trde, dni
al* MI (Jimmies, Prviduce, rim2urgli MaidllaCluies
and Cbloilde 01 Lime.
The 01,strasi puce, iu cash, gold at all limes for co.
tl7 raj. COIL. DI re. .11 /min stc. jalcu
Siklrrti dr. JlrtiNkr oN, Wholtordo and LietodDealero
w k llivary oods, Lucca, 'fakery lord Form)
hum, Ankobro,kro. W Market d door *Orme Thud st,
la•caurn, VIOL I. WHIT&
& WI4TE , Wholesale Dea/ess in
ehla god laxesesue Dry Wed, Ns. 119 W 004 St.
.lsbusists. febl7ll
b. Woo.
, A , l . u str , stlk ..r a . le . r:
latJ U011.1111n106 tret:1110 " frfi7Z0 4 .
11 Water at.,ittit
co.,Wisoludo Grocers so.
Iluduce Cesium, Noe= Alarsct succt, between at,
and nib. Nona one, Peousleloess. nose
• •
- ---
c 111•13=116.
Q kjL,LE,KS & NICOI.B, Pgaluce GuirreJ
0.12111.11.511 . 1 .0 . 11 . L.. Nu. L4barty at, I . l.blugh.
Byer., Liasera .•sul L., a Oas.
Co, Whole.• 18 Gro.
00gi, 1 . 0r010.10 1 g 1001 Ifototol4ololl hicroltzle,
aloto IHneelugh 510.11111/o.ointl .4 MicoLoto s re/-
disco, 11011,61.0Ved 100101 f I 1 Yeatellouse,wd.t,,d,
ree.A, comer 01 Flout 51. and ClllO/C0r,L.,,..
- stae7 e
W.A.I.IULL le. kiltat. I , orwardang aud eozno — C — m ion
10 faorcfraol,l;kaler In eroduce and Youburgn goo,.
Wasted mucks, Carta, boom, near Mt at. dot
Iji:Ati,,f;Y ,A. BEST, %1 Weenie, firmer. and Corona..
elms dierchonta a 4 dealers in rroducc. No. ,4,
ood at, tillatnuaa. oa:a
M. B. FOSTER, Agent :or Mszicsu solaters suo
pmelarlog ptluiloos, at Um Dame 01 Vlrm. li Aus
Ms, Y 19., burY's Uulluolas, 4tL 01 , Ylilabarffk. Ny 000
lb We avowal buid 011.0 at Wulougtoth wily snood lo
mT bass/mu Were treo of, expettce to appOcalas.
SOLI O:.yrsZl4, ._ 00.10 11.CLIKOLIM
It savcANDLDJ.S (aaecessora to L. J. J. D.
TT Vies,) Wholesale 4,rocere, Forsrantiog 11.1
CUP5:131,..011 Aleselsauts, peelers W Iron, laths, Ohms,
%m., Varna, awl eiusburgn kantalacimar.• gesorally,
arms. oi Wisal app ...s.aos.
Tif/ tan BOWEN—Cnmanaloa and Pomading
T biairlua,Na. 00 From a between 'Wax nua
.4.111N4 fiktml
. . .. . ,
. , .
• "
iti I
• ..1 . .
i-t; ITT.% 4:t tit Ell
It ..
. .
. .., i
. t 4
. ,
. . E .
ma -45
W . M. 5
u, le
kr; 210
• Toreigo nod Vome.t. Dry I,oodw. norm cast
.turner of Market o.nd Fourth ML aug2l
wss TOGNS. INo
Wv(n r- Nc, &Co —Dealorrt in r !ogle, .t_c
/43 Laucrty SL
Morena.. ol;u3, Importors of Sado Ahtk end I.llenrillas
Powder. No. MO Litn-rty Pittsbunra, j0m.5411
' '''''''
'Lt".O.IiNOEOHO, 19./ONVt.
Ui 1 /3 Al A Co., Wholesale tiraVer• and
. dealers in this, Boat Store, noll'l l tuabtrign Illtut•
utuetured articles, have on hand, at all tunes, a full nod
reneral ssortment of goods in the ir . tpe. Water street.
1 leer Cherry A lley.pattsbureh • aul((
1 j °\-•ioN4?Slitl al'rSje‘tV:\t.StlT-srepe'dporo'ett''l'e?.to':‘,"'lll:l‘ri's't..°F'n.:
1 Largh, will babe constantly oil hand is well selegted aa.
surourut of rite best and Irmihrst Medicines. %Inch lie
will sell on the most reasonable mint , . Phy swum.
sending ardent.alll he promptly at ended to, and sup.
(toed with arm. s they may rrly upon sta gen al e.
nog:Physicians Prescrpuons will he accurately and
prepared from the best otatunals, at any boar of
we day or mgt._
Also for rale, a large stock of fresh and good Perla
T "p ___ (ant
LAMiLE, corroN WOR.KS, Pittrbiargb, lelanufae
.L'i tune Cotton Yarn. Candle Wick, Datong, Tonne,
Coverlet Yarn, Carpet Cho., Warps, ik(rica.
lillsli, PENN( /Cli A Co.
(Sucressors to Arbuckle & Avery.)
jang I Prapne tors.
41.. 1;1 1 1111, A ti- get .k it.: : :o '" r .1'..‘11.. 27rmea'nstIVI•‘..ret/Ve7teOttirs:
Sugar ((cheery. Alwayll Olt hand a large mock in
Lo.i . f . , Powdered, Crushed.. Clanfied and Boston( Sugars
11l / ierees and Liareek. Also. Sugar Untrue Molass e s
Prices liberal, and a lair allowance wade on all sates
0i 00 above NI lArreis molt I
Illonongahela Livery Stable.
ktOat.ILT H. rxrn.r.tioN ha. opened
the large .table On Flat at. runtung Lltro,pu
to Sceond et. between %Vend undmanaltenl
ste .10 the rear in the hlonoopthela lions , .
0 PP a
OP stutely new stock of Hansa. anti Carnages at
the best (•ualtty and latelt style. Ilofses kept at 11,e
r) tithe ' best manner 4 . 1 . Y
21114.1.1[11 AND DULL.:[
Nadulere Ironmongery, harutss and Couch
!Moss, Deer Hair, Vara. &e.
\u. 144 uou Jr. I'tr~wutuu.
I,H. EATON. Dealer 111 Veroety
Tondo, Simi!, Ivor) and Ilor CUSIII,.
lVoolen Yarns dud %Vomit:Lin, bduonp. Noedirs.
1' pea, Brudes, ha., Na. 6./ Afraket llttllll. bytwen Inn•
mond and 4th EL, Ynt6burgh ;)-.:toll
'Tn.:int:at:li STEEL WORK . SPRING
. _
ISAAC )0. _ -
nprlng.. eueunered Jean silee, and deelers In mat
Iteltee eueirege. hoe engem
lens .. s and donee trenneexik
F 1L1134, ...rue( el es and FM." on.. Villseeren,
PEKIN STORE.-.-No. 711 Fourth a k K.. Rear II out—Ail tikellalllC# el Urcra uakl
Black dour Up at 402.1105, La.:.
C pULInd ymetri. , ss, ram,ging fro .50 r per wd
81. LO. 1)1 ZJAINI,, , , '1,3 to Pcl,,, 1 , 0 Lo
Law urrwr,ti
% laiL.LiN.
Ix TILL Mao attend to a:tile/awns and ad oth.r H 3.1.
nes* eotruated to Iwo to Butler and Artua.nottg
C.1."1“C., Heoer to
J. O. H. Floyd, ldberty Jo_
NV. 11. Mr stilaec, du
Jorm. Awn.. do I PuttbordlJ
d:r• Ko O. Cu. Jo_ J
Errn.a. Attorney Irr I,rn othre 311 st
•Nlopporne I,trrit, Ito cl, Putroru rt ~
prompt.) to loor:cusus, Wto luo6 to,
vu t.recm couutten.
1:14.ek took, UrnG t o,)
:bomb & t..erottiers, Piz urg T ,
U . Alorgan,
3 -
LHENRY. Attorney aud Cousice.lor
J._;)• -Clitcinotto 00,0. 1 .-onevttolla In bouturr • lho,
. .lo.chato2.. nut ut•). proznpuy a.. 1 ehre
iud) aalsouct.l to. Conoutestouer /or tne.z•tAtte or 1 . .. n
d, WWI., for taking Ileposstiou, actiowic4ln• ot,
ttsteCt :o—liott. Wm. ilea it Son, Cdrua. Chore b
CaroLLltta, Wm. Mt)., , ,I•uel.
Wa...L.lealt, a ma ma.
A & !qv Ltuttru. t
1111.. an- • um. at I.a ,•
ktice on, si , St of I "our, h ,:rsAtirt
I AAIM Y. KEl(kt. A Itorn. ) at LA, klake,r,Ll
t)bm A ng , bratai surct., nearo opptraiLt 11.., Lott. I
.1•31.1.17C.0P. rX
e havr) zt . CM. a
1. 4 , 40.114t1.1) A.rh 'l. a
1: w have frinuied thea 011,, U. lue •
hoorah IL, betwcah Coe,r, Aisel
vytt ! , {oEira..2.l)N, A9Drucy at Law. Las re- 2..e.;l.m:r°tud'A•seftoertait3'jLot'as cao;a
011.% I t , Agettt r 4. ,y tor toe
tr) vense Mutual borct) bum 1i,C.1,4/U,..1, VA 1 . 1..4.
toreiptuat. Fire Ittstr..s up...Witt...hots. +tor tottretswoutze
every dueroroo, rota Mrrtue
Cargocs of re.s..els, Wren triton We urn,
Lj - lawn in lbe Wuehuke.e. of W. B flolincs ea Bro.,
N0..t7 NVater, near Matte, ..01. Y..urge.
N. 11.—lhe sucoeeo ai U. Comp..) .then the e4lll.
118M/teat el the Agesiti) pm Min Ott), w,th prvittpt
nuie 101 l liberality gran whit.. ever) violin upou Wan
lor loss has beep tuipteled, ibliy i.e 00001 U.
ovium; the Celilliteace ihstrumme ta tat
Irle./101. NSW
uny m 1.
,urge to tee ..wwe laau
ralirc Liampany, w title it Mot the Wilmot...l •
matuutant kmoug, we tlttera•istittt 111 em.liilise.•
im•tag we ample peal..., t..t t,)
~0 0
0,,t1.1011 of . courter ei
cacti per.on 111,/.llCti Yid I.i4C •hare 1.•
pkohls ot cuumatt), without 1:Jvel) tug U./ al
respomatalsty- tuticier, Uterelure
the.,lllitbal daveated ol every Mmoz.... oen
tur•. mat lit Ile meet ottrat Lter 101111
tau% 4
FLUE. J112111L) MALIAN IC. 1211StlaLliefi.
1 tu c r t l o
.. n a r tzr.t g
W)' t.utuuFLLa ,
0000 perumnem auid !turned isu,Anumc proy,),
OILY slid 1. ricauty, hustl taututtel4l. I.) 24..
uw utid Itiverr.
/I..brus2 .I,sle,
/ oo
Johu H.. Nell,
1.. Woal,
S. A.. .A/10.1.!,
Arthur 0 Cobh,
Nwi'l W. June,
...tat A. litoWll,
11.41. a. l'. Cope,
MLA.. F. bunith,
Nunoel itroox,,
lb. Is tlle—oulc.l. Isuulauee Company in ,be Lamed
havuta boon cbarlorod m 110.4. its chum,' on
perooMai, mitt Iron ItY tUgh skuultug . . Amy
Wis,/.1 means,
mad avoiding aI rist• ul Yu 01.1.1 1,It
illt410•101 cuar...ctor. It Ina) be COmostlco.,l aa entertag gau
p., a curtly lo osic. po P
Al we woo.. g Homo of Atwood, Juno. & ,
iftuit nircelo mayO
on every descrtpuou of property, rIttIIDII44 ww we
surroundutg country, on itororaute tors.. fuel coin
yard has . perpeurat charter
Canaan, 6400,0 M nerd 01.
Counngent, Fund datAU,m)
U i tc ua ecorner of Ttu , d and Nlarket menu, Flllsburan
WAR/344.A MAil Ageun
in aaaaa e.
I'HE nude reigned, ow, autoors.ed Agrot of Me Amer -
U .!. tan F ire I ttsurtutce Compsalty of Plosculespion,
cuxyuuu 10CI In...ilea ug.uo.t 14.11 Or clam-tar.
ago.psrt . tiro, ens lookout*, moreuxualce, loranore
Rs oy, UOt 03.1114 Ooze Woos, In 111. coy, iLzati Ylvisitl)
• --
1.1i,E,.801;t1103Clill11:1( has Oven appointed Ages 4 pro
wc lonarsocc Compoo) ul .‘olus natters...,
sios: tae Puocto• mold oueou to the otuar uomueo.
Ut Me Astmey, sat We wurcoounc ut 20. , 661ua1, Jusirn
Co upt4 %, 1'..11,./ssk.J, wait, as
1 UST 11.11.,4-1V LL. per I . ...ptesa, a mfg., saaorMnnrit
fe 01 lOWA / cutopelat/ig
tiod. Utticerta . etoitim, 4 wya
4 beck' do, " put* cu.,
4 Yen do; '' Lamp ta.aul.r.,
2 •• Reefing Jacketw; "
I " klittr.a Ltorcto; Lite tqc,wrvers,
IV) yards of 4-4 c.,..runge C oth. Bun arlicte,
24 500 yam Leagalso, ut attlut t,ty
2 - ,apcs. 01.1
Vinuunil dui
( i yy, Cpuu‘a, uii 01 WI mid c~ cop
forenAtt. %vitt/1C.41c at Au 6 4,, 4. „„,
DU. W. J.
urelLl:w nu.lullame. C 10431
SKY DOBlll of Intid
• vce111141)
vireo to Me C11.14c...101 eill.r.tburpt‘s
lessatt., suu v.mly.
Its.r...t.s.9.—ur. A. N. Ale/km:yell;
--- Robert
t.tatt, Lay.
/ born;
Mr. Flew VVcft•er.
%ALF KIAA—Jet ActwAnc rrel,n
1..) Very hut Aelicke. A leW r 1.1.110 WO.. AL
°AWL, sun SAlualluctuty Al tram. to. ,0
nieleb I.ho telltales-At of boot Inagl , ere le 1nv.,. ,
rctclueµl and tor melt b)'a, a 'Aa a
)e,a I) el
. . _
. -
I NUIA kILLISER IiALLS - -J4lltotell FOild in, I
uer Latta, updzilcreso. at.nora 1l a eau luta., ,10
ualt, to al very tow pricus, !a 104,0 •tai.
at Lim / 1 1u...110U1. , ez.awat, J wood
Lawumagat cuts.' 01 , S) übtrzat eta, ma. rAcc. •
rrAl "trip) IDIOT Law. ID 141 c‘•
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ueo oyczung ratutuo4l 14
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Uo webs. Wide, tor Awn/tato nw., Luw of ay.
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l AI INIKM GLASS -4000 brs as tla d o
Vus ao load , ou do 7su; 4u ao itsit douse.,
to 'do:A=s fax sale by
1,11 a V VONDONN/lORS r &Co
To Country Merchants.
A LARGE STOCK of School Hooka, paper, Station
arc ary, roc country salty; among which
IVraing Papers, of fine, medium and common gull's
Letter raper do do do do
Note Super do do
Note and Letter Envelopes; do do
Shah, Perseus, %t tiers, Quills and Ste e l pen s ;
%V.itdow Paper quad widej plant and panted;
Bonnet Boards. of &Term. (mantles;
Blank Books, In rant variety;
Famtly, :school and Pocket bibles,
f:rouvii. medium, and double crown wrapping paper;
31eCturge's Eclectic. Spe:lers and Renderer;
ll'y - s Ertectre Arithuseues;
Colm's Primers, Spellers and Readera,
Sunders . do do do
An:lunette, by Adams, Dasta,Colbu m,.Smith, Stock
ton, KIIIVITSI.III, nti other,.
r it op opine s, a Alit° hell, Olney, Smith. hlonie,Good•
rich. Parley, and omens
ttramitiurs, by Smith, Kirkham, Bunions, Weld, and
others. Fur rale at low pricer, by
81 wood at, 5 doors slove„Alth.
The hlghest market prier plod for goal mixed rugs,
ush. mos
_ .
IL TON'S PlFelt dlustrated. tfaliter`e nea
.1.01. edmon of dm Poetical Yeorkeof John Allhon,
) with
n.entoir. and crtuenl remarks nn geniun and wn
it James Alontylenneq. and one hundred and
Isennty enletaelngs from dravvlngs by \Vllllunl flarve).
1,1 tyro yunnoen
Sc GNI - tail, liken Ttorrsaig.tet.—The four (impels and
Act. , 01 the Apost/e
(trect., with E.nglish notes,
c a
plitlrtsophical, In
esegetreal;. num*, ludriek,
et, together teats the Epistles mid atocalypse, the
who'. forming the New Testament—tor the use of
ache ols. Colleges, and Theological Summaries. By
Rev. J A. Spencer, A.:41.
A Ngtv Novat,—Alrartummerht Eve.—A fairy tale of
love. By Mrs. It. C. Hall.
loos.' Hove, IV.—The life of Henry the Fourth,
king of Frunce and Navarre, By G. I'. B. James.
Complete to four parts , paper, n vols. cloth.
Pair sale by JOHNSTON &
too, Booksellers. corm.. of market and 3d tits
i)LAN.v:rn RV & STELItArt WUKL.Les.
fur of the gm. diacovencs a dine.
ne. t modern astronomy, by 0 Al 0, lh
rrtettt 01 ter ClOrlottaU 'lir rattier)
itet otu,p Alps and Rhine —Letters from Italy.
It, A Ins Rhine; by J r author of No
poleo it and to. Alarshalls, tVastongton and his Gener
als. Sc New and revised edition
atm tisttes of CoaGeogranhical and Geoloi•
eel .stltichous of l
Almeral Combustibles or fossi fu el;
Including also. notices •and localities of the cartons
t re
e, ai sule.tatice• employed in one mumd
ittu tneius. tllustrated lip Maps and antrartne tie
r ~ ,. putted by nett rl slat •0111100.0.1 tables, And MO 00.
tit) Art 01 muterat combustibles. Ac; prepared by Rich
std l r.i. ht.: Tut tor .
Just rt,tlv r4l a few copier °reach of the alms, work.
.—itrr sale by JOHNSTON & SI UCKroN.
I) 0 800k..e/ler, eor market h sic
B OOK. A 1 ftre Apollo Building, Fourth rtreet, near
ood.— ralloo'. NVetecieue to the Stranger:
'l'be Czar, los Coon and People, by 7 H
The Orators Of
The Li VI, IBC the &pointer, by Bacon;
The Puritans and their Principle. b 7 E Hall;
The Corislitutauus mud ot We Holy Apostle.
with a Prize Eamsr,
r I.tte of rue Luke of Ntarlborough,
hertode Lue of Claw. to to tusionral connection
and tu•torlea; der' lopernem;
Harper and Appieuti'. public...tons generally
oil niP,, Paper, Stabonan .
a 1,17
F. , 15001 i, al khe Arollo tlulldmgn. 9tlvtreet
Thritlary Lho of John. Duhe ol,llanwroylh.
wah cc cured ism?, by A Allh.on
Secood Vol. Chhimeni Posthumous NVorkn--Scnp
lore Ile aditoo
'112,.. I ale w Jew. Gllnstill It. 6t.tonenl ronnectlon
n.. 4 lua tunen. developetpettt: by A dp.1.1 , 1•
Trlthrtt led treth the 411; Eerman c.lz.n I.y Jo,/ 111,
nk..l Chet. E Blum-m[l.l. Proicsvor• lu DIrL•
- - .
Fuort h Vol Pletorial Ifistory of England
Now ud 4) 14 Wastes, author of Ten
Thousuod u ear, and others too UtlitterOtli tO men tam
Colt mutt aplit J 1. REAL,
e ' n ' Z ' rTe '' s. " ec n p o u r o. Mr s of 2m f pn d
mO. mod arta oe cantlitittid tbe came pia,c Ott Liberty, u contotroutoter of wale oanges oat tog Lulea
place. a tre. 1r ursoem• nave uoreurrod. and Loose uestr•
do plaema Met, damoter. untie, their rare. mould
welt to mule au early uppl2csrma. For term. see
4.-.:rcutur, or apply toll. rnocipal. aPJPJ
TutAil,tl fi MAUI 12,
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Lrue• crl watt, art. Le ars, ts,on aa aecoth•
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ent.. Ipu t e.orma bAceo.
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dt.h. 3 . 01 Mlle, pa,,,,nr 3401315.
0. Ma. 10. and Law,.
ttl,a 1•1ug, LAmann• I W.." 3 \ no":
) 3 1400, 34.3 330 Wooti
....1-a, 103,5 r, ar,llt C . V.) Vatle.) 01 32.0
• %man, "ax.insos
F LOurt F AC runs,
Produce, Commi•rion and Forwarding
N, Cr Nowa n away.. •:oi , Ira ,‘ ATZI ,
R.Rltro—John N liroPn & C..
ROW,u ee.. A 4.:0 t
• Phtiaticiplala.
barer.. tscovcr & •
Scow, 1.e.,,,ey e ,
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huh. &l;u Pataborgt.
A Co
LaOc.rx.J cut. m. ulcer. nu to our
h. L. cat W•Tt,
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And Genera/ t onainikkion Mere hanto,
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Ckart, ...own, Jr, Lowitlia.
- wnih . liatophre) • A. Co
veneer.bro a Co. Ildlaul •
Itcc.l A /stalker,
Iw. Coukowry. New lark
C11•1211121••101k and Vorwardnasig llerokwat
N I,rauezlpaa.ce,,ro-1:65.ix1711111c/.7Anmb::::
eau Ilan Unactutc. rrloduee, and In mg and
lrt,llf g L.ood• ron•sgoed Care •
As Agr W.
the &fan.. Facture, he w.ll eon.tantly aupplved
W ee
we p0.e,,, anwie. ns el.buraft Manutaewre at e
/owes!.a.Ctoieaale pore. Order. and conalgnments
are ,eapee Inn, ~ ...cited pr
n. r cuFw V. orua.un.
LFSM I,IH. Inno Lartuntanon and Forvimniing and rroduco 1.4)0r.-41.1. aheadrcoams, nnd rolopLectn 01 Plg Iron, Coal,kc.
nnrna Tv:
&tyro rd, hare+ k Co.. brown. Healey &
Lore, sterauc re CO , firer) Graff,
urea. laeaevy & Co., 11 a CO.,
Lac. E.( noarurgh.
DEA L.F.103 i:s ctirroni, 1 , 011.. ARIAN(' 8. Cult-
Mfrs:nth% SI)ACIIANII%
NO. mom . 11711.6., •11.0Vr. CINEWINATI, MUM
iLeA er kr• rr halm gel,arally, tit l'ittabargb. .pi
FOR VA .lithb
AP. 1r Dk..l.l.Ekt Ih
iron, N ails, Cotton Warne & Pittsburgh
nanorseiare• generally,
- IYt. I. IVOLIe leret_err, rem., lean, rr...
41018 A. %Llih kto !MAMI BlistUllAhl&
CIL% CI:4I%AT' A. 411) ST. LOUIS.
a•Ualtitriautaat an tl..Js ul?ter.
elm, disc. al the .crarcst Slav op I,occogiamotts, Mid are
ar, pre. 0 to Hate ativoncell. lee 1,61 at rata
ro cca VV. rcquara I.ticra otieltcaarti Rhea
J.C, %Ili Li a prosuptlo alle.adcd w. ty.1.614
ttoicoxit L. /VI C. v. 01.1t7iN. ttA6trrott
p r odn,c. and Commismion Blerch•nt•,
No is 0f...01. 11.00. t.ionasoge
K.r. —lO,OOOOO r0n0.0.& 00.,John h. Itsoooo,
11. A. /e1..10. o , oooouro, .11. Akio. & Co, mtioro &
11u101 ,0 ..0 Oquao & 00., Jloo . lLiott & 1110 W,
0411. A .J I% , lieco . r, / I) 2 . 9000010c.e.c.) & CO. Unt..
mati mad/idly
. . .
.+4,oas TO U 4,1.36, W. M. 04,
Atka o.l.s.talacturers et Linseed On,
Au_ Lowsulan sumo.,
'WM. 11. CLAI.K.
Forwarding 31c.rctstult, ttro,nn•vlll.,,Pa
.1.1.,0.1.U, 11,c lorsvardllig 01 Yro.luer
1r 6C. tufl
tur auy 1.1t0r,0 01 1 0 1 1 , apply l 0 1'011:+5 &
IC ill., .1. Dula
Mo. 4r. Water eeeeee
%VIII give prucular attention to tha selling of Pro
duct, and to °wets iur purchasing.
11./.l.en its—aJourge htorguir & Go, Pittsburgh, Pa
1111 - ,AL.11e1•11,1....CL.A. rito
. .
ISALTimuktE, .ID.
fiertarity...—,Morchstool of Pauoufg&
aeolsog, Cromoo & mar.C-dOm
w h Uu h t o l.::rl "‘ .ll;lt.rc u 70 ' , "' UTin oft, ° Wit:r a is i'43 w W e
wul transact biaLueSS as Usual, suit a iiew house can
be creelml, arrangeisionw basing already been made
Kir LOW papaw. &sits Eways bd lti readiness al
Our wlrart LO reeeive freight.
_opt C0,,,,i10wn. Lawn
(Succerrors m kte..d, Hurd /r. C 0.,)
GliithaeL LO,ollabilla alshCildtati,
P ottugnm eructateal stivauees made 011 s ,auxotton paid to me We of Woole nte. mid fiber
• e
I OGAN & KENN/till have this day annotated ! LIGHT STREET BALTIMORE.
1.1 with them in the Hardware bonne... Primp Wil; Fa. lab 1 71111UrrOb. PirOPßlCrOlial.
con nod Edward Gregg. Tao ttlylo at arm mil here- 2 THIS ernablutlunent long and viidely known,.
,iter be Loy.. Vt .!eon aCo 'nit. arrangement belt- o being one of the most commodious in the city of
dare it • desirable to eloste the old bind... ..• tmon as Baltimore, has recently undergone very niter... All persons
t o
M a ke have motored, , nice alteration. and improvement.. An enure new
-re eopr•ciu:ly requested lo Make immediate purulent. wing has been added. contallll . 9lC rintalerOns mid airy
Pittsbur. h, Jai I, ls4 o . sleeping apartments, nod extetillve head. rooms.
j rile Lathan' department has also been completely
r OGAN, WILSON A n C 0...-1 o nce and , reurgaitized and d
opn a most Duque and bewai
-1 i VP alentle Preater. 0 , p oe , d , no d it 0,,,,, Hard. , ful ayle. In fact the whole area gen:lent of the Howse
waxe s Cutlery. muldlery,
o r.. 129.
r ec.lVo tret. Ego- . bae been remodeled. with a angle eye On the part of
Inrgh, are now fell) prepared with a ecrui> imp.. i the proprietor.. toward. the comfort and pleotnire -1
...,1 sds ,..k c . itdw,..„ ruler
..,,,,,. oiler very ~,,,,, ! their Gomm.. and which they confidently assert will
to ue.tern bay ern, oeing ilea:funned to . oballetige comma...on with any Hotel in the QM n.
compete in prier• o• th rot) of the Atlantic ettien Al- Their table A tli always be supplied wtth every mire
so on nood tin ~..nerve 1.1.4011111,n of Pittsburgh /lard ' naniel and luxury which the market o f " . .f". vbr
"so ul side., boo •.. Moe Vtee.. ho., oP le n .ntwrior
while in the way of Mace, &e.,
all of whwit soul be .old at the loweet m.o. tureen ' they a ill not be ...palmed.
pores lan' : In conclusion the proprietor. begin say, that nothing
CO..P.LIATNEItHIIIP. ! will he led undone on their port, and on the part ortheir
THE sults, here baring recently entered into , " ''' "t°"°", to render th!" tint"! worthy the contained
, porrottage of iheir filet,. and We pubhc generally.
portnerahip under the name ot Gal ocher. lomf
~,. xt ,„,.... ~, 0 . 1 ,, ,„ a
~,r r). ,„g
„,, ~,,, 8 .. 1 ! 'Merle.. for board have also been reduced to the
Drip Prto. Found nor mini Gas Fitting bust... to 1 r '''", _,"g rnn
ell nit bennebtri, bare taken the eland for. ply Dena- 1 t.'...n•' Ordinary,!
91.76 per day.
•' • • 1,50
pant by II t.uiluglier, No lOU From .treet, between ~, , b '''' ''" ' "
k Vora! awl tZittillifield rts where they atr prepared to ; • • B.—The liotTafie Wag." " the Hoot'. will Pl'
, o. „_,, ,L. ~,... 1 t.,..,,___ ~,,..„ , ways be found at the Cur tutd Steamboat Landtngs,
sienna. milers ',.„, t i .7 , ,,„ ,: :- ‘ ,...„,
0 ,, L „.. ; .,. 0 .-
..,,,,, a ::, ; which will convey baggage to and from the lintel, free
patch. Stemiliont sr. lotto promptly attended re of charge.
I li. ft ALLAGIIeR, '
B. A I.mNti.
N. B.—The attention o.f.,Machlittats and Fogtiteer. t•
invited to our amti•u tt n4E - tat. metal for a redoeed pew..
o Inch ha. b-en protrbuiteeil supertor to liablot•• by
numbers who have used both. Steamboat bulkier. and
the publin, general iy, are al oiequested to call and ex
attune our .upermr double halloo Force Pumps for
steamboat and Joint,. u e
Disaolut ton
-•• • •
TRY, partner-0i p long existing under the firm of
111'llord King. was up mutual consent daasolred
on the Ist inst. The bu.uess will be r.osed at the e
stand by either of us_ using trio •4' the firtn •
that purpose. Bean,' deur°. to have • tar
nosed with little d•na) poa-Mleue would It
apecifull} request Moat indebted to no, and settle
there accounts. JOHN D. M'CORD,
TOIIN D NrcoßD Irsvine lunorteimed wrlth him hr.
brother James &Mord, under the style of Nl'Cord
& Co, tortll coishou the Hai, Cap and Fur buster. to
all Its various branChc., W/kok.le and nt the
oid stand, runt, of Wood and ,Stit streets, where they
mslielt acommuation of the patronage wtilterally be
stowed on the old firm. JOHN D M'CORD.
r am JANIE:It H 211XX)11.D.
IN 'chime from f0r a42,1 ui.ll known firm of
3l'Cord k Ma g. I most re,peetftly recommend to
patronage of the ;white my Messrs.
M nord & Cu tatt, H D KING
_ _
nopir,l :Isl. 14e buntleas of
tae hnu oth L-2 settled by Roc
if C ktol.
ra.b.rgh, JuJ) IY, Ir
. •
The underxiguelt ..w r00m... the Whowsoklo. Gro
ut] C.llllllsllloll L...dar the Imo 01 . 14111
•tl.l IWr, al awn old ...and, no. it. 4 Lsorn) •tmet
‘c.ALTLR c itoE.
Haring I.old MY interest an tl.e tiro: ol 31'1:01, Llo•h
firld > Hoc ii• w. iiii.orr paroirra. 311.u:1Itrai. 1 taxa
pi.iature in rrrotaincosloo, We -11110 tr., tr, 1,0 tar
11l Sill-11-.1.11
Go-Partn• rill:kip Notice.
r‘rErtiEN , u(W1,E.13,t,. I. I' , pirtilrrreir
of /1.111... and J. A. Sorailatoti oi ritiatrarirli. parr
Ur • day ruieted Liao. cirlianorranip Poo, sr, ir mad
brio of S:rplariis. Shortiberget &. at lir Aiiehor
iron work, Wheeling. Va, (or ine of wuuu
lac tur ing itou and 115. A.• 01 0. r dC.CfI,,IIO/1
a ve oimV I sruCiroS
Wdepixog, 1..
Menu,acturc . kutd of hotter. shy,: ustr roll .4
nal , a, A. B. ale. eltyue speL.,...and aims t.nag CO,
1 10 l Led wiJa sheucr Kr, • o:t1 J,..shua work*, As, can
ode, artir,e of Ju1,...0n iron , I.orober,c
11 .,..11 to .1, inud. • our. , A:I rf wlitch
wrJa! rho lVettebnu.r n 1 thr
:olner o( /tad 11 • ler LIA toll
piss. L V TR)11; - Tho h/therta
.uue ie .321 lino of ,% banyan d. 1)..•
a,. LA In. uhy l/4 1 11. 3, CO ivl,l (>lll-
1, 0 11 asspc...-d /!:• ..0..1, 1 .1 10 ,1 %. 1 1,16,
1111.0 " rl.- 61.1.11 C.• 01 IL , . 6-za It)
II tVl,,,tauan, w t. oLllOlllfl/.04: t..e (Am.. col he
loin tor :nu: p.rp..K. 11 I! 101 l VNIAN.
•• I 47: J
THE fmr..., -- trer ts now repa.--.1 nrwiru:ar•ur- 01_11
Ira. of Cor,or. orrfer. M.roro.o-r, •1 .0 e.rortr•l
aurae,- ()men, Cl!.!r LL .•1 of-Murat, • 1 ,1,111 0 Strop eau
uer I.forn) ar.rl l ll.a:cr rfrocra....f. nreet wru. prompt
ane 11
14 uvi,.irr,i.s.N.
Lencoll at, trctweem Fallen. marl ,far.floaa,
•prt.,-fry Arrearoro) rat,.
rifflE - Jain, It 14.1 r ..4 re. Ti r e
Dr. Good. trostrre.• e-orrriaro, •row starer or it.
‘ l O-PARTSIGit.4IIIP—%% 4 .4,
,t/m, • tm 4 ,ra
mom •I•Jmaa mime/mce ..mtm./vmmi ut.orm
Irui ut 11 \ out. • 1 , 11.1.1.•.‘1 Nmo.
...• / N.. I( m
MI itlt AL.
o Apr , • 4 1
. ply put , , , It) to the r, - ,,tla.••r, •
..r•c )rar• me, cu. neetze Wye!
a, of . wbrn. ruor..errt•i, attorlrd orol
n...10g rt....0r...1 to a.. to, torso, MtUrdoe, lb.. pr.,-
•in..., I I• . tour F•
aed ny (na rh
Joe• o Inone• on Inc
oI Inn nleonw—nwal Conolraro lo the •Zproontohow of
soy fonyweinos• and Inetoolw I vs. no a few Gat • raise.;
oho nay torol. and lt Ala t00...Wu y of • 14,...1.0
41.1.14 LO ontoowers,. e m y tog wto e Welter teal. Was,
I naol lour P.° yror• ,Itrel•
at .pectllnle y OWle. held Jut H. Vora.,
For We lu .I . 3troorsoxn, of ti Po.o Tr. -Wore. n
fourlo darret. Marco
II A Vino.<ma.
U I. Ymiftecs ic rucx.ll . Arshargh.
SN" FArt,a/oe.
V:o n le ' sa " l . :. ' l " kg
etl) of New •re pr• par/..l tu ow!'
Urrogpso. sod run otr, Drug.. l'aiola
Ocla U).-atula. :Fore Ku au o /110 , 1,04.0 lono-r),
%tooth, Weave; mtl
?oey, Chnourao, to/ Inca ovro
101110,11.0111 anti uthrr ante., to ;Ur. luse 01 1010-
00• A. ot Kt,o.ruor qualO, as ;oat .It be
etionaof to tht. or any outefo ray
Sew York ' Foolli Li A FAIINKeTiXI: Co
Btorcher4Chrome Green.
T° PAL\ I'LL , . bl.l L) se.-I , :e, the
uudenugimd, i'suuter. lAA 31.1A1 Ateher., Um City
us :Sew York. bave u4ed quul troteht. arid are LIAM eau,
ueer truck ui Chrome GIVCII. rumuusecture4 hy tete
r Nluxbe,, cot lb. cal. awl bud ft tu wank wed. pro
ducing o hue LAlLhaul Parts ram, appeur•Ace. M. a
very superor hotly, and tecomunt Ad A to our Uruthresi
the .44e a. eery P;rbrutp, the hem Clause.,
Orreu we ha, e rye, used_ Neer lurk. June I. '47.
Stoical by 21 firma al Macheal pathier• of the city of
!sew 1 oat Plus unequahetl Chromic laceit ibis) ha
bud oi It SELLF ILI. N. 47 %Vb..' who W.
~ 110 etclusi we agent . , 1211 its talc 20 hitai.o rah mar 13
A Yana Met of Teeth for 90 Conga
Hrrr. BM!, 11. 11/
1,,,LA1t1.--11elloar snit unbeailby aeth, 111 c
ma once or twice cleaned WWI /hue , ' Amber midi
eaate. of
the impeasaber Cl ilir Fungi 0 077,
and at the 04100
fine, tu It 111 CO pert., byllloCelit anti et
ne, that i ne
la eibistatit dual) bee la highly ad
malagenuii. COCA in those 40040 that are in a good eau-
Junin, giving them a I.rautiful polish. Cod prevelmnit a
Prtmatare decay I L IoDue decayed
beeompig worae , --il clan fasten% auch at are he
coining those. and by perseverance II will render the
ionicst teeth dalicatelt white. mod make the breuth de
list y sweet. Mold by WM. JACkro", thlierty
street mara
Cis A. rAiitikistotavig viffitatikvux.
MEW 11111 C,, one ot my citildreu, aged about
ZIA, years. weu w ell for several days, moil the
thumbs increased no alarmingly that I learthl death
would be the result. 1111 , 101/4 0[0.,0 Oi the good effects
of Vultneintick'. Vermituge whet, admintstered to the
cbtldreo of toy ne abhor., and my mold ought
hare worms, 0100 sonar conic 6) litplOntlii, I gave it one
and 6 hod teaspootitula of the tit-mintage, badnty
great astontahment it utmost tinmediutely Mar barged
between :Ott and :On large worms Ile health was stain
restored. and it is now retuarlistily well. Preens.. to
taking the Verinituge. thewortus would oectistonall)
rise in no throat, and I otten teared n ould dm teem
atrungul•bott JAM ti ~
Tiooeeu, Venrmgo co, PA, April J, ripla
L OOK,il,:ilLevi,o,ilo.wllzoce4r,tr.ofiviT:44,
Lis is to entity Wul toy 151515 daughter was uitheled
l +worn., end that I tried *evertu rmardit., .o vat.
leo. without at. y apparent egret, Itentg tolorated 11)
the loge 1111 h. place Cl toe success to ;tellers' Ver.,
loge, I wt. induced to gt, it a 1t.11.1 Atter lg.,tg u
lew d •aex, LK:catc.. to utrechot., lay th.ghit, I.
relieved. I have uo hwanuttott givlng 11 as tit) op..
1011, lit. Seller.' Vertitnuge is the oe.t rl lanl.
rrepdrod and sold by IL F. rwurr., No ,Vuod .t.
ELM also by I., blh Mu.rd, U M. Curry, Alio.
goeuy, and Wm. J. dmilh,l'emprrmuccville. n:/
Popular, because Good! ----
lrt, Jellerouto hlarcli I, lot:,
R IL F. 5F.1.1-l urrue -.11,--I have octant) eold ail rte
ruituge aid Crop youe uur Ver
t:n.l;o Is %rollout. excup.” the low ever offered In Woo
narglitoorhood, havolg.proved good wherever used.—
The Cough Sy rap and Llrer Plll4 as ye Weer giveu seal.
1•11100011 ',our 00140,1. J rinUrr, Vlo,lllo.oer.
Prepered and .old by ft SKLIJEICS,S7 Wotul
.01.1 toy Lie Cassel, bob Ward; D .1/ Curry, Allegheny; h
(V .1 &eta l'ernperurseeeille. lunge
I Ild.Dl I;EIt.I..;IILLATED CII AND l'trjEll
in perm EN I - I. We wee) effectual remedy Delano
public tor the Cure el totter, ;tea, dry sod Wiklar)
pinoplcS 01 the thee, neck and body, seat) cruptruus,
toil all other dlecasea ot tee %km. Dos Uonntoot le
warruued pee 1/004 noncury, , 000, mad
May be Yard at all woes and 00.1 all e,reutusturoce•
A Lech supply an' valuatole retsted, rcerlVoo
for sake by Al A rt,,K & no
corner of Ist and' wood; also, corner or oth 0101 wood
*Deets. el
11,,`VEL VALIL:4
J. tow Root Rua Powder, a delfetotts cud utghry
lautritious toad y winch never Writs acid off the /10112=11,
aitd t. now 111.11•15.4 y ITCOMlllculleil by the (acuity us
preference to Woe!, 6ufgo, apfoca, or p.m Arms.
Root, a. bluer sorted to the dolma:nod stomuch or nu
malfda, and a more strengthemog and wholesome Mod
for whims. For tate by R k: SkILLk:H,
N dr wood .t
TkIE undersigned having been appoin; u sole agents
4. lot 100 sale of iluickLardi 6 co.' supento card
Ulf, will keep con stautl} on hawk a large supply,winha
Way will furnish to dealers It We lowest musket prier
107 Cash. loaJ J YJDDi Co
cogs. or num MCP ST CLAIR sr., rrt-rsecaon.
laThe nabwrilter hastng assumed the wattage
mem o' tins long egablnthed slid popular Hotel,
respectfully annouttres to Travellers and the
Pubhe generally. that he will tc at all times prepared
to accommodate them in all things desirable In a well
regulated Hotel. The House in now being thoroughly
repaired throughout. and new Purnoture added, and no
pante will be spared to make the Exchange one of the
very best Hotels in the coruttry.
The tuidentigned respectfully solicits 'a continual:we
of the very liberal patronage the House has Iteretadtre
received. THOMAS OWSTON.
febddtf Propr este
tot tnctu..c. se?
ARISTHROCKAIORTON begs to aegoaint his
friend. that he agaul leasee of the GALT
HOU!? ,lily.. where he hope. to Meet
ell hi. old friend.. assuring them and the pOtille, that
no effort sholl he spared to make all emnforloble who
nor him alto their eatroncone. Ilnl Idly
/APPOSITE late Beek of the Eateed Suttee, Hula
delphea M. POPE hirrcitEL,G,
mar& Propnetar.
lIROOKS would rexpeetfully
tom the public that they have erected a shop on
Lneork, weep Federal nod Sandusky streets The)
are now mak tnr and Tiu prepared - to recet or orders for
eery Intorm... Of seine les, Coaches. Chariot.,
runclws. IfuaKte.. l'hisons, Ac, &0.. Which it.s th,r
luny •rpenenec of the manufacture of the shove Ark,
and Lie tat-dines they have, they feel confident they ore
enabled to do work on the most reasonable torn. with
those watu,yt ar.telent in their hue.
Paying paeitruier il 111.1
1.013 the selection of mate
ials, and her tuft none Out competent workmen. they
have dio hesantion warraniteg their work %V.,
theremre asa the attention of the public to Oar matter
11 Repairing done m the best 011/111.1. and 011 the
roosc--tt ttttt ah, jeJ:lf
NlOieltheoldera a take Notice.
,‘lot-•lloiltrrs not 1 ougloorheay Navlcatinit
(Lomita.) am hence, •nid regiored to pay .
to NI n Jerro , tue Treasurer of teepee y
the suns
of Ten per cent on cacti ahem on then *Wk.
on or before the Ilth day tn . July next. and a further
mum of Ten per rent on or before the lOh dap of no.
pt.t net
atia•khonters will alma take notice. Mut
the taw CI
the rolleenon of (Ise- per tent. per
in•.lncni. not punctually made, whleh. ti
lotted necessary. will he !Inbreed. By order of the
Hoard ALEX PLUAILFt, Peet.
U tlu Scey.
ILI , ATCHFI. 4 k JEWELRY—Just received at o
11 117 Market Street, re GOld !.suer %V etches; Si do
detached do, O. lento, IV Sll,rl Pineal Lever do,
.et do detached de, e du L.epine do, I. Uold Beard
Chains beet quality
o tows ...rondo of Iread P 4.1. EMS /UM..
Etneer Roe.. twit Peo
The lIMM/1 WV, 00031 1.001 . 1,01 wi,h the
fiat rot..or anJ artli 4, .old at reduced pr,'
Pt r.
ao.ol arlabinK parcbue a rood and cheap W., ti.
0a.,.1 do well Lo cal pl . ollloos to p0,t11.10,
Z 11,0.1 y.
- - •
/KGIA N A Al Murphy knot All,
In • row d•ys rocutord •thirucuta/ soup', of
Nuukitu told ady....1 hue bleorbed
tour/put do. uot.leactrod do. hue Lou( :otu
lot Ir. ,•ery low C.otton llord .ad
P•poy• Re at 'ft, Dry Goods
Ith aud wry...
ay- \Vhoirlo..., Known. up ..rsurl jr2Sl
I ' HIS IS l 0 1/11.1 outs .rtai at Dr.
ii<Laue • Warta epecw.:, soca* Iwo• fl u
too (001. tO • son 0: 10111, 60qC wwen pears old. Iwo
eta tfloon• ton, and 001000 the 1{11 . ..1/11 may apprat
ort I mu. na chub. hut ttmre ara.• oparard• al
•vra m amain roams pa...NJ from tam, mtuunkg
ruo ac• qua". al" an inch to two loch.. loor,
W 1101.1.11 AA
Hero • Canal ,t) Tr an Drr 17. IA: 01
Leech.lug, CoagirgpinirA.nd 1.11•*4111cm.
Le a. 1.0 31 H.
5.3 crret. ween NJ. owl ato/
Preeb !ceche* re,ived wrrn-th y—sment.tAare
Rene u, the ph pr-leAms ot PHlAborgh, Alle
heny ma brr.eunignem_
I tuna , Cheerfully r , ,wiiinosal to Na ptiyuctivu.
~e• and at. Ili) tormer fn .11 patron. K Li
nrr. I.4otough:y seginainted wOin th.• biat.
n••• and worthy or patronage
roarr.i. lv
S ',0`71 A "''1,:;,..,.
Xann4otared Tobacco.
"" ). ' r. ""P"'"*.7"
'I ~.,
IV b; do Pr. flargroc/d'. '•
21 do Go do
du a, 1....5/t i 11.114 ood - 3 de Ib -
lldo .1 ItwAuson
37 be do do
VI do do \\'m I),
X/ do r M nets,
17 01.
4-o 1. r
V do Rawl./
/a.: , at....a Irsvzs.•amer andraetato, nn e tor oale
41 north water ot oat In writs wharvea.
VI AN UFAC HT,L , Tx)ts.Acco---vu ets Jane. jTj 1 Son • soperlor • ere., :b lamp.
' • '•
I.lnaa us• N vuvler Phd suporuu eel SP lumps
I.s wren,e Goluet .5s -
s; P.r.urp a Rot wet ls its -
;sr • IMpom 1a Eure) • S.•
10 11e1....11 a.
Laerreftev Lotriet 5. a6. plug
lust huullne from •..4 rot sale up
1 1 1 water st earl 16:1i wharves.,
my:11 rhiludelphus.
A B IItLL, N V toJ
is A I . KR -mksbdu Straw Wrappind Paper. ail avec
I NM reams .keil Cap kVisklidt Paper.
'3M rale.' and plan letter do; aliqualittes,
flat Cap,
2SO madmin Paper,
160 pro.. wk., and blues white Ocninet Boanlik;
Inn mama %iiiintlia iiiiirelope Paper,
Ski - tlardarare Paper, ,iikat rend and for
•alr low by !WA NOLDS &
knyl.d4rn corm r penu and Irmo at.
mr 1. , : . %1C e ,11,;.Rwfil,D,n;ValtAde.
'rebate,,lki rc and o lo m y t:
mints fr••1(1 ElMlitlCltilt..l Richmond and Lyiielk
i•urd. which will Lie mid to the trade Si redured 'Ater
iJ Las Lemsrune
do .101411 Nader A.
Z 7 tic. hullos Mu/.011 5•. is S '%ATERMAN
•u 6! al waver and 22 trout sis
'I , IIE 5uu..1110.1 oder* to It lull ukortment of
b. Stop.' Pateut 11Foela. rchicrou kc. , adoptrcd to
.on truck A 0,40. COO4IIOIO et. of Mucks. adapted to
sari. 0( wy cap•caly, put up oocl forkurded to 4
1.011 of Lugo.. shout delay sod m tile lowest p.l
'vrrei for rule in TOOOlOOO 10 cult
porch...rt. (.: IA STAPLES.
upi-Orn.luturTtr.B .35 Burling Slip, Now York
U h redl, loud
-4 4 C trt A g '. l . ! C ol ' :tee ' : h i 71 P N ' Orit .6o ni n 1
' at .
W ft Al hllle t ;ll 9 4... ' llk!E,
myth 180 Weeny at
1 3 11 ii..,N . ll , S . .il w E r T y A21,--; co J a tiLl 7: 0 74 a' it , t i t th a
do; do She
ugar Sowis and Cream Cup., do sin do, do
ion, Pitchera, with hoe, do hlo.entes dodo, doCoace
Cr,,., with lamp. Pm mile at low pnee.
(ALL a ta , Sigo Big Pitcher.
Itittepratt , s Patent Sada ',Leh
35 t.:4,:e . t d ie
l j o u t a a t .i l e ati b o y ntst from creamer North Caron.
le7l fin tobeny .treot
I'o MsENLPS el A 112.A.P — A HILLA—MI bin of thia
rr"..`l7.,:!k an .:l, s— ...g7Li7, d b',""e' th " day read
. . _
N. R - A. R. E. S. is Dr. Townsend's only agent for
Ihusbargh, the genuine Wt., may airway. be had at
Net at Wood Weer oll'l4
L)BrIl/NS FOR LADIEW DRESSES, of tho follow
tog tools, 010:-6111t graduated leaf gory Lotto.,
audettbaurg h do; Pao.awel do, Cagult. do, Inane]
odd l/Top do, Neu sod Vlatit do, together with while god tutro Loom, for tale o II P.A YON & Co's
oil I Tnuoutog Bone, Hi market at
Uont..ol—af bus Rummies a Robots...* 4. lump
1. 1 colee°, lb do gl ere& do do do, 11l do Ira Hurts.
ou do do, Ndo 11 yea's lb do Mx 'lb do hillers' Unsay
dcw be plug, I 4 cages, Wd wort hoXes Myers supertor
Aroma. oui 50 it/ do do MOM.' Nectar Leaf do;
Bt.t teeel
veo and tor we by
i Dud Corn Broorth;, 4 e.{7. - Pot Ash; st/ d I or
low loon, !MOW Beeswax, 511 Ors No I Soup,
ru cm Oar Croon., do ?tot fiords, IM Obis agOtt
No. Loa/Sugar, tor sale by
Co-Pariner.hip Notioe.
I:IEALD, BIik:KNOR I CO. have agsomated wish
them to their Tottareo and Cotormagoot
/ Alwartl Heald, klato 01 Jneub Heald/Co, lialuntore,)
iravid C. AleCammon, and ./olut A Warner. 113 IS
•41114 a large assortatout of ltuu Atone
wil %haze, salt.
Ante Int steetn.als and nowt., wlstelt se e l sell
ape endu of the Ng Pncbers, wood at
101:11.11ANTAI; RIBBON& - An •gr.Or•Pelit el blk
V and cut`n Montan and "won }tannin., Opened yes
and adored low by We ince< nt wkolcasde
tykt northeast cot 4th and market m.. 1 story
I)ACON—IU hada yellow raura.a•ad Hams; Lu uo
LA date& 23 do eitio.i.lerti, all of promo quality.
lela SHI a vit.qCoLs
`I LA3. AND YHIAIE PORK—IU bbla Ales, ?sal 3
ijj do porno do; tor *ale by
IIARTARIC ACID —4 lb., of • supermr gummy, 19-
croved aid tor sale by
BOAT lAirEtit4T FUR SALE -Ma nth
0 ut the nue steamier Wyoming for solo 04 •0412 -
Li:iodating torn.. For porneolars cum=
egy NI Wulff aaekkrwat
PAtesat Soda Ash.
/11•L•=11 !fast',; c UJOI
Mole J S rk
of Phenix EA woof WO..
itg. south Silk, seeped street. between Ylklija,W'
Smithfield Pittsburgh. J S Strickler kering tluctOtro
and the suriiving partner Mr. Jos Lippeueottilterult
esseclnted himself with M. Wm 0 Ran, the hi:Wean
will beratfter be Conducted ender the style of Lind.'
tett & B. •
Trial or a safe in Cinetansti, the undemign
ed were Present at the testing of ono of J 8 Strickler
Co's improved Phceuir fire-proof safes. The hie
placed Fa a runtime on the pablic landing, and subjected
to the intense heat oa stone coal fire Gortore than
three house, Its ono ! hour and a half the d mane to
a bright red head the dour of the fame., was then
closed. which nonsked an Increased anraleady haat for
die balance or the time, until the east iron wheels were
partially melted off; the furnace was then thrown down
and the safe coaled and opened. The money, paper;
•1111 books which it contained were es portent as when
placed there, the binding only of the hoed. being In
sured by the water in cooling the safe. We have ao
Itesiitation in recommending it to the public. as a safe
or to any we have ever seen tested. and believe
that it will stand any hest which might be proatteed.
ocept a beat which would melt It to a solid MS.
Springer & Whnman, L Worthingum, Kellogg ,
Kennett. Reid. L'mer. W 0 P Breese Moms Smith
$ Dungan & Co, Stedman. Mayard &,
Co, Wm Meuse
blend k %Vinstor.
We, the undersigned, *elected the safe spoken of
above, from a lot in the store of Truber h Axing, the
Refer to Cook dr..HIGTH, Broken, Pittemrsh
/Los.) . Hamm A Co, do do Ifeddrcurlyis
NI - AM:PAC . CREELS of Hammered and Can Steel
Shovels and Spades, Axes and Ratchets, Kill, el
Cm. Circular sod Gin Saws, Hay and Mantilla Perks-
Hoes, Alattoeks, Pick,, &c., berate completed all their
arrangement, so the construction of new machinery
and iu securing, the bast workmen from the moat cells-
D shied establi•hments of the East are now mannfactut.
log and will keep comtantly on band end for sale all
the above article, having availed themselves of the
truest ooprovernents. nod are determined that in work
maaship sus material they will not be excelled. They
protonic tourroduee antic ea equal, if not mecum, to
any that be had in the Ens . They invite the soma-
Imo 01 dealers to an exammation or Mel, stock before
purehionor elven-here, as they are convinced that they
will be able to Fill all orders an their linen, the entire
satesfuetton of purchasers. Wartime., Water street,
4 doors West Nloitougahela House, Piusbargh, Pa.
N 14 —Persoiss having bosom's with Win. I...ippen
coil to f'4411 all please call on Lippencott Er Co..
ritt.b,.. l g A h Ml- F l9 .
. . . .
.. - A large and splendid asaortment elf Furok
rUlt. Rotunda for Stemboats, /totals and prk
rate dwellings , constantly on hand and
made to other
The preeted stork on hand cannot be ',kneaded by
any mautmactory ill the western country. P mow
Nimbi, lo pure hoot would do well to give am a call
at I /no deteroonen my pncen shall ploeso. Part a
Lto clock rOttlO.le In—
du soft. with Plinth and flair-cloth covers;
dos ilatmattny Nurse Chairs;
14 pair Ihvanat
12 dos fin., mahogany Chairs;
12 mahogany Work thanno;
3 doe mahogany Rocking Chairs;
13 marble top Dremimy Bureaus;
Tow Octomina;
marble lop Work eit.sts;
1 o cherry Work Sunda:
31ahogaily, , Staple, Cherry, and Poplar Bedatenels of
it le r rtpuona, and a largp, as; ortment of coronaeor
fu re and chums, too magneto. to Wand..
- - • •• •
THEY are hot aware how frightfully me m. it in ta
the okist—how coarse, how rough, how sallow, yel
knw and utthealtny the ekot appear+ after using primped
pared chalk' Itecides it ix my unotts, co/naming • lam
uannty -of lead .
We have prepared a beautiful vegetable article
perteetly Innocent, being punfied of all deleterious
qua:ities. and it imparts ID the akin • minimal, healthy
&miute, etenr. hem; white; at the same time entity
a eoemeti. oet the skin. m6king it soft and antoott.
Lit James Anderson, Pracue Cttramst of MIX.
chain., mays, -Alter analysing tipanish Lit
Wlnic. I hod it posiessea the mart beautiful and tin!,
and at the same um , innocent white I ever saw. I
rcnattly can tor...fictitiously recommend its we to all
whow dins ley c.rea beaunfying." Pnee, itt cents I
not ,ohi by Whi JACR. , ON. CY I.o.eny at. sna.M9
J( /If lIII.FIT h f'o, arc prepared tonoold Cotten
N% onion Mar:l...cry or ever cirecnpuon, sod
cardiitc h.:e. Spoleto, Frames. Speeder.
Dravvue Prague. liv+neay 'leader, Vliarpers, Spoolers.
t0e.0.4 Loom.. Own rietodere. Wrough
Imo ,1141,1, turned, aro 42. r, c/‘ Cam Iron, Paine. ani
It panenka attd lured Lathes
•,..I .; Cwoolgv of every desertpuor
rotsoed oo short /WIC, eattents made to order 2 i na. , oor. 1r Steam l'ipe tor heal
tog tarone.. au Imo Woolow Stunt and fancy Caa
uo,• r rOcra .e a: the Warehouse o()
'.urort .4 ,LA O ,en
Fir,. to lilack•toek. R I & Co. .1 K. Moorehead A
l'u. 6 , l•rner !oat, barn a. Sons, P ashore's; 6
C. a.. 1 II \Valuer. ateubonritte saala
_ _
1.11141,.4..:4: .--
alprisag a Azle. Steer and (ma Works.
C o,.f. ..,. asif,•..A.• .1 t. O . ageing complete+,
•aeu a,- wate asw prepared us ounntlac•
, hare '
de.coptson M Coach sod Elaphe Springs.
, Iron . Arencen. 111,4er, Soong and Pleugl.
am,: ••,tare and round Iron
• : 4 a ,nl, ode
•.,2 /2, a•al tersa., sil dseir ware
; aoute, No 44 A real •tres l weans Slu t keep et,
I hater a. ocuplew 2.41 lus•usouse arsont of Coach
Fru .... ;,••,•• Carna7 Hardware, Malleable Castings
Natl. ••,.111,3/1
is a. Co_ !rave made arrangements with Messrs
Da) AC u, I , 3Addlaclurera or Shovels, Spades, Forks
/sr , •,41 0 21 keep co,stsuiuy on hand every mock
tr . • 4) theo Lamle,. are respecuully whetted to
sn. •• pr,‘• • and term* vrul be made lincral. 1783
New Hardware H 0... •,..
,:- • -1.1,,,,.._
‘.1.11,t.1.11 WO I . I . IIIVE.LL. currier ora
t7 l ksz , - 4,.. - ., , 0 , ,
~ ,t4 , 47 1, ,,T ir.1, ..5 .51, , fro ll m itstivli ti . lisw
rh o - ,
ts ..,.., ....., .su u d well. rao_roe Ist of January, 1,47. I
tee' ,eature •4,ouneurd to say rnende to th e en)
and c0u,,,r 2 . that • l have opened ins new store at the
arm.. .4smed place Having purchased el y goods for
esian roar .sod arr•darment• 0110 maualacturers i a
, hi. co or, sod 111 11-.4lrtaar to ho consusrnly nipplited
1 am ia,•J 4reprired to inrawta Harearare of an kinds.
an .•
guard tratta. and aa love a. 5 , 1) house Hasa or
‘,....i NI-tetra.. a,,,) 4:her. Ire reapectrully melted
io 0411 .2,4 41.4anc tsi) work. before patetismo, else.
a here Ihe tmwerusgpan Of O. Co:Ka.
Memnon.. and aaddWry hardware, gun toms:rungs,
0.2., !ea) lot • Sleet, Callao., edge WO., ...HIS 'film,
mocks, wic...ik, the, butt lunges. screws., Usu. wee
ery ptane•. •aval, MaaC.lj twards and canoe aria
her a/tacit-11. i connected 021(2 Use hardware buss.
meti I Itf
, . . .. .
Clir_‘irla.,trelars tilailery.
f. 5 5 - ger ormce ctustres.
CI 1101.. k. be a eaveTo iisiona the Mums of PI..
O s burgh and sicluity. Nat be I. taken the Helper
nun t.o,nd• 1.121 y ureapied tu Mr. Porter, 'Llus üb.
1,2 are Beamed tam ml Mr late daptoveatela• are • p aCti. ,
, 2•1 ~, ,,,I ad': In , at,,,,,(al 1,110 0 1•Craa011 by Mr Hoge,
vrius ow, iwen • conwani Operatar 141120 the art was
Ur., dtacovered. Enurc tati-taenun
guaranteed to
all who M.) 1, 220111 e ass patrons. Mr. H. will refer
vrll pirasate m . 11( Puller, in whose muablisliment he
as• operate., r doe lasi twelve ntonths. Faculty Per
u.... 1,111,..lo4.• Du elneroolrree, do, aCCOlaileiy
eop,ed lakeiieues Ultra in any weather, and am al
Osten, breast pose Csuka• alai Ital..
I ,,, druCtmat• gly ea al every branch attar art, and ap.
pare,. In rut. 4.1
'1 .li - Dft 1" trt SODS MEgifliAVrl4,—,A A Meson et
1 Co oh Market at, have received 0 eases or cheap
printed Lawns and klusrivi., a caws or French do, or
every sancta or wyle. IU casco of good style cusg•
hams, 4 44 tic w sis le Pouts, 4 do aka and °noire .al-
Jcsre., .40 do Weise tied .110.210. all wraiths. Also, cp. bleached. brown and blue Dr ills, CoUonados. Carol..
ritogbam.. de ho . all ur winch will be entered at the
lowest Eastern wholesale ',neck nlyds
_ ___
Penn IllachlaeShop.
11 ,,-I(7l lTAlltN—Alanuincluser or all kindaof cat.
. too and woollen maatunery, Allegheny City . Pa
rim alreva work be. .JW I/1 lull and successial ap
ron/earl am pre; red to execute onler• with dui:atter,
(Or all kinds ot i nekincry tit my line, such so elle:awe,
pu•st e r a , spreader , cowls, grueling thaellinea tuber/vs,
i .
nr•ou n g inonet, Apred•2ll, larUaSil., bta•all, WOOlall
carda, double or stogie, lor Merchant Or country work,
tunics, lac Ira, le., ~11 and baud lathesand Urals in gun.
ertil All 1 tad. 01 Whilltl/43 made to order, or plane pea
en for gearing rectories Or Mills al reasonable charge.
it.r. Co—atialedy, Childs. k CO, lilackalocS, Bell
lc Ca, Krug, l'eatutels rk Co., Jut. A. Gray
..___ '
. ..
naLL A.RD Busse Poiiiritaikc — '
401 41 0 01:10A, Oen and Liras& re
bath std Founder, haa d commenced l w ateme at has old stand,
where no will be pleased to arm his old EUSIOI9-
cop end blends.
Witiron,Oleambwo, and Bells of every size,. from 10
to room mounts. cast from patterns of We most approv
ed models, and a arranted ta he to We hest material.
Minced ei otter ?maps, Counters, Balling, fte., taxer.
titer wim every ear ety to Wass Castuit. if reword,
turned Bud dumbed In lilt neatest manner.
A. F. to the .we proprietor of Bartarr's Artn./ITIIO
- Aliash so justly celebrated for the redaction of
tritnion ni amen/e The Boxes and Bomporthlon
can tie and m loin at alery. l
times. altly
Plough., Plough CoUtlugs,-117-agos,
Doze., One,
fi K ot - '0 6 3 ( . 1 &* 1 4!tt 0 0.f.'..,°2,°.
, urge quaulities of
Ploughs, notigh Ctboat., Wag.
eon the truprovenieuts ol thettLeatter.
l'aucork, Ilircume, and other Ploughs, of We latest and
hest puller. ctl Ulla.
t% it r Utterly street, Pittsburgh, opposite
Ole tin) . Uriuly, in Allegheny city, near the
Conn factory mosso.. tilneksioct, Bel A Co,
do J. •Licaini, nook
ure prcruredlo aro work in our line rg arith tfe ' rs• e
putt h. Ito asneud lit Our wort persoitally, and sun.,
mutual, tolll be gt tett in record to Its uttauiess hod Cu
Book, ruled to ally pattern and bound cab
idanuaily books in number. or old book. bound eve
nt.) or repaired Attunes put on booka in gin lawn.
I Ile. trial oat, aura in oubillat ate Waned to
ruct ,
it HE So andy
ril lra
Oitady and . leaver Canal
uoinpuriy, are horeti, noldied man an election Inc
ccuo • tit Data Company will be holden on 11 eduete
ea) , we atb day et augual Deal, at too Corral Office, in
.row lacotia, onto, Octioucit We hours a 10 o'clock, A-
Ai., and 4 u r lock, r. Al., of send day.
041,c11,1 rie_erewry a. & i C Co
Cala and Wrought Iron /tailing.
:: „ T , .".7.` , 17.. - .Piroc':7:ty'kfet'octslru':ildca't I ‘ ;•! ' 1;
K.,U,, ror 040 omit, l.einetnnem, &a trx
Ailegllcuy coy
Swoptactor* and Bn/lnera.
FOR eery iow, cOloo °tato
One the Cl I....outuLle a MlllOOlet, aped, of Voolt
CON STALLLE, i$U !Mg t Co.,
2.1 to awn from wood
I UST RECEIVEL , —A large aert elderetd assortment
tg of CioUls, Casssmeres, oeuu`ly Cnraur, 3c., and
tut we by 1. wILLLAALS., Mereaut '15410 ,
nos under tiblase, satithfiald
IRON—iuu to., Ohio Pomace Hot Mow. ant.
A nut( per NAvggoid. So loos oroolOyn Panutea,
totifilut 00. Pil Hot mot, for sato by
o'll •rstar u
Mtbserifier respectfully requests the attention of
o*Trera,and captaiu of boats. Citizensand
strangers visiting Pittsburgh, to his large and spionildi
stock of earpetinc, now for sale at his new stores, 4th
street ilkay Collllllst of every vanety of the lore,: and
most fuhiorudile styles of Carpets, Oil Cloths, kr., noel
brought to the Western market The .lord. has been
built expressly for the carpet business, and Pica, ;regard
ins of expense,) been fitted up sit the most autipiticent
modem style.
The carpels receiving are of the fittest derdyn, with
the richest and most brilliant colors.
-They comprise, in part of the fallowing.
+upcnor Tapestry, a new ar..
thiglish and American Wu.
Msperts3 Ingrain, new she-
Superior Ingrain; now de-
Mme Pin e Ingrain;
Common do
Plain and twilled Vennian;
Hum super cord twilled do;
Royal do;
sheep Peg
AeniAle; Rug.
Ird ya snde;
do do
I do do 011 Carithis4
I do do
6 de do
Cotton, list, rag and hemp carpet, common oil cloth
sal cloth table coven, wonted sad linen tabliscoveri
window shades, colored sad plain malting, man 'rod.
einassimirs, carpet hardtop., and all other goodi amen)
rept in carpel stores, all of which will be stilit on on
nmsonable terms LA any in the city. Having made or
nusgentoesits with one elate largest mannfacturers In the
oast, orders for any style of carpet will LIA promptly for
warded by telegraph, aid delivered one week., •
.mall advance of the mostufamorer's price.
Purchasers are particularlyrequested to call before
parehaamg elsewhere, as we feel confident we can sell
as cheap as they can be purchased m the eastern cities.
math K
, stnieL
• 50 gold lever Winches; 45 t4ei
lever watches, F`acTlish.; IN silver detached leveguriceh.
2.) silver L'llpitie watches; 25 silver guaruel
watches; fine gold shamedos new style ear mugs
aeal ge
don El gold hoop 5 dos a ssorted cogs; dm.,
weel slides, a p ll useslaying a varlet) , at popular airs, 12 grow
5 dot fine Pmts. bead d
b paper; 50 dos common Pairf
*dot fine velvet ags, new styles; id dos fine
irotchet bend bago new styles; 5 doh fine erolch.c•
mimes, new styles; htsdox fine tranwols, assorted/ Stars
assel, fringes, gilt and silver, for regalia, l 0 dad fini
davrei cues, assorted; doz film steel screw pin ;Josh
most I dot fine ivory screw pin cushloorn 1 doss fun
wood serene pia custilons. A fine /14010111.101.110111cia
Toys, to mar' JO
S. slaws ft co., C. •211.1031 &CO,
Pittsburgh. Pie ty lurk_
A. A.. !Cason et Co.,
Nam Market meet, between and 4111 sta r Pin,
latrgh Pit i have recently opened their new and
elegant store, with an eitemuve mock of etch Spring
and Stammer Goods, coropruung upwards of theme bun.
lred packages, of the Intern and must hishurnable
styles. Alerehanta :h od the country are 'tartlet:l
laxly invited to tall and examine our stock. et. it our
intention to carer our goods at the lowest Eastern
wholesale linens tine of the fine remding m New
ork, will he constautly sending us fresh supplies of
die most desirable goods, thereby giving us every re
catty to the tratthaelion 01 our 'mettles, nun could be
posussod Eastern Houses. Prices are therefore
usrauteed to be as low as the lowest New Yea ano
Philadelphia rules. ap7
tag, at W ft MURPII V'S Dry Goods House
forth cast corner of 4iltand Market CS, a full siuion;
went of white Goods for dresses, such as Swum Mas
an, plan and fed; Mull Mull do; burred ,Isciotlefs
Main Molls sad Jackoums. Also, canons nylon
coals for Evening Dresses, mentho l ( m few patterns of
tutus new styles Embroidered Muslin Robes.
113 - New goods will be rreeivlng daily for a week
some, including newest styles lleess Goods, Limn
and French longhorn., Pram bud Clilottea. very low
iterthants are 1120140,1 10 Vizarclalle the goods hod fir f•
:es in ortusiefosle rooms, up Mails. The 11....01•40,1
isrge and /ince* very low. spy
I •
pop invite. allennOtt to ass iwianutient of urn,
,00ds. of venous shades and nuuntie., 51,0. klarliksr,
,004/101 Linen Lustre, ior Ladies' L l TeSme.. A large a..
-Mine. 01 fine Eartoon, Manchester. and eimmu
104111.615. of newest rnylefif also, Hu 1' leflaLl-mu zufl
wsortment of the tc vary nes.ratne goods, incindlti,
Cung, blue and &fable purple, of new mid Learn,
t pause..
French Dress Lawns—Pink, blue, blue, brown had
of newest pauents and fait color, Dnas fig'd
for infanta Al., lientieuninaini Mtge sod somdfalls
are, for ladies' end Messes,
Einbroldered Swiss dress potters, for even.; dres
ses, new styles; colored damask taidetans, do,. and
nill assortment at ilssues, /centre, grenadine.,
shawls, be, at the northeast corner in Poona and Mar
art *Lacer*.
FOLLY KELLY A Co A ., (cce CAß.D ssors to Robb. W:*
d brevet . Co.i MIMIC HA su S N TAILOR'S, ltet Chest
,tat street, Phtludelptun_ Log role to worm We 'fiend,
.nd patrons of the site firm, and straueers *twang
:sty, dud they are ewe Ist reactor Or , lire Spnag
attnincr awls
Festatoco• Alan • chyme [Ma select arluart
emit or Weal of hiagltutd and French Cloths. Wye,
notes sod Vesting*, to watch they reapectlully orrot
r allearlau. apanlllM
nv ood street, ore
veering a very bogy aiWaitentuvc stock afreel
spryer Dry treed.. of
*cry recent /stamina°, sad Luna;
.der Um moat lacono.* eltelthl4l3ll/Cl, awl Slam
we) •re prepared. and wt.l sell to merchants, at aver)
wail W vor.ce on the eastern t.L
%Ire would rrmuest merehints trialimAr Our city
five oar Mach a to examtitation, and we . co/ moth
teat they will he eottrety *washed or the etieopudall 0
agf stock.
French hg - atts., J•lits,
y mere., and white alvsedies. CM) l'lbl--nut
ranch, trash Imported, all Colon, qualures and pnrte.
, nnalalkifinni to every al) le sod quality. CASH.
LnGl'lo-pap snk warp. tineeit. alma, Sumac,
Moth, sad de - crude walrus. for wear, at pile.
amine tn City. BartiL , MO.S'S Cana More,
apl 7 Cotner Ala and wood eni
Urnal.k.ASlA DAS LiMUlitti, No
TT MP Wood meet, have ou hand, runt are .1.1.4
retelVellg dams We Wartime. season, a large du.
manatee um:mutant at Ant v 4..a.rtna wart, way
ruemaruhatils al soweau prier., and leaamm,le
ing that May pre mune eaumanuon,the,
Mdeittly tovila 11 . 11 .1nerchurtseuittiug the arty tally
A ...suoi d Co. GU Market 'tree*, are Lopata..
. allettstve aSsiortineitl el Dress Stood*, rust Pa
uct. eat per Lapse., coutortspse the largent sod clot
astuotsaale stuck ot tpuuls to us untod tit lot
aOS — Arouttist Which ute wantons, lu pa extra nett dm
...adored cle Havre, a Lao* anus's, utul too Soo.
..leetnitne 400.1. w the Market; Oleo, wuu stripe caw
bereges„ Tissues, Mostusr alstpa Fronest saCUlsflk
Ia s GOODS.-- , A A !With% & Co, do Alarkc•
JO , strew., hats Nal' reed splooold asaortmout o•
4,..14 amoug vvitlelt may La luuud —t.gaiaa
osato, plaid and amptd Berage of all yualmc,
•+ l .OO, moOW, suwas, Srcuadiars, sauo etyma m
plam do Sal., Sl Macy t ream.
/aoudads, 40. A.C.
)FRAGI, die.—.glerarluer A tray nave ~a. bpi,
L.) a treautuul saun as !pact and plaid rknagea al lat
.0115 ywati..Wd ataltlat .1) It., lapataa alto, til.a•
all plata and amen& Liana bar - ages and Yentas.
r did Igreiscla Lawns, LI. II Lu.lre. and Lauguinn.
a MI arrauftnlaul ink, plow and alla rave do aiiiitact
uad all!
All thew goods are beau parettatieig al the lain per
cavalry Amanda sates la Ante lora stud Varian:Hind..
will at told at • great reducuaa uuw regular plat e.
`TI ArALLANLitar a Lin
center dlat.uts“ tt.sti In. r • rr r
q...!&nava re 04,..
nont the Importer to Now a lum, as 'nuns cant. o
,elealue Canton Crape Shawls, coulanung cotuyeen
usoroneat o ...tiered nod pima nua w is, or skew
tor. rum qualities. Mau t alUlTelad,es eye Ma.
pot:unity melted to ciattutm these ilibibtle,
oat note of them are .opener to any nowt, otlekell lb
due mnrkol. Tney wall ay stile rentarkatny cneap.
Also, balk Truoet turd herage :Mauna and male;
lull assoroneut, at remarkably low prices. My 4
ss ones Co ?late, (Juk rival, Molar and tlittekapy
Ifta.o Tacna, ulvtlesidounsta' spectul altenuou.
JUEL MAILER, Druggist tad AlicultomsOrr
cur wood and nthalls
(11 LOVES.—A rood assoiluiem of Indies and geld.
Mack, with., mud colored Cotton, Ude, 'Curcio
NA We Inane tyloack latge Yin. Also, black as
conned Freoch liuttlioves, excellesit ayuctoy apu
tarts saes; Just opening by
apl4 s tAl:lu.Eu-rk wurru, sro wood .1
GLOYI AND HOSIERY—Just reed, NV dot La
dyes black, whitey brown and slate tlokolt
i.out 44 cents per paw up tae nowt quality. Algl,
dot gents Cellos Had Ituset UN dos line, thread, silo
and linen littniesi Cut, curious Ladles Sunni hi,
w ove& Dealers nod others nut wma basuquits ill na,
04000 uncles, will find Mew at
ayek/„. JOHNSON'S, 40 market at
- -
OSIE11,1" 1.11,0V1.14, &C., AT WHOLE:I:ALE.
A:: do: Ho.< mw ha/fHoso, for moo t :vowel: ood
Lnoureo, wols a largo lot of 6/1., diatiou 4114 loon t&taao
Uloves and lime, pod Novo:ea trum tao aoportels sao..
tut .ale wholoanle aud retad,
- • •
QTEEL GOODS,SmoI bag ,m.p,
1.7 =lst La um Neal 1.0110,,t10 110 Taa.ola, t,.
rtlfte do, do harm litho, do Coaaps, do molea,
Kay limp, do Top ,0u,0.; jo•i rce'd 111 ma ocw ham!)
Mom. 04 Maskai atom.
W'arc GOODS —A MU assortment ot plata rtik'm
and gulped Comnrte., pima Didettloro Jammett
!Swum and SCOLCII 111.11/, /.4•OC Plusitos, /Letup Law 1111
Pt.sOoks, 'putted Alta* Vmtortn Lawn, Tvjato.
dluWty together uhth n lull umtruncut of liohlttatm.
mid many Nett., Lamp, Fog y., rt.:troops
Ore, all of wroth have Nat tented trOtat Imm 111e110
tauten, and for sate low to me awl.. or
10)17 & WHITE
JW —F1,;(1old kuustoro tOulosi del-Amt.,
elm lot Hair; do do Ilralut Iltus, du du k.ur liioer
uu do Futirer Wags, do do td.t.ard,,d, „ a k.,„
du, do do rondos nod Pro., Co vo I.lradrods .udo
Clasps. These to WAllt of One Jewelry old do hall to
can vu ua bolt. ploctd•o g.
mylti iu.NsEV k.l(llo.X,raukek nt
FINE SHILIIINC: R Muspilyrb.r.
opeu this mufu us i c • laratti aopply of Wise reel,
superior oloo , nir•i •Pikfits•
lsoustiale do, arid nos cousioinuy ou haw
at . nt of ovary 'grade of Osaiy, at lOW coon 'mei.
Also, Moll Woe. iar glasnost and bosoms, Of 'pin
cocoas at. 11001110.1411 Ctoilltr etti• uW
soaliel stream . •
HSETIriGS ahl) koa)
"" Astrectived • very superior aulonoitat u.
otos.o and bleoCeodritheatioo, 01 lac *oat celottiatou
inaniutiolnia, of 141 wallas and qualinosi aloo, bloactutu
"denim, of fair qualities, al ate petgazd.
1 never saw, in any other part of the
world, anything resembling-th e Fish River
ditch ; nor, I should think, floes there exist a
triuft so difficult to penetrate or to clear
rne vegetation is so succulent, that fire has
'in effect on it, even in the driest weather,
and at the same time so strong and rigid,
and so excessively dense, that there is no
getting through it, without cutting your way
at every step, unless in toe paths mule by
wild beasts. Yet the Caffres make their
way through with wonderful skill and aciivi
ty, creeping like snakes among the thickets,
w'here no white man can follow them; and
this covert extending so far along the frontier
is of great advantage to them, both in their
predatory and hostile incursions, as they can
Muster in force, and even approach to with
io a' few miles of Graham's Town. without'
oeing observed. Not more than twenty
years ago, 1 have been told, the Fish River
Bluth swarmed with elephants and outer
wild beasts. Mr. Clarke once saw fifty ele
°bents together near Trompeter's Drift, about
thirty miles from Graham's Town; but the
active war waged against them, for the sake
of their ivory, by the Albany settlers, the
more frequent passage of men and cattle
;though these wild tracts, the patrolling and
righting in the Bush during the late Caffre
war, have put these aboriginal inhabitants to
the rote. At the present day, it is said, not
an elephant is to be found in any part of the
fish River Bush. Tne rhinoceros and butte
still exist there; but the termer, the moot
dangerous of all the wild beasts of ttus
eduntry. is becomig extremely rare. The
uppopotamus, or sea-cow, as the Dutch call
it; though much reduced in numoenf, to
still to be lound near the mouth of the river.
All the large kinds of antelope have be
come far scarcer than tney were formerly
within the bounds of the colony, and some
are quite extinct. The high, open table
netted the Pontebok Flats, lying to
tte north-east of the Winusrbere, are still
names for the abundance of large game
Ninny officers who had visited them for the
oaks of bursting, assured me that the im
mense multitudes of wild quadrepeda, cape.
civilly of the quagga, the gnoo or wild beast,
the blesbok, and the springnok, which were
there to:be seen, were realty astonishing
Lions are frequently to be met with on these
Hats, though much reduced in number by
the exertions of the sportsmen., It is said
that the lion will seldom attack a man, at
feast a ,white man, unless provoked when
roused. he generally walks away at a slow
pace, with an air of great deliberation sad.
tranquility, seeming to say, " I will let you
alohe, if you let me alone ;'' but it parsec&
nr fired at, he attacks in his turn wits great
fury. I had always supposed that he was
an animal of solitary habits, but the otliiA ..
who had hunted on the Bontebok Fiats all
concurred in asserting that it was usual to
meet with several lions together—sof-mi
ll:11es as many as seven or eight.-Journal
of a Residence at the Cape of Good Hope.
One of the New York papers contains a
brief report of a lecture delivered recently HI
gnat city by Professor Mason, on ttie acono
ny tit individual . life, from which we arc
.ble to select some interesting facts in reap.
:ion to the average extent of !Inman lice.
uf course, has varied at different pee
•iods of the world, and still varies in differ
snt, countries, under the influence of educe
ion, morals, food, and other circumstances.
ks~ an instance of variation alluded to, we
nay remark that in the sixteenth century
Ice.' average extent of life in Geneva, Swit- .
rerband, was so remarkably low as nine
:ears, which the Professor attributed -to epi
!anneal diseases, bad food, bad dwellings,
tad continued warfare. Ihe learned men
if that country, however, directed their at
ention to the causes of premature death;
And under their care a system so perfect has
een established, that the inhabitants of Ge
ferva now liveio a greater age than those of
any other city on the globe. since similar .
Menges have taken place in Great Britain by
means oflhe improvements in science, the
iveragelcif human life has been elevated
from seventeen to fifty years. The Sec pure
Ives threescore years and ten as the limit of
,utnan existence. and Professor Mason con
tends that uhenever the me-iical jurispru
tence of a country can, as in England and
n this country, enlarge the average duration
o fifty years, the remaining twenti of the
icrfptural limit are generally cut off by ins
emperance and hereditary disease. In
%leiter), the average of human lie is fifteen
rears, which circumstance alone is sumcient
o show the vast difference existing between
he moral and physical condition of that peo
11e and our own.
rene ! lit the midst of this sandy waste,
where uniformity is rarely interrupted by
tines or shrubs, there are extensive niter
pri g s rising from the ea -th like mystalize,l
cults. One thinks he sees a wild waste
ivergr, own with moss, weeds and shrubs,
hickly covered with hoar frost. And to
magma this wintry scene, beneath-the ler
rid heat of an Egyptian sun, will give some
tlea of the strangeness of its aspect. rhe
ixistence of *this niter upon the sandy sur
ac.o is caused by the evaporation of the
ekes. According to the quantity of otter
eh behind, do these fantastic shapes assume
tither a drizzling white color, or are limns or
Pad tinted with the sombre hue of the Bond.
rhe niter lakes themselves, six in number,
stuated in a spacious valley, betwilwri two
owe of low sand hills. present a phasing
outcast, in their dark blue and red color, to
he. dull hues of the sand. The niter, which
brine a thick crystalized crust upon those
-hallow lakes, is broken off in large square
dates, which are either. of a dirty white. or
if a flesh color, or a dark deep red. The
j'ellahs employed upon this labor stand
tulle naked in the water, furnished with
ton rods. The part which is removed be
orning speedily renewed, the riches of its
,troduce are inexhaustible It is hence mat
'early the whole of Europe is exclusively
supplied with niter; and this has probably
den the case for ages, for Sinard mentions,
At the commencement of the last century,
.hat six hundred and thirty thousand weight
it 'niter was annually broken for the grand
seignor, to whom it yielded thirty-six purses
Hail is supposed to be formed in the upper
. eions by a sudden and extensive vacuum
lettig formed along with a watery cloud,
vitereby a quantity of caloric is extracted
from the water, and the drops fall upon the
earth In pieces of ice.
Ine Chemnitz mine, in Hungary, affords
in experimental exttionion of the toithanda
d hail on a magnificent scale. In that mine
,ne drainage ot water is raised by an engine,
which common air is violently compress
in a large cast iron vessel. Whim the air
la in a state of high compression, a workman
issues a visitor to.hold his hat netore a inxi.
arttich he turns; the compressed air, as it
agilee out over the surlahe ot the other air,
out some vapor with it, which is no
mn mite ice balls by the cold generated by
'he air it expands; and these enoot tarough
4e hat, to the no small annoyance of one
tarty, but to the infinite amusement ot the
`Arid How, in goon eanlest, resolve to fmake
religion the busaness of your ilfe; tor, after tul,
•hat is the one thing that, strictly speaking, is
accessary. All thmgo i,eside are conapara
tvely /Wit to the purposes of life. I heartily
mum you would now enter upon a strut er.
remotion of yourself, that you may know
whether you have a reasonable hope of sal
canon by Jesus Christ It you nave, toe
, austaeurai of knowing it win abundantly
award your pains; it you have not, }on
ill find a more reasonable occasion for
Liars than can be met with in a tragedy."
Wnaz me u eloquent as angels, yet we
abound please some men ; some women, aztil
alma children, mom by listatung than by