The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, August 14, 1848, Image 1

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• • I
"Y - -13STAI3L18 VA) N 1786.
ft Cu.-'lids and Leather Deal
'era tPre FL New York.
ohn finer Pittsburgh, E. Leviek &
I Co Philadelphia.
COnsignments of Western Leather sureited, and lib ,
md. advances elide' if required . Mid:dam
VWOOD, JONES b. Co- Comilwrot and Pon_--
warding Merchants, have reritrinni m their old
stand, Water and nom streets, Pittsburgh. oct.lll
/lIIDICRICS .11111,A=1, 6.FAAGG OQrEt
trAiiN &.EEITER, 'Wholesale and Raoul Drug. I W P
Y' • Vats, camas of LilAray aud St:Clair streets, Pitts
urgb, P. . mayl4 I
sr. B. BILEICVN. •
IrOWN 3 7crramirWrr, Wholnaale 'Limners, I
.sod commission Merehantti„ No. 145, Liberty st.,
• isuilnugl. Pa. ly.
FAILNEBTOCK & Co.; Wholesale and Co.
•WI Drempste, corner Wood andktit en , at
it&UA.lstslr & SMITH, Waotemle Grocer.,
, 20:WoOdavreet Pittsburgh.
el A. 111cANII.LT4 & Co., Forwarding. and Cone
moot Bkrehaars, Canal,Boany Putaburgh Pa:
fl. coLltYktr, 101111 3.0111.361, 165. IV. 1.12.11 AN.
IOLKMAN; & Co., Mtutufactureva of
%,../ Carnage Springs .nd A i lus, .4 : 11. and Sprig '
, Steal -.and dealers m Coach Frommuce o( every de
tadriy msSt. Clotr at. Ward:wise 421
Wood .I_, opposite St. Charles Hotel. Man:
Jolts ontloOr
v iA a ß k i.. i. lPßOl i er: t a. Grocers, devil.
1:11 6. at Lib Pr
erty sfd e lrand
t 335.. 3. 33c1., 3.01,1 I. arcwr.
NGLIE4II IMSNETT, Gate English, Gollagf
Co.) Wholesale ro Grocers , Commision hod For
&r letion
toA 31ets, and deo!c_sts in Produce ar.d .
.„‘ tures, NO. 37 Wood st, A turd
• 0011
....... .
11'., D. 11LICID, 01[0. Ma . l i, AN:LI WOD.
1 1 . a
~. RUZi,4 EtRE.Y & co., Wholcsato Urocoro sod
'' '' 'Corrumarion Merchants, and Agra. for Brtetton
Verne, Noe, M Werra, +tad /Or Trout etc, nit,
- ----- -
ID , BLUM, Piano Forte Ploniathitorer end dealer
►in Ji.losiesl lusumnexa, lie Wood st., near sth.
VoALLAGLIER, LONG 1t111.1,1. :it, tie!' nod Dross
. rounders nod Lau linen, Ur./ I) tad., between
eirmid Smithfield streets, l'ittodisteh, Yn
"IX Highest price riven for old Copper arid lira,.
CIEOIiGECOOLIRAN, Conamicsion and Forwarding
Morehaso, No. 20 Woodstsom Pitt,.burgh. myll
f_j WARY DRVNOT, White and Red Lend Mono
-1_1„ knower, Punt .d Oil Merchant, comer or Lilo
.103taiid O'Hara l.!..ri&_burnz_b.. jl,l i
DICKEY & Co.. WhOlesalc grocer.. Corp
onion Mehmta, and denten In Produce, N0. .,C
L rc
iter, end 107 Fran? tdrecti, Ihtlttburglt. nov,
Ibiitst H. RAN KI N, Attorney and Cirusallor at Law
.and Corauustooster for the blew 01 Penzwy ;onus&
-81-Utast Mo., (laze of Pittsburgh.)
alboalltamta—Pittsburgle Hon W Forward, Harsh
ion lr. Niller, bl`Calulless h. M Cloee , lobe E Parke,
& Semple, breordes king.
gtillN Ca, Who Jeanie Drovers, FbrwarJ
urs and Cotatnisaton Merehttlib, Dealer. tit Pru
ett and Pitialluzgh Manancture4, No. 7 Commeretal
Rote, Liberty street, bear the Caned, l'it.statrgh. i.e.
• myfely •
dBRYAN, Rectifying Distil!or, na.l Wholesale
~ dealer in Foreign wild Llontrstun Wines.nna Li-
Ewe, No. 114 Liberty •treey ongl• v &I Diamond Alley
illtab •, Pa. jyl7-411y
TAAINS 8 MCGUIRE, Irate nt do L:mo( Argeonrul
ItteGulea) Merchant Tuior, SL Cllouen Bultdings.
Slued moo. neat Wood. Pinsburx,h.
Allf2l A. HUTOMSON, & Co.—Sueeeseors
1.11. 6 1 iilltehliOrt Lt. CO, Commission hierchent,
and ftenuo of the Ht. Lome Westin Sugar Ettletery.
+ha 46 orator ehd99 ficau rueets,
. .
B. BLACg, Merchant Teller, Exchange Bail
U • &op, 64 Claret, Meanie/Li. Jetta,
0/11 . 4 & DELWORTII—Wholentle Grocer, I'm
duce and Cammiazion Morchfult, No V, Woad a,
-14OHN D. bLORDAN, Wholesale Druggot,aoh tiCal•
res•to Dye Heads, Penus,.(ki s, Varuish,,,ke., No.
and street, o.door South of Diamond Pitts
burgh.. putt
TAVES NERD, Jr., & Co, isocces,cor Josopu
V D..i.OhiPllumillars, - ad Water sired °oat
- - -•
iO O. IIIN H. HELLO*, Wholesale paid Iteuul dealer
in bl.le end Phistool I.tmorents, id 00l Loos , .
Wares, Stool Pe., Quills, Pouters' Curds, mu(
kirtHOttery generally, No. 21 Wood at, l'itteburgh.
Irr Rags bought or taken trade. sepir
JPr co, letrolosolo Leos -gnus,
• ,No. 24 Weal AIM I. PlUsburgh.__
TOM D. DAVIS, Auctioneer, corner Siti end Wood
101:INSTC61 A. STOCKTON, Bookseller., Prouers
U Munuincuirers, No. 44 Martel al,
1 L. READ'S Hook Starr, 4th, tear Market street,
(nautical, 'limological. Mistimed, School, kittrel
tams, anti Method.* klooke and ...suatocary.
W. RODEEtTSON & Co . I,ank,r• F-1,41a
rr aunt •
; Carry. y purciAnced at the erual ratem petit
101.1. N CRIED, WhOlosille Grocer, deltic lo
dace, Finiburgh blanuivaarc, Tm
,*f No : 2ttLibea_..', Finsborgh.
/WM nom WAS.
a L FLOYD, {late J. Floyd & C0.41,V/Intelple
Grocers, No, l92.l.therty amen. • ceps
J1150.Z ..DII.4IELIs Wholesale eitoeer7Cinn ission
fditrottaist, tual tlestier m Produce mud Pittsburgh
kliaufattorec 10.u4 Water st., Pittsburgh. jimla
T EV7113, 1/31:31,1.J. tr. Co., manufacturers of all at•
tea ILt, Shea, ilatler Iron sad Nails of the nest
totality. 11 areheuse, 34 crater and 103 uunt It.
S W.3.7IMDLAN, WhaleMle Gunner, Forwurd
e tug and Commiesion Merchant, Denier m Pots.
Inumtlncturid uud Produce, Na. 31 %Vete, ft,
and Crl Front r-g_
1.. , , •1311 f LAMM; MIDI unmt.
) 4
AhLlit:ILT tr. 61111.T0N, Wholesale Grocers, For
. warding wad.Conamtasion Merchants, deniers iu
rakes and Pittsburgh Maaufactures, Nos. 13 and 1Z
Wood at, Pittsburgh. _ friar
AMtC.' ER, BROTHERS a ca.,'Commissiod bier
'JAL 'ehauts, Pluladelphiu, for the NUe of produce gel
ba= Liberal advances dude on con/ugumente.
_ _
%lL D.AILOSIa. strata= C. .1.
,10Ca1.J.../k ROE, Wholesale Omer. and Cllllllllll-
- 401 i Blercluuta, No. LW Liberty st, PiU.sbuTg”.
FL ., ' SLfl Vrat. AMICK.
ALio." . l IL Co-, Corannseina and Forwardma
i, !Merchants, ate: and From-, P
Wood ..f. W and Market CM
c. w. alumni:s
50s. Lusa,
• ELLER fr. RICK} ON NVhalestde. Uroccrs and
Commandos Merchants, On, Lawny sr.,
WIcOORD tVitolcsala and Retail Ing and
Cap illantaaenatea, and dealers in Fancy Fun,
corner Of Wood and Finn saa
MO S.d SUN. Ne. .Thrrket at., secinal
f fourth, deniers in Foreign
. and i g i roestir Millcd ' Uctinuge, Gems . ..sof Dopes.
11,113ta Sines
Collestiiina mad on all the principal clues
thresidstiai the Mailed Mama. • dart?
ROIIERT worst:, Wholesale Grocer, ftectrfpng
m Produce-, Yntsburgh Misname
- =di, and all kind• VI Foreign and Domestic W tries
Illtd*knomr No-11Laberty .1=c1..... very
....dar/re alocle-riLisuperair aid Monongahela. iirntrizr),
"stidOblirill q 0 so/d WA for cash.
fEL:racrs iIIiWPERT, Produce Dealers nisi
Marettama, WU Second street,
RICrId.B.D T. 1.1.2:4,41,,Jr., Importesouullet 13,
eorsp sod Ihmttsuo
OVI.OI/10 Trutuumgo r uf aLL de.onpuola, No. ISJ Wood
sty tAtstaugh. _ etre.C.
It./GUARD' BARD, Wholesale, and Rota Dealer In
. Ulan*, Morocco, Shoenialfm'Toois and Find
rap, 'homers , cud Cuticrs. Tools, and 'rumen' OIL,
No. DA Wood sr., Pittsburgh. septa
lairgli MOSZI3On, ununi.s. ung,:ouri•
ROBINSON & Co, Wholesale Limn.", Nodtice
E l i
giut . Colyarliµion Xerctlaut Dealer. In rime
% 'Manauctnre., No. 19u Lib uul eny- at., patsbumh.
- _0".
DOLTERT DALZELL. /k. Co., Whoienle Groeere,
,136 Cosamisaion and Foronsrlimg Sterchau. dealer
lu Vsodnoo and Pituburgh blamsfurturcm, 1.41;en) st.
iltistoug,b, Y. trial_
011 T. d CITNISINGRAId, - tlaolesele Grace",
Dealer "Prothice and PitugLargh Alacutactutel,
o. 144 Liberty et.
I.)EFISOILDS &BUFF, Forwarding and Corionnwaon
Air Skinhead.% far th e Anegnedy !liver Trade, Jinn.
In it i grOCCrinti, Fondant, Viti..burgli blanufarturea
and tido of Lunn.
The highootpriees, cash.; paid al all mato for [OEM.
ul rag. Comer of Penn tad trona sta. Jainnl
MITH & JOHNMJN, Wholesale ind Renall Dealers
In Millinery Louth., Laces, Moeiery and Fumy
Artieles,No. MI Mundt puce, ;3‘l door above Thud ei.
Vidobargt. opZI
•ExILLI.7rI k. WHITE, W0 01 .. 1 . Ueden In
'Yore Lad Datnraie Dry lioods. he. SW Wood et.
V----': flour aA and ak'A-- k'zoo UG rae l e : g l on V' rzsU l l: rs ouo w hln Z "' o , r . w L'c L or r " d:u c .? t r g ' .
awl t:91.1.a.41011 Mord/isms, . o.
Voindasale Grocers and
r". I - dd.qta drailanhNn.2.l3 Market watt, aetwann au,
••• 4116: irrnh aids, Panadalplna. nova
f. , 1F4 1 .1% rfriikr 301.0111 )1.• LA NU
tr. NICOL.% Yrpluce wail General Com
. pr. .arto4o3lll.inichaata No. 17 Liberty sc., Pattnourgn.
Unaned and Lard this.
L. VON I SONNUORST, 6 C 6, .Wholesale tires
FOS*I I / 1 110$ Lid l.:011/611•1510t1nlerehtmis.
$ fa ritillintrilb 41 .111/iliellif. Lid Western Pris
tine°, him remove4l their new werentruse,totri mead
brl/A COUlln Front and Vim/eery Lane.
. 4 GjAldlibiL. bd. ICIER. Forbrardlog undCortii;ison
• r 0 fderclub Maio, ot Product and huaburgb sucuu•
, bdtutedbUti , , , : , 7tb Id.
'• ,t'`,l ttti
- & boa; Wholcbtle tirater• tuld commix
• ..17, rail AIDICIULI., .td d. , .. . P' ..lute No. 36
1 . -.• 1_ Padi .i., riusingst , _ _ . vn..
;W M. B. FOSTiii, Ascot tor McLean .Wier:
NI procuring pentonts, at We whee o Woo E. At.
444 Es+, Burk's bulidialp, 4th it, IWtsimer,t, yy
`enrol Lod Waco at Wuskaustoo, wlll wend, to
Ail bruin*¢ Were froe of expellee to oPpheatat.
Inn D. Won, onnin 311 . CUIDLICe.
WICK & hPCANDLESS, /successors to L & J..u.
Wiek.,) Wholesale lirmers,
Coo:Minion Merelmoss, deuiers Iron, !MAIN, Glom,
'.,- Yams, and Pittsburgh Alumforiures gmerany,
won.. of Wood and Won,: oirnous, Pittsburgh,
• -
11[FEST BOWEN—Comranoloo bald Forwarding
Marekant, No. VO Final di between Wood dna
laszkin Marta, Wad
r I .
1 A
• ,
..N . V m A i !. (i. lt m C e F L 3l4l o l .
44C liberry a.,
W. N„ ''' UOI RA s, ein t :t r ke n t k'nulw ; ‘ tr k
W WILSON. Dealer in IVairher. Je••-elry
$ .S.dver \171.5. Mtlitary No. 5: :.lar
ket at.
W K. MURPHY, Who'reale nod R,tnit In
orneiForeihrtt told Dorneetie Dry Goods, north eu_ttt
oruet of Nacho% stud Fourth ougln
WM. YOUNG & Co —Deniers In leather balea, ite.
14.1 Liberty et. )a.115-ly
UT ft M. AIITCIII-:I.TREE--Wholosalo Grocer.,
TY , Rectifystg Pied Hon, told Wipe und Ligeor
Mocchauta, mom, lafportora of Soda Aeb and n g
l'zsvder, No. IGO Liborty st. Pittsburgh. Po Ja:ally
0 11021 CLOCI3rBBI. GEORGE 8. lON..
i IILACKLERN 2c Co., Whoiesale Oroceris cud
M e deniers in Oil.. Dose Store, and Pitteburch Alan.
mattered articles, hetet,. hand, at all tnes, n inll and
r.eueml s.esurtment of goods id their 1t,,,, mer sheet,
near Cherry Alley, Pitteliergh. auld
01.1 N M. TOWNSEND, Druggist utP Apothe cary, JNo.4s Market et, titres doors above ti a ra et. Pine_
,burgh, will burn comtently on hand a well selected as
sortment of the. beet and irtelirat Medicine., which he
•vill yell on the most rensiounble terms. Physician,
nendiug orders., will be promptly areedeil to, and *ap
plied with tittle'. they may rely epee se gruel: e.
ED — Physicians Prescriptions soul be accurately and
ready prepitree from the beet materiale. any hour of
ine day or nighL
Alen for vele., a large ttock or rreeh and good Perri,
Ll4.b LE curroN WORK& Pittsburgh, kilunutite-
C i t lure Cotton lAnt, Caudle Wick. Baiting, 'Polite,
Coverlet Vitro. Carpet Moth', War &c. &e.
_ lSoccenetsire to Arbuck le & A•eryil
_j. Proprietor,
fILEDOUX & Co.. No. 77 Canal street, New Os
. leans, Agents be J B. Arruanes Este: wave Swam
i•ugsa Refinery. Aiwa, s on band a largos
tock of
Loa!, Powdered, Crushed, Clarified and Inward Sag ars.
//I . rie,C. and iruTols. Also. Santa !loose Alolasses.
Prices liberal, tund a raw allowance mane anal, sales
of or
above 60 barrels. aunt'
Monongahela Livery Stable.
the large stable ou First et. running through
to Second rt. botuvorit Wood old r..triuthfiold
Me- in the tear of the Monongahela Haase,
WWI an eourely new stool of Horses and Glitnag.O. Of
Ire hest quality and latest styles Hort,. Itc;.t st use
o, tee best insulter. l3 - All r
gaddlera* Ironmongery, harms and Coach
Mose, Deer Hair, - Varnish, ite. 6e.,
1) /1 co. i 34 WOOD Sr. PrirsmAgAnt.
Ll 11. RATON, Dealer in Trimmings and Variety
.L• a Goods, Tortoni Shell, Ivory and Flom, Coed.,
Wooled l ants and 'Worsteds, liottions. Needles, Visa
Tepes, Dradear, &a., No. M Martin sirret, [moven Dia
mond arid 4th et, Pitmliargh.
is"AT:UFACI'UK R of spring mid blister steel,
plough steel. steel Malign wings. reach avd
he sprung., hammered iron Jules, and dealers in mal
leable casutms, fire eimme lamp, and coach in:nohow.
re 4 &ss . comer of . mad Kraut sta.. Vittsubrih,
l'a .
s— PEKI3Ii TEA 71 Fourth
near N ousl—All yououues l..recu zoo!
Black Teas, clone up - In %muter. Aod
pound packagce., nipping fro at, c, per pouad
*1,51.1. jy A. JAYNEe, Act. for Pcklit fen Co
Btakr, .
WILL also attend to collecbon., and up other
!,p.l entreated tu him in tinder and Arntetrong
eounueo. Va. Reit! to
J.& R. Floyd. Liberty it
*W. W. Wallace, do i
JB. S‘VEITZER, Attorney si Lau, office .1.
• opposite N. Charles kin ei. Vitninursti.
&its nu promptly to Collections, to IA ashen:awl,
sod Green counties, r.
Bleek•tock, Belts Co., j
Church a. Carottiors„ , .l`tto.ourgo
L) T. Morgan, )
Lt J. HE.ARV, AlWroe) mud Coutavilot
leouton (lino. Con,n,ons o), t
, ladinite, and to Isentnex,. orootot cur..
attended to. Con...swot, lor ol e eau
I.)lvrana, for name; la3poatuonr. acanowledgrueo,
Rtsn - m—Hon Wm. Nall & Nos. Curus, Church
Carothers, Wm. %flax, tr. Davos ..1.5
WU. ht. 1.131.1 N
11..L.L 4 6.111S irrat ce,...rr, 10 Lowrie . and
Ty ks Ail •r• .• • 1..1 Llor. al 1.,.
t.t:4l tti t.
6.1.4(it. Altarut ntLaw. Bakewelr•
Grant meet. nearly< we Court
lUNLOP & SEWELL. sauttataty at Lava, (act:. an
Smilitiield, betvreett .td add .1 nt+
I , ORWA/1.11 k SWARTZWEILDER, Atlume)• I‘.
Law, have removed taw other to tut,
Fourth SL, txtween Chart) . AIIr) )unt,:,treat
-NVROBINSON, Attornry as 1.. w. hur re•
. moved his when to the Erchanna riannsne. KL
Cuuret., next door to Alderznort Jon..
Jl./kL": FII , iNEY, Jr., Agent nt Pittsburgh tur -
\Ware Mutual Satety litattr•.llCe Cotuinuty 01 1.1113.-
adelptua_ Fire Nicks upon lnuldingt anti merehart....,
03 every description, and Misrule Itists upor, L.r
carves of vessel., taken upon the most lauurubler
T. ()thee to the Warehouse of W lolines Bro..
N 0.37 Water, lunar Mallet street., Pittsburgh.
N. success of that Company stove the estab
lishment of the Agency m thin city, , a do rite wetly,
Ilea& and liberallty withwhichevery ctutor upon
101. lows hits been adjusted, lUdy arr Ant Lae ase.d ta
utvitiug the coultdettec and patronage an aw irtestar. ar.,l
ate comma.ntly at large to the Delaware At. ri
ranee Goo:litany, win. it has me taidtuoual advantage@
a•uuawuoa israo3lg the two nourisningtn Putlaue,-
pora—os having an ample putdon coon', wu,ch the
operation of its Charter IS CouslAidly alercusing,
willing to each person natured Ins due share ut as
protua of the company, without involetag arm an a..)
rrwiantathiltly whatever, and therefore
ilia Manful principle divested of ever, obnoxtous no
tare, nod mns most ensue ve le na 04.1
Tut. lusuroucc Co...pato, of NortO Asstcrtco, otrougo
I. Us truly .11tortLeo AE. n tlw sttlotcrtt.o.r, otters to
make person/cut ow! Inuovtl lusurtutce on toop.rty ,
Utts Day audits tocttty, nod ott ploproonts ut tiro
nai and kt.tvem
411 2, lirown,
Juba WA.,
1 boat. Cope,
Samuel 1. auuuy
S. All.. 1,1a.r0u,,
Mesas 1). Sucan.w..,
lb,. L. the .tutu Insurance Company in the Lotted
tint-a, [Laving been chartermi ut “164. 4. waver
p. rpetual, and from to nigh aliontmg, long experar,,c,
a•n i .c. plans, and avoullug al. tlak• Oi un ex:r•
meCharacter, it may Lc conac.icr,l an uttering Ill 11•
anly to public. 1v P. J0:‘, , ..J
At the Couniu.g Upon. of Atoemad. Jones n Co, I% li
ter and Email strceta eaustnagn ion)
o ratio, Io ratio, I lit i :t h li " st d 1 phio, win wake 4
o. every description of prop., , m a te l'ullaouigla sus, tho
sun - Gooding moolory, tavurolo.: rms. nos cow
pony has is perpetual Chancy
Copan!, *4I4,MS, paid in.
Coosa gent, Fund iShOu,OuO
°dice carom, ol Thi , 4 sod Market stomata, Vdrshorga.
spliatt AgOot.
otottiooeit CaCel oitatit•t mt.. Of onsuog,
•Astintst Fate, on touoltags, snnretosoutzc, Ull‘a
pt!tpetly, not extra totutrdtoos, to mow city told Vto:Illi)
/toll ctIt,IIILAN. wolotSt
SCIISCILIBUL bus !moil upporarrd Agent pro
LOS. ut the lisratrarxe Comport) of North ~socrt. 13,
...Al tr a l'oricrert sod 1111c101 to toe °tiler Lu, It/ Wl.
e S ute.w.t .1tw000..10, ,, .. et
;4,12 ettt.tee, wutrt -t
t) UST . .
I,er 1.01.r0,0, u Lure,: u•ototimeul
of bsdul Rubber lords, rottlial.log•
2 . 1 0. Inf.. , Cum., Jot 1 rurcliug Bug.,
4 • do, 4 pore
4 4'. do, 1 Letup Wool-rt.,
" frl.r_choL , Jucke., 1•• whom,
I " 1301 , 0 0 Lane
yutdlkol 4-4 Carriage Cam, One 00000 w, •
24 dO4. Pall Leggui,,,Ollloll,ript •I)
Cape, WOO eieeve,
wittioiii do,
1 Wm Cover, a, ut whivL wbl t,e .0,.1 c4cap
(or call, wholcnult• ut:4o owl
ni/00, J 11 1.1111.1.11'S
D 11... W. J. DIAL/Eal/A,Llent.L4.
01'1.1C1 - ; te34l duo,
• y noon Mid note, Nitutt.,is
Ile.. .peettuti) tcncicv.
virce U. c:litens .‘
leg - fanny wad viemoy .
3,...1.313..-13. A. N. McLow , .,
VI F. Fab/10414C
in. Robert 3.35i , 01.
J watcs S. Crott, hot .
%%' I Wen
:dr. 3.3. Vr ea vor •147 otrall
efK.l:\ S-30 doz genuiiie Freliel•
ti tux I.rtiClC. !eve
bail., a unt iimitulactmy ut II Al Leaw.r, no
Winch the mile:nue', et been Mulk.Cls 111 mv.tca. J teet
receives! kind :Or kite AL 1 ti
14.1 . 1i1.cit)
1 131:111/.11./...'—.• .101.1 ouisil NO.
1. S.» 0111sacest rOltsfl• C Cll 12/
arucic 1u1u...W. al vs») saw peszea, .
us Isage yuau
hula,Y\lUe 110.135 i KUM"» sso aaasaa ^•.»,4 .1 .1. I/ 1'i111,1.1.1',
lit;ss Lew:s., Fall. 211urphy
•Ontieut comer of 4111 mud martet .4, us.
vv.! • large lel of Leven. ct.
fore...old or Ingiter price..l gem q.. 1)
ale , cr opening aI Ectluee4l meals.
DI LYS4IIITO LACI,—.II)O yards uravy I,nce, A zuld
i. In/ Lucke, Waif, lur 110 W °pea^
los Ly JY." F \TO.% dr.
WINDOW I.:LASS—II. , bin txlU, 150 do 11.1=
1 . 45 do 1011.1, 'it'd° 7., lu du 1.1.3, du Oak.,
IQdoLliar,, for sale Ly
To Cosuatry Illerebonta.
ALARGES U 1 K school Boole. raper, Slation•
try. he.. suitable for country Aulel; among which
\V ming Paper, of fine. medium and common qu'ltte
Lettr r Puper do do do do
Nine Paper do do do do
Note and Letter Envelope',
. .
Slaien, penal, Vt aferr. Quint and Steel Pen,
Window Pap.. (yard wide) plain will plintro.
Bon net Board., of different qualitira:
Blank Boob. in Frttat vanety;
Family, School and Pocket Bibles,
Crown. :podium. nod double crown wmpprog paper'
Illerluer P.cleeue r?pellers and Hendee.;
itny'slrene Arallmetics;
Cobb's l`rirriers, Spellers and Resders;
Anthmatics, by Adam•. Una taColburn. Snub, Stock
ton. /We Noon, and when.
teeogropities. by Moehell.Olney, Smith. hlorae,Oood
rich, Parley, and enter..
°rammer.. by Stroll, Kirkham, Mao.. Weld, and
ether. For sale at low prices. by
' •
M wood st. 5 doors above 4th.
The Idshesi market prtro timid for good muted rugs,
cash opt',
A.ll. l e L tf r a 4 to \ ;; '4. oftl i : ° e Ibe ' finial works of Joi l la l' lrto " n, mw
and critical remark• on his genius and Vfel
aillrlglt, by Jame. Monwenery; md one handred and
""mY eu:, , arings from drawings by William Harvey.
In two mama.
Sechcaa`t. l'sehtermr.—"flic (our Gospets and
Acts f the Apoinles. at Greek, wnb English omdt ,
critical. philosophical, and exegetical; mop, tuda..e.,
etc.. together wub the Ept.tles sadapocalypse; the
whole !orating the New Te.nanacet—F or the use of
School., Colleges , sod Theological Samoans.. By
Ito.. J. A. Spencer, A. Nl.
A Nava Novah—Mitanttmer's Eire.—A (tory tale of
-love. 1.4 Mrs. S. C../.lall.
.. • • .
J Jah.' 11.22 IV.—The Itfe el Henry the Fourth
Icing .ri France and Nu curre, By O. P. 11. Jame*
t° an
compac four par.. Paper; 2 Vol.. cloth.
mal• Booksellers, comer ohnarket and ad cis
C.XpO•illOrlot the great discovcrica and then
rtes ot modern astronomy; by 0 M Mitchell, a C, Di
rector ot the Ct.:Annan Utorisatory.
letn . ley's Italy. Alps and Rhine.—Lettera.from
the Alps and the Mune; by J r Iloadley, author of Na
poleon and his Manthalls. Waitunguin stud hie Genet.
al< .1 c. New anJ rentied edition.
Stnnattes of Coat.—The Geographical and Golottl
cal distinctions of Mineml Combustibles or fossil thel;
including ulso. conc.., and localities (4' the various
nutlet-al t.iturainions substance• employe' in arts and
manutactur.w lilustratattl by Maps and Ltagratus; ac
companied by nearly 4Ou statistical tables. and IltUi an.
al)se, of cutesy combustible*, &c; prepared by Rich
artl Gros late Taylor.
Jas r ed n tem copies of wich dittos boor worts
—ior sa.e. uy JOILNSTC.N &
)1 , I Book 1 , : l1C (11, '
co; ;Hoke, Ot 3 1:12.
Who Cear.las Coun and Peop4e. by J H Maxwell;
The Ono. .of France;
The Lives si the Apostles, by Bacon,
The Puritans nud [Wert Princkples.b: - F.
The Constitutions and (Unpile of the Holy Apostle.
won a Prize
Allison's Life of the Doke of Marlborough;
Nemsider's Life of Christ. in its histoneal connection
and historical developer, tent,
Harped and Appleton's publications generally
School Books. Paper, Station: iry,
lE\V BIJOKS at ute Apot.lo 8141141114., 4Ut sue et --
II The s inary l-tte of lt.h n. Done of :Itlartlaorough.
yeah co:erred maps: by A A thson.
Second Voi. Chalmers' bo.Wumoua Worka—,.
tare jtteadtutra.
The Luc ot Jesus Chnst, in its Utstuneal [none e.t.a
and hostorical detrelopeaanta: by Aupstus New tder.
Translated Iront the 4th German edition by Jolto Mc.
Ciintock and Chas E Ulanenahut. l'rotearors ut . .hel•
111nOtt College.
Fourth Vol Pictorial I{istor7 of Enaland
Note one. Tlo Lo. 'Warren. author of ten
Thousand a 1 ..., and others too ntilnerot.• to men{on.
Call and see. azl9 L REAI
T ' lll - 7..T:o u slrr '„' . ' ll ' .74 d ll ' o r pe '}' „ e i ' o " r P fc w' re u' cr n p o u f al M .
pou. and will oe eoutotufai at the some plate on La ro be, 'Ey
street. In cooseNuence or some changes having Lek on
place. I yucaoe le, nave occurred. and those clew
oar placotg datogloarl under their care,
do weL to make an curly appacutioto For terru• e.
circular. or apply to the PrucipuL ap3
- •
P ttsbu-ql4 7
C. a &AN/
i n tiILACIA 1.0313118810 A 11EILIAA3LFS,
Nu 50 Souitt Whurvea, nnd No 117 ...atah Werr, st_
lu Lurono u. trudc and dealers, gencrully, of
I . .tk,out.n, that thr y hay , iClak such urshg.
cpws Inc V:rct.t... t•;ana:u. turcts and the firuwers of
Ilte West., V. e4Lobe, /Lk utbrr places, us will instil',
large cum! vookaul .uppl,lng de rp
7..tirtnr, 10111 of k
sold upouoccum
moduunc turria‘ tu , soy ulbrr hibutw ut tills city or
whom. nati 111ki goods Orkini Irvin them bullwur
reoLed 0,01.1 10 rritre•cntaturn:
Havana, Si. Lkonango; Conn.; )
4,114 Prt
oo Itco ti
Pena.; ' e Sekd Leaf to-
Cuba, i g ,,,„, & Flondai ) bteco.
ALSO—Hr 1 relrbralrd Artno.oe Stag C.avrn
tb‘b, lIL, o ,t. o , ~.,.... , 15 05 .the r po+nilur brna4l,
,“• Lon.,
-1 and Twirl;
et:al ...dr awl boa,
and tin. together with ever) var.l7 of arue.
rm. jelath)
1....nrr. .16.111790
LLAMMET. NEMBIT /..61/111METS0111.
Produce, COMILLIIIIIIO3I and Forwarding
N GI! No.o 1., AND IYY VCArrst
Ir kr. r.,—Jut. II lkow% & c o
Hobert Steen kr. lo ,„. ,
Likrcrott. heave r k Co
60,111, Ilakwey k.. Co
Allen & Pak too, New York
Wallcrs & Hervey, fik,okko,
kkkkalcy & ,ktuttk. II
llortkr,age.lV4imaln &Co
ICat.ey. brawn &
fuer & Jott,c •
berki [lash udvcsters oo kauslgtz , clik di to ) ur
COST w•rxtm.
And Darker.' Commi••lon )lerohante,
t.., , oktu tS •INI,NLIMICL,
IZEFERENCL. , --Ileary brad & Co, Pittsburgh.
koal.gers a ohcriock, l
hooky fr. Sou. $
A. al Jutuary, Maysville.
Uvulas lia.saam, Jr., Lendsvitie
Haute. Humphre y & Co.
alereer, tiro & Co.
Hard & Brother,
riol :dl y Multi & Coustuery, New Sort
•—— -
Commission and Forwarding Merchant.
NO IU nOOO or, . errosaurmit,
totrao•act a general Corarmatoon :10.1.
lJ especially U 3 Luc purchaae auil sale ut Atnen-
C.lO ataamiacturca auil Produce. sud 111 receing sod
forwarding Loads consig lied to los care. 21.1 Aver tor
1,,' al anutucture, lie IJI be coionautly rupplicd 'rob
we ui
pretpal articles of Pittsburgh alanuMeiure al tue
lowest e...ion/Ile prices. Orders mod ...iglu:eau.
are renpect: ad) •oIiGROPE
r roe wsr. L .11121LANAN
I It. Ohio ..osnousauro and Forwarding
11 Itlaralsn , its and Product Licalers--alw attend to
toe Yore nose, title and triopmant al Pig Iron, Coal. £c.
lirOWn, Bailey & Co.,
Hoary UratF.
1). Leech & Co.,
Clarke & Thaw
hlwoui , u. k%ww
W. 1816.,
I's wave
Atwood, /ono. k Co,
Wall. Louise). & Co .
Lute 1;1 it.totirgh, I
f, TWIN Stla t, Arun, 1111..DWA T. ClNClttlyn, mitts
Rae, w dlerc.wtt. geuemtly, ID l'lllsbnigh. rya,
wtioi.m.sALE GELootatd;
lion, Neill., Cotton Verne dr. Pittsburg a
Jltnuhcture• generally,
LW WOOD wisasr, ?RM. 114.1,Pit..
Oder t. scll ut cl tut, omtaba,tilment. all kunln of Ater
chwidim, ut the mr.e.t rules Gortittasmuon" au. u"
alve a} pre palm! 10 makelll t /WC t. 1.. The beet of reio
reucc. µtutu it regulred. Lettcre alltirceurd to • idler
twin I.e pr.uiptly ulieualcd to. y
LOVI. t V IllAtt._ L e. la,curuo,
Produce and C 0111111,11111111131 Dierctutute,
No b. Heckle Lcceaugc Vince,
. •
11... I to-- 1n..10., Job° K. 8.31/Ilinia,
/1110 A J,111.1:44. 111.1 ttttt otC, M. &Urn & Cu, JellerG k Nt.
ols. ,tak4./. L 0.. Simekiru a. What, /1.-
:•Lir b lt. A a %, h<1•111. Ttl Sinaughile.ey A. Cu., Lamm.
1..11 T
w. 1111 1 1:•)M11 . 111111.
due alasaufasiu et L C insee Oil,
No. us
Camitss•Tl. Olno
1;• L; .1 for Flu.. 0t.,./_ 4 l
Forwarding Moro haw. Ltrournmvllle, Pa
purUcu.a., ou ;no k...turar.l.m: 0( Prow...,
71..• !cc.
For any .1••111111.1)11, Nepl, to I oit:±iTki N
11 X'
Loan, Mo
ill give provular attention to the actline ol
deco, and to orders tor purcliastag.
Oaf en iii—irieurec Morgan tic PO-taintrith• Pc
I.IIuDLCK ea. PlLuVir , loNe,
No, Ilia LOU; to; ,aOl - 11 a W..,
ul I . .ttsburA4
ho-,.2.1r V. --it Cr.. tvie I.E Co mart,dGui
I tra T ' 1, ' .:„ ' 1,.. " -:rel u o " tiat. '"' iu ' r " re ' p d' re ' atl Y t, Bete w
v. 1.1 Imtwael unual, wait a new bow, can
Le en:etc., arrangement,. beceitig alrendi been tamale
for thut purpowi Lk.a• will olway• ho Icadauess at
ow whorl to rer.ive ireight.
CILII:11 Baur, L.4berty a:
(SOccessorx to Heed, Hurd &
Parueular atiyanou paid 10 Lila liale of Ward, and !Oma
ni advances sandy ou conawundasts.
rGOAN & KS:NNE:DI have this day associated
Li with them to the Hardware. butnness, Philip
on and Edward Gregg. The style of hem will liens
oiler be Legal, Witmea St Co. Thu alrananneal ree-
der, it destrable to elose the old business la soon as i
,usuble. All persons whore nablaar. hey.- matitietL
dre especially requested to make inianabale pnymeni
f OGAN, WILSON A. CO.--dmporiers and
Whotesale Dealers in Formun and Domestic Hard- ,
were, Cutlery, Saddlery, &c... 129, W'ood street. PM.
..utchyare now fully prepared with a recently tower
led stock of Hardware., CaSery, dte ,to oiler very great
ludocentents to western buyers, hang detertmard to
compete Ipn
n eesi watt any of the Allantte mums. Al
to 00 hand an entanvve araOriment of Pittsburgh Hard
ware, vin t Shorels, Spades. Forts, floe', Vices, be..
all of which will be ludd at the lowest manufacturer'.
prices. lan]
ATHE Glbacriben hoeing recently entered into
pannershlp under the nettle of Gal agher, tong
A Miller. for the purpose of carrying on the LA.II
told Rraw Founding and Gas Vining tumineesin
ll its branches. have taken the stand formerly occu
pied by II Gallagher. No. teld Front street, between
X Van! and ithfield its , where they ere prepared to
execute all o rder. for Hells, Brent erwtings, of every
dew nption• and tins Fittings with Reveres and des
patch. Stramboet bobbing promptly ettentled to.
N. B.—The attention of Machinists a n d Engineer. is
invited to our anu-enracuon metal, fore reduced price,
winch has been pronouncedimpnhor to Rabbit's fly
numberwho have used both. Steamboat build...Ml
the public, gennrelly, are al e requested to eel I attiLlAs
tannic our superior double lotion Force Nuterolor
•teatabont end duttie.tic wic.
Dlimolllation. •
parthershp so long esisung under the Era of
trPilord h. King, no ly cuutaiJ consent sltinsolhod
on the Ist utst. The bout.. will In: closed at theirdd
stand b 7 either of or, using the tonne of the Eitury.
that purpose. Being desirous to Ls vr rur
closed with 11.11 tattle delay as posuble we would .
specaully request those indebted to ra!l and
their accounts. JOILN It NrCOR
_ .
JOHN D. AreORD having associated with !limb.
brother James AFt.bard, touter the rLyle of ill'COrd
A. Co, will e outuiu• the Hat. Cap and Fur busnicalt in
ell ste •ittious branches wholesale and remit, nt itte
otd mind, corner of Woo:I and Stla strbeta, where they
Solicit a [011“1113031011 at the patronage tut liberally
mowed on O. and hrm. JOHN D M'CORD. •
IN rgorrng from the old and we!' knotga 6rgrt or
1 NlCard .4. hoar. I tan.t reapacally rooommend to
the patronage ot the putthe my auctesattra, NI - .
M'rord 2 Co 1.44 IL D. KING.
hoe expind thtn tlx) muttatton '1 he buswees et
the lute wth be ...Wed !a. Roe.
S 11. IILSI-1111.L11,
N% A 1. 1 .1.11 C. KOK.
PlOsburgh Jury 19 le4-3.
The undersigned will eoitUnue the %%Thole•ale
and Ca91111.1•1011141.111C1 11 , 11/IdCr the Wince:WU/II
.11a1 Roe, al Weir old stead. Nu. 104 Lawny street.
J D. Al'ull.t.
lV A L'rER C. ROE.
Having sold ml interest ;mum fain of NVOili. Rush.
field J. Roe to or, former partnere. ittl...iUte Roe. I take
pleasure in recommending them to my friends and the
p ut.lie /Y2O S. B. BUSIIIHILD.
Co—Parxne ramp Notloo.
w. STEPHEN: 4 of Wheeling. 11. F. Slnenberger
1. 1 4,, of J usuata. and J. A STockton of Ytttaluirgh. have
Mo. day entered intoe eo-paraienam under style and
hrm of Stephmm, Snoenberper R Co.. at the Author
iron works, Wheettit4, Va., the purpose of minim
fiactutom iron mud nails stern deseription.
T. W. ficlllYfi.F. SIIIIIGNMICAMI. 2 •. 51. 2 .03.
alsinuiriettive all Lind of boiler. skeet, lin. mon and
unals, A. IL stet. e .cpue spruais ar,d Ic•. Brio; tort
ureied ord. Shoeurrptipar's rad Juntam markt, ore CAM
odor no tailors of J masts Iron r l•rarlerd troocolrergerr
eyual to any mask. in the rouat rye All of which ss 111
ac sold at the Pittsburria prier*. NV areboase of It..
works cot net or Mooto, and N% r no.. myll
I nisoLUTlON—The partmereldp Stibarto eilst
j_lttu, under air style to hair of LVa Lionada Liai
se:l. to this day o,,ssolveri Li 11-11,1111/ roi,ent, /oho Idol-
aril !Laving disposed or 111,1'r...41U IL Vrept
ms.n. basarevs of the rare firm I.i fie urtiled try
IL Wait:lnn, o.rdr so:res./4-d to user thenrape of the
lase Oil. tor dintpurr..., II II I,iirrlA.N.
spraal.Pie uuty I 'l7l J DAI.7.ELL.
I E0111...1A &c —W It Nlurpny ha. with•
in v few days receive, an additional supply of
Lonsdale Nattiots, told etyle4 hoe blea.thed
enintuou do, unbleached do, fine Loo Cloth Shinto, e.
I rt.h Liuetts, (very low WWI,. Conan Flo., lead road
do, Paper Cambnca, oho.. at ate Dry Good+ N
L corner Ith end Alarket streets.
NVlioleeale Ituorn• up oaten
THE Sole.: . now o pr red ton ,tufatrure •••.
Irma. of Cotton' mod \ ut the shortest
„,„. If , N whom. , Shop cur. !
ner Lthert) laud V. ate, creet. It•T u l
• ant e, I have no doubt but there was upward• of
I.eaeok et.. between Federal and So.dualty 'is-, . Ptw<J from
r"). unitg
roar ¢v gunner of co took to two ItscheOlow ua
4K: tflLlCk.—Jaine. li I:urchtschl Ito. tut Interest tat the fi W HOLLIDAY.
tote' nr‘nse of U.. Roca • Creek. C.Srrol co. Toon, Doc 117, 1 , 17. ;a..24
nderetened, corner of I.ot. nit und Market st, oupid.g ~•_ i , 1,1, 4 ,4 1 're the Leeo hint (
and Dl Slup.
„ , , , 501‘11.1.5, tSticue.eor to Si It t .
0 It '!I ILVill .__ . I
h .L16. ,,d • no
" ',;404 7 .; " :7 6 h fteference the oicructan• of Pittsb—
urgh, Altr•
hiol . i t g itT lot!t 'i cr t i S o, J.nto lk r•l'Cune. the ',ft.
tOO% I•ovissee 0-ut h•rensler u...lucked n.vd4r the Lenuort •,..t os ss o ,„„ o „ a so the phy , eet , tee. fere .
‘ Vr "' 5.0. " k C,, then wtd my former (moods and patrol., Mr N. it
" " " " Norm co r•cirkg utiorou/nly actettatuictl so. the Lust
and worthy of patrottage
. --
Jayn es' Expectorant.
Satus. to,unt . 0 ~), Ai.r. .44. !Pt!
Um JAI NI -, -I vol l loolio: ,Oo
11. e azlhete.l .obllo, to :read 01).e t ut
of petits , yu.nert, ludo ra rourd.oary
r your Id ,pectolzant on in) rola Ilu,og
for yrar. watt u teNcre vor-ph, ImMit! Myer
•.olll4tunt diaeu•• a.„l•eemc.l only doomed
„a • n abort 0%.•01M , o. ace, Lott!! s h e
11.11 e Worn, being more ...rmoreiy allsolgoal. and
„a,t o g •„.„..,„771 !Mall loy medlar rentethea. Nod We pr..-
o! !Moo M•porto .!e pl!)Licions to
Ito o withoat delivlng an) l„,mat, or one
„„•„„ a no„• hdt Moat
tano,n—v the laot gleam o: hope woe about to
varnah. I h I ,eondsended me your Erpomorant
by Loo Um!, o , L. doe. n,l thing. Ist
b., 0! Om I bmmm_ b. .ltl co :Iraq to the eipertallonit
my imyl,o l bb, a „d oda,' 1, 611 441 • sew dais
.U m.,:
from 6. al, end de o.c .
attend ton y ..toee Letter heCth than
I had ion II years provnon
lie•„ertt ally' )0,tra..1.. Jul NV. Emu
/or •ale enteburuu.. at the rekut
rounh are et. Mar.
11 h..f:n; Cetoca.. b N 1 t.:lty.
I:. oeoc ..IPkttsb , trgh.
'V "0r...,
Wholes. do Drag S tore to the City •C
New Vork•
THE una, rvoi .ne.l arc ea t e n.tvely engse , red In the
Whole kale Inu; I ustn,.• ‘L No. 49 JU/111 woe, to
the ea)" Ne. k' 1 Orli. 1.01/ Pre9o , e 4
1/ruggt.c. ,ne , „un2r, Alezc,an Wah Dr.P.
g. awl A
M.llfier. h Nlosikle • toe tii•. our their our
tsnportation) Lott other •Ill Cit• I
of .ut town) so ilo.y Con he put.
cl.aped Wit ko any ea.ter t tty
New York, A FAUN.
Man .her's Chrome Gat •"."
PAIN .11 A h I.ILS, " W 's
undenuamod . tranter.•nd tr , . ar the enY
or New lora, It •ve u.e4l and mined, and ve nnw
a new arunin. ta hrunw I,rerm. mar:manta r.d '')
)darchnr, city. Wad non ,t arm), w d. nrb
Micros Imo I, Idloutt fbrna arpnaran
aer) auperror uud), and recommend to nut b"'"'"
m nm trade as to avnr) parucoint rho bear Cb" . "
Careen w< hoer evcr nand Ncw 'fort, June b•
tbaned by al AMA or praermar pelmet, .t the en) 01
New 1 era T nontionned Chrome ltrener tn. be
bun a..i•FILS , No 57 Wotan street, t,
" 0
the eact..l.r., roe) . for Ir. .ale m Pitraborgh ma 't
A Fan* /1.1 of Tatal.h for flla Cantos
W . s t F t f , f 3 ". ls Tl
"ii on, or tve Ice cleaned with /owe' Amber footh
l'a sea ` have the. ippearance et tin roost ne aan rut ivory,
s , it at the same ime au. perfectly manumit and I
Mutely hum. the t its constant dully toat t• highly ad
vantageous, even tome teeth that are ai a gnarl corn
dame, riving them a tunintstal polish. and preeettaig
premature der, Tin. a reudy de.eayed prevr..
rearm beconting miresari - . as `ire lie
comma anew. and by pr.. ' , name d will rioter
foulest teeth deneatel) who 0, and Janke the breath de-
Itrumsty sweet- bola by \ "NI .1 AC izrlN, ry Liberty
Vc — trs..
AfirePE wecas since, onc a 'any children. aged about
Tears was unseen tor enteral day s, and the
used to mamma! I) that I ie. red death
wow> the tesult. Having a. al of the as od cdre.
an keheiestoni'.l Verniattge when administer. al M
el:adroit at thy ise.glinots, and lb , taring uty ce ,aught
bate worn r leant sane ut the ay. gat a it one
lid a liali teaspoottlela of Me `icrintiogr, run I
Watt Oil
"''""'"" dt,dietely dlo rg
between 23. mitt 21. large worms health w. restored, •nd nose retu•rltab ly well. Prey , A , A ,
taking Me Vomiting, the notion would Mew.. m-. 41 Y
rise tit its throat, mai I 0.11 le.. red it would dinfan.
streartamiett J Aft DA‘Vnt
Tionesta Venanao Ap a I :1.
IWK II UAW' Rend the 1011ov/ins . tertthriAt
.4 ,N 1 Ohio, Mat U. 1 at d. A
/ to to eerta) uiy Mac daughter was ethic
wan aortas. and thattried .3Ve.1.1 mraethea, so et. ',-
Ira. without ht opparent edect lining itiforsed
the agent tei th. place al WC sec new of Stolle rVriat
le ge , I was ind conatiuensl to give it
ti a Mal. niter ". h
dt..s, ticg to direcons, ray dough r w.
rehired I have an nestle:ion ,Ining A a. lily 01,111-
lust, AAA St Ile rs Vertnttege IA the e .1r
rid E w w ILE)* I
Prepared tied mid L y ,No. i 7 r•o t i at,
S .10 .111•0 0 in laxsel, 4th Vr ard, U. AL Curry, Alle
gheny, sod We, J Tcsuperuucuv/ I let y:1
baco.t.• Wood:
l'ooL Srul,oo. Jrtlersoss Maros, I 1--1
11.11 1.311.1.1A45-1 have nenr.y told eh WV , Vcr
1, Ceu,h rup y soul Met. 10. er•
tusruge vs without e.cepttu•L the hest ever tiered Ist
teighlwrbOed, Inivtog ',roved rood whereveruso , d
The Cough Syrup tkeli er Pails hove uhso gs Veil set.
I.ILCUMI 1 our ol) , l.ervt J
•• . .
Prepared and 4old ,y H. E SELLRK.S. %Vbee ,
sold by Dr Caext, 6111 %V ard, U Al thury, , Allorttruyi tt.
W 1 South, Teniperanee v ate
1.13/108 1.113/.1011LAT3.1.1 ANL. Tin - .it
01NT.313-V1 is thewll.l cacceusi resnetly bctote
uu' panne lur we cute tc woe, uell,ll// Wairto
c.l It, lace, m'cli :111,1
.kis.. TI. Ottit.t.v. ,
w..iratited If Cr J. IS IILSI,ICIS) .40./.0, awl
n) . m MI
A Or,. •upply oi
for malt. D. 13 A PA a. co.
, • .. ,
rot ‘•r 1.1 .I‘,l vetoer ,r 40,1
•trce.` del
1, , 0R INVALIDS ANDPASTit.:—Trhitney's Ar-
J: row liout lib,. Powder, u dolicittue and highly
itutrttunte laud, which never turns acid on the •lonteeli,
ail ts now move:l.4l,y recoulatended by the inealty to
preferatice to Gruel, Sag, 'Etiolatea or plata Arr.,'
Root, ae lmener suited to W. dela...too:l or
Valuta. and etmore strougth,dttg end wholesome loud
for For auto by It E SELLI,H.S,
nsul4. GO vinned
- -
TOE utidereigried having been appointed sole agents
JL for we aide of Barekbardi it Le's superior Lard
wth keep rip...tautly is hand a large supinyornich
they will to ecuierr at ine lowest wartet price
kit ca.. mire J KIDD& Co
rOOO ANT TrITZSTON, earnigtrona
;Tills establishment long Dad teidely khown se
being inte.of the mord commodlgniatia lill , cIfY ot
13elumore, ha. recently andergente 'Or, !Me.'
stv alterntione and Improvemente. At , entre nese
sleiwias been added, conutinittg nntnenutte altd air) ,
I^g apartment, and extensive bathing moms.
e Ladies' department has also been cmletely
awled and hued up in a mama unique o
dda ermit
-I,li ttylc. In tart Me whole ncrangetneul of the Muse
batcheen remodeled, with a Angle eye on the part of
the . proprietore, Inwards the comfort and pleasure of
thvix thlt.S, mid which they confidently assert Win
challenge compute. with any Hotel in the Union.
Then table , eill always be supplied with every sob.
0: al nod luxury which the matter affords, served'
then a superior style; while In the way of Wines, +bit,
will not be surpassed.
II conclusion the preprienoni beato say, that nothing
call' be bail undone en their part, cod on the partof their
aselimme, to render this Hotel worthy the continued
patronage of their friends and the pubhe gandallu
The prices tor board have al.a been redacted the
following nu.
Ladles' Ordinary. 61,75 per day.
lientlenteni• - 1,50
H. It —Tlie Baggage Wegon of the HOLMe arlilsl
- be found di the Car .d Steamboat Landing:4,
which will convey baggage In and from the Hotel. her
of 041E._ may2tf„;
„. The sutescriber having ascirnest tbe manage
I ment of I.g muablished cad poPislar Hotel,
respectfully waitosinces w Travellers and the
Public generally, that he will be at all dines prepared
accommalate Mein in all things desirable in a well
tegulated Hotel. The Muse is now being thoroughly
repaired throughout. god new Furniture added. and no
pains will be spared in make the Exchange one of tbe
very hest Hotels in We cowry.
The undersigned respectfully solicits a continuance
of the very liberal patronage the House has heretofore
I _peel ved. THO:CAS OWSTON,
4 . febiidtf FroprietrirL_
ARIA TIIROCXMOWI'ON bests to acquaint bto
friends that he to again lessee of the GALT
HULLS Louise Ky, where he hopes to meet
agl tot old fneods, rummer; them and the public, that
o effort shell he tmared to =be all comfortable who
c . tvor him with their patronarre. raelltlty
CII =NOT Wt.. •CrWll6Ol rooaru •<u rtrre ere.
rrosrri; i. a uauk 01 the Untied 5t314[1., Mule
.merit( POPE hIITCH ELL,
HRt/OiCla & 00., would respectfully in
norm lie politic that they have erected • shop ott
Lamar It, between Federal and fiandusky street.. Thu
are eon , making anti nee prepared to receive orders tZtr
every desenptiott of vehicles, Coaches, Chariots, Iln
routlire, Boggles, Phu:tuna ke, tr.c.,which front their
lout, -open.itee in the nnattufugu re of the above work,
and factlines they hart, they feel confident they are
enabled to do work on the MOM reattonatne tents erne
Mom scouting erne lee in their line.
Paying particolar utteinion to the mlstetion of mate
rials, andheatue none but tompeteot *orkruen, they
have no hen:anon tit warrautsug their toroth We
therefore ash the attention of the pettlie to this matter
b. Repairing done in the beet manner, and the
most reasoualde jc oat
Stockholders, take Notice.
at 'HE Stoekholders to the Yougluovheny Sartaation
I Companyare hereby nuked and required to pay
M. Jerre. 111131111{011, the Treaau rot of the Comp..).
the .am of Ten per i:ent_ on comb share of their match,
on or before the lath day of July heat. and a furthe r
gulll Of TT, per cent. on or before the lath day of Au
st next. Theootholdere will also take laottce. that
the law uthor - we w . :he collechon of One per cent per
mouth. o n tostaltnesd 110 t punctually mode, winch. it
round twee-wary, will he entoread. tly order of the
J It thavra, dec'y. jel4
A j l o ' hl g ai l t
detached do: do Lepton; 12 Sliver Patel. {.ever do,
:hi do detached do, 6do Leptue do, Id hold Guard
Lett quality
Mao. rood atenertotent or 1.314,5 t PM, Ear Hang,
Flover Ring., Gold Pena and Peocols
The above goods have been receired with the 1.1
five weeks. and will he veld at reduced pores. Psi.
L.IA ...rung to pardn., a rood and cheep Violeta.
, fluid do m,tlto call peen°. topurchaante
Dlaa utoc tared Tobacco
I 0 Oa! ttentry & Royster's supeltur sweet t tp •
do 111 A Butlers • lb
t‘t 03 do Prue A. Linn:rood , . 5
'II do do do
' . l.t do do Pearl & Harts ood • • 5 a It.
II do .1 i 11.11.011
5: hi dudo
2: do do Wm !Jameson
.13 do T Wotan . .
V do CS Anderson
9 Jo L T Dade'.
do 11 Idavon's
9 do
la•t ituttling trout steamer and packets, and for sale
, tt HEALD. 111/CKNOtt a Co,
It north water at end Id north wharves.
to% l'hiladetpnta
• -
p.e t;ItE , D . TOUA ,,
lb t=
bx VI Jones
Kali ha. Webster Old superior sweet to lumps
Lawrence Lother 51
1... my & Rov Ives •• b & 6.
at •• Dupont (de la Fatal "
la Sir Lea!
I.sorretten Lather - Ss& 6. plot,
Just landang 130.1111 , 10.14e1, and tor sat. by
41 N water st and lON wharves.
my.ll Yhtladelphia'
D AP b:lt -200 bdls Straw Wruppmg Paper, all luxes;
LL Cal rear. ruled Cap ntina Paper,
Att - ruled and plain letter do, all quainter.
100 ' t Flat Cap:
V.O " medium 'sea Paper,
Lad Kro/. wane and blue ft white Bonnet Cloudy,
Iw reams lanollt. Envelope Paper.
rlO •• hardware Paper; mat reed and for
•ale low by BEYNOLLIS d StiKE,
ni)J.darta corn< r penn and warm lots
rl ANC PACs: BED TOBACCO—It atom .d to ar•
r,vr, .W
IS:ring brands of Tobseco. conatan
melds (1.. manufacturers of ILetustond end Lyoch
burg. winch Will be mold to the trade at reduced rate.
1.1 by, LEvonttln/ ,
GU do Juba Rucker 5.:
III) do Henry & Java. I. 52 and
31 00 L. Jaaucs 5.,
Id do R ‘V.awkek
Iv do .1 M. Steward 5v and 22;
27 do Jamas bladovot U. L S ATF.RMAN
audl 3l grater and Mt front vls
TILE iion.crilicr oders IoT min a full usortment of
Loa Ships Patent Illocka, SWIM*, ko., adapted to
the trade. Al.o, complete seta of adopted to
vossolii °fatty eapacit), put up and forwarded to any
part of thi. Union, w:ttinut delay and at the lowest pli
ers. LIUNUM mei tor sale in column. to
Itirchasera 141 J W STAPLES,
,Lip.i-am2tawTAS 30 Burling Slip, New York
Patent Soda Aoh.
so ru .Lit rands, lug laud
w& M b
m YIN lOU liberty et
ry el. WAR—Joet received rom
X) the mnoulaciu g
ry, .Uritunitia Fle Coffee Vol.; do f
do, do ltlii,Ter Howl. 011derenni Cum do Slop do, do
lorge Pitcher., with lade; Moloeses do do, do Coffee
Urine, with lamps. For slide al low priors.
Gll.l. on ca:rrv. Siam nig Pitcher.
Patent I;i:odaAsk
for. Joel
. 1 , :I d . r M or o Fortune, Nonli C z aroll-
W & M ntrrcirt:t.TrigE,
le] 1611111 w rip timer
. •
great .prang and .miasmal raw/lama, Wu da* r.,'l
and for rata who:caw. and retail, dy
N. B ---la R F. S. la Dr. Towtmenni'a only agent or
l'ataburirh. Una gaaartaa alliCie 1121 q alwars he had •1
No a; %Non.' strcer.
luonduobourgh do: Farnsusel do; Cambium do, l'ussol
and Drop do, Neu mud plow do, sortie's wild wine
awl cad Loton, tor .01. at k-t'rON lk Co's
u_ l'noeltrg Store, !". musket go
t usllneCt_s—:so Loo Itass , ll4 A Holonsuu'a .5s lump
i I aline., IA do Al yers'• do do do, lb do Ira Hurls
,tu do Al) or's ib do do; to' do Enders' hooey
, b plug, 12 ea.., ut/ dwarf boots Alyer'• 'two nor
Anon 1.0 du, 40 do, 4s, du do Thous.' Nectar Lew du,
font re , , 00tcd sod too .11iC by
Corn I.InAnAC 4 ca•lc• Pot Ash, 64/ dor
I VU‘""'
mi 13
- .Pc4il.434lrahlp NotAC4I , 4
b. CO. tiara 'mounted .11
11 them m the. t Tobacco and Conmistlon Iwinetn,
431wart.1 114313,11 a to eI .1.14,134 Heald& Co, liallmore.)
143•31 C. AICC.III9
la and /01313 A. Warner 30 , 13
TS AND ilartu.s-- c bare ou
„„,,, •rt me nt af In Stone sVnrr, nu-
„ 0 t hotric, ro unlrch
DILL a I.:Km'.
of the Dig runner, wood fu
HIDE '""""'"‘ unilk
au , 'sun out,s, opnlied ye&-
, .„, ulte real llsa aiLs piece, nt v 4 ,11010.110
;5,1 tlorkhrr. cur Attt 4.1
Taased iu 00
1.) ACON—fo bias
13 Ndesi 'l4, Saaulders, all 01 e n ! . qualily
1016 yyy& NICUI.I4
EIS AND pßamt PORK—lu 1610 N e. . P ' rk,
.A3l do puma dui sur sale by
1010 SEI Ip, AL Nicoi.e
TARTARic ACID—I lbs, or a supet ig w 9 u.111 Y ,
celved and for sal. by
tS.3 tit tits hue steamer Wyoming (or sale r
ua seamy{ terms. Fur particulars escuire
8 w Neva& Willi
apS 1 Walar sad i ita
~a+sata~t~ T BA~g6~l+T ~ Bsaasy~'~~~
Mate ILa Strittitlet & Co.) ,
"yr ANUFACTDRFSS of riniettii aro procirpfesi
south elde, second . streets leet , veen Wx "C" ln
Frartabfiehl Pittsbtirgla J S 13:flakier hsving deceased
end the servicing pup. Mr. Jos, Isippencratt,
wsietated Unwell' w tb Mr. Wm Clint; the bd ent,.
will hi-render beCooducted,inuler the:Mir o f " I P"'
con &Um,
TAO of et sale in iituari;o,—Wie,•tiee uesdettras
ed Nieto present at &bateau,/ or one old Bitrifiglez. A '
to the o rtriadr o P
... h.Mdi O t. s . th o ir*- O u p . ol P 7llL l'afes. The 401
nroJing ue t
Tae mote iTa,
nate liraMO4:l,4!Olte hourand a half the Sere Mott to
a ajiitht riser UM) the . dhiir of the fitmseis was taco
,c1,0 . 4)a . -littittdati:caped:aaintratusetl 40 steady heat for
p =t i o
, 111 d ibi4
1 06 00 e tho e ceist
vvu ib un t. =ele wn d ive „ re .
rourthessafe tooled and operated. The money, papers
nod books which it contained were as perfect as when
placedraftereohelthtding onlp: , of dm books being jo
inted by the 'Valet, at cooling the safe. We have tio
hellll.loll to recommending it to the public ass safe
superior to any we have ever seen mated, sad believe
that n will stand any heat which might he produced,
:rept tints whichwould melt It to solid mass.
Springer at 111. AVOrthingt...
Kcianc., tic,o L;rner. iv C; P Weems, :gurus Smit T
s Dungan & Co.
Stedman. ALayard & Co, Wm Memo,
Mead & Winston
We, the undersigned, selected the safe spoken of
above, from a lot In the •tore of 'fruiter tc Aultery,the
.• .
Beret. to Cook & Barns, Brokers, Pitubprgh;
liottmey Hanna & Co. do do* [fetdd&wlTS
1-11,12300, Ant% 13. ntea I- It .321.12,11.
XiANUFAC I PEERS of Hammered and Coat Steel
.1.11 Shovel. nod Spades. Axes sad Liataheis., Mill. et
CUL Circular and Gm Saws, Hay and Manioc Forks,
Hoes, !ileum kn. Picks, he., having completed all their
arrangements in the construction of new machinery,
and in mewing the hest workmen from the most este.
brined establinnment+ °Me East are now manufactur
ing and will keep constantly on hand and for sale all
the above mucks, having •vailed thenmelvm of the
latest improvements. and are determined Mid in work
manship and material they will not be excollaL They
promote to produce ante es equal, if not superior. to
tiny that can be had to the En.. They invite the Innen
non of dettlert to an eAturimattnn oftltetr stock befoye
purrhasing elsewherejna they are convinced that they
will be nide to fill all orders in their line lathe imam
musinconn 01 purthneers. Warehouse, Water arca,
doer. West Monotigahelk Home, Pittsburgh , Pa_
N ll—Perron. having imminent with Wm. !Apnea
con h ,F4lll toll peace call on Lappencon A. Co.
Pittsburgis .`taralture Ware Itoomet
A large and splendid assortment of Form
tura, suitable for Steamboats, &totals tuld prt
rate dvrelongs, constantly Oa hand uld
tootle to order
• . .
The pre.nt coek on band cannot be exceeded by
any manufactory 111 the weak.. country. P,raona
w.lttua . purcalae would do well to rive ma a cell,
an lom datartnoted my poreo aball please. Part of
the stock C 011•11.11 11l-
Si roma with Plush and liMr-cloth covers;
2 dor Mahogany Name Charrs,
14 pear Divan,
12 dor fins mahogany Minas;
Li mahogany Work Stand's
3 dor ms
Rocking Chain; ! :
13 marble top Drama/mg Ilareatta;
n pair OttUILIBJ.i
N Inorble top Work !Sand.;
to caarry Work Sunda,
Charr:, . and Poplar 13cdrhead. of
all da•crlpttona and a largo ort-ortmcnl of 01311110/3
rearand Miura, too nutneromt ME11:101/.
91H El are not aware how frnditfully injurious It is to
the Ai:to—howcoarse, how rough . , hoer sallow, yel.
low risVin..hcanby the skin appeossafter usung prepar.
pared hulk'. Ilesidrs it is t,urtous, in u large
qusithly of
We have prepared a beautiful vegetable Ortiele
which we coil JlJAbdn SPANISH LILY wirm. It
is perfect , y Innocent. being purified of all deleterious
qualities.; and it tinp.t.l to the skin a natural, healthy
ala Parter, ricar.llVl/11, white. at the same time acting
as a cosmetic on the aka:. making it son and smooth.
Dr. James Antler., Tracheal Charmlt o( MAJ..
llusetta. says: - Atter analyzing Jones
I 4nol It povacases the moat licitatzful sad naln.
rat. .td at the same hme innocent what I ever Saw. I
errtain.y r3ll reronamend tto u. to all
Ns now ohm rrol....res 14.5 reins •
box. So,' by , v , k_JACKSON.-01.1berty at. mar Log
Pttt Matchlnc Works and Foundry
01I\ VE.11.:111 ,'o. ale prepared to build Co!tran
1\'OOIC:1 ".n..ry al cr< r. de•enrtion..u..l,
Cardoor Maelor , e, Sptntiom. Specderi
Druwang Frames. Ran.way Hem!, Wurper, Spasler*.
IV Frame.. 1:... Grinder, Ice ‘Vrouglti
I-on ,: ii01,114 .111 - 11, 414[14 of Out i/1111: Pulite add
limiget • Lae /11,•1 pnoeru,* sje and !mod L..5t01e...,
:tad 100:, of rt,t of every de , er,puon
*bra-abed etori i.otor , . Putter. made to order lur
Ntul iirtomg. kr St-um ripe tor hent
- 4 1... , t0ne• Ir Sant and tutee Cus
r.eer .1: y ilrdera leo a oc Warttum.e at
Hoer . bla.,stock, A. J. li. MooreLe rd h
Co. lN tt.borgh
C 2..1 II \ ans.., 5vune..,....
SPrt.g, Axle and Irma Work's.
• , ,••
kJ Weir new ueerl.4. er. now prepared to manufac
ture es ery .lcserqn../n Crna.-lt and Eitpue. Sproigt,
/run Axle. rt..ttn, Sprmg and Plouah
,ter. at. •1,. .inn •.iaaro and round Iron.
a•luelt ..te> oat, tor :it.era, term, •,h e n ware-
No 41 nen. they al.o keep on
hand n encupl., , as.nraent of Coach
kiprd , raic, Malleable Casting,
and Iron
I).11 k C”. hove made arrangements with Messrs
, & Cron, ma...tacit/rec. of Soovela, tqnsalen. Fork,
. and vrill irep u.pltantly on bond every are
inside by them. Deal, rr. ate respertlany .are dot] to
pm," and n.rup‘ %v. be I.neral
New Has . dwroire !louse
ood ti %VI XthW ELL, corner of
W aad sin.. Pittsburgh. Ilar-
Z. , 7T7!4" ' : ' mg withdrawn iroin the tinu
Uniaer Will ry oodwell. nn roc 1.1 01 Januar - y.1,17. 1
take pierwore to my inencls rdtun city
aodd country. Mai 1 host . oprned me how 11101, •I
bove maned oln, T. }loving purcimued my goods for
welt, and ma, arrauguntriii• wiiLi manufacturer% in
Iltra co rill) and in. Euro,. to lie con.drint;y supplied.
an only prepared to relr.ltarownre of all kinds,
an good tern. and n. 10,1! ris an) 1101.1•40 liar: or
tt'ert. Nlerchnin. nod ornTlt ere re.peetfully in•ited
to call and elunntue 107 tiock, Lenore ourchtming else
w here . following coniorm, u part of his stork:
Steamboat and saddlery hardware, gun trimmings,
file., Noylor - s steel, cuUary. edge .31.6 an vitacroon,lock. latches. scythe. bull lunges. screw. Union I . ac
tory planes..ure,. mahogany 'nerds nod veneer. odd
nit other arum, conoccorml with th • hartlwan, buns
-11,4. mehlltf
City Dagtiorrilin Gallery
ilOtil.: begs leave to talunil the calm. of Pitts
. burgh mid vicinity. that he hair taken the thiguer
, Mil Homes Intel). °erupted by Mr. Porter. The put.
Or err umfeil mat all the laic improvements are secu
red. end o he homiest 1010 OYl r eCileoll by Mr. Hoge.
Nebo has wen aconstant operator sinus the on was
rant Ilkeeoveccd. I.nure sal.l.lleUOil is guaranteed to
all who troy I , ccot.qc In. patron.. Mr. I. will refer
with ',amours. to Mr Porter, to whose esinhloilanteut he
hiuyaleeraiee for the ia.l twelve months. Femrly Poe.
traits. Eitgruvitigs. Daguerreotypes, ire., aurately
cocpied. tater in any weather, a cc nd set nt
locact.. brew" pm.. erases win frames.
Instructions given ni every branch of the an, end mi..
pandas tarnished. mo:d
t I , UR 1.
Y .th/LYS .11Elti2.11A-NTS—AAMi.s
I.oit &
I. t)
Co, 1 , :....1arket At. hay^ ree,verl 6 cox, of cheap 1
panted Lea us arid hus,ms. e cm , es ot French do, at I
every varm)
of st) le, In ruses of good style (nag-
Larth, Ado ,i,v c)le Prnit., 4 do blue and orange Cal- 1
icons. 3Oslo niencoml Ihustui, all widths. Also, casts
aelled, brown and blue 1,114:%, Cottonades, I:4eriks,
longhorn.. .0r a, . all of which will he offered at on.
lowest l,htern wholesale !meets. in),Gl
POll.l Machine Shop.
II" WE:II I'MAN—Manulacturer or all kinds of rot.
_U.. ton and woollen machinery, Allegheny city, Pa
. 1 he above owl" being now or inn and sum:costal op
eration, I as preparrd lo vitiate orders with dispatch
tut all hunts of machinery in my line, such as willow.,
picker, spreaders, card, grunling mae1yi,ne,,...,,,,,,,
drawing( hones, speeder, ihro. , ils, loom, wouleu
cards, double o shile, lor merenant or country work,
mules, ter,acks, .lido and Minn lathes and tools in pm
trot. All kinds in .iitatlade to order, or plans m
en Mr gaitrilig iiketories or nulls at reaeonahle charge.
tiaras 10—kenned I, Child. AL Co., Blackstue.k, hell
A C 0.,, King, l'ennoca &Co , J.. A. Ural.
lii.A }'l'l.lll\, 11:11 0,01 Braes Founder. has re-
Lunt unit commenced minomm In his old shad,
w titre az WM be piem.ed to see his old custom
ers and 'nem.,
Church, Simian... mud 1101;s of every aloe, from RI
10 111,000 pounds, east rani putter of r moot applo
e..tsnralel., 11,111 wurTat a . Mv•
nett t. Ire ill the best materials
I , t,,era ly . on ) er Pow , ps., , Cu ti unters, ILa ,,, iting ‘i he., tuge-
L:ii.. " d " . " ,:d ‘ t: - :,,h i r, n d ' i c „ ' ,.‘ " , , i ,0r... c ., " ,...n::.1r . : ' "'"d,
1 , A , .1. xi :. , .. ,.. tLie .0 .0 , 1e ,.. 1 , :i , un . ir r L0 r r . i.:1 , ll lo s n atu w e c s
r A .d rrs ,,, trryt .
0 - 1.
111 lotion ininucamer) The hues and Coanpusillon
c , kti be had of aim at all times. ally
Plough., Ploug hßo. .o ..s e tlia g ,r, - IA; asiiia I
111/WALL' HALL, of the old
tam of It. It S. Hail, to 133/41111PC-
Ultinr totfe qu 1,111 / II ea of
Unighb. I".uugn Gut./g.
tualc, he itup/uveuirout We
I enc..... u
and other lloughe, or the lateat and
pulter.4 uovo In Use
Na L.:l , erty eLreet t l'uninurgli, opposite
lee nay tory, Ds All coy, near Use
.11,sars. aCo.
%V. a:. J.
ts, 4re uIQ ork 111 our 1111N1111 do,
pu tr u 1:e oLI tu vlt lie ruonuliy, urol aatie
%, u, 611 r 111 leg 11411111 CM. /old au
Moog 11oolt rowd to any pattern and bound •üb.
..talg(u/). Lit/Ukr. 1114111,1 h ur %Au (gloat. bound tarn.
to !) or pa... 1 :snow', put oti books to gut leuers.
Too. toot Core vv..rc to out hoe 14te inrtird to Cull.
el.:. lOW.
Sandy mud 13;WiTeiCauall.—
, 1•111 , . ol the Sandy etad beaver Genet
1...11114.11) et
C c tic ten, llOUrltli WM. WI <lO./1,11
e., to, uii
a.ol. pa el y will tie h .
eld, on II ed...-
.), the nb day at Aayu.l next, et tan Canal Iliac, td
:New La•lnnt, taau, aciwcca 11.1 UK/11,31 Of lUticlovlL, A
, nil I a' , •aonk, I' ,or maid day.
CHAS ilosTirrrEK,
,eercittey S.& I C. Ca .
and Wrought Ironfisillling.
ouro, dder• proparcd w carewn orders up.
10,rdatd. ko over, descryttoo ut Iruo
Ik.didig, for Irsurnooo., C,l,ut wnea, Courobes. BC.
U. Alleglie,, day
To Cant ra c tors atirl kluittlers. -
LiOtt SALE. Vet) iuW, to clOse the business of the
late 11(10 01 L.0.1:111. to ntnc tier, 3 pair of Vault
of •Up.c.rllll iniktminclurn. Apply to
t.,oArt I AkILE, 1.11,331,:jf. A, Co.,
04 at, tot dour front wood
Jusr large and eplendtd assortment
01 Cloths, Co- , ,,1n. rce, `.o.llogs, Cravats, Au., and
cut sale by 1. tt 11.1.1AN16, Murrain Tinto,
lain under 31o,ottaultela blouse, sanitifieltl ' st
DIC. Ill(IN--1u0 tsum obi° num/co 14.21 wwt, .rn
per atregoldi ao too. urooklyb runlace
I'a-) 11• A Utast, for M14;13 by
01;41.11111MsE. ‘IILSON k Co
DRY k VARIETY t►ooos
-- •
E.17111)41 0111. PET
sebaeriber reepeetfollS retitle. , the atienti In ti
I, the °waits and •eaptaina of boat., eili ant
strangers visiting Pittsburgh, to fits , inee
stork of earpetiog, how for sale at his • Ith
street. They consist of every , variety oil.. lac- nod
MOM feshioutble styles of Chrpetath , 1,00114 &g. .-..r
broa~ht to the t'Vertent melte , . The ve.m has hoe.
built eapresialf fortlvetsfret" ,4,l °..."'S 0 . 1 0 .. , " 1 " 4 "
hum of • tpestaed bpi. hued c•;tr , '1- 7111:
modern style.
The carpets reeeivonr are of the latest design, a.ll,
the oud meet to,,,,ent roe,.
They eorriprise, n part. al the fotinvonr
Superior Tapestry. a nine ar•
English cud anted°. Druv
___,., .....,
. 1 ,
1 ,
lona. ,14731 V-, 7ilo
s . '
%roar formito w t do- icgrpoct,
sago: .
Fin° Logroal
Como-au do
plain and twilled tre rod., 1
Exult suprt curd milled do;
aord 4o
ep i cs
Door Nat.
1 rd uncle
iOtt Cloths.'
4 do do
e do dn.
Cotton, list, rag and hemp muse; cenanain oil cloth s
. 11 eloib table covets, worsted aad linen table cover;
window shad., colored and phut matting, stall mini
ininmungt, carpel bindb.s, a. all other pod. tstntil
kept in carom snares, all of *bleb anti , he Sold on es
reasonable terms as any in the city. Hating made af ,
ransements vslth one of tbe large. marnafactusers
east, orders for,may style of eavet will bnpromptly (of
warded,by telegraph, and delivered in one seek, m
small advance of We manufunturees price.
Purchasers are parueularly requested to Gall before
purchasing elseovlbere, at we feel confident we ran .11
as cheap as May can be parch.. mt. cum. cities.
nrarlS E. W. I.S"ND ,
141W2/NEW and aploadid variety, at
filg over so ‘ at:hes6sl4: Z s t l779l.6 LU"W a ll il: l e e r vKi d ' etaa rN:VE li n ed :6; lev e: or 4M: ort ir l
es; 2 %dive. L'h.pine aratehes; 25 silver quarlier
watches; fine gold eliatus.l doe ncsr style ear
5 dos plain gold hoop riugh; 6 dot •saoruil rings; 71:tus
sled boxes., playing s varielY al popular Ling 111 1' ....
steel slides, sit slats.
5 dos fine nuns, sit rood paper, 50 do: common Fano
tl dos fine velvet bead bags, new styles; lU, do: fine
crotchet bead bags, new styles., 5 dos fine en:actin
purees, new styles; 25 dos fine pant tots, assailed; Busts,
assels, fringes, gilt sod silver. rot regaliath 10 dot Eine
dower ruses, assorted, 1 dos fine . steel screw pint:noti
ons; don fine ivory screw pin cushioust don fine
wood screw put motto... A fun, asaortnient of neve
Toy., AC.Aa. marl 9
-- SPRIBLO AND 50.11.1111_00000011.
A...,- Suson & cu., r . L orraour &co.,
Pittsburgh. Nu w York. '
A. A. Nasal do Co.,
11,TO. 60 Market Street, henget:a :ad and 4th sts,
111 burgh Pa., have recently opened their new and
elegaut stare-, with nn CX.M . II.IIIVO stock of nth Spring
and Summer Goods, comp rising .r.h.d. or th ree hun
dred pacitagas , of the latest and man faartion,blt
styles. Illerclamtsthroughont the country are Naves,
laxly invited to call and outman, our stack, as ia our
natation to offer. our goods nt the lowest Eastern
wholesale prices. Otte of the firm rs.sltfirag in New
York, will be constantly setiding us Thud] *upones of
the most desirable goods, therboy giving us ovary fa.
catty iu the transaction 01 oar business that could be
posse.sed by Eastern Houses. Pneas are aleraffore
guarabwed to Ire as low as the labiest New York and
ki !:g r , E s U t C \V I Z F r.R D PWal r llr7 " ,:l. ° J. his H7 r'
north east corner 014th aud Market SU, a run assort
mutt of white (Jodi no dresses, such nhaw.. Mo
ans. paun and ficYla Mall Mull do; beret iasekoneasi
plan, Mulls and Jackoneta Also, canons styes of
goods for Evening Drosses, whaling a few pt (trine ni
enure new styles Lanka...adored Muslin Hobs&
irr New good, wilt be n-..rivin; daily Mr A mset
to curtsy. includtug hew,. .tyl,s Oren+ Goods, Litton
sod Flatlets (isughams, Proms nod Chintzes, rnr)
& me tootled to the goods ant , on.
COO In wholesale rooms, up owls. Tan ae •ortoor,,l
largestud priers very aruS
JLA phy to•t.s intro.o to los ruosoctotent of Lbw. e
6 00sla, of 00004. shades tout MUIIi/IICA. also, dtunurr,
optrod Lulea Lustre, for La - est .r. lut,ye ay,
sortment of tole Eurloton, end F. cm. II
ueure.t stYles; Otto. lloyl's Pt - Isar—a Mil
a...moment of the., very ,1,..,ru01e goods, toolothstg
post. lilac, blue suet doulAo purple, of slow mail tecuut,
tul patterns.
French Dress Lasona—Pink. Vale. lilac, bravo and
huff. ut newe.l terns and fa, color,
Manna. Als pat o, Ltrilltautures, turpo ~mwt t,g•
,creit. tor lathes' and fano.' dreo.e.
• .
Embruideml win drens plidlnrata, for eventut
lICW sty iec colurcd dluntuk =rigid., du,nod n
wn , eewlicense. a: Umuee, censer,. Frettadadc.. rupr
shawl., tad., nt the nordtetal con., or Foams
J .
0,1,, KELLY 1, Con Ittocconsors to Robb. VVli,e
-broiler & Co., AilACtia..% CO,.
w• street. l'uttoue:pu.A. t .44 I , ..tivr ttiol lar
lai putoo, We -41t1 And vo.tlog tial.
lty, twat tory an: uoa• 111 ot too An,
1 .
N.ll/111. rtoouour. A t••• Kcantor .od
mem ot %%tit of klaglosol mod ere.tort
atcres mod Veittog.t., lu vrtiteit tltry
o respectiu,,i it t v.le
- .
HACKI.h.I gill F- No by out' Um.. no
rug:CO / a ry taar4.l eilen•i,o relOr 11. of 11,101.
Ur, ol vory'teccon porcoooe. aml troug
under the hotat isooratoC trroaroLotroorn, hod o`lorb
Looy are prepare.l, fool Wai Pr,o"luwo wool., at a vo,
.inoli ad VaL/,' .1 LUG Cil,er/I covet .
woual r..quent at 11101V4MILO ruauag our city to
give uar stork a ma eta/11,1.10t, and ive .eei
deut they her:urely autaLaed of the ettaapaeso ol
our .iota. apl7
Fre#ll tig l / 4 1 , •atios.:tilta.
V mid s: late Maraeibca.
Ft cuelt, Irrah Imported, all colors, qualmes and pracca.
CASaLII,LEILES to Clraly •1) be and qualm, C. 1,1 1 .1-
NIE , REIT•J—atop salt tesop. Queen. titotn , Summer
and deatfaule coatmg. for ge u. wear. at prices
beim., an the city. ROtiNION'S elOth :stare,
corner sth and wood ins
li/FIY ("VOUS, No.
T TfYd 1% cod street, have on hand, and are constant
ly receiving damns. Me Mistimes season, a large and
extensive aoriortmenior LiCh)ll-S, winch Lary tn . -
ter to merchants at low prices, and reasonable terms.
Itelinving Anal they can give, entire .1.11•11,3011. they
confidently inirite all merehanta visamg the city to give
them • ead. riot
A A. htaL..ON & Co., GO Market street, are opening
att extcrouye assortment of Dress tioods,Jast re
cett cal per Express, romp/lung the largest am' 11/014
ssulonable 010.0 of lire., we. bo lOW. 10 1-011
any—amongst winch we 'neutron, -IV pa CM. hen ma
oroatterctl end Ohl Chevre, • now aruela, and the most
ttesaruble goods .0 the mark.; also, *atm stripe Chat.
Ito*, tioreges,'L'llsoes, hiblaatt Stripe, French Jaconett,
1 tiIIOUS.—A A MASON Co, Cu Merkel
1,1 street, hove just nie'd a splendid ...renew at
ineas bonds, sunnig Winch may ha tuuml—ltgutcd,
pima plaid mud sniped Mirage of all quallues, silk
ussao, MOMtr tamp., r airentuatars, sato, stripe de
piam do Sava, St Caddies, (only sdk, e tench
J munch.,3e.apla
&.C.—A.lo;ander & U¢> haee l.o•v open
1) a beauutul aatid gulped and plaid Wraigea, oc tee
Ltda. ,ualnide add newest sly tea, &upon...Luso, epleu
dml saki eroeha black ileragem add l'ulaCY,
Nwcisditl Freueb Lawn., Lu Luateca and Ulegtuala,
:IA./ a sacorllneul elk, plate and reale steipe de A—aluea
and two Alpaevas.
Ad these goals have bead purchased el the Ice pet
easpary suchou sWea ia .10* logY and ?Wildelelua,
S. will ba sold 1.1 • groat reduchat Irpm regular preecs
my 4 r tuamolid and Ina. Yet st
ILAWI.S--Alexandor at. Lray nave rOCcnVccl LOlccl
1,7 awn We inverter In Ame Voie, au enure case of
gc.mule Canton ellike contatmeg acomplete
aaeoruneet et tromontereo tad plum attaw ie. et au co
tors and qua arts, Iron. *4ll le do. lie ladle. are re.-
pectmlly 111111.fti W cagenum ulnae. sanvals, bellev tug
tam warm al Went ale .crltiC tO Nay Mime ode
Una market. hey Will Ire soul menu
Alan, :111k and laeruge tntert,a and C•carxr, a
Cali am , ortment, at remarkably low prices myd
W i tkla V i E mt P°.g el L ar — d . tlie ' le . le U A ' gen - e ' y . t?e ' anle, " :l ‘ ;o r' it t' ea, '
I. 'ate & Co a Plate, Vain, hem, Molt and losempo
datme lee* terms DeataalM specou 1•14C••4011.
lirugglat end Aputtmeary,
apt: COT WOOC and MU ma
LUVE,S—A tried asenrectent of laMea and gems
unteX, what and colored Cotam, Lam, 1 - h od e
01,1 l a,w I/401 tmuars, large stun. Also, niack and
enorted French KM rstotren, an excellent 'Melo, and
large RILC•, lust opening
apd( :SHAChIrk,:IT tr. WHITE. l wood ot
iIiLOYES B.\D 110 biblit1—Just tea 11, b,.11 klox La-
LX bine., Alma brown nod .41C
liuut at vents per past up We Sliest yannii.
dot gnu Qonun mast iton, Lou dui 1,510. turrod, silk
and Imola blloVre; also, ear WWI Luairs LW tplovna. Dealer. and oluern lads onnl I,.rE Ulu. lit Las
tyove ilftleidi, Will Mut went al
aj, n I S JUL/ INON'A Laaritei.
LI US/fat Y ULAJ V ES. &C dl' —
Li. Wu nut k1u..3 14/lal /0.11 ilosa, for MC, WOUICU 404
Lu.E.lrcu. ullti a largelto 01 rat, cotton and 11.1 r ‘ll,-crt.l innu the titijaprints aull
tor su:c wlsolesalc mid mail, Iv
nirAi I , If k
Q TEEL l.:001):1--3teel g. .• .
0 ent Um easy; 3.eci . ug
.end d
eurne iv On, do torso un.E. do ad tddrpd,
y litugsi do Top Lyadn, rdd d w< a, r
Store. MX .Raster
V nr b
V " "P. , L.•
0.0 Jtutrit
0.0 MI:
104 , 01. asiVe.,,oo tr..o. u.e 11(4
port on., 01. 1 1 llr 0,4 10 .4 1 : Lea.,
;. I ‘‘' HITE
U I tilV EIJI —Ens. Lool , l
Vt. tor 1,0, dt. /odd.: tid to.
oly 114pc ...K. do du
do: Ito ult. ...mono% sus.. gos• u d.. 1•1 a.
12INE :ALUMNI. AIL:NUNS—VI It Muria'. h...
I: open uos Lunoon, o [kr supply 01 t 00... s,
' , WAIIIIII, 14, 11,1
L 005.... 44, son ono, uoilsiou4l,oll
t 141.1 all 'unto,
,couc ui al lOW 1,64.11 o f
01.0, [not ...loco% lot s'anui . .. aud Losouo, oi pox.
[[l. so'. , c.'Y 44 m 00.... molter Inson
•Lfae lu
. •
. 12( DSItIttl . 1.‘11.,--Oocosode. a sos..
1101.0 plat rocei•e• • 'cry *open. solnoroucao. al
. ..” I .l 4 W.ccUuga, cal lug most eeleotuud
6...11 11 .44F, 9(.1.1 M 141.1.14 5114 youlluest olso...kozboa
and lovwgi Wu...4w, ['riot.. ciushbec, at lite pot yam.
VOL., NO. 6.
.; A Ki• (LEA Y "IA PUBbiluA lON
1 A. k. u. P. lAUFS..Currilmsal,tasisalosing)
tfttr a4d
• -
Doophtufu P.reedificul—:ontuietht • iteteh of the
hfe ei Col. A. tA. Dertiphan; th e fhooplest :Yew
(;ea. lif.orney's Overland Repolido. to Coll-
Y/ff lo
Vopluut• Compaq% newinte Iho Noo °°d
tie ehporollelad Marsh upon ChihoaStra and Donna%
odd the Op,noon• a Co.. WO, of Santa re. will •
Eneravoots, by /Oho T th ew.. A It of Me
R.o.i.oeni of M .
irwar. • •ouleyi
ii[lolr of Keane icy nun Nan:
!arlorines; Livogrephienl Stairsuenl (kook/teal
I....eviptions; with aneodonos of Harmers Life. lad Mere
than nee hundred Biographical rihtnehoao(di.riogui.h
nl Solthers, Idoinesmen. dorms. Lawyer.. DL
dliviimted nulh forty cornet/up, by Lewis
;olio., I vol. octavo.
The Twelve' Nionats• Vorturcer. or foam= Or a Pri•
to in the Tenon.. Regime= et Cavalry, in the
anipamn of Mexico. dunug •isting an an
n= of Me Ileireit of the Regitileut to o,a Cent. •
leasnonOn n 1 the tliontry pLmd over, tame net. cus
tom, /sc. of the people; Semenes of Cant ll= acs
'mums of all the actions of other Volwneer Re. , rents,
end a hill History = Ma Mexican %Vng 1.1. t o'
, el.l and Wounded,'ree, Illostratear by a =Mongol., of
rormrt and plans; by (leo. C. Farber, I volume
Nae Paper and Book gatablillshanstat...
71 WOOD Sr, verrenc. ?ova= mu, Dikaccni AL.!.
USKsub....theirs have intr. opened, at the suave
steed, a large stock of different qualities ruled
plain white and - blue Writing and Letter Yves, coin.
maraud and packet post Flat Cap, decoy Moth=
papers, blank baokr, medium and royal co
lored Printing Papers; atediam, daisy. and cap Day
Booksßooks and Ledgers, tapinior papar and bon Lase=
School Books of •11 kta.4 causlardtrorks in
Theology and Selena.; quills, grad .aad , deal Pans,
Wafers, War.., Bin flln, an. rte. .
Blank Book. of all sires ruled te pattern, sad bound
in the ram substantial manner.
Counui bleieltants Supplied ad lemma wholesale pri
ces for each, OTrags at cash prices.
JOU PRINT/N .C 3 —Having • Job office in connection
with our establishment, we are prepared& enema, all
melon !beaten lied - fanny Printipt — bealisiDensPldws,
cacednes, business candsi bills of lading, &e., with des•
patch and at low prides. muorr /a ENGLISH,
tart ytkwoodsi, between lth and diamond allay.
A T Offlt STORE oraalrhorstieet,Nd`dd, bisluMen
3d 11111. 4IA, May 'lt all times be found a large
stock of Theelophal atid ltiseellancous Boots. New
books received as soon as putdished, and wild at !OW•
est prices. The publications of the American Sunday
Scheel Union and Musachuserts Sabbath School So
ciety. always on bead. Candoven famished on ap•
plication. ELLIOTT &ENGLISH,
en market xi, between 3d and 4th
mlysis of
Bishop Boder's Analoyry otßeligion, Na.
tend aad Reveed, to the constitution and worse of
nature, with note. Also, Cranfurdss Qualms for ex
amination; revised and adapted to the use of echools,
by Charles E. West, ?Seen* of Ratirees Institute, la
the nit)) of New Yort
ke.—Theite Renew:MT de Amieities, Parade=
Rotation; Volplane - of Oicero,and.thet Istfe of Apices,
by Camelia, Neves,
~with Ensile% Notes, Critical and
hap I.aatory, by Chute's Anthem, L. L
'I'VE BOY'S SPRING BOOR--Desetiptlon of the
Seasons, Scenery, Rural Las, and Century Arouse.
meats by Thomas Miller, with 38 illustrations
A SU VEL AtARRYA37—Tne Children of the
ear ore I, by CMa
I ON, or Latina Water;
by G. P. R. James.
Tb above works received drla day and for by
JOHNSTON & imacirroN,
aryl.% Booksellers, eor. market and ad eta
Baker & Serlbner4 Piablleatis&l,
rARE subsenbers harms been appototed agents for
I the sale of the pobitentens of the nuns well
I, noesn publishing house, have a fall supply of their
books on band, which they eon sell at the eastern
wholesale and mall. Among the
,nrorks which
have Wes recently issued by them, which, hove been
Archly recommended eit exceedingly interesting 1
mumble, may be fond—The Czar, ha Coarseed Pow
plc; IrelneWs Welcome to the Stranger, Bethel 114,
by Dr. Spring,- Napoleon and Ins Slarseehn Whitting
ton and his Ceneml; The Sacred Mountain; Orators
of France-, 'Teaching a Science, the teacher an Artist;
Charlotte Elizabeth's Uniform, Works: T. 8. Azlhar's
Rainey Haste to be Rich, Riches haroWings.„ Hasping
up Appearances, Debtor and Creditor,' de. &e.
Also, the works from the press of Robert 011111 r, the
chn reeler of tato,. pnblieltiOns is well keener. Tue.
retina's Theolwry, in 4 vols.; Haldane au Boman.; M.
Coevoe's works; The Comma, by .ethos of School tst.l
or I , ranee r he. Le. New books received ea soon as
as pub,...bett. ELLIOTT t. ENO WSH,
n,y9 ri wood and 16 market or.
V EV." BOOK --We of Cromwell, by .1T liroulloy
it rr 01 Ina Pulpit, by tirmlnier Jpring, U. U.
do do
lar , uosMoullosv, oath klyWriorlr
ix. ic
Ohuspers re. yis;
Pub 01 or istutcbus of lac Way to Glory and
Footsteps of Afessiab;
The Co”root: by mower or gebool Girl to Franco,
Nov, sisal Elva,. IVarrea;
rltearh s Luenaus ou Parables and Miracle.;
Wlaud s tVc.coisia w we Sltnonger,
Ileaea upou
Flavitsual. a tale of and for raoxiand: Y vols. •
Poe sme by t1t.1.10
iolu• 7, wood •au sus
F.:11( figJOKS--Jutst rec. red et toe Ap.1410
♦\ togs. Atli .trect. sod for we by J. L. 'LEAL,: no
nat., et dre 1112.37 of I.ouotiaort4 a.eno. 01 Lectures,
'y (Jai an•.
A dt.cour,, an the lir, character =1 pulAtc eervi
nee J anar Kent, late. of the :talc at New
nrk.; nen-retell oeihre the judiciary and net at the
c.:, and state. Neer Voce 1), , Jabs Mar.
.4.10ry at b.uglu..d. tram ato //.IVI./011:1:11 Julius I'm.
•ar /lb air reign ot'‘'tetor.w. by Mrs. Slarknam. . sb•ve
..tlitunb 'rinsed Wm oubarged, oriut
4101.11, , t 1 •
A; , , , 1 u ' d. 1 , 1 0 00 .,, KS—Le;
v c o ttt a nz . uu WALLY•pLAL.LL, LA .11
ne Power of Viacpat. or plain seas address,"
0 ,Ilrlatan/1 01101..01., ad tou•e w bear Itteuro. 04 we
..tduen..., us • preuened iloskyci. by 0 Kee. IJarilluar
vs tog:.
Ibe Yeb.eluit and has Landlor I. by the Banmose
Koorrin. Trumlbled by bisty Hodrul.
Lumurlitse`s {Am:idiots. No, 111. thusly of the 0I -L.
.11.44.14 ur perwnai ttutuoit• of the patrons el the Yrmeb ,
auvututtoni ihnu oupoullebeel Sourcos—oy A de La
A te w copies of each orthe above weeks received
.his day sod for *air 07
sit cLst EON s. STOCKTON, Boots liars,
.(I.r tutuscr sad w ats
LELTI/111 , 4? ON SHAKSeE.A.RF.:* Lab wd asst.
actor, his Theatrical Labors, his ?Watt, Hodson+.
W., by H N Hadson..
The Power or the Pulp; or thoughts addressed to
Chnsttan wittisters rod those who hear thew, by tiard.
ner Spnog. II
The Amerman Practice Condensed, or iho Family
Phy stale., being the smentdie system of medicine, on
vegetable rttileipits, for all ekleao6, by W beach, hi.
D. For snit" by ELLIOTT
50 market it, het. hd apd 4th, and Td wood et, het. 411,
and diamond allay. nty3o
• - .
LILSTOR/M—Floberrion's, Bolan' , Gibbon's, R. 02-
11sc1l's, Mod. Europe, Prnscon's Mexico Pero, to y .
'inhalers Ft..:le; Arnold'. /WNW, Harp er. Pictorial
England; Nicht./ e Roma; Consutnuonal
ry of Englend; Arnold's Later Finnish Corninonaccalthi
rictunit's /Loma; Burners ilianitry or hut own tunes, with
Hallarms Middle Agesi Mill'. Crum:lades and Chiv
alry; HIVPIllill#r• History 'or tba Ilsornarionn Thiertra
Works; NCIlr• History °firm Puritans:Men
French Hee; Taylor's Manual ofAnot and Mod. Histo
ry; introduction to the lintory of the Chuircb ; by Jarvis/
kughtloya /Lame and England; antilte's Pop. The
noose ; with many other valuable worts, foreal• by --
marl J L. B.LAIr
rra d a . R=7.llll .
p, AIVD AR in OI , IITECTS- 0. o The 1.3 . rt
Haman Architecture, together with specimens of the
Gothic style. Alen, Placate! Treads.. on Geometry,
Heunsal Fraction., Alensanalop, Tngointsmitry, and
Rarpentary and Joinery, embeabing all 44 Accessary
details, and particahuly adapted to theryanints of the
an iseed. Ag ed, eiils mamma architect
Revised and improv with addidansarlNilla and
School Home Aretuttetuve,lo7 14 Armin,
H Hantard, Eng. Second re cued edition 'Foe sale by
ten J I READ, Apollo Haddam.. 4th st.
VENT BOOKS —J ust received trot* the pulabiber:
and for sale et Use blethodast Book Store, aUt st,
tient Weed. 'Tuppor's Proverbial Pidlitiophy, ia three
styles ot btudine; a beautiful boat for &present.
Prepenreou tor the Pulpit.
Sketches of Setts°. 011 the Parables end Mirada
of Christ, by the author et the PnletaCyclopedui-600
sketelins, tie. The Eugitith Pulpit; collecuen of ear
;nes bt he most emineut Irving divines oflingiand.
insectre an Vara—Boum (food, Gams& Love, Lev
en thou ate, Sacred Mcduationa. orre4
LOVER *Uktl6S—Waton you wall by llayhdba
Widow .Niachree; Rory U'Alora; Ind../ Summar;
otaymg ILI; Dear, Uottdoner Roar; Tna Taro Inn*
FaIIY Hoy; Junk duo not what I ant llanknur ; Loan
klanaed Ca, My Monter Daar, Udo not Fay I lora
'Fare non Forma., but dank Forum,. ha Cottotrnuoi
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