The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, August 09, 1848, Image 3

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761 V
TAKEO & ilinC111.90 111 &
Burn ni a n , a ha rN sto W ree r f a o nd
ed Bogus, fin wee
bee doap t e nle volined.hugo loah nahi bb,
fift and e nun do ; • Mu no Powdered; soo
ash 45 do Chinfie&
Sugar snit Nobuses.
N 0 t3ngln
148100,.'111760gar,1%es 2,6 and 7;
fat 'do PrigusNear Orleani Molasses'
27 do " Buller W4'l. do
ILI SW= Ond [OT Mgt br
W & M istrremmilEF,
eitt 160 algrrY
rimuEs—socut. @.4i Ash, trniadisO/ 0 . 00 .
SoO,Listbrpoob 20 do do da dies
avant lb Baas, dos MOO bags Rio Caren RO
4 101010 in W Wass, far We •
CU .s
leaVill' TINE "CUT cnzwera Tonacco--__ Idrs
la.illsrs.and" JBo Anderson' Jost reel ... (0 ?
uts by . . HEALD, EUCKNOBaCO,
.4.1 tor& yams and Id north srlOrws.,
Jet . ;. Pherslelphls
uali 1, 8 and
itat HEIL r BUC ACo
GEJLIUN PlPai-4134 bin and 3 creel German.
pipes, medium bawls, k t lat L r i n i xan a lt c lad
far sale b )44 H
MNlSH—lssise Cruse, Baltimore, gied W
r have orders from his friends it end
elsewhere, for the parches° of Shad and lierwegi du
ring the season. ()rulers executed with deSP•Whi and
axidwest =Leh Charge, for powbuingllOL =MP
FLA:OUR-550 bbl, extra, for family mat= =mad
and for sole by .10101 8 DILWORTH.
t'RIFFEE—tino bags printer green 18., Sniving and
far rain by r. 9 JOHN 8 DILWORTH
OAP-80 Ina Cincinnati No (or by
MGLASSES -10 kegs Menlo Molasses, kn nom end
for We by jr.di ENGLISH &SENNETT
BUCKETS AND TUDS-400 dos wan &Lasts; 5
dada Tabs; la stare sad AA see by
ALERATUS-1500 lbs just reed end for We by
1311: .T KIDD fr, Co
FEATHERS--PrOe article an hard In for Elle by
'1 14
• IS- ODA ASH-15 auks Jun Munpran k Baru' Innt
qnallly.Patent Soda AA, In sum and for sale by
hrl 4 & M tarrourummE. 1 0 0 ❑bony bt.
BLEACHING POWDER—PO auks of In kinsman
&Sane first quality Caton& of Lime, for sale by
LARD 01L-25 Ws pure Lard Oil, In store and for
talc by yr.n - 0 BLACKBURN A Co
b — WINED 8 liAit.Bl boa DR lane Leal, two
XL beta 4, A, 6, 7 and d mall de; 830 do crashed; lOU
do powdered ; .121 MOM audio; male by
i• , • .rda of St. Louis Stem b , , Refinery
• St - Losds S H Mot if do do Golden Syrop; to
kit' do dodo; 413 ten pilau hop do do, fat =do by
lrys 3AS A HUTCHISOIV er. Co
1 for sale by JOEL MOHLEE,
J• 17 Post Buildings, nor wood and thh
ORTH CAROLINA TAB-410 bbl. N C Tar, in
goodorderi for sale by SAGALEY & SMITH
19 and SD wood sa.
0.3 BIACFPRrt.—th) bbh kir'salebs
LIMITS-75 bush Sham,for salo b
B y
IEI.I.IIIINS—So 6i.1 1, rot min by
AL2t".r,31" . % 3 47,1..7g11=.`:"
OFAUIWIETDB—A large lotolldomnito Nens,
(011 itratYpirees, for wale ohs
.112 (1 market s; N nor of.lbo diamond
BAREGE PLAIDS—A lot of handsome Rome
Plaids, which vre are Belli et prices greedy be
low what we here ever beau able to offer the same
quality for. j 3113 ALEXANDER & DAY
41HUT-44 kegs, Ass'd Noy, (or sole by
EAD-5.18 pip - Galena Lead, for sale by
S Cr in LI,ENUFF-6CO Ms Jost reed. ard for
r ale&by
W jyt7 2""I" ITATAU DIC= a front a
0 BOULDERS-19 casks prime bacon Shoulders, Ann
rocedved and for We by
tiOEFEX-103 [kw prime Ria Coffee, ree=l , l
for.W. by D 29 JAMES DALZELL
Art ACKEBNL--9) bbls No 3 Mackerel, in store . •
1., •AL foe sale by jra 9 & HARBAUGH
ARLEY-600 bush Barley, in stare .d far
UGHBale 6,
MISEPPEB-100 sacks Pepper it store and for sale by
I 1120 i'OINDEXTER tr. Co
- 104 do W
.....asiarrs, b&s extra prime Cheess, .R 1
./ 140541/1114riMeiveil aud lor mile by
1.131V-.3 , : • WICK & AFCAI , IDLES '4 1 .
pain:RS-4 sacks prime Feathers, for sale by 1
*CBI WICK &11.1 , C.41131.1.58 11348 - ---- - ---„,
Ran San Alain Moon`,
Warm. BEANS-72 bbl Friuli White Beans, for-, _ ARGIUST s rises ms. ri aa a p bas et _
We by augl WICK & 3FCANDLE. 4 ..4 I 5 Ei. a .,,i,,,, 5 3 057 , 0
BROOMS -1W dos Cora B d Rmiday, 54 a 511 7 151
=IV: I NZLESS 7 Mc.ddY, d 56 55 934
fi Tuesday. 5 a a5l 041
LABD OlL—el labls'Lard Oil, prism odes, la I end , 0 Wednesday, 5 7 aLI In 17
d•bbls, received ertil no sale by lln Thursday, 5 : 11 73 11 59
.11$1 . _ .1 KIDD &Co l II Friday, 51110 51 I morn.
. _ _ _
„,T.-1.500 playas bleached Pperm Oil; ISOO do an
krairal colored do do; 006 do bleacbed Whide do
do, fl t do brown - Tanners' Oil, in bash; 10 bbla
litnint dodo; 10 do Brow do do; jags reed and for
sale M. ” MILLER & 1111.1XEISON
Mill3B-300 bble No 3 blackerel; . 6doNo 9 do: ICO
r hairdo No 3 dtr, 26 do.No 2 do; 10 do No 1 do;
lost received and for sale by
MLLES & mcicersoN
MIt3TAILD-41s 1 kegs Long Wand Mustard; lHl bas
do do I. and }, tb cans; 5 cases do do 50, 5 lb cans;
just reed on eonsiginnept, and for sate at Eastern pri
ACKEREL-2. 5 bbl. largo No 10 half do do No
11l 2; 10 We do do No% 20 kno do do No 2, Sal
mon, In sumo and for sobs by
e 4. 0 BLACKBURN & Co
- - - -
by kra 0 • LACKBUBIi Co & Co
'VLAY BOATS FOR BALE i 9 lax6e'anGsowu
x Flat Boats for sale. Enquire of
• .
corner of Peon and Irwin sot
SCUOOL BOOKS—MVoffey's Series, a large stock,
lasi received and for rale by
1.0114 HEYNOT
VIOI4 BALE —A Lathe, with a lot of shafts, ponies,
1.7 &e. Also, a good set of Blacksmith's Tools.
quire of JYI.7 BLAKE& Co
.0 Co, 60 Market rt. have ion opened 40 dos of the
most faxidoaahle styles of Ladies Blooding Collars.
Also, 20 dos Mourning do: 20 do: Wsvolght do. jr27
LACE CAPS—A A Masan & Co. have Inn reed Le
dos Ladles Lace Caps; duo, new Mtn Chem-
seus, Wrought Cap., Head Drecses,Ladies Betts, Az.
"DEEMING—A comma supply Woo ll en Felting,
.1: of Manna wrisithromitable for paper makers, am.
• loa spinners, ac, mai be on band or made to order by
yhe subscriber, Agora for the manabgetory.
s'4 GEO. COCHRAN, 25 wood st
NM WHEAT FLOUR-44 Ulla ems Family
FloarJust recta and for sale by 101
818 F VON BONNHORST & Co, 35 front al
00AP--0001Yza No I Noap, in store and
60 . 2 . 1 . by 1927 0 BLACKBURN &Co
EW WHEAT FLOUR-14 bids eau* Family
• Flour, made tram new white mbeed,jost we'd uni
otraNs-as Foits's Patent, for leek by
u. .
YE FLOUB-110 I f
CI_NRIKAX CLAY—aO bilk German Clay, la prim.
VI - olds; received and for nabs by
O.OAP-1110 tax No 1 Soap, pupa ankle, on COn
1,71 sitstanant and for sale by
: &
"GONE FLOUR--60 bbls Fine Flonr, on consiporen
A: and firt sale by jr.l7 SELLERS & NILOLS
jAsp 0/1.-45bbis Not SS do No 4, 10 do Hod Oi
fon wool, fin rale by
LINSEED 0/4-40 bbls Linseed Oil, on dual an.
for sale by ITV SE.I.LER.I3 NICOLS
Mad awl for sale law by
: • Ptt •
IorOULD CANDLES-0 0 Ixts Candlis, on
0 1-I ' m ' "k at2ll3 a mans
)V n
lbsßider, t 3 d sLIDUCdo Urarr 13 F illg a TtOgrillOrtil#& Co
f ew bow Whim _
chy, L , for sea by
11 94 ,21 40,4'EVA I HMST &C — o -
VEATHEIIS-4 sucks pIiMA Kentueky p" t h, n ,
last received Arnim axle tjy_
• /ylB Co, 41 water at
rI_LNEIENG- 5 each istuitsi, for sal* by
norroN-4-61;;Ies tailors and &Ude by
SCORCHED SALTS-10 Zilingive&liscp.
ADDED:4IIIOs erorildaddor, now landing , •
for sobs by JyYa . BAatrI , EY SMITLI ,
. .
_ •_ M
Mai lama No 3 Mackerel, (1918,
jrng and
for .ale bT
fIRENDSTONE2—A WI of "Roloboves" 2upwio
now Bright. Or (Wm No 21 w
neelved and !or .ale by
ALT—Ltarloy Malkin store and for sale by
• Les in store and forsato loss by
TT oPi: foe*. for see by
• . TY. N4T;ERIY , IB—Two bales rand. No
... :k in., mr-"le by OW SHACKLETT & WHITE
ACICEREL.-4(761 NA huge r Mackerel, lusts
. wreould for sala by
Loy,FI3IIO.AC-1 11 041bIs No; 7,8, 11ao d 10, tonal
LW; Mo do Lavotirtg'• crushed and polveil
• ze d imp" for Jude hY joll POINDE/CM &Co
:.;;---------- --
miEca 6 01L-9 ON Seneca Oil, me% from
orb (et sale by
" NIER t .l -
...7"— 01`......,
ibsOPLAS LUMBER, end Pine /Glee, for sale try
HEESE.4SO bze Western Reware Chem, in um
earl Car debt' )04 CoHOF Aty . Eu. &
1.2&01,1D13-1macks 8 S &Loom* &&
'll. AIOLABBEI4-431. bbl. SL Jansen Winery
Molasso",ree'd on consipaumtdpni n=rlDare
tot .. 10
GIV 7 3E , LARD-10 bbl.sloni i ind — for T i n bi
Bablam P•41;...2,r; r, g..• •
'do C • a • .33` 375 I . t.L1,,.. .... . .
nekrastone.n3 4 5 Ghia-per ID
Camphor. Mied-43 - 43 Pineb common.... it. 0 13
Chloride LiSeask 7 Eg eg ,,,,,,D,,,. 30 per cent.
] Cochineal ~... • IBS Cuba per and
Cream Tartall..• •34 Western comb p lb 14 0 18
leonents. ••AL• •- At , 2 - Glineersg-Dory 20 pr. ct.
Glue ...... - if .3. Ginseng 77 0 Fa
IGalls 44 . • 50 Bay-per 1011 of 0100 lbs -
;Gum Arabic i',l•• .55 • Timothy 7,(4.10E10 1
Copal .
~. .A.....g.
, 1
3c /FlLd r e , e-Duty 5 per:gror t
I ""
Ire% . 11..45 0 Sl ' majah -0 -
" Mut. I Do. reared ...... .. .- 0 -
Ipecac 7.E0 ' Do kippsperekm••l,oo 01,32
/atop, pondered •;•k 85 Green -0 4
'Lathre ee t • Hoiskjp-Dary 25 per cent -
Liquonee toot. 4.7 " Rissoun kWy • - 06t15
Lilaoriet Ball 1 14,1 310001 n 4S. lb 181 0 .-
1 Lac Dye ,cji Blops 7 lnity 31 per o , l• p nl i,
slagneala Farb Find iml 46
Madder Latbro.. I I Indllgo.-Evry 10 per cent .
Madder' Dolman. e , " Reorel•Th .1.50 3141'
blyrth, 'Turkey •Al 0 Prmish . •• • I.g :1 1 •9 0 ,00
Oil 11 - 011101
Castor • • ,ir laltailla
1,021-Dory no pet cent.
Camila 3.01 Var. Jamata 4 0 45
" Cloves 2 , Corranon. •• • • •3 0 0 i
" Lemon 3„,n Sheet 540 74
" Pep'em .......3,00 BoUer Mt.. • • 6 0 11 1
Omum,Turkey.• • • .4.50 N°11" 310 tlf
Qumine . 408 Plough emirs. 440 5
, Rhubarb, root 3" 0 " Slabe.• ...... 4 0 44
' Sal A se 10 . Russia Sheet• ••••• • - 0 15
Sal a: 45 /I Lead-Duty 23per cent.
Senna 18 f'llllssoun Pie 441 -
Tartaric Acid 40 tr 20r 41 0 41
Vitriol, 81ue... 115* sl
Dl , re• Pipe4 :•.* n nla int
Dyeood Virood-Dut4l . Sh , sl 6 0 61
Leather -Duty 70 pr et.
Fuatie pi,* Sole, Balumore• ••• 21 0 22
lArrnnand. chtymed • • iiia , New York ..... • • Irl 0 175
Feathers-duty 0. pa, D r.. agg e d 13 0 15
‘Bl 8 .,,i . ~ Slangtiter IS 020
Kentucky - a... killing "I 091
Ohio &Fraturylva • - 01 rness. blurb 10 0 71 I
Fruit- •; 'dlco, black. pr. doe .
Almonds shelild •70 ti? al s e• DUO e 030.50
n• 10 0 1 norm) do 36,110 04210
Hard 012{ pe er finished. , MAXl 07%00
Commis, Zoom. • 42 17 i finished• • .24.00 0311.01
Filberts 00 0, (Skin do. •• • 15,00 020,00 @IAD e Leather. • • 1840 0 -
Flu, Turkey ...... 1210 . England Peening,
89 ,,,. ......... - 0 -" 1 per do, - .45,110 0 '
8 ;,... - .."Tm, 889‘ .... -0 - . 2 per dos • • 4501 -
Bench 4,12 0 3 Rel . dOZ •• • • MOD 0 30
Moan, old -0 - pskins 00 5
Cranbernni 0- ' amber --deny %I p e ad
I.oo looo' Sk4 bx
. 7 . 00 - f e l l?7 J sTl le cl`r y tn i pr M . OPIIIO
?gr .. d 'r y. 8," ip3 Co- . . bine' ". - 0140
Apples, dry 670 711 r,lf '' -030,0
Apples,Green, Mil -a 'II 1 2 5
.•• - 015,511
Fire Brick-tsar Al, -040. Cal
Bolivar 025.00 1 n 2 .' - asvp
Common ••-••- 15 0- - IBilblir lin do•- 010,00
Flour - Mary 70 per cent a eommon - 0 ---
Extra brands 4.310 - do do - 010,01
Superfine 495 p§shrur's plOOl/2,76 45 800
Fine 04,121 C,dt,saored, 2,25 0 100
Rye Floor 3,1%/0 - Ire Stock.-pr 1161bs et.
hit bbla - 0 -01 es 3,5110 4.50
Buckwheat, pr lb• •• • -0 1 IBa 3,70 0—
" hit bbls oone lark Calves. • .0.00 018,01
Feed-per bushel. 1.60 0 8,10
Bran IS 0 10 rlilseses-Duty 30 pr. et .
Shorn 750 M 92thonso 40 0 45
Flats-duty on fore Vi. 0.0 14.11eans 27 0 2s
20 per cent. *rid Stores-Doty 20
Mackerel, No.I II 00011.50 sr per cent
No.l,hlf bbls •.. -0 6 piiper Mil •• • 3.00012',1
No 2, - 8 0 - liter ....... •• • 3,50 0 4,60
No. 4, hit bbi., •• • - 0 - Tdientieny. sp
N 0.3, 0,0391 - aqCtirolina••4.oo 0
No 1, kata. - -..- 0 - p i dgin, gail• • 49 0 53
Hening, No t•-• --0 . 0 oo Va 3, c. 1.75 0 2,03
No 11. • ...... -•• •.- 0 - 11:90.-Dury 30 pe. -per
Salmon, No I, old. •- 0 - '-rx', 1001bs, lensing nails
New 18.300 - • , .at adeanee In, lb.]
Shad• - 0 . 550 5 0 0 10/114 Fannies. • (191 3,73
Cod, per drum 0 - 41 " rlone
Furs- 461 ,• • • .4500
Bed Fox, No. 1 0 625 .9, v 4760
" 9 0 375 44. 1 ; v• • • 05.0
Muskrat 10 012 31 : . 1 ,: " 5,530
Raccoon —•--- 025 spacer lb • ... 0 51
Mink .1 0 25 •• • rd•-•• • 650 8f
Deer Skin per lb• • • .14 0 15 I 19 9 ddavera• -•• • - 0 7
61 nes- Lak-per lb-
Black Bottles Pi h. 0 9
Quart per gees •• • • -- 09,00 ,-,1
rim, de • • 07,00 u om l y _-.... - -064
bindle srine,A6 to Bat.- 102,1:0 1, 9 -...... 520-
__M.'? Per F..' •" 7 05 1 00 1 Glive•••• •- - • 1,40 0 1,50
wino.. Gm., per . 1 . - ' Sperillksoked .. gs 1,25
. ,
Aau llulie—Daty 2D pi: cent
(4141 ,
Pe ' - Dan
Searebtags DIS 4
Welsh. 6100
Sods Lab 4041
Ale—teer bbl••• • .••087'
Brlatlell—Daty 5 per cent.
American 0
Batting—pee tb
Eagle 8011
lioe VDU}
Breasas—per bushel.
Small White— • • • • 48975
I Common& mix'd 112070
I Buekets—p dol.
Patent Beaver 2350
Iteesarax—Duty .
Yellow 190al
Blooms—it ton.
Blooms . • .... • •• •• • • •roa—
Merchantable 1L,1210t.,0
Slather 17502 A
Barks-47 cord.
CheartutOak 5500 MP
Black Oak 404,50
Hentloek• • • • ...... 3, 5004 1 00
Canal—Duty 30 per et.
At the river 5 0—
From wagon • 5 GP 51
Oottorn—Daty free.
Tenn. ia Alabama. • • . 5 O s i
Cbooolate—P lb. ..
Number 1 10.911
Conon, prs.pared 20.11 4 4
Candles—Dury S 1 per ct.
City dipped DO
Mould p 101 611
Pitulmigh Sou 21 0—
Cinemoati do 621
Sperm, beet bmods• • •30 gni
Foundry ware, us`d==
Furnace do . '2l
Tee kettles don. 5 507
Wagon boxes 7100 23• 41570
Counter weignts 11 . set• • • .40
Sod Irons f lb nen, • • •4165
Cotton Tarns—/P lb
Shun reel—
No. 5 to No. 10 14
" 14 17
Increasing 1 etyet lb to No 20.
Long reef P doe.
No. 500 70.
. -
o 700
Cvetliiarn l oon
Bt. • • •• 443
Carpet Chain--. 930
Cotton Twine 9:10
Candle Wick 915
Coffee -Dan' 9 1 Pee Cl.
Java, Old arhite 12914
13t. Domingo 9
LeßiogeeYra 8 9
- 10 8
Havana . - -
Copper-N.ll O >W ee Pia
bar tuld old 5 pr et old Gee.
Braziers 27028
Sheathing • ' -4127
Old 18919
Cordage-=Duty 00 pr. cell.
Manilla -9 13
Mine rope -0 11
Tarred -0 II
Pack* yam, fine-•• -0 10
common -41 9
Hemp Bed Crds per dos-
Extra lon g• • • • • • • - 1=93• 135
Common •-- ...... --01.62
Plough LGtes 8701,,x.
MaaUla Bed Cords-perr doz.
40 yd. 6 thread• -- • • -05,0 u
60 & 00 do 2,509095
do Plough lines 01,95
Domeatte•-per yard.
1, to ICI added for time sales
Broarn Cotton 590
60 do 6 97
ern Skil. A . N0.1. .- 0 79
Allegheny Ve' - ' "•• -0 - I
Allery D Pitt atill••• -0 7 9
Chelan Breton mak —B—
Penn Mill• • -0 711
Pinshargh do 7
Laurel D. • • •-07 6 1
-97 I
FOT.= •A ...... ..- -9
•.' Lormaa C -96
54 brown coma, --- -110121
9 Bleached do• •-- 499
i_ dg L . do - i t :l9
4-4 de. do— - • 14
Broom drills .... --- 71 9
Bleached--- 919 1 1 9
4 c Tickings • • •6191. 9
i 1181611.011---- --011
f•Laneloter---•• —Ol,
1 Brown's A. C A• • • -1919
Methnena • • • • ....... -CI 16
Not imperior • •--.• • -916
Colored Cometies 4199
Fancy Prints ••• -•• • 310124
Fall River Blue. ; —am
Merrimac -011
Fall R. Blue & Orange 90109
Drags-per es
tuolletida• • •
Armor Root
present, but very 410 is doing. Moderate sales BANK NOTES.
are regularly effeckliom store, at 30533 c p lb, Buymit rates. Buying rates.
according to mollies Ohio, 1 dis. Co & City orders 1 dis
FREIGHTS- . *Din* the present dullness of , Indiana, -•' Relief Yates, •
the trade, very litleisioing in the way of freights, Kentucky, '. `• ,Pennsvlvuria Co. " •
and the rates Maine, with but little alteration, !Virgin.. • • ' New York, ir a
the same as lastgusel. I do Wbeehng ' • !Maryland. •
The following Bs ones east. via Brownsville,i'Tenneasee, 5 a New Orleans,
.and the rates wegllbra Baltimore:— _...---.
Niemen gins Ys and Baoine..
From Putdiurci tart, via Monona - allele Slack
Water route to IMiniore, the Mllowing are the New Yon:, August 4. Ibts.
rates:—For Pot , Dicon, Lard; Butter, Cheese,, The feeling,in the street is better to day, arid
Ashes, Beef GI lanow and WhiskeV, f o .lc es , there was more disposition to operate. Treasury
100;—for I
Cotton. flet,llemp, Leather and Sian*, 1 Notes went to 3i and were in demand.
70c p 100;—lor Stir, Dried Fruit, Feathers, Furs ln Bills there is nothing of importance doing.—
and Wool, 87c. 4. I The rote kor Sterling is 9(891.
WESTERN TiPORTATION—The rates I The market for Freights Mae very quiet in can.
„ though ou ~ nee ~, , -,1 , sum„e,„„.. Rant , sequence of parties waiting fur the steamer. The
Road from Bahia, to Pittsburgh have advan. , asking rates were the same as bekire. A vessel
vox rmr wm moues suot - sr 8., was taken up fur Ireland at bid foe any port in
ced since last wee sad ere now as follows, vis.
s: . ,
atu. ,
tort,. and 9d for any port in the I' ailed King-
In reviewing the operations of the market for ury Goods, sr. Mi. p IGO Tl''' '
the week just ended, we have little If any import- , dotto::: - bales 5, Money ts sensibly easier to day 3.d tirstelese
ant change to MASCO in the prices of any article ', Hardware, drugr i llit i groceries
ei ., 7° , i paper sold at 12 per cent. There is rather more,
of trade. The business of the week has been t f r u " ,,,, • • 17....• •• •• • .............. ',. 7, ‘,
I money seeking home-made paper as our capitalists
confined mainly ,to regular or retail sales to the "sirloin ...t .' -• ' . „,• '-,,, ' • generally have . much of the Eastern paper be
•• •• •• •••l• • ........... -• • •°.,'" ' fore noticed . they ore to carry. The Banks al.
trade. Shad and Macketelo 125 , are doing a little discounting since the disgorgers
The weather has beca unusually eOOl mud pleas- GLASS—The mail Is very quiet, hut prices ,by the Sub Treasury. „
ant for the season , with very little rain. The ri. remain firm. The millet is fairly impelled with 'I , The Admen by the America were received at
r,.. all gu kt i ld i s y ex eir cz e ti-g .. tle ,
ver is ag a i n gradually receding, but there is still
effected m' w " ing r r e ta rains:-City it "l y rmn a d ' s i bet oro lu r te th a o n st b re ou e r t. to T h h a e7a n' re "c L e n ir s7d t e ' re " d ' f l a i v ' ora m t a, l N e
water amply sufficient for all the purposesof trade Sxlo net, 84; 10x 12,4,50; 12/18, $7. other at. •in a mercantile view, with the exception of the
Owing to the drollness of the season, however, the ses in proportion; of el:wry brands. bell, 3,370 1 apprehension of outbreaks in Ireland, which may
river business continues very light, but as the fall 3 , 62 1 i 10x12. 3.5033,7' box. Of flint glass, the ' create distre. in the commercial world of Great
following is n list of ces Britain and the breaking on' of the armistice be•
trade is now near at hand, we may soon acticipaie '
Of flint glass the t Ingle a condensed listrof tween Denmark and Germany. Brendatuffs were
a reaction is trade, and a return of that season of 1 ,,,,, u ,„„.._ , , . doing better, and Cotton. although no advance had
activity which is always so anxiously wished for ph,. Tumblers 1 p . ,‘. , been realized, was m large demand, the sales of
' , Pa 5 to 10 oz each,
after the dap.° and inactivity consequent upon d os , net, te, 32 ltlt h e week having exceeded 50.000 bales. The
Pressed do' } and i tx. from 6to 10 flute I s ipmenta of Corn from this ends will continue ea
the recurrence of the warm summer months
Jo do
... 6 .,,n t ,, long . prices are maintained near ',resent ra tes
The receipts a nearly all the articles of trade ..., ,!,.t: ...... ""' -.%,.., lon the other subs and holders and buyers of Cot-
The qt, li g h t a 41ass dapper
have been very light, but supplies generally an- do do heavy 1 , 0 „, 3 ,, 1 , ton will be induced to send forward. all of which
pear altogether sufficient to the present limited de., do do do plaai a. 2,55 will make Exchange and tend to keep Murata he.
do do do 4 t i o ' 551 low the specie point. The disuirliances in Ireland
502 , 75 , had not effected Consuls materially; they had duct
' Wine &es, plain .. „
do do pr , i , anted but nmovered to 87t. which IS 1 per cent
Pitchers, qt, plain ... ..,;,,,„ i . 7f ,,, , , below the quotations by the last steamer—(Tri.
Jo do pillar and dyed ' 1 , 5 bone.
"9' 5 The auction sales for the Fall trade have but
do Iqt or CAICOS:ISO,. .
, 2s l ent commenced, and from present appearane.
Molasses Cans, pt p •
do do do rib
t ie3 the amount of gootht to be offered in this way will
t b h %la m m a e rk ln t il fo t r lie th, no u t , e n s ., h y ,r the
rl,yond purchasesthis
o w o i e t I
a im ; i n_
ern neighbors ore large borrowers in this market,
Plates, 6 in. pressed a
Castor Bottles, fluted..
2 i 3 . 5 7 !
Jars, / gal, aquered '
do gal do lijr 3 , and, Judging from the numerous emerpose. which
, they have undertaken within a few years-enter.
portent variation from h weeks quotations, but '
tee show no im' I prises which however profitable they may become,
are still absorbing n large amount of capital and
l ,.. erra , la a considerable ' of firmne s s ma,ni` diverting means front commercial employment—
,'g.° in a" the ' es under this heao. — they are likely instead of wanting less to oomq for
Receipts have been ''g t stiPPlles appear sill' more. Without therefore suggesting other corisid.
sufficient to Me demand, e continue to game CratiOSlS, it seem. evident thn' the community
at, th. following prices sugar by the hid at
that the riutoTreasury, since it must continue
aI, iiiNbi, se in 9.a ln y yben sold lo bbls Price° should he made to work as easily . possible, and
range from ai to ie b r . Of loaf sugar, we we suppose under all the circumstances of the
note sales at 81011 c 9I: Of molasses, soles of 'case that such is the disposition of the Secretary of
the week have been muted the Treasury.—{Cont. Adv.
,iiri26c kir N 0, and 4024 is ga ll, f or a nger house.
Of Ricito ff ee, we oh'e a slight decline in pri
rito !IMAMS lots at 27s
New York, Aug. 5. Philadelphia, Aug. 4.
T *totes eal 011'1! S. 6cs et 417 103
S e Tler i of e' rile " reg al 4 u lt i.r ie tbdtratthe7it°idi'rce4l,'albs.—in U. B a . . da ~6.',o,'iii, do do • do ' , i , i ,r 2 ,
'quality. For the various ', o f teas, and other Oh io 6s lbil, 991 I Pittsburgh 6s'sl bb
articles under this head, stfA e sd e .
Kentucky 6's '7l, Ob , Tenn. fis '7l 741
GILA'S—We have notto_ us new to notice in t h e i l l. fund bond. , 39 1,cin. it, 'to 5 57
market. Receipts contintky er y light, and prices p.„„,, 5 ,„ 731 1g y. g , „ , r ig ys
of all kinds are nominalVih e same as last q uo. -__.. _ . ... -.
tad. Vegas Market.
• GUN AND RUCK POSER -_see q uot.licms ALLSOURIY, August 7, Is4B.
no table. , Berves—The number offered at the yard un
HONEY—As the scow
V.DC.s the supplies Monday. amounted to some 600 bead; the greater
bee... mornebutodant, ' a alight decline in portion weru , „ ow at $3 , 5,- . 0., , , , , p 100
ib. nett.
prices. We note sales of ' excellent quality of
' comb in small quantities fai t store r a 1 r . ,018,, , plowing a decline on last weeks rates of 50c per
pound. r - P*; 100 Tbs.
HEMP—Limited sales /Caw rut at the rates StrErt-200 head were sold at sl'...Ait.2 each,
of 6115 p ton. co
lli• • showing an odvoace on previous rates.
LEATHER—The markt iettie de e qu ite firm, CALVFM—A limited number wore sold at s3iirss
with regular sales of all ki at 9 „ otr uj orre is to.
uucudditig to
LUMBER—Daring the I ,
'se in the Alleghe. l
ny, considerable TIP IIIItICS She brought down.—
The ruling figure. of the milerwill be found in
LEAD—The market is d lint prices ore us.
changed. Regular sales of et Or, and of bar
at 410 tp lb. .. ' •
LEAD RIPE and White i tee ta b..
Lard-.-The market is u - pu d , with small
sales at'l3o7o ens in quality.
MEAL;' Of Coro meat , v 'little Is canting in;
we may quote nominally et 4 5 e 0 bit.
OlLS—Sales of Linseed
PIG MET A L—Nothing transpired
`of oa
and of Tanners' at $170,810 54 1 ; d. of Lar at 52,
conwquence since 011 S last V, 11 , 4-port. Sma ll
ASIIES--The market in reference to all articles
under this head, remains entirely unchanged horn
former quotation.. As usual, during the hot sum
mer months the market for all kinds is very dull,
Bud sales have been very limited. We may give,
as the present ruling prices of the market, the quo-,
cations found in table above.
ALE—The market is steady, but not active, and!
sale. are confined to rex, tr . ler or retail transactions
to the trade, at $7, Including cask.
APPLES—As the season advances, receipts of
green apples increase, and prices have declined.
We note regular store sales at 5101,25 p bbL
BACON—The market shows but little if any
variation from our lost weekly exhibit. Receipts
have been quite fair, and from the steadiness In
prices, we may infer that supplies are sufficiently
abundant. The sales of the week have amounted
to some 30,000 The In various bunted lots at the
following mtere,--Of City cured from smoke house
at, for shoulders, Sc; sides 4j911, and hams at Be
p In. Western cured shoulders, 3191 e; sides 11,
ad hams at 519* p 41, according to quality.
BUCKETS—The market is ateady, and prices
remain very firm. The market is fauly supplied,
with regular sales of Patent Beaver from store at
52,25 p doz.
BROOMS—We note regular sales to the trade
at, fire first quality, $1,97a2,25 c , don; and f other
kinds at prices ranging from %Mt to 51,50 c per
BEANS—The market is rather dull. with limited
sales of best white at 15c, and of an article a little
inferior at 009970 c p bu.
• U 1 If:a—Supplies ore rather limited, and the
market continues quite firm at former prices.—
We quote limited sales in keg at 9091 c; and of
good fresh roll and print from store nt 12r914c
BEESWAX—There is very little inquiry In the
market, and the article will not command over 19
to 20e gr
CANDLES—SaIes of 100 bones city dipped at
90 p $l, and of 20 boxes mould at 10,1011 c p ID.
City star candles are sold in a regular way at 21c
. .
CEEESE--Tbe receipts of the past week have
fallen short of those of the previous week, but the
market seems pretty well supplied with a good pr-
tide, with regular limited sales at 5e51 far good
W R and filik.fiar best.
CRACKERS.-The market continues steady,
and a fair amount of haziness is done at the fol
lowing rider—
Weer Crackers
Butter d 0...
Pilot Bread....
Sugar Soda Crackers
7 . to 15 ' lots continue to arrive from 7 ot ict oe c and by
COTTON, COTTON YARNS AND SHEET-, cana l, 100 tone of Canal m ~,, sold a few
INOS—OI the raw material, W e "h en ,. of no sales,
worthy of report. For Cotton Tarns and days since on private terms, 4, is the on ly s a le
Sheet -that has cane to our 1...0w1ed
lags, see correct prices in table above. ' POTATof2—Sales by the 0 , ea ,2201,52 s•
DRIED FROIT—Small sales of Peaches at , bbl in dray load lola
WHISKEN—Tbe market ewe ateatic, Vol
81,50 kw a good article. Apples are doll, with , . _ . doing f it
Limited sales at eolOc c. bu. not active. In raw w Jimmy, little in
DRIED BEEF—Limited sales are eecied Irma '; E l rk i F jo l , ti ß ' g wee . n Z g " w i T ertn ot s o I ° 7 eaucted at ,
store at 81GBIci by retail at 10C112c, MS its illllll-, woob „,_v ery litt l e is daklk tha
marke, and
ity. - ' the priced paid by dealers h. a ,, t h e 6,lJowmg
EGGS—Sales from first hands in 1.000, at 010? u s w ill i b o wt_h avo pm u a gy a acct ._
dos. Cotrunou Wool .
FLOUR--We have no new feature to notice In I blood ...... •••• • • ..... .. •• •
the market, excepting a further alight decline.— 0 do.
The past week has been extremely dull; receipts Ido
have been light, and dealers ore slow to talus hold Fall do
et the rates quoted. The condition of the &arum . Prima ........ ...............
market hits not been bettered by the late ladvlcea
from England, and considerable dullness prevaill Esc tterage illar ..
In all - the markets. We note sales front Lint hands The 'Local money market Is tt
of some 800 bbls during the week, att &WU 21.. The fol l ow i ng are the peer
Regular sales from store in driy.load lota at 0,23 ,
4,31 c-gr bbL . , i etumge..
FlSH—Considerable fumaess_prevaili in the I
market, with a alight advance to No 3 mackerel—,
For eorreet gad:ate:MS, See table.
FEATHERS-. -T;til'ilurrkat. is fairly supplied at
City brands. - hed
. " lean - 0 14) '. A '."._, - --•- . id e i- 83
Sz.lo net• .-- tll,OO i a tia_,,,...... -0— 0 0 4. 17 . 1. , - •-
1001 0 - • - 04,50 , op-h.ju.•___. 75 0 igs ' Donpoorner--• 45 070
12,r15. - - eriP
.Tame bbl. 1400040,00 ' /.. n g iir..•" 30 0 VC'
Patent do., 10014 to, Pouchons . • • • • ••-• 50 0 73
163:24 1050015 ' Polka-per lb. • Tinplate-Doty 15 pr. et I
Country brand.. ' P. 04 l'U• •••• •• • 717 0 40 • Bane. Block 0
6xlo 3,450 130'. Lempbial. 540 7 1 X 0 10 75
10012 35033.75 Spad. 'it'd:int- -.40 I • Tallow-Dory 10 pr. cent.,
Gunpowder-Ditty Wpr. Chrome:On eta• ••• a 9 0 53 ' Rendered • - 7 0 7l'
eclat. ' " Vabir No. 133 0 35 , Rongh 0 5 '
FEEO 4,73 05,50 '• eL Sc. 20 0 241 Son_p Crease 30 4 '
Engle, 6•1 Has , - 03,00 RronavektUrcen• .12 0 'AI f Yloea-per box.
Do. dor_ 1 lb. earner- 6 . 7p0 • White rea/, thy. • • 610 81 , Solid bores 0 16
, FTPQ. do 04,011 " Oil. pother •1,60 0 1,621 Mrtne- Duey 40 pr. cent.
Engle do. in papers.- 06,00 ' " No. 1.-1.• -• •- 0 1'35 I. P Mndetra• •• • 2.03 0 3.00
,Rock powder..... 3.0 03,30 Red Lend •• .... • 610 8 I. P Teneriffe •• • • 1.00 0 1,-4'
Orman-Dory 30 per cent. 'fellow Ocia..• .. 4443 3 ' 'Arbon 75 0 1,50
Wheat - 810_ ' Ven. Red..:..... • .440 5 Dry Malaga 0 8 0 70
Rye 550- Vertligria.•l. - • .30 0 33 1 Sweet 63 0 65
33,75 p bbL
. 4,50
. 3,50
Selling rem.
Neu, York, pzjileinvitin
reitadearhia, touisr
B.dtiwor. , . 14 ;
Pig llgetail--pr ton, Omos.
No. 1. Foundry •
Itniging c Tock.
No. 1 Foundry ,
" Forge
?dotter County.
Foundry Pig n I. 35 0
Forte 09 ----
Iffahonlng County, Ohio.
Foundry Pig• • •-----
Forge do
Plaster Parle-40 4 Y
Plower Pars •• • 55 109
8.0011 Haim 21 00
Shouldea• • • •--31
10a 41
" 4 1
Hoground, city coin 041
country do. —0
Lard No. I, in kgs • • - 6107
8 2. in kgs-- 40 61
Lin bids •—0 61
Hotter 1, in kgs• • 0 91
" 8 1, an roll- 120 14
Cheese', W. R 5 0 61
Goshen —0
Crack's, Plant, War',
pr. NIL —0 3.75
Do. Honer • —0 4..%)
Potatoes—per bush.
Common •• • • —0
Nestannocksp. bbl 0
Rags—Duty 5 per cont.
Country :rimed —0 1I
Do. good white 0 5
113.leecffyar tb
Rite 410 51
Seeds--dory Linseed 20p c.
Clover 09{0
Timothy 01.371
Flaxseed 95 e
Mustnrd 9,50 0 3,03
Spleen—par lb.
Cloves 28 0 11
Cassia In Illats• ••• 13 0 20
Ginger 5 0 10
Nutmegs 1.50 0 1.60
Peppero 9
Alsycee . 0
Virginia 0 14
Benerea•••••••••• ---
Soap—Dory ..71 per tent.
Pinebargb No. 1. •• • 440 5
Cincinnati —0 41
Stela—per lb. Foreign
Cast A. Shear 16 0 17
Do. single 0 16
last German • • ...... 0 13
• Eagle ...... ••• • 0 11
• Hoop L. • • 0 15
Pittsburgh Alanufacture.
Carmen Steel. • • • • • • • 3j ,
e O , l
r . g ieb blister
American blister..• • 0 41
Spring 509 64
Spirits—per gallon.
Rochßorrroe • 4.50 0 2,50
Roche 2.50 0 3,50
RumJam'a 4th pf-1,50 0 225
• N., 60 0 lm
8 N., 40 0 60
Gin, Holland 1,25 0 1,76
Sugar—Dory 30 per cant.
9L . G.Lnme h h d tid ....... 4ls 51
Havana, white, lb. .9 0 91
Brazil 8 lb. 90 ral
Pulse used. Philld• •• .0 121
Salt--Day 30 per rem
No. 1, afloat ...... • • • 1.%
" 1, in more • • • --0 1.31
Table. dor. boo 0
Shot—Duly 210 per rent
Per keg /915•50
Per bag.— •• • • 0 1,274
Saltpetre—per lb.
540 10* ,
,—per 0-110 per
et off for cash for
Tubaeeo.l Duty 40 pr. 0 1. a..
0 la
1%-nuf td do 4 0 7
Ladies' Twist --•1010 18
Plug in kora CO 9
Plug in boxee•-- •I 4 0 17
6 Tarim 63 7 '
CaTendiah • • 0 6
I 3) Lump in boa. • •—, 113
“• •• -• •15 0 17
16a " ---•14 . .• 0 14
Semen snuff-- -• • -14 0 10
Harr 0 13
Unto Dry /lb pap. • • 0 14
Tea—Duty ID peLeent.
-- 0--
0 -
- 0 -
B:r Flsontorverve Ihntocacer "Ur a Reenter of Lo
cofocolem, from the commencement of the Adminie.
Batton of James K. Polk, clown to the oominanon
of Gen. Cone. In Rhyme: By E. S. Ainsworth." This
very musing work, which has lately boon poblithed
in thin city, it for sale of all thillook Store..
o I •
rFes of Ex
Ex G1162,1GE.
z-,: -
• 70 0 75
1.00 a 3,50
65 0 70
.- •
Wool per lb—Duty 30 per cent
Pull blood rd
I blood
t blood
Pulled Common 17 m is
Tub waahrd 0:2 -
Whiskery—goer gallon.
Ravi Monongahela • • • • • •
Zigle—ger lb
Freights—per 100 lba.
To Cincinnati.
Dry Goods
11 `47 7 1...anicville.
Dry Goads
FromLouirville to th
Dry Gob& 0
To St. Louie.
Dry Goode
To Cleveland mod Erie.
Dry Gods 0 40
Heavy 05 0 371
To an y d from Brownsville.
Dry Goode (down) 0 the
Produce, &a, (up) 0
To Nadwille.
Dry Goode
11 7cVneeling.
Dry Goode
To Zanesville
Dry Goods
a co. 4
Dry Gaads ver
' lc7Tieur (Mean..lleavy Ga.],
Glass, &c .
arras or ramairr ov run ravivartv•
C. 66.41. ATM itAllatoats.
Ashes, Pot and Pearl, 50
Boner and Bacon, 00
Beef, salted, do GO
Bale rope and Bagging do 70
Beeswax, do 75
Bones, ' do 63
Brooms, do 1,50
Cheese, do 40
Corn, • do 3.•
do .••
Chilled Rollers
Dries and Medieines, do 1,00
Dry Goods, do 1,00 •
Dried Fruit do 75
Flour, per bbl. 75
Furs and Pelaves, per 100 ihs Lim
Feathers, do 1.80
Furniture, do 1,00
Glassware, do 82
Glass, Window, per bx GO 0
Green and dry fruit per 100 lbs 75
Groceries- per 100 lbs. .80
do 00
Hardware, do 75
Ham do
Hemp, do 70
Hide, (raw 75e; dry 1512.5) do
Leather, do PO
Lend, do 40
Lard and Lard Oil, do 60
Oil, Crutor, do 75
Linseed OIL do 75
Pork, per libL do te 150
Rags, per 100 ibv 62
Ropes and cordage, do GO
Specie do 00
Seeds, In 70
Skins,Deer and Buffalo, do 76
Tallow, do 60
Tobacco, Leaf, do 62
do Manufactured, do 75
Wheat, do 00
Wool, do 0 S 7
Wbiakey, per bbl 150
1 ro TOO RAM v 1.6 11020Na.0161.6 61..1icl
I Claw, No. I—Ashes„ Balt Phil. N. Y.
Bacon, Bolter, Lard,
Cheese, Pork, Tobao
co. Tallow, W. Glass,
and Viltisky pr 100 lbs 00
Class No B—Hemp, Flax
in bales 1,00
Class No. 3—Dried Ferdt
Leather, Old
Skins, Seeds, Wool, 1,00
Cisugs No 4—Beeswax,
Hops. 51dsa loose Flax 1.35
Marine Losnraneo.
Rates of losurance on cargoes o
steam and keel boats.
Fvm Pittsburgh to Wheeling:llo. +o—
'• to and from Cincinnati. 0 lOU I
" to Louisville, Ky. 19
" " to St. Lottis, ?do I elf
•• to 11.1tvale,do 1 a 2
" “to Inthipendenee . 2 021
" " to Galena. 111. 14 00 14
" " to Munphis, Ten 101
" " to N Orleans 10014
From N. Orieu...o l'it.borgh• • 1 Orly
St. Lnat4 1 0
Mures. by wood Flat lloat. i • •
to New °flea. ..
Err URI rue Peoria you wish to b PUO
pa s aul ut any undertaking, you mail always 'nee the
eroper means.' 'Therefore, If you have a cough. a re
EireCroillNi and be cured. lor it to the proper
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then the only efficieto rricous to cure you la to use
Jaue's Expectorant. which will linetediately OVarecone
the y apaant eontraets the dolmen , n 1 the tube,
and loosens and lolngs up the mucus which clog. them
Up, and the* retrioVes evrry 01,.Ifyet1011 to n fee vtp,
rauon, while nt the stune woe all tonntritontion .0
doed, and core is certain to be clectinl. liave vriu
Bronchitis. Spitting of Blood ,Plearlay, or to sea
Pltituoilarr Alreetton, theta u Japies Expectorant
amd relict is certain nod you r will ford that you have
awed the prow,
For salt in Pittsburgh st the Pekin Tee Store7 ,li .p
street near Wood.
_ _
JI.TIVIet Variant., xx—kti c would call attennon to
dna eicellent remedy Mr Couuiltr, Coldx Consumption,
Asthma, mid all infectious of the Throat and Lange .
Boni., several tin...within a few peon pmt bad aeon..
s,oit to ma a istetheine of this kind, we have by ripen.
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(7 Men never attempt to counterfeit a worthless
i ts o rtlele4 ,. b.y w
hence v . alus h t c.. .
lam u e . dicl u es . are frequeetly
a medicine continua
Its great • crime as if it were a bona note cr the emit
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Louis McLane Bean., Broveturrille,
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Michigan No 2, Gilson, Bearer.
Baltic, Jacobs, Brownsville.
Camden, Hendrickson, M'Keesport.
Caleb Cope, A. Murdock, Beaver.
Nominee, —,
Lome McLane, Bennett, Brownsville.
Camiden, Hendrickson, Brovrturville.
Baltic, Jacobs, Brownsville.
Lake Frio, Hurry, Beaver.
Miettlian No 2, Gilson, Beaver,
Pioneer, Forsyth, St. Louis.
Hudson, Poe, Sunfish.
Paris, Manua, St. Louis.
Dolphin, —, Cia.
Genesee, Hunter, Illinois river.
America, Calhoun, Ctn.
The river !last evening at dusk was 4 Met 0
aches scant. in channel, by metal mark and fall,
For Philadelphia every evening at 9 o'cloek, by
Leech'. Pariketa. ofsc• opposite the United S.tates
Steamboat Packet Line, lenves daily for Cinctonati,
10 A. 91.
Parmengel Packet yin Brownsville to Baltimore and
Philedelp4l4 b A. ICIAIId 6 e. n.
Mail Coach, Lore direct to Philadelphns, 9 ♦ r
and 124 e.
Western and Southern Mail Coach Line, 0 a. Y.
North-WeAurre via Cleveland, daily, 10 A. xi.
' , sic and tVestern New York, doily, 9 A. a.
North-Eastern tolladelphia, daily, except Sundays,
4, A IL
Eastern Mall via Philadelphia. due :1 4 is., close. 12 N.
West'n Mail. Chinni. &Louise, due 8 r. ar, close, 5 5_ Y.
&MOIL viaLialtimore &Washington, due .4 r. ePs 5, al
North Wetteni via Cleveland, due 10 , W, n s,
Erie and Weorrn New York. due a r. az., closes b ♦.
Fn.. too Auer., AT - 1i muocs COMPLAIXTIL—AItIio
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oC Hepatic dertospnlent, the proprietors of Dr.
,IPLane's Liver Pills were not prepared for toe follow
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llklAnutosnuao, Nov. 91, 1047.
"Messrs. Kidd & Co.—About one year I min laboring
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using two an bottles ol Jane.' Coral Iltur Remorauve,
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Sold in Newark by S. OLDS & soN, VS Broad st, R
VAN BUSKIRK, corner of Broad and Nantucket at.
(yellow Teeth and pallid breath,
Ypougy game like rotten death,.
Is repulsive and disgusting.
AR could have teeth as white as year
Swet t breath—hard garret—man or girl.
by delay?—nay quickly baste
And use a hog or oisee"Pooth Paste.
It costs bat Y 3 rents, nod is really a beautiful article
Hatpee.. the teeth a fine enamel. Sold in Ihnsburgli
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UX .. Dots your hair tall elf, does your hair torn gray
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nourished ut the lovely egret three shilling bottle oT
Jones' Coral Hall . Restorative has on it; it need' , but one
trial. Sold sn 69 Liberty at. nov Ilkhkvely
Don have yellow dark Teeth—they can Lc
made pearl) yrlnte Ip• one ume uslog a Los On /one.
Amber Tooth It hard.. the gnt.. sweetens the
9..1.1 ro Nl I.tbertv at novlwlk vty
Exchange Brokers. 7ro. LI 5 Market street. near ato
Penn•ylventia. Indiana.
finno(Pittsborge . • - gar State D'k Ye Ili arm hos. • I
Exchange Bank Per s . arettcr.p • • • •• • '
Merck. .r•-• Man. Bank • par. V irgi ni•.
Bkrof Yhilodelptia • • •por Exchange Ilk. of Va.. • I
Girard Bank • • •par.l , ormer. ilk. of Vo• - • "
Clor.k tierm.uitown •par'llk. of the Valley,— "
Chester County• • •por . :l3k . of Virginia • "
" Delaware Co.• • • parltd. &M. Bk., Wheeling 4
Monbruncr; -par, J Irlorlarnowu• •• •
" Northunme rum: • par.N. W. Bunk Val
[Womb, Moir, C 0... Port do Wellsburg
Do, .e.toott Dank .....or: do Parkersburg••-- "
Forme,' Co. Ileodug• par. . Tennessee.
Comer+ . Bk. Hocks C.o. por Bk. of Tennester • ••• • 5
Farmer. Ilk Lancos . r. par Per. 14 rilcrelits -• "
IeADI , S , ,r DI: • • • • par Flamers' 11k......... "
r par Coon Ilk.
Book• --- • •••••:0 Missouri .
filownsydlo Ilk. par " aw Ilk of NY -•
Warburton ilk. I
North Carolina.
Geuyaburgh Ilk.— • I Mt. or Cope ear
Chamberabayg• • ...... " :Morel's Ilk., Newborn.
'demi:mimeos Co. Bk. • 3 , gtou• Dont
Lehigh Co Butt. - Song h Carolina.
beertreporn. • • •-•• • • - ..... •• • • I
C M a id bd"lelew
•• •• • •
I 'ro omer..
e C r.. e l r !icßaet •
. • .
r k •'
d 0 1.e0 4 ew .
:0! I •••fi i of rwit ..
Farmore' at.,: Dm , on' ID rif' I lornbuie• • • 2
Lima. V% o
nariiirg • I Ga. ...--
liarroo,X Ciantors &Mech. ,
110 oada:e• •••• - • • •-• • I CI. of South t'arofifia • .
Lebanon •• • • ..... • • • yrar Maryland.
Po:braille " Baltimore Ilk.. ........ ..or
Vr'youring ..... I Ualun'e Ir. ORR ocrp lo
Cork klk.• •- • ...... •-• • 1 Cumberland Bk. A•le
ert 11,incb Bi.• •••• • I ghany • ..... •• • e.
Reoot Note." Far. Irk of Mar - flame "
51k id Bs. Yes do • " Farmers' k Plerhart.e. 0
City &Count) " Ilk. Frederick
Ohio. .Frederick Co. Bk • -- • • "
State ilk .013 {branches l 1(,,,51DC•11 Elk •• • • "
Mount ..... • • •• Nto,rol Fa •••• - -••-• I
Siert:woe/tie ..... ••• •• i'•••air ram Ilk • • ..... • •
S. Ciunr c• •-•.• • • • " W ingtof Bk ..... -•
Monett. • • .- ........ lik r•unbirter . • • • ••
Now I,tsboricisinen.
Cinciiinat, Break. ri . "I. of Dt. Cfair ..... --
Colarritua da• " Bk. of River Rausen---
Circle•die .• • " Mw.h•gar. :'0... .. 5
..... 51srlta Ba 5
Painam • - . • " Wisconsin Terrlt'y.
t.v, :k prk et ...... 70 Nlar.l.Cire.l it fro.!iitle o s
ltlustllon •--• • •- • • 1 Canadair
-snotinek) - Poll rolventßona• 5
Geaagn •• • • • • • • • • 1 Bank of Eug land Notes
Cie re land •--- • - . l Gold de Specie. Value,
•........ ..... . 0 Napoleons ..... 110 Int
...... ••• 0 Donors 2 IS O 2 110
WesternlLL , l. , V4 • •-• Eagle, old • • • 10 no
Fronkitu Irk Columbus " Eagle, ne ly •• • • • 10 00
Ciocoilte • •- " ,Doabloons, iipmeh. IC 00
I..uke Eno •• • • •• • •• " ,Do. Patriot 13 50
Scion • • • ...... •••• " Sovereigns •• • • • • 4 it 3
Lancmiter • • ----••--•10 t - iutor ...... ••• • 500
Bamrlion 13 Froderieked'ors.....Y7 ;3
Eirranyllle 00 Ten Thaler. , • • • - 7 sit
irk Cantoo- Ton Golden •• • • 310
Urbane —5O Loral ed'ors• • •• • • 450
Kentuck y. IraelaanNe.
Elk of Kentucky t ,New York porn
51.01 -• t porn
Ygorhern Ilk. kv• " Baltimore , • 45rrf5
New York -City Nooks, par. Interior
---- -
The Banker.' Magazine.
TIIE BANKERS' MAGAZINE, and State lotanntui
Register, devoted to the dissentinatton at Bank
Spann,. t.ound principle. of Bank Luz, utility and prin
ciples of Lae Insurance and Savings Banks. Faxltsh I
and Amerman Law DeClaloll4 in reference to the bun.
nen of &nil" and Bankers, tic. Edtted by / South
Particular attention will he given at heretofore to Ole
compilation of memo deetmons respecting Banks. Bro
ken, Bills of Exchange, Noon. Entry.
Bonds, Notaries, Damages, he.. lIE the Omris of Mao
...chosen& Connecticut, New York. Pennsylvania,
Maryland, Virginia, South Carolina Ohio. Louisiana and other SIM.,
will be one of tle
most important features of Me work, and will in Ural(
chino the attention of Prendents. Covhlers l Tellers,
Nonni.. mid others. Among other details of import
ance to hankers and others, the work will contain sta•
tone. of the Banat m every State of the Union; him
graphical sketches or prominent Bunkers of Europe
anti AITCTIC. Official Tables showing the dcbti. bon
ne.. expenditure, and bonne.' condition of the seve
ral States of the Colon.
Published monthly, 0-I pages OCIRVO, at Three Dol
len per annum
curt Agents for Bankers' Magazine.
Dissolution: -
THE copartnership heretofore raining between the
subscribers. under the style of Bushfield h
Roe. exptreii this day by lonantion. Tha busmen of
the firm will be settled hy MGM h Roe.
Pittsburgh, July 19, 134 x.
The underaigned Kill continue the Wholconle Gro
ccry atni COIDI111.0.101; huelnf.a. 111id<fthr Jinn CI Nl•ti,
and Rue, 01 the, uld n tuml. Nu. 194 !abets y .ireet
.1 A 1IA:11,1.,
Haring sold Illy interem in the firm ofhrGill, nnah•
field k Roe to co) former partners. MlitllA lin, 1 mk,
iAaighte to recommendlng them to my fnentls and the
1.1 AIS FAcTt; RED TUB ACCA.?-1” store and to a,
la/ nee, the nollowing brand. ot Tobacco, oolong!,
noonm from thaltallettlfel . • Or Richmond and Lynch.
ham, which will ha sold to the trade al rednrcd rot,.
53 bzeLornortino 6.;
60 do John Bucker 6.1
1111 do Henry lc James la, S. and `so;
31 do L. Jame. Ss;
lb do IL B. Warwick Fat
19 do .1. 51. Steward 5. and ?a;
/7 do lames Maths.L S
.ogl 31 orator an d 112 front Sts
r The subacriberi being dextrous of cloautg out
their pronoun stock of Trtromineo ainl Finney Goods
hefore rercovinir to their new 'note. will , 01l their Iht,
et Fans at Cool, from and after itos dare.
...ono:tent comprises sonic thirty clifferent oi) lei.
and at priceo from 1 ens no 6/ each
WDOIV Oxldk 150 do 10:12;
19: do lu.114; 60 do lit.; 10 do Mx 'Er, Al
10 do rod oda by
BACON- jyll 3 1000 bbla Sideg; HOO do Shotildrng for seCe
OA Wit SCUP-15 hip , Int telr by
jyll 4 F NON 110:44111012ST tz Co
It ICE-15 tierce* Rice. Innthog thi. de) mid lot
I VIEESE--16 1..0l extra Crevna for. .4. by
Itf yl5 Fll I R.\lt. RUM' h. en. 57 water
PEARL &,11--: casks mow landi,g; .ale by
HU& 1,4A1A11 DICKEY & Co. (MA .t
OATS -100 bushels Olos, for sole by
----1:RTTIII.-70 bur Rutter, for sal el e
BACON -2o 0 lb. Boron, lost reed end for rale by
S&FM" FUSE,- -4 bale &lately Fuse, for sal! , by
N _ _
0. SUGAR -03 WJ. N 0 Sugar, lor min low ue
clove consignment,
HblitlP-163 Dine. dew rolled Hemp; Di do Manilla
dos in store and for sale by
RI°FFIZ-164 begs ree'd and `wafere Oy
)714 FRIEND, UHEY & Co, 67 at
gai 1848. eat
Canal Packet—SWALLOW, CapL Ford.
OCEAN, Capt. Wailers.
NE 9 of the above Packets leave Beaver every day,
(Sundays excepted) and arrive next morning at
arren, where they connect with the Mail Stages for
Akron and Cleve Wad, arriving at each of these plum.
before night. Otto °fete Packets leave Warren daily,
at I P. 31_ and arrive at Beaver in time to take the
morning steamboat for Pipit/tiro.
COTF.S & LEFFINCIV p ro p,i t h a .
Canal Packet—PX3lialit.r.LAU., Capt. Jeffries.
Tr-itottoin, " Pollock;
• Loos Ens, Trabyt
The above new and splendid Passenger Packets have
commenced running between BEAVER AND, ERIE
and will run regularly daring the season—one boat
leaving Erie every morning at 2 o'clock.and one leav-
Yg Beaver even- evening, immediately after the arri
al of the steamboat :Richman Item Pittsburgh.
The boats are new and comfmlably &noshed, and
will run through in forty hours. Pansengers to any
;million the Lakes, or to Niagara Palls, will find thin
route the most comfortable and expeditious. Tickets
through to all pons on the Lake can he procured by
applying to the proprietors.
REED, PARKS& Co, Beaver.
JOHN A. CACG HEY, Act. Pittsburgh,
cor. Water and Smithfield sta.
—Jar C Harrison, Buffalo, N Y.
C kI Reed, Erie, Pa.
C C Wtek. Greenville ' Pa;
AliPartand and Ring , Big Bend. Pa.;
Hnys & Plumb, Sharpaburgh, Pal
W C Malan, Sharon. Pa;
D C Mathews. Pulaski, Pat
R W Cunningham, Now Castle, Pa. jyl
ILICLCVIVVLI lOU T11Yt6.4,11P0NT.10.1 011 WA! rIIIIIOIft
BETwEEN . Pittsburgh. Blairsville, Johnstown, Hol
Inlay slturgh, Waist street, tHuntingdon Co) and
. .
The. Line was formed exclusively for the special a<
comniothation of the way bush... The Proprietors
thankful for the very liberal patronage they, have
ceived during the last two years, would reepectfully to
form their fnends and the public that they are now rut
better prepared to deliver goods at eny point on th.
Canal and Rad Rivids, with promptness and dlepateh
Pickwonh A Woods, Johnstown.
John Miller. Hollidaysburgii.
C A APAnully & Co, e or.l brwin. Pittsburgh
REskoriesa--Pinsburgit--zimitb & •
J & J
McDevitt; Ii A H Sbomilierger, 11 Robinson Ss Cu; R
Moore; nannies A Rooth; John Parker; Wm /chimer A
Co: Dr P Shoetinnrsor. jeW
Poskwylvoaala Canal & Rail Road Ex..
pressFost Peuoket Line,
Elitr: 1848
• - 7317"
(Exclusively for Passengers.)
TUE public are respeetfully informed that tins Lin.
will commence running on the tikl hat, and con
untie throughout the :season.
The Loath are new, and of a superior class, with en
largedcaltins. wluelt will give greater comfort. Th •
ears are the latest nonstrucuon.
A boat will always be in port, and traveler. are
guested to call and examine them before engaging p.
sage elsewhere.
(Fare only nine dollars through.) One of the boats o
tine Line will :edge the landing (opposite U. B. Hotel
corner of Penn orreet and Canal. every . night at tithe o'
clod; Tune 3f days. For information, apply at dt •
Office, Motiongeheln House, or to D LEECH in Co
rel 9 Canal Ba.jA
Merchants' Transportation Line.
1848. Mika.
OODS co...Knott. to our care will be forwarded
Ur without delay nt the lowest current rates.
C A NicANULTy & Co,
Canal Basin. Penn st. Pittatiartch.
.272 and =Market .t.
e p Smith , wham. Haltimore.
1848 . ftit;
11471"WF:EN 132.1.T15101114 ANIS PITIALSURGH. ,
1:047 Tme. 5 days. XI
.Merchandise Iransporte4 at Ct.nal rates.
Fol:l_oiTt W i & LW:
4t WAS. Agent,
ater rcet. Pm4bargb.
4 gent,
THAT property lot y occupied by H. Nixon
ALF - eiti , nu Craig streei, ear Itobinson..‘l:egheity
coy veil: be wild on accommodating - terms. 11
lot is XI ler: 4 iite`aeii on Craig street. running tiiroug.l
to tie Cana: I:41 0., There a good two suiry warn.
dwelisne boo-e on t i ne p‘nonsv.. lately bus, and me .41
Ix well Improvenl. rontannag artery of choice Crip
rees. g4npe, sn rubbery. A C. This property is eonvetll
tinily situated for persons Smug business iii.e.their Pius
burgh or Aliegiietii. and is a tiesiroble re.nd,nce. Till •
indiApatahle. For :..ros apply to WM BOND, Allot
neY of,oence on Fourth street. above ii4rattlai6eld.
26.3 Arra...Coal Loud for Rale;
ITUATI.D 0.. tlie nver at.out
1.1 wool Int,l,nrgn Illti II" CP above lord LOrk,
the .ounediate bewlio. , beed Nieesrs. Lyon b. Naort
nod Air lobo roe,. purchase. Tins body
b'oie •., be o. prwr of 43: per avre—on
r.I :iv , etivai annual payment
v.nbout tw.,,."!, Lac
good—cannot I, ioapasicil. For (mll.l porticula
I,llloi, has a droll of said pr.
; pray. Res .5. 1.f.0w Ferry. Mr. Aden.' Roi
, N. 11 There nno.her seam of coal on this woe
about 5n Wet above ii,e lower, oic/CCIICI ,
44. 11
Real blalnto In Ohio
-- -
A TFLAC'r or,wid.UU mere, to Pot - tare Co.,
roe C11)810,1.1 r, ver —about :10 acre% under tm
provement. tuid unimproved lots to the village
of Warr tz. 'Frutn ball Cm, flit feet up NU. Al., a lot of
geutind i 1 tar centre of If ariford. Trumbull Co.. with a
hoe dwelling bowie and store—one of toe beat atnode
for amore hoot on tee Western Reserve. Any ar all
this properly v.tril be sold oilvery avoommodating
memos. IrAIA II DICKEY & Co..
fable Water and Front sta.
Steam Engine and Saw AIM for SoloT
zut—crir et. :mein, now their lawny , I
A Pt.saiar, !stoma', rti socce..tal rat
for their upper 11111. won on tOrarn Endure and Lad,
Cutting ES1111 , 11f11111C"Il. mud the Frrane iituldtiora eon
tainarg thorn. for sale on rrartonoble and uccotomala
ling Incur.. The +learn engine is an excellent one, and
a:I thp work. In the Snwrirg mtd Lath Cutting estatn
!aliment , arc in good oider condttion. and a par
ebaxer Witherovr - the whole and put theta Into opera
tion sit lIM in le., than stxt days. latter.
moat pont, dtrecterl to the sultscnberit, Pittedturea, will
he prulnpt;y attended to
rot 0; NEV 11-LE It CRAIG A. SON
• . • •
THAT commodiona brick dwelling hongie and
large loi, thr modeller of 51m. lane Magee, on
Wehiter ore. 4 near the head of ikventh etroct,
on which ure a ample anJ carriage houm. out house.,
bakeoven, and a variety et ahruha and grape vines.
Poraeron will he given on the torof Ortober.oe Eoon
er 0 required. thiquire on the pretniaek or on Wylie,
near Waalangton ore.. m M C, LOWRIE.
Tract of Land for Sala.
THE suhscnber will roils n accommalaUng terms. a
valuable tract or unimproved land, situate ott the
road 'ratline trout Briebton to Franklin, about eighteen
miles from Voteburgh. and about eight les from the
town 01 Ptc.looa o, the Ohio river. 'the tract con
ta.« 400 acres and t oo perches. strict measure The
land is of en ear, oat qual ay. about 90 acres cleared,
and well W3ter, mill be gold colter in whole or
ui fans of convenient size, to suit purchasers
For further particulars cognac of WM. 130)" Att`y
an Law, otbee . 4‘ll st. shove SaUthoeld, Plltsborgl,
- -
— Property in Allegheny - City for tei7e.
rrillE subscribers oder fan sale numb, ohm
1_ Lots, situate in the Second Wont. fronting on th.
Common mroond, on easy terms. Inomro of
W. O'fl. ROBINSON. Any at Law, `lt Chor st
or of) AS ROBINSON. on the premtaer.
myl'lnthwtf T _ . .
heel le.taite irk Piercer Couty.
AL°T, Storehouse and I.livellitig, !MR. on the
Eric Extension Canal. in the village of West Mid
dlesex; a desirable location (or a merchant Also, a
Lot and good Dwelling /louse well suited for a Tamara
Stand, in the village of Orangeville. on State line of
Ohio. Terms easy. ISAIAH DICKEY ft Co.
feblo • Watnt and /Anna Sta.
A two story brick dwelling with toont oz aertal
of ground munched, aituated at Oakland. Th.
place le well rineked with twit of all kinds, and
na • derninible location for a tams:; being eittireily at t rd
reach of the river and dirt of the city. An ow: itani
leaves onklond hourly for the city. Apply to
ATWocifh JONES it Co._
For Fttrat.
A new thre , cnry brrk davel;olK hou
IlVylle - Po.ces.lon glvon On the ft
kprO or rooner tl required. lova.. of
or2l J h R Fl.Ol - 13, tut Itto.rty
For Rept.
EA .10() . 1•11.:k clo,1;:ng with about ssr
lof ground. stunt-,1 on the bank , of the Ohio o
in flr borough of M nebegter. Apply tt.
itgl JAMF.:S A H H lUTCSON & C.
THREE dwriltng houses situntcd an 4th 'tree.
nnt canal brid in the city of Plusburgh Al
so, a room 75 by ge,
feet, with a convenient en
trance on Ah st., near wood. Also, a frame dwelling
two 'lwo, with nn acre of ground enclosed and node
Allllllll on Ohlo lone, in An city of Alleghe
ny. Impute of J WILLIAMS.
an, 110 wool street
F(. sA OR RENT. the Pittsburgh Brow
ety. with its brewing •pouratun. WM. on
Peon intent and Barker's olley.und now occupied
by Gen W ~ i nlth Cn. Po.vervion given on the firri
day of Apr. wowing. For terms. &o. enquire of
145 liberty at.
WARF.H. FOR .4ALEI—The tub."
tb. three atory brick Wareho
wee, becupied by it Tanner &
It rel.. 110 W lot slbi, per year.
To Let.
,: n ew no t n h e rt o .n ,c . u t r o , r e y , fi b re y fo . 2:f ., hr
I. k
giL rent from Apetl nen. Inquire of
24 wood .
To Let.
..0..e• The ,:bhcrll.e, will rent pen of the or ,
01119 54 otter 'm,eet
A Ins p. room en the 2.1 story of tl.e wasehon
•EILNZLi t 't s ' l d re b e y t ttt'
b rlo at ce r t:On " l ‘ o t s a tt rte ktt" .
agency or an Insurance office.
For 8010.
A Fine'tevo story bnek house, on stain stye
Allegheny city, near the upper bridge. The lot
tJ fleet in front by thep. dee For terms inquire of
de.1511 A WASHINGTON, 4th st.
F'cr Aept
j,gh. TlflF. large Gm proof warehoase.ol feet front by
_men feet deep, on eeeollll et, near ROA . Rent mod
erate. Inquire of 1 SCHOONSLOCEBCo,
dell woad at
?or Rent.
tfLl Smoke House, situated on Plant alley, for
rent inquire of ROLM% DALZELL if. Co,
rty street. dael3
Emmy HAININA Oa CO., * I
koz.&bms% EICSANGE.BROKIOII4, and dealers
in Foreign and Domenic Exchange, Car acas , » of
Bank Nam, sod Spechurmuth ttreel,,nell ,
ty op dm Bark of Phmhurgla Gomm money
rammed an citemiejtor rain, and m
inutiae' inkdo a dA r iP i t i= ' :he Minutia Polum In Ike
Gaited Stuck
The highest prude= paid Int Fbreign toil American
Gold. •
A,,,.....„ made
...... 0 . t oorigem,mirrof Produce, chig
ml Diatom liberal unms. = • ruble
MOANSERE mid Malan in Enehtinno, Coin and
Elo Bank Note., No. 35, Mute atmati Piluhrugh.
Selling . Rates Exchage. Buying Rater.
New York, pr Cierimarl 2 Oa
li do
Philadelphia. • I do Lontarillo,
Baltimore, do St. Ircatia, g • do
Buying' Rates, BANS C o . Mitring rates
Ohm, 2 d o Co. & Scrip Ctiders,2 d o
Indiana, . d Rae{ Notes, ‘. do
Kentucky, "do Pcnniylolinut Cy “ do
of="4 ' do Now York do " to
do Wheeling, i do Neu-Orleuns, "do
Tnonemee, 2 do Maryland, " do
sou. c. cow.
U - ILL /a CURRY—Banters asid I.c.hange Broker.
11 Dealers in Bowden and Boolnane Than and Sight
lantana - et Certificates of Depoeite, Bank Notes
in: No dd Wood arrant third door below Fourth.
in Foreign luld Domeatie Exchange, Ceruficatei of
posite, Hunk Nowa, and Specie. bit,. 04 Wood at.,
one door above Fourth, Root Inde, Pinaburgn, Pi.
BILLS on England, Ireland, and Seotlan6 bought to
anyamount at the Current Rates of Exchange.
Also. Drafts payable in any part of the Old Commies.,
from SI to LINA at the tate of 56 to the I Sterling,
without desinehon or clumourn, by JOSHUA R°lnr.
SON, European and General Agent, office 6th at
door wrest at wood oetlatfon e
• • •
ALLEY 11111.SIMILI rc0vr...313 MOM
in Forman and Domestic Bills of Exchange, Cer..
%Mentes of nepoulte, Dank Notes and Coot, corner of
3d and Wood streets, directly opposite St. Charles
W owo
kW wan.
Baal, Notts,
purchased at the lowest rates, by
N. Ht3Lhl BONS,
dela 33 Market strcct._
- DILLS OVIC - 1011ANOV-4ight Checks on
AP New York,
u .==
PlLlladelphia li nd
dy [or able by
COLLECTIONIS—Draiu, Notes. and &cep •
eca,papable ul any part of the Union. collected •
the moat favorable terms. N. HOLMES & &Mil&
dela 56 Market it.
Tlll-I subscritier, DI addtuon to his own 4
manufacturing of Hull, has made arrange
ments with Messrs Re fr. Co., the moat
fastuonable hatters of the city of New York,' fora reg-
I int supply of bit extra fine Silk Hata. and havingjost
received a few mt.. gentlemen can be suited with a
very rich and beattufa boat by calling at hi. new 11a1
and Cap Store, SmahLeld street, ...coed door with of
Fourth, where may be found a great variety of Hats
and Caps of hi. own manufacture, wholesale and re
tail. Hats made to order on short nonce.
dal(Soccessors todreamfc !Ong)
Fa•hlonable liatter's,[4olll
Corner of Wend and FsftA Streets
ARTICULAR /summon paid to our Retail Trade.
Gentlemen can rely upotr getting their Hata and
Caps from our establishment of the sue teammate and
woantaiMintr, of the Lsrear trnis, and at the We-Mr
. -
Country klerehants. purchasing by wholesale, are
eventfully invited to reall and examine our Stock; as
• e can say with conlidence that as retards gasks - ri
- id sutra, it will not suffer in a comptinson with any
.ou.e In Philadelphia. (chi]
Walshtotimblo Hot and Cop illaisantitotiary.
S. A:Si:4II,7Z, Agent. respee.tfully
informs his friends and the pnbile generally
that he has commenced the manufacture oe Hats
and Caps at No. 3a Wood street, one door above the
corner of :Second, where he has now on hand a fine
nortinent of He. nod Cap. or hi. Own mmturaeture.
bath he wall dtspote of oat them." restswialdc term..
bah:sale and retetl, for cash or city acceprence
Hots made to order at the rhortec none,. 5p:13...101
- -
1;,, ! .., No. 68, DIAMOND ALLEY, a
„ ci. . ' i few doom lislow,Wocul street, to.
, =rt..
,00 , ,, ; DEL. DROWN, havine been
~kifV. - '- ... regularly mlitemed to the midi , al
r prole7Lis and bete for .crate in..
t s sfX"rr.s .. ? hio attention to the 1 ' un " et o!
it. 5.. 4.,Al ',l°.7,`,',,Pro'r've'llictehi. d-i op i cp . .z„,,r . :':ll
, ir t =e,... •), and experience peculiarly qua:try ,
..1 ... ~..,,,,--, in. , him. II years assiduomly devoted' ji
to study & treatment of those complaimsblenng wt.... ;s'
time he has had more procure mid hos cured more p.- . • `,
hmtbs than con ever fall to the lot of any private pr.,-
utioneffl amply gurthfies him to offer a...ranee., of
speedy. permanent, and ratithhemry cure to all aiffletell
with delteam diaemeo, and all diseases agiong there , • •
Dr. Brown would inform those afflied math prom, •
dimmers which have become chron ct ic. by rime or as '
netted by the um of any of the common enargne. os . ....;
the day, that their comp/unto cut be radically and thor
oughly cured; be baying green his careful enema,. to
the treatment of such cases, and interceded in hundre d.
of nista/rem in curing perm. of uthlammatron of the
neck of the bladder, and knelred dim.. which ogre
resort from those cases where others have co -real
, them to hoperese despair. Ile mimeo:arty 13,11/ .oto - to
WI have been long and aneneceossully iterned Cl 0 hers
to consult him, when every .n faction set': be , olvtoti
them, mid their cases treated in a careful, ihorenCi. and •
! intelligent manes, meted out by a long experience,
: moldy, and invesnmstion, which It is impossible for throe
, engaged in general pmence of medicine to give any
t one class of dwease.
--- -- • D — Hernta or Rapture.—Dr. Brown also javnes per-
Consulting Engino•rs & CornasellOro for ' oohs afflicted with Ht is to call, as herbea paid panic-
Patel:Me eat , Mar attention to this disease.
Office for procuring and defendng Patents, iturninmr; 1 Skm dine s; also Pt s, Palsy, eto., amedr y cured
triformation on !decimatr nod the appllcautm of Sot.; Charges very low.
ere< to the Arw. and on American and Foreign Laws I N. 13.—Pauents of mth sex Irving at • doesiffle, by
of Patents , stating their disease in writing. 'etyma all the .ymp:
Vylt.ol l % WALTER R. JOHNSON'. late of Phtladel. 1 torns, coon obtain mediranes with d .eroono for use. by
,IL ohm, mid I. C Milt/SINS of W..1111100/1 Cloy. I addressuig T. BROWN, M. D.. into fud, and cecinas
Ito be coded by Hazard KIICIWICI, Esc - late Mocha/lost ing a fee.
or the Vetted States Patent Ufflca,) have aisociated ( Mee No. 63, Diamond allay. oppomm the overly
themselves tocether foe thebrosecuumi of the above House.
branches of prolessvorial balances, carter in their odes, , Rektaerdrtmt —Dr. Bmwe •e m . 1 Y • imoccred rem.-
s o t h e p s i,. o t h er , o f before t h e C oat , ant[ will de. dv for Rheurnatwm ts a speedy and certain remeLy Inc
vote their utativlded attetinon to torwardlng the inter- , that painful trouble It never mils
~... 0 1 Inventors ~,,d p i i ie , who may consuls t h em or' Othoe std Pnvote Comultieg Rooms, No 6.3 Iha• ,
place bunnies. no their hanus Mr. Knowles has for pond alley, Powburefft.. Pa. Th. Dater,. al w , Y • . 1
the past IWcottoot Trans held the post of klachniest in the , home.
U noted State. Potent Office, and Orion,,. that Mumma 1
_UT No care no pay. dee IS.
to take part in the present undertaking Rio , talent. ),M
A gEHAIR •DIFFICTLTT OP itytH s r,l•Him; '—
and pemartar fitness for the inopoortattl office on long bll. ,A. This d i sc is ceased by a poroxymial roireauc
ed by him. Into beet fully recognised try inventor. tiou of the air cello; it is very debilitatum, almost caps.
wherever the oboe itaeit w known. in mffocation. DR. SWEETSER'S PANACEA 11 , Pre
'the office of Meson/. J. & R. is on F street, °PP.." 1 on. } - certain ear ,
the Patent Office_ Washington, D. C., where common:. ; floarscotroos con be entirely oared by a free not, rot Dr:' S
Cartons, poet paid, wail be prompt!) one:Med..; roam - • Same Mer . Patermea
mations made. drawings. rpemficationo. and all reguis. I Catarrh, or common cold. which, If neglected will
roe papers prepared—and models Procured when deli-ii lemmata In Comm:no/en, is effecreally relieve,] and
red—on reasonable term.. Letters of elOotitiar, expect- 1 eared by Do . lleveetangs Panacea.
ad to be answered after exartanaciono haul, must be en. ' Broach/4 if unchecked, will cif...l/ally lead In
compained by a ice of five dollars. Bronchial Consumption. but a timely um of Lk Sweet
la the domino of their office winch pertains he the Pa- to e s pabaeca will o ff ec . a ily•cgcs. ,c.
tent Laws. Messrs. I& R. will be ..anted I.y a legal Inflarmaation of the Tombs or Sore Throat.—This"..." °fal.kthO h ber l Profewn...3 character, •nd disease ogee leada to eerions consemicnoes from nog
tully eel/Cermet mot AleChartica and other Scientific test, such as ulceration of the throat. On the firstsyrnrs
minuets. otYLKfflik 1 1 I Y.' bunt...Dr.Stvestsor's Panacea should be procured and
...t DEALERS are invited to outran - Le R. 11.
PALMER'S stock of Straw Goods, Of the
sprint style. composed to part of
BONNETS —Florence Hood. F.nefiali Dun.
amble do American do do: Chtna Petal do. Colittrg do.
Rutland do Pooch Loco Fancy Limp. Sc. Sc:
if A'rS--Legnont. Phlm Leaf. Panama. Fancy Straw.
do Braid. Rutland Braid. Pedal de..
Afro. Artificial Flowers. Ribbons. to. Straw Bon
in, Wm—hot:ire. 95 mantel at._
_: marl.
, . ..
_ _.
4 Spring Fashiona tor 164
MenCOll.D lb Co.,
-- Oa
I ,, r¢ from,. Pc 11.4-'1 1.1,1.,
-TILL introduce th e Spring Style of I lats this da7,
V Saiardny. %larch lth. ISIS.
,r friend. antieiconmima are requested to mill and
exam /le the, .t..ek otSpr , ng if al, plot reerived I'M.
Near York, at threr afore corner of Stn and Wax] au
rip --- Ki.PlLEirb.
(141-1 A PEST Fashionable 'Hatter in
Prnici pal Stare, 72 Fourni
street. Manufacturing accommodation State, ern
./ Of Wood nreti and Virgin alley. Highest prices
alway. pal , . for ',lopping Fort,
RST received from Now Tort. the SIIIIII,f
rhyte (or ham conet.ting of Whoe IleaVer. Pearl
and Mute Trench Canaintere Hat, with Velthlatom
Tiloac in wont of a ~ aut.:al, tight Hat are reapectluay
invited to call. _ S. NIOORE.
may. 75 wood et— 3 door. shove 4th
used freely.
Coughs and Colds find a sovereign remedy in De.
Sweeter's Parmea.
Pneumonia Nothrt-A very fatal disorue, resulting
from a violent cough end cold on a debilitated u: Ms
tea down constitution; aged persons are subject to it--
Dr. Sweeter's Panacea should be used on Me first
symptoms, which area cough or cold.
Night Sweats.-This debilitating conmiamt will meet
with a timely check, by using Dr. Sweetser's Panacca.
Consamplann.-If on the first appearance of contain,
Live symptoms, which art a pain Is the side and oretno,
DT T F Dale. Allegheny.) Huth P Shame Potsloorgh 1 r, f4y. l ',
...;•Zin."114b,,i':".1,,,;,”4/7„4,Splcekl.e.d,red.tFassecca is
'Mc D. Elliott - Rey D. It Biddle " 1 Witco the Lange the Wndpipe, or
to To
Mr. 11. P. Swartz, - Hey IL
become clogged up with phlegm so as to impede rasp,-
_1 e3U-tra - I ration or breathing , Dr. Bweetser's Panacea, which is
Patent ' Sods Ash. ; a powerful Espectoraneshould be token according to
TUPeis'uNlbuusup'rtutAhSuoutiUsOn, fint b. rn, ' Un . lit' Uu , u be n ing t'u tli du c A l:o 4l : ' " ia dir :LV- s. This dis• tre - ss ' ing epidemic, so prevalent is
Ile of their spring amok, which they will sell et din „ 0 „. ei m ,„,,,, , f„, speedily ~.0 , 0 b y Lb, s sebio ,,.. s r.....
par. In tie currency. Having made such large sates by •••• •
to the principal.g Um. sod soap manumeturer. of this Felon Si ~b e b oo k, oe ~i. b o w,. (~,,,,
they oY deem n out ecessa t 7 to soy any thing I. (3 °.' Far tale by WM. JACRSON, Eli Libeny st . s i gn M
of the brand 1 he big boot. novMsly
They take this oppor unity to apprise their custom- s --- _
en and dealer, }tuner:l4,lllot they hove ordered large-'
ii used Dr. Taylor's tin am a Liverwort end
ly from estb ulEnc manufacturers us Englaitd--the first
shipment of which will arrive in line Mr the fall trade, ~ ..1,b . t .c • J'f . ..,,T; ;; 1 : 5 :
0 dr 0, . i. ....? , ....' ,„ Ti n / s tl .r ,) , it .n it: d t; proved
and thenceforward regular supplies throughout she ".. have been cured of consumption in v futons
name, which they will sell at the lowest motet price \ 6 2 ° , ,.. "
Mr cash or approved MISS.
j,24 _ w , V „,,,,,, , ,,,,ty, mo ~,,,,,.., ,
.1 1 0,..000 1.iv !na m b p elo . c t ored of Dyspeptac Conininpuon
N EW BOOKS — Ihe Winnings of Canons Marcellus , 7,000 have been cured Bibs Asthma.
Cloy. including Speediest .d Addresses. kilned, Ii 5,000-have been cured of general pPostration of rho
with a preface and InetnUtt, by Horace (ireely., ; N e ccoosSy.tem.
The First Book in Spanish. or. a practical intrvidue- ; 3,000 have been eared of Rheumatic Pains, with the
non to me study of We Spanish Lauguagos contruning 1 tendency of diseostoilomys .
full instructions in protioncietion. a grammar, exeress. i i1,50r.” bays been carcdot (aver Complaint end Cough.
es on the übeittiord method of constant inlttation and ; 441 St cured of Soofoloas complaints.
repetition. read Mt, ,e so and a vocabulary. 'I be bo,ollo more have been cured Of coughs, colds, paint
whole adapted tor Me pee l of promte leartters, or fur ' , in t.O side and chest, night atanitaly want of appetite,
classes tont., so instructor By Joseph Sttlkeld. A loss of voice, whooping cough, detiLlty, and many OM- -
NI., author , of ••A Convene me of Chsssicni A.. , ef complanns whtais Ming ott those dangerous diseas
es which so Often prove MOIL Dr. Taylor's Balsam of
b;,„,b eri , and S,.ters, a Isis of downs , c :If.. by Ltverwort is the only sucCessfol reM.Ay for the noes
Frsdertt• Drs. , ' 'rranolutell Irons the arty a. 1., of ths. adore 5,,,,,pj.,„,5.
pulingn.d 111/1111,erlpt. by NI /try I lowt• I t -51 p son, hamlet • violent said, used o cough and
The Dying Rotor.. and Other taus by Joxpn Allen.. raise think pound mance and fiulallt:eovid not turn
D. D Just received and for sale by . u L:01 ...I.lsed worn weakness. He bud every /varlet - a
Sl'3l JOHNSTON & STOCKTON of cousufoption. His physicians. Dm. Venoule & An,--•
IV 11 :, 1 :1 1 0 A r, h d l L Y l n' , ll i... Tzl il f , a r it i i , u „ re .., t ,,, of ,„ Colt;:t s. o , tt; ', I7 l ,7: a u r t , l. th ld . Zt d r, i ''' , L i Z t r y ,
r T . .,t 0 L , , , ,T 1 y . ~...1 5 1re5 4. ,...., Bittny
Silk and colored
Fnfiges Mr silk and gingliont ; r , _. ,
_SOPI/1.1. 0 . ALLD.P . " - , ,, ..,:orfolb SC'
l'amsols (onto. Mobalr. and Silk 'Milton FrinJes. the r p : n c e. i .:. . t , , , ... ,,L .m ., 1 0,,,,, , -. 0 ,. :: ,; %:- . : cr : - c. :l:::::7 3, c i i c r d a: .
made to order on the Mantra notice. / i nettled lo consult them
Sway corner of Nloiden lsno and William , cows nee ; '..
No tcs William turret, third none over Abner & Ely.' . l'''''''• Id 0 / osse/s 0 months I have be,,,, ~,,,b„.„
non, No 65 Alaiden Len • ~i, Iy , o ; so b Asthma, which batted the remedies of my ph yri•
._ _ MD. 'four meth.. I have always rietieveil very
L'iLECTRI - C - /TAC - 1 - IINFAst. at from Sim Slue Electni. r beneficial 111 mob mwea. Finding the skit! of my mcd-
LA Nlagneue Machin if 0111 mfferent wwiero =lO- I ieni Inkssors sa nissit-illtbektlOnrn VI .y on, i pooeo
factures.. NI onne Cioct• Inns wan, boats. canal boats ! red your Sonata of Liverwort, whlth I deem e d , . ver y
end factories. Also, Chenneu:s, ThetinOlneters. .4C., . valutst4e. remedy-as it has hod a most wonlerful o
no sale by ol d & Co. , feet upou me, compietely uprootiog My t . ornplain. and
comer snorkels USW tic al.:1011d . resin mg me to perfect health, - lon may ay rester to me
N. 8.-Electricity of milt, Plod admirostered at tte i whenever desired:^
daemon° of physicians. p ly I Sold in Pittsburgh by .1 D Monis:tie, 03 Wood sl: J
--- - --- - , Townsend, 45Alarket se HSm so • •• 11
NEW ARTICLE OF ' , TEAM PACKIND-Just re- 134 mr. a„,"... A. C 0 ,5 Liberty Y e„tttr •er ei and
n e d by coins., ..5(11.1 lbs ladle Robber steam , ~,, $4 . 2,,,_, ,_..,_ ... al. Price reduceti
Packing. for creme,- of steabottts, he- Tlos ansr.e , , o .. •;,:"_ r'...:- .t. .... k. __ _ _
c _ _ O-2-2
being much the best kind 'bat has ever twee offered for i 1:,,,` . .._r,riz 0, a. de anbefaclent,
the purpose, we cat? me attennou a our sterfraboat en- i ''',t.g!,l o _
_.....,X‘e/!'al stianlioation of tit daimon
guters to It It will save them a great emouittm las'pli i t .... f 7 .. .!_"•7:::::: : ! rs..F th o f e i i 7 ne nft ..:so n k nst r& e . o co ;ifti : t: St o .... t ri a l !
tor when a cythder is mute packed it Sill out retinue 1 _,r. -,-__- e r
imeldentally tin from a aeatTosd,
Stul. lie
u P t u s ' a ' n ' il l baits. For ' F u r so u r; a ' ritc u' l ' it u di u . ‘ R uu ti u ldie l"P r u Dr- I t, 1.r ':.."° . .° 1. . ,, i . :7::_eff:::::: 1 buuufiu'''
' c'w • l" Ch ' . '" ..
pot, Na 5 Wood st. 413 J& H PHILLIP: , •`P ' n '' The ''''''''' s viNlC , -/lifseare is Moen
_ ; age otternedi well known in this City'
\n s w rr 1
, 1 6 ,11: si TO: c
h N T: ir ti , i li lli h r o r , ii: A l o iri:c . fi l t7b y e: " ;: i rxh ,, , . , d : I : : l , , t 7 y ve .w reLY k s d Pon . f ib tstd . l /o . Rl y bo. MY
. en t.a cless.. The y im d me.
• Cream. Fruit Contemionary. 0e The sieummOreem • order to Love them drawn of-the suteriug they Pu cts "L
wood makes her regular trm• ts natal, leaving her Pin ' ed me was mwnse. In this situation I procured a b u"-
_,__., i ,,,,,,,,,„ ~, ~1 A. N. and at hall past
locw ' do of It A Fattnesnock &Co's Dolteraetent, and after
tt , :; " ` , il,
.7,,, I „, ), _l, unit; the L.. deo nt ; lot one or two oppOcouorni I. dxporiallOod.ameh relief I
P M. for her lan trip to the may . f
A moonlight stew of the Gardenia Indescribable io I ; d u als th u =e u llr mi bu eo ni tili% ir i ; ou b b i' h &d . uli '••,, -,tit.... b :n. , 7 i ;
its beauty. _
.61,3 : reties - en from .y other pain, and experience no MO.
RT111...." ., EL: a. te NICHOLSON . Me at sells 01., l i trter..i.:.,ell4.l..eol,roialh.,t
..l:all.s.ol.ohissa eas; i tf e s e vr , r i t y lirlt , I
Platform Scors ' o u f Of kirnife u t g rel;itiZi u• rom I " • •"'" 4 " d''' Mosioefaeieril
lU '' R. July 17,1640.
30110 pounds, of superianortmanship, C.F.ORGSJIASSETT.I•
&aned Renew War, igt - patterns; Coal Cookutg l,, ,Fm. "Li c,,,,, " be h.°)al w d r ""‘ iib l ° Arid - MIL . - .4 TOCK
Storrs: Wood do dot Coal Eliptie and itallimn Stoves, , leossb.., o! '' ''" l ''' d Fa ' l° ''' 444 '''''. l 3 / 4 84113
an warehouses, ten. he. , 443
Groto. and Grata Proms, for parlors, chamhers,
Gra n s
ploughs and Plough Castings avert/Ws kinds. •
_lll 7-d =II I___ , ic • Libeny, bead of WOod 51
_ fw — o-yrai. — --
SELLEIMI &- NlClOLtiligtvuoimA to No. IS Dior
abOys their old stand. f ..,' et, jot ,
VSATHERS-It tasks i3owlandirottior solo by
J: 0 23 IMIO4I4I:I,KEY a. Co
Autumn Seim. ot Nu lnetitution will com..
Ott the lice Monday in September Room..
un Federal etre-t, r t -Colonade Row: . Wi f loor from
the bridge
The courw or inwroctionnntl the rate. of Tuition are
the .10e 05 heteto4ur
For more =mte ortnatton.
to the instructor, MT N W. Metre Le
Reference may be mule to toe fintowing gentle-
~~. ~ :_:.F..;~..
~;,s'z rYi ~+~
_ _
S . !
.1 7 '4 IrPS!!l'3
T's, VEGETABLE EXTRACT li m meatus H
ble remedy for Ipileptic Fits ar Felßig Sickness'
Ecionalsions, Spasms. ke. it is well known, that from
time immemorial, physicians have pronounced Epilep
tic Vol incurable. It has baffled all their skill. and the
boasted power of till medicine. and consequently thou
sands hare suffered through a miserable emmeit's and
last yielded op their lines on the altar at ununtry.
With all deference, however. to the opinions of th•
great and teemed, ore say that it has bnea cured
For sixteen years has Men tested by inn s : ,. em
who hare miTered with this dreadful and . in
', . ,
eery .
cue erhere it luta had a fair root hu erected a
1.11.111[111 cure.
FIB of 93 .yrs v 1,41 month., cured by Me smc of
this truly wonderful medicine.
Read the Concerting romartable cue of the son of
Wm. Source. Es 6., of Philadelphia, .'Stated wait F 4 ,1-
Ir,ptie ,77 peon and 6 month.. A ft er traveihns
through Dation& Scotland, Germany and Prance, cos
tultul the most eminent phystetans, and Upending fir
medicine, medical treatment and advice,. three tnee
sand dollar*, returned his son to tins country in
November without reee.rmir any bench' who. ,
er, and eras cured by timing
Mr. W 111.3111 pence's Letter to Dn. leans and Han
I hove spent over three thousand dollars for medi
tate and medical attendance. I woe wish.' to take a
true to Europe with bite, net dh I did. I but visited
England. I emulated the doom economy physicians
there in respect to his case; they examined him and
prescribed accordingly. I remained taken moetbs
without perceiemg any change for the beem, which
cost me about two hundred and hay dollars pocketed
by the physicians, and the moat that 1 sectored ens
their opinion that any son's ease was hopeless and roe,
tively incurable. I accordingly left Enfflad. and Iter
ated through Scotland Germany and Pra n tice. mot rc.
turned borne in the month of November lan. with ray
snit as far from being mind as when I left I saw yocr
advertisement in one of the New York pupets. and
concluded to try Han's Vegetable Exwact seetro year
statements and certificates of on many corer, some of
twenty and thirty yenta' stundmg, and I can assure urn
I on, Oct sorry I did so, us by. the use of Han'. egetn:
ble Eotrect alone. he Wle restore d d to perfect henith
His renston, which was w go toiLt hon
business, ia entirely rumored, wr o th toe prospect now
before hint, of life, health and usefulneu, Ile is now
'V years of age, and V 7 years and 6 mon ths of this
time has been afflicted with this most dreadful of fin
esses; but thank God he is now etuoying good health.
Now, gentlemen, faith without 'works I don't bailey*
in. To say that I chat' be ever grateful to you i• one
thing, and as 1 here enclose you one hundred dollars, I
here no doobt but that yon will dunk this is anoffler
and quite a different thing. The debt of pentode I
still ewe you, bat please to accept the present amount
as interest on the debt in advance.
Yours very respectfully,
One of the proprietors of this Invalunble methetne
was adlicted for seveml years with Epileptic ilte.
The disease had produced the worst eheut upon hts
system, vim Loss of memory, imbecility of mind, and •
per feet prostration of the nervous system. Ile mad
used the skill of the best physicians for *oven years,
and grew worse under their treatment, and he knees
that this medicine was his only hope far beelin and
life. and was therefore determined to grve Its bur iris,
and perfect
In its one, which he did, and
sae res.d I
wee a perfect restoration to health, which w enmi
ties! atunternipted for nearly sixteen yearn.
We would refer to the following persons who hese
been cared by using, Hart , . Vegetables lirztruct
Col E Denslow% daughter wee afflicted nine years;
resides at Yonkers, New York.
W Berme; nine years, 171 Grand st
Ellsworth, termyears, 12 Dover at
Joseph M`Dougel, nine years, East Brooklyn, L.'.l)
W Smith, New Turk Custom Home.
8 Kellytwenty years, Staten Wand.
Alinß ' M'Keef, twenty years, Yorkville;
ADes F Crane. twelve revs, 114 Ilionmerdy et t;
Wm B. Panel!, twenty-three years, 73 Norfolk:et,
Jacob Potty, four years, 174 Delaney st
Philo Johnson, twen eight years, Greencaztle,
Judge Randall, 94 E we Broadwoy, New Vorky yak
Thames B Jones, of the LI S Navy.
Cam Wm Jennirirs, State et Bridgeport, Cr,
Reference also made to
Dr W L Monroe, Guilford, 0.
Bee Richard Tanen, West Davenport N T
Rev T L Bnehnell, Baltimore, 11,1
Mr Joseph Bradley, 11.5 °retard sr, N V.
C Dortgthon, 21k1Fdabteenth et PI T.;
Mrs James Barthel!, Chester, Orestes as, NAY .
John Faber, 17/3 Elisabeth st, d o
D A Richton, MS Delaney et, do
James Smith, 130 Suffolk st, do
Clarice Worn, 100 Water at, do
All of width may be called upon, er addrassea, y 4• l
, V ~.u red by Dr S Beta Nana tr. liar")
O F TIIOMAS & Co, HO ISdo nr, ber1e . .241 and
4th eta, and In) Main et, Wire= 4th and etreve,
eineulnatt, Ohio, wholesalp.rstal Lelia agents for [ls
wads and west
I. WILCOX, Jr.. corner ol' - Plaskett tined the Dit t
Pond, only art in Pitub'e N • t
TIWOELS adz . Moires rota the publin that they have
L t a lon g er shyseensettori SCA 144 :I.te establish.
meet In Pennoree.,lrsaves es the PAW:suet brewery,
Irevisttemeettxr.ths4-entiro bueiness to the Paver
9RENWOEItt Pin...Urea'. • • • sty
— l9 ulletotyS
rrllZAtigbeit Pelee taraisLOsafoofitod clean rays
n 4; gVlntai.mrtitieLWiVW4vamigthr:4ll:..„,
. .
"LI, • al,
''' .