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earthier:teats and Wise siphons ior this paper. •
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satiption. to this estualiiiii ma will be iii#eive4
fad timehttled from.thisfirtee,
Z% Pr:niters& Dana Marrs u gmblishcd
-Weekly, and Weekly.—The Daily is Seven
Down per annum; the Tri-Werklris Fire Dollars pet
annual; the Wer4rly is Tyro Dollars per sumo; strieSp
Vim ismerr Commemlal Intellipace,Domertie, • ir
kets, Rhea New., Imports, Money &Mums, tu. see
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Demboratio Whig NanthalltiOns,
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Tams." .11. T. !Miasma, of Wubuagion.
Joan P. Sammons or Lebanon.
JonsphG.Clarkson, 11. Deur, Johnson,
J. John P .Weihmill, 14. William Colder,'
James AL baii, 13 William M'llvalne,
;,4.. Thos. W. Duelleld, IC. Charles W. Fisher,
It Dmilel 0. Hinter, 17. Andrew O. Corm,
•6. Joshua Dungan, le. Thos a Dasids.u.,
•7. John - DI Steele, • . 111.. Joseph hlarkle,
11. John Landis, 20. Daniel Agnew,
9. Joseph Saimaa:sr, 11. Andrew Looms.,
10. Charles Snyder, 21 Melissa lrain,
11. William O. Harley, 94. Thomas S. Sill,
•12.-Franeis Tyler, :A. Sam? A. Parsianee
•athaasonto sad • Whig Nombrations.
AL SWARTZWELDER,o( Pittsburgh.
us a
JOBB - SCOTT, of Rosa.
=LI 07 Tin MOM.
pima. Nrciiitimr,;r Elizabeth Borough.
~cat ro JOHN K. FOSTER, oNtaldertrt.
&Stant° CoXPAlmatt.—The . fitllowing beautiful
comparison was mode by Rev, Beery Word
Beecher, in the course of his sermon on Sunday
Whe last
n" the chain of the surveyor strikes the oak
in the great, he is followed by the woodainn with
his axe, who pauses ere he gives the blow. He
- beholds the noble tree, which has awed for a cell ,
tury, with date:inches spreading for laid wide, ir d
yielding a grntriul shade. He looks upon it in ad,
miration but sighs and exclaims: " bug
will it take me to cut it down!' And so in party
strife, men.belicdd in their way , a nobleman of hu
manity; they pause not in admiration, but exclaim,
"Row soon can we cut him down! "
The shove extract suggests some important
thoughts. Oae of the saddest things connected
with political strife is the spirit of detraction which
'So generally prevaiLs. There is no sanctuary
either in' age or virtue where the candidate
fir dace may I find protection. He may
have spent a life in the service of his country
—he may have employed all his energies accor_
ding to Ns best judgment, yet if he ventures to b,.
Come a cindicrate for office, or even takes an ac-
OM part in polities, he expoms himself to all kn..
of chose. Nor is this aLL Charges that have no
ktinffatiOn in truth, are brought against him, .d
published to the world. And why is all. thisr Is it
because the individual is believed to be a bad men,
and therefore ought to be exposed! Is it from per
m:mat enmity? Not stAL As a private Citizen, be
may be highly respected and much beloved. But
be igands in the way. Re is looked upon as an
obstacle to the Itletee of the opposing party, and
he must be removed. He may be pure and up
right,-one of nature's noblemen, but he most be
put out of the way. No efforts are spirec( no
means Intl unemployed to destroy his fair Bum, And
disgrace his name. The prmstoooften leads iikt If
to this work of detreetten, pvcreatelos.ii..lf,
to the lowest and basest purposes. Men may
smile and say "all is fair in politics," bat it is not
so. There is a tearful responsibility assumed when
by word or deed wffinjure the character of 'is fek
low being...- We. may escape the censure of men,
but panne will at last be dorm. The wrongs of
jured innocence will be redressed. The guilty
shall not escape unpunished.
Hrinciesoirr.--This modern mode °iterating the
flesh is heir to, is becominggaite popular in this
section of country, as it hall for many years l cep
in Germany, and other parts of Europe. From the
time that Paniciscr. made his discovery, to the pre
sent, the Water fare system ban been steadily ad
vancing, and nuoibers amongst its votaries canny
men whose medical skill and Wants are undoubt
ed That it has all the virtues which its enthusias
fie admirers • cl ai m for it, we are not prepared to
admit; but that it has been productive of much
benefit to those who have been ldng and seriously
affected, must be conceded. Although we have
no expe ri ence in the curative effects of the system, I
personally, yet it is almost self evident that the
bathing, and exercise, and diet, and freedom from
business to he enjoyed at a well regulated Water
Cure Establishment, most be productive of great
good, especially to persons of sedentary hahits,
immersed almost continually in the cares of biol.
liens in the confined sir of cities.
In another column the reader will find the Hy
dropathic Establishment of Dr. Amax, at Philips.
burgh, advertised. We are informed by some of
oar citizens, that they, or their friends, have receiv
ed great benefit at this establishment, and that it ia
very sueceesfully and respectably candumed—that
every attention is paid to the comfort of the board
eta, and that it is 'a very pleasant place to spend a
kw weeks, besides the curative effects to be de
rived. We are told that the extensive establish
meat is at present quite full, but that boarding colt
be obtained in the neighborhood.
Eels= blsotcaa lisstrivra.—Young men
seakiegin a biledicaleducation,are referred to the
advertisement of the above institution, located in
Citi6nuati, Ohio.
The friends of this institution claim for it "that it
has inrianned those errors, and removed those do
lmas in practical medicine which have been per.
geiyed and acknowled,gbd by the beat physicians of
the present century." -
AU that the laboreta demand is that Labor shall
be placed fairly in competition with CapitaL If
thin be not done, what will be thei and of Our boas
ted civilization t Look to Europe for an answer !
Look to
_England, Ireland, and France ! Millions
are there starving.; thousands dying daily from
"Panties Farm," while a few' have seized the
tratervoits of wealth—Part. •
What does the Past mean by a lbw having
Unice' the reservoirs of wealth? And what are
ieservotrs X.wealth. Again what will put labor
4 fisin!? in competition with capital ? In short,
what is the Pod driving at, Let its have it iu plain
Tan Amami 'Casa—Among the amendments
to the Civil Appropriation Bbl, atpted bythe Sen.
aterstuTharsdayi . sna en appropriation 0f.550,000
En , the adjtisinant natiirrlingshilintent of the claim
ol the Spanish Government aping the States,
*shale* Aritiwad and the siecrees on board, as
eecommeoded in the President'/ Message. The
Swinish Minister has, for some time past, pressed
this claim with mach zeal.
The House *ill no doubt Wait old the appro.
gelation; at least it will be greatly wanting in its
duty to the principles of hump , liberty, if it does
The Free Sod State Conventhm of New Jersey
met at Trenton on Wednesday—D. M. Wilson pro-
Wait* Senatorial; and diwriot, delegates to the
%Irak) Convention were appointed. The attend
,Anca Wfs very slim, says the „State Caselte.—
&mug resolutions were passed..
DiSSOLUTIO3 OP • CAM Ct.oo ni btenicton.—The
kid Cass Club organized In Jackson county, Mich.
isran, which was at thelown of Napoleon, base re.
padiated Can and Bader, owazug to o s i s 'ft. es ,
views, and have !excised to go Bun,. The
Club was composed — of ALL the :Looofoo os of that
The trial of Dan= Daarroa,i for The abduction
of Slaves, has been cuin g on • Washington for
some days, endhe has been fo • • d guilty on 'one
..Paitow of um ilinesoi-1
tinalemeeive exhibition, has again Visitadour cities
ju sd , wss !could advise all who ineve not e ujoyed
51,,,t0 'embrace the Opportunity now af-
O r kigkeinidaecing thispeautel whit or-irt.
' Vasco .lit"Gtx=l*,in a letter pabligted
ki pod; dik4akr a amacialioa kn. &mama.
, ,
witreha r saw. by the "1"1.16
A 43lo s l g l adit'ves"caraud
:Icti ry ttettouid - of Ctirltultieau riimeh by thie
'daforrhor,Mid liwritten withal Icia wail° Mae
toghei imok-re t e of freedom eitd beneftietlee, that
,=4 1 30t deprPro our reudessof the phmoros
asiierna. ' -
Correspondence of the tr.Crimean:Ml Advertiser - .
LO3DXI, July 21, 1848. •
This week has again been one of excitement,
brit rather from apprehension of impending visits
liege than (Mtn anykatial •Cirenmstancesi•
it is true ; nave, ocrtorteli, which in ordinary times
woeld furaiXll thal dirs twelvemonth, but as mat.
t`rs_•go they have been of small comparative ira•
r nh?mcc. The Ihrobbingsorthe Irish volcano, but.
cline of the cholera approaching Gom Russia and
Turkey, and concurrent repbtm fmm moat , parts of
England of Eital signs in the potato crop, have been
tar the last few days the subjects of attention(
stuTicient to overpower the now tedious history o
continental changes. Although we had well - nigh
sopped full of horrors, domestic Insurrection, plague
and famine are contingencies, especially when pre•
seated at the same moment, which have still 60010
power to stir no.
- -
I must nevertheless not omit my Continental
summary. In Paris the principles of Minty, eqpil
sty and fraternity still require for their. pr ote ction
the maintenance of the state of siege and the sup.
pression of the journals, bet 'n rehixation is etc:M(s 7
ted to be ordered by General Civaigana
Meanwhile the Assembly continue their functions,
the dullness and impotence of their diseuseicaustmi
mg relieved only by, passionate explosions among
the various orators, upon subjects wholly inasheii
rent to all ordinary observers.. Among the pi e s
eeedings of the week, ell that requirernotiee are a
deciee authorizing the loan of $30,000,000, from
the Bankof France, proposed some time back, one
kali of which is to be 'geared by the 'hypothecation
of renter bind the otheP half by a mortgage. on the
state forests—ti notification to the depositors is the
savings banks and to the holdersof Treasury bonds
that they will be paid in renters, to be issued to
them at about sor 7 per cent, above the market
value—and a diwussion on the contemplated coo.
fiseition of the private property of Louis Philippe,
which drew forth a somewhat' eloquent protest on
the part of M. Thiess against the word "crimes'
being applied to the acts of the fallen king, which
he maintained had in no ease gorse avant the ex.
toting laws, such as they were, and Could not
therefore, under any einstunstanrns be designated
by a . harsher term than that of faults The consida
ration of the new constitution is not yet completed
by the committees who have it in charge, but
the draught is expected to be presented shortly.
ThrO proposed salary of the President is understood
to be 210,000 francs.
From Sicily we have intelligence that the
Chambers have voted the Crown to the folio of
Genoa, the second son of the King of Sardinia--
A new monarch is therefore introduced into the
European family an event however not quite so
important as would be the appearance of an addi
tional star on your side. The population'of this
island is about 2,000,000, while that of Naples,
from which country it has effected as separation,
is about 6,000,000.
At Naples it appears the Parliament has at
length assembled. The lower house consists of
104 members, and before it could proceed to bus
iness the attendance of en absolute majority, that
is to say of at least 53 members, was required, but
although the opening speech of the King woe de•
livered by - proxy, on the let inst., a week elapsed •
before a sufficient body - could be got together;---a
mote striking anecimeu of the inaptitude .:f the
leople to exercise their new privileges could hard
y have been presented. Meanwhile news has
been receiv ed , of the suppression in a great meas
ure of the revolt in the Calabrian provinces, which
had been stimulated by the landing of 2400 S,cilinn
sympathisers, and which'at the last dates seemed
alniost to threaten the ultimate overthrow of the
Regarding the Italian and Austrian armies in
Lombardy and in the Venetian kingdom nothing
Dew has been received. I have repeatedly warn.
ed your readers against believing anything they
may are m the French or English papers regarding
the Pope, and the necessity for this caution is con
Manny illustrated. For some time past a has been
represented in all quarters as a recognised Cam. that
like the king of Naples, he had entirely withdrawn
his co-operation front the enure of Italian nation
ality. It now appears that the Papal troops have
constituted for several weeks the chief defence of
the city of Venice from tailing into the power of
the Austrians, by whom all the rest of the Venetian
kingdom is at present held.
Germany continues to realise the best hopes n
her friends. The election of the Archduke John of
Austria as the President of the Confederation
seem• daily to be regarded with increasing ratio
action. Sall there are great difficulties, which
none but the blindly sanguine would expect to be
overcome without much intermediate trouble and
confusion. Among these the adjustment ni t. r im
mon commercial tariff for all the states of tin- (co.
federation will prove the most trying.
. .
At,Visuesthere bait been a ehansre of milieu",
and matters seem in a Most unsettled eonomon,
bat the prices of the fonds appear firm, and theno
may be taken as the bed indication or the real
state of the public mind.
In our domestir legislation, the only important
circumstance has been the announcement by Lord
John Russell, of the various 'measure of it, eel
arm which be intends to carry to completion, and
area° which he finds it necessary to aband.m.—
Among_ the former ore the public health biti, the
passing of which will he'facilitated by the cholera
nn arrrerwa; the encumbered estates (Ireland) hell,
the chief object of which is to enable landlords. to
sell a portion of mortgaged estates for the purpSse
of applying the premeds to the improvement of the
remainder; the corrupt practices in boroughs bilk
the bill for establishing diplomatic relations with
Hamm and the Landlord and tenant (Ireland) La—
Among those to be abandoned are the only two
important liberal measure* of the session, namely,
the trill for the repeal of the navigation laws and
the Parliainentary oaths NIT, introduced to over.
come the disabilities of the Jews. The qualifica
tion and registration of electors (Ireland) bill 14 den
set aside. All these, however, are of coune to be
taken up next soeaion.
The conclusion. lame and impotent as it a, is
precisely what was foretold. The Conservative
middle classes, to their selfish inability to distin
guish between a healthful and undisturbed s:ream
of progress mud the torrent of anarchy, have sue.
ceeded totheir hearts' content in d111:16110a op the
opinions of the moues. They look with rejoicing
at the dry channel, and utter uncoasclousneas of
the ultimate flood.
We now come to the one absorbing topic of the
moment, Ireland. Here everything 'denotes a set.
sin, and ill were writing Of any other than a Celtic
nice, I shoilld nay that nothing could prevent the
immediate commencement of one of the most de.
termined and tenable strugglu that have ever been
recorded in history. But the Irish, as a people, are
as inconstant and purposeless as the French, and
it is vain to waste Saxon logic in attempting to
ppophecy the aegoenms of any mattikstation with
which they may present ns at ally given time.
All that can be done, therefore, is to narrate
events, and leave each reader to draw upon his
own imagination the whet ia to know. Shortly
after the departure .of the last packet, an address
was published, signed by the Bishop of Killaloo
and 57 Romeo Catholic clergymen, declaring that
they could preach only "peace, patience and chart.
ty," aniVinviting their countrymen to abandon their
schemes, and make one more 'generous and con•
stitutional effort" for repeal by meathaoTa legal as
tiociation, such as that which existed under (non.
nelL This does not appear to have produced
much effect.
Next we had a letter from Mr. Gavin Duffy, da
ted front Newgate, urging the people to hold feat
by the clubs, or "all will lie lost." Meanwhile the
.reports of the progress of organization thickened
daily, and the evidence of increased caution, and of
a power of self -command under provocation, ben
came significantlY perceptible among the masses.
The clubs in Dublin were to hive an aggregate
meeting on the 15th. but the assemblage won post.
potted. Mr. Meagher ; woe mentioned immy
loot letter as havinOskrt .arreated far sedition on
the eve
of depart ‘ifittnepea, has travel's.
ed unnext wises; and onigitheawly is out on
bail till March, Ibl9. On the 10th. more important
intelligence arrived. The electric telegraph on.
nounced that the Lord Lieutenant, having received
intimation of no intended outlrreak, had "proclaim.
ed" certain districts, among which were the city
and county of Dublin, the cities and several parts
of the commies of Cork and Waterford, and the
town ofDroghedio
This proclamation is mode under the coercion
act, passed an December last, by which power we.
given to the Lord Lieutenant, after he ,all have
declared any district to be disturbed, tb sen 4 an
additional coastal:minty (me t to be paid et the t..a.,
pease of the inhabitants -"to prohibit all pertions
from carrying arms under a penalty of titres. years .
imprisonment—and to demised that all arms shell
be givens:fp: . Simultaneously issith the news of
this strong measure, tidings also retched us that
the Rev. Mr. Byrne, a Roman Catholic Priest, and
others, having been arrested for sedition and lodg.
ed in the jail of Carrick on Sttir, a town in Tippe
nary, of about 20,000 inhabitants, the people had
risen in a mass, with the Intention to set them free
which they were only prevented (rpm doing by the
libenition of the pasties on bad. i
Weer these cireunastancee the excitement to
know what will happen next is universal, and I
am sorry Jr say that nothing cam exceed either the
avidity with which the puLlic in this country seem
to contemplate the idea of severitn or their cell
complacentreliance upon one indomnable power.
The feeling is exactly skirt to that Which I observ
ed on the part of the special constables aniline the
Chartists in London, on the 10th of Apri l. A sort
of impatient soengat which only wants tut °poor
malty to display ewe% and which admits no gees
tion how we ourselves should act, if we were an.
der the same circumstances as our opponents. So
wild, unretlecting, and contagions is this feeling at
present, that this morning, in a public carnage, I
saw a lady lay dome a newspaper, with unmitigo
ted disappointment, which she had eagerly seized
under an impression that it contained, as she
said, news of a massacre in Ireland,' and re.
turning this aflernoon, a gentleman who sat oppo ;
site to me, with the ' Church of England blew/mine
in hithindo expressed, Ina professional style that
aho*ed itsti,impetion within hfm, a fervent hope
Mathis moat* en outbreak took place the milita
ry woulVpidk or the leaders with temonelers
skill.. Sad rte thia is, :however, it is the mere boil
lag over of. Misdirected and inconsiderate excite
ment, consequent upon the tone given in all coun
tries to ;Kitties by tho : proud, uncOnscientious, and
*how people who take the leadi. Five minutes!
conversation and kind ramonatraneepf It could .
hive' been- administered in private, would have
made both - the eager lady end the Church of Ent
beautiful and
land student heavily eoe+Yand mhimeactwem.
'On the•two remilling'poiritn of plum , thit.34lU."
leris`llind the potato disease, there in* erniebl o
Wald, The_ proportion deathOrporte4 Sem
Russia had the Torkish±pitnrinue cflrkddevireitst
:the .Present progress Or t ,Weboicriiinerin g o neg .
ctied even' that whichtehar
tern isrniarr
'Visit. In the alaruCcenied bySt -
invadr4considerable,ellenticut,serunsdately3a be.
excited by the statements put Fottimird by the he.
ancepubuts, cif the comparative motility wider
their treatment and under that of the allopruld.w
Documents, gement which are beyond question,
and extend over a large number of cues,
- 15hciw the hem-Palltio lessor patients to have been
the= 8 per cent, while under the ordinary treat,
meat it was 40 per cent. Certified returns have
:else been published of the comparative results of
therespeeti. ve modes in the treatment of the egg=
vated font of dyaentery, prevaMir during the fain.
roe in Iceland, in 1847. These'show 14 per !lent:
of deaths under the homeopathic, against 30 pet
rent. under the . alkipatbic, and as they have been
widely made known, it Is probable that if the ehir
lera should ultimately reach us, the two systems
wanow be tried side by aide, to a sufflcent extent
to afford to the. medical profession the means of
definitively Conning. a judgment upon the goes.
As respects the potato disarm*" all is yet =cer
tainty, but the accounts (min various pinta of Eng-
land, as far as they go, tend to pluve that appeal,
anew, are worse now than they were at the cot
_responding period of the fatal year 1810. From
Ireland no unfavorti6le acriniDU with regard to
them have, yet beeh published; hot I understand
that such have actually been received by the Gov.
broment to a serious . extent, end it moat also Isa
remembered that in the former ease the disease
'lees Dot manifested in that country until it bad rip.
.peared in England. 'Still 'the disease seems so
capricious, both ha iur : advent and in its em ulous!
cessation, that with favorable weather there is yei
room for hope that the alarm may prove needless:.
The prospects of the grain harvest continue sada
factory; from the ramie of sunshine, and this week
there has been a decline in wheat of 2. to 3s per
quarter, which has, however, to day in a great
measure been recovered from.
From the manufacturing districts the reports are
[Wain of an improved tenor, but the effect has not
yet shown itself in any increased employment for
money in London. The upward movement of
coanols therefore continued rapid until it wan
checked by the ugly aspect of matters in Ireland.
At the date ofmy NM letter they were at 871; since
then they have touched 891—the Irish news cans
ed a reaction to 871, and they are now 87i.
Pawnerlvanta Rail Read--its proarea s .
Correspondence of the Pittsburgh Queue.
Pm:mouse* Aug. 4,1838.
The work on the Pennsyliwnla Rail Road pro.
greases rapidly. Already the grading between lbw
risborg and Lewistown is in snob a state of Err
wariness that no doubt remains of that portion of
the road being open for business by the first of April
next. The division between Lewistown and Holli
daysburg has been pot under contract, and the work
commeuced at many points. This section,it is believ
ed, will be completed by the end of next year; and
thus, by usingthePortegeßoml,can will then pass
from this city to the westernbase of the Alleghenies
—within seventy five mime( Pittsburgh- We feel
anxious to know what is doing on the Western
end of the road.
The company has exhibited the incrit commend
able activity in pushing forwnid the work, and no,
thing has occurred to weaken public cooddence in
the judicious management of the Board of Duce.
tors till within a few weeks. Rumor, have got
admit, that the company, or at least the Directors,
design to retain the business of Tronmarroriaa on
the road, in their own hands—that they have con
tracted for a large comber of airs—are preparing
to erect large depots, ta . whieh the whole baldness
of the road shall be done, &es, arc -2,..
The Charter expressly declares The , road to be a
"puhlrc inglarrey,' subject to a limited rate of tolls
fur the use of the road and motive power. By this
wise provision the Legislature intended to encou
rage individual competition, and to prevent the
company (tom monopollolog the carrying trade.—
It, however, requiem no great disnernment te per.
ceiveinat the tympany, should they undertake the
carrying, may readily out such obstructions in the
way of individual car owners, as will soon result
in leaving the business at the mercy of the corpo,
The moment individual =triers are excluded
from the road, we shall have a boo managed as is
the one between this city and New York—charging
enormous rates of freight.
As Allegheny County is about to make a large
subscription to the Stock of this Company, it might
be well to make some inquiries on this subject.—
The eitixec• of the county have a right at least to
know if their money is to he invested in freight
Can, and monster warehouses—or if it is to be em
played to to legitimate purpose—via. io the con.
gime:tun Of the roil road, anti motive pow.
er I beg you to 1.1.. tie public atieoton
to the i.utueet.
...... .
Joust Quirto-r Atassa—eHon. T. L aingman. of
N C, luta written a letter abowtog that the late
John Quincy Adams favored 'be idea of Get.
Taylor's nonunatton for the Ptesidency, as the man
for the umes, and that be had no doubts as to the
soundness of his polities.
The fallowing ts • Muer from the Bon. Charles
Hudson, of blass„on the entnesitieet :
Wssurlouly 24, ISA&
Su.—ln answer to the inquiry contained in
your Moor of the 2lat mat, I have the honor to
gay, that hearing from many of oar friends that
lion John Quincy Adams w;u is favor of General
Taylor for the Presidency, I took occasion to intro
duce the subject of the candidates in a converser
uou with him , by asking him whom the Whys .
would run. Ilir answer was, General Taylor. I
expressed some dissaltsfaction at such a ONMILI.
lion, and he rephed—.that he preferred him to any
other Southern man; that he believed him to be the
only man who could break down this corrupt Ad•
ministration, and close this miserable war; and
would do more to eurhrthrXispirit of conquest, and
check the spread of Slavery,. than any Mali the
Whigs could elect." In another conversation with
him on this subject, he expressed the game general
views and said that Gen. Paylor as n soldier was
bound to obey the orders of the President, and
could not as an honorable man resign his minmts
don in time of war, when his cauntry wanted his
services. These convergations were held with
Mr. Adams some time in January, as near as I
can now recollect Very teepee:ly your obl caret
RL aUs 11151.1.0 N.
Joint W. Paocroa, Fasq.
Correspondence of the Pittsburgh Cirtrett
7 , lnr Cinanau,,/
August 2d, It4B.
are—ln your paper of the 270, I eve a no
tice. that the Cotton Factory owners of your vi.
amity have appointed a committee to seek a lo
cation some where on the Ohio River, in Western
Virginia, for the purpose of erecting a rnanufae.
taring establishment for Wool and Cotton Goode;
and would it be presuming too much to call their
attention to so young but thriving a place as New
Cumberland, Hancock, Virginia. It is situated on
the Ohio River, about sixty miles below Piusborgh,
and has been about five years in building—contains
about filly families. Its resources are--inexhaurs
tibia mines of coal.—two streams of water, one
sufficient to run a flouring mill sod several saw
mills—the other saw mills, acc. Its materials for
building are abundant and cheap, and Zr a maw
chictirring town, I blow of no point where boob a
manufactory could be carried on to more advan
tage to its owners than this, to which I would res.
pectfully call their attention before establishiag
• - .
There are men—we Wash to call them
men—who turn up their noses at the me
chanic and humble laborer. Being liberally
educated—as it is called—they looked 'down
with a sort of contempt on those who, in
some cases, have contributed to their sup
port. " You need not despise a spinning
wheel," said an old lady. to her pompous
son, one day, "for many a night have I
worked at it to get money to send you to
There are women, too, who will not touch
a needle with their delicate hands, who
laugh at the poor and industrious, who learn
trades or work in factories for a living. "La,
how unrefined they are," says, with a scorn
ful smile, as she lounges on the sofa, reading
the last pink novel. We once knew a lady
—shall we call her a lady I—of this com
plexion. Shonsarilondly: belaboring a poor,
hard•working girl—calling her low and un
refined. "Why," said she, "her father was
nothing but a low mechanic."
Yes," remarked a woman present, "her
father was a mechanic. I knew him well;
for he lived in the tame neighborhood with
your mother, when she went out a-wash
There, reader, if you had been present
you would have seen a strange confusion of
face, and heard a vain attempt to utter some
thing that was too prickly to come out. It
stuck in the throat.
When we hear of men or women speak
lightly of the indostrious part of the commu
nity, we feel just like tracing back their gen
ealogy. We have done so in several in
stances, and you would be eruprised at what
we learned. The most aristocratical man of
Our acquaintance is the grandson of a fid
dler ; the proudest woman, the daughter of
a washer-woman.
It betrays a lack of good same to condemn
or look with contempt on any rico:tong per
son, however poor he or she may be. The
wise and good respect and love goodness,
wherever it is found.
meeting has been held in Cleveland.-575,000
anbscribed, and the Directors authorized to put
the whole road under contract. This is the way
to act.... The Pittsburgh Western Road will inteni
sect thin' work.
fillosmuuras—Those delightful MD.
'well see nightly giving °oncelts at Apollo MX
where they will remain for this weak only.
ENtiablargb Oasette
Wrouroovolc Mg. 8 .
The Senate was Ca'lled to order, and proceeded
to the consideration of !he morning bi3siness.
Mr- Webster appeared 'in his neat. for the 51 . ,
time since bin severe
The Vice Presidetit laid before the Senate n re
port from the Semedary or State, with a copy cf
the Report of the C ommissioner of Patents.
The discussion of Bartori's proposition for report
ing Senate's piece edings wan continued, and the
eubject then laid 4 a the table.
The IA grantiu g lends from Mobile to Ohio was
so amended m /0 Mak& I similar grant to the Mont
gomery. and Peinneola road. The amendments
Were adoPted.
Mr. Benton 'offered an amendment to make a
sirnilar grant to the St. Joseph and Hanibai road,
which *as adoilted.
The bill no ronended wee then passed by a vote
of 31 to 15. :
The Senate'then went into Executive Session.
The Rouse was occupied last night until 10 o'.
clack in debating in Committee of the Whole the
River and Harbor bill.
This morning the Speaker announced the Gra
business in order Wee reported Mlle °lithe Speak.
er's wide, which were read twice end referred.
literanteia iEleeelern - Tileturna.
Correspondence of the Pittsburgh Gauen°.
Aug. S.
Crittenden for Governor, hasCiacian farther ati, majorities
in the Mowing counties, from which we have
now full returns.
[ft would appear horn this, that in the State at
large, Um voting continued under the new law,
only one day, in Louisville thane day. Our corres
pondeat stated three days generally in his firm
Bourbori county ..... . 5000
Franklin " .
tartan ' ..... 'l6
....... .385
The hllowing from which tall returns have not
been received give mioritiei for Crittenden.
Shelby county ............... ..... 300 •
Bracken "
L.etvle lso
Monroe • ... • • ....... ....... (39
In Nicholas county, Powell, Dern., kuu a ma)°,
fly of 100.
In Kentucky, second day, Crittenden's majority,
JecTerson county gave 230 Inajurily for Cra ten
I have morns hoot the fdlowlog collates
• Lincoln county ........... ........ 900
Boyd 200
Garrard eAS
Montgome77 . 1 n
Tuesday, returns from the following counties nro
in favor of Crittenden.
1: d 1
Franklin 100
Few Democratic counties yet heard from.
Correspondence of the Ptuabuttit
Indiana Elect/op Returns.
CgtcMusa', Tuesday eight, Aug. b.
Wayne county giver. Whig Representative..
with reduced ummeity. A Democratic Shenfi was
Payout, county return. one Wkog Represent',
Marion county returns auto Uemogratie and
One Whig Representative.
Wnshingion and Jefferson counties give a Whig
majority 0(511; and the enure Wlug ticket circled
■ Whin gain of 100 in Washington.
Jennings county gives n Whig ruojonty of 300.
Bartholomew county gives a Whig majority. and
a gain of one Whig Senator.
The returns, so far, are tevirmide to the Whigs.
The following couches have given \Pi n g major•
Mem—Union, Jennings, Hendricks. Morgan, Vigo.
and Putnam.
is Tippecanoe county two flarabeiner I et:ev
ent" are elected bin heavy vote.
Henry County ratans a Democratic Searatort—
The residue of the Whig ticket is elected.
litoutgotarry county is doiand.
[This county gave a Demo Crane maptnly laat
year of 711
Randalph and Hancock counties have given
Dantocvntic LaajOriliea.
1.1114e1s Eiftll4o
t l ncu uFlitAArr t te,
Jo Davies Co, Raker, Whig." Env a majority of
300,L.s gain.
lidsaarti Co, has vireo Harris, Dan, s majority
of 73.
In Sangamon Co., Logan, Whig, Las n majority
• ,
Correspondence of the Pluchargh Goszt.
111 lasiourl Elea non.
Sr. Loris, Aug. h.
The Lkeznocrais have earned St. LIM" county my
a majoniy of 2 00—retinas imperfect.
In Illinois, Baker [whiff) is elected over Turner.
a rein.
Harms (dem.) has the following majorittek Me
:amid county, 70; Morgan. $O. Logan Iwhig I re ,
ceive• a majority in Tazewell county of 200--pro
bably elected. Si. Chu county gimes a Whig ma
jority of 400 for Legislature.
Commandeer. of the Mathew, Gazeee
Xenia Carolina Election.
Pumexettente, Aug. ft, 1 t &cheek
A teleirraphiedeapateh to the Waahstmton Union
anye--• The Winne have elected their
Governor, and a majority of the Legislature.'
(Tina ere hope may he true, but from the former
tenor of the returns from that State, tt needs mu.
ftrmaimn.—En. Goa
Correspondence . of the Ptusburgh Gazelle
Loutsvu.xs, Auguat 5, 1815.
The Steamer Gcrsuantown,in attempting to pass
over the Falb, to day, struck a rock, and was in.
jured to some extent. She was immediately run
ashore, and was saved from further danger.
Corresndence of the Pittsburgh Gazette.
PIIILADEUML.., Aug. 5, 0 e. at.
Flour—Sales of new arBs 2.5a5 50 per barreL
The market is very quiet and the tendency down
Rye Flour is scarce, and gales were made
53 Ei7 cts.
Grain—Them ia mare doing in Caro, and the
market has an upward tendency.
Corn Meat—Sales at $2 ,Inte2 62-
Wheat—The supply of Wheat is good, end ra
ther preasing the market, with antes of prima and
at 100,3105 e.
- .
liawno:ntx, Aug. 8, 6 r.F.
Flour Sales of IL S., at 85,.--there is no moll ,
ed elumge Goo yesterday, the market in dattytkug
Graln—There has been no roles of wheat woe.
thy of report, prime Red is held at 8751+3e, sales
of prime White at looanos.
Corn—Sales of prime White al 46/34Sc, of prime
Yellow at 512e53e.
Nem York, Aug. r. st.
Flour—Sale. of Genesee at SiYals,l2{ per bbl.—
With smaller eastern abipments, the market is in
Grain—Coro is firm, the supply being small.
Wheats—There is a good inquiry for milling pus.
Oats—Sales at 43114.
Provisions—There is less movement in Pork,
the market being heavy. Sales' have been only for
the supply of the regular trade demand.
Lord is fbatiand held higher.
Cotton—The innrket continues quiet as last
Cincinnati, Aug. 8, 6 r.
Float—The market, with mcaterate sales is in
favor of the seller. The sem to day exceeded
700 bbls, at 53 50.03 66.
chance.U is rain—The market witticatt auy reportable
Groceries--The market is quiet.
Whiskey—Sales at 1.5 f a per gallon.
Provisions—Salsa of Hama at Gatti forewoman;
Shoulders, firm at Wr3Sei Sides duit a 4c.
Llnimed Oil--Sales .t 51 ctr. .
Choese--Sales of W1:31421M Rexene at Gc.
Peasnaern AWAY nou Hosnatni asp Cututers-.A
Cowan Won, max. EitanY.-4heowner Of this
Minify, or rather he into whose bonds they had Dblan
after the decease of one who
or claimed them as sles,
was taking th em from N. Carolina to settle them in av ln.
stoma, where they might be fro. Will those who hero
from t guilty of separating husband a wife, e
enough in their hearts not to throw her, a stranger,
penniless and utterly destitute, upon th e cold charity ot
an unfeeling world but furnish her with menus, end
1.241 her in netting to Milton, tbsyne county, iodln,
Where she will find her husband atsd ettalren, situ IrisA
friends to I.k ta In urae of need. !finer to .1. L. NEW.
BY, Pittsburgh. •
(Cr The Executive Committee Ot the ertorma erre
Ruin Cure" will meet this (Wednesday) evening, ut
the Meyer's Mace, 4th creel.' An the members me
requested te be present. rt. 1111311. AK
an 9411 Chainbas orCommture.
Oa /Warder, August Mk, et the reeldeaca of .1 arras
Beau', MI roe itt - hter, Pena Itteet, Cewnenciar
DoernrwAt the 91. t year of hie age, e water in the
Revoltaloftery War.
Ilisfaheral will take place alp 94tereoon at 9 o'clock,
Awe the residence of Aimee Braley,'Dian street, be
tween Genie, alley ead Weyeristrern, end proceed
to the Allegheny Cemetery.
.Ehee of tbre PHEburgh Gazeun.
,c.r. s—Er a ordealed. A ,t;,3.
LOfeLy •314 a revorded to io
eeo.l.og Deed, . under 4.r.,!.ua 0,1.
Ordained and enacted Into a law in Council., IL,,
IN day of Mtge..t. A 0.1.4.
[Ana., I loitt.,_ , k,i ROLICHTSON, pro.'l e e
It. Ilton. litoassat. Clerk C C
JOHN StiEn'teV, Pre.: S t•
Joni Nlaatir, t :ark S C. „. 0r „,„ .. ,
1.1.U...1.1.1., ton. kiss v. tr..
DR FIDNi'ARD ACtitili, take. 1, 3 moan or re
turning her thanks in In. trend.„,, „ i ,,, , ,,
for th. ealet..t-i a - e ratrortage he lots to and co' u -
form., tr.e. that 1... ha, late.v ore te.: a :arse au:
sreti rms.:rut toil ttailmi.g. lor u,-
..I. la•lv. purproo•
of at. HI Al FR CLUE Ka id,.. ( I.IsitAIENT. at Ins u.. 1
Meaner.. Phalopalthrg .1. 1 . ;.a., on the Ohio in err. Oppro.
aito the steatnrwat lanthog M. Bea•ets u bete he,. read.
t o we t .... in,. ..m. es Loonier., mad twat them on 11)-
deo:worse r...0r ~.• /.1 midi 11031 IV 1114 101. g ~,pcg.•
owe,. ste: the cr...: .n-. et. tont, has heretotore a
ended to. treaunent .o. ;onion. committed to his care,
he an. now I. 20,11.A.:111.i..a• allortled by
lei rite bat mar ewe ,rd eaprotoo, tar the porno,.
ta... ,a. , c0m0.,.....a• am! a., t tan... a1..1 tob•1 t.p att.
l•-fla., taw trentd-eart in tao unnoo, oe .... tot
of Lia< ,:lcli, Phlllipnburob .. it nowt ti et .„..,,„ ~,,,,
hearuky iage. easy or acorn 14 at...uproots, end at.
lord. hoe and ill tic..., water. pa n Aoker trooro.
Ito., nursed per sot.• win en•y pla:e tneguse, r.
der Ithr caw. mat every adentool •hith br (.3,1 iu me r le
dune ea, •n •e (.1 the •...laullp. ttonefit•
Id tw doneed. s he pond. r ••.•2lC oth COlind.M.Ce to lite hun
dreds who have twon permanently eared ar Ls ednb-
Iwhineal The Water Care leave. to overrun, etre., ,
behind, at 5. too often the eves WWI Mow wott have ,
beau treated nit all, VW a) ale Vi. It removes be ow-
rasa,.„vicoraMs the symem. protects front the Jr......
tocnt to eitio.gos or tar: avati.or, create, a aattirai ,
11.1•ctive stylvtate, and nosausta viago 4.., :lA< L. 1 .4,a11rC L
... powers. Tem. of tresonenl and bwknlisig re'isOndli'e. ,(
For further Iruticulart require at the i.taltiottamete. or ;
address the proprietor at I . lttliap.burgh.
aug9-orlye I'
L— ! V\
. _
Stammer Retreat at Pleasant Gratin. 1
~ ~,_
LtEtit-KAI. lanatn. catsboa be aecommodated wtth l .'” 1 ... '" . ' 7-
H. Boarahne, al the yell knowu mansion 0: Jmnes 1 ab- in 1,61,, ~,, , ~,, ,„!,
Adams. t..54_, steed. The rnatir.ii ton a.t tor I Jai .
I ower end oi . Manchester,., u lodes it E. :I, el:, .
1.,. yse ,I ...Jd iron, tw.tancloiseron.o.ed uy . „tea- I) , ZiIL Al- 4 0-7 ow a• o
cordon., and too .. 4 tugs the .sane, wt. re ow boat. _ ) 5 4 . 7
lregovot l / P..... '''''. .6 7 " " .. '"' '` r '" '''''''" 44 )111 01.101 , I.1..11ou', 0 '. tor •-, •• n,
rol quietude ut me Towne The , ull 4A/ 1,•• ran
~.,,, , sci ,, s ~., ~ A h ~,r ,
h . ,, di
weoi .
porous M. avocanou an :Ile ....', taiw not cora., and . .., -
.peed In. Istwire bon. wdlt hr. from:), alter , doe/ 11O L ETIAN RED-10 It., I:ac Venet r a n I:rd. 'or
ty the de oaT.Lol acenery and pure brat... at: ni a 'Alla by sue , J oCS 11.KJ:\ Al A K1../t ACo
the coutary 'lle in and Con aiterlys command
Lre.t medico; attendance 100121 PutaLurga or Allegheny Q . AR Cel11:1) 11 tAls-12 ,t-r,.. Se hooley .1
1101(a damnUnnighoses run consuthuy on the ro . i t to . C. , Ws lentrinnati. .tigar cured Fatal -, 11.1110. very
the city-and the trroonatruud pack eTi t toads a sow: d:s.. o' d Bald for so.. 1.)
tanee arum the Louse, wthat tau adheuity occurs .n go. _ ' RI 1 4 141.14:1114 A NICOI.S Ilberty NI
tag to arid trout Um e.ty at any nate Irmo 7 A At to Loll . i try fEßs __, ~,, ~, r , seas r r.‘rt , enk. ,... c ,
pant 10 at main 'lire term, of bearding aml be found t 4„a f or .c, by our... SKI.LEP, So NICOLS
very moderate. and no odor, is spared to reader, uear a t
remortaloe In a I ro.pcci.l tON-10 em.• Sboolder.. tanding (rent dealuer
Ileapemahie mdivaluel• or amen parties ' , nohow to ' M. 0 ., trod too solo by
num um country during the dot. eau ha necomratode. 4 . 7 __ 140141141,(tN A RF.I'PERT. ItS wooed At
led Will. M.:. 1.1 the regular Laura or I A NI . I P. )1, . yiirrF Bi- avt-ta. ttht. ...Tibor sale % •
.11,4 I' M. E./callow •1.111.0; sad carisace room , . ~,,'', '" *' s ~. y r ; : ,, , r0 ,:,..,,,,, u , 5 y, co
ran also be pros toted ono We
Journal ptease rapt ODKI4 VINE, .A It --.1, b .l. :or •a:n by
aug3 /1111 NI/ R ill. 5 A C0.:17 water at
N INTIILS REPt/lIT- The twat.: Idle 1134•1.11. I ....- -
14 annuity & Tram Company or Plulattelpt...- re. ' EF.R SK L INS-.rtat .t. tor solo lm r
port that 44 persaas have been insured •t thew Other : aug.S FRIEND, PaaEY &Co
d.,ny the past hrtr moan" i "-- - .
16 Merchants . ICA [Cir.l, Havana CLaroco.: 16.000 pn,ith e .
:1 Clerks and Aecountant.. : for Web' ~,,,,,y tVICI: aNI CANDL.ESK
4 Alanularturere;
IEARICAIII4) CaYFFEE-4.5 ' , a s ...a:Marlow.° Collie.
3 Anon.. at Law,
for sale bY •Uarr WP: Is dr. 11 t*.tN aLk2k4
3 Females; ..
tt Farmers;
1 1 jAfeVeAfCUFFEE-II! bags 0 d(lovernmeni Java ('of.l Clergy rasa, or wile by ans.", 1% ICK A.APCANIIESS
6 1 o j ;t ' er purse.. !WINDOW GLASS-1W be, .11It I%' Glos., t. 3 do
I 719 do, Ca do 10112 do. tor •nle I,
Of then there aro mitered tor E4l4iii and over, 11 I
3010.4 under. 14 k.-._ -
" IMO is lIKE.I4E-,1 be. pone 11' R Cheese, }e.l rer'd and
fur sate by aug3 \VICK A APCANDI.K.SS
4 - -
A 1.F.R.171'S -Venal. Ohio 501er..., for otte by
tract; t'l ICK A At'CAN//1.1,S
- •
It CATIII.IIS-anto W. Kentucky Female.. (or s a l e
4 ,
L . ' I.y if., \VICK Is NrCANDI.K.SS
SIN BAKEIVELL, Agent ror Pttuborch LI P/Gl.rtiund /Caryl., Cinnamon. C10t..., )Itia-
A ugust let, tea,. ancti --. 1 itual. A.' in 5 attll 10 IL Cans, for ante Ly
- r - p_ na WICK tr AFCANDL.P.SS
Iluilacin'. Panorama ofthe ITudaonAlver. .
AT PHILO HALL. Ho.oegCsl,Xll...-LYJbas ehocolate.lor sale by
TIFF. Proprtetor of du. great picture of th e No:111'41C %VICK ta AVCANDLI.:-.S.'S
_IL ' , or ( h. war . th t - F... , - ,, -...4 , -.1 , ..h.. YG r ROUND GINI.F.II -Id kegs pure (tround lnager.
tits Panorama at dm abe .e Hall roe a rk:sv DAI a -
ONLY, commenetng on Tbursday eventing, Dugan r o „ a la by anon %VIC/. & M'CANDLESS
10th, and continue Friday a/id Saturday •rening.. 10-_____ - . _
is palmed riti 121.09 feet of oonvasa, and reprosenwiLAßlaw-14 kegs No I Leaf Lard, tor sale by
every City, Town and Lending, on bath aides. (en,t ttag4 %V ICn I AI'CANDI.E.SS _
New Teter Bay to the mouth of the Alohawk [Liven
,STRAIGIITS 01L-010 bbls for male by
eamumung one of the largest and most beautiful l'ati Ist ,
ramps In the wertld. os
AdnossLon only 23 cents-Children half price. TiekiDIIINIE RIU COFFF:Fe.-1.1.0 lines landlng aud Mr
ets to be had at the principal ilathla and at the door. I ..c. sate by }Yd 0 BIoiCKBURS to Co
Doors open at 7/ -Paurarama to commence movi --- - - - - .
at t.l. o'clock. p re,:i. ely.,zug9 Et LOUR-100 thin Mie Flour, tor solo by
DLUE AND ()RANGE PRINTS, and blue Moral
nook do, colunruilly on band id lowest pr... at
wholoaalo room of W It MURPHY,
.ogt our 40: a n d market stst 2.1 'nary
CH Olew ore ossuregl for I year nod over, 14 ,
" whole life,
- _
Relall Grocery fiar Sale.
l in c l. ;:e b e s ; : e " a b eri' of o ( r VoTe7le. ' . ro a m ejl c u o . n m e a
lot of well nelected Dry Good,, and to rent lits Ito
one of the best Alleghen) city, summed on llo'i,t.
sire, immediately west of the. bridge.
north aide. The mock of Grucerie• well
a retail blunt..., and the .laud 1+ of n very 'woe
haracter, offering en oppori y Ist-Worn eq
reasionable c*dii will be given, and possession rip
bed at any tine
The Douse and Stand to well adapted to the
Beams., end it Mould pay well.. Out netgliliorh
sugg dew ACHISON W(NJOIllit S
kIADDLE ‘VC/liKS ON WOOD ST_, prrrsßt It •
Ire and Pine Tops of foreign and domestic mar:.;
a regular and fair prier.
N. I.S.—Drawings for monument+, vault., &c. f. .
ed, of any descnption. lie +ohms ashore c
patronage. • nngtt
For Real.
A GOOD three•story Brick Dwelling. LI
double back buildings, Dialog Room and b.
en on the same floor—in Allegheny eIM p st j
Common, second door below dm Methodist Choi '
Rent S.W. ausii-d I
4.1 oils a permanent situatain no Clerk or Salab qn
Ina Clerhiere estehli.hreent Respectable refcri c ,,
eon be pre. Address to
JAMEY F. KERR, Aaornt y at Law. that iir .
Lluilding, Gram atreet, nearly oprawita Wei, rt
7\T 0. SCGAII-30 Midi. N 0 Sugar. lan. to 11, en
/A . sonenclunant and for onto by
!unto J C 1111)‘V El-Lp
_ .
COIIDAG E.-10 code 3} nod 6 2122. b Munblo anit rre g
Hope, of Impart... 2.222111 y, for sale 22220 %100.
'consignment, auo9 J C LUDWELLI,
flOpr EE-60u bare prune Ma Codre, lasi b y
_../ 011 2121 I io! no rule by JAS DAI,II.
nog" ,4 Wik.„
Al ACIOA2I.I.- 00 Lana large No a Mackere)Lth ee
al and 'or sole by nogg JAS DAL4I4,
Cr A 1 , . : T!:Ellt E-1000 lbs j ft , U , al ,, ert ., r . e. o2L In; --
7 ‘ 7 .';a Co
k• - 7
f .2 2 nI. —ln ~ ..0. 1., Id 141, .1”, .1, In eby
J . e Jur 0001 JOl 221_112. , ..22.1.44; c o I
• - --
0 iiiNTEILV INK—JO keg. Bonk and New r e we I
1. by angS r ., J SCHUUMI.VICI: c e
CILASS-- - WO bziegzlo and L 010); CO do 7 40 do
l_ 10114 10 Iltge, on baud •nd in t o by
•• • • --
Q SALTS-4x casks &etchings, a prun
O s on consignment. augft J C lllUlVE
sale by bb s i ll,gt 7 ; 4' 4 71 " C i ili n aF71
bb2; large cream Cheese, and fur .al. ill/
stag: 8 VOcir ,BONNfIo •
DY BEEF-1000 lb. for oale try
swp • S F VON BONN/10
Eclectic Medical Inktittiles
POE Einll Fall ard,Winttr Cone o, LeCinieit earn
metiers to this Inotitniien on the fast MoadaY
November. and COntlmer four monthe.„ . ighicAts imme
diately ester mcceeded We Spr ang an Summer Session, vine, also continue. fotm mouths. A grattn
tons prelimmai7 coupe coarrimetiCta no the fart Mon
day to October, and emunmes one mOuth.
FACUL'rY. Tichets.
B. L. Hill, Anatomy and Operative Sur
- et° co
da. E. Jones, Jl. U, Muerte Sledica, Therapeu
tics and Botany
10 IS
J. 11. Oliver. AL D, Memistry and Pharmacy lo bu
W. Reach, Al. D., Surgery and Clitoral Medi
10 00
A.ll. Daldridge, M. D, obstetrtes and Dtseases
of Women and Children In uto
J. R Booboo., M. D. physiology. 'osmium ca
Metheihe mil Medical Juroprudence M 00
T. V. Morrow, M. D., Pathology. Theory and
Practice of Medmlne 10 00
Matriculation Ecket, s 1 v ac of Ltbrn gg .
duation Fee, 510. Amman:moo Ticket, rtS optio n.
al. One hundred dollars paid on or befor e the Sr.,
Monday in November amt. ton be received as p•y-
ment ill full for the entire tuitio n of otai student the
Matriculation, Library, and Demonstrators Fees er.
The cools° of iustruction embraces a full end tho
rough presentation of the various Maps - totem. of meth
mil science taught m the leading college. of America;
together with =oh additional matter, not imparted in
ratty other institution, viz: recent and important disco
aeries in physiology, bearing upon diagnosis and pm,
tire, a more thorough and practical zystem of dl menu
ide-tca and Pharmacy; and a reformed system of
practice, timed upon extensive experience mid acien
ufie research ; which enable. the practitioner [teller to
preserve the vital energies—to discard the a.: of me r •
curial medicines, and rneral depletion, and to treat
with sucemitt many Medical and surgical eases...rt
battle the 1251161 resourcea of mediin cix or en
lectures and cimmittallo. will be given t;
date. for graduation, to addition to the preliminary
timd of giddy, must hare attended two regutar collegi
ate courses of medical lectures, (the last of which must
be In this Instithrte,) or one course niter four years .
The Institute was chartere have)itt43. The classes
ratenthmte upon the lectures numbered an 1 . 01 , 041 W
16454, ki; let7ltS.7. lye; 1847-,e, Ills expected that
to two or three years its classes will be among the
largest to the Limed tattater. The collegiate edifice
(comer of Court and Plum streets) will Le
ci ehlittged in
le4D, suffient for the reception of Phu or ttau pupils.
Letters upon business or sulteiung information, must
be addressed to the undersigned. post paid. Notes of
solvent Banks, of the :Mates in which the students re
side, will he teceived in the payment of fees. Fronrd
may be obtained in the city at from etT to $3 per week.
T. V. MORROW, M. D.,
Dean oldie Fatuity.
An Ordinance,
Establishing and fixtrag the g-ran. of Streets and
Alleys to the Eighth Ward.
1.-13 e it ordained end enacted by the citizen,
I, of' Pio...burgh. ti Select and COMM. Cunucils
embled, Thni the pule. of Wlll.Oll enact, Beech al
ley. Forbes street. tht•hoh. street. St. Yutaka alley,
Locust st, Eagle ti .11nria it, Apple alley, Viekroy
it, Second st, ltvid.on sl V.a Bream it, Manna at.
Pride at. St•VGII.II at. NluKet id, Chesnut et, Boyd at.
Cooper at, Shine's! , .1, and Medan - eel, sidireno, law
nia Avenue. from Vote vowel to JOll3OllVi e street, in
the 7th Ward, shall be permanently lined end fottlik•
Witted derignated on the plans noirked A. A. B. each
hearing - date Nov ember -47. and waned toy the Re
cording Itegulator.
I, , rr_. 'J.—be it further enacted. That at- ,!rrh. of ilia
Co ti utter the proper Ye knowiedement, end
they •re hereby required to certify on sold plans A_
8., then approved by Conned.
Soc it further enacted. Ac, That the paid
planwslial. be depoe...ed it, the oilier of thd Hrrordthc
Regulator. awl or die better Nwroroy thereof. the Roe
thators or other per t
In ere forbidden to , eke die. maid
plan. out of the orrwe wioth regulubitc. except by du
Ss • A.—lle It farther enacted, A c . Thst the grade a(
Lloyd aurret :tins rotersert.on u,tb Watson strec..•nall
be 6 fret lower 0.,. Ore erode as ince Led rn. int. plays
A. it 84 tirrtn, nt, by .111 tioilisrs9 anuernling trrade to
the rade of Locuof Itt. 0111/0111 1V01.151/ descend by on
unifurm grans. In roc cnnte or I r ennsvi•snra Av p rtair
Watson stn., shall Love an nuttunn a...refuting Ntvde
from 'Sold at. to C.,....uut exotwardly. and iron;
Boyd street srestuctrtr, .1 fur. 1.61 inn pet UV
ice, in tr.:runt,. stn., orr.:grss strart tba it, 1.5 an
asecortics crude t . nr ;roue of ocos: ice,
.tree.. Malted 1.) 1 , 00110. Is. cri stars Ordinance Forlica
t shall noun IA rot 11000/10 ,(0410 00,0 Ha l l ~,,
as ow- ettublisl4.l. I', croun t.l sorer s.tect. be.
1100011 Boyd cod Chesnut tater,. as ono., on Ice be.
A. any tiong in section lei of nos Ordrentnee to the 114
iron trotsrutittertarr,
Orphan's Sale.
I Npasamoos oian,ordor. • •.ibe- Orphan's Court of
Allegheny Cournpi.deled -Rib day of .B 11 31'.1:
tW3,tbe baty.l4,4 tor.of all 'odd singu
lar, Ike goods and chattels bleb Were of &Isabela
Forsythe. Into of Aildcheny .• Ity, deceased, will ea
' pow to sale, by pubiiceou .on the premises, on
Saturday. the 2d day of • tuber neat. at 10 Glob:tal i
A. AL of that day, the rol l , •• • described Real Spate,
the property of said Ptanhb bonyJte,to win
Ail that certain lot of gro Btnale la the ad Ward
of the coy of ritutborgh, fronting on Chath i m et '
rap mad eaten. g. back a dlitance of one
hundred feet. and bounder , d described as fobotti,
wit Beginning al the eo •orof L. No• the Pl..
of partition among the het. of Andrew NN'abati,
by Lot 4in sold plan northward
y one hundred feet. ma po tno feet four loch,. foto,
Chwhain attest: thence f sold point tre.rrard,
twenty pall feet to • lot g led to Gay 4. Dtlo on,
now owned by Amos Le • thence oy mud lot south.
trip hundred feet. t o ^e sornberallne of iaid lot
thdbob easterly cn Ito the Welch Church lot,
v ise of I,puning.--. DB the same lot et ground
conveyed by Thomas Se. liy deed dated 'ant
Alay,lS-13, to stud Alanhe Forsythe. and ono 11-11 is
erected a brick buddlod,
,lb fiboated stone
ltd building is n. ur , cad it now ren ed
61d1 per annum, . 0d „ ot the hest' loco:ions ;II irte
etty Mr a privet! reside •
And lino, upon
the day. at 3 o'elock. P . ail
:hut certain lot ofground ' Property of said Ala.,h e y
. to the Fit.
the city of Pittsburgh,f , g twenty-four (Ai art
Liberty SIR! and caw hock a ot•tance od°
hundred 11001 feel w Spr and boundFd by co
petty or_ n the one ride. and proraty
oI William Nil:idly, a the other—upon whiellood
lot there, erected, freon Liberty ste ca i, plarge
double (IWO story fri, house. wit] "woe
basement, and Iflnktip Spnsig alley. a tort - •lorY
frame dwellings, with e basements. Ilse,,bole pre
mugs renting lor Eats annum.
For wither portico] irritate of Robert wc”..dy
or Henry Whine, A nistrators. or of J. SARTON.
bah street, Attly (or A strators
. ---------
Au ic
chynlessusso Inatlesse•
mills „rrodob reeo ill commence as third session W. V) on blond4RoPF. 4th, lege, at the corner of
Anderson and Hobi street., a eh. n dr o . oee f rom
the Hand Sister Iln under the superintendence of
The Jimmying coopregement she huaimed ) . re•
ceived to the ltherld)aransige of an enlightened soco
cry. boo induced her stir ILl7lll.llgrlllf MS for the ar
cos/lodationbf an ~ .....1 number .r pupa..
n o , p r ,,,,,, 0 f o f usutunon, who has hero can
sightly engaged f muly :A r. inthe
othe co f di r ai,i ng y In the veno ea us breaches of use.
col and 0r00n ,,,,,, 0 , rature, tatters herself that, win,
her a bl e 0re ,,,,, te than conitaite to render the
name orr o s t ocooo I mho parrotose her.
. Young Indira r e if in either city, and pouessm,
co ce , co „,„ oco lal a.conanotince es to retard their
r0 ,d,,,,..., fi n d • ventagyous to hoard in the lush.
turn f rom ...10„do Saturday. and thus combine the
o d, oo m go . of Bo hg Seitoo/ swab the pleasures and
condor. of horn
Ctry of All he An lei?. aurl-dAASeIIT
_ .
. p ore .. knits Rail Rand Co.
i t a NO E is hereby s Fee ,, 0,, the ~,,,
lilt of Five Lollsn per sham, IR re
q., be paid on or bef F
ore the Fleet day
0 , „ c0t ..., . and the Sixth lOndrnent oil toe
first day of Noll. , 0e. , •
GEORGE V ItA Cf 11, , Treasurer
cc N . -1,,, no will he received by %Fru. Ff.
[m L s ,. , anufacturco' and Alerrint." Rank.
essy.), I
ponoyfiteTiltiil.sirti Europe;
THE oninwries have row In storr a vet) czwastve
~,,,rt me a Furs tor ladies •tore
%. itch have
Lech pureltat Europe by one ot the firm • at very
low prices• d (the monetary- r rises succeedotx the
French Hero Ote.
Th ,, w ,,„„ ~, winch they po, , estt ovr any other
t,,,,,,, tr., t i, w.II snub e them well a very .E.
cr tent aructe 11 below them ntrktqprwc
[JD' Alerch X:od others Wlll advatter their 01 1 1 . 11
1/11CrtSU by e wing thitt extensive a.ssortatent
MAN, BIM rIIERS. lelpr'er•
ttll A it, O Itiherry, het•.scut Yd att.l
Wm. B. Pom era
SOLDIER . InGu.,..T..s.oar prepkired in roCert ti
tOsee . t.' rs , . PisY . toe! , ga• b... ponied
by a late net Coupe.. to rho Trabi- ‘ have re
turned from !leak:. War, and to the heirs 044
rep:encsitnu or Mr... 'Ow were Lii:cd to Lat.le. or
Jiod oi d.- 1,,,,..-1.1.n ioe, ,i.r,o,
001540 , V.,1• klutiO:og. opposite the Court
}louse, rii rEti
s ii h i:f . tr u ,
, kl.l , i i il ui '14. ,, :' ,..t r Li 1-:•:...
1 d,.. , e z i N p t: , ' ,,
A li :4 , 1: i T i ll y
Ipct llw
i, 5 „, i, o a r : the eJa , ,,,,,..,,,: r ., , n , f3dtitg • few
„rd 45, d • lid alltped 4.:0. I.ureldr,A.l true':. 1in
p0r,„,... ,o, an•-eciutoby coo be ~, i!ar r
bit prices ooth east cornor of OIL sad MuiLet als.
C " d ' , " „ C :d " Yl}:2-4.';': i i„ ;Y K .. M SI S IX T- k A 4 r i lx ' ll . 7o n rla k blol Co ilr j : r •:
(ioodo at . Fresher reduced pi .ce• cOtißit:lie of Be
•ere,. Ti , t,reldiEd.:en. i , rainie, Pori de Cliese,
1,,, 1 ,. i t usinis. O:arr non :alloy ,okn., Ite
aur ,
1t i 3 % ., i
.s, r
. T , .1 . 0 r, } ,
c r:
c :: 1 ../C0F:....-7-. 3 ,..:.. , ,.:.4 . 5_' 1 0, 0 60 0
OS Is too 0 fu:::„ 141J.1 . 0 l 7,11' p r' :Ice - g U i.rot, I.. ' •{ O CC:
torte Pio 4. ~1-c- ou,_
11 11,P , tea: --*.Lsi , ie:, 1 1.... t o i. g of ...!
-II • 1
Jun mired I) D i p ~ 5 ro. I
al me la Ilabbt r Depo: •,... 4 lVot
J .1. il P1111.1.11',
)11 C o lr g E or‘ ll m t \ ,, !/I; r s \ 1- 4
„. 11 ,
. e ,,4 1. ,. 5 , v , e ,
, 5::::.
k 0 L, •: ,, , , ts it :
ch., 11#1,17.1101 width, from I, inw.e• to 15 inch,.
5. 55d• In., 0r051..50necr . ,. price,
505 tsar < 'of / d ,it Ihr p ...6./...r. :.t .5, .. 11 /R. •
aus J Jr II 11111.1.11',
( AIL TLLS--215/5/ )5...1 Ecor (111 t 'loth. vnriou•
l_/ P 5 . • 1 , 51 - 1-1 - • • ‘l - 5 psi r.
or 5 tollle C.. era. n .rlen,lot 515.5—ca55 1.•
1 , 55... Tc out Ise 1 . 11..1.{. 55 t 5. tory. 5:51 for
.sle I. :1 1Vt..54 . 55g5 Itc II Pllll.l.llti
i 11 4:11 , S1H1-: , -10 ca , .k.c..!ear 5!d.....,1“t reed and
‘ ._ :(4 '" ^ 1:0111 A 1 I N.NINC.H.-1.11,
141 ittoorty sr .
-. . •
1:)lit ASII-10 eaxlcn Pearl A.L. illst ree d oa
..L tgltsnrul a:...! zor .abn by
10)1r1 -A CI. NN1N41:.131
E—, by. now I mr , imr rani. 114nt Nlic..,
J t le by 1,11, 10V:6:1:c A C.,
I r oa rt
• - -
IV : FISH AND Tlir /11*-1:1 14.1. 11 14.1 el
I,lh bell do do. 1b bbl,Trno.. 11... i do ru,t reed
aw. 11 ...,- 15A1.../11,1t k1:1 ASo
—vre wlt! bs
S.ll_lll 1 , 1C1.11 Co
BLEA... SI L SI.INS—A A SI a • on S ro. nro now
opentog IU cant, ul Sltt.titty. congtrutil
the boat ltrstuu of paltrw ca, and 4 1 , rUttg musluttl.
jytll •
'IOFFEFe—ISti hags prune !Ito. in d o 1..,"
ra; l 0
ki do old (iOO Java. tor sale lq
eugl WILLIAIIN, 110 wood st
ASII kb IA fiLIS—StI dot Iltee's Pet,. Zinc, at
Vl' nialtufacturer s tor sato by
5081: COCA I' CA ?date. h Co have
1101 tem, another lot or those very eta en Caliectea,
U.l yards for ono dollar.
OACON—SIy.OO ibs Huns, bide. end tqloulders, in
JILII smoke house and store; for by
_saga /I kit/BISON .0 Co. 192 litaert
DORS IN 1.11.1.K--.5.5,000 lb. Skies, 13,01..0 do Huns;
211401 do Shoulder:- in ;line order; thr .tile by
saga It Roll !SON /a Co
GJI.F.ASE--6000 lb. Grease, suitable far niuclunan;
for sale by an t ra H. 11.01i1SON & Co
)1O COFFEE' —lad bags green Iho ode, tutu seralt and for min by etuFl II RuIIISON
Q Wide N Sugar; . 40 Lis Coal du. in
Q ewer. end for mo:c by pug! II Ill , rgOON O. CO*:S-I.lllbblp PlantaUnit .Alin,, , . I,hls
.111 ,u,lat Howe du, in store aad for ta:e by
aug4 • H ROBISON t Co
10110E—....V tierce!. Rlce, read and for sale by
oust it IC ICKON & Co
DIG I Rin\--LIV htf iron, Simile and other fur.
1 zinced, nu tul.b3 her idu.,dry and ro:ling mills; for
rale by aug I R a Co
LsAurs Ern. Salip, woo „ )
'um received and hor pa,e Ly
augg Jr 41.11.) Drucgt.t, w0n,1, l
ni,AcKIN,;-50 dor. NI¢IVICA Ive klllg
/or Et. by dug', 101 IN ll N10111•AN
C U SIIELAC-10u0 It,. loam loroodo; for
U . PPM 1, • JOHN D .110121..1N
f'10R1:8-4 bale• cork.. r r,l rui I • - Ly
nur: j. 1, Nit•.: , .
V EX. RE4'-5°
irA PAPI.4%%Zre. ' IIO,,
comet In and awed sta
A LI:M—lo bbls awl ran'd and for sale by
•Ord A SIA tt Co
"Az . .
fe.i - iLliatll-20110 lied Lead,( uLTelioeittlid =eV
and Lp alas I J IJD.k CO_
CSODA—dcolba sup Club. Sod:l.m.l reed and
iur rate by ausl J KIDDA Co
COBALT—gooILA . Cobalt, Jun tec'd
junicdlibbur u .k al co e by
Par ASH casks receiviiiß from man. Lake i r , s
and for sale by au!! JAAIEss DALzkaz r
'; , •:••f
JolueDitvhis Aus=
of Aiidkee ,
ruiag 0, 10 wake:ton the
Ott Thursday Aug.l, wood aa Flft
commcommercialSaly corn
b° rmlsz • largo-stock of
forelgn and _, 1 1 7 .c In w
y fools, connslluk °E . ° fr.'",i, Fuoarua, lawns, hal
calif .:,, m utoe, alinkceas, blue
nob stole prur Mous de lables,fancy,oeeljtre, bik •
k atechea
drams milks "
cambric and silk
anbleachelf:• ~,,,,,,, sho w !, ".e,yeg 111 k, patent
trend. g,,,cea ' , leached ILIA brow u
At dn'elock.
rus-arrrit aan natemmele,
sgegnu";•,'wh'rtir;ndyg,titte f'="'.---yr.-Hlti
hiland second hand household laintlure, among
t are, mahogany sans, eplemnd drreeing and
b otalth the, hematite; and eetare tablet,
(v ey and Common chairs, evark and witeh Mande,
ilateade. ihnibar Ueda. transparent wanton , blinds,
arpeting, looking glasses, mantel clocks, giobe lamp.,
1 eoutrute L'arkuntiler tool.. .11 Toed order
At :t fur It
Cutlery. jewelry, mtaucal
a large as
.on:ova or farditortulde toady mode atoll:dna, boots,
boss, umbrella. • saddle.. Lartuut, wallas. wanks. gold
od Rilvor vrotehes, guns. pistols, Gluey sod .tople so.
rty goals, Re.
Wings, Liquors, ¢a, or A/wren,
Ou Saturday Morsuog, the 12th Inst. at 10 &clock, at
the warehouse o( Mr. Johnl.utle, Jr.. m Th, r d
nearly qppositc the Post Offtco, be twld wtthout
ret coal
ser sc.,itor cash currency, a quantity ot . Fre ar Bran
data and Wines of callous Ileac npittons, In cask.
Altilitir3, port, sherry sod claret STIJfII in bottles.
bbls old Monongahela whiskey. A es
oitron hound hartela and kegs; 5 stand casks; 2 large
rechfiers; together with a yariety author articles usu
ally kept to a liquor store.
arigt JOHN I/ IJAVIS , Attet
ETivoil AN SERENA DilltS:
DERS, nt connection with the former Troupe for
one week, heemnide this (Monday) eve lug, July ( alai.
'rhe eve,na's rotecamtment well consul or a tirtund
Concert by me Tyrol,. 'Vocelists. arler which the
lastly celebrated bend of labsopizn Serenaders will
make their appearanee end give t eerier of their immu
table entermutezeins, cortaistmg of Negro Songs,
Overtures, Extras aganzaz, A e.
()bangs of programme nightly.
Eon particulars sve small bills.
AdmAmoe only OS cents
UJ A great nuarany of the Lest Ire Cream served
up to vmnors.
gj - The best order and decorum preserved through•
out the enure establishment,
Original Virginia grronnder
And posltivery their iftsi prior in their deparrirra irtr
this mry. The pertormance curiciude with
of adrs oen at past 7- Ir/commence at past
Carr p ls mission, la cents 'I teat. ran b
obourred or the Mottonaralreln House, and at the don
rind the everting.
aug7.6l IVII HORN. Agent
DlNAttila la Parva.
IT la a great MM.:RG.011101; to be able thus publicly
j to Buono., that the groat demand for our aupertor
and aplendid prey...coos of our 'PAAIILY MROI.
CINFAS , lag carotids our most sanguine expectations.
particularly our lothen Expectorant and Compound
CarminelOae Bala, winch tor beauty oi appearance,
superiority el Ingredients end the compoundlng of
mem, together wttli the ;miaow,' disparity In the nue
Di our /males over ally odlert--rho beautnal and °Ma
me:nal engraving, sad the taste displayed in the pub
tmg them up, is a further incileincut to the purchas
er. And m many of my old fiiends who knew me
c•Lt. Des b. 15t...a.") when in the employment of use
it. Jayne, I Doer beg leave reapectridly to inform them
that I am one of the firm of LOI. DEN t Co , No 61
Arch street. below Third, PralLaOardoira, Where I shall
be happy to nee them: who, aided by his brother, n
regulur graduate at the 'Philadelphia College of Rhar.
tuucy." male, put up, unit compound, with our own
bonus, e ery article comprising our ttEarnily
vlx, Dolma Expectorant. Compound Cantu/na
tive Italsain..Conspound Tonic Verintnixe. \ Teat Indian
Sanative Pids, and Oriental Hair Tauts.
Ik e further beg leave to remark, (sad we do it with
a confidence that cannot be shaken,) that we have dts.
cevered and made on Imptoirement Olt oar Oriental
(lair Tonic. that car exceed* try Ming ever altered to
the pablic. Wee us a call at No tst ARCH street
Our terms alone are an inducement. and we are sore
of the result. , augEtin
s Attrel•
I hill. lc plu
T 7 IS - I'OllV Or VON arul
ticul, eumprining men/curs ut the tu,uuhers raise
Gourrels ot the U. N II Illus
Li bumetOu• .teel Portr6t . t , c.- r,
The nun,. ofU M crap; th , udulg Fpece hen and, 0010 eteul“. kute.i ly H lireely. I
vul, ru
\ t tat Elltem
Hurtles' Note+. V.A. lit, Jam, Prtet, John aud
Cimrm• .11C,mtter-Clutrma: ny Alum Nl'lmosh, Ru
mor or -To eteem rwA to ix.' - Colmueet," he.
nry drover, s DIAI/C•Ile Temper., Talc: $Jy C
• Koo, queeoc or 1.41 . 0 111 .41 Ps:acc; eto ..
ot, of Koo uttog
A last Boa 1 i F; ar rac I:cal st , trod , Aenon
to Bic study of inn Spanish Long.mi,-4., Ily .1 slalketd.
I Dying Kuhn% and other tale• By !ix, Dr. Aulcu
Jun: ',Co Sy It. 11UPKIN.S.
Apollo Bulk/tugs. 4th st.
augl ibllCeessor to .1. L. Read./
spicnald N.w ri.....0..
felysiiTHE subscriber. previous to leaving
for, the 1'...n.t to-reptemsh los stock, will
diSpo4e of the baas.uce of kus stuck on
hand at reduced prices, sod n u fuvorn
-1•:e terms. It CODAIMS of a choice s r Of i'laito6
:nods by NIIIMA to Cloth. N. 1"., and JouniUlacksrn.g,
Di Bo•toit. Ahura., of front 6 M. 7 ile.VeS, of rosewood
moo mahoguty. of dillercut styles and pmts.
11. KLF:I3F.R,
. ... . .
Al Woollwelica:7.111" or
Valuable Residence In Allegheny City
for Sale.
lONTE:IIPLaTirCIi a rut:oval from A I legheny city.
I offer ray . modelle, there for sal, The prernt.e•
arc .11 aICI/011Illi order, and every w t
worthy the al 01 any persra wolacd Such properly.
I Ir/Al. LAND FUR SALE—Seven acres coal long
lj for rale. Wawa, in bend 1.1( We Monongahela /Leer,
aaovn Hrnwnavdl y Ya ., !wen.; a 7 Not yew of coal
which vela Le noldlll exchange for goods. For partwo
iv, apply In foc-4f 8 h xV 11 ARRA I I:II
"a IYo
mg I 1. , IV ATF:RAIAN
Sulu, in more end Ica sale sI
S • 6 A 1 :;1 5- 3" L
,K` ON Djurf H
Rcclvcd sud for sale b ron; bap
S TAltcl4—taial Fa,cy Surch., for s.nle icy
1.5 w:.Z•L2]in\
T l a ßl d . l. , : o 3i r T ., l l N , t t, ' 7 l3!btd a
i s )
,t tkrp rceoc'd
jiANos TO -Several good secood hand Po
j coo. mt MLA PIP al ,. Ist o! August, by
JOHN II 511.1.L0H, yi wood at
nc/FVEE--= bap 11,0 and ID bag, Lag day ra Col.
tee, artornog by eau.: and bar sael , by
1 p al 31 wader and og trout
1,3 'al by Id a . 1
TEAS—ZS!) hull - el:10ot H, I'. and lb:Tonal Teas
For lonia by iys4l PO/ NDEXTER h
-- •
(.2 ODA ASII-20 casks ...Ten douoie termed.
0 tor sale by rylld POINDEXTER &
lk I 061/UITO NE.III:—.A A Ni l ase44. Co. h.ave Just
Iq. yen 4 tAW ps 01 Aboscutto Netts, of various qua,.
Lies and Widths.
Attu bbla BorkbastrOs, 014 nand and .or
sale by ry24 J KIDD& Co
sst:FF—J ree'd aridt i, r 7 l j : 3
, rOLIACCO-11 , 11 dog FM. Cut Tobacco. ichewip. , ,,
4on bud nod tun sale by jyal J KIDD ACe
O ATS—Er) bush Oars. just reed and for sale by
/ iorroN YAKNO, ate --30,000 I. .s.orted 4 0 , Llu
bales Candle Wick, ISO do kiatong, Carpet Chart,
An, Tw tne, for sZle ut turers lowest once's.
/YIN toanutac
GNeal. both ' L--45 tibls Anshitts's kilo dried Corn
white and yellow in store aro.' for sale
S &IV ICON atsl:Gll
FLOI.:K-IWTM. (tealt, .ust too Sra - od
for .ale by . jr.r, ground Flour,
EA kliautlii
it,f A.CEEEk4..,--ea Obis No a kluexei nt tor and
l•. 1 rot 001. by iyzt sIV ILLIEJALI3II
101,LN—.SO bast Yellow Cont,..ore rod or .4,
‘_,/ by jyted W HARJU EGII
Gbxs Cream Cheese, a hoe. article_ in
store and for sole by S NV itAItHAUGII
. -
Vt'DOE!--1 he hiobert market pets° patd
TT in cash fox Wool, by
i 3•33 S k. W FLAREAT.IELI
A/MOIL-0 bbla Lan] Chk for sato low to Mose
eon.stnernent, augL 1.33 d ES DALZELL
V INEGAR -YS bbl4.3er V3tataf, for salo by
V tSel_,.. 3.3.311.. b arat,s
V\'00 4. 1. 7 - , 4 sacks of ,k eo ß n a l til o nl i tl , ;
Round lburch
S LED --53 bass Tunotby Seed; 4ti bbir t do, mr
sale by _ rail J S It k IA3I . Lt
ACKERE.L.-34, Ulan \o :I large Marken I; m Ulf
IJA. !this do
lion -:N
or sate be east J i.,01',11 .
DUI - TES-13 leg. and 3 bbls on eonsignmene for
".."".. _
tl y t LEV-33 sacks o It i tsshry or, 0000n.:34::"031.1(71 sole
frOils/CCO--30 kegs 0 15et,,5,1:1,:i3M15Tit:,1,7,..71...%).,
JL 13,1
t ORCHINO-1, carit• 1-co‘cdiogs, lua /or d and
0 for rale t/y 31 1111, (1013, /ONE." he*
TOBACelt—SoLim tip Low', tor altlo Ly
4 iy3i. A ill 0015, JuNiy....,
ri(rETON— 7filze Teas l'ootoa for solo by
_dTR'tIuU.JUNE At co
I.i ULAt+SY...*-10 1,61/Sugar itotios. a mos srusle
fur sal, loss to *loss outistgontrot.
ATVS ‘ , ./. 5 / 1 JON i;Y /6 Co
lAll WROUttlif LOLLAR:3—A A M tk r on &
, c o . 60 Market tt, lid, yr•t r , •okt a, do. %y
tarttar, which the, are ke.tott; at Ike low price Clr 1:1i
cot. - J 731
SI:( ; : ; t 6, 1: •
-HA rho. prat, N u Hag., lot oc,:e b)
J et H FLOVH. Hound Church
DI t'h ETs.—eo dor Line gels, r. pale by
..g 7 wick' & CAMILMS
ni" N ror "1* 11
N. . •
o r
' Zjkl l .: 7 i/ 1 11. - .6S
C RIS ItL;I) SUCAIi --: 11 bbl bed yug for
Urifl E T BEANS-40:bbls small lo Beans, for
yy sale by aue Melt h M'CANDLE99
ri ROUND PEPIt.:R-43 priroe Ground Pppe
VT for able by slag 7 WICK & APILINDLESS
EA.S-140 half chests fresh , Young lima, Impotini.
Ganpowder, Powchons,74. ,
... y ....
Lat. by lits l W WK gkAVCANDLUM
ODACCO-133 . 110.T.i5, 16a, 12...
CavetiduA Toba{criouperior bnuld, r ot T b o b by
apg7 XcINDLI:ss•
LARD—YS kqr* lar4, tam , eeta*iyor Sale by
coyAl • JA4IE.;.‘ DALZFILL
. I
:t 3
Els yell known Un* of splendki plisse
en is now composed Of the MIMI. kr
eland famished, and most b o w,
Vela, 01 the West. L'verraccommod s ri o
fon that money can procure, has been provided; ,
eengera. The Line has been in common for foi
—has carried a million of people without the t e '.it
ry to their persona Thu boats will be at thsi
Wood street th e day previous to carnet, forelav
lion of freight and the entry of passengers..
ter. In all cases the passage money must bsy
advance. i/
The 111.A_AC NEWTON, Capt A. G.
leave Pittsburgh evvy Sunday morning al 10p.:
Wheeling every Sunday evening, at 10 P. M. , f 1
Noy *O, 1a47. •
_ _
TLe MONONG.IIIkI—k, earl Dross. tetll leacl
barge every .11onoay moruteg at o'clock;
every Monday evening. nI 10 r. rt.
The 11111}:11NIA No. " Capt. J. KLlNtril.4.s
Whve Pinsl,urgh every I%Testier inommie et 1001
eeling ever-y . 1'13(0.11W eveming ut 10 P.M. ‘1
The NEW ENGLAND No. d. Capt. $
leave Putsbcrgh every IVednenlay mo
o . rlork; IVlteo ovcry Wednesday cveningrtutt
The BRILLIANT, Capt. BAscs, wdl leavl4
burgh every Thursday morning at If/o'clock, W.e
even. Thursday evening at lu
The CLIPPER N 0.1., Capi Cauoca, will
burgh every Friday morning at
ery Friday everting at 10 r. n.
The AIPSSENGER. Capt. S. Reno, will leavY:4
hurgh every Saturday InCRIALT; at It o'clock Tk.3
every harm-day evening at 10 P...
NEP: LISBON AND prrrsuatiiri DADA
L eas. & to e
Leaves Pittsburgh daily. out A.
rives at li/sagow, (snood, oldie Sandy and Belarlia
aalj ai 3 o'clock. arid New Lichen at 11, uorie
Leaves New Idsboo at o'ciock, P. 0114,2
trip canal to the river during the' night.) and Cc.)
at 9 o'clock, A. M., and arrivcs at Pittsburghl.
M.—thua making a 0 0 0:111.1. line for earryq
..enntin and freight between Nava abon
to shortor tram and at leas r ate. Maall
Idler roam.
The proprietors of this Line have the please",
forming the patine that they have fitted tap two bri g
Rithellthers, for th e neemam-datioa of passena
weight, to run in connection with the well
steamers CALKII COPE nod HEAVER, mudc,l;.
of Glasgow, with toe Pittsburgh and '4
dun and other dolly lines of stemmers dooms
and Itliesisetppt rivers. The proprietors pledgi3
selves so spare nu expense or trouble to =to.s
ion, safet and dispatch, and ant of she public e
of their patronage.
C !fl HARTL.N.
& iv. IIAR6AINIH, Pitt ' b ' rl6 .
R. HANNA, & Co.
myllat J. HAREIA1:011 & Co. 1N...I N... /-..q
-- in
NOTICE—The steamer BEAVER C. F. Clark)
ter, will leave after ibis notice, for Wellsville 14
aßy. at D o'eloch in the meriting
__l l l l
Daily Packet Line. —, 0
FEBRUARY Ist, lot.. Ph:BRUARE. i
LEAVE DAILY AT nA. 61., AND 4 P. 1 .
' The following how boats de,
4 tan Line for the present se '+
-- . L.6NTIC, Cops Jrunes Par;
IJA arid
LTIC, Caps A. Jacobs; r
M'LAISTE, Copt E. Cannon Tho boots am r•
new, and are titled up without revert to expert...l
cry comfort that money can procure Inot been pr ..
The Boats will leave the Monongahela Wharf 6
the foot of Ross at P.oasengens will be princS
hoard, As the boots will commit), leave at the.;
used hours, 8 A. N. and 4 P. 61
I •striit The swirl steamer
-•rt=g - zr= . Dorsey P ICuumy, master, wit
, • plarly for R eeling, on 61/
Wednesday and Friday, at Mr o'clock prceisely ; /
Leave 15 beeline every Tuesday, Thursday
ut rtt 7 o'cloclr, • im precisely.
The Consul will land at all Me intermediate f).
Every accomodation that can be procured thrrlM
fort and safety of passengers has been prostded4
boat is oleo provided with a urlf-acting safety er
prevent explosions. For freight or passage s,
board or tu DA VID C lIER -
corner of int sod Smithfro
The new and eplendtd steam
ma--- - N zAC lIARS TAN OR,
L7M, m‘TZ.,"',ll.see trl
For O•eight or paisege, apply on board .
FOR CINC TI IN:cA p TI, „,di A d ND e :T ste L .. OU e nS i t
rr, . ,: q VISITOR,
I agialtil„,,',:ti":.7.ll.l." leave
4 0 elect P V
For freight or passage apply on hoard
The new and hr at dmoght st
i ', :44 NIT .TERNON,
f l
in g. T QA :ra figy o uvo.sta.” 1m . .e . , .1.... ,e leave po 0 i
For freight or pa slum apple on board
FOR CINCINN-ATI AND - St 140111 S -1
~ The e l egent steamer
li ',l, - . RINGGOLD, 1 4
n ed.6 - I.Aihr;olYe.. master will leave foram,
toll Intermediate earls this (says
fr.taht or passage , apply re board ,0
w_„ , The fine steamer
Ctiogkt:„''' ernini 7 te d p i o lo rts ne tli i nn k 7l
N. ght or pwsage ar ply or board. a)
splendid steamer
~.....,. r
4 1 • YARI
. -S,
intriemllarana, master, onll leave fro ,l
and InteralkAtale porta on ml, ch
g; ireighl or passage apply on board, or to
The fine new steamer
• ".,
Bowman, master A will leave for 4
InternleM 14,
ate ports this day
For fre•T_tii or panto re apply 0. hoard , r)
HA: , I Z . 1.,1”, SA ri --- 3
1 '''''''' l l§ r"
. ;(17 GRANDE, 4 ,
.°1294140 Gcmlat • , Master will leres for c
...-- •-• •
F p ad intermediate porn. Al. day, f
or IrrAght or passage apply On heard •1
INNAII -ST 1.4.51111-S----
The fine AND
ikagaz j." 7 - 44
ow,ev, ina ' s V terr Y , O w 3ll ll ‘ ll C' eav e for
ad intennedtate pons Ible day -
reight 4 2Lpustige, apply on board a
'1 he fine Steamer
ClNuEre',' rn E W N• e% lJ" :ll D' leal,l 4
M A e j abo M ve wi Intermediate
ta) el IU o Moak in place of the Clipper
____ .____________L_ l or freight or powage ap ly on hoard it
~ Tie fine r,renra er
Parkinvon, omelet. will 1, ... ,4, 4
above isrul, NI,
For fr!rdAt or parses., apply on booed
TIAo splendid a
--- 1
Art;niil.7l7l'ern'tVlll%,;lll.l:',l4l .174
For IrngAlul e2l,uure. ar , IL j . , d .....t/r2ard. IKI
FrriraT. LOUIZI. 1
' fi..,„. The spkodas pasven-er ate T r.
r.'" aoscuP, A
_ JAveas, metro., will leave for eu4
rurd Intermarriage purrs rbrarlsy. 4
For (rear IA or. l nur.... ..PPlT____ . _____fin board, .13
— PWRtfitIiarEPS4PFARID aGrril
.. 1..... _ ,,_..- . jhebraitt i llldnantardi•l LOW 4
' •''
2 ' ..
' t..l I a I I I I ilid I I I IR:: 4 " I 1 .:
4 • .' A :1: tdr e w PnenfilisteCel...lite• resursil
rrgular trips beForeen Bridgeport, Sunfish e„ad 4
burgh, burrs. Pritaburrh on Mondays and Tanserl
4 - - , -,...- h il The nevegiftrz‘e:l,3,l7., 4
Kerner, ...ter. wol leave far ....'
rout ell interrne..Usto pone on Wi4
day.. and Salthl.y. of each we,* Lo frelght oil ;
entre apply on boenl or to
' feble
.....r..........„.....„ere, _ -_-,-----,--_
321 Broadway, ricw Vork.
y ikiI'OUTFAS AND JOBUEILS df Saks, French
& red Hoehn. Reines, laces, Embroideries, N'y
em, Shawls, Hosier), Gloves. Lawn' tionshaauserS
They iiirite country Illerchulits, tina New }`3
to catontue their stock before inakhie their porches ,
NU. Mau veu the many years of the our of 4,
Stewart & (men which he retired on the Ist of ,I
ila, an d Me. James Dickson, (who has on interev.?.
the LuLalllesS,) Was alma Menne/4 anow o ac e/ er 3
r3LANETARN- LLAR onLn6.— pci
I - lee expansion of Ow reet di• If
ries of innorrn Altruniatcy, g
by 0 Ai covenn and Atitehell,
rector of the Cincinnnti oleo notary
Heneleylltniy. Alps and Ridnel..etten from
the Alps and the Rhine; by J T Headley, either 0f.4
poten t end Munhalls, Weshington nos his Gn
We, &c. New and revised edition. i
litatiintes of Coal —The Geographical Aid Ocoil
cal diatiuctious of Mineral comb/cool,. art
foayl try
including also, notices awl iocehnes ot 1. ,
alt rent bslnmil!it..
.eubsinocr. rino varW
oye4 an/ 1
mentanctures, illicrtrowe by Mops and Ditgroms,
luene!l4) (lenity 41.1) stinialimil tables, ied 0001
et to combust/I/lea, &c; prepoed by RI!
urd Crowlina; T., Jo e.
Just received zeta copies (leh alike move we,
I —for in& L 3 JOHNSTON T 3
pr, O Hooksellem, car mark(! 3d w
ric . ;"
r S.
pill. we Caom
TH.:;:eI,7OIAO4'KUPV:Prind Tonic 'r l e tt e Cie CMIMOra di;
ders ariamg Isom ttniirtninnee indef. 4, -• such u.,
real and warm.. ot the slumitchi beads
&r e where a aitedietne Is womred•
very applicable; for its carnation/Ai eel sot
(esti give almost immeinine (M.( woe. cruse
steknem exist. Its po t getter operation nom the ste
ach Sind ( rowel. Is gent. land egretllna, Ind Its
PinPenies impart adsorb to Ike do ,, rre orr •
thereby cottblunt them organs tar perforto hest pri 5
functions with nub, and resulArtly.
The price ha. Ores reduced Ursa SI to 5 ore a bo
For sale sod retell by .
Co , / tr..l Sad wood, and Mb
woad Sits
Scent. (or W.ayonh
el OS:Y. - .
T C. &G. W. CARR, adamitaeturers o Umbra
Parsuol and Limy lione,,Ne t 135 Noth THIR
street, above Race, PHILAORLPHIA, Mika the g
tentiott o( Metchnna stud Dealers to their etensltee 0
sertment of the shorn articles, enhich Meiotic.: at
dnced prices. An examitiatrim is solicited
ang4 ,12.•
rA"'"-' 'EV;
FISH--8-hicnialmtagr. sale
"bbie s se) Du, se ewe
TONE PIPeW--00 [Au Stone Pipes, [weak
exte • WICK h WCANIII.
.thxk ; - irr