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aid Leather Dui
st. New York.
' igt=rigsZ r oliu Or Pittsburgb, Leriek
l7Coluilllulus knaa4 rt bi lsOf :W,Suferrt .
. r ._Lehtber BOlilitO f f i rd
'grgradrances • • 11 Mutsu.
. AATwO9 JONES ft. Co. Cowman= sad, Fm
i lephats, havogr .rg ed b. to the. old
, resnince 6113)10Z 311211:11.
r r BASS & .Wholerale and .Retall'Drap
: gists, corder of Liberty and SL Claketrend, Pitts
ye, . mend
AcatowN Wholesale Clexters,
J.) Lod Coatridisicai blere.hatue, So. S, Liberty at,
• • YiddSK Pe. dedity.
PAHNpSTOCIE• & Co., Wholesale and Se,'
JR. tall Dreggis earner Wood &width std. •in
/WILLEY & SMITH, Wholeis& Grocers, 18 in
0:1 Wood west Pittsburgh.
- CV klil.e..aNo7 4 Trik. Forwardill and Ono.
' tardier% CAnal"l34l3l, Ps9sbragh Pa.
meta .
. .
gum cetreany . '•vmet it. zeleo:eas, res. W. mamas
irl0L12111 „,16N, & Co., Msnufeonnars of
' • IL) Cerriege tings.ned Axles, A. U. and Spring
. Steel , and de era ko - Coaelt Trimmings of even , de
, 110411014 Ipantifutort on SL Oldie st. Warehouse 43
' Wood st.; oppßteSt. Charles llotel. jst3M: • 1
WholesaleCiroe " eas,
en In Predate sea Pe:Waugh htenufweres, coh
tor of Libenritet liuut ina,..Pitudrerett, ieel7
ADN(3LI9II &BENNETIT, (late istilis!i, Qailuiber
- - m a t Cu) 'Wholesale Motets, Comnumm and
—.oar Merchants, and, dealers in Prodace and Pitte•
burgh aqd
d achas% No. 37 Virciod . si.,.betwpsn td
L=RHEY to Co., Wholesale Camera sod
' • don hlerelouus, and Ponta for Mighhet
I•eens,l.lon. 67 Water, and Wo Yuan ath Pali!
; ' • . Pa.' 'feta:
XI BLUME, Piano Forum Manufacturer and deal er Musical Instrasocnta, in Wupd at, new 6t6.
~ALLAbILER., LONG DULLES, 8.0 and Mil.
g r
Fourdion and Garr nun, SG Raul,. hemmed
God ami Smithfield atiseu, Pituburgh, Pa. "I
O. Highest prko given for old Copper and Brut.
CIEORGE OXlMANCoitmission and Forwarila
kleteingns,No.lo Wood sweet. Pluabargh. m 717
FICILARY ERIRITOT,IN . bins and Red Lead /4. 5 .2-
Acraw,:;., .pent, COI= Of 141.
=an Dia.%lt,
rAidn PICKET Co., wearsa llirt e
admit= Merchants, and denten in FrodaeTl, laaer,
' ater,'and 107 Front scents, Pitubargia nob
TWIN K BJLNION, &norm and Counsellor sr Law
ad and ecarunissimast [anew Kuno of Pennsylvania
fit Louis, !do., Cans Pinsboagh.,
ilsrsztacsa—Pitisburgin Lion W Forward, Map
son L'ißllerr, WCandiess & &Venire, Jahr? }.
Bissell* Kemple, IWCord k. King. iediVir
'IrOILY.SCOTT &Co., Wholamb °thesis, .Forwsist-
AN kg mad Commission Jilscebonts,Deslises in Pm.
does sad Pinsboash Illsonfa=s, No, ? Commendsd
flovr,Liberty smsel, new Ma ^l, Pittsbargiii,
BRYAN, Rectifying LaM ar maul Vlardeinle
dealer in Foreign and Donesuil Wine. noilLi.
vans, No. 114 Liberty strod, and SI Diamond AIRY
rinsbusgb, Pm. i • 1.741 Y
Jaziss 8 bIeGUIRE, Alsse alba naa(Akeo
McGoire,) iletelmat Citadels Holdings,
Thud street, near %V •• • Pub • .
TAMES A. HUTCHISON, & C0...-Snetitaeors 10
&JI Lewis Hutchleoe & Ca, Caamhaien Merehenel,
wed £OOOIE of the St. Lows Stem Seger Refutetl.
'No. LS water and IN Sant aueetz, fiusburgli.
it. • MACK, Blerchatt Tailor, gel B.
I w;.
TOM S.' DlLWORTH—Wholesale Grocer, Sm.
Coco tod Casamisskos hterthant, No. Tr, Worst sc,
OHN D.7IIIOIIDAN, Mibolimala i n r ii deal•
er in Dr:Saida, Paints,ioi6, V ~ N 0.93
cod siren; one par Soma of Diamond , Plus
h.. • • is.l
AMES iv, & Coy Jaucce&or Joseph
Da )Sht • • • • • 31"Waterairtia. os3l
' Y
IL MELLOR, Whalen& 44 Email dealer .
iri hinsi4 aadtiatieirl Pe-hmol 8005.,.
afer, acts, Seel Peas, Qua* ?tibiae Cards, sod,
0"."..rt Irtlen ll 7.Zia BIAVood at, Pittsbotra.
•a , • • •ht or taken in trade. septS
73.7, JaT t p i VMAKEß: r =olcsale Trt-a-first:47
..tO,-{lsi D. DAVIS, auctioneer, condor 64. b and Wood
Tow ISTODI - X - bi11f..e.11./N,'l3ookstittra,"Piinteri
apex la•nanrusserp, No. 44/darned Pinn;,
. je6"."
Riv. 4.173 Book Mose, far, nets Market street,'
Cllsssitecdogiesl, Iftsustieakfichool,Blisce,
len:a, 0401 pomod+st Books sod Butuonsay.
JT W..zeoIEILTSON 4 Co., Bankers and EietiaaEc
Bml coAter a Waal awl :AI w, Met cboneo
Lord .I.l34iburigh,
Curnslcy parchas..l az tie uaapl tales. 00111
TORN GIIIES4 Wha:vesnin G.nnne, deal.
T d
Pinitnugh Manufctures, Plates, ke. an:
Ise, No. 222LiNerty st, Puhbugh. - janb.l
Joan ImOTD,
S ID .
& R. FLOYD. (We Floyd it C 0.,) WholesaLf .
111)•Crocus, No. VV. Labony sueet..
irdlakS DALZELL, Wkwalesale Gmeer
tdereimos, and deal= Produto endritisbargit
. .
Vesuvius Iron Works.
L., DAI 7RI . & CO, olanuAclllrets of all s£;
airs I3as, Sheer, Boiler Inssi and. Nails Of dui ben
quality. Warehouse, fit waist and =limit k ...
-- -,.
wAT., whdaaJa GIOCet, FororaoV
Le lag =I Cocamissom 146614 Dealer io Pius:
sod 61 Frog{ /22
0...8EAT SVlddefala Grows, For:
warding and Commismon Ater &alum, Oilers
and pdtsburgh" dionufar , . NO& 18 ia cat,
Woodsy Filddbordb. (0613
AfrEILEER, BROTHERS & co., Osaumiaba M
AIA. away Male!phis, for the Ole of produto get
arld 4z, Lama' suirsuces made an konripartenta.
IgreaLLL tt ROE, Wboleasbe Gnacers and . Comms.;
, Jln. .ion Merchants No. 104 Warty 01., Pittsburgh.
7 •
- Aux:4 AL1LLJ.1013..., IL
ALLZIN £ Co., Commi.sion and Fonngdiui
Adelettania, Water od Fro.l w.. betretn
Yood-art Mute.' es.
UR.l.nliaa, Cf. NO. 1317111:Mr
&ILL Eig &
FLIQII7SON,SYkoIitsaIe Grooms sual
- g o sm,liastou go.rotigana,No..l7 l , iiiimrin al,, Pim-
PI- aml4
.-sks e comp ,ts KIM, Wtaileartio a$ Itotall Eat haul
jn, Cap Iditownitetiams, awl dealers m Panel Farr
miner of - Wood - mni Enna am ... Panel ,
XT HOLMES tt. SON, No. Ai Ugric, 5 , bee ,,,,,,1,
. u m , Cm,. ,oiner of Foinoga,4ealers an Foreign
and Domestic Hilla OfEatoinntg, eiiiit,alg.,„(D.,,,,,_
C, - Elatdc Noma mid Spook.
• ID-Collection, mad on all the pitincipal MIL)
Om, .... the Unted States.
ar. irociaixtrm.
DOINDEXTEIt &Co., Wholesale Grocer. and Coo.
minimum:id Yourant fel lat Its, No. 41 Water
• , decal
lameaarr MOORE. IVltolessle Drocer •Deeuryins
Distiller; dealer in Produce r Pittobsulill Identifee
• tures, cad all kinds of Fortin sad Datoestie Wines
and Liquars,7ia.ll Liberty street. Clo Dead a eery
' tune stock at • o for old llotuntrehtllt whiskey,
which will • • • • . •
oszirraoN Ic SEPPEET, PrWow Dee CI ond
Commission ligncluoss, No. LW &cowl moot,
JR, Fa re,.l gu?d Domewk, itudware,. nh
C4 11, A84 or 41 44GliPuna4 AO. /33 Wood
att4 Pittsburgh. •
. .
macmum BABA ti eee sod Retail Deslovin
XL Leather, Morocco, Slacsosksz , Tools sod Rod
': am, Tanner.' and Claslors' Tools, owl Tamers` OA;
LW Wood at.. sepl.2
. 4, ...,1 macr ' e scramas, f4a
an. a a uiIOI3INSCT&&vnguA6 tr
and Comncrshants,cdd/Yokoi.pitm.
-= Usnanenass, No, MI Liberty rittab
o aarmn LE raaCymn g Viagasa n la Granat y a
Freda= s
and "Prnataugn liturafacuires, Liberty .1.
PiwPa. Web%
9 • A. CUNDtIYGBASO, Whotesate "Grocer,
Desist in FraibCB/1214 P19 1 9 9 :9h DUnd" nre. :
0.144 Melly st. jyl.9
otre .. ... -.
- i - a, MEE, Fannodiox/Erhn
D, .Zilerelauis, for Oa Allegheny likner , I:kal
e:sin Oreeenes,,Prodnea,-Modmlgn • n(aMdria
-arid IndinideToqinsn
Thlisitiberg ada., In cash, paid al all times for.eonn
tery tog, Samar of Penn end feria ma jan9
311TileiJOHNSON, Marsala sad gaud! Nolen
a 0 Inl3ll3,oegir booth, lames, Hosiery sad Amoy
aardcleOlo. aliArarket arnrer, 34 door above Third at,
irotaborgb.. 4413_
81.144= ,
67T WM., Wholesale Dealera is
h2=4 and Doseesun Dv. poods. No. 99 Wood ac
. . _
.4 W. ILOBAUGiI, Wool 100.4.74., Malan
so. fa Flow oaa iloduce generally. sad barwarsang
, Cooroatouoo Ma/chanty No. 6.1 Water. et, Fitts.
MM. nhauzy_,l. .c 9• inwouie omen and
Ptodute delis% N 0.223 lllree4betwc.. 6 th
sad tab. N.ttud44tu44etph t
1111313111<a, 1010 PICISOU I / 2 11441.011.4
& DUVAL% Produce and Cants] Com-
S mission Merchant% Igo. if hiberty a, Pittsburgh.
grgens, Usucerialud Lard Oils.
LF. VON BONNLORST, & Ca, Wkddessda Oro.
• Vareradthat and aormoiasion &whams,
pins&ersh a:Warrants and Wasters ex.
Via, removed toga& Haar erareboase,told stand)
corner of Frontsl. mad Chancery Lana
Kik*, to• lareasalaa
Dealer 111 ?mince and Ausburgli mauo•
Caul LlOl.l, 711.1.
iIIaBSEY ET, wtlalexia Erodeis and Conant
. don- Merchants, and dealers la Produsa. No. 95
and a. rtuanulb. • p r . 22
/h. FOSTrAge tor Ma a t
Ver pcatatthar pampas, at the aka aMm. S. A t u t .
[jai Esq., Auk'. haildiap,lloa 41i Pittsburgh, Ey wa
In the gastaral land dace at Wathintota atte.i to
may Wawa= them hrotrof ergeach aPPlicauhh
SOW D. WI•Q, • Dann arcunnam.-
n. a WCANDLIME, - (simeessers LE;
- Vl` WielL) Wholesaki lkseers, 'Potwarding laud
tamhiults,dealeni.ia trot, !Wu, flaw
, umin Yarns; and Pimannik Kinandedo_:-...- OW/flan
*mat of-Wcod and Willeratree.%
„,,,,....Iv•TAI : - %'4 , •--. , ,;..„.-`t:• , •-•,: , i,vk -. -msvi,,-..• - - , - , :•i\•'•'•r., - '4,W''.:7-1i.,--'*z•,•, 4 ,„ •
,__ - 4 7 '1-" -, ‘ , ..-. •v: - ,":•1V';52'...-) •'•-n";",!,*:,?,i' #..f.,,7,,t4g,r,--,17-.:-7-,1'*',?..?;-('-';-7z-teig,fq•-.V/4,7,,„.4•17r2•1•-,gr.,,,r.1..1'77--7..?v-----•;,-,•.1,-,,,,,-,____,,,,
~ ::, • 01, . - . , , , , , , ..,.- .4.0!-- -1 . - ' - -
.., , , - - - - ---- - A.- .sk ----- - '4'” ' ' —''''',..--- '-' f Z ., - '-', t=f—V;e• , - 1 - %% 4 ',-75' ,- M . lv7- -- ---,' _.-'"•-::*•"--2.:-.
,::-.., ..,;,,,.._____ _ _ _ _
_ _ ......4., , ,,..77-
, .•
. _. ,
„. -
_ -. ..
.....,, -, ~.,- ~, ;• ,
I - I
\ 1 ' + • ; '
~ . . .
~.,- - . •
t , i ,
i f .
• A. ... ,
, .. ,
~ • _ _
4 1786 ''' ,
• ').
Eln;BO nod Forwarding
t. l t haet, Nu. 90 Trott • between Wood And
Market litrectl. febtit
w. WALLA - 6} 2 ,
c 1
an al establiahmeot, No. 'bergne.r 11 .
WM. GARRARD, Dealt , : i n "Hey 'mad Stuila
Diy GOOdl, No. 711 Market to Pattharr . ,l%.
- .
W WILSON,' Maalar War kes . je, a erry
Silver Ware, =Warr Marair,koa.l7 Mar
U7IC , BEURPIIV, Wholeatle and lizio dealer',
11 ;; ; Poroi g n and Demesne Dry ue oc h om b
Co C O( Market and Fourth ax.
YOUNG Co.—Dealerx er Ide f'3 .7l.c
VC Merry' a
& EL )1 1 111 tHIU , TREF•-•Whoksal e
„ j Reedfyiuk and Wine mid ear
lleretearos, also, Lorters or Soda Ash and Rlend ins
Powder, No. POD Mom st., Pittsburgh, Po Al •
if I BLACKIM4 & Co., Wbolesroto% 4"D.
N../ • dealers in Oils, &tat Sine, and Pittabargh
warmed articles, have on haaii, at tunes, • tnli and
Eivnerni assortnical orzoods in their line, Water • ,•••• t
war Chang Allen P&MbUrg&
JOLIN M. TOWNSEND, Druggist sled Apothecary,
No, ad Market saoltree doors above ThIN Pius.
burgh, will have coustantly on hand n well selected
summon of the best and freshest Medicines,. which he
will sell on the most reasouable terms. Physicians
studios orders, will be promptly attended to, mid sup•
plied with articles they may rely rn as genuine.
ro h e Y6s. d from -ttes6tiest nu none Ttrai k als, " ei any hoar of the day or mg — lit
Also for see, a bags suck of fresh mid good ferfu•
COTTON WORKS, Pittsburgh, Namur. •
.1.`4 taro Cotton /rant, Coale Wick, liatting, Twin
Coverlet Yam, Carpet Chain, Wens, kc. &c.
(Bacceesore to Arbuckle tr. Mem)
A LEDoux & Co., No. 77 Canal street, Near 0
Ili leans, Agents for JAL nsmaut'al,Ylarmive St • •
Sugar Ramon% Always on nand l large woe •
!Arai, Powdered, Crushed, Clarified and Bustard Sugar
in 'Platten anti Barrel. Afiro, Sugar House Notse
Prices libetal, and a fait allowancp made on 111 sale
of or aflame EC banal. wadi
-- .
:Monongahela Livery Stable.
• HOIIHRT /I..PADre.H.SON hos opened
the large stable go Flat st, running through
• to Second st, between Wood and Smithfield
sts.,in the rear of the Monongahela House,
with an entirely new stock of Horses and Carriages of
the beat quality and latest styles. Horses kept at bye.
ry in the best manner. amity
La 0.11111. 13
Saddlers' ironmongery, Harness awl Coach
Altus. Door Ha lo, Varame t &e. ac.,
No. 133 Wool, S. I" ,zou.
)E4l H. EATON, Maier ha Trimmings and Variety
a Goods, Tonois Shell, Ivory and Horn Combs,
Woolen Yarns and Worsted.. MAO., Neadlca, Pots,
Taped, Endes, kg, N 0.82 Market atrcer , batmen Dm
_and 4th at, Pittsburgh. it y
MAC MIS, JOHN 7. dom.,
1 plough stoat, steel 0 0 . 1 . g ra,., - dontazd•z.''
ue wings, hammed iron aclea, and dealers is mal
leable casungs,llre engine larripa, mid coach
K. 171.14 , corner of Rau and Front .n., Pittsbat,
War quantities of (keen and
Elsa Teas, done oplu quarter, half, mid
nue pound packages, ranging from 60 cu. per pound
$1,5t1. HS A. JAYNES, Agt. for Pekin tea Co.
finder, Pa
W ILL also attend to collections and all other heti
seas entrusted to horn In Butler u,J Armstrong
counties, Pa. Hiner to
B. Floyd, Liberty In A
w Wailvet, do t
Junta hlarsholl do ? Putaltursh.
diT Kay & WoaLai. tan 7
LL SWEITZER, &noway al Law, otlme Yl
s opposite St. Charles final, thwburah, will also
attend promptly in Collections, to Wor.hmatno. Faye,.
and Omen crannies, Fa.
Rlnekstack, TO &
• Church & Cawthorn, 4Plunburgh.
Ll .1, RENRY, duarney and Counsellor at Law,
Cincinnau, Ohm. Colloctions m Southern Ohio,
and in Indiana, amt Kentucky, promptly and care
fully attended M. Corhurussinnor for the Val. Of Penn
*P.A., late ltdOlkk Ooppritlaas k acsnowlcdaments,
•lirsra In—Hon. TVA. Bel f 4 1 ,. ( ) Yd.. ( 14 . , r). &
Cal:Criilitn,NV.M.itar, Fay.. 11 Our., 4,4,
w St. A .N.
dryia & 'successes. to Lowri M e end
Atomic's gaud Counsellor.. at Ltta.
Oaks North side of Fourth sweet, above Smithil Id.
I) ENLOE' & SEWELL, mmtvey l. on
Smithfield, betweem K; ,M end Atth".taL twee.
x Law, bare removed their office w ate South sae ot ,
i.LL'Lb .1%, between Chem' Aliey tua Grunt street.
Ur O. FL Rogue,ox, Amditer at Luse, has re.
. moved his Mftee to the .r..e.hange Buildings, St.
Cum. st., next door to Alderman Johns. orally
1 OILY } - '11aNI:li, Jr., Agent at Ltbautrgh Mv
aware Mutant Safety Insurance Company of Yana
adelyenta Fire Ruts upon builduata meretnuntree
pr array ducraptaon, and Mar i no Kiska upon hulls Or
cargoes of vessels, taken upon the most favorable
D —, Office in the Itiarehouse of W. H. Holmes I Bro..
N 0.37 Water. near Macy.. street; Pittsburgh.
N. B.—The success of this Company $.1.0 am walla
lislimsni of the Agency in the any; with lite prumpe.
germ and liberality with which °Wry alma upon aunt
Wr bgio has tmett adnated, fully warrant the strut in
inviting the {maddenee and patrunage of tus fnends end
the community at lave lb the Delaware m.O. In.-
' Mee Comps 11)1, while it has the additnnial advwttagas
as an Inatindloss amain{ the taws flourishing in Philadel
phia—as baring an-ample pout-sic ehplll.ll, which by the
operatiOn of its dinner IS constantly nu:reusing, as
yielding to each person mooned no due share 01 the
profiot of the company, without inrolveig him to any
, re;vonaibility whatever { and 'therefore as powessing
the Mulail{wirtetple divested of wary ohoultotts fe
JUT; widen as Most attractive tuna. nori n-
MILE Dammam , Company of Noah Attunes, manigh
Rs duly authorized Agent, We subseriPer, otters to
wake permanent and Limited insurance e pioperty, in I
this city end its vicinity, and ott shipmnts by We Cs. !
u 4 Rivers.
Arthur C Collin, Qualm, Tuytor,
iV. Jones,
kAlwani Smith
John A. 1#13.n,n,
JoirrvWbite ,
ltictiZfd D. toad,
P. hope,
RiE 2l =E. gp., th, .
mo prw.F.t., Wm. Walsh,
Flaille• Hoak.",
S. Amnia enamor.,
41ITUUR G. COFFIN, k'reant.
lismar D. Sticaimia,See'l.
Ttia is the °Mak i111111111.21C13 Company in the Muted
Samos, baring been chaiteled 01 t7lt4. Its charter la
perpetual, mu from it/ iligh . Slitidina, tong experience,
ample Myatt% andOareddlng (di Mika a ea extra h.....
Onions character, it turbo conalifead A marina am
ple ',entity to-Mama:Ma W. F. 'JfiNcN.
...At the Counting hiootdotAtwood, Jones & Co., Wa
ter and Front streets Pittabusitt, , may 3
I:s.iinra.vw was. INSIMANCE CO.
fint FTWlkill3 Fire insurance Csoupaoy, of Mandel.
j. phis, win Wire Inautance, pasuoment ano named
Ott eVery . a groperty, m l'lnsharxt and we
.aarrodadrrit country, " L14;71.110 terms. l'his cons
pans du • perpamafellartel.
CaNair • F end 3 rud tn.
41.) mar orThi,d and Market Ineeta, Funiburch.
- 4 1 g WARRICK MA It I'IN, Agent.
ITHE undersigned, Briat r utherl sett A3ent (tithe Amer
lean Fire Insurance - C 4 / 1 0P,1 or
continues to effect insurance off . damage
against Fire, on buildings, mercnandsee, lartnittre and
properly, not extra hazardous, ui this city and 1/I.llty.
apt/ IJEU COCIIKAN, Yu wood
131113SCIIIHER has beery appointed Agent pro
te.trx. 01110 ILLISMILII. Company of North Allterte&
and aiu may.. rglfrpiel Clitsd *MIA to lad otter Lansaw&
*item Agency, es t...he Wpretnntre of Atwood, JOOOO &
Co. opiti Wt.!. r. JONkS, water et
JUST per Ka - piano, a large arsoittuera
of India Itabbertiooda, comprising—
Mears , Coats;4 do 4 Traveliug Bag.; •
I " Mack do; *9 paws ramie;
, ges 1 "' Camp filusket.;
lidaGag . /aakeis; 1 " Caattionc
1 " Thalia tt o " I.oe Yrazervets;
SOU yarda di 4-4 Ciffaila CIRO, Fula ,article;
11Aoa pair Legging.; of direraia stricai
Capes, ono: swan% •-• •
2 wallow '00;
Gaa Covets U of watch 71411 La fold cheap
for cash. wholesale or Mail. at Nob W pod street.
*pr.,l a LI PHILLIPS.
LOU W. sls AILADMULA v Dentist.
• • - OFFPLIE Unitimattfteld street,'W door
' . •
Oath, ot•Thed siteet. Or. Maite.ra te
ll s "
speet(ally tenders obi prof... Squat te r.
'Meal° the etthens of Pittsburgh, Al
lajbeay And vicinity.
A. N. McDowell;
Edit•Tdstm k t
lir. flattest obtutsi_
James ti.Cl4 ll , frA•
Mr. William Thorn . ,
Mr. ikr.J. W • up•27:116m
NY, ion LICa ~17.nillitta,lioelt and Daum.: row.
iLD of Tory sawn= 4110;7, ,OflE Cn.lafacrD will tie
auppiied or our hour during the ruw,
*Warn Jt*El•ll DLL WORTH, Agt,R; A
g_ • il)ilbit3-4111 Oa aeuulu e biwyca Call bathe, a
la IC lY kW; !pima. A beeflazoio rlalayte/pute
baths, troth Ilya - §A,ygliebelY ori/ Al lAelwleully w
whiely the altaulthil ell 1..4,it Mellen , II invited. Just
/be-tired itha for sale by ''W 'fluNci & co,
. • r
------ - • - -. •- • -, ,
:IN PIA /JUDDER IJALLs--0 3 dazco solid loam Rut ,
bee tisas, prdidereut colors. We exyy lurutstt Was
16/1100 LOCHUTIMIJi ay eery low price., in large 10.13.0-
oikU, ai itIO MiS Itabbar imp., Nua usu. , t ,,
Jr/a ) 1 H raii.prs _
- -
DUEZS I.Awris, VI.:11Y Clill:/0 . V ll bl d roy,
Penitent co root ol tita dud make' IN, b.. rode!:
:MO a large lot of LAwsul to 14 ddl Pc , Y. , ` , / Akin°,
Ins told at higher pncos.) d• tioods :generally.
11...°1V*FT'dul.-'-`:PQ","-. ' • JSI3
• M OSQCF nu LACll!—Wilards heavjaaph fs .. 4
l ig ~, ,p,. wxle, lot Mosquito bid% otoW on and
-lot sale by /VW . FU ATON pe iCo
. To Country Marabout.
ESTOCK of &hoot Book. , Paper, &allot:i-
A arytif: imitable for country miles; amorigattich
"Writ/• riti pore, of hue, medium and common welch
Wet r.r do do do do
NOM . do do do do
Note . tiff EnvelopeN
Slates; CBS, Wafers, quills and Steel , P NI
%V" atter (yard wide) plain mid primed;
Bonnet ' of different qualities;
' Blank epic 'great variety,.
rattily' hold end Pocket Mattes;
intn, and doable crown wrapping paper;
May' Esltelle Spellers and Headers;
Rare a Arithaanksi
Cobb4Ppera Spellers and Hmedorgi , ' ';',:.
Bandeneklo do' • do
Arid= ,by Adams; parlaColbant, SMith,Striek•
ton, Ems and when.
Geogrit by Mitehell,Olney, Smith, hioreg,Gem/'
nob,' Pare nd others.
Gnome Smith, kirkliara.Belhans, Weld, and
other,. e at lop prices, by
81 wood It. 5 doors above 4th.
Th e big rket price Raid for good mtsed rags,
i!'.t!h• spilt
• New Publications.
lurCiYo :POEMS, illustrated. Beeper'. new
AIL editio o Po works of /oho Milton, wok
a memoir, a . deal remarks on his genius and irri.
lingo, by J Montgomery; and onahundred and
meaty en • frotadrawirms by William Hervey.
lo two vo
Srmrcia's I Tengsacm.—The four Gospels and
Acts of the , raj in Week, with English 00,00 1
Milieu!, phi! Cal, and azegeticak, maps, Indexes,
eta, mambo • th the Epistle and apocalypse; the
whole f . New Testament—For the non of
Schools, ' end Theological Seminaries. By
Rev. J. A.. 8 ' ,A. AI.
Aliso , h r't Eve.—A fairy tale of
love., By hi . C,.HaIL
Joss' V.—The life of Henry the Fourth,
Moe of- F . •• . • Navarre, By G. P. B. James.
Complete in f• paper, S vole, cloth.
ions . ,•" Kers, corner of market and gd eta
Buildings, Fourth street, near
.13 W.:pd.—Odd , . Welcome to the Stranger,
The Cour, his Art and People, by J U Dingwall;
rh.' Orators rigattee;
The Lives Isf4l,poteles ; by Bacon;
. The PuritmurEr Principles, b 7 Ellen;
The Canaille Ganons of the holy Apostle,
with • Pr' r,
Allison , . Life • • Duke of Marlborough;
Neandora Lif- t, in its historical connection
and 4ia . • aelopement;
Harper's nod de ton's publications generally.
School Books, P..' 'Bu:ilium:up, kk.
e4rD J L RF.AD
NEW BOOKS 'Apollo Buildings. 4th stßet_
The Mill 'fv ofJohn, Duke of Marlborough,
with colored ma• A Ani“:111.
Second Vol:C. re Posthumous Works—Scrip
ture Readings.
The Life oggige
t• i •
ee in its historical connection
and historical de l: by Angustua Meander.
Translated fro.. German edition by John Mc-
Clintock and C.. umenthaL Proiessiers in Dick
mson College. !
Fourth Vol. J'i • History of England. •
• Now nod They, Dr. Warren, author of Tan
Thousand nicer, • • then tpo numerous to mention.
Call ands*, guilt J L. ILF:AD._
PITTSBURG :4 , 3IALLE u . sr . vrErwrs.
T HIS Lust ,
.th.,,0.,,,er the sulierroton of Mr. and
n,t open fog the reception of po
plin and will be c, .ed in the same place on Liberty
street to mu:menus • of some changes having taken
place, a few rattan ave occurred, and those desir
ous of placing their • ten wider their care, would
do well to ware an application. For terms see
circular, or apply to nnci.aL
se.wr SCUOOL.
(5..... 4. ut •nao Pruciurrasiot Count.)
tt i
AIM CATON'S will be opened for the recep.
al. Iron of mils sexes, or, Monday, the tat
or May . Patronage speetfully solicited.
Pittsburgh, April •
Rossarscre—Hsv e, D.D.
I . lsatlcollll, D. D.
L lira
itto. Wilson.
areSk3ro 11.. Nl7i!kurson.
C. IL 0/016IIMIWCZ.,
m . I. 010/1.1.00 SAM.
CH ES /L. /MOWER & co.
TOBACCO CuSllllll3 alllttClUtfl,
No. ES'a Sdtult Whwrrr ' ild No. ii, South Water st.
I JEGS to mform tha t and dealers generally, of
11JIIII Pittsburgh, Muth ve made such arrangv meow
with the Virgum turers and the Growers of
the West. %Vest ladies. tither places, as will insure
a large mid constant s of the following droerip
tions of Tobacco, wtit ill be sold upon as orn
tmilnling ter.... art) r house in dos city or or else
where. amt till goods o drum them wtll be war
rented equal to rdp , n:
Havana, to Domn ' Corm.; )
Tarsi. nine. Plicia; FLOsPed ;-Rf 2 - d -1 .1 4. I .*
Cuba; 'gam, Florida; ) bang.;
ALSO—Branch's cola Aromatic Stag Caven
dish, with a large assortbt of other popular brands,
mud qualities of pounds, 12a, Kw and .2.. h., Lump;
Ls, LI, Et and In. Flag; Twist, Virguna Twist,
.2.e., sweet and plan; in - le and half Loses, wood
and tid, together with v. variety of uruele belong
tag to the trade. jeifidly
0 .lAlikrilaxt, S latilt AsCIAR/LEIIIO3,
Presistelo. Com sons} le 9 rwerdlag
N 0.12/ Nomn WaLa in. Ws,.
I l fiii,
Rznot 1 John B. Bro Co, Pn li.
Robert Steen .
Hareroft, Bea ' Co I Pba "` lo "
t'tmth, Final Co. I
AIL, fdi ram New Torii
Walters di.' H Italtiraoro
Ragaley & It
kturbridge,ir Co o , ,_
Haley, Brow o. } r..... T
. 1c Jones,
na - Isallural each tld , altullm gonsignments to our
___ mortiOidly
I. e. re t leh we: Mitt R. Roar tießTßltt.
FLOUR P °mg,
;And General Com rn t igtecawagg e
N 0.13 Form t .,...,„ .
REFERENCE:3 - -Henry Gr p Ath t erg t.
"im , Ma lock, , „ no .,
S. inhoolelsool $ '
A. AL Jamd e Amy-mole.
charles ihskn, Jr., lutumille
Dunn, H c ly e & Co.
Mmeer, D - Co. Phtlad'a
Heed &.11 .
apLdly Gob& & ' ry, New ork.
--.8.- -
Commission and Forrig, Age tt hequ,
n 0.% Woo:in., tthema,
m lBll. to transact a ' com e ... m ho..
% L . ob. , P B siol/ y in lbe Pa and .ale of Amen
nn, Manontu
eree and Praia ' in „.... teee , and
fomarding Goods•comignod tare. A. Ate., for
the Alanumeturea, he Will be e t ,„„,,, ~,,,,,,,..., with
the priumpal anieles of Patti hm ee n ethee e t th e
lowest wholesale price a t and eet , thethett ,
are respectfully solicited. s.
n. r. newsy,
noda tottilatiON.
0. F. coNwa
PORTSMOUTII, Ohio Co nForwarding
Membrane trod Produce li ers _...l„. ,teet m Um Verdian, IFule and Bhigue 'p tt 1, 0 , c o w, & t.
Atwood, Jones & Co., ' ,lisdioy & Co.;
Loren:, therttng & Co., • ry Graff,
Waif, Lndsay & Co., ech & Co.,
Lyon, Short & Co, e & Thaw.
,n o,
' delmoa
TD - Ciriyl - — a. vs. AIDSZSON.
Late of t hubuGh, P . I f Nadiville,Tean.
no. 8 Mtn nairr, •AoYll CISCIRMRTI, MVO.
Refer In Merelmun Aenerully, tr,tow t , ~,,„s;
GEORGt;A. Rfty.
- --
1? OEW EWAN AAP 1;02101 • IIhfiCHANT,
AND D 1...
Iron. Rant, Cotton Tar pui.b wri h
ALLainfeet ores g glo., ”
au. ID WO°, cra m, , ~,.
aIItaIONEERK & GindlinalliaCildfiTB.
Offer 12 scll at muter esiabadLta laud. of buir.
chandute, et Go thyypst tans of Cto oo . , 040000
to make adygn2 l
always prepared et . % o f r ef,
'mem given if required. Leatenkt. t .. t o to et a..
house, will be e pron.2 B Y.blbb.l.d . 1 ' JyEdly
IL Orion Loy. C. V. isAllefl ii . i . 0. ,..,,,,,,,
LOVE, MARTI - ' i co..
Prlninco and Commits* ..„1.,.. ,
No.'s; MOW° Row, F--...h "'g e, nsarbsom.
R.a rte—Dailagon, Sanders A. O K. Rondo),
Hugh JooJono, nallonarei . Al. Alin/ 8,11,,,, & N e _
eels, Henget:t, heath & 1.0., Shac whe w me ..
burp; A J Wheeler, T 0 Shaughraki c o. 6,„,,..
natl. '..,
alms ritoarson
Ambrose Whey
larob AL'Ehonner,
^h dU. L'
ifiCapsoN C ot i ;• . " x•
Illanurnettarem of 4 A N TS.
No a Colombia ton*
.p lly 01110
jErCash paid for 1.1
WAI. H. CLAUS' ' ---
Forwarding Mere Await, De
Attends pa, lietitady to the Forw•
rte. Ao.
1t,,, .op information, apply to F u &
CAN, Water .t 0.14
D. w.
• /144 . ..,
•114Tisp,ws & IPA :I—vIICT.A. " -4 '
u 1
. ate. 4b star • .
Will Epve pnieuha uutud , lint oOID4 !do.. .
duet cud La *Wipe for pu.
iardd ru—Geone to
I 8 A,
arannua, COL
FOR Tilli.SAl4:ol
Nom,. ios ant
our bum f wn en tt a l
will usesuct business
be crened, armgenie
LIMI purl... , • no,
our lO I.CC4IVe
9 ,4
L Y„ M A Pi
OliAkit&L COl
PATltiLlgetelleolleto paw
eavanees made ou eo •
of the Boa Reamer WyOtrling tar dot , CO , O .
zoodathig term. For puueulan auk
tl it'W ItA
Wat , nt
•,, , ,_1 /-
TWIN D. XPCORD having aaaociated with him his
brother James ACCord, alder the atyle of !['Cord
Lb Co, will continue the List, Cap and Foe bueincits in
all its rations branches, wholeaule and retail, at the
oLd stand, corner of Wood and sth *mete, where they
wVeit a continuation of the patronage w
D. liberally be
&wed on Na old firm.
JoiN' j .P.,SIS I) II : CURD.
N retiring from the old and well known firm 01
& King, I moot reupectfUy recommend to
t patronage of the public my eungeolora, Mows.
Id'cord & Co. tioN H. D. KING.
Go-Paism raidilioslee.
Mi AV,. STEPHENS of Wheelutg. L. F. Shcenberger
I:Je a Juniata., and J. A. Stocktou of Pinsborgh, have
due day entered Lute. co.ponnerzhin under style sod
firm of Stephens, Shooeherper Jr. Co., at the Anchor
iron works, Whoeling, for the porpose of coon. factoring iron and ozipi of every deeetipuon.
Manufacture all kind of boiler, sheet, bar tron and
runs, A. 13. steel eliptio springs and axles. Being con
nected with Shoeuliergedi old Juniata works, we can
odor an article of inmate inn (branded Shoenherger)
equal to any made in dm !gentry. All of which will
be sold at the Pittsburgh ydaea. .Warehouse of the
works corner of Monroe root r sL. mph
RrasoLuTsorf—Tho PirTtiareh43 hithertoeZHi
ing under the styli:band floor Wig & wam;
IA this day dimutded by mute nt , John Dal
cell hermit disposed of hr entire in to H. 53(ight
man. The business of the lute firm *VI be settled by
H. Wlghtmm, who is authorized to use Qe name of the
late firm for that purpose. H. wiwamArki.
spt2Oil3w Duly 3'471 J. DALLELL.
THE Subscriber m now prepared to unumfacture tU
kinds of Cotton and Woolen Machinery, m the shortest
notice. Orders 'chat It, Wichnuan s Engine Shop, car
nor Liberty and Water streets, unit meet with prompt
attention. WIGItThLaN,
Lencok st., between Federal and Sandusky sta,
spi2Odly Allegheny coy.
7 713 ...SOLUTION—T. partnerstup exinung between
subsoribers, uodcr the 4)lc of Puoillozlor
Co., ow thstolaed OH the tat DIAL by mutual ronoent
FL W. rolodex ler to au toorssed to so Itle 41 th i1K1411.41
of the concern. It. W ruiNnErrll l
NOTICE-41avtlig purchased the enure Interest fC.
11. Grant, to the lode concern m Poindexter tr. Co., and
outhunted en, sou. Theoihuro Pooadexter , with me, the
hostiles* wlll be eurtuhued m usual under the et) le Of
Pouldextet dr. Co. aced. It W
Itureldield Oust. Intermit in the
11 Dry Goods Blume. , conducted w the /tame of ths
undersigned.corner of Fourth anal Market its, Pitts.
burgh, rommescing Fn. 4, 1040. The Woo:teal. tha
present will be couducted under the former ape of
CC.Pi"ARTNISUSII-W—Sfm. Young bovidg 1010
day unseinted Wulf hint. John ft. Ikeurte.the kn
it:me lowness will hereafter Iw rooductrd under the
firm of Wm. Young A. Co. WILLIAM. POLING,'
pub /NO. IL mTUNK
Jaymord' SsipamiTa,
tsidadd;Cottrmishelmmi.yOrifht. di. tali
TAR. D JA Daaa litte—l Wel tiontid to sou
Jj and the ;unload piton% w avail loy;e1.1 of ntw op
riortunngitring pubtrenyto the ex:inordinacy edam,
of your elision% an cuyeelf. 6,11 &Meted
for wee years with a severe conga. hem. lever
and its coneomittmt duteaies, sad seemed only dawned
to linger out a short but miserable stisdence. until the
full of Iseet, when. being more seretely attacled, and
having resorted to all my Canner renicdtes, and the pre.
scrip.n of two of the Most respectable phystelans in
the netghttorhood althea% deriving any lament, or the
Consaill.9 of sorvlving but a Irv. , day.or weeks at
farthest—whets the last it/OSM of bop.- was about to
vantsh. I had recommended to ore pot* ExpectOrtint—
and blessed by that Being who does all things to the
use of the ineatiss--and contrary us the •speemtions of
my ettrostans and frtends. I was u tt few days rowed
trout my bed nod wt. enabled by we use of a bottle, to
attend to toy business. enjoy tog since better health than
I had tor ten years previous.
iteapectfully yoara. tar . Jas. W. 6(11.1-
Foe stila t.t I . ;rtalturrh. at the Petal Tca Stare, 72
Fauna street. Ettar29
B. A. / 7 .l.Ancarroct, A. irlial, N. V. Cup.
B. I. Faaavamaca,}Putaburgts.
W tt
(i. . Faaamac,
Wholesale Drag Store to the City of
Ness York.
11 , IIE undersigned ere exteosively engaged in the
1N holesale Drug business at No. 40 John street, to
tor city of New 1 ork, n/tal are prepared to supply
Druggists and country Merchants with Drugs, Faults,
ohs, Dye-studs, Fore go and Amencao Pe, hosiery,
Monder. Weaver b. Mender's . Cheimcals, tof their own
hope:lawn) and 01l other ariteles in their love 01 Wm'.
Lies, of • superior quality luw 14.ey can Impur
chased m dos or soy eastern chy.
New York, Febiti D. A. FAHNESTUCK .4 Co.
- -- 711ArolieTt , i - Chrociae Green.
I . undersigned, Patine. and Blind Makers, of the
or New York, hare used and tem.& and are now trmig
• ;sew article or Chrome (Amen, sannutirciured by Geo.
K. Marcher, or this city, and had it to work well, pro
ducing a fine linlirant Paris Green appearance, with a
verysuperior body, and recommend it to our with
the trade sr_ in every particular we Len Chrome
Green we hese ever used. New York, Jane 1,'47.
Signed by 24 fircrtv el practical painters of the city of
Now Cork. This unequalled Chrome Green may be
that of H. K SELLF4323. No 57 Wood street. who has
the egenthise agency for its side in Pitithorgh mnrl3
A Flue Set of Teeth for tiLf GeisCa:
NV( I S B rE tTI. i lOgrar O i l d ji Mil=l A ly n te t ett EA tint r n .
ing once or twice cleaned with !once' Amber Tomb
Paolo, hare appearance of the moot ocautiful ivory,
awl or the soma tune ilia so perigeg y and eg
guisitely fine, that as bonstant daily nee is highly ad
vantageous. even to those teeth that are in a good eon.
ditruu, giving them a beautiful polish, and preventing
premature decoy. 'Shoot already decayed prevents
troth becoming worse—tt also fumes ouch as nth be
coming loose. and by perseverance it will lender the
foulest teeth delicately white, and make the breath de
liciously sweet. Sold by Wfii. JACKSON, MI lAben)
street. math"
A YAW tieila Urine, onicOf my ethldren, aged about
0 101..fiveyeara, was unwell for several day., mid the
increased so alarmingly that I feared death
would be the result. llaviug beard of the good effects
ofFalmestock's Venniftige whoa adnutustered to the
children army neighbors, and thin/nag nay child might
have,worms, from some of the symptoms, I gave it one
and n Mill teaspoonfuls of the .ifertailuge, and to my
great monis/uncut It almost/ immediately discharged
betwCen 2511 and :Al./ large worms. Its health wan soon
restored, and It is now rem attach well. Prestous to
taking the Vern/dug°, the warms would occamoually
rise In us throat/, and I Linen feared it would die from
, .. . .
strangulation. ,- JAS. IL DAWSON.
1 ,
Tionesta, Ye' igo co, Pa.., April 3,'4e. 1105
. I_ , OOK 11 • —Head the following certificate:
At'LlorataLbsvad.c, Ohio. May 0,1,19.
This is to re ty that my littie daughter was afflicted
with worms, ai plat I tried *moral remedies, so cal
led, without us iirmirent e ff ect. Being attained by
the agent in thi lace of the space. arkkikr. , Pena ,
loge, I was induced to give it a tnitl. Alley ~,,t„, .
few donee, Ileittedinir to directions toy daughter .‘„,.,,
relieved. r have he [levitation ill giving it as my spin.
lon, that Seller.' Yermithge is the best extant.
mArriiEw WILEY.
Plepared and sold by It. E. Sellers, No. 57 Wood st.,
Bold also by Dr. Casual, sth Wsrd, D. id. Ous e , Au,.
glum'', and Wm. J. timalL Temperuneeville. il3
Pvral.r, bet•DO., Goodl
eota. seam O ., Jellergon Co, P. Nlereh I, 1,16.
1U Rlt SELI.F.ILS—I have nearly „ 1 ,,, v.,.
rtauge mud Cough Syrup 1,11 arut In, • Your Ver.
muge wstbout exception the be. ever offered to tlw
Tetglaborbood, having proved pod wherever u“. 11.—
he Cough Syrup and UV!, have 01,w glveu Nu.
lx1.1.10•1 hour üb t sort t. J ',corr.
Prepared end sold by It 5; Wood st.;
said by Dr Cieeel. Tali Ward; D al Curry, Allegheny;
J Tetutwrettee villa. mare
UINTAIENT is the most effectual comedy before
the public for the cure of letter, itch, dry and watery
pimples of the lace, neck und body, scaly eruption.,
and all other diseases of the skin. Tilts Ointmeol is
warranted free from mercury, to perfectly rate, and
may be used at all times end touter all ...Unawares.
fi b r , clh b s y upply of this yal l itin A bl; A r i e=led e zd
cooler of lot and woodi rim, earner 0( 000 and wood
streets. /P 1
1201 - t IN VALIR'S D I NPA NTS. W honey. Ar
row Rom Ronk Powder, n neltetorm mid Wetly
uu od
tritiou. M, which tomer mom netil
b un the nromeett,
nod is now universal y re nonnueuthol y the lucidly to
Vrelereore to lintel, Sago, Septum, yr pia,„ A rrow
Boot, belle! Stilted to the debilitated stolnaeli of in
valids, tool is worn summtheniisg sud wholesome foal
tor minors. Foc cult by E SELLERS,
mast 57 wood in
rphicusideritirWdbwring beau appow¢d iota %genii
1 for the oak, of Ituretherdt & Core Superior Lard
(Morin keephonsuuttly ott hand a large sapPlY,which
they with furms&to dellera at the lowest Market prie d
far utak. J KIN) & Co
V• • • .
4NI,L, 4E445-GI fresh .
very sancrlor quality, and jq prsu order, N .,
received direct from Cattloctioncrst ic a cream
waters, and others can be supplted very lore by Ilia
instantly, by /1A FAUN & Co,
lye coiner let and wood et.
OME CORKS-10 bales rec'd aud for sale by
B wyli, FALUN & RUM
T OGAN & KENNEDY hare this day associated
Ls with theist in the Hardware business, Philip Wit ,
run and Edward Gregg. The style of -firm will her,
toles be Logiut, & co. Thu it:Tenet:neat ren
der it desirable to close the old business as soon as
possible. All persons Whose liabilities hare matured,
are especially requested to Make immediate payment.
Pittsburgh, Jan 1, 1649..
T OGAN, WILSON & COwi-Importent and
Yhohmale Dealers In Foreign and Domestic Hard.
are, Cutlery, Saddlery, &e., 1918, Wood sweet, Plus,
burghlare now folly prepared with a recently moor.
red stock of Hardware, Cutlery, &e.,toffer very great
ithineenwata to western buyers, being.deterwuned to
'oompetein prices any of the Atlantic riles. Al
.ad'orehtad as extensive L.SOrtnltillolTiltabartgh Hard
atm., air novels, Sp ad.., For* , , add, V , d.,
all of which wdl he sold at thr lopteri marufartunara
prices. tool
A• THE subsenbers having receloily entered tom
partnershijp under the name of !bat N o e , n,
& Miller, for the purpo. of Caftans on the Bell
end Dress Fortudrog and Govloing busbies. in
all its branches, have taken the sun formerly peen:.
pied by 11. Gallagher, No. 1W FroTeet, between
Wood and Southfield Ma., where they are prepared to
to all orders
Hells, Brass C linos, of every
descripiion, and Go. Fatings Wittl.3l6llnta. and des
patch. Steamboat jobbing promptly altended to.
P. 11,•11111-LER_
N. 11.—The atentinpn of Machinists reed Eng."'" th
invited to our awl-attraction metal, foi,la reduced price,
which has been pronounced &menet to Hobbit's by
umbers whohave need both. Stearsthetubtolders and
Unsaddle, generally, are Al-o reqaestetto call and es
amine our superior double bOtiOn illireo PISOIFIS tat
steamboat and domestic use._ .
„....„; .
Dlssorulloas T
Ire partnership so long existing m ila the firm 01
hreord & King, was by nimiaid eonieln diesolred
on the let loot. The business will be closed at the old
stand by either of us, using the ma, of the firm 1.,
that purpose, Being desirous to hare our Imam,—
closed with es little delay as possible we 'would re
spectfully request those indebted to call mid settle
their accounts. JAHN D. id'CORD.
led li. D. JONG
Z. W. 1t.241.111, LV. SHOCIMIOII3, J. A. STUMM
wpm Pumas, SUOILNUE.IIOBII3. & CO.
- - • -
Maw AID sarmatoa paorartroza
.2 THIS catabashmeni lung and wide ly known as
being one of the most i commodious n the city of
Baltimore, Ito recently undergone very exten
sive alterations and improvements. An entire new
wing has 'been ad4sul, containing numeroaa =ld airy
sleeputirtments, and extensive bathing mama
The 'es' department bee also been completely
rrorganired and fitted up in a most unique and MaUll ,
fill style. In fact the VllllOlO arrangement of the Bonne
lies been remodeled, with a single eye on the part of
the proprietors. towards the comfort and plaustre of
their Guests, and which they confidently await will
challenge comparison with say Hotel in eta
Thal,' table will always be supplied with every rut.
mound and luxury which the market affords, served
up in • superior style, while in the Wily Of
they will not be surpassed.
lu conclusion the proprietors beg to soy, that nothing
mII be tell undone on thew part, and no the past of thew
assistants, to render this Hotel worthy the continued
patronage of their (needs and the publie generally.
The poem for hoard have also been reduced to the
following rates:
LodicLOrdinary, 11,75 per day.
Geed men's 1,50
N. Baggage Wagon of the an. will al
ways be found at the Car moil Smantlioat Landings,
which will'eenvey baggage to and from the Hotel. free
of charge._ may2lf
uses op P.M A. at. CLAM an. , 1111111.0 a,
The subscriber having assumed the manage-
Mont .1 this long established and popular Hotel,
respectfully announces to Travellers and the
Public generally. that he vrill be at all imes prepared
to accommodate them in all thongs desirable to a well
regulated Hotel. The House a new being thoro ug hly
repaired thLoogbout. and new Furniture added, a nd
pains will b 2 spared to make the Ereknrnge one of the
very' beat
The und i e l nign s eill re ate spe " Ml Y isofielts a eontinutmee
of the very liberal patronage the House hut heretofore
received. THOMAS OWSTON,
fulAdtt Proprietor.
L 0171.1•11.1.;
ARIS THROCIOIORTONIiega to acquaint hie
friends that heagain lean° of the GALT
HOUSR, is Ey. where he hopes to meet
all his old friends, assuring them and the public., that
etfort shall be spared to make all comfortable who
favor him with their patronage. s kutlldly
• CIIIMNCT or., orrwwo VOCIMI •3141 Strom sva.
OPPOSITE late Bank of the United States, Phil.
..d4lf Ink kI.fOPE MITCHELL,
W .
iIiTE, BROOKS b. CO., would irespectfully in
form the public that they have erected • shop on
Lome k, between Federal and Sandusky streets, They
ate now makeup .itid ere prepared to receive orders for
every descripoun of vehicles, Conches, ChazioCe. it
'ouches, Buggies, Muttons, de., de., which from them
long enpenenre m the manufacture of Use above work,
and the facilities they have, they feel confident they are
enabled to do work on the most reasonable terms with
those wanting articles in their line.
Paying parueular attention to the selection of mate
riels, and bavurg none bpi coropeteot workmen, they
have no neaftotlon warrinifitig their work. We
therefore oak the attention sof the public to this molter.
N. FL Repairing done In the best manner, and on the
most reasonable terms. /odd'
TD subscriber would respectfully smuumee that he
has opened a new retail Drug Stare, on the corner
of Fourth and Smithfield streets.
Rellevinig then the wants of the ensinsire popplep,m
cur. of Santitteld teals,
set justify nim be Ms ipotred
two empanels us fitting up the edubbshment, and LS de
termined to keep no articles but those of the best quail
ty—of undoubted panty and renuinessesa.
A full essortment of Mediums, Perfumery, mi aru
m usually kept in establishment of the kind, will
be ttlarsys on hand..
Having his dwelling in the seam building, all night
calls will be attended In personally.
The boldness will be eoniinned as heretelbre, at the
old stand on Market Street.
_ apLea,l3ra L. WILCOX, Ja
etoekholdere, take liotlee.
HE Stockholders to the Youghiogheny Navigation
Company ure hereby notified mod required to pay
to Mr. James Hamilton, the Treasoret of the Company,
the sum of Ten per cent. on each abate of their stock,
on or before the Ma day of July oar. gM,a (union
.tor of Ten par tout ots or nebula the 12th day of Au
gust next The stockholders will ciao take notice, that
ute law authorises the collection of Ono per cent per
month, on instalments not punctually made which, if
found neccanary, anti be enforced By order of the
Board ALEX. PLUME R. Prem.
J 11 Chicks. Ste 'y. 101 l
IV A tn l iZet 'l . ,'E , w lTll.7 l ,7:, ' ,ttr,e d s, aN lb d o o
detached do, ado Leptue, 12 Su," Patent Leere dot
Al do detached do tl do Lepme do, La Gold Guard
Chain., beat qualm
ltivo, a good avautunent ur Breast I:ar Rings.
Flom Wtoria,Gold Peasant' Pencils.
The above goods hone been reeetred with the last
five week., and •gill be cold at reduced pile.. Per
nu wishing to putehaveu good and cheap Watch,
would do well is cull ptentoaa b phochasing.
dee.—W ft Murphy hoe with
k.7 01 a few days received mi additional eupply
Lonedale Naokou, (old •i)lty hue bleached thulD,
common du, unbleached do, tine Long Cloth Sleeting,
leDa Lunn., !very low,) white Conon Hoye, lead cord
do, Paper Cambric., &e.. al the Dry Goods 11013-e, fi
corner lth and Market meet..
tEr Wholcutle Pewray up emirs.
Dr. BlnLiii.34o Da Ti!nat. *mil*.
•ffid n to certify that I putchacad lantstwial of Dr.
..F .,
1 ticLansts Worm Specific, some two ths ago
and gave to • son of mine, some seven y old, two
-021111.06/ fiill, and aldrocigh the amount ppitar
Argo, yet I have nn doubt but there w parg.rds of
MO TbeltnlA WO wtttn passed from him, utemuntig
loin ore quarter of an inch to two inches lons.
lima • Creek, Carr. Nl. Tenn, Dm 27, OM. rmal
Leeching, Cupping and !Deeding. :.:
12' IS NUNDS, iSoeceasor to IL 4. Delany ) =
.1.1.• N. M Fifth areal, balwerin Wood and Smith
field. Fresh leeches received monthly—attendance all
itours. Deference, the physician of Pittsburgh, Alle
ghelty and Ilimunzhara.
I WWI cheerfully recommend to the physicians, fam
ilies and ail my former Mond. and patrons, Mr. h. IL
Norris as being thoroughly acquainted with the bou
nces and worthy of patronage.
marthi-ly M. It DE ANY.
- . .
IQ IMO 1./entry & Rvytite es superior sweet 5 Ina;
* - 1 - 17 25 do M A Roller's Ib
11l hr do Price & Rarwood's " 5
II do do do
25 do do Pearl & Demote]
14 do I Robinson
.6; hf do do
23 do do Win Dawson
XI do T W nght's
37 do ii Anderson
II LWI.T Dad•'.
S du a
It do Ratelitt lb °
Just landing from steamer and rackets, and for sale
by HEALD, 111JCKNOR & Co,
41 north water at and la north wharves,
(r.. 11 Philadelphia
M A i t6ll4lP4l.,: u T i titi no l r D , : vr ro „ tliff “ o— mp tlo . Id clones
76 hell boa Webwer Old superior sweetss lumps
36 Lowrance Isomer" Sc "
25Onttry & Roaster " 3sll. b, "
' Dupont Ida Is Enrol •` So
In McLeod 4 s
25 " Lawtence Lamer •• 6a&B. plug
Just landing from steamer, and for sale by
41 N water st and 10 N wharves,
In y3l Philadelphia;
.)A PER—:nOO bills Straw Wrapping Paper, all urea;
400 restate ruled Cap Wnung Paper,
Ate •• ruled anil pluib letter do; all qualniee;
Plat Curti
250 " medium V. Paper
150 gni. white and blue et white Bonnet Reseda;
100 reams Mmulla Envelope Paper,
Hardware Paper; just recd and for
sale low by . REYNOLDS &
Conn r perm and Irwin re
subscsber offers fur sale a full assortment of
ha Ships' Patent Blocks, Shores, Sc., adapted to
the trade. Ala°, complete setts of Blocks, adapted to
vessels of any capacity, put up and forwarded to any
purl of 8., Union,
without delay and at the lowest pn•
ees. LiGNI.I3I yrr4i fpr 141014 qugalitles to 0 , 0
p 0 ra1631.0. (MX) W sTAPLIN,
api-doettawT&S 36 Burling Slip, New York
'Patent Sods Ash
4 AI CASKS Jon Musprnu & SOW. brands, just land
ci-`-± tog from summer No rthern Lthin, Rod for eale by
I.IIRITANNIA METAL WARE—Just recessed from
JL) the manufactory, Briumnis Coffee Pols; do Tea
do; do Sugar Bowls and Cream Cup.; do :Slop do; do
!urge Pitcher., with lid; do Molasses do do do Coffee
Urns, with lamps. For male at lour prices.
jod DILL /Sip Rig Pitcher.
...vs CASKS plat landlog fixtol tallow Dittlfat Ccfcli•
twd fbr auto by
ICO Liberty wee:
peat spring and Rummer medicine, this day reed
and (or 'ode wholeinde and retail by
N LI —As R. E. S Is Dr. Townsend's only agent for
Putsborgh, the genuine arbele testy alwa, Or bed •t
%%oat street. etyW
D U'VroNS Wit LADIES' Ullkyyf of the
„LI tog kinds, 010:—thik graduated leaf gimp buttons;
brundeolwargh de, Funtusel doh Gat•tiltan do. Panel
and Drop do, Net and Pieta do, together with white
nod eoln Lien, (or sub" at FR EATON & Co's
vl7 Tramming Siare,63 market of.
.(11/A - Chill — Dig R Robiliion'i ei lump
Tobacm 40 filo hl)'onei dp 4a'dl''lUdolfa Hone
do do do di dyer's lb do do; E 6 do Enders , honey
dew 56 plug; 12 mot., dwod boxe• hiyor's 4oponot
A roranho do' 50 do, 10 do do Thomas' ma
No , Leof dzi;
Mu Medved and for sale by
k Con.
. Brooutiq 4 Doak. Pot Aalt; dot
'3 our lam; I.oolba Beeswax; 60 Dia No 1 Soap',,
20 do max Laudlc.i 15 do Pint Floods; tgl bble ased
Nos Lod Sysnr, an sole br
1410149E1 aßeziiivrr
Co. Partnership Notice..
BUCKNOR & CU. havc. mlizcialled with
JUL them it Warren... Dad Coa.J.Miou business,
.b.4vrard Heald. (law of Jacob Heald A, Co, Lialwrioro 3 )
Lased U. McCamtaon, and John A. Witmer. 60.15
1 baud • large arleOrMlCill Of Iron Stone Mar, suit.
ante for steamboats mad tootlewatch we will sell
?ALL.% ut:rry,
_sishtf o llt N e s l42Adhlr, wt;e:.e,t
C lLLl c V:r i V a. ';cU u rtl . 2 4 ll Batin — iti A t Lasso u., rt o rd
im emy
terday, of and offered low by the ree, et wholesale
out northeast CM' ith nad ark. a. Lbi story
.14A90:4-10 htubr yellow eanyaused Haws; 10 uo
Al Soles; 25 do Shoulder., all or prune qoafity.
Jo ec firtX)LS
.k.`s..l AND PRISIE PUKK—tO bbla Ate. Park; 5
All do prune do; for sale by
, ItAkTAIUL: ACID-110a, of a superior quality, re
Caved and lot ask by
Orr' Dena.
L' 7/11/C/11.12
•• ' (Lee J 8 80kklor &CO.)
IigANUFACTOKEID3 of . nasals fire proof ohs,
ITA. south side, secondttimen, betunsen Wood and
Smithfield Pittsburgh. J fi &sickles MMus deceased
and the surviving partner Mr. Jos' Upper:cot; haling
assoelated himself with Mt WurC.Ban, ttut buttress
orill hereafter be conducted Smiler the style of Lima
con& Ras,
Thal 0(a safe in Chmidneti, o,—We, the underslgfe•
Cc'swere present at the tesibriof one of .1 8 &tickler k.
improved Phan& fire-proof Wee The refs was
placed In • furnace on the pnblinlanding, and subjected
to the Intense beet of • stone coal fl a refor more than
three hours. 1p one heat and a half the safe mime to
a hntred hcar, the door of the furnace was Men
close which tensed an Ifiereased and meditates for
the b ce of the time s ,aril the cast iron wheels:WO=
flyPa melted orq the farms mathen thrown thaerst
an cooled and opened. Thar k 7, Peron
and s
a fe owc it contained were as tfect as viten
iplaced there , the binding only of the being flt•
'ren the water in cooing the safe. We have 00
satiation In recommending it to the . put . t as a safe M
importer to any vie have VI Sea and bellere
that it will mend any lieu whwhmight Onninaedi
=cm brat which would Melt it to • con ma.
Shntlant tr.. Whitman, L Worthington, Kellogg .12 ,
Kennett, Benj. timer, W G r Etreese, Mons Smith,
Dungan*, Co. Stedman, hlayard & Co, Wes Manse,
Mead & Winatot.
we, the undersigned, selected the sae spoken of
above, from a lot in the .tore of Tauber Atibery, the
Agents C C2 3 .?..R.L1 , 9, ER.
Refer to Cook & Ilasria, Brokers, Pittsburgh;
_Honor Hanna tr. do do HelAssrlyS
ILLLltri6l7. 1000 0. \MCC L. It. mota..
VrAMITFAC maims of Hammered and Can Steel
1U Shovels and Spades, Axes aad Hatchets, Hill, .4
Cot, Cheater and Gm Saws; Hay and Manure Forks,
Hoes, Mattocks, Picks. &c., having completed all their
arrangements in 114' colllollloooli 0( new machinery,
and In securing the best workmen from the most cele
brated establishments of the East are now cutinufutur
ing and will keep consiantlyWn hand and (or sale all
the above articles, haying availed themselves of the
Latest improvements, and are determined that in w0rk
...W.4150 material they will not be excelled. They
promise to produce articles equal. if not superior, ID
any that ran be had in the East They invite the nue,
bon of dealers to an examination of their stock before
purehosing elsewhere, as they are convinced that they
Will be able to hi all order. in their line to the entire
satisfaction of purchasers. Warehouse, Water &Hee;
4 doors West Monongahela House, Pitt:Lamy., Pa.
N. 11.—Persous b aking ;nnum with Wm. Lippen
con & .bit ell &rasa oa on Llppcneott & Co.
PlatAburgb Furnitztre Ware Itorms,
85, rim tram.
A large and splendid assortment of Pami
lore, unsettle for Ititeamboaue, Hotels and pri
vate dwellings, constantly on hand and
made to order.
The present stock on hand cannot be exceeded by
any mom:Amory In the western country. Persona
i IE
wishing to purchase would do well to give me a call,
05 I orn determined my prices shall please. Part et
the stock armaists in
-50 sofas with Plush and lfairicloth covers;
2 dos Mahogany Name Chairs'
FI pair Divanst
12 dos ttve una4ormy Chairs;
9mah gutty Work Stands;
dos mahogany Rocking Chturr,
15 marble top Dressing DIMIIIIIN
8 pair Ottoman ,s•
8 marble top Work Stands;
XS cherry Work sttmdw
Mahogany., Maple, Ch eer, end Poplar rtolsteads ol
all deienpuous, aIW lame aash4eseat of common
furniture and.chelrv., 550 numegu, to mention.
ILEY are not aware how friginfulty Worth= it b to
the skin—how comae" bow rough, bow sallow, yel
low and unhealthy the stun appcms after wing propar
pared chalk! Resides ilia Nano., containing a large
qu.rity of lead!'
• ha. pleparad a he.RIVI vegetable article,
will. we call JOItik.,NY OPANISH LILY WRITE It
boriskinti beingtparifid. of ail delettnio.
qualnies; and it imparts to skirt • natural, healthy ;
alabaster, clear, lime while; al the oaths time acting
as a cosmetic on the &in, making it soft and smooth.
Dr. James Anderson, Pramit-R Chemist e(
chase., soya; sAller analyting 4;0 ' Lill
Wt.., I had it PrAsmytyl waysaaaadfu and nat.
sal, sad et kat. innoOeut wets* I ever nu, I
contonlytan coamionnously recommend its use malt
whose skin requtres bearnifyiug.” Price, 23 cents •
box. Sold by SYR JACKSON. ea Ltberty st. mus 9
Pitt Blakkstne Works and Yonnetry.
Prnanultnia, PA.
TORN WRIGHT & ore prepared to 4,m/A Cotum
and Wooten Machinery of typirr 'dattenption, such
DrCarding Mochinoi, Splunlbs Frames, Speeders
awing Frames, Railway Heads, Warpers, spoolen,
Dream. Fn... Leonia, Card Grinders, &e. Wrought
Iron Shading tamed; all sites of Cast Iron, Nib 4 and
lino.n of the lawn patterus, slide and baud Lathes,
and tool. of all kinds. Castings of every description
furnished on short flatlet. Pasterns made to order for
Mill (rearing, Iron Itailingl&c. Ste.n Ptpe for heat
mg Factories, Coal Ron Window Saab and fancy Ca.
tit. generally Orders lett at die Werth.= oil.
Palmer & Co, Liberty ewe:, y.. 3 0.00 VINIUPI alum
here, to Bleckstock, Bell & Co.. J. K. Moorehead &
'F. Warner, John Irwin Pttaborgh ; G.
C. A l H. Warner, Steubenville. 100(9
Spring, Axle. Steel and Iron Works.
f N AN, HALLMAN & Co_ having completed
their new works, arc now prepared to m000(or.
tore every description of Coach and Ehin,„, *siege,
Iran Axles, America°, niarithr and Plough
Steel. cud ell tilt twill, square and round Iron,
wlnch they - oder for sole tau itherel terms, at their ware
house, No 43 Wood street; where they also keep on
hand a complete and handsome assonmem of Coach
Trimmings. Carriage Hardware, AIM/cable Comb.,
Co., liner made arrangements with Masan, s,
Dety &Cm., manufacturer. of Shovels, Spades, Fork
&c., and will keep eminently on hand every article
made by them. Dealers ore respectfully solicited to
oil, as prices and teme will ha made liberal. Jytts
Now - likrdworip House.
, • JOREPII \RH/DWELL, comer of
•.74c.:',,,,P7,1 Wood and RI Pittsburgh. any
, tug withdrawn from the firm of
atter and Woodwell, on the bt of January, 1.7, I
tyke pleasere in announctog to my fnends to the city
and country, that I have oyenert my new store at the
above named pima. Having purchased my goods for
eaah, and mode arraugetucuts with manufacturers in
tins country mid 111 Europe to be constantly supplied,
I ma fully prepared to turobe timilware Of all kinds,
on as good tetnk nod a. low no an hoot. East or
West. Neither. and ethers ore respectfully Mooed
to call and examine my stock, before purchaaing else
where. The g part of Ins mock:
Steamboat and sa
ddlerysa hardware, gun trimmings,
Elea, Naylor's siert, cutlery, edge tools, myth. vices,
lock., latches, scythes, has hinges, screws, I.7llllollFac
tory planet tows, mahogany hoards and veneers, mid
all other article. connected with the hardware Logi.
• City Doge's- rrlisia
MI. sr.., MST OPPICE .11,111 e. 7
4„1". lisniE beg. leery to inisirru.the °i.e. of Pitts
a ; buigh and viemity, that he Inn taken the Daguer
runt Rooms lately occupied by Mr. Porter. The pub
lic are as that all the late improvements are secu
red, mad will he brought too operation by Mr. Hop,
who has been a constant operator since the on
first discovered. Entire satisfaction uparante.l to
all who may become his patrons. fir. 11. will led
WWI nicotine to Mr. Porter, in whose establishment he
hue operated for the last twelve months. Family Por
trai ru
ts, Fagratgs, Daguerreotype% &;;., nehdrately
copied. Likeness. tat' /11 attrwilather, and Oct 14
lockets, breseit pins, itas. i n
lottructiou given in every brooch of the an, and ap
pend. finmehed.
4100 DRY GOODS 311.11CiLli v Ws--A A Manner &
I Co, de Market et, have received I eases of cheap
printed 1.111•1111 ants Moulins, a cater of Frencti do, of
every runny of style, 1° c.aes of rnd style Ging
haute, 4 do new style PrinN N 4 do blue and orange eat-
Woes, 31.1 do blent,lted hlitilims, all widths. ilea, eases
bleached, nod blue Drills, Caton:Wes, Checks.
Oingbarns. &c. Or., all of which will be odered 41 the
lowest E.utoru wholesale prices.
_ - - corn
IT WIG HTlLAN—Martunienver or ail kinds am.
JUL. Wu awl woollen mactuneey, 4.l4;glieh'y, Oity, Pa
To, above works be,cLL frill and succesatul op
eration, I .41° prepared to execute orders wait divot.
for all kk-de of 'embitter) , in my lute, such as willows,
ptekeTs, Braden, owes, grinding matinees, railways,
drawn. MM., speeders, throsans, looms, woolen
cards, doubleor Ingle, tor merchant or cowarry work,
muJes,jacks, slide mid hand lathes and too:darn gen- '
twat All inudi of shelling made to order , or piss; ma
en .
for gearing facfones o r pl lll ;f antllattle chargef.
AP Cbi.e te Co., Blockstook, 1.11
& Co ., Ki n g, Pennock it Co, Jos. A. Gray.
ALA FULTON, !led and limas Founder, has re
bunt and commenced business ht his old stand,
where he will be pleased to see his old ewnotin
eta and friends.
Chorea, Steamboat, and Bells oCavery sire, from 10
to LUAU pounds, cast front patterns of the most approv
ed models, sod warranted to bentdie beat materials.
altueral Water Pumps, ttotuners, }telling, ,te., logo
thsr with every varvety of Braes Castings, if required,
inroad acidliuistied in the neatest manner.l
A F. is the sole propramor of Rehntr's Ami.Arent.
non Menu, we Justly celebrated for the i.edoetthe of
frumiert to machinery. Tee Hegel sad Composition
con be had in !IR al ell tithes. ally
Ploughs, Plough Casiliigs, Wagon
Poxes, u.s.
tiOtO:lif HALL, of the old
firm of R. A .1! Ball, ts mina.-
luring large quantities of
Ploughs, Plough Castings, Wag
on holes, se., mina the iinproveinents of the L eaver.
Peacock, Illinois, and other Ploughs, oldie latest and
best patterns au. In use .
160 liberty an
Vellt<lloUvo. lUS Liberty ~veal, Pittsburgh, opposite
the Hay I.actury, in Allegheny cay,near the
Cotes, Factory ol Mencis. 1 1luzistoet, ktcl, h Co
w. do J. OLEAN; /kiwi ltlaAerw
wLure cull engaged in the aboa boottneeeteorner
TT of Wood eng aged
tturd streets, , P4rtqtralt, where
PreP.te'd do nortroarta bht Noe with des,
pauth. p,ndultth'eur work perSonally, and suds
factiou will be Tivoli iu regaro to nit neatness cud tobility.
43Iauk Books ruled to any pattern and bound rub
staunally, Hooka in nnothen or old books bound care
yof repaired. Slimes pot oubr rn e in . gilt Inure .
Those that bare work in our tine re tued to can.
•I'llees low.
Bandy aiadlitiaverpanal.
TIRE Stmlbeiluere of the Sandrand Mayer Caital
Company, nn Lamb ) uolliteil that un electictu ibt
Litrectore of said Cocupagy will be holden on'Weilues
say, the 11th da i of nwrust Ili We tilted °dice, in
New Ltshen, to, betireen '
Al., and 4 o'clo ck, 1 . . Al., of.-'
Cast and Wrote'
suba yrn k n b b le terms rs a' n
P iL t r s
Isatlolg, for lialeontes,
dint eemeteriesi , Chaohos, de. do
A. 1.4.11 NT d KNOX,
' , nag 14 Allegheny y
To Oontroet oa 0id.i.0.141
OR ISAL, very loyt, to lhooo o Istsmoss of Me
j: late hrui of Constable d Strutter, Pat of Vault
doors, of supenor manufacture. Apply to
Woof • ltd sl, la door Gum wood
fUST flEtEl VY.O A !urge and /Plen - aid amudident
LP of Cloths, Cassiments Vestluga.Cravals, des r sad
or sale by L WLL ' LI.A.AIB; Altiatcant Tailor.
aye under Alotionoltela stratbfieldlit
ODA SI4-61 nasal. om emtaat •
ij (slew ry , waving,. thvottand,vd /dew Orktunt,
ord. per steamers Empere and /interims Eagle' .14
coats uhatuel. are of the purest A merican
tor that item
manufacture. rtlylB. POINDEXTER* Co
TlEbtteribef respite Oman attemionaf
so mad's; and amities% • bell, citiseas- and
mangers visiting Picabtagla CO his large and splendid
mock of easpednir, aow for sae 4U.0 how stome r itit
They cartlict Of Oren , ruing of the laziest and
' most Gaitiottable gyres of carpida; Cloths, itc., liver
Nought to the Western market - The store has been
baih exmasittortimea*t business, and has, (region'.
lees Of expensed been atal spin the most onagmneeon
modem Mi.
The cantos receivinr. ans
the richest and most bnlEant c
They comprise, us part. of MI
&Tenor Tapestry, • new -
7 1 a
E4l- and American Bras.
4e.1 Ingrain, new she
lltzr Ingrain; new de
lla,' horn*
Comm. do
Plain and twilled Vonalan•
Erna super cord moiled 46
Royal •do;
Sheep Pelt;
I 'o4 mayl.;
lie;Chana Rugs-
reed 0
. do
do do oil 93109h..1
4 do do
6 do do
Cotton, fist, rag and hemp carpe ee931020r1 oil cloth,
oil cloth table covers, or op hoed table aware,
window shades, colored and Mein malting, emir rods,
tramming., carpet binding., my trees urnolaY
kept In carpet Mese, ail of w eta will be sold onhe
reasonable to ma any on the tr. Haring mail e ar
rangements with one of Meter/est mantofsettuers in the
east, orders for i any sore of carpet will be promptly for
warded by telegraph, and delivered in nut week, at a
small advance o(the manufacturer's price.
Purchasers are parneultoly renamed to call before
purchasing elsewhere„ as we tool confident we can sell
or cheap mo they man be posehlatd loathe eastern cuies.
_ aerial t V , W. LYND.
atiWNEW and splendid variety, at
ZEBULON UNSEY'S, G 7 ?assn. ,
50 old lever Watches; 49 silver
lever watches, English; 'silver detached lever senten
ce; 20 silver L' .pine wetcheti silver gunnies
snitches, L 2 fine gold chaise; do: new style ear ring;s dos plain gold hoop rings; n dos mortal rings; 2 inw
steel slides s,
si.•l bone playing
s a variety Cl popular:axes; 12 gels. s all izes.
6 dos fine runs, sil k .d paper; 611d33 isuorcion PUN
don funs velvet hags, ups, styles; 10 dos five
crotchet bead bags, sum styles; 3 dot fine crotchet
purses, new styles, t 3.3 dos fine parasols, aisorted; Stays,
tassels, fy - icApw, gilt and wilvu, far regislius; 10 du fine
fiosie vases, usorted; 1 dos fide Ansel screw pin cub
woo; 1 do: fine Ivory screw pin cushions; 1 dos fine
wood screw pin cuslions. A fine assortment of new
Toys, 14.
- WW4 - 010
A- Manor
Pit L i Cu, Vir ro c rk a. .
tsb urgh.
A. A. Mason & o,
1V0.% Idarket stree. between. 3d nod 4th sts, Pittr
.4.1 bomb P., have reecody opened their new and
e n. ler i z stog, r with Lo co .: te r nsiv g e . s r ue . 4r r ieli ,, S:
packagas, of the retest aml mpat style. Merchants throughouurthe comussy are portico
arly invited to call and eattor s A onr stoek, s.l it ear
intention to oder out gpsuis at the lowest Eautern
wholesale price4 A Alite of the firm residing in New
• York, vftll Da constantly sending us fresh supplies of
ele most desirable g r ads, thereby giving us couldr f cility the inutsacton ot our bum.. that cou be
possessed by Eutern Ilona.. Prices *re
guaroulaed to be as low as the lowest NutK i'vrk and
Philadelphia rates. 0.7.
itricrE (looDs Foe, E9-Open olds morn
IT tog, at W MITAYIII , 'S Dry Goods House
north easi i s sue', of th and Rubel sta, h lemon
w„til orbs - Ina floods for dresses, such u Swiss MO
bus plum and fird; Mull Mull den barred 4msossels)
plant Molls and Jackoneta. Al,, rsianits styles of
g oods for Evesung Dresses, inalcUpgis patterns of
utire new styles Endsroi•i!ssedaltbefin Robes
ED' N.. rod!! " tvpihrikg daily fur a !reel
m come, inw, styles Dress Hoods, Linen
and ficlitllnghausta, 'Prints and Cl/buses, very low.
lldes&iinm ere incited to esanune the goods and psi
' es itt 'wholesale rout., up stairs. 'fbie assortment
'large and prices very low.
phy moues attention to !Ills assortment of above
of venous allelic, ulal quellitmee a)so, deuesults
poolsd Line Lustre, for Ladies' Dresses.:, it, large as.
sOnectent Of fine Eteetston, fltzulearts, toad F, ranch
Oinglums, of newest stylesi hbie, yl's prints---a full
assonment of these vary desirable goods, sac/Laing
pang, hied, dmisle purple, of new mid Imams
ml phssuns.
tench Dress Laarne—Pink.„ blite s iilan, brows .sind
Imhof seersust_pattints sod fast colors; smelt firs do
for infants. Also, Brilliansines, of huge and small Air
ores, for ladies' and enfants' dresses
Embnuadered Swiss dress patterns, for [cuing dres
ses, new styies colored darunsk topploany. doi and a
lollumrspient of tissues, hsF,Leni. grenailtnes, crape
Mewls, ate., at the isnr4,bst comer of Fonith and Mu
ket streets.
J IJOHNSHIA. Y at Ca A , 'suet-s OAKUM.
now to Robb. Wince
brener at Co.) MERCHANT 'MILDER Itet Chest
out slues Ptulaskilptua, beg Mare to inform the friends
and patrons of the late firm, and strangers vistustg tats
city, that they are now to receipt of the Spnug sal
Summer Puluons Alen a choice anti select assort
ment of West of Haglessul and French Cloths, Cassie
metes and beatings, to which they respectfully Invite
the, attentlon.
- idehisidm
k WHlER:lfqo.tnes 016.1 street, are
0 receiving s vary lasge and extensive Stock of Meat,
Spring Dry (mods, of very recent urensse, and bought
under the most thvoratele circommances) and which
they ewe prepared, and will sell to merchants, at a very
mean advance on the mourn emu.
We would request all mereheate etett.4B OW city to
give our stock a fair exammation, :Act ww !rid noofi.
dent they will be entirely alirst!of S)e cheapness of
our stock.
\FIST m s INtair— Sup French fird smuts Silks, Cash
and *lute Marseilles. CLOTHS—Sup
ach, fresh imported, all colors, masques and prices.
CASS MFRS'S an every style and quarto. CASH"
MERETTS—Sup silk warp. Queen's cloth, Summer
Cloth, and desirable comings for gents' west, at peers
below soy in the arty. ROSINSONS Cloth Store,
apt) corner SW and wood sts
814ACKLETT Q warrg
toy wood street, taco
kotied, nod Ore ...taw
ty recetemg during dm 'business scuon, large and
exteuivs assortment 'Of DRY GOODS, which mu of to tecoAlatile at low pnces, tout reesonattle terms.
eteltering that they een glee enure satisfaction, they !
confidently invite all merchants vislung the city to gave
A. MASON at Co , Market street, - q , spctung
_M a sat extensive umrtleent of Oro{: (loads, Just re
calved per express, comprisots LIM largest and Mu'
fashionable stuck us Ds... Gads to are mend an tam
city—umonnsi "Sh mutton, Ju in extra rich mu
broidet,,,-.d Alt to Cheer, a new Mete, mid the most
desenside goals tube market; RIM, stun stripe Chad.
nee ttereges, Tissues bloosir Stripe, French Jotonett,
11th UOODS.—A A MASO l‘k Do, nu Market
_LP street„ have duet reett spa:alal mr.ortmeut al
tness muag %sena' may be focu s —ngered,
Pitt., Mani sUi{red Berage of all qttelmes, Wk
tissue, mohair stripes, Gym...kers, satin strtpc de
Lattice, Mem do Sean, St ebonies, Macy bilk, French
Jesonette, dm. Att.
A.G.—Alexander 4 De s - attic now open
LI a hcautual sitiu smiled am, Bemires, of the
karst quaker, and unporteat also, spice.
Mil plant red E,Ntelia black Derages end Putaces,
eplead;„4 rttbralt Lamm, Litton Lustre. and (Singh/um,
a tall 'assortment Lak, plain aid satin stripe de Lames
end fate Alpaccus.
All these goods have hero purchased et the late per.
emptory auctam sales la New York ead Plultuyekpais,
a. will be sold at a great reduction (Mtn Feglater prices.
iny4 corner gianietel rid musket et
SILO WLS----AMkander tr. way nave recewed cored
WOW the importer in New York, an canoe cam of
gomune Qualm Crape Shawls, cootambig a complete
.sorlliteat of embroidered cud plain shawls, of Waco•
hors and qualities, from ly4t) to &A. The ladles are tea
peenulty molted to exaktine these shaWls, believi
m w ng
at wine of th em are +alarms M any helare °dotal la
lhu market. They will ee sold femur' Oly cheap.
Also, Silk haunt and lierage nose and Scunkl
full assorunent, at remarkably law es. my 4
haying received the sole Agency &Cagle of/onee,
Wane tc Cars Plate, Gum, Ptvot, ilquv Sod
daloel Teeth, invite* Deuusu ryectal latentio.
JOEL MOIILEAt., Uvl i ssl4 ktid Apothmary,
_ cot wooA cud 7th en -
/11.41 , 1kkl—A toad aseorttnent of ladles and gents
IX block, white and colored Conon, Line, Thread,
Silk and Thal.) (Hoven, large me. Moo, blank and
colored French Ktd Closet, au excellent uncle, and
WV , a 1..; lust epenn i thy
apYISkIAC - rr d ‘vurrEi,sze wand .1
f - :±LOV AND HOSIKRY--Just read, LW dozi;
dum black, white, brown and slate CottOti Hose,
twat of rents per pats up the finest quality Also, lOU
don get. Cotton fall (lose; IMO dot hide, :brood, Silk
and noon Woven, Wan t 3 canons Lad Ava tlyou had
Wore.. Leabsra and others that wish loysaint in 1110
above az tscins, will hod Ult:11154 •
spOJ SALI,THA JOMBQNS, 44 macke.t st „.
atiI.„„FAXLV.U.VVI I 6, AC., £l' witoLE:4ALK._
11 Aq/e and nal( acts; for men, woman and
c dreo Maine lot of silk, cotton Ind lisle Weal
(novas ind Altus; just iiceival from the lasftottess and
for solo wholesale and renal, by •
s rA t F-H EATON & Co
O W:EL GOODS--Steel elasp a , •
men in the city; kneel bead:, do am Tassels; do
Purse do; do Pus. Wags; do do Claspd do laddest do
Key Rings; do Top thirltbsi lux *NI at 010 orh Foos
. „
!note, Markel streeL
myld 1EZ1,57( & KNOX
TM, coop -4 1 - 411
and il{rip L ed rice, plain add ehlt'r4 JIBCOIICLS,
2!, JAI Scotch hlu Wok Muldrni, — Ebthop Laihre,
Mamas, spotted Malls, Victoria: . Lawns, Tartetou
&Leslie; together with a tall usatuneez of Bobinetts,
piano and limey Netts, Laces, Etlaints, Antrerungs, ha
e.e., all of which bare Just arrived /Mali Trom the fgt.
ponere, and for sate low to the inole,by,
myl7 ' snactiLerr wlttiE
I EIVELRV—noo Gold Miluntups Cwai do do Loci
ty •em Boa; do Wed.; rupi do do ear Rim*
00Pincer Nova d' o dra lama' choinai do do J'On
do ad reno4rn and ecosi do do Llroselet. ond
Clasps. Whorl want el hue Jelockvlrin du well to
call an us be Oro parepotkog.
open morning a t.
euperior Littlish Lauf ..3oth Zino .
Lansdale do, and hot constantly on band an awn.
meet of every grade or yhality, at low cash pneea
Aim, both harems tor earnings and bOsOnts,at pure
Atm, and very cheap, 01 nonnonat echos of 4tO and
/chalet sums. f jel4
Itan'INLIS AND oqllitruiiilAAT.i. 1171 - 11 - Y
have lust 'coerced •very aupener aseonznent 01
brown and bleseladd Sheeting., en the mad celebrated
o,conreehwe, et all andtha 011 d TIC - meal oleo, otaaelnd
and brown ettnrettnp, of law quahtles, ai 140 per, yard,
my 4
LUD'S cen?Are •
•.the latest design, with
e following:
NO. 2
NEI I . I .or • : • n • I
47 J. A. & U. P. JAMM, Coltionao, the volloonng
new and valuable Work.—
lifoNniP( Do t t —.s:'W hatrolui ' Veini . u ' e k :r h* N r et .
htexteos_oea. Kamer. Overland Expedition to Cali
, arta* Dual_Phan'a Dwnrwilrn arum the and
his unparalleled March upon chittitalina and Durango,
and the Operadoul cif Gen. mic ai Santa Fe; with a
Map and Engrarnpi, r Hughes, A B of Ito,
Ist Begimat of Mira= Cavalry.
Won/ of re.tarky—lt. Antiutaties and Natural
CudosltieE GeqTaphical Statistical and Geological
.desteriptionio witk anaudotesof Pioneers Life, a a d mono
than vas ttitadred Biographical Sketches of distin g d.h.
ed Pioneers, Soldiers, Statesmen, Jurists, Lawyers Eti
vines, Rey Illustrated with forty engrarson by Lewu.
Caliat,rl voL octavo.
The Twelve Month& Volunteer, . Journal of • Pri
vate ht the Tennessee Regiment or Cevaby, in the
Campaign of Minion, during 1846-17, cotitamung ea Ac
count of the March of the Regiment m Vera Crus, a
deseriptiop of the Coanny paned over, mann.", CUR-
L:lm, &e. of the people-, /Roaches of Caton Ufa; ac
counts of ell the M. of other Volunteer Reetmeuts,
and foil Snarl of the Mexican War, Int of ...e KO
led and Wounded, &et illostrated by a law number of
torreet views and planc, by Oe. C. Furr, 1 volume
omens duet
Neer Paper and Soak Establishment,
7d Wool, Br. arrears Fours stn DIAIII.OXI3 ALLOT.
qI.IIE saber:Aber& have Put opened, at the above
I stand, a largo stock of di/fermis caalities ruled and
Main white and - blue Writing and Letter Paper, own.
ruennal and packet post Flat Cop, demy and madam
writ fr . apetta, for blank books; medium and royal co
lored Printing Pape.; medttun, demy and cap Day
Books and Lodgers, superior paper and best Laster°
binding; School Books Mall kinds; standard works In
Theology and &Menem; Quills, gold and steel Pens,
Wafers, Wax, Bill Files, ace. Be.
Blank Books at all sues rulml to pattern, and bound
in the most eubsumial moaner.
Countrylgercharits supplied al klailligrhalcalle prl
est kit ea* or Tao at cur prima
JOB PIIIN7IIN . .0 Hamm .Job Mace in commun.
with our establishment, we WV prepared to execute all
orders for Wain and fumy Prinung—books, pamptdets,
circulars, business cants, bills of lading, ho., with des
patch and at low pnoca F.Luorrfr. ENGLISH,
may 7B,uwd at, between 4th and diamond Mier.
.441 STORE on Maritsa street, No an, between
34 and gth, may st all time. bo found • large
stook of Tbeological and Miacelleumoks Books. New
books received as soon as published, and .old at loos
" re Th. publications of die American Sunday
School Union and Masaitohnsetta Sabbath School So
ciety,. always on band. Catalogues furnished on op
plicauou. ELLIO'fT /t. ENGLISH
mpg SS mauket •t, between 3d and ith
New Oakoka.
Cysts of Bishop Butleel Anelory a n dligin. Ne
ts and Revenge d , so the constitution course of
nature; with notes. Also, Comsfuries questions for
=Menem revised and adopted to the use of sehiobi,
by Chaties E West, Principal of Rutgers Institute, in
the couyyof New York.
Ac.—The tin Senectute, de Amicidas, Paradosta„ and
&mauls Scipio. of Cicero, and the Life or
'hy Constius Nepos, with English Notes, Critical end
BOY'by Charles Auttioo,L.L. D.
SNS SPRING BOOls—Dceeriptinn of the
Sermon., Scenery, Rural Life and Country Amuse.
mente 2 by Tboniaa kriller; with 38 illustrations
A NOVEL HY MAILRYATT—Tue Children of the
New Forest by Capt. Marry u, R. N.
Sift I'HEADORL BROUGHTON, or Laurel Water,
by' (a. P. R. Jamea.
his above works received thladay, rind for sale by
myls Booksellers, con. market and ltd at.
Baker & Suribiser's Publication..
MSS aubsetitheorying been 1111PCWILEd agents for
' A the sale of üblications of the above well
known pottliahing house, have a full supply of their
, 44, a ne hint!, which they can sell at the eastern on
vr holesale and retail. Among the works winch
hero recently issued by them, which have been
hirly recentmendn4 SS exceedingly interesting and
u•ble, may he lotted—The Csar, his Court and Peo
ple, Irehmd's Welcome to the Stranger Bethel Flag,
by Dr. S pring; Napoleon nod hi. Mars hal.; Washing
ton nod his (inners/16 The Sacred hlenntains; Oratoft
or France Teaching Science, the teacher an Artist;
Charlotte DtizabeLh's Uniform. Works; T. S. Arthur's
Making Haito to be Men, Riches llaveWings, Keeping
up Appearances, Debtor and Creditor, Av. Ac.
Si.., the works from the press or Robert Carter. the
character of whose publications is well known. Tor
retine's Theology, in 4 vols.; liaLlene on Romans; Me-
Cheynes works, The Consomt, by author of School Grit
in Fran he. he. New books received as soon as
as publishe ce,
my 9 70 woodand 50 market ate
STEW It(YOKS—Life of Cromwell. by J T ',
P“wer of the Pulpit, by Gar d iner Sprang, I) D.
atliel Meg, do do
Jacolut. on Gospels, Matthew, with Harmony;
Lectures on Shakspeare, 2 vets;
Path of Life, or Sketches of the Way to Glory and
Footsteps of Messtah;
The Convent; by author of School loin to Pruner,
Now wet 'Own, by Warren
t.netentssns et 1...c05, Put ! ables nod Abraen , s;
irstands 'Welcome to the Stranger,
Heaven upon Ennio
lintekston, a talc on and for England; s vats
For sale by muorr & ENGLISH,
_telt/ 7a wood and 56 roarset ate
N EW ROOKS --Just received at Ms Apollo Rudd
lugs, 41h street, and for sale try J. 1.. READ. Ito
munceof tha History of Inds` onth •senes of Lectures,
by G. Gayane.
ANltscoome on the lilt, eharnoter and public mra i•
est ofJames Kent, late Chancellor of the of Now
Tort; deligenal before tho Judiciary end Isar of the
city and stabs of Rear York, by John Muer.
History of F.rigiund, from the invasion of Julia. Ca••
sarty the reign of Victoria: try Mrs. Mcwkharn; a new
edthyea, revised and enlarged, with quesuons; oy Eliza
%TEM' 1101JKS--Lectacos Shrikspuaro, try II N
1. 1 11 Hudson, in two volume..
The Power atter Pulpit, or plain kir tights addressed
to Clirisuau ministers, nod those was tartar then,. on the
uniuguma a of a. preached Gospel,hy are Rev Gamblerr
pruag, a
8- The Peasant mad his Landlord, ..v We Barium..
Ethorring. Translated by Mary Hoar
Lamartine's Girondists, Vol. lIL I I orot] - of it., (b..
roudist, or personal memoir of the pai.citu of the French
linvolnuoth from unpublished 50d...c.--uy A. de Ls
A few copies of each of the above works received
tua day and for Salo by
/WINSTON k STOCKTON, Booksellem,
ray3o corner motet and ad ma
_4 acme, Ltis Thelon...l Lama, los roolas. Sonnet.
by H N Hudson_
The Poorer of tbe Pulpit, Or thOUghlo addressed to
Chrnman ministers and tbose who bear them, by biota.
ner Spnng, D. D.
The Amencan Practice Condensed, or the Famtly
Phy omen, being the solem:ic system of inedlcum, ou
scgasbte pnaelplels, for all Haase., by W Beach,
1) For ssM by ELLIOTT 4. ENG LISIL
51 market at, bet. 3d amid 4,11, mid 7S wood at, bet. 4th
nod diamond alley. my3o
RIFS--Robensou's Down's, Gibbon', Hoa
k] s[ l : .l.° lps, Mod. Europe, Po scow's taeileo, Peru, sc.:
nicuelet's Prunes; Anwar. Eitoto Hat Tera
England; Niebuki Room; Hallant's Constitutional Hanoi
Arnold', Lazar Bosom Commonwealth,
achtoit's goals; Hlstory of his Oven tunes, With
awes; Dalian', Middle Ages; hull's Crusades sad Chiv
alry; lkowatug's }Lowry of ate Huguenots: Thierry'p
Historical Work Neal's tbstory of the Puritans; Th ong
French Rev; Tayl s;
or's Bonus! or Anc't and Molt Histo
ry; lutroduction m the History of the Church, by Jarvis;
higlttley's Homo and Englaud; Raake's Pope* Tbe
oboe., with Many other valuable works, for sale by
natT4 J 1. REAL—
der's Guide, a poetical treutmo on Grecian end
Homan Architecture., together with specimens of due
'Gothic style. Also, Pructical . / . 111.11bel 01/ Geometry,
Decimal Fractions, Mensuration, Trigonometry, end
Carpentoy end Joinery,onbraring ail the accessary
details, and particularly adapted to the V/011. of too
less experienced. by Dtiotectliiisersoucal architect,
gey,so,l arkg improved, with ad 00111Kli V,Ha nod
School Hoop Archneeture, by H Austin, erehmectmod
H Barnard, Second mood edition. For sale by
Jct.! J 1. READ, Apollo Hoildiors,4th
IVEW BOOKS—Just rere,veddrom the pawls...,
11 and fat tale at the Methodist Book stars, 4th 411,
Ilea! Wood. .'lappar's Pioverldal Philosophy, in lluct:
mi„,,,yl,,,,di pr , a beautiful Look for a prase.
Preparauou or the Pulpit.
Sketches on the Parable* and ftbrusl.
of Chtiat, by the author of the Pulpit Cyclopedia—dub
sketches ' era. The English Pulpit, culleauon of sea
moos by the must euuneut Using chvules f England.
Mans.. Vou.—lanag Good,
thou we, Sacred Mednatroaa myda
- -
LOVER'S 'SONGS—Watch you will by Dayiaptt;
WaloW /Amerce; Rory Cratere; IttAitut Summer,
Staying the Deer; tthatiotter Row; The Two WM.;
Fairy s on Ask toe notwhat I am Toorking; Low
usamA Car, My Mo th er Dear 0 donot my I thee
thee nog }ergot., bun don't Forget; The Ceathetteet
Angels Whisper, Menotti; Dream; Sweet Jams, team
young nor' simple; The Non/gaud for Me; Molly
Um.. For sale by JOIN a AIELJ..OR,
er wood, .t
LWE OF CROMWELL—J.I memo . per expre se,
Headley'. Life of Cromwell, m one
rank nod na Elfeetti or Flagmen. fmm my Port
Fol/O: by M. Palmer.
IMMe. of GmOof 'manor Life, by Upham; Ufa ot
raitn, by Uplmfoi Memonala of Mello:Woo. by Rev. A.
:MeV.% Ttw kmglom Pulp., • coi/ection of seritiolui
by the Most mom.: Ming CliVitics of Roglandi Pamela
ea of Sen.. cm Om Pant/gob and. glirnmea; Neonder'a
Lue of Christ. J L READ,
jelo ' Apollo Daildings. 411 i otteee.
t' ZACNARY TAYLOR.— ,. Formai t erf Gan...
Ur Taylor, by N Cadsy.: tuderAo aoroodiras super
rootarteo and Ore... Of the, oadozaigned °Ewers,
al otlegalaketelk taken aka life, wCtunargo,
by Captain taloa, A 1.1 G.
DCNaanOr, Navy; ClogargeA Mena, A G, George
Lattir Papagmohicaf EOgineer, Harry 'rior
-11.1 Navy. 41.1.11NNTON Sift/CATON,
fetlla and market:ma
00111fITIPATION; leosayuiess,) eared ,070.10 00
mulientea,injedtions, baths, by the .New end
unproved %v tuurrom - jel/AVALIiNTA," a most pat
entable Illid"mmidoiti vegetable rout Also, Mbar.
too celebrat ed. Treatise 011 COO3OIPOO/011, suet the use
sud setae the &relents.: Sold only et the Apollo.
Hull:H . .o,4th street, trear'Wood, 'by
V . 1 1CK../il3—Letnetat from./taly, a new and re
Nsized edam: by 1 T Headley.
kbe, elutetery . and Stellar Wands; a popular expo
sition orthe st eal discovencs' and theories of modern
sarntlreleut,in !shales of lea lecture. by Ual Mitch
ell, A.AI, /erector of the cinch:nun Observatory..
• The 'above works rust Tern and for sale by
EL,14017 fr. ESL:SASH,
iTe Ye wood sad 66 mashes=
Another Supply of Cttickertnirs Piano'
1,1 - :.77: 1 ;, ,11,;,'
„„„ wore py JU/IN ILELLOtt, el wood ot. _
*He Agent tor Chrokettiors norms tor Watt,.
NEW WORK BY thh.:ll)l.:EY—Tbe Lao of 0, l" r . is
Cromwell, by J goapj v y. o f wo r ,geoti.
a.tu Las Marshals," Li " - The Saarlal Mo.lants," 7"1 /fr
and his euersla," eta
and for ode by Joaixerrozll ,_ „,.
lab Booker-11.h cos market „
L.n/...aNCZ-4:httlhaasthollistory "
r ma bartrest umes to tha ftevotaticgr
waaols sad Jamaica—ands unw ,evius ,
quaalleaslor eatrulamlaajoußsw___*(Pao4...,irMitr.:.,'i-'l;'''.,...i
. i.e.l
,~ < i;
z ;,;.
,:,}; A