The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, June 30, 1848, Image 1

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• .1. A MON,'LAPIIAM IF:Co.—Hide wad Leather Deal
11ohu 071 t-ra Yor
Cal• . T O' E LeTiek
Comdrnmextu W.tim.Lwailker solicited, and lb.
end Adm.:* made if • . kblbam
A TWOOD, JONES t Co.. Comm:Lim. ggo
- Jih..Ankodurg glarobsols, have cstaxoed to theif old
moot Wirier mil Front sirsars, Pittsburgh. hart
razo 6X036 UM.
RAU anx
'N.k 'Wholesale, and R 11 etail Dma•
coma of Marty walk. Oak MIKIS,
' amid
ti 4" %MAMMON, Who= r i l l ,
Commlawn Moreluau, Pio. 145, /W.ll 44 4
v ,~e!7el
Imm; RExma m
A. I.IeANULTY t 0.• Fonnuding and Coln-
Ale lAkeniao hierr c kusts, c ,, Basin, Putsbargh P.
arr.. manta* , lais mama raa W. =Masa
-COAT,:fAILMAN.wry ,41t On, hitunlattniers of
dugs and lelse, 4 IL and Spring
Sins!, :, ' .l7elain coma Thiamine . l of every do.
wood u, opposite 03. Chub note!. ' jam
GEBLIART lirholesaleaTects,
Patti I . OIIIICO lead ua.m4b lialudaatairs, cor•
Ler onAlseiii and hand lu.. Puuturib. Pa. . Isbl7
MX. M. 11:156L.0%1_,.. , ' SMIIIII
pecnasit vu & ..wicrewrr, (lu gs E LO, Galloput
or arta
u. : sad don% in Prod 'alsl 3 Pigp:
borer one% rip.. 37. Wood sr., be/Memid and
aso. iscrt, 'mcessamm.
&LEL% RILEY AL Co, Mao'Grocers sad
•. .Comousaiaa iarelaztr, add *punier R.I.ocL
Earra,Nos. Walea, and 10i From F.L. Pier
. •
Ptcoa Farm Manaftaluar and dedle
• id Apiaod. looxFoooddia aptNyoad otoseat'sll.
ALLAnuss., LONG & an 4 Braes
/ten r
ders 11174 . 1113 awer 10P Front, between
sod and Osnithbeld serceG, Pinaberel, P.
;Er liigkest plies peen ar obi Copper and Braes
GIbRCIE COCIIRAN, Coamatisian au4
Jklerchan; No. 20 Wood woo. Pittsbargb4 mpl
"..•, buialeleAd
ritto,do. 'cvmer glib.
- =AJAX ASCU', IOWEINT 10147, 22,
rALO.II DICKEY A. Co., WirholesalerGrocers4 Cori
&lariat Merchants, and dea/ers in Produce, tirw. be
ater, and IU7 Front Creels, Pinaburgh. noted
TCILN LLEAMICIPL Attorney and Counsellor at Law
and.Coronsissioner for the Stara of Penusylvarda
ht. Louis, Mo., (we of Pittsburgh.) .
llanamos.—Pittrburgh:'Hon W Forward, Hamp
ton& Millet M`Candlesa a tdCiare, John E Parke,
Manila & f3emyle , lOPCord & King.
,4011. N SCOW_ ,& Co Wholesale'Orneent, Porward..
tos mad Cannidanron; Mareb,,nu,Annlan in Plo:
ce and Piushargl, ilannfaetare. , No, 7 Conunekeial
Now, !wy near the Canal, Pinxburait, P.
r te . ?Vistille r a.
X 40 14,; , 14Pb.g/ !OA, 54 Diimoad
• ; • /717.g7
••• • Tiadk,ll 8 MeGULRE, time of tho otAlitto and
dlldeGaipsj Mirciaatilm , St Mutes Boddingo,
iSW mein, near Wood, Ptuaborgt—
, Soim, / 7 . 13 . Y.
7N0.. 4Sw:er sad 996t u rftets, Pitbmarg&
, MV, o l2'4PrlllnTal OMAR atTargrll4
J ° , " 4. 179
Na. V, Wk“: 1.1.1,
Pitteb b. • s istl4
- ff WIN D. MORGAN Wbolesolo= ith,
. et in DP Boors, Pdo Oils, V • le., "'*".
.. god street, door ßoth'
TAMES O.:R.X Jr., fr. Ca. lawman- to Joseph p.
v Ari.JB4ipChateilers 30 Water street. ocal
TORN MELLOR, ,N9libler.ale and Retail dealer
te or Antic sad Musical instruments; School 800.,
- Paper, Slaws, Steel .Perts; Wile, Primers , Carl% end
1/ItaueriLti generally4tre.illWood st, Pinabelgix..- •
c. Rep bought orbit. in dada. ' - sepLS
;: t Ii . MLIZAWZR R& Ertg. Wholetale Degpsts,
:10e310/1 JORDON k•SON, Caiantiminn and For
' kr v
l antins - Matehania, No. LS Liberty .t.,•l4oPPwil.
Sanhheld • ) •a% SOW:
JOHNSTOII 3.9TOCIKTON w , oksell•n,:Rimen
1 / 2 -
•.'1 L 641,8 &KA No' re , pear Markel .yver,
School, &Used
lanevaa,..vel Kaltedis-flooks and Stapwy.
Y* %V. ACo ., ftio schugs
~V': Bmtmti coma of Wood wd ad - Meoeb.enr
1.1 %,
JOHN GRLEII., Vanicsale Grocer, nailer in Pro
, ~dnee Pinsbergh lLennfactaree, 'Put ?wa n &n. an.
Sow turj?,
JrL F&Td & Wholuals
Grocers, Ne. Liberty unset. seps
_ .
DALZELL, Wholonic Grocsr, Oemadasion
4 .llldinehanc'nnd dealei Praluen nod Pitottunk
wen' 0 ,1%n. Water a., rinsbnrgn. man
V gime:lu jean
LEMS, DAXIZELii 'Co.; otaastfactarers er si
see Ear, Shee;filotter Itoci end Nails of the bea
wrathy. , Watehottee,l4 'raw and 101 (routs,. •
SI WATERMAN, Wholesale Grocer, Forward.
Eng alid Conaiseises' Merchant Dealer in Pitts
ergManufeetarea sod, !place, Nee al Waxer sr,
ape Oa Front et. - j 27
! • I tx
02Eft: — FrALUPPON,, Vilnlaarlirs;Par.
warding and Coatinissim Maximus, dealers la
and Pittsburgh Manufactures, Nos. 13 and=
Woad Pittsbaigh. . " • king
MERCIER, BiLOTHEMS & Co, ComalThion M.
ilulado for Thor We 01 trainee gel
" ' ofir4 "l"
room made Threaralgoomous..,
'•.lsl. D. Wadi, rolooramo, • wassa c. aeL
. 1 - 4 ‘ 4 •V g.: =BUSLIVIELD At 8.08, Wholesale Orman
'sad Coosounioo Itlcychasga, No. 19.1 /Abort, mu,
'l4 A(M kst .
• fir.S.o.Conaimiao and. Formuding
erchazas, Lt. and Man between
1d 12.941 Market Pa. • jute
RlCKL7BoN,Mholesale GIOCCII.I4
Alien : l . l.l4,Na. DO, Libuty
1 1 . eCOPJ) ;ISIONO,' Wholeaala and Retail Listand ,
:CepWood arid rah hisaidacoares, and dealers iq Parley Fara
anew pi
.110L31111 SON, No. 65 Market st, second
d our from centre of Fourth, dealers in Fondmi
and DmisMie ßills of Exchange, ...rd#caseserDepos.
7 m Hank Noses and %reale. •
QT- mad 011 All the principal elliCS
; 1 1 A004Z=1:1RAII Haus. deal?
7.IIIOLNDKITP.II.• CO. Wholesale Goner - o;rd Cm
• ainaina and Parading Merchants; N 0.41 • %Vmer
"".iiwtrl° gulf: 1 "' IX=
sad au kW. of Poiligt'and Domestic Wines
and 80. It Meng anon: On hand a very
darsoFstook of seamier old Monongahela •Ittiattey,
whichsrill be mold tme for cash: • apLtlyl
:4 . • al: • ... • _
S. 7I7 riL FD LEECll,Jr.,:lmponer and Fieskr
: Fora and Do:mak body. Bordonkro owl
• deocriptiort&i No r 1.23 Wood
!CHARD BARDi.Wheinale and Retail Resins in
Lather, /Renew, allinernakerst Tents and kind
' Tanattra , Oadere Tads, and Tatman , clii,
No. RI Weed a, finaargh. • • sepia
, a'"42 •
•" ri '
lota ets=i,
1 . . - stsilCousalarimaitiarchiants,saulDeilersio Pnts
PL MS.IIIM t N 0.151
.Libittni Pittsburgh,
Irma' ZIALZELL a. Co, wbokwu
.Comadadoo and Forwardukrou, as
Yeable• sad Pingsqlk MAanfite lignseh leas, 14belty
104 EYNOLDS k SUEZ, F0nn..44 .
„Lk Matehas., tot.* .4..44447 akwer Tnide, &a
cts in ammte.,,,i4Dee, nttannk wrn
Tbehigt 44 4 bi,iuh, pig an woes for co.-
coss. Cont. of Pc. 444 Indo cue:—
It.:' ' ..AD & Co, OarnmMilan Mareksalt Lib
_• 2_l et, Milre ilmithileld, Denier! in Insv,
m=n, „IAA an. ~ soi-ly
.carkaJoiateox,ww.t...a Retail Dealers
la in Millinery Goode, Lana, Hiielery sad Panay
Ankles, No. 41111britet greet, al door 'gene' Third et,
marl Dorocyre. Dry Good*. No. ag 11r04% rL
cr a. IV. IfARBAUGU, Wool Bretel ' arns, Dealers
!Ei ji in IFkmartr 12 . pdsea, and Vorward
K " ehl "!. No.
BAo 4 uxy, a Co. IVieoleul• Omen
Not „
rimitlfy glue and Ciontlr z* Canr!
1 :74:14- - g iibmnr. V!,laargtt•
ftnlll44l± 'Lod iJonoo.is4le Merelkants,
aim roan actanis and Worm Pro.
to that., aaw'mankboaseAold rand
148: eagliq et oats; and Cbarmal • )
• . .
4.llllfacrv3lL 711, Porwardwg • • Cos=lasioia,
• liar/Waco andpi• • haarato
-" - Orman and Casuals
.Natelents, sad nukes in ?mann. N. NI
nen nt, - p. 12
1f aitorior
ms Ina «see au.
ta, Erg, auk'. =mop, eh ; Plasbink4 . MY
dm" opera Lai also Wawavon.
my brow ibtra An of expamee, to ippiscatm.
- .
. •
, .
. . . .
. •
: • • - -, . - 1 - • '',. . ..
..' ": ',,,'•;,,,,,'
. - T
''' ... 4 , -"tirV.E.'7 , 4 " .17''' ' ..;. :. :4 .f. .=.: 4 ;'.. , i'S;;" ,t •,-, :3....i. t. D.,,F . - : 1
, ,
~,,,, : ', 1 7, t n, .1 ., ` ,-", ? .•:;;:,,;2,[,,.!;:.;,L,g.a_r,,,,,',......... " r ' , . . .._, , ..: .-",,,,,,..,"' , -
.k' i - I '-' . . .1
- . . • . ."
• ;... ...-‘'. .:....• ! . . . 1 . .. ' • '" • '.
r '
. 16 .,.._ •
. • . ,
, • . -T' ..' r- - .- . ;‘, ,
. _
. e
. 7.. 7
. .. . , . . ~ ..
_. ...
._ . .
. .
. . ,
_. . ,•
yr-EsT BOWl2i—Comnisioi nnd Ronnaniing
• erano; No. 00 Front nbetween Wood nod
xebec meet. feb24
A W. 14 • • rulTre 1C.111,1e.
MV.II , IDLFIA„ (monsoon to L J. A
Co Witt.) Wbohuala Grocers, Fortrantiog and
Cann Merchants, dealer, In Iron, Nails, Gnus,
Cotton Yarns, and Pittaburgt Illainsfactureo morally;
moor of Wood and Wain sure% Finalmori.
NU W. W" — 'M.. — crk — , w
tone and - ha FIZT.l.ti-
VT • LOS establiehmenti No. 944 Liberty 44, near the
cent atar2s
virK GABBARD, Dealer to Fumy anddStSple
I• Dry Goods, No. YO Market street, Pittsburgh.
w WILSON, D.uris wale.
Wm! Silver Ahl4"7
WR. 311.1IIPIIY,Wholesale outil;Retail dealer In
e. Foreign and. Domestic Dry rood., north en:
corner Alarket and Fourth sta. ang2l
vnt-frosxa; a sno.. warts.
YOUNG k C9,—Deuers in lemuher Wde. , he,
T "143 Liberty R. . 1.14.1 y
WL M. MITCHELTREB—WboIesaIe Grocers,
. Rectifying Distillen and Wine and Liqor.
Merchants, also, Imponers of Soda Ash and Bleaching
Powder, ?go. 160 Liberty st. Pittsburgh, P. jtuadly •
- • • - aepaaa S. 10X13.
, BLACKBURN & Co. , Wholesale Grocers and
dealers in Oils, Boat B(ore, and Pittsburgh Alan
answered articles, hare on hand, at all thews, a full and
g eneral assortment of reale in their line, Water... 4
ear Cherry. Alley, Pittsburgh. atil3
erNo. 4 ICY 25L hiarterst., S tr' I cZli ght e d 4
a. rina
burgh, will e
b etisy on hand • well t ht
ele° td
u3=32.1 of the est and freshest hledunnee, which be
will sell on the most reasonable terms. Physicians
nding carts, will be ptomptly Wended to; and sup,
plied with articles they may rely ypon Maine.
liW• Physicians Prescriphans win be accurately sad
neatly prepared. from the ban atrucriale, naps, beam!
, asp stuck of (gash and good Perfu-
EAGLE COTTON WORkft, Pittsburgh, Nn
tare Coate Yarn, Candle Wick, Hamm Twine,
Coverlet Yarn, Carpet Chola, Warps to. he.
(Successors to Arbackle & /teem)
• Proprietors.
A . LEDOUX & Co., No. fl Canal susab . New Or
-Me lebsdh Ageois for J.D. Armongs'Esleusrvo Sumo
Sugar Redman, Always or . &arid a large stock of
LLoaf, Powdered, Crush,Clanhed and BasrardSugars,
Tierces and Barrels. Also, Sugar House Molasses.
• Prices liberal, and a &di islkomee maths men sale
of or above f 0 barrels. 1 •
' . 4• - -
6 1tgrttMatt . trt. ri opened j A r l'g d? ' : i t U"'l" ltl T lSeeon, irZen:atls,a
ins, in-the rear of the. Monongahela House,
/with an entirely new Book alkalies and Carriages 0
the best quality and latest styles. llorlie• - kept at hoe
' ry in the best manner. irMIY
rH. EATON, Dealer in , Troadaina . • and Variety
. floods, TOMiI Shell, Ivory and Horn Combs,
'o olen Yarns and \ Yamada, DIM.* Needlei, Pins,
Tapes, tirade, de.
No 04
Markin moot, names, Ma
osondtd ath la.; Pittsbugh. irmsdir •
110. 13 . 3 . w00D ST., PITTB6um.GI4
"D.A.V1141 replenished my stock from the heat sour-
MIL cos, both domestie and foreign, 1 tare pleasure in
...unmet to counnuers mad neaten, that lam pre
pared to, furnish thee:twin all goods in my lino,. still
Letter terms than henna:rm. •
htupere will recollect that dealing " eiclusively" in
Saddlery , tier...and Carnage Trimmings,l damn
thereby, advantages Mat enable me to dety competi
tion.. Call, we, and Judge for yourselves. • apt 7
tame 30312 loan a. , Ova.
._JONZII & 14,17100
AgiNtIFACTURE&S of si ri ng add blister
plough steel, steal plough amt., coach and ellp
tia lononanool Goo oaks, and dealers in mat-,
kohl , castings, Ma engine lamp s and coach trimminga
corollyprofaer of Rua and Front as., ria:1011,
L, dear {pool—AL quantities of Green nod
Black ' Teas, done up la cairns; hall; .4
o.e pound packages,
_Farming from ua per pound
411,2/. ' JAlTiar, Act. Gm Pekin .tea Co.
"VVUL elso ausnd to isillectioni end all abet bait.
tniss'entrusted ktins in Butler wid nniuung
counties, Pa. Rules to
J. & It Floyd, Liberty at
w. W. 'Wallace, do
Alma dlarsaall; do j Vituporgh
dip Kay & Co., Wood at j
• B. SWEITZER, &Markey. at Law, cd6co 3d ht.,
h./ hi. aPiamita St. Charles finial, ritudnargh, Usti
inland promptly to CoUutions,.inhVahhimyton,Farhtm
' =PM TO •
. Shichidock. Bell Jr Co, ,
Church& Comae., Pnttatairph.
urvay, .Ationura 4 - Coancellor u Lay,
Cincinnati, Ohio. Collections in Ecattiona Ohio,
.and in Ludlum, and ir r Yentasky, promptly mod care.
(idly attended to: Commissioner for the of Penn
- •
sii4auta; it, taking Depoaitiona acknana-dirnenta
Bvu To—Hon. Wm. BaU & Bon , C..„Chor. &
,C.othars, W. nays, EN., Amu. CD
114 v. 11,11.11.130, ' •
.'A/ I
. 1.144-1123 & SHINN, (dsodeesdors bri e
. Adordos • and Coundedors arl.l%W d
111 1 3i40P SEIVnu a n,; .
L Sada&ld, between 3d metal
"r re moored their office w' the 800dt each, o.
Cherry Alley Bad Omit street.
, •
JOSEPIi £N OX, Attorney at Law, Pionbunh,
has manned the practice or his prormion in tin of N 0.7, Batmen's IllailaiMga, lima L. nacos*,
ditinghie absence, by T. J. and J. Chewy,
rr H. R 01100301.1; Atarmey at Law his re
, V maned We Mace mile Ls change &Addams, fa,
Cuur et, next door W Alderman Johan ipl7ly •
OkLN FINNY', Jr., Agent at riusbargll for Ma Del
k, mount Mould Balmy Insoronoe Co piny of nolo+
odelphia. Yire Birk. Alpo? ballOinglo!o4 oneketoookko
of army deutiption, io4 Km= Xi upon. u• 0,
of vessels,taken opina tho room favorable
- warm.
_Ur' °Tice in We Waichease of W. B. Bolemik. Bro.,
Water ' near Market street, Pinstsergh.
N. , ‘ , Thitsaccess of this Company sinew the estab
lishment of the Agency to Ws city, errmi oho-prompt
ness and liberality with' which ovary claim upon them
for loss has heen adjusted, folly wan= the agent to
.hriting the confidence and patronage of his friends amil
the comnstmity at lame to the Delaware AL 8. hiso
meet Company, while it has the additional advantages
inatitution among the most fkonitMing lu Philadel
pina—as having . ample capital, vrlueh by the
.operation of its charter w constantly Inctmodinc, as
iytindldg each • person waved his dod share of the
'root. of the e—v.ociv.Lerithoct eiritiany,Vritnout involving bust in try
responsibihry whatever, - and 'therefore as possessing
titu Medial principle diverted of every obnoxious tea
tern-ind initnosi annietive form,nove
sism .111.111111 IS
Company of Moral/alien., wooer
j. Only oustunized Issosu, subsetiber, Oen so
ouskeitertualiein soul Molted Inriiranerr on property, in
nal city
Elve sod vielnity, and oi obtpmeats by the Ca-
ond rs.
• DlRliCrUllt.t.
Arthur 0 Coma, . Croaks Taylor
t3am't W. Jones,.
. - Auhon
Divrard smith Jacob M.P., offs , John .A. Mown, Jelin Neff..
John White, Richard D. Wood,
Thomas P. Cope, Wm,: faith,
Samuel P. Sentili, Romeo llosteno,
Hemel Brooks, S. AosAn
ARTHUR G. Preet.
Ilan D: Segoixti, MVP: -
is the West Inserance Compeny in the United
Slated, hairier betneettanered Its charter is
perpentalienfflrota Al. el& standing, tong experience,
ample racaasi and avoidnig oil risks Of •11- CUM has.
anto.chasakteri it racy be considered ae offering
plo socortly to the public. • W. P. JUNthi.
At Whaoooting Boomof Atwood, Jou. tr co.; IVic.
jet and shoot stroeui Pittsburgh: • may 3
imams -Liz *wiz INSOKARICIR
rintr. ' , math° Fire Insurance Company, at Phiholel.•
1' Pt* siOßmake Insurance, permanent am! Ouslied
every_denerlption of property, in Pittsburgh mi
surrounding country, on insurable serum. This com
uny Imes perpetual charter. k
Capital, .
Contingent, Fund tHUpUW pa d in
()Mee comet of TM; d and Market screw, Pittsburgh.
apllllT, WARRICK MARTIN, Agent.
InllEande insurance.
141116114 Inane al rage .
against Fire, on baildings, aterrnanslise, Innen. and
rosiest], not exist hunstosis9n Utin city and vicinity-
Isola • pEu uxEuteN, wood at.
SUBSCRIBER has been appointed Agent pro
mm of Me losluanea Company of North
and snit Luna Policies modern/rod to the other bushier.
of Agemcyi at the wamhonso Atwood, Jones &
spiv WTI. P. JONES, water st
---• .
JUJIT NEC e b ir per pressiti large susortmeot
tndfa '
Itgos Mrs
ea , CooU; 4
4 7o P a r Trarellog Ileac
• I'" deer • do; pain Pauoi;
4 Pon A 4 1 &Amp Matthew;
Reefing Jeckets; 1 Coahlone;
t Bone Corer.; " Lite Frowners;
JOU yards of 44 Canine Cloth, fine ankle; .
It dos pair Loglinge, of different styles; '
urAti Agora;
." without do;
Gen Coyersi all of whist, will be fold cheap
for cash. wbolesalo or retail, Co No 6 Wood etree4 -
:• AR. W. J. MAD 1111114.1.45.1
A il .tr im OFFICE on Badtbleld wow,ld door
Oi!gth of
to Trd stmt. Pr. !daunt& n
om/Oily ndais profposional Iper
•""' wool ua Um: cidsocul Pub,b‘dgli, Al.
togibeity and . • •
. N.MaDolvall; • -
I)r.. I'. Eahnsuoe lc;
111. Robert lilmpikm;
J me. B.Crall,Taq.- ---
151 - r.Vallash Them;
Uerd. Weaver.
.A.GitmfgwoliteED v„ntritst°lsPowA:
der of , very sape4or quiddy. ' ..Cuy elastomers will fie
applied at any hoof daring the day. -
VENITIAN RED-9exit .junt ROI endtor bee by
of I Books, Paper, Station.
rub sniialde fort try sales, among which
Writing Papen, of fine, medians and common qu'les
LeUer aper do do do
Note Paper d do o do , do do
Nom and Loner Envelopes;
Slates, Pencils, Wafers, Quills and Steel Pens;
. Wind.. Paper (yard 'silk) plain and printed,
Bowler Boarißt, of different qualities;
Blank Books, in great variety;
Family, &boo] and Poekat Bibles;
Crown. medium, and double crown wrapping paper;
Met:cam's Eclemio Spellers and Readers,
Ray's Eclectics Arnhenetior ' • .
Cobb's Primer*, Spellers nod Readers;
Sanders' do do ' slo
Arithmeties, by Adams,Dasis,C6lburn, Smith, Stock
ton, Emonoo, and others.
Geographies, by Mitchell, Olney, Smith, Alorse,cial
rich Parley, and other.
Grammars, by Smith:Kirkham, Bulliow, Weld, and
others. For sale at low prices, by
•I II mEitoß,
SI wood sr, S doom aboie 44,
• The highest market prico paid for good mixed
In cash. aplb
.New Publications.
11A - ILTON'S POEMS, illusinned. Rupees new
edition of the Piratical works of Jahn Nihon, with
a memoir, and critical rerearks on his genies and wri
tings, by Jaunts Montgonwryi and one hundred' end
twentyengravings front
dug, by Waken ilerre7.
two volurnes.
Sraturara thins Ttermocrz—The bur Gospels and
Acts of the Apostles, in Greek, with Engliah notes,
Critical, philosophical, and uzegetiral;, inflate.,
etc., together with the }bud., and . ypoe; the
whole brining ihe New Tenement— PP'or the me of
Schaal', Colleges, and Theological Seminaries. By
Rev. J. A. Spencer,
A Now Notraseq,Bdaemmers any tale of
love. By Mrs. S. C. Hall.
Jean' Haar life of Henry the Fourth,
king of France and 'Navarre, By 0. P. R. James.
'Complete hi four parts, paper; 2 rola cloth.
land Booksellers, corner of market and 3d etc
101100 KS—At the Apollo Buildings, Fourth street, near'
.13 Wood.—lnland'. Welcome tethe Strangen
The Czar, his Coon and People, by J II Maxwell;
The Drawn of Prance;
The Lives of the Apostles, by Bacon; •
The Pernaos and tacir.Princirdes, by E
The Constinitions and Damns of the Holy Amalie,
with. Prize Esse_ ,y .
Allison's Life of the Doke of klarlbaroagb;
Neandres Life of Chris; in its historical connection
and historical devekesemenh
Harper's' and Appleton's poblicalions generally.
School Books, Piper, Stationary, de.
aP= _
ikTEW BOOKS more Apollo Building. lth si:rec.
/I The Military Life ofJohit, Duke of Alarlborough,
with colored nap.; by A Allis°.
• Second VoL Cheiluterat posthumous Works—Scrip
lure Readings.
The Life ofJesus CluisLin its historical connoction
and historical derelopemenu by Augustus Denuded.
Translated from the 415 Germilt edition Johu Mc-
Clintock and Chas E Blumenthal, Professors in Dick
Dimon College.
Founii Vol. Pictorial History of England.
Now add Then, by Dr. Wow. author of Pen
Thousand aTear, and others too numerons to mention.
Call and se. nottl JL READ.
.T111301L01.1 'FEMALE
1:111.4 lustitanna, wider the supervision of Mr: and.
Mrs. Cioshornos still open for the multi:Ml.3lPu.
wad will he continued at the same place on Melly
stivec In consequence of some change, having taltea
place, a few vacancies have occurred, and those &sir,.
004 Of Glsehtq . ltatiS4laughters under than . CWT., would do well to mid", an euly applw ic
ano. For tones see
circular, or apply to the PtincipaL ap3
'Smoot Room urns Tux. Futures:au" Dymond
MilicienAorp=l=ll% Tgo d tZ th , ?or 21
of Allay. Pau . ..go is respeettiely solicited.
Pittsburgh., April :212.1e-lie. •
eirmuotcra—lifee. Di Riddle, D. D. . •
A. 'l...Nice:ill, D: D.
Alr.G.orge Album.
Luke Lee:skis. -
W. W. Wilson.
Haney Wilkinson..
C. leWrz., 2. 10041.00 wag.
\o. do South Wharres aced No. 117 :Smith \Tater sh
WS to iuloan the trade and dealers generally of
Pittsburgh, that they hart made such arrangements
th the Vicgotia manufacturers and the Grower. of
the Wed, 15 wt lokbea. and other places, ri will I .n.
• 4 oso 1 04 c00..01 .apply of the Sulkuringdescrip
now of Tobacco, which will be sold upon as a:rem
oval:ding teems as• any other Wow in dos city or else
where, and alt goods ordered from them trill be trar
reined equal to representation:
Damn; St. Dunnugoi Conn.;
Tara; Porto Rico: 'Pelnia4Seed Leaf to.
Cuba; - Igaini: -fr. Florida; • bow.", •
ALSO—Branch's celebrated Aromatic Stag Ceres:
dish, with • large assortwent of ether popular broach,
and qualOWs of pottodsSs,. Vb s 16. and 33a, Lamp;
bs, 6, NI and 104 Plug Lad.V. TWtaq ' l ,l =
le, sweet and slew, in whole and: half banes,
ti=er with every rartelTof article belong:
J. DaJLTJ:J.A.. aunt. . t 4/211,160.111.,
Produce. CommLuton and irm-r*.d.h.g
Pio. 42 Noma \Vitale:2s, mut LEI Warms ate
Rah. vo—John H. Brown! Co.
Robe,rt ,Stecti k Co. I plat, inn., t
Bartroft,lie-aver & Co.
• 'y at* Liagaley & Co. •
Allen It Paxton, ' Neve-York.
• Walters ,t Harvey, Baltimore,
. I lbi k etidig l e, "'
rat, A Co I -
Co. Pittsburgh.
"1 7 . Jo U' ues7 4 , L
j ai .eberal isoilt advances o, '
ELLMAKEtECKY 411: co.,
AsdClitiveral C ludas llarchauto,
No. u Sours Ware Srarcr.
' 'CE!—Henry Graf k Co, iusburgh.
Rodgers k Sherlock }Cu • seinnsni.
S. Schooley k Son
A. M. January, Mirsvalo•
Chnrka Unshorn, Jr., Loci, of
Donny Humphreys Is Co.)
Mercer, I.lrts&
Rood k UrotEL , r,
-1417 Oulith k Cosisinery, Now York.
Commis&les and VorArstding Alf•re haat.
to .rooD or, tirroarauu,
rtOitTESIGI to transact a general Coutettasion Doa
k,/ nos, c.pecislly jri We puraltuae and lisle
an Manufacture. and Produce, and to receiving and
forwarding Good. consigned to his care. let Asyut for
the Alanatactures,ba wilt be constantly supplied arta
the principal article. of fltuiburga Ittanufactare natio
lowest tolesale price.. Otter. ..and consignment.
arerespsYtfully solicited. /97
' IL F. COIFINAT s Ctl., ""'"'" V
DORTSIIuCTII, Ohie Cotnormoon and Forwarding
Rerehattu sod, krodara Deafen-also attend to
the Parehaee, Pale ant Shipment of Pig both Coat, de.
116/14 TY;
Anneal, Joneia Co., therm a.* a Co;
Late., Sterbog a Co., •
Dewy Graff,
Grad, Lindsay aCo.le Leech
& Clarke ft "Maw. /'
sitarludly 'Rama
• _
t. trunulaa, • a W. afrowns
Late of manna, P ' , Late of Fleahville, Tense
-311...4m0rt . straivimmg,
ao. 8 morn Fran, awes ItiewoheauganceacexLentla..
Refer to Mare/tame grastrolly, A r ! ,,,, m . , g b.
Inning asircOkilialwi
Irlron,Hallartettea W arne tic Plttabiarglii
Alsam/activaras ireaftraily,
nu.• 10 WOOD mut,: muscluas, OS. t
C181C12115/ATI &ID /T. LOll l / 1 .
Olfei to sell at either estabhatuseut, all kiwis of
etwaidise, at the lowest rows of Colasonaions, wad are
alwaya prepared to make advances. The bast of
tenets given it required. Leuers addressed to either
house, will be pautuptly attended us. jrAally •
ion. tom ~• r. rum& nurses/
Produce and. Commission Merchants,
Nu. 5, noptiu'a Hand er * Place, Marmot:.
Iltrawro—Davidsow Co,John K. Handal,
Ilugh Jeokie. , Ililtiouore ht. Allen iago,Sellers &
eols, Hatrip too, Polite & t o., tihneklefr &White, Pilaw
Awe& A 1 Wheeler, Tt...1 aliauglinessey & Co, Cincin
!MUD lllo3lTr e
o a
And of inseed:olb •
No. Columbia street, '
srally ID'ettsti paid!.
Attends riaructuarly to We Vorwartlair of Produce,
tee. Ac.
Par iny•igtfurrostiou, apply to FORSYTH t CUN
AN, Water rt. acne
werstrws, N. L r.wcu.
. b atar &Irma,
• So. Losui,lilo.
Will give prtionlar attention tp the of rro•
dare, and to orders for :
so—tieorge Marvin er. Co;
Nbe.los and Wimps, •
Plumagems—Marchants of Pittsburgh. Wheeling, Gran& & CO, manlltdtrn
"UTE base taken an Mice Immediately Opposite to
oar Mi l n e. , fur M IL where wo
wult &unseat as 11.111, a n ew n house min
be tweeted, arrangememe having already been mato
for that purpose. Boats viii always be m read*. at
ur wharf so receive freight.
apt Canal Basin. Liberty ar
(Summon , to Reed Mud k C 0.,)
BENEKIL COlllllll5BlOll
nottrox. m the leak of Wool, and litnt
al oulvance• mule ots conalp.ents.
o'l%lol BOAT IhiTElTFillit SALE—Ono half
0 *lmagine mama Wyoming tor solo co aceota
cao4atiag fens.. For particulars aware of •
kl a w Luotasumi,
spy W wow .1*
PITTSBURGH,' FRIDAY (1) na 1402E100 DiUl-Mgi
T 011 ANKEpiNEDY have this day smoseistad
with them in 'the Hardware bushiest, Yhitip 'Wil
son sad Edward 'Gregg. The style of fine will hate
alley be Logan, Wilson 4. Co. This arrangement re.
den it desirable toelose the old business es sooner
possible. All persourarboos liabilities have mewed.
us especially requested to mike immediate payment.
Pittsburgh, J.. 1, 1914
• •
T OGAN, W11.1107X /F. PO.-Importersimd
IVaolesale Dealers in rereign and Domestic Hard
ale, Cutlery, Soldiery, &c, 129, Wood street, Pius
botghjare now fully postmen with • .reeently moor
ted stock of Handsncre, Canary, kg, so offer very great
inducements to western boyars, being &lammed to
compete in prices wtth any of the Atlantic cities. Al
to.= hand exteosive amortment of Pitathergh Hard
art, vim Shovels, Spades, Forks, iloet,llices, &c.,
all of which will he soldgt the lowest manefictoreia
prices. font
0- .1: • • HIP.
ALTHE eobseribers having meal:nig entered into
partnerthfp undexthe name of Cal agher, long,
as Miler for the purpose of carrying Oath!, Bei
Foung and Gas Fining baldness in
all its branches, ha e rttarn the_stdfonnerly
t oc w
Wood by . t , l i Aigt a r, e l o. l h llll er. Fg .
p lj .m. he
execute all ceders tor Bells, Bras Catingr, of every
description, and Gas Finings arithnealuess and des
patch.. Bleamboatjobhing proutitg a a=de4 '
- S. 'A. LONG. '
N. N—The =Malan of Machinists et,ii.4.24r Is
Melted to oar anteentracuon metal, fora reduced puce,
ankh has been pronounced superior to Babbtes by,
:umbers alto.have used both. Steamboat builders and
the.publk, generally, are al,o requested to cell and on
e:moo mu /Tor double benon Force Pumps for
acme:Mom and menu tue.
riumputoontop .0 ion existing seder the firm ot
M'Cord k Log, wss by mutual mount d.lssolred
on the Ist low The business will be closed the old
stand by either of as, using the oared of the gm for.
thee_lmpose. Being desiroui to bare our bosiness.
'clamed with , . little delay no puislbla we would re
epecifully request thew indebted to call and settle
their accounts. DOILY D. 111'CORD, -•
j is j IL D. SING
J°2.91. 0 •,wc2VV, !A - Th." 4 : j :'
al Co., Irilleotn ‘ " az the Hat, Cori and rur, busing:a •
all its various branch., wholesale audietailoatitho
old aural, comer of IVo and ath stntets, where ther
molted a in of the patronage so liberally be
mowed on the old firna. JOHN - D ht'CORD.
N. redring'from the old and well kriama &m of
I Wand & King, I "sou respeallygeabannen4
dos patronage of toeiublie my me/masers, Mesita.
Weord & Co. ' 117 D. KING.
• --- wrnie aro
MI W. STENIENS of WDeang; E. F. Shanberger
1:4o ofJanista, wd !a: Stockton of Pittabugh, have
this day entered inaeto-partnerilho tinder arta ad
firm of Swages, ft.:auger k Co., at the Anchor
iron rarka,Va-Jor hot pupate of maa
faeourng Iron nas of every deur:vim .
w. 2.1.222 Q I. suollnunnsa, r. einem - mt.!
ANCHOR umrs wous.
!Wheeling, V.
klanstracture kind of
boiler,. sheet, bar , Iron and
nails, A. B. steel eliptic springs end stelae. Ochre con
nected orithathoeubcrger's old Juniata, works, we can
offer ut article of JIUSIILLII iron (branded SimenberscH
equal to arty made the country. All of orbic ‘ b
be sold at the Pinsburitt prices. WarettoulnSof the
rusks csmter of iHonsuse and Muer sts,..
DISIOLUTIONt—The pannenhm hi th erto exist.
um melee Pb, style and arm of Wmlasean Dal."
ICU, IA this day dissolved by animal consent, John Del,
nil basin* disposed of his entire interest to IL MOW
man. The business of earlste arm wilt be settled[ by
H. %Ilightinan, wbo is authorised to use the name of the
Ism firm for that purpose. IL WICILTMAN.
spCSldam Only 1 WI • J. DALIELL.
----, . -e.
k• THE Subscriber Is now pro ra ted to manafactare all
inds of Oman and Woolefhlachinery, at the *honest
notice Orden led at R. Waglunura's Ladino Shop, cor
ner Liberty and Water streets, will meet with p rompt
auctition. wwiturriter.,
Le.ea sty between Federal and Sandusky sic,
apollOdly Allegheny us,
PISSOLVTIOti—The partnership existing beareqa
th 4 sobs/fibers, under the *Ole of Possidexter Jk .
to., was dasafired ou the lat lost. by °woad eoneeia.
R. W. Poludexter it authorised to scale-all the business
of the concern. , 11.. W. POINDEXTER,
• NCMCE—lllaeigt maimed the entire interest of.C.
IL Grua, in We late content or Poindexter & Co. and
associated tap soncTheodore Paindexter.-w 'N o ee t , tbn
business will be continued as mood undaywastrte of
Poindexter :Cw. NMI It W POlll
THR UNDERSIGNED, doing buelneriirnaer
; Dameof Anhure & Nicholson, at their Foundry on
Third street, hay. this day, by mutual consent, dissol
ved; their co-partnership. AL Mom knowing them: -
selVes Ankh.' to the Arm, are mummy, to call at
theft marbleousa oo Liberty street, ofismite head of
ManK milk; and all having elidula against them
mill present them at the same pines for settlement.
41111, • • .1 44 . -
• Amseelmillami —
ing amociaard Giemeelves togather under the firm
a 1 John Eames A Co., for the purpose of sontinaleg the
business of the v Rommen'• will eOutimee to
•--uuset • - general farivarding andisommimion
atlho - old stand mite Canal Basta. Liberty sums.
SAAEL Nvicrrilss.
=woes IL Baschfield has en tonnes - a ut the
/I.nnis&unwise conducted nukee none ads,
cornsirof , Fourlit eadkt n o n , Pau.
bomb, comatusfing Feb. 4, DU. The business ler the
present will be conducted under the former style of
rIO.PANITISKUJIIIIP—Wra. Young Loving this
ably 'modeled ith,;John hl'Cunc. dm Va
let bele= will bracelet be conducted under the
Lea of Wm. Young A Co. WILLIAM YOUNG,
Halo, Colombians c 0,0., Apr. Ii
DL L9i JAYN Clot Ps —l feel bound to you
and the alined public, to avail myself of this op.
ponunity orgivingpubllcity to the extreordinary effeent
ef your Expectorant annoymlf. Haibeen nOicied
fat .everal years with a severe co ugh,hectic fever
and its concomitant diseases, and secrete - only doom ed
to linger ant a shoe but enterable exitance, tonal the
fall of LEO% when, being more trevetely Suackml, and
having resorted to all my fanner remedat, and Rapt.
smutted, of two of the most respectable phyactins In
the neighborhood withmot deriving any benefit, or the
coneolan of stunned but a few days or week* at
ferthest—whesrthe last gleam of hope was about to
vanish, I had recommended m tot - your Expectorant—
amhbleyed by that Being who does all tong. in the
use of the mans—and contrary to the expectation. of
toy NOM.= and friends, I wan inn few day raised
km my bed, and woe enabled by the one of a bottle, to
attend to toy bonbons., coloyingance better health tho
I had for ten years previous.
Respectfully yours, ke, . Jo. W. firma
For sale in Ptusburgh, it the Pekin Tau Snore, 72
Fourth Otto mars
Foot:natal . A. B. Mxtx., N oy.
N. Y. C
L.Yesismoca, Putabargh.. _
Wtheleettle Drag New Too k e
et the City or
New Too
rruE undersigned ass extengively gamed in the
Wholesale Drag bash.. at No. 49 John wren, in
the city of New lork, .d are propane! to amply
Druggarts and country Merchants wkh Drup, Pointy
Dymeaffs, Foregu and American' Perfiltutry,
llandeyWeavet h. Menders Pamir-0., (of them own
importation) and all other article. in then bee of burli
ness, of a evertor mistily as low as they can below.
chased in tkis or any eastern city.
New York, Fable B. A. PARNESTOCEtr. Co.
Ihit l o es Chrome Organ. lTO TAM BLIND MACE4I2,• kc—ltie, th e
and...lnited, abiders and B/indMakers, of thckity
of New York; belie end and tested, and are now using
a new ankle of ChM= Green, manufactured by Eke.
K. Marcher, of this city, and find it to work weft, pro
ducing a fine brilliant yaps Green appeanume with a
Inertre.ttrd'eirastyiiv.'eryd recommend
p ittetoaset b rethrenronsc
Green we have ever used. New York,June '417.
Signed by 24 firms
prarneal painters of thecity of
I Sr.. York. This unequalled Chrome. Green may be
had of R. E. 812, - No C 7 Wood lime, who has
the exclusive !piney for itseele . ht rinAbozgh. usrl3
A PIA. Nit Of Weill. fat Centi .
TT . (SUMlX—Yellow and unhealthy teeth, after be
ing once or twice cleaned with Jones' Amber Tooth
Roue, have the appearance of the molt beautiful ivory,
and as the same tune itis imperfectly innocent end ex
quisitely km, that Its constant deity use is highlad
sante/roma, even to those teeth that are Ina good c oo.
didou, going them a bearniktkpolish, and preventing a
premature decay. Those already decayed It prevents
Iloal becoming worse—it alai fastens week all are be
co loose, and by perseverance it will reader the.
foulest teeth delicately' white, and make the breath de
liciously sweet. Sold by WhL'JACKSUN, et/Liberty
turves. •
A irEIV weeks knee, one of ray children, aged titanic
, years, was unwell for several days, and the
•nlue increased so alarmingly that I rested death
ould be the result flaring - heard of the good elrec ts
of Valtuestock's Vennifuge when administered to the
children of my neighbors, and thinking toy child aught
/mire worms, from some falba symptoms, I give it one
and a half teaspoonllils of the trermlfdge, and to toy
great astonishment it aboeun'inunediitely discharged .
between aid andiJOU large worms. /is inalth was wen
restored, and It V now remarkably well. Previous to
taking the Vettatfuge tha worms would occmlonally
rise Its throist,ithil I often feared it Would die from
Prangtdadon. , . JAS. G. DAWyON.
Venotigo co, Pa., April 3, '4B. apt 3
Popular, tumours Good!
Brame, Jefferson Co, Pa t Much OHS.
',f6R SELLERS-4 have nearly Sold elitist, Ver.
.111 miter" and Cough #O9 T. O 0DD1R0.,,--Your Ver.
• 10111.1ge to WithOfit exception me bent ever entered in this
seighborhOod, having premed godd
The Cough tlyrup and Lever POD have aim given sit
!stud... Your ob't earn. .1000TT, Pomnaster.
, Prepared sad mid by R. E SELLERS, 57 Wood,o.
sold by Di Eusil, lith Ward; DM Curry, Allegheny; lt
W J elseh...Temperaneeville. _ Allegheny;
fIINTMENT is the most caveat remedy before
the public for the core of letter, itch, dry aged watery pimples of the Jade, nee •od ...IP sP.
and all other diseases of k
the sklu. This Ointment Is
warnented free from mercury, is perfectly safe, and
may be used at an nines and glider all circumstances.
A fresh supplynf this valuable remedy received and
for sale by - ,1111 A PAIINESTOCKA. Co,
corner of Ist and wood; alio, corner of GA sad wood
etretts. • •
row Roof Rusk Powder, a - delicious cucd luahly
„juju. a o food, which never turbo iced =the =much,
and is now universaliy jecomsbooded by the Duchy in .
Cr.= m ourPat== A rro w
tetra airofilkeuluir and orlllewunic food
fpr 1.6. Y. • koz sale by . YE
maaS .• ' 08161.7 Me t
Ttr.7l,lV Itlll,l7l°P=plllVA
v., VIII Iseep . cdostaatlyon bends sopply,whleh
they will fututshlo dealers It the lowest market ptice
for cash. irgo • .-IXlOlO*. Co
swot ann ninseres, ruonomrous.
THIS establishment Long and widely known as
being one of the most commodious In the city of
Baltimore, has recentlY undergone yeti eaten-
Wye - alterations and LipprolreMettlit. An enure new
- wing hoe been - added, containing nurneroun and dry
• sleeping apitrunents, end extensive bathing MOT. •
e Ldine d e partment his also been completely •
reorganized and hued op in g most unique and beam,
fal style. Infant the whole arrangement ofthe House
be. been max:4o4' with a single eye on the pert of
illeproprielors, Inwardly the 'comfort and - pleasure of
their Guests, and which they confidently assert w il l
challenge comparison with any Hotel in the Union.
Their table will always be supplied with cam sub.
stehn I and luxury width the musket Words, served
nit inn superior style;w•'lele the waysf Wines, kn.,
they will not be ea • .
conelosion the prop most begin Say, that nothing
will he left undone on the part, and on the part of thew to render • Hotel worthy the continued
patronage Of their fries • mid the public generally.
The mimes for board , eve also been reduced to the
.• Ladies' Grdimary,., 51,75 per day.
N. 13.—The Baggage Vegan of the House will al.
ways be knead at the C r and Steamboat Landings,
which will convey hog. • to and (foal the Hotel, free
The subscriber having maenad the manage
moot of this long established and popular Hotel,
respectfully announces to' Travellers and the
Public generally, that he will be at ell times prepared
do accommodate them in all things desirable in a well
'regulated Hotel. The Haase is now beingthermat
repaired throughout, and new Minutiae added,
puns will be spared to make the Exchange one of the
very best Miele In the country.
The undersigned respectfolly'selicits a continuance
of the vary liberal patronage the Howse has heretotens
received. • THOMAS OWSTON,
febildif • Proprietor. .
ESPY L. ANDERSON, Proprietor, respectfully in
forms the public that this celebrated sod &Abut
able watering place is now opened, and prepared
for the receridon and aceommodation of visitant.
011 removing the mill pond near the springs, • very
, valuable White Sulphur Spring ha. been disclosed,
the wateri - of which are not inferior to those of the far
famed Whim Sulphur Springs of Virginia
"Experfenced serums and s, Sae Rand of Music have
I been engaged : and every protimon made to secure the
iota:fen of rumen. • jet2Aez
THROCKMOUTOWS cutup itdoszi
$ ' ' uiunkcs, iv. .
ARIS TIIRoCKPIORTON begot to acquaint hi.
frienda that he Is agatti itiie of the ()ALT
ids,lle, Ky., whore tie meet
1111 hi. old frie aseuring them and the pub l ic, that
do effort 'shall he spared to make all comfortable %who
fever hue veldt their patronage. iantldlr:.
'i --- 1.1 - 211 - rriell aPic.Prlts notleL,7 -7
• cons. sr., oil - woks /MIMI sato terra ma. •
true. late Bank of the United States, Phil.
War. Proprietor.
untrn:, BROOK'S & C 0.,, would respectfully M
. I form the public that they have erected a shop on
Laeoct, between Peden' and Sandady street+. 114
am now making and are prepared to receive orders fur
one description of vehtclea r ,ioacheit Chariot's, Bo-
Mniches, Ditniev Mamas, di , As, vehich from their
long experience m Ole mann lure of the above wort,
'and the facilities they have, they feel confident they me
'enabled tri do stunt on theatort reasonable terms milli
Mesa wanting articles jul their line.
Paying particular 11111ellliati 10 :UR veleetiou of mate.
risk, and having none but competent workmen, they
have 110 hetutstion in matrimony their work. We
therefore ask the attention of the public to this Matter.
N. R Repairing done in the best manner, and on the
most rehsonable teem., u3:lll-
TUG satmeriberhrould respectfully annoauce that he
L.. opened' new retail Dreg Mom, on the corner
of Fourth rind Smithfield , streets.
Believing that the wants of the extensive populittion
east of Smithfield street will justify has. he has apated
no expento fitting up the establlshtudnr, and ts de
termined s t okeep ao amens but tbom of the best
ty—of undoubted purity and genuineness.
A full assortment of Medicines: Perfumery, and arti
cles Usually kept Os an establishment of the kind, oral
be always an hand.
. 2 j . ef rtt i= d n i t . i p ti . this z i nc bedding, night
The business will 4 contr.' uetl Y ee . heretofore, at the
old 'Mud on Market creel •
1..!P 4 .3VILCOx, J.
IU TON & IVACiNegln 7 Judders pare
o:PaatDear Ia rotg,
at the establiatuneat formerly ay:lesion by Stasekhowas
Ne 1.421.1., Perseus
to purchase ganarn en
&trios boats, or for other hawses. will please favor
as wigs a tall, as we Easter oureelaes to he able to lass
Walt theta on as favorably. terns. as any. other swats.
lishattent 111 dm atty. `r
Alan, rolling mill and sexists's of, : eierf desieription
can ha had at the shortest none.,
itanwroccs—capt Rol& Boer, Thomas Scott, Esq,
Church, Carothers k CO, U. Denny Fac, K. Allen
CYPRI.4III elirwrom,
aptsh.lnt ENOCH WAGNER. L.
Ilteekholdmrs, tak•
rf l i i‘ lE Stockholders in the Youghiogheny Assure/toil
Company are hereby ed and required to pay
to . James Ilamilton, the Treasurerof the Compaq)),;
the rota of Ten per cent. on each share or 'their stock . ,
on or before the Lth slay of Jai, nut, and lambert •
earow(Teatpr eror. on or hobo. I±lll ki th day of A. 4
Bast ham. The stockholder* yrdl also tale nouro, 31104
the law Whomes the collection of One pro cent pet
month, on instalments uof proctoidly made, which IF
found necessary, will be extreme& try order of dse
Board. ALEX PLUMEB, Frew
• J 11 Ourzz, Scey.
-Dr. NoLams I. Temactoostio;
1113 is to certify that 1 parelmeed one vial of Dr.
1 '
ldoLane's Worm Specifte, some two months ado
`and ors in at W of MI. 60010 NVell yeitwold,..pwo
WNW WI, and aldlouti the Amount may appear
irgt, )01 1 hire no Alm . but there TYR upwardi of
Iwo tinwatalnt won n posed from per, measuring -
hom or.s salvia of an /nett to two inches /ling,
Roast COit, Carrel co Tsfitb Dee 17,1847.
Doschlsti, Cupping and Illotesibig s
12 ,
D. NO ,t, (Sucre.. lo M. R. Delany 1—
Ms, No SS Filth street, between Woad sod Smith
field! Fred. leeches received monthly--attendance all
boon. Reference, the physimans of Patstairely Alle
gheny and I.llrtninghara.
1 most checrfaily recommend to the phylicians faro-
Wei and all toy &MC( friends mad patrons, Alr. K. B.
Norris as being thoroughly actiottinted with the buri
nand worthy ap4130611.V.
Marld-ly . M. It. DELANY%
inelasalaritoirad Tebaseas,
Agil BNB Rea/ re Roysters superior sweet 6 irri6,
0 1.16 - do Butler's
' 19 hi do'Priee t lianrood's "
31 do do do "16 `
96 do do Pearl Bursa./ "SA lb "
do J Ralston " • " 16.
57 id& do
113 do do Wm Davin • ••
31 do T Wrighi•• " s -"
37 do 0 Anderion
II do L T Dada
6, du R 61aeon's " " y "
11 do Ratelad " lb " •
t lading from Reamer and packs% and for sale
", I 11J:ALD, BLCILNOR k Co,
- 41 water at and 16 north wharves.-
;ex I ~h` Philadelphia
Al - ANUFACTUREDTORACCQ-26 bo hf ft Zona,
311 le dpewo Bon's sr arms lb lumps.
76 half basllVabster Old superior weem6slumps
36 " Lawrence Loftier 7. "
- 'fig-Wry ft Rafwer "3s it "
20 " Dupont (do It Kure) - 6. ••
19 " hieLeal " .
37.:" Lawrence Lottier "6s k6s plug
Just landing from summer, and for rale by
41 N wawa +t and 16 N wharves.,
PAPER -11000 bele Straw Wrapping Paper, &S inn
Um wants rit led Cap Writing Paper;
300 " • ruled .6 plain letter do, allqualities;
100 " Flat Ong
310 " medium T. Paper,
150 grosawhite and blue &Ash. Bonnet Clouds;
100 reams 111.illa Envelope Paper;
50 " hardware Paper, Just reed k
sale low by REYNOLDS & '
asyldern • earner Plum =id Orin eta
Tsubscriber offers for tine a fall ...Moen of
J. his Ship' Potent Blocks, Shiver , &e., adapted M
the trade. Also, eimplete setts of Moak., adapted to
vassal. of .y capacity, put up and forwarded to cc
pan of the Union, without delay dud at the I.e.:pa
ns. LIONUM VlTAil , for sale In ettantitie• to suit
purchasers. _ (IEO W STAPLEYs
1ip1.01914.1111.8 30 Mating Slikliew York
. •
Piste:at Soda Ash.
A A CASKS /as. Muspratt b. Son's brands, just land
mg from steamer Norlhern Light, and for We by
100 liberty st
BRITANNIA MKPAL WARE—Just received from
the manufactory, lirltannia.Coffse Pots; do Tea
do; do Sugar Cowls and Cream' Cups; du Stop do; .do
large Pitchers, with lids; do Molasses do do; do Coffee
Unix, with lamps. Fur sale at tow price.
in"; GILL a G EPFY, sign Dig 'Smiley._
dietsprattrs Patent, Soda Ash
CAtiILS just landing from Mesmer Noltit
Os/ ne, and for sale by
left liberty street
419810400 NIARDAPARILLA--30 bAs of dile
g rear spring atilt summer medicine, tbli day recd
and kw mite wholesale tad retail, by
N. li—A. R. E S. Is Dr. Tatensond'oonly agent for
Pumborigh, the genuine entitle may:rawer& be had at
..No 67 Wood inseeL myl3
lug kinds, vir—Silk radustedloa gimp buttons;
Drandenbourgh do; r 122111•21 do. Castilian do, Tassel
and Drop do; Not; and Plain do, together with'whita
and coil; Linen, for sato at FII EATON is Co's
Truptiting diore,Slinarket st
D— , iloblusou's huip
Tobsacto,l4 do olyerV/I do do do; 10 do IrODurte
' do do; ikiddllyees 11.- do do; 23 do Radars' honey
dew I. piety; IVoasts,oosiseurf boxes 'Myer's superior
Arontauc 50 . c10,,A0 do do Thomas' Nectar Leaf do;
Just recersod and for sale by
IX./Z Cam Drowns. 4 cult: rot Mb; /Aldo:
/till Tow Yam; Milts jleostorai; N 1 bill No I &NV;
VO do _Catollo•; 13 do Piot Mad.; bbis itm`d
N o . L./4mm Cot solo by
BUCNO bawl • , wit with
sheen os their' E Toba ß
cco an te d
Commlnion boxinewl,
ederard Heald, (hoe of Jacob Maid& Co, Baltlesorea
David O. AleCamousn, and John A. Warner. myl3
so ° b it .t r gr An All at p art=t_T !!;"
sofa tor stwonbeata and .hatels, m whink Wu' wii...tteit
lam!. . (JILL OtrrlY, .•
lo ng
Oro Odle Dig Pitcher, wood n
B4OON-10 hhda 'yellow canvassed ilante;. 10 do
Hides; 93 do tihneklersi all of lame quality.
• DO
0E11..11.4 als NICOLE
*LISS AND PROM PORK-10 bble Mahe Park; 3
-do prime do; (melte by ,
eia _ ' , • SELLERS I NICOLE
--• • .
tLate J 8 Brtiekter & Co N.
iti - ANUFACTUIIERS of Nuzzle drat proof +aft%
IU. south aide, amend atreeb between Wood and
'Smithfield Pineborgh. J 8 StneklethOtag deemed
and rhefdiririna parmer Mr. Jos Ltpimeeort, haring
assoetared himaelf with Mr. War C nem, the buainem
wall hereafter ba mannered wider the aryte of Lippen
porrft Barr:
Trial of a safe in Cincinnati, o,—We, the undersign
,4,sre prameut at the testing of one of .I,S Bubbler &
Cos Improved Phoenix ere-proof safes. The safe was
placed In a furnace on the petblie lamlitvand subjected
to the Manse beat of a owe coal Ire at mote than
three hones. In one hour and a hall thanee came to
a bright red Man the door of the .fornsce was then
cloaed, which caused ma biereased ind steady heat for
the balance of the time, until the cam iron wheels were
partially melted *en the forme. waa then)hrown down
and the safe cooled and opened. The Money, papers
and book. which it contained were as pejiatt as when
placed there, the binding only of Ike Moks being In
jured by the water in cooling the safe, We have no
hesitation in recommending it to the publlo as .0 safe
aoperior to any we have ever WA tooted. and believe
that It will stand my heat which. might pgod.ced,
accept a heat Much would melt it to a solid masa.
Springer & Whim.; L Womhirron, Kellngg &
Kenneu, Benj. Omer, W O P Breese, Miens Smith, T
8 Da kw& Co, Stedman, Mayan! & Co, Nat Ihlntise,
Mead & Witmer.
• ,•
We, the undersigned, selected the sate Whet , of
above, from a lot to the Mors of Tmber is Auberz,the
Safer w Cook & Harris, Bracts, PpuDion dinri
Sauey llama k. •do do •
LAS urriarcrrr. urea wawa: Itteetnej
'‘,TANITFACIIIRESS o fham m e red odd Call Steel
11.W.Shovele and Spades, Axes mar litddhals t PM
Col, Circular endlim Saws; Hay and Manny Phoks,
/Wes, Mattocks, rick( fn., hankie completed all their
arrangements to the coostrugs of new . machinery,
and m securing. the bew.wor (=nth° roost eel..
hived establishments of the t are new Inatturactur•
leg arid Will keep conataatlir on hand ;for sale all
the abort,/ articles, having on
thennelves of tha
latest improvements, and an, deterniined thatia work.
rermehlp and malarial they will net be . excelled.. .The/
erourbe to produce ankles equal, if not isupenor, to
soy that can be had in the East. TheY Invite the atten
tion of dealers to an examination of here punk before
parehasiug elsewheie as they . are convineed Mu they
'Will be able to fill all 'orders to their lento na entire
satisfaction of parch,- - Water Went
4 doors West Manor
• .•
• l & 800 all pie
oeti l / 4 11 •
Mit:A large autt
tosuitable for and pri
vet; dorellbrys, constantly on hint and
made to order. • • ' '
oresent noob on band cannot be Oaccednd by
or manufamory in toe
d wester country. Penone
uhing to puritans.; moul do well to give me n
"s.a , dmmoulned My price , * shall Nowt, Pan yl
Hoek consists in— s
no sofas with Plink -and Hals-eloth covets; ,
2 dall;IM 7 gan714;;;O: - .Cim . rm
. _. 14 pair Dirami . 1 6 , -, b
12 doz fine mahogany Chairs; 0 i . ' f ,
12 mahogany Wort Stands;
3 dor mahogany Rocking Chairs; i .•
13 marble top Dresidng Bares.; ! 7 b
' 8 pair Ottomans; ! L.
5 marble top Work Stands;
_ 13 cherry Work Siands;
31abogroxy, Maple, Chrry, and Poplar Etedsteadvol
all derenprionm-and large amoronent Of toormar e
fumiture andnhairs, toonumeroas to mention.
niadOf • , •
T REY are net swam how frightfully lastiwas it Is
skip—how sostre, hew rough, hoW Sallow, yegl
low sed unhealthy the akm . appear: alter tiols ineftsC
owed chalk! •liesides his niftiness, cower* alarm
quantity of lead! r
which we call JONI '. SPA.hlsl! ZlttnerktlretV'
ie periewor innocons, beitigrotiiified of all 'Seater/out
qualities; and it toizarts to the shill • Sense haslthyf
' oleo, Jiving white; MI the prim time anWir
ea • comets onthe stk. realm it soft sad wswelli.
Dr. /Ram 'Anderson, Practice Chesnut aft/mewl
elisetui, says: "After eallyeass Jones'. Sphnish LSE.;
Whiw,l fiWiitftor , e,w, the ourt hematite sad ustsp.,
re, stud St the, MUG tuna unbend white Inter now.
Certainly can conscientiously recoreasend its use to alt ;
vb.w skin require. beautifying? , Prier; 25 -twit.
box. Soo! by WM-JACKSON. ei Liberty st. won
TOW; WRIGIIT& axe pre • axed to build - Conn
ap and Woolen Mantas/ans.:ilea rr description, arch
as Caning dinhines, Sphir4:nusies, Vera,
Drawing Frames, fitallany Worms, an,
Dressing Frames, Leon; Card ars, le. 1 ronght
Iron shafting tuned:. ail sins of Cast Iron, Paths. and
Dangers .( Om latest patterns, slide and hand Lathes,
and tools 6fall kinds. Castings of every &script=
furnished on short nonce. Patterns nude to order for
Min Gann& Iron Hailing, tee. Stearn Ape for heat.
dna Fannies, Co.i Iron Wuidow Sash and fanny Co.
un s generally. Orden left al the Warehone ad.
P. & Co., Isbeny• aunt, will lure promplanan• .
Ler .to Woeloonek, Bell & Co,/ K. Moo h &
V. Warner, John Irwin & bos,
1 J. If. Warner Sle heowill& 7
1.19 % 0.
Axle, Steel wad Irma Work.
1 /. 1 .1.51.4N & Cnv hellos completed
thew new works, arcprepared to. niamtfac
emu. description of Conch and . Illiptic Springs,
In Axles, Amerman, Winer, SPrlnl atoll rlnWth
. and an sine Of mattopoem and mink! Iro
c.• they oder for mlion wrens, at their ware n, -
ho to, No 43 Wood Omen whine they also - teep on
h da complete and handsome IM01111:113M of Coach
T.• •i Carriage Hardware, Illalkohla Cawing',
N to a• tren.
H. is Cneo,, have made atrangement. with Masan"
Lts. /Cro otauulaiturem ofShavele, Smits, Polk.,
in., awl _will keep constantly op hand every article
made _by them. Dealer. am respectfully solicited to
311, esprit. and terms will be made Lb... •i 1
Haw Hardware House.'
Wood and et sta., Pittsburgh Hav
ing withdrawn from the film of
als. sad Woodwell, on nutlet otlanitety,lls47, I
take pleasum in mnouncing to my friend. sit thercity
and country, that I have openoTtuy new - store. the
above named place. flaring purchasell go o ds for
east, end made euvatimments with manufacturstra in
thus corm and Europe to be constantly supplied,
I am hilly prepared to tannin Hardware awl...*
on ea good tem. and as low es any home East or
West. klerchmts and others am respectfully invited
to call and examine my stock, before parelmanty
Tht, folknting comprises apart of hie mock:
&catalyst and @wintery hardware, gun trimm,
film, Naylor" meet, cutlery, edge loon anvil., noes,
locks, latches, scythes, bun Otnges, strewn INuon Fac
tory plums, saw., mahogany boards and veneers, and
all other eructs conneeted with the h ardware
tiem. sischlltf
City.D ****** tan Gal/arr.
1•11 Z. num, Pan.
inform th e
Q DOGE begs lean: to inform the cirieens °flints.
sy,, Lurks and .nciitity, that he hai Satin tler Dever
non Robots lately occupied by Mr. Porter. ' The lAD-
Ite are assured that all the late improvements are seem
red,and will be breoght iota itheradoe by Mr. Hof*,
who has been a constant °pent. since the en we.
fast '4lKovered. thuire mhsfactiou is gitormateed to
all who may become his )attune. Mr. H. i eD refer
with pleasure to Mr. Porter, in whithe ettablistatent he
'asitherated for the tut twelve months. , Family Per.
• train, Engravings, Daguerreotypes, tat ,. accurately
crated. Likenesses taken in any weather, and art jn
lockets, Neon pins, eases and Ratans
Instructions given m' very brands of the en, and ap•
'parsing furnished.
TtMo ILLERCII.III—, Maso n o-A
Co, ta Market to, have received 6 eases of cheap
s nore,( 1-I.rull and Meshes, 8 coma of French do, of
veryvoilety style le,lo crises of grad style Gin
ham v, 4do newPrima' 4 do blue and orange Cal
icoes, Mt do blearated Menthe, all widths. Alms raw
bleaused. biown and bloc IhtW , Couonsdes, Checks,
Gingham., tee. dm, ell of - which will be offered alibis
lowest Bytom wholesale prices. mytt
7---PieEha !Mop.
Tor, I VlGHTALMl—Manufacturer et WIWI& of cols
j and woollen machinery, Allegbeay ciqh
Toe &Love writhe being now in full and aireennthl op.
eratioti, lam prepared to execute orders with dispatch
for all kinds of machinery MonUmbrian& ae willows,
pickers, spreaders, cards, grinding Machines, ranways,
dreseubr Barnes, speeders, throssilk looms, •'woolen
cards, triable or sithile, for merchant or reentry work,
mules,Jacks, /Lei slide and hand lathes and Melaka gen.
end. MI kinds of @hafting made to order, °rolaaa giv
en Inc seariag (Reprice or mills al reasonable Marge Devon
'ro—Kenuedy, Child. AZ., Blaekstock, HsuCo., King, Pennock & Co., Jae. A. Gray, •
hhaitntsad Hair Drawling
DLAUI9OII & FOUNTAlN..Tbaserialft=gani
repoinhul and Oiled up their :than% Hale and
Shompsouleg Adam le th e evident link, sal arep:=lss
meta gerurneen atones, with awe, comfort sod
Ttnyire epawed to welt an all'that may cal withouldahy.
la - al Be pat favors, we iodine a ecatineseee at the
(hack.ll ear Sak.a, snowearaobaa, o ( tleisa street mod theDiewred
ae of Alneashre_tkloylt thy Moods 81‘..) • At ,
A FULTON, Bell and Brim Founder, hoe se
beili and eotntrieneetr business at his old auuld,
who be will be pleased to see his old taste.
ent and Bien& •
Charch,thensabotthand Bells atoeeey sin, from 10
to 10,thel wands, suet from patterns of the most approv
ed nnidels, end warranted to be of the best materials.
:distend Water Portaa,Counters, Hailing , ,te., aye:
titer with every variety of than Castinge f requiredi:
turned sod finished itt the neatest manner.
A. F. Is thenle proprietor df Ilsasn's
rem Mii•Ay,• toady celebrated for the redaction of
!notion to machinery. The Bops and Composition
can be had of httd at all times. • &lily
Floagha, Plan( Casabas., Wagon
• : Daze*.
f a ac i d
- .uning.larce go•ntilles
Ploughs, Plough Castinp, Wag
on boats, tn., with the improvement. of. the fearer.
Peaeock, , end o th er ploughs, oft he Intent and
Warehouse, 106 Liberty Street, Pine/myth opposite
the tiny Scale; Factory, in
M .Allegheny oily, near the
Coin. Factory of Mn.,,, ackstock, Deli A Co. -
w E . •• re anti eugmed in the above, bunion*, corner
.mr. are ii ' }l . tr i red ‘ O 6 O d 0 y n ro r "" "k oarkn b gb
patch. We attend to our Work pa abona4r sad.
twain glean in regard to Ito a and dn.
Datil lity
Wig nooks nand to any pattern and boinat nob.
stataintly. Books in inonbern croft( bOos bound Cup.
fully or ISplllred. None . put on book. in gilt leant.
'Those Una linve work al our low an Invited to call.
Prices low. . n2ylOnt
Oast and 7.17,1 reu r.
(ritil online raw ro aro prop/and to execute wawa op.
. nnoonailo toms tor every dfnerlpinat a( bon
'analog, for LaUcontoo, Catnotenoo t
1 4 1... SAL E, C=raoBiritekitiallt of
.oemior taaaufactoro. *do to
lAttloor ftroio wool
thg sillostriUd omorttaant
tor :I C o 1 :: ‘ ! ' "if tiv=irp.' l cu atitj,' "
rOndit ktdoonigaltela too:, loolthliatoa
_AP • auks •• • •
A 7 factory. Ohtarow,.' ticalland ,•Ma a
arrive per s ta tuary* P.Mpira and Ause4
casks orwalch me of We paters quilt
manufacture. .:Ll.rarld • POIND
Lirsois. cußrirr ZIEPOROIM.
HE aalesibagrectNUY.M.V.,th...==
atrangen Piddling* Terh4 ierge :ad splendid
stack °tempering, me ror sale at his unarmed., eth .
street. They calmest a:revery variety of the latest and
mat taahionable styles of Charpete,d a ever
brought to the 'Western market- The atom has been
built express/y(6r the carpet business, and has, (re rd.
less of expensej bee modem utl. n fitted up in *hairiest cent
The carpets receiving are of dm latent designs, mina
the richest and mem brilliant color.
They aatprim, part. of the
Tapestry, a nem
ti le;
English and American Rms.
hipanal Ingrain, nmw ohs.
Elmsormr engrain, new de.
fine Ingn6t,
Cowmen do" . ,
Plain and twilled Veni*
,Exua su o; per cord ttned do;
Revd d
:Sheep Pelt;
late, et.
Brasseds, •
I do dwu4e;o
C-der. _ do
41 . 1= ti l dle r e g ove . ta,' l ll:7lwed " = ikon ahr oa car clo erl,
Window Rhodes, - colored andaplain Malall*, wait Web,
Winning* carpet bindle" sad alrothar goods weeny
kept in carpet sums, Wolf whiefg will be sold en as
reaseadde tetras as artyrObel city - A
idseuW mode
eitalm"wrde: ' Z i r li Xrai r yloTr i c later %nip' the
Warded by telegraph,' and o=ed cot week, eta;
serail advance orris roartufeetorre• price,
Purchasers ate paracaleety recoemsed to call Wore
parchosing elsearttent, se Ire confident we can sell
eheap as diet can bop in the eastern clue,.
, mai • F. W. LYND.
JZlAriglat T.
. ..
sp ' said variety, at
ZgIiIULA6 I IEVI3, 0 7 ktaiket
TO geld leer Witches; 49 silver
lore: waishes, Nth; 28 silver detached lever*steh-
Pl 4 90 silver . L ism vrat;bits; 9:1 silver quarries
Inuches;' 19 fine go eluting 1 dos nate style earrings;
5 dos plain raid 'loop sing,s d dos assorted rings; 9 mu
. sicel boxes, playing variety at Papal( airy 12 gross
Niel slides, a z U We.
6 doi fi ne p ans, si lk and .GOODS r •
aver; Vedas Common FanS•
I din fine - .velvet bead off' strss styles; 10 dos Else
ettitchst Wad - begs; nate styles; 411 dos fine crotchet
, ses, sum styles; 23 dos flas parsslAsssorted; Onus,
wads, fringes, gilt and silver, for ivories; 10 dos fine
loiter soapy assolud; 1 des fine steel screw pincush
ions; I dos los ivory , screw pin cushions; 1 dbs flos
-wood Screw in cushions. A fine 'merriment anew
Tors, an bc: Mardi
• • • -VIA: •
A. sumo & co, L. ammo. AN,
• Eittsburgh. ' New York.
Ilasion,it.Cav a
O. at Market Meet, between gel and 46 sts, Pitts-
Al • bomb .Pa., have neetallY opened their new and
.ant snare, with en'extensire stock of rich Spring
ddeeedan4Suntratr Goods, canpneing upwards three luta
packages, or Lb. tits tt arid mat s faadoriatt
styles. rEderciants th roughout the country are particu
larly Melted mead and examiMs our stock, as it our
intertnon ea offer our goods 'at the lowest Eastern
wholesahr paces. One of die firta-residmg in New
York, will beectittbag us fresh eupplies of
the most desirab~ le~good. , thereby giving us orrery for In the transaction of our buluteas dull could be
positioned Eemenv House. Prices are therefore
guaranteed to be as low as the lowest New Y ork and
Philadelphia rate. --eta
Mc W MURPHY% Dry ' - Mths
meth east corner of 4th. and Market sts, a rail anon
meat or white Goode nos dreaso, /etch mg Sins. Mos-
Ims, plain and surd; MW hfradm D arnel Jackoncts;
plain Malls and. Jukoncts. Alio, Arleen styles of
goods for Evening Dress., the aTew Mitten. ei
moire new styles Embroidered Muerte R
113 - New good* berec ry eivang dail fora week
ure, Prihu and
Mesow Ores Goody Linea
chints are invited to glearnitte the 4.1 a r ird Z
ees in - wholesale rooms, op mein. The assortment
huge sad prices sag iow- •
4Ow beiges anention-m his assortment of above
foody . of traria. ebadra and an/ else, tinniest,
novas Linen Lamm Au Lasbas , Dream:a A large raiment or Line &duo°, Maucliesusr, and - French
L,Gingtiami, of newest stylen sdio, lloyl4 Pridu—a full
Assortment of these very desitabie goods, including
,pink, Ulan, Wee and doable purple, of new andl,elmti
urf pa
French! Dens Lawns—Pink, blue, lilac, brown and
'L-baQ of newest
_patterns and
(an colors;, small fird dos
• 'foe Infanta ADo, Brillissitines, of large mad small fig,'
;uses, for tidies' and infants' &eau.
Embrtialered Serie' s drawl patterns, for evening &es
.;:sa,new Int of
dstia . tafletnas,
.do; a nd a
ehawls,/ke., at the northeast co n4 m P'' ''ter of Fourth atd Mar
Llket streets. .
?aItTOIN 102. LY bteeeessora liebb,e-
V breaer k.,Co.I2dERCLIANT TAILOR:SOW Chum
saree4 Plutadelithis, beg leave to Wong lie thee!.
:stud pawns of the Late Eno, unmake visaing itatl•ther are now to receipt onbe Sprl.C.u.d
Summer Futuna. Also a choice mad sclera Imam
,mertt of litcat of Ettglaad W PreAck 'Cloths, Can'.
atieN inn eatiags, ba'labisb- tbaY
Akeir • - alelablem
.iNNo. SO Wood stri .. ar h
.yrit7DsTy'limodfalfreri.tece=esr:w.t bought
weer the Most favorable
curcumemeees; and which
!they are yrtyanni, and will sod to merchants, at a very'
smallmlymme ea die 1111411Grn !OH. •
We weiald request all merchants visitnig oar
our Wort • fair xamination, and, we reel iota
:dent theylwill be entirely estistiedwf the cheque. of
eau gear 4-17
ilyDienSGS—Sep Fnmell turd Batas, 'Bilks, Cash
► men* Auld white •Elerarullee. CLOTAS,Sure
French, fresh imparted, all.ealora, quali!ies Lad pra.
tAmanpuN to every atylvauld quality.. CASH
MEEEI/11--tiop aalk vrarp. 1144111'e Ciotti, Summar
Cloth, anOealtalxle amour for pora , uretrou prices
imslow so SA Oro eity. 8.12/31148 , 73 Close &ore,
apl2 • corner Italt area wood os
stmcstsmr s t ruTz, ,
WT: 1 11. 1 1,W 1 2 i lla uth)D2 ,2l:
h. receiving daring the battles,' ;ewe, a are ' Are and
extensive easement of DRY GOODS, which they of ,
Arlo mere - Imam Sr low priees,end reasonable .termy
nelieviog.itat they eau Five entire senelettion, they
item a
confidencell tly laVitt merehantelimititm the city whinwhin.
A A. hirr.SON2cCo.,ll3 Market meet, are opening
li aa eitalthe IsSOISOSinki of Drees Goods, rest np
earredler Ewen, corapriaog the largest 1t
fashionable steels nf Dina threde , to be foun andd
la 'tele
city—holangst which we orernies, 40 pa anus rich ese
hrotdered Pail de Qm; a new article, and the roost
&arable goods In the Smarten also, Bann 'wipe Mal.
Bereges,Tissees, Mohair Stripe, Frenetqacpnett,
LP wee; have Pun reed a splendid assorneent or
urns* among which mei be forard—Mipned,
vain, plaid =I wiped , Berne of all 4ntlitieN sllk
assize, mohair wipes, Grenadiers, sakia . stripe de
Leine% plain do Sand, St Cballies, lamer Silk, 1. reach •
Jutollatls, Sec. !kr— • •' vie
ID E/RAGES, &C.—Alexi/Wes A. Day have now epee
a beamed satin striped end pt id lkngee,of th°
boost coeliac, and newest styleArroported; also, spless•
splendid pleb s aml • bobe. black Barnes and Palmas,
French awris,Liams Lustre, and DieOuss,
a Call assortment blk, plain atid•Salin stripe de /mines
and fine Alsace's. •• •
All these goodi have been purchased at the late pek
empilltory mission sales Le New York and Philadelphia,
a wbe sold at a rear redaction from regular prices.
• ALEXANDER &:D.111",
m7l • "-• comer Wm, • aml R{STIM St •
ILAINLS—AlezirWer "My . have received direct
0 from the importer in Now York , an entire cue Of
genuine Camas Crape Shawh, containing complete
lissonmat of =Moldered and plain ihawls; of all ce
llars and qua li tivs, from 140 MU The ladies ere. re.
µmining invited to examine these shawl., believing
that MM. of them am superior to any before adored in
dd. market ne sold remarkably cheap.
Also, &It 'nano aad Dwain Muir/. and . death; •
611 assonmentAt remarkably low price} rage •
JDTS PORCE/dUN BEALIS—The . aubaciiLer
ham' festival MaAgency fur .le ofJoac,
kite a. GoTo Plate,"Gam, Pivot, Molar and Biacusyl—
datoes Tech, invites Daunts' spacial attoulloo.'
JuEL tdOlilAati Drown and Apenbes;ary
.17 ear wood and ask ,
godd astoruista of ledieiodul `ate
U black, white sod colored. couon, .44./e, Thread,
&Lk and 'Hubei Gloves, largo luze. Al., black and.
colossal Primed, KalGloyes, an excallent
.ardcle, and
Wise sites' fast opening by . .
spat sciecxLerr a. WHITE, 19 wood st
IIOSIFItY-40st reed, 500 dor 4 4 -
ijr diet bike hrirldte, brown and aline -Cotton 4
from °teem) per pair up the finest qua li ty. - lee
dor gnats %non ilalf horeol.o der Wye, thread, atik
and liar.* ',blares, alio, cartons /ouliee - Keine Kid
Olivet.:ra DeAle and others that *lab bargains la the
above artieffeoadt find thenrat
, thurrti .10/11VAIOISPS, y ajarketer
Halido4,ll..LWF=s, C , .. AT WHOLYALE.—
id 04 ,' O nd half /lota, for atcw,
women ?rao k • la* lot Malik, cotton uld hale thread
Gloats an ty
d.MiuN Just received nun isupotteto and.
for 'ale ae . hohiaide and mail, by -
• F &
IS= ifirlt — Nee l i ' l e"4. /o . th* Bai ' '=l7.ll;
Puree th4.dOk . traa amp; do do Clover - do Slides; do
ftit%llup Combs jun teed at the new Fancy
MDS—A full &Spla in WF/0./ of filaio,chWed
• and•otti Catabne and , rd
Swum . and Mull, Flo s, olailoallns, chh Bts,Wp!anoints, tallyho,
Naeutoai h - .p4o o d hag* Wictona Lawns` Tarlatan
blatant; torednit with a tall holonnwot 'of 80b,..,itt
Olainand faueYiNette, Latesildginga, fawningly he.
etc .,
ad of which have hut. arrived trash from
Porton. and tor ; see low to the trade, hy
, eoffy. _ WHITE•
yzwELity-,lono Gold Miilatare Cuesi do &Lock.
Nair, , ,do do Breast king do do Eno Wog;
no as Modal Q, «. do do Gaud (, do do rob
do; do do Pooftla sad peon, do do Bracelets land
cusps. Road to mint offing , JewrJJ7 irdl do wall to
cad on us boloiskagebsoint• - ' - I. •
' I •. KLMEY KNOX,maset
X opan this warning • Ilinhar.wagglY
sttPottni RUM hang Oath Mina* dlastatia 1 4., • •
Lauda!e do,' sad has can
an band an; •
itinto of ave i z . ' a rtagg of eade
1,1°,v,r.ry.,,4,,,•=ea1m ix= 41h 4
pig havoustrdecired*,,ary;saperfat • • •• ••
brown and bleached Ittluenna, itta most e..kb
essaidsittaisor all wfdl4f 4 altiltaoo., alms b 14 44 •
and blown !Sheeting., ofuir staablini at age parysta.
, Chigoax,
• ELF* 41
- VOL. XV. NO. 279
, were shoWn, a- few days- ago a gun-b ab e l found in the trunk of a hemlock tree, near
N. J Sherwood's, in Rush-township, by Mr. -
B: Wells, whichi. taken in connection with
the place in which it Was found, is really' a
curiosity, and elicits much siveulation.. The,
tree out of which it was taken "was.'enly
eight' inches in diameter and the' barrel..
passed through it nearly horizontafty,,or at!
right angles, being thoroughly " grown
It is upwars of three feet in le s ngth qu , four
uare at the breach and' eight flu
tsqed, from that to *the ,
arhich are
what is called "bell-muSzled,"..k-differing en
tirely from-aoystyle of gandloW in use, or
which has been used within the in
the "oldest inhabitants" It has the appear
once of bavingbeen an elegantly furrushed
article, its eights being gold, and its breech
pan pure silver. How it, ame there and
how long it.has been there, are the questions
which elicit 'ibluticin. It must have been
lost, or left there, before the tree coMmeneed
its growth, but how long before, and by'
whom, no one Can tell of surmise. The age
of the tree,: judging from the number of.
grains in either side 'of the heart, is 119
years, and-yet, strange to say, the ; gun bole
but slight evidence of rust or decay! When .
found, the breach was just abevudhe inirface
of the gronid, and the muzzle Slightly em- •
bedded in the earth. It was loaded with a' •
ball, and probably other ammunition, when
found, which. have not been removed. It
may be seen by . any peramt calling on Judge
Tyler, in this villap.—Monfrose (Pa.) Dem...
Dear !lets.
011 Ploths.
. .
r u
A Borr.:—John Quincy Adams'
onceriesiveff the following'ohallenge:
. Sra :—Yorw . remarks in the House on -
Tuesday last, relative to my decease'd friend
arid relative, l,,donsider a perional -
Being at leisure bo-day, I have prevailed on -
my friend, the Hon. Mx. Jamieson, who 'yea
will find to be a man of the strictest honor, „
to call ripen' you.:ind arrange for the`,proper.
settlement of the matter, as is common among
gentlemeni,,, •
Very respectfully, your ob't serv't,
, J. R.. SATTERT.V..•
To which Mr. Ailami made following
.My Dasa Sin =I thank. you for t- Imving
afforded me 'an oppominity_ot-, hoar's
conversation 'With the agreeable, and, excel
lent Mr. Js son.. As to the
which you wet good' enough to m.7,lre, , and
which, - 1 presume, is intended. as an invita
tion tome to Sc! myself up as_a'marl: to be
fired at . excuse rue if I decline it. I can do
so consistently, as I assure you I have not ••
the honor to be * gentleman, - but yet I re
main, - - ,
Your humble and oblserrt •
- , Jam( Qumcr
.. . 1
• ,
Ledger states thin an argument took , place,'
dating last week, on a...writ of.error, before
the Supreme Court, now sitting ut Harris
burgh, in the case of the eleven colored men .
who were committed at Carlisle last year on
a charge of riot, growino. s out of. 'an attempt .
to remove some alleged fugitive slaves out
of that place, by their master. Each of the
defendants was sentenced to- undergo -im
prisonment in the; Eastern Penitentiary for.
the terra of three years. jThe court set aside'
the judgment of the court below, and yester- .•
day the keeper of the penitentiary received`
a discharge for the priso ors.
THE CHOcTAWS AND neater ms, says' the
New York. Observer, may . yet form an inde-
Pendmit state in our Union. According to
Rev. -Mr. Treafs report of his late_ visit ~
among them—at 'a monthly missionary
meeting in Boston on Stanley evening.--they
bid fair td become at least quite as worthy of
the fellowship as some who now enjoy it.
The friniter are now expending- $30,000 an- ~
=ally ft= their national fundsen boanling. ~
schools, and their Churches number $OO
members.',` Nor are the. latter much behind
in the. progrosy, of civilizatida. They have
a . well-administered.
.giivernment, orderly .
Chntel two, high schools, and other
means ofsocial and 'Moral improiemeni: -
Goon Ltvr.—The last session of our State
Legislature passed a law prohibiting' the
sale or disposal, in any way,-of intoxicating
liquors on the Sabbath day. Last Sunday
was the first day of its application, the law
haying gime into force on the Ist of June.
Its admirable effects were 'at; ones discerna
ble:. A more quiet Sabbath has 'not .been
passed in Baltimore foi a longtime. We.
'wish some simalar law were passed to pros
hibit the desecration 'of the Sabbath by'con
fectioners and others—Ball. Ms&prot.
TH.I4 PROSPECTS TORI 4 RUIT, a 4 lar. as we
can learn, are quitelavorable throughout the
State: Teaches 'are:not, a full crop except
in a few localities, and in some places there'
are feW or none' . The same 'is true of heart
cheiries; but ofapples there is afr abundant
yield, and aliopf, all cr. kinds - of *it in
common cultivation.- Cultruateni:
-JIL ,
111LTEIV HOG.TS—Loetures onlibakepenre, ihY 11 N
Hudapn, m two volumes, .
The Power Gram Pulpit, or Plain thiveghta eddreseed
to Chrimism ministers., and those who boot tbat..4°O-:110
latlnenee preached Gospel, by the fley. ,Ciardmer
B fge g 'f.=i arid' hle by 'MO' Horiini.
Knorp'ne Translated by Mary Hewitt. ' • -
Lantardnek Girondist', VoL 111. History of Fred
rendiar, or personal memoir ofthepauims ofthe French',
ElovoluiloM firma unpublished Alotimu—by A. de Le-
few eopiee of each of the ilicive 'work* . .reeetved
this day and for sale by '
JOHNSTON, §TOCKTON, Bookmllerk • •
my-30 comer market end 34 ma
acterchis Theatrical Labors, his Poems;
H N Hudson.
The Posner of the Pulpit, or thoughts gams:red to ,
Christie. ministers and those who hear Mena by Gerd.,
.ner Spring, A A
The Mande. Practice Condensed; or the, FlurtilY'
Phydeian;beibg the scientific system of medicine, on
vegetable principles, classes, by W Beach, M.
D.. For ale by ELLIGIT,& ENGLISH,
PS market et, bet. 3d and 4h, and 7S woo d bet.' Mb •
and diinnond nny3o •
lllSTOsitez—Roberuisti , s; Rollin% GibVeres, Ras
selPs, Mod Europe, Preacotra sico, Peru, tre.;
elet's PranceArnobPs Rome, Harpers' Pictorial
England; Tileb.alreHr:,:E.lll:c...,m. man t,„6.....0.1r.
.a 4r. R
llaaome; Duru ' e l t's Umbi r iry his o tici?m w s;i.vitl:
.4e l i i : o diddb ,l 4r ,, s; Mar. cinod“va4 chiv :
wry; ri •
ts History of the Hugscootsi, Them s
Historical 'Works; Neal's History °fine Pontscis;Tblers
French Res; Taylor'. Manual of /met atirlllod.
ty; Introduction to the History of the Church, by J 0,,,,,
Kightlera •• e Bird; Ranks's - Popes • The,
aiiose, • y other t work,, for sale by
crtar2 • J L gath—
I dat'a 'de, • practieal• treatise on Details and
Are • 'Melee, together with ewes.. of tho
Hobble sty • Also, Practleal Thralls. on Geometry, • .
Decimal Pr tiotuy Densaration, TrigoleaalrY,
Carpet.. Joinery, embnts.4( ltcrnearY
deGtbi, • • • Itartieialarly adapted to the wants.. So.
lan GOSS. Med. Watcher Hills, practical architect. •
lie•Mbil en. improved, with addition,. Villa awl •
School Hon • Anat.:nee, by Ii AustinOtrellitect,and- •
Daman:l, Pos. Second revised-edition. For sale by
- - }a ' • J L fdp,„&p,. Apolb RuiWutgs, 4t6 N.
.AnotherSuppli:of Chlakerlztra'TPlaiii•
Forte. •
SLX saw Piano Fortes,' of Rosewood, G and ci
ba meetvatand auly for sale during
~r‘seroy JOHN If MELLOR, 01 wood in,
o stow Agee for Chickerines Pian. •for {Yemeni
• ins
• C 6I l lig .T.IP -4 / 4 - s earedwittiout
• modem., lintevlttlns, or baths, brltte "New add
Improved WHARTON'S ERVALEN f.n,” a load "l
:ateable and lluttitioun vegitabla food. Also. \ Vbs.-
lion'. celebrated .Treatie, oil Constipenin, nod thy sax
'anti ',Jae of the Ervalerni. Sold only at the Apollo
iflolldway (distract, Graz Mod, by
' , ITS SON..
LT OYER'S 9 01 4 1 GS—Watch .you will pi , .Thaylight;
3Vidaw Medusa; Rory O'llore; Indian summer;
way ing the Deer; Gondolier Row; The Two Birds:
Yeiry'Doi; Ask. me tit what I. am Thinking; Low
_Banked 9u - _, 34. Al. ‘3b. , D 6 . 'Pd.=
y II
thee non; Forgive, but dont Forget; The Ceamelion;
AngelsAlidaricr; Morning Dwane, Sweet - Jeacie -we%
Young mid Simple; Tho-NorthiandAr Me; Molly
For sale by-,
ELET=LjIAcHIN . pd a
attire. Medical Ap%a ran 4 :4eciro ' laea c
Machine., for physicians and . 1" • •
Roach's Thermometers, warranted: '
4Llained and prepared Guua Verchal Cheinieni,; Pei
tiros; Piaui Glass for optichuis; ror sale '
N W viten. Cuarket street aid lido !till? s U, fr erFl o rint..e.
NN SW secelesd — Itt the Y 'r ab ' Zlt ' eti
and for sale al tba bletbodast %tick store, stn st.
smut Wde4. Tames Pitiverblal!Ebilitsorby. tliice
trAt i tiftil book* • yreseec
states Pl e c e mbns tirtftlie Eatable* etialMiraclei
Cbria Roe minims of the Pulpit Cyclopediar-suu .
• The Eriglialt l'alpd; collection to seri ,
=me by the Most eminent living divines of England.
I.3I,MLITBsVeig.—D bleditaden‘ oing Good, Gatnntii.ll Lose, Los
thee la4lSist tnyt3.4-
the. He hon of IPW~ r .
Schools and Csatilies—edet
!IresUoular lbe.exaosination of pewits,.