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MON, LaPHAM and Leather Deal
et*lSS Ferrr st. New Yoric — .'
iescarscsn--fahn Mier Pittsburgh, E. LeSick k
fhltuklphis. • • •
Consigtuneuts rif Western Leather solieited, and lib
.ll advances made. if required. Cabluints
A TWOOD, , JOND3 & Co.. Cainnuestou and For
, 41.,eardierlderchants, hors returned to their old
wady Water uad Front - PjUsburgh.' 00141
rim :Lica BLUM, • , =MI Sum.
UN k HEATED, iVbaleaale and Retail Drug Ir. cora. of Llbefty sub& Clair meetly Pitts
• alayill
oar, -• anima
O nanzso
WN 4. CULBERTSON, Wbakaal Omen,
ad Domani= Nareaguas, No. 143, Library 44,
-h. Pa.
100 FAME:STOCK k Co, IVllaiimala and Be.
1). tail brlttraista, earner Wood sad aah as. jyt
BAL/t v ft: l Y
ale (kim., 18
A i A.)InAIVULTY t Cao,,Forwanling and Coo.
V. mission Zdarellanta, Canal Bonn, Niusbargh Pa.
-yns. ox.tvax maw 1. SWILISW; //12. W. ILLILitAi..
•1" , lOLEIL&NLIA.ILMAYi, CA, Mannfaetesara
Carriage rings and Aslee,l.l. H. and Spnng
Steel, =ld . Coach Trutunings of every de
eeripnini, snanufactory=St. Cairn. Wurbonse 43
Wood opposite Si. Chutes Rata jauti
Ew&fi & GEBHART, Ilrho deal•
en a Produce and HUthasgh blanufactures, cor
set of Liberty and Iliad sm,Piusbargh. Pa. xtl7
Ivy. mans, ams azaxerr.
NGLISII & UFMETT, (late" t
Eilk Co.) Wholesale Grocers, Coonawaion sad For
wardan alerehuna, and &raters in Prods.. and
nisaaraciaros No. 37 Wood it, baliVell led and
7Thl :.r.
Alt twic t am. zwrz, , um* Iwo.
=tt , EYk.
• a Yams, Na 67 Water, and. trProul
1141 . MIME, Plum Forts Illamikesorer oak dealer
la Mosioal loOmpotto4ll Wood ot, oes:Ste
vac= • •
' oaders and (las raters, p. 19 From, between
aod dad Saildtfield arena Prouleurgh, Pa.
iiiireest price given for old Copper and Braga
~~- ~
iIaILARY 'BRUNOT, Whits and Red Leal 1//wl.•
-- 101. &darer, Piallt and Oil Altmann; comer or Lib
, any and °Vara mar, Piaaansh. • jell
& C 0.,. Wholesale Grocers, Cow.
mission alercbants, arid dealers in Produce, N0..56
star, 101 l 107 Front streets, Pittsburgh. nova
TOHN Rtaligni, Amorney ruid C11.1;i1142/ at Lam
and Commissioner for the State o 1 Peonsylverna
staldarus, hto., (late el Pi x 00010) ' .
Itursamicim—Pinsburght Pion IV Forsiani. Hump
trio Jr. Miller, IdVamiless & DPClure, John E Parke,
Sisson. A Sem*, tilltord& King. ,1.10:11
ijOUN BOOTV/c WlMierale Orman, Forward
ing and Commisaion. glarchania, Dealers in Pra
nce and Pinabrugli granntactares,No, 7 Commercial
Row, Liberty attect; near the Canal, Pittsburgh, Pa.
• oyEly •
- - --
J.BEWAN, Iteeilfying wid Wholesale
. dealer in Patina and .Doniesuo 'Wines and
.•=ll4 Warn/ Mssli.nad 6114ainand eller
Pa. • • Wadi).
11A21123 (law tbe Aral 4:4'AV:co and
ileGairaj Merclund llilor , 8. (Sarin Baddino,
Mind slam near W • • • Pivab • .h.
TAMES A:. lIUTCHLSON,7k Coe—Soceetteors to
111 Lanris Hutchison it Cit.i -Coetosiesio' n Merchant.,
and deems of the St Loam Stem Sneer lieftnery.
:ho. 45 water and 99 front sums, Pittehnrgh.
141.ACK, aterrhant Tailor, Fr A; ago Sail
a" 'Waal, Si. Clair at., riasbarak julou
(PUN S. DILAVORTN—WhoIosabs GrocOr, Pro.
loco and Comodsoloo Merchant, No. V, Wood at,
usborgh. jut{
TO A MORGAN, Wholesale Draaiiss, and deal
t, et in Dye Pastr.; Panne,Oils, Varnishes, de., N 0.03
Wood etre,. sue door good et Diamond Aller,.Fila,
jI.IILE9 la:Rkt, Jr., t Co., (mamma to Preph a.
David') lataP aotteners, 313_ Waxer street. °ell
JTliffid IL. MELLOId, IVliideatde gad
in Manic and /14asreal lostratnenut, Seboot Boots,
:, Paper, blows, heel quitts..rrifous' Cards, and
litsuotuu7 gaadraly,tio. dl-Wood Pitrataugla
:,L117.R.N• bought or takerrist trade. eeptS
JSCLIOONY.A.O2.I_Co., Wholesale Droursta,
. No. 24 Wood asset, rittarturgh.
lOSEPA .108. DON k. SON, .Casaraisidan and Foe
audintlderehauta, Nn. 13 liberty at, (opposite
!Smithfield la.,)SaincLa's Roar. iann
TOM , I, A DAVIS, Auctioneer, comer Sik and Woad
I/ aunt., Pivaburga. octn
jOHNSTON & STOCKTON, Bookseller's, Prime
awl Paper Matearaerttrers, N 0.44 Market st., Pitts
• bores.
j 11.. READIti Book run 4th, mar Market ousel;
Ik ..• Classiest, 'theologies; Historient,School, kliseet•
,koseotts, and Methodist Beaks mod Stottottan.,
. ,
- j:.YOf t ens, °B .e i'l l tV ° A
and xi ' t h :: f tg.
notel ituihangs„ Vinsburgh,
. Cturenerpareltasni at the usual rates.. <will.
JOHN GRIER, WholesaleGriaeer, dealer la P.
dace, Pittsburgh lesnafeelaria Plesd, ad. ae.
te e Phi SCI Llbeny st, PiarbureL. • • janW
- /08111
j . FLoyDau
, . 1.111.11 D '
lk C.O W1..1.1.21.
linens, N. 19 2 Libeny'nne. sep2
L 4 SIALZELL Wholealslal Wooer, Cm/mssion
„ literchauti and thstler • in Prague@ mut Pittsburgh
Yuen No.IN Pesos siy rfflamiTL juslG ,
• Et•
Wain,"lis Iron Works. ,
T EWIS, DALZELL Co, tosothiutrers of all
AA zoo bar, Lib.; Baler kon and Nails of oe.t•
olsOity. Woreboose;s4 muer sod 105 front ss.
IVATEMLa.I , I,,WhoLuaIi . Gnaw, Faigrazil
ingand Cceonaiscion Merchant, Dealer in Pin.
rat Mmeacturea and Paaface, No. 31 Waterat,
aud al Front al. • • • •
'ANDY= 01IPTON, IYMb:sale Gronsrs, For •
nrpiing and' Commission ids:Chan* dealoss
am Pittsburgh Al^ Nos./3 and 135
Pittsburgh. • Isinta
, EI4
nts,Pthisie aYa ki k s tl C :l ' n , Ot HCo i.sion Z
l‘fts !uliy. Liberal advs.= nnute an constglinsunt...
Li D. s'ortz., a: a. arzarmai'-' c. mos.
eGILL, SUSI:MELD ROK.Wholnsale Grocers
and Commission llescham+, No. 194 ilbcny sra
ac'eazi; au& mama mar..
ALLEN k Colantletion ond Vann/Wing
• ,ill, Aterennos, Water end Front ess, between
Wb i G and
C 06110111•1011 ithauts, Nc- 17% UM nr .1, Pitt.
nth P. Arda
eCOILD t KING, Wholesale and Baud! Rat sad
AU. Cap Manuirwt • • sad dealers fa. rsuc7 Furs,
• Jarot_,
107. MUMS SON, No. 55 bforket or. i i
. .t.l:l* domino earner of Fourth, dealers in Porelgti
sad Dinocotio Ng; of Ezehar!ir, Vortileates of Der.
Vollettiorgt! cud on Ell the princlOal euiri
• Woo • • .Itho United Bums. ' • • dray
INDEA.I7.ItI Co, Whaler - al . e arearijeaitd
. ewe sad Yea anal* ale-reLata*NaT4l Water
IiOOHEILT MODEM, Wholesale Grocer: iteettlying
jL Diatiller; &Wet ra rrodoee, Pituborgb bitutuitto-
WM, Arid aL lands of Foreign and lltaroestle Ulnas
matt Lup0ei,.146.11 Liberty wee. On band a very
..Inge stoeli -ett evertor QUI barmionirekela wfilakey,
which will be sold low for eaalt.•. , ' ,-totScly .
I No.
& KEPPERTj Produce Dealers and
• Commition Machu., o. lair Second surety
.CILILED T. LELVH, Jr, 'ripener sad Draleris
Yereita and Domead,Haddlery Hardware sad
Trumadega v et all deldriWaee, Nor. L Wdod
ICHARD BARD, tlfbalosale sad Retail Dealer la
Isather,AlasixetiVßboaatakereTooia aaA Find.
Tanisue KM Cutlers' T 94,11, sad Tamers' OA,
14:4100 WOOdeL, ritLaNush. sepia
C,b,WEalessle Woe rs, ?codas,
JR. awl Commissian hisrehauts,and De:lers in Pi *
k,No. Libeny .st., Pittsburgh,
MIZELL te. Wholesale Geocem
Commamion sad-Fanwieg . Stereheatu, dealers
irrod end , Piltekemek - Idaliaseteres, Liberty st.
Tb 44
Eirr Lu . A.I_CUISININGLIAM, Wholesale . Grocer,
r, 4 PAdika and Plusbiugh Nonsfacturce,
RE= alManriin i tir Co tonguioz
on" La Chocarle., Yrodnoe, Worth AlannfaCtr%
..7ba Witten prices, 6 muklt, paid all, all than far
.ll7 IrSIP. Corner of Peas and Irwin
0A =1)R.1) a 001111S011W0117.0. 1, !.at 1,6 !
rty . al, opposita *giddied, Dool.or. rd Ylodrt .
rain Sal Bads obo Under' Lard', &e: . .1044y
at►Tl4lg /011/199N, Wholoorda add BoudlDelderi
0 in Itildhery (bads, Lao., Hosiery add IFoney
Afdoloa,No.idhliszkol adeef, 3.1 door slave Third ot,
_ .
tITACKLETT WIITTE, Who Wad- Dealer. is
.Fointo =3 Domestic Dry Good. WNo. Wood O.
& - WAIABILILEGII, Wool Meltdown, Dealers
Nip.. in Floor and Produce generally, and Forwarding
Wm Commission De reheats, No. 53 Water in., Pitts.
DAGALEY & C., Wholesele rittocere and
Produce diadem, No.F.T.lllarket sticei,bmween Stb
and dth. North aide, Philadelphia.. ' nover-; r
. aWAXES t NIOOI.B, Produce and General Com
nder/on lierehanse, No. 37 Lawry id., Plunburgh.
rm. Lianeed and Lag 011,
NON BONNIIORST *Cd.,!iirladasala
• ammo,' Porwranliag atal Oafauffuffoo Marehasta,
ro fa Piaabariff idarfalacauva sad Wearers Pro
' flawaya removed to ;heir war fraraboisaa,f old mad)
flop eon= of FrontK sad Clumearr Lam
SAIWEIAL =ER, Forwaniing land Cuausimom
tartl, Arida le Prodwe sad Pittsburgh ma 141.,
iseihnd ardela i aural llado. war 71.11 In. •
_241 '---
_ . . ... . .
Y tiikiliciYinsioiWeirel Ciottmil - ---•
. Vion " liderrimara lad dealer. in Produce. No. 35
i eiod mr.,Tiattemah. past
.1- • Wk._
_alum; Apra for Mexican withers and
. 7 am.mmae...._, es the arks of Wm. F. Aue•
.F..... 1 ,....... lda a, Pittsburgh. diy..reort
.. 'Mame paw *laud once at Weahlosmo t mat aucmt io
Any losateem Mora fret of *apace to oviesm. • .
main..4ll •.
S'.. 'Yo' u.,.,..4...
3LM3T BOWEN—Cciaarussaion arid Forwarding
Merchan N 0.90 From ot. between Wood and
cream t,
/0131 D. NIR DAVID wcAsauss.
TiCK & WCANDLal.4,.(suedesannl to L. &J. q.
Wiek,) Wholesale Grocers, Pomentillid
Commission Merchants, dealers in Iron, Nail., Was.,
Connn Yarns, and Pittsburgh Mc IledittUrta generally.,
comes of Wood and Wares sweets Pittsburgh.
'VLF' stone ar_dhiariformo,
TT . b.g establishment, No. 444 Liberty 11, riele the
hi. GABBARD, Dada in Fumy Staple
T ••. Gwy Goals, N. 79 Mirka west, ProsLargb,;
\/lir W WILSON,AkaIer in Watches, Jewelry,
Silver Ware, Milisary Goods, So., No. 57 Ms,
ket • now7i
hi....NUßP .. llYaktnatlnd Retail &d el in
6/rner of Market !mot FOUL • 49 .16 e r
INlTAN c tric mem t . I , l . o l :ukersTDeol - Frs - j;
nnnWoodprent. PinsbnV P. "4'4 7:v71.:-kl r l i r, d
Ironing_ /SO.
--urki. YOUNG & C.—Dealert In leather hide. ie.
'Ur lAL EdITCHELTREE—WhoIesaIe timer's,
TT Rectifying Distillers and Wine and Liquor
Ilderehsurts also, Importers o(&1s Atli and Blenching
Pointer, ha 16U Liberty ot. Pittsburgb, Pa. lunlisllT!
.0331,.11 tiLacsaraa, GlOanit S. . /ONO.
O. BLACKBURN & Co., Wholesale• Grocers and
. dealers in Oil., Boat Store, and Pla.burgb Man
ufactured mile., have au Laud, at all tunes • full and
general asaorttuent °foods la their line, Water street,
near Cherry 'Alley, Pittsburgh.. a•l3'
TOHN M. TOWNSEND, Druggist end' potbeeary,
IP No. IS Market st.,frune door above ThirJ w Pau
bmghswill bare constantly on hand towel] selected as
sitrunent of the best end freshest Medicines,lehich he
will sell on the Most reasonab — le 1121:014. PhYsiciais
sending orders, will be promptly attended to, and sup
plied with articles they may rely upon as genuine.:
Ai rr Physicluts Presesipuons alb be accurately and
n premed from the best materials, nt soy hour a'
Of L
Also for :etc h a tarp 'frock of fresh and good Pean
EAGLE COTTON WORKS, Pittabaret., litanufse
lose Cotton Yarn, Candle 'Met, Ratting, Twine,
Coverlet 'Vara, Carpet Chain, 'Warp., dte• ke.
' UM/. PENNOCK Jr- Co.
(Sueer:stors to Arboekle t Anil.)
. . Proprietorn
A LEX/Eli - I Co., No. 77 Canal Rivet, lie;ir
leans, Agents for J.& Armam's Extensive Maim
'eim Refinery, Always 0.1 baud &large stock of'
Loaf; Powdered, Crnshed„Clarified and Bastard Saga»,
in Timm and Barrels. Also, S+agar Holm, Mokasea
Prices liberal., and a fair allowance made on all sales.
of or elm,. 00 barrels. meta
Moinestigaliala Livery Stable. .
arkoßelic= H. PrirfklKSON has opened
the large stable m I•Ynl runedug through
to Hood et, betweeu Wood .od Smithfield
te,iit the rear of the Monongahela Homo,.
with an mutely new sleek of Hones and Carriages of
the best quality and latest styles. Horses kept at haw
eY ia the but manner. YYWHY
IL EATON, Dealer is Trimmings and Variety
Goods, Tonois Shell, Ivory mid Hom" Combs,
Vadeu .Vaans . -ead Worsteds, Sumas, Needles, Pins,
Tapes, Brade, Gt Market 'sums, Inman Dia
moad utd 4th st., Pittsburgh. jr4Sdly
- 193 11700D'IT, PkrTgliull , 9ll.
1101FAVINO replenished my stock tom the best sour
tee, both domestic and foreign, I take pleasure in
nnuouneing to consumers sad oeMent, that I ma pre
.pared to furnish thenterith Mt goods in my line, on
beam terms than heretofore.
Iloyers ma recollect that dealing " exclusively”rn
ft. ...levy lianlnntre mad Carriage 'Criaunings,lobniia
thereby, advantages that ehahle me so slaty competi
tion. Call, see, turd ledge for yourselves. apl7
!LUC 30513,
simits Jon? F. onion.
VrANUFACTURPMS spnng and blister steel,
Al plough steel, steel {dough wings, coach sod clir
at sonnies,. hammered kmu sales, and dealers mal•
Ina& eastatgs, fire engatte lamps, soul coach mammas
generally, comer of Russ and Front ma t rilmbttah,
I:IP/Z.81N TEA STORE.—No. TY Fourth
C, near Wood—All qalotities or Greta and
Black Teta, done up. is quarter, Lali, tool
ooe pound paean., ringillt-trOal blo art. per pound
81,SO. ad A. JAYNES, Agt. for Pekin Tea Co.
, - IVAI. TtanuAN --
Bader, Pa ,
mriLt. also attend to coliCctions and all other bust
' p noes marinated at tam an Butter and Alll.llval,
counties; Pa. Haler to ;
it & IL Floyd, tabeny .1.1 ,
W. W. Wadace, t do
James Marshall, do - j Pittsburgh.
My Kay & Co., Wood sue.' )
. ... _pin;
rf B. SWEITZM Attorney id -Law, same tist t.
itl .. opposite SL Chitties nisei, Pittsburgh, w• ilt also
attend promptly to Collections, in.Washlagton,h'ayette
and listen counties, N.. r ' i
' . /3/ackitock, }kit& Co.,
CLvM Carinkera,, Irtnaboagh.
LiJ. lIENRY, Any and /Cinincellor at Lim,
iiincionatl, Ohio. Conectiiaiia i apothem Ohio,
ma in Idiana, and in liana:inky, promptly and t are
•tally attended to. Commitaionar air Um Stab! of Penn.
aylaatua, for taking Dopontions, acknowledgment.,
awn so—Hon. llrga Bell & Son; Claus, Church it •
Carollers, Wm. Him Eq., glWet fr, V 31,116 u 35
a. w , W. Mi nt..
‘A/11 /4
1./..3113 811 INN, (gueeeisors Lawn.. and
V Y ' Willousti., Anoruel • and •Coansellors at Low.
Office Nora; olde of Fourth street, .bore
3•XY. ocsr.or, ;. Bosuns myna..
111 , ./..0P SEWELL, starve,. ot taw, (Tikes on
% n
Sontlfield,.benorena ai and Oth sts.
o@ice to We Snoth
Younla p., Leman Chefl7ll<r gad Grunt meet.
0,91•211,1KN0X, Atomic). at ,Law, Pittsburgh, Pa.,
hos resumed We p ractice of Ins professiou tal 01 ,
tleei Pio. 7, Batmen's Buildings, Grind st.. occupied,
Canna his abwuce, by T. J. -Sigh= and J. Canny,
J - fOHN L. GALLATIN, Atilduey at Law, Office on
4th sa., between Gram and Smithfield, bomb. side,
Pittsburgh, k!ad will also atwod promptly to husani.
in the counties. • ointSly
.0. U. 0000010:i, Attorney at Law, Itto
moved his onion to the Eitchang• BWI og St.
Clair st., next door to Aldermen John. oplity
Cri ()ULAN DJ, LOOSLIS, Auathey at Lim, Ace au
4th atreet, above =Wafted. ap1717
ORN FINNEY, Jr, Agent at Pittsburgh Ibr the Del
aware Menial Bluely Insurshee Coreperty of nits
adelphla. Fire Risks upon handbags and merchandise
of every dehariptiou, end Marina Risks upon hats or
cargoes, of vessels, taken upon •• the mow favorable
Olficilu the Warehouse of W'- R. liolines a Bro.,
N 0.37 Winer,licar - Alsaket street, Pittsburgh.
MLR—Thu*l=CW of this Company since the comb-
Lista:sem of the Agency in this sty, Iva the prompt.
11... and Liberality wish which every chum open them
kw Ines has been adjusted, fully warrant the agent to
- inviting the confidence end patronage cif Ms friends and
the. conarmily at large to the Ilelaware AL B. Insu
rance Company, whibi it has the additional advantages.
aninstitiatiou among the most dwishing in Philadel
phia—as having an ample paid-ha capital, winch by the
operation of Its charter is constmtly increasing, wc
yielding to each. person Insured his due: share of the
profits of the company, without involving hint to any
responsibility whatever, and therein.. as posswing
the Mutant prinewle divested 'of every obnoxious fea
ture, ad in its most attractive form. none
ds duly authorized Agent th e subscriber, oder* to
tualtnpennaneat and [Anted Ineurauceyropeny in
this city rod sue on shiputeuis by th e C
anal and givers. .
0101 :TORS.
:Asthur 0 Co,in 011asIts Tailor,
banal W. Jones, Ambrose White,
Edward Bmith Jacob 11.11masas,
John Wili;, - ' ' ianZi L. % 'ood,
Threaas P. Cope,, WM. Welsh,
Samuel Y. Smith, . Fraaicil Bootees,
Samuel Brooks, , S. Austin Addicts',
Ileaar D. Panntaxan,-See'l.
ilde bi the oldest Insurance Company ia the United
States having been <limited in INN. Its charter Is
perpental, riM front its high minding, long experience,
iumple silvans, and avoiding sli risk. of an extra has
.lloollll character n atay be on as odenng 'km
pie Gelidly to the public. W. P. J0:11-,N.
At the Counting Hoorn or Atwood, /ones & Co., Ws.
to, and Front streets Pittsburgh. ' moyi
rip/IE Franklia Pao Insurance Coutpany, of Philadel
y Akio,rrtn m". 1 u a permanent aad krona
on verydesenpuon of property, to Pittsburgh mud the
Nrroondutg eouritry,,ori favorable tenus. This cont.
patty has perpetual chanhr.. ,
Capita, *HAULM pistil
Connugent, Food:. tlntki,tuu
()thee canter of Thrill auJ Market surrna, Pittalnungh
stplllhr 1 WARRICK hlAirrlN, Arcot.
Tl,E.rtattd'l. - Sgr.dis.timittra:
et/Oa:atm la effect Lasurauce against Ms
agalasi Fire, as latildogs, amity. and
.propenp, our catra hoodoo, fa this city and strums.
apt/ • ' 040 COCIUSAN, 2a wool sso
E SUILICIrIdEIt has been lip:whited Agent ynri
tom. ofinic Insurance Company of North America,
sod will issue Policies anti raison to the other toothless
01 the. Agency, at the warehouse of Atwood, Sousa a
Co spit AVM. P. /0:41, water in
um: RBCIET I V i ed=kIs , pregs ;j a th Vo eamostau cot
- dos Me nd
ese' Costs 4 dot Trarellag.Bags; -
4 Hach ' 4 " pairs Pato.;
- " • Pea do; - 1 " amp Blankets;
" Hating Jackets; 1 " Cushions;
1 • " Horse Covers, 0 " Life Preservers;
tort yards of 4-4 Carnage Cloth, hue aniele;
St dos psis Leggings, of dufereur styles;
I U Capes, with Meteor
" witht do;
1 Gin Coven,. ou all of which will be sold cheap
fur cash. wholesale us retail, at No 6 Wqgsl strecL
am% d
'Patent Sods Labs
A A CASKS Jas. Mospratt t Votes brands, just laud
-x-2 tog from steamer Northern Light, and bar sale by
• myLl ' I.OU Ebert) , at
)1,4 2 M ,Y . t'S ssla : ov i ttilt Atub rvrtipa,COALA:
get or very Iniperiol qusloy. Coy
supplied la say Pour dudugrho,duy.
, apl7nito JUIIEPH DaNVOlirril, AV, 47 wood el
To Country Merchants.
ALARGE STOCK of School Books, Pape[, Station
ary, Ac., suitable istneountry sales; among which
Writiog Paratre, of El d n o e, med d i o unt and common tio_lt
Leiter Paper do do do do
do do
N.'" Pr I' tvelopes .
SrNoitorPoL4ocitlto,ertA''afemt/011sinialtd. and printed; nce;4l.;;
IV,indow Pop., (yard wide), f od i o „ ; P
Hemet Boards, 4)(4lrd - crest, 9
Blank Books, to great variety; /
Family, School tmd Pocket Bible.;
Crown, medium, end double crown *twigging pope
bletiurEe's Eclectic :tickle. raid Reed en;
Ref* Eclectic Araiimeo.;
Cobb'. Primer*, Epellen add Reade,
Sanders' do do rs
Arithmeties, by Adams, Davir,Collrm, Smith, Stock
um, Dnerroo, and others.
tleograpmer, by Miteliell,Olney,Smith, Iltorre,Good
rich, Farley, and others. _.--'
qrsinni.u., by Smith, Kirkham, Bunions, Weld, and
other*. For sale at lorr pricer, by
81 *oat sr, 5 doors above 40i.
The highest market price paid for goal oozed rap t
in cash. . • aplo
11111. TON'S POMIS, Illustrated. Harper's aew
LU. minim of the .Poetical works of John Milton, with
-a - memoir, and critical remarks on his genius and wri
tings, by Junes . thlontgonsarri and ima handled and
twenty engravintar hem drawings Harvey.
two volumes.
Sinescre's Oatee Terrsxww.—Thelour Gospels and
Acts of the' Apostles, in Greek, with English notes,
critical, philosophical. and exegetical; maps, indexes,
Weedier with dm Vile, and apocalypse; the
whole - forming the New staineut—For the use of
chols,Collegs, and Theological Seminaries. By
Rev. J. A. Spencer, A.
A NewNora—klideunnuer% Eve.—A fairy tale of
lose. By Mrs. S. C. lialL
- .
JAN IS' 11.11` lit.—The life at Buoy the Footth,
tag of France and Navarre, By 0. P. B. Junes.
Ca Vo ' r th elretr
And leeolotellets, comet of market and Ott eta
lo oows —At the Apollo Fourth street, near
Ji Wool—lnland'. Welcome to the Strut: war,
The Czar. his Coon and People, by J 11 Mare/rah
The Orators of Franee;
The Lives oldie Apostles, by Bacon;
The Puritans and their Principles, by E Hall;
The Constitutions and Cinon, of the Holy Apostle,
with a Prize Esttiy;
• Allison's. Lith'of the Duke of Marlborough; •
• Ntsindees Life otChrisi, in its hbuoriest connection
•• r 'and historicsl development, --
Harpers and Appleton'. pobliestions • reuerally.
School Books, Paper, Stationary, do.
apd7 J L READ
•irrAv BOOKS at the Apollo Building, 4th strec4—
tThe Militnry LiferofJottn, Bute of Marlborough,
with colored maps: by A Allison.
Second Vol. Chalmers! Posthumous Works—Scrips
rare Reuling,
The Life of Jesus Christ, ill it, Listened connection
and historical deeelopensent: by Augustai Neander.
Translated from the 4th Gennan edition Ity John Sr.
Clintack and Ch. E Blumenthal, Professors-In Dick
inson ,College.
Founh Vol. Pictorial Illitory of Fngl.d. -
Now and Thou, by Dr. Um.. author Of T.
Thousand attar, and others too numerous to mensicm.
Call and ace. apl9 ' J L BE AD.
pais Institution, under thusapercision of Alr. and
Mrs. Goshen, is 'happen for the reception of pit
pils, and will be continued at the rater pl..- on Liberty
street: consequence af.ome changes haring taken
place, a few Taeantiei haveoceurred, and done &Or
ono of placiaLtheir under their care, would
do well to m early appliration. .For tem. see.
circular, or apply to the PruicipaL
l'i6: - 503uattiyaarves, wl To. IL7 WntG Witaer
itiazt4. to Miami the trade and dealers generally, of
Pittsburgh, that they have made each arrange WM,
senth the Virginia manufacturers and the Grower. of
• the West. VI est Indies, and other plate., as arta Mehra
• large and constant ',imply, of the following dceeripi
boas of Tobacco, which will be sold upon asiccons
modttUng terms a. any other hooey Willits city or else
where. and all go-ode ordered from diem will be war
rented equal to repremnlation:
Havana; Ca. Domingo, _goon"' I
Tara; Porto Rico; .-ii`liessn'a.; ;Seed Leaf to-
Cuba, Iguini; & Florida, 3 liuso;
til.So—Brasich's celebrated Arommie - Clitag Caren
dub, old, a lamb nowsniakitt of ether papilla, brande,
and qualinea of pounds, no, Mt, P2O, leo sad Zs, Lump.
r. 11,,s and Phi Plug; Ladim"Fwtot. Virg a Tanta,
&e., sweet: nod ',lam, ist whole trial half hose*, wombi
mud tin. mirther watt every variety of article bele..
iltgto the trade ' teledly
- - .
Produce. C . onionselorg and Forwarding
br. 'Cr Snow Whew., en. ILN 'Werra Sr..'
Ru - ri nr—John li. Riorro & Co. •
Robert Stem &Co ,
trauma, Deaver a' Co I •
- Woo& liogany J. Co r,
Allen & Perm, , New 'Cork.
• Wolter. & Dower, • Sellmare.
Burnley & Nmlu. , , L•
Surtourge,Wrlsou &Co Anatwrgh
Wiley, thwarts & Co,
liker &Joh.,
ED — [Mewl int. Meaner. au conosomots te . oor
Mares, • • low - Mdly
P. C.•41. Ce• 11.1.10 CCM, tali. 11,1.711/X.
And Goners! CIMUIIIiSSIOI Ste*haat*,
Ne. I 3 Dorm WAT.. 1110.11,
REEEHIINCES—Henry Drat'k Co, Pittsburgh.
Rodgers a. Sherlock, r
S. Schooley & Non. $ ' u !" m " . "'
A. M. January,
Charles Liashain, Jr. Louisville.
Luta, Humphrey. k Co.
Mercer, Rio. k Co.
Reed & Member.
Dinah & Cousinery, Neer 1 ork.
Comma/enlace avid liforrrardlem Marchaste.
aO.3n WOOD sr, mrsecuton,
473 transaci a general Commission bud
kr nets, cepecially in the purchase and We of Ameri
can Manufactures and Prodace, and in receiving and
forwanling Goods consigned' to his earn. As Agent for
uie Pluinfactures, ha will be coustantly,suppLied with
me principal Mini. of Pittsburgh Planufictuns at the
lowest wholesale prices. (Wen, end_ consignments
ans•respectfaljy soneneA jr
B. a edeunte. 1,11.14.11.
I) OKT6MUUTII, Ohio Comm.= and Foresarbag
J. Merchants sad Produce Lucien—Moo attend to
we Petaluma, Sale and shipment erns Metti,y...i,
Brawn, Alley
Hem . 0,4
D. Leech k. Co.,
Clarke& Thaw.
deo •
Atwood, Jones & Co.,
Loretto, Oteriing & Co,
Lireor, Lindsay & Co,
Lyon, Shorb & Co.,
toselOdly •
o Lott
l.nm of nt•burgb, P
181.8810 N MERCHANTS,
88. 8 non nun, Azovz nonmAkic - canurntr, OE •
Refer to Merchants generally, in Put,bFgla._
W1101.11.11.11LE lifLOCALitl,
,lron, Nails, Cotton, 'tarns a. Pittsburgh
Manufactures generally,
sa 10 WOOD mxtr, rrrnscuat, ra.
1110103EkE8 k COlNlSklult MERCIIMIT
czarpiNNATz AND f'r. LONDI.
Oder uo .11 at either eslabltahment, all kinds of Ate
ehandme, at the Icemen nom of Commismona, and
'alwaye prepared to Make advance.. The beet are( Oen. if ..gamed. Letters addressed to OM.
otoro, will be promptly atuaded to. iY IO d I Y
a. nirrires Loot C. V. merry. a. e. near.
Produce and Commg.aloa Ilerchautib
G r tiopkiss's Bow, kaitaulge Place, tiu.maala.
i 4 andrn tr. Co, Jatt
Hugh Jenkins, Baltimore; Allen & Co, !Sellers &
klareptus, Munk & Shackle& & White, rine.
Unroll; A J Wheeler, TO 14haushnessey k CO, COMm•
usu. rossikll
Irnwervon • , w. M. CalufhLL
And Mannfactnrers of adinseed UM,
No. 0./ Colombia meet, •
frremb paid for blazwed.j_fl
Wll. 111. cLAIgu;
Forwarding Merchant, Brownsville, Pa,
Attends Fontenot:ly tie the Forwarding of Produce'
ike. Me.
For any aformauim, apply to FONNVTII k CUN.
CAN, Water ,
~_ -. W-i, PAWN,
irsv eet,
Will give primula: 0017,1 01, in We selling of Pro.
dime, and to order. fur purebnving.
gnu me —George Morgan k Cu., Pittsborgb,lPa.
' _
711 - ira a. olarszu, snesw [dards
VagiftO t I/MICA N,
. (at We old nand of neay & anepard,)
'leituestee, '
?[711.1.. give prompt and faitlitui a tt ention to the sale
V uf Dry Goods, Wm..., and blerenandise getu
era My. They feel.peepesed to attend molt Wesleyan.
U.(II I,s of Weir bonne. ethelently and ( dealing, no
110.41 F for their OM tan
Ite ter to 111. Aunt., & Co, J. W. Antler & eo.:Vitts
bowie. deaf:Agin
Nos ILLS and lot Porrn's
Rosa aacta—Merebml.of Pillaburgh. ---
_tyhe t • t Co. tnar'44Ons.
NOTICE, TO 11111 P P -Alla.
owe taken m office munediateiy opposite to
our. busut warehouse. far the present, WIWI'. We
Kan. I..llelnese as gtual p wan a new Ito' Can
be erected , artaugesnenw &mug already be mad..
1.10111. will always beau resdnuttt at
quo wheal to les rite fated. •
Canal Hawn. Libarta
Wecesson W4lec& Iltud & C. 4)
;AL 0.1111116811.114
Pullenlar inenticat y_al d to ho tale of Wool, and liber
al tadvancai made m conenouneme
tayltkdlm aly • , •
4.2TEMI ZAYII , 4IMtF27IrotrisILI U o r Or
1,7ad0" I inn enamor Wyatt.% foe sale on ammo
. . ..
.. . i • . . .
• -
s • . ./ ~
. . . ..
:, .. .
.. - . -1 .• _. . . • .
• . .
. . ! , 15. • .
. ... . .
, . ..
! . .
--- N •
• i t. i. ..., .. - ' ...
, . • •••
•i - -
• •
. . .
.._ .
T ...._
. -• •,----•, ._, -.... .. . • .
. . . .
. . • . . ..
~ _ --..'
, -.
~: `,.: „•-• 1 ; '- -'
. - . 4 _ .. .
. . .. . . . •
, .., . . •..., ,
.....: ...1 ..: - .
. ... _ _
• -•.-
. .
LOGAN'IMNNEDir have this day askiciated'
with theuslet the,Bardsvare busbies, Philip NW
sonAnd Edward Gregg. The myle firm will here
.l'. tot Logan. Wilaou tr. Co. This arrangement re.
den U Mu mble to Mits. - Me old Wiliam. its soon no
possible. All persons whom habilidea .have. matured,
Pittse especiallbar,hy rJauequeste 1,1 d to make immediate payment.
LOGAN, COw4mportere
Whoksale Dealer, in Foreign and Domestic Hard
ware, Cadent, Saddlery, k.c., 119, Moil swat, Pitts.
burgh lare note'folty prepared with 'a recently torpor-
red stock of Hardware, sftticry, he., to one eery treat
Inducements to wearn buyers, being determined to
eompere inprioes with .21y . of the Athllltie cities. Al
anso hand an et - tenslmeassmatiiiit of Pittsbarsh Hard
are, rim Shovels,. Spades, Storks, Hoes, Vices, de.,
all of which will be sold at the lowest mzumfacturces
_prices. • JOOl
is.THE subser.bers having recently entered into
parlaenbip under the name of Gal agher. lam,
A Miller, tor the purpose of Corryittg on the Bell
d Wass Founding mad Oserating business in
all its branches, have taken the +tend formerly occu
pied by K. Gallagher., No. 109 Front , street, betivecu
Wood and iimithteldias., where they are prepared to
execute all orders tot Bella Grass Costae, of every ,
description, and G....OB.lrings with neon.. and des.
patch. Simonbamiabbing promptly attended to.
P. 11. MILLBM-
N. IL—The atterniaa of Machinists and Enghmers is
Mahal to our anti-attraction metal, for al:educed price,
which has been pronounced superior to Rabbit's by
millibars who have used both. litearalniat builders and
thepublic, generally, an aim reduested to call and en
amiae our superior doable baron Force Pumps Mr
etearoboat and dcoaestic roe. .
TBE partnership six long existing under the firm of
hPLord & was by =Meal consentilissolred
on the HI I o. The business will be closed 14 the old
stand by either of us, mitts the name of the him for
that ;impose. Being desirous to have OUT blolll<llll
closed with as little delay as possible. we nronld re
9eetfally requital those indebted to esll and settle
their accounts. JOHN IL WCOKIX
TWIN D. ACCORD having usoentled wrth him tun
t 1 brother Junes 51 , Cord, under the style of AVCord
it Co., will mantle the flat, Cap and Fur -bunions to
all its various branches, wholesale and retail, or the
old stand, corner tir Wand kul sth strecon-srhera they
solicit as tenth:manna of the patronage so liberally be
stowed on the old firm. JOHN D
jail JAMES S. hI`CORD.
TN retiring front the old and well known. fire. of
.1. M'Cord S Clog, 1 most rerpeetflly reconimead to
the patronage of the public toy successor., - Neon.
Mooed fr. Co.. Asti H. D. KING.
vahlgo Hottest
W. STEPHENS oftVleeenes, F. F. 4 Sheertberge.
Ms of .1 Innate, and J. A. Stock= of Mashers* hare
nue day entered iotoe eo-partnenhip ander style and
inn of Stephen., Shoeuberger t Co, of the Anchor
bon works, Wheeling, foe the purpose of ntanu
facturingleon and natl. of ttrory
Z. W. rrinito. e. IL InoWnizEISA, 1. A. iIIoCITANI.
11110g1IIIMAGRU. t CO.
Wheeling, Va.
Ilignufacturr all kind of boiler. sheet, bar iron and
uails,.A.l3 steel eliptic springs and .Ic.. Being con
nected with Shosuberger's old J.tilits B e
we c.
air, an article of Juno. iron (branded Shoenberger)
equal to any nude in the country. All of which will
be sold at the Piusburgh prices. Warehouse of the
works coiner of Monroe awl %Pular Su. usyll
HE Co.partnersAp of the subsenbers, under the
firm of LA sem Hutchison Ate, ii this day dasolveS
by mutual consent. Eithir aim brill attend to the ret.
dement of the Ana, and use ita acne for that purpose.
BE undersigned have thin day formed a eo-parmer•
under he him of Jame, A. !hackie. k ek,
perpose of. C.11.1i314 she business Leretaroce
eerried au by Leans Uuteluiiin k Co, alidnalkit a
C1i11.1.111/ICe alba painting.: Lithely° extended tithe
Pitbabutah, Jan.l, WI&
DIIiSOLUTION—Tke partnersh9 hitherto class
ins under the style and firm of titghtsama Dal•
11, is this day dissolved by mutual consennlJohn
ell having deposed of FM enure imam! to IL 'Wight.
man. The humane of the late firm mill be wiled by
H. Welshman, veho is authorued to use the name of an
late firm for that purpose. H. WIGHTMAN
spCOMIsr Linty I •HIl i. DA LZ F 1.1..
I •
THF. Subeerdier ta how pteparrd manniarture all
kinds of Conon and Wnolen blaclunery, at the shone.
dance. Skeen left at FL Wightmana Lugute shop, cos
'tor Liberty and Waltz struels,unll meet data prompt
/Maier. IL witarrae.N,
Learnt et, between Federal and Sandusky its
snakily Allekheny nay.
riI&SULUTION-71e p.m...atop <lntone between
1J the subscribe., gluier the style Or l'olactertet
Co. war dissolved vo the teL by met
mutual rosent
It. W. rOiditSIZT is aatbonted to settle' all the business
of the cower', rIL rumnocrEit,
C. 11. (MAW
NCHlCE—llaving purchased the •annit illt[ft•tof C.
H. Want, ia-the lam concern of Poindexter & Co, and
assocoted my son. Theodore Pondexter, with ow,
1.111/N. wall be continued 44 usual under the style of
Poindexter Jr. Co. a^. H W POINDESTE/it
THE Ioos UNDEBSIGNE:I3 4 - lnsrussa amass the
name of Artiurs & N Mason, at their Fumettry tea
Inird street, have this day, by mutual eoeseith diem/-
Yea their etoptantersantit. All Mow kureartug thrat.
wives indebted to the firm, are _requested to cell af
their warehouse . on Libany street,
,opposite head of
Wood, and settle; and all havtog claims .gaunt them
will present Melo at the same place for settlement
Apnl I, 1045.
— llear — seiirdllests
e, tug associated themselves together wader the hoe
el Jam Parma %Cot, for the parprow of commutate the
bosom of the Hommenn Low," will comm. to
transact a gents narwanhag nod commission bust
-ores at the okl mind maw Cum' Litwin, liberty street.
Ncrrice—Junes 3/..liturloSeld has art =Wren Loth*
tar. thr ea . 14 1r1 " otirth etel ndueted =rets, ° L b !
burgh, eatereettelste Feb. 4, I*l3. The basin.. for the
pelmet will be tonthterll ?der the former etYle of
month WR15114/FILY
(10.PAJITMACJA5IIIP—Wm. Weep". hewing due
eley erroaemJ with hue, Jobe R AlCuile; the lea
ther liminess will liemeller he conducted under the
firm, of Wee. Young t Co. 'WILLIAM IIIUNG,
tent Thu. R. M'CUNF.
Jaya... laxpeetoraat.
19../.23g, Columblauta cm, 0., Apr. 44, 1041.
D 9 D IfYit4. Urea Sic-1 feel bonedto you
and the Militia! publie, to email myself of this op.
peetmut preying publicity wake eximardinsel am.
of your /tepees: went onnaymlf. flaying be. afflicted
for several years- with .• revere ebegh, hetue feve
and its concomitant diseases., and seemed only doom
to linger out a shoat bat miserable. existence, until the
fall of ISM, when, being more ...early attacked, and
having mammal to all say former remedies, and the Pm
ac rip.. of two of the mom reap:mai. physiciens in
the neighborhood without defining any benefit, or the
consoled°. of surviving but a few days or weeks at
Sarthut—when the last gleans of hope was about to
vanish, lhediemanmendad to me your Eipectorant—
emfrblesead by dim Being who doe. all things In the
Imo of Ma means--o td seaway to the expectant°. of
My physicians and friends, I was iu a few toys nosed
hoot my. tedd,.and was enabled by the inner a bottle, to
attend to nisnhaisiness, enjoying same better health than
I bad for aeAyears pmelau... .
J. W. Ema-
For sale in Finsburgii, at the , Pekin Tea Store, :9
Fourth moot ourrini
F. Palm:l=3,l N.
H. L. Losrtara, Pittsburgh.
O. W. nom aro;
Wiolosolo Drag Sieve - Is lbw Cll7 of
Mow York.
rJ l 6 ode due awl in W.
the l city of Now ork,ond kns prepared on : supply
Ikagysts and country Morehants with Dr.'s,- P. 1.1
Dyastaffs, and American •Yedurnory,
&loader, Wnver &brander's Chemicals, (of their darn
importation) and all other articles in their line of busi
ness, of • superior quality as low so they eon bro,ntr
ahosed w this or any eastern sky.
Now York, Febt6 B. A. PANNE.IITOCICA Co.
Oliroate Grows.
rl9l lILIND.hIAKERS, ho—We, the
end...tuned, Painter. and Illindfilakare, of Moen,'
of New York, have used and meted, and are now toting
a new ankle prelate. Green, numufactured by Goa
K. Marcher, of this eirjt, and find it to work well, pro
ducing • Lie brillian t' Green appearmee, with •
very superior body, Red recommend a to our brethren
lo um trade as in every particular the best Chrome
Green we have ever used. Newfork,june I, 97.
Signed by P 4 tinne of practical ftelutors of the city of
New York. This unermalied Chrome Green may he
had of IL E. SELLPELS, No 07 Wood Streen - who ha.
the exclusive agency ferrite sale in Pittebtugb. etuarl3
• Plaa tat wf Taatialoikl/ACstaata.
- IXllllThi Ttik. - 111, FOUL BREAT/I,rtallY
IV GUAM—Yellow and unheal th y tee , al ter be.
Mg once or twin cleaned with Jones' ber Tooth
Yule, have theappestsneent thi'mo.l beautiful ivory,
and at the same lime Ilia so Waal) , innocent and ek
tplisitely fine, Mutts constant daily um Is bighly'ad•
v.tageons, even to those teeth inmate in a good con
dition, giving them a beautiful polish, and evealing a
premature decay. Thaw already decaye d It prevents
(own becoming worse—it also fastens suck as are be.
eomnig loose, and brperseverassee itwill render the
foulett teeth delicately white, mud make the breath de
liziouely sweet. Hold by IYIII.,JACIMuN, 21.. Lathy
street. mstat
AYEW weeks sm., one army children, aged .hint
Bve years, was unwell for several days, and the
°loess. iocreased so alarmingly that I tired death
would Its th e result. Haring heard of th e good etfeets
of Felniestoek , s Vereitifuse when administered to the
childrin of soy neighbors, and thinking my child might
"hare worms, tram some pith, symptoms, l gave tt one
and a half maspoonfpls of the Vennifuge, and to my
great .astrinishosent it almost Ininsediately diecharged
between WO and Alb huge worms. Its hiislthwu soon
restored, add It is now remarkably well. Previous bo
taking the Vermillige,' the worms would ocesslonsily
rise to it, throat, and I otter feared it would die from
stmegulation. JAI3. 0. DA0:11.
Tionesta, Vebango co:Pa, April 3, ,48. a p
i 3 •
popwloi, bee muse Good!
Stl, March I, /WM
have waly soldialibaVer.
tnifoge and Cough Syrup you sent roe. Your Yet,
mouse is without exception Me bow ever - offered In this
neighbor/1004_40m proved-good wherever used.—
Tito Cough Syrap sod Liver Palls haw, also given sat
istemion Yost ob't sem. J SCUTT, Postmaster.
prepared sod sold by E SPIJ V.i, 57 Wood, t.;
sold by Dr Cassel, ash - Ward; D Cony, Allegheny;
J th, Temperenievllle. 61•10
mw Root Rusk Powdei, . delicious and tughly
oinehnius food, which meet tarns acid on the moonsch,
anJ IA now yrovonapy soconimendad by the acidly in
preference to Gratel, balm Tapioca, or plain Arrow
No9t, or better suited to the debit sited stomach of in
g=lll • more suen6thettiug coil wholesome (nod
marlh hlwt adlL
, ram cub mouton. ementurims.
iginus establishment long and widely knoWn as
being one of the most commodious in the City of
Balinnore, Mu recently undergone very ?nen-
PICO alterations and improvement. An enurrj new
wing has been added, containing numerous arid MIT
sleeping apartments, and extemure bathing rooms.
Ladies' department hoe also been completely
reorganised and hind up in a most %Mantle and *mu.
foil style. In fact the whole arrangement of the Bourn
has been remodeled, with • stogie eye on the Parr of
the proprietors, towards the comfort and pleasure of
their Guests, and which they conftdeurty man} wi ll
challenge comparismcwith any Hotel In the
Their table will always be supplied wish every sub
stanial and' Many which the market stores, served
up in a ; mperior style; while in the way of Wines, ho.„
they wl- not be surpassed.
In conclusion the proprietors beg to say, that nothing
will be left undone on their part, and on the pan of their,
ass, to render this Hotel worthy the continued
patronage of their friends and the public generally.
The prices for board have aim been rochiced to the
following rates: - I
Ladies` Ordinary, 41.75 per day.
Gentlemen's .` :1,5U
N. IL—The Baggage Wagon of the Brinell will al
ways he found aPthe Car and Steamboat lomdings,
which will convey .baggage to and from the free,'
of charge. mayftlf
... .....
iiiTHE subseribers having purchased
_the entire
interest of Col. O. P. WI Hannon, late of this
well known establishmen beg leave to state to
their' friends and the public gen rally, that they have
taken this commodious Hotel fo a terra of yearn and
will exert their best energies if .d make it a desirable
home for Travellers and City Boa ers.
The Hotel is spacious and admirably planned for
convenience, light and Mr, having a number of parlors
adjoining chambers, presenting manual attractions to
The Th e present proprietors having bad the experience
of y eah in this city and elsewhere, hope:Alley will he
ebbs to 'give general satisfactionibete4tertainsd to
give unthvided attention to the h use . . .
The locadorioi the Pearl Bum Home Is OlICOllf =ll
ly eligib e, having (mots on Pearl, Mattel and Third
.en that it s equally desirable in view of the
i011•041fOCO of bm Mess Mtn, or retirement for private
boarders. It is near by the Banks, the Post Ocoee, the
klasonie Hall, Odd Fellow's Hall, and hat one sqcare
distant from Hain street and two squares (romans City .
Math thus odenng the greatest inducements. especi
ally to country mercha n ts and generally to all pensons
msitbtg ClllolllllBli ~ JOHN NOBLE:,
utelorr. JOHN A. DUBLE.
manes or can Ann re. CATS ets.,etresattioa, Cs.
aThe subscriber having arcuated the manage.
- merit of this lung cosbludied and popular Hotel,
respectfully IIIMOUOLV• to Travellers and the
Pahlic generally, that he will be at oil times prepared
to accommodate theca iu all things desirable m a well
regulated Hotel. The House is now being thoeooshly
repaired Aroughout, and mew Fannin., added, and no
pains will be spareti to •make the Exchange one of the,very best Hotels In the centutry. .
The undersigned respeetklly slicing a continuants
of the very liberal patronage the , !louse haa harmer°.
reeeived. THOMAS OWSTON,
febfidtt •
-- • -
SPY L. ANDERSON, - Proprietor, respomfolly
forme the public that dna-celebrated and feeblest.
Ole watering piece Is near opened, and fully prepared
for the nrceplmn iceothmodallou of viastern
On removing the mill pond near the.spiinge n very
mailable White Sulphur Spring, b. boon iilmloaed,
the waterroferhich are not inferior to More of the far
famed While Stilphar Springs of Virginia.
-Experienced •ervante and a fine Sand of Mimic have
been enga.ged,:and every poorivion made to secoreahe
contain Meted.. jelStio
• .11illOCACRIORTOWS•OALT 401:711E,
• ••• .
ARISTIIROCIOIOiITON begs to aequaint
friends that be is again keuee of the 011 LT
MUSS', Louisville, KT., lettere be hopes to meet
ell hi. old (tend., Quitting them mid the publicithat
un ellen dial! he wared to mate all
favor him with their atontip ,
wraiti.llaur EL,
exceitcr R. amnia rover, 4.e 11070 Fm.'
orm i rre late lianl i or p ez E ULig , ddinteL,
W 'r ro ' Z. B . R , c ,Tirttat c ,4z. - „t.,7zra 'a Zi on
&cne], between Federal ainiSandosky street. ey
Sr. now =king and are prepared to reeeire,rde for
enerY desct , rtott of Yehiele, Conehe, Charlort, Lia
riateltee„ Boggle., Phrtor,, dr.. , which front heir
long expertrnee in the oulitnsetdre of the .hare ork,
nod the (artistic. they lint, they ft . ..let:tab. - tent the are
eunttletl tCollb ',work on the mutt reeionahle tern. WI
those wannnaatticies in their lane.
n Paying particular StleililOti la lb. tettertaun of alit.-
ssd basing mnie bat venom - lent iyot {Ley
Irate no hesitation in letttrattit4 thete •teott,
therefore kat the tatettleutt of the 'puhiie to this nfi
Repairing done ni the-beet team., .ad et the
most reasonable term,
21114 W OMR; STORE.
taa mbaeriber would rtilleettun) amtw dal be
has opened a uew wool thug Store, on the calmer
of Fourth and Smithfield littems.
Relieving Out the wants C./ the extensive puputhhou
east of Smithfield attest will rustily him, he has spitted
ao expense JO fitting up the estalihetutteli, and lel t ,
terzusied to keep nu amulet bet those of the, best gnash.
ty—ar ausloalood punt) . hnd genuineueu.
• hall astathoeut of Medic/us. Perfutnety, and wt.
Wieusitaally kept In as establishment of the Rind, hnll
Le Away. as kw&
Ilaviag derelling thaw maxim kuilding, all night
ratio trtll atteuded pereususlly. '
The business will be cputinued at hereWifore, at the
old stand ten Market street.
apliihrJast_ I t
IbRESTON k WfaihiEllt , Engioe Vander, have
L cothate.ed bonne. oar Peon .4 near the Paint,
at the eatablrshmeat formerly earne&on by Stackbouse
& Nelson. Perk.. wig/tang to purclune stew en
gines for boats, or Gar other purywtes, will please favor
us with a call,. xe Ratios ourselves to be able to Tars
Nab theta on as favorable tetras a. any other anat..
Itehrocat to the city
Ahus. rolling kna eaannya of every desenplion
can had atthe shun. owlets.
RuKozoczat—Copt Kobt. Boor, Thomas Scott. Eol,'
Church, Cowthc.ra It Co, H. Denny. not.. M. Allen /Ik.
Iltookholderm, take Notice.
r~rliEStockholderi in the Youghiogheny
. biartgation
1 Company ardhereby notified sod requited to pay
to Mr. ism. llasailtoo, the Treuurer of the Company,
tic .um of Tea per cent. on each share of drink ruck,
on or before the 12th day of July hem, and • father
bum of Ten per tent, on or before the 12th day of Au.
gam.neit. Tbe mukholdere end C. take notice, that
the low authorises the collection of One per cent. per
month, on Instalments not punctually made, tablet, if
hunt neceeury, will be enforced. Hy order of the
Wand . ALIA. PLUMES, Prem.
,Dr. 7I livTenn
• 1119 ia w sandy that I purchased one rid of Dr.
gaLitina's Warm Srmelfte, soma two months ago
sod pre to • sou of mute, some =Ten yams old, two
...moony WI, and alas:mitt the .mount may lappets
'amity., at I bora no doubt but them was upwanb
two maw.aa smuts passed (man Measuons
nom coo mauler of so inch to two Inaba* lattg.
O W 1110144106 S&.
florailt Creek, Cost= co. loon, Dec W, 1647. ja94
LeeeMCayprg , ar a d m 7l.edlog.
K.,. 1 .40 between Wood mid Smith
he d. Fresh leeches raemeed laonthly—agendueit all
kamm. Reference, the phyalciansatf Piusbargh, Alle
gheny and. Elrodogbau
I most elteen'ally recommend to the physicians, ram
die. entrill my farmer friends and patron., Mr. K: U.
Norri. u being thoroughly aegualntedwith the busi
ness end worthy of patronage.
Marelly E. DELANY.'
KAM/FACTO/M.13 TOBACCO-4U la hi S alone.
bon's,superior sweet lb lumps.
75 half bss Webster Old saperlor street 56 lumps
30 " Lawrence Lattlar 3.
33 . " Gerdry l
Ye " Alpena (Mt la easel " r 6s "
13 McLeod " to
35. " Lawrence Lanier " 3.18. plow .
lust,landinir from steamer, and for axle by
41 N water at and PS I. Wharves,
riAPERIPX.O Nils Straw Wrapping • spar, allsisesi
400 team. ruled Cap Writing Paper,
NO" mled and plain baler de;
100 '• ,Flat Cap•
240 medium Tea Par,
13t1 grow white and blue tr. hire Bonnet Boatkia;
WO reams Manilla Et' nisi Paper,
;Hardware Papiti; Met reed and for
elle low by REYNOLDS SHEE,
my3M4in corner perm and trwinals
TIIE subscriber odkis for eine a full Wl:urn:eel of
his Ships' Patent Blocks, Staves, 'an., adapted to
the trade. Also, complete setts of Sleek. adapted to
of ally capacity, put up and forw arded to any
pan of the Union, without delay sod at the lowest im
am LIUNUM VITA for sale in quantities to sail
purchaser* 0110 W STAPLES,
. apttrmiturerT&S 70 Hurling Slip, New York
Adsolu ,, Astaratee. Notice
ALL persona has elanus agal.tilte Estate of tha•
late Henry F. Schweppe, will prment them for
settlement, and all persons Indebted to maid estme, will
please call mammas payment to •"" • -`
Jittsburyglt,Mareh,l6, imartCd3m) II water et
1. great spring and Demmer medicine, this day reed
tied tor sale wholesale and retail, by'
N. —A. E.D. I; Dr. Townsend'. Duly agent for
Pittsburgh, the genuine article may alums. be had at
No 67 Woad street. ntyla
DIYITONS FOR LADIES' OREM:Wit, of the.follow
-1.3 Mg kinds, vic—blilk graduated leaf glom buttrans,•
Brandenbourgh do; Yantantel do; do, Tassel
and Drop do; Nett and Plain do ; together with white
mid col'oLintll, for sale at Fll EATON & Co'.
mgl7 Trlluiutog Store, 63 market at
iluseoll's ,Itobili4,le. di lump
Tobacco; 16 do filyers'a do do do; 16 do Ira Hurtip
do du do; di do Myer's lb do do; 25 do Eiders' 'honey
dew 6s pl; Weaves, OG dwarf boxes flyer's superior
Aromatic • 611 do, is do do Thomas' Nectar Esaf do;
just receive and fur sale by
50 dos
100 'IV f o aro m ; rUltritet XX, a r eaN.,„.„ .
Vu 4o star Cmlles; lb do fiat Mos* 4ULDIA ass , e
Nos Loaf sum, fur sate by
Go•Partnerahly Notioa -
tTEALD, DUCKNOtt &CI have summed 1•1111
sem to their Tobacco and Oa:omission boatnesg,
&named Heald, (hug ofJacolt Heald & Co, Balthoure,)
David C. hteCgmason, gad John A. Warner. faith
FOR S TE•24.IKiATS AND HOTELS—We ha v e on
bond • huge assotisagot Of trop Mona Whre, snit.
auto ateambolut gaol hotelg which wg will twit
A c - low. ~L ILL & aErry;'
aph7 el o offha Dat Pnelter, wood gt •
BACON -41.1 htids yellow contused Hain; 10 do
Sides; 4 do Simulating, El of prune quality.
tele ' tiIEILLERSk
lk 4 MS AND FIUME POlLK—ful.4l;lesi Yar4i 4
do prim do; fof aiDe by
• • •
O r .ar ti l Ekrickler a Co.)
IkfANUF RS of Phouthr. fire proof sef . h
/S 1 meth de, setond street. between; Wood
Smithfield Pialthurgh. J 8 8rrickler banned...fed
and the surviymn ;tanner Mr. Jos Lippeneatt, having
associtited hiewelf with Mr. Wm C Barr, to business
will bereafterhe condoesedrunter the myhti of Lippen
Trod of a. stfe in Cincionati, o.—We; Lei undersigu l
id were present at the tatting of one of .1 913trickler,it
Co'. improvecePhtenix fireltoof safes. Tie safe was
placed in a furnace on the public landing,Ltd subjected
to tie intense Seat of auto • coal Ire for. more than
three hours la one hour:nd a half the safe emus ito
a bright red hcq th e door of th e human ma*.
closed, which dis used m Increased sad steady heat for
thebalure of time,
mtil th e east inn Wheels wen
partiallymeltal of!) thefurnace was then 1.1110. n d*o
and the safe cooled and operant The mosey, paean
and hooka whicli it contained mere as palest es when
plated than, the binding only of this boors being
piled by the ureter in cooling the We.,We herein
limitation reipmmending to the public' , es. a nth
mperior to any 'we have ever seen tested„' arid Wien
that it will mand,any bear which might ba ,proddclat,
acorn • heat wlich would melt It to • mad mass. - 1
Springer & Whitman, L WorthingtoM,' Kellogg *
Kenneu, Benj. Vther, WO P Be,.,.,Mena Smith, IT
Co, Otedman, Mayard & - C ' o, Win Man",
'n 3 l
j Wry the mule We the eta sq i l i t t, e4
shove, horn a lot the more of 'rather the
Agent?' gm !.
Refer to Cook /Xenia, Woken, Pies**. _
• limmy'Ranna fr. Co, do do Reldkvrty9
ran. wrest:arr. Congo.a:Ln. Roman
o O tHinunered Cast Steel
/.11. Share" and Spades, dies and Ilatehals, brill,l4
Cut, Circular and Vie Saws, Hay and Matron Pork*,
Hoes, Mattocka, an., having couple/id all-Weir
arratgements to the comunetiou of new .fitachinery,
and in securing the test workman from the utruncele-,
booted establishment* ofthe Past are now nataufaclttri.
lug end will keep constantly on head and ler sale, all
dm above aMetea, easing availed thenthetree of the
latest Improvements, end are determined teat la wire)
mansblp and materiat.they will not be awl) ed. TheY
Pthathe toprodoce articles equal, ta. not samentr W tq
atr ?MU can be had Itt the East. They inviteithe taut)
lion of dealers lo an examination of their stack beford
purchaaing ilsewhere,as they
. fire conviund that theY,
will be able to fill all inders at their line bathe entire
s doors atisfaction of purchasers. Warehouse, Water stool
4 West Itlonongeitela Meuse, Pittsbenh, Pas N. IL—Persons having business with Wen. 'pieta
coot & Son sell please call on Lippeneott & Co. •'
• .
__.l • l
PittsburghV avalttare Warn 111.112/, I
23l Ma. smtkrr. . , I
21E LA large and splendid amonment of Puraii
tore, mutable for Ilheamboan,Mao .4 pti
rate dwellage eo.taatly on hand ma
• made orded, k
The premat mock . hand cannot .‘be exteedeo by
L. • p
manafmtory to thm western centatryi Pent: a m il i
swishing to perchme or odld do,all to tricot. a
asol am determined my prices Mall plasm, Part o
the stock conalen in,- 1 .
40 1.041. with Plash lad Ilaid.cloth corn;
2 dor fdahogatty Nnne Chaitm i.
14 patr Dimon; •, ,
12 dos dap mahogany Chain; j •
12 mahogany Work Stands; l• • .
3 doo
mahogany Racking Charm
15 marble top Dressing Barcanm
, t 1 paidlauomaam t
2 marble• top Work Stands;
le cherry !Work Stand,;
/441. .... "5 , M. 0, 21 Omni, sad Poplar liciateihda of
W de mnpuona, and • Inge gram ma: Ofj colonion,
funitore ...ate , too ;mammas to oteadolm
WHEY we amt mese how frightfullyDquziousiSt is to
..1. the akin—how comae, how rough, how sap* yel
low and unhealiby the shin, appears - AIMS ming Stow•
pared chalk: Besides it isinsumeAmihtairdstg stars
gumm of least " .. Ii r,.. ,
web ave 14tepszed • beautiful treiettablel mete,
tallish we call JONES' SPANISH LILY warm. I,
is perfectly innocent, being , purtfted of ill deleuSicau
qualities; and it imparts. to the akiu anatural,lheilthy.
alabaster, clear, tiring 'shift; at the W ee thee '4enus
as • cosmetic on the skin., making it stat aad;stackitt,
1,1 1 4
Dr. Junes Andenon, Practical Chaim Slim.
chasens, says "After anslylang Rine* 8 'WY
Whit I fi nd upossesses the onst be ' Magitatu.
sal, end at the same time inimmeist w ' levier mire- I
certainly can comelentioe eommW its tz.e.* iall
whose .kin requites beettufpng! , .e, ad 0440 a
Lat. Sold by WM. JACKSON , seLibeily st. .• t
Pitt ilischlanii Worts end -lepausArk,
rimming, rn.
rota wc UT areprepined tli. boild COlion
tp and Wool. Illoehi.ry . of dederipsion, ineb
Canting Machin., Spinning Phuails,, tlyseedtre i
Drawing Frames, Hallway Beads" WatpSrs i blpoof•ra i
likening Frames, Loos., Card Broaden, ;Wtwarllld
Bon libelling turned; all sues
, o C.t 800, Po li test
Hangers of the latest patterns elide and liar La
end tools 0105 kinds. Castings of every , aserip
turn/stied int abort notice. Pawn. made order Bo
Mill Bearn_ig. Iron Bailing, So?
S s.
Pips for heat.
u F.tornis, Cast Iron Window Sash and &Ley CS.
Ptss generally. Or BB at So . Wanltclusa GO.
iater Co., Liberty sure, will here
Heist to IlLaetwoek, Bell It Co, J. K. Idboiebenil
Co , ti K %Vanier, John Irwut & Bona, Pittiblughl
C. Si. tf 1 : 3.11i1
• DUQUE:WE 7 is
lapring, Artie, Steel end 1s woke,
fItzLENIAN, e. Co,' baring completed',
‘,./ their new works, are now prepared to iinentfae-Z
twe every description of Coach and Eliptici Springs,',
Iron Atir. , American Miner, Spring and., 'Plooglil
Steel. and all size. or American,
and round relticki they oder for sale on liberal WIWI, al Ihiil Wale.
hone, No 41.3 Wood street; whore they also keep ad
hand a complete and hansoms aniortmeat art Con!
"Prienninga, Carriage Hardware, Malleable Canino,
Nails and Iron.,
. ,
C, N.k. Co, bare made arrengements,velth Meseta
Day &•
Cwt., mnfature. of Shovels, Spades: or.,
ac and tmll teep consumilyLott hand erery , enicle
made by Mesa Dealers ere respectfully molicited
all, ea praecs end MM. will be med. liberal.. /PO
h '
- - • • •
Jtir/EPII WOUDWELL., nom.. of
Wood and 51 us., Pittsburgh. Iran
tog withdrawn from the firm of
suer and Woodwell, on the Ist of /annum Itsl7, I
'take pleasure in announcing to my friends in tan illy
and country, that I have opened ray new store at the
above named place. Having purchased my goods for
cuh, and made arrangements with in
this rummy and in Europe to be coutattoy
1 Mtn (Or prepared to' tarnish Hardware of ail
on .. pod terms and no low so any house Eus'
• Went Merchants and Othurs are respectfully . invited
to rail and exartune toy sty ham Pmnhaaartil4w.
whets. The following comprises • part of his stook>
Meamboat and saddlery hardware, gun trimmings,
file., ilitylar's steel, enact], edge tools, anvils, vices,
locks, bitches, scythes, bah hinges , screws, Union Fac
tory planes, saw., mahogany boardi and veneers, and
ell other uncles connected with the hanlerate
• mui
,City Dagee•reinse
rumarrager r nerr, orrice abilatzo.
SHOER begs Have to inform the cilium of Pitt.
. burgh and vie Wty , mat ha his taken the Deaver.
fan Buenas lately occupied by Mr. Poser. The gab. •
he are paltered that ell the late anprovennents are seetr
red, sod will be brought into operation by Mr. Hoge,
who has beau a constant operator-since the an was
not &wavelet,. Entire sauelaction is guaranteed
all who may become his petrous. Mr. 1L will refer
with pleasure to Mr. Porter, in whose establishment he
has operated for the last Mole, mautha. Family Por
traits, Engravings,' Daguerreotypes, he., accurately
copied. Lakenesses taken In any weather, and set in
lockets, breast pins, case. and frames. • .
'eatructions peek In every branch of the art, and at.
pantos furnished. '
ROSE, AND BUM.—.lust
recelt M pee bip Caledonia„f • a
splendid and choice collection of Goowberry Trice:of.
Ids largest and most excellent eon s;• Preach Bourbon
Moss Hoses and Dwarf How Provence Hews, together
whit one himdred yards of Its for bonlerium (or sale
at ROBINSON'S, Frith street, near Wood, where may
be Camel the handsomest and best collection of Cana
ry Bird, and HIM Cages in the city, with Canary and
Hemp Seed, bythe potted or barrel. atyM
iCf DRY 6001$ 111ERCI1AN7IV—A A /damn k
Co, MI Market U. have received 6 cases of cheap
prnmed Lawns and Neches,cases of Freud, do, of
every variety of elyle,lo cases of good style Ging.
hams, ado new 'style Peals; 4do blue and orange CaT
lams, $ do bleached Illualanssill width. , cams
bleached, brown and blue Drilla, Couonades, CAncilm.
Gingham', an. Mc., all of which will' be paired al the
lowest Camera wholesale Mite. mr.1.1
.v•—•-- •
ass • • so /Imp.
Hll7lollThLAN,blanotheturer of all kinds allots
~ ton and, woollen machinery, Allegheny airy, Ps
The above works being new in lull and entemenil op
canon, I. am prepared to execute orders with dispatch
for all kinds of machinery in awhile, Buell as Wilhyaut,
pickera, Spreeders, muds, grinding Machines, niZzt
drawing frames, speeders, dimwits, looms,
cards, double or Wngle, far merchant or country wink,
cialesjecks,&c..; slide and haml lathes and bola io VII,
era. All kinds of Mailing ende Warder, or plans gm.
11,1 for gearing factories or mills at reasonable charge.
Hagan ro—liconedy, Childs /c Innen etock, bell
& Co., King, Pennoek C0., - J as. A. Gray.
• ihavlui mad Illtar Origami' Saloom.
pIaCKSON a FOUNTAIII. O:gaol Praumn haw
D rapaiatad and Mud ttp their abating, Itair Ortega( aul
gampooaing Saloon in go modern Mpg, Rattan u p trad
trait pti
ana& at ono, with me, COliko OM
Thera. pupund to walu all that auay withoultday.
Thankful tor put faun, ma Walt • roadtansae• a the
wag at our Mang mum of Unioo strut ad thaDiamoid,
(beak of glenuadei • Mph Lica. Lori) a
:A EliI:113N, bell and Brass Founder, has re
builf and commenced business at Ms ad aimed;
where ha wrlliw pleased to see his' ld custom
ers and triends. - • •
cuuretnhicautimat, and Bells of every dea. trop 11p•
to lU,Pill pounds, east! patterns of the most %gnat ,
edunsiels '
-and warranted te be of the but materials. .
Mineral Wafer Pumps, Counters, Railing , te , isifee•
Thee with every vanety °Citrus Castinp, p required,
turned sad finished in the neatest manner.
.. .......
- A. F. ok 14c. tole proprietor of ilawor's Awn-Avila.
"lox filirrot., Co justly celebrated for the reductloo of
trintion In nriebierry. The Dozes and Compoaition
can be had of hurt at all time..
Ploughs, Plough Casting., Wagon
Lloxen, no.
• R
lf d orlt r an i al,lT the
lt d
fi .
• 'luting huge queutitie • ,of
uu sults, au., the htIyrOVeIIICIIIS of the Litt leer.
Vescoc, !Malts, cud other Plooshs, of lie huiit and
best pith.. uses/ in est..
WareLwow, lUG LibetlY nrael, Pit"bGrlbt GPFCIAIo
the H Sonic;
Huy Factory, 111 Allegheny. cny, nem O.
Comm FacLhry of .111connG s lhackatock,-/hlll &Ch.
W. R. J. GLYNN. Book Illiadors..
or Waod Tal.O:r3b=l: comer
Via are prepared ludo any work in our lino with deo ,
paten. aneud to our work ponwoilly, and ane
w:non wok he given regardao asanioaa and tha•
rneuu likuik kooks rifled to any patient' and bound sub ,
t ally dy. awake litotuabera amid books bound ea!e•
tor rapurod. Name. put ou book* gilt lawn,
Those Wet lurre aro* cow line are invited •to end..
erwo4 low.
Tor Centratters &sad • , • wt.
F O / 11 "LE vrrY low, to el°. {lm Lamar*. oflllei
tato Um ofCoustable & *tickler, 3 pair of Vault'
word, of avatar inouttfaoturo. &WY to
rt,lat door from wood
LW of Cloth., ClirriateresaltiOrtr, Cravaltb.&O.,
tor oak. by WthlAA6l3, Illorcaut 'tailor •
al. coder Alononitabela noon, lalitittlt,
Touirra Sr., BELOW WOOlks ,
- THE mbmlilms emPeedollY requests the attention of
the owners and in Capsbar tain. of boats, chimes and
tanage 'Jailing PgVto bis an 4 ePi 4t ild
sioch of rs
eameting, new r eat hot new store s,h
stmt. They must ofevery vasuay of the lama and
most fashionable miles of Carpets,Oil Clothe, to., ever
brought to the Western masket. The store his been
built expressly for the carpet heathen, and hes, truer&
less Of expeneej been hued up in the ntr,mluagalbSeet
mod Thnearpets teeming are of the latest desops, with
the richest...od mom bnlliant mien.
They, comprise, in pan. of Me following:
Supenor Tapestry, anew as ,
English and. Murices Btu
'4%l Ingram,
' nesi l' sba-
Suzzr Ingrain; nevi de
floe lituaba
Comma de
Plain and milled Tenni.;
Extra super eord twilled do;
BoTel do
Sheep yea;
Polka; ,
lute, am
Ch W endl ' m •
ldo .
pod wide
4 do do
6 de do
Cotton, list, rag andltemp carper, common oil cloth,
cloth table covers, wonted mod linen table covers,
window shades, colored sink pleinmating, emir nal.,
trienalngs, urpettindlitge, sad all alter goods neatly
kept La - Cartel atontv-alkof wbict will-be mid eau
as)) el6e dsy. 11 .' 4 4 M." o n "
1124191123113 with one ofthellergest nianufacturete hi the
out, orders for any style of carpet will beepromptly fo
wattled by, telegraph, end &limedprim. week, rte
small advance of the martufacturefit ' •
Prochaters 'am paracoluigrequested to ca/1 before
Muchasing elsewhens, as we feel confident we cut sell
u cheap as they eon be matured in the eastern Mlles.
• , • JEWELRY.
• - NEW' and splendid variety, at
• 30 gold lUer Watches; Ugliest
' lever watebes,•&glish; 9d eilverdetaelted lever wad.-
Stnilver "L'Eptne wutebint; diver (tenier
.atellar, HI fine gokl ebsimn dos new sqle ear
lidos plun geld gip' dna assort W Sung Y e a .
ace boxes, playing vtiristy et popular aunt 13 In,
steel slides, all sizes. -
tidos Sae rans, silk ud paper; muse rims;
0 dos fe
comb Wed u 'slut bud bags, new stile:4 1.0 dos Ike
bogs, new styles; 5 dos fine crotchet
puns, new style.; des
tasselsOkingesailtdeliver-1U rephaa; d=fine
Sower vases, Usenet I don One steel wear pin e ash.
ion 4 1 dos One ivoz s te u rr pin enable t dos Inie
wood um, inn en Niyua. Sae assortment of tuns
Toys, kn. to. noss23
/11. A. sweat Aka," . • :tr.#,
Pinstnushl • New York..
A. A. Melon o,
WO. do hidAdt linewun 9d and eta els; Fier
.11 Pugh P.. have ,reeendropened their new and
sag L nunoritk lantensiVe stock of ri ch Sp ring
ost tillaprauar upwards of three hun
dred ?eau., the hum "and mut • fashionable
Nylon Merchants throughout the =awry am particu
larly invited to call and .tummine our stock, u nous
Wean= to ores oar goods at the lowest Eastern
wholesale prieei. One el this iste - residing in New
York, Will be onosnuttly mending us . Sad, sapplies of
the - mon desirable goodly thereby inang•is every fa.
eiliry to the traneution el our buena& that could be
possessed by Eastern Houses. Prices are therefore
guaruteul to be. es loa as the lowest N York and
Philadelpbia rum 1 ap7
,NVIfGOODS nlit. DithllB —Open tight morn,
T2 tg, ar WR. lAUflell Y^6 - Ih7 Goods Nona
nor& east comae of 411. wad Marketma, a fall moan
osent of white Goods for dresses, such 'ia Swim I'4wl
- Mall Mull do; barred Jickpuins,
plat. Mulls ainf - Jackoneta Also, various ;styles of
goods (or Everting lireases,lochtding a fess patterns or
enure new styles kkabruidered Masan Rohm •
NII• roods willbe receirteg daily Cot a weak
to come, Including newest styles Dress Goods, Linen
and French Gingham', Prim and Chintzes, very low.
hlerehants am Invited tonmsaine rh o r oods and per.'
en in wholesale rooms, up stairs. The assortment
large and prices very low.
invite. anent!. 110 a / 1 1011.1.133 of above
goods, of various shades and qualities; idea dstassk r
itiPrred Limn Lustre, for Ladles' Dresses. A huge as
sonineut of fine Enthuse, Manchester, and blench
Ginghams, of ilewest styles; Mso, Hoyl's Prints-4 full
assonment of these very desirable goods, including
pink, lilac, blue ad doable purple, of new and benett
itd panenss.
French Dress Lawn.—Pink„ . blue, lilac, Lvov,, and
buff, of newest patter. nod fist colossi MIMI lied do
Mr infanta Also, lirilliantines, of large and small -
are., for ladies'. and infants' dresies.
Embroidered Swiss dress panerns, for evening dies
sea new styles; colored dunes& tuitions, So; and to
red assortment of lIMAAS,. bong., grenadiers, crape !
: shawls, &a, lathe marshes.. corner of Fourth and bag !
ket enema. sp ill
OILY KELLYCo., Inteceisors to Hebb, Wine-
nut sums, Philadelphia, bogie., m inform the friends
and patrons of the hoe fain, and mranWeeisiting this
city, that they are to, nweiPt
Spring ad
Summer Festoons. Also a ChlaipA WA selec t assort
[axos Westof England' and French l oeo l e
and Vesting., so whisk- they irs , lop•araily incite
Wrt anention.
Serenlea GAM-.
gla milled Preach .11s,"
ssliPßrml—reents• Hummer Goads! Sper sin
, phi milled Preach •Habit Cloths, and rich styles
imssinterag black and cord Callimmettas; Queen's
and Mnmmer Cloths; ford and plain Drapdthpes; Yes
naps; eery choice lianwilles, Caihmeree, SUM sad
truits, and 66'd Linen Mills, cheaper yet!
ROWNSOIII . B Cloth Smre, Poet Ihmildings,
onelitdler 4 • comer wood and fifin sus
Q.. tfACYLErr & vaunt., so. in Wood street, 'are'
reseivina : a Very large and osseasive stockof fresh
dining Dry - Weds, of very meet purchase" and bought
under the moat blvoratne dreams:anew and veloch•
they are prepared, and will sell fosnercluuds, ath very
unslladvsEtewori the CASIO= Vitt-
We would request alt lacrettanis vizier:woes e/ty to
give oar melt a fair essatinstie and we lest eon&
bd dtditelY. : the eheaprtess , of
our store. spl7
171....NTINGS , —Sap 'Reach fied rudi., slam, e.-
y meow, and -white Marseilles. CLOTIL* 7 Bp
P ly fresh imported, all colors, qualities endlinces.
tusslMFOo4 itt every styla _w_L • td
, quality. F.
Af EILEITO-13op silk warp. Queen • Clod. 9
Cloth, mid desirable, outmost.. for teats' wewr, at Arica
below utyiu the city. 8 / 1 1111.1HOZIliCioth Store,
apl7 - . -. consectith aid wood sla
WW.e t • t
I 1 , t . Dk.:4 th , R4 IN DAY GOODS, No.
Ty ID Wood street, harie on bead, and are oottetia•
ly receitriag daring the, bestrew aett•oh.- • large mad
extol:Wee a...emu= of DAY GOODS, which they of.
ler to tooreheau at low pricy, marl reyouable terms.
Uertieving that they aim pee entire tumefaction, they
=Skim:ly lovas .111Am:chum yilithtg the eity logic.
them a eall.
A A. ALASON 4a; XI Market street, are opening
„Mean extensive aiAntment of Dress Lioods, jest re
ceived per Expnres, etrupristug the largest and =Mt
C•4llll.blafttla OlAtet• (acad. - to be found to tuts
etty..-won ' , die% int mention, 4t/ p. extra rich em
broidered Vail de Chime, a new enicle t and Se most
delicabte pats itithroarkaii also, awn stripe OW
hes, Denies, Tissues, Kobel: Stripe, Fmach 'Awaited,
Ad. te. 42T
west, base mit reed t splendid assbrunaut et
LRCM Goals, among which May be Giond—klgnred,
pixie, plaid and wiped 'Bang* of all qualities; silk
limas mimic stripes, Grenadiers., satin stripe de
Woes, plain do SAWs, St Chelan, Isney Silk, Freseb
DERAGIA &C.—Alexander i Daj have new opea
.0 • beatunel estbs - sfi ilia and plaid Bermes, of the
heel qualities mad twerut st7les, imported; also, Wan
da vale and brach& .lk Dermas and
splendid French Lawns, L i ac nen Lewes and Gin Palac,',
tall aseertosent bUc, plain and ..0 e sutpe de woes
end kw alpaeces.
All he vends have been purchased at the late per,
sewer, auction sales in New York and Thiladelpina
& will be NO at a great redaction than regular pneca
t ‘iny4 - corner dlernend and market It
SHAWL.S.4.lelander.t Day bate' received
from the Importer is New tort, an mire cane of
gene= Canton Crape Shawls, coalandug a complete
amonmant of =Wools:at awl plain ',bawls, of ill Co
lors sod qualinu, lo SS Ms ladies ate res
pectfully minted to caandus 1b4•43 ehawle, behaving'
teal scam of them am superior to kny before otfercel
this nurkat. They enll be .01 d remarkably ebeap.
• Also, talk Tlubet and *rare Shawls and Seed's; a
fall asactruhant, at remarkably •low Niece • • sort '
hi,.4g«ceivedluasole Agency Wale OfJo4as,
Witito k. PL.', Gus% rivat, Molar and ltisCusp . k
dauwereath, iuvue..l.ftungs , special auention. 1-
up co
U• LOVit—A prod assortment of ladies Rod gnus
bleat, white Inn colored Canoe, Lage, TLsegd
tad/ eud2lslbet (Howes, line size.. Alen bleet , :iod
colored Vase) Yid Gloves, ea melbas stritale,„-aud
fuse - nun lost optonoe by , .
saes SINACKS44I . ./S WHITE, 'se •.;,od •
GLOVES AND H OSIER Y —Jost rec'd• SOO dos La.
diet black, whit., brawn and gate CodouUwe:
Poo dl cents per pair op the Gaeta validly. AWN LW
dos paw, Cowan *Lad thSei Lao dea Bali, thread, Salk
and lined Ciarres; - ..a1i0 , 3 camas Lathe. Ilajou Sad
(Ave. — Dealer* mail when that wish bargains to she
&Pavia:Pales, wad Pad them
wpm SPUTH t JOHNSON'S, 44 markai
k r wtr y li dwv} rint y.., L ,..VIIOILESALE T ,
bi=with a lams Id of silk, canon att bar a=
all Mina just re
tail, Manias bayoncra
fpYula whaleasia and retail, by
*Oa VII EATON & Ca •
§TEEL GOODS—Mod itag Peek the best wean
raebt the eity;' glad bath, do Bag Teasels;. do
ase do; do For!e gangs; do do Clasps; do beide.; do
K. ! Riot% do Top Combsi juit reed at the bow Fancy
More, Pa Martel - greet.
mile KIND Y & KNOX
-- -
WIWI:GOODS—A tall iosonoada of plain, ihk , rd
aad &Wood Candoina, plain sad &kW .1 acoools,
Swan and Bunch Ably Book !adagios, Bishop Law.
rNsanooksi spoiled alulla, — Vletona LIMAN Telletmi •
togather with a WI assonaseat Of Bobinaua,
{data and bony Masa, Lae., Eden., idadrddir%
itz, all of aduelt have lost mired Bosh ircaa t laa•
pluton, and for Ws low so the trade; b ,
akyl7 . {MITE
TEWELl i trac Gold Minium CacceiCacto Lao:
er cc. far
_do , do Bram Pier de do. Bas Banes;
uo do Pinter ilaNy4 do do. Guazd . Liming do do Fob'
do; do do Penang and Peon; 46 do Bracelets and
Clasps. Mean in want *Mae Jewelry veal- do mat so
my IS . =NOSY / kNOX:laszkat
HELTINGS AND SllllOl/10/3—Aksztader ilesy
hartreun meshed • wry, superior assortment of
brims and blesolsid Shostliors,•ot Iba mewl celedersied 3
maoutsettars,nt ellsri6Use aselsieueleUe4selso,bleseles4
VOL. xy., NO. .2778.:___
VI by J. A. A. U. P. JAM}}, Cinchniati, the following
new and claimable Works— -
Doniphati's Expedoloa.CurtainitLisketch of UN
life of Col. A. 'Douiptian; the tiesi of New
Mexko - ;_Gea Kearney• Overland Expe ciao to Cali.
forain; Doniphairs Campaign against the_ piaci" and
his ouparalleled March upon Chihuahua and Durango.
and the Operations of Gen- im Santa. getrwith •
InMap and EiMmiinCht T Hughes, A But the
Regiment of Alamo= Cavalry.
history of lientucky—lts, Antiquities and Natarat
Curimunes; Geographical Statiatieal and Geological
descriptions; with aneadoles of Pioneers Life, and more'
Wan one hundred Biographical Sketch. of distinguish
ed Pioneers, Soldiers, Stamsnren, Jurista, Lawyers, Dc.
Mae., he.; Illustrated with lorry magraciags; by Lewis
Collns, I vol. oetavo.
Twelve Months' VoMaurer, or Jostrusl of • Pri
em, in 'the Tennessee Regiment- of Cavalry, in the
Campaign of Mexico, dml ng 1i.46.47, containing an ae,,
cones of the March of the Regiment to • Vera Cruz, ;
deseriptiou of the Country passed over manners, co
toms, &c of the• people; .alketehes of Canm.l.llm act .
counts of all the actions Mother Volunteer Memorents, •
sad a fall History of the Mexican War, Lin of the
led and.Woonded, Ike: illustrated by a large number or.
comet - views'and plane; by Geo. C. Farber, I volume
, dee):
New Papoealsd BODY Matabllihateat;
79 Woe. Br-, arnorsxx FOrlrlt asst DiumSli
BE subscribers have just opened, at the above. ,
mandra large stock of different q.lides rated and
plain white andhlue Writing and Letter Paper, conto :
&uncial and packet post Flat Cap, dewy and -medium,
viritirof .pers, for blank books; medium and rayed 00-41
Sneed Pruning Papers; medium, demy and. cap:Day-o-•
Books and Ledgers, superior paper and belt:heater&
binding; School Books of all kinds; standard works ire
Timology and Sciences; Odds, gold' and steel Pens, •
Wafers, IV., Bill Files, &co .to.
Blank Books of all sixes ruled - top.m, and bound
in the most substantial manner-
CounUTlderchatus supplied. lexicon wholesale pii t
ces. for cash, or rags at cash:price& •
JO PfIINTIN.G —Having aJoh office in COMCCIIOII
with our establishmentoore are prepared taesec um all
orders for plain and fancy Printing--books, pamphlets,
circulars, bOirileato cards, bills oflading,'&e., with des- •
patch and at lose prices. ELLIO7T & r,NuLtstr,
myd 71 wood at, betweene4th and diamond alley.
AT 01.7814T0RE on Market weer, No SO, between
W ••
3d and 4th, may at times found a lime
Stock of Theo . :dome. and :Miscellaneous-looks: -- Near '
• • •ks rekeived as soon a:published, and sold id loW
est prices. The publications of the American Bentley
School Union and Massachusetts Sabbatt_School Etna
ditty, always on band. ,Catarogues furnished on ap
plieation. ELLIOfT &ENGLISH,
ray 2 66 nurket st, basso" e3d and lth :
Mew Books. •
alysis °Mahon BotleVs Analogy of Religion, ga
rani and Reveled, to the constitution and wine of
nature, with Wawa Also, Cranford's questlons r for ex. .
insiatiren reirlse...d wed adapted to the use of iehoola, . -
by Cherie. K West-Frit:4cl of ttutger's Insulate, in
the s 4 of New York. • •
Ac.—The de Sammie, de Antienots, Paradextrond
Sontniunt Scfpions of Cicero, and the Life of Auteuil, '•
by Cornelius Repos, with English Notes, Critieß - and
Explanetory by Charles Atthon, L. L. D. •
IHE BOIL'S SPRING BOOR—Dcwription of the
Season; Scenery, Rural Life, and Gnaw,. Aranse-',.
menta, by Thomas Miler; with 93 illuarations
A NOYEU.i BY 31ARRYATTTne ,Children of the
NeveForest; by Cipt. .Marryatt, R. N.:
Tire above works received thii day, and for We by
is l yls Bookeellers, cot. market and Si me
' Bihar at Scribuse's Publications. -
?TIRE tutiscribe.' the
bebn ainted agents for
1. the sUs of the pu lean.* of thi above well
known publishing booze,, hove a full supply. of their
books. hand, which they can sell at the eastern pri—
ces, wholesale and retail. Athong the worka_schich •
have been recently issim,d day them, which have been '
highly 'recommended as exceedingly interesting and,
eatable, may be found—The Czar, his Coast and Peo-
ide; Ireland's Welcome to the Stranger; Bethel Flag, ."."
by Dr. Spring; Napoleon and his Marshals; Washing-I
tan and his Denerabi; The Sac red biountains; Orators
of Prance; Teaching a Science, theteather an Artist; •
Chaslone Elisabeih's Uniform. Works; T.S. Arthur's
Hating Haste to be Hieb, Hie.. have Wings, Damping I, \
upAppearances, Debtor tinil Creditor, he: he.
Also, the works from the press of Hobert Caner, the! '
Hummer of whose public..ns is well known. 'Due
mina's Theology, in 4 rola; Haldane on Domani; Itte- ,
I.lleysta's works; The Convunt, by sunhat ofiSchoot Girl •• '
in Pray an. An: New books , received as 500 . 1, as
as publishe ce,
-my9 7b wood and SO market at
NEW BOOKS—Life of Cron:meth : LT . .lT Headley -
Power of tho Pillpft, by : Gardiner Spiug, 1). .
11c ho t Flag, —do . do --
.•. Jacobus : on Gclificle, Matthew, with Harmony; ,
Lectures on Shaltspeace, 2 ro ta;
Path of Life, or Sketches of the Way
: to Gh4y and
_ r-
Footsteps.of Alessi:Mc
The COUVr /a; by author of : School Girl in France:
Now wad Then, by Warrtn; '
Sketcheilunclus, ou Parables and Miracles;
. Ireland's Welcome to the Stranger s :
Heaven upon Earth;
Ilawistost, a tale of and for role.
For ule by ELLttyrrt ENGLISH,
SAO . 7B 'groat and .7i4 . tuarket sts .
• p
_..... .
' ,...,,...i-eiT,..., xh. Albano Build. /
ings, 4111 street,. mit Mr sale by J. J. ttrealk Ilst ,
MUD. of the History of Louisiana; Waeries of Lecturel,
by C. Gayll..- .
A dtmonrse MI die life, ldlarseter and piddle semi ; ..,.,„
etia ordain.. Kent, low Chancellor oldie meld of Niqv
Work; delivered before MO. judiciary and bar of Mr
city and suite of New YooW, by John Doer.
• History of England, from the invasion of Janus He
m to the reign.of Victoria; by Mrs. Markham; is. now
edilidn, revised . end enlarged, With yhestionsi by-FJiri
LWE OF CillMlWEL4 l —Jusi'recerred ptir esprem,
-flendleyls Life of Cromwell, in one Vol.
Faith and no -IXects or Fmyruents front my Fort`
Folio: by Mr. Palmer.' •
Riches of Grace: Interior LlM:by hipbone Lidi of
Faidt, by Vphaili• Memorials ofhiethobem, by doe. A.
Stemma; The Fsoilish Pulpit, a eollamion of sermons
by the most emmeol hying divines of England; Sketch.—
.. otteermons onstle Parables and Miracles; IreonSen.
Life of Christ.. . • • J L READ,-'.
jOIO • . _ Apollo Buildirma,•llh creek
SN: ZACHARY TAYLOR—Portrait of (kn. Z. -
Taylor, by id Coffbyr wider the immediate super--:
iutendauee and directions at the undersigned, officers,
-Unman original sketch taken thanaJite, Caniargo, y
by Captain Eaton; A U ' • •
DConnor, U S Nary: George A.aVoall,A G;;Geiirgg
Meal!, Lieut Topugtaphient Kaginuen Harry lager- -
i&K BooksellerKuor ild and maiket ats
INEW BOOKS—Jmt reeetved from tho;:publieber,
and for ado at the Methodist Book Buoys,. 4th et,
ovu WOod. ToppePaProverbiril Philosoph, tit three
111)1t• of Innatizgl• le beautiful book fur n:proserm
Preparation for dm PulPiL . ,
Sketehea of Sermons on the Parahkrend Slim
of Christ, by the author of the Pulpit Cyclopedia- - 400
sketthes, kel The English Patna; Mthectton of ser
mons by the - mom eminent livingslivilies of England.
hlnnertax Vora—Doing Gant, Chnotisn Love, lore
eatthou me, Ssorod Alkditatiente. tor2l
W SOOtures Shettspeare, by 11 N
IA Hudson, in lwadvolumca
The rower oldie Pulpit, or plain thoughts addressed
to Christian ministers, and those ..vait hear them. en the
ocap,teaelied Gospel, by the Ker. ,Giudiuer
Sprint, jr. 11:
The Pennant and his Landlord, the litarottess
KSarring. Translated by Mary Hosritt.
Larnartine`s Girondists, Vol. 11L History of-ttie Gi
rondist, or personal meraiiilof the patriots of the French
Revolotiom from .published sonrces—by A. de La.
A foss copies of - 2.h of the above vraika received
this day and for *ale by. -
JOHNSTON he STOCKTON, Soialisellers.
sepal• corner market and deists
La actor, hi. Theatrical Labors; his Poem., Sonnets, ,
Ae., by l N Hudson. • .
The Fewer of the Pulpit, or:thoughts suldressed-tom
Chrimian ministers and thom who hear them, by Gard •
ner Spring, ED.
The American Pritties Cornitaftd,', oi she Family
Physielen, being the scientific' system of Medicine, on ,
vegetable yrinmples, for all classes, by NV es , beech, i
D. . For sale by . ELLIOTT. tr. ENGLISH,
market st, bet. .21 mid 4th, mid :a wspel . st, bet. 4th
anddiamend allay; • * 3 °
RlE 4— Robtrtson4,•Rollin'alUbbeco4,Duss
s, Mod. Europe, Preston'. Mexico, Peru, Ant ,
Stichelet's France: Arnold's Rome, Rupee. Pictorial
England; :Debate Dome; Hallam's Constattnionel . Histo.
ry ofEngland; Arnold'. Later Boman Commturevalth;
Schtnit's Rome; Burners History of his 0.1r7 thus, with
noses; Hallim'e Middle Ages; klas Crusade...deli,
aim Browning'. History of the Ifugumictic Tkierry's
Historical Works; Neal , . History of theDuntans; Tbmn Her; Taylor', Manual of Axe% and :Mod. Hut..
ry; Introduction to the History of the Church, by /saris;
hightley's Home and England; Rankes Popes. The
&here, with many other ralueble works, (prude by
. _
rivcARP&Niuts,INDARCIIIMITS.—In e /Lei.
der's Guide, a practical amnion on Gucci. and
Kaman Architecture. together with s uPeciateua of the
Clothie alpha Also, Practical Treat ises on Geoetetry,
Decimal Fraction . euatiratio Trtgononeetry, allt
Carpennry and Joi Il nery, embracing all the necessary.
dam's, Lod particularly adapted to the swears of the
leas experienced_ By Chester Illll•,pntaucal architect.
Revised sad improved, with . addhionsot • twd
School House Architecture, by IlAustin, architect,atr
II Bullard; Eq. Second revised edition. Yin sale by
sea . -J L READ, Apollo Buildip 'et
Anet.ln•r Ihsgpsily. ofekillicerlayrx pfaao
SIX new ,Pfiato Fortes , of Itosewooll, - 0 and B{ no
laves, will be reeetred and reedy for sale ilunng
HUB week, by -JOHN H MELLOR. et wood at,
Nola Agent fag Cluck efing's for; lt:elleia
Penneylieeni. tes
ClOgiiitlP loSlt N. rzuvenetio cured sitir - , 0
smedicines, njection*, ar baths, by the ..New, and
Improved WHARTON'S £RVALEN rA, ,, A most pal
atcable and nutriticlus Vegetable 'food. Also, What
ton'a celebrated Treatise on Constipationottid thee.
and value of . tbe Ervaleeni. Sold ouly at :he Apollo
Buildings, ith meet, near Wood, by_
, jet* J L
S — ateli yen will by jbaybybb
Widow Aliiehree; Haig crAlore; iatutt Siorgoor;
;staying the
Uongolier How - The Two Birds,
P. 1.7 Boy; Ask we not what 1 gin Thinking; Low
Banked Oar, by - Mo th er Dear; not my I love
thee not; Forgive, bat don't Forget; The Ceetoelion;
Angels %%liver; Slanting Dream, Sweet /envie wot '
sung egg' Simple; The Northland, for , 11e ; Molly
BAIR For ale by 4910,1 hiELLoi t. •
St wood ;t
'MEC - 1111CM. SILACHIDIVA and Illustrative Appo;_,
.1.74-rants, A:macadamias, Bata:its atui
k2stetro Idedient Apparatus and .Eleetto litagastie
litathnias, for physicians and invalids. •
Roach's Thertuouretersotrarrantrd. - • ' . •
Rafitsed andprepared Gnu& Patella{ Chemicoli,Per
speeds's% Plata Glans for °inlets/is; or sale by so
" lILAKE & CA;
N W 'comer market asset stint the diantoin4entranete
ens diamond. . t iny3o '
NWCHIJE BY HEA.DLEY—The. Lire, Of 011yer
.I.l' Cromwell, by J T Headley, anther la' ••Nnpoleon
and Ida Alarabals,e'. "The, Naered Xleoutaina,a "wash.
Logien' mad his Cleierala,'. ate. ate., Received this day
lad Jamie by JOILVITON•frAnocrroN;
je9 • Bookaallere; cox auultat , oast qd .1. ••
tliANCEthallnes otth - e Wain .4aft fiom
URI cmbat, Woes to the
, - 4r i
IS ;ma tiumeto,u'lbgravlAN,
: - :—.i,':?. -- 1, - :,i ''' .: 4....
"! ~ _ _ _
.. _ y 1..