The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, June 23, 1848, Image 4

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STATI. Orme&
•Cere. O.W. hicCed.., or roa Memo turn NAterr,
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LOMAT, Jan. W, ISC. •
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Dr. TIPIIMMIPS Susayntllo n o sotenv brad goody
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-Dr. lbsesus.: My Info being - greatly Matsu. by
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Sanspoilh, adWowed
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• . borr eMared health. g craleild
tb. Watts shit maned,' ten p.nma in thm anknosiody
, dasita i til unansanolit tho publis M. D. Moll,'
Asg.l7, MIL • Car. of Om. not Lydia. W.
. • Comm., ergt. 29, INS.
• • Dr ~Tholensit.Titil stem, this may orammt—This is
• to motif, that ay MG mod coo bottle or you ilempatilk
• =") , = l :sith ' ltstr ' o * ply ' et
Lbw of thos hot, norms mew. sad nay nom ÜbTils.
SC with lay pronsion, tad the mounatorhdass of those
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hint ad nibs it to say, no sonliciso had Cho happy and.
diset, mot Qtly tho bouts of ondanamt, but On
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If tbas ea to id toy unite to yet or nay me who
Mono tin memo of tha suditins, pot nu leanly a.m.
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.This Zatmet ot.ilarnprilla las tem nornaly prepored
Worn. to female toreptiilan rr.farlaillbo boa sea
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• nos VW.," sbcrald neect to bike it, as it :k a. torten
prenatire it any of tho nuorms sad ba ra:. di.. to
std.' knolra en subject at 0f of tide. This put.
s i rsi Itsva " Veg ' fo= l ar r tr
• am It is ealeanted to ass. nature by ootelterma th e e
snd inticondint the apt.. Indsol, this audio. 0 peal
' oable tre of the delta. dna., to which, ore
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th' es if i g " 4 2geetplat se
' haatiasferhich is the ata damn medfohaji Zaken f koala
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44 73 " READ 'nil
,: ' You who tare We oomplowtoat, doll tier, Motet.; at Ile
' horocoghskie, or Leek tad an " i 4arifs. U.
, a bottle or two of Dr Tortoetere a vall
1- • doom par Wag, remove the freckle, blotches, lad
' give yap adagio. sperkba ria,doe verity end. Dl:entire
, ' .ol..:ret WI of which are of =seam rata to tamer
No Said to niedielaa It. ever him datiovored which me
early ramble the peek juSee/Or pliee fo deemapaing
Sad sod einsigthatted the organs af d(ritioo, as this ?rem
nava of Manaperala
Da t rizie — Alliany,May
10 I(x4
ibieaon r lha t bn aided- fo r
rare with dprepoin m itairtest Weeded with wt./
awe of danneli,loa ocmpetite, entree. heartburn, and •
'seal amnion to all kinds of frolload ter weak. (what I
mold eat,) have heat tamable to stem but a mall portion
' on wry stosoelt. 1 teed tie mall( remedies, bat they lad
be little or ao eSier in remain the complaint. ~ I we in
deed, about two tatotta sine. to try your Extract of Sin.
; - peritta, and mud say witb,httle Mr..ael, but idler tang
bottles, Gamut lay eppetia metered, and the
rata* rumored; and 1 - woidd earned!y reemut
vaned the meat it to awe wleo hare
W. been staked ea
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,146.. • aws, 4.4 • W. Vaa Z
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Sf,d Staten bleed
'ALMOST d Wad=
Beat the following, and doubt if you can, Sol erannespi
ionowaiot he axed. Thai. orgy time of the mend lambed
ere that ToeuseadNßaneparda hu email
• ihrTrissarod—Dar Sir. 1 was take; • little over •
jet* no, with amen iroqh sad pain is my aids. It ea
e „d lllB tnaamL leu moo cooed by pay
, • steams to bore tbe oak ealeamputer I need tap Too
adios of bud altar, bad alight reembi, and ainklog ern fat
• / wry doctor wid be mold do restli 1 lead tete the
briesita/ [above of being hese& but viws priataaatied tam
itesseorable. I was wow greatly isliblige wad
amid lordly broth. I sachem.. wad espeeted
/ be ilia( wee oonfused to toy bed, and woo to have
. Wed 1 eenuot Fre you any daeriptiou that
woad de justice to I: lt . I was soppowd tory fraud!
d " Tred of some sioit
eon. Ptoltd..l7loo• etal tau
yaw . trade, I suspected there was wee !tartan in theta
Slat was latticed to try it 1 dad 10, and am very (bertha , '
dad 1 mo od
eel tarl 1 as Wady well,' bat am ea tar
treonveredat babe mytwines, tad hope to be entire,
•if ly ha • few been '
Sly co
end Wnk and pun bt the
, sal haw kse, eibel very little, and
feet gamin ray usual etranth. 11e It it • duty to give
yea • datateent oftity earie,Lo luh,
Little ph sr, yait ieseey
pub t 2 Broady.
• •
• 'Opiate:is of Physicians;
Tormbend b mime Smily renewing oilers feces phyy
skins in thiferent piste of the Union.:
This Le biontily thatyre, the erodentned, Phpieittis of
the City of Abney, have in Ontoorette ern prescribed pr.
Toorseesre lilernsati believe It tab. one of the most
tetenbli preprehent of tits extr a
1. Pa etetlea l e
ws, le
WILE*, x
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• 1110,tib ON 1, M.
Ilds es le *tiff that ma, lba *damped, yrootking
lhoto Phytiotatto etch., .Ctlyarblbtay. hut froootoo
y=onhal ToortomPs Cowan* Koine of &
atod Gas Ito ksevra qualitik, would ma woad itd
'IN poblia ko scrothal, ottohdooth mod othoretoanoono aro
cm* hopiakemes to aoy of du adrirthal ~(pedal iatatta
• ' • Alhat/ AP619,1644. Wig B Bparroo, T r.
dked r6 res I=Ba 1% 1:1;1":"6:X514.Wari.b tu.Bed,
PhOokletho B than, drogglat, Bolsand by
we t ia . drocpobt gekaal/y thnotztotot the M at edataOw*.
lAEA tootles a mon sad oped with the vatioeb Opeateri
of ti P TOWNSIIND, tablet:Atm blow. oo tbe Wes.
Tema the IfirwTork Deily Ks pros of April 9,1E47.
W=reata, ‘P ier 4 Sen4=24rme t.
71 .1b.t.ilnaii. got op in goad twee mem 'of Atm ores
' metal bode:aye penamepare besittifolordeh,lopther with
thoomoU work, he gold, ghomiloy to the ma, made a ehoo 1
am* equalled La Ilatadooy: - We Wm this mostootty 14. I
API A bdon.
pO* xam% the pow, Sana the
merjrcattmederity Ethos •ttillal.
aryut,/ Debility. ;
New Yeag,liusti 27,1ia
RDc TOIMINIII: —. Ikk ftbeta Ins tor 3
list a inailfel Osakiag be the ant, giddsom a s th e
Amt, ler of appitite, km to dm Mobs, ased [metal detolity,
boseght all bolLeobt by fee emitOmal beat asid trots to which
im .1111011.42 arilaisems as • dyes. IWm tans other
madaMmos too smarm to socatko, bat with littb or me em
i tadoeedby obeli mobs theme*. taiga boob
of poi Saesepotah &mold& 1 foimd great oali Moe
also Mhos wend mem hotte r amt I ma oabeitatioey
it Is tha best: mediebes 1 lam ever takeo—the moo m my
Oka true,Oted I heel OM • different ema talloystber shim
I tore Oltam yoult. 1b e bows better @milts
Pr creel but. idy wtl bas take it with the ism b.stb
old remits. I •0214 110:6•0131d it 10 , • family media*
vomely, toed I feel cianrioad the% if Of weather. would lad
is half Um skims deers is, sod comequeatly not so amety
/bettor , * id* for Imbibe it regares appetite, at also Aims to
'• • tbetsloomeh and bowels beak molar mom it keep **blood
a a beabby :tato, ea that Comm b not leo likely to Maul the
And to anthem oho an not in • bMlllysteteal ay
Mt . Totramod's 51134•Ti115 ,
TawuaEirrra, 70 Allot N.
. Is• tit
liskrois sasegastorsaatirtreraties=d. Dr
TV it
t. Inn of tboassods of Ihildrces..
is wilsEud from • vat nopper
I Nrllt You : April2,lBl7.
.).- liar& Deasi o tV:too th oLv=s k il a ss
vest litlikl 6 l= io t , iy it% . 7a i rrj,
. arra you I losstomteld, Tog
• floe We bit teat Drina; N 057 Wood 01
Wyss= 4th A l / 4 146 has beta spripted D,
TOWNSEND sots Oval too aqua, ).9,4,j0r
OHL I. Eft , 8 ArEB3lll-I.lGE.—The greatest oe of
Q 4 Woral 6. 6616 . 6 Naar Liana, Oato,
Jan. 8, 1848 - $
Tidils to MINI that after Wag ,h errant prepare
ktp. yor expelling Atoms I booalit of C. F. Heiman, of
Ow Lisboa, tWo Tialo 01 U E bam' Voradlago, end
save the eonutata at 000 vial to three of my eleldren.
PrOn the. And, • Ted 6 Putti It expelled 48 worm.;
lhetoa. TA oral Lam the third, 2a
PM won. eeued 67 ouor
totOtatoood Sellers , Yemtere::
safe and one of the roost accusal Wean
xre . 4 Mon Mortaerto ielne .
Preporodantil gold by tYe per. B. E sEuxas. No 47 Wood
.ex Bed hy-Pr. Camel, 6th loud; D M Chany,
lyr6orldietn,l Sad*, Terepertneerille, • n ix
_ . _
aad RD td
rgWN L th i.ry
and Al=sale and nta7r —
• N. B+-As R.R. is D. Ttrialmnd , s only -agent (Of
Dattobsitly the genuine *Wel* may OM , It.l
1300K8,-IMerkii ; - . ,-,,,,,,
!111 by J. A.& IL PF.TAllES,Zmeiratad,the following
iteye end valeable•Worke— • • •
• Domphsn ••Bapedidort—Coulainia sketch of the
life •of CoL A. Dwip. har; the. nem of Kew .
AbileoLGeaXearmey'a Oresiend E Lien to Cali
f..* no.ii.AT's aft,d.r..tha Neritaa, and
his onptrame March sumerce,'n has end Durango,
and the Operations of (lodating at Santa Far with a
Napp 7,,„ a 'gV i rt% tfa‘ Ahn.T Hughes, A Of
ilimpty of KetOncky—lts Antiquities and Pfaxurel
OrdestueF • Chsegmtplueal Statistical end Geological:
descriptions; with anecdotes of PiOLIPCPS Llfe,end MOM'
limn one hundred Itiouraphimil Sketches of duainguish.•!
nd ['lemma - Soldiers, Statesmen, Jurist., LePrltmet.
vines, an.; Illustrated with forty engremoCK by amwm
Calks; I veL ociaro. • •
_ • nit.
The Twelve Mouths' Volunteer or /annul of
vans lo the Tennessee Re gimer4 of Cavalry, at the
Campaign axes:toe, daring 1 840-117, contahlig mi
Count of the March of the Beeman to Vera Crux, a
deseription of the Country palmed oven manners, eels.
t o , de. of the people; Sketches of Camp Life; rte
counts of all the actions of other Volunteer Regiments,
end a fall Winery of the Maticen War; /AA of the K4l
- n o wows:led, Am illustrated by a large number a
coma rims and plans; by Geo.-C. Farber, kvoltuart
OCUINO. . diet •
oolirai FOR THE SEABON-111undatital
Gems of Sacred Poetry; a splendid , imperial 8 cc.,
_nth beandlal illustrations on steel, by'Sartain, and Pn
kliondaated pages by Schmitz arid Sinclair, richly
Waal in Turkey morocco and white cal 4 superbly elk
The Christi. - Keepdal . re as annual for 19gh. with
kpleudid comitotint engravings, by Sartain; bound in as
longue 10010eGIN.
Christmas Blossoms and Nevi Years Wreath for /
Iniln a small quarto volume, primed on mewl:white par
per, embellished with splen did mem/mint engnivings,—
Ths Ls by far the mom beautiful Merrill,: =mai pnli.
Inked in the United States.,
Tho Poetical Work. of Oliver Goldsmith, kf. If.rirldi
numerous CI . thlte designs, by the Etching.Cluhjm
yiana styles of binding.
Thompson'. Seasons, with seventy-seven deigns, by
the Delium Club, in various styles of binding.
Tbo Poets and Poetry of Ameries; by R. W. OAP
_ .
' he Poet ' and Poetry of the AnnentiY by Willi ••
P ter, A. IL; taperbly bound in Tarkey:niorocco; .plea
11 1ailt'aPoemz, in Tinian aryl.l;inding. • •
Grny'• El illawataL -
Lord Itywn's" • .
ShaksPoolab " " a
The Poetical Works of Tboraas Moore.
Ballads sad other Poems, by Nary Howitt
• ,Powno by Junelin.
Headley 's Sacred Maintains.
The above, widivr at variety of other new works,
apleudid styles of rldrig, writable for gift Woks; for
le .. by
- • JOHNSTON tr. tnocsroN,
,-"Bookreßets, eon Market is sta.
Valuable Staidard Work'.
111:1421DIDS KNCYCLOPADDIA—A Dictiooary of &it
ern,liteutare maul, empiric the boom dorriPtion
=A scientific prinoipips of emery branch of knout knowkdio,
with the deriniko nod defirrnn of ail thit i t= n>ral
me, edited by 11,T Bromic, FAt IS, 40.
meroto enarannos an wood.
Morse's Noeth America Ithe, eaiaitm beazdfully eol
wed map of North Guerin, Cmda Fast,Conada OW,
Non nonhia, - Nrer .rick, Not thn= Thae,New Mex
ico, Fiona*. TOOOO, Chtliforma, Aleatoo,Central America,
Yuma.: Watt loam Dhotis mai all the Stat.' mid Term.
cies in the On km.
/Valk Toritenr—The bbioty of Din Puritan.' from nte
reformatkm 1.517, to the ravoldlon of DM, emapeist=
won= of them preamplee r kr, dr, by Daniel Neal, Al A,
:egg= 0 Mont% p, wdh Wu port/mite= steel ;.
•Fid, nee of the body in rdaiioo totome FDA, by . Dewy
Nome,* D, combo of the royal =Dego of flkysteem, An.
Juvenile Works.
Wealth aid Worth• or whith maku Dimas, a rery pop.
dar JUTLIIaII work.
Foram( du Soybeniefertbtg inrenti=a of shipwrecks,
• linawliN !poker—TM Juearaile Speaker, =uprising
elementedy ran col ezereireerin declamation, with • eel.-
non of poem kr Prediee, by Francis T flown, instructor In
ik..k9nt • . •
&The &bora kr reeelved add Gar mai by •
Bookrelferd. ear market sad 3rd au
Raker it; Ber(buses Publics:teems
ITIRE aubseribers having been .appointed agenm for
•.1. the sale of the publications of the above well
known publishing house, have a full supply of their
books on band, , which they can sell at the eastern
wholesale and retail. Airtong the works which
have been recently issued by them, vhich have been
highly recommended as exceedingly interesting and
valuable, may be fond—TheCrar,lis Court and Teo,
le; Ireland's Welcome to the &rancor, Bethel Flag,
by Dr. Spring . ; Nepoleon and his Menthol. {Tubing.:
ton and his Gettemlr, The Sacred Mommius; Oraton
of Frame; Teaching a Science, the teacher on Artist;
Chub:ate k2isabeih's 'Uniform Works; T. S. Arltinfa
YLaking Haste to be Rich, Riches havelVings, Keeping'.
op Appettraneca, Debtor and Re.
• Also, the works from the peas of Robert Carter. the
diameter of whose publications is well known. Tue.
retine's Theology, in 4 vols.; Haldane on Romaine Me-
Cheyete's works; The Corr.; by author of School Girl
'ln. Trance, tc. Re. New books received,. soon as
is published. ELLIOTT A ENGLISH,
.m)11 Td wood and SO market as
BOOKS—Memonals of the Introdnciion of
J.ll Medial's= low Me Eastern States, comprising
I.tograPhical notices of Ms early preschers, sketches of
Its first ehurchmt, end remcences of its early strng
gles and •successes; by Rev. A nevelt', A. M. Just
Memoir of Rev. David Abeel, D. D.. lam Missionary
to China: by his !mph.", Rev G R
Mark Milton, the blerylanes Clef*: by Roe Charles
B Taylor, M. A, author of "Records of a Good 6166'6
Life;"l.66y Mary," "Margaret. or the Pearl," ike.ilte.
The slave, with a large asisomnent of new books, hp
hand and jusireceiving. ELLIOT!' A.ENGLISH,
apt 56 market st
SULIIIH 800 Manny cl , mSis. - teek
oloinut, and of the RIM and camtraorns arising
from the straggles of the Greek Patriots - inErenncips.
Cog their coontry from the Tartish Yoke—in two vol.
amm—splendid copy with m=erona stops and engra.•
vings. • -
Letters , ilinstrattse of the reign of William. K. from
.1556 to 1703—with ea minas, ta rd.
:Compenton to the suidt of the IlolrOcrlpturca
Ihrri Alowbray, Moiling romance, with 50 two
' our in the Holy Lhod, French Stage,and Sketches
In Mo. Just reed and for sale by
Fa market street
Natalie Pram.: Plaari.
ft f oil A SPLENDID upon:roma of Rose
wood autLsfahoganyrnd action Pi
anos, just finished all for sale.
Also,wro splendid Raseniod Pianos,
with - Coleman's celebrated ..Eolian attathroul, finished
In UM most malern style, and for rale at
j.C.I F IILUP RS Irl ' , scrod 01
FR`i 8:1,11 WEE, //sal. in eastern Piano Fortis,
. .1. W. Wooderell's, No. 95 Third Sone_ Tbe
since may h. examined at all hours, ood the
g, subscri
Mascot be there from 11 to 12, A. AI, and from 4 to
5, b. day. Pitiab` Om. 251, '46
We, the andersirne ' d, ',mad inform the citizens of
Piusourgh .d vicinity that am hare appointed Mr. H.
Kleiber sole agent for Western P.nsylrania, for the.
.le of a. Piano Forms, from whom they may be
mined at mut own (New York) prices.
N.s. 'York. I.lw. 1.1.040ct1N111
if II subscriber would respectfully iumoance that he
has opened a new retail Drug Store, on the corner
otPoanh and Smithfield streets.
Believing that the wants of the extensive populatinn
east uffniuthfield street will justify him, he t ared
no eipense la filling up the establishment, and
termined to keep no articles bat those of the best quad.
ty—of undoubted poritr_and genuineness.
- A assortment of ldedieutes, Bert - emery, and ird
eles usually kept in an establishmenn of the kind, will
I.e always on hand.
Having his dwelling In the Wane building, nll night
mills will be attended to personally.
Tkd business. will be condoned as heretofore, at the
old stand on Intake' meet.
Ilialllos_ L. WILCOX,
IaIIINTON Zs WAGNER., Engine Builders, have
„E commenced businero no Peon at, near the Point,
at the rombrodunent formerly carried on by Steakhouse
Nelson. PC7.O/111 wishing to purchase steam en
gine• for boats, or for other purposes, will please favor
us with a cell,. we Boner 0131I<ITC• 10 be able to tar
nish them on as favorable arms on any other estab
lishment in the city.
Also, rslliog millud castings' of every description
can be hid at the shortest notice.
Rinuraromes—Capt. Robb Beer, Thom. ..Seem, Esq.,
Church, Carothers a C0.,'11. Denny. }leo., ht. Allen es
apitiram • ENOCH WAGNER.
Dr. McLane In Tennessee. •
rims is to certify that 1 purchased on vi ol of Dr.
blot Ana's Worm Specific, scene two mohs ego
and gave to a son of mine some seven years old, two
Illearools. hill, and shim:di the amount may sppeu
largu, - yst 1 bate no' t but there was upwards of
MO ISOM= wean passed from' him, ITlCaltitillg
boat ono Master of an limb to two inches Jou
Rena'. Creek, Carnal en. Tenn, Den 47,1517. je.24
Leeching. Gapping wad Bleeding.
V R. NORRIS, (tdoceessor N. IL .Delany.)—
Ms. No AS Fifth street, between WM:id - Mid Smith
held.' Fresh leeches rseetenlmonthly—iattendiume all
how, Reference, the physicians of rittsborgh, Alle
gheny and Bimingtmm.
I most cheerfaily recommend to the physicians, fam
and ell my former friends and patrordi; ill,, R. id.
Norris 23 loeiug tlatooghly..quedruca With Mt boll
nes. and worthy of patronage.
tassiNdly R. DELANY'.
PAPER - 41,00 bdla Strata Wrapping;Paper, all taus;
41.10 reams ruled Cap Writing Paper,
300 " riled and plain ;emir do; ail qualities;
leo " Flat Cap;
7:10 ". medium Tea Paper,
160 truss white and blue & while Bonnet Boards;
Irra rams Maxilla Envelope Paper;
Da “ Hardware Paper,
_just ree'd and for
sale kw REYNOLDS & SURE, •
.:barar eorospeon and Irwin ata
• S B
HE subscriber offers for tole fll assortment of
his tidos' Pascal Blocks, %arm, u adapted to
llsdu• ALo, complete actla of Blocks, adapted to
yawls of any capacity, pot op and forlaMded
past of '= Union, without delay and at the lowest pri
ces. LIGNU3I VIT/E for sale in quantities to suit,
purchasers. GEO W 6TAPLES,
..ap4.6m2taarTk9 36 llurliug Slip, Now York
ALLpersorto having claims against the.Esude of dos
law Ilenry P lichweppe. will present them for
set Mutt, and all pers on s indebted to saittfstate, will
please call and make payment to
10,149; Onarled3tal • flamer st
11 log kinds, vir.--Silk graduated leaf prop buttons
lirandeaboargh do; Fantalsel dokOastillan do, Tars,-
and Drop do; Nett and Plain do, tardier - won whit
arid cold Linen, for sale at Fll !ATOM/ Co's
nryl7 Trimming Star!, UZI market et
100 DOZ Corn Itrootos; 1 casks rot Mb; 50 d•
Tow Venn 100 lb. Secswax; 50 his No 1800
00 do star 'Candleig 15 do Pint Finds; 20 bbl* ***
Nos Loaf Sogsul for solo
otyla b kNautin & nEigNerr
r Cci.Partaleroltdp Notice.
I:II7CKNOR k CO. two same-Mal with
them in thelsTelmegi and Commission boaitues,
ktatd Heald, (late otJaeob Heald & Co, Baletwta)
David C. MeCommon, and John A. Walter. enrl6 -
- 0011iSTE&MBOATD AND DOTELS—Wes have on
X hand a kip augment *Mon Stons•Wax„' rait
able for ,ineambonss and hotel., rale& we
`Ntritcher, wood st_
D Invites the ausulion ollnuers -to a now supply of
strove goods, of newest style mut very love; • lora
WHITE GOODS—A A Lanni. , bare on hand
:priangTd:U t Bwi:s, Boa t Plaid And Jae Whi t. otT 4 M.l2:,
'of erenr vmety.
.602L , N ii tr b t; BEANS;ii: bus Co Co,
1 / "
i''';7MfiNIJIP - NOTORIE - S . :''"'
JOUN WHIR I` its .00s.
A. RE .eryTti ' Ve ry! b dt id eri C"' Ire2h W°"' nroll i : " .
alines, Spinning Eramee, P Sers, Draswmg
Artitwey Heads; Weise, Twillers,Spootess, UMsaing
,Fratomy Loontsi' Carl Grinders ite, Wrought Iron
Shafting. tamed all riser of Clot Iron, Polfice, and
llortgem, of the detest pauems, slide and hand L.elltes,
, of all told.:
Castings of every derertotion ferniehed on short no..
nee: Pattern. made to order for Mill Zeating, Iron
moling,'&e. Stearn Pipe for heating Factories, Can
Iron %Ylndow Seth, and fancy Cannes generally.—
, Orders! eft at the Warehouse of J. Palmer & Co., Lib!.
toy street, aoll have prompt enention;:
Dirolutock, Uell & Co.; J R Moorhead & Co, G
'Warner, John Irwin & Some Pittsbergh. •
C II Wooten; Stetbassille. jaitlP
TARES oh.. method to Inform hie hien , *
and. the . public et luau that his FnetorY
. *New on falloyeraten, on the East side
, of the Diamond, Allegheny - , Where a cool
1 • Kant supply of Blinds, of various color.
andqualities,erecorstantly kept.: head,
also atNad Wood st,Pntsburgli,ot J.&
• 11. Phillips' oil cloth waren..
Vernon Shutters made to order In the lost style.'
Winds repaued at the ehortest notice.
N. U. Ms Made will be put Int, without any edit
ions] egemme so That they, cut be removed in a mo
ment m case of fire or for washing, and within mho old
of,a crew-dr. e
. TAKERS, corner lof Penn and trt. Ulna streets,
opposite the Exchangelllotel, entraree on Penn street,
respectfully inform „their friends and the public, that
are pre_peted to tarnish and attend to everything m
the line of Undertakers. 'Always on hand a large sts•
sentient of ready made Coffins, covered, lined and fin-
Ished in the very best manner, all sorts and sizes ready
made Shrouds of flannel, eambrick grid muslin, and all
aiaeamade m approved styles. We keep a large se
yortmetit of whPe and blank, cotton, silk and kid Uloyes,
able for pall bearers mid mourners, crape, eapsgmet
lars, find every thing neeesm.ry for dressma tha.deadi"
aid ortrensonable terms, an we purchase all our goods
la the Eastern ones. Luh silver plates for engraving
the name mud age: We have • splendid new hearse a
hews, and any number of the best carriages. EMI)
thing =tended to promptly and punctually. octfi.ty
Nos. 244 and 240 Liberty but, ~.or tie Canal
A L1V.6103 on hand and made to order, a large eerie
ty of Marble blames, Pier,Centre Tables, and
Barone 'lsms, Tomb Stones; Monuments, Ac.; alt which;
being made of the choicest marble, and mannAmturea
prg . ctall . by Mac .
, =7, till.:X .o looLorj t es .
Informed that it is hencegnh u P nnecessury for thereto
go Rest, as I can famish them with an smells to all
respeoss an good, .d(fresght,toserance, Ac, consider
d,) en cheep' oul they eon purchase them for in the
Root. Call nod see.jag
• a
cormicu.. SWAIM [DON,. AND TIN
'No 8 Market street, Ciusliorgh, rennet
TllE rtubDrlbers having made great ilnprovementa
in alto eonstrartion of their COOKING STOVEIt,
respectfully ittine persons building Steamboats to call
and examine before parehasiolgois we can supply them
with 'Deck Stoves, Forges, and' every other kind of
Copper, Tin and Sheet Iron work ocemsary in furnish
inga Steamboat.
We also make to 'order on the: shonest notiOe Sal
Tubes aMtChamber, Copper work for Me= Fkatries
and every variety of work to our line.
Birmingham, (near Plitsburpida P.
Warehouse, Nab 137 Wood street, Pittsburgh.
IFWiLLionstnatly keep otiligod a good .1410*
ineat of tare, of our ow n manufacture Ind
seperiorq ity. Wholesale nod eowitry'Sler
chants arc respectfully invited to call and Cr
=Lille for therasOlves as we ariiileirrioined to sell
cheaper than has ver'before been °fared up she pa.
Ile. s.
11:p . Orders sea by tattlbaceomiismied by the cash or
eity reference. wt I be - prompUy auendrd to. febl.l
P. :4.1 , n. I : hums 1-1 Iseux.
FLINT GLASS r.sTextzaenniracr.
MULVANY & LEDLIE manufactare sad keep con:
stantly, on band Cat, Moulded' and Plain Flint
Glauware all Its raneties, at th eir W strobonse col 4
net of Marla and Water strects..Pitisbargh.
Oar Works continue in fall operation, and we are
conshuhly adding to our stock. which medal. as to Ell
orders will promputess. Parch... ors ere rexpectfully
solicited to call and examinenrices and terms.
FROM the very liberal ender:me
meat the subscriber has received umee
he. Ints located himself in Aliegheny,
IY A cAmg: ^ has indaced him to take lease, for a
term of years, on the property he *low
twenpucs„in Beaver street, Immediately beside
FrothyterianChveh. Front the long esperience tn
above balms. and a desire to plealc, he hopes to tact.
it and Deceive a share of public patronage.
Now on hand and finishing to order, Rockaway Bug
gies, open and kola Buggies, and every description of
Carriages made to order. from soveatydrive dollars to
aighthunartra fserglAltfl JOON SOUTH.
Lard Lori
andertiotei are now prepared to Gant& their
rurwatero and the public gloomily, with an
lent nick of Lard Oil of Mem owo mono (mime, which
Limy will mil on accortim..mlanng terms, Ilion Oil they
behove to be no good a any unroll in Mo t 1112 tkc:, and
May lo intoned ti not aanciantory. •
IE liberty at, ammo,. rmithfield
P. B.—Lard and Grem,soitaltle for macamery. On
hltimt. few olio idiom. • woad
LUNGS.;—The unprecedented mtecees which has
.Urnded thu„ime of the
a nll the 'vim& forms which irritation of the
.llmca, hu induced the proprietor igena to call atten
tion to this
The thungahle weather which iambi our fall and
winter months, is always a fruitful source of
These, if neglenied, are hea the precureors of that fell
. costfairrioN.
The ~ Imestion. thin, how shall we nip the destroyer in
the like how shell we get clear of our coughs and
oldsrm of vital iihreortance to the public.
wiII 'Oe found In the ln proof ands
we bare from tone to nine p u blis hed the. certificates of
doze* of our bell known citizens, who have experi
enced its curative powers. Mascot-Ith a mass of -Fes
Smoky from all parts of-the conetry,--from ,
.i f .
Ati - ters of ilia Gospel, Ac., together with copious no.
nee. tour the '
we • ave. embodied in pamphlet form, Mid may be had
ends of any of Mir agents throughout the country.—
. itaiabecn used In thlit city.
, •-•
I throughout the Muted States and Canada, and we rho
bangs any molt to salt not .
~.- `• - 8 GLE INSTANCE
o 'which.,:when token according to direction., and be.
fore . ilre lungs had become fatally disorganmed, - It has
aver foiled to
they, then, need the &libeled hesitated et hy resort to
the eniwrablenostrums, gotten up by tie . o.llinilivid.
malt o teethe aseumal name of SOUPS to • , .r, i d phy.
siclon, rod puffed into notoriety by certifier. ,
sera equallyunknowd Nifhilst a
CAC medicine Y
Is to be had, whose voucher, see at home,--our neigh.
'bon,—minty of whom It hal
In order that this invaluable medicine may be placed
within the' reach of the poor es well the rich, wo have
put the price at
lust on. hat the usual cost a( cough medicines. at ta
for sale by our agents in nearly u every town and village
over the welt, who are prepared to gyre full informa
tion-relative to it. I', SAITM, Proprietor,
Broadway, Cincinnati, Ohio._
ArxraggEo.tiNTcaLE/d, .TOLI.WCO.
r. N. wharve Phil'n, offer for sje l o n : ane w'''. "S e
terms, WOO kg.p Mounfuctured Tobacco, e n o m nalsti n ur
pomattutut,hulf pouna, e's, Iffs. IVA, Iff's and sr..
In pet J G's and b'. plug. utd IT. Lathes , , n
whole caul li•Jfboxes,ol the following approved lora w lol ' o
James n nrant, Osborn & Bragg,
Grant tr,Williarto, , A Cobanfes,
Slone, & Sou, c Al'Donald, .
Webster Old; ' J Thomson,
J..C't Thalami% Jr. A 11 Armistead,
2 Thomas & Son, Landhorn b. Armistead,
J P Coates, i J M Cobbs,
Gentry & Royeter, J A Clay,
MA Butter, , CA Hall,
Green Hall, ; .Wra Dawson, •
Pearl to Plorwood, I sBlackwood,
Kalb Page, : Keystone,
W 11 Vaughan, Edmund' Henry,
Portiaux Robinso, Russell &Robinenn,
Kelm, Robinson& Co. Sede Halsey,
II Metcalf, John Ender,
Lawrence Lanier, l Robinson,
Gray & Gray, D B Turner,
IC Jamieson, York White,
1) 31 Brunch. —ALSO--
!lamina Leaf Tobacco, wrappers and fillers; '
Yam do do do •
Cienfuegos do do .. do
St Digo de Cuba do do do
St Domingo do do do • .
Morin te Guide, do, part Sne,, Ms
Mayevilla do do do
Kentucky various grades do do
Virginia Leaf, suitable for manufacturing and egpo4
Spaniels Seed Leaf, PeruC . a, Connecticut and Ohio;
Virgni Scrape, sweet; German ripe.; Pipe headc;
Scotch Snuff Iloose and bladdengi Macconba Meal;
Tongan Betme, Havana bout;
Otto Rose; Ikranntag
Calabria Liquorice; Patent Cavendialt Knives, Spunk,
aka fie. PHILADELPHIA, raylfs
Type Foundry.
THE sobieribers have taken the Type Foundry, No
GO Gold street, and will continue the business late
ly conducted by "gotten Taylor. They will attend to
all orders with punctuality iniddespetch.\lll the type
manufsetured by them will he }hod Cast; end they
will Walsh all tends of Printers' inateriteld of the best
Mr. .1 , T Overend is still employed in sepeeinterul
inp.the niduinfue taring departments • . •
Flupriators of newspapers. who have not advertise
(vibe subscriber, who may publish this notice for thre
months, will be entitled to receive their pay in type,
purelleisnig five times the amount of their bills for or
Old type taken in cochance for new at 9 etaTter lb.
Charles Whiting, 1 WHITING vrAsbusc,
mulon, T.yiuts s (Saccconr• to Roll Taylor,)
AMU corner Gold and Ann sts
1 1011ACC
.0-510b1.1.ifisoltthitt.Tik?,er kept ti:ildinece;
401 " Junes klatdison 5s
13 boa 11113tew and tt
Jailles 54
40 ." Ileary &James fie
23 " Honey &James 311
19'" 011 Warwick Ss
On mmaignment., from manufacturer. of Lyoehborg
and Richmond, nod wtli be sold at Custom prices, to
the trade: , L IVATERMAN,
an'4 31 water andel front st
. .
10BACCD-10 br. Ilra eh & M atins' '.14..
:Y do do do extra Ouridc;
. 6 .do :- do do 1: ,. . and'o.;
10 kegs No!, 0 twist; k
10 do rghCarendish; , ~
. J 3.1 3 do o Plug;
61 ddo
do hal(Spouish do; for sale by
SMOKE HOUBE—Hiring taken the large and eon.
realm. Smoke House and Bacon Btorehouse ad.
tojulog our Warehouse, on the Casual Basin, we ale pea
pared to awoke Ind store bacon on reasonable terms.
Canal basin. near Bb Si.
- -
SECOND HAND PIANO, cost onginnSt — S E%
and has been in ale about four yearn, Dn., now
1175, for ula by- JOHN II ISEELos,
j a3 , M *rood .tr•e,
N. b y Mfr i Mst
Mat prime Air sale low to clues
.-111.e.hausys , TrasaportWos Lisa
ria SOX _111.12 . 011.11110X ar sumoamoux . isa
GOODS emmigued to our ears will be forwarded
without delay at the lowest sprreat rates. Bilis of
Laming transmitted, and. all Insuastions promptly et
tended- to, free from any corn charge for morose or
commission. C A AMANULTYAr. Prop'm •
mart Canal Basin. Pittsburgh.
allaM 1848 =Ala
(Formerly called Pickvionh tc Line,)
.CIXIIVICLI /011011Z.L9P01.1105 07 WOO 141130
Id .-
B) C.'I 4 MN s I!,Wrre ' r l t h.
intermediate places.
One boat Will leers the warehoura of C A bleArtulG;
& CO, Quad Bastn, Liberty street, Pitmburgb, every
day (Sunday* excepted.) and .hippon ea n always de
pend dh having . their goals Concluded without delay,
and at fair rate..
"This Line wai formed 'exehmiltely for th e speed an
einnmodation ef the way business. The Proprietors,
thankful for the very liberal patronage they have re
ceived during the last two Teen, would respectfally In
' form their old eumomere and the public. generally, that
they have extended their Cecilia..., dlinag the put win
ter, and are SOW belief prepared to accommodate a n In
• • I CoZI/T0 113.
E G STITT .WM Fuurz,
C A MeANULTY& Co, canal bum Pitt.
II CANAN - Johnsre A g— c.
JOHN MILLER, do liallidablt
Rarialacm—Pituburgh—Suath & Sinclair J
McDevitt, G & .1 II Shoentierger, It .Itobinson ' & Co;
Moore. Hagaley & Smith; John Parker; Win Lehmer; J
Joan; & Son. , ma
101 rainseormstort oi 11131.01431,121.
rinin Proprietors of this old ',established end lint
.L Portable Bout' Eine, having removed their de,
pot in,,Philadelphin to a mach larger Warehouse
ou hisMetSt., than they formerly oceupted, and also in
creased (heir mom for Nome at Pittsburgh, ant now
'prepared tooter much greater facilities to their friend.
mad patrons.
Grads carried by . this line are not transhipped ba
nreen Pittsburgh nal Philadelphia being earned en
tirely In Portable. Section Boats. To shippers °filmur
and other goods requinng careful handling., this IA of
importance. Nooliarge made for reeciring .hippt.g
goods, or advancipg charges. MI goods forwarded
promptly, and upon es reasonable terms as by any oth.
JOHN MeFADF-1 & Co., •
Canal Basin, Penn at., Pittsburg&
fedi &r: Market &51Commerce Phßa.
••JOHN 111cPADF.N & Co., Forwanling and Comm..
n blerchant., Conal itexin; Peon st, Pittsb.,g&
JAAIES M. DAVIS & Co, Floor Partormind Coml.
!don l'ilerehards, CD Market,' sad 44 Coomdree
p"Advanee• made by either of the shore on Sour,
00l other deseriptioas orblerehaadix combined
to th em. ' (chat
VOTICE:Iiie - snaeiiitTes have:disposed of their in
-111 wrest in the Pewits and Ohio lsine'to CletallitEtz
THAW, of ritisburgh, and JOSEPII 5 LEWLS, of this
They will continue to transact business for the line
• t theirWairhouse on Weathered, IN %IMO, had be
peak - for a continuance of the wernnage of the'
riends. JAMES STET.I.. It Co.
Philadelpoia, March sth; tBl9.
PODIVS• wad Ohio Tea? eallon Co.
Dcruar Daily Lane o f
ria.rwarta TUASIVit GoulAi arms. rwrrarloart
.Irt'iarra mums rtsra.
CLARKE dr I 9IIAW. Canal Basin. Pittabcrek.'
LEWlkstc BUTLER, 219 Market Ft, Phiplespkka.
JAS. STEEL tr. CO.. Alta, Broad street.
COWDEN, CLARKE 9. co, 7d Nortliat., U.S.
wr. poRRICK, Agt., Weal etrker, Near YOrk.
THE sobrcriberrrhuve this day nteueintedthemulves
together undir the style of Ktbr a /Does, for the
pumas, of eourinulog theonsiness formerly corned on
by Kier, and solicit a continuance of the fib.
mal potrounge tmtmoioro extended ` to the house.
, .
PlusbUfgh,Mstrehl,lbl. .•
• .
nmaimottE . vu. cANAL. , 3 ILAILItO.II/,..
WEI arc prepared to receive and forwent freight to
the above ne...limeneediale place•wah as much
deepateh, and at ng low rate., as any other reenonrible
tite attention orshippers so.hing Pend Pork or 111.
an toUUSLOM in hulk, is particularly reguected. in
asmuch us our arrangtoseuts enable us to carry such
articles through in bettor •ordcr Sias any other line.
Ciotal Eosin a r r asst.
PittsbOrgh, March 1.1517.
••• •
ITIER JONES—Commission and forwarding N
IV. chants, and AVltolosals Doakrs in loon, illaaa
:Wr.•FiWaeo, he.
filWdl t — • /NM I AIa
; CAD. Still leave Philadelphia daily after Est Feb
-r_LIL roan., with the' Mail to Chambers/nag,
'which enable the Wagons to Da ve there the .511 e
cur et
arida relays of hors., day and fr om cues the certain arrival of goals iu Five Days
Philadelphia. Apply to
D LEECIi k Co., Canal Basin.,
And l 5 south DI at. Philadelphia
We alll receipt forWlNlba Moder., kc., dolly, to go
through by the above line agar diet; El iIINL
(ebb , I .+R D. LEECII k Co.
owArr, /MI Cl l / 1 3. unernans
l'itteburgh. Pltiladelphi&
VIA C.A. AND 5at.10.14.
TIE-sin- CHAFF & Co- Ceuta Bashi. Pittsburgh.
DcrLui, 111./.IIPIIII.IIYS &Co, No.ll7.3larket it, Phil.
C. U. corner North & Saratoga ate Wu. )
Jona F. Clarks, No 13,014 Slip, Neer, Arr
IIaTOTIGG—The riyle of our firms *ill La known from
111 and anarthis date, at Pitollurgh, RA Henry Gratr
&Co, undurr hiladelptua, Ihnith, Humphrey. &No.
fiGISIPSD G DliTll.ll :{ Fldl¢delphiu.
HENRY GRAFF, Pittoburg -
18448. Season itfrilitlgetill 1848.
iii...Re .. a7LEVEL AND,
TllEVniiiiinoOnt DETROIT, Capt. J. C. Llenjamln, will
run, during . the season of IS4v, between Cleveland I
Sault Ste 'ileitis, in the following manner, wiehing s 1
Mackinac afid intermediate places each way: •
Leeving Cleveland every Illifoday,
Do -Detiolt do Tuesday at OA. M.
Do Maclaine do Thorley at 7
Returning, will lifave Sault Ste Marie every Friday, at
leave Detroit eeery Sunday evening for Cleve
land, at 7 o'clock.
W. A. Otis &Z.,
Agee.. BRADBUILN &Co. ek" limd.
S MeIv4IOIIT, Sault Ste Marie.
The Detroit has been thoroughly repaired and refit-
ted the past winter, and the public may eely upon the
perforating of her trips with punctuality as adverb:wit.
fetialm E. D. WARP.
Mia r ,1848. maim
To and from the Eastern cities, via Cumberland. Tll •
propiletoTs or-th. poptilar,tine,hwrc since their
re-orgameation largely Inerctsed Mem foe tildes to
meel the wishes of shippers; and OM now prepared to
forward a greater mount by do FIVE DAY LINE,
Its also by additional regular ...guns at low rates.
This liar toll run throughout the year, delivering
goods through the agents in Baltimore and Pittsburgh
to owners and consign . .. at specified rater and Our.
ethipments front Philadelphia for the line should be
tooted “Care, J B Robinson, Baltimore."
The only agents are
tap Charles st, Baltimore.
EDGERISJN tr. Co, Cumberland.
(1 NV CANS, ? lirovnumille.
feWI C BIDW Pittsburgh.
Bropristorss of ibis papules Imre elimired ths
Agemor .:Cumberland from the bow of bias% iSs
guise so Bat of Eilrsrbia le Co.
Pitt:buret utd amens mershaMs ars ooliSall that J Bar
Ij llobiligo4llo 92 South 4:ha:les .1, Baltimore, is the oalj
&Litho:Meanest of shis Liu is the Castsra elks.
Thema], Keats sro
J C lllDlVELL,Pittsburgh,
WOOS. Bmrommille,
EDO A ItTON it Co Comberlsod,
J B ROBINSON, Baltimore.
Vol crmaxitzaNy, LLTOnI2C, witinuxurus,rutbarixt.
L cu C ibal this is We isic7l, nd tafe.l, and used tape
ddlo. Line going litsti eollueeting wiW Atha= & Co's
Express dnily, at
w i ll
hrough receipts will bh given to any of the above
pistol. • alsrehundise told packages of soy size or
weight fOrwarded.,
Express closes deily at je. to
PS. Charles Hotel Buildings, wood It
canner ttaury Rxn axo cuus t lunx, mrsetnan.
?to. 3al it•mrr nun, ennAuu. •
110.111.T.1114N01l LILT S
atuai 1848..M.,11a
vol nur.masrusettrox OA ALA AMA OA ...AA.
DIZN 'f() kFILO3I PHILADULPiI lA, 111,1313 i ORE,
..... ......
A i..
N£tV VOKK laliL WS"ItON.
kind, of AlarchiidisieonSigned to P. K.
Frat, Philadelphia, or to J. Parrett & Co., Pittsburgh,
will be proutptfy forwarded Ilea of soma...dom.
1846 AND 1547
Sara?. Ni4llllla-
TIIE undersignsd ara now pored to forward pro.
u• daee.&e., rbe Hamra Alas eu doing the 'emu.
leg Winter, on the moat favorable lanna,.by thla aaPi•
Otoorog route.
'All propeny consigned to to wind forwarded 'Dbl .
lowest rasa. and with despatch.
ilereharidira Tbbe. , .d by 11.. =Me 4 . 71and7 for
warded. ' J 0 BIDWELL, Ag PlUsbares.
1.1 W CASS,
no MERTON I Co,Cantherload
gibiol 1849.
Canal Packet—BWALLOW, Dept Fwd. •
a OCEAN,Capt. Wanen.
QNE of the above Packets kave .Beaver every daYy
(Sundays excepted) and arrive next morgues at
arrea, where they comeet with lkw Mail Burs for
Akrou and Cleveland. errirtng at eaeb of these place.
before night: °near thiPactets leave Warren daily,
nt d P. M, and awl. at Beaver- in time to take the
cee . c iw s c7boarar ri F o 'iMrsh__ . .
: • .4-•
Canal Packet—PEYTCLNA, Cain. Brown.
FASHION, Capt. W P Sore.
one:of the above Packet. will leave Beaver every
vening,(Sunditya eteepted) at 7 o'clock, and arrive at
Greenville the next! zooming at 11. o ' c lock; and one
leavesGreenvilla every afternoon at 1 o'clock, and ar
rives t Beaver the next modiing at 5 o'clock—Ml.4h
in 16 wed by testa, (three homes each) au-. -
denied every In miles. At Greenville they connect
with hoe of Stage. through to Meadville and Erie.
The bode ant entior i AtL p w A a ßxs nd bu a n co t
exFxulp for
this i e.
Canal Paeket—TELEDRAPH, CapL e
Leaves Deaver every morning (Sondays excepted) at
8 o'clock—leaves New Conde every evening (simdays
excepted) at 7 o'clock; and connet.g with the steam.
en Lake Erie and nohigan, cunning between Beaver
and Pittsburgh. REED, PARKS& Beaver,
• Proprietors.
Passengers will be reeeipted through by either meth s
above routes, securing berths in the pactets and meat
in the• Ange, by application to either of the proprietors
or agenti. - JOHN A. CAUCHEY, Pittsbulgh,
roe. Water and Smithfield sta.
AGENTS:—Reed.Parke & Co, Beaver,
R ()Perks B Co, Yomigstown, 0;
Cote. & Leffingr ell, Wnwertf 0;
WConningham, New Comte, l'e;
C nether', Poinaki, Pa;
W C Nalon,Sharonf Pa:
Hay &Tine*, Sbarniville, Pa;
APPerland and King, Big Bend, Pa;
C C Wick, Greenville, P.;
r ' • •,• C M Reed, Erie, Pa.
Fl=;:n Line, composed of marabouts
_Lake•Erie and Michigan, between Pittsburgh and
Deaver. and freight and passenger Canal Daum be
tween Deaver and Erie, and C 84:d 's line of first
dual steamboats, propellers and ves Is on the Lakes,
is prepares' to curry freight and pas ngers to I N points
on the ktrieCanal,and Lakes &Me, baron and icht.
Having every facility for conveying freight mJ pas•
seniors with promptness end dispatch, the propnetor
laud agents respeethilly.licit from their friends a con
, linnet,. of their patronage.
CHI R REED S Proprie*.
HMI PARIS & Co, aver, Agents. •
roiy A. CAUGH . EY. Vent,
avid ear Water and Smith& pm, Pittsburgh.
1848.:1 -
W. n
T. Myro, Pittallir dirg .
Rzon, Foist& Co, Deaver, • }Frail's.
Claw7Oati & Culaturaurt; • Clevel.d
TllEabove Line is now_preParer transport freight
and passengers from Pittsburg mu! Cleveland,' or
on the Canals and Lakes
One beat leaves Pittsburgh and C oveland deify, rui
ning is connection with the steambouls Lake Erte ; stad
Michigan, between rumburgh and Bearer. and alum
of first class steamboats, propelle3 brigs and whet:m
oot on lakeeEne, Harm mad Mk gan.
Property forwarded to any p of •Wellnion with
dispatcb,.by WM. T. bIATHER. or
roe Water and Smithfield sus, Piusburgh.
AGENTS:—Reed. Parks tr. Cis - aßoaven
R tit Parks to Youngstown, 0; '
• E W Cotes & Co, Warren;
D Dostvrick & Co, Breadpon,
A & NClark, Newton Falls;
Lewis, Newport;
J& E Whittiesey, Camphellsport;
.10 M'Bride, Raven.;
14 A. C H Kent, Franklin;
Miller &Tuttle, CuyahogaTrills;
Wheeler & Co, Akron;
Harney, Gibbs & Co, Sandusky;
Af.a . ;;;e a Ewe, Toledo;
9 . l , 9itiee_ee A. Co, Dev:zit, ADrh;
llVlUreilitignßidarM;e, w
II J Winslow, Chle•ga,lll. apli
1848,251 -
Foi 'the Troxixitortatioo of Freight to and from
110.1.1 & Csau, Philadelphia.
Taps.. do O'Cuxxot, Pittsburgh.
old established Liar being now in (oil openx ,
time the proprietors have made extensive arrange
ment. uifunveril goods and produce withdespatch, and
on the most favorable term, They confidently hope
tb.-.r will known prompmeas in delivering good.—pe
er steely in mode m carrying—eapacious warehou.
se. ui egch pan, affording accommodatione to ehippers
and dune. of produce—together with died' long expe
deuce and unremitting attention to business. willneeure
to anemia continuance of that liberal 'patronage they
hereby grasefully acknowledge.
All consignments by and for thin line-receivea, chee
p:e paid. end forwarded in any required directions free
elsurge for commission, advancing or storage.
No interest, directly or indirectly, in steamboats.
Alleammunications promptly attended to on applica-
I tion to the ibilowing
110111SIDOE CASH. 27a Market R, Philadelphia.TAAFFß &O'CONNOR, Canal Basin, Pittsburgh.
O'CONNORS A Co. North at, Baltimore.
WM. D. WILSON, tid Cedar 01, NOW York. aps
'Western Trento siattlosa.Company.
1848. Obtitfliful`ht
via ricinsve.vsnu. AM, .teem Lat. aaana.
A , ' RE prepared to transport goods and produced , and
211.. Min the above cities on favorable terms. Ad
dress or apply to
D. LVECII A Co., Canal Resin, Pittsburgh.
HARRIS te LEECII, Nos. 13 & 15 South Third et, Phil.
J. TAYLOR& SON, Agts, No 14,70 th Howard et,
A. ADROIT, Agt, No 7 Siena street, New York.
Pittsburgh, March Nth, ISO. marlo
Passenger mad Itemslttamme Of Rees
jaiIiANFLDEI &ca to bring persons
from any part of Esigisnd, Ireland. Scoll.d of
Wales, upon the most liberal terms, with their .
ual punctuality and-aneution to th e wants and comm
on or emmMtants Werdo not allow ourpamengers to
e robbed by the sWiedling scamps that utast the sea we take charge of them the moment they re.
porl theemelves, and see to th eir well being, and de
spatch them without any detention by the ant
We to this fearlessly, as we defy one of our poked.
gen to show that they were detained 45 hours by Ea tit
Liverpool, whilst thousands of others were &timed
months, until they could be tin 501110 . 0k1 ere, at •
eh ; p rate, %hick too frequently proved their coifing.
We intend to perform our eentiletß•bonarably, coat
what it temp, and not net as was the rue last season,
With ether otricerw,who either performed not 1401
Oben it suited their convenience.
Drafts drawn at Pittsburgh for any sum from /Ito
I .44 , l7 7o pzy . a . b2 , e s t o t u an a z d o a fth i e vn terxri . n . mai Banks in Ire-
Orropean and General Agent,
febl Frill, street, one door below Wood.
Hair Cream, • matchless article for the
of the Hair. This CrGrowth,
Beauty H.StOrllliall eam,
when on ce d
known, will supertedi all other article. of
the kind now used. Wheay.the hair is dead, hank,
thin, unhealthy, cr turning grey,. • Law appliempens
will make the hair .at and dark, and eye It • beantal
lively appearance; and will also makalltt Mali Ito live.
bane and healthy color twice as long as all the preve
ntion. which ewe generally used. Every lady ens
gentleman who are tie habit of using oils ou their
hair, should at once purchase • bottle of the Chinese
Hair Cream, ay it to so composed thatit injure_
the hair like those other preparations,Lut will beautilf
it, and pre perfect stuisfacuou In every Instance.
Fos testimony to Its very superior mialities, see this
following letter from Rev. BD. Caldwell, to Messrs.
Hendenhott k. Stretch, Nashville,General Agents for
the l'hrestem States:
Letter from the Rev. R. Caldwell, pastor alike 'Prin.
byterian chareh, Pulaski.
..'llessr• Ileralenhott k Strettientlemen: I tike
Leasure in adding my testimony, in favor of the excel •
lent preparation' called Dr. Parish's 'Chinese ' Hair
enema—for about ..two years ago, my bale was Tory
dry, brittly, and disposed to come our but. hating pro.
care.l • bottle of the Cream, and. martin acconling to
Ma prescription m 7 hair is now ion, elastic and ans.
to the head. Many belsams• and oils lorere: applied,
each leaving my bole In a Wont Mite than before.—
'Oils Cream however, has mat my e*ta
As an article for the Toilet, my %Mfg gives it prefer.
enee over all others, being delicately perfumetLaad not
diapered to rancidity. 'l'he holies especially will find
the Chinese Cream to be a desideratum to their pevw
ration. for the toilet. Respectfrdly, &e., I •
Pulaski, 4..7, 1547. R. CALDWELL
' ([/Sold wholesale and retail, in Pittaburgb,b y John
' M. Townsend, No. e 5 Market street, and Joel Mohler
! comer of Wood and Fifth streets. nate.
SION - OF TUE nicrpitturac
No. It I WOOD Sr...
• • • - -
With: subscribers' wish to inform the public generally
Wert they are now opening a new and large stock
of Clint, Glue, Queensware, Britannia and Fancy
(Mod, ctomprising the latest andanost fashionableping
acme of
French Chine plain and gold-band Dinner Sots
. do do " Tea
Superior Iron• Stone Dinner 0 -
Flawing blue (It nimpartems)
Liverpool . . "
, A great variety ortha Sem, different qualities;'
Britannia Illeakfart odd Tea sets;
to u nem—a healthful tinkle "Queen's Gothic;"
Parlor Lamps; (Comet:al, =ken)
Glass Ware,hrgeactil easement. ,
Steamboat ownem Clod ; hotel proprieton are invited
to ermine,' our assoribieln of ware suitable for their
Country Illerchth e , lact find a large stock of anlelas •
Imitable (orcaaou y sales, which we wilt sell at rea-. 1
mumble mice. 1 ,•••
Our stock being entirely new, we feel minified of be ,
ing able to please all who may favor us with their cue-
UM- lapl7:dtthart I GILL &DEITY.
AU_ and Olariere.—Permids wishing to have painting
or glaring done with mildness and despatch, will please
ve us a call. They Will find it to thew advantage, for
we are billy prepared to do work as low as any house
In the two tines can or will dol6al No. a Wood street.
•N. D.—We wish It to be understood that we have
not quit the painting and' glasiag, soineaf our Most
mole. friends have been telling the Pliblie igenerallY
that we wore going to retire from that branch of our
business. We tea NOM fully, prepared to trauma the
painting might:big than we ever WIITO.
itl aa allintllls Estolie
Mahatmas -• • •
IfrAAC WILLIAMS, Diaper andTathar, hese to in
the CiliStillf of Pltuburgh and others, th at be
s now opening at his rooms ou Smithfield street, no.
dir the above - Hotel, a large and beautiful assortment
of Cloths, Caesimeres, Satins, Silks, soul other Vestinp;
together with such saber uncles so r are required tor
gentlemen's wear., goods Lava been carefully alai
lected, and are of 'the newest and most, fashionable
style, as well so of superior quality.. tin customme
may depend open having' their clothe. made OF in a
manlier which cannot fed to gratify the taste of the
Meet fsnton • I ..imay
Proprietor of this well known place °Corson has
thapleastrie of luromting the public that his east,-
I at having been thotoughlY, refined and repaired,
and the grounds elegantly told out and docondet Is
now open for Waif accommodation, mid be Battery' r.
self that those whip :nay favor him with their Minion ,
age will Mad all that they desire, provided in 'the best
style and on. reasouable terms. Ile is determined to
spare no expeem la tanking his establishment worthy
Pebilo Penomaga lie has accommodation. Inc
Wanting a few Ire Crew:a., and all refresh
menu suitable to Ma mama, constantly on band
.• '
. .
Nursery Stack Para e. t .,
TILE . Irs . gber ars rL f . or t V ery ., tittrj . s p lf i t,:m .,...
Tbe eollectlon is net equalled for It 'elect axWerteasive
variety, in the Westerweormtry; contsinlngdOny new,
rare and valuable
i t., connsting in pars cf•PUnitiN
o , froui 3 tHS feet in
l i tiNgV,74 s' cunt, l"l ll L ig Pusbenel, Month.'
IT, Notsette Cluster, Perpernal Moss, Viairtlor PUlin
Ros; the finest and MOM esteemed sorts in <Mtliation.
The Dahli a list contains the gamey anehine_pnee
sorts grown; flower . Boot. , • large vont* Ttoot.
shrubbery, shade. trees, evergreens, Ise. Ylunateuts,
Nursery men and others, who , eant to decorate their
yards, gardens, pleasure ground.. or green Minos, are
respectfully invited to examine Um collectioNwhich is
• open to visitors except on Sundays. Convetnnee by
the omnibus arid greenwood ferry: Descrip',uve cata
logues *malty mad, or may be bad at our stolid, No 21
Laamond Market, where orders left with !ins, or by
mall to Pittsburgh Post Office. wilYbo maturely nuend
ed to. John Grabam,• practicaler. Will attend
to plotting shade trees, laying of gardens, &Xi Orders
left as abve. JAS. WARDROP,
martild3mkwatT 'Manchester, Ado Pillabutgh:
Tao.. Daarri,finmerly of Beatty, td , Kenno..:
Jon. AA. Duni .. •ZaAsville,O.
Csaa. O. Cosa ' iNeir Orkans,
filski•sal Commission 111 rolh.nt•
FOR THIL ILLS LCD fottwittnintbs
No. 31 Pork= Street, New
Pleura Manta & Co, Rankers, t N.
" J name fil'GreKor &INNS
* David White& Co,filadison,fie
: Flunk Donon,mken,'T A, " 4. Dose & F raser, /
T lTfecarn .. ey i ,tq, Banter, Zanesville; 0.
• D & Co, Wellaville„o.
(dill Park s A Co, Beavel,Ta,
J W Esq, Wheeling, Va. if •
51•Clu k is Co
• Pittsburgh. 4.
• & Mitcheltree, L..
' 8 atop glade of Heating
O. DEXTER, of Roston, has arranked and pl
at ated a plait for heating house-s, whieh ha. been
May used lirlionou, New York, /0, and whet
plied, hag received the decided prekrenee Over
e furnaces, &e. • Its advantages arei,s(
set. mat regularity of temperature.
from emote. . _
fid.ounplenant dunes.
4th. ily attended to and not liable tI IPt oatof
Sib. real durability.
Aln eland specification may be meal ...and upper.-
b Wed'
the copper
Il th ;C e ltlft.rr ' St e a ' t,
'tt between wood:Midianite ( •
Panacea Gp sritue--Itipme , d to be Me
la curing my chilrfa distressing
•rn the Temperance Banner, Nght; a 1947.
, a gr.:—We are not in the titt it of puffing,
ens tabblK,patent medicines, but wel feel dutpowd
mmend 0L0M... , " Syrup to those Who MO afflict
" a elT.Il h'
Il . C l . ‘ lrllttl k rOlil . 51114,114 usual
O r' , rai
F re severM days afflicted one of our:children, with
: evils, we were induced to try Itliirgairs cough
and by it relief was obtained la kfew hours. It
to be the panacea in this case 011001 L
: aced wholesale and retail by thefftropactor,
JOHN 1/ ItlOUGAMDmggist,
wood sh 1 door below diamond alley.
OlsaLtantit . t A o rt ro u r f ,
fc k:.,„ rot:Lt.:4%el d d
O ' r d " ;y y , 1 0 .1 5 1
canton be extracted with lbitt's lraprovod Cherol.l
Soap I have the astisfattion of saymett toe people of
this place, that this article, by my own tkaprosement on
It, now stands anrivalledto dm country for extracting
grease, tar, pitch, oil, paint, Or 29, other greasy auk •
tanch, from all kinds of gentlemen a oaf odic elotlany,
carpets, table cloths, Menno shawlsilladies' hoses,
is, without Iniurtng .ything that part water will not
initre. More than otm thousand pei4oos m different
pans of the country have told me t 'hey would not be
wdliont It; If it O. one dollar per calm In uy dna
Bosp on more Man 3U articles of lighysitlts. oath., Cl-.
pace., and calicoes, I have ottly.fonal three pieces of
.11k. two of alpacea, and four of entico, on which' it
changed the color: there faro before htbng It on. lien
dress try a sample of the dress best. Rotate
this because
I am determined not to recommend it;kly stroneer than
I know to be suictly true. N Ikllorr.
, 4
Price, 101 as per coke. sold, slid
1 21 t 37 sm. tub
aor stmaco.i
ITIIE undersigned has long
. been convinced of the
1 necessity for some medicine µlapsed to the rise of
Children end
c os to supereede:The use of all those
medicines which contain opium, att4 he at length suc
ceeded in pfitairing and offering 10 We public a medi•
eine fully anegenug every purpose Mr all diseases of the
vridlout the use of that deldlerlons drug, or any
other celealsed to injure In the leak The Info= Pau:
aces has bosh folly tested and tiled, the lan twelve
months, by minimum persons, and:found to possess all
the extraordinary virtues, end to priidnee all the aston
ishing effects as F. Girth on the bill of directions. Di
torture, Vomiting, Cholic, Uripine.Pnins, Diagnosed
Meares arising from 'seething, acting .iminediately
without disturbing Any of the functions of the bob}bob}producing the happie
st and mom' pleasant transition
doll violent pain ton tranquil amPloyous mate of feel
ing iu the Mlle sufferer. it
lo be had wholesale rind retail, of the PrePrigteti
]OILY PAROANT, Druggist mull Aprolocary; "John
Miteltell,l2lion Ca fluidram, and most other Druggists
it Allegheny and Pittsburgh. deeig
..... .
pourer *lts nu , Etuia ? couan sinevr.-11 ball I
pourer to cure PITC39OIOII, Feb. 14,1e11.
I IS 'lSlcthasam—My wife btu Sir years been subject
tea distiewung cough, accompaidid with wham, for
thcore of site used Mem. cough remedies,
Lad the idvice of the most Moment physicians in
Pr land, but was unavailing. By chance I heard
P 4 our Imperial Cough Syrup, ari'd was induced to bay
a tile for trial, although I had no belief thaimything
Id remove bee complaint. Tit my groat surprise,
t doses gave • her immediate belief.. She is at times
t übled with o cough, but two tempoonsful of Syrup
al ys ',toper , Ime seders, alter a trial of throe or
Io r . years, that Seller's Cough Syiup is the best eough
eine I have ever tried either: in the Old or New
err& War. Pomona-Ir,
Seventh Wasdi city of Pittsburgh.
The above certificate abooldllnduce on ocho are
tumbled with cough or exdonu, th give the Syrup a
al, It may lie bad for r r !e s n t i tAie E7 al v li: 3
.t. g
tipte of
Sold by Dr Cowl, .91 'nod, Dii Carry,: 1.110-
" pious
TIZ-4111...-&-,-,,,;i44,,-„,..4 East;
and most faatuon able Eastern natter.. sad eolo .of
or made to orderer all sixes, and ne ell prleea.
Demur fderchantaand others are me ad to can
examine the beral s thselve, as all will be sv
whole.ale or retell, and a deduction matte
wholesale purchasers.
14 me h. dim:nano, aad Geographical hnproreconta;
alon ihs Induct the soon calebnied eirnisenarigeors Com
piled Crow Bauchi ono
, foglt 040.,...Thhir=0 and
TORINCIYCAELESTIts GLO " BES, b ennaining all the
knows oaral Wad?, lea. Compiled tram the works ad
,G'ollaricos .S - K. Go La Osilia„ Hanlon, Meyer, Brad
ley, Itencind, hiaakelyne, the innocuous of the a Onocon-'
kW Society of Loudon, da, /a. Fran Smi th 's Nei' Eng
lid. Glob..
Lohnstai 2 Stnejtico loin just reeeinia Snr plan of Go
above Globe% ranin in sins,. &Slows: j., ' -
I pair .11 inches in Cotter,
I," 911 " •
I .0• " "
L•" mei globes 6 " "
Autrina, - Chnicieea , and Lonna' copy. droll •
D Just received of Dr: Towitsenats Samapatills, thu
most emmonbuiry medicine in the This Es•
not is put op in quart bottles. It Is slx times cheaper,
pleasanter, 'and vitamin. superior to any sold. It
cures disease without vomiting, purging, sickening of.
debilitating the patient. ,
Loon ocr rots Istmanowt.—Unprincipled permits itavei
copied our labels, an d... 90 up medicine In the same;
shoped bottle.. E. that thich bottle Liss Me onittenstki
na rare D(9. P. Townsend.
R. &SELLERS, Druggist, 57 Wood suet% between,
Third and Fourth, is Dr. Poormend's only • wholosaim
and, retail agent (or Pinsbargh, of whom the geottinei
article can be had.
D. N. t..rty' has been appointed the sole agent (04 .
Allegheny city, of vrlsom the genuine oracle Cll.ll b<r,
.73.. r =ton A rer ie eupertoe to ail other toadies (tic
CouLhsCoasueeptlon,DronehitiAdethmkand other Pointed:
naqtaboetious, is that the sem pepsins mho esouneneed thd:
nee of it in their Doilies oat years ago dill prefer it to alk .
other remedies of the !Ludt and where tiny hese been tudithed
to try other preparation. they Monotheist. tareriably been ;
diappointed m reeeseireg the good[ which was reasonably;
aneetpthed from the high mien beatervied by the propriethrei
Del bars returned to the use of Jeastest Edrearourr,
a milady that bee never Called to relay. th em slid 'Alai
problbly never bad Ps equal in arresting pulmonary diseseed
Prepared only by . Dr V. Jayne Philedelphis, and whia ;
ganef h 7 ALEX. JAVNbZ
7a Fourth at
__ ..
DERRY & NICKERsog, ---- rj
m..r.....r. of .
No. ZIA Bowth Frout train,
Back of 7 A. Witton's Cabinet Ware Atanisf
LL orders' left with 8.8. Moon, At th e when of the
AMerchant% Hotel, Piluberab, Will be prosP4ll
- attended to. TIIUS. G. GERRY -;
eepl(hdlc • A. C. NICIIERSON ti.
MIXPIOUENOED judges, ou trier of our
. aud a hist(
121 *Warm, lance 104.5, pronounce this ortschfunsili..
pencil for durability in the coularsetion of all kindSOf
Furnaces. Price-447d cmh for loads of IU al, guar
anteed nine months use. Orders for a second quidity
Deliver Bricks will be eaccated tit tlp per Aft if sefde
sired without guarantee. A stock of :WO (tot 4.. 1 4
is no or forssle at the warehouse, •Slotufs Wherf,' Xs
tad Lula, by J SHAW kIACLAHIZI, -: :l
septlaf • Kenehteou Iron WorLi_
JAY tnll2Nc.-Aft'vtl=4„.,
es—l a' best article, -monist soy empties in tue, P lißuts
end pmernation of the hcanti hair. We kilo*
M a id sue bale has been restored ro Mods
whie ham Mee bald lor years; mid we think we esseorde
sguar Una to recommend to all our leaders
hah , bair.b) make • Mal of thliTeuieinnediedly:
fo 'de rettsbergh at thaPeekin Tea Story, 11.a.751
Fottr Asineet ease - •iarldhloo.T
OUNDRIEI3,ISO bags prize' e Rio coffee; 101 b.blesi
1,1 Idoissies; 75 boxes manufactured tobacco; 125Lhalf
chasis men and black teas; 75 0 and 1 3 H
and 0 P do.; MO boxes German clay - , 10 coke .okra.
tar-, 10 do. potash, together with • general lineUrt.
merit of groceries, m slam and for sale by
gt. CARSON tc
TTAVANNA CIGARS,S I 4 O d Imported cigar' of
JUL the following eta:quad brands, put to airive
gispali . * c ADlcs..quAtt.l,l7 do Ft ress,
Ur ania :,
ityroo l s, Salta principal, am boar:,
%Baps extra do, Sylvia's do, La llsysdera lst r Mi'do
lit Orus, La Palma, Condon, }Agfa principes,jor
tele by
feb7 C MARTIN,
cor Smithfield & front at.
ARALII/LN NlOHTS—Exprcesly deadrued for fdm•
dr msdiag; I wine of publleabou by Harper & Wo
rkers, New York. To he completed in twelve pall.
Part lel Joan received and ter rale by
apS, comer market soda! aeir
OBOEITAMIX FOltried—A very anreanicm artiek.
Be[low. and MI the forge awle carried by the hob,
dba blWro tom A for iem roe'd sad for halo by 1
oc. . WM IS tA3.llby
.... , i-E.#:1G . A11. 4.. .tt , : - •7:'..
Bnateidds,_Spittng Blood, Pain in the Side
and Breast, Mot 'Moat, Buteseansi Pillpirstkot
&the Bear, Dinselling .Cnight Crop, /Malt •
Bermes Truant, was Otolpinat, and -
Diseased Kamera, friffitanY •
D. Illarapnata Compound Syrup of Wild
It it Mild and pleasant to the taste, perfectly safe
~ sad
harmless its operntons, r e med ies Yet it mom , of Wein. ,
powerful and cermet ies for Lon g Of the:
Lunge. Conahei Colds, Anima, Spitting Blood, Liver
Coniplainh - Rom in the Side or, Wrest, and general
Debility of the
t hen,Coat:M that TM ever invented by
the skill of man for elief of the afflicted Iliadic.
Certificates and evidencei of its wonderful n 4316141
powers ore daily receired frisal all damn. • It As kto•
possible'to conceive the wreante ofd afferiayi ads
iry that has been relieved or banished by ih r eon
we enceinte the immense benefit that shall ace a front
hvrve ages, sexes, and' eonstitado am.
' , alike affected by it, and the disease is e Maim from
the system, the constitution remdred, and heal res
tored by the see of Die. Sarsysx's Coulon. Mitcr or
WILD Cana , 'How many enforces do we dally be
hold approachin to on attorney grave, wrestedi in the
bloom of youth, tram their relator. and friends, adlieP
ed with that fatal malady, colistairriON, which
wastes the miserable mfferer moil he to beyond' the
power of ham. skilL If each euffirers would our y
mere o trial afro. Swayne's Compound Syrup of Wild
Cheny, they, would find themselves sooner relieved
than by gulping the Vatic., Ineffective remedies with
which our newspapers abound;this 'Vegetable Reme
dy' heals the Ulcerated lanes, stopping profits. Hight
sweats, et the same time induema a natural and healthy
expectonaion, and the patient will soon find himself in
the enjoyment ecomfortable health. The public should
bear in mind that Dr. Swarm is a remlarpraeilaing
physician; and has bad year of experience tu diseases
of the Lump, Chest, Ice. The forgole and enigma-
Me ankleouly prepared CIL N W dor.
aer of Eighth and Baca alreets,Tn_ladelplita. •
Of all the cures that has ever been recorded,are msy
safely say the alma. of medicine cannot (mush one to
surpass thislituch now stands as a tieing proof of the
curability of consumption, even When bfe had been
despaired °L. Do. Hersyne's Compound biy tart
Cherry is all it professes to be, the greatest medicine
inthe lumen world.
Vos True Riclier of Lift is Mali&
Swerm—Deaihir,—For die good of the public, I
feel myself in duty bound to testify to the peat aunt
which your Di/moaned syrup of Wild ..Cherry perform—
ed MI me. For my pan, l feel as if every,body ought
to knave it. I we. alllictol with violent eougb, spa.
Ong of blood, night - sweats, hoarseness, and somd of
the voice Indicating m alarming slate of the Illsease,•
toy appetite wan gone, nod my strength had NO ferfail
ed me, that my . / nends and physician were parsoaded
could not meets. many days. My sister,fteho was my
unions care-taker. made
_manly where she 'would be
likely to procure the most certain relief. Showas told
that if Dr. Swayne'a Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry
foiled iu the cue, my lite wa, then hopeless. Your
medicine too immediately procured, and the boot bet.
ike gave relief, and .by the 1iM.71 had commenced Ole
eta bottle. my cough had left me aud my strength was
much improved. to Mon, it has made a perfect owe
f me, end lam at this present time 'ea Marry a mm as
I sub, and have good room to believe that the use of
• our motion.. has .aved me from a premaMra grave.
shall be pleased to give any information reapecting
.• hi
38 cheater at, between race and vine l aM. •
Consumptives, Read: IL, atIll , ; Dr. Swayers Compound
Syrup of Wild Cherry. . •
In about the year 1e37,1 found it necessary In ray
prafemional practice, to compound a medicinal prepar
ation for diwases of the chest and lungs, poss.* leg
more powerful healing properties
nay other hint
knovnt for such Emmet , . la any COMPOUND
SYRUP OF WILD CIIERRy,.I have been very sue
ceasful. TheAuly anohisliing cams erected by' my
medicine anon spread italmne abroad; for Roams nom
of its success temmuthetured newspaper pars or for
ged certificates—the real intrinsic aunts of my con.
pond Is the only eause'ofiu popularity. Mextenslve
sale anon excited the VW) . 01.11141 speculators , in the
Mated°. of his fellow creature., so tench so that to In
few ymrs (menthe time that my PmPliatioewm bur.
dared to the public and Is great amend, a firm in this
city, finding that my preparation had gained a high
reputation for its cura ti ve properties, came out with
what they called D. Wines Lamm of Wild CbMTL-.
This respectableand popular physician had the more
to do with the article than poor Sem Patch. The name
ofik Wiener is attached to make it appear that this eno.
them practitioner was the original inventor of the pre
paration; each is not the fact. The Mcrae fini, the rw
al inventor,. Old the recipe and right to mandfacture to
mine patent medicine dealers In Cincinnati for the
West and So nth, and another in New York for the Easy
who afterwards, it is tanned, sold out to a druggist in
Boston—so the number of hands into which lima; kayo .
changed le en enigma.
In acme places they amen it emanated from a phi
sicim in randelpilla; in ethers, from a phytii(truith
Maseachasetm So it Ms falsehood and atmagem
stomped in every femme.
There have been a mother of other preparations pup
portiog to contain Wild Cherry put out since, from the
hand" of inexperience, which the public should guard
against, as they contain none of the virtues of the origi
nal and only' genuine preparation, which bears the mag
nate= of Dr. awayne on each bottle. The present
manufacturers of thew puifiratul false cenifienies have
the daring ediontety to medial the nubile against pur
chaslng my medicine, the °infinity genuine and ongi e
nal preparation of Wild Cherry before the public,
which reproved satisfactorily by the public records of
the Commonwealth of Permsylsauia,. well as mi
en other official documents. • DR. H. SWAYNE,.
Inventor and sole Proprietor of the genuine Com
pound Syrup of 'Mild Cherry, corner of Eighth end
Mee enema, Philadelphia
Pamphlets can be obtained gratis, setting forth an
array of testimony thatwill connate the moat skepti
cal Male woodertuivirtum elite Swayne'• Compound
Syrup of Wild Cherry. Call and get one, that aU may
read. 'Purchase the medicine, and az cc
For sale, wholesale md by the AVMS. ' •
WM THORN, 53 Market an 00ILN Sa SNOWDEN,
comet Wood ant Liberty stag S trio Liberty
st; it A FAIINITOCK A. Co, comer of First and
Wood and Sixth and Wood; nal JUAN MITCHELL,
;harry city. meta
Great Magni& Ilezdedy..
T,l OR Coughs, folds, A.doan and Consumption! The
OILEAT AYIII ONLY REAIIILW fur the cure of the
abut, diseases, is the HUNGARLLY BALSAM OF
LIFE, discovered by the celebruted• Ur.. Buchan; al
Lunamy England, am! introduced into the United States
under the immediate supenumitdence ore° invernorlll
The extraordinary sureeis of this medicine, in, tei
cure of .Fultnostary diseases, warrant.. the AlftiCll.ll
Agent in eliciting for treatment the worst posailll6 cc,
es that C. be found in the community—eelses that seek
relief in vain from any, of the common mined'es of the
day, and have been given up by the most distiogniihed
physicians as confirmed' end incurable. The Ilunguti
an Salaam has cruel, and will core, rho moat deVerale
of cans. It is no quack animate, but a standard Engl.
fish medicine, of known and established of
Every family in the United teams should be supplied
with Ruch 's Hungarian Retain of Life, not only to
counteract thn consubmOve tendencies of the eticints,
but to be end as alreventiva medicine in all cues ot
colds; coughs, spt or blood. pen in the side and
chest, irritation el soreneu of the lungs, bruehilia,
itieulty of brentitig, hectic fever, oght Meal% =MCI
; ation and general debility, nehma, Minutes, weeping
cough and croup. II
I Sold in large belles, Bh per boule, with fall din:e
nnui for the restoration of health.
Pamphlets, containing. mass of English and tree
'can,cenificates, and other evidence, showing the nu
equalled merits of this great English Remedy, maybe
obtained of We Agents, gramitaudy. ,
For sale by II A FARNE.TOCK lc Co., coiner of
st god Wood and Wandand eh es. • mar 9
. _
We have been Informed by Mrs. Rose of • ease pet.
fanned.= her by Dr. Jayssea.Alearatlvecwhich
prove. its superiority over every other remedy of the
kind. She lies been enticed Sr the last eisteen years
with eleemtiont and coronation of various bones, dn.
ring wh ieh then many pieeei bars been discharged from
the Immo! lone m
ethe cranium leg s; both berms.,
wrists end hands, front both and !rem the left
re.r.orar bone, and from the right knee besides painful
ulcers en other pans of her person, which have bathed
the skillet n =abater the mostentinent physicians&
nor elt. , —doring mon of the time her suffering@ have
been andsteplorable. About three months
since the was induced to try Df.'layne's Alterative,
which has had m astoniehlegly hippy effect upon her,
by Mestivies alt pain and melting., and causing, the
Mints id heal, while Mate sense time litrgeeerel health,
hes heehaw completely restored, to that wee now weighs
el SA Mote than she did before she commenced the use
or his truly valinible prepares—lent. Eve. Post. •
For limber ioformation, theatre of Mrs. Rose, lie. M
ELIA a it, Philadelphia.
Female in Yiesburgb, at the VEKIN TEA STORE,
71Famitt it. nearl Wood. 7Y6
liNOS.—Sciolula in all it. multiplied forma
whithegin that of King's ERI, enlargement' a the
&Miser bunee,;Uoitre, White Swellings, Carona
gtheine4tiss4Cniaser, diseases of the pikm or Spine,
or og l'Oliiionary Consumption, emanate from one
and the canoe, which is a poisuriou.'principlo
mine; ;orlon inherent in the human eysteni. There.
fore; ohiem this Principle can be destroyed, no rail.
cal Carigtan be cflected, but if the principle upon
which i=the diseinie depends, is removed, a cure
imistokimeesvili follow, no matter under %%bottom
the divgluse should mauilest itself, This, therefore
is the: 0211011 why JATSE . B ALTER-ATI VI IS Ito 001
versally4uccessful in removing no many malignant
disease* deatroys the virus or principle from
wlO. 'Abuse diseased have their origin, by naming
intoßiff circulation, and with the bleoctis convoyed
- to; tfiermiuntmt fibre, removing every portieln of
diikainifrem the system. Prepared and sold at No.
Ii Solidi Third Street, Philadelphia.
Soldit the Pekin-Tea Store, No. 7: Fourth 'Oise.
Pithibeggh mold)
AMES Who USE COlllO/011 Plepared Chant, one
not :Mare how fr.Mdfully :Mations Is bo
is lelor court haw rough, how sallow, o ellow,
t edVaittalthy the skin appears after nu prepared
sttalki4tleudeu it 'Monona, conlainlog a large quart
ory*.tead. We hire prepared a ben:Whit vegctiblc
..edelePerhich we call JCINES'S aPANISII LILY
Wlirgid It I. perfectly innocent, being puriGml of all
deicteramsqu.dibes; uptt it imparts to‘the skin a nata
re4 licilthy,aletbaster,eicar, haring white, alike same
time eines an a costume: on the akin, ...king hood
and snlooth. •
Di.4anicit Anacreon, Practical Cheinist of Maize.
1101°Z. rays: "After tut:Myr:Mg Jones's tipmiah Lilly
Whit 4 I hod It .au the must beautifitt and onto
alt tip the mune:l:me innocent white I ever saw.. I
wtliddly can constientionsly recommend its use Wall
ho:Math:l req.. beautifylog.”
toryrice nice.% a box.
Ix hy..Wkl. JACKSON, at bid Mot and Shoe
Stoma ft/ Liberty otMet, head of Wood, at the sigh of
the I..SM Boot. - rta •
Whtudt ladies,Pra astonishck
you know dowkrou oniPwouinna
o roLlife•llke, snowy wham
That you will still use coeuroon chalk,
And lock a deathly yellow fright, •
•Thet,illeme of laughter and of - talk. 1 •
j lOyce would use..a bey of JONE'S Lillymitne,
oroald give your okw an alabaster yet natural White,
and:h-Me mute Hum cleat and improve it.• Sold at
JAVIC,SON , S,ta Liberty It. roue M stems per!
• -myfi
1.. No. B
U URLING SLIP, /WAY .1C041.1....
oy Rua offers for solo at Um lotOrett-
Maitfacmarers , price., a very' exunsive aolorV
kmiiit of PAPER, comprising every possible variety,
adopted mac wants of consumers in all sections dew
etatotry. raper of all kinds tondo to order st .bon
'n pnr[hl
ri l iCEN f A v airallig " /VgaIAL,
of iSaery d seription,ininottd and heist epneturilly on
eltings,_ ire ands; kairdronor ircs
Bleaching Powder, Wan. luantainc, Twine, tac„gto
tansars, Dale Rope, Sims. Rope,Bagging; • e. ,
ptighased,for which tlic highest price in Cash will . be
, New York. Jely,llB4o.
j.nay.ltalleas 101.assleal '
rptra all kinds of atOption. and diaeases of me Bain:
r Si te hasPiroplea,lllotchlisialt Rheum, Seamy, neat
s epolitkelappal or clacked elltinould tor another dims.
.sweet . the Skin, which revue external rente/b., this
lioagatands anpatallaf: it also &spots Presidia, ski.
atorphow, Ton, and changes the color of dark,
yellow or disagared aka, to a fine , healthy, you th s - u I,
clasiiha A freak !month warranted genuine, and l'cr
cleat the reduced ones of 37e per cake, basing been
mused, I. offered inc We by II A FAUN ESIVAni &
Co s epmsr Ist and wood and &LW We& r aLgth
jad modest!. •
ale by WM B IsCAOE,
spliS kit it Mtn.. aorta di void'
THE best article knows for elearungend whimsical
• the Teeth, slowtheelma the gems, sweinannta the
breath, ate.-It slosh/ he used every night with a slit
brash, wan the teeth and moo* lethally maitre ash('
wuhmg Ig the warning. Wet the brash with warm
water, OTcold will answer, and rab it a few times ea
the paste, when enough will totlelti 617 enema/ Jul • -
teeth. It leaves• delirious LIMO ill tbo.o3olttrdlia'
pans a most deliabandfnwranee lathe bread.. tmandir. •
nurivalled as I pleasant, eforeeleas, cativenient, and I
safe dew:igen It is warranted not In llawn the teeth,
bah* preserve them. . .
. illy asirgg rqralsoly, h wit remove the Wiz sad .i
present tut a rent -dug tom:Webs
strengthen the gams, and prevent all diseases of twos
Chewier, pkysthums, and the clergy reeve rantend It a .
decidedly wetter to every thing of the bed we.—
Ask fornhennintOompoand Orris Teeth Taste, end
obrerre kis wawa= Is umbel! to etch ' - '
,• Recommended by Dr. Cutts; ailßroadway, ow of -
oar Lest Dentists, and by most of the old emblislied
ones in the Unitas' Suho, and ewe Zwnsiwily, Wed. •
by the Viability of &Wand and Par ea.
r A huge proportion of the disease. t fratatilistmankind
arise from come derangement of the stomacher beengleg
whiett a timely use of he Cults tan Lounges wenDt .
entirely ObTill. Persons of billets* habits should '
ways hwe a ilex nt hand, imitate • dose whenever .
they febl the least denuttement in their health. Altai
does We -of these Lounges would prevent thousand.
• Partial° at WM. JACKSON'S, - tier Of Weed and
LPAB UILE, parineed by tha intstroland sayers*
: Gland genie Liver - PM, prepared and odd by it le ILI.
Fiona; Weenoceland Cebe P.., I
July Mb, VIC. I
Ms. &IL Silai:—.ll.lfflue of day to you sad thaelieted
biome. toadd mf losable teniincesyla &rear yersrjelAy
arbitrated Liver hft bee debned,dolos for Ivey
adhering to leaf Carekeurs earries, ohs sae yort
ties p sbeed.r. , blina of lbe many Preperations oregano.
and ciecke r laried to the skies, bee alb/ilea
Y Nis bare bean oared in th e yableond, laded r
I believe they will everrin tea dey arr t ea & w aj
mpreprena t then to b. I bar. bele ilbeted 'nth Lin .
lamt feta. my . yeah; bane saber mak espbyeal
many em_ t pbedereas, aims I pald enei mener bee
let moth Moo enaitodaad pbyeeked node
.. aes
elivited a
s r 6 times, and inallybee op ea amnia la
.1630-71 wa Warsaw as isarLiaaa nOllOOl , l COS '
, WElit. One box of Irak!. aorreableint elteepakeelear_ -
af peels the adsond all tba other spaybese, bet at least
12 web. Your . rills we alsolee I ever sot
attiell a ntragart g :L l 34= " hp= ll, T , ,t , % , _
..... 6 7 yarn add hundreds of base. eel bare war
herd enaphint Weed by any
mho boo and .
Vey ben eapanaled along eery gen pi/I :this
eighborbood, end is a abort tie will; Web tea all, 11.
!meet! nereamend them to pone= metier pbyeia,
for. Liver Cbotphint of Dinkel Albelioda: 1 Mee
sidereal er.vperim mCal.mel or te Bluer&
. I eek Wier Palk beton. es pebble
*star.o Line nib, presto abo 'eths GElitillfiraboali
nab for and rake ao other than tee Openedads yet
6 ISELLXIIII, ifs 52 rrood-0,.. beeves Tiled endiroaret
FM TPud, D M Curia Allailmay - r
.14dby Dr.Cassat, YL
Ur ro tarior t esTilayt o the*ate* Antra - •
,thankst!the iblla j aVf Pine ßßlS :hand oros his "
ity for the very literal support and encouragement het
has received entitle the last six months: Murtha Wa;
ter ewe should enquire each - melebrity, is neither
strange nor etysteworia,when it Ls coasidered how great
, a number of eases of every variety of &masa% both
`-rite and amnia, have been cared by a Mahon as
Of it. In Germany, whore - it originated, six . thoesand
ofthe worst emus, dud were gwen up by the meet
fed phyeelans of Forays as Wearable, were cared by
the unmoral Priesnuts, the founder of theWaser Ciro
In England, France and America, Unman& of h e,
less eases have bees cured by it, and the numerous
Hydroputhie esublishmenta ROW tn meessefal opera
tion in the Ulliltd 6111.15 , •,, speak volumes, in Covet oldie
Dre idorris having permanently establiehed hitemlf
1 , in the city of }lnaba:et, ; three . doors Wiethonat of
winU slley,'on Penn street, is 1101 V pretred uptake h
somber of hoarders and treat them at horn;
wi l l who prethr being treated m their own dwel
will be panclually and faithfully attended. Ho may
consulted al his dace trona delack Ulla P.M, and
Gum 7toin In the evening. - t •
N. B.
it variety of bathe made me of in hi
Water mire, both for ladia Li b e can be oh,
mined alder Atheneum, on Liberty erect, where they
bore been-reeently erected for the express nee of Hy.
dropathic patients, and where -every attention win be
given bLike polite end attentive proprietora. • ..•
I 2 RUM the Bev ASAiIiIIINN, a well known % . 1=
.1" - nlar tlernman Of the Protesientidethodist
The undened imams been saleteddiatingthepast
winter with a disease of the manutch,sometinter pro.
&ming meat pain in the stomach for tenor twelveltoars
without intermission, and after hiving tried easel
reinedim With little effect, ems furnished with • bends
ell), Dime% CannineDve Balasie This he used ae
cording to the directions, arid found usvariably thatthia
medicine caused the pain to abate is three or bar min
ales, and fa' fifteen or twenty, minima every • anasy •
sensation was entirely quieted. - The medicine was al ,
tcrwardsused whenever indications of the approach of
a d . pin were perceived, and the pate waeilieriby prevent.
tie confirmed to am the medicine twerp
Mid sometimes m the moraine - , and in few . weeks
health Wa wa to far restored, that the sufferer was roller
ed hem a large amount of oppressive pain. From en
patience, therefore, he can confidently reepornand me l o n
D Jaynes Carminative Balsam, so a salutary medle in
for diseases attic stomach anti bowels. , A IIdIINND
. h ,, h
For sale it; Plualinigi laffEll 7 F.Vittit
721ounk street, near
Z. and also, st thitDmg
Store of DT SCHWARTZ. Fed,. Allegh•l
• ,Puglty Your Blood.
R. 6. &SIBLEY—Deer Sim Lnlo Spring, and di
ring the marinas winter, I was severely edictal
want &scrofulous complaint in my legs, and had been
fur 90190 =tall under the corn of phymciana .They 7
said my case was Masan incurable, and they could do
but hale for me. I was aMerly helpless, but with the
aid of enuchea could with &faculty get about. In May
last,- I purchased of you, and commenced using Barr
root 9.II•PARELL.L. After the use of two bottles, Ms
sore, commenced healing and I laid aide mrerutelt ,
es, ming only a mum. - rdispensed with my cane, and
at the end of the fourth, VW
I- so well as to assist ell day
la abearing sheep. In all, med fore beam si
aerofula and sores have all healed up, and .inn tut
511.1121600 have neon 'no appearance ofthedfsett Iran
have cominuedomd ens now, lathe most perket herdthil
I state with confidence, homagthat others mity bah`
eflued in she sage wart ShtssitMilitt M
you, hai been the means end the only meads of egoists
1 mgthe sore. 'CORNELIUS J.IIOSE.
Far sale wholesale end•
low•• • B. A.FAUP,W , TO= Cle •
cor. front P wood eta & also comer weed Aethoe
Ititters , Owartutd. Syrup of Tar . .
I,IOR THE CUIIF. of Coughs, Calls, Braftelthis,:kit. -
X hag of Bleed, Dyspepsre, nod ell other dist-aim of
me system tending to PULMONARY CONSUMPPION.
The greet and unprecedented osecese of thiamin.
ble medians, and e desire to disseminate he benefits, •
bale butueed the proprietors to Lc the prca and mint.
per bottle, thus placing it within the reach olalL a No
t amity should be without, or sem will; when they hare
once seen and appreciated Its almost
than in the woe oldie shore complainta Countiningno
mineral or narcotic ingredients,. not the slightest dot
ger or inconvenience cant flolet haute. Children t
suferimy from menu end whooping cough will take it
with avidity, and find immediate rehef, no matter how
violent the pared:Yon, if given according to dirsetiOnit
Resale by . storekeepers , Generally, in this aml sa.
joining counts., end wholesale aud Mail by:the pro-
Menem. Ted RITER, Drumm!,
• mama 161 N. Second et, below VW PUPIL"
121X13. PIeaITUNIZIXT • -- • •
Cream de' Amanda Amens , far shavinr,
Crews t la Bony tor shames;
AiXOO4O.lO Cream, do; •, -
Superfine Rouge on Porcelain wad; -
.:11Vcss.f Patfinned meth Lavender, .
lteautifal powder pen, of all patterns;
Embossed onkel boxes, contenting (etyma extracts
for the hondkentdeft • scent bag, and toilet
. abk. for presents: • . .
Pesmo, or Chinese powder:
Indian vegeuthlo had
oil, in fancy or mammal snappers, (rose seen.
Jones' Soap; Nymph deep; Roes LaP . 1 ";
~ n a s ty
ShoS Soda soap; sogettw on a great
of fineeperfuontry: just ter:weed; for We by
• old . etc t mood sts-
• Piallstoiaary Dalian. • • •
INISSRS. REED .& CUTLEII--1 feel It a doll I •
owerto tny . fellow °resumes, te mats. mettalAteg
more respeadas your Vegetable Yohnonary Balsam.
Shwa I first tued the Rahway alum% eleven years ago,
We happy edict of which I uteri gavulirt 6C0001•. 041 i
have bud several seven comphunts and &nicks at mi
leap, 000 • felt days since, and In yam itudarma /
have Med the Ramo Moue wills complete and, per Met
utteas, It has effected 'relief and cure in a'rerY few
days.' It is certainly a sofa medicine. I do not keen
- that It will cure a fixed comturoptioo but I beliervaAt
will be in many eases a preventive; and' prevention Is
letter Wan. cure e g y d= treth..e of ll=7l
low i
in all puirnonary• amnplaims. lem confidant that It
bun been the means of preserving my_life to Will day,
/Anton June 10, 46. BEN-tem:l ressorts.
For sale by 13 A Fahnemoek, & CO, earner first sad. •
wood and also corner wood and MIL • • . •
Patent Black Iltprleg Trans. • '
ll% • 3 ewLy INVENTED—For the re lictand Permanent
LI abate of lIE/INIA or 11UPTUffli. (Salted to all
Ibe evertor claimant
it Truss conaist intim maw
.1140 ea. with which it may be worn. The pa 0 1
wood being neatly balanced on torings, yield.
t e a +
on any part of II; and thoroughly adapt , naafi to
anyanovpactst lade by Um we
It can be worn
wanton Intermission, tattle cat is cfccted. The sub
tel.bare valuabl es ade arm:lament. for tltc manufacture
of these Truases,,ln ouperior auto, in
.te lea is' and have them now or ..ate m their oaten, No.
r7,2 , llliibfield at. attar *Lath, Peh/aria. : •
. 1). t ICAUFFMA.N.
SLLEBS' VER.I4III.IOE—"S • nor to iuy 1 1 . 1 1.
Guntur Tr., Payeue count Pa, March 4, sa•
Mr. Sumuns—L hereby certify that I hare sued
your Yenning° in my fussily, end be li eve Neal, if
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