The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, June 23, 1848, Image 1

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NISONIBLkeIL&SI& Lestherikal7.
AL - ers, Fortm.a. ?Jaw
!!.. Gr i erPitubut6l4 k
,Coasigung&as of WearAn tratttei &kicked, endlib
cal advosee. made, ic require& . kblviGni
„oot ri.,,„,,„_
'irskozaws mak . anus sank
AUEST. ES, ,Wltelesks and Retail Drug
rg;ists, oiLlionly salt.. Gulf tsks, pa
Lther7 el.,
BA. PAIthIIO3TOCE. k. Co., Wholesale , awl Re
. tail tail Druggists, eon= Wood sts;,-
itOKLEY MITII, Wlri2leinte ofOCCM 6134
Sr Wood urcet Pittab • ' ,
CaA.AIIeAI4ULTY a (V., , Font nod c~
Taladou bleseisats, Canal Nuin,
WI& Amu; JO= 1. agsniona, isn&aux.
CIOLEMAISI RAILISAN, & Ca, litsanfannuors of,
CarringAV and Asia& A.'lL and Spring
SAW,: and in Cosa ninon/AP of nyn , 7 do
acripuon, onnutactory on St Warehouse 43
Wood °pp.:wins Su Clarks Howl. -JanW
WIVALLT ZILTUART, .Wholicele Groom, deal
en in Produce an Pirbbelik, o oo7
an of Übe end nand • nub th sebl7
riousu & , ii&us c =4
,qii)Wheeirsears ,
an.&&,4akrebsassisad &Wen it Produces mod Pius.
burgh Muisfseisios,Pki.V7 Wpod sti,butusettud
wassitni. , maxi, wcoo:
I,oll=Ek :117kolesale Ozoteta and
mas.b.u.kaa Ag.a. Rat *lea.
. MOM Wileroad Ittp Frar4m., ilus•
BLXII:Ei Plum, Forte
, NLiontbntarei . and defiler
-91LLIJMENt, LONU ALUZER, Bell and Drug
Pimalan sad On MIMI, 100 non; between
and Bonthfield smote, Paathafta, Pa.
.ILip Micheal- .pains given far alaCapper and Biwa
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..)• , ,5:f.1.1.,f143;ff• - • , r ,, n7T , 117•Tiq
fIaILARY RIPONOT, sod . Red Lead Munn.
thetver f likut: and Oil Merchant, corner of 'At.
guy and O'Hara sta., Pittsburgh. . - }Oa
1.. li c arettau ' l, ffnirie N le W ra * P G roducTiioa.5 Cam o
Water, and 107 Finns GUCCI; Pdtoboeob. nord,
701 IN SCOTT & co„; Wholesale Grocer; Forward
aVing and. Commission lierchaiqs,Dealers in I'r,.
dace and Pituburgh Manufactures, No, 7 lhstunteiFial
Mow, Liberty aucel, stew the Canal, Piusburigh, Pa.
T! BEYAN,"Ltentitying .Diadller, and \ Vhokiile
U. dealer la Foreign and Ammon Wines mild..
goon,No..llll.4befly Wee% and =Diamond alley
PiWb . jyl7-dly
JAXES IS ittc4lUlltli, , (late of film er Alpo and
MeGaire,) llemtrun 'War, eq.:Mules .1/tidings,
..T41.111333 A. TCHN, & eeessors ta
Y Lewis HuteHUkison & ISO Co, Commission blereharas t
and Agents of the to. Louts Meson Sops .11elnesy.
Ala 43 urster&ala &oen suer.u r Yinsbusgh.. •
T - : IL BLACK, Merchant Tailer, - "Exclaiago Bail.
diapra,th. Clair az:, Piusbargh. lulOtl
TWIN S. , DILIVOILTH—WbbIesaIs Grocer Pro.
-dote and Commission Morciakt, No. 24%5'2.1 at.,
Ystubargh. jez4
• 11 . 011.N.D..2.10EU&N, Whoyerale Deupsist, and deal-
U le Dye Suds, Pelatsethls..Veredeees, ao-,A. 0 .
Wood sueug one door Bout& of Disoutod y, Pat ts-
J - 0 , 1"
T WIN 11. AIELLO*, \Thelma° • lieteil dealer
U ia Mule and /banal InCrumeas, &Adel BOOMS
Paper, Plates, Meet Peas, QuWs, Printers` Cards, sad
Stationery generally, No. el Woodsy PiusburgAL
_ll r , oupLt or taken in trade.
. T SCHOOAIMAKER. &Co Wbolesalo,Drugpsts,
U No. ACWood street, Piosborgh. •
7WEYII,IOIILXIN t. SON Commia.ou .d For
t, Merchants, No. IS niteny at., (opposite
bmidclield /I.4l3ampaces now. Le
10tIN D. Davis,wootioao..,« and wood
' ociS
TOIINSTON t BTOCKTON, Booksellers, YritaCr•
•tlidTaper,Mannfactwers, No. 44 Al.wkct at., l!nt.s.
TL, HEALS'S Book Siam, 4th, Den/ Market PUCCI,
. Classical, Theological, 'lmprint!, School, bliss&
lalscassond Methodist Books and thadonary.
yy. #OI.IEKMN Os Co. Banker and lachanac
7.lWLZl,pautlriZucs‘l,7l....atal Jd eta, Mitcham's
its Chummy purchased as, dm maxi rote.. octli
TORN MUER, Wholesale Grocer, dealer in res.
IP dace, Yin ber& dlanotastoces, Tat Fla.', tc. &r
-ex.; N. We. • janrs
FLOVD," (lab .J. Floyd&V,odW•olelsde
• Urges No. 1.92 Libetly street ! seP3
JAIII3 MIZELL, ' Grocer, Gel:mita° •
Altlataam, and. dealer in Produce sod - • •
Vesuvius Irma Works. -
If W V ) ,Vier=r e toifrollit:7( ° ,.c. " l,:!li
quality. lyiur-boase,4l water and 105 front at
f. WATERMAN, Wholnale Grocer, Forward.
ing And Entmllasion Merchant, Deal. in Yin.
ManametianA Awl Produce, 'l.m. '3l Waler et.,
and 112 Front in. , • ~
' L
I . fr...IIIIIIVON, Wialesalo'Groexia,lron
aud Commissmi Mar-butts, dealer. in
Fittstmush;ilailuftetp.res,lsios.l3 and 115
• Wcoan, , . •
4 .R . CER, BROTHERS & 011-, Ceouniesion Her
emu, Pluledelphis, kir the satahl ptodues gej
liberal advances made on emu . qryt:te. -
L' . Frei 'Eu N
, .. ew . w .. 144.
A l / 4 2; 17 .5 . V . : id , ... is. 114 Libay/C
, mat.- abacr.,• &awe.
ALLLN & .Coraraiegaa aad Fararardi
at. aztax ag
iderehaata, Water and .trout us., • b.:trees
Ws. alaccress.
ILLEIt k HICKETSON, Wholesale sirocco, awl
Ccentlsekte Merck.% N 0.1713, Liberty at; Pikes
eCO2I) & RNLI, Whalen& stud Retail Hat and
Cap.Mano6etuucc~eaa,~ •nl deaden in Fancy Fara
oom co Wood ancrliftb eta. Ant
l d i gr I' d a l g i s lit Fore'
and . noareatio Dille of Exchange, yettiliemee Dep;
it, Beak Notes and Specie:
jjje•Mollectioip mad cp all prin eil!ak rake
• • • • vibe United &Mei deet d
jusle Woe:. and Coon .
Co o
. adman sad Forardang NerchooW rio• 4%19
11)0/113HT moons, wl;2'tc.ip 6ioeier, gtetifyylg
Zikr Insailki, daisies in Prodnee,filisikargh 31.11/11C.
ULM. and all kinds of Fames and fElognertie - Wines
and Lknana, No. It Libeny - wee, hind a eel).
lam wet of magmas old 'Monongahela whiskey,
winetorill be sold W.I. (prevail, . _ ..:ant:kly
130BERTSON• A. KEPPLlCT i . Yriaddee Deader* and
11 Cond&s&o . fiteletuou, O. 110 Sccond!treet,
LE.17..111, Jr., Impactor and Denlei in
Foreign &&11 Boakade. dada ti Itirdvme and
I",arpada Pri ma of alt deseviptio.„ N 0.15,1 Wood
gcuAits• BAlLD,Wholathlo and Saudi Dealer in
Lasther, Motheth, Moomakere Tooth and hind
-Tartan' and Coda's' Tooke, and. Miriam' 011,
IN Wood l,Yidwmgh. saga
L . AL: ROBINSO!'i /k..Co.,Wholesale Uroecrs, r
. rod . ne
and Conetplssua Iklerehanu . ,and De knew hp*.
urgh Mumfacuates, No.1,1(1 lobeny st, 154,bur6b,
FBEKT DALZELL & Co, Wholoanin
W aders,
,Camtairdon and Forrranitng Mamba/31;4nd.*
rriodana and r&donrgh Manufactured, Libenr oL
ROUT.. r
iv Tl . 2ll:2A r t b il g lkter La u t i oecr,
bal no: 1441 LibenT FL • fJYIY
.BiNOLDS is.ll/IEF:, Forwarding and Cceannari
MaTablaP, tor a* Aillegbeny Weer Trade, deal
/a. Groomes, Viaduct, Pineburgh Idanurnenne
adelaknidaofLune. _ •
Meagher, prices, in cash, pad al all tunes far corm
UT rya Cllmatt or Pena and leads era j811.41
OALX0111) dr. Ca., Commisikm Meiehmals, Idb
min : aM" opposita Smithfild, Ikalers la }lour,
d Seeds, also Dater, Lug,
.#a• aP ,44 /
cc Mml L.MIIIIDION,IVhoIessIe and Bea Dealers
Pp in Idilliaar Meats, 'Laces, Maier, cad
Ankles, No. 4elMarkst suety:hi:kw ahoy e Third st,
U&CILLTT, & Wliolesald, Donlon lo
I. 1,7 Parer sod Donnlit 1/4 Goods. Rd. Wood at
-4,1 11AESAISOU, Wool Unctuous, Deleon
'...PDO.U.Floostsod rroduce gnu:wally, sod k'onrartting
.00d Connudoo. •Idascisats, Wo. us Water .., Woo.
U. BALLSI.EY b Ce., Wkolesalc Grocers and
Ynnisco dealers. N. 241 Market stroci r litur nen rah
.and As., North side. now
4,2 • .21.14--Macco o oF liionnie,)
Ua ale .and niansasetruer. of Yripur• lisngings nod
Scar% tad dealer in wrung, prinung, rind .serapping
- gape; is 7 Wood , 5t..;,15, Pa !Wes and
OW% same parensood at' thir &klieg market price. .
ga ,Cous
loco , prod XJ.TI4ED.
'l4° 17 ---
•, ritixtnnk.
NON. OONNLLOILST, ltpx, yhokaale tiro
• sans Yarsraterre and tam,Ursou itetelurs,
bastrigh Manufactures and Wasters kW-
Ersyss earafte tarsal. new wozebouse,OOl stand)
lest 'swam at haat 5. nod Mare-cry Lao. •
StItUEL M. RIES, Yowuci and Coo4oliaon
tootan= lMW n:L odoee m
Mt - uCain, mu
• dYI
M Y BUM *lamas Grouts and Comma. .
:olar-Mau, sad dealers Ist Product.. No. 25
Put a4' b. 11 , 011 t Agent tar Mexican aul4isara and
• ,I'l lo ...itg at aa °Mee of Wm. E. AY..
uq Fab Bei% lth st, rimbartk. 'HI eon
is Iramfal toad alike at Wubingiaa, will attend us
air lossisro atm hea 9,l4apeaco to applicant.
BowFli—Coranasion and Forwarding
Market wren. Mal
WICK & DIVANDLa 4 S, (nieces.,"
mica,' Wholesale Grocers, Forwarding and
Cortunission Merchants, dealers in Iron, Nail Glass,
o,,,,,Lyarns, and Pittsburgh Manufactures generally,
corner of Wood and Water streets, Pittsburgh.
IV. WALLACE, Mill .....lurillirFur, --- 71. -
Ws log establishment, N0.244' Liberty st., near'tha
ur li. GARRARD, Dealer in Flury nd Staple
Dr y
y Goods, No. 717 Market street, Pittsburgh.Pittsbu rgh. nort.34ll
'{fir w WILSON, Dealer in Warebe, , , Je elry;
Sliver MI., Military Uo2ala, &c. , No. 37 ' Slar?
ket at. nov7
W ft. MURPHY, Whol e sale ad Retail
erDane e '
mo d I Founrals. D7
IaTARRICICSLUITIN a Co, Ikutkers, Deniers in
Ty Exchange, Bank Notes and Coin, comer of Third
41./ Wood meets, Pittsburgh, Fn.
10.310,_ IISO. Won&
WAIL, YOUNG & Co.—Dealers fa leather hides, &c.
tit Libesty se. janS4r
Rectifyi. , era, Wine and - Una. ,
ama 31...641.4 . Snail
eme 11.../0=
itOlt Store, and Pittsburgh Man
mewed snicks, ha. on hand, at all times, a full and
general userUnent of goods In their line,Watei street,
tear CburY Ailey, Pittsburgh. • auld
No. 45 Market n., three doom algae 4 ntTt
burgh, will have constamly on hand a well retorted is
aOrtment of the best and freshest Mehentee,which he
.will .itti he moat reasonable terms. Physlcuots
wading. orders, will be promptly at ended to, and rap.
plied with ankles they may rely ore gettuic i r:
ne l ky_p ft re Thici" fro ' m !A u er . terith 'e a c t any an d
12ur of
. th -lifrof;t7&e l sarp meek of fresh and good Porfar
Eeth , ?Drt y l a bt WOR3L9, Pittsburgh, hi:mdse.
e*met We% Carpo r t Cerdl4 B ' "g , Witter
(Suceenors to Arbuckle tc. Avury,)
A LEDOUX A Co., No. 77 Canal street, New 0r
.P11.. leans, Agems for J.ll. Armanes Extensive Steam
Sugar Refinery. Always on baud a large stock of
Loaf, Powdered, Crushed, Clarified and Bastard Sugars,
in Tierces and Barrels. Also, Snort. lipase Alolnues.
Prices liberal, and a fair allowance made snail sales
of or above SO barrels. • ' metal
Slattotagalkela Meets Stable.
ROBY.= a PATTERSON h. opened
the large stable au First st, muting through
to &caudal, berareen Woodard atoithsetd
sta, in the rear of the Monongahela House,
with an entirely new stock of thaws and Carriages at
I n ith i, l3l=tran u tl r a . lest styles.. Manes keplytilge-
H Denier . EATON, Deer in Trimmings and Vasimy
Tortois Shell, Ivory and lion, Combs,
Voider. Yams and Worsteds, Buttons, Noodles, Pins,
Topes, 13mstes, an., No. MI Meager mina, lictoren Om
mood nod iW a., Pittsburgh:
R. T. LEECH E JR . , I
'llALlN b t: . r h eii , e m ainX y
i li , f , rtint th e e r tgo . t u int r,, aL;
announcing to eouninnera an mat d
dealers, that I =I pre
pared to famish tberawith•alt gouda in tny line, Oa still
Letter ter ms than heretofore.
Buyers wilt recollect that dealing 'exclusive) Ur
Saddlery Hardware and Carriage Triounings,l obtain
thezehy, advantages that enable we to der- camped
tiou. Call, we, and lodge for yourselves. DOI'
Sale JON% so.
ANUFACIVREILS of upnup, sold hater , reel,
Ili plough clod, meet plough walgs, coach and, ellp-
Uompriugm y hammered iron ues, aunt dealers ialuol•
lona* castings, Glee ngine lamps, and coach In/whom+
generally, corner oillasa and }rma .13, !quait.,
t, :tear Wood—All quuntines of.Grecii and
Black Teas, done op in quarter, half, and
nue pound packages, ranking from:Ai cis. rrpound
EA. Jyf E
A. JAVNA, .Act. fur Pekin Pea Co.
Butler, Pa•
'ILL also upend to collectiou• and all otbrr bum.
riess entrusted to him ut Butler and Aitimtrong
counties, Ps. Meter to
J. & R. Floyd, Liberty .1.1
W. W. Wnliace, do ,
James Al:tribal, do t rittpbuqh.
dly My & yWooJ st. ron7
11. swEtrzEit, Attorney nt Low, office...ld - q., opposite at. Charles llo,oi, Pittathirgb,will olso
attend promptly to Collections, 111 W mitiagton, Fayette
and Omen counties, Pe
Blacketock, livl &. Co, 1
Church & Carotin., '..Parsburst.
LI J. HENRY Attorney and Couni,lhel Low,
.D. Lhio. ColleCtiO. ht neunlieru Chip,
and in Indiana, and in Kanuelb.prumptly mud care
fully uncurled to. Connessiouer to, We Stale or num.
ylvaniu, for inking nekilOwledgalentn,
Itzrzn no —lion. 'Wm. ssnn. /r. Son, Curtis, Church
Casothen, Wm. /lays, & Las
•• • •
• W
Office Nont #•
oi - ou;in street, nbover and nislithlirid.
feblidtcwly •••
UN LU P &SEWELL, utioroey at Law, (Mew. on
if Iwtwera - J 4th lac
Law, have removed thew OIL= to the South side o'
koarth et., leetvreen Cherry Alley and Grant greet.
TOSEPII KNOX., Auorney at Luur, Pivabucgin Pa.,
has retested the practice of his profeatiou to tun of.
bee, Pio. 7, BaketvelPs lister et.. occupied,
chants bia ahsence, by T. J. Itighutrand J. Chrtely,
jUlibi L. GALLATIN,,Anonni.Low, Office o
4111 between Graut and nuonnield, numb sin:,
rinalnugh, Pn.4 will also-atteu4nrompay to business
in the aajcumg counties. oetb-ly
a U.
his B
.C. ) ; ' ,OL ° 22:t
Cam st, nem door to Alderman Johns. apt:ly
ORLANDu LOOMIS, Attorney a; Law, office, au .
Lb lag west, above swithfiall . apl7ly.
UIIN FINNEY, Jr.,Agent at Pittsburgh for the Del
aware Alutaal Safety Insurance Company of Phila.
alleluias. Fire Risks upon buildings and cuerehandim
01 every description, and Marine Bimbo upon hulls or
cargoes of vessels, mica upon the most favorable
Irr Office in the Warehouse of %V. D. i lotions tr. tiro.,
N 0.37 Water, near Mullet street, Pittsburgh.
• N. IL—The success of this Company since the exult.-
lishatent of the Agency in Win city, with the prompt
ess and libera li ty with which every claim upon thew
gee loss has been adjusted, fully •Wttresint the agent in
inviting the confidence and patronage MIAs friends and
the communit y at large to the Delaware M. S. byte
ranee Comp y, While it hit the additional advantages
inalitutiOil among the most flourishing in Philadel
phinas having an amplepaid-in capital, whiehby the
operant:xi of 11l charter Is consmutty increassug, as
pelithiglo each person tenured his doe abate at the
profits of We company, without involving bun in any
respousibilny . whatever, mid therefore an. possessing
the Mutual pAtimple directed of every atom roue fea
ture, soul in its mint amactive form. iinvd
._ . •
•rillIk: I usurauee Company of North AILCM., ltiftlogli
J. its duly nutbunsed Agent, the autocnber, ode. to
makopermastent and limited 111111.111.1.0 WI popeny, ill
this city and us vieintly, and . VII A1#11.1.3. by the Cu.
nal and Arms. . .
Arthur 6 Catlin, „ Cletees Taylor,
Snail W. idlleF. 111111..0 White,
Edward Mann Jacob m. 11.4.,
John A. Drown, Jobs It. nea t
John Waite, lure.' D. armalt
Thomas P. Cope, Wm. Welsti,
Samuel V. Stunk, ..... Mantes aortae.,
Samuel Brooks., ' S. Austin Allibousl,
Amalfi 0. COFFIN, PIC3I.
Ilmrag 1). Shuman, licc'y.
This is the oldest Insurance Company in thii United
Annex, having been chattered in NW. Ito charm . is
perpetual, and from list high xtending, long experience,
ample incluis, and arinding tit mks of un eglos
ardoua chathemr, it limy be CUMidered as offering am
ple aceinity to they üblic. W. P. Jupdes.
- Ar the Gonad's !Loom of Atwood, Jones A. Co, Wa
ter and Front streets tunys
- -
qua; Franklin Fire Insurance Company, of
phiti, will atake luso mace, permanent rind
ou every description oiproperty, rittrburgti and We
surrounding country, on tavoratile terms.
pan,' has n perpetual charter.
5401sOnoimitl la
.rtoituagent, Fund tholltidart •
•, Mice corner of Thiid and Market streets, thusliargti.
1 1 . 11Lusiilx . sig i nc . t .o dulluul c ttszt i Ate i nt i r i f , t1zAins , r•
continues 10 elms insurance, against loss or titnit;.::
whist tire, on buildings, nantsuainti., Saranac. , and
property, not altztthalunloult, In this City sod Vicinity.
.4114' CllettltAtioll sewn/. st.
1r WE IitiLISCRILIER has Loco uppitinied Agentlou
tem. virile lostizartee Company et N.L . 11111 Amebea,
and will issue Policies awl atiend to the other banners
elate th.peithy t al the warehouse of Atwood, Joins •41,
CO. • Will. P. JUNKS, wane Cl
INDIA RVUU Eu 0001)5
. •
JUST-FLECEL2P3),'per Lspreer, large assownwl
kalia /Lubber hood,, comprising
-2 dot Meer,' Costs, 4 Jar Traveling !lags; .
4 " bank do; -4 pairs Pants;
4 " Pea do, 1 " Camp Blankets,
" Reefing Jute., 1 " Cusbions .
1 " Home Covers,. a Life Preservers;
LWyards o(4-4 Carriage Cloth, filn, strode;
LY dos pair Leggings, of darereut styles,'
2 " Capes, with alcoves'
2 " • wainatt
1 " Dun Cowry, all of which will be sold cheap
toe cash:wholesale or sew!, at No 2 Wood street.
Patent Beds AAIG
AA CASKS lu. binsprott et &nem lamas, Nut lend'
an; from steamer Northern Light and for oarth by
W tN Airavara.titEr,!,,
myth ' ICU Itherty 4
A& NY, for the sale of Rule, Huck audCauister Pum—
aed of very impeder qualuy. Cm , customers will he
*spatted at my Your dorm/ the day.
apl77tta JOREDH DILWORTH, ditt,l7 mad st
°a~ -
'~ Y
W.=~ ~
.. .
, • ,
' .
. . ...
. . .
..' . . .
. .
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, . . .
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. . -
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.... _ . . , • ' . .
;.. . . . . '',". ''' " '"
• ..-; . - "- -',' , 4 1 . ' 2. ..
' •••'..‘ . ".. ". :
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- . . . -. .... •
, • ~
• :".. " - - i .
...". t.:, ...
~...';''.',.; '
~ ..:,!;..
~..., •._ .... 1, ' : :
.. ._.
~..:'...,:: ' 1 1 . '.: ,
, . P . • . . . , .
To Conakry Merchants.
ALARGE STOCK of School !books, Paper, Station
ary, suitable (Great:ay odes; moon whiuk
Writing Papers, ofitne, medium and common qu'llit
Letter Paper do do do do
Note . Pope r do do do do
Note and I,eUer EitVelopes;
'RM.., Pencils, Wafers, quillsond Steel Pens;
Window Paper (yard wide) plain and printed;
Bonnet Boanbi, of different quallues,
Clank Rooks, in great variety;
Fatuity; School and Pocket Kitties;
Crown: medium, and double crown wrapping paper;
Illetiorkes Etlectic Spellers and Renders;
liors'Ec' Iced° Anthmetic '
Cobb's Primers; Spellars and Renders;
Sanders' do • .. do do
Arithroctits, by Adams, DaviikColburn, Smith,SUrek
tort, Shuman, and others.
GOOgrapnics; by Ittltehell,Olney, Morsepood
rich, Purley, and others. ,
Grammars; by Smith, Kirkham, Bunions, Weld, and
others. For sale at low prices, by
81 vrood 51,3 door aha.a 4th.
The highest =Act price paid for good eased raga,
u cash. aple
"lk TILTON'S POEMS, illustrated. IlArper's new
111 edition of the Poetical works of John Milton, stilt ,
a memoir, and milled remarks on his genius and wri
tings, by Janes Montgomery, and one hunared and
twenty engravings from dntwatis by Barney.
In two volumes.
Seawards Gam Tarramcsa—The Guar °pallets. sad
Acu, at the .Apostles, in Greek, with kktglish notes,
ethical, philosophical, and aiegedeali maps, hulalvdr
eta, tog they with the I.istles and apocalypse; the
whole toratin,g the Nevi Testament—km: des use bf
Seltruda Colleges,' and Theological Scounaries. By
Rer.l. A. Spencer, A. Al.
A Now Novzb—Mideummer's bbre,—.A fairy tale al
love. By Itlrs. S. C. 11.11:
L1363' Ilavar 12.—The ran' of henry the Fourth,
king of France and Navarre, Dy. O. P. R. ,Issues.
Complete lu four pans, par; 2 vols. cloth.
Inn 9 Booksellers, comer of market and 311 eta
BWAS—At the Apollo Iluildinge,Founli street, near
Weed.7—lreland's Welcome to the Stranger;
The Czar, lib Court and People, by J ll , Maxwell;
The Orators of Ranee; •
• The Lived «f We Apoatlee, by Bacot;
TM Puritans and Ow Pnomples, 67 E Hall;
The Comtitudons and Galion. of the Iloly Apostle,'
with. Prize Esaay;
.Allisotes Life of the Duke of Marlborough;
PicandeCa Life of Christ, in:its biannual connection
and Inatorical development;
Harper's end Appletou's publications generally.
School Dooks; Paper, Statiotuary, de.
dyer ;. I. READ
- IVEW BOOKS at the Apollo Hui Ming., 4th street.—
.111 • The Military Lire oflolto, Duke ofMatlborough,
with colored maps: by A Allison.
Second Vol. Chalmers , Posthumous Works—Scrip.
tore Headings.
The Life ofJcsus Christ, ilk its hiMorical commotion
and historical Oct:elopement: by Augusto. Pieender.
Translated from the Ch (lemon. edition by Joko Mc-
Clintock and Ch. E allumenthal, Prole...ten in Dick
inson College.
loorth Vol. Pictorial lEmory of England. •
Now nod Then, by Dr. Warren, anti or of Ten.
Thousand alrear, and others too numerous to mention.
Call and see.
&pia J
quits Institution, wider the supervision of Slr. and
Mrs. Goshontos will open for thereception of pu
pils, and will he continual at the sane pLace on Laxity
street. In cousenuende of some dam,e holing taken
place, a few vacanciei hare oecurreeniul those &di
ot. of placing their daughters under their core, would
do well to mike an carry application. For tunas see
circular, or apply to the Ynitapal. ap3
DANE111101,1filt: i. CO.
Tutieep euMmlsstoM MEliciLLlftS,
ID Saab - Wharves, sad No. 117 Sarah Water at.
EGSAo itallana the trade and dealers generally, of
eithiburgh.that they have made such arrmigementa
with the Virginia manufacturers and the Growers of
the IVeat, West Indies, and edict plates, as will insure
a large and COL../ supply of the following demeip
nous of 'Furnace°, which willbe geld upon as arrow
maiming tennis or any other house in tine city or ciao
wham, and all goods ordered trout them will be war•
rented.equal to reyrracroatiour
. .
11/4,M1; Daming.; . Coon;
Vara; Porto Moo; Penult.; }Stied Leaf. to.
Cuba; 'villa; # Skald. Garcia;
Al v)—ltrnuch's celebefited Aroutatie Stag Caven
dish, with a large arroratient at tabor popular brand.,
and so:tinier at FrOtlllllF, 12r, I tit =in
r: and 10,i Virginia 'Portal,
Le., sweet d plata '
it wliole and halt boxes, wood
and tin, tor,ether with ever); vattoty of article belong
to the trade.
&MUM A. Num.
Produce, Commission and Fornesnllng
42 Norm Wukrwri, aaa 1.9 Wolu Sr. 4
Rks. to—John IL Bow Co.
Halms, Sweu &Co.
Barrroll,llearia & Co.
Booth, 13wskley . Jr. Cu.
• • Allen & raxton New York.
Waken, & thrnicy, BalOsnors.
: Bugaley tc Smak,
Burbridire,Wils.n & Co•
Browo:& Co. P , thbu r lib•
Kier & Jones,
[DJabr.ll..l cokk . ortrant&trA.P.l42,l4lloll.l(.4 to act
address. • 4n...zandly
And General Commlesion Merchants,
N 0.13 :kn..= limn,
I.E.FEIIENCES—IIenrY lira - & Co, Plusbursh.
Rodgers & &berlock, / 0. ,,,,...,L '
S. kkhaoley & tk,u, $
A. AL January, Maysville.
Charles Bash.; Jr., Louisville.
Millis, If umplareys Ic Co.
- Aisne', Bro. & Co. llitillurs'
}Wed 1, Pother,
opl:My Luigi, & Cousluery, No York,
Commission and Forwarding Merchant.
SO. th HMO ST;, err:enema,
ONTLNIII. to transact t s general Codual
uto n n hunt.
nese, especially in the pOtehase and sale of Ameri
can Manufactures and Produce, and ln receiving and
ibriewrding Goods consiowed]to his care. .As - Agent for
the Alitnasactures, ha will be constantly sopplied 'with
the principal articles of Pittibu Alanaliciare at the
lowest wholwastl_eLrice. Outer. and cousignidents
are respectfully solicited. . •*7
n. V. COMMA. . 4 R SOYL2SISO3.
PRTSNIOUTII, Oble Corn on and Forwiuding
Merchants and Produce Dealers—also attend to
the Purchase, Sale and Shipment of Pig Iron, coat, eze.
rcr. Tat
Jooso Jr. Co., . Brown, Barley &V.. 0.,
Lore., ter.g lc Co., Henry Graff,
Una, L.odoo> & Co., D. Lee. te. Co.,
1400, 2311. &Ca, Clarke Zr. Thaw.
J. L. A- a. W. A 2,1301 1 ,0%
Eato of 1111 turgh, P . Late of NialliviDe, Ten&
Au. 8 /KOMI MISZT Ana lardainh,T,cut riSlr.en, 0010-
Refer to Ncroluotts rrig
generally, I% Ptlolys&.
iron, Nails, Cotton 'Morns & Pittsburgh
Morathistures generally,
30. 10 Wm) trtranwuti
ILILTIONDAS & 111fitellilln•
(Albr to satl to ealtet heathltblasteat, all kinds of lief ,
clotobse, at Wu lowest rates of Cotruat.tioas, and are
alwafts prepared to wake atlreuees. 'lle heat of tele
ream, giveu If required. Letters addiesced to dater
hou,, well ba promptly attended to. jyStaily
a. Etowah. WV. C. V. Nialtitl. B. sCunsPros
Produce and Commission Illerchouts,
No. A, Oupkitt's Raw, Exettattge Itahrotow-
Oar. handeat & Col, J oho li. Ratalttl,
tioo , Jenkiuv, inlocsont M. &Ilea h Co, Seller* &
flotoptots. rkuith & ShaeLleu & White, Pitts.
burgls; A J Wheeler, TO rtbauglutt *bey & Co., Cincin
nati. I.lal
1•.1S rtoratrom, or. H. .10 . 11.1..
Dlasanniet u 1' ed 011,
N. Pr Columbia street, •
Canotatrart, latax
opttlly EI - Caatt paid for Flaareed.„fal
Forwarding Merchant, Brownsville, Pe.
4ntenn panktesdi m. We Fotavardnig of !iodate,
kn. 0.. •
Inc; wig information, apply to FOKSYTII
CAN, Water .1. Oetii •
/11. de W eeeeee
*T. Loony .
Win give prticular attention to dm-salting of Ptle
duce and to order , for purcnaring. ,
Itnitat att-ittorgo Morgan NC°, Pittsburgh, he. .
woos ii. mama.; AMACW 1. 1111,111.1.
(et the old stone of Seto/ ..4..Oheptod,)
tiuhvtilq Teetteuee,
%Ult.', give plouipt awl &MIN; ¢11.11013 le th.i.lollo
TV oC Dry Utiods,tiroecrier, owl rilvrendodite. Art,
erally. They (eel prepare w.attend bull the ,e),art.
1ne,41.• 01 thus Luting", veteiently unit (dcallil& id op
Rood s lot alteitogrn secolulomperatiLty.
kelev to Al. Allen; & Coi J . . W. Donor & Co., Phu
burgh.duet , : qp
GENKILAL cum:antiwar amitonswr,
N 0,1,5 " U l 7 S' lll=flltE, AIM
it.w......--Alercluotto of Pi tsburgh. -
IVticelmg. V.—IL. Crumb, I Itoma -dean
Wti u ltx u e n t:t r e . u , zo u th . :: KYMittl to
tar O. prercor, w Dore we
writ truiivoct Waviness ov toured, Maul it Vino house can
Le criictrd, arrangetrieuto havorit a1t0 . ..1y Loco wade
lot that ituryovii. Itotos will always to us rus ususcus
Sur IViilerr to receive iteigh.
C.aAN . LT T b &Co
LYMAN, a ll E .d, E
f 2
, C 0. • I
Faii 1 1U 111E11%1 iiNT$ l
Parana attention paid to itto male or Woo di and tibia ,
• id advances arida ea eousignmea .
toylCdrewly .
ZITFAM - LVJATINTE r kEbT Full ted,l4 rwe Garr
10 of the fine premier Wyoming for anti, as aecum
mudaurrg term..
For WittSCYl.l,
SA W HAAS ett/13.11,
sp7 - ire] Watcr Sad % FR/ t its
T. OGAN & MNNEDY have this dayassociated
la with then, in the Hardware business, Philip . Wil
son and'Edward Gregg., The style of firm will here
after Iva Logan, Wilson & Co. Thin arrangement rests
den It dcarable to close the Old heatless ea soon a.
possible. All persons whose liabilities have matured,'
are especially`, requested to snake indnediate payment.
Piusburdb, Jan.', INS. . , •,
lt OGAN, WILSON. dr, CO.. —lmponers and
I) Weolesale Deafen; in Phaticrt and Detnestic Ils dJ
ware, Cutlery, Saddlery, the 119, Wood.irekt, leit
i k .
burghiare now fully preplan' with a recently 111/ 5-
ted .took of Hardware Cutlery, &e.valettrer Very g ee ,
Inducements to wean, Lava., bring dc.rmu. d
compete to price. with any of the Atlantic 'cities,: A
stiest head imextenside assortment of Sittantrdb Hardt
ware, viz: Shovels, Spades, Forte, Hoes, Vtees, he.,
all orwhich will be sold at the lowest manufactures'.
Prices. .
~. I, janl,
.. .. ....
aTHErubacriberi haring recently entered lute
partnership under ibe Mane of Out usher, long,
it. Allller, for tho purpose of cerrying on the Bell
and Ilrasa FoUnding and flu Fittior, bu.i.g. in
.11 in branches, hare taken .the stand formerly men ,
pied by IL Gellagbeq No. IPJ Front meet, between
Weed and SteltUald sta., where they ere prepared to
execute 11.11 Olden too l.kll/, Firm.. Ulttillip, be Clrbrt •
Zeuription, and Gar Fittings with neatness and dot
patch.' Steamboat jobbing promptly attended ta.
" . . It. GA.I.LAWIER,
N. R . —The ottentien of hisnitinista and Engineers is
invited to our antiuutractitto metal, for a reduced price,
which lea been pronounced superior to Hobbit's by
noratiers'who have used both. fiteamboat builders and
the publio, generally, are:al o requested to tall nudes,
amine our
_superior double Lewin. Porto Harem for
steamboat awl domestic on, _
der.l7dly -- - - ;
.' • '
.. 1 -
Dlerepetlen. 1
T il h E .l4o k rralin ' r i ny ' m li ttlZ e ' o n thte d" n a ll=
to the let inst. The business Will be closed tuthe'ohl
`Nand by either of sts, ueleg the tome of the &infer
ft=ri. lit : II:dell:1 .i' tilVitt:l% .* , we w o oed b' ll n l i tr :-
.: - .e..tray mum these oulebted
emit ..73 ‘ m 1J 0
.their acomitte. 11. D. JOHN D. II'COILD. I
-: jaidd KIND
Pete r) ; J WM aistes B PI bn'i
otd,ln ' t= " sty:Vl L ' ! ' &,1J
& Co., will continue the Rut. Cap. toe d Far business In
oil Ha verbena branches, wholesale and retail, at the
old stand, coma of Wood and sth streets, whet& they
solicit a continuation of the patronage so liberally be
stowed on the Old firm. JOIIN D IWCOHD.
JAMES S. brt.:o3lD.
TN retiring from the old and wall knowit, firm of
J. Weald k. King, I mow respectllly recommend to
the patronw of the public my successors Nealls.
ANON fr. CO. Ole D. !KING.
,• Ciabartme Takagi Sotto*.
,W. ST (ENS of Wheellwr, F.Shanberger
j:,r e , of Juniata, and J. A. Stockton of Pitteburgli, hare
Wu day entered into. eo.parutership ander style '
lino of Stephens, Shoentrelger & Co., at the Anchor
.ironworks, Wheeling, Va., for the porpnee of , utanu.
• factoring iron asul - nails of .eery deen&Poon.
IL W. IRANI L.. A. V. 21/01rinnla C.. I. A. A TOCILTOM.
'Whetting, Yo.
Manufacture all kind 'of boiler, shret, bet iron nod
nails, A. steel 'ohmic springs an d I.lleB. lkiug eon.
created with Shoenbergegs old Juniata works, we can
oder an article of Junstita iron (branded Shocnbergerl
equal in soy made in the - country. All of which mi l
be sold at the Pittsburgh prices. Warehouse of the
• works comer of Monroe mid IVate 1901_
MICK Co-panne:rah p t the wastenhers, ander the
.1. arm of Leary Hutchison te_, is this day dissolved
by moan] donwna tither ads will attend to the Kt•
Clement ofthd firm, and use its name for that parparaa.
janl jApryjA . 1111311111 SON.
qmiEunderugned have !Las de y formed n co-partner•
ship, under the am of Junes A.lluichioon
jut the purpose of 'cautioning the business heresiolore
curried on by Lewis, Hutchison Co, and solicit a
continuance of the pStrorisus hitherto estendesi mthe
house. /AMISS A.
J Pittsburgh, Jm.l,
DMISOLUTION—The Forint...hp hitherto exist
ing ander duistyla and bror w Malin:non O. Ind
ell, Ls this day dissolved by wows( eanwilL John Ml
tell havink dispowd of Lis entire interest to IL Wed.
man. Tho business of the inie firm will Lo wined by
IL IVightroinsarho is authorized to ow the name to We
Into lino for that porposs. 11. witar
spratiLlw (jaly I All] J. DALZEILL.
TIIE Subscriber Is now prepared to nunorfacture oil
kinds otEottoo and Woolen aloehinezi, at the saorteat
notice: Orders leant R. Woßaman'. Lonnie Sbub,,ror.
nee .Laberty •attd Water abr.., will runt won prompt
attention: -11. WlGlrmAis,
lieatok at., between Federal twd Ilbuldutky sta.,
aprattly Allegheny etty.
Tilrrdittl.lailMr—The partnership emstwa between,
LP the subsentters, under Wu, st) to otrostolexter
Co, was dumolved.on the lit mat. Ly mutual rostsent.
It. IV. Pousdexterrs anthotisedro settle all the business
or the corn. It. W. POlNuF:s.:rEtti
Nt./7ICE-ILavitt6 parelituwd the entire ithrWit of C.
11. (tram, in the Into concave of Poindexter iv. Ca., nod
essoeinted my ean,Theodore Poindexter, with we: the
bestow. will Le iontimied.a. usual othler Ilse style of
Poindexter ,V,Co. spar • II W PCINDENTCR„
TUhilWaLintiNELN doing losat.suider rata
j wow of &whets& &whetted, at t heirFoandry un
Third street. bare this day, by mutual ronseint doool
ved their eo-pannership. All the.e knowing metre
'mice* indebted to the fine, are reittiestail to eon nt
W eir-warehouse ea Lawny' Street, opposite head of
Wood, nod mettle; and all having claim. against theta
will present theta at the saute place foe nutmeat
JOHN AirtiluicA,
JOHN haelloldiON.
Ark' I. Int& iip&tha
lug arrocierwl themselves together under the !inn
bof John Furen /Co; for th e purpone of conunninr, the
beelines or the " Lkniunenle Line," will continue to
transact a general forwarding and commission noel
less aline old stand al the Canal Ithran. Liberty street.
, jultl44,
IN , Ur
in l y CW .d tr 1 . 1.10 r e.
ca lk: 11) . 11.
um. -niForLd , fa.... of Fourth rold ted idlarke " t ' s m ts, °
4.10, coutrueueiug Feb. 4, 1148. Tie bowlers for the veal be eotolucted under the former style of
uterVO iV 11.Mtlftl'HY
Young having ibis
day assaetaled with high John IL. ' , Mune, the kn.
*ter Lowness *lll hereafter be conducted under the
lirrn of WIP. Young & Co. WILLIAM ICCUIiG,
ana /NO. it. 111•CuM.;.
SCI [grant. .-
Sauct, Columbiana ea., Ibt11(
DIL D.SAYNM: Mau erc feel bound to you
and the atliteted . publie, to avail myself of this up
porturthy of giving publicity to the erinlOnthinry elects
of your Expectorant on tuyeelL (laving been afflicted
for several years with u severe cough, hectic feve
and its nOonantallt diseases, and seemed only doomed
to linger out a short Inn miserable existence, until the
fall of OM, when,
bang more aerate!) . attacked, and
barb% resorted to alt ray lonaer remedies, and thepre
rcriptuts of two adze lutist respectable physicians in
the neighborhood without deriving any benefit, or the
consolation of surviving but a few day, or weeks. at
itarthest—when the last gleam of hope was
vanish, I had recommerukti to me your klapecmrautt
odblessed by that tieing who. does all *togs in the
to of the means—soul contrary to the expectations of
my physicians and friends, I woo in a few dnya raised
from mg bed, and was enabled by the am of & bottle, to
auoncl my busineas, enjoying since better health than
I bad fur ten years previous.
Reepectfullyyours, &a., DM W. Earn. ,
.. For sale in Pituthurgh, at the Pekin 'Yea 510,0,7'
Fourth street. antrat
}Piltsburgh. A. 11. Mu., N. Y. City.
B. 1.. Fog micrtoca,
th W. Paitaseruc, •
Wholesale Drug Store let the City of
New York.
T I 1 t% .1 11 '
01 :11 ' 22;/3 n ' l l s f l ' u o s go l : Y 4 ;MT ad In the
! e
the oily of New • tot, and are proposed to supply
Druggists and eolturry Merchants with Drugs, l'alum,
Dian, Dye-sures t Forego and Alarm:air Pelfutnery,
blander, WCILVVI . hiA11.3.54 M i ne their own
importation) and all other unicles in their of boo.
r em,
or a superior quality as low as they eon be pur
chased to this Or any eastern city. •
.New York, Febt6 B. A. F AIINESTOONA Ca.
Marcher'. Chrome Green.
O rAINTEIIB, BLIND fdAhlriltS, die.-We, the
understgaird, Pointer. and Mout Makers, of the city
it New York, have used and tested, and mu nowniing
s now article of Chrome Green, nunititheturcd by Geo.
fi. Marcher, of thil City, and find it to work well, pro
ducting I. tine brilliant Forts Green uppeumnce, with
very oopcnor body, andTectommond it to our brethren
in We trudo on 111 every. Particular the best Chronic
Green we have ever usetL New Torkflune 1, 47.
Pigsed by 9I firms of practical paiutens of the city of
New York. This unequalied Chrome Green may be
hod of IL F. SEIA.KM, No 57 Wood street, who has
the exclusive agency log its snle in YittiLurgh.utortti
A. Fine Bet of Tilethforr :118Ce ik ca.
ffand unhealthy teeth, after be
g once or twice cleaned with Jones` Amber Tooth
Poste, hove the appearance of the most heautiful ivory,
slid tit the soma taut silo so perfectly innocent ond ex
' quisitely fine, that its constant doily bee is highly ad.
vontogeous, eve. to those teeth that are in a pax) eon
! ditto 0, giving them EL beautiful polish, and preventing
prematuro decay. now, already decayed it prevents
hem becoming worse-It alto futon ouch as are be
coming loose. and by perseverance it will tender the
foulest teeth delicately white, mid snake the breath de
liciously sweet. Sold by WM. lACILSUN, Ni Liberty
• street. inartd
--- _ -
A FYN weeks Waft, olioof chiltikeNngetlatiout
,4111,fitre n eon, was unwell fur several days, ainlOhe
, Ouch increased so alurtnitt that I feared acatti
vinh.l be the result. Having . card of , the good effects
,wahoestoelis Vertalfugli when thirainistated to ttie
thin tenor tte:ghbors, and thinking toy child might
b oo . 1.,1314,..1 . 010 some of We symptom, d gave it one
and a half teaspoonfuls of the Vennifugc, and to ray
great stunishment it almost 'imminliately discharged
utlween =Ai and 2OU largo walla. nonfatal wan soon
dcs a,„d sod it is tow 'CM ark ably rreeioas
yeroofogo, iltoworras would occaswaally
, !wont, nod . I often feared it would die front
stmagulutiou •
Tioursta, V.‘itta.go AP° , OW
, p minx, boestan• Goodt
Coo ,. as Jefferson Co, Pa, March'l, EAU.
Mglt E V'S'r, 'ha...early sold all the Ver.
Mau and Ct. Wu §yrup you scut toe. ' Your Ver
. without tertunt the best ever offered in this
proved good wherever
The Cough Syrup and Liver Palls hove also giveu
Wootton. 'Your Wt. +rob '.l SCOTT, Patio ter.
Prepared and sold B SELLEBS,S7 Wood at.;'
sold by Br Cassel, 6th %Yard, DM Curry, Allegheny;
W StaillTem mord
Istrga." llll3 ,ita.k ANpoorip Y4hl;
intuitions food, which uture tam acid 0 0 thb atlnnutn,'
laud is now universaltyle+o statentiedlty the faculty in
g. eftre . ne t e . to • Grigl, ti to , , d. = or pisi
oom. u h 'Ar o io i :
ali+, and a otornsUengtheuittg and .witolesonto food
for iufautt. Ear Wolff „. Isamu:its,
I mum. - . woo d at
. . .
goon sat vararront.roratcroas.
.112:31111S1 bola
long end widely known as
being lone Of the 1310. conunodions in the city of
Baltimore, firm meently undergone very extol
sive alterations end 'laminas:meats: An enure new
Wjitg has been added, contatriing numerous and airy
sleeping apanments, and extensive bathing roomy.
Ladies' department her also been completely
Morganised and hoed up in a most unique and beauti
ful mylb. In fact the whole arrangement of the House
hu been remodeled, with a single. .eye. on the part of
the . pniprictors, unsaid, the comfort and'pleasure of
lbetr Guests, mull 'aided they confidently assert will
1c Miamian comparison with any Hotel in the Union.
Their table will always be supplied with every sub-
Menial and luxury which 'the market afoot*, served
up inn superior style,' while in the way of Wines, Re.,
they not be surpusesl.
'pee Acton begin say, that nothing
willEleft undone on their partoind oath., part of thew
awl ts, to render this Hotel worthy the continued
pate go of their friends scathe public generally.
'Moyne. for board have also been reduced to the
fellinking woo:
• Ladies' Ordinary, . 01,75 per day..
. Gentlemen's " 1,411
N. Malaga; Wagon of the House will al
waya be Mined at the Car and Steamboat Landing.,
winch will convey baggage to and from.the Hotel, ,
TllEsuhrdribera having purchased the entire
interest of Col. Or P. William*. late of. this
well known establishment, beg leave to EMIT to
theirilriends and the public generally, dint they have
taketr this commodious lintel for a term of years, and
will,exert their hint energies to make it a desirable,
holm for Travellers and City Warder.
The Hotel is speck,ur and admirably planned for
convenience, light and air, having • number of pallor.
adjohting chambent, presenting unusual allflCooll,l
Th'i MECOt proprietors haring had the experience
of yoga I. this city and, elsewhere, u ere, hope they will be
t mi n L tf i' t uld e '"'"d
undividedgiro ea ahrtiueSon.
.TM. location 01 the Pearl Street 'louse OtICOtO26OO-
Otigib e; having
. frotos on Walnut and Third
streets; so that it ts,,equally deiprable in view of the
COOlEtiktiets of Ito Illeu Mee, OT ITUTTNIONt for
Louden.. It is mar by the Honks, the Pon Mee, tin
Masonic - flail, Odd Fellow's Hall, and but one square
dimwit from Main Weal and two !Mares (throats City
Wharf, thus adoring the greatest inducement. espect.
ally in country merebents and generally to all persom
inning Ciactnnatif JOHN NOBLE,
tatch27 111 N A. INHALE
COZEN, or PENN MID IT. MAUI ST., ermannutts, Or.
1211esub.crilicr having assumed the manage
.meta or this Meg established and popular Hotel,
reiMectfully ans to Travellers and the
Pittilie generally, that he mme dwi be et all times prepared
to arteommodate theittin all things desirable In a well
regulated Hotel. The Homo is now bring thoroughly
%%paired throughout, sjud new Formlare added, and no
pat= wilLber spored M mate the Exchange one of the
very bestliotels in the country.
' The utidetruvwd retipectrully solicits a continuance
of the very,ltheral patronage she House has heretofore
received:l THLOIAS OWSTON, •
' Proptetoi.
no. 111, moan, entarr, eammishests.
a, TIM: subscribers, under the firm of Bridges do
West, have purchased Mr. Jones' interest in this
establishment, auddititio by the strictest attention
to the WAWA and costaert goests, to merit a con
tinuance of the liberal pornaitage heretahare received
by its former prognetoo
The louse] has been thoroughly renovated. and re.
rioiyett; we therefore feel ofsurea we cab welcome oar,
friend, and the public to acemmoodations equal to any
In bin city of Philadelphia: N. W. Mal DGPS,
.Jlr.rdtt T. !NO. WIIST.
THIS estatiliahrneht in now in the beat order for
the reception of the Traveltnit reline. Hoeing
un,orgoitt thorough effete during the pant
w inter. tutd/haviog the utast experieuced men in the
went Mr - id - riot,. deportment...l dutier myself dint .11
will he {dented who coll. The location Is Central, colo
n:whe., mute enem., Fare It per day.
Cincinnati, 31arch 13, . Nt. FL MARSH.
?d, 11. —Although rot eanctly a new llnimm, it the
FterlC-711. new Whisp on the old handl. twat!
2 A RIS TIIROCISNIOItION brio to arquaint his
friends that ha is :main lessee or untx
where he hopes to meet
all his old &leads, IlStUr1111: them and the public', that
no etiort shall be imared to make an somasnable who
faros him With their patronage. • jaulldly
ust4rEm - 'r
sTAES — IiIOT.g . LT
C 111011,1.7 mw - uvimtrn.
/APPOSITE. late Gunk eit' the Uttimd States, Phila.
delphia. POPEmama( Proprietor.
nlyas of 111,Imp'lltaleas Aoalocy of KT boon, Nu-
Turn; nod Revealed, Yo the eonsittuttou nod oloiW of
'tattler. watt mesas. .Use; Criminal, t.tneatons Tor on.
notinabou; revised tool ndopted to the net of schools.,
by Charles L. West, Fe ovyot of glance, Institute, to
toe eitss• of
AI N 7/1 1. 1. ° : ' S k. YLS IieTUT V., DE AIIIICMAS,
te.—Tba de Senecrowl de Araleltillf, Parndoia, nod
8000100 T‘eipiorts of Cteem, sod didl.ife AlUens,
by,eorniltas Nepon, with lingltalt Notes, CeltiOnl and
Charles Anthon,L. L. D. •
THE 1101'S SPRING DIX/N—Descriplion of the
Seasons, Sorcery, Rural Ilk.trod Country /mow
werne7 by Thulium Uilter rob di Moscato..
.S.S.NOVEI. 111. 4 11tILYA1T—Tae Children of the
New Fores; by Copt. klan7art. IL N. •
by O. P.R./men..
The shave warts received file day, and for eels by
oyls Llooksellere, cur. market and Id stn
New Paper and Book Establistuncat,
7,- Wow., Sr.. acme. Forum. AND Mae.o attat
ratlit ' d! b a U l ' arg 'ib e7tu h t , lt v o e fj o tlit , r ' elrotlit t es 'a r o ule ' d W alit ' l
plain white nod One Writing and Letter Paper, coin
nerctal and packet poet Flat Cap. demyd' medium
Wrung patiera, for blank litiokr; medium an d royal mu
lured Prtnung Papers; medium, delay and car Day
800. and Led.ra, superuir paper and best haittern
binding; School %looks of all kinds; standard o n
Theology mid - Sciences; gold and noel Peas,
%Valet,Bill' Pilo., mc. dm. •
ttluub Books Grail almea ruled to pattern, and bound
in the most substantial mouser.
COIIrY Merchants *applied at lowest wholemde pri
c e ( o r cash, or rags at cash Price*.
Jolt TRINTINU.—Raring • Job office in connection
with our establishment, we are prepared to execute all
orders fur plain and fancy Priaung—books, pamphlets,
cireulart, beanie. cards, oflasling, with dein
patch and at low price*, ELLIOTT& ENGLISH,
myt 7b woof sh between Oh and diamond .
A,h T OUR STORE on Market street, No ati, between
3:1 and 4th, may at all tones be found a, large ,
mock of Theological and hfiscellunioui tkaks. Now
book. receiv ed aa.ooa as published, and sold at law
est , rices,__Mr_publications of the American Sunday
at 00l Union and Alassauhusens Sabbath School So
ciety, alms) . " on band. Catalogues furnished on ap
plication. 'ELLIOTT & ENGLISH,
my 2 46 Market at:between 3:1 and dth
. - - -
I\FEW DOOK:4—Lectures bn Shalspeare, by 41N
Iludsou, in tworolumes.
' Poe Power of the Pulpit, or plain thoughts addressed
to Christian ministers; and those whe hear them, on the
Inductee* of a prewhed Gospel, by the Rev. Gardiner
Spring, D. D. ':
The Petmalli and his landlord, by, the Baroness
Knowing. Translated by alaryilowat.
Lemartine's Girondists, Vol. 111. History of the Gi
rondist, or personal memoir of the Patriots of the French
Revolution; Hata unpublished wanes—by A. de 4.0-
few copies of each of the above works received
this day and for sale by
IIerIINSION A. STOCKTON, Ilook.tellers,
my3U corner market mid 3d its
ECPUltilli ON SHAKSPEARF'S Life nod Char.
acter, bin Thcatncal Labors, ho Poems, Sonnets,
- c e lty 111 , : 'Judson.
alio Power of the Pulpit, or thoughts addressed to
Christina ministers and those whet hear them, by Gard
ner Spring, D. D.
The American Practice Condensed, or the Family
.•sician, being the ennentilic system of medicine, on
aabto prinetples, for all elessen, Wllnach, M.
• For sale by 4:laJolr tc ENGLISH,
'Market st, bet. ad and 4th, and, 75 wood st, bet. 4th
lied :Demand alley.
, myall
TIISTORIPJ--Roltertsatis, Gibbon's,'Hus
linell's, Stud. Europe, Prescott's !Mexico, Per*Ac e •
attithelet's Prance; Arnold's Rome, Harpers Ptctorial
ExtglnudiNichulte Rome, Hallam's Cotimenniorial Histo
ry of Englwd; Arnold's Later Itoruw,Coutmonwealth;
Seltertirs home; Iltarnet's History of Menem meet; with
'mins; alieldleAger; A fill's Crusades Wel Chin-
Itiryt,Hrowning's Urstory of the Huguenots: 'Merry's
'legume I Works; Soot History uf rho l'uritanstaloers
French line, Taylor's Alen.' or Anc't and Plod. /home
ryj Introducuou Ihe ll:story of the Church, by Jawing
hightley's Rome end Eitglend; Itunke's Popes. The
above, With many other ralnablo works, for s h
marl ' J L READ '
l3klOKS—Lli of Cromwell, by JT Headley
Power of the Pulpit, by Gardiner Spring, D. IL
Bethel • • do do
Jacobus on Gospels,Matthew, with Harmony;
I.ccturrir on Shaks•peore. yob.;
Pall, of !Ate, or Sketches of the Way o Glory and
Footsteps of Alersinh;
The-Ccuivetili by author of School Girl in• France;
Sow and Then, by Warren;
Sketches of Lemons, on Parables nod Miracles;
Helmut's Welcome umhe Stnuiger; • •
heaven upon Earth;
Ilewkroon,.o tabu al and fur England: It vols.
Fur sale by uhuorr & ENGLISH,
jelu -• 75 wood and 56 mercer sts
inallec of the I Lawry of Umiak:no; wileries of Lecture:,
by C. Guyitue. •
dtwounie as the life, character and public servi
ce,. older:ow Rent, lute ChilleCnalf ai the nate: of :tie
Vorh; delnicietl before the judiciary and bur of the
city and state of New Vorkl by dolui Duce
tlirtary of Ilieglanth from; the lavacinu of Julius C
ear to the reign of Viet:art:id by MU. Mural:ma; woe
edition, mewed end calarged, with commie:tot by Kim
itubhin. ntyla
I\TPAIT 111)0iiti—Just ce'cooled trust the publisher,
.1.1 and for tale at the illethOditt Hook Store, 4th at,
near Wood. '!'upper'. Proverbial l'ldlosopity, so three
styles of btatlior, a beautilul book for a present.
l'reparalsou tot the
Sketches of Stetsons ou the Parables and Mitacke
o( Christ, by the authorial' the l'alpit Cyclopedia-sits)
sketches ' Po. The English Pulpit; collectioa of ser
mons by the most eraineta livilGt tlivittes of Fah:land.
Slcelartak Vom—Chati4 Liam!, Chestnut topic, bush
est thou me, Sacred blediudions. tpl4± .. , _
- LIL CTNICAL MIACIIINE4 tuid.lll.indiwo Mina
Es talus, for oeseletnies, schools and
rlectro Medical dipporatim tied Elactro
Mechlin., fur physicianu and invalids,
Minch • Thermometers, warranted.
Relined and prrpnred liulto Pmehn: Chemienls, l'er
speedy.; Flaw Masa for opticians; ow sole It'
• MAKE tc eo,
N Cotner market Meet and We diamond, caution
on Mm e& . ' . ' tny3e
NEW WORK UT /1E.101.1.1—.110 LIM of Milker
Cromwell, by . J T aulbur ..Napoleon
ogg mbb
Molc," 'The acredltfouutains," Vasil:
ingbn tool bit Genenthr," etc. etc: Heccired this day
and for onle - by JOHNS WON Jr susocroN,
- Jcg cur market cad :kJ am
—_ - -
0 WINSTON & STOCKTON, yo ve j received .11. •
Folmbiag Review, No. Mi; &P.', 1,3,1 and 1,1.4 k
pnodY Edauburg tdatorine for mi 31.1
GANT 11008 R,
)I.II.IOPaNCIOTT a. TH.11114
, . . .
c i r Lete Striekler &Co i l
11,1".N.,h'aideu,"c0,..,1" 'th e
bet p roo f titirood and
Smithfield Pittsburg`. 1
r iderStr hioiriug deceased
and the mrviring partner Mr. Lippencott, bering
ussociated himself with hlr. Wm C Styr, the business
will hereafter be conducted under the apt. of LOP"'
con & Bars
Trial of n safe in Cincinnati, (k—tVe the undersign
.l:were present at the testing of one oftS Strickler it.
place d mproved Phcenli firsproof safes.. The safe was
to nfurnace on the public landing, and subieklcd
•to the intense heat of a stone cold fire ;for _more titan
three hours. In our hour and a half the safe came to
bright-red o heat, the door of the furnace was then
closed, which 'Caused an Increased and steady heat (Dr
the balance of the time, until the cast him wheel. were
partially melted-Mk the furnace was than thrown down
and the safe deeded and opened. Theimeney, papers
and books which it contained wore as Petfect as when
placed there, the binding. only of the hooks tieing in
jured by the water in cooling the safe. We bare so
hesitation in recommending it to the • piddle as 'a• safe
superior to any we ban over seen tested, and believe
that it will stand - any heat which might be produced,
zeel4 a beta which wdbid melt it la a solid mass
an, I. Worthington, Kellogg k
ke7n n etrifetj. U V rn hi er,
S Mugs Co, &cerium, hlayard & Wm Manse,
Mead et Winstor.
We, the undersigned, selected 'tlsei safe spoken of
Aabove, Mint a lot in .ton of Trubir & Aubcff,th.
.o.genl. ..0 SPEINCISP.,
Defoe to Cook & Harris Brokers, Piitsbuthiti •
Heise Hemet & Co, do do fleadklnlls'
DLL urramorr. 0005 a. wwx. r. a. monaas.•
iII'ANUFAC I . tlßEfts of Ilserimere,l and C ut Steel
Shovels and Spades, Ag and Hatchets, Mill, 14
Cut, Circular md Gin Saws, h ayed Manure Pork',
Hoes, Mattocks, Pick., kt., having ccitnplcted ail thei
arrangements in the fionstruction of hew cachlnery,
and in seeming the befit workmen film the most cell.
bored establlstimentMf the East are now Minufactul•
log and will keep constantly on hand jand for sale all
the above anicles, having availed_themselves of the
latest Improvements, and are determined that In work
.pk.ship and materiallhey will not Ins , excelled. They
promise to produce nhiegs equal, l i p not vowelise, la
any that can be had lo the East. The ,Ittalte the atuth.
lion of dealers to an examination o their stock baroin
purchasing elmwbere, as they aro cofivinced that they
will be able to fill all orders in tbeirilino to the entire
WillioClloll of enrollment. YVarebou,M, Water strxt,
4 doors West hlortongahela House, Pittsburgh, P.
N. IL—Persons baring business With Wm Lippea
cootplease call on Lippeurptt & Co.
elltabargla Farsatitairo Wdzo ROOMS,
ta, Torra marks f.
sjEA large and splendid asolotment of Farris:-
lure, suitable for Blesonboata,lfotels and pro
vaie dwa/llngs, coast:war on band and
mode to mkt.
'rbe p resent stock on baiid C3llllO be exceeded by
tiny mufactory iii the western country. Persona
wishing to purchase would do well to give me a call ;
wi 1 ma determined my prices sballtileare. ' Part of
the muck molars in.— '•. . .
50 sofas with PI alb and Ilairiel4th teem,
2 dos Mahogany Nurse Chairsi
14 pair Divaus; •
It doz fine malaiganythairs; 1 '
It mahogany Work Stands;
II dot mahogany Rocking ebolii;
15 enable top Dressing Bureau.
s ' m "i ar r li th le ‘ _ thu' lop Work Stands; i.
. •Is btierry Work Stands; t i
Maliottily,slliple;Cherry, and Pop)ar Bedateads 01
aII ileicripuens,,and a large asoornacut of .common
furniture and.ctiiirr, too numerous to laention.
mannf - I
WHEY are not aware how frightfully any:triads it Is UT
JL Mask in—how
aki nineroughb`how Tsl•
low end unitepithy the appears:Alec usiag prep.
v red rial!' Beside. it is injurious, AMA:Lug alt.T.
quantity of Tend: '
. We have pr J
UN a bcautifal trOgethltle article,
which we call JUN SPANISII LILY
it perfectly innocent. being purified a all deleteriCari
:writhes; and it imparts to the Ain a haturals heulthy..
alahasteb clear. Living wh at the game trine
a .
a tollartle On 11. akin, making it sfilt and month.
Dr. James Anderson, Practical aroma 'of Masao
ehusetri, my, -After anidyring Jones' Spanish Lily
White.l finiL It possesmethe mom behatiful and natu.
rat. and at the tame time inn
white I eye, saw.. I
rthinly. can conscientiously secountlend its use to all
whose skin requires beautifylng.”
as a
Loa. Sold by Whl. JACK:4W. cat Li , erty IL mstrAl
Pitt Maclaine Work. andlifonsidry.
TWIN RIGI rr & Co., ore propel* to build Cotten
0 mild. AVoolen blecbruery . °yew slexrption, suih
as Carding blaebnies, Spinning Finales, Speeders,
Drawing Frames, Railway Beads, Wupers,Spoolers,
Dreseing Franw4, loom, I.lard Grinden, Le. Wroasht
Iron Shafting'
law n all .ire.
, of Caslron,Polliee and
limnr. ulnae lawn pager. slide d bend eo,
and awls of all knob,. Caning.% of very desenplion
fornisbed short nonce. Pasterns spade to order
Geantig. limn tee. Stea ripe for bett
. FaCrierics, Can Boa Window Saab and fancy Caw
q. generallyie'llnlers rlb at the Worehottee of J.
Palmer a. Co., tiberly enact, wit kayo prompt anew
Refer to Black - stock, lc Co Ji
Co, G. F.. Wnruer. joljnlnvin & Lou' IP:Usburgh ; G.
C. &J. 11. Warner, Steutrcnvalle. • j. 19
Spring., Azle, Steel and Iron Works. •
COI,E AN, MAILMAN Co., boring completed
Weir new works, am' now "[impaled to manufac
ture every description of Conch Springs,
Iron Add. American, Mister, Spring and Plough
dul all .fires of 14.11, square wdand how,
%Wel they oar fox sMaonliteral terms, at thetr ware-
Louse, No 40 Wood .neon; where they alms keep on
hand •complete and handsome assonment of Coimb
'frountings Carriage Hardware, Malleable Castings,
N/Ill• and Iron.
C., 11. & Co., have suede nnungetneuts ed . thlifessrs.
Day fr. emus, manufacturers of Shovels, t‘pinies, Forks,
die., and will. knp constantly on band every artiela
lauds by then.. Denies, ore respectfully soLeited to
all, as prices and terms will La made fiber/IL fintS
Hew ILlbardware Meese,
• Wood and sic, Pittsburgh. Ilev=
• tog withdrawn fip:l3 the firmol
N inset and Woodard]. do the 1.1 of January,
talc pleantirero announcing to my friends in the city
and amen, that 1 hove opened ray new store at the
above namedplace. Having purehnsed toy goods for
rash, mode arrangements with manufacturers in
this country atid Inc Europe co-be constantly. supplied;
I aro Wily EirePll.ll tuniish IlandEare ofallkinds,
on at good term. acid as low as any house Dun or
West: Merchants and ottfaas are respectfully . invited
and examine my stock; before purchasing•else
:schen, The following' crimprises part of his stock:
- Steamboat and saddlery hardware gun trimmings,.
files ignylors steel, cutlery, edge tails, anvils, ewes,
lock t s; lutches, *ovine, butt hinges, wrews, Union Fac
tory plan., saws, mahogany boards and veneers, and
ell other exudes connected with the hardware bunt
netts. • mehlltf
CIS y Dagverrlan 06.1:11.ery.
emu germ., rust melee entries.
110CiE begs leave to int - ore:like citizens of Pitta
burgh end viciaity,rhat he bar taken the Degneri
rianliouras lately occupied by Mr. Porter. 'The pub.
lie ore as wired that all the Isle improvernetrla are seen,
red;lalul will be brought into operation by Mr. Hoge;
who has be im • a confluent opeywor since the art wait
beet discovered. Entire nattstaction is guaranteed tki
all who may become lus patrons. Mr.'ll. will refer
will, pleasure to Mr. Porter,in whose establishment he
has operated for the last twelve °tundra Fatally Pori.
Waite, kntgrnvings, Deyuerieotypes, tee., ,accurately
copied. Likenesses taken, in any weather, and set in
lockets, Invest pins, casts and frames.
lustruetione t.erett in every bratich of the . art s ind,,p
paratus furni!Letl._
la rec etved per /ICI= i hie Cutedmia, from Europe, I
spleridol and choice crillectron of Gooseberry Tree., •
the largest and roost excellent sorts; French Bowl. 1
hip. Rums and DV:art . /Bios Provence Roses, togethe
with out lourdre4 yards of Box, the bordering . ; for sale
at ROBINSON'S, Pinto stowt, near Wood, where um ;
be build the handsomest and best collection of Cm
ry Birds mod Binl Cages in the city, with Canary an.
IlemPSeed, by the pound or bomb up 27
AN A Mason •
j. Co, GO Markets,, have received 6 cases ot'clies .
ponied L:owns uud Marino, Creases of Fretted do, of
every annoy of style, 10 Coors of goes' style Gin
loons, 4du new style Print.; 4 do blue ind troop Co
mum, Mr du bleached htmlim, all width. Also , eeSes
bleached, brewer and blue Drill.; Cottoned., Checks,
Gingham., &v. he., all of which will be offered et ll e
lowest Eitilelll wholesale prices. lora
Piiiiiiiilaohlao Shop. : I
TX WlGllTSlAN—Manufacturcr al all kindit of Cots
. too and woollen nidelrinery, Allegheny city, P.
The above works being oboe in lull and successor' bp
maim, I urn (impanel to execute orders with dispatch fur ell kirelseirtimeldnery in ray lore, such it willow.,
pickers, spreaders, cards, grinding machines, radwrrys.
drawing formes, cpceder.,, Ihro•sile, looms, woolen
only double or single, ler merchant ur country work,
mulesoucks, &c.; slate and hand lathes mad tools in giro
cod. All kilo!. of oh at Mg made to order, or plea pie
ce fur gearing factories or Mills ut reasonable charge.
Itrym so—Kennedy, Childs & Co, ipackstock, Bell
)o Co., King, Peonock & Cu., Jas. A. Gray.
Nharlitgasul Owls DiresslugSuloon.
1 li k ts A l ClL Td N aut . L 0 ,L',77,1,'T.:,,Trf,411.f",P14 h ".:.1
j bLumpoeurog Saloom it the *orlon style:aad are premrol to
' waiter. graham. at CUM ,whir ase, male:rt.. pa,Crrus.
They.. prepared to wait oil all that soy call without dairy,.
Thauklul tor past Boors, we solicit a mallows. of the
same, al our Saloum, career of UolmslretteadthaDiamaid,
(back of Alm:Leder # (toy'sy7 Good. 510 e,.) 50
rte, j
FUI.TON, Dell and Urals Founrier,hes Cr
built and commenced business at his old . d,
here he will /02 pleased to coo his old cram
snd formic .
' Church, rthramboat, and Bells 'of every CUE, from ID
to Krald pounds, cast from pailcrus of the MOM nom ,
ed models, and warranted hs be in the bead material,
Alinerul Wm, Pumps, Counters,7thiliug, AC., loge
ther WIIII every cur My of Brass Cmthig... f minim],
11..4 ...11011111filVA lit the 11,01,0111160. M
A. E. is ilte tole proirrictur of iioollll'sjArri-Arrm
... SM.., so 'Lowy cilebrated for she redurtim i li of
oration 10 machinery. The Boxes rod Campos
can I. had of him at all 111110$. *l,ls
Ploughs, Plough Castings, Wagon I.l..lsitzur, cipvEs, &C., Al' IVHOLESALIkI.
Ilexes, ,ftos • ~111. M Hose nod heir Hose, far men, women and
-11= ROGER rr HALL, of the old ethic ren, with it large let of Mk, command lisle thicad
firm of R. &S. Had, is meerdse. Ghosts* and Mks; rust recessed Morn die importer. and
, luring lathe if uao I 1 lies of for sale wholesale end mud, by
Ploughs, through Castings, Wag- plat ' ',
..- ...._ ____--__ I , H EATON &Co
un 10..e5,d:C.,...111i thellllo - OVCIOCII. of the Leath
Peacock, lilmow, and other Ploughs, °MOW./
boil 11....113c0. I
'Warehouse, 116 I,lbofly street, Pittsburgh, oppo
the Bay Scale; Fuebory, in. Allegheny clty, near
Colobi (marry of Mc... lihaekstock, Bell's Co. , ':
, -
detely --;"; . .::
IN. at:J. GLENN, Rook Wisdom. ' -
W i 5 0r Z%. '1,1, 1. ` 27. ,', 7 1 . ,',' .1 1 . 11 . 0 .:1, - ri:.7. ' „ " , ' 1:: , ` ,„7: 1 .
we are prepared La du any work m our Inn, With el
patch. Waatrentl to our wo r k turromally, and s lii
racoon Wilt be given in tepid 10 its maim., Lail' do
thank Booko ruled to any patient and balm! :11
rrmually. Mick n ru nand.. oral d books bound e o
bully or raptured. Names 011 oil books in gilt lei r
Those itiat have wart In our line too leveed to cal
Pnce. law. . • nr7bela±l_
To Vontraolonkand 11.1 era.
FOR SALE very low, to ed. de bodices de
led lirat of Coodetile .1 !Wielder, Spar or Vpital
Woorsof eupetior aduldstelore. tPirsi I
WWI wood
JusTlltAi v lorge — suul tpleudid atscoolie
of Cloths, Crovao4
lot tale by L WILLIA.SI6, Altre.l Tallot
IPSO omit. blostougabble
' ' '
T .
IM Mbscliber respectfully Mee. Me attention of
1 the owners and captains 0.. beaus citizens and
strmigers visiting Pittsburgh, to his lam and splendid
! stock a earpeung, now forsalo ha new /tares, Ilk
greet. They entrust of every sanely 'of the latest and
moot fashionable styles of Camis,Oil Cloths, lee, ever
brought to the Western market. siore has been
built expressly for the carpet businessoutd has, (tenant
less bf expensed been fund up ibllte most magnificent
Tha carpets receiving are of the talent denim with
the richest and moolniliant colors. • '
They comprise, in part. of the fo;losriugt
Sorrier Tapestry, anew AP -
gTgliah and Arnericaullme ,
sels -
Intz u ertal Inundo, new she-
Sagor . Ingrain; new de
• gh; .
Plami and twilled Venitilun
.Esirlsuper cord twilled do;
Royal do;
blimp Pelt; Abend •
ut; Po l ka;
Chenille; •
Comtism; •
gut lode;
I do' do . •
6 14 do
der • ,
Cod., list, mg and hemp carpet, cowman oil aka,
oil elbth table ser erworted aad linen table covets,
windOw shades, coloredlerat rearting, sairrods,
trimutp, carpet [dam., sad all
wil tothe goods nsuelly
kept in carpet stores,' all
which tbe sold on as
de toms as any ut tie city. Raving In.!. ar
rangements with one oftbehugest instrusfseturers in the
east, orders
style Of earpetwill be promptly for,
warded by telegraph,•and delivered in one week, at A
am of the menu(turm's e.
paretrasing elsewhere,. wake() ponfide mmalloofoie
nt cab sell
00 cheap as they can be parehawd mete eastern etties.
.N.w. ra l as d
. .10 rad lever Watches; 45 siver
lever Watch., f.glisli; 29 eilver &whatever snick.'
eg 1 „.. silver Llkene 'watches; 95 eaves warder
wale ;19 fin* gold new style earrings;
5 dosplain geld hoop ringg dos ...led !togs; 2ste—
si/borna, playing. a variety of peordar aug 11 gross
gee' elides, all uses. • •
5 de: fine FIIIII3, silk endpaper; i 59 doe common Pang
0 dck fine velvet bead begs, new styles; 19 Jon fine
crotrket bead bags, nekr 'styles; 5 dos fine crotchet
pan* new styles; kid. fine parasols, assorted; Sem,.
tassels, friers*, gilt and silver, for regaling 10 do: Eke'
flower yeses, assorted; dos fine Steel screw pin cosh.
ions; do: fine leery screw pin cushienwr 1 don flee
woosfecrear pin estAtioni. A fine assortment of new
— ll:KaWeril
A A Wawa tr. co,
Ell.l — Tl5. i
' New York. •
A. A. slues & Cow
Nek no Market Miceli - . between 3.1 and 4th sts,
bast& Ra.; lave
.recently opened their new and -
elegant store, with au eateuare stock of rich Spring
and S
M ummer Goods, comprising upwards of three haw
dred packagots,' of the Immo and :most fashionable'
stylek, erchants througlsaut the country am partign
lady myna' to call and egaminc our stock,,ai item .
tulip p
to offer oar goods , at the. lowest }]mein m
cr e rices. One of the firm residing in. New
Yo be constantly sending'us fresh supplies of
Ilre MOM desirable goods, thereby siring us eve fa
cility,in the transaction of our business that coa ti be
possessed by Eastern Moues. Prices are therefore
guaranteed to be its low bathe lowest New York and
Philadelphia rote.. ap7
lITHITY: GOODS Fon DlitßiSk.--Open this mom'
f ug, at W 1111111.1111 4 S Dry Goods Robs..
north Casicomer of 4th and Market sw; a full assort- .
meat Of white Goods thr dresses, such as Sans Mus-.
Ras, Plain sod fifth- Mull Mud do; barred Jackoneth;
plain Mulls and Jimkonets. Alai
styles of
goodslor Evening Dresses,iticluding a few patterns of
mitire'new styles klnbroidered Muslin Robes.
i" . .fry , i Near goods will he receiving daily for •'•-•,•
to come, eluding newest styles 1.100. Goods, Linen
and French Gingham', Prints and Elnuties, very low.
blerchants are invited to ezaraine the goods and pri
les la wholesale rooms, up s tain. The inmortinent
arie and prices very low. ' '
L'NEN Luerers AND Guiplilol2E—W a mui .
phy invites anentioe to his 05.50(11,1trtt of above
good 4 of various Shades and qualities; also, damask,.
figursd Linen Lustre, for Ladies' Dresses. A large as
forming ol hue Dolman, Manchester, and Rene),
Haigh/auto, of newest styles; also, lloylis Priuts—a lull'
assortuAnt of these s - cry desirable goods, - isieludios
pink, lilac, blue and ddoblc purple, of =eve and bertuu
iiil palm . ,
brown i
Fren Dress lawns—Pink, blue, lilac, bwn and
butf, of west patterns and fast colors; small bgill do'
foe tnfings. Also, Drillisatines, of largo unit mall bg
ores, toil ladies' .d infants' dresses. . .
klabrpidered Saris. dress pat:uns,_ for eve:link-Arco
ses, nes styles; colored damask nit-loons, do; and ,a
full a n atant of Aissues, berages, greandioes, crisp.,
shawl ink, all. northeast corner o(Fourtli and Mar,
tit s ure Is. - sirs'
• AlCkitti.
Ton. KELLY &Co., (successors xo Robb, Wine
kl !ironer A. Co.) MERCHANT TAILORS, IQ' Cheat
nut strep-i, Philadelphia, beg - leato to inform the friends
and patrons of the /ate firm, and almoners visiting this
city, Wilt they are awn in receipt art. Spin); Anil
:Jamul Fashion. r 'Also a chalet end select 11.11.011.
meat o ,Westor England and 'French Cloths, Caul
mere, adVestings, to which they respectfally invite
their al °dots. -- . arAialbak
DV FXPREMS—Gents' Suanner Goods! Super sin
LII g i nailed React, Debit Clothe, and rich styles'
Casein: res.; Ouch and aol'il eashruerehes; Queen's
acil Su flier thothe; fig'd and plain Dap d'nieE Yes
doge; cry choice alurecilles, Cashmeres, Silks' and.
Satins, lid lig'd Linen Mills. cheaper ye!;
RUBINSON'S ClothStorti lost Du .
arcill tte colon wcodand OM Ma
ILA ELETV a WHITE, No. PO Wood street—are
sec lying a very large sad extoasive Macao( fresh
Soling ry Goods ; orrery recent patches.; and bonght
under e must circumstances; and which
they are powered, and will sell to merchtuni, at a very
small agymice on the eastern cost.
We would request all merchants. visiting our city to
give o• stock a fair examination, and we lee! coati•
dept th . z will be entirely sutisdal of the cheapness of
ours 107
DiGS--Sup Prenels.tig'd Casists,Silks, amit
y ns res s and • white blersedles. cugrns—so
Freac •. flesh iniponed, all Wort, qualities and - prices.
CAIIiSMIERES m every style and'onaLity. CASH-
M 1 - tB—Sup • silk worp. Queen , Cbuth, Summer
Clan, • desirable coatis:pros genti.'svear ' as once.
below y site city. 11.001NSOMS ClsithS/ore,
apl7 corner ads and wood els
Wood street, have ou hand, and are comma
; so
ring during the buitindm mason,. a lafge and
ve asrtment of DRYROODS, winch they ot ,
••.• rehants at tow price!, and - reasonable terms.
lug that they eau give entire . mhsfamion, they
• ntly invite all lambent& vidung the city to gave
nail. ap4
ly re< ./
citats I
fcr to
MASON Ze C0.,60 Market inset, are opening
.IClllllie anormien of Oren tioodt,tust re.
.per Expren, comprinug the largest and most
able stock of Dren Donis to tie found in out
angst which we meadow, 40 pa extra rich em-
d tail de Cheire, a mew article,. aad the most
le goals in thmiaarkett also, Beau snipe Chid
ge,' re s,Tissues, Mohair %ripe, trench iSCOildll,
DGOODS.—A' A ALAND:9 S. Co, CO Markel
n cot, have just reed si splendid assortment ot
Dress Goads, among which may be fouad—klgared,
plain; 'laid and sniped !image of all wanks; silk
mum mohair stripes, Unchadicrs, WWI -trips de
Liable , plain do Salm, At ebonies,. Macy MIL, krencli -
Jacon us, am. &a. apl9
OE3, AC.—JklesanileiteDay have now open"
D a beauutal unlit stiiped and plaid lkvages, o( the
tweet !maim and newest styles imported; alm, splen
did ain and brooks black Iterages and Pubic.,
salon 'd French LAwns,Lincis-Lustres and Gingham%
a full . sortinent blk, plain - mud satin stripe de /Alma
and fi e Alpaca..
All here goods have been purchased at the late per
amp:. auction sales in New York end Philadelphia,
&veil be sold at a great reduction Dom regular prices:
my - comer diamond and market n
e II Atesanderk Day hoar received direct
m the importer in New fork, tot emir* cone of.
svall . to CILMOLL Crape Shawls, contalniug u couiploia
altar cut of embroidered mud plain .bawl., of all co
itus •nd qualities, !loin SW to t 3.4:. The 'tubes are reo
pectl Ily mailed to exam:due 'these shawls, behoving
that umof them tote superior Loony before offered
dilsu mice, They will be sold rctunikeibly i ebeap..
itcrE .PORCELAIN ti - IgAlerf —Tap radiacrilici
hairint received the sole Agency for vale ofJonca,
Vat c s CU'i Plate, 1/eli, Pivot, i'ibitar and bisztapt.
deuces Teeth, larder Deans. , opecial attention. ' •
JOEL. MOILER: Dream and Apothecary,
• .cos wood and Ida ate
VES--A paid 1116011111.1 of ladies and gents
lack ',Shan and colored Cotton, Lisle Thread,
and l ' ldbet Gloves, lame aise., ALui,
'French Kid Gloves, an excellent article, and
lines; Jail opening by • .. •
Guvrs AND 110SIEWS , 4ust ree'd, WU dor ia , -
tX dies black, white, brawn and slate Comm Hose,
ficanl cent. per pair up the fittest ilaaliiy Aim, Du
due p ems Cullen Shalt Alpo; DV dos. tide, thread, salt
and hues tilosesi - also,L canons Ladies Dojos hid
Glove. Dealers cud utherslhat wish hoedown at the
abana article., Will &lthea. al
up' SMITH tr. 30111ISON'S, del market st
. .. ---- -
S'WM 6001)8.--Stcoll Bog Clasps, do liedgoon-
Tdit in ho city; Meet leads, do Bag Tuogalsi do
Bo ilig do Poise Bogs; do do- Clospo- do 'fides; dn.
Kay Bingo; do Top Condo; just,nreil al itie ;low Fundll
7540 , d !Matti street.
yiK___ ' - . . KINSKY & KNOX'.
- 111TEGOUD 3 —A tint linonment of plam.
and suipodthumbriespinin and ent'rdJaconch,
St2 . l. and Scot. Ltaoh Ltiehop Lawn.,
N w o o, ',potted Mallti Victoria Lawns, Torten.
tcgethar with a onLI assortment of 80nin...,
ptait and foncrltlotht, Lana:Edging., In.erungs, do.
ao., all of which hare hut arrived 'froth Inc Ito
ppnent, and 'for Nile low to the trade, by -
ntYl7 ' 81/ACKLErf & 'WRITE
WELRY—Fine Gold Miniature C..; do do Lack
!'u for Hair; dodo Break Fins; do do kir Mop.,
Finger Bantig do do chard tam.; ear . do •kob
do do • Penn. and ,Penaidio do' Bracelets'. and.
pa: Those In want °lune . harelry wall 'do atilt*
on at beton, parent... - -
wild IMISEY & KNOX, nairket at
hurs just received a wry superior assortment of
si um/ bleached liheetilags, ot the moil selebrated
misstate, of ell widths &Ad qualities; Also, blesehril
brawn Meetings, of fair goditici, al Sit per MIL •
l INY _. ~ r.. lYy''C'~._
VOL. X.Nr_ NO. 27:3:::‘
.• -111:11DgCAL SOCISTMI, • •• •
nether, wtr..-orrd'biligtitir •
INTIM ITFXlSTAT.FsThesubsetibtr tespeel•
fully ro il, your Int/11140¢ to Dr. 134amerre_Onta
man, expressly intended Inc presdrvatlon or the , •
health of both sexes—whether it nose* frees
Phthisis, or cut( consumpnon, Debility. of tho Lump,
Bronchial Affections; Asthma, Pleurisy Deranged am,
Disordered - wine
C afe , e Liver, Spleen: or Kidney.,
h e -
eased Spine, holie Despepaia,% Palpitation of the ,- •
Henn-L.l oflil.cular or Nano. Pow. Am fee.
DR. C. IL - BARRETT'S 'GUARDIA-MI col.a to trio
immediate retie for Femalesauffering form
ties, and al (other
• Utotirie dithered. acid diseases men. _
dental to loatnan, whether occasioned hy acid vest
feet, or any similar - tuludicknis expienri; and all this
without the um of medicine; n. the most .delielne and •
sensitive lady ran at soy moment apply_ lf to herself
without the possibilitYpf Meaning any rink or danger, •
or any unpleas.t results arisi. Mom it;and with the
certainty of obtaining itamediats • ' ":"E.
Dr. Barren' s Guardian hoc catch-pe.y, onel Of
thin:natty honsbugs n( the day; bet ft oils..
made upon strictly mientific principles, in accent...
with the leant of Electricity and Galvanisiu;
for • •
neantrasiderability• and efficacy, - Mallet) , samamew
everything oldie kind ever bethre offered to die public T:?.
for the relief ofdisesse, told, in the rangirage of one ef
the most enlightened menet' the-day, so
.proneunced to, •
be “the greatest di.ovety oft. age: , .
Ajsenod of no law Man four yeah occupied •
by Dr. Barrett min../ the Guardian au present
state Of perfectlonring which time , it has bean is
the bands °twine of the most eininent physicians of • •
the North and South, us well as in the dwelhngs elms
memos families, who have used it tor ail of .the above •
purpows, with the most perfect streessointisho have
cheerfully given their
ac ed. approbation of its • •
efficacy and value, e. eirbyrefening to
Dismal of Insimetioni.conspenying it. •'
01. C. B. Barrett's Guardian
secured frominnovit , '; - •
dons by neatens front the Oohed States Patent Otte,
and be bad either with. or without his illedico-Fl.tos
The Gap e
bledieo-Fleetro Colrain/, in point of beau= • • •
ty, workmanship, dambilimand power, emu. be SEW
passed or emu ...tied, atid the minceihee feels thar
hi hzards nothing la the.sertionthst it will be fon.
to P a
te,, too. power rinffeSeney in the creanment.
one rennival dieentes;• by - Gahm.= and
y, than. any other .tustnimem, - either,. the. United •
States or Europe. ,
Aledico-lUectro Galvanometer .-'
is weromted in every respect, nudes.. common ordil
wiry.. will tail a life.usee,'sod is br far Week -
est, becanse the best, instrument ever offered to the • .'
public. A manual accoinpanies thera,' giving the most
ample. instructions, of practical experience, so thou it
readityintellimble mike mind of every one, whi l e
We • ••••• •dy or s
is such a eat my
Any Informstion grannunisly give., and al: cemum
andes cheernilly answentd - per m either rola- • ,
don al the
or Guardian. ••... •
Meilical MGR are invited to call and examine Diger- . •
rett's'Griardlan, .d test its efficacy. •
For sale by IL RICHARDSON, sole Ageot, 71 Nar• •••
riot s; Pittsbargh.
OTER 3 , 0 0 0 PERSONS in Philadelphia '
alone, C. testify , to the orenderful efficacy of Out , 2!
powerful remedy, .
• WOOD NAPHTHA,. • ' ,
In Pulmonary. Comemptiou, Chronic Brotichitis and -
"Sore Throat, nat.., Chronic Csitarrh, , Sploing: of , • .
Blood, Pain in the Side and Breast, Difficalty. of .
.11ternhing,•Whooping Cough, Cmep, Weak Nerves • •
. and NCINFOO-STiernors, Reitman. of die 11earG,otoo, , • • .•,••
Liver Complaintiind Affection of the Kidneys. . • ,
This medicine, the interior of a mart who gam the
subject of Pulmonary, Bratielual.d Peacoat diseases
die most rigid enanintinion,has now tmen 'before the •
public near four yeah. 'During this period it Una pen.
tbnned sorbe oldie most reinaranble cures record of
Pohnonary Consuniptionsecuont the. recommenda.
lion and use of physician. to their practice, and the •
vrantiest approval m tfact..ds of persons in ordinary '
.d seven Cobb, thnigus, Hoaramiess, Spitting of •
. _ .
About four year hot I was ettarked with that -
Fever, which lest am in a Miserable gale of he in
esteems debility with n gametal prostration of Om ayes
tea„ with violent pains to thebonnet and Mu of appe
liar, consequence of *hick I was unableum emend to •
my usual betimes', or pertain any kind of Watts I '
applied to several physictans and used various red.-
dtee,but without:my Wasik; iatil bad despaired Of ever
oltuuniug rearepry,of my former. health. ..But scene
time lam Juno I was tinted to try Thonison , a. Com
pound ttyrip orrar end Wood Myths., and .itietedlble
as it may appear, by the time 1 had token three haute. _
the debility, pain end every to of safeties were
eumpktely removed, - and lar u able to auesur wifltaa
stored health to my 111110.1.V0eatirrall.
( • Of Diekinsonlownshlp, Camberland co: •
_Rend the following. tantrum*, front a respectable
member of th e Society arnica's, in Poughkeepsie, N.
' 'This - May certify that iu :the sprmu of ISIO, my
health was very feenle; Doss alined milutain bathe
side. with other tiltunang symptoms, andAtaMmed much'
from great debility. Al that time I' pachaied tarn
Mates Dume two bottles of Thomson's Compound Sy.
rap of Tar and Wood ?Naha from which texperien
cad . great benefit, my health being now good; 'end
cheenully recommend the article w. all persons who
may be suffering with the
debility, vnatisymplOrmi
of edseline. • •, • •.• ARAIIAIII
Poughkeepsie, March
Prenmed only by. Ainsext It Ilfemoo, et the E.
comer of Fifth sod Spruce streets;
Philo. -
Sold' by I...WILCOX, pituburgbf and by.dragglsts•
generally. l'rice Sal eculsoir Oct .0011nr per bottle.
.L 1 This disease is caused bye paroxysmal constrict
awl of the air cells; it I. very debilitating, trlmast Cans.
mg suffocation. DR. SWEETSER'S PANACEA Witlm.
only certain cure. -
floarecness can be entirely eared by a free use oittr.
Sweerser's Pantmea . • .
Cetera:, of common Cold; which, lf negleCied, will
mradnato m' Consumption, re effectually: relieved 'and'
;rued ba.Dr.Sweaser's Panacea •
Bronchitis, if unchecked, will effectually lead to
Bronchial Consumption, but a timely use of Dr. Sweet
. tees Panneea will effectually rose n. •
Inflabotuation of the Tonsils or Sore Threat..i.-Thls
disease often leads tO•teli01111 COrt!CtitidOcct from neg.
t, melt on ulceration of the throat. On the first syrup.
• Dr: Sweetser's Panacea should bet • procumdand
used reply.'
. ..Coughs - and Colds find.. sovereign remedy MTh'.
'Sweeter's Panacea. .
• Pneumonia Notha—A' very fatal disease, not - thing
from a violent cough and Colder* a dabilitated nr bro.
ken down constimuniS aged persons ore subject to it.—
Dr. Sweeter'. Panacea should be used - on the first
tyroptonts, Nei:Wham a cough t:1 Cold. ,
Shea SwentaThildebibtantig cornploinr will meet
with e timely chock, by using Do. Sweevees Panacea
Comnropaoa—lf on the first A ppearance ofeonsuMP.
'dye symptoms, which are pain to the oldo and breast,
'Pg!:wining of blood, If Dr. Sweater's Panacea s
.:e4 no danger need be appreheudoL , •
When the Lungs, the Windpipe, or Ilronchial 'Tab.
income clogged stp with phlegm SO MS to'lmpetio respi
ration or breattung, Dr. Sweerser's Panacea.which is
k powerful Expectorant, should bOtakbre according 'to
distiessing epiffmale, so prevalent in
one elimate t is speedily Dr: Sweeverbi
• .
Price sl43r Voule, or six babies far $9.
Far sale WM. JACKSON; b 9 Liberty i!gis of
' nor:ably
Jep. wort Cough Candy is °rend to the public -as a
pleasant andeffeenve remedy forcougha, colds, hoar..
nese, Asthma, Phallic, Whoop. tougbflothtop....
Croup, Sore Throat, Bronehilia, and general erecnons
of the Chest end Langs. In such ;wait ialosbmt to
have adbrded decided and permanent relief, and f ro m
its rapid tale and 'great success as a remedy for rho
shore diseeacawbere it has been used, It proud.a to
become .one of the most useful and popular aulieMea,
It is offeied em, as a ptettaant reliefus the consmoptive,
amine amietent to vocalists and public speaks. gen,
The name of the preparation indicate• Its leading In.
gredient,'..d it will be found to be by to means un
pleasant to the taste, and may be used by children and
adults with entire impunity.';- materuds used in the
prep.ation ale , of the' best qua li ty, and it may be to lied n. in every rospeci a pure and gamine .articla
Familiesanahl‘no doubt promote their comfort and
health by keepli4 a supply, especially in the emu= of
Colds.' - -
This valuabie Coo. Candyia considered a great sal
siatant so Mothers; beingaaperior to Oil tha-pateat Ba
by dampen in creation, as children wore never known
to cry when this candy is used, creep% for more. .n. trig
al of this article will coneince anylpereoaof Its swear
and the proprietors therefore dely any pingo in the
Looted Stuns as p.locsa cheaper, more &sisal, Of
tactic. remedy.
Sold wholesale and retadi by the
YSEEL, General-Agi.,
H 8.11
. . minter.3d .d market xis, Malih. • •
Howe &Ca., Proprietors, No 1 College 11a1/ Cinch:l!
TIrraVT;SA . LT, .
th the
Vetter, itch, or e ettL diseases of mho Ant ' , if thry toms
who would relieve and eons them. . •
'1 horrible to be obligelta rub' and scratch . when
glued, but room horrible to abstain from It, [fin decency
sake.„l when in company. Let ' it be remembered thou
most °Meadow, of any other preparation in _existence
in eating the Totter,lteh, and other diseases of shoal. •
ho all diseases of the skin moat arise from the impurity
of Ate blood and fluids of the body,' and where such dis
ease ho of to standim, and the ,
Blood affected
sherebY, if Dr. Leidrs'Sorsepstilla Blood Ms be toed
'with tie ointment, they will care any cue WitAlbiet,
104 if they'd° nolObe money will be reMmed by Dr.
Leidy. Most eases, lunvever, beedeentally,eured •
hy Dr. Leidy's Tenor told
ointment, unless the.
,aw,, s y s t e m to impregnatedlry the diseased bettors
which will le completely carried off from the systern h ail
Dr Leidy's blood par, end the surface of the Skirt
ed UT the ointment. P
ew? ointment IS eellta •
A fresh sceptre/ thew? valuable Medicine. just to.
oslerd gad 6r sob b lf A PAILNIiMICIC to
f.W__earl Lilt. areal, also cor.eth &Wood stn. .-.
Dr. W. P. IsklingPA Premium Plaster.
DR. w. INlsAbil.l, ord. dical College 14
actelphis, now offers to th p ub! ic tea Behan Veg..
emble Preminto Plaster, the Onslities of which., after
long and tried erpen k
enee,os been suisaisionty
tahtuhed. To an women who may, be allieted with
Prolapses Merin oy Pollee Womb, he recommends his
plaster, guarsetemng. • sure and speedy cumin the
short space of from two to I.hie ' applied with
core rind rest—direardiny sill the countless inlitirdnientS
nod menials* bandsges so long insm, This (o feels
consmenueusin statuag. butunuelt as lie has not failed'
M one ease oat of three hundred sad fumy-three Pa
•Al. for Rlteumatuun nisi Weak Breast or Back, at r
tended with pain, there is nothing to erne! Bile Plaster
in et:Cording ,corner effecting core - .For Wei by
I. Wilcox, corner °CI/teamed and Market at
Braun le Reiter; '` Liberty and St. PIIIT US' . • •
' Dr Sargent. " .Federal anator Dismon4Alle
gtterty city
JacClocs Al; Co, '“ Denman and Diamilitd,Dirdzinc-:
.117EVF,R 'permit soy one to palm off upon you the
13 venous worthless mixturexpreparid byertenyrlnrj J.
ignorant of the venues of medicine,, and hase4dbuite
welt the principles of compounding them, eeek *MY to
Ell their pockets with unlawful gain. IL A. Fantle- '
stock's Vertnifuge has-tor many yenrs been knotifn to s
the POWs as a destroyer or wormy sod as sash,
'always ataimalnednhe highest repotattea, oral him been
cousldered by the people as the only meatethe tbat wilt
ertainly sine' worms.. If they exist in the system,
they are brought out without thit.'"None . are gehnine, '
unless' the tame A. Patuu-stoek;•Fistslitirghi i P..
Is on the wfsppers.
1: 124 it '
- re t' s L' A the *MIL They are often •Or cum!' -
Amu' sine and leimutimismioffaratti ben'em4 -tablet.
Itti• in the Stolo,lca, genera+ ptComes de,the en noebied,'silitst the lymph:des are
continually aegremung, relict
nk' es dmllsrenni.
omen theautteong..-S
{/ ..can bett mmour in tn. , . •
6.4.7 's Yer}ainuga
1.0 tkg desitoyvd, , velfl 1.4
charged to de lae tqe• 64d .
v . ,t.i , 4= t . , 0i,i
•",Ig . zl