The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, June 14, 1848, Image 3

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    kC,415 , lads NO mar, 75U bbl.
UfPlantation Illolaasea; 30 tiblaliaratifoani Afelar
Nig 40 tibia Loaf Sugar; ICOZ; IfoliCofFee; It of
Leo; 10f/ cake pate= Soda • reeeivadly lat e
rivals from New Weans, and Rabbi.
sale by . • •
W/NESIV'qr casks cud 9e Ind. Ws Port, Sweet
Malaa, and Madeira Wines, comprivaig same
ven . abalee and, superior brands, received Rad
ATENT SODA ABH--du casks James NaspraD
Bon's first quality Soda Ash, just mold Pet at.,
aßanh and for sala by. •
apSt W mrrciaturaw, aW luny it
...jAlus 1%49E, 1"8°N, Co.
street, Pittoborgb, Pa.,' hare in 24014, the following ns4
sortmentafrefuted Sugars, 6or loon • .
bre double refined Ism Unify MO gbh, Wocit, 4,
id 4.5 do Clarified:
UNDRID3-4lresek. Nods Mb, brau/k4l Stidele
• & Soo, Liverpool; al do j do do J 0....
o‘pnd & eons, do;
. 71:0 bag. tree
Co; 3.03 Lazes
Pilo and 10x1Y Glue, for sale by.
eLI sr
UNDIUMPAOLO Mg Bulk Pork; MO broth Corn;
bids Cloket *kkd.l; 2.aeks Rags; 11 do Barley; l
1 Q
1,..ti0t. 11w, lkodlog float mauler Cope
sod An tO JAMES D. MI.
"CMAIBEED 011;-10 bbls, In prime order, ownre
orived and for sale by
..721 E sw,Erbi, ra wood nt
fiIiCtBACCO—LY latds Leaf Tobacco,received oe
steamer Nem Eland No It, sod (or sale 1,0
RAlOniB-400 quter boxes games, for sale ;10
elose coomptment, ho
A . Cr_42
or , war 'nemWen, in
:724 firtClll3o7-
Oil, good OnlW Od
• O IA do do; 14ptaxo,WhaloTILleselsod and Cord non
CAI, on onaugunlont and fat midst reduced priced , by
• a?r3l. citT.4:loi &MOM: 1.
GY (IA -STOIC 01C--511111101, Just Yee'd and Car i .ale
bY my= J KIDD& CA
Q PF/Lif OIL AND CANDLPS—Id bze Sperm Can ,
dles, Noe 4, d and,2,000 Worts Winter era
011120 D -do ideanliedwlhler Sperm Oil; IWO do:Fall
do do MO do bleriehed winter Whale Oil; 900ito N
W Whale Oil; Ina mewed and Gm' sale by
- mita ' " MILLER k. RIC .U.TSON
frOBACCO-10 bra Riaull & Robinson's Coag rem
Tobacco; 10 do Batimoie Plug dodo; 10do
ere entre lb. Lump do; just ree'd sad for sale by •
rara • • • MILLER & ItfCICErSI:2
frIOARSII;_11)0 Flora Principe Cigars, rem sup
&VIA = Nol de Is C. do do;12,01/ "No 2 rtnil.3
do do; Jost received for sale by
mrai J IVILLER dc
B H . A Z . 2. SU.G4R-..1110
to mire owl Myatt,* by
D - . --•— • ..
REI-INbal LOAF SUGAR-9 ball' eitsc
LJ Doable Retool Loaf r i al i vra'A lota !or sale
AY ...TO /LI hinskl
Sagan ftli sale low
MILLEICk Itichmrso.
GLASS—ILO bxt OM°, 1; do 7X9 ; 8 do 10X1t, 10
do Will; Col lode love by
NEW ORLEANS SUGAR —43 hltda Diana N
gar; 10 do fair dodo; for gale by
%VINT BOWKII, 70 front .1
30, 0
00 . 11 . 1172 a
J F2 b li r E BRIM; just re.esived
=yam . C A hI'ANVIATir.k Co
etHEESE—W i/X. Cheese, for sole low so rlose coo
sismowal by • je3 ENULISII k BENNETT
GREASE -7 bbd Dream, now landing (tom mmuner
Cumberland and for sale by • •
ISAIAU DICKEY is:Co, front at
oteadnor Cuinberlopl and for soliaky
DRY REACLIFS-1501.u. Tonia%sibis, atoro am!
for sale br. ISAIAICDICktY & Co,
"KT • 0. SUCIAR-12 106 prove N 0 lura, mei
by •leaver Tclegrnph and
MMS . PORK—P. , bbls prime Meta Pork, Put ire/
mut for see bp ttiV HARBAUGII,
idl Wonder and 104 Pam et
EATIIERS—JaiI received and for male by •
•la • GEO COCHRAN 291roalat
PTS. TURPENTINE-03 bbl. just ree'd for
V! sale by ie. BRAUN k RETTLUt
- - -
ArANILLA BEAN*—Prinse quality, just reed and
V for u 4 by ' Jed BRAUN & REITBR
OIL VITRIOI.-..6 "— earbaid jolt rec'dond for at
tile Drug 24thin of Jet. J KIDD*. Co
ALUM—VU bb& to stare aryl •for sale at the dney
warobeture of jer. J %MD& Co
AIX ; rives judo received anal for lath by
J 'ODD& Co
WIMP SFID—Foar b 1.41 kw sale al thedrog
jUt. !louse of. J ODD*. Co
;.. • LIISIIING . BOOTE-72 lodes R0.1.1.1e5 ; l'ashtog
Hoots, just recd by express nod (LIT sttleog ete Is-
Hobt•exilepot, No 6 'Wood street.
lIRACESI dot Shoulder Ilraeen Iu
dla Bobber, reeeived:' by earners and for sale
VllO India RubberDelkit,iiirood.aireet.
USTAILD NFL-7 bbl. Konianky Matsui ...9.711,
4,11, in sons end tier Wei by -
leIY,• - , aH A HUTC/bISON Co
QUOLK AND MOLASAZ--€0 Ighda NO Sugar; d 6
tdds Sr 'WA• • S Molaascs, landing from suasner
divra:n and for a:la br " •
CIiMNATI 80 6, fg—zttl y bxs Not-Soap, per :stIF
ey D ;Tr ') ""
S &W trAultAuGll,
- - .53 water ati4 lot trans au
mr4;;MTM 7-lIGH
idrlllEi?ltE-01 bin ernankebeere,jud med sad for
nine by t - Onlo S litifiriALlGH
• 9DMI.ED PEACHES—A few ba.i in pore =I fur
j. baba by • jell,
aDOTATOI44-16 snail 'Palena Seilonnoeti, join
received 10 fur sale by "
inl.o PODIDESTER. it Co
;(111 SE- las W R Cheese, rr male by
ukrorisv-4 keg. homy,. in &Ore sod for ea& by
fi jelo . POINDEXTE.2I & Co
• . .
have J. hand the most extensive assonant of
...blask and Sway Silks tabs found in the sit jellt
M - ACIEBEL-125 bbl. prim, No ; Mitsiaddiusen
(=peptic.., uovr lauding - from awn Niagara,' •
•consignment and foe sale'
.at - 109 woad, near 'rood at
p6ODUCE-40 bbl S F Flour, 90 do Cons bk-al, 10
.10 Corn, 1010 01., Ai 00 White Be.nx for sale
kby C fllDWl.l.L,•rater
SALTS,YII bbls on conxignment sad tar rale Io
io cit.., by jet) • J C MOVi'ELL
Irlti 1.3 LIN Lbl_ F a_for ule by
NACEE,REIt-73 Lbls No 3, for tali by • '
1110.11T6—arbis Half bliwrisb Vicars, Go stle by
je3 • a P VON BONNIIORST,'d Co
gilt' WM ' . beg. Moouts,
2 Air sale iy ' 'o3: Bi , VONVONN . 1101187* Co .
. ------- Zi-10041,1. worn cardro I; Cider Viottiit
' , .fm ute LT jet' Si , VON' BONN HORST Lc Co
LLASTEIi PARIS--. 2 toys ,i , roo id Flamer, G. sale
by . je3 •ki FAWN WM% 40MT* Co
IDAIU4EY.,•4I" seek. Barley, Teethed per North
Iti.erisod for We by
irks Galata Lew!, reeoiv.ed per Memo,
goortoo and for solo try' • • • - _
TAR • •l ow y
moo • • J SCHOWIMAXER & Co
V/TRO L-15 caztoys for gabs by
IN=4 GIOOLGA A flaaoa &Ca. Igairapabverged
A.B Bpa 11/4 Linen Sheet4gara; 64 Pillow
*Casa de; 4.4 White Linea as great ♦gaiety.. mile
tIOFFEF.-20U b,l. prime green 1110.Coree..landing
a/u1 (cage by ••. my3l FLOYD.
rs.„s MX chests Volum /1746 k 14110 do 64a
-44..1417 40 do m do; 3 Y t 11 . 404(1Y r Tzir
fiIiDACON-426/dufs assorted Bacon, on eonsigntoe.o
A) for sale by;. ' sera J t R FLOYD,
AS . 14-100 . 4 1 !
, 1 fo,rutleaLL
- -
ID OTASU—,loculge - hataak;for male by -
• arta . VLOVD
bbla 6or
I4' 13 eoek• best Grolina I7,iee, for sale by.
APEB~laoramsblaw WriPP~°~k H Y}.OY3l L
130011111-53 dozen:Com ibrma; far role by
inym J k R FLOYD
1110 MON-, 41? Mss gbeiy ,: koke li tsla tto bi ,D
- 1 . . 3 11 3 i • .
wlPAß4l4bblx N C Tar , I.' Bie.raPr, it E T/A1
k...... bl__
_ Sa.lll, . i • .1
JrIOLOLIED SKIRTS—Nk Fee./ and Gar sale by t
dIOLOREDSWEIII.II4-9 eases reed and kt sulk by
‘.l myal ' C ARBUTHNOT '
S On a 4Np
lld sad fotti l' y l : r m3l e' t A °sc'd " INNOr
:21-6r=by S l4 / I .2ratAIMIT I : r*
63orater and 104 front rtreet di
44 YE pyou-751.blejtui iree'd end Ica islet by
' . B & W HATILAUuIt
MNEATHERS AND GIN3END-4.5 soeksieathcio;
5 d o Gi u scog, pl,l VI landing from ,reamer New
..E,Mtionct azd for sakiby
MALIN DICXEY tc Co, (rood . , ot':.
4Q PANISII WIIITIN'r • Ibis In mote mad for sali
.4.3 by . jos 1:1414 . 4 DICKEY t Co
j r NlLVytalol.,43earboys awn tOI sad for male ay
?la Fs nr.i.utas
Tesu-s cad. Orb. On remiting) jast ree'd
a - ma b .141 •
Tneu. l `7 l elitrzi°4NNTlP,r4=
;MV•l 3 .ltvWleirottillk4ft=4".
fig ERILING-14 bro Electing, for sato lot* to olovo
I.Lw<'nupdomeat by
:: 111/411 . 1/v.t . lt . L.,varioli d s .
f b . rart ,..a tt,est Ittredi r og frosi
_LAT • 4.).SUGAII-4 bbd prime, fur wile km to <lota
comtignmerti,l7 BOWEN.
L. 70 frontpt
Aslses..—Daty M. pr. hew.
Pots sitB4:
Scorching, Ile—
lk.da ..... .41N1
Ale—pr . ,
Ameßeistls—DirrAkt ret.
rican , . -
Matttng—pm 'lb
Mgle • ••. ........ . &Mt
, Ft 390121
!moll While
Common* caisld
Duo ket 0 , " dot.
' • en! Waver
, Beeneux—DtCy to pr. et
'e110w.......... • • • • •
Merchantable 1.12101 X
Shaker 1.75632.. T.
Illark•—.. cord. •
Chesnut Oak•••.: .... swarm
Black Oak 404.41
ilemitttlk 3.506144 M
Coal—Darty 30 per ct. -
At We river 5 dr—
r°mCot 6"M timil—Daty free. 'l5l
Tenn. and Alabama...• • • 61
CLoeoLte—q m.
Number 1 10011
Cocoa, prepared ...... oate2-2
Caamilleo—Wity 20 pet et
flll , 4Pta
Pittsburgh Star 21 0—
Cincinnati- do 100
Sperm, beat brande•••3l 0:11
(Amnia go—, lb
Foundry kO. moue, 0 . 11-03
Furnace do -lf
Teir kettles p 110% 5207
Wagon bores it no lit • • et :0
Cdunter weights f . wt. • • .40
Sad irons itt . netl• • • 4105
Cotton Itorns—P
Short reel,-
No. 5 to No. to
11 to 13— •
Inerear l4
iag 1 riper lb to Noll.l.
Long met V' dor.
No. ail -es
.. ... --44147
COv rrAttl
Carpet Chaiu
Cotton Twine
Candler Wink 015
, Celike-Duty 9.1 per et..
Yana, (11.1 'white 120114
SL'lnsnatigo . . S'4l
,Laguayra - , CO
tit° oiL-1
• Havana
Copper -Duty 20 pr en. pig
bar arid old 5 pr et: old ilea
Hoarier: 9:4, l l" gliteathing -027
Cordage-Doty I.ti/ pr. eril.
-C/ IS
11V hoe ropy - 11
(Tarred -4/ 11
l'ark's yarn, Zoe.- • -49 10
' - common -41 9
Hemp 15.slerds per doz
xtra long LIV-03,23
l'longh Lines ..... • • •814/I,ltu
llattilla Cordf-per dor.
49 yd. C, thread••• • • •--1195,93
'SI Jr Strdo 2.503!9z
do Plougli lines 01125
Dames ttee-per yard..
I 101 et added (or time sates
ltrosen Cotton ••• • 30C
do do G 0.7
moat/Mgr. A No. 1••— 0 1
Allegheny D. • • •• • • —if
Alleey DPO2 blin..•-42/
Oregon D Union Mill— —o—
Peen 7f
Lvorcll)Pittsburgh do 7
Rayne —• —Ol
: ;5-1 brown count, ---11011
.4 itUeuelied do••-- .... 29
do do•—• • • .1011
4-1 I do do-- --- • • 41014
Moven drills• • • --- • 710 9
Elksthed•--• • • • • 40 111
• • —.11131
Browlea.A.q7A• • • --DWI
•blettuerta —0 11
`No Vsuperior • —.•-011 If
Colored Cambric, 4109
Fancy Ptints•••—• • • 310121
Fall River Blue 010
Alerrimat —Oll
Fall R. Blue & Orange 9341
Dru.o—er lb
Aloes 1417
Alum NO 4
Asatietlda ' 19 & 17
Arrow Root 1:1
orde •
• 10 0 11
10 0 auday,
U Sunday
U Mond& ,
Ti Tuesday,
13 Thanday,
16 Fnday,
T. S. CIALI/L. W. L MITLTUT. I. F. rO3 DLOCOluiln.
roe Tax mir. Eons° tons is
The reels: Banners trearrialuis of the market
during the week nut ended, presented the r2031'
Oldness and mdauseis is *Very thing which pro-
hoed dating the preceding weekand the prices'
its utter) , respect manifested little, if any change.
The weather, Cir the moat part has been cool
and pk.rsant with very little rain, and. as a copse
guence, the rivers 'are gradually approaching the
low water mart. There is stilt however, and
will bo. thr aouie time to come, a atifficient depth 21
water in channel to allow the middle and emalice
clan of boats to rep with freaky. with lOW
. .
The rirerlmainess during the week, been
moderatedmt taking into cutodderation the dull.
04,3114hiCh ustially . provah a at this seaem of the
few, those 'engaged in the trade have no reason
to complain.
Metro is still a fair amount of business done on
the Allegheny, cousidering he low stage of water,
and the Small light • 'draught steamers - employed in
conveying this point and the burnt
aqueduct, are enabled by means of ;he lighters
which they carry in tow, to perform their regular
trips With little, if any delay. •
On the Monongahela slack water route, down
freights have; fir some time past, been very light;
bin the amount of freights passing east through
this medium, such as bacon, lard, butter, tilPelte.
tobaceo, bec, Is considerable.
ASHES—We have no new lean:ire to one. i
the merle {.. Tlio receipts diking the week have
been 101, and prices generally show little, it auq
variation from last . - gnotittioss. We give the fop
baring as the primal :ding Agars, of the market'
with hen sake--Salaratirs, 61; Pearls, 6 1; NW, 4
(41.1; Scorchlags. 4; and Soda Ash, at lattic per
• '
ALE—There is slill a fair demand in die mu.
kklai the priois glinted in nor lass general review,
viz: ri common, inCluding cask,' and $t Gm
BACON-Considerable iptatititiesiaro sill brought
in by river, from the Western markets, and not
withstanding the heavy amounts dally parsing
East, the market is sufficiently supplied , to meet
all tbe,,demands of trade, at vety low prices.
Tho supplies in Anna are generally of a good entil•
ity, but quotations Still show a wide range. We
base beard Of no heavy transactions during the
week, sales being mainly confined to the regular
home trade. We give the Mikiwing. no the pres—
ent tiding figures of the market:—Fur hest city
cured from awoke house, Hants, fig:4i; Sides, •If
fit:, sad Shoulders, 31. pU. Western cured ho.
rant .capod'giality, we quote at, from a f to le
lower' than •the above' rate,. Ream. sales 'Of
lease country lots are, effected at 21, 3:, and 41c
Ib. It may be proper to remark that heavy sales
of any of the above descriptions, would fall short
the figures quoted., • .
BUTTER—Owing to the present low prices in
oar market, the, huger portion of • the amount
brought in fife:tipped east. We nom /hailed sales
of keg at Mlle p>ff r Nothing doing in roll: An
excellent quality ofJar and print butter is wild
from store and at the Diamond market, ritl2lolfic
ISEESWAX , Xeceipie ore end nut tench is
doing in the uncle. We quote neminelly et :210
BUCkETS-.Thit. market Ciirly eupplted with
a goad article of patent 13eavcv, and regular sale*
are 'effected at 52,25 ;a doz. Stan mute. and from
first 4nrid• at 2.Krit`42llp doz.
Cithi4PlD .811011.T8--ieeeipta have men
vin light, asalhere Is a good demand in the mar.
keit at 101 l prices. Supplies are light, and we have
sq. sales to rePort.:
:BEANS—The market is quiet, with small sales
whit. at 75480 c a Vou, according to quality.
BAQS—We note regalar miles of moon twilled
Isom sioevE - 54101,50* dos- -
.• - / 3 / 3 40113-4or - anin . munlity, 2,1202,25 z. ob.
Inineditom storm for agond, $1,7:442i • 11. 0
merchantable article' is stl i tt g1,121051,25c per
111.4011‘841P e bare board .of no sales during
!he Pert week; Y , 7oo , 7r,.rite ,ilie - preseet prices at
market. 4
lIIIICKS- 'eke or the- diderent kinds
arerepelled' team at ihri galioariefereteic Fire, 515
Pressed, 111%. Paring from yard, s s * ( YiaGi
n 30 . 1 t * 1 11 25 (4 4 . 5 0 f M. •
BArANG--.:Saleaat prie . a.rougiag atee . ording
to quality, foon 9 to 1210 P>4.` - • •
CO i TTON4Thti ivceiati Of. the . week have bee nmainly . to the ordera of manufacturers.. Limited
salea,have been ellet:tet . l at protql to (4; nononbog
correct quotations, we genend table above.
~~ t'
B. rermed•-- 60 8.4
Balsam Pero 3.50 0306
So CopaTivo 0 371.
Briritrmne.... ••• - 4 0
amphor. refilled. • .4tl 0 41
Clernride rmik 60 7
. . • .
Coctsined• • • . • ..... 120 02,00
Cronin Tartar ••• ••• .25 21 .....
Copperan. ..... .. —lit) •_•,l
Gino '`i i il i, 13
'Gulls i :,,g/ 35 IGnrit Arabid ;55 ta 5 . 0
" C O P 21 . t • • - • • •• k 1 a tit
s Tragsarintl.• • • 411 0$ .T,l
' n 9boellnc 15' 0 In
]poetic - LtAt el 9)
;Ipecac 1 to 01A0
I Jalnp, powoered.. , 1-5 01,10
Lithare • 51a GI
Llquariee Ilan" 0 0
Liquorice 1.1.01. •• • • •11. 0 211
Lac Dye 20 0 2,J
Alegnesia Cah.....25 00 pA
bladder. llinbro• • • •14 tr? 15
Common. t— a •
Gil T 511 ,7 20 0 .5o
' Vitriol ...••4120 5
s Ca •
for . '01,1•5
s Casein"... • • •i,od 03.• At
U Cloren ezu; Olin
SLernon 3.25'03.50
PeP .o l 3 310 ate.
Opintn,lVrkey• • L .4,5ii• 4.15.0
Quinine s '.oo aa,...
1 ~.s k l' ai l u A s odb am r o b : sts7—i .. ...... . ll' 6 4- : ' l ' ll
' 41 0 5
Sc.. Is a 20
Tartritin Acid . 40 a .50
Vitriol, Blue ' Ilia 12
137. Wood—Duly 5 p. et.
Camera:el . • .... .t.... 51.0 7
rustic ... , ..... •• . • .210 3
Lonroal, chipped. • •2127 21
Feathers-duty 2.5 per. et.
Obit, & Perna).lra
Almonds olte19,1•-••LX) 0 95
Soft IG 0 IS
Itenl 0 . 111
Currants 7.unal•••?• 0921
Filbert. 5110 9
Grounchnua••••••• 1..2.3 01.50
Mut, Turkey
Nta.g. 121,0
Rai9Uuo,3lu9coo•••• -7 4P
Bianca 0
Bloom, .....
Claribervies a?
Lemma, Sicily as • • • • 06.00
Mang,. do
Peaches. dry, Liu • • I.ral I d , !.:
VIA irr;:k TM.
Bolivar 41•25. ad
.313 per cm.
brand%ralail 462421.75
• Superryte • ...... 4.50
Flt•• . ...... .. 11 , 40
Rye Flour 3,1c(
Ltuckwhi,u, pr
.I , tttii••••• • ........ if, e 17
Plah-4.y ouSenen. caul
.10 N o r
Mackerel. No. r I
N0.1,1.1C. —a c
No. 5r..... • 1. 969.50
N0.2.1111'. Ida', • • .5.500911
No. ...... ••••
No. 1, titre
No. 9 0
Salmon, No. I, old. 0—
New 19 '2O
Shod 1901040
Cod. p, drum 05,:x1
ReJ Fox, No. L--•. 0 0.1
2 311
libolrot IL 0 12
linetooo 23
poonStin per b.... 14 0 15
Quart perproe•e• • • . OP,Pa
l'attej tto a:,on
Atasra trine.s4 ta gal— aa,oo
Clare't Per pear s• • •
{Pa/our Crlaer, per lets—
aulo net,.
10512.-• •
- • - ...... -
- e 7,00
• •
Coauiry bran.l4
Belo 3.37111.at1i 0 '
lUIL: . ar1,12.::. I
GellSpowdee—Duty . :Ppr.
f l etTEC t ; lbs -5,t?..&—'
M. doe_ I IL. caul'.— 4; idea I
FEW/ do tit.Wa
Rayin do, in papers— ere:J.a,
Rook powder ..... :US tedtin
Gr•ln—Duty 1:11 per eon,
Wheat -Priest \
Rye coos
CIIEF.SE—TI:cre i. n fair Jetna ,
Let, until rr-4,31ar .114, of at r.
L,klL . ll-4y
the tnarlet: pr
regular+ale, a
in keg.. '
the ea,:teni market. LEA
CANI/LES--We lint regular sales of oily bar lend, at 111
and Caicarrnai star at p ( City manila!, LE ATJIIOI.
'el 101011 e, ~f ilippel at tie y. R. no charlirr i 4 b
(1111N—Livreipi. cunh our Ji,..71a, nod .salts lu a thin earning On
[tlled 001001 'are en. eteil (nom Mont, qt , :L "
.• in Lila. ahoy:,
bushel. NIAI.T—
CAJLIN MEAL—Very little i. mining in at pre.. u fi te i me Min
ctn. Sorphos arc lichl. and sale. limited at Wl° quote hark
kbbl. bindle!
Flll'lT—Sales of penchos at bllm.and ar, hawed 01 1 - 4.151 e, and
of apple. no I,llc p - hu., S.upplies, are light, and not of lord no r l,ll - 1 ‘ , /f Tanaers oil. prat.;
mach doing. . range, iitworthinon (r o ot bIS to Ll.ll
DRIED BEEF—Regular Mies aro elfeeted from
store nt he 4v II
FLODIIrAa ,We left the market at the torn- of 1 2 ", V-. 1!.., 0 0 0n y
outlast licncratrapurt,.so we find it to-day. A
general dullnevicprevail, alt ugh price. abour no ; PUTATI /F-O—,Noma peceinnons hare been
MalMll C.taage• The receipt. of the week have 1 mode ro .upplwa dlinne the week, with no change
hentiair, the Istr,v -L: r portion' of which, however, Ton' , hnno•nr , not,. of a good
immediately painted to the east without p, chin; , tIY
oar market. Saks have been unusually iiith s t.antl 'l'lG AjI:T.BL--Thp amount tiro. lamas Is
inn' nf bc..COrro ,u z
correctly looted from lira trawls 3 Ant
' rioted by the ericao:to 11:00 10 - 10.1td ton,
LI dray load , at a rouge of .11111 hi and - the .4,4,, at the olds it 10 Mated, will pt . otta.
4,121, as in quality. _lily nal average over live or mg werh., anti in
in; to quality. Roreqq. kw., bre
rea,n, but cono,iderable qunntines
I. Moon •
459 791 951
Oat 7JI 'lilt
451 7 1147
433 723 11 33
433 7:d •morn
Flt_sH—Supplies are somewhat Imutrd, mid the some ludo. not over two or three' Tlat sale. 01'
demand good. 'legelar sale, or, klected at the we loot two three weeks, slmw n slight lecher
Avowing 519; 6.N0 I in the market. The gallowing . oak: are
mrsin t ed
mackerel. best. $l2; No 2, $2.50,1, al 0; No 11, s72f.
, '127 to. Allegheuy furnace, at Vet. mos; Amen.
herring, at 5,7,22 p WA. do, by. odd blast, f•ri antis at $ll-1, 1;mo, 100 10110. 01
PEA declined :since our last 379.F0. 7: mot Mary Aim, (Allegheny) Di tone, at
yreekly „ t , rod ‘ ,.. t .„ now tittt ,„. •527, ham; Bock, so tons. ate,,e?, The two last
al way all:31 it.120.p
sales were:made week Is-tore last.
Ill'E-1-itnacil tales ati. edeeted Moe
FRIAT—Tho maskat is salo.o my t.ttehea
change in grieve Regular fetes ale irlientej at ' at 1
-21.1c p 110. hoe t s mOd rage--nre toir
FItEICHITS—The regular rates front this point • ina
east andsrest, we gave an follows: 110 SIN—Sales of crude by the MI, at 53 per
Between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, on the i
Pentoldvania canal and railroad, we quote ens SEEDS—lonoted 'Malt, of criver et $3,25a70
meetly an Pillows, expenses et aqueduct Included:: 371e,,0f timothy, at 9.1,62a1 ifs.; and of flax nt 95
Dry Good., bonnets. confectionary and other box- i 61000 o ho., 51,21/ e ion; muslin', in bales and bor. ••( (• 4(11(tel fr • • •
rip., new furniture baskets, &e, $1; b aff ,o, '
Qitein sheets,
lsno crat.
fish bbl. and Mid o,3 21., `tic; ,
tin and cop
VINEGAII—BeguIar sales ‘.l.
; -
ender 01 tsiio;d p
65c p MO; groceries, hoop iron, tools, hardware, gall,b,
paints, dymtuira. wool, tobsceo, leathel., saddlery, WIIEAT—SaIes of 20i1 141 , noon. Store et ear
100 Mo. tothed.
Frani 4thdelegli gust, via Monotojalieht Slack itY.'ll..lB,lCl.:Y.—W...thlth" 0,, the 001
Water jotoo to Baltimore, itto.. , towtor. ,
on, the oft rectified ore regularly elleoled ut
rare—For Pork.. Bacon, Lard, Butter, Et' WO' -1 tollown
IS‘" gulf.
, n Correct Ind 01 thel
Ashes, Ilee . f Glass, Tallow, and Wrinskey, 73c p tr"
100..„—for Onion. Flax, Hemp, Leather, and Ski., g n ,.7 . ‘ t0 l tott.. krt,‘,toll Gn " t :i th '. " e ".1"/" .
1011; Air Seeds, Dried Fruit, Feathers, Fore "
and Wool. $.l p 100 Ds,
From Baltimore Wmt, via 'the Baltimore and 14„ ..
kta;lrund and wagon ham The Baltimore i d ‘ .„
America', famish. llio'fogowillg lint of freight'. poll Llmcl.
The chntgrs on the lloltionnio nod Mor Rod prime
Ben.d from this coy to Citniliesland; are .1 . ..d10w5,
vie—Hats, Bua., Bennet., and Medicine., 7.1,
100 lbs. Dry Goods, Groceries Qiieensware, To-
bacco, lie p 100 1b...; Coillm, Salt, and Fish, 20e
1p 100 Ws.
Freight. to Pittsburgh, by the Susquehanna Rpil
road and Peensylvante cabal, are nsi follows, vie
Dry G.A., Hata, Shoes end Bonne., MM. Bales
Doomaittos, She. Leather, Droeeriesi,/and
ware, Bk. Queensware, 70c. Gave, 50c.—
Maekers4. end had, per, bbl, $1 2.Zi, and !lettings.
Freight''s by Elder. Grist°. (Ore gout day
line to Wheeling, 5.100,191 p 100 lb. foe hea1...9
From Pittsburgh to the dillerent point. west, we
.quine.nurninally in general table Omen.
GLASS—Fur 04171311 ci uotni in n. 4 or all • Lind. ul
window glans, nee table nlmve. The following in
a enndenned list of Flint giant:
Plain Tumblers i PI, Ovim ri W ID no each, in
don, net, 31.0,T2
rued do 1 and ,t pint, Trout 6 to 10 Mite
do do ..............:.............0W1,2.'i
canter., qt, Iri. t hat 2ving, glans nt0pper......1,17
do do heavy 2 do • ......
.do do do plain ...... 2,5 t,
do do do pillar do 050
Winn glonnen, plain
do do Fanned • 1,75
Pin here, t, plain 1,•5701,7:i
di. do pillar and r 1,10. d 753
do I'l qt or ereums 90
Mid:nines Clunk; plidain..
do doi do ribbed ....... ...... 1;11
Plates, I. in. premwd mid fig
Cantor Pulos, tinted....
Inni, I gut, ',mitered mater 0 rAI
do gal •du do
GUN Mnflt ROCK POWDER-4,1/e olinerve.
DO chimp in Ilium, Regular MIOI are effected
at quotation,
ninYoket in unchanged, nod
prices unit:wilily then ame no at nor lent report
Regular nab, . N
t are eittetail at r,; for
beet, 4444:m fa . ommitil grade, ant 4 Inir inferior
Mole:esti le glum Um, will, regular male. 10 nil'
trade, at . 27u72.nie p gall. We gent,, fool sugar /Ur
Jbe different gulden, at ha11i4.9 lb. For Itiu roitor
'tha,,tuarlrrt tine, with regillar lininn in limited
Isle miy o l y n a l e 4 , m . Snlrr 06 rise by tierce at fifii
fri an in quality, and ,emus oI Kale. Fur correct
priers of Om various kande of Teas odd other pine
eerie., see general table.
110113--Wo conilatio to tinier nominally at lutrf
Ile tti
' of Cola at 75e fp gall by the
tit:amity; COIIIIIIOII American, at 150..71c yr lb in
HAY—Owing to the prond, , ing ernikt of new
bay, and the near approach nf 'harvest, prima
Earn declined, nod we now quote ni 54504i57.
liIDES--Salei of dry flint front atone at 7i47•Me
IRON ANI) NAILS—No eltangn in prices, per
general table..
LUMBEll.—Sales arc regularly eireeted tiotn
yard at Utterer quotation, See table.
InUr.)IGHTD. to
Pig Blvtal—pr ton, Biloo ,,
Alleghen T.
No. L Foo,lary••=,110 0 --
rge • • • 0 , 311,40
Oniteing Rork.
No-I Foam dry• • :XL* 0.77,C0
Akre.. r.01111.y. . I
Foundry Pag L. 0i
' , Forge --- 0
COMM'. Ohio.
Founarp l'ig• • .31,,,tk,
Free do —ll4—'.,lffuttryfuureo
Provicions— •
41 05
... ... _3l
Gi C 0 mm0n ....-11
Common• •• . 11 Or 13
111ontry-Illoy per Pent
PPr wull .. p .... 75
IVrptpro Puna , Pr Er MI
Allnacrag—lluly 20
:4tturripr SIN. ^q.
,Ilay--per ton of Ihr.
Hides—l/my 5 per rpm.—
/50. salted
no. kiPPlPerrkin••ll.o 01
111emp--1310y 2.sixr rent.—
All,lloUri A liy—• •
Manilla a ,
noPL—,Duir 51 per cent.
F.r l rl.l. ••• • • •10 W 12
and. (Jury . 10 ppr cent.
M . ...g.1/.14. • • •• • • . 1.1.00 0
...... • • • • 1.10 01:10
. .
Hodieund,citlfrurc - :1101 .
country do. —0
Lard 14. I, to 10. , • . 5 :0
' •• I,ln Ii 1.1.••-0 51
Rutter " 1. in ker• • 90 61
Chest. W. It 610 61.
" Diedien —0 — I
Crack . , Piti.h. Wai r.
pr. bid. 0 rczr,
Doi Butter. ..... •••• —0 4,50
P —pot, L.A.
C 0... • • • • Lo it
Nciihannifekep. bid ''''' 41.37 I
Rag•—Dnly 5 per rcpt. '
Couniry 'nixed , 0
s :lf
Di. good white 0'
Rleeaper fb . .
Rice 410 5 . h
Reeds—dory I.lltseed :.Nlp . c.
Clover clapsi
Timothy • • • • ..... 01,371
Flaeneed .15 0109
filumaril 2.•di de 3,00
Spices—er 0. •
Cloves ... ... .... . ~a ,
en.titi. in Iklat.•• •• • 222 0 D.
Ginger 1U 0. 11 I
Sunni „. 1,511 01. W I
Popper. . ..-• ....... ualn 1
Airpire 0- 121 1
Sfsaikerooll.—per lb. 1
I Virginia —0 14
Senecre ...... .... _ e
soap—fluty airier rent.
Pittsburgh No. 1••• •41 0 L
Cincinnati 410, _1
Steel—per R. FOr,igri
Conk Shen, 19-0 17
Do. mingle • 111. 16
StLat C i l z er g r i a:u •. • . .... ,r , :,1 1
," Hoop I. 0 15
l'illflntieh 111analarturc.
German Steel 0 GI
E0211.h blister• •I •• • • 0 11
Ametir. lilistd, •• • 41' 41
prie, 510 61
•• eSpirlte—per callon.
Ilritaidy, Ilurd'r•;10. 0 2.50
1 .. rj r "..... ';,l ' l l O
Rog:elle 2.. r.• 0 •1,511
Illin...hruda 4iii pi -1,50 0 2,0
i, ....:.:.. .
Gin. llolland•,• • .1.0 0 1,75
Sugae—fhitv au per rent
N. 0 prim^. 1,1111 . 410 5!
-•'• ' • '
Alanilla, X
115 01.0 U
? Irovi—Thtly 91 per rout.
Par, Juniata 4 a 4:
Common 'l'© 31
I Shoel 10 :I
Duiler l'lntr, ',O 0 GI
clals '4llO 51
Ploughwingra•• ••• • • 0110 5
Slab.. ...... 4 0 41
Itie..iu:4l4ert• ..... 0 15
Load--1/n y Al per mum
111sebouri hr. •••• •• • 40 4.
~,,,,i 115 i fi. :: :;, i t , i ..e ;‘ ,: 1 :21 1 ,1 :: : , : i. rp . . ..i ._.p T ..,; ; 1 r. : 1y ' . . t. 7— . .1,1 0 10 !r ,.
r i e.: :!, , : i.
...,..,„,...„,....i ..... IS a a ,
sh, osgliler. • ......1, at 21,
Skirting 'I 0 24
Ilarto .0 , .. black 11l 44 21
11ridle A. trine li. pr. doi
'jilt, 311.1111 036,00
n u ,,, d 0..... aim 042141
rpper fini‘loul-23,1311 - 41 , 2110
14, liod,hrt/ • • .21.010 031.01/
c.trlq in tin—. 15.0, 0...0.0u
Inc,, 1 rathor• • • ',no o r _
.N. Fondmut South,. . '
• ~•
No_ I r do. •• • • 11.:M* ef
Nu. 2 per dop.• • • .35,00 fp
P:P. 14.1 . 110, •• - 2:100 CP 21
SPeep 21U. 5
Lumber—duty p. c. ed
nl. per 51 - . •
Nur, cPP. in. pr . Ci1:100
Crnumrn —6.10.0 u
CkPc• /1 . 4 , • .....
Cosn'a e C15.5P
clear —4040.1 U
- , one • • • 12'..Pktvi
1111 do. IMOD
I in. roonnon •
Onk do do tri+ito
4,1.1.",.tm pujouv,e3-
2.5:11nil , ed. 223 CP
Lives 111 ork.—pr lon IL. io
CP 5.25
!fos PIPi GP
-0.11,....,.'..1:1111 611,21
12.1 Cz.
810 . —Duty pr ri
Su,arltort.e -40 oe
01 . 1C211. 27 CP 2,
Naval Nit:ores—Duty :11
. .
. lair, taut:
Ilavnnn, white, 11,-9 0 .9;
11./11 " lb , 9E) 9;
l'ulv , rile.l. ['bawl •• •ft P. 4
per rent
RO-111 tvr I. •• . 1)410 44-4 Pitt 2.ruW 4,00
'Far, A Ilugbcor • • ;27
fitl et 5.3
Vcrel vd,, C0tt1..1.75 et 2,00
Natl.—Duty..o c.- 7 per
kcg. 11,0 leaxmc natlx
&nt advance , per lb I
loatud Juniata • . 7,0 1.73
.t-e) 94 4004,
pa 7,1 • 4:b10
"' •• • • • •el ti,oo
p, •• • 0 51
Roth, 11:-..c a 7
011 a
Spec= blrathed
Rail—Dty •N per eettr..
No. 1. elan, o
•• 1. instore 4_..—n dor. box ..... •. 0
fiktot.—Duly IS/ per rent.
Per L2g • 015.50
Per Gag • p
Saltpetre—per lb.
Sslipt_tre ....... •• . • YDS 10{
Tobabbo—p, lb—{lo per
r off for ealdt for mtaittf.l
'Tobacco 1 Duty pr rt.
fig., Lear. --. 4 0
Almond tio. • • ..... I er
/.:Etltcs . Dwlst•—•• • 19;41/.
1 . 114,• 411 krg• •• •• •,0 9
Phu; 1ubr..•1.--•14 0 17
enventluti CP f.
1:01. , 1141p in Lai. •
•• 0 I'4
••• •1'! 10 17
.." 1 , 1 at
srotc•h •nulT 11 0 17
Hapi.r 0 11
Cut a Dryll , pnp — 0 23
Tea--Dwy per cent
Impena' 65 a Fn
Gimpowtlei•-•-•• is 70
nyoen• •• • a , 0 r 0
Panchen, • • •<.— 50'0 73
Tinpliat•—iNny IS pc cc
i X 0 lo
Tallow—Lim lupeoul,
Rauch ,
Sonj , f i'reene .•• • • 3j 4
ale .• ..... —• 1004
T2 .n?'" b 0). If. 045/-20 !KI
PAlntl—p..l. 15
Pruf. Mgt 00
LumPhlark '4O 7
Vp.a. Wititinp•-•• • • li d
Ch7ome ta 55
II i n
• •- ct
Brunttvirk• 12
Len.l..tb . • ~143
thl, rur, irk -1.60 Pi• 11:1;
IVlne• —Duly pr crpt
1 .
1. 1' 'lla.lell.a• • :um
I.Tetarritfr.., . 1,11: a
1,14. n
1/ry 111:11apt lel a ;0 ,
Sw,e, Ye. :LT 6.1
.... • , - T,ro
Vcrtl .....0
•to t nt•rortl
1.10 lor the
filartmillcs 10 0 5
Port UR 0 , 3,50
Calabria '65 0 70
Wool per lb—Duty :A per eel
Foil blood
t•ic.d•-• ............. 0
Pulled Common 21 0
Ti,u _washed fit! 0
Raw filinioncnbela
Zinc—per lb
Freights-I,r, Ilgo
To Cincinnati.
Dry Goods
To Lout
Dr) Goads-....
• •
• •
Fronshouville ro
Dry Good is
To St. (.0116.
Dry Goods- • • .
Heavy .............. .• •
To e 1.
levelond mod ". .rie.
Dry Domls 0 40
Heavy 'LS VP WI
'Mond from Itroolomille
Dry (Male (doom) 0 12:
Produce, /cc. (up)
To No.lmille.
f!r) for ds
To het loig
Dr) ( ood ....
To • r
. .
Ilcnyy Good 40 0 31 ,
I:lrma:An ........... • • • 1• • .:o'ooo2
YATES OP rartcm Ort MN pcminv•
CANAL iNti IIlila:Oil.,
Anlie, Vol nod Pearl, 30
1100,, nod Doom
Dern ;ailed, do (15
Dole rope and Bagging do 70
1 k tz ,.,,, , do 75
do 115
Droomi/, , do 1,31/
Cheese. ' • do 75'
Corn, . do •70
Cotion, do 'IX/
Chilled Roller. do
Drups otul Medicine., do 1,14
Dry 1 /cod., do LW
Dried Foul do 73
Flour, , per 0111. .. GO
Furs and pelisse., per 100 lha 1,,u
, Fenilsern, do 1.00
Furnoure, do LW
, Glaravrare, . do /I/
Glop, Wisplow, per ha no C)
, Green and/dry fruit per limllre, 73
Gir , c1,,,,, per It Ili, sli
1 Grocenev In 11 0
1 Ilanhvytc. - do 75
I llopa, do --
, Ileitis, do 170
' 11/dc, It - ow:3c; dry 71751 In ,
1,01,er, do .0
Lad, - ' 110 110
1401 and 1,0,d Gil, do 63
Inl. Cu.°, do 73
hoi.erd Oil, . do 05
Post, p:r 1,01 do 0130
Ray, per 100 Ili,. 711 ,
Hope. nod corvine, do 00
Specie do 00
Seed, do 70
Skin, Deer and Duffulo, do 73
TOnalv, do 0.3
Tobiuseo, lam; do 70
do Manufactured, Jo 70
Wheat. , do, ; 111
.„ 110 01,00
o%'ho/1/ey, per I'll ' VI
ra .• CAST eta YoNo4kalizt.a ruiti
No. I—A.hrs, 1:31: N.Y
Rom, Lanl,
ChreAr, Pork. Tobar•
o T - .lllnw, W.1;12,
and Wlnpky or !MIL.
CI: r 3 Nn . l-11emp,
N0.3-11.•J Frau
Leethrr. 10.1 Na
111,n,, ot.l, 1,91
Cla.a No .1-11ecFwas.
Ilopx. Md.", loom, rhtt
Marine In ..... c•.
113irs of In •uranrc on of
gleam and
rm Pit".l,urgli to N, JA
L. ... I (rcotetormnaii 3 O 4 a
- to Loauvlllr, lip 14.
" St. LOUP. MO • i 0111
.• Boot.allie,lo• • .1010
to Ind,rnden,c.. • • Y0 . . , 1
to Menvl", 'Pro 1:3-1
in N .1... 011
io Pot•dmrcn , • 1 All
l 0 I vl
'7;11 I!...ats t
10 NewOrkan.
e lu u au. tie.: 'valor., 1 , , wttler ou
,A ore tinellangent. ?Ind Yr, note,
it by xod 51'474 e. fit No 1
nr 10.1 p o z, al Ir p 111 llale* of
„l ;r .
t—The roark rt I. rather dull. with
rler, Wr regular .onlr. of
In~i. and bender 01 the pro quoted
iarroent ifl the m.
II , : JOII tor mall.—
let' FlOminally qt.l fyr al 7l)rf,
a. bare been bell. and sal. Inn,
week. 'nem n Farr ttentand at
P I . O •Y. Stock. and Ilnslnasi
In reference to the local market, nothing has in,
curved worthy of notice. tio change has Mink ,
red in the mien of deo...milt, oral exelinnece on lh
coat one done at 2 : Cal per rent for currency.
Al New York, on Friday Mien:loon, the stock
market was rather heavy fiir fancies, nt govern
meat sleeks continue firm. The ratification of the
Treaty to Pram, by the Neale:lit Senate, led to
have the effect anticipated, and, indeed. seeped to
herfoniottuncilia general 'feeling or excitdmenf
M reference to the nOttinittliost. There seriajd to.
bon concerted nttempti'On the part of large oper,
tors to keep down the market until tho time for
making Id& for the new loan has passed, that
they may take it nt n low figure. his
the Ire:tinter, however, the treaty el peace ern red
just in titan to have a good effect on the holm.
In bills there warn incidgmte bilsiness diony,
and the tendency in prices was downward,—
Sterling is quoted at I 0;011;.,
The Kimmel., and the Liverpool itnelzet, In make
on Saturdny, 10th, were to told out 5W.0.000 in
specie, which rots nowl, In, than had lirn re .
ported. Appe,arancon nre rani t, • I quao tavnot.
bla to a tlenVeaxe or Nh.,.ie .10patenim niter Ilan
rem,. 111 , 1,104,11., •
New York, Jeer LA.
Trenmary ovotrt
Shitex 11,. I ••67 .
Ile'tele]. ..111110
U. S. Tee.. Note... 0., I!!7 lIJ I,
IJ. S. (Is, s:r:
• A IleAheny, June 1:1, lot
Yn material eflange has incurred in the market
since last week. Only plant 'an head were of.
fated on Monday, lOU of which Nevin taken 0t.52
Y 100 gross, equal to 113,25; nell.
bend were ..1,1 at prise. ranging
liven SI to 1,17 each. J
Culver-A hunted nouther was sold nt Sl,OO
n os , were dull, and rolfered at $.3 to 100 ills
without Gaffing bnyerft to any enfant.
ton: xv. J. 111.11111111/1.1. D.utlxt.
OFFICE 00 nithfield street; MI alone.
../ti • north of Third sorrel. Dr. Madeira re..
tic s „_ soecifully teinlans los professional ser,
,•••• - to the Vill/1/111 01 Pinillll/1:11, AI.
leg)bony and vielnay.
RleanaNts..—lsr. A. N. MeDatvell;
r..... ~tir~n,
Willir7Will - tina•
Mr. Pero. %Venire,
Lake Erie, Murphy, Beaver.
Michigan Beaver.
Atlantic, Parkinson, Bnrarnaville—
Louis McLain Bennett, Brownsville.
Camden; Hendrickson, MlCcespart.
Brooklyn, Braes, Si Louis, •
Diligence, Worley, Cm.
Like Erie, Murry, Beaver.
Michigan, Boles, Beaver,
Beaver, Clark-, Steubenville.
Wellsville, Barns, Sunfish.
Louie McLane, Bennett, Brownsville. _
Niagara ' Jacobs, St Lotus.
Pacific, Camtibell. Louisville.
Mt. Vernon, Remits, Cincinnati.
Mary Ann, Duncan, Franklin.
The river last evening at dusk was 2 feet—
inches water in channel, by metal mark, and
Consulting En Lacs. t Counsellor. for
Other for procuring and defending Patents, iniparting
otformation on Mechanics and the application of Sm.
o f
to the Arts, and on American and Foreir Laws
of piotents.
- DROS. WALTER R. JOHNSON, late orPhiladel
m. id Z. C. ROBBINS, of Washington city,
Ito braided by Hazard Knowles, EN., late Machinest
of the Binned States Patent Office,) have arisocialed
themselves together for the prosecution of the above
branches of together for
either in their office,
at the Potent Office, or Wore the covers; and will de
vote their undivided attention to forwarding the inter.
est of Inventors or others who may consult them or
place busniess in their bands. Mr. Knowles hos for
the past twelve years held of Maehinest ill the
United. States Patent Office, and resigns that situation
to take part Rs the present undertaking. MR talents
led peculiar
hClaave ims
been fulltor tlic
nised by I important office so
nventors long fil
toy biro, recog
wherever the office Mullis knowni. •
The odiee of 3lessro J. & IL is on P sweet, opposite
the Pitteut Office, Wasliiiimook'llo. C., where commuiii
retinue:, post paid, will he,romptl) attended to; exam
nations mode, drawings, Perffications, and all matrix
pat@s prep s t— procured when desi
red—on reasonable terms. Letters of enquiry, expect
ed to Be answered Mier examinations bail, must be etc
componied by of five dollars.
In PM duties of their office which
ertains to the Pa
tent Laws, Messrs. &R. will be nssid by a legal
gentleman of the highest professional character, and
telly conversant with Mechanics and other Scitontific
I Tl:ONl ' ar; .l . lll" :t "' n ' Z i en b, „ " ,`.!;r -' o ' . ll :. ' ; ` ,,! " Z
VIVIMIOII, wherein complaint is mode against me for plo
ring in front of iny Dry Good. :bore, ott Alarket atreet
Letween Thin! and Fourth os a signs or diatioc
tins mark. n - Golden Ike-Ilice "
• Y.& M. }CCM to claim that they have the ex.
clunve right to uw such n ;ign Dattsburgh. But
they show no legal Conan. lin such excluaive right, I
stall eon:rime to Inc the r,gn I have adopted, Pr ry
other it. I choos,—satirfied that my doing so 110 de.
parture from mercantile usage, and no doing
of tny anaphors' tight, And I Wel Puri that 110 /1111,
0.111.11 inerrhan; obwet Inlay upag such saps
I think pauper Fair, open and honorable competition
seek. no ruch <sett:wee right, and makes 110 such
I seek not to injure, w .y tray, Messrs.' Yuan; &
1 14 1r,11.4111. All nano Poore to trade with [brut cnn o.
course do so, and all who choose to call at tag stow, a;
the raga, of the - Golden Bee-Iliele." an Market street.
between Third and Fourth. will Were God as good a
lock and assortment of Dry Goods, tor rale a. eltrap,
adon,. liberal terms.. can be Muriel at the neat
"Doe-Jliv„ . " of tny laining treThbors
Thai w what Frail lair Liman. competition. nun I
do not believe Tlestors. Y & la ti. 711 gain much acre.-
non 16 their rustont, by sorb silly riToats to plate them.
selre• beton• the pilule, an their •ausamt attitude ail
a inured turn midi 'WILLIAM I. RI :t4., , 1:1.
PaziOsiliaola. Hall Road Conspioty..
peen that the nwrth insilineet .
FIVE DOLLAIIS per soar' on the Calmat :work
of this Company, 1. required to be paid on or benne
the tot day ofluly next. The fah itudahneal ot Fl
DOLLARS per Aare,. or before the 1., day of Sep
tember. n il,' •i tilt anatalment of FIVE 1X11.1.111n
.iron.. 1,.-0,. Is: at riest..ta
at, e. No Di Walnut street. I . l,iledt him
I'S received of eor incur. innal.
rat., or the sowf may be paid an mil, - nt the option•ot
the shwkholder, and interest will be allowed front date
not pal.l puncinrkllT. sub,
ennlr) v. on, pvt 01,1. per moilittl E. trOired
1:1:4 , 1I1:1: V ILit'oN, Tee,..arr.
..•-r.,li •Ike u-r•ivr,t LI \V DEN
' • Nlcrrlitn...'4l.:
NI, st , Islawhe,rer ,
New Dlumical In•truziint.
ISIY11101(1-ID 2.1.1 . 11i/DVA/N.
1011 N II .111.3.1A111, "I Woo.rottool. has
.) red nod hoar open for sale. supply of Cronisits
omored roe.. Melodeon, pro, 151:
Tor ihe lemelli .11 those 11 - 1 1 10111 g kl dlstarice. and
inal..ect Ile Melodeon Lein
Me 1nf10w..., del.-mi1...1 is given
The en., are et mores - 0..11 nnd are A. Lamle
imislont n Posou Forte The arc•honril v.
prem..% y the stone k• the piano er err., o,lcl •%e
Det..en i• I,c.uhrs ,essely re.enclOrl Ohl ofOm
Col.. stop oCaff m. 0.., 'lle 111.104111Cn . be minted..
afecl, noon. porr.l,le a Ohm. detachiox any Ps.. 1 10
into the body oesa nod
the le, chiding. tooter leas., the .n ßole 0. a compt
1,010 >Ark. hue a parking rate. and thr
wilWe when packed ig only ;wood..
•m 1100 that of stnall otaan, and b.
1........ s or rw• ...11 may Le increased or thou...shed ut
plea•utc, I. mtheiently loud tor small church., and
is weft calcu Wed for a parlor ....Duna,' myAl
MERCY tipipi Tak,
rharge 01 the rm.-
j4n of .%lerey...inale ou Sieseomn mime, .ouch
of Thous> Pesnin A,. nue. it Liam open far the reception
of patient. Themrdiesl netithwict. munched w lltwiwal are lk,
DR lIRCIT, 51..A1F1A1.,
Von-pa%ol, pane... are reemved as fortoryly rap
1•51. - . mt 'Jr,i I he le - re/p..1 n 1 IA. tau! 4,14,1hcl hir the
temPomry /Inspnal
Lower wools . •153 per Work v
Upper wards 1111 whir.tvench patwrst,
Le", a arparno. sportmcnn 5.5 per
"11,sa terms irsellide mrdirol nue...lance sold medi
co.... Pay paocut,cl.l have MI) iterularl
the) rosy make choice of of their own rape....
l) on
men of any denominanun Iry allowed lOOlOl
',strew:. alien deurc..l by them.
Tine 'Merry lhoootal dellahtfully sonaied no ad
own. wry part or the cit.. and sioloo ten min ilea stalk
of lin esmit Douse
Con Commiler of /114 y
d o
111 Wont , Stavrr.
THE sbgriher. wok to ontorm the pohtle genera:ly
Mal they are now °prolog a nem and4arge Flock
ot Chtna. Man, ljnerouvrare:' Ilmannta B ut t e
rompri•mg the !meat and moat faibtonal.:e pm;
term, oi
Ferneb rbom plain Ihnner Soo,
do dd o •• Tea .•
Sapertorlron-Stom. • Dinner
PlowsoM hide I, nen. nstoor,:,
1.40,1t001 , .-
.A great raroof Of 'Gm Se 4,
Ur ma Iflrfolift.,l and Tea Soln;
Vanter.--a boautiful article .. tjuren'a Gottnei"
Pa, Lamps. (Corneito, maker./
GM., Ware, a general 11.40IISOCKIL
Steamboat owners and bole! proprmton are Invord,
tnexamote our assormtent of ware amiable for thrir
Country Merehnotr eau find • large stock of IMUCIC
nuttalple for eunrory sales, which we will sell pt rot
ronthlr• prices.
Out atock Iwiug entirely new, we feel soWsGril of be.
Ing able Ia (lean' all win nut( favor on wall their et.-
tain. G11.1.1‘.6 rer V.
700 .141(111.. wOOO Iwet YsGnlyr, k t Mr.-
l' '9" il A iL lir NI lit C 111
W"il;klN..k.` - ',W4 ilinmsts . o:
.ranteal thcooefte• togathitr under thr .1,1. tOol Mtn
of Seltoley,dliyan hen, for the mantottcture of Woul
Type. and int thew tyrw IR altogether made by, machi
nery. the invent Lone !tinge, one to the lints,
they' trel confident that they oder o more perfect artrele
11l type, and at moth lower rate, than any heretofore
tarred in the touted States, and are now ready to fill
cod,' ill/ thettattec
Ali ier. 4,1d5e.,t1 to Scholey, Ryan k Co.. at
their °Mee to Dinsnond alien, between Wood and
Smithfieldmmets, will be punctually attended
ILt Prupnetora of newapapers, on copying till ,
vcrusestient Y yowl.. nod sontling Ikea liarr, will
I.r r ward to receive'tbelt ay 1) . 0.0, purehnslng
three none, the ttonsout of then 101 l lot adveruentg.
A1.1.1 , 11,111n1
'llll7 %l lll ' h: r M A C jl ' tl ' y 1 ‘. 1271 11 r r r f r i : ri " : " 11 1 :1p
I.urork. brit...ern iknierni end Sniiilii•ky Ttiry
nre iiinv nre preprrril rerrivr Ont.. r, tor
evrry nt Courtin, Chun..., Ha
roortn, o
l'ttio.. ikr Inch Iron thine
long reprriiinee Om timnninciiire 113.• nliori;.work,
tier titry tort confident dirk. err
erintilril to do work on nee inner TrlivMSlbir
nni+c unit+, in iltrir
re /ling ya ttcular attention to the .caw id mte
rial, and basing none hat competent works:len, they
puce no leratinnott in warranting their work. We
tiorreloreu4 the attention oil the public to thin mailer.
N.B. Repairing Jona in the hest manner, and on the
naretwohnble icitna, rail
( IN SAVE (rin 15 to Vi pct rein. by purchneing
t their 011, CIA rti IS direct ironi the hiunufneturers
Iltill'Elt h. ehltAllellAEL have opened a wore
11011, NO. 13a..tionli 'Hord atteet, above Rove, peconil
door ',th ot Ow Engle lintel, I'llll./14111.1 . 111.11. where
liwy well alum) ii keep on hand a complete a., , ortittrin
of relent Klawir Corriere 011 Chin,., 2e, 30,40, •10, in
11.1:4 inelo, wale. Figured, l'ionw,l, nod l'inut, on
the two& od it Drilling nod Linen. Table Chi
Cloth. or ;lie ill-Nimble pattern,. lid, , Iti, in and Si
tell, 4 wide. I:1.411d Clotho, front ..l , incite. to .11 feet
wt., Lll sen•wied, owl the newest style of nntieriw,
iill of their own inontitaitture. Transparent Window
Slinace, Carpet, he. All ataxia warranted.
. ,
City Dognee•riala Gallery,
1111. aritvar. post- owner:
1114.1.1. ea leave to inform the citiren.of
niel rientity. that lir h,.+ take' Ihy Damilyr•
rms Room+ I.orly °coupled by Mr. Porter. The mito
ti ittv nvi lA ured that 111 slit lute improvement+ are well.
red...and ill he Ittuueld into operation by . Air Hoge,
whit Ile. hurl, /I run:dant oiterator the art woo
Lost th+ettacrett. .-:mire satikfacuost itt guaranteed to
nll who may beentini his moron... Alr. 11.. will oiler
wait pleanure to Mr. Porter, in wlu.e eAtubli•litti,iit be
Ito. °p tared fur the last twerve nlOlllllO. Faintly Por
trait., Pinar :min, Daguerreotype, 00., accurate!) ,
copied litlcnc++e+ taken in any weather, and +et ill
lorvaq pats, roars 41k1 tarot..
In.tWeill/11Y el et in every branrit (Lithe art, and sp.
SlRAlint PROPtISALS will be :derived al the abort
of William . P. Ileum, ,YowlPlaaharillh'an.
til Tuesday, the Ll+qhMow, ut o'clock, P. N., tar gra
tin, Ma Nem+ of road known ao.Ewitrilit 1101," on the
Iktntburgh and Coal 11111 Turyike Road, agreeably to
the plan +pecification .erg at tee MO, ul
paid Ileum. •
11) - All 'minim:tot to ta , ac •. cepted, at mate the
pr era pet yard for clay, loam. Wine and rock. The
loader will bet required to give meanly for
the faithful nerforatuner of his contrael. Ranh ea 01011
be amtioraclory to the Board of Manager+. •
WAP. ( .1 1 1 b.*f.'
Raglial , 111111 SWIM/ ril!ll for
.111110 inf their ipt i ope yer
fer.their fnoo uppeeu Irt ' e7m " lgleititTa Lath
Caftiug llstaittiolueut, mid the Frame Ittulding• eon
tetiiiing them, tar itulti wt engeonnbie mot ageomiymila
tom Won,. The me.un migtge eggelltuit one , unit
tathe works In the Pawing and limit Cutting vas!)-
t. are hi good uttler and condition. and. pur
chusCe can
h e the whole toul put them Into opern,
!tilt' another piece. it, lee s than %Illy iilaye. Laden
11itii paid, directed to the eublientiers, PAtlnbureh, will
. -
be promptly attended to
jegglT N EVII.LE a CRAM it SON.
110 USES, LOTS, F 4 iRMS, kc.
rx.e.marr courrn Risen ' CL H.Q SUL. fox Tax
ripitE undersigned. administretor‘if Me estate of Ann
St Clair AleFarland, deed, elfin for sale 011 ac
commodating terms, a aciy plealttly located House
arid Lot, in the neighborhood of A Merstrille, adjoining
prOperty of Alexander /Dec kenridrie, Esq. Tbe hoe.
is a two story frame building. witl4 basement—the lot
00110011111 one acre, on which is n very .curs and
choice mieetion rif every variety orfrun and a splen
did variety of shrubbery. For particulars,
is to the
Missrs. Herron...Mc H. P. Cant. off, Mr. Willis Boothe.
Ic„.l.dgse ALE.K.*ILSON.
-I . Tract of Land for Sle.
iflllEcobscriber will sell 011 acce6bmodating terms , a
valeable tract of unimproved land, situate on the
ro tl front Crichton to Fraerklin,
;le st eighteen
titles from Pittsburgh, and about eitht miles from the
for n 01 Freedom on the Ohio riVer. The tract can
to' to 402 acres and 20 perches
measure, The
land is of an excellent quality uffi4well watered, and
will lie roll either in whole or n boon of convenient
'fißßße, to son purchasers.
at t,a further paniculeri enquire of , A r lf ' AL BOYD, intl .
wr, office on 4th st, above Stab Id, Pittsburgh.
jtVALUAßLE PROPF.LET , FOR SALE.THAT property lately op Pied by li. Nixon,
Esq., on Craig street, near Robinson; Allegheny
etty, will beeold accents/intoning terma. The
lot ss ail feet 4 inches on Craig etteit, running through
to the Camel ISO felt There too igiod two story frame
dwplling house on the premises, lately built , and the lot
is well unproved. cootaming a vagety of choice fruit
nlyslrturalhfon; bfrr:TgLlnleldPii"Zilletlice'r'Ltint.
orgh or Allegheny, aritLis a dew W e residence. Title
ndfspolable. m
For terms apply t VAL BOYD, Anna
ey at Law. office on Fourth strcitt above Smithfield.
ndl Manta
TILACT of la, I/0 demo, in g a
r ri son, Piiitage..Co e
on the Cuyahoga river--alitot 30 acres under
movement. Alm, two ouireprofrfillots in the village
f :Warren, Trumbull Co., 00 fee Pay 00. 'Also, lot of
ound in the centre of Hartforkflirumbull Co., with a
tie dwelling house end nore--6Se of the best stands
r a merchant on the Western 'Reserve. Any or all
lie .p i ropeny will be sold on ery accommodating
6410 • amr and Front sts.
Property In All -- ghe City for Sale.
DIE subsentiers der for s. a number of choir&0111, situate in the :term[ Yard, fronting on tht
ontinou (mood, on easy ternoid limpore of
W. trll. ROBINSON. Airsi at Low, St Clair st
or ofIASROBINSUNisfin the premises. -'
myl7:ilAwtf T
Real 'Celeste Its Plelecer Cooney.
LOT, Storehoused Dirblling, situate on the
Erie Extension Cana an l, In Orb village of West Mid.
d ems; a deniable location a merchant Also, •
Lot and good Dwelling Rouse 6,b11 salted files Tavern
81.41, in the village of Orang6tille on State line of
Ohl.. Terms easy. ISAIAIE,DII:IKEY & Co.
feblo C..3s'ater and Front eta
Store to Itint.
MC RENT—The lower flooridind cello, of store No.
.4 sti Water at ' . eihoininc Metro Ilurbridge, Wilson
& Co. Kuno, On the premonss ur of
YOUNG. /11. 5 / 1 10 & PLUNKETT,
2ffiltn 59 Water 111
Lot for e itle. •
ALOT the Oth ward, 40 on Logan street by 60
feet oh Clark 11110011 on 'She most desirable ht.
cat ono in '4lOl Oh ward. Folliferms oppiy to the lab;
tier her at the Alethodiet Ihnikpum, 4th near Market
tan Cl, or et Ita dwelling. on attack street, opproite E.
Tr villo's Drocery slum. 1(81111 JI. REAR
For ILetlit.
A two wary brick (Drenthe with about no acres
of ground tumefied, wt i:led rat Oukland. The
inure 01 well stocked winllait of all kinds, and
'it a estroble location tor fandl; tieing entirely not of
och of the river find din of it coy. An omnitme
caves Olt:hind hourly for the city, Apply to
janSU AT9)OD, JONES & Co.
For Resita,,
- - • •
iiA now thr" Mori , 0.0 dwelling. house on
Wylio Arret—Po.sccOon4ioen 011 We fun of
April or wooer le requirrti. Inquire of
J><•=l J A R F1.111".1f. II lilrerty almeL
Nor /Gatti
A to, story' brtok thvellirig orith abou t ...s mores of grand. coo:cell an the hihtk of the Ohio fitter,
in die lotroug:i of NI , hrilt,l, 'Apply to
_!roll JAMf>f A HUTCHISON A Co.
• • .
. Ifon.r. monied on 4th erreel
nrar c ll At
anal I.ntfc. in the city of Pareburgh. AI
, a room 75 trl rect, with a convenient en
tram,: oft rmh st.,rfrr wok,. Alm., a frarce ar.cairrg,
two .torze/5:0,01 an itcre of ernuf2ft aCosed and under
(Imo tr.fir.lll4, ray of Alleghe-
Irnjulte " J WILLIAMS,
110 wood street
To Brewers
1 , 011 SALE I Oe RENT. 1
l'lttaLargh Brew-
Alery, will, 411 ri; , {r rat.. lutUnte 071
Prnn .Irrr 1 nal 0107innfl now oerupled
10 . 0. W. ,11114 .0 Oven On firg
day of Arrticloufne. Por •2114.11 . , r_c
frlfn' 145 Illrefly et
111,1 W it Eet,,rsK --111r.filmerIlfer
n11..r for *al.. the Ihree vory Wick War...hots/0.
on %V..., .ore,f, oceffpn•J up Tonfler & Co.
It rent., now lor trifuff per
npl7. 5h731 WILSON. Jr
To I,
Tar no,. 'kr,. ..,, It, pronflrrwk morn !In
et f
becin..l.3.up,etl I.y !..lwartl I . :.vsmai iot
tr. 1:0011.11.1 .. Apfli :1,1 Inqu,e7t
.1 St'irt IN .it. , II c ._.
• ‘."
itt:ll9 ,ii tv... - 4 tarret.
T. 4e L , : _
The .tote.l6ln ~t n,I r..nt part of the ware
,-------v, ~ .„.z.1.„,,.,..
..ent AN.I% ra
-- -- 4 water yarn,
4 ...6 A t•ree mom on the e•I *tort nettle wits - chatted:
jraoreupted the nenr the trot of
ttll•te, , terotton wit rt , ttelttostt
etgettey or en lieturenre
ieel4- 1 , 1 v.i...4.41.-Vai• i t.A /rt- lIISONT__
it'ar hale. •
aeli. A P, two Imek kloe on mato meet-
Ma Atte:the, rte.. nemr 11, upper bode, Tie. lot t.
tee, to ~,,, deer 1 , 1“ ternet toquire or
d.r1. , t1
For Rent.
pront - teerelto,..-, feet from Ity
Kg,. tee, dere. e tt. near llettt teal-
Impute J et'l HA . &
t t e te,
- - - II wood ott
A.t :Imote ...waled on Plum envy, for
rent.Lnluvr o , {1011117.1 . DALZELL A. Co,
I.sherty %to, decl3
COAL LAND FOR "ALIT.-.Cerro were. coal land
(nr •41....tunte tnl.cod of the Monongahela River,
Mare lirovrtutrallr. IS _having a 7 foot %mil of coal.
which will he .old in exchange (or goals. For portico
art ornly . too:LI S A W II ARBADIiII, MI wood at
• •
K NOW 'A 1.1. 11E4 THAT
I 1( CO.
_I AV C. rlnove OEN2 ETT & d
dont lin Marks I trrd.lo t het r new
nod I Inntelige Ire known
1m• the TOWF:It um.i. .HAZAAR. No.
313.11,1 odtvtd,l.Ho.,.“ I.lfilk and PIIII.4.LICe
The proprietor.. feel reluriance promulcming
what in any way 'mein appear like the usual liombus
tie esaccerntitm of .inne in me bnt will beg io
onote ibe inwng notice (rpmoar of our city papers:
.. tine of thecate.. euriosno , lilC Otlr C•11' peerds
t the •irtiiicer. Ileimen C.,'‘ s . ,al store,
No. I-1 kln7get sor e rt, bovri..orrilth and SLlth, which
has .. TOO, 11411. - from the peculiar finish
of the Irma "nir building Is an immense one. onitain.
ingseven eapariott, rooms, till of ssincli arc Mocked .
wok ever) variety of aeisonable garment, arranged
the unit! perfect order and regularoy. Th
w e prop
korn lake great pleasure in showing their building and
cOnicnis to rinlell., particularly strangcrs, and to those
ink iron, the enuntrj —we know 01 no plr t evv wire
wontr of a
A ..0;1) opening dull, the prefelll. week. at WM'.
i:bruto ea. nothing Store, Ili Liberty
urret, one of dre I • . mllll trlOrt fmrhiona•
I.rock of Goodth, adapted fur eristienirn . • .pone and
gumnwiever oifereil fur sate in P 1114111.111111.
proPn=m , old. ebuie orituhlatunierd begs to
te lad anent]. of hl3 1 , 4 , 11.13 un , l rush:linen - to hig
pr.., large a n la.ronaltir ,iork, which haring
beau rurr..purcbaited in I. 111,..ictil 11.14i...cid stale of
trade in the Kristern caw, Collipri. 3 001 oill) every
thing thus is new antlf.hionable, inuch lower
in price than ran be oirried by Ilia. haw," who pur•
chit. only in curly .pang
It Irvin: to convey oily thing like 3 correct
Oen of the tete. beauty, or quality refihr mock. it
will inn be atternpied; but it I.ltoptol all will,
their own and roll and egniniorlor then,
•Tbr propr.or
aurparto airy , thine in thr out. line in the city. Taal
er.petiton 1.1 diirinid fear.. by
any dung In rill, trade, nucti. :end, wlth oh their
liOttj not r
P. Ittilqj the tn; nue t.. entrti in the
mors fit.ional t ig 0,1, and gutt-itnittal manner.
1111011 LINENS AOU slilitTlNlt
, 3lurphy ha. lately .cr.rtetl addinunal .apply of
'above good:I-1hr wurraii.l pure Fin, and
.0 cry low for V. .penor lone Sinn
ing Murdin, rrdur•rd tweet.
Wok Sbeti
cngrt—al. lately received,. nriportrucrit
ill Shertine, I.ll•achrti and unhteurlirth (Tann one to
three )anlo
1•111, 31‘0.10t, of lordoatu and very Into quoi
n,. very ohool.•
toopor• l'.rzoth for Towed:no—LOW pne'd S fine.
Co!ono! Qua., Me ludo, loone very large and of
rpr:r 4uuloy A:nor:beast rozo, I , eur.ll and Mar
el.sl3 soy2O
lAr111'11: o 11:11 1:111.',1,K,—1V It Nlorrhy
Ty In., lotely reoes, o odi ~ o rtorrent,ol white
•.:oodA for y.0d0.• oteloolind—goorol: :nun 31ua
lin,' So ., do Noo , odl do; ph, downer.;sumil bun
ted do; -nth: barred do. Al,o,
For Itvettirat , Dm \Visite embroidered Saila/
klarlias tank einbrnltlered Tarlton do; Idnealo;
style dant.d., embrohlerrd plain white,
blue, k and ktrno• colored do; :ino. embroidered and
So. Al tatllitk. by the ylb
;;rd, , F:voning Hreaaeott al.,
111nek.1.0.... S.lntolg, Scurf. avid 17ape.- Matadi and
Sewell needle utak Collar., an arrortment of new and
bennittal ..iyJa I ainfit Cambric llmalierebr e f., mourn.
laa du; all ntloorkt rat!, pace:, nt north-000i comer
ot 4ti n, l market slr
0 iat ,
Cr 1:1•1:1Z CLOTHS—NV It
IC , it Ow uncut ion ofgentl.... mtaltng Cloth,
to 11. ron.ortmknt of very toeq make cd . French and
Enali.ll Cloth.. A Iwo mecca vary '.nlwriar black
1..1 , 11C11,1.1 Tr,'.l, 340, llocrktrb. and etin 4 llllCfr, Ul
gr." , varlet}, kutoraes Cabaobn n ut . and Twardr,ltltr
meant and lat”.• st • ar. blue k .. Vertitatr. vebne
Alar Kettle.. 110, gent- ohne and bordered linen emulate
11;11,bt; *utter wont. told colored .tlk do. cent% Gloves.
1 . 1 0 , 11,11, wear, .blt. and tbnet Cravats! rabgloun
ltra Jaoonet e. re 7
To Country Merchants.
2 MITII AND JIIIINSON,I4 310r1...: ...el. have re
1 - 3 'reeved 'Senn, I:onnets.eonst..ling to port of plant
: , trotr, Aurora Itra V
nlo. 1i
d 0.11,111 do, Velecoe
do,. Chinn, Pearl end Flon.oee; comes l'alto Leaf
llnt.. latita' • and //7,11L1T11 and Drool de; Am
fir IA Flower,. ever) on..ty A 1.,, :diodes levies Cotton Ilnse. from 75 vent* ver doe, or to the finest
rl„nl11;; Inn dnr tient. hall Hole; at Hood arsortotent of
Tlsread, Silk and Vononf:love, ;Zips
100 1.. Wnddea, Jo,loo .10 I.toea °umbrae do, 13 enr
-1",111%111dlii n0.1'114,0 a good. moor,
li n , c o ,
Jetry, Ai, it. all of they will offer it
grert induresncitfto prices to yurchnm.r, royl3
h Johnson, 411 Market at,
hovetust ree'el carton...weer thotle wide Thread
1... M front 12 1 cl* : Per pi 01.. Also, one carton of
oln; one dn tls 110; Id. cartons
CIIIIOII Lae,. Dealers and other. wilt land IS
inter... to canon they will be sold at ernemrly low
ltt , r4
and qunhty, Not wiling sod for sole to the odesie
edtroltrthunry Ins rote., by the one,
„ I. :Iv
ju n 4.1 - 4, 111..5 , : . 11:o i r T
No 40 Alorkel meet,. 10 Va.. or primed Lawns oi4
11411‘,„ 1/1/ Koch] 'Me Gingliolus; 4do oetv Attie i
VI 140<lti odo Of Colionado4 nod Summer Stay; 141
lo o taroaolo, of tVevy variety. A 1.., Ribbons, Lave,.
Gi 'e4iiiiotottry Notteeties, .ite. Ole. jot :
IACES, ELN:INW, ht!-91ennntl. lose priced and r
.-itedinsn Edgings, I.ner,, Ineertings.ttunltne*, pl'ni
01 fispey Nets, of the latest itnpottations, Just oin•ned ,
by jet.: :31LACIELETT & WHITE
• 6..VM3 OF DL.4COUI
N. tioi.3ll
F.Yehluise Brokers, Go. bl
BankorPittaborat, --pe e
F.Schange Bulk pee
Merck. •t Kan. Bulk •par
Bkaof Philadelphia— —par
Girard Bank pa r
h u nk of Germarturera • •pw
Cheater Oaaniy••-par
Delaware Co.• • •sa,
" Montgomery Co.• •pw,
. raorthiaberlancl••par
ColtxibialtrayeCo.•• r•-
11 . —coaluxFrar,iii•
S t ,SON,
5 Market 'street, near 410
r State Irk &Branches••
• ii•axeScrir • •• -•"
izetianga Vl lit. n ofVll:•
Fanners ilk. of Va. •-• • .
Bk. of Virginia ••
01.. k. M. Bk., Wheeling H
do Morecintiven.--
N. W. Baal Va--- • I
-....antibia Bridge • par do Wellsbarg•— • 11
Doylestown Bud par do Parkersburg.—
Farmers , Bk. Randing.par
Famers'Bk. Backs Co. par Bk. of Tennessee• •• • • 10
Farmers. Bk Lancss'r•par Far. & March'. Ilk•
Lancaster Co. ilk.•• • •par Planters' 8k..•-•-••• • "
Lancaster Ilk.• • • •• -- • par Union Bk —• "
U. States Hank ......-•811 Elluontri
Brownssilio ..... retic State Bk ofhlissouri•--• 1'
Washington Ilk. , North Carolina.
Geuriburrbßk...--'. • It .Bk.of Cape Fea-
Cbamberstiarg•• . • .... " rlerch's Bk., Newbein• :
Suaptekanna Co. Bk.. - State Bank-- •••• •••• •
Lehigh Conant, -, South Carnilna.
Lewistown. •• - "Camden 8k..........
Middletown • - ••• •• • • IThßluof Chnrievwo••• • •
Carlisle ' " 'Commercial
Fete Bk.'. Bk. of Georgetown •
Farmers' and Drovors , lilk.of liarnbarg•••• ••
Bank, Waynerburg.• 1 01erchsalls Bk -
Ilarrisbunt a iPlanters & /decha's Bk. 2
lionerdale ..... —Lee- • 11.-Ilk.'otdonth Carolina..
Lebanon parl Maryland. •
Pottsville a Balt:more ilks..-r•••-Par
Wyoming • • ..... •• • • 11.11alun'e &O RRScrip • •10
York Bk. I iCamberland Bk. ofAlle-
West Branch Bk.••• •• • It; sr halls, P. • t
Relief Notes • • ..... . For. Bk. of Maryland• • a
Ma Yittado• Farmers' tr. Menbanici "
City &County Scrip•-- a Ilk. Frederick
Ohio. Frederick Co. Bk•••••• • a
State Bkvand firsuiches II liaganitsrarnßk
Mourn •• Mineral 10
Smoiwavdle- Patspectißk•-• ...... ••
Wasbington Bk.—
!Banana " Bk.ofiVestininincr •• • • 4 .
New Lisbon• 0" Michigan., '
Cincinnati Banks a Bk. of St. Chiur.• • •—•-
Columba* do. •••-•• Bk. of River Raise.--
Ctrcleviile .... 0 51ichisan Ina Co , 5
Zanesville w Far. & Mach's Bk . S
Patna= ••conain Tarrit.y.
..... " c , il ir c!'alFlir Co.Milw , c 3
Massillon • •-•-
Geauga • •
Nonralk •
Cleveland• —•
Western Reaerve• • "
Franklinothe • irk Columbus "
Chillic .....
Lake Erie• . ...
cita•• .......
Laneaster • • 10
Hamilton 13
Granville 30
Pam*. Irk Cavann•
Bit of Kentucky
Bk.of Loulsolfre• •—•• • •• I
Gorham Ilk. Kentn•kk•
Now Yorlt--Cile nuke,
• /111aitilventrwat a•••••• 5
Bank of Eng•
•-•—••••-114 landNotea
701/ str.
Gold&Specle Value
Baru:4mq. •• •• 7 80
Ducats 2 150 2 20
Eagle, old • •• • - 1000
Eagle, new •••• • 10 00
Doubloon," Spamth. 16 00
Do.Patratie•••••—• 15 50
Sovereigm 4 83
auineaa 5 00
Frederiakeiront--••97 EO
Teo Tbalent- •• •• 780
Pea Guildera •• • . 390
Lonimrent• • ••• - 'l5O
Yew Ifo . rY b"". pm,
Philanelplon • • • • -- /prat
Baltimore • .Prw
, pm. Intenor
AND Eof thrr firm of drecird h Ki XCHANGE BR ng.)
O •
Orrice. eon. rover,. dr. AND Pon Orrice Ahher:
UEALER In Coin. Ildnir Note, Time Bids; Forci
and Dorne,die Exchange, Certificated of ilopolit
IiNCIIANGE on all the priadioal cities of the Union,
for side ite:mus m reit pantheo,
male on all pnn+ of the
the lowa. rotes. oplOallataevelmT
in Foreign and Domestic Exchange, Familia-nice of
Bank Notre, and Specie; Fourth buret', near-
Nape M. th e kof Pinahavelt. Coo not money
ined on depoaitc--SMIA Chocks for sato, and coi
ns made or,tusafty all the principal points in the
e•S• lea
U " ' .. premium paid for Foreign and American
A /amines made on coatis - man. of Produce, .hip.
pod an, on libcrel tent.. mehls
DA, KEIL" end Dealer!, in Eachearc,,arill and
.ppo Bonk Nowt, No u, 'Market etre,
Salting Rates. Fl4l.Owogo, Feyint Rue,
New York, X on- thncinnati, ' 2 di,
Pkol2 , wichko, do leadeville, 2 do
I tin Ft. !emit, 0 do
Ito-tine Items, DANK NWT'S. Buying Rate.
Ohm, 2 die Co, k Scrip °Here, 2 die
!edema dc !tenni Noire.
Knutock'r, ."do Prini...lvionh Cl "do
Virginia, dn New York do do
do Whechr.g, do New Weans, "do
Tenneeeee, 2do 3laryland, " do
.271 Q. 1 M.V.1.4 arreamL.
.101117 Q. LOFF & CO.,
thrice, Nn. ^_- Alottaes ATAMT,
arr-si • . WItEg:LING, VA,
am au,
H 11.1.8. CURRY—Rankers mid F.gehanee Brokers,
Beaters In Foreign and Domekiie Time and Sight
Hilts of Exchange. Certificates of De nisi Hunk Notes
and C 0,,,: No fifi Wood street, third %tour betow Fourth.
torsi side.
• mn.rint - .
Foreign and Domestic Fsckarige, Certificates of
Deposit., Batik Note*, stud Specie. No. 6.1 Wood st„
one door abort, Fourth, Fist aide, Pittsburgh, Pa
- DILL'S on England, Ireland, and Scotland bougla to
1..) any amount at Me Current HAIM a Fachange.
Alto,lla payable in any part cf. the Old COttlitrier,
from XI to 11000. at Iho ram of ;ad to thn .t.atterlinc,
%submit deduce,. no Mamma, by JOSHUA RODIN
SON, Stumm'. and Goner?! Agent, °die< fill , .t one
door wott of wood. oellStf
. '". 7 " &a:&2IIEFL & MAXI? "'"'
Jj in Foreign and Domestic Bills of Eschotags, per
'Acmes of
stree t s ,Deposi Bank Note. and Coin, cornM.
&I and Wood t, directly opposite et. Charlet Do
m!. mard.tdi
Otu ".„
Nei:mirky, - '
• , . Altssoari. ,
Haab Nthert,
parchaaell at the lowan rates, by •
delaN. 1101.31Ef 12 FON,
- _ _
._ 3SNarket atm..
BILLs . or EXOCIAN6E—Ssgko Checks on
Now Vork.
N. 1101211P,Sic. SON.
Cons:awl,. for sale by
SS Mi. Ye t Pt.
frOLilECTlONS—Dra.f.,ern.] .I.reeptan
cep, payable IA ya J pariotthe collertvl on
We d atros.l.le term, N. 1104111..$ k SON.
drib 56 Market 4.
4 THE subscriber, in adilihon to his own
memory...W.l64r of Ilats. made arrange
• menu with Messrs Heber /te co, the ram;
fashmanible hailers of the city of Neve York) foraireir
ular apply of Idiom, tine Silk Hats, and haviaKjnat
reemyrd a few easee, eentlentett eau be suite/In/1M a
very pall and Manta/14ton by calling at his new Hat
•nd Cap Store, SolithLeld Meet, seeped. San south of
Fourth, where may be found a great variety oflldtr
and Caps of hi own commicetare, wholesale and re
mil. Hata made to order on abort mticr.
nrcoßn sr: co.;
. (Suer...sore to !Wenn) & King)
4 Ms•hionsble Ilatter4,l ,
Corner'of Worgi thud Fifth Prregts.
ARTICULAR attention paid to our Retail Trade.
'Gentlentell Can rely
gelling their Ha. add
Cepa fro m our r.tablightneut of the nett MAMMALS and
rax woasmg_gantr, of the Lamm 61 . 1 . 1... and at the coterrg
Country Aq'rchtlnt., Tutrelrt-ing whalr.talt, are
Invard to gull awl examine .T Stork; n.
- an nay .rich tLut I,CALITS.
and PRIM i 1101 %lifer in a rottivar.ort wtt. any
Loupe in (2.617
blishlionablv Brat stud Cap 1 1 1.3trfactory.
AN. lIUTZ. Agent. respectfully
tulorrus ht, nod the 'public generally
that he has eninmettred We Inanotaeotre of lints
nod Cap, at N. MI Wood tree(, 011 e door above the
corner of Second, selLere he hal' 110 W On Lund• a. Zoe
wo.orttnent of end Cupp of hir. men rannureeture,
which he ertll dispow pion the-nottitre,antlable Lorin,
rr.ft, for maltnr eitj acceinattre.
llnts mule to order nt the shortegi notice. nre.A:lnt
&iIi.:ALKILS aro ityrued lo v e xamine IL IL
PA Ma:WS woe). of Str I:nod., of the
t•loitqr . le. t , 0t0pt ,, ,1 us' itilsi of . .
Ill):o:liTS'—i.loreor.. Braid, I;ll,7:ish Duo.
noble do; A.11.11:3111 8)0 do, Chinn Pearl do; Cotturg• du;
Rulltuld glo, French Lore; Frt..). Gitop,.l, r. Av.
HATS—IA*Imm. Paint I.eaf, Patutnt it. Fancy Straw,
do Braid, Ittqlund Braid. l'eded In.
. . .
Ala, Artifi . hittl Pow ers. Itilions, de. Straw Boni
net \Varela.lir 95 market at. mart+
. . , • .. . .. , _ , _.
spring Fataldons 'l4r I P 4 4S• A.
pIoCORD &--Co.,
4 (LA. )1 . 0..0 fr. KINGS • it•rm..
I\ril•i, ~.
inq. , , h.. Sprint:Style of Hata thw day,
Santrilay, March Ilth, l-tld. ,
'l' rim frienda hail eaSl9tnert art, reiremed to call and
r .r aiiie die, I ,acl, of Spring lint, pat received from
New York, ti,thetr Aare, emptier With wed Woad ant.
Ali FItED 11.'Kh:E VII.,
CliVAl'lk,T I , anhirrtioldo llntotr in
potsburgli.' I . lillCip.ll .410, 7 . .! Fourth
street. Manufacturing and necoutntodarion titer:, cor
ner of Wood itreet and Virgin ntley. highest price s
alway pnid Cdr shipping Funs ( ropily
ASP/UN/3 iTYLE—S•MOOHE intainst..
rciyed from No,. York, the t4pring dtyla of Hats,
whirls he will introduce Oli n 4 lttonink, March 4th.
All 1004 e an wind of q 1,01. {I ml.perior Ilia, will plow,
call and eantdin4 ,l 1 No 75, Wood 111001, dil door above
Fourth. I '
FALL PAPIIIION.--S. Itloollll has rree,-
rd from New York . , the Fall style of Ilatt .
he t
o thia day, eaturday, Aug
All. those n want a teat and nuperiot lint would do
well to Ca ll at:No.74, Wood tlttent, th.l door a 1.,.
/UST kcciva front New York, the :Wollner
Style for, tans, consoling of Whits Bowser. rend
Mato Smelt Cossintose lints. with Ventilators.
Inv• o•oo i t t% .4 DI Lean, light lint are respectfully
ite-11 o calL, z 4, NtoollE,
mays 75 wood rs, 3 doors ;those 4th
Reliance Line , are hereby noti6ed that in m it.,
queue° of the destruction of the rreepon Aduedit 4 o 0
goodi will be delivered by, or without arnsten o dens
from the Owners and consignees al forward a II at
their additional expellee.
- I;l4Stace — .oo. ---
Liri.',1`:`,E0....7.'7%:`,‘","...:„ri!'"...1"'- of
conveyed to lhalembia and Haltimrirra ' s us " Uah wa i n ' .
out any. delay.. Foe furthhe information inquire .01
the otter, Monongahela Ham; 01 .. 0fH. Leoeh Jo Co.,
at the Canal Hash& . ' • - m .15
DURVIXFiItiII/Wiere.—The solocrthera hapax
beenappointed role Ago& by the manufacturer,
for the sale of the celebrated "I'lunire BrielN'. are
now prepared to fill orden ',for etoy 'quantity, at
earth, per LULU For the courtnittrou of ion:once .ot
all knolsobese brick* haSor beer: pronounced bp cum
petcorjadges ar briag superior to all other fire brickr
1110%, ist C A kVA uury dr Co, Coned Basin.
cuai l i Z ot - V - Ae - 17",.rituiiVnitraTuTa
1,7 factory, Glanour. rictitland, via Aew Orleans, to
arrive per *reamers Eatpint and AM4TiCtla Eagber 41
cask. of Which areal the purest quality. for that ears
mamathetare. thyld POINDEXTER & Co
Valuable asad Attracttro Netalleakissa
L eurarrucrs Raton. oftbeGiros 'alias, 2 robs 12
B:lmmos' Life ofChevalier Diva* 12 inc.
G. P. FL James' Life of Mary the lomat; of Franca,
2 rots--12mo.
Smith's COusular Cities of Chimm , l2 too.- • ,
Neunderhi Life of Jesus Christ; b re, muslin;
Marvel*. Fresh. Gleanings; or a' new Sheaf from the
old fields of Continental Europe.
Capt. Henry's Sketches of the Mexican War: 12mo.
Gleix's Slimy of the /Mule of Waterloo; War.
A Summer in Scotland, by Jacob Abbott; 12 MO. •
:tummies Literature of the South of Europe; 2 vole
12 mo.
Rumon's Adventures in Mexico and the Reeky
Momitninic 12 me,
Posthumous Works of Rev: not Chalmers, D. D.;
L. L. D.
The Practical Astronomer: . by Thos. Dick, I. .L.
Life of Jeremy Belknap, D. D., Historian of New .
Luther and the Reformation, John Sem; or a.,
2 role.
The Middle kingdom, with a new msp of tbe Empire;' . .
by S Wilharns,2 role, 12 tan.
The Power of the Pulpit, by Gardiner Siring, A D.,
12 mo.
o - The Bethel Play, by Gardiner Spring, D. It /110.
Tea Ching a Science, the Teacher an Artists by Rev.
R. R. Hall. •
The Czar, his Court and People; by Joh& S. Maxwell.
Lectures on Sbakspeare, by H. N. Iludsbn:
The Ashes ell'Arnerica—lllustrated with Mneengra
rings an steel, and containing sketches of the lives of
.Inrsian, Wen. Stuart, Trumbull: De Veaux,
Rembrandt Peale and Thos. Crew/ant; I Sol, g co. :
The Orator, of Prance containing sketches of the
lives of lassnartine, niers, Napoleon, Mian, Sties
beau; Guirol and others, - with pornaws of each. • ;
Ilendley's Napoleon and Marshals; 2 rola, 12 me:
Headley's IVatildnipon and his Generale 2 cols, 12ns
Headley's Seem& Mountains,
The above, together with a WI, collection of Stand,
and Works. Classical and Schaal Rooks, for sale by
JOHNSTON & STOCK.TONtliooksellers,
jes ' , comer market end 3d sts
•••'• • •
T IFE OP CROMWELL—I am teemed per euvrem,
AA Headley's Lift of Crmuterll, in one Vol. •
Faith'and its Etfects; or Fragmems from my Toil
Folio: by Mr. Palmer. ' •
Riches of Grace; Interior Life.•by Upham; Life of -
Faith, hy Upham: :Memorials offdethmhern, by Rev. A.
Stevens; The English Pulpit, a collection oftsermons
by the most eininent thvioes of England: Sketch
es of 1 1 einons. on the Parables and Miracles; Igemider's •
Lifeeicolitthrist. READ,
• Apollo Buildings. glh strAkt
(Batooc Roma or goo Tninn Pataernratan Omura)
TR. CATON'S Reboot will be opened for the moon
lit lion of pupils of both sexes. on lliondaft A. 2,4 •
of May. Patronage is respectfully solicited.
Pittsburgh, April 03,1f48.
Ilmarriumcm—Her. D. Riddle, D. D.
A. T. McGill, A D.
Mr. George Albree. -
Richanl Edwanls.
Luke Loomis.
W. W. Wilson.
apX:ltit Henry WPkinsors.
Another eve yof Chtakerinws Plano
S LX new Piano Fortee, of Rosewood y , 6 arid 6/ or.
[a eek ' , by ll yes wi be receiVed
H and read for •
this w ..• JOHN MELLOR, M. tectaCed dating
Sole Agent for Chickering's Piand for IVestern
Pennsylvania. .
VITA wrs - VERETABLE EXTRACT ia an irivalua:
ble remedy thr Epileptic Either Falling Sint:nese,
Convulsions, Spasm, &n. It is well knot., that front
time immemorial, physicians have pronounced .Epi/epe
an. Fits incurable. It has bathed all theifskill, sad the
boasted power of all Medicine, and eonseqaently thou.
cavils have itudered through a miserable existence, and
at lost yielded up th eir him. on Who 'altar of insanity.
With all deference, bowcvbr, to the opinions of the
great and learned. , e n hay that it has be. carol.
For rinecayears, has been tested by many persons
who have suffered with this dreadful disease is
every caw where it ban had a fair t ri al, has efLeeted a
permanent cure •
Fits of years mid 6 months, need by the use of
thin truly wonderful medicine, s •
Read the following remarkable ease of the eon of
Wm. Secore. Esq., of
rin Philadelphia, afflicted with Epi
leptic Pim 2: years d. 6.•rnontlis. Alter travelluag
through Eaglmd, Scotland, Germany end France, con
ng the most eminent physicians, end expending for
medicine. medical treatthent end advice, three thou
./id dollars, miurned with hilt son to this SUMMIT Ira
November lam without receiving any benefit whale.
cr, and was cured by using
Mr. William Secures Letter en h e. leans and Han:
I have spent over three thousand dollari for medi
cineand medical attendance. I was advised to tale a
tour to Europe with him, eh I did. I first visited
England. 1 consulted the mon eminent physiciana
them in respect to his ease; they examined him and
prescribed accordingly. I rema ined threg Months
without perceiving any change for the better, which •
over me about two hundred and flay dollars pocketed
by the•physiciens, nod the most dotal received was
tinglyuncuredhalre acco r d i ngly was hopeless and posi
le. - I left England, and rine
ellen through Seellmd. benne* and France, and re
turned'hoing in the month of No tuber last, with my
adees far from being eared as wheal leiL- I Mar your
ertni . enient in ena of the New York miyiers, mad
concluded to try Hares Vegetable Extract, mem: your
statements and certificates of an many cares, some of
twenty and thirty years' standing ; malf I eon asset° you
I am nut sorry I did so, as Iry the use of Han , . Vegeta:
bee Fatraet alone. he wits restored• to perfect health- , •
His reamn, which Was so far gone as to unlit him for
business, is entirele restored, with the prospept nosta •
before him, of life, health and triefahrifss. He Is nene
x•i years of age. and 2: years and 6 months cellos
time has been afflicted with this mot dreadful of dia.
roses; but thank God he is row eojoying goal health. ,
• Note, gentlemen, faith without work. I don't believe
in. To say that I shall be ever grateful to you I. one
Ming, and as them enclose you one hundred dollar., X
ylm Is an
have no daub, but that think this other
and quite n different, thug. The debt of gratitude I
• still ewe you, bet please to aceept the present amoaat
interest on the debt in advance.
Vain very respectfully,
One of the proprietors of.rids invalunale mei:Linos
was satiated for several years with Epileptic Pits.
The disease had produced the worst crimes ;on hie
system, vim Loss of memory, imbecility of min d;and a
perfect prostration of the nerrOttil system. e had
tried the Skill of thabest physicians for seven years,
thd grew worm under their treatment, and he knew
at, this Medicine Wen his only hope foe health and
life snit,. therefore determined to r tve it a Mistrial;
and to persevere In its use, which he did, and the
was a perfect restoration to health, which was malls
sell uninterrupted for niterly sateen peer.
Wo would refer to the folloonna persons wbsihays
been cured by using Hart'. Vegetable Extract '
-Col E Denetwor's darghter was afilicted trim yesr4
resides at Yonkers, Now York.
W Bennet, nine yesre,l7l Grind at,
J EllsairorM, seven years,' 14 Dover at.
• Joseph 11PDongul, trine years, East Petteklyri s Lai
W Smith, NewlforkCanom noun.
S Kelly, [twenty years,inaten
Min E M'Ecef, twenty years, York-nth";
Miss E Crane, twelve years, 112 Harameniyalf.
Wm 11 Panel', twenty-three ... years, 73 NOrfoUQRI
Jacob Petry, four Teen, tancY et Philo Johnson, twenty-eight years, Grectwasti P
- Judge Randall, 04 Erisf Iltuadway, New York;
Themes R Jones, of the II Navy.
Capt Wm Jawing., State at, 13nilrepon,
z •• • '
Dr WI. Monroe, Hanford, -
Roo Illehard Daggett, West Davenpon •,'
Bee T t L Bushmen, Indinnorn.Ml '
• /dr Joieplillradityjt.s Orchard IA N T.
Doughtori, HeEshteenalt n N Y.: .
Mrs Junes Bertholf, Chester, Cramp ie. Na
John Faber, 178
D A Richton, 219 Dabney st, do
Jame. Smith, 136 Suffolk st, • do
Charles Brown, 11l Water et, - . do
All of whiel mar be called upon, or oddment, poll
N l[Dl . P o rtYsd by. D, S Haas, (lata hams A Hut.)
F THOMAS es Co, 111, Main ot, between Jd and.
4th nts, mad 111 Main ay between lth and MIL stmts.
Cincinnati .otao, wholesale 4el ratW"ypnyforlho.
south and ;nun
L WILCOX; Jr, comer of Market st and the Dial
mood, only se in Pitob'y Pa landawly
kw doo below Wood street, to.
DR: naowie, having been
7.1 d regularly editealed to the medical
prozeasion, L and been for aotna time
"'" tn general; psostie, noie_confines
his attention to thetreatment .
•• th ose private and delicate ate
..4k k p:.intalor l wltich his opportunities
z;:•_ and coper ence peculiarly qualify
/1 y ,an assidnougly devoted
w study .I{rcntment of those complaintyldunng volde h .
time he b us bad more procure and bat cured
treats than eon ever fall to the Lot of any privet° prat*
'L tinoner) Limply qualifies him to oiler - asearunces of
speedy, permanent, and .nsfactoty, gore no nil afflicted
with delicate diseases, nod ail diseases arising there.
from. l
Dr. Brown would inform those agicted with private
diseases which have Income elneetic by time or ag
gravated by the use of anrof the citatmon nostrtmis of
Lle day, that their complaints can lip radically and thor
oughly cured, Lo having glean his careful attention to
trcaunent of such tutees, and saoceeded in hundreds'
Zof ins.necs in curing persotis of iltliumnation of the .
lifirk of rho • biadder, and kindred diseases which often
result from those cones where other, have consigned
them to hopeless despot,, ' lie pattreoltuly invites sorb'
SA have been long and unonecoasfully treated bioti,. •
to consult hike r -when every satisfaction will be given •
them and their cases treated-in esicfal, thorough and
intelli ,
gent manner, pointed oat [rya long experience, .„
study, and in vestiganem, which his impossible for those „.,.
engaged in general pravgge of medicine to give any
one class Ofitittett,a.
EDilmmia or Rupture.—Dr. Drown also invites pet.
soon aili
cted with Hernia to call, at lie has paid partic
ular attention 10 this disease.
Skindiscosesi oleo Pd.. Palsy, etc., Epomilly cured,.,-
Charge., very low. i •
N. If.—Patienta of either sex hvingdt a clistauceiby
stating their Haase in writing, onvuld all thes e, m
wino, eon medicine's with directions for us by
addroestsig T.'I3ROWN, fiL D., post piddi and ends* •
Jag a rcr.
Office No. CZ, ['Lomond alley, opßolite iba Wsverly
IrrNo mire no pay.
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such ILinlitings and other neceosary conveineitees , as ,
to enahle hint to otter every reamtwahla emensnienee
and coinfOri to the patient. WllO may trust IliknoLelvea
under his earn..
'rim proprietor, not Willing to beast of his oteeess in
racing the Itiosiateitte ditenaeft, considen hindelfjusti
hid in suiting.' that bring the itrit who intratliteed the
Hydropathie system practically into this coninvy, a n d .
by cottatant study and application °fate newliscove
ries and improvements in the *Deem modal.° this noun.
'try, as well as hrEnropche gained math sit extmri.
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ellee, by which Isis establishmet, under his ricer ;,
mill rendera benefit to O. afflicted.
The eetaltliMment 011 . 1 lei ready for
for the reception of
p rits on the firm or , Jane• ns insearetv of,
health or country. air and exertite, will:find • thin; every as well arranged as pwasitil r tor their fctionfort,
Charge. moderate.
lIDWARD Agri:lf .
3 LD.;Proprietor." l
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We lake pleanne in recommending.. Dr. At:ltees es
tablishment fo mach as may be delineate of realising to
Ilydropathic treatment, •
It Sealer, Beidantin Adams, John R Shannon, 51
Lawmen John AlliSoll, Won Denting., Frederick
Charles Speyeren • • ,triynklnt .;
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tuniqux, Gallia eo., hltty arod ' la, - 1•540- • '
R. K Sellers:. After "
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Liver Pill., in nu practice, fore prepared twiny that
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• prepared end Idby,F.; F. SELLERS; fir kViittod at,
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N.B.—A. R. r..s. in Dr.Tknorigend' s O .Iriest ar
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