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We 'ha eceatinue ow in:tracts from the prese,
and public meetings tivoliglexit the UlllO/2, in
. :tion to the Whig Nondurtiorm, believing we, Ca
not girlie:lr readers Anything toorcilmaresting and
important. F. begin, today, with the
• lntelligences this respolidi iothe
noetinatket of Mlle. and Fillmore
To even (*glen observers, bat much more to
reflecting minds, It most have been atrial:What
• . the difficulties to be wumounted by the Conven.
, non were of active and kmaidaUe character.—
: The determination by, the Whig. to bold a Con
venni* at all was indeed a recognition of those
damn*" The sentlntent, equally entertained
by all onments of the exiMing Wilande, had mini-
• fested iWlf in preferences for different iridividnids
for the Porsidtney, which, if pertinneloasly tuber
. ed to, mot have defeated an effective expression
of the 'general will. /Verb was accemplished,
therefore, when Am friends of the several distill
gabbed and eminent citizen. brought Mrward for
- • the Presidency Consented to commit the selection
of al candidate to a National Convention. This
consent was the evidence of a patriotic determine
" ricer .to sacrifice all personal consideration's It Tie.
r. - \ cenry ,
a, to the main object of placing the Govern.
1 . . went in the hands orthei great Constitutional Con
', , • 'creative party which as incladed in the general
term Wifiln which ;object can only be effected by
• - - • ' electing a Wma to preside in the Executive De
pertinent of the Government.l, The Delegates to
- this Convection : were chosen accordingly, on to
•' - persist obstinately in adhering to the filet choice of
l “. themselves and their constituents, but, in the spirit
• ..: /in which this Government itself was fanned—ln
' the spirit or compromise of conflicting interests fo r
- - . the 'accomplishment of a great general good--to
. unite their voices in the nomination, fu the Presi
.. , 'dewy and Vice Prewdency of those citizens who,
. • recommended by their own political and personal
l . ' merit, and known to he willing to carry out We
views cif the Conwintion,should unite the largest
' • terrine of that hody..
t • ' - - • For the Convention. thus assembled to arrive at
a determination, and present wicket acceptable, in
',.....: ': all particulate to every Whig in the United States,
.oreven to the Whip bay in every . State of the .
' -- • Union, wan both hopeless • and impracticable.
,".., 'All . that •Icoall be expected from it was to
• . O. ' offer to the Whig party for its support such a tick.
' ~- ' ' et as , upon the. who* is the best that could po pan.
•' sibly be °brained. ' '
, • -, :,.,. This arid, we believe, confiding as we day itn
•••• . :iNieitly in the intellidencis and honor of that great' ;
C.-body of Delegates,• the Convention has attained;' ,
• • :act; under that conviction, all oilier considerari e.
de, we should most freely give our edbesio , as
_ --`., ."'We earnestly invite all headers to do, the
' 'nominations made by Conrehtion.
..- - Ed it is not merely on e prowiple of adh, ring,
'''' not weiiiere beforehand ridged to do, to e de- , .
11 1
*Won rof.,The Conyr , '
that:vre, shall, 'lie a!
" \ willing support to It Ilia gentleman Altai has 1
- been pat nnominnieni Lir the ey - is fsi I
: • Terribly enough known , to us b report,
and by private information f in whom
, . we entirely confide, to assure us that he wilt ,
• ' not only make a safe President to the • eatmriy,
• - but will, in his administration, bring as nester to
'the platform of Washinglim than we hive been
for the last twenty years, with theroiceptinn Of. the
, kw first months of the lisrriadti Admhiritrationi—
Arid, as to the nominee :far ro° President; he is
• • not only, unexceptionable in every relation Of life,:
„but hers reepimneeded by all the IP:Writes affirm.
Dm diwinviriseelsability, and. seal, which were
Particularly , eadreopapiciumsly ilispla=4 :
,:i - arduous position - ,of cif f Chairman the
' of Ways had:Afton' of the lbouse'of Represea•
" wires, in the Haiirion Congress, bPhis services
, :erhereiti hi. Or:gained a solid , and enduring repo-.
,• - The two parties are fur r fairly hi the fie*
each has* . tto tis a candiffatie (31. the
. ..Pregame:l reflecting its peculiar view'. Ilis for
' ' . 'go People to deirisiii between the antagonistic
-principles which they represent.
-' In General Taylw le wesented to as l o pe rep
resentative of a contain:did:old, couiervative, and
- " beneficial policy at home, and a - firousetral, just,
' noriritteriezoion peray in regard to fcrirign. Po w•
' Ise Getri•Casa is offered to us the representative
' '• _irf Darrisat" and . Looafecoism, of the Veto . "pan
: *oral legislation at home , and of intereentem, war,
• Conquest and' annexation, with shook every as,
• maul le Part of the foreign mos*, ... . '
These are. the political characteristics of the two
candidate' fir the Presidency. - . .`" - f-' , "
Need we an y that we hold.-it to', be -our duty
to give toile Whig.emulidate, thee recommended
to us by his 'paliricial sentiments, by grout public
!services, dad by the Convention, m supportt
The ifshimert Asuricen is highly pleased with
..., thelnoin*Ons, speaking' of the nominees; it re
.i .
That Gen. Taylor will make a 'gad President,
' rows hoof the very condition of his nature which
ouldnet allow him to be a. bad. one. With so
i much hriciesty of purpose, so tench clear Intel&
,genceori much practical kilowridge of men and
~ fhirtge *ether with such a fond of moderation
and kindly fading, the confidence which has al•
ways attended General Tnylorhithettowillgo with
.. ' brie to the Presidency: We believe be will make
one of the best Presidents the country has ever
Mr. Fillmore i well known to the people of the
United Stater a10,./0 of the mast prominent and
able of the Whip of Now York. He . is a man
who from poverty and iku unfriendly obscurity in'
early life has men tot eminence, *nesting . the
strength and worth of his owneharnmer and flue
ening at the same : Vine the happy influences of
free institutions.
Tbe lgreparationa for the canvass are now cont.
pieta.. The candidates are in the dell The corr
leit,lve hope, will be cried on an becomes reale
ole people engaged-in the task of selecting the
beat men to bold the helm of State, both sides be
but anxious to promote the welfare, the honour mid
diguity.of ear common a:Meaty,
The .Ilattiviore Patriot, announces the nornme
tines with every demonstration oC extraredinary
• . The Cincinnati Ga--eu, in announcing the nom
' karma. thin Sandi' t • --
,lndvidnnoy we expressed a prekrence for
~. the selection of a civilian from the free States kr
the Prealdentist candidate, believing that in the
dintribution of the Executive otrice„ they were en.
titled to the candidate. We have, Istarever,
. ways srpreand a cheafal substiotion no the seleo.
• • 'inn of the 'Whir National Convention, and pledged
• " 'to it Our irs4put. •
now that the nominations are made, and
we know the Whig standard bearers; we shall
most cordially support the nomination", and with
, that "right good will," which the certainty of 'tie
ms inspir es,
The Cincninatt'Atrat gives, in its adhesion with
. exldiat aluctance, rind with lane qualifications
haste' as rented to submit the 'election to a
. it ,• Atlas op,
• etsonkl Itciibr, under the cirenm.
stanaa, to the suption of Gen; Tiylor he
• _ • the , biking it kir granted a s we do, in
• . advance of the °facial report of the proceedings of
the Convention;that he submitted dwelt ton.
- • to itS decision, and that be arasnoininated
an -a • upon satisfaidcuy .anon' of bls
• 'Whimsy. a.kaars ste m tra_and sn3 •at he
• ", round; bet, as we, said, we take itt far granted, our
own conditions are acceded min the nomination,
1 • 'and therefore, we shall feet-bound by it, till tins re
• cell* reliable asattrance; which we do not expect,
; • . thsrwssire inbanken. • .
.1 _ baweertTaylor and Fillmore, and Cu' end
. • Boger, no .Whigs in the nation an hesitate in a
moment to go
the former. .
, • • The Iblbtring Telegraphic despatch' rem two
Dekgatearmm Ohio, came to us late last night, of
'ter the *sensing was in type. We know not what
• • • ST:
• tr"Do not comsat& yourself on nomination, vow
. you hem from tts. Write to country editors. to
stand as armed' neutrals. Ohio has been trampled
,• • The Zanesville Courier hu • long edittniii, ei
, . . iatsiainsid ate regrets, and its convictions dimly tet
t. . *r the circiamstancen •We take the fallowisql ex
• • tz ad i . ai most to tio purpose as indicating Us fade
•• •• , : sWhen the news r ef Taylor's notablagantlat
„ L i m to hand, we wens disappointed,anil we said
so in continual= without Id W e b a d b o ,
p o d that , Haney any, a man who well deserves
. . this s alconnidionlionce:crWlttieldScat,
• • • -' - the eerfran Pacificator of the Pron.
•'• tiers.the rit *be Wart atlii all riv,
Orent Cant* and Comperes of belend
receive the , nomination.
_Oar feelings woe Int o ;
wiled la their frier, and oar dam 'hu m an,
L mat was autimeniculds: - But' the •••aber wood
•' thought" efjudgment, of badinage'', aria or dray,
• now bids to abandon the., vain Regret; 4
- yin itr i the rminees the choice ocour pail, and
!mum, us Et&pant of , not
ditielSaad thl" 0 : 11 / 4 I ' ol , taki , uir out 1" 600 . ' l a 23'
endeavorto do Nude in inn Arldgeasure, in admen.
'ling the election Taylor and Rantore, as . Ina
The Philture heni - ree is in ruptneeiS It
"We hail this decision with the liveliest sundae.
lion. The firm Whig Journal to ran up the Taylor
flag in this city—this State—awl, indeed, we be
lieve, In the United Statesove are; of course, high
!Y= that th e Convention has endorsed our
jut—rat Med our choice:and that of the
d muada of good =en mud true, who have acted
"with and stood by unborn the fi rst" -
The Lager, Loan Foca nautrul, says that the
ticket is a strong one _the strongest the Whigs
asald have taken.
...The Rersding%Jtantel isdelighted with the nom
haiku:a, and *mites well for Old Beebe.'
"Tarter is, In our humble opinion, by far the
MMugesi candidate the Whigs could have offered
to the and will take sot only the piuty vote,
but will 6e supparted by an immense number of
democrats. In the South he will sweep every
State, excepting perhaps Missouri. In the East,
he will tube every State with the exception of N.
Hampshire. In the Middle, States, Virginia and
Pennsylvania are considered by some es doubtful,
but as fa es we are able to judge, in theistic, at
lams, Old Zech Stands two chancel to one against
the aristocrat abroad, demagogic at borne, Case—
in the West every one 'lamella far Old Rough and
Ready,even Illinois it preparing to swell his vote.'.
The Xiners' Toured goes off in rapturous en
mate our & I hoes banner out
Upon the breeze we throw:
.2 Beneath its folds, with song and shout,
Let's charge upon the foc! • '
General Taylor is the Whig candidate! Who
can not ray under inch a gloriousname! A Who;
kclay Vaig-,an honest man—dignified, able,
suttp...enced, yet modest as hi Is great—the
dmfta of the world—in peace, a lamb—in
war, a tiger—owed a man, fellow eitisensovill now
lead on the invincible hosts of the great Whig
family to Buena Vista triumphs—to triumphs as
disastrous to J-v. , woCw• misrule, as were his vic
tories to the enemy. He never , surrendcri—with
him there is no 'lurch word as foe
•He is now before the people;—nod we most
choose between the toroCue or Tenon! Will
anyione hesitate which to chooser
The Almon Atfa., although it 'had other mefetem
ces;' , aind &though General Taylor . wan not its
choice:nor the choice of Massachusetts,' avowi
its determination . 'to abide the result, and to award
to it a full, free, and untiring support: It declares
"General Taylor is a Whin is prinriple—is in
favor of Penes—opposed to all war—bed/1w Sla
very to issa curse to the country, OMt o v ine. its r,r-
termination—and isoppavdte Mt floihtr ortension
of dots territory. When the Whigs shall learn
these tits, we beileltla , th at no loan who truly
loves the Whig party, an&Lo belierewits success
essential to our salety and prosperity, can for a
moment hesitate to believe his duty mills hint to
give General Taylorhis ardent and zealous stip.
port. 7
Ttto Batten Courier isstill unshaken. flow long
it will resist the tempest, remains to be seen. It
concludes its announcement of tho report of Gen.
Taylor's nomination by the following simple but
sorrowful remark,
".The announcement is enough fir to day:
The Barton Whig indicates its opinion by telling
the hollowing story: • •
•, "Doctor, eflerMards Dean Maxwell, sitting in
company with Dr. Johnson, they, talking of the vio.
lenee of party to what onwnrrantablo lengths
party men will sometimes run: `Why, yes says
Johnson, /they'll db any thing. no matter how odd
or desperate; to gain their point; they'll catch hold
of the red hot end of a poker, wooer than oat get
tiossessiOn.Of it.'
The 1k5414 Adorrtirrr quisitGes itindimsioni by
Mtning,distinitly,that "the news °fide nomination
vitl be far .. a great majority orthe
Whigs of Messachurts: The belief, • however,
that no other Whig candidate is 'available,' and
that in no other treymiti the integrity of, the party
ter preaereed, opararei as the excuse and the mo
use the proffering support M Taylor's nomination.
The Nereirfryidii Huai is well plectiet.l,exul
expreases a readout opinion, that General Tay!.
will receive two thirds of the clecioral votes:
• - • • •
' We congratulate our readers on the nomination.
Once more we have cat adrift from the ultra lend
erinf the patty, and again rcturned,to the practice
cram, end modffatr Whig principles. In &d
-um of the ultra leaders of both palsies, these will
be hailed mith - lexiansittion by the masa of the pet.
plehmuthe borne eniitrhampliutly into . power as
Ihdy veti , 7ei. •I J. • , 110 A !h 6 'under* , 01-
the panf:: L ey.ieer,,the uhras,
.whieb.• • "` Maggie co7tisequence
• • arses, the die.
Of him
em,l:l3l[ : 4ll; . tie4eiptil; to that Con:
vesitiOnCiumated themselves into the propriety of
snakier the aunination they have; but it seems to
es that the Whig i?sutyof the North has been moo
Ercompromised. General Taylor will, we
na theleut doubt, be elected; for the lainels •
which invest the 'bead of a slayer of men, have
ever, we grieve to any it, been baked upon with
greater favort7 the people, than those which en.
twine the brow of the peaty meter, and the phil
aatbropiaL Re may be an honest man; he may
be capable of adminusering the ailmee of the Gcre '
ertunezd;-bot if he is, he has not, heretofore, been
warm to acimowhadge it. We bops he will make
• good' Whig' President; and we sincerely ones
that in the of the Whigs to nominate, as
the most available man, one who, in a life of over
silty years, basest yet kumed an opinion opus the
Feld political questions which divide the people
tuto parties, they may not a second time elect a
John Tyler to the Presidency: •
• new TOIIC. .
}forum Gnictv, of the Trilione,,annonnees the
nomination with a sorrowful heart. remarks
„ .
are long and able, and 'conclude as fillows:
—But the struggle is over, and Gen. Taylor is
nominated. And, if politics are to be regarded as
I &game, we think, looking at the matter as coolly
u we can, that the mrulagers.have dealt them
selves good hinds. We believe. thry ,will win,
and we hope they will.not be the only gainers by.
their dexterous shuffling. Unless that patient don.
key the public move imtonunonly restid; we see
no swayer preventing Gen. Taylor's election. The
combination upon him is very comprehensive, and
we do not think the country mewed totake the
risk of a Lewis Cass allereauonennexing Minim
hundioe, numb as they ..setild I biretta defeat the
nothinatorsef Gen. Taylor..
For carol= parh mei:sell tale tier far riitedioN.
If it shnlLappear to us dual the raiwort of General
;Taylor is the only COMIC by which the election of
Cass can be prevented, we ehall ostictri in that sup
port. It; on the countrwy, the divelopements of
the next kw days shall prove that the Free States
MS now ripe (or the uprourg which must come
sooner or later, and which this nomination has
done very much to precipitate, why then try ore
ready, Oar present impression is that the time
has not qi?ite arrived—but wombed see. •
The 'editor attic Tribune says, in another all
cle, that it was arm time possible for the oppo.
nerds of General:Taylor in the Convention, to
change the .result. If it had been necewary to' 1
General Taylors nomination to give hfrn-Hurotcs
onthe Srstbillot, hewouldhive got theM.
The Tribune frothev sayei •
The nominaliok of Millard Fillmore for Vies.
Preaident at Philadelphia is brandy approved
this quarter, andAvill probably win many to the
samportorthe ticket whoiwould otherwise respeol .
fully dacha.
The Courier is delighted, of worse. Volrorou
says there is no doubt of Gen. Taykrecelection.—
The rapers has not come to hand The Journal
of ..Commurce says:
We congratulate ouiteaders and the'pountry on
the auspicious malt The nominationonidad to
the many independent nominations aid the:gine.
rat favor of the people io his behalf rectinia his
electioe beyond any rensonabk doubt. Wah Gen.
Taylor for President, and Peace with all the world,
the country will be link and prosperous.
The Coaunnetal supports the nominittions, end
.1n Albany the nabs appears to have caused
pen 44eitement. and the (needs ol.Mr. Clay ore
todilreatit and angry.' In this city a Ilule of the
same Gelling was shown by Mr. Claylike:ltd. sev
eral of whomtutended the meeting at Lafayette
Henn; evening. This, of course, was to be ex.
pected. Had the not:et:union fallen upon • Mr.
Clay, Gen. Taylor's admirers would have felt end
shown equal dimppolatment. We have no fear,
however, fizethe great body of Whigs in this city
and ebiewbere. The disappointment and antic:) ,
azice will wear of in a few days, and all . will be
imam end humour They have too much good
melee to refuse to abide by the decision of the Con.
ventioni. at to throw away the certainty ore long
desired success, merely becanw penouolly they
would pave preferred another lender. "
The Cmisercial refers to a Taylor mtifirittion
meeting at Lafayette Hall, on Friday evening,
which the Tribune says, owns interrputed end
brought tots abrupt terrainnticm by' a portion of
the sovereign people who took that method of ter
ilfying their displeasure at the Philadelphia limb
niece . The Tribune justly =au' re* such a
The Emeltle .Post, (BatablFsetr ikmocrat,)
We notelet,' k upon the Preaidenilal question as
Tinselly setiledi Gen. Taylor. till be in the Praish
denial chair on the 4th of March, it he italioe.—
He will sweep the Booth front Capitlitst - to Kay
Weg, and from the Ohio to the Rao Grsode. Vtr
ginis will give her voice Ibr Taylor isiLsurely as
uth Carolina. Not one of the suttee, to purchase
w6oaesoppart 'ihe letter of Mr. Cass on slavery
Was Mine; will, 'nall probabtlity,Five7thei antler
of that letter a Tote the the Presidency. In the
_his prospect, are saarcely less aatieneto•
AlMBarnbmner, soya that - General
Taylor will be elected, no matter what may bethe
action cede Boniburnen or that State. It says
- .As General Taylor now stands before the peo
ple b that et oth parties his election would he prefe prefer. ble to of
Hin election would anontilate
Tharitamison in this State and throughout the Union.
We' have long been hoping kr the ordvalet the
time when a revolution tummies would take place.
Tbe slavenower has triumphed long enough. The
election of Taylor, although he is a slave holder,
would, under present circemstances, be the means
of inning the radical Democracy, ofihe free States,
and 'some of the slave States, by bringing into one
would carry
ranks the DemocraUc Whigs,. and , in I bil2 we
the Union.'
Ford's: Newts by Ma Saadi*.
Oitr limited space compels us to condense as
much es possible.
The 'Acadia made her passage in thirteen days
and a 614 and brings news one week later.
The Sarah Sands arrived at Liverpool oa the
of May. She left New York on the Gth of
The new steamer America from New York ar
rived at Liverpool ow the 22d, after a passage 'of
12 days and y kyr hour.'
The London correspondent of the New York
Commercial, thus sums up the news of the week:
Losixis, May 26,-1,94&
• Our news this week is again important 1. A
fresh demonstration at • Vienna, which bas lcd to
the flight of the Emperor of ALUM.' lint which
promises, however, to end quietly. 2. The arriv
al of our Ambassador from Madrid, after only twee.
ty four hours' notice to qhit, from the Spinush min
ister. 3. An outbreak at Seville, of n similar cha
racter to that at Madrid, of which you received
news last week. 4. A new and sanguinary Warw.
ruction at Naples' 5. Disturbances at Lyons,
whichWem temporarily to have placed that coy in •
the hands of the terrorists. 43. The rejection, by our
Hoare of Lords, of the bill for the emancipation of
the Jews and, lastly, an abundance of general mi
nor events, such os the opeeineof the Notional
Assembly et Berlin, the Wvorable termination of
the fete of fraternity on Sundayltu4;at Paris; en,
attempt at escape by. Babes from his prison at
Vincennes, and farther arrests in Ireland.
,The circumstaoces of the Vienna outbreak are
remarkable. .Youvreaders will remember that
some weeks beck this proposed new Austrian Con
stitution was published, and wasteceived with ea
tisfaction, so much so indeed that the funds rose
.considerably in consequence. On the 15th instant,
however, its totem led to the new demonsumien.
On discusaing its various provisions by the grap
ple, and by the various political aocietimyit Lame
gradually to be regarded with dissatisfaction..
; The
aristocratic Gum of the upper chamber stud the in
direct form of election Ga. tho lower, was strongly
condemned, and ,while this uneasy feeling was at
its height, and jug after some demonstrations had
been widst in the suburbs bye large body of work
men and oihers,the Ministry resorted to injudicious
amps of isalting en order Ca the denotation of the
central committee of the National Guard, coastal
ing of about 200 indiViduals, and regarded as the
molt influential political dub in the city, and at:
the same time of parading a large military fort,o
which bivouacked - at night ulna the gloms.
The result was, that on the 12th 01 May the
- populace, headed chiefly by the student. of the
rose &mutt , thetaiglves, and at once
proceeded to the Minister with their demands—
These were that the military should be withdrawn,
that the central coramiuee of the ,Natfonal Guard
should not be dissolved, and that she lose Eir the
elections should be declatednall
The ministry, becoming manned, yielded to. all
thudemands of the people; and then on the follow.
lagday, gave notice thatthey kit it to be their du
ty to resign,—and said fattlier, that the eructations
ball been made, because they had ;not the moot.
to reel,t, and from conaidcranons of safety to the
royal family.
After this document bad made its appearance it.
may be imagined that the upper classes in Vienna
felt considemblc uneminess,and that the conscious
ness was fully ihnpressedirinon them that the "stu
dents' and the populace might demand anythuig."
They were destined, however, to experience s
shock still more seem. Soddenly it Waif rumor
ed that the Emperor had Bed; i fact which was ai
once confirmed by a bulletin hem the Minfist . ry,
stating that. his Majesty had . dint hoar utkerinds
demi - Ave, it woe bettered fit. laspruck, with ,no
other communication to the'lead of his cabetia
than • verbal message to that effect. Feom &GI
moment all was confusion, lint it •ppears that the
universal feeling was solely one at fright-on the
port of the population'at basin, as they ooareive4
gone too far.
The Emperor, oltbough a weak man is popular
and Ids deptrurre . ,llwatittared; would to 1 signet
fur anarchy, toward which the mass of the Gee
Man people me, we are clarinets!, wholly indite'
Poised; and hence deputations in hot haste were at
ottce sent after him, to soodu his fcan and to an.
treat' him to return.
The last news is that his Majesty hat reached
limprack, where be wae received dry.his Tyrolean
&objects with "frantic loyalty," and ni he is thus
between two and three liundred nide* away ken
his capital, it seems dotheful Whether be will 'spee
dily he induced to return. Obstinacy on this point
howe'ver might ultimately prnie &anger:ca. A
present the mortification of the %%emote is such
that their state is described as oneUf "maudlin re
pentance," but this may be succeeded byres! imp.
since no persons ace 10 dangerol4 NJ those
who, with.power in their hands, are led to believe
that they have humbled themselves to no purpose.
With regard to the fact of our ambilikiatior, Sir
IL Bulwer, having been ordered to quit -?Madrid is
24 boon, no explanation has yet triumphed. Lord
Palmerston has stated in the Boos, of Comnaone
dint all the correspondence -*sting trilliereli.
jeer is now in the hands of the Nil:sterol:tot will be
laid before the members lissom as
Coupled with thew perplexities in dui relations
of England and Spain, news hairesched tut stmw•
ing that despite the success of the Spakiisli Gov
ernment, in havieg twice represented the ibwrrec
tionery attempts in the capit4 the opitiett revolt
is still active throughout the country to *efficient
extent to render their position critical i'AMilitsey
rising has taken place at Seville, which is believed
to have become tomiirlsble, Mit of the real progress
of which little is yet known owing to the silence
of the Government organs. Senile is ::212 miles
distant from Madrid, and in Spain the; means of
eurnmanication nre barhatowdy
The hat that nrrfilll one-mints - have beripubliatied
is sufficient, however, to denote that the toovement
b.. proved a seriounone., It b ro ke ouf while the
Duke and Duchess of Moutpentier were] Cm a visit
in the city. Seville contains about 100,000 inhabi•
Mots, and bi fortified sod takes op woe ground
than Madrid. It Is also one of ilia laigtiu depots
km artillery in the kingdom. -
,The ingonection at Maple. @Kral, to have been
;accompanied by circumstancesof the most deplo
ruble actor. Monday the 15th of May was the
day fixed Or theopening of the Chambers. The
elections had proceeded languidly and bad remit.
ed in the return mostly of moderate members.
The coOatitutioa, however, of the upper. bodes be.
mg analogous lb that proposed by Atmitia; mobs
:had' for seven; weeks bees in the habit of raising
the cry of Down with the Chamber of Peen:—
Still it was not expected that anygerseral outbreak
would be attempted. A few days before the meet.
iag of the Chambers, however, a strong Preach
fleet arrived in the bay,and this circumstance was
regarded with a degree °foaminess by tlase who
desired the maintenance of order, winch, Judging
from what has now taken place; appears fo have
been well founded.
On the Sunday night preceding the 'meeting of
the Chambers, on the plea of en objection made by
v portion of the members to the form of oath pm
nailed for theoccasion;baniesdes were raised in
all the principal streets, and, it is asserted in letters
which I have just received, underthe superinten
dence of French officers. On the following morn.
mg lle King, to avoid a collision, is represented to
have agreed to neatly all the dm:Minds of the re.
(rectory members, but here, as at *Ain in March
last, an accident; or *hat wan preconcerted to ap
pear as such, renditid these concessions vain and
led to a fiightful catastrophe. The; troops of the
line being dravin up before the palace, a musket
was tired from the ranks of the populace sod Na
tional Guards, by which a grenadier was Instantly
..killed. Upon this the trcops could not be minus.
-. nil—/hey attacked all the barrioades in suceessicin
and drove all the National Guards into thendjoin
lag boon; whence the content was carried on
front the windows. Mier unrest boats of hard
lighting, daring which all sans of atrocities are al.
leged on both sides, the regular troops were slim°.
rious and the National Guards were compelled to
Daring the fight, many Frenchmen wee mtg.
ed with arms in their hands, and some Frenchmen
were robbed. It is tented it will -lead ton war
with France.
As to the real merit, of the dispute between the
King and the insurgents it is impassible just yet to
kern en opinion. TIM weak and treacherous cha
racter of His Hajesty,Who u a Bourbon, is such,
norm:mutely, as always in WM-AM susplrian.hut
all the partkisliss which have yea reached uses
the Mauer certainly tend to Inspire the belief - 04
the movement of the Alm was unprovoked sad
-warner', an impreasion which Is strengthened by
the circumstance that, notwithstanding' hitpresent
success, the King has tuned a prodamation th ighs
intends to Wand by the ndw institutions and to re.
call .parliament *malignly.
"That Whltirakiaof hero, than mow, • .
• • , And pato as mosramental lilabaster.l! ,; • •
Al! feteales bake the like the above, who IMO "0.10
Spaniel, Lily Whim It slaked, pure snowy, rat ova,
rally white, sold at Sy Catapult meet. iwka
auras Fout m astscri-lifts leans' froze AO:
Cleveland Deteoctst,:tliss . oti PiuS p night lest 4
most &mews are Lades out in Atm, 'theta mid.
dedioliesy property so the meant of
idiom 6 30 , 0 1:ce55e5,000 ;of which; was
coveted by immune% The buildings deitenr
e3Leuelided lrom Itiutsom's center to,citiety's
heihro t g North, and on Howard * street, nod to the
city Sictetyon Mutely:eel, without including the
factory. • 7 •
This carrier is in thh.mosi business pan of lb .
The night was remssintuy still; ifit had not been,
our Own would now have been a heap of ashes.—
es. Those who havemarred 'the most, ere
Eggleston de Co., Map Publishers, 5.5000..—incv
mace $4OOO, Kilbourne di Caldwia, 117000;Linsu
room 32500; Rankine, Thayer dr Co, 0)1Kl--insiv
race 52000; J. A. Beebee, ArAXI--initurance
'VW; Eleclmith dE BOckwell, 512,000--hisarance
$b00; Mrs. McArthur, 21500—n0 insurahoss and
others of less amount.-
Pour s Mut,'
r.rint , Mutual, loas Sitrk' Mutual,
$2200; Columba., $2700; Medias, WOO; Summit,
The Democrat Printing office cnis almost totally
destroyed. Beacon 'anted . press, and perhapa two
thirds of their materials, in a damaged condition.
Paaea Declared
6.4lovriai telegraphic dispatch is pit ' gaited
ilt the Wiethingtori Milo °past Friday:
Augusta, Ga., June 80.848.
Your express Liege dates from the city of Mexi
co toy May 26, 4 o'clock p. to., by the steamer Het
sal at New Orleans.
The Senate ratified the treaty on the 25th. The
vote,srae 23 yens, 5 nays.
Gen. Kearney. who succeeds General Smith in
command of the city of Mexico , mrperintends the
embarcation of the troops at Vera Cruz. Messrs.
Sevier and Clifford arrived at Queretaro on the
231 The exchange of ratifications is ID take
place at the outposts of the army--all ordered to be
on the march within ten days. All under eentenoe
of death are to be transported. The Mexicans are
under great fear oldielndiana alter the army shall
A Thurnasace Dascon.--On last New Year's
Eve, at Washington, a certain Now England ilea
con. the president of a Temperance Society In
these parts, returned 43 his boarding•house in a
singular date of elevation, to the astonishment'efr . l
his friends and acquaintances who knew the
dexibility of his principle.
`Deacon," said • wag, nddrewong the worthy
gontleman,"hcen out voiting *" -,,, f
"Yea, onr—i Aare," replied the rlir oo lf eruphat•
'Have a good timer 1
.Fussrate," stammered the denim.
,Irrared you well r
'AVIIy, deacon, you haven't been drinking:"
"No, Sirr very emphatieally—.l never drink
rwriiiiig," (the Issi. word In a scream.) "Rut they
did give me—glorious Miss—
enss—eum—eurv—eustands--eumards. And they
were fuss.rate--Mes.raterr •
. .
The poor old gentleman hod here kd on slid'
eggnog which he had swallowed by the aid of a
soon. Like Mr. Peck.nilr, nude, similar circum
stances, he was assisted to bed. and went up stairs
quietly enough, without • word, until the moment
of cuterimg his bed, when a terrific yell of "liquid
eusrards!" electrified the house, and then, as the
novelist. say, all was a blank.
Deri(ian of tie Szerente Court of Penney/runic
or at Ceirlide :Aare Rio( Core -An argument took
place during last week ono writ of error, bee
the.,Sitpreme Coarttnow sitting at Harrlatiurgh, ra
thercirstrof the eleven colored men who were cons
Milted at Carlisle last year ou a charge of riot,
giiitving out of an attempt to remove some alleged
Idgiiive slaves oat of that place•by their ma,ter, the
ph ticulars of which were given at the time dibble
occurrence. Each of the defendants was semen-
dello undergo imprisonment in the Eastern Pea/-
tinting", for the term of three years. The counsel
Ea the dek.ndrints contended that the Court erred
a sentencing them to imprisonment in the Eristgrii
Penitentiary, 'he offence being but a misdemeanor;
Ea which the law authorizes incarceration in_the
prison oldie county wheretheollince is eommltti•d.
The Deputy Attorney General 4u CuinberLmd
county appearedln behalf of the Commonwealth;
and Charles Gibboti Esq., Gm the piennrra The.
Court decided to set aside theludgmem attire Court
below, and yesterday the keeper,oftho'pe.nlientiary•
received a discharge far the prisuaers, alto( whom
were cramped.—Phila. LeJgcr.
l e
Whig ILA Ideation Mestiag.
The meeting of 1 Whigs of this city and vim.
nity,.last night, at B turny's Yard, to rattly the no
minations of and Fillmore, was n very larze
and enthusintic assemblage. Han.Cornelinc Dar
nigh presided, assisted to several gentlemen en
Vice Ptesidents and Secretaries. Hon. C. Darra . gt,
Hon. Walter Forward, T. J. Ingham, and ---4
brllahan, Esq , addressed the meeting.—the littler
previoeslY acted with the •Locobed.Hemorrary,
but now Imes the the Whig nominee., T. I. ltig.
ham, Esq, on behalf of ircommittre npitcsited a
the purpose, reported a seriekof resolutions which
were ountinnali- agkroK'TlM'eseligelltde
up. near ,10 o'clock' with three cheers a Taylor
and Fillittorn We will givetbe proceedings more
at length in our nest.
At the Whig primaty meeting held in keble.i
township, on SatUrday, the loth last, Or the choice
oC DeJettatestio.Mtand the Whiz County Coeeee•
the'fidkritrut resolutions were altered Ly
Alfred W. - -ilgAris, Feu.; and unanimously adopt.
Rpolnd, Thu the Whigs of Alleeheity county
respond freely end heartily to the nomination Of
Gen. Zachary Taylor, and have every" confiden t *
to Ina penonid purity, politicalpriociples, aeJ his
mowed determination to administer the Govern.
meet upon the truo Democratic model* at the
early Presidents.
Revived, Thee in Millard Fillmore, of New
York, we recognize the pure-winded puriot,whose
laborious and successful advocacy of the "politic
endjoss" tariff of 1542 commend him emineuly
to the cooddence and cherished regard of the
‘lthigs of Pennsylvania.
Rroorred, That rehire confidently upoo the in.
levity of Oar psrrposes'And priaciple., with no dig
amnions la our ranks, iu4 inspirited with the suro
auspices of victory; rd enter the campaign from
this moment determined to *sicced
Wd.rez FaewAas.,
W. N. Bcrscurrn... SWF.
Ilirattiln . ACT'KM orCornsCILA-41 ineln •
of Coencils Wit night, the'Special committee, hne
log the subject under consideration, reported In.
trembly to the plan Proposed by Mr Merrick,
President of the Pennsylvania Railroad Co, in rei
arena to a Depot at this Mint. The Councils net
emoted the Tenon, and an ordinance granting the
right of Way down Liberty street, and giving per
miaslota to erect the Depot on tlia wharf, was read
a first and eceond time, mil ordered foto nulksh•
ed ,r the inktrusticnt of the public.
-1 14 i.
• Fecisr.During the las t kw , digs t weather
has been unusually cool for the time of yea?--•
winter clothing tequila coinfortable. A gentklium,
from Mel country, Yates that there was • Goat indfoo
township, on Monday night, and another patio'
man tells us there has been from every bight; fir
the last week, in his neighborhood.
A nuanaaa, night braes lost, entered the hone"
of Ma.I.IL Iphonton, Allegheny. Went into his
bed room, enii)4thid his pantaloons Pockeis. of
whatever money in them, and was about going
Into ancitherkom. when he was chsrovered. The
Ganew decamped immediately- Hewes very gen.
teely • dressed, dad was seen tho slay ptevious
larking &beat the building. : :
TISLID Weiso.—Jobl Cojb , *re
yezterday elected • member of Select Conneltin
tha , Thizd Ward, in place of Robed Porter, milp
oLL • Mr. Coyle was the..omustzi" eindidale, and
had about 200 majosay over be. Citizens, the
"Ann Omnibus" eendideto.
The Antituasonin and ;Whig wavy convon•
tioa of this county to nominate a Conittausinan.
and County oillcanh will sheet to day at 10 o'clock
The "North American', has not arrived „mil fide
Mco Ex the lest week. What is the matte!
Isere Pil.M.The
' mood for this greet medicine seems to be on the
retest. .Where it bas been Introduced,* has enabled
• poptilarny unprecedented In the- wale of medical
practice, "Physiciane are using it .in many s, Cl
le. i t weed they man jobiain Patienu, seer,
need not be ender die expesta of asking. 11+
yt., ns they can matchase; • box of the Lire Pills,
- with which directions twill tie farniehed, wide .will
work speedy core. The following letter 11 1111 so
agent shown de popularity In the metro. from hick
the letter le dated:
• oDenes Ceara, Daimon Co, P .1 /
• March 23, 1b49.1
"J. Xmo k Co., Wood n, Pitubmgh t .
(knifemen—We Sad we eon Sell • great manyi Mar*
. Dr: M'L.osr Rills Mae your agent lee with
Them Pills are rspidly dung In frror, and we ha**
almost sold all that we had. If you eau send eti of
le dome more boxes, they will last
. .perhaps ritMli year
'agent con Ming us • new *apply. -
T. *4. XE2Li. ._"
Per sale at M Store OIL KIDD& co, OD *pod
street. Alt.
. ,
B 7 A Prmscue%Tutrerdhav—Nellerst•Llver
The 1 12 . 17.ttiecaultut Liver Pala.
cr Murton LA, ,1918.
• lira N and Mat youF eb.or Liver Pine
Yen haswend the very best purpose la my prance,
and frem their salutary cleat. 11 my own present.
boas, / eau coeidertUy and . sataly recommend them
re ve
when la hitherto hesitated with others o( areal
repute. Eourl:lM , ,r N W %vim, D
prepared sod Aoki by H. E. SELLERS,. Gy Wood sr.
Sold by Dr. Camel, thlt ward; P. N. Curt, Allegheny;W.:. Smith, Teasperaneovllle, and P . bravo; Lawr .
reacaville. - • jell •
MrPliilil, en" ike•—rtul (killable Ifilyes . Unueile
au setlek . leae bully calibrated aa us'Corthe'
aboye Wu mar or all °Anil Ile carts ire Wailed
.suanserable.23ol4 by JACKSisN, Agent for Plitil
'bare!, • mete:Medoff
+_:1 1 '1
r""TM`r'" , "l
• Ws*ammo; June 13,.1848.
.The Senate wan called to order,•and 'proceeed
to iho consideration of the crtorniag
Mr. Hide presented r petition from citizens of
Ohio, pairing for the removal oltha government
Mun the District of Columbia, in =sequence of
the slave trade a 'Washington. Re afterwards
asked leave to withdraw Me L petition, which was
AsmablY b tkice, Mr. Webster asked and ob
tained leave to tiring in a bill, which was read a
Gast and second time and referred to a Judiciary
Committee. It related to the amending of the nat.
walisation laws. making children born of Ameri.
lan parents, whit" absent from the country, chi.
. .
A motion was made to adjodni on the 17th of
July, which inta,lost,—yeas, lh, N■ys, 21.
The motion was opposed in order to enable the
Naval appmptiation bill to pass.
Correspondence of the riosburgli queue.
Philadelpnia, Jana l d, 6P. M,
The summer Witch arrived at New Otimuls in
eight daps from Vera Cram, which place abe left on
the first of June. .
Col. Wiuharn, bearer of despatches from Mexi
co to theTresidentof the United States came pas.
Gen. Sandi had mistimed the dutiei a/Govan:lot
of Vera Cl4x.
hinny at the U. S. Volunteer troops -am voloa•
Leering to go to Yucatan, sitiCe it has become cer
lona kheir seMices will not be required in Mexheo
any longer.'
It is currently reported that the Mextedne hod
sent to Switserland.for troops to [twig them in the
war with the United State.
.. „
S i t,
.Louis, June 18,195& .
STrianHIONI. COLLIMIN÷The stentn4s Sultana
and Grey Engle came in contact, nifer bdan i dNo
Xi, by which the connection‘pipe of the Inner was
broken, arid the .boders ,disyloced. One mats was
drowned, and Gra scalded, one of which is since
dead. No timber particulars.
Lonisvilln,June 13, tSle
There era but fintr kot fi inches water int
canal at this place. and falling.
Corowoodsocc of the l'utsburgb
Philadelphia, Jane 13,6 r. Is.
Flour—The market is steady but not active.—
The demand is entirely Jet the east nuilliome de
mend use with moderate Sales of western brands
at &5,50 per Lbl.
.4Co'rn Meal—Moderate sallok 2,llaille per
Grain- - The grain market i s withoutchange.—
Prices are Grin as last quoted, viz: Prime white
wLeat,llo, and prune red, l20a121; prime while
core is eelhag tits2e, and prime- yellow at :iron per
Whiskey Sales in bbls at 225221 e per galL
Provisiona— . -Them is less Inquiry 6r:
There is no activity in any article. Quotations ate
. •
Groceries—Priceriamaiit us lost quoted.
Colton—Tbe uusiket is dull. There etc uo fUiCS
transpiring. Worth rOponing.
Li...Luxus; June 13, Cs r. at.
Flour—Tim market is steady, hat not active,
with sal.+, of lick..lrd Street at 35,62 per hid, and
city mills at 571!par1.11.
Cora Meal—Sale. aff.,2,37a2,44.
.Wherd—rdaleyof prime. mint ItAlsl23e per ha.
White wheat is 'Donnas] at .l 30c per
Cora—Salty at prime white at 47... Sales cf
prune yellow ni 52a53e_
Beet Csittle—treles on the hoof at irdra...
.oge—Sales at $325 per 100 Ms.
Whiskey—.`Sales in !Ms at 7.21 per
Provkions—There is-% fair iiNoirs , to pork; tat
Wile... Log in mime artielt, a re Diusmt
- Se.r Yoh:, bum 11, 11 r..
Flour—The market sctilt,ttalerslis sales is
arfiror d die buyer. •
Curl—Sak,s 01 prime :m
;bar 53rifitc. Sales
relltm :VOIL.SIk, Thom i5;,..11 Mesh demand
fitr 1111inv cMaracts.
1 , 114.1 of pvilionn are only ti
nm snpplysof the rrvilrir trade demand:
Lard however i. very thin and, het.! higher.
. soles sr previous pone..
ToLarro--Tiin market to ilulL ••
Cineinusa, June 13,184 a.
tit.wwwkint, a Reaes au yubway.
and the lawinew done. it ai a mall advance.—
Light sales an effected at 3,75.3.57 ions tdd.
%Vhigkey is_Artner than yesterday, with sales at
Mopes Ira
Pork.--Sales of Mena at ..55,37 per la
Lard--Saks of country at Ladle.
Ther et no change in other mink" mostly spa.
ken of In the markets.
• • - •,.111111ralo, Juae 13, 6, e: sai
Flour—The receipts or dem to lief were 2500
161., arab males at 5' ",./465,37 per la •
Coen—rleatipts of 'emu, 16900 ho with soles of
at Celle per be.
Wheat—The receipts wens 3000 ha, with /ales
at 1121.13 6o prime whit. Primo red is held
without - 6e. at 101ata:6 per be.
Whiakey—Salett babble at 20cper gal.
The Natx.mal lawlligaacer asp—. Wa team,
with nwtvt, that &natal Scott ta:actionaly t 0 at
On Thursday nioroulg, the Fithlnas, by the Mcs.
Andesiga, Res. y F.' hlouLts. of Albany. to M
Mats, ridirst daashscs of Hamar! Mantissas. EN..
this city.
• DIM%
Yemenis). ramming. NI. Timm. Nrut,
Tim pleads of tie family are yerpresied in attend Ina
funeral at 10 o'clock tc.l4, from his lam,*aidarree
Seca street,kliita Ward, *about timber tarnation.
On yesterday, Aoroarar Amon. Junxrm, , son of
John IL; and Isabella Johnston, aged 0 years, Y m ha
and 111 days.
- •
no. flincrul will nib, place' Islam Ik. restticare of Lit
fallen ou Ikiie , r cltcelt Allckheny city, at 4 o'clock
'hit afternoon. 'The friend. of the family are retpeel
filly I n rite. d tu attend. .
CIRAPE 811AbYLS—A Roo osvonoacut of plain Dec:
k„I mord antleutbroideted Crotty Stiow/s, oft very
eriui quality, received by
ALEXANDER a DAY,74 mullet et
N W cor of arta./lastotta
Ari rec ei ved,lt' 'u t r : ta ttiial orc
t i lLtt . ttap, and to , r 4 toth ore tutp . !c/ the vontionO (Abe
TIARA:4OI.B—A lut of haodsome,Satin Tate Eon
aola,rott opeord by
UrfflTE CRAPY..l6—.latt ntevived, &Jot of White
yy (Napo. of an rovelleut quality, for boquet
• --- •
1 - 11111N1t—Or prinke' It W Cheese, for sere bf
Ba clomi-40 do 2 l;rge gin handled, for sale by •
jell • VON T& Ca
lITINDOW OLASS-10 BST4 for rale by
Ty Jel4•• 81 , VON LIONNIIONST &Co
YE FLOUR—.U' Lbls rum, 7r .
4alo by.• •
jet 4 9 F YON NONNIN.999Y t Co
pp AHD—..I4 keel for tale by
DBANSL:II hie mall white, for sale t
jJI. fie
ALERATUS—neuk4 Clevrlsod Salomon be ate
jel4 %Vie% /11'111OLL8
nIIEP.-114 las W It encase
cola b , joi reed and for
_ .
DROOMB-19 do: Corn Brooms, for onto B
WICK& areAnuirArss
FLCIUR--311,14. Family Flt e r K . fa k r
m aa , l c e A lu t
jet 4
9ußar Cyr
Liston Haan, Air sale by
jel4, • • ATWOOD, JONES kCo
CI WAR HOUSE MOLASSES-44 bbli Supyl rouse
A 7 Mol4non, fortal,
jel 4 • • ATWOOD, JONES k Co
BACON-17tiika SbOoldert, 7 &duly*, lido limy ;
for onie by 1•14 ATWOOD,
.407417.4 Co .
riIIEESI4-1001us Just
jai{, Isla by' --
T Alitli—SDblols No 1, la good shlpplak. in .loco
aasl GJi sale by Jel4 ISAIAH DICKEY' tCo
ATT. filiE BEANS-61 bap In date nakks• sale by
jal4 • • —' ISAIAH DICKEY k Co
MlEATllERS—Courtabily for .;k by
X Jel4 D
MiIOCK POWDER—IOU kegs of lood quail'', for aato
TIBE lIIIICK—iS,OI4 oftoapnrbr quo iy, will en.
Jiro Om mat Wen., for Wa bdt.
rPEA--.141 bolt Chests YOUlig Hymn Toll, Jost meld
and for ulo by 1.11 MILLkli k.ZICKETSON
a casks extra 1.01.14
• consignme and for sale br • •
`,1•14 nt
BRANDY . FRUIT-11i 'cues choice . Iltaxu/Y Frssi/;
jUla rt.:tired !Mita Ws by z. •
CRAG CIDER-20 bbl. Economy. Cub Cider,jim
racelredknd for ule by • •
pit - 7 • AIILLER nicir.rws
INSkED 011.-40 !Ada Linseed Oil, 111 fins Onpp nR
Li order, Jam renewed and (or sale by
101 l _ , • MILLER ia RICXETSON •
IJr i gr otd mu tat Sulfa its mordirgtqw...l/.14.
(,TABcANDuN it . co t ., Wur Candles
tmeired and for cell by
jrl4 141 LLER k lIICICETSOIV •
TAR -40 bids Wilannytob, N C • rar; on hand and for
c - SOLE-A,5a1L=1,0&111.16,=14-,,
THE attbieribor hey ID Inglo bie
friends and the psolic, that helms been
11417 appointed Mass attaining,
1. of . Boston,he wile ageut us
Western Pelmsylvani. for the sale of hie celebrated
Grand and *mars PIANO FORTSSi front whore stall
supply will be kept on hand and for sale at the ume
o es as charged joy Mr. Clockering at hi. factory in
• The agency for Mr. Chiekering's Pimaa has been
sought for and obtained under • all conviction. oath.
ban of the submriber that they are unquestionably the
best Plasm Fortes marmfamterrd in the United Bums.
In regard. to Tone (the most essential quality of a Pl
ano) tt halt beetredutitted by the most eminent Pianists
in this country . and from Emmet, that the y me egos) to
kkard's of Pans, or litroaderood's of Loton; and (mm
the superior knowledge and experience of Mr. Clock•
coin; m the selection of melemsis, and the ingestions
and eabsundial made of construction, are far mw e do ,
ruble than my European ttestmmente.i
It is not contended that Chlekering's ere the only
good Pianos made in the United States—there are ma
ny other establishments as Well in Boston as in New
York and Philadelphia. ber.refacturing Pian‘trtee
of high reputation, whom in...items ent
and deservedly
. popelar, am rapidly taking
place of the Mkt= nisinunents imported from &repel
extensively in Permit , - year. Dot it is contended that
among them eminent Amerku Piano-Om
corers. Mr. Chiekering stands at the head, powessing
eminent taletit end Atli, untiring industry, experience
of some thirty-five years as a Plano-forte trianafacturer,
withabundant pecuniary means to enable him to camp
out his plans in prodacmg the user Pmettswanst, iv
Thoth who are unacquainted with the =parlor mer-
its of Chickeringth Pianos, are respectfully rethrred to
the fallowing penons, who have them In use:
Prof. IL Rohbock, Capt. W. J. Kam.
r &l e; Earl. C. A. IWAnulty, E.q.
Boys no Bower E.q.
'Wilson MtCandless, Esq. Bissell. & & EleMple,
John Snyder, Em .Col. James Moira,
M. IL Brown &tiro. D. T. Morgan, Esq..
Waterman Palmer, Esq. Geo. B. Peden, Esq.
Bollonths &Garrison,' Mrs. II a Stone,
ririTI I MM., • D1,11'17.1.,
M.B.A. Foster, P.m. Washington Female Remy.
Dr. Lenthyne, Washington, P. •
F, P. 011ythmt,Faq., laiontown, Pa.
F. IL Oliphant, do
J. Cushing, Ewa., Brody;. o.
A. L Brewer, Esq., New Lisbon, Ohio;
Mt.. L. Appleton, to. co
Daniel Peek, Esq., Si. CIuJ Be, "Ohio)
Together with very many others, but it u deemed on.
umethary to add to this list.
Thoth who alit Boston d the summer mouths,
and wish to make their seleetion from Mr. Chlckering'•
stock, win plethe call on the subscriber Er kites to
Mr. Chickenng. JOHN IL MELLOR,
th&dlw&vrouStel4 91 Wood Pittsburgh, P.
In the Comet of Common Plana of nil.
gheny County.
John White, I
es. Vend. En. No. 101, March T. thin.
Frederick Soon.
And now to wg Juue lq Irtia: The Sheriff
t.a. pays Into Court Two Thousimd and Ninety-
Fite 49.1txt Dollars, the amount made on thii
wm, alter deducting costs; the residue of which, Two
Thousand Eighty... Seven 761 tat Dollars, after deductiug
the Prothonotury , s commithion, rveren 71-111 e &Anna
dephthed in the Murchison.' and blanufacturers'
Bank to the credit of the Cont.
And on motion of Mr. iVillionts, the Coors appoint C.
Darragh. Auditor to diatribule the proceed• oldie
elite of Real k.. Froin the Record
11112A111111LTZ, Prodi'y.
All persons interesle4 are hereby riotiGed that . the
Auditor above named will navel for the purpose of his
appointment, at his office on Crfint streey Pittsburgh,
o Thursday, the Cllt day Ofitily next, g o'ckiek, P.
Al., of that day. C UAWGACII, Auditor.
Dr. Eotr , a Tonle sad AMA-Dyspeptic
Ph.LS. ,
. ,
general properties of these Pills are Camino
'. tire, Porgatore and Tonic. In the common disor
ders arising from Imprudence Indict, Pre., such as sick
he. and soreness of the stomach, hconhum, headach,
ke., whiten medicine is required, this combination is
very applicable; for its M1M1...0 and moditing ef
fects pee almost immediate relief when musses or
deftness 'exist" Its Forgone: operation upon the stoat
orb and Lowell is petals, and ctinetnal, and its lonic
prepenies impart atrength to the digestive organs,
thereby enabling; the. argots. to perform their proper
functions widCetder and regularity.
The prier hoc been reduced from Wto eat a I,ot.
For sole wholesolrand tided by
'cont.. front and Stood, and GM and ...dons
telt - Agents for Pittsburgh
1;VII. EATON a CO. are now receiving direct floor
.12 • unpuncrs and manufacture", a large asiortmeni
of Fancy and Staple Trimmings, flowery and Variety
Camila, among which ate—Mock and col'd Alaardla
Frilrea; do do Doers do; FAabroidery and Vixen.,
Gimps; Tassel, daisey and mbar dress tlettonsr black
Silk !Arc; lane, cambric Mikis; Artificial Flowers
and Wreaths; Chemistries, needle worked Collars,
steel Hams and Varies, ivory, Ebony and Feather Pacts,
Aid, silk nod IX lr Cloves; limns Honery,thoves s Ac;
children"' and,writireto' Hosiery; flair ilnishes, Coital •
anW Tooth finishes; Window Shades and Tficatahngs;
Tailors , Trimmincat'Shirio, of owns , and youths' Stn . !,
c.or , whirl, they oder me favorable terms, at their
store, ne t Al mho in, near 4th. irl4
Stockholders, tithe Notice.
T n et.p s- -ty I . d hercbv ed to I pay
1. Al 1. Jame. Manton, the Tc &&& tt & d cud
of Mc ttcanpany,
the mint of Ten percent.un 'sett share of their Moot,
on or timbre the.l2Ut day of July nem, and a (unbar
min of Ten per cent. on or before the lath day of An.
am nest. The stockholders will slat take noime, that
t r ue susibmises the collection of One per rent, per
.on inst4linents itsitnanctually made, which, te
found necessary, will bo cuturred. order of tlie
boned. ALES Past.
.1 00/a”:1, Seep. jolt
Adtotel ttt tt r's Notice. •
day,beron itranie4 to ita. autoteritor - is. t•ortots• • to dm ettate ot soul iltterat.vd will initrto•
rtaTtnertl.. and thwe Having clams ottitinat
a.asito Will prow•ps 1111.414 ftw multi:teat
. .
. _ .
‘VILI.Ia..II GUINAN, ltalawin ip
June teli:da• •
noxsylpimes, Wlusljaunrssd sure wilt.. ol
%tVarVoliVEtt , ='tt . i
losable and anwiticas regwank God, : Also, W •
on's orientated Inrss email/au*, and Ws use
and value of ' Una,. Bold wag at We Apollo
Miklos" 4sh mow, near Wood , . by '
jel4 11. HEAD
- -
SMITING MIISLINS—W 'll.•lhaphy has
1.7 open this morning a farther 'apply of thaw Vat/.
swornor British Lang Cloth Shirting Maslen, also, fine
Lansdale do, and has eannantly on hand in assort
ment of every grade of quality, at low eath wiees.
Also, Irish Lawns for skirtings and browns, of pant
La, and "WI Ciloe•P, at northeast COILer at ehand
Market meets. • 7 jell.
1011ic IL ILA NKIN, Attorney and Pinata -gar at Law,
and Commissiewer for the State of Pruasylvania,
et. Lows, Alo e Saw og Pinsbargb4
itargatheth —Pittsburgh: Ilan I.V Forward, ILamp
ton 1 hliller;il•Candless 1 ?Wehrle, John y, Park. ths.
sells Tempt , SECard Kim/. jeleity ;
DAMARAAC CaLtAISOLS!—W R hbirplir hum's.
Jl= this sionnine, si fresh assortment of enetssilk and
saint Carasoli, Lead Colored do, fancy stripe and
do, at lowest prices. jell
DROWN /1111118/1 CHINTZ/3-AV R Murphy has
j.) mat r.&another sopplr of siiperior brows .4
white British rrints, of entirely new and Lesiatind de-
WC.,to which the animal:in atlas ladles is invited.
Jr 14
. . •LL the re' tional ptopeny of George •
Miley deed
Awill tot add at John Ean'LMeng,
Poehler towo.diry en bloodttg. 19th Jam, at 9 o'clock
Alq hia nghy tole and ints rest In • team alike Sloss
Grove Far=
kat.' StALltArklUirli,
4 toni buttlen, Alma, about tett
month. oot, will be *old at • bargain
erpheanon is wade soon Dayton
water Warn
/1111-ARII ORGAN FOR SALE =The Organ now in
ki use to Si. Andrews Church, Hand anon, oe.-
ing • great volume of tow, of good onside, h unt the
hest manner, and ill parker onto. Unison at the
hero of 'A. OR k
jel3elleetwiarT F LMattel et
HAND PIANO, ewLl otheinayy
A•ad hes hewn in ow about ama ye•rs, puce now
617 a, Inc .11.14 JOON II MELLOR,
jel3 ;dl wood street
Wboxes R - t 6 eT:
3s le +treater Lake Este and for s ' ale " br a'
DALZELIa la wisteria
LAHD OlL—au labia Ltranorn's best Lard Oil, in auto
sail tor sale by kill LIALZELL
ITIN FA A R-23 bbl. pure Cider Vinegar, for pals by
V Jew + I 9 DILWORTH,...) rood n
}'LOUR-100 bbl. Flour, GI; gals by -
.E" 013 1 4 DILWORTH
CORNS -a bale•iwi reed end lineal* by
Id 3 JOHN U MORUAIit, Druggist
LI WEET OIL—I cask Sweat Oil feed and Cot We
A 7 by _ JOIN I) gtOROAN
B . ' --- --,------
LACKING-100 dot blasanU Citallongrl t . just Med
and for sale by told JO/IN It ADA:WAN
nREADI TARTAR-1 !Adjust trt , J and Ga. wale by
POTASII-1 cart si4 retail, No I ankle, for salehy
}el3 !WIN U fiIOANAN
rIHROME YELLOW—g eagle recs.' and for ill i. by
ki, jelll MIN D ?JORDAN
Chronicle and Dirpnch copy.
Illy METAL—sumsPis Mena(' Blanche furnace,
j tor sale by • joss . DADALEY & SMITH
riIANNERS' OIL—UU libla Drown Oil, *similar, lot
j sale by k S 1. 1 M:26LEY . 1 SMITH
FLAWNS—I-cage Gur 'muted r ,
beautiful new patients, Just reed and ope dby
tel./ • SHACKLIffT WHIM, w
WHINGES-100 pieces Coition and ern bilk Fririger,
I: black and curd, juvt received by
(ALNIGIIA —Six eases. rene and drum Hint.
1.7 buns, minim, erten, opened and for sale by
4.1114WW-4 ni ° !!!I lOnry
good aP.OnUIeI Pl.!! •
Jot opened by !
LINSEED OIL-10 bldg. ju.t reed and for sate at
the drug sratetiou se of J KIDD& CK,
Jen - 14 nratir st.
B ACON-7X/ “ 1 . 1« caumyy enrol! Meal. landing tidal
}:id "' ""4 ion
"1 3. dim
LARD -1U kegs No 1 Faio i lyi* La in mote 64476;1
nolo by 101 l I JAIIIFJOALZELL
eau OlL—§o bbl Mil. landing.
SHOULDERS —IM tasks juxt reed.
P jell lirogAiLlagylELD it: Ron
CORN obr:9l3elled Corn, for male by '
Wal-4 1 loWpmMire4mdfoi - Weby
i t I I 4 EAD--kl) . 111. y
O U J OI . --10 /ter, q.s.goned, reed and Gar dy .
eid , J/l8 4 I/ VIVIIISON a, Co
.bri..ur—lniwin.....ll Missouri Ilanip, In atom and
jot (qr gala by lain J#S 4 HUTCHISON/ago
FE:ATCE bap prime Kootooty FcCbeto, Job
Toroio.4lood for solo by
jag JAii A HUTCHISON/1. C.:,'
hlO, w JAS A u ICo
lIMACCO-15bialr, Lump, superior quality, read
uu totals meta add for Isla bray by
_ .
11. ,
nivrtmoss. '
Cln Wednesday, the 1111. bea; al 11 etleekt at tie
auction atoms on keselansa , s sclunf—
6181 BAGS RIO COPED—Jost imponed;hr.
Eltutooth and Manchester.
Lowsviux, LY
Tanulay;the Salt Jane, commencing at to o'clock, A.
/4.0. will sell 1.411;1*. rime No Weans Nagar
at Auction.
Tomi cub, (gennieky bank notes.)
Ilyha D. Davuoauya...•cr,
. • .
Toratinur Building lii and adjoin* the
ltiVlVard of the Pity, at. AVOW%
.3.0 n Saturday alletwoon, the 17th baton 3 o'clock,
will be sold without reserver cm the premtses, the &A
lperin' eery handsomely situated Real Estate,
Lem Nee in, IRI/ aM 14 in the plan of Loti laid oat
I by lun an
Samuel Wright, basing each • front of th.) feet on
rimer, and extending back upwards 01100 feet,
to an alley PI het wide, adjoining ptopeny of Mr L T
Lots Nos 97 and is the olio of lois laid oat by.
Alexander Miller, harm; each • front a 114 feet on De
Villiers etreet, and extendxng back 104 feet
Also, two lots having each • front of 11114 feet on Cen
tre AVettne, opposite to the reeidence of Mrs Agnes In
no, and extending back 103 fax to an alley IA ft wide.
Also, 4 lots, havutg each a froniof 94 feet on De VII.
Hers street, and extending Lack 114'ffin, to an alley St
feet wide. - • •
Alao,f/lois in that bertaiiful grove ittlJoining the rut
denee of J Dhaving each a hoot on
Grove meet of 24 feet, inal extenchng bask 91 feet, to
an allay 20 fret Talon • - •
Alan, 3 other lots of Krona, sitnalo oar. thn
line Goa rifarkielt Iran a front of 51 feet on Centro Aye
nctai and 95 feet on rakpatriek avant.
P Mlle( the above property may beacon at rho nue
iion Damn
Terms of ale ea fast mentioned six Eels will be one .
third cosh, residue in two egad anpnalyeyrnonw, with
interest On thelb Low lut manorial , are oa
faun h with i:te . res * t. ""u' jo in 4 g"." 2ll:N ual DanDndedVilrmincer'
Dry ands, fe., at Avaton.
0 . 71 °.° 4 °, ...min, .1 ems Is, .110 tit the
commarcial Mee Bona, comer a Weed and Vali
einem twill be talkie close consignment., a great Ira•
piety of Pry Goods and fancy uncles. •
Lawm, gingliams, main colon de Mines, baralse,
balsarataa; scarfs and shawls, One silk and satin boa•
nets, caper legbom and Eaglig straw baba.% Imbeds
bats, rinbona aniGeiak , plasma threads? hoalery-, also'
a few pieces of broad nimbi wool dyed and Enna:
moods, canimeres, checked tweeds, Croton ekiths mai
pings, 40 piece. 'choke /duodena and English ts. -
12 awes Paper Maria silk kw, 4 btu glass warblers;
Y N and hint to liquors, cigars, Virginia unman.
tared tobacco, window sash, quenswan in great va
riety, Iron sass, hair angoras, rocking cbahis, French
bustle and common chairs cherry tables, dressing and
plata Lumens, second hand &roam isktkehen wen
, At 7§ o'clock, p. to.
lteadyrnade clothing. dry goods, hardware, cutlery,
ku Tee and forte, watches, bran cloak., fancy mach,
fir, JOHN D DAVIS, Attn.
0,0. Pomo. Muµer and Lowe
Wgcnoonay, less 11,1818, to commence with . the
no w Farce of the ; • . j
CrSeopper Mr. Reynold.
Erolly• •
1 After which, DANCE, by Malvin.
! To conclude with the nu
Long Teen Coffin .
Itarustahhi - Prier.
Thursday—Benefit engin Petrie:
mem or Areassur.— Oren Circle, 541 col; Second
" Tii 't 850 ..5 Pi 4 •A' Gallery, 80.
_ •
_ L PIIII.O riALC • '
en naming orglesars. W. G..Plamer,W. Roark, d.
Bond, TA Jacobs, Farrell, and T. Archer, have
Cul linear to annearice that they will give three grand
Cop ere Muds city, commencing mr Monday erinung,
. 1 1:V 2 624f:1r/ will =Gado., some new
Raving received raw and valuable accessions since
their gamer visit here, they will be cabled 'to prevent
enlertainatenta onsarpasecd. by any thing of the kind
ever ofered to Me public.r •
013 ; I C BENSON, Director.
r7mrtgr•l'sTrry* , 7ll
Rimmists 'lt Clerk's' Grand, wad /wears
1 .,
HE clam ' rib.. would respectfully inform the public
that haring received the prekmnen among the
mai applicants 'for the sole agency 'of. Armors.
ri 's a Clark* PIANOFORTES, Gar this miry, he
wi kee p_e ;constant and varied supply of their.inotru
ree to The Pianos of Neon.. Nunn t - Clark have
been known in
the vicinity for so bug a time, end so
f. mbly, that it is conoidered almom superfluous to
ma any thing in their praise. ,They have always been
fa roes with a Pittsburgh public, and from the first
tut ectirnftif pianos into ibis city to the present day,
ha o Wen preferred tut Limon every other make. They
ha e proved themselves folly worthy of the patronage
a confidence .Om noutifested; and, when we MO._
that the firm requisites brigand piano are volume :
atone and Mandalay, It will reedily be admitted kat 1
tlielPitme Fonts of Naomi &Clark, New York:, have 1
un4ese ely their equals (certainly not theirenperiorn in
the world. Aliment are always more mansfaetory and
elusive than warn and a long and labored eulocc
i might. - looked .but ea ware asenkin,. dm
sulumrtes subjoin a few' of the marry la
sts nClarlea Pianos are owned, and
re' they. Mom been Ito use:— •
• 'a Fume of Manes k Clark% in
y0n .....
- in. - .COadaat malav di yin.. ...-
1111 01/ 1 1..Rani ; . 7: 18
&men, aim. ''• ; do '' 18
Hes I Park, do r 17
Jim Croman, hhamagehala Ilona • • .12
Mn Oliver, Sewickly Sereiaary, 12
1 a Judge Maks . , 1 .• . ' - 1 10
Ira Mical. E. 4., 1- . •' _ , 15
AleDowell, . f :, 10 '" , •
1 nt Dell, Jr., Eat. '
. - The above plant have grin narefelly caunined by
the sabseriber. and were Mend or •IftilllM enter and
In remarkable natio( vein regard to
1011.1 and exterior. They v-C e t n issin Cadre satizfac
doe, and, in the words of the owner., Itave ems less
fart. trey of tuning and tang than any tale
they have and of. Sot far from being behind the age,
with regard to the bowneemente and perfections of
modem. tunes, Hamra Mason lb Clain my be caul
dead as occupying Mete mtnowiedged manioc, new
as before, vim Ona of the l est, lf au the very tat, in
thetq line ofbusinesa Foe the inkormaitan of those un
eopitainted wintheir late manufacture, the subscriber
w ould
refer to the followings '
J 45 11 hlam!y, Fog. i. D Long, EM.
Robert Mekrught. Esq. 1 Jl3 Irwin. Esq. -
Jima Park, Esq. f D Stoner, &a
Dr Ruben Snyder, ; 8 Lothrop,Em.
Ciao A Norton, (swarm? &Yana Drawn, F . &-
Western I% orld I mazy, older S. Wray
~Copt W Ward, , L Wilimayll., Esq.
lien Grant. Esq. WThow, .Fie.
, J Porter. EN. ' John IrMeyers, Esq.
II Dothmidgin Fan F L Snowden, Eaq
N Holmes, .
J keeling, Es
Jr. q. , rg.
• W Mackey, ghq:
T Drobsteedter, /*h. Nen Lisbon, COW.
Row Daniel Nevin, sewiekly Seminary. . •
BO Raider's Seminary, Rimers al Mac y, Yenas.
lowa, Pu . • . .
R W Cunningham, EN, New Conde, Pa.
Ii Natle it, EnnWashingunt. Pa.
_. • .
Nu 1.1 McCann, Elisabeth, Pa.
Jahn C Ewing, Eat, /3etkany, Ya.• - - •
Ch.M. SUN.., kin. Nib Creak Furnace, Venetia°
_The, atitcrtikr Okolkee,__ knomlf that he warren the
r.M.M. 01 manal &Cana taw. Mandate of atm oth.
Sr make, cdeilatioaoity.
- At J . W.Woodwelfs, 63 Third no.
ALSO—Oa bend and for tale, a lergalot of very su.
p!,. Pigeon , made by Jona
,Citickenev of Dorton, Ml 2 H. R. -
T 'roc iffr AND APOTHECARY, Paden! Tree .
jj. two doors frog the Post 01ficecAllegbeny, aril
sanitise the hennas as heretofore. In ofars tor sale
a coloplete assorunent of ,Drajrs end Medicines, inch:-
' LliritittrrUl= hneir ' l4e '" ll
eats. ,
ID' The suictes
a t i zzonal attention Till be paid to
All modicum 'es be labc:llcd,andirescriptkuu
tiered before leaving the store.
In Addition to the abase a large assolinanit of Min
.., vticim Nriimm,s:ip.,llritahos, art. As.
Penns, Oils, Dye Antes, to. on baud.
Medicine Ghana fin family Rae, on the most reason.
able;terms. Medicines deaccenti xi any time of the
niskti He respectfolly SOlif 41, a continuaoce of public' ,
ItAntigr. jeladtt•
uarrooss,-- - rerrarctos Aso Imam.
Gaon at the ILYekaaere, leaMimeo.
F./XiCED BATE.—Thp chews hare been rsda
lA, erg %
0..11 Messages :Jo or from itedusnore,, Ans..
tub; r 'heeling, a correspo g reductio n
despole&••Wwatted Gan Bad
!lama West of Ptltsburgh,Ta.
Rana—The charge [of, • telegraph devateh;to or
tram Baltimore, Pittsbug), sod ‘t..eliag, is 43 tenni •
for tho Amt ten words, .4 3 rents for emit additlOnil
word. • • • '- '
Mr No charge is madafor the Addeo's iind signs
Untll Ilse compktion oft tionth Western Lim of
Telegraph from alecaphis, to Fle.r.ohlearts, des.
patches tan be knersrded Memplai by this roam, sad
tastier! for New Orleans. , , - jou
MICK FOR mum., •
THlrglen' wr" ,
by Yds Mum Press;
and agrees to give parchasers kn a Mi kk2 tle 44ll"4 Pmn4
Wet of. .11 . 01.1. r, and mist (met n a lt r n..."" Th4 t
et and; imtdbe less moistare Of dampness Wan
et brick, posecialtm gremettodr
and *eh mg. durable in n.
ICI • pmrtm . ;( " Jere n Z "C r "
swami • ammo= assotitly wawa tsar' and Pon:
Wei =he • liaitt mmal tribe best •IMS Mak. " •
b a lr il r*. t. l , bb dabs tion wall Who
specimen at the Gime office no "
i !'nni '7.1n4
Thom . •mriug supplied themselves Mr theitheildings,
and waiting handsome tenet brick,* superior hard'
milli. paling brick, eitrobtalo thelat. - '
• 131 •SblkoMfillne tats, tf 13F.4.2913..
- IThraki. •
, AUellniar Oestaaitey.
A.TMa annual mann a 1.11 .1 COrdOlidolf, toad Ild
.1011. a tab Instolte inaraing ansaut: mese anani
sam ...fleeted Menage. drif the
1 - •• ' '' _THOMAS It . Wril.T.i 'Sent.
a LM M . - . .' .
w.soN IVCIAND ar....1. , 7 .
411 R.
JANES IL SPEER.? • • •' .
' •tl
J. Elnan, Jr., Ikeestaly and Treasons._ ~' 1
The alma statement presented Me alkin.a Me 1
ma t i t my In • eery promarteas sondlnon. Theis ales
to the oil I a No. V iVatar straL • MM.,
ESPY L. ANDERSON, Proprietor, Orportrajly
farm Oa paltikft w at•ae•lebnue4 and MOW*.
able vrrarrhg..o Mood, aai DDT prepared
km the reee end rtecomorodatio• avitun, ,
ream* Ow OS pearl agar lib wings, • Ter?
vabohlr . 1 5141 6 ,11•IPSor spin{ has thrto Airelos4
the Intro Or .te nor terrier to moor Aribe far
(Word Whit• SPONO 01111.
ExoomlV4,,,d • armor sad • On Rand of Nam have
b e ,. and miry wawa la* to mo
it ue So
m tiE pertennllip Where tehithe ethhii the 1101 T
Am at Wag= Szeitetax,ll this .dApttithol
eyed by eatsal sowed. :Lee A. s e al. pni7
emew the eating Wanda QM. A. Mott In the et:o3-
cent, will nueadle the Iliglgoen o f .11 Wi ne aJ top.
DAVID A. 1014.1.1077,
Alinhe 4 7, hue U, jell-03r•
BOgTS , :;
- .3 • jai l ,
115 A It. Y - P AcX E T - C.I NE,'
rdwen known :Ina of splendidpeseener
, eta la now- eatolp of tke largest, mites; boa
and fornianad, and man panortel boas : no tk.
yawn of tbn Wen, EletT aneontandasion and coon
I - 90 that annex can procure, km beta ptvrided jos p•ol
seniors. The Lice has been in opemon tor fire yaam
—4. earned • million of peeph nitbqat tke lea 4 in*
er to their person.
T. boats will Mt at the ix. 9/
Wood sweet tke day portion, to touting, Pox the reeep
n9o of freight Rod tke entry of patatoncers oath. rein:
us. Ito all eases the pansage motley most be *blot
• swum* PACHNT. . •
4.116 ISAAC NEWIV.N , Caro.G. lannon,
learn Pittsburgh every Brisday morning itt 10 sroboori
Mediu" every fianday evening at 10r. a.
su,iev. •
The / 101 VONOAHELA,Cap1. gross, will leave
b o rfk bleeiday morning at 10 o'cleekr Wheeling ,
0c47../dentla7 evetung at lu r. at. •
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. Tu.lz111:1Alr
The lIIHERStItINo. 2, Ow.). EaLlisntil, will
leave Pitinhanh every Tuesday morning at 10 o'clock;
7 10 .. 110 11 eeeel Taeolog awning 01111 r. ea -
IWZDNICSDAN P .......... .
- - AVIEIET....:' ,
Ttie NEW razoLAND No: r. cont. & DU; ' lll
leave Pittsburgh . emery We too zooming at 10
o'clock; Wheeling evon. Wedocoloy avezdnk at io r. a
Tie BRILLIANT, Can Glum, leive
burgh every Thursday morning at le reelnok; Wheelies
'every Thursday evening nr In r. z•
VIIIDAY- PAO7LET. • '. • •
The CUPPEI No. 0, Copt enemy will leave' Pin.-
every Friday marring ae IA e`elore Wheeling
every Friday evening in IU . • • ' •
Tbn NE3SENGER, Capt. - B',nm will lea Pine.
bergb every Bawd.) . morning al IO 0010eg
every Bemniay evening id 10 r.l. -
. ,
Leaves Pittsburgh daily, et 9 oteloek. A. 1.14 and no.
at Glasgow, :month of the Sandy And Beaver Ca
nal.) at 3 o'elock. and New Lisbon at LI, mune night
Leaves New Lisbon at o'clock, M, (making the
trip canal to the river daring the arab:4 and Glasgow
at o'clock, A. N., and arrives at Pittsburgh at 3P.
dl.—thin making a crnial:mu line for canylag_pae
stagers and freight between New Lisbon and Pats
burgh, .in .spotter time. and at less nnsalku,j7 any
other route. O, t , •
The proprietors of this Ltne. have lila ykarnto of '
fomoing Mat they haws hued up twohrst elan
Csiasl Uosts, for the accmantodation of passengers and
freight, to run in CMltlettiOn with the well 'known
Memel, CALEB COPEand BEAP.k.:I4 and lataneet •
MS, at Vilasgew, With . the Pittsburgh' Mad , Cincin
nati end other Maly haw: of steamers dOwn the Ohio "
and Mississippi river. :The proprietors pledge, them.'
selves to spare no espeay. or trouble- to biome coin
felt, safety and dispatch; and salt of the Phldic • .bat. A
z 0 mortizEti.iosins.':-
11- • •
tit& W. MARBAI.I6II, nu' b 'l h.
- It. HANNA. a Co.
atyllatHAlMlAtiOn &Co.' New l . tebon.
'NondE -- TbWitemikelHEANIM,C.E. Clarke, mas
ter, will knee after this twice, for Wellsville postern.
ally, et o'clock in th e etterairra. . rel 3
_ffsti. .
FEBRUARY 10,191 S FEB' SWAIM • Ixt, 1811
• The following now Walt nomplem
Ile for the present nealoor
Cop t. A , Capt.-James Parkhaos;
.tILT/C, . Jainett and LOMB
MILAN Copt. E. A-duets. The
boars - are ernaely
.evr, and are anal up without expense, • Ey
cal comfort Mot money Can procure has boon provided.
The gonna will kayo the Alortong.titelo Wharf Ilan at
the toot of Roes ail' ramengcra will be punctual oa
board, as the 'boom willleertaudy Inure at MO
grand g
tined hove.: A. AL and 4P. 111
l iL
J rcrry, commander, ...11l leave for
Louisville and all intenitcdiabs, pone every Saturday,
at 10 o'clock, precisely.
F'orl.7iek! " bonedtc V,* •
The Teranh has been built expressly fur • regular
packet, avrith a view entirely to the controctornas:
outran; the accommodations are infector to no boat
no the Western Waters.. :
Po¢ sr. coma
• ...-"--
il. -TOG steamboat
. nr° " , '''" -
to r ll. will limy° lei above
"r"O t, i pod. liis , JoY. ol 10
A. m. For (ivied or Por!.g..M.
Foi BT. LOWS: • ;
- Tbc.Pl—'lllttra—
eke, master leave fqyabOve
G interplediat . po thiaday.
For freight or passaga apply or 7 boaW jet;
• The fine learner
• Coxonisfer k will leave tor the above
rarentroaarporia ihis day.,
' For freight or puraae. apply on booed. or is •
jeln OkXI Aar
itzonsa.a Tes•aav P•citiy.
The new ,
lea n . ' mer
or the
above and iniennedlaret p Toe.
day. For freight or paiaage anal ea Ward. V jell
FOR ST. IM/19. I
MARY pure ° R';ZLIEN/4. :
Nona., masses, will Islrs far alms
inlessnediate posu this dal.
For ( might or Pissznn,niddYon board. 1012
11.5'fot L = Z73 131' ° RON, •
Clas master. still leave for the i n
nd Inter:bedlam landings , this day
iFsrl r°4l"
or '
P-rl T;lB4.£l 6 l . llttgents.
mato' -. NEwExcum,l
BMW; MUM' will sea tenular
ae packet, front Pitisbnenh to
Cincinnati She M
e mn on her lient trip, ander inn new
kwnnientent, next 3loodny, ax 4 o'clocky.fd.
The lee ;ma:light dra4ht ateszier
Mine, master. grill leave rihtsbarith
'arly,as above.
Tits best is every way .adepted to -de entiiron.of
Mrera She rens". evaineetion with the Jenny
1 g lstlich meets her si Beverly., For freight or pas •
vom_app_hr on board.
FOlit - isTilEgubha AND IlitiVlTltirdet7, -
; _An The neat and sustain's' lur water
Pen Mutat'. UPI 'reamed her
nialar trips between Wheelift, lindgeport sa d Pitts
burgh, leaving rittsdenit on :Monday. and Tbirsdaya
Bartseaulastarorill- lease fon &boas
oderosadlida fulmars Watts.
day. road Saturdays of. CSltil . ll{V". For rorrOt or pa.
VAT* 1"'LgOtoll-MILTEPHI-EntifiR
Z;f r'' ::or ere '" Unit
Wedwolay ItfaVoet Nociselt.
Lew* Wheebar awry Tasalay, Tharadayaad Se
utrday, at 7 o'eloa, a *maw' y. ' - ' '
Tbo Dowd sills lar all Um lYltatediato'yorts.—
Eyery weesoodation - that Gll.ll hsvproosted lag .
ton and safety ofyahwarya has Waylay** Tha
boat ts also mewed** a selhaaling. a x . r d
explouon. Far freight or tanz a ry am
board or to • DAVID
:kW coner at 1# Nal Salthyald
• Nahaiti; mastan: Vat' nta abate,
tratrrtrttk— •a
laratlnesday' and Fritay, At ilk naba
o'cloc every Maday
nongairlaCityavery Tuastlay,7landai mat
A. 24 . ' P7,!.P!....1415,"‘
- _ no aro, sa4444Msioaotor
A D 2 04; Dneqotill tow/ fax the
move port ovary Wodoootlorlut4B4l-
Ld u ak at 4P. For boleti or putoo44. 4010, on
. . Nettne le Tbiatralent , , i ----,
it :a ` . .
i gr4t
rj2IE subscribers have engaged the light , dreegla
steasatuatt YANKEE, to ces'rf P hb .b.gbt.t , h. '
the Ao seduct at Freeport. .-
She , hall aepuldaily u2aelook - us the hhoriega
ttLbr u a street above_ the paßri. ii= i ; •, I .
ega,....inu., any.. oa sod w ill
Fare—Nom Dollars throned
Ity this anaaretecat pace oKen eat go through La
lees than there frays sad a Waft PMal/11 mirth., net
wad is asbAillbh. .. . • • - ' e SOS
zozwiz .71043).rf'w! 'Pnl5/*
lIIPP and ashen aro Informed unu sins (Ono
hj. trill amylase to tun thaittOom the yaartdoulrlD
Produce and Ditrtils last razes.
Afernhandlas from Baltissom 'br . elnat'
rams. Tam, Am days. l3l.l)WELl,-Mt.,
Wafer ma doors above aimsNOM,
). H h.
slyly "' : 02 Bank Marko on. /WW2..
GUM W. SMITH di 004 r
their Meads and at. P.* O .Pb?Te
kermi"CthanTe havitt~:
taprealris basi*W4o Mb POINT
BILEWPAY, to Pitt street. -. • m texuewi
• -- Minttem Patent Sod* '.11+1": •
CAM) au 1E44 it , dx .0 1 .0 at? 6,11 earolk
Trhighnt prim la nub paid tor ram 4 •
um, ..orss, Mk tope; gnus
a.e by - 4 ti - LVIr. wool.
111r . .4 NN Lt . I.I4I:AiIn..WA.McV majp!...2_ tem
&I do I = ' ,.. ' ikirearg o °7 pot* :d;ifiZ, 4,1
ss p, o uses do dcy. Coif.%
tr — ia . Fa plc claw mien. -.• •
,w 5 , GILLt GLTTY,;
NDIA RUBBF.R. HALLS 12 doz India
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