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:~_t , .:GflNBE
t- ~F~SS
'o•:"ViTrit DLEABED
•mcedatted Imeceas•virkiela M.
a aft. iii Mas &Mos irhieb Irritation of Ma long. as,
:mum* blot - 10.a its proprietor myain to call otwo.:
7So elanjahle weather Which marks oar fall and
rioter monthis; Is *lows a fruitful source of '
Thaw, If attileeted,: and but the preenntois of that fell
. •
'The 'question; then. how shall we oip the deem:firs
• tlie hod! how •we let clew of oar coughs and
' ' olds? is of rhil lortance to the public.
'• • *lll be found in the Gisisen Panatela.' In proof of this
'we hive froustnne to torte published the certificates of
dozens of our best known thin., who ha.. eXperi
• cussed it. Cooltfiee power.. These, with nthais of HS
ii WiIi f rAir Ii bIEV6II'NrI 2 II7.ITVTANDING,
Minist' en of the kennel, de., together with copious or
..netwfrorn the
sir ne; DAV.
we hove embodied in pamphlet forte nut rosy be had
'pads of any Or our a 5 is throughout the country.
have been used in this elty.
throughout the trotted States and Cs.* and we elm
largo any man to point out •
• which, when taken accord to directions, ind be
fore** lungs had become fetoLy dleorganned, it bar
ever failed to
Why, lhm4zeal ilaialtlieted Ileumst t+ by ream to
tho 611P.1.1/115110111(411.1, gaups op by •OA 11111d1111d
sae ha the usaated tame of some ea phy.
sialag and polka raw notoriety by seraftes•••
saw: equity imknown! Milo a inedieroe. of
is Wire bad, whose vouchers are st homr,—ear ool b.
borss—many of whom it h. •
. In order that this invalseble medicine may be plated
within the reach of the poor as well the rich, we here
pot the price st •.
s •
just one hall the mod cost of cough medicines. It is
for sale by our agents in nearly every, towel and village
over the west, whoare prepared to mve fell Informs.-
, Nee relative to .. T. SALTER, Proprietor
• .. • . .. Broadway, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Am i NLV IL Lr: re ff i lp it : l:l3lls l!i T c Htli gt.
Uon of the Air eel* h very debilitniing..,ahmwt oaus-
ZinsfinerniT. D8 . ..44% b EA.
PANAC le the
deersenese Mgt be entirely eared by a free are of Dr.
SweeteePs Panacea.
- ' Calarrlcor_ounimon cold, which, if entailed, will
terminate :Consumptien,. is effectually relieved and
Owed by Dr.Bweetscr'slPanaces.
Bronehidat if unchecked, will effectually lead to
• • Bronchial Commotion, but a timely ma of Dr. Sweet
. . set. Pane tt a VII effectually cure at.. '
• lollainmstlon of the Tamils or. Pore,Throat—This
disease often leads to serious commun.:epees (win veg
.,' lees, such as ulceration of the throat. On the drat 'yam
: .1.1.11, Dr. Sweetweit Panacea should be procured and
.t: and:Colds , dad ir sovereign remedy In Dr.
. • . Priesnianda lgotha..--A very faial dliteme, resulting
, ..• from • violent cough mid cold on a debilitated or too
: a s e down enasnLoLon; aged ;area. are subject to it.—
. De . fiweeter's Penance Mould be. used on Ile first
Arginfnionr, which are emelt or cold.
Night Sweam.....Thia.debMisting complaint will meet
with a timely check, by ming Dr. Sweersees Panacea
flonsuretion.--lion the Mai appearance of consump.
Bee symptoms, which am a pain us the aide and breast,
ataugh , ogdunigVood, if Dr. Sweeten , . Panacea is
'• beery no r need be apprehended.
Wherithe Lapp, the 'Windpipe, or Bronchial Takes
Wows! clogged up with phlegm was to impede IMO.
melon. or -brea th ing; Dr. Bweetserte Panacea, which M
a game
eerl d Erre...torten, should be taken according so
". • bilbeam oua
m—Tida distressing epidemic, so prevalent in
..• mu climate, Is speedily eared by Dr. Sweetser's Pans.
Prle.a4lllper bank, or six books for Si •
Pox skis by WM. JAZIO . AN, b 9 liberty st, sign of
ITER, SALT, RHEUM, ete..—Whe would
-.foe siegie day:ecru* when afflicted with. the
, Dab, or other dieeezes of the Ain, If they knew
.who evade relieve and cure them.
....tale horrible lo be obliged to mb end 'scretch when
bun mom horrible to abstain from it,ifor decency
when In y.• Let It be remembered Mat
_ •,_most ellearibtem of my other prepared= in existence
la curing the Tatter, ltett, end other diSCRWS of the ski.
Am all diseams of the stun most wide from the impurity
• • of the blood and fluids of the body, and where such dis•
amen be of bang studing, and the constitution - affect=
tbnieby, if Dr. - Leitty's Sarsaparilla Blood Pills be used
• • with the ointment, they willeure easy ease whateyer,
• cod If they do not, the money will be returned by Dr.
• Leidy. AMA eases, however, will be eSecutally cored
tc by Ur. Leidy's Teuer end' Itch ointment, micas the
.: • whole mama to bopreamded by the diseased humors
• which will be completely carried of frocettlie itymem by
Dr Leidy's blood pills, end the surface of the dm heal.
• a by the ointment. • Price of Ointment 23 cents.
. •
A fresh mpply of these veluable medicine. jam re.
I" eahred and far .ale 'by
-•• B A FARDIEMax.K Co.
'. • OM -• • • =et let wood, also cor.eth& wood ma
rundersigned hsa .long..been convinced of the
- stecewity (or, or cued/mite 'adapted to this me of
en and Infants to •upyreede the um of all those
metielnes which contain optuna,and h. at length sue
goaded in preliaring and acting to the public a roe&
else fallYenswering eve 4 purpose for all diseases of die
bowels, without the use of that deleterious drug, or any.
other neckband to hqure in the least. The Infant Pall
anwit'has been fully. tested and tried, the last twelve
somas; by llYMetOtta'persons, and Wind to posses. al l
the extraordinary Titters; mil to produce all the whin
idling erects as set forth on the 101 l of direction. DI,
arrlusa, Vomiting, Cholie; Griping, Pains, Siekness and
Diseases ar4log from Teething , acting immediately
'without distutbing any of the lunimOns of the body,
_producing the' happiest end . most
. pleasiutt trzninuon.
from vso lest pain to ntrampul and toyousstate of feel
ing in the tittle mderer.
• Tote bed Wholesale end retail, oldie Proprietor, Dr.
DOILY SARGANT, Druggist and Apothecary John
Elliott A Beckham, and most other Druggists
g n Allegheny and RUsbergh. dealt'.
SriwVil i u l re 4 r l;4 lP " rat:in:l i n ' ll ‘ . "
B. K SkOisacc—MY wife has for years been subject
toed distressing.cough,..compaitivi. with asthma. for
Me cure of which one used deferent cough remedies,
end had the advice of the must eminent physicians in
Ettgland, hot all neon tutling. lip Giuffra I heard
o f
your Imperial Cough Syrup, and was induced to buy
a bade for blot, although I had no belief that auything
could remov e
~ her complain. To ay. great surprise,
Into doses sere her immediate relief. She re at mem
tionbledoettla a cough, but t.VM teaspoousfid of Syrup
&heart sums it. lam satisfied, after a trial of three or
Soar years, that Seller's Cough Syrup is the best conga
inedieloc I have ever tried either in the Old or New
World. Ww.Fsissocits.
Seventh Ward, city or Pittsburgh.
'lane slave certificate should induce all who are
cough or asthma, to give the Syrup •
al. It. way be had for V 5 remit a bottle, at the drug
store of 57 wood
Sold by Dr Cassel, rah ward. aatfiD f, Diary, Atte
chivy city. _ jans
Pulmonary Balsams
FSSFIS: REED d: CUTLER—I feel it a duty I
Alt onto my fellow creator., to statesome th ing
; Mord,specting your Vegetable Pulmonary Balsam
;Buses I first toed the Balsam, alma eleven years ago,
the bum" effect of which I then ra on meow of, I
have had several severe complaints ve
and attarlytt my
Imps one &few days since, nod in every batmen I
Jame seed the Balsam sloths with complete mid perfect
success.. It " has effected relief end mat lea very few
days. It is pertaitdy aWe medicine. Idu not know
that it will care a fixed consumption; but I believe .it
will be lu many eases a pscrenme, and prevention Is
Lauer than euretl do therefore, for the love of my feb
lOW men, earnestly recommend the use of this Balsam,;
la all pulmonary fortifiable. I no confident that II
hu Lees the means of preserving my life to this day . ;
For tabby B A Fahnenciek, ft Co, corner first and,
Inatd and also corner wood and Gth. jal9
Iliftkir.7.l%. greatest of al
Now Llama, Oath
T 0.% IMS• s
This is to certify that offer using different /memos
dem for expelling worms, I bousht of C. P. Heiman, of
New Lisborvtwo dials of It Sellers' Vermifuse 2 and
ffese'llie petards of one viol to three of my children.
From. the Aral, Sired years, it e.Pelled 45 tr..ftits,
6,M the
d, years , old,llt, and from thexhird, g
t)aaora- old, IRS mating MX 17orzno expelled by onus
bei ue mat., 1 recommend' Sellers , Nem:guise ea •
ash arid onto( Me most effectual Winn medicines be.
bre the public , ' 11rou Mummy.
Prepared and told by It SELLERS, hi Wood
greet. Road by Dr. Camel,..SM ward; 1) M Curry, Al.
RAdieny; %IMAM .1 Smith, Teinperanerrille. , 014
Pateat Steels Oftirliiii Toms,
EWLY INVENTED—For the reliefead Permanent
.111 QM of lIERNLA. or RUPTURE. (Baited to all.
mum) .
The saPerierr claims of this Tram coexist in the can.
Pltll/11/0 can with which it may be worn.. The pad of
sirdlid bales amtly beamed ea springs, yields to pro.
Dart ea any part of it, and thoroughly adapts itself io I
flay 111011,0C/It made by the. wearer.. It eon be mini
- Without intermission, gala tare is effected. The tut,
ta.bces have made arrangement tor the manuineture
diem saleable Trasses,ln • auperior style, is Philo)
4y.tia,'and bade them OOw (or /ale at their office,No.
• DES.
fell D. W. KAUFFMAN.
FAIMESTOCK'S Pneumonic or . Cough
B. Sam, boa a great - adlretithige Over many other
h prevention., as implement taste persons it to
Ins used without Inectavemence. Bat its value as a
Balsam eortatitsktsche ependincss of its cure. We have
. llama some of the most desperate miughs, some of
which bad been running., for a considerable length
or time,rield almost immediately to bemire,.
is enCh Weather as we hare bad , daring the past
Winter, every One is liable to take COM, soles great
ptomaineao an natl.
Wet fast and anemic exposure to the inclemency or
Ihe weather ohms lay. the wandatiou at a backing
men . widch needs a quick remedy to prevent eerthee
We have numerous certificates of cares which lt
L perlonned, man) of which are hoot perilous iu
;his city and the neighborhood, and they are a snificient
.witicrenee without mying another word lo its favor.
Prepared nod for sale wholesale and retail by II A
7AHNLYTOCK. in Co, corner of wood and /at and
wand and Gk
,sts. marbUT
iriT/MADLY •rta.sioNA Hli BALSAM.—To
ioopolotaro of Pot &gnats tolotopas7 Babson—• • 1
Om matiod tkot doe &rata ralmottory &ham o ral ,
ordlielar. Mat bao mad is Ma plan with coalition,
McM.m no amnia& complaitti of lb. foam Maeda with
• env* conk', 10 of atm, aid 1.1. akin of meth blind
alai lad pronotony mototod nmr.pprmd potariptoom
Alto, tan Put taiam at Pak tOmpatanaPt .oat. Moroni.
arta Nu nabai to volit amiably. 11a. mom oceara
aamolime mm, oaf lama iv go* origami tool air is op
am bet a baakos &abaft floamtlally yoga,
Gootantt N. 2r).1%,. MOO el D.
Solt sel Paatergb ey B A Vokoattack, Co. coma of
- 111idiad vtiokaloo our Path to matt w.daal
-41-I.C.ITORANT lu ad other onsidiss Orr
mst dist the miss ithscosthassed the
•an Milts Asir bait at his panto ego dill picks it Is all
othierrnolisi alba kiwi; slid state asp bath bacaisitured
Untry.nha Preplan! osi an hate good mural, hers
Lind Toth sir; the basal stick vs. removably
=ltroniln high pftiliti bestows'
by lb. proprrtora
ttti boril 'Mimed to the • 44 of Jstries' Yistsrross ors, as
• MN*, INA 1.6$ DWI Wit./ to relieve am. sad *kith
poliddy wpm Ma klieg* is simian petiostim
fn puyi 04 hp Ps ta. Joys. Philadelphia ea had
8112.141013' popul.ity still In
orowitor. *Lotin Ohio, Muth 17, 1818
• • I orpostio be ID Tow eityto o • tow wets, ond'onell
, emd a WI. 'apply of yotw,Vortainwor witch is ho.
cronsioginponatamy as it bowmen known. We have
• 'Wood with otwooso oar own janilyi and frontons
i ts t r i s s iallei t a—
Wroparotand bold br R E beim, SP Wood at Hold
briar C1A,ra1,.1114 Word; and hi D Id Otwy,.ll/14=7"
• . T • • •-.•
•• • -
• VI a 4,1 CA .
by J. A. & U.P. JAZZES, Cincinnati, the &prin.
new sad valubler Worts— • •
' .
Dottipbon'i slDAneditioos—ootairVe z telt of ibe
life of CoL A._ W. DonipN llia of N•I•
blexlcripera. llearr,,ey's Oreflaod non to Call.
6 "':= l ," : 7' • C•l•P•lit . l'attobtst the rt.,ijos, ...d
Ids Kara upon Chibuslota arid Durango,
and dm °pendia= orGen.J.ce at S an
Fe; will. •
Mao and ngravings, by Ilan T Hughes, All oillte
In Regiment of Idirsouri Cavalry.
Distort rd i fi n pety—lts dotiottoies and blatant
• Curioaties; pkical Statistical, and. Geological
—. etwriptiotta; w &meadows of Pkineers Lite, and more
`[hat One handrad Biographical Sketches of distinguish
.o riatiecrs, Soldiers, Statesmen, Jurists, Lawyers, Di-
Sows, he; illustrated with tatty engravings; by Lewis
Collims, 1 vol. octavo.
• .
The Twelve Months' Volunteer, or Journal of s' Pri
vate in the Tennessee Regiment of Cavalry, In
c C o amtilpi ofl t legio aeeh Aticsil=7,,,ctooot=ger,4...-
deastiption of the (Muntry passed over; ma
p n cus
toms, Le. of the people; ttketches of Cam Life; as
emu,ts of the anions Mother Volumes lie u,
and a folk History of the Mexican War; List ot Me Kil
led and Woumled, ke;lll.tmed by a large number of
correct news and plan:, by Geo. C. Farber, volisme
Ef Gems allured Poetry: a splendid imperial, 8 vo.,
with beautiful illustration on steel, by Sartain, and thl
illuminated pages by Schmitz and Sinclair, nobly
bound In Turley manseeo and white eaW, supertlygdt.
The Christian faepodie, as annual for L. 848; with
!splendid pie:Bonm engravings, by Sartain; boa ad in as
abesque morocco.
Christmas Blossoms and New Year's Wreath for
S 8; small qunno VOII.V. printed OD while pa
pr, embellished with splendid memotint engravings.—
'This is by far the most bemilidiljuvenile annual pub
lished in the United States.
Poetical Works of °Ajar Goldsmith, M. 8., with
ntletleroln el thae designs, by the Elching Club, m ya‘
tious styles of binding.
l'hompsou's Seasons, with seventy-seven designs, by
the Melling Club, in various styles of binding. • ' •
The Pima dud Poetry of At:aeries; by R. W. Gris
wold. •
Poets and Poetry of the Armenia, by William
Peter, AL; superbly bound inTorkey mo ro cco; aplen
dillirilSis% Poems, in various styles of binding.
timy's Elegy illustrated.
Ileman% Poetical Works, in 'rations bindings.
Lo Lord akspe tlyronl
aw's " • "
The Poetical Works of Thomas Moore.
and other Poems, by Mary Hewitt.
Poetize by ameba. -
Headier, &semi Mountains.
above, with a great variety °timber new. works,
a te
b lendid styles of binding, suitable for gift book.; foe
M y
JOHNSTON h EcroccroN,
Booksellers, ear. Market ill as.
Valuable SpindertWorks.
y ySri
ottea,litaratan wad art, tooprning thainatory, dneription
and arientale priariOw tarry branch Gnaw= koowiedgo,
with tbederiratiort ond &Daiwa olaL tharnot ltirrnend
air, edited T Brande, !d
-ope*. enontriap on wood.
Morse. North Amnion roittoinitag braolihdly rnt
and mar of North tortathea,Canodwyrat, condo Wow,
Nora deota, New pronwriek t Northrin Thar, Now
nand% Tnao, CalilbrokoolloakdrCrattal America,
foinatan. Wog India Ishatdo and ail thorn*. Lod Torrivw
ries in th• Ualan.•
• Yd's Poriteas—Th of tar ['tram. Gag. tla.;
reginoatiin is Mil, to the rerololica of IVA ma
vt of Mar lanserples, Dnaiel Ncol M• A,
PeariaellZJolaio Cboatao, M Montauk* portraat..a dada
0.. rho Body in 'Onion tithe blind, by Osorra
Mere, it D, moaner of W. royal ealkir of Pennine du
Juvenile W0}1414
Scribal' th. Sea, kin albrtiog=sitiwaof abiPerrerkei
Ibusell'a Speaker—Mar Janceih Speaker, erieprising
clearektag mfrs wed merciserla dada:nab., with melee
teas of paces far malice, ky Sowell T Rama, kw:velar be
The atee...d. received end is .eht '
all Bookedlmam market sad and es
DICTIRESeIe Greek, Eislillab;Class
OBUL aleml,,lkste—
Anthott% Classical Dictionary;
Dictionary of Gneck and Homan Andeniticc
Commercial Dictionary;
Ure's Dictionary and Sepplemant, arts, manufactures
and mince
Wared% Octavo Dictionary, revised edition;
Todd's Jobtiaon's and Walker's Dictiouary.;
Worcesufs Dictionary; '
Liddell and Scott% Greek Lexicon;
Bahama% Greek Lexicon . offecw Testament;
Leveret% Latin Lexicon;
Ainswath%Lntin DiellOttlfyi
tmag and Mbbin's Frenchpictionary;
Duck's nonlogical Dictionary;
Union Bible Did: Mammy;
Hobimea Calteci% Dicuonary, ha, &a. 'A
TIhe above, with a general wsortmentofTheological
Classical, lotescallaneents, and Sunday School Books, al
ways on and for We low • b
deg y
• VG Market as, between :id A 4th.
Skew Plabllegstlons.
PO p Ert . g, ithistrin:,
of jogazewr's
• nicnsoir, sad critical remarks on his genius a nd wri
tings, by JIM.
fr o m and one bandied-hod
twenty engravings from
by William Marcy.
Sent:cus Corn Trastmer.—The fair Gospels 2.rtd
Acts of the Apostles, in .lireek, with English notes,
philaisphica. lona esegenewl; maps, alleles,
etc., together with the Eft/ale. and optics/now; •
whole forming the New 'remanent—For 'the use of
Schools, Colleges, and Theological Seininories. 111 -
Roo. J. A. Spencer, A. Al.
A New Asovcri—Alulsanitnrr's Eve.A Wiry We of
lave. Ity Airs. C. Wll. •
Join' llama IV.—The hie or Henry tbe Fourth,
king at France and Navarre, By G. P. K. Jame
Complete in four puns, paper, 2 rola cloth.
For sale by . • JOHNSTON STOCKTON, 1
Joni llookiellera. corner of market snit ad ati
ity of we lime:. Itev ,
Xs Mutton, une of the wam eempanro, seising
from the arroagles of the Urea Vormots Haub non.:
wog {heir comory from the Telks.h Vote.-111 two Cot
ames=splendid copy with oamernaa maps anti morns ,
Leueek , illoatmtive of the reirro of William 111 , froio
10,6 to I:W—.l th fine portraws, to Y.ob.
Compamon la the choir of the Holy rwriPtltrin
Ilarry Mowbray, thrillog IDIZZYCC, WWI emrra
11 , 01 se the Holy Land, French Xtawe, and Sketcher
in Croon. Just rep'st and [mask
Me DONALD fr. E1.h...11N
apPM • uaArkc[atrect
pHE Philosophy oi late aild Philosophy oe Lan.
pangs. by Fred Von Schlegel.
Smith's Researches in China in 15 44. cid '46, ordh s
ap sod pls..:
T m e State of the Illeparled, - -by Jno. Henry Hobart, D. D.
The Church Universal, by Dr. Stone.
Goldsmith's Poems, illustrated.
ompwsia tteaxs.itur
For sale by
Chat near meeker.
IrALUABLE New Year's Pres.:Mi.!
TT Waverley N0v;,07 volumes, taro, illusualrd
Mrs Sherwood's Worts, 10 To!, lthino, illustrated;
kb. Edguronlea 10
Harper's Stonily Library, l 2 vol., complete ;
'du boy's and - Cirgs ••
Work's of Shakespeare, 7 vols. boo, ilia beautiful Ho
ton edition, finely bound;
lintlerbi Lives of We Sohn., 4 vol.. elegantly bound;
Hannah Moor's Work., 7 yolk
Exploring Expedido% 6 vols turd svo
do 5 do do do
British Essayist., 8 sots—Turkey mor. barks.
above, together with a large assortment or rk
gala!). -bound mmily and pOCIItt Bibles, Common
Prayer, all miaes aud
WI of which
th e be Sold
lower then ever offered market, at tbe old stood
of • KAY t. Co.
jal ear 3d/a. wood at
ft 1 111,1 A etiperb rosewood six octave Piano,
neer scale and patent iron frame, mule
by J. One kering, Boston.
A very elegant rosewood Aix and a
half octave Pian new scale, and patent Iron frame,
made by J. Chic ke ning, Boston.'
The above instruments received to-day, - rind now
open for exemination; for sale at Air. Cbmluri in
ng'• pri
ces for rush or approved paper.
Also on bind, one elegant rosewood Collie ; panels,
carved mouldings, and moulded legs; IS octaves, made
by Gale and Co, new York.
One do. coned rosewood, 0 octaves, made by Gale
& Co, New York
One mahogany second hand Piano. G octaves, of ex
client tone, and in good aides, anode by' Chickering &
.5121 ; . •
One superb and Plana, made op Ilea, Paris, and
guaranteed to be Ma best Piano Forte in the city, will
be wild at a very moderate price.
febrl JOH?. 1.1 al F21,01t, 51 wood at
fiffilifA SPLENDID assortment of Row
wood and Mahogany grand action Pi
mew, gut finished and far sada.
Also, two splendid Rawntrand Piano.,
with Coleman's eelettratad Nathan attachment, finished
in the twat modern style, and for sale at
xyd . A /3LIISIES, 112 wood at
ENRY ELEINEN, Dealer in earleill Piano Fonm,
at J. W. Woodman, No. 65 Third threat. The
Pianos may be .atained at all lawn, and the subscri
ber will he timre horn U ho W, A. AL, and from 4 to
5, P. 31. each day. Pritsteg, Oct. W., In
We, the undersigned, would inform the citizens of
Pittsburgh and vicinity that ',where npointed Mr. H.
Kleiber sole agent for Western Penusyletuzin, fur the
— tie of our Plinio Fortes, from whims they insy be' ob.
deed at our own (New York) prices.
Sept. I, ISld•oetMdU
.BOOKS—Catechisin of Iron; or the Merchant's nod
.7tleeltanie'a complete guide to the-Lon _ trade. L A
ten copies o.olyr-Vety scarce. Simonds' Litensture of
the !south of Europ e. Chambers' Information for the
`Ye people. Members , Cyclopedia of English Literature.
Illarketones Commentaries,. a new edition
in I beautiful volumei. /lalleek's Pocrus, a stow and
splendid edition. Parlor ./look of Flowers—for all
reseal.. J L REAl),4th near market at.
. •JiswNOVE -
TnIE LAST or I - THE FAIRI6Y-4, CbriAub
T.ld by G. 1.. IL - James, Esq.
June Eynu a tabpby edition. edited by Cu
rer IrelL Just received! for &e e by'
jai JOHNSTON /k. grocgTON.
..I. D. Webster'. Groat American Dictionary of the
English Language, rituahveco, containing all that the
former editions contained; revised by Chauncey A.
Goodrich, Ann: Yale Collage. The moo compote ad*.
Lion env published; oat VOL crown QIN.IIO. Yrtce Sik
For male by J. 14. DEAD,
4ec9l • • 4th et. emir al. ha, at
TEST received end for sale, filly copies of the Basis
fIP of Unfurl for the Muted Presbyterian Church, agreed
upon in Convention of Reformed Churches, at Pitts
burgh:September, 1647. Price, 25 cents:
morn ELLIOTT & ENGLISH. :id mirket et
ed the hest Omen ever brought to this market.
11l cases IGO lb. eachLiust received and Resale by It is
VF:LLEHS, echo basile exclusive sale of it in this cop.
IV O. SUGAII-i-116 Lida prime N 0 Sugar, Itsldling'
11. from .inner D.? Win Clinton, loi xair l y 7 fi by
ma al .
- .
N. 3 MACK EREL--....01.1b1s large No 3-bracketed;
fur tale by mar: t BAG ALM'
INg—flo keg. Pridiend Ink, gyring and
surname; just received and for We by
moat • ISA k Co, wood lc lasts
SUCIAR AND 'MOLAS.II3.-.1100 hhils 'N 0 Sugar;
USG bbla N 0 lilolloo in store and for sale by
ASSAFCETIDA-400 lb. No 7, for We g um
mane - 6 E s,
ti UM COPAL-6XI Mr &pular, &r salebi
'DAWN-0 RR& Aciislderr, IS do kair=ss
jlllllleg ea comictisau sad
. matil BROWN & CU
G UM ARAMC'''tr , iblir'rig=ar mak
YgN tFA fT uiES.
A RE prepared to teal Cotton and Woollen
er7 or neerg description Inch as—Canling
chtnee, Spinning Frme, Speeder., D,...4n g Fraes,
glailway Geed., arpera Tsrillet..SPOot. Dn.saing
Tram., Loonv, Card Grinder. Se Nifroaght Ion Shafting turned on tines of Gar 661, Pulha' ind
Hangers, of the Itta , ..t patterns, slide arid hang Lathes,
and tool. Of &Skold..
f Caxton . of eirerydeuenfolon furnished on short no
t ate. Num+ nude to order for Mill Gearing, Iron
ratting, tee. ;Pipe for betting Factories, Cast
Iron Wlndose•asoli, and fancy Casungs generally.—
Orderst ell it the Worehoune of J. Palmer& CO, Lite
trig street, null hivOirompt Mariano.
Blackstisek, Bell 'to Co., J 1 Moorhead & Co., G E
Warner, :John Inert, & Eon.; Pittsburgh. ;
GC& 1 II lVaruer; Steubenville. ' janl9
li .
TAKER tha•mrshod 111 ;worm Ins friend.
and the
or Mei Diamoad, Alleahany, I:Own a eon(
rant Sanely of Blinds, of rano. colon
• andqualioes,arc cons.* dyke pt nu band,
also at Nob Wood ss, Pirtsbargli,nt I.Jc
fl. , Phillips'oll cloth anteroom.
cameo Shorten made to order in the belt style.
Blind& repined ratter
be artst notice.
N. B. Ita Blinds wilt put up, 'Mama% shy addn
heal exesmse en that they can be removed to a Too
meat to we office Or for mashing, and without the old
of screw di e ' ocrldlykArlantly
WM. ALMIANDICH. - 1.. SO:118.
ntIFFIN MAKERS AND It N1.11.:11-
TAKE.Itii, mar., of Penn and St. Clair streets,
.postis the Ezettadge lintel, entrance on Punts sir..
re.pecttally intone !their frauds and the public., hint
they Ire prepared ul furnish and attend m compliment
the hue of Undertakers- Ahvays nit hand • large as.
naddrut of ready Made Collins, covered, toted and he.
muted int. very heal manner,'all sort, and stem. ready
made Shrouds of tia!snel,Catubncle and muslin, and all
sizes made ...probed My !rt. We keep • larg- as%
4nrlmat b(wtil e sal blue L, cotton, silk and kid I.loves,
able lor pall ltedotot and .110.1, tiers, elope, rug., 001-
lat.. and 'every thing neeeso.ry for duo...ter., J..,
stUd n
on namoahle terms, ne see loth-hese all our goods
to the Eastern elites. Alm, saver plate. forengrassup
the imenelana,age. IVe have a rplendol nem lieame sad
horses, and any number of the Lett eamMgcs Evety
thine offended to promptly and punctually. octfal
W. W. WALLAttie u
Nes. MI lid MOI Lderq. meat, near Mr CanaL
A LW A Ye'. hand and made to order, a large vane.
Il ty or Marble Mantel, Pier, Center Tables, and
Vulcan Tope,Tomb Stetted Monuments, de.; all which,
GettigMade Of the eboierat marble, end utanufnetured
prlaclpolly 14 machinery, will be add. tow for cash.
Ni U. PetiOna •ssoshing to - purchase Mantels, are
informed that it is hencetorth unnecessary for theta to
go llas4,ono I con furnish then, with an article in all
<h good, u.nd ((tomb; insurance, de, consider.
rd.) asap as tiler can purchase them for in the
East. Call and see.l jedt
COPPER. 111.111111. IRON, AXD
" lilifdarkcit street, Pituebargh, Pennn:
frill: onboard/in having made great prn semen.
.1. in tfa cedistneetiun of them COOKINC: stiOVES,
reepectfully Melte Permns building Steambelleini to rail
and e cam.. beforopurchaeing, or we can supply absill
with. Heek retoccadFargeo, uld every other kind ni
Copper, Ti, and Sheet Iron work nee PPPPP y in funneb.
a Slellentienll.
We alb make to order on the shorical metier Sal
Tulles and Chambei; Copper work for Steam Engines
and ovary Velitir of work to our line. -
t Dlretalnighstui, !near Plttaboryyks t j Pas
NI =house; No. 37, Wood arca, Pittsburgh.
WILL constantly keep . hood a good escort
mem or Ware, of our own manufacture, aad
supertorquality. Wholesale and country kler
are erpectfully own. Weal' and cut
amine for Iltemrclecs, a, we are deferment to sell
cheaper than has ever before been ereted to the pule
tics t . I
Ertl/Nen sent by moil,accom ponied:by the cash or
city reference. will be promptly soemied to. fele4
Janes F. Lingua
P. Muroran',
MU LVAN LIMLIE inanufacture and keep con.
nanny on hand Cot. Moulded and Plain Nunt
A/Unawarein alf hi variance, at their Waren.. cor
ner of Illeirl er and Water streets,Pitiaburgh.
Uur %Yorks coillnina in tall operation, and we are
conatanily adding lariat stock, which enahlea unto fill
Order. will, prompines, Purebuerviare reapeetfolly
solicited to call and examine prime and truce
inglUdlp ' I
FRUM. the very liberal gyertaraga
• meat the subscriber has teeetved Pallf!
‘a. he has located himself to Allegheny,
iskgis u iask• / has bodueed horn to take a leaw, for a
WM of years, on dic propeny lbw
wet:tales, to Beaver street, immediately beside the
tenanlTharth Front the long experience to the
above Wainer* and desire to please, he hopes to mer
it and receive a share Cl pablee patronage.
Now o o band and finishing to order, Rockaway Rug
gles, open and top 'toggles, add every deecrirnwn ut
IN.mages made to oadtr, from seventy btc do,lats to
amid bonartse Isen:l-thf I dl/11N •4111 I II
jandejaigned are now pergotred (emote their
J. etatootesh and the public generally, with an eget,.
lent anicle of Lard Oil of the trown inlyselaclure, wheel,
they will hell on ureanottodavne term,. 1 lec 1r 11,1 the,
belae,e to be I. good as any thiered in the
may I.e ;teethed 11 n.n tallslmcuary.
I'd liberty id, opposite smillucl I
I'. S.—Lard and tireurc ddltulde for triactoto.ry,
fr.dde at•dre.l
Js 31(YRRIS & do's, BLACK WHITISH INK. flu
need or quill pens, and the eopyttig prem. nos
de) sthe'result of Me. este:niacin. of several years,
voted to the riutufacture, on an extensine wile, lie
an etude. muted to all ilia purposes ot tho connitner.
of dais writing eomista in tier lot
lownig pfrOrtl.C.: Fbrumrs—in which prupetty will
lw found to shrpasa ill previous preparations. H will
flow with perfect freedom either from 10AI or .steel.
pens, mid is entirely free from uny cermet...l qualities.
Cutsia—The color of this article to. a Het, beautiful
blue black. Ili. neemeary, however,. to give comu.
mere the following eitinient.
ID'AD good black ink. from itsnecessary chemical
eysditution, require., exposure to the air 10 impart
deep color. It most nut, therefore, be CSIMCWaI. that
the /moment the tattle - is opened, the Mk will he mood
to be n Jet blajek. Tlie first appearance will be pole
Bin alter exposure hatheclamomel action of the aunee
photo either on paper ar in the inksiend, it will fissure
a brilliant black hue.„ 111
Prineaokagr—The color is unalterable by the torte
of time. It >rill never lade. thi thus {ICC., ell
rd me
portant records should be made in this article... al years
only deepen Unit strengthen its bal.
N B. This nth is ipttahle for all kinds of metallic
pens, and for pens made of quills. mud what is einem.
sant and vcryldesiralileth wide man), will give a perfect
impressien by the copying prom.
15.7rWe am using in the institutions with which we
are corms...web Morns' blue black writing calk, mid to
re.pect to fluidity, brilliancy of color soul pernianency,
believe it superier to any ink we hove heretofore ;med.
A Thainou, cashier, bank of latutsrdle; flieh•
arthon, emitter Norlhern bank of-Kentucky; Deo C
Gwathreey cashier, bunk of Kentucky; 1.1. Shreve,
president of the Gus bank; Thos L Helm, clerk of har
county court, Corker] Pope, clerk of leder.. coun
ty eourq P It Atwood, stary. 1.1.111211 . 11 Insu
tompatty; John Mute, agent ecre Lexington Insuranee Crance
$ in.odwith Mel' Portland Dry Dock & Insurance
Co; D Y Chambers. mc'y I'muklut Fire & Alarms le
mur/Lure Co; J H Rhona'', treasurer Louisville Savings
Institution. A supply of the above ink, just trrmived
and for . de by 11011 JOHNSTON & NYOCKTUN.
Type Fonndry.
m III: subscribers have taken the Type Foundry. Pio
1 fa Gold PI rrrt, und coati:me the business loth.
ly cooducted by Holjun Taylor. They wilt attend to
all orders with punrosalitytiad despatch. All the typo
manulactured them will be Hand Cast; and they
will furinsli ulflinds tit Printer.' material., el the beg:
• Mr. J A T Overend , 111 still enudoyeil in superintend
log the matuaniturlii department.
Propnetors 01 new papers, who havemot tidemlised
for the subscriber, who ahoy publish Ws tutee far three
ants,, will be, entild to receive their pay in type, oa
purelitoung live times the *mount a their bills or oil
artltsing. •
Old type takeji iu eiehange for new. at 9 eta poll,
ehaziaa;lVhiting, e WHITING /F. rAvi
Theodore Taylor, S . ( noncom,. to notot Taylor,(
janla corner Gold and Allll Ai.
Sellers' lranally.Medlelne• In Ohlo.
' • War ntmorautt, Ohio, Jaay 27,1,13
siLL n E . l ,l l=Y o ';:s r r
, Vrr i f m uic
=tablet/rat to ill who bare 1164 ueemoioft
T ive, curie,
our Liver Palls ad nlao homing a high reputattott
nem 'fours reipectfally, Cone., Alan,
111cConithuvirrr- Ohio, Juts'y Y 7, lain.
.71r. IL E. Sellers—h e
fu *ells getuarkahly
tort, nod bas gained the full eouhdenee of all who ow
the Cough Syrup. Yours truly
Jaun Gannr.
Prepored and'sold by 11.. E. Seller., No. 7 t. 7
Wood st.,
fold .J. by D. Cassel, 51t, Ward, D. M. Curry, Alla
petty, and Wm J. Salith, Toperaneerille. frbt
)111FEEERV, SOAPS, de., an -ionthid for /Ale
.1 by Joel Alohler,Drugglor, nor. Wood and lith an:
Jule. Nymph Soap;
Anounditt for Chopped Muth;
Hootacl's do di; do;
So dna Shoring Cream, role & almond;
Oa Marrbar Pumamm;
Cold Cream'
No's, 'ram Yule;
Culug. %Yawl., fine enact for the hand
ilercble, Vie. 'fel,lo
ilr:lfiiLluse In - Tens
1 . . . .
rills to to e only that I purchased uor trial of Dr.
lleLane'• Worm Hermitic, 'tome two months ago'
and gime in a ahn of mute, seine acorn years old, Iwo.
*aefatOrto lull, end although the amount may appear
large let I have no :doebt but there was upwards of
ran iortasivo !wouts passed from ldin, ineutinug
lota M. guano, of ati inch to two Inches long.
ra , ererels„Carrol to. Toni, , Dec I/7, 1017. 1021
TILE unedoignerl hove reduced the prices of Rini:
arrd Wasting Powder, of this supenor rannufar.ore,
[nudity warnarthulunsurpassed, tmidwill firm a. law .
any good {marine can Le hough* in the morkm.•
The Mraymmremplrrycd ut the :SlM:urine, will emit
rmcry morning on the custonsopt, In deliver powder cud
receive °Meru. • I •
I Orders at alltirnes he filled imModiately, on ups
' plieation at tha *Hide of C. S. LOOMIS,
wnier door above monongalieln hour,.
& W Looms Agent - ruurld
'POWDER, (HAZARD CO)—All descriptions cots
' mantlyl oa hand; !also, a large qthly tit auntytone,
ruse, fur igniting Orders promptly blind u at all times,
hY C S LOOMIS, Agent,
marl3 . L . wale's!, tad door Moran Nuothllelit,4
A S um now engaged in the Importation of Ltworlies,
2 - 3,:W rats end Crum tr.p., ezalalßlVely, and having made
arrangements in thierertiparla Europu and the Ll
•nds writ. well known:a...a fair my boa. supply or
Foreign Liquor,' whie I will be abiy 10,
in the 1:41,(0151 ilati.“l New 'fork or New Oriearm or
in thin arty, at the lover t market prier for earli or op.
proved paper. I hnve Slade :.d cello, a very large
;Hoek of 'rem superior Winer nnd Liquors an departed
of the 'mist eelehnued lirandr nod vintager. tor sale a's
pterming term by Pt; DIA
i • ear In& amidtheld rra
QUNDRI}M--40.1 dot playing carda . r2lo whole and
hlibes sardines; 11l balkekii okra ad; tat dot wield
acut otipii, Se; Octal. London porter quarts and pint.;
s dos bale brendice, very old; 5 bbla pour
, dared sugar; lel 'nukes champagne wore, part to arrive;
hhil. claret do; (or este by snrlo MARTIN
SUO'OR4!°ariLCASBnTIS. InDlifiYeeFFEtEgh.lidlinirgr
Rao., ianinug'fiom wynn;;;;,:,%1,,,y,,,,i. by
W k Ai MIftIfELTHEE, SA Liberty at. •
other boat, the ahurtlyireceivo per Alartlia Waabing
ton so prime N 0
Suguq4so Lb!. plantatinsi Molasaca; 30 do Sugar llousei
30 Libls Loaf Sugee; 12 tierces Carolina Ilia, (mu
MOKE 11LI1(SE—flocing taken the large and corn
median** Smoke lieheci and Mesa Storehouse al.
joining our Warehouse;ort the Canal Bain:byre are pre
pared to snake tad Site bacon on thonoultble aeons.
Stud • Gnat bunt. near Yd./.
'FA boaftro P w a riraVu r s thg to Itra W ieb:ali a. vt;
praintlikai for senleneat - B s
!I, acat,wood
noreMantsT Transportation Line.
• MI6?".
, eon sati manitrouraritin , L1311.1.•.121 AND
G" - "wrurd'll l .7.`;',ll,•"',:"`
:Unita; transmitted, .4 all promptly at
tended- to, free thorn any extra charge for storage or
• C 0.11115 1 ,1011. C A hi cAN ULTY & Co.. Prop•r.
merry Cvml Basin. Pittsburgh.
. . _
18 8.
(Formerly culled Pietworth lc 91 . t. line.) ,
KICLANI.L.I oirn.l.Nrutralliri 01' WAS . OUT
- DF:TwEEN COMM:nat. Ulairsville,Jolntstow, Hut
.I).lidayolsorgh, Water street, bran))
Co) nd al
nnertonhate Orme*. ' ) •
Oar boot oral leave Ilm woreltoure of C A Ale.Ploull
& Ca. Canal
. 1.13,61, Liberty .trees, l'it6buroW ever
day 'Sundays excernadd nod aloppem ran always de
pend on ham, them goods forwarded 'without dela)
and at lair Me, -." woe formed exclusively for the speeinlae•
connoodation of the wayluaint.rt. The: Propkietor,
thankful tor the eh) . !them' ilatronafte they have re
ceived daring the la.ltsvo yetio, would roqterifolly to
how thew old cuatotuera nod rho puldn. ghnernily, that
they have extended Ihrirliiruilles.d.ri..l the pays wt.'
tcr, and ere now Letter preunred to secutionodato a it in
'creased Loonies, i t
EU sTriT, , Whl PULTZ, 1
C A IttrANULTV.V. Co, canal basin Pitt.
R a CANAN, ' Joiloltosths „.,,.
JOHN MILLER, do Holluklig .^ '
Rxr.xoesen—l'iusLorgh—Stnittli 1. Sinclair J /c J
hlelkvith fi & J H Shoenhercer; IT Robinson '&
Co; R
Moore; Hopley lc Solidi; John Parker, Win Lebtorr, J
Jordan & Non. . . 11.1.211
= 1848.1ftwa.
706 sestonitirrrasnis "Or 3.1‘131,1111 , 1ZE
rVll:Proprietors of this old iishibli-lied.end fir,
J r Portable thiat Line, hauled removed. their ale.
pot in Philadelphia. to a much larger Warehouse
att Alarket thee they ibruierly occupied, .4 Iliso
creasedtheir rot. fdr abirage at Pittsburgh, are /lOW
prepared to sotto
numb greater facilities to their friend
and patrons.
Gard. earried by dn line are . not trartstiiirped be
tween Pittsburgh and Philadelnlna. being earned en
urely lo.lnortuble Section FA . . . To shinny', of dou
and other good. requiring careful handling, thin in o
itriportance. No cuarge niacin fur receiving ocaltillnn ,
goods, or advancing charges. All goods forvrardc
omptly. and ilium as reasonable terms as by any cub
yr lute.
Canal 112Aiit. Penn .t., ritmln4qh.
2.27 kat Jk. 54 Coramerre
lOUS MeFADF:N & Co.,,Corwenting and Comma
stmtblatchants, Canal Boom, Penn It., Pstutnirgh.
JAMF-S M. DAVI:, & en, Flour Factor:. and Commie.
loti Merchants, Sl7 Markel, 0.1
MrAdvancea made by either of the abotio on Flour,
iVool and other drecriptions of Mere hemline rotedgited
to noun. (cbJl
—The aublwribers have spoarti of their ut.
VI weld in the Penn'. sod Ohio Line to CIA WIT &
of Pin•burgh, and JOSEPH h LEWIS, of nom
'Choy redi 'continue to transact business for the line
at their Warehouse on Broad street, as usual, and be
speak for It a continuance of the patronage of thel
friends. /MILS SWEL S Co.
Philadelphia, March 5..!11,1d49.
Paiai:&.. and Ohlo Trans • • nation 0.
Doak Daily lime of
191.13,11., ru TitIiUMMT 41.X.6 BSTWE.” ITMAr.
el.ttAkT: k MAY. trij74::ll, i.tat;lo„rgh_
LEWIS d- LILVLEIL 210111 RA. et.. Yhilodetvln
JAS. Krim. a. 1:0., Arta, Broad street.
COWDF.N, CLARKE & Co, 7tl Noah q., Bolt
W. POIL/LICK,,Agt., IR Wemt greet, Yew York
Co-parts - v.4lp.
erderetibers have thtu thiy etelittetheenselve
bt• ether vadat the .tyle of Kier & Jones. ter the
of ennutteing the business fonnerly enrrnvi ot
by Suolllei M. Kier, and torlscit cautituautee Itte
era! patruntrge heretofore extended.: the
SAMINI. M. 1•11111,
Ilteulturgh, March 1,14 e.
I' lie ' l P :7: r tnl t nt
de.patott, ellVi at PA low rolco. as nay tali, re.Mnnothle
Tbe attention la 'end
rrcllnn of Ilia
to lialtintiin. at bulk. is portieularly
o-inuch n. nu, arrangement.. onabla a. enri'y rod.
art...4,114..0 better unit, thnii nity tither lice.
KIP': h.
Pin.borgh. Morrie
sA • tel:i
r Nk
J- Coenumiiillt i . rtv. P k,a,n•Alr
u,..1 Wholc•Ule Mule, ilk trot, V. 1.111
. .
i beret ra.h atlvunr,:t an con .gri ls. tunr!ti
15-18 184,S
BERS111.1111:. Ur MALI.iIo;4O AM; wkcark
CAR will leave l'hul‘delphm daily ofiry-11.t
uAry. ..oh the Mad 1 ruin, to Cliauzlwrplatr,.
.loch wdl enaLle 11, Wakpou to leave them doe .as.
.13y, with trla,a of home., min; day and 11,111,
• do.
re arrival 01 tpodt Nye Days from
Phzlodrtplito Apply to
D1A:44711k Co Omni
' • ' * - 15:tsl.orgit.
HARRIS k 1.r.F4'11.
VI ..11.4 11 rump :44
ursll rr•<.lpt for 4:fitil, It.• pe.ltic.. Sr< . Anil, . to
thr obove
felrito Ir 1.14.:111
•1111.111{ 1111 S, .111..11. 410. 4 , 11•21. 11”...
l'atihurrto. Piolatielpi.n.
To Phliadelpia •••
11E.NIIV GRAFF h. Co. Canal Hiroo, Filrr:oirah.
101.T11.11. 111, lattEys 1 Cu. :4.1 II: Meisel., Phil.
C 11. Neuss. corner at Saratoga .44
Jana F Claskr. 13,1114 Ness York. 5 ••••
NOTIC—The .e or yl our firms .13
known fr,
and afire ills dole, on (leer) rirsli
1 C.,. anilal Philadelphia. es
t Plias&!idol
111"..NAV mor.l3ll_ ,
1848. Season Arrangement. 18,18 .
CI. IV: Vt:l. A N j:,
Tlll;,tetoutoot 111:111.011 . , Be: youth, w:11
run, durum the .e0...0n of VII, !won ern C leveland
Ste Mar...olden / 1 1. 12 ,11,1101/1,:11
hlurktuoc mud /11.1Cd11nte iolo&A , each wuy:
l-aving Clotrclood every Monday, ot l• M.
do Tuesday at 9 A.M.
iku Muck:nue do Thu paluy at: A. 31.
firtursuilg, will Ir.:lye Ault 31nrin every ut
lu o'clock, A. NI.; and 3loclunne at 10,:lock, I'. 51
nod Iceie Detrod r very Sunday even:tor lot Cleve.
lend, al 7 o'clock.
W. A. (tti.
.Agent.. I.IItADIIURN &Ca.
. .
- . ..
Tim Detroit h. brrei thorn.,lily repntry.l and refit
led the past winter., and Ihe poLlse'lll2Y rely upon M
performing of Ler Mis with punrlualaiy an edyertinell
tett:Man K. 11. WARIL
To and from the Eastern cities yin Cumberland.
neren.el their
ilitiva to
at-the wishes of .1/Jix.; nail are now prepared to
Mrward greater amount by the FIVE DAY LINE,
ea als by add 1..' regular wagons et low rates.
This o live will non throughout the year, delivering
goods thro trb the webs itt Baltimore and Piushergli
markeds and comas.. at specified rams and me.
hipmentsfrom Philadelphia for the line sliould he
m .Putre, J U Robinson, Baltimore..
The only agenta are,
S Charles st, Baltimore.
EDGERTON Co,& ellitiberinniL
W CASS, Brownsville.
J C Pitwburgh.
of ',f gr;,:
Arnery at Cumberland from the !muse of Al)eiaig Ma.
gul.e to that of Edgerton Co.
l'itt.bnrgh and western merchant% are nut if.ed tt J 'lay
ly I:oboanas. Noir; South Charte• rt, Bultimare. the oot,
authorised agent of Wm Lim in the Eastern tine,.
The only agents are
J DW ELL, rillsburgh,
U W 1:J1 , 48.
• EDUANTON VoCumbrtand,
derTilf .1 R0111100;4, Baltimore.
Pon rt. litti:Xl4unv, BALTUdoCIK, I, l ,, slllNOrint, intilanKL.
i!it.lothr. goinli Sire Worn,
Mut thl,l In In, InsteKl, nod 1111.4,,,1pt.
Jrtwun Line going Kann connecting n,OII Mull.
FlKitren• Jahn ni
- - .
•Tlinsugh receipt. will Le given In nnyv•l' the above
plueev, AferchouJira and purYng, of only are ur
wrighl furwunled.
Elutes/. rinse' daily ot3r./r.
II Agvut.
nov-Anf Si. Charles Hugel Minding, wool v/
_ _
J. PAltkElir &
CJIINKIL LIPM . II firlattl CANAL 111,111.111111.
P. K. var.Tz &Co.,
no. ISO viAsivivr .nett,inn/41/mm.,
bolt . 11111[ vavuintirrArin, Or 41./. op. UN 11. Rt. •21.-
DIZI: To a. FRO VI 1 / lIILAULI.I'IIIA, ilnen
trjAll _kind% of Almrelinoullie ronvigned to I'. 11.
Font, rhiludelphin, or in J. Curren & Cu., l'ittianargh,
will ha promptly far/garled lien of roulroivsiouv.
' 1
1846 AND :1847
Winger st .lag .CM moat Am:Avian www., by Ow p
thitou• route.
All propenycOnmened to will be ta minted Al 'h.
Amen mos and With drWlnid,
Merchandise recervad by this route promptly for'
yarded. J C 1111/WF:tili, Ash., Pittsburgh.
0 W CA3S,
riorl7 EP:IS/MON & Co Ousnbarlasid
BlArsery Stack Yor . ilale..
J.LIE Subscriber .offers for-sale his entire stock, in
Junto suit purchasers, at very reduced
The collection in not equalled fora select and extensive
variety, In the Wemem country; containing many new,
rare and valuableplant!, consisting tripartof
'Japonteas, large dowring plants, from.; to G' feet in
hetah Cactus, Amlota, Deriniums,Fethicies, Month.
Noisette Clutter. Perpetual Mom, Vining or Pillar
otet; the firma' and most esteernedtorts in cultivation.
The Dahlia list contain, the Most slungey and fine prim
sort* genies; Flower litmu s , large variety; Vines,
thrulrery, ' , bade trees, evergreen., jAy. • Arnett...
Nutiery rums and others,isho want no decorate their
yard., dodo., pleature. grounds. or green Louses, are
retina . invert to ilXamine the collection which it
open to Visitors, except on Sundays. IConveyance by
the omnibus. and greenwood ferry. Demriptive cata
logues tent by mad, or may be had ellour steed, Na 2.
Diamond Markel, where orders left; with at. or by
mail to Pittsburgh limn Office, will Lois,proinpily attend
ed In. Jona Granatall practical gee last',, will attend
lu planting shade Ore.., laying of garden... Sc.• Linters
lilt as above. JAS. SVAIIDROP,
marlth th
ntrii&wT Ilfanclth th
ater, flier Pinurgh.
I Eger., lormerly of Besuy,ttl'ilensie
&t'u• • •ss.
Dm. A. "raft', Zanegvllle,l.l,
Otos' G.; New Orleans,
anent ColYZIA.1•610/11 BlL•rehmail•
Nu. SI Puseira, Alreel, Net/
rv) Oricans.
• Ales,. Mathis &Co, Bankers, '
lateen hlkiregor & Co,
" David White &
Ellis& Morton,
sc Ilenke.4l
Itaa & Eraxer, Cincir,nati
• A 31'Keliam. Esq.
II N gratiley. F..q, Banker. Zanesville, 0.
11111'Domill & Co, 110•11‘ville,
Reed, Parke & en, Deaver, l'a., •
J Dili, Esq, beelleg, Vs.._
it Slattern:in & Co. burgh P•
& Ablenclucc, Pl" •
Boston Motto of floating !Houses.
mecettfully used in Botott. New York., Itc., and %thri
ve. applied, hat received the decided prethrenre over,lurnmes, he. Ita advant•;,,i ure
-1.1. Griot regularity of temperniurt
• Freedom from ,nuke.
;hi. No unpleasuut dryness.
ith. tatty attended to and not liable to get out of
ord.., •
atli. Grant durability.
~1 model and opecificatio& may be teen, and appam
tut obtanted, at lie copper and
I tnware' factory et
W 11
SCAIpE, runt sin
bctweeo wood Mad Markel
1846 AND ' 1847
nth/written will receipt forte delivery of ?Be
.1 duce to Baltimore by the Monongahela Blackwater
at the following
Acher, Bacon, Butter Lead, Lard, Pork, Tallow,
Whirkey,` e, and G tooo—bi Cl. per 104 lbs.
Tobaco.,llacap, Plan and Wheat—P4 eta per 1114 14a.
Althea, (Vol) Apple, Cheese, Flax-Seed, Glass, and
Leather-10G eta pro 100 lha
Oi la, Elk In a, Seed., Wool-1 10 eta pri 10014 x.
Breen., Feathere, Far, Ginseng, end Saake-Root
—Nu ell tors IDO lbs.
A 11 . property cone/hoed teretther of the•andentigned
rt,ll be forwarded without delay, fret: of Commlamon,
at above rate, IV II CLA Rif, Ilrowneville.
KANN& & WATERAIAN,Fitnbargh.
A Challenge to the World.
. egtWgherli.Fl V E l oLLi Rd will be paid to angina
Iwho trill paslere copra of paint, greener dry,lttn
cannot be attracted with Coil's Improved Chemield
Coup. I hare the satisfaction Of .aging to um people el
dio place, that this •rtiele,ny ntrowntrnprooement on
11 now nand. nintoolled in doe country lon extracting
giro., tar, pitch, oil, pail, or any other greasy. sun., baba all kinds agent:emelt'. orlulie.'r lothtng,.
carpet., Int.le Motto, uterine .howl.,' !edit. , bonnet.,
ke. without injuring anything that pare water will not
waste. Morn Man one thousand 1011,0114 in different
pant ot canny brie bald me its, would not he
nnnet 11i if it 0010 one dollar per take. In trying this
Soap on more-than amt aniele• of light silk*, satins. wi
rier.. and ClllO.OOll, I have noly foul three sneers 01
two or tilpacca, and foul of cat co. on which it
!hanged the color;
before utr it on fight
dress try a sample of the do-t. gra. po s t e that reeve..
I sun determined not to recommend it any amaze , than
• • .
I km,vr strictly true N II 1101,
Prier, cts per cake. Sold, wholesale, and retail
by It F. SCLI.F.RS,
derlll to wood el
VEII1111P1.11:E, conAid,r letter than
Htizertrale,4l4,oi4ty Ca.. t
October Fad, 11•17. I
%I, I; Sellers:—M) wonth.old., l,, snle v , rT
rrs al loght, sod Lavine much /car, at tancs,l cult.
Ile hail 'Antra.,And Isavnlg heard A drat,
our Vernilltqc. I In.ught A vial awl guy, Aim
ezpetint fr, very Ivonng I epettitter
1...., V.nuuiatr r :Anthem
Simons P. sNrp.g.
r.,palvtl and. Anlal by It E.5EL1.E.1114,17 ItrocAt
1. hriorc
hloO I I tn. moot ippowroilhaiterst plans -
Estiwtopitterox aid cow, Alb
t'IIEAT HOU., or tiolTon gLIND, on lott!
nt 111.01. 10 ordry of all wizes, stud it all pr 0 . ,%. • •
Coo MI, 51, cc bard. ind °then are toy itrd to eel' end the 1100VO Gsr thes.elvelt, al ill will Le'old
fohol, en
01, 01 rd. and Ithra
el made to
A . . 1 0, purr:tam,.
.111 v A %V ESTER V KIX
11, the late diovkirrier, au.l Grographirkl °spoor...eats;
trutkruftloomarterkbrarrAkookOnaripkors Coo
plol Goo SupllCk sow flakilieh Globe, 111.1. aklAilrou •Ad
ooptuotorn. 4, Amain A Sara, krrotA.4. Park
I.OIIING CPA.. k.'-ST I Al. GUISE-4,i rank. isogallfor
stark ortoto, Ate. C00p...A froo the work.
FlAtrolol.l... IA Atile BraJ.
11 At0kr1)...., lb. Inmost tooalul.lhe Arlnuron
to..l Norio) of Load.., Sr, ¢e 1000. 14.010. N.. kit.
.I..hostoxi I Stockton hara joet retro...di few pairs of ther
.L.,. IfaLn, varying au wee,m foIlowe:
1 pair 12 lochs. in diameter,
1 " '
I " sem. globes G o
Asm eicaa, L-Lroaneir, sod Journal
llt TOWN,, , END'S AItSAPA . H.II.I.A dogru
CCCI,d ai Ur. Towtinentrii ynnopnrllla, th,e
eLtriuduitir) niedirtur in the world! This Kf
ratrit is put up in quart bottiry. It is arrant, cheaper.
plearanter, and warranted 'opera, tai any 5.'1,1. It
ar, amen..., .6.1..1•11 vomiting, purging, orate:nog or
deiolnating the pollen!.
I.••• Of 1 Volt IMITATIONS Uniquicipl/t1 perraus hale
copied one toilet., and put up medicine to the 'smog
"hoped ramie. :ter that each bottle hue Ilse yraniett
nulur, tit S I'. Townsend..
. •
It. F. Drugvfl. wood street, beVarven
•Ild Founh ; a Dr. Towneet!tra aply whole-tune
ald mu. agent ior l'imburgh, 01 . Wil01/1 the gentunr
•(111`;e Clint, had.
It AI Curry hat loom ay/roomed the role ogrol for
Ala:glum) t•ttyt 1.1 whom the Kenuuir• nrhele Con ho
Manorwourers or
or ALL 0K5CH.T10143;
No. as, Stovall Front 11l LLL ,
!tack of 7 A. Ilitnne,Cabinet Wnre,Manury
A 1.6 tad,. left areth S. S. Aloes, .16‘.
Merchs3o. 110 , 1, Pillßhumb, will be NOMplly
...led Hi. THOS. VERILY
geolOtllv A. C. NICKRRziON
Ll'ERIENCEI)judors, l'); a trial of and hai
illin, since luta: pronounce Bile :article unsur
passed fond s rability in the conatructian i,f all kind. of
l'utiiacca. Price 623.74 cash for loads Orin AI, guar.,
Boled tone R/0.1111 i.e. girders fora second quality
ivar Brick• will be executed at 15410 per 111, if AO de
sired, without guantee. A stock of the find qualityr
now far sale at the warehouse itloatt'S Wharf: Co.
nal Itnain, by J 1411 AV
septllf Kensington Iron Works
LYME'S HAIR TONIC:After giving Shia article
j trial, we unheaitatingly pre:comma al to bewhiit it prok
es—iba beg article, wohinit any aseaption,:ia use, Gerda.
reetorstion and prevarvation of the brawn hair. Ws know;
of numerous iutiatima where hair has been matured to hmels
which ham been bald for,years; sad we Batik:we mastoid°
crake faros that& to recommend to all ear ratan who ar
losing their hair, to make s trial of this Took immediately
Vor ado in fillabargh at Ills Peakin Teo 'Store, N0;72:
Fourth wort, near 11tood .annrOdkorT
SUNDILIF:B--153 Lego prime R ocollect 156 Idols N
Moluscsi 75 boxes Inantonoured tolmcco;11:5 li
d .-.12. groin and black mu; 75 6 and 130 J bozo. V 11
nod G dug MO Ito.. German clay; 1U cad. omicro
n.; Itl .planoh, together With 'n gotterel assort
:tient gtoceneo, ot store and tar tale by
lii l4ri c A c tt . l t l , ll , i i tto r. immrle . d ”
, i . .e , gri . ra r
v %l
coo timiing of, Cm..., W. 14,000
Sophie/1, Emulame, AtlliVA, do Fioter, Londou
Lord Byron's,Fullitipromipeo, Memo boat do.
Villeys extra do, Sylvio's d.. Laltiryodora 10, do da
MI, Orris, InPrilium,Curailores, Eagle principmr, fur
pulp by / I'
.0,7 cot Smithfield & fund 0.
(.19 , 11 , ./tlll.l . ILLUSTRATED EDITION orTile.
ARAIIIAN NlGlrES—Exprenly .1..4,1,1 for lam.
ily tradiii , ; in rourke ul public...l by Ibirper Ilru-
New Non. , contplebed Itt twcive purls
Mil ISt 11141 fecrtved out for %ale by
• JO INSTON ti wrocwrom.
.ps corm, uwtlei and ad nu
FOIL srkquri HUATS.
1 )1 , 1 , 1=1 , 1 . 1.L.E 4 1 , / , 11 , 14 . F.5—A very rotivemena
dl, L) tern me. A ie;:7l r :i ' b l:rror ji ttL ti ry ""
•srm .14111.1 z
IA receivedltll-11aatia n .).1 a lurgr unput Isamu us
kj Maria, A c., direct faun Europe. lagellier wall lay
Image Murk Lt M a
elute •nd eau', dealers ore requested
10 au!' mud eaamioe lur lluauselves, as good bargain.
eau kr Lod an the corner 4:4 Vinaltarld and Front Its .
upto I' I.: MARTIN
}:AL---Wapipt Golens Lead, rr rri rrrr r per comer
Wyoming mod icor mile by
marte./ JAMES A MITCH N Co
1111/1111:1MS INDIAN yliffliTAllLli
gru.r, Iyarrtiotril genuine, tor ogle by
M OLAS:4I-1,4--rttr! , ;liab u st n t c on Alotses,
. .. •
For sale by spa .1 F 1.0113
• - •
(10FFER-110 bags prime RIO, kw .1. by
1.- , .1 4 J& It FLOYD
• 1 ARD-10bbla ho.ll.ard, lbs sale by
'l4 .1 4 J 1111.01'D
LOAF . S1.1(1A - 11 1 541 bl.b a surlsd, (or asIS by
apt J .k It FLOYD
d•• • 101111 T PLASTER—A/ gross black and flesh colar
lJ ed, for sale by ap3 111. E SELLEII.S,S7.waod st
(11 1:01`A1—fl eau. for sale by
•7)10 COFFEE-400 bags prime green , e, to
jib arms pet aeons ...savanna. or sale by ' •
CIRAPE SHAWLS—An assortment or whtle, drab
Li and black Crape Shawls, mu received at the Dry
Goods House of WMURPHY,
4 Ph comer 4th and parka sti
, s• t DR; TOWNSEND'S - •
exlntardintry Medicine in the World
TY.% mind Is pedal to Quart bottles: it is ea lures chew
er, p!mlaider, add warranted map.* labe sold, It m y...
disease without smutting, pargisg,
Inlstatuag they.. oat. •
The great beauty and superiority of this Sarsaparilla met
41 other Alealicsna as, whilst It Entilicatm Disease it Lamar
yes the Body. .It is one of Oa very beet SIIIINU AND
KUM hl AII4.IICINES ever. known, it oat sly pisrirn
the whole system io d strengthern the panne ' bet it Conatm
Mn., Put. and Rica Bleed a power paseeseed by no other
Medicate. And in this II“ the ,rend merit or.. woadettsd
sum,. It has perform.] within the past two yule, mare
than AWL/ma. of &sere Cases of ; at Imild 5,10.
arthem were wandered incurable. More than'
3,000 cases of Cheap. aluonsolista . •
:DM mem of Dyspepsia;
400 asses of Genersl Debility and Want of Energy; .
:AM caws of different ffeoule Complaint.;
ff,and asses Serefula•
I,slaleasm of the Liver ' taniplaint
ff,tat rum or Disease of the Kidney and Dropsy i
;MI rases of Costooption.
and Thustainds of mon of Dome of the Blood, via.: Ulcers,
ary s ipelm, Salt Rheum, Pimples ots the Yam, .le, A, To.
gether WWI aumerom caws of Sick Ileadxlie, Pain in the
side and Chest, Spinal Affections, Ae., he.
This, we me aware, Must appear incredible, but we hare
letters morn Opticians and our agents from all parts of the
,Unded Kutch istfunsting mof estraordmary corm. K. Van
Buskirk, we of the moil respectable druggists hi New.
ark, N. J., suksrins m that be cm mks to more Kau ra
in that place alone. There are thousands of owes in the
City of New York s which we will refer to with pleasure
and to men of ettaracter. It is th e boo medicine fur the
Preventive of disease
It undoubtedly eared tke live
or more than
Syt,ool.mtatmes WM Parr StA20111!
A. it removed the muse of dmesie, add prepared them f
the Sumner ORME,
• •
CAM . : O. W. Alcecata mg,il, TUT Verret, STAT. Neer,
3,14 member of the New Jerney LegULLture.,lus kindly scut
us the following eertlarate. It tella its owu story.
ILAUWALT, Jut. 25, 1E47.
.• year mince I was taken .ilk the la aeon,. and my whole
Tsstem, 611 irt a debilitated staid. 1 was Indured to try Dr,
o Sarseverilla,.lllli earl taking two or three bot
tles, I leo rely much libeled, NA attribute it entirely Lod..
pal Surretwellta. bare cooties's& Iskitig it., mud fuel that
'I improve y day. I believe it eased toy life, mid would
use be without it muter any 410141•116.13.
U. W. MC1..., WI U. 8. N.
. .
This rte r ilittle totelusirely preles that this Bampanlla
has perk! I control owr the most °hewn. direrof the
bini. Three persons vend it toe None i. twpreardented.
. .
Dr. TOWIIIIMit) —De.l bare the pleasure to inf.. •
you that Darcy( my children have been cured ibe Scr•
fula by the um of your 11.1 ondirma They.
Miami very emerely•mt/a bad salami Imre .ly taken, fn '
bola. vlt sea Dam army, fur !Inch I . fcel myself node
d..p übliptam. Yo.s, rennelfully,
Iwo W . 105 Worates at.
Ner York, Mar. 1, IVO. •
Dr. Timuoind's umparilla ir a NM Oftl.ll steedi
eon far. iir-ipirut Coniuniptlon, Ilarrconree7Lnneorrine, or
-Whitra, obidentted or difficult Menstruation, Incontiourare
ot Urine, or toroluntary discharge thereof, and for the 'c . a.
nond nu of fo. aystern—no miller whether U.. midi
f ' rause or nonage, prodnend by irreparily, Atop.
oar occident. . .
Nothing obo b. more *lmpels/al than its invigesatmg af.
fects on the human frame. emuna, all wvalusavo and
tads, from tatting it, at am. Mega robust and hill of amergy
wader its inSuram. It anutudiantly condenwea. the acres
lemma of the Gaule fume, which u the great M. of bad
It will not b. expend of tae, to cum of to dellente a 1111-
len, to exhibit mama. of emu performed, but wee.
moue aillieted,llut hundred. of cams ham been reported
to on. Several mum when rUCtiliel hare been without child
ren, after using a few ba ll et of this isusluahl• medicine,
ham Leo blest with healthy:dyeing,
Lk. Teton:kW: My wabs beiog greatly distressed by
weakness md puma/ dability, and sadirons continually
by pain and a sesuation :of bearing down, tilling of theb,
wumb, and with other didmlica, and liming known num
wham your medicine has created great runs; mad dm hear
ingit rremaiseaded for Yds Mel as I have dencribed,l obtain
ed a bottle of your Estraet of Sarsaparilla, sod followed
lb. directions you gave me In a Mort tereal it removed
bar complaints and rammed her bean. ikaug plateful for
the hmeSta she received, I ialie pleamrs in thus aclosowlodg-
Log at, sad mcomemnding tithe public.3lcoas,
Albany, Aug.l7, 1844. Cor.of Grand and Lydinests.
C.oesacrta. Sept. 23,1315.
Dr Thantwotif: To all steno all =ay roues„—This is
to eerily that my wit* omit one bottle of you Sonoperillo
Femme to her mita:ant. coder the wool alansitag and
delicate cireasoransei, beior Instated with tho drop.y,
of the Set, turnout affitillon; and very mush &Wits.
led with oty porsaaaino, ond the rticontowsistallon of Sow.
'ho had nit st, mho woo indoned to trry it, with Lisle or no
Stith; and =Me it bey, tho teatienw had W. happy tiod
aired effect, not only in the hours of onainanion4 but oiler
tho evpiratiou of ewe week of its an the &vim and nor
'.. aortion vivo way to an Saiolll4ol, dregre ,, , her
been is now better than it had Min fora kog M ime pre.
If dm will bo of any mimic* to pa ompy e.t.a
do the eiie r etesof otteleria., Ica Leg greleaece
I wWeiibe =pod( your mast Lobetlistinkad alive/in mut.
S S JAM. 41.
- -
This Emmet of Camp:mils has boa expressly prepared
in (cook rosipleints. No Gmaleoho km ma
soo to soppier. he O approaching that critical peeled, o TA.
nem M . bp i ...boob! ueilect to take A, as it is a certain
prem..* for my of the numerous and namable diseases be
which (moles are *abject at this time of life. This . yrriod
may be delayed (or Memel yam by wing thismedseine Nor
it it leo eaheab/eM those rho are appearalsitar mitnaahood,
at it o ea/cult..l us assist rotase by ukenul the Woad
m b re
t_ rt,ettod the tyres. Indeed, this tac medicine o torah.
r oille roe all of the deliola donut. to which 'Ewan all
It, et.
unripe Or whole sytem. mom iieruoueutly nits.
cal argos• by • t emosior tlut impurities of the
.1 fee ditoolitsug. the systeso as to pr 'dam a toberynent
Lostaos, solertt talkie cairn( ratel suethetura taken for female
mantes and descrier .
You who bare ptleestuakerowt, e,es, bloteher on the
o r doe, or freeltka, and i n o out of eteriia ;•• use
a bottle or two of Dr Sartaretes. It will
ro t) aver bkad, remora lite freckles and bletehey awl
lot ). 'loading eyes, fun twits. trautiM
otepterriaa—ell trbkh ate of oaserna• -Wee to W.*,
reol bet,.
fluid or medics,. has ever tows dm...T.4 which ao
Wady rasemblvs the rube juice or sallow is dwvoipowavg
Lod aadvlrtosthrsusn the orpis of diratiuo, as this rms.,
ration al Sarsaparilla
Bass. barawsiswr. llhauy, May 100645.
Then.trud:: dir—l has. lora &Riveted far seseral
yeses loth dyrywpsia is Its wow! Sum., Witold Irak goal
sow of vluouell, low of appetite. esteems licardavra wad •
s nat avoroos io all kinds of fowl, sual Ht west+ (what I
could istd hare horst uuolols Iu retain but a woad porn.
ay ahwascla I well the owul
. routrdia., bat they bad
hut I MI. or w. rffws tu erususiug t he t.wsplau.t. I way in
due td, aboal IV 10 SPJ.its lorc.. to try your Ewract of Sara..
pdla,and I wool Say with lull!. cuouJrare, but Cirrus.,
ly twa Wyllie, I found my appwita moored, and the
hrasebunt auuraly removed; and I would carueoly trews
...of dui Wir aril to UMW who have lures alllirtsd as I bar;
Wow Yours, W. W. V AN %safer.
Nos '&—' levies • Slates Idaud.
Read the followmg, and doubt if you tan, that tonatunp
iteutwoult be cured. Thu randy tumor dm mseral hundred
ease, that Toseramturs Sinatorilla Iran
fir Tomasen.l-I.War Sir. I was taken. a mu. user a
).P:: gran ' ' o y irVlby ß ph i ;
oetaro to y
hare Um ank eininimptsuir' I nosed large ritua
l/hes of but matter, but alert sweat., and triukieg stry'Gnet
my doctor said be could do nothing for ma. I treat into tbe
too /seal In lure of being benefitted, trauma pronounced there
rocarable. I was uuror greatly distressed at d. lungs and
could hardly breathe ; 1 soon lovm . emaciated, and expected
to dm wa. rout - mod to my bed, wad was obliged to hare
ocher. roared I min.a giver you any dnoription that
would do inane:a to my case. I was auppoied by ray friend,
to be pad recovery t I bad tried groat number of woodier,
and ail termed to to to Napoli... I read of worm moat et.
traonlmary cones prrfortiod by your mediator, and to tell
you the troth, I empoeted them, R. WM e humbug in th ta,
Illut I was rodwel to - try it I did so, and ant very lltaiikfal
I did. I tumor. say flat *am entirely wall, but am en far
rmover , d as to be about my business, and bass to be entire
ly well in fvw weeks. 'My cough
. und pain in
. thv side,
and night meats have tell me, sad - nose but ear., l u do, and
am tau gaiuurg my Gaol alrength. I fell it JO; to give
yo. a Watrownt at ray cam, to publish if you pkaw,„
Prrza Baum., 47 4111111 at, 13.041,11.
Opinions or Physicians.
Dr Tor taheasiir noserdsily earning order from , phy
moans in difionit parts of Ms Union.
This u to errtify that um, the muleasignell, rhyintiaus el
the Coy of Allan), hare' iu numerous eases poseribed Dr
Tun niormf's 'and Wine it lobe nue of the n. p..poratiuo. of t 6. Sstssimr iu mark..
IL , • D
WM.., X D,
It B Smarm, is a,
Albany, April 1, ISIS. PEEutswoou.■ o.
This is to certify thatlre, the endersigned. praettenig
Tlhnosonistr Physicians Grille qty of It Pauly. have frequent
ywrescritsvl Ur Tuns..mon 1-houpdatul /6atract of Sin.
idle, and froen its known qualities, would renoinnecod itd
he nubby Gar mercurial, scrofulous, and °there idiom,. leo
esset, in soy of t h e e.remised tuned/es i aunts
A ninny April 2, 1e44. Wr 13 Stern., 2' P.
Princirelollre, tins Fulton it, Buo Building, /V WA,
ding Snits it Boston; D/Uyott 801.. MI North Mee
and .t phibd s trhis; 8 8 Hance, druggist, Baltimore: and b
pnaripal druggists Generally through - out Bur United States
West Indies sod B. Ceonossi
None genuine; unless put up in the luxe *pare boftles,
hit!. militia • %nut end mined pith the written signature
of If P TOWNSENDond hhiname blown on the Ws.
From the New York Daily Re . peeni t. of April 9,1:47,
th etrl i s ir c, i =o ';:;* " : 1 1 .0 31 0 4 .. ..... 7";
The whole thing te got up to good mgr. am* of the ortia
mental landsempcpantitior nre beautiful, se hick, together with
the scroll work, mg old, glistening in the met, -made a /low
,rely eirmlled Brinderey. Mks this oppormuity
.3} we believe this ettmet of lM Sarnparilla deserves the
mr}:grot popularity ilium...quire&
• Nerwoun Debility.
Now Yotw,lllarch:l7, 11547
D. Tostossend:—l hart hems allieled more or Imo fin. 3
years. with • dreadful sinking to the dint, giddinees in the
hud, lois of appetite, pain in the limbo, and general debility,
brought tin noiloulw by the continual heat and cold tat which
I tun subject to in my busing,. as • dyer. I bare Wien tither
medicines, NO numerous to mention, bat with Uighur wane ,
ofs. was induced by whist! sow iu the paper to Wye bottle
your &rasp:with, WOOl which I found great relief. L halm
Ildnua bottles, and] can unlieeitelingly say
it is the but uswhine I hove fur taken—the polo in my
chest is gime, and I (reignite •diterent min altogether Auto
I hare talc, your Hump:with. I here tone • Wier airlit.
01/111 ever I had. svaG has labia it with Use Kit.
cut results. I would rtwattoneod it as • family medicine
generally, and I feel couritterd that ifs., used those would not
be Ind( the sickness then i., and consequently hot so many
Ltator's bilk; fur while it restores appetite, it also gives to
the stomach and boweh their retaken:tor:it keeps the blood
JDs healthy scar.,.. that disease is not sh likely to shark the
ily.rm A ud to ell those who are nut in a healthystate, I say
try Dr Townsend's tianapenlia
Two.. Exrcu, 73 Antoci
In the Mouth.
Below is • uranother eh itti teed Ur Towwwwl'e
Sarsaparala has weed Iltc thou ttillottwatals _of .ellildrew—
followtor certograle
I. wiecietl fiuin a great number
rewired week
New Yeas, A pri14,1147.
Dr Townsend: nose sir:-00. of my children was very
.irk with the Cancer in the mouth arid thricit, attended will
great debility. Draws stew dyirig:
. 1 rffindued tome of your
rwellest medicine, mil it cured dirretly, which I nos
anat. you I lest cerl , grateful, Yours iresprelfully,
Etocsarru Knot-neon Ur brans sL
For ask by It 0 843.1.PR.8 Druggiss; Na 87 Oh owl st
between 3.1 awl 4.11 nos, who lam been alipoieled by 1)
T0WN:447.0 sole Agcut he Alleglemy co. jetlilfwlyPr
DittlAN'S DODD!' SYRUP—It proynl tbn
DJ. great Panacea in curing my cliihridistresinutt
From the Temperance Danorr o ffiriv 31847. '
Noun Sr ecr.—Die are not in the habit of puffing.
inueb lcoo tutu,KK patent mediciues, but we feel ~ posed
to repot: mend 111oriyan's Syrup to those who are emitt
ed With a cough. Alter Lacing tried the usual reuir.
dice in rerun'. o consist and distressing rough,. that
had Mr neseral days afflicted oste of our children, with.
out coerce. we Were induced to try Morgan's cough
syrup, and by mho( was obtained m few hours. It
pmsed to be Me parteeell in till. Cafe at least.
Prepared wholesale and retail by the proprietor,
JOHN 14 AIOMGAN, Droguist,
_feb7 WC:61154 . 1i dOOl , WOW distmolld
iiiih7AVLiaßlik l e'Wisra• *peon s, -
fllllll4 le to testily that, by Lennie O. vial of Doctor
I McLane's Worm Speolbs, &staid of James Show's
pawed upward* of 7U worm., end by the use of said
medicine. • ebtld of myelin) passed Is large worms.—
It truly Ms moss .uprising worm omMelso Lever
sea. I mut bass two more voile.
MlDteAb;'' , ' .. : - •'', --- '-:
-Asthma, Sp utag 111614,- Pain in the Side
suld Breast, Sore Throaty HOSIZIWZMIN Palpitation
tactile itearOVltoopiarCough, Croup,. titres,
Nervous names, Liveritomplaint, and
- Diseased Itildney.,: aret.ratnealtr-
Dr. Slrsysker, Campoand syrup or Wild
Cherry. " - •
It is mild and pleuant to the tast, 'perfectly safe and
heretic.a in its operatious i and - yet u ts ...Me mint
powerful aiel certain remplies tor Conenmption at the
luMa Coughs, Colds, Asthma Spitting :blood, - Liver
Complaint, Pauli in the Side or Urea., and general
Debility o f the Constitution, that was ever ittrepled by
the Skill of men Inc the. relief of the- aelictedp9blic.
Certificates end endences of its worelerthl mutative,
powers are daily received from all quitters. it is im
possible to conceive the aggregate of suffering and mi.-
ery; that hu
relieved or Lavished by in oar eael
we calculate the Melee. benefitthat shall imente from
it hereafter. All ages, sexes, and eonditations are
alike effected by it, earlhe disease Id eradicated from
the system, the constitution repaired, I.ll{l health Me
tered by the use of Ala. Swarex's Oommmen. Scars or
WILD Cum, How many sufferer. do we"daily. be
hold approaching man untimely gmv.wwiteil, in the
bloom of youth, train their rciateree and (need.,
od with th at hut milady, IaypicROXPTION, *Lich
ve.tes the miserable sufferer maul I he - la beyond the
Power of hum. If SUM wavers would mfty
make a trial of Dr. H.q.'s Conrpound Syrup of Wild
Cherry, they would Ind themselves sooner relieved
thou by piping the various ineffective remedies with
Which our newspaper* abound; this 'Vegetable Reme
dy, heels the ulcerated tangs, stopping profuse night
Sue., at the same little induce:gen./nil and healthy
expectorate., and the:patient will soon find himself ie
the emoymettl of comfortable health. The public should
'leaf in mind that Dr. San.n< is a xeular practising
physician, and ha, had years of expefievee ft, diseases
mf the Lungs, Cue., an. The fonOnel erul °fly)
11C. auntie ouly prepared DM SIVAYNE, N Sl, cow
fter of Eighth's. Race strems,Philadelphia.
; Wall the c urgs that hes ever been ieconlact, we may
safely say the annals of medicine rani. (.... to
Surpass ti.ntelech now stand. as a hying proofof the
vurnbility of consumption, even when hie bad been
;despaired of. Dr. Swarm's Command Syrupof 'Wild
;cherry i. oil it professes to be, the greatest medicine
!in the known world.
Via T i ce Riches of Lift is Ned& -
Swartri—Denr Sir,—For she good oldie pnblith
feel . myself in duty bound to reality to the great cure
ler Midi your Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry perform
vd on me. blur my part, I reel es if every body might
;lo know it. I Was altlic.ll with a violent cough, swi
lling of blood. night mews, hoarwnem, and sound of
'the voice indicating an alarming awn of llus disease;
lany'appethe was gone end my stredeth had so bar Mil
ad me dint my friends tmd phyeicien were permeated I
could not survive many days. My sister,..who weedily
'noxious caredaker, made toduiry where she would be
likely to procure the most cenain relief 'She was told
that if Dr. SwaynelCompound Syrup of Wild Cherry
failed in Secure, my fits was Men hopeleu. Your
Medicine WM imatedintely'procured ; end the first bat
tle gave relief, nod by the time I had 'commenced the
sixth bottle, my rough hml !Mime and my strength was
Much improved: Iu has made a perfect cure
of me, cud I at this present fit. WI hearty aim. as
wait, and have good reason to believe that the use of
your medicine has saved me from a precast.," grass.
I shall be pleased to give soy information respecting
my can. I hißuys.,
sisterat, between race sod Vilte Mg, nibs.
Cousamptives, fiend: Rend:: Dr. Swayne's Compassed
Syrup of Wild Cherry.
In abbut the year 16,17. I found it necessary In thy
Professional practice, to compound a medicinal prepar
tion for diseases of the cheat and Mg', panelizing
more powerful healing properties than nay other hith
erto known for such diseases. In toy COMPOUND
SYRUPt/P WILD cumty, I have been no suc
cessful: The truly astonishing cures clfected by my
medicine thee spread its thine abroad; for it owes none
of its minces. to manufactured newspaper NM or the
ged certificates—She real intrinsth mews of my com
pound r the only cause *fits popularity. Its extenaive
sale soon excited the envy of certain 'peculators in the
ethic/thus of his fellow creatures, to ninth to that in •
few years from the time that toy preparation war nitre.
dined to the public and In great demand, a firm in thin
city, hiding that my preparation'had gained a high
reputation for Its Cithsththe properties ' ', came out moth
what they called Dr. Whim's /alum of Wild Cherry.
This re/amble and Popular physician find no more
to do with the article than poor Sum Patch. The name
of la Wistur is attached to make it appear that this em'
thent practitioner was the original taverner of the prec
parauon,• such is not the fact. The above Linn, the re
al inventor, sold the recipe and
.right to manufacture tel
some patent medicine dealers Cincinnati for the
West and South, and suiother in New York for the' East,
who afterwards, it is wizened, sold out to a druggist in
Lthaton-lio the number of hands into which it may have
changed is an enigma.
In tome places they assert it' emanated OM 'a phi- -
"cian in Philadelphia; in ahem, from a phyaiciui
Musubusetts_ So it has falsehood' and' swe.tageu
stamped,'every feature.
There have been a umber of other Preparations pur
porting to contain Wild Cherry put out mew from the
nds of inexperience, which the public should guard
against, as they conta in none Mille virtues of the Wig!.
• al and only genuine preparation, which/ma the im
munise of Dr. Sways on each bottle. The present
manufacturers of their pugs and false echificates have
Wu daring elfrontuy to caution the public against pur
chasing my medicine, the only truly genuine and origi
nal preparation of Wild Cherry before the public,.
which la proved aalisfactorily by the public records ol
the Commonwealth of Penasylvania, as well al van.
ous o th er official documents. DR. IL SWAYNE,
Inventor and sole Proprietor of the genuine Com.
;wend Syrup of Whildi Cherry, corner of Ughtlt and
Race Ricca, Philadelphia
pamphlets can be obtained gratis, seeing forth an
array of testimony that willconvince the must !Wept.
oil of the vrondertid.virtucs lk Swaym's Compound
Syrup of Wild Cherry. Call and get our,.that all may
resid. Purchase the medicine, and an OM.. •
For sale, wholesale tied rebel, by the Agents.
NVM THORN, &1111atket le; OGDEN & SNOVCDF.N,
Cotner Wood o.dlXtetty atie S JUNtIS, tit/ Liberty
tt, ti rAIINFSTUCt. & ' Co, comer ut 'Mee and
%X...! said Sixth unl tVoodi and JUIIN
Allegheny eity. •
' Great SonUsk Itsimedlys
VOR Costabs,Colds, Asthma end Consumption: The
HERAT AND ONLYHEISIELV for the oure of the
above diseases, is the HUNI/ADIAN BALSAM' OF
LIFE, discorcrinl by the celebrated Dr. Buchan, of
London, Englwi, and introduced into the United Stales
under the innamhase soperimendeure of Ma lase-Mgr In
The extreortheorr success of this medicine-, beaks
cure of Fulmoriary diseases, warrants We American
Agent in whetting for umannent the worst possilAc • ea
ses thax eau be found in the community.,eases that seek
relief sit vain from any ofihe common remedies of the
day, and have been given up by the most distniguished
physicians as confirmed and incurable. The Hunguri
an admits bits cured, and will cure, the Moss despentie
of caws /t is no quack metre/a, but a standanl Eng
lish medicine, of known and established efts:ley:
Every family in the Visited Slams should Ea 'supplied
with Itueban's Hungarian Balsam of LiM, not only to
counteract the consumptive tendencies of tha climate,
but to he used as • preventive medicine its nif eases of
colds, coughs, spitung oi Mood, pain us the side and
chest, irritation old soreness or the lungs,•brochitis,
didtoolny of broiling; hectic Meer '
night sweats newt.
aummn general debility, asthma , iiiduensa,wbouping
cough awl ul
Sold in large bailey, at St Per bottle, with full dire,
duos for the statorsauu of health. .
. .
Pamphlets, containing a Masa of English and Ameri
can ceriiheniCs, and other evidence shouribg the on
et:wailed- me ins of ibis great thiglial: Remedy, may be
°Whined of the Agents, gmtubmody.
Er cola by B A FAIINESTME & Co,. corner of
eta d IVood and Wood and Gib els. mare
We hahe been informed by Mrs. Rose of a eine per
emended's.. by Dos Jortioe's Altarative, winch
Proves its superiority over every other remedy of the
kind. She has been ullliete4 tor the last siziten'years
wins ulcerations and enthlimion of yarious honeylo•
thwine!, nine many meet+, have been dialitihrged nom
e stoma! bone, ot the esanmea,from both her . arms,
wrists and halide, and from Loth legs, and from the left
fe.eural bone, and Nuns 00 right knee; braider painted
oa leer. , on other parse of her permit, whieh hove .tialtled
the skill at a number of the snort eminent phyaicians of
our eil.—dunng most of the titan her sagest:lgo Baer
Intent exermaling and deplorable. About three mouth.
lance she was induced to try Dr..layne'a Altera:lee,
which has had an mluienhingly happy tab-el upon bet',
I.y wiunvitig all pant 1.1211 11WCillOrI v and vaulting the
urea.. to heal, while attire same lime her general health
bur become completely remoiegoui Omaha new Weighs
ti Ibr nuire. Wan the dirt before she commented the toe
of ibis truly eolaaolt. prepatiou.-4Ell Eve. post.
For ember inferraanothingeire of him. Role, No. IIM
Filbert Philadelpies. h
For role in Pitlahhrgh, at the PEKIN TEA sruRE;
72 Fourth at. near Wood.. • . l• 1 ' lys
Se i it N Zl2l N
ied forma
whether in that of King'. ei mla. is ill its
largemehte o . the
glands or honer, lloitrak-White Swellings, Carona
Rheumatism, Canscrolwenses of the Skin or Spine,
or lel Pulmonary Consumption ; emanate from one
and the tame cause, which tea poisunoia principle
more or Ica inherent in the human syrtern. There.
fore, usdem this principle con be destrojcil, no radi•
cal cure-can be effected, but if tfic principle upon
which "the disease depends, is. removed, a cure
mast of necenity follow, nu natter under what form
the disease should manifest itself. This, therefore
is the reason why , JAI' le so Wei
elleftelalli, in removing en many malignant
diseases. It destroys the vires'or principle from
whico those disease. have their Origin, by entering
into the circulation, and with the blood is,conveyed
to the minutest fibre, removing every particle of
disease from the evatem. Prepared and sold at No.
I; South Third Street. Philadelphia. '
Sold at the Pekin Tea Store, No. D. Fourth stone.
Pittsburgh j inch3l—
LiADIES Who Use 0011=00 Ptcpared ., and
often not aware how frightfully tajaiaitia 't IS to
the •kln! how coarse, bow rough, how sallow, fellow
and unhealthy the Am appears after aihng prepared
caulk! Beside*, it is inta nous, conlaiiiipg aurge roan
tity at lend. We have prepared a bematifill vegetable
•racre, which we calf J0d.11^..4 giPANIII LILY
Wl{ ITE.! It is perfectly ineocent, tieing parifiedof all
deletermot qualiticsrand it Imparts to the shin'. nate.
ral,healthy, alabarier, clear, living' white, itthemaxie
time erring as a rennete on the Ain, eliding It toft
. . .
. . .
Dr. James Anacreon, Dietetical Chemist plitLiseii
humps. gave "Mier malyeinglomeatspaniett UM
White, I Grid It pmeesece the mmt bearnifin .nJ nata
nt!, at the was. aime Moment whim I aver .9, • I
annuity east utnteienUenialy recommend ets Aeg to•il
whose skin requires beautifying..
, . .
~pp trine IS emit a boy. ' . .
arthail by W at. JAelitlON, at tile falai and Shoe .
ettorc,la Liberty sheet, head of Wood,' at the si gn al
Ladies, ladles, I'm astonished, - ,
When you know that yea aro promited
A nettoml,llle-like, snowy white, •
That yoa wilt still ase common chalk, '
Aud look a deathly yellow fright,
The theme of laughter mid of talk.
If you would aw a Lou of JUNE'+lallysil,tt e, i
would give your sktu an alabaster yet natant' white,
and at We same time clear And iesipin,E U. Sold at
JACKSOPIttoII Lltivrty at Pllce =intim per box.
• aIYA:
VEtri W. FIELD otters for ink at the loactu
lJ litanufactarrrs• prices, a eery attentive IL.OII.
•ut of PAPER, earaprieiag 'every µmink variety,
adapted lathe wattle Cl automates ta all an• of the
country. Paper of all kind. made to roller at .Lon
not oc.
Itiv . itock 11l MING 'PA PER is anim:ally lore
a partor which is of verysowlity.
PAVER,.aAKYLL ZI superior A
of peen, darerifaion i kkpolleti lad kept eemstuntly 00
lian.4 viz: reltingaoVltE Cloth, riairdrinier Wires
'theuetting Powder, Ulae Ultrataariar,Tvirine, e.,lte
Canvass, Bale Rope. Grou Hope, "
purataved, for
paid IV%IY
T. Sense Italian Chemical Maim. 2 -'-
L'Olf all kinds or emotions arid discus. of tie Skirl;
it such as Punplea,llloiches,Sali Pheasants ray, neat
Naito, chapped or cracked Skla r and for all other
sea Of the tikith which rtquire cliental rerucdret, tlus
Soap sinidrucparalled. It also dispels Freckles, bsw
burn, alorphow,Tarb and chaoges the color of dart;
hellow;or dialogued skim, to Gee, heathy, youthfel,
clearness. A (nab sapply,'warnulted rusts; and kr
sale in the redsenl price of 37. A
per cake, basjast been
nieeived, is offered we sate by by COCK it
4.•,eoraitt Ilt and woof awl she ttrp cormi of sixth
•nd wood • 4110 .
. 1.3 eager ' ,• WM B WAGE,
MAN' beta balms ramie, mod-
TillitarllßßlT •
Com:ifmptira, ramember skill 17 ii Thimpaom. , .. •
Campo:is/1d Syrup of Tai icra:WicPAirp.
• lokids •it daily
tuna ,treeting such re.: :; . - • ;
. •
Briodads; spit Amt Brood, •
Elmosenom Palpitttios ed . the •• .
. Ilcut, baton Cookh r niris,•• ' •
• awl Daramd nther, at. , -
berme °felt eputiona mistariAaf Ter ea
• N. A P
rt.......—Z` s; astoahhhii. brie& I •
time experienced Crate the 'Wi r e JO. COKOMMLI Op
bar anditkapthe waders it =Taut, tO job's pato at it I ••
bad been kiwyrillicted with eery Wit cough, many et were '
peat in withcrent oppateetatte drilmorY Weed.. •
sing end law of appetite, Ilan memo re others without .
effect I became Merened e l herid yotA auelicior, but be.
ing . averse to axing MA ordieiess, I theught I •
adhere to abet I hod •beew no. Fiedois lope
ening warm. • bind peesieded am to 507 k;bottle of your .
prepanumn, sayieg ebe owed'hie likto ea velars lim
sedately procured • bottle and mantiebeal meet st, awl be..
tors I had tam two kith; / was eumpletely !wattled to ' •
entry the the bated of othris I. le •• brief
bat ,: •
statement Any La th er itiptizies GU be made at ml nie.
dame, l Cathemoe mac. • • -
Mill another . iteniarkrilet Cur .
1645. •
About six years tines, inetteweireenee . ' •
arum of my amines, I erm whetted with mean puns us •
the brims. pelpiteleou of theeari end tharbeem of brea th ,
'Meth were mew ho t
by the &lure
wakethlatio at alibi end penal parmysis at mylimba—thrie • ,
mamas of deranged opines being fieeptoitly Attended •
with epitting . of blood. Fee alma two yam I wee uteneke•
ally throw. ant cartaleiam, which loft wet la n asiverebLe
state of tritteuees and peps to Whet -y t• •
le goy oulreriap mot ann. lemirrienstA
they thentwed to wieleW &vet, midrib. ithaacie of tne
ilymptoms wen lo totaled, Rea whole yew. I we.
unable to ettend ula . my
la d
all Durioy this time tioasuit-
ed loom hbleptlyomens lad attended to .thcie pemeriptiumw
bat elf their skill rem o r
to pima. me MA
et Imigth they rqud.k.y reemay Menthol) hope kee la •
this erudition I , erns beamed bulb.. mma, eta* et • -
11.0euee's Compound Elyrupuri mend Wow! thi•l•bil..i• •
C••• metweltets under to nam p end dame. I bed gin. u,
a • .0.4 o f toy genet heal& by bum
Maly rimagly whined to try tide maid., I ape '
keen pounded pm. to du m e end I Ware now to 'ny e
Wit by the meembottlesmy health bakes emonekned •
lam 1/0... la attend bbusnem!yith es made' balky •
usual. HENRY haunts.
• of Diekiasoo Teem*. •
: - Prepered only by ANGNCY A. .DICAki!N a:: 4 I R
Walker oth'ilth and Spruce deeds . •
Sold by L., WILLOXiaIi.• A - 14,
!morally. Rat 50 eta, at mon WIC*. -Set
D ,7 I ArTiON. Beware of imitation, mute ernthem The
omit Compound Syrup - of Ant (co.. mew bat etteettimel
agents, em of thaw !burs the mospicion id dean iu •
?ILLS are becoming co umeetually popular
Fog, Because they mre piipated by USNB
dy hiniaelt,a regularDrugt'ult,.Bhaisust nod Phial-.
Cl= of Philadelphia, who knows the -113111 M, the
quality and eberae,terut th e Medicines need in Ma
pills and their adaptatian to disease, -
Second,' Became the public eke takb them will
greater confidence than moat other pills which are
prepared by persona ignorant both or meilicine and
• .
Third, - Becarlie . ofWair nabined.elk claißmPol
ties not contamed in any other Olin, nainety. perg •
tog from the stomach and banes allunhealtby nun.
stances, and et the tibia time' norifynnethe blood
and end& body. •
Fourth . ; Because they ore 'the cheapest and bait
medicine known—a aingla boo costive' bat ID canto;
and eentaining 40yilla aavingliinemenia ea many
dollars ofttimes DOctor's bills; and UW13010411
medicines bought & tried on the recosnmendalsori
' Whenever you have OLCUiOII to lake any:medi—
cine, do lot be trilling with vosn• .c.olialitutiou by
trying all kinds 01 "pillow ether media:ma jou se* •
published nod reCOMISICIIdeIi by ooe and another but •
take at once_
. ••-•
.IL. Liid3e Swapmillgßlood
,you will nor base occasion to lake anythiag
else. ...'rhey Will always be lkond goodin almost all .
worms ord Immo, Inflamation of thebtomach, bowl
cis, liver and Catalina.; cramps ul dm stomach;
colic, Watetbiashi laniard levem, .foil breath, bad
Lute to the month, Soar eructations and . acidity 11l
the shinned, costiveness and indigestion, want of • •
appetite,Libioaa affections, diseases of the molten
nod kidneys, Macau, of- the skim, scaly; eruptiond
day and watery pimples - or blinchmi tif.the lace am
body, tatter, mati,pncklet aadaalt ihnem, head
ache, giddincsa, lemtgeat , Conn oicr 'ttle . heartiol
the breast, sides, along the backiind vim, .
Ilan and gout, Maenad all kinds, somllics: San°.
laid. mcuals,mroful4eryiiipetas and to Mori they
ore good in ail thseasca having their nrr e se in the
stomach, liver, and intestines, and iimianty of the •
. ,
uy'rwentys.Gre cent. a Road
Sold Who[(sale. and Retail by B. A. Fahandoek
& Co., corner of Pint and Wood, also coxii,er of
Sixth and Wood atreeta.
sassuaiabil TOOTII PASTICo
, !. • IMRE= DEXTZItICL , • ,
We tare, itoAvenin6 the
breath, ke. It should be Jed c ite a add
'broth, and the teeth and
IV wall only requite a sligh
warble& in the morality. IVet the brush 'with wawa
waer. ur cold will blamer, and rah It. icor Omen On
tee t h aste, when enough will adlidlte firr re.sening rho
teeth. It leaves. delicious /awe the month, aud sin
paeanLIWIL delightful fragtwec to Ilse breads. It sHadd
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