The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, April 25, 1848, Image 1

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AN'iet LAPIIA k mid Lea th er Deal.
I , =.l t : ‘ , N rr r ie, Moira ' rah, K. Leviek k
Pkiladslpkik. • •
Coadipsmeati of Western Leather. sacked and lib
eral &deserts made, if 'required. • rAt,aq.,_
ATWUOD, JONESi C 0..: Commission and For..
warding Merchants, basil rotarned w their old
wand, Water and Flout moots, Pittsburgh. °colt
- Daaus.a. Rex Wholeule rad Bead Drug.
j), guos, mow L.lbeny , rad tflahr strecui;
borax, 1.4 i • marl
.. ctek • s.
ID it WN:. 4, CULBERTSON, Wholesale linnet+,
andeiraraciesioo Mraclons, No. 145, Libeny
• .6. Ps. deally
T)A1.141.1.8Y 14. }WITH, WhoFoleslo (:racer., .and
.LP Ai Wood street Piusborgi.
I '
r / A. AtuANULTY A' Co, Vororapliag and Com ,
V. sabayon Nerebants,.Canal Basin, Pataburgh Pa.
MY cossassi, sons v. moms, ILL R.
lOLEALAIS, HAILhIO4I, t Oa, Idanufasuiters of
%,/ Carriage Donnas end Asks., A. IL and Spring
&mil, and Boater? Coach Trisonsingo of 0001 y de
satiation, manufactory on St.. Clair st. Wareham 4a
Wood st, opposite lit. Chaska Ifotel. • midi
'COWARD . HEAZLETON, Wholesale. Gower, east
Oda of Diamond, ildol do= from Diamond Alley,
Wuhan!, my4_
swat. • 3COM onuasr.
I'WVALTk GIIIIIIAFPC Wbolambs timer., deal-
Xi ass ia Panduca and Pittsburgh llanufacturea, cur.
Oar ad Liberty and Hand sta., Pandargb, Pa. - tabl7
11.171131.1101.&' bIiNNETn gate Ent„lialY
*Li Wholecsie Wooers, Communion and lfor.
w rderchruns, and dealers fa Produce and Paw
burgb mow, No. :a tvw.s et., between dd and
L mom, _l gnu. • main woo.'
cYrtigt, 81.1E7. & Co, Mannish" Unman and
. Conunianini lterstuints, and Agent. for Brighton
arn5,N00..57 Water, and non Front ing., Put.
BIXAM, Pima theta lianamiangt altdealer
F. la Ulatea . Inaudiatal,ll4 Wald at.,
melwar 44h.
. drl
vetz.tonum,,,r.msu t mu Lr.,meu tit Bras
anralas ,FiCcey t . Bea rrans, beteraen
sod lad Balekield farces, Yeaelnergh,
aligtest price {area far old Capper mad Braes,
max . Uksif__ — • ,r • maim Durtunr, JI B
SALLH MILKY 4 e4.,AVlkcansale tirocans, Cosn
mimics Ilettbsits, and dealers in Produut,N6,*6
Valet, end IN Rata sUecUi, IlUalrurgk. zord
. ,
six V. warn, . .
' IL L nourt.
,r 1 to. W. 81111TII k C0..,' Brewers, Masters, ml
Ur &Wets ha 'llopa, riusbargh sad Point itrawries,
i Ivan and Pig Oa. , • • .. , l4.
101 6 91 Y Wit
e rit u r, i %Vblte and Rai
ritataht"b"; earner
T Bevan; emtifying 1636116301 M Wh016.63
J' a
4/fealer in•Forciga" and Domes= Wines and
gno, N. 114 liberty screei, and 63 166Ficanl'Alle
vs f
Iltubargh, PA. • • , '1117421.
011 WC Tiataer.nt Ga J 11
gess'. IrossWorks, Patatiorsk. Iron ,Ronanteinrort
getting Rolling Mill - Moamar/ al Pittsburgh, d re s i n =
apoedally landed to call. • • ;.
Tuning done with ...wawa and despatch, &Iwo
4=4 ' , Ne G i roM 4 'erri Pt , Ita n rlea M ran .'d s s,
21ind street y mar Wood, Nations!.
avas A.I fivretusori, ca , soceix:Q4 to
'Lewis Ilatcn CO., COPICILIEDIS itkrhoots,
and Agents of We Loololitent Soot Winery.
halt , water mut in llnnl atleeU, rawaugh. : •
71 . Alerchan . tor, I.z' change Buil
-10_41; ?A: Clair a... Pittsburgh. .
Vholssate Grocer, Pro;
our('Wood n,. docciind
polo .b. • • I.M :-•• •
JOHN MOBA.II.N; 'Minlmola Lhoe! issy rt, deal
er in Dye Pronta,Mils, Von. k4n,
Waal Wee, ono door youthof nu... F. 44
AMES KERB, Jr., Co., (socee.or to Joorrlo.
U - IkWia,) w.f.. 0e21 ....
iiom MiLLOR, WT. - dotal; rn;dlt;:titii4eitier
io hlolje andldosienl. Inatromeots, taioan,
PKrrili'lateo,intrel Pe., Willa, Primer& Cards, tool
iltintooory gesterally,No.nt Wood st,Pinaltirgto. '
...11.y.11496n t+sta or taken io trade.
SC:6OOI4MAKER t w., Wholes4a Drugs!sus,
U • N. IA Wood suetet, klusbutgb. /
1."2!,',??.w" 4 ., roTiscrAnt,t4l .4 For;
duithhel4H,)Hauagisosis How : _
OHN D. DAVIS, Auuioueer, ar ah 210 Wood
tOsco ) Pittsburgh. - • '
.IOHNSTON Dacklatelleci, Printers
t 1 and Paper fdasimittetureF N 0.41 hiatlf.ct
L BEADS Dciok Saar:, 4th, mat Alßae' street,
Classical, TbeologicAl,llisturleal, School, alisfel
'Amon, and Methodist Its acid ikailontry.
JT ROISERDSOfiI t Co., Bankers and Eleasage
. Broken, tornai of Vaal and Uti sta., Nembutal's
hotel BalaLass, Pittsburgh; Pa... :
ar-Carseeey feminized at tha asaal ntaa. mitt •
TOHN 0111E.14 W 0010404 Grocer,' dealer in Pro.
Awe, Ihusliarth Alanurat tams, Tau Mu., Le. Ike.
No. tyl4berly riulbo4l.. • 1.5
Jaz /I.,YLOYD, (Isle J. Floyd k, C 0.,) Wholesale
tl. Grote '140.193 Libeny itreet, •
TAALEhI DALY:ELL, Wholesale Caoeer, Ceesmisaion
tp Ketcham, end dealer Au :Produce and Phubutgh
No.:A Walahha s leolh
• VesievlusliralkWorka; - -
T EMS, 1/ALlkl.l, a C 4-, autautieutrers of all si
ft./ sea bar, *heel, Holler boa' sad Pisaa of the heel
Auathy. Warehoure,s4 water awl LOG from al
'• WATERMAN, Waal ...ale Gmaar,'Forovinil
, isnr and • ennuldaaion 'Merchant, Deader. its MA-
W ,t 1 Massataenasaand Produce, Nos. 31 Water at.,
-and at From •
bauskarr a tourroN;
sardiug tuul Coco-on
robs. slut Pittsburgh dlisturatures, N. U and 13: ,
W 0 . 1.4 Pillaiwth• " . mlu
NEMCEII, •Bacrnwas a co., co.ii.iod. /der
chants, Phdadelpley ins uric d produce (4
7oesallp. Agora edrancerrecede on nturogposonts.
; ..911
6 ava, Mac hat., Na: No: 1111,.5.,
Y. atras,.. • - At= xnurff,
• ALLEN p., Oasemsia6a awl Forynnliug
, Merchants, .Wm
and Erma 1., between
coal ikad Markel sti. • • • .
& ittcrErsoN, Wtolewd. Grocers trod
Croarkurion lterekants, Na. vu, Liberty sf y Yaw-
iticCORD KINO, Who Wald and Retail llat and
AU; Cap klatinfutsms, and dcakn to Fancy Fllll,
career of Wood mud 211th junt
k SON, ?kw idatket
• door Om terser of Sealers &a Foreign
eaCllomepfeSilL of Exelasage, si Dep..
it, But Notes and Specie. .
lEr Mollecdosas and on 111 , cities
• aibedlkstes. : •• • de:ell •
. • • • •
POINDEXTER k Co, Wholisale Groren sad Ow..
.1,- minim wad Fomiag kiereirsais, No. 41 Wolof
ItOREMISON itEPPEWT, Prc:ddee Dealeis aid
Conuolanlos Mesebanis, OP Second fuer,
1001IARD 1. LEECH, Jr, "wader andDealer:An
Ago VoreaMaed Doweraie Shall Hardware and
Carriage "+ ogee, efa.l, , t draeripuous, N 9. 1.13 Wood
- DiciteaßßA:alt,wrawae..4 Ronal Desks in
BloroccO, Shoesnakere Tqou sod Pad
?smuts' and Unless' Tools, sod Tanners' 0,1,
N 0.101.1 Want SL, riu.anusb.
ALfiOILIHOUN & Co4Wbolesale thoeers; Praluea
aad Comistasakit Illetetnalsouttl
vv. Atatuttseturei, No. I.N Liberty it., kitisburglit
- 10011Str DALZELL . &
While:ale (frocrid,
Coausdadou aid Forwardsng ideretukm4ditalara
Yradiea aid Ydiaburgla blanalactara, Liberty it:
itosr. A. -CUNNINCIUMII,IesiI•
Lealer io Produce; wad Pittsburg% lianufautures;
/ l4Liberly .
. . .
REYNOLIZIeSIiEr., FV‘tudingsnd Cosonissian
lisselseq, for the Allserny kiyarTrods,
vs is. Gs!genes, Psodass,. *V.41.1.6 idstuelvtiuts
OMEFORLI & (ky Ckentatakon Ide reta9ats, 1.46-
at..= OPPuut
. - •
WUITE. Molcsale Lloaleis
Ig=lll . .pd Lomenie pry Woods. No.YY WOWLL
.k — W. 7 I4AIIJIALT(.III,. Wool ilerehania, Dealers
i'km' and !halmoinstly, and Forwardaag
sad titereh: wr au,. No. Lo,l!Ors.
'R Alipdpul UTH, /1.110#.1.Er. *, I:lo,.Wbolesale Owe ;is ;aid
dowry No.= flasket wee:, als between
wed Ilk Nokb ttido, kinibdostpit....
...-...---.. , nO.S .
0... IHU. ,,, (Siiii - iasoi to Hill k &mamma Irepot •
. . wt. .and. itanefacuacr of Paper :Hefts/44..1dd
Ms, and &mkt jlll.l.risiutarll/2 pria
Pe. lisc, oud 'Wrapping
impuol7. Wood' d.;. Itittalnl 41.- wimp* pa:slimed at UM ighe•t ...tam pri htegintra ce. ! :
16=r . "" . • MIN 11.10N4
NCOL Piodoco sad . (Amoral Goni
io Is whams, No: 17 )oliony riust“.3ll.
0 141smi Ltho l i l dl. ll . l LM 011. • • - .
Ct . VON: BONNHORSV & Co, Whirleielo Oro ,
. • em,.. Yontrasdim lug • ' Merehimu,
- fa•Piusbargl. Manufseblres and Wenerna Prq
!' Mr4rmared to their raw 'rumba:lll..old misn-di
No. 33, comer of Front a and Chabeery-Laue.
QAMUEL - 112. - .IOIW ronaludiug CathWitsio.ts
•. Dmkr ia Jetoduee Vsustatrith
Iscand *Odes, Caul basils r aillulti • • . gra
&AIWA IViokmalaGrocero mud Colossi..
Virgo*ll.l4.4 dulpyt ra Prix:
, rpc..; - ,.!„ria;..z.v... • .• rots
..virmi , E:.E I 3Ep - .2 AgUnt Lir Musicals eataiiri4sll
— IT ' procuring ne, at the axe of Wm. E. Atm.
tie, EMI, Nark'. dlegu,4ll. it, ynteburgh. ' hly 1100
.Su Mcgurrsi land *Ace et Wnoningant, cill snood to
Mg Marano Mae fen crimp.. 10 animus's' . ; -
. . .
. • .
. .
•• • . . . . , ..
. .
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. .
. .
. • . ... - . , .• ,
.. 1 .
. . .
. . • . • i .
... . . .
. • -
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. • .
- , ;1-7tr. , , ,,, ,.• ... - . . •
.:.eve.T'0r. ,,,, ' ,, ,, , ." . .,1.F.7Var... - ;. - Z......el
. . • • • • . . ~ .
. p ...
. , . . . .
. ii. • . ~. , —. .- . . , _
, . . r . .... . r , . - • ...
.. . .
. . .
. . ...
.." ... -'7 ' ' ...:...
•T . 4'l ' _ , ...,, ....,.,
r .
. .. .:...: . ~_:.
". .. ..,.,.. ._,.._ ..,
oz . ~. .. . I; . ,- • • -., .. -• . .
. , --. ~ ..., 7 ., , • -• ' ' J-....- ,
, . .
. . .
. ~ , . • _ V . .., , ~,,,, ~ . ,
_ . . .
. ' •
. .
..1 ,
hkrci,"‘L,valKl Front at c oerw d
Market • • IRAN
JO. P. wtea t nay= Itmamas.
.IAT ICK tc.APCANDIiFSS, Isueciarion to
Wiek,) Wholesale Grourera, , Vommiing
Commission Merchants, dealers is Iron, Nail., Glass,
Cotton Von,,,and Pittsburgh Manufactures generally,
andVatuya.treeta, Piastitug O.
11TViTiVATEAUE, 7 iii . iirifaisiiiiiiE-
T '• tee establielantent, No. 14 liberty at., mar the
WIL UARRARD, Dealer in Fanny and
. Dry Goods No.lll Mattel streni, Piusburgh..
TtV AMNON, Denier in NVatellea, Jewelry
, Niher War, Militai7 (roods, tn., N 0.57 Mar
ter at.• 000 7
11URPILV,luslesale Retisil tleiSlerin
TT .' Foreign and Domesaiat Dry Goodsolorth east
corner of Market and Fourth sta. avit
Strood•treets, Pittaburp2ahn. ' noviikify •
• TOIMI lair..
WYollniGac Co.—Dealer ln leather Mae,. &e.
10 Liberty at. .- jan.ily
VET 1111 TCHELTRFX—Wholeirde Grocer.,
VT 'o' Rectify ir4 Wing 'tr.!
Mercian!, algz,Lgullo n rio y
. rs L o p f .. .boda krit. .itats_ p. arol Il l. : ad s
1 71 g
Powder, rro. 1
OLEV. 0111#201 . 3. iota
BLACKBURN A. Co. , WAnlesale linteeta and
5../• dealers in Chß, Boat Bung and Pittelnargb ' Mau
amended unities, bare on hand, at all times, a Bill and
genentl aasoruneut axon& in their line.,Waler sueet,
nest Cherry Alley;Pollabarsh. ' anl3
TOON M . TOWNSEND, Dmggist sail Apo thecary',
0 No. 43 Markel u., three doors above Thinl Pitt.
laugh, will here constantly OA hand • will
Pomona of the bast and tresteret Aleilicin%which be
will wit on the most - reasonable Mau. Playolcians
sending. orders, will be promptly aLended to, said imp.
plied With snicks they may rely upon to genuine.
Physicians Presenpuone wilt be accurately and
neatly prepared from the beet materials, nt any heel of
the day or night.
Also for oe, a hap Mack of fresh and good - Perfio
• :PAL
; E A t 11 1.} gg i n .1 1; 9 • N rn - T;rt
Coverlet Yarn, Carpet Chain, Wags.
KING, PbTINOCh.&Ca p .
(Su — Creasers to Arbuckle A Av
A . . -, YEDOUX k. Co., No. 77 Crotal strret, , New
Ad, leans, Agents' for J.B. Armours Enatutive Steam
Bogor Refinery. Always , au lousd stock of
!sass!, Pandora:l, Cruchal, Claribul and Bastard :Rigors,
is Tierces and Darrel.. Also, Sugar Rouse Molasses.
Prices liberal, and a fair allowance snide onall aides
of Or above *0 barrel.. /- meal
IXt:O. tiarrit .k Co, kloriirerS,.Mmilstres, and
Hop 'Dealers, Piustiorgh 004 Nutt Ltnetress, rot:
. out of linker's Alloy and Peon Mach and foot of Pith;
st, Pittsburgh, P..
Bleutingsbala Liveryptable. , ~'' ••
N hoped
the large amble tp at 'brong through
to Second et, bet Wood and *Smithfield
_ evade the mar the filonotgahela Home,
Whirs. entirety new elocle of Hones and Corriere, a of
the beet quality nod leteaestylen Hones kept la live
ry in the Mat nranner. r ' , , *TOUT
T. IL /1/14101% Velencery Surgeon, can
. ... 4 , ; bcfound &dal tier. Shoeing Ealladistaccia
..,, war St Char motet Bridge, lately .ecyred
.Wm nby trte.n&cart & Rowland. - .: =Mtn.
II H. EATON Beater is Triicaringe and Variety
JC . Goods, Ta ic pas Shell, Ivory md /ions Comb*,
Wicsleu Tuna.% Worsteds; Buttner Needles, Pica,
Tspes, , Bradester., Nada Markel 'street, beta,. Dm
mend and Ghat., PUtsburgh. ' llaallY
O. 33 WOOD ow«, PkiTSOunGll.
11 A 0 .. , ei.diaed ,!..) mock from the best sour
a; both c a mera. awl foreign I take pleasure on
'anmatelng In contallie . til int. tlealF., that I hat pr o .
P . ..., 1. "" th
k ...a ..1 , Clods to my line, ea sull
muses. Lerma than
• Moyers will recollect tha' . exclalively" in
Saddkry 'lacier.. and c arri a geC 24..id6, I obimo
(hereby, advantage *al - cash. me to dog ...peas
Con.. Call, a., and Judge for yocraeleek pt 7
. .
clitd Jo* QCIOO.
•!ONielg gib ("mu
ANANUFACTURERS or spring rind blister
s hamme !ru
sod dealrs i n
n ie o ei, at p p lough steel, steel plough %ugs coach and s .lip.
leside e a s ings, lr ed giie n la m p n , , nd coach e rinring, b
enerally comer of Koss nod Frontsm.,
t., ono Wood!-All quainities of Green wed
Clark Tea., 4 , op is quarter, half, and
usie p_4 packages, ng • from :10 ear. per Found
EAU. Jp4 -A. JAYNI Agk' for Pekin Tea Co.
Butler, Pa
lEVILL also attend collection. acid - ill other basi-
F F ,toes entrliStird Whim in ..lintles anJ Armstrong
counties, Ye. &der to •
.I.llr. LFloyd, Liberty st.
W. W. 'Wallace,. do
James hlatshall, do • Pittsburgh.
dly 4p Yr Cn.,:%Yood sb ) tati7
A T CINCINNATI.-4 ant authorised by the Cover
tun of Pennsylvania to take aekoowledgmetua of
W nutriments otwriting, also snidest's , and depoub
dons of pen.; In Ohio, to be used or recorded in
Pennsylvania. Other, two doors east of the Mayor . *
Other, Cincinnati, Ohio.
auspardandwlyer Attorney at Luse.
Tu. swariett; .‘ttanTLlr at Lase , mice 3,1 at.,
g Pittsburgh, *ll also
mud promptly to Co!tuitions, in IVashingtoo, Fayette
amil Omen counties, P
P } o:
rat •T - ' •
Blacksteek, Betl /F. Co,
• Church & Cumbers, lithrtsburigh.
D. T. lflorgan,
LI. HENRY, Attorney and Councellor at Law,
. Cincinnati, Ohio. : Collect was in Southenilatio,
awl nt Indians, ,artii in Kentucky, ptinaptly an&care
fully atteatteil to. Commissioner or the State of Penn
sylvaniti,for taking Ltcpositions, acknowledgment,
ac. -• • •
Harm TO—Hon. Wta. Bell & SOn Canis, &
C•cattwka, Wen. Hays, k+9+ Will...ll2c Duet& 1125
• • . • --
W:tB. S. MELL,:Attoruess at Law, trace to
J./. /beware Bundles, Fourth rescuer drier above
met street, rittalattiiti, Pa.
U.' W. bell, Coutosisstorter to take Depositions, ic
lobe owed =Az!l other inettruste4t i s of ovi
ii7w. sortharturs, • arls. aL
11.1.1A118 tc SHINY , (successors to Lowrie sod
Vif Attorney and C 0031.110/ et Law
Othee•Notth side of Fourth street, above but Law:
- :ftbladootwly • "
Jan • •• • • I. 111411.16.0111•1• Will
DUNILCIP a. SEWELL, attorney at Law, Wets ant
hetweer, and 41, ana
EINVARTZWELDE,R, Altorniya .a:
rluta° runnel:4 them ethos Mille noeth sada o
kounh n. Letween Cherry Alley and grant inreeL
- 109F21t KNOX, Attorney at Una, Pitt+burgh, Pa.,
has rammed the smarties of kis prorrisioa to hls ot.
bee, No.; Ilakewett a, Buildings, Grant sr.. occupied,
&i nn his aasetleo, "T, Ulla= awl .1. Christy,.
TOIIN I.OALLAI7N, Ationmy at Lam, Ol
tpUh q heterems Omni end Smithfield, bomb side,
huthurgb, Ft.; Frill also latend promptly to Wiriness
WO. IL_ WaIIINSON, 'Another at Inm,laaa
4rmred hie Mike to the.Enehange 81.
Chnt et., next door to Alderman John. opl7ly
fi ILIKLANDU LOOMlS,..Asurney al LOW, oltleit—on
tit 4th streo4 abornsmithilekL • spl7ly
WUXI Asp lIARIIIn lasunaicz.!
'lrllßlnsoysinee Company of Nord. America, %armlet
ia duly, ninbarized Agent, Rm. subscriber, ogees W
snake per...sent and limited Heise gee oe propeny, ie
this city mid Is yieinitr t Oa!! 'on shipment! by the Ca
nal and Rivn.
Mem, 0 Cop., C ;, harles Topic;
Basal NY. Jones, • Ambrose IVbite,
.Fif wind Smith • • Jacob 111.Thonnui,
Job. A. Dimon,. John •R. Ned;
Jobn • • ' Mama I.l.'WoOdi
Thomas p. Cope,' ' • ' Wm. Welsh,
Runnel p.tiontbi • • Yrimles linskans,
Samuel limbs . Fa AMA, Allibono,
• ' • ' .ARrIUR G: COWIN, l'resq.
Ifir.s D. Sinnitirrn, Feel: ' • •
This Is the oldest: Insurance Company in the United
States, having been chartered in 1791: ' Its charter. is
perpentalierid (rpm _its high standing, long espere.e,
ample onstas,_aild aroidieg, nil risks 'extra has.
anklets character, it may be considered so Getting SM+
phs necessity le the pubis& , YeliddigATWOVD,
At the °abating Woos of Atwood, Jones Alb., W.
ter and Fitt streets fittaborgh.. .• • • rebid
adelphiss Fire Fists e
upon n bu r.
ilding. end merchandirn
of every description sail hlarisie Walk upon bulls or
cargoes of vessels, ;alien upon the most &ramble
tur Mee In the
Ma t t Wo of W. B. 'felines IS Fro,
No. F7,Water, neer el street, Pittsburgh.
saccess of this Conimanyainte. theestab-
Hareem orthe &terry in' this city, with Martians.
nem and liberality with 'ivtkieh every claim el them
'GA loss has been adjusted:fully the amen 111
ievitinethe confidence and patrunege friends aid
the totatuunity at line' to the Delaware N.
An while it has Me additional atlmunages.
as ininstitation among the most I/auditions rhilodei
whirl. by Me
operation' or 'its charier at constantly tucreuitig,
yielding Iricach person iniareil pis dd." 411/010 01 the
profits of, the cmopany, without Involviog bite in soy
tespoirmlillity . urhaserer, and :therefore as pomessing
the Mutest pnuemle divested 01 every *lnmate.
tam, and in its atom attratime Mins our4
1 1 , 111 1 1F ., rts i tlit .. 1 . 11twuranglbsit p. =4 0 . 1
enry deuerisluir of property, in Pittsburgh and she
surrounding ountry, on ravorshle ICt1111!. Phis rom
ping his a perpetual charier. • . .
Captal, SUMAC* pant us
Contingent, Fund ' ' • WOW
"U. C0...0f/110d and Mirka streets, Pittsburgh.
WA/DWI! NAWru, Age M.
11111 E undersiined, duly antisti.ed Agent oral's /later
kw I , lre Insurance Curumity'of rbilMelplita,
'continue. to street insurance assinst loss or dammo
nainst, lire, on badithigs, aterchandizeOltrititura bud
property, not .tini Lam Nous, io this 'city and
.bpi{ , SAX/ tMlillltAN, 26 want JiL
•1"E VUSSCRIBER. Igo. a... wow., Agna PK.
t..... of We Cousin Cantonal .1 North Ammo.
and will Iwo Yotioieilusd attend to the owes lamina.
Cf dog Agony. at do or orahouse of Atwood . Jouc• at
o. spill ; .W. 1.1. Y. JONES, watont
'Toenail'. Ladies• Seminary.
M -
R. N. W. METCALF would announce to the °W
zees of Allegheny and vicinity the intended tee
moral of his school from the center of Sandusky and
Strewlserry streets, where for the last twelve months
he has been teaching. Urt and after Apedict he will
occupy rooms on Federal street in "Coloande Itow,”
2d door .front the bridge. The Academic' Year will
cdnsist of two sessions of five months each comment.
big on the first Monday In February and September.
Mier Or Tenter PIA Sterier Or tier ittreldi.
English Deportment —lucluding Reading, Ortltogre
phy defing, Writing,: Englen (hammer, libel.
tie, Legit., English Counemition and Criticise( Geo
grephy, History, Arithmetic and the higher branches of
Mathematics, Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, As.
thattootY• Maul, Physiology, Geology, 'menet:ad
and Moral Science and all other braneltesirequisite to
a thorough English education ' Sat
Classical Department—lncluding the Latin
Creek and Freuch.languages each an additkemi
charge of MI 00
The servicm of eintipment Teacher. ate setated for
inch as may desire to receive nodule tionsin drawing,
painting, cad mule.
Thom dmigning to enter will find it for their interest
to do m or near the onenii(g of the sessitut as plasible;
. yet pupils will he reeemed at any time during the ses
sion and wilt be charged at the (shove 'Dees only from
the tine of canine°. -No deductions will be made for
absences except in eases of protracted illness.
Any information which may he drafted will be cheer
fully communicated to those who call opiin the instruc
tor at his moms. jazdly,
Reference may also be made to the followilig gcnik•
F. Dale, Allegheny, lion, C. Shalir.dlttsb'g.
Rev. D. - 'Rev. D. %Riddle, e
Mr. 11. r. Schwartz, " Rev. r .
CLASSICAL and Cardwell-hal - Boarding School
far Days, on the Ohio Rawl, 11 miles trout Pin..
a . So li". e i r o tUia T a%llWitn - ..:!, - . ' n 'fi ve.ll:,,
May I, 1842. ' •
TERMS—Bottiding,Valti ' , 'Washing, Fuel, Lights,
de., per session of five meal, ' 87.5—0ne half payable
in advance; th e balance at the close of the session.
Book( and Statiousty furnished when requested, at
the expense CT the pop. All clothing to be distinctly
marked. Pupila (urinal 'heir own towels. it is very
desirable that all shobld be present on the first day of
the 11.11i011.
to- Fofurther panic Mem, inquire of the principal,
at U e Academy.. of Ale.n. John Irwin & Sons, Pfo
II Water etreet;Pittsburgh. • • apllbthire
rrnl Inititution, under the supersisiou of and
Mrs. Bo.hom, is mill open for the reception of pu
p., and will be combined at the same platoon Liberty
street. In no...neenif some changes having taken
place, a few Tecancies have °evened, and those di:sir
:oW of placing their daughters under their care Would
do well to mate an early. application. For mhos. See
circular, or apply to the PnnmpaL spit
Td Coainta7 Merchants.
A LARGESTOCK of Selma! Backs, Paper, Bastion
asy, am, suitable tor country sales; lanong; 'which
Writing Popen, of fine, medium and common
Letter Paper do do do do
Note Paper do do do do
Note and Loner Entrelopes
Slates, Pencils, W niers, Quills and Steel Pens;
Window Paper (yard andel plain and printed;
Bonnet Hoards, unlitferent qualities;
Blank Books, in gems variety;
Family, School and Pocket Sikhs;
Cronu,nurilisurt, and double crown snapping paper;
JecHeiken Eclectic Spelleraand Headers;
Hay'aplectic Anthatetio;
Cobb'. Primen, Speller, and Readers
Sanders , do ~ do
Arittaneties, by Adams; Doeis.Colburn, Smitb,:koc k
WU, Fbaersop, and other..
Geogrupoies, by hlnchell,Olney,Smilb, hlorse,Good
rich, Parley, lid When.
Grammurs,,hy Smith, Kishbuso, Ilullion., %Vela, nod
others. For wile at low pricer, by
El wood st,lidelora abbre 4th.
The higher market prim paid tar maul mixed yak.,
la cash. • a • la
C. t r. 11./.1.1:60
No. 39 South Wharves, and N. it: South Water at.
I)F.GS to inform the trade owl defiers generally, of
Pittsburgh, that they hays made micParreagentents
will. the Virginia manufacturers mid the throwers of
the %Vest, Wend Indies, and other places, at wdritouro
o large and constant supply of the following de...Op
tions inc Tobacco, which will he sold upon as arrow
modatiog terms as any other house 10 Ilan city or ctrc
where, .41 all goods ordered from them will he war
rented equal to representation:
Havana; 86 Domingo; Conn.;
Nara; Porto Rico; Peoria.; }Seal Leaf to.
'lobo; !guild; k Florida; bare%
ALPO—Branch'* celebrated Aromatic Bud Coven
di ...with a large aseurtntent of other popular 1. rand.,
nnaof pounds, 13s, ItN, 16. and 3.64,1.tup,
Sol and Plug;
.. w
1.31.33w0 Twirl; Virg
awew and plait, . whole awl hall Loses, ood
to:other with: 3
every . variety of Iwbung
tog to the , le, ju1G31133
5. AA .ET. A. 75.tf1. X. dAAIKTI.ISS.
, FLOUR ' F-A C'TORS'ir -- '
Peed sties COilminslOn wed WorsisArßlng
illsltelliNTS, _•
No. kk Nom. Morisco, Air. 121 Wars, Sr.,
Byre ro—Joho 11. bown .k. Co.
Robes! Suva isc.,e, I phit.awybi..
Ltirenill: yet & Co.
Swing, IlltM a. C o , ) .
Allen A l'eatta, New York..
Walters &Ilar,y, Baltimore.
Li gluey b Smith , llarliredge,Wilsot aCo
Bailey, Ilrorni & Ct. PS . ,iilSli
Kirr &Jones, • ,
Bg- . l.ilserat cask ailrasmes on exi s .i g . a . a ,,,, as on,
r.1:...11•111[1. MAR. rely. 7 1[;Iii,71;ATII(51
'And GI I Commission Nterthasta,
Nu. thi“ii Wsmia*inerr •
'lMPERFNlCliat—llenry Gruff & Co, Pittsburgh.
"t' . !Cannoned.
S. Schooley &Son,
A. M. January-, Maysville.
Charles Witham, Jr.,
Iliimphrey• & Cu.
Mercer, Rrn. & Co. }Philinfa,
Reed & Brother,
L'oll,&COuainery, New lurk
COMMiIIIIIOII2 and Yortrardinglierebent.
au.:u tins,u sr., rinasuiwo,
ran Manufactures and Produce, and in !receiving and
furwarding Goods consigned to his care. As Avid for
the Maismuctures, he will be cutismntly wah
the principal articles of Plitsburgli Mununictoin at the
lowest wholesale prices. Orders and consignments
urn resawcifully solicited. Pr -
S. Y. IMINWAT, L c thisimmi7
100ORTSSIOUTII, Ohio COlllll/10[31/11 and Porwanitng
Merchants and Produce Den!era—also attend to
U. Purchase, gale and shipment of Pig Iron, Coal, e.
Atwood, Jones le Co, Brown, Iladey & C.;
Lorenz, !Sterling & Co„, If enry Graff,
Crag', Lindsay & Co., D. Leech a Co„
Lyon, Short. & Co., Clarke a flaw
. p. 0.1040 n.
Lati of Nashille, Tenn.
J. D MOM.,
Late of Pittetturglt, P
an. 8 rause MAY; awry aanatierar, eularaaar i =a.
_llefer in Meatball. arnerally,in Putrintrali._ Neal
WIWILIGIALE ciaocicus '
Ire., Nan.; clilli'Vr""
I[taabe/ am erally,
swum, ra
Offer to sell at either estatdishment,all kinds antler.
ehandise, at Oa lowest ratty of Commissions, and are
sdwaya prepared 40 mate advances. The beet pirate.
reams given If required. Letters addressed to either
Loose, will be ir,!itendal 115 . . jy:Aktly
Produce knoll cemmlssloai Marehantm,
Ronrstro—Diviasori, Haulers & Co., John K. Handal,
I lagh Jenkins, Holtinsarr; M. Allen & Co, Hedgers & Ni
col., Iltuaphau Kaiak& Co, Markle,' k Whim, Pitt.
burgh; A J Wheeler, TO Shaughttessey & Cinch..
Oath taartall
iian ruOmesulm, w. e.0.m...
An Itarers et On T .
gir2tly Ltrearh paid for IlastecdrZU
_.. _
W id. 11. CLALVI4 -
Forwarding Merchant, Ursie nay 111.0E46
Attends particularly .to the Furman* of Produce,
de. id.,
Fur any informitton, apply to FOR9IIII 2 CON-
C .... dy L lLAirtut. -
, oallo
--- 7
W. T. rims.
T _
Ht. Ism, !do.
Will give prticalar attention to the selling of Pro.
duce, sad to orders fur
Hesse To—George Morgan h Co., Pittsburgh, Pa. '
haunt n. ottleetth • • NIAIPIN S. DUNCAN
Lane :u Ay ehepanl.
. tat the old eland nl rimy k tilsepasslJ
feseheille, Tense .. ea
W l o L i t, D re . p only and Isatifindsifesstt t:lke iso .11111 i
enlly. Thep burl Prep7l.7l:=ll4l m oil the depart.
wen. of Weir business ediesensly end Identlng so no
10.4 far Weir OWO OCClMl)isnpartiany. •
Melee to M. Allen, t CA, J. W. nutlet &Co, Pines
alesokuAL Nii4RCUANT•
Nos. WS and 11ft SIVTII . • aim
Ralizasaroaa—Merchaala of rillalourgh.
Wheeling, Grail;le d mija•Zhdato
• ..----21tkrita6rtup
1)111 . : have Utters au odiee duped at ely upporite to
y our burnt warehouse, for the {esalt:, whore ere
voth traisraet bookie. as usual, aim! • uew loam can
be erected, arrau t teutents having already been mode
for Pu. , Pfuiei Boris will !aways lie ill rename. at
oUr whorl to receive freight.
Coital Hardly IJh.nrr
of am fi. Reimer Wyoaung for sale. sof..
luodoOns lorms. For parfteulars enquire of
Wafer and F.... 7
M ALLTER'S OINTMENT-7 I t t g luf sale
of.M_;/,‘;40 j:4:.:1;11
L ..
0C.A . .1 & KENNEDY have t hisday ntsociatell
with them in the Ilanlware business, Philip Wil
son nod Edward Gregg. -The style of firms ill here
atter ha Lupin, Wilson a Cot Thus eanange cot on
den it desirable to close the old liusincu a soon as
possible. • All persons-whore liabilities have aturrd,
are especially requested to make ,Erninedinus aye:lent.
. Pittsburgh, Jan 1, 1549.
LOOAN, WILSON & CO . —imporlen , and
Wholesale Denten. in Foreirtt and Dorriciain Hard
ware, Cutlery, Saddlery, &e., 119, Wood sin at. Pins-
Lot-aligner now fully prepared with a rectally impor
ted stock of Iltrdware, Cutlery, &c., to' otlci very great
inducements to western buyers, being den:Teed to
compete in prices with any of the Atlmltin eh es.: &I
-&on hand an erterutive essornnent of Piusbu hilanb
ware, .siiri Shovels, Spades, roars Hoes, V es, he s,
WI or which will Le sold at the lowest maim tureet
priers. •
aTHE imbue Len baring recently mite into
Partnership under the name or Ealiaglie , ling
& Millee,for the purposeof eirrying oar e thin
and Brim Founding and Gas Fitting burl exam
all its bninchet, have taken the stand formerly occu
pied by 11. Heartens-, No. lOU Front stems,. be itTell
1 Veal and Smithfield sbs., where they are prepared to
exec-tar all orders tor galls; Brass Lhaings, of every
description, and Gas Fittings with Ovalness and des
patch. Steamboat jobbing promptly &leaded to.
r': A.
t t lltillt.
N. IL—The attention of hlachinistr and Engineers is
invited to our
e n
p r op metal, for a reduced prier,
which has been pronounced superior to blabLiVe hy
numbers who hove used both. Steamboat builders and
the public, general ly, ore ni-a requested to call and et.
ermine our superior double betion 'Force 'Pumps foe
steamboat and &cantle oar. i '
%MK partnership 'OlOl4 existing ander the firm . at
& King, wu by mutual 'consent dtsioliad
on We Ist Ind. The lausinew will be closed at the old
nand by either of us, using the name of the fttnt for
that purpose: Being desirous to dirre oar . loWloess
closed with as little deity as possible,w. would ce•
speeded) , request those indebted to end-and; sere
their accounts. JOHN rt:lrcuirm
juts • u. D. JUNO
.TOUN D. Arcola) haring o..loctated with him tur
EP brother Jain. APCord, under the style of AFOontl
&Co., will continue the Hat, Cup and Fur husiztene in
all to .1111)us bra le
nches, whoctle and retail, id the
old wand, eoruer of Wood and Oh Meets, where they
solicit a continuation of the patronage no lax mlty be
Wowed on the old firm. JOHN D AFCOII.II
IN retiring from the old and well ktuttes firm of
APConf & Xing, 1 moat respecUlly reorsnmend to
-the patronage of the public my successors, Messrs.
hPeord & Co. fatkt IL U. KISS.
E ;
IV.' STENIENR 11F. Shrenberger
e of Juniata, and J. IL Stockton of Pittsburgh; have
tot. day entered looms copannervhip ander style sod
firm of Stephens, Shoenbeeger .t Co.; at the Anchor
iron works. Wheeling, Va.. tor the purpose of Mann
factoring iron and nada of every desenptiore
klanufacture all kind of boiler, sheet, bar trop and
nails, A. It. steel efunie springs and axles. Being eon.
meted with alltoenbermir`a old Juniata works, we cart
oder All article of !natant iron (branded Ithuenheyger)
equal to any made in the enantry. All of whiewill
lie told au ilia Made:nth pricer. Warehouse oft
work•roiner of Monroe sod Water ins. 1 - 111_
Co-partnersb.p of the subscribers, 11/340 . The
Dm of Lewts Muldoon &c,
by toutuarionseta. tither et us will attend to the Wt.
dement of We heat, tool uw it. name for that porpe.c.
1 " understgned Love tho. dij' [Untied It eo-pmetner-
Atop, under the Om of !wee./ A. IWO:iron ei Co,
tor the porpoesW eo•unoing the busier. hereudare
earrie4 'on by !envie IluteLoon A Co, mid solien •
rononeanee ul the ontroune hilloleo extended to the
. JAME'-`1 A.
. . ,
fIIIIIOI.UTIOIrrho paintershtp Intbeno exist
ing nodes the style and Lon or
Tel ts this day dissolved Ly annual consent, John Ital.
:ell having idsrgiosed of his count totem. to IL %slglit
muL The Lou of the Isar fans will lie settlist by
11. Wightonsn. who 4 astshortied to ase the name of tha
late Goa fur Uses pinpoint. IL WIttIITALA.N.
speJothe Holy I '471 1. DALZELL.
Subwriber ie now mparo to amuntscw*
kinds o( Cotton and Wealen Al ornately, at the shortest
,tier. utak ratan at IL Wtchmait'snitnne Khop,or
uner liberty mad Water streets, will lace) with preempt
ululation. s . 11. wiGuTsl.44l,
Lean* W. between I , ederat and riandushrscu,
snakily Allegheny rely.
ti Itit•itlLUTlUS—fun p.tytherthitt ait.sting ba it!
IJ , the mutorrittet, eta,' the Idyl, of l'uttexterk.
ttrxs thettelttrll oat the tett. by'Nulttel totiieut.
irsethori...twxnk•su ob.auksmoss.
ti/ the catecete.
, C. 11. 1:11ANT.
rioriev,-1111•Ing purchawd the entire I Were. ik C.
Ilia late contern of Poindegtat A Co., , and
amociated any n, 7liadun Conti/eater, Will ine; the
business will tin condoned iss naval under ilia style of
rbiLideitEl dna ar.SJ R W POINDEXTV.H.
lINLVASIGNEI), doing Imienzvi under toe
name at ArtltunkA. Niciminon, at Wei. Fe,tindry Oa h.., Wm Jay, by mutual consent. dtnoF
red Weir co-partnership. Alt thew, knowing them.
Ives indenied in We tam, at,, ti-tiorined to call at
Weir wareinanw Liberty strati, 'opposite Lead of
Wood, and yule; and all having elan. against i.e...i
will plYzelll them at Ilia sante place lot aculenent..
RHIN durniuu*
Aplit 1, 19 { 3. apAdin
no.omaird themsel•e, logettex under We ran
as Jo lin Farren A. Cu., for piirpixoi of cosornumeilie
huaine.a of We Cowmen's Line," will continue 1..
,ansset a general forwaiding nod conninadon
il•aa al the old .WW at the Canalmeat.
jantltf 85311,'H71.111TNIAN.
m. Burchl..l Wr to :uterus...lllm
IN Dry 4.0044 Duque,. conducted au lb. name urtl.o
usalurzaapari, rotor, 01 Ecru rthausf-Alaricca Vigo.
burgh, au.dameurialg 4. 144, , bu41"4.4 fur
pre4eut WILL taccusulucuul Lauder lie wrlner 1•1310
Mirdl W
% ouzo; ho‘ , ^K , I!‘.
!kJ day a.wetated vont bun. John IL bl'tfuter, the Ira•
ilser bonnets rill hutearar b. roodaeted-ooder the
Imo of Wan. Young tg,:o. WILLIAM YOUNti,
Ara /\t). R. 51T1.1100,.
• Joyta••• Nape e totont.
Ssima, ColtonLiana c0.,0., r.r. 24, NAN.,
11K. D. JAYNE:4. Date tstm.-4 feel T ej and tyo.
Ajt and the iLailfleti public,lo trail morseled' this op
ofrtunity of giving publicity to the extraerdira t ry effects.
fsour Expectorant tottuyeelf. /farina been untitled
toseveral year. rite a severe cough, beenr fever
and us coneoisitantdiscamts; end seemed onlyamued
to linger out a short bat numerable ex num, and the
fall of logo, when, bong name severely attaeked.and
having resorted to all my former monistic*, aid Ma tire.
ocriptultn of Iwo of the mow respectable plsysicians , st
the neighborhood without denying any benefit, or the
consolation of surviving but a few days or weeks. at
farthest—when the last gleam of hope was about to
vanish, 1 had recommended to racyour Ex rectum.—
sod blessed by that Being who three all things in the
use of the Ines ..-and contrary to the asiwontiona of
soy phyrictun and frieuds,l was In a few do y• 'Mum!
front my bed and Was enabled by the use of a. bottle, to
attend to my busier., enjoying since better health than
1 had for ten yeses prevents.
Respectfully you., he., ' JAZ: W. Earth ,
For sal. in Ptusburgb, et the Pekin Tea Pune, 72
Fourth street. tia ra.,.
11. A. Fattrcentes., A. 7110 U., N. V.
11 . 1. Vtr
anusiOcail ta
N. W. Fanaharos
Wholesale Drug Store In the city Of
. _
undetslyned ere extensively egaged . id the
14 ru
Ithlesale Div bo th ... at No. 4t , John street, in
t e city of New cork, and are prepared to supplY
Druggiets end country Merchants with Ikons, l'ainw,
Dyc.stutis, Coral.] end Amerman l'edninery i
Mender. Weaver tc blander's Chemicals, (of their own
importation) tied ell other articles in their lino of host
ile., of a superior quality es low so they can I. low
ebithed In this or nay totem city.
New York Febill D. A. FAIINESiTOCKA Co.
Blmrhees Chrome Green
11GPAINTE/18, DUNI) MAKERS, ate—We, the
undersigned, P.n.s and Blind hinters, of tinselly
of New York, bona used nod tinned, .d arc now tang
a now article of Chrome Urn., minufartured by Ben.
K. Marcher, or this city, and find it to work well, pro
during a fine brilliant Paris Brest appenrance, with a
nape for body, iiiiiriceononrod it to our brethren
iu the tmile 11l ht every particular the bolt Clinope
Worn we have , over usitd.. New York, June I, 47.
induct/ byai finnan( pose:eat p.n.. of the city of
New York. Thin einerlutiliol Chrome may ho
loulof R. K. BELLPILS,..No'S7 Wood street, who law
the exclusive agency lur Mit, in Pittsburgh. anurta
A Flue Bet of Teeth forr2l3 Cants.
1;111118.—TeHaw and tinheallbY teeth, mdse
th y once or twice cleaned with Jones' Aral... Tooth
Earle, have the appearance audio aunt bcauttial ivory,
and at We same W. vii. su perfectly innocent and ex
quisitely fine, that it. constant doily use is highly ad.
vinitartms, even to 11101111 Pah that arc in a good rap
&nun, nimug them a beatnifiri polish, and preventing a
premature decay. Thom atnudy decoyed It ;nevelt+
from becoming worse—tt also faster.. such as arc be.
cmunig boos, and by penreverusee it will render tho
(ultimo tint delicately white, and MM.' the breath de
liciously sweet bold by Whi. JACKSON, oft LthenT
street. mmra
A fi t;t:tl,;
ou, no alarmingly dal 1 leafed deth
would detere result. a ;Maine lownltil Me guoil egret,
of Frilisiestoeles Venuillge wleis adanotinerrd to the
children of ray neu/ Miura, and think it g my child sing
hawn wutionilrom saints tlor syritidents, gave it one
and a ball waspooniul tbe Yew:Mace, and to my
great ostoiliihmeut it almost actuedniely discharged
I•Clireltli 350 and WY , large arena , la health wan wino
resuiresh mot it now rwmarillablyvvell. Previous it,
taking rho Verartiuge t Rae worn, would occasionally
rise to di thrust, and 1 aka timed it would dm Intro
atrangulation. J 48.11. 11,l1Vr4tt.
Timmins, Yeariago ro, l'o., Apo/ 3, '44. 01.13
• Popular, boesuse I/own
8 Et tf. tf rA SI II.V fi ED / I N
COOL Sexism, Jederain Cet pa, March
MR SEL/XAS--I bare lowly roW &lobo Ver.
mtfulle „„„icaoght!propyowoot oto. Your Ver.
slump, irivilibout oaceptioa IMP tailrace idereo lotion
ne ignhorhood, having proved gime wherever used—
The cosier Syrup and Oils tare alai givers
islictiou tour ohl J luCJlT.Emtiourster.
Prepared and sold by E 4111.4:11$, 37 %Vaud at
sold by Ur Cassel,:ah Ward; It SI tarry. Alleghenyt
by JciaritlisTernperaueeville. • marl
111‘111 IN vAialet ANL/ IN PANlR—Wlnlorro At.
r row 110•11L1134 reorder. • 4.31t50u• stud Isi•114
yulthth“. towd, Latch •01/01 tam. 0.0.1 ualbaNumaeb.
aW it naw not 1.3 r rctemult mkt by the sae•lty
prefer...lvo to Crud, 3440. 133.104 ur ylnu A,3„.
How. a. to W. 4/e1.00•1•1 00•00.• 01 00
••114.1, awl s4o o l.oo.lllo.enteg and•ththothothr 1,1110
ISO 101.14.1 •
Fur sale by a I SELLEILS,
57 wood in •
atTlllB establishment long rind widely known'as
being me - 6f the most commodious in the city of
'blower; has recently undergone very ersen•
sire alterations and improvements. Au enure neM
wing Las been added, containing numerous and airy
alegung apertments, and extensive. Lathing
'lke lushes'. &Nutmeat Las also been eompletely
reorganised and hued up in a most 0.114100 and hewn.
Col style. In fact the whole arrangement of the Boone
has been remodeled, with a single eye on the part or
the.wo o rimors, towold. the comfort.and pleasure or
their Germs, and 'whieh they conSdently assert will
T he ir Chang e comparison with say H otel in the Ullllll3.
table will always be supplied with every sub.
strudel and luxury which the market atords, armed
opp a superior style. while in the way of Wines, de.,
there'll] not be suriassevl. •
lir conclusion the proprietorsbeg trimly, that nothing
will be left undone on their part, and on tW.part of these
almisbuits, e to raster thi
sod s jlotel wonky the continued
e ' s t ,gr,,,Pe2gracetiliO the'
' /mites' Ordinary, - t 'Bl,7spee day,
Gentlemen's ...a • 1,5 a .
Pf.,ll.—Tbs Mame Wagon of the Hamm will at.
way* be Anted at the Car. sad • lireastboat Landings;
of at
will convey baggage to pad from the Howl, free.
clactsx,m, Ono.
lViCsobpelibcrsiwitufzgzl the /retire
iaterrestof CoL P.AVI hue ar this
Meld fr twin estabilehteest,ber leave to dareto
ien Area
ds sad* paid= orterally4, that they have
hike* Osts ermucalimalhael for 414.192 of reers,and •
vrillicaert their ben .ftterstes ro! make it a desirable .
boost** Truant:re esdCitylleiuden; !
Tim lime{ MI swiou earl tedmitahli . Pburtled for
cousimikocedight sad air r itaviet a eambnr of Pariers
to chambers, merectirm umuntel ettrestiOns to
Ilsa present proprietors hating hal ILO expeilepee
of yet= kaskis els , and elsewhere, hope thersill be
able p'g sewed =LA= uon, =mg deteratuanl
give soliivi m
de4 Wean= lathe home ale=
Itetbseation of the Pearthltreet Boa= ts uneceetoll-'
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envelope= Qat it Is aosslly desirable. Tit.V*Lit•
ontatuouOlDWlMY kletttimmem‘er_rrtue.
beerthos, Lt Lem by the the Post Mie s the,
Numb , Ilan, Odd Fellow , * Jill, and baton Wotan
dies* lisein aril Iwo *gm= Mao the 01'
Mimes =ls Oberina the greatest indolent:netts. <spec.
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IMIL qdendid and Osman liotel v eingantly
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Can saints oCanationnu ate al all wawa. 'reserv
ed Cot riN jwain, of inpatient ohms, and az.
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Lela boitl UMW - •
TM locati in avatadAtad Ana4threensrand b. sino
runwdkinnt to the - daPat• and -Inodiuds, at-v.1414km
enaction and poners hated , ace all time. in
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F'ii~4n r~+a~o:a a+ll
conga or csorreaat sr. ci,sgsgrk, ryyrsecantr; u.
,11.-filte subscriber haring assumed Ili wow.
Anent Of this loagostaldished and popular Hotel,
friespectfally anisounces to Travellers and the
Public generally. that he , mill he at all times prepared
to netannatadate them in all things' desirable in a swell
Toga laird Motel. 'The I louse Is note being thoroughly
repaired throughtiat. and neer Funinure added, 11111 i no
pains fill be spared to mote the Exchange one of the
yy ham Hotels in the cauntr y .
enndersigned respectfully solicits a continuance
of a ury-libonl purpt?2ge the Eon. has heretofore
JOKES , noTicz.,
11110Mnum, esti Le De:Leiria.
ja. TUE subeeritiera, under the hrni of Bridge. &
Weal, have purr bawd Mr. Jon.' interest to this
iwolituditneut, and hope by Itin etrietr.t altnoli.
to the Wants and roiantlar their gur..lo inetit a eon-
Uityande at the liberal patronage heretofore teemed
by ha fannersel proprietor.
The rot has been thoroughly reno”ted,and re
paired; eye !hemline feel accomm odation welcome our
friende anit F4ll4iC 14 noel to any
inn the elly of Philadelphia. N. W. BRIMO&M,
ilyllll • JNO.
rower. DUIVA. start, ma., immerse,
TIIIS establishment la now in the been °rad r for
the reception oldie Traveling, /lacing
undergone a thorough repair during the past
winter, rod having the mon expt.tieneed men in the
west in the variant departments. I darter myself - that all
will bopleasea alto:natl. location In central, cone.
wra plata:Am Fare at per day.
Cincinnati ldarelsl3, her. . W F. /aArerill.
N. Ili...Akin:nigh not enoctip a new Arpin, it is the
come—a new Whop on die aid handle. nprar
irines A noTxL,
?MAIL TIIK . DENrr,I or ND. Ter vi n o
va hey
lleki,feasc and nnand
comfort emit do well to rail—they
lind the chamber...clean awl nice, and.tbetalite at
well fitraMbmt on nay hotel in the town o , Cumberland,
rtt turenty-kva emits tory/.
Dave awl desperaterneaus have been suaue use ruby
inwtoritolninot tlistablishluent but insel4ent
poldie.will whet.. here. The Virginia
ii hos 1.116-
kar troth honorable conmetition—it counted.
• ID" Meals upon the table on the arrival ord. <cach
et and ears. wAsaitNtrrux
marlri litimrsetor.
1.11 KT:
2 A W TlrtmeghlOßTON'hoss to !termini his
(Onto!. shit . lot Is salon lasses, of tha 1:41.T
/KIWIS Y, Lousss file; Ily., arheic lo• haks lamest.
all his old Oland., assuring them and that public, that
no elan shall to soared io male all romhotable w(ho
favor hou awls thelspornnear. • Iat_LIAL.
l!EllfT/IZP ST4TJRN 111)TiCf ? ,
eIICITCT nri'vrt. rgt. !w
no.SU in sit
01 . 11YSITE Ime !tank of the Uitifelf rlida
delMaia. M. PU1 . 1.: 1TC1113.11.,
opmnri. Om_ {{ s goad Dem. Pstu at. Vol
tiourre, HENRI' M. F.llllll, propiictor, Da. of
Pao Eschange •o 4 R. Charlea Hotels. Pbts.
burah.) • ocrhDti
- 136 - OK TRADE. -7-
New Books Just Reeeiveg,
Mf i n , r ),
I r i n i4 e ' , Vo: /anal n for, ClaJ e
Jewtufea on the Law awl Ifie Gavel, by Sulam/ U.
Umoaf $1.71. and rolafred Nolan, watt portrait of
• Meanderll llistory of ibe Christian Religion and
Church, translated by 1•rof. Tbrrey; Vol.::
Ilatslntone: a mirk of and for England, on lE4—, In
tte ;, ..ol o it a ni o e s s i, forin Rlo'l
ycc k mi ry to Arrira,G2
Velvet's! lierollectinno, ttharlotle lithrodellt,tvith
explannbiry iiotno; Prr011it11111i,"11 by II memoir claim
ring the period front the clove_ of letrconni recollection
to box death; by J. II J T 11.4; Ceik cents.
ttreolleetions in Englisttd; by . Rev 8 It
Al•cylilion. the AletchnnYv (neck; by Itev. Charley
1k Tx or, Si A, author of . ..Wee:do of • (toad Man's
1.11 e." Lady Alary,"'-Alayttrt, or' the
The nbovvjutt received and foo vale by
Et.utyrr '
m 1.1 3 tiCl market 01, betvrittn3d fad Atti
l t eleel m v , e s eLtl
wengNopolcon Bonaparte. My Wile 51 A Ise-Nore
V..igy of the Natural I 'Story of Creation.:
remY Itenthorpe, or the Vtrissitudes of Forlifne; by
M rt. Gore.
I.Jrotl7l, nr the IllegitirusteauVory of
conflict hetwes s r o w end e t
The 31Ymcneeof the Three Cities; by Augustine I II
The Signal, or the Ring of the Blue tslc.
The Prisoner of Penne, by J ETuel.
flours Alen hang* Alteottne for March,
Democratic Review.
A splendid 'anicle Lace .I , Aged Note p.pee and en.
So'es to correspond.
ngs lot the People, No 3, fa Moreh
For sole 0101 A ruiners, Sinebteld st, NI door from
AIASON'S DAKl.l.lolloUliiiTin military Ilia
of John, Mkel of Maribbrunght by ATehiliald
IL 8, author of ..The lilstury of ktuninixo
Ncandreo Life of Chnot—'lle life of Jesuochtin, in
id to
Ilisrteul on nnexion and Itionrieal Developimanic
by Augustus Nentider—tranolated fiats the fourth Gon
man edition, by John M'Clintoek nuil Chao .1; Ellomea.
Profeosoro in Dickinson College.
Old flicks the Guide; or, Adventures in the Dania:t-
Wette conntry in search of a Gold Aline—by Charles 'kV
Webber. • •
The Bachelor of the Albany--by the unbar of "The
Falcon Family." .
D. Chalmers' Posthutinna Wash.—Daily Salida.
oil Readings, by the Imo Thos. Chalmers, 1).1), 1.. Is
1).--in three vols. Volumes la and Sitsee'd.
The above valuable wurka received this Jayand for
sale by • JOHNSTON Jr grocicroN,
ap+ Booksellers, cor market and 3,1
- -
y_iihrToll.lM—Holirrt.inas, Rollin's., tablmii e, Rue-
Mod. P.M., Preseort's Alexia°, Peru, rte.;
No:halal*. Pranre; Arnold'. llama, harper . Pretoria]
England; Niabuko Conte; Mallon WS Constitutional
yufluylattd; Arould's Later Boman Commonwealth;
hteli nth'. Rome; Ilium °ibis own time., with
noir.; Middle Ages; Mill'. Cm.admiond Chi.-
airy; Ltrowniughi 'hoary of the Ilugueuomi !Merry's
fli.inriaa I )York.; itk nrn !beta rtoftlie Puritann Titters
French frev; Taylor's Manual or Anal and Mad. I
ryi Introduction Mille ilialory of the Church, by J•(tlay
kightlay% Rome and England; Hanks'. Pope.. The
above, with many other mailable works, for al. by
want J 11EAD
Warr nooks—Presh Arrlysl.—A Summer in
1.1 Scotland; by Jacob Abbott, with sugntrings.
mistuundi, Literature of the South uf Europe; new ed.
Luther and the Usturntattots, 1 y John Scott, AI. A.
laic and Wrttiout orWaslonstult; by Pitarks' rot 6th.
Pros 40, 41 and 43,11nypeCa l'irlurial fluttery of Eng.
Digest of the Supremo Court of the united State.; by
Poetry of Life, by W
l'atley'sCabinet lAbrary, ruls, l o ts./16 ma. For sale by J. I. READ,
mart& ' 4th, ttear stwrket It
lkj EW DU(I66, just reseire,l by Expresg—G,..r...,,
Ettgland and Seallautl, or Itesollections swi..
mister,. by J II Alerts 17Aubigue, 12-, Author of
Iltsupty of the Ilelotwoliwy I.tie of Co:unwell, As.
A Yntetisal Elpositton of lb e Gospels of At. Nat.
thaw and St Nark, In Um &MI of Lectures, miendod
to assist the gnashes of dinnesue iruttnsetton and der..
non: by Jobs Hint Stow:tar, U. lb lb bop of Cheater.
For sok by ra.i.tufi. a EPi4IJI4II,
febd3 JO market at, bet 3d and 411.
- •
11111 R READY ItECKCJNEIL—Fot . AIIip builders, boo
Intildert, and lumber nistehantsl nclog u follreCt
ourastottioont aI seattiling t boards, pltutkr,Subi&td rull
- of surface and TOWN! timber, saw logs, Womb 41 :j•
easupnsest in • hng., of I ablrs,Ll* which aro told
tables tal wages by rho nututh, board or tent, by Ike
work or day, trod tail road thstanses'nfso merest ta
bleu; by .1 Al Srlittlier,aullior Of the 43161neeCs nod
Mrs bantk's Coinpanrun,' , etc. tie. For en la by
snarl& - booksellers, ear. market &Al on.
JUSSESSOII;:-Dbbls fur tale by ,
;csaen Laren? oi.r.
(Law J 14 Strieklat al. CO.)
ANUFACTUHERS of Phiraix fire proof ear*
111. south. aide, !second. meet, between Wood and
Punithfield Pittsburgh. J 8 Strickler having deceased
and th e sarvivinfipanner Mr. Jos Isippen — con, haying
asaoeiuted himself with Mr . Wee C Harr, the basitteer
will hereafter be comhieted under the Wyk. of !stollens'
• ,
Trial of a sife in C1126111141i, andereign:
ed were present at the timing of one of ill Strickler /IF
Co's improved Mania Sre-proof safe. Tito safe wart
plaeed In a femme on the public ng, more s ,
to the intense heat or a stone Cord fire tor than.
three bourn In onehour and a half the' ante came to
bright red hewn the door of the knower 'was 'belt
closed which mused an Increased and steady hitit for
the balance of the time, unul the east iron wheels wane
partially melted MP, 'the (enlace was then thrown down
and the oafs cooled and 'opened. The money, porotO
and books which it contained were as perfect as when
[!lied there,the binding only of the books , being in.
cued by the water In cooling the safe. We hare art
esioolork In recommending it to the public a a a said
superior to any we have ever seen tested, and balkinn
thatit wilt mandamy beat which might be produced:,
oeept &heat which would melt into a eon& meas.
Springer k Whitman, L Worthington, Kellogg I'
Reopen, Benj. timer, W ti P Breese, Mar. Smith, T,
S Deegan k Co, Stedman, Mallard & Co, Wm Mamie ' ',
Mead & Winston
We, the ; tmdireigned, 'elected thei safe_ spoken of
abo from • lot lathe gemof Trober Anbery E the
Hoke to Cook & Harris, Brokers; Pittsburgh;
.. "A Hamm fr. Co, - do do faldtwl
„ran unemcorr. . soar n, sue: • r..•■ ntentams.
7 11/611HPACTLIHERS, of.Hust f
M unerml Cast Htiel
'10.1:141tOvels and Spades; Axe achete, Mill, Pt
Cab Circular and thrs Haws, Hey end Manure Forks,
Hoes, llauocke, - Picky ke.,having completed nll Melt
emingenumm In the eurownetkm of new . mnehluery,
end 11l seemeng Abe best workmen from the most tele
brated establishments of tha fleet are now atamtbentl ,
Meglarta Will Iteessestestantly oallandAmd idr satbf
.the shark Outlek*Lhteringieralled.Meseselmse of the
/itteal hniummesertm and .are eretaiaod Ipatia frock:
manshlp and materlal Mei , will not be =elk& ;They.
protein topmclace svnom tonal, If , eat so riot, to
eny then eau be bulb the Emu; The/ Invite the omen ,-
lion addible; to as examination °rands stock hebre
Mr eluming elsewhere, as they me nowrineenthat they
will abbe be to Ni all orders In their line to th e entire
intisfeition of purchasers: Warehouse, Water *Wee,
Mors Was enomangnltel. Hoare; Pittsburgh; Pe.
IL—Perams henries booboo whli Win.. Linen
ennt awn please pip om Lop e 9,, .
.Mitaallsarigh Plaraittaara Ware Maws,
A lam and splendid 'moment of fumi
• tune, smtable for Steamboats, Holes and pri•
Z IP . Vida 'dwellings, ciustanfly m Ana and.
.• • .
The .premen stock on band cannot he exceeded by
any manufattory the western gottn . try. •P. non.
wishing to purchase would do well to gay rue f; eall,
aslant determined Mt prices shall please, l'an of
the mock cowls in--
31/ loofa. with Plash and Ilair•eloth omen;!
dal. Mahogany Name Chaira.
14 pair Divans;
rs dos linegnahogany Chairs;
12 mahogany IVork Stands; •
• 3 dos mahogany Rocking Chairs;
. ld garble top Dragging Bureaus;
8 marble top S
1y. 1 .4 tundsi
Wale* Wink' Mande;
Mahogany, Maple, Cherry, and Poplar fferistrads of
all desenpuona and gt large as.ortment of common
kronur, and chairs, too numerous to mention.
an not aware how frightful! y injurious it Is tO
the akithow come, how rough, how ItWow, yet.
low and ankealthi the skin epponrs tutor Litt% ?taxa.
pared cloak! ( l odes nit lidirritilt,elillinnittg n
clumsily of lead!
We have pnwared a beautiful vegetable ankle,
is perfectly iunorent, being purified of all deleterioue
qualioes; and it mown to tko akin a natural, healthy,
elithasuv, clew, haw white; at the acme time acting
as cownetie 40 the akin; waking It 801 l 404 smooth. Dr. Jewell Awknon, Practical Chemist at 'Mom.
chusetts, tarn "Alter analyzing Jones , 'Spazdth Lily
White, I End It pouesses the moo beautifel and nab.
cal, and at the tame iliac innocent white lever east. I
cerainly eau couwientionrertellacpit 6* - W all
Whose akin mutes banal Pace, end. •
bog. Sold by WN. JAC • ft AlLiberty st. mart)
Pitt Rawlslas Worini and Foundry.
u, PA.
onri %WRIGHT m & Co, umu ors prepared to build Colton
ood Woolen:Machinery Dreyer• descripilon nigh
DrCarding Machines, Spinning From.; tipc'ed' en,
awing Pima, Rahway heads, Wariss,i,Srvolers,..
Greasing Raines, Looms !Caul Gunder., le. 'Knight
Iron Shafting lamed; all urea of 4.t Iron, Pollicdund
Gaugers pf the bursaomen., Ldp sorthia'l,4 Luke*,
nnd Dinh Muds. Casilligs of every descrlpuon
fornashed on short notice. Paticrus made Cooler for
Mill Gearing,. Iron Hailing. Ike.. Steam Pipe for knal•
Ing Mictones, OW Iron Window Smh and Many Co..
kga 11.wrni , Y. Orden Int at the Warehuose
lmer h Co.. Labenp street, will have prompt nuen-
Refer to Illackstock, Item & CA, J. IL' Moorehead &
C0.,14 F Warner. John Irate & Son. , hltstognkst 1.
C. &J. 11.,AVormer, Yeebeterit le. " Jaitt9
Weil and Iron Works.
rILILILSAN, lIAILMAN k Ca, hotriorcompleted
%.1 their new wrrke,are now peyote." to lil.4lfise
tom everrdeacription of Caul and Eliptir Sgz h e,
Iron Axles, American, Blister, Spring and
Steel, a n d ell rite. of mall, Mitlite,aud.mutpl
,vehick they otter for rale oftliberad Myth milieu' ware
house, No 43 Wood street; where they eatert keep on
hand • complete and handsome ancounent of gaioh
Trimmings Carriage Ilariboare, Itlallealtlo positive,
C., 11.4 i hare Mode Stfangehthl.t won % Mous ,
Day ice/oat, rahoisfacterers of Silos eft, Spades; Fork;
Ow, and aid keep constantly on hand esery
. artiele
m o nde by Iron are reepeetfolly Sohnted to
all, novices rend one will he loadcatberil.
Marla* Wek:
frllF.auention of gontlemeo il e esirooo of porsloising
I. MAR..% ALA:II2/6.11, :Quasars:us or iStsrests, is Zr... —
Ilte.Saneribers hawing been engaged in tkg ?Albin
business far the last thirty years, in Pli dallelplna, and
holly; n'""
k Waist every pan tithe
him a, ca ' n= " . '
‘ti all who awe (snored tam with •
theii contain, and to Weir work, (considerable of which
ha been pa up in this plane.) They have *hay.' on
hand • full supply of Marble Mantel., and new mouton
ginal Designs tut Monument. and other work, eopiea of
which, With prices will be fonardwd.
IrrAll sack dripped is Mated from breakage.
'fhey ear refer hinny Merman* house in Philadel
phia tar standing and ellantrter as swg.tbt •
ti°!Pl . .r.r{,krra,Cl SUN ,
feb{:laikka ' 1 igh st, Pala.
"11. P la nothing in three hoe retook they do ant
turnielt either dortiesticiwt Imported.
Wood and lid as, Piusburgh.Jiar
mg withdrawn from the firm 'of
{{ ewer Wooderell, on the Ist of January, 1.4 Y, 1
take pleasure iu announcing to my friends In the city . '
enW country, that I have opened my stew mom at the
slave named place.. flaring purchased my gocils tpo
rash, find trade itmliigeluelila with 91131;fahltimit in
this country and in &trope to ethicantly applied,
I nut fully ' , remand to lantha tratdssare of all lauds,
on as gad tains anti as low as any house Ent or
Unrckents and otitemt are resimeitally invited
to call and examine my stock, before purchasing else..
where. Thu followhtg comprise. a part of Ida stock:
Steamboat and saddlery hardware, put trimmings,
file., Playlor's steel, cutlery, edge tool., anal. , viers;
locks, Dicke., scythes, bait hinges screws, Union Far.
tory planes, saws, mahogany boards and veneers, and
ill other articles connected with the hanpare busi
llard "91 KllWTALlll,7.7,:onte*.d
Dealer In Foreign and. Dor .. .main
*.` hanleresreokauld respeetratiy inform
hia mend, as the pablie keiterally i that he • is now
cot ring Lin spring supply of hardware at the old Cad
willWker and Woodland, . ed, Wind st., which he
dispose of on the mat reasonable terms_
He 'Olll be continually receiving fregh afitplies di
rect (rim the am(eelnrcfapl Ehrolie and Utiti coma
tktielwthehulaopete with any esulim.2Lrtm.r.4..t
{Western merchants an invited to rail and rotation
his Hock before puroltaring elsewhere.
mars ,
• alum.
plkilkluds of eta.
, ton and woollen nthejilnery, Allegheny city, Pa •
'be above wrai th being now lull and suceessful op
eration, I um prepared to execute orders with' dispatch
for all kinds of mucbinery in thy hoe, such as wiltheri,
pickers, spreader% cards, griudieg mneld_nes, runways,
drawing dames, plaided, throthils,
ads, double or single, for merchant or country work,
tuules,j ad, v, died slide and hand lathes and ;attain gett
ers!. All kinds or duelling mode to order, or pion. giv
an tor vexing &CIS/tie. Ot 401 1 / 1 reationab le charge.
Her. eo—liennetly, Chthlirre Co, Blackstock,
4. Ca, Xing, Pennock tr. C. CA. Dray.
llhaying and U it Umtata, Dalian. •
1)1.4C1/00ri &FOUNTAIN. Manorial Praftmors,
IVrepaialad and filtsd 00 Omit ehnoing, Hair an 4
Inhampomin Biloon ia naddmon Apr, and out proparod io
ran oo geanemm once, wan eano, tomfoot and' pulitionan
nay am prepared to ma all that enijoaD Minoan delay.
Tnanklal pml hyon, makil a melianumrof Ms
cum al air Daaa, emit. or Do ionalmetandlbe Diamond,
(back of Alawnlor DWI Dry Ocala Dior.) id/
A vuuroN, mit and Ileum ramifies, hise re
built and.comnieneed Easiness at hi. uld stand,
%Thera he mill be pleased ki Fee his old cestonis
areand friends, .
eliflecli s St.emboatand 80. or .Yerr .i... rstm 10
to t UM , pound., east from pattern, of me m oat approv
ed models, and - warranted ter be all. best materials.
Mineral' Waal Mumps,eminters, nailing, 00...11M.
thee vrith every vacety ninnies Calling., if requires!,
luntod mid finished in the neatest mama,
A. F. is the sale papacies of Bemires Ain-Arent-
Tim, Mani,' so flinty celebrated inc the reduction of
Iranian in smichiaery. The Bose, and eunipoidhutt
can be had of him at all flame.
Ploughs, Plough Castings, W aaaa ,
. - Boxes, dte.
IlfillElVC uel.l. of the old
Linn alit .Y.S. Mill, is inanufot
lu amities Of
oil3als Castings. I Vag
ea hale, he with Itle_f unisovenWlits Ow Leaver.
reaveet, Illinois, an other lionglts, of die latest Red
best paltorno now iu not
• IVarvltause, lee liberty, sued. Pillsbargh, oppOallo.
hie Ilay "kale; in Allegheny city, near Iho
Cation Factory of Meagre. Mortared, &CO.
dead,. .
Maths' India Rubber Fluid, for preventing pens ' .....
" r" '" h. ink;
'''PtiTh ir li. ' w.i. Mi T . — itsirl; TAtillt: ItlAL'Elt—WFßAlaiphy Inia read.
P u t' d . h. n .a. ' l " ..lik ".... id .1 i i".".h 'Md . 1 . fiteilitat&
.I.j au Orldrtiornd supply of Liken Tuttle Mapco, and
thel ark nuersek bee, ao alacoalls, rouVoyaneets, luld .1 .4A . aloOsi 'al., ruWels nod Toasslling Ltaper, al'
snereaolll9 men, it is intratitable..,Or,di kk l y o wl, o. k.„ , J'ijuo a.,
~,,,,y. , , .
' 1410119
(ow ikons of lid. Fluid to We ink in we, it &oil instantly -.o r s , 1ii , d , , ,,,,,,, -4 oo , so ,... ;;.;;„ , o; noor ,;,
tun knout to Ire the hest auxiliary ewer °tiered, as it new
kr Cloths, ot various palter.. comprising: 1010 yd. of
ttahrestbe acid, precipitates Ole mediate*, nausea a free ,„ . . * do wok n a ., ,Arooth;
_Rigida 0 yd• wale, heavy dui'
flow attic. ink, and dispenses with the trouble of seat; t r owd ,,,,, do do; 11. .. d0 &do do; 1 . 0
...5 yd . w i do do;
tog • P6ll. Just received and for sale Int
Jul iNsoikg a, yTkelzropo i . oo d ooo i. , all of of Wollyrill /03 1011.00 aa ar0o0uo•oroy ottani as
tonr3t.' ~ . co , WI ..,,d , . ; ean be latrukkt ut the Ullll.l '' , 4110, aiso 4 yr outt Wrest
W1NEZ41441.-:.,;,.50aii.,,,,,,..-/Mor . 11/IDle - Stlifklibletel—Blearleal and uahleachen.,
'th cases ito oak kdo k , ritil ' ,,i,....• .TT • thou 04616 thrall yards Willotra' Ira' found at dni ,
lir cases ~ do do irj k ,, D,,,,id.n l°2 w. ham . . b( nulfto • - • , Milt.sloltPllT
600 "da 'du 4'hits"Otraou Jiatunr,' r irit - ..ilik kil - filtiNti-r-lurittlat,nestry' alit - r • F,C . V7 -- 'w6
11/piped Catilurie Wine; ' ' • J„) di nit, just 'crossed Ly Quad and ihfkaateibl: . .,- ,-•••
bys eltua IM , III. A 11.1.1110; Ilisl reran 1131 d 1 . ..4 ..ild ... ellikeladdlTJt. WIJITAIJUOduaritst .
..0 AMA.= a 1 McKim.: opt •,....,• -- • —•—.
iertvise: .. i,
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: OTT . 1.1 0 , .CVR11i.4-3 Wes' haat reed Lid &tea mm ate II
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f .‘
'Llt2/12 , 11 'IYARPEST
FOURTH ST., .1.11:14
1 Milli inbieriber respectfully et
.1. the ovum and captains o
strangers Mum; Pittsburgh, to!
stock of carpeting, now Ids sale
street. They.consist of eiery si
, • mast fashionable styles of Carpel
tuaugheto the Western
built expressly for the Carpet bold
Imo or espepse,) been, fined up
modern Mile,
The carpet* weeivini are of
the richest and most brilliant et
They hommise, in part. of the
Su MlN peribi Tapestry, a on. ar• -
Englio tend American Wu
. Uhl i
Timid IngUla, new *ha-
Su - p - eWo.' Ingrain; new de.
algt , a
Plne fgrain; ! - • .
Common do
Plain and twilled Venitiam
limsitiper cord twillpl do;
Roy* do;
Sheep Pelt,
Cheadle . ,
Animism .
' .
I . 'lt'L , • ',.
. - }
Cherdl e,] i • .
Ottannord. .
1 I st A M .d 4 o ; , • . •. ..
2 do. do . 01 ! ClOO i
1 ' •
oilcloth i', l i.Cl dig and hemp ctupet,eostwawai cloth,
tteh e cover., worsted .andllantabla coven,
window shade*, colored and plain 1606.,etas rode,"
trimmings. carpet bindin gs, and all Ogg* MO& usually . !
kept ki , eirptit stores, all of which war berfitik 5., , L•
reasonable terms as any la the city. lfaffiatwasilear
rangentents with one ofthe [awes mamdiNauti, , . irk the
east, orders for any style ofeaspinglirill be y for.
Weldetby telegraph, and delivered in orakwat ,at a
amalliwarance of the raanttlutstrefs price. , --...
• Parchaten are penombllly
_forleated . 64 16 '
purchasing elsewhere, as we tea aoadmr ..41.
s . : r l 4" : ll= it. AsTIP "th"vva1cre7:1:16:1,22411.176726:Lhi•1164_TH
D108Y72 .- CHEAP fusir mamma. AT WI
126 LIBRE/MT 11TR1111argi ' . •
tams Mat he has jut secetwed.lut se.i.e.'stewaspek of ' 1
! oods, adapted to .the Spain tHoide,comprisingsMatT•
, thing that
o is fashinnablis, goad,. ISPW, 4 .4 1 4 1, 43.4P1 .
clolEg casomeres, seeing:o, key ••/101PIlkarle. '''''?'
I roes M attempt to describe. .Pleghht e iz i r l actual W.
epection can convey an Idea X ihe , quallty, or
.. ~,,...„
gaudily of the stock, 'ditch
....Awe lath., city: malharTi4OchrsailW It
right time, he is detattained to It at such prices u
will meet the expectations olall who may far WM
with a call. As ulna, he has dulunel ane of Ma
best Monsfactured, most riltehlesuble; and! eh ,
stock of
Ilnliet CiOthillirliAretill IN liet!
All who buy hugely, All 'l,ollUlatOnj !larl
!.... 6 .2 be!, ... ViniCIIIIIAT Invited to slug the
stock. before purchasing,' a. they will be °grated 11114 . 1
bargains ark are not to be met set:bonen. •-- I .
Orders to the Ta il oring. lien exypaieg wi.=,.
... i. p .
• :
rl Z=2
boats, .eitizeris6;ll
'his large and splendid
e at his. new noses, lth
rafiety of the lava and
fis,ollCloths, kn., ever
. The more hes been
anm.“..d Septa,
in the "oat magnificent
'the latent &tip, with
• ors.
following,: •
Door Na ,
nue.. . 1
lSes illprhair_Moirass :-.-.
A . & a 3 fdarket street, bas hot
Xt. received a large supply ernes. Spring and Bum.
um Dry Goods, winch will be offered wholesale and
felail.litthe very lowest cash prices. Amongst ear u;
sonment at hand map be moos, 10 cases Panty Tisk
and,Ainerican prints and chintzes, comprising tery ,
newatyle now in the market, and 'yam pure k •at
, E. , ebtit *Tag enable as skU at
least per cent. ;cm an ream prices. .Also, tocr
*1 ...TA pittelizsi Lai colored Merrimack and Cochs.
Co 110114, very neat and desirable, .2 nun now Ohio
Maul, striped and plain linen gingham; eft:vory &ado
and quality, eases spring Al de Loins, 71j and
cheap, mode Caned cashmere mut ,IS de Laines, 17
pea Paris Imams, a new and • • mlendld article for
dresses, pruned orgaile e s, aqua striped and Mald ban.:
law qualityladles , and genllontenp
et ael'
goods ol'esery description, wigglier midi geaeral lo
Verebt ' Otild the
ity an) respectrOly inched to colt. cza nano
slocaand pnces, which sen will warrant to cdmpara
favorably with the eastern markets. • .•
tram 3
1 • NEW SPRING GO0i)11. .
altpcx-Lwre a IVIIITE, SW Wood sueet,acc how
fJ receiving , p , additionato Utah. eascAient awn:
went of I r irt to which they smite the lineation of
b w i irir, .thl . ana .00h inthriements as
. !„."A ko 4.1,14,11,:wrhzu: ewonmcot of goods
k ,
d•rect (6.4 rite hionrisenriers, linporiens, B.e; among
which taay he (mod the hallow-my, ' • . •
Pleio rionble drills, all grades and stries., p ri nted
Reatecky Jeans, blue, bloc it , rize,l cadet; dd-mixed,
1E2 (4, 9 . 7 : itt . ; L 4 sa e ti:e ts, black, blue, cadet, tlx
d ri nal tweeds, a peal mown
awn.. •.rrOwso of
AGM sprmg sty a,. tickmap,, triacrrithiu„btowits,
blues, !aloe autj Orarbetlec 8=0..4
9,1401,<, I Laelishand Prenen, vary.
ZS • 174 . EN t114'4 Lir r
I..+TiftWha WA's. ape;hne. '' ,Ulifl ' aelt "
aired for 614 pp them:en 1•1.1911! wawa pre
I. Card—Hoieday, Jan. 10. G.
REAT KED yams IN YWCA —Ny Morph'',
N. E. comer 41th mut monad no, will, from Mts.
date, sell Us' wittier dresituddr„ ands mgal:sop:tram
of lus mock, Adopted o die wooer seme; at
oreatty ruddiest - t Letup oldeet to ma off
pmt cft4cool t, Make room kr err eartraprins
PPM .4, -InatA vet IA 30570 the eon of tbogoceba
but they,wul Le ore. :one:1111st w il l emote their
Celtforuis ' at former price Sae;
supei .el a:Stormer ont 57te, Muted Scotch cash.;
owns de at 1.4, korner p l ea ale; do. SS, former price tale;
hermit all wool do. PO err, tenser price Ca end e;
suPer do. 75 Co.m. price PA super Asul Tbilact cloth,
et and :3 tonne.. pncclak bmdtrik
of winter shawls,' worsto4 too. al prim much
114.411. 154 e.•
•" • •
R. fillthllY - w•now opening hie'SF.COND .
SUPPLYaspring smd summer (roods, and has
tress morning open ao assortment of Linen Cinglisins,
per Coast.= do; Prints and C.hirdrOm Ladies km
Drew Goals, In great variety; .111•nchestertiing
new pattern.. In Ids assortment. now .opening •
great may srtioles at lower prince thee usual, not as
Imo ?eerie 5W..., ptcd wyle, mut cbg fine Sri ish
Prim. at 3 2 1 etel.Utess Cinghatak usual width, todel
no; Dress L3nruir, rood wider tit 122 cog Shirting Mus
k. egg low; Irish Linen, Will alsit•open Ibis
morning an ussortment of beautiful ityle lightettintics,.
smallfigurcs, for children; lawns for do.; Also; Clim
meliou Silks bruin Wash do; Crape Shewls, he.
Permns wanting any thing in the Dry tioods Way,
will do well to call nod we the goods and heartthe
prices. •
Merchants will find in Wholesale Rooms on hd minty
an inviting stack of fresh goods at abort Easiest On,
paps; ado '‘:rtl!ohts'e:
tsol OP'S!, air elPi U . nests do Clothes Desbeirs, - do do;
3ilon do logcreil Market/Lukas, do do
don Baglerslmeg 2do do await.; 'do . withbut
holden 3do herd k Brothers;asstd; last = d. coife at
split ZEBULON KINSEY'S. C 7 emirict
Q ILK TISSUE'S AND BERAGEZ--111 llurphy boo
1,3 now open an ,autortotent ortho aboun gooll
ding plain /loth tool plain Llar/4/ =Mini barrwc oj tkn
do. Aleaptineer [tout lUlets. op to finest
.lAtions . In grunt witty, at
ukes the attention of the Tattles to au assortment'
of innt novratyle•LineuVatriblii Halo, ambroidertd,
hml and wanted.
ebrup to Also,
Lis!. a tarp oi*
!apply of tow p,
do, Inall
rt Aitstrrimor ha. CPIALOW3IIIO restive wiry
datirxklo stock of Fancy, Variety and
'Lutuestia goads; a of which he is determined to sell
ati44:colibegasc coVdtobea'lp.ruttirkeT'fi•6"ot4l
liasicculob beta. Country sod city dealers are respeet
fully invited weal! and examine his stock,
=sal ' wood at, cor Diamond alley,
0.1L.k1.1. FIUURED PRlNTkiJust tecci ed, au a f
la sortaVbltte, pink, lalock, purple and arkuge,
small' Gilt rites end chintzes for children.' weer,
SW, dark, oil . scarlet dot.alro, pluiis,•piik,' and
ormike re de l ain; fordo; small barred guighauts,
&e. to 'hoary (Foods 'lapse of • • l
febtk? V"" w n kftlliPilla
/ 114. T- !Vies; open this um
en ea,*
latUdsonle ptaas, gutgbart potato". tattiest coats,
only ale cads per yard, at the dry goods house of .
)11 feteN
oi gig • W c ajli th U a ßP uttoTiit
Cru l :ttere to his ' ex V R ceuent hr
Li 'of Whoa
Goals, just fecal , ' cd,--consistingt of f
and barred
lockage.; canatice, loge priced nod hoe, Scotch mall
meslittexswise fof
book nastiest. bishop's lawns, ac,
and lamb alit uttered at hoer price*, by ertaleside and
mars •
fillsitirigV4*--OPen Um morning, ast
sortuatit haat guighums, from 14 etas per yd.
up ill'Grat quality ' , latch, at' reduced prices.
Ltagy Almchnier gingham, low priced and
f .• R. MURPHY - •
ier. !glottal 35th slat
S rectivedan tulditioned iupply of those acry.sapc
nur hula. cloth aginiug mattes, ain cents pa yard:
Al., holt late..., of serious qualms, Including some
earn boo,, and warranted pure dal; at dry goods house
of ula 17. , •IV It PIUELPIIY
EISIV FLANNELS atatatially on hula: it Wry
TT goals Murphy; N E 'corner o
4:a 0,01 mark.'.aaaortment of abort: goads
warrantartnat to bring i nudiag. . jaallet
1, -, 3IIIIIOIDENY4-1" H Eaten En 03tnarket al, have
x.,1 seemed anew supply of patterns for embroider-
Lurgtolt=en'turatelsi...l,l=o7 j ilt= : 4 :02 ' 4
on htatakerehlefs, eller the . latest 'French style; also,
' ..?3
M o NEYS. l3 l.l.lN—Backslfli, oild .ilk, and sheep
skin-hnney ifcll, at different size,, hire:de by
want' • • -Ell EATON s Co, al market M. --
DNIBONS , --.10 cautious Ihnuren 13 do Cap; 1.33 do
-433 ‘. 3 ltnnonedl) lads Satin du; just feed and
,14ilaaugs, 34,-04 and 74 wide, excel - leer
'13314,-. ce
1. winch we invite the attention of beast-keep,
'• .resell ' 75 market N cur ditououd'
ITOPIEUY—A full sapply of blaii,whife, uubleselt
u ed and 121,40 COMM hose and half base, menu',
Nienelte .use jltn opened by
• - sitAcrazrr renr-
VOL r.-XV1..NQ.;1,:A.g.g.-..t
miscmANT . :
Prim Musa:
TSe Lan; is 00r:ntruge
,and am Wretkolk."
• • Conte to the rafiign r • come! •'
The clouds are gathering'it*T9',lr thy Pte,
The taint . ..rat burst, around per in its wrath;
Haste to thy quiet brute!
Thnb,with' the tearful eye, -
Earth has la° charm ro bind-thy careworn
Far thoubust Iran thy hopes and joys depart,
As esetdog shadows tly.
Thy spirit pines'for rest,'
Rest; from the sorrows - which ironed thee;
0, come 'mei met h 'heath Jehovah'. eying,
ked be foi ever bleat ! ' ,
And'thou; to 'Ohara thereirth
Meth seem: ' a trackless wgtlerstesi of woe--
A desert, *tare, no ctioyng inuntltnia flow,
..NM. shadowing Imes have, birth.
. . .
uri 'V the ltalitas
Here, weary . wanderer , is a home taithe•—•
The shadew Of a too . , wjwro, .amy.t.
- .
And rest from way cane,'.
Why wouldst thou toil to baild
A toselfee fiihrio
itereilta tower disite*hiddell ever shencht,
With ceaAlese.giory Pelt „
Haste; baste thee here to await
Here's Living •
, wataifor tim
7A gm defea wtwi
And suls;:011,
x . ihg,t4OWS
swell. v. tx.
ence Min of cl a mother "ll'Y au t a '
Enannon' Th at% lak es!: 1.
ration of children, ewer-ally , tha, latter, as
.rnbibly4reatir than 'that of . all other sea
depends, beings united.. On you, -- then,ilchiefly
under - 'God . , whit your - children
shall 'be in both worlds. If you lose-your •
authority over therri, , you lose, of course, the
chief part of your influence; and then your
children Jose the chedoest means which God
has annioted lir their'happiness': hole and
hereafter. If you once form such habits of
management as to lose your . ..authority, yon
never can regain it;. for not only. year own
habite will stand in the way but -the con- -
tinned habits of depraved and ,
untamed chit- .
ilreni . who will no longer
,brook - `restraint.
The present - is your forming period. Two
or three years to come will settle the ques
tion tutchangeably, (especially tf this bid*
are wrong,) whether you are to have a gov
ernment which will form your children to
hortor u - end glory,- and iminartality;• ar one
which will leave their corruptions, to take
their natural course. God will. certainly
hold you answerable for those young int- -
mortals, and for the distinguished: talents ••
which he has given you for their benefit. IT
yon b.ave any, mety, let it be brought to this
bearing, ' Make the management, oLyenr
children the object of:your most anions ex
ertians, and, the'sutgect of 'poen. agonizing
and u:easing prayers. . , , . •
Tex - Wnhasaxas.—Thought wade:mess
be not heaven, if front thence! May'have a :
clearer prospect of heaven; ancrif„'fiy reti
ring from the crowd and folly, Imlay' but be
better disposed to converse alone,. and to
use, alas my too weak and languid-faith, till
it to exchanged-for the beatific vision : - Iday
there be bat more of God, readier: aoceas to
hire,niere fervent love, ritoreheentoninfort-'
ing intimations of his favor, in astrildemetstr:--
than in a city--in 'a prison than in a palace. • • long as I abide on earth. in solitude
I have my Etioch'a valk with god; I
in due mason have such a tranalarion as will
bring me to the same felicity whichmhe en- •
jar; and m the meantime, as well lrirafter;
it is no disadvantage,:- by mortal eyeit'l as ..
seen no more. If the chariot of contempla.
don Will in solitude raise me to moribebev-
ing and affeetionate converse with Heaven,
than I could expect in tumult and temPta
tiara, it shall reconcile me to solitudennd
make it my•paladise on' arth, angels, - •
instead'of Elijah's cha ri ot, shall Convey me
haTthe presence of the glcinfied Jeaus.-,Bat-
, .
A Tirouctrr sea EvnarDsv.--We see not
in this life the end of human acticats.'-' 'Their
influence -never dies. In et/my cirele it
Finches beyond the grave;_. • Death ririneves
front this to an eternal. Thio de
termines what shall be . our condition in that
world. Every morning when we, go faith
we lay tho moulding hand -on our destia
and every evening when wo have- done we
have left a deathless inipt - artpeti:oar char.'
actor. We touch not - Ind **ate, in
eternity—not a 'voice but .reports id - the
throne of God. Let youth, especially, think
of these things, and let every one remember
that in this world, whifire.:chamcter is in its
reformation state, it serious thing to
think, to speak, to act, .
. .
Anceit.—in contentionsbe alvrayipaahlt,,
never acting , upon the .offensiveynot. the as
saulting party, and then also give agenda an.;
saver, recetvnig the furies and indiscietite of
the other like a stone into a bed of moos and'
soft compliance; and you shall 'foul it ait
dowp muetiv . whereas . anger violence
make the contention loud and lougonuf
rious to both barties.—Thi/on.
Sons employments may. be - bettet than
other,, bat there is no einployntent so bail u
having until at all; 'the mind will contract
rust, and an:unfitness fot eiery.gobildluzi
and ' a man must either : fill up is time •
good; or at least innocent. kennel% mit will
run to the wood sott_Of sin - ond
'rtes.—Bernd/. • -
: Taus are few things reisaf eaiiiliseerver
with ea much certainty and'easei asriti'ClM
inentficiency. Thous mho .axe lgoierany of
this incfection, are the greatest j[Wofif
Witex a man jests upon
Glares it is indiffereSt Whou'rehipcin - we am
of, it is mOstemrtsin that bimseLtis 4130 re-
• SIGN OF .2118 BIG • PITOUNII., •." •
llg . subscrilatra wish. to inktost tie
pablis gerribily
T' that they are now opening • new and lame itoe
of Chinn, Litimi, Queetworare-I.lritannilv.antd•Fklicy
Goods, comprising the latut .ntist fitstdeamble !int-
VrennCitims plainmol gold 4 nin4'DianerSet4-.
Ihnner now
A great
aitvar r c ea y au o f d f
s'flut al'a
rl i T ele a S lg u w; Wers—a ß be kande
Parlor LwnPilCornelius, miken n`a
Glass Ware, wgeneml nasorimem.. .•, - ,
teenediont owners and hotel proprietonisww,-Inviiittc.
oexamine oar. amendment of we suitable lor
Country Meicbanta eau Lads largo Stiek oifinleell,...
suitable br cOuntry inks, -which we. ill. milittNisa
taw stock beingeniintlynenr, we feil.SatiSai fiats;
in; able to please all who may favor la Willittairlwa.:.
• tap 1731 utlwl iT) kabtrlty.
u. s 'P. • Om, moioncoon,por,o k p lo
mi ~„
!l oI , FSALIF:OttOCKIIS, Forimardiss
Won Alenthants, 1111i11 4.esleri. rrodare..amd
roushurgh 51sileyires, 47 , ms of
i• • Itia odd alley Nwh
noc , lrr.
-flan Jus. Blortison~ ..
•- '• • •-• T.Geistaill
• • J.
R Milliken h t , c;11.6, Leli#s_tpit t z: •
• Ifou. OssithenT. •• -
WIEN 'nil bqopeoed for lliefiabeeripintoiliirtgoek
!lila inaprovestent
the :nate line at.the following imre aad rlagay akbalt - .• • ' -
, Waynetinigh,'lltrina to,' on the
.• New Genera, Fayette ea t on the Isl
Weatlhroviiiheille i 'AVninangeoa *co
KT4 , lOp , UnkY Wrthi , fayay
to 'einem 'open the. tan eneahlotead et - F i fta • .1'
Otlierwi.4t directed. Ity onterafilie Beard
opnllitd ' 5,,
BONMi.T UIUIIbYi =. A ~A.N~dnxCp~~M~~ ~.' .- 's `-=.:_~
oq aup w z~iuiti~li~let bf~k \. - ;
oe} A~bboor o(Men~d aaatl iew~(y~y y -~ .;~,;