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Ina lumiliaiud *gulag:sue: PhiLadelpl.l44 ,
:I:y, , ISW finwsdolfrom ogee. uceivul
nntssizast Ds= Gaziszr : js psLlWed
'Pni4; Tn-Weakly, sad Wsekly.—The -Dsily is Seven
usOnsit pas imam; lkr Tri•Weekly is Five Dollassper
nmgcibsi Weedy is Tyrol Ikolisss per imam, sersr.dsr
. tgrAximintszo' are earnestly mutual the bond
' Lev anon lacforo f. P.*, told of catty in to day
• . - FitsLlass'io Ocoasseretal Isuelligrasio.Dosseaus, Ma
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• or moos coolly. •
Ike IP lilt Pas* Zee Miscellaneous Nsevitß
isteXristing qw es betbre confirm.
I ThC Committee of Ways and Means in the
Hone of Representatives have concurred in the
'reCommendation of the Secretary of the Navy, by
sating in appropriation of $2,000 for metectrologi•
~..enlobserrations, to be expended under the
201, of the Secretary of the Nary. The sum will
lee expen ded out of the country , a fact to whiCh
- we hare' an asjeMion whatever, if the neeessitie
-thecotHntry require, bat what we do object to is,
the while pablic Toner is expended is survey.
hrg*isi Dead Sea, and in measuring the distances
ancfpfeces of the heivenly bodies, the great West
cannot bring ttni attention of the General Govern
meat to our own meth and home. 'The West ap-
Ilea» to be a sort of /era ismegeto to the Admin.
titration:it Washington, while the Dead Sea alone,
wiXt, Otter climes, are open to' the vision of our
Another amendment authorizes a monthly pay
inedt of MOOD towarditha contract =de by A.
G.,ShrkGar thitransprniatiort of theZnails fawn N.
York to New Orlearts;and from Ifavana' to Cita-
pureed the House of Representatives On Wednes.
• day,.'mainly embodying the retaliatory provisions,
in order to compel the Government of Great Bri
rnin_to act with justice towards the steamers And
letters: from this country. It is perhapi a nevem
remedy, bat the Government Lave been provoked
to it by the course of the 'British Ministry. The
conkra the Same poweei upon the President
POst Master General as ore conferred apon'the
Laois of the Tresiury by the- British Parliament.
The power conferred is discretionary, mill may be
removed by our ,Government, as sooting the Bra.
irli authorities show any disposition to recede from
z,tbe positionthey have taken. , 1
The Committee on Post Gificetarre under in
,struet4rin from the ifouro to repro( shill allowing
newspipers ,to go free- of postage within thirty
miles of the place, of publication. Public opinion
tlie Lower House of Congress ix even in avor of
reducing the rates of postage to n uniform sum of
Ave ante Gm all distances and newspapers . to the
. Vue of one mat, whether within or beyond Stale
: ,tionwhries This ivy be the next postage reOrni
Gassed from the Government: by the People; but
the time is not fai distant when the powage on let
ters will be two trate, with newspapers free. The
prerentlaw is a great improvement opoa the past,
but we far behind England both in postage re
ceipts, tinder the penny rate, and in the prompti
-7'l lade and rapacity oldie hail service.. r ;
Our ; attention Was called, ndafer two since, to
: in cadnialststement from the Auditor of the Post
, Otrte PePartment, made in answer to a call fiom
; one of the NeW York. Members. It showed this
wank, that: the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
paid shout one hrtudred thousand dollar's' into the
Treasuryfits postigrs, - beyoul the amount expended
in Air State for the tratiryortation . of swab. Mar
riClowetba yielded even a larger surplus than this,
and New York considerably afore than twice as
much None of the Slave Statea, save little Dela
ware, pays the amount expended by the Govern.
meat in mail service, and all the Free States, sive
one, we think, yields a surplus—Even Err dtF‘Fir
• consia Yields a aupina The excess of expendi
tures over receipts in the Carolinas, Ahbania, har
els' sippi,: Georgia, and particularly in Virginia, are
Inimenne, and yet these States are generally found
:opposing all postage reforms. There is, hiseever,
nxtrel in these results between the free and slave
States. The difference ofcourseresolvesitselfmaia
. . ly in the sparseness of the population of the ;South,
but what: muses this in oldEintes like Virginia and
the. Carolinas, but the evil of which we sprakHo
irest triitiortene to the Unkui, but a worse laic
- 'ion to the alaveStatee themselves: :
Thi, SeleCt Comstatee upon the Pairifsi • •
have had two sidings, aid report Esvorstilir upon
Mr. WWweya project for sparinioggie Atli(atic or
-. Lakes - with llsd•Pacifiesliy Weans oft rail road.—
The Ripon, it in anderwood, will he volowincets,
wed the road 'go, ahead' of thp-expenise.d the
poblid - delimit—Mr. W. payinglo cents an acre
kw the lands, when the:rosid shall have been corn
Ohlo and Penaltylomat& Ran Road
A deeisive atep has been made towards the con.
structien of this road, and we may now ccrgratu.
late our * citizens that it will man be a reality, and
not a thing to be talked stout merely. Under the
Ohio charter, it war necessary to obtain' sub
scription of $:9 - 0,000.t0 effect an organization, and
to pismire the lodation of the road. This has been
alone, and Pittsburgh has given her aid promptly,
;and to the amount apportioned her. Messes
- Street and Williams, the Ohio Agents, were in
town last week, and obtained from our citizens Um
substantial aid they needed, nod left before people
serere Wearied by asking. Our oily, the great con
teal point, has it now in her power to choose otfe
can, who will, in the selection of the route, see
that Pindaugh interests are cared. the in the fullest
degree,, and the road be made of the most service
to us. We shall, no doubt, soon have a primary
. c.egnitization to avail ourselves of the charter to
extend the Ohio mad from the State hod lo the
city,sa have the people at work upon it, too, we
hope. -
- The Cliertersare of the mostliberal.laud, and
therail road quntion has been simplified to a sire
Pe . ides. The peoile aro`anow...Nl to build a road
in the way most conducive to the general good—
ca any irOuta between two given Points. .We ha ve
as open and rich field Or operations, and need on
ly exert a little energy, to seam an immense trade
to the city at large, and handsome dividends upon
the 'investment the rout awe Boob 'for rule
seriptioer ta build the road will exist he among its,
and every. business rose must put his bind to the
work. With our eastern and western rail=road
communication, we can defy the competition, of
suay . ar in the Union—without them, we must be
content with the succeess that =coda our natural
advantapia Thew, however great, can te made
. i.g p ady more powerful and profitable by the
0.03 use of means or eimammil.aoe
wish the canary at large.
Craw Ohio u well ss °sir
replasilyin the mailasnd a
ids) complain titst 6e some
de net reeeiv . e . an *haven;
tbeie papers. Time is r
. _ _
01Cees and, Made are at
and enteithfully ccatdcwietl,,
we ran re until we t.
Postronwer Generals Depart=
- io our autwerarra that we
anon thee, regularly, ani
• itinxild cet their paper with
; the folklore are certain dots .
• - shall spare no exertions to r
• Arum or CAMIN
the late gallant Casale Drum,
ieg of the ray o r Mexicoolniv
htoeilay end Were coevejei
*friend:to the mei:knee ad
eld, Clarke county, Ohio.
Ma.. r, the isk Em
• ygtoa,'ha. sok! cat and is
":lice: Soto yeusiuee he =sided, the datigh
-teraf lacee.,in.ll , Lewis, wealthy to own
tight, and by vittn; oiler hi:gees
The AVhigs of Bellamy Ohia t fain icem e.c it
fora Presidentinna the Free States.: T he y ant[
that, IdeLean, 'Scott, Caitfie, or Eviini may Le-
4 COL. detenoinadiO ran Cm
Governor of Fentockrooll wOl•caorattbs state
""` ' • •twlicaik - afam lainuitrasbalia'acce d.Tir
..VWS! Sat ••••••••."
34 ImiitAay,;lmi.fght• igtentregt,4 !Merl
into in Migariarmay 4is!o the arias of air patrol
Whig Mbididates now &tine the pease ior their
selecWo; for tge coining Presidetaisl emanation;
Preferring to leave the entire matter to the &el.
lion of those who will be delegated 43 represent
the Whig Patty of the whole Union, in the COD.
.Tendon to be.bald Plalisdeltilis.--We
ualmot, however, refrain from remarking. that we
yield to none in our iMiniration of the great maim
ry, as well as civil capacities, of General Scollbe-e
His brilliant and unparalleled career, during the re,
cent Mexican counpargn, has justly won firi - him a
reputation, both at home and abroad,' which all the
mike and jealousy of bin enemies, backed by all
the power of those at the bead of the. Government,
cannot deprive him. Should he be the 1141Mill0e of
the Whig Convention, most gladly would weyield
him all the riMport in our power to Ming. Orir
corirmondent_nairiakes our meaningf&atly,in
drawing the conclusion which he doesL.froc: - dust'
portion of z oor article, in Sottuday's papdrieibimiler
we say-.4' That it is Lar the Whigs now to deliberate
whether they NO ready to abandon all their here
tofors;cherished principles, for the purpose Msos
raining the pretensions of these who are not willing
ai make blown their views upon any of the great
,questions for which we are contending, and who
bring no other requisites than those of mere mili
tary pretension.' The principles and sentiments of
General Scott are known .to every man in the
country. He has ever been an open and avowed
Whig, and is every way identified with their int. ,
rests. We could not, therefue, trumerie that our
retnarks would be considered, by the most sus
ceptible of his admitting, as applying to him. Oar
remarks were made -in re&rence to those who
were willing to accept Whig support, hilt not wil
ling to identify themselves with Whig principles.
Snob we are proud to feel assured—troin his Whole
lifetis not the ease with General Scott.
As regards our correspondent's remarks, con.
ceming less of the Editor's wish and wilrHswe
have to observe, that we consider such ranarks
entirely superfluous. We do not intend to albir
any one to dictate to us what we shall say and do,
so long as we control the ealumns of the Gazette.
We shall endeavor to represent faithfully, and to
the best of our ability the interests of Our Patrons
and Party; but we shall, under no citEumstancxx,
permit anyone to dictate-or interfere With that pro
per spirit , of Independence so necessary to the
Character of n dignified and independent Press.
, .
To the Editors of the Pius3sargh GF.tette
In your notice of Mr. Clay's Address, it was not
arcs stay for you to remark—' We cannot disguise
thesatisfaction we have experienced in teaming
he (day) is once more willing to perrnit his name
to Lo presented,' ..Ve. We are all aware of your
pentane) predilections. Permit tee' to say Mara.
auetopt to foist Mr. Clay upon the Whig party, is
an evidence tbatthe person or persons who under.
take it do not consult the feelings and wishes of e
majority of the Whigs in the - County—it may du
in the City, where his popularity lien
Henry Clay is a - man whom we all highly re
spect, but are we to live and die with his name—
Are we to run blindly and madly to our ruin, aa
party, by taking him up again the the Presidency!
What new elements of poputority have attached
themselves to him since 18.14! Is be less a Ken.
tuckian than ever?—which I have no doubt, in
these. Wilmot Proviso Jaya will have a bearing Zin
the voters- 6r the aforesaid °Mee. Tell me what
part of the opposition in 'di has been reconciled—
kr Wile., you can convince, by statements which
would be utisfactory, there will be doubt. This
being the cue--woul d it be secure and proper the
the, Whig pan . ) , to enter the field with n inanwho
would cause such kelings. Mark my weed, if the
enthusiasm of the 'Whit; party, in the .campaign
for President; in 1814, Wed in carrying the 'awe
sea mle—doubt never will--dank U . defeat.
But why do you attack others—or at lean one—
belonging-Li the Whig Party! I mean General
Scott. la he not a Whig? Ilave you not abundant
evidence of hisbeing such.* And, aside from what
you ought to have known long ago—would not the
treatment be haantet with limn the Administration
be evidence that he was opposed to their wishes
and was loved by oilers thus those in power.—To
say that no such attack was made, and that the
plural meant singular; when there were two ' miiL
tary eldinsinie in the field, will not do, as your
own words would satisfy him that reads, when you
ay—lt is now fur the Whigs to deliberate ',heti•
er they are ready, to obandas-1 take the liberty of
italicumg your wards—fur the purpose cif sustain
ing the prckesioar of Aare who are not wiling to
makt known their views upon any of the gems
question hr which we are contending, and who
bring no other requirims or claims than those of
eters saditaryyrriensiox.'
Pray, Mesa.. Editors, do we notknow ofScotis
adherence to those cherished principles? If you
do,.why talk of “promt..i....r ,
GI:MSc:a stands before the Whig party boldly,
with his every act as an evitinecsof In. principles,
V: with talents none can doubt.
wiry to find that you have me entirely
counted the Whkgparty is thir county, Less of
the Editors' wish, and trig tad mereafthe wlshea
or the Whig party of the s county and Slate, would
give astisfaction.
I am a Whig who is in favor of Gen. Winfield
Scott for President. I claim to be heard as suck.
As respects the.Wh' eandidates, I admire them
soli bulge in Or afaitabttl y and taint,„ in prat'
enee to Minna without andeitiblyr-
Nrw YORE crrr—The Locofoco Mayor bus
about nine hundred isnionty. The baud of Alder.
man stands, Whig 18, into 7. The A 133 1 .1121113 is
tied. As the faithful: Whig careers now in ;nisei
cannot be removed except by a conciltrenCo (not
Joist liallot) of the two Boanlv, of course the City
Administration will remain sedistssaiallyikie same
as during the pin year. As spats alone were
contested it by the Locoexos, the . i4siction has
been a failure to them. The conespoadent of the
Union sairs,"we have seldom, if ever yet carried
the Erie for °manses at President, with the city
in Whig hands.' I hive layirtif hitt
.ierry slight
tear shoot the result. Someractir 'idioms friends
shake a little today, but withisat sbilleient reason:
Mr. Havetneyer will have ailing 2,500 612j061y;
and we can scarcely ad to weans a majority of
the common oilmen." Hy the .bowing of the
Union. the mate of New Yntri: canoe be mowed
upon by the Locofoco nominee C.. omsident, a
coachmanu fiat isaa near correct me any • future'
event can •
lispostre is :Whig to the ewe. Albany is Whir
so Is Willioetsburrit, N. Y., Newark, N. 1., 1:1.,or
enter, Mass.
views si . raz Satan- 1 771m fullowing
' tract from a letter of a distitoisheel tudiriduel re;
aiding al the Southwest; to" his conespandent in
New York, under date of the ad ioat conveys-rate
ifying intenigenoe ,:-.Going to, returning from and
at New Orleans, I now many!good:Whige from Cr.
ery part of the South and West, and, am gernified
to tell you that the. Taylor mania is sabsidirg every
.where, sad that the people are dementrating br
our great old lender limier Cur. The Gemini'
politicians ou both sides who took op Gun. Taylor
as a et:l)mb all parties, and, any party eandi&te
because) they hoped to ride into power. and place
by his well earned popularity, are now iteiderstcod,
and generally repudiated by the honest suing
masses. So they deserre to be. I honor and ad ,
mire thti . gallant old Hero the his high A:engem
achievements, but !cannot therefore either give up
my bag-Cued porgies! opinions, or abandon 'old
and tmsty frientht,
Maine.—At the York County Convention, it was
mudved "That while this Convention is willing to
go many reasonable extent in sanetioning such a;
nomistabon br the Presidney es may emanate
from the National Convention, vrthcb fe to convene
at Philadelphia, we deem it right . , to derlare, that.
the person nominated shmild * to 'receive our
support, no open and declared Whig, of tri ed abil
ity,wcll .
g beams ale erpouxt W4igprinri
ytu, sad ready to lend his midis advancing the dis
tinreive measures of the Whig pity. The Col:-
veal* pbriee Is 0. Cones, 111211101“ -deurimined
Clay Whig dwir Delegate, with John. Jameson,
Esq., the saitth sort Yit inhalant*:
Naar thumns-r-Tlie thilOwirig is I tniunary of
the majorities for the diScienteturdidate by
it will be seen than New Orleans is t y.
sod decidedly Whig: imejotinee..
A D Crossamn, Mr„,m s p or ,
J Goia s , W, Ibecouler, First Municipality, 530
Josh ItaldwinW,Semad d o. 0:67
p gozoorao,Third do., elected_ without opposl•
Tel Conned ken the Firm end Second HunMb
Piles nor WWI throogboat; In the 'Third the old
members woe elected opposirtim
ed sday,. the morning of tbeeharterelechoe. con.
min tlus
sThe Sin w entue* ly Demoen t ,i o tt
it lira dolobthil mattes %abeam WM/roan get with
in tin feet of As pat; And if he gets • balks in the,
box, when it coops oat, it is apt to be Iranian:sea
into a Democratc vote- 4J right hi the Sixth."
The result of the eJection shows sisertoo task,.
ray A* .Hsnoarze. the loco candidate for Moor
—and as the Whigs could neither get near the bat.
he Was; nor deposit seise which would not be
4:sasicatnect" accord* to the Taraniany.mode of
'ethics, the oily woudat is that the to city was
mot Warr! That locceicohai viable* the purity
of the bailable= whomever an oppsattaity ogees,
la swell louvre act, bet we seldom Hod one of its
ritgou bold and . tuuouptilone enough to avow it!
Tam Warn , Ceti Ahbouh the wilder ivu
*Minus to the mop, yet the 4rlog infathel
the Withrow wettable teen in the ingheanjeAree
favorable. Coarquentiy, ptioeslehich hated
poorly cum* aborts the middle or March bare
now allemh*. upset. " Rain has Mat is
"tatatillat,Taint yllaperMllP tug heat.
gas:“.noetienta"-211 indeed aneepecibm kw
which were thoroughly wiatertilled—air looking
quite peen:end .promming.--Rakecter
LSOPropery subject to 1 per cent or
ten milk tax, $'0135, equal to
ISIS. P ro perty sureect to 1 per cent. or
tea mith tax 1,929,502 equal to 15,52930
This would have been an increase in three year.
ofabout PAW Per cent. That the BOard knew it to
be a mistake, and treated Ras each jot evidence from
the fact that with all the animosity to Allegheny
county they only charged e owe tea on 4.529,602,
equal to 55,29'.,ed. Yet even this is an increase et
about 600 per cent in the valuation of 1915 and
being subject to 10 mill, instead of three as other
property ra, Makes ageing the coaatry probably
030 or 4000 beyond what is chat:gable and Ito
Willy charged in the Collector', Book.. Yet this
return knownto them to be a mistake, treated by
them as a mistake is =with sole, miserable and
contemptible excuse offered by the Board fie an
!act which they cannot justifyon rut merits..
Mears. Croft arid Price, object 'to - my en:dement
1 --that the Reirenue Board bas thareased our slate
ts: annually $5.,572,01 beyond the returns to them.
Now Mr. Craft expressly POPP that they hid to
i rwt on tho returns of Ifil7 no returns the 1649 be.
ing presented: I have befoie melba Auditor gene.
rats report to the Legislature dated Feb. - 8 ISte in
which he maths the amount of state tax assessed
~ tr,l.,Anzrziwt?..antge. chargedbeingg $19,.
newt:seat Cr ISIS. I think that the members of
thin Revenue Board had better not SAC any further
' inquiry into its doings—the more they ore all ex.
stained the worse they appear. Instead of crithdrats ,
*any thingl have befixe said I now charge up
on that Revenue Board than= the direct increase
of nearly 53,000,00 on the 3 null item sad by an
unreasonable amount beim,. armed 10 mills won
the dollar thai Alleghew county is defrauded to
-ea%lestef tub
IR,ooopelettentea •
lituterhat l'objeettilkeven mare thurtbe amount
involved, is the now admitted fact, the that Board
had no evidence from our own citizens to justify
this Inareaworal that they acted on senseless
clamor—or Wien Mr. Price calls the .perwinal
knowledge of certain members of their own body.
I take He grained that Mr. Craft is coseem in sw
ing his own Herculean labors to protect our rights,
and that, coma:quint:ly, he ,,, frve PO false evidence.
I deny that any other Ivr Weld know, or if he
did, onsidgthroweefiforre ow tie ..bfrit. Thelon.
ly safeguard provided in tbesetereating this Board,
I. that unite Revenue Commissioners .hag Ic ru.
fined exchuivefr torrid.' ,wee which they receive from
cilium, °Seers. and records of the respective
ccetatioe Without this restriction, the Board
never Could have been created. A 4 1 .9 we
now find the members entirely di this
essential law—admitting, they had no I eel.
dance—btu pointing tothe pensaud knowledge of
membeis of their - own tresed—that the hiw lonsid
to speak i on the subject. -The:remsaw given is a
mat ridlcukrun one—the CountYlad bee day, and
did not provide testimony. :Had not some If° th.
telligent awesome, oedema SPOPOOTS, and county
Board of Equalization, trader the aoleenuty of an :
official oath, valued all the taxable property in the
county--Was 'not this to be taken as prima facie
evidence et haul Where waq there a panicle GI
legal evidence to revere, all this! if of
the member from this district did., I want to know
it... If the permonal knowledge of any other mem
ber or membera wen thus potent, let us have their
names—end their items of iniernation. 7 detest
all Star Clamber Inquhritlorts! I wind to know
when, where, and by whom
.such testimony was I
green. The truth 10, I believe the declaim was . 1
bisection sewerage clown, by menus Who knew
little more ab o ut it thee they did 'of the : value of
property in dubious. Both there corimunieetions
clearly insinuate that this inereare was added to
within Judge
„Lowrie's ram In the fanner
Board; and we are particularly implored to wry
nothing about :this act of injustice, lest we dish
ruder still more severely, I presume, by the notion I
of the next. Mr. Crag !dwell certifier, and pub.
lines certificates Liam others. to : prot e that his'
Herculean cants alone saved us hom a much
heavier imposition. How then can we 140 to
fare is mate other Ward, when our represetur lye
may be a pgmr
I repeat what befive said, that the County Com
missionary elataild disregard, the decision of thi.
Bond and apply to the Legislative for relief—if I
that is not granted, then to resist the application far
a Mandamus to enfinee 1 believe, if public at.
Malicia in called le the
,prtheipka on :which this
-Board i, orgauized- , -end the - manner lb which ill 1
functions are diubarged—thaf thin' infinhous Star
Chamber inquisition will spee.dilyhe repealed.—
This I avow to he my primary object. It Ism never
yet done a particle of god.
I find n large portion of both reports to colorist
of elaborate arguments to prove that ruddier the
people themsel yes, ace the o f is elected by them,
can be nested. B may be true, that there are only
twenty bonen men in PCllO.Bl+lll2lB, but that those
composed the late Revenue Board is more question
Polities). Items.
Moan Craft and Prix Loth think. it of sufficient
imposinsiee to say dint I to testify before,
the Revenue Board of ISM In this they NIB en ,
ordy' inistahlt. '! In obeiliaiuss ton strriuto request,
I attended at 2o'ciocic of a rxlttaa dar — lhy
deoigntibilin Alai wake, to be "irieatiocid. The
Bog& look- up:Allestreny—fix.e4 it - principally in
my resenpe—ap members asking= to be exam.
.Our then member instated ou his right to have
Allegheny disposed of when called up in;reirigaz
order, and did mit commit the inexcusable blunder
orpoatponing it to the lug. neream other tillage
In th ose communications demanding an answer.
bat I bare net time to write, nor would your read.
era haveteetsce to read answers to them.
Last Monday morning's Post =Mined a silly let.
Imam woertala. Jams Gcltualtall, of Erie se-
SieniPtitited by a. stAierintrodnotion, in . bfr.
veac's peculiar lulu, -
Thou, gentlemen must improve their manners,
berme Gml myself bottad to answer them.
April 14, ihte„
• •
Geom. Fiats
Mro..--On • tbe 110, At fire
bloke out In the Dry Goode store of Meows. C. At
A. Castle ' on th e corner of th e Square and Dokav
bus tontelilte,
_which it destroyed; than .wept south,
bunting th e fileelitunce Cock, occupied by C. E.
Dattwlek's Tinfitiop,Anttley. Loring's MA Slots, Bunely Prentie Shoe Nom and Grocery, and
the adjacent dwelling boon. of Dr. Peak; and ems*
tng the street, the Dry Goods. stoma( H. G. Mae;
Dancytter of Eckert Cliapp6l; Jewelry Shops of
aetemore; !!Slage Hoarse of Win Childintai
&Kr. P data and. Haines. Sinna Fcres;And the
ihadlisig Inane of Dr. Hunger; went connurned.—
the' lon probably; reecho, 130 to • MAO. 'The
Arta wan clamed" Is th in of 27
Sales of Pao-slough Copper Stock were neade
Boston, on the 1 hit t et 74 cash, awl 70 c. GO Jaye
241 OlkeT4Pareigrarnriii"
mumostbns from
'defence d dii4ale veoae 4414
SjiaXtbis charges I monglsif , .muditg,slist;43oiiiiili
an article two or three weeks since, of injustice to
Allegheny Sciunti , :• "life
contains a few statnrUes not found in the final
part oetliat'lloannt instead af'disproiriit g any
one Material ellegetionmederhyme-85auclitsivey
shourats essich, greater dtgrre of iojecstico monads
skis comity than 'lave cinugeikupon it. Ile it ii
true goes into no explanation in relish to an in
formal return alleged to have been made by the
ommty Conimissiosters (which reunuifever made,
the official notion of the Board treats as a known
mistake) that might be pertinent if thepoint at mute
was; the county Commissioner or Make Revenue
Comminaioo er from this district the party moat to
be biamed in this matter. But this is not the haun—
t have not assailed theone—nor non I kound to do
fend the others—toy controversy is w2h the State
Reveriue Itaord—l have impeached As doings . of
Mist iiiiard 'ruin/listing pose and pdpallo ouzo.
lice *pox &Van, county.' That issue I shalt en.
deletions to Maintain until I hope to see this iniquit
atm star chamber levisition forever .blotted from
eiisiance. .
By Mr. Prum's own fi gureswhat has been the
increase in this county since. The value
tkin of Allegheny county as fixed by the Revenue
Board of 1815—was so .
Property subject to 3 mill tax,• 514 ; •
572024 3..—state tax, 513316,59
Property subject to 1 per cent tax, $5B,
82 r 5CI0m=state tax,
'Property subject to 2
lllOm=state tax,
;In 1949 as per E. K. Price's statement:
Property subject to 3 mill tax 1122,1115 , 67x ,
85Col 3=state tax, . '
2" ,
Properly subject to 1 percent tai; .fl9,'
W2)l I Orni=state tax,
Property subject to 2 "
This is conclusive of the fact of an increase of
within a =ill fractiou of GO prr emit. oa ourtaies
in three year. The increaseof all the other coon.
ties of the State exclusive of Allegheny from ISO
to 1819 "anby the, boat reports of the two
Boards is Only a fraction over B per, cenb These
figures; nei t her of themcan ordaritAy. ;The in
crease of all' the counties by" the , Revenue Board
of 'SAS as stated in ray last was taken from the
body of their
. report and claimed over a million
more than their official table gives.
Actual incriase of all the counties as
appears by the official table in report,S6,oll,7Gl
Increase in Allegheny rosary, " 2,9ri7,339
Increase on the 59 other counties,-s.'i.iftt,4l
The entire increase Sy thin R evenue Board on
all the others 9 counties of the Efate is not quite
$300,000 over the increase on Allegheny alone.—
And yet MeSsrs. Craft and Price is defiance of
their own report and the amount of iumeare
theie set down to Allegheny, attempt to explain
away the iniquitous conduct of this touch lauded
But what is the defence set up by Messrs. Craft
and Price u all turns upon one item. all the rest
are admitted' to la correct as stated by me. The
Whole amount at which trades. professions and oc
cupations are assessed is liable to a charge for
county purposes But only where the valuation
in each individual cue exceeds 8200 and thin
only on such• excess is any charge made of state
tax. The edict' of this is that probably Gaur-fitlha•l
of theeases included in this item are not subject to '
any state tax. Now the excuse thatt.he return
of the County Commissioners did not specify what
part was underS2oo and what was over :5200. Mr.
Price fa his estimate assessed the whole of this as
liable to state 'taxation at 10 million the dollar, and
thus seeks a pretence to justify the Board, though
every member of that Board knew that this was a
mistake and so treated in their report. lied they
not so treated this return what a beautiful con
sistency the repasts of these two infallible Boards
woahi have presented.
la Ceimell. 4 14„_
ccmica ' April Vitt
Kin& Bakesnrll,l3lscr
riughlio; - pd t ,,, u 1: 42 hulmrl, Lamm
y, ll!rd the Pirs-
On motional/51V. Bakawell, the Rules were sue
pendai t and thekDotirini Reaohnion, which Was
reeducate and /aid over on the 10th inst., was Is.
ken up, read a third time , and- adopted, and, sent
to Coninen il and by them adopted.
R.- Iced, that the Mayor be and he is herebti au
thorized to offer a Reward 'office hoixdred dollars
Or the apprehtesion and prosecutioq to conviction
of any person, er persons who may;have caused
the recent fires the city of Pinelinigh or any or
either of them.
In pursuance ofthe provisions of the ordinance
Providing•ber the Election of a clot of the mood.
ingoommittelea Council then adjourned to tho
chamber oftheCommon Council, and in Joint Bab.
lot elected R. Biddle Roberta Rai., Clerk of the
standing committees Or the present year. Select
Council then their chamber, when Mr.
- Denny offered the bellowing resoletiou, not
-- Rooked, That a joint committee! of one member
Dom the Select Connell end two members front
the Common Council, be appointed to audit the ad.
counts of grenliaaa for the relief and, employment
of thapar attic city of Pittsburgh.
Rend three times and adopted, and Mr. Laugh
lin appointed an part of S.C. Seel to Common
Couectl and by them adopted and Messrs. Bell and
McCalliwer appointed on pert of C.
The ordinance, entitled an ordinance kle the ate
painfreent of messenger to committees which was
read twice and =deeded on the 10th Ora., was
then taken up and a new ordinance hearing the
some title, was presented by Mr. Bokewell, end
accepted as a substitute for the original ordinance,
which was read three times and passed.
Mr. McGill chniiman afeaciernittee on Allegheny
Wharf, presented in ordinance, Entitled an Ordi
nance regulating the drawingof boar's au. Alle
gheny Wharf—which was read to ice and laid
Reashed, That the Mayor be, and he is hereby
authorised to draw his twarrant on the city Tres
surer, in taros of Lh. Wart Zr the sum of two hund
red dolLsn, as a compensation for his extra serii
ces in cases of small pox, during its prevalence in
this city in 1815.
BOSINIMS oN The CANAU—The following is the
number of hosts cleared at this office, for the week
ending Saturday, April ligh, together with the ton
nage, and amount of tolls received thereon.
Boats. Tonnage. Tolls.
Monday, • 13 C 17,052 551 GC
Tuesday, 13 574,073 402 544
Wednesday, 22 1.069,55 9 1.114 74
Thursday, 30 • 1,553,656 1,431 SI
Friday, • 32 1,420,502 1,210 72
Saturday, •• 30 1,170,402 1,117 '2l
T. 1414, l4O 6,105,929 f), , 4.11 70
Prev. reporte.l, 377 1,736,5413 14,210 22
fil7 25,142022 t 92
LEVI G. CLOVER, Collector.
Witten Ronarar.—The desk• drawer of the
steam boat Caleb Cox, one of the Wellssille
Packets, was broken open on Saturday last, in
broad day light, and robbed of live hundred dol.
lars—about three hundred in good money, and
the balance in, Wooster, Mineral. Bank, and other
depreciated or broken banks. Some arrests were
made, and ap investigation had heGare Thomas
Steele, ,E 4, but nothing having been - eliOted, the
Inspected parties were discharged.
This robbery was probably committed by the
same person or persona who rubbed Messrs. Bur.
bridge, Wilson dr Co.; and steam boat men should
be on their giiid."
&en:STRIA:TS—The tir-4 exhibition will be given
to night in the !aril.) in trout of the -American
iiOU-ae on Penn at. The perfumers are the Usti
in the United States, and give an even
ing amusements equal in all respects to uAstlor's,"
ILI Leßldoll, where men and harscs have reached
the perfection of training. The whole establishment
is of home production and washy the support of
the public.
Pour MoTrv , the untbrtutiate Watchman shot
last week, was entirely deranged yesterday. He
rose from his bed, rushed out of the house, and mo
round an entire square beGare hr could be secured.
His situation was considered extremely critical
last evening.
TaaraLum.—The Gamitmati Packets tell
ywaerday palsommts 4 , two dollar; and
Wand.' These wens mad packet,.
Guum.rwx would call alien
tion to the meeting to be held tonight- It will he
Mean that the strong then of mit city are in the
movement, and failure out of the question.
Teuressmat—The Mass Meeting comes oft°
night, and no appeal ought to lie necessary to se
cure the attendance of every friend of the cause.
Cerr..Dreeeret ;•ned to the city oe Saturday
vening, from Mexico.
Messrs. pnnsur, Nowt, and Smvrax arriveJ in
Um city on thuiday morning, from Itorrignirgh. -
2 1 1111 w . 1014.
A Holum &mfr.—The Piketon (a) Journal 1
gitentheipatinefare afeeadter•viotim oficatempee..„;
awe, John Bantham an EnglialuMus *Lau OD yells ,
ofnv, who in returning kora' a taver n where he
had been oh a spree. became bewildered and was
lost (a the 'Woods. &war was made be him re
peatedly, but he was not discovered until the Igth
day ruler be was missed. Thra daubs were bond
on his person. The cathedra extra ma loth of his
ryas and sae *W. •
He was very iatelligent msti, had travelled ex
tensively nail °teemed -- He was oecasiow
shy mutiny Sentaged, and re such tittles rape.
scrawl himself as Oct,. Lord Bambara. -Ho msg.
ined that be was commissiosed from Hencen at
free the a gene• Mae Southern Smuts, and at such
time& would select his racers and . make other pre
parations he his eapeditioa on which be was to
start 'b ' tutd-by." One otitis singularities was that
dell muter long wearing while pantaloons, with,
drawatrings at, the Gown] amaze:tied with•Mc"
AyarDoTz w ma. ADMIM-A correapandenz of
the New:Seek—ColliClWCila Advertiser gives au il.
lustrati. Oita hurnoraua tr. as Mr. Adams' cher
otter: Shortly after hie election ha the Presidency,
while he win receiving an ainemblage of his
low citizens at; Baltimore, a young ca., eligibly
inebi.A tit, and who w. known . • violent p.m.
eau of Jackman, ea!me up to be aroma
others. Taking Mr. Adams hand, he said, with
maudlin gravity—` I call (bleep) to pay my tee
pee.- to the President. but (hioup)d. a haunt
man. or, and hope, sir, you'll take good care at our
great end glorious Crasuitatiou.' .1 will, sir,"
s; ID
'plied Mr. Adam do my beet take care of
the Constitution of the United Stat., sod I hope,"
be added in • whisper, still bolding the' young man
by the hand, "t hope you will take al good rare of
Cot: From a personal and
through examination of the euunties of Macomb,
LapeaATakl. and. Genesee,. Washtenant, Jackaos
and Cullainn, that Mace the I mina and warm
weather, We wheal 1354 only generally make prim
mind.. but Marl have not k•und a. geld; even
among Mom a few weeks since deemed wholly
mined, which dcee look The same is
as I am inkusitethof all theuther wheat coon.
ties alike State.
'Merits at pnmentevery mum to antierpats
alar mop than Michigan ever before wit.
Tur Lmwa. Pater called from Baltimore on
the 11th with one hanafrodand forty wathWeralon
hatthl, sent 'oat by the American Cobmization
Society. The Packet, not being able to accomcaw
date ill the emigrants and freight, the Cacinel How
ard Imo Limn chartered by the America& Colonia
ation:Sacletyto proceed to Ba ran nah.Geortiamhera
upwards of a hundred droigronts sue volt am - to
Karafuto; Mom, the son of the eminent Sfur
neon of New York, rendered great service to the
moll/theism at Palermo. Ha is /nauseated as
.having led them on in their most dangerous at. bravely end coolly; and In hi. per
' capacity performing voidable surgical op
emtions upon the wounded. It is mid that the
people almost idolize Idin, and his name Is already
identified with their glorious cause.
Pomona—The Village • Record sayk—aLast
year in this county, poisons, in moot cases, who
had Iheit potatoes taken out alibi ground before
the heavy rains is August and September,were
not Mudded with the rot. We flown this Spring,
a general dispolition prevails among our fanners
for early pleatlng--expeneace demouttraling that
this is the bele:plan."
Toni), Mums A 11121041; published in Mcx•
ico, is often quoted with great gusto by the LOOM;
but they have never yet adverted to his Puebla ,
letter, wherein be deecniee the g,enend contempt
in which Mr. Polk was held, kw imbecility and 1111. •
lattentioe to the wants of the soldiery and the re
-quiretnents of their commandeeinehieG
AItiMSTID oti St*ncnov- -
Rev. Emil Dudley a
Methodist clergyman has been arrested in Oration,
New Hampshire, kir the murder of his wife, who
was tip ied otter with her losabond in a sleigh, two
Z t rea weeks ago, sod buried,. without much
Captcm Sown of the summer Hibernia 'has
published • card, in which he-most succes;fully
removes the implessito' n that the loss of the beg
&there, oa the toast of Newfoundhind, was
e wing
to his refusal toreador her assistance: -
It has been decided, that the Magnetic Teleirraph
ls to be extended to Galena, from St. Louis, land
&alit is she to he extended to Dubuque. Stock
to the somat aria% was taken in Galena, sod
116000 atHubuque. •
WHIAT Cnor,—The Wheat in this vicinity, .c.
cordiog'toall acconnin, is Want-mutably wet.
An obi:admit crop is confidently anticipated,—Sin n •
inn Bram. Name (a)
Wait. AlasToraina eleetWa
H: the {Valera Petuoyltasda Ilapihd, in
aecorAWw• *di* chaster rwanUy oLtaimg,wht he
4.,hlegkoA Ties4y,ll4 18th lost., al a o'elkhl . P. Al, is
the 1104881 of tin . BOON or Thule.
.911:0 JOHN HARPER, Seey.
r Rutz
ClirnaVl*.loses - or IPleganugi• l' e*
Coriespodlcon of Ilia ' , lmbue / Goz;itel-:
W=imm3sr, - Ai,ffl,
lICIVPX or Etzrittotensurns.-7A.lonrsonal ix.
&intim was node this' itiorningby Mr. Paltinyof
Idasuchasetts, who ached Mr. lohnottit; ighethei
ha meant his question, as to the introduction of a
chanting negr, o boy into Lis Emily, us an, 1110011.
Mr. Johnson disclaimed tiny ouch intention.
The bill of Mr. Collatner, Mann to the Miami
lands, WO, paned.
Tim bill paying Lieutenant ails hr sundry
vices, wss also passed,
Correspondence of .the Pitiaburgh
Philadelphia, Ap 15, Isis.
Flour—Sales Western at $5,9 3 / 6 16..
Grain—There have been no mles of Wheel
Worthy of report. The market Gar Com is heavy.
but Oats are active.
Provisfoas--There is no activity in say art
quotations are nteady.
Exclusive Correspondence of the Pitt4torgh Casette
Ral.plloltE, April 15, ISIS.
Flour—Sales Howard Street at $ll Silo; of Bal.
timers, City Mills, at $6. 'The markt is dull , and
holders are stitl:
Cora Meal—Sales at $2 25635 431 e. •
• Crain—Bales of prime white 15'heat at Si 45(5 1
$1 Mc; of ilium red at $l 35 ; of prime
white Own at aw.iiltretv,: rnme yAlow Corn is
held at 46051 cte.
ProvisiOns-4almt are only for the supply of the
regular trade demand. Lard, however, is dull, and
lends downward.
Eselu-tve Cotrevondenee or the Piunburgh Gomne
New , York, April 15, ISIS.
nour , -Sales or Sd 2:446 ..17: eta;
of Wester* at VI
Grain—The market 6.4 Corn and Oats
that fur Whist has a downward iendency.
Provisions77There is more movement in Pork,
and prima are better. ' Lard is am, and held
tilgher: sales, however, are only Mr the supply of .
the regular trade demand.
Groceries—Large Sales—Supra are .I,Ve sod
buoyant, Molakses and Coffee market steady—
trade buying freely. Rice—Small sales—prima
steady 01 31 els.
CINFINrccr, April 15, ISIS.
Floor alesof 1O) of Si 37ias1 431
change since last report.
Whiskey—Sales of 500 bbl at 15; etc
Groceries—No change in quotations.•.
Beef Cattle—Sides at 33 50, gniss, and at 9
Prorisions--Sales of 100* ths of superior ha.
coo sides at 31 cis; other provisions are without
change, and dull.
Cheese--Snles at bat 4 61
Cadet ales of 300 Vag. at 31 'et
Al Isla
I37.The fnends oLtbe nehr Aletratt Itepuldie in I
berta, err requested to meet et the Pg. Preshyten
Church, tat Wood stre e t, oat Monday e ery mg twit, ut
Ott the first of Angola lasi, the Colony leelarnl at.
indcpendent, and took at. position among the nations
theirarth, It is now self.gaverned, Willi • Coomlniti
formed upou the model ut that of chi. U. chew and
the first of Jutuory tali th e ne new GoVeremeot s,
went 1
le epee - aeon.
April 14. 1549.
Wilson h/Randless. I Falter Forward,
Andrew Wiley, Jr. Wm. E. Ausim„
Merles :Thaler, H. Argnialet,
C. Darragh, W. 111. Low/le,
David Ritchie, A. Backe,
Thos. Uakewell, 0. kletealf,
Thos. !Imam, IL rhayser,
Zr!. Allen, MTortmek.
fist. E. Breading, II W. Poindexter,
U. IS :Letters, Al. U. town,
(leo. Breed, J. F. Tanner,
%Tao Hell,
Raab. RU44. It. T. Morgan, ,
Thos. W. Bowe.
Harmer Denny, Wm. I'. Irvine,
(leo. B. While, F. Loretto, •
A. W. Hardy lV. ? 11. 11. Idßollough,
P. Jones, 1./. Maros. npIS
• B7To Srtssisuss Mrs au Orange—Cum.-Ira
Edsgiml Pain Extractor
-It is um. ronem/.4 by nodi•
cal men that Connell's Nagicel Yam Extractor, menu-
Metered by Corrouck d Co. 21 Cour-Liana sr 1. Y, is
the mays/ wonder oldie Ink creln.y. 1,. errecis are
truly moseulous. All pains are removed from burns,
scalds, dn. and ell external norm, in a Mr ntinuWael
; ter its application; healing Me same on the etrat" deli
; caux .km, lemur no sear. It is aerially beneficial in
ell kind. of innameatory douses,. such es we :Ulf*
pies and Eyes. Puma, Ilketnealuant , White Swelling
and Ulcers, Iktioes, limas, Chilblains, Funipteu,
7Sc Dolomite, de. ' We might asides moor to
all en say, tbe names of teeny emanent physiciam Who
ue it in their prucure, and hundreds of tha clergy who
praise it to their people. Iliad parent k cep coststatitly, oo
hand, to ease. of accident by fire,life may be loot urin
ous lt, but by its use all berm are stibrert to as control,
nukes the surds dusuond Cautian—ReaMufler
and ask OM Connell's Magical rain Extntrtor, maim
' fostered by Comstock d Co.:N Y, and no other.
Liobl by Wye JACEPON, Agent Mr Ile
Litany.t., heed of Wood. ' noulrellisnosT
1171NoCenntrvit enswly.destrnetly brs
• made, itor eWdeurl lto
'gold, and the .oaks eauses•yelhrw, da he`
oared com
plexions.n it it requisite that the pore of the skin
11,110tliti be kept open—Wet then mounts • be freed
from impority—lwae thus the angina an Philo.
phes eared all disease—they reotputed that MOM
di*..... add riaheinthy vapor.
through if.
the nows of the skin, than any Other oallet of the body
h is neeeleary, Uinta°keekinte pose open—all
humors are dispelled b orn Ale siari fiord the pores,
when theyuruh with !one.' (Shari Manakin Soap I
hare seen It ewe the Woraf and olden eases of Mil
Vistam.Erpireisa, OA Sores, Bubers Itch, Sore Wail,
ginagerona, when every other Internal external
remedy had failed—its circa* realeriug the skin white,
clear and eon, though it be yellow and roars, Oa
derfu.l--it rernevaa. Prehlea, Tan, Sunburn, Idorphcor,
"gad slisfigurement of the akin—tot persons must
bieparnitolar and ark for Jones be bad is
Kr.nairgli at IVAI. JACKSDN'tt,tign of the nig Boot,
SIP Latium St rik• .51, MOM
last.eart , -11r. hlatCanhyly, recently flan Whim!, will darter * tretem on Saturday evening
.14 in the old Coon (louse, on the present condition
and prorpeeta of the down-stricken and oppressor! nod
ethic 3111Ititiiy, with a dermipt/un of the uperahons Hof
the femme, the distribution of the Amerkan funds and
prosisione thrwarded for the alleviation of blob''tliro
www—the produced on the minds of thr Irrldt
pomplo on the receipt of the joyful intelligenee that the
Americans people heard their moans and were rallying
m their aishdartee; and she feeling. of eternal grafi:ode
teXtiltd In their hem, townr.l s die bruernient and phi.'
'lantrophie Ameticant whose gentrrourly coutinbuted
to their relief and it punchier cowards Anterrca'm
greatest end mow Illustruntoyan, the Ilan. litany Clay,
whose sympathy for Ireland, andmanly, dmintereued
and mintinuona friendship (or the called children of
"Erin, form sucha prominent element In th&cattipow•
ition of he chararter of the great patriot, and ever rut
, rem rand needful friend of the appetiser) mid peewee.
Reare..flute—Lly. 511.aile's Vennifugg for expelling ,
.Womml—dotogialstag Core '
Feellng UM be a duty due, to toy fellow beings, 1
lay before them a fart which that placeam long smee.
Last fall I galled on M /Iyruld /F. Ca of Watteau*.
amm, IV: Y. for some Worm medicine, and they. re
a;cortuseaded Dr. 11PLanes Vermlfuge, or Worm sped
he. I Mob a Matte home and gore adore to a child
about ale years old, and to gay great .nstotilahment it
,brought away &I worms.. I woo atter gore another
'dose to the same chill, which brought array about LU
=re, mating mine 1:10
~ worms in about P.l bums. I
ham Oren to Other of soy children very efeetublly,
sod coo cheerfully recommend it At, all.
Amboy, lair 27041817. ,
Ilbeletoulett slide eau he hod at tho Drug Store of
f.l KIDD* Co No N.l Wopl areoi opl7
Trirettennta Mess Mirmto.—The friends of Tem
pe-renew earnestly deim to pigment to the community
A feiganl expottuon of the important yrlneiplee of the
-. l...preenee Leeyon of Allegheny roomy.' rerently
fennel!: For thlepatoose a meeting vent lie he Jin the
antrek of Mn.. Dr. Rodgers, ha our.sleter 'c ty, eure
'ArnIACI, at half pen 7 o'clock; and several a .1, execs
delivezed ; hoeing .penal reference to '
this ne tnrcre•
mewl. AA Who trash to promo,. the internale toorel•
it)) end 'Dine, try etDcting a reformation In the liebit.
°Me ankotonnte enl deltmeil : Inebriete, ere rel. F i.
'fully inyited to Intend. .101 IN AIECASkiIn,
eyl7 Neil. Teas. Lenue.
Irr,Cidrens are honorably mutated that the Mriu
ling are the actual qualities of • dn. bottle of Jorta,' C
rai Hair Restorative. If they doubt our .word, 'be
IMAM these hishly re.peetable citizen; who boo
tried It:
1 - Mr. (leo. Waken, MElm at, New York.
Mrs. Matins Reaves, Myrtle arrow, Brooklyu.
Mr. Wm. Tompkins, tra King et, New York:
Mr. Thomas Jarkson,
11. E Cullen, late barber steamboat S. America.
And Mane than a hundred °Mankato:a, though that mutt
'suffice, that It will toms the hair to grow no the head or
thee, loop it falling ot, etrangiben the roots,remotio,
.aeurf sad dandtvf (rom the roots, and making light, tea
or gray hair matutug a fine. dark look, and keepina dry,
'hank or wiry hair moist, soft, clean 'and beautiful, •
yen , . Um' long time. Sold at . 'WM. JACKSON'ti ho
Liberty St.. suardll
- 'll7"Vou foolith, only old fellow ' reed thit, and be no
• liorterbaki t whitharlara arid kaitlratt. Mr. W. /net
laan, 080 liberty 'tent, Pittabotsh, Pa,eet tides on the
.Nd aCFebroary, IN?, that /dr. Thos. JIIIIiIIOII , I head,
'on Ow top, now entirely bald for 11 years, oat! that by tarols ;Poole% of Junta. Coralllairßeatorative,
the hair itt growi st ng fa and Mirk.
Sold I. Neirark by 01.1:15 & SON, VS Broad rt, R.
VAN BUSKIRK, corner of Broad and Nantorkrt et.
U~Dm t bare yellow dark
■a Peady while by one time ox a b t 7oTr.. b .l
Amber Teeth Paste, It barlims the goyim...etc . ..lW
lwetttli. ;Raid Na Liberty stj . ' tuniiklkwly
Dpr Ladles who are Jonas' Spanish Lily White. hose
;always aline white transparent elan. Ur this a trial
4111 nasty .y one. Sold only In Pilighurgh, Mt.
Libwxy Et. •. , • oirell4l4.4wly •
• - •
irrretette Ilaza Larc--Catabartek's Nerve
at Bone Utihunt anti Indian Vegetable Nixie be the twat
effectual cans for Übe ads. raid by *M. JACK"
.11 , 1 1 4. /4•111 for Pattabergla" ; novlaLtitteuTO
111A11121161), - •
Go Thunday wreaths, the tAth iutt., by the H
Hemp, hilr. LC Waal*. to 'Min Ho ter otiir. MIL Denny.
etHEESE-4(10 jou ree'd and for *etc by
. WICK tt. idYCANDit
40);(1*;4 (eIFIge:giVA.4OI4FSS
.TRY HERHINO-149 bra!, rll
i v kt l i t; l 9
__IIPPI a aocx •
LAND AGSNCIN • • " • •
a it sO,ltoekfae, iilinoii, Du.
Web led& General Leant Agents issaCollemina.
, To Pa m.. bold* wacialte.,eatubem Wisdom
Walked Northifen Illinois, we would nate that ere are
prepased to mewed to the payment of owl, hog — Heal Estate, Porecloeure of Mortgages, and
Collection of Debts generally, in the above meths., of
country. They are also prepared to (umiak Slaps of
any pate of the country, exalt - Wang the condition of the
.TP*, limber
pntirietti ke:
To holder. °Maud Warrants they would mate that
from their intimate personal knowledge albs. above
country, they powess wsuanat facilities for the locatirg
Lands, while the . Land* in thiseettion of country sub—
ject to loiation unit...passed to richneas, fertility, other advantages, end are fast filling apwith nit in
daemon. and nay mraiug population: en... 4..
fion of Railroad Improvernente around the great Lakes
will pa. through thin region of emintry—a portion of
the one feeding from Chkago to the Alinissippi being
army in course of courintetiou
THEM D. uouEwrsoN, Rockford, Illinois.
• JOHN A. HOLLAND, Dubmgmi
Rarractcas—Oeu 0 W Jones, Surveyor General Le
town and iViLonsin, Dubuque. lora: Ogden A Jones,
Chicago; Huy A. Driggs, .Detrott; F4eeord Taylor,
Cincumsti; Thomas Pnatrose, Eq., St. LAMA.
No. 111 WhoeSraarr.
T HE wb. crihen wish
thnt titer are Mw intnuMtef,triL r g7',l,7."l
DI China, Olson, (thee ware, Britannia and Fancy
floods, contansing the latest most &Atonable pu.
terns of
French China plain and Dinner Sets;
do .do" Tea -
Superior hon.Stime Dinner "
Flowilue (a stir patterns) .
Liverpo ng b ol
A areal variety of Tea Sets, diticrenequalities;
Britannia Breakfast and Tea :tabs
itfaiters—a beautiful article ...thwen'shlothier
.Parlor Lamps, (Cornelius, maker.) '
(Hass Wore, a general...militant.,
Steamboat owners and hotel proprictori are invited
to examine our sasortment of can imitable Wr their
Country Merchants tan find a large week °Caen
suitaable ble priceuntry 'slew which we will sell al
Our stock being entirely new; vrelini Solidi,' be
ing able to please all who mar faeorai with their
torn. f apltdtar.wi GILL & OEITY.
,All Acuities toilaurallill
Coal La Stoves Teleamapluelatly vereoract
(CON P. WEISII/.3IPEL, at Balitneare, Mt, bee
invented a gone formal Stoves, en which all kinds
of roil can be banned, obviating every inconvenience
and difficulty heretofore in contend with. The gram,
a Horizontal Revolving Cylioddcd , Spherical or orrY
offierebaped one, working no journals in thee/We,
Wade of either skeet or east Iron shave' boxes, to be
tusnen.with • crank when nee} nary WHO the ashes,'
be. The graze has two seta 'of paled door.. one or
.toe other ofWhich setts is 'alwate uppermost, 'and ace
to be opened to natal' the fuel. Ile coal lino inside.
It in admirably adopted for etring, parlor, Or office
stave, of all Aiwa 'tempter ad ter's me has folly leer
ed the pracueability or the invention, and the most Un—
qualified approbation has been Oren Ii by hundreds at
good Judges. Bituminous meal cum be need in it with
moveds:, for all uses. The coal need never he re
ve to rekindle • fire, and all dirt and dose is confin
ed within. One of the Roves will be exhibited al the .
LtainistOre Mechanic.' Fair In May nest_ Rights will
be sale by th e loner par; ofJoly, with iron patience
to cast from.
Post-paid letters affilrersed to/. F.:Weis/limper, fial
iiiiicire,llld., will be attended to. •. apHilt•
QILICKLGIT mark; No. by {Veal sew, aro
recciviog • very large and ettenstve stockof fresh
Spring Dry tioode, of very reccotpurelue,antl bought
under the moil favorable rineusastances. and which'
they are pi:paled, and will sell to leered:tins : at a vest .
rmsll ad•aStee,a the eastern c.f.
Wa would 41teet all Machinate eititing oar eity:be
give our stock a fair exatuination, and we feel coati-.
dent they will he entirely Fattened of the ebeapness of
ur clock
,sslitt/S—Sup Freud. GO Satiny Silks, Cash
,mei es„ and whim Marseilles. CLOT/IS—Sap
Frewb, ireeh impotied, all colors, qualities and prices.
CASSIIIIIRIB to every stile and quality. CASH
MEREITS—Sup ult setup. Queen's Cloth, Summar
Cloth, and dssiratile contsugs fur gents' wear, at prices
helow any In the city. ROBINSON'S Cloth Store,
apl; comer sth and wood its
NY, tar the vale or Hide, Rock and Cuniider Pow
der of very supenor quality. CUT C1P1010474 will be
muddied ut any hour during the day.
epl:ner JO IE:P11 DILWORTH, AI
having 'mewed the sole Agency for ode admire.
White & Co. Plate, (lam Pivot, Molar. awl !Aerosol.
Owes Teeth, lova,* Detains' sperial attention.
JOEL Itll/11LF.11, Drugewt and Apothecary,
apl7 cur vrowl swd: 31h .0
ItifGRUCCO LEATHER—The wtburrihers 'aline Sc.
jjk wawa to their. extensive mock ofnloroeco,whlelt
bas been eery carefully *clewed in the cavern cities.,
'and untl be sold Cheap for each . .
WAREHOUSE Silt SALE—The veheeritier °Zara
TT • st r eet , tire' dove story With Alfeteehouse
Wood occupied by lb Tanner k. 114.1111
hum for RUM& per year.
- - -
IT LIES -WU WC,lffll Hides, au hand Sal far ail
j by apIT W YOUNG a Ca,142 !Only n
IJILI'ING-Ilw IL. bnt quality Skining Leath.
/0 int recelvad and lby talc by
apL7 W YOUNG k Co
MODE'COLOIIED few cartons &O.!
mode, glom surf &al. 'nub. Slm* Just rred
and for by .07 KLACKI.FaT W HITE
•- - - • -
I , LlyrriSt—A ssmoment or -block owl colored ,
ja, I atletaa and nest' style. faucydrumet rod Cap s
Illblmos, um sole by SILACKLVITS. AVllfrkl, t
,Pl.? • t• vow st
(10111.1-luU bap green Rio Coffee, lendlog Gait
Canal and tin sale .
apt; JOUR ft DILWORTH, 41 wood st".
SCORCHED SALTS‘43 calla of good quality, iff
antra and for sale by
DAILLI4I , --lutbut Maley, ill inorea . tor ;111;1,) , !.
S L'all y -4;1 , 15 , ds pHute . N O t: Co, s lcz , r i p nova fori
• nl water awl CH from at
IVOLtit. ADimes, in oak Lb* C.
UtCF i Irma prime, Hine; for oale LF
SUGAR—= b*t lYUSanr in store and Ger mkt
lest fa ehwe erinsisnmsent, by
OCVRCIIINGS-1Y nest* Scorching..., pennuicily!
SZI mine, .ale by ori7 ieIYATE:I3IIAIS
TIRIELAITLPS--4u eisks fur 114114 by
RACON-Liv,CUU I 1A o, •:wiled, ?or .ale by
apt: ' ' 8 irATERNIAN
=pulley. or. lbw Allfatec Cone`
rD.Nj. tV. 11082:1111 monis ids einem
D ambit's to the claims of rittelmeghand Anilibmey
city fOrthe yen. libenl Nippon and encourammetu
las received...dna the Inns/it moadlin• Mat the
tar tan 14N11114, moan. ma • oebetnity,. be. neither
mmtnia not mymetionsharbin it is cons:demi bow great
a number of cases of enemy . variety ot dimmest, WU. 1
ecate and chronic, bare bean cased by • indieimo roe
*tit. la Gentrmtre Wiens it originated; six thomand
of die want cates, E = 4. ....n. =l a rr i., ty•
fW physicians of as went caned by:.
theitantemal Primaltre the foanda of the Water Cum .:
} -Itlibtet4 6 F`ranos and America, tiontand• of Impe
-1 Ins cases ve been cured by it, and she tromerons
flydrapadde establietnaeste imr in racemes& opera:
non to the Vaned State., veal. Tolman in favor of tbe
DrYours heroin pent:silently established bindalf
in the city of Piusbangb, time doors mothwmirofb
wires alley, on. Penn meet, te one prepared toMks a
number of boarderend treat Jae; at his hom., awl
those who prefer being named at their own dwOltsgs,,
will he pooNuallyaNtlldiNially•sueaded. flde maybe
consulted at his oil. Ono. echoic till 3/4., - and
from to ID in the ereolog. • " • ,
N. fl—Focri variety of Wm made-me of in ibe
Water are, budlike lads,, and geode:any en. be ob..
fiord at the Aibensam, oa LiNINY•UNN,
Wiwi been recently erected for she rupees. use of ify
dniombie patient., and where every attention will be
Meta ttithe polite .4 attendee proprietor/4
'DOOTATOF:t—tii Lble 'Neehannocks, pia reed by Tit I S! O'N
*O3 TASBhre. ItEtiT
-' and for sale. by upl7 Ll 5 WATERMAN
1 1 111CIt1EySEMD--11firvr bagiTiabAby SeMal tarsals
XT 0. sl.l(ilt blds glom b. by
._npl7 ItUSUEIMIrt. HOE
)r a m01d,....4 , .5-4'nkbls, prime
.4.117 NULL, ri 0:011 , 11:1.1)&.. RCM_
A :s"otrrEu bIA.CON—Weask I, for sa et by
bblit of 11, W. Comb Wm: Gr sate by
splllnblawS ltb st, bear Liberty
C ODA A 51,14 Cask, P.43A...paieni:Alkall 50per
0 per ciut En g. tem, or Wp cent American leet;•
1.1011 . and air ealc b s%V ILIRIIAVUH,
4.1 ismer .4 UM framat
D ju.t' ite•d per ma
CLpper No "al
iitli " =il=t, %Lod
&HE SVIiI/ P-30 tobli reveivell •wl for •fie Lr
•Pl 9 TASSEY & .•
- 11rINTXMV tan vix la glass; Modo_loiLt
V do; lOU du Mali tu Hz* in sums and for nate by.
opl3 . TASSEY
ACON—I cask Shoulders; I do Sides; I do ilhutst
just rsestred on sossigrusent sod Fur sale by
•13 • TASSEY o=.
fIOTTON—u3 bales Tenuessee Cowin; 63 do 31both
oippi do; loom sad for We by
apl3 Wan' BOWEN, 70 (on st
SVOA hbds ppm< NO Soon 880 Fnir 40 1 / 4 1n
2toe ii .... tt•”tE r y • . spl3 T BOWE
kne b i n i th i ß ni llM y lo Ilttr o d , anJ
opl3 guar in
L -
LllE—ttaA. Looiriville bon, toed Ood for
sale .03 • HUM:MIME, WILSON& Co
ACON-314W It. Bacon Huns; UO(10 do dolitars;
auptli,do Jo4houtdemehistakifed„is "iota aW:
or "a. bY „ S WNs
..pl3. - • - Gl Wider and 101 from
1111DnE.plEj.44Ubiy ba...igrekVh=llll'
C A sl i. and hrsable%7°„u„l,
lads ttberman's superioxpilar
• %.jr, is afore and for sale by • .
FLOUR - -inttas extra Family floor, in store and
fur sale by Isola /lx IVLIAILBAUGFIL.
DOT Atlll-11ton• Poi Ash received per steamer Ar•
towline; for sale by. It 11.0110 N a Cu,
' 192 hbtly st
r ARD—X3 Gbh Nu Latsl; Lets do do lust ree'sl
1 / and Our sots by 003 FI.IIIIISON kCo
.P J • • .if 11111:0N Co _
CER SEED—Y+ Loft Cborer &sal, Jam r arid
' (Of sale by spl2 WAN DlixTC.l;& Co
11 WIV YARIII,Iff Out l'Ow. Yam for sale by •
11 syll • . • WICK it fiIeCANDLESfe:.
IDACON—CIS pieces prithe Bacon, Jun iced Cud for
JJ zele by apt : WICK k, ide F.
I A.NDLEb4,99
tER SKINS—A 3 bir cola by
.0 4 -
cpLutrii-14 Ude a Fine,llor thug? iced R,
fee Wilt_ McCANI4.i.M.tI
DRyyPIA-4 eacktArctrificealth by.
accts ,
CiIKESIL-1,1 atm prime, jun bir
by apl4 WICK' bIeCANDLb..'4
bni 7
frOUACCO-I. keg, Nu CI Twtil Tobacco, laudiax :-
I from Ocilla.' St 0011 d•.•
Q ALERATtib--.Y7 mars Cleveland . Pa
nrceiledliad fur lily by •
ylYrAkfl—YU casks:prtabs kg sale by,
BACON -15 bazar Virgil* Eared llama and Sidra,
mow laadivat mai for nada ,
apla .• e NISN DRAT= &Co,: 41 avatar at
_ .
RAD , -(44) pigs Galen* Les:l, recdred . per areaurir
Oriental; aud tor SAN, by . • •
aple ' . PPINDEXtEIt k. Co
for sale ll,'
Li • evil I d e(III 4.HU9I7IFIMiI it ROE
.intki.NCH LAWNS-4*o beguttifutneer stile
OreseLawso, jost neeeleed try• .1 ' 1
V. Dr.
49 MA_
pq ; r,144.4-13. 4 k. while 43r 421 e Y
-'9 •
1 01 2 ;
S 11. ,WICKhilOl4ll4:l7
S 11 Volorws, Lortiri:
3 l a ll p, per 43torr :±kierlkill and kw
ule UURBR/DIJE. CoriLso,
• -
$ Jolts D. Divt*Auctleaser. • •
- .
iu.,,.,fidThirik pirellivg name, ashi Falk, Thai,
mg to..ear , amp m.. 0.174 a dicaka-.
ON batarday aftemocui, the 2:61' lam, at ? o'clock, :
will tee wild on th e s th at sple . il , two sexy
Deck dandling house lot, lately occupied by Mr
Daniel timber, -. .4 brry hurt 'Noe hadditte tom;
yell tutildsoutelf ir cm she Simobeavitht Torapike
road, sod meets adJF th ereto, embraciag bemptfal
1 , 11•11 foe primed,* a plea of whictimay be Pelll
the auction mate, at the tense of Wm Applepie.-
Went, oae-datuth (Mb. realise in three equal amtual
Paramus, With imam . ,' •
apt? - ...
~ JOHN 0 DAVIS, Anti.
Dnsgs, Mdiciwa, duciiox.
On Tbariday anersboon, the Ilah last, at 2 *Wont,
at the Commercial Sales Roos, comet of Woad and
FSN.srreets, will be sold the enure met 01 th:tqrsi mad ,
iciacs; kr,3( santleman drelinin that •basusessieas.
anteing an enc.'. asaartaaent a Iht
in that branch; also, d7a woods, glass jars, UnetaSeiti
botiles,inedecina ease; &alarm, &e. •
*PP JOHN X) D&VIS, Atari
Mulloga4 Ventrra at AltdiaN.
Oa Wedtresday afternoon, he latli inu, at 2 o'clock.
tbe Commercial tbrles Roma, conker of Wood an d
'= mu, will be sold six boxes .of seurboyany re.
=mu, goo d rtualltYumdebly ' L AM &et, ort a credit
of 3 morubs, apprdred eudoned stoles.
apt/ ' ' JOHN D DAVIS.; Auer
• Orphan's' ft . ..Sitio - 4 - Mo!
Toesdayi the hut, at ochsci . , A hi, will be
sold without mane ma the premises, by peter ,of the
adatirdstrantr Other Mk 8 McLaren, dee`d, 5 caraii&
oat lota of ground situate me the west alio M'Orant. st,
comaiencroy at the comer 0(01k at, haring each • front
oILAI fees, extend ittg back ID fees -Also, contiguous
lots amend, havurg each a floodlit &slims Pietism,
browees Gum meet and Cherry elle', bib" - .kle.thiAl
back lA , fees Also, 5 kap. of mend IA the 3th Ira ,
(routing Oa Peary }lna sad Factory streets.
• For particulars see band - • . I ' •
SPI 7 0 DAVIS, Slack .
50 Spiessetid Oa Paintings ar"..1.. •
;ON wal...d.nthe nth ins; as lit o'clock, . Al t au
the commercial asks 10a134 WWI 011100 d -sad fifth
s, *di be sold large collection of very superior al
intio, s ,, 1.1..4... g ag bass% cab
vette) of sees** ill k...rOpe and Assirkr=ielirse n e
beerioxecnutd by goose of th e beet mists of this ems.
_Cuslotreses mill be reedy, and paintings arranged
tor einsisauoss psoriases to the ale
spld;_ JOHN D DAVIS, Asa.:
Poxitiar Sale rf Dry Goods,4E
ON 2.Deiler Aiud 17, at 10 o'clock, atlbe
- commercial Mies Boom, coraer - of Wood mad PIIII,
et., will be solld, so extensive assortment of Fig
sad /Weak alayds and fiery Dry Goods, tr.
- 2 o'clock;
A large assortment of new sad aceiadd band :I,m,s,
bold (amigos, moons which arm ma mm y. setrelary,
bookcase, &ennui and commoti bareattassoas,„ saa•
botany chairs, tablas; . bodasasils, mock and wail .
stands, centre sables, fancy and column chain, amend
clocks, lookssigglasses,lcalber beds,Lbadding, lawny.
as, lalradaer wish a sanely of Lichen fumustra, crick
ing Mee, writing desks, beadles, ewePellag,ke.
A large,assonment or glassware, smeenstrara, kJ
Ick, tobacco, gems, N 0 Sogar, his wool bats, sho
vels, hay and manure Wks, waiters basket, platform
sces, confectionary, _wriung sad wrapping : paper,.
=mocks, picks; shovels; Corks, Ac.
At. p. at. • • • •
A large &nommen: , of fasbanas readtraade
dung, super Frank style skirts with brew bhooms nod
boots, shoes, sarldlss, bridles, trunk., fine table .
and pocket catlecy, gold and silver watches, jewelry,
shot. gnus, pistols,. sales, samaritans, fifes, Wotan
limey goods, km. spl4 JOHN D DAVISE Ana
itDATA Hums far'Sali.
ONE pair large idle Iron Grey 1100 _
4 .
oLf nod em gentle. Ap ly - b JOHN D DAY LS,
nyo notaernryrood iii3dsch xis
C. S. Poarts Meow.. mut Leesee.
MONDAT, - APRILI7,IfeI, to commence nrith the
Drama of
Wm. Tell
Emma Mee Potter.
After erhmh. DANCEiby hilts Anna Milerloc
To conchae mob the Comedy of
Gossamer Me. linker:
Mins Petrie.
st, 27 ‘t God ft
M otll,t= i ; j Ar d46 dd El* , F t * ,,g l
day and Friday, April t!'aa, tata, ana xlst.
LA KM( SUNDERLAND has the E pleama of an
nouncing, as above a course of. x 'mental Lee
man, us sritick he will mwstmt de nt of Me
law which mainets thallfrweries,. Miseries sad Feli
cities of Human Nature; by a names of results indoead
in the winds *this madtance., - Ecstatic, Afasical,. Minh
fal and Wonderful_ e -
ID'. Lecture to Lartes on Life and Heath, r on Satur
day, ate P. M. Single Tickets ^3 emats—six for 81.04
Ta be bad Lure Hall, from BA.AL P, 1 P. M.. awd
the St. Charles Howl. • ap15:60
11 •1•Tassiiitutais.
,N.A.T.I 0 fl A I. I4IC U
MO./1U the National Amphitheatre, Cheap:net street,
Plailadelphia,ermaistang of a splendid talented cam-.
frAW,:kt ;Ara:. tr I'4 l ' " A'
fora ahon ' a, on tha old grousla 'from of the
American *lia ' t.Tat • ...
. - ,
- The Conowdat dietaniroistbed . and popalarr,"paribrmetit
will hare the berm a .pipe.n. g every evening daring
Minus,- in the city: L J. NATHAN*, RICHAFOR/
SHERWOOD, Masters PRANK and Ay.ea. pappls,
Admitsion,9s oessa:• aler Mo half prior.
" Doors open at tilpeWsmkom to esmunenee
For pardealars of performanfo Mot ptOgraresse
GREAT SUCliCia 0_ "
Dostatavaaele Great Igeela3 Pataaraaata . of
eabewat..ll,pallo Ikk street.
PUB highly Awls:in reeeptka of thin Great *Ong
=,ty. d. , cww- k r,:g l Po l o.4o 4 .44,:raitY,
longer In tbe plugs/ oceta . pki nimly two
sone. of cattease,oo ia atalt folly
ant h e rsispneted all
the bettle•fielde, chief town sad cities boas of
Avery:km by
.the tworeed &atm. of itto Paulus
anal attar Cezta — fMoo and Tayor; the - abote kono.
iug the won delightful 'series of !wren ever edited for
public calatitkm, and convene; so /tem idea of
aut eianury to which the eyes of the world bare, aitb
Aeon, kailiatenst, Mewl] Urged. 'Fbr pardec4rs
fee villa ofWeday. ~.
Adaittanea !Soma. Dams open el de!colt.:
warwwww la ilia 'fear 18k0,-
anptha4P rVdr Ce4A"%k ir eIOZ3EXC MXa
(tae all se;: i too
aro now opeolop Several (wasps,
er=i may
aaw• style otForeara wad Micoeitiol
P oly of frblelt lisaa/wd awl. Maimed,
wad an red for ado for Cod, tad short credo, ,
OWE, ' S
prry beloTw pace* a( ..
.PM sad • V
printed Catalo *data ass conacied daily, for dia
NOW Yofk,lialo, Iffly
ISEAMAN - 11:114UIR_ I '
. 1 - AawN l i mmrt. NO.lo.Bll6ll . 9 aL=Ffeziea i ria•
, Numb, tioderryfaMps,
nay Imfilocououy
b e looe llreld= sw aidaft New A'ork
to iftwoloo iliolr stock e thear- patealawt,
Mr. Muirlrasior years of Ammo 'of el?.
smart A Oa t from whnela be madam *bola of Jas.
ISM; and alr.lame. Dielisoa„ (who ku aw Wriest ix
lb. bagmen,' !nu abo favanwly• heart loam avg.
J. &M.
ILllag, NON- AND:SWAIM-MT rArrrrno3
thigirlb---Itenrone wishing re liere,yelating
or dorre wink al l anclowyareb, bkase
give Os a ealL, They will
ow So lt yr. their adnotsge, for
wa are nally.freparadl to d iack se low as any Aram
lo ate two ewe. can or l .t No. kilfood meet N. BtWawbk
it Jo be. galenical tbar we bare
not ;Mil the Painarlit nog gluing, &zoom of an seal
:talons (Ikeda igave been telling the pnblie•rnlly
wg,Were going intim Wow Oen/ 0( our
We ere 111 4 PrvAnted,lo rie
pabrilonyandgloWng gun we ever were. .
re u
' A ll} siDEHATuei77O 'ALI: WIRY bIITUTS.,— .
- Meths. India Rubber Fthith • thrlidadenting pent
corroding ia ink, also for adapting them to WU* gal
Perelman without the aid of pumice, and to facilitate
the ink blowing tree. To amikets, earnnancera and
wiertantile ram; it IS invahuble: By teazels. adding a
-I, 'W_dmPs audit Tzthi mete ink ID CM, it will
be loam to be the best antiliary eserodezed,
'trollies the mid i •priVizatte - the sediment, taut, a
'Hew Sow of th e idiot disperwes id* Wei tremble*
.vipin4. pew Jut reteinid math:entail i
a . v DLO4 II UO-31dezers Bin.; tv; ...o:2s=
.• ,
wwg &u,e-forntiza
1100LN PORY-1108 pieces Chief
Bitlllf Port,
I,IU (ma rii:imor hpniro Chief and Ibtsale by_
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• 111011 MAT PACKET.
The '' °N°N "Allka.a,Caapt.l. t. assa, vt al leave rine.
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The CLIPPER N. ! Cept. Ce.,,easoriU fare Pitt..
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The MESSENGER, Cept. S. Erse,
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every Satmlay 0,1113/4 at 10). . sa, ,
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