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- leloirobd,Courrd Stateo,Gozetta, polotiolobia, received
PIMMISK Da= Goa= is — Polrlislort
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AllPrAl . minim itto ttontestly:ollio
An'OnCloolbro Or. to, end fl 1147 N to day As.
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W A B.T R;•._.
r.,...Letninooti, Monday, - April .. 10, ism 5
• :,Tbe Lowing Address to the Pablin,"Gant the
:iiGit.. a aiy,finabeenbanded to us in- p0b1ica
t.....;.1501!;114 'Wig appear in oar liver. on Wednorday .
• TaTHE puBLIc.
:Theestiottaand conflicting reports which have
-...rseinviiaieulatipik in regard to my inteMions with
the Presidency, appear to ma ro
t..fuioiab'aproperowsion for I full, frank and ex
, eiposision of my feelings, wish - crania views
witioct- This it is now my puiwee
_ . .
L ,With, a strong - disistrtv'olon to the use d my
againaaiulection with that oilid,l left my
_Lif.;'iesiderice in 'December last, wider a/letermiaatiou
limn:mice to the putifc, in some sultiiible Conn, my
desfre ant to be thought a asa candidate. During_
my absence , IBeq~atly expressed to - different gen
tillingum, to be again in that atti
lalion One was authorized peiblish my decl
-Won one 'mot. the other, having reserved Oa right
ea exclusively to myself ..On enextioa,l
i .. . - . L -thought it was due to my friends to. Oonsult with
Dientiesfnee ftookla final and decisive stela AD.
tr,:epetingly,ingoecourae of the last three month., I
;'r:have had many opportsminetef conferring fully and
steely 'witltthem. litany of them have addressed to
me the strongest appeals, and the mast earnest ere
treaties, both verbally and written, to dissuade me
11°M40.uting my inte n ded PurPo.•The). have
L ." represented to me. that the withdrawal 4 my name
- - : ; ''',Winald'befatal to the auroras, and perhaps lead to
throliuolution, of the party with which I have been
-tsed, especially in the free State that at no
farmer ' period did there ever =WWI great a iawba
bf my election, if I would conwnt Mile use of
mixtanw; •that the great Stab:sof New York and
phi) all human probability, cast their
the me, that New York would more certainly.
. .. . _
• i'bestow her s "au ame than u a any ea&
.:-.,. . ram.. Po Po Y r
- f - : : ; * Dilate, &withal Ohio would Give hoe Tote to no
, .i.. r .. - ); candid4r, raiding:in the Shiva States, but to me;
. . , ,T,:' alma there ia'i better prospectthan has bereestore P.
any time- existed that 'Pennsylvania would unite
tharno candidate can be elected with
. sat Usti WIICILSIIII2ICO of two a those three States,
andatorie - mold be defeated; upon whom all three
-:::4".,'oftlidar'slaciuld. be-united; that great number, Of
fellowobl aa.t, bo U of native and foreign birth •
• •,' '6lio wire deceived and :therefore voted against
. -
••• „ toe dale last election, are COW eager Saran oppor
. , amity efbesuraring their ad*, upon me; and ,
. 144 whilst there 6 a strong and decided prefer.
ones' tne, entertained by the great body of the
1 414 Party throngholit the United Suites, they (the
to wlmm I refer) at the same Time are eon
I;l,4iciOital.thatl no mans turailiable than any tend,.
date thatimdkbe presented . to the American pen
. . .
.i,7 • 1 4 e;- • i 1 - .
',.;',. ,- t i.4...nalpietanalo vouch for tin, accuracy of all
i ::,•.- ..these tepretentatiors. although I do not entertalica
••-•'- '.doubt"then • • have litstairmiimtly made, and are
1 , t',.... in . cciTir liAlTed.; ,
i - 111,.. • -It bits moreover urged to Me that the great
ir'.. •' • •:•'! 'oblige* under which I have been hitherto plae .
I i • .: 7 ' i ,irffi 'Fria Large portion of the people of the Mined
I;,' : "`Staley the full ince of which no one can be more
1...... „sensible of than I am, demanded that I should not
: ''''• '' withheld the Sipa of my same;. ICU be rol:died.-
e • -• And I have beenreminded offrequent declarations
which I have made that, whilst life end health re
i '••' ; • • 'a man Is bound to render his beat services
r.r...•-• c ' au . 4
i .• - upon the call of his country.
ti„.!- Sinop my return tome, !have anxiously delibee
• 1
t :.•••• wed ripiir my dig, to myself, to my principles, to.
•• ••-,;.;.- my farads,, end , above all, to my cciantry' The , ,
. • conflia between my una ff ected desire - 6 =dime
',, is prise. life; as most congenial with my feelings
• . ".•••,'• ; and condition, end My wish faithfully to perform
lon ....-.. . all my public duties, hos been • painfid and embae
fk: -:, .:: . , .....b s ., If I refime the. ac of my name, and theme
1 : 1'..." •i •• injurious consequences ahOuld carte, which have
0 ';',•,,', beim so con fi dently predicted by (deeds, I should
1 -i.:.•-'• •' justly Mem their reproaches, and the reproachimof
; J. .....; my min heart. . And, i 4 Mt the contrary, I should
! • • .. 1 .. " ease:dm the nee of my name, whatever the result
. 1
• • may. be; I ahall ermipo both. •
l• • '.'" - I have, thereEare, .lnally decided to leave to the
National Cmsenntion, which is to 'assemble next
Sane, the consideration of my name, in connection
with such others as maybe presented to it,,to malts
a seleetion of a mashie candidate for President of
1. the tinned States. And wlaiev es may be the Issue
of it■ Mir and fall deliberations, it will meet with
my prompt and cheerful acquiemence-
"It will be seen, from what' have mated, that there
was reason tottiaticipate that I would - . decline gis ,
my consent to the use of my name again'es a
7.7 candidate far the Presidency of the United States
Owing, pi:Awl:chin this, as well as other - esams,
; ; many of my friends and killow-citisens have avow
ed a preference far, and directed their attention to
the 'distinguished names of other citizens of the
United States. I take pleasure in truly declaring,
• . that 1 , harem regrets to express, no complaints,
]to rape:ache:, to make on account of any such
preficrences, which I em fay peranaded are gen.
inland on Banat and patriotic cinivictions.
isiland,lotit 1848.
, •!,f The foregoing addreas, we have no doubt, will
•be Mad with lively emotions by every Whig in
• country.. We are' aware that there am many
of mar Whig brethren who differ from us, u re•
,gards the availability of Mr. Clay; but we are ear
. • faded that all of them would prefer to ace him
President before any other man bring. -
It is taut car iMentiOri, 'fills particular time, to
-eater; into • diacnaion an to the probabilities of
Mr. Clay's being the nominee of the Whig Con
, eentioup—but canto disguise the Mlles:Mon
we have' experienced in kerning that he in cam
ioons'nrilling to permit his came tube presented to
• the conaidenttiori of the great Party with which be
hat an long and no gloriously been identified, with
'Mach nther candidates as will there be presented.
We are inducedto believe that it ut with peat
raw:tame that Mr. Clay, idler duly weighing, as
• ha gonvely remarks, his duty to himself to his pin
'. eipira, to his friends, and above all to his conntri,
has concluded to 'obey the call which has been
• ,-.. cantle upon him, by an immense portion re - the
Whig Party, from all over our wide spread land,
; who ham, come to the adman conviction eat be
14'04 only man upon whom the Whip
willikepes of sticuen The name of Many rasp
every Whig heart Identified • with all
tbOsti past cardinal principles for which they have
ever been vemtending—they fiel a aiefulesace in
him .which wink living, they can neveiiichlici
Itisnow tor the Witco tolleMberms whether they
• are ready to abandon' heir heretofire cherished
prieeiples, -for the peipiter . wiuminethe pre. ,
muskrat of
. these who co . :act willing to, make
knoWll dear:ale." uP3's nap of the peat quite
• tip, in..winch we me iouteedier; end who bring
lab tither trupaishas or Ciiitra, than thugs of male"
gaiter, preterlli4n—npen this pound er
ty: W. Mast not Them atipelet Effaj s up.
in.the Windt" bulks, ender whom we, Sheik, 'he
proud to penS, Men who am idina44 whit's!'
car tattiest', and in whom we watoi Owe sttiltr,.
ksi reliance, ender soy sad every etbergimm but
•, we ere not willing to fores.lo oar prioripies epee
the =en woad of arashdably--400;" aa4 Weir
nanny= we connected with the Wino esurie: and
wider them we fail Al ,'e shag WA base
*. 5 4 ; to upbraid onreelres with haring made strrivjgr
at car principles, kr the mks of semis, %las st
be gals ia be do. , W 4 , t.utaidt• ,
'• •41lihousti c2.y—gua do as web WA
_ ••• y I•f# 4
.8 1 • 11 '
.•'• • -
= the unman the
; yip otilliecerre the notninstioodAle-tiethltei
• ' '',',';' 4" "`,Coltiiitina• • •To ih° 'd ° 6 °'" ra t hs t, o ° 4l ' o o
loov o tiok" . belic viD irthat l •l"l/ be
•• k o mmt dwingiiiheyetei.
11541(Zabai. OiMe $3, senr rais•
?hif !haat
' ""81-24,•''' 10
Rod apPiq'll.44;
: 11 # — : - illikag . C* l ;t7o l 7r — ar..* --- e" - 7 - :
• 3 r•Cdrt6pmaeueeN. 14tralCuiC: • t 4
kfttlo' ,
_Hannei . ditral,r4.:Esq•—atie. Bir— boar
.tof gill/Vitus. has baser mearid. Toefittnneat
:me atiltthoinerni.Mbstsfishatiedainig in lAPA/
to a candidate in President, and also, what the
pubbc' einatbnent antasiskituselititi,le - ridattea • tto
that creation,. In the percent Mate of affairs, it is
difficuk so state the precise_ condition of dung', in
this Stun In oomphance with your I will
endeavor-tit dam the .poion of effseht - Pally.
in.Baroo- sad Masm4naette; as I understand it.
.You ask What Boson - a doing about nestalidatel
I think mom of the save Whig! of Boston do not
bathe what to do, and are watang Earetrents,--
There is no 'Mika line of pithy pub.
lie sentiment formed or expressed. Mr. Webster
is doubtless Baited chides tithe ',Whip of Ilos
ran, but, as the felling is . general that his chances
'are senall,alb expect we shall look elsewhere for
a candidate.
do I think' Mr. Clay
advocates in , the City or State.. Moat ofthe Whip .
of Musschneths tenth:be* . est tome him/Winked,
but they doubt the expediency of spin nominating
him. As to Gen. Taylor, he has same friends in
llama, but mirror it ha friends are not only weak
in point of !ambers, but alsoleaely contempuble.
Of the seventy thousand Whip of this State, I do
not believe Tstylor has one thousand supporters.—
I have some little acquaintance with the people of
Suffolk, Ididaleeer Worcester, Essex, Norfolk
and Plymouth Counties, aid. Ida not know half a
dozen Taylor Whip out of Suffolk in the whole
State. 'We have in this town about fltiO Whigs;
I know.maracif them personally. anal do not know
ofa Taylor man among thent, nor do I blow one
in tea or twelve of the neighbouring lawns of Mid
diesel and Norfolk; nor do I Imow amen who
Lmowsof or ever .heard of a man who knows a
Taylor .Whig in these towns.. In Boston there are
slew leading and influential Whip who believe it
expedient to make 'Gen. Taylor the Whig candi
date. This feeling I think is mostly confined to •
small hit powerful class, mostly leading manatee.
antra. Thestill and - quiet manner they give their
support, is one 'or the ben evidences that few en
tertain snob views.' It has, however, been known
to many,that several gentlemen of great respects
blip and some influence, in BoMon, were the Tay
kir, and that some ofthese gentlemen' might hope for
the ViesPniskleicy tinder that arrangement.
sonnices have been accordingly giventhat Massa,
chasms would support Taylor. Perhaps site Ira
, You blow we have a great deal of State pride, and
of coursews should be. proud to see doe of our
dimingidahed eons may be so;
I ventral, however, to gem; that • tri Whigs of
Massachusetts cannot be bought by any enchain.
Loners have been received from Washington in
' favor of the Legislator's noadaming.General Tar
tar for President; and a distinguished scut of Mlle.
Musette the Vice President. The Legislature will
doub ts. sit three or bur weeks longer, but I van'
tare to say it will -not per e that juke that sea.
M'an. - I think the' quite general among
the. Whip of the State, that General Taylor ha.
placed himself out of the range of a Whig noml
nation—that-Um Whip would not be bound by it,
and that they must utterly abandon and repudiate
the deelared principles of the party, before they
can support him. They believe that he ia the cho
sen representative of the land ;stealing and slave
extending ration of the country. They believe
that thermust stultify themselves and prove &lee
and recreant to the principles they . have as often
proclaimed in their Lemshiture, in -their State,
County, and . District Conventions, Ear the last
twelve years. Will they—can they do it! Hon.
Abbott Lawrence, a gentleman respected by all the
his many , virtues and known liberality, in his let
ter hide Philadelphia Taylor Dinner, pledged the
Whip of the State tasimport Taylor, illuminated.
This assurance from him may, and will, out of the
State, hams acme influence in favor of Taylor's no
minatian. I maybe ixustaken, but I venture to say
that Mr. Lawrence spoke rather fur himself and a
small number of gentlemen , in-Boston, than Ear
the isever v ixtrd Whip 151 th e State. So far
as' the ' lithosac.husetts have spoken or
acted at all, voice and votes have been boa
tile to General Taylor and the principles and pole
cy of his supporters. No Whig in Massachusetts
has yet been found bold enoufh to mimeo his
name in any State, County, or District Convention
of the Whig-Perty; and I venture to say, no mom
can be band who dare do it. • Had his name been
proposed in the Mgt Congressional Coniention,
it would have. been treated with scam lad con.'
tempt by the almost unanimous voice of 'the Con.
retsina The great mass of the Whip of Masts
Chuseus are sober, thinking, and reflecting men, and
I do not believe they will abandon their principles
..and declared opinions, at the bidding of any man
or set et men. We non see what they will
. I think that the sentiment in this State is against
both Taylor and Clay. We think tha Free States '
might of tight to famish the candidate. Ido not
think Clay or Taylor mill secure any votes from
this State in the Convention. Ido not see the no
mashy of confining our choice to either of those
gentlemen. Mr. Webster, Governor Corwin, and
General Scott have friends here- In my opinion,
Judge ?nem, under all the circumstances, is the
man. He world raise in this State, and I think in
all New England, a warto, united, and hearty sup
port. His talents, experience; and pare and lolly
character would endear and commend him to the
purple of New England: Let the Convention, and
I hope it will, select him is our standard bearer,
sad maxima with him Governor Setiard, John
M. Clayton or some true and trial Whig; and with
the issues be tore us, I think we shall triumph. , If
we are manful we shall uot win a barren and liMs.
lug trinuipkontrif we MI, we shall have the proud
consolation of knowing that we have maintained
our principles. Yours truly, H. W.
Whig Opeoehes •:t West
Mr. Lincoln, a Whig merger of Congress three
luicniernarle a speech a shad time sin:lemmata the
war and with the mill amount of abuse of our
galnt offerers and soldiers, a copy of which frond
ha way into Wise:lark to an old =dorm, who re
turned it, with the eillowing,irritten on a blank leg
to Mr. L.; and mayre—lf Inspected to lire twenty
years, 1 would preserve a, to show posterity vibes
traitors we bad in 1e485 bat, as I am an old and
infirm man, I cannot arrive sr long, and therefore
send it back to him who pre it birth. Let him
do as he pleases with it.—Pow.
The old mum:adman not suffer his cm:rap to
fag, hat tuna to the fallowimiestrams (toss a speech
made by that old federalist .Tames Ittehanaa upon
the last war.
"Instead of exempting seamen sailing wider our
dog from impresament by the was, we have alm
gather relinquished that wimple ; became it is
a well establigied truth in the' law of nations,
that if war be waged by one country against an
other Le a specified claim, and the treaty which
mudards the contest,' is silent upon that added
it is forever abandoned. Tints the Cove:imam
- have at lastyielded the ray point for the maintain.
enamel' which they protested to go to war, after
having expended nearly $200,000,000.
"We have not only not obtained by the war any
thing which we were taught, to expect, but we
have bet' many valuable privileges. All the
numerate rightsand annum guaranteed tatutby
Jay's treaty have been relinquished, nay, we have
not only been compelkd toconclude a treaty which
&moot nonunion." solitary stipulation in ma fa
vor, except that there shall be peace, but, which
timeales the boundaries of our country.and lives
to the decision of commissioners whether we &all
longer retain a part of our own tenitosy, which
we have held in quiet posseraxt for more than 20
This is what the Post calls "Democratic support
of the war." To as of this late day, it looka rather
more like what thnPost calls,treascoxand hen liule
of patriotism in. it.
Iva Mmouirwarrit—The very judicious whin
Son of the late Whig Convention for Canal Com
minium., we are inclined to think is • good, - omen
girdle coming contest. Who that has bees at sll
&equal:dal with oar Initiative affairs fee the last
number of yens, Ls not well acquainted—by repo
tenon at lean—rwith the firm, prudent, ietelligent,•
honest old Dutch . firmer,' Ner Middlestrinh.—
Boni of humble parentage, his early dip spent on
hum, sad when he became old enough, we be
lieve, apprenticed to the trade of a bla cks mith, he
bad not those advantages for receiving a liberal ed•
mutton videh ere' anaploynd - by die offspring of
tter te =t but being b ynature, of an energetic,
, never despauutg character, be
fled himself to:appear in ouelegidative halls, as
one of its mon useful and sad ad numbers. So
well did his presence of mind, mad Judgment, ur
banity of manners, and determined, will qualify
him fora presiding offcer, that - Ur several sumer
sive sessions be was chosen Speaker of our Motile
of Representatives, where he sequined the repute
6011 of be!eg one of the bee weeding of6cers our
State has ever had. Mr. Mi&Unrwarth is at pro.—
ent a Senator from a Locciooo district, which he
carried by his own personal popularity, in et boors
Givorably.lkuown "Old Ner,!' is when he-comes
upon the political 'carpet, be is •Invincille. Foe
mind yore be has been engaged in the healthy
and virtuosi occupation of tilling the soil, and
were any of our citizens to Milt him at his Inure
within 'Us large family, of sous and daughters,
they would set him dawn as s. fair speonnen of •
hospitable .Lebanon canny farmer. :Wherever be
Pe; his frank, manly bearing, gathers tround him
!mops of Mends and as a oonverudkad coronas
ion, either in German or English, he is always is
temning tied Owing. We repeat, that we sir
well platted with his nomination, and with the cry
of Nat Inddleswerth end Whig principles, the
second Tuesday of October will witneu the
' goad
old State of Pennsylvaida can Off her elegance
trilsxafotnitat. Soups the Lebuon.Courier and
Anzaiteri—A leadi4 Detoacratio organ to
DiLasissippi t adoPts th° "kiWing la it , .114e6g
llus Unarm= geastli reigns
" Dumczaw's agars
daftrasel--banind it* bad. Ena lia6,aoao of
teat • andsOahl Wogs ire have
net lately: posanos;Amoag the deznixraoy,
Nrith ibe Vgden duke ofloffice around bar, an ,
iajahrlwo, poi ireAllea of all possible reigns; la
hot, sheexatikirgt all, in a= r,a,c46 lnterrimgmua.
flho Amos attba tat albs
fakir mwo - Orionseat pap,.24,.Like
bistr;liis 4:mli la Nag_ sfin , l Mg is *Ala gi
tneaegerielaimairlw a 141°I. In go - pity
Morin , Mama
irks arrhsi ki.Ne. York, lan
WjetiliATl7Mo•4o l,4ll coakbt
'MMus" topeoesd WliaNank
11Pril arSis 'aka litinikliAPltYarsz•
1 Enrich re' Nesi.*k,ktiiiiiir
the. late rein,,zed epeeiSkififig *IS its leak
*ma holds the4fi r keirlieg **age *lie COM; I
The tore the me /Rai. mo'
Vence" of which' France has recently been the I
-seam, thereon:we orretertineed`thalthe tevolt
February 24th wt, the Mark axone ambitions
aspirantsoeko have rushed headloag tqmixtbe
knowe,upon a future teeming with convulsion&
The 'three days' of Febmsry have beemt.cesipm.
ed to the "three depend July 1830, and the cry has
been raised 'ales work of revolution is complete."
But here is an enormous enor. la 1830 a numer
ous and powerful elan were reedy Co take in hand
the . achentistrwiozi of public airait !her were or
spurted, they knew what they required, and what
they were aboutio do. Long the - bitergeoir had
atpired,tolhe virtual throned France, its peepers.
does wens made, its spleen@ all minimal. r
In 1848 weave nothing of the kiwi. A wise
and enlightened party urea arrayed against the blind
and corrupt edmmistration of MessraGuirr,Duch-
Mel ek Co._ The efferts ofthis party mere directed
solely to the overthrow of the Mummy and to' the
attainment ot e just and legal reform, which had
become indisporoble eo the interests' eves of the
dynasty. The °Vents of February 23d,asanred the
triumph of Meura.Thiers, Galion Barret and their
colleaguem but by a fatality's yet unexplained the
draggle recommenced at night. The dynastic op.
partial, instead it - emg the ti mes. between.
the 23d and 210 i in' w iselyarranging for the Mr
don Attie next day, lost the time and essopromis
ed the victory which it had gained.
The ;Regency the Duchess of at Orle ans was
safe if Oditon Barret and his flexeds had displayed
the energy. .and sagacity which there we.s Over) ,
right to expect from them. But instead of employ
ing the miliths7 firm at their command in remain
leg the Chamber of Deputies, in securing its free.:
dom of action, they suffered this seat of the Na,
tional Adminieritxua to be invaded by • reckless
excited multitude, amid whose about, of ap
probation a heedful of ambitious men proclaimed
themselves, by their own choice, the Government
of the nation. A cry of 'Viva la Republique' was
rained, and 10, a Republic wan , established, a Pro
visional Government was installed. Then in the
Armin and in the journals it was declared that the
revolution was completed—that Abed lasted three
de* Ulm the ?evolution ot July. But, it was add
ed, that revoluden maned ,to the benefit only of
one elms, the botumeslme while ours will - . Mame
the heppenem of the lower class, of all the suffer
beg woekmee. TheytC9k care not to add that the
bourgeoise represents an immense majority of the
ehis^e• who by their education, their morality,
their agent position, are bee- qualified to secure
the pence and' welfare of the country, while the
working dais are destitute of inanition and to
tally unqualified to take part in the conductor per.
lic affiehst. - • ' . • •
To speak the truth, there was no choice Milker
theiself conitnuted Government. The bourgeoise
remoras the moderate party, in favor of the Bo
geney; fern it, therefore, the leaders of the move.
meat could expect only resistance to their group of
power,. *Republic offered them their only chance.
In raising the Republican Fleg,.a motto was ready
to their hands—Liberty, Frafeelity, EqUality. The
punialunent • of - death is abolished to appease the
alarm on the one' hand, on the other to secure a
safeguard against passible danger; but as, under
an insuirectionary government, there must berme
powerful controlling agency, the punishment of
.death Is replaced by the sovereignty of the mob.
And this is called a revolution completed! Never
wis.there amore complete misnomer. The three 1 ,
daysiaf Febnuue ace hut the prologue to the great I
revolutionary drama for whose enactment Fiance I
is preparing. Let us see what is. the actual condi
*iota( the new Republic.
.Confidenee exists no where--disorder reigns sa
reme. The hemline men debit new Government,
Lrmartime, Gruber Pages, and Arno, are .bea
dy u open wife with Ledns Rollin, the most radi
cal of their 'colleague. • Opposition to the' Provi.
Monett Government prevails among the rich class,
the Middle - class, and even the disinterested and
refforing of the lowest ',elms. And bow could it
be ietherwiset With the preclumation of the Re
public weal not also declared that there Monti no
longer be any poor? And to aceampliskthis effect,
what mait the course devised! Aruied battalions
have been taken into pay, to perpetuate the domi
nion of the ma:nude As in 1192, the National
Gard, representing the middle class, and the love
of peace and order, were disarmed and replaced
by tte armed sections, .so in 1849 the same ma
neurre is iepeated, with for addition the disorgan
izition of the 'select companies,' which number
in their tanks the trait enlightened of the citizens,
thaw most friendly to the preservation of order and
therights of property. •
And whst wilds bats decree of civil wet! We
an see in the future nothing but confusion and err
litchi. The revglutiontuy Journalists tbeduselfe
carnet conceal their apprehensions; their anxiety
makesitself visible amid their phrases of alaillllll.
asm: They , see, as we do, that the attitude of opal
serrative National Guards becomes menacing, and
that on them depends in a great mealier* the hale
of the struggle - which is aboatto commence. Inter
est and fear, these are the motives of the middle
claw; audacity., as was clearly seen by dilantlin, is
the watchword of the mob. The question, then
resolves itself' to this 'merest and fear in
spire the National Guards with =erne to over
come the audacity of their adversaria 1 We can
not believe otherwise; but what a series of dine
tets:of angtunary events, shall we not base to Is.
meat before the the triumph is achieved, beau.
peace and ceder Is restored.
Len an not be accused of lacking sympathy dir
Republican France: It is because we Ipso our
country end would wish to see it Democratically
governed that we deplore the ashram mandated
in,the proclutaticateofFetruary2lth. Topeardrom
caocarshy to • Repuldic something more IS need
ed than pompous words sad phrases. And other
men are seeded than Erma. L.maittne, Ango,
Blanc, Gamier Pages and Ledns Wait These
men can *the aud eta gne discourses, but this
capacity will not Mike for a situation so mitred
Wait do_we see! The new Government wad
tog balfits time,in harrenvieslo pacify the mob
and in issuing • multitude aweless decrees. hi
Lanisotine is doubtles - honeedrut he is not and nev- •
er be • ',radical man. He isesientially poet,
ate ofthoim arernlicas birds that sing at every none.
He bas e laudations to monarchy by' right
divine, to the Pope, to a constitutional monarchy,
to spiritualien, to the Ministry, to the opposition
and the Giroculita. Now he sings in praise of Ro.
bespierre. In all this there is not . much prod* of
logic, origrest firmness of conviction, tat all this
harnernizes with the organization of a poet, who,
in las advancing years, is ambitious to play the part
of • .statemen.
As for the others, we cannot see in any of slam
much whereon to build a lope. M. Giusuer Pages
has hued a long financial report, in which good
intentions are apparent; but public confidence is not
thing to be decreed. And there are some ellti•
oils things in this report. To sell the ibrestkofthe
state, be inatancifivoqi be • singular means of se
Curing a nippy of timber for the navy.
We repeat our sad conviction that the new Guy
ermeent of Prance labours not whither it is going,
and loin danger of conducting the republic to an
archy and final despotism, out to the liberty that
Is dreamed of, by boned aid disinterested ateltr.•
It has anted it the hateregs •of commerce, the
judgment of thinking and moderate men, the old
National Guard, the clergy, and, not the ieant inv.
Ponca doll, the regular army, which win not WI
to declare 'galas/ it when it is known that the Goy
erninent has been imprudent enough tireapel Irma
Paris a whole regiment whom colonel had become
suspected of antistpublican tendencies..
T#F. FREI= Paorrisamul. Gossammw.—Quay
rel among the Members.—A letter: from Paris,
of March 19th, in the New York Herald, ape
M. Ledm Rollin M understood to stand alone in
the ministry and iroveniment; an the partisan of
the mob, and the declared adversary of the atoll!.
r tt ruy of thed
of theta
whdaWopinions 'and spirit are most t a W:tile to the
'maihralsrume of tranquility and order.
Home CUrioo2 scenes which lave occurred
bedstead him and his colleagues . In the Hotel de
Villa, have !Naiad the 0:30301011temo of ccinvenut.
On the 15th, it is said %hit . . sharp altercation
.took place upon the above questions, at the mining
of the members of the government, in the Hotel
de . Vile. ' High:worda armed between M. Leda
Hain and - his colleague. The Minister of the
Interior, raising his voice to a high pitch,andosing
the most extravagant geaticidation,nished towards
the window with the apparent object of-calling
on his colleagues, the thousands of rubble who 11.1.1.
ed the court - below. M Gamier Ages, it is said
thereupon drew:a loaded pistol from his pocket
and declared he would shoot him dead. fie, in
addition,intimated that be had in his pocket err'.
dance im M. Ledru,Rollln had plundered the
treasury .since his appointment to the government
of many half a , million of francs, and that If fur:
titer provoked be would produce and publish this
&e t.
Hereupon the aiikir of the Minister of the late.
-rice is said to have abated; but in the course of the
maid, 24 - Ledro is said talon , e approach.
ed M DeLamartine, - , , the Minister of. Foreign Ai
fain, with the mot offensively. violent gesticula
tion., and to have ell but struck him, openly men.
cing that he would place himself at the bead
of the populace and exterminate the Govern.
M Delemartine is reported to have replied .to
this with' a contemptuous smite, and to have said
that he would ratha_kese his life at. the hands of
the populace In so matte, thari by the guillotine,
which would be erected- under the regime of hl
Bush wen the - reports which were commonly
circulated in Pies on Thursday, the lath of
Due su Exisermon.—Lient. Lynch aed /tome
of hi. celleershad arrived 'at Conwunnople, on
the 27th of February, on their way to the Dead
See; They were to leave Cenitandnopie Ina few
dqs. sad have to be it the - lad of thelilmung
g,,the letter rue Of March or early In Aped,—
Minister bad an audience: of the flolteo
Lieut. Lyitch—ita boner. which has been - rarely
to, any officer lower than Admiral or Ccen•
PAIL %MATSON TO TUT NA2/011.11. Ausastm.,
AlbuVerbomigultrasell'Opetedee° hes OM
in the Friact mu:Atelier, litt tbklrfout*Pu.
ies, Nytto:
to hinks, ought to be Monad &testae
144 Puts to the Nedgetal Aseembly. mem
dr ale POMldOilat GOMSIZIIIMI it/ 5 Sougallbta
_ .4 . itziacipo,.. . ~„. ium ,. p . i.mas„Ths .
wit Mtta, taxis park, trelsail,. - anivsd ss &Missy
...p.. r ....a5a baadtsd aad
adttrits 41. TM Thl,lapat into - AntS 4 la ,
Zidnots: - seSesty bassisimmit . "
.......... istba im! *Wok ' ' sup
jappet - ti? Uri kit 114 ami. ', .•. - . '
Asis aboai to kincOnonclizremi
I ran nisi'c unturen on bisiiiirs
is Itteatifyii* N A T ,sccompsaiioOptis
Ws giro ilia -Wowing kvaiatici-Lawall Patriot of
rtfi.SensibrokuiVthis disecnreirei of , the theory
known by his trirm, concluded his second exim of
ketarearin thily, on 'Friday evening to, to a
crown:Aherne in the Coy Hal His new Psyom
lor w lita i veriments were, many of them, of a most
kind, and such as we believe no other
person tin this °bunny, if in the world, ever at
tempted to perform: Sn/L, non% emery, sters7
esseuSuline, ge,ltrought on to persons without axe.
tact, is something new in the annals ofha i ithas
been denominated' Mesmerism: r Neuro ;and .
all these things done, too, in the case of
..1 1 6..
ie almost ten slatting for belief. •
On SlOnots, evening, Tune 7th,lfr.S nderiand
by Segued, gun a aeries of his experim i s in the
Malinke' Itill, one or two of Iv • were of a
kind which renders them worthy of It bed
been . inncrubeed that he would throw a dozen or
mare, - into a stale of somnambulism, they
would be able kr reach the Hal And long before
the time, the place was lona ov and, at
about five minutes past eight o'clock, a ndattroTel
sight indeed arrested the attentkoof the audience;
it was the appearance of a number of personsof
both sexes, who, one alter another came slowly in.
to the Ball, and with their eyes fast closed, walked
up to Mr. Sunderland, and were se by bitn
upon the platform, in a state of .15f aejamhy, or
sympathetic sleep! There was a r number
could he seated upon the .p and seats
were provided for them near to it. a few
pities of music from the sleeping • t, Mr.
Sunderland singled out- a young lady from the
nutober on whom it
proposed that surgical
operation should be al, wt the con
se-iousneas of pain. friends use ' that she
was when 'magician:singly timid and unable to
endure the lent pain without sensation of the
mod intense sulfenng. Dr. Mansfield was called
upon to examine one of her mans, which he pro-
nounced to be somewhat decayed, but firmly set in
the jaw. On applyinglia forceps, notwithstanding
the Dr.'s well known great physical strength, it
was some considerable time before he succeeded
in extracting it: During this time not the slightest
sympthm of pan was manifested, and the gentle
man who-held her pulse declared that be could
perceive not the lean variation. Dr. Mansfield,
himsel.4 stated that out of the immese number of
teeth he had drawn, he had scarcely, if ever, found
it necessary to exert so much - strength as in this
case. The young lady on being questioned, de
clued that she had felt no pun at an, and knew of
nothing which had been done, except the fading
which Mr. Sunderland had made on her face!. On ,
her. being•aurakened up, she declared that she re.,
membered moils • g of what Ind' been done, and
her appearance on finding that her toed was out,
frilly confirmed what she said!
Mr. Sunderland said he thought the cases mare
remarkable than many others of a similar kind he
bad bad t ioumuch as the patient had never been
nmegneused,” as it had keen called; and that was
only the third time she had been put intothat state.
That remarkable condition len induced by his pm
' mbar process, discovered by himself some three
years ago. It is brought on without the penes,
and as Mr. S. believes, without iany fluid, magus
do or cinema .
This exyerimeM wee interesting and satisfacto
ry in the. highest degree. And indeed the same
remark• may be made of his 1111113001:1* other et
periments performed daring his - short stay in our
'city. ' Nufabera we are tall, have been benefited
in the relief of pain and nervous didiculties, and if
what is called Pailetiam may be turned to practi
cal porpaset each as thew, it would maw to be
worthy of more attention than hat' hitherto been
bestowed upon
Poorelwo teem Markets•
we extract The morbid* the iron markets of
England in the facet manner. As the English
market through the °pennon of the free trade
Putt tariff, in a great measure controls the Amen•
can market, the details will not be fxuadlioo fait
London, March 24, 11349.
The trade hastens rather inactive since the date
of our lan reppoDrK The 4011 market has been dull
and ahhoughholders have accepted reduced tents,
buyers, both for home use and export, come ffir•
void with leas freedom. There are many parcels
°acting, and if the present state of the cow=
continues, prices will still be lower. .No. 1
Pig has been mold at ale. and mixed numbers 43s
ad to 445; but now these quotations are quite no m.
MAL Mu ma Rails have also met with Ica at.
tannin', and prices fix both are still looking dawn.
Welsh and ...n.lshire Pigs are difficult of sale
even on reduced tams. In the value of British no
change can be made this week, but the market has
a very dull toss. • '
Baringes Circular says
The Iron =Ault is' flat and with an order in
band we could buy rather under our late quota.
lions the bars and nil.
Limmia, Much 25, 1869.
Iron. The rapid and unexpected political chan
ges which have recently occurred in Smell every
nation throughput Europe have seriously interfered
with the custonzwiSpnog trade (or British manu
factured geode, Once have to some extent negated
in coneequenee. umderate demand kw hom coo.
sumptson oordinucs,which would be considerably
incxessed if capicaloda bad °stridence to invest the
surplus (reads they now hold unemployed in the
pmeecutiou of railways and other poblio works,
eagerly reeking for capdal, st full rates of interest,
to complete their undertaking. The workmen in
the Iron diaries are (or the mos part y
employed, and fully equal to the deman=l4an
not, therefore expect sty immediate improvement.
Resent prices. delivered at Liverpool t—E3cotch
. pig 15s; Merchant Bu £110; best Rolled 419
Hwp .f 9 10i; Sheet .flO 5.
Tue TsmsnaAnt. - —A ph copied original
ly from the Zanesville Conner, has led the public
to suppose the Pittsburgh colave does nik pay its
expenses. Although literally gamest it is not so he
realty, and we are gratified to he in possession of
a few fumes to correct that impression.
The Pandit:nth once bears a heavy part of the
expenses of every office between Pittsburgh and
Louisville and Si. Loaf on the Athunie, Lake and
blindmippiTskgr. aph Line and of all those be.
Aimee Pittsburgh and Introit on the Liam Line.
Focinstamee, a message containing ten words is
handed in here tor Bahia:lore or New York, 650
is charged and preload. At Pittsburgh the mesii
sago is handed over to the Philadelphia line and 65
cents is handed over to that line for it; that 65
cents being really dimmable to the Wheeling of.
The Pittsburgh °Mee paid during the month . of
Muth, in this way, to the Philutelpida Line, on
amount of Western aloes, no less t ho u $1356 92
To show that Pittsburgh does ber Mare of Tele
graphicbusiness, the business of that office dur
um the Same period amounted to $1467 00.—
Melding 2u...
Reins sins liessoss—Ma. Haerrosis Bram
—We have seed with gratification, lay. the Phila
delphia North American,- the speech delivered in
the House of Representatives, onshe 9th of March
by the Hencernle Moses Hampton, of Penneylva.
sus, on "Myers end Harbor:, and the Policy of
Protection and Free Trade. It is an uncommon
ly eiwd apedch, Judicious in its wylip, instructive
and valuable ea • statistieel etpontion of the vast
river and lake trade deWrving and demanding the
facilities and protection which government alone
CAD give iti—end, use !AVM.' on the constita•
tkmal question of harbor and river improvement,
dear and conclusive to every disinterested judg
ment. It is one of the speeches, having the quality
of substance and the merit of usefulness, or the
kind which' we treatise away ix binding with
other documents valuable as work. of refer
IFeuarnotrisorr or Cosarrxrd How in Rdia.
—Four &dins soutornr,c, or community bouseq
to be tried in Pont, one etch in the tour popdms
quarters, end destined to contain tour hundred &lo
llies each. Thesaving to be effected by all mom
log together it is ox &Wed, will be equivalent than
increase of wages. These ciders are to contain
reading sued, asylums, school., mouth, gardens
endbaths. The COATIMOnIing to the clams"' of
two architects, toll be stow 1,000,000 frannesch,
to be raised by loan, secured by mortgage on the
demises, to be repaid oat of the lodging money.—
All the men must be marred, 'and the preference
given to thee wi-o hare families, but the hope it
expressed by its advocates that the new admen
will übie- , ly become generaL
Tomumici Sir usviog—Siicairig Derritivs.—
Emmet Lama letter, doted Csmargo, March 11—
.1 have jug returned Loma most melancholy
scene. "Seven soldiers wire sentenced to death
dearth= Three were ice Nought oat, kneel
ed on thdecorthis and were shot The caber kw
Were then bought lirsiard, kneeled, bandage
tied on their
. eyes—tlm words, "ready! present .^
"—andi—lylanous news it was—the poor billows
were raluievedl They all stood it lite savors—
One ot them Wined when the bandagewas taken
from his ayes.
"Moneys, clay that the Mops expected to go
en in Victoria will not be wait until furthers.'
Stust.rierr,—A leiter from ConstanSwgde of
the 224 or Fehreary, says:—"The mother of the
Sultan has been Tay eenoualy iIL The Sultu was
in 'despair. He calmed all the prisoners for debt to
be set .t libertY, paying their debee from blip:irate
trensuiy," made laigedistributione of alma to the
pate of all Oconaniniona, and ordered prayers in.
the mosques and churches. Today the prince's
was guite;ont of danger. Haring all the , period or
the malady, four phymciana,tword whom are Eu.
were in attendance on her, and the Sultan did not
Tattler bedside." " " •
• Neveu—Ai ran Pray. March 7dr, LL 8., aldpi
C aen on bo ard and Porpoise, CaPlelb
Gotdon—all we
The atdpGennantome, Commander Lawn.
tdea &opted damn ken the Navy Yard at Norfolk
on Paintday ro the anchorage of the Naval Hospi•
aL Bh. la hound dor the Grdt of Maxim.
Paz arm. Mull—We have reputedly dodo.
'dais Mary bowing our hod manatkauroza
!afros:, (Noir York) sad 1101 V give the &oda the
root OUT IMeass) - /taporta ayStdp caiolo.=-
10biriefuroeob,din 6 2 god ag
This is a sinaVagiloial,'bcd U Wililatop
411116:410Cfl qp drain*.
- -
Pleitwige4i4fluvi "xnl4o o e.Pa** 0 j mtq
dJ thatnvirrurieseen 10411444 lfinttestrul
oPin t hi1k0.* 2631 0 6 ..
the dme dean Hun., Penn street.. The chsrictin
mri l li eb aq i nritaal• Itl**.ade'r4l6 C OW
em design: gat and it is a curiosity of itself. The
ilriviesseatia darning withinariend-g*devieili
emblematic of the noble art oehorsenroundiip. The
piusiels on the 'idiots ooveredwith beatiliftd Painr:
limp by masters of the art, two of which,
ing" and "sm& Racing,' are worth downs of the
gems e(Caplialeis: uilia is competed
of twenty carriages, with scarlet bodies:and blue
wheels, and when in motion remind the spectato r
of the pageantry and splendor he has read as
exhibited in the olden time. The surd of lames
unrivaled isibeauti, number and. training and
if the proprietors do not mimed it will sat be be
came they have. not taken all the means neceisaii
to deserve it. T ho troupe withered in PittsbUrgk,
and idler an expensive, protruded, and to our teir
chines and others profitable stay among us, in to
give a specimen of their Weals. They spread •
canvass that,uull cover three thousand people all
of whom can be tarnishable seated. .
Yaw or Rms.—Two artists, Messes.
Whitefielddc Smith are now soliciting subscriptiope;
to publish an elegant view or ear ciente seen from:.
Coal hill. The sketches, which we have enmie+
ad, do the city ample justice and the engraving
when finished, will be very valuable. The same
artists have taken views of Roston, Brooklyn, Hoch'
eater and Cincinnati andwe hope will beencounged
to ad d'fittsbarghio the rid. To do Mistime band
red copies mad ho — ie — cared, and we think will be:,
readily) ',The expense is five doper, Payaiile on
delivery of the engraving, so that no one will be
called upon Goisay, until he hiis the value received
is hand.
Dortavash Panorama mill 'continues to be open.
at Apollo:Hill, afterhoms and evening as heretofore,
and animas large and fasbionable audiences.
Gammas Surma has signed the bills relative to
the sleds of monied women; the Chester Railroad;
the PenMsylvaniaand Ohio Railroad, the extension,
of the Bucks Foamy Bank and others. „
Fanam.M.mut has lbund it necommuy to post
pone his visit io this country until the G.ll, such is(
the statement lea letter received by the Hibernia'
Tax Right Ray. William Quests, the Bishop or
'the Catholic Church, died at Chicago on the 10th
The Wheat mop in Montgomery county Md., is
said to look 'free, promising.
SFr= roa Fs.Arscr.—The lut packet from New
York took out $030,000 in gold and
Dz in New York law. week, 299.
Carraspeadiaim at Pittsburgh Ga
Corrinanidertes of the Pittabarch Gazette.
WaShiagton, April 14,1848.
Scurs—After the °maid:anon, a large number
d petitions were presented.
A message was received horn the President, sc.
canpssied by ■ report 7elative to, the merits of
Cab's Fire Arms, which was ordered to be prirt-•
Mr. Davis, agreeably to previous notice, brought
in a bill to promote the useful arts, by affording
aid to schools ott the part of the government.!
Mr. Ashly, from tle =mime on the Indic-ism.
reported a bill giving console judicial postara in
China. The bill was made the order of the', day
i.e Wedaesday next. •
Mr. Miles then called up the billfar the repair of
the Cumberland dam.
Mr. Bantry, of Alabama, spoke sgaiwa the bill—
opposing it upon what he called the constitutions]
After some time spent in the consideration of
Private Bills, the Senate adjourned.
ILcaria or Itirsasserranvea—The morning hoar
was occupied with Private Bills—after which the
contested election cue of Colonel Monroe, of N.
York, was called up.
Mr. Van Dyke, of New Jersey, being Waled to
the door, made a speech in favor of Col. MOIM)0'11
claim: No vote was taken; fad the House rose
without doing any Easiness of interest,.
Correspasdenee of the Pi abort Gann.
Puttanznaana, Apr 1114,1518. •
The steamer Magdalene, bunt for Grenada and
Cutiagann, bunt her bailerda berpamicia to Cat.
it:Logone, balling Capt. Beslotaan, d the stoinati
Grenada, with others. : The boat was blown
to atoms.
Contvondenie of thei PinaborAia Game.
. . .
• .• • Philadelphia, April 14, 1446.
Flocuiles or:Wastern„ Gar export; at 113,8•440
SA There is a demand ird ahipment, bat at lower
Graisr 7 Salas prune whits wheat at 31,39111,39 i
of Prime iWd it $1,35. Of /x)ro,' prime yelkni, at
51c. The supply of grain is aural. The market
Prog'oStuw.—There is so activity in any article.
Quotations steady.
Geocorict—ico change in prices. .
Cottai—Thera is nothing doing in this article.
WhislceyStilis at 221 c. I
IC:elusive Corroipoodeneo of the Pinsbargit ,Goseti
BA=r*tOur, April,ll,lUS
Flour—Sales of Howard . nowt, at" 8, 8 11; of
Baltimore City MI. at SS 'The market if very
quiet, and the tendency downward.
Grain—Saks prime white wheat at $1,4001051,45;
of prime red at 81,32051 r 35. Sales prime white
corn . at 396341 c; of prime yellow at 43 ;attic There
is ksi doing in corn, and the market, both for
wheat and corn, has a downward tendency:
noviiiona—The market En Bacon, in bulk, is
active. Sales of Western Shoulders at 31• of
Sides at 4b041c; of Rams at: 51c. flaoco—Shea
Weatern Sides at la% of Balsa at 507.
Sales of Western at etc; and of Baltimore render
ed at 707ic-
Whiskey—Sala at 23c.
Exc.1.141, Correspoisdexaof the Pittsbugh Gateau
New York, April 14,1818. •
Flour—Salm at 36 311)6 YR; There is no
marked change from yestardriy, binthe market is,
if any thing, duller. • •
Couto—The market is heavy.
Graht--The Market for Coin and Oats is dull;--
Corn7Sales of 2,000 bushels prime yellow:OR?
Ors 3 cents. • • .
Provisions=-Sales(lifeless Pork, (Western,) /Nick.
1, at WO. Sales of 200 kep Western Lard, 6lr.
The markets, generally, are unchanged.
• , ascuat7FFMAILK ET. •
• Ciscoctiii, April 14,1818 .
Flour—The 'market ta sick. Sales 300 hhhi
51.3'71080 431 r. .at
Oats—Sales at 271928. Barley is in fair dems ' itd;
quotations steady. Rye, sales at 400. •
Whiskey—Sales at 151 c.
Groceries—No change in prices. The utaret
for sugar and anolaises is heavy. •
Provisiona—The market is dull, kr all descrip
tion. Bacon aides are held at 3ls Shoulders at
24 cents
Arta 8, 1848.
Groceries—Sales of fair New Orleans Sugar as
!844 cts4 . of.,it -
Min.—Sales of Ohio at .75. •
Posvisionalea of Bacon Side*. at 4 alai of
ShouliNes at 21 cta.
Tuz littzstalkkl-The Stn Suds 'tided from
Liverpool, kw New York, - ou the 3d Instant, nod
the Acadia, fat Bostcin, on the tith instant. Under
the new arrangement, a Cunard steamer will leave
Liverpool •every Saturday, tdternately kit New
York and Boston. ,The sew seam ship America
lads kir New York on the 75th ofthis month.
We learn, says the Bahitnore "atria, that the
surreys kw the catenates' of the Baltimore and Sas , :
*whims Railroad ken YorkHatsiebtuTh, WLU
cow epee. next weak, muter; the supernson of
John MD. Goktsbuougts,chief engineer.
trrYca kali* slily old fellow .read thlsoind a o 0
loops . whlskorlasi ant toliless. • Ildr. W. Jack-
MIK P•obn9LA Pa„e•rtillea ontb•
9d of rifOON•f, 1111.1 Mt. MN. Jackson's lod,
IT•ln M" r 6: ra - f°4ra., — "Niztalths
•-• • • • Lt±t` • • ouxiceoNoverihei"; R.
VAN of Btoad awl Nattatekst - st;
' • duir
WWI tudAr • bon of Jona
• tt hardens tbo tas, stomekteo
.* /4"tr_Z,ll,llM:. o l'nia_ w _t 7
=l , -
-4160 4 ,0 d 0112"1g ..b, "1, 114 44 lumpgrall
Iba vnlia Cdlialsation
lamed *pan Oa radial . U.S ualsoisal on
the &a of January lan th e nen. Government veal in-
son 11.131.e55. IValter Forward, '''Andtertr W il ey, Jr. Win. D. Ausin, •
Chutes Skater, U. nu's. ,
Dirld Ritchie. A.. Burke.
Thos.:BgainelL 0.1,1.1=44 -
.11aosaiattnit, Stinet,
•>,DI- .
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E. B. W. Poindexter; •
B. Sailers,. M. B. Lowrie; :•
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Haman Danny, 'Wm. T. Irrine, •
Geo. Whim, • F. Lorentz,. -
P.Jones, sold
• . O. Adam;
r y Foci Irborresu.—At meeting of a Committee
,mooted eldsees or Wilkim Township, art
- oaday. the 10M, day 'of April, 14% ez dm decrial'
.John Wean:T.l4P Wahle.brellhr the Gab:ming res.
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•Stmereeno, TWA the mew •es be alined by IQ
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ner of. Woad aad Fifth sus, zo Tedder' ourrelag, the
11th' nde4 at cArteek.: Thissed badea sad
bap eale or clothing ever held to aids eitr, ste dior
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MBE Canal and Rail Ro.
order. die packets ordit
a.a as folknoa every it
. Co.—Capt Craig, Bawds]
. I:o64aniv—Thompaon, ia•
Xonneeky-;Capt HT-
Indiana—Capt P 80,
Oldo—Capt A. Craig,
Rentookiapt A Tr
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inter, loath tha Wine' Wan _
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Passeaers hr tWs mate paid over lin When nil road.
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modations secure' yoiw deka he Packet vacs,
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D writ It Co, Canaille.
. oaw Tr, Alight:7' county, March 97,
I cave to my °Wed boT, aged 0 years, lard lemons.,
'fal of Sellers Veil:mirage, and In the comae of ,fleit
boom ha passed basemen 89 and 90 largo worms_ • .
7 Lrmaie
As !Vomiter is not very pleasani ke; parents;
should observe Mara very small msacticy • this iono
medicine muterallydoes the wets. '
Prepared and sold by. R. E,. aEcaOlllBM7 Wood at.
AlmT laso; by IN passel; Cith:Ward,. and - D El • cryplille.
' -. • $l,OOO SIMARD: •
•JV to any pernott•or pennon who wall
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Litstmanoo Companion of Mot atyien oddiu mat Toward
FIVEIRINDREM DOLLARS, tole mild yet coa t
rnetinn of the Individual or ingagod in the
tom now oriocoodiar rim. • •
Anse aAttn./Mayor's Office, 14 We ribaborgi
dai.of April, A.D. 1b W_. • -
NpLtittt .:.. . GABRIEL 'ADA.I4B, Mayor,
trliEntadassigned,daly surtherised Agentoitba !ei
ican Fite Lantana , - Casnpany Ptalaasipta,
cantina.% la on
insurance against loss. to 'damp
against Flz. on bailniNtsterchanine,. &ran, .m 1
'property, not extra hans; thia city and
apti - GEO COCHIIANtP,Nr. 4 "
mlrn SUBSCHIBER has be...pointed agent pro
K. of the Wore:see Compan y of North' antenc r
and trill Woe Policies and arieodto the other hominess
of the agency, el the searches. of Atwood.; Jones t.
Co. ept2 WM. P. JONFIS, setter et
.§ .lg
11 AND SVAA.GlOll—WRIfriply h ha
now o pan an .4.1100.0)461 albs abosegoods; lath.
plain drab .4 plain blank: win barred /m
-ay 'd do. Also, Balsa:tam, fromlii am. up to &oast
qualities; also, OrAandler Lama in 'great V 1111027, IM
northeast earner ce 411 sad mattes Ina. :. . apiS.
sinaa: UN= C. normrs—w,ashiacr,
amitmrttto intention of the Wimp At=s,
of new style Linen Cambric Hags,
Item end smr , ... Also, lop supply of low pri ced
do. from TO Meg • To floe.. apls
ODA ASH-10 auks Soda Ash, palencAlkall 50par
per cent EngliA:lea, or DO per tem Amoriearr ma;
.in sroia and for sale by 13 t lIARBAUWV
•P/5 53 avatar and 104 frontal
RMORE= MOORE, l'bolesale Dmier," Rectifylue
Moine, dealer introduce. Putsburgli Mouniu.
tures and all kiads Foreign and Domestic Nisei.
stud ;doors, No.ll Liberty street: O. head a very
large stock of. superior old Mormagabela whiskey,
dult will be sold /ow (or cult. -
PCITATOEB-20 bbls Politoes,. jou reed per MX
Clipper No 2, De eousigitinera; for We by
Gar COCHRAN, MI wt.!
0 llEns of FL W,Vermingham; tor *ale by •
•Ch ga, near Lama/
rtANESTELUP--.10 bbls seceived sad foil:as by
VErTNDOW GLASS-4500 big kin
do; 100 do Inzltto HOD, in nate and Coesals by
pOTATOES-75 bbl.s• NetAvannocks. jam reed by
ACON—filudt Shouklersc 1 do Bi.dcm 1 do thou,
Jppl just received on consignment and or isle by
('IOTSINS. , 43 bales Tennessee Conon; 82tio
slOpi do; In store and for We be -
spla , WElrr BlSVOMV,:illftSisiSt
irey.vm , i7Ml'MET.7-I;fmrl
lipetlSlNsl-IWbriM W Raitid, lost reschoi and
AV for .010 by: • BURBRIDGE,WILSONk Co, •
9,13 Watt at
1.11 E.-100 bbis Lonisvilli jusi ree'd C o `
i.sato by. apla WILBONt Co'
'pACON-64100 lb. Bacon H. =OOO do do Sides:
D 30,000 do do Shoulders, elly mucked, in sane end
for sale by • S & HAREM:I3H,
apl3 63 water and 104 front st
111D . W1X1 Dry' , in in a
v e , ni& sal. troH
• • -- - -
CANDLM--150 bes Mould Cemdle% 40 do I:4 4 orbt
store and tor sale by apt: ft k W HARIRUGU
bbistio , rl i usLes superior Carr rV.
I V " 37 ' , - 1 . t W . I.I.AILEA UGH'
hbrr tote
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MlOTAfillitwas Pm Ash received per eessmit4vi
roirline; tirade bp, . II ROBLSON& Co,
latdiesty et
ARD-11.5, 140 A* kep de 414 bud roe'! /
I saa bar tale by " • 13 It lIOI3IIION le Co
UT/t —3l.Abl. lila 'Bow; g kegs ikvaer, reisl
per C B Now Belgium; for tale by
rtiovya SEED-2 5 bad
far We by apl3
Becox—ea+Ween p
sale E 7
s SCINS-8 Ws.
'EMI:0011 , -14 bbl; Mai;
V ing Sla•
WY APPLES-0 ukeki
(1111AIBE.-13 tax arils
.a by
CO! r . / NN-1,113 tm;espe
11101LACCO-23 tee Aid
4: from we ame! St Lit:4.
C. , A.V.ELLATUS-17 cask ,
1.7 _recoiled oad tor 8010
paresu—srewriorise ,
BaCON-16 bozo. Vit,
now ianding .04 (0,
RAD-6UO p4e Galina
1.4 Oriental, :gad for nto
ARD 01L-10 bbl. for sea bi • ,
DICE AND LOAF SUGAR... 34 tinge. Mee; SO Mtn
Nub! of Sugar. landiug (nun
RAG atm Sebuttkill' ok.
49/3, . . •19 and.%)
nom PORZ-4100 pieces seed Balk Auk,' tai,
frommessuir iditiss Chief sod ramie ~.
• 111,04 . 4.EY &Mini ..
STARCH -141 boxes Smeeb,omerlor 0.14714
La from Idsoangahels =dim sW.
.BUCKEMS-110 4o: planted Book R, fotaktV
PlO METAL-01 toas•No 1 Fonadrr Metal,ival re.
calved and for WeLr- • • •
pOTASil,creidis pitait 'formai byc'a'
:AIOLABSI.IS-40 pbL 8 11 - 31$31;sies,'
r 6 goo Winery, moil - per otolr . 'Elchirrlkill. for
r *P.
ap iioookto64 mum
spit • '1 'BURIIItLDO " WILSON t'Ocr
I A " 0 /441 11 44.mitsia.erd On, kr - ale 67.
• tt atutinutorovrumm,k.o.
WENCH LAWNS—TwEitruar kattiatal
Vfl•. ett,te
- 1 7. s
An,.....„.OrPragrAr, thjelne's - *Om a
, be' apoold blank solo eat
rAr. ea Op V s lb ing4 p.*, roam.;
Ezekiel Andrews, doeilons; !Ai OD tes of .
tote of tie e=ecieVedlo, low. ma bf.
deo city of Otooto Who canon WY
„ILVlN.rf,uto.t.., • front of.III notion Pau at,
WY' lbw to . - .. , 11t0t0.
that y — i - lnit* Loon, i.tlesimid plan, '" e d 4, front
{lnn Apel OR I.4ll3lPtellt, and ostendsog bock go - gooti
'Hoy, on "Web t h,. : , tmont • =beamed - two
0110, 7 I BPI I. O, thiaiNt as, ...4 . 0...5ea - by
Tonne—fbre-rolinliOnekneekne in throe n Header .
eqtoil wile
4 PaY.O.OOO i . Wire . % be sm- E . but
.. , -d
=Owen:its of the lots Statist ALITOOD,OOOIL.
apli ' . - . 'OM EIDAVIlli.Anet..
tow . gw. SdAl
mas ltkub . 030 thre'" •
Satiada ene; Umi rai,t 7 aeek•—at
the Commerci a l y l
Saes Roam, ream of li Weed !&M,
alma, will be geld a large casaba available ma.
ailialwas beam, embracing sande:dap:lu Waal,
gy, Meta% poetry, ana, , warmes t asate,,te;
rarallybalae, Mara books, letter lad vag pa.
P .l-, Pk' ' • •
50 spt,itdid Oa Taintinetry at , Angara.. -
ON Wednesisy, the 10th Wt. at .2 attack, P.
the comment& ninth 1001112 center a 1.0 1
~ 11Q21. 1 te sold large eolneeticit Of very naperler
G a u t
In bandthete gilt haw ethlteseing. b
vei ' i7eqa semi bit lame sad enetrirti,. ninth"
been examen brio= of th e ben ertiete of this cm.
cry- Catalognes will be ethdy, end pet t tegenpurt .
for nasiassaaproioas th • pale . •
apt( . . .102LN DAVIA'Auet.,
• • ;brain/ Befil efDry Gds *,
• Oft Maaday aoo
nemic& AprD et, at la oclock, lot lea
eoattaarmal Satoo Boma, caliber of Wood sad Mk
mo s will be sold, an amend. amonmemi at Foreaga
and Mantic maple and
my GrKka.... Atlde
A lam meartmem of 11.6 W ea pak
d 1100 2 .54 bend bona'
hold furnitars; among cducla aro maboyamy.mereuray,
Loot Monolog. Berea
minm, aw .
MOW • • 'able", bed
mart and mash
maads, mum tablas, fancy =demo= cbalm, mudel
cloaca, locking &mem bather bedo,boddleg, maims.
oes, toyetber with a variety. &itchen for ted,
initbig &Aka, emPodAri.a. •
• A Imp woman ef &amass, gamma* II
whawciacfare, tl 0 Begit.4 bat vmvol it em,dm.
.velsbay and mason forks, vmdterk Malcom, platform
C. 1.. , easfecti
hn, osuy., arcittier tad - mtmoptaly Me,
A largo asammient of f able ready made 010 ,
*Mg. caper Renck MAO Mine mita bosom aad
call...ferret., Mom, .ddb., bridle4uanka, imitabb
and pocket motlery, gold aadmamba, ineeki;
aliou Fmk pool., deco, acmdeo
. oem.u?
. • JOHN D DAMN Auer • •
Adidouty Sae 41onepd
Oa escalig_ the Utb Jost,- at 8 o'clock,
'at the Coausterctal Wee ilooots, earner of Wood
sod Flab •sti, U *lll be sold Sauces meek: la ill, Pkto
ton , . . 1 ". C F9 .1 . 14,..X4 PP ik° Ca *
spU .
. . .
St. aeir Shea Penpea;: uu. st 'Asooen,,,
F'WILL be exposed lo pablur Coranseicial '
.. Somas, corner of Woodard an, an dater
day the tea inn, at di o'clock, PM, elf Mu 'amain
was of ground situated curtain easienipodeofet Clair
amen; betweeir Penn' great. and ',the !old Althegry .
;M g P i k" =s LI P V, :m i l= rap ns k 1 ix? tr.
wug nick. comer of 110Crea aWy, Amos 'extend
.. =t3t Clair meet, nenkedy,•Bo feet, and
felt depth,
withth Pans enact; about 11l
t to a four feat v a&he - free Ikea and whiles.'
of the Mid • alley,' Oa Ado properly are erectetear.
three rea l beck hottsce, le kik LXIIO feel front) which
are is =ditied, - .and ?ovoid. yield ea sane* MO
otooq Tenso—rf.khofeculk _cash, aid tne indanni dna.
opal mortal Mstalnersts,whils Wenn saakardendly,
lo be secured try bond and soca2 'lke* f=l , ;
said.., Ph , ' fardur Woman= a to II B.
Eiq, Mk apt D DAY/9,Allet •
. _
Public sit.
W t *IA *Wool . P 31, ihs
Leak earner or wool Sad Writs,
will be' Wag..ot.s : ideated Sado. 'southerly vide or
i rlAril=fol i s 79,.".tip, Lo gan=9
to Irertdiq,l.. of falelrant'. ix teat bow bY
191 bet ha to elley 7 96eter Luebsi *ids; UN
soshemals vs esti, 10 fret in trent by Wiest Sollte
rs=t l , Ar On =lon rooro,f,Terile=.
ONE odi.t.sp At/ Hain,
askTery Ka*: Appli• to JOHN DDA - .
par= Mulaker and Loam..
Maw appearance of Mr. Pliar sst Mr. Mum..
HATIIIMMEY,' - A.PM4,M, 190, to cop:settee 'lra
. .
G 1...... . . . . .. ..
SeiltGrayllat " Mr. Prior.
After wbiels. DANCE.; by Ma /Lam Malvin.
• Casein& with the Farce of
Sally _ D±.6..
. 114. Petr
mental biormisalanda=
1 . 1 .M 9.01t fithr i EgilA b a ' s the plaasaro ill ot
moadag, as abork_a toona.ol:Umsizatatal Loc
ums, La which Ihe ill attempt a diaope." of the
Jay, 'Odell produce w s *a Mysiarias, Mania aad
dtlb anima& Nampa; by a oaths of malt* Indattal
iboainbrofberaatheasaf Ffeapial, blasiaat,
... ... , _ _ • •
_. .. . .
....•07 , 1 0 Mtann so Ladies on Lao and Webb, en Senc
day, ad 3P. M. Single 'Delany ID emna—sir. ka 7 51,0 L
To be had at die Hag, front WA. M.. to 11.4-111. 15 %an
labs 9f. Charles Hotel . : _ . .
.- Wails; bilevaa dri iiiiintasst • - - ..
. „
tA.T.I•O INI-A E I i
4 110111 .the . Nanonal AlValWalee, 'Chestnut Meet:
Philsdelpsnotuag of a splendid unmated com
pany of Equesnlane, srill open tins mason's campaign
an Piusbanik on MONDAY EMINO, PM Inn. 'Beni
fora short mama .con the old ground .Lta Sant of the.
dusetieaa . . •
t 64i i aa .T p
_ ml fere._,. l! " fr : n l
their may the
SIiFXWOOD, Masters PUNK and IVM. PAKIZati,
Doors open al to roonlienee ute
_~: ~:~
. , . . . .
ifealeapi Apollo 441 i airreeti,
I rrEflY Idatly br ilaiserind reception? otthle Cheat ZiloricH
ove,Pth the t , Prthitonyi and eichaity,
Ids Winced the peopindor eadiainaiUrer evening.
Wye brthe oily. The panting occupiesneedy nee
miles of causes, on which be Wieldy represented all
the benle4elda chief , then raad"ables so the Wes of
runnel= by the two peat divisions of the/Wade=
Army anikirtheus: gnat and Taykor, the addle fon.
Inc the oar ddightiel fades W.drare emir °Cued the
public =MAW, and tonsuing an accurate idea of
that. country to which the urine( . th e yodel lisee,dith
Martel led Warm; •theindly tithed. .Forpanlealan
Aihninante, tt =nix ',par= open et 7 &deck. -
11rtrewaalay, Sr tie Wagaz..Onais
110 R - ADM VC MOHAIR nun= la tha ne
.1.1 thanks tette ebbe= of Pittsburgh and Allegheny
any - for the wry liberal wagon bad auccannenteat he
bete received onthin the tam mottloo — lbhl
in care sbould aerobe such celebrity, its neither
autumn nor mysterions,wian it is considered how peal
• number of easw °formtrata:Zintases, both
acute and chroutc,tutte been ca by judicious woo
silt In Genanny, where ft o "tax *man:
On. want caw that etwagnea up by the man SW
Pr of as Lncatable wars <wed by
tha immortal bradra; ths Cowan? Midi Want Cam
In England, FrAllGe awl 'Awed.; nomads of beg.
less _even bars been caned by St, Ind Oa nationals.
itydroputtat anabllehman arcw:in laniessful opera
tion tans Usind Stain, epeakaandwe in new of the
ib. Morris knotty pana6tcy establithed kinnelf
In the city.or riclabant, three door* . sotattntust
win , . alley, <or Phan Wrest, is now prepared to take a
amber of boatdats and neat dein at Ids bounta t nd
thltsearinivreltr bang tricot at Omit own dwel
wet brpancutally aad falthAlly attended. Ile may
consulted at ha abets from I o'clock till; P,P4„ *pi
than 7 to 101 n no eandrig. • . •
IL-Fran' o(-t111112w 4 le o f In An
Want Gum both FArWial and cat Oa ob,
nixed the Anetwata, lAbear anew, where they. .
ha. bean meanly mend Git tbe Impress us attn.
&lapsable pawns, and . abate 'every atteation will
gibe bribe pellStrand attanthe Ittopieson.
watts , •
P • s p tabll s
`BREWtriad T
W E * lt
:se4E npa
• ; kbw slica—sed exlibitisyr, at all • 11101.101111
• 1 . 6. ' T
‘• rfarig e .vegy 41a °Monk. -sad
• sump of vrtlek Mao boo pardisaed,
La Vs Foniate tor Cask endaer wee,* •
•••-• • - • •• • MUM - • •
ovoid • TQ...__HFIVE ;CIINTS
rff • of Apnl 'and TOta. pit.
r= l . wideiro eorsect!d
.11i.qh fq:
-- , Nfoor 'Pork .1 1947, -
mad Glasiera , -Panons wishing takes paadng
or Lualaidos with airnewar and &apish, will Seine
give ne a call. They will god it to Sea alventsmfor
are are tally prepared to do work ee low isa MIT MOM
lu th. two OM Can or SUL dolt; al NedrWoad .fast.
N. B.—We WA it to be oSentood Oat we have
as soh the palming aad easing, as saw of oar area
sal:maiden& Vise been telling the b ran gabonlly
that is were solar Io reties groin that ch of ou r
beanies We es more tally prepared 10 tranaiet the
painting sad glazing this we ever wets: •'• ••
• Marko , Indio Rabb; MOW, ronirood. p;tis
.rtodisht - lak e also for *gamut( thoto; to w#to
.frippotA thelytdiAilid
own, it Loyal
hoodholla athis ihdd to Ow 'akin ase, it
.rod, inota.U.l
to bo Ow bow ashillatywoorstram holm
.tho oc4, pitatei the owlisootti, emu
tk.w Of the toi,atultiloPfuota with lb* trouble
&pos. ;Juotroottivol had final& '•• • •
plain Btravg=tdo do rlO2OOll Gar• ; I x
t ( o ne tlitar,'"A3 Po CON/a LadogMdo. Weed dr.
which oi
b,lL wiloldoodo as .brie mad bo
Towle 01 4 Wseldoz Vloordmioraussiddo
-CONCIJAATI r N.TFT/11011:1k611
~. . . .
• . • .
. ,
. .
- ~......---
. .
, ..
.A":-A4L—V _ ' KZ T, L l'N E. •
er splendid pansendeldneane.:
a - the larweet.Vaibo, best
mea l 0 E U" ' ied pconefel beats,on the
l Ei .
ibirew erebts or .r Ure N1....'e5t. h., ' p....5 . NeerY t. ir e: e op 7eoeetkix ... .
... vorj eo: twrt. e p. arre; .
... e 'm ° tiee. o f ba t oithonethe hut Wel
14 . 1- eltn i r..... B— i bean wet be si the boa or
groOtt oxid•the del poreioto.tostartbeg,tt rack► ebb of *e a rl aid I•ld MIT er
seamy mesh.
• s: 11111EINLY..PACKET.
.mref7 Sm4q. morning atlOWebet
..,11.41Aerer78nu.1!7..erlig, 10 r. a.
T IlltiNOSabilltl.k, Copt likomOcili Iko , o
!loll' Matador main ok k
10 o'clock; Whoelhkg
la 0 klki••
Maar RIBERNLa. No. O..EVP‘ Kunararwa. win
lean PiotbstrahorevyTtotsdaymotniit' stun toieloe k i
7Viii,4 awry raitedav crania; at 10
- • Wl4llll/11111A.Y.PACIEN1T ,
"The NEW MiGLAND No:; Pus. will
- leave Pivalnuab. ovary .Weiloaaday w? a+'6 at HI
o'clock Wheagn peaty Wadoeaday maws &Meat
racimr.T. •
TM nituaava, cippt. osiccL W leaya nen
-1.41. every Thunder morning at lOcieloek; irewbeir
every Thursday eveerng at r. re.
, .
The CLIPPER No t, Copt O. Wu. will
WrigiVeverr Ftliky morning at 10 o'clock; Mean
;every Friday ocookig at 10 r. - x. •
T. 111:1981M0E11, illagal.lrrire-, will Wire Pim' ,
tWITIC. , M WW 1 / =wan 10 iftlork
m n Sputa,' Az r.
- • "7 ..1AtE8 COP ''••
• teannr • for Ara, , ago and
Vanilla, att. Ta:4lY, Tka w nalay.
and Saturday, of tzar:oak, at to re. return:
Jag re .Idonday, {Vednorday_.nd Friday. 'She Sas a
boat !ordure batmen Woad
rrArr ' Sta u rstoll,_
Oda ; No 33Woodat:'
lama _Aria-urzumnas PAC*.
•Cti o T oi node., .0, dada"
tar season, =lie dilly
Sipa re *aver and Wallalearing Pirtrbank 11T11.
rit4 annum a; sraci wasinnia
FIMIVALRY is= "e , laßUeltY 10,19 U
Tha new beats eentsbne
thn linees k Tenn Tr: AT.
LANT ALTIC,,Ceps. A. JsrAl. and
!MANE, Cle E. Bennett., Tha bolus are Mindy
nom and en IMA xisbenrratard to expellee. ET. •
ery com= thatmes7 embrocate has be. preihist
The Bails will tem Btanoulgabeta WheriLloal et
the hot of liewe'st.: -resstappre- will be punched AO
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