The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, April 10, 1848, Image 1

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staud, Waite sod F inal arrant. Pittsburgh. WOO
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corner oi I .stserty and Si. elair orools, Paint.
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'lO.l r. 21-11.11,12, US. VI, xanagmit.
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ZIG LASH I 1/ENNI7IT, (late EnAliak,
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warding Iderekast, ansl dealers at Pro-lase and,Ptua
burgh Maaufaelarca, No. 37 Wood at, belareetrad 13d
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Frump, jtur.ii es Co., wieessie titocetn
Coutua.suon.hineitaaa , slut Ageul. for Wight..
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'EI Bump, Pimkporysie lilanutattarei and dealer
As. a to Arufleal la.trunuata, lit Wood rt..; war .k.U.
amain ~
&LIAGILER, & !MILLER, zed Brace
Reauders wed One FSt etry WV Frew,' between
Voiced caul Smith streets; V& •
Er Iligheit price Given kw old cos , Ter slid Hies'
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AJAII DICKEY & Co-, Winleanle
mi.ion Merchant,, and dialer. in Produce,
%WIWI, and IN Frunt Paialmtb. nova
. w. Linn; ,
eIET). W. :451M1 k • Co., Brewery Malgiers, and
NA - in !loot, Pittsburg'. add Pow' Urewnes,
Peen and Pot it.. •. .. . • jai •
MARI' DitllNi7T, White 'and Red Load Maul.
(usurer, Paint awl tad Merchant, corner or Lite
T BRYAN,. Rectifying Lhstiller, athL-Wholotale
Goaler n Foretin sod ./..kockesuc -Wtoes.and Li.
Liberty curet, nod GI Leawood Alley
Partebutzh, Pa. ' , jyrl-dly
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1Y pare lints Walks, Pittsleargh. Iron Alannthet ... . s
pump Uolliny Mitt Machinery at Ihrtsbury,b, are re
apectisdly inrued to tall.
Taruilit dune with iiactacas and despatch, aye.
TAapyM - MeGUIRE, (laic di the firrn Alaeo and
McGuire,) Merchant Tailor; St:Chaska Itroldrats;
luau Octet, near Wood, Pataboie ELL
Anil A. ItirltllLSO* a 11.3.--Yotreessors to
u Lewis Ilmoloson t Co", Commission Merchants,
and /Wan of-the ISt. Loom Steam Yugo. itennery.
4'.<4 45 wales . and 52 flout stretts, Ymolough..
T BLACK, Merchant Tailor, Exchange Buil.
.0 dogyn. Clan at, rinaberg b. • • WWI .
TORN S. DILWORTII—WhOIeaa . Grocer Pro.
81 duce rat Coareciasiou Merchant, Nu. Y 7, WOod sr,
rculcur • . nula
TQUINI IX MORLIAN, WA.legate 11:u . ingist, and &al.
er 14e !quits Vanua, Vsu itc,ho.93
WoOd streefouse door South ot_Dianauo4 ry,
J.AM}y 10 , drr; Anil Co., (groCressor go Joie'?VG.
Ortil,) Stop Chguallers, gal la ate, wear. 0r..31
ToRN U. mpg 'JU Wtadesale and Retail dealer
ga Masao and Alosieggl Instruograu, :school alogragg,
Paper, Slarevadrel .Pans, alaiLlr, Primers` Cards, and
lagagiouguy gergerally,fio. SI Wood at:Pittston!, •
bought lakou in grade. •• • *rill _
JBOIOCNMAXER Cu,; - Wholesale Lkoartsts,
• No. al Wood sure, rouingreg. •
JORDON k SON. Commission arid For.
warding Merchants, No. IS lilbetty•st., opposite
J9e.ct:l.,:tVbTegt;seitisienc, come , and
TOHNSTON k STOCKTON,' Bookiellersi Primers
5P and Paper insultniielattein, N 0.44 tilurtiit at, ruts.
t HEAD'S Hook 4d., -ac M e utat .te..,
yOBERTSON k Co., Ilsekeri sodTachattg
Jes blereham4
B:r.thirrepgy iwiehaseist the km al tele, 0ct.1.1
JOIIN.GRLEA, Wholesale Grams; lo Poo
doTe,,Pislosseh Alsoulsasees, T. Yisiss,Se. - ka ,
.4se.,.thi,s_FaLibesty pace •
/MIX •t. 019, .zDDLLsD nowt,
T b. R. FLOYD, (late lboy4 C 0.,). Wholerale
Grocer', No. WI L."tierty ittOL sepS
JAIM3 DALZELL, Wholesalsdiicer, Centatissioti
blerebam, and dealer M ettlfiSfe and riv..burgh
Idamaltetures. Nu. Y 3 'Water LA, rsitsburgh. isnlte
Ulm Works: ;
T 81{'19,manutarturrrs of all
res Fru, Sheri, Xlatter Iron aad.Nutla or Um twat
totaluy. IYurrlioure, watt, rad KG trout rt.
litisX WATERMAN, Mrlio "Gloc4t,Forw.i.l.
nog wad Ooresolunaa Xertintlx,Dealgr to esuff
s/•axgd irtie,Nos. A Watcr
Lillana, • • ' • MEN .0111113,1. •
'AMLitatT •,
Wbolesale Wont., Par ,
Wilra4 .1141111i3110. dierchains, de in
Produce n.l pinib hlanulactunrs, N. U ad OS
Piaawnrk. . . taw
EWER, BlitallEßS• - AcCo`, Cosasui.uou Met
/IL <lams, Phlbuielplais; for the sale of produce
orerallY. Liberal advances Ina& on eoleignsocuts. .•
&Lila P. fatll7l7okaaktUrocers
=. c and etilimbisitat bletchatitr, 121 Liberty eL,
•LIZ.N; Assz. rimer, WE. Wm.
NALLEN a 05, C0111..14411 and forrearibug
klerebsiatr; SYster bud Rom , betweeu
od UPI M•tket 11.A1
ILLER & RICLI-71SON,Yibalemals Grocers and
11 latIMAILVIitoll &I steams, N 0.17% Liberty st,
• I, Fa. :
McCORD h ,KING, Whales&le and Kam& Um and
YU. Map klautuactures, foul &alas* fn Fancy • Mar, ,
canna ai Wood and MM. sts: -
1 - i i .•11 . 1 .. - ilL)11 a.
ic SON, No. S 5 Martel necoo l3 d
• dOor (ran Con, of IV iliorttl,dcalcre•ilf Forerga
-u alio pia a rlivate,l:ertifie Mello( llepos
,,t, Sauk NOICII alai Specie.
fry Colkernol.. onasl on all the -principal ninny
throughold the United decl7
W. 1.1311a1./. ,
1 3° :1: 1 0 :1 14 I;l e : i len V etileffeLt4., lia " .: 4 1V1171:;
. - ,k,23
OUFACTSON h NEPPERT, Produce Denle. mud
c,,,...auwuu...Alestiusulai Nu. IVY 14ecoull stieel,
. •
ICHARD T. LE}.7:ll, Ir., importer and Dealer in
Fersign; and Incatitie treddirry iron:warn not
rampage Trimming., of all clacticioncs rio. 111 Wood
na i narbirrab.; . • • '
sod rte4ail tk,lrr ' •
1446er, litaicses, bitoematers . Twit and 1424.1
Tiguse4s , puml Cutler.' To•uls and Taamtrx' Oil
14101/IWoodal,P.a.bans6... • •• • ' -P•tplV
scamLLELLuI, Basra L Roam.
T) ROPINSON .k. Co., Whola.sla timers, Prt.fuee
and Cuslll.lololl6lexchauLL surd Dealers om Pitt
'. l
IlitibiaNClliftS, No. In! When? .1., PaNhorEh
P. . . iLolu
I.3OBERT DALZILIi it to, ATholeitste' , Wdeito
111 CoaskoniAnioa•od ronratcuvidrerelkanti,Mde
hishate .4. Pitalosargb. Matuaisetuses, Lawny st
lees*: lo Produce aud Pitutwok Ilatdiacruees,
1r 1 y21.173t. AUF.E,Smnaptig . r. l "" °^ .
an le 010tiiinkilb1104tI We NIZMItiI: onalienues
Tba ean% kgs. in twill, pais! tone
UI raga. Costal aYetus smoilrwin
osuoup a Co, Commisslon Altiefionts,
ert, Sanbatid, Design us Flour,
. .
B. C. 111MCILZIT, - L'wons.
SuAcatzTr a AFHT7T, Wbolcsale Deolus i.
l= nod Domestic Dry llooctx, No.IOll Wood st.
rai - febt7lf
a. w. Katusuoki, Wad .141rtettant#, Dedirs
iaFlanr an 4 rradriee rurally; mad Forwarding' _
aaa COSIVUITINI :A;C(Cluliabi et., Pdt,
B . IIITH, HAGALFI B. 2 f 3 :l l eX i toles* lt e riteets snd
0: HlLL.kffiereoOr tollalll.llOraood liopOt
i dar 1101 Rasotoenoor of Yaw 'Manpo.ol and
awl &slit de welling . piholag, mad wrapploil
• PRIM; WooLS or, Pittdoot Hogs and 'Duo
irsli motoo tho IL/R=ol.lok,,
. .
i dl7.LF.ltil
NICOLS, Proxkuee andLieuotal Com-
NW** Dl[wawa; be. 17 Lawny n., ransb.R.h:
• n. 4 Wasted •ud lard Odt •
. BONNHORST, A Cu,Vlr,atesoßl.l.iret
-14.7• eras,' Yorwarlinr ap4 V01111.113/4lOtt Meffcsll6.l4l,
lAthlerith.Pitithater-Alamothletutta clef Weeseru Pro.
iliaksiremourrea their keve ararobouseeAcAl "mud)
N* , eUte; fiC,Vre4 , 4 et. end Charleiry Lase.
. , • • -
QAMUEL klEtt, Fkvaddilq ails] Cumssusaioa
1,7 ,blertimuaii t. :ll , l7l4er tsiPtodsee• rituburgh msast.
netatei utile Canal Bum, Arar IL ,
TLsevillEstvwka.u . re...A.
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~...,-,-,,,-..r.v,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,-,...„,,,,,,--,--• , -...... ,-- 74 - 0 - .,... , -' ,,-: ' '
-^'''''':::-• '•'." '-- '''',"'' ''.- ' * - . ..- -..,,,,„-•,,,,,,,,...,- ,,,, - , t--- - - , --. , g , ..n' ,, F4''a ,- -........ , ;-- - ---.---
•- -- • - -: -: , ~..i k , ~ (
.- 401: ," 2 , 4 ,..,.
41.k.ftwtortilitet*siiit".F . T1'''' , ff' .1 'tv',- - -...., .,-...' . :- ~ ~ c . , ~2 , •
'. - -,:::,,,a1-'v".`..) ti,-,,W., , tt t!li/Itrz•r2 ; 1.- : - ....... .
. ..
' 1; • . - „.
~, : ' Cul: '.' .:' - . . : .. , , ?..,..- „
~, 1 4 ' 4
_.... _ .
_ ,
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- v ,
. -
WFA—Coorrewslon Forworain;
W F Id ' erthone, No. DO From - .r. ‘Vood and
lit kel 14(teif.. ' •
arm. saturcuee.l
Wa. R. •M'CIaCIIIFX).?I, Moteeele Grocers,
.'ldealere ,iu. Produce, Iron,.Thulr., Our and
Manufecsures ETueralle,ldet Liberty Novo,
AuJ.ur 4.• n . rylrr
JUR, tk
I ;VI A /e n g 11 1 e rS ge t .eit u' r sTrun• " /Vl . lo k g
Commission Alerehauts; dealer. in Iron, Nail., Was;
Cmloti Vain*, and Pittsburgh Manufeetures generally,
ern. a 'Wood and Warer streets, Plniburgh.
n 'ing enabllclanqui, No, xll Liberty DI., near the
TT VARRARD, Dealer- in Palmy and Setae
• Dry throes, N. 'iir.fdarker weer, Pnribaryli,
noel/bay • - '
W Dealer its :Waterier, Jewelry,
TT Silre IVare,.lthiary Vop./..,&c., blea
ker nor:
W• R. MURPHY', Wholiwiale mid Retail ddaler in
Foreleu nn,l Demestic Dry Gor.SLa, nonh raw
coroor ot Market and Fourth Fla oric.:l
Ur& KRICK MARTIN d Co. , Bankers. Dealers to
Exc hange r Ban k Nair, Com, earner or 'Mel
and Wood arreeis, Pittsburgh, Pa nalkelly
.. ..
Wx'ol Nl7 a In
1131.1beny xi. • _ jan.l.ty
~~• 0.,, , M,91t..E . „truk'v - - - , I"r"'.°P'l7cit7r .
lileredettle, liniture '" or Soda Aeh tittJ Ltleactiiee
Powder, N 0.11.41 Liberty al. Patteburei, Ps. 'jut:J . 4l7
, .
0111.1 !MACKE/MX, ‘I2OIA. a. loan.
LILACKUCHN CO., iii'holesale Grocer* and
kf a dealers hs Oilh Boat klture, and Piltaburßh hl.-
aucfured anielea, Imre ou hood, fall limes, full and
general slatrruneur of goods in their lice, Water rood,
nor Cherry Alky, Ptusburgh. ail
TO RN 111: TOWNSEN4 Druggist aml ilpothecarri
e i r No. 45 Markel at, three Matra above Thud aL Pala
burgh; will have minstaudy l ota haul a well *elected.-
winmetit Ute ben and We/Mew hledimore, which be
Will sell oh,the Moat ...ea./maga Yhyairlaus
rendihg 'lndere, will be promptly at ceded to, ana rap
jaieuu widt 'article+, they, may rely apod grauitte.
Err:'l . l4ysicisua Tremintitione will be accurately an d .
neatly prepared trout the Deal tin
ally at au brut
the day or alght.
Alto for see, largihtock fte.d4milocal Yacht.
suet Corn,
Claretlet Yam, Carpet Clain, Wawa ke. L.
• . - Klnu, PF-NNOCh: a, Co.
(Sareeratrat to Atburale. tt Arery,t
jan2 • ' • ' • Proprietere.
LEDOUS J 1 Co., No. fl Canal sweet, New Or
o leans, Agents for J.M. Annant'sßasensise Vuua
rawer Winery. Always on Land a !large stook 01
Lunt; Powdered,Croshed,Clarthul and Bassani Sugars,
to Tierce. and Barrels. Also,.tioyar How, Molasses .
PrWess /Astral, and a fair allowance Diode ou all salt.
of or above lot Larrels meld
W.-SMITIII 1 Co.,' llrewers,ililaleters, oat
U loop Dealers, Bitriburdts and Pool Brewers, roe.
Iwo of Baker's Alley and Yenss street, d lout of Bid.
7 -7 7 • T. - 0. P.I.MIOP, Yetennery yrirdron, can
found 1t
t rti g l e, 6 ltTt h - h oe ' 6 e7 ``,i
by Messrs. Carr k. Roselsoid. nrialtig!
141 iI..E . A.TON, Dealer in Trimmings and Vatridy
G.D0•13 , , Toltoi. Shell, Ivory and lion. Candi,
Woolen Tama and Worsted, Banos, Needle, Pins
Topes, Crudes, he., No. Lid dlnglim 'street, hem.. Ehii
mad and dih .t, Pnlsburvb. Jrrildly
R. T.; LEECH . , JR.
lIAVING repletwhed mr toilet trout the beat roue
eefti iboth domestic and foreign, I lake pleastate t o
mitcritnesug to counrimerc and dealer., that I am pro
mad so forninh them with alt goods a icy line, oil mill
better mum• than heretofore.
Bayern will rerolleet that dealing u eaclurively^ iu
Saddlery Hardware and Carriage Trimmings,l obtain
thereby, fidamitager flat enable on to defy comktb
bum Call, see, and budge fur yOuLselrey.. apt;
1117SUU114111 irrElilr. WI:MKS AND SPRING
ANIIPACEVREkt.S of spnng am' .lrel.
jlj plouglx stet), .rel plough wsup, eusch at.d hp.
UC sprut.s.' hmaimered itt/11 sales. awl dealer r 141•
leabfe lin, engine lamps, and truzumnv
Seumllri comet of 11,1 and Frout w., nitalmb,
E " a PEKIN TEA STORE.—No'IV rouith
3 .t., gear Wood—All quatnitteu of Green and
Black Teas, dutte - up in quarter, ban', nal
ote pound parkagea, rateting from 50 ets. per pound
Sap. al A. JAVNII 4 , Aga lur Pelitt Tea Co
lasuramta Company of North Antenna, through
oa duly author...l Agent, the subscribes, oder. to
wake pm...ern and 'touted In.irranee. on propeity, in
Ws env and its rutouty, mud on sloproenta 14 the C.a.
.1 and Blears • A • - '
traar'roks. '
Martel Taylor,
AsaLso.e White;
John R. Ned, •
Ithet.a.4 D. %Food,
Win. Wal.h, ' ,
S. Audio Allsbone,
AR7IICR, li. COFFIN, Pr,ea
Arthur G Coffin
Sanel W. June,
.tolin A. FtrOvrn;
Julat Mite,
Ttiotaas Cope,
Sanwei F. Siarth,
. ,IlExtr D. S6Clrtl3o, '
Atm ts the oldest Insurance Company in the'Vtiltril
Sulu, having been charterakyst. Its chattel ti
pcipetual, are lama its liayffals 5, Isehg tiopeasenee.
ample means; and aroidits: a ha or i ni extra hat-
Ralston character, it may be considered as offering am
ple security to thepp ' 311,31" ATWOOD,
,At the Counting Know of Atwood, Junes a. i.r, SVa•
ter and FffiAll morels, ?ntstfusigle. (Ado
adelphis.' Fire Rohl upon, buildings a. userelawadate
of eatery description, and 'Marine Kisks upon hulls es
- eirgoes
. of vessels, taken up. kw west — favetalak
Mee io the WareLoute of %V. D. & Ero s,
N0.:17 Water, pear Market sprat,
• N. 13.—'rhavuecers of this Conspany mike thew'sittb.
Inaluneut or •thi Agency Ili this coy, with the prompt..
nest andlaterality withwhich eatery cleat/1,4.0n then,
for fuss hat been
adjusted, tally Warrant the agent Pa
larding the confidence end of his friends and
the counsanity at large to tbet Delaware Bt. S. lats.
tatacc Compboy, whale it bas the edditensal advantages
as ati institution aiming the most flourishing ha fluladel
phik-. having Cu tenpleksidin cepital, which Lay the
operation of to, lrner edustsuily ancteesisig, as
witting to earl, :prrrun iniurear nit due share le the
m y. of the coispany t without' involving L. In any
itsponaibilnyorrhittever, and therefore as portessing
the Mutual proneaple divested' of every onnouous few
rate, and I!! itiorLapracipfejtink.___tiove
Faraukbit itee Ineuranee Comtism y, of Plulculet
-1 phis, wait snake Insu testae, perwaneut and Walled
Oa every desenrsion of property, tat RODLoreb and the
automating country, owls's:able knit. 'llia cow.
patsy has a perpetual charter. • •
Capital, $4011,01.4 paid in.
Contingent, Faad ' • 1130001 M
Ikkee corner of Thad and Market streets, flnstrigh.
apituit ' WARRICK 'IIIAkTIN, Agent.
-01 , 110 subseribers ha ar
re taken pa Type roandri. Ira
j Olit Gold street, and will eon.. the Leone. late
ly conducted Ly Unbent They ortll attend or
• all orders %VIM inummulny and despatch. All the typo
`munalhentred by theta 'will be Hand Cast; and they
furonli all kinds of. Prides' the bree
quality: •
ado .1 'A TOverend is still . Omployed in rap...rul
'Oniprietore Of hewrimpers, win ham,. advertised
for thrtsubaerther,Ortm may publishthis notice tor title.
itiondu t. wil will Le en th rall to receive their pay iu type,.
Immloonnit,fipt Gtnrophe sionium of than. billater ad
• 01 rerl 4
type liken exolninlia fur WIC at et; per lb.
Charles k TAYLOR,
Theodore Taylor; 5 (Sucre:wilt BabiTaytor,)
'iauln• • • of
Gold and - rts
1. EaDTVRP.I7.9 rrrmitußClll—Wus A tonal.,
3 dome net Or the Port Oitiee, PitlaLurgb, Is an stellar.
lard .vent lei Dolly us] Weekly llnr.
aid. Herald bas 'beeu ealll4llshed heady dull •
sealary, sod has an' extensive . sod sulottlunal ureula
lion thaw:bout the populous and rich cottones ,if silt
c4ll 0, western Vourullir•nis mud Virginaa. Pas
sau. •rtalang to estpultheiStualnacasonlluot fill to
esulasee the•bove, havonalale.epporuusuy to do to.. •
LErTenos of lulrrotiaing sooderaie, grub as edildia
rfisi READY ItFAIRONED--For ship builders, Wit
1.11 Walter urerehuunq awing • • Corl et t
Wocankrtanelil of aianalinyiboarda,pasoks, -.dotal
bl'aquans •nd swanklirtll,er, wood, eta,
e•napruN ra-• n timber tables, to WhiCh pre added
tables of eruct. by the nonll4 - board or rent,by the
mether d•P led 'rail rend . dist•useel' oho interest to
hies; Isy at Seribner,,noiluar of the ' •`Engineerhi and
kteehanic's thoapaanonP•ste:ete. For sale by
• 3011:1STON A. S.I'IIE3:TON, •
•nanrl4 arookaellersetor. i•mtet a 34'.u.
Ik outran/pied Imre roduoed die forieel OI L , RIO.
fllawtog Powder, oittila soperiur umiak lure,
quality worradied wrousitaared, sod von Fell as low or
.y gpod powder coo 1w bouisld in the market..
Al t e,Drayaatto employed
ordry n koololug on the cruloroorn, wdcltYc LroWdos
Orders alall duet will be fille,l immedliiely;od itp
phcallon . at the odieeor C. 5,.L0C1a115,
water :10d door above loonoodslal J .
W W Loma, Agent 11. P. 'Cot
.13401VDEfl, (11AZiaRD. c15J7.-All, darer/04.w coo.
stonily ow LiOod; lwiro cpwoury o r
fdr • qrdera pioeofoly - hiled al a ll fiscal.,
• , C 1,4 Ltlo2dlal, Agent '
math, water at, ltd door above Smolgield
T OAF 61,6 Lint Sugiiiio.4474
Lambers; bo LIAO Sugar goose lanto.os; is more
sod lot sok. Dual • HAGALEY A dNIITti
1V0.3 MACKEREL-00 0 bids Jarmo No 3 it;;;Oh;
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ptS'lNK—RUken4 Printers' Ink, vpilim ntnl
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AT CINCINNATI-1 am Oultiorixed by Curer
not of Pe kirania to take atkilowledjnientiiof
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110111 of p,.(11,11 CAtio, to he used or rceprOcii at
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infice, Cincinnati, Ohio.
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IMAM:Mock, Belt A Co.,
Church is Caruthrrs, PM..bursts
EJ. HENRY, Attorney and Casino.]los ut Law,
ou c utn, Ohio. Colletlious in Souther Oho,
stun in leshaua, aml m Kentucky, promptly and care
fully untended to: Commissioner fur the State M Vent,
sylvants, lot taking Depoxdiu., aeknowledgments,
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it;NYIL & Curtis, Church &
aiviliera, Wm. Illy e, Eq., & Davis.
AVID • ALOilfilt. S. SELL
L•%%.1 A.S. 'Wortley, ai office in
' Siewsure Build/11g, reeowl door above
tt owl Meet, l'iltsbor/514,
D. W. Bell, Commizeiouer 6 tole Depositice., Ae•
koowld,lguteow of Leeds, arid Other instrumenli bf wrt
tiog:ldpe deed is hliwouli. ovldted• •
U. W. WIL.LIANS, WM. Y. iittNA .
14/.11.1:IA51S & (.uccessors to I.l.oWie •314
V V Vi drools.)
.Ationo, mid Cottll.llots at LAW.
()Mc< North side.o(Vourtit Avert, oloore thoithGet.
/AM. D. WI., l. 10.1110s0,1,FWVI,
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huoystey at Law, Officer ou
rituttltheld, between ail laud 4th att.
GRIVARD SWAItT4IYELItErt, Atturuelia t!.
'.112 Law, bore removed their office to the South o'
yyurth G., brivrceu Cherry Alley and Grant rater,
tJOSEP/I KNOX,Alloruej at [Ave, Pntib o rgb. Pa
Lao resumed ibe practice of Ins ptufessJun to Ln of
Jdo. 7, nakewelN lluildingt, Want st., occupied
num,. ins obvtence, by 'F. J.; Ilietasu aJtd J I,ly
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youN I.IALLATLN, Ationey at DIN', Moe oa
4/ 4th si., betweeu Gant and Sinithileld,' South side,
Pitribnirix ihily,lll alio ',hind promptly'to Laxities' ,
the2l4,ohiiiidzoxiitie4.2_ .... :
" co . je L d h ' i ° ll 2 ol N ee B . ' it N itieTt=iiiti L t rixixtr s a, ` ;
Clair it nem door to Alderman Johns
No 64 South Whorvri, and No. 11: — .tolt Watrr
BEGS to inform ter trade .and dialars generally, of
Piarrliurgthriattlacy lurch arrameran
wall:111w V trona Ull.bilsbelllfkr• and the, Growers of
the %Vest Indies, and Aare as' twill wrote
a !afar and conrtaut wanly of On tollowstig
,twin of Tobacco, winch will be sold upon as secum•
unalattaus tows as auy other how, trams ally or el•••
where, awl alt goofs ordered noun Mani wall be m at
atonal equal to representation:
(lavana, sq. Ilanumgo, • Conn ; 4 •
Vara, Porto Irlro; Peoria ; hrsaed 1,21 to
-I...uha; ' lgoltab • It Plorula; baeco,
Al-` , 4)—Brancb's celebrated AluElLalACStar,
wain a large sarallownt ul maer popular larwad,,
and qualities of pounds,hi, its, leis and assa, Lump;
er and lars Pl.!, Ladies , 'Cwt.; %%roma Twot.
...-cat wad ;darn, an PAWie asa lon-r, sanal
and thii lostallicr Walt, areal Satiety or article Leloug..
ing to Ism arable. ae . •Irltidly
141 , 011. Li -
Prodnet, Commlntent. and Par Avid-ding
No 6. NOkill W 1.... AMt irk Sr .
PAHL ‘lll.l.rilla
Hsu, to H !tram I
Itut ,, tl Steuu &
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Allen& Pat Wu, Ng,. Volk
• Wolter* & Hats ey, lialuetwge
Uagaley d Sna:L. & C„
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VLUl'llt A CTOU.S.
Aud General al.. I ss i..
Nu 13 Svc rit 'eira r,ata. ,
1 . 111L:AIA:1.1411&
REFERES:CiN , --Ileary Gra A C, Parekur,h,
R ' 4 "" curetenstr
tletusule & rue, ) '
A IL y. essals •
Charles s ar hun, Jr , Luesseille
;Jur), & •
Mercer, 11u & t.'u.
Ileel Y. her.
C ustnerv, Neu - %sal.
Al 4 It ()O.
Flour Parlors and P ,odure Commls•loo
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1, 11.113tAL rzt4b advauces the& on reee,p, of eau
••lgumeuis, Thuo.e atispi Itte la our salses, \VW be
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Abe,se. IVelluttf,a,l & as,ur, Put•Lurel,.
Mes-la. Ttear,. 1301 a CO , I: td,(11011, OLIO.
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',ii U. All rathluee consign J le us I. in.ured wt,rn
lu th e Weretwuse of Wu loos' r,14.T0,1u0, l'ath.bul s b,
or in our more iuputactepla
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17.0R0 C A h. •
'Commission and Foreleg...ding Merchant
. • 't sweat irrettitmlli
/10:411:iiiIiid no swiss ait
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nes, immesh y We pate/see maul sale ut Amen
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1301ll'SAIllUTLI, Ohio Cutsits and I.orassding
sold l'sodueel stlen-1.1.0 attend so
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ll.rlmS 10 .
tOiOO4, OW. aCo, I rown, !Salley S Cu;
laaessr, Stettin!, & , • Henry Graff,
Goad - ,
Goad, 1.1114.) A. Co, u. Leech R Co,
Lyw, hiturie Ca, larYe A Thaw.
Laaaisc, o.
Ist• of / uol.urch, Y . Late 41 Nit , ilVliir,Tello.
w. 3 rsos.r rACUIMSILLULINAIf,CIM. -
Relct,to Aletelkiwo generally,
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t r iiia, A. PIM
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Ober either e.lxhli nlaent, all \u,d. of Mt r
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tuouie, will he pi - 1.4001y attended in
1111.A . K WYE. a'. V. N.M. hl. tiewritin
Prsidaeo sad tomtoloodook Elereh•uts,
*•ll,iroTo—Dlorohon, fian,i , ,& „ha.,
Mori Jostig, lialonoor; Ff. Allen & Co,.Selleo & til.
role,Wasopout, 'odd, & Cosl,ar Lieu & WtOic,
Gordo; A.l Wbeekr, TO r , giaile,borloty & Cow.,
11044 11111.,014, W. 11. 1,2111,113.1 e
And, Allomantacturerli of Lloieed Oil, •
. . . .
Cshrmorn, (law.
frrennb pai4l,irr flwoierg.l„./Al.
:; -
Attends pattiettiefly the Puttetirdtag et Produce,
Poi any stifurtnattuo, two!) . to PAWII7II a CUN
a W.l/.AlnrWs,
.••,; 1. •111.0.:40 'Br Ater tttttt
ST. LOVIII, :110.
LCtlt give pructilar alietaion I, the otellttag tri Neu
.doee,'oud to„ordere for puteltaltaig.
1:147.1/ .//e1.4 - gcl.kag'ali/c Cu., Pittsburgh,
AMP* U. /tiRl,l.//, :141.415/ . / , /..‘,/ e
Lair dray t'eeepaN. .
-.A CTION connate( mElltale NTS,
.. • • . • .
i (si the old nthiti Of : hay L blirpaiii.l
. i "Nashville, Tetinewve,
.1. Eire :iiiumplauri hothful suer/ban in i.e i ride
( Dry guthis, Laurent , . •114 Metol.l.lllC Ken
Cr ; Vier , Hit intoned iii uotend U. ill the depart
cueuuof ihrir breathes. eiheitiitti :the Wrilll/1Z lo 110
6.. J• Nr their sem .toungiuS.nadif•
Sri!, iii - hi. eklitth tr. Cu; d. W. Limier A. IV, Pill.'
1at11hi . .. ,...,._ :
. i , _ ' L dies el
„.... •
. 2 _.' li - AAC CRIJSE_,
VC "(HE UALIKUI , MC/pill:1K Se I'HOVIZIUtiii,
/ kiiii, ithi lush lu? hurries IViiiihr,
- : ummatuktf, 19 D.
iihthi.Peltit—hirrchautt a Piitiburgli.
2 * %lii.•llng,liu,-11. ersugir Y. tie. isioeit•dilm
. . .. , .
".13". 1 c.,tA1:74' ) , } ! !,,, 4 12T,L8,.?`.'81gi - VicTil'A`i:
cud le rslleu aill ' a.,, in mug caudal operation, •1111 pw
pared u fandalt pressed Front lima, enuenun Luilihng
IMO., Flooring Itutuda,'all of which he warrants
Iln" pr
.atlii: intc ." 4: 'HZ lowest
it puce ..
utli Sli nine Saw,
ler di ung boards nod plant at the role Cl 11 us NO;
leap& day, and erai duper or patent tiphts fur the
atubn , 1 •- ! - - ? EDWARD Illibl(SG•
Bir oglutut,Mapeh 31, la4d. apt
•J:_e re html Rink Powder, a delicious and highly
enfant us Nod, sebkh never turns acid °lithe siontach,
and is ntw to.lnttal.rreettinettesidad by the (sooty of
a to 'reel, Menu, 'replace, tar plait, - Arrow
Crs fr s ' s c hen...Pit:Unita the debilitated aturtitteh of III•
asiNia ends sore auengthertung and sebulesetn• Nod
for tat 1... F 01.13. by .
• ' 47 wood at
1,4 014 . -6 Gbh tarsal. by .- .•
L E • app .
~ . - , JOHN, D 3113 ROAN
. , ,
. . . . .
y oG.o: & KL.NNEDY •have this day warn:late
1,4 with 1t0... in Ihe 4 lardware but.iniss, Philip %
ma awl relwaril tireg - K. The szyle of tin. will hm• •
Mu, be /xhiati, Wiled.. & Co. • ri.. arranger...a sea.
ders .l deurable to claim die Old businne es soott a
possible. All petAnits whose liatulities , have isultUun,
age e.pecially requested la mate. imilgeoltipel.p.. ll .
Yill,butAh, Jun I, EA , .
/J ° k ( e.
A uol sr es ' ale l Ve l !Ce N i rote ig e n O st . ig:Ce i r lls ' e n t
ware, Cutlery,Staddletry, be., ETU,. Wood sheet, P 1..-
burgh:are now fully prepared with a rerentlyimppr•
tat stuck of Ilahlware, Cutlery, &e ,to offer any great
~, loC, l ltrul. !lc...rester. buyer; Leung deter...n.l -to
compete in pueek %vat. any of the Atlantic eines. Al•
50 on hand Igo eil'enoiVe usvortment of Pinuttutab Hard
ware, vitt Shovels, Spsdea, Pont.k N,...;•; r i se, tkeu
all o w ..
hich will lu stud en the.wen Inanufaelure e.
prierl. -
aTill bets ill siting recently el4re.l in
partnership under the ;igloo. of Gal g luier, lon
es. Miller, tor the purpose oi cart ying unkhe tie I
nod Urn.. FoUnding and CAI Fitting business a
all it+ branches; have taken the stand formerly oc
Omit by 11. l/ultsgber, Nu.. 11X1 Float street, between '
kV...laud Smithfield sus, where they arc Prepared to
execute all order. tor Bell., Bras, Castings, of every
dew...p001., and Gut Eifitegs with natures and def
at Steab
l oat tubbingpromnptly 'Attended 10. ,
. m .
- I. (lAI.LAGIItIaiI
' S. A. I.ONG, •i
Ir 11. MILLER:
N. II —'thee...ion of Illsebituste and Engines/ is
matted to our ann....ray tom metal, for a reaucq pace,
which lion bee. ptotioutieed superior to Llabl*bf by
stuntbe. 4 who have used but. Steamboat builde r ts and
the outdo., geiserCly, are al ... requeued lix call male,.
boat din
:Iml tup doeues elioi
ude olible bellon rote, POW?, lon
steam ure. - •
liALLAiildlillt, lA/NU, 0 MILLER..
111/.: Partneral4 heretofore aziattniT between Morris
thron, Thomas 11.11'lirew and truly It Al thew,
ion tradol oudeethe firm of OMIIIII. Atafreve & Cd., in
the any of I . ..burgh, ta tins Say Offnallircal. All per.
eons honing claims avow, suit (tut, wilt plearapre.
rent them to the aulfrettbere, and all debta due anid'hrus,
hurt be putt to the f.t.,111.11 , 14 "
Yol•burgh, 51. d,
® •
The Sol...erther. hone ht, day entered into Co inn
nrfittp, set the city or Yftfalfurgn, under the rear ad
aiyia of Wont A At titer, tor tile Outpole utirx.scitite
a ffe;fteral COlllllll,lOO rohl'Eurwarflotir thottrst„ind
wilt traorlet burruerr at the pluee previourly treetallaed
by the hem or Orton, Artfrew &
marl ' M'OREMI-.
iiEitatlnerablp •uloan eitsung under the lint of
111Vottl 4. !ital... 111.411.1•1 fUll.o/11/107.01trai
On the 41. The busmen will be closed at thb 14
ttab4 by either at as, bang the name of the htagrot
that porpote being Jetatotta to hare au! hula El*
elated with he little delay a 7. pcoottde we wiablaie
tpectiotly icqueell ban ta4ehoJ to tall and wire
Ibflrl,oll.ll. JOIIN hll7oll
. -
VAIN It 3VCORD ham, :than:third yetta bt.
fl brother James :11%,thnl, under th e mile of Al 4.
& Ca, will econunn. thy Ilan, tthp and too buoamor e
all us ranaths td ouches.. wholetale mud thlad, at
old atanth corn, Cl tVud.l and Cdt, taw., wher• i y
.01..1 3 cuutistuation 04 Me pairoitser fa Mornlty la.
wedlt on th e old las ul 1011 N It M'CORLt
ttr, /Ada', 3 , At COttdt.t
• truP
FN retafin, from 11.- old and well toucan Lrnat'ai
.111%.u.1 .t. K0k.,1 too, roopt,ifily tr0t...m.1/ln
tbe palrouav of the pdl.l, ivy oucce.eur, Ale, .
?Wenn! 1. co ' jaw- 11 I/ KlN'ti
- "-'
-:- CO•P!jlar ritblp Sallee.
1,3 Sl'E :i I . IfEN 0; 051,0111, C. I , ..t‘latolo 0
r.,,, of .111101.13, and J A V•iov k ion of Pllistnng4.ll t
ILI. day rincrid 111100 co partnrusaktp undrr ori d
11,01 of Stepikeng, & ~,,, al IL, Al ' I
non wlllll, Wlierlins. Va.. s. the purp....lo'nf I 1 -
lieruf tug loon and liailm oi ...el; Jr.ellptiao
it F •ii,Nocr-irn. 1 •..fcrilcl,'
IVAabne„ 51 -
Manufacmit all kind off, uiler. ch., Lac iron a
nad, All ticrl rltpue nowti. sod sal., kteutg . to
lareled 01111 :-.1....61121-IVE 1 old J.,. Noll• • N. e r.
Witt ..4 ewle oi 4111010 a iron ibrandiA: I,4.ortla,rse
%tit v.) suN made in itn, edunl.v. All 01 Wi/ WI
tw - ',oid •0 140 hitobingli r 01.0 0 ,, lVlrel,lonie ol Mr
K.ILS 1 . 00110 I u. Monroe and % l'aier all
_ . ..1 , 1 i
1 1 11 r. panuarv..4 sg Llo Cubao.L rr. under
tsvog.i I.rws. . 1, 4
.7 mum.' e.g.., tAlser W Ls•rtat 14( .I . l*
lerttrtit vl ul,ncu. 110.1 11 4 . tltaittP I:r
-1Y ¢I phltpittei t
1.7:1V1N 51T0111.,41.1N.
jagl JA NUS .1
IF. uesicl.egnni Is•r thsa J.l) Korn., p.aaluat •
flap. unarr she Lassa of Jll/11,1 A II 1 Co
or W. 'wryer-c of r ft 1t'5. , 117, Ito bsr..lor-er lo.sissouta.
irrs...l us. by Larval Ifiatcht.ross .1r atti.l - rt
aptstausstr . r uf the 1.211,1,,,- I. Oa
-3.‘,1,.5. A
1.1.,,VLS t 11L44111,..J.,
Ulabol.VTlolll-71e partaerthip Wilma to ea V.I.
in; awl., the .1% le and arm utkat:.
1:41, ie Mil day di.aaired by mutual cen.eal, /eau lad
tell baying diepowd at hot ratireanimee/ %Vega.
man. "I"be tuatner. ut the late him will be aeilleXby
11 Wiglitulan.whe tour t h e name at die
lair Una sac that anirmeu IL %I/WIT-U.IN
Navialltw litay 1 VI 3 tiAI.I.I:.L.L
1111: Sutorrtbrt I. now Neparetl a. matotifirtnre all
kickli Votton suJ 11. r
iwien y. ,4o.trtest
notice thilrn
ur Witet
i Wielinnti•
.wiN.p. rut
s lA.. iv iaJ W" rtre., will Nx, h pii.alipl
11 W1(31r111AN,
Leara betwern Federal .4 ,Maas..turky .1.
pr32.11i .Itl,,irsly clay,
Co-partne e• rship.
/FM: 4,01; .A./.46,J avith 1L.,,, .11
diets' 11/11w city ttl C
T Elam U.r Inartne., lw colaitowd
ttw law .1v A/ II 1..4kw.i1w0t.,,,,
4 I u ',Hot.lfif ill;It
_Vas hi, 1-4
kycarer uti.J., fir lion
l'argrls A Cu. Ica rhr purpo.r,.i.M.lllllllll, 'kr
cunlig..o. tib
1.1 Na 1341, Owl romins..r.., Lti•.
v.. al Ow fund 5111. , 1 dal
1.111411A1 I. witarrmAN
10• PA liT N IkalSll I P- \\ - m.tbs.
dny n•wriaird wotis lout. John R.
Ilarr hrtralirt v unduetrd
law 01 Nut
)414.. JNO R WC!'
LHAVE •••0ria4,..1 M. Aril.. ants
n the BretnroT and 3/Yllllll We lain
1 Keogh A. MI% Milne) M. EELMiIf.
1141 nil ItAerkery. soits2llf
IL A 1 .. /.1011,1,... a, A. II lit 1., S. 1 . . C , IY.
I. Valists.lor..
I: %V
'Wholesale Drag Vlore lo Ilse Clly of
ate p ork.. B
'E undi.rtlgned e w...rely gageden the
j Whole.,ale Lang businesa at Nu. 40 John /awe!. on
ho rl6 . al Neu. 1.0, and are prepared la: nwpptr
Drupe t.' and rouwory Aleschant. wlth Drug., Va..,
OtIA, Ewe ris and Antroclow
hlandre, Weaver t Slundrra eltensicak, tor tbrir own
1113pLiflati asd all odirr unit:lea in their Inse_of !At,.
row, ot a row ag
~ ualwty als they can Pa r .
rased to Chia or any ra.tern ray.
Near 'Vora. Vebl6 FAIINI - 1511/Cf: k CO.
. .
I'AINTERS, 1.11.1 ND the
1 untlerptiroed.. Pala.. and Wad Mater, w tLr etry
OINt,Ir York, have wed said Iratrd , , and ani hoar wale
a hew astolc ultlrolue Greer, guar...airy! I,tvu.
li.-Narrher, ILI, ray, sod hod :a la work well, pro ,
floral filo tr., Mao.. (ireen appeararscr, mad, a
very aupenur body,uad 'team:mud ro uur lirethrra
image O.ale a‘ ao every paaieular the brat I.3auuar
1.;, , e1 , we have ever anl. Trw York'. Raw'
. -
4vionett by:A Gnu.w practild pawl.; ul titeeity of
New 1111 k. Tto, tooqualled Chrawe. Cierit. may he
taid 01".111 SELLVIO , i, t,'", - W,Rol ..tteO, who /1311
tiat ex.:K.4lm agency turn, sale ia Patahurgla.. tostl3
A Vine Art or Teeth for 25
W i nll4 l." Vgv•Ti l Jtrult; ll l l :olll ir n A ne . l l 7
tor Once to .1, olcancd %via. Autherl,:olb
Fe. have' awaraneo 011111 C 101.1•16,11011161 rorr,
and at the 11.111• 111/10 ro pmfeetly innocent 011(1 ea
quirotely fine, that itt COMO.. dully ow it belly ad.
antagaato, even la ;hose xelh that are 115 rood con
dition, at oins 10e111 a 1.1,10t11111 poll 11, and pi - 0,1..111.g a
pre Lame decay. Tate,. already decayed It prevent.
11,110 ta , euttoug warnr-11 11,,0 lamarat ouch at Ise he.
eLtllllle 1.41111. and by fo.t.everimee it 00111 rookr
Wale. teeth dahealol7 whit., and aid., ate br..:4111 de.
lwanoly sweet. Sold by WM. JACKSON, 1.11 ,, n1
sleet .. 'vla ns
Popular, because Good!
Una. eront,g, Mier:an Co, I% hlareh 1, Isle.
IsPlt til•lf:l;LtatB - I have beady raid all the Vet
lounge und tlyughZl) ray yuu rxutrn,. Vuur Ver.
luting.. Is withunl rfl.puon Elm 1.<1.t rvur alleged In lb,‘
orwilbutleouel, halm% provid gaup whereto,
11. Co:op:Sy:up tool./Assr PAO 18IIU
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Ptgyured Lunt whl by It SEl.l,lltg, la Wood .;
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Ileaaali, Pa. a° the kW day of April. Applr Al, tlrlra
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rtUbl. CORAL-4 cues for sale by
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LlOlll Ticur:T. tint
• • . -
TII!S establishment tang and-widely known as
being use of the most comietiodiou, on ate City of
llalunnue, has tecently .undergone very exten
sivealteration, mid iinprovements, Au cuute new.
wing ••has been added, containing numerous and airy
afeeping apartments, end extensive bathing Moon.
The ladies', deli:lament has also been coluaetelf
reorganised and lilted up fit a most unique aid auts
ful style. In fnet'lliewhale arrangement of the House.
bits been remodeled, with a single eye us , the part of
the proprietors; Monists the , comfort and pleasure of
[twit. Gests, and which they confidently pleasure
chulleapc eamparison With any Hotel in the Unto,. •
Thor hada swill always be supplted. with every cub.
Menial and luxury which the market adarils, rented
up in a superior style; while in the way at Wiefis,die.,
they will not hr
In couclution theiroprietors beg to is,, that nothing
will be lea Inatome their part, and an the patter their
e”i , inel., l o mink lbw Hotel worthy the continued
patronage of their friend, and the public generally,
The pricer for board have also Tres seduced to the
'fiallisoug oleo '
Ladies' Ordinary, 51.75 per day.
Geinleinees • lifel I.
• 71. Baggage Wagon of the. (tome will al.
Ways be found at the Car and Steamboat Landings,
which will convey baggage to and (silo the Hotel, free
of hart. • ntayllf
95413.71111, 01110.
Tliti sultscribers having, purchased the entre
interest of Col. 0. Y. late of t hin
iiiiwell known establishment, beg leave to state to
their friends and to pulthe.generalty, that they have
'takeitilde commodious Hotel for IS terra of years, and ,
will exert their limit energies to make it a desirable
home Mr Troycllem and Cory IlOarders.• • -
The hotel is vpacions and admirably planned for
eourenience,lia hi and air, baring a number of parkin
adjoining clambers, presenting unusual attractions to
'file present proprietors having bed the experience
of year* in this city and elrewhere, hope they will be
tilde to. give general saristamtuu, heing determined to
give undivided attention to the house *lone.
The !imolai] orthe Pearl Silent floime uncommon
ly Miens e, having fronts on pearl, Walnut and Mind
111001*, AO that it is eipselly desirable in view of the
couvenlence of bu•ittens own. or retirement tot private
boarders. It is near by the U.wkti the fast Office, the
litavonle 11411.0.1 d F'ellow's 11.11, and but one square
distant from Maiii sired and two equores front dm Oily
AVlieil,vrius Miming the greenest tuducements,espect.
ally te country meriMants aunt generally to all persons,
vltaling JOllfe NOULE,
meta? JUIIN A. OUBI.E.
£U,TAW U01311.1C,'
a• ThiSeplendid and oparronn Ilwel;elegindy art
totted Inetent bootees and pleasure travelers;
as so constructed as to couttite .11 the Itauries
of the Lew howls, trabtlegance and teal eceufron •
Choirs- stiles of apartments treat all seaway. reserv
ed foe the I•CeonaLlodidiiou of iransicot guests. pad Cants
Otos east/swam coy will find the Eutaw Iloo_se a lulale,
inturpassettl by any Hotel i the Union.
• The location is elevated r ind aalubnoue, and is- 11,0
Cone...wag to the deport and Istulings, at which the
eaaches and, patter* of the bourse Ste at all twee is
mutate to eatery passeuEcts and there haFpga la the
Till. —Gentlemen'. ordtstary pt's-'day
jatiltnaw - Int -
<A M. of PS mil AND IT. ruts an, Intts•C1011;n:
The Luultsentker haring aseninedithe istfaut•
twin of Wit lone establoled and popular Hotel,
tespootAitly at to Travellers!, and the
Nitta. grestalty; that he mull be at all nukes prepured
uraerrnunutdate thsut in it things delitalde in a well
..pi:flod Howl. Inn house.'s now being thistimh/y
teitakred thronehout. sod ur IX roe/Ware added. no
Paint wine, stowed In wake the illehaente wie of W.
vcry best liettels in the roamer.
•Itt understsueil rerpsolfillly salted. a ennttunanite
of Ike vety,lttoral pkiranage the flutrw hat betetottat
weever& Tiiobbs.s sdlVWftrli t
teLtalitNOO, 4 .21,
• •
• JUNES' 110T=L..
u lota Cana. stair?, .11.a.1.1111.
Mill 4nitscrtLera, ouder Ibe firm atMoigei k
3Teil. have lot roh•erJ Mr. Jane.' Illtrrna India
.blablatinu , al, u.J 1... by Om Sittelo.l'atteubon
fu IM waau oadeomfort of their ..writ t eon.
!m.o. of the LLeaat pitmoorn beertoroce!temired
by Ot tanner proprie.t
T. boane boo been thenouritli' reoovatedoond
pored, we therebne leel a*.urcd an ran VlCtrixne bur
blonde-awl It. putlw w seeo.cooJapou• rot., 10-any ,
tt,n ny ei kluhuletitkl• N BRIDatM,
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na Ull%
kII maa •5. 7 ,13 tllf t'Avel'OCAll..
TS bliWtwasa is etaM /at Om halt order for
rtreptiou of d.r f hrelloir PubLw literag
/taiiirpow • 14/orwaah trp..f duritta tbe ps4ll
m..; and hvrinr the tat. 41[1..erienred [nen in the
irr• Iltt. raTIOU. Japaillii,lll , . 1 /Lava; mywlllhat al/
will l pleaw3 twat,. erntral, core
....boa. awl plese••/. F.< SI par day.
eV/Cl/V..4 .11st h 11,'4:.
tr.-41/hautexal i new Hawn, // V thn.
aatw- —a new
.1%/ Lisp 4/n them/ ham/, nal/f
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konar is mally k.l du. t.rt poun and
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.01 lint ,Lana e ,,s and nu,. and 15 , 71.414,
Linen? Intnn•lnl at voy - bole! in ilis'SiO'aoS earnewsland.
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lan 04. Cc.: tun heourable c...lnpriinon—it youlied.
Mr3ll upon Ow no lbn. stoical ot ine coach
an and tar. • IVASHINUTON EVANS,
nary. ; • Prcnnsrior.
2 AUL.; TH HOCK NUJ 'MON Iwg• to a rqoattst
• InenJ• that he l• agats lesw• a
pe. CAIN
110 Louwwlle.
I. old Irlcodo. aworiaf them awl Jae, publw, h.%
11. /effort 4.111 tw• sparad make ail colutottahl.- who
12tOf 141119 w‘th allow Elflll.ll2{e. tanll,llT
411..01,., rms., rot,. •NO 111 11!1.ts
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11/111.11...C, r , . 8.1.
iit:N N1, , 3111'111. pr6vlelor. , llatft•al
lhe I:achnnye and SI. Chad.% Marla, l'ata-
-Jun reetry.ed • 1 M.
512rstisre t'uT.Aptd,
early Houk do
lar r. Pen, or the Adrentuir• of Mfred de Ro.•nu
in the uett Altrutuli. by George IV Pd Tteyuolds.
The Nuetoute e , ut tit. th e , w..h tu por, by
Grolge lAppatd..
Itragelututr, Sou of Arhus, or Ten Years later,
brut,: the couch...At ut Three littattlußett hod 'twenty
I.e.s+ 01 Aztruciosayi Scren Lectures delivered Lc-
Al.' the 3lercantsle I.thre.y Ae.ucteuuu of New fork,
ko th e 1110111fi full.tou Ertnuan. 1.44 N by
:who!, I, I. I)
An I . .
o.lurtron lo Am SluJy of Nilur4l
Profrs•or s .01 s
Woegitrrirl mat Vzgattew, • *en., or advetttumi by
}.; LLunwt, coninban.
Mystrites tufa Slairrtes of firm fort, pair 3.
Ilia Dena. of tar 1110.00. or the l'ainiria Daughter.
Awful and auoutuliiia Au atida Stan
lams the Frad,. Laini
Chatuhets' hltrarllany, Ifi.
[tomboyshut; No I?.
laving Age, nod !DI.
Ado About hy Sim spear.,
Prit reputinrked, awl u large lot clothe, dralnatie plays,'
tut saleLy A MINER, • _
marl runtlaight at, LI4 dour, luau
Now Borate Just Rea rived.
I r . Ol 7or a ilt 4 l7ll myylaV llll rune
Lecturer WI the Low and the Gorpcbh by Stephen al.
Tyog, lb I), new niol voluted crlition„ pnfirait 01
the author,
R e.
- hlcinuir of Rev. David .A beet, latehlirsionury
In Clinin, by bra sieptiew, Re, Wrllimusurs, with
• portrait.
hlcanderhi lidlory. of the Cbrirtino Rahman and
Chinch Inii laird by l!rof, Torrey, Vol.. 4.
Ilawksoinet n tale or 111111 fur KnEtand, In in
two rolioncs, bow -.rotor London erbium; 111,:a.
Memoir 01 C Cow her, Ilirrrannry m Anries,llll Cl..
l'erronnt Ileconteuwer, by Cl.rtorre Lk/relent, with
esplariatory uremia, YertgliPAnird br a thstrthrr athbra
clot the pernl.l from the duo. of prroirial mutter-iron
to her death-, by 1.11 J Tonna; WI
Itecultectrons or England; by Iter 811 Tyntr, U. D
Markfdilion, the hieretralit, Clerk; by lier. Charter
It.' 'AMOY, al harbor or -.Br-curds id Good Men`.
y Mary," ll hlh) nll. of the Peary' &c.
'llse above Intl received and far sale by
' 11 , -1.1.1071` & ENGLISH
sosrl3 L 6 market al, between 3d and 4th
fp' reel wed at 111., A. 111455ug , ..- 111u and
IX, Sorrel Meatuses o f the toisprew Jorephlt . i, first
erne us Napoleon Bonaparte. lry MA Le Nor.
VOI3IIV, of the Natural 111nory
Ferry Rusithorra., or the Vless.atuder or Forluire;Ly.
Mrs. Gore •
• Sultan.: Hannon, or me 'lllegssiinsle—a 'story Of
cannon Lel weris minil awl eml. .
The hlyaterivis of lIIC CllieSiby Augustine/ H
the Signed, or the in 01 the Blue 131 e.
The l`neoner of Peron-, by J Elbe!. ' ; •
Huni's Marchniit's Maya.. tor Morels.-
Itsium•ratte !team,. • • , .„
. A splendid article f.nce Edged Noses paper and en
velope's to cOrriolsond
dneh far 11 ser.•00, No 3, for Mitch -
For vale 01 at A moires, Maishlreld al ; 3d door from
ltr/VlllE,S—Roberroon's, (libban's,
Mod. Europe, Prescott , ' Mexico, Peru, 133.;
hs t eLelel'a Franee, Arnold', Rowe, Harper's Prelorial
EllB/211di Niebsike Home; 11 allam's Commutional first.
y of Englandi Lute. Roman Conunouvreahln
SeAmdtti Hume, Bound's Iliatory of bin own dinar, with
howl; Itallson's Middle Ager 4 hloPretuasdes and Chit
iairy; Browning's History of the Iluglionots: 'Thierry's
Ilbooneal,Work.;:agul'sllisioryollhe l'uritzsuLTlners
Errisch Rev; Taylor's; Mrotualoi-Auel and Mod. Hirsh.
Ty; Introduction .thellislory th eLehurch, by Jar HS
hogbile3's Rome and Enylaml; Ranker Moline. The
shove, with many other valuable work., for NM by
matt • IaREAD
en, Llookb—Frebh nom:nerd..
Scotland; by Jacob ribbon, will, engravings.
mansonds, I olawilure al the South of Ilsrope; clew id:
,flAblier and the Reformation, l y Johis . Scon, hl. A.
lore and %V ridogn of Watling kik by Spa Vol
.Nua 40,41 at. 40, Harper's eirtorsal Ilisnory or Log.
:lu 'Siert of the SuPresitc'eourt of the thiitrd State.; by
Poetry of Life, by 1Y H Tappan.
Parley's Eidonal Library, 'AI rola, iary.l6
For sale byj,. REAR,
mar. • t. 4th; near market 41.-
ikTEW SOL/KS, isiat received by Expre3.--Gannsuly,
1. , 1 England aud Scotland ; or of &Swaim
J Aiello InAubloo, Jo. D., Aolnur !? 1
Ilbuory of We Itelonuatiuo, Lk of Croniarall,
A Prarnoill L'apOsition of the (Joliet, ,uf FL hlhr•
thaw and M. Mark, us the fonts of Lentntes ; intruded
to .101.1 rho praelier-ol•donwahrinstrortiou and deco.
tool Ly Joho Plied Smuttier, D. D bishop or eliester.
Yur bY ,
h. ENG IJBI 1,
(rata v "; • 34 ina3kcsgt.liel34 surd 4Sh,
CdlFFEE,l4tiTbaos pnanugre ail Rs* Corim,,,A
-.Worm* pit Ebbw, r bwo am.; for alb by
• • - • n4o4umra BIETtII
trs 3,/71.• 4 . rase.:
'4 M1, , 51.11*'4.0 . iiks
t-4 • 13 , -
ic :tit ~c3t ,
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, • F.:
1311110.11' IDAID.PET _ .
rPOE ratoeriberrespeelcully sapiens tbs sermitlits of
i• the owners and sepktuas of betas. citizens amd
stoseisv. vionseg .to hos !atop sad splendid
Mock, of coveting, now fur seta at Ws new noses : id.
noel. They cooing of esery ranerpof Ma isteetinsi
to ranhousble Mien of Ciaipets,thl &,. .led
brought to the Wer.Tl3 smoker. , The atom hes been
Molt expressly in tka carpi: lossiemso'shodhsi -
ims of expense,) .latan tined epos themost
nouJets style. ' ' .-- •
The es.pets revoking its of the latest design s nods
the richer and man boothyrilMilita: • ' •
• They comons, to pen. of dos D ibasic' • '
Supenot Tapestry, a ems . • . • • •
octet . •
Lotlish end Amerienn ••
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Is=kl Inenia,! :sew .
luvam new de.
ti tt ne a ingratni
Conan. dd
Plain aadMOH Vit
Extra Nuper add tarilledded
!Loyal do;
Sheep Pelt;
• •
Polka: • . . • . •
Jute, te; • •
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Common; •
I yard wide;
I do du
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4 do do,
'Cotton, list, rag
end hemp carpet, comma:l , o cloth,
oil cloth taMa covers, worsted and hoed table covers.
wiadow shades, colored sad plain matting, stmt rods,
trintunigts, carpel bits:hugs, sadall oihr r swats usually
kept in earvet stoma all or whit: It will be sold on to
reatonable won. ae sari the city. Ilaeingsaade ar
mavoteuts with onto! Umlaut.. mama fib-taxers la the
cut, tans kirjouty style Of ea ipetwOlbe tocaainlT Ws.
warded by telestraph, 'and delivered ia one week, sit el
.mall imbue* of the otanuthetant** price. • .
Puishawnre aye parucularly requested ia cogitator
porebuidi eh.when,u wa feet conlldeal we can ikll
aa cheap *a *ay taw ba pentawd Ineb• diatom aids&
_IL IC z Ltfnikry
lURY'S CHEAPiraI Arriliawilli CANE CU/THING • glitWiidollijo WOKE llealeai•
131111.1111111CHTT ITIIIMET. •
IleProprkeori et( the above witabli.bnierit mould
respectfully Wenn hid newer's. friend. awl el."
men that be b. Joel ',craved an sour* new met of
Sadapted to We terrine trod., caaarniteae &rm.
Wat is [untenable, good, new sod okay,
s,canimeres. vesdoga, k., &hoard, et Loa man
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Nor attempt to dewribs. Noibiog at as actual on.
apeetion !SA convey an idea tithe laranal:Shr, Or
quality of On stock, whin. surpassed any Ur Mc
maze haw in oho can andlasvand lees par at Ws
nein aunt, he AO determined to oda a ar sink Orin a.
roll Meet the expectation. of all who. way favax boa
'nib a call. AP meal,'. he. on . Land ode old" beget,
nnananactried, most (ea becaoablei• meg cloapett
atone of ready mad. cloning Mat ran he wer sett"
Ail who tan lartrlT. to contratture Wertbante, 'for
twee truntAtc.i are pan:calarly untiredinaxatworitbs
rink . "wrote parelmung, as leer dl 11.114..n 4
barmen aawe raysob. wet with WIWI: • •
dilater. an tau Takdondi lbw fseelWaint=he
trod lA We I.N waramm. •, •
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lleia donate drills, all /Emirs mad elytes, pinta
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E./d, pen. plata. ite..; =lawn Wel, Woe, radeLOn
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:N. E. awasta W sad mast sty . will, (rowan
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ew(itte Cu;t. the 4.11 eehl %nada... work...mid? atom
...Clio. erica...oily tolled then. r.ubl pi a
ado awl other rates. With di.. 50.,,eti.a.they putter
• their earwig'. to hirers of roaltreterm, room he ml
sperrr, yittreg thou admitted sod • 13.1.1,1Ci1a W
gesulch tti uistes,lrowecerddhenit or eleva
'Me Wag ameleum of Lt. Alums with Mr. Rua;
IV th PM ar3.11 & Ca., le, to the moor patron. of that C 9.
nabbetment, a Ti ci manatee o(hir stably.
• . • . etilidertf`
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00.1 Canal Basin. Piusburad.
• . •• (Formerly called Piekwonli Line r )
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JOHN MILLER, do Hollidalig ' 4l '
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Canal Basin, Penn se., Patestnergh.
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WMI,II{LICH . , A.V., 12 'West wets, New Yolk.
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!Rint.ll FORTH 4 UAT LINE, .
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{i'. 10.0 Retire wino/ Umprodoe.,/le., daily, logo
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DENRY MUFF a Cu . Canal Italia, entabursia.
ISILITII.II,IIU/lIVIISEYS Co. N 0.147 Madigan, Phil
U.' N. itOrtaarbant Ninth & Saratoga'.
Joao r. I%larte,Ap 11 43.1 . Kip" New Vogl.. $
• .
VOTICE—The st ile tun Erns will lor kisioa float'
/.1 told atter this dots, at Pittnutrati, ay Warr Gnat
&Co., suala. Plaladriptisa, SP Walls I luraphre $. a cu.
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no. donut: souon of loan bet eu &
• Sault ns, to lha talloynag natant, latichuse a,
alas blink soil Ottanordiate plat 0000 St way: •
leaving Cloonan& ertitf Mmutay, at: P.M.
Da Lbtratt • do Tavola, at b. A M. •
• W. alaskiuse do ltand y at 7 A. N. ' •
&annuli, wadi team, Sault Ste Mane carry FanIAA '
lV tachael. A. M: and Maninue at to o'clock. r.
and leave Damn etetl Sunday tatnanypat,
land, al 7 &clack.' . •
IV>A. OM tr. Co,
Agents. IC. lIRADBLIRN y.. • •
URAVES & WWI:WARE . Detroit.
• • •
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To and From the Eattern thee, via Corelrerlentl .
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