The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, April 07, 1848, Image 3

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    • •-• ...
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M4ll9ll=4maile Clan; )3ahimory, be glad to
have mien. &on lib, Man de la Tinftearah and .
syworkine, the rutabaga of Shad . end Herrieee Oat'
nog tbe season. and.* caseated. vri . ila ditipaLeb. , OM!
at Wevet rates. Clwase for potchastag light scarra
AbitEFINED SUGARS-40. baLa doable refine-411am
Lost 4110 bbla ,4, ty;_mul mall ;to
entabed; powderW; bbla clarified; in
at ors and o>r tale by JAMES A fRITCHISCIIi k Co,
=an • *canto St Louis Burma Sugar Refinery.
WINDOW SlLVJES—Ttaasparent miaow skunks
of &Wein painrrnin at all prieeig - Ina Linea
umioalai Chulawalt•doft: SW* and Mad 'bill.
nalags of a
mayll io sale UTtt EATON & Car =elm at
EAIS-4.9.1 paws /men Tele", contorraug
' Tong Hysoo,lalf emus and eattrbose •
Impale do •
Gunpowder •
do .do
.' do 1 • do
Pouebond •
F o . , e,„ by • mina 11ADALEV t surriiiß
CLOVI•S-1 watClovel Or =la by.
. #3 „ , • • JOHN D MORGAN
SOO.O- 5 base.. Rosin !bps, fin sale bs
_ r SP • J2HIS
W il d g . D ParTr l l AS: le
Urn: searts.4lll,bujo.t med wd for sak by
I 1 UMW. YAKNI , -IKi.Unloa . asortlid,No.-
L" fo_sale by_ '• :urn '• II.CANDLIS.S
4W -000k.4.
43.,,A-143 brae* tsID; 7H bate. 10314 Mau; for
sale by 'ma WICK tr..WCANDLESS '
ifOIJLIND 11 . 1,^C5—.3 sad.. Tonnes.. Grouud Natal
r .314 bf. ap3 WICK k Id:CAM/LESS
jest received mid
for ask M u. , 11-4 :p 1 3 ; POINDEIXII.7. IF. Co
4.2 . 11. 2.IOLASSLIi—GO Wis. St. James TiEfinery;jogit
/..74. received and gor soli by . - .
op 3 POL'VDIATIM 4l-werer
“IIrINTER WHALE 01L-14 bbl. bleaehe , l
y mak 011, - G . ” calc . by •
marlU. . BAGALEY 8...43H1TH
" "sa
oQt rLllT th rellrETY{ 4 4TMot st
r im Tobacco, fir Dila by
TuTY.A. , N r: _
0. HUOAR—HO hhd.. prim N O &war, Landing
from to.rtober Gertuelture. hod Pn We by - •
landing fora Heim.. 4
North elaber e
oa o ax
far sale
mat - LIAGALEI & aurru
• ../M11p:01;-' -5 bblcilFoliol/or sate by
(10PAL VARNISH-3' bb for sale by • ' ..•
kr • • • • i JOHN D MoruiAN
P.. ) .N1511 BROWN-1 Euk. far We 47
JOHN D 31011(LAN
vinorzaseis-4.ii bbl.Beim
fresh White , jut,
reeelved_and i?t sale by
IrY ILESILINII3I2I.boxes mail IlarriVg An sale
ttle-43 bra ineinaill Soap, for rale by:
"ar lust ived •
~~r7TTri~~lVTi7;(~7'•fdH /:/011a~®
IASTILE 150AP4bbzesjust.ree'd foie by
ukar23 • • ti. Eseuxits
xTrat-2 bbls puked, of good onallly; I do colg
for gala by ISAIAH DICKEY &Co,
=MS orator find (root so
ACKEREL-oJ,lbla large No 3 Mackerel, reed
and bar gala by msal B ROBINSON &Co
. ozl.o Glees; 50 do 10E12 do; 15 do 10:14 dee ' 100
roes Oat dask 25 deem quell banks; 00 bxs waders,
sioreond for We by [moan POINDLlaril A.Co
EAD-000 pig. best “LowerMineic , for oak, to ar
rive, by {theft& POINDEXTER &Co
110i-30 kegs assOrtedNo, in
IN store sad for sale br
iisoLessrs—too Ws prime N o,itut eekiedinid
for.le br BROWN tr. VLBERTSON
11LWAR-65 46ds prime N Ojast ret , d -and f We
CISOAR—Aa hada Sugar. landing front stearunr 14-
17 ramu n . md ter sale by
R FLOYD, I.92lA4arty
SBOAR U. MOLASSES-4U Lbls S U :dolmas, in
store and fur saki 14
.r.A.Atm A ituircuisox A co, • .
.Agra St Lout. Steam Sugar Refinery._
TOHNSTON if. STOCKTON bare jest received
supply al Washburn &Robinson's Premium
Yea Nibs and • • Holders. • marts
BUND: r 4ES--5 1 . 1 bap prone Rio Coffee; In Ude to
Bentidolat t eL7=lbla S . l ± ll d hn at: l' a le ; bl'as4iSd'd
ad m ath a Brooklyn, and for anle
- U
D PLE2S • Wl= tc eCANcks Gar sals i tiT ,
irarl7DLE... S.
TCSLAND444:63-11 0: Vm for subs by
ACON-14. 1 X 0 11.01.0%14;g ronsd,,seeired • .
stessouliteltscille; for sale by
man y H ILOBI soN &
ACE GOOTO—A' Imps assortment of Lao" Ed in
.ad bruit. for We - rrtH. ARBUTHNOT
i UT.111.96 . iit Co
cotal3 • • AS."
niAnistiaWz . b ,
3r l t ß iEr S ? ?blnfi ' 4 n
.110! '33-110 lb. for sale by -II
AIID-44 kegs Not Leaf Laid, for sale by
- • - _
wail) PEACHE4 AND APPLES-51els e
ed Peaeberi 100 do der Appl=eale,
IN G-40U0 Ibm fot sale by •
S UClii-1 03 lamb prime -X 0 Sugar. In ste!yir co l for
by mar2S D T MORGAN__
perga—too reams enTna wrapping;
4,71 , rn do;fiu We by POLNIJE/Trt. &Co
ii7eatez si.
1 ) ;t4 =4*%,0.T.11 , .ii. 1 1.
UCIAILS-911bbla Leaerin'a esaisbe4 pulverises!,
RI do Louisiana leaf do, for sale by
masa YOINDLTrEIt t Co
M O bbls NO,
pEPPER-200 raek — •,Zr sale by
-rta-.4-4 eases •pl • wipes,
plain eolora Put opened nod for We ty
a witYrr.'-'
PRODucs64 bbla F 44 do earn tocal4loo
eke nom Oa &emu kegs lonetorbess Doan 20
laza; io uore and far vale by
""ACOV—IDO hi+ bacon le ides
ii — oss ' cet ate,l ;ft. '''' "ha°2 "
_ susrlo ze i r b 8 N1C0p .. 2
I QaoßafF.6 Win : S-43. este juin rec. end far We
1.1,7_ by_ meal • jZAVATERMAN
ITI uox
'MS for sale
8A ... C11......V5 n pcsi iTusi reed. ;Led for sale by - •
SUGAR.-. 1.50 hbb N 0 Eagrajao
J3jbbla 17 - 0 MolasseN Landing :lad for %ay
"DOCK pfriVDEQ=For ulc by
SGIEENiPPLES-20 bbls reed bl_•;Tr g!l.bctVq
zr sale by "stuu _
INOE/30-1 bbl pound Gingefor u/a
aUND5.157 , —.M 1 lb. 55.55ted; 501gegs And bb
Nol lan% 5 IA& fre..s loatter,fin sale py
mart CARSON a. 31.51LNIGFre
It for • by -
-Daum LIACON—Io !tom and inaoke,bousu conitart
ly for oblein any qvatity, byi .10604
abut Il_bery at
74bLASSES — b Plb.e brie]. Sugar nob., ktrable
OiP bza KnorclionWrved and or :rolds by
coarl7. JANNEY & BEST •
IOPONNET BOARDS-4W g ra: white Bowel Boards,
.11 bcia article for auk by •
imbrlD . • -
111112 , 1 E 011.—Fraan, Ittot Wind intlfoe Wo by , •
11 . 1tA.5.—. 3 eases in Mora and for
me Er
.. JbloWLh¢c
Palitr..-CHEUSSIEIiIIMaINOTL:reiIi lit stDlMore tota
_JOr sale by 2.51 MER _
oiT:i.a.a.,; ( 74d r fin n taxg
au. A. WA Dentist, Prim at, 3 doors ;bow
••E .•D— good er bear ara - Tconancot
aitnaliou by calling on •
• wart) ENGLISii & illgliNETT 37 wood at
!!OPAL VARNISH, No I—Jai reed and Cur pale by
V swab J _ eapp.F.R
RY[EI SAD a.;:1,1, by
JL 1.1190 MOILER
BANS& LBoo ] lB-81 bLL small whits kteanso)3l
dos Com ltroomti for sob Ly
a n e a • • • IMOAIXY - te SUM
001.1ritli LARD—In big* and telixtet orlierrtos
___B_ATILEy &Form
IN}:OAE. b 64 az .
Aavv t inzir
pitierra. for spring drams, are reed tse..for
• 11 'EATON & Co: ,
•To w., b7 -- , n,bg , rd
3141fniggy bbl :1;)3
' pyLow CASE AlBL=Couniitli:yrt!'
(VAPVERSBED-7 bbli k solo
'lOl-11.4ROUNRIXE=1.1.11Li cupirio!; for s le by
Raußl J ficticrakmAKEß k Ce
. _
• WaITE CORN—A few Mal,
be received and foe male by
WfICIDOW Wi.tsS—aY. bzw.'
thes.lined, tor mak bY ,
Yolllsl'lll & DUNPAN.
QUCaR idadliou emu., .e.
I.eciTed und for gals by
OLJLISSE-S--tt Finn. Flanuaiues Mulsvors;
4 111 Jo Sugar Howe iks per Eavigunn 1.1 ligooklym.
MO"' by Aar* .1 lt FLOYD
fIVBACCO- , Akegs Usnsocky lauding from
1 imam, gam.; for gale by
In gore and CO';le by
J D1.1.W0.12T/!, 27 aranni2d
Imes brown Itacannn;
_fa! Ma n ,
=asp .
,4421.1;7161311=V11. ash, ,by •
&writ 'sago wood es
~..~ iL ss'if_~~ J z
r:i':•: - .: ,- J.MW$141,08 - 01J.8.
DlEBoMailants+ - W. lavijossogenAl & choice
lot alms:dm:aid D1T*111641.4a. vrtuak
mulling wale bargain. •
ANOMIE DE LAINFII—E,..aid de Laines of vet-
JEL rious 0i1.% and very. elkesp.jsmd TOClriTed by
CO'ym. YIIIIX, -- &C.-340 bap isser No f,.:130
V doe do dr, Ind laleallaulor Carpet Cason, Can
dle Widk, Cotton Twine; for ante al nnounezers!
lowew priees, by =al MEND, o n
to Co
ik'rmat.....SoOkego form* low br •
ilk mare. . . FRIBND, all Eli
conaiiisas—t2 Cis). for aisle by
kJ mare k CO, 57 wood st
T 11.0" BONNETia-. -A Orr & Co.. tO market gre et . s
kayo just opened weir spying stock of Ladies and
Aliases Straw, elorenee, Braid and Lace Bonnets.
Also, boy. Coburg and Pedal Braid H. ruar3l-6t
/1011Ek^.:S—iihitT;di drab. 4ar skins, jam reed
.pi by mar 24 SHACKLFITT Ic WHITE;
-YOURNIII/RE CHECKS—One ease asederd — panerna
Juet opened bs mar2.l SHA 'CKLErrte mina:
'fIROTONCLOTHS—An innoico of medium and goal
ll Coe Coating. just *polled by •
t00n.4 - • SHACKLUIT & WHITE, 9O woods
JrP PP good oosOnOunt or.a-ti G 74
ditlkill and LUC Vtench twilld [Summer
ex, jam opened by mon% SHACICLEIV A WHITE
- -
RANT STUFFS—A foil nooortroont of cotton,
10. wormed rod r ece iv ed y in great variety of
'atyle and sontlitie.just and for sole by
gonna • SHACKEInT /r. \VIRTU
C _
oFFE6.-150 Imp Prime Rio Woo, landing from
steam, Gondolier; for mla by
ICE--17 tierces Rice:lending from ermi Gondolier;
12IP for Kale bye snoril 1t R I:I9TD
obis pure Cider Vine:ger for Sale - by
mardt le h FLOYD
LOt R-70 Mils extra and superfine noir, fiue
shipping order, for sole by
meat • OAEFORD &Ca •
AVER SEI -8 bblal ale by
mar% ' A I , VON lIONNUOIR4T & Co
lATINDOW tiILASS-300bx.s.FAIC 250 do 10:1% 100
do 10xli; It/o,dd 759; 20 do by
Q eask6; 6 box s;-for sale by
merat • SY.\ONIONNHORSI•& Ca
W nri Teta " g . /r 7 IPO P :rgiAttIL I T & Css
'13R00618-1161 dos gilt handles Corn ,Ilsoteur. flat
j.) pads mar 64 P VON SI:qiipSORST & Co_
tioodi Sono--
I She best tersest. required. Apply at MI Mar
kel AWOL war 24
DECTIFIED WHISKEY—Of wurelior qualiiy,
.1.10 "rays on band and for wale on oecommWatiog
mama by • manes NV k SI IMITCHELTREE
SROAR—NUttbds N O Sugar reeeir - ed per area=
North River and for sale by
• =kat 8 ROBINSUN & Co, 150 libertY sr
HITEDEARS—£4bags, now landing crow SU=
HUdeee'tertel'• by
SOSP boi'lialick, sdo tosiegatni; sdo white,l6
Wiring; for dale - •
nuo2 ' 8 F VON BONNHORST &
DOW SA U- HO:* o WO, site by
lb OULD CANDLOS-13 Ls!. superior /do.. Jan
ju, ies, Bdo dipt esndles, lo .we ow/ for sate loss by
Astra . ORCAL, MeI:HEW& Co
A tc.V.T,L7a,II, I'INN 3 'B'.l,lmoTaL
ID= i ORANGE PRINTS.. el.. awn ste
.I.lales aud , gtaloitr l
bs vi
Ibuding bad for aOO
sie by tous Auegueby Fra.nkliti Fume
mart - . ROST DALZEII & C
t..OVEII74'iD-100b;sti Meaning and for sale by
matt . 1106 T DALZELL &Co
AA/401101,-51A.137mt tre'a .mi
joi to vi r rain
O bV
marl itGAN
ALO&4I ease (or sale by
UM SHEELAC—(Oriige)flg i e N 10 6 moßam4
. mint
fIASTILE: SOAP-3 cases 1.4 sale by
GINGER-4ml. powdered white Jamaies. warren
ed pare, for sale by (roarer D MORGAN
Aq. r isz . opas—lo lb. norienianited in lib bottles,
bbb by Li m n ).. ,. JOHN D gOIiDAN
ONiONS-Lit small lot for sal; by
mar.: • MUCK da IicCANDLPA
LIMY to bids Louisville ;slits, for sule by
LUTING-3 bbls Spanish, far sale by
mar/ J D W/1.1.1A167S
• ---
AMP BLACK--1 cask toy sale*
lOTTOS-4b bale -SO: do)• roedpo i.uot lirithorS, J.
for sale by SuarS ' JAS A lIVTCHISON
To CARPF-NTEJost opened, n . berso
weed of knob locks and latches, web wbde and
=sterol knobs, for lode b
mad Y LOG . iN, 'WILSON .15. Co
SI7NDICIES-00 bogs goober gess; 17 do frail:err; 2
bblo grease; dr sees dos sred. noss losdin from
susis Oswego, sot! flu Fmk by I. DICKLY k Co,
• ' • • utast. & trout sis
etOTTON—a bales uovr landing fro= M.. Osyreeo.
V*, soh lry [loar2l DICtalY a -Co
'DOOM. TO LET. —Oa ilteseepod story of the ware-
JA, basso Zio 2G Wood M daring • frond cram:toe.—
Applp . „Loss2o _ . 4k2) C0C1113.A:2
EA.NS-150 b.h mull white, fur atllll
B . D "
' . jAms
lIIITELEAD- 4 4 kegs pure;3odoNo I,forsale by
•,,,,,trwun-12 bblooupwriot tor sale by . .
_,__, jb VilL14110;.1..11 0
,% ,.. 00dist._
eI3LF2SE-50bosu formic b 7
7_D fail: ' .1' D WILLIAMS
SCORCUINC3- 5 MA* on .nsigonwnt and joisale
by • .1 U WILLJAM
S .
..._ . .. .
QUNIbUIFS-1 2 .:: du Eus IS du Tow Yorsql4)
1..7 lfickory Ocoonot ou'uuumnent ud for
WILLLI.II 11. sal< by
febl7 .
—.— 1 U
_ —_ ---
MM= !_!
"PADDING gICIRYS-1 box, amble (or saddlers' ow,
.1 - Cox rale . by , roarl9 tl k W 11AftliAt011
OOHS & OATR-50 bags prima yellow . coin; 50 do
4../ Oats, lust real and for sale by
ors+l9S & W LIAM:UMW
FLOUR -71 bbl. jam Isadiug for sale by
• orsrl9 :i & W WARB , AMR
pktl r T;tVl. maga . ak E ise. Ohr . o ti e n a ll y, in mgre
- -- - ..
BUCIMTS---2.1d0a Barer, landing Om:mastic Bea
.lw, and for sale by,parl: DALZELL
Gl - ...12111 14 DlAiiio:o6- 1 3 Yin rani and fix .ale
by aura ILII:9&Co
areiga L'um
a, mad for rale by 611115 ID 1) &Co
S d.
.1 KIUD BOXES—ISO gross, Jo&Co
st sea
sad fog sale by _mss IS • •
------:— NO 3ck bblz nss , d , !oat
hk , i , -
ebuifted; Ilar bale by .
110 woodst
UPIIPIE. or Mc Oil In stor. and tor nle by
(617 JOFI. MOHL.Efi
FLAXSEED 011,-10 Obts jest teed end for
mail • . • R SELLERS
' A LCOHOL-5,111* jl.l reed odd for =do t 7 ;,
tda rt 4 R E BMLERS
bbl, just ...Laud tar sale by
.11.11;-.2)bbliSalitielliortia for sala by
auas7 - . • JOHN GftlF.S.
piurrs TuRYE% - nNE- 12 1 1 3 12,77,,g TE ,
trifiED 011.-151.4i1s for sal°
• m. 3 B EY!'U2 -- 1- . 21" El
g Conn
t•Agi 'SW or two good Glaos
k,T_wmted, to whom constorrt work Con he 'given:
Unit 9r!""'7l7jittiStVelAer,
.I.IG wood al
P -
consignmetn; for sale by ' •
.matt/.SCHOONPIAKER & CO. -.". in pore ou wnsi ß Vo l' : by
1/1.. to .whole,. hlf,nr and eighth pipes, of all
the different wines now In are; part to Amer, of
v a* grades, brands' and vintages; some very old;
for sale a imported, by mart° P C AfAlrfLN
fkIIANDED AND LFAIONS-1 6 boxes on cauriza
l! went; tor talc by ISAIAH DICILEYAF.o.
1)1CM-40 nooks N Carolinn for rale by
/LIAR AND 011.-10 bbis Pi C Tar; 10 bpla Tanners'
thl; an sake by " taart2i R ROI3INSON &Co
BACON -1s cask s Cil3Cißßltli cored Ilam u
IS teak:
do do Sbouttletsi Just ~ed stud Ra sale low by
warn A ROBINSON & Co
bLI. Frerth Family Flour, store
for PIIC by • mora • Et ROBINSON &Co
ARD~ 1L lbs Lard in bbls and tem for nide by
S" and
tar ree i tvl i ;o k a x mli t inav,
TIOPLAR LUMIEK, and. Pisa Joke, for ule by
2.1. North River and fors 010 by
otarßl UUOULNSON it Co
D. APLARIL ^ S LIVER PILL?—VCO poss of there
sekbrannt Pills. A IstmproLt showed to COMr
ry dealers. .• ' Orst' TIODD tCo
llEff=f ig "= "." I' l ==Al Co
111, by mart.- DTAIORDAN & Co
"DOLL nurrEic-3 bbla freablu.t ,eed r° le
• - ----,--- •
13ATENT, SODA' Alikl-01 crisis (Jas Afaaaran
JC Pon't brand) landing from wanner taranon, nod
for sale b 7- 'AY & M NUTCHELTREU,
T ARD 011,-10bbls Lard Oil, landing from ',arum
j_a Bow Pam land, and tor aide by •
JAMESI/Mak:1.1,94 water at
13 71SLAIRiE-:i.t.ibor.ea Lidr
.1.10 boxes 40 der, 150 bags Popper; :10 bap Pimento,
Md. by anaM9 DAGALEY a, SatITII
TA RR -10 kegs ioljeAlrlae by
eare ,ituPll
3,.11 l non
ICR-4 tierces Carolina Rice, in store and kw side
Rby_ marks lAbikß A HUTCHISON kCo
prime Peaches; for We by
n y:
I'IRRASI TA RTA It 1 bid. for sale by
nod . R E SELLERS •
AIr, , ALLISTERIt (WattrATet: Rm.. for ode by
ifOTTLECORES-3 bele. 'last reed and for sale liTy
' • • R ES
Q.Nurv—a. tierce liarrati's Se;teb, 'lest reed and for
).7 BalebYal9 -RESELLERS
OVAL : 3 7.1. 130.1M-Ipo Eros* Co
Q UIN Z3 4 k .! R E
` t ,~?~; >to
commEß L.P6irortMBooilM,
comarrite. FOR APRIL-
•--, •
Rrrinl Prl-/Slnnitnn GAZETTr ,, I I
• Friday, April 7,1616. .
The arrivals at Ws port ofbacoh and pork. during .
the bit few days, as will be seen by the list of im
ports, have been immense; We estimate that not
less than three hundred tons were received by 'I
single house, on Wednesday and Thursday, Ilona
the Wabash River, besides whiettame three hum
dred more were received by the Roscoe and other
boats, from the Illinois River, and elsewhere.—
The mystery is, where thew mountains of swine.
flesh are to be consumed; and scarcely lets ire.
inatkable is the continuance of the sung., at the
present retest pricei.
The 'greeter portion' of the imports, for several
days, has consisted of Bacon. Lard, end other pro
visions ot:the Wabasilt. Flour end Moist-tea have •
also arrived, but not in any great quantity. The I
Wharf is still full, and businMs - very , brisk—hut
the river is already down to seven feet scant, and ,
falling steadily. . •
The business of yesterday did not appcor so an
imated generally, si on the previous day. A des
gree of nenitance in Operallttg to any extent, 'was
umnilested is some quitt-tene attributed mniuly to
n reported failure, which produced npartial appre.
pension of insecurity In money masers There
W.s no panic—nothing apprisaching
ii'-bur n
manifestation of emotion—an indispositicin to deal
largely, until the situation of things was more MI
ly ascertained. Quite a fair amount of general bat:
sines" won done, however, nod in oho or two tuti,
ales n very free business was transacted.
I •
Pro Oltrat.-- , qhe long agony in reference to
this article Is now nearly over, this amount re•
omitting to be sold is trilling, and .both buyers and
sellers may enjoy euiettido.
Several tales were spoken of as Lading occur
red yestenlay,which,6or some reason, parties were
not disposed to report. The following were cb.
mined:- . 300 tons Tippecanoe, 630,'d and 0 mos.—
:MO tons Shippecisißlo, tail, 6 Mos., or 629 cash,
with privilege of inking 200 tons More of same
furnace, on like terms; 70 tons Deer Creek`, at
530, 0 causwand about 70 of another lot, name not
given,same terms: Several small 101 s of Tippe.
'canoe were also mentioned as having been sold
at $3l cash; but 'we. could not. ascertain the
amount, nor any thing certain on the subject.
The sales of Allegheny Pig, already reported,
amounted to .1,220 cobs.
Sales yesterday, ' 040 -
Add the other:SOO tons Tipportmoe,
whioh see understood would Ire taken. 200 n
Tull vacs Canal Pig, reporte.l
The sale of Barber 3: Pacher's:wettd, Irit tons ;
we we requested to state, was incorrectly stated
iu one of the journals at 510, foe r and sit utoalbt.
The correct report is Si," months.
FLous—The sales of the day were extremely
and the market dull. One to three hundred
Ltda were disposed of on the wharf, roa of which
brought $4,40 cash, par funds, and the balance .$4,-
50; and this. also,Was the rate front -wagons; by
dray load, $4,G2,a.1,116. The purettaies are for the
arty trade, and no mote is takeit than will suffice
ta keep up the lime supply. The price has sa.
tied very little fa. several days.
Pomona—Rods, from some, are selling at Si,
25; Nestiannocka and Balt. Blues $1;50 45 Ltd.
Suns—Little doimp,—uo change.
&,;.a—Salvt 4,
large dealing,
tdotdmr.,--Sm4ll nt '27 , ;(2 . ?5t atti..
Corrrx—Tlior article blob sold freely during Ora
pout tiro days. Sales 100 Las in one lot, at 9!:
in smaller lots, at
Tan—Saln 25 I,arge bats N C. .t sti,on.
FEACltle , tillkfp 150 bu, in good older, .t sl,nd
Conn—Sale 250 bu t Tao.
Osts—A lot of 30 bu first bawls, brought 23c.
From gam sales at . . side, 410,000 IDs lioground,
G MOff. rcradril. Small 171ra at 9c Ilottrouud, and
5c ix ilant,
• ....
Son, A:it—Sale in I;4ms ttt per all tat Jig
Wan= artteJe went oil httakly yew
Imlay. We had reported; sales of 1000 kegs by
one house, 4:00 by -another, and :alit by another, at
Mr—There sir but few sales of wagon hap--
tad the river article is inferior. It raw. at $5.V9
69:1 A good nrtide io itt demand at $lO.
Woh.sor:—ltegular ru,toot,!alits at I W(420, ac
cording to qualOy.
Weic—A sale of 10 ail t-:auterrie, at $.15
was reported,
The tine atennaer Roscoe brought some 300 tone
-: freight to thin 0 ity, on her Inst trip from Pei:join.
It mum Chiefly bit cum bulb port- soil otolniNes. She
departs' agaiit- . for Sr. Louii, MI 'Saturday. We .
with prosperiir Loth to her nod her minnow:3.d.
tiag officer*. •
There was uo change in the °per - aliens on the
Allegheny, Yesterday morning. The lumber nisi.
wing here, rind passing,on to ether markets, is
of the tined,. quality, nod' in quantity immense.—
Looking on these great products of the whlte pine,
we cannot conceive whence the supply is to be oh'
mined far the flume. - All the timber ooneentent to
the streams ii font disappearing—there is no new
growth to supply its plsee‘-and the demand is
constantly. iecreasing. Other material must be sub'
stitnted errentindly, and petit Is didlcalt to conceive
that any - thing can be !mind to take the place utile
light and beautiful white pines, whose ancient
trunks m e pular fallingitt hosts beneath the ruthless
axes oldie luinberciten Some tell us that there is
enough timber in the Allegheny region to supply
,h.dem.xvi for ages, Inn it ! . .s scarcely possible--
when we eauceire the rapid increar4 of that de-
The list bosh us: rapidly dircherging their,
freights, and are being offered for sale in large nunt
hers. - Some two hundred already sold, or it; mar
kntillleY bring afoot 51,1 2 1 per fax—a few have
born soldat 81,217Q1,25—the greater portico to be
loaded with coal Ex the suppty . of the marhets of
Cincinnati, Louisville; New Odeon*, dre, and alai
o r {he depot* established by Geo. Ledlie, Esq.. of
our city, at different pilots on the river, for supply
-log the Cinchivati packets and other rarnalhoats
,with Pittsburgh coal. ,
Tow= Nrstotanos—A New York klroker'e
ocular Fa •
The month of March has Leann remarkable one
kn. Kentucky tobacco. The purchase of client
1.255 khde Wads, se now preuy well ascertained,
lies been on speculatiim for our market, in conse
quence of which prices will be carried to curl, a
'pitch as they have not reached more Ivo, and if
we take in 'consideration that the whole of tho old
stock is mostly in the kende of one speculator, there
is no chance Mr a-retrograde wovenient, but .l
wish It distinctly understood that this speculation
tine nrahing to do With new toberma,,end that pri
nce of new tobacco are independent of Mote paid
for on. , •
• SEZDT.T.Ar TOSAFM of all kinds woe inactive.
Cut. Toucco7qhere was .ten doing . in the
market this than the previous month, which inno.
tiVitr was prodnctive of n rapid accumu
ch lation of
'wok: Low prices' seem to be pretty
fished, on the whole, of our stack is compared of
-very-comm. fillers; and all American and Euro
pean markets are oventigked, wilde in four months
the new crop will 'come-inward. -There is no
prospect, therefccre, of en advance.
•HAvAttA ToBA coo—We °My have a supply of
low grades urtu leable in ibis markee' The new
crap, which is i aid to be good,' will come forward
by the end of It lay, for which article we may aall•
cipate good price. ' • - •
Yam, TOBAOCS was inactive in the tut Month.
Sr. D.MINOO TonAcoo neglected. '
For Itiasurairrtntan we experienced n moderate
demand. I • . ••
'lavas.: emus fetched full prim. atachartged
hands rapidtr:.
POSICIIi7. CIGAR% *ens rather lower In price—
awed by the operations clone house, which forced .
about three milliona at once upon the market.
Prices. .Prices.
Aiwa Aril pl.
uturky, , Vs. st. F10rida........ 12260
N. C. ' 4 itaSic Havana .... , .
Maryland Ss Ohio Cuba.... ... . .... 1015
Con neciiint t seed fAil2t, Yam ........ . . 26e2.5
60121 .51. Domingo . . ...
'rho BidtimoreAmerican oaten that all the goo.i
KentaCky . and Virginia tobacco in our market ba
within the last two or throe days, been bought i t,
except n lot of about 250 Ithdo fine tjuality
tacky, which is - held by one hoe. Lugo odes lu f
tobacro have been made in New York and Phila. ,
It was bared' that the Revolution in I
France would bra while effect the tobacco trade,
but it appears not to have been the cote.
cattle Markets.
Attornmery Om- - , April 2.
TM offering, on Monday worn not large, and
wo undervto ad the demand -was not grest. The
bllowing are the only transactions:
..lissvise-..-Sales of SO bead all hoof, ac 21133 c; U 5
head, for rot.
eworr!—A lot were otrovid, but no sale; the
holders asked too =lntr.
Hoogn—Sale of 69 es 2101 -
Lula; Erie, flemplell, Bac\
Beaver. Clark; aeubenville.• •
• Bettie, Jacobs,' Brownsville.' • •.
Palo Alto; McDonald. Beaver. • •
Caleb Cope, Naomi/14ra and WO.
.111 ripe,
louts McLane,. Bennett, Brotroille•
no.. Savena.St
Loyal Hanna; Jack, Wabash.
Clipper No. 2, Crooke, Cin.‘ - •
. .
JSK , . slire7o.7.
EL Autboey, - Map, Dubuque.
Beaver, Clark, Wellsville.
Lake Erie, liernpLill, Beaver. ; •
Louis McLane Bennett,' Brovrisrille.
Caleb Cope, Beaver and Wellsville.
Palo Alto. li'Donaldi Beaver!, -
- Brilliant, Grace, Cincianati.
Dodson, Poe, Bridgepo'rt.
Atlantic, Parkinson, Brownsville.
• 1114/snifir—l'er Caleb Cope— 3U . bids park, 1500
lbs sundries, S 17. AV Ilarbaugh; 9 dos forks, Han
ins S. Wallace; 1 Flange Curs, J_McKain: bgr.
shads, Jas Donaldson; sundries, Flask Pailtftlf,
6.e; do, Eichbaum, McKinney S. oa.
Yooghiogheny River—Per Keel Boat-70 bbls
dour, 15 bu cam, 150 bu oats.. ,
Brosissroiße—Per Louis Itle.Lnne--1 6 bbls flour,
Frets; 200 do do,l:Cohitt, 230 boa ghats, S C Kim
her; 41 hlf bza. Robertson a P.p.L•rt: 35 bbh or
phis, Wm McCoy; 104 511 has glass, W Flerhart;
36 wheel arms, s h Mary Stepheng 36 haggles',
Forsyth& Duncan; 15 bal., 7 rolls. 1 - 1 bale.
mdse, 11 Graff 5: co; 13 has mdse, J C 3
has mdse, 'Church A. Carothers; 2 bsa, 1 trunk
mdse, L A liutchinson; 2 do, Forsyth & Dune*
2 kgs nails, Acheson & Dagg.
Per Rattic-229 boa Orme, W & co; 174
do, W. Eberhart, Jr; 40 kg* nads, E Evans; 2 bra
mdse., L Itutclilasou & co; 2 bss, 1 cob, GrIA Bin
too; 4 ban, 1. chest. Forsyth & en; 16 bss, W
ham; 91 Su timothy reed, J P Ralson.
IVesarh River—Per Loyal Hanna-19935 poi
bulk meat, 47 eke do, 10 cobs Rope Atwood, limes
& co; 67 blits hails, 69 ,lo shoulders, D Leech
' & co; 1 tot raga, Geo Morgan; 1 small br a S Spur
S: qv.
Terre Mead, (Lnd.d—Per Cinderella-2RA cans
sassed halls, 704 kgs lard, 296 cake bacon, D
Leech & co. • • •
Del Art, (//I)—Per Ecectre—SO bbls grease, 122
eke hams, 1005 pes b pock, J ,Laugblin;• 3190 Pee,
43 calor bacon, j Jordan 6: Son; 150 bbts molasses,
J Park, Jr, & co. •
Toeing Ladies' SemMarg . ,
TR. N. W. Mr riVe3L.F mould announce lei the chi.
11l rens of Allegheny and vicinity the Intended roe
moral of his school from: the of Sandu,ky and
simirdoery streets, where far the last twelve months
he bus been teaching. On and after -April let he will
occupy rooms on Federalsircetin Colounde Row,s
dour from the bridge. The Academie Year trill
eousto of two sessions of fire months each commenc
ing on the firm blends) . In February end Septernber...
11.1 . 15 or Tr 1710,1 rem 6CRIGLI oe ttri
English Deperfotent—lneluding Reaging.Orthogrn
phy and aiming, Writing,'l.higlitli Grammar, Ahem
tic, lerigie. English,Camposiiitni and 'Criticism, 'Gem
granny, History, Arithmetic turd de higher branches Of
Mathenunics, Naturm' Philosophy, Chenalstry,•`As.
tranomy, Botany, Physiology, Geology, Intellectual
and Moral Science and all ottier branches regultun to
thorough English education tit.di
Classical Department—lncluding the •
Oreek rind French languages ench en additional
charge 01.• o f Oa
The unites co m p etent are secured fur
midi as may desire to rewire insrue duns in drawing,
planting sod MU vie.
limos designing eater will bud it for their interest
to do on so mar the opening of the see.lou as possible;
yet pupils will be received at any nine doting the ses
sion and will be charged of the >bore rates only tram
the tiam plenum:cc No deductions will he mode foe
absences except 111 , soars of protracted ill •
Any information which may to desired will be cheer
fully rorntalmicsted tho , e who colt upon the iustrltc
-1.01. at his room.. ly
Reference may also to made to the follorung gentle
Dr. T. F. Dale, Allegheny. Hon.
.P.uSion; r.v. If.
Mr. H chwan: s Re. IL
Dyer. s
. _
Philadelphia College of Medicine,
:r , verth rf Witbdir street.
J. TURFS FOR ISH, will be coponeneed on Moo
day. March' nth, DWI, and be r0t:111..4 lour mouths,
by do pillow Mg l'acut y:
JAS. - AFCIANTOCK. M. D. General. Special and
Surgical Anatomy.
3.-• BURDLN, M. D.. Mitten/ Medic,/ and Ther
. P. GARDF:NER. Id. D., Chem/airy.
HENRY GIBBONS, M. D., Theory . nod P(Pellre
LOUtS 11.11F-VPIT. 31. D., 01,n:tries arid Diseases
of Women mid Chihli...
JAMES IIIeCLINTOCK, M. IX, Priindpres and Prect.
ler of borirery.
1111Nal GIBUONS.M. D,luititums of:Vedic/tie and
Medical Jurisprudence.
. S. EL 311-CLINTOCK, Deena/minter of Anato.
r; .1; 3 tald lota at : 1 21'51. N.
ItICIIAIID MID, M. D., Protector of Surgery.
Fee for the roll conrre.SM Dee for thole who have
odes:sddd two 101 l rourses in other Colleges, SC":•
rienlattua to be poi./ once Indy, $.5.. Graduation SM.
1 Vioehent Arialotue, isoNtsding Lteenpindaurry lieernren,
MU Toe thareerinr, Ihdoras %Slit Le opened ots I.ri
of orel,
I'mm 51711,C151tt.1.4 now purei:ig diem evert tea
' eo.. 11Cpe shot the choily. a1...5n0t. , Mediniao and
' Linton* Brill Lc (irrupted by ilorrnet Peoferroro at an
Fur norther ntrisstril
JrthtC...4:4cCLINTOCIL,*,. D.', Winn,
. I Norso I.2ilenth street
I Philadelphia, Dee. 5.7,15:17. 100 t
ritp, Mouton. ender the cope c'
id 'dr. sail
I Air. lomonorn, Is dull open tor the meepuon tpo
pas. and will be continued at Me same place un Li o berty
street In 1.14111 , 1,11 0 1/ , of moue . loon i es ha• mg mho.
plate. to ter • teem , • hslemcutred sad them deem
... of µnett/lir them damantets ando r goer
rare.c would
do %%eau , oust , ael aNdseation m. •ono
creator. or apply to the Pemeopal ape
eee. --
raps, I
Nursery Sterile. For Sale.
....M. I,
rgt lIF. Sub...fiber Urn tee tate 1.15 eittore snook, la i mot purchasers_ cot Nary reduced tenets- -
Toe rollecuou I. a. ..quailed Mt a orlet 1 mod extename ,
•ecorty, in the A% csmrtt CuLll.2l cuauffeeitenellly 110 W,
rare and • cohes i on . phal t. coaro.L.4. on paw oil o.ta,
Imp Neat. isms . doerg po oat., too no d o L. feet at l
heositto Cantu.. A.II 1., (serve setue, kustatas, ?hoar ,
11 . . Noland Clumet, l i mpet°. dlons, lo ming or l' , lllls
RO.ll, the horn scut most eeleoned mall tilltilleollna I
The Debbi Let citiesnt tie mast than. y arid Lae rum I
sem ammo loaner f 00.., a lame • ortety, N totes, i
*blubbery , strait tree. mccorcen., Ac Amatears, I
NIIIIMay men and mace, who 14 eta to dec i onav theta]
onis.aarden 1 Isl. /I , " amend*, cc graa boa.", at
;. x , 111.14 1111.11 , d lo o Leonine the coder Loa a blrb le
open to Imitate. a/CNA on lto men). Com o ro ooscot ty I
ts.:tattoo. owl 'Teta , . mu' mess Ite.ertnove,om i
locum mnt by mad, or May Im hei at ut r .12.14, o tt .
Doll Market, waste r ram, left rah no at by
fetal 10 Pinata:fib Poet Ltfit - e. sell! be prou pat tatted
ed to John Cmahouto a pram 01 eirelll o l. \di) alt 1.4
to planUar shade tree., In, tanuf mordo n.- 010 Order.
lett as above. .1.11. WAIIDKOP,
mattralmetcaltr Nisnclosstet . , n - ear Pittsar i L
Nottagbss Plongelt Coati= iga, Wagon
Moues, do. -
1:01.1.R V HALL, of the old
firm of R & I+ Rath it tuatta(te
town; t ome
wise" Ifes of
11011; PIMP* Costam We
ott boxes, Sc.. with the improvement. of the Leaver
Peacock, Illonom, laud otlu r Ploushr of the latest and
Lea pattetn. mom on use.
Warehouse, 100 Liberty o • rost. l'lttdmwels, oppowte
the Ray Seale; Factory, 11l Alleaticuy ally,. neat the
*Moe Factory of ?trews litactstock, 1101 AC.
A Flll,TON,ltell and Ream rounder, hes re•
alOOll and commenced bottoms at hued stand,
when be will be pleesed to aces hut old custom•
ens and foetid. .
Church, feteeroboot. and Belt. of ore* sae nom 10
to tap* pounds, coot :roan ponce 111 of the most upp - 0..
s% models end n anted to be oaths best 'materna.
e ,
Mumeal Wats e P arr ump. Lountem. 110111111, kr, , logo-
Our woh et event coyof 1310.1 Caeabii. if :mowed,
fureed uud Amsactl on the neatest manner.
A F. la the tel. prepstelot hi Ittuatt'S Axle MU,-
e,ne Atreat., to .41) celebrate& for the reduction of
r;ofion if oeseletter) The Doses n siti
and Comp
can be hed of lona .au tuber _ _
___cal ly
Ti.",-.'„h-7,::,.1;*:, 11 ,0i 1 .1,',F „ ,1:', ,, ; ,, je'v a g. a ."15 d i
womb ofease and comiort •,0 on well m call -they
wel l y. d doe chamfers clo un and nice, and the table as
trnothed as any bole) In Ile 111. a ellfttelbeelfel d ,
at lee elll).bee reels a meat.
D s w c ad t le t petats , ent oust to Wren made nee oily
111044 to injure Mk establlotneut, lot MI totetllcerti
pub., will telAmelbem The %%Crime lintel has netb
all.; to fele from honorable comp , •tition-it is courted
LL -j- ''''''
'P'" '''.
"V7.l'S.llll;' ',1:21'.'.,:!).,:fg"b
-.luut ears. ,
Plea. PropfielOr
- Clileitell-Plell-011:--- -----
A superb t om-word ws octet e Moto,
well.. sod pate It Iron tropic, mode
t ) l 1 hichenug, Rota...
A eery elegant oes,•ood Liz and a
halt octave lbano, neve seals, and patent 1111 frame,
model Ly .1 thickenor, Ilocon
'liteniove 1001rumel m
ef accrued to day, and now
open I'ol eiertfleatteli; On sale...Mr tillickerum s prt
cot for mud. or approved pore
Also on baud, one elegant rosewood Goth's. panel.,
carved mouldings, and moulded legs, 6 Items., &emit
by Chide are Co, new Yolk.
One do carved romwood,t , octet cc, mode by Gale
A Co, New 1 ork
One mahoganysceond hand Patna.' octaves, of ex
cellent lone. and ot good order, made by chtelaring A
beetrort, 5125
Fts°o'rlistuerertbootatnhdePbietril'afoot, roirttro Ilea. Paris
W a Tl i l
La sold at a eery tnodeente prier
ran: 41)1170 II •111.1.0it.!1‘tood_li_
--1177.toulara lie - a Viiik Phallus.
t -mit, I.lllLNIAtillf. it, and Atom & 0,1111.`e
I H. I(1.1.11F11,0 Thin" street hasp' ,
i roomed att addoloonal lot of anal
.l art
a above celsbruted man.
afacturera Ile would dteeet attentlou to the admin.
I 1 ItZe'LPlrtiakratTe‘t'; rig', :,;11:.`(„1'1711."41!',°,1`.,tm...,
I splendid 0011100 probably L•er *Strut, sad 1.1 K. se
. determined to sell no
aidf not lower, thou Call ,be
i tocoucht elsewhere, Call eienifite lift23l ill_
' --
- Neitille Frame Plano,
' A SPLIT 11311) as.ottmcut of Rom
. 1 friZil st au!,
.d.r.frcuon Vs.
' * s llso. ' tve ‘ o stole splendid Rosewood Timms,
I moth Coleman s celebrated A.ollll.lallechmell;telisitt i
so the most modern el h i r iiVitii:,rl t 0.. ., .
W llli dog,kloffjPll IrltiglV.V.ll°3'o'cdhs"lT.'„"'„*.
nowt. - raw corner ut Ph Lind Matket el., a. 11 1 ,1 oo , sort o
meta of white GANAls,ar t1efZeue,d0ttt0tt..e,:a.....4,7,...%.
'plo..,;,9lA'.',l".sdantlZiolett, Arro.gio=-.Fnll'7 tii,
trodre.f:Ork:'le"o'2l'.;olderemoliVuttin Koh.,
Err New goo& era' be reeelytog dolly Mr • wads
to emu, 'actuator mitre.' .1)151 Dross Goode, !omen
and French Cany,hams, Pllnts and Cbiattes. very low ,
Alo minutia are Invited to canmitte the goods end pm-
I oes in whooleoale room, up stems Ille aerie f!lient
1 largo and petee.l,ll low•i _ . t._
111.11:Iginits.stuNap, doing ',tomes&
.ttudre toe
meet lathers Is tehol.on, at Mom }pander on
T led have this day, b) =mat ounstenh mwol
ved their co partnership_ All thom lnavcr 0 th , ra
.1000 andebted to the Arm, ate etiquette.' cr4t M
their worchoute on liberty Wrest. oppoolte, 'Tel
Wood, and mule, sod sil !lice claims allx." ''..
wilt p"''''' (yell
M the
n'niifllTl'llllLs. .
4Clat^. NICHOL...OM
Ap4.11 1:49
.. _ =~~- -
,at t . 'mg-ImM
- '.'For ih,i 71,,,,i 2 ,:idati a 'es rd, r - gia ii - iaft6,=.,.•: r
P 1111116 - e lIIISCIELP/CIA, nu:agar, P...
-Hordimar.* Con. l'hilitlehpbii. ....
• . . . Tures & Hatemoit; Pihsharah.
l'. old esiablished I/ite Whig wow in falloperto i 3
ion. th, proprietors have-made extensive as
tdforwant goodie:id produce with desPeleht awl
oo die most' eoralile. terms. They confidently hope
their . well known pr Mt. in deLiveritg goodie—pe
culiar safety in mode urtying,capiaeleiMi warehato
we 01 each patt,effording' accommodluons to shippers
owners of pioduee—eogether with their. to eane
drone and unremitting attendee to basilic., seill Aegla•
tO them a 'cotinuance of stint liberal patronage they_
hereby orr*efully acknowledge. .. -,. • ,
Al! eunsiguraeine by and for this Übe' received, <bar
ges paid, nail fora:mica in auk required direribine free
of charge for 00.111111i011. advancing or storage. ..-
No buena; directly or indir ctly, to steamboats;
All GOlRMl.luirmionsprtanFdy attended to ati applies-.
ton to the following 1V1115....
PORBIDGE& CASH,. ^7. 8 Markel ii.Phihnielphia.
' TAAFFE & arowcoß. 00..111.4n, Plialburith. ,
OTONNORS d: co, North et,Valtiluare. ;
\V ir. B.' IV ILSON, Ile: , ceders., New Vork,.. j. ap.s .
... ' TO'T 11.. A PE L ERS: • -
4z,1G21848.' r '
, PHIA. AND HALTI.MOIO: . ;.: - • 1
' (Exci.r steal., rot Palmas:ass...l r _
T'tEH'ir',",tr.d.knt.. uorLd'ul., — zfezr. i '.`fite u 'p-'-`l,
" tn ' aV i t :7 - a? e TVad e nr . Viit "..6" i k' '
• I hack—Copt e ' ilerkey,_l . 'a .sday. 4tb.
li Mucky—Copt ILTruby, Ilredneday, &b.
uisinua —Copt J P Ihumpson. Thursday, Nit. .- '
Ohio—Paid A t.raig, Friday, lilt. .
balia.—Captl , Ilettay,Paturilay, Rh. r • • •
t A Truliy, Sunday, fhb. • .
Tile propnetors ong line built new boats Jilin/the
Wham...with the Indict.' cabin enlareed, which will af
ford greater comfort to pewee imveltrig with their .
Paisenters by this route pus over lbd mitts Wit rout
If youdesire cheap trawling and contibrable accom
modations, meat' your tickets at the -P re
Alimougakela House, waterst, or of.- • ..
eP ry D Lhlt.ltli L Co, canape.,
Pommy/Tanta Canal & .11n11 /toad Ns•
pre& Vaal Packet Line
18 48 • M: • .
(E.I.I2iVPIT fOrPlt64o.prll) , •"
rttHEpeblienee respectfully:informed tharibis Line
I will commence running son the Yei Ond eon!
liana throughhot the *Evan. „
The boats are new; and ore superior elass,!vrith
larged eabias, which will give. greater -eostdo"t_ The,
cars ore the latest constraction. . •
• A Loot will alwaye port,
la_ po, and travelers are is,
qateted to cell and astatine thernbefore engesiag po
ttage elsewhere. • .
• Ware only nine dollars through.) One orthi beat's - of
thrs Line svell leave the !wading toppooite U. S. Hotel,
corner ofPcnn greet and Canacevery so . 1 " o'
stock Timed days. For information. ePt l .l-al the
131:Bee. hlnuelneshel Mast; or to Id LEEeI ts,to
Piniburgit, March .22,154. U. Canal Hasist.,.
Went.% Traitsportatioii , Compasty:
1844.- willif.ll l Sl Citti. 1848:
V4•MVISTI.VIr34I. ANL:01110 %DAL 111.01...
REpremired to transport Amok mid prodOet M And
AA from the above eitio• on &nimble tortam. Ad
amee or emsAy to ' "
D. LURCH & Co.. Canal Bann, Milbank.
HARRIS fr. 1.1:Y.C11, Nos. M& 13 tinath 11t1rd Phil_
J. TAYLOR & An!, 14,Nlit Inward st,Balt.
A. A osorr,
h o "Wen larre . t, New York. •
Pittsburgh, Mareklant.
Oooin Steam N.vifitios Company.
S. :RAIL LOX VIII SOirMlllirrOS ant); Hllll3ll.
The WI.MI of this Company will mil
, regularly once a month, as follow*: •
%.1„2: ;ff. FITAMINYAT YORK. ..
Wadinicon, Cain J an
we huh April.l‘44.
Th. Hemnum, CMS Crobtreshon the Nab Mae, 1542.
• The Ilernmanthon th.C111.4 1141.
Washntgloti, MI the 15th &lay, letg.
The Hermann, on We both April,ll4l. .
The IVashingion on We :Nab Atity,ll.4e. . •
When the :VW oethe month fall. on Sunday, I,he day
from Yaw York tirDl be the 21M. -
•Psaamge from N. Southampton Of )31,01., SLID
, f i rean , Bremen or Suuthanuntin to N.l'., CO
',cell surgeon on board.
o,e freight et. pmeage apply ni the °Mee of the Ocean
Steam Navigation Company,* Williams% N.Y., or to
I It CIWSKEY, Adt at Southampton.
- WILLIAM ISFIAN. Agt at Havre.
marls C A lIEJNIcKEN & Co .. Auto or Dream.
_ _
_ - -
An Ordinance,
Artihoriring Hoed., to i.icererd to Jam., .114clorrl.
Jars,. Pirea6r and Irtillera reveqirrly,
SEA'. 1-13 e it l ordrinnol and enacted. by he (311.11.
of Pittebaryh, to Selert and Coniumn Council. roe
ambler, That thc,,lnyor he, and is herchy,antliorireil
and dirreled to issue lily Ronde to the Ferran. and for
the sane Iterelnatter mentioned, ra•perritely, Dour
lona. for the aunt of three hundred dollars tech. to
Pima Snickered. in port for gosling Diamond street
and alley. One bona to Diale• .310;ale, for the corn of
it,,.. , hundred dollars, in pan idt3Taeta wear. beg done
In peeood rine hood to larllnica
the ism of tiara houdted in past ',assurer of
coding in Ihlh and Welider streets. Each_ of the
sonde u. br i,sosd rieber.o ,':alt -bear an I
interest at rue rate of 7. ref cal. per ...mut., payable I
eetaloodsually ai the: pate or die Orr Treaitirer in
Plitaliorab. and be retie/onside a ten yearn:
Sac, it ureter ordained, ke, That the Celt.
landi rave:air, a n d corporate property of do
Clip be. and then/Wo e - are hereby pledged for the te
r dnaption of theasid Ikeda
Ordained Mild enacted into a law lu Carrara.. ib".
j tidal day ref April. A. 11. Isis.
lArtor.l 51UltflAti ROLICIITPU,N, CC.
IL Diode Donna . . .Clete C. t 3.
.101 IN Pray S C.
lows Mao', Clerk ; _ .C. apSult
An Ordinance.
Proriditigy 177 r :la aypoilaaltnt .1 a Clerk far th e
S.taidilti Committers of Couricils.
CI EC. I—Er it ordained and enacted. by the e;tirenr,
1,7 of Pittsburgh. in Seird aid Contd.: Caudillo si.-
szalavi, That toe Select:and Common Councils ratan
within itnittern days after they arsage of this Ordi
nance, and sonnall) therettder, PI thew brat merlin WI
Jtkillattry,o!iet a antalde renal were as Clink far
the Slanlittg Contatittirs of tOrwriti, whoreduty 0
4all he I. cep tidnows of to-or kb... din os. and also
ta keep. trotear ',tad , of ad troilism...boast by
said Cunun, ibe Marto, whiSh 011:alba recorded
saltabto bookslo . lw provided for that miaow, which
shall lm open at ail ref...aide tamesttX. lllllll.
non of all bawdier. of Councils.
Sw. ll—lie it Umber orttaioad. That the ak;OrY
of tlut said Cleft shalt is hied at the tam or,m. Linn
died Dollate, to he paid quarterly, as other shy oaken
sre Fau
tned and enacted into a law in Ctionells, this
thud da y A pith& IX
LA rralaj .MOrtEd n011ar1...3N, Patna C.C.
I . 11. Moot, llamas. Unit' C. C.
JOtt i Slit rras, PreeLS, C.
Jolt ?lobos, perk d. al -
Cloth's( for Um World.
nto reapeedully infonnegh in'
1... rota 131 rsAlo..strarr,
Nair ,
IjTAY ho found :n esteanee.aoritinint Orthing,
nuonstacturia elpreia4 En the • hou in and
cAterAl market , •
Alo, a large itnek of Liana &nova Rim. of AI
grddrA and price.. doy do do utipe no
00 doi_FlodUci'do do 44 awl all other kludn in general
kte also manufacture and keep eonatsells an head 4
the largeat Mock of clod clothieg us the Unned knees,
mitaco , ; Vier) . article in the line. ' •
IVe nienulketare. and sell immense quantities 01 all
EiliiVe 12111Cieil. nod would italic the .M.1410:1431
Jeri.o Gt them td sad SO examine out sleek and Pd .
ces nefore. they perehate, an an emu Add will sell at
price. that canted Callth please. '
211 and 241 Pearl 444 New York.
All orders will ho attended 11.. with carrectue.. and
I •-ksineh. . , nuttlidlea
. . Jaynes , Expee toiseit. ,• " - '.
, • Kum, Colunalsiona ci, 0.; LI
'Apr. , 18-It.
111, D. JAYNES . Dula tiiinif feel bound' to you
JJ and the ogliete ' d pplilie, to avail taytelf of this op;
portmdly of initing publicity totbe extraordinary cretta
of your Exmoor:n.l on myself, Naving tato agile:ad
Int attest yes. with a severe cough; beetle fever
soil ill coneofitimut disemo:s, and teemed only doomed
to linger out a short but romeralite eximetice, until the
t .,
full of 1938, argon,' bein mots sererely altseked.and
baring retorted mall la former rentedius. trail tho pre,
reripuoim of twobt thelcons respectable physitiana to
thee eighbor otturotting but hood oritha t deriving any benefit. or the
connotation a let, days or weiska ai
ferthest—whoa the lost gloom of .hope•ore• about,*
vontsh, I had recommended no nen your Expectontol
nod I,lmittol by that tieing • who dime •11 things lin the
, use o r We tnsann—tool contrary to the oxpeetatirom of
my pbysiciant and Gland., I mom ia a few days raised
fr ost my bed, roil scut enabled by th e use of • bottle, to
knead wry boobies', crjoying .ICO tuner bc stall on
I bad for taii years pretrioun,i • ' - - •
• llcepectfullyl Atours, c, . ' . Jos. W.
`Far •tote Its liilltilturgh, it die Pekin Tea SID •
r.,..1.1?.1..*:,,.__...,.__:........._.....j.._._-_,Pl'g,' ~.
3511 Ilroadavair, lt••cis •
•"151PQRTER9 AND JOllllllll9 of bilks,Fiench
1. ted Studios, barely., Laces,. lloshroldsvies o . •
en, Shawl., bout ry, Gloves, Lawn's, Bocabastat
AND Alol.OTillat VA itiurius or kk'ANCY G
They s invite iteontry Morchants, eluting Now
to csasnithk their Dock before sWting thew, porn •
• Me: AillirWOß for twiny Tens Of use boom of
?Amen & Co., IMO, which he !retired on the Ist o 1
Intik and Mr. Jesse. Dlcbsoa,kolas he. so inter n the businees,yaren alto fevorably ktiotonf in thin est.
liohnterk. • saavbky
ji_b signed now los BFF.A.II BRICK /MACHINE
t o
( o n in successful Operstitm, nod pre
pared to furnish pressed Front Briolr, common building
•Btict.totd•Eltnnotg barna', nll of which ha rumen
at:parlor arucl,, mud nt Wrest prices. • . ••
He 1i.111.0 tu successful Operation, Lis Slinir.g Saar,
alaiding boards soul plank'ot the awe or to /tun
Met pkt dur, and will dispose of prima jiglai for the
Um , •. - uilvAnu GREGG.
Birmingham, Absichlll,lB4l.. • • - - apt , ..
FcrILINVAI.IDS AND INlKAras.—Wilitney's A.r.
row iloot Rink Powder.l delicious and highly ,
nutritious mad, which never turns ;mid on die stomach,
and E. nom aid rrrrr I y recommended by the *multi id
preference to Gruel, bop,. Toplocri, or plain Arrow
Root, as beuer suited to the delninoted sumach of to.
valid. and more strengthening end mhnlesorne food
fur inlaid.. Fur sale by . It E SELLERS.
mart , : • I 47 wood at.
IL • Narks` India aubiwt Fluid, for preaknaug pens
corroding.. iit elw for adopting theun• to whoa Ott
psrchwent without We aid of auntie*, awl an fealliteta
the ink &Min free_ 1E stnnentehnotreeyanents, end
mercantile men, his inualuebia. ii, mere!yr . adding a
Ik drupe adds Fluidic, the ink in use, it will woLair
below:l to be the beat wilding,. etrer uttered, S.
tratizes the acid, preeipinues the eediment Luau.. An..
Dow of the ink, awl dispenses with the trtittLii Of wilt'
iug a pen. Just rewired nod for sale by
JOHNSTON k STOCl:TON,Stettuoa r a
tulteJi• • cotanurkei awl ad ate.:
XTENV BOOrt, rust r e ceive IttroCa'
England mai Peorland, .
J Merle ljAubtgne, A.A. 3 1
"Hie chap Returouttion,Ule prCzo.AtJJ,k!...
A ?tactical l'aofitic. o f ' 4- MM.
tpcar and 0 Plant, itt the form of I.ectarta, intomied,
to maid the practice of dosoesa4 lograrrirot
'war; bp lobo - Mal iPupmer.litAik_thila
Vacua =IOW* GUM,
• EinalesAii llNba Wad 4411.,
11-0- trESEVA 3 ' a'c
L ItisrgitilseLit'lgWeil Idstatoi. , .
Al < Theetibseribee acts ftir sateen ROMPS 1111d1
Libratr etred4 'dine. - dins*. alave East
I 1 etilt.f " PM' Lin isl.l fea twat
ou Libernyaireet, adul nuis Welt atFAller t 35 fest
The- Hon..' circled thereon M twatiTiauti .l.l.°
storks IS: feet in front tr. y . about as In deathoug
umaia, ted eateortible' Toone!
. erritt of paatrYi
emit-easy 'sad o r.,
All the room have ilteddiuM
wit - drins ere constructed trief mica tho water, St
the house is in even. tepees In good order and veer'
convenient and Is well oohed; foe two fantilice:. The
property will belold lawiUnd lithe - given on ilia tersest
part of the purehase rueney.: ; • t
Inquire of the rabscrtherovito con be seen at the of-
Sea of the Gautte, 61 ,, ../otWeen the bout.
of eight :and tea • and at colter tune' at 10612111
Mrs. naps boarding house, 'Acta:ma% new row. Fed
cool st. Allegheny City.- • . 11) . N .
_ : • Agent far thee owner.
Laud Ft ex Bale. ,
e Till Subscriber otferaftWasla famstof
land 't
nate in .Wilkins Townsliip, ou the north side of Tar-
Creek, adioioliqr lands of George Minton, Abrahain
Rimers, and Daniel Kahn a, containing ottarlit
ond•rwenty-five acres und •twenty-eight• perelotßoali
31110RIACO.. 'lttire is a square log dwelLor bane
and • small stable on! the Voce. The Pennsylvania
Rod Rood posses , inwoodlowlyt on the oppaaw aide Of
the 'creek. The soil. is of yood quality, and therals
obuadance of gOcal Psalter oo She plsee,itad alai*
quantit t y of solute coal, with pea; lactlity oftrat . telent.
For ranter particulars. applg tei Tiontuts Ihrrison, in
East Libetty, who ts sunhats by 'Poe to sel tha Sable
at private sal. or to Sell at public SIN tho penalises
to theitighest and best bLideaon bbstordoy, the fUlt
ofJuly neat, at &o'clock in the AR, •
.• • MARI: PRJaCtial best ,
March 16th, r, •
. -
THAT property lately occupied by 11. Ni 3014
Fie, oniGraightreet, near. llobirmati, Allegheny
city, will Witold on mconunodating te-nns. Mut
lot h5l feet 4 inebee on .Craig street, naming through
to the Canal ilin feet. There as a good me. stotY 'assn.
dwelling_ house an the pormiscalstely built, and the lot
.it well unproved, containing a variety of choies trait
trees, grape, shrubbery, he. This property,is tenpin.
is ody sliutoed harem:utdoing humor. iu either
burgh h
or Allegheny,. and n detlmble residence. Title
Indisputable.. For tenet apply toIVAI..DOM _Allot.
ney at. Late office oii Foorth absei l aboTe BroUleld.,
7-- 77 - 7.iii..1.„,...1n0.,,,..._ ~.._
ATBACrof bald, ye arm, lu Itarnnekl'oelede , Vde
, •on the Cayshoga river—Omr 20 acres nada_ .. em.
two linindwo. 4 W. I ° W. " 14°
pronment. Also, , . b1 , , , ,,, ,, e. . di _ .._
of Warren, TrorObali Co. 6) Le. ... ...&'!N .....
ground Willa metre of Vartford, . P., Wk.
Soo. dwelling / tome and atore—orue of the . Wes stands
fora merchant on toe Western RlMeryt i , c irja ni 4 11
zhio Pur.r. .. 111 1 r. '' ' all ell ITICUY & Gee '- 2
' ant Ettat► is Nome? .‘L
Varstettalon-B=6°'"LVl,lnitOnAgMat' sold
vieseA•: desirable locabm for • merchant. Also, a
Larand sisal Dwelling Abuse well railed fix a Taxan
latand, in We village of 01-reille,' on lalteselinw of
Chia Terms wrry. MUD DICKBY Co.
rebid - Water end Prom lei
' 7 . Lot for. Sale.
:11 = I L s w"4" ooa re?: I'V t " reirtg i fe o ,
rits 6111ror terms apply' to do esej
scriber at the Methodist Boat Bons US ..mar Abuts%
stmt, or at kis dwellioa as Clare atreekopposta
Troviilo , eotOccry surro..... J 1. READ.
• . . —.
Per RAUL. . -.• ' '• '
'2. A..
two nary brick dwelling with Ibillitlinisret
, o f 'gonad attached, dunned et - Oakland. -The
place is well elected adds fruit ask kinds, and
Is aliesiroble location I a fandn being entirety out-o 1
reach of iii.r.h..wma tur orthe:Lthy• A. onubat
IeITEA anklets; hourly atethweity. :Aordy to , : .
". j nen : ;,..._ .-• . - -
_AT W. 0016 I_ol L IJAS a, ea. •
Ila. stew _three 'story . Wick-dwelling Ent. on
. Wylie street-P.P.." di," ont the im'of
• ril or wooer if renuired. Inquire of ~ . ,
.. L.. 1 1. ___ : .1 is 11. kLpliAl.i!tkiillrly si_teo . a . .: .
,2A two story bneirderelliug with should acres
01 around, mingled Co the hank °Lille Ohio river,
le the borough of kl nchester. Apply to . .
~ deal : . . .111-ILES , A titrrClid6UN a Co.
.. --_.---.
•__ • .
To Lat.
ATIIRE.T dwelling houses Sir] ated on 4th street
belt/ carat bridde,t a trio City o f Pittsburgh. id.
so, 0 rows :75 by MO foci, with a convenient en
trance at Stly sr., ocuswood., a fame dwelting,
two stories, with an aeon aground enclosed and under
ltiessaw, • sittuste cut Ohio lune, in On enrol' Allegle-
L. 'souks of . J D AVILI.W.IB, .
- torth , _ llolood street _
To Utorwerni• •
FOR itALE UIT ItENT,tbe Pinsbukli Brew.
eh , . 'al& ail its brewing uptistutues situate on
Venn greet •Dil Batter's alley,und note twenpigni
by Geo:VV. Smith Co. !Possession firrn on the beet
Jaya Apnl For terms, fbc. enquired'
las at:
new three CT"' lite proof brick more o
pl.) ad st. now occupied Igy l Edrrard Eva.; fc
teen Com Itg of April tierg. tupdre of •
oal gorcet.
• To Let.-
Tbe. oub.eribeta will tent pad of the trai•
balite now o,erapied by diem .:
ear,witier Attest
--- 7 - ..
For Rent. • .
AllA large room an the 1.11 shirr of the warehrou -
oceimied by did stehsent.oo., mar the foot 0
Vootlsitecl—a atmii location , fur a mambos
• acamey at ea livonnce office.
Ye. Beet.
ATill": tstotoctry Wick Ibwelluttg flottac, coo
. laitting ...yen roan., Ittlely ortypted by Ala.
Stony , It . ft:ca....lily .1i . ..tit.% bet. tin. 11,11•
tie. tof !lief ta ra I:awe. 1.....4.. ;It /01:4heny. hap , .
Slate 104}1,,atUlt ,;isca. Il.cni Slt) per tmunt.. Apply
tit' F 111:xru: i Co,
61 intake% Atterb
. riiirttist. -. . .
incTIIAT well - bathed nod furnisbid Round ott
Mortal ettset, hoctont ut Frank-lin lialL . •
Also. novena other moms salable foe office',
-lathe 'peighbothoodof the Port Ofwe. ,
moth ' - ' • • EDPOFr DAZZAm. '
---rar Rent pe . Sole.
A neat two wanted brick theeking bonze will
firerell (13031411314 large yard ‘ p.cosantly ered
• in the eth ward.: Apply to %al H SCAD•
iebtlirr let tomes near wood.
• dwl , or tete. .
A . Fbee teeittslO ry brick hone, on main street,
nAltekbeuf city, near the tipper btiffiee. The lot is
et in trona by Intl deep. , For twos nittoire of . •
dela(A WASHINGTON.4th rt.
• ------Tii'Vek;-_ .----• • - . 7-
itOne new - three story:Dwelling Hoare, with
both bourns eltlehetl:sitpale he•l the corner of
Wylie and Wnshington strew , . Poweasion Or.
[...tette Linn Of A 116111051.
..... _ ' .. JOHN. p yERRy,
• 7-: ----- 'Veri . Wniik.
M THE lotre fire proof warehOnse 21feet frootby
zap) feet deep, on 'mind st near allied. Hens mod.
crate. ' ' Inquire of J SCHUONMAKER a. Co. I
IkAnTORE-AND CELLAR, corner of Federal
- and Limpet street., .Allegheny.. City. loquire of
th: seer on the premise , . - '-- febt.Vdtar ,
'''-'-7----------iireitiLiiii.7--'-- ----
. -..
hiA Reinke H. situated ott Phan alley, for
rent. Ingoire Of 1100EHT DAIZELL dt. Co,
; , Liberty street a . . deel3..
(toAL Last , con K.U.L—Scren scree et
a3t_ gale, :mime in bend attic NW miebela
oboe. Stowe., ilte, re, having • Lo u t TlllO 0.11 7 . 0114
With vn U be sold in exchange foe goods. lot Wien.
m exply to t0r.9.9 S IL&Rtal:011, 23 woad et.
Biala's, Lot
ItANcifFirrEit von bALE-1 bate kr sale •
1. besotlful *Odle* Lfit In Manatee:es, wear the ferry,
Mt front by LSI horeieep. h will be sold Mr, owl .
on accommodating wrens: -TermatatempweaLle. •
baylb . • JiS.Reel Emu
• - Agnate .. —ot.d•
0 canyon AN soil to new and popelsfeeoths; mite.
I: cotivrf ilali.therot the United Few, To aerate
t ry
mow lineal coecologeenentte admit —with a amall
Capital of Naas MS la 11.1011.. A chance is &rent
srorwhe m at/macaw taste from PM to ea pet wee..
D'k''';‘ ° !''7'" ni " l " .l. l7l:7. ll ;: "‘ et
•adttLYA • NO Pi Noon Second st. Prom
I(rilnltr refejetetrilfoarneW_
. }lash Becks received moodttttendanee
cam. • Reference; the physicians of Pi l lchorgh, all
chitty •ad llinninabant. • • •
II moot cheerfully. reecounenst to the physici. a Util
ities end all toy former Steads and patrons, AB. X. 11,
nada an being thoronahly acquainted with the. Luc!-
new and worthy uipsironage. • • '
• roadel-ly . . .14 XISLOLNY.
• •
TN parsossee of • Moot oc. the Board of Noma
' ger. the Stock.holdus attire blentontrabcla Nevins-
Woo Compuiy an. hereby AMifted to meet or tha oiled
Medd CAN•phO7,IO Breed , . ltuilding,FottlikoLLlll, to
thiTitt ef roleberkh, at ticlath at the afteratroo of
ktondrry, tbel7th day al wellA ext; to take into
evailoo cettain nets of oglslitato of this Sown,
soppleamatary m thil.Chaner of 04 Cantonal . .. By
Woof the Hoard . LtAXLIVIiLI., Reel
Pittaharals, March Thtllll.s. Marti
• 7Litlieiliralingatierilets. ,
A 1.1, peewee bschit Wnee egetnel the Fatale DM. c.
/1. Imo Henry F. Schwalm will present Wawa kw
settlement, and all Parmaitedelded to told *WM, will
please. call Oral make payment to ' • •
• • .• JOHN IRWIN, Adm.
Pittsbasth;hloreb,-10,131mutled3o9 1 vvotertt_ •
:3"VRF iLF•cr/vu?--Aimr, snott.r.hi
commolog .panmust IMO yds of Lucy
deaf oil cloth. best "allele; lON do medium do dm WV
do 44 do dm teal do 34 do dot teN do 54 Moaner de do:
401 do 4-4 do do; besides a kegs assortment of light and
fancy articles, all of wide. wgtho sold chop far euh,
or abort erdt,er J Is.ll PHILLIPS
••• merle • .• •• • . Noswoodst.
VoPlCR=.lnstiel-Scilu—r—eitTel InT t-Tt—toilir.mst la th e
J.‘ ' Thy Hoods conducted la the name of do
andyeslgned, comer 'of Fourth and Merkel ou Pitts
honk communing Feb. 4. ism. •Tbe barbels for the
present will be conducted under the Sumner style u
• •
anal . • • W MURP
UNDnIEo.--Toorit knoi. Eye Wat* 'Jam.' dude;
S'Jew. David's Cloiter. Orris' Toad , WWI; Chlodue
do do; Cldodoonook Powder; lloopool's do do; Ilsooll
dodo; Monts Tooth:Vow . ; Roosters do do;io uao
and Coo sole by JUEI. MOHLER,
• enmer wool and fifth Cr_
. .
TANNER o.' St Wood meet, • door.
it co,W.
• oitoce the R. Chstics Hoi• l . criminal. deltic:.
gloat., Oboes, Bonne.. Palo , Loot Leehara add Pse
s F cko ald Ammo.ikt j ii o t g cl v a ec F i l r ad d en
••• welt OV .• - • •
rims teo.rett w 63.. Wait r eat
tet Root mo• Ow wortberett bleitetty occu
pied by Yount, •es /b.Ploeltett.. •••• • . • . •
• • '8 •tt WV lIARBACOU
DI...HOWSON it twee ttateeeil . ;iota;
I. bees* Otteedif eeettitta by blestts.a alb)*
tie let Libesty!tteeteptes? below
itriAsesmonsi 9PECiP ICACO pee. la
Rawl. Valet? orgasm. Delhi to pastime It
e semi, of Mos soder Inedieiso,beedtedor of
centimes cut be 'haws of ttasktey. Pot nip by
pCON-10081lbe ofenti toterflotint, hog round,
os method ad in eel* by r . • ..
- 8 er. HARBAUti
Dntr. 11111 w d,y links inu Rea sad fa Ws.
br • • • mat .•. $R 13HAES•111
Maßi=lslllsMUWerieiliinas 0:m1A Sisd Ami
.64, •.• . DALZELL •
21% 1 . 4 .;FY .
I • . TA WWJAFS, tie IMAM .?
vat .
. •
6 e ? 1 ""1 1 411 - 3161ZCLinktilt •
VILVGLAMI;II7 too vt i Oits
• • •141011
X. Jain
' Elefianlre ' n"k" . • 14°. 34
HarerStlerMP S
Exclamos Dank_ eas
Muth. t 1/1112.
Skoorrldlndel ...Pas I
Girard Hank— .... •
Monk of OcassMaHoarn :pat
Ctutrser Comity ,
U . Delaware CO: —Par
Xentgesnall ON • •Pt/
" Northamberlud — Pa/
Holm/. Hrldp
_CO , • P
Mits.Mans Max
Fanners , Bk. LLandilkt•Par
Famesßk. Enka Co Pso
Mullen in Lvicasl•pal
Leman.' Co. St ,. •
Lancaster lak•••••••••
I.l.Sume Dank 30
Brovralivitlet Ht. .... ••Pr
Washington Bk. 1
. taik 13.
...••-• .
LebigG Co Bank, • •••••
Mtddlekkwit -• ... • . •••
Fanners. and Drovers' 1
Sank, Waynesburg— I
Lelbanen,••••• s• ••••
Kryoratn ....... • • ••
York Bk. g
West Sawa. Ba. .... ~
Helsel' Nom •..• .. • •-• "
thitc 1111 k. rittaM. "
Caty Consarks•P—^ "
Anne Ilk Auld Manche, 111
Xnanaleasaal••••• • • "
'St Comarale
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Bank of England Notes
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.New York-qty Bank'
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Rank Notes, No. and .Deafen
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&Mei Rates. LYchroas. Unto; Rama.
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Tennessee • ZI do Maryland, do
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re.CeßY 7 Baakers and Krehange Brokers,
„Lk Deafen, In Dorelen and Dorn Dep esue 'rase sod Such - ,
Dills nificatra of end., Denk Noa
end Coin; No l Wood meet, third door below Fourth,
SVCRI ude. • • • marettf •
in Pomp and Dosnotic Exchange, Certificates of
Deposthe, Dank Note.", and Spec.. No. 6115'..1
one clan... Fourth,Ea' Pinabstrgh, •
- roximgq XXCE/ A 3 lbE: ' •
,D 11.144, on - BoglatA Ireland, and Scotland bought to
1371Tj'auTabt Pf2l,=.l=VlS;
Li to 1.11.00, at n the Y tete of 63 Io the:,, Burling.
without deduction or discount, by JOSIIVAROM" ,
'RON, E:oropeou told Gultepd. divot, °glee litlt at ono
door SCSI of woaL - • • ocilelf:.
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-JD is FmilV Domestic Bills of Emhafige, Der-
Wiestes of Derma*, .Bank Noloicsrd ca. - serif
and Wood meets, dined,' oppoto El. Omelet. 14s.
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Couitiasly.far N. JIOUNIE-Ji SON.
010 . - • , .23 Market v.
fIOLLIIICTION.I—Draiti,- ?Cotes, ..ct.eptuo-
Vref., payable in et, pert of the 'Union; colluded ou
the most favorable totals. , • 14..1101.3/303
del° Go Minket .
JAAILS WlL.SON.Haissinufletuter, formerly
feaster of Diantood alley and Wood ,urns' begs
ieare respectfully to• infants .his old customaryy,
publie. that ho hes °Peed. 7NEW
eI'ORE ou Smithfield street, remind door SOTith of ids
street, where 0 choke araohrueut of Hato and Caps' and
Ladies' Furs, as good, nealrfashiourSile, and cheep
any in the eny, may be had.
J. W. eery °weirdly Mites htirriendi and the pub
.lie to remember his new location and.establislotaeut,
and giro him a call sis hearty ay hesitated, to welcome
them. • • • orarfillidlnidore.lnaS
idger; C oto al i teednii‘i
Cower of Weld ass . plui treets. •
vourrlcruit saneadas paid so oar Rand Tiede.
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We can 117 wine evaildestee duo as mania grettn
and eiscs, it will oat sada la • companion Wilh lay
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W. Whim.) • convicts ILISORIDOILI I
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tun own importation, to •rbirtt lot unites Si. at
toution ofpurcbuers. Tip• prumult in t•cry winery.
midi v*lll3l/.11 and despatch. Panirolir anwition p•kl
to potting up order. •
Arill be made
for tafilt. • :JAS. W. TUCER,
• •In Water at. Nese VOA
DEALEY:t are Inn and to tISZIarI• IL IL
['ALUMS'S met,. of Straw Good., of the
wing style. ecooPtdd In EttYkor
DOKNETS—Fknerteo Brunt Dtaltalk Dan.
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Pearl do; Cob" do;
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11A75-loy4ntskihlnt Leaf, Panama, Fancy Suaw.
do Btald, Almond maid, Pedal do.- -
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Now Yort, at emir doom, p comet of Sth and WoOd
mail •
DPI:LINO STYLE-8 3100 IRE holden se
eelrod Soto IC...York, the Soto, MeV .
which he oil; losoduoo 012 Satoteloy,
ASO*. In Won erg►teat and superior Ital,stiUl4....
toll and No 73, Wood street, alders dor.
'Forth, *-
William Dong Las, Jam.. Najd., Th.
Itsulmesiber bas removed Sat mad thip Esau,
facto:, tO N 0.77 Wood .arere, nosey m.o. hla
.old stand, ben he would lost. his [needs and U.
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WU. DOUOLAS.. , , 77 Wood .1.
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ttnineuttri?..n d hat . zt in tth this deural,i eri!
. PALL WASHIONe-8. 3100= Bei retell.'
JILI tom Neer York. the Fa style of Rau whicA
he will Ildlodoeo thls day,'Saturdsi. Aug. es;
All lu want of a nen sad saps eloreat would do
well to toll at N 0.73, Wood Stood 3d gout .eleri 4A.
..rEtr . •
.. . .
PALL: 1111111.—B MI:
COSTARS/M Oemktute. Hsi. wit! W. tom.
.44013:5. .Thsnalay. aaaa. , %Mk.
.t a <leap, fashimabla bat of Pa.
.Inuet issaa4Lettua, atdral of flultioaablo Haw Imort.
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MUST reevlved 'from ow VOik, the Soma.
yk for bar% ceadola Pr ll'eflThito Amer. Pearl
AWE' %MN Death Cluoirerrer Hem with Venerators.
Thollla east al • beeadital,l4,ht Hat are N reolleu lei tv
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• MOS r. • 71 . 1 0 9 a, ale "doors above ltb
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basted poem of all mallet^ and todsevactur
made hem mgered through mreereth mar
et lest yieldtdop their iiveh Sbo,shatA„„in . " l _ '
Wish ell deference. knrerer. e.
gl.ll Valr that ' it has bees toted
v prenutsrrakcr, -,
For sixteen years, has been iested by men! W."
who have .offend with Ude dreadful dieteme sad la
envy ems when It hos had fair uls4 !rewarmed
Fits of 66 years sad II
. comb., venal) and . -
Read the following remarkable !WY; a tie :MAC
War. ashore, Emosi PhitedehAMMlLleted With
tepele Flea V sroenr and 6 mon.-.ddlen Smalling , r
shroogh Engiged, Bombed, German andEtemsr, eta.
1.1.1thigt , 704 =mesa pllysiaigun, =id eandbelbr-^
medic medial treatment and advice,. three Mee. ,
wed do t rammed wish him ion to Side COMM, hi,
November lea; erithostmeelving any Meek, whitey .
wed _ fIMIT S
kdr.Villiam &tones Letter do DO. Imus and Efirt ic; . '•
I ham .Pcut over three: Mamma dollars to emir d
iMe and medical stuntdmcs. I was whiled to lola a -
Am to Iheape with him, wi ,M.I. a mine
d.. I gnu. visited,' , ' -
-England. . 1 .considied dui may e physician. ~.
there in inlets to bit ca e; they exandoed hint mil
prescribed accordingly. I remained .three,wouths i
without perceiving atop clang. for .the better,: which • •
eau roe.coon two handed and lily dollars m:Mteki
br the physicims; and die . moss Mat l receirad ants ..t
their optima that my watts coo was hopelma
- posi.
tively .nieur.bla- I seconbikaly ba nd i, and tee..
eded througlikgeodand. Cienmay a Funee,'auty to. , •
turned home= the lama of November last, with, my V ' . '
..on m far (torn being eared anwhen I your
o m e rgmemit in ows , elks New York a.m., addl.. -:
coachatal to tel liat's.Vegetable Extract, seeing yoogft -. _
watementillllll certificated (trap =my cures, some 4. . ..
twigs' and thirty years' moan& sndl mamma you,,r, . .
lam not were ilid .o, as by tot tdv: drilard - s Y.freutem • 'i• - •
ta. Darnel Mae, be was restored b a ler . iect. heahh. -
'Ms ressOk which: Watt .o Culdds as lit it hit. CZ i. ' ,
bminess, - la resto. with' Me rospordnoW g -• •
beMre him, ot life, health a ro nd di usefainess. p lie I. now
Id man „or age and. 2;', mars. mule months .of this
awe has heed altered yak Mix .
dneadraLof dia.:,
soaq but thank God be I. now enjoying good helildb, - ,,,, ...
WigNovi, geutleware. taiddwithout warts ..dank Indiekh •
o say Mat I ,e. be ever putoral to melt am,
and ao I here Mame you nue handred.doilais. Li' ."
• hem no doobt bat ton yon will think. dole ia.Muldhsa, • •
and quite a diremd Ming.. The dibt of gratituang, .7
stilt ewe. yowdbut gratiow Met T. the 'Maud kdaddtfi ' • •
as lnteeal on the th adranea -
ow a tie proprietor. of thin brTalaible iiidtiliC •
VIM *Mimed for - several_ yeltra Witir Tedeptia :Ma '
Tx disease had 'peed ..-- the wont !Ma w r y*,,
.)***, ,i, 1, 9 *.f onemrrombecillerof mil la '
M 4 rtii: skil "2 l 4 4 4 l:s r boil rttl:=Matzent., :julk '
and ignme wane undid their treatment.' aa)lvaairw 4 ..'
that this medicine -Was his - only DR aid. Mk, •
UM and was thendim determined to it thit 4114 ' •
wad to permed e In im ussi "Mat be ihk Oda
re u d It= =ll . Mot! ta th. l•W . IMA , ' POILIri
Aire Mild P kVei , Pktwid - Yitaltsiti...
been earegby Hart's Vadets illine.' - : ' . ii , - 4 . , , 1
smi g,Housiowt. sitar wad algtoug aisar, - 7, ... '
reigns al Tankers, New York .
.-. ' • ' -.-; '-',,
. VT Be= at, aim yeart.l7,l. Grand et.. , f .-- ; .'''.......;,,1 1 .
3 ITerworth, wen years.l2 Donut at ' ' :' .".." ' ' '. a
_". 3. i itant r fal,W erj tat i lk ti tatark.bwi Ltdr,
• ft ellr. r.y. , IM yaw, Enora bun& - ' L.' .•:':.'...-:• : - ;. u ,; '
' Ailw I. maw, man rum, Yorkville, - ' : ', - - . ..' - :.1 • • .
; Mb. E Crtur r erSe years, 11.1 Hamaterag, ag,;;7„`.., •
Wits 111 Hos ;twenty-lbws:ma% 72N2311.12111 .....; •
1,...,,b, Ton maw, 1.74 Delancy at ; • ......___," 1
W e, 10 a =7 4 .1.111,, eight yetan,QuotaessM.7l!:,
.neat Bidadwar. liate Turk; ~ ~...,,,, .
Thom.. R Jones, this Get Now ,...: \
cap. Wm Jetairv, tatAtan, noziw' •utc . itu•:; - :,;;;:,,,
Itetereare atom ag4 "& mb i . t . ,..,,. - .. ,, ..:' f ' ' ...-;- ,'" .
Dr 192 . 1nrz .,,,:
, vre iii,.it . ti t _„, ~
. , 111 ,,,T 0 T o wrifd..tim i l i al 7. i4 e.. i .,.... r ,..
- en DaddittoM4laeath zt WT. - . .
Mrs Monet hart el f, stot,,,Orengs ea. N - t; .''.''
Jot. Fahut,• ITS ,Ellkoliedli at, . , . .16,_ .:j. -..
Dly Hiongot,lllB Delaney in, . - '. -. du; ..` i, . '
• imam etiud,, ix e.a.0ut..4, . .. - • . de. - , 4 • - ' ,
Charles Brawn, 100 Wailer at, -,:' ; , - do
All of which may ha sallmi tune , or adakeltakds :PM - f '
ICS' Preikand by Dr' B llinT, Wits !MOS .1b• Holii;'
New York.
di P THOMAS I Ho; 148 Main IP, betwatin id awd
Ith . o/o, , ima •169 Main et, between et
aid Stir elkallid
C noth lutriond,. Ohlo, windmill, and wadi .egidt. far OW ir
L waLoWL 3.,mmer. rir klatketMand MU pia....1
Piond. only ark In nudes . Pa. •." • . j.r. - - '
miaracki. its IIIIROICAL : °smolt: - t ': - 7; • _
. • No:68. DIAMOND AU,
..'...o ' ' ,- LEY, a kw ..dows holali,
• I '' Wood 01,4 1"..Pri10bh 1 0 1 ..i
• ' ..
~ '..,.... .1.1; . t... ~ • .Dfia; liagnAnlie haig ,
,'' -''' • -L•ki l4 l — ...VP' 4,-,
tw4.2,,-,,,'.7.....,.:•;;;,,,.....„... her
. r. ,,, tir ,, : n r , ~..,
ii , i,.:. , ,. , •*.r......--..1,...... ,
~,,,,,,,,,,,,-• ~;,.._ tranMeent" of Mom_ ,printle
. . tf." k, - i ,?,— \ °. „. 1=4:11. 4 1i b i i . rol -
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.. -, ~. fe; e ff ipe hi.. riente... o. peg .. alinr ..y. lyqouda .; •'
- - wswalle l° , sidnonslY , denoted- to tior
study and meanest of those eceephat; ideting•Yddish...'
time he has bad more pinches and has sated Mote
uteri than can ern fall to the lot of any print* prnoi , • .
tidoner) -amott'ottalilies hrs 'to elfin 'statism:WWl
speedy, permanent, and s h atisibetory ems Wall allittnal .',
with debeate diseases, and nil dhseuel wising Merl K- ,
Gum l , , Dr. Brown would inGsrm those ailliSted' With' WM* *, '1
donate which hare • become chronic ,by • tions Ate se. 1
trended ha Moose of. any ofthe eanaciontioitrusalyer ,
the day. thstMeis sosoptaints esn be tisliesnrand thotws
ooshly cared; !wheels; gins his enteral otteatismAWs
the treatment *finch cases, and di
inhandresisdr .
Or illnalle. hl Coring persons' ofloilsammailon of tho. ,
ova *ells, bladder, and kindred diseases rehlelteitsals
remit from thins eases where others haws .oensigneta 7
them to hopelin'despair. Ile partleularty , imites ender
as bays beeniong and segues... Wry trea d hyothetisi
to consult tdm, when etery aatisfeedon win ir leitinin,,'
them, and their cases treated in a easeful; therm Ind ,
intent:ea manner; penned oat by . a Image Shea.
sindyiAnd invesilganon, which his anpossMls foribmw .-,
tooled lo general . - practice or medicine to Ow stry'... ,
one ass of disease .
. V.-Hen:do as Repture.-Dr. Brew; alsnlniitittilwa.:,
poor Afflicted 'HA Hernia to call, as he haapaitipan4o , 4
Shin dissa
myse Wes
rodso Piles, Pilo, Me., speedily Mini, 1 .
. •N.: -Panama of either,try,.
ender their &sow Se miling, p. 144140.3 syligir , '.
totem, eon obtain medieines with drreenom. tor ase,,by..
eddres . siog T;IIROWN, IL D., post peel, ead eneteefi ,
!IltEl '''' Ne. 65, jliec;A alley oiineite the ;S: liteiiiti
,Ileee:. ! '.. ' ,-,' ' ' - ::, .-- ..., • ~,,
TE1.11) . 8.2 . A M it If --Cll rust
Halt Comm, • mole
ankle for tha'Crowthi',
!team and Restoration of the Tido Cream •
asDen oats knonsi...‘ll sopemedo all alter artiele b d..
sfe klod am med. When We LW Is' 44
Ws. unatalthy, or toping glen a few =V.
wed. maim Mohair soft and data, area Ova It
lively appeamnee• mid Will also task* retain its •
'Mesa and lleallS;ccdor moles ma root im all the t
Wiens 'stash are gauntly used. Evan' lady 'seat
lentlernan who ars to Um babit of naiad oils ens thatte
fair, ab m u oold at Ones. pucka so a bank et rho is
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M Cream, 0.8 it .o composed that it oral not inlare
the hats lilce (boo. otherl.. tradons, bat will band*
It, sad siva perfect satut to of
Moaners. •.•
• For tostlmooy to Eta very Summa r ortalhim, W OM:
fnllmrimto latter from Ithe: alt. Ostdorell; toldmetrav
Illenderdron Kernel, Naahvllle,General Aim% flair
the Weatem Souse • • , . •
thine, Rom the Raw. P. Caldaoll, palm of Oa Press;
Frees. Mama, rolaakl-
Melon. tleedittsholt k S — _ • —'• a gage ,
Psame in addimg my testimony in tarot of 1W saltsisa
ent prillutrattoo salted Dr. Pariah's • Moan. Hats
Beam—for shoo two Tann ago. my MO mml •
ilry, brink, and disposed to come eat; Imo rat=Lo....a
cored • betty' of tea Cram, and used .
hn npuaq m 7 hair s nos mM: Neale
at and a'ls int. 4641
ea leaving my Llf In a vow awe than betormos.
Tina Cream, aossorst, ass tut tar asoodtstions. •
As aa gruel. fot Toilel,nly oda lOW it
ones over all others, tviti . ig parianted. anima; -
disposed to rweielny. The ladle. emeelalig.yeal
We Chloe. Cream so be•
• desidentran 4a Wit pnor • -
num. for the mist. Itaspectiallytt ea
Pal Jan. 7. MO: .
comet of Wood and Fill!' aroma. ..
Ls3WE'll 'liliattAN 110A.11.1.10UND ils• . • .
woma=ly is oSe , r , e4 . to the publiea2 . -
seax, • SalosfE , PlohlaT,ltaapiaqthatsb, laP.oeuse.
Comp. gem Thom,
in nod 11..6m] lake o .,
. r ns. . Clima mid LW. in soca own it Is ,kemart goi.t.
time sauteed decided and permanent seeaf, and gum, .: • .
i,, ~,,,,. wend gram some. U. remedy ardor: • . •
~bore dimes. wham it km bean mod, It . pomajam,le 4 ..
lbecom•om of dm mar awful and papaw,. di,im,..
k g,,,, soo, es a pleasant entotraNial. •
awl an annum. to vocalism and public amakom rm.,.
Th y
• • The mum of We penman. Indleasn Its leading Is.
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