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■•• First Page Tor Miscellaneous Si
r Editorial Corrf.pnndencc of the Ihu.lnifgh Ca. cue.
• • i Feb. 1:7.
There was another large audieacira|tthe Ca >itol
.• today,' to bear the third Lecture ujkhi the ive
dencea of Christianity,” by Rev. l>r. Matthew ~ of
N. Y. The President of the United ■ Stile*, and
mo*t of the distinguished public'men were j re-4-
eat Thu subject of Lhe discuurse today warlthe
, ,divmq origiQ of civQ frectloiu, a subject of inte\cs l
jOl the seat of Government and worthy of con>iuo
tTSiioa every where. The audience through adW
[Course of considerably toons than an hour
i with most parked aUeutioa. The .occasion was
rendered ludreimprci-fivc by the fupcrul services
, of yesterday and by the uiciuansds of death hung
• artrand the Hall. The beautiful device of‘ the
■ Muse of History” ruggeued by Air. Adams, and
the ceaQ-dl entrance to the Capitol, *oeia-„
.ed to speak ulruost from its marble flips- It was
thong, ia hoary weed*, as were Urn Portrait* of
Wuhmgtou, the first to honor .John'Quincy Ad*
•ms, and of-La Fayette, hung upon the walls upon
The right SJid left of the Speaker.' There ’ was the
' vacant chair, too, covered with mourning and filL
' 'ed but a week since by him, whoso absence was
'now observed and lamented. Surrounded by mi
• many distinguished living perrons, the vacant
. ( plice gave rise to many reflections suited to .thu
• day and occasion.; Thcrewas amarkedreforeneu
■ to Mr. Adamt’ vacant seat, so much frcijuented
’Whileho wos-alive,but how much more interest*
ing now, whed Ida spirit has down to him who
'give it • i; ■
Among the Clergy generally of the city, there
Was either.a sermon upon the death of Mr. Adams
,pr some marked.reference to the-occurrences of the
and this will probably, to some considerable
extent have been done through the country. There
i will be, too, as ujwn the death of the elder -Adams
■ funeral addresses all over the country and every
‘ mark of respect shown to,one whose history has
1 been os the connecting link uf.thc chain which
; binds the earliest, with the latest history of the
‘ KJYom one of the oripnal discourses of the day*
delivered in the Church where he was accustomed
:to Woxibip. I copy the following extract where a l
luston is made’-to the the 2dd qf Feb. and to the
• j death of one, who borrowing Milton’* description id
! the Grecian Isocrates, was known as the ‘fold tnsn
' •ioqueht.”
“It is but tracing the appropriate moral cf the <>c
’’cOtton, which commemorates the life nod thcdc.ul.
. of two such men, to* ask:,' What is the great
‘ wont of an American People ut this day and Lk-iu'
: i It is examples like theirs, of Christian Manhood. —
• It is a generation of men like them, uasv.-eq.-nig in
principle, unfaltering in trial, unbent by idl^'rti-ix
• ation/onfliuching to meet the responsibility which
the. issues of.the trial are forcing upon them. Wo
> cannot, especially in view of such a lilt* and death
v, • os theirs, separate the religion of the Union frr-m
; the religion of the Slate. It i* needed liy both alike,
i It ia one and;tiie saroetbing toliolli alike. The man
• cannot dwell in honor, security and peace waLouL
it The State cannot so be kepi in la-in:;.
• eannotbe saved from disaster, wreck, and <li*»
; lotion, by any thing ebon, of iL Politician* cannot
: save the Slate,—Sentimentalists cannot save iu—
Impracticable theories cahoot'save ;iL Each, under
.' Providence may do Ponfy*liltfe share. llul no cue
• - is enough, nnd not all tdgclkcr.nrtiqnougii, with :>i|
*' . the lofty, earnest religious spirit, which t-houid ino
rnate the Statesman and the man. The work is n>
• 'be done in real life, as a tint ion’s Jifc, and it can on
ly be done by a thoroughly true heart. God grant
US the gift of more such men. ;
' * * For every example of iriligriiy«/-f
moral fidelity, of .religious truth, let us thauk .t/'d
and take courage, that lie has no long peri' l,tC| l
a. man to dwell among ns. Ooc-other cr* I|Sl -’ !! *
• ‘thaakfulue*s iu the memory of the week l* r *
removed him Irani uh, is that a century /°d m:’t e
' ago he raised tip another man on the »wo *'f ‘»-s
brood river, to he the herald and ch»up>c<n rf our
cenntry’s emancipation. For these two men ,:s
Tender lodiy our devoted acknowledgement*.
v . . How honorable is tlie williogand spiataneou*
. ‘ - expression* which has just gone up ftvtn the heart
. of this people, us it did near tialf a-tentnry ago, to
—i «<mi power or sttcTi' /Ohhc. virtue, —
-.“Think God 55 ii the warm and expression
ofoeeof our public [taper* a. day or two finer*,
• “Think God we are-not hII *iocks or *tone*i\No,
• we are living tiien, witlrlie»rts formed to love and
,' revere the right,*— met: wta must honr>r true n^hle*.
ness in' aoy>-—aien ulto caunnihclp but
. pay homage, to ll>4 hsgn and rcHdute spirit, f a
Christian Skatcstvan. The .virtue of euch a rnau i>
not a name, nri' aa empty .dream, but a recorded
■ iaet,-—The enTof that niariis peace.” I’cace to the
; memory-of.lAe illustrious deadl Peace, the new
bom boprof which was thb old man’s last faluta
tion uptfn eartlil Pimcc, thq joy of the nalionv t!ie
. hope of humanity, the prayer of angels, the prom
ise of God, the herald of Christ's kingdom L-p>>n
earth. Happy .the mao whose last conscious
•►thought was occupied with the coubtiy's return to
peace and ntuity, whose lust broken words told th<-
. serene compcwure of his scull Blessed ore the
dead who die in the Lord from yea,
":»aith the Spirit, that they may rest from their laitor-t.
I j .and their works do follow thcmP
< 1 can odd nothing to'.this, and I trust that it u ill
.not be deemed but of place in a secular journal—
W© cannot too often remember such men us Joiiu
Qiiiocy Adams, nor too frequently recite their vir
tues. ' •
To-morrow ull these ceremonies. will have c'o
•ed, and Congress, the public Departments, and all
business again be restored to its usual channel*.
ft®!Wrtj '««d Its eqoal Distribution
; . Is the- subject’ l of on intcreAtiugi'tract written
>. ‘ in whicli thetrue ground ia takcn that
otefpopulotkm. i* no more than a defioncy of ciii
. plojrment for;those who. live by lalwr.' This js
•apposed tobe the true cnuse of tlic cheapness of
• labor in we may regard the reverse
• ofTtilitrjs of the high price of labor in
the United States. -Whatever tenths to the ade
quate payme&t of labor iu the United States tends
• ; to the increase. of morality and good
order among- the great masses of the laboring p«?o
-ple.The Government—and particularly u Gwv
eminent like our*—comes in tor thegreater share
of this good. The Government, therefore, should
see that It protects it alike from the iruinous idilu
, eooes of shaping out plans for over-production, by
..temptingtoo many to one branch of busino*#, —
end also from.’the boinpalsory process cf making
. the poorer-claftsc* ofdurcountry compete with the
yet poorer classes of Europe. That, nation is not
V ‘ truly mopd, not truly great, not truly rich, where
tiie extremely poor are more in number. Jbnn the
extremely rich. • Costly edifices, or magnificent
baubles, whether they be in churches or palaces,
.have but little beauty in the eyes ofthe truly g t)o d
man who,. lookiQg around or 1.-eynud these works
Of grandeur, discovers .that squalid-misery'which
>. isthe result either of cold neglect, or cruel oppre*
. aion.- Thegreot mornl law is that "the laborer is
Worthy of his hire.” The law of humanity is that
Which is called l/rrlliag upward*, not dotrnuvrdt,
-. —as politicians are sometime# prone to do, —wlfile
• the governing, law of.all Republic# should bo the
. . , - principle-in' practice, tiut not abused, concerning
which Jeremy Bcntlmm has written so much, of
obtaining the truo equality and true happiness of
.tike greatest number of people. To do in
dividual*, rich men must remember that all thoir
would be but dross, but (or the brains nndJ
hands of the intellectual and laborious. The poor
r cannot do without poor capital, and you cannot do
. Without their labor. Pay them, then, Curly and
liberally (of what is as ueces*ary to you as to them
Governments are: but representatives of the j>co.
. pie, and good Governments of the true interest# of
tip people. Those vrhef are placed'in jmwerto
< guard these interests mit&l remember that self-pro.
v :- ,- . toclioa is OO more the first law of individual ns
• . tore,than it is of nation*. There are ns many
dbea to ihff-etrtiolry crowding upon it from witbom.
as there are internal enemies resulting the g'**J
< ixnpulsea of the human heart. If ive value our
' wo value our owa good, «•« shall prvtc t
- - ihij nation first, last, and always, by fegmlauoD. Ly
i -v- and in every honorable way in the power
- of man. God has : ordained that every • man-w/uil
• fat Iris a part of the engine! curse, or rutier we
-sbottid fill • h the original blessing, fur without
- Iddostry pf some kind, there can l*c no true bap
' pines* . Idleness is the one thing worse than pen
■ • ««*'• i.
i |t \
' -Coxxsxcui. Pxorpsoßyinr cs tux Um * ut;b
' rr blits.—J.JUXUeßaw, E*p.QlNewXtrleflu*
elected, bytbo admimstfstors
• * to fil) this choir among the professorships o! the
.. University of Louisian* ' Mr. Dcßow is v-Hl :
known as the editor* and proprietor ofthe i
. wmtf iZmrcqa periodical which be has conJfld-j
•A with masked energy and ability. . I
1 orauant to tho call of the County ComotiUec,
the .Uhig* and Antinuasoos cf'AtlVgheny Coanty
met yesterday forenoon, fa the Supreme Cour;
room, to rmrninatc five delegntes-to.the Stale C«n
veution ut liarrisburgh, a Pn-sidenlial elector and
a delegate to the National Convention.
Upon ni'.tlnn of Mr. Fahnestock, of Elizabeth,
Join.- McFaden, of Pittsburgh, was tmauiuiouslv
called to tho.PrcsiuL-ucy of the’meeting.
Oh motion of C\ O. -Loomis, s>. F. Von Unnnborst
wa> named Secretary, aided by John B. Robinson
and Mr. McGee.
John McFaden.
W K Vuukirk,' ■, Uiigh McCormick,
M Fleming. Alex, llyera.'
T \V Slutw, s'iics. McKee
The following is a li»t of Delegatec
Firu Ward —E C. Sawyer and S. F. Von Bon
Stco»d—AV Jlloward and Jas*. T Murray.
Third —Conte*ied, the Secretary read the era*
dentials of both—S Palmer and CL Mugw.and
\\ M Murray and Jiio. T Whitten were the con*
testing parties.
Ou niotioii the credential* of !*«h «*U cf dele
gates were laid upon the table.
Fourth —CO Loomis and John 31’Faden:
Fifth-— And. M’llride and Wm Such.
*' < - Liwrie, jr. and Geo \V Gardner.
ScwuUi—A Franklin and \v m M Arthurs, ju.
Eighth—.l Allen and W S Courtney.
j\'in/h —Sain! Paisley aud Pailip Drumiu
First —IP jrd—-It N White nnd W R Kn-ktne.
- Ffaud —J Morrison nnd (Jeo Parkin.
Third —ll Campbell and Wm Boyd.
Fourth —John‘Kelly and Alex Cameron.
Borough of Birmingham—R McGown aud Jo
seph M’Knight.
Pitt Towitt-hij>-—C Darrach and W Booth.
Techies—Juo Murdock, Jr. aud Jus Mitchell.
Wilkins—Duunin Hamilton nud Joseph Sto.
ersuilles—Wm Oayen and Wm A Shaw
Elixabetb—llobt Lytle und Sami Fahnestock
JeH.'raon—Jas M'Kee and Victor K Torrence.
Mitilin—Hoot Wltigham and K Nye.
Snowden—WinWjlsivu and Jas Fife.
l-pper Ft Clair—Aaron Llrnudy mid S Wilson.
Lower St nair—Kph Jottfcs and Jno B Shcriif.
Baldwin—W Cowun and W M»x)n.
S Fayette—Thi». Aicxnr.der aud John McEw
N Fayctti!—W Kodgers aud Rolit McCracken.
Findlcy*r*Alex Byers and Geo Burns. .
Robinson—John lliddie and John Young.
Moou—John Graham, Ilugti McCormick.
Ohio—■'Hios Mitoheli, Clias A Hay.
Pine—George Greer, and S MctXird.
Roms—John Krmvii. T II Cunninghaut.
Reserve— A Lndoo.
Manchester—Joliii B Robinsbn. Joint f Park,
‘'harp-burg!*—S Clark, J G Comstock.
Indiana-—Jas \V’i!s.>n. John O'Llara-
Elizabcth Ih>t—W ;K Vankirk, l) llho«Ie*.
M’KcOsjvsrl—rJ T Burk. Jacob Mi*ei««.
Shaler—Thos \V shnw, Allre»l G IJnyJ.
West lfoer—3l Miller, Lewis Paterson.
Plum—Hoist Car .'.hers. Goo M bowman.
Lawrencovilii*—Jc-s W Pecker, L S Johus.
Mr. McFaden, updn ukiitg the chmr, expressed
his inability to till the position, anjl asking the in
diligence uf Ute conyetittoti assuring it of Ins in
tention to 3t> Ins wliciir* duty.
C. Darraglu E*<l. foea r.*se, nndwiilia few re
marks. otfered » series of roalutmus in ru ierence
to the death ►<*the Him. John Q. Adams. As this
was the nr* public meeting held mm-c that event,
it wus tli* mast proper time to notice it. Alter a
lew rct ,:ir ks. he . ch*sed‘d>v presenting the follow*
iag lulicn.*. ahd ei iviag their adoption.
By tin- Wines of Allegheny cramlv
i .Convention it;.>enil.h-tJ that they have learned.
* itli ilecp, s»-rr..w, the death of John Quincy Ad
ams, m t : r«* Capitol; at Washington, nml tlwt in
c.’iiiai ill wtti. tt.eir eountrymea tt;ey tomiru tin
loss of such an ilhistrious, Qian ns a great nationu!
Tlint with the most of us from infancy, hi* name
has been f.miliar, as a v r .>lir. a stntesman, and e
patriot. One tq whom our Ihtiicr* directed u« a? a
model in'.egrjly. indu-try, trulli and application
in till Ifis rclatioui, r, - i.tiicr iu public or private
That we rejoice that si bright n:t example lets
!*cen per.'tiitted'to usi w loir, giving hgljy tntji«-
paths ol' two generattoc . t-• Ist . extinguished at
last m the mid«t of the .mu.-.cds of the uatiuii.
lis*olvr i. That m consideration <*f the 1 >ng nnd
eminent public services of John Quimy Ad.itws.
our vcneii'.ti'.'ii m l I jve tor 5 is character a* a dis
tinguished. long-tried and fail puhhc servant —
our sense of tin* value of his example as n citizen,
a public benefactor nnd a patriot, we lament his
death as n national r.iniclion.
Jktalvr.h That resolution be recorded on
the minutes of this meeting, and published with tin*
proceeding* of this iguiventinn.
C. O. Loomis seconded the resolution*, adding
a brief notice of the public services of Mr. Adams.
The resolutions werq tiien passed unanimously.
The credentials of members were then called
for. As two sets of delegates presented themselves
from some districts, tiie credentials iif all were,
u;> -u :m»t; in of Mr. Franklin, received jufirraally
until the convention should be organized.
The li*t was then called and anuounced as full.
Except Franklin townslup.
The contested scats in the Third Ward xqerc
then taken up. and on motion of C. «». L.mmis, n
committee of five'appointed to examine the cre
dential* und make a dual report as to the right* ol
The chair maned John Morrison, Wm. Fuclu
Mr. Gardiner. Samuel Fahnestock, aud Leonards*
Ou motion the i-onveutmn then received the
nominations for five delegates- to the Convention at
Uarri»burgh. A large numl>er of names were then
otfered, front whicli the following were suhseijuent
iy selected by ballot:
i-On-motion of C. Daragh, the convention
proceeded to vote for delegate* to Harrisburg, the
delegate to the National Coaventisu and one Pres
idential elector.
Vote "for Delegates u» toe State Convention at
Robert Stewart. t!5
\V. IU Van Kirk 53
C. B. Scully ‘....ft*.
John D. Day 55
\V. M. Her>h i>t
Hiram Ilultz •_*(»
John Forsyth 2“J
John T. Whitten .’t9
W. I*. Bnum M
M. Swnrtzwclder .'.. rt
• '..Snively 1-1
John Young, jr 15
< Jeorge D.irstc 5
Thu first five were declared elected. ;
Nominations were then received lor a delegate
to the National ConvcnttDii.
Vote for Delegate to the National Convcnlion.-
T: F. Dale 15
Conielius Durragh i'J
liarmar Denny and A. W. .Loomis were named
and the nominations closed.
Nomination:* were then received for ;i I’rc.Miien
tial Hector from this dtHrict.
A. W. J!xKiini<. C 5
ilannar Dcncy. ‘J2
On molioa of Mr. Franklin, the candidates fiir
election as members of the Nntionul Convenlion
were requested to siute their opinions nnd their
course in the Convention.
Mr. Wm. I). Erskiue thru staled that Dr. Dale
was in CiVPr of Henry
C. Paraph. fv*q.. runic fmvnrd find spnke for
himself and staled that be should zj as ‘-no man#
man." He was tor Mr. Clay first,Urn Scott sec
ond. but his own pcr.Ktn;|l preference was iu favor
of Jolur McLane of Ohio. Jin considered the
smmiinlum honorJbul wonfj' not coslKimid
to support blindlv any man. tipt Jmd one*
object ami that to pat down the present administra
tion. He would do it with Mr. Clay, with Gen.'
.-foott, withJohu McLane, nay he would do ij with
Gen. Tnylor. His |>cTHpnal preference-he wiinld i n
the event of Gen. Taylor's nomination givoNipfor
the pood of the whip party. He would do it with
reluctance, but he should rot fail in his duty.
Mr. tzMimis then made an explanation on the
part of I)r. Dale. He ;wns fir Henry Clay m all
events, bcltovinp him not only the most-available,
fiat the one iao*t cjmjxricnt to c->ii»hiand the vote
«t t!ie North.
Jlc also begged leave to explain the rcasous that
prompted the convention of Kentucky to choose
ficn. Taylor rather than ilr. Clay. They wen; l*r
cause Mr. Clay, in his. Lexington speech had con
ceded too much to the North on the question of
Slavery, and they had rallier, have the Southern
Cotton Planter, Gen. Taylor, than Henry. Clay with
his oonceuiooa to the North.
! On motion the meeting- named the following gen*
tlemen as a committee on reaolutiooa^'
lion. C. Darngb, C. O. Loduiiv
John Morrison, James B. Murray,
James Lowrie). D. N. ‘WhiU*
George Parkin, AdFrankliu,
John Muse. • '
}■■ When the: Committee: upon credentHls of del*
egntes from-the Third Ward came ia, two re
ports were.made, the majority declaring that the
nembere having Air. Hicham's certificate were
elected.' An attempt tva* then maile to have the
rjuesLion re-opened aud brought before the Couven.
tion. After n wartn debate this was refused, and
toe decision of the chair 1 confirmed,that the action
of the committee should be final. After the deci
sion, the members for the Third Ward were admit
ted nnd nllowed to vote.
While tlie Secretaries were counting the votes
a resolution was olfered-instnicting the delegate to
the National Convention to voto for Henry*C.*luy so.
bug as he should be before t/iut kidy, whjch was
nut voted Upon, as it was argued by sonicihai the
instruction of delegates alter the declarations made
by them Would be improper, andthaUbeir declare,
tion* had settled the question.
On the. oilier hand, uiivaa replied by Mr. Fnhne
stock froin and uhers, that they had not
voted for Mr. Darragh as a Scott mun, ns asserted
by Jas. Lowrv. jf., but from a personal preference.
He was for Air. Gay, and for instructing the oue
he had voted for to go for Mr. Clay.
iu the confusion attendant upon this vote of in.
struction, another Inenibcr? offered the following
llrAoU'fd, That this Convention instruct the dele
gate elected to the Whig National Convention to
support the nomination ofGen. Zacarv Tavizjr,
for President of the United States.
Several this moment offered amend
intuits, and the Chairman decided one, striking-out
Zachary Taylor and substitutinc llenry Clay be
in order. The amendment was then submitted
and adopted br a very large majority. The reso
lution ns amended was then voted tt|»on, and car*
ned with huh* opposition: thus doing away with
the necessity of a resolution of instructions, and
allowing the members ivho voted for Mr. Darragh
from the warm personal preference he coniuuinds
from hi* old constituents, to express their opinion
a* to who was the first eiinfeeof the convention for
President. A few of the more ardent whig* were
eager for a division of the convention oil this vole.
.The Chair, however, insisted that the resolution
was carried beyond question, und refused thedivi*
A motion was Dies made by Mr. Yon Bonnhon-l,
that the convention sustain the decision of the
chair, which whs adopted with great unnniinitv.
C O Lkiiii!*, E*q., on behalf of the committee
on resolutions, then presented and rend the follow
ing, which'were adopted unanimously.
Ilr.sohrd, That this Convention regard the con
tinuance of the present Nnlional Adiimiistrnlion
and the cnntiuuuncc on the measure* it has adopt
ed und promoted as IwM interests of
the country, and the dictates nf-patriotisin require
our l>e»t ellitrtstu displace it.
IlrsolrrJ. That the prostration of the Taritf of
l s li i* an evil of no great magnitude, that every
eilbrt of the freemen of Pennsylvania should be
made to displace the men who enacted it, and to
rem*late the pnjsjwrous policy of the American
R+stJred. Thill this Convention have uadittlm
toned confidence iu Hie folly patriotism and mjcg
rity of Henry Clay, and that if he or J&ou
or nuy oliier Whig candidate should lie presented
tu the people by the Nulmtml Convention, as the
Whig candidate for the Presidency nl the next
election, we will give juicli candidate our eordiul
That while the Whig* ol Allegheny
county are satisfied with the Union ns it is and are
willing to abide by the compromises of the Consti
tution, they niv piuverlhele** uncompromisingly
oppiised to the exlensiun of slavery into any tern
toryn*"* free, j
, The following resolution was thetrofiered by Mr.
I*r.iofrr..\ That the contest licing now over tn
our own camp, ihai.wc will keep co-gl. nn.l nw.ut
the decision ol the National Convention, and then
go-f.r the nominee and j»our nil our lire mlo the
Ihe resolution wa« adopted unanimously, and
the convention ailjouroed.
Pcmltylvanla Legislature.
Hiirn«burgli. Feh. k»*>. 1 >|h.
Ma.ue. —The riennte 10-li up the Executive
uiiiiuuaiioii* ol tiie t- ilhiwmg mimed geiitlcmen,
and conlirmed them.—
>anmcl V ' bbnorc. a* IVe-nfom Jiidse ol liie
1 *tn .fiidu-mi 1 <i»triol. o>m[*-.*ed , f ihe couuties «’f
U’n.*!:inA->n. Knvelic, and Greene.
.-lawi.r/r .htd”r.*.—r W ri Jayne, Wyoming entm
ty:R A i’liimmer. Vemingb; ja* Gwinn, Hunting
don. W T Do'iElieriy. Bedford: Jaoil> \Y| tteninvcr.
Uni in, JoliTi Riiekinau: Bii.-ks; Jf.xmnel J.ine*. Al-
Icgheuy: I’huip Noon, Cambn»i; Peter Haas, Lt
foi; lurtlit-’r .supplement to llie Art U> ineorporsle
ih.r Miii-jurj; ami TtirnpA.; J.lotid Our,.
jijov wan under iv>i(nidL*j , uiion sometime, iuiJ Lien
A resolution was adapted tlxiny ntnc oVLtcL- a»
tin* hour of meotiiic instead ol ten.
—Mr- I‘Virviy oilerr.i a nL-'-ilcimn request- ! h.'Hisville. AJr.r>
•nc ?(.«• Treasurer !<• I'urtu-h tlsr names u|' wit l have u report rue nioru fttrunh
11,c- , iliilM-'a,,.! « of-Ww, of tU Kcvul,,- Tho 400 boj. latino- ..,,,1.
i«>!jjrr and Indian wars, who have been and ro w • .. . .. ..
are m the receipt cf sratml.c* irum tins Common- • W ‘ 3 >*.ui Ih-rcnnro .Mi: I
wealth. Agreed to. !to a dam.i -d ocs.|.Lou
- Mr JVarie ofiered a rv*o!atiin requrvtmg the
Au aii- I lent tu] t<> report to this House as soon
ns convenient. t!.e• amount or rale j«er eeut.of
the dividend.- declared by the H.ioks of til-.
CoinmduweaiUi during lau pa«.t year. Agreed
The Priinsyiv ut:us Hailntn-I. —The supplement
to lit* IVotiey!viiuru Railroad Act wits again taLen
up rui M'C'Ciil nntdiiig— when
On million ot Mr. Roberta, of Fuyrlte.the iloo««*
agreed to re-ooimidcrtbe vote by which Mr. Hid
t.iwfir* amendment to the iir»t seetiun wn* »•
creed to when the bill was la»t v up. unpcxin? u
las of mx |>er cent on.the Company. Yeas frfi;
nav* ill.
Mr. IbiiioweU, of Montgomery, then moditiiul hi*
Mr. Fox. tru«lcd member* would nut asMiiit to
repeal the anieinlfnctit unposfric a tax upon the
Company. of «,n pur emit. ll>* did not want to en
rieti ihi- Cmipany'ul the inevitable vicrjtiee of the
.ritaie. •
Mr. Uot»crt«, of Fayette, moved to amend the
amendment, and insert:
I’r.mdeJ further. that a!! the tonnage, o( whnl
kind, <>* *lnMTijilitiQ, except the ordinary Imp*
gac« of p-W'engen, loaded nr received nt Harris
burg or ill Pittsburgh. nr at any mtemiedntte point,
or that may I*j thrown on the Mid Rniimnd. by any
Rndr.rad .»r other improvement authorized nr that
may hereafter I*.* authorized to connect with the
Pennsylvania Railroad. anil that shall lie carried cr
conveyed on or over the t>aid mad more Ilian twen
ty mdes, at the rate of three mills per mile lor
ear'll ton of’J'MiU pounds carried or conveyed
to lx? returned and paid according in the pmv
snui* of the 2"dd «eclnui of the Act in which tins
it a supplement, which toll or duty shall lie in lieu
of the five mill* coittaiiied in the 'J2d rectum nftbe
Act to which this i«* a Mtpplcinenl.
Mt*>*r*. Hnltawell, (Montgomery.) Fox, Rail an<l
McCulloch, 'jvike against the amendment, mid
Messrs. Fleel, t ilwitte. Eddeman, and others advo
cated it.
The previous question was then moved snd stis-
Inmed; and Mr. Roberts' propo*tiioti wuindgalivcd
Yeas I*s. nays 47.
Mr. Hallow-ell's amendment, tm modified, wns
next rejected. Yeas lf», nays 41*.
The question then -reeurnug oo the first sec
tion of the bill, it was negatived by the following
vote -
Yeas—Messrs. Allison, Rlnir, nreidcnthnll, Bren
neinan, lhill.nus.inej!, flurlrCort*, Daly, Dickipson
; Uielil. Kshleiimn, Evans, Fuitsold. Fernon, Finfet
tcr. (rordon.Gmtz, drove, I'liirt, llill, Ives Jacobs,
. Frick. Ladk-y, Lnrge, Little, M'Kee, M'Minn, .Mr-
Knight. Morton, Nubie, OKvine. S W Rot*?rls, W.
Y iUilmrls, .Sharp, il IL Smith. Snively, Sander,
Steel. Stubbs. Stntzman, Swart zwelder, Wallers,
Weirick, Xeigler—l7.
Nays—Me*»rs. Rail, Bnfc«»r, Benedict. Black
Bloom, Ikwimiii. Rover. Down*, Elliott. ]>. Evans,
‘Fetfijly, Fox, Frick, fJoli'. R P Halhiwell, W S Hal
luwiill. Keatlev. Kirk, Kmiiiti, Lamberton, Lttuhach
Lttfe.ver, Leylmrn. J Line. J W Long. Lougidm,
McCulloch, M'Sherry, Marx,Meet,Stiller, Myers,
Xicklesmi, Pearce. Pern’, Krdiek, Sanlxiru, Schoon
over, Seibert, F Smith. Stellcr, Taggart, Vnns.uiU
■AVuttles, WatK>u, WiHiams, Wrlcox, Packer,
The lull was consequently lost.
The joint rgjKirt and resolutions in reference t.i
the death of John Quincy Adams. Were unanimous
ly adopted.
Adjourn cd.
LvzriOiE (Musty Cosyektiw.—The meeting
wn« held on the 'J-J, mid resolutions passed higli
ly complimenlnrv to Henry Clay. It was id*o
farther resolved. That the ingratitude and hominy
cxhiliiled ,by the Xiitic*iml.Adniini->lralinu loHen*.
Tuyhir ned Scott, the two greatest military Chief,
tains of the nee, in view of their past service* and
their present unexampled success, exhibits !o the
trim patriot the gnirs corruption which taints every
ad of the Administration, ut WasJungton. That
the tune is coining wlietl tlie people, through that
omnipotent instrument, the ballot box, will clcnnM*
the impurities of liw present party in j»wer and
place the down trodden and insiilled heroes uj»on
the liigln>t otCco m their gift.
Utyilvhl. That wo will abide by the decision of
the National Convention to assemble at imJejK'nd
ence Hall, in tin* city of Philadelphia, on tin; "th
ol June, u plru-v consecrated :lo ln»tory nml pat
riotism (niMingmid liehevmgt'tijt the «ptnl which
Arlunlcd. ami the wisdom winch governed our
r alh'irs, tuuy m like manner lu imiic and govern
, Kitn. County Coktention.— The ineetmg wu*
held mi the 7th ult., uad the following among other
resolutions paused.
That w« ratify and npprove th.j act of the Whig
County Convention, suggesting Henry Clay us the
Whig cauditute for the Presidency of the United
States, and we again declure him to be our tim
choice as imch candidate.
* * •
• .Act we cheerfully refer the selection of gQ C h
candidate to. the National Convention, con
tideut that with paiitexpcfTcnce, they will select no
man as the candidate for this high and responsi
ble place, without .being thoroughly assured that
he U worthy tho enliro conddence of tlic* Whig
==i =5“ ■■■■• P ■ - •'*•.' '— i J—l. >•mni a la,ari,a,il,,.,til „r hair, ciciiia. *> tmOOm. «. ffnK SfchTS'l
■ ‘ •- ; Her- frni j<.ar.'l , n. ! 3n l | 'rcun, ( ,c»m.t iml, u> prrx-t)re thn ay-ocr.-uiu#, do .valerian, d,. qna*<ia. tlr. for I
; vorre»ponaen*B of PltUburgU Gn.rciu.. i •-••ntnwr {.aim nt «.o,un:!.i:i. »n ot tmW»e«<i it-l m.l<? bv fmartl- * !M •<
— j u:!< ei-ire than V’ur crpertaiion*. .Myir n-’iu ; : -- ! •’
! V-'v ■’■» ! !T.:r :--r V') v*:*r. priw l-iT.I iJr»v.;r,n.,i n»
. : as. a,. 'j£ r s%iBS2XZi > & .To&S* S&dSfB
senate—A ‘Milage was received ironi the '■ ll ‘“ “-n "ten jit* .^lirat*
,„ reply to u,„ „•«.!,,1,0,; of iu. iU ,Vy a.,,, j£! i'l;:,";',',
the armistice grimed by Gen. Scott The {'[-•>; ; hr,-i.■«•••' «•■>'•• i- i;r u 1.4,, r t ri tii- o.'Uii,.
deni replies lhal lib has 1,,„| „o ol U.o i ttlSS*;
anniMJCC. ; ; foie, uiiiv -it- i.-c'-sio; 1.. Uej* IL* four Irustx iaHa'it
»r p • t.,.i ll * C'C JVlii;v*:r ini l a j,y
* cmon a P"' 'jjalily to uctire, uilered a nsml b-i a penuey-Vor
tion asking for a copy of the nreceedii ■:'ie' ;\ " ‘ !rT,r:i
Court Martial, wl, ch whs adopted. ‘ rum - wsited £ C.-.m"wk i!cvr : '! t c
A resolution wi » :dso adopted ix-mimy
widcra- Adams lh« 'franking privde.-e.
Mr. Allen ofliin. J his resolution .n;
debates ou tbe tre iy In; made m executive
which was laid outlie table—VJ t.> 111.
His resolution tji remove the injunction ef mwc
cy from all previcjis proceedings up.m the treaty
laid on the table, j;
The Senate tlnjo went into Uxecutiv e
and set to a lute hour.
Horse—Mr. of the Ways and
moved to re-coimiijt Che h»H Rinkiii}; in.- MavnllTp
proprialions, m order to reconsider the part mal.nia*
appropriation Docks,-which was agree,
rue Commuted on Commerce reported n lull
oliowing a drawback nu all whom hitj. tln.l frem
Canada, which shall he manufactured m ti.c I’m
ted States and afliirwards exported.
Joseph 1L IngcrsoU, from the Judiciary f‘. n.iml
tee, rejwrted n rjsoluticin rciieviii" tin: Siipreini.*
Judges of the United States Court fr.mi Itisirtd
Court duty, or ciritth duty, us there wa.s'r.ow t.„
the Calendar two year.-, work. \
• rVV'Asmxnrcix. March !, I*l*,
Senate.—The ibody was .called tn order nt the
usual hour, and i large miimlicr of petitions and
memorials preset ted.
Mr. Houston p ■csented a resolution prr testing
against the ruling iishmenl of .my territory ao.pnr
cd from Mexico vjliiuut ihdcmmiy.niul ul-o mum-t
tho introduction iT the Wilun-t Proviso iuE* any
law regulating MJiflr territory.
On motion of Mr. Sevier, llie Senate wi'-ut into
Executive Session.
House—The fipealmr announce.) a- the iir.'t
thing tn order, th< motion ofMr. John.-on to amend
the bill in relatioi to the new examiners m tie* Pa
tent mike.
The amemline it proposes a ,-.ala:y of ! .hki i;.
stead of S'J.oOO. Upmi tUis iirnrml.neut li.r
and nays were called, and the motion hist—Yea:
79. Nays 10.').
Mr. McLellam inuile a motion i i rw 'n-akr.
Mr. Chnginun moved to lav tie- iii.mon to re
consider upon th'VtuMe. upon \rL:.-5, i!>e ven- ni.d
nays were called and thu motion i..,i— tens'-.;
Nays 110.
Mr. Andrew Johnson then tv
earnestly. The iliill was then hud -aside, and -ei
motion the House went into Caigmiilce oi' vhi-"
Whole on the State of Hus I'mon, and nrorctv.e.i,
Li the constdoraijon of the detieien. .es ,■» me
propnutioo UiH, Mr. Hunt in the Speaker'.-*. her
Mr. Ilochuell. Cciauectu iit, then proceeded to
criticise the e.-tuiistes of the Secretary t I the Trea
sury, and showei’lite errors. not only m lie- <:.!<•-
airnts, but the statistics.
Mr. McLean. |if i’-aitiiuore, rupl--«i to !m
-speech made sotgc time since, t.y Mr. Tiu-m,*- .n.
of Indiana. I ..
Mr. Thompson next obtained the ih*.-i .n reply
when the Committee ruse Jind mljjiirned.
I'HOII IVKW M r:\ico.
| ; s,. H-i.:.-, .M.IPM i.:»
Hy a geutlcnirui who bar arr-ved ire;: *-«-w,
Mexieo, the Republican has later r.J\ e-e- u. : . ( ; .J
huulma via 2?alt;jh>, to the i.\i of
The American three wn.- stdi at. id i'a.-v,;...-nd
would advance in the .-nurse . j i; ;< - : ;K rfi!h bin ru;
l*cen dehiyrd hy the I.
i he Cent-fal iia,-
ol.orcd hy liic aillk’r.ticy ii.iv. ’!'
levying u t.ix upi*n the people. an.! i.;* j . .-oui..*-
very odious and m eon-e.;:..-. d
Wus thought he Would not come I ' an er.-_ -g>in:« .n
with our t.rex, btit would return
njent of i‘ur:imi|.
Trade iva» coriipktely unxUkd. i;t. pbi-.ur of t.
usual .profitable business k-rrt< Jeri c!--i;e hyA-
There is eight feel of water m the river .. am i.etv
to Cam>.
The rrma.u>ct Mr. .’.Jam.-, b-.uc vVii.'fi:-,."
td« City mi next 1 Monday la CHI!:; I r lb< ir YI! -Ii
resliojr jnjio illinium.)- M;i-
Phihuklpti;;) thv >rmn* dav, nrr ut .Ww-3
iifxin on Tiicvlhj', Irina mlicih r ii;t \ wiJi !a i
ve<] .>*nm on lor
ilxrtiiairr ut ]> :t . (,
i’.Tii.tilfijiiiia. M.if.-ii. j ; i-
Fu>i;b —Sale- <>t‘ Western l;Mtn!»ei
Wheat—rinlirt) t'fl.TOi) ini prime t.: j:::
<Suie* <•<’jirimv 'i .-11.,\v at i> i.i
Tin- supply t>/ srimi i» Mimll.
—k?ali:3 : i>t 100 Ici!. - ! iikinl i;t "e
Ttie niurketoiftin'crally (.'otil.mnswithout tba.iyi
■New Venn. Mnn fi 1. !t r. ■'(
1: uii'U.—The n arLet c ntimie.' an'! i.-ntt--
aVtJOHB limited. , Sllf« <>l Gcllt'see an* r \
so;37nteZiO j*er 1 !ii; and of Western Itrartc!- .n
per bb J Market t;n;i.
Gkai.n—*Tti«* n irket is :irm,.w:th more !..iivr>
limit seller* at lur rnles.
Wihskky—Tile juarkel is dull With a «k
-clme. sales at 'i!l}trper eall.
CnocKEnn—Tin* murk.-l it x.ithnut cJiaucc. '—l hear <>l no variation from ft-rim-r
tigurcs. Western 1-ird is M?lhug at be, and Rai:.-
inore rendered ut ijc j>cr lh.
Cincinnati. Mnn-it 1, IMir.
Fuu:r— fialea of -ftOif i.Lils prime tiwlay at .
3lßhirJ7S v WiL {
WmcAr—Sales if priun? Red nl bile <► ln».
Cohn—salcs of 3uoo bu prime Yellow in bulk at
30c t> bu. ’
Whiskey— Hale < ut 17c 4> gull.
Mru_\.s«i>—The hn.irket t* heavy with fairs ni
N O at V.V fl ?>ilc v ;r|l.
St out — o;‘.\ U nt l;7i.7jc p l!i.
_Mins Puim—Nd 1 is-sellmg at 57.7. V at which
tigures 3W bbl* changed liund* tixlny.
Bi lk TiiKK—Sales of l,00(i.ll(il) li,-\veri' etrwlml
toxlay nt lb. j j
Racon—Siilcb uf| ;Sidea at 31/f»3jo .ainl of Ham*
nt ipaljc Ih. ' •■ . ■
Laro is finn willi sales at , •,
Flaxseed Oil snliis are etlW-md at-.'»A(4t»- v •
The markets generally are ’' '
Pirrsnoanu anj» Aij.ui:u;w S<nif.—• A e<'ii
i>u!eml»!e ninoimt di' this illegal currency ha* been
in circululuin in tin's vicinity. Then- is no m-mt
why credit -hnuhl he given t<S it. more ilnm to ouy
other paper, the pa>-.ige of is pi jLilnicd l,y
A nmnlier ol' miK mercimnts and lm«iness men
have entered into nil engucemeut not t<> n*ct;iv<* :hc
Scrip of the city of;Pittsburp!i. and of lit- .my and'
ikumty of Allcgheriy, niter tint liith ~f rdm,:!,. ox
cept nt n discount iif net le>i* tlia:i five p.-r ceiii..
and others have agreed nott'o pay it ~u t atlcr tinu
tune. It i* imped that tin* movement Miil Im\e
the effect to drive these shinplusters out of <.ovu
lation.— Wheeling
Ntw CoxsruuTipN ion Mm*.—Wo f) >.
fra in from congratulating thecuuulry mi the liol
iire nf liie propoßitiim lor n (Yum-nlmu It.
the Constitutionlender the good o.'J ( 'uu.yut-anni
Ohio hits luh'anml itt mi bta/e cur Uforr ,i,'C'Si>r>J
amiiia.t ;»nu/3r*ru , , jhnd Wn itjun-e that w«? nre |sr
milted U* move on tinder il ycl n iitllc winlc longer.
There are ton mmlv disturbmg cnii-e.*. acit.inii '
the public mind at fliis time, fur nnv nuisif.mi.h
cX|«?ctation of ihejcuol xvisdom ■nd.'dehls-'rate
tiim required to eutabisU n new Coi.ftuuboi'.—
Cincinnati Oa^»lSt^
; <'ayed In.—One 'of the loirks m the viemitv of
\ the weigh lock, coved in last week, and it r/dl | rv \ ,-
ito lie rebuilt before any boats can pass u. f.ns.l
taer,whensonieof ;tbeCanal Commissioner.-, were
out here on nn oflUjjal visit they directed ibis i,n-ii
to lie rohuilt. hut fur some cuures it wa* not ,j ,n t .
and n3w, jusfns the navigation u al>,nt to ..pen'll
tumhltjs down, lhu^ : causing delay to tho,,'. who
make hso of the extreme end of the cim.d. .'lit
£hnu<\. j; Min's A«sicution. —T| JO meetin g imp
lied for last ' night Nl'as jmslponcd hy n pie-occiq.a
lion oft ie Hall. ItjwilllKj held on Friday evenin'-
at the s une place, tit 7 o'clock.
llt'Dios’tf Pasuh^ju. —Tins iiaintm- Mill
lalnict tbe; ( aUcutiou of the j.uMi,-. \V?
econienil our readers thal tiavu u<u Bi.'ra jt.
once, fief! advertisement in another
No miW SoLUHius. —The Qmola‘l,l "i it-rsilil
floyn:—'The recruiting Sergeant ut f.iiliulu hits re
ceived orders to euiitl no more men. li.j-u- greu--
ful the report of anything which indicate* a return
of poacol j
.i;! I ’j::f.n?" i:--nn;i;r. hy
•:r;y n-.. ' -.l' U.->.v,i:;„ \V:
•* iV'im-- t. i:r...-’Lcr
' .lovi.-jajw-rrI'’ 1 '’
—e —I ,ir II.H-K* I.iiunsent
.-, ! r kfjU<l e« Cufe |nr ll.e
.nu >»r a.. It-nu»-< are *n
! ‘> JACK>O.\, AKent tor I’uw
l.nv ItHi.Vwt.ln'l'
' :i r"" 1 pr.-aili—Jf-yn., lmvc. ih-'u
■ f-'-'ih 1 " ' *'•' r Tl.ui
v ' nQ'.'ffjd.Vwiy
(r j -n..--i :-•
v " 5’ p ll ’-v .lurk ’JVijh—tljr-y rr.n 1<«
or- ti:n«; luni!,":. of Jonfj
K ui>irt. <-.y-\vn.< ik*
“u\ 1.u.-r, .1. iiovJ!.d\u-t>-
\< '■■ r - 11.-n |.ii j hnv«
u -rial
O ' :tay j„ p;,,. oj
«.t|. .’.e-ul v:Ui.-ii.u|.-j]i rinii-nwin i’nr.l •
.. .o:u . . misrseni,,::.:-! aurMlnv.,' vareh
:V o'- t"~' "■ will P.ncm-lui:
'"'i,'. I .' l !' l \ ' '‘!* J -n^nnlis
?[rrclnuit>' Trauipnrtailon J,|nr.
3 IS f-:.
i is*mm’* i: 'in wiii.a::: ..nit'A it ii/.i/n >Von?'.
{ *’••'.”10 'T'-'-'r'fii'dl" '* : V V"" v “ i:
!.e !!,-• i -.n;.:n.O'n aj aii promptly ai
li n.-eil l«. ir.-e iron-, -in. iOm cle-rp' tnr stor.ip;.: C.r
' o.n:>! It:.MU, ihiS.oirgh.
if r.-kv.ermA O, . Uo. • .
L> .i.,v -,;,r:V W -.,:,-r .
i ’j*r: «*t< i r ■>
V't! i—VI
••I-' ::,a
’l ;i< ri>.ii!i)i>oali' un tii
• .1 SAN \ < O. ' v. v| rjUTT. i
• J\ 0a1.h!;,. J‘ofN
thu su: i A • , ia>;\
' \ • i-AM.I.-n A i .... 1-u'i »fm J
h rt . AAo o _ „„ I K ,. u
i __ I 1 .. I
-%• V—J r.'.:'l -M'ln:. A J
■ ‘ *’«• J II ?.im niifi', .;r. It C.i It
Ok.v- ; A. V, in l, !mv;; .1
il 11 y
1!..... ,il Uvsuf tn lll.l'u
r. i, - .- .-"I *-imi:..
* 'l *
nl -Md.l
•> A.--
>«iria A»li.
• ■!. I.
m 'i-
!' - •- - '■>
ll ' • •{. V. '\
*’• - : .1 t:
5. .VITKO !*T m>
J K'
? '\i H \ xc.l
ij I
I-!U. .v I I
\y iI.M'KI! \ MM)* ; V \ t
mu/. i Vfjnv.
/ <01.!,r.< TIOiVN f. l
l,_ ICM. A ,
A ?■*. V. II.SON
I{-.V, .a^as'Vii'm-nT^o'
•J-O-A. , n
] .rJ J A- Hi i »N - <
-• ; \M.S ili-VMliili-T:. I'.’i
- !•' .'ii \ lit 1\ \j< li!M - ,M>
y-,-.- ;st. -1. ;i ii.i \yliu-. 10
’ rj '.'.ri " " 'ST >»:>;• A I'..
>\ J* »•' V* IUANNHOSt-s-.*.
/ * r.iNMHiOMA- M. ■■■! . li.r ) ,•
«t _ -V.-- __SJ- V ; )\•UiNMIdiSV *; i\,
j i*r:s.• c« ««,.■ <vd
* ni'*r.’ ' \ l r:-T.y * r„
lire ''i!inr.*“ '' ' “ ? f Hjt?Ol' kill'Y >t Cn
{ yr.m-
A.'-ij' i nw-M)'i:t!i:vACo
31' _i'i ir.’ ntllAI) KIIKVM'.i
i*. :•*<■ -uic ».j
r> tl:-.-: fitlKMl 11Ui’,V fc r.r '
| <T.U>I'I.AK-'V-.... A j-.--.
■m'-mUn i;,Ure, i Kl I A tl JLIIKV h <\.
JSAfOX- Ji'-...fM
i) S«ut-. t»i «!»!»•;, mr.NO illtth fi t (.
- U.-.uV- ,l.v I
■p\ «.**. _ ! nm:v v c..
r* £ tn.trJ _ _ WItTK * V.-p,VV|>U>S
T \ ''tn’.'.'i ilo -fit- if , Atiuw^'hi^rJu.
J,, r:/jr <• V. r 'IT-::'.- 1.) U It-J. ,i
/ W It 1V... A I, tVreln. f>r •ll!* 1 I<\
y, ■- h:.r-’ ‘\;- k .v '
Iy,a t.i.JV.:. AHr-.!n-u> »•' .inLim I\n: am.
iBItll'i” ■‘■III li if •
iinr? . !!<»';]• '■ u.A C-_
■ ■■■■ m-; amtit.; -a!.- lij
l, . !U>i>r fn
j\ : JOHN II 'milt.AV
t [Jilts •! M,-,' J.»r .a 1 - J|> '
:\ l :-)H\ Mum. an
/ t u’-*: «n
1 I J * ju.l\ i> V.(
/ < I-:.... |.. I w«W<'«l v.!.i:r .1 r.W.ira, vv;,n.,;
l_i *t«l I--:': ■ : -»t •*«■< I-. ftnyrM] .1111l.\ J'W»|{i . \
4 <j.AV.ON i.X -n. !i:. .1 I
( r«-.r-* A *' u'''iri! :v Y,- v .vo. ;n.i:ss
At -Ti.'J : |-*:i v.-hil-. li-r 1,,
\>[ 'A.rKA ■ t'.\"»-
: >>
V v ! Hurt _ V. !• K • ' i I’A.N
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:n-;-.‘-.i.. i-i iLr .-ny ri.ixLu^::.'‘t-;ui»rr-funi!
-i;. ..-oi 1 ifv.a: «V far I’-j-ri.ij-iivr 01 :T.t|^u*;tins
sit** pi.nccT.'c• *'->:»-• Jy-Ivcr.jiicd
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( _ i'iNUiV j; .Sicur.i:n’..
Murblc AVork;j f
ft'-ci.iu-stifii (li-iirJiia
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iU;- s,. [«•< :: iTi-ayVi! ih tfci^JnrW-*
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iu i>iiim;iu<'.;arr.l-u.orlk Mi cvrr)-|- t (:i ai '.Ki
u:in i* ‘""f ’-'' win liiivc'JS’ ih».-ta with
hi:. I*;:*! :« 0..-ir wvrk, <ifv\}JcU
:i I't't i;i Oii.viiaci: i "ilicy luivi; aivn}'* oa
■ii'a tiiit K!irj,<\ ot Mar:-;.? ai;«t ?i"f w auc.nri
;«! !*>r suiu iHf»cr cu'
v!.!.-?.. *«« ~n«fs will - ; |‘ .
5. '-/.if u< i>. i.s :,’wt*r-r/l irsiin lireufcaet*. ■
• 1 : '", v r lustav .\!vs< oyilf !;»»:-«>..i:i
phi i h.r I'.l.'i CT»>'«r.H-!?r if WOrJiinfJl. - I
JOiA >J Ht TlillßS .Y 5"ON".: •
f:!»i' -i .*•! _ ft.
i!. Th?\r:- h::«I:ih;;:i tJrvsf iltic v'b.cli liny dor.Ol
BI O O nr,' i !11 MDO X ,
-Ci;i'i u.wr ’iaii-uks. ,
'i'. “o ii(o> f.r- .1 o:LAoiiri:u.
I \}:s{K~ !<> i-u:i iiic mt* ; iuii»u ijf'
VJ 1:1 u>. :hti rKKiu-infov tilkv
i>*Vi. Ii: il.<- Ki-stfrili.T nju! rn:iiiUUCU.Te}iU j,ar
i !K-j cannot i»ut t-ri perli M :My cotiliticr.t liml
'■very Of- <>i rrl.n -vl j.r>,l c;.l*;v iiti-d Isnca mil eyerpri'-'
icr Hr C!t 'sri: am> »■ L 01 ILotoiv’hiy i»«c
-•> la: - ,-s iu ilu- wr'iic'in-d .;m! ii/itidrout l»urF:s.'y„c»
n ('.>*•,' amHvor.ii.c-u< \vorksin!i:slii;i i.tMlrd
.:ro::i i!:t- i-iii,>e>l rlu’itj* rJonhli’Vr,intti‘
'.hii o'!:or iv:—.. Willi trii>- cfiiAirlioit, llieyfprofi'cr
'!i' if •"lui-ci ’»> lovr* or Kntt'.t.TMi-.v MTTMr.niY ttntl
■•‘tr.-v i<|. their luluni'.-.j i.L'ill[ar,il,timl>i(ion lo
i:n: rrauuvuiiuu oi imii;.-.. tiuucwr ifiicult or olcva*
t-j. • ,
''' ion" nymciuJinn ilri’Rosr,
i\ i'ieuwiij: A Co,, is. To -.iiu many pltton* of (ha: Vs
: a gnuruuit if of sibjlitjv * *
i; ]>v;i!-rn i>i I ran, JSntsJ &>:j No.- 7
IT l r-ir.i st.. Philadelphia, liUvr lit eiorc and
MU'i! l ', a' tin* Iny.r*! inarki.i prtcvji, . ■.5 •
K»*.H'Oac9 oO.Y o Sitily Oniuacf in ['.rnao i tirJirr;
-•hi ii.i
•I.Vm <'! .V K K:ji*i:is; '
li’> • i^iiu ,\ J.i'iia 'il..; ;
\\ uiii.iiw ur.i! rilt.cri'i
lut iio s S Almoin 1 *: '
t'*<r H»h-tr. NoriU Cuio'.ma Pea Nut*
U*" drum t*-ur« and ni-riii.iiii ijiiuliiy T.lj'iio Fi,
li*>Nr.v ivj’hiiJoiiia Cwraiii*: ' ; ! ' ’ ‘
it’; Low - |.»v» [ifiv: ii ,!
Piiiliu’oljr’ii.t. »Vi».iil.ou-.51w ... ;
Ury (iomln at
Ml.' UPtH ,\\ ih>H.V A; Co. So. ood Htrer.t. lire
. I.«’%v i.’-i'i\iii7 I y idsi.'y nrnVai* from lt;e ini|Jf>!t
-• .Hire iiw-.noianm.-r,. uiii;de • iju}’Pul> of CreiraOic
.-.•ftl-.- ijoii'U. \< iiii-i: i;n-y / io ciiynmli-VuCry rc
• *’• -.l'- pii',.i;ii-*i j O'-.ii’lt: • iiilviuiiM*. n
>• mi <.-o.Tiui;ily in she cii-icm tuarkcu. ilii’ir
-j.iel. m;i u<- l:i }i; up lliion.liuUt :.Uio Ajiunyp
jti a-rvvci%<d. arr'.lJ <-usiS pniit'i. ronn-
111! ii i i.J>”l:.,r iO'P.'y Miii-*; 4 x pl '
i.n '. .. l.hjmi ’i::ii!ati-.0.-.i iHi.ycstie :(. ; uistuinu.
luc:.ctifti aialJiuoHi col,urii. v \c;
‘ _ l*ia Carils.
II.U IS J < ».)i m-.a, ii >o iiiiorni'lti* <Vii-ni!« ami
A''i:i :'-i:ii-i.. iii.’i- :ln- for the «i!i‘ ol Iti.t I*lay-
:i’.o oim-r i .•!•►-. in ■•liiH.lcfjiliiit. ftlii cXjiir>i<t. aru)
ri->:-o-tir uj thii all orilar'ln: u>»’.V«iri]<;il
■ ••••■ <•" itiitno 1.1 ntldiiiiiii umlji- hbov<* arii*
• .•■•u. im r,, t -i »r\v mid inViry mill
" * i'*i.ryiijfi»u’iitiiiilbi
, .1 j ' ■ T-i/itiw’
Our ?liirr.? '
(l> * • in.«.ri.tii;» vi IfmiroiiA'ivrr
■ * ‘'Vi i oj.. :; ;:.r mmliior v. i«yl» PliUri,Unit,rtiumieu*
‘ ,!11 t-inMiiiv -mu-.'. 1 >it. •*;(it. unit co»!iiwii*;«vprv
film- m.inii.. U..- W-.cU. ' liAliibi-
ii.-K-i. (j,. 1., >• >loi'.uiignhfln
lAi-hun-c 'uiitn.VfhiU.'s Ih-u-lt.
j-' c ''‘"‘i. m>on< tij'cti u' i'i o'o.'ntJ;. ami
CiiiOfi Gi /V. DEa R Y ,
vi liOM ; s A L K Glt O C Kli,, j. '
- - AM. ; : n i '
-ion, Anils, Cut tnu Varus & I'iilHliurgti
. Hunuf.iciuri'A {jeneraliy, !
>•> 11' ri-n-m‘(fin. iJ*
New iioukii. rr ‘
1 l .•»! 1 •••! i.y 1 L\(if.-, ictifili)•; .Fnjjlund mul
•J ..,1, (lX 1 t-r h hwirrt Aiinijicx^fc)
jV V' Il Anir, ;; li. |;. .',iu|.iir u;‘ Uir-:or.'
A i'rii.-ti.-iil !i\)>i- t.l .U.e «.<•> 'iV - !* of St; MuHliru'
:tinl >1 .Muik, j 1 ilip |.irm i>!' 1 j ot'/rf*. .llllrmit ii 10
M'l t!.i. in-ari;i-,- ,)i' < ; ( -,nir-.! ' iiiiirtimion nudi'lcyiiiiou;.
:>> Jotm lluil <uii;iiut, 1>- 1> • In. lii.>j’. nf A’liranir.;.,! or
*ali-by Kt.i.ici'J' .V F.Yf.LtMr.
.M .\infkrti Jd i <ih.^.
X V r AN'H\b— A *-"V ir «ri! i » t*< Hi To nt
\\ 1.H1i.1 :• I.miil .1,1 .uniKt' >Vlu. u
••••vH V, tlii .!>*■» n» On- .i-uv t-«?
pn-'Vir--.:, -A;•••!■■ j' a'-* Y AiftLit «: . lien, f.n ini uml
■i'll 1
| JillYATi. ! ■'ir\v sinylo ;,rnilSH|i*ji f
i m *if;:i;i mnny. i;im t-i f.ri:..«tmiu'-a».-\: lit U.Avafi
Off -• 1 .'r."■ r c>; 1 " 'Vr;.. l-.iotf;lf iAceinp, Ai) CaU-'-tV//
li>. n> : r i-r- : J.-:i Innji.lU litsil.c.- < IrlCAl-u *
I ) K.\H >V'AI. •• i 1.v.1: ■ mV pU‘i*R''o}i L-n»iuc'ii'
U- t" U.K-fnmtSimiltflrM, i : „.
| .n.i 'i.’iK'ty m il 11 nv:r n(. i:.c | li-n.Jorly occtipiod,
\i lii rp I .mi j’li’j'uiini to do Im-jiifu p. 5 ijiiun| . .;V ’
;«•! . . "‘I-nXAKIiCff^onTXiX..
1 ” r.r ; v :r ’ v/ww^T-
O UtiAH \ O. ,'ui.t rvr’il turd Vor sain i,J :
&. Hi;umß'j>jspx
asul lOjili ly StCjw, oaiimiil mid for »m< »y '
fcbS * ' •_ /'lAaSKit AffiST
•ik I-Stbf. A. 1).-
•y ilie OK;z»-i‘*of
nxu.v ii:.icc;u£\v
- ■ , jFOB CINCINNAtL - .
►v The fast rumting steamer
r‘;.:.... V2f -COLORADO.
* > .:- , ; , ' v ' | -. : 3n - Gonuly, ma-ner. will lenvo. u ebevok’
ilTß'.i iHf7-.VgKßtliia day at 10o'clock. For frcirhloe
board. • ..... .V .- fsoSS'
si', l.ol'is it ILLINOIS lUN'ER~PACKET.7 r “
- A-i..; i ~ . Tim new and splendid steamer...
' • * GENESEE, . =, .
|u f R'AI Hauler,' master, will leaTO. for
CTi, * 1 yrTi7n..iJTr-ibovc and intermediate ports on Toe**
cny the ihhl ttuL nt 4 o’clock, r. a. For freight er pas
ynso apply ou l-oanl.or to ’ J NEWIDN JONES, ■
. .’'‘b'-'l “ j - Monongohela House. '
Z/s?: tv Tbo new and fast steamer
. LADY BYRON, : . '
MiHcr, master, will for the ahov»
»SStEisSaSp6rt ou this day nt ltl-LX. For frekfcl
or pmsaire apply on board.- ; • feblvT* ’
t v Tke Cue meamer
■ . . SAVANNAH, •
Penmwti. miuier, will leave Urfa
t | t .y lor aliove amljtll imenaediue
.{’oriK. ho? fruiybt or pa*»aire apply on board. . fcbU
ULXi'Ui.AR' PAt^^F-i-ojrsuKnsir —''
Tins new and lut steamer
; Ranies. masicr, will. leave for abpt«
EfiV.' .V..U'.attntl all iuVcnnedJute porta on Wednea*
i-n> « nnu saiurdayii of each weflt. For freicht or oaa*
*air« apply on board or to • r ;
'Flic drought steamer •
■■•niy Wm J Kouma, corntnauder, will leaf*
on Mvndr.y ibe Till liul. For freicht or paasan tapir
or to , J SEWTON JO.NES,, .
l ilotiongahela Hooap.'i«
Tv *Thc newaml licht dmopht neamboai
.* .
A. Milter, nuuter, will., leave: for iha
' "" r “ l '**'* rabove and all tiitermediate ports oa
Sunday, the o:h mm, at 4 o’cloek. eu. For frciehl or
jiDnaige apply on bourd or lo
jebU._ _ GKO H.MILTENBRROER, Agent 1
rnTaiJURtSH* & Aviiwn.[Na"pACKur“ T *“
/f i.fti.— rv Ibo swift rtenmer ■"■••• ,: » i.
O'lHi-jj 1 Dorsey P ISBritv. nmw, win lesvo
mid Fndsjr'.atltt
! lilts Coiipul will lurid at all ilic ialejtaediate
l.vrry accomodation that can be pro|jZtred for Bm com
orl nii't fsicty of PaaM’nccM.hasVeeTrirovided, Tb* '
Imat i* nl«o provided wijTi a aeh-actii*safetY cuard » .
nreinii t-xplooiona. For freight or paannpj iapply-oa :
bourlurto i DAVID C HkluW^ X '
- -JiVi--. • corner of Ist aad Smilhfieldsts
LA-crry packct l .-
' i>-. tv The new Ucnmer . .
w i : - despatch, - - .
n T,^S r ’ js'stawi
\vi.m7Ji p I’m>n>un 0 -ti y t T( . r7 iloftdar
\\-ed..ewla> and Friday, -at o’clock, Mck -
h.-la uiy C vrry Tliebday. lhur*<la>’ and Saturday,
boUrd! ' ’ . For Irc^l «' P<*W «^ob.
EmiiMiphed a imrchouac in ibe 1648. (ortkemiia
js.-c m Cily.and interior Trinku wiih .
luif prirps—tmii pj|ijbiiiny,n( ail leaiana
of ihr ye«r~ib® intrife*! A«oorttnent ia
Tuiiy, nre !>o\vc;«iuug Several lluiidred P»Bka»i«*_-
■•oui|>n«ing evcr)' nen- Piy!c of Foreign ' aa d twJS.:-
.paxlnciioii, many of which have jmt'Wa
mid are oilrml for -file tor Cn*!i nnd sh, )r » C iPdH«i a ’‘
• FROM ; j
- i- '- •• • - irt&it ;■
| £UXDAV KJflOOi; DOOKtfZwa Tmv.-; —“—**•
sEl«ioi». » JJ&SW* “' W**
•a tone vuriely d fai '*, „ “",^ l ‘"C" 1,1 i,,
v,, av„„X oan“‘;, oh.
"A »»jUi n t f 1 me - A '«*»
: v : >V„. Knr Book*". , ——--?•
.nfihw ■
s •Aflvw.iurrt-.inWexjfoundiJjVltbckylrtMf.i^U^Jl
ipoo.l-: Roxtnn, g«a- r q Kr^iT,.-,?^?*****?by-'
aCftl Society, Ac, ic? •♦■ r • * “® o«Oftaf£r£
'l&s&^pfish&jb :
I >^.’3SSS& S mt*
M * dl «S4
- r -V. 1 o
DA rL'Y" P A CK ET t iN E.
nrtJIIS wc» known line ot*ptendl«l P**W»|?f
X <T“ now runiptucd o| ill® lorgest. * Willett, b®M
ImisJ.eii m»! funiulteu, ami ntofl powertlil boat* ouut
wuier* o»* ihc West Kvery accommodation aou torn
tori thel money cui procure, ha* beenpro>ulcil tor pa*-
stiijjrrs. The Line ho* been in operation for a**
—lni' carried n million of people without the least inju*
rf io j*r?oiiK. Tire, mu?* will be at the fool .of
Wootl Ktrer; the day previous to starting, forth* rr*ej>»
tion ot‘ ircii*Li nrul the entry of passenger* on the re***-
ter, lit ell c&ie* the passage'money most be paid ia
advance. \ • • 4
' The ISAAC NKUTON, Capu A. G. MWV* jl
Icnvc'i’ict.-'bui’Kb ever)- Suiultty taomiug at 10 o'clock;
\\ heeling evt-rj - Sunday eveciuir at 101*. at, '
• ilavvy, l:-4T. ,
The 'sl OXO.NU A! lEI iX, Capt. Stoss, will leato Via*-
borrh every-Monday tuocoiug pt 10 o'clock; Wheel® j
*-vc>y Monday evctimg at 10 r.x. . -
. Th« HJiIKItXIA No. a, Capu j. KLrmnxr**, will
•leave I‘jtul.uryh even- Tncrday morning at 10 o'clock;
Mlieciuig every TueMloy evening at 10f. u. ;
itsdsessatplcset. -
The XBW KXGI-ANB-No. U, Capt. S. Dkaj*, w«U
!.:ivk Pittsburgh every. Wedneaday•, morning el 10
o'clock; Wheeling every Wolneadnycveiiiug at
‘The 151ULL1ANT, Capt. Cucc. will leave Pitta-.
lioru-h every Tbiir*day morning at 10o’clock; Wheeliaf
'everyTkuwday cverungotlOr. -
TheCLIWTR So. Croon, ■will leave Pittv
burgh every- Friday; morning at 10 o'clock; Wheelia*
every Friday evening at 10 p. at..
The CaptTS. iteo,\nll (care Rtta.'
every morning at lOo'elock Whetting
every Saturday evening at 10 I’.st.i' • s -
•: j. K • • • •; The ideuner • ,
- • fT-' V'r ,ft • . COPE,
.. will leave for Beaver. Glavraw and
m. Toerdmy, Ifcundajr,
mid Snturdny, of ench week, at 9 o'clock.*. *. return,
iiijr on .\*on«kiy,' \VedisC«suy'and Friday. Abekas*
ton: a; the Imidni? bcfcvceu Wood atreet auil the brUje,
Drciiored lo rcceivrfreighu at anr time..
8/X W. lURBAUOH, Asti. •
No' 33 Wood ot
.. _• l. The fine steamboat * .
•' ChcrieaJi Clurke,n:avtcr,"win, during
comitir winter season, make daily,
trips to Heaver and Wcltsvtlle, leaving Pittsburgh efi>
ry morning at u o’clock, and WelUr'ilie at 3o'clock,»,
x. deem : - G. fIL IiARTUNy ACOy Affu.‘ •
iW«. • ■ ~ r- r/’i BM
Dally Packet LUu,'
■FEBR'JARY Ist, 1348
'LEAVE DAILY ATBA. fti, AND 4 P. AL. . •
z l -: K. ‘Tlto following new boils complete
tito line, for Vae:present aensom AT
■ ImVNTIC, Can. James Pnrkintoitt
graKft.aililaHALTlC. CapLA. Jacobs; and LOUIS
AI'LAXB, Cum. li. Der^ettThe -boat* are entirely
ticw, oiul are UUed Up without regard to expense. Ev
ery comfort thnl t& con procure bat been provided*
The Boat* will the Monctigahela Wharf Pent ml
t!ie foot of Kora,cl' . Passenger* will i>e punctual ax
board, or the- boats will certainly leave nt lie adver
tised hour*, o'A- IT- oiuM F, M" JanU
.* ' FOR ST. LOUIsf ’
The new and splendid steamer.
John W.VcLnne \ aster,willleave for
&ni ) (iitcmediate porta, on Sat
urday. 4lii inrL tit 4 o'clock, PM. For freight otpas
su-e apply on board. ur to 3. NEWTON JONES, ijo-
IHHlgUilrla House. _j. • ' ■ - •' ■
,rk ; The new, splendid end Gut tunaiog
* i*! - - steamer • WTYOtsiNCi,
Greenlee, master,will leave'for above
■ttESESSSSSQuiiri intermediate ports ou Thursday,
the iM in»t: ut IU o'clock; For freight or passage, ap
ly onboard or to GEO B WIL’iRXBEIUiEB, Agent
• inrirJ
►. The new and substantial light draught
steamer- .
CBmß&SmSbßcii. Reno, Master, will leave for La
Iniyriic and iutennediulc port* on Wednesday, Ist of
March, ut 4 o'clock, P. AL Fur freight or passage ap.
pty on board, or (o • •J. NEWTON JONES, Agv
feb'iP - , • Mouongnhela 11 o nae.>
v.' -The new and tnogniliccni steamer
•'>:>:•#£ Cjpt. WTlliams Master, will leave
Bf'ffi.YaiLritffltH for alxrre-ar.d intermediate Pont on
Tuesday tint the 29th inst st 4o'clock IV M. ..For .freight
or pa.*»ngupply ou board oh to..
• JSllri'L J. NEWTON *
►. ' The nentandsubstantial low wulrt
•'ji. . {s} klcmuLoat . • , i
-n ii’/TT Poc. Alostcr. wUI leave for tbs
nlinvi- aml'intr, incdiate portsouTl.ursday at 10 o'clock*
Fur freight or passage npply on board, ur to
k ' Tbc fast nitminff ateanter
' •• '• PAULMOUNT, •
_ Fot. master, will Icava tu above, ck
Kr *-' nt 10 atPoaitivelT*
lot freight or pusVage apply on board, drto
fcfci? _ . , D. WILKINS, Agt"
>. Tbe'Kplemlid ateatnr.r • *.
. nOltilUT FULTON,
■ . Collm. Master, will leave'fop t&a
tAkL'.i .ftrSiffi 1 niibovc and all intemediate ports, tlti*
day- at KP otibek ' For freight or passage: apply oa
hoard' , - . . tebCiO •
■ 4-1 '