The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, February 22, 1848, Image 4

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    !*• °f . ✓-’ * ** ct™- j-
,i' ?ooKs,‘injsic,&c.
Sr n .
sewwwici. •
.. Connct’er iheßyidcriia Unmufced; by O. P. 1
, u Jusei, E«q, _ . .
: eek Ashore; byE. Rowan!, author of Batiiuthe
jefisr. V ; , •. '
jn» Sur .of ih« by Cunts, author of Black
lamedUifleaen. . ••.•••/• ]-.••
TboiMuieFigurß-Read, or ihe Lady of Green and
Due; by Charter Carey, of the U.&N. ' ' T -
/ThofiandUM Bride, or the Raid of Saxony;by j Loßij»
Sta&bope, author of.“ Striking likenesses,'’ Ac.'" j'
LeniUa tenmote, and Mr. asd Sirs. Wobdbridget\Ur
has LeaUa. ; = , \
London Quarter.y Betiew. . 1
ynk>a Magailiw for December. I
If«pf Jo«phTIU»--ala'- " 'j
-- large icppljr.
Motherly ii« author of ‘Xliitory
22** WiUnJnesi of Woman, by the ume. 1
The Old Commodore; by E Howard.. . 1
Jeanette Aliiaon or toe Young t*ttawberryCirl—a
tale of Sea and &boref by Jngrohaia. • ( '
~‘«* i o r DaylJtfbl,apri«iale:by.JS'noljb.
air Howland Aintoa, It to!; by Lady C Long. {
Kpleadou of Vercaillea, and the Court of Loci*
Ftowere reraonified.No*. 0 aod 10. i .
Raral Cemcterieaof America,ran9. .
| Manunes, Newspaper*, etc.
4 London. Punch and PictorialTiroempeirlastsiramert.
Brouter Jonathan, Philadelphia Courier, and Yan
*ea ltooille Pictorial*, For aaJe by
oecl _3d tt, opposite the Poet OSee.
by J. A. It U. I’. JAMES, Cincinnati, the following
"hew and valuable Work*— ' ■
Doniphan's Expedition—Containing a sketeb of the
life of Col. A. W. Doniphan; the Conquest of New
Mexico; Gem-Kearney's OvrrJtutd Expedition to Cali
fornia; Doniphan's Campaign against the Navtjos, and
hit unparalleled March upon Chihuahua nnd Dan»ngo|
and the Operations of Gen. Price at Santa Fe; with a
Map and. Engravings, by John T Hughe*, A B of the
Ht Regiment of Mirsouri Cavalry.
1L ' :
Ifisloir of Kentucky—lt* Antiquities and Natural
Curiosities; Geographical Statistical nnd Geological
descriptions; with anecdotes of Pioneers Life, and more
than one hundred Biographical Sketches of distinguish
. ed Pioneers, Soldiers, gtatcimen, Jurists. Lawyers, Di
vines, Ac.; iHustrated vrith forty engraving*; hy IjCWU
CoUiks, 1 vol. octavo. |
The Twelve Months'Volunteer, or Jduniul of a Pri
vate in tho Tennessee Regiment of Cavalry, in the
Campaign of Mexico, daring l£4C-47, containing an ar«
count or the Mafeh of iho Regiment to Vera Crux, n
description'of the Country passed over; manners, cn*A
toms, Ac. of the people; Sketches of. Camp Life; ae-'
counts of all the actions of other Volunteer Regiments,
and a full History of the Mexican War; lust ot the Kil
led and Wounded, Ac; illustrated by a large number tof
correct views and plans; by. Geo. C. Furocr, 1 volume
octavo..'. • . . ' . ' ’ dec!
• T>OOKS FOU TUB SKASOH— lllutaluated
,r» Gems of Sacred Poetry; & splendid imperial's vo., :
*> with benatiful illustrations on steel, by Sartara,.and 5W
illuminated page* by Schmitz and Sinclair, richly
' bound In Turkey morocco aud white calf, superbly gilt.
The Christian Keepsake, an anneal for ISIS; with
- splendid mezitotint engraving*, by Sortain; bound in ar
abesque morocco. ‘
Christmas Blossom* and New Year’s Wreath for
IHS; a small quarto volume, printed on snow white pa
per. embellished with splendid mezzotint engravings.—
litis i« by far the most beautiful jo vettiie annual pat>-
bihed in' uw United States.
The Poetical Works of Oliver Goldsmith, M. B. with
nnmeroos et dslte'designs, by tlio Etching Club, in va
rious styles of binding.
Thompson's Seasoiu. with seventy-seven designs, by
the Etching Clab, in vmriots.stylea of binding.
The .Poets utd Poetry of Atactica; by R. W. Gris
. wold.
The Poets and Toetry of the Ancienu, by William
Peter, AThL; tupettoly boundin.Turkey moroceo;splca
didly gilt. .
. Willi*’* Poem*, in various style# of binding:
Cray's Elesri“a-*tr*le‘l
- Poetical Worlnu in varioas bindings. ..
Lordßyren's u • “
fihaktpeaie't “ “ “ •
The Poetical Works of Thomas Moore.
- Ballads and other Poems, by Mary Howitt.
Poems by amelia. -
Handley's Sift red Mountains!
- !Theabove, wilhasTeatTsrietyo/other new works,
. In splendid my lee of Eniding, suitable for gift books; for
: otlo bT ■> •■*!!.•■'-
, -fepa.-.- i • Booksellers, cor. Market A3d su.
Valuable Standard. Wo/ki.
«att,titacatun apd art comprising the htstary, description
•aiimießlifle principles of every branch of hamaa knowledge,
with lhe dcriratkm and defiaiboa of all the terms la gearral
SM, —*’'»*♦ hy W T Braude, F R S,4*c. Dhutratrd by nu
merous «aarcringi on wood,. i
Meat's North American Atlu, cootiin'rag Waati fullr «V
-•nl of North America,Canada East,Canada Ifcst,
Nova Seeria,.New Branswkk, Northern Texas; New Met
too, Florida. Texas, California, Mexico, Central America,
7«eataa*JFcst lit™ )»i«nd» and all the States aadTmito
tics in fer Du son. . ‘ .
’ - NeaP* rnritsnr—T%t history of the Puritans Ana the
nformlka in 1517, t* the revolution of ITSJ, csmprisiof an
account of char prmapks, Ac, fte, by Daniel 'Neal, » A,
revised by Jc&aO Choates, M D, with sina portraits oo steel;
The um of the Body ia relation (o the Mind, hy George
Moors, UO, member of the royal college of Physicians, he.,
. Javenlle Works,
JFaltb and North* or which makes the man, a very pop
ular Juvenile work.
• Perils cfthc&ti, bring afreting namlioni of shjpwmki,
fpf. _
Rtmll’t Speaker—The Juvenile Speaker, comprising
'SkrusnUiy puts sadcxerriees iudcsUmatien, with* selre
• UM of passes tw praetiet, by Fnadt T Itasecß, uutructer io
*eleentkm ml Fpncetca.
• ' Ths ahsra works rted red and fcrsak hy
• • |]| Booksellers,eor mrkUandSrd sts
KLF3HKR, Dealer in eastern'Piano Fortes.
at J- W. Woodurein*. No. B 5 Third Street. Tli«
- Pianos ttsy be examined at all hours, and the sntacri
-1 her will bo there from 11 to li A- M- and from 4to
fi,P.Al.eachday.. Fimb’g. Oct MS
. We, the undersigned,- would inform the eitizrts* of
- ipiasborgb and vicinity that we have appointed Mr. 11.
Kleiber sole agent for Western Pennsylvania, for the
• tale of oar. Piano Fortes, from whom they may beob
• ttinetlatoorowntNew Yorklpriees. '
.1. New York. Sent. 1.
* r- * (Late J 8 tSmckter & Co)
MANUFACTURKRS or Phienir Ore proof oafro,
‘Math side, second street. between Wood and
: BtttitWUMJ*iiubnrgh. J S Smekler haring deceased
, «nd the samring partner Air. Jos Lippeneott,hnTinc
• lumjclf with Mr. Wm C Burr, the basinets
, will hereafter he conducted under the stylo oMJppen
' cottfcSarr.
,• Trial of a *a£e in Ciaeinnatf, O.—We, the undcrsign
ed-were present at the of one of i 5 Striekler 4.
Co"-e improved Thcnix £n-p roof safes. The safe was
pUcedui a furnace oa the public landing, drul subjected
lOlhelnlensqhcntef a stone coal fire foil more than
three boon, in one hour and a half the shfe came to
4} bright ted hwi; the door of the fumade was then
elosed, which earned on increased and steady heat lor
the balance of the time, until the cast iron wlieels were
: partially incited o<£ the furnace was then thrown down
~ avl the amfe cooled and opened. Tiic money, papers
r ..andbook* which it contained were up rfeetas when
• -.placed there, the binding only of the l>ooks being in—
to rad by the water in cooling the safe. Wr have no
heahation in recommending it to the public ns a safe
soperior to any we have ever seen beliefs
that it will stand any beat which mishi b* produced,
, -xcept a beat which would melt it to a solid mass.
- Springer tt Whitman, 1. Worthington, Kellogg It
/ ..-Kennett, Beni. Urner, WOP Brers*. Monts Smith, T
8 Dcnran k. Co, Stcdman, Moyar J &. Co, \Vm Mnnfe,
MeadfclVuUtor. i I •
“We,; the undertigned} neleelrd the safe spoken uf
above. from ft lot Lu the store of Tniber & IVuberr. the
AaetO* - Ct» SPRINGER, .
• Refer to Cook & Ham*, Broker*, Pituburrb;
Up«*cy -Hanna.* Ctt, do do {fe3dAwJyS
MORGAN'S COUCH BYRLT—It proved to be the
greaf Panacea in cnring-iny child's diitreeiuig
From tie Temperance Conner, Not 31S-17.
1 COTOB STITT. — Wb sic not ia the habit of pufnnz,
. pfflyk |eu taking patent medicine#, bat we feel duq>o*cd
■ to recommend Morgan's Syrup to those who are aillict
•d with a cough. After haring tried the usual reme
dies to remove a constant And diitreuiuc cough, that
- kadfor»«veraldny*afilietedonftofourchildren,witli
oot success, we were induced to try Morgan’s cough
• ajnrop, and by itreltef waa obtained in a few hour*. It
proved to be, the panacea in this care at least.
Prepared wholesale and retail by the proprietor,
■ ■■ -t JOHN D MORGAN, Dniguist, ,
fcb7 wood *t,l door below diamond alley.
‘ " ""TJviif ’gtore ftir gale, "
C! ITUATED.f n the flourishing town of Welleville, the
O tenninne 'of tbe Pittsburgh and Clereland Ilail
Bold,'fiO mile* br river from Pittsburgh. Tbe present
butaeu of tbe eiublishment i* fairaiul can be increu
'ed indefinitely- Tbeowners wishing to retire from
tb« Easiness will kD on remaonable term* nt private
—u, 'Person* wishing to make inquiries nre referred
in Jon. Kidd fr Co, Pittsburgh, or subscriberm Wolls-
j«,ji ' - •• ~ - 1 • . • • dan*
Xtw Year*# Presents,
y WaverleyNovels,27 volume*, lOmo, illustrated;
• • « “ S 1 *• fcro - , :
Mrs SherwooJ’* Work*, 1C to!* 12mo, ilhntrated;
Mua ESgwonh’s “ 10 “ “ ' *•
* Harper's Family library, 163 vols, complete; -
do Boy** artdOiri'*
Work’s of Hmkespeare, 7 vols. 6ro, the beautiful Ho*-
ton edition, finely bound;
Boiler's lives of the Saints, 4 vo!«. elegantly bound;
Hantutb Moor** Work*; 7 vols.
peplomu Expedition,' 0 vols royai Sro
d a ' •5 do •do do
British Essayists, amis. Turkey mor. bank*.
The above, together with a large assortment of ele
-nsUy bound iomily and pocket Bible*, Cunmou
FraTtft all sizes and biudings, all of which will be «oltl
lowsr *"■" ever offered in tuis market, at the old stand
• • KAY Sl Co.
• ui • cor 3d * wood »i
MOBK fIKW BOOKS.—Margaret Onham,
acw aovsl hr G P Jl Jmow; Pri« 6 cents.
Zsrils.or dm Trinspb cf Liberty.
Csmamicr *f Malts: iilartrsted.
i~. e( Slorios. by V Sooljc. Eiq.
. Lvudiol Mtum l, o*o. 8* UrF*r‘: to* nn'J
. t— jgf October. New Masse; yo*t received by
#tySl third it, oppoiite poet office.
Tjnnun i*mrhiT— i"™7
t> Maebaale’* complete gnWo tn (he iron h_ . ..
. £Zr copies on^i—» ff 7 huu> fclmond* 1 Ulemtare <>f
tfc* MUh.flf Europe. -Chamlrt'nt'. JnlbftnaJioa tor the
pMpl#.-Chaat>era’ Cyclopedia of En”li*b Literature.'
Weadiff* Blackstoi>o:« Coaim'iiuriei, a nevr nluion
h**olifid Yolame*. lUlkckH Poem*, a iirw uuii
edition. ' Parlor Hook of _ Flower*—for nit
. beBl. ... J L READ, 4th near market *l,
•• 1 : 'siwJipyß'Lß.
mins LAST OX TUK FAtIUKS—A Christina,.
JLlW«,bjr O-P. B. James, Ksq. ' . • ~
■ • TjomEyn;annotebiogTaiihf edition;editedirjrCar*
BalL Jnst wceired amt (or sale by
I ’ Ur. Wab*tet'» Great American Giciipnary of ilie-
Ifyntp, tCUkSUmBS, containing all that ihe
. «bnSuoot contained; revio-d by Chauncey A.
Prot Yale Co Here. Tfce mo«t complex e«li-
STrrMimliUAcdl one >ol. down queno. Mee SO.
Je In KivAU,
" _ _ 4lh at, near Market at _
-• 'joiiN b: hayard.
’) j'i:«i-ntrgTJ l b-~ prtnic r?slher*j M sack*
'■'nßSSSffil eSk****** I «*» toekimM.
• .^JMd W WH py. y No.&lUalrr?t. ;
\ . - : tfilcf &' front «ti.
-• 5 * .* i *' v2:i 'ii '-K".
T rm UAcninmivoEKS andvowtorv.
- Pmsapncr. Pa.
■ JOIIK \yaiGRT fe CO., ! i
\ RE prepared to build Cotton red Woollen Machin-
Z\. cry of every description, sack as—Carding Ma
chines, Spinning Frames,. Speeders, Drawing Frames,
Kaihray Iliads, Warpers, TwiUers,Spool.***, Dressing
Frames, Lmonts, Card Grinders, Ac* Wrought lion
Shafting .toned all sixes of Cast Iron, PuOte*_and
Hangi*.ts,of the latest patterns, slide nnd hand Lathes,
andioolsofallkiads. ' 1 i r ’
Casting* of every description furnished on short .no
tice. * Patterns made to order for_Mill Gearing, Iron
ratling, Ac. Steam Pipe for beating Factories, Cast
Iron Window gash, anil fancy Castings generally
OrderricH ut the warehouse of J. Palmer A Co., Lib
erty stretl, will have prompt aueuUnn. '
1 Reria to . • -
| 1 Rlarkstork, Bell A Co- J K Moorbtod A Co>, O E
Warner, John Irwin A Sons; Pittibargh. •
' <; C A 1 11 Warner, Steubenville. __ jau!3_
I TAKES this method to inform his friend 1
and the puirJic'at large that his FactorT
‘sjnowtu full operation, on the East aid*
of die Diamond, Allegheny,'where a coni
slant supply of Blinds; of gariod* rolors
and quBiiiic* t ere constantly kept on ham!,,
also at N 0.5 Wood st, Pittsburgh,&lJ.A.
H. Fhillip«’oil doth wareroom.:
Ihnitersmade to order in the bust style.
; Blinds repaired at the shortest nolice.
; N. 12. His Blinds will be' put up, without any addi
tional exepnie so that they can be removed In a mo
ment in cm** offire or for washing, and without the aid
of ucrrw dr' e oclldtyAwlonily
/ TAKERS, corner of Penn and St. Chur streets,
Opposite the Exchange llolul, entrance on Penn street,•
S«prctfully intona-lhelr frirnds and the public, that
ey are prepared to furnish and aueud loeverytUingiu
the line of Undertaker*. Always on band a Urge as
sortment of ready made Coffins, covered, lined and fin
ished in tjie very Ixst manner, all sorts and sizesrcaoy
<nado Shroods of flannel, Camhrick and tmnlin,nt]dall
sixes mode m.approved styles- We keep a lores ss
‘innmcntofwhi c DttdbUcK, cotton, «i!k aud kid ti loves,
jablo for pat I bearer*, and mourners, crape, cups, col
lar", and every thing nccessrjy lor dressing tlic oend,
'and on reasonable term*, a* we purchase all our good*
in the Kawern ciUcJ. Also, stiver platen for etlgravins
Oic name aud age. We have a splendid new hearse and
hnf*t>, and any number of the best carriages- Ever;
thing attended to promptly and punctually. oc&ty
■ A'es, £l4 and £lO Lfbtrlg ttreit, n«r lh< Canal.
ALWAYS on hand and made to order, a large vane*
ty'of Marble Mantels. Pier,Centre Tallies, and
Durcaa 'lbps, Tomb gioucs, .Moiiuracnts. Ac-; all .which,
being made of the ehoieesl marble, and tuhnufnctuted
principally bv machinery, will be sold lotv for cash.
N. H. I'ersons wndiing to purchase Mantel*,' ore
informed that it is heneetorth unnecessary for them to
‘go East, as I ean . furnish them with an in all
respects as good, and (freight, insurance, Ae. eonitaer*
ed,) as cheap as they can purchase theta for in the
Etui. Call and sec. i jeUU
No S Mtuk?t street, l'iusbargh, Penns:
T'HEiu'ncribera having made great Improvements
L in the construction of thetr COOKING MTOVES.
respectfully invite persons budding Steambotif* 10 cal ‘
and examine before pureharing,a» wocan supply'them Deck Stoves, Forges, and every other kind of
Copper, Tin and Sheet Iron work necessary ,tn famish-'
tii*n Steamboat.
IVo alto make to order on the shortest'notice Sal
Tube* and Cbanbcr; Copper wrrk for Steam Engine*
and every variety of won in Oar line
MM. SSoCULLY A Co n ' .
SJanofafliorf n of Vials, Bottles and W, Glass,
/.}UR fvctenr* i>eing now in full operation, we are
V* preporedtm cxccnve orders In oar line, promptly.
Djinag ilia last rammer wo have adopted a new planot
ilnueiune Window Glass, (the most appioved plan now
used in the east.) by -vhieh we turn out a superior arti
cle. Glata flaUeuni on this plan isprrfcetly'level and
true, with a very fine lustre Fainter* and dealtrx gen
erally, are requested to call and examine for them
selves. , - , '-n»a
UFEICNSVVABE manufacturers. 1
. lUnnUi|h&jii,!B»tr FUUlmrgtt t ]Fa>
RoreAotwe, Ab. 137, Wood aired, f iltthurgh.
• sSft'VlLLcoa*»anUjr keepen haad.a yoc*l own
mcnt ol Wart, of oar own mannuwiare, and
BBpeiiorqnality. Wholetale ami country Mti
■* chania are retpeetfblly mvited to tall ai;d ex
an.ine for ihcrascivri, u we art doienauied (a tell
cheaper than has ever beiore been oSered lo the pab
P 7“ Order* rent hr mill, neernnpanied liy thecaib or
cuvreftrenee. will be promptly aueoded to. feb'-iS,
Great WeilerD Butt Hinge Satnfoctorf,
\ UARONHU k Co., would inmnn the iraJetbat
A.» thf7 are now manufactoring Utebetl DcTt tli'iße
erermade in the UniteJ Skate*. At this is oar jiritici
p\c tiasine**, we intend to seed out aseompicte an ar
ticle ns can possibly be made. Those engaged in tbf
hardware trade, we think, will fiud- it to their interest
to see our Huns All orders promptly attended t.v.
iays A GARDNER A Co, corof skit * mom •:»
niKmmiaior I
Iron and Connor Tacks, j
- Alia' • :
Pattern Hubert' FoinU, of every description.
■ Office No. Hotel, Thirdetreetv
f bl _ PUSsbwrgh.
iV .Mli'.VAXt! "" ~ J**iw"fc I.KOUS
• \,l ULVAN y t LKDLTE niaanlacwre *ad keopma-
IVdL siaaiijr on hand Cut, Alnn'ded sed I'lsia Pi nt
(iitiftware, in alt its varieties, at rh«ir Wsreboiue ror
uerof AUrleiand Watcrstieew. Pitttbortbi • ;
Our Work* continue in Tull i*prraiion, and wo n««*.
■vuunly iaeurs»eh. wfc>eU eeaMgsswtofiii
order* with promptness.' I'«reh3*er« are rtspcetiuliv
sehelted to call aid examine prices and terms. -
FROM the very liberal eneonm^e
• - «<SHPf7 aubtf rdwhas rece;ve4»iace
ptUB 'By' h- ba» located himself In .Allegheny,
bus iadaeed him to lake * lease; for »
3»*«ww years, on the property he now
ueeur'iev, in Beaver 'strret, immediately be*;dc Hie
Presbyterian Charch. From lie long experiene ein the
alK«re bomness and a desire is please, be hopes to mef
it a nil receive a shareof public pairopagc.
Nowonband and inUUia*U» order, Roekaway Bug and top Baggie*, and every description of
tbit mure* made to order, from seventy-five dollar* to
Shaving and Hair Drcsslnc Saloon*
BI.aCKSON a FOUNTAIN. 7h«i*>rt'«7JW«aerj« haw
rtpsasUd sod n«*»4 so ibrir Shaving, lUir Drsistag and
- Shuapoooing Saloon ia lac nodcra style, aad or* prtpwrd to
ir«loo gcalkara ml aoct, with ease, ewafiiet tad peUtnu*
Thrrare pr»pared to wait *a all dal any tall without d*Lj
Taankfid we pa*lfw»>r»,we solieit a eoaUauane* of th«
! aim, *i our hblooo, tana of Union rtr *«t and tht Diamond,
(Unkof Alnaadtrj- Vrj’t Dry Or.'dtflloTr.]
Y. tb* propnetorsofths YenUblt fulmaßarr Calt-uf—l
aastiibrd that the Vegetable Pvtlmooury Baloua
noble mtJieinc. llh**brtu until tathi* placvwiihetdapfele
■urreti .DznulwtbaU etnaplaiuU'f lb* temp, ttUtultd with
tnnn totgh, lum of roue, asd the railing of nodi bl-ied
nbieb'bad peeviaudy resisted sauyapiworrd prescriptions
After owsg the balMta out week the pstWni’* n.u* relumed,
and ha mi enabled l i •{Kali audibly. Thii cue ocrurird
••anetime since, and themaa is mow engaged unt only ia at
tire but b) laborious Uusintu. ilrf)*ctlully jokii,
ixeonl.MUu WJ.lfl . rt .VOHBiI.L, M D;
SuU ia FiiUba/gli by B A Kahprstoek. 4 <•'«. corner of
• 6f*t and wuod, aSo cor tilth It wood it*- dertt
'/jL'l'E.TOttnNTi* lopcrier to a'l other remedies (bt
' i.oueht.rouußplioa, Bronchitis, A*U>taa.aad other Pulmo
nary rflieljon*,Ulh»t the same yarns* whocoeuanaerd the
useof it in their fraulia tm year* ago. still prefer ittooll
other pmcdiesoftbc kind; hndwharvaayhsTa heeniadueed
r to t/y'bther preporst.oni they lute alotwrt invariably! bars
dinpeoialrd or rwe-vtri; tUa benefit which ww reasonably
natirt/wlcd from the Lisb praise* btslflwtd by ibeproptiii-'in,
and bat* relumed ta the iim of JiTHti’ ETTrcTOnaKT, at
a remedy that lit* uaver failed (o rel.trt them, and which ,
prahahly oerer'had ill eooal ia arreftivg tmlamry duraKi
• refund only by Dr D. Jayne, Philtaelpbia, and aoldoa
ascueybr •• ALEX. fAYNRi •
; *dFot»r:h'«t
wzm H fIiaPAKU, • ar.tiurur j. ocncu
: U;c: ‘ H y ft^'pj lI1 j )4 DCSCAN,
'(aftb’eoldaiarnl oftfeay AShrpaid,) .
i NntbvUlc, Tenaceeec,
WILL give piompiand faithfu' a'lentlontothe tile
df, 1 Pry Owls. Oroeerie*; and MrrcJi*mliia gitn
craliy, Hber feel prepated to ntend to nil thedepan
tne»t* of! dtetr bu«!uct« eflirlemV •{.leaUng Hi no
goodt fur their ovnt «ccdoot)unpsriialfy. j-
Refer io M. Alien. & Co; J- W. Butler
'burgh, j • dec2fe<l»t
. [ , Lard OU« ' j
tjiUß oncJerniiTijd are lOlbrniilt Ibeii
X Ciutooicra atul tbe.pubhc grneruUy. wilh ait eteei*
lent ar.icla of Lord Oil of their own oanufaetuie. which
■hey will (ellon term*. Ibrir Oil they
believe lo he at good as any offered in the nißibei.hmt
. .16Jibeny'jtt,oppositemilh&eld
p A-JLard ami Ureate suitable for nichincry.An
hand; far sale al*ove. ■ • ■ - YnvllJ
. CdRD. - i
A 8 lam now engaged in the Importation nf Urnndic*.
Wines and Gin*, erelailvHy, and having made
arni&K'mten:* In «li(Serer.t pan* of Karo-xs iuid tlw I*l.
and* with well known bouse* A* iny future supply of
Foreign Liquors, which ! will be able to sell, delivered
in the CuMeto HotutiofNcW York or NewOrieansor'
in thi* city, at tho lowest market piine for easb or ap
proved paper. I have m store and cellar n very laige
stock or supeuur Wine* and Liquor* ns imported
of the most celebrated brands and vintage* for tale ■on
pieaiuig terms by PC MARTIN ;
■ drtu - corlM* tmlthficldM*
I.tREHII TBAB Just received ftom
I? Phtladelpliia and New York Pckin.Tea tiompany
a prime lot oi freshUreen aRd-BlaCkTeu, corapru ng
the following:
(iretn. , . . Black.
. Young Hyson, , FmeOolong;-
-I x Fine da . Ex. Fine do ..
. Stiver Leafllyfoa, OuloegS'iCotiolig, •'
• Kxtrafinedo: , Kuglisb Rreaklast >
Extra Fine Uonpowiler, IVrltoe Piotrerst
Extra Pine Imperial, - Ksne Flavored.':
The atMjve'leaJ Ha»e been selected with great we
by one ofittu best judges in the can, and will be sold
On a* Mir terras** can be bod at any,other boage in this
g<». ; James ulack
; deegd - comer of Ibud and smiUifieU *ti '
O l»hiMer, I'aitcrr. Maker, AUcglieny city Oil Mill, ha*
Ine newrht psiiern* tot Stoves en baud caber iii wood
•riioil ■ Mill tickling*ud fil pitiynm mode to order.
spL'Jif • • • ' : ; • • ' y \-'
in Merchant 1 * and
/' iron STKAU '
PORTABLE FUROEB—’A very convenient, article.
'Bellows and all theforgetanliernrriod by Un han
dles b) twomen. A fewjost rec’d and for sale by .
- ocitt WM it W'.MVVi ;
WHITE LEAD—IK» krgs in store, i -.'•"i-'
janir' Wbsvth !
I.H^)UIL-rlOi> bbis Panenoo’sUrand."irruper»>r! ar*
. tirle, VJ-., Webb's. do" do
just received and for ante by W IIARIJAIhUU..
fe!*3 ■ i. llptflArood st ;
highest market pries will be paid
X-'for a few barrel* of rood (allow by
fUJ MCTAlr^JWton*PieMetal (brute by . ]
-feb9 , ; WICK fc’M'CANDLfyS.
/"lURE9!vr$9 bow W It Clieeu, a ea*k« doTor
V'»ale by WICIC A M’CANbLKSg. !
l7w» Nw. 7 and &'{L/ju7mn a
XlUfiaenrUjoa/Bararlor aale low by .
sUb» 1 JIgRBBXDGE, WILSO.V f C»Wler*t.
OLD WISKEY, tc*-in wboi* and baiffcbb O. lt
WUakejr, made 1607; ISeatk* and half cull old
Poacb Brandy, nada in 1840, for iate br ••• - *
~k\>3 • _ PC MARTIN.
'TTipjEti AK—U iI»U Cider Vine*ar. for Mle by
lY - ‘ WICK’fcMeCANDLfaSj
Hf KAl> *- SHOT —Kept couMaaity oit Land oik fat
’JtlMtobjU «•-. ; JUUAVN * CULBERTSON i
FLUID—In •olie.tfeg'tLjp Iroaceof tbepeblie
for thi* article, it it bat right andpi ijar B uia tit* merit* on
which the elahafor tupport iiba*cjd iftoald be felly and fair
ly ictfecih and alto MKMguaraaiAea fcngitni that the earn
enmity will hotbeiapmid unooby tning it.
In tiafint place it is well knownlnat the generally of
black “Inks’? are competed of a held together
by gam Arabic,and When The water,either in whole or part,
i* evaporated the (tun and precipe ft un pasty maw
in the pen or inkiUnd which eontfini it.'. It it alto common
to ado viuegar to the .Ink .mixture. to make it more'
which inefeaics the er3 by acting ou the pen, if a itccl one/
corroding itthroogh insect hurt time. NcwtheI’Wrilioj 1 ’Wri-
lioj Fluid” differsfrom the*. miktstei in every.rapid,at
' ]t u a chemical wM-oo requiring i*o rbcid matter to hold it
together,therefore will never getdhick, and. being eery fluid
a/arre ipaatity flow* fiom the pea into a riven tpaee penetra
ting deeper into the fibre of the piper nuking a more perma
nent etan and one ku entity moved by attri nun than if jt wai
only plattmed on the surface. it ft'to contain*nomaiur that
hat on affinity for meUlic iron, therefore will not corrode
iie*l pent—it will notmoold, aud although. it wnteS of a
bluiih green color ye tiu a few hoar* it bedtoefadeep black
which wiO Indore tor ages. It ii« wumnted superior to the
foreign irtiC e known by the mude of “ Arnold'* Writing
Floiu,' r i&d|onMklh] more ghni foe thc'nme price. At
■ guarantee agahufimpMitioooflntty k.nd being attempted
the following recommendation* viUnuf&cc, at all tnu-jt 'be
aware, Uitiluie name* there girth comd not havebecs-ob-
Uiaed by any mean* for an unworthy purpose.
Werecommend “Hibbert’tCHemical Writing Fluid "to
the patronage ol .X thru rate article m all rre
ject*, it Qoayd tree from the pm without dogging it tip aud
m the course of n few boon beemhetn deep bright black.
&. A SaraMOn fle Co. | Wick an<l McCaitdU►»
UoUrrtiWoore. • - | John Tarkcr,
Wm Lippincotlfc San J S'. Wighunan dp .Co: '
MeQuewuu* A Doaglai' I Fr*ric » Reiters :
llobl D McTill, BookpV I Ci A hleAnuliy fe l?o»
forW W Wallace, j [
JuuUta Rolling JBilb, Aug U>,JWL
Mr Tlio* K Ilibber*—Dear Sir: I hare been usingyuor
Chemical. Writing iFluid, and find it a dot rate article fur
the office. it flowi freely man ihtlpenaud become* jet bhek
na few heat*. t Yootikc.
T H TUTTLE, Book-keeper
, for Bimelli ft. Semple.
ritUburjh, Aug 2S, l&J",
Mr T K,Hibbert— DearSu: llatiug procurtJ abottleof
your Writing Fluid, tome thieevieeki ago, 1 cooj.tier il Hil
ly tqual if aot tujierior to Arnold’* or any oilier ink nine in
uie.ik&owofi Ilrtpectfoly,
WILLIAM STEWaHTi Book-keeper^
.Nichaliou Jr Co
J’ilUtargb, Sq>t ll,l?IT.
Mr T K Uibbert—Dear Sir: |am tiring your Chemical
.Writing 1 luid, hod fmd it to be 3 mod ctcriitul artlcft for
»lr«lp»n»,** it doc* bolder thus up like the reocrililj'ol
other u>k«, it liutri ftt* and become** dun black to . a fc»
lour*. • Yuurr, Romet/uUy. '
CjulK. I»- •
WILLIAM CaUK , Lb-ok-licfpfT
fur Julia l'urfccr.
Pieptircdud »1J XVbo?*»as*i*nd Retail by Tliomu K
Ifibbcrif Diuggiit and Cbcaut; <xro<r uC Liberty anil
SsnitiiAtld MretuJ'itUbarjb, l l * . OrttuGnt.
THIS iVi fftti Ultra itupruwnter.t
bus notr been In out about two years, and tvncrrver it
i» known.'f'lerrned loall other IJeadwraiK
For clienpnerr.Mrrnßih ami convenience it ha* not
ami cana-ii be equalled, a* it i* decidedly the lnut,
clicapenttad mo*i convenientUuUlcnd in use, and per
fectly proof nsahm bug*. \ ,
TbopntcipaiCabinet maker* and Tomer* in'AJlo
gheny city and In I’ttulidrgh.have waiM 10
mamil'aeterc and sell the article. A* there urotq'urioav
a rue lea and imparled iraikuiuns In Ibe market. putelta
sera would do well to eiamir.ri Untctu: :rda plate*’ on'
which m lie genuine article the name of the patentee,
11 F. ti«ct*M,i* Invariably ca*l. A* a proofofalllliit
I* claimed -for (lataatn'i Uedateadi, the following cefl'.fi*
caie from Cabinet ranker* well known in Pittsburgh and
the West. U submitted to the pabltc:
Wej ilio,rabrcHL*er*,|Taencur'rablßet tanker* and
lltdjtead mMtu'eeiurer* of the ritid of Piusberph and
Allegheny, Fa., do hereby certify that we hate \-oerbl
ilia right to manufacture tedaieoda with (■attiuu's Fat
rut Fastenings. and cmwiiier tbo huuc ruf trier- ;a any
loatranuntwith which we are nequaiued.
James; Lemon John Al’tirfw
T B YouittJ&C Robert Ftiitnan
J B Hartley Jameaiißarr
John L'jtßtm, Jr. Jas. Lowry A
Lowric A - aebiTi Uiddle t Brennan
Thomas Farley
HachWallact ' ' Itober.ajt-lianf
J Mayer* . Jet XV w&wSkvll
J NerliajiM; Sfnydrr
Wm lltslctt
For (Lzhu la wako t.ic nlwve He.Uv.Aii
apply to ElH+Nmtf F UAZZaU, '
oetSl Ji Faieoiw.
Tco*. Hr*rn.tomic»iy oflicany, Al’Ken::*
rtCo*. * —•
Jau. A. likaitt---
Cii*i. O. Cot* XetvOfleaiijt
titATfV, UKO'I-HKK &, CO..
General Ctiamlnlon Merelianli
roll TJtK SiLK 1«U fnjtWAKDtrui t>F
Ai>. 31' I’ogdrss SUiil, New
lUrsa rt>—
Jlcw-MaruniCo, Uai.kersl N ~
r J«uni.-a MHirejeur AU->, J * l ‘
" Dnv.d VVM:r 4. Co.MjU;*!)::, Fa.
» LULftfc Mi-tiro )
Ua'-sa 4. Frau-r, .* jCnciir.s
A M'Keneu.-, Hmj,. *■ ) '
M N Keati't‘T«l'>*|» Canker, ?.s=t>*:!ic, O.
0 Jinknml* fc Co,
Petti. t'J/k* *. *’!•,
J V» l.iii. 'A*, ’■ A
'•»V;oikau A C.», J ..... p.
\V*.J#Miu-htrtirte. J 1 A.aot.i*k, Fa.
calO-Co _____ . ______
- A Clißllcnftc to;tl»c World.
nnVKM'V-Hl't: l*AJ.A»t*«*-;:U,e t*ju: u viy'oii?
X Mio will ppctf? 3><*n lif pvni, **r*n o: orj. iiat
raiiHot or sriry<rtr3 • wt;b IWi'* isiprote.i Citmicu
Siu;>. ) Uavn'lhr eay-.H* in toe yernlr c;
tiu.< [ilatcvlbat lb«eemirlr, t>y my awn ui:jmw«-?nc>»t
it, lu>V fr init tiarjv.illrJ Ili-W-uMir ror rruaera
•lascu. mu;, all k;Jjaa o. j;u)H«*ai<.‘.'/o{ . ;ikbu;<.
carpets :aI.H» clcrC4. tLaWl.r. I.\ .!;•-** UiMnsl*.’
*r. -wilhoM iiyanaf ahyu>iu«,that pate ariirr will EH
injure. Wife U«M owe Itjoutturi} perntm tn ‘J.i2>'rr:i
of :1* e«ta»gr,* feaec tflii «m- ;lw.y tvoo.i ne\ nr
a,w>'? era- ruks.' ln;n«r« iii.a
N- ,j>ai 1-K-r* thau :>UO arvclei pf l;jil aat», ;•!*
p.i’ fc&f.roes, I J«xt« ot(/ d>ui;4 ".lire* p-.rre* ui
r;;t, |r»t» or alpaca, arj fero? <rf wwro, t# which tj
chacne*) tUe roan; tltrYeion* for lore'tn; ■•. oa a JirM
itrerMry a larapie of the tin: l «t.ur tin'* .-•rebate
1 am J‘Mcr.ii:pe*l Rt’t to rerwmmend uatiy ikt.i
[ ktioar tn t-r-ftflly l*or ‘ ! N Hlfulf.
I’fifr, IVJ ci« f*err*le. rfolfl. ••Tuoi-csV. a*i'4l
hj- .. r; »; aw.LKiw. -
d-rtl ; M»w4fi
Uiffnl nnd OrnakacntMl Olfo.
A FINK ov-ortracni < f f»n<y aift'ele*,
Crrorh*': l!an, »ua sol w/;
S*lr> l Dead and Ffenc'i nlk Ui^s
fMK pur>c*, ncrr *l)lfs. j
l«oryr.ul> t ct.; pearl tuc.wQraniia,
Kimnciled nitr ivory* paper rotten
Napo'von at>«l poriixle ißfc«, :
Cigar r-a«ei, with cutnh arfi gUv* and Mirmorinuiiißi
Tw>U>r>ekf; plain cifar ci\.te»;
tn; p'«*c»n book*;
i*aj>tr.«urt:‘j neidlc Wohr;
Fanrjr knj'S E*r[jii_irrut bn-lct*;
Willow baiid*. fie. *c. Nl.v open a:.J <nr ;
r Ph».*..................v.. -vUjr
X betcre—nude on iW tftoM kppn}*cil
ttnJ otoM fntliionnMe liisinfi patlrr/t* #ndvo«tt4 v ?J*o
TUKCHKaI* KOLL, nr WWn>N ELIND. on hand
or icadeto order of all*izi , n. and at all pricr*.
TounU) .'lrFctiaiit* and otkri” »rc invilrd to coil and
pxau,:;i« ilit* alh>v<> for ilicnt*H»c/«. a* all will be wid
wbolr<alp or reinil. anti n Iti&ral dcdun.'ou rondo k>
wb>ila»nJo iHiroiiaMtr.- j
at.hlly _ __ J^'A^'VKSTKRVKI,T
\V*jin!»nTuj». l>. 0.. Den. tih, IH*.
Otear D. ThetAfton. Eiq, PitMwgh, /#.—
SI It: i tutre rcid you' a'ttrt.rtiaonient m one of tli»*
ViltVburgh paper* with noHa little surprise 1 End
that >oo have copied my bnsisfeia Circular euit/r, flint
apprdpriared it toyouraclf. l! mil taka the hbony to
Inform jo# Unit my buoirtaM Circular i* tnv owi com*
rosuion. ami m not common property. 1 aiiaH uui wib
ugly conwntto f>c placid m U position tbit will induce
persona who do not know roc in sanpoat: that I uni nr.;
capable of * omprmng my omijbnaiiint* cant; or that 1
am capable .of pilfering And oppropna iii;; the •••ini of
another io cay own dm. 1 sni{ ihornfnie. under the re
criiity of noileim; and expo*u|R jourplagiurNm :n this
manner { ZC KiJIHSiN#.
Attorney for I’ati-ois; V,' nthinewm, D. C.
newspaper.! t-nt huvfc pobluheil Sir. Thtnnp
•oiini adveru«eirtcm» will plcam insert the alinvi-. del t<f
LOKIKO’S TEnitKSTIAL iOLOIIES, containing t’.l
tin. bl«dittortrit*, and Geographical iaproftmrnls;
alto Uic'lradui f the meet celebrated 'ireau>c«»ij»t"r» Ohio-.
pilsd'Jftiw SonOi’a new Eagliih tiiobe, with addition* and.
lOMortmmli by Antiiu ti 5-cmi>.t;riunl by JU»w»U J’ark.
LOHLVO’S CELESTIAI. GLOBES, conlaiuipg all |he
known itari, nebula, Ac, Cmdpjied frvm the WorV> of
IVollaitoo. Flam* le<l, Uc 1j» ITaitfe Ifareliiu, Mayer, Brad
-ley. Uertcbel, Maskelyoe, the tmeaetion* or the Aetromw :
leaf Society of London, Ar, 6rz. [From Smith’* New Kog :
liahGlob*. : !
Johnston & Steak (on ha»*ja*t|eeei»eda few pair* of tba
abort Globe*,rorying in tire,** fulhnr*:
1 pair id inches iu diMWter,
1 “ 01 44
-1 « 6 44 [“
I 44 temi globe* 0 44 • • (•*
Amerieaoj Chros.cle, and Journal eepy. d«etl
A trill bo modi to the rresdeitt.Mana
IX gcr* and Comp any. for crcfctiwj a Bridge orw the
flivrr Moisongobelaoppoaitr the county m
Allegheny, for the- renewal of ibice ccniCcuie*, No*
117, latl, 139; in ihannire of John Hunter, each fur two
altarai of *trck in aaid Company. Huai cfiniiieate* be
ing loid or rinsleid. ■ IIICIIAHD MATV !)• •
Attorney for Iho Executors of Julia Hunter, dec’d
delS /
C'tO-PAttTIbKUaiUP— Tnotuuacribci*, on Uie
J tilth inn, ataocmiod theinsidvee, under tho Jinn of
Brown Jfc Cudwrunn, ui Ibo tvhtdtynlu Hiucery nnd
General I'l'oduco and Couitmrfuou buainna, at No M 5
Liberty airc'ct.iiid rcipecilullylsolicit the patronage of
ttetr litrndi and ibe public m
M i> uKUVVii,
' deegt ; ■' .‘ACULBKRrgt)W.
• IiEHItY i NluiatnsON,
. I ' MtUiofacMurcji of
Hoi 3*4 South Front Street, ,
Back of 7 A. ttiisrm'e Vobinrl Wore Mqnufy
A li-rt rriihX. S Moon, n» ilir odic* o“tln#
A. Mcfi.bitiuV llei**!* l*rit>'ltiiT(»h, will bp jnompU;
aticmlrd m.' IHiriiO
_tep!o-dlr[ Ajg.WICKKRSQN
- HARNESS WtgEhtWO-.ChtuM it.
. VMladtlfkim, Ut« oftbe flrmof Ogle ie
' Watwu. rvitwetfiiUr inform, hi« friend,
ll>* public, Uut l»e lu, and will keep
Contiiutfr on }»*nd tod Car MAriinent of
«shMo«ble C#m*c«. Vehicle* of»1t rlyl«« ml doeriMfon,
t3*o« to oHcrjat uie tbortMl j»'uit''l«cin{ie* > M<| rtmiUd is
he v«fy be*t nut»Mf»or*eleeted iwlrriaL ftklMy
rpilT: sobvribfr would rcprcifully itiviie'i.niieaand
i Clrnl'rmrii about viMisiß I’itiiailrJpliio, rnul tn wrmi
o f f ANOY KoHS,6UCi>Mfllud». Itnae, Tippit*, & c ,uj
r Jva n»aeoil befoin pmchorttß thevwill
rind it to their aJvunUße and rt* nittake. Alt onlrre
received shall he faithfully attended Ut at Wo 83 Worth
Third W, above Arch, Fhuadelphia.
tnMUHMmlsninm' : ; mi
Kamsay &. M'Cle'.lauii
Mute* Uuilaek
J McMtiicn fc Co
Alerander Law«cu
CiflCtßfciti. O.
• Z«us«.irt!!r.O.
op ill op.aciiifTlON*
Most extraordvlcm/ Medians in the World. I
Tha nitaet.(i patupin GcattlouiMj »uns liiata cheap
er, pteaeujier, and frarractcd *nf«rwrtomt eoLL 1 <r«um
. dacuc without Tomitiag, purging, ticfcacabr df
biiiUlinr thejv.
The grail beauty tP-* t 'ijS*i‘iap»ulfa ore*
•»l oihei Medicine ii 'tunje it brieor
sltilheßodj. Hi* SPUING ANO
SUSUMLR MLDICI . Botoalr putiu
the Who!* iyile:o and. a, but. it Crtaui
*N<io, Pure midJittt imed by tto oihtx
Medicine. .4ud iu lii lofiti -ntcdetfal
tuccen. • ilhu i>e/ioj . two year*, more
than d.'»,<XW cure* of t i»c; at kail 2,UUP
of tbueTrerecvelide ihaa'
il OUU ca>o o£ Dj»
?,<tw cweioCiiJtiti
2,tAX) curt of Scrvl
- l^iUumtsut'llN
Vi*n*t o. Jrojwj,
iUAXJcamuf Cuntumjituu. J/
AuJ ThouuiuUof cun of Uikuc ofU»« Blood, viz: tl|«rfl,
LrTtipclu, ball Klieun, I'implwonlhe Kate, Ac,. Ac. T
.gtilitr wilh numirvu* ca«» of Sick Headache,. i'ain iu the
iideaudChctt, Kpiaal Atfc'liati*, Ac., &c.'
Tint, wf are f-nrc, rnuil appear iucrtdiljlt. but at lizvi
Ulfcn lio« pli)*iri]u» *jcolj from alljurtj or the
UuileJ Slate-, iiih-miriig is* ufcilriardhnty cdtn**/ IL. Via
Uiukirk, liwj. uocol' the mo>t m'pcctabjeilrugguta iu New
ark, .S'. J.,iuforui» ci that lie ean rcfeVto niort than ISO ca
>ri jo il|al piwc uloiie. There are Uuiluatjiis'of run in li»
ITU of flieW York, which itc will refrr Urvrith pleaiori
nod lu iucii of character, It ii Ihe' bat lordicine Jhr tha
‘ i'lCTuilive ofdiioUM fcuenra. It undoul)ledEy i mr<3 the lire
■of mure than * _ I * -
/ ii,Wsf 1-HllJJßzs Ttic 'Purr SeLisom T
A* it rrfnoi’ej ihe'causeof disease, asd pttparrd them fo
tl>« Summer warmi. ■
1 Ukitid Statei Orncciu .
Csrr. U. \V.« , ilcCLEA!t l ur tuk l) kited Utatm Navy,
tod member of the New Jersey Legislature, Iras kiudly sent
tu the hallowing cerlihnle. ltlella it* own itury.
*, ItiuWiT, Jin.ij, led 7.
A year (tore I vu taken with the.ladueaxa, had my whole
syticio kltlu a debilitated »uit. Imi reduced U»_,try l>r.
Tdwnsend’* ttarrapsrtlU, aud ailer (thing two, ur three but*
lies, I wti very touch relieved, end attribute it entirely to the
Kuid £ar>aj»trilla. I hare evittiuncd taking find (hot
1 iaiprorc every day. ' I believe it mrtil my lit, aud would
ret be wilhoot it uuiltr ony eomldsralioa. . ..
O, W. AlcLcxx, Ule U. 8. W.
BCIMDU. Ccitp ‘ t ..
Thu cerliGeat* eondusltely prorc* (hot thi> Semponlb
baa perfect Control over (he cvwt obAimle ducats of the
blood. Three perrons eared in oac.boim; is unpxtetdenifd.
" Tutus UniLsaXii. • r
IT. Towsdeud—D*»r Sir: l hove the pleaiura lo inform
jo* (hot three of ay tbildrea tiau fmeu tureduf tha.tkro
udj by the use of poor era I ten l medicia*,.'' They'were
uniciod \ery smrsly with bod turn j hare uiljULru lb or
bottles I it look them twaj, to which liCul ufuil oaier
itro obligation.- You*, mpwelfulijj j
... Isaac \V. Cluui.lWAVoHferii,
’ New York, Marsh 1, MST..
! Dr. Town*end’i Sarsaparilla w a aud tpredy
eere (hr incipient Couumptioa, .Barrt:uiea»,L«ue.irT!a*,or
Whites, obstructed or difficult .Mcustnuiiou, iucoul/haettee
ef Urine, or iuroluatsry illmi argo thereof, etui Air Uih gra
«ral prutiraiioa of the sjuias—so tuslUr wtietlicr the mult
or uihffiat cause or causes, produced by irregularity, illness
tr areldiol* . v . ■ ;i
Nothing eon'be nun surprising than ifs tavigcrstinc ef
frets no the husiui frame.' Vetrosi, all vcullms* and Eu»L
tude, from tokiag it, atunec beemurf' acd fliU of energy
under its IcCueeer. it immediately ecuntsriets the nerve
(tuumof the feuala fraas, which u Ute great cause of l-a/J
It will mot be oipectrdcf us, it eases of ui drlieatt a na
ture, to'ethibii certificate* of eurci performed, but we can
auur* the aftwted, that hundreds of uki have beta reported
to as. {severalcues wbett fuaihtj have beta without child*
tea, alter i««uig a few Lotties of this invaluable medicine,
have been blast with healthy ofliyting. -1 r
: Jh. Ttnvnrmd! My wife Lciog greatly dblrrtsed ■ hy.
ataioeu and-generat debUitr,- and sufffnejj euuiuualiy
by |<aui aad a ksntion oeariag j.ianiag- of the
womb, aud with other £iCecities, ami krotro tern
Where joor medkiue bss effreUd frral ctrre*vsui also bear
ing it rteonawadcdlhrtueli eases as !lmede*eribed,l eblaio
id a bottle of your EttracE vt Sarsaparilla, cod felhrotd
tl-.e directions yoa gave me In a ahort period it removal
bar complaints and mtored her hrahh. Deing grateful tot
tU beaebts she received, 1 take pleasure in thus aelumwltdg
leg »t> and raebaipeadiay it the jiublie. -AIID. Moou, '
. Albasiy, JLeg.]7, IC-il. Cor.wMrraadkhd Lydius st*.
Sept. £3»l«i.,
ZTTVtmsnei.' Tool! sthua this nay eeaerrtt—llaa is
Ueertily thalay wi£s n»edone bottSe ef jour fcampariiti'
pevvioui to Jxr ouedacaral, under' tS* tax* alamiey aal
dslieale ei»smaUn«s, Vise troubled unth the drojir, swtt
-1.32 of the t*L, ttrrms adcctious, aud iffj much etbililn*
t«f; with mWwrrautcs. and the reeaoußcsdalkn of those
who haJ used H.stil sraarndWed Urtry with bttle or nj
feitH, aud islhee it O say, the medkiue the happy and
desired affect, Cct only in the benrsof cooh3cttn.t, bcl
tliu eipira'ua of eae week ef its me. thv dropsy and air*
rcssalfceuen nre war b> iu decree, and her
beulthusow btlter tfri'it had been to a h*g ume pn*
VO K.’ ■ • • ■ ' ■ I •
if Uiu will is, efaav errvice t? ysoiorany oaa who
i r>.Ms tbt SUCCC3 of the Vainlcjus, y«a are talarey welrosw
w ii. 7 . - •
l subscribe tny«l/y»ur mart obr-Ceet and ohbrvds'rrast,
• ' • a » iuujus.'
This Estrsct uf Samj'truis hei Ken viprtisly fedperel
Iti'nfertnre la ff*ate cutaphiisti. ft * Cunals wto lieu res
mo to isiijcue ihe rritirwlpsncd, -
ti»r« e/ iiyV,*’ (tra'i'i' urgtrrt ta-'.im re, \» ii naecrUrn
jvrtiruim to nsy uf
»‘iah to-nive an «ItmK at thu time m‘ UJs.
M'»y be dcia;<4 i-r icirril Oj being flilsinsdicmß A»r '
i, ;t lew TsixtUM is tho«p uiw vre s|')>ru4Sbing waamlumd. ’
t> it tecatcabud b> asstsl., nature by uutchtvaoj; U«s pbdo
and tHtigsntihg (be ryHem. • lcdrrw,uuiiaad«nne is brat* •
twble to allrl the dtiKUds divuts la Which Vtussco are
•ul’jeCt. 'i' ’ . . j
i» brsmihe whole tysteo, tenor* Jhe rutai
nt euerxw*—Hy ihkik' Ure «f lie Neij—ik-I
.•u itr. nilsuleUeq ths * as iu )<aJsiic a wWijHitn'-;
UratisM, whkh !*ii* cane of must iwliricfi tahra (hr
weiiKbuaaisdabiean. *
(lU'.Ld EVi\D THIS. ;•
Vie uhu lisi# puisciexVilvsi-njS, halt ry*», l>V!jire n (K
hei, r<»i*h sli.a, wf fr*teto,u»t ut v uet'of iiuriit:*' ns><
• buuin *w tn« nf 21s TbWTMcnd's lt will
rbaejokr Ll Vid. ft<a»>e lb* f.*rcVl»» en-t bbi.lclir*, nod
Ctrr jvu ar.uu’-wn, i j«/k Sing sjrs, Sfce Sfynir, »>hl beaatifhl
ron.p»«<.'i-ii—»!i uf ir6uJ> ere uf iiamnow i-slue to taimtr
n»a tadrsn. j
.No En>d ur birdirine ho* <*rr bran d4r<asrtd whwh k
scertY reermture thv gosuc juiec or SAUai lu
(-Kisad tlrragO.imu; tbs urgtus la'digraiem, m tliu prepa,
ration of .‘a.esjanttj.^
t!.»ac IfirnsTaanT. Albany, !*4«f 10,
f*» Tui*i*tn'fV 1 li.itr ai£»e*r»t F-e KifTki
yeauwiUl d)»pc(v~ia u« ll»>4 Attcolrd w.thbuuy
iu» t( •loovM-ii, h>M nf appeliU, rtlr.iur heart*Jen, and a
e .r«< i.etM'N. t.> »l, kuid*»l'fK.<d,<ad il,r »twk> (what 1
a-ouU eat,) 1 iu*Tc ben uuakte U* teUm toil « A..TI |*^-iuhi
mi I'ij *t.uiuieb l tried the u*iul Kundie*, hat tlxy had
l.ul little ur D‘» eSrrl m nr£ th» cunifUwl. Nun
J*crd, twu *»«lli«*K>o9. to try j.»ar of
|.*rilla l and 1 ma*tNy with little cvulwleeci, bat after Bains
u»4»ly two ht-ti.-n. 1 ti'iad my *('!“ l,le 'r**ti»red, uod the
fitariMiru' entirely rriaincd.sud l w.kuld laruertiy recunt:
iß* ud-the uu uf it to CieMC «U'. tvoc Iren (iflicUd ** 1 Lilt l
Sven. \ ouli, W, W. V‘a» Ziirifr.
,\ot i>», l?-5f. Autealalafad.
AfMD.ST .{ MlKsaifc
Head the tlUreiuj, ksd duoht if you eaa,'o«at eutuunoj.-
be tfiiicvt THmniah .ine of ih* eermlhundud
eaara that Ti"'u*end , » 2Lif«a{«riiU ha* eur.dl
l*? VhiP'ttiikJ—Dear .Sir. I »ti takea. % l«t(ie orer a
year ago, with a ureft* n.ugli »>i.l juib ip nay «de. It m
erea-rv os isc eer) UU, inOixd. J *o phiSTutated by J>iiy-
U’J..»I. i»a»a the .(aicA r>ti>iu>aplU!| 1 liiaedlaige -
(Kiaa'ui bad miter, had night iu. al>, aid tiukkag very l>M:.
ui) .ScW »»iJ,lm! i .Uibi du iv'.U.iug fir tM. 1 wyi.J lh»'
h.npilsl nkhiq«.«l' being beiiclillrJ. but net pruoiKUK-cd there
a* I •aaliciw grecliy doUtneii at th* lung, »»,t
eoulJ l.anll) !>m(be : 1 •o'Mi it|»etlil
. to die , W 3« o.iiiiticd l» ray W, ami way otligbd to late
wither, indeed 1 casnut /,i*t y*u any that
wunld du juititt e»« l iupj»ned | by ray friend,
lobe put rtnitery ; Iliad tried a-gteat uumUt of /eme-iu-*,
and ml termed Ui tw to tin jiMpo*,. 1 read uf:«i«ie moat «>:
lrai.r.liii»fj cure, j-erfi-’med 1 uy your tafilacier.. aod U tel]
»■•*« tin* truth, ) unpcwil there wn» WrtW- bamMg ib lima,
li.ii 1 nu (D.lcce.l to try it, I did an. and an) Very thaakfil
I did. 1 muD-ii ur tliat lam etiitrrly well; bat am w Car
fccovercd u tu b* about Dy Imtinew, vtrf b<ip< to be e-uttre-
Jy well in a few week*. My caugh aud jwia (a the Mile,
and night iwtali lute left rue, and r»ur but very liu>, and
.arn liut gaining uty tuuul »‘.rrogtb. I felt it a dufy_to gtia
you a itautncol u siv.cuwi; to pcbluh if ji m
frraa Ur.owh»,A7 Utile It, Druoklyw. .
Opinion* of Phyilclana.'
Dr T'>wcuh*nd it tUwatdJu!} rrcti«U)> ortltn fioa rlif*
• ■cum in diff»r«xrt paiUof tl*«' Vaiuu. ( 4
ThiVti Uerrtnj tint *e, ih» uuUtriigttrd, I'hjriciuit of
ifuCitfof in eurarrous cuti jrrtactiVtJ Ur.
f4n»(uMU *l rßoJUlieteii Unuutl
rxlsiiW j* r)wrtl«o<u of toe bimpnilta in Iht tuarLrU
■ K i‘ I’ruxuj m v
J VViuon, k n,
il L) Caiuu«i a u,
AJUKJ, 1, IM.'.
Thit u tn certify thet we, Iht u&dmigatdt practicing
Thoinwuita l'liyu'ruiit of the City of Alban; bate Ircetmt
y prctcnbed DrTimsarni’a G.ta pound Kitraei «>f alits
.•rilla, aud &-um tt< known qiultiie*, would rtccnuaetjd . iul
L, public for mercurial, olltercutaaeou, wo
earn, in preference hi any of Ure idmtmd teWdicj iauuti
run. A W Ue*««u_T r,
Albany rtpril - W* & UrtjtMu.Tr.'
. rriutipaluSce, ivll Kuitrra il,Kua BuiUioif. p{ A'; Hed-
Co fciate»l Dofl/m; Dr Dyolt $ Sou*. fit! North fee
«■« FhiUdrljibii; S 8 Ux&cc, dninr*!, BiilUnre; khl by
throughout the United Sun-*,
He»t Indict »:td Site Uarwa.4 , [ •
Xun« grnuiuc, ui.lcm pul tji in the large »qu*re botlle*.
which contain a Quart and ii'futd with the: nritlr'tr tiraalme
»f 8 I’ TO WPiSKNP. tad hi) name blown id Uta .*iy«
From the New York Daily Fiore* of .Jj+jL9iM7.
A pretty thurg appeared inrhe.lttel. yetlcrdny. It w».
tlx 4’lrrrtiur.g cab,or.StrM|ar>lb KiprraVorDrXowuwnd.
The wl.ulcthiugi* gnt up iu g.od tuie: wime of the urua
mental UmlKape jaunu.ipare beautirul.whiehJtogethcr with
tb« rcroll work, ii« cold, gluUnio- in the .in., :uide a ,how
rarely equalled in Droadway. V/e Ukr II.U or.portß Ui
**7 we belter* this ettiacl of the SariaparilU determ the
popularity it hat acquired. i
Kerroui Debllltyi
n _ . ..» NtwYon£,MarchC7,!W7
Dr. Towntemlt—l hare been afflicted more or lea for 3
year*, willi n dreadful linking in ihe chett, pddruew in the 1
head, lot* of appetite, puu in the limlw, end general debility,
brought 60 no doubt by the commas! heat and cold (o which
I an. .object to iu jnyWneu at a dyer. 1 hire takcu oditr
medicine*, too numcrou* to mention, but with (tula or no mr~
1 1" h r»k»«»«f» a tk. f,. , u,|.'
of your SarMparilU, from which I Fuad great relief I Uara
.mee taken aural more Udtiee, and 1 cutuheiiltUnrly M y
it i* Hi« beat mcdicmel hare mrtaken-lha X mu my
cfiert l.rooe, and! Cal quite a difTeum man sILWr .isce
HureulrMy« r Har»«nJi>.. Itarenowa biller appetite
than eurl had. My wife har taken it with Ihqutne liaefi.
•era! raralU. w..u J r<CMUna4 il a. a Cmiily medicin*
penmlly, and I Uel wirmcrj that if M o«d iht.e would tint
the .torotcb wul bowd. their regular tour. It keen tl.e blood
to a licaltby (late, »i> that d.*e«*e u uotwUkclf U. attack th.
*y»u.n Aodln a | (I.OM who are not jo abwlthvitate. Inr
try Dr Towrueud'eSUinapahlla ■ ft •
•#. «:' . Tnt »«*«Sr*ita,7HAHe*ui -
n i . t>»»kep|n th«.DJouU>. ‘
BelowlinuareouniofanotliUchildtt.ed. DfTowavnd'*
La* med the, lire, c f.thoumd* of-clrtldrer..-
Si.iiTi7.St ”
...k mil.On Urn* l*t ■BMi'iHl'lkiMk.iiMM »ilk
!“ r ‘I 1 * 1 "au** .f ,™r
'iiretw.Lmcilietnf, ll curtd n dwwil,-for »kick Itu
.«,^Jrall«l„rr t n.l.M, _ . Ta.i n.fcnUllr,
,• ',-'«SK!^rMirk«,aiiis* l »», , l t'.
rpWS*BkB rtklkpM fe dllJ.n^g ,M j.M,!?l,“
Hinlaml’i Celeiirntcd Flaia EldEnesiai '
Ti. 1 .-fiSinsr *«'*!«
i Vlt ° r tjc . a>lt^lr I'bro tirbcnaU of
M»gne»la, POacwei all }bemcJrra| qualiiiioflhr Q.ieet pre
ywraliuot of .Magnesia, without bemc fiablo Jfi
tioni in the bowtiiior loaetinjorinoS* upon Ibe coaUoniia
• • Df, {letinc’iWorni gMerAe'
‘ r |® b ? Vinl of Doctor
lMcUf.e-e IVorwFpmfcr. • child«f
paued upwanli of, 70 worma.and bv il.t»jja«of nnid
nicdiciiie a ch:ld nf my own pourtj if | ar - 0 worm*
1( i» truly the nmrt worm tncdafne I rrer
aci-n.- I must lave jwn moic vialx. i-
Fol nle b, 1 JUDD * On, n? W°u,
* ] wM*
TT t E. TODD hake this day ttewTefi ffireetDom
tl.. the manuiaetnrers. asdoterior Mfe ufiew Y#tk
•f caifloiThaw Extra Superfine
exmessiyfor our own aalck and wimi^
Lease of Saxony had Merino under Shins, wrappers
and Drawera,some veryfine*. . :|. , r . ..
Lease Bosoms and Collars, iadudiajßds’otcs'With Col*
• |ar* attached. I _ -..1,. .
1 case patent swivel jcint Saspeadci>wiih other Goods
too numerous to mefllion.iucludtnf bllc and fancy
adjusting stocks- . -’ • • ; ; r : •
- Satin Bow-and plain Sana Stock*.- * v*
Bombazine bow and plain Uorabajdne’Stocks. •’
Silk and Satin Tics, rich *Uk ttnd.euh Cravais, wuh
one ea« of low priced Shins which we are iurn in
quality have never been sarptssed in ptiec in thU-clty
We iniend to eJo*e the above Gaodsoff bribe packaee
and would call the attention of Purchasers to our stock
of Goods knowing that low-price* »iil;awuru'lbeia a
ipeedyfale. t, IUtKTDDDt .
oetsM flswood-st,ap#t*ir*,2do e pi{ V€ j ow 24 rt •
' Wholeiale'Dry —
NOW eperung at the Wholesale Dr* s<*><l* .Boom*,
Ci.Markcl sticct, thl *Wiy,iloO 7 |»r* of illpaec4i*d<
pcs English Merino*. •JoaseatifOrtgon Plaid* and <sih*
mere*. 10 pcs French Broadcloth, 4i p<J* fancy ca-'si
tnere, S ca»c« cascineu, 10 bale* red, wtjile.aad ydlow
flanncis w 3<iop=s blankets. aCw-ityles e allcow; domestic
gingham*; gloves and hosiery, legmlier .with « geueral
ns-urimcm of Roods. McrcbanU are invited to examine
our stock, as wo arc confident it will favorably compare-
With Kaslein stock*.itisijlectcitfpricesi ,
r _dcl7 A A MA*OM Ik CO"*
I'MV invites the atiemion of and others to
Ins excellent n*»runmiof aUivp guods,‘ln bis whole*
sale rooms, up stairs,aiwell as hi tbrreUildenarunenL
including— . -| . .. , . ,
Dark mix’d Sillncll*;
ilka* and block do; • ’ : •
luvistliie green do;
Satin Mriped blk do; • ■ • .
Gold mix’d Icajw; blae mix’d Jean*-,
Gold mix'd Tweed*;
AHof.wt-icb will be sold low by tbo piefee nr yard- a!*
ror*>u blind, Cioih for cloaks, nnd barred Pelisse do 'for
LBing* __ dcit> '
Tifew Antral,
JUST Received the balance fif onr fall shock of 1X1)1 A
ItUBUKR GOODS,comprisingtb« fallowing kinds:
-• India Knbber, l>>ngoverooat«,saek-ovcreoms,sliort
overcoats, et* es witnoni sleeves, capes with deet**,
ponchos;legging*,' bats,camp blank* is* horao-oontry,
travelling l*agv, saddle tnw*. gun cover*, pro vision, ba*i,
steam loot bucket*, nip pillows, air. cushion*. nir beds,
bag nicks, for tbe.|ad JeOtftd eftctlnesj-all of-which • we'
have a complete a»-oninem that wo offdf wholesale or'
retail on the Lowcstposs'ble ieras,at out India Rubber
Depot. J wood slrtci. . - [• ••• .
nvdl I } kilPtin.LlPß'
i. litxveJolt referredal*rgendd:tion»] sopplr of«xlni
Fn ncb Torkerri .shawl*. At these coeds are'very
Kkree, we wouldfrespectfully incite i£e ladles r> call
and examine tmr fclock, as we ore sdlittfftbeia vers
low. . ,ALKXINDKKfcOA.Y *
priS ‘ . ‘-M market at. ft W«or4j«inonfl.
JUsT HKCLlVEQperftxprers at ttiUUL'JN Klf£
BUY'S New Fancy Store, Market btrect—
KdorCordsacdTa*»cJi,forLnditVClask»i ' >
r ** • u Gents : .h “
C pcs Scarlet Silk Filnse,Sl Inco '-rldc:
S u bloc'; . ; ** * • «;
- ' a X.lnch u ; '
Wnli a large assortment of oilier cn-arrj. . dell
hKCi''.l^iTl>—bV-AdIHU X »*a KjpreM*— '■ •“
•J Super«appf Eo'eiUbDrab Cloth; ■*'{
!»• do do Pearl Drab for over.t>o
•<ne*s and mclc eoau; which will U wade to order u
the tboiievi lattice and inott re*jwm»li;,ienin by
dell 70 wood (L) dobra above 4th''
TiUESK tibub»=VV. lia’vo Jr.tSJSiSrETeF.
XJ j>res» a veijr haodtoac iot-Xcutfacs* Ureal (food*.
COOltUltlf Of— 1 . . ; ■ - .
stapercnbroidered CaitunerC : -
1)« limeade merino doj j
Fine plain Casbtnere*, a beatiiCul article;'' ’
Gaia ami Cashmere ptaids. •• < >
“J? ; ?5 market st cor of iha diaioond
t'X*ANifi£X«Sr - I(eri, brown and butvd Fiuiuel*-
Ab additimiai supply rcroTtd from Uie nuujttfa©-
««rert. Al»o, afcw piccte low pncVd-Cow'mea*! tor
■».!** ty tJEOCOCHRAN
- P . X ! *
eate» >«j»rrtinn and^tiwviaastuact
k?aitd«oioredEo£li;!i^ileuas t }Uft reed veil UiiMtJrwn
Importer* by. .; , WfllTE
*cH? ~ 'i •* W Wood lit ,
||JSUIJ(U —gmtt figaretL tnobatr and *>U uverf
•*> eoat ir^jdini,Jok lecSl by Greene * Co'iExrress,'
tu sj days tram Putladclphut- or sale by
• ■ •' . w wpßti c
T>l P, while and yellow flannel*; also, a largo lot of
Aihtavyiwiticd flaaflelsJastree’diTorrac very cheap.
’ ttp>7 • 1 «i. W W rnfiSiamoml
Comumpiiui, remember thsi itia Thotapserft
■ Compound Syrup,vf for end IVoerf ;iA"dp
iha which is daUu ej/eeiing-ntchrc
, avsrkabx cum mv ;
. CO.NSUgimoXhf •
Bfunrhiiis, Spitting of Hood, Psia ja the Side tail
UrrMt. Scr*'nirv*i, ttmnn«ft.Falj;fe*tioa ofths /
lla't, IV hoopief urwip, Hire*,.
,V«noiolria» Liter Ceramist
n»{ Dt«r***d Kidi***, «tc,
r pitKKEFOfi£ v bmw««ifali sparwai nlstaru cfTsrw
X * . >
ii. <-I’, TViwwo—D**r At—lb* bcmtflll
have npennxcj Itm<ow nMoCyoarCotitpoMM'Sintpof
1 tr tsd N»git* rv*d«n. R toy doty to ihfara )«a Qiiu. l
L»i bwd Lag attfets 1 with* Vi+j tail e*«gfyswaduf trim
[Mi'aln the treat, wiih.gmJ ofprvM/at, su&cnltj at brsWb
i yurt and tuo of M-fvtiM. L'jif vkHont maecxl *ub*vt
*d>ct'' 1 iurwtd,' 1 hrard l>f ysar Medina*. but W
-1 ihg-Atmc u iul»g Boat sjttrbW a«d«ute*,, I Utfogfel I
•ecU »Jb»re. tJ »h»l i h»I ben u»(. V'iedlßgMytcll
(cuiog wit r*e a-irlt-ad‘fA*ti«d«i>we M Ufa bills tf
jteprfaUiß, ayiog }• h*t>M«d bn life to iu rirfuta tf, j,4*
ud.actaauacot «aiD( it,aaila
i re l M alta tm tetiju, i \n>na(teu)j raitnl u
btalib, ! ‘ ? - ■
J*o!«7 iur <lm kwil ef atfaen I mir Om (Wibitf
•Imimdl Ai.j fwU)<r csa l* n*4« at isj.rt”*’
£ti»r«, Mi Cttur'iM firm. • ! i
» joun, PHToVr.
StiU anvlkcr Hemerkvbit 'Curt* ■
AUnU hs mri livi, is 44 tW tadtatsrj
aa'att vf a) Uitiotrt, 1 v:i» aibtttd witK pm» »
4j>r L-rrsO. of lUf Iwari tod »!roftm*» of fcrtaOw
vnkfa w*rr »c».«a lUluitad Vf the (> tvs
«* tr(aHtn starlit mad partial para y»r» e Itoj toafai—tlww
r-f • dtntnii batag aUritdrd
witii rprtUo-,* pt blood. For abmil ivw jsita 1 m occawao
aitj-tlwoww nta cwaliMCM, winch Irtt autaamiwrabb
•U’vrf fMblcaraaad Wgaa la aSccl vf nxtsL Inwiw
toliivs Rjy ladiriaf* »«ra atswa or Wasteritr, until ttlttijtb
lltry'lnerfaed U aotlr a (kgsc*,-and iW »»}!cae« of it*.
»rt w wrnttitd, (Vat (er a'khulf jw.l vh
<raai»l« aMUad n»an/kMuarM. Puirirg Oiltlja* I nMuolf
*d *ae>» abir |tkr»*cnai nod nUcodrd to liter pracriptiofa*,
bat all (Vnr thill was uvini iag la prutart tot Wi
•t Uajlh tf*ryjtganltd ay mortrj a< a&Oxtly ' 1b
(fan 1 vat iolonbtd vf ll» taloiary ff..
Oranposnd Sjropof 7*r and VVwd'Xaflkvl**’
om naswfaaltuatUr Uiouglil tin! j<»tn tp t 9 ■
stfwtitUa* *T a rec-orrry oliay AmcrjinlUa bf rain*,
sal bring Majesty alrnad u> trjMhiajw’tdklM,' I van
at Kuctb prvmUd «>*«* to da n»,' aul 1 hit* bow lo »jr. 1
ibol bj th* kwof tit Wuaaiay fetalik kaitwan
law avtraK* u alt(»liab«Mar*« with p«nti«h fiwilitya
iiwi). iiKxariMYt’ck.
nt IKiIU- “*
:6V Uicfckitui Tcnraiski*.'
culj 6r ANLiNT.Y k. DICKON atthtftV*.
e4mrtrKflß VniKf itmu . '
SWd by,L. U JI.OOX, Jr . PiluW|h,\aad rn)<«ruU«
Drtinitl* qtberelly.' Fffr*M)r u , : or-Ge»det^rperboOjt.
CAUTION.—Beww* of iatiUtuM, aadporthiw.Tbcai
m,V ),'itn]K>ind WpTipcfltr ftom cooi
or if tbu*t abo*« tl*« cupaewi of draliag ia #*m
trrfiit*. • > t declid'hn '•
• tiuxtcx pswrnmet l :'••■•}
rpuß heetaiticJehsiown for cleaning port whitening
X tb* Teeth, »ueagthcnin<; the guurft,’ iwcetening ibe
breath.Ac- it thouM be wad every night with a
l>n»h, and the teeth and won Us will only reqquaatligti ,
'writhing : in the moramg.. Wrl ihehruth
water, or «»M willuwwer. ami rub it a I'cwunie* arf
the p»*te, when' ephugU will adhere tor exahmg tho
teeth. Ilic>«T«ailelic>Oß*ta*iettt tlibjnouthianttim*
part* a wnM delight fcittragrhnee to the breath, Ijuand*
uimv*H*d a# a nleavuu, eCeaetoae, cquvgniettt. nh4
fafedentrifire, lti» warranted not to injure the teeth,
liuiLi [>■ /• ;
Uy neinj it regularly* i|wiUre»oirp|he tartar and'
prevent tu acciimolßi«m~prcvc«tithe' toothache;
airengthen thugum*, and prevent all diuuc« o( turn .
UhrioixU, pUywrian*. and |U« recomrooud it fa 1
decidedly «iperiorto every thing'of the kiaiira a*el—
Aik/oryherman'eCorapoond Otria .TbWh Faate, alid
obucrve bleeigimtarp U attachedioeachpou - . *
■ RrroninieaUrd l>y'l>r. CnftlefSdl ilfoadway,ondof
our l.r»i l>c nU*n,nnd by mn*i -of ihcdld'etiabUslied
onci in the United Put?*, and even • Ueaiively used,
by the Nobility of KagUmlenid Fm* - *.; <
A huge pmponiooof the disc nte-t baiafhict mankind
ariwfram «om<s derangement of tht atMtaehorbowdls
which a timely ufce of the Ciulit up Lbteugea#oulo
entirely obviate.. Feraoat of bilicui halma »honld;al
ways have a bor at (hand, and take ague whenever
thvy feel the ieaiiderajißcmeatuuhelrlicaUh. JAJndiv
eiotutwo of there LriiengeawoulJ preveiitthov)uida
Foroaleat WSI." /ACKSOVt},-coraci of 'IVtWiO and
Lil>eHV«t» , .. i 1 ' ■•' •- deeil,, •.
LAUJEMtviuiUte Common Prepared Chalk. lore
often not aware bow TrightfallylnjuridUs *r 14 jo
tbe akiM> hiw coarse, how rough, Lore hallow, ) dip w,
and unhealthy tb« skin appears oflr.f tiling prepared
ehnlk!. Uesiuevit i«{n}ari<ia*,.capuimiKalai£<: qiinn
my or lead. AVe Iwvp prepared ■ lieunaful vegr-iabte'
arlieie, which wo call [JONES* BPANISU LrUY;
WHITE! li is peril-clip «||
delct.rnooKja.-iliileijand'it imparts to (hoskin antutj
laUbealihy,alabaster,clear, firing white, at the sftir.c'
mao scUok as a,couadtcofi the skid,? making It-eeA
ud unoott. i *•• > ...
Ur.Jaine* Andcwoti,.Tractieel Chemist or )Ts»sa>
cUuseu*. sap; “Aflefanalysing JonesVSpaiilib Lillt
Wniic, I rind it posi-eiseathe must’bentnifat-tad natu*
ral, at ike same limb innocent whiter I eret tn\4.
Certolnly eanconseieltimtuly rncotnpeit'd iu use to di
whose skin requires beautifying.’.' . r ’-~: .1,
ceuts a box. >. V: ’"-, * f j
[0“Sold by f \YM.JACKriON,m hi* Boot and Shoe
Biirro,K> Üb&iy street, head efAViiod: m the Hen 0/
theUifUnfl** • !.. • ! ’i/gi
I Jidlcs, tad/es, I'm astonished,
When yon know that >'«>u are promised * : :
' ARBturuiiUMihispttowykrhUo, ; •; 1. -
• Thatyou wiU still ate 1 common elullc,' •- i •
-And look a deathly yellow itteht, ||( ■ , r ;
1 ‘ The theme bfUojthter add w.taik. is ; //
I Ifym would use ft bo* of JUNE'S Lilly.whtte, it
1 isoai.t give ypbr ekia <un' alabaster yet : natural White, -
and at the same time clear ntu] iinprots iu Sold -at
JACft£UN’3,fcBUbehy pe|>ox.
"ij t : f •-«»*«
—• . BCWATfiII. HCUATdU. •. r T'”
1 /ora sliislb day scratch.-wbaa'Afflicted-with the
Tcneri Itch,or other diseases q/tbo skidd If. tb|y |cne«r
who woold relieve and euro thunf"., 1
; trift liayrlLleJo |>b Obliged to rub nnd senifeij trpen
aleat-i t-ni more horrible to abitnm'nom H, {for duceney
sake,] v»lin> tn company, J*l it be remt-mS ted that
most efficacious*/ aay;<uher preparation lit ckateheetn
curing tho Tetter, Itch, and other thf skin.
Ad alt disputes of the tki h mast arise from (hb Imparity
efttiehlflod arid fluids of the body, and Wbeifc sacs die*
eatebeof long standing, and the' connittaam affected
ihetchy, if Ur. LcidyWSnmspuriila.llloo-j fills be used
with the.Uhumoiit, ihey Wdlcutc any pure Syfciticver,
and. if they do trot, w,tl lie /e turned by Ur.
Letdy. Most raws, however, wiU-be effcclanrijrcurcd
by Ur beidy’s'Teiter nnd fich OjuuscdU aulas the
whale system ift impregnated by lie diSrasod bamors,
wlueh will be eocnpleinly carried .off-toot the system, by <
ptlieidy’s Bipod I‘jni.and tbs sunfccfcr of ibettifl heal*
cd by the Oicusent Trice of Ointment 53 cchu. - For
•alotiy ■ UA FAHNESTOCK AfO\
ocut) ' corwopddf Bomsi* 1 '
M' -'ORUAN* COUtM SYRUR.—U prdretl w tie r ihV
Ijrctu PHft«cea : ' ifr eMiny my/diiW’t dmrcwilny
CQ ° gil Pma'theTcmnennge Banner,'ii. f*'-"
": O»cou Simp.—AY* arc'.not In iho pf pnffimr,-
m»eh ie*« ukiwr Patent Medlcinea/tot we fce.Uis»ci<y.
tomommcodUorsu'aSynptoilutte wMfitoafflicud*
■jpiitiA«#otb, (Ui<i)alYeke«herB>
icmnvfl tt eon>i«ut wi4 diitreiiinx had^i
*ev?rul day* bfllxietl ooe o t oar ujiidreß, wldiiut ■»«.
cerf.wo «r<‘re induced 10 try Motfau't CoOyh fitymi*,
un>tliy it relief Tn*obiiined-in afewhout*. 1 - It-piuToi
la be Ujo ]>Bpaeea in tbit ca*e at i ; r. - I
Mt sw4Mtssti!ateiH9jH,:'J
■i I'H-fs-'j t
; Ll.l K.
; •: cmxa, '
rpHEimpKiVtllmeihodof'earTyinguied byiktskme
:' X Established Lutef is nowso well known that de
; Ecriptioa nuiraecessjuy.. Goodman* novtouebed on the
. route, toes all trintbifotoem orexirtt handling i« saved:
1 The Boats are of light draught and perform their trips
in from sitCto seven apys.' ; . f
The capicxjyofoaj Warehouses enables as to store
any caasicorpenunnnJe tons.-! Receiving, storlng,and
advances Tree df chafge*.';
Be-frif folly prepared to make sales of Produce, we
respectfully solicit consignments of wcniera"Floor,
Bacon, Lard, Bailer, pheew, Woo!,Feathers, and other
article*.for ; tal&,.o& [which.Liberal advance* will be
made and other usunfcfaeilitiea' afforded, pledging' out*
selves that'any Laairtessreutrasscd to us shell ba as
nrampllr eiccaledalid uwntats fair terms ns by anr
oilier house, I JNO NeFADDKN tCe
: •;■ r.' -- ;> Jt' ■ Cbual Basip, fitubcrah ~
■ ., J. JAS.M DAYLSXOo -
mehttf/ ' V ' j &gand an Market st, PMlada -
«BB«aa * 1547: ; saga
FOR the transporudiori'of Fitight between Pittsburgh
and the'Atlantic Cities, avoiding transhipments on
llrr< w*y; and the eqaseyuehi nth Aatunge,
breakage and'separatin'oTgckx!#. f
IpTmriiiofs..: ■ ■■ J
, . r .BttIUUUJME * CASH
. , 'T?o2?«Markel street. Philadelphia
: T AAFFE fc O’Coy NJJ R .
, Cor Pbnn nnd Wurne »ts, Pituburgh
.O’CONNOR&Co, Nonh street, Baltimore i *~ n a
W*JTTAI'BWTT t , 7sS«ilhswK. V, -V-
Xhicouraged by ui). f reased business the Propneiors
have added to their sjtoek and extended their arrange,
lucDi* daring the winder,, and are nqn ■ prepared to (or*
ward freight wnh regularuy and dispatch im«ufph«ttra
by an? oibrrline/ -Their long experience osettrner*,'
Utepalpablc luperiorityaf ibe|Portable Boat Syglem,
andthogreat capacity andconvenicneeof Uie'wafe
. boose* at'each «nd-of llic linei; are peculiarly caicuin
>ted m enable the proprietors tofuliil their engagements
ond uqromrapdiiic thqir eUtiorder*—confidemlfodcring
vliepn*tasagaaraaly.£ar.lhe-ftuare they respccifaliy
UiatpaDonage which they now
graiefally acknowledge;-
. . All consignments to Tagfle 'if O’Connor will be rac’d
.and lorwaided... Sleimbou charges paid and Bills of
Lading tramnn'tled frce of any charge for Comimssioa,
, advancingor storage Having at uitfrest directly or
. iudireclly .iaHeamiiqaW.the imcreai of the consignors
mart necesiarilr bet m snipping
’ they pledg? ib«nseifes to forward ail.goods f
consigned to them promptly and bn the most advanld
' ceous lersts 10 the otyitcrs. .
March MH7 marfi
1 j 7». joioktievr
. East, Beaver ] Feint mid Bridgewater,
Blxyßß COtJHTT, PA.,
' ’ Proprietor ~ai:d Ageai of steamers -■ < -
oxrtT iirnur nTTtdpuod in jutu,
WILL bepicparetl on cariieftopeningof canal joav
iaatiop to receive prapnrt7 at his wtiorfbontor'
iawarenocse.for'aJl.points on Brie Extension, Crass'
Uut,-anii Omo CamustioT ail puruon LaktEfie and
opper.Li|kes,asa!sbfbtorwardprt>ducei c.byA’eha’ai'
Improvetnenu.' Apply toar address
leb'itnilf ; )AS DICKEY. Beaver
3%£dS3& i -18 4.7,
|]~y*Witb&ai : .
Goods consigned to our csro .will be forwarded with*
ootUelay,at the lowest entreat mle*.- Bills-of Lading
transmitted, and all insuueiiim* promptly mtendcd lo L
free from any extra charge forniorage or commismon.
Addreis;or apply ii>. -C A WeAmJLTT-ACo ,- [
j Canal Borin, FiOibntgh
' Having a very largo-and costmodums warehouse,
w' receive (in addition to fieight fbc
slur meat) aUrgeanthantof Produce, fte.. on Storage ax
low rales, » i [atardj; ... C A AIoANULTYACo .
;18 4
£XCLUSIVKLY for' the iraniponalion of WAY
. FREIGHT betWcen PuuliuigH,BtairrsiUe t 'Johns*
town, Water Street, Pelersburgh and
; all intermediate plsec*. '' - *•-
One Book will leave the warehouse of C A McAnolty.
ACo., Pituburgh, cTcry. i!ay, r {except Bundaysj and
.sbipperscaaalwaysUepc&dnu having their goods for*’
• warded witfaost delay nad at fair rate*. ~
■ This-Li&e was formed for the speciaL&ceotambdatlan'
of the way buslhers,' the 'prapTictors rer pectfally
' solicita liberal sharqof patfonsgc.'i
.• I frsurKtjrj: ' ' ‘
JOHN J MILLER, Hoinoajsburgh ). . .t
RJI CANAN. J©ho*owa • >Aetiau.
O A McAN ULTY & Co, Pittsburgh')
• J J McDeTln,VJolfn I*arkeri nobertMoore, Bagaley
tPmith. Ptiuhortb,! ’■ _• •{• ;> mart
1 LIUS Slllf! i’ll) SlCmiiM LUE. ~
Line .being eomporcitof Sicaipboat* LaibErie-
X and altchigaa, runaulg-daily between Phtsburrh'
and Beaver,and treigbt and Canal
runniiig betwcao Beaver and trie ajulcnnucciirt- with.
*C.a;iWaAin« of ?*ea*boai Propeller*and Vessels
«a tbe Lakc**will be prepan-d upon the earliest open
ing bf Navigation »©j eany FrembtondTasseogcthtA
all poiuuoa thn River, Canalani Lahevv .
.. Having every fheday iot convoying freigLt'aod pail
vensert wiih promptness aml dtcpntea, Um-propneior
a<«nu ?Tcs;H»ctrg;!j- raiier. uof* Cib-i friciw^.qhd
• hspal-beeeiieraturihwpamwage... » *— .
*- ' CiM KEKtLKr.e, Propneror . ‘
. . RI'.KDA I’ABRji.lCp. Beavt .r. Arts
’ ' ‘ JOHN A CAL’GHKY, Husb ’gh do
Cor-S«lih6t!dand Water(U.«ppos*td thcMonoaga
gahelalloase. | / > - ' '
Wheeler, Croqkrt & Co, New York
- Gdo-Davin, llyifalo »
K N I’erksApo, '
. . Jti A ;
• Med ore Jc WsUian;*, Mtivraukie
Briuol A l\meir. Cincesn
Wra t’owrr*,l , i>»4'kVowh,.l , l-jum •'•' -
HTanfl-trnjli JVnrt* !
. John HuniMOwn, • j n !
Wjek A ... do
• Croif & Krußßion, ClittltßvJilc. do >
lluV* A Plumli, Shorpsbutffh.P*. , ■
,-W C .Malhn, fUrno, . *• " • ’d o - - r ;- i
,R W Cucnintiiaa. Netr'CaMT*, ■do' feiuiS }
n'MIK nock-of Outline yo»»i*ts,of aiu <uj)lc daily
JL Lino of Pont* kind Cat*, (owned bv tl rawlrciO
tabfeb arcin.good orid*-r. The *utrcnbVr% «ronn*t>a»
rc«J to forward®. Ufge quantity of Mcrch ind:if. uai
PmJaee wiih-ecrtalnly aud difpatcli; '•
Produce nr JHrrrh4ridi*dton*-‘fne«i-v> rtny-ot too cn
dmlg*dd,MJbrw&nird free olooy rliarge/or comuiii
atoaoroiorafc#. • . - i ’ ;
' !iiil«lJtdiiigtrin«miceJ tind all i&ssdcitaa't prom *uir
rtnndrdtd.'-*" }' -'i" . , I
b«i«ne** of ibis. Lino la eoacuc.ted on nrirtlc
flabbalh-koeping prme ipls*. Addm*. or npptoto T
D lilitCll t Co. Proprietor** ■
, Cunal .VtajLn, l*itlfcharrh <
; i
•’• •' NftlXhewhTfcltdraiwfi, Philadelphia!
. JOth TAYLOR li SONst, AgenU, »
, NolM Norih HowartUtxcct, j laluraore'
■ ~ WpAVILSON, Agent, * I
/ York. 1 ;
via aHowNsyirjjs * cumbehlakDj j r
rj Mlb.flmitfnigactt »fr .now prepared to forward pro-
X ihc Kmtem Market idorinj? the ftira*
«R|t Winter,oauetoctafoYaTabJoiemn by thM'exp*-
diuonstoute... f J. •• j . .
.. AHpTopcrty cooiij food toui wilibe forwarded M the
to.wcn rate* and wij i(de#p4ii;li.
fterckandise rer'erred hv this route- promptly for"
warded.-, •* • - : tfc mfoVEL VArH , lUilsbarfU,
* ■ *'•-<l W CAt*S..Browu»*iUe.' 1 - v •
'£s*°' • HliGKßTO.N&.CajCumoorbni
fr«“ upr. can*iHtnr'‘C freight Alta pujueucer Pack-'
WICK & AKCUEftCrcenviJJc, A cu' i
.. -.. W gSSffi' SS ;
-■ ■vnr.MA3|HEivs;irojM«j,' : 3u--
'' RF.ED, ; PJpKS &-bo, BeaVcr, ; ' S
. J 3f ,^A CAL'OI^EVI,« n » r W«t!-r, l itlSJßnhae!U m,
«EpnniftU.ii MoPaneahtfa | loo«>.i*itabiifch
TRErobvriber. will rueelpi forUitf delivery of fro
floce to Baltimore -y Uio Monanffibcla Slaekwtler
aitbe following pnea.-» s .
AihcVV'COa. ltot er - Lea,J! XarJ,' Tort, Tallow,
Wbbkeyi ’ anil Gla*»i-CT| etai*erjoon)*7 :
Tot>acor,!T<<*<p, Flax and-Wbeai—44 cu per 100 Us.
A»h«,(lrttJApp;M>Ch«w, And
Lfatfier—KJflctJiparlOO ‘ ; ,
*’• Ofl»; PkiH6,B«dt, Vlfoe.i-.n(i;€i» per 100 lb*. ' i
• p«osw«,FeatlieT».';Fnr», Giaacag, andiSnalio-fioot
~ll»Ct«pcMOOjbB. I:• ... . it:.*. " - ■' ; ' ; r ,
•w ■ coasijoed to either of the lindcralfnfd
will be forwarded wit boat delay, Tree of awmißiiotv
at above, rote*. W-H -i~ -
y: ' HANNA* WATBRbUN,riH*bar»h.
-flßStt: «7;.:*bKi£
1 KW' I'AKKSA CfcUcvjdßiitiU.i j r '; v,.•• -, .
•••--'B O: PARKS. Bco»ei,-PA.|:i- -':: ( Pronriotora
W T MATIUUt, riailnuShtl'a.* ) P i' ,
r ril?;^' 0, ' Q .y ~B« !i MW Nlfyprepmed 10 transport
± KiHghLttud
jff!^| 0 ““y P on Mi’eruu ylvjuuaJc Ohio and Ohlp
LI he,* art! not eqiaJled by toy on
i n Lttk r* Erit, and
* ■ ,'V
■ ~* pn - - *-!' •-Pttfo«grmm toamaA wete
1847: g3Bp»f=%
| aw* nrrtroti WaiteniA
■wly UiewtfteT.madartUft«t <3r»uiwt4 m3o’cfc»et, r.
Thu route U the taut cnertir«os end comfortable
ofteta U!e<f*lc?e.' * i|* i ...
• S2S*JfcfcBPFIMGWBIiL, Warns, ProprV
-;;'j: ' jj...••'■ •'
Vv ; v:/ " '
Smcaatiit Btflwnrk: '
nuaftroararKcf-or ' . : v
. jj . til S^ltOXi
THE encowajenent tip* ii*eimrccem?d etac*
iu coroaeocaseat/bitTfißbecd thorpropnc
tort to iaermseUiQ »aaiDbcr ol fir T
. and instead otgiTing receipts
fbro hi sgfcabi. wo will give oar trwweolpt* tor
Irelffntshipped lijr this '-
'lce boats ar« all partabie, counqae&te.C:cigbt
U Ukeji the whole dutanco withbwtaaatflipiDooty
thereby preventing
on the ro'nleyiaatl sm reach boat u owned by the
Cap Uta who runs,thoh, which U xeu&Cientjpiac.
aatob.tiarthereWill bo nodelaj onlho route; t -
'Ap Produce or. Merchandise the
. uudorsigLed will be
■ JUISSION, Toradvancing fad forwarding, and’ uill
"be skipped vrilhoal daJajt al jhe lowest rate*:, of
freight. 1
• ; \Vc respectfully solicit a slme of public patro
nags. : t WALLINGI'ORD & Co.,
I ./ . • ,i, Canal Basit»;'Pitt*burgh .*
.1 ,j.' BELLAS&£o..A3t.
- Broad Street, Hhiladelpbia.
V• ! . * K MILLER. Agent ( „ t .
i Bowleb’i'WhudVßaltimoro. 4.
' IJ.ISi?, ?,,. mU *.•;;;, • VI •
’ r r 'pn; .F"- .
r ■■■ COMPOUND syßOf. OK 1 WiLD OHBHRVV - v .< :
.! A.certain andaafe curo'idrxongbs,"colds,' •nrtbma, !
liver complaint, spitting blood; pains in tbe aide;',-
1 ]or brcatjnerroiUdoQtlitjf.Wßodpioccqagb ;
C: >. :bmkew;,'ccn»titiuym,i CONsUMI>
.* .. . TION cranydi*eh*e of the In rig* or '
; • Jweait. Header ire’ yoa: tnfTenn g * |: '
I with a cold ordifcasqol.ibc
•- f . • . i lungs, tijiltf* remedy,
. ! •_ ••' ; yoavullfpot pcr»’ “*r'
i •;• h*p*regrptit.-," : ■
•It Will arrcstall IhoaediMgrfceablesytoptotnswhrcto'
stride suchlerrorto tße ipit4> da prolong yonr days. '
Bewareior all .preparations porpoitidg to contain
Wild C berry tbdvignatarc orOr •
•H Swa run on the outside wrapper ol 'each bottle,
a* they arequitelikelj destitute ol the article from •
wlijchthcy IwmmtfMhß.M ,V.>‘
v Read tchatltt \hU.dqnfl~V7'- ,
50 .COD' IIEA rilS BY ; ,;
Would pe ibpp* be a tma[l «timito‘fQr the.ravage*.
. ol tins ilrcadfol disease in a single year] then add
the fear,fe»ciuJogtiegj.lh<twcut«jff,by'lnnaoii
tion ol t he' LnngvHeroorrbage, Asthma, Cogghs
Brntu:bitiß.dnd~othcr dlseaie« pt the
.'•LonjnTmdiLiTpr* •’
And the lUtwoaU/.prcsent tn applfing prooLol the
latality of thesetwo'classcs-or diseases. But Itls
tmportant.tb. jinow/ nearly, all"olthia dread
wastei ofilioroaff life }mlgbt have been'prevented
by a tinxclv gad of Dr. Jj’iyAVNfclfS-COMt'OUND
'STRUFOK.WILDCHEftftV.' 7’ - ;: -a ;
This' :.medicinc .her- public
some eight year*.- iiq(lis:tL(riorjgittal:prtparalicni'
Trr.m the Wild -Cherry Tree. <lw-.reputttipn.- as, a
remedy forCoaghvColdv IVoncbita,. and iCen?
samplion ol.tbeliunga ba«ed-fenfire Ifupoa, i.U ,ia*
trinsicmoritsj owesfbut liitlc l? lnltoted newspaper
pods. Tbnsci who give it e Utf),
by it,, recommend it to their -iicisMH'ra, and.lhua
gradually andisorcly iiaeit gain*s»tfi*» enviable repu
tation and worked iu ova*, into: A vdcral' nie. One
botUencvcr faila'u> core-nrcecni cough-or ’eoul r
while with »trtct/aUenUori’,td ’lhe # that ad*
company each bottle,!ta aibin pblmo.varjr diseases.
of long stoodim* and TjFdhe Charac-i
ter, haa 'triier; and in 'very manyC
instances boa “efleeted .’coopletfl'aijd:
Dr. <SWA «s§(rr
** t v
A A'.upof yfiU CherTXf,
; Bead ihff most remarkable; care. oH ConsampUop
e’vcrpliccd upou * h-.:>-■,{ hi’’>
j Dr l fecl it a debt of gratitude'
'duc to you—and a dutju? the aflliciau generally to'
oiler my humble testimony in' laVor oi : v6or C,omyj
pouDii •. Some three'yearj 1
.mnee, J wax.violcntlyauatkcdnilh cbld.,an:fijtla. j
Station of iiio’lnng*, which'was ficeuicpaaicd witli'!
9 verydurtressuig cough* peinietbe breast and head'
very coaniderablo discharge, of- ptfensivfr mucus
from the I ucg«; especially opoa’changes of weatbdr
however slight. /At fir*k |Jell do 'afar ai'Sibdei' t niy :
, condition, but was pretty jiooa coavini'-cd that I wti
rapidly goinginto'coesiijnption,: 1 jjre’r daily weak*
: er, and at.length was scarcely ablflto 'walkabout or
ipeik'abore :a whisper,’'iroch was the exceeding
weakness' o! icyjoags,'- Durlnjj'-tKia Uroo I bad tried
various preparation «and pr<*cripticnsj. bct 1 ocnd.ce
relicf-rgrowidg-'a!) the lime worse. Jo si here t : wn
advised and pumdded by udear Iricnc- inAYUiuiijg*,
too to make q trial ot y«?nr byrsrpof iWild Chen/;.
I mail confess that previously 1 had btren prejudic
led ayinist patent mediciirei, and J (Lcr'sUUngainsl.
those coming 'cat ‘ bf the-hands 'of empirics,;bat
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the saying dl,my .purch'wpd cr
■Dr .Shaw,/one vf -yodt Bguhis,afcw *boule* hod
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} Bui befuj'a jrabfio speaker l frequently attempted
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' rupVhod thewe vessels tajat •na'd already. begin' fq
h«yil}in tluspjy.doabUevx, tny core »was* greatly
retarded.' ‘in cansequCpCO .of-acting' thus tmprf*
dently I bad 1? or;-15bottles before J : .was
licrtcctly restored.- * bavc ; bo -qwsUon.-ar.iaqch
•millef oubiber
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allayedtft& le*eri»h‘baMi, did away tlut distreratog
eougbVput : a! stop t» tbe- «U*tborgc cf matter from,
the Thugs, ahdjjave tbemhhUtbe entire system good
health, i have dfclcrrcd offering ihirccrtdicato till
npw, fur the purpose of, being perfectly rauVCed
with the' pcinvuiebcy ol^thc" care," sud now that II
lecl perfeuUy well,'l oficr it with pleasure; i
- I t , ~ REVs *.■¥. JORDAN. I
Dabtißcounty,.No.C.r.j \ |
' Avoid all spuribici preparations Ql Wild.
such as Bai£auM,’UfUeni.'-Synip«.oi. Wild Cherry,!
Filto ouutam WildiCbcay,. Arr t
as they areoilhctitiotiiendcoaatexfeiVandciorpaiK
nohe of -the virtues of the. original and geouioft |>w
penuonss prepared-by tjwajnei apd.-the. lint!
cver ptepaml’ia mis country Hoc tor " Swiype'*
Compouml W'lUUcHmiltViscompoxcd
of vegetable mgrcilients^tha.y» f ildJlbcn , y f hhti<dbJ
ev medical vu&stanees cq&Uy as efficacious, ir ;noj
nioro so; thd whole arc W>. efleetnally couceblraieu
ai in retuiof it hpyojKl.aliyobbt -thc most pleorantj
BUdugihanlng. and'cQcct'ua! rhmedy ever discover!,
e<i 10/ tlaO cure of, audnll • .'Jabu
(nun iU.having,such a train ot
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iii vafidi', itquirefor iuo onginolprcpaj
ratioo, each butllo eartleped ina beau|
liful wiiii'a lilieecra of .William Penh en*
graved thefebn;siso beating the sigotdureofDr 1 b
of which will .be ipnnp
iSbcal cs forgery.. - 1 1- .v:.-/- . j
bhiy'by Pr.H.,SwstnE,W W corcor
of Fjp.nvH aud R&ce S(reciff, '
Fur Vale to l t’iusbureb.wholesale and rotail by. ;
W,M. THORN;SS Market street, ' . . . v
OGDEN fit SNO WBLN, 1 corner i& Wood Its.; -
13. A. FAHNFJSTOC'K da-Cai. coratr ol and
'Wood andfith andU'obd streets. J. !
-S. JOPiES, ISO Liberty . . ' 1i (
JOHN MITCHELL, Allegheny cily. j i
And br*all;respoctable-i)raggists and dealers in
Medicine, thrbogbooi the United'Slates and Ctipi*
via. .i.- • i j; : sj' •'' " '' . ' thptlS';
s G IliiAT CUKE, perforated hy the origiau and only Irtr
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••' '• ■' Mo*uc» , Fi<rni*T»WtiUa«»laaiCo.';rc,?!
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liSr. Jl.'E. StlUrf:— Aseaic ofdGtytojOttiad theuJflic*tl
-ndiiertm to>4J tar favor ofyottrjqiily
celebrated LirerPill*. 1 here drteirtd dusgwfo# Jcv«j
vlhartogtoDavy Crockett’* you *r« Wgiit,
thca go ahead.?’.. Meat oClhaiaa&y preparations ofcapi'ics.
and quacks, lauded to tWskitt, hart sunkiuloobGrioD liutr
joor iirer Pi it kart beta offered to the'kail, ihdrsd,
.theism they wi!T 4 *sunirt thfuraU,” a* they am Just what i
you represent Utcth to to ' Itare bmrXriUcMd with Lifer
Complaint fiotntuf youth;. Hate 1 euSered touch; employed
'a»iaj«aia«ntphjaictaQj,to,whi>ralp!udtnochpKUKy; hate
lost much blood; lc*a vomited and physicked, slodsl to 4t«Uh;
ealifdtetSor-b ernes, anil CadOygma up a» {settable. :|ls
lEb'»7 j wya induced to tryyoiir Crrer PiUe,iutd SQON GOT
tvw.;., . One boidf which li now sufficient to keep nuclear.,
of paid la Che'sldEanii ail th*;other symptoms. far ut;l<sut
12 mteiths. YoorpiJi>anaUo.the>e'»ie'atbartie!rrerued;.
bring taUd,not griping or girfttk'tDueli fi£kstW,aHhd ildm*
aeh, Cat give dm oiuch itlitf £. I hare kcptththrln myjafarti'
fur,(J of 7.jeafi;*clcf'buadiyiU; of-botes, and bus never
heard a ling l * compfaist’.uUerrd by any one. wWhiq lisud
theca. :Thtylta>e supeieededkltnoit every other pill sn Uii*
oaightsoehood, and in a abort time wDI Liuuh them’U]l • l
aarueatij rteeentarud them Id all pe recur need log' (topic;
whether for .Liter OwApUint or Btitioat'dfTcdi6diN.d dno-.
(iderthrm'CtrniferiorluCaloCMlbribellluePilL • fterplet-;
thilre nre C'ther Pills heLre
askior audtalt«ttg<Ah«V thahtbeaeprvjwiwL'and sdldrbriy.
E SEi-hEKB,f»oS7 McoJtl betweeo Tint d and Vourfli
Hold bjr-Pr.CatdJai Fifth. Jfard,ll if'Ctm.'Allihtty
city.. : ..y> - jf.-. • ' l4 j
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l» n; very. extensive assort-?;
roottiof PJtPI-aif.ecimpMiltir. CTc'rjr pPsiWc virEcijy
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country. ’ i'apqr x 'of si! kihda niado to ordered'rjtoiff
nonce.."'. ;;'•■.-■•* 3 ••
Tltenoclrof PRINTING PAPER isanu/uilf large'
apunof-wbidijscf jrcrysiinerioriiLalitr.' i ■
PAPER 3TABisak ( S nAVEUIAIS -! *•
of every description, irapcilcdtuul kept constantly es
Ifleai'hlhgPowder,Bite -Ultrarattrifle, Twine,. ■
\ Cmnra#a,Bale Rope, Gnat Hope, Bagging, c., c*
purchased, forwhicb tlichiglidft'pnce jn Gnb-trlUbe
paid ' iyiSv . “ Ne**.* York, Jslyjl&lft,'.
'^^r^DttTjAvlNl-7S / "KC;
;• AVo have bccaluformed ItyAlre ROfre or acurrsper
fottarddh’lier'W Br« Jsyhc'rAlurallTCi'^iiicb
pfovci 5u superiority other remedy or-Ure
kind: ■SJhdhur'hcdtfßiaicieil for the latt sixteen yehrt
wiilt ulcetatwnr and eufoltaUot; or.Tariou* hope*, do
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wriiltt had ItanK and from Soib ftutn lett
fe.jornl bone, audffoth the ri|bt kn«, be»de»iiamfcU
ulcers on other ponaof be*piereon, which hem bemed 1
dte skill b! a ttuuibcr of; the most eminent pby etelait* of
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lxvn ezrniui:iift had deplorable. About Oirectnbalbf
•S*s,u^”?rKit.'d^ Aitcrptive* •
which, bus h*trnbt»u»l»hiA)ely Au«»y.«®rt!tapophcr, ■
by reiimvlnc all itcfrauJ aj»vlti»g%aod-causiug the
u Wt* u> lieaLwbiieaitho etnno ttuie bef geiKTSI boultb <
- ha* beeoatottsnpleiclr that *Lif nioi i
/dIM tonic than site d;d before *bo chmmeneVtatie a»e ,
of dili:trulrTalnaWcpfrptudfc-'J6auLtea'i»L- ■" ;
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lallother*. 1 !v •- ~H . ; S 'v'V
. .-.f.- r<>eiobcrSntl.'l«r. 'i> ; -
'Mr. lt: P Hellefst~’My>»oa4t.manthaoi4 t tyWv>Ty'
•re»ile**af night, mmfhayiftffmicb c«K
rluiled he hail .yfcnn*, ani;haytng.|c*rd. a.ew*t,dc*l
•tLniury&r VemiAisdi uhaaghia Vial, nmi4_
dnier. which expetied tt very-largo wOTm*. I efaswer
jour Vcnnilatse better than ailoiSm. ••' |
Pieparrd and void by. R R.SELLEHH. 37 Wood rt.
Sold by Dr. • CuMl f 9tit ward; aad P. bL Curry, All*.
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•l-piijd’ottT »k* poja'tiUrtlieinl. ■'if attended.;, x I
>i(S'p)»liitiirw| a M eatluiitw or luaura lavage*, or as ■ ■■... . .
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.afflicted .wtte then, wd an dockfod&r. / I.
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greater ifoofideMd than no** ether pill* whleb'tr*. .
prepared b/'iaediclafcMffc' ■
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and kidneys,diseases hithe akin, •Calf 'ermitaft •:....
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the breast, tides, alongtheeach tnJipißd.Tfcfenp*
kind*,' small po^mio*.
.Iwd easels,, scrqld la, ritottfiMjr-' 7;
are good in ail disease* haring iheif
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bold. Wholesale and Retail b/ B, A; Fahttitfifk
dcCa./kdrhcr o'f First and Wood, also cotter of
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to .the mimiiest, librti remoring eterj pirtineol
disease •
•CShuißTbird Street, Philadelphia.’"'*--
Suldat tla Store, flo.’feponrfli^oe.
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