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i- Pi»ti»orCoifflßi®*e!®ilatellJ|eoe«4)Mae*tie, ll«r.
ken,fUrer_Nr>n, imports, Uouejr Uubu,®'
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EdftorialConespondenee of ibe [Pittsburgh Gazette.
•V ' - WisHUtOTCW, Feb. 9,1646.
' \ The Chairmatrof the Commifteeot Way* and
Meaisf has given notice tW at the end pf the pres*
? eat quart eiof the fiscal year, to shall move aßes
olution jj»quirm£ of the I*resident whether the re*
~ , i‘b* sides of Public Land have been apr
plied to ibepayment of tlje interest upon the loan
<- ' made by the last Congress ud for
v waietolfc'piymeni oftbe Und fend, by a solenm
plt'.XfJ It i* complained ol the Executive, by
‘ 'Mr.-Vtstob, Ihai'be has either forgotten the injaoc
‘ •:/' tfoks of this Jaw, or has sought’to subvert them in
tbe recoinmendaiioos the commencement
lJ .. 'oC iiwe present session'of Congress to reduce the
* ' 'price cf the public lands and to I Appropriate the re*
P (CtipU for the proseciuibu of the jwar. -This is in
- !d*»civ»taliap oftbe .taw of dongrets, sod the
vibkneommahdstioo show* by what/a frail tenure the i
liar, no held ia the remembrance of those who are
‘ tO'see them executed.' The law says, that
V. for tbepayment cf tbej6tock‘tbe stlesof the pub
lic | tn hereby pledged,? tjod it is Afterwards
*-'v made the duty.Of the Secretary Of the Treasury, to
C >'? apply. a& land receipts to this ptjrpose after the first
, 1.,.,-)'
f y • VTnXjWAaf-GALLSTIH, SJtP.fOUpsnT.- .
V. f -;• Itorecaat letter* of Alu*t and Mr.
« r sbßßxr*,axftexeilingapowerfttlinlloeiiceagainkf
* «*<lifvuupt»«MwMslu i esofthe Admin*
*< iiGWictf 'JJne’ef Ibessi men, ii speaking to his
'•> the vehte of tbo
a warning
‘ 1 yofoe : 't(/^ape^l&. r ;.i{ > d : ebnden|as,aQ«rwilhuore
I * fißancUl' experience than any man living in tbo
v -r country, the whole monetary Go v*
I I ' disastrous, totim public
c.iip«o*phrity*etditabfAhe pmr be that tboPrew*
dent; »wx t ß»Ujwi» *cr, ash .wmtytnr • aivtno xos
' 1 ooxamX’V* x ersTc;
' r A#hir7GaliUirt tialtalapcni Congteas
its ccnstitntionai powcr bf bringlng tLe
*' : %Ar h) n : do«/hy-withholding auppiies.' It wasin
* way lhe ; Brit»jt Parltimem jml the curb into
i - of George tbo ’third, .anil brought his
v w«ir upon tius American Colonies to ft
, Miv Gallatin give*|’sd many reasons far end.
'- iaf tbri war,'and p«yay»; tbc; consequences ol' its
i xriatumanceia such vftW.colora, that they mast
to.every patriotic. snd reflecting l
' -thhii-' Hia language toW it, after roriewingthe
- --paUcyctf'the Adminisinilim;that if these projects,
3 by the most unbounded Ambition, are to
* vl intoeSAct: .' ;' ‘ J , .
... iiflxnll not simply tayllut it will inflict a mortal
vphndOn ouV iiistHtu/oos; I assertj that it would
ticak derwit bur own Union into separate commu*
desirny our Nationality.* .
* , " ft a warning cannot pass unheeded.'
; : ’■'fth Mr.Pomseit, coming from one who
'■ Wi.mshy.years in demonstrate
* V* the poGcv narsued (towards >lexr
• ; this cooiM from the’ Democratic side o«
. j 018 «pMlry, ( though word* of and wisdom
■ • earaof tlioae who now adminia-.
idpariheOflWtmii»nt.-...r;;-;: ! ; «
»t Slavs case. J i.‘ : * '-t. '•
\ ; A Bifl was reported from tbe Hottso Committee
' ,ott Military Affairs, this. morningi by Mr.- Burt, of
• 1 e f semceS were
’ .iinpd by hoe of of the Anpjrduring the
■ '.fijori’da ' .The Slate, made! his'eirape to. the
jrapepij;, ar.was taken prisoner them.,. Being ns*
, _:■ person upon the restoration
y Tf Q&ea* sent hua with the rest of the
h'ladiua.vest of tlm>Csat»aippi rarer; mad theown
en have {hade claim upon the j Government lor
. ' rfVfuffVsloe the TbA nm, it appears,
. Wnaistod-ia Ctatnnrinee bftbe Whole, though ».
“ f , hi
! ‘ Jbti. msda'fln eisbdrnte trillion, ift wbich
; the eonsiitutipnal question of Slave,
j - iy.Wfft' fikwilw|, views upon the |
t; ,v.'Jfeikia*r<of Pnwthe Whig .member*
ti tfdjoiWdglXstzictto 'Allegheny, implies in a report
■■- *r^^i^^s«feA:pHbfentod^ ; :He'Ubes the broad
ground thattbe.Cqnsritqtiqn doea-hot aanction the
Wfmg iiTCiperiy ih > mah, : ~-apd that Con*
• recogalre' tbe idea of property-
Tbl» branch of the subject is argued,—
'other grounds
'At hkvj^g fl 9, oyit wwraating remmneraiion. It
>• -. Qna cxample in the history of
.-. in which Congreas has paid fcr a
t ; V' 4 Slave, and ataft aa recent as the 2Sth Congress, and
¥ • this the result of an aecidenL *
"? ;, C oikbo.v—the' wiiiror raoviso.
H tir Indians, reported a bill,establish*:
ajT«ritorial Government over the Oregon ter
• ** syompanied bythe Anti-Slavery Pn>
■C' .■.'■.'’■fa before incorporated into the House proceed
-ings, and in the bdl which was strangled in the
v thatast session of Congress. A brief po
■ Sodtllerii voles and under Southern in*
bill —«a. xiux , . r
mado^a iodepen*
■ t'dMt.anßMbi and in.bis Argument held that the
to be influenced by U»,divided
*!«oto»*tain war, aadil was true there were gTeat
‘ i dtvistoas. itaay regarded lb» war as one of ex
i- «a,ptad rapacity; and other* were talking about ne
« oor bibod, of manUest destb
■' ‘^ r «nd'he'ihardly liiew' wbst’clse. As for the
■ j expressed opinions
bad. aU' he wished in
p^^fTiyb* - ia the provinces we held. Cat
' fibnliar were enough,.and,;more
- C ; MilSfles»dtocatedibe Peaccpolicy asAbctroo
Jeffry rf. kwr Qovtemiaeatygnd ritod the high ex
tto eWy lay**
ttantar. to show that cijital r aii<f exact jnstto.was
‘‘oirVJiaMt Government
i: wMfl»o#f upon'intelligence ind.theprinciples
at U woAjid jip; to to
■•• :
1 fTfle# Ass not disposed to discos* the origin
t tbe War, bee« u*e whafbud bieo dbac conld not
be uudooe. Ho.'deairedto regard it as unavoidar
r• v‘ I,J ;..;, . •
warV a “ aiy,
yrfflfrg ttLvme for the ttn 'regimenU, though afl
* t u, W—~ in ;oppc«iUoa to Aocli a vote and
•agiit* the policy of the Administration in prose
i’nafi*'tlwwaa.. He dmioonced nnsexation, and
fe«v#iMr;.-DickutvWof K-X f (otw Of his
*** ipok ®
r 4ta of Mexico,
r ‘‘ittJoagal hatViifth' Mf. 'Hiles held, too, that
’the 'cbnU'nUance of the
tw Mexicans were, anlriendly to us and
■' I'pi^jfcSj^raaSpaye.uponthe terms wa jm>
• l 2gei; ’Wecould. by wr own wrengtb, and upon
malm Pcace at once. We!
tWdL'lharßoundwy'vhfchiWO claimed, the Bio
. • Osaada,- and we: bad.'iadeatany -and more than in*
in tbiapotoeaiion of California New
* : * lissioo. Tbnb 'protlifoea brought us largely in
safor faeeurityfcrthd fit*
i fm^*-avatf-Teis*;a’ single Slate;and a wcakterri
*tofy',hmlndttbba^>tordemaflding'thailwhea flght
-1 tog injta'ldojied igauitf^Mexico, and surely it was
not uuceiisTj for seek for security against
' - 'sdcha ltaople.' As for. Califormai>Wwas al‘lhisf
; '’jpoiMno ; capßUe of flefooding herself .’New Mex
ieo iWaa top** to is ibe bmilityof
• • knew what to expect.., We oouU
’ !®4ncia<*rAHßytoflflaentboimndmentnilmaia
. ; /xalaonr.pomesrio**- 1 • ,V;'L A
war was tobe'continued hyourGovirn
-1 y y was again said thstft would be a'war upon'
_ l oil of Mexico, be 'hoped this naiioa
Jm2qs crn^*" 1 ' mal«*wmr upon'nooi»mbat-:
- trtiiha&bdatTyofMexico ; :it was said,tW
*4‘ tft wii'eA'ln.rme,inp^p^ihpOTirni
jl- «SS»saS‘a[iatbg ya.«nu*°« u»;|
: -.gSs^SKSS^
& ss:
! 'it':
ancAstdts h 5» bi»j ctio^uWed-overwind
gain. -a•*—-- v< *
--’'Rffiwur":ff flu* speechweriivery'able/partica
larly where ground vu taken against the inuncw*
tlity end danger ofconquest. The Scnslnr tram*
pied under footthe-doctrine with feta
mogeneaus people Jhis country could Ulte control
of ■ coatiheui ?’He also, with al( the
force of Upgusg? and manner of vkhieh be was ca*
pablefthe ambitious view* which distinguished ao
many of hi* own party.- ' "
.This tpeech!raust have its eject, and indeed hat
'already, notwithstanding the strange inconsistency
involved in the vote to lie given, and the speech al*
readymade.' It was said, however, that until our
troops were withdrawn, which Ur. Niles thought
might be before another hot season commenced,
that an increase of force might be desirable. They
could be in liie field while negotiations were
pending, though he regarded the war as now end
ed, and the present state of things as being nothing
snore than a military occupation ofthe enemy’s
country. i ■ . •
It is to be hoped that all the members ofthe Ad
ministration party may read and weigh well the
character of this speech. It. is one of the most im*
portent which has been ‘delivered, and is an utter
condemnation of the Administration side of the
Chamber by one ofthe most influential members of
the party. n- n.
BusUsy of Friends.
j . Washeiqtok, Feb. 10,1848
There was a memorial presented to the House
this moraingsigaed by. tnxx tudcsakd of the So.
cxett or Fates os, obtained in the six New Eng
land States. Mr. King, of presented the pe.
- tition, and urged its printing at once without on
argument. This was opposed by Mr. Cobb, of On.,
and by Mr. Henley, of la., both Locoforos, and by
: the-latter gentleman* in a vehement speech,' in
which be charged this whole body of men withal
ttring a fobdtood upon the'lfoujr, because they
prayed Congress to consider the responsible impor
tance of their position, excrciso it .in such a
manner as would lead to the establishment of
Peace between the two countries. Those men
were also called hypocritical, as well as false and
always wanting in Patriotism byrbeiug always
against our Government.
. Mr. Palfrey said lie had petitions from four thou
sand persona in his desk, all prayingfor peace with
Mexico'and one of them was signed by 2933 per
sons, 'Hergyiuen and Laymen of the Unitarian be-
Ue£ bi l none, of ibcmcouldbo presented and print
ed, fir the reason that the House would not. heed
them. ' ' •
■' Mr ilealey and, whoaeears
are wt le open for violence and war, sought ip bu
ry thirmeranriol at once in the rubbish ofthe cip.
itoL ''he lirsl attempt mode was to lay- the peti
tion upon the table, find the second to reject it out
right. The Printing, however, was ordered by a
vole of 92 to 83,—U ; paity vote, 5 What' think the
Quakers of this expression of hostility to the Prim*
ing of a memo rial ofthe unexceptionable charact
er given in another icolnmn.
the Loannux.
This subject disposed of, the Loanßiil was con
sidered, and a speech delivered by Mf. George P
Marsh, of Vt, a gentleman of marked abilities, and
noted for bis scholarship. He spoka of the war
and took the strong jWbig -view of this subject, op
|Kwiog conqneat, all appropriations looking to con*
. quest and looking to the integrity ofthe Govern
ment in afl its relations, moral and political He
did not think- that more troops were needed and
believed that the dominant party were offended
with and-hostile to the regular service because
there was astroag conservative influence running
throagh the ranks ofthe regular army- They
wished their leu regiments in order to infuse a more
partixah influence in the ranks and thereby, if pos
sible to make, the ajar more popular..
Mr. .Underwood, of Ky., made an able argumen*
upon this bilUathe|Seaate.‘. His speech will be
.one of the mnmt valuable of.the debate for the doc
umentary cvideucej it contains and for the general
information given upon the subject.., The Speaker
wasoffcMuil to the crigin,* design and objects of tl*
•war, and believed, offering al length the reasons ot
his belief; that it would cost for the war shoe tun
huruind mUUon* of'daßan fortius prosecution Of
wax to llut end of the next fiscal. year. It would
oyt fa. if the’aaiount should ruanplo three
hundred millions.. If too, we claimed from. Mexi
co'the'expenses of the war, it. would be intersuna*
ble--She was not able to pay ti. *
. Tlie most we eooU expect from the enemy for ex.
port, import, and all other dues, would be four mil*
lion of dollars, while we expended eight times thb
amount,on the war alone, duringlhe year past.—
Nor would we get indemnified for the expenses of
the war by say amount of land we should receive.
-We mast, in the first place, recognize tbe existence
of all titles ’«l Hh*6 lime of annexation, as we bad
done with Florida and Louisiana, unless we meant
to repudiate all laws. We must pay the Indians
for the extinguishment of their titles. - The Sena*
tor, by contrasting tbe land, receipts under our
Government with those likely to be received from
showed how unreal would be, all such cal
culations. « The expenses for tbe Public Domain
which the Government had purchased, amounted
to more than eighty millions. Tbe receipts in the
were more than one hundred and thirty
■even roillioits, but adding tbe interest upon the
expenditures, the be nearly bal
anced. ' ; •
Mr. Underwood adrocaled hii views very bold
ly aud proposed that our troops should be withl
- drawn, and that we should be content with receiij
igg our indemnity in money, and surrender toMex
ieo all ber lt she would not fellow thiw
we'might bold the value of tho indemnity iu fend
until she made a treaty agreeing to. do this. This
vras the wise and the just policy.
It is thus, day after day, the wisest, tbe oldest,
and the most patriotic members of the two Houses
ol'Congress oppose the war as nnjost, unnecessary,
and unconstitutional. This, from certain'signs of
the fjm—. I think, will -bo. found to be the the
views of Colonel Benton. - e. n. i
VllaMSvi BasliiasaandHttehtt.
The friends of Mr. Buchanan do . not relish much
the rough handling .'the “patent democrat” gets from
the one who Was bam in I&{4, and a radical from
the State. Witb siogufer facility the loco focoS
forget bow they have petted David Wilmot in times
- Tho North American reminds the Buchan
an men of th» change of front, and says:
Until within the 1 last few months, it will be re
membered that Mr.;WUioot was an especial favor
ite of the Washington Union. At the time when he
atbod alone in the delegation from this State-in tip;
bolding the anti-P«»ni«ylvi»nia TarifT of, a 46, life
Union called him by the ******
him graciously on ihe tuck, nnd dandled over him
.with grotesque and disgusting fondness. Subsc
nuMtty, it hailed bit reflection with a hip—hip—
hurrah and ever since that ume has made various
demonstrations o( Afiection tor hta. .Wibin a lit
tie while, however, owing, as Mr.Wi I mot shrewdly
gosnects and boldly charge*, to the interfereneo of
thcSeOTttryof samcloving, clwriahing
csrettiDg Union rushes info the opposite extreme,
and slaps its former favorite in the thee, calls him
all sorts of bard flames, and finally gives him no
tics that if he does not mend his manners, he
-ahall be kicked out of nil decent Democrats so-.
a ?row, Mr. David WOmot, having -been born, a*
he himself informs us. in the year of grace ISl4
that year in which Mr. Buchanan was making fu-,
nous assault* upon the democratic- party, and de
nouncing James Madison and the war-haa in him
some route of beligerency, and being thus assailed,
turns upon those who have assaulted him; and what
with a blow in Father’s Ritchies face, and half a
-dozen ponderous thumps on Mr. Buchanan's tho
rax, and » sort of a short kick at tbe Fmneylta
ma», he shows himself to be a regular hero, and.
professor of the noble art of self defence.—Ritchie,,
with both his eyes blackened, sets Up ao impotent
bowk Btiabanan rolls groaning in the dust; and tbe
Peansytvanisn, shaking ha fist and making mouths
e very body, intimates that tho first lime it catch*
et Wilmot, whefl its big brothers are along it will
trottnee him soundly. And »o the a flair stands for
lb ßutSSing *• »t is, does not this exhibition show
bevood perad venture, whaUbe true scope and
tandeacyof modem democracy are, and how ut
tertv-if debases these who bind themselveino it*
botkfw and hypocritical prelenMons. Do not the
{£££«. which the Union and Mr. Wdmot oumal
frorefcr. prove that a party in which such comip.
LTSTn exS, i* unworthyithe confidence of an
uprlghtrionununiiy. "You are the. wretched tool
of adeskniog. mtriguing,- Ool«,Ibaled pohucan..
tue 0 f Jour official position to promote
scoundrel in America,"
Wflmotwe have been •ianred to the vitoperatwa or
violeitt. ’ fectionuts ,aod .traitorous pryfligatcs, ,
now..desperate Ritobie,*forgetting to
hlsphrenzytlul he is sUnderingthememoiy ofthe
JJreittsit and -best,* and desecrating ihe shriae of
,Wefw»it.wtihivrely j»}erert the'iurtbtL;dtar*l-r
opemenu cf this interesting quarrel; more)
convenient leisure we'ihall examine,; more ut do-,
tail, sane of ihe pbhaea which it has alre%dypre.
[jrntad, ..
[ TliMtwaik - ieileo m»dSH<*-
l\ » H-’v iw V% v
1. ETwry fcadylm beard ofSl iOftad tbefemZlr
earoatans .'vUh which tbd Loco Foeoa went fisr
•tbo whole, or none, of that Umous coo alry. - J T6e
isequally. notbciou* that Messrs.. Folk and
Company eat all their valorous words, and onlyad
haredtotkepontioatbeyatirted with, so Ctj as to.
take what Johnßall pleasedto leave lliem. Now,
in common with the sensible people of the country,
we conitder, that-the Oregon question is well set'
tied, and we rctorn to the subject only to show
some of die reasons that' caused our fire eating
President and his. cabinet to .back out from the
whole in such hot haste. It is well known that
in iron it used in the shape of (rant aad'ahot,
timber in ships and hemp in saife, at veil as'vil.
lain out saltpetre in the composition of powder. It
It alto known that shot nod are used to
gether in real fights,: and that tome who tall after
the discharge of cannon, do not, as after a sham fight,
get up, l>at lie where they fell, at Gov. Shunk says*
to have tlwir requiem sung by the winds, as it poss
et through the long grass over their graves.
■ Mr. Polk and tbo party so fierce for the whole or
none, knew very well that in a war with England,
the iron, timber, hemp and-powder, would be used
to a large extent, and.that! it would not be a ques
tion of subjugation, nor absorption, nor wvuld it be
a mission to evangelize the world. It was none of
tliose, but a rough and tumble fight with a hurley
fellow, whom we could hit smartly, and who
would hit us in return. As the contest would
have been a naval one to agreal extent, let us see'
bowoarNary comperes with that of Great Britain*
and for tboTpurpore we make the following list:
smrs in coMiiisuirt— manitaut 1, ISIS.
t’nited States. Great Britain
Ships of the Liuc,...
Frigate? and Rasee...
Steam Frigates..«...
Sloops of War......
Steam Sloops
Brigs >...
Packets, etc
Small Steamers......
Store Ships.
Ordnance Transport.
.12 *»l
..0 91
sum its oziunakt ato m'tLDrua.
1 . , ' Ordinary. Building.
Ships of the Line 1 •*>
Frigates .."..8 2
SloopsofWar..*.. .10
Steamer* \ 2 , 5
Here, then, we have a total of ships, good, bad
aud indifferent, amounting to 09, ugainst 243
sets, in commissicti in England, to say nothing oj*
four hundred and ttrenty-eight other vessels, front
one hundred and fifty guns downward, besides
the commercial steam marine which England has
fostered and fed upon our mails, while our Govern,
mentbas tnraed a deaf cor to tbo wants of our
gallant' Navy. Let us see the extent of the sea
. going ships that could crons the Atlantic to alt nek
Us, for in addition to the above, it must be re mem.
bered that the. vessels of the various Meant navi
gation companies—those of the Cunard line, those
of the Peninsular and Oriental Company, the West
India packets, the boats of the General Stcatu Nav
igation Company, and others are under contract to
surrender their ships for the, public service at any
moment when required to do so by the govern
ment. i
Ships. • • Tonn.
Canard Line, .....11 ISOO
Oriental .......127 IOOd
Besides these ships that would come to attack us,
Great Britain can put guns enough afloat to watch
, all the ship* we cobid send there. Util enough of the
us see bow the lloyal Nary is manned
' officers and seamen actually em
ployed on the Ist of January. ISIS, was:
Officers of various grades, (including
403 midshipmen, 325 Naval cadets,
•- nnd 211- EogpneerxJ 4,489
Petty Officers, 6,818
•Able and ordinary seamen, landsmen,
and boys, (including iCroomen, Chi
nese, Cooties, dec. J 10,219
In addition, the packets employ Sl3 officers aud
seamen; the surveying vessels, 1.71 C; and the troop
and store ships, 383; to which add, marines, 10,500:
boys, 2000; and the coast guard,l captain, iScom- .
raanders, 2C3 lieutenant*,: and 10 mates.
TheAraencan navy hasu*»wirjservice not more
than one-third of this number, nor doe* thennia’
ber seem likely to increase. Hadlbe country been
forced into n warwith England, oar galliot utvy
'wrald have bed ftin nnrrjual ml ilirrrr
ojooa>t^4 > witikl The .contest would have’been,'
.which navy could do the mint harm to the com*,
meccc and cilics-of its opponent.. The'stars'aud
atripctwoald have isrim honored in every conflict
bat would we not havo bad reason to (bar the result.
Not from a lack of valor bo the part of our hardy
tars, but from tbe-immense preponderance of men
aad metal over ohr own.! John Bull does not run
like tfCfcniaman or a Mexican, but stands up to t!*e
work and is only! beaten by hard' knocks, i Mr.
Polk knew this well enough, aud took bis resolu
tion accordingly, tile sneaked out of his whole or
nano-claim to which our title was complete, as
he said, and took what England ofiered. Had he
stopped there all would have been well enough, bat
no, the blood ot a cowardly executive was np fora
fightfendbeinvadedacontitrythatat the commence
meat of the wnr did not hive a ship that could bear
her flag from Vera Crux to London, without stopp
ing at Havana, Bermuda; and Halifax, at route to
refit {He attacked an enemy whose army we
have jputed at appoints and at immense cost, and
really-have stayed our hands only because there
are no Mexican forces in the field that require
the efforts of anything beyond a corporal's guard.
The might ofl?ngiadd roide tbo President acqui
escent nnd the weakness of Mexioo alone caused
him to commence'it* conquest Such arc the reas
ons th&t made Mr. Polk supple towards England,
and so peremptory with : Mexico. Had Mexico
been ebie to compete with us iu an appeal to arms
upon as good n toting os England, she would
hare found the President and his party as ready to
accept their fir*t offer, hail it been a tine far east
of theltio Grande. Our soldiers and sailors hay*
woo all tbo laurels, and the projectors of this war,
have for their share the shame uTaneakiog out of
an equal contest io attack an enemy,; our-inferior
in every point mental as well as physical. f •
New* »t>zne SaKoHl-Asns.—The Now York
MattofThorsdayj has rioftomo to hand. The fol
lowing dispatch give* ail the news we *ce>
New Vonx,- February 10, 5 F. -
Having examined - the 1 Euglisli pa;ien received
by the Sarah Sands, I abstract the followinO addi
tional intelligoncej ‘ ! :
' There was less btioyaucy in the Commercial
world, owing probably, to tbe newa from Ameri
ca ondthe .eontiiuiAl, .but there-wo* reason to
regard tl« ilullawui prevailing a* otherwise than’
temporary. There had been a few additional taiti
tires at Frankfort.;
New* from tlie.Cope of Good Hope, bad been
received to the 15th of November. The Kafir war
was proceeding favorably. The native* had been
defeated by 001. Somerset.
The Hampton controversy had got into tlw Coart
, of Queen’s Bench.
At Moocbciicr; on the 20ih nil, the general
aspect of affairs in the Cotton trade wasunfavore
blc, and decidedly retrograding.
Tatlok Mtrnio a r HAanrsncxoa.—A large and
enthusiastic meeting of the friend* and advocate*
of Gen. Taylor fbtflbc Presidency, irrespective of
party, was held at Harmbuigh, (Fa.) on Monday,
the Horn-Judge Bucher presiding. Judge Bucher,
Gen. F. Sken Smith and Cnpti Partridge delivered
addresses. A commiuee was appointed to desig
nate delegates to the People’s Convention on the
22d iostant, and report to a futnre meeting.
Di’U-vxss of the Coal Tkadk.—Tlio coal trade
languishes, and bittiness in PotttviUe, Pa. as well
as the other villages in the Schuylkill district*,;!*
unusually dull, while labor find* nodemand-at any
—From the languor in the iron trade and tlw
general retrenchment, it i* not expected ihdt tbe
market will, this year; require Bay-increased quan
tity of coal over lairtyearV tonnage. •'
The Western Texas Conference of the Melho
dist Episcopal Church, South, adjourned un the 3d
of January. The Conference was held at Cedar
Creek, and presided over- by Bishop Capers. The
increase; of members duriug the past year waa
063—whites 091; colored 270.
The Eurtem Texas Conference was held at Sun
Augustine. The increase! of membership wits 391.
-A VaUmcle Reus— Among the personal ef
feels of llm fete John Cook and William Wallace
Cook, to be aotd is ooe which is of |secullar inter
est, . It tt a minaltire likeness of Beojamino West,
enclosed in a silver locket, which ho* the iuscrip
thm: “Benjamin’ West, aged cigliteen. painted by
himself in Urn year 1745, und presented to Miss
Steele of Fhlladelpb ia. n —A ort/« American. >
'Axotiieb Heav'T Failuxe.— Tho failure 'of a,'
large iron firm in 'Worcester -wss 'nhnounced Jn
thiscHy yestetdayi Thf* : failure is ’ mid ;lo have;
been precipitated by a failure in'Broad street, in ;
thi* city, on whose notes tlie Worcester firm were!
endorsers to the amount of S25,WJO.— Tra vd
j'tnqrnNCi Bt^l’izai l ‘especiallyAire>gfl,xs:
at a veryJuw elfo in this' city at the - present time.;
The t°e packet ship » udungton Imog,l
-for Lioerpool, has been postponed to the I2tii fast
Her freight list is unusually, small.—BmtaH 2Yk^
-:-K .C:'iT -V''.
havp tkii pew amusement in* awoe idem of the/impression given
to'eniudiettce may not be inappropriate. Aeon-'
retpuudeut ofthe'llalumore' Sun, writing from’
Washington, **ya>— - -
. The only .time J visited these model artistes, (any
lnrt.modeU of t|ie forat_di»we, by the byj
was m the earlier part of the week. The room
• waa lolesably full: there woe mien of all conditions
?and ages, and laaics, too, whoiiad been inveigled
there by the mjsrepreaentatiDns of certiin presses,
which, instead, of-acting thepart of guardians of
public morals have imperceptibly become aider*
and. abettors in tho cause of demoralization. There
sot a grave Senator with his wifef and suter—yoa
der a distinguished public functionary Iwilh his
belterhaUj a lady, somewhat distinguished lor un
flinching rigidity ofmorakTand saturnine disposi
tion— around them might bo seen a fair sprinkling
of Venerable matrons and unsuspecting young la
dies, all-anxious for this remarkable moral exhibi
tion to commence. By - and by, the curtain is
drawn aside, and an indifferently formed woman,
stuffed and padded accordingto the most approved
rules, stands before them—a faulty impersonation
of Power’s “Greek Slarb." A thousand indeco
rious comments are immediately buzzed around—
the welkin rings with shorita ofapplousc and'encore;
a perfect furor of excitement prevail with the crowd
. of men, and tile ladies, doomed to have their mod
esty shocked not only through their organs of vis
ion, bat of hearing, pull down their veils, and
ait pondering over the cruel refinements of the I9lb
U is vain and idle for the sophist to say that
these lascivious exhibitions can be witnessed with
the same purity of thought ih?i one would exam
ine a sculptured work of art Those who reason
thus are either entirely uhucquainled with human
nature, or purposely seek to misguido the unwary
for the gratification of their owu brutal passions.
For evcry stoic who can gnze at these iaceceatfu
Ueaux with unshaken, un
seduced'*—there are hundreds Who willlie carried
away 9nto the regions of impure thought and lib
idinous fancy.
Another writer remarks that n calculation of a
certain degree of moral abasement in the public.
mind induced the introduction of the first set of
Irartists,* 1 and it seems these impudent outragera of
decency suppose the moral sentiment to have now
sutficientiy relaxed to tolerate a further step.
. Thin.onwnrd step has been taken, as we notice, •
by n New York letter, which says:—‘■The ‘model
artist* fever has got to such a pitch in our city that
there are half a dozen ‘mites’ of the kind at work
every night; and it is given out, that to-night one of.
them discard* any thing in the shape of covering.
A word as to the origin of tlun exhibition which
has so delmsed the morals of. the public. The first
we. hear of it, was at Farit, that hot-bed of vice.
Debased ns are tbo tastes of Paris, the public had
to be trained to bear tbe immodest sights, offered
in the model artists. From France the. mania
spread ta England, bat there tbo tone of public
opinion was tooipurc to allow them a long season,
and a change wis made to New'York, the .Paris
of America, forlicentiousncss. Not that New Y<Ak
is more licentious than other cities iu proportion to
ber population, b3l because she has,' besides tier
hundreds ol thousands of virtuous people, also an}-
other and depraved class, numerous enough to
mppoit any amusement, no matter howi debasing'
and sickening it may bo. 1
New York, then, as.cootainiag tbo largest sham
of rottenness, was chosen as the place at which to
commence spectacles that no modest eye should
witness. After columns of puffing and p rot cautions
of modesty, tbo curtain rose at the Apolb Saloon*
tefore a meagre audience of men about
imrn, and boys, mixed with a few female*, deceiv
'd by the representations'of their male companions,
nio u position a woman of purity kralltes beyond
zxpression. Tbe exhibition proceeded amid hisses
rad applause, but the exhibitor persevered, and
found depravity enough in New York to sustain
him, and not only his exhibition, bnt dozens of oth*
era, which sprung up with tbcjapidilv of thought.
This infection New York* will
have its natural course, and has even now reached
our city, nnd the question -is whether our citizen*
have a taste for such exhibttious. Jfwill be large’
4y attended, but its sccnca_arenot for the eye of
modesty to witness, and it will be left to the c;
of those whose modesty is beyond harm from c
tact even with vice a* palpable as this.
Ptamylvsata Legltlstare,
Uarrisburgh, Feb. 9, 18t8.
’ Hot'sO-On leave, Mr. Schoonover presented a
remonstrance against granting the New York sad
Erie Railroad additional privilege*.
On motion of Mr. Fenton, tbe bill relative to the
rcgistraikm of births, deaths, Are., be made the or
of the day for Wednesday next
. IlrporU. —Mr. Surartzu-cUer * supplement to the
art incorporating the College in Carlisle; county.
Mr. i-Yraon, (Corporation *)„ an act to incorporate
the Allegheny Evangelical Lutheran Society. Sir.
801 l a supplement to tho set incorporating the Erie
Canal Company..
of Mr;Z(itltt',lha BoiuqStoiiiilrttil
rand? pasnedvlbe- bill fettling Jo.; rClrthGM
Treasurer.cfßdtler county.' Mr'.Nicholson, ose
to establish a staudard railrcuulfrpm the IjLamsburgh
Furnace to the Fcnnsylvuflia Railroad.^
On motion of Mr. Smith, tbe House-.went into
courideration of the bill -relative to tbh payineot of
coitA'in criminal coses. Fending the discussion on
ibi* bill the hour cf one arrived, and the Hou*e J
ricvvTr-—Mr. Matthias reported, with amend
ments, tiie hill to iaconvirate the American Tele
graph Company, aud tue joint resolution relative
lu specimens collected in the Geological Survey.
Tbe following bills were considered and passed a
final-rending: A joint resolution relative to speci
men* collected in the Geological Sower.
Anbexcd are several amendments offered yester
day to Copt. Small’s War Resolutions*' ;
Sir. Johnson of Erie, moved to amend the first
, section by striking out all after the word “resolv
ed," and Inserting the following: .' : , ,
-That ihe existing war wiih Mexico, unneces
sarily and iincoustituticnally began by the Presi
dent af the Cubed States, but' rtCngnued by the
act of Congress, should be sustained so far as neces
sary to maintain the honor afloat country, and
procure an houorable peace; and that,a*American
citizens while we deprecate tho .manner in whieh
the war was commenced, we axe juftiy-proud of
the glorious achievements of ouf gallant armies On
the plains of Mexico." i :
* Mr. Johnston of Armstrong; by comtjtoa consent
presented tbe following subrtitute, fur She purpene
of bringing it now before* the Senate.
“Whereas, The stnicable relations heretofore ex
isting between ihe Republics of the . United States
and Mexico have been interrupted, and a st&ie'of
war now exists, nhleinjurioua to the best interests
of bath countries—Therefore |
Resolved, That it. is the duty (as we'believe itso
be the de*ire)of the Government oflbe United Stafe*
u* bring said'war U> an early and hoopraUe terai
nation. ' T
17iat the present war with Mexico might hake
been avoided by n more careful apd' forbearing
course-of policy on the part of our National Rulej*.
Mr. Sanderson moved to amend the motion by
striking out and inserting the following. . : •-{ -
“Tliat the cause of humanity, os well as tue best
interests of tbe United State* and of Mexico, alike'
deranud that tbe existing war hetwqea 'these two brought eariy and honoraae
termination;, and that it is the duty, rii it ought to
be tlie desire of the President ofthe United Slatdr,
so to effect this humane and desirable object, j
Mr. Mamie, tw common content, prearoted tie
fiillowing amendment with tho view uf bringiogfit
liefore the Senate. , ; 1 '; |
“Resolved. Thai our Senators and Represenm
lives in Congress bo required Jo vote against afy
measure whatever by whieh Territory will sccree
to the Union, tiniest as a part of the'fudamenpir
law upon which nay compactor treaty for this pqr
'pose is based, slavery or involuntary servitude, cx
ceolfor crime, Mhall lie Circver prohibited. i
Tbat, however muchJtis to be regretted that tie
war with Mexico was commenced, yet the maty
offer*on the part of the United State% invilingtlait
government id enter into, negutiutiois for the for*
mat ign «Ta treaty of just *aa<l honorable peace, add
the refuta! of that government to eater upon sgth
negoemtinn*, u|ile*s upon terms lh<jh dishonorone
to oar Republic— put the relations df the countriis
upon such bas|* that the honor aqd safety of tie
United State* 'demaud a vigorous prosecution pf
the war; and that all ihe supplies cf men aid
money necessary to attainment of a permttndil
and juit peace, should be placed' in the hsnds'fef
our national rulers—this ancient Commonweajh
(nimbly pledging herself to- contribute cbeerfufy
her portion of the necessary means for eifectilg
such purpose. ■. ~ r ■
llxazmtao, Feb. 10, UM9.
Hov»e.— Mr. SwirttweldeTj presented a petitii
from Jacob B. Frank asking the right to dig cc
under the bed of tbe Mcmoflgabela river.
Mr. Redding, one for tbe repeal ,of the law ab-
Iborizing the Governor to appoint two CbnUnlsshfe
era on tne Cuml>eriand road. . : 1 i
On leave, Mr. Morton moved logoinlriqpittide*-;
tionof a supplement to the act incorporating tic
Pennsylvania lUUroad, pftssed through Committee i
of the Wliole. ;' ‘ ' 1
Szsatx-—Mr. Danisfe a hill to incorporate. ti|
Atlantic und Ohio Telegraph Company, and a tt
ther supplement to the penal lowa of this Comma
wealth. Mr. Benner, n bill to incorporate (he Plul
delphi* and Atlantic Steam Naigation Company.-
The re*olutions reloti ve to the War \r|tli Mexil
cume uu m order, and were then postponed ms
uext Wednesday. j
. Tho bill for abolitton of Capital*punishment wis
on motion of Mr. Sanderson, taken tip and tiaaadd
thrqhgh committee of the. whole! . • f
LacxruiT Fi:u*ace.~ This property, with alack,
tHiihling*, advertised for sale by the aberiff fcf
Westmoreland county was ofiered at Greensbundj,
on Tuesday. There wa* abont five thouaaad
lan hid for it, wlienthe Sheriff poslponed the sol;
Tlie i* situated hear.. BlairsviUe, o a the
Fenttsylvaoia Cana). :
» Tax. Texxobafuic Burnt)**.—R fe welt known
that words are used for phrases, to- save telegtfc
plucexpenses. In one of the «y«edu the wofd’
“dead’; uxenn* ‘’oppeared • in Ids seat today offer
£tt recent illness."; This aucoonU ferthe (kite in.
telligence of tbe death of the Hon. John Devi*, la
tius despatch, was wrrtlcn “John Deyttr deed- , *Y-
Ifottkßenton. j j*-j, 4 - : k -i :
Mtyor Hobbie, it is said' wttbes to introduce 1
Eogiisb rale relative to goveratnent -irrla-,'tl
. :
-gt ; f : pdwjßjigffi t ' if®!! f
W«mm«<iFehjll,4Wa *
* 'Tbo Seoata.inut eaHed to orie, at tha nul
bour/and Btunerotis petitions r werey
among t£em oneby'Mr. from Richard
M. Johnson, relative to the establishment of public
’schools among the Indians.', ■ ; » 1
Mr. Dayton, of New Jefsejr, reported k bill from
the Committee on toe Judiciary, l to carry into effect
the foreign treaty relative to fugitives from justice.
■ Mr. Caw, front the Committee to wbdmthe sub
ject was referred, reported without amendment,
the joinfresolution of the House, thanking General*
Soda, Taylor, ice.
Mr, Crittenden moved that the hill be taken up
and passed.
; After some remarks by Senators, tbe resolutions
were postponed for the present.
| Is tbs Housl.—After it was called to order, n
message was received,from the President; in obe.
dience to h request from the Hoose, declaring, that
ko propositions had been received from Mexico
on the subject of peace, except such os Congress
;bad previously dissented-from. *
J ; The bill in favor of the heirs of Com. Paul Jones
'was token up and discussed until the hour of ad-
jouminbnl. . > ■
j Serchel B. Johnston .has beea appointed by tbo
Governor oC Georgia, Senator in the place of Mr
Golquitt, resigned. w
’ The Supreme Court Room wasdeosetycrowded
today to hear hlr. Clay speak on a case of great
-Mr. Clay was looking very well, his voice wi
admirable—clear and musieal/and the audienc
heard him with breathless attention.
! A man was arrested and token before AJderman
Steele, Independant Police oflicer, on the chatg*
of passing counterfeit money,! hi had succcodcdra
putting some oflj-qn a clothier Jn liberty street—
We uedeistuid the money was given kina by a
Mr. HalthoasO to pas* (Mr.iHalllumse) not-sup
posing it to be spurious. The man was held to
bailin-thesumof $3OO. ' ;
The money was of the denomination 'of 10s
Northern Eank Kentucky badly executed.
Hutabx’s thx Hciaos Kitoil—
This exhibition opens tonight: at Philo Hall, at
Will be noticed by our advertisieg columns. Tbe
encomiums bestowed by the preiu of. Ciucianfcti,
have been very liberal, and a visit to New Yoc l '
can be mode-in imagiaationj We doubt not, sali*’
fectorily nnd pleasantly by a visit to Ihe Panorama.
. Font Pitt lnox Woaxs. —We havo • received
an invitation to attend a supper to be given by tb*
mechanics of those famous works to the proprie
ties. on_Wednesday evening.- These
meats are- high compliments to the owners of
works, showing that the proprietors have not only
Uie labor of their men. but also what is quite as es
sential, tbelr good wflh ' *-
Anxnr.—Wc understand a man named- Jooab
Davis, ha* lieen arrested, charged with tbe murder
committed in Lower &L> Clair-ToWuship, a, few
days since.
A.Load Lire Paoinsro.—A correspondent of
the Jefferson Inquirer mys Mr. Buchanan will live
to be President of the United States. If so, it will
be very many yeara'hcocc, judging from the mun
ber of -his Locofbeo rivals.
Ixuxou Ca*al_—The Chicago Jooraal Mates
that the canal will be navigable in . the spring, be
fore the lakes are, from Buflalo. .
Aixaim Kklly, Esq, was, on Thursday, elected
President of the Cleveland, Columbus and Cincfu
naii Railroad Company. '"
Cormpsadms sf Piltibarih Gantts.
Exclusive Correspondsnce of ths' PitUbargh CszeUe
PmtxSExrsiA, Feb. 12, 0, r. u.
Flock—l hear of limited transactions today at
$5.7535,81. .The. market at the close woa dulL ..
Gjuis—The market for Corn and Cals is dulL—
Prime' Yellow Cora is selling at 5Gc bu. Sales of
prime White Wheat at 130, and of prune Red at
125 c, dull,—Sales of O*u at 40c bu.
Gbockwss—Sales of N. O. Sugar at 4 \ for frur
and tic tor choice.' Sales of N.O. Molo»*esot27Jc
. Lagua>Ta Coffee isTaeUing at 7}, and Rio
at 11c p ft. • 1 • t
Pzovrsioss—Sales of western Prime pork $S p
bbL Sales of Lard at 7437 J p ft. Sato are only
for the supply of the regular trade demiind.
Cottov—-Nothing doing excepting to qunsere.!
Ex el outs CaricaUoad*are uf.ihQ Pilisnaxgk Gtziras,
• • «
t - ~ - ''- , Feh. i l2 ? 3f..b, j
FLorK—Tbe Taarkei ir steady but not active.-
Modenle salmi of H.'S.'btsnd* at S3,C2J per! bbL«~
City Mills i. helJ at whicti figure poreha
rts are not disposed to tote hold. > j
Gkajk—Liiwifeifsalca tifPriiuo White Wheat St
ISOujISIc per bu. _Sales -oTPrimc White Cora i
50c, andoflrime Vellow at S2c per bit.- -Mode
ate salcscfOatoat42£»Hc-tE bo. Rye is quote
at 73c Fhu. i ,
C.zocsxixs—Sales of N O Sugar at ft.
N O Molasses is selling nt'2"c per galL Rio CoP
'fee 71c; Laguayra at 7c fth
. WmsxgY—fiales areelfected at,2oc y gall. • ,
Bar Cattix—Regulsr Sales occur nt;s2,7si|»
10!) un the hoof -
Kiuxo Hons—Sales of 467 bead at ptir
100. - .i - '
Bacos—Sales of Shoulders at BltSCi per lh..
Correw—-The Market is very quiet and nothing ta
doing. * : r i
Clotts Sra>—Moderate sales at $1,37( ,i«xr
bu. , . '
Coax hlzALp—Sales at per W.
Rim Fu»t*a—Moderate sales are eflected at $4,-
ExefasiTe Cortearondeuee of ihs PitUboigh Gazetlc.
- New York, Feh. 12,3 P. M
Fwihl—A firmer feeliagis manifested id the mar
ket. with moderate sale* at SO.
GxAtn—Tbe market tt active but. without any
changes in prices.
ISiovtjiojer—Fork is unchanged, though the)
market is less.firm. Lard is held atfilcbullhetr
uf no solus at a higher rate than Sc ft.
HcuFis quiet; Lead tt unchangwl; and Tobaceo
inanimate. r -
, ’ Deaixos are holding off for the foreign newa the
market is in a dull state.'j
Correipondettre of the PltUlmrch G'azette.
Cwcwitin, Feb. 12; C, f. jt
Flour.— The market u very qukt,;ud the tea
deocr downward. Selea of 200 bbU at $4 p bbl,
which ii • decline from last otjotntiotu.
Coos—Prime White is adling at 2S£2?3oc V bu.
Oats—Saki otSO.aSfcc pbu.
WHEA’re-Salea Prime Red at 85c ? bu.
Gxoctxto—The Sugar market 14 active, with,
■ales of 140 hhds New Orleans at 4j0&!, for com
mon to Prime, We quote tales of lit IUo at 7|c
pB. Sales of New Orleans Molasses 24Jc ?gaL
Haoox.—Sales of llama at Sic + fc.
. lutD—Moderate sain in bUa at stc fr fit.
: Tatum’—We quote 8c as'the asking prices,'
vriltoot sales. ,
HT’To Stiamxut -Bln akd Onms.—Connell’S
Mmgteal Pain Extractor—lt is now conceded by medi
cal men that Connell's Magical Pain Extractor. manu
factured by Comstack.fe Co, 21 Cotmland :*. N V, is
tits greatest wonder of the l(hh Century, lts'effeetiare
truly'miraculous. All paias am removed frombarns,
scold*, Ac 7 add oil external' torts, bi a few minutes al
ter its application; heating the agßut-on themost deli
cate akin, leaviuff no scar.) Iris eqoalty beneficial in
all kinds of inflammatory diseases, such as sore Nip
ples and Eyes, Sprains, Rheumatism, While Swelling
and Unities,'nurns. Chilblains, Erysipelas,
Biles, Tie Doloresux,«fec. We might add as proof to
all wo say, fte names of many eminent physicians who
use it in their practice, and hundredaof the clergy who
K* ) it to their people. Kind parent keep it constantly on
incases of accident by fire, life maybe loti with
out it, bnt by its tue all burns are subject to tie eoatiol,
nnleas the -ritals are destroyed. Caution— Remember
and ask for Connell's Magical
factored by Comstock fe Co. N Y, and no other.
Sold by WBL JACKSON, Agent for Pittsburgh, 69
Liberty si-, head of Wood. novASdfewOmT
•ny Use tbs Pxorxx Mxax*.—lf yon wnh 10 be suc
cessful in any undertaking, you must always ‘use the
proper mesa*.’ Iherefora. if you have .a cough, tue
JaiXt'a ExrxcToaairT and bo cured, for it ia the proper
means. Have you Asthma or dUueulty of breathing,
then the only efficient means 10 is to use
Jayne’s Expectorant, which will immediately overcome
the spasm whieh contracts the diameter or the tabes,
and loosens and brings up ihe mucus whieh clogs them
m, abdtbus removes every obstruction to a free ja,pi
ration, while at the tamo time all inflammation is sub
dacd, arid a cure is certain to bo e flee ted. Have you'
llrouehlli*, Spilling of Blood. Pleurisy, or-in fact any
putnmnAfT Affection, then use Jayne's Expectorant
and relict Is certain.,sad you will find that you have
used the proper means.
For sale in Pittsburgh at the Pekin Tea Store, 72 4th
street near Wood. l»al7
in- Roes your hair lari otf, docf your hair tarn gray
Is it harsh, is it dry, or dirty, I prey!
- iPtis thus, you can make it soil, atlky ami fine,
park and healthy, nnd beauteous ms this hair of mine
And to have tint, you have' buQhrce shitting* to give
For a bottle of Janes’ llairßeslorttWe.
Iteader. if you have bad hair you would really be as
tonished at the lovely effect a three shilling bottle of
Jons s’ Coral Hair Kesiarativo has on 15 it needs but one
trial. Sold as ta Liberty tl. . novlgdfewly
RT” Don’t havo a Foul Breath—lf you have, use-*
Iwoshilling bottle of Jones’ Amber Tooth Paste. That
will make your breath sweet, whiten your teeth, kc+—
Sold at« Liberty st. uovlOdfewly
fn a> ’Ladiea who use Jones’ Spanish Lily White,have
always * fin® White- transparent akin, (if this a trial
will satisfy any one. Sold only in Pittsburgh, at fe>
liberty st. ■'• : t»yi»dandwly •
rrrTo TICK Halt axn Lamx^-Comstock’s Nerve and
Bom Liniment and Indian Vegetable Hixir, is th* most
effectual cure far Rheumatism. Said by JVM. JACK
ON Agautfor Pittsburgh. ’ novlSdfewdmT
tm Don’t' have yeQnw' dark. lVeth—they'cin'.ba
made pearly whita by one time using h .box ©T Jones’.
ny'Pn-vs Boxes, fee.—'rite Genuine llaya’ linimcnti
isau article more jus(ly : celebrated as a cure far the
■Lave than any or all others. lla cures are almost i&f
Snaxndde. Sold by WM, JACKSON, for Put?
Ty;r- ~ f
f'Ta.SteubeariDe, o» thr&h fcifiauk**, Rdr.XoteTt
Andrews. UicNixct AiWiALor, of that pUcd JoXr.
Zs*OjKi Kresty, of Pituta-gh. .
.u'-••_'--1 '•«-
On Saturday evening the l-jh iustanl, Hobekt, oldest
' child of Junes and Sank Lemon. aged IS years. 'a.!'
- • Tbeianeral will take place this morning at 10 o’clock
Jmn .the parents residence on the Fourth street rood »
short distance beyoud the colony, The friends of the
'fcnuly.nre Inviicd to attend. •" ' • - • |
•• • ATBEViKOa/ • ; : !
C./. Bsnß,—' Stage Manager.
£7" la'consequence of. the iiiamphant success of
Barney AVUUams, he has been re-engaged for #ro
nigha only. ■•'• • |
This evening, February 12th, will bo presented
the Comedy of ' . j■.
•THE IRISH Pi )ST. ! :
Terrance O’Grady Barney Williams.
After which the laughable Farce of the
Pat Rooney - Barney Williams.
To eoncltide with the laughable Farce of ■. j
Christopher Strop r r Me. Saunders.
County CobtobMob. 1
AT a meeting of the County Committee of Corres
pondence held at McMaster*’ hotel in Pittsburgh,
on the 2M January. IE4B, the following call was agreed
upou: That the whig, ■ini Autimasouie voters of.ihe
several Wards, Boroughs and Townships of Allegheny
eooutr are invited to meet at their usual placesat hold
ing primary meetings, within said'districts, on Batnr
dny tbe-gsih'* February-next, to appomi delegates to
meet in Cdunty- Convention at 'the Court- House in
Pittsburgh, on the succeeding Wednesday, to appoint
delegates 'to the Slate Contention to be hclaat Ifarrts
burgn to nominaie a Canal Commissioner, Senatorial
Electors and Senatorial delegates to ibe NntlonalgGoD
veutiou. The said eonmy convention will nleo appoint
a delegate from this district to the Whig National CXm*
ventuMi and an elector for this district upon the elate
electoral Ticket. * . i
TTie primary meetings In all the Townships except
Pitt, will be held at It o'clock, r. and in the Wards
and Uo roughs including Pitt, at 7 o'clork, P. X. of said
day. . ,;. DANL. McCURDV, Chairman!
. K. Pstjixa, jec'y pro, tem, , ... S*'& i
Pitt Machine Works and Foundry* [
* * • ' HfTMVSfiU, M. \ |
JOHN WRIGHT A Ca/areprepared to build Colton
and Woollen Machinery of every description. «»cn
ns Cordiiir Machines, Bpiunuir Frame*, .Speeders,
Drawing Frames, Railway Heads, Warpers,'Spool era.
Dressing Frames, Loons, Card Grinders, fce. Wrought
Iran Shading tamed; all sixes of Cast Iron, Pttllle* had
Hangers of the latest patterns. slide nml hand lAlhbs,
and -tools of nil kind*. ..Casting ofcrery description
furnished on short notice.. Patterns made to order for
Mill Gearing. Iron Railing, &c. Htcara Pipe for heating
Factories, Cast Iron Window Sash and fancy Castings
generally. Orders led at the Warehouse of J. Palmer
fc Co., liberty street, will have prompt attention. ■ 'I ..
Be let to Uluckstock, licll 1 C 0..; J K .Moorhead'A; Coc
O E Warner; John Irwin h. Sons, Pittsburgh; 1J C ft J
H Warner. Steubenville. jan!9_
William Douglas, loir James McKain. The
Jjm ul)Knb«r ha* removed Iris Hot and Cap Manu
®*wifaciory w H 0.77 Wood street, nearly nppodtehw
oht stand, where he would invite his irinuls nnd'ihe
pnidin generally 10 an assortment of linn and Cap.*,
which tor beauty aud durability cannot he surpassed.
I - WM-- DOUULASS, -.7 Wood si.
Having retired from the Hal ttud Cap Manufactory,
I must repcciiully receommend tbe-palrouage ofiny
friends and the public generally in my successor, Wtn.
Jcaglas; , (fcbt4fon) JAMF3 McKAIN.
improved Sflrat.Xaehlse, j
rpUE above riachines are now in use in almost every
I Slate in the Uiiioa, and been tested by_ expe?
nericed .Millers, from whom several hundred rerttSfdies
might bn tfivciu but we dee mi I unnecessary. Believ
ing that they will recommend themselves to all dittos* give them'a trial. Iking mode entirely of iron
and elecl, will last 20 years. No obligation of purchase
will be required before the trial of tlie Machine, Alt
orders or Inquiries addressed to Jno ssheriiT4Ca.No-
M First street, Pittsburgh. will receive prompt alien
lion. [f«bl4w6m*T] f. It L -FAOCN'
Steamboat for Sale.
"a>“ tv Ouenixth, or thrrc-«ixtha of-the
l fjL” iiiiuj steamboat Germantown, Ibr sale uu
irfSlniSTuß accommodating terms by
fetU4, •, , Fmt street near Wood.
-Par-Beat or 8»lf> - 1
MA net*- two storied briek dwelling bouse with
seven room* and large yard, pleasantly situated
in the 9th ward. Apply to WM M SCAIPF.
• fcbHUw - ' . ' 1«t itwi near wood.
T ARD bids refined Wiuter, of the best
I a quality, itxd rec'd and for sale by
febj4 J SCHOO.VMAKKRA &x, 21 Wood st
liriNTEß SPERM anted pare Wittier
fy Whale OiL Blcschcdi for sale by
ftfobU - • JSCIIOOSMAKER k Co.
CASTOR OlL—SbldsjaV rec'd and for sale by J
fcbi4 j scHtxiN. maker a do.
WHITE LEAD—SSU kegs for sale by . • '
SUGAR— 17bbls N O Sugar for'sale by
COPPERAS —10 bbla Copperas for talc by !
COFFEE— iXU marks Rio Co five for sale by • I
frb!4 POINDEXTER A Co. 41 Water st.
CJHOTr-4a keys Shot, No*. 1, 2 and :t for sale by ! .
o iVliljr . KHNPEXTKK Sc Co.
BOPS— fit boles western N Y aud Coonertlcut bopi
* for male by POIXDEXXFK A . Co.
O OAP—4O boxes rosin Soap forasle by
febfl4 .. POINDEXTER St Co. 1
-T7EATIIERS —27 socks prime Temu, to arrive by
T? ctrj Lady Brron, for sale by.
febl} i , • i • WaterandFront »U.
' . I
; ?2l>oxr»tlo do? - - teeSl jand
tibttljr *lrrtC
Tittn£-44 b&t»: smm . «o& ? peiM * fork Mor* u 4
T)ATrCVC —SO by [~7
Jji'ibi?- '; •* M<=cnLL?m:sm-TCLDAKor.
fpOfiACCO—Nol Y*TwisiJ<iT.»ab»ity T '•
JL _fcbl2 eGILI*. B-LBHFtKJ.D *_ROK. -
MOIiASSEA— 140 bliU plontatiau Malawi landifly
from str Clipper No 2 and tor sale by
icbl»\ ■ .JAMES OAI.ZIIM,,
CHF.raB-75U»rtwW-RCh«r*eforwle liy ' !
RICE— 10 tierce* Rice Ju»t r*e‘d and for lain by |
•febia Mlium k. EJCKLTSOS.
casks S. >l. Wine; 13 cfi" casks Hast' Jjayicjncao.
just received and for safe by • - -i
fllAß—2s bbls .Wilmisctou Tar just rec'dandforlsole
MUSCAT WIN B—t!3 boxes .Muscat Winejast rceSl
attfj for tala by .MILLER A KICKETSON;
BRANDY FRUIT—4 ease* Drandy Fruit junt fecM
and for tale by MILLER A RICKKTK>Nj ’
CHI/OROFORM— 5 lbs just aacM and lor ante by
folia II K SELLERS, 37 Wood »L
TUST rac'd, 50 lb* Hyd.'Pdtaahj'for ttlebT' ‘
O lebia (Chrou. copy) J KlftP& fri.
lARD-V-SO cuu of a superior quality, put up express?
tif for family use, jut rcc’d amf for sale by ! .
TinNCOW CLASS—4ooboxes 6 *10; IKboxeslO*
ff 12; JOOboxns 10*14,for sale by . I
BKOOMS-IOU dor for sole by j
febl3 ■ 9 F VON BONNIIORST A Col
PIG LEAD—I9O pigs for sale by I
SCYTHE SNEATHS—2O dox for sale by j
WHITE FISII—3 bbls nrimo inspected for sale by
febl» 8 F VON BONNHORST * Co) '
7 bale* dew rotud Ky. Itemp, just received
au4 for sale by BROWN * CULBERTSONI .
tcbta : ' . 145 Liberty street.
GLASS— 123 boxes B*lo W. fills*; 40 boxes 10*12
du;3iOJ>oxeilUKl4dp;for**leby |
febli: i It ROBISON * Col
SOLE LEATUUR-S2UO lbs red Sole Urnler foi l sale
by*-: ■ ; {febli) R ROBISON ACbL. .
CHEESE— 32 boxes Crama Cheese, large site, ric’d
and for sale by \V A K ATCUTCHEON;.
• febli . . _• 132 Liberty, street.
SHOULDERS— l'iObO lbs Ptli«burgb smoked Shoul
den on hand aud for sale by - i
HAMS —10,060 tbs Pittsburgh smoked Hails no Itand
aid for sale by {fell) . W R M*CUTCHBQN.-
CHEESE— 30 boxes W R Cheese for sale by l
febil ■ . S F VON BONNHORST A Co.
riYOBACCOES—OO boxes assorted Tohaccocs lorlsals
SALjERATL'B— 4 casks for sale by
JUST received, SO lbs Trcclp. Caxb.lron, and for salt
by llfbHl J KIDDACd.
YARNISH-150 gals New York Varnish. for sale by
jebU- (CUrtmlclacopy): •. t KIDD A.Co.
DRY' PEACIIES—ISO bus Dry Peachcij 70 ji Dry
Apples jnst received and for sale by . ‘ '
foil! S A W HARBAUGH, 30 Wood s!.
Jtv end for sale by >
_ fob 11 SAW HARBAUGH.
\ 'COftCHINCiv—IO bbls Scorching* rcc’d per Caleb
O Cope and for sale by
BDLK PORK—I9,OOO lbs Bulk Pork, bog rorntd] juit
received ami for sale by
BACON-330 Haros; sot Sides; 059 Shoulders, city
cured, in stor* andTSr sale by
V VALENTINES—A splendid assortment Valentines,
comic and sentimental, for sale by
fehlO : JOHN H MKLLOR, fil Wood st.
SUGAR AND RICE-7 bhds N O Sugar, IS tierces
Rice landing from sir Colorado and tor sale by
OEGARS—\CUX) Kentucky Segars on ronsicnmenl.
for sale by |icblU] GEO COCHRAN.
F RAT HEIRS on consignment and for sale‘by
feblO GBQ COCHRAN, Sd Wood st.
lED CORDS—I(O dox Bed Cords for sale by
"VTAILS—34O krfft Juuista Nails for sale by
[OAP—ISO boxes Soap for sale by
lANDLES—IB bit Cin. mould Caudles for sale by
HTTSBURGH CANDLES—3O boxes for sale by
SODA ASH—4O casks Soda Ash for male by . i'
iCORCHINGH—I3 casks Scorehlnn for sale by
GLASS— 300 boxes Window Glass, ass’d for talc Lv
lUMBLERS—7O luxes Pressed Tumblers for sale hr
PAPER— 450 reams WrappimrPaper for side hr '
J^IANDLES—OO boxe* Cincinnau .Mould Candles per
. \ V strNew England for safe low to closacoulcnment.
.-ftbof,; .T*-- ; CARSON A iTKNIGfrrH
LACK YYADDUtG—SOO dot juit r«’d sad foT^
by •. >. [feW] ’ BHACKLETT-A YYlIn'E
T^LoOu—so bbls c'xtrft superfine Fbmily Flour for*
X sale by [lebO] YVICK A MUYNDUati,
TpOBACCO— iWbxaxupariotOsTobaceo for tale
Jl kbl *, MVANDLESS^
D. DhttSsJduttt
J£r Jl— . .......... A
of Zktma&at jfrf*GtmlS ffist.,
On Tw*daT February Ifch at »ti o^lock.^-!*- *t
{b« Cbmtaereul sift* Boom, corner of Vfood and ab
streets, wilt be void without hf«Te M cwb
inlouio suHporthasers. thh w b°js ,®f
cr k. domwtif-Dry Good*, dataag«l'U<«nUf bf lrtil
the nor* of Mr. June* Godin*, aapag wbtch arc rich
bonnet naJCs.' gmnW'atti
net, malL Swim and barred nuidint, shawls, silks,
bodetyi fil*tea, floweT*,-i*-
cT r "'hud; kS? Jt«P
inner article*,be. JOHJ* SDAtIS,A«u.,
try-The sale will be continued from day to daynU
alfusold. -:••-••= • - •****'•
Ean-Salt ofGreemn, . l\
On Monday •ftemooo'U»« 14th
the Commercial Sale* Boom,eOroet of Wood and filh
streets, will be sold without wn*. toelow a cbncefu
’ 7 half chest* good tiaality Y. H. Tea, y
; 4 u ,«« .V . • . , ‘I ’. Black Tea; ~ . '
10 boxes Virginia Tolinccoj . ■' ‘‘ •
. 29 boxes Segars;’:
• II dozen eoal au*t Devonshire shovels;
3 bbls Molasses, 1 bbl Beana; , ; '(
3 bbl* Bice. Stove* aid ripe, Ac. ■ . ;
feblsl JOHN D, DAVIS, Aact t.\
. DrjrGooda.-,-- •> ■■ \ ,i
On Monday morning, Feb’y 14th at-10
iLe,Commercial Sale* Boom,-cohier of Wood and {ah
UreeUi will be *old, without reserve,.;..- .
Au* extensive assortmaut ,of staple and fancy Dry
Goods, Ac.
At 3 o’clock, p.m. ‘
A- large quantity of groceries,
ware, china cueensware, liquors, Virginia pianutaetar*
ed tobacco, shovel*, bay and manure fork*,' matene*.
band boxes, stoves. - Also a general assortment, «f
household furintnre, aapenor tran-parent window
blinds, mantel elocks, 8 day audttboarcloeks, Woki«
gluues, carpeting,'fte: ' 1 "
At 6J o’clock, p. m. • \
Boots, shoes, gumovershae*i smbrellas, readymade
slothing, cold aiid silver watches, spy glasses,, tbecu*
cles, combs, pocket knives, razors, knives and fens,
■bears, !«els*ors, braes and bits, German. fancy
44 ! :i:
EtaMUfaed a warehowe in the'vear IBM, fin thejmir<
pone of eopblyiiwthe Cily. Bod interior Trade wil* .
low price*—and etkibhiaf, ni *ll' nswiii' i
- of the rear, the Largest - AuortnMnt Jo ' )-
- ■niej* are now opeumtf.SevenU Hundred Package*,
eotojinsinf every iw« uylo of Foreign and Domeeue
proanetlon, . many of which bare ;ast bean parehaeed,
and an offered for rtleior Cub and »hon credit-at-l
FKOM : : •
per raid below the price* of April-annJttajr, a* per
printed Catalogue*, which an corrected daiiy.ldfwo
uiformotioitoffHiYer*./ 5 ■ ; . , r, j~ ! ■
paiMT wAßßnarsE; > ; 4.
New York, June, lfc>47. 5 ' Jy^
To tltM ItouoraiU the J udges ofthe Court rfGeneral
Quarter Sessions of the Peace, in e&i jbe' lhe
Couuty of Allegheny.}: ■ . \;t I/U-'-
TUB petition of Jaisea Cn»*aa A Sonof the ftee&d
. Ward of tho ‘ciiy ofFiUabarib* fat the county
aioreeaid, hninbly *hcwi»h that roar jfcjiGoitra hiib
provided tßemaelrea witK nialerial* fat
ilitiOQ of traTeterir jtnd oftiera, at thet? dwelliflf Ihjbm,
iu the city and word afbfeeflld;' and ptAfu that. war
honor* trill be pleaaed lo great them alletaee toMrp
a Public llwuo of Eotertaunnent. 1 Ana Toot peofttD
er.aarn duly,bounds will pray. j .. .■ ti ' *i:
Wei the solitcribeni'ctfizeDi of-the ftfllfibfWaTll'Of
the City; of PittsLuigb. f it'
tiooera ore of good repute Torho«*t]T*MW®peranee,
and aye well prodded with botuh roatnjjjfltonvenien
ees for the'aeeotoomdbtibn
and traveler!; and that uid tavern ia niabtlary. .< •
Chambers M’Kibben,.' Ow. binger* • ;
John Andersou, - . HcntTB+Mi>£nW|';
D. iu Miller, li. Wearer,;. j y j
John TTiair. A. N. MepoweU,
“ ' Win. Wuaorti Jus.-'
.fm. Wlfwmi Jus«<
GeorgeP.Stmtl£ 'i.
Robert Rodger*,
Jno’T. flluger,
febll -
Ktw Beelu ■nd F*rle<U(i«li>
JUST received at.M. A. Miner's, SmilhlUld jitreet,
3d door' from Sedoad. - ' --V' i 1 \ . i
Wallace, the Utro of Scotland, by Gabnel Alexander,
-superbly illastratcd. i '
Evangeline, by Longfellow!. i •.; >
.'lTjc Abbey of Imusmoyle, by the author of‘‘Father
' Clement* .■.■•■■■■ T: - •
The-Chairman & Speaker’s Guide, by Tboa Smith, &q.
Tbe Ladies' Scieoea of Euiqoetw and Hand Book of
. the ToOct, by an English Lady of Bank. L ‘
Etiquette and the usages ‘of Society; by Coubt AlEred
DOnay. •' ; •
Fowler's Phrenological Bust—priceSQeentt. •' J:
Liviug AgeNolM; ?; .-2--
Brian Olunn, uesli supply.
Godey'sLady's.Book.lor r Jen.andFeb n !fresbfapply. -
A large and splendid assortment of Soar Books, com*
. pruts? a new one entitled Punch’s Comic Songster.
A rich and beautiful article of No|e Paper. i: : .
Also a fresh lot of cheap priced Valentines, very hsod
.sotoe and remarkably comic. - ■; . - febll
Hsmmotb Palntihgi. ‘ > .
■ | UPSON’S great ihmbrmmaPf the: Hudson Bivor
li vrill open torn short tuneat.Philo Hall, cotnmeo*
cimj on Monday evening; Feb.llib, and coaunoe every
evening during ibeWock, except; Saturday,- Tfcteim*
mettse painting on oVer, IU,WV feet of caii'tn|S,'Jqprb*
seats with wonderful ueeuracyeyerf city,
landing from New York Bay to the month',of the -Mo*
hawk River.. Frptn its Geographical and National im
portance it is considered an extremely asofiil Vosaoftfor
schools; over 0000 of which visited the, exhibition in.
Cwehiunti. Schools admitted in bodies bn liberal tentu
any nilemoon during the week, by applying to JOM.U
MeJlot NuStWooastreet - •/ ' i j-r. -ii . . >i •
Tickrth 95 cents; to be .haa at the Wononffabrl
House. St. Charles', Exchange and MerehanTs libtc
fa d
BANKERS and Uenlcr*fcr Ciehanri, Chfarib
Bank Note*,' Nd. Market street, nttsboiglbi ■
gellingßates. > Exchange.‘ .'BuyingEateC ,
NewYorfi, *pr Clnehinati, •, l ills':"
■Philadelphia, 1 no Louisville," I do
Bslliroore, . • Ido fit. Louis,. >... Ido
Buying Kales, BANKNOTES, Baying.Eatea.
Ohio, It die Co. fc Scrip Orders, ifels t
Indiana,. - “do Belief Note*, “doi
Kentucky,. “ do Pcnnnrlrmata Cy. “do"
Virginia, “do New York do w Ua|:
do • Wheeling, i do ' New Orleans, “dot
Tennessee,! . . 3dp. Maryland, '
febtth/ ? • ■ 1 . . ■ ?;■■■• •
. Utxloa Cotton Milla. j7>
Pnrsxcaon; Feb; 1, lssa J :
OWING to altexaiibnsi and improvemeuu making at
the Uuiou Mill, foe Proprietor* otfer for sale at low
rates, soofo excellent Bevel wheel rearing and ahaAing,.
cards and other second band tnaehmery, aU worthy at
aiteniion.‘ -CaU and*we« or address ' < *
ifS BfX:ERrE&-130 bfor/ Rfo Coffee; 75 packSreiTY
\JT IL Ten; IB do lnmcruil and Bltck Tea; 50 bbli No
3 Mackerel; 5 but* No I Herring;'s bbls
S If Molasses; 10 bbls do Loaf Sugar? 35 bbl» : Yiaeg*r;
73 boxes 3s lump Tobacco; 30 keg* <5 twist do; 40 imxea
i the Nectar Leaf A>;ls bogs Feppen sbbD Grtonfl
Pepper; JUO'reams Wrapping- Papeit Writsuf Far
per,forsaleby It ROIJISCiN : A j
febli ; JH)Liberty atreeL*
AM reams ruled cap lair and fin* qualities, 1
, yoo-; “ . letter ... i 7 ; ■■ • “ ; . 3 i I
.30 u ; dat cap,godd quality,;
200 “ blue factory psijier, ' <
50 “ teapaper, . • ' i fiU '■
00 gross bounet boards. . j.
2.0 i» bundles straw.and rag wrapping.pipef. la
store and which we offer to Ike city tradgki low pflecs.
foM ‘ , ■: KBYNOLD6 A flligE. '
PRODUCE-130 bbU frril Family Plour, 10bpth-No
1 Lard; ‘J bbls Butler; 12 ken uo; S bbls Coin; 5
bbls Byei 5 bbUlleuns; just reo’a and for sal* by 1
. R ROBISON A Co, ;i •
febli ■ itJO Liberty streeu
QIL— .VJUI gals naturml-colored wister SpennfWO
gnls blenched winter Whale; 800. gala low priced
Wbme Oil, just Tec'd and for sale by ■,
frblg . MILLER A mCKETSONv:.,;
, A LCOHOlr—Warranted a/ proper atreafih Jbrrltat*
(era oud Dnisgut* s , two always on- h*od ftadr tor
•ale on accunuiuaaUkHLtemubT ' i'' -
, W.tiMiUTGnEWUBE,^ % ■
frbl* - ,l. > t
(" 1 XIASS’l t Al >^R^^>ecßMMl f4<l»a Pupef, w
y perior lo cud
Hardware dealer* and lAmgwpfcrrfow raw whole
sale. MaodfaetorectndMild'&T'*
febfl? Comer of WobdiadToUrtb «*.
* (V.
MfißCtiT, ..rtOTIL&RS A Coi coewuMion
chtuu, Philadelphia, forth* **3e ©Tprouucß, je*
ocnilir. Liberal advance* rude on eoaajgantnui; -
- ,? -....'f-'l ;■! i i : '
OTUCCOcnd PJasler of Paris from'thfriaili'or It W
. . •■’ . .4th st near,liberty,
GABTOR~OIL— 5 bbls No Vjtmwe'd and forfsaio
hr 1 - . tfebs} RESELLERS. ;
■* » ■- % k ssuxas-
8 Jk.
febo . K.K SELLERS,
LOAl' SUGAR—4O bbb landing from steamer Penn
sylvania and for sale by - JAME&DALZEU*?' !
fobs • ••.-•!.-i- • jno <♦ water st.» t■ :
PEA NUTS—I«O bush ui afore mnTfor idleby i’ :
feba JAMES DALZfc^J'.
DRIED PEACHES—iso bosh for sale by • -3!
fobs r - JAEE9 DALZELL.
i~IOFFEE—IOO Imp landino from steamer Penhsyl,
Vj> vaniaandfijrsalebyv JAMES DAL2EI.iI:
l'cbs * ; * * v uog4 waters!.
I?LA)UB— 3® bbla BueJjannon’s extra fomity flourt ft
? superior article, juureceivedaad for sale by :) !
fobs : * ; R OAKFORD A Co.
DRIED BEEF.—3OOO lbs sugar'cared dried be«£ in
atom and lor sale by [fcSf R. OAKFORD k Co.
CLOKIDE LIME, lOxatk*. q prime article forUale
by-..- ■;/ .IfoMl » i J JODDfoCa..
for rale by ' tfefrft 1 . .JKIPD A-Co__
Vf fc >l. _ JJ• |_J ;__T KIDDjk. Co,
YiXViT'ViAt CORKS, 600 pros* for sale by si- r ,
feM, [Chronicle copyj -ij KIDD A Co. :
BACON.— 0G0; pieces (Shoulders >utl rec’d. andffo
sale by ' {fcblp IATWOOD, JONES A Op,-
LARD.-5 kegs Urd for rale by 1 :•
feb4 j . ATWOOD, JONES A Co.
SOAP— 75 boxes Hyde's:common and fine So*PS for
sale by . i J KIDD A, Coi: :
SUUARjt— 10 hbd* prime NO sugar.; >i ■
6 bbls iuaf: ' .** •?i
: 0• ~ • chnislird ;'• f* In store and for
sale by ' ' _ [t'rbTJ j 'O BLACKHURN A Ct>. !
PATENT BUinO-rrS^aiiloaTforraieLy"
• feb7 ... ! O BLACKBURN * Co. ,
STARCH— 15 boxes of no 1. for sain by
fob? : - O BLACKDURN k. Col
HOPS— 15 b’nli-s : Western.' New .Ycrk 1 andTCrion!
_R4WrHops,ja«tarri?iwnndlbrsaUby ' ‘t'/\
GOLDEN BYBUP-W' bait bbta Pur® Caoe J*foa
Hy nip lor safo by BL'HJfIDOR WIiSCN
i>( Molasses for sole by ■ J. “T*
febt) i t .. V.- ■ DUHBRIDGS, WILSON A Co »
fob» -■ »i JOHN B PUAVQRTH, 87 Wotjdw.
SUOXtW) UhW’N O ttogar’ lanAnjTfiwn sit New
v Knglnudsudforial«by •-
QOAP—7S boxes Cute burn tl Soap forsale br ' v;-v
- . J<uiiiBJpiLWOjerßf 4
-•• ‘-i 1 V-’. '
l • f. '
bTji*Y P, A e,(C E tXi Kft.
1 m u SoSpo^SwSSg
&r tbsinonar Menam-fo In ftm
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' I«ne YVbrelirijrertrry Tuesday, -Tharsdsyam Ba
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._ • ; LA CITY PACKET. •
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1 we intend to perform oureomrstts hdnombly, exit
what it may, and not wisibeeasaUsiMaaOs.'
with ether officers,—who either performed os a|k*j
when it suited tUeir oourenkßce. . , • ••.;/; 71 lx ‘
Drafts drawn at Pittsburgh for any torn fax* Ato
£lduu, payable atany ofttia proviaeitl Bnikakilr*-
land, England. Scotland and wales. - ‘
” "TT’ i : JOSHUA R0BIN8«f:- J- '
; i Etropean and (fcueml Agent. *
_febl , ■ ' Ftflivstreet, f#odearbotawAy^T'
': Occam Steam : Bmvin«lmm'CoaiS^^^*
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Hannano, on the tfth hn im»
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Tha WASHINGTON, on tbo lftli Ff'bmarv taia/J
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